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The Ledge Oct 2, 1919

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'**Cf -^
______     *fi,   --_����__-_	
Vol.   XXVI.
No. "12
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and elegant" Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
^mmmwmmtwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mwua
Fresh Fruit Arriving
Wealthy Apples $1.2 5 per box
Tokay Grapes - 25c per lb
Malaga Grapes - 25c per lb
Ripe Tomatoes $1 50 per box
Pond Seedling Plums $1.25 per box
Yellow Egg Plums $1-25 per box
Italian Prunes - $1.25 per box
ElbertaPeaches  -   $150perbox
Ten lbs of sugar sold with each-box of fruit
Ice Cream Melons and Cantaloups to arrive
Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN
^iuuuuuauiuuiiUiiiuiiUiUiuiuuiutuiiuuuu auatimiK
' CH��000000<H>00000<X>000000< oooooooooooooooooooooooooo <
Independent Meat Market
HAM. BACON, ETC.     ��
Phone 5 JOHN MEYER,       -      -       Proprietor.
> 00000<)000000000000<>0<>OOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX>00000 0
Rifle and Shotgun Shells,
Firearms of all kinds
Full line of. Pathephones
and Records
A new stock of Men's Furnishings. Shoes, Shtrts<
Hats, Rubbers, Clothing,
Etc., at reasonable prices,
Choice lines of Dry Goods
and Groceries,
MIDWAY      -      -"'    B.C.
Around Home
gone to the
Billv Wilson  has
coast for a few weeks,
Alex.   Cameron    returned    to
Rossland on Sunday.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each. v
60 Watts
100     �����
200   "
���   *   $1,25 each
-    -    2.00  ������
3,50 �����
/   /   y
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
P.O.Box 1102.    -      Nelson, B.C
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed  High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order /rom selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
MEAGHER & Cp., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
i 0<XH>00000<><>0<XKK>00000<>^^
Tasty meale ancl comfortable rooms.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
-    Fool hsll iti connection,
O &
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clotlies,-RIetaIs, Sacks, ���     .,
Horses,   Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks, Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
A large assortment of Diamond
Rings, Watches, Etc.-
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goodsise��t��upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest   line
of B.
in   interior
For over fifty years The Canadian
Bank of Commerce lias been serving"
the people of Canada in increasing-
Jy large measure, until at the present time we have over 470 branches
catering to the needs of the Country.
Write for Prices _
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
PiO, Box 152
Farm Lands
If you have a good Ranch, Farm
or Orchard that you want to dispose of, get-in touch with me as
soon as possible
Send in youi5* listing, to
Notary Public,      Grand Forks.
Dealer in "Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
CedaT,Poles,,and Fence Posts,- Farm and
Fruit Lands For. Sal ei- List; your, lands
witirme," '.'-.-Have a.buyer for -good ranch.
The. Bank! of Commerce  will
month..   .;''-'-' .v,-r"/-���*<"'/'. ���-i':-^- '" ���"'���
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Mrs. Helen Thomas returned
from Vancouver yesterday.
A young- team for sale. Apply
Hugh McKee, Greenwood.
There ts a Chiuese' shoe repairing shop in Greenwood.
The other day a freight train
of 27 cars passed through Greenwood.
jOur fall shipment of rubbers
will arrive in a few days. G. A.
Many residents" of Carmi and
Beaverdell spent Sunday' in
One man in Grand Porks recently bought over $2,000 worth
of diamonds,
Nat Darling was in town yesterday. He has had the shingles
for ten weeks.
D. R. MdElmoh attended the
Conservative'Convention in Vancouver thi�� week.
A modern line of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc., at the Windsor
Hotel Cigar Stand.   '
Windfall apples sold by the
sack. Apply at the ''McMynn
ranch, Kettle Valley/
Bert de Wiele is in town, on
-his way to Burton City, where he
will settle on the land.
H. H. Sawyer was in town last
week, in search of six carpenters
to work on the Carmi mill.
Last month Joe Armstrong
shipped several carloads of sheep
from Keremeos to Vancouver.
Jim Dale is working the Nipper, a silver and gold claim,
about three miles from Carmi.   "
Smoked Finnan Haddie, Kippered Herring and sliced Boiled
Ham'at G. A. Rendell's store.
Greenwood and suburbs are infested with petty thieves. The
district needs- a SheVfofcfc Holmes.
This vear from 40 acres of
land near Grand Forks, Robert
Lawson made a net profit of
Sam Matthews of the Forks intends to spend the winter in California. He will travel on the
Full line of school books,
scribblers, slates, pencils and
other school supplies at Goodeye's
Drug Store,
The Prince of Wales missed
something this week. He was'
asleep when his train went
through Greenwood.
The Granby shipped four carloads of ore last week from Phoenix to Anyox. The Granby may
build a concentrator in Phoenix.
Trapper Smith is-building a
new house at Carmi. For the
past five years he has owned an
interest in a rruit ranch in Florida.
Sam Miller says that he should
add another storey to his hotel in
Grand Forks, owing to the enormous demand for rooms this summer. ���  -
At Grand Forks, Gus Evans
has four barrels of wine in bis
cellar. No othereditor in Canada has such a basis for editorial
The C.P.R may build a new
depot on.the Ruckle addition at
Grand Forks, rather thau expend
$125,000 for a new bridge across
the Kettle. '���
Robert Lee and Harry Bryan,
have gone to Lightning Peak to
do assessment on some mineral
claims owned by. themselves -and
George Gray.
Wm. Wilson recently returned
to Boundary Falls from overseas.
While in -England Mr. Wilson
was married and brought his
bride back with him.
Hank Leonard went east last
Thursday without a chaperone.
He will return in two months,
and in the meantime all his
friends are praying for him.
John Pesut was fined $500 in
Princeton for making moonshine
on Copper Mountain. Chiel
Fraser had been on the still hunt
for this layout  for many weeks.
We have just received another
carload of flour and feed from
theOglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand: a full stock .of
Royal Household Flour,, -wheat,
shorts,/Chick/Food; etc. G. A.
Rendell. i;yiy: yi^CXX Xx
��� 'Archie/Aberdeen. ..is-,- in ""'New
Westminster:.this>.week;:ior ���_ the-
first "time 'in,: 44X- years./.: .Jimmy
Copland-is also in the ./same.'city;
it:being his first visit since' 1883.:
Jimmy.������ mined-; on/ the 'Fraser. in
1858 and".at Rock Creek in V1S60.1
C. S. Baker returned from
France last May. In company
with Bob Perry, he owns a ranch
a few miles from the Arlington
lakes, and will spend the winter
clearing land.
W. Powers is moving his sawmill  from   near   Midway   to H.
I Bravard's ranch, three miles from
Western Float
Boundary Falls.' The mill will
employ from 20 to 25 men, and it
will take five years or more to
cut the timber in that section of
the district. Industries are constantly on the increase in the
vicinity of Greenwood.
October 9, has been proclaimed
Fire Prevention Day by the Dominion government. All rubbish should be cleanen up that
day. Chimneys should be cleaned
and precautions of every kind
made to prevent future fires.
The fire loss iu Canada is very
great, and mope than 75 per
cent of the fires can be prevented.
Charles Walker, the smiling
and^; exuberant agent for the
greatest daily paper in Nelson
stepped into Greenwood last
week for a few hours, collected
all his accounts without any
fights, andjstepped out again, to
search tbe rural districts, for
more business. Charley is always smiling, even when taking
your money, and perhaps that is
why the world is alwavs glad to
see him coming up the pike.
^.The Hon. J. D. MacLean, and
the Hon. T. D. Pattullo addressed a large orderly and appreciative audience iu the Greenwood
Theatre on Monday evening,
upon live provincial questions.
The ministers stated that it
would be some time before a provincial election occurred, and Dr.
MacLean positively remarked-
that he would run in no other
riding Jbut Greenwood. H. R.
Bidder was chairman of the meeting.
Ebolt is as beautiful as ever,
and not haunted bv ghosts. Jack
Headerson still flits through the
scenery, stopping once in a while
to light his dudeen. He sleeps
all alone in the old Commercial
hotel, and not a single empty
bottle-can bej^ouad in any of its
32 spacious and well ventilated
rooms. Jack" is full of spring
water and optimism, and says he
intends to whitewash the Commercial, and carpet the rooms in
order to please the tourists of the
Lewis Bryant and Joe Duhamel
have obtained" a lease and bond
on the'Skylark, a high grade silver property a short distance up
the hill from Greenwood. Several years ago this property was
sold for $30,000, and it produced
$100,000 worth of ore before the
lead was lost. If the present
lessees succeed in finding the lead
they will have a bonanza, for
even when silver was sold around
50 cents an ounce the ore produced in this mine was"" worth
$160 a ton.
The troupe with Billy Oswald
in the starlight played in Greenwood last- Saturdav night to a
very large and appreciative audience, many of whom came 50
miles to see "I Love a Lassie."
Tbe performance was clean,
clever, wholesome and highly
amusing. The play is a musical
comedy, and leayes pleasant
memories after it is oyer. It promotes good nature, laughter and
digestion. It is a specific for the
blues, and drives dull care over
the divide. - This troupe should
be welcomed everywhere by the
people who enjoy a sweet aud enjoyable entertainment. The show
is under the guidance of Mrs. B.
E.' Lang, long and favorably
known to patrons of the theatre
across this broad continent. For
years she was with the Boston-
iaus-and has a t^ost of friends in
every town.
A branch of the G. WVV. A.
was formed ia Greenwood on
Tuesday night, when representatives from -Westhridge, Carmi,
Rock Creek and Midway were
present. The -object of the
association is to perpetuate the
close and kindly ties of mutual
service in the Great War, the recollections and associations of
that experience and to maintain
the proper standards of honor
and dignity between all returned
soldiers. To preserve the memory of all those who have suffered
and died for the nation and to constantly inculcate loyalty in Canada, and the empire, and to instruct service in their interests.
-The following- officers were elected:/; President,; H.: Ralston, Sec.r:
Treas^.. A.. N.^Mowat; 1st vice
president,.;Al: Smith;'- 2nd; vice;
president, James.. McCreath;; executive,. McMynn,.. Murray :, and
Carlson." Suitable club.rooms are
beingisecisred. for their-; oieetings
i and.a membership"-of, oyer - forty/
: is expected; - The. next meeting
Will-be;held on. Friday,Pcj��lQth.-
Aviators bring a good price in
Ontario eggs are being sold in
Vanconver. f
Kelowna taxes transient traders
$500 for a license.
W. J. Murphy, painter, died in
Nelson last month.
Are you doing anything to support your local paper?
Italy's wheat crop is estimated
at 144,000,000 bushels.
Fraser valley looks a good like a
prosperous part of China.
Ford  Motor stock,   with  a
value of $100, is worth 8494.
Birds are scarce, bat deer are
plentiful on Vancouver Island.
Jim Chow haB bought the Mark
block in Penticton for 815.000.
Holstein cattle were shipped last
month from B. C. to Australia.
The closing of many, shipyards
at tbe coast, will have a depressing
effect upon Victoria and Vancouver.
It is reported that the Duke of
Sutherland will reside at Cowichan
Bay. His father built a house
there eoihp years ago.
Eat a few ounces less of food
every day. Your health will be
improved, and the cost of living
will soon come down.
Dauphin, Man., bakers have reduced the price of bread to 10
cents a loaf. In the past, two
loaves sold for 25 cents.  /
British imports for the past
seven months reached a value of
84,233,855,000, while feheir exports totalled $2,272,655,000.
In California there are 77,000
acres planted in walnut trees. The
production of, walnuts this year
amounts to 46,000,000 pounds.
practical iy all the butter consumed in Halifax this summer was
drawn from domestic sources. In
former summers almost the entire
supply came from Ontario.
For one person killed by alcohol,
more than a hundred are killed by
There may be "civil war in the
United States -over the league of
nations. N
Tbe C.N. Ey, will build a string
of tourist hotels across Canada
next year.
.Canada has more dead buried on
the battlefields of France than the
United States.
Butter is 50 cents a pon nd. and
eggs 52 cents a dozen on Prince
Edward Island.
There are 796 telephones in Nelson, and 801 in Kamloaps. Vancouver has 32,272.
' In one day a woman earned 821
working piece work in a San
Diego fruit cannery.
Fifty-seven per cent, of all men
with the French army under 31
years of age were killed.
Mining News
There is no kick about the high
price of lead and zinc.
Last year the production of lead
in B.C. was 43,899,661 pounds.    '
At Bnrnaby tbe Spartan Oil Co
is drilling a well 3,000 feet deep.
At Mount Sicker active operations are in progress at the Lenora.
Bert Bailey is shipping from the
Yankee Girl on Hardy  Mountain.
The Dolly Varden at Alice Arm
is shipping 75 tons of silver ore a
Laet\month the Stemwinder at
Greenwood shipped 29 tons to
So far this year .the mines afe
Beaverdell have shipped 607 tons to
The end of the war caused a
temporary collapse of the chromite
The Molly Gibson at Paulsen is
breaking ore, and will soon be
This year the mineral production
in Montana is 50 per cenfe lower
than last y$br.
There is little demand for molybdenite, and the price how is from
75 cents to $1 a pound.
Up to date the Granby has shipped 64,604 tons of limestone from
Swamp point to Anyox.
Aboufe five men are working on
fehe Ore Hill, on Coon creek, in
fehe Sheep Creek district.
Ae a by-product the Nickle Plate
mill at Hedley, .produced last year.
840,000 worth of arsenic.
In-Penticton seven -qaarts of
milk cost 81. In an agricultural
town that price is a hold-up.
A steamer left Vancouver last
month for the Orient, with 1200
tons of tobacco as part of its cargo.
Exportation of wool from Australia to the United States will become possible after June 30, 1920.
A shortage of the wheat crop in
Spain protends that flour will be
very high this year and extra efforts are being made by importers
to purchase tbis necessity from the
United States.
The factories of various kinds in
Germany are working 12 hour
shifts, and have no trouble about
hours and wages. In a short time
Germany bids fair to control some
of the markets of,the world.
Canadian wholesale drygoods
houses state thafe orders to hand
call for more goods than will be received within the next five or six
months, and that they could dis-,
pose of an .entire year's supply in
a week or 10 days' time.
The late Angue Cameron of
Three Forks was buried at Lancaster, Ont. Cameron had lived
25 years in the Slocan. He met
hi? death through tbe accidental
discharge of a gun in the hands of
bis partner, Alex Stuart.
Food prices at present seem high,
bufe Ihey are nothing compared with
prices in Alaska during the gold
fever. A recent book says that'afe
Dawson in 1898 sugar was seventy-
five dollars a sack, flour a dollar
a pound,-eggs a dollar and a half
each." Bufe the money came as
easily as ife went. A man who was
low; in funds happened - to : get.- a
paper with news abbot the Spanish-
American, war at a time when no
hewspiapers bad been received . for
several, .weeks.. V; He -/read . a few
choice items to a crowd-; abont fehe
post office and then announced that
he/wqald read the rest in- a hall
nearby' at. one dollar a head for
admission.1';/-Five;/ hundred;. men
crowded mix ' Zy yx\ -'. "���. -.-;..."..-   .
Th August at Anyox fehe Granby
produced 2,210,000 ponnds of copper from 71,300 tons of ore.
The manganese mine afe^Hill 60,
near Cowichan will soon be ship-
pinp 100 tons weekly to Tacoma.
In August the Silversmith at
Sandon shipped four carloads of
zinc concentrates -to the United
States.   -
Pat Welch and H. J. Fefefeer of
Spokane have bonded the Lake-
view,-on- Glacier creek,-Portland
John Nelson of Eevelstoke has
found copper on 15-Mile creek in
fehe Big Bend. Ife is said to run
three per cent.
In area the Portland Canal min-,
ing divisionjjs the smallest in the
province. It has about 180 crown
granted claims.
The provincial government has
arranged to do some surface work
on tbe Snowstorm group in the
Highland valley.
The Premier in the Salmon
river district will ship 82,000,000
worth of silver ore just as soon as
the wagon road is completed.
Lasfe,year the  mines of B. C.'
produced    41,772,916   pounds   of
zinc. - The Sullivan in East Kootenay produced more iban half of
the output.
The world is crying aloud for
more silver. There is plenty of
the white metal in the hills around
Greenwood thafe might be conscripted by using some force and
Near Barkeryilie .eight gold
quartz claims were recently sold
for 8250,000. The progress of lode
mining in the Cariboo will be
watched with great interest by
mining men. ./.
,The. West kootenay Power &
Light CoJ will baild a high power
line, from Bonnlngton to JELimber-
le^, a "distance of 100 miles, Ifc
will also b-jildf aline to fehe Eock
Candy mine..-;.;;
mmggiiMm THE     T .EDGE      (i RKEN WOO R.
Throbbing Headache
Madc to Disappear
Over Night
Follow    This   Advice   ancl   You'll
C"*t Relief Mighty  Quick
liie    bowels    and
;is you v.-ould  thc
Headaches arc caused by the accumulation   of  poisons  in-the  blood.
The  '-lire  is   not  difficult.
First, cleanse the entire intestinal
Second, stimulate thc action of the
kidneys ancl liver.
Third, keep ihc pores of tlie skin
Lastly, regulate
avoid constipation
Tlic remedy is Dr. Hamilton's
Pill.S which cure the dizziest headache ever known.
Iu fact, people who use Dr. Hamilton's Pills never have headaches,
because they regulate the. system so
thoroughly that no chance is given
for a sick condition  to develop.
Away v.ith your headaches, be
done with di/zincss, languor aud
biliousness ��� use Dr. llauiiltoa's
Pills, and enjoy the health that thcy
alone can bring. Contain i.,.hir.i;
but vegetable extracts and juicy,
and are absolutely safe for children,
women or men. Get the genuine Dr.
Hamilton's Piils in yellow boxes.
25c each.
do you take me for?" His face (lushed.
"I beg your pardon," said Ruth
softly. "Pnt why did you want my
pictures   in   your   room?"
"Well," said Rugglcs, "it was like
this. I've always been mighty interested in your family, naturally, seeing as I never worked for anybody
else. When Dick was in college, I
alwavs kept  track of what hc did in
athletics, and  all,  and kept  a scrap-i,va'k ���\th��at pf",;  my ha"
, _ .       ,  and stilt J  could not hold a
book of clippings that I cut out of
thc papers telling all about the games
hc played and the races hc rowed in,
and all that. I've got sonic bully
pictures of him putting the shot. And
I've got some of your father, and thc
yacht, and your country place. You
see, it was sort of like having a family of my own to keep track of.- So
when I came across these pictures of
"I am eighty-three years old aad I doctored
for rheumatism ever siiicc 1 came out of the
army, over 50 years ago. Like many others,
1 spent money freely for so-called 'cures' and
1 havc read about 'Uric Acid' until I could
almost taste it. I could not sleep nights or
ds were so sore
pen. But now I
am again in active business and can walk
with ease or write all day with comfort.
Friends arc surprised at the change." Vou
might just as well attempt to put out a fire
with oil as try to get rid of your rheumatism,
neuritis and like complaints by taking treatment supposed to drive Uric Acid out of your
blood aud body. Jt took Mr. Ashelman fifty
years to find out the truth. He learned how
to get rid of the true muse of his rheumatism,
other disorder.; and recover his strength from
"'the Inner Alysteries," j>ow being distributed
Minimum Prices
For 1919 Wheat
Wheat Crop Will Be Sold Through
the Canadian Wheat
This season's wheat crop of Cauada will be sold through a board,
called thc Canadian Wheat. Board.
This Board, which has been appointed Uy the Dominion Government, ha*
been instructed to buy all the wheat
in the terminal markets and resell it
both in Canada and abroad. An advance is to be madc to thc farmer
of th.e following minimum prices for
his wheat on deliver}'. These prices
arc based on prices of grain in store
in Fort William or Port Arthur, and
thc difference between, these and any
higher prices that may subsequently
be  obtained  will  be remitted  to  tlie
you 1 naturally added them to my col-1 free by sn authority whr. devoted'over twenty (
but 1 liked some of them so;>T01s t0 '!,c s*e:uiiic study cf this trouble. j{arrncr ,V!,C:) Uie wheat is sold, a* ex-
1 It any  reader of ii.v". t-aper wishes  "The In- '
much  that I  lacked thcm up on mY���-<>..'\ivst
ysteri.;--, of .(.'.'n'Mi'iatisni"
walls,"     lie   added      naively.        "Thcy -doctors and scientists for centuries par.l,
overlooked by \ Pl*m��A be,ow'-
seemed to make my little place niorcj'y send a post card or letter t-j II. J'.
He  "lanced   anxio'.iMv  ;t t! wa:cr, 0!.i-A $trc?l,  Hallows!!,   Maine,
was a bit  <"..:ii'_:ed at
���.n-'^.-.i.on   of   her   face   and
Uuth, ���un
curious   c
Clear- 1 No,
Send i >;c
,i     jiiow, lest you forgtl!    If not a sufferer your- , y.
"I self,  eat  out  this   notice  and  lia:id   ihis   good j l
n,-. A I .          ....!���>..-.
to some afiiieted friend. .' lsC)-
the fluttering of her long, v.'irk lashc.S. j All  who  send  will  receive  it  by  return   mail j No.
I news and opporumi
"1  hope you  don't  mind?'' said he
"Xo ��� I ��� don't mind," Ruth answer ..-il, aud rose snddcuiy ,o ner feet
".Excuse mc for a minute, please."
Shc slipped out of the room, leaving poor Rugglcs rather bewildered
and wondering if shc were displeased
at thc warm personal interest that he
had expressed in iicr family and herself. But hc was not kept long in
suspense, 'for a moment later shc returned and hauued him a photograph,
herself in evening dress
without any  charge  whatever.
lie hurried to liis room and, standing with back to thc last rays of 'he
autumn sunset, tore open the envelope and rend as  follows:
Air. Richard P.  Ruggles,
Walkeasy  Shoe.  Cmnpany,   Paris,
Dear Sir,���We regret to inform you 'Special  No. (i     LSI
that we find ourselves tillable to offer i ^
1 Hard
1 Northern   	
2 Northern	
3 Northern   	
1 Alberta Red Winter
2 Alberta Red Winter
3 Alberta Red Winter
No.  1  Northern ���	
Rej. No. 2 Northern  ......
Rej. No. 3 Northern	
Smutty No. 1 Northern' ,.,
Smutty No. 2 Northern ,.,
Smutty No. 3 Northern ...
Special No. -I
. 2.15
. 2.12
. 2.08
. 2.1-5
. 2.0S
. 2.01
. 2.01
. 3.96
. 2.06
. 2.03
. -2.02
recognized at once as thc original of
his half-tone of her as a debutante.
Receiving this with the emotions of
a novitiate at his consecration, Rug-
"Well," said Ruth, slowly, "I
would put these two women 'way
back of my mind, and work hard for
thc day to come when they'd be
mighty glad lo resume their friendship with me. I'm pretty sure that
that day will come, and so arc you.
All you've got to do no\v is to make
good, do you understand? You've
got your future pretty well marked
out. Think of that. You expect to
get thc managership of this Vienna
branch, and you certainly deserve it.
After that, you may get the managership of Austria, and perhaps in
time thc managership of all of Iva-
ropc, and then of the whole coalmen t, and then perhaps thc whole
thing. You're young, and you i:n3��v
thc business, and.you're going lo
know "it a lot better before you get
through." Don't.lct a:littlc thing;-like
..this get,in your way.".,
Ruggles's ' - face glowed.      "You're
. right, Miss "Downing," said-hc. "Aftcr all, the company's the- main
thing���".        -���"���.'.--,     . " ',-
"Don't lcl'-any silly woman put-you
.off,"  said  Ruth:-.   '.'Rcmcniber     that
you've got lo .get on..   You Owe it to
' yourself- aiid .to the company..: You're
= -not like so many men in "your- pos'i-
- tion -who- merely- work for the sake
.    of their salary and-have-their minds
-always dti ,'sor:-  girl, pr foolishness of
that-sort.'   Tell nic1 something"���she
fastened- Rugglcs ��� suddenly with; her
' -. deep   violet ' eyesVand   tell ��� ihc "the
truth.    In your room���have; you got
pictures .of Darthea "stuck up' alt over
the placer"   " X-      'Zy XyyX- . '.:'"'
X- - Ruggles     shook   "-his" head  with, a
-. .smile,.-.      .  /." -.   .-..--'.  ."-;���' "-.-   :.- '.
���"'  . '-'NoV'he .answered;'.-"-!'. .haven't  a
���' -single'.picture of-her." ��� /���/���.' "X.X-
_���: "   '"Npr.b'f any dtlicr'girl?".,-Slic-paus-
-:  ed -and' .jva.tclicd.-thc color' moimting
-:���"nnder,"Ruggles's'"clear/skin-./." ���" ]��������� ""���';
, -".-���"I've'.got',, S.0111C  pictures'   of-' you,"
' '���-.said he:.'-/" . 'X ri - \ -; 'Xi'Xy
���:.'.: "Of me!": Rutli exclaimed!. "--, r'".
,,-. XX'Ycsi '.They're jusLprints-"i;cut-but
" of illustrated papers.- I've had.,three
��� ' - of-them ever : since' you. made, your
��� -.-���debut .a couple of- years ago; You
���'-.-���don't luind.'.do 'you?-''.  .He,'-regarded
-:" her ''-anxiously'. .;-. .' yy-ix:   ."-ix    y."
- .    "i _y don't know," sa,id..'Ru/h/ilo'\V-
. ly, and gave hi ni a vc.ry' intent look.
'-(Have -yoii-any -^pictures of other wo.-
'. ���. -ih'ciT?.  -Stage" people���or- celebrities?"
";-    "Ruggles's- .shocked   look .-amounted
almost, to indignation. /������--
' -.���.- "Of .courscinotl'Vhc an^y.erctb' ''Do
/ .. "you :-thiiiic I'd put things, like, that'on -
you    the  managership    of  the
.branch store of thc Walkeasy
which he  Company at Vienna.
For such an' appointment, wc find
it preferable to assign, when possible,
a person thoroughly conversant with
thc business methods nnd language
of the country in which the stdrc is
gles's  suddenly dimmed eyes discov-jsituated.      .Inasmuch    as    Mr.    Max
recently   employed   in    the
ars  lo possess    lhc
t) , ..   requirements, besides 'hav-
Ruth Downing. _ ] intj been formerly employed in a
"That was Dick's picture," said j rival establishment, and being there-
Ruth, with a breathless little laugh, jfore well acquainted with  the  trade,    	
"But  it's  yours now      He went  off |^s��- f^���^" /�� | ds shown
and forgot it, so hc deserves to Jose Vienna branch.    " j
it.    I don't carry thcm in stock." She!    \\'c assure you  that your  applica
Special No. 5  "1.91
grades  are   to bc
ercd  that it was inscribed: "To Mr. I lorenz,   recently
Ru-gles-with    thc best    wishes    of!lans store,; appeal
ixu^b1"    "ll"    L1 ^  " I necessary requires!-
Prices  on   other
announced later.
Sellers of grain will receive a "participation certiiicate" showing number of .bushels of wheat sold. Tliis
certificate will be registered witli thc
Wheat Board by the grain firm issuing it, and after registration thcy will
dclivcr_it to. the original shipper' of
thb grain. This certificate will- then
entitle the holder to whatever surplus the Wheat Board distributes, in
accordance with the number of bush-
laughed again.
Rugglcs  could   scarcely  trust  himself lo speak. ��
"There's no danger of my ever going off ancl forgetting it," said hc, almost inaudibly.   "Thank you ��� ever
so   much.    I  guess     I  yvov'-.  worry
much about���about all that I've been
telling you���now  that  I've  got  tbis.
You've  helped   mc  more' I'v-ti���more
than   anybody   else   ever   did, Miss
Downing.    I'd better go,  now���"
"Wait a minute," said Ruth.     "I'll
wrap it tip for you."
"She. disappeared-  -again,, to  return
immediately" with    a- piece of -Wrapping-paper, in'"which  she hastily  cn-
.vclopcd   the .portrait   and" "handed" il
i'o  .......���,..,.,.:>,   who loo1-: it: like one ,in
a  trance.        -     .    - .    - .'.   -
"Good-bye-,   Miss..    Downing,"   said
be. .; :  .-���-."��� "'.-.   ;.   ;. .'��� ���"-
- Ruth', gave" hiin 'her'hand. "Don't
fbrgct.lo let mc know how you succeed," shc'said.-v-"We're leaving to-1
-ni'.;:io\v -after lunch -for' London .aiid
Live-rpool. ,Good'-bye, .*><���' ,-.-^od- luck,
Mr. Rugglcs."  .." ������ ".,
Ruggles walked back to Passy with
the rhythmic-step and 'jlazcd eyes of
-a somnaniL'ulis't!   ,He did hot: awake
from    his trance-   -until, his  .-buxom-
Swiss 'landlady handed "hiin a'Tctlcr
with an apologetic;smile.   --.' , .-���   -
-:'."It .came   this' morning, .Mr.^Rugglcs," . said she'-," '-'but'-' /v��oi was ��� care-'
less, and slipped it .under "the door of
bur' new boarder.   -lie -docs  not get
UR.'uritii--tio6:i,.'so thc 'error -was not
discovered."-   X. '.-' X -    ���;      "    -    ';���
.';:-kui,-rijc's';thajike'd. ii''cr.ahd;-took .the
lcttei-.'a'nd as"he glanced'^at the heading. ��� of"", tlic/", envelope, """his'.hcart, "already'-sorciy' 'taxed,, gii'v.c    a sudden
bound.'' Here, af'lasV'.wcre.lhc.' long
expecte'd' ;"'6fficial'orclers".tq--go-. to:
Vienna'   -and take command .��� of the'
new -store..-' What- a pity;''he. thought,
that.-Josef ha'd.bccn s.o-careless! With
tliis Icttclr.' in ' liis - pocket, ��� how .much
better" equipped he \vould, have' beerr
tb/taik-'tb .Miss  Challand. and   Darthea,-. Tint,  .after -all/ it'was. hot the
fault.of tltc compaiiy.;' The company
had: done its'part and. backed' up bis
clainis as he had known, all .the time'
tliat  the ;cohip"an'y would.'   "Put -pot
your  faith .in  princes'and  oilier'nobility," Rugglcs.thought, "but put .it
in; .1 lie- W^ik/ajy Shoe -v (.,:i-/;riivv/ and
tion-will remain open to our consideration, and, no doubt, in the event
of another European branch store being established al a later date, wc
may be able lo offer you lhe desired
Yours verv rrulv,   -
European General Manager W: S. Co.
I. John the Baptist Testifies to His
Disciples Concerning Jesus . (vv. 29-
1. Jesus as thc Lamb of God (v._29).
"Lamb" was familiar to . thc Jewish
mind. It denoted a substitutionary-
sacrificc for sin. Christ.was the true
lamb to which every sacrificial offering pointed. He was the lamb which
Israel showed should be brought-to
the slaughter (Isa. 53:7), upon whom,
the Lord laid man's iniquity, Christ
was God's lamb because he was the
one set apart from the foundation of
lhc world to make atonement for
man's sins (1 Pet. 1: 1S-20).. John
invited his disciples to behold the
Lamb of God.
2. The Baptizer with thc Holy
Ghost (vv. 30-35).
The Spirit descended upon him, as
Isaiah said (Isa. 11:2). John then
knew for a certainty-that he was tlie
baplizcr with thc Holy Ghost. The
same Holy Spirit will bc given to all
who ask for him (Luke 11:13).
3. Jesus is thc Son of God (v. 3-1).
Being lhc Son of God, he is one in
nature with God.
II. Two Disciples Following Jesus
(vv. 35-37).
As a result ol the Baptist's testimony, two of the distil'..- .-wtc hiin
and follow .ki���a At John's request
they looked. Tliis look was sufficient
to induce thcin to fobo'.v .iestis; A
���sincere look upon Jesus is always
sufficient. John .��� icl not become"tn-
viotts of Christ's success, but rejoiced in it (John 3:26-29). "Al! Sunday.school teachers should so'Tvitncss
tliat the pupils..will look to and follow Jesus. This is thc whole method, the sum and substance of salvation.
III. The Disciples Abiding With
Jesus  (vv. '38, 39).
Seeing the disciples following hini,
Jesus madc inquiry as to their object
Their reply showed thc desire to go
apart privately where thcy could disclose their hearts lo him. Hc invited
For Table Use and
���Ail Cooking Purposes
Everybody's happy when there
is Com Syrup on the table.   Do you
know that there is a White Syrup as well
as the delicious, golden
Crown Brand is unequalled as a Syrup for Pancakes, Muffins, as a spread for bread, for making
candy, sauces, and in cooking, generally.
Best for Preserving and Marmalade making.
It is a clear white color and "jells"
Soid in 2, 5,10 and 20 pound tins
The Canada Starch Co., Limited
Montreal 209
Look at tongue!  Remove poisons from little stomach,
livervand bowels
There are times in the lives of
most of ns when tlic whole universe
appears to become one big, cruel,
practical joke, of which wc are the
helpless, undeserving victims.
"So-it seemed now to Rugglcs. ".. He
had worked honestly ��� and faithfully
for" thc WalkcaF/" Shoe Company,
giving it- his 'most earnest efforts" and
trying lo prepare Himself lo serve its
interests in a broader capacity. What
had been ..tlic; result ? Not' only . had
the "company failed .to give, hini the,
reward which he felt to be- his due,
but, what .was ,far worse, it seemed
to "Ruggles
broken .faith. It had given hini its
assurance that'his service's were soon
to "be-recognized according ,'to their
���inc-ritSj then preferred above his-.head
a; mair'who had.been .in its employ
for.-less.than four month's, and who
���Ru'ggle?, .in 'spite':of his; natural' mod-,
csly;- v.ras convinced;had not. the' lialf-
bf his own" ability .and knowledge of
tlie. business; -What had'/Lorenz ever"
done- for. "tltc -Walkeasy "--Shoe ' Company ?.-'"What', had'his^ father ever
done ..before ���him,?.' Lorenz was an in-
diffe'rent/-salesman,/rather, slow and
sometimes -none loo patient with ��� tm-
'decided or -difficult customers," apt; to
bc"irritab!c- or- -'taeitunr-\VUi-- his���fellow, employees, atul/as lic'had.prov-
-c'd "himself'in his "relations'." to ' Ruggles,, treacherous, aiid'-;di"_;honest.-,' - /
������,.-���������'. (To Be; Continued.)':.'-���
In (crease In British
Shipbuilding Returns j Spankiugdbesn'tcurebed-wettmg
. ~" j���the trouble is due to weakness
Largest   Increase   Has   Taken   Placi j 0f the internal organs.   My successful
on thi Clyde ' home treatment will be found helpful,'
r ���   ,        it    i     i     rr    �����    1      r-       Send, ro money but write ine today fot
London,  England.���Quarterly ship- -r      , . ,-.     ,       .     ,r    .     ,     J. .
.   .,������,.: , - ���      '���,     ,���';'-,       i'free trial treatment.   JMy treatment it
building  returns   from  Lloyds  .show j equally successful for adults, trouble*
that at the end of June 2,524,(b0 tons j withurinivry difficulties:
was  the total for the United King- j m> ^ m^m  M%f) ^indsor, Ont.
dom, winch represents -an increase oi       ���   ���������	
269,000. tons. Thc largest increase
has taken place on the Clyde, .where
there arc now 89.3,467 tons uh der'construction.   -The total building abroad
to his abode, where for- the rc- ���5*493,717    tons���is '  slightly   .lower
titan the total building of the end of
March, and this is due tc a decrease
in the wood tonnage building in the
United Slates. The world's tola! ~
8,017,767 tons���is about" 21,000 Ions
higher than the March figures.
Accept "California" Syrup- of Figs
nit it had-bcon cttillv of only���look    for the name-  California
ou. the  package,   then  you; arc   sure
your child ' is-having   thc;bcst_   and-I
most harmless laxative or physic for I
the  little " stomach,- liver and bowels. |
Children   "love - its    delicious.-fruity j
taste. -. Full    directions - -for    child's
dose  on   each  bottle. ���   Give' it  witli- j
out" fear.. - -    -    --- - ..-   |
' Mother! You must say "California.-"'
maiudcr    of  that  day    thcy
sweet  intercourse  wilh   hiin.
IV. Thc Disciples Bringing Others
to Jesus (vv. 40-42).
Having found by experience what
fellowship with Jesus means, thcy go
at once and tell others of their priceless treasure.
1. Andrew brings Peter (vv. 40-42).
Peter was Andrew's brother. A true
brother who has found Christ will go
and tell his brethren. - Thc proper
place to begin witnessing for Christ
is,among one's kinfolk (Luke 8:39).
- 2. Philip .brings Nathaniel (vv. 43-
45). lie wilheMKd to, him concerning
thc Mcssialiship 6L.Jesus. He-told
thcm that Christ.' was .he' of whom
Moses, and the prophets', did speak.
Christ is .th.e. sum and substance, of
the pid.Testament. ,
Tlic-- disciples invited- others to
comc .and/sec". - They   kiiew   that- if.
Australia's Shipping INeeds
if Constipated, Bilious
or Headachy, take
' "Cascarets"
Serious Position  of  Outward  Goods'
'-''.   -Traffic.Has Not  C':cwn
Melbourne, Vieto-ia.������ "More steamers, especially with insulated space,"
is the constant demand of Austr..ii��n
merchants, aiid the serious position
of the. outward goods' traffic has not
shown the improvement which peace
was expected to bring. For nearly
two years "2,000 casks of pickled pelts
have been waiting transport, and
100,000, cases of canned _.n_i-. and jams
and 50,000 cases of carmen �������-������ ' ��� -
not bc shipped. Six tho'.isai.M tons'
of tallow and edible iats, and-250 tons
of powdered milk are among thc-ac-"
cumulated . exports' ' in Australian
sheds and on Australian ubr.rvcs.
Feel grand! = Be efficient! Don't
slay sick, bilious, headachy,-constipated. ; Remove the liver and bowel
poison w-hicli is keeping your hca-
dizzy, your tongue coated, " your
���"'- breath   bad  and" your  stomacli  sour.
Canada Must Act Soon
.,�������:.. .Ll.ey Miav mui '.mV/hv, not gei; a small"box of Cascar-
theywotilu bul put-Jesus-lo thelesl, L.ts -IKi enjoy the nicest, gentlest
thev" would"' believe. ��� Christianity J laxative-cathartic, you ever experienc-
court.s-invesligalion  (John.>.:17). -     l'^'-    Cascarets never gripe   sicken or
-   -   -.        ._-_!_;_:  '.'   . | inconvenience   one-like ��� Salts,' Un,
~ " Calomel or .harsh    pills".     -Cascarets
bring-sunshine to cloudy minds- and
hr.lf-slck bodies. . Thcy \Vork while
you ��� sleep.     -    , .
Alberta Comes Back
To- Receive --Gift  From France  and
-. .���- " /'' ''"   ��� , Belgium : '���'���'���������,,   , ��� .        .   ,,
���     ' . ',-:    .   c: ���   - ..    ���    .-    -., .-��� -.-, .    wliole    province- indicate
-.  London.���Some  time,ago the  13el-> 1.
Climate and Soil Unite in This Province to" Work Miracles
Crop.- report's  covering  an area  of
Alberta territory extensive chough-.to
j make ..tiicin    a fair- average    of the
ist- what
Grain Standard Board
;'niv:walls" beside your- pictures? Wh.ati.yon can I go "y.'ro'ng.
The"-Setting Of- Standards To Cover
"--',- -:-   /The./'Graini Affected -/ ; . -.'_"
'..   :--".-" ''-',   '" ;By"_Rust:; \.   '   /.- --/; .-
J r Winnipeg. -1- The- Western"; grain
s-iaiid'a'fds  board ..has  coniirlet'ed', its
work-, and the  n;icin.bc"i'v ,haye.'/.g.ohe"
their several ways- for audl'licr- year.���
.. Practically  .the" only   business;, before'  thi' .board   was'   tltc .selling   of-
standards to cover" the grain, afklclcd
by,-rus't. ' The-three  grade's   of  foiir',
five and. mx '-'.ipccial,!/ad<ipted.lo cov-.
cr. the- riistcd crop of ;19Uv wcrc'adop-
tcd again..this year.    "'      '-:.-'
Oii :the' whoir," tlie'stiniplcs sent in
showed .l.i ss" tlauittge from .rust 'than,
in 1916'. ���-��� The .samples, before"'the
board were tlicroughly rep'ri's.cntaiivp,
to the  three.prairie'provinces. .
gia'n Govcrnnient presented Canada
with' :i-splendid site. at. Mcnin Gate,
Yprc'sj' fo_r the ercctioir of ji/Canadian"
Hall.."of ".Records- as a; memorial of
.Canadian/ .fighting in the 'Ypres, salient"./ -The 'French 'government .also,
offered, several acres.-of Vimy Ridge
for.-th'c/samc-purpose. //,' ��� "' .-. /���
./It is/learned ��� that, the , niayOr of
.Vimy. - iias. written: - inlim.aling - that,
while lie. has been instructed to "Sllo-
ci't.tc a' site, for "this '.purpose,;. Iic.."has
hot -ycl-..'heard^whether" the-' Canadian
GoVci'iinicn't-jntciid. lo accept the "gift
of-thc Belgian Government,", arid, i.s'
also unaware . whether, ������-ihc/' French
offer"'will-be accepted./-'-    -'i'.'.X
Unless iiohicthiiig. is-.done .without'
delay these "sites, may- pass under/the
'control-of the ;British'��� iiiipcfial -aiah-
oi'ities.      '-���  ��� '- .     /��� '-   '   "'   .- -., ���.
! old-timers prophesied spine weeks bc_
.. Not Aspirin at AH without the "Bayer Cross'
Explains /Why Germany Lost,
Berlin. ��� In his forthcoming book
dealing with events from. 1914 to
1916,- General Von' Falkenliayn, former chief, of staff of thc German army,
complains: of lhe government's f?ii-
urc'to adopt his proposals iu 1915 for
thc inauguration or" peace negotiations  with  Russia,    He  also  blames
"'��� No. Thundeibolts.-.
A "lhtiiiderb.olt','---w;is-ailcly ,yXu{ to
'haye-fallen at. Cardiff, in'V/alcs. ."As*
a matt.cr of f;ic't,: there is no-such
Uiing as ii .thunderbolt," hut two phenomena, often- give, rise to .a., belief
to soniethiiig of-/the/sort". - ., ---
1 When li~ht.n:ug:- strikes, the g.-otnid
it sometimes, bores' a liolc. of. considerable depth and vitrifies any sandy-
substance in the soil.'. Gcncnilly,
however, whiit pass as thunderbolts
arc aerolites, ���meteoric . fragments
which conic froiii-tlic skies-, but have
riolhiug to do with thtuidcr. .  -   .
thc government for its delay.in
'"--��� 'Tor Coiil��,"Pain,. Headache, .Keursil-
''-Bia> ���Toflthaich'e,. -Earachei-'/and^for
: Bheusnatism.'Lumbago, Sciatica;' Aeu-
iritis.;takc-rAspirin"marked'vith. the
name. .''Bayer''or you. are^pt��� taking
'-\Aspirin at. alL/:/>- "...    "XXXX'X i
'"' >"Accept./ only. ."Bayer.'.'Tablets;:.ot
'AVpirm-'-'*:in .^.an   unbroken-","Ba;
package'.wSich'-. contains .coinplete^dj-.--
rcction.v /Then you/..aire" -getting resi
Aspirin���the- gemiine' .Aspirin ..prescribed by. -physicians for.- oyer.-nine-;
teen/years.. -', Kpw/aade in' Csnada.
. Handy tin.boxss"containing )2.tabV-.
letsvebst bnt-a/few-''cents:'-" -Drugjrista
also' sell larger- "Bayers-packages/ "
Holding Germany Responsible
Paris.���Thc  supreme . .council     lias
agreed to   send' a  note to  Germany
(saying    thc peace   conference disrc
fore the' first fall- rains came. Once
again Alberta soil-has proven. ilscH
tire :fiirest"".iir the" \voTi"d i'6T "a
recoytr-y".from-bad. condition
the,'.farmer^ of. the- " province, as
whole- will, not -be" called upon to suffer' jiriinylhing like" the degree.cai Iicr
estimates"'suggested... ���.-."���- -. ���
-. No^ one- likes-the" prospect of-"a dry.
year."-iir!lhis grttin-grouiiig part'' of
the.-])oiiiiiiior,.-- Drought is a condition that* gels oii the'nerves-of the
people and -tests to ,the,.liin.it-,; tlicir
faith and "enthusiasm.. But wdien1. the
long-continued .drought/breaks ~ aiid
crops . ..that - till ��� Iheiv - did noi/ look
worth .considering- oven - for ��� feed purposes; start a" growth that puis, thcm
iu the binder class "before ��� frost.Vcan
attack, thcm, thc grand .and glorious
feeling that -cotneV is/niore . than ;t
recompense   for. the   weeks   of 'tiervc
testing,/    ��� -���';.,. ,���-.���, '-������   .;. . .-/ .,
./.The. conic-back of hgriciillufalvM-
l>crta"in tii.e season- of 191.9-will- long
.stand as one," of'the finest' adv.crlise-
hichiS: this, province can .have among,
land seekers'everywhere."'-Ic is.doubtful-if .any other "soil oh the continent
of/America--could, equal tlic.'performance "of .Alberta dry hind ' this year.'
Climate' and soil iinili/in this 'favored.province- to /work ^miracles and
produce'satisfying results under most-
Unfavorable conditions. Aud when
conditions happen to"-br" favorable",
which' thcy arc/in' the/majority /of
"seasons,' the results are-'certain to be
more than bountiful.
Still  Looking .
"And so you "arc not married
asked.a girl's friend.        .  -.   -/
"j"\T6.!'/was thc.re.ply. . -
"lihgaged?'!   ��� ���    .
"No." - ������    ��� ��� ..'-     "    v-
'���'What's, the mailer?" ��� ��� ���   .-���
j'. ..".-Well, .papa--says. niy..'-lius!):in^. iuu'si
pcc   , jbe "a keen aiid' experienced", man,'    of
:tlKlj'good health ���'and "good habits; mamma
! says.he   must  be "frugal,   industrious j
land atlcntive.;-andT' say 1ic-,uiu.si".bc
handsoiric, dashing,",talented; aud rich.
We arc- still 'looking for hiiti."    - ;-  ;
-   China Looks After Herself-
. By signing the treaty, of peace tvith ,
Austria, China becomes a member of
the League of -Nations and will bc in
a-position, to take the Shantung question before thc league in  case Japan -
.defaults her promises.;    ...!-'.
. This has been the aim  of Chinese
diplomacyfrom.lhc oulsctof thc con-.'
tr'ovcisy, - The Chinese delegates'-ofl-
crcd to sign the treaty;with-Gcnnahy-
if-thcy. were allowed,to make a protest   against    thc    Shantung    award.
Premier Clemenceau.  refused to permit: such  a protest;  so  thcy decided
not to sign lhe German treaty but tor
sign the Austrian'"'treaty."   This would
-give   .th.eni    full    rights    under'   the
League of -Nations without compromising "tlicir--claims-as -to-Shantung	
.New; "York  World."-. '".'..     .        ,.,
.. Neve-r tell a girl shc'is^ pretty unless ycti intend t'd keep-it" up.   ,/.'.'
--..'When'yoii meet a man "who is/thoroughly content, -you see one where-,
ambition has'.gonc to-bed.   .-.
..Two. thousand, th.r'ee hundred : silk
won'n's'are necessary to'produce two
pounds.'of. silk:"       ; / -    ' -. .
ginning submarine warfare, whereby;
he says, thc German people wcrc dc- j ^s�� th"c"rc*preseritati6ris: that  Gen.
prived of a "sure, and effective weap:|v(m'dcr Go]tz and thc German troops
Sz. "��� ��� /jS���.��      	
-r^p^rX ���~~zrx-'y. -'-ttyryy
tf^rx^xy^yyi^ '
.���"������'������-������j'.s.'S - -
t!ir,n boiiniifid.���^-Calgarv-  ���Her
;."' ��� -'- To Represent /Canada.. ."-."���/;."
v. Otta.wa:���The', appoih'ttnent..-is :.&X'.
ettcd of- Sir Edward Kemp,' .ICC.M.G.;
and 'Sir'. ;GeqrEcJ-.-Perl'cy;/K..C3I.G.,;as-
plenipote'ntiarics of the Canadian' goy-
<ni,nicnt'".with'''power- tos conclude and
'sign-- treaties,/.coycna'nts'-"/or;-' agrees
merits." ;iJi respect, to; tljc pca^.e xon-,
grcss. %.Tiie/appbintrricnts/arc ciTccIt
ivc".;2s.'frbm January; I",;I9!?.';,.-;, X.x -""
in the .Baltic states, arc not tindcr
Gcrmai'i ���': cpntrpi,'/' arid ".hblilijig..-.Germany, responsible'for' the/withdrawal,
of-tho.s"o.'-'forces.'-;'.'���' ���;-. '.yX- .->-/"''./,-."���."-".
ifarslial/Foch -attended" the.^.co.uhcil
as';advi%er'bn. the :Baltic;situatipn/:.:,
slic'ii, give-herself- away,/.
Daylight" Saving Ending October 26
New' York.���Daylight saving timc
will:come'to-an end "at_"2;:.a'.in_'on'the
last Sunday of October, ih'c.: clocks
b.cing..turned/ back one -hour.-at .that
time..':As sumnicr;tiri:c-was" adopted
by, "the 'Canadian - railways and many
Canadian, ci.ties"and/to>yns '.to. conform
... , with the United States, time, it is.prc.r
���;tct a:woman^have^hci/wjh, /..^d i'^Q^t^j^jlc ��� ^j^'-{-:t{lc. q^;
���"V_/./\-^'"[ad.ian".'mumcig.aH!ie'8.'\viir'also" go-tack
, .-.^, ,L ~-,  {0;/Sun /time - 6n""ihc/iast ��� Sunday/pf
;'I283Xr y ."'[P.tt<?-Vc.^-'-.y���'-V"'JC'i-XXXXZ.Xy-X.X-iiXZi:
-'w -   ." '. ".-.'.   .'������-;���   '/.'-'ay Dlt..f.EEH. SMITH.';    /-      ;--���_   .'../:'/-
Business meii."\vho'must-specd-;up.'tIic^
boom during these days-^-aftcrthc war���-must-recognize the necessity^ of keeping fit.. -When mind is befogged/;.w.ben yoa have dui!
��� hcadachesor- feel logy,,, when not "up to "snuff," .keep the boweIs:
free with a mild laxative.,. In the morning-take a tepid sponge, bath
(cold \rater.may bc used if it docs not;cWll),;follow with a brisk rub
dowii; a.siifficient "setting up" exercise in-good air until you are in ;
a warm glow.   Have, ybu tried it latelj*?    .    '      ;,__        ,
��� Don't let tbe poisons; accumulate ih the intestines either, biit j-ry.
a"dose, of.castor.oil the first thing on arising/or a pleasant laxative
occasionally,'such as one made up of' May-appl?, aloinand j^,Iap, rolled
into a tiny sugar-coated pill, and sold;in every drug store as.pr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.: Then a cup of hot water before, breakfast,
. and.you'll feel better than.a king!. If you continue-in life thus, -you'.,
' can pass a,.Life Insurance examination at sixty.".x.^^x. "���"���..'/:-:..XX  y;Z.
., /If ybu wish topreyentold age^cotning on tpo soon, or,if you want/
to increase your chances for a long life, you-should/drink plenty; of-.-
'.- soft (rain).or distilled water daily between meals.. Then prpcure at.the
! :d^iig store Dr.Pierce's Anuric (^ti-uric-acid).;'Tl^"/'AnurieV, drives,
/the uric acid out and relieve backache and rheumatism/aa.well.as :
kidney trouble./Anurie dissolves uric acid as hot tea dissolves siijgai- mmmmmmmmmM
THE     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD?   B.'    C.
Proportional   Representation
The action of--thev recent Industrial
Conference held at Ottawa in unanimously -endorsing the principle of
proportional representation' and asking the 'Dominion '���Government to
take tlic necessary steps to study.the
question, .with a view to its application in elections in this country,
coupled with announcement that thc
Government had decided upon such
a course, brings- appreciably nearer
the day when this reform-iu thc electoral machinery of Canada will bc-
coms an accomplished fact.
Thc principle of proportional representation has now been approved
by such large and influential bodies
as the Canadian Council of Agriculture^ representing the organized far
mcrs of Canada; the Great War Veterans' Association," the National Liberal convention .at * Ottawa-last August, the Labor party. Social Service
Councils, and numerous other smaller organizations. The Speaker's
Electoral .Reform Conference of thc
British Parliament has reported in
favor of the application of P.R. to
certain classes Of constituencies; it
has been incorporated in the constitution of the new German republic;
is already in operation in Belgium,
Tasmania and other countries, - and
has been tested with complete satisfaction and success in municipal clcc-
���-tions in the -Britisii Isles, and also in
.the "Universities elections for_"thc
Britisii House of Commons. '_._.-
Nevertheless,-. :we venture to say
that if the." average Canadian .was
asked to explain what proportional
representation mcaiis,.and how it
��� operates,'he would be" hard put to it
to give an intelligent answer. And
it may as well be franlcly .admitted
that it is not an easy matter to explain in a short-article, especially to
those who have pur present system
of election of representatives to parliament, legislatures and municipal
councils by bare majority vole firmly
fixed in thcir minds. However, in
view of thc fact that proportional
representation is now a live issue in
tliis coiintiy, it is-well that au attempt, at least, should bc made to
explain this ncw system, its method,
aud the results which are sought to
bc attained by it, even though such
an attempt may necessitate- a series
of two or three articles.
Thc aim and object oi our electoral
machinery should be to secure justice
and freedom to al! citizens, whether
in a majority or a  minority,  to   thej
: cnd';;that they may- 'be ' fairly/ represented  in   parliament, .and.'also   that
.thcy should have the/widest possible
choice in electing those who- are to
"speak for them in parliament'.', Edmund Burke said that. the virtue of
the House of Commons ""consists, in
its being tlie express'image of.-lhc'na-
.tion." -If it is- not that, it quickly
loses  the confidence    of the people,
; and. with that' confidence the authority. it   should 'possess   to   speak   and
act for the people.: ._.,_:__J^"___/
"It must.be  frankly admitted     that
/our.present,- system .of    onc-member,
. constituencies���and that-one member
elected by a-bare majority of votes
cast -over, tlic next highest candidate
���docs- not. secure to thc people- a
"truly "representative parliament.' For.
example, .��� in the -Dominion ; general'
. elections'/.of'-1904,-thc Liberals' Sir
Nova Scotia polled '50,526' votes-and
-.elected  18 'members', .'while, the "Cori-
- seryatives;' who'. polled'--/16.131; votes',
.did' not cicct' a.single.member.. Public
'.-.opinion in. Nova Scotia was. hot-'tmly;
represented-i'n parliament. ��� ' .- .-- ���...
In .-the/British -Columbia provincial
elections of 1912, "altlioiigh-.th'c .Liberals polled "about-.37/per:/cch"t/ of" the
to.'ab'vote, tlicy failed to elect a single'
representative, tlic result ��� being-'there
was no opposition."part>/"'m.'..llic legis-
- laturc to-.act as tri tic/of .aiid."a check
.upon"; the" Government/    In   the   fol-
.' lowing'election, .-.the situation ,' was
.almost reversed,' tlic" Liberals, winning
- on-, overwhelming/, victory,-; nearly
, .every ;'Conservative";-' .minister - /being
'.defeated;, and -thq opposition./elected.
Military Occupation
Of Levant
so small in numbers as to be almost,
In other words,' ' minorities under
tlie_present system are almost entirelyunreprescntcd-r-a fatal defect in
any'true'system of responsible, -representative government. Proportional representation aims to correct
these inequalities and give the nearest
possible approach to "one vote, one
An essential feature of any proportional scheme: that will yield the
most satisfactory results is thc creation of constituencies returning several members, instead of the present
system of one-member constituencies.
Proportional representation can bc
applied to onc-hicmber constituencies,
but not with the same beneficial results which three, foiir. or. five-member constituencies will" produce.
Under proportional' representation,
therefore, the city of Montreal, instead of being divided into some ten
one-member constituencies, would
constitute one electoral district which
would elect 10 members. The same
���thing'would bc true of .Toronto, Winnipeg and other largc" centres. In
these centres, whereas under the existing system it is next to impossible
for the working men to secure the
election of a representative, their
combined vote would secure to them-
their proportional representation
from the city as a whole. What is
true in-the case of Labor, will be true,
so far as returned soldiers/prohibitionists,- independents, and olhei-|
minority groups arc concerned. They
would be able to .secure representation in proportion to' tlicir strength
" In."these Western Prc;,;..r.rs, instead of'Manitoba-being divided into
fifteen one-member constituencies,
Saskatchewan into sixteen such constituencies, and Alberta into twelve,
constituencies would bc grouped, '.and
while the same number of -en
would bc elected, thcy would be chosen from larger geographical divisions, each electing several.-.members,
thus providing lhat any onr -.inority
school of thought iu each of thc present one-member constituencies could
by their combined vote secure the
election of at least a representative
among thc number elected iti the
larger electoral  division.
(In the next issue an endeavor will
bc made to explain the method of
voting. and .election - under. - prop/) r-
tional representation.)
Clemenceau and Lloyd George Have
Reached an Agreement
Paris, France.���It is officially announced that, Mr. / Clemenceau, and
Mr. Lloyd George have reached an
agreement on the changes to be. made
in the method of thc military occupation of thc Levant by the French and
Britisii troops. Under this agreement British troops must evacuate
by November 1 all the territories
north ' of thc frontier-between Syria
aud Palestine,.'..,it being understood
that this frontier has only a provisional character' aud can bc changed when the Peace Conference definitely fixes thc political organization
of the Levant. ��� ...
Immigration Revival
Is Indicated
Lake Of Asphalt
In Trinidad
Bowels Moved as Many as 25 Times
a Day
Dysentery manifests itself with,!
varying degrees of intensity, but in
well marked cases the attack is commonly preceded by some amount of
diarrhoea, which gradually increases
in severity, and is accompanied with
griping pains in the abdomen. ��� The
discharges from thc bowels succeed
each other with great frequency, and
the mailer passed from the bowels,
which at first resemble those-of ordinary diarrhoea soon change .tlicir
character, becoming scanty, mucuous
or slimy, and subsequently mixed
with, or consisting wholly of blood.
Never neglect what at first appears
lo be a slight attack of diarrhoea or
dysentery may set in.   ..'���__
Cure the first symptoms by the use
of Dr... Fowler's Extract of .Wild
Mrs. Jno. V. Tanton, K. R, No. 8,
Watford, Ont.,. writes:���-"My daughter was taken down, two years ago,;
with dysentery, and I could'find no
help for her until I got a bottle of
Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry.' Shc was only two-years old,
and ate something different: towhat,
she was used to.. She had as many
as twenty-five movements a day, ami
mostly blood. - Wc had the doctor
scvcral times/but no relief came until wc used 'Dr. Fowler's.' I < w;ou!d
not bc without it in thc house for a
good bit."
Bc  sure and get    "Dr.    Fowler's" j
wlicil you ask for it.    Price.'���-35c."   ri
bottle;  put up  only by The' T.   Mil- J
burn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont. I
Large Inflow of Settlers and Development of Natural Resources
Ever since the outbreak of hostilities turned the flod-tidj of emigration from Great Britain' to the Dominion into little better than a trickling stream, Canadian newspapers
and public men haye been speculating
as to the possibility of its again swelling-, to substantial proportions when
peace" is again obtained.
'With the population averaging less
than t-wo persons, including children,
to thc square mile, compared with
about '41 in the United States, Canada obviously stands in need of immigration if- her waste places arc to
be. occupied and.her natural resources
developed to the extent thcy should
A certain statistician lias computed the annual economic gtiiu of a
workman at $400. lf that is a fair
estimate, and there is no reason to
doubt it, it follows thai lhc aggregate    annual    economic    gain    of a
Is a Great Level Area of About 114
Lying in the deep blue, tropical
water of the Caribbean Sea, about
2,000 miles in an airplane from New
York city, is the Island of Trinidad,"
British West Indies.
The island is/separated/from the
coast of Venezuela by two bocas or
channels���-'the Dragon's Mouth on
the north and thc Serpent's Mouth
on thc south": Between thcm is the
Gulf of Paria.       .
On this, beautiful tropical island,
ablaze wi,th the vegetation of the
southern climate, ��� is a pitch pr asphalt lake, whence comes thc asphalt
used for. paving city streets and making roofing.
According to West Indian legend,
the lake -was created by the "Great
Spirit" when hc punished the Cbay-
nias Indians. The legend tells of the
beautiful superstition that humming
birds were thc souls ot departed Indians. -   The Chaymas, a wicked aud
thousand  industrious,   men    brought | slothful tribe, killed    these feathered
jewels in great quantities and bedecked themselves with thc finery
from thc slaughtered _ birds. The
"Great Spirit" punished I hem ��� for
their wantonness. In a single night
their village disappeared and in its
j place lay the asphalt, lake, or "Tierra
into thc country would bc approximately $-100,000. But in addition to
the value of an industrious immigrant as a producer, there i.s lhc
capital ho brings with him in the
form of cash. From statistics prepared  by the Department of    Immi
gration from the United Stales have
been bringing in with them cash to
thc amount of approximately $1,500
per head, or an aggregate of $1,500,-
000 for every thousand persons. ' Immigrants from; the British Isles
would naturally /Average less, but
even at an average
the"amount would
be substantial' should/. immigration
from that, source again assume anything like _its old-time proportions.
During the -year preceding the
outbreak ��� of-hostilities,. Canada received 150;542 immigrants from' the
United Kingdom, .but the number
was down to 8,664 in 11)16, and last
year. was even-less,���Montreal Standard, o
de Brca," as the Spaniards call  it.
The  lake,  or    deposit,- is a    great
level'area ot about 115 acres,, bordered by low    Dills and    dotted    with
chimps   of   trees   and   bushes.'      The
surface is a dull bluish gray.in color
jand is  broken by irregular pools  of
of $550 pcr head I v'"l*-er.      Pools of water    in a    lake
in the   aggregate j sounds- strange,   but ��� it ' must--be   rc
Matrimonial Drive
Five  Thousand ���/British  Woineh   Determined to Obtain American  Husbands
New Vork.���Five thousand well-to-
do -Britisii women .'"determined to ob-
Big Lumber Shipments
A total of 19,776,814 feci of lumber
was shipped on  vessels from British
Columbia ports in August.
of   Home   and   Children   Often
Causes  a Breakdown'
ie    woman    at    home,    deep    in
lain American husbands, soon will ar-(household    duties and  the    cares  of
������   .   ���     ,i     it ���,   i   c.  . r     Imotiicrliood,  needs   occasional-    help
rive  ,���   the. United  Statcs,  accordingly kucp ^.^ ff()od hc;llUl      Th(J dc'_
to a warning issued to bachelors  to- :nl;uuis   lipon  ;l   mother's  health    arc I
day by Airs'. S.  C. Seymour of Cam-[many and severe.      Her own health
trials nnd her children's welfare exact
heavy toils, while hurried meals, broken rest and much indoor living tend
A safe and sure medicine for a
child troubled with worms is Mother
Graves'  Worm  Exterminator.
One of tlic numerous superstitions
of-the ..Italian peasantry is that rows
of'teeth hung round the necks of
little children .will assist thcm ��� in
teething".    ' / "
Minard's ' Liniment    Relieves   . Neu-
."���ral*ia. "...
Food Conditions In Canada
Local . Investigations    Open' to- the.
Public and Press /
.Ottawa, Out:���The chairman of the
ncwly-forincd Board of Commerce,
Judge Robson", has sent-'a'telegram1
to all the provincial attorneys-general
asking for an immediate-examination
tu-be .made ,-by the police .into the
food conditions, the quantity on hand
witii the prevailing' prices; and to report 4o the Board./;;The "provincial,
governments'arc/also "asked to engage
counsel yig- prepare, cases., "whcrey.er
any-1 suspicious"." circumstances, exist,
aiid _'with/\yhich-. the" Board ;will"^subsequently; deal. / All .these"local iu-
v HI ig a I ion's'/are. to be/open .to1 thc
I'tibli;:. and", press.'. The/board, Vvhich
has vimimeiiced. ��� ils,. labors -in..Won-,
-tn-al; has, started" on an inquiry into
iln- -sugar situation, .while tlicrc.'will
b.c an 'immediate, .investigation- into
the high.co.sl of textilcs./clothing" and
boots. .The vice-chairman of/ the
board. 'Mr.. W. E. O'Connor, -K.:C,
lias-ivceiiliy been on a .visit to'.Washington, and he lias-wired "to th'c'ch'air-
niaii. .thiil--'co-operation ' -'witli' -the
United" States   has   been   established.
> at
It may Be from tea or coffee.;
Then think of the healthful,
satisfying qualitiesof
den, N.J., who has just returned from
Mrs. Sehnour was employed by liic
military, authorities to supervise the
transportation of the -war biidcs of
Anicrica, in..different'.-Ra-r-ls of. Europe.
Shc announced the matrimonial army
of .invasion had already applied for
passports and would arrive as soon
a.s the.-prescnt restrictions arc lifted,
which is expected to bo on October 1.
During her eight months' absence,
Mrs: Seymour arranged for���lhc transportation of 300. war brides.';-..  -
nicmbcrcd that this so-called lake is
of asphalt. Borings have been madc
to a depth of 135 feet, but due to the
slow imperceptible and constant motion of this great mass of asphalt, the
drills were broken off and no further'
borings could bc made. It was found,
however, that the asphalt was of thc
same character throughout.
Onc'of the most curious and seeing
ingly mysterious functions of the deposit, and one which generally impresses, the visitor, is~the apparent re-1
filling of the lake. Although thc natives dig all day, in depths varying
from three to six feel, all traces of
[the hole havc vanished by the following morning. So, although" asphalt has been mined since 1870 and
shipped all over the world, it may
be said that no one has ever succeeded in-."niakiiig..a' hole in- "the. lake.
The explanation', -given' for this"plie-
no'incnoti" is that '���the/pressure jof. the
mass1 fills' .up, sinrdl-./excavations;-'by'
settling, ���.'tisUhp. on tire, surface oi,. the
Jh�� i-nan. cSHo iuu/Jb cut infatxio*
Jc$   tiCc  Umcj A***x. tftaJt CGu*i.tg.
It Embodies Features Heretofore
found only in the Most Expensive
Ranges: -
A   Handsome   Tile   Back.
-  Full   Nickeled   Drop   Closet   and
Oven   Doors.
A Larue Key Plate
' Top With Front
A Fine BaVine
Oven, with Accurate
Oven Thermometer.
A 7-Gallon Capacity Copper Reservoir, with Keg'i'it-
inc Damper.
Fuel - Saving Firebox,
Sectional Linings cud
ex   Grates  for   Coal  or
Yet the "Community"
Price is well within the
reach of Everyone.
Please Ask Your Local
Hardware Dealer to show
you   Uiis   beautiful   r?nge.
Established  1882
Manultiturcrs  and  Wholesale  Distributors
Stoves.  Furnaces,  Haidware,   .Metals,   Building   Papers,    Roofing.    Auto
Accessories  and   Sporting  Goods
H7   BANNATYN15  AVE.,   E., - .- WINNIPEG,   MAN.
A Medical Marvel
The medical marvel of the war is
Lieutenant W. Msliandain, of the
British Fusiliers. JsTonc of thc doctors can understand why he is alive,
and you may share their amazement
when j-oti Icaru that not only was he
shot ..through the head, but through
both lungs and through lhc heart as
well.- And with that scries of disasters behind him he^holds' -himself as
erect and moves as smartly as the
keenest Guardsman.���Simcoe "Reformer.
Poland Will Buy
U.S. Army Cars
Washington, District of Columbia.
���More than $20,000,000 worth of
motor vehicles will be bought by the
Polish Government from the surplus
of the United- States Army in Germany, to supplement the disabled
railroad facilities of Poland. Sales of
army supplies to Poland already amount to $90,000,000, and are expected
to total $130,000,000, which will bc
paid for in five-year notes bearing 5
per cent, interest.
British Ship at Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany.���The British
steamer Weimar, with ��� a ... general
cargo, has arrived here. This is the
first British ship to enter the port
of Hamburg since the outbreak of the
. Settlers for Western Canada.
.Settlers are. coming into -Western
Canada-twice as'fast as'last year, according" to immigration, reports. The
number- entering'.' Canada between
Port Arthur hnd'.Kingsgatc,' B.C., was
2,537 last-month, as''compared with
i,S9S in August,-;] 918.''/ "'" /
'" ���Womci.rMhiulc;-:iT&--niprc"" of '.stealing
hatpin's than men do df -.stealing umbrellas:    . :      ---   -. ������""'���     ���:.' -. ���'
to weaken her constitution. Xo
wonder lhat the woman at-home is
often indisposed through weakness.
I headaches, backaches anil ncrvous-
jness. Too many women havc grown
[to accept these visitations as a part
of the lot of motherhood. But many
and varied as her health troubles are,
the cause is simple and the- cure is
at hand. When well, it is the woman's good blood that keeps her well;
when ill she nuibt make, her blood
rich-to renew her health. .The nursing mother more, than .any.other "woman in the world- needs- rich blood
and plenty, of.; it.-' There is one always unfailing way lb get this good
blood so necessary, to perfect, health;
and-that-is through the-use of I>i\
Williams'' Pink Pills-. 'These: "pills
make new blood; abundantly, -; and
through -their use thousands of "weak,
ailing wives and mothers have bceii
madc bright, cheerful and strong. - If
you-arc ailing,-; easily tired,"or depressed, "it is,a"-diity.-.y.ou owe-your-
selLatid. j'our- fainily-to. givc.Dr;- "Wil--
liams* Pink "Pills a fair trial. What
(his medicine has done for "others it
wilf surely dp-for yoii.   .    -./".,,
e That Cough Today
���Without Medicine
Easily. Done" By "'Breathing In "the
..--// . Healing .Fume's   of .-,-'" -
��� ���'"".'-" Catarrhozone ���
-Xo .medicine -.brings such prompt
relief,."exerts- such /iii :iiivigbratiiig.'iii-!
fluencc",/ or,so, thoroughly, and speed-;'
jly-ciires-lhroat... troubles. ;as- .-".Ca--,
larrho'zone."- Doctors,'1'hospitals;, sani-
taritiius-r-all "say that- for-lhose" -wiio.
suffer- from changeable., w-ealhcr, - for
those "who are. predisposed .to catarrh,
lung, trouble,'..-deafness, "or" bronchitis,'
ho' treatment is' so ..indispensable "-as
"Catarrhozone."" -   --    ;.
For certain',cure, for., relief - in- an'
hour,- use Catarrhozone, thc ;onIy- direct,/, "'-breathable -medicine..'- -'-.Two'-
months'1 treatment guaranteed, price
$1"; smaller size- SOc, 'sample sizc"25c;
at all'd'ealerscverywhere./ "/ ;    /.'
��� / , The Farmer ;Makes Good
.'Without any .security"[biit'the Prime
Minister's word, tlic farmers plough/
cd'/up..their "pasture, and embarked
their . scanty.. capital - in - tillage: '���[. In'
doing .so.-thcy- risked everything .for.
a .nation/that had-"utterly.- neglected
them before :the. war. - They showed
that'the,'British" farmer was a    good
i y.. - -..' . - -"'������-.   'y   - ,-
j farmer and, a , good agriculturist". For;
years the fav,-ns--ra.n ,ha'd/ignoraiitly
laughed . at the farmer'.; us a1, fellow
without ideas1 and without enterprise,
yet .in. the short space of four, years
that same farmer, short handed as he
was, had so increased theacreage under yrheat as to, save.-the situation.���'
London. Morning Post!"XyZy   ,'-.-.'���
A Messenger ..Of Goodwill
lake .;'has'; dr.oppccl./''about -one������' foot
since-;;! SZ6,':biit;;tiicrQ;isj;iiO':dari^i/tjia^
the supply;:of^ asphalt''wili.-bc'...cx!i.a,tis'.t.f
cd for .inany,- iiiaii.}/.'ceiiturics;':,;";>://:
/<11-^.^v'as :jiot uiitil-."'. 1S/0 -.that;.a'sphalt"
A\;as;\inii-:t'q-p;nicfjcaj;i'ii.s^ payihg;
helongsf .t.b.::'ci:c/;S.c 1 i mc cl t}. xyy'. Bfilg jjjn."
Cl i c iri;is.ty//Si nee .: tl i:5s c:-;c'ar ly: d a.y.5;''.-:as-
"Warts ou the hands is a disfigurement that troubles many ladies. Hol-
loway's Corn Cure will remove tlic
blemishes without pain.
The young King of Spain' speaks
English, French and German, and
has written books in all these languages, as well as in Siamese. He is
a clever amateur acior, and is the
author of several plays and dramatic
It is easier for a girl to believe a
fnari who'"t ells 'lief she !is pretty" than
created .substance, due' to-  ils long i, it. .-is for him-to tell her.";--
weather  exposure,     has.-also-.proved j   . ���������:���/  / /-.' _'- .-,-
Was -.-'u-s eti> by,-; Go lu'inb,us ���': to- .ciitink ;/Jiis
ainl/tlic/asphalt; ;'':l'a.k;'e/.; at;7 :���ilie-;-sa'itte,
t:iitix://.Sir' -^ral ter/Kaiei:glf|;:;a'/eeni:u7ry
ed, ;'^It;;wa;sP'm 6��t^.ex^
thiic; jyroduc f^'Mii b' ZyyXt hX-Xi ttl fe3 uci-es s,;
Xsi;4rmtatip'ii;/aspha}_//l^ beeji/'drie'd
SlS 1 \y. Wiw i XXXp. f? XXiryr Z XXiJiXZyiiXyy
Conscience    is a    something  -.that
make's  a guilty1 man 'tremble    -every
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Canadian Wheat
For Europe
A dispatch from London, England,
says'the Canadian Trade Mission has
accepted the offer of the British
Wheat Commission for 500,000 tons,
or 19,000,000 bushels, of wheat, to bc
shipped from Canadian ports before
navigation closes. ' The contract has
been accepted or. a basis equal to last
year's fixed .price.
The Greek Government has asked
for 112,000 tons for delivery in September, October and November.
Do not stiff ei
anothor day with
Itohinc, Bleed.
Ing, ��� or Protrud.
luff Pilos; No
surgical o-ptr-
ation required.
Dr. Chase's Ointment will-relieve you <it ones
and aa certainly cure' you. HOC. a dox: al!
dealers, or Edmanson, Batoa & Co., Limltod,
Toronto. Samplo box free If you monllon tbis
paper au*1 enclose 2c stamp to pay postage.
British Royalty Survived -lJecause
/'./..Has .;Beea. Democratized-.-. ..,'���'-'
: '.,.-- ��� ;'���"'.'-"- Tn\Spirit"\, .-'-_-" -���-������-
'/The " Princd- of W?ics' comes.-as a
messenger, .of. .'good will. .It is'..not.
a'visit'pf- royally,- but a .'visit of-'dc-
mocracv 16 democracy. ; Continental j The Hohenzollern Wardrobe
royalties', havd been-dethroned;- Brit-1        "   -" ,;-���; ". ,../ y}       -  -. .������"-.-'.- ���
ish   royally;,.survivcs: because .it" has; P 1 ic^o'e',- -Ha,i  -in '-r^it"   ii.''' ' A' I . '
���    .      ,   .      . ,:���   -,   ���- ��� '     -'-,  ,--���    i-^-^aisei    Had   to . Call . on-Dutch
been  democratized ,m.'spirit, and'be-   .-  "    ;T1;u���-{���,.-Mn.���>iii  "'    -"
.. ., ��� -    ���",      -    ������--.-      -,- ��� iaitoi  toi   more-Clothes ��� ���
c'liiso us .motto is,-' I .serve,"..nisl'ea,'! '   "
of ."-I/.ri.igiV;"    ." Til-c'.-chaiigo' iii;-tire
kingly; office ih Great*'Britain,- w;:s -not
;dti'e to", the .\tar; but-'it:'has'/'biren/einr
1 Reinember the Date---- 1
I October 20-22 |
atioHa! Educational I
scims-    Odu
jih.asiscd and sh'anpenvd.'by' Om .'war."1
The- modest young1, -fcjlow who- /U
coming- iiin'ong-us-proved dii? 'n"i;irliai
and /democratic .mettle' during'- -.the
vyaiyand'acciiiilfed himself .like a man
As; the "representative -of a great nation'with which We have been .'fighting' shouldc'r" to' shoulder,- and'with
['syhich wc arc ab.qut to- make a' com-
p'act looking to a new order of"inter-,
national life, hc will be rc/i'vcd witli
extraordinary    public-   irt'tercst,. " and,
wiUi'gcnumc cordiality, by the' eroa! j ^ havmg thc a^P��ira���� of
majority  of Ariiericaiis.
.,..,-,... ...-.x-x.xzmxmzirmm
j; tetN-;^ iih^.ifeif t^ift^n^^s-^j-; ;_^Mk / vvuS-^
���'/"' ih/uivanco of'Oie/deihiilc-prograiii in the1 form "in "whiclfit -will
���"���be .issued a't-,tl!"c"ti'iue.qf1-'ih.C" Confcrencc/,fhc_ Convening Committee
artiioimees -OtajUOic- k'dlowiuij'.'i.tcm.s 'arc. definitely assured: ��� ,-'"'"-...-';���
,l--S.'<itl-.'tory ..���Vi'.ilri'if''^���'15y   llis'Kscc!Ie��.;y. tlie  <>ovc;noT-Gciicrp,l,of  Canadn,-
l.-iisitobn," a:i<i "His Worship1 C. P.
Dr. Cody,-Mi:isstcr
,'cd as a .Privy .Councillor! ���' Tlicrc was
.���.���-'/*[Galls Rusaah:.Assembly/.
X: Omskl^-A'dmiral. Kolchak; head .of
'the,'all-Russian' Government, hasis-
sucdj -a'; proclamation ~calling for an
assembly o�� the.Zemstvbs-of the ail-
Russian fierritory:/-.Xy- " :������ '���'.; '��� ���:-;[-y :Xi:
- The. assembly yvttl. be held-iat "the
ecd/oflOctpber. -/- ./.XiXyyiyXyyty
Two! Good Reasons
Lots   of  men   sccin.  io   think   that
"there is a-patent on   -honest    labor'
and. thcy don't want io    risk    being
infringers. -
/No sn��-ikc, frog-, toad, or lizard has
evcr;'-bceh/sceh.:dn Newfoundland.   '
Scsf ��r Eelfesfccs, Ssoftes,
Heals���Keep -your Eyes
Strong and Healthy. If
. they Tire, Smart, Itc�� or
Burn, if Sore, Irritated,
Inflamed or Granulated,
useMurine often.: Safe for Infantor Adult
At att Druggists in Canada. Write for Free
Eye.Book; MirtaeCeapaey,CWc*g��eV.S.L,
a.band of- valets, a.nd drcj��jcrs;to' as'r
sist, but the- Keeper of,th<> -Wardrobcj
himseif was ' responsible 'or.'the kr,i-
.tability when liv ,v.a'k-e.d abroad, -and
for any particular uniform being
available whenever, it w.%s- needed-
Sceiitg that the kaistr held a/colonelcy in every Jiuropeau army except
three, and in 107 German regiment's,
thc military uniforms alone formed a
big item. On his visit to Highclerc,
in ' 1908, thc Imperial personal luggage filled ..ninety-six large; trunks.  ��� ,
:,,Sweet .Young Thing: Why do.nicn
join..clubs? .. .-'..,...-.._..��� '--,. . ���.', . ��� :-..'"���//-;
': Spur- [Old'Pub I1 /"VVell,'- /some'. ���=" -j.oiit'
because they/fcayc' " no -homes,--and
."some- because.;,.thcy-'-'ha.ve.-;;-'���,,.'".-: /���;,.;.
.'[-The;'popular._jyat'eririg"place- at/this
stage of tbe" gamc;js the jofScc copier.
Sir-James-Aikias,-.].trulci:aiit-.Govqiiiov. oi
.Graj,'W^iun'i.cir, ... -"-.��� .        ".."."     .    ,
'Vflic Lesions trt-,hc-"\V-i:-..{oE-Canadi.T.i Ti'iucr.tion," Hon":
���.      ,    of-r.a-.ir.ition, onit.in..v -" - -   .. ':.-"-   ".-'-.--;:���.-. -��� ,-.-���--.
ST"-.. '- 1���.'.vriie School .;;n:ii t��:C;i>cvc!oji:!.i?ril-- of 'Mcra.! Purpose," Dr. Theodore Soares,
S"'-   ��� - ��� yri'.if sr.'T.   ot Jtflic'O'-'s ".l-"'.liication,-;t,"ii:vertilv .oilChicago.      ;'-���  .    '���--.-'
jS .     -' 4i_"Tli= O.ivelcp'iicii.t.of :i   N.itioifhl Ciiwracjci'  !'!-..roii��h Education,"-Sir Sobcrt
t- : - ���     '-  Falconer; .t'rcti'iicnt  Univ-.-rtin-.o:. T.iio-u'o.-. - '.  ."-   ,-
~ . - . - 5���-T!,e. E5>c:).):.il  factors  cf. K-lueatioir," . Dr.  Helen  MacMurchy,   Oattrio 'De-
S    - ���'���-���'   partivcnt oi   VCdiicstion.       -    .     ,.-,���.:���"���. ���--. '-  . ���"--   .-     '-���
��� :.'    {.���-The. I>oy" Scout-Moecmcr.t'M.STi "Auxiliary to the School in-Moral Training,"
= - , -'Dr.  James.' W...Robertson.   Dominion" Cominissiouer'of-thc. Bor  Scouts.'
��� ���' "   -������-���Mcttioii-i and idcali-of'thc Canadian Standard Efficiency Tfaininir Groups."
Sta'.tep, XationarSecret��o-" Boys' Work Department of the Y.M.C.A.
Si-hiK/l  .vi 1  Dci-bcvary."  President John H: Finlcy,-,Gommi.ssioaer. oi      S
ition   :or  t.'ic S*.-it.e "of  -Vew  York, Albany;" X.Y, " - ."-   ���" ' ���
i-   .  ���i...   .J>.��.--.v*.i_'..-   *"::i!:vj^---i-f *!���>_..i-J--:l��. -T._--.--tr     m     n.     -���     -,. ����
S ..Taylor
~ G"--"Tlie ���.I-'-.mciion  of  ihe  Public'School-in. Character  Formation,"  Dr.  J
��� - Whit:,  ;'rir.v~ip.ii-Ottav.a  Xornia.!,.School.'  ;      - - ;
��� ". /   S'-^"7".ilui-��io:i-and-Rcronstvijrtion,"-: Peter  .Wright.1 liritish. Seaman's  Union.-
��� -     MU���-VTha:15s��is oi. Moral  Ttr.chine," Michael  O'Brien,-Toronto,  Ont
~        n:��� "The.dj'.hOol arul .Industrial .Keiatior.shijis,"  Dr. .Suziallo," President Unirer-
S." ���'.���  '  .siiy c,s-.\Va<.'r.i:i^ton ' ' "
~ Kd'JC o
S       'II���-The S.-l.e^l" s*ni"t'.ic Newer. Citizens o_i Canada," Dr. J. T.- M.-Anderson,
SS   --.         D'.rtctor   ot   liiV.HTi'ion- air.--.njf ��� Xev.-.-Can'sdiang,"'Refiiha,   Sask.- '-  / .       " . =s
S"       1-S���-'The   rrt-r..?.*  nt't'-'e  Sl.V.e  in  Character - Education,"   Dr.' Milton  Fsirchild, S
~                  \\'abit"ri;ton,  U.C                    .-"-.-._                                     ".":-"��� S
~             The t?.!.!: ot-iiWixlr.g -jisciissions lias bt;sn--ass!(;"ncd..'to-persons representative 5
S      of, all par'.:i of CiraJa.   /\t*ioni these, definitely secured at this date in this'-con- S
S      nection  are:                    ,   ��� ��g
~". -         Pr.  Clarence McTCirir.o:i,.rriiiV:ip.->l Pine" Hill'College. Halifax. N"S-  Prof   H- �����
S-   T;   J.   CoSeman;   Dean   of   y.ac'uliy   oi   Kducalio";;.   Queen's   CntTersitr,"' Kingston' ���
S      Ont.;   J.   J.   To.iJpkms,   Ksq.,   Vi'rc-I're'.iJcnf   Universitv  of  St.' Francis   XaVin's ""
jj-      College,  Antisonish. N.S:: -yary KeT. Dean  LK-wdd,. AU' SSir.ts'. Cathedral' Hali- =
5j      fax, N.S.; Dr.-II. P.. AV hidden, M.P.* Brandon, Maii.; Prof. ITa E; Martin '-'Rovil SS
a     Militarr College, Kingston   OaL; Erof.,-W.H. Alexander, University of Alberta- =
S      Edmonton, Alta.; Dr.; G.; \V.  Parmalee, Deputy. Minister oi Education,  Quebec:' S
=S      ?-^Wi ��"'$' *��C-'Y^"Sirenk ^-S'PW.-C*wd:an--atib and Chairman  Winnipeg S
��� School-Board; Dr. John^MacKir.-Westminster Hall, Vaacourer. B^C; K. L. for- =
��� ranee, Manager Royal; Dank, Guelph, Ont.; W. A. Buchanka. M.P. Lethbrids-e SS
K/ ..AIU',; AV.. McL,- Davidson,. M.P.P,,' Editor, Canary. Albertan, Olpan- Altf : =
=>:Wf G". -JUj-mofed; Es��n.P.o�� Master, Brantford. Ont ; Trof Cl'B. S^wn. \% =
���, -toria-tr.ivcrsjty; Toronto,-Ont.;-\V. J...Sisler,. Principal Strathcona Sctoo��" WK S
~ ��� .nipes-.- ���' ������ ���"���-"- ,;���-������'.;-"������ .... ���
SSi ���"--������. -//':----f,X)desates.ta;tIie Cohferenca should raake their hotel,-' SS
S/'-:/ '.*;--/.������-"-.- ���' "'". -.",::'."';- ���.'rese'vationsiniaediately. ." S5
SSX-yi-X The follo-w-ir-e1; eo'xsittees are "at your services:" Reception; Ectertair.r-c-" ���
SS,. ^Transportat*oo,. Hotel   AcconiiiTodation.   '���.:-. 55
K/,.-...-,;.. '���-: -'-;-������; /"Address all Communications to - ss
xiXxy-xXX.ZyyXxy;:   .. conference            ixi'yi,': s
S-;-".v'V::-''",. J'"1;, 'XXiy .;505"Electric'.Chambers,''Winnipeg: ~
)M[itiH[!unHi:KiaiiiniH!(i!iniHn!Mnjiniuniinn!in!iiin:uSiUi!i!i)i!iiiinn;!ii:!)H{l THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or ��2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices 3.90
Cards of Thanks.....[.    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears it> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
In writing to uh a noted lady
writer says: "Well, the Prince has
been here and gone. To a radical
like ine, it was perfectly sickening
to see the way people fawned over
him, and mind you fehis ie a very
'������democratic" country this! I wish
you could have seen the silly
women���rather laughable there
antics were, too. Would that I
were as free to use an iconoclastic
a pen as you are. It would do the
folks good to have some real hot
stuff fired at them." We Btill
have the image breaking pen, but
why lift it to ridicule the tuft
hunters who swarm around the
Prince like coons around a watermelon patch? It may be a comedy to us, but it is the real goods
to those who worship royalty, aud
in late years we have grown too
tender-hearted to shoot acid into
the honeyed adulation of the mul
titude for a young man who cannot
help being a son of a king. The
tour of His Royal Highness in
Canada has been a source of delightful en ter tain men to thousands
of people who love to touch the
hand of a man around whose family is clustered, so much of the history and tradition of the" British
Empire, bubjfe has been tough on
the prince. He must indeed bo a
prince to hold so many hands, and
to listen to so many common-place
addresses as he has in the past few
weeks-'vV'ithoub losing his smile, or
seeking surcease in a -superabundance of 2 per cent;
V-ehy often a hard trail  ends .at
Easy-street.-1 " ���-.-������.--.--.-
TnE.tightwad loses dollars while
he.is making cents. .    .,;..."/ y;
In the far west the ace is always
,-mightier than the^king../���
"���. ' The\ darkest   spot is .. the most
likely place to find fehe moonshine.;
-- WoiiK and temperance will core
cure more ;diseases;than all.   the
��� drugs in-America.   : ���'���';-"'-'-��� -----...   ,:i
The :man who beats an editor
out; of a ^subscription; is .a" crook,
.pauper or/imbecile/     /."
.- Bat sparingly, if you/wish to be
happy Jand healthy.; Th8 indolent
:* glutton v ends; his..;days in disease
and/misery.-. :' '.-���, '"
It is to Be regretted thafc: the
lord. mayor of Sandon^ did nofe
have the opportunity to read hiB
address to the Prince.
If Christ came to Canada, he
/wonld probably have  fed  walk or
aviate the; brakebeams in order to
get across the. continent.
���x -No," Hank, .the royal fliish was
not discovered by the Prince of
Wales, for we find nothing about
it in Burke's Peerage or the Hansard.
During the past year the, pop-
. ulation of B. G. has increased 100,-
000, but it has room for 60 millions
of people or more. Let as keep
the door open to the right kind.of
SfettlerSj and make the country
worth while living in.--.-;.-'
yXYov cannot keep an energetic
m&h.jery lorigin.the soup.: Billy
Bowser has been ielected leader of
tbe Tories in B.C.: ..For self-glorification and'the /trimmings he will
now endeavor/to . lead the old brigade _qver;the.top_td /victory..' jt
may "take, years bnt hope: springs
eternal  in;/ Bowser,, and/ he. s?ill
eventually/;.'get back to ..the hoaey
hives��� if Work, neryty audacity-and
sirategy count for any thing in tha
;.battle.oi.poIi|Sc&^^v:;;//'^-;/= '.
jwflijn     'ill'* 'i.'.'��.m   u��mpi
*^1S7HEN, on the morning of November 11th, 1918, the guns were hushed and
vv glad tidings flashed across the world,' there followed with the Nation's
Prayer of Thanksgiving, one yearning query, which found echo in the faster beating hearts of wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and sweethearts. That
query was, "How soon will our boy be home?" And, from France and Flanders,
from Italy and Egypt, from Palestine and from far-off Siberia, there came an
answering echo, " How soon, how soon, may we go home?"
PANADA caught the spirit of these longings, and at once resolved to satisfy
^ them. It was an appalling task. Shipping was tragically scarce. The composition of the Army of Occupation had not then been settled. And other parts of
the Empire as well as Canada were looking for the speedy return pf their men.
HPHE problem was this. The half-million men that Canada had overseas had
���*- taken more than four years to transport to the field of battle. To bring
them home in a few months was a gigantic undertaking���one to. tax all Canada's
ingenuity and resources. Canada solved the problem, but it meant crowding into
a few short months, an expense for demobilization which it was impossible to foresee.
HPHEN, too, besides the sentimental aspect of the necessity for bringing the men-
A     home quickly the economic side could not be overlooked.   That was, to trans��
form efficiently and speedily the nation's army of fighters into a national army o��
workers. ;
+      +      +      +���+������
Itself in
Two Parts
The answer to the question "Why
does Canada need another Victory-
Loan?" divides itself into two parts,
(a) To finish paying the expenses
of demobilization, and the obligations we still owe to our soldiers,
(b) To provide national working capital.
Obligations     ^e   obligations   to   soldiers
to Soldiers    clude:
These national expenditures are war expenses. They
will be accepted readily by ev&y citizen who gives
thought to the task which Canada faced following the
Armistice, and to the success with ijvhich she has met it.
That already incurred cost of
bringing home troops from overseas.
The payment of all soldiers still undemobilized. This
ihclud.es-more than 20,000 sick and wounded who are
still in hospital, and who of course remain on the Army
payroll till discharged.
The upkeep of hospitals, and their medical and nursing
staffs, until the need for them is ended.
These three items alone will use up at least $200,000,000
of the Victory Loan 1919.
GratllitieS There is also the gratuity which
hag been authorized, and has been
and ia being paid to assist soldiers to tide over the period
between discharge and their re-adjustment to civil life.
For this purpose alone, $61,000,000 must be provided
out of the Victory Loan 1919, in addition" to. the .
$59,000,000 already .paid "out of the proceeds, of the
Victory Loan 1918. -    .
Land Furthermore, soldiers who desire
Crw4-4-1.��������-. sn*<��+ to become farmers may, under
.^eiTiement . the. Soldiers' Land Settlement
Act, be loaned money by Canada with which to purchase land," stock, and implements. The money so
advanced will be paid back; meantime, each loan is
secured by a first mortgage. Up to August. 15th,
29*495 soldiers had applied for land 'under.the terms
of this. Act; and 2-2,281 applications-had been investigated, and the qualifications of the applicant approved.
For this purpose Canada this year requires $24,000,000.
Vocational      ^"or  ^is  work  which,  with the
TVainind Vocational Training and Spldiers'.
-',-%.���.r;. &,"������'      Service    Departments, - embraces
the; major  activities of the Department of Soldiers'
_ Civil ;Re-establishment, an appropriation of $57,000,000
is necessary.-;��� ���."      '":'���"���'.       -',. ���
Canada needs .national working
capital, so that\ she may be able
to sell on credit) to Great Britain
and our Allies, the products - of
our farms, /forests, fisheries,
mines and factories. \
You may ask "Why sell to them;if they can't pay cash?"
The answer is, "Their orders are absolutely essential
to the continuance of our agricultural and industrial
The magnitude of these orders and,' the amount of employment thus created, will depenjd upon the success
of the Victory Loan 1919.
Tlie> " Why " farmers and /manufacturers (and
of Credit
that includes ithe workers on these
orders) mustV be  paid   cash   for
their productsV Therefore, Canada
must borrow 'fjnoney   from   her0
"citizens to give credit, temporarily, toljGireat Britain and
. our Allies;  Actually, no money will;pdss out of Canada.
If Canada does not give credit, (other countries will;
', and they will get the trade, and have the employment
, that should be ours, to distribute1! amongst their workers.
Arid remember, we absolutely need .these orders to. maintain employment.    If we don't (firiance them business
will feel the depression, emploiripent will not be as
plentiful, and conditions everywhere will be adversely
For Trans-       Money must/also be available to
lynrfatinn carry on the Ration's shipbuilding ;
- pOrCatlOIl  ,       programme, and other transportation development'work;
For loans to Provincial: Housing Commissions who an)
���- building moderate ipriced houses*    ..
���  -      -       ��� r     ���"  -      - "Ji
-These,.then, are some of the, thingsuor which Canada
. needs national working capital. Shei is in the position
of a great trading company, and heri citizens who buy
Victory Bonds; are the shareholders. .-.--.
Those who give thought to our outstanding obligations to soldiers, and to four need for
'national working capital,; cannot fail to be impressed with the absolute necessity for the
Dollar Spent in Canada-"
Issued by Canada's Victory LoariCommittei
ia co-operation witH.the Minister of Finarica
;'. .-:,���/ of.the Dominion of Canada.
"" The government is. investigating
the irrigation possibilities aronrid
Greenwood, Midway^ Rock Creek,
and other portions of this riding..
Water is needed during the dry
days, of the snmmer if the farmers
are tohave.eure crops every year..
About four .thousand people in
the world read the JBible intelligently, and hardly a creed promoter understands it. Litfc'e wonder 6hat the world is full of strife,
for the bllndcaniiot lead the blind,
especially when the trail is narrow
and the cliffs precipitous.
The province of B. C. in the
past has had too many uncouth,
ignorant and grafting men sitting
in the Legislature. Little wonder
that so many in the United States
want tb know what is the matter
with British Columbia. With the
proper legislators at Victoria tbis
province should long ago have had
a population of millions. - Ife is
highly amusing just before an election, to watch the many human
dubs whei,. are. candidate?. Many
of them could not run a peanut;
Btand" successfully, although they
are. sometimes elected ^to the Lfgls-f
laiaTeXXii. xXyXXXXX\X \ X 'iXiyry
Sani Adler
la tit Sfraflkacieea, LanJ District. Recording
District or Fsirview: ana sstoate. r?orth of
and aajjiotn* Lot 1S 0 2s. -1 - -;
iTAKE" NOTICE that ' Cj.rii'- Radah -of"
Boundary" Fails, in", said '.'District, 'occa'patioti"
Rancher, Intends to applyfot permission, to purchase the following-described lands': ���
LotZJiTs^'"containiCfT.S31.acres more or:lcss.
. Dated An jns"t'-Etb,'-W19, at Boacdarj"Fai:&.'
'- -.;-".-;,-.:-,��� ��� ��� ���"    CYRIL RADAN.-. , ^
The .following item about Sam
Adler appeared in the .Ashcroft
Journal^. September 16, 1S9&.
''Sain Adler, who crossed the
Thompson river on his way down
from Cariboo forty years ago; having gone up via Lillooet and th��
Fraser river, spent a,night, in town
this week. Mr. Adler has within
the.past two years visited Atlin,.
Dawson, and.the northwest in general. He has probably done what
no other man living ever did.
Forty years ago he rocked out of
the Cariboo the gold to make a
wedding ring for the lady whom
he-afterwards married. Twenfey
years ago in Granite creek he
rocked out the gold that was made
into his daughter's .wedding ring,
and this season in Atlin he again
set to work;.- wilh a roeker and
rocked put enough gold to make a
wedding ring for his grand daughter, and printed it to her.at her
recent marriage.V X'XyX] '"��� :"X-  :yiX
beaver' creek!.\'fairvisw h^cording
;.   :;"-" .'"', '-��� -11 - office'-,..- ���iyXZ-.:.'yXy"y
'" .' TAKE- XOTICE tbat Chailes .Xoble Bnbar,
of EeaTerdell, B. C.,Farrojr, Intends to apply
fur'permission ' to- purchase; the :foI_2owinfr described lands;- Commencing-- at a post planted ���
at the< soathr��ast corner ef���Bl"ock'..A-l,ot 144-1,
thencesofith'W chains,' thence1 .west 20 chains,
lhence.r.ortIi. 40c.isains. thence east 3>chatns,
to', point of commencement, aed. containing
eighty acies mare or'less. ' ' .-.' ..-���-��� ��� -
.,-'., ..Dated 23lii ~A ugost.-mt. , .-.-���'-",.������
.'.=���//.   CHARLES' SGJJI.E'BIJBAR.,-
'���-.; Order* Now
Your Cutting: Machinery. -   Binders   - Mowers
'���''".' and Rakes
We handle the; McCormick and Deering   Line
and will he pleased tb brder|repairs;.
for all makes of Machines
Get pur prices on Barb. Wire and   Nails.     We; can
save you money on large or small lots.
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly.
(Expert Optician)
K; w.c- Block       -     -     Kelson
.;:,-;   IN THE MATTER of an aeellcatlon for
-',���   dnclicate Certincate or Title No. 69I9F
.   Issued to Andrew O. Jotnsoo orreries act
tsBdlylded  ooe-suartsr iaterext In   Lot
.;���,   . 1573S. SimllKaaseea-.BIvIsIOB of.Yste
.-������.-  District. ",. .,,-; ."-.;,-. .-..-- .--,;  ;.-���-..-
'.- -,-XOTICE-is he'reby.BlTen'.tliat' it ismyi^
tent-.on at.the expiration of one month 'from'tfae
date of the fir^Cpablication' hereof .to issne a
duplicate Certificate1 of Title coTeriofr the above
lands tp Andrew O.i Johnson,: nnlesR In ..the
meantime-Ishal.1 receive, vslid .ctbjectionthere^
to.ic writing. .       ��� -        -   ,   '���-. ;   -.-;,'-;..:,  ;
1 :lDATEb.at.1 Kamioo'ps,.B:C. -ihis 19th day
of.September,!1)!^   '        ���'.-.".>-,;-.-���"     -     i,
1    -. H.'V. .CBAIG," ' .,--. \, &
- "     -.--.."-;���- '.-'    pisJrict-K��gistrar.-j
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting; Co.
^ of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and.Refining Department .:
'; TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA'' ���'-���'.-
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead  Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Ziuc    |
One of the Greatest Helps to Good Teleplione Service
All Work Guaranteed
Morrison Block, GRAND FORKS. B.C.
Telephoning is regarded as so easy that many people do
not take the trouble to see that Ihey telephone correc'ily.
One should speak directly into the instrument, with the lips
" but a short distance away. When that is done, the voice does
not need to be loud, and moreover the person at the other encl*"
can hear distinctly.
When children do so much telephoning, it would be well
lo instruct them lo telephone properly.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Home of  Sliamrc'ck BaGon,   Hain  and Lard
Cheese   and   Fish   of   all    Varieties '
ii1   .���
JS^5sW3��5&5S5iWaS i��Sih^S5��3=��sa*
The WINDSOR HOTEL is yhealed with steam
aud electricity. Fine sample rooms. A > com fort-
able home for tourists and travellers Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved.. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk aud ice-cream.
^000<>0<KK>000<>000<>0<>000<>0<^^ ^
��ef iiftSEIifmMSs
- Minimum prleo of- flrst-clasa. land
reduced to $5. an acre; sccond-olasa to,
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption  now  confined  to  sur?
-" vcyed- lands only.   - -
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
And which is non-timber land. '
Partnership pre-emptions. abolished,"
but-parties of not more.than four may
arrange, for adjacent pre-emptions,
with joint residence, but each making
- necessary improvements on respective
claims.      >:" v-      't*.
��� Pre-cmptors must,occupy claims for
five yearfl and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least.G acres,
. before.receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in "occupation" hot
less.than 3 years, and has.made pro-
. portionate improvements, he may, .because,of ill-health, or other-cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of im-
. provement and transfer his claim.  -
Records   without; permanent /rcsi-
l_dence.may. bc issued, provided; uppli- .
cant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each .
year.    Failure io make" improvements
or record  same  wiil  operate  as  forfeiture.    Title  cannot  be obtained  in.
less" than 5 years, and improvements
".of - $10.00 per acre,"  including 5 acres
. cleared and .'cultivated, and residence1,
of at-iea'st-2 years are required.'
- Pre;emptor.: holding .Crown   grant
may record another pre-emption", if he
' requires land in conjunction -with his
:- farm,' without actual occupation, pro-.
vided   statutory   Improvements   made
and   residence' maintained   on   Crown"
granted land. ���'���'��� ...-.-���.   p>     '.
,-    Unsurveyed areas,. not" exceeding - ��0-
acres,   may  be  leased  as  homesites;
titlo to be obrained after.fulfilling residential.and improvement conditions.""'
1; 'For grazing, and- industrial purposes ,-
'.areas   exceeding^ 610.  acres', may.   be
leased by one.person or company. ";
-,-.Mill,-factory" or, industrial, sites on
" timber land , not ..exceeding. 40   acres ,
may .be- purchased;, conditions "i'nclude-
" payment of stumpage.  -   -   : .  .. : ;��� '    ...
/Natural- hay" meadows1, ihaccessible"
-,.by existing "roads-, may, be purchased'
conditional upon .construction of a.road,
to them. ' Rebate of one-half of cost of.
road, - not exceeding half of purchase -
. price, is ��� made.   .       '-,-..'-'���     ...    -
- .'.'-"" -   :'��� "-        act.  .      ���.;'...
- The scope of this Act.is enlarged to"
include all persons Joining and serv-.-
,-ing -with- His-Majesty's Forces.- "The-
timc' within which the-hcirs or devisees .-
of a deceased preTemptor'may. apply
for-, title  under, this: Act'is .extended .
from for "one year'from the-death of.
eucli' person,' as   formerly,   until   one
yearafter the' conclusion of the present.-
war.. This--privilege, is also made retroactive.       - -       --'.-
-No fees!relating to pre-emptions are -
due or payable;, by soldiers  on .   pre-:
; ernptions" recorded after-.'June 26, 1918
���Taxes are Remitted." for ..five years.-
Provision for return of moneys -ac- ���
criied.due.and been1 paid since August
4, 1914,-on. account of-payments, feci
or taxes- oh soldiers' pre-emptions.'
Interest on agreements -to purchase
.town.or city lots held by members of
Allied.-Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or" Indirect,, remitted from enlistment to March- 31. 1920. .
Provision    made-   for    issuance   -of
Crown  grants  to   sub-purchasers ' of
Crown  Lands,   acquiring rights .from
purchasers  who failed  ..to  ; complete
purchase, involving.forfe!ture."on' ful- '
fillment-of conditions of purchase, -in-
��� terest and taxes.. Where sub-purchaa- -
: era do not claim: whole of origii'al parcel,, purchase price'due and taxesmay.;
"be Vdistributed  proportionately . over
whole   area.'.   Applications,   in ust.'��� be.
made..by llay"l;l&20..:,..    .. '-������; yyy
XX i'ZXiii'^GRAZING."1 V   _���"?..< '-.$���-_
'Grazing.. Act,/ I9l"9,' for;- systematic'-
development of livestock Industry'pro���
-' yide3; for "grazing clistricts and range"
- administration'.. under ,- Commissioner.' -,
:.Annual: grazing. permlL-? -issued based'.
on numbers. ri?.ngS'J-;-pr!ority for^estab-:.
.lishttd " owners".' ���'--. Sto^k-ovaiera may1
-. forrn':-Associations fer.rs.n5e manage-.--'
.' mtnC. Free,-or;partially1 freei persnita.
!-for settlers,..campexa-or. "travcUera, up ���
to tea h*ad."    ";-."'-:-."...��� ' '.���'."��� "'������������:1.
Cuiameen Rokl
One of the largest hotels in'
, .    the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and lasty meab.   '
^.O. JOHNSON     V    PROP.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG   -   -  Proprietor-
- Nicely fiirnished rooms, by the
day, week or month -
Nilson & Nilson
",;;:-; ASS AYJBR _'::���..^V-
jE. . W; ;wiDDOWBON, Assayer and'
Chetaisf. Box.biioS, Nelson, B. e
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.56. "Silver-Lead
$2.00 Silver-Lead-Zinc J.3.00. Charges
for other tnetals, etc., oa application.
Agents fpr Chevrolet, Dodge^ Hadson,
Chaliners, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck, motors  '-'.., y< (Garage in connection.
'��� Autos sold and repaired.,'.Agent..for"
Chevrolet,: Dodge and: Studebaker.. cars;;
also.Republic and National'trticks;-;.. ������;;���-?


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