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The Ledge Feb 23, 1922

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 ��.�����-, :.-���'
|" Provincial Library
Vol.   XXVIH.
We carry a large line of
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc
Inspect our stock before buying elsewhere
t. M. GULLEY & CO.
Zz\      On and after March  1st we will give a 3
For Gash and prompt payment of account*.
This is a genuine proposition and is an
earnest endeavor to aid our customers until
better times.
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Wall Papers
1922 Samples Just In
You Want To See Them
No. 33'
GOODEVlE'S  drug store
, Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine'line of
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up
D. R. McELMON, Greenwood
-     The WINDSOR   HOTM,   is  heated * with   steam
and electricity.     Pine sample rooms.     A comlort-
ablehome for tourists and travellers.     Touch the
-- wire  If you . wane - rooms reserved.     The buffet is
replete  with  cigars,  cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream. ~~~
CommencmgjwithFeb, kt jwe _��e offer*ng_an_.
inducement to the public for cash sales and
prompt payment of accounts with our.
Special  Premium  System
Fe are certain this system will prove a boon^-
to the thrifty public.
BY    DAY��� or -CONTRACT .
-���   y X.,. Wpod./For.^Sale    . .    -V-
Second'Hand Pipe, RailsV Mining jCars
and other Mining Equipment
Reasonable Prices *
AcBly to J. W- Clark, Pacific Hotel
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial wiJL convince you
JOHN MEYER - Proprietor
The Next Issue of the
Closes on March 1st, 1922
If you are contemplating taking new service, or making any changes in
or additions to your present service, you should send notification, in writing,
uot later thus the above date, in order that yoa may take advantage of the
new Directory listings.
Greenwood Theatre
' Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
Arthur S. Kane presents
Charles Ray
in Sol Smith Russell's dear old  stage
"Peaceful Valley"
This latest of Clieerfi 1 Charlie's screen
triumph unfolds a most absorbing story
of love and adventure on the farm
6   Reels   6
Also' a Chester Outing
"Put Your Cares On Ice"
ADULTS 50c-     ���     CHILDREN 2Sc.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
Dr. 0. M. Graves, Dentist;, will
be io Ferry, Feb. 28ih until March
lOfcb, 1922, prepared to do every
thing in tbe dental line and make
Ranch For Rent
500 acres close to Greenwood.
For terms apply to Box 391,
Greenwood, B.C.
��� Manufacturer of High Class
Flavorings /wants local agent.
Must have best of references. No
Capital required. Splendid opportunity for lady or man of
ability.   . Write Box 2465,
To exchange 4 good Plymouth
Rock roosters for 4 of same breed,
__ Address
Andrew Johnson, -
Hock Creek.
Around Home
Tbos. P. Miller,' of Eholt, was
a visitor to town on Saturday.
Service in St. Jude's church,
Sunday, Feb. 26th,  at 7.30 p.m.
Mrs. R. O.' Fisher arrived in
city on Wednesday morning from
Geo. Inglis returned on Monday from a business trip to the
A. D. McLennan, of Rock
Creek, left on Monday for Vancouver.
M. Bellefontaine, of Eholt,
visited Greenwood on business on
R. Lee and W. Elson left this
morning ou a business trip to
Chas. Johnson has returned' to
town from a three months visit
in Vancouver.
It's a laugh-cry-fest���Charlie
Ray in "Peaceful' Valley," to be
be shown at the Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday?   '
Mrs. J. O'Neil' who has been
visiting her son J. N. O'Neill for
two weeks; returned- to her home
in Victoria on Saturday last.
G. A. Rendell;.. I. H. Hallett
aud J. Hallett returned on Monday from Spokane where they
attended the mining convention.
Lost���A lady's clasp pocket
book containing a $5 bill. Finder
will be suitably rewarded by returning same" to The Ledge
Art. Walters, Jwho has been
visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Walters during the
past week returned to -Anyox on
Wednesday morning.
JS%&-f"--iwr ��f53r-<,���'.-�� s���' jiff* v.- u-j-��'i^���7�������Ort",
A.- W.  FrancisX'iof* Trail, 7 is
recuperating   his . health   with"
hisf sister?'-"Mrs;- -T.^ Jentcin. ' Mr.
Francis broke a bone in his hand
while at work a short time ago.
��� Married.���At    the    Catholic
Church, Greenwood on Feb. 21,
Joe Ricci, of Vancouver and Miss
Marie Forito,  of Anaconda,  by
Rev.  Father Cocola,   of   Grand
L. E. Brawders, manager of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce
will leave next week for Salmon
Arm, where he has been transferred. James Muir, of Portland,
Ore., will succeed him.
- Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McPail, of
Winnipeg, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. "Beattie, Anaconda.
Some years~ago Mr. McPhail was
teacher in the school at Midway
and later- was in charge of the
Anaconda school.
There are plenty of devotees to
the cinema art who are firm in
the belief that Charles Ray is
best love-make on the screen and
it is said- he has enhanced his
reputation along this line in his
latest Associated First National
release, "Peaceful Valley," to be
shown at the Greenwood Theatre
on Saturday, Feb. 25th,
The G. W. V. A. is going to
give a treat on March 16th, for
which date they have secured the
Banff Orchestra. Those who
have already heard this famous
orchestra want to hear them
again and those who have not
had the opportunity will certainly
not miss this chance. Get your
new dress ready for the big
dance on March 16.
W. C Wilson has returned
from Osoyoos where he has been
building a garage. Mr. Wilson
is very enthusiastic as to the
bright prospects for the future of
Osoyoos. In that country they
can grow peanuts, cantelopes,
tamatoes and the peach crop" is
two weeks.earlier than Penticton.
To build his new garage he shipped the lumber from Greenwood
by "way of Midway to Oroville"
and from thence by truck to
Osoyoos. There.. is a beautiful
lake at Osojoos and it -is a
natural summer resort, the only
drawback being the terrific
With the Curlers
The  great game   of curling ie
meeting with rousing sucoess this
winter and every night keen games
are being played and many interested spectators watch the "games.
On Tuesday night the Mother Lode
cap, was played for and won by P.
H.  McCurrach.   This  game  was
played individually and by points.
Coffee and sandwiches were served
after the game.
On Wednesday a K. of P. team
came over from Grand Forks and
played the local K. of P'b. The
team from Grand Forks are Messra
Gardner, Hodgson, Dunn and Scott.
The visitors won the first game
and two more games are being
played today.
Board of Trade
An officer on board a warship
was drilling his men.
"I want every man to lie down
on his back, put his legs in the
air, and move them as if he was
riding a bicycle," he exclaimed.
"Now; commence."
After a short effort, one of the
men stopped.
"Why have you stopped,
Murphy?" asked the officer.-
"If ye plaze, sir," was the
answer, 7'Oi'm coasting."
Mrs. L._E. Brawders enter*
tained at a very enjoyable tea on
Wednesday 15th inst. The
occasion being an informal farewell to a number'of her lady
friends by whom she will be
greatly missed, when . Mr.
wood to reside at Salmon Arm,
"B. C.   The 7dainty 'refreshments
The annual meeting of the Board
of Trade waa held in the Board of
Trade   rooms  on   Monday   night
when there were a goodly number
present.   All the old officers were
re-elected with the  exception   of
Mayor Galley   who   was  elected
vice-president.   The  auditors   report  waa  submitted   and proved
highly satisfactory and a vote of
thanks was extended to the President, B. Lee and the Secretary, G.
S. Walters for the very proficient
way in which they have attended
to matters pertaining tp the welfare
ofthe district.   The following is
the President's report.
"I herewith present my Annual
Report for the year ending February 1922. The Ballance Sheet,
as submitted and audited, shows
an income of $135.00 with an expenditure . of $133.15, leaving a
balance in hand of $1.85. Early in
the year the report of the two
delegates to the Penticton Convention waa submitted in full and the
points covered at the same Convention approved by the Members of
this Board, The subject matters
under discussion at that time were
very numerous, and will no doubt
be well recollected by all Members
present when the Report was
In addition to this the following
various subjects have been taken
up and carried out with varying
The matter of placing white fish
fry in Long lake at the Jewel mine
resulted in a visit from Inspector
Bobinspn-.snd.sQch ^presentations
were made that the stockingNof"the
I Lake should take place,  according
and the end of the first week in
were    served   by   the    hostess ��� -    - ���*���
assisted by Mrs. Geo. Inglis and Ito Promises, ��ey time between now
Mrs. P, E. Crane. I���a-a. ���.�� -. -.     -   ���
Mrs. Mark Christensen, of
Boundary Falls, brought to this
office for our inspection four
medals which were sent by the
Government, in honor of her son,
Edward, who enlisted in 1916
and was killed on the 13th of
August, 1917, in France between
Vitrfy Ridge and Hill 70.* The
medals are the "British War
Medal", "The Victory Medal"
and tbe Memorial Medal" upon
which is inscribed "He died for
Freedom _ and __ Honor." The
fourth medal is the mother's and
widow's medal. This medal is
from King George and is supposed to be worn by the nearest
relative of all those who paid the
supreme sacrifice.
Kettle, Valley Notes
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Thompson
were in Midway on Monday.
R. Bruce has finished hauling
ties for the Kettle Valley railway.
A. Johnson and H. L. T.
Martin are building a house on
Nicholson flat.
If you have half an hour to
spare don't spend it with someone who hasn't.
The Women's Auxiliary met at
the home of Mrs. F. Bubar ou
Tuesday,"Feb. 21.
The Banff Orchestra was a
huge success. They have promised to come back in April,
Your employer may determine
your salary, but vou yourself
must determine your worth.
The Junior W. A. held their
meeting at the home of Mrs. R.
E. Norris last Saturday at 2 p.m.
The world is made up largely
of people who think they could
do the other fellow's job better
than he is doing it.
A country is not made by the
number of square miles it contains, but by the number of
square people it contains.
Don't forget the Musical Revue
in the.. Co-Operative Hall, Rock
Creek, on Friday, Feb. 25th. It
is promising to be a great success.
L. IU. McCarren Dead   -
St. Jude's ChurclTwas comfortably filled on Sunday night, Feb.
19th, when the local lodge of the
Knights of Pythias celebrated
the 58th anniversary by attending
Divine Service in a body. Rev.
E. A. St. G. Smyth delivered an
acceptable and appropriate
sermon taking for his text Gala-
tions 6 and 2. "Bear ye one
auothers burdens." He said that
fraternalism was a good thing
provided members lived up to its
teachings and not for what he
could get out of it. A. father
working for self alone or a
mother only thinking of self was
disastrous to to the home; but
where the father works for the
wife and the wife helps the
father then that unity becomes a
great blessing. The same might
be said of nations. When the
king works with his ministers for
the amelioration of the people
and the people try, to live up to
the laws then that uation is
bound to be great. So it is with
fraternal organizations where
men are bound together, to bear
one another's burdens, to relieve
suffering and distress aud to help
the needy and the sick. The
sermon was greatly appreciated
being simple, straight from the
shoulder and educative.
The Ledge has always room
or one more ad.
The matter of the Hope-Princeton connection on the Trans-Provincial Highway received considerable attention and support from
this Board, and I am pleased to report ihat this connection is now
about to become an accomplished
fact. This will undoubtedly be a
great asset to Greenwood in view of
all tourist traffic having to pass
through this place in order to make
connection with Vancouver after
the Hope-Princeton Highway is
Representations made to this
Board concerning mail facilities
were taken up, and the pressure
brought to bear by the influence of
this Board on the Postal Authorities was such that the obsolete system of mail service to this town
was eliminated and a service in-
augerated equal to the neighboring
towns on the C P. R. line.
The question of closing the Customs Office, as proposed by the
Department at Ottawa, was also
taken up and vigorous protesting
from this Board resulted in our
Customs service being continued.
The last two mentioned matters
were referred to J. A.' MacKelvie,
the Federal member for this district, and the thanks of the Board
must be extended to him for the
manner ia-which he supported us
in our representations.
Matters pertaining to the mining
industry in this district have been
taken up with the Hon. Dr. Mac-
Lean and the Minister of Mines.
The principal subjects involved the
question of a settlement regarding
tbe making of the road to the Providence mine; aa appeal for more
funds for the construction of a
wagon road to the Yendella mine;
also an investigation re the stoppage of work in the Elkhorn Fr.
shaft by the creation of a dam ia
One of the oldest settlers of the
Boundary in the person of Lindsay
M. McCarren died at Kamloops on
February ,14th, aged 99 years;   He
was- born   in    tf, B.7 and   came
to Boundary Falls in the early 90'a
--oyer 25 years ago.   The funeral
took place on Thursday, Feb. 16th,
| services being conducted by Rev.
H. R.   McGill.     Interment took
place in Kamloops.
In Penticton there are so many
water pipes frozen that an electric thawing machine is unable
to cope with the situation and
the engineer of that city has
recommended the purchasing of
another larger and more powerful machine to fight the cold
weather ravages; water mains are
irozen,__there -are 95 -residential-
freeze-ups and a water .wagon is
sent around the streets to supply
the residents with water, Phew,
that's going some.
the Providence mine, which same it
is contended is of no use to the
Providence mine and a menace to
the working of the Elkhorn Fraction.
Reports on the above subjects
have been received and submitted
to the Board.
Appeals from various Boards of
Trade have been considered and
suitable endorsements and replies
thereto have been'forwarded after
consideration by this Board.
A decision to Improve the appearance of the Board rooms has not
met with tbe success I had hoped
for, but undoubtedly the time will
soon be here when the Board room
wiil be the centre meeting place of
the town. I wish to express to
this Board my appreciation of the
very able work carried on by the
Secretary, .and I think we have
been extremely fortunate in having
the services of one who has been so
well able to express the views of
this Board on the various subject
matters as directed by them. I
also wish to thank" the Executive
Council and all the Members of tha
Board for the attendance and
hearty support given daring tha
past year."
B. Lhe.
President, THE    LEDGE,    GKEENWOOD,    B.'   a
lhc Jas Katchewan. Legislating
;':uiro-;  ui   i'ac  throe   i-T.'>.inc Province:-! meet in st'L-sioa, us a
:---.��me li;un --.i.u-h year, but while those of Alberta and i\r:'niLoba
V/ill Sell Church Valuables
Gems and Precious Metals in Russian
Church Will  Help Poor      /'
The   all-Russian   central committee
: tho benefit of the famine sufferers.
!    Tlie' value of the- gold and  silver
| candlesticks,    the   gold  covered and
[ jewelled ikons, the chalices and sal-
I vers involved is variously estimated,
)-;:��.���  '!.
rule, about the
are still in s-wsio,. ai On: ii:MU of wrh.inK, Saskatchewan's law makers have has jeCjded to take over immediatc-
oomplelv! li-c-ir li.)K.r.--. At Ui!s timo, to an even Sre-iU-r extent than is j ,y (he valllablo in all tho cilurches of
usually \y cftso. menibi-rs ol' th�� J.eyi'-huive Assembly In all three Provinces I all crecda in Russia and Bell thcnl l01.
;-.iv eonlrorit-Ml will; many of tlio ?;ai-n�� problems, and it will be a matter of
some !niere.= t, there IV-iv, to follow the course pursued by tlie several bodies
in grapi'ijii}-; with iiio diHiculties which confront them in common.
Foremost, niiio-ig- ihe problems which demanded attention at Regina,
and which likewise call for consideration at Winnipeg and Edmonton, is thai;
of rinanco. In other words, devising ways and means whereby a suflicient
revenue can be raised  lo meet necessary expenditures, or, on the contrary,
so   reducing   expendi lures   without   seriously   interfering   with   efficiency  in   hundreds of millions of dollars.
tidni'uistnUion and without-neglecting the needs of the country, as to bring
(he Provincial budget within the total of revenue obtainable.
In the Prairie Provinces, Provincial Treasurers are badly handicapped
when it comes to increasing revenues as the instruments for so doing that
r-re ayai.'abic io them arc few in number and limited in their operations. Unlike the older Provinces, the Prairie Provinces do not enjoy ownership and
control of their natural resources, nor is there that accumulated .wealth in
this new country which is to be found in the older settled parts of Canada
and which through succession duties and corporation taxes is made to yield a
substantial Provincial revenue. Ontario, for example, is reported to have
profited to the extent of $-1,500,000 from succession .duties alone this year,
where a*-: the amount so obtainable in Saskatchewan is a mere bagatelle
By      REA      PROCTOR      McGEE.
D.D.S.,    M.D..     Editor      of   "Oral
If you have lost very many teeth,
you must consider some method of replacing them, because if you don't you
will only partially chew your food and
your digestive apparatus will suffer
severely from overwork and your general system must necessarily be undernourished. '
So common sense dictates that when
yod lose a tooth, it must be replaced.
There are other good reasons why
teeth should be replaced but, just now,
the matter of plates is under discussion.
ln a jaw where there are some natural teeth remaining the plate that
carries' lhe missing teeth is called a
"partial plate."
There are many methods of keeping
these partial plates in position, and
the methods are so extremely clever
that the feelings, appearance and function ot the normal teeth are almost
restored. n
Tho old idea of placing* fixed
bridges, 16 restore every form of tooth
that was missing, is rapidly giving
way to the extensive use of the partial plate.
One of the great advantages of partial plate is tho fact that it can be removed aiid thoroughly cleaned.
Now, cleanliness is one of the
greatest possible measures in the con-
Canada Offers Advantages
Needs of Dominion for Increase in
Population is Shown
Sir Augustus M. Nanton, of Winnipeg, speaking at a Canadian gathering in London, said that one of Canada's greatest needs was an increase���
of population. He regretted there
was so little mutual trading between
Canada and the United Kingdom,
Canadian products, he said, came to
the British Isles in very meagre Quantifies.
The action of the United States in
increasing her tariff against Canada,
J said Sir Augustus, rendered the time
(never more opportune for Great Bri-
! tain to capture Canadian trade.
'    A    suggestion   .that* British manu-
j faclurors should establish themselves
: in    Canada   with branch plants from
which   to   handle   world   trade   was
made by Sir Augustus.     These plants
would give some of   Britain's   unemployed   population     work     in     the
healthiest climate, and this arrangement   would   to   some extent lighten
the drain on British coal.
It was an error, said the speaker,
to think that immigration would take
care of itself. He hoped that the
governments of both countries would
work together lo prevent the foreign
element in Canada increasing by an
undue percentage.
Sir Augustus said Canada ought to,
have adequate, representation in London, with the staff there properly
but the weight of the precious metal
and jewels alone, is reported to total j versatiou of health and anything that
can be cleaned can bo made sanitary;
but if you htne in your mouth an extensive lot of uncleanable apparatus
it will be very difficult to maintain a
hygienic condition.
. Always consider the possibility of
cleanliness when any new work is be-
The partial
iea Overtaken fey Nausea
Try This Simple Reineclj
When Your-Appetite Fails
This Is What You Need
even worse,, wjiat you need is twenty
drops of Nerviline, in sweetened
j-water. ��� Almost like, magic is . the
change you experience. Those feel-
i ings of vomiting disappear. Thou-
It was natural, therefore, that the Saskatchewan Legislature should again i sands of homes rely on Nerviline in
and most vigorously voice a demand for the transfer of the natural resources j case of sour stomach, gas bloating,
of the Provinces to the local Government, and the sister Prairie Provinces t n'ausea and upset stomach conditions.
can be depended upon to join in the demand. Such a transfer must soon be ��f J*��;f lj^ee 35�� b��tUCS SoW by
effected if a serious financial situation is not to become acute, and a still
stronger feeling ot irritation against the older Provinces develop because of
a sense of the injustice now suffered by the West.
Nothing startling iu the way of augmenting the revenue was considered'
in Saskatchewan; rather an attempt was forecasted of endeavoring to reduce
expenditures to the lowest possible point consistent with efficiency and
proper administration. The idea of imposing a Provincial income tax has
uot met with favor in Saskatchewan in view of the fact that it would nie'an a
triple income tax, such taxes being already levied by the Dominion and city
and  town  municipalities.
. A second outstanding problem wThich demanded attention at Eegina, and
is also to the fore in the Provinces to the east'and west, was the proper enforcement of the prohibitory liquor-laws. Demands were made on the Government to abandon the-present Saskatchewan Temperance.Act and to revert
..to the policy'o.f restricted sale of liquor by the Government itself..    To oil ��� ,,. ,
.    ,     -    ,--,'/���,'     -'    -    x       r'T     ��� i-X������   . - - ,       ,-  ,���     ���- -    ���.���,-,-   I plum pudding and mmce pies.,
sucn demands the Government and Legislature turned a deal.ear, and the"t    ,-   .   .,     ,.     ��� ,,    .��� ���_     _     .,   .
-.,,���,-��� ,   , - .    ,   '     .  .     ,':." \     '      '���-*.,     ,,,     V.lt is the distinction ot San Toy ihat
��� view prevailed and was overwhelmingly sustained mat every efrort should be : , .-  ., , .- ,   ,      "    .,
���,...,      . ���   ���    ���; t     ,.-:��� ��� ��� ,-     on ,,.,-- '    vi  -    - '..'       '    IJle  "-"'eat  through   the   whole  ot. die
��� put iortli-to gi.-c the Act a .lair .trial.     The result-was the. passage ,ot numer-{
When you don't know whether it's.
going to stay down or come up, when  i"S <--one *n the mouth,
you look like thirty cents, and  feel  plates depend for their retention.upon
the teeth that are remaining in the
mouth. They do not depend upon,
suction as ib3 the full plates, particularly the full upper.,
'Veteran War Horse Rings.for Food
Sari   Toy,   30-Year-Old   Charger,   Has |
New Trick
San Toy, a 30-year-old charger, veteran of two wars, was the hero of the
hour when the inmates of the Home
of Rest for Horses, YVestcroft Farm,
Cricklewobd, had thcir annual'feast.
That feast, by the way, consisted
of carrots apples, bread and sugar���
delicacies which "the friend of man"
enjoys as much as his ��� master    does
_ To be satisfactory, the teeth upon
which the partial plate depends for
support must be very healthy.
You cannot hope to have cither a
satisfactory or a healthful piece of
partial plate work in your mouth unless the teeth to which it. is anchored
are healthy and will remain so.
If you have to have a partial plate,
don't try r.o save a lot of.hopeless
teeth to interfere with it.
When the very thought of eating
makes you feel dizzy, when you're
run'down stomach in-bad shape���you
need a real housecleaning with Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. They, tone up the
liver, assist,the stomach and improve
i digestion. The taste becomes aware
of new-flavors in food you never noticed before. You'll look and feel a
whole lot better afteTr using .Dr. Hamilton's Pills.': Many folks used this fine
old remedy and nothing else and keep
in. the pink of condition all the* time,
25c at all dealers, or The Catarrhozone
Co., Montreal.
Ice to "Turn World!
Top-Heavy Arctic to Cause Oceans to
7 Spill
Top-heavy ice in tho Arctic will set-
.tle and topple over the world to such
an extent the oceans will rush over
the land and cause a flood which will
make the inundation of Noah's time
look like a brooklet, according to J.
A.    Laundervilie, "  Cleveland/   Ohio,
scientist, - That threat is 300 years
distant, thought, so. it is nothing to
write home about at this moment.
Nice Nest Egg
Canadian' Goods Selling.
Canada's export trade to Great Britain and Europe is slowly but steadily
improving. Canadian canned salmon
is.moving again more freely at-a firm
price. Cheese is selling.[well. Canadian flour and grain have been selling much more freely in the London
ous amendments all. designed to - further -strengthen the Act and close the
"loopholes ' through which the. 'lawbreaker could escape and the bootlegger
practice his many .and devious devices. 7"     . ' - -
. ' By"'resolution  the  Legislature reaffirmed its" position on the. Customs'
lariffby- demanding a general lowering of duties'on "article of prime n'eccssity-
;o the" agricultural producer.   -'Unquestionably there'was much'force-in the
contention of DVII, McDonald; of North Qu'Appelle,. that, inasmuch as the'
tariff is subject to- Federal jurisdiction and control exclusively, the Legislature was going outside its.domain in passing upoii if, and in .taking such a'
stand he occupied 'sound constitutional'ground.- ' However,' the tariff.is.no
-longer a'parlizan question-in Saskatchewan, but is now regarded purely as'an
-."economic issue.     A.s such, thc present Saskatchewan Legislature, like" its
-predecessors,,.felt that "it should, as the only'body entitled to speak for the
/whole-Province; officially declare its views inasmuch as the tariff undoubtedly. hasVt." direct and profound effect on  the agricultural .prosperity ofthe
. Province.'."'/f he- declaration, for tariff reduction was,, therefore," dealt with in-
tlie'same spirit and from the same economic point of view as the demand for
lower freight fates,..     Entrusted "with promoting the. welfare.of 'the Province,'
the Legislature spoke .the'mind of tho people, on. these questions.' - -
' -   Taken as. a'whole;-Uic "session1 was   uneventful.', "An   unusually   -large
.number ol" Bills;wer'e considered, "but -these, -for,:tho most-part, were for the
; purpose .or am_endin'g; exii?.ting7statues JisleSperience _i.n. their, .administration
had demonstrated to be" necessary;;    Unlike preceding.sessions, there"was
no officially'6rgaui;:edand recognized'. Opposition party. ".'Nevertheless,-there
was  close watch, maintained upon; allVGoyernment legislation', "constructive
."criticism -offered,; and, the necessary and effective, spur ���.-provided: to.- keep' the
Government'.car.b'ful-jn. its'handlir.go'f public busin'css7'7. -""���-" -���--". :' ��� 7-   ' .y
The stormy, blustery weather which
we-havo during February and March"
is extremely hard on children. Conditions make"- it necessary for the
mother to keep them iu tho house.
They are-often confined-to overheaf-
South -African war ���.and never missed' ed- badly ventilated rooms and catch
a day's duty. : lie was-saved from 'a I colds' which rack their-whole system.
harsh fate at the close of   the   war
market than hitherto.
Minard's Liniment7for7Colds, .Etc.
Eskhno Curios For
Chicago Exhibition
Handiwork of Arctic Coast Natives to
V- Show, at Marshall Field Store
Edmonton    is    supplying'   Eskimo
curios for a. big fur trade exposition
which   is   being staged by the Mar-
department"    stores     in
Soft corns are difficult to eradicate,
but Holloway's Corn Remover will
draw them out painlessly. ,
Considerable    Western     Grain     Stilt
Held Over From  Last Harvest
Western Canada still has a sixty-
eight milljon dollar nest egg left over
from-the 1921 harvest, as the tally of
grain  stocks held  in elevators  west
fro'rii the head of the lakes shows, in
a,recent analysis oE   the   Board    of
Grain Commissioners.     This takes no
count of course of grain still held out V
by. farmers, which . is . reaching^ ship-/
ping-points very   slowly.     Tlie    approximate  total  value  is���?6S,032,252.  .
In store at Fort William and Port-Arthur ^are 31,059,926 of all grains,. an
increase in the week of 106,JM5.
Cannot Discuss Ghandi's Demands
The India office issued an official
communication indicating that ifc was
the intention of the government to
adopt stern measures to suppress' the
campaign of civil disobedience in India. It adds that no government
could discuss the demands contained
in the recent" manifesto'of Mahatma'i
K. Ghandi, the India Nationalist
leader. .,"
. Caiise and Effect-
���''My course in the future," says Mr.
Debs,. "will   depend   a great deal on
how long I am out of jail."   To which
it is no more than fair   to   add   that
how ��� long   he. is out of jail depends
and' is spending the evening-of his
days iu comfort and .idleness as a pensioner.    :,    " - - '"��� .   "       '     - ;   -
The -latest trick o'f the old war-"
horse is to ring a . boll-, placed outside his; cell with a long "cord attached," so summoning the groom 40 attend to"his wants. ,   -    ,   "-"
To-guard against this a box of.Baby's
Own Tablets should be."kept in tlie
house and"an occasional dose given
the. baby, to keep its stomach and
bowels.working regularly. This will
not fail 16-break up colds and-keep
the health of the baby in good condition till the1 brighter days coiiMJ'along.
The Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers,or by mail at 2ft cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co:,
Brockville fk)iitX. -    X.       y    .'-  "
X Fire Loss iri-United States
Over   Billion    and   a  ��� Half 7.in ���_ 'Five'
'    -Years,-'50   Per. Cent,...Pre'veritabfe '"--
V'Phree hundred .and thirty-four- \hn'u;
..���7-i:ind" dwellings 'at-. $5,000'= each,'-su'fli.-
(.ient to', bouse 1,700.000'-persons; could-
be built with, ihe 'money-i'ost' in. (ires
. "in .tlie.United   Biaies'1-'from-.-lOlo-'.tp^
lt)2i);  according -to,-figures  given  oyi.
��� .���*>-��� the'.National-Board- "ot-Fire-'.U'Hlvr-
v.'rilers., = -,.:'v-,'.    -'.,"" 7''7.7. 'XX "  '���-'
, ���    ��� The board- places ' the.-nDlionah-fire
loss   durins   ihc7.rtvc-.yea"r'..,7i.iefib.ci at
. sr.a72|7-22-;67.7. ,"''.  X. 'V." - -''/', '   XX-;:
Special Train Touring: Provinces
'Child Welfare Nurse Accorfspani.es
'. fyiixsci Farming Special Train
'���_A7nc.w' fcaturo'hiis been added to
ihe. .ifiixed farming.special train now
'touring..AlbevtaV "The Public .Health
Department'- of' --th& A'lberia'' Govern-
"fh'-'iU'' h'a>; .'scut a. -child' welfayc-lnursb'
al'llic _departhiont';'"lo join the staffvof
h-clurvv-s "'o:i ihe.'t rain-;.."'" This.; liursc-'
will "."give., lectures', on'..child welfare
worlc";aiui"A.-jil-alsp examine- any ehil-'
'!r"c-ri; pr<'!:';7*ned to herVyith respect to
sionerii.! phyt-jVial- condition/.-. ..She will
are j" Un ^in-pared'.lo'di'scusK-'ariy matter.-' o"f
-Watches and .sinokircf*- "'ImzarU.
Iieltl',-"rcspon'<ib'le:fo'r-- ?00,OO(i-;O.0O7."'qi'7 hc-ililr  which- may. .bo   suggested, by
,. losses,'according,,to thVreport-.'---Next j f.;ie-,"7audi'unoV- on    the'   train.:""  Tiro
comes .-electricity, which''caused tire.s.j special", train -lias ; been' rneciins  with
'costing" -$S6,p00",Q00.   '���'  .Sioyc.-j. -. fuhj-woiidorf-il success.        ���'   y  ��� iy.-'
nace?; ..boilers,-^and;-pipes.-,caused    a:    ' ' ' ~r~���. --f���r '-���.'.'
���loss , of"   ?C3,000;000; y��efective ciijm-j   ' Excelle.rnt "for   C'roupy ' Children.���,
nevF a"nd-flues,.S61";'O06,O0O.       ,- i V\"h-;n a Vhihl Is suffefirig- with croup
.-   *.-.  , . ���   '-'- . -    '-  ', .: ��;.-j. nrir, nnn ! il is ���'*- goo<l plan to use Dr. Thomas'
Smy.-seven, per cent., ^S,000,Oun,. Ec,ejBtr^ 0���/    lt reduc.es;the', infiarn"-
of "the-  total-   .loss    was tJassea .as; ma-tipn and loosens tins, phlegm/giving
strictly' or partly preveiitable, ���{ speedy relief to. th.c littl�� sufferer.     It
7 New.-'yori* 'suffered -most heaviiv.i is equally reliable for sore throat and
- ...     "',-'���      ';- -��i r-'n^'n r.'ih.  i-.���,-���:t..-i ! chest.. car.'K-hp", rheumatic pains,'cuts,'
With a lois.oi ?io;,,000,0JQ,  1 .eunsj 1-1 LruigcS,   a-n<t ^rnl^ .  . Dk-..Thomas'-
vania earned second;:--with .?3, .000,000; j Eei.��-etrie Oil is regarded    by    many
" "Many children die from the.assault
of worms,; and the' .first care of.
mothers should be" to see'that their
infants" are. free from'these pests, y- A
vermifuge that can.be.depended.on-is'
Miller's" Worm' Powders". . They, will
not only expel worms - from, the system, but-act as a'health-giving-me'di-7
cine, and a remedy for many.of- the
ailments that-beset infants,- enfeebling
tliem-end endangering thcir.lives.
Must; ImproyeT'Export'Bacon'-";
Thackeray's Birthplace 7.-- 7
Calcutta  Has-f'-temorial.iiri Church of
��� ."".""' st- --ohi1'
Calcutta gave England'one of her
greatest novelists, for -William Wake-
piece Thackeray��� was born there ori
July 18,-lSli: -The.novelist's father
was an Indian civil servant,, as also
had" "beeii""""his.''grandFatlicrT "arid his
mother was the. daughter of yet another servant of...the. old John, company- The city of Calcutta has-not
forgotten her famous son,.and to-cele-
A Persian carpet was in use for over
two hundred."years in the main hall of
Ihe palace of the Shah in Teheran.
Canadian   Bacon   in -. British
V--.7  77Grades_ Fifth Place    .".7.,
'- -That- Canadian bacbri-'in. the British,
market'.was^gra-iiiig in_" fifth7pla.ee in' brate his. centenary ten years ago a
competition' 'with'-Danish,'Irish' aiid j memorial .with   "an" inscription' from
other, bacons;-was's'lated'. by H. S.\&r- \ "Henry Esmond"'was unveiled in-tho'
'kell. Dominion ..livestock' commission- j ehurchpf SLJohn/vyhe're he-was bapr
���.cr,-.;'it-.th'e7annuai. mee'ting of the.:'Cana,-" J-.tizc��l.���M>nclicster -Quardiaii: V '7' ��� 7
difin Swi'ne. 'Breeders' Assqciai.ion" heldV'^--
in Toronto.-'    The price, was about 20'
-'cents per cwt. below that of Danish
!'Chicago.   -These   curios   which   em-! a great deal upon.his course in the fu-
"brace samples of Eskimo work "from   ture.���Portland. Express.
' bows and arrows to mucklucks, stone
1 axcs.and pottery hewn out' ofV rock,
are   being   loaned, to   the". Chicago-
, house by tho Northern Trading Com-
'; pany, and "were brought;., to .Edmonton "by one of.the N.T. post'managers
; from the sliores of the Frozen.Sea.
In all' 75' curios are. being forwarded,
these, having.been on-' show-'in ' the
N.T. warehouse here for some time.
Nothing of the kind has" before been
seen in the American city, and the
anxiety- of the Field. Company to- obtain', the' curios is evidenced by the
number of" wires which ihe N/r.
Company have.received from Chicago.
j    Doubtless   the   exhibits, will-ihter-
j est the. Chicagoians, and at .the same
[.time.-it" 7wilL- be-iirst-cJass-publicity-
fbr Edmonton and the' great north-
land .���Edmonton Bulletin.-'
��� Mr.-'Arke-ll said., lhe reason was
.that ..Canada ni.u^t produce a, "select
ha coir hog-of the, best type. .."���'���7'
���' Hon."planning ���IJoherly,:-u)i)i!--;fr.ro.l'
agriculture..-; for -Ontario,' .said - the
reputation' of .-.Canadian'. 'biieijn-' chad
su_ffei,ed--.m*j'<,h. in" thd7past live -yra'rs
aiid'.the.- only .-remedy-Avas-to adopt
���m\ system' ihat .woul-.l" sm'cure" a: prc-
njiuih- of q'uHiily.,.--. Sh-j��5:U>., advertise
th07 par. 1 icfi 1 ar " qua 1'iI,its."oi'-��� j 1 ie'7; Vorl:-
shife-bfe.ed' o.f.s.wino w.tVre- decided. on
at-iiie -annual'-ineoting. of the puiaria,-
La7rgt>= Yorkshire f-jwine' itreedcr.-' A
scciatiori.   ' ���   ''���
-*^ f j.: t',-,i.
IlJinbis .third,- wilb'-SSS' 000,000. ���
'--.' "He -Needs a ''Shade" 'For It
/..."What   "did- your--wife   give   you
Christmas?'-"" asked Casey.
7. "This, beautiful -lamp," replied' Jiggs. j
as. he'points to" hi3.discolored eye.
family 'medicine chest.
l/J*ll��& HmS9 dean, Hesith?
-Eye*. MthfiyT;rcItch���
rt��ijR. ;3�� Smart or Bisra, if Sors,
JL "~*%ArC Irritated, Inflamed cr
fQm EVDGranulated.oseMarfne
bftea. fccAn. Befr��S��f�� Safe for iofant
or AduJt. ifltall DreBgistssad Optician*
Our Comparative Prosperity
Duke of Devonshire Points to Abssncs-
Qf Poor Law in. Canada
PresiSing- :-.t a  conference .of poor
iav.* guardians in London," the jO'ike of
thousands as ah indispensable of th^ |"hev6n5iil.re,   former   goverrior-gerierol
of- Cs.ii.pA:i-, pointed out that there was
no established poor law, as such, anywhere in Canada.- lie advised Canadians'never to allow such a condition
to "grow- up in their country ��� that
would- entail. the institution of poor
law administration.
The Duks said, ttiat-a considerable
proportion of the population in Canada owned their houses, jmCi .this
contributed greatly to the welfare
and prosperity of the 'Canadians.
Bagpipe on Coin. 69 B.C.
Dagpipes-   are    shown on. a Koman-
coin dating back to" GO A.I).
Cuba Size of Pennsylvania
' The area 01 Cuba   13   about   equal
to that of the SUte of Pennsylvania."
All young iiSh are "cannibals,
or less, eating each other.
' The ..man with but a .single-  idea
must be a confirmed bachelor.
;W-'"'X."  IV""I4?&.
.* Minard's Linimsnt for Distemper
W��- Ebalf have smilins frienus as
long as we keep still aad iet'our
n*ori��y do the talking" for "as.
7 What This Buffalo Physiciafl
Has-'Done For Humanity'.
The iiiciure .wliioh -���appe'arG-h'era.pf;
Dr. ric-rc'3 of Buffalo, ~N. y.^v.-aitak-eii
in- 1910'..  As j> .young man I>r.' Pie-rco
-practised, medicine  in - Pennsylvania
-and was kneJjvn far anil-wide.for.-fiH'
.--fneat ��uccc-s3 jn *'al!evi'alinp" disease:
IJc early'nioveu to Buffalo and .put up.
. in   reariy - to - ii?e .form,." - liis , Golden.'
-Moaical'Discovery,   ths*.��� well-kiiowB
tonic-for. the blood.    This, strcrifitli-
builder is made from a formulawhich.
Br. "Pierce, fonntl" most  effective  in
.' digeasesof tlie" blood.   Ifc contains no-
alcohol -and  is an' extract of native
roots v.ith   tlie   ingrcuJentg   plainly1
stated on the wrapper;.   Good.red,
bibod, vinii, Tigor and vitalliy aresuro.
to follbTT if yoa tske this Alterative
Extrsct.   Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
-^Discovery clears  away pimples  and
annoying eruptions and tends tokeepi
the- complesriou fresh and clear. .Tliia
Piscovery corrects the" disordered conditions in*a eick EtoK-ach, aids digestion, acts as a tonic and purifies the
blood.    Write Ur. Pierce's  Inva-lids
Hotel in' Buffalo,. N. Y., and receiva
contidential.  inedical. advice -H-ifehoufc
.  charge.' ��� All dn-ggijla sell DiscoTeryj,
[ tablets-ovli'ssnd.
Not. a Sporting CKance
Man .Who.' Drinks Decoction' Sold By
.-. Bootleggers', is Gambling - With ;
-.- -,]X. : Deiath'  ' ':'���' 'XX- '  '
-:..The'niiiiibor'o.f deaths from- -wood
alcohol and other substitutes is-small
iii""'comi'iarison with the "number of
peri-oils" blinded, or otherwise .terribly
injured -by tlie stuff...' Any siian-who
drinks .the - liquid-, thai is^_sold ho*.va-
ciay--���no.-'nialtef-,how- .assuring, "the
inbol'7or./the..'.- story told;by-;-the' glib
booiloKgror���is'. taking . chances vv'-ith"
liis.-Iif.e." s;U'e "is '-gambling.with- death.
.An-he'Siand.3 .to'-vln'-i_s."a_'dr|nk.-'],What
he '-stands-'to lbxi;;iii all'' the'; earthly
h:'ij/])i;:eF'-,- v.liieh " it is" ov.ery;"nia.ii.'s
Ijrivilrgc' to imryue. ,1s' that a'gopd
"ltetr-rThe Xew.- York'tribiKie.. 7 - 7.'
;..,New:F4mc For'Boston" - ���'���-.---���
-,. Tlio. t r.ue.'i)alive of .Boston.;.5s proiid
of. his city,' and V-heLi. he "is.far front
homo, lie- will th ink- kindly pf Faneuit
Ifalland'or ihc'Connnoh, " In Ohio
recently a clasr;.'in .geography :was &is-
���cussing tha large'cities of that country.'   -'   .      ...'_. ,"'.",-"
.'VViitl .now," remarked   tlie- teacher,"
"who can tell me in one "sentence what.
-TP-osLon is-noted for J"-     ;  ��� ..  .
.   One liUle boy's' hand shot into "the
air and-moved in-furious li-tle circle?.,
���'V.'ell,' Lowell, what is it?;' asked
tlie teacher      -   '
'i.--Tt*as born there!" replied the lad.
and refrcs^in-^
'.' '      '    ' 4-10-21.   -
. ���*��!�� ��m ywit* w�� mvint*.
. Stops:-Hair .Coming;Out;.
/..Thickens,:.Beautifies, 7.
Sal�� of,Bulls
The 22nd annual auction sale an;:
sho-g- of pure-bred bulls? will be held
in Calgarj"on April.-i, 5,. 6, 7. The
Alberta spring Iior?e show will Le
held there at the.same tinie.
.Give your local merchants a chaEce-.
���I Est at home.     w
Minard's Liniment for Warts, Corns,
Etc '
j ��;-cenl3 buy3 a Bottle of- *rDande**;
Ene at any drug store: After ..ons ap*
pilcation yoa cannot find a particle ol
dandruff or n failing hair. Besides,
every hair' sho-srs - new. Jife; Tigor,
ferighine&s, more color sad a,bundaas*
Invents New GUn
. A-5iew machine gun capable of firing 3,500 shots per minute has been-
invented by Gregorio Arias, a retired
telegrapher of Corumia, Spain., " The
gun is' ccmiposed of 50 barrels, each,
capable of .firingV.70 shots per minute,
and it is designed to-cover a front of
a kilometre in width. Its operation
necessitates five.men, but changes of
position" can" be made easily. .'JP-Jic
loading apparatus is autornatic . ������   "
You "are Bctf
1 ii g   w li e n-
you   ii^e   'Jr.
-.Uhnse's Oint-
k���    Miicnt for- Eczema and   Skin   Irrita-
&e~' tlous.-" It-relieves "at once and grsulu-.
s*&-] ally heals the skin.. Sunijile t-ox Dr.
Chase's OE.iununt ireo if von mention this .
paper and semi 2c. otamp forposlsige.   CCo. a
box; all dealers or - JSawanfon, Bivtos & Co., -
Limited; Toronto..    -    "-    -���---.'������
. Sesi" fariuto>"tii��atloii* wjir.ted b�� MsnuUc<.
turerc. Fortunca hzvo bttn made (rota ilis-pl* .
Idea*,  "-"atctit Protection" bui-Wet on rcquot.
^Qk's ��oi!ea Koet CcmppaeS'-'
A tejs, reliable repiilatinp
mttfiemt. Sold in .tlirco do*
croea oi etren-'lh���No. 1,-51;
Jtio. 3,83; Ko. 3,*5por box.
Sold by M drupciats, tit *enft
prepaid on'rocciiit oi' prico,'
��� SVce ���' pamphlet. AdclrcstS "'
"fOftOSTO. 0ST. (.'iia��-!�� Witiin.y
America s Pioneer
Dog Rernedic-i
BOOK   ON   -
. and  How  to  Feed
Mailed    Free    to    any
Address   by  tha."
"Author y-
II.   CLAY   m.OVES"
. CO.,   INC..
118    We-t-   31st-ftreet,-
New  Yori.   U.S.A.
Every,, hca "should
:'  lay.;
.', Make yours pay -in'
. eggs for .thf iced
7 you give than*.
Tone them upL   Keep
them healthy and vigorous,     - . '
Gat- eggs by adding to tS��ir .
feed    Nature's ' egg-making;
tanic found ia' -' ���    ""',,.
PratU Poultry   R*gulaiar
ADVIck-'FIVER , - Toll    un .
trouble. ._������ '  7-'���-.-��� '   '
\'PK   J'OOD   CO.,   OF
vrizlX>A,     LI3I&T��I>,'
TORONTO"   �� -7
iereolype y x_
7 -Imperiar hteriype    v
.From the 7very ' start '-Imperiar-
Typo-".metals found' favor .-ivltlv. the,
leading '��� ne-G-spapers . qf that" time.
That-was because^ vre recognized--.he
peculiar'.-Quality . of.- nietal hecesskry
and. experimented until., oar results'
satisfied-us. That it Eatisflecl others
���is satisfying" others'���Is elcquentlx"
proven bj the fact that 9!) -per-cent/
of.the Printing Establishments in Can-
ada are consistent and regU!E.r users;
-V.' V
.THE   VLEDGEi    GBEENTfOOD,    B.     a
'-*   '���
7 =iM
Treatment: At night rub Cuticura
Ointment into, partings all over thc
scalp.. Next morning shampoo with
Cuticura-Soap and. hot water. Repeat in two weeks.
Sosp2Sc. Ointment 25 sn�� SOc. TaIccoi2Sc. SoW
throughouttheDominion. Canadian Depot:
kg���". Limited, 344 St. Pun! St., W., Montreal.
���SM tS?~C>j-:;cHr3 Soup shsvea without mug.
Canadian Wheat Wanted in India
.Bombay Concern Makes Inquiries
Through Van'couver'for Prices
the development of a market for
Canadian hard wheat in, India is
forecast in -^advices Vfrorn shipping
concerns/ in Vancouver, received by
grain sales'agencies, in Regina.    '  ,
It .is' reported; by-.tlte Merchants'
Exchange,- TVaiicouver, that 5,000- tons
of Canadian 7wlieatarerrequired by" a
Bombay concernahd7 in/this connection, price a. notations" are asked.
It is-believed by ��� authorities here
that this 'demand Vmay immediately
precede the-7opening of a permanent
market.-; ..British -and. "Canadian -flour,
made;vfrom the usual blenfls "of hard
and soft wheat, has-been, in iucreas-
"ing demand on^he Indian market, according to7'tra(2e'iDgur'esV It has met
with- such a; favorable'reception that
sort.7wheat7;millers:, in India are reported to be miking/preparations to
secure (Canadian "hard wheat in order
to blend a flour which can successfully be .marketed in coi'iviJetition with
-imported" lioursVfrbm 'the/Dominion,
Great Britain and the United States.
Eight provincial prisons in Great
Britain are being closed for reasons
of economy. "*"'.'
. There were 1CS deaths iii Canada
from automobile accidents during the
first ten months-of 1921, according to
the Dominion bureau" of ��� statistics;
3wenty-five persons of a'wedding
party were drowned when the ice on
the Theiss River, which they were
crossing, broke through.
Brass foundries in England are
working overtime putting out ��� "Put
and Take" gambling tops to meet the
demand. Two" million 'new tops 'a'
yvs<8" are produced, many for export.
��� Mohandas K. Gandhi, leader of.the
"lion-co-operatioiiists, has temporarily
abandoned his previously announced
policy o.f carrying, out ^i programme
of civil disobedience.
The value of livestock in the United
States decreased ?3;3S5,237,000, or 41.S
per cent. during,"the last two years,
the department of- agriculture estimates.
.Both houses of parliament have
adopted unanimously tlio government
proposal for granting, the sum of: 1,-
000,000 kroner for aiding the starving
in ������ Russia. " The kroner nominally
is worth about 27 cents. -    "
^Interest in the teachings of Buddha
is developing through the medium of
'Liniments   and ' Rubbing   Only   Give
Temporary Relief
.\,_Rheumatism is a trouble extremely
diilicult to get rid of. If a tendency
to rheumatism is established in the
system il.makes itself manifest by a
return of the acute pains with every
spell of bad weather.. This.is whyvso
many people think- the trouble'is due
to cold or damp. The fact is known,
however, to medical men, that* with
theappearivncb of rheumatism there
is a rapid thinning of the blo'od, ami
that the ; rheumatic poisons are only
expelled' from' the" system wheii the'
blood-is restored to its normal condition.. '-. This means that to. drive rheumatism from..the. syAtem7it must be
treated thrpugh the vblood, and fortius purpose; Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have..- been very successful, as >thev
build up and" -.enrich tlie blootff thu'sv
easing the aching, swollen joints, and
benefitting the health of the sufferer
in other ways as we'll. Among the
rheumatic sufferers who- have .satisfactorily used this medicine is Mrs.
James ./Gillanv-Charlottetowh,. P:E.I.i
���who,saysr-'Tor'tliree long months I
suffered" terribly/from rheumatism. i 1
��� was ^o^bad that.I-'could; not- do my
housework, and", oven-.to .attempt t,o
walk paused me:a^ph'y.;'-. I   spent   'a.
' great deal: of money on liniments .and
medicines without.getUng ; the7 least
benefit, and' my/condiiffoii -waspitable.
At -this stage my attention was "called
to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I began taking this medicine, and shall al:
Ways praise the day I did so. Before long tliere was no doubt that I
had at last found: something that
would give me reMef. s I gladjy continued usinfeTthe pills with the result
spiritualism'.' A Budapest girl has' that I am now as well as ever i-was,
been found through ,whose lips able lo do my housework and care for
Buddha is said to deliver'his saying's   niy children.     Since that time one of
my   daughters    fell inlcwin anaemic
condition and was obliged to discontinue going to  school, v'I  gave her
-���Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and now"slip.
is as heal thy. a. girl as tliere. is. in the
;'��� city.     You may be sure I lose no op-
j portunity in'praising  tliis medicine."
.Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can,be had
through   any   medicine  dealer,  or  by
mail at. 50 cents a box or six boxes for
?2.50 from The-Dr. .Williams' ��� Medi-
to the awestruck audience.
A party of Canadian manufacturers
and their wives have left Toronto for
the West Indies to' enquire into the
prospects  for the    improvement    of
-trade   -between    Canada    and    the
islands. ..." y
... Importation  of livestock  from  the
' United Kingdom has been prohibited1 cine' Co., Brockville, Ont
by the Department of Agriculture of
the. "Union of South Africa, owing to
the prevalence of the foot aifd mouth
disease there. ."      ���    ���
���    Military /..naval    and state honors
were rendered by-the, Uruguayan Gov-
.eminent to Sir    Ernest    S.hacklelon
when-his  body  was  oh  the  British-
steamer Woodville', which conveyed it
back to South Georgia.. Island for
.' burial.      -V '    "   ��� . .^ ���-  V .
The  "schooner   Norman Strong, of
the" .Newfoundland fleet; was reported
abandoned at sea.' tier crew landed
'safely at the A2orcs. The. vessel,
. which had crossed the Atlantic with
-���ju'- cara,',--" of--fish,---was - -returning- from
Cadis v-llh salt'when a storm over-
' took her.- 7  - ....
-    It is annomrced .unofficially that the
Aurora, III.
"A short time ago I was one of the
m^st nervous and miserable persons
on the earth, but thanks to Tanlac
I'm well and happy now," said Mrs.
Wina Itaber, 416 FarnsworUi Ave.,
Aurora, 111.-
"It was just about two years ago
that I began to be distressed after
every meal ��� I had awful smothering
spells at times and ..my heart beat so
irregularly (that I o'f ten thought I
wo'uldn't live through- the- attack..
Headaches were the... banc of my existence and I shudder even now when
I think of them. My back hurt me,
too,...arid it was just agony for me to
bend over and straighten up again.
7 -'Tanlac has done for me far more
than 1 ever expected! and. I'm like a
different person altogether. In fact,-
���I'm-, in 7 perfect health now.'., In my
opinion, Tanlac.is the best medicine
underthe sun."-���      .'--
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
Saskatchewan Wir-ler Fair
Official  Prize  List for Livestock Has
'���������--..;. :-': .: .:.-Been Issued
i .The official' prize list for. horses,
cattle and poultry at the Seventeenth
Annual. Saskatchewan "Winter Fair is
now off the press. The total prize
money, amounts-to $10,000. 7 The fair
will be held this year on "March 15-
17th, with entries closing ori Saturday, March 4th. The lair is operated
by the Regina Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition Association, Ltd., 615
McCallum-1-Iiil Building, Regina.
A Powerful Medicine.���The-healing
propertie's in six essential oi.s aro cjn-
c<-ntriU.ed ia every bottle of ' Dr.
.Thomas' Eclectric Oil, forming one of
the 'most beneficial- liniments ever offered to. the use of man. Many can
testify as to its power in allaying pain,
and many more can certify, that they
owe their health to it. ^ Its wonderful
power is not expressed by', the/small
price'at which it-sells."        ���- - ���-
I. The Syrian King Sorely Troubled
7     (vv. S-12).
1. The King's plan (v. 8). His
method was a kind of guerrilla warfare���-armed bands made incursions
into the enemy's territory. He. determined as to where camps should be
located so . as to intercept Israel's
army. His plan was clever, but his
great mistake was that he left God
out of his calculations. There is one
place where air plans and movements
are known (Heb. 4:13).
:2. The enemy's movements disclosed (v. 9). The man of God, knowing
the enemy's movements, 'was able to
tell the~7king about them. Elisha's
advice was more than a match for the
wily plans of the shrewd Benhadad.
Israel's safety lay more in the man
of God than in their warriors." '
'3. The king of Israel heeded Elisha's
word (v. 10). This was true wisdom
By obeying the prophet's words he
saved himself and army many times.
Those who are truly wise heed the
divine warnings.
4. The Syrian knig's perplexity (vv.
II, 12).. In his perplexity he assembled liis servants and demanded that
the traitor be made known. He believed that' some were playing into
the hands of the enemy; therefore
he would put an end to the treachery.
This was denied, and one of theser-'
vants declared that the king's movements w-ere reported by Elisha tlie
prophet, even telling to the king of
Israel what Ben-hadad spake in his
bedchamber. Ben-hadad was worried
not because of his sins, but because
his plans miscarried.'
II. The Syrian King Tries to Trap
/     Elisha (vv. 13-1S).
1. He sent an army to capture him
(vv. -13, 14). 7 Upon learning lhat
Elisha was making known his actions, he determined to put an end to
the matter by trapping him and making him a prisoner. How foolish to
put human cunning against divine
wisdom. ' Horses and chariots are
useless when God is against us. God's
purposes cannot' be thwarted. If
God be for us, who can be against us?
2. Eiisha's servant frightened (v.
15) . When he awoke one mornnig
he saw that an armed host was encamping about the city. Viewed from
the human standpoint, we do not wonder that he was affrighted.
.3. Elisha's encouragement (v. 16)-.-
Jle assured,his servant that, though
they were' surrounded by the Syrian
army, there was a mightier host
of .heavenly defenders "round, about
them." Elisha did not shut his eyes
to the real danger,, but looked to lhe.
helpers of God watching" about them.
4. Elisha's prayer (v, 17). He ask;
"cd that the Lord would open the eyes
Your liver���healthy or clogged, active
or sluggish���makes all the difference
between a vigorous,
cheerful life and low
spirits and failure.- To subdue
a stubborn ..
liver, over-^
come /consti-
pation, dizziness,   bilious*	
ness, indigestion," headache and the
blues there is nothing on earth so good
asCarter'slittle Liver Pills. Purely vegetable.
Email Pill���SmsJl Boss^-SmaSl Price
Peerage Titlss Limited
In selecting his title a newly created member of the British peerage is
not allowed to adopt the name of a
county or a county town, unless he be
of the rank of an earl or higher.
��� He Gained Twenty
Pounds in a Year
That's   Why   ThiT Man   Praises
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Mr. Carl   Boutelier of   Mason's  Point
After   Four   Years   Suffering   Took
the  Advice  of a   Friend  and   Used
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Mason's Point, Heart of St. Margaret's Bay, N.S.���(Special).-���"When
I started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills I
was twenty-three years old and weighed 105 lbs. In one year I "gained 20
lbs." This is the statement of Mr.
Carl Boutelier, a well known and highly respected resident of this place. It
is one more addition to the great mass
of evidence that Dodd's Kidney Pills
are the greatest of all kidney remedies. ...     ��
"I was laid up '������ for four years -with
kidney trouble." Mr." Boutelier states
further: "One day a friend advised me
to use Dodd's Kidney' Pills and I
made up my mind to .give them a
trial.     I used .lust six boxes in all."
The. road to health lies through the
kidneys. If they are kept strong and
well all the impurities are strained
out of the blood. But if they are
weak and out'of order the impurities
stay in the blood and disease is' sure
to result.
Ask your neighbors if Dodds Kidney-
Pills do not make strong healthy kidneys, -j
Painty Chiffon Evening Frock
Flax Production 0
Saskatchewan led all the other
provinces of the Dominion in the production of flax seed in 1921. The
yield for the year was 3,500,000
bushels. "���      ���
Mother, Quick! Give
California Fig Syrap
For Child's Bowels
By Marie Belmont
Beaded chiffon "dance dresses are
strongly sponsored in Paris, and very
youthful, airy affairs they are, with
the bead's -applied in cunning little
Of all white chiffon with "crystal
bead loops, the above frock is essentially created for the spring dance.
The bodice is built on straight lines,
with the beads extending halfway
down. The soft crushed girdle is finished with little bead loops, and from
it at either side chiffon drops down
below the hem line cand extends up
again to the girdle.
An infinite variety of color is offered in beaded chiffon frocks. The inspiration above is repeated in coral,
citron green and lemon yellow.
British Columbia Lands For Sale
Reserved Crown Lands to be Sold for
Agriculture at Reasonable Price
' It is announced that the terms upon
which reserved crown lands will be
sold,for agricultural purples in British Columbia are a price of S5.00 per
acre for first-class arab'e land and
$2.50 per acre for second-class grazing
land, the minimum area to be sold under such an agreement to one purchaser being forty acres and the maximum 640 acres. In addition to the
above price tliere is a charge or a feo
of fifty cents per acre for survey In
the case of surveyed lands and in the
case of unsurveyed lands purchasers
are required to have survey made at
their own expense within six months
of their application being accepted.
A Possibility *
There's always a chance that the
world will survive in spite of those
who wring their hands and wonder
why somebody doesn't do something.
���Prom the Baltimore Sun,
Unless worms b'e expelled from the
system, no 'child ��� can be healthy.
Mother Graves' .Worm Exterminator is
an excellent medicine to destroy
Young Indian Girl
... Shows Dramatic Power
: Gava
;   Even a sick child loves the "fruity"
taste of  "California Fig Syrup."      If \
the little tongue is coated, or if your
child is listless', cross, feverish, full of
cold, or has colic, a teaspoonful will
his servant so as'to see spiritual aeV(:\ fail t0 ��PPn l--e bowels.     In a
,., . . ���.,       4.,     T     i i ii     few   hours  you  can see   for vourself
things     When the Lord opened the how thorougUly.lt works-all'the con- ( made her debut .at
. Makes Specialty of Statistics
Vancouver. Man    Is   Now   Fellow.'of
;        Royal Statistical Society  ���
. Guy Cathcart Pclton.of Vancouver,
has been made a Fellow-of. the Royal
Statistical, Society.' ��� .;
There are two other Fellows of.the
Society in'Canada:- Alexander S: Tait,
of,Montreal, .and.V. C. T. Ol-lar'a, dc-
puiyminister-of trade, and commerce,
Ottawa. ' -Mr. Pelton'i.s'a statistician
by profession and is. the author-of a
handbook of Canadian "facts'- and figures .entitled "Canada in a Nutshell."
. Shipping .Flour-to the Orient -
��� Large export orders are, being, received by tlio Medicine Hat'flour mills'
arid'up-to the present time they, have
shipped 1,700 tons of flour to Europ'e,
which is moving via. Vancouver and
the Panama- Canal, and have yet to
ship by that route 2,-lOJ tons." They
have also -shipped eighty tons- of flour
to China, and have about" three him-,
dred' tons in" sight for ..'that destination'; --���.-,
Two   Recitations   at  Canadian
Club of Great Britain
' A talented young Red Indian girl,
with ��� ��� undoubted    dramatic    powers,
__ recent luncheon
eyes   of   the   young.man he saw that stipat'ion poison,- spur bile.and waste'_: of the Canadian Club'of Great Britain
''the mountain was full of..horses and from  the. tender, little    bowels    and. ' ' "'
chariots', of-'lire round about Elisha." Sives -vou a well, playful child again
.   N.B. "Potatoes For Cuba
,. Two    thousand  .barrels    of  -New
Brunswick - potatoes' recently arrived
""British- Empire -Exhibition advertised j in.Cuba from St:'John.     An addition-
.  for 1S2S -will likely be postponed un- pal -eight thousand barrels.have left for.';
;  til" 1921: '   A British ^li.ssion is.novy  the same destination.   .  '     7 ' '   X
In South. Africaworking up interest    '.   ,. '-'   -'       ���   ���_, .      ���
..iri-'the exhibition.and is di.ie.-lo arrive - An' automatic device "has" been in-
; in .Canada for^tlie same purpose on vented ��� to keep railroad-, switches
. August 12 neSt. -. -.    ..     cleaned1 and .greased. "������-_
B.C. Pbpiila.tion.lncreased 33 Per Ceni"
The- population of the province- of
British^oiumbia^ in Jhe. .192,1 census
is announced by the-Dominion Bureau
of Statistics' as 523.3G9, an increase"
since 1911 or 130.3S8, or nearly 33 per
cent.."-The.-population of TVicto'ria is
returned "at 3S.0P6, an increase since
thVlast census of :7,03G.   V
* World's highest and fastest passen-
"ger- elevators.- are In'��� tlie 'Woolworth
Building, New 'York, travelling 4.54
feet-in one minute.,...'. . ..' ���: -
Round about -us all the while are
angels guarding us from danger.
5." The Syrians ��� smitten with blindness-(v. IS); - The. same . God who
opened the-eyes of the young; roan,
blinded'the.eyes "of the Syrians..'- God
deals with. men. according .to. their
moral/attitude. 'When-men .will not
have the light, God.sends darkness. -
III. .The  Syrian,Army.'"Trapped-.(vv;
": 19-23). -   '   '"    ,
The wouid-be trappers -are now
trapped.'" . --,/'     .  -   ���
1. Army- led by'.thc man sought by
them . (vy. 1!>V20), ' '.Elisha led tliera
to Samaria and asked the,Lord lo
"open "their f'pyes": " "Wlign their e'ygs
were ..open they saw* the- man whom
���Ihey sought, .but- not-   at   the ���--place
! recently.
1    She   .is.
Miss Frances Nikawa, an
i.  Millions of mothers-keen
��� Fig Syrup" handy:   - They 'know . a, - i Indian ,; of, -the ��� Bush   Cree tribe,'a
|teaspooriiul today" saves a sick-child to- | branch'of- the   Great - Blackfoot' In-
moirow. -Ask your.druggist for genuine .."California Fig Syrup" which has
directions for. babies aiid children of
all ages printed on-bottle. Mother!
You must say "California" or you may
get an imitation .fig syrup.  .   .,-.''
..Dairying in Alberta
" The Alberta Department of--Agriculture is engaged in a campaign-now to
encourage .the- development of -the
dairy industry on the. farms- of the
province and will shortly issue new
bulletins for instruction of the farmer
in this -branch "of farming.
is 'art acute attack' of '-Nasal Catarrh.
. ,, -,,,. .     i      ,--,.!'  Those   suhject   to " frequent, "(.-olds   in. th*
where they..sought, him.    ��� Instead.of | head".will find that   the -use   of" HALL'S
seeing him at bothan as. they exiJcct7|'f-A"'rARRIV-MK-IH-C/N^ ,1,vil!.-IKi'lti--up .-J"-.
" - ' System-, and  romicr them less  liable to-colds.
diaus, of which the-Prince bf Wales
was made'a chief7 She was born in
York. Factory hi Hudson ..Bay, and
has been educated by' a Miss Bryant.
. She -gave two dramatic recitations,
both poems by Pauline Johnson. .In
the- second- of. these ������'.'Tlie .Cattle-
Thief," she seemed ��� to forget' her
audience and to be. living -/again the
lire oftiie'prairies. .Miss Nikawa, it
is hoped, will shortly appear before
London audiences"        .  ��� .
Tenant Farming ia US."
Conquers Asthma. To be relieved
from the terrible suffocating due to
asthma is a great thing, but io be
safeguarded for the future is even
greater Not only does Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy bring prompt
relief, but it introduces a new era of
life for the afflicted. Systematic inhaling of 'smoke or fumes from the
remedy prevent re-attacks.
German Dyes in China
The present low value of the mark
is helping the German dye trade in
China. The China section of the
federation of British industries is protesting that the British dye trade is
being shut out by the recovery of the
German dye monopoly In China.-
For  Sore Throat
Cold In The Chest, Etc,
Remit by-Dominion  Express  Money  Otdef.
If lost or stolen, you set your i.-.oney, back.
.ift Off with Fjngers
Land Rented Equal to Areas of Sey-e'n  .r/ri,_""
Doesn't hurt a bit! _   Drop, a Jittls.
'"Ffeezoue" off an aching corn, instant--
ly-that corn stops hurting, then shortly yoii lift it right on!   with   Angers,
ed, they saw him' in* Samaria. ���". =���
.. 2. Tho' generous treatment   of
Syrians . (vv .21-23).  ., The
���'..i'ltcp'oafc'd  attacl-s.of  Acute" Cr.tarrh iiiay  lead
<!,,- to  Chronic   Catarrh.'
-,    tne       -IIAI-I.'S 'CATARRH-; MEDICINE   is, tak.-
kini-     of I en' internally  and  acts, t'hroueh s the  Blood on
,.   -      . -,   ,       -. - ..      .,        -   -7.      '   the' Mucous  surfaces, of the System; thus  re-
Isra'fil,'wanted' to   SUllte   the  captives,   ducin-j the .inflammation'and assisting Mature
re. beat ihe strain to' the -'crossing
���goadzmdny.- timesr ,
,..-" .'''It's never touched, me yet,"
he explained ..when they, pointed
out the risks.';- 7-; -'. V -V~V-^' y--x
X   "y (X,.
answer' a
That's tlie
many people make when; they;
7-hear that the drug: element in
tea. and coffee; often harms
nerves, and health-:. They say it's
7neyer.touched them yet. 77.
- 7   Sometimes''they only think
���Jt hasn't77"...'-"-.'.,        '���-":,'"'���" - ."���
7 Wakeful 7riig'hts^7drqwsy.:
days, headaches that keep com-
--���-:'> ing;.moire vfre-'
are blamed on
bad luck when
the blame.; belongs  on  had
judgment in .takm? needless
��� ch.ances with harm.-./ \:' -;     VV-
7. V" Over; on the ..safe. side'.is
;   Postum, a pure cereal beverage/:
. . delicious - arid satisfying ~ con-;
taining- nothing that can harm
7 nerves or digestion. -Thousands"
���-.���whip used.to try their luck: with.
.' tea or coffee are entliusiastic over
haying', found safety and satis-.
-'v; factioji-in'.Postiimi7 -' ��� -"-    --.- ' - -���
���:'-.-.. It's worth your while to make
'- . the. test 'with Postum:7for ��� ten.
Postom- is a. .delightful
drinlc fov^any member of. the
family, at any me^l. .7
",... Your grocer' has both' fords'"of .Pcstnin:
.IhsteRt" Postum (in tifis) made instantly in tb��-
cup by the addition of boiling water. ��� PostBtn
Cereal (in' packages' cf largsr balk, for thop��
- who prefer to roake.the drink wtiilc the steal &���.
being- prepsLTcd) ntsde by bbtliosfdr 20 oinoteu.-
Postum for Health
"There's a Reason"    "������"."
lil-f.d'? br Cahadiaa Postu"ia--Ccr=il Co., liaatci!, \Viz2sof. OnL
j irrras
but"'Elisha;. forbade liim and ordered
���iDStea'<l-;that*they sliould b'e fed "ami
sent back to their master., . -' .
. .3.;;Peace".-bety^eerf the nations '(v.
23). '. -The mercy" shewn -to- the - Syrians, had .such a profound-effect upon
iliem that-they came noraore to'maite
���\s-ar .upon Israel...'-'fWliat a- fine- thing |
If' we.couki. -haye such iruinaiiity
���sliovsiJ. today-:77 .       -.-  .."-���';..'7-:'-'
.."New..Fur Company Formei!
New'..Vork-;.Firm .Kas Ontario,Quarters
���'"-;"-.   "���;  -'"-' .-At Sudbury    \    ;.'...".
- - 'A. - large." fur-company" .has'.its.Ontario . headquarters at' Sudbury. ���-. Tlio
New.''York firni'io'f .��� Eit'ingbn"   Sciiild;
Limited,". Company .of .Canada;---has a
paid-up.7capital..';.of "?100,090.-'.;; The],
new 'company-'is a buying agency for,
the "NTc-n,'.; York hoii.se,. and. is ^making
Sudbury- its-'-/collecting.-arid shipping
centre for. Western. Ontario.,   -/'    ',,
restoring noinial coniiitions.
AH  Druggists..    Cir.cu.lars  free.       -.".*   -
. Nl,-'. .'..Qicue/.S:, Co.,'. Toledo, Ohio.-.-     ������
..A-;.       .;***-r���T-���,.'    ...7,7-
"Activity In 0i! Fields   7
Syndicates'-Consider .Proposals- -ib
Develop "Leases'on Royalty. Basis ���
Indications are that there,-Trill',be-
reiiCTve.d 'aclivitS* in this region- during"
the-coming- ye.ir and carloads pf .cas-
in'g^and/equipment are going iri regularly to -the'"Pouce.. Coup . oil' fields.
Syndicates .are /considering proposals
from "di'iUing* concerns'- to', develop
leases, oh a".royalty basis.- V A .fifty-
pound sample.of-Iron ore was .brought
.���in recently ��� from., a' deposit -"stated, to
be'"exposed' over.an.a:rea;teu miles in
extent,"aiivi is being analysed,':."-,"' ':,'----
Oritario's Tiriiber Production'. _'���
"... Ontario's -timber- production' last
year,-iv-as'yalued at"?2,6,774,!)37, or" -IO.
per cent- of- Canada's" total'output, kj-
cording to the Provincial Department
of Lands'.' and Forests,.-, Pine .produc-
Uo.n. -amounted: to. 005/402,0.00" feet';-
pulpwood, 216.2S2. cords; and railway
ties, y-,704,450, "Eighty-two "per. cent,
of lumber used in. Ontario's industries
is purchased withiii-'the" province,
Sentenced to Death     V
No Appeal Possible
. Tenant farmers' in the United States"
'.'rent land /equal" "to the 7 combined,
area oi/ Texas, .Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas," Michigan, Wisconsin.- "and- Florida," Dr. C. Ii." Stewart,'land economist,/declared ..jn analyzing figures by
the ..U.S. Department; of. Agriculture
showing that farm tenancy is increasing- more rapidly than census figures
indicate. 7 -Tenants,"he" said, operated
37 per cent, "of the farm lands of.the
"country in 1920VTepresenting 42" pei/
cent, of the "improved" acreage and 4-1";
.per cent, of the total valuation of thc
improved and Unimproved land.. -
. Improved land/under lease" alone
equals'six times the area/ of ..Illinois,
he added,. and -the" ..unimproved land
rented;- is -"-equivalent-, to-more, than
the-entire "-area, of France.'7     :���;-���.'
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle oE
"Freesione" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove'every-hard corn, soft corn,,
or corn between the toes and the cal=
liises, without soreness or irritation.
-Handicapped '.;."--.
-���"I -should think your minister would
preach a .sermoD on Sunday'golf;"../
' X"i think, he. .would if MrX'Platesiey,-
/who; is./cxpected to.' donate 'the organ
'.for/our""new church, wasn't tho-chief
offender.-r-Judge.V   Xyy'X.   .."'".
.."The 7d c-ath "warrant is  passed' out
every' time   a - cornels treated with
Putnam's Corn' Extractor'.  It "means���,   ,.,.    ,   .. -.,. ���-...-    .   - -.-
the enU'of the corn; '��� Putnam's. lifts )..ed,hand,.thus avoiding the transfer-
France has.-a. club, .the.members of
which. vow,;riever to shake" an ungloy--
The youth who if ashamed.-ot his
father's business is not ashamed to
squander the coin the old man made
.but ��.fit.
The world's daily consumption of
coal has . been re'ekoned at 1,200,000
out.corns root,and branch,.and never
fails. ������ 'Refuse any substitute for Putnam's. '-. 25e everywhere.'   .   -,      :  ���
First application of the prison/sys--
te'ra. as -a.punishment for crime came'
in the establishment of-worlihpuses In
London iii .155&. -'.. ' '
An. aeroplane of-.t
claimed io be: able
miles an hour.
.   new   typo   is-
to travel at -18.4
At one point In London buses
pass . at aa .average of G4Q - per hour
at the busiest time.
ence'of microbes.
For Constipated Bowels,;Sick Headache,
Sour Stomach,; Bilious Liver
Mina!-<f3 Linlriveni for Garget tn Cows
W, N,   U.   14QS
Tkp nicest eatr-artie-IaxatiTe. in-the
"world, to-phj-sic yom: liver.and bowels,
���when yoa have Dizzy Headache Colds,
Biliousness, Indigestion," " ot '-.Upset,
Acid  -Steaacb   ia   candy-Ifce   "Cas-
empty your bowels completely by.
morning,-and you will feel splendid,
"They worS.while you i-feep." Cas��
carets never stir you njs �� gripe Ui*
SzltaX Pills,-Calomel or ��7il and they
cost only ten ceata a box.     Childrea
��aret*.M      Os�� ��r ttro tonight vfll j 3st�� Cascarets tM.
Is 5J.3.00 a year strictly in advance, or
52.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the  United States J2.50, always in ad
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices      l-oo
Bstray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.5��
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising, ia cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
ouch subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
*   Husiness locals  12J-2C  a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pi eased
to have more"money.
You can't stay ahead if you dont
plan ahead.
Dok't try feo side-Btep or evade
an honest duty.
!t isn't Bafe to bet on anything���
.-daily a good thing.
oeget your enemies, but never
��� forget your friends.
M world stands aside to lot
.7, ..'-ne pass who knows where he
going. ,,
Yctj can't blame anyone but
;, urself if you stumble twice over
���.lie same stone.
Men are filled with discontent
because each envies the lot of
others instead of enjoying his own.
Don't work on dead wood. The
chopper who cuts the moafe wood is
the one who tackles the live trees.
Life's greatest idiot is he who
reiuseB to have anything to do.with
7 the man who   holds   different- be-
. liefs from his own.
_': A. man can no more be success-
7.ful in.'busi.ness if he does not. love
it than  be can  be happy in his
home if he does not love his family.
What do you. think of the guy
who feeds.his girl on cough drops
���-"for  candy  when,  attending    the
.movies.     (Don't expressi yourself
.audibly.) "���' ' ��� X
To wed or not to wed
That is ihe question.
Whether tis better '.. . -
To remain single   ,   7
And disappoint a number of woineii
For a time     -        : V,     "'''-'
Or marry ' ,, '-./,
; And .disappoint one woman for life.
Were   I .so   tall /that"  I;   could.
reach the sky
Or grasp thie'oeean in a span,
I would be7measured by my soul;
...:?Tis.the mind makes the man. ���'-.
Banff Orchestra at
':-.':'- /RiVersideVVV
-.';���;'-; .The.. Banff/ /Orchestra "-visited
XV-K.-.'ttle-; Valley/on Feb. 17th and .a
dfiiVce .was-held   at; the Riyerside
-��� H* "}L "-..-Abput" 150 people were pre*".
-'-7:-V'.;-: andVspent-a'. most/ enjoyable,
.; ���/.'.-..- / .-irig, 7;ther music ...being-;':-v.ery
7ii appreciated./ "Alt/praise;and
'ait are due. to our "popular and
"'.-���-^.fining.'- hostess,..Hiss.-.  PhyllJB
"--.;.r,pkaca who'Vwas Yeaponsibie.-for
iG excellent arr'ancemen'ts-
Anaconda Shavings
(By Spoke-Shave)
The Hard TimeB dance held
under the auspices of the Anaconda
Social Club on Friday night last,
may be boosted as one of the most
successful dancesof its kind ever
heldfjin Anaconda, thanks to the
tireless efforts of the various committees appointed in fulfilling their
arduous duties The number present totalled something near 130.
One of the most commendable and
gratifying feature was the exceedingly fraternaljeeliug that seemed
to rule all throughout the whole
evening. Everyone present appeared determined to make things
go. Hard Times attire was carried
out to perfection. Hay wire was
presented conspicuously as a lasting substitute for . braces, while
canvas costumes, wornout suits,
odd shoes, patches and overalls
were dressy in comparison with
some of the costumes. At mid'
night the picture of poverty disappeared and a swell supper was
ushered in, the eatables for which
were produced anywhere from
Eholt to Eock Creek. Music was
supplied by Mrs. T. Jenkin, Miss
A. Beattie, Messrs. S. Bombini, E.
Roylance, R. Folvik, J. Roylance,
D. McLaren and Geo. Clerf. Mr6.
M. Schamburg, of Spokane, Mrs
Hopkins, of Norwegian Creek, and
D. McLaren, of Deadwood were
the judges and their task was by
uo means easy owing to the keeuess
of competition. The prizes were
awarded to Miss Dolly Granberg,
(cup and saucer,) and J. Roylance
(safety razor.) . The prizes were
presented by tbe Club's president
B. F. Keir, who had no time to
make comment owing to the loud
manifestation of approval that
baulked all attempts. Anacondians
may be assured that their splendid
efforts in organizing the dance, and
at. entertaining their outside
patrons . will not be forgotten by
those who were present and that
those .same efforts will reap .. their
due reward at the next, public
dance the. club holds. Let it be
in the very near future...
It' was surely a Hard Time's
Dance, Hard .Time's prizes, . but
all must not.forget, a Hard Time's
price.     .'.,.
And again that cry "Some mo
ahi". .      '"' ���:������'. V.   ,,    "'���'-'
Overheard at the dance "Lots of
news for Spoke*shave this week.''
The drummer1 was superb, bub
alas the drum, -well! 'twas hard
times... The coal oil can stood the
hiding and it made, the, suitable
din...-. '.-���' - ....
The./ Greenwood/. HockeyV team
defeated. the Anacondians . by ;���' 7
goals to-1 at-the. Greenwood-rink
on .Thursday last...
Miss Rufeh Anderson left for
Beliingham, Wash.,.- last week,
where she will take up a course in
nursing; . Everyone wishes her
success./ V V ... 7.-. -'. 7 W'.-..:- V:,
77Mrs. Tinner, pf Kettle Valley,
is the guest of ber. daughter, Mrs.
-Frank Maietta; ��� - '���'-���-.' V-
Boy Scouts
Scouts and Cubs are requested
to meet at the Post Office on Friday 24th at S o'clock sharp. A
social evening is in store.
(Section 160)
Be   Lot   1031 Sltnllkameen   Division
Yale District.
WHEREAS proof of loss of certificate of
title No. 8960D issued to Paul Nelson and covering tlie above land has been filed in this office.
NOTICE Is hereby given that at the expiration o( one mouth froin the first publication hereof, I shall issue a Provisional certificate of title unless in the_in.eantime valid objection thereto be made to me iu writing-.
DATED at the I,and Registry Office, Kamloops, B. C, this 16th day of January, A. D.,
[Sea! of t.R.O.l
Mortgage  Sale
UNDER and by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage, which will be produced at the time
of sale, there will be offered for sale by
Public Auction
 In Front of the	
Court House in the City of
N^ *^j_j^ ^8^ T^ T^    mP ^B^ ^B^ TP *fP tP *gP T^
���S4  *fl* *^B*   ^^U A^BM  A^BU   A^bW Ik^BA *^bW A^BA A^BM ^^L*   "BC
t* T**B ^sw ^^;   ^^n   ���   ^^^ ^^n ^t^^ ^^^ ^B^   ���   ^^n
C LOAT is not a periodic-
" al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
tbe flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 60 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all let-r
ters to
The Ledge
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
Saturday   the   25th   day of
March,  1922
At the hour of ii o'clock in the fore-noon,
the following property, namely:���
LOT 2083, in group  1,-in the
Similkameen Division of the District  of  Yale,   and   containing
320 acres more or less.
On   the   property   are   a farm
house, barn, sheds, outbuildings,
orchard and cultivated fields.
For terms and conditions ofsale, apply to
Solicitor for Mortgagees,
Greenwood, B.C.
Dated February 9th, 1922.
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.    We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Tlie Government Of
The Province Of British Columbia
The attention of
Timber Licence holders who are
taking advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST ACT, wherby arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have been funded
and made payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to tbe
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 1921 is not included in
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and alt subseauent renewal
fees must be paid within one year
after the date of expiry of the licence
in order to maintain the right ofthe
holder to obtain a renewal ofthe
���' -. Editor The Lkdge,   -
In .your issue  of Feb.   16th,
��� 1922,- a. report - appears   ofthe Annual
'. , Meeting of the Rock Creek W. I. stating
-" a legplutioh'-ca'rried -that absentees -nak-
-. ' Jug- objections- to   motions   passed    at
. .meetings must make their objections iu
..;'person at the following meeting.
7 ���   -As I was the retiring President' who
: '' presided at that meeting I wish to state
- thit no such a resolution (Same before
7 meeting-.
t -would also like to say  that daring
' my term o'f office "that each member' was
.7'gi-en .an opportunity to -express  their
views on any resolutions coming before
" the assembly bat no compulsory measure
...taken afterwards.. . -    - -
.   ..-Signed ���������-���.
'Mrs. A. 7d. McLbnnan,
���Sock Creek, B.C,
Your* Town
If-you.,want to .have; the kind.- o.f-home
-. ;,fqwii' 7 7.. ;'���-,7V-'-7  V '-. ���'".:--
.'.-   Like the liitid of a town-you like. '
Vou needn't slip your clothes iti a grip
And.start oii.a long, long hike; -\���
You'Hohly find what you. left behiud
For  there's; nothing-- that's : really
- .hew;..-      -.   -    ,   7 ..." ...7-
It's a knock" at yourself when, you knock
your town,-
It isn't your town���-it's-you.
You. wouldn't expect if.you mined your
soil, -
Bumper crops that you:use to get; ���.,
Nor aught but-jrunts from feeding that
Nor payment without a debt
One gets returns from what he earns-
Something must first be due, ;
If your town doesn't pay, look at it this
-   way:
It isn't the town���it's you.
Real towns are-riot made by men afraid
That others will get ahead,
When everyone   works  and. ��� nobody
;-���        shirks
You 'cm .raise a town from the dead,-
And if while yoti make your personal
stake, .,-''.
Your neighbors can make one too,
Your town, will be what you want it to be
.It isn't the town���it's you.-
.[ TReprinted from "The Farrow."
The Consolidated MiningXk Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department 7 ;V V7
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead-'-Ores'*
Producers-   of   Gold,    Silver,jCopper,^_Blueston'e,..-Pig^.Lead:;.and-_Ziiic'
��� ���--'"--���   ;.-_���    ..---.  '���:"'      "TADANAC" BRAND V. '""'���'V
^~*- -mS
���--Economy aiid Satisfaction %
combined with Promptness I
ire the^features vvhich go. to7|
make up th6; Service we give g
bur customers.. Are you vii
���oneofthem?-.--77V7^v77V^':   '""
When you have something
to. sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  ia reasonable
Wants all your MUSKRAT and UlNK-QUICK���
and will pay you these extremely high prices.
No. 1 Extra Larp
fain le Aftrw
5.50 to 4.50
Nt. 1 Lwie
hb�� It knnm
I��ifi to Anam
4.00 to 3.00 2.50 to 1.851.50 to 1.201.00 to .651.00 to .50
3.75 to 2.75 2.40 to 2.001.50 to 1.301.50 to .80
25.00 to 20.0018.00 to 15.
Usual Color 15.00 to 12.0C 11.00 to 8.
10.00(e 8.W
7.00 to 5.!
114.00 to ,12.0
7.00 to 5i
5.00 te 4.C
16.M to U
5.00 to 4.1
3.75 to 3.1
10.00 to��90
5.00 to 2.50
3.75 to 1.75
The above prices are based on the well-known "SHUBERT"
liberal grading and are quoted for immediate shipment. No. 3,
No. 4, kitts, and otherwise inferior skins at highest market
value. We also want all your other furs and will pay the
BIG PRICES quoted in "SHi* fflmbwt:ftftqprN to get them.
Don't wait���SHIP TODAY.
A shipment to "SHUBERT" will
result jn**more money"���"auicker**
The Largest House in the World.Dealing Exclusively in
Bnush- Columbia
Auto,Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatehee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare$1.50 Each Way.   Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Draying. Auto'a for litre Day or Hijrht
We carry Tires. Oils. Greases. Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Pbone 3L
Pbyslclan andi Sunreon .
::^7.:::,-ResideiicePhone:69^ ���-..,. .-���
usiness ^��Av*o, ^
gets, Etc., Etc; H
1 The Ledge      PHONE 2
g     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Departmeat   H
��. W. WIDDOWSON, Awayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Sil-ver, Copper or Lead
$i.a5 each.- Gold-Silver fi.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or. Lead7|3.oo. Silver-Lead $2.00. SLlver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application. ".-.-. *
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties.
Cedar Poles, tnd Fence Pcetv Farm and
FruitXands. For Sale. List your 'lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
D. KcPHERSON___ y_-   _Prosrietor
��� -.:".;.'���     HELSON, B.C,
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, weekor month
P. Nilsoti
Send a Float to your friends at
pnceV You can get them at
The Ledge office,
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
' Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre. "      -    . -
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records  will  be   granted covering
only land suitable   for    agricultural
purposes   and    which   is   non-timber   .
land. i "
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and mUBt make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation' of
at least S acres, before receiving
Crown Grant. '
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
��� Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each -
year. -Failure to make improvements ���
or record same will operate aa forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than S years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acrea cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least-2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided .statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions. v
For grazing and industrial purposes'
areas  exceeding   640,   acres   may, be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or .industrial aitea on
timber land not1 exceeding   40   acres"
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage. '
Natural hay. meadows in accessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of coat of
road,- not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged- to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title -
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the con-���
elusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years. ~~
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions;"'
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance of .
Crown -Grants to sn'j-purchasera of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do
'not claim wholeof originalparceiVpur-
chase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately -over whole
area. Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 19i9, for systematic development of livestock  industry  pro;
videa for grazing districts and range
administration    under   Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged f priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.  .
Free,   or partially  free,   permits   for.
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
head.   "
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $76,944,203; Lode
..' Gold, 8102,753,823- Stiver, $53,668,284? Lead $46,637,221; Copper, 1161,613,864;
X-     Zinc, $19,896,466; Coal arid Coke, $212,673,492; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, '-.,."
V etc., $32,168,217; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc., $1,037,408; making "ita Miaeral  '    r
V; Production to tbe end of 1929 show an
VV:;-;77^i^^e$rate; Vali^ .^7$706^192,9787 V77-^-VV7
Production ft>r Year Eadu&fa
The  Mkicg  Laws of this Pro-dace are more liberal and the feea lower
than;those p! any other Province in the Dominion,: or any, colony in the ; British
���'    EmpireVVV .V'""-���'���""������-' "7 VV 7 - 7-7 ; yy- "X / -:-:"'-.  V-.V ���"-. -". ; ���-'���;     '"'--���/..���'   7 V ���;-'���- .7'/'
'     Mineral locations are granted lb discoverers for nominal fees. 7 '.y-'X'y.x'
A-bsoIute Tities are obtained  by developing 7auch properties, She^ security'
of which is gcaranteed by Crown Granted ^
FuU inforaaaiaon,, together ^Sh7mining Exports anil Maps, may be obtained \
; gratia by addressing���-7 'XX
-'.:���:��� 7ViaORIA; British Columbia/ ;���;<.:


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