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The Ledge May 27, 1920

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Pr��yincial iibra
GREENWOOD,,, B. ���., THURSDAY, MAY-27,  1920.
No. 4(5
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive fey fllHnsr it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
""" well-assorted Hardware
^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiwrnmrnm mm
Order Your Garden
Seeds Now
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
fl[- Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS,.        Proprietors.
Lacp Tungsten Lamps
25 to 50 Watt Lampsr^-SOccach,
: 100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts ' -���"  /  v   S1.25each
100 ' " .: *   -    -    2.00 ������
200   ������  ���-/->������ /   3,50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St.
>-For- High Class- Dry Goods, and Ladies;Ready-to -
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show The  Newest  First
STORE OR 0^01^'
*=. We carry a large line of-   -
J...G. McMynn,  Midway
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Dealer iii "Second-hana; Furniture'
'.' aiid'Clothes,"Metals,'Sacks,'.,
��������������� . Hqrsesn Cattle,  Etc..:.,   ...
421 Baker Street
NELSON.    B. C.
Stocks; Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
In Great Variety
Suitable;For Presents -,,
Approbation parcels' of any line of my
goods, sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
The WINDSOR  HOTEL   is - heatedX with   steam'    .
. and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.:    A comfortable home ."for tourists' and travellers.     Touch the  ���-.'���
'wire   if you   want   rooms reserved., - The buffet is;���'���
replete  with .cigars,  cigarettes, cooling beverages, .
...    .buttermilk and ice-rcream.
Regular saving wilF soon, stow a handsome balance in the depositor's account.
It may be difficult for you to come to the
bank always when yojl "want to deposit.
Sehd in. deposits by-mail-~they will be as
carefully handled as though you handed
them over the counter.    . v
xiy PAID-UP CAFrr&X'xxyiiX i'i":; $15,666,000 ;^
X ^RESERVE;FUND  : x-yikXi;iii*xjii$\5,000,000 X;'y
Kodaks, full line of Films
;:    and Supplies:atv
(Soodeve Drug Store
Straight, from the great
news "centres' of ...five coh-
tin enls.-, come"  .the ' cables
���arid' telegraphic;'dispatches,,
; .wJi i eh reh d.ers ; of. the. Nek
son    Daily-. News ,. enjoy ,
���rveiy .'day.- '���-'.:'';   ''-.': .-_;
.-; -   . ���    -       -   -   ���     . _  -'- ^ .',
.-.', And on page 5 they; find
the worthwhile;: hews bf
their own . and adjacent
districts!' ���'���;.
A 'great''District. Newspaper   '.
'with   a   Great   World   Naws '':
Service   in' concise,   snappy
' form
Subscription   Rates   by   Mail:
Per mantlr 60; a year $5.
* NELSON,   B.C.      ^
GREENWOOD can make excellent profits this year by investing a few dollars of
their earnings through .the columns.of
the, Texas'; Pacific Oil News. Many
thousands' of. people'"'are!'making-small
"and .'large--':-fortunes.'!.by-:ihvesting' their
earning? \with: "HONEST i COMPANIES
operating in'-the greatest - oil "boom/the
���world, has ever, known ��� ..which"-; is - at
pfe'-5ent.';.taking.,'place;"in'.the state of
Texas.- -: Write; to, Messrs --YORK - &
WEBSTER,'^ jg: Winch -Building' Vaa:
couver,"B-C;Vlfor copy pf; the-Tezas Pacific Oil'News. ._"-".    '.-;"',.,:���-:'. ���>.' ir.".-.'-:.-; '���'���'' '������
- .   ��� :   \
J.J. McLoughlin;   of Allenby,
is in Greenwood.
��� '���. '   ���''-!' -   ��� ���'
D.   R.'McElnipn,  watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B,   C.
Fishing opened 1st of May.
Full line of-tackle  at Goodeve's.
Mrs. J. M. Burnett arrived in
the city on Thursday from Kamloops.
The entertainment in aid of St.
Judes' Church ha's been postponed
until further notice.
On and after: July 15th next
the rule of the road will be
"keep to the right." .
Mrs. Vick, Mrs. S Larsen and
son Carl, have left for Nelson,
where they will reside.
Don't wait too long. Get your
orders in for sugar before the
next advance./. G.i Ai - Reudell.   ,
Miss,Ruth Swanson^' a former
teller in the Bank of Montreal,/ is
yisiting friends ia town for a few
days,.   .;y'.-y.v.Xy .-   .
After,spending'.a few .days in
Greenwood, .Mr.-and Mrs. J.. P,-
Flpod have  returned to   Meyers
���Fall8..--,.-'.:-;.",-;.-:;vv.- ���/���
Vice-presidents Grant Hall, B.
C.'.. Coleman" and other C. P. R.
officials were in the Boundary on
Jho. Mowat, who has been in
eastern cities during the past few
weeks, is visiting his brother here
on his way back to Victoria.
See the samples of the latest in
wall papers before you renovate
your house this spring. Orders
taken at Goodeye Drug Store.
Fritz. Haussener has shipped a
carload-of..hay.:to!\-tbe. Kootcjiay
and-'expects' to ship another.
Mark Christensen is also shipping
a carload.  "
. Men's. Hewson's unshrinkable
underwear, usual $6 now' $5 per
suit. Hanson's pure woolen socks;
Men's leather gloves and,mitts
$1 to $2.50 a pair. G. A. Rendell.
J. C. JBolauder, one of the. pioneers of the Slocan district, died
in the Soldiers' Home near Los
Angeles, last week. .Mrs. -Bo-
lander died in Caiiforia a. few
weeks ago..
Empire Day was passed very
quietly in town. - Many, attended
the Firemehs' celebration at
Grand Fo'rksf.while others spent
the day fishing. Some big hauls
are reported..';,-
The Canada Copper..Corporation-have started their summer
work at Allenby.'-; If all goes as
expected the mine and mill will
be ready for. operation by September, or. October. '- \ ' '. ;
"Greenwood,is. fast coming to
the. front.1:as;, the. /possessor... of
many, autos.. Chief. Fraser has
recently got the latest model and
and most up-tp-date.Fprcl.-7 H..R:
Bidder has - also .purchased a
Country-Club .Overland.'
;.. Hon; John bliyer. Premier of
B.C.,.and Hon.. \X. D: -McLean,1
Provincial,Secretary, wiiladdress
the.citizens of Greenwood^district
on subjects in which all ��re interested, in the Greehwcqd"Theatre
Saturday^May 29th; at. 8 p. m..
Ladies are-especially, invited, to-
'attend^ s   '    .'���
The hew. firm of Tavlpr;& Jenkins will, open up" business on
June. 1st in G. A. , RendclUs
stand. Messrs. Taylor & Jenkins
are well and favorably. known
throughout, the district and have
wide business experience. The
Ledge wishes them every success
in their venture.
We are closing put our business at the end of May and to
effect a quick sale we are making
some very attractive prices especially on bur stock of mens furnishings,'.prints, cottons, Han-,
nellettes/; runners, tea-cloths, etc.
^Weliaye a good stock ..of.;' groceries,' flour and feed' at., prices .that
wili;help to bringdown .the_"Lhigh
cost. -;-of- ^Hyin'gV ..." G. ������'A/i^Rendelly
Greenwood;-/, ������:���'.!;������":;���'.'' ���xXiXXy: Pii-X
Don't Fail to Register ;
The Voters'List for the Province was cancelled last month,
and in order that qualified per
sons may have a vote at the next
election,, or on the Prohibition
Plebiscite which will be held this
Fall, it will be necessary for
every qualified elector to register
before July 1st, 1920. Forms for
Registration can be had from W.
R. Dewdney or A. N. Mowat and
in addition to the above mention-
names any Justice of the Peace,
Mayor, Reeye, Notary Public,
Provincial Constable. Government Agent, Commissioner for
taking Affidavits within B.C. can
place names on the new list.
Auy person" who fails to register
before July 1st, will not be entitled to vote...'.'
The New -Rule of the Road
;IL' T." ;;Bird," secretary;' of-the
Good ������ Roads League of B;: C., who
wa8recently on a tour of the sonth-
erp part'of,the province)"threw ;bpfc
a good' .8ugges^ibn;5:-f.or:. general
adoption-by owners of< automobiles
in this pari of the country, in view
of the change of the "rule of the
road" which takes place on July
15, of this year. The suggestion
is that, on the morning of July 15,
before Btarting. oufe; aufeomobilists
should paste a clearly printed
"sticker"' on the windshield in
front of them, bearing the legend,
"Turn to the Right." There will
still remain vehicles which cannot
conveniently carry- this.reminder,
and government and municipal
authorities should see 'to it that
highways are properly marked with
signboards,, on the eve "of the
Cariboo Old-Timers
, . "Agroup of. Cariboo old-timers,
lasfe survivors of. fehe argonauts pf
the golden days of 50 years ago,
met in Vancouver: for the Hudson
Bay pageant. The reunion of
these veterans is becoming more
rare as the years-pass by.. The
quartette on this occasion consisted
of-.Eu.- Sfeoht," aged 96^ who came
to Cariboo, in 1861; Col.,, Eobert
Stevenson, aged 82, who also came
to,Cariboo in 1861; Col. -Macgregor
aged .81, whose advent to Cariboo
\vas in 1864. ';,R. T. WardWs"the
"kid of the. party. He is-74 years
young and dates a sojonrn in Cariboo..back. J to 1871. "i-rrVancouver
Sun.--; '.yX x yy " - X ���:.'������' '���.-....''.-
": ; A Live Want Ad
i. Speakiug" of MWant ;Ads'? ��� the
little; fellow, thafe, always gets results���here is one of German origin
not local ; but interesting."- The
German farmer lost his horse and
wanted to advertise it. The. editor
asked him what he wanted to say.
"Ytisfe pnt ife vafe I:- told you.":re-
plied feKe man; . f'One, nite the
other day apoofe a wee.k ago la.1?*
month I heard me a noiseby the
frunt middle of the pac yard which
did not usfe to pa. So I jumps the
bed ond and runs mife der door and
ven I see I finds nay pig grey iron
mare he was tied loose, running
mit the staple off. Whoever prings
him pak shall pay. five dollars reward."  ,
' ^trs. Campbell guttler, of Vernon,'; is. visiting her sister-in-law
jNIrs:-:Gtias;';Nicliols.^ Xy X 'Xy ���:y~
Mose Burns, the: hard; rock
-miner,' will .do���,spme ' assessment
.work. on:'his; claims, on .West Fork:
f Western Float i
* ������ """ j��
Bnlkley Valley has over 200
soldier settlers.   /
It is reported that Hope will
again have a newspaper.
There will be a bumper fruit
crop in fehe Okanagan this year.
Eleven oil wells drilled in Great
Britain have produced 100,000
gallons of oil.
Two carloads of apples were
shipped from Keremeos feo Vancouver last week.
The O. P. R. tug Proctor on
Kootenay lake, made its trial trip
over 20 years ago.
P. Burns & Co. will open a
creamery in Vernon and will commence making butter this week.
Senator. Bostoek is suing the
C. N. R. for alleged illegal removal of gravel from his property"
at| Monte Ci*eek, near. Docks. ...   -
An acre foot of water, a term
commonly used in irrigation, is
43,500 Cubfc feet; or -the amount
neeided to coVerah"acre one foot.
The Herald states, .that last
month two trappers, disposed, of
their.' take of 50 marten pelts at
Cranbrook, ;. the skins averaging
$50Jeach...,/"/''"���".."   * '
Fire in the plant of the Inter-,
national Harvester Company at
Spokane, recently," did damage
estimated by officials of the company at $100,000.
Flight Commander Jack De
Pencier of the Imperial Flying
Forces and second son of Bishop
De Pencier of Vancouver, was
killed in a flying^ceident at Cologne,  Germany', ��� a few  days ago.
At. the end of the trial-held in
Nelson'_last. week, Joe Jackson,
and Wm. Cameron, of Cranbrook,'
two of the'best known C.P.R. conductors on, .the Crow,- were each
fined $100 for "knocking-down"-
Bluebeard James P. Watson,
confessed slayer of nine women he
married, was taken from Los
Angeles to San Q.uenfein penitentiary last, week to begin serving
his sentence for the murder of
Nina Lee I)eloney.
The whaling industry on the
west coast of. Vancouver Island is
to be extended by the taking in of
English capital to commercialize
all the by-products of the whale
fisheries and the, waste from non-
edible fish caught-along the- coast.
. Harry Seigfried, an old-timer,
died, recently on the Cv P. R.
steamer Minto northbound about
one hour out of Nakusp from paralysis - pf the throat. He was a
native .; of. .Switzerland and an
Alpiner, having climbed all the
prominent mountains , in that vicinity." "He came to Revelstoke in
1900 and "was an  expert lingnist.
'���j; Several new features are embodied, in the new. Motor Vehicle Act
recently enacted.by the Proviucial
government. . Some comparisons
between it and. the repealed act are
as follows:. .The;badge issued fee
licensed chauffers mnst be worn on
.the hat. or cap of the chauffer at all
times when in charge of a motor
vehicle. /Boys* of 15 years of age
will.be allowed to drive a car providing they get permission from a
cifeyor.municipal chief constable,
if residenfc-in apity. or municipal:
ity, or from a provincial chief constable if, residesnt in fehe country.
A little leeway is given to drivers
when travelling in open country
with an unobstructed view ahead.
In such . country . the speed limife
has.b*en. raised to 30 miles per
hour.. In wooded country, or
where, the. nature of the ground
prevents a clear view ahead, the
limit is 15 miles, the same as in
cities. Heavier penalties are to be
exacted of anyone driving a car
while intoxicated. ..For conviction
on, a firsfe offense,, the liability is to
six months imprisonment, a maxi-
mum/bf ,'.8300 }:fine, or both. , A
second conviction.entails a maximum sentence of six months, without She option of a fine. "
,, Mining News
Free Miners' Licences expire on
the 31st of May.
A California dredging- company
11 do some placer mining in  the
Peace River district thiB year. -
There are 11 men working at
the McAllister mine at Three
Forks. This mine was not completely idle during the Slocan
Among the miners and prospectors of the interior there is much
opposition to the proposition thafe
the ore testing plant, to be established by the Dominion government, should go to the coast.
Ola Lofstad has commenced
operations on the Helen close to
fehe S. K. powec station south of
town. Ife is understood that the
mine is being put in shape so thafe
a thorough examination "can'1(lbe
made,,with a view to interesting
outside capital... ...    ,,  .
The Imperial Oil Co. will Bpend
82,000.000 for oil exploration-in
Alberta this year. One well will
be drilled south of Pinch.er Creek "
an$ ene each at.JForfe, Norman and
Great Slave Lake. .A wellisbeing
put-down in ��� fehe .Czar district and
fehe Brazeau region my be'exata-
In local mining circles the recent
severe decline in silver prices has
been a subject of much speculation and comment. Many theories
have been advanced as to the
cause of the decline. The following opinion, derived from a Toronto source, while it may or may
not have a substantial basis in fact,
ie, neverthless, interesting. ��� The
Toronto authority says: <cRy apparently-exerting every; influence,
the British government, through
the banking institutions'" of "|he"
.Chinese Empire, and by complexly ~
stopping silver shipments to India,
has been-able to bring about a de-*
cline in the price of silver just at a
time when leading metal authorities appeared' to be firmly convinced that such was quite impossible at the present time." Having" adopted extremely drastic
measures, that mo3t influentai of
all bodies, the British government,
has literally .stemmed the current
of the law of supply and demand
by effectually curtailing demand,
just how long this influence may
be continued is jnore or less problematical, bufe having scored a
knockout, sg to speak,--in fehe-first ���
round, it seems on^ reasonable to
suppose that under the'conditions
which exist the price ' may be held
down to Ifes present'level." "Ife is
afe this point, however, that.fehe
situation takes on a new phase-
one caused by - the very methods
adopted by the British government,
and one that may aetaally, in due
course, defeat the aims of that
body. The new situation created
is this: The British government
has been able to reduce quotations
for silver by lessening the demand,
but fehe British government has
not shown the miners how they
can produce their bullion more
cheaply. For that reason a reduced price for silver must lead to
a reduced ontput to the end that
the demand, even minus that- of
China, in part, and India as a
whole, may in a comparatively
shorfe time again far exceed the
supply. Insofar as Northern Ontario is concerned, the mines are
on a firm basis, for the reason thafe
their ore is high grade, and can be
mined profitably long after many
other mines in other parts of the
world wonld find it otherwise.
Should curtailment in other countries be made imperiative, it will
bat serve to increase the demand -
tor silver, and thus work out feo
tho benefit of the mines of this
country. For instance, the* average cost of producing silver from
the Cobalt mines, as a whole is less
than 60 cents an ounce, thereby -���
having a margin of profit of over
45 cents an onnee. even afe current
quotations, a net profit actually
equal to the total gross value c-f
the metal five years ago." '>
THE    LEDGE.    GBEENWOOD,    B.    0.
- HA'Ot'Cx
Time to Call A Hall
when therc was time for it. But thc
fun was not the end which they
sought. They knew nothing about
taking something whicli someone else
had created and sitting back to watch
the money roll in and then spend it.
Our foreign-born citizens came to
Canada, not expecting a soft life, but
a chance to work and get ahead in
It would almost seem as if the present generation of Canadians, and the
newer settlers coming to our land,
have forgotten these things. There
would seem to be a real need for a
realization of the truth that it is only
by thc continued practice of those
qualities and the maintenance of
those standards which made Canada
what it is that this Dominion can be
says one writer, we could have some
of the old-fashioned hard work, and
saving and self-denial, we might also
have some of the old-fashioned con
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company, Nananee, Oni.
Then and Now
1. Israel's    Reduced   Condition    (vv.
The Phillistine oppression had be-k
come   so   terrible  that  the king had
A Few, Incidentals That Have Acftledjonly about 600 men, and they were
To the Happiness of the
Human Race
Do you really want the. "good old
days" when there were no Pullmans,,
fast trains,   anaesthetics,   telephones,
completely disarmed, except that Saul
and Jonathan had each a sword and
spear. Lest the Israelites should
make unto themselves swords and
jspears the Phillistines took from them
'_ their smiths; they only left them a file
candescent lights, aeroplanes, elevators,  fast  ocean liners,  X-ray photo-
.    .       l      1 ���        c v :  ~  ;,.,t.,j ^f'graphy, typewriters, adding machines,
tentment and joy of living, instead ot  fa    * "  y. ' c'.
and   con-|cash registers, asphalt,    microscopes,
telescopes, linotypes, high speed prcs-
Natural Resources Mapped
The great Hudson's Bay Company,
the   pioneer   trading   organization   in
this wonderful western land, is this 'sense, simple tastes and .vork and sav-.
ycar celebrating its 250th anniversary, j ing. If that revival docs not come
and splendid pageants commemorat- j voluntarily, if such words of warning
ing the event arc being held in those as uttered by Sir Robert Kindersley
cities which havc developed out of and a host of others arc not heeded
the Company's old trading posts and ' then hard times are ahead and many
fort3. Participating in these pageants will in adversity and suffering regret
l�� Sir Robert Kindersley, the present that in these times thcy did not work,
governor of thc Hudson's Bay Com- save and prepare for the future.
pany, who is also director of the bank
of England. Sir Robert is a man,
therefore, who is fully conversant
with present commercial and financial
conditions throughout the world, and
anything he may have to. .say on such
subjects are worthy of thc thoughtful
attention and serious consideration of
thc people of Western Canada. In
a recent address at Calgary he said:
"Unless wc stop sailing along thc
smooth waters of this present false
prosperity, brought about through inflation, which gives the world an additional purhasing power which is unreal, I say, if wc don't stop now, we
shall bc faced with thc most appalling
financial crisis in the next five or six
years that the world has ever seen.
As a trader I speak to you, because I
know, and I tell you that only one
way remains for us to reach the goal
we seek���prosperity and happiness ���
and that is for each and evcry one
to devote their energies to a campaign
of real productivity and for the elimination of consumption 'of all luxuries."
In uttering these words of warning,
Sir Robert Kindersley is only repeating what the'most, astute and best
informed men -the. world over have
been saying.and urging"for some timc
past. Up, to the present ;timc, however, their words seem .to.have, fallen
on deaf ears: The situation in Canada
is very' similar to that in.the United
Statcs, although possibly, not quite so
aggravated because, in this country we
, suffered 'losses' during the war out of
all "proportion to those- sustained by
the United States, -while we did not
profit to the same extent as .our southern neighbors"did.- " ���'��� -   -
Nevertheless,    conditions -. on    the-
North  American   continent, are very
. . similar, .and here in Canada wc may
well heed the summing, up of the difficulty in the United States as stated
by: one. observant    American   -writer
- when he "says: "There is-too jmich of
spending, and too" little; earning; -too
much    extravagance" arid-too -little
economy;    top ; much   "restless ..- and
"vague desire' and  too little' real  en;
-   joymen't.','.    ' .";    ���.;.���-' v    .,' '���".-. --���'.-
��� Canada, like'the.-United.States,'was:
settled by a-sturdy,, hard-wprking people.   -The.-fathers.- and--"grandfathers',:
.. the mothers'-and grandmothers, of-the
present generation of Canadians hewed do\vn  the forests of. Ontario.an'd-
' Quebec'   and    built" "their- 'primitive
homes.; Tlicy worked hard,, practiced
tccnomy.-yct, found- ,-real,-; deep --and
'"''��� abiding- joy-in- lives bf'achicvcmcnt.-
>  The.same".process ..was-followed,'   by
.;���' thc .pioneer ' settlers   on  ���.these-, 'vast
" prairies.'- - The -rich -;nicn.:'of- Western'
...:.Canada.today came here .as poor'.lads,
"-   arid most of "oiir merchant princes'and
. -well-to-do farmers can.recall;the days'
; -of -almost" abject, poverty  and-;unrcV
... milting toil."-.  ������ X '   -'' - -    \-'    .-";"" .'.'���'.
-'   It, was-theses-men-and their equally
... courageous--.womenfolk   -;whb"'  made
-.-.Xahada.-jyhat'it'is. "-.Thcy-knew .rioth-
".   ing of-the!spff life;:; They all kn'cw-
��� work,  'denial,. hardship,--'.!aad  with. :it
'.''all deep; enjoyment   and  .good, fun
bicycles,     automobiles,     moving-pic
..���       .. -;tures, self-binders, hay-loaders, cream  [�� sharpen their instruments of hus-
a.ntamed and made st.llgi eater.   If,  separat honogra/h      old storag(.   bandry.   This left them under the ne-
plate glass, gas cooking   ranges,    in- ��ssit>; of S��ing to the Phillistines to
have their tools sharpened. Saul himself was in hiding. Because he had
presumptuouly intruded into the
priest's office God rejected him. While
in this desperate condition God moved
Jonathan to go against the Phillistincs.
II. Description of the Passageway between Israel and thc Phillistines
(vv. 4, S).
Over against thc way which Jonathan and his armorbearcr had to travel, on cither side lay sharp rocks
called Bozcz and Sench. The opposing camps were probably three miles
So man? bave Heurltts,
that painful, paralyzing
Inflammation of th*
nerves. Do not suffer another day. If you aro ��
victim, tr;
Nothing else brings telle*
so qulokly and so surely.   .
Bend for free sample to
Templetona, 142 King St.
W.. Toronto.
For sale at reliable druggists for $ 1.04 a box.
Canadian Cheese
For England
the unrest and discontent
stant seeking after lcasurc which does , ,..,-..
Thc  present  scs' and automatic machines in almost
generation has more  than any other'^cry branch of endeavor?    Think.it
not  seem   to   satisfy
:  than any other  cverv t
ever had, and it is bored to death.   Itl over.    Havc these  things not added
seems   to  think   that  because   every- ] something to the measure of human
thing isn't still softer, easier and still
morc perfect, that it is all wrong.
It is time for a revival of common
happiness.���From thc Ottawa Journal.
One Great Essential
To a Woman's Health
Is Her Nerves
Nature intended women to be
strong, healthy and happy as the day
is long, instead of being sick and
wretched. But how can any woman
be healthy and happy when the whole
nervous system is unstrung. The
trouble is they pay more attention to!one  is  resumed, verses  two
a'emploton'a RAZ-.MAH Capsules are guaranteed to relieve
AST H MA. Don't suffer another day.
WriteTempletons, H2KlngSt.
W., Toronto, for free sample.
Reliable druggists sell them mi
$1.04 a box. fk
Export of Cheese Will Again Flow
Through the Usual
' The Canadian minister of agriculture recently received the following
cable from the British Ministry of
Food: "It has now been definitely decided that thc Ministry will not purchase the new; season's Canadian
cheese. The maximum importer's selling price (32 cents), now in force,
will be removed at an early date, but
the maximum retail price of one shilling and" eight pence (40 cents) per
pound0for whole milk cheese will remain in force for the time being."
The effect of this decision will be
that the export of cheese will again
flow through the usual channels.   -
Cruelty in the Country
apart. It required great effort to
scale the cliff. The feat of Jonathan
and his armorbearcr was one of the
most daring ever attempted.
III. Jonathan's Resolution to Go Ag>
ainst the Phillistines (vv. 6-10.)
1. Jonathan's summons to the young
man (v. 6.    Here thc thought of verse
to   five
Old Methods Arc Cause of Great
Cruelty to Beasts
Custom is the perpetrator of many
a cruelty. The farmer, unless he
keeps up with the best farm-literature, follows his father's methods,
needlessly painful though thcy may
bc to thc farm animals. Think of thc
millions of swine butchered in the old
fashioned way���seized, "struck" and
then left to stagger around and bleed
to death. Many arc doing this just
as  they did it a hundred ycars ago,
British Naval Supremacy
Delivery by Parachute
Map Shows Clearly Where All The
Natural Resources Are
The natural resources 'intelligence
branch of the Department of the Interior, of which F. C. G. Lynch is
superintendent, is responsible for the
publishing of a map which will prove
of the utmost value to all those seeking information regarding the natural
resources of Canada, together with
the transportation at trade routes. A
glance at thc map shows clearly
where all the vast natural resources
are situated, whether in thc shape of
timber, coal, the precious metals, and
pulp wood, furs, natural gas and
oil, and clay belts, the enormous water powers throughout the country al-
-'so being indicated.
Thus .the  seckpr after .information
can  find out merely "by opening the
map >'that - in  Nova Scotia and, other
Maritime.provinces he can engage in
mixed    farming,   mining'.:and fishing;
in   Quebec he* will find  a "wealth,.of
timber for pulp wood, minerals to be
dug from thc earth, including asbestos,   graphite;   molybdenite;   in    the
neighboring province of Ontario much
the same possibilities exist, while in
the    prairie- .provinces   of Manitoba,
Saskatchewan,-, and' Alberta, the possibilities of  which   have    only, .been
barely scratched, the intending "settler
prospector or-business man will find
himself .'surrounded with  a  veritable
cmbarras de richesses. .He can obtain
large-returns for his investment .and"
labor either ingrain growing, mixed
farming,' ranching, fishing, whilst" the
more-.adventurous .-can go further to
the," north   and   dig   for   the- earth's
hidden" .wealth; or seek .their fortune
in the Hudson Bay. , Then "there are
also'shown the riches-of British Col-
umbia'hiddch in the mountainous .fastnesses, whilst the'lover of less adventurous--avocations- can -revel-in the
fertile, valleys  of the' Okanagan  and
other.-districts whcre.a.man and his
family'can- live! happily; peacefully 'and'
comfortably from -the'products'. of; a
five-acre orchard. '"'.- ".;, ���'   -X ,-.__ .... -
their social and household dutiesithanjbeing parenthetical.   Jonathan did not Iin spite of the fact   that    intelligent
they   do   to   their  health.    Is  it  any   .    .     .        ,        ,     TJ    , ,.       , c   .    , ,, ,   _
wonder then  that they become irrit-j dfubt but that *�� Lord was leading larmers  first  drop   the ammal  Dy  a
able  and  nervous,  have  hot  flushes, him.   He recognized his covenant rc-(small bullet rightly placed, destroying
faint and dizzy spells, smothering and
sinking spells, become weak and nervous, and everything in life becomes
dark and gloomy.
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills are
the very remedy that nervous, tired-
out, weary women need to restore
them to the blessings of good health.
Mrs. P. H. Ryan, Sand Point, N.S.,
writes: "I have been a great sufferer
from nerve troubles. I was so weak
and nervous I could not sleep at night
and my appetite was very poor._ I
could not walk across the floor without trembling. I had hot flushes:and
fain tin tr spells.    When  I was on mv
lationship with God, and therefore his
claim upon him as against the uncir-
cumcised Phillistines, asserting that
"there is no restraint to the Lord to
save by many or by fe.w."    God is
all consciousness, and then use the
knife. The bleeding is in no way retarded by this plan.
Consider also the cruelty of dehorning cattle, prohibited by law in  ccr-
Grant Licenses Authorizing the Dropping of Packages by Parachute
From Aircraft
Thc British Air Ministry   has   announced   that,  in an  amendment  of
the air navigation regulations, licenses
may now bc obtained to drop packages by parachute. The amendment
reads: "An amendment to thc air navigation regulations dated 30th March
provides that the Secretary of State
may, on application bcing made to
him, grant licenses to firms engaged
in "the aircraft industry, authorizing
the dropping of packages by parachutes from aircraft on to dropping
grounds approved by him for the purpose, subject to such conditions and
for such time as may be specified in
the license, and subject also to any
directions issued by "he Secretary of
State for the purpose of supplementing or giving full effect to this proviso."
Britain Has Reason For Maintaining
The Most Powerful
.    , ���;    '   -Navy   .  \ x.' ��� y;...:��� X'X     ���
The' addition of the five, floating
German dreadnoughts to the-British
fleet may save Britain .from losing her
naval supremacy to the United States
during the next two or three years.
At present Britain has 33 dreadnoughts. The United States lias 27
built or building and is planning for-
10 more. Britain has 13 battle-cruisers. The United States is building.six
and is planning for six more.
The justification for. the intensive
naval program of the United States
is hard to find particularly when President Wilson urges all the nations of
the world to_join the League of Nations and agree fo an all-round reduction of armaments. A clash between the two great divisions of the
Anglo-Saxon race is unthinkable. Yet
even the best friends of the United
States who are citizens of the British
empire feel that Britain occupies such
a unique, position in the world that
she has reason for taking such steps
as may be necessary to maintain the
most powerful navy in the world.
The   cost   of   naval     construction
keeps on multiplying.      The British.
battleship Hood, with the extraordinary tonnage of 42,000, a length of 860
feet, 31 knots speed, and eight 15rinch
guns, is costing thirty million dollars,;,
and it is said that some of the American dreadnoughts now building    are
expected to cost more than forty mil-, ���
lion dollars.   Recently Japan launched".- ���
a dreadnought that will be much more
costly than any vessel she previously
has built.
all-powerful, so with him numbers cut .tain countries,  when a little stick of
no figure. Whatever he will for us
hc can do. One with God is a majority (Deut. 3:30).
2. The noble response of his armor-
bearer (v. 7). He was actuated by the
samc faith and courage as Jonathan
i and entered. heartily into the under-
second box of Milburn's   Heart   and taki        Whcn two together as
Nerve Pals I began to feel better and , . ....
-----        -    -    - touching  anything in  the  name    of
Christ it shall be done (Matt. 18:19-
3. Watching for thc will of God (vv;
8-10). Doubtless- the same spirit who
had moved Jonathan to go had instructed him to watch for thc Divine
leading. The sign that God would
deliver    the   Phillistines , into   their
kept on until I had used six boxes,
when I felt like a different person. I
am never without them in the house
and recommend them to all who suffer
with their nerves."
Price SOc a box at^ all dealers'or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The - T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont. .   -
Protection by Aircraft
caustic potash used on the week-old
calf's head at the spots where 'the
horns would grow, and causing almost no pain to the calf, would prevent the horn from growing at all.
Moisten the place with your finger,
The Farm Workshop
It Pays to Havc A Work Bench And
A Kit of Tools
It is quite as necessary that a farmer should understand the use of tools
and machinery as that hc should be
hands was the invitation for, Jonathan .of sheep with tails-, cut off that might
and his companion'to come up to'the lhavc been left on if their.owners were
dipped in water, and then  rub with j well, posted in the principles of stock
the potash till the skin simply begins
to look red.
���Docking the tails of lambs is another form of cruelty that the country is guilty of, probably because tradition says the wool will become less
���soiled. While farmers who have dared experiment by leaving their lamb's
tails on, or have read of some one
else who has, know better.    Millions
Ask for Minard's and; take' no, other.
Z'X'X X. Hutterites Will; Stay   ..'-'-.
AlbertaMennonitcs/known'as Hutterites, will not,trek to the Mississippi;
Valley' with -the "Mcnnonitc colonies'
of "Manitoba1 and:, Saskatchewan, - 'ac-.
cording' to Jacob Wiff;. head of ..the
Southern '-Alberta'-colonics. '.. Instead,
thcy are remaining- to. plant'the. largest acreage, thcy;have yet'sown. >...
Air Stations to Carry on Forest Fire
Patrols- in Western
Canada -    -���'-.-
Forest "fire patrols in the Rocky
Mountains and. on .'the Pacific coast
will be undertaken shortly by govern-?
ment civil.aid .stations "at "Vancouver
and at MorIcy,.Alta.
From Vancouver,.survey operations
and,-forest .fire patrols will be-conducted for the Dominioh-andprovin-'
rial, governments; and' from -Morley,
the Rocky -Mountain forest, reserve
will bc patrolled from' the air and
photographic and other.-surveys carried out. Preliminary arrangements
to this end were discussed at a: meeting of the air-board. ;"
.' In'"making- appointments to thf.ie
stations',; the civil service, commission
will give-preference to'.the-men'from
the western- provinces if they are'of
equal,experience".'-'"Provision has been
made for the-issue of temporary-permits} for"- aircraft - atid' military pilots
from the United ,States,but these .will
riot, be-permitted to.'-carr'y passengers
or. freight for hire.' --���'��� -'- .-.."   ---.',.
��� -The. air board- has authorized ' an
examination, of northern- Ontario with
a.vicw fo=thc possibility of establish-'
ing emergency.; landing "grounds on a
commercial, .air,,rqutc_'bclwccn eastern
and western-Canada.-'. _���"���-'.- =- -
Phillistincs..-They did not go forward
until the sign of divine leading was
given.      . ���'; ..-'".. . ��� -
IV. Jonathan's ' Marvelous-;" Victory
(vv. 11-16).
Being' assured -of- tlie divine leading
Jonathan and his armorbearer sprang
forward saying that the Lord had. delivered the enemy into the hands of
Israel. He "did hot siay "into our
hands," but "into."the hands of. Israel."
seeking to"accomplish    the
which they cut them,off!
.end   for
Once a- mother has used Baby's
Own" Tablets for her little ones' she is
always happy to recommend them.to
others. . - Her advice, .given -after a
careful trial, .can .be readily followed
raising, gram growing or any other
department intimately connected
with his vocation. He should know
when his mowing machine, hay rake,
plow or other implements are not in-
proper adjustment, and be able to apply the remedy,'and to be well enough
posted to prevent being cheated when
purchasing these implements.
It is 'now generally admitted that
every farmer should own.a good
workshop. JBuild a place for the purpose, and. get a kit of bench tools
just as soon as the circumstances will
permit of it; then a tool will be at
hand when wanted, and nearly all the
repairs upon farm implements and thc
buildings may be done without going
to. the expense of employing a professional mechanic.
There arc rakes, ' and hay. racks,
sleds,; wagon Boxes,, harrows, field
rollers, etc., which - may be kept in
good    order at the home workshop,
Lift off Corns!
Doesn't hurt a bit and Freezona
costs only a few cents.
With your fingers I   You can lift off'-
any hard corn, soft corn, or corn between    th* :toes, and    the hard skin
calluses from bottom of feet.
A'tiny bottle of "Freezone" .costs y
little .at any. drug store;' apply a few
<lrops uj��on the corn or callus.    Instantly it stops hurting, then shortly
you   lift   that   bothersome   corn   or
callus right off, root and all, without,
one bit. of pain or soreness.    Truly! {
No humbug! ��� ;
���. .    .        -r       A      . ���    r i      ...       ���    with assured good results.-  "The Tab-
This -is a fine touch of humility, it lcts arc a miid but- thorough.laxative <a'nd innumerable improvements .made
shows that it was zealfor God, nor which never fail to. regulate the.W around thc farm - buildings,-. There
selfish ambition that impelled him to els and sweeten the stomach.    They .rn������uc >nh�� ������,i��   ham
��r��'fnrtl,' Pnr1 in^rnn.^U', ������, 'always do good���they cannot" possib- p11^ gram, troughs to be made, barn
go forth God interposed by a. great ;iy .doyharmbeven to the youngest babe. I doors to'fix up by rehanging, stan-
earthquake,-. causing consternation , Concerning them Mrs. P. Laforcst, I chions' to- build or improve, weather,
among the Phillistines, moving them'St. Nazairc, Que,, writes :-*;For three board;n��� t0 be.put on and r0ofs to
to destroy each other. ..     months my baby was .constipated and �� -      ;. - ,       ,.   .
'   y 'cried continually.:. On the advice of.a mend,. besides  scores  of  other  little
necessities in and about, the place for
the convenience of the women folks
ais well as the men. ���   ...
Any  man   of. ordinary  ability  will
Ccrta.ih'.'.buttcrflics.' and caterpillars .arc
never" ";c'ate'ii by''birds" on account of
tlicir unpleasant, taste.    ''    ��� .'.' -   .- ,-
������"- Almost one-third'of,':th.c "surface of
iSTewfoundland is"-coyercd-' by" fresh
water lakes.'  .      .    .    '   -.���' -V   '
Wholesome, Rich* Delightful
that eomes from blendiiig malted barley wrth whole wfieat is
distinctive of
tFils food is ;reaefy cbp&ed,^co��
nomical, easily digested and
^rar.l'lit'lflt'friHK-^1" �������������-- - ���|MiufMiu^.iiMaiHmHaiuJhai
V.-Saul's Foolish Behav or (vv. 17-46) ���"."   , T ,-.�����.,   n       n, ,
<        - -        -    :��,,.      .-.   ' ifriend I gave him Baby s Own lab
1. His carnal zeal (w. 17-23).   After ,lets and.now at the age-of five months
'the-Lord had-given the victory at .the'he is perfectly well and weighs twenty pounds.- " I am delighted'to-be able:
to advise, other mothers to' use them."
Back to the Land
House    Shortage   Driving
: ���'" i.From,the- City; ' .;.'"-.;-. '
.That the'.hbusc shortage is,boosting
the ."back-to.rthc-Ia'hd"- movement, and
.in .turn is being,-relieved-by-tlic'cxo-
"d'us of city people to the country, "was'
the. opinion expressed.by, officials of
railway- land departments.' >They- estimated -that altoge(h'cr;about'. 100-families a wjeek have bec'ii- leaving "the
city since "the first of May.' - ���.'- .'���:'.'-���'
"A large percentage,of these.would-
be farmers arc' artists or' salaried" men
wiio, find that they "can .barely make'
ends meet oh-, their pay," one man
saidr'-"They can make a living in'the
city, but they are. not .getting any far-
hands of Jonathan, Saul called for the
ark-of God to' bc-brought; aftcr which-
he ..went" forth in pursuit of the enemy
who had already been routed. ��� .;
-.2.'.His. foolish obligation, imposed
(vy.124-30). .It was that a curse would
be: upon."any one of- his soldiers .who
should stop to; cat .on, that day. Fasting -is.propcr at,limes, but it was the
height ���' of. folly to demand .strenuous
service'of his: soldiers without ,.the_
necessary'; nourishment." i' -', ���
, '-'3. His. determination;.to .kill Jonathan. - Jonathan; not .having;hcard. this,
rash oath," partook of -the honey as -hc
passed, through Ithc' woods and was
greatly refreshed. " When this-;was reported- to'.Saul he .was abou't;:tq:talce"
The   Tablets   arc "sold  by-medicine -be surprised after; a" little-practice to
dealers or.by- mail at 25 cents a' box;fmd how much hc is capable of doing,
from. The: Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockviile, Ont. / -    .-" ;:: '    '   ���
Experimental Farm Wanteds
So-Called   Dry   District in Southern t
Saskatchewan Should f
Be Served
' For  several  ycars  farmers  in. the'-'
south-western part of the province of;
Saskatchewan in what is called    the
dry district, have beffT^amoring for
ah experimental farm.   ���
Prof. Bracken, of the agricultural'
college of Saskatoon, has'rccords.thar';
snow'that in'the'north-castern part of"
the province, where-the rainfall is ah-,
undant,-��� the'~aver'age pcriod^betwecn;.-
Uhe  late   spring, frosts   and   thc  first-���
A Wilderness Establishment
If he is a man in the habit of doinglfaU frosts was 73 days, and in the.
his work well,' hc will- also havc thc | south-western' part of thc province 133,
satisfaction of knowing. that hc . has (days. _ There �� ttaw an oPP^umty to
saved a good, .round bill at the village
Stopping .Place on Pas Trail Supplies
��� ���>' Shelter But Not Food
, Sam.Cook.is thc keeper,of a stopping place'.at Rocky Lake on the main
winter trail'in from "the Pas.in-Mani;
tobalto'the Flin Flon .mining country.
He supplies shelter, for-man aiid beast
r~but no .'provender.- Horse and dot;
teams transport their own "feed.   "For
{shop. A man cannot Be called shrewd
who goes one or two miles to.have
a new whiffletrce made -when- hc can
work.it himself ih thcltimc of going
to the shop,, to say nothing of haying
to pay for.having it done besides.���
Practical Farmer...-,'.'.
the-life dM.iis'-own'.'son, who had so jthe iuimaii'.travellers'the-.Gook cstab-
. |; Inspection of Eggs -.
During the latter half of April, 45
cars, of eggs, ^approximately 650,000
gloriously "-wrought''in.':thc deliverance jlishmcnt provides .dishes,' water' and  dozens",'were inspcctcdundcr thc.Can-
of his people. /'���-'-- ':    .'   -   "-        jftrc only, ..'the visitors", doing.their ownf adian.'cgg .'regulations, twenty cars ih
"'-'..-,-; .'.   ".. ���    " ;   ��� X"-y. :.-'������ ; , '.choking:/ If -there is any. food left' theHhc west' and. 25 -in "the cast;" Eleven
Keep'Minard's-Liniment ih the house. \ travellers -.usually; leave-, it ..for' their of the eastern inspections were of cars
host.   Copk'.keepsyx set -of books .of shipped from; Ontario, points, to'Tor-
Motors on:.the"-Farnis:;        ' "j a. sort an'd-; these, show that'since No- onto, and of these sixlwcre.gradcd.cx-
tras.and five graded.-firsts.; A car of
eggs contains from 450'to 500 cases,
or'13,500, to-15,000 dozen's.' A striking
feature is. the "deniand-for:" inspection
of; eggs being shipped within Ontario.
Buyers and ..sellers,  having seen, the
experiment with different crops \vhere.
the district is frost free..for 133. days,
as    compared   with the experimental'
farms now. located in. the province at
Indian Head, Rpsthcrn and Scott.
At thc meeting of delegates from
Agricultural Societies in-Sa'skatoon in
January last a resolution was unanimously passed asking thc Dominion
government to establish an experimental farm in'the south-western part
of the province.. Any location on the
Shaunavon branch of .'the C.P.R. or in .-
thc Swift Current district, where the
farmers have suffered the; past lwo>.
years- on account of drought and.hoi
winds,-would bc satisfactory.---
-I The", latest ���;��� official, -statistics SjiistV^nh^ last; lj60b:_frfij��ht teams*, that
published..shoSv -that - farmers ih; On--
lario-lastycar .owned' more "passenger
motor-cars than - were. owned" in ;\iii
the-cities of ��� the province; they'also
o.wncd .more'than double.the number
of passenger, cars' owned'in Toronto,
and far outdistanced all .o.th'er occupations in- the number of--cars owned
by individual trades.    -The classifica
is,.horse-drawn outfits; and 1,500.dog-
teams, have; p"as'sed'rhis'-placc,:,ahd-.-932
men used-his roof, as shplter overnight. Cook collccts'25 cents.for each
traveller-that uses' his cooking ..utensils. -'He says, that business is looking | benefits ; of; handling eggs' according
so; good as the .result; of the mining jih inter-provincial trade, are quick to
development that he- is goinjg ;to erect apply, thc'.samc - to  shipments  within
a'much larger-'stopping'   place    this:
cr future       ' .46,997 passenger cars and 825 trucks giving shelter to. 100.horses,
"Another section consists of retired owncd h* f^mer?v     %nled ': ^dcs''' ' '  ~~~ ~ '
farmers," he-continued, "who thought f��":e ncxt. wlt^1���S4^42 ?*sse"Ser, ��r,s
they had. enough money to keep them
the province. ' Inspection"is by apprd:
val at point of shipment. ���
the rest of their days, but they find
It melting avray in the city, so are
going back to the farm. Most of
these people intend to go in for. mixed- farming,; but there are also a.num-
ber l-anxious\%6 .try .fruit, farming''in
British',Columbia; lr-^,,Wnnipeg,Free
Press.'';-;.-;;-".- X'XyyZ. -xyy-yyxz .Xy-.;
. Bamboo.; frees do'.-not; blossom, .'till
they.-arc/30 .years. 'qidX'-ryXrX'y -Xy
\V. X- H.r XXIXX1317'
business men 13,838; doctors, .3,157;
other professions, 5,119; manufacturers, 4,362. .... .������.-:;-;���'-->
,.\ Americans Coming to B.C.
..A party. qf;;;cattleiiien from the state
of Wyoming will; visit central British
Columbia in'--'July ' or ] August with a
viejv...to obtaining large tracts of; land
for "ranch-stock.'-"..-..' -Z':'X,-X- XX-,- X-
;;. It; is; estimated that! the ash of the
tobacco ,-'.snioked/-ini'America' '/yearly
wqhld .furnish4 a. most, perfect fertil-.
izcrrfor:,10,000. acres";of land.-.   -'-.."
Wheat Price to Remain Higher
In. the course of an interview ot
Winnipeg, Man. Hon.- Edward Brown,
provincial. trea��urer.,o? Ma"nItol>a3 expressed; the; belief -'.that;, wheat vvould
sell .this.fall at ^3-a'"i-ushei andlthat
the"federal government would set the
price.again as was/done, last, year.;,.
y In .Londonthere is a second band
book, shop;;which contains' over;twenr
ty. miles roi': shelves" carrj^ng more
than 1,000,000' books.',,-,,;: ���-.���";���-;--; "yX *.'.
The Pleasure of. Heading
Reading is. a habit as .easily cultivated as dancing and holds in a thrall,
as strongvvli.en once acquired. Books
are now. all that governesses used to
be (though it's too bad governesses
have gone but). They are companions, mentors-and ientertainers. They
can-show youth more of life than any,
pair .of eyes .can see. on the' great highway:'- itself,'. and. the view-. leaves no
images-to, distort, thc.maturer vision.
Let's i.punch , up the cushions in .the
window" scat- and ..call; back the glory
���'/-,', Plant Potato Peelings. -'.'-:-
.You can't cat your cake and have,
it  too, hut,  according  to  gardening
experts; you may eat your potato and'
plant' it,. too.    The, way to do it is
to|.save. the peelings of the. potatoes
that are toi be boiled, for the tabic,
and plant the portions containing the
syes. > With .prices what -they arc it
sccms.la; criminal waste to cut up; the:
whole potato for planting if it is not
necessary to do soi-r-Woodstock Scn-
tincl-Rcview. .  _���-    "'.'-���-""
; Auto speed limits  in. Japan;
mth the width .of the road. ..
f: the*bid "sunlit scenes:   It will be
f fii�� Vrvi??i!r fulk doh!t.forget
strange it.ihe young
iall. iXSfmt the door���Kanss* City SurJ
���   ..���.-..,,...-.,..... $
DoetoM "mm ��g*inst remedli��
containing powerful drug's mai ������
alcohoL 'Tbe Extnct of Root*,
Ibag known a* Mcthtr^ Stigsl'i
Curative Syrsp, bas ao dope or
��t7on�� mgredsentef    tt  cares
4} indscesHoB, bilioasaess mad.
2 confttipatioa. Canl3#h*dat��ny
2 dmj ��tor��.w   Gat th�� g��Bsia��.
S SOe.*nd*lJ��OBottI��f�� y% &
4 T
rr-> i
People   prefer pills,  ' ?Peak-   II was growing darker for the  Clothes Helped t6
provided prompt and'
proper performance
proves promise.
Beecham's Pills are
used by people all
over the globe and
have the largest sale
of any medicine in
the world!
Sold orarFwliere
in Canada.
b boxot, 25<~, SOc,
long days wcrc past and the approaching' fog-had blotted out the
I light in the western sky. Then sud-
I dcnly a grfeat gleam of --light swept
above thcir heads, glared for a moment against the wreaths of mist, and
"I saw that thc other night, just before the crato drifted down to us," said
Rugglcs. "I might not have noticed
the crate if it- hadn't been for Le
Tourquet light. The next day I went
to sec thc keeper."
Win the War
Bedouin Costumes Part of Plan For
Complete Arab Mastery
In one part of thc world, and in
one important phase of thc conflict,
it now comes out that clothes played I
an~ important part in "winning the
war" and these were the clothes in
which   Colonel  Lawrence  united
While Money is Cheap
Was Never Wasted Right and Left
As It Is Now -
An American banker heads, his
newspaper advertising, with this statement:
"The cheapest %ing today is money.   A load of corn, a week's wages,
,   , ,        .        -                 the  an acre of land will buy morc money
Again the pale shaft swung above  dcsert   tribes  against  the  Turks.    It'todav  than  for _  ,.���_ f. W.J1(.
their heads. Ruggles, turning to watch l . . ,..   ,     .,.,      4 tl    itoaa3   tnan  tor a long time.    While
its passage, threw his weight upon his may evcn b.e arSucd that wlthout thc!it is cheap, get it and save it.    Pay
lame ankle, and gave a little gasp of I clothes   the   feat   could   hardly   have'your dcbts with ch       dollars'
pain.    Ruth, turning, saw thc expres
sion of his face and divined its cause.
"You must sit down," said she gent-
"Thcn  you  sit. down, too," he an-
I    Ruth hesitated for an instant, then
I sank back to   the    glistening    sedge.
Rugglcs   flung  himself  down   at  her
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� bh ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
* M
Thc Downings decided to prolong
their stay at Le Tourquet, and Ruggles scarcely knew whether to be glad
or sorry. He and Ruth were clogged
in a surgasso sea of misunderstanding, [gaze
Ruth could not havc told just when        No,   she answered,     I
she had given her heart to Ruggles, I hcved  for a  moment
been accomplished.   "Thc magnificent i    This is th  th;nking over_    Ev.
Bedouin     costumes    that    Lawrence |crybody is taUcing about h;gh priceS(
wore much of thc time," says Lowell  everything is away un. but thev foreet
Thomas in 9sia, "were not a theatri-
I swered, "because  there's  some' more j cal    pose.      They,  were a carefully
!l  want  to  tell  you, if���if 'you'll lct|WOrkcd out part 0f \x\s pian for com.
ipletc Arab mastery." Knowing the
Arabs as- he did, the young English
archaeologist had found that the adoption of Arab dress carried the wearer much further into the confidence of
1    "After we got "picked up," said Rug-
! gles,  "I  got, to  thinking  that maybe i .,,,���, .
I hadn't acted right to havc taken ad-;Ule Arabs: but that it must bc done
vantage of you like I did.    It wasn't'completely or not at all, for the Eng-
as  if things  had been  the, way  they ilishman in Arab kit must needs live
were before Roxana tried to strangle |      t    hi   costume and sccm as famiI.
you  that  night.    Miss  Challairtl  told . .,��,,., , ^ -t
mc what shc said to you about her- ,ar Wlth Arab 1,fc and etiquette as if
self and mc,   and    she   wasn't    sure lhc had been born with it.   It was no
whether you believed it or not.    Did!splendid masquerade of an adventur-
y��i\:     , ,    ,    ,   ,     .    lt    .      ous being, as many readers have pro-
His clear/eyes looked steadastly in- .   ...... \     ., r~ t      i
to hers.   Ruth did not shrink from his ��M>ly imagined  but rather, as Co one! {     ^ ^ ^
She shook her head slowly     P^wrcnce has hunsclf   described    it, and
I   never   be-'.like  an   "actor  in  a  foreign   theatre,    c .. t              ��� . .
what  ��he   told!  5    ���                z   i           i    ���  i *  - i r      ��* ll to Pav off a permanent debt,
t Lr*,, tCZ Play>ne * P*r* day and night and for _ ���.    '. ��� ���,,������	
everything is away up, but they forget
that money is cheap, common and
plentiful.. It was never wasted right
and left as it is now. A worker can
buy about twice as much money with
a day's work as he ever could before.
It is the onc thing that is cheap and
plentiful. But no sooner docs a man
(or woman) get it than it is traded
off for those things which arc scarce
and "expensive.
The money that is spent goes
cheaply and doesn't buy much,
fetches about half its normal value.
Thc money that it saved is of thc real
old kind, and there's nothing wrong
with it at all.   Pack somc of it away
Demand for Farm Laborers
During thc fiscal year just, ended
the Saskatchewan provincial offices of
the Government Employment Bureau
placed approximately 42,000 men in
positions. At thc present time there
is an insistent demand for farm laborers throughout the Regina area extending from the Manitoba boundary
and down to the Areola line.
Livestock Shows at
Chicago and Toronto
Moose Jaw to-Denver
Moose Jaw will be linked up with
Denver, Colo., 800 miles distant, by a
new auto road, which is- to be constructed shortly, known as the Power
River Trail. /
Let "Danderine" save and
glorify your hair
felt all the'
Ian anxious stake."    The part had to
but shc knew that shc had presented, mc.   It was too awful.   I felt all
him with the deed  to it.    That was i time that she was lying���and she ._..
when, at the approach of the gig from J it._ and it madc her furious. I don't .be composed as well as costumed;
��� tlie Revcusc, he had loosed his hold think that she knew what shc was do-1 thc audience was an audience of ex-
r*'6f- the crate and drawn  her to  him, ing.    But I couldn't help   but    think
���  and she had returned in full measure
 his.briny kisses.
'<���% And now she was hurt and puzzled
at his apparent volte-face from thc
position of strong and ardent lover,
pleading his cause and demanding his
right and compelling it, to what appeared an all-absorbing interest in
controlling the shoe market of the
world. Ruth could not understand.
Had hc forgotten what had happened
between them out there in the swirling eddies, with death staring them in
the face?
When at Boulogne Ruggles had
asked her father to return to Le Tourquet with him in his car. Ruth had
been sure in her heart that his plea
for a' business    interview    had   been
,        , , , .     .pert observers; and if the actor had
that there must have been something    . . .        .   ~ ,     , ���,   .   ���     i .
���" Her voice faltered. |at  any  p0lnt  senously  fa,led  m   lus
"Ruth," said Ruggles, slowly, "will Part. tlle Bedouin tribes could hardly
you believe me now if I .tell you on have been held together. Wearing
my honor that there was never orieiArab costume himself whenever hc
single thing between Roxana and me I ...     .        ..        .     ���j ���    .   -����� ���
iuXl m:���t,. �����* i,���..��� i   _    : i    . i_  �� was with the tribes, he advised om-
tnat might not havc been said or done! .      ,.,���,. -e
beforc anybody, so far as my part of jcers unacquainted with Bedouin cus- j
it was concerned?" ' ' ..... -,-r  .
toms to' wear their uniforms.    Hats,
Ruth nodded.   "Yes," she answered, [however, were always better discard-
rather faintly.-,/'I would believe any- ed in favor of the Arab headcloth, for
Bedouins havc a vcry general, prcju- ja ercat many np,bre PeoPIe makc ,hay
you make the cheap money of today
worth as much to you as any money
ever was or will be. A worker could
now pay off a mortgage on his home
with half as many day's work as he
could have done five ycars ago���that
is to say, hc could do so if hc could
shape things in such a way that he
could let his work apply on the mortgage. But he aiid his family must
ive, and  that's  what costs.
And yet, couldn't a great many people save more than thcy do?   Couldn't
merely a pretext to ask foroher hand help. I guess that that was what
in.marriage; and,-5to be told by her;madc hcr so jcal0us, because she'd
parent on his arrival that thc two had' '       �� ... ...       .   >   .
thing that you told mc."
"Well  then,  I  tell  you' now,"-said... .       ,
Rugglcs,   "I   never   trusted   Roxana d,ce against hats.
from   the   start,   and   I   went  out   to |  -���
Constantinople    to    keep    a    friend)
from ruining his life by marrying her.  UndevelopedCotton Country
As her guardian,   I   never   had -any}
morc   to  do  with  her  than   I   could)
discussed    nothing beyond a scheme
for "thc promotion of thc interests of
the company had bem a shock to her
'  pride as well as to her heart.
Thc affair was in .this unfortunate
condition when Ruggles went out late
one afternoon for a stroll down to thc
beach. The weather 'was chill and
misty, and on such days his ankle was
apt to become stiff and sore; so hc
headed for thc dunes that flanked the
beach, intending to rest for a few minutes on thc top of_one of them before starting back. Wherefore, selecting a dune that seemed to him to
be well removed from the beat of possible strollers, he attacked it by the
flank, clambered to the top, and nearly trod on Ruth, who was nestled in
the sparse sndgc. and staring out
across the leaden waste of water.
Ruth roused herself with a start and
stared   up   at    him    almost    angrily.
Ruggles, who did not lack in powers
'" of    observation/   saw that her violet
cys held traces of recent tears.
"How did you know that I was
here?" shc demanded frostil>.
���"I didn't," said Rugglcs, leaning on
his stick arid looking down at her.
"What arc you doing here all by
"I felt like being alone for a while,"
she answered. "No doubt you came
here'for the same reason. Well; then,
I'll so���"
"Sit still," sai*��Rugglcs. "I thought
a   minute   ago    that   I wanted to be
found out that she could^do-what shc
liked with most men when it came to
making them crazy about her. She
was just a wild, crazy slave-woman,
and she couldn't stand the idea of another woman being more admired
lhan herself."
Ruth nodded.
"Then don't let's talk about her any
more," said Ruggles. "Let's try to
forget all about her.   Now I want you
Crops on Large Scattered Areas In
Northern Parts Of
While the world outside America is
crying out for -cotton, that precious
commodity is growing wild in Australia's northern territory. In 1881
cotton was' grown in Australia's hot
north and the seeds were carried by
birds and. the wind far afield, with
thc result that there arc now crops of
while the sun of cheap money is shin
ing than they are doing it?���From thc
Toronto Star.
Saskatchewan Government to Pay the
Transportation Charges /
On Livestock
On behalf of the Saskatchewan government, the Hon. Chas. A. Dunning
has agreed to pay the transportation
charges on Saskatchewan ^livestock
entered for the International Livestock Show at Chicago, and the Toronto  Royal  Exhibition.
It has been decided that a joint exhibit of_not over two car loads of Saskatchewan livestock be sent this fall
to the two big shows. The minister
has agreed to pay transportation charges providing certain conditions were
fulfilled, one of which was that no
stock should be sent to this exhibit
that had not competed in at least one
of the four largc Saskatchewan shows,
namely, Regina, or Saskatoon summer
exhibitions or winter fairs.
The result of the conference bc-
tveen "tlie members of the livestock
board and the minister was completely satisfactory to the board, and steps
will be taken immediately to ensure
thc earnest and hearty support of the
board, in securing the best possible
exhibits from the province, well fitted.
Mr. Dunning has also received the
following resolution vvhich was Unanimously passed at the annual meeting
of the livestock board:
"Be it resolved, that this meeting
of the Saskatchewan livestock board
express its hearty appreciation and
commendation of the successful man-
All over baby's face..   Came In
water blisters and then formed a solid
scale.    Began to itch and burn'ao.
had to bandage bis hands *9 he
wanted to'scratch.    Face was badly'
disfigured.- Trouble lasted4 months.-
Began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment.   "Used one cake Soap and one ���
box Ointment when he was healed. ���
From signed statement of-Mrs.
Albert Ellis, Wettenberg, N. S.
For every purpose of the toilet
Cuticura'Soap, Ointment and Talcum sre supreme.
ForfrMi*mp!�� oath ef Cotleara So��o,Qlnt-
m��nt and Talcum ��ddrt��l t>a��t-����rd: "OtHaua.
Dtp*. ���, BMtan, U. I. ���*_'���   Sold ��T��rj->r<nrt.
Good Prospects for
Harvest in France
People May Be Able to Have Whits
It is a long way to the harvest, but
already M. Thoumyrc, undersecretary
for food supplies, announces' that
therc is a promise of large crops this
year. Wheat grown in France' had
fallen to less than half the pre-war
quantities, and the difference had to
Agricultural Expansion
In British Columbia
to tell me something.   When we were      ... -, ...      . v- ,
out therc the other night��-hlwaved-cotto.n on ,arge scattered areas wh,ch,
his arm toward the misty channel���sare' ln some-cases, 200 mncs inland
"and thought that we' might drown���ifrom the coast. - Mr. B. Lindsay, who
and I told you what I did���and you has been surveying the northern tcr-
ZZZ'lTt ^Tl!Tf~,hisVOicCi"t<>ry for thc Commonwealth Gov-
lowered in  pitch, but his clear eyes \        J   t , .   ,   -
looked deeply..into.hcrs���"did-all.thaticrnmen.t' states that thc cotton mdus-
mean the same to you that it did to [try could* be' "successfully run there
mc? Did ypu realize all that it meant.with white labor, and Southern Euro-
���and that it was something more'p s ^ ld seUle in the territory
than what might happen to a man and     ... N ,      .        .   .ofc . ���. .'
a woman who expected to drown in;wlth advantaee t0 the .country and to
each others' arms and were cliging to themselves.    The climate is particu- j
each other for sympathy and-courage?
Tell mc, Ruth���"
Ruth raised her glowing facc to his.
"What more can I tell you than I told
you then?" she asked.   "You told me:
out there in thc fog that I was to be j was formerly supposed to have exist-
yours.if we were saved���or if we were cd;.and he has discovered that water
drowned. What did I answer ybu? ;s f'ree5y obtainable over wide areas
So S a^*n mylKf^SdV! �� cbn.p.r.tlvely shallow depths. He
lived���if wc both lived���do you think,believes that the northern territory is
that I would care for you less after capable of profitable settlement, and
Remarkable Growth in Production Is
Shown in the Last
Ten Years
Ten years ago British Columbia imported foodstuffs equal in value to
what it produced. Five years later
home production had increased a little more than onc hundred percent,
and thc value of imports had increased only a little more than six and one-
half percent, although in the two previous years importation reached a
higher level," the ''year"1914' for instance, standing as the record with
an import total of $25,199,125. In
1915 total production was valued at
$31,127,801 as against imports valued
at $16,434,970.    The total production
In a few moments you can transform your plain, dull, flat hair. You
can have it abundant, soft, glossy and
full of lifc. Just get at any drug or
toilet counter a small bottle of "Danderine" for a few cents. Then moisten a soft cloth with the Danderine
and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. Instantly, yes, immediately, you have
doubled the beauty of your hair.    It
,. ,     , .    .        . .        b~c imported most from across the At-
ner in which the provincial minister jant:c
of agriculture through his department!    M.', Thoum now    statq3    that,
has handled the serious problems of.thanks  tQ the efforts  of the Wheat
feed shortage caused by the crop fail
ure last ycar."
Commission, recently got up to' stimulate agriculture, and to favorable
weather, France will overcome this
shortage by August next. There are
prospects of white bread at last.
logical suvey field staff have been tes-
ted in the laboratories of the ceram-
will be a mass, so soft, lustrous, fluffy . .....        ��� e .,      .
and so easv tn do uo.   All dust, dirt bic division.   Some of the clays taken
British Columbia Clays
Tests Made Which May Lead to Im-
c- portant Results
A number of clays which were col-       We offer $100.00  for ~any  case of  catarrh
.     ljr ���.��� . ��� that cannot be cured by HALL'S CATARRH
Iected from different parts of the pro- i MEDICINE.
:���  X   e r�� -i- u <~ i      t-    ,       , HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is taken
vmce ot British Columbia by the geo-   internally and acts through the Blood on. tb*
Mucous Surfaces of the System.
How's This?
and so easy to do up.   All dust, dirt
end excessive oil is removed.
Let Danderine put more life, color,
vigor and brightness in your hair.
This stimulating tonic will freshen
your scalp, check dandruff and falling hair and help your hair to grow
long,  thick,  strong and  beautiful.
Canadian Patriotic Fund
At a meeting recently of representatives of the various branches
throughout the Dominion of thc Canadian Patriotic Fund, thc treasurer
stated "that there was over $7,000,000
on   hand.      The    expenditures    were i
from the vicinty of Ducks and other
from the Chimney Bridge Creek 'on
the west side of the Fraser River,
withstood high temperatures without
softening, and would, therefore, be
suitable for the manufacture of firebrick. . The silty clays on the rficola
Valley and on the Fraser and Thompson Rivers burn to a rcl color whilst
Sold by druggists  for o-rer forty yeara.
Price 75c    Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Great Britain Prosperous
Few Immigrants Are Coming From
There will be little real immigration
to Canada within the next yearjvaccording to Major Tudghe,* of Montreal, secretary of the Salvation Ar,my
larly suited for cotton, he says, and .      . ,.      _, ,
��,   J     . a. .    .   , !       .   V., for the year ending December 31 last
there    is    sufficient labor to do the I ,    ,.,. nr.n ������.      . ,   .    ,
... ,.    T.   ,       .        ,     ', ,.   , was nearly $64,000,000, with final re-
picking.   Mr. Lindsay has also found ..���.,, .   . .    ....
. * ,        ��� . .        -i-t turns still to bc accounted for, while
good pastoral country where desert   . .        , . , , '
��� the value of imported foodstuffs was
Settlers for Okanagan Valley
There is a steady movement of settlers in  the  Okanagan    Valley    this
,.-,., ,        , .bad found  vou  strong and  brave ���
alone, but--sow I know .that that was  and tender?" Her voice choked.   "Oh,
not what brought mc here.    I don t  my dear���you've acted as though you
we had faced death  together and  I says this unhesitatingly as a man who t spring and these are   a   very    good
those -on the Columbia Valley and the
Windermere    Lakes    conta-.n a good immigration     department. '    Several
deal of lime and bum to buff.   While ' hundred people from Great Britain are
these- lattci were as a-rule useless for, coming to Canada   every   week, . he
jfire-clays, they were found to be suit- said, but the numbers are'not nearly
about $125,000 a month, which sum in- jat>le    for > making   building    bricks, (so large as before the war, ahd most
eluded allowances to various persons (other good clays were found among of the passengers are soldiers' depen
collections from the neighborhood of
Smithers and along the Bulkley River between Hazelton and Telkwa.
These discoveries arc important, particularly thc fire-clays, which arc
needed in the construction of metallurgical furnaces.
who did not come within thc regula
tions of the government pension
though you
wanted to break my heart 1 Couldn't
you feel mc loving you?"
Ruggles saw her dimly.   His strong
arms clasped her close and drew her
,--.,. ,    , .. ,   ,   to him, and high above the fair head
do with it.aml  that all_ wc needed. and the dark one_a brightening-shaft
was to kce-T> right on the job and pro- 0f jjght passed once and twice and
believe in accidents any more. I used
to think that lifc was just a lot of
accidents "strung out one aftcr the
other, and that, after all, it was principally chance  that had thc most to
has been over it from end to end.
The Changing Times
thrice as though in benediction.
Outlook in Mesopotamia
High Prices Bring New Ideas as to
How times ha\c changed and in
their swing brought new ideas as to
values! Or is it that a cycle Ifas been
completed and we are back again
where.our fathers were a few years
Will Take Millions of Money to Re
store Country        -     ^
There is that Indian who sold
Isle   for   a  barrel  of  whiskey.
fit by our chance when it came along.
~Hc paused.
"It  seems  to mc  that is  precisely
what you've done," said Ruth.
Rugglcs nodded.   "Yes," he answered, "that's true enough.      But    I've'
comc  to have a different idea about   _ .     ���...���     ~^I _. _      ago?
what makes thc chance itself. I guess
' I got it from talking with Hamid
Pasha. I believe now tliat there is
somc reason back of these,chances���
somc divine purpose as you 'might
say. Just think how I worked for the
Walkeasy Company, and my father
beforc mc. Neither of us ever got
much out of it, and then the company turned mc down and I went out
to Turkey and all that happened there
you , know. Then, afterwards thc
emed to me like a sort of king. . , 	
"And you did it and that gave you-great deal of the labor required  forjhave starvcd  h;m untii i,c js willing
lo pay a king's   ransom   for   a   ham
class. The estimate of the 1920 production of the Valley is being placed
at seven million dollars. The effect
of the return of overseas soldiers to
the,ranches is bcing felt in the.speeding up of production.
Poisoned By Gas
While in a Well
Wc used- to think the poor fellow had
Maj.-Gen. Sir   Chares   Townshend, ��� been givdn a very bad deal, but just
the hero of thc siege of Kut-cl-Aniara,, think how many islands a chap could
is decidedly against "driving the Turk ipurchase now with a barrel of old rye.      Kidn^Pms*
out of Europe."   Sir Charles, however >And lheu there is that man. who said y
foresees great possibilities for Mcso-lthat ilc couid ilavc bought Chicago
potamia now that it is in thc hands'at onctimc for a pair of boots. Con-
of the British. "It was once," he dc-1sidcrinff~t1ic size of Chicago then and
calrcd, "Morc  prosperous than  cven|thc prcScnt pricc of footwear therc is
in thc propo-
ccd the rich
Saskatchewan Man Who Suffered All
Summer - Claims That His New
Lease- of Health is Due to Dodd's
the chance to get back into the com- j development of thc old irrigation sys
pany again, but as a Ugh official," Faid-tcm>   The remains of thc great canals
Ruth.   "Perhaps    you're    righ^,    M
are still there. Of course, it will lake
millions of money to restore the
Ruggles. It docs look rather like predestination."
"It certainly docs," Ruggles made
answer, "but that ain't all Now maybe you won't like what I'm going to
say, but I want to say it, anyhow.
When wc wcrc bcing swept out therc
into thc channel by thc tide, lying
across that crate, the feeling came
over mc that it was morc than blind
chance that had drifted you and me    , .. .   ��� ��� ���   ,��� .���
together.      It   seemed as if God had   the nianr attempts now being made
given me you, Mr. Downing's daught-
Auto Grocery Store
Thc standardized travelling stores
recently seen on the streets of many
communities in thc middle West represent onc of the most promising of
er, as a sort of reward for the faithful
service of two generations.   I felt that
you were mine��� and that you were
the girl I'd been .waiting-for.   That's . , .     -
the reason I kissed you and held you-* tion    to    operators    throughout
close to mc.   It seemed right and nat-i country.     Paying   nothing  for
to force down thc pricc of foodstuffs,
says Popular Mcchinics Magazine, in
its issue for June. ' Thc big trucks
are bcing sold by a central corpora
Livelong, Sask., May 24th. (Special)
���Most enthusiastic about"the benefit
hc has received from using Dodd's
Kidney Pills is Mr. Frank Carlson, a
well-known and highly respected resident of this place.
"I was gassed in a well on my farm
125 feet deep," Mr. Carlson says, "I
enemies, who was nearly dead. I was-treated for
a whole summer for my trouble, but
did not get better.
"Then I read in* a littic almanac
sandwich,'but the figures in thc tran-jPbout Dodd's Kidney Pills. I had no
saction  do not now appear vcry  far | idea thcy might benefit mc, but was
out of line.   If thc strike is not soon j
settled, wc will all be-in a position to
gladly  give up anything we possess
for what was a short timc ago a 15-
cent lunch.���Detroit Free Press.
Long Distance Wireless at Sea
Such striking results' havc been ob-
.tatned by the new long-distance Marconi wireless sets which have been
installed on board the Cunardcrs Imperator, Maurctania,    and    Carmania,
tiiclthat'a rapid extension of these instru-
cnt Intents  to  other great liners may bc
ural. You may believe me or not,
Miss Downing, but I couldn't have
felKthal more if I'd been in lovc with
you for years and ycars. As a matter
of fact, I guess I have been."'
Ruggles voice had sank in pitch and
his breath was coming quickly. Ruth,
her shoulder turned to him, was trying to control her emotion enough to
; Re3fs,Htfre3l��3, Sot ilea,
Sssh���Keep your Eyes
| Strong and Healthy. If
they Tire, Smart, Itch, or
Bum, if Sore, Irritated,
Inflamed or Granulated,
use Murine often. Safe for Infant cr Adult.
At all Druggists is Canada. Write for Free
Eye Book. HsftR�����fS9>fy( ���&��$#(!!.$.��.
heat and light, and little for the few.
essentials, these operators can afford
to sell meat and groceries at close to
wholesale price.
She,     "I  think driving is  ever  so
much jollier-than motoring."
Hc: "Why?" '     ;    ""
She: "Why, in motoring you have
to use both hands to steer."
expected. Thc famous white star vessels Olympia, Adriatic, Baltic, Celtic,
Cedric,'and Megantic are being similarly equipped and will carry this new-
apparatus on their next sailings from
England. All thesc ships will now
have direct intcrcommuncation with
land ovcr a distance of 1,400 miles.
Had ship's anchor fall on my knee
and leg and knee swelled up and for
six days I could not move it or sjet
help. I then started to use MINARD'S LINIMENT and two bottles
relieved me.
Better Moyies
willing to try anytliing._ To my surprise thc improvement in my general
hcaljh was so great, and my kidneys
were so much better, that I feci like
advising everybody to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills. "I would not be without
Dodd's Kidney Pills are a kidney
remedy. They strengthen the kidneys
aud enable-thcm to do their full work
of straining the impurities out of thc
Ask your neighbors if Dodd's Kidney Pills arc not the sovereign remedy for sick'kidneys.
A minister once, in visiting the west
met a cowboy, and asked, "WTi'at timc
is it?" "About twelve, sir," was thc
reply. ."Well," the minister said, "I
thought it was more." "It never gets
any more," says the boy, "it just begins at one again."
Medium   by   Which   Public   Opinion
May Make Itself Felt
��� With nearly three-quarters of a
million Canadians attending moving
pictures daily, there ought to be on
the part of all organizations interested in good citizenship and thc
training' of the young an insistence
upon two things; clean plays and the
presentation of topical events relating
to thcir own .country. It would be
childish, of course, to bar news pictures of other lands, but these should
not, as is often thc case, entirely supersede Canadian events. Thc men
who own or operate thc moving-picture shows arc not in business for
thcir health alone. A great many of
them are anxious to know what their
patrons think, and the suggestion box
is a feature in their houses. This onc
medium by which public opinion may
makc itself felt. Because of its comparatively low prices, thc motion picture house has" become in many centres a family institution. Its influence
will'be to a very largc extent what
thc heads of families make it._ If they
insist on having the best for amusement and well-selected educational
features about their own country, they
will get thcm.���Toronto Globe,  - ~
Director of Co-Operation
Mr. J. F. Booth, field representative
with the Saskatchewan Department
of Agriculture in 1917, and district representative with the department in
1919, has been appointed' to succeed
W. W. Thomson as director of the
co-operative organizations and market
branch of thc department. Mr. Thomson resigned recently to take_charge
of the~co-opcrative wool marketing
operations of the wool growers of
Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Coal at Lampman
That thc coal deposit near Lamp-
man, Sask. is onc of the best of its
kind in the world, and one of the
greatest assets of the province, is thc
opinion of the investigators who .recently made an examination of thc
location. Thcy estimated that there
are 32,000,000 tons of coal in thc two
and three quarter sections of land on
which thc coal is located.
dents or Canadians who went to England during the war. Most come out
to friends, and not one in twenty is
without definite plans.
"England is so prosperous aiid the
wages so high that it would not 'pay
the average working man to change
his home;-'' Major Tudghe st.id. "Coal
miners arc earning as much as ��25
per week, and they would not get that
much in Canada."
Lucky Investment
As a result of a ten-shilling investment, Archie C. Bond, a soldier who
enlisted in Edmonton, Alta., during
the first days of the war, has been
handed a cheque for $2,500 sterling,
rcprcsentiiTg~the~first~ prize in "a "Gbl-"
den ballot" scheme conducted in England in aid of settlements for disabled
soldiers and sailors. .
Several hundred peaks in thc Himalaya range attain a height of 20,000
feet or ovcr.
Beautiful Women
of Society, durlngthepatt
seventy years have relied
upon it for their distinguished appearance. The
" toft, refined, pearly
white complexion tt
renders instantly, Is
always the source of
flattering comment.
Oriental Ore am
it'Uft.T. HOPKINS K SON.   \1. ,1,.! ,
Not Aspirin at AU without the "Bayer Cross"
Golden silence is often more to the.
point  than   a  silvcr^tongucfi  oration, i
Lay. by a good store of patience
and be sure to put it where you can
find it
W.    N.    U,    1317.
i Earthworms have no eyes but the
entire forepart of their bodies is sensitive,to fight.
"Look here," said the new tenant,
"you advertised this place" as being
neat the water. I've looked in every
direction and Ldon't see any .water."
, "You haven't looked in the, cellar
yet," the agent told him.   '    .   -
Saskatchewan Exporting Eggs
The province of Saskatchewan, al
one time a large importer of eggs and
poultry, ts now sending both to the
markets of eastern Canada and thc
Pacific Coast. According to the commissioner of the board ,of trade at
Regina, 900 cases of eggs were shipped in one week recently, each case
containing thirty dozen.
^ The Queen of Sheba was noted for
her $k':Il in solving enigmas.
Some of the rooms in Kilkenny castle are almost exactly as they were
800 years ago.
What a delightful flower Is the pink
of propriety.
Th* name "Bajar" idestsfles *&e
only genuine Aspirin,���th& Aspiria
prescribed by physicians for over nineteen ycars &m novr icada in Cacsde.
Alwsijs bay an "tmbrokea package
of "Baye* Table** of Aspirin" -which
contains proper directions fo? Colds,
Headache, Toothache, Earsehe^ 2f��i-
ralgia, Lumbago, Bheamaiista, Ssurf-
iia, Joint Paias, and Pais geaeratty-
Tia boxes of IS tablets cost sot
afcswcasts. E��gerMBauTeE"parages.
Acairia lc tfcs trsS* BaA (re��6ti*s��* ia CM��8a) ef Sktw KsanSsettsrs ot Mjs��*-
*iu *> fUated wm State gaa*��* *��** *��* ���� "^^r <**��������*
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed.   To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.;
Editor and Financier.]
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
jfistray Notices  3.00
Ciirds of Thanks    1.00
; M-rtificaie of Improvement  12.50
ij^'here more than one claim ap-
;ars if notice, $5.00 for-each-ad-
Htioual claim.)
All other legal'advertising, i2'cents a
ine first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
tach subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2j4e. a line each in-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tV.ai the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
checks continued but rates increased ou bills of exchange aud
promi-v; ry note?-. Two cents for
bills of $100 or less, and two cents
for each additional $100 or fractional part thereof.
Stamp duties on patent medicines, etc., henceforth to be affix^
ed by manufacturer or importer
instead of retailer as now.
The New Luxury Tax
/">"io budget Bpeech was deliver.-" hi the Federal House, Ottawa,
;-:r Henry Dayton, minister of
"uance, on May 18. The main
raatures of hie budget proposals
Ten per cent of the total purchase
price���to be paid by the purchaser
ro the vendor at the time of sale���
on boots and shoes costing over $9
per pair; men's and boys' suits
costing over $45; : men's and
���women's overcoats costing over
���<50; fur coats and robes over $100
each; women's dresses over $45;
women's suits over $60; trunks
over $40 and suitcases over $25;
hats, hose, neckwear, Bhirts, purses
���ind gloves costing above certain
specified figures, as well as on
some other wearing apparel; all
fans, opera glasses, cut glassware,
velvet and silk fabrics, lace, ribbons, silk embroideries and sporting goods.'   .'   .
Ten per cent.���payable at the
time of sale by Canadian manufacturers or" when imported���bn
pleasure boats, yachts; canoes and
motor boats, cameras, candy-and
confectionery, chewing gum, fire-,
arms, shells or cartridges, pianop,
organs, musical instruments and
plated ware adapted for. household
use. ' '   ' ���  ���/_     .    iy
Twenty per, cent., of totalpur-
. chaser at the time of. purchase-^-on
cigar and .cigarette   holders,  and
pipes costing over $2.50; humidors
and other equipment for smokers;
hunting, Bhooting.and  riding garments; fancy, pocket knives, gold,
silver, ebony and ivory toilet ware;
jewelry, articles of silver, adapted
for. household or office use;.wearing
jvpparel     (except  : as   mentioned
;>bove; liveries, Oriental rugs,. ex-
:)o3f5iye carpets ,and curtains and
nhn.ncleliers. "y '   -    -' ' ' . ";':
..   Twenty .per   cent. - payable -at
".'���];(���- time of sale, by _'=the irianufact-
.:; i r, or when imported���on mech-
'��� j cal play er pianos, . graphppohes
'-"���-.'ad musical instruments ..and "re?.
;cords;used therewith..  . .-.-/���:
���Fifty, per cent... on   articles   of
- ^old:for household use���payable, aB
in the prececding paragraph.-:.:-     ..
.. ^ Latter-two taxes to -"bo pawl at
time of sale by manufacturer or
���; wberi imported.".
Playing cards^25 cents a pack
oricirds selling, at rates not over
. S25 per gross packs ard .50 cents a
' pack on oyer. $25 per gross, packs.
x. /Beer, wines and spirits���increase
in   excise   duties   on   beer  of 30
cents.a gallon,  and non-sparkling
���wines $3 a gallon.
\  Motor, cars���excise tax on Canadian manufactured and imported
cars increased from 10 to 15. per
ceint. -
���-. i Sales Tax���One per cent on the
; aalea ofall manufacturers, whole^
^l^d^feri^'^iofebew';: <>r'Jim|K>rters
^np|*i��^l|^).^^6���f ;jiiM:s^Qes;;;;jipit-.
^��r ;:bitamiiMd&f ;Jc<&y9��:��t^^
xpxppr^^x$XiXiZXy;, X';XXXiX$m^yii0
��� A New Copper Smelter
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting company will build a
copper smelter on Vancouver
Island within a year or two says a
Vancouver report. Basis for the
belief seem to rest chiefly on the
possession by the company of two
copper mines, the Old Sport, operated by the Coast Copper company,
and the Suuloch mines on the
Jordan river. Capital account disbursements, referred to in the last
annual report of the Consolidated
company, show $105,000 on property account for the Sunloch mine
and $170,000 for the Coast Copper.
Election Wit
Applications for the position of City
Clerk, etc. will be received at the City
Office up to 5 p. 111. Monday May 31st.
Information as to duties and salary may
be had from the Mayor or Finance Committee.
C. M. C.
$100 Reward.
I shall pay the above sum to any person who gives information leading to
the arrest and conviction of any person
stealing, or who have stolen, doors, -windows or other fixtures from the'Central
liotel in Phoenix in Yale District.
Notify me at the Tulameen Hotel,
Princeton; or notify my solicitor, I. H.
Hallett, at Greenwood.
Dated May 24th, 1920.
"Why, gentlemen," thundered
a parliamentary candidate, v <:my
opponent hasn'.t a leg to stand on."
''All the more reason' why he
should have "a seat," came a voice
from the rear.   :        ������y.-XxX
Forethought ���������'������������
"I think we'll take up the collection before the sermoxij today,"
declared the minister, "for I am
going to preach on conservation.
Orchids and Mignonette
A woman lived in a garden once,
On a quiet village street:
Where the grass was   green   with   tlie
tender rains
And shaded by elms from the heat:
Where primrose and daisy and mignonette
Grew riotously at her feet.
But the woman who heard  of the  jungle
Where strange young orchids grow.- "
(Why women will do these foolish things;
" Only.God in his wisdom can know.)   .
But���she left; her garden  and took the
. . .trail    ''.-������.. -;". :"-" '     ���'",-      '-    ."-
-That leads where the wise don't go.'
Oh, yes, she found the orchids, ;
But women don't ever forget.   ' X
And she dreams iii the heat of the jungle
-��� Of a garden with'-cleaii rain wet,-
And over the scentless orchids
. Drifts the odor of mignonette!     ' ���;
W. E. Stanaway, Prop
Day and Night Phone No. 22
JL TJ LOAT is not a periodic-
^    al,    It is a  book con-
(Diversion and Usis.)
TAKE NOTICE that' Samuel Frets, whose
address Is Eliolt, 15. C, will apply for u licence
lo take and use 1000 gallons of water out ol
Eliolt creek, which flows westerly anil drains
into Boundary Creek about two miles east of
The water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 700 feet East of the South-West
corner ofsaid Lot 1052 and will bc used for
domestic purpose upon the farm described as
hot 1052.
This notice was posted 011 the ground on
the 4th day of May, 1920.
��� A copy of this notice aud an application pur.
suant thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914" will
be filed:iu the office of the Water Recorder at
Grand Forks, B. C, _ ' 7. *
Objections to the application may he filed
witb the feald Water :..Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings,. Victoria, B., Ci,.. within fifty days
after the first appearance of this-notice iu a
local newspaper,   x-yy .X-'': yy
The date of the first publication of this notice
is May 6,1920.-.���������������.���������     y.'r ���.,.-���-;_..
.,,���-'. . -   "-������-   SAMtTEDFRETZ,
-     ';' '" \ ���'���:���' :'\'yy Applicant.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and 5situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles G'raser,
intend to aoply for permission to purchase the
following-described land:  '     ���.���...������'.'    ���������:
Commencing' at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 40
chains; tlience East 40'chalns; tlience South 20
chains; thence West 20 chains; thence South
20 chains; thence West 20 chains to the point
of commencement, and containing 120 acres,
more or less.
Dated at Midway. B.C., April 24th, 1920.,
* 4"* 4* ���$��� * ��� ��� ���$��� ���$��� * * ��K
. .    NELSON, B.C. '-���'..   ;.
.     MINING.
'Hello Is Obsolete"
'  The tiseof "Hello" is obsolete iu proper telephone practice.
The correct'way to'answer the.-telephbne is to'give the. name of
the finn.so that the caller will know instantly who-is talking..
It sounds business like,'too, and saves time.": '."���'-';;
^--Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features ^rhich go to
make up''ffie-S.enace'-wegiye;
our customers. Are yoii
one of them?
(Ruled or Plain) .
Envelopes, Bi
(AH Sizes)
taining 86 illustrations, all
told,- and . is filled. ������ with
sketches aad stories of
western life. It 'tells how
"a gambler cashed in.after
the flash days of. Sandon ;
how it rained in New Den-,
ver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, aud graphically depicts the roaraings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price ...is 50 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world" Address all letters to
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
*R.T. Lowery *
4��-..- ��� ��� x.-x.r ,+���
4>      GREENWOOD,  B. O.   , $>
* '-;���      *
^ + *& ^ *f* ^ ���$�� ���$��� *fr*��#��� ��|�� �������� 4
Culatneeti Rotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city'.    Beautiful location,
fine'rooms anti lastymealii.',;���''������
Nicely furnished rooms, by thej
day, week or inonth- ���
Nilson & Nilson
616 Vernon St. Nelson  ,
Brick building and'finely furhished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Physician and Surgeon
���.  -Announces ��� ��� ' . ���
That he has located at. Greenwood-.
"  ��� Office    -   Guess Block.    .     ".
Residence   -   Dr. JVIacLcan's House '
Office Phone go.      ��� Residence Phone. 69
AH Work'Guaranteed /
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
,....(Expert Optician)
K."w. C Block        -      -     Nelson
Agents, for Chevrolet,- Dodge,-: Hudson,
Chalmers,' Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors ".        Garage.in connection.
Xi:- ���.'���^;i>El>JTISTv;���'.'.'
All   the   latest   methods:.in   high-class
'".!���. -Dentistry.'. ���    .   :,   -������ ." '"
:?..:-    LOO; BUILDING;C :;
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.   ���
V^NCOUyER;   -   ���{   -   B.C^
MinimumVjirice of flrat-olaas land
reduced to $5 an acre; aecond-olau to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption  now  confined  to but- -
veyed lands only. --
. Records will be panted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
Mid which'is non-timber land.   ���..-.-.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not.more than four may
.arrange . for ' adjacent   pre-emptlonB'
with joint residence, but each making '
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. ; 9
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make Improvements to
value of HO per acre, including clearing and,cultivation of at least 5 acres.
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not'
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, bo-
cause of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure.to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
leiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and Improvements
of 110.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 yearn are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
J*res, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purohased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may. be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of coBt of '
road, not. exceeding, half of purchase
price, is made.    ',-' '.
*���������:.'��������� -^ACTV  ��� :X ..'
'^V1^ *00,?* of t"" f��t is enlarged to
include an persona Joining and serv- -
tog. with His-Majesty's Forces; -The
... timewithln whioh the heirs or devisees
of a deceased' pre-emptor 'may apply
for title .under this Act ls. extended
from for one year from the death of
' such, person, as formerly,. ���> untiK one**
year after the oonoluslon of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive. , . ..,.���:���    .'���;���  '
No fees relating to pre-enip'tions are
due or payable \r ���oidier* on preemptions recorded after June 26. 1918
Taxes are remitted .for Aw yeirs.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and bean paid since Augusl
4, 1914, on account of payments, feei
��� ��M?W on ���oldiers'pre-emptions.- ���
Interest _ on agreements to purchase
^2.��5'*!ltjr"lot,il*id 5?" members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or lndlreot, remitted from enlistment to Maroh ll. i��20. ~
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and taxee. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. .ASpHoattoiw must be
made by May i,!��.  .....
>      QRAZINa   ��. >'  ���
Oraxing Act,  19l>.  for . systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for gracing districts and range
. administration   under  Commissioner
'  Annual graslng' permits Issued based
.   on numbers ranged; priority for established    owners,   . Stock-owners'  may
form'Associations for range management.   Free. or. partially, free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten haad^   . .-,.... ^
s 140
Tie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department     (  ,���
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary!
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery- And-Stage
Wi   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
' E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges-.^Mjold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
|?.oo: Silver-Lead-Zitic $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., ou application.     '
Shamrock Brands
" Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese
I R Burns & Co,,   Ltd.,   Nelson, B, C
%**������* *m%* JL* -ft*, fel. -&*. ~0~ J^ -f�� ��Aa e&M       ��m ��t�� ^fe -^* *t- aftk *k*%k *��* ^L ^L $m^$m^ t*y
*r   "
Cbe Bumc Rotel
nelson, B.C.
The only up^o^date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Wafer; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First dlass Cafe and Berber Shop
xz"x   15   SAMPLE ROOMS
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES ��1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
"���'-���' Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
^���f* "f* *����� *f* Hf* *f* �����**�������$* ^ *f�� *f* *����� *fr "f* ��f*��|*'!**!,8$',*l**l*iil">l'S*
Dealer in .Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles","and Fence Posts,  Farm and
Fruit Lands.For Sale.   List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Dealer in
���''XXxh''! "X'-yX.: ���
���.'-.'/-, Has prodoced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,116,103;  Lode
;     Gold, ^93,717,974; Silver, $43,623,761; Lead 839,366,144; Copper, $130,597,620;
Other Metals (Zinc,  Iron,  etc.), $10,933,466;  Coal anti Coke,   $174,313,658;
*      ;;   Building Stone, .Brick.  Cement,;etc.,; $27,902,381; making ita Mineral Produc-'
.':������':.    lion to,theend of 1917' sbovrV&n .
Production for Year Ending Depember, 1917, $37,010,392
The  Micing   Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province ia the Dominion, '-orany colony in the British        ~~~
Empire,: .-.,., ..^. ���.���'���...
. - j.... ;-;|^er^;ld(^6nai;^;|^nt^ ...
yX        , ^teolple; iStlieaare  obtained i^'^e^lbpi^
:.-.;'. :or^hi'c^-.i8'j^ar#ii^^ :;.;-   .   y. yy'i'iiX.xiX:xyxxiMXxMiiyXXxXXbX:
_.. .^v Xy ^liinformafi6^,;tfigiBthes?-^thii^


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