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The Ledge Apr 13, 1922

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Vol,.   XXVIII.
^���in  l^ :  ......
Salmon and Halibut
arriving fresh every Thursday
Also a good supply of
Smoked aiid Cured Fish
Send us your order we will fill it promptly
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
GREENWOOD - -   -      B.C
I Greenwood Theatre
^3 Gray & Clerf. Prnnc
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
Just Arrived
1   Louis B. Mayer, presents
Anita Stewart
in her very latest production
Leroy Scott's sensational, novel of Big
Pleasure in New York
Story as published in Cosmopolitan ^Jag-
azine, 2 million edition Novel, Hundreds
��� of Newspapers
7   Reels of intense action . 7 ���.
'��������������� M...,......,.,,,,,,,,. ......j
The WINDSOR HOTEI* is heated with steim
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if yoa want rooms reserved. The buffet is'
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
��� buttermilk and ice-cream. X
Also a Chester Outing
"Fiddlers and Acrobats"
Boy Scouts
Around Home
Have you made: out your income
tax form?
Max Kruger, of Spokane,  was
in town of Wednesday.
"Born���To Mr. and Mrs. Jerome
McDonell, a daughter on April
Evensong will be held in St.
Jude's Church on Easter Sunday
at 7^30b'clockv:
Mrs. W. C. Murray,- of Trail,
is visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Murray.
All interested' iu baseball are
requested to meet in Gulley's
store on - Thursday evening at
8 o'clock.
Miss Duncan, of Nelson, super.
visor of the B.C. Telephone, was
a visitor to the local exchange ou
u Mr. and Mrs.-James Kerr
this morning for ��� Pasco,  Wash.,
where they   will   visit relatives
for a^ few days.
_W. X. McDonald, formerly of
Phoenix, died .in Auyox last
week after an illness extending
over several months^
Mrs. E. Lund has returned to
Kerr Creek' after visiting her
mother, Mrs. TV Hartlaud, in
Anaconda for several weeks.
Murdock Mclntyre, of Merritt,
will erect and operate a saw mill
at Cawston for the Portable
Lumber Company'of Merritt.
The Outlaw,' of Beaverdell,
is a visitor iti Greenwood for a few
days and lie says' he got trimmed
but is feeling jolly and bright.
John Benson, J. W. Hibbert,
Joe Klinosky, and Harry Royce
Greenwood Public  School
March, 1922
left on   Wednesday   for" Hedley j Walton    Crane,'    Lawrence
where they, haye secuxed employment.
A.  W.   Francis ' retu rned.  to
m '    ,- ~. ��..   w.   Jt) rancis * retu rned    to
Troup meets as usual odPriday Trail on Saturday after spending
J. N.* O'Neill, Principal
KTo. on roll -       ��� 2?
Average daily attendance       25.39
P. C. of attendance   -
Proficiency list:
Senior IV: Gordon Jenks, 72.91j
Robert Mowat, 65.75, Mildred McLaren, 58.75; Lilly Intilla, 54.58;
Silvia Price, 54.16; Jack Anderson,
49.25;   George   Morrison,    47.41;
Mary  Kerr,   46 58;  Sam Eastis,
41.41; Anund Anderson, 37.75.
7 Junior    IV:     Bessie    Bidder,
64.92; Mary Klinosky  and JeBse
Puddy,  62.58; Cecilia Hallstrom,
62;   Allan Fraser,  60.75: Bennie
Hurst,   59.75; Annie   Thorslund,
55.42; Ruby Goodeve, 53.83; Doris
Kinsman, 51.83; Eraine DnHamel,
49.41; John McDonell, 48.41; John
Kerr,    47.41:    Vera    Walmsley,
47.08; Edward Johnson, 46; William McLeod 36.
Perfect attendance:
Eraine DnHamel, Allan Fraser,
Cecilia Hallstrom, Gordon Jenks,
Mary Klinosky, George Morrison,
Robert   Mowat,  John   McDonell,
William   McLeod,   Silvia    Price,
Jesse  Paddy,   Annie Thorslund,
Vera    Walmsley,    Lilly   Intilla,
Bessie   Bidder,    Doris Kinsman,
Edward Johnson.
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on roll        ���       -30
No. in perfect attendance   -      18
Average daily attendance   ~  29.36
Perfect attendance:
George  Bryan,   Eileen  Bryan,
Easter is the symbol of life.    To
make room for the life more abundant, there mast be a death of the
life insufficient, a death of old desires,  ambitions and  aims which
94.041 are an worthy.   Each year should
bring a fresh resurrection in our
lives���a death of tbe old life, poor
and mean, a resurrection to the
new life,  unselfish and hallowed.
We must die to weakness to arise
to strength.   We must die to selfishness to arise to devotion.   We
mast die to strife and hatred to
arise to peace and love.    We mast
die to the things, which are tern*
poral to arise to the things which
are eternal.   To all who have the
clear Easter vision, Christ is risen
indeed in  the heart, to be alive
Resolve to see the world on the
Kettle Valley Notes
at 7 p.m
Usual meeting on Saturday at
230 p.m.
Prints, Cottons and Flannels
Have Arrived
These goods, all at reduced prices, are worth
looking over
We carry only the best 6tock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,  Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Mining News
The Anaconda - Copper Mining
company has .resumed operations
on its Anaconda mine at Butte
with 400 men. . Employment was
given to 500 on the resumption of
its High Ore mine  Several days
ago. 7 7 '	
The Butte & Montana smelter at
Great Falls is being operated at 60
per cent, capacity and the Anaconda zinc at capacity, the latter
producing at the rate of 9,000,000
to 10,000,000 pounds,a month.
The rod and wire plant is. being
operated on a SO per cent basis,
which, it is believed, wilt be increased.
Employment has been given to
10,000 men in the mines of Butte
district, 1800 iu the, Great Falls
plants and 2000 in the Washoe
smelter at Anaconda.
in   the city
sister,    Mrs.
Mrs. Eddy left
last   week for
Running through the telephone cord are a number of delicate flexible
���wires. "Kink*" are formed when this cord is allowed to heroine twisted,
and some of these wires may be beet or broken.
This means a "noisy",telephone line. Yon cannot bear or be heard aa
well. In feet, a twisted cord may canae a complete iaterraptioffl of your
Keeping the telephone cord straight wiH give yon greater satisfaction ia
~ the nae of yoar .telephone.
A marriage of much interest
to many people in Victoria tool-
place on Monday, April 3, at' St.
Mark's Episcopal Church, Seattle,
when Rev, E. McLaughlin: D.D.,
united Everett HowardPetti John
and Joy Mary Cummins, youngest daughter of the late Colin
Cummins and oi Mrs. Cummins,
until recently resident in Vk-
rotia. Mr. and Mrs. Pettijohn
intend, spending part of their
honeymoon on Vancouver Island.
The bride wore a smart travelling- costume of blue Poiret twill
embroidered in gold and black,
and a picture hat, and waa given
iu marriage by her mother. The
best man was Mr. W. ��. Frank-
lin.���Victoria Colonist.
Send a Float to your friends at
once. Yoa can get them at
The Ledge office.
several   weeks
guest  of  his
The funeral of the late Harry
Hook, formerly of Greenwood
took place at Naramata last Saturday and was conducted by the
Frederick Keffer, M.E. of Spokane, spent Wednesday evening
in town, ��� after making a thorough examination of the Riverside mine near Rock Creek.
The Dodge Truck which was
confiscated by the_Customs some
time ago was sold by auction on
Wednesday. Robt.,Lee was the-
successful bidder,.at"872S.   ,
35 artists are in the musical
comedy "Magic Pills" to be presented by the Rock Creek Dramatic Society in Greenwood on Friday, April 21st in aid of the Boy
Ola Lofstad's house, known as
the Tye house, near the Power
Station, was completely destroyed
by fire last Friday morning. The
house was unoccupied and was
M. A. Leaner, of Spokane,
spent Wednesday evening in" town.
He is a brother-in-law of the late
Harry Hook. He visited the
Riverside Mine' at Rock Creek in
which he is interested and was
well pleased with the prospects". -
W. R. Dewdney. who ,has been
Government Agent in Greenwood
Hamel, Lloyd. Eoatis, Irene IngliBi.
George Hurst. Leo -Madden, Dick j
Morrison,      Kathleen     McLeod,
Robert Mitchell, Lewis Mitchell,
Edward  Parry,    Bertram    Price,
Margaret  Royce,   Wilfrid  Tromblay, Thomas Walmsley,  William
Proficiency list:
Junior Second:     Allan McCurrach, Arthur Cox-
Senior Sacond: Margaret Royce,
Wilfrid Tromblay, Bertram Price,
Walton    Crane,   Lewis  Mitchell,
Marguerite Ritchie, Edward Parry,
Harry Hallstrom,   Eileen  Bryan,
Malcolm _ McLeod, Dick Morrison,
Mary Skelton,   Meredith Fenner,
Robert   Mitchell,    Daniel   Kerr,
Thomas Walmsley.
Junior Third: Kathleen McLeod,
Irene IngliB, George Bryan,
William Walmsley, Percy Fraser,
George Hurst, Leo Madden, Helen
Kerr, John Pntzel, Lawrence DuHamel, Lloyd Eustis, Andrew
Anderson. '
division nr
J. M. McKee, Teacher.
, Perfect attendance:
Helen    Bakke,     Boy    Bakke,
Robert Carlson, Robert' Forshaw,
Helen   Hurst,   Francis    Jenkin,
Albert Kinsman, John McGillvray,
Jack Morrison, [Beatrice McLaren,
Patricia , O'Neill,y Mary   Putzel,
Gea Mon Yen.
Proficiency list:
First   Reader:     Mary    Putzel,
sunny side, and you have almost
won the battle of life at the outset.
Every wedded pair might be
[happy did they but bear each
others burdens, and strive with
half the zeal they sometimes exert
to make each other miserable to
contribute to each other's mutual
Let the rooms where the family
live be cheerful and sunny. No
lady would expect her house plants
to send out full, brilliant blossoms
unless she placed them at a window where the sunshine would in -
vigorate them. No more should)
she expect her children to show
fresh, rosy- complexions, or to develop genial dispositions, unless
they live in light, snnny, airy
rooms. .     "���-���'���*��� *
City Council
MIL*^?, ~'t* jf*-"***.���* Men H���,
to Penticton and will move there
next week. P. H. McCurrach
has becn promoted to Government Agent, Registrar, Clerk of
the County Court, Stipendiary
Magistrate, etc.
Everybody will be at the
Greenwood Theatre oa Friday,
April 21st to see the musical
comedy "Magic Pills" presented
bf the Rock Creek Dramatic
Society, in aid of the Premier's
Own (Greenwood) Boy Scouts.
The price is reasonable SOcts for
adults and 25 cts for children.
There will be a dance and supper
after tbe show in the Masonic
Roy Bakke, Robert Carlson, Roy
Hallstrom, BruceTerhune.3
Second Primer: Patrica O'Neill,
Robert - Forshaw, Lewis Clerf,
Alice Ritchie, Violet Benson,
Charles Royce.
First Primer: Jack Morrison,
John McGillvray, Beatrice McLaren, Francis Jenkin, Albert
Kinsman, Ruth Cox.
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held in the City Hall
on Monday evening, April  10th.
Aid.  Korr presided until the arrival- of   Mayor  Gulley.     Aids.
King, Taylor,    Docksteader  and
Mowat were present.
. A   communication    from    the
Liqnor Control   Board   regarding
the leasing of, store premises and
the lighting rate bf eame was discussed and a   decision  made  to
adhere to the charges as called for
inthe'BylawT ~~
The report of the Finance committee was dealt with and accounts
ordered paid.
The Water committee presented
a lengthy report on the condition
of the water mains from Lind
creek reservoir. Their recommendations were adopted and the nec-
cessary alterations in tbe service
syBtem will be done at various
times daring the summer.
May 2nd and 3rd were chosen as
clean-up days and an appeal is
made to all citizens to do their
best in helping the Health and
Streets committees on this work.
The chief of the Boy Scouts informs the Council that his troop is
available for assistance in cleaning
up vacant lots etc in the City and
tke chairman of Streets committee
will later take advantage of this
offer.  ,   '   ,
Matters relating to the Pound
By*Law will be dealt with at the
next meeting io be held April 2-itb.
Rupert Gray is home for
Eester holidays.
Get your fancy dress ready for
the Masquerade Ball on May 5th
in Riverside Hall. '
J. Harrison, of Midway, paid a
visit to his ranch up Nicholson
creek last Sunday.
C. F. R, Pincott, lawyer of
Grand Forks, was in Rock Creek
last week on business.
Don't forget the Magic Pills on
Easter. Monday at the Co-Opera*"
tive Hall, Rock Creek.
John Portmann, of Nicholson-
creek, went to Greenwood on Sundays train on business.
On Easter Sunday, April 16,
service will be held in the Rock
Creek Anglican church at 11 a.m.'
Mrs. N. Lewis has returned
home and her many friends are
pleased to hear that she is feeling
much better.
The people in Kettle Valley have
just found out why fowls are the
most profitable of any live' stock.
Because for every-grain they give
a peck. C3
. Grass hockey was played this
week for the first time this year,
and a very good game was played.
There should be a good match for
the 24th of May between Ingram
Mountain and Kettle Valley.
The local  woman's   branch  of
the   United   Farmers  held  their
monthly    meeting   on   Saturday, April 8th, the President, Mrs.
A. D. McLennan was in the ohair.
There was a large attendance and
several  new   members   were  enrolled.'   After the  usual routine-,
business, subjects under discussion '-
were the question of co-operating
with   the   central   office   of   the
United Farmers of B.C. for obtaining a cinemactor educational and
other purposesj'Jalso the plans of
the new addition to the Co-Operative Hall.   At the conclusion of
the  meeting  afternoon   tea  was
served to the United Farmers and
those   who  attended   the auction,
sale which was held earlier in the
Annual Tennis Meeting /x
What's your name, little girl?"
"I'm ashamed to tell you."
���'Oh, yes, tell me your name."
"Ton won't laugh if I tell you?"
"Ions Ford."
Boundary Falls School
Report for March
A. G- McLaren, Teacher
Days school in session       -        23
Total attendance        ��� 2724-
Averaga attendance   - 11,84
Proficiency list:. Senior 3rd,
Annie Swanlund; Junior 3rd,
Caroline Cssselmaaj 2nd Reader,
Javia Kienoeky; 1st Reader,
Daniel Bolts,
The annual general meeting bf
Greenwood Tennis Club was held
on Tuesday evening. President G.
S. Walters in the chair and a good
attendance of members. The
secretary's report showed a most
successful season during 1921 and
the club starts the season with a
balance in hand of $62.00.
The following officers were elect-
ed: President, W. Walmsley,
Vice-Pres., R. O. Fisher, Secretary-treasurer, D. Cavaye, Executive Committee, G. S. Walters,
G. Randali, P. H. McCurrach and
R. C. Taylor. Ladies Committee,
Mrs, Mowat, Mrs. Fisher and Mrs,
The courts will be inspected this
week and any necessary work will
be commenced under the  supervision of B.  C.  Taylor.   Efforts
will be made this season to obtain
more country members from Midway,   Kettle; Valley,   and   Rock
Creek and visitors in town will be  ,
welcomed at the courts.    Senior
school children will have the privilege of playing on the courts on
certain days to be decided later, a
stipulation being that they muBt
have  rackets of their own.   Official opening day- was fixed for May
6th. when a good turn on J of mem- '
bers is requested.   Anyone desir-
fous of join ing the club can gel all
particulars   regarding  fees,   etcfc,
from D. Cavaye of the Bank of
Commerce, THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     (1
Gillett's Lye can be used for so many purposes that their
enumeration here would Be impossible. For example,
Gilleit's Lye can be used for making soap, in washing
dishes, also as a disinfectant. For softening hard water.
As a nieans of removing grease and smoke stains.
These are only a few of its many uses, but they serve
to indicate what has made Gillett's Lye such a general
household utility to-day.
Decline Substitutes.
Made in Canada.
Assets And Liabilities
The importance, in fact tho
luivim* an accurate *,l;i(t,nic".st.
recognized.      Il is esscnii:iI  thai
necessity, of any man -engaged in business
ol    his assets and liabilities is universally
.such a .slatement be revised  from time 1o
lime and kepi up lo dale, and the la test slatement compared with previous
ones in order to determine wboihcr financial im]irovenienl is being effected,
or if ihe reverse is true.
Such a slatement is of fir'7 importance lo the business man in nil his
dealings with his bunk and with his crediiors. Wkltotu. such a statement,
a ban!" will not make loans, nor can a man establish a satisfactory rating for
ln determining Ihe financial standing of a man by such a slatement,
which is regarded as the more important, his assets or his liabilities? It
appears to be generally believed thai a man's financial standing is revealed
by his assets. But this is not so. Of course, his assets have a bearing on
the subject, but it iV his liabilities which more clearly indicate a man's financial standing.
Liabilities can only be lessened by a realization of assets. Assets, on
the other hand, may shrink, frequently do in the process of realization. A
statement of assets, therefore, usually represents something of greater value
than is actually possessed, and allowance must be made for this. Liabilities,
on the other hand, may be under-stated, finite innocently, loo, because a
liability may be of an indirect character and contingent on something which
may never happen. But it may happen, and must iherefore be taken into
The outstanding difficulty in Western Canada today .is not that the average farmer's assets are noi. good, but that his liabilities are loo great: that,
while lie cannot realize on his assets at the present time except at enormous
loss, his liabilities have accumulated and are not now acutely pressing.
One lesson to be learned from the experiences of the past few years is
tlie importance of exercising care in incurring liabilities. There is such a
thing as being cursed, rather than blessed, with loo much credit. A liability
once incurred, must be discharged, regardless of ability to realize on assets.
Tho contracting of liabilities should therefore hc guarded against all along
the line, and every human precaution taken to protect oneself against the
ultimate time of payment. :&
But it is not solely in the realm of business thai a person should make a
close study of their asseis and liabilities, but more particularly their liabilities. Every man and every woman has a niche to fill in his or her community. In-filling that niche (hey have certain assets and certain liabilities.
They may have the asseis of good health, or a splendid education, or wealth,
or gifts of leadership, or inherited .abilities. But they may also have the
liability of an ungovernable temper, or the faculty of making enemies rather
than friends, or a generally disagreeable disposition. And, one such lia-
bMity out-balances all assets when if comes Lo permanently establishing oneself in ihe esteem of neighbors and in the abiliiy lo render service in a
Cultivate your asseis, and protect thcm.'lob.    if you have an assetin a
strong. healthy/body and upon thisare founding "your worldly success, safeguard "it.  - To: lose, health as an asset'is'to-lose- all; with nothing but-liabili-'
.ties left and which you would hick the ability ,1.6'meel.     It your.main asset
is   wealth.'il'may  disappear.-   .-Bill1, while   cultivating  and   protecting .your
assets, give even closer hee.d to your'liabilities. ���    They will mar everything,
unless ihey are reduced and ultimately eliminated. ; "Pay ���off', that" ungovcrn-
1 ab'Ie'lehiper.'-tliat caustic longue. that mean disposition, jusi'as rapidly, as you
-possibly can.-     " . - "��� . . 7  : '   '   "-    7 , '' ���
���"Remember your liabilities! - Keep close fab on thorn! ' Check- them up
frequently, and if you cannot' fiiuLa lessoning of liabilities voir have good reason for alarm.,' Unless-overcome, whether they be of ���the linahciai'.or oilier
kinds, they will swamp', you, in'the end.- ,.'.,"���"  ���'-      ..-;   "'-   -   -   :-'     ,.' /
Canada's Newsprint Industry
The daily output of newsprint in
Canada in a strip one yard wide,
would encircle the globe. This is
equivalent to a daily production of
2,525 Ions, besides which Canada produces 2,500 tons daily of treated pulp.
This represents a daily" cut. of more
than G.OOO acres.
Minard's Liniment for thc Grippe and
Didn't  Know
Vicar    (at   village    concert).���Miss
Jones   will sing again���"I cannot tell
you why!"���Edinburgh Scotsman.
An   Ex-Service   Man   Tells   How   His
Wife   Found   New  Health
"I wish to testify," says  I\fr. R. A.
F. Hughes, of Hamilton, Ont, "as to
Therapeutic Value of Radium,
It is Not a Failure When Used Intelligently Declares  British
Dr. A. E. Hayward Pinch, medical
superintendent of the Radium Institute, in his report of the work of that
institution for last year, combats the
idea that radium has no therapeutic
value. He declares that this theory
originated from well-meaning but
ill-informed practitioners having very
little personal experience.
''Radium," he declares, "is not a
failure when used intelligently and
scientifically and applied to the
treatment of those conditions which
experience has shown are amendable
to its action. No honest worker
claims, or has ever attempted to
claim, that radium is to be regarded
as a panacea, or as a cure for malignant disease and many years must
elapse and much more research and
clinical work be done before it will
be justifiable to use ihe world 'cure'
even in selected cases of malignant
"It is besl. Iherefore. to speak
only of 'arrest of the disease' and
this can truthfully be aiTirmed in l
very many instances. Patients whose
lives would have speedily terminated,
and who would have suffered much
inLense agony, have been enabled by
radium   treatment,   to   live   for many
Look Towards
Many American Farmers Express Desire to Take   Up' Land   in
Canadian  West
(Special    Correspondent    by    G.    C.
Porter of Winnipeg)
St. Paul; Minn.���This Is Lhe gateway through which has flowed many
thousands seeking homes in the Canadian Northwest. This flood reached
high tide during tlie first eight years
of the century. It gradually receded
until it reached a mere dribble during
the war.y- There are many circumstances just now to suggest a revival
of the movement over the line lo the
During the past two days I have
conversed with prominent business
men, including bankers, grain dealers,
millers and real estate men who are
directly or otherwise interested in
emigration. 1 have gone into the
subject with Dominion Government officials connected with the work and
employees of the Natural Resources
j Department of tlie Canadian railways
! and have examined letters from thousands who express a desire to emigrate to the Canadian Northwest or lo
buy land in the western provinces.
Tenant farmers who find themselves unable to continue payments on
years in comparative comfort after all!five hundred dollar per acre farms in
the known resources of medicine aud
surgery had been exhausted.
"At the present moment," states
Dr. Hayward Pinch, "Lhe institute
case-sheets comprise the names of
many patients suffering from recurrent inoperable malignant disease
who first presented themselves for
treatment some seven, eight, nine or
ten years ago, and who are now lead-
the   efficiency   of   your Dr. Williams'j ing useful sind .comparatively healthy
Pink Pills for the following reasons: i lives, the'disease having been render-
nn3h(i-?    l    ret,u���efl    home in Wa^ led quiescent bv tlie treatment which
1919, alter nearly five years absence :
on army service, my-wife had changed
from a healthy, robust woman, to one
whose life was a burden and ordinary
duties almost impossible. Through
war worries, loneliness and other factors contributed through my unavoidable absence, her health had been
steadily undergoing what-I might describe as an undermining process, for
"I was fully aware from her letters
that I would not fhul her the same
woman, but, when 1 reached home, I
was terribly shocked to find her in
the condition she was in. Her
healthy color had changed. She
seemed bloodless and her' skin was
sallow. She was weak- and listless,
and with difficulty moved about the
house. She hardly ever' moved out
of the house as she became so short
of breath and feared she would fail
during one of her dizzy spells, which
she said were becoming more - fro-
��� "The. clay 1 arrived homej visilod
our doctor, who is an.old friend, and,
later, through his advice, consulted with,another physician of this city.
Everything" was '' done that could be
done;-and "many medicines were prescribed .  and   -faithfully -taken.      As
they have received."
Since    the    radium
Institute    was
the Central Western States will constitute to majority moving to the Canadian prairies this year and probably
in increasing numbers for several
years to come. Many of them have
little cash, but most of them .have
valuable experience on the land, carloads of farm implements, household
goods aiid cattle. Many, however,
will make small payments on farms
they purchase.
Such well,informed men in this
gateway as R. A. Garrett, Dominion
Government agent here; A. H. Davis,
head of the National Railway Natural
opened    in   August,    19.1.1,    7,750 pa-! Resources Department of St. Paul; "J.
have    been   dealt   with    and; M' K MacAIisler, district representa-
JjO^GDO    treatments    adminis-
Council of Women on Immigration
Quality, Not Quantity lo be Sought in
Picking Immigrants
At the concluding sessions of the
Canadian Council of Women on immigration, the council met with the subcommittee of the Cabinet on immigration, and presented the result of its
deliberations in the form of a number
of recommendations;,' It expressed
appreciation of the statement of lion.
Chas. Stewart, minister of immigration, "- to ' the effect'.that a largo .nv
migration programme was considered
impossible iii view. of. the unemployment-situation and endorsed the opinion (hat quality rather 'than, quantify
of immigration .must be-the first -consideration  in  building    up  - Canadian
Children Cry for Fletcher's
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children.
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A baby's medicine
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-ups are not interchangeable. It was the need of
a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Children
that brought Castoria before the public after years of research,
and no claim has been made for it that its use for over/30
years has not proven. X
hat is CASTORIA?
Castoria is a harmless "substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric^
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishncss arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
In Use For Over 30 Years
A Servant of Empire
Lord Northcliffe has Accomplished
Much in Few Months
During his travels Lord. Northcliffe
has rendered great services to the
Empire. He has earned the gratitude
of Australia by pressing her need for
more population, he has told the blunt
truth about India, lie has disclosed
the toilsome lives .. led by Britons in
Malaya, and he has exposed the Palestine blunder. The French and Dutch
have thanked him warmly for his tributes to their great work in the east,
and he has shed much light on the obscurities of Chinese politics. Avjyon-
derful achievement in'a few month:*,!
live here of lhe Canadian Pacific na
tural resources; and M. E. Thornton,
of Calgary, superintendent of Canadian Pacific natural resources agencies in the United States, -who happened to be in St. Paul recently, are
confident there is to be a very considerable movement of desirable farm
emigrants from the States to Canada.
They believe that any plan a'dopted to
encourage or help farmers from, the
States to settle on the Canadian ���London Sunday Pictorial,
prairie farm and dig his living out of
the soil should"be encouraged to that
end and not obstructed by technical
immigration laws or red tape. Of
course they are talking in terms of
tillers of the soil.      A factor in the
1 improved view taken of emigration to
' Canada down, here, is. the increased
price of grain-and the rapid approach
of.the Canadian dollar to,par.    .-    ' '
Distance Traveled in" Dancing
Brave Deeds Museum
Dancers are Really Marathon "Ath
." - . -    Says Statistician ��� ���
Swiss statistician estimates that flic
average-'foxtrotlei; travels  about  one
mile in. ten minutes, while, iiv the-case i.Ulc oniees of ,h? Royul NtiHcj-jai Lifeboat- Institution    in . Charing,- Cross
Just Opened  by  Royal -Nationa
boat. Institution, .London.
A new .and delightful little'inuseum
| has just been opened to the public at
of other dances, a,dancing couple cover a.mjle in 20 minutes.-!>     ���
���I-ie found, lhat. dancers, at" a ball
which . lasted -from 10 p.m.' until
5 a.m., made 5G,000  steps', amounting
Road...London,--England.-      ���".-  '" ,
j     Here -are glass cases' made human
by memories of brave deeds; of ships'
broken by-tlie force.'of raging waves.;
to'a distance' of about a_0 .miles, and   of o](1 men .whoput. out-to sea.in ft
among them were \yomcn shod iri tiny
high-heeled 'shoes.who' "."would" never
these were of no avail I trusted .that;
time alone would"- suffice' lo  build up"!
���what  had   gradually- been  undone  in! nai.io-inl life..    ..."       ���  . _    -     '
the    course   of - live-'  years:   \    After j     The council' recommended"thai   iiis
twelve"mouths, conditions had. become ; Government- '. should     make'   fur! her
worse.   .Then 1-decided.on change of j ^   ^ l0 ram[1Iai.,ze ilUeiun���g ���������...*.
air. gave up .my position- in l.he'citv.       ',-.,,     , ,       -,   .   -
moved   tcK the. country. . '-'Even ! Snwis with   the actual  condition.--  m
walk a hundred.yards in- ihe "street,
preferring a'motor car.   . \   '-"'..'
A Swiss doctor, by.means ofa pedo-.
meter, reckoned.thai."lie"'" had ..made
about, 6.750,0007,1 wq.-fo'oI ,'s'cps in a
year. X.y   ���  ".'���.:  ���:"'.--  - . ���; ; -. .7:i.-.   .-
���   .   Eastern - Salmon.-to'iVyast--. " "-;,=
A',   shipment-  of.-"'  500.000, '.-Atlantic
ocean .salmon, eggs lias recently; ber-tf
made, from the Ontario ��� hatcheries, o\
the   Dominion Department, of Fisheries  fo: the-.Cdwiclian'' Lake' .hat.ch'ery-
' Vancouver-Island.'���- It. 1:-'p/oposed  to
7ini rodue'e. Atlantic- "species '-(if Vk aim of
.-into .'the. North rucific  waiei-s  of  ih;.
"'three great sail .water, fish ing aTCi:;-v :in,
I he world-f-Nori.il /Vi ia'nlic, -:North". Pa"
critic "and. North "80-1:7 - -C<uV;i<la, ron:
trol?'.one-half of-tlie two. fir.-'f.    ��� :'������ \v
��� - Something
rc-tjuired to
of clothe.-:.
: like--15-000
'i:ia!;c    th'*'
gile craft, and of shawled 'women X:.o.
waited shivering.on a.black seashore.
.'. Among, the relics .rescu cd ���' froriv.:- the
.vvrec&igc'.o.f- the. seas is a- gilded ..stem,
ornament; that: once"' decorated, a snip
called' Indian.-Chief-. Ramsgale .lifeboat.: men foughi.-.;fdr "2(1.'hours .for- the
lives oi'. the crewV-7"This. was"hi..1881/
and all."tliere is "now to. tell "{he-tale
is' the ship's-"proud' ornament 7 -."'.
.- ".Model's 7 of-/.various' lifeboats -are.
.shown,-" ,-The newest-lifeboats aca"nuol.
-becapsized.". -Even., their models ."are
stbriri-prpof."'.". AnV ingenious /child,
.���pent. I wo'-hours iiian atteinpf. .to cap'-.
..size-a iiiode.i .1:1. its'tiitiS\o.f' water", aiid
7'iii!o(!7   ' Vr 77 V -; y.: ���..   -;."   .:.
this did not do any good. ' "I think it;
added -to  her'.depression.    '-'-""".     !
' '.'One-day a friend-visited us and as:
ii-result of-their" conversation my wife.;,
made-up, her mind" to "try .Dr."-Wil-{
Hams' Pink. Pills. -:" ' -   I
-"I had not much, raith in what"! "did.'
bill, procured three boxes. ; /f.his hap-1
pened nine months ago. I. was sur-L
prised to hear -my ' wife '.say,', ��� after i
about the |enlh day. '1-believe-, these;
.pills'are. doing me good.' - A week or '[
.so after.thar..I certainly believed they.'
were, for I "saw color returning to "her j
cheeks' and the saliow. unhealthy!
'color -disappearing.'. .The. pill's were i
"certainly doing ~.\:haf you claim iheyj
will do7andot her-'own free will she!
continued    them .   for '-about-"   'ihrce!
Canada and with the-rules and regu1
lations-restricting' admission, at the
poris: j ft also recommended-lhat, as
far/as -possible, .every immigrant
should-undergo a-medical and-mental
examination- before embarkation arid
that a medical adviser with .psychiatric training, be-retained'on lhe staff
of the London office.     . -'
Sciatica for Years
But is Well Again
The' worms that infest children
from their birth are of two kinds,
those thai find lodgement in the stomach and those that are found in the
intestines. The latter are the most
destructive, as tlfey cling lo the walls
of the intestines and if not interfered
with work havoc there. Miller's
Worm Powders dislodge both, kinds
and 7 while expelling them -from the
system serve to repair the damage
they have caused. .'"" ' " ���
Exhibit of Canadian Products
Character Counts
Importing Farm Workers
Fifteen'   Hundred-  Experienced.   Far.m
....'Workers for Saskatchewan
, "Following a conference between the
Farmers' -Cluo- of- Saskatoon
months. -   At the end of this time slie.,.(jn]'|ecj
seemed-quite"a' 'different.^vbTnan;* Lire \ ..':, _, ���, . ,r, . it . .. . ,
was -worth' living...-The'listlessness ! a?1(J^'-L'."-J omseU.'r ot the., provincial
hatl: gpne.,a'nd she.could walk-iip-flie"'department - of ���laboiv. it is definitely
steep-hill, which, is .'half ti;. mile !ong',.j announced. ,thai7 j,50G experienced
leading ,lo;-.our. house'.'Vwithpuf :tKe; farm-laborers' are-Yb be imported'into
slightest. :��� inconvenience. 7-At. "this.!",, ,-'.:;'"""- -, '-- : . -. ��� - -
stage s.he. discbnijnued.-the ."pills "and | ^^H^hew.aD,-..eac!i,mau. coming on-.a
she".:is, just as- well-now,,as.-ever.' she I conli-act.i.o,y.;ork for'-$:i5'a month and
1 was." "', ',-. ��� ;--. 7.. "'--.7 ���������-���:���"--- - iboiird throughout seeding! ���-.-"'���
-7'NowV ?Ir. .-���!������ wanl to-say-I 7have'| .'special :��� arrangements are-' to"
every (ailh in Dr.'. Williams "Pink:.' -,- - -",,-'��� '. ���" ' .-,- ' ��� -
Pills.- as.r imv.e had proof,: and- rbe-"i.m.llf1e ill7-'ho- employment" bureau
lie.y'e that-.wliaf thi.s:'med'icin'e..did :for.j"lhe--1:cccpl.\on .aud distribution-..of
my wife.-.it'caii do forol.hers.'-'-:  /'--' \- -\ men'.-"."';��� '    '���.'.   "V7 -��� 7   , "���'' -'���"'
-   You'7c'an ' gfct'.Di'.^'Williams'.-Pink:,!-."'.'.- .'"��� '   - ���-���"-'     V--  '" ' "-.    7-���-"
Pills, from any'ijipdicine ''dealeivor-'by
mail ai;.TO-cents', a  box.. 01:,'six boxes1
for   ���$2;.n0V fromVTlie ;Dr.���!"Williams*
Quebec Man Relieved of-Long'Suffering Shouts Praises of ��� Dodd's Kidney Pills. "7
Petite Valle'e, Gaspe' Co., Que;���
'.(Special).���Mr. Charles Lachance, a
well-known resident here is shouting
the praises of Dodd's Kidney Pills;
. "I. had sciatica and rheumatism,"
Mr. Lachance .stales.. ' ,'LMy trouble
started- from , a cold. . I perspired
freely with lhe least exertion.- -.My:'
limbs swelled.". :   . ., .
'������Then ..came the sciatica and'rheumatism and for. Ave-years I.was a
sufferer. -   "��� '  -'       """���'".."
������"L-took six boxes of Dodd's-Kidney
Pills.- Now my health has come back
and' I tell everyone who suffers.. from
sciatica,-'---rheumatism"-'-- or -:-Kidney
troubie to use Dodd's-Kidney Pills."
' Dodd's Kidney. Pills act directly "on
the kidneys. ' They put the ."kidneys
iii- condition .to strain - the .uric acid
out;of the blood. '" Without" uric acid
iri. the blood-there can be "no rheumatism or sciatica.' "- -*" - .7 ���. - - V-.��� -. ���,
7Aslc your'neighbors', if Dodd's. Kidney;1 Pills 'do ��� not' " make'. healthy
kidneys... 7   -"-��� -:;'' W7-.���  - ������ ���.'" .VV
��� a re
; 7 .Motor Freight -"HandlersV ���    ���
Transporting'-- Grain-' to   the    Railway
'.���'-,..    V.-. "By/Motor Truck--.  ..--.-7-. '
7 ?,if)lpr.-.-trucl;.K Vh'aiilcii. ,'
tons; of  freight  iii" tiny United  Stales
--.";   Busin'ess'is Business." ,; '..,'' '��� '.
train, in   the' Western" .States  of
-.Medicine1 Go..: Brockville.-.O'nl.- 7   ,-"- lAme'rican.was.lieldup by bandits, .who.
.;-~r-���tX���r -    ������-"���",    i-orciei:e.d -.lhe "passengers' to. give tip rail"
.   /'".;,'-;.'   Hum'aiuFallibrlity - V''.V;- -;j ih^ir'JnWne'y.--.V.'.. .."���   7 .'���"��� ' ;���' ���'/''; V ;"
7"Thirly-ciighV people- in -Ciiicago '-\hy\'- ^he" of .Ihe7r'assengers7was V.Tew'
iiively'-idejii.i.fied..onp7 man-as anolher. I frdm'.N'ew   V.6i;k,..aml   wheii'liis' turn
.aiid; only a. coin;iiiri.">on-o,f finger prinls;;
proved' ihii.t- all .of iliehi weira "'wrong.'"!
T-ii'e. judge;iii-iho c^ise referred to,tlie/
'mistake.-as '.'the, most: si a riling- proof!
rof" human" .iViIiihiMt.;.
"lmd; -(-ver
IJast year, according to ihe Automobile] 'seer'" "     !1 .iH ri poo<1.Il,in" tb ^wnv
r I Chamber or Commerce.      U.-is signi-   be1' ���suth ca"^ i!ii ,,,a, ",vi,t"n !l ITUin'';'
ficant    of;, a - decided - change/in -die' J'1'.*1 oi'-repuiaUon ia al slake, and yott
ca'me,-.hi* r'e-!uclan.)l'y.:.drew-,(hree"'l)Hii-..
drr'd. dollars'.from his 'pocket;." a_nd, iak7
i!igsi.\y ptii.ih'eiii in.;his pociiei., .V
./������.'What (lo you. mean' by/that.7" asked the .bandit.'.'.     -    . -:." ��� '���'��� - "-���- '-'���'-.'*.'',
^Surely,," "-aiiswoi-ed' ���.ihe," Jew-, '.."you,
don'i mind 'me "taking ~a7-2- ppr'.'eenU
discount oh a. cash traiisiiclion-?" '
Mining Claims Bring Quarter .Million
';-Continual ion.'" wa's given at; The Pas,
of-the report of' tlie sale of.To'urtec'n'
mining claims at,Copper Lake'.lo Nipissing Mine of Cobalt and,New-York,
'j'lie .claims iire/the .property, of J. P.'
Cordon,'and-the price-is said to.be a
-quarter -of a- million] "dollars. 7/ Low-
grade:'gold'""ore,.lia.s' been found- .upon'
several of the7claims-in-addition- to a
gold iioclcet. or extremeiy/spectacuiat'
ore7'  '.-.'    '"'   ' -     ���_���������'������'���     -'���' ' -"- ��� ."-'
Hope for. Those Who Have Not Been
Endowed   with   Special,
Qualification " - - -
' There, is/reason to', think .that much
of the' world's best work has been
done, by .: men" who., have: triumphed
over intellectual, as well as-physical
defects. .The best observer ..is'., not
necessarily the "one with the best eye;
sight; the best thinker is. not neces-
.sarily" the- one with the best brain.
Lafcadio Hearn'.was half blind, iihd
there have been eminent-mathematicians who were clumsy at adding figures.'- A defect may be allowed for
and - 'circumvented,' and splendid
things may be done by an untiring
will even with' defective tools." . For
alF-these reasons we-should-be/a little cautious about taking tod mechanical a'View of the mind and its powers.
The artist- must.have eyesight,"yet a
certificate from the oculist is not the
essential thing..in- deciding; lo" learn
.to paint. - No more is, a first-rate
7brain essential for intellectual, work,���
Springfield ";Kepublican.'.".,        77 ''._,���_���
Unique   Display   Being   Prepared.
Tokio Peace Exhibition      ;
A complete and comprehensive dis-.;
play of Canadian products and scenes,
including ail, electrical map of Canada
20 feet.long and 8 feet wide, and illuminated 'with 3,500 electric lamps, 'indicating the location of many natural1.
resources, railways,    hunting  ��� areas,
etc., will be -exhibited' at the  TokioV
Peace    Exhibition    by the ^Canadian ,7
Pacific Railway through   its   Department    of    Colonization and Development.     Exhibitors from ..all,, parts ofthe world will participate at this exhibition and in view of the everin-'
creasing  importance  of 'the  Oriental
market for Canadian goods; the Canadian Pacific exhibit should do much in
enlightening the Japanese  importers
as regards Canadian products. .
Belated Appreciation
Unwelcome Suitor.���"That's a lovely-song!    It always carries me away-.'.'
She.���"If I had known   how    much
pleasure it could give us bolh, 1 would
have sung-.il earlier in the. evening,"
Dye-Old Curtains,
Sweater Or Skirt
In Diar.:ond Dye'j
"Diamond Dyes" add years of \vpnr to
worn,  faded  skirls,  waist.*:,  coats,   stoeU-
ingp, sweaters, covering's, haiiKings*. dvtip-
eries,- everylliing.      Every  packa'iyo  con-.
tains directions, so"simple any woman'can,
put   new,   rich,   fadeless   colors   into   her
worn garments or draperies even"  if she
lias never dyed .before.    -Jusl- tmy  Diamond-Dyes���no  other    kind���(hen   , your'
material   will   come   out   right,   because.
Diamond    Dyes   'are's' guaranteed   not  to-
streak,   spot,   fade,- or   run.       Tell   your '
driiKKist  whether  ths  material  you  wish*
to  dye is Wool cr silk,  or  whethcr-it  is
linen, cotton, or. mixed goods.
Minard's- Liniment-'for   Coughs :ahd
""' ������,   Colds-"     ." '"*" " *"'
"Red" Wireless Is Found Ih Berlin
.Holloway's, .Corn: Re mo ver, lakes' thc
corn "oiil.-'by::th'e  roots.:1'   Try. it and,
prove, il.7.:-."-''- ./'  .���'   -;   ���-'--V ���":"-������'.'
u s u a I   -. o.rd c!.r: 7/a n il
again '-,-a' '/.p/opbsar' ina'd'e' some time
ago'to; build- grajii".'elevators, in /di.7
; tricts that, are (en miles or more" from
briri",'s'' !o7"minil"' f.f'el,"-c:oc.-l-;siirp.r7V'outirs; Coinriah.ion.
���.Makes   Breathing-Easy. ���'.'' The.coii'-;,
; Getting-a. Servant  iii   Germany
.-No'-.servant'-,in (lennanv can oblnin
., ,    ..... .-       -    .. ,,    s struggle'for breaih
railway    iacilities.    transporting   "leldehee o
tri.ctiori.of lhc,air passages-^and/the7;;1Jit���a|ibn.-wjlhouf7a*/-'service book
I;,'.- Course "in .Mining and Geology 7
j; A short! -course in fnining and. geo-
I logy for prospectors arid others inter-
, estcd in mining, has been'--instituted
lai. Manitoba University.. The course
��� includes lectures on.TJie-:Pas 7-mineral
, too  familiar evi-'
'���- jbeH7.':mine/7(lev;eIo'pnient7;';oil-���-'geology
>t asthmatic    trouble, -cannot. i'^W!1?; ^''^^^^^'^..-and^building materials.
.gfiiiaio Hie railway stations by motor, daunt Dr. J. J. Kellogg's Asthma Rem- '. xonal-appearant.-e.,-'���c-bn.dition.'. Idrmerj .   y   , ',;���..- '"-;.>--
I 1 rack.      The need  for1 good, roads isledy.      This  is  the    famous    remedy j hii.s'i res-""'- anil,/." Icriglii of stay .wages '
j constantly growing���and- it.   takes
'3 tb'a natural desire of even- woman,
and is obtainable by ihe. 11 fo" <>t Dr.
Cha.=c'sOiili.mp��t. I'imples, blacklic.aps,
roujjliiiess and rpcincEs. of 'tie plc'in.
lrnta'ion cud eczema- diiaprca'*. **"*
the fiki/i i<i le'fi soft, unootb and yclvcty.
AH dealers. or'-K-lmanson. Bat�����i"<S- Co..
liiraitci", Toron'o". Kairjyte free if you
xasntioi*. this paper:
really" good. road, solidly constructed, ro stand- up under heavy motortruck haulage.���Saskatoon .Star.   7   ���
! which is known far and  wide  for its
!"le    fVfTeciivpiif'ss * even    under
'i'he United Stales consumes three-
Rach-'entrv is vouched for
-'" Suggests- Retaliation Tariff",
��� The s Fo.rdney-- tariff", bill-does ndf
seem yery popular in thc/lTnited
Stale.-"/'especially". New -England/, according- to ^Premier fTascliereau., 'of
Quebec. Jftiie .United States Government  insists, on raising'"the. diityon
.all Canadian-goods,' Ottawa will have
lo impose' an/.'exportatipriV.duty./'On
pulpwood, the-Premier7t'hqnght.--'7This
���would.".. gi*eatly//-inconvenience";" the
Americans as ^hey7have"';j30t-;. got"., at
present sufficient��� "ivood/in ..their7ter":
ritory for their- great; demands-/-::; ������./7:" 7
comjilete    o'ffectivpness - mm    imycj . ������(���,.,.1
verv adverse conditions. ���   It is'no un-i ''���...>..
tried, experimental    preparation,    but > b-v". ,hc;   employer's signature, and is |
one witli'mahyyoars of strong "service ' simnpeil by the,police. '��� !"    '     ' !
behind-it.     JJny'ii  from your nearest:- -. .',"-- -i. 1  .  j
dcalei.     .. ^^      -   ���_._ ,-':.;���;,;-.-,;-,:  ,7 ,:, 7 Tractors-.and Autos -
���,:. j". Kecent-.. compilations   made
paid and reasons.for leaving are dulvi ���      ,, ,    , ,,-      ��� ,...   .   ,   ,      .     r    r\
1 t, . ; tour th s ol the worlds total output of!
crude rubber.
;Fox  Farming;in   B.C.
An. addition io .the eleven domestic!
- show
thaf ;ihere'"-are,-now "",000 tractors "in
���   - . ,    - ���-      -,,--..���   ���-.   .-. i'lise-bv :farmers,"in'the "three' prairie
fur .--ranches- previously . existing -.- -in'!  -        ���. = ���������..,.- . ---'-    ,..-..
"r, -j-""1 " tr. 'i���'���i y-"\    -'-%'      ��� X.   i' 1'""' provinces .of Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Crjtish. Columbia.;has. been, made, by !--j ^   ..,,"';-'.   ���'-_ ,   .-_" /^--   _-��� '-.-_
the establishmeni -of7a.7fox;;ranch'7 in
the'.Saanich."distfit:t7"-77'-V;;7.-���" .-'7 -./. '-
/.���'Before" bees, swarhi.'advancp-agents"
fly about; often-'for-a-distance/of.'many'
miles. - to -locat e '..a'.- new'' residence ���-f or
the'brood.; ,--. -" X-iiXiyX'i^'-i--: X---- . ":
and ;;Alberla... and.. in. ..the   same-" a rea
there'a re/,150,0.00 antompbiles.... .-
/-.One" lnindredcqlonies of bees," under
favorable 7 7 conditions,--; will produce
twenty-;! wo and one-hal f tons - of/honey
in:one season:-"-/-:/; 7". / r.'-'-":"'. /���'���;���' '-;7 -���
7Baseball.'."-was' .pla'y.ed  in- New;York
.The bools worn by'the Life Guards
ofthe British._ar'my cost ?1>0.a.pair.
Keep Your Health
"   '     -������    -TO-NIGHT TRY- '.-/'.
-.Osit;''Miri'ard-s Liniment_for.',the;FluV* a3 *��*}}' *B.'ij-.*:?:-"-:.;-,f-.'
for    .that..'cold;   and. -tired.'��� feeling.
i'X. X. Get ^VellTTrKeei^.Well. ;7'   XX
.7 by/usmg. the   OLD/RELIASLei X
Secret Station Was Fitted With -Every
-.7; Modern" Device'   ,''.V'
A secret '."Red" .wireless station.has.
been ' discovered and raided' in the
heart'..of Berlin'by" the .police,, acting
under .orders from Dr. "Weisriiann,
Commissioner of-Public Security.-The
station 'was-secreted in the apartment
o'f.-'a- mechanic aniP wireless operator,
Walier-'Ahr'ends,' who .was,apparently
iivirig-in- modest" circumstances. 'It
-was- revealed to., consist'.of "a. pomplete
Wireless" apptn-atu's''fitted with every
-modern device for ��� long " and '; short
distance receiving.- .,-.'',-���.'".'-'" ��� ���-.
,.7rn. tlie apartment were .found orig-
'.inah-Confidential regulations and copies of rules governing the telegraph,
telephone and wireless network "of
Great Britain and Germany, with
blueprints of all lines, lists of' all
wireless r, stations, throughout the
country, with drawing;1 aiid plans of
wiring of military ant! police telegraphic "connections.
Papers found showed- surprisingly
how far the post office, telegraphs
and telephones service is infested
wilii Communists, who use confidential Government and political infor-
i mation for. the benefit of the Reds
and, prove, "that Communists propaganda ..' continues - secretly. with iinr
abating'fury:'-7' ���--���    ''���"-/ '"."--'.. -'���;���'���_
. Trees Attract Birds
'  An interesting and unexpected feature   of   tree   planting ih the prairie
provinces-is that in regard to birds'.
Since considerable planting-has been,
.done.around- Regina,-.- lhe.--provincia!-
game guardian reports   that-  several
species.of'birds, that have.never.heen
seen in that part of .the country before   have,   taken'  up--their abode iii
Wascana    Park -"'and,'   in' the   trees'
around the Parliament Buildings.      - -
. "According to'-" the Alaskan-.censu's
bureau, the white population decreas-.
ed'23.4-per'cent, between 1910 and
1920.  7" "   '.' "'   ' "   '-'  " ' '".    . V
" /Wh?n the great liner OljTupic burn-,
ed coal,-, she! required .the,, services of
220 men -in her firerooms;  with oil-
Mip^Unlmtu^'LU., YacMik. N.S. burninS engines,. 60 men do the ���>rk.
A Successful Man
Among the'notable-professional men
of..,this" .country/who achieved,great
success along-strictly legitimate lines
was Dr. R. V. Pierce. -Devoting -hi*
attention ,to! the'"specialty of women's'
diseases,'lie   became   a   recognized
.authority in.that .line. -   ���..-,..
Over fifty ye"ar3 ago this noted
physician gave to-the world a Prescription which has never, been
equaled   for   the   weaknesses of
-wdmeii.   Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, N.Y.,
long :gince found out what ia uatu-
..rally best for women's diseases. lie
learned it all thru treating thousands of cases. The result of his
studies was a .medicine called Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. This
medicine is.made of vegetable growths
that nature surely intended for backache, headache, weakening pain3, and
for the many disorders common tq-
women in all ages of life. Women who
take this standard remedy know thai
in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
they are getting a safe woman's tonic
eo good thai-.drngglsts'everywhere sail
Ht in both tablet and fluid fons*..     ,;   7
SeudllOc. to  Dr.  Pierce's Branch.
���Laboiatoiy ia Bridgeborg, Oa5P, to?
tri*I package tablets., . ��� m
M. 7 Jeaness, betrayer of Edith
Cavell, was found guilty and sentenced to death.
. Ninety-one persons have been slain
in New York since'the first of the
year, according to hte records of the
chief medical examiner. ln addition
there have' been 105'holdups.
Nova ScoUa obtained a harvest
from the sea last year valued at ?!),-
000,000, according to the report of the
commissioners of fisheries. The yield
for the previous year was valued at
Hon. John Hart, provincial minister
of finance; William Ivel, and II. C.
'Hall, were named as a delegation lo
urge the Federal Government to continue construction of''the-.Esquimau
7> For the avowed purpose of making
McPherson, Kan., a ilyless city, lhe
city commission has enacted an ordinance laying down strict sanitary viii-.s,
/ the violation of which result in ' a
heavy fine.
���"Notice has. been gi/e'n that the
Prime Minisler^will move in the Commons for the ratification'of, the treat:
Ies signed by Sir Robert Borden on
behalf of Canada at the Washington
���' conference for the limitation of ar.nia-'
- ments.  X
A '���������'unique' taxicab organteation
directed and operated solely by women, has been formed in "Vancouver
: under, the presidency of Mrs: Ralph
��� Smith, member of" the Provincial
Legislature. The company'has been'
given a provincial charter.
���'According to a Reuter cable from
Nairobi, British East Africa, ,'!7" na-
' lives who took part in the recent up'-
rising which was put down by ���native
troops were-sentenced7-to.'-terms ranging from three months fo'l.'vo years
rigorous imprisonment.
Ills .Excellency- the Governor-General Baron Byng of V'imy, has notified
George Elack. M.P. for the Yukon,
that.he intends (o visit thal'territory
this siinmier. Captain Black so telegraphed city authorities at Dawson
City, Y.T."       '        ' '" "
Five of the. nine men held by trie '
coroner's jury as responsible for the
collapse on January 2S of the Knickerbocker Theatre, Washington, with the
loss of SIS lives, were indicted by liie
��� grand jury-on a' charge of -manslaugh-
" ter with the' four other men exonerated. - ..." ,"      o ���
. Three men were killed and thirty
others-injured when a bomb exploded
.at a business men's banquet in. tne
Democratic Club'at Budapest. 7 The.
explosion occurred just after COO invited guests had been .-seated, but be-
- for the members of   the . opposition-
party had arrived--        -       ���.   ,
The Federal Treasury was. enriched
by'51.S33.07r.7i in-coal royalties, from
'Dominion lands; from April 1, ,190(1, to
March 3.1,' 1921." During the same
.period, coal royal lies . from school
lands'in Saskatchewan arid-Alberta lo-
- tailed: $1S3,S19:G6
60,000,000 Trees'Planted
More   Seedling's   Being' Shipped" this |
Year from   Indian  Head: than for.. ���-.
Past Five Years
The'shipments of tree seedlings and
cuttings going out this spring from
the Dominion Forest-Nursery Station
at Indiau Head, Saskatchewan, will be
among the' largest iu the past.five
years. The kinds'sent out are chiefly Manitoba maple, green ash, Russian poplar, willow, . aud .. caragana.
They are used solely for planting
shelter-belts .on prairie "farms. Since
Lhe nursery station was established
about sixtymillion seedlings and cuttings have been distributed to prairie
farmers.      . '  '..
A Relic of 1641
_ LEDGE,    .GBEENWOOD,    B.    ft
Wreckers  Salvage -Ancient--Vesse
* Harbor at; Lerwick
Remnants^ of -a wreck believed to
date back to a Dutch-Spanish battle
in 1641,7 have been brought to the surface by .salvage-workers in- Lerwick
harbor. '   ��� '   . 7
Four 7 ancient cannon,-each seven
feet long with a three-incli bore have
been, salved, and these have been supplemented by massive oak timbers,
which are in a good state, of preservation.
, It is- believed that .the wreck is
that "of a Dutch warship which,' with
three East : Indiamen was. attacked
by ten armed ships" off Dundirk (then
Spanish), in.Bressay -Sound, on June
13, 1041. After a fierce engagement,
two of the Indiamen wrere sunk and
the third escaped, while the Dutch
warship-was compelled to surrender.
YOU  can't  do  your best when
your  back  and   every   muscle
aches with fatigue.
Apply Sloan's Liniment freely, with'
cut rubbing, and enjoy a penetrative
glow of warmth and comfort.
"Good  for   rheumatism,   neuralgia j
sprains and strains, aches and pains,
sciatica, sore muscles, stiff joints and.
the after effects of weather exposure.
For forty years pain's enemy.   Ask
your neighbor.   Keep Sloan's haiidy.   >
'At all druggists���35c, 70c, ��1.40.   ���
Made in Canada.
Regina Cattle Sale Very Successful
Prize   Winning   Shorthorn   Bull   Sells
For $1,100.00-
Considering financial conditions, the
directors of the Saskatchewan Cattle
Breeders' Association are  very well
pleased with the prices  obtained at
the pure-bred cattle sale recently held
in Regina.   Pure-bred females did not
sell as readily as pure-bred bulls. The
. demand    for    bulls,    however,    was
j steady, and the bidding brisk.
The Bride's First Breakfast
'.'John, dear," b^gan the bride tearfully, "breakfast is on the table���but
���but���isn't it just too annoying���look
at the bread!" "Why," exclaimed
the bridegroom in surprise, "it isn't
baked at all!" "I know it isn't dear;
that's just it. Anil I p-p-put,lots and
l:i-lots-of baking powder in it,,too!"
Tlie kiddies will get their feet wet,
catch .cold, get croup and give their
mothers" lots  of trouble. *   With, the
first;-cough or sneeze, rub the  little
one's" chest with Nerviline, rub it. on
.plentifully,  -it .can't : harm.     Then-
make 'a gargle with    Nerviline ' and
water, and have .the child' gargle for
five minutes.     Just at bed time, give
"the child terTclrops of Nerviline in hot
sweetened water.     The result, is. .fine.,,]
and next: morning child is better.1'Nei
viline is a-, great   protection,
home.'  ,, Large*   35c    bottles
dealers.   '
.* Building in Saskatchewan
Building construction in the province of Saskatchewan actually, started
during the month of February
amounted to"'$18,400;'being classed as
follows: Residential,' frame, $7,000;
commercial, frame, ?G,000, and brick,
$3,700; general engineering,'?
total, ?1S,-10'0. ���
Your table may be loaded with food
digestible and wholesome, yet you
don't get strong. What's the trouble?
The liver is lazy, stomach is overloaded, the bowels are hot active. Relief is quickly supplied by Dr. Hamilton's Pills. They make weak sickly
people strong and well because they
keep the system clear of impurities.
Those who regulate the system with
Dr. Hamilton's Pills don't have indigestion or constipated .headaches,
they feel enlived all oyer, because
their system Vs'kept in' smooth running order. To revitalize and stimulate-'your whole being, to shake off
| lethargy and tiredness, nothing com-
, pares with. Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which
certainly bring good looks, .good
spirits, good health, 25c all dealers, of
The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal. .
..-��� Why  Irish  Are   Fighters ���
'������'���'A- certain -diet- specialist- tells us
that the Irish are a bellicose people',
largely, because they, eat little meat
biit take a good deal of buttermilk
aiid vegetables. The Balkan nations
also are great fighters and af" the
same'time are said to consume great
quantities of buttermilk, tie thinks
11"the Irish were to change their diet
'they would .become much more peaceful.. It seems strange how good.an
ai'gumeht can be formed out of a few
non-essential facts and a vivid imagination.��� Christian ..Guardian.
failure Through Ignorance
Believe  in  Yourself and You Will  be
An average of $200.00' each was secured for 85 Shorthorn bulls, and the
top price for Shorthorns and for the
sale was $1,100.00, which was paid for
Mars Avon 3rd, sold by a Prince Albert * man and purchased by a man
from St. Walhourg. This bull had
been a prize winner at the International last fall.
The   average   price   for   Hereford
bulls was $162.00 on 30 head, with a
I top price for this breed of $375.00.
If you consideVyourself a worm of j Aberdeen Angus bulls sold at an aver-
" ''"""'   " age price of $170.00 and the top price
of $735.00 was paid for Broadus Blackburn 7th, sold by G. N. Buffum, of
Bechard, and purchased by Mr. Hume,
of Manitoba:*
the dust, you must expect people to
trample on you. If you make a doormat of yourself, people are sure to
wipe their feet on you.
More men fail through ignorance of
their strength than through knowledge of their weakness.
You may succeed when others do
not believe in you, but never "when
you do not believe, in yourself.
The curiosity of him who wishes to
sec fully for himself vhow the dark
side of iife looks is like that of the
man who took a torch into a powder
mill to see whether it would really
blow up or not.
Purple ;Taboo
'. At a marriage. ceremony
a �� dress    of ������> purple color
in Japan
is taboo,
Over 200 head were sold through
the ring, and the breeders who had
well bred bulls and had them in good
condition were well satisfied with the
prices obtained. The better bull
campaign is "having its effect in increasing the demand for   real    good
Separation, But No Alimony V
A peaceful, quiet separation, no
damage done, everybody happy again
���that's the situation when you
divorce your  corns.      Try Putnam's
est the mutual love of the bride and Co��� Extractor.     Actslike magic, no
, .' ".   ��� ,     . pain, no failure, success every time,
groom be soon lost,   as   purple   is   a ��elu'se  a  substitute  for  "Putnam's,"
color most liable to fade. 25c everywhere.
Jesus Manifests Himself to the Disciples, Thomas Being Absent,, (vv.
He appeared to several of His disciples at several different times dur-
ing that day.      This is the first appearance to the disciples as a body.
The rumor of His several appearances
on that day caused the' disciples to
assemble  and  talk over  the matter.
For fear of the Jews, they met in a
private  room  and   barred   the   door.
While    they    were    discussing    the
strange   happenings   o'f the day, the
Lord   mysteriously   appeared   before
them with the greeting of good cheer,
"Peace be unto ; you."      He did not
come  with censure for their failure
and'  desertion.     At   His   birth   the
angels announced "Peace."     Just before He took His departure, He said,
"Peace I leave with you; my peace I
give unto you" (John 1-1:17); "Let not
your heart be troubled" (John 15:15),
arid now the first   word    after   His
resurrection   is    "Peace."       Having
calmed their fears, He gave them an
unmistakable evidence of His resurrection.     "And when He had so said.
He showed unto them His hand and
His side.      Then were the  disciples'
glad'when they saw the Lord:"   Their
doubt needed to be scattered, and His
peace needed to be upon them.     Consider:
Nothing else vl>:rfown to
science performs the same
marvellous Healing and dispels disease from the tissues
as Zam-Buk does. -. This
pure herbal balm takes the
fire but of a wound or sore,
kills and repels germs
and grows fine new skin.
Zam-Buk is acknowledged
Western Land Sold by Government
Money Will Be Held in Trust for the
From September 1, 1905, to December 31, 1921, the Federal Government
sold 5.53S.878 acres of land in Saskatchewan for $16,619,107, and school
lands in the same province with an
acreage of 1,457,274 for $20,967,218 In
Alberta,- during the same period the
Government sold 3,944,318 acres for
$11,773,264*. -and    954,082    acres    of
school lands for $13,204,209.
Hail to the Silk Hat, the Herald of Spring.
- A, Household Medrclne.���They that
are acquainted with the sterling properties of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil in
the treatment of many ailments would
not be without it in the house. It is
truly a household medicine and as it
is effective in dealing with many ordinary complaints it is an inexpensive
medicine. So, keep it at hand, as the
call for it may come most
World's Available Water Power
A new* French estimate of the
world's water power resources-credits'
the .United .-Slates,- .with. 30,000,000.
available horsepower; . Canada with
25,000,000'; Nor-yaT'-'willv."' 7','5qo,060;'
Sweden, with G,750,()00; and Italy and I
Spain with about 5,000,000 each.-
. Mothers who have little ones' in the
home find the Spring.a time bf great
anxiety. At this' season conditions
make . Unnecessary to keep the baby
indoors,... He is often confined to overheated and badly ventilated rooms
and catches colds- which rack his
whole-system. ' To guard against this
a box of Baby's Own Tablets'should
be .kept,in the,.house and-,an occasional dose gifen'the baby-to'keep" his
���io have the. children sound'and
healthy is the-first.care of a mother.
Ihey cannot be heallhy it .troubled
with worms. Use Mother
Worm Exterminator   *'���������-.
.stomach,and. bowels working regularly. This will prevent colds; constipation or colic--and-.keep-.baby... well;
The Tablets 'are., sold-: by inedicine
dealers or by" mail at 25'c a box from
,The Dr. Williams' - Medicine Co.,
.Brockville, .Onl. . -   ' - "
.'In-Sweden a physician cannot sue
for his fee, while in Belgium a law.-
yer is iii the'saine .position-.    " '���''"-." -.
��� Externally or Internally it/is'"Good���
When applied externally bv brisk'rubbing, Dr. Thomas; Eclectric Oil opens
tne pores- and penetrates the lissue '
touching, the seat, of,the" trouble- and
immediately affording relief'.'- Administered iriternally.'-it "^Ul'-'s'tili ���tlie"irri'-
 J-a-lion. in the Jliroat  - which -induces-
This information rcoughing;an"d'AvHl relief e.-affections of j
was.'tabled in-the House.of Commons t        bronchial-lubes and respiratory or
'" gans.--     fry-it and be convinced:-' '-��� 7
Danish Princess
WiU Wed Commoner
Princess -. Mary's    Marriage . Changed
Attitude of  King   Christian      ' -
'.It:-is understood  tnal the 'Princess
Thyra,-   sister   'of King Christian, is;
shortly-to marry an- officer V of   the
Guards, not'.of, ilie"nobility.   '..' -
They 'are said to    have   fallen
Value of Hog Industry
A special train under the auspices
of the Provincial Department of Agriculture is to tour Alberta shortly in
an effort to stir up greater interest in
hog industry and especially in the
bacon hog. The train will be equipped to demonstrate dairying, bacon,
hog^production and other.branches 61
A suit of armor, made for a boy of
seven is soon to be sold by auction in
Nimble fingers.
The Council . of. the Umpire p'rfess
' Union, in London, passed a resolution
deploring the lack", of" adequate, lele-
'gniphic -communication and urgently
pressing the Government to'immedi-
atel>;'7oarry out or support, some
scheme for'au imperial chain obtaining general approval throughout the
'.empire.. ..-...'.,'���'-"
The-'aflix    "cesl��:,'*-*or .-"Chester,"
prominent iii .names. o.f;English cities,-
is a - corruption of ��� the
castra// a "camp.
Roman  -word
Chocolate .and- cocoanuts.. are
as    currency   in   parts- of tlie South
American." territory. - - ���*- '-".'"-
,��� fl a sense oC color,-and by that mysterious alchemy tlie kev
o the secret of which only a woman holds,-aVvidth ofribbon.-is trausfimed
love - Svith -���'each, '-other- several-years Lnrt , ad9faWe chapeau. .becoming wonderfully to. the fair -face" beneath "it
ago .but-the- king- had -stubbornly' re-i        i*����� w1"5 ��errPc��3' with ��io lints of iti wearer's eyes and hair." . '
  '     ��� Sl-lk hat" bnms are eitl-e*' off the" face->*ith irregular outlines or else thev
aienarrow,.-and. the .crown's are usually rather high bul'indehted'here and
Ltiyl,���^_ X- I_- .." :-"...'._���_ .-_.._    _: ..:.--. '    j-lL:     "': . ���_  ". .   _-1_ 7 r.-,-.:-L���.,J.   ���
-      Tlie-wood. shades are much shown' foi-the smaller "hats especiallv  while'
,��!'��� .K7'Se'���S't0 bL' ^"'ar.'foMhc^ai-ee.liais-for southern or midsummer
slubboxrily re
fused to consent to " their- niarriage.
���The 7 marriage ' of ""Princess Mary of
-England y to-r~Vi.scount"."Lascelles,-" a
commoner,- however,'-, is repotted to
..have; brought about a change-in, the
king's altitude.. Princess Th'yra "was
���born tearclv'-'l-J,-18S0. She" was the
second daughter - of 'King - Frederick;
v��iio :(ileii .inM912..       .   -
By making 'your' purchases' from
your 'home -.merchant you.: are-contributing direct to the" prosperity of
the .'coriimunity in'which-j'ou' live.
Lost First Marine Battle
7The exhibition ended,rather badly! ���;' 'It
: yeiyVnearly- was.- a big- day; for'the' lions,
and 7a sad day,.for'.Mr;. Jenkins���all. for
v/ant of.proper: care in getting ready.
V   Many a man who has business to do and
a living- toniake and. a job to fill is as careless how her feeds his body as Mr ��� Jenkins
.; was-in picking".out. a club.
- Some foods are too heavy,- some
are too starchy, many lack rieces.-
sary elements and ^so starve .the
body y and many load the system,
down with fermentation and autointoxication. '
Grape*-Nuts helps build health
and strength. It contains the full
richness of wheat and malted barley, including the vital mineral
elements- without which. the body
cannot be fully sustained.    Grape-
Nuts digests quickly, and wholesomely. Served with cream or
good milk, it is a complete food-���
crisp and delicious.
Grape-Nuts is just the food for
those Who care to meetlifes situations well prepared in health.
| Order Grape-Nttts from your
I; grocer today. Trjrit.with cream
or milk: for breakfast or lunch, or
made .into a delightful pudding
for dinner. .       "���-'-.' ...    -.   - - V
���Foch Drove Forces Through' Gap Left
' . ��� By VoiVKaussn
Cen. Von Hansen, former command-'
erof the Third.Army,-is dead, according to a dispatch ."to .the Lokal An-
zeiger. from Dresden.". ..'���.':
Gcfi: l Baron- Max. von  Hansen was
one.of.'the..leading commanders' in. the.
Gorman advance .6f.,;1914.' and' in :his
war*'memoirs.-look upon himseff "the
blame     for    the   .bombardment*i of
kheims.'Cathcdral:..',' , 7 7        7- ' X-.
He Ted'the Third Saxon Army,, cooperating with tlie .Second Afmy-,'nh-
1 der ��� Gen... Von, Buelqw...'   Von' Ifauseri
I occupied ilheims", but    neglecfed    to
!.'n6ti!"}-���'-Von -Iluelow, who fired the city
j alter his emissaries  failed  io  return
from an i.niervie'w'with Marshal -Foch'.-
Von- Hausen-was' removed from liis.
.command after the first battle of ihe
.Marne.-    In'his anxiefy-to smash" the
French  centre,  he  lelt  a gap ,-in  his
own flank-through whjeli'Foch, then
commanding the French centre", drove
his-own forces.     It was thi.s that lost
the Germans the battle and the drive
for Paris.
- At the end of the war ii was -reported that f'en. Von Hausen had
been sent to a sanitarium to recover
Canada's Supply of Helium
A" Problem   Facing   the" Counci
- ' '   Scientific Research    , ���
X There is a tremendous " supply of
helium'in" Canada. Probably no other
country is as richin this gas.. ���-' ,
--People, are in the habit .'of., thinking
tha't-helium. is only valuable .in.wartime. .������. It was" regarded" as the best
kind "of "ligliter-tlmn-aii- gastb usj in
balloons'beca'tise-'-it'will not burn oi
explode: .*; V
. .But" 'helium is a precious,'natural
possesion for "which soinc:.'use must,
be found in peace times. .7 '.-,'" .-"
It has been estimated that.-at war-"
lime prices,' Cana'da.is -wasling''?30,-'
00(!,O00 wdrtli bf'-hel'ium."every, day of
tlie year'.. '7It is. found"iu-'.our natural.
1. The disciples' commission (v. 21),
"As my Father hath sent Me, even so
send I you."     This commission was
not simply to a class, as the eleven,
but unto all Christians. In Luke 24:33
we find that there were others there
in that meeting besides   the    eleven
when Jesus showed .himself to them
and commissioned them, showing that
the commission \is not confined to a
class or order, but is   wide   as   the
Christian body itself. 7 All Christians
therefore are envoys and representatives of Christ.     The exercise of this
great function is not merely optional
with the individual,' but is obligatory
upon him.     The Lord placed it upon
a plan with. His own commission from
the Father���"As my Father hath sent
Me, so send I you."
2. The disciples' equipment (v. 22).
"He breathed on them, and saitli"unto
them, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost."
The mission of the disciple is a very
great one ,but every one who goes
forth in its execution He clothes with
the power of a new life by the beslow-
ment of His spirit. No one who has
this equipment shall ever fail. The
Lord's representatives have His life
in them. The barrenness of our efforts is due., to our failure to take by
faith our equipment.
3. Tlie disciples' authority, (v.. 23).
"Whosoever sins ye remit, they are
remitted unto them;   and  whosoever
sins ye retain, they   are    retained."
This authority was not by virtue of
office, but by virtue   of   having   the
Holy Ghost.     This would   give   the
spiritual    discernment   to know who
had or who had not   repented,    and
"consequently," to -pronounce pardon or
not. -."=... .
If.   Jesus   Manifests   Himself to the
Disciples,'  .Thomas   'Being Present
(vv. 20-29). ',    .   '."
Thomas was absent at the'first appearance of Jesus: '' His absence de-"
prived him of a vision of the Lord.
Absence, from the assembly of believers always occasions loss.- -The. other
disciples-go to. Thomas at once with
the glad news' of the resurrection, but
.he^_w:ill7..notj..believe. - -His-stubborn
disbelief-is such that-he doggedly declares" that unless .he sees, the prints
of the nails, etc.," he will not -believe.
It is right to demand evidence, Initio,
prescribe    terms   is    rank-unbelief.-
iSiOtG* " ^ w        -i-..^  ���  . w-..-.��. *,.j��*  uiusa;
;i. TheLord'skindness-to'lhosewho I of.the trouble and then these annoying
have  difUculties;--' Thomas  deserved i$��*��*" ***    D�� g0Qd    feelu?gS
It has done this for many, many wo-
7��aen* why not give it a fair trial���now.
Hips, Back and Legs Would
Have That Tfred Ache
Everett, Washington.���"Forseveral
years I havo had trouble with the lowest
���        part of my back and
my hips and my legs
would ache with that
tired ache.   I could
hardly stand on my
feet at times. I was
always able to do my
work although I did
not feel good. I saw
Lydia E. Pinkham's -
Vegetable  Compound advertised and "
naving heard several
 praise it I decided:to
try it., I feel first-rate at the present
time. It has done wonders for me and
I keep it in the house right along. I
always recommend it to others, who are
sick and ailing. "���Mrs. JVM: Sibbert,
4032 High St., Everett, Washington,
To do. any kind of work, or to play for
that matter, ia next to impossible if-you���-
are suffering from; some form of female
trouble.. It may.cause your back or youf.
legs to ache, it may.make'you nervous
and irritable. You may be able to keep'
up arid around, but you do not feel good,
-tydia E. Pinkham's. Vegetable Compound Is a medicine for women.   It is
especially adaipted to relieve the cause
gas and escapes-unused jnib the'" "air "I u;
,T     ...    '���     ' -, -'-- "-"'-I    f11
rebuke, but-the Lord kindly supplied
the evidence which'.he demanded'..
.--.2.'The 'revelation' of tlie"Lord'transforms a.doubter into a possessor. ,
III. The Conclusion of the.Gospel "{vv.
'   30-31), .-,    '-��� V" -7 y' ,.  V"_-
In   these   verses .John's" 'arguments,
are' summarized,-and an;'explanation
j:is'giyen as lo*.why;he wrote thiS;Gos-
peI..-V'Many other, things :could have
been-written, biit.the'se that' he wrote
he judged adequate to prove his point:
To prove that .(1) "Jesus of Nazareth
-was  the expected - Messiah ;7 (2.)-.that
He was divine���the very Sp'n;of God;
.(3)."tliat those who.;belieyc'.oh Him as
God's. only Son^���the.- Messiah���would'
receive' eternal life..-,Eternal Hfe'is'in
All - kinds of beltlti0, .new - and " used,
shipped subject to approval, 4;inch 4 ply
new rubber belting-, guaranteed quality,
rivci'ity cents per foot, .all others at lowest prices In'Canadn. .YORK I'ELTIXG"
CO.", 115 York St.. Toronto, Ont.
.., .viri" and only" as -lie- is- appropriated
-Here is enough money being:-lost; to j by faiUi.can men���bVsavedV."-';'. '7 -..
wipe ..off, our-national, debt    if ' our .""     ��� V;  ;;  '������'������'    .'-.'���-.'     7'"-"' '
scientists,could" only'.find another'use    -  -">.;, ", ..' -,"���    '-'���  V ''- X--'-   -"
��� - ,-'  ���,.'���        ������-    '      ;-,   ��� -,   -    '" AViid   Lif���-.L<ague- Organised   .-.-'
or helium... ��� that problem-faces the ' . -���-..���....-".-.""�� X- -' r y- ���'-
^ "-,���>' c, ������,.;.--'���",,,���;. 71 Hie Wild. Life League of-America
Council-for  Scientific and  Industml'.       ",-     -,     ... '���'���-.���'   " r-
,-, -   ^  _... -      -_   -.      ,���   ��� ���    ; was formed with representatives from
Research a.t Ottawa.���-Kegma Leader.-* ���_ ���A :���      ...     .'.-    ��� . ��� ";'- '. -  ,.-    7   :
' 2-o, States attending. , Organization-of.
sportsmen and lovers; of outdoor, life'
in  every . State and, territory "of the
"Catarrh. :�� a local disease Z'
by Canadian Pt^tum Cereal Co, Limited,' WindsoW On
Conie, Let's Go
There's-a stretch.of open country���
:Some kind hearts foi'got to post it-
| Prairie land, and fringing timber,   -
1     That I know���,.. --;,
With a, cornfield"in the bottom..
Where the .crooked creek -meanders
And.the farmerVfaee is .friendly���_
Coine, let's'gb!.7'.'..-.���'���, .- .
by fc^l,iti^rco^^cr^^/^^^.;'"^S. and Cana3a7- and   .Mexico'- was
^'11^ a^^P^i^^hJlfe^ ^, Planned and will-be carried oufi-rthe
raucous   surfaces   of   the   svstem.'       IL\L1'S
CATARRH    MF.Drci.VE. '.����   Nituro
restoring normal  conditions
Ail  Ur-iggi'stft       Circulars fre-
t, J. Cheney; Sr.Co., Toledo,  Ohio;
:near    future    under the direction-of
m 1 Wilson. McGrew, of Pittsfield, Pa., a
Href, Doctors ���
Then a Skin Specialist
- We fiiall pubtlth every wecfe for the benefit
" of ffcin Kuffeiers la Uii�� ssclion, a few word*
written by Canadian people���some of them ot ���-
., promirence���all heartfelt gtorie* of relief froia
' terrible sutFerinj;.':
A sentence or two from a letter ft-om J. TT-
-   Corns, 8S Melbourne Ave., Toronto., a man of
fine itandine.   "I have been a sufferer for two
-- yon with eczema on the iciga and ankles.  I -
tried three or four different doctors.' I went to
a. skin specialist.  Ml of no user.   I used one
'-^dollar'bottle of D. I). D ���that is all.   lodaj*!
: am perfectly ���well."   "'",;.:-.;.--'
..   If yoa wiiJTtotryabortlrof this ?rescrjption.
. that Mr. Corns found go remarkable we will
smarantee relief on the flret bottle, oryocr
money. Ibacfe.   Stop thai itch today. JI.OT ft
fcottte.  Try D. D. P. Saap. ^00,
.....The average7'"y:age.- aroonj
miners .is now;;ly7"per!"i-lci��nt.
than before the "-far.! 7
A French_gunpowder plant blows
the fumes from its gun-cotton factories throu;
former' Pennsylvania state game.com-'
^-ZoQpaibr SianPiseaS?
Tf .yo.'ij cannot call at. a local .dealer's'
write-", to-the-D.D.D.'- lAb&riitorjes,:'l)opt..
%V* U-76. 27-L}*aH"-Ave., -Toronto, and they
will send.you free trial'bottle if .you en--
closa 30c' which merely. pays for'postage-
and pacWripr.' '   ---���-���.:   .
Radio Telephones in B.C.
gh a chimney uhed with } B^CohSb^Z T^-^'tlie \\ ^.^i-i^.^v.d*,:,.
glass vhlch-resists the-cVmlcal ac      ��� Columbia interior, for. coastr i��on-. &=pre*i'. -Koner' Orders... - Five dona
tion perfectly. " - -'-"-m'tai  ac jTJse resse,j, artA AMrtMm M*B rf��� r���_! cost-: three-cents.
Minard's   Linsmsnt' prevef>ts  Spanish
^    Night
jr.     ^Mormng��_VMJl
^eepVour Eyes
t* For Fr*�� Ej<tC��r�� BcoU V.��:��� r- rC^' ' VX
for. coastr
[ vise vessels and deep-sea ship's as far
lout as 2.500 miles at sea has been in-f
��� j augurated.      It Is plann-ed   to    give;
j "world news, concerts -and speeches io
j distant parts;
E>�� C��i-�� B��oS�� *!�������;���� Co.O,;.
..., -        ...   "   Wicks . :
If yon disiike the smell of the -sick
as it bums in the lantern boil it in
Tinegar   and   thoroughly   dry before
��� and   ITow.lo' Feed
Mailed   free . to any
- Addr-exs bj- 43? <t
--'��� "' .A'nthor
H:' CLA.K   GrX)VEI*:
:.CO.." IXC," :
XZS   - TVe-st '   Fourth
-ytreat. ?"*-������� 1"ori,
W.   &'.   U. "1415
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
thej: United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.06
Bstray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement .-.  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.).
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2^c. a ������line each in-
Lecture on Mining
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Success iB often run  on the selfish plan.
Signs of Spring-
ting pretty low.
-wood pile get-
Would you marry a spendthrift?
Depends on how roach he has to
spend. ���	
A friend is a man who'll help
you to smoke.the cigars your wife
gave you.      	
If the movie colony keeps on
the wild west will get its old reputation back.    ���
lessn' he's
No man ever was a
poker player out "West,
good on the draw.
Many a born comedian has
made a darn fool oatta hisself
tryin' to act funny.
Perhaps women's minds are
cleaner than men's because they
change them oftener.
Babies are born in New York
. with long arms now, so they can
reach their mama's skirts.
There's one bigger, fool than
the man who knows ifc all, that's
the fellow who argues with him;
Success is in keeping ahead of
most people in earning money and
a little behind them in spending it.
"Stop! Look! Listen!" When
you see a pretty girl you stop and
look.. When you marry her you
--listen.' -V-_' -'   "-.'."���'-".
The dog stood on the burning deck,
The names leaped, up around his
. neck'
���Hot Dog.
"."^Wouldn't itVbe" a good thing if
all   grouches .and    discontented
people were as bad '..off as  they
���think:they;are?7 '.77V-V.-
It used to be that one half of
the world didn't'. know, what the
other half, were doing. vNow we
know.    They're hunting jobs,    j-
..;A girl can go to her room and
������dress" for. two hours and then
comeback wearing the clothes she
had on7when she went to drees,
.With trembling hand arid -flutter-
:;. :ing heart, 7"' ��� X ���    : \ y:
By; mail. he did propose 7     7;
And waited for what might turn up;
Alas,, it was her none. 7.
7-7;;,..'."7'-.".������' Osoyoos
7 7 The case between Ben Hart and
Mrs. KnudtBon was heard before
Justices of the Peace Fraser and
.Simpson at Osoyoos on April 7th.
VHart acensed Mra.  EJuudteon  of
being  in   possession   of  property
which bad been stolen from him.
The case-was dismissed for lack of
corroboration.    The    magistrates
said there was very little doubt but
that Mrs.  K%adteon was unlawfully In possession of the* property.
This being, her  first 7 oflence she
eoald have the benefit of the doubt,
Provincial Constable Lakeland ia-  First of all we have the limestone,
P. B. Freeland, government
mining engineer gave another of
his interesting lectures on mining
in the Greenwood Theatre last
Thursday night. The lecture took
the form of a general discussion on
mining problems and free from all
You have no doubt when driving
a tunnel or sinking a shaft passed
from one formation of rock into
another and found that the ores in
the veins have changed, sometimes
the values decrease and others increase. Also one mineral found iu
a certain formation changes to another in a different rock. A good
instance of this occurred in the
Cornish Mines in England. On
the surface most of the values were
copper and as the slates were replaced by granite, the copper disappeared and the tin took it3 place.
It does not necessarily mean that
because there is a change of rock,
there will be a chaDge in the mineral, but it will be wisdom to
find out.
If you have a sufficient amount
of money to drive a tunnel into the
ore body on the strike, do it, but if
you haven't, there isn't any better
way than to strip the surface at intervals of 60 ft. or 100 ft. across
the strike of the ore body, and put
a few pop shots in the rock to show
the mineralization. This will develop the surface extent" of the ore
and attract capital, so that there is
a possibility of them taking a working bond on the property and proving whether or not the ore body is
sufficiently large to warrant buying
the prospect and installing machinery to handle the ore.
The time has gone by when prospects can be sold for anything up
to a thousand dollars a foot, developed. The reason is not far to
Beek, in that those who have not
been stung have learnt better from
the experience of others. It's just
a sign of the change of times plus
more education. :It teaches us to
require more proof than^a few feet
of development shows and. it also
makes us suspicious of our neighbors. Now this condition has
caused a hardship on the. prospect-
or-inasmuch, that he cannot get
capital to develop his prospect.
There seems to be only one solution
of the difficulty and that is to
educate the. general public still
farther and endeavor to show them
that mining at the present time
can be brought do wn/ to a science
that eliiminates a. large part of the
ribk.and /puts it. on a basis, of'other
industries.   .   .     V . . -     V
It isn't .right to blame the general public for our present condition for they certainly, put up their
money, when mining was booming
a few years ago.. .,We must look a
little closer to home for the reason.
-Now the general cry in the mining /world . is 7 that prospecting is
gradually becoming a following, of
the past. This is riot a locaK corir
dition or a provincial or dominion
condition but a continental one.
If any of you care to read the mining journals.'of the past two years,,
you wili see the matter discussed
both in the United States arid Canada arid different solutions, to the
problems offered.-:
Seventy-five per cent, of B.C. ...is
rock and we must look to that rock
for onr future existanee. If the
minerals are not found, the .-future
hasan'Ugly outlook for us. Our
condition here is no worse than in
other parts of the continent. Nearly all the copper riiines have been
closed down owing to the surplus
amount of the metal on the-market
due to world wide conditions and
the nee of substitutes for domestic
I would like to say a word or
two of the nature of the rock in
which low grade deposits occur.
zinc. The reason is that the rock
is generally soft and easily fractured, allowing room for any mineral solutions to deposit themselves.
The mere fact that the rock is soft
and easily impregnated, allowing
the mineral waters to circulate
freely, explains the reason for probable large low grade deposits.
We have got two outstanding
facts staring us in the face in the
Boundary country, and they are,
first, that most of our ore-bodies
that outcrop on the Burface have
been discovered, some have been
mined, others are being held for
various reasons, best known to the
owner. Secondly are the ore-bodies that, those, who knew this
country and can read the signs,
feel fairly confident, exist beneath
the surface.
Fights Underworld
Plots With Beauty
Mary Regan, central character of
the First National feature "Mary
Regan," with Anita Stewart in
the leading part, is the daughter
of a notorious convict, and a gang
of society intriguers who try to
use her as a tool to make capital of
this fact.
How Mary contracts a marriage
to reform the weak son of a rich
man, how she becomes hopelessly
involved in the" schemes of the
blackmailers, and how she at last
emerges to find true love, is grip-
pingly told in this new story of big
city life, to be seen at the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, April
Battalion Orders for Clean
Up Days, May 2 and 3
(By Order City Couucil)
Lt.-Col. Lawn Rake, 0. C.
Sick Parade 5.30 a.m.
Reveille 7 a.m.
P. T. parade cancelled.
All leave cancelled.
Breakfast 7.30 a.m.
General rquster parade at S.15
a.m. Cooks, batmen, orderly,
room staff will fall in with their
respective companies.
Dress���Fatigue, with rakes and
shovels, gas masks at the "alert."
Anyone found using water bottles during, the march will be
severely dealt with.
Rum rations will not be issued
as the Q. -M. lost the keys.
Patrols will proceed with great
caution along the alley ways as it
has been reported that the enemy
have ammunition dumps in this
vicinity.   '  '       .
Valuable documents such as $5
bills to be turned into the Intelligence Department.     , u
Last Post at 9.30 p.m.
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland car9. Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON      /-       Proprietor
ie 4�� 4r ir ���$- 4�� 4* 4* 4* ir ir ir ���$���
^ C LO AT. is not a periodic-
-. ���       al.    It is a book con-
taining 86 illustrations ail
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life.J__It tells how
a "gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon;,
how it rained iri New Denver long.after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at ..Bear. Lake - iri
early days; how justice
was dealt ,in Kaslo iri -93;
how' the saloon man 6m-.
prayed the women ih Kalamazoo, and graphically. deV
picts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and 7 a. romance
of the Silver/ King. mine;;
In 'ifc are printed ��� three
A; western.poezns, and dozens
V 'of articles too numerous
*�� fed mention/. 7 Send for one
*** before it is too late.; The
���$* price is . 50. cents, 'post-
alt paid to any part .of the
^ world.     Address  air let-
ters to
The Ledge
���I* <$�� ��f�� .$. *{* .$> ��$�� ��$�� t|* ������ ����������$�� 4s
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A flue  range of samples to select
from.     (Just arrived.)
. Now on view at
Tailor and Cleaner
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
V     BY    DAY   or  CONTRACT
Wood For Sale
Second-Hand Pipe, Rails,  Mining Cars
and other Mining Equipment  -
Reasonable Prices
Apply to J. W. Clark, Pacific Hotel
Send Your
-      To ' '
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Fork.,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
AU work and material guaranteed.. We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Nicely, furnished rooms, by the
. day, week or month
F. Nilson
E. W. WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C."
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or I<ead
S1.2S each. Gold-Silver fi.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3.00.: Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
- '  ��� * ' "Tlie Government Of-
Tbe Province Of British Columbia
The attention of
Timber Licence holders who ��� are
taking advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST ACT, whercy arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December; 1920 have bees funded
and made -payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 1921 is not included in
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and all sufesegueat renewal
fees must be paid within 7one7year
after the date of expiry of the licence
in order to maintain the right cf the
holder to obtain a renewal of the
Licence'. ,
(Cut out this Proeramme for reference)
Rock Creek Dramatic Society
IN THE '""������;.
Greenwood Theatre on April 21st
Under the Auspices of the Greenwod Boy Scouts
���  ACT V   -      ���'���" ���:
Misa Perilla.... Stenographer.... Miss E. Pittendrigh
Mr. Percy Tours Silk Merchant Mr. C. OT Bodman
Dr. Killem Quack '. Doctor Mr. Hardcastle
Bill Office Boy Mr. T.. Pittendrigh
' Mr. Percy Tour* takes his first pill and wakes up in Japan.
Someboyur Silk Merchant (late Mr. P. Tours) ...Mr. P. Wilson
Urakid His Wife ..Miss Hookham
Some Frandur "...'.;., .Her lover and tutor  Mr. H. L. T. Martin
San Reposa  Friend of wife ...Misa Gane
San Toya       *'���       "     "     '. Mrs. Reed
San Wystaria ,...'       "       "   . ����� Misa King
O', Mimosa '.-, .Gheishas. .'. ...Miss Debney
O. Jasmine ,     '���       ', .Mra. Rock
O. Rosa..       " Miss R. Madge
O. Iris ;.....        ������ ...Miss N. Reed
Somboyur on taking a second pill visits Egypt.
ves^galed the case and brought
to trial,
h ibs mosS attractive rock In which
to ��oqIc for copper, silver, lead and
Very Old Highland
Supplied to the P. & O. Steamship Line
for over forty years; to His Majesty's
Transports; to many exclusive Clubs and
Officers*; Messes all over the world.
Catto's. ������'" , 7-7'
.   For Sale at
When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to SS-an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now
veyed lands only.
Records   will  be
only land suitable
confined    tosur-
granted  covering
for   agricultural
Naida ...
.......Mr. P. Wilson
.Mr. S. Pittendrigh
...... Miss Hookham
Merchant (late Someboyur)...
..............His Wife..............s.
Ali Baba .......;.i.......;.Naida's rejected lover.............;...;/Mr.'.P. Wilson
Chu Chin Chow Robber chief and Naida's lover..  Capt. Lewis
Vasili , ;.............. 1st Robber .................................Mr. Norris
Gezel ...
Fatima -
................. Capt. Davis
...f. ...;.;..... Mr. Walker
.'..-...i.Misa.-M... Caldwell
; Miss J. Caldwell
...........Mrs; BJ.Richter
,....." Mrs.' W. Johnstone
 Mrs. Rock
Zaro ..."..; ..........Singer... ......Mr. Hatton
Upon taking the 3rd pill Kasjfai finds himself in Spain.  ~
:-y '������ ;" X .- _ACT: IVr^SPAIN. '   '���' .'
......... 2nd Robber.......
.......".. 3rd Robber.......
 .1st Dancing Girl...
.....���2nd * ������   7 '���'������ ..!
........Stall Keeper.......
......,.y,\.'Buytr....j. ..i..
Alphonse Constantino ... The Husband (late Kasim) .,
Thomas Tompkins..... Tourist guide.......	
Carmine ....7.... .^.............;.....CThe wife.i..V.si....;... ',
Picaro A Matador	
Pedro ......A Toreador in love with Carmine......
Sylvie;. ...A flower girl of uncertain affections;...
Stickaro ............A Matador...... ...-.'.	
���Rosetta  ', .'........�����-Flbw��r girl.'.....,...;.: ;..
-The husband searching for his wife encounters difficulties A
Thc scenery in Spain made by C. 6. Bodman and
- "*   "'"���������"   Prompterir.'Mrs; Lewis, Mrs. H. Martin and Mr.
--'   -Ballet Mistress, Mrs; Fenwick Wilson.
......Mr. W. Hatton
Mr. C. Q. Bodman
 .Mrs. Atkinson
���... J. Warrington
... Capt.' Atkinson
...........Mrs. Gane
.... Mr. W. Smith
  Miss Williams
....Mrs. W. Smith
takes the final pill.
B. Gane. rs
B. Gane.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
06Bces, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchftters of Gold, Silrer, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers, of   Gold,   Silver, Copper,  Bluestone,-Pig  Lead and Zinc
Aato 8k��ge twice d����y to Midway meeting 8pok��ne, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare'll.'60-Euh Way.   Hand Baggage Free.   Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy DrayiRt. . Aato'i forkiw Day or Ni*ht
We carry Tlrei, ��ill, Greases. Iiy mi Orala    -
Office Plsone 13. " Rttlteicc Paoae 31
purposes   and -which   is   qon-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five ��years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant. '  "" ���
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3-years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may be- ,
cause of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate'certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may. be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum- and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than S years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acres cleared and cultivated) add residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption;" if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsuryeyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may bc
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial aites on
timber land not exceeding '40' acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stum page.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of coat of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. ..
' The scope of this Act is enlarged td
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces.7 The time
in which the heirs or devisees of ade-
ceased pre-emptor' may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lota held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance of
Crown Grants . to sub-purchasers of
Crown L<ands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
;asd taxes;- Where-sub-purchasers 4o~
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over. whole
area. Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic de-
velopment��of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
The Mineral Province af Western Canada
Has produced Minerals vahmd as follows: Placer Gold, $75,944,203; Lode
<3old, $102,753,823; Silver, $58,668,284; Lead $46,687,221; Copper, $161,513,864;
2ino, $10,896,466; Coal and Coke, $212,573,492; Bnilding Stone, Brick. Oemeni,
etc, $32,168,217; MiscsUaneoas^ Minerals, eta, $1,037,408; iaakicg Ha Mineral
Prodnetioalotheendof 1929 show an;    7 .. ' .-   :   [
Ajgjfegate Valoe; tf $706,192,978
Production lot Year Entlog D^emjber, 1920, $35,543,084
Tfce 7Mising  Laws of Ibis Province are mors liberal and the fees lower,
febaa those of aay other Province in lhe Dominion, or any colony in the. British
-   Empire. ��� .   7 '*   -
Mineral locations are granted .*a diseoreiws for nominal fees.
Absent�� Ti^ftreobtein^ by developing gnch properties, the security -
of which isgearainleed by drown grants. 7,
Fall information,^^ together/with inining Beporie and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing��� ���    -'7' ; .;: ���.
the nan, the minister of mines
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
���^Wr-^r-TOSSSS^. ���^SS-'SlKBKit


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