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The Ledge May 6, 1920

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xAp^M^ i^Xy-y /
gf     v */.  ��� *
| 7. wyio,K���  v '
"i'\     J v- -
'"���.*'���*'"<��� 3
= f*  -*       i�����
Vol.   XXVI.
No. 43
Cosy Homes
Make your bome cosy and attractive by fllllne It with some
of our choice and eleeant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures.
Use our Crockery. Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
ana dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware ���  N
lammKmmNmKmmiftmmmmmmmmmmmm mm
Order Your Garden
Seeds Now
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 tp 60 watt Lamps���50c each, ���       -
100 Watt Lamps���$125 each.
60 Watts
100    ������
200   "
/   *
i>      r��      *
$1.25 each
3.50 ��
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
MEAGHER-&  Co., 511-Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
-      Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First   ���. .
. v'-.77MlbWAY,;\g.7C7A::;^;7-7.7.
Tasty meals and comfortable roome.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes
Pool hall in connection.
W. D. RUSK -   ;.'���"���������'���-,���        -;        PROPRIETOR      !
7S<^sk>000<K><K>OCOOO<K^^ <
Regular saving will soon show a handsome balance in the depositor's account..
It ma^be difficult for you to come tb the
bank always when you want to deposit.
Send in deposits by mail���they will be as
carefully handled as-though yoti-handed
them over the counter.
GREENWOOD BRANCH,- I^E.7 Bracers, Manager;
P.O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,;
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
^      421 Baker Street'
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
In Great Variety "
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels, of any line of-my
"' '"goo'Ss'senfupbn" request" .' '" \" 'v
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and-effioient manner.
Ranch Wanted
We have clients asking for good
Dairy and Mixed Fanning Properties as
going concerns with full equipment of
implements, dairy stock, growing crops
and with good buildings.
If you would sell, and have a really
good place, set your price at all that the
place is worth and we shall be glad to
hear from yon at once.
Robertson   &   Egg
Farm Lands and Improved Ranches
Our Specialty'
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
."-'W,". E. Stanaway. Prop
Day and flight Phone No. 22
Card of Thanks
We wish/to thank Mr. and Mrs/
Beattie, Mrs. Williamson,. Mrs.
Crnse, Mr. Masterton, the teachers
and pupils of Greenwood Central
School, Rev. Father Coccola and
to the inany friends for their kindness aud sympathy extended 7 towards cgj^ddring.ioar recent /sad
bereavement. V..'.-,, '..������.':��� X'X'ii'. Xi.yyyy
y'Z. i Mr7>and'.Mes.-;.Toa:y;-Kbouts.W.
I Around Home ���
��> ��� -ill
Geo. S. Walters is in-town from
Allenby. {.
Jack McKellar,- of Beaverdell,
isvspending a few days' in town.
D. R. McElmoti, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greeqwood,   B.   C.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Bombini, on April 27, a daughter.
Fishing starts 1st; of ��May.
Full line of tackle  at Goodeve's.
George White, of Jewel mine,
owns a cow that has twin calves.
For Sai,e.���1 Ford.Car, apply
to G. A. Rendell, Greenwood,
B.C. '.''.'
A wire fence has (been built
around the lawn, at the rear of
the postoffice. '}'.
Born. On April 30th, to Mr."
and Mrs. Walter Clark, of Midway a daughter.
Robert Lee has bought an
"Overland 4" from the Matthews
Garage, Grand Forks.,
B..T. Greenwood, of Creston,
has joined tthe staff of tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Percy
F. Poulton, of Phoenix, on April
28, ia Grand Forks, a son.
Central School Report
April 1920.
No. actually attending
No. daily present       -
Perfect attendance:
Jack Anderson, Mabel Axam,
Daisie Axam, Selma Benson, Agda
Carlson, Ethel Fraser, Lilly Intilla, Gari Intilla, Gordon Jenke,
Gabrielle Legault, Geo��rge Morrison, Sanford Pond, Silvia Price,
Stella Storer, Ragner Johnson,
Harold Folvik.
Highest standing.
Entrance: Irene Mcintosh 93,
Daisie* Axam 85, Selma Benson
82, Sanford Pond 82, Gordon
Jenks 67, Mable Axam 65^ Johnson
Beattie 57, Gari Intilla 52, The
following were not present for all
the papers but-made the percentage
placed after their-, names: John
Krouten 65, Emmet Andereon 52^
Joe Klinosky 42. . .
Junior Reader IV.: Agda Carl-
lson 81, Gabrielle Legault 69,
Stella Storer 67, Harold Folvik 53,
Lily Intilla 52, Jack Anderson 48,
Ragner Johnson   46.
Missed 1 paper: Ethel Fraser 73.
;7Get your-job\printing,, at <ihe
gone;'-'.'.'; -yy yiiiy XXXZZXXX'-y ';������
The Canadian Bank of Commerce inspectors paid a visit to
the local branch this week.
Mrs. Matt Johnson is leaving
next week for Kimberley, where
Mr. Johnson is employed at the
Sullivan mine.
Mrs. A. Bloomfield and family
left for Allenby on Saturday,
where Mr. Bloomfield has a
lucrative position.
, .Born���At_Mrs._Rendell's^A��s'-
pita'I, Greenwood,'on'April'30, to
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart, of
Midway, a daughter.
See the samples of the latest in
wall papers before you ^renovate
your house this spring. Orders
taken at.Goodeve Drug Store.
Harry, the 14 year old son, of
Mrs. A. T. Johnson, died in
Phoenix on May 2. The deceased
had been ill for about  two years.
James .Grant, the original locator of the Highland Farm, at
Rock Creek, will do some placer
mining in that section this summer.
Two slag cars and bpwlswere
shipped last week from' the
Greenwood smelter to the British
American Nickel Corporation at
Murry, Ont..,
- Col. Bob Stevenson-'. was in
town this week. .Col. StevenX
son is working some placer leases
on Rock Creek,' that he discover-"
ed 60 years ago.���-'������-.     .  -.   -���-_-_;   -
The first train over the C.P.Ri-
branch to Phoenix since last,fall,
made the trip on Saturday," when
10 cars were taken up to be loaded, with machinery from . the
Granby mine.   ,7, ...:7 \
.: A. C'LawrenceyOf Nelson,.district manager of-. the North.
American Life;; Insurance 7.Co/,
was "in town bn. Tuesday. ,He
was. accompanied;, by H. Ji..
Sheads,-of. Grand '-Forks;- who.is
the agent for this Insurance, company in.the;Bbiindairy.^":-   7..-  ;':,
The Ladies Aid of* ihVPresby-
terian church held a veryfsuccessr
f��l sale of -Fancy JVork and
Home Cookery in Kennedy!s store
on Saturday May ii..... Afternoon tea and;ice cream ,was also
served. The gross ,7 proceeds
ampuuted to about SilO.QO.
We are closing out our business at the end 'of/May and to
effect a quick sale we are making
some very attractive prices espec-
ially-;on;"puri. ;stock pfv^ineiis. .furr
nishipgs,' prints;, cottons,' ,flari-
nellettes, runners, tea cloths, etc;
We h'avfe "a good stock of.;. grocer?
iies, flour and feed at .prices ...that
willvhelp'to bring down' the high,
cost7/pf: living.; G. A. Rendell,
tGreenwoodj7:7,;7-;.:,;..''- XXXiiX y
Regular & Punctual attendance:
Ethel Benson, Bessie Bidder,
Gertrude Dixon, Eraine DuHamel,
Horace DuHamel, Lawrence DuHamel. Myrtle Dixon, Allan
Fraser, Cicilia Hallstrom, Edward
Johnson, Katbleen McLeod, William McLeod, Annie Swanlund.
Names in order of Standing:
,  Sr. II.   Bessie Bidder, Edward
Johnson,  William  Wilson,  Tillie
McTDohien; Myrtle Dixon,' Lawrence'
DuHamel, Kathleen McLeod.
Jr. Ill Mary Klinosky, Allan
Fraser,, Annie ThorBlund, Ethel
Benson, Ruby Goodeve, -Cicilia
Hallstrom, John McDonell, Horace
DuHamel, Annie Swanlund.
Sr. II. Mildred MacLaren, Gertrude Dixon, John Wyder, Ernest
Wyder, John Kerr, Mary Kerr,
Wm. McLeod, Joseph Putzel.
Class percentage -       96.13
Perfect attendance.
George Bryan, Arthur Cox,
Percy Fraser, Harry Hallstrom,
Clarence" Johnson," Daniel" Kerr,"
Helen Kerr, Eugene McGillvray,
Malcolm McLeod, Lewis Mitchell,
Dick Morrison, Edward Parry,
Leonard.PontesBO, Bertram Price,
Marguerite Ritchie, Mary Skelton,
Merideth. Fenner, Aldo Yickery,
Robert Carlson, Arnold Pontesso,
Yvonne Swayne, Andrew Swan-.
Iund."r7--"," ' -7-7'';' ���-.���-;' \X'ir '7 7 ' "'..---
;; Honor Roll. ; ".'.-.;
Jr.  2nd Reader:,  Leonard Ppn-
tesso, -Clarence Johnson."     ;   :   .;
:  First  - Reader:7 George. Bryan,.
Helen Kerr.-.'        ';..    -v
. 7 Second Primer: Eugene Mc'Gillv*
ray, Lewis Mitchell.,;��� ' xi'
X-. First Primer: "Merideth Fenner,
Malcolm McLeod,
Receiving. Class:; Arnold Pontesso, Allan : McCurrach; .
Midway   ..^';-''.
There ..is' no place whichoffers
snch great inducements and advantages as .Midway for the settlement
of officers and soidiere. Returned
men could easily acquire blocks of
five, ten or more acres. The soil
is most productive arid water
is available from Boundary, creek.
Forthe shipment, of produce, an.
outlet is easily reached, as this
tpwn.ha.9 t?FO competing, railways,
:ther-7:C;.7P,^R:v:and7;,ihe;Gn;N: *R��;
.^hicb/'3?.a.old. assure the settlers a
fair rate7bn each line. There, Is a
number'df:;h6teis,.,>a good; school,;
churches.- the : location -y. ol/., the
place is.7 delightful and. the climate
���cann6t;be"excelled.7v'>7- Xy; X-Xxx
Western Float |
Petty thefts are very numerous
in Vancouver.
Mining News
The   Hedley
opend last week.
hospital   was   re-
A Co-Operative Society has been
formed in Keremeos. <
The baseball club has
organized in Merritt.
The Odd Fellows    lodge
101 years on April 26.
The Great Northern railway will
build a depot at Cawston.
Wearing overall is th6 style now
in vogue on this continent.
Dr. McEwen formerly of Hedley
and Vancouver, has located in
Keremeos.  ���   '
A branch of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce has been opened in
West Summerland.,
R. C. Clarke has imported into
Keremeos six pure bred mules
from the Southern States.
The Allies have placed the responsibility of guarding the former
kaiser squarely up to Holland.
A halibut, eight feet in length
and weighing 170 pounds was
caught near Port Alberni, recently.
Anthony Bishop, a well known
rancher of Lillooet was drowned in
Big lake, near Ashcroft last month.
The body of Wm. Rocheleau, a
French-Canadian returned soldier,
was found in the river near Kamloops, lasfe week.
Lake Windermere is free of ice.
This isa good criterion for the
opening of spring, which is rather
Kter than usual.
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, the
famous suffragette, is on the Chautauqua-circuit this-year,- and will
speak in many places in B. C.
A baseball league may be" organized with teams from Russland,
Trail, Nelson, Grand Forks. Col-
ville, Northport and Chewelah.
Orders were sent ont from the
Finance Department at Ottawa on
April 30, extending the time for
filing Income Tax returns for the
whole of the Dominion to May 31.
A record was established in the
annals of the Vancouver General
hospital one day last month when
thirteen babies were ushered into
the world in fehe course of 16 hours.
A $320 piano is being placed in
theCranbrook high school, but the
pupils have promised to devise
ways and means of ultimately reimbursing fehe board for the outlay.
Bliss Carman, the Canadian
poet, who has been recuperating in
California, is reported to have improved in health ann expects to
start, for;. Connecticut early fehis
month. -   :. ;- ���' X '
..Effective July .715th -nexfev the
"rule of fehe'road" in theV Interior
of the province will be changed to
conform witfi that of the provinces
to the east and' the. states tp7 the
south, which .will be. "turn to the
right." ; ''���;.':-. ���-/.-.. '"���x;X.X:-MX"^
Thirty cases of rye were stolen
from .& railway; car in the Crows
Nest; The, police have - arrested
a number of men In connection
with the missing booze, and they
were committed for trial ;7at. fehe
-Fernie"assizes. --��� -7      ���.      ...-/���
: A party, of Wyoming "cattle men
will visit British Columbia in July
or August, to investigate the. possibilities of raising livestock in this
province;- . The. party will visit
central British Columbia, where
the grazing lands have- proved to
be ideal.
Burdened with debt though
Great Britain may be, she intend?
to spend in the coming year over
$105,000,000 for her ; militlary
aviation service,;.which ���-will ^employ .oyer, j% 300 officers and , snore
than 23,000 men. In other wordSj
the .iBrifriab,^ who .claim.., that at
the close of 'the. great war' found
them with undisputed ascendency
Granby's copper production at
Anyox for March was 2,095,500
pounds, as compared with 2,180,-
pounds in February, and 1,975,-
439 pounds in January.
The Northwest Mining Truth
of Spokane, says: "Since our last
issue the Northport smelter has
neither closed down or started up.
That establishes a record.''
Sutherland and Thompson who
have a leane on tbe Wellington at
Beaverdell, will ship about 30 tons
of ore to the Trail smelter this
A 27-ton shipment from the
Krao mine afc AinBworth netted
the leasers $9937, values chiefly in
silver. A second car will soon be
The Harvard Coal Company,
at East Princeton, shipped two
carloads of coal last week. This
company intends to make regular
, The 'strike called by the O.B.IT.
on May 1st, affects many mines in
the Slocan and at present 500 men
are out. The union is asking for
$1 a day increase.
The Rambler-Cariboo Mines is
assembling a crew in preparation
for- a resumption of mining and
milling operations, according to a
report from Three Forks! Work
about the mine has been started in
a small way and will be increased
as the force is enlarged. ���
Shipments from the Premier
mine, Portland Canal district, during the "winter to the Tacoma
smelter, amounted to about 300
tons, hauled out over fehe snow.
It is reported that 1000 ton concentrator will "be" erected at this
mine during fehe coming summer.
There has been a marked falling
off in the coal production of the;
Crow's Nest Pass coal field of late,
largely for fehe reason, no doubt,
that comparatively little is required for coke making in comparison with the demands of previous years. At present the ovens
afe Fernie are idle.
There are over 140 men working
at Nickle Plate mine, Hedley. The
wage dispute was sefetled at this
mine lasfe week, when the . men
were granted a raise of' 50c a day.
The minimm wage7paid_is"$5"7"and_
the owners of the mine will give
the new scale a tryout and see if
operations can be carried on with
but a loss. Gold is the principal
mineral taken out of this mine.-
..The Granby. Consolidated Mining Smelting and  Power company
has effected the sale of. $2,500,000
in   convertible . debenture   bonds,
says a New  York   report. . The
bonds are for five years at eight
per cent: ; The purpose of the sale ���
was to meet7 obligations incurred,
in the development of the Granby
coal  property, ; coke.. and  by-pro- .
ducts plants,  the-remodeling and.
improvement of the Anyox smelter
and other improvements,  the total
cost of. which approaches $5,000,-
000.    These . and   other   expendi- .
tures aggregate'$10,000,000.'
Perishable Goods
.   A colored soldier at a. parcel post
window bfa Northern camp:.. .c<Ah;'
wants to insure this  'ere7 package,,
cause Ah. wants mah gal in Florida.,
t.o.get it-sure." ; .. "���'.-..:
- "Whafe. does the package contain?" asked the clerk mechanically. .,- ;,,,   "';������-.-..���
."Dat's a,shoe" box .full pb snow,
boss; "and Ah'm mighty."anxious
fob !Ca'line to 7gefe it, kaBe she's
never done seed no snow befo';"
Today'sX. best bet:.. ^'Eve.must
have been a very small woman,",
the air, intend to maintain Shat ruminated a young, female tourist
when shown a California fig trea. -. *
THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     C.
Better Bread
as good flour
and perfect baking
Cnwantttd to five excellent results
Standard Cakes Each Carton
I passed.    Some potent elixir strength-
| cned and sustained him, and with it
an  emotion  of wonder and  awe and
devotional gratitude.   Ho felt himself
to bc a favored one of God.
-It was not alone for tlie preservation of his life and being the instru- [
ment  for the preservation   of    Ruth.)
Something  far greater than  life  had'
been vouchsafed him.   Ruth had come j
to  him  as  a  divine  gift.    Elemental
forces had bestowed her.
Naval Governor
For New Zealand
Viscount Jellicoe is Appointed Governor General and Commander-
in-Chief of Dominion
Must Have Air "Harbors'
Before Commercial Aviation in Canada Can Progress
Therc can be little hope for progress in commercial aviation in Canada until the municipal or other gov-
The  Colonial  office has announced
He^lookcd 'that  His  Majesty  King   George  has "crnments start constructing 'harbors'
at the door of the stateroom from be-'been   pleased  to  appoint Admiral  of for aeroplanes,   with   landing   places
hind which came thc low murmur of  Flcet viscount Jellicoe to be Gover-!and airdromes.    This was  the state-
voices and his eyes gushed over.   Hei        ��� J y    .    ���, . . .   , _ ,   ���r   ���   ���
thought of the briny kisses exchanged I nor-Gcneral and Cominander-m-Chicf mcnt made by Lieut.-Col. W. G. Bar-
and his body shook with tremors com-'of thc Dominion of New Zealand in  ker,  V.C.,  D.S.O.,   M.C.,  etc.,  at   the
Filling His
Own Shoes
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thoa. Allen,
pared to which all previous emotions
were as thc fluttering v/ing of a hummingbird.
These emotions were interrupted
by the flashing of lights through a
porthole and Rugglcs saw that they
were off Ihe port. A moment later
the engines^ stopped, went astern,
stopped again, and.tlie little vessel,
quivered as thc anchor took tlie wat- jcessor, the chief government news-
er and  the   chain    cable    spun    out,paper, The Dominion, urged the ap-
succession of the Earl of Liverpool,, annual meeting of the Montreal
who will shortly retire from that of-'Branch of the Aerial League of the
fice. Lord Jellicoc was very warmly [British Empire,, whicli was held in the
received in New Zealand last year during his naval tour, where he spent
about six weeks.
ball room of the Rilz-Carlton, i'n the
In .discussing Lord Liverpool's suc-
course of an address on aeronautical
In his address Lt.-Col. Barker, V.
C, gave a sketch of the amazing
growth    of   aviation during the war,
'There is obviouslv no reason why
speed of only sixty miles an hour, and
a vcry limited time capacity for fly-
through  the  hawse-pipe.       Monsieur ipointment  of an admiral in  view  of from the days when airplanes had a
Pclleu came below and expressed his  New Zcaiand.s navai policy.
gratification at finding Ruggles in so
good condition.   Then Madame Pclleu
came out with the encouraging news
that  Ruth  had broken  into  a  gentle
perspiration and had fallen asleep.
Thc gig was ordered at once and
Monsieur went ashore in person to
telephone to Le Tourquct the news of
thc rescue and to give orders that
Ruggles car should he sent for hiin  for ti,e peerage by British party poli
Edge* Before and After Stropping
(Magnified). -
It's the stropping
lat "counts!
jthe  following  morning With  such  of
���his clothes as he needed.   The kindly
artist would not hear of Rugglcs leaving thc yacht  that night, even insist
ticians. Ncw Zealand docs not want
a purely ornamental governor-general, nor yet onc with an ingrained and
ing that he should have his dinner life-long habit of having a finger in
in lus berth in which excellent advice t, politicaI pic>�� Thc journal adds
Madame Pclleu seconded him warmly. ' ' r   , '    ..
So Rugglcs, who was feeling very,t],;lt a sc"lor officer of the navy wou,d
drowsy, thanked them and retired, make a good governor, since he could
falling at once into so deep  a sleep  give somc expert advice on naval de-
"Well I   do,"  said  Ruggles.    "Let
mc tell you something, Ruth. There's' that he was with difficulty roused by fence. -
The nomination method of appoint-
When he awoke the next  morning
a  lot  morc  than  wc  realize'back of \ ^Vrn^W^'^^"'^?^!^^ * ^
all this.    We're not going to drown. !o��-^0lh and a ^ of milk.
sdyvefsatworking To^our^ly^and ' the light was streaming through -the  cut organization of the Empire
buy        .       ^, nnrt],nu       i,rom OVerhead came thc |lhe governor ought to  be a man  of
ing governors seems to suit the pres-
'murmur  of  many  voices.       Ruggles'
(rang for the steward, who came in at
! once with his valise.
your family never knew it. 1 guess
the Rugglcs were made by God Almighty to work for the Downings,
and it's all just kismet as the Turks
say. Now here I am working to save
your lifc, and I'm going to do it, too.
I saw yoti out there farther than you
ought to havc been, and went out to
look after you. Wc got mixed up, I|
guess.    What you took for  an auto-1
mobile   was   a   motor-boat    running i,,-.    . -   .    . .-      ,
i r      rv���  i t   *i,���������i,��.  ^1^,11   t��at  shc was  entirely recovered and
down  for  Ltaples.    1   thought  about ,    ,      ...   ,,       ,,J
that    too    late.      But    never    mind,  on deck with the o hers
There's  a  Ruggles  on   this job, and     ,RuBgles   swung   his   feet   ovcr  tl.e
,,        ,. '   .   b��,    .,���.  ,,_.���  in;'��� f���,edgc of his bunk and sat for a mom-
Ive got a hunch  that he s  going to      b thoughts,
make good and get you out. o   trouble   T       /   B . t
I t^d ^ofHanS^slt^shi^ *taUroom  had a' deck ventilator   he
the heads off the Bulgarians.   All you; opened it. .^�����.*���v<���
infinite  tact, conscious  that he occupies a somewhat anomalous position.
"Mademoiselle Challand is on deck,' He may have influence, but hc must
said the steward, "and wishes to see'not try t0 rule. New Zealand has had
monsieur as.soon as convenient. Men-' { ��� t and it has
sieur Downing is there, also, and his.f.,    , r ,,        -      ,   ,   ���     .,
son, thc brother of mademoiselle."     1 liked some of them much better than
In answer to  Ruggle's question  in (others.    The governor who would be
regard  to  Ruth,  the steward  replied intolerable would be hc who imagined
that Downing Street had given him
authority to direct the public affairs
of the Dominion.
have got to do now is to keep your
courage up and stick it put. I guess
we've got sand enough to keep us go-
tion,  in  which he  recognized  Ruth's
voice and a resonant   bass    that    he
ini'or��quite "a lot "of ".hours "yet, and  ^^   sllPPosed   belonged to her
we're bound to bc picked up as soon
as it gets light. And let me tell you
something else���" Hc laid his cheek
against hers. "You've got a debt to
pay to the Rugglcs family.    And I'm
rhcre to claim it.    From now on you
belong to me, living or dead
understand, dear?"
"  , "Yes���I understand.
getting!1 Where, does that light come
from���or is it just thc flashing in niy 1
eyes?"    =    ' -:" X'X.    ' '
."That's" Le Touquct-light-," Ruggles
answered., '.'I began'to,flarh just before we -found this crate. - Only for
that Lmighlncvcr have seen it. Ruth"
���lie raised her head in his hands ���
."Kiss inc."    . - ������ ' ./'--    /"; ���- -.
Shc raised- her pallid lips to his;
then let her head, sink against his
shoulder. . -"-'    -'   - -
A sudden misgiving swept over him
and  his  heart  sank.    He  forgot   his
millions, forgothis notoriety, iorgotiwhich give    substantial    promise    of
his  newly  acquired  position  anc   his lending in   an   agreement    by    which
many new-formed friends     Or, rath- C;mada wln be represented in Wash-
An. ��������'��� er. the moral support    of   all    these!.     .      , ,. ,        .. ,_    , ,.y
d0 yoU | things seemed suddenly to desert liim. lnKtotl V a diplomatic agent of high
How dark it'siT',cre>   just . overhead,, was this man
whom -he ' had". always-  so ��� revered,
Richard P., Downing, whom,    but    a
;'    -". ,    CHAPTER.-'XXIV.    "
"The. small   steam ��� yacht - Revcuse,
nosing her. way   through .'the  fog at
nightfall, towards Boulogne, was-hail-
, cd from the.murk by .distant.cries for.
"help.      --,. -      :-���������'���   ���,"-.-
The forward - lookout - heard   them,
-.first-on  thc  starboard -bow,  and ."reported to the bridge.-   A moment later, they  came .'close  aboard   on-'the
starboard" beam,-and Monsieur. Pclleu,
the celebrated etcher, who wason the.
bridge with  his, ;Sailing-masier,.,7distinguished a dark; floating.object not
-far away.   The yacht , was   promptly
stopped and a boatlowerfrd,'Monsieur
���Pclleu- himself taking- the yokeTlin'es.
Thus facing forward, he, soon ciiscoy-
" ere'd a man-and a girl irilbathingcosr
tume clingingTto7what-appeared to be
blest of employees, and .whom his parents had served before hini as. factory
operatives.'      ������'"-,'        -
Only thenight beforc he'had been
actually in jnirid to ask this great man
for' thc hand -of-his "only daughter���
and on what grounds? - Merely because hc had been swept with her out
into" the'. Channel- and had. encouraged
her to cling "to a floating box until
rescued.      "._":'_ ' -���   ,
" .This,".at least;.was how the situation
now" appealed."to hini.    He wondered
the King's representative  should ne-'ing, with armaments running from ri
ccssarily  be  an   earl  or  a  baron,  as  flcs to revolvers
has been thc case for thc last thirty j From these beginnings, he said, the
ycars," declares The Dominion, "and!flying corps had developed machines
there is even less reason why thc post capable of 130 miles an hour with a
should be used as a jumpirg-off place (flying range  of many    hundreds    of
miles, and armaments of machine
guns and bombs t^hat madc them so
formidable war weapons.
"So greatly had the Britisii airplane
service developed," sai(L-Lt.-Col. Barker, "that if the war had lasted a.
few months longer the people of Berlin would havc had a taste of thc same
aerial bombing warfare thcy had so
ruthlessly carried on against British
and French cities. Tlicy knew this,
"and it is altogether probable that this
knowledge was a great influence in
compelling the Germans to ask for thc
armistice that ended thc war."
As a result of the war experience
Lt.-Col. Barker said that an .air convention had been held at Paris, when
rules for air service had been laid
down, and adopted by most European countries, and by Canada. The
United Statcs had not joined this convention, and as a result had no air
rules. If such rules had been in force
he felt certain that the recent disaster at Newark would have been avoided. He also welcomed the news that
Canada was to have a military air
force, which vvould utilize thc services
of the thousands of returned Canadian aviators, and prevent the loss to
thc Dominion of thcir invaluable- experience.
Lt. Col. Barker pointed out especially the value of thc air service in keeping up communications and carrying
mails, and said that tlie recent great
railway strike in England had largely
been defeated by the mobilization of
the Royal-Air-Force.
The trouble in Canada' was that
they, had air'regulations without air
machines, but he hoped'fo see development, along -military, . commercial
and-industrial lines,' if only a supply
of "harbors" for airplanes, could be
established. It was the-lack of such
accommodation, he " said,, that put
Montreal behind other large Canadian cities iii aerial development. -"'
'Will Develop Salt Deposits
Company Erecting Large Plant Near
Fusilier, Sask...
Recently Dr. John A. Allan, professor of geology of the University of
Alberta, accompanied by J. O. ��� Williams of Soda Deposits, Ltd., which
has its head office ��t Fusilier, Sask.,
visited the immense deposit of Glauber Salts in .this district to "picpa're a
report forothe public utilities of commission of Alberta, as to thc advisability of opening up these deposits ou
a commercial scale. It is estimated
that the field comprises some 50 acres.
Dr. Allan is not prepared to make
any detailed statements other than
the nature and quality of the deposit
would warrant development. Thc deposit is of particular interest, as it
opens up the possibilities of not only
Glauber salts, but also other soluble
salts, including potash and magnesia
at this or other points. Dr. Alian
expects ��� to be working in western
Saskatchewan and would give any assistance or information possible to
persons reporting the presence of
such minerals.
J. 0. Williams, who has his headquarters in Calgary in thc meantime,
statcs that operations will ..commence
early in May and that they expect
to handle 30 tons a day to start with.
The company will erect a plant 50
feet by 100 feet at the mine, together
with accommodations for their men,
consisting of three.boarding houses
and a cook house. Mr. Williams has
been looking ovcr the townsite with
AutoStrop Safety Razor Co., Limited'the view to locating offices and ware-
Any razor is soon
ruined by unskilled
stropping. There is one
and one only razor that
sharpens itself ��� the
AutoSjtrop Razor. You
can't strop it wrongly���
just slip the strop
through the frame and
a few strokes to and fro
will renew the blade
Any dealer will demonstrate the AutoStrop Razor
to you, guarantee satisfaction, or refund of purchase
Only  $5.00
complete with strop and twelve
blades in an attractive assortment of cases to suit any
frequently follows the neglect o!
an/Injury. Germs and dust get into
the wound, it begins to fester, blood-
poisoning sets In, and sometimes
the-loss of a limb is the result.
Safeguard yourself against sucb
a possibility by applying Zam-Buk
at once. This antiseptic balm destroys all germs and prevents festering and blood-poisoning. Then
the healing essences promote the
growth of new tissue and it Ib not
long before the wound is completely healed. /
Zam-Buk should be kept handy
in every home, office, store and fao-
tory for cuts, scratches, burns,
scalds and bruises. It is equally
good for eczema, rashes, boils and
ulcers.   All dealers, EOc. box.
AutoStrop Building. Toronto, Canada
Ambassador For Dominion
Canada Will Likely Kave Own Rcpre-
0     sentative in U. S.
Discussions are in progress between
thc United Statcs and Great Britain
rank.   ....   ,   . -,.    .    . .    ���
.   Such;   representation. is understood
tq.be desired keenly both by Canada
little ovcr a year before, he, Ruggles,! , ;. - TT ... c, , ���- , , , ���- , -
had been'.serving on his. knces-williland thc Umtcd Stalcs and't0 be -l,n
button-hook and "shoe:horn, thc hiu'n
opposed by Great-Britain. Thc coiv
versations on the'subject are describ
ed-as being actuated by the wish of
all concerned to facilitate negotia-.
tions between Canada and the United
Statcs on question . in ��� which Great
Britain is'interested only by the fact
that-Canada isoneof her.Dominions.
So far as can be Jearned, the only,
difficulty . that' has been encountered
to date is in fixing the exact status
andVrank .that, the  diplomat   .would
Alberta's Growth
Somc idea of the progress that the
province of Alberta has madc during
thc past seven years, may be gleaned
from thc statistics as obtained by the
staff of the Wrigley Directory, Limited. This information shows that r.o
less thau 593 villages and settlements
have been established since 1913. In
that ycar a report on the province
was secured, vwhich showed that a total of 1,272 cities, towns, villages and
settlements had been created, while
today, Alberta can boast of 1,870.'-
house buildings.
The intention at present is to use
a line of heavy motor trucks for thc
transportation. Mr.- Williams is well
pleased with the district andv expects
great developments.
if good'fortune had'turned his head, have  and-in  determining -in' advance
Was there onc chance in a thousand
tliat .Mr. Downing,would so much'as'
listen'to' his "demand? - What did it
matter'to hiin that Ruggles was a millionaire; that-through a.-frcak of'.for-
ttinc.he had incurred the gratitude, or
Hamid rasha and been raised -to an
unmerited position?' What did that
show?~arid what right did it give him
to aspire to Ruth?
- ,Had he -worked his way. to'-tf"high
place through industry.;and-ability,.it
might; have .been different,". - Ruggles-
.rold himself.' '^Instead .of. this- he'-had-
disgraced,   himself in his'-occupatibn
Says She Cannot
Praise Them Enough
MRS.      GAUVIN      TELLS      OF
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
I was vcry sick with Quinsy and
thought I would strangle. I used
MINARD'S LINIMENT and it relieved me at once. I am never without it now.
Yours gratefully, <
Nauwigcwauk, Oct. 21st.
���Appear At Your
K you receive  a, sudden
caller or an unexpected Invitation you can feel confident of always appearing
at your best In but a few
momenta It renders to your
skin a wonderfully   pure,
soft complexion  tfiat fs
beyond comparison.
yi'X~'':X~XGi duralid's,    '.X.
0riental Cream
:'^-Z rXiSr.h,j jc>. f,., ������},-,:,i..v.-,... .
FERDX HOPKINS & SON. M>jm(V <->l ���
Tlie Soul of a Piano Is
the Action     Insist upon
Air Force Applications
London Bridge
-a-capsized -boat^or .piece-offwreckagc' [and "brought-hiniseif-discrcdit on"his"'
,;As, his. gig drc\v. near,'Monsieur-Pel-(employers."; He had :showir, himself a
..-leu observed the man clasp his".com- ruffian and-'a: brawler. "He was ari adr-.
venturer,- a parvenu^���ahd- with-it all
he- - was ������ still' Ruggles; -: formerly "No.
panion' in'' his arms ��� arid:" kiss-.her repeatedly.    ' ���-"��� '--.--...-   .-���-.'-" ���.-"��� -' .' ���"
:."Ha!'=Th"ey will, not /perish," saidv7" .in ,tlic- Paris'.store7. .- ���'--;���;", "".'���' ;":'.'.
Monsieur Pelleu-'tp.'liiinself."'...    - .,.'-: '.'.And -what   of 7-Ruth?.   'What;, "right
;:���" Ruth arid Ruggles. were lifted into
the-boat, by the strong, arms .of-.'.tiie
.had -he. to -take-, advantage, of -a.  girl
who" was/at. the' point"'' of exhaustion,
���Breton, sailors arid "taken aboard the  and with* death, staring her.in.the.'facc,
yacht in so "exhausted axondition.^thit! to-claim an obligation and demand so
. tl.ey had to.be carried/-iip the. accom-l rich'.3'reward? -: What', if he,had held
-mod��tiori -ladder. . Yet,,in spile of. this [her in. his -arms', and, prevailed- upon
fatigue,- neither- appeared- to .-be-in 7 by" hcrto -.receive, his" kisses-and'extracted
,'. any-means-a: critical condition. On'a. promise,- the/ purport" of which! lie
.the ' contrary,', there, shone from the Idoubted.."that, -in-"her: fearful'."stress" of
facc-of each a peculiar luminosity.        mind .and. body, ^hc was" able nt the
.. /".Behold"the power  of, love!"   said
X- Monsieur.' Pelllcu to -himself.
Madame.;,PclIeu. was 7 aboard,   the
"yacht-with her/"maid, "and- they took
��� Ruth immediately in hand, giving7hcr
.' first-hot/, water -with". brandy'.:ind"siig-.
ar/follovyed. by ar brisk 'friction, then
to bed with hot-water bags j-.nd'eop-
/-ious-'drafts-of tisane   Riiggles; .after
, a dose of cognac and a~brisk rub by
.the steward;"felt sufficiently -restored
to. dress in'.a-, suitof 'flannels borrow1
> cd*.frbrh-liis host, a man of about his
build, and-to go "out into the saloon.
The. steward haid informed .liim  that
���, the yacht was from Dinard and bound
..'for/Boulogne,  to.- meet  some  guests
expected to arrive  .from   Folkestone
the following morning.
Thcy were even then cautiously approaching the. Boulogne breakwater.
Monsieur Pelleu was on the bridge
with-his-sailing-master while .madame
���was occupied with Ruth. Ruggles
stretched nimself out upon the cushions and tried to realize what had
happened to him. He felt no great
rtaction from the mental and physical strain  through which he had just
time to realize.?
. (To be.continued.)
British Minister
Departs from China
so as to.avoid any chance of friction
concerning the relations that he
would bear to the. Briiish ambassador iti Washington.- . The. prospects
are ,that the .Canadian representative
would have -wide freedom of action
in.matters directly-,affecting the Dominion.-'- A decision;on/this point may
beexpected soon;.,- '.. '"' -- 7'"'.:-. ..;'.
' ."Subject's of interest, common to ..the
United, Statcs "and Canada- at present
frequently meet with long delays in
settlement.'""because pf the circuitous
route they have'to-follow in/thc'/prQ-
cess- of negotiation' through, the 'British' embassy;- Tf a-direct'exchange/of
views might-be arranged,; it is thought
by many ��� officials,- that. mi.ch.' b/iiefit
would.be derived by the United States
aiid 'Canada^'and,,indirectly;\by Great
Britain. '��� ".->--.       :-.':- .'._���'":-  V
'."The '.duties- would'.;correspond .in", a
large, par.t'.,;with "those/of;a iiigh���coniT
niissibiicr,' and'-this is the .title' that
may be given the .new. representative.
During tlic war,- Sir. Richard Craw-*
ford, as .a commercial .attache, of the
British" embassy,, had Canadian .possession's directly under his supcrvisr
ipii.and was able, to." render an important- service 'in the" "relations be'-.,
tween 'the United States' andrCanada.
It: was partly because..attention... was
called to the'-, greater advantage. .of
closer relations (between the two
countries  that the proposal-   for    an
The Oldest Name-"
���Three'commercial travellers-met at
the'hotel one winter evening and.had
a hearty supper together; The supp'cr.
ovcr, thc "three found some difficulty
iii allotting their prospective" shares
of the bill; but oiic of them at length
cut - short the dispute that - whoever
had the "oldest, name" among, thcm
should go free ��� the expense "being
halved by. thc other two, ..This being
promptly accepted. No. 1 produced a
card .inscribed "Richard Eve," which
nol' 2 met with "Adam Brown.". Then
no..73/ .a_'pprUy_-_yeteranlwith: a." humorous'"gray'Teye,.laid down his card
with, the quiet confidence of :a/grcat
general 'making a decisive -movement
and.remarked,-with a chuckle, "I don't
much Ithink you'll beat this 'un, gents.''
A'nd-.hc 'was.right, .for.'vthcnamc", was"
"Mr/B.--.Ginning.":^ i'iXX' ./-/'': ���"-���",
She Says Her Back Was So Weak
She Could Hardly Walk, But Now
She Is A Different Person.
"St. Jeanne d'Arc, N.B.���May 3rd.���
(Special.) ��� Among those in 'this
neighborhood who are enthusiastic in
their praises of Dodd's .Kidney Pills
js-Mrs. Joseph .Ga'uvin, a highly respected' resident here. \. . ~
' "I cannot praise Dodd's' Kidney
Pills enough," Mrs: Gauvin 'states
'.'My back" was so weak-1 could hardly!
walk. I took six boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills and now I feci a different person,  '      ' .-   ' ..       .
"Dodd's Kidney Pills have, done me
a tremendous amount, of good.'.'   -
Of.-the many persons,'paying their
tribute", of praise to Dodd's '��� Kidney
Pills; if is -noticeable-thai-- the great
majority are women. The reason giv-
env for this' is that- thc majority oi
'wdmen's ills comc from, tlic kidneys'.
Dodd's -Kidney ";PiHs- act directly on
thc kidneys. ' Healing- and strengthening them; they enable . the- kidneys
to'strain all the'impufitics out-of the
blood. Pure blood is the foundation
of health. ���; ���'
.-Ask. your neighbors if Dodd's Kidney Pills do not help weak or', sick
kidneys." ���-.���.._---". _-7 -.;.'. ���...-:.- y. .-_:-..
Roman   Roads   Used   London
Bridge For Crossing From
North to South '
Explaining the why and wherefore
of London Bridge,    Hillaire    Bcllpc,
thc English author, said that the River Thames, iii its double character of
highway and obstacle, had madc London.   All the great Roman roads had
used London Bridge for crossing froiii
north' to south.    London Bridge was
in its present position for four, reasons:   It  is   nearly  the' highest  point
where seagoing   boats- caii^   tranship
goods.    If is thc spot.where an outcrop of-gravel on the northern, bank
is   opposite  only a  small  deposit  of.
alluvial liiud on ' tlic   southern    bank.
At Erith,'Gravcscnd and' Tilbury thc
"hard", on one bank is opposite'-vast-
fields of alluvial mud oii the other and
as the river is- broader the difficulties
in thc  way.  of   bridge   construction
were greater.    The bluff- of the city,
though' small, offered in" early times a
fine ��� strategic    position  for defence.
London,' alone of European    towrisj
has  not  suffered froni war for nine
centuries/and has'never undergone a
siege since thc';barbaric age."'.
Fifty and Sixty A Day For Enlistment in Canadian Air
Applications arc going in at the offices ,of the Air Board at Ottawa, at
the rate of fifty and sixty a dav for
enlistment in  the new  Canadian  Air-
Force.   All the applications are from
ex-officers in.the Royal   Air    Force.
Preparations are already under way at
Camp" BoYdcn, Ontario,' for the establishment 'oi the^;first training camp of
the force.    Officers of. the ncw���force
will train at camp Borden in periods
of a month or so at a time.    There"
arc  adequate  facilities   there  for  the:
training   of   nearly    three    thousand,
men at' a  time.    The  equipment installed  by  the   Royal   Air  Force   at
Cariip.Bonkn has bcenjakcii over by
the CanadiawGovcrnfrientJor the use7
of the Canadian Toi'ce, including eighteen hangars and substantial permanent building.. The building of this flying base  cost  the ' Imperial   govern-,
mcnt $1,000,000 and comprises an up-'
lo-date aerodrome and barracks. -.
.- A'woman's Hudson .seal coat, which
three or four years ago sold for, say
$100, is today worth. $500.-.
Saskatchewan's y'}
> Egg Industry
Regarded As A Friend By Every Res.
ident of the Far East ���
Tlie coining and going of the foreign   representatives is  not often, of i'exchange of high ranking, diplomatic
interest to-any but. thcir own, nations;
but this, is- not true of the departure
of thc retiring British Minister, Sir
John Jordan. He had spent. 43 years
in China and had risen from the lowest rank of a consular language student to the highest position in the gift
of his government. He spent the last
14 years as minister in Peking, and
came, to be regarded as a friend by
every resident of the Far East, irrespective of nationality. He was highly j000,000.
respected by thc Chinese, even though
he had known well how to maintain
the interests of his own countrymen
when they were in jeopardy. His
long life in China has added much to
the prestige./of ..his, country, for fair
dealing and upright living.yX"'-.'-.
representatives "is now being urged.-
N. Y. -Evening Sun;
Development at Prince Rupert.
New York capital has secured con
trol of thc lease of the Prince Rupert
dry dock and^plans big development
work, included in which is the construction of twenty large oil tank
steamers to cost approximately $36,-
Her/Faded, Shabby
Apparel I)yed New
"Diamond  Dyes8'/ Freshen .Up   Old,
Discarded Garments '.
.'Don't worry about'"perfect results."
Use "Diamond.-;Dyes,," guaranteed to:
give a.ncw,.-rich',:fadeless, color-to'.any
fabric,';^ whether it be wool,.silk, ii.neh,
cotton' or. mixed .'goods,.:���"dresses,;
blouses, .stocking's,, skirts, .children's
coats-,- feathers,/ draperies, coverings���
everything.-. ��� ������
The Direction'Book "with cacli-p'a'ck--
agc tells how'to-. .Diamond Dye over
any .color.-: '-���"..'' '  X
���   To match any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color.Card.'
Export Business Has Been Steadily.
; Increasing During the
,."'-���" ���/,/ -"'/""Past-^Year '':."������,".-'-.'-/' '/'������
At -one1 time -Regina,'-.Saskatchewan,
,$100 An-Acre Paid For. Farm
-. ,W. D: Craig,- 'of'- Regina,' has just
completed .'the- purchase of: a fully,
equipped-section-of land, seven miles
-south'of thc-city.- The purchase price
is reported, to be. more than $60,000
or' approximately/$100 an acre.' -Mr.-
Craig will put 400 acres in crop on thc
section.' this ' year,'- making. a total - of
was a1 large   importer.'-of,/ eggs./and ;-1,-800 acres .of his holding's, under crop.',
poultry/but'-, now .it '���'is; sending, -both The., section/"was practically. ..bought
'. .As botanist, declares... that .-each//tree
has a ��� y.oice' ;oI its < own./" 7: Wc; kn ew
mbst..of./tb^n.had zibarkXyX XiyX
��� "���S'oti iwill ��� -waste, '-ammunition liiiless-
youhaye"ah-aim/in life..X.
V-':ItV 'difficult-.7Iq."'/1 understand >ywhy
idmc niea/eat'��� brain/foo<L;
An old. colored woman,-'hearing the
jubilee melody said, "Nobody knows
the .trouble I've'seen....-Yes, and'no-
body knows how much less .trouble
wc might sec if we would stop looking-at- it. ;
to. -the markets"of' :Eastern,/Canadai
and::also to .the/Pacific coast;-- According, to" the. reports of.-'L." T.-"Mc-.
Donald;.,Commissioner o.f..the.;Boar.d
of Trade of/R.cgiiia, there were, 909
cases,of eggs"shipped1 from this city
during'the week, ending April.T7f .In
"each case, thcre^ wcrc,30'dozeii'. cgsjs.
This .large' export business hasjjccir
steadily ���: increasing, -during ' the,' past
year aiid it is estimated.that'thc farmers;-in tlic-rncigiiborhood-' who" arc
raising poultry-are earning:. a 'good
sun.i of- money, iii "the" business. The
market demand.'for- eggs, continues-to
be .good and- there-is ipractically. tip
trouble in-disposing of all the available supply.'      '-'":,���'.'-
for casli.'
Enough for Her
"Do you think, dearest, that you
could manage on my salary?" the fond
youth asked... .    ;, \
"Why; yes,'' I think. I could, darr
ling":thersweet girl responded, "bat
how in.the /world would" ;you.v get
along?'^ '���': XXiZ '���---X;yZ;i ' "-'.��� -,'.:;^":7\:!'
An Egyptian- drum corresponding
to.the African tom-tom can be traced
back to about 1600 B.C.     ���
It scldoms pays not fo pay your
debts. '���-���/"-- -   ���   " ������
'X'Aymzti / may ".be ^a.;.failure/;w��thbtit
knowing it, but if he is/, a. success. b.$
npt- only:.knows7H/h3^self,,but/lets;
"everybody.-.else' know.-iL;:- ���".;������;.        ���-.::,-���
���f-Ahd.-th'.e/.p'rqof;pi /th'c7'pofitical - pud--
Rcslf, UtUahts, StmthtBf
H��ls���rKeep your. Eyea
Sttong and Healthy. II
tbey Tire, Smart, Itch, or
Burn, Jf Sons, Irritated,
Inflamed or Granuliated,
use Murine often. Safe for Infant or Adult
At all Druegitts iii Canada. Write for Freft
Eye Book.- Maris* Ccsyaa j, CKcaia.13. S. S.
Desert Land.and Desert Sea
A portion' .of the 'journey ..between
Sydney, the New South Wales capital,
and Broken Hill, the mining heart of
Australia, lies over waterless, and hot
country. Lieutenant Sydney Pickles,
who has shown the feasibility of an
air service between the two cities,
saw no landmark as he crossed the
barren stretch and so had to use his
conipass. Describing the pioneer
Sight, he" compared the interminable
rolling latid before him to the gray,
lonely wastes of the North Sea, which
he had patrolled in his.seaplane.   "; y
."Even, those who "haven't any eye for
beauty-appreciate a" Handsome income;
The best/way/ tp
ablylis to employ/it.
kill ��� time  profit-
Give Cuticura the Care
Of Your Slda
. - And watch that troublesome eruption disappear. . Bathe wilh Cuticura Soap, dry and apply Cuticura
Ointment. ' Ior eruptions, rashes,
irritations, etc., they arc wonderful. Nothing so insures a clear skin
and good hair as making,Cuticura
your every-day toilet preparations.
"--Cntlcum Soap 25e��� Ointment 25 aadSOel". Tui*
emu ��5c plat Canndlun dutld. -. Sold CTenrwntr*.
for wnpls each tne addnii: " CiUtwm, Ztopt.
H, *��<�����, C. B. A."
0NUr^Bi!E]S marked::;
Not Aspirin at All without the /"Bayer Cross'?
-"':".^.:.tding'���liesim^th"c~plwn/;,<tfs^ J.-"
"For Colds, Tain, Hwidaehc, -Keurat-
V- gia,   Toothache,. Earaeie,:--aad''-for
���'* RJieamatisra, Lumbago, Sciatic*. Nen-~.
Z-titiXf- takis Aspirin Vnsarked with the
;;riaine "Bayer"'.;or:you are.not-taking
���"'/-Aspirin"at all. -'-"--        ';;.'-'> '"-'���'': 'Xy. .
...! Acc��pt 7 only   '.9��ayer 7,T��blet�� J of
.7 !|Aspiria" \'in'- ��� ss.'. ttabrokeay. "Bayer"
: r-��� jfier9,/Ib '����ly-��M '^U?i^^JB��ye*^��Tem ����t ����y ��� "Jlayer" ;"
'"'-���-'",������."XspMn Ia'lh�� ��r*a��-Bia5fi-(reg-!i-t��Te3ta-CaBaSa) ef Saycr Ifaaaf����tw��"��f HanitX
��.; L.UUU -��.;�� wAV..auw. ,.'.'. acettcscl<!e*ter *'f iSa.tlc7Utz.cii3. -'W'hll* it i* welt known that Aspirin mtui B��sr��T
-"���vZ-mlVnnxhiizh'pU  I        Bo��OBfactHr��. to msgit thc public ajaiart ijaltiUoaa,, tis T*Wet�� cS JBajrer. 0*aif4Jiy
/���' Elevator' "at P.cirtag^1 La, Prairie/.-;
.-_ The Saskatchewan .Elevatorv-Coni'-
pany/- have'-purchased .ia: site;'at/,Pdr-
tage/La/Prairie7 /to/ build "an -eieyator
p*ckag�� /-whlcK cc&t&ias complete di*
rections.   Then you. are getting real.
Aepiria���the : genuine ; A��piriii   pre- X
scribed by physicians for over/nine-"
tieea'ye&M.:-"Now isiado. in/Canada. -.
IHajrfy tin box��3 coati'miag 12 tablets "iebst- bnt a, ten cent?.-7:/l3ruggist3.;-
a6o sell larger "Bayer", package*.; X.-
*ra t�� raoaj��4yrKU.t&tir. esacral ��ra4* "a*rts,7**�� "Stgte.Cttaf.".. THE     LEDGE,     GR KENWOOD,     B.     0:
YOUR good intentions don't pay the grocers' -g
bills.   Your family has to live even if you 5
don't.   Secure a Monthly Income Policy g
now.    Write for pamphlet to-day. g
Winnipeg,  Regina,  Saskatoon, Edmonton,  Calgary, Vancouver.
(Agents Wanted in Unrepresented Districts)
TheThreat Profiteer
Landhog Who Buys All the Land He gome Etiquette For Guidance of the
Hints for Travellers
FORD    CAR Streamline Hood
Covers Bras3 ONLY    417   (\ ft Fits Cars Previous to
Radiator y   ��P -1 f /��� u v 1917. Write for Circular
The Burrowes Mfg. Co.       -       TORONTO
Can And Withold It From
g,.-   A man came to  nic not long ago
g .and said:
g 1    "1 own 10,000 acres of land here in
~ Kansas. I am not a criminal, am I?"
I told him there was nothing unlawful in that and I asked him what
lhe was doing with that.' He said:
j "I am doing nothing with it except
jwaiting for it to increase in value. I
I bought' it for five and ten dollars an
Sleeping Car Patrons
The following appeared in the Mon*
treal Gazette:.
Many years' experience of the pet-'
ty annoyances caused by thc minority
Naval Air Stations
The consummation of. a scheme to
establish a strong naval air station
near Halifax is revealed in ��� the announcement of. the Canadian Air |
Board that it has placed an order in
England for 153 flying boats of the
type used during the war for submar-
.   .	
composed of thougtless, as well as scl-j;nc patrol in the North Sea.   The cost
fish,   persons   travelling   in  sleeping j of thesc machincs, which arc of thc
cars has caused me to write the following, which may induce a few at
least of the offenders to reform;
The . necessarily  small   space   in   a
sleeping  car  in  comparison  with  an
'.acre,,and.now it is worth $30 an.acre. |hotel suggests that the greater com
And I-don't intend to sell a foot of;fort'to the sleeping car traveller will
two-engine type will amount to ovcr
Spohn's Distemper Compound
PINK,EYE, COUGHS and COLDS. Never successfully imitated, it represents the highest attainment in veterinary science
for the treatment of contagious diseases. Sold at all druc
stores. --�����
it-until it is worth $50 an acre."
I asked him if he was farming any
of it.   Hc said: :
"No, not a foot of it.    I don't cx-
'pect to make anything by farming it������
result from a fair regard for the rights
and feelings of others by all sleeping
car travellers. '
So  long as  passengers    desire    to
have  thcir clothes brushed    with    a
Manitoba Good Roads
Tenders are called to undertake 800
miles of road grading in the province
under thc "Good Roads Act." In addition, 100 concrete bridges will be
erected. It is expected that over 4,000
miles of grading will be done in Manitoba  within   the next  four  ycars,  a
Real  Seville
te   7
All Orange and Sugar-
No camouflage.
Boiled with care In Silver Pans.
Horse Market Improves
Northwestern States Report Big Der
mand and Higher Prices
There has been a marked improvement  in livestock    conditions  in the
the  growth  in  value with make  mc j whisk,  the  space in  the  passageway | large percentage of this work bcing , northwest     during     thc     past     few
I ^',^U WI-...*-*..      *!-,���     n.nMAM'...,;fl.     flint? L.     ..l,.t.      �����.l     ~r    ��-!._ :���     il. _       1__      11_J innntlic T'lile      nr\rvlioc      #��cr\/��r-i:i11 V    fO
LOi: A:N B F. RRY, ft.lERRY, BLACK,--
Huy Ihem by tht Gnlton frollj your Di-ater
Goshen,   Ind.,   U.S.A.
Send   a   Dominion   Express   Money    Order.
lfivc dollars costs three cents.
est   Red   Cross   quality in sixteen   colours.       Twenty   cents-
per  skein.     Sample    mailed   twenty-
five - cents.       Georgetown    Woollen
Mills, Georgetown, Ontario.
iefe Band Outfits
Drums and Drummers'
- Traps -
Complete information and suggested constitution for newly-formed
Bands, free on request.
THE Ufll I 11 ||C �� SONS CO.
R. S.  fWlLLlAMa tlUITED
Winnipeg.   Calgary,   Montreal.   Tsranto
Mrtn Bar Riartsl Brticb
Cook's Cotton Root Compound
Canned Whitefish
For Alberta
A Cannery Will Soon be in Operation
On the Shores' of Lake
Canned whitefish from Lake Athabasca, in Northern Alberta, will likely bc the next ncw idea in Alberta
food products. Arrangements are under way for opening up the. cannery
on  the  far northern water, which is
rich. What's the matter'-with that? jat either end of the car is the only
Is there anything immoral about it?" I proper place for this practice to oc-
My contention is���and I told him j cur. Thc sleeping car company's in-
so���that he had no more right to do jstructions to-the porters require them
that when people arc land hungry, | to ask passengers to go to the aisle
as they arc,, than hc would, havc to'at thc end of thc car if desiring to
impound all the water in the country .be brushed. Porters arc merely hum-
and hold it until thc people got thirs-ian, therefore differ in their obedience
ty enough to pay hini a dollar a gal- to orders. Every traveller can assist
Ion for water to drink. I am not in the observance of this rule (which
opposed to' land-ownncrship, but I am'was madc for the general good) and
opposed to the kind hog who buys all
thc land hc can and holds it to bc
enriched by the lane! hunger' of the
people. When the landhog gets hold
of the land and withokls it from cultivation, hc is exactly like the miser
who gets hold of money and withholds it from circulation.    Hc is the
to form a part of thc operations of, one profiteer who is trafficking in the
thc  Mackenzie  Basin  Fisheries  com-, thing upon, which we build the foundation of thc state's civilization.��� J.
H. Allen, governor.of'."Kansas,- in Thc
A safe, reltabltrefliilattnt
mtdicint. Bold in tbres A���
nrees ol Btrength���No. l.Slt
No. 2, $3; No. 8, $5 per boi.-
Sold by all dru?gista, or seat
Srepaid on receipt of pries,
reo    pamphlet.      Addreiss
TOIONTO. 0HT. {Fimirii W*iml.)
**mmkwmm-���       I
FARMS '**&
eery pRorB����y
America ��IJioncer
Dog Remedies
and How to Feed
Mailed    Fret   to    any
Address  by  tbe
CO.,   INC.,
118    West   31st-street,
-  New York, U.S.A.
Tractors for Road Making-
consent of Government to Use Tractors Free of Duty
J. F. Johnston, M.F. for La,st Mountain, who has had several interview:?
with the minister of customs in an
endeavor to get the government to
allow municipalities .to import ti actors for road-making purposes free of
duty and also to allow farmers who
.own tractors to use them -'for road-
making purposes, has been advised
that -the govcrnnicnt-has acceded  to
, his wishes, in "respect tp the latter.. - '.
". .A .circular has- been issued- to the
customs officers,' which' will permit
farmers who-own tractors.whichliavc
been brought in free of duty for farm
purposes' to use them in;road-making
;. within .their own. municipality.'
pany. This concern was incorporated
last year to take over the fishing interests of R. W. Jones on Lesser
Slave Lake. The capital stock has
been increased from $100,000 to $200,-
000, the intention being to prosecute
the northern fisheries on an extensive scale, as well as Lake Athabasca.
A cannery site has been secured on
Lake Athibasca, and some of the new
capital is to be used in getting a plant
ready for operation at as early a date
as-may be found possible. The remoteness of the northern , fishing
grounds and the lack of transportation facilities at the present time, are
reasons for the' company's decision
to establish a cannery, tinned fish being more easily taken to.market under
existing conditions.
How Stomachs Can Be Restored To
A Vigorous, Healthy
this happy condition, because all people cannot cat thc same things with
equally satisfactory results. It is lit���
cjallys true that "what is one man's
food is another man's poison."    But
Nurses Made Record
Not Half Been Told of the Bravery
and Fearlessness of
The seventeenth annual convention
of the Graduate Nurses' Association
of Ontario ^yas held at Ottawa.
"Somc aspects of war nursing," was
thc subject of an address delivered by
Miss'M. C. MacDonald, R.R.C., mat-
Country Gentleman.
Hurry! Let "Danderine" save
your hair and double
.  its beauty   v
To stop falling hair at once and rid
the scalp of every particle of dandruff,
get a- small bottle of delightful "Danderine" at any drug or toilet counter
for a few cents, pour a little in your
hand and rub it into thc scalp.   After
prevent annoyances to oilier passengers. If thc public want the brushing practice to cease altogether, the
remedy is in their possession.
The combined lavatory' and smoking-room is necessarily limited in capacity, and at the time in thc morning
when it has to be used as a lavatory,
it is not intended to bc used at all
as a smoking-room.
Don't smoke in this room in the
early morning when the other later
risers than you are obliged, to perform
their toilets. You can defer your
smoke. You are in the way and merely an annoyance to the majority, and 'and enrich the blood. "For this rcas-
show a selfish disregard for thc rights ' on these pills are especially good in
"   '    "       thin
months." This applies especially to
horses and mules, atlhough improved
conditions in thc sheep, hog and cattle industries arc noticeable. It is of
the horse that I wish to write, for the
reaction in sentiment toward the
faithful animal is almost revolutionary. > ��
During the past three ycars there
has been a craze for tractors and
trucks and automotive power.    Dcm-
Not to be limited in diet, but to cat onstrations costing tens of thousands
whatever hc pleases is the dream ~.,   .   , , . .   i . .. i
every dvspeptic.    No one can honest-jof dollars have been held throughout
ly promise to restore any stomach to thc northwestern statcs and an cxten
sivc advertising campaign has been
carried on. "Old Dobbin" had no one
to boost for him. There wcrc no
page advertisements in farm journals
bc selected from articles of food that
cause no discomfort.
When the stomach lacks tone there
is no quicker way to restore it than
to build up thc blood. Good diges-
��� tion without rich, red blood is im-
1 possible, and Dr. Williams Pink Pills
j offer the very best way to build up
of others.    Under present conditions,! stomach    trouble, attended   by   th:
get up late once in a well filled car,  b!ood' and> attacks of nervous, dy
and your one experience of the man
in  the  seat  smoking  will  show you
~    ���     1- inriur    v c    .- , I several  applications-the  hair  usually
ron-m-chicf R.C.A.M.C., Nova Scotia. I stops con\;lng out and you can,t fihd
Matron, MacDonald   said   that never j any dandruff.    Help your hair grow
during  the war  was  it necessary  to
ask for volunteers in nursing.      Thc
' long, thick and strong, and become
soft, glossy and abundant.
.' The hog "is a wonderful animal-���it
can bc.cured after'it-is.dead.-'  -
In the SpripgTime
Any -fool'.knows enough to carry
.an,7iiinbrella when it rains,.-but
the wise man is'
he  who .carries
Mie ..wlien it: is.
only  cloudy.
. Any   man . will
send for a doctor.
jvhen. he/ gets
���. bedfast, but the
wiser one is' he
who   adopts.,
proper! measures
.  before   his; ills
become. serious.    Durinar a hard;
winterorthefollowing spring1 one
feels run-down, tired out, weak
and nervous.    Probably you have
suffered;'from..a'-cold, the Grip or-
.flu, which ha3-left you thin, weak
and. pale.    This 3g the time to pnt
yonr system in order.   It is time
for house-cleaning:.
A good, old-faslrioTied" alterative
. and temperance tonic is one made
of wild roots and barks, without
the use of alcohol, and called Dr.
' Pierce's Golden M<��iicsl Discovery,
:in7 tablet, or.liquid form; 7 ;This. is
''nature's:'tonic;.which restor��;7tfci��;:
.tone .of7 the.;7&mi6!cii;..JKtiyity, of.7
-��� the liver 7^and?; steadiness iio ihe;
���- nerves;- :itrengtheaingj the'"'whole;
:^srt^n.':;:Fi.retput'sp by Dr; P����i?e?'
. oyer-c50;^ear87ago, no-??^procurable/
���sit u^drt^atairer'or'Msd 10-ceiiis/
; to Dr. Pierre's laboratory, Bridge-
blighting influence of the money question never entered into thcir calculations. Honors were granted by the
King, but thesc were regarded as
more or less accidents and as of necessity being limited in number. Of
the bravery and fearlessness of thc
nurses not half had been told, she
avowed, and gave an instance of what
occurred1 in her own office the morning after*thc hospital ship Llandovery
Castle was sunk by submarine action.
"The descendants' of Florence
Nightingale are not all dead, T met a
few of them in the courscj>f lhc_war,"
said Miss MacDonald. .        .,   ������
Matron MacDonald paid exceedingly high tribute to "a son of this province,; the warm .friend of all nurses
and their necessities, a noble mail
whose daily-.usefulness ;often. exceeded the life-work of' some .men, thc
late'Sir William"'Osier." XX'-    .',--.   -..
The Dangerous Match
'.-. .. Dust From Other Worlds ';
The floor-.-of th'c:-pccan.is .'covered
in-many parts, with; the dust of meteorites.;.;These bodies; whirl-about "in. t'oni.ng;up -tlicir.overcoats,.
Many Fire Losses Due to Employees
Dropping Unextinguished
Matches are thc immediate cause
of many of our largest fire losses and
probably thc majority of smaller fires
could be traced to thc same source.
More than onc factory in Canada
has gone down in ruins; many employees have been thrown "out of employment, and their families have suffered -want; many employers have
seen'thc result of--.their-lifc of work
cruniblc���all. the' result of carelessness
with matches. . Thc-numb.er of fires in-
business' places shortly after closing
time is remarkable. Investigation has
shown--that- these arc. nearly: always
due'to'.employees dropping unextinguished matches; after-lighting-pipes
and.cigarettes.. Especially is thi's.the
case, during -the. cold-weather,'when
employees, 'regardless. of "no. smoking" rules,' will "light .up".before bul-
what other people think about your
case at other times.
Don't bring in your suit-case to this
room. -Use a toilet "hold-all." Many
men do. You can. Give the other
fellows a chance of some room.
Don't 7-whisk your clothes in this
room if other people are present.
Thcy don't, want to breathe your dust.
Thcy merely consider you arc wanting in good manners. '
Don't get up late and shave, if by
so doing you discommode others. No
one. objects to a mail shaving if lie
docs not interfere unreasonably with
other men who merely want lo wash
thcir face and hands, etc.
Thc instant you have finished your
toilet get out of the room. You have
ntTfurther right there while the other
men require thc room as a lavatory.
They are anxious to see you go as
quickly as you can. Don't stay in this
room and crowd the later risers.
Don't whistle anywhore in a sleeping car. Your alleged music pleases
only you. No one else wants to hear
it. Most men think the whistler a
Don't talk loudly in thc body of the
car when most people have retired'to
sleep. Their only interest in your
conversation is to wish you somewhere else.
After nine a.m. usually thc smoking-
room js in use almost entirely for
smoking purposes. Thosc who are
not smoking should not occupy the
room to the exclusion of thosc desiring to smoke'.���An Old Traveller.
the heavens like , miniature '.comets,
and arc, for the most part, broken into innumerable''' fragments. .'"-/We ;arc
all familipr with these heavenly visit-:,
ants, as shooting- stars,- btitit'has been
only lately discovered that this cosmic ' layer .of ;dus't! fornis; layers at -the
bottom of'the deepest sea's"'.--'
Between Honolulu/and Tahiti, at a
depth, of 2,350 fathoms ~. over, two
miles and a half���-a vast layer of this,
material exists. Falling upon, land
this impalpable dust is undistinguish-
able; but accumulating, for centuries
in the*.deep sea depths,- it forms;a
wondrous; story of -the continuous;
bombardment of this planet .by-"com-
etary bodies.
Mental Hospital For. South Sask.
What will be probably the biggest
contract let by the Saskatchewan government this year has been advertised.
This. js. for thc mental hospital for the
southern - part of thc province,-to be
located at-Weyburn. At the last session the provincial assembly voted
$6Q0,(KK) as this year's share of the
cost of construction, .and it is expected that thc building -will take two
years to complete. ��� .
''Ikey,'' said. the teacher, "can you
grve.me a.definition for .'S bargain"?"
"Sure' I can," smiled .IScey.. ;7''A-bargain., js. 'when iyou get. the- best of.
them."���N.evf York,Evening: .Post.. 7.7
���There sre:-times; Tvhenv7words .fail a
Many cases ".can "be cited of fires
caused .by matches. ;;For;instance,. the.
coat- an'd vest; of-an -employee "��� were
hanging'in'a draught, and''.thc s\vay-
in'g: of the.-clothes' against the wall,
ignited, thematcliesiii the. Vest pocket:' :x-y.x.:XX'   .'���  '7 ���-'   ������   ���;.,.���..:.'. ..���
- During-the war,, an inspector- inad-
vcrtcdly;carried--a -match,into an explosives plant,- but, knowing' the danger; =hc". chewed the ".match.;.:up* and
swallowed _ it;,_'   '"  --:-      -,-��� ' ,   '   '.
\3f but a fraction-of, this" recognition
of. the danger .of matches' could be
impressed-upon workers,'much' of our
fire waste would be avoided, and the,
work-necessary ..to replace this loss
cpuld.be devoted to,more productive
efforts.      -'���"."���
How*a This?
We- offer $100.00 for "anv case of. catarrli
that cannot be cured by HALL'S .CATARRH
MEDICINE.'  - :,.-.
internally and acts through' the' Blood on the J
Mucous Surfaces.of the System.
Sold  by druggists  for oirer forty years.
.. Pricc 7Ser   Testimonials itec.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, OhiV.
pcpsia. Proof df the value of Dr.
Williams Pink Pills in even the most
obstinate cases of stomach trouble is
given by Mrs. S. Morrison, Varney,
Ont., who says:���"I shall always feel
indebted to a friend who advised me
to use Dr. Williams Pink Pills. I had
been-a sufferer for upwards of twelve
years with stomach trouble which resulted in a general weakness of the
whole system. My meals always
caused me great discomfort," and at.
times I--would go hungry rather than
undergo;*the suffering which followed
meals. I was constantly taking
something or other recommended for
thc trouble, but without finding a
cure, and often the trouble kept mc
in bed when ��� I should have been
about doing my housework. '. My
friend, who had had a similar attack
j came to see me and urged mc to try
Dr, Williams Pink Pilis which" had
cured her. I got a. supply at onpe
and began taking them, aiid soon
found relief. By the timc I had used
eight boxes I .was again enjoying the
best of health, and with a good appetite and a stomach restored to normal. Had I know of this medicine
earlier it would have saved mc j cars
of suffering, and I urge any who may
be in a similar condition lo try these
pills at once."
You can get Dr. Williams Pink
Pills through anj' dealer in medicine
or by mail-postpaid at SO cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.
Williams Medicine Co,, Brockviile,
""    "    Hesitant Hubby
'���' "Myrtle's, husband is really  a:' nice
man, but so vacillating."".y-y''-
"How do yoii know?" '..        ������ X;.
"Myrtle .says',he spent a full Hour
yesterday. 7tryiiig  to , decide, 'whether
he .would-wash  the car, tlie'7dog,'-'.6r peace of'thc-workl.".. No'Jiscnsiblc'Jap
the baby!"���-Judge'.'
-' Every,man- is''-'willing tox take"'chair-.:
ccs on' being.; r.uined -.by'. prosperity'. _\
Hit of
Americans Buy Saskatchewan Land
A number of wealthy fanners from
the United Statcs, mainly from the
corn belt in Illinois and .Ib-vra^ have
bought .43,000 acres of: land west of
Regina, for. $1,750,000, and have, commenced to arrive ..with;^ their.:^ effects.
They expect';tb;':haVe7k;."gOQd;acreage
under'crop this summer.. ,"-. -.."...-.,v;-
r Lots,, of^.people >r,e unable ":to ap:
?t;.doMp*t..matter'..mqeh_��r���'';������.X-xyX- iciose.;,coffiiaTOi^a7.with''a';.thorri,'Xix;
it is possible to so tone up the diges-jand   no   demonstrations    covering   a
Jive organs Uiat a pleasing diet mayiweek at a time   to   show    what    the
horse could do. People began to believe the fairy tales fold by the sales
agents of-tractors and trucks and regarded the horse as doomed and
about to be supplanted by automotive
I have been making somc extended
investigations as lo the true" conditions and thc revelations are really"
surprising. Instead of automotive
power replacing the horse and mule
on the farms of the northwest, the
number of machines is so small as to
be entirely negligible, while the number of work horses shows only a
slight decrease from formers ycars.
The startling part of the disclosure is
in thc marked decrease in young horses: and mules showing that the motor
propaganda has had the evil effect of
reducing the breeding of work animals
to a noticeable and almost dangerous
extent. Farmers arc awakening to
this condition and have already begun
planning to raise, more horses and
mides for farm Work for future needs.
The motor bogey for farm work has
been demonstrated to be a myth.
A few days ago I attended a sale
at a 640 acre farm, which the owner
has .rented and is leaving. He had
been using trucks and tractors. I
thought that hc had a "horseless''
farm and mentioned it to him. . Hc
declared "there is no such thing, as
a horseless farm and never will' he.
I usc a tractor, trucks and automobiles,,but thcy do only a small portion
of thc work.- There will never be a
time when successful farming can be
carried on without horses." At the
sale he sold 19 horses and 19 mules
with which he had been farming. His
trucks and tractors wcrc mere side issues. His work geldings brought $225
to $265 each and his mules from $100
for short j'carlings to $247 for work,
Tlicrc was a sale of houses at Pullman, Wash., a short time ago, and
the average pricc on 51 head was $445.
Last week al a farm sale in Idaho
county work horses brought $325 to
$415~each7 Buyers from Canada recently shipped.several carloads of unbroken range horses'picked up in Idaho, for which they paid aii "average of
$110 per head. Last year-they could
not,have been" sold, for-$.3Q per head;
��� Farmers and "horsemen arc becoming alarmed;pvcf conditions.,aiid"see
a serious shortage.of work; horses in
the next.few .years .due .to -the failure
to .-breed'.-iri.ar.es'..during-' the past three"
years.- .Today there is -a. greater, demand-for good-stallions - and" jacks
than, ;ilierc7 has" -been',' for. five, yeas���.,
aiid-a,''united effort is- tb';be- made to
replace- the diiniu'ishing;'stbck of work,
horses'..",. The fear'-of'the ,:tractor- and.
truck havc^been'-dispellcd and people
are.agaiirturning'to the horse.,--. 7' .'������
A ' certain'1 lumber-company'a- few
years, ago sold thc-horsc's used.in the
lumber yards and loggiiig.:camps and
replaced thciri -with - trucks -and-donkey engines;- For several, months,the
company -has been -buying 'work- horses* to..replace, t.lic",t,ractbrs''and'trucks.
Anglo-Japanese Alliance
Will Serve Purpose of Preserving the
Peace of the World
Thc Tokio newspaper Jiji, discussing thc renewal of the Anglo-Japanese alliance, brings in the namc of thc
United Statcs in a very significant
manner. It says that any new alliance
will mean the continuance of Japan's
co-operation ,,yrith the .Anglo-Saxon
race,- aiid,'friendship; between-' Japan,
Great Britain:-and America will bc
universally recognized.': "In-., other
words, it" will practically ;bc aV triple
alliance--designed   ;tb .--pre'serv.c.  the
You want Mm. pood'and healthy,'.
- You:-want him.big- and strong.
TJiea rive him ii" pure vrool jersey; -
Made by his friend I!ol> I/ong..
l<et him rorsp-mth oil his vigor
.    . He's the best-Soy in the land,
And he'll always be bright and
If he wears a. Bob.I^ng Brand.
.-. ���Bob Long
For Dtd aad the Lad
Pull-OT*r or Button Shoulder
.   -   .'.;���;./Styfc -. -,
Made for Hard Wear, Comfort
-", *Ad Soaart Appearance
;   ILdLbNGiCO.
'���'���'.X.Jhi LsngSnasis-. ,.
., Limited =
TORONTO     ftb��i*re��l
anese'orNAnicricaii-evcr thinks .of.war
between' Japan 'and'the.United States,'
thc. newspaper proceeds.-1 If complications should cj:.er-',beciir- between-the
two countries,"they-will surely- be "settled by, ordinary methods'; in d.'inan'-
hcr-.'salisfa'ctory-.'tb. both parlies;   .;
The" Jiji deprecates' any'talk "of. the
possibility, of. serious.^misunderstand���
ing, arid, .asserts 7tha.t the wishes and
intentions of"thc Japanese arc'.entirely,
friendly, to the United. States. 'X. It
ciiiote's with much approval, the" recent
opinions: -expressed iti--.an Italian
newspaper; tp the effect, that "Japan
wiil. .maintain- a good'understanding,
with America; as' she has maintained
riendly relations,--Syith ..Italy, and
France."-.' "-This, says the - Japanese
joiirnal,".-is-a true echo of;thc national sentiment.-" '  -'   -..'"--"   '' ;.r--   -'  '-'
Tlie-.'world war'has not* inadc the
position of .Great. Britain -in' the
Orient vcry safe, proceeds the Jiji",
nor- has it caused any noticeable
.change in Japan's position. Both
Japan arid Great Britain will have to
feel the menace of a Russo-Germaii
alliance, it says, and besides safeguarding the "interests of the two
countries, the;Anglo-Japa'ncse alliance
will serve thc purpose of preserving
thc peace of the world, ���From the
Hamilton Spectator.,
Ask for Minard's and take no .other,
Western Association Of Hospitals
Dr: M. Seymour, of' Regina, is the
first president of the newly-organized
Western; Association, of. Hospitals,
formed;.for the purpose of "forwarding
the ���-movementsfor.'.gTeate'rLjCO-op'eraT
tjbn- among.; the .hospitals of the foiur;
westenv.pr.CYinces, 'for the. promotion
(Good Type of Settlers'
..' More than'; 1,000 immigrants-, pasr-
sed through -Winnipeg, iu" qnc week
recently, according to thc immigration commissioner. Most were from
the Britisii Isles, though inany came
from the devastated regions of France
and Belgiism... The type of settlers,
hc statcs, is better than ever before,
and thc majority intend buying and
operating their own farms.
niLnuui ruav dia/vi/ niuijji
Trial Dottle either Hamedy 3��.. leading ClicraUu or
YctareoRem��dle��Co���0<HipelOak.N.\V.S. Unduii. K117.
D��� I C PI CDP'C PH-��-S   FOR  THE
R.UL uLCnu Oliver".k>dnfvs
inv&luulile for dlaeasca of these important tiriani,
Gravel, I'alna In the Hack, Gout, Ulmuitiatljiii I'rlc*
8s��� leading Chemlats or Dr.fLB CMillC MBO. <:().,
How to Cure
Doctors warn against remedies
containing powerful drugs and
alcohol. "The Extract of Roots,
long known as Mother Seigel's
Curative Syrup, has no dope or
strong ingredients; ��t cures
indigestion, biliousness and
constipation. Can be had at any
drug store." Get 'the genuine.
SOc. and $ 1.00 Bottles. s
Americans Secure B.C. Timber Limits
Michigan interest arc reported to
have acquired timber limits from thc
East Kootenay Lumber' Co. to thc extent of 500,000,000 feet, and will operate a pulp and milling business at
Wattsburg. or Cranbrook. The mill
capacity in the neighborhood of this
point'isr 1,000,000 feet a day at present.     ...--"
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House,
Plenty of Land,Left
Thc total acreage of the-Dominion
Lands,'Other than school lands, which
are. undisposed of amour., to 1,080,-
750,000 acres, exclusive of land entered but not- patented^ Indian reserves,
forest reserves and parks. , Of'.this
total -773'- million acres are in ,tha
Northwest Territories, 118 milTioh in
Manitoba, 85$4 ^million .in Saskatchewan. . and/n early. 97_ million, in. Alberta..
A woman derives more satisfaction
from .the thing shc suspects' 'than
from' what she is sure of. .-
New Irrigation Project
Field work has commenced on the
new irrigation project south'* of-Letb-
bridge,,Alberta.,..which7is7-expected to
irrigate;, between.-IQO.OQoVand'135,000
acres," and-tyro survey parties!'have set
out. 7-The trustees' -.of ^e district: are
optimistic .about its .-future and 'confid-
of.'���standardization.'-, among'..hospitals,, -ent/that.the .bonds -will find-, a^gobd
and.-';" greater.-7efici^cy;^^ iuade:by
iaSsX:- Dr..;Warren, pf.Calgsirjr,' is ..the J .the 'Dominion-. Government have' been
secretary. ..There, will- be four-Vice-1confirmed by. an.eminent ;' consulting
presidenu7.'for.- the'-,fourvpro^nce*,;7;: ;��� Jimgation'.Bigin'eer.;.?;.'" '������;���.":���, yiX-iX.;'".
g ItlOUS    headache,
.;.��� .many aai expected enjoyment, '-; "y'.���:''" i-X ' r' :���'
When the condition, of the
liver is7 neglected, biliousness
seeing: to become chronic asd
recurs every two; or three
weeks, with severe sick hg&<3-
.aches. -             :"-'"
"Why   not"e*ttlight" after .-Ail
troubls and'i. end . it by--ustps1. Dr.:
Cltsise*B KIdn��r-t!ver-PSIU to retort
���th��"hnlth ana aetivtqr o�� thc Ut��*.'.
Conrtlpttian, t&dlgesUbtt, 7 back*
&ehe, headache, -blllousnees and Jtlfl-
ney fi��ran$em*at�� soon ^ls��.prp��*r-
with tha- KM-��t: thia. Tfell-3incw��
tn��dicl&v ,:'-
Om pm c Mem, S3 etx. a ies, all itHestf.
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance,  or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have'passed.   To Great Britain and the
. United States $3., always in advance.
Editor and Financier-!
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     700
Estray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ii> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal "advertising, 12'cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2)4c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross- means that
your subscription is due, and
tV.aithe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
he will have the advantage of all
the Granby company's metallurgical re-searches in the treatment
of Hidden Creek ores, as those of
the Hanna property are similar in
every respect to those of Hidden
Iu this connection it may be
noted that, while a few years back,
the Granby company stated their
ore reserves on Hidden Creek
would average 1.8 per cent., they
now; claim 2.2 per cent, as the
average, showing that later developments have disclosed ore bodies
of higher copper content than those
known five years ago. These
higher values are said to have been
found in the western zones, con-,
tiguous to the Hanna property
where, it is said, considerable bodies of ore running G per cent, have
been uncovered, indicating that
values increase towards the west
and into the Hanna ground.
Greenwood Pupil Dies
At Grand Forks
On Friday morning last the
teachers and pupils of Greenwood
Central School were sorry to hear
of the death of John Krouten,
whicli took place in Grand Forks
hospital on Thursday evening,
April 29th. The deceased was a
pupil of the Senior Division of
Gaeenwood Central School for two
years. He was close to 13 years
of age and was the eldest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Krouten. By
his diligence and kindly disposition he was highly spoken of by
his teacher, and always held a high
place in his class. The burial services were conducted by Rev.
Father Coccola, who spoke of the
deceased as a model boy on account of his diligence, obedience,
thought-fulness. and kindness.
Beautiful floral tributes were contributed by Mr. Masterton and
Classmates; by the teachers and
Pupils of Greenwood Schools; by
Mr. and Mrs. Beattie; by Mrs.
. Williamson; by Mrs. J.C. Cruse;
aud others. The pall-bearers were
Harold Mellrud. Johnson Beattie,
Thomas . ..Williamson, Joe. Putzel,
'Emmet Anderson, and Gari Intilla.
Interment was in Greenwood cemetery.' ' ���'    "... -    .   -'.. ��� '
Hanna Property Bonded
At Hidden Creek
' Two former Boundary men, Wm,
Hanna and  Charles -. H.   Flood recently had   some   claims^ ..bonded
7 that they; owu. at Hidden.' Creek;
for 8700,000.   ,,Mr..Hanna7 is well-
��� known in. Greenwood, and was engaged, in mining at the-'time' when
the  town,   was incorporated   and
.for some years .afterwards..' He
located  and  crown granted some
claims in Copper Camp,' adjoining
the King Solomon and Big Copper
. niines. y Mr/Flood; was for several
7years'7chief of  police"in,Phoenix.
: -Ih"' reference '/to ther deal,:  the
. Vancouver Sun" says in .part: ;
7. ��'Mr; -P. Olesen, who, a couple of
'-.weeks ago bonded  the.. Ptarmigan,
'���V.Eex and . Moriiy.gronps. of copper
. claims, in .the  Hidden .Creek, has
;.. now. taken - over,.on ��� a .bond, the
7 Granby No. Two: and Three con-
. sisting' of   sixteen,   claims.   -This
group ..immediately   adjoins  .the
Hidden Creek mines of the Granbj
7 company.   -The,price  is 8700,000.
The property is owned chiefly by
William Hanna.and Charles Flood
,: also owns a minor interest.in it.
''.-'���'rIri the HiddenCreek conntry the
"y property.is spoken of aa ''.the other
l"h"alf of the Granby," the boundary
being less than  a thousand   feet
from the great glory hole of tbe
Grariby's   Hidden   Creek    mines.
7   Underground     workings    ih   the
Granby property are earned right
to the boundary of thiB group.
Up to 1915 is was generally accepted that the lenticular ore bod-
which    constitute   the   enormous
proven   tonnage   of   the   Hidden
Creek mines were bonrided by a
definite.limit to the  west.    Striking north east but diamond drilling
in that year proved that;; what was
supposed to be a different forma-;
tion from the argilities,; and there-,
fore the" boundary; of the ore de-
7 posits waa really an intrusive dyke
7; cutting the.;ore zones and carrying;
>. higher -Values - in7 ores lying .west
���arid north; ..This, fact gave considerable, rvalue*:: *o-������.'; the ' adjbining
v ground which Mr,; Oleseh has; now
'bonded... . X'y; '"'y^'Xl/iX X[i' iy/ ':/���������
iy.i Preparations are now being made
���J=to   Pn* 7 three:{diamond ;:.drills - to
..;.. vfork starting nest June.:Xyy{.:"'-j:
In Mr.^lesen's new ^ acquisition
Daily News
Brings the
World to
Your Door
Cables from the
European capitals, from
Australasia, Asia, Africa
and South America.
Telegraph dispatches
from the great cities,
and from every nook
aiid corner of this continent where big news
Special correspondence from every centre
in Kootenay and Boundary.
On May 1, 1920, the subscription
rates of The Leige will be as follows: When paid in advance ��2.50
a year. When not paid for three
months or more have passed $3.00
a year. To Great Britain and the
United States $3 a year always in-
Came to my place last October,
one red and white heifer, coming'two years old, brand g- on
left shoulder. Owner may have
same by paying for this advertisement, and feed of animal.
Rock Cieek, B. C.
4"fr 4* 4�� -fr 4- ���&��� ���$��� 4�� ���$��� 4p *&�� ���$���
7 Complete
market  re-
. The best mining page
in  British  Columbia.
In fact, all- the news .
iof the. world and'of your
district' that   the ��� busy ,
mom, ivants is published
by ��� The . Nelson    Daily
News,   the   only " daily'
paper in the-interior, of
British Columbia. Z
.'.By-Mail   60c"a , Month;"-
-':;'.' $5,00 a-Yearr,    -.   '-'
The Dail^News
Sealed tenders will be received by tlie Minister of Lands not later than noon 011 tbe 20th
day of May, 1920 for the purchase of License
X1451, to cut 720,000 feet of Fir and Tamarac
and 20,000 Tamarac Ties on an area situated
iiear Myers Creek, Similkameen District.
Three (3) year will bc allowed ior removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE tliat Samuel Fretz, whose
address is Eholt, B. C, will apply for a licence
to take and use 1000 gallons of water out ol
Eholt creek, which flows westerly and drains
Into Boundary Creek about two* miles east of
The water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 700 feet East of the South-West
corner of said Lot 1052 aud will be used for
domestic purpose upon the farm described as
Lot 1052.
This notice was posted on the ground on
the 4th day of May, 1020.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the '"Water Act, 1914" will
be filed in the oflice of the Water Recorder at
Nelson, H. C.
Objections to the application ina3" be filed
with the said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C. within fiflv days
after the first appearance of this notice in a
local newsoaper.
The date of the first publication of this notice
is Mav 6,1920.
* =
a "C LOA.T is not a periodic-
~ r ai. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early,, days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, ancl graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 50 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
* R. T. Loivery *
4��      GREENWOOD, B. C.     ��fc
4. ���* *f�� *f"f"f ���$��� ��g* <9�� ���$��� ��f ���{* 4
Culameen fiotel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and t asty meata.
Intlie Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Graser,
intend to aoply for permission1 to purchase the
following.described land;    . . .;
Commencing at a post planted- at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 40
chains; thence"East 40 chains; thence South 20
chains; thence West 20 chains;- theiice South.
20 chains; thence West 20 chains to the point
of commencement, and containing 120 acres,
more or less. - . . -     ,'  ' .
Dated-at Midway. B.C. April24Lh, 1920.
���-������.."   CHARLES GRASER.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the*
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson Proprietors
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Physician and Surgeon
That he .has located' atGreenwood
...Oflice    -   Guess Block.   .   :
. Residence   -   Dr. MacLeah's House ���
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
.^The Ledge'has  always   room
for.one more ad..'--;;.y        :,. ,v
Send a-Float to your-frieiids'-at
once.'. You"= can get them-at
The Ledge office. -,'..      : iX:XyX
V.---:   -..    DENTIST
Mil Work*Guaranteed..
P. 0. BOX 148,   .   ; .   TELEPHONE 5>2
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
������" (Expert Optician), ... ..���;.-.-.;
_...-._,,. : graduate " x--.-. y-
K. y/'. c. Block;; --���..'-..,   :     Nelson
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers,' Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
--Economy and Satisfaction -���=��
combined witli Promptness |
are the features which go to g��
make up the Service w;e give 3
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? 3
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain)     ���   .- -"-;���-���
i^ers^Etc^, Etc, g
ig ;;:green
All- the   latest  methods   iu   high-class
Dentistry;  '-���".-',..���    -
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
YANCOUVEte   - -'���������.:   B.C.
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
The Consolidated Mining V& Smelting Co.
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50. an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd -which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
. arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. -   ; %
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Grown Grant.'
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
lelture. Title cannot be obtained In
Jess than S years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained .on Crown
granted land. a
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grating and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 610 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Ib made.
1 ~ACT.
The scope of thli Aot ia enlarged to
nclude all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
?' a. deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for. one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive.
No feet relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted, for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
��, 1914. on account of payments, feei
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
to^u ��r city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
dlreot or Indirect, remitted from enlistment to Maroh SI. 1920.
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, Interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications muBt be
made by May 1, 1920.
0 .  GRAZING. *
. Qrailng Act. 1918. for systematic
development of livestock industry provides for graxlng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits "
tor settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten head.  _ '
PHONE   13
Auto   and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
j)f Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig   Lead   and ..Zinc
The. WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Make Your Telephone Service More Effective
Anyone will ackuowledge that promptness in answering the
telephone is a courtesy shown the caller, jpromptness can be made
more effective when yon announce who is speaking, with perhaps
the name of lhe firm. Not only is it courtesy to the caller, but it
helps your own business- -il shows you are responsive,'appreciative.
Shamrock Brands
-    HAM,   BACON   and   LARD
Carnation Compound       : Butter and Cheese
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in; the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
-iyii    GREENWOOOI). B^C.    -;
W.-.'-H.-"; DOCKSTEA.DER,.Ppop.
irXB.'��� W....WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8," Nelson, B. ' C.
Chargess-Goldi Silver, Lead ot. Copper.
$i each. Gold-Silver $1^50. Silver-Lead
J?.oo. " Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.. 'Charges
for other metals, etci, on application,;-.. ��� .��
��� :r
P, Burns  &  Co*,   Ltd*,   Nelson, B, C  I
A '   ��� "    ' 1
a*-*^^.^^.**.* *******4"fr4��++x
Cbe Burne Bote!
nelson, B����.
The only up/to^date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
. i'.-'U x.-iXii yyix leach room.: --^: 7-l _'...���... ^
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
.yy .-   '. '-.   , Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.        .,     .' '
:,'���:'     "RATES 51.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
.-,<f-y    gus Meets all,-Trains and Boats.        ;   r
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railrpad.Ties.
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands.For Sale. Listi your lands
with me,    Have a-buyer for good ranch
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
FROST 'ST.X'. NEiSGJJ;     BOX 8��i5
��� 'x'iii.X  X [ "��� !X>''END^OF;p^CEMBiE^,/19li''' -Xy;i'XZ-X: iy'?'
:: ,. Hss.produced Minerals valued.as follows:  'Placer .Gold,'S75,116,i0��3;: Lode ..
Gold, ^93,7.17;974;'silyer,; 843,623,761; Lead 839,3jG6,144J^Copper,.8130,597;620; '-....;-
Other, MeSala  (Zinc,   Iron, .etc.), $10,933,466;   Coal  and. C6ke,,   8174,313,658; " ii:. ,
Bnilding Stone,  Brick,. Cement,;etcM: S27,902,381; making its Mineral ?rodnc-.    . .    ry
tion fed the end of 1917. show an       ��� ���' -.--' ~. ...... .. : '. ';.   ���-"-"'���'.'. '���''-'"'-
'���'���".     Aggregate Yalae of $595,S7i;ibf:      -     v
Production for Year Ending December, IPIZ, $37,010,392
The   Micing   Laws of this Province are more liberal and the feeB. lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the British.
- -";   - Empire. ' '. ���' ���
Mineral locations aire granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
. .' Absolate  Titles are   obtained   by developing snch. properties, the security
.. ;   :;6f which isgaaranfeeed.by Crown Grants^
.%-,..'   Fall information, together with mining Reports >nd..Maps, may; be.obtained    ./ X. ,;.
'y-X"X..,gratis by addressing^Xy-Zy .-.Xy ^riXZyiXyXZy '���"���->'.'-;; 'Z'y XxXi-yyiy-Z,ixyXiXX-:._:,X-iir -Z'Xi.X-XX


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