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The Ledge Apr 29, 1920

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Gosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filllne it witli some
of our choice and elegant Furniture, Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware In your kitchens
and dinin? rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
Order Your Garden
Seeds Now
. ' ������- ��� ���  -�� ' - ���   ��� / ������ ���
We carry a large line of-
J. G. McMynn, Midway
No. 42
ffcone 46      LEE & BRYAN
T6 <WO0OO0��OO<>0<><>O0<>O0<>OO<KO<>O��<>��O<W
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
P. O. Box 1102      .-���      Nelson, B.C ;
Best prices paid for raw furs
"-,��� .Manufacturing Furrier
'    Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up... Remodeled
..' and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices '
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to.60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100    ������
200   ��
-   ��   *   $1,25 each
/   -    -    2,00 "
/   *   ���    3,50 �����
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
| Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle, Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
. Wears and Millinery      ....
We  Always  Show The  Newest  First
Tasty meak and comfortable rooma.    Meals served si any feime.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
._ -���:"    ..��� ��� -. Pool-hall in connection.
MAKE your banker your finan-
advisor. _JLet him help you
to shape your affairs so that he
will be warranted in giving you
ample credit to operate your farm
efficiently. Our aim is to assist
you in every way possible.
PAID-UP CAPITAL <: :XXi.X ^ -    : - $15,000,000
; RESERVE, FUND yyi^X .7->^,>-~$t 5,0,00.000;
GREENWOOD - BRANCH,yl*f%)Bni^er8^am^eti;
In Great Variety - "
Suitable For Presents
Approbation  parcels ""of. any line of my
. goods sent upon request .-
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
. and-efficient manner.
7   .  GRAND FORK!3, B.C.
Ranch Wanted
-We have clients asking for-, good
Dairy and -Mixed-Farming-Properties,-.as
going concerns with-full' equiprceiit of
implements, dairy stock, growing crops
and with good buildings.'   y-
7;.'If you, would sell,, and have a really
good place, setyour price'at'all that the
place is worth and we" shall "be; glad, to
hear from .you at o'hce.... ���" - : 7 .,
���< -.-������- ....'-
Robertson   & Egg
Farm' Lands and. Improved Ranches.
.���'������'���.  ������ - Our Specialty ;     ; ;.-
Kodaks full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
W. E. Stanaway, Prop
.Day and Night Phose Ro. 22
I Around Home
Grand Porks will celebrate on
May 24.   ....*.
Creighton McCutcheon is home
for the holidays.
Mrs. Geo. S. Walters, of Alien-
by, .is in the citv.
'  Mrs. H. Hartley was in .Grand
on Forks last week.
Ed Hatton. of Rock Creek, was
in town on Saturday.
George.Boug- returned to Lightning Peak on Monday.
Fishing   starts: 1st    of    May.
Full hue of tackle  at Goodeve's.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Twells and
son, arrived from Trail this week.
D. TR. McElmpp, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B,   C.
Sam Matthews was in town
from Grand Forks on Wednesda y.
''" Foe Sai<eVt���i- Ford Car, apply
to G. A. Rendell, Greenwood^
B.C.... .77' yx' iiXi'
.The trapshooters opened �� the
season at the Midway traps Ihis
The road appropriation for the
Greenwood riding for 1920 is
$26,000.  '.'.-'
The post office inspector paid
his annual visit to] the offices in
the district this week.
The "Midway-./.Farmers'.- Cooperative Association was recently organized in Midway.
John Henry Kayes, a returned
soldier, has bought the Samuel
Danoff ranch near Rock Creek.
H. R. Bidder, of Allenby, is in
town on business in connection
with the dismantling of the
smelter..,..._    .._. xj,...   >;.,���_..     ��� X
Qla Lofstad. is in .the bottle
business and intends to.ship- a
car load of empty bottles to Vancouver. ' ������'���' :'..���-.     -  ' '-
See the samples of the latest in
wall papers before you renovate
your; house this spring.." Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug Store.
G. A. Rendell will close out his
business about. the end of nest
month: -,. Mr. Rendell is doing,
this so as to be able to devote his
entire, time to mining.
Chas. H. Hacking appeared before His Honor S. R. Brown, on
Thursday last/and was sentenced
to a year and a half, in Nelson
jail, for attempting, to assault a
young girl. -'. . -   ,.-
"On the afternoon of May 1st,
tlie Ladies of the Presbyterian
Aid, will hold: a sale of.Fajacy
.Work and Home Cookery,'" in.
Kennedy's, store. Afternoon tea
arid ice-cream Will also.be served.
Died at, the Tranquille. Sanatorium on; Wednesday, April 21,.
Mary Johnston,-of Phoenix,:aged
32 years. The funeral, was held
on Thursday; last in Kamloops,
the . service 7 being conducted, by
the Rey. H.;RV McGill.;;;:--
We are closing but: our business, at the^end of : May and to
effect-a quick sale we-are making
some very attractive prices especially on our stock ..of mens furnishings, prints, ���"cottons, flan-
nellettes, runners, tea cloths,- etc.
We have a good stock. :q�� groceries, flour and feed at prices that
will. help; to bring down the.high
cost of living.' G. AV Reudell,
Greenwood:  . .;;
"J. Peck. MacSwain, of the.
Star mechanical staff, returned
io work.-yesterday morning;.after
his holidays. During his vacation he spent some days''down the
valley, taking in Hedley, Keremeos and Cawston.. Peck once
crossed the burning sands of the
Sahara desert on the back of a
camel, and -he has trecked
through ..the. parching Death'
Valley, on.; this continent. ��� He
has been on shipboard when there
was;.'.'water,"������_. water^.eyery where,
Two Promising Mines
J. H.   Duhamel and L.   Bryant
are operating    the   Silver   Cloud
mine,   a   short   distance   up  the
Phoenix gulch  from   Greenwood.
They are at present developing a
9-foot lead   containing   gold   and
silver.    Parts of this   large   lead
runs as high as $20 .to $200 in silver,   and $24  to  $36 in  gold, the
average of the  whole lead is $23.
The lead has been stripped for 30
feet,   and., continues to show the
same valuee.    This   body of  ore
would furnish a fine concentrating
project and the operators are seeking capital to erect a concentrator
of small capacity to handle the ore.
There are other   mines   in the
vicinity and adjoining, the owners
of which would  welcome a development in this direction,  consider-
able quantities of ore beingo available. -.- . ���   '.���...
Messrs. Duhamel and Bryant are
also operating the" Skylark mine,
and have shipped one car of ore.
They claim to have discovered the
I old lead in this mine, on the north
end. ^The lead is widening out,
and is of high grade. This mine
was one of the best producers of.
high grade ore eome years ago
when silver was at 60 cents, some
$160,000 worth of ore being produced. Indications are encouraging enough to conclude that it
will again assume its old position
as a high grade shipper.
-*��� Mining- Kews
British Columbia has  about 800
Sanday 8chools.
The Bank of Montreal has opened a branch at Abbotsford.
Roek Creek District Notes
$anday,.May 2nd.-will be,:set butttOtaidr^to.drink/^bnt-fo?:.
aside?byVsJ3"eciai-proclamation by downrig^t .dryness\he says.tbat
thevLieut-Gov;Lia:Cputicil, as Go- }*0*}U his:7^sperience.7he^neyer
TorSunday-Schpol' 'Day,   for
A most enjoyable evening was
spent at the Basket Sbciar&T Dance
held in Larsens Hall on. Friday
Jast. Commander Lewie acted as
auctioneer and was ably assisted
by hie clerk "Christabel." Between 60 and-70 baskets were sold
and the sum total of $226.55 was
raised. The bidding . was fairly
keen especially among some of the
younger rivals.. Rosa.Lum's basket sold highest bringing $8.00/
while Miss J. P. Richter's basket
was second in command and realized $7; 00. Dancing was kept up
until 4 o'clock Saturday morning.
A large number of power line boys
were, present as were many folks
from Molson, Chesaw, jBridesyille'
ah^ .Greenwood.:; Anptberbig,time
ia'iTbeing doped.7out7fdr"-M&y7.2.iBt.
;   During. March  $1300   was  collected in fines at Cranbrook.
John Brennan died in Kamloops
on April 19, ataihe age of 75 years.
Next month, Kamloops will begin to receive coal from a mine at
Chu Chua. '
R. J. Stenson, government agent
at Kaslo was transferred to Fernie
this month.
Tomato growers at Keremeos
will receive $25 a ton for their
crop this season.
A Cranbrook dealer expects to
sell about thirty-three carloads of
autos this season. . - : :!.
Methodist parson Hughes of
Kaslo will tour the battlefields, of
France and Belgium, this summer.
The TNorth Vancouver war
memorial will cost about $60,000.
It will take the form of a hospital.
*i     . - ���
A. son of Premier Oliver has
given up his study and practice, of
law to become a farmer in the
Bulkley Valley.
The moving picture company's
are looking for new scenes. A New
York firm will take a six reel picture drama at Banff.
The Earl of Minto is busy on his
ranch, near High River, Alta., preparing for the arrival of pure bred
stock from Scotland.
The high price of potatoes has
turned my people to buying beans
and rice as substitutes in place of
that Very dear vegetable.
A herd, of pure bred Holsteins
aggregating 27 head will shortly
leave British Columbia for Australia, where tbe cattle will be used
for breeding purposes. 7
Potting the big berries on top
of the baskets cost 16 . Japanese
strawberry growers a total of ,$800
in. justice court fines in Los
Angeles,JCal;, last week.
Logan McPhee will shortly commence the season's work on the
Lincoln group near Kaslo.
W. R. Winstead will developed his properties extensively in the
Whitewater district this  sumnler,
' The Paragon Mining'company afe
Rock Cut,.Wash., was a new copper ore shipper to the smelter in
Trail, last week.
The Provincial' Government will
do some diamond drilling in fejie
Franklin camp, north of Grand
Forks. P. B. Freeland, district
mining engineer will supervise ithe
A branch of ' Prospectors' Protective Association of B. C, will
be organized in Princeton, next
month. J. W. Mulhollond, of
Nelson, is the president of this
association^ ',,       .' -.
, Ola Lofstad has received returns
from samples of ore taken ottt bf
Bonnie Bell close .,to :tosvn.on.the
Deadwood road. The return was
over $141 principally lead. Mr.
Lofstad leased this property from
the Government some time ago,
and intends to commence work on
it this summer.
An expenditure of $150^000 is
contemplated on the Yankee Girl
mine of Ymir, $50,000 in development and $100,000 in the installment of a mill, says a Nelsoni-re-
port. A crew of 24 men is engaged in development under the
direction of A. W.. Newberry,
engineer for the Mines Corporation of Canada, assisted by W, T.
McDowell, manager of the Hqh'son
Silver-Lead company, former "owner of the mine.* ~*        ~~
;._ Ingraip Mountain is'.pi-bmoting a
baseball team', and "also a grass
hqckey. team and. is ' looking forward tb a few ' challenges .from
Greenwood: 7   . -   .     '������'"";
Not a Safe Place
A Kansas killjoy .sends the foi-'
lowing notice: to - the\editor of a
countrynewspaper: 7 . ."��� Xy'-y-x
X--NQtis��� tresspassers wii B persecuted to the full extent pf7 2 7raun-
grel ddgBj -which never was over
sochile to.. stranger^ and 1 dubble
bar} sdotgnn which ain't! loaded
with sofa pillers dam if I ain't git-
ting tired of this hell raisin on my
farm; "     ."; ���       ' '."7" ".""
struck - ir 7pleicei:like.- Hedley.;^
Princeton Star/: *...: tyi- ;' XrX"XiX
,.   Walter Clayton,  of Penticton,
was in Greenwood last week..
Tenders are being . called . for
the construction of a new thirteen
mile road up Anarchist Mountain
from Osoyoos in order to giye a
grade over the hill to the Boundary which will be superior to the
present road.
;R. Stevenson, of Princeton, a
well known mining man visited
Greenwood ���_���;. .this. week. ;.. Mr.
Stevenson wjis ��� in Greenwood. .40
years;ago and says that"there are
millions of dollars .Vorth': bf ore
arotittd Hhis .city;:' He located 7a
claim 7 near Rock 7 Creek and;has
three:men.ifbrking;it. X'X; XZyy
Three weddings in Fernie.last
week prompts .the Free.Press to
remark that the high cost of living
does, not seem to be hindering the
work, of cupid in that section.  '.-
Seventy-fiveper cent, of the boys
and girls at the.Bouth.Calgary, high
school appeared jast.Friday, _the
boys dressed in overalls, and. the
girls in gingham frocks,- all the.
masters except one wore overalls.
A local'scheme'of daylight saving went intb effect in Trail on
April.... 715. ;VThe .citizens :pf,^that
town objected so 7;strongly to the
change that in eight days' .the
clocks; were* put:back. to the old
time.   .       ;V   .        "''~7'-������/>.,-'-"..
Until April 15 the "Armstrong
Advertiser";; and^ thb; "Enderby
;Press" were.run jointly^ under, the.
editorship of H. M. 7 Walker,; proprietor; of the;'' latter ,paper,7but he
has now -severed; his connection
with ,the "Advertiser."ii   .
.All available petroleum'in the
United .States will be- exhavisted in
three years at the present rate of
consumption, which is, oyerlappiiag
production by more than fifty million barrels annually, R. L. Walsh
general counsel for dtie American
Petroleum institute, predicted in
Pittsburg, Pa.,; last week!; .
At Juneau, the capital of Alaska
the coldest weather, experienced
duringthe past. winter}; according
to climatologicaldata kept-by fehe
United States Weather Bureau,
was three degrees above zero, nor.
has "below zero" been recorded.at
any point in Southeastern Alaska.
In the Cook Inlet country the coldest reported was 18 degrees, beloy?;
zero and-7in the ;.interior--^Tanana
and ���; Yukon 'Valleysr���50.' below
zero-is the coldest for this .winter,
where f rbmi\ .607 tp 65 "��� below;i.s
usually .recorded at least 'two or
three���timra; duriDg. an" 'ordinary
winter.'sXXi xy.... -../���y
"Chae. Blank, who for fehe.,pafife
year has been working the placer
beds of Granite Creek,' waB in-town
last week. His ground is below
Charles Lambert's holdings,, about
opposite Coalmont, and during the
past year his cleanups made''him
good wages and a bank account
besides. He carries around a small
bottle containing several good
sized nuggets and some platinum.
Years ago Mr. Blank had some
promising claims in the Phoenix
camp."���Princeton Star.
"At about five hundred feet -
from the portal of the tunnel' the
leasers on the Utica are stoping the
richest ore yet _enconntered_in the-,-
mine. It is near the junction of
the contact and fissure veins. ,,The
vein ia 5�� feet in width. Qa.jfche
foot wall there is from 8 tb 12
inches of quartz impregnated ^ith
native silver and' gold combined,
or "electrodes," they call it. From
this to the hanging wall ife is principally gray copper. It is believed
that fehis ore will run near $1000 a
ton,"���Kaslo Kootenaian.
; , Nelson.���Following a notification receiyed from Secretary Roberts of the One Big Union, for,-an
increase of $1 a day iu the miners'
scale to take effect May 1, fehelmiiie
owners of Slocan, afe a meeting held
in New Denvrr, have decided'to
refuse the advance asked, .even if
it means shutting down their properties. Only one operator, .it, is
stated j favors acepptance- of 'the
new scale. Tbe present scale is
$5.50 for miners and $5 for muckers with 50 cents extra in each
case in wet mines. The demand
of the One Big Union is said to include blankets to be furnished by
the employers, and white, sheets, a
refinement,that tbe lumbermen are
also encountering.
The Consolidated Mining &
Smelting company 'of Canada,
which operates mines all over the
Kootenay, recently' gave its employees a 50c increase, and on
April 15 put into force life insur-
j ance for all its employees of insurable age, free of cost, and apart
from tbe operations of the compensation board. The One Big Union
is in a position to tie up Kootenay
mining if it chooses to call out ita
members S3 it threatens. THit-f LhlDGK     GREEiYWOOD,     B.     0.
Caused Disfigurement. Itchyand
'Burning, Had Restless Nights.
"My face came out it\ little pim-
., pies that were sore, and I scratched
them constantly, end then
y^ they turned into scales,
�������� \J causing much disfigurement. The skin-was so itchy
.**?" A that I irritated it by scratch-
// Ing. The burning was
\J fierce, and I had many restless nights.
"This trouble lasted about a year
before <d used Cuticura Soap and
Ointment.and after using three cakes
of Soap and two boxes of Ointment
I was healed." (Signed) W. Byrns,
St. Dasile. Que., Nov. 23,1918.
'Make Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Talcum your daily toilet preparations.
For frw asmpla ��sch ot Cntlciu. Soap, Ointment and Talcmai address poat-eArti: "Catlour*,
Dspt. A, OMton, U. G. A."   Sold everywhere.
Filling His
Own Shoes
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen
' thc fog;  then listened.    Not a sound
' came in answer.    The silence of oblivion  seemed to  rest on  the face  of
the water.    He looked at-the girl. Thc
I tcrror in her face went into him like
. .1 knife.   Therc were dark shadows undo- her eyes and her lips were quivering.
"I'm afraid it's all up with us," said
she faintly. "I can't go on much longer "
"Put your hand on my shoulder, and
rest," said Ruggles. "I'm game for a
good while yet."   *
She did as lie told her, and Ruggles
swam on slowly. Thc eddies turned
and twisted thcm aboul, and soon all
sense of direction was lost. The tide
flowing out of the estuary of Etaples
was carrying then swiftly out and to
the westward. The strongest swimmer alive could not havc gained the
beach under thq/sc conditions. Ruggles began to tire.
"I'll swim again said tlie girl presently. "I'm getting numb with cold.
Havc you any idea which way the
shore is now?"
"No," Ruggles answered, "but it
wouldn't make much difference if 1
had. We're in the offshore current.
Even the channel swimmers can't
buck against thai."
"Then it's all up with us," I supose,
she said lifelessly.
"Not by a good deal,'' Rugglcs answered. "If we can keep afloat ;i while
longer, we're pretty apt to get picked
up by somc of thc fishing-boats that
go out of Etaples with the tide. I'll
shout again."
Tic did so, but as before without result. Then, glancing at his companion
he saw that shc seemed to bo settling
in the water. Hc caught her with his
left hand and drew her to his shoulder.
"Hang on to me," hc gulped, "I'm
not tired."
He no longer tried lo make onward
progress, merely paddling to keep
them both afloat as long as possible.
The eddies grew more violent, twirling about them like driftwood.    The
Want Air Supremacy
'For an instant he was on thc point
Germans    Constructing   Giant   Commercial and Passenger
The Germans are working feverishly to construct giant, commercial
and passenger airships and airplanes,
according to a report from Roman-
shorn. The first trials were successfully held of two monster machine-
above Lake Constance.
The airship Nordstern, greatly surpassing the Zeppelin J.:odcnsec in size,
capacity and power, flew for a half
hour around the lake with a crew of
seven men. At the yari.it- time a new
giant hydroplane, whose motors totalled 1,000 horse-power, made aerial
trips with 20 passengers.
Both machines were recently completed at Errcdrichshavcn, where the
airship factory is said to have doubled in size since the armistice, and
other monsters have already been begun. The Germans are concealing the
results of the trials, s.nd no reports of
Ihem a/o published in thc press.
What's Wrong- With Canada
A Few Suggestions That Might Help
To Improve Matters
Seeking an answer to thc above
question, Richard Irving, in the Farmers' Advocate, suggests that beforc
we can make Canada an ideal and a
cheaper place to live iu, wc maj" have
to have:
Morc overalls and fewer dress suits.
More clay bricks and fewer gold
Alorc alarm clocks and fewer "next
day was  grow ng darker.    And  then,      ���    ���     ��� ,,  ��� ,    ,   ���
-n       i ' i     ���    ���       lX inornii o    headaches
as   Ruggles   ears  wcrc  beginning   to    ��� _.      fa
hum and black bands  to pass before
of miming back, ii only*to keep from   '^  ey",  he sighted some object  on
driving her into danger.   He compro-' J'1?0 water,at one side       Fulling out
��� ��� - ��� ���      -    u-ini-������ "IS waning strength  he  struggled  to
'ward it, and as he drew near he dis
inLsed by floating about without s
ming   farther   seaward.       Then     0..~. , . . ..
crimson  kerchief disappeared utterly, j ^��y���cr��l_ii^to J^larsc pine^packing-
.'iwallowecl-up in the incoming fog, and
glancing shoreward, Rugglcs discovered that the beach had likewise disappeared. That settled it; hc turned
on his side and swam straight out
through the .stagnant water with its
wispy wreaths of fog.
Presently the grey elusive opacity
was all about liim. He rolled over and
Iricd to peer beneath it, and was suc-
lessful, in so far as he saw llic crim-
��� Km 'kerchief not vcry far ahead. It
appeared to be motionless, and Rugbies swam slowly in that direction. As
lie drew nearer, Ruggles saw that it
Ruth, lying on her back
and paddling slowly outward. Hc
���splashcd-'a little to attract her attention. She looked up, turned in the
water, and stared at him without a
"Well, here wc an- again Mr. Ruggles,"  said  shc.
"You're loo. far out," said Rugglcs.
"You'd better, start back. Do you remember what 1 told you about-the
offshore .current?"
, "But I am swimming bad"''      said
- Ruth.   "I've been swimming back .for
.(he-last ten minutes.'���'-
, "I-guess, you must have got" sort of
turned around," said Ruggles. "Sometimes yon-do when you've-bcen float-'
..m.g."   v."--      ' 7    .      '   - . ���
- "-You-must be turned around yourself,"  retorted  Ruth".   ��� "-The'beach  is.-'
straight in   there." -Her arm'flashed
clear'of the water, and.pointed in.the
general direction of Beachv Head.
," "I don't think so,", said Ruggles.."I
should say itwya.s just opposite.
���Her eyes opened -very wide, and she
'���pushed.'back'a wisp of black hair.'that
had-escaped.from gcriea'th the crimson,
kerchief. .      '���-,. ,--_���/ .'",/.''
���y "Listen," 'said Ruggles'. .7"Maybe" we
can hear something from -tlfc"'shore.".
��� 'Tiicy paddled silently under the stir-
'j'.cc.. .Fo.r a moment or two there.was
fibt a-sound, then dense,fog deeming
<q ' lirive   quenched 'noise   as  .well   as
" rision.,  -Then; in thc nervous-stillness,
there came from far m".the" distance������
:.and,!as- it seemed to-Ruggles.'straight
out in the channel���the ho.nk-honk of
,-an-automobilchorn and" the .faint plil-
..'sation of. a'running motor.    The girl-
turned a triumphant' face toward1Rug-
. '.gles'-i;.-.-.- ..-_'y.._ iyyy.: ���  XXy.;. V,_ ;:_..-_...
������/.. ."A- motor-car',-" 'said;she-,. ",L knew"!
'Twas .right." '. ��� r ".. ���'" -""- ���'-''..' - --.' r"-;
.-���"' '"It looks', like-you we're,"-. Ru ggl (;'r,
.-.admitted".';."I can't see,'-though,- ho.w
,"���1 -^ot turned arouhdJ--, But then T.'was
./ shimming; gh " my." .back -too.,/"' Even
"'ri&w.st don't seem '.right, -.somehow." =
.' -.���-. f.'It's got 'to'be," she 'answered; ."And
.' ..there il-. goes/again--���r""-. ���-,..'
.- Once. more, -the bonkrhoitk reached
their cars, distant and'muffled, in .the
case, thrown overboard, perhaps, trom
some passing liner.
"Here's something to hang to," said
he. and reached it in a few strokes.
Thc girl roused hcrsch* "What's
the use?" said she. drowsily. "If we've
got to drown, let's drown and get it
over with."
"We're not going to drown, said
Rugglcs'stubbornly. "You hang on to
this box and I'll let out a few yells
from timc lo timc. 'Pltis place is full
of fishing-boats, only we can't sec 'em
on account of the fog.   Are you cold?
"Not now. I don't feel anything- at
all.    Only sleepy."
"Well, then, keep awake. Be a
sport. We'll get picked up. You just
wait and see."
Thcy clung to either side of the
crate, which, while not sufficient lo
support their weight, was yet buoyant
enough to keep thcir heads above
water.    From   far  in   thc   distance  a
More aprons and less dccollette.
Morc producers and fewer consumers.
democrats and fewer pluto-
bank accounts   and   less   oil
stock. ������
More real work and fewer shortcuts to wealth.
More cheap coal and fewffr diamonds.
More old-fashioned Christianity aud
less class snobbishness.
More rcal anxiety to assist humanity and less getting while the getting's
Take tlic Boys Into Partnership
A farmer out in Indiana, named
Robert C. Cain, has formed his family inlo a firm, known as Messrs. Cain
& Company, Unlimited, with a capitalization of $17,000. It is difficult to
know why he chose the word "Unlimited,'' instead of   "Limited,"    but,
Trees for Roadsides
Wind-Break to Prevent Early Frosts
And Other Evils
Newer Canada will learn as older
parts of the Dominion have had ^o
learn the value of trees both "in wood
areas and on the roadside. Dr. VV. W.
Andrews recently addressed a gathering of members of the Kiwanis CIttb
at Regina on tree planting in the.
country planning.
The doctor dealt very fully with thc
question of planting trees on either
side of the main roads in Saskatchewan, and made the positive statement
that if such were done, autos could
be used for twelve months in the ycar
instead of about half <that length of
time as is the case now. In order to
do this, the gauge of sleighs must also
be enlarged, a matter which has been
mooted for some timc.
A line of trees on either side of thc
road would prevent thc drifts from
congregating on the highway itself,
and thus, where the sleighs and autos
would rim, the ordinary fall of snow
would obtain. The trees', forming a
wind-break, would also keep thc wayfarer warm.
Thc value of trees from the viewpoint of keeping water in the ground
was also made apparent by the speaker, and again as a wind-break to prevent early frosts and other evils which
are the enemies of crops.
Sheep in Saskatchewan
He Has Tried Them
And Got Results
fogwhistlc reached their ears/and this y th'e ' Farmers' Sun,' of Toronto,
first,  sound which- had   broken the!- ��� ���>     'v: . ���       -.'���.-- ,
.deadly silence' acted as a stimulant. Impart from-that the-principle of tak-
Th'i> girl seemed lo rouse herself, and | ing the hoys and-girls into partner-
lier eyes rested for a'moment curious-1 ship on the farm is "an. excellent one.
ly. on. Rugglc's face,
"I wonder wh.erc we'll bc in a few
h.oiirs" she asked. "    -' .   ''-    -
"Oh; we'll bc all. right, Ruggles answered, comfortingly. "Say, you'don't'
seem to be. hanging on.'as you blight
to. Let's lie across this thing and I��jl,
hold-you on."   ...
-.."All  - the  strength  secms'to. liavc
gone out of niy arms," she" said:-
"Here,.wait, a minute." . /     .-
Ruggles-swarmed . up -across:- the
bottom of 'the crate, thus-submerging
it, thcn-.drcw_lhc"girl-to his side." Passing' his.arm around-her, be jammed
his-fingers into a slot between. the
plahksj'-theiuso,arranged their bodies
that'they floated-at an angle ��._' forty-
five degrees, their heads anUsnoulders.
clear of the. brine.     '   -���'-'���
"Now, .you can't slip - off, if';you
should try,".-.said' lie." "Put your ami
around iny neck and hook your 5.n-
gers in-bctw.een'.thp. planks'..",- _>-���-'.���-,
��� ;. Ruth did":.as he..'told-her, -and" for.
some time Hliey' floated thus lockc"dto-l
gcther. "'The- cold" had ceased to trott-
-bl'e "thcm,' for the skin, surfaces':had
grd.w'n-'numb'i ��� '/'��� ..'������   ���    '-;���'y .",'":.
"t feel sleepv," said-Ruth presently;
-' "So do; "I,"' said-Ruggles,-,".but ,wc:
.'miisn't give in- to.it. ,-H ;we.;did' it
-would'.soon-be all up with us."'. ���":
-' ""I~th'iiik. - it 'is/ anyhow," said. Ruth.
;"Bu't. somehow -1 .Idon't" s'ecni' to:"care
much'.- 'If .it'wc'ren.'t- for./father;- and
i'Dick,1!' ;don't believe-I'd care at..all.'
In'the pasl too -few of our. farmers
have' been'willing to give the young
people'a part iu ihe'operations;-of the
farm, and. this has beciia factor in the
exodus to, the cities.'' Having';i stake
in'the'farm i.s.a big asset;'' .
Nova Scotia Man Gives the Reason
Why He Advises Sufferers From
Kidney Trouble to Use Dodd's Kidney Pills.
River Dennis, N.S., April 26th. ���
(Special.)���"Dodd's kidney pills helped me wonderfully. My. back is better and as I haven't taken any other
medicine since starling to take them,
they must have done me a lot of
good."     ���
In these words, Alexander J. MacLeod, a well-known resident here
gives his reason why hc praises
Dodd's Kidney Pills and why he says,
"I would advise anybody who has
kidney trouble to give Dodd's Kidney
Pills a trial." _ " :
Tlie reason Dodd's Kidney Pills are
popular all over Canada is that people
have tried them and found them good.
Dodd's Kidney Pills havc been in use
in Canada for morc thau thirty years
Thcy have been used by thousands of
people suffering from various forms
of kidney trouble, such as ���rheumatism,
dropsy, sore back, weakness, diabetes
and Blight's disease. ;
"Ask any one of these thousands "lo
give you his opinion of Dodd's Kidney
Pills. It,is on the relief afforded sufferers from' lfidjiey trouble that
Dodd's Kidncy'Pills have built ."their
reputation- as the -sovereign, remedy
for sick kidneys. ��� ' ���    ' -
Marked Increase in Number of Small
Herds, Says Commissioner
"Saskatchewan has not yet one-
tenth as many sheep as we' should
have in thc province," said J. D. Rob-
retson, livestock commissioner for
Saskatchewn, in spcakingjaf the sheep
breeding situation. "As far as numbers are concerned we come very low
among the provinces of Canada. ,The
small province of Nova Scotia has almost twice as.many as the large province of Saskatchewan. Ifowcver,
breeders and farmers in general are
agreed that the sheep industry of the
province is in a thrifty condition and
that satisfactory profits can be made
from thc keeping of sheep."
Until the past four or _ five years
sheep breeding was confined almost
entirely to the southwestern portion
of the province, where they were
maintained on large ranches. Therc
has been a very marked increase in
the number of sheep bcing kept in
small flock's upon farms. This addition is not confined to one part of the
province, but flocks arc bcing started
from the north to thc south. A striking proof of how beneficial this increase in thc number of farm, flocks
has been to the pure bred sheep bus-
ncss was shown at thc sheep sales
last fall, when large numbers of pure
bred rams were sold. at prices vcry
satisfactory to farmers throughout the
province who desired to secure flock
headers for thcir small flocks. If the
present prices continue there is bound
to be a strong and steady demand for
high class, pure bred animals for
many years to come. The' factors
whicli have retarded the increase of
the sheep in this province in thc past
wrcrc unsatisfactory market prices,
cost of wire fencing and'losses from
coyotes and sheep-killing dogs.
The first of these factors has been
remedied.    The  co-operative  markct-
Prince Edward's
Alberta Ranch
Will be of Great Importance to the
Business of Stock-breeding
In Western Canada
The plans of thc Prince of Wales
for his ranch in Alberta are described
by the agricultural correspondent of
the London Times. Its 7,000 acres
he says, are entirely under grass and
at present it is without suitable -or
adequate buildings. The soil is a
rich alluvial loam, and the grasses
it carries arc luxuriant and provide
good feeding for stock in summer and
winter. . A certain area is mowed
cvery year to provide hay for young
stock in winter, but the greater part
is grazed throughout the year. The
climate is severe, but cattle and
horaes can be out-wintered with safety and advantage. The summer production of grass exceeds the present
requirements of thc stock on a'properly managed ranch, "and the surplus, then withered and dry, but of
about the same feeding value as English hay, suffices to carry thc animals
through the winter. The climate renders this simple system of "haymakr
ing" completely practicable in Alberta, and only thc needs of young stock
housed in winter have to be provided
in the elaborate British method.
Although there is no arable land
within thc limits of .the E.P. ranch
at present, the acquisition of cultivated land is contemplated, with.a view
to making thc ranch better adapted to
the requirements of the improved
classes of cattle and sheep it is proposed to introduce. With the same
object, suitable buildings and fencing
are to be erected in due course.
The ranch is to be stocked with
cattle, horses and sheep. Hitherto
horses have been bred chiefly; but-
cattle-raising will form the main feature under his royal highness' ownership. The immediate, supervision of ]
ing of wool through the co-operative'tbe ranch will be entrusted to Proj-
branch of the department of agricul- .fessor Carlylc, whp, .with Mr -Lane's .
your mouth tastes
like all the mean
things yoii ever did���
mixed together, then
you need Beecham's
Pills. Your mouth is a good indication
of the condition of stomach and bowels.
Soli ���rarrwibar*
.      in Canada.
In boxes, 25c, 50c j
- LufcMl Smla of Any MedJeina io tb* World
Complete Band Outfits
Drums and Drummers'
��� Traps -
Complete information and suggest*
ed constitution for aawly-foraied
Bandsj fresonrtquest
Wiiiipei,   Ctlgiry, . Mtntnal,   Tsraiti
Mi nu lor Hiiriil truck
No 1 for Bladdtr Catarrh. No 3 for Blood ft
Skin Diitawt  JX6. S for Ohroale Weaknemi.
pR.LECU'.KCMed.Co.,HaverstockRd.,N W.S.London.
turc has ensured the sheep raiser that
he will get thc utmost prices possible
approval,  will add  this  task  to  .us
managerial duties on the 'aster's fani-
Used for 70 Years
Thru its use Grandmother's
youthful   appearance    ha3
remained.until youth has
become but a memory.
The soft, refined, pearly
.white  .appearance it.j
renders leaves ^the-joy
bf Beauty whh
for   many
Oriental Cream
FERD.T. HOPKINS K- SON. M..n t.'..... 1
for his wool.    Very satisfactory pri-  ous Bar U ranch of 120,000 acres. The   Returned MeitAre
Going on the Land
stock to bc sent out from England
will comprise shorthorn cattle, thorough-bred horses,   Dartmoor,   ponies,
Dartmoor Arab crosses,   and   Shrop- Soldiers'Get First Choice.of Reserve/'
shire and Kerry Hill (Wales) sheep. Land At Calgary Sale              ���
The    consignments of cattle, ponies, Twenty.four parcels "of'land, thc ap-
and pony-Arab crosses  can be  sup-,   ���:.--..        ,        ',     , . ,   .    ������/.'���
��� ,           ,.   1       -ir         ..i     -h ���     '��   -r ��� " proximate value  of which is  in  the,..
Thirtv-Fivr    Person*    Murdered    Tn  P"cd mainly from the Prince s tarm ...������.        ���          -v          ���   ....
Thirty Five    Persons    Murdeied   In                y                                 selections ne.ghborhood of ?7S,000, were dispos-
Little More Than Year ��� q�� ^ thoroughbred ^^^^^.^ed of, on the .first day'of thebaic of
A return of thc outrages committed Iready jjCen made at Newmarket, while   the- Hudsoll's Bay reserve lands, held .
in Ireland since January, 1919, shows  the ci0sc-woollcd sheep of Shropshire'in the offices of the. soldier settlement
ees have been received by farmers
who market their wool through this
Hideous Irish Record
���'Danderine'' creates mass
of thick, gleamy waves.
She'-, turned .lierj.head,..which/was -al-.
most against-- Rugglc's..' _ In .fact;-iter
cold,cheek-touched his as-.she- changed
���her position;'i'-'l'iiv.sorry J.was.sq'iias
.mist.;    There7could   he  no-'doubt/as' ty about, itoxana," she/said-..  "Llcncyv
:  to itS' direction.  /���-,/._, .'"        all--"the .time that jt' wasn't' .your..fault
^'Cbmc --pn.,".- said lhe girl,-'.aiid turn
" cd on her side.
-Together.tlie'y.. $\v,iiir   ahead   with
���biit' I ebuldn-'a help    thinking ./.that
perhaps���!'r- -     '.-'---
"Never mind that now,'" said.'Ruj;-
. Jong, even strokes, ?v-imming straight'-gles,   "There was iiever any 'perhaps
otU':--into- the   treacherous   Channel, j about-it���and don't wobble" this thing
.-��� whither arpa'ssing motor-boat heading--, any more than-you can help, "Ruth, or
���in'from .Etaples/ had iured them. Ten! it might tip. over."
.'-minute's passed: fifteen minutes; 'nni,-.    "I don't-care much if it docs tip o
- ctttl-ho.-s.hqn-.. sounds'   reached    tlicir jsai'd"Ruth.   "I'm so', tired���"
cars.'.The chill' of the water- began- to|
strike."through thcin..   The.girl^s face,]
Relics of Rome to be Invaded
Peasants Plan to Plant Cabbages On
The Estate of Emperor
Hadrian's Villa   ..
Thc Vissochi decree, ���. authorizing
under certain" conditions,' the invasion
of uncultivated land by thc peasants
is -having, an .unlooked-for sequel" at
Tivoli, .where, the remains of the Eni-
Visitors .to this superb relic of Imperial-Rome, will-learn -with something-, approaching- horror-that' the'
peasants of the ���>> countryside", have
formed thc plait of "invading. the site
and planting'cabbages and artichokes
in-t\ie precincts'of the famous monument. The villa is. government property, and the' ruins . themselves are.
guarded,;-but all- the adjoining -land
ought equally- to bc left free for-possible future excavations,-whicli'would,
doubtless .reveal .archaeological' and
artistic treasures of the..first importance; '���;'-_" ;,-���'��� -������ -.- '= __, /������ :-'-.'-'., -'-.'-
- The Archaeological association of
Rome' has '.addressed- an urgent.letter
that 30 police  and soldiers  and five  and   North  Walcs  are  preferred.be
civilians havc been murdered and 81
wounded or shot at. There were '126
raids for arms and the robberies total 1,089./ Of the number - reported,
528 took place in Minister, 131 in
Connaught and 2C>9 in L'einster.
-Mrs. .Bell,-widow..'of''-the. late Alan
Bell, the resident magistrate who,was
asassinated near Ballbridgc, - Dublin,
has lodged" a "claim for' $50,000'compensation for. the .murder of.-her husband;       '" -      '   -
"   Getting Something For Nothing
".. What can.be done to .diminish tlic
modern willingness, even--anxiety, to
get something for. nothing? Tf a man
can "beat" a railway conductor, he.is
delighted. " Well-dressed women constantly annoy the "customs inspectors
by smuggling.. Children accept as-a
matter of course the- slavish, attentions of over-worked mothers. 'At the
concert".the encore.-fiends -wear: "out
singers and audience.. The .-whole
community, apparently,, will "bite" 'at
a "gct-rich-quidk''..scheme. -.- Yet better than any people iii. the world, we
know "thafwe "pay "for" what wc "get,
and get what wc pay for. - Let us be
iTontcnt with that. It is the only man-:
ly way' to, face.life.. ' - -.       .' ..",.      ������-.-"
j cause of  their proved  suitability  for
the climate.
The breeding of-shorthorn" "cattle,
will bc the,principal  enterprise,  and.
the royal*owner is fortunate in being
in- a position to- supply from his noted here in England most of the shir.-
j incut of about-a score of highly-bred
Cruickshank' shorthorns- that -arc to
form the nucleus of the new herd.
Tlic ranch is. capable of carrying
about-700 head' of cattle in addition i
to. other stock.- At first the herd will
consist principally of. tlie ordinary-
grade cattle of the district, but. as the
pure bred strains multiply and prosper
board at Calgary.. .The lands were
sold to returned soldier farmers who
held qualification certificates issued.by.
the board. ": ���:���
_.-Thc twenty-four   prospective--  purr
cha'sers'drew ���'IotirfcJr  choice  of" the"-'-'"
parcels, and the lucky    number   one
iwas drawn by a soldier'named Calde,-
who was given his choice of_thc cur-
tire reserve.   Needless to say, the luc'r.
ky man-pickedout-the choicest quart
er-on the reserve.
���to '.thc.-ihinister of public-' -instruction j���.
arid - a'iiqtli.er.-:to.\thc." tinder-secretary
for -fine - arts,' and the latest '/.news is
that i.'steps.'.will' be. taken/at' 'once.-. tc��
prevent iinyvdamage, tp-the :famoiis
'villa."   -\   ���'.'"'.   ",-   "Xi X'-i'   x.y'-
.(To be continued;)
Canada and Daylight Saving
Iir a-few. moments you- can"trans-
fornuyoiir plain, dull, .flat; hair.. ..Yoir
caiv have it abundant;, soft,- glo/ssy,.and
full- of .lifei Just-.get at.-any drug or
toilet counter a small bottle of "Dan-
dermc/'/ for a few1:cents-. '"Theii "moisten a,soft-cloth with the :"Dandcrine"
"and (l.raw'thi^-thr.oughyour hair,.taking one small -strand at a .fiinc. '. Instantly, yes, immediately, you .-havo.
doubled the- .beauty of your .i.i air. '-It
will be a mass,-so. so ft, lustrous and
ri easy''to. do'up. -All; dust, dirt and ex-
rCS^&ine-Snrore- lifc;"colot^ammoth -Purebred 7Sale7 Will Now
j vigor, and'brightness   in   your, .hair;
'.This .stimulating 'tunic   will   freshen
your,scilp,."chec-k dandruff ayd faiing
Postpone Cattle Sale
'..:'���   The.U. S. And Mexico.
. The United States is the most backr.
ward'of- fully civilized "nations. .'It Ifas"
rejected the opportunity, to-associate
the. commoner kinds, will be displaced  itself with other powers inrtlic great.;-.,
by .registered shorthorns of the best jest advance for better, "safer and hapr ���
families and'types.   - .'. ipier conditions for mankind; and;./or '
"'   The enterprise:would' be important'nations that has bcen-madc.in all his-
and of-wide interest if it.were merely jtbry.",- All "the Latin-American    coun-
to    bc    conducted   pii    the ordinary.(tries of"South and Central    America
ranching- lines; -the ,system ��� of  man- i have  now   become -members- of - thj;.
agement it is proposed to pursue -in- i League of' Nations.   Thcy have pledg-
c'reases"-its value.and intensifies its
significance-.'.<Thc E.'iP. ranch, is _to
be the home of a. herd of pure-bred
shorthorns "of the beeving type that
should~-.be .of-inestimable, importance
to the business of stock-breeding in
������western Canada.
In ���sii'pwer to questions in the.'house
���j hair and. help your "hair to grow l'oju
' tliicl;'. strong and 'bcaiitifiil.-'
. M��dicine Hat's Industries.
as.'she'looked back "at Rii'gglcs, slidw-r
���cd the growing' fright.'that was steal--,
yif^gi over her,      ." '     ' |
-,"We .were' out far," said she.. j
-   But Rugglcs scarcely heard, lur,   A 0I -commons, recently, Sir George Vos- j
���.peculiar-aspect- of-   the   water   about,'ter, acting "premier, said that the gov-j
/'th-em    had-'" attracted    his    attention,  crnmcrit did^riot contemplate introduc-
,-^here. formerly  it  had. ben, as  flat  , d    H ,        v-      bi], {h]^s.seRsi6n_
-.���r*fld .undisturbed  as  the sur.tarc of a ���     '        ,     .   , .
: mil!--ponci, there  now appeared pecul-j>r t'forge added that thc question of-
i'ar wrjp.kies, and broad, bland swirls,!daylight saving was  one entirely'
as-tliough.-" sotnf deep   current   -were'towns nnd villages   which   wished
thrusting up from  hthealh.'   Hc  fdti  ^  t ;t
his body Turn, as though caught in aui'
eddy.    T.be  girl  disrovc-red if also.    ' '      "    ,
"What's- thai?" she cried, Tn sudden j- End of Kitchener's Army   -
r''"^"j - ���������   i, ,    i     X     " -    i'   - ,.t', ��� i    "Kitchener's    Army"    has    almost,,
-   lido,     KugRlcs  r:-.i?wcred.       "The  . ,.      ,     ,      ,.,, ..... for
place is f.Tii of currents, when'you get  ^CCIi- dissolved,     1 he war  ollice an- L       lllct of Hnseed oil crnshi���Bf namc.
offshore.    I'm goiiiK to. shout for help. Inonnccs that there are approximately j,v (>.- c._kc ^ oH   .gke mca]; ,is s6ld
this company under the brand of
... Be Held on. June 2 and 3-,,_.
- A conference,-between "the ..board of
directors" of thc Saskatchewan Cattle
Hrccdcrs.' - Association and ..J./GI
Thompson, cbinriiis'sioncrof livestock
for the province, was held fo'r.the purpose of changing, the (late, and arrange
One of the most interesting indus-/h-  -othcr. details '; of   the  "mammoth
__  tries' ih the province of Alberta is that 1)llre_>)rcd cattle"sale .that.'is: to bc held
fc,r''oi manufacturing linseed oil cakes,, etc.
t6 'from flax as carried on by thc Alberta
i Linseed Oil" Company,    Limited,    at.
in Saskatoon in June.  -.The'date^orig-/
inally set was for May 26-27; but ow
ing  to  the. lateness, of spring it  was
Go after it with. Sloan's - Liniment .before it gets /; ";'"'���'.
'���'X'.i -,f ;daiigefous;-..;- : '����� :'���--. ���."
Apply a little, don't rub,, let-it penetrate, -aridr^'-good-by'-.twin'jjc! . Same
for ��� external .aches',,''"pains,-1 strains,
stiffness-'of joints.'or muscle's,'_.lameness, bruises. ';- , :... y . -, y -' -.-_".��� "���;..*
..'ihstaiit- relief without mussiness or
soiled clothiiig.' '.Iveliabrcr-the.- biggest .selling'-"linithent -year after-year;
Economical -by "reason of -enormous
sfilcs. Kccp.'a. big .bottle ready- at all
times. "Ask your druggist for;Sloan's
Linimcnti. 35c; 70c,. $-h'}b. TTMadc in
���Canada;-'' \ ���;. .������ -;. ';.'��� -.' '. .���   ."���   XX - ���'
���:'  I^l'jtt'.i-fcrt^.JElt
rJKeep M Xfa&ZfKfy--
cd their support to the covenant-of
peace.   Venezuela.even has joined'the
League.    In.the whole   New   World'-"
only Mexico arid the.- United, States
stand aloof, and.for_preciseIy_tlie_same.-,
reason���the violence and virulence "of:
their7domestic politics. '��� 'From the
���Nfcw York Tim'eg. -   ,- - - --iy
Medicine JIat.     This- .mill consumes |tho,lght that tlie .farm'crs    and   live
large quantities of flav-seed and pro-'
vides  a ready  and profitable7market
Southern"Alberta  flax.    The by-
He filled -his iunf;:-. rind scut as much'.24.000 soldiers  ready for dcmobiliza-
Vc-ice.as- he was raphble; of.out inio|ti6.n in the British" Army,   12,000   of
j whom are, ambrig thosc who have vol-
I liritecrcd for further service. . Lack of
shipping is.holding up.tbe dcrn'ob.iliz-
atipn' of-.the remaining' men]   - -- ��� '��� ;
r'l'ridcx'f Aibcr-ta.". and is.one of "the
im'o'st "siitisfactory-stock foods on the
market.-   It'is also used to great advantage by stockmen.!.'
".-;/ "-"='!. Bad .Business';,-.'/.-";-;-.,-'--;.
/i'./'Thc theory, that," it is. better,; to,-do
."jiess. business' at high,er'..',pricc-s' -. tliair
.'j-ni/ore'j'tisiri'ess/.'st -iowc_r'::prices'"is not
���good:. i,o'r\thc/cA!ii\{ry.-J-.,:'R"uftalo/ En-
:.. i ip
..:-j quire r!
A .-''p<;'rso!i-'
:"---���-/,/ ] height7at.'.the'.'a'ge f-f-.fifty,-' a'nd-.at," the."
."% ?X-1 age ..of-"n'.in'ety.; he-- bas''7io5? '/abtuit - "one..
' ���; end. n. ii/-11/iri"clie7.<"'
A;..Loiidoner "made "a w^ger th'at" he
could'.cpbk;;a.-pluiu-puddirig ten feet
beneath.; the-surface/;of.5 the..Thames,
a'ndVwon'i.the'.bet. by placing the pudding ,iii-a'inc'as,e.and putting the whole
liuie, "'-'slacking'when ".it- ca'inc'/'iiv contact'.'"with.; the \%/ritex,/w3s.enough'.' to
cook;��� tlic;piidding/iis..t'wd' hp'urs.'r     ";.
lock raisers in the-northern .part-of
the, province would not be through 'the
seeding beforc June/1; Consequently
the date was changed tb June- 2-3,
v;hcn fhc sale will be held at the Saskatoon Exhibition Grounds.
.   Holland Taking ��� Precautions
Holland is" taking .precautions    ag-
Broadening our Teaching
��� The morc freedom wc make them
thc morc \we encourage the individuality of the child, the more guidance
children will need from their .teachers/and .the greatertheneed for courses /'of study-7planned-.with'..mature
judgment-and; methods of instruction
devised and '.used;' with.a ��� syinpathetic
uridcrstan'diiVg.'of-cbUdrcn. and ".a,-fore--
.sight'whi'ch looks -toy.the world/beyond
childh9od.^Lqndoii '.Daily "Teie'granh..
cr-action- against siich plots,- including
any that might b.c hatched outside of
Holland.    ". - '-  "
, Steady, Increase in Price
. Prices.of. the commodities of ��� life
continued' their steady, march upward
in the past month, increases being recorded in'the cost of living branch of
the-department of labor in the, prices
cif all'commodities of general- coiir
sumption cxccr^" for" a seasonable, dc-
crease.in the price of eggs, butter and
milk. . Sugar- advanced-.two ccnts'per
pound, arid "potatoes, thirty "cents, per'
bag. An average- family budget in
sixty.cities of the. Dominion, is;.coni-
piled .by-.the. department at. $15,987 for
thc . tiionth-of--March, as. conipa.rcd
with.'$15,777 in   February, .. $13.07.   in.
March,.1919( and- $7.68'iii' March,"l914:    g _ ��.  ���mmr'yi  ��� i-:~" j ���'""
A sharp, increase .inVthe. price of .biiild'7    * * ,1" " '^^ QT10^1?
ing materials and- iricfals is .noted.-:.;' ""���"-,. :..'.,. -'-    -���    .; .
 Woiiia it
THIS ��� question- .lihas:  .been
* .answered by many thous-/
;ania.s   of- women   who-/ have,
found health and happiness .in
the. use of Dr. Chase's'-Nerve
heavy fall of. snow-which has,-'g6iic off/Food. ' - '-
gradually, funiishing moisture- to the I ... 7.- - ' .. ......   ������.__',��� -
���^:|      .      .'' ���    ... - .      I   /;Sleej>leasneM, irritabUity, nervouB-
i ness,    gloomy,  fcrebodinpa  .of ..the
future,   depression  and   uiscburaee-
. Good Prostsects for. Crop.      ' .
/  "I .consider ;thc prospects  'for.-the,
coming season- on   the. land  are'ithe
best '-.in-: several; years,"   says Tv -W.
Crandcll, of Calgary, one of the.; larg-
cst.;individual farmers in Alberta:." >= .-
- Mr.- Crandcll states--that be" expects-
to' put  about  10,000-acres-into  crop
this .year. ���. The.riioisturc conditions,
inst the'possibility-of plots" by the; he sayS( :ire ;cical;   There has .bebn. a
extremist-elements.    A bill, just-made
public cinbodies/-nieasurcs for count-
He^If I were to. propose to 3-ou
what would be the outcome?
7 Shc.���It .would depend entirely upon, tlic /income.���Life. 7 ���';."' -'.-.;'."
;���'? A- woman
Uttii, lelresfcss, SsuSliei,
Beals���Keep your Eye9
SUong and Healthy. If
theyTire, Smart, Itch, or
Burn, if Sore, Irritated,
Inflamed or Granulated,
use Murine often. Safe for Infant or Adalt
in/is.really/ in7.a hur.^ Jf.'she j At all Druggists ih Canada. Write f6r Free ���"1
b.ye77that;^-a.y.' -.." ��� .���v.y:jl^e.IfcpIu.'HiriM^^
'This' opinion is. shared by. experienced -farmers .iu all parts of" the province, and all indications aTe favpra":
ble to a heavy crop this season.
ment���these"'are-some ol-the symp-
tdnis -wWc'li'tell" of exhausted nerves.
:: In/order" to avoid nervous prostration, or some' fona c-f paralj-Bis It I��
-���well to get lfc�� -'busiains up process
��3tat>il3ho<S  Rt "once  l>y  ue?  ot /X>r.
It  has - been  positively   ascertained
by expert chemical analysis that rice
contains more nutritive elements than j chase'* Korve Food.,
any .other grain. ���- It will .sustain. life j ��� M centfl a ^ A-^ p-
bcttcr and longer: than any-other ccr-1 .Eilaa��nsonf".Bste��.-i.-.Co.
cal-^a fact Avell known' throughout -the
eastern'- wfuntrjes. froin/ time' imriicin-
oiial.-..���'-'���,,-���-; :-7-"-  ,   ���"   "'���.'���-' ���'��� ,'���'-....._"
, a-n-dealers, or
Labor/troubles, are'often /caused/ liv"
tticn who are, trying; to "n'iake; a, living
"thout.'.work.' '-. :;'':'��� ";7'-.-/;,,-::���;"/'/.��� .-"',/'
,-(���- x*f&~
TTi'hj    x.-Bn^ap,.    (v?���^v.wnnT>..   B.    0.'
The largest stud ot the Pure-bred Percherons in the World. The fijgt Percheron-
brredins .Farm Established--in - Canada. The only .firm on the American continent
fre-M .-"hich BritiEh horsemen have: selected Percheron breeding stock to establish
studs in Britain.
Do not let the British breeders come to-Canada and carry off s.\l our best foundation stock. Do not be satisfied with the cheap cull staljTrns brought in by irresponsible dealers and-stallion pediars from .the .United Statep when you can buy tha
best individuals of the-best breeding raised right here in Alberta by men that, have
been in the breeding business for 25 years,.and expect to remain in the business.-
We have seventy-four head of Pure-bred Percheron Stallions ot our own breeding now
on hand to select from. You, can'see their sires and dams, and if you cannot choose
���onefrom the lot to.suit you-v/e will give you every assistance in our'power. Write
for-pcites-or come to-'Calgary. Alberta, and we will meet you and show yoii the stock
attny time.���Address:
Farm Land Boom
To Fill Every Farm
German-Irish Parallel
Both Suffering From Their Own Revolutionary Misdeeds
Ireland and Germany are both suffering from their own revolutionary
misdeeds. Both need a strong hand,
if they are not���as the result of the
Move to Encourage Farmers to Take
j ��� ' - .        Up Vacant Lands
J    The executive of the Saskatchewan
jB'arm    Settlement    Association    has
i completed plans for "the biggest-..con-. . ......    .    t. .    ,   ,..     _��� ���    ,   . ..    , _ .
iference ever held in the province of.' ?ev pha" ?f ^C *nsh S]tUatlon f^; | adian: Government's inspector of Bn-
;.Saskatchewan  to  take place in  Sas-1:'?5 0^��M   I,     k.^^^ tish   immigrant   children,   expresses
Immigration Of
Children to Canada
The Migration of Children From Orphanages to the .Dominion
The    Manchester   Guardian,   commenting on thc  report  of the  Can-
ikatoon May 25 tg 28 inclusive;   Und
jer.the slogan of "A-farmer on every)
Vacant farm inside of five years," the j
themselves in the predicament of Rus-
under Bolhevism.   In Russia over   30,000,000   people have met their
gratification that the migration of
children from- orphanages to the Dominion appears shortly to be resumed.
The only breed of draft horses ever shipped back to England from
Canada for breeding purposes were Percherons.
The greatest breed of draft horses in North America are Percherons.
The safest investment in draft horses today is Percherons.
A profit tb own���A pleasure.to handle.
You-will make no mistake in your horse breeding this year if you use
a Percheron sire.
Z*et.���us put you in touch with the best Canadian Percheron Breeds.
Mention this paper when writing.
The   Canadian   Percheron   Horsebreeders' Association
William H. Willson, Secretary (Desk A.), Calgary, Alberta
'officials of the association are aiming :?f *��" A?gUSt\1914' fnd ^out! Since 1916 this migration was prac-
to make this .year's.conference a rec-if.0,000'000 of  these   have   Iost   their Uically suspended, the report shows.
lives through civil, war, famine and i The paper outlines the unusual op-
disease. Last year in Germany there Importunities offered in Canada, both m
was a heavy death-roll through civil industries and agriculture, and points
war. When we come,-to Ireland thc to the increased number.of children
Sinn Fein revolutionaries between
provinces have.been ihvited'to'attend'^a>'' 1916, and December   last   have
this conference, as well as thc gov-|beeu resP��nsible for 71,529   outrages,'ing the gates of Canada to" the youth
ernors of the Northwestern,  Central  including murder, "highway   robbery,,ful immigrant.
and Border States. It .is .intended as . mccndiansm, and firing into dwellings | More than ten thousand applications
a get together meeting-of thc people IIn Irelfnd tllcre is a similar condition for children have been rHeived by
most vitally'interested in the forward !of affairs�� similar. but  on a  smaller'the child-saving institutions in Eng
ord breaker .and .one .which will go a
long way towards'encouraging farmers to take up the vacant land ih the
province:       ���
The premiers of the four western
now in institutions as a result of the
war as an argument for again open-
Spohn's Distemper, Compound
COLD. Twenty-six years' use among- the best horsemen in
America: has-given the COMPOUND an enviable record as a
preventive and cure. ' A few drops daily will ltecp the animal
in condition and his system will resist disease. Regular doses
prescribed will cure. Buy of your druggist.
SPOHN   MEDICAL   COMPANY, Goshen,   Ind.,   U.S.A.
It is always^ safe to scud a Dominion Express Money Order. Five dollars costs thren
I advise thc purchase,  and  ami ma'kmg a.
specialty of ""' -
and am prepared, al any time, to buy or
.--    ���       sell  large or small-lots.
J. -B.   MARTIN,. ,
Member. Winnipeg Slock'--Exchange      .
232   CURRY   BLDG.       -      WINNIPEG
Stores of Western Grain
Real  Seville
All Orange and Sugar��� -
��� No camqiiflage.
Bolted tilth care in StlurParu.
Draft Horses in Canada
Demand For Best Grades Will Continue to Improve
How many big draft horses arc
there, either grades or purebreds?
Western Canada hasn't a surplus anyway. In Canada therc has been no
more breeding done.than in the Unit-
movement in agriculture and promises  scale. to that existing in Germany and : land since the annual migration was \ ed States, and what breeding has been
>ry results.        Russia, yet there is no excuse for af-: suspended.     Many of these   applica- donc lias becn mostly of the smaller
number of .well-to-do    farmers   from
Very Little Wheat Left in tfie Hands
Of the Farmers
There-is still a-considerable quantity of: grain in-the Alberta country
ielevators, though it is 'being moved ,across the border desire.to-investigate
freely, except in the case of the points ifarm land Prices in Saskatchewan
Un the north country. A good deal of jwith the end in view of establishing
[this grain is in a bad condition andj themselves here.   Priccs.of farmlands
m the Dakotas, Iowa and the north-
to bring about satisfactory
At the conference several subjects
of serious import-to the farmers of
the province willbe discussed by experts who have already promised to
attend.. Among the subjects will bc
dry farming, agricultural credits at a
low rate of interest and mutual co-operation between large land owners in
assisting to place farmers on thc vacant land of the. province.
J. H. Haslam, who for years has
been one of the most energetic work- Don't worry about perfect results,
ers in the cause of'the 'west, is the Use "Diamond Dyes," .'guaranteed to
moving spirit ih the organization'of if^e.a new, rich, fadeless color to any
.,. ,��� ,,,������     tt    i i    I fabric, whether it be wool, silk, linen
this conference.     'Mr. -Haslam, who i caHn^ nr miipA (TOO(1s_(^r,P���f���, Mmi;
has a large clientele, in   the  ^United
States, has been assured that, a: large
ter-war revolution in Ireland. Ire- (tions are from agricultural districts,
land has ���profiteered more than any jit is said, and a large portion of the
other country between 1914 and today,  applicants arc childless.
That Faded Frock
Will Dye Like New
"Diamond  Dyes"  Freshen  Up   Old,
Discarded Garments
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Imperial War Museum
Fowler's Grape Cider
Buy It By the Gallon
From Your Dealer
Wantmore Peanut Sandwiches
Tal<e  Fowler's   Wantmore  Blanched  Salted
,���   Peanuts and  reduce  them  to  a  powder  in  a
...  meat   chopper.     Mix.the   crushed   nuts   with
fresh  cream  cheese.     If thc  paste  is  a little
���   hard, soften with a' little crtfiui..   Spread the
,   paste between unbuttered Graham Bread.    Be
sure  and   use   Fowler's   Wantmore   Blanched
Salted Peanuts, as no other peanuts will malce
"���. them 'So good.
est   Red   Cross   quality in sixteen   colours.       Twenty   cents
per skein.    Sample   mailed   twenty-
five "cents.       Georgetown    Woollen
Mills, Georgetown, Ontario.
China's Forests Signed Away
should be moved quickly and convey
ed to the terminals.
In the government elevator at Calgary, according to ��� figures supplied
from the department, there are 1,400,-
000 bushels of wheat in store, 500,000
;bushels of oats, and 80,000 bushels of
.barley. Figures'as to the amount held
in country elevators arc not at present, known. Grain is being,shipped as
quickly as possible. The figures for
Canadian visible wheat are given as
11,382,633, as against 45,732,867 last
year. Fort William stocks stand at
7,508,867 bushels of wheat as-against
31,202,354 last year. - .7    ..'-.'..
It is-thotight-that there is very little,
wheat left in the hands of the farmers,
and undoubtedly the most of it is held
by thc nulling companies and the elevators.
H. W. Wood of the U.F.A. states
that- thc recent order of the Canada
Wheat Board indicates that there is
plenty of wheat ground for the domestic trade. If there is a surplus of
wheat in the'hands of'the millers, it
is up to thc board to dispose of it.1
and also give the millers as big a'
grind as possible without sacrificing'
thc price. .'
Vast Areas Mortgaged to Secure the
Wasted Loans From
One need but run through the list
of China's recent  loans   from ^Japan
,,.and be told that of the sums of between   $200,000,000   and   $225,000,000,
-loaned much has gone into the hands
of   corrupt   officials and the military
governors, and by them   wasted   instead of being used for demobilization
of   troops   and   for   the constructive
purposes declared.
' _ Thepity of it'.ail, _says~ the" Asia"
��� Magazine, is  emphasized when it is
seen that for a paltry $15,000,000 loan
^China has signed away a lien on all
her forests in thc two northern pro-
' vinccs  of   Hcilungkiang   and   Kirin,
equal in area to the combined area of
A all the" United States touching the Atlantic    seaboard from Maine to, but
not including, Florida.
Shipping* Racers to Canada
western states, have increased to such
a level that farmers find it quite profitable to sell out and re-invest their
money in the best wheat growing
lands in the world.
cotton or mixed goods1���dresses, blou
ses, stockings, skirts, children's coats,
feathers'  draperies, coverings���everything!
The Direction Book with each package, tells how to diamond dye over
any color.'
To match any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color Card.
New Fuel Hotter
Than Coal or Oil
Look at tongue!/ Remove poisons from little stomach,
liver and bowels
Thoroughbreds Being  Imported
Train on Prince of Wales'
W. L. Carlisle, who has been buying
stock for thc Prince of Wales' ranch
in Alberta .sailed for England recently
by the-Empress of France. 'Mr. Car-;
lisle's special mission is to bring back
some of the Prince's thoroughbred
racing horses which will at once be
put in training at Calgary^ He must
return without the thoroughbred cattle and shecp,~whichrwere "purchased
last Novemebr, as-the South of England, owing to an outbreak of foot and
mouth--"disease early-in the winter, is
still under quarantine as far as the exportation, of-live stock to Canada-is
Mr. Carlisle will bring back with
him sonic of thc Prince's prize ponies
from Dartmoor. -
Accept "California Syrup of Figs"
only���look for the name California on
the package, then you .are sure .your
child is having the best and most
harmless laxative- or physic for the
little stomach, liver and bowels. Children love its delicious fruity taste.
Full directions for child's dose on
each bottle.   Give it without fear.
Mother! You must sav "California.".   ' *     .      -
Valuable for Steamship   and  Battleships, Giving Wider Cruising
A new fuel fluid of greater heat
value per unit than either coal or fuel
oil, and hence particlarly valuable as
a fuel for steamships and battleships,
giving them a wider cruising raidius,
was described in-a paper by Jerome
Alexander, a. New York ' chemist,
which was read by Dr. Harry H.
Holmes, of'Oberlin College, chairman
of thc National Coiloidrcscarch council, before the American Chemical Society.
The paper declared that the ncw
fuel utilizes coal waste artd. cheap tars,
these ingredients being", dispersed in
fuel oil by colloidal action, and that
the action of a certain "fixing" agent,
whose nature is kept secret, results in
a fuel which combines thc valuable
qualities for heating of both coal and
oil. Peat, lignite,- cellulose waste,
sawdust and similar inferior fuels may
be utilized in the new process Mr. Alexander' declared. He said that thc
ncw fuel could be piped, stored and
burned virtually as fuel oil is, and
that as~ a fuel for steamships it is
virtually double the value of -either
coal or thc present forms of fuel oil;
Hc ;>lso declares the new fuel is very
valuable for laying smoke screens in
Whole Collection Will Illustrate Every Phrase of Nation's
War Life
The Imperial War Museum, which
the King will open on June 9 in London, England, will occupy the crystal
palace for four years, pending the provision of a permanent home.,   r~
Exhibits will- total upwards of 100,-
000, and the first consignments are
now being moved in. The whole.collection will illustrate every phrase of
the nation's war life, at home and in
the fighting fronts.
For three years after the war cab'
inet had approved the formation of
the museum, a committee has been
collecting material in striking contrast
to the casualness of previous generations, which left in London's.keeping
only a pair of kettle drums as the sole
souvenirs of Marlborough's campaign,
and five field gnns and 200 cuirasses 'struciion
as the mementoes of Wellington's
At the Palace, there will be everything from a tank to a flag day trifle.
From an 18-inch naval gun to a toy
mascot. . ,
���   ������     ; ���\    ..   ;
A   Health   Saving
Don't Walt
until  you  get  the  Spanish / Influenza.  .USE
Minard's  Liniment
At the first sign of It   It's Healing Qualities
are amazing.   THB OLD RERLIABLE.
Yarmouth,   N.S. . ���
class of horse. Saskatchewan alone
has 100,000 worthless horses today.    !
According to economists^' prices of
horses before the .war were proportionally too high, higher than almost
any other class of article. During the
war, prices of horses .did not go up,
while prices of almost^everything else
did. This along with a world-wide
appeal for grains and meats, and the
high pricey being paid for these materials was {responsible for the depression in the business.   "~
There is a revolution due, however;
in the: horse business. The day of the
cayuse is gone. These light horses
are being offered by the thousands at
but a few cents a pound. Some horsemen are now advocating making meat
of them for shipment to the countries
where horse meat is consumed. Some
shipments, in fact, have recently been
Whether or not Canada is going
to play any great part in supplying
horses tb Europe, therc is one part
she will have to play; and that is her
own. "We are alone in our own
boat." We cannot look to .European
countries for large shipments of purebred horses to build up our studs.
They are busy with their own rccon-
Aratnea ��� Pioneer
. and .Hew te Feed
Ualled    Free   to   ��ay:
Addreti  \>j the
.CO.,   INC.,
118    West   Jltt-street,
���New .York,  U.S.A.
the Action     liuSt upon
Cook's Cotton Roof Go0pottn$
Jt Baft, rtltmVU rcpulattng
median*. Bold ia tkiae �����*
���reea ol strength���No. 1. |l|
No. 3, ��3; No. 8. t5 j��r bi*,
How's This?
We offer- $100.00 for any case oi catarrh
that cannot bc cured by HALL'S CATARRH
internally and acts through the Blood on the looks bright.
Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Sold by druggists  for over forty years.
Price 75c.    Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Therefore, the maii-who can go out
now and purchase'-a few good mares,
with a view to producing horses of
the big drafty type, would appear to
be taking advantage" of the -situation.
Many are out after mares like these
right now. They are also after suitable stallions to mate with these
mares, and they seem-to bc having difficulty in finding-them.
In view of these facts can we not
say the future of the horse industry
8old br all drof cute, or ar mt
prepaid oa receipt of erica.'
Free    pamphlet.      Addrcitl
TJI0II9, ONT. (r��Mi!i Water.)
Halt In Italy
The British Character
Canada's Population
Next Census Likely to Show A Pop.
- ulationof Considerably-Over	
Nine Million
Canada's   next   census   is   likely   to
show a population or the Dominion |cher' thatthc government^ was   not
of ovcr nine million people.    Figures iaware of" ^ ^cneral  -dissatisfaction
Weighing Grain
Sir George Foster Says Government's
Attention Had Not.Been
Called _.to Elevators   _   .
In the House of Commons Sir Geo.
Foster told J. P. Molloy, of -Proven-
Following CaMs, Grip or Flu,
Thin, Watery or Poisoned Blood
(Br. Db. Valsntinb liorr.)
At this time of yoar most people
��� guifer from what we term " spring'
fever" because o��.a stagnant condition of the blood, because of- tlie
toxins (poisons) stored up within
the body during the long winter.
We eat too much meat, with little
or no'green'.vegetables.
Bloodless people, thin, anemic
people, those with pale cheeks and
lips, who have a poor appetite and
feel that tired, worn or feverish
condition in th%spring-time of the
year, should try the refreshing tonic
powers of a good alterative and
blood purifier. Such a. tonic" as
druggists have sold for fifty .years,
is Dr. Pierce's'Golden Medical Discovery. .It i& a^standard remedy
that can be obtained in-tablet or
liquid form. Made without alcohol
from wild root3 and barks.
TJLT,soKHCRa, Osr.���"Ever eince I
can remember Dr. Tierce's medicines
wcTe used in our
family at home and
they never failed to
give  good  residtp...,
, What ^About It,! Girls?
7; Why not'make..every year, a-
year?     Thcsc:7 are -".the days:. of.-sex
recently published and based on departmental estimates, gave the population of thc Dominion as 8,835,102.
While these estimates in thc past have
proven approximately correct, ~it'is to
bc pointed out. that they-covered a
period which ended on March 31,-1919
nearly'a year,ago'.- ' Since-tliat, time,
there has' been. a .great influx ;of7 people -to Canada. -'".- j ��� ������.'; ��� "��� -���=-''- -; .: -'
The "-".major ��� portion of ._��� Canada's'
qvcrscas-.fo'rccs- around thefour hundred i.tlipusa'nd -mark, ..has- "returned "to
'Canada-since that date, and immigra
equality, 'of women's complete, emancipation.-. ' Surely' it7is - lime .to" ovcr-
tiirow.'/thc fetish" that-man only must
propose marriage. ���. -It;.is very unpleasant to be. 'rcjccted.: If is mdccd^lo j -^y^: Grc;lt Britain, which" Jin-
heart and-a grave injury, to -the |guis5jc(l during -tlie war years, lias-re-
But you will become- as-y^:pil .jo.-.a. considerable extent.- .There
has also been ;.a "considerable, niove-
Thc ' Golden Medical Discovery' was
nuod a�� a tonic and
% hlood purifier and
for bronchial trouh-'
le aud it proved excellent, I haveper-
sonsHy fafcen^it for
LronclVil trouble
and th. 'Favnrile. Prescription ' * fo
'bund tne np when I ���was'rnn-doim. and
thej- wa both very beneficial."���ilns.
Gr.iilenv llITCUELL. '   ���
iised to that as men.will become.tactful .and'even-tender on the offer of .alternative brptherhood7NAnd they shall
bc merry courtships'which-are'liable
at any moment, tq: interruption, by "a
proposal .from"-cither" side.-���..London
Daily. Express?:     ,-...-"        ."".'���-
ment". froin-the- United States. -.-With
the" return- of-such- a large portion'. V
of thc-male population from overseas
thc naturar.'iricfease should be "much
iri excess of the period from "1914 to
1919. ,'Witli all these factors, consid^
cred,'- it.woiikl not. be. surprising-,if
even; the\estimate of ' nine .j,millions
should .be -greatly exceeded...'., 7
with regard to thc weights given to
terminal elevators at Fort William
and Port Arthur.   -    -
Individual complaints were received
from timc to time and these were all
investigated. The board , of grain
commissioners had received the.statement from one- of '^he largest shippers of grain from -Western Canada,
to. thciicad,.of the'lakes'. -.Tliis st'atc-
mcrit said, that Ithe:out 7.turns from
this." .shipper's
and, Port'.Arthiir'clcyatbrs" were." 100
percent..satisfactory... 7 '���_' . .'- V ���.'���..
.:- Sir George stated- that, the . only,
thing, in "the,nature of a general'complaint received by the" board .of grain
c'ominissioncrs'was'raised.by 'the, order..'of/grain-buyers.. -.This was. fully
The automobile people have almost
advertised horsemen out of existence,
says    Geo. F. .Mason,   Union    Stock
Yards, Chicago.
Transition in Russia With an idea of bringing   bringing
Lenine, in a recent public address, before the public the real facts of the
complains that the peasants arc show- case, there has recently been formed
ing capitalistic tendencies and arc be- an association called the "Horse As-
coming a bourgeoisie. A man who sociation of America," a non-profit or-
cultivates a plot of land and secures ganization backed by horsebreeders
a crop naturally feels that he ought .representing all breeds of horses, by
to own what his toil has produced. Ithc saddlery and harness interests;
Why should he not? Communism un-jhy the horseshoe manufacturers and
der trial always will break to pieces harness    interests, by the horseshoe
against that human instinct, as it always has broken.���Buffalo Express.
But They Are Nearly-Always Due To
-     "Thin,"Watery"Blood   "
' Do not think that because your
stomach is easily" upset you are thc
victim of some serious malady." One
of the most common predisposing
causes of indigestion is anaemia, or
thin, watery blood. In fact it has become generally recognized that healthy activity of the stoniach is impossible unless the blood is rich and red.
��� Dr. Williams Pink Pills have been
found most valuable in cases of indigestion, nervous dyspepsia and stomach" .Vvcakness',' just because - they are
a blood builder and nerve tonic." Thc
rich, red blood they, make' nor only
imparts a. healthy digestion, but = carries color to the cheeks and lips; and
givc.s.-vigor to; thc-inuscles.-' One smears'-at-Fort William. :-portant point .to remember'is that Dr.
Williams,-Pink'-.Pills contain' no'harm:
ful drugs7or.opiates, and are. thus 'to
be preferredZ\to'--7preparations"": that
merely- stimulate for. a. time:. ..Before
you- begin worrying unnecessarily about'your state; of .health,."try thc tonic
treatment of Dr. Williams Tink Pills'
manufacturers and master horseshoers
by thc hay, grain and feed interests
and by the carriage and wagon builders of America. " '
1. Finance.���$250,000 will be raised
the first year for this work. 2. Service trained horsemen will make full
investigations along all lines, and furnish accurate material to prove the
greaier efficiency of' the horse. - 3.
Publicity.��� -Prepare leaflets, articles,
circulars and .such like which are absolutely correct. 4. Shows,���Co-operate with leading fairs and exhibitions
by featuring displays of educational
character designed to bring out the
good types of each breed. 5. Schools
and Colleges.���Prepare clear, concise
lessons suitable for use in schools of
various grades, and colleges, which
will bring out, thcVtrue-facts relative
to .the horse. 6.7Legisiatibn.���Through
legislation'head .off anything-injurious
to the horse, or .to the horse interests.
7. Public .Speakers.���Provide for good
speakers",..with7 facts and figures.-,.8.
Paid Advcrtising.^Through/. a- competent, agency'to -educate :��� the general
public'to. true "-'facts-.regarding ~ the
horseJ- :' ". ������" -. '-'X'- ."_ -' .-
,. "The- primary.-'aim' of. the. organization.will be,.-to bring prorn-ncntly be-
Says British Reserve is Really  Just
���   Frederic W. Wyle, -American- news-/
paper correspondent, who represented'
the London Daily Mail, and its asso- ���
ciated papers in Germany, addressing
the Canadian Club, said that, after 20
years of thinking it over, he had at
last begun to understand thc Britisii
character.    Mr. Wylc said that what
Americans thought coldness and reserve in  the  Englishman   was' rcallj'
shyness.    ' "
Mr. Wyle, who is of Irish descent,
said hc sympathized with the Irish
raccj but any deal with the Irish 'must -
be a square deal within the British
empire. It was a political necessity he
said, that Ireland must remain within
the,British Imperial system. Great
Britain could not give complete territorial independence to Ireland, Mr.'
Wyle declared. ��
Cotton has been grown in Eg3rpt
since 200 B.C., but it was not until a
hundre"d7ycafs~ -ago" "that- "Juniel^-a~
French, engincer^uggested the introduction of the commercial .varieties."
Iu 1822 the famous American Sea Island cotton ,was first sown. .Five
years later a Brazilian variety was in- ���
troduced. The two strains were mingled and from them came the famous
"Ashmouni" plant, and thc still finer
"Mutaffi," whicli is~one of the most
productive cottons in the w-orld.
You"S\iH be surpriscd'to.'scc:hoiv'rap- c     ...     --.,.-   ������..-,,-.���
,idly..ypur whole debilitated system. ro> fo.rc" t��e Pu.bhc. and all .transportation
investigated, in- January "last,    -While ' viyes, as "the'new, rjch-'blobi courses; users, the".great part which the horse
Minard's.Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Should Teach Finance.:
,   Sbm'e'vyherc iii .our"   school .courses.
there Ouglit.to.be the opportunity to
learn about the .  essential    conditions
of safe investment, rates of interest,
and" proper^, ways - of- saying.    To, bdT      -     - M^n ,Whb  Havc Ris���n
ware of- large interest and  to guard      Tlierc'Was. 6ncc a small grocer in
little cxpenses-are lessons as much as,a back Ant( Jn .Boiton. ' ,J vou want'
ever needed to day as when Benjamin jtQ knQW V;ho ^ is tod:vv_ask Lor(i
this complaint "touched bnfthe-Vsnattcr
of 'weight.7at_-the- head.-of the lakes,
it' was mainly'a question;, of shortage
of, bonds; as applied.to. country buyers, that'fisrn.ishcdthc chief grounds
of; complaint. <-, ��� -     - ." >;
.through,your bpdy:.-"-.Hcr'e;is thc state-|playS in agriculture," -conYmerec-.   and
mcnt of onc PCMonjamong,thousands  traiisportation and-'to-.work-'ceasblcss-
In aftcr ycars a self-made man likes
to boast about thc hard struggle hc
had on a farm when hc was a boy.-
One Great Essential
To a Woman's Health
Is Her Nerves
Franklin .taught; thern.' A man who
has - savings wisely invested has a-
stake iti the welfare of his country
and an anchor ,-to &e windward , for
himself.���ilinneapofls .Journal.
' Nutmegs arc kernels of the" fruit of
[a tree cultivated iri Sumatra, Java and
��� the -West Jndies.. The shape and size
\, iqfVthis,1 frsuit:. re5ernbles.'.a'.,peach,'.',and.
_ j-wlic'rii riffe;.it .easily splits :in ;t.vr.o parts,:
tMi6.yi*ing'.:7U.ic,,kefner,(oP nutmeg) and
niaeV";"..wliich,.su'rrounds.iti '.-'"; 77"   ',. ..;
*.��� J.W.
- Brazilian Aviation Enthusiasm
X Enthusiasm for aviation has reached such a point in Brazil that irriport-
and factories of France,' Great Britain,
and the United States* have, sent "representatives ..to . that country. These
have been devoting several months to
the study df .the market;- arid    have
There was once a. shop assistant ini tried to win concessions from the gov-
Devonshire.      If you want to know | ernment. With the exception, of. Great
who he is today ��� ask I-drd'Devon
There was a very small grocery
in Glasgow, in which the grocer slept
under the counter. ., If you. want .to
,; It sometimes', happens that a\ man
is called the .mainstay^ of. the ho.me; because he.does not'.know when.io come
hoTaxX-i'-Xy-X:- i- -: -"7;-" ���;."' -'.-'rr-- i-yyy,.^
Britain, all the manufacturers have
sent machines, and there are daily
flights: Aerial-service, both - freight
and passenger, is to be established.by
a resident. British;company, between.
know.who.hcris today���ask Sir,Thom-[the. chief.cities .of-, tlie; republic; ���-."'.
as:Lipton. X-'\' ';������������
��� ��� :��� -f-. :q: .-.-. ��� Explained7. 'X'y.yy yy
.77"Waiter,".whyJ'do..ybu bring me this
sa'me;7pbta.tO;.'day>: after/day ?"yXyX'Xy
.;":',"Well,., sir', yoii. n'c'yer. eatlit"-4rt,qn-
don7>Srorld/'...?y>.;1;" ���-���;��� ;' Xy:'   iyx.-y _.���
who have'used Dr.'Williams' Pink.-Piils
to" -their-own., great" advantage.-. Mrs.
A. Vcniot, Homfprd; N.S.; says: "For"
about, two years'.I 'was a' great. surTer-
er from- indigestion, which' seemed to'
carry, with-.it a complication of. other
troubles:. Every meal I fook'broiight-
with it misery,-as it .was followed-.by
pain, and sometimes nausea arid .vomiting. At other times gas would form
iii the stomach td such an extent", that
niy heart would "palpitate at an alarming rate.
on extreme iic.n'ousncss'.'and irritability", and I found my general health
.so-much affected, that the least exertion would tire nic, and I. slept but
poorly. I had been doctoring fo- several months with ho_ result b'iyond
slight temporary relief, when I was
advised by a friend to try Dr.Wii-
liams Pink Pills. I decided to follow
this advice and got a half dozen boxes.
Good results " soon began * to show
from this >treatmcri,t,..,and.. thc further
continued--'use; of-the- pills; have.-iiVade
mc: a ' ���well- -woman';'.-.- Il.can,; cheerfully
ly ���for-thc;-impr6vcnieiit and up-building to. higher standards of the'exist-,
ing types .of. horse's., . '-'   ..
Airships MayTYet Fly and Float
.""The airship which could-fly,-.arid.in
fact .'flbaf.and submerge," -is, in thc
judgment of .Sir 'Fortescuc Flannery,
M.P., London, England, "no impo'ssi-
r!l-^L':'Jf��"-!-'��I!s.5 .ir��"?-!vf We <Jrcam of; the future. ,fhi,s statement is quoted from a- speech rifadc
at; a banquet held recently by the society of Consulting Marine Engineers,
and Ship Surveyors, iu London, of
which Sir Fortescuc is president. He
added that some of those - present
might live to sec this materialize.
You can-procure D'r..:y\rjlita;"iis Pink
Pills, through "any-dealer in; medicine
qr:.they will be !sent you .by7inail at'50
cents7a'box or six boxes^for $2.50 by
'"' Williams
at.-. ".>:." "7
writing direct, to  Tbe X).ri'���:
Medicme.C.o^, Brockviile Oa
,$10,0��)0 For. A Carload .of Flax"
..-7..A7 carload of .flax ;sqld 'at Winnipeg.
-    1  r>     n-ir       -- ���!>��� -i   -n-ii- ��� Manitbba;; a jew  days  ago,..brought
recommend Dr. - vVil.ljams   P.ink,Tills ,-,,     -. --������;' .;.;���*��; 1'; i-to -rm 10   ��� ti���
tb similar sufferers.""-  ." Zy.X ' X -'. X.^ ��5n^- ^��M?* S1P'<19-lV   ^
���"      " '    "      car c.onlainca.-1,821,-.bushels and sold
at.:$5:58.:a"7'bushcl..i7;.. Xy xyXyi'.X'._
:.;7This: is...believed :,lo be the highest
pricevcy.er obtained in Winnipeg for
a-single-carload of grain. -;" ;v 7 Zyi :
Nature intended women- to .'be
strong, healthy and happy as the day-
is long, instead of being sick aud
wretched. But how can any woman
be healthy and happy when the whole
nervous system is unstrung. . The,
trouble is.thcy pay more.attcntion to
their social-and household duties lhan -
they "do to their health. Is it'any
wonder then that" they become irritable and nervous., havc hot flushes,
faint and dizzy spells, smothering r.nd
sinking spells, become weak and nervous, and everything in lifc becomes
dark and gloomy. ��� ���>
Milburn's Heart and N_ervc I'ills arc
the very remedy that nervous, tircd-
out,   weary   women   need   to   restore "
them to-the-blessings of good health.
Mre. T. I-I. Ryan, Sand Point. N.S.,
writes: "I havc been a'great sufferer
from nerve'troubles. I was so-weak
and nervous I could not sleep .\t night
and my appetite was vety poor. -I
could not" walk .ncropp thc- floor without trcmblins;, , I had Ijrt flu-die; and
fainting spells. "When I was or. my-
second box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills 1 began to feel better and
kept on until I had used six hor.cs.-
when 1 felt like a different person. T-
am never without them in the house
and recommend them to all who sn.Ter
with ��� thdin nerves."
Price 50c a box ar ��li dealers o��
mailed direct on receipt of pricc ht
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont. XI
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance,   or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have-passed.    To Great  Britain and the
United States $3.,' always in advance.
Editor and Financier.}
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7���
Bstray Notices 3-oo
Cards of Thanks    1-00
Qertificaie of Improvement.  i2-5<>
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, i2'Cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals ia^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross' tueani that
your subscription is due, and
t'.ai the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
New G. P. R. Schedule
The new C.P.R. schedule comes
into efftcb on Sunday, May 2.
The Westbound No. 11 from Nel-
son will arrive at 4.20 a.m., which
is 20 minutes later than at present.
Eastbound No. 12 fropi Vancouver
is due at 3.45 p.m., making7 it 35
minutes earlier than the time now
A change is also made in the
time of the mixed train which runs
from Grand Forks to Midway and
return the same day. This service is on Wednesday and Saturday of esch week. Westbound
No. S61 arrives at 11.45 a. m.
Eastbound No. SG2 is due at 2.30
The Ledge has always room
for one more ad.
Rock Creek Ranch
Sells For $25,000
One of the finest properties, and
probably tbe banner ranch of the
district was acquired last week
from John S. Shaver of Rock
Creek by Captain George L. Atkinson of His Majesties Imperial
army. The property lies on the
plateau between Bridesville ��� and
Rock Creek, and has' long been
noted for production, equipment
and stock.
Capt. Atkinson secured  the property.   617  acres, as a going concern   with   about 175 acres under
cultivation, and  a  compliment  of
some 22 head of horses, 14 head of
holstein  dairy   cattle,   and  a  full
equipment of implements inclusive
of threshing machine,   etc.,  all for
a consideration-of 825,000,-    '
: After an  extensive, tour' of the
Okanagan "aiid .: other     districts
Captain and Mrs. Atkinson   finally
decided oh the fertile  Kettle" Val-
.Jey,' and tire pleased   with: the .pur-
7 chase they have -made.   -The Captain is an   experienced  dairyman
��� aud has had-an; extensive training
. in modern scientific dairying.-'   He
,has: 7chosen  .in   the .heart of the
-most ."promising-1 dairy 7, districts
���within.the "interior; of  British Columbia. ���;". x'-yyXy-.y .--' .,���';���';'X.    ���,-'
' '.The'"-deal'''was"".-,negotiated.' by
'. Robertson. &'Egg,- of .G'randForks.
. -.who; have been'' highly "successful
7 in settling their-clients "upon many
.-.-of.-the.  finest.,\properties'- in-  this
": Boundary.- -. "".:��� -.-,'''��� ..-' . -  .".
On May 1, 1920, the subscription
rates of The Ledge will be as follows: - When paid iu advance $2.50
a year. When not paid for three
months or more have passed 83.00
a year. To Great Britain and the
United States 83 a year always in
. Came to my place last October,
one red and white heifer, coming two years old, brand g- on
left shoulder. Owner may have
same by paying for this advertisement, and feed of animal.
Rock Creek, B. C.
���fr*** * $ 4 4�� 4�� ���%> <ft�� ���&��� ��$���>
^ EJ LOAT is nofe a periodic- ^
v r    al.    It is a   book con- "��
taining 86 illustrations all *��"
told,  and is   filled    with ��sD
sketches   and    stories    of ��J��
X-yxOf-iA.Rolling;. Stoney..���_'���
... Among the 'regular' '.visitants to
jtheconsnl.feirig-rbom of7a; Philadel-
. phia- physician ��� ip-   an   -extremely
7 garrulous lady. .On ,one occasion
' tbe doctor :had  patiently, enduied
'-'a "'lengthy."recital "bf   t'er7 troubles
���and  had   written  out'a new prescription.    She got up to leave and
was about to pass the threshold
when  suddenly   she   turned   and;
..".But. doctor, you haven't look-
. ed to see whether  ray tongue was
: .qoatetl:"  ���
.       "My dear .lady,   wearily replied
the physician,   "one  doesn't look
. for grass ou  a  racetrack;,,���Harpers Magazine.
World to
Your Door
Cables    from    the
European capitals, from
Australasia, Asia, Africa
' and South America.
Telegraph dispatches
from the great cities,
aii<J from - every nook
and corner of this- continent where big news
Speeial correspondence from every centre
in Kootenay and, Boundary. ���'���"'���,"
, , Complete  market  re-
-.ports.- '..""-"
. -  The best mining.page
in -British Columbia..
���' In fact, all .the' neibs
of theworld arid of your 7
district -'that   the- busy
man:wants is published. -  k
���by:~The -Nelson    Daily    .1
��� News,:. the ~ -only   daily ~. ���
' paper-'in the interior oy\
British Columbia:   ---" ���'��� /'
���-yy       >-- \ xXy    - y, y-|
MAIL  , YOUR;., SUBSCRIP-      ?
���'y        .TION  TODAY..;
..'��� By   Mail   &0c. a    Month;
.V-   .'-'-:   $5.00 a .Year."      _;
Tht Daily News^
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Quotation for Coal,
Dominion Building's, British Columbia," will
be received until 12 o'clock noon, Monday,
May 17,1920, for the supply of coal forthe
public buildings throughout the province of
British Columbia.
Combined specification and form of tender
can be obtained from the Purchasing Agent,
Department of Public Works, Ottawa, and
from the Caretakers of the different Dominion
Tenders will not be considered unless made
on the forms supplied by the Department and
in accordance with the conditions set .forth
Each tender must be accompanied by an
accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable
to the order of the Minister of Public Works,
equal to 10 p. c. of the amount of the tender,
war Loan Bonds of the Dominion .will also be
accepted as security, or WarBondsaud cheques
if required to make up an odd amount.
By order
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, April 12,1920.    ,
>* drink at Bear Lake *^
4* early days; how justice
waB dealt in Kaslo in 93;
"how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, aud graphically de
picts the roamings of a
western editor among tbe
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver,King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it i.s too late. The
price is. 50 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon;
how it rained in New Den-
ver long after Noah was V
dead; how a parson took a ����
* R. T. Lowery *
4�� .   GREENWOOD, B. C.     ��g>
*--���'. 7     *
* + 4* 4"f"f ��fr+**��� ���4*��� 4
Culamecn Rotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beauti ful location,
fine rooms and tasty meala.
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1023.
TAKE NOTICE that T, Charles Graser,
intend to aoply for permission to purchase the
following-described land:       ���
Commencing- at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 40
chains; thence East 40 chains; thence South 20
chains; thence West 20 chains; thence South
20 chains; thence West 20 chains to the point
of commencement, aud containing- 120 acres,
more or less. '     '        .     ���"
Dated'at Midway. B:C.; April 24rh, 1920.-
Nicely furnished rooms, by the"
day, week or inonth
Nilson & Nilson
T.    THOMAS ?
Don't Stop
When someone stops advertising,
Someone stops buying.'    :��� -     '-   - -
When someone stops buying, '
Someone stops selling..
When someone stops selling, -';
{Someone stops making,  ,
When someone stops,making,   .'.
Someone stops earning.'. .    -'X .
Everybody stops" buying. '
Keep going.
X Get your job pointing at The
Ledge,; before tbe paper, is all
'gone.'" '���-   '���",',.,;.'.,' -.'-���";���: 'X-X'-Z--'-y
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick buildin^and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Physician and Surgeon
."-'���,_ Announces    .   -^.   "
That he has located at Greenwood
- Office ; -   Guess Block.
Residence   -  'Dr.' Maclveau's House
Office Phone 90.      Residence Phone 69
DENTIST . .   '���'-.���-
Ail Work Guaranteed 7
V.O. BOX 148.".-,���" TELEPHONE 92
Morrison-Block. GRAND FORKS, B^C,
.   ..(Expert Optician)   .
-    ;   "X-���-��� GRADUATE -y-r-y. -���;-----
Optician and optometrist
K.'W.t Block   -'-. -;!'-��� ,���'-;    .Nelson
Hov/ it Happened
SergeaDt���Wby    haven'fe.   yon
sbaved this morning,      ..'-'
Private   (rubbing., his   face .Jn
great surprise)���Ain't; T sbaved. 7
Sergeant���No,  you  are'not. '7-1
wan&to know why..,, '������;'������ >}X���_.-
Private���-Well;  yonyeeev. there
-was a dozen of us using "the; same
sh'aved:.Ebnae:ofeher man; ���-;-'-   -. --';;
.' hen'own ;bread.?v^. yXxXX;\ X,:X-X-:
X -^lisonhiirs^Ob^.ii^gn^'-^b^;
. gives me;that.haggar<3 7I.ookv;.'.::I';ve
.jnstihAAi.the grip, ybu know^X; :;yi
---Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make up the Service wis give
our customers. Are vyou
one of them?
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson',
Chalmers,-.Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck'niotprs .        Garage in connection.
;;  "    ": . "DENTIST:'x.;'xXx
AH' the , latest.' methods   in Vhigh-class
���;'"'-.��� Dentistry". "-,..   -..-���.    ,'
.   Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   BC.
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to ?5 an 'acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands, only.,
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land.   :
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. ; Q
Pre-emptors must, occupy claims for
Ave years and mak* Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, Including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.-
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes. Improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
letture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 6 years, and improvements
of- $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptvr holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
Unsiirveyed areas, not exceeding id
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be-purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
S        ACT.
The scope.of thia Aot is enlarged to"
Include all perso.nn Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of.a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person,, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive.
No fee* relating to pre-emptions are
due pr payable by soldiers on pre-
emptlons recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years
Provision for return of moneys ac-
orued due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on aooount of payments, feei
or taxee on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
t.��,TTn.��iolty' lots h*ld by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or lndlreot, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920.
Provision mftde for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed    to    complete
Rurchase, Involving forfeiture, on ful-
llment or conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. "Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed: ^proportionately over
whole/;area. Applications must be
made by May i, 1820.     .
f -GRAZING. ���
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for grating districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established' owners. Stock-owners .may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permita
(or settlers, campers or travellers; Up
lo ten head.  _'"���-'
The Consolidated Mining: & Smelting Co.
~ of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Goid,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
,7   .'. "TADANAC" BRAND
. The WINDSOR- HOTEL is heated- .with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfort-,
able home for tourists and travellers Touch the
wire if you wauc roohis reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,.
buttermilk and ice-cream.        ^
Make Your Telephone Service More Effective
���   Anyone will acknowledge that promptness in: 'answering the'_
telephone is a courtesy shown the caller, ipromptness'can be made'
more effective when you announce who istfspeaking, with perhaps
the name of the linn.   Not only is it  courtesy to the caller, but it
helps your own business- il shows you are responsive, appreciative.
Shamrock Brands    A
HAM,   BACON   and   LARD
Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese  ,
E Burns  & . Co,;   Ltd,,   Nelson, B, C
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos Tor Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
5t4.*4'4,^4'4'*4.'4'4"4* i��.4'4'4'4��4'44?4'*'l��*|i:
Palace -Livery  And  Stage
"���:      (Ruled or Plain)
Envelopes, Billheads,
"���-'���'������ -,(A11 Sizes) ���        ���
'Posters, ^Pbdge^��;,Etc.g;Etc.^
Dealer in7 Farm Produce; Railroad Ties-
Cedar Poles, and Fence .Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale: List your lando
with me,'   Have a buyer for. good ranch
E, W. WIDDOWSOiN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. _C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or "Copper.
$i each. Gold-Silver $1.50." Silver-Lead
$7.60 ):��� Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.. Charges
for other metals, etc;, on application.^
time Rotel
tlelson, B*&
The only up/tevdate Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
xx-iix: .X-ix^z ���_..._   each room. _... __,:_. ^ y-.y'ix.
First. Glass Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;, Electric Lfig-hted.
RATES $1.00 per day and.up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
^^^^^4^4��^^^^^,44*4 4,444#,f ,f4,,l,,l**
Dealer in
;prders feromsJtiy ^Filled
^pTEHAY';QRAKITE;AHD.".;- ;77.: V^;.:
i'Xxyi ''i '77MOSUSERTAL; Cd^,-LTD^
FRO RT;:ST;^;HELsbw;'-^ BOX: 865
The Mineral Province! of Western Canada
.'' JSas produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,116,103; Lode    7
i.,:      ;Gold, ^93;717,974;8iiver,^^$43,623,701 -Lead 839,366,144; Copper, $130,597,620;
--, ;6ther  Metals  (Zinc, 7 Iron,  etc:),.810,933,466V; Goal and .Coke,   $174,313,658;   .;.
JBoilding Slone,  Brick.  jCerora^etc.,  $27,902;381;: making ifea Mineral Produc-  .y'yi
^7 tion to this end pf 1917 show an i-,-,-'"' .-��� -y-X -''��� .'..""...���.._'���-     .."/'. '.';-'
: '"'..���" A^regate^Yalue7 of $595,0i^O7y-: yXyi x;i r.
Productipn fbf Year Ending Ikcembb 1917, $37:6^392 ^
v     The   Mining  Laws of this Province are more liberal and the, fees lawer     '
than those of any other Province in.the Dominion,  or any colony in the .British -.."-.
Empire. r    .-'.-���
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal.fees. .;/:���    ,\    .  :    -
.. ,';;:   -7 . AbsQlate' Titles are .obtained:, by, developjrigl;such;^properties,:the eecarity. X;\
i?.77/"}';-';.orwhich7^'gaarant^.by,Crown;Gran% 'ri-'-'.-
'.': XyXy     7.7 Fnliinformatioqi=together with mining Keports 7and Maps, may bei obtained    ..;.;:��� '-���
yXyy ;77gratia by.addre^ing^7V^.7-^7^^-yX.'X'X- 'y-....XyxXy.iy y -XyyyiyrXyXX- yi:Z-Xy V;:\7" ���-���
^^^^S'^iSS ^;|sthe2ho^;^bie?^^        mm$


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