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The Ledge Apr 6, 1922

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Array !"'->
''I ��� X
"Tt  **���
Vol.   XXVIII.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
Salmon and Halibut
_ arriving fresh every Thursday
Also a good supply of
Smoked and Cured Fish
Send us your order we will fill it promptly X
^  LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46   ^
Just Arrived
Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine line ot
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold Pilled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up
D. R. McELMON, Greenwood
The WINDSOR, HOTEL   Is   heated  with   steam
and electricity.    Pine sample rooms.     A comfort--
able home for tourists  and travellers.    Touch the
wire  if you  want rooms reserved.     Tlie. buffet is
replete  with cigars,  cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream. ���
o 0
Greenwood Theatre
Cray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
Prints, Cottons and Flannels
Have Arrived
These goods, all at reduced prices, are worth
* looking over.
Constance Talmadge
,   takes an example from Eve in
"Mamma's Affair"
The sort of story in which you've never
seen Connie before!
She'll keep you guessing on Saturday
6   Reels   6
"Also "a Booth Tarkingfon"2 reel comedy
"Edgar's Hamlet"
ADULTS 50c      -     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
We carry only the best stock procurable in
I Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Proprietor |
Customs Sale
Public Auction
Wednesday, April 12th, 1922
At 2 p.m.-
Around Home 1
The school report will appear
next week.
Miss Esther Swaasoa, of Kimberley, visited friends in town this
Allan EJustis, of Nelson, is
visiting his mother, Mrs. R.
Born���To Mr. and Mrs. W.
Muir Wilson; on April 5tb, a
Wednesday's easlbouud C.P.R.
train is delayed over 24 hours
owing to a slide.
J. B. DeLong, of Victoria, paid
an official visit to. the local high
school on Monday.
John Docksteader returned last
week from Edgewood,  where he-
has been loggirig^all winter.
Barnes Cairns and family, of
Kimberley, formerly of Eholt,
have moved to West Toronto.
There will be no service in St.
Jude's Church7 on Sunday next,
but Evensong on Easter Sunday
at 7.30 o'clock. V
J. W. Clark will leave Grand
Forks on a business trip to Spokane and Vancouver.. He will
visit Greeuwood-on his return,
' The annual general meeting of
the Greenwood Tennis club will
be held in the Court House on
Tuesday, April lith at 8 p.m.
Lost���A lady's clasp pocket
book containing a $5 bill. Finder
will be suitably rewarded by returning same to The Ledge office.
Mayor Gulley and Alderman
Kerr, chairman of the City Water
Committee," went on a tour of inspection yesterday to Lynn Creek
Just received a' complete stock
of  Dominion   tires   and   tubes.
Dominion    (U)    tread    casings
($13.25 each. Nobby tread casings
(16.50 each. McMynn's, Midway.
The weather duritfg the past
week reminds us of what is coming. It has been decidedly warm
and spring like which is certainly appreciated after the long
35 artists are in the musical
comedy "Magic Pills" to be presented by the Rock Creek Dramatic Society in Greenwood ou Friday, April 21st in aid of the Boy
An elementary lecture on mining . and prospecting- by- P.- B.
Freeland, district engineer, will
be held in the Greenwood
Theatre ou April 6th, at 8 p.m.
Admission free.
Frederic Keffer who recently
underwent an operation in Spokane, has completely recovered
and will be in Greenwood on Friday, after completing examination of the Riverside mine, near
Ro-;k Creek.
No. t/s? ��[
Harry Hook Dies in South
'       ���      c
A. Harry Hook died on Marc!*
29th after a short illness from
pneumonia at "Valley Ranch
Mines, N. M., where he has been
employed for the last two years
as assayer and chemist. Mr.
Hook served as assayer at many
mines in Canada, his longest
service having been with the
Canada Copper corporation at
Greenwood and Princeton.
He is survived by his wife and
two children, who are bringing
the remains to the old home
ranch of Mr. Hook at Naramatta
on Okanagan lake. His parents
and a sister reside in Toronto and
a brother in Vancouver. Mrs. M.
A. Lehner, of Spokane, is a sister
of Mrs. Hook.
Mining News
Several local men will go pros
pecting aa Boon aa the snow disappears.
Two feet of galena ore was
struck in the Snrprise mine near
Greenwood last weekV The ore
was encountered in a croes cafe
tunnel driven frorii the bottom of
the 35 foot shaft. This property
is being worked by Joe Canning-
ham and partners. A force of four
men are employed.
������_'      Midway News
. Midway is enjoying real summerlike weather.. "
Malcolm Morrison who has been
indisposed all winter, ia now well
and back in town.
Midway Church is to be resplendent in a new coat of paint.
Howard Pannell has been entrusted
to do the work.- j;
About 35 people attended the
whist drive in the TOld School
House on Tuesday evening under
the auspices of the Ladles Aid.
Everyone . thoroughly enjoyed
themselves. Mrs. 7E. McMynn won
the lady's first prize and J. ��L.
Bush won the gents first. The
booby prizes went to Mrs. W.
Stewart and Bobby Brown.
On .Saturday, April 1st W.
Tippfe?wasagreeably surprised by
about 70 of his friends.   Midway*
A geological map on a scale of
3,000 feet -to 1 inch ofthe Upper
Kitzault valley, British Columbia,
has just been published. It includes the Dolly Varden mine and
is intended to accompany a report
byG, Hanson. Although there-
port is not yet published a copy of
the map may be had by applying
to tbe Director. Geological Survey,
Vendela Claim Leased
A mining deal of considerable
interest to Greenwood and district
was put through on Tuesday when
a three year lease and bond was
given   on   the   Vendela.   Hidden
Load and Silva claims,   situated
about a mile south-west of Greenwood and owned by S. Bombini,
D. Pasco and J. SivitilH.   H. McGillvray is the principal. person in
the deal and with him is associated
H. M. S tram berg.   It is the intention to drive a tunnel to test tha
ore at depth.    This group of claims
has been highly commented upon
by mining engineers and runs high
in copper and also carries gold and
siiver values,     Work   will   commence within 15 days.
Frederio    Keffer,    M.    E.,   of
Spokane,  is spending the week at
the Riverside mine, a few miles
north of Bock Greek and is giving
it a careful examination and sor-
yey.    The  Riverside  and   other
claims are the property of the Jack
Paul Mining Co., cf Spokane, and
the   claims   have   great   merit.
Work  has  been   carried   on  all
winter under the management of
Paul Nelson.    Favorably  results
are reported aud it is the intention
of the company to do considerably
work this summer.   It is reported
that several of the .directors will
visit the property at an early date.
White Fish at Long Lake
Further'work on the St. Paul
| group of claims,  47 miles east of
Anaconda, Kettle Valley,  Ferry, Vernon, B. C, in which J.
Toroda being well represented.
Three rooms were set apart for
cards and the spacious kitchen for
dancing. There was nothing lacking to make the party successful.
Music was supplied by a six piece
orchestra, whose playing abilities
would be hard to beat. Great
credit is dne to Harry Borders and
Sam Bender for all the arrangements. . Supper was served at
midnight and dancing continued
into the wee sma* hours.
Osoyoos Notes
V v
Running through the telephone cord are a* number of delicate flexible
wires.   "Kinks" are formed when this cord is allowed to become twisted^
and some of these wires may be bent or broken.
This means s "noisy" telephone line. Yon cannot hear or be heard aa
well. In feet, a twisted cord may cause a complete interruption of your
Seeping the telephone cord straight will give yoa greater satisfaction in
the use of your telephone.
One Dodge Motor Truck
Capacity 1500 lbs
In good condition, having been in use
not over two months
H. McCutcheon,
Collector of Customs
and Excise.
Boy Scouts
Troup meets as usual on Friday
at 7 p.m.
Usual meeting on Saturday at
2 30 p.m.
Send a Float to your friends at
once. You can get them at
The Ledge office.
J. R. Brown, government agent
at Fairview, has been superannuated, after a service record of 28
years. He entered the service in
Midway in 1895 and two years
later was transferred to Osoyoos.
In 1900 he went to Fairview,
where he has since been station^
ed.        ,
Mentioning Mrs. "Coles" as
being a patient in the Nicola
Valley Hospital, in our last
week's issue, caused the telephone
at the residence of Mrs. J. L-.
Coles. to be in continuance demand by enquirers, after her
health. Mrs. J. L. Coles is happily quite well. The name in
the jotting should have read Cole.
���Merritt Herald.
Everybody will be at the
Greenwood Theatre on Friday,
April 21st to see the musical
comedy "Magic Pills" presented
by the Rock Creek Dramatic
Society, in aid of the Premier's
Own (Greenwood) Boy Scouts.
The price is reasonable 50cts for
adults and 25 cts for children.
There will be a dance and supper
after the, show in the Masonic
Farming operations are in full
swing. Plowing has been general
for two weeks.
Thousands of tomato plants are
growing in the. hot houses. Over
a million plants will be set out this
spring. k     . '
The roads have dried and are in
splendid condition. Motor traffic
up and down the valley is increasing daily.
��� Ducks and geese are very plentiful on the lake and they may also
be seen flying over head at almost
any hour of the day.
The end of the Government
irrigation ditch is about six miles
from here. There will be about
8350,000.00 spent this season.
An exciting chase took place a
few days ago. An otter appeared
in the lase. Two boats took after
him. In one boat was Wm.
Richter and .Wm. Wilson while
the other was manned by G.
Murray, A. Giaughton and 0.
Jermyn. They chased the* animal
around the lake for about five
miles. He then left the water and
took to the sage brush. Saddle
horses were secured but the brush
was so thick the otter was able to
make his escape.
Getsey ia interested, baa strengthened the showing of high grade ore
uncovered, by earlier development.
Gold and silver values at the grasB
roots run better than $50 to the
ton, and ore taken from a tunnel
that taps the ledge well down the
mountain side assays   $66.30  in
silver,and 114.05 in gold.   A 300
foot tunnell has been run parallel
to the ledge which can be crosscut
from the  adit  in  25 feet.   This
tunnel crossed an 18 foot ledge, of j
iron ore carrying  big   values   in
arsenic.   A stream near the claim
is capable of developing 300 horse
power which can be used for operating mine and mill. The company
is now   figuring   on  an  electric
smelter which is being perfected in
Spokane, and which,  if it proves
practicable, will  enable  them to
handle their ore at a large saving.
Oroville Gazette?
Have you made out your income
tax form?
The history of every mining
camp is full of ups and downs of
mining. And the history of the
Monashee mine, Fire Valley, is
probably as interesting as that of
any camp ever established. The
mine was operated over a quarter
of a century ago, in fact, work
ceased on the Monashee. mine 28
years ago, after several years of
operation, when it was found - impossible to work the mine at a profit owing to the lack of transportation facilities, all the camp supplies
having to be packed in over a pack-
trail. Since that time the government has completed a wagon road
to Cherry Creek, some miles farther than the old Monashee mines,
and now this properiyls being developed by Okanagan men, and is
proving fabulously rich in silver-
gold quarts. The lead has been
uncovered more than & mile and a
half, and iu the workings tbe men
are in ore of big-pay value. An
effort ia being made to hold the-
The following correspondence re
the Btocking of  Long  Lake with
White Fish is self explanatory.
J. A. Motherwell, Esq.,
Chief Inspector of Fisheries,
Vancouver, B.C.
Dear Sir;-
The Greenwood Board of
Trade has instucted me to call
your attention to the promise made
last year respecting the placing of
whitefish fry in Long Lake.
Following the correspondence
last year one of your officers visited
here and spoke very favourably of
the scheme.
If the matter has escaped the
notice of your Department we
trust this reminder will receive
your usual courteous attention.
Yours very truly,
V" ------  -" G. jg. Wai,tbbs, .-_;
Secretary Board of Trade,
In reply to your communica-'
tion of the 22nd instant with re*
gard to the suggested introduction
of whitefish into Long Lake, I
would advise that the Department's
opinion is that it would not seem
advisable to extend the introduction of Eastern whitefish in British Columbia waters until it has
been satisfactorily demonstrated to
be a commercial success, or likely
to be such, in Harrison and Lil-
' looefe "Lakel7~where" quantities of
fry have been placed during the
last few years. ~
In connection with Long Lake
particularly I would , direct your
attention to a copy of a communication under date of the 31st of
May last, addressed by the Department direct to William Lakeland and others, and copy of which
is enclosed herewith.
Yours truly,
Chief Inspector of Fisheries.
control of these properties in the
Okanagan Valley.   The Progressive Mining Company has been incorporated under the laws of B.C.,
which, by the way,  makes it im-'
possible to float stock in a mining
company whose properties do not
show ore in place and which have
not been passed upon by the Provincial mining engineers.     It   is
doing    away    with   wild-catting.
And there is no more risk in buying mining stock today  than in
buying'stock in any ordinary manufacturing plant.    Some day we
are going to see one of the richest
mines of silver-gold concentrates
in   the  Dominion   on   Monashee
Mountain, if all reports are true,
and, with other mining properties
developing In the Okanagan, we
shall have an  Eldorado, at  our
door, to add So the other big things
which the Okanagan is developing.-���Snderby Press.
Jk.-U THE    LEDGE.     GREENWOOD,    B.     0.
Will   Ui
Sunday in Japan
k ii in very short time. At lhc IIrst sisii of a
< ouu-h or enhi i:i ;our lior.^c. j.:i'.-e a few doses of ".Sl'OI I.N'S."
li will ::>���! on I lit- ulaiiii.s. ������liniin.'ttc Ilu* (li.seasc K>"'i��. ''-'nl
prevent I'lii'ili.-r <lesi rneiion of lioily by di.sca.so. "Sl'OIt.V'S"
lias lii-fi: I hi- .staiul.'ii'd remedy for Distemper, Inlluonssa,
I'iiili- Ky>: < 'alai -rlial l-'i-v.-r. (ViikIis and I'ohls for a (inaric-r
of a i-iriiiniy. (Hi .--ali' at yonr drily ft ore-.
SPOHN'  MEDICAL COMPANY. Goshen. Ind., U.S.A. | |nU   lhe   refreshing  of  body,  sou I   ant
Advantages Not Fully Understood by!
Most of People |
Tokio newspapers announce Hie lm-|
perial recognition of Sunday as a na-;
tional day of rest throughout Japan, j
as the result of the influence which ���
Christianity is exercising now in si|
non-Christian- nation. , j
Tlie Government has been (or years;
officially committed to a partial recog- \
nition of the Sabbath.      Ot)  lhat clay i
imperial offices were closed, schools i
given a holiday, big banks did not j
open for business and many people ���
ceased  their labors. \
Tlie advantages of Sunday are not '
fully understood-by most of the Jap-;
anese people. Christian preachers j
carefully train their followers thai ;
worship on  I lie Sabbalh is not   -work i
Tne Settlers Canada Wants
that one
j spirit.
Country    laborers     in  Japan   work
j long hours with no day of rest, while
j workers in cities usually keep one or
! I wo days oui of each months.
|     This class now does not know what
i lo do with Sunday.      As a result, mo-
j tion picture theatres have sprung up
! with  great  rapidity  in   all   the   small I
villages in the empire.      These do it
j big business on Sunday,    being    the j
I only way  the  masses  know  of using j
j iho God-given time. j
iguivs of lhe roceni census reinforces ihe fairly well recognized fact
*f Canada's needs is a larger population. Willi an area larger than
that of the United Slates, with millions of lhc best agricultural lands in the
world, and undeveloped natural iv.-'oitrrrs of wealth beyond all human compulation, this Dominion has a. population comparable to thai of liule Kuro-
pean countries like Helghim.
.Reference has been made in ibis outstanding Canadian problem on morel
than one occasion in this column, and while it is not necessary lo repeat facts
and figures, nor'dwell at any great length on all the undoubted advantages
which a subsianlial increase in Canada's population would being lo every man.
woman and child now- iu the couniry, it may be well to continue urging ihe
necessity for the adoption of a far-seciug. businesslike anil aggressive national
policy designed to meet. Canada's needs in this respect.
Recently two imporlant speeches  were delivered  in   Kastern  Canada on
this subject, and in both iusiances coinmonsense views wore expressed and j . ��� ���
sound advice given.      One such address was delivered by Sir Clifford Sil'ton !     A.  bad   case   of   Catarrh   is   noi.   an
before tl:.e Toronto Board of Trade, and ii must be admitted thai if ihere is j eas-V lhinS tp treat, and a remedy that
. ,_       .    ,-,       , ,.,.   , , ,, , .    . , ,. i <-i    i makes good, deserve great, credit. Ca-
an> man in Canada qualilicd to speak on tlt% subject ol  population, and ^.e   tarrlujz011e ccl.laInlv ��.e(1 ,lp Chas. H.
relation of immigration (hereto, it is Sir Clifford Sil'ton. lie has had practi-1 w'ehb. who writes from 'Woodstock:
cal experience in handling the problem, and. while mistakes may have been ! "For a. number of years, .1 v*as iron-
made under his administration, he certainly succeeded in obtaining results to ! bled w'tn Systematic Catarrh. Noth-
a greater degree that any other man before or since his regime as Minister ' ^ htelped n.e very much. I used
. Catarrhozone  Inhaler  and  got rebel,
ol thc Interior... j To build up my system. I u.ied Ferro-;
Sir Clifford showed he had liule sympathy with, many of ihe pel theories ' zone.      This    combination    can't    be
���ases ended in death! So a recent
Canadian investigation showed.
These were not cases of infectious
diseases ��� of consumption ���ot typhoid! They were cases where a
person had sustained some, slight
injury���a cut, a burn, a wire-prick
���and where the wound, being
thought not serious enough for careful treatment, had been neglected.
Blood-poisoning and death resulted.
When you or your children sustain any injury, ensure against infection by applying Zatn-Buk. This
balm soothes the pain, stops bleeding.' and by destroying all germs
prevents blood-poisoning, etc. Ifeuco
no time need ho lost from work or
pleasure by'those who use Kam-Buk.
All dealers, 5t)e. box.
Discovered Truc Remedy
For Systematic Catarrh
New York City is the home of nearly one-half of all the Jews in North
America.   -
The population of Greater Winnipeg
is placed at 2S3.S52, an increase of
3,03-1 over 1921, according to the 1922
city directory.
It is believed that more fish are
found off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland than in any other part of
the world.
Provision    is    made in the Dominion estimates for an exhibition train
[of Canadian  products to lour France
I on the same basis as the French ex-
lltibition train toured Canada last fall.
i ���'
i     Growers  of  the  Niagara   Peninsula
j from Hamilton io the Falls, and
'.rural residents and other sections of
j the district, will light any attempt lo
i introduce daylight saving this year.
.' Kxclusion "of Oriental immigration
j from Canada is sought in a motion,
notice of which has been given in the
, House by \Y. S. McQuarrie, Conservative. .New Westminster.
j Federal prohibition agents dumped
l "150,000 gallons of whiskey, wine and
| beer into the Chicago Kivcr, while
j several thousand persons gathered
j along the bank to watch the pcrform-
Laying a Solid  Foundation for Future ; *,ncC'
Government i.   Chancellor  Wirlli   (.old  lhc German
"Let us keep undimmed our love for j Reichstag that the demand of the Ai-
Icarning, for hard work, for discipline lied reparations commission for an
and order, and for friendly co opera- j additional tax levy of 60,000,000,000
tion." Thus spoke the Prince of j marks I ran slotted to thc German
Wales to the University youth of In-i Government was absolutely imposs-
dia.     To   nude���land    the    point   of j iblc.
view of the youth of India, to know, The Canadian Government has j <?.-
their aspirations, to let them have, in-1 ceived 6,314,500 from; the British
sight   into   the   ideals   of  the   British | Government  toward   the   cost   of  the
The Prince and Education
WARNING! ' Say "Bayer" when you buy "Aspirin.���
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting: Aspirin at all.   Why take chances?
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
plvysicians during'22 years and proved safe by millions for7.
Colds Headache Rheumatism     . :
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis - .
Earache ��� Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets���Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin Jn tho trade mark (registered, in Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mqno-
acetlcaclclester of Salicyllcaeld.    While it is well known that Aspirin means Bayer
manufacture, to assist the public against im'tatlons, the Tablets of Bayer Company '
will be stamped with their general trade mark, the "Bayer Cross."
which iind acceptance in some quarters these days..    There is. in his'opinion
but. one way to accomplish the desired-results, and that is to go
wart agricultural settlers, bring i.lip.m io Canada, and put them on the larms i j^,.   yi'ebb       Two  months  treatment   solid
where they can make good.      lie is absolutely, and unalterably opposed fu ��� Ji.oo, small size SOc.     All dealers or, ment.
They made me well."    Vour
alter sltil- i caSG niay1-also be bad, but Catarrho-
i /.one will do for you what it did for
bringing in immigrants by  the million without reference  to  their ability to! lhc Catarrhozone Co.. Montreal,
"make good" on the land.      Half a million agricultural settlers oi' tha viglu.; ~
type are. in his opinion, worth ten million of other classes.      Settlers on the j Invitation Accepted
land would establish homes here and would bring about a natural permanent1     father    (over   .the    rai.mg).
increase in population.      .Settlers of other classes it brought in would inevitably find their way to the cities, and create new anil clidicult problems, or
would drift to the United States. ,
The second address to which reference is made was by Professor' C. R.
Fay. of Toronto University, on the subject "Principles of a Sound Immigration Policy." Like Sir Clifford Sil'ton he strongly urged a policy of going
after and getting settlers of the agricultural labor class. Af the same time
lie argued that good agricultural laborers could be obtained in the Old Country lrom a wider class than that of the. farmers and farm laborers, if 'they
are given '.he necessary training. He held, therefore,'that Canada's immigration policy should provide for the giving of such training, and in this connec-
Kmplre is good work on the Prince's
part. The Prince of Wales by adopting such a wise procedure and chos-
ing his langup"- so aptly is laying a
oundation for future govern-
Thc youth bf today become
Canadian army of occupation, but no
further reparation payments have
been received, Hon. A. 15. Copp, secretary of state, informed the Commons.
���the manhood of tomorrow.���Montreal
...  c,^>
Helen,   is   thai,   young  mat)
stay all night?
Helen (after s'iglu pause).���He
says he will', dad, it there's plenty
of room.      WhercTl I put him?
Say.!      ' ���
., |0| -It has Many Qualities.���The man
= ' | who possesses a bottle of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil is armed against many
ills. It" will relieve a cough, break a
cold, prevent sore throat; it will reduce the swelling from a sprain, relieve the most persistent sores and
will speedily heal cuts arid contusions.
It is a medicine chest in "itself.
His Flesh Horribly Burnt
Druggist- sold him a cheap Acid
corn remedy, instead of giving him
good old reliable Putnam's Corn Extractor which has been for fifty years
the Standard remover of corns and
warts. "Putnam's" never fails, it is
always a success. 25c -..everywhere.
Refuse a substitute.
Wiil Develop Bird Reserve
Vef'y  DasVrable
Mr. Softleigh.���So you  are  looking
fov.ii square meal?
Tramp.���No, sir, a round one.
Mr." Softlcigh.���What kind is thai ?
Tramp.���One that hasn't auv end to i
Germany'* War Losses
Approximately One.in Seven Killed in
Battle, Statistician  Finds   .
Forty-six men were killed and 109
were wounded on the German side
during every hour the world.-war was
raging, according to an estimate arrived at by General von Altrock, a
statistician. This estimate was made
from a study��of official records.
Germany's losses totalled in de'atl
:i.,S0S,5!5 and in jvounded 4,24(5,779.
Men to the number of 13,000,000 were
under arms during the course of the
war, of whom about one in seven was
killed in battle.
The officers' corps lost 53,000 men
killed and 96,000 wounded. German
soldier and civilian losses (through
death, caused directly or indirectly
by the war, are estimated by General
von Altrock, at 12,000,000.
New War Medal
���,f.',.-       ��� m i Active Work V/ill Soori Commence in
tion instanced the success achieved in so many instances by soldier settlors ' d .J XXi\<\*S brighf- The'nexPr-Tw \ Southern Alberta   7
under the Soldier Settlement Board.      Hc. advocated the extension  of this   and blustery is   -'extremely- hard    ori'' '   Contract for the development of the
policy .-l'oi;4he.,-direct Bird7Reserve'7;cpnsisting7of-
7V ."..Pr6fess.6iVl?a"y. s*immed7up,:mdd6rn^condition^ as: ^he'^mptheV--"^ ���'��� ""
:77727^heViglit7liiUd7o^ -badlv venthafedV;7-H:e'Vcii.tches7cold::
' "" " colds^.'si'ni'ie"-^;'    "���������'-    :'"--  .���-..-..     .
-,!V...���7���W.- "...77.W.7 ���.77..'..-.._���  .���... .
.   .     To    Asthma    Sufferers.      Dr. J. D.
,m- Kellogg's Asthma Remedy comes like
<���'.;.. ,--i.��� <--.,,.,.;.���,��� ���i ;,he has come to believv?..impossible. Its
Canadian Government: b(jaoflt u loQ evident'to be' CjUest.ioncd
Thompson, managing-j _it |3--(s own best argument-
;direetor7 oriti^
its own
f-   you   suffer
The-development-will- bo  for!��� !l'yin asthma"-'get this time-tried rem-
aciive  work..'it
.policy,of l'iiscl settlements.     The second, was the reconstruction-of rural .Iife7v'!"l-'n��   or   banishing-
around-various .forms  of  cooperative, enterprise.-   -'Co-operation means,  ��c-rR,*"l1or  jijlmonis   of  childhood.'--    The
said,, bolter, business; better-farming,-, and abetter, country-life. '       .-     ".     i-Tablets are'sold by".medicine dealers ;
The  old .policy of bringing settlers  into  the  country and' then  leaving ' or," by. mail- at  '2~>  cvnts .a _bo.\   from j
them to shift lor themselves will. not. do.     Thev must- be assisted in "estab-'l The -   l;i'' : ���\Yi'Il:-l"s'   "Mcdiem"--.   Co., j
- - I Ij^oc'*villo   On       " '     '-
lishing themselves and -taught- as to the methods which .make for. success in I    ' ������ "      ���' r__
-this country. -   Furthermore, hand in hand with," or rather in advance of. Hie-
adoption pf. an aggressive policy io obtain this type of settlers, there, must i
be action by the ���Federal-- Government to'-ensure to-the people,-, now" on the''
'land and to those who-will come, adequate lnarke'ts and marketing facilities'to.' 'r
.���the" end that the results-ol" their labor may yield a reasonable protit over cosls,.-Ontario  which
of production and-as a reward for the labor given arid the" capital invested..   I ni0jlient'uni
 _.. . r~~. = -��� I orablc
7 W& ri y. -;.S t a ki ii g'7'M.i.hiii g'.-.CI a1 yn'fi'-; i
l).e77'fiurrehtV;vc;i yha s7&ih7iie'ice(l:
Dyed Faded Sv/eater,
Skirt, Draperies' .'���
, -In Diamond'Dyes
- -73>vp'i'y.v." tiia.ii ;brict "'33y6s!':/!'.na'(;k.'(i:e-
witlra'. :geHeral-t'ush-Mn t!fe:.s(:alung7'oi4::^illviiot:;sti;o:).ti-.sr^;i;^ or run.
oily and  find  help like  thousands1 of
Wireless Lifesaving- at Ssa
Apparatus   Developed   in   Britain   Has
Proved Its Usefulness
.'The wireless.direct ion finder, which
was first devised- and. developed in
Great .Britain,'.has proved of immense
���vaiua in bringing help to-disabled
ships.    ��� The  function of the appani-
What is a Canadian ?
People   in... Different   Parts'of ..Country
'.'"Have Conflicting Opinions   "
-Professi;*' .Wrong'   says  a- d.isliuci
A Plebiscite on Wa
No Reason' Why- War Should not be
^.Outlawed by Civilized Nations.".
"Why not 'declare'war to be, a.crime?
-: Why- -shoukKnof -the'-"civiii7,od'7ha-
ptlinolositar type, is Toeing..developed, ti'bns' anions- the-world by '
in-Canada. .It. "is not English���it- is
not Frcnch^-rif is Canadian.-'1. Nobody
.  .. . ... ..... .....,,. _  risr-i
l'e.c.t'-'-.-.hoiiio-' ������jcly.ciri^'.is'-.sii.'U'u.'itoftci ���������witli:!    ...........     .... ������ ...
<r.in,or,iH-i'.ifii-i'ic.fiH-l:--\i''ed7;:t)Cftfp!\;.i7/ij '.^^Xk    "    " '      '   ' ' '
���   ..;toi!,:Pj.,-niisqii-.Ko.q'i3.,;s::-For-.,fifty-!:Piie-.years-r ���.-.-. ���-��� :   -
.plu.-i-.i.iiillioii'.'S ���oi'..Vvoi'nffh7 l!i'i'vo-'-.t)efeiV'Cis.ins;>*Di'ii''.
nibiii.t ������ .'layos,'-- ���������-.- (6'-;--ad(17 "���jrenrs". '6f .--W.c'iiiv'7t'o
(lieti* bId'.-;-7sl7fvlil-)K'-wai:-;ts;-. ulurt's,."dr'esso'S.        ..    	
i;o^V ;v-��� ^^'tte i&,7,7^t oclc i oss
.-...    ...,:    -..:���-.-.������������,..-.���}.���*,,���������-,.<.���: .-- .,    -.   l.'tUISlUSS.V!'VC'OalUI5S>      ���      ���   :��"i--'- .,.,...'���-.. ...-.-..      ���
ec6rdedv7in'Januat'y-air(:!-:l'1ebi:nary::i:i7| ="���::��� .7.:-,-.:..:-.-.--.-^���u^y
King George Approves of Medals for
Heroes of Allied Nations
King George' has approved of the
issue of a medal in silver and bronze
to those persons of allied nationality,
who almost -always at the risk or
their lives, rendered assistance to
British soldiers behind the enemy's
lines. Some of these soldiers were
prisoners of war actually iu capiiivify,
others were endeavoring- to.-.escape,
and yet - others, cat. off by the German advance', were iu hiding and
seeking, to 'rejoin' their.' unit's.- ' The
list of awards comprises ��� 133 .silver
medals "and- 573 bronze medals. In
addition to these awards 28 honorary
appointments "have been'made" to the
Order of the British Empire ' iif exceptionally deserving, -cases, while
specially prepared letters of- thanks
have been issued in upwards of 1,000
other instances. The medals will/be
distributed through tlie British embassies at'Brussels and Parisin the
near' future. ���  "
Beekeeping Profitable
Production *-of Honey on   Commercial
..   Scale in the West ' ..
A    noticeable    feature of ^Vesten*.
Canada   agriculture" in recent years
lias been the progress recorded in the
adoption of beekeeping, and the pro-'
diiction of honey as a commercial venture.     The western provinces, particularly the irrigated sections, are admirably adapted to the production of
alfalfa and other clovers, and this lias .
administered  a" pronounced  stimulus
to beekeeping which made remarkable
progress particularly in.Manitoba, Al- ���
berla and British Columbia.     The natural bloom of Alberta throughout the
summer season, affords abundant food
for bees, and the alfalfa' fields of thei'i
irrigated districts in    Southern    Alberta are fast arriving.at a leading
place    in    this    respect    in    North -
America. ���   ��� 7
Some'provinces .'ot'" China, have 507
inhabitants! per square mile.
The .boots worn by the Life Guards
of the British army cost $60 a pair7
Lift G ff with Fingers
rev'til tii'-J'a fVivV piVducUV^
iiiiii e s7 VTAiccQ rd-i n jtv t i y 7tl y ft)iii)*i (ft m e n t
to" ascertain
from -which the- appeal
comes: During recent storms in the
Atlantic-a "steamer became practically
ong- ttie world by. a r'ofcren-.
j dum among their,peoples, or by ah.net
.   .j of their legislators,'-declare the p'rac-
will deny that ihei;c;is such .a creatiire.| ylbo _or*;irfavg-lo:*b,e a crimb? 7 What.
if some nation'or.nations s'ubsecjuen!-.
I'y. forgot-. themselves,.and-' engage' in
the Lardner'.Lake 'mini.;'' division..    J
,   - - - -,: . r   i
Minaret's -'Liniment, -prevents-  Spanish:
��� ������   Flu    ��� r��-   . - 77" .-' --   '-:, ���.-"", ���'-
Favcr Russian
v/as" huddled   on ,'tle'ck .without. food.
Tho captain .sent put an-S.O.S. mes
River Travelling Sideways
.Stream   in
Doesn't hurt a' bit!   ' Drop a .little
"Freezone" on an aching corn, instant-
Alaska   Trying   to - Reach ! Jy'that corn stops hurting,.then short-
py you lift it right off   with   fingers."
Old Level
i Truly!
. The largest Alaskan river emptying! Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
info the Arctic Ocean,' the Colville, is i "Freezone" for a few cents, -.suflicient;.
gradually sliding :dowa hiil.    It .lows ����� ^\e evegr J^r^�� com.
of. the; province- of. Quebec insist, thati :;,���,���������,,
waivf are;-?^^'^^
f ^gh i^h;wa.ti p ns':o r:; ypo rtinitiuitls^^Tiu^G:
be;out!a^4>;7itn|l7-wli^ :
;d^e?V;tlig77a7tti ipd e XX6.f 7^|7sIfesrftQ rXXa. ndt
.- 7 Less Drinking in CSritiph- Isl.**
-'!"h"e, .i.-iiifod '. Kiiigdoiii "Allijini'i-,. .-tin1)
foremost., temperance.- pi'gani/aiiuti. ,lti
the. country;.declares "thai" (litre .. -;s a
decline" of l:l7l:2 -per e'enf-.' ii*. tlio. expenditure on'itlcnholic H iiiors in. !!)21,
co'iiipared -with 7tlt.v '.-.���ippudiluf^'Liiore-
���oil irij!)20. 7'7.." ...-V    .W*   -\.'y'X-"XX
at     Halifa:;  . Unemployed     C^ncurcj
.-���   Parliament   "'for.   Neglect'  of
""-'.      '-;';! 'Canadians' 7    ^ 7 .,
'Commenting on the.;grounds ,o.i' -hii-
generally : defined.,' ' elsewlier'e ... as
Frencli-Canadians/ ..National unity, is'
Very-desirable', but', racial- national
unity is..the ���product of jiiany-'eeiitur-'
irs. ' Ever.y person lias so.nfe' conception "of v.;hat: coiistit.iues -a .'Uanadiafi,;
the   country,.win   be'-found   to "have
very     cohJiic-t'ing' -opinion
.Tel'egrani. . '  '
poTsiiioh; bill "as ~he_'w"li"s~ iii^eri-or the
first si.v's.iiips which v:ent.to the,'rescue-vycra unable-to find him'���one in
���  "Conimcnling on the.; grounds ,oj -hii- (.->>icL  searched  imsucessfully'".for   "15
maniVy  ''the Isufcscription of '$25,0.00,-i hours. -   Eventually a British -vessel
J 000' tp 'i-aiio've'istarviiig',Ru.^si'ans,'Vby ;.witil il "direction' iinding.apparatus .on j
the ���I)oriiinbn'7(V6ycrnmoiif,'-"-'.and '-"t'lib i'tpard .arrived, on   the   SMne.": just  in I
!-.e'cog:iijkm..by. the Government oi' itsjU!"c. t-Q. save most of.-the crew'.-- The'
rcspqnsibiiitV-ia" the ��� Vs'av.r. tire, "litis-1 vessel' unfortunately foundered before
Ki'a.ii cl-.i'dre'n campaign,"-the J-feUl'ax-j fl!| hands could.; be got' .on board  the
U.nenii)ro>;hient."-;A.ssocial.ion "passed .'���L|.I!P's.Cn'n.?J-9?*;'.        ��� ~ ���,'7 ���       -7-7 .-
.��� '-':-". ' ' .--.- ,'- .. ' 77 '""'��� ,-" i north parallel-to an eastern range of i'lVoa"'mit:iXX^i'anXanaia''ni'~\rXiX'i'
sage giving what he tnought was htsr, .,, ��� . ;���--,- mses, witnout soreness oi nnt.it.
-.;;.-.';=:,-.^:  l^T*-.t>-i.-'���-.l^.vr :::-,.;.:^--<^-X\-nills-jiud actually-part-way-up on-tlie-{- - -. :��� : ���-.-.^ T	
-business" nieii'-.Qf ..ch't'.rehes "and. rifew's
.P.".pcrs..'wiIf be quite-- different .toward!-
wmv, ��� Now. ',ii.' is-'L.re.cogniaed"-. as    ii
.   . .legal,and   legitimate   procedure'."' just, j
people. Hv^s^ndiffe^-nL parts of ;.^ ^X^y^ so rcobgnized a-slior(7
.-ili'ne.-ago, anii.'.iust, as.'slavery was ;sb
.01 on o| j^oguixQfi;.  . Lot-u.Vlu.iv.e .a.-dec la ni-;
'This   is 7cf  Importance- to  -You   ���.
-    '.."---;-.   ---.-.        / ������ ��� ���   - -. -
--Niagara' Falls, Oul,���"Thi.'crvyears'
'ago jn'y-son, Gerald, had- ii' severe at-
resf'.hitipn expressing   "severest'-, con-
sun;". 0M.hn.Pav:Uimerif of Ciinada^or jlMlnardV^ Liniment 7'for Roughs and j Conduct is .that crier'.it.7orme"dUs bed
i-slope of the hilts, so " that if the
stream's' western bank were cut, the
water-would, abandon, the present bed
and.ilo.w down intb'.the bottom of tiie;
valley... The-western-side" ofthe river, is decp/where the current is -eating .into "the bank year after year,'but'i
the.ea'sfern side shallows out into a
broad'stony.beach which shows by its
great width, how-far the "river-lias already -'travelled 'sideways. - * The" '.explanation  of the. Colviile's eccentric
..Th.'v. .'dirisv
-jrion's  otiic.ial
is     111e
.. ���{ tha t decision
Uncrfcan' Le-i-sam.eth.ing-.
77-:-:'-c.n,tii't's7-T.o-' the:
io unlawful and srw if
docs- not acco-iipli.ili
i'hen we can bend om
prevention of unlav-'ful-
.aels.���The Rotarian.
It's foolish to fuller from constipation,-
"sick headache,  oiliousness, dizziness,
indige'siion8 and fcia-
dr'ed ailments
when  Carter's
'Xlttle    Liver
Pill's will-tend
all misdr/ in,
a few hours.
Purely   vege.
table.   Act
gently on liver and: bowel?,
SasaU Ffl!���SmafiDose���Snsall^rica
JSrake' Rods and Connecting Parts-.
A l.ioiilhly inspection- should he
made of the. brake rods and' connecting puns of your car. Clean off all
tho accumulated .dirt and rust..so thai,
tjiey will act as freely and efficiently
as possible. Apply- a half-and-tiai
solution of kerosene and;.lubricating
oil, and the "brakes v.*iM work easier
and better.
The Name
���on Scrums. Vaccines
and cflggresttiiS.fisaiiX'. MuSe bv TKc Lsbori- .
tory rhat-Kr.oa-s How." Tivrotyfirr ye^rs of con',
���dentieni* r->-j��vt)T ia or�� rne cryjnt for sosjeti'in��.
Tne Ci'tter Laboratory
Steri*el��y       RJ.-S.Lssa*s)       CsdiforBist
- Wurses Responsible for Pub'fic Hsalih
j s So successful, lias the public health
��� department been that the Government
i of Alberta is extending its scope, and.
\ this year-will have, twenty-one nurses
j on. duty at selected points. .Eespon-
! sibifity for health education, in tha
j areas which.,thev serve will' rest upon
them.  - v.;." ���--.���-.,--.'���'''-,-.  7.-7'
���--'��� .- The Irishman's-Wit : Xy '*
;-, After .the Irishman had"- hung-7' his
coat .on- a-fence.and,goiie.-to work two
Englishmen painted .a goat's liead, on
the "coat; .-.,Upon.'seeing it the Irishman asked :-"JVfiich'one. of yez;wiped
yer face' on' me' coat."' -; - ".'-. "77-"'.-
- ;&&&&&* ;.yy;
-".tack'-. o.f .y/illbw"-
--j-iuiiclico."-"!- ivied,
7 '= tliTco.. d on tors b lit
". t bey only."{javo: re;,*
lief'for slioi't peri-
!;od>,'    ^.yW '.'.hn'd-,
-:.l"ri"il .1)".  I'icn'e'.i-
���'Aiijij'li: 'i'alilcis'on
lu'y"- other--bon,   I.
\*> d':i'i;!ed    (o "fjivo.
.'tlie ���' neglect   of  "Canadians. ..who ' are]
iMaiving 'menially and "morally as well i
'a_:-.- ph'ysica.riy" in'the midst ol'ipfenly1
in "orie" of fife-nche:vt .doniains-'pf the
.wlioliv.vyorld.  : ''XX^.yXXX ']"'' 7 : V--
.'-'Thi', rcsbhil ion ��� jiraycd  the- Govern-;
:"in'ent-io do:something-' to ,";save.Can
: I'.ilian.'-chlldt'C'i.V,.' and""., added "/that-1 _���
i'-loan'-.ol7'?50fl- or.'-more..iA.'ilii*- distrcss;
.-ed ' is. iiitt- only .its -primary duty,' but
lite. . only
't^.^7*/. y,- Iri in   S'��r.   I'ir-i:.'<;':'   ^ ""'��� - �������;>. ...'��S��>
^V\     /-' . '7/j Gpldcii -Medical   ; ciipifalistie    v,o
<'\'-' .   ' /' . Di.-cov.'.ry,7 �� n d   . ciii/.cKiiliip."
V.^    ,    .	
nfler using ,'four or live .bottlci
lio' was- <,;a'.ircly v,"<vl1. 1 elii'll always s:ay a good word for nil of J>r,
Pierce';-; rciiiCdies. Today our medicine .cabihot coulains-a bottle of each
of these 'famous rompdk's."���'.Mrs'.
Catherine Bnmpsr\v, U2 Ili'id^e Ht.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medioal Discovery is free from aVcohoi and. ir.-
j;-i*Iou3 drugs. You can be certain
you will find it a' true 'b!oo(]-ma,.;oiy
iissue-bu'ilder. and restorative nervo.
tonic and ihat it v. ill produce i:o-
evil after-effecis.
.logical   .'step.7to. taice-in a
irhj" -to    maintain    itf
. - A.,' -.second . resolution Covered - vir-
t.ually'^lio' siajrio,;ground .with regard
lo i!*.;- Nova'Scotia Government. , . .
. v 7"--...-.-Mr.. Jiggs. n.b; ���-.. 7 7 -~
.- - Tlie. - fact"'." that- " King 'G"eoi'ge7has
brought suit against. President- Harding' oyer-   some, corned-beef "maybe
i talte'n -us. another ���. evidence .-.of- ' ilie
��� ! gi'-ov/th, of- deinocfiicyV77Students  of-
.J-history" .'are,-all    too.  familial*'"'' with
disputes    between" heads of nations
over'matters in which ' the ..peoples"
had   little, -if", any interest; .-but corned beef is thoroughly democratic.:- It
is  to  be hoped  tliat before the'matter'ends, the Question of. cabbage will
also"'be '.|in<rqdiJced.���Woodstock Sen-
ii!icl:Review7,'. '" ���'��� . '���. ";'���  ' "������'���-
and valley, .as a ' normally ' behaved
river.bed.does, there, was a hiter-con.-
tortion-'Of ,the . earth's, crust,- lifting
the''stream "bodily part. waV ��� up- the
side of .the.'slope. 7Ever, since the
river- has been", trying to get down to
its old level again.    ,;     .���      ,
���You. have -no eneinies?    'I'lien you
have   never   'dared- to- stand-up for.-
right-against wrong";, you have never
protested' the weak against the bully;
you   have'"'-"never .defended your own
rights agaiirst .oppression;, you. have
never been a1 candidate" for municipal
or parliamentary honors, and last, but
not-  least-" by   any.-means, you'have
never been an editor. ���   Theinau wlio-
lmovs ho enemies should be ashamed*
of it.���-High-River Times. ;."
Portraits of Saints
:   Discovered in Rome
it is-
I       Minerals Foirnd Near Vancouver _
j     Kccenl   investi-ratiops  have disclqs-
I 'm! the [M'csence of niimy minerals -in.
I closo proxiniily  to Vancouver, , ��� The j sianlinople
; mouniaiiis aw  tin-  north "side ol"  the'
:. f ity  havp- been  found   to bo. rich   in
i mo!;, bdcr.i'.-o, lead, iron    and    copper.
j Capelano,   Lcpur aud  Superior  show
j fine mineral outcropping:--.-   -' ��� <
fcnibus offense7tf)'ride a hi-1
cycle anywhere near the city o'f Coii-
T\"indsor, Ont���"Dr.P.iorce'sG'olden
Medical Discovery and bis.'Pleasant
Pellets' are wonderful niedicines- for
home use. I used to suffer with
weak Jungs, smothering, spells and
sick-headaches, but since taking the
-above-mentioned medicines these
conditions have left me.''
"One oi my daughters took ths
'Favorite Prescription* as a tonic
during expectancy ..and . she' praises
that ' medicine   very   highly, ' too."
Mra."Eiienr Harding, 11 Erie .St.'. W.-VI _	
: Tour neighborhood ��� druggist sella; 1 7- ;7"-  -.'.'- "' '���   ,- ' - ' ..        :'-
all Dr. Pierce's Family. -Medicines,' ���- "awaiian-. Islands were .thrown up
tablets or liquid. Write Div Pierce,.) ages .'ago", from.'enormous volcanic
Pres. Invalids' Hotel, Bufi*aIo,"N. Y.,'.;|"chimrieys' tliat opened in7"tfie Pa'ciQc
for free confidential advice/' Erancb- f!00r',:7'i ���'.".< '" :"-:' "' ". -- -'." ���
I "Laboratory in Brid^ebarg.. Ont. -,.->.  i \...-..'" 7" XX. 7 V:"';       '���"���' ' '���'.*   -
Jn. many of the Government office:
in- London-the clerks are n'ov.-
led to smoke while al work.
, The'Advantages of Thriit-
"If-a nian had put a hundred dollars in a savings bank twenty years
ago," said the .statistician after dinner," ':it would amount to over two \
hundred 7dollars riow, arid he could
buy almost as much with it now as he
could' have got for the original hundred at;the time be'began to save.".,7
r285*    MOTHER
-'Expert--Believes  the   Paintings'' Were
7 . Made from Life,:' *.-'     ., ��� '
AVl'iat are''believed -to. be confempoi*:
ary portraits of St. Peter and. St.- Paul
,liave .been.discovereil in a hypogcum.
or underground structure of 'ihe.Ito:
man  epoch...    The belief ��� in tlicir-. au-
I thenticity is shared by tlie well-lsnowh
archaeologisr,- Prof. Lnnituni;
The    ifypogeum. - was found  in ihe
course of
permit-     -.       ,
ot.  a  Jars
number   of    room.-;    and galleries, a
r:r~t   "r ' trypt. and a   Christian    (.'liurch   with
hiaV.'e'llou'-   fi'escoes  of a  very- early
date.     The   professor    belicVves.   the
portiaiss were painted  from  life. ���
Interesting   Letter  From 7
Woman in South Africa 7
pxcavafions for a building-j
c garage. Ii comprise.'-, ji.'
of    rootn.-j
r   I
��* excellent for indigestion
beeause it sssitta stomach
arid livet to do their work
iiataralljr and r'Scieritiy.
.With the organs in perfect
"working order���mdiEeicion '
U mipioMibJe. -Try it today
Have Confidence in Agriculture
- Great confidence in the rehabiiira- ���.
tion of business generally and in sij*ri-
cultv.re in particular, is-evinced by the'
International Harvester  Company,  in ;
the  i>rer��arations they are'making at
Swift Current for   their   distribution :
centra.   Their'intention.is to increase
their stock of repairs to the various ;��� you to give it.a.Jrial nOf
i.*-"Johannesburg;^ "South. '.-Africa.���"I
���'took Lydiit hV'Pinkhaiif-'s  Vegetable -
Compound*for weakness 'and-.Becauser'
I felt run  down.    I tried.-a lot.of-
medicines before 1.tried yours. 'One
.day ,1 .was standing:on my stoop when ���
a boy came "up to.me-and ,banded'-;.nio
one'of yoitiv little" books."    J  read the'
���'boo!*, and the ne.-it. day. my husband
7went to the.chemist's and bought me*-
I'a hot tie-of Lydia 10. Pinkha'hi's Vege-
', table  Coniiiou'nd. - I  have  taken "the,
i medicine "ever since and I feci quite
strong and- well now as 1 am oh "the .
;'sixth bottle. I'liave written to my
! sister and told* her all .about the
: wonders it has' done for me. and "I
I am quite willing Tor you to iise my
j name as I can not thank you enough
i for what, it has done for me:"���Mus.
; VT. F. Ri-sii, 1"-J8 6th Ave., Mayfair,
| Eordesburs-, -��� Johannesburg-, '. South
. Africa.
. It is this- sort of p'rai.-e of Lydia.
������ E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
-given by letter or verbally, obi.
woman to another, that ought to coin- -
mend this splendid medicine-to you.
, Lydia E." Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is a medicine for women's ailments (In nse nearly., fifty years)i
and the fact that it has belped71'wft-
sands of other ..women. sb<-uld ",an?is
It can b��
lines of implements  they  bTandle  U>7*afe*>' taken byTtaiy woinaa���yo'ag
t'Che extent of $200,000.
��r old, ��� I
*    at
THE    LEDGE,   -GREEHWOOD,    B.     a
Fifty-five Creameries in Opoi
A report recently given out by the
Dairy. Commissioner of Saskatchewan
shows that 'during the'year 102J. there
were llfly-flve creameries in operation
in the province and the total output
of creamery butter [rom these was
7,OS5,Oo6 pounds with value of ?2,C0.9,-
000. Last year wa.sMhe first year
the creamery output of Saskatchewan
reached seven million pounds weight.
an increase of nearly 7 per cent, over
1920. There was also an increase
of nearly 50,000 milk cows in the. province, and the total value of dairy products was more than eighteen and
Ihree-quartcr million dollars. /
Pains in Back;
ibs a
Yield to "Nerviline
'If you have failed to secure relief
from other remedies, rub on lots of
good old "Nerviline," the strongest,
most penetrating pain relief on the
market. Nerviline acts quickly ou
small pains and is tho surest, to drive
out thc big ones. It's because every
drop of Nervijino rubs in because it
litis the ability to sink in deeply that
it drives away pain that ordinary oily
-     FdR.THE.SPM
A Matter of Taste
Mr. Sadiron.���These jollies .all seem
9181,102.68   From  Amusement  Tax  in   tbe same flavor to me, dear.
1921 Mrs.'Sadiron.���But you can tell the
The Alberta amusement tax during -difference by the labe
92I. brought in a revenue ot\ ?l.Sl,- Mr. Sadiron.���Possibly, but I novel
02.0S to the provincial treasury, au thought of tasting the labels,
increase of ?:iO,SfM.3!) over the precod.-
ing year. The general revenue of
the department was ?1,09��,3I9.M for
the year, a gain of ?(!.���),SOO'-Tfl over
1920. The revenue from the amusement, tax was ?u,4S2.7-l weekly. Corporations paid ln taxes ?339,S"9.72;
the Motor Vehicle Act brought in
?71S,D3].30; tho Mine Owners Act,
?27."),02S.5'I; Coal Mines Act, ?U,01G.9 1;
thc TheaU-eK Act, ��22,592.50; the Railway Mileage'Act, ?l'l0,900; the companies ordinance. $27,0-10: the Act respecting auctioneers and peddlers,
,?S,750,' with other items comprising,
tlie  balance.  '   Thc  number of auto
licenses sold almosl   touched  tlie -19,-i velop into more serious trouble,
000 mark, tho actual   number   being j-  D��   not  dose   yourself  with   purga-
39.S52, or an'increase of   1,837 0/crVLh'es' "-,** SX man>' I,nopli; d0-    -D ,the
! hope   that   you   can   put   your   blood
I right.     Purgatives gallop through the
system and weaken instead of giving
'~    * i A-'
Do Not Use Harsh Purgatives���A
Tonic is All You Need
Not sick���but not feeling quite well
That .is the way most people loci in
the spring. Easily ��� tired, appetite
fickle, - sometimes headaches and a
leeling.'of   depression.   .Pimples   or!
eruptions may appear on'tho skin, or j business or as a sport dress, and is a
there may bo twinges of rheumatism ! very practical model for   thc    spring
Inwt, ttti'?J l|lose,indifflf  and    early    summer.     The    capelike
that  the blood is  out ol  order���that  , ,	
the indoor life of winter has left its ' back a(lcls materially to its smartness.
\e v cue l** this d e^s and one that
\* ill be found to meet thc general
needs of milady.\    It can bc worn to
FOR forty years Sloan's Liniment
has been the quickest relief for-
neuralgia,  sciatica  and   rheumatism , tired muscles, lame backs, sprains
and strains, aches and pains.      ��
Keep Sloan's handy and apply freely,
without rubbing, at the first twinge.
It' eases and brings comfort surely
and readily._  You'll find it clean and,
Sloan's Liniment Is pain's enemy.
Ask your neighbor.
At all druggists���35c, 70c, $1,402
Made in Canada.
House Shortage in England    V
A statement from the British War
Office shows  that the present house
shortage is having a direct effect on
the army, as well as on the clviiian   was not to get rid of the women too
Joash, viewed in the light of his ancestors, was a poor prospect for a
king. His grandmother was the
wicked Athaliah and bis great giand
parents were Ahab and Jezebel. Tbei e
was enough bad blood in his veins to
assure his doom. Despite this fact,
he brought about some noble reforms
and turned the people back to God^
I. Athaliah Usurps the Throne (vv
1-3). '
1. Her attempt to destroy the seed
royal (vv. 1). In order to remove
any rival claimant to the throne she
tried to kill all the royal male children.
2. Joash preserved by Jehosheba
(vv. 2, 3). Though Athaliah v>as
keen-eyed she was checkmated by another   woman.      Her   fatal   omission
population in England. Many hundreds of ex-soldiers with families have
been allowed to remain in the mar?
lied men's quarters under the home
command, thus depriving married
soldiers of required accommodation,
but the army council is now compelled to obtain possession of these
mark'upon you and may    easily    de-
1920. The number of companies.incorporated and registered readied 01-1
during the year with' an aggregate
capitalization of S31,993,001.1;!.
It is of black, with Roman stripes
The" hat, which is of black straw, is
adorned with black quills.
A Health Saving Reminder
until you get the
At the   trst sign of it.      Its  Healing
Qualities  are   Arna**ing.      THE
Legends on Rock; at Vancouver
Carvings on Rocks Said to bs at Least
2,100 Years Old
The peculiar carvings on the rocks
along the shores of Sproat Lake and
Great    Central    Lake,  Vancouver is-
In some , ].in(]) g.lve Y-l:ie to a legend relative-to
Liniments  won't  touch,
bottles at all dealers.
Large   35c
To Protect Egyjt
Britain Will Protect the New Egyptian  Regime
Marquis Ouizon, secretary foi'Tor-
e'fgn affairs, has sent identical dispatches to all British ' ambassadors
saying that lhe termination ot tiio
British protectorate over Egypt .Involved no change in Kgypt's status as
regards lhc position of other powers
in thai country.
The dispatch says tho British Government will regard "as an unfriendly
net any attempt at interfering with
I lie affairs of Egypt by another power
and will consider any aggression in
Egyptian territory as an act to be repelled with, all the means at the command of the British Government.
There is nothing repulsive in Miller's Worm Powders, and they are as
strength.     Any doctor will    toll   you , pleasant to fake as sugar, so that fev,
this is true.     What vou need in the ' children will refuse them.
spring is "a tonic that will enrich the, oases they cause    vomitin      ��.--f�� ��� tll0 IndIans wll0 in]iabllcd llmt part oE
blood and build uo the nerves.,     Dr.   their action in an unsound stomach, *���
Williams' Pink Pills do this speedily, | but   this   is  only   a  manifestation  of, t!l2   world.      Scientmc   analysis  and
safety and surely.   Every dose of this j tbeir cleansing  power,  no indication; examination of   these  carvings  snow
medicine heips to   enrich   the   blood , that they fire hurtful.     They can be   them  to be i-t   least 2 000  years old
With | w.iiiCh clears the    skin,    strengthens ' thoroughly depended upon    to    clear
..  ! tho appetite and makes tired, depress-j worms from the system.
Wheat, totally resistant to smut or' et'   men,   *vomen and children bright, i *	
- i, i       ,   r , ',        ,     ,'active   pnd    stronf      Aliss S   L   Mc-1 Fashion Found Wanting
rust,  heretofore  unknown    to    n ant, *, "   ���      i��A    ��,�� .rJ     ~ ,. ���r    .
',.,.,,       , , ��� Eachron.  >jairn   P.O..   N.B.,   says:     I       Policeman.���' Lost yer mamniv, 'ave
pathologists, has been evolved,-sis a j luive vbcen ������ the habit of taking Dr
result    of    experiments conducted at; Williams'    Pink    Pills in-the spring
thc Government Experimental Station! nnd they keep mc   in   the   best   of I
iu Oregon, by -Ii. E. Stephens,.supfirik-7 hea,11*v    - tllink iL'ra entirely due to
New Variety of Wheat
Oregon    Man    Evolves    Wheat
Smut-Rust Resistance
yer?     Why didn't yer keep   hold   of
her skirt?"
Little    Alfred.���"I    cou cou-couldn't
lie has
lendent, aud his assistants,
succeeded* in producing four
varieties of wheat that are completely
immune from srnul, he said. .From
these, he has brought forth a number
of hybrid varieties of'great promise,
by crossing his smut:resisting wheal''
with sonic of ths ,i"uosf productive of
the present varieties grown.
'-> the use of these pills that I always! roach it."���London Opinion.
havo such good health." j
distinct;     Sold by all medicine dealers or by j
! mail  at fiO  cents a box or six boxes'
! for    $2.50    from   The   Dr.  Williams' ���
' Medicine Co., Urockville,  Ont. I
Taking Census of Bees
A Corrector of Pulmonary Troubles.
.���-Many testimonials could be presented showing the great efficacy of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil in correcting
disorders'of the respiratory processes,!
Electrical  Dsvice Counts insscts
As they Lccve Hive
A census of (he bees in a hive has
been made  possible  by a device invented by an employe of the Bureau
of Entomology.    Washington,    which
i consists" of a gale  placed at  the en-
Many have been relieved of corns
by Holloway's Corn Remover. It has
a power of its own that wilt be found
This fact inclines one to believe '.he
Indian"theory that mammoth creatures inhabited Vancouver Island in
that remote period. No one knows,
no! even the Indian, how long ago it
is since Chiil Quatiat lived in the
vicinity of Alberni. lie was an old
Indian chief, tho first on thc island,
and some of the Indians think that he
This woman, the wife of the pnest,
stole away the child and hid him in
the bedchamber for six years. God
had promised that through the
David line the Messiah should come.
In order that this line be unbroken
Joash must be preserved. No purpose* of God can fail.
11. Joash Crowned King (vv. 4-12).
3. Jehoiada's preparations (vv. �����
11). The high priest and his wife
were intelligent and strong characters. As the high priest, Jehoiada
felt that it was his duty to thwart
the heathen project of Athaliah.
Doubtless his co-operation with bis
wife made possible the saving of
(1) Secured the aid or the military
leaders (v. i). He knew somehow
that these men were not loyal to
Athaliah. (2) Bound them under
solemn oath (v. 4). He took an oath
of them in the house of the Lord.
Honest men will stand by their word.
(3) Excited their spirit of patriotism
(v. 4). He gave them a sight of the
king's son. This, no doubt, was a
great surprise. Now, having seen
the heir to the throne they would
risk everything, even their lives/in
order to set him on the throne. (4)
Co-ordinates all matters (vv. 5-11).
The soldiers were divided into companies and arms were distributed to
them. Each group was assigned to
specific duties.
2. The coronation (v. 12). (1) The
king's son brought forth. This was a
great day in Jerusalem. After six
years of usurpation, the people all the
while supposing that all the heirs to
the throne were dead, now to gaze
upon   the Icing's son would bc a not-
still  exists  in  invisible   form.      Qua-   able event.      (2) Put the crown-upon
tint had a wonderful  record  of  van-
I quislung    the    prehistoric   monsters,
; which . were   like,
lures portrayed in
the dreadful crea-
he carvings.
Live Quail for B.C.  -
A   consignment  of live   quail   from
Spokane   has   been   received   by   the
Provincial Game Board,' for release in
the    uplands    district.      These birds
were given in exchange for Mongolian ) - 	
pheasants.      Another consignment is j Cultivated   Land   781,000   Acres   Less
Use   Minard's Liniment for the  Flu
 . ��� ^
England's Crops Smaller
attended to, cause convulsions, and often death. Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator will protect Lhe children"
from these distressing afflictions.
Importance Of The Automobile
��� The 420,000 automobiles in-Canada
covered a road mileage in 1920 which
exceeded 1,630,000,000 and registered
_a_passenf*ei'_mileago_ ol'jiot Jess_ih.au.
(1,920,000,000. Thc "steam and electric
railroad-; of the Dominion combined
carried hut 629,121,000, according to
8- L. Squire of lhe Canadian Good
Roads "Association. Tho number' of
passengers ��� carried is. 252,000,000
but the best testimonial is experience,
and .the'Oil  is jcccomiii ended'to all,'ranee oi' the  hive  with a scries  of
who suffer from these disorders with i telephone message registers attached
the certainty that they will iind relief. j.,n -8Ucll.a Vi-ay tllat every lime a bee
' goes  through thc gate It.o passage is
expecfed from the  Eastern Plates
exchange for pheasants.
, .,, ., Jt       , L   li will allay inflammation in the iron-
Worms in children, it they be not   Chial tubes '
Labor is higher in
any    of   the   other far
Slant    than*    in
eastern coun-
Electricity in" Switzerland
Nowhere else in the world is electricity power so generally uscd as in
Switzerland. In the small town o.
Lucerne, with only 40,000 inhabitant-*,
to take one example, paly (wenly
small.-houses'-ave /without electric
light. There are seven electric bakehouses,- 1,000--electric-motors, 3,300
electric .stoves for,' heating, ' 2,000
electric cooking sloves and over S,00.0
electric irons in use among the Jn-
habitants.. .    '    '    -
Comet V/ill Be Invisible ���
Tlie* Pons-Winnccke comet will not
be visible to .the uaked eye, according
io Greenwich Observatory authority.
It will pass the earth in June Willi r>
safe margin of some 12,000,000 miles.
TARRII   Mi'DICiNF.   i--.  ;i   Toiiir.   lalea   in-
recoi'dedi ' I tunall.-, a:ul acts tiirou^li tlie blood upon ilu
' , ,       ,    ���,.��� .���-   . ,     , mucous   surface-,   of   thc   system?       WALL'S
AS   abOUl.   300,000   bees   go   OUl   dur- , C.VTAKRII    AlKDICINE  V-msis    Nalme   i-i
���.(tirm.c; nonn,-1.!  condition?..
All   IJiUHSii'ts.       Circular:, fiec.
!���'. J.  Ciic'iicy  & Co.,  Toledo,  Ohio.
1.1 Than  in 1913  -
A reduction of 7SI.00O acres in the
cultivated land ia Eng'and and Wales
is shown by Minis'ry of Agriculture's
statistics for 192L     Thc reduction is
Citaiili is a local disease (jreaih- inductr-rd ,  �� .      ,. .,       .   .   .      ���  , ��� .,,,��� ��.���
by constitutional  condition.-.       IIAI.T.'S CA- ! ugured     lrom     the- total  Of 12,389,000
ing the day on honey gathering ox-
pedilions, 'considerable electrical energy'is'needed to operate tha recording gale, ��� though the amount of energy expended by the device each
iirne a bee passes is iniinitesimal. No
bee. can leave or enter the hive v.'ith-
ombeing-couuti'd:    "   _ ���
Want Prison-Mads Twin2
A    resolution    was    passed    at    a
meeting  of  the  Kegina   Local   Grain
Growers, .asking   thc   Dominion  Government to repeal all laws preventing
What Do Office Boys Doi
acres in 19IS when the area was
groafly increased owing to the food
production  campaign.
Tho total acreage sown to wheal in
J 921 was 1,970,000 acres, or 101,000
over 1920.
nervous BreaKaou
Investigation  Into Spara Tims V.'or!-:'
Leads to   hitsrestintj   Results
-:I[ave   you   e.-er-noticed" "the   on*:,
boy whoso duty il is to sit in the re [
coption room-of the larger offices and j
take in the cards of Mr. Smith cr Mr. j breakdown   the   following   symptoms
three **r  Present    themselves;    nervous    head-
1 aches, a  feeling of depression, fitful,
To those" on the verge of a nervous
him. This was the formal induction
into office. (3) Gave him the testimony. This^was a copy of- the law,
showing that the king was lo rule according to the law of God. The act
or putting the law upon his head showed that the king himself would be under the control of the law. (4)
Made him king. This shows that he
was made king' by the choice of the
people. .(5) Anointed him. Th.jy
poured oil upon his head. This was
the usual method of consecrating
prophets, priests and kings. (6)
Clapped their hands. This was a
token of joy.
III. Athalian Slain (vv. 13-17).
1. The noise of ihe coronation ot"
Joash brought' Athaliah to the temple
(v. 15). Up to this timc shc thought
her place on the throne was secure
and that hei* heathen religion had ire-e
2. Ifer dismay (v. 14). Upon her
arrival -at.-,the ���templc-she-saw-lhe
king wearing' the crown and surrounded by tho guards, so that she
could do.nothing. In her despair she
exclaimed: "Treason, treason." How
proue wicked men and women are to
"When I- say that I weigh .'twenty-
five founds more than I did a short
time ago it speaks volumes for the
merit of Tanlac," said Jos. B. Drake,
430 Belmont Av*3., Springfield, Mass.
"The first thing Tanlac did for me
was to give me - an appetite and tone
up my* stomach. It wasn't long before I was eating things I hadn't dared touch for years and anyone to see
the hearty way I eat now would find
it hard to believe' that a few weeks
ago I was dyspeptic and living on the
lightest kind of diet.
"Another good thing Tanlac did for
me was to drive the rheumatism almost entirely out of my system. In
fact, I can truthfully say it has made
me feel like a new man in every way.
It certainly is a grand medicine."
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
When Women Will
Be Rulers of World
Professor Says  by 1977  Men  Will   be
__      Doing Housework
Prof. Ralph L. Powers, of the University, of Southern California, says
that by 1977 at the latest women will
rule the world and men will do the
housework and care for the children.
The reason for his belief, as stated
by Prof. Powers in a lecture, is that
the widespread advertisement of women in recent years has 'itimulated
her to all sorts of activities, which
have already begun to intrench her
as the dominant sex. She is courted in -business, the politicians fear
overthrow unless they placate heiy
^nd she has won first place in tbe
news of the day.
Her manifest destiny as ruler ol tbe
world is thus merely a matter oL swift
Children    are   now allowed in the
streets of Norway after dark.
Ihe   importation   and-sale  of   prison-i
Jones to tlie Boss?     Perhaps mite   i ,-
four callers come in overv hour rirr   acllcs' a  rcoUne ol' depression, limit ' J'"""*  ����������'���� '���'���*'��� ���*���� ���*���"���������� <"���* ��" or spare time;  good pay*  work sent
oui  cal cis come   n c.u*   lioui  cill idislurbedi restless   ;uu*   tmrelreshing I cry    out   as    though they had been anv   distance;   charges   paid.     Send
ing the day.   -What dotn tne busy bee j sleep,    often ^troubled with irightlul J v-ronged when their wicked plots and stamp     for     particulars.     National
 "' ""'"" ~ Manufacturing Co., Montreal.
The Northern Ojibway Indians based their names on days of the week.
Send   a   Dominion   Express   Money   Order.
Five dollars costs three cents.
and light sewing ai home, whole
in the intervals?
made binder twine. The local also
wants Inquiry lo be made to ascertain
if'it'is feasibltf'to have twine made in
the-Prince Albert pDiiitentiary.
v. '
oy-Who Started-to Town"-:;;
With a Hundred Dollars
The ��� advice -ihey gave' him- for getting
on in the world .was simple, and- familiar
enough:    " Keep - what -you have, and
build on it.    Be careful what you do and
Jt will grow into more."
It's a safe rule���with money or health,
but a good many overlook the rule with
health., until they have lost what they had.
Then it's hard to get a new supply.
Postum is' a' splendid help in saving health from the very common
losses through the "drug elements"
of tea and coffee���whose effects on
the neryous S5rstem any doctor can
S-Jl you.
Thousands of people who think
it wise to be as careful of their
health as they are' of their dollars are users of Postum.' They
find this famous cereal beverage
a delightful-cirink with any meal,
and its free from any disturbiri,
element. '
You^can begin with Postum to~
6&y, with an order to your grocer.^
The road to health is a good road
for anybody to follow. "Save what
you have, and build on it,'? is sound
policy for everybody.
Postum comes in two forms: Instant Postum
(in tins}, made instantly in the cup by the addition
cf boiling- water. Postnm Cereal (in package's of
larger bulk, for thosa who prefer to make ,th��
drink while" the meal la being prepared) made by
bcilirig for 20 minutes.   Sold by" all jTOcers.
Postum for Health ���"There's a Reason"
h'sde by Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Limited, Windsor, Ont.
i dreams, avoidance of crowded places, : .      . ,       .   ,,
J dread of being aloac, horror ol society, j conspiracies are exposed and tlnvari-
c'--- ��� led!
I etc.
A sell-appointed Committee en t.
Conservation of Energy and Promo-1 when thc nerves become affected da
tion of Industry Among- Office toys j this way ihe heart generally hoconics
was'asl-ed lor a svnopsis of lhe re-! affected too, and on the first signs" of
suits of Its Investigations. * ' ' ' \*ny weakness of the heart or nerves,
n,      . , .    I flagjnn**- energy or physical breakdown
Of   I.7-I-1  ofilee   hoys  whose  habits ,*0 rloi waU unti- youl. case becomes
were  subject   to the  invesiigati- :, it   hopeless., but get a remedy lhat will
was determined: ' jat once quieten the nerves, strengthen
"V-     i      . ,. .V���(   ,. ���,i ^.^..-^ ,��� ... i the heart and "build up the entire sys-
\ wclve per cent, read movie masa- (.
.zincs and niemovsze I he lives of mov'j j     This y0U ���IK-\\\ r*n<[ jn
sK'i'--*-'   7 ! MIlRilRNX
Seventeen    ner    cent,    iit-int    tlieir ��iu.MU'v�� ij
tl.cn,       II��ART AND N��RVE p,LLS
Mrs. M. Damsaml, Voting's Cove
Iload, KM., writes:���'���[ was bothered
very much with my heart and nerves;
names in various types over
limes ilnily.,
Kle.'cn    per
-.event ;���
cent, wnich tlie dcor
loin  ihi  hull,  while  Ihey  pitr-M  pen-' had nervous Iiead.'iches and dUziness,
cent,    colled    po..i
pond  their time r;cr
nles  with other  luture  diroclcrs  and
president:;.   ,
Three    per
stamps and
Seven prr .cent, practice typhi'-.
���'The lar.'ip.' bromn fox lcunip-..-; o\4"i
the Jaxy doll."
l''our per cent, sleep..
Three per c^nt. sit and'think.
Si:.' per cent. sit.
The remaining boys are" reported b>
the commitCoe to be sufficient!1   clever in action so that even their to&rcs
'do not know what they do!
could not sleep at nights, and my appetite w;is all sono. I was on a.nervous breakdown when a neighbor told
me to try Miibinn's Heart and Nerve
Pills. This 1 cid. and before I had
the second bo\ usal 5 was belter and
would a(l;isf anyone who has nerve
rrouble to tahe tliein."
Price, SOc a box at all dealers, or
mailed direct ton .receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited. Toronto.
'". Aihalian executed (vv. 15, 1G).
The orders were that she should not
be killed . in the temple. They led
her out by the way of lhe horses' entrance to the king's palace and slew
her. What a" tragic end for the sinner! Sin can only prosper for a time.
IV. Worship of the True God (vv. IT,
IS). ��
Jcasli was seven years old when he
was made king.. The high priest
made" a covenant between lhe Lord,
the king and the people that they
would'be the Lord's people. In carrying out this covenant-they broke down j
j the temple of Caal and slew the priest
l of Baal.
from one vaccination with
Cutter's Liquid  or Solid
Blackletf Atiltfressin. Afc-o-
lutdy sife. Cutter's Solid Aggrc"
sin Injectors work just like Blsckles
Pill Injectors. If Cutter's Agsrcssin
is ynobtamablclocally, write
Trie Cutter Laboratory
" The J.ui.1 &n v tin i Know: //ow"
Berkeley (U.S.License)   California
N.B --Old Style Powder andPili Vaccines still mide
for those who prefer Uicm.
Cook's Cotioo Root Compound
A *a/f, rch'a'vU regulating
mrdictnt. Bold ia three decrees ot etreaKth���No. J, Jlj
No. 3. J3; No. 3, $5 per boz.i
Soldi by all drufrgi-t!, or lent
prepaid oa receipt of pries.'
i're* pamphlet. Addtcs��j
TCSCHro, 0��T. {ftrmrir Wtalic;.}
Increase in Okanagan-Orchards-
There will be at leasi one thousand
acres of new orchard planted in the
West Okanagan Valley irrigation district this spring, according to figures
compiled by representaiives ot nurs-j
! 'New York Canadian Club - j cry concerns who  have been" selling |
j     Thc   Xew   York   Canadian  Club   is   treea  to residents    and   -prospective1
'making' a drive tp. increase 51s mem-', orrhardisls of the Okanagan district.
, bership io 2,500 and a new club liou^e '
I lias been suggested.
Pos Rempiii* -'
Rn'i  How  io -Feed
Mailed   Free   lo any
Address by the
IT.   Cli.-vV   GI.OVEU
i   CO.,  INC..
12?      West     roui-th
Sucet.  Xew Yorlf,
Minard's .Liniment for the Grippe and
Horses Shipped to Yukon ]
Twenty heavy horses from a Moose!
Jaw ranch were shipped  north iroiu .
Vancouver on the steamer "Princess!
Mary" for Mayo and Whitehorse, in
the Yukon.
��� ���   KurSs Easy to Divorce
. Divorce in -Kurdistan ia .'idicuouslj*
easy.     It is onlj- necessary for a man
to ,say to- his -wife, "I divorce ,'ou,"
three tiine3 and the ihing'ls dune.
Documents prove ihat William the
Conqueror,    England's    first Norman
, king, could not sign his o**m name.-
Mexico   rope-soled   slices are now       .     _    .      n _.   .-_..       _,
,..,���.,        , ,      , , Annex for  Port Arthur  Elevator,
sola in Lngland. zwl for drv weather      ���    .      .  ,-    4,       ���    .
, ��� Contract for the construction of a
wear   they   are   sa*d to bc cool and 1 .,,.., .     ,   , ..- ..."
* 1,500,000 bushel capacity annex to tne.
comfortable. James Kichardson and Sons elevator
Fire is se^nd in the cause of ac-lat Poru ArtIrur has t,eett aTOrded t0
cidenUU deaths in the United States, i Earaett and    McQueen   Constfuclion
Company. The addition which is ex--
pected to be constructed in time to
handle the 1922 crop, will give the
elevator a lotal capacity of 3.500,000
re* Hfybt mad Maraiag.
*���* Has* Clean, Health?
Byes, If tieyTire,Itcb,
Smart or Bora, if Sore;
&��!��Tcvi:CIn'*ta��ed- Inflamed dr
UUR E.I t3GraauIated,aseMusine
often. 8e��!bcs, Befras&es. Saie for Infant
or AdoSt, At all DrtiggssteBcd Opticians.
Write for freaEytB��*,lte!teE��t^c��,&tas��
The president of the French republic is provided with an official aero
No.need to lose cticks.
Raise *rery oae into
e-- strong profitable
biid. Successful poultry m e a ereiywlsere
binfc en
Pratts Buttermilk
;   Baby Chltk Food
Sold ererywiierft on. oar money bicfc -jniraatce. ADVIZS&
FSEK. Tell cs yoar tronW*.
. 'Toronto
.W,   J8��   ��.   1��4
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the,. United States $2.50, always in advance.
yi ��� ���������-���       ��� ,1. 1   .i  in ���    1     *��� ������*��������� ���
Delincjuent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Betray Notices 3tP��
Cards of Thanks '.    1.00
Ccrtificale of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears it> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2}��c. a> line each insertion.
B.C. Invitation Week
April 10-16
Connie Talmadge's New-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
I l-.at the editor would be pi eased
to have more money.
An ounce of contention  calls for
a pound of cure.
The greatest enemy of good isn't
evil, but neutrality.   ->
Political   gas   is
illuminating variety.
not   of   the
As a rule the "ex" in expenses
stands for extravagence.
Whatever we want in this world
we have to set to work to acquire.
In British Columbia our needs are
many. Nature ha3 been very
bountiful, in supplying almost
everything necessary for the support of man, but people outside of
the Province do not know of our
wonderful natural resources, so we
must tell them what we have and
invite them to come and look oyer
the land, if we are to develop our
The VancouvcrBoard of Tade
has decided to set apart one week
to be called "B. C, Invitation
"Week" during which time every
man, woman and child in British
Columbia will write a letter to
some family or friend, asking them
to come and visit his or her own
particular district. There are so
many things to write about that it
may be difficult to select one theme
that will appeal to personally to
the many so it is suggested that
agriculturalists will write about
agriculture; lumbermen will tell of
the forests etc., the the miners
have a field all tbeir own.
The B.C. Invitation Week will
become a yearly event, increasing
in importance.
For quick results it is better for
a girl to be popular with only one
man at a time.
On the end of her nose is about
the only place   where  a   woman
always thinks she Bhines.
The German cry has been
changed from "Hoch der Kaiser"
to "God Save the Mark."
Education has done wonders for
the world. Back in Bible times
there was only one ass able to talk.
You can't fix a: ruined reputation, bat on the American side you
can fix the jury, and that seems to.
work as-well. . \
Whex the modern girl says that
she haBU't anything fit to -wear to
church she doesn't mean that the
old fashioned girl did.
A. reformer says we need stronger
convictions. 'We.do, We need
'em. so strong that the appeal court
can not brush 'em aside.
"There is coming to1 the screen
of the Greenwood Theatre on Sat.,
April Sth, "Mamma's Affair," the
screen version of Rachel Bftrton
Butler's Harvard University prize
play. Constance Talmadge, the
star, wins new laurelB Jin this
"Mamma's  Affair   is presented
by Joseph M.   Schenck and is released by Associated First National.    The screen adaption was made
by John EmerBon and Anita Looe,
past masters at   preparing   stage
material for screen  use.    Among
the support appear Kenneth  Harlan,   Erne   Shannon,    George   Le
Guere and other well-known  players.    The photoplay is said to have
received remarkable commendation
wherever shown   and   its   advent
here is awaited with interest.
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A fiue raiige of samples to select
from.     (Just arrived.)
Now on view at
Tailor and Cleaner
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of . Gold,    Silver,  Copper,   Bluestone,  Pig  Lead  and Zinc
When you have something
^to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
The minister and his bride
were preparing to eat a bite at a
luncheonette. They were, busily
engaged with the bill of fare
when the waitress, who was a
much r.alcimined and peroxided
young miss, came up to take their
order. Suddenly the young- minister looked up from the bill of
fare, smiled sweetly at the waitress, and said: "How is the
chicken to-day?"
"Pretty good, kid," she retorted, "How are you?"
Who's Who. may serve a useful
purpose,  but in  these hard times
our real/ need is a comprehensive
-symposium of-What's What. -.--  --
The world is safe for democracy,
but if you are making ten thousand
. aTyeaf- you are still ..free to .talk
about the "common people.". ��� ;
People used to think that .the
world would be eo quiet.when, the
war. was over that ^there .-would be
nothing 7 to .put in .the 7. papers.
. And look at. it.today, ...������.,   i_ V 7
Poise; andVBrains
The TBritish are a very great peor
; pie.     Tha' ��� inarriage7 of ; Princess
Mary is only another example of
���XX: how. they manage to do. the right,
thing /before   the   final . erack  of
doom, \, Remember the world war
.-   and, how the British- Empire came
out of it bigger than ever.   Look
at Ireland���for years given upas
���'-.- hopeless.   Think of Balfour com-
.7 Ing   to   Washington  and putting
across the four-power treaty, while
. - getting tbe naval holiday,  and going home with  both   Japan  and
-77 America the sworn friends of old
John Boll.    2fo people oa earth
today hare the political Salens, experience and skill   equal   to  the
British.     Congratulations*  to the
former princess,   now  a  humble
viscountess;  and, if yon  please,
felicitations  lo  old  England  on
leading the world just by poise and
brains.--S^nBgfie]d Bepablic&n.
it Isn't Tour Town; It's You
If-you'want to live in the Icind of a town
Like'the kind of a town you like.
Vou needn't slip  yonr clothes in a grip
And start on a longvlong.hike,
You'll only-find, what you left behind;
For there's.nothing that's realiy new;
It's a knock at yourself when you ieave
your town-
It isn't your town���it's you.
Real towns are not made by men afraid
Lest, someone get ahead;' '-'-
When every one works and nobody, shirks.
Yoircan raise a town from the dead.
And if-when you make your personal
stake '��� .       .7 ���''      .'���'".
Your- neighbor can make one, too,
Your town will be what you want'to see
It isn't your town���it's you. -
''���������-'       ; ���C. P. McQueen, Calgary
To whorn it may concern:���Th>t I intend at once fencing, that part of my
property lying east of the government
road and that on aud after May ist, 1922,
my road leading up to the Wyder place
will be closed as I cannot leave a gap
there to my detriment. There is no provision made to use my private road for a
permanent right of way,' nor cau my
property be cut up in such a shape. As
for the threat made to me personally that
the road will be opened "again if closed I
hope to be able to attend to that in due
time. ���
Fritz Hausseijbr.
Send  Your
'   To
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Sealed teuders will l>e received by the District Forester, Nelson, not later than noon on
the 18th day of April,1922, for tlie purchase of
License X 3952 near,Rock Creek, to cut 1500
Hewn Ties.
One year will be allowed for removal of
Further particulars of tlie District Forester,
Nelson, B. C.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day,o\veek or month
F. Nilson
The Government Of
The Province Of British Columbia .
A Reminder
The Altoona Tribune drops the
following delicate hint, which may be
of use to some of our subscribers:
"There if a $inall matter which
fome of our (Subscribers have $eem-
ingly forgotten. To uf it i$ necef$ary
in our bu$ine��$, We are very modeft
and do not wi$h to fpeak of it."
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
7  BY   DAY'  or   CONTRACT
Wood For Sale
Second Hand Pipe, Rails,  Mining Cars
. and other Mining. Equipment -
���    Reasonable Prices .    . " .
Apply to J. W; Clark, Pacific. Hole,
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet,/Studebaker,'
and Overland cars.' Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON        -       Proprietor
The attention of
Timber Licence holders who are
taking advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST ACT, wherby arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have been funded
and made payable in annual instal-
ments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 1921 is not included in
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and all subsequent renewal
fees must be paid within.one year
after the date of expiry ofthe licence
in order to maintain the right of the
holder to obtain a renewal of the
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
V^cREEKvyoOD, B.C.
ata al* at* at* at* al* a2% al* *2% ��2* JL, al* at*
Tr tt *Hr Ir Tr IT nB* *w"F Tr TT Tr tt
-j,,. CM'AT. is. not, a periodic- j,
"v*V77al.'V;It-is-'aJbook con- .XZ
tairiihg 86- illustrations all-'T
told, and isV filled-."'With &
sketches 7 and stories of ��f��
western life. It tells how ��|��
"1* a 7gambler cashed in after j,
���J- the flush days of Sandon ; j[
��g�� how it rained in New Den- ...*���*���
^ ver long after Noah was 4"
dead; jhow: a parson, took a *��-���
drink at Bear "Lake.v in.. ��|��
early . days; how . justice je,-
was dealt In Kaslo; in "93; ,T
how the saloon man out- "���
prayed the women in Kalamazoo* and graphically depicts the roamihgs of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
eg�� It contains the early history
gfc of Nelson and a romance
T of the Silver Bang mine.
*** In it ate printed three
.tj. western poems, and dozens
A of articles too numerous
j�� to mention. Send for one
^ before it is too late. The -4*
��$�� price is 50 centB, post- *$���
���^ paid to any part of the ��|��
"a  world., . Address   all   let- ju
Titers to .'" 7. ',     *
����* -. *>.  . X- 4*
Very Old Highland
Supplied to the P. & O. Steamship Line
for over forty years; to His Majesty's
Transports; to many exclusive Clubs and"
Officers' Messes all over the world.
Catto's; -. '��� X -yy X
XX 7 .Vv'.,:'' For Sale at
the small amount of baking powder
it takes, to make a cake-���when she
cpi^p^eavthe smalLcpst of the l>ak-
ing powder with; that of the other
materials used; when she appreciates
the difference there is in flavor, tex-7^
ture and wholesomehess���there is
only one decision and that is
Made fromCr^mof Tartar derived from grapes
Contains No Alum*���Leaves No Kt��erTa��te
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Forke anil Nelson (rain, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatohee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.   Trunks Carried.
Express and Hetvy Drayinr. Auto's for hire Day or Night
We carry Tires. Oils, Greases, liiy aid Grain
Office Phone 13.     Xy Residence Phone 3L
gmmmmmmmm mmrammmmmmminmrammmy
I For
Job Printing j
���Economy and Satisfaction. |j
combined with Promptness %
are the features which go to ��
make up the Service we give 3
bur customers. Are you %
one of them? a��
B Letterheads. Noteheads,       3
ST (Ruled or Plain) 3
B Envelopes. Billheads. ^
ST (AHSiret) .3
% Statements. Business Cards. 3
i Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. i
I The Ledge      PHONE 29      %
H     GREENWOOD       JoS) Printing Department   %
.. Minimum price of first-claw" l*ad
reduced to IS-aa acre; second-claaa to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now   confined   to ��ur
veyed lands only.
Records  will be  granted  coverinf'
only land suitable   for    agricnltnral
purposes , and   which   is  non-timber j
land. i
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrang-e-SJfor adjacent pre-emption*
with joint residences, but each making-
necessary improvements on respectire
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including- clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving-
Crown Grant.
"^here pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, b*
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim;
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each'
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title-cannot-be obtained in
less than S years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acres cleai-
ed and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, .if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, -without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and-residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling resident?
ial and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person of company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage. .
, Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road"
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
��� The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees' of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or ���
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied*Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance' of
Crown Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown I*ands, acquiring' rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
fand taxes. Where sub-purchasers do_
not claim whole of "original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area. Applications must be made bv
May 1,1920. '
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority'for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits' for
settlers, campers or travellers up to tea
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has prodaeed Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, 875,944,203; Lode
Gold, 1102,753,823; Silver, $53,668,284; Lead $46,637,221; Copper, $161,513,864;
Ztne, $19,896,466; Coal md Coke, $212,573,492; Building SSone, Brick, Cement,
ate:, $32,188,217; Miscellaneous Miuerals, etc,;$1,037,408; making its Mineral
Production to the end of 1929 sbow au
Aggregate Value of $706,192,078
Production for Year Ending December, 1920, $35,543,084
. The Miniag laws ol this, Province are more liberal aad 6he fees lower
thaa those oi any other Province In the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Mines*! locsiionB axe granted to diacoyerere for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are, obtained by dereioplng anch properties, the security
of which ia guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with mining Beporta and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing-���
VICT0ISIA, British Columbia.


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