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The Ledge Oct 25, 1923

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Vol.   XXX.
No. 14
Just received a large shipment of
Enamel,  Tin and   Galvanized  Ware
Consisting of
Double Boilers 3 sizes, Steamers 4 sizes, Stew Pots, Kettles, Milk
Strainers, Collanders, Pails, Wash Basins. Dish Pans, Wash Tubs,
Wash Boilers, Sprinkling Cans, Etc.
We carry Earthinware Crocks suitable for observing- eggs in,
Mmmmmmm mmmmrorommmmn?mn??!?fflmmmfe!
>*���_, ���������1 _________________        -    i��i-^^
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
Agents for
Five Roses and Purity Flour
For Quality and Value Order From
?/umummmu tuuumimmtuumtumimmmumiamu^
Greeting Cards
Order now for foreign mail
Exceptionally pretty samples at
We" are now equipped to handle
Fish Every Friday
Place your orders with us
- 1
^��S^<^?sS^<e��S��^*i��^45��<ei?5^ <ZS?4g&!2��<*����4&'
\ye carry- only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you"
Proprietor $
Palaoe Livery  Stable
R. LEE. Proprietor
.  Express and Heavy Draying
Auto For Hire, Day or Night
��� We carry
Tires, Oils, Greases, Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13, -" Residence Phone 59R
i    Fit Reform
W   for Fall in Suits   and Overcoats
s%   Blue and E.ed Label Brands of
If Underwear
Also Tweed Shirts, Khak-i pants
Blue Overalls, etc.
f W. Elson & Co
"The living voice affects men more than
what they read."--Pliny, the Younger.
Your voice conducts your business. Directions that you give personally are quickly and accurately executed, because your associates cannot
fail to understand.    Each inflection has a meaning for them.
Remember the telephone when you would confer with those interested with you in "business Do not tmst the cold written word���send yonr
voice, yourself by long distance telephone.
Real Estate.
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock
Call at my Office and see tne in
reference to any of above
New   Fall   Millinery,
Dresses and Stockings.
The ladies of towii and district are-
cordially invited to inspect same
Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Greenwood Theatre
X  Commencing at 8.15 p.m..
Thomas "H. Ince7presents
"Skin Deep"
By Marc Edmond Jones
A thrilling story that put melodrama on a new level       _
Portrayed by an unusual cast that includes
Milton Sills���Florence^Vidor
Marcia Mauou���Frank Catupeau
Send Your
_    BOOTS  and _S_HOE_S_
,   To
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The"20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material -guaranteed.   We
pay postage" one way.   Terms Cash.
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. \yaikinsliaw. B. A.
,   " Greenwood
Sunday, October 28th
Midway 2.30 p.m.
Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
The Missionary Lecture givers
in thc Presbyterian Churcli on
Tuesday evening was attended
by some sixty persons. The address ou "Mission Work in India
by Rev. C. D. Donald was much
enjoyed and the members of the
W. M. S. are to be congratulated
oa the success of the evening.
The old-timers of Greenwood
atsd vicinity will bc interested in
knowing that Bert Logan, the
popular Jeweller here in the good
old days, will, this winter, hunt
and trap about 200 miles west of
Fort Laird in the North West
Territories, in a section where it
is believed 110 white man has
ever before been. Bert will use
his knowledge of minerals, gained whilst living here, to try and
locate a mighty good ledge, as
it is believed he wiil be in a rich
mineral belt. H-t has our best
I Around Home
C. E. Bartholomew is -on a
business trip to Spokane.
Harry Royce returned home
last Thursday from Hedley.
Service in St. Jude's Church
next Sunday 28th at 7.'30 p.m.
Mrs. G. W. A. Smith and son,
Donald, are visiting in Grand
Mrs. C. Orr, of Summerland,
was a visitor to town during the
week end.    -"   ������'
Mrs. F. L. Peterson spent a
couple of days in Grand Forks
last week. -; .
W. H. Rambo, was in town for
a few days this week, from
Mr. and Mrs. ,C. G. Miller, of
Rossland. were visitors in town
on Saturday.    ";
Mr. and Mrs P. E. Crane, of
Beaverdell, were visitors to town
on Wednesday.
Thos. Moore, of Copper Mount-
ain,-formerly of. Phoenix, arrived
in" town on Wednesday.
Rocky Mountain Ryan has returned to Beaverdell from a
month's stay in-Nelson.
-_^Mr. and Mrs. G. Prideau, of
Allenby, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs, G..S. Walters. -
Dr. Ferguson,'of Calgary, conducted Presbyterian Services at
Beaverdell    and   Greenwood   on
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Corpe afld
daughter, returned on Sunday
from an enjoyable holiday in
Summerland.on Friday and spent
the week end with his brother, C.
T. Fenner.
Chas. Hamarstadt and daughter
Nellie, of Penticton, and Mrs. G.
A. -Rendell, of .Salmon Arm,
motored over from Penticton in
the latter's auto on Friday and
spent a few days in town with
On the 19th inst. Ola Lofstad
celebrated the 60th anniversary
of his birth. Many of his lady
and gentleman friends gathered
at his home to wish him many
happy returns of the day and a
nice, pleasant social evening was
spent. -
R. J. Muir, of Penticton, formerly of Greenwood, was in town
the first of the week. Mr. Muir
is a salesman for the The Fuller
Brush Co., Ltd., of Hamilton,
Ont.-, and he reports business
good. This company sells direct
to the consumer.
The Annual Provincial Con
vention of the Prohibition Association has been called to meet on
November IS and 16, in Vancouver. Reports of the delegates
who attended the Dominion Convention will be given, and the
attitude of Prohibitionists towards the statement of the Government to be made at the opening of the Legislature regarding
the liquor question will be defined. The ..committee are in
communication with some noted
speakers iu order to have inspirational addresses the two evenings
of the Convention. ,  f
The pumpkin pie is a delicacy
of the season. There is some
authority for "punkin", as most
Canadians call it. Some people
fancy the pie tastes better when
it is just plain "punka," but
precise people want- it "pumpkin," if it does spoil the pie a
little. It is easy to spoil a
pumpkin pie in the making, and
there is very little satisfaction ia
a poor pie. The original pumpkin pie was supposed to have
been spiced with Jamaica ginger,
and sweetened with maple sugar.
In these days a wise man will
not hazard any guess about his
Skating Rink Meeting
A Public Meeting will be held
on Monday, Oct. 29feh at 8 p.m., in
the Board of Trade Rooms on Copper St., to discuss the advisability
of running the Skating Rink this
coming season.
LaBfc season the Rink was
financed largely by subscription and
entertainments of various kinds.
The amount taken in for skating
w��b 8168.00, being $11 less than
the wages, paid. .The expense of
running the Rink amounted to
8370.00 exclusive of the expenses
incurred for the various entertainments which.amounted to another
8120. The number skating was
20 ad alts and 60 children. From
the above it will be seen that the
cost was altogether out of propor-.
tion to the number skating and
unless this expense can be cut considerably it is not worth while
running the Rink.
In the event of there being no
skating the $60.00 required for
insurance, will presumably have to
be paid. So it should be to the
interest of all to attend this meeting and try and find some way
whereby tha Rink can be run.
Under the above circumstances
the present Rink Committee will
resign at fehe said meeting.
Skating R;nk Committee.
"Skin Deep"
Can you imagine how a terrible
fall from an aeroplane might prove
to be a fortunate accident to a convict who is escaping from the penitentiary?
It gave him an entirely new
identity and changed his entire
Packed cwith thrills, human interest, and. carrying enticing suspense';oieBr~tb"~the lasfe^ scene,- the
story is told in a remarkable T. H.
Ince production, "Skin Deep"
which will be shown at the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, Oct.
Milton Silli, Florence Vidor,
Marcia Manon, Frank Campeau,
and Joe Singleton are featured in
the exceptionally good cast. - The
picture is directed by Lambert
Hillyer in a manner that portrays
real art.
Sale of Work
The Rock Creek United Farm
Women are holding a Sale of Work
_on_Nov._17tH_in J**e - Q^Operatiye
Hftli, Rock Creek. Farther particulars later.
Bobby Dog Life
Bobby had almost finished his
reading.leeBon when he came to a
word he conld not pronounce.
"Barque," .prompted tbe teachfar.
Bobby looked at his classmates
and grinned.
, "Barque, Bobby!" exclaimed the
teacher harshly."
Bobby, looking np at the teacher
finally cried out: "Bow-wow-
wow 1"
Gordon S. Smith, second son
of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Smith, of
Grand Forks, died very suddenly
in Toronto, Ont., on Thursday,
October 18. He was born at
Whonnock, near Vancouver, 28
years ago. He served his apprenticeship in J. L. ^ White's Drug
store, Greenwood, later going to
the Pharmacy College at Toronto.
After getting his diploma, the
late Mr. Smith went into business
for himself in Toronto which he
successfully conducted until his
sudden ending. Besides his sorrowing parents" he leaves three
sisters Mrs. Geo. Church, of Victoria, Ruby, of Lumby, and Hilda
at home. Three brothers William,
of. Greenwood, Sutherland, of
Kiaberiy, and Doaald of Victoria.
The late Mr. Smith's father left
last Friday for Toronto.
War Memorial Fund
Have you paid  your subscription to The Ledge?
A meeting was held last Saturday, Oct. 20th at Midway, for
the purpose of deciding what was
to be done regarding the . memorial to be erected in memoryof the
soldiers in the Greenwood district who gave their lives iu the
"great war."
The meeting was well attended and many took part in the
discussions, z- The Committee,
(Miss Debney, Messrs. McCurrach and Lander) reported that
during the two weeks $150.00 -had
been collected and there was no
doubt that $100.00 more could be
rounded up.
It was agreed upon by all
present that a monument composed of rocks, in pyramid form,
be erected in the vicinity of
Ingram Bridge and a tablet with
the names of the dead soldiers
inscribed thereon, be set in the
rock work. .���.---.
A committee to take charge of
the work was appointed as follows: Miss Debney, Rock Creek;
R. D. Kerr, Midway; P. H. McCurrach, Greenwood. fc
It was decided thatj when the
committee Had everything in
order, a working bee would be
called for the purpose of hauling
the materials for the memorial.
This work to be donated.
The committee has ascertained
that^ from $250 to $300 will be
required to defray all expenses,
and it is earnestly requested, that
all who can will subscribe to this
worthy object. Should there be
any funds left over after the
memorial is erected, they may
possibly be used to assist returned soldiers who are in need.
The fund is still open and subscription lists can be seen at the
Bank of Mqntrfial, Bank .of Commerce, Post Office, Court House,
Goodeve's Drug Store and Chas.
King's Office.
Kettle Valley Notes
There will be Service in the
Anglican Church on Sunday, Oot.
28th at. 1 a.m.
Mrs. Wm. O'Donnell and Mr>.
A. M. Tanner left Rock Creek
on Monday morning for a couple
of weeks holiday with friends in
Vancouver and Victoria.
A very successful Dance was
held at the Riverside Hall on Tuesday evening, Oct. 23rd, under the
auspices of the W. A., who had
engaged the Banff orchestra for the
evening. A big crowd was present
and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
The Memorial Fund is growing,
Kettle Valley at present leading in
subscriptions. Greenwood, Midway, Myncaster, Beaverdell, and
Carmi have also responded to the
appeal. The result from the other
parts of the district ia poor, but the
writer feels sure it is only a question of organization for the
rest to take their place amongst
the others in this little matter of
respect, to those, who gave-everything for us.
Allenby Copper Company
During the week a further reduction has been made in the
number of men employed by the
Allenby Copper Company, and a
still further reduction which will
bring the total number of employees at both mine and mill
slightly under the hundred mark,
is contemplated.
It is expected that the reduced-
force will have no difficulty in
completing all the improvement
now under way by~th~e"end~of the
year. Then, unless there should
be a decided improvement in the
copper market, which present
prospects do not indicate, all
operations will cease until such
time as the conditions warrant
the working of the mine,
Workmen from outside points
are warned against coming- to
Princeton seeking employment.
Due notice will be given by the
company when men are wanted.
���Princeton .Star.
Midway News^
Boen���At Midway to Mr. and
Mrs. R. A, Brown, on Oct. 21sk, a
The Ladies Aid will hold a
Bazaar in the Old School House on
Nov. 24th.
Mrs. W. G. Moll returned from
Deer Park, Wash., where she has
been visiting her mother.
Mra. J. O. Thompson and
daughter,- Ethel, of Kettle Valley,
were the gnesta-of Mrs. H. H.
Pannell over the week end.
Christian Valley Notes
j     - ��� ��� ���p    ^ .      ���-.
John Christian went to Green
wood to seethe dentist.
Guner Lindgren is home from
Grand Forks and may stay some
Mr. and Mrs. Abel and son,
Cummings, are np to their ranch
this week.
Mr. Kennedy, of Okanagan
Falls and Mr. Wilkins, of Oliver,
were up to Lightning Peak last
week and report that they had
good luci. The first 19 miles was
good going, then poor for three
miles and the last few miles fair.
They say that Messrs. Cochran and
Noren have done some fine work.
A-little- more-work���next yearon ~
the poor places should make good
travelling for Greenwood and other
people having interests up there,.
They enjoyed tbe trip and woulda'f.
have missed ft for anything.
s_ _
The Second Annual Provincial
Potato Show held under the
auspices ofthe Provincial Department of Agriculture-in Co-operation with the,Victoria Potato-
growers' Assn. and Chamber ot
Commerce will be held in the
Arcade Building, Victoria, B.C.,
on Nov. 12 io 17, 1923.
Best Dance of the Year
The Fifth Annua!
G. W. V. A.
Masquerade Ball
Friday, Nov. 9th, 1923
Costumes and   Masks can  be bad
at Goodeve's Drug Store
$1 CO
I  ..'
DUE.     UilEEX WOOD.     .13.     C.
From the  best  tea  gardens  in
Go-Operation In Empire Building
Tin- announcement of Ui'.- liritlsh (.overnniem made 10 lhc Kmpire ICeou-
ri'.uie Couferoiico now sit tint? in London, thai it was prepared to. extend tho
preference in favor of tlio overseas l>ominions on certain articles i.s a heallhy
Hign oi' the new determination growing throughout tho Kmpire of developing
trade between tho different members of the lirills.h family of nations. It
opens lho door wide open to a discussion of tho whole subject of preferences,
and it noi improbably may prove but a first instalment of mutual and voluntary preferences calculated to be of immense value to the various Dominions'
and  iho Old Country.
Canada first inaugural ed the policy of granting a preference to (treat
Britain in IS97 and it has maintained that policy, irrespective of the political
complexion of th.- party iu power. The growth of the preferential idea has
not heen as rapid as, some hoped it would be, nor has it been extended by
Canada from year to year wiih a view to rhe removal of tariff restrictions on
trade within the Kmpire as many people thought wight be the case. Tho
fact, however, that noboby liars seriously advocated discontinuance of tho
policy of preferuiie.es is most encouraging, while fhe platforms ot at least
two political parties contain declarations in favor of enlarged preferences.
Tho method of granting preferences may be open to debate and a subject
for parly controversy. "With ihe question of method we are not much concerned, aud, inasmuch as ir is more or l>-ss of an issue between parties, wo
i'.o mu propose to discuss 1c. Few. however, take exception io the principle,
and thai, after all, Is the important, vital thing.
Cr"at Britain, for example, may deem ic quite impossible lo grant Canada
find Australia a preference ou wheat and cattle because that would involve
imposing a Customs duty on all foreign-grown wheat and cattle, thereby taxing iho food supplies of the 1-irillsh people. But through its predominant
position in tlie money markets of tlie world, through its great shipping Interests, its great milling companies. Great. Britain can most effectively grant a
preference io these overseas Dominions by giving first consideration to the
purchase and transport of Kmpire products, and a quite secondary place to
those of other couutrii.-s.
Further reductions by all parts of rhe Kmpire in postage rates to all other
pans is quite feasible.. it would not involve; placing any additional tax on
the people. On iho contrary it would reduce taxation, and by encouraging
correspondence between all pans result in a still better understanding and
in thc development of trade.
Tho steady development of cable and wireless communication within the
Empire would have the same result.
Aud all (lungs being equal why should one part or the Umpire not grant a
voluntary preference to other parts when awarding contracts ancl placing
business? Again...merely -as an. example, why should Canadians in placing
their live and lifts insurance -not" stipulate lhat the "policies be written with
Canadian or-other Umpire companies, instead of 'with those'of foreign countries. This, by- way. "of. iTiuslratiqiif-.it. 'can be applied.-in many' branches, of
ibusirtessaiid :coi..n"i._reial-' activity'. / 7 \ .' --X~ 'X'X '--'- V -.'" ���''-���'" W'. ,-'' '
- Fon..!iu.u.'Iy,;:iIie .whole -Empire.- js'awakoiiing to "-ihe-importance of ssife-
/gua'rdirig'Empire'inte're.-sis .'and assisting ih tliejcle7volop'im'.nt' aiid.prosperity of-.
,al!-...Us"eompoi_7ent parts uV coiniecf-.ion''with/ii'nii'ngriHipn.- ' The greatest ahd-
uit'sr-pf-oiitislng, fields- for- 'colonization .and settleinentin .the world, today'- are
.within." ilie confines! ..f. tho-'Ehipiiv."- -' .Instead of .BritisJ.i--nionoy-.aud British.
,, subjects" migrating:-to foreign lands" to. develop' their "resources and" acTd" .to
their producing power .and prosperity, -tliey- should'--renfain-within "iheEiri-"
, pire...ail'dtrig- to.its power.and influence. " Thus British-born subject's would
.reihaii!,. Iiritisli. . The British overseas 'Dominions would-secure much needed
'.popuhij ton', their' untold, wealth of.- natural .resources would-be developed, Unci
,'.t It rough' a ���sysi.en"'."-oi'7-vo'hinti\ry' preTer'en.ces these "British .subjects in the iJoV.
minimis would assist enormously Vnot-:only in- the.development and prosperity-
of the. Dominions, but.'in tlw/so.lution o.f .'some of .ih'e/most pressing and "com-
-.plex.'V)!''oJilem's confronting, the. Old. Country at'the present tinie.'::/   .--"""- -"-
7   May  Pay  Visit   to   Canada
:"_Duke of. Vork is'Very Anxious "to';M.ak'e-
- '��� - --' "- ; - ��� Trip //' -;. ' . ; ������'
. "-Although: little" credence, js.plneed_.iu'
the -fan 1 astic i-timor,'tlui t Canada might
become/a kingdom, \yUli:.the l'rinco tit
Wales, as head, there- JS...T good deal.of''
nexi  vi.sii.'jo. Can'a'da in-view of'his
'-iu'ofoSJ-ViT.'fondness-for tlio Dominion.
- It'is stated Tliat' ne-xt,year h'e.will' visit
-South Africa,- which .is--the/only ���D.o-
ihinion ho h;i.-? not "yet; seen. . It Is
hardly -'liltelrVihoreforeVthaf, ho will
.be, able- to 'pay/a return visit to {Canada
Until li.2V   . .':" '.-',-..  '[' '7',..:'-".,'. ���
���Before Th_uli_iiti.it is probable that'
the. I>ukG.-of. York will be. -able:' to
carry out his itesire. to7tollow in/bis
brother*!-; footsteps..   He" lias admitted
. tliat,ho would very imicli. Jike_-iu'go to
Canada, bur. the'trip haV-pot beeu.eon-
-Phleriitl advisable as yet. " 'He 3hay,';ot'
���course, follow.the l*riiif-e.of TSValVs/ example and: go incognito", but iris more
; prbbable that' his first - visit-., .will/ Ik-
;n).'i(!i- in his oflicial capacity.-7 _ 7
W7jhe Aim of Life
Nl��cessis_.>   oT';.-Breab : Winning- -.'"��' .Noc
. Only.Object
The \great-.thing, is- to tackle lift; in
-a >pii_i't";6f .acly.cn ture". -.. The'-niain.ob.;
ject 'is .not to; y.-ihjitvis.-t.o.live"; -\Viu-"
ning or. losing; la-.an issue' beyondvlm-"
niaiv- control./ --��� Effort 4s; noU'V- Nothing! Is >ns'iei/'tiuin' to identify "the.life
iii .which effort and aspiration or some
.sort are", present:; .Thejyliglit'it.up as
the.-sun a! ���landscape."-��� Bread winning
is oiily tho>bo(ly."of life. '   Tho soul pf
life" begins, in "whatsoever, plus'-cpiaii-
. tity-of. voluntary effort,-.is added over
and above the sheer necessity of bread
-winning.-"-Boslon-.Globo.    '-:
i (V//ie9JVncdonafV)'VJrolihi/
TeJ@9Ra3onati <&#? X/nt of/i v-aled     I
1   E/cOacap 9'Ilcmufacltti'ei*?- WfcuTfvaf.. ��
��   ZZ/c-1/acTx? ZZ/JUmufacZitr'vt'-
__   ~fot' comjwiition
Oetveen me iiXesfi.i'tr s(qi'icuftut'al@c7h>
'to s-timu/cttfr
^sS./<t'e$foc7f /nertliritj and Scttvrid' S/titfiiiita /?
\^ in   ZC'Je&fci'ti (Panada. -y/f
Bronze Trophy For Livestock Competition In Four Western Provinces
fords Western .Canada an excellent op-
Symbolic of tho livestock which
once roamed the Western Prairies In.
uncounted thousands, the magnificent
bronze trophy for which livestock
judging teams from thc four western
provinces will compete at tho Royal
"Winter Fair in Toronto next Novem
bringing back in a modified form and
under better auspices, the old stock
raising practices for which tho west
was once noted.
Tho late Sir William Macdonald labored untiringly with this end In view
ancl gave vast sums 'of money to on-
ber, is a prize which will bo eagerly j courage tho promotion of mixed farm
coveted. Bnt tho trophy is in itself j ing on a scientific basis in tho west,
only a vlsiblo sign of what is at stake j His successors, loyal to the traditions
in this competition. Tho terms un- j of their founder who will always be
dor which it is offered mean that each ��� remembered as one of Canada's most
of tho four western provinces has an : generous friends of scientific and tech-
opportunity now and every year, an ��� nical education, avo continuing this
opportunity whicli was never before j task ancl the trophy illustrated above
placed within such easy reach, to' is but one example of their devotion
carry off judging honors at tho Inter-.! to the principles of the late Sir Wll-
national livestock show, tho premier i Ham Macdonald.
exhibition in America,   that  held  in |    Tho   trophy   is   offered i'or annual
Chicago in December.    For whichever ; competition among the four western
Outlook For World Wheat Supplies
guying Power of Europe to ba Factor
In Disposal of Surplus
The crops in Western Europe are
considerably in excess of last year's
and about equal to those of the pro-
war period, says the National Bank of
Commerco in New York.
Continuing, in the October issue of
Commerce Monthly, it states that:
"""The partial restoration of agriculture in Russia and expectation of n
record wheat crop in Canada, together
with an assured. crop and restricted
purchasing power in Western Europe,
have combined to provide a supply of
wheat for the 1923-2-1 harvest year
which promises to be somewhat heavier in relation to prospective demand
than the crops of the two preceding
years. Any estimate of thc net world
surplus of wheat must bo a rough
guess at best, for it is subject to-many
and conflicting influences. Some of
thc indicated surplus for the current
year would be absorbed if European
purchasing power approximated- prewar siandards. Per capita consumption in Europe is undoubtedly low and
ils restoration will be a slow process.
On the other hand a continued low
price of wheat should enable consumers to purchase considerably larger
quantities for the. same outlay of
money than at any time since the war
On a conservative estimate, total
world imports aro likely to range between 500 and COO million bushels.
Continuing tho bank says:
"Stocks are too small in Europe, a
fact wliich accentuates thc effect of a
large world carry-over upon thc market. Prior io tho war European Importing countries were accustomed to
buy heavily just after harvest, and
any surplus there, was at the end of
portunity to win world repute for it3Jtlie yoar was widely disseminated,
knowledge of livestock.     In going to much of it in hands close to the nl ti-
Your injury may be just a simplo
scratch,a cut, bruise, burn or scald;
but it needs prompt treatment
with zam-buk. Neglect and delay
- leaves broken tissues open to dangerout
germ infection and ulceration, blood-
poison or even" chronic ecrema.
Keep zam-bul always handy I This
powerful herbal antiseptic applied to
broken, chapped, burnt or lacerated skin"���
ia instantly effective. It ends all smarting
pain and, inflammation, makes tissues
germ free and, gefXn proof and ensures
rapid perfect healing.
Mrs. Valmor Savaria, Morean St.,
Montreal, writes:���"I cut my finger
to the bone while working an electric
machine. The wound went the wrong
way   and   became  badly festered.
"It was surprising ho w quickly zam-buk
.���-.topped ihe pain. I persevered with the
balm, and the wound which for weeks
hacPde&ed all other treatment was
healed perfectly. I shall never forget
how sam-buk saved my finger."
In a hundred other emergencies of
skin disease. or injury, you will find
riim-bukinvaluable. All chemists 50c box.
the Royal Winter Fair at Toronto tlie
four teams will bo afforded what will
bo In effect a post-graduato course in
stock judging.   They will go to brush
mate consumer. - At present, financial
conditions and tho fluctuations of exchange have forced these countries to
up their kno^vledgo and .to extend it,' purchase largely on a hand-to-mouth
���J��V*?-��}SP. ^VVT1!1,.,?" J"? ! basis, thus leaving a larger proportion
of the surplus in exporting countries
where its existence and amount can bc
Chicago particularly well qualified to'
mako a name i'or Itself. In a certain
sense tho contest at Toronto will bo
a final.tryout, a sort ..of dress' rehearsal, and it may confidently be expected that under such conditions tho
winning team will do full justice to itself when it meets America's best iu
the Illinois city.
Apart from the interest attached to
thcPtrophy by, virtue*1 of what its acquisition will represent, there is also
the fact that it is ono of the handsomest bronze castings ever produced.
more readily determined."
French Method Said
To Cure Paralysis
A universal custom
that benefits everybody.
Aids digestion,
cleanses the teeth,
y soothes the throat.
a good thing
to remember
Sealed in    ^ *
its Purity
.   Package
America's   foremost   experts  in  livestock.
Iodine Injected Into Spine.and X-Rays
Two  patients  have  been   cured  of
paralysis under a nev,' French method
of diagnosis, It is stated by tho Neuro-
provlncial team may win the trophy at  provinces.     This is testified to by tho
Toronto will be given a trip to Chi-! coat-of-arms   of   tho   four   provinces
cago, all expense being provided for i mounted at the  four corners of tho _ ,   .    	
by iho donors of the trophy, where it j base, and by tho plates upon which [it was cast by Messrs. Henry Birks &.
may match its judgment.with that of  will be Inscribed, from year to year, [ Sons,, of Montreal, Winnipeg. Calgary
the names of the winning teams.     It j and   'Vancouver,    at   their   Montreal   logical Society of Paris.     in both in-
is, however, ono thing to offer a trophy j foundry and Is the final expression of j stances iodine was injected into the
Tho primary object in the minds of   and another to place all competitors! an artistic conception handled bv skill-1 ������:...,, ���,..���...,. ���,,-. -v __ ^ 1-���      'im._.
tho. donors of this splendid trophy. ��� upon unequal footing for it. This | ed artizans. The magnificent iiuffalo JtU column alU A"l,Ll,s Ukcn- Llie
W. C. Macdonald Iteg'd., Inc., tobacco [ was recognized, so in addition to offer- Bull is the first one-piece, casting.of its jllllul Permitted observations of un-
manufacturers of Montreal, is to stint- j ing the trophy W. C. Macdonald Iteg'd.. J size ever produced in this country. It j natural formations in the - column,
ulate interest' In mixed farming and 1 Inc.. fit*
more particularly,.in livestock breed-, with to
ing in" the wcs-t.     This is a part of a | of the
re also providing funds where-1 weighs in the neighborhood ol" eighty j and operation's exposed    tumors     tho
> defray the travelling expenses : pounds and is mounted upon a hand-;.- ,       ..       , ic]     ro,n]toA  j���  rp
....���  .......      ,  contesting    teams   from   their  some hand-carved oak base.     Anen-j        ouU ' 10&ultc"  m le"
policy' laid down by. the founder of AV. j western homes to tho Eoyal Show at ] graved plate identifies the trophy, nnd j cover>' ot" patients,    tt is asserted that
C- Macdonald fteg'd'., Inc.," the* late Sir j 'Toronto, and back home again. | the crests of the four western* prov-' the   impossible   curing   of   paralysis
lnthela.riJ��t PracticaJ MechejiicaJ School I
I G&r&ges specially demand our students m 1
' .thev ate practically trejned"" -- ���
P.O  BOX 926	
France Has
William Macdonald who, -many years
ago, recognizl'tl the need for .stabilizing
the", west's., annual ;ine'ohie,' insuring It
against disaster, which" -must ' occur
:: from, II me to "time - where i everything is
staked' on-one crop, "by promoting, an
interest "in .'general ' fanning,  and  by
Then,, that" Western Canada may' incos'. are delicately" executed in en-
have an,opportunity, to match her best > amel upon silver. ;. - , . '
judges, with those ofthe United States. | ' The trophy will be'competed i'or an-
7YV. C.'Macdqnald lteg'il.,.-fnc, will pay; nually.., -The Western College'whose-
all expenses'-'of-.tho--winning team to ' team.scores highest in "ihe main judg-
thc show/at Chicago in Deeombor.'' ; ing'event, at the Royal \Vinter Fair
.'-The.entire scheme;is onb'which af-  will.automatically' possestVthc. trophy.
heretofore" has been due  to  the difficulty of diagnosing the disease.
usic7in the -Home
V - . .'The Watch Winds - Itself ,. -..--
1 .���-IJrit.isti itiventors' liVvoJ.perfociuii'a
.st.:lf-wln��lihg. wrist."watch..-' The coh-
, staht,. mbyemeni- of the'"hand ot 'the
j "wearer effects-, tho '-'winding; by" means
: _of aii /oscillating" Mi;lo" Ih''."the, niovo-
/menr./fuUii wiih -boarings' which, it is
.���'claimed, -pro,' e;u,.ov'er-windinK."-- -Tlie'
���'watch: .life '.inv.mtorri 7i��ij.- will s-'tand
''thiVhat'd.eVt- day's 'golf. '���'"..'   "
Parents'Should   Realize ,.Wh.at /_a
��� ��� -���'  tural Value. iVHisic -.Has For- - 7 ,
_��� .   .,  -;--..'--Children- '���--",V-    -  - .'"
,. - Can a.home, be a'-a;e":i! home' without
music? '' .Oh." yes", of _course,��� -after; a
fashion'.. - .Jlul'-lake a glimpse'into the
be.st'hoiiies throughout the length and
breadth "of bar haul-and you. are"��al-.
most, s.urn .iofsii'd..' music, in some- form
or/other.7   [t;may:'be' only-.a phonograph; or.-a .player- piano, ..but," in; its
Av:si'yt\ it", i��  music. .- "Cmiicl ���' thorn ". be
.s.roitgoVpVoof- that'iinisic-ha's.. indeed;
'an 'aimost...uuive'1'sal-. appeal?"''���/.' ���','. ���'-
���If parer.ts "only", realize", what"an 'i-di/-.
.'cationaUand.- cultural,lnfluencfclnuisSe.
iis" in the-roaring,-bt   children,-    they
j.would eas'erly'.seizo'tho. opportunity, to
���j have thorn study- music- /Some of th?'
happiest homes are those In which "all
ihe members 'of.the famll.v/are. engage
ed In."the study-of music- -, It affords" a .'
common Inferesi",, draws  the xaribusj
.members/ of 'tlie  family   together--, 'in -
clos.er compa-jiionship,   aiul'"   provides,
one    of V "the .. strongest'- .safeguards
LagaiiistoUtaiUe iiUluetices- that'tend-- to
['break up and destroy'the homo .circle.
"In. tiiis -way a;small home orchestra is
'easily, fprnipd':ind,,.in addition to the
: endless- ainouni; ot\-pleasure.it jiffords,j
'"it''give ��� seacii player. ptactical orches- _V
i'tra- experience.:.which  will  be- invaltt
|.able in a j.'i-oi'essipnal way;--'7' - "���"-,-
: Canadian Tidi weather is .extremely
hard- on lit tie .ones.. 7 One. day is warm,
and .-bright, and fhe next" wet7 and cold.'
These sudden ehantres bring, on colds,
cramps and colic, and" unless baby's,
littlo'stbinach'is-kept right thoVestilt
may be 'serious: /There" isrtothlng to
equal Baby's Own .Tablets in��� keeping'
'tho little, ones, well;   - They .sweeten
Co-operating With7Post /Office
Use ;��� of .'Standard-v Size ;  Envelopes
/'(-..Facilitates Handling of Mai! '-'..���
As ;i vermliuge an effective preparation is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, and  it can bo given to the
| most delicate-child without fear of in-
i jury to "iho constitution. ."      '-'���',
Many .   ' -
Unseaworthy  Ships
Thc'ToIIovving informatiojt regarding  present- uilliculties
-postaI - co- operation * s tanclard size' cn-
Yelopes,-is ''contained "in the Post'Of-'
flco"^yeekiy- bulletin,'.,issued -from 6t-
-tinv;r, under "date "of'Qctobcr i,'): " - - -
;,'-'The uso."" of .other' "than standard,
'size-.envelopes' frequently 'results   in
.'���"���    Chicken Ranching In Alaska..
Chicken ranching is very popular in
Alaska; but the: long'days and nights
the -stoinachy regulate .the -.'."bow-els,.!-delay to' the loiters .'with '."consequent"
>cak iiii-poUl.<;ind;iiiakQ baby thrive?:   :l'tu,nyaiic"o' to.'the public. 7 If a- letter
The 'tablets are sold bv medicine deal- ... . ���---,,-.. --.,--, .: ' ' , ,- _
"erS:or-by mailat 25.cents.iv box-from. ^'t00 H)n:U1'-lt-ma>'" bc lo��b <>r ^tjeast-
Th(>-.  Dr.. "..William?',
Itror-kville, Ont.-" ./'--' ���
- :;; r"���'���77'The; First'-Railway "- -" "  "
- Tlie. first railway:.in Eugia.nd.was
be'giiti" ih .tS25: In Austria and"'in
France "i'n",j(S28; in tltb .United""'Sta"tes/
71S2D; Belgium a nil- Germany, :.JS35;'
litis'sia. in iS3S:'and Italy,'iu :IS39.. : T-
Mudi'clne   .COyl-P^erlooIvCd "and delayed.- : If too large
'",..,..|.-the'iottor--will hot-go tlirbugli the post-
Lmarking' maclilne, but..wilt have- to be'
' iiaiiti-stamped���r'a slow process.- "Then
when..n large" letter reaciiesVhe sortr
.".lohii, .Toim," whispered tlio alarmed
v.;ife',. wake up John!"' there aro.burg-
lan* "ln;,t'he" pan'iry and' they -are' eating-
'my pies." "Wi.ll, tyhat do "we/care."*
mumbled John, rolling, oyer,---'so long
as -.tliey don't die in the-.house."    ,..
- -A jisi'f .found'in flrazil." has.,nViih(";'i.\j -Thr;;__;ulii.-cetitai!]ed.'.in. .-1U��. Jiiedals,
��� ti tail (in tor "jirop'ulsiph.nor it.hafk rin.!-vu.-;se'ls,'(;hairis"'aiid-oth.cr Vibjects. pro.-'
tor. balancing' il",.' it" swims "at great1' __<;ri;t.d in. the".., Vitlirah -' vrb'ul'd .'mako
spc-i'd by ,3iieans of a.-rippling .piovb.: more gbhl coin, than 'the-wholb''bi'-thc,
men i'oiVits large-lowerfln. / .  .,  '      ��� !preseiit;Kiii',oiieau-.circiilatki3i; ...'-.'
X Mrs. F. Rlnehari,  Camp-
bellville^ Ont, writes:'.- ' ~ -.
,,,  "I  had   trouble   with  my kid-
,."rieys_. and. very frequent urination.
/This; was followed by pains, which ,
at" times' 'Were'(very'"'"severe,;-/.' The7
doctor  said   I -had   mflamifnatioh.,
of the bladder and.that an operation might be' necessary. To this
I  refused,  and began  using Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Piils.   From
the  first   few doses  I   felt     the
benefit. The pains left','urination i
v/aj corrected, and I have had no
recurrence of these. aihnenU."
I>f% ���ft&se*s Kidney��Ii��er Fills
One pill * clone, _J5cis. a hoi.    All dealers, .or KSniaB^rt, Baicsi
"'""'""" A C����� lAd., Townto ;   yXXy, X:���:..'���'' .-
\[' ;Xo[ Lecture, Overseas"?,- ���
j, -A. 7'a.illjrra.th'. -latH."o!" tlio ". Alberta
i t.overnmeiit Fair* Jlra'neh..- i.s Mejivinj?
,. to\ya'rd the ������nil of Un.* iwnich for Kng-
I laml under' appointuieni.   as"   'special
locttirerfor the .Federal .Heparin lent of
ImiuigVatioii.' ...He' has just .returned
! from .-_ 'Eastern    -Ctinadar- ��� jvhw'o. ; "he
'-served, as" -judge,sof/horses, ar '.the' Ot-
j taw:i 'and Fredericton *'xhlb"i tions._; He'
[a has.accepted an;bft>'r',made.hiin-by,the
Ottawa autlioVities.-for';i threi- months.]
Say "Bayer'; and Insist!
To overcome this-II is necessary'to
darken /the 7 coops, ^'between-"'eight at
night and eight in the morning in ihe
summer and to'light the.m-artificially
in-the winter/or ���'other\vipe the birds
absolutely^refuse to .lay/   7  7.7.,.  '    -
��� Find" Prehistoric" Relics .'7.. .
/: 'I'he remains'of; a prehistoric settle;
ment slibTving, an"' ad'vjOieed" degree-of
culture has' been broiiglit toligltl near
Kriiitfianstad. Norway: . - Stone sepul/
ehral chambers and sacrificial "altars
lia'vo been unearthed.--- The discovery'
Refuse   to   S,ai!   on    Freighters
With Bad Reputation
French freighters of a certain type
havo   earned    such a bad reputation
among seafaring men that today sailors are refusing to go to sea on thoiii,
i-while naval draughtsmen declare they
should be lalcenout, of service altogether. .
Twelve such: vessels were built" by
the government during the war.-Their
-holds' aro  clear, with no-.bulkheads.''
whicli permits the sudden shifting of
cargo, and their' water ballast -tanks
have a.trick" of filling unexpectedly.-
Five of theurah-eady have turned over.
| The last'.was.tho Emtio Duraut, which"
rolled'   over', without ,-warning . and
drowned.719'-members of the crew. '.-
��� Nevertheless," some sailors tiro. oc-'
casionally found, from, time -to time,
���who" will take'a chancer so, several of"
"the-^crn fl"-arc-siili_at"sear ~~  " ~ Zxyy
ing-"case,", its  si_co" prevents it"'going I is   regarded."-as   being; of   "immense
readily .'Into tho pigeon-hole,' lind-an-.
other'delay." results. There Is a .further drawback" attached .to the uso.of
large, envoi opes.. Frequently it is (ho
practice to:write.-tlie address crosswise
insU.-a.d ol- lengthwise,". because. tlio
long'-cnv.ol'ope'.' cannot bo inserted.-in"
tho typewriter iu" the ordinary..way7
This-. crosswise address - >iioe"esJtales"i
further' citra handling and ls'-.a'-.third
cause.of delay, "' ",.-:--.- .-
,   "When-v,"e" urgy you io .use statidard
orchodlogica! interest and importance.
���'��� The" "Oil of Power.-Mt is^not chthned'
i'or. I ii:.- Thomas'- i:cle��_f ric/'Oil -that "it
will remedy every, ill, liutits u'scs..:ire
so various that it'may/be" looked upon
as a'-genoral" paih.7killer.'- It- lias
acliieved.tiiat'/gi'eathessfor itself and
its excellence is' known to all who have
-tested ��� its virtues - and" learned ,by
l/sxperienog.'' "//"-,'. ������""'" ���'-;-    ���.'.''..��� "'
:r No. one need''endure "the. agony of-
cdrns .with IfoHoway's Corn Jlemoyer
at hand to .reiuoyo them. -.'���:.-'     ' .-.'   .
... Mot Affected By ..Electric. Shocks ..
:. .Among- individuals   having "'".extraordinary .resistance-: t'o / electric - cur-.
rents was,tord Kelvin, who'ls said to.
have sturtlod -the crowd-at a railway
opening, br grasping "__ barorhanded . r-
copper conductor'carrying   5007 "volts...
.No"; hariii -resulted;' his immunity, being, attributed hy him '"to. ,qulto-7 un-.
usual dryness of.'tiic/'s'lcin.    -"  7-   ",
campaign; of." Jecfarihg: "Vvhi^ii
exti-iideil i-fi'six- months.
mav  be
>- "The'Peaiiut'Crop
j VSevt'hty-ltvc years ago "peanuts were
[:size; .ensxdopes, it is to. facilitate/the i^nvivn in-.'North America onlv -in "the I - ., 7-7 '���--____i_.'___lV__.   -'     . X
hammug^of..your own.letters,   , Thorc-   tf^ of aMew persons in" the" tide-; ..AnVonglish :Swimmer recentlv'tow-'
ore, please remember. ,   you wish- to��� ^,lpt .:t.ountieS:'.of:.'.Virginia,and the.|.ed.;l.h-rc01'i;iinin��� seven-peopitf-for
have, your  letters . handled   promiMly, j cai-ollnaH,:.! ��Im��>st as/a -curio'slty." .To-  ^m:{V-  --'     ���- '  -"""'���"- " . V."      -
, use. oiivclope.V'tt here, possible/about -l \ ,\iiV ,j1(. '   '    -���-���"-    -  ------    -  ���     '
.,.������       . ... . . . Swedish ' peasantry.."OLten'  .wear
!��� xx    X x    --''X--  ���-���;-Wj.tu'i"V^
mistletoe to guard against'illness.. .-
.commercial crop, of peanuts
i-in. "Virginia alone amounts. to,s6niev|
A , good   pedestrian, .once- liieant  a]
good walker.    ; Now
.dodger and-juihpcr;-"
it means a good j
,     L'uh-ris -iou. set?, tin- name '���l.a>er"on
rman To���vn Bankrupt j package or on taldet's.-jouVnv not ��&*:-���.. ,���
of 'Lybejun. 'ju-ar. 'ting'th'e'genuirii' liay/'i/p'rodiict.proved ' of"-. iiil��ljig��.:n.:v -hi- has
"' ' .-���'���-.��� ������ ~ ���-������ s;tf��r /.'���>>���---.inilliohk  'arid prescribed--by.-���' J.ondoi'i ..Tartia-/' ���'."'.; '..;
p!_y?iei.an.---,ovor I wenty-threftyva'"--1- for/   "   .". - ���'--  ^ _...7..V7^:
-    'i'ln/.l!ti,h.-t(
;.'HaliV" i^";7t.Ue7 ii'r_n'/."'>w;i
Tiie' 'Xlagu'o;' Nb'.uivc Cout'iiiiii Tlie.-j
municip;4Hry had a deficit of 200,001'
marks and the Commu.-i._rie riiajority'
j of   ad.rTJnun    f��-fiis<.'.-l to cover it by ]
| nvxr taxes.     No salary was    paid   to ���
' - TheDawning of Hope
A - weil-kmuvn man \v.as':":!ddi-essio
tlie inmates, of-a luntitic "asyluhi.'iand
aft<T he-had  been, speaking' to,Tiieiii/V'-:-:' .' "r~T~���'-���y~X'~.X'\.    ���  .   'j
i'or;perh'aps'thi;e��i (juarters of. an houi I - Switzerland's- divided into 22",states '
i.ono'of Ihe.iiiiv.ate.s got. upland- walked i or VantonV as ihey. are'called. tli��.re.   -|
tout of-the hall.  ./The speaker said to j ���          '." '- ���; -'���,. X X~n~~~X   '    '   .���:���';'- -I ana anora i83��iie,; D��nent    baj. �� ooxi   ���
j (he -superhuendenr VhatJ.e Tioped:he4 -:No serious earthquake,-l.as.been felt   grfer^^^ggfef*^,* ^S
j had not hurt, anyone's, i'e'eiing-i. ;"'-.,,; in "I'.'ngland since. Iy50...         -               J paper and enclose 5e. itsmp to. pay po��t*sf��.
'I'. .""Oh, not .at ":iil..''.,r��'"!)lied.thf; _.iip.-'rin--"i ^__.,..���:'.-/ _--.  ���-. - ._.....--.., ���     frr~ , y...."'-���/������V���-���-,���' ���"-��� r���-t-
lehdetiT.; '-.thai.; man .has. been lien: foi.
twenty year's.
8     U WKiWBt*m surgical w
.' anion required.
Dr1Ch6ie*5 pintmaul 'will jr��llflT�� yoa st ouc��
Jnj. or rrotrad>".
lag. Pile*.   Ho
hd this is .he'iirsi :sign i
low n - vet-."-"-- '
in... tr'.\rniany_K
icenrding  to , .    ,..
i         Golds Headache.
Toothache Lumbago -
Earache Rheuniatistn
Xeiiraigia I't'iln; Pain
Accept "liaier Tablets of Ar-piriu"
,'irls thai have been brought!
.j to   Saskatchewan   irom     the    Uritish���
Isles since lis20- to June J.">. iy.23, only
���.Only -;a.-, mother can distinguish  h<>
.iween " the . i_aisciiievou?ne?.s- .of.  hei
boy. and tli//..badn/'KS, of, -the boy iT'.tl
I tioor.,.' '" -   : --.; ���_' ' -., -.-.���   ' 7-7'-   -r - '   '."'���
i :
only.      Kadi  unbroken   package -con,   aU haVe r(.lumed ovt.rgoaiIj an,j of th���
.   .    ,     , .        .  -, i lain;* proper throctious.   Handy boxes: ',��..-...--       ���, , ,
anybody.In fae employ oi.'he town.  . I ,->,-   tw.eiv��.   tab'lf.ts   cost   few   cents.   stli" f>i >^Mi.-y-.>    advanced    to    the:
-''���     .-*"        ������ =������-"'' " i Drugeist.-.  also sull bottles .of 24 and" girls- the sum of i-l2.aSu.9fi had Wen
' 100.     Aspirin i.-. tin- tiade" mark (reg-   repairl tip to June 15, -100 having repaid
istered1 inl Canada) of Ifeir*r-Mstnufaft :lh(l|   x        iQ ml aa(] tho baIaQCe of
. tuf��. of J.IonoacetiCHeM'Pster of balicy- ... .. .,..������.-.
'HcacW.    While it is well known that   "0 paymg.all but ihe sum of $2.430.&.,
Aspirin nivan.-: 'Uay��-r manufacf ure. to  The girls eame to-Canada to. positions
assist-the " public   against   imitations.' a5 housplioM workers. .--;-..-
tlie Tabietr;;oi Uayer Company, wiii be       ,_        /-'- .-<     ...       ������"-'-,.. j
Minard's .Liniment Relieves Cotd
I m
stamped-   with ��� iheir   gf-nfral
rnarK. th'; "'i?riyi.-i- <"rpss."
|u, 0l* st.""'/^nation .rt '��**>
* e
Wirtard's -Linimsnt for Haadacha. -' THE     LEDCili;.     UKJE.JEN.VVOOB.     B
Belgium litis resumed oflicial relations with Mexico.
The foirlh fort of the Warsaw citadel iii which explosives were stored,
blew up causing great, damage in the
\ A Canadian u-cord in long distance
radio ban been established by the.
hearing in Darlington, England, of a
service broadcast from Calgary.
The Canadian travelling exhibition
opened in Paris on Nov.    I,   in    the
Orangery of the Tuilieries, wliich was J He vers,
specially fitted, up  for "the occasion,
The exhibition will close on Bee. 15.  ���
Struck ln the face witli a piece of
timber thrown from it lathing machine,
William Hunt, GO'," an employee of
Leigh mill, Victoria, was instantly
The Fiji Government i.s considering
tlio practicability of floating a loan of}
��2,000,000 in London for the promotion of Fiji industries and also for tho
development-of the banana trade iii
Mihara, the fatuous volcano on Os-
hima Island, has again, become active,
according to dis patches" received ai
Tokio.     It is .saidvto be emitting vol-
Railroads In Persia
Unpopular at First for.No One Wanted
to Hurry
llailroads were unpopular in Persia
at first lor no one i.s ever in a hurry
in that euslern hind. A traveller, be-
ing i-ei'/ed with .a desire to stop, got
nut halfway whilo thc train was in motion, with the result lhat he was sor-""
erely injured.or killed. The rest of
the passengers were furious at this,
and when they reached their destination diygged Uioclviver-a Belgian���ott
his engine, and utter having tied him
up heal him within an inch of his life
as being an agent of Sheitan (tho
devil)   toi>tho massacre of true
Canada's Bill For Sickness
Yearfy Amount is $300,000,000 Count-
* ing Loss of Time
A noted authority upon public health
is reported recently as saying that
?300,000,000 is Canada's yearly bill of
sickness. The inference that tho
doctors are getting rich, however, ia
repudiated by the statement that
members of this worthy profession receive only about ten per cent, of the
amount. Loss of time and other
causes make up the balance. He
goes oii to say: "A great deal is properly said about fire losses in Canada.
Last year J.hese totalled $50,000,000,
just one-sixth of (lie cost of sickness.
Such figures surely Illustrate tlie great
need of preventing epidemics, working
for tho extermination of communicable
disease germs, teaching people how to
take care of their health and the
health ofthe babies."
Vital Questions
Economic    Questions   of    Paramount
Importance That Should Have
Among tho various facts whicli. are j
worth  thinking  about in   conned ion
A Fitting Recognition
Tory is One of Western Canada'a j
with Canadiau affairs these three
serve special consideration:
1. Of tho Western Canada wheat
crop for this year it is estimated that
some 20,000,000 bushels were destroyed by rust in Manitoba alone.
2. During Clio past five years 2S.S.'.u
forest fires occurred in Canada, des-
j troylng 10,000,000 acres of forest aud
i causing a property loss of !?72,000,000.
. .        i    3. Tho retail price of Alberta soft
US   PflUl   DeStrOVed Icoa)  io domestic consumers in  Winnipeg is $13.50 a ton.
Neuralgia Conquered
Results   Come
Regulate the Bowels
And Youll Be Healthy
To   Overcome   Constipation    nnd   to
Keep the System Free of Wastes
You Need
Mr. \V. T. Grcehway, formerly connected with tho (inkle newspapor staff, has
written- "Ptlr twenty years wo Havo used
Nerviline in bur home, and not for the
world would wo he'without it. Aa n
remedy for all pain, earache, toothache,
crninpi! unil disordered stomach, I Know
of no i.i'cpunition ko useful ancl quick to
relieve na Nerviline." ltemembcr this,
wherever .there la pain, rub oh Nerviline,
and you will get prompt results���Soo ut
all dealers.
Prove   a   Mild,   Yet   Certain,
Plowed   tlie  value   of  Dr.  Hamilton's I
Food  of the  Future
Boston Doctor Says Man Will Dine-Oil
Electric Vibrations
.Electrical   vibration   will   compose
the menu  card  of the  future.     -Dr.
Francis A. Cave, of Boston, predicted'
I at.a convention of the-'-Middle States
Society of Electronic Medicine in Chicago.
��� Quoting''a British Physicist, Dr.
Cave said the time would come when
humans would sit at the dinner table
attach to their bodies apparatus connected with electric wires and absorb
mdlargo quantities   are best because they help nature' help i 0lls oi r)r- Alb^'t   Abrams,    of   San
i i\e,^IC' v1 d t,1!erebJ""kecp the stomach i Francisco, had increased from 300 to
.nines--of smok
of lava.
Tho military governor loi
-Prussia has" forbidden the exportation
of potatoes until such time as'the local
population has"boen Insured ils winter
supply. Speculative buying by outside agents threatened a corner of lhe
local harvest, il was reported.
Captain Robert J). Foote, 72, lormer
commodore of tho NorThetn Navigation Company ffeet at Sarnia, died at
Fergus, Ont. Capt. Foote shipped
before the mast on tho schooner,
Mountaineer, iu l_>(!8. at the age of 17,
nnd was on the hikes for nearly half ;i
strong,  digestion good
.Last: complexion clean
happy.     Trice
Memorial At St
blood    pure,
spirits bright and
t>c at all dealers.
Ladies Remove Their Corns
In a Very Simple Way
>."o pain, no trouble, costs only a
quarter. It is a very simple thing to land r.oigiuiu
paint on a small application ot good
old "Putnam's" night and morning. To
remove corns, to got entirely free
Irom them, use Putnam's Corn & Wari
Duke   of   Connaught   Unveiled
��� Nment    Designed    By    R
At St. Julien ia France, recent!v His
lloyai Jiiglmes^ the .-Jjuke of' Con-
nauKlil. unveiled a monument in memory of the 12,000 Canadians who fell
in the heroic ptniggle .which look
place at that spot.
The monument, which u ;.5 iy.L.t jn
hcighi. and bulk of IhittanV granite
was executed by Mr. F. Chapman
Clennwha. of Itegiua, Sask. ft is ono
of the successful designs in a Federal
competition, and replicas are lo be
erected on six oihfi-   sites   Jn
all d etilors
It is guaranteed.    "JCic at
lteluse ti substitute.
A   horse   will   ea!
times its own weight,
times, an ov Pis time.
slv times.
in a year nine
a    cow    nine
. ami a  sheep
Excellent Christmas Service
To The Old Country
Sana dian
., ,,       _. Pacific have made
and m unttS1 ��f TPerb ^amslSs
and an imuMwi number of sailings for
Christmas travel to tho Old Countrv
ln connection with these ^""""J
, Uil tourist sleepers are^^rS
If Miller's  -Worm Powders needed'im��� Kumonlon. Saskatoon   CalAr"
ihe support of testimonials they could j Moose Jaw, llegina    and    Winninei-'
__be. got-from-mothers-who -kuow-the!-'1'1'00'-1-0- tlic-ship's aide at Wesf-St
- great   virtue   of   this excellent medi-1 <Tolm.  thud giving ;l through servif.fi
cine.    But tho powders will speak tor  with the -only change or transfe
themselves and iu such a way- that
there can'be no question of them.
They act speedily, and thoroughly, and
Ihe chihl to whom thuy are administered wil show improvement tronl the
first dose.  '
Public school teachers of Weather-
ford, Texas, ha\e been forbidden to
dance or play curds, on penalty of losing thcir positions.
Bees have a more highly developed
��ense of smell than human beings.
ing from train to steamer '""���,I""", be"
Tho December sailings for which
these cars will b�� operated -ueSS
"Moncclarc," December 7th {o five?-"
pool: S.S "Melifa," Decemb'e ��i; (�� 0
Southampton; S.S. "Montcalm," December llth. rt, Liverpool
"Marioch," IV-cetuber 15 th
in addition l0 tlio through tourist
sleepers. a >,peci..i train will also bo
operated for the sailing of the
"Montcalm," December tlflW
train will leave Winnipeg 9>,0
Tuesday, . December ."! tth. s,
ears from western points will be at-
through 'ra!n for ��V('���^��"
-- Hooking should be arranged earlv iu
order to secure the best Kcconnuodn-
tton, and any Canadian Pacific \gent
can make full arrangements      "���>%
and s.S.
to   Clas-
8,000.     '
P>y the electronic method its proponents maintain the diagnosis and treatment of disease- Is made comparable
to radio tuning, with a characteristic
vibration for each disease.
Is An Indication That the Blood Is
Thin and Watery
Thc first sign of rheumatism is frequently a pain and swelling in one of
the joints. If this is not treated
through the blood, which is the seat
of the disease, the poison spreads, affecting other joints and tissues���sometimes rheumatism attacks the heart
and is fatal.
A remedy ihat has corrected many
cases of rheumatism is Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. These pills enrich aud
purify the blood so that Lho poisonous
rheumatic matter is driven out of tho
system as nature- intended. Miss
Gertie Deune, Washago, Ont., was attacked with rheumatism aud found relief through Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
She says:���"About a year ago I was
altar-Iced by rheumatism and for two
weeks was confined to my bed. The
trouble was so painful, affecting lhe
joints of my limbs so that T could not
stand alone. Mother had a box of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills in tlie house
and thought they might help me. I
bejean'hiking thorn, nnd whoa 1 had
taken these pills got a further supply,
with the result that the rheumatism
vanished _ancl_ l_was_aji\vell_girl. I
may add'that my mother and iwo of
my sisters have also used Ihe pills for
various ailments with equal success
When You | It is not too much to s'lty that Western Canada is built on wheat; wheat
to tho prairie provinces is ���what gold
is to tho Yukon, tho backbone of the
country; thc successful production of
wheat is of vital interest to Western
Canada, and tlio inroads made on the
wheat by the rust pest aro of general
In 1910 tho losses caused by black
rust exceeded 100,000,000 bushels.
The'year 1916 is what tho experts call
a rust year. Some years rust, strikes
hard; some 'years''It- almost misses;
this year it spoiled twenty million bushels in Manitoba; in Alberta aud Saskatchewan it was much'less injurious.
Twenty million bushels atv70 cents
a.bushel would bo$ll,00Q,000; this is
what rust has taxed Manitoba for tlie
1923 wheat crop.
That Is only tho financial loss���the
disappointment, lost labor and feelings
of helplessness experienced by the
farmers whoso crops were injured or
ruined must be added to the loss of
money and both together they mako'a
heavy burden to carry.
The problem is to get a good milling
wheat that is rust proof. Agricultural scientists are working hard to
find such-a wheat and everybody ln
the wheat areas should be wishing
them success. The problem is a
scientific .one,''but'tho' importance of it
ought to he grasped as a national
problem, the successful solution of
which will add .millions to the country's -wealth.
Wheat is one ot tho basic staples
of Canada. Timber is another of the
basic staples and iu the past five years
10,000.000 acres of forest have been
burned al au estimated loss of $72,-
Finding a cure for rust is a difficult
scientific task but the loss to the forests from fire is another story.
"Ninety per cent, of all forest fires
are preventable," is tho statement,
which has just been mado by the
supeilntendent of forest reserves.     ���
if this statement is accurate it
means that about ��6,000 of those forest fires need not have happened, and
that many millions of dollars worth of
; timber and property need not have
been Jost. It also very well may
mean ihat many lives need not havo
been lost, because the forest fires have
destroj e-rt numerous settlements and
l��ken their toll of human life.
Outstanding Educationalists
The appointment of Dr. II. M. Tory
to be honorary chairman of the Research Council of Canada is a recognition of ono of Western Canada's outstanding educationalists. As president of the University of Alberta, Dr.
Tory-has made an enviable reputation
for himself and has rendered valuable
service .to the cause of research work
in his own province. , The study of
ihe natural resources "of Canada and
of lho use.-, lo which they can bo put
i.s ono of thc most important contributions scientific men can make .to the
development and i-nrichn.i nl nl this
coun I ry ;il   ihis tine-.���It^Kina T.e.ider
Canada  Controls   Wheat
In'Practical Control of World's Wheat
Markets for Next Fiv-e Months
Canada ih jn (.radical control of
the world's wheat market for iho next
five months, according to a statement
issued by T. K. Doherty, Canadian
Commissioner in the International Institute! of Agriculture. It is estimated that tho world's requirements of
wheat for 1923-2'l will amoutn to approximately ���68 millions against about
700 millions taken last year. These
requirements, could bo met through'
the following probable, shipments in
millions of bushels: Canada, 2G0; United States, ISO; Argentina, 110; Australasia, 50; India, 30; Balkans, 10;
Russia, 15; North Africa, 10; aggregating 675 million bushels.
TneTbbaccx) of Quali ty
and in packages
Manufactured by Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited
Pine Air is Good
For Catarrh, Colds
Dwellers In pine forests never have
colds, never know the meaning of Oa-
���fLh'T uPon this fact Is based "CATARRHOZONE," which sends into
tho lungs and nostrils the healing
balsams and soothing antiseptic of
the pine forest.
The health-laden vapor of "CATARRHOZONE" subdues the worst of
coughs, colds and catarrh.
The tiniest corners of the lungs are
Air Boat Has Strange Mishap
Patrol of Forestry Branch Wrecked in
The Pas River
The Forestry Branch's flying boat
OC-YED, employed in fire patrol work
ln The Pas ^district, Northern Manitoba, has been badly wrecked in a
freak.accident.     No one was Injured
According toa dispatch received at
Saskatoon," the machine, piloted \>y
Plying QJllcer Harrop, accompanied hy
Sergt. Livingstone and Airman Cr03sy,
was making a fast landing on glassy
treated,   the  uttermost  parts- ofthe j water.      The surface  was  deceptive
bronchial tubes are reached, everv cell   ,��,.,i  t
iu the nose and SScSffffih^S ' ^ ^ ^ Mt ^ StrMaB S0T
antiseptic   balsam   of   CATARRHOZONE.      Simply invaluable    is    CA
TARRHOZONE because so safe, so effective, so sure ..to stop huskiness,
whooping cough, catarrh,���- nose colds
or bronchitis���try it yourself.
Complete two months' treatment
guaranteed, price $1.00; small (trial)
size 50c. At all druggists. Refuse
a substitute for CATARRHOZONE.
By mall from The Catarrhozone Co.,
If wheat and timber are great national staples so is coal. " Canada has
some ot the most extensive coal fields
in Ihe world, and many of them are iu
Alberta. From the Alberta coal fields
to Winnipeg is a railway haul of some-
HiI��jg~over'"X00 "miles." "FrofrTtlio'A'l-
berta coal fields to Winnipeg there
ire excellent transportation 'facilities^-
and now we are never without them in i ,. ���.',-,��       ,     .   *   .     ,_.,"''
tho house." _       _ i U 1S :i straight, unbroken haul, there
Land   For   Britain's  Unemployed
Imperial  Government Urged to  Make
Use of Western Canada's Idle
The taking over by tho British Oov-
crninent of some of tho wealthy but
undeveloped portions of tho dominions
as a means of remedying unemployment in Great Britain was urged by
A. Somerville, M.P., in a speech at
Ascot, Eng.
Mr. Somerville said he had just returned from British Columbia where
Premier John Oliver was ready to
place 60,000,000 acres of suitable land
at the disposal of the Imperial Government. If people from this country
settled in British Columbia, Mr. jSom-
ervllle said,-it would not only relieve
the unemployment situation here, but
would also holp.fhe home industries.
eral times in a succession of high
bumps. Owing to-the proximity, of
buildings.oh shore, the boat was unable to overshoot. /The alternatives
were to crash into a motor boat loaded with women or to attempt a swing
up the,Pas River. The pilot chose
the latter course, sinking one gasoline
boat, wrecking another and-demolishing., a canoe. The collisions swung ] Port Princo of Wales
the nose of the boat around preventing It humping Into the shore. The
machine, an IIS2 L Curtiss, had made
Si successful flights thH season.
Xmas And New Year
In The Old Country
I are two railway systems to take aire
Women and Asthma. "Women ara
numbered among tho sufferers from
asthma by the countless " thousands.
In every climate they will be found,
helpless In the grip of this relentless
diseaso unless lhey_have_availo<rLthem-J
selves of tho proper remedy. Dr. J.
I). Kellogg's Asthma' Remedy has
brought new hope and life to many
such. '     Testimonials,   sent   entirely
j without    solicitation,    show the enormous benefit it has  wrought among
, women overj where.
I are
���t: tliero,'
all the conditions wbioh might i
the public to expect reasonably !
-   3.C. Cows For China
Tho  first   shipment of, cows  lo  bc
priced coal, yet Alberta coal in Win-1deiU a'oni 3"!rltlsl1 Columbia in being
uipeg is retaik-d to domestic constim-1lu:ul" to Ulf' xrong Ki>m? thm-ies, which
you are buff.'rit.g  lrom any con-1
dition   due   to poor, watery blood, or , of ireight; there is abundance of coal:
weak nerves, b'^in inking - Dr.    AVil-j there is  an  excellent marl
Ham..' Pink Pilh_ now. and note how
your Eitiongih and health will impiove
Vou can get these pills through any |
dealer in medicine, or b.v mall, at 50 i
cents a box fiom The Dr. Williams'i
Aledirlno Co.. Brockville, Ont.        ���       }m a( ,-jipos whleh rang0 )rom 5i,.5(WP to the present  Have been getting
 .  Wa    (cm    tor    ,tovo coal to" $18.30 aud !:,il :heir CtttMe supp,ies from Awim"
Saskatchewan  Farms j jlW0 ;i toii loi. lumj( co.u���ror conl|H��.N���' ^^ aad Scotland.     The
An increase of 21.I3S in the number'
of occupied farms of one acre and over
in Saskatchewan, during "ihe ten years
irom 1911 to 1921 is shown by a bulletin Isbtivd' from lhe oflice of the Dominion   Biuviiti   of   Statistics.     The
The Canadian National Railways announce sailings for those who intend
to spend Christmas and New Year in
tiie Old Country. Sleeping cars from
Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina - and intermediate
points, consolidated and operating as
special trains from Winnipeg to Halifax.
The Hist train lrom Winnipeg leaves
on December 6th at 9.50 a.m., direct
to ship's side for sailing of the S.S.
"Ausonla," Dec. f>, lo Queenstown and
Liverpool, and the S.S. "Doric," Dec.
9, lo Belfast and Liverpool.
The second train leaves Winnipeg
on Dec. 11 at 0.50 a.m., going direct to
ship's side for sailing of S.S. "Pittsburg," mi Dec. li, to Southampton,
Cherbourg and Bremen, ancl tho S.S.
"Canada," sailing Deo. 15, to Glasgow
and Liverpool.
Through tourist sleeping cars will
be. op_erat_ed_for_the.following sailIngs:
S.S. "Regina" (Montreal), Nov. 24;
S.S. "Antonia" (Montreal), Nov. 24;
S.S. "Ausonla" {Halifax). Dec. 9; S.S.
"Doric" (Halifax), Dec. !); S.S. "Pittsburg" (Halifax), Dec. 14; S.S. "Can-
lada" (Halifax), Doc. 15; S.S. "An-
' dania" (Halifax), Dec. 16.
- Full details from "any Agenl, Canadian National Railways.
Studying Magnetic Forces
Scientific   Party   Returns   From  'Far
Northern Part of Canada After
Extended Period
Leading a party of men who in tho
last two summers have covered 4,000
miles, mostly hy canoe, in tho farthest
north-wilderness of Canada, R. O.
Madill, assistant magnetlcian of: tha
Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, : has
returned to civilization.
In the course of their journey, which
was made for the purpose of surveying the operation of magnetic forces���
the magnetic pole is located almost
due north of Tho Pas, Man,���the party
was at times on the verge of. starvation, : subsisting on such succulent
provender as old moccasins, discarded sacks and dried suckers. During part of their travels they crossed
country that had never been trodden
by a white man since SamuelHeara
passed on his historic journey from
to the south
of thc Coppermine River in 3 771.
Tills summer'Mr. Madill was accompanied by C. G. Nagy, of Winnipeg,
and Philip R033, of The Pas.
Tlio survey is part of a worldwide research into the laws governing
tho magnetic forces of the earth,
which are studied through tiie magnetic elements���the variation of the
compass, tho dip, and the horizontal
Intensity of tho earth's magnetism.
Owing to tho constant movement of
the north magnetic pole, it is necessary to maintain a careful check on
the magnetic elements, not, only for
purely scientific purposes, but to inform mariners and others of tha
variation of the compass.
mined onlv some SOO miles wesl or h}081"10 i"��n*��'liiff ������� 82. mostly of
tho Holstein biVHl. were selecterl by
Norwegian   Vessels   For   Lake   Trade!
Operated by Canadian companies a
fleet of Norwegian steamers is report-:
ed-fo have crossed iho Atlantic audi
will engage with Canadian steamers
In getting Western Canada's grain to
tho eastern market.      There arc said
to be eight vessels iu the flec4
'value-of all larm property in Saskat
chewan-in J02!  was-.?l,G50.0Gri.l2l n��
against 1?S32,8i2,5G0 in 1911.   .
Heat Melts Alpine Glaciers
Heat in the Alps has been so <;ri>al
that glaciers have been melting and
causing avalanches. Mountain stream.-*
have been blocked by these avalanches ' d>-ar srill.
with disastrous results    to    factovivs J loin, for lhe
Toronto. Out.���"From the tinu' of my
earliest ffirllnvxl I had always heard niy
motlier ������peak in highest prai-M. of fir.
Pierce's Favorito- Proscription fur
.\omen's aiUm-uK m> it U not^at all
"���trango that after- I married and had
backaclws, ncrvoiK spoils and other distresses that I should remember what;
my mother had alv.a>s said of tiiis
Prescription, and I found it relieved
mo of my aches, pains ond nervousness. It gavo me renewed health and
strength and so greatly benefited me
that I have no hesu.tm-y in s;i> hirf that
Doctor Pierce's Fnvnrl.e Prescript ion Is
absolutely perfect a* a tonic unci nervine for women who are ailing or nervous."���Mrs. Ko*.e rraijr. -iv? Sackville St.
You'll soon fc"l letter if you obtain
this Prescription <>f Dr. PiercV at yom*
iiean-sr <iHi_?.i-?j>iv. in tpbler* or I<<|_*fcl,
or s-end 3('c t--> Ur. Pierce's Laboratory
in Itiidgeb"..'".'. Owi.. for tr��a! p:ick:i;;ts
tablets,"" Write ioi i^-i medical advke.
Scotch Boys For Canada
The larm of Craigielinn, near Pais- l ,'ow'"r of
ley, Scotland, was Tomiallv-opened rc-j "^W
cently  by   Dr.   Co^ar  as  a   training f     "
centre for eity hoy.,  who dt-Mre to go j
cm the land in the oversea* dominions.
I Since las-t amuum 00 bo>s-h__ve g0ne ���
jfrom ih-' 1,1 nn to Canada. "   '   ,
mil electrical works depending on the
ihe water, for  Iheir Jnneijc
great consuming centre.
It is only necessary lo state the
above facts to realise that conMs one
of the big questions for the pt��op!>; in
this i.roa. Coal is an absolute osseti-
llal lo life in Western ~ Canad.i :md
with every apparent opportunity for
getting and delivering coal, coal grows
steadily dearer to. tin* consumer���who
cannot exist without it..
Yet it seems almost impossible to
explain   why coal should be ho dear.
1 Many   bine    tried,   but coal remains
It wheat rust is u prob-
scifntist a.m\ foiVhf fires
tho    I_ivt-s!ock   Commissioner,   from
Chilliwack,   Vancouver and" Southern
Vancouver   Island   hi   the   vicinity   ol'-i
Vietoria. '
fvlantifachiring In Alberta
Although usually regarded chiefly aa
an agricultural province, Alberta Is
making excellent strides In her manufacturing -activities. No less than
$60,000,000 is now otllclally' reported
as being invested in this way in the
province; while, for the last year reported, lhe value of products wan placed ai ?OS.2iO,non.
Consider Flying Safe
TMany life insurance companies, according to the Insurance Journal, no
longer ^consider an aeroplane flight
so hazardous as to invalidato a policy.
The main restriction is that tho policyholder shall fly only over an established route in a machine operated by
a regular transportation company. The
companIC3~slin harUalsuaTflight^ -wlTh-
itinerant aviators.
Development of Agriculture in B.C.
The number of occupied farms ia
British Columbia in _t��21 was 21,973,
as compared with .16,!)5S in 1911, and
6,501 in 1901. Farm acreage Jn 1921
was 2,860,593, compared with 2,540.011
in 1911 and 1,497,119 in 1901, representing a gain of 69.6 per cent, over
the twenty-year period. Tho average size .of farms in 1921 was 130.2
acres, in J911 it was 149.8 and in 1901
the average farm covered 230.3 acres.
"A Common Defect
eomomnr-sl   physical  defect
An Oil without Alcohol.���Some oils
and many medicines have alcohol as
a  prominent ingredient.    A judicious j disproportionately long
mingling of six essential oils compose
Dr. Thomas* Eclorti'lc Oil," and there
Is no alcohol in it, so that its effects
aro lasting.
The niort.' I'aiih a woman ha?; in h. r
husband lhe tt-v.i-r Ik'.- he t.-IN.
' can be decreased   bv   vigilance   and
. carol 11!lies, what   will bring relief to
Ilu- coal 'onsumerV     That is :i prob-
��� lt>m of a differi m  kind, and i.- prob
abh  tip   hanlr-r one of ihe tin-.-"'
,     Wheat,   limber,   coal��� e.--S" niial   ele
nie'i(s in  Canacli.iii   |iie  ami
' tin 1.1  pit tuning  mi   ui-^.-n
A iar of honey, fresh and fragrant
after" 3.000 years of storage,- was
among the articles, found in Tut-
aiikh-Amen'b tomb
The  coiuojiiim-sf   pnysicai   detect in
the human race is that the arms aro
This defect
occurs more often in men than in
women,  and  more .freriuently  among
the colored than-
among    rhe    white
c-aeh   Oi
'mil-mi >n
Give Her Time .
Ua_MU-,.--Ah wants a dkorce      Dai 1
woman j-.-,  talk, ulk, talk, night  an'!
day.     Ah    can't   get no re.-i and chit j
talk am diiiin' ino crazy, i
Younsc    L:-wyer.���What    doe.,    she
talk aboul ?
"She (loan"
.Vi.   V.    C.   149c
C.npet elipptr* for liois-e.-,
.-���old in tne United State*.
P> at,._i--( animals ihat liavu
.1 shppr ry road lo rise again
the consult
ration ot tin
Kit e Pre-,-.
1 A Happy Occasion
I    "I  hoar jou,gaVe a delightful part>
I last  nielli,  old   eliap'   ' What   w;t-^
to celobiat'7.'"-
"li v.,.-. for in\  Mile.      It's rhe tenth
; inni\e��..aiy 01  !u _  1 _iii.i��-��It l>bll.da\7
��� London Tit-Hit-
Many old versions of the Uible con-
1 tain weird errors, or words used in
] quaint ways. Ono of these is Ihe
{Vinegar liible. whicli obtained its
name hy printing in the heading of St,
. jiLnko. Chapter xx.. "The Parable of
���the Vinesrar." itiMead of Vineyard.
Worried AtJout Him
Husband.���I shall he late lonipht.
Wife.���Very   well,   wake   me   iihc'i
you come in.     You know I can"! Pie.-;,
when you arc awa\. ��� Korsaron, C'hri .-
In the .state of Kanras there are
six entire countios which have no
Christian churched and twenty counties with no resident Christian ministers.
Experiments are said to prove that,
ants identify their friends and delect
enemies hy the sense of smell.
i\le being j'
They are j
fallen on !
i Minard's Liniment for Sprain*
Roads In Manitoba
i itti.e!.. yri.iveHed in Maniioba total
on>- thuu.-.ind mile.-, while iheiv i.> a
! -tivtch ot 2.0110 mile... built to ,��tanil-
; ard errade. with SnO first-ela,-s bridges
-ind euhei-i.-' -catf<-red throughout rhe
province.      In all Manitoba  boasts of
: L'i.noci miles ol  futrl}  good roads.
I Cir-icn oil has not failed, it is Kiid
J in -nit case io iviihiu- warts lo which
j it was applied oriu; a da) lor from
i 1 -a o to six weeks.
Keep >our health.    Alwajs*
keep Minard's handy.   The
universal rcmedv for even-
IjUuki Nurse -'Come. f<nne' Ca'i't
you and jour husband live happily 10
gether without fighting.'
Wife.���No, nurse, wc- can't���no.t
happily'���-Passing Show, _
I Wood i.-> hc-a-vier than water. It is
' the air trapped in ihe many cells i^ac
j makes it appear lighter. When wi��o��I
j has ieon in water for some time this
air oseapOf, 'he wood is waterlogged.
and will not flout . *
Mir"   and   eoin lii-ioiis  ar*-  m��t   syn-
onj-fliou-, jet women lamp at both.
-Pa? roar out oi tovra Seconal* by Eomtii-
i^a Express Mcratrr Or4��ra. Fir* d��IU��
co��t> three ceois.
iy 0fte^��^B; '.^'mi}^Xi^i^:X )X
[ ?��linard's Liniment for Corn* THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.
Is $-2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. Tc .eat Britr" 1 and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
G. W. A. SM1TB
m* -���    i'\t 'jj-^i    ���lWirfiu<'-l.>)   ��� -   ''
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Katray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
',M-���'i'.���_�������� __k_.
V All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
���ach subsequent insertion, nonparicl
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals ia^c. ,a line each iu-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to'have more money.
It's not much good being a careful saver, if yoa are a careless
Repentance is not a matter of
passionate weeping but 01 serious
Don't be to take a afraid day off
occasionally. It is necessary for
good work.
Do the best you can���that's
about all the angels are doing
There's only one way in climbing in business and that is to stay
on the level.
Remove the mud from your own
Bhoes before calling attention to the
dust on the footwear of your neighbors. V^^'
One of the things that boys have
to learn is work.    And the modern
girl has to learn  the same lesson,
..One good place' to learn this lesson
7 is in.a good school,-; where capable
. -teachers are keeping .the  scholars
7buay'-ail.day.IbngV  Another'place
is.at-home under the direction  of
���wise parents.     Children, grow up
yery quickly, they get  beyond the
[���peaking age,, and  it is. downright
. dr.tidgery to coax a contrary, boy or
girl into   doing , laborious 7 thiug's
.when they have left childhood behind them. : Authority  that is respected is necessary;.in the training
'of a child.- ��� ������-'. ���'-   -'.     ��� X'X': ...-_..' - ,
7is way, while the minister af-
irms that only a very small percentage of the annual cut is ex-
icrted in. an unmanufactured
-itafceand the timber thus exported
is of minor value and has no
market otherwise. The government is committed to a policy of
retaining every possible dollar from
the industry in this province for
the benefit of the public, he states.
Boy Scouts
Troop meets on Friday at
7:30 p.m. in the Fire Hall.
Dr. 0. M. Graves, Dentist, will
be in Ferry, Wash., the first 8
days of every month.
Reports that a general election
will be held in January are declared by Premier Oliver to be
mere fabrications of fertile imaginations. The government has two
yearB more to go before an election
is necessary and the Premier's interpretation of public opinion iB
that the electors are quite satisfied
with things as they are.
There's never a neighbor's light, I said,
For the hills have shut us in,
But that whs before I looked above
Where the stars have always been.
Night after night a radiance soft,
More fair than the light of day,
They shine with a lustre brighter far
Thau the rushlight over the way.
So near they are almost within  our hail,
As their endless courses roll;
And I think ofthe splendid pageant there,
When the air shall part as a scroll.
I said 'tis a life of loneliness,
Little pleasure do -I see,
But that was before I thought of.God
A nd his countless blessings free.
Year after year the things worth while,
The loves that arestaunch and true,
Have bounded their life with their constancy���
What more could my Father do?
Aud the.circliug hills, the solitude,
Have made it a blessed place,
Yielding joyful anticipation
Of the vision face to face.
Midway, B.C.
Midway, B. C, Oct. 23, 1923.
Editor-Thb Lwoen,
Will you please allow me a
space in your valuable paper, to correct
any misunderstandings and wrong inter-
pretatious of a poem "More1 About
Boundary Creek" which was published
two weeks ago.
Persons whose names were not
mentioned have taken exception to some
of the jocular lines, and more so, because
some of their so-called friends have taken
the trouble to .point out the apparently
offensive verse.','--'." -".-'--
��� X. '[���_ '���' Now Sir, this poem was written
for amusement and-not for malice and I
'would-.'feel.:grieyea,''. if Tlhou'ght"it.had
given-any. of my, friends; a- moments" displeasure; .' ,-': ���'"-''"."..   .'".'"���=-,���.'��� . W--
-.-.- '" 7 --;.." -   Ydiirs faitheully,.-   '���. X;
)"' X   '-'���'"-.        ���".. V . 7 ..  S;0;-S. :.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
Pull Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series.
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can bo obtained free of churgo
by addressing* the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records will bo granted covering
only land suitable i'or ujrlcultural
purposes, and whicli is not timber-
land, I.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions aro
-.o bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of tho Land Recording l)i-
/lslon, in which the land applied for
is situated, and aro made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Land." ���- >
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberlancl,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of first-class (arable) landis $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land $2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease .of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding -10 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homes.tes,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in the first year, title being,
obtainable after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
""**"      LEASES
For grazing and   industrial    purposes areas not exceeding 640 acres
may be leased  by one  person   or  a
' company."
Under the Grazing Act the Province Is-divided Into grazing dlstrieta
and the range administered under a
-Grazing. - Commissioner.. Annual
grazing,permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being.given,
to established owners. Stock-owners
-may.form associations' -for- ranga
- management. Free," or partially free,',
permits are' available' for settlers,
campers-,and travellers,- up. to ten
head. '' ��� '- ������  ���"   .-_.'.'-- ...
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Fall and Winter
Splendid Assortment of New
Samples Just Arrived
Call and see them
Tailor and Cleaner
Thc new Continental remedy called
is a simple harmless home-treatment
which absolutely cures deafness,
noises in the head, etc- NO EXPENSIVE APPLIANCES NEEDED for this
new Ointment, instantly operates
upon the affected parts with complete
and permanent success- SCORES OF
Has opened au office above Chas.
. King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
d. Mcpherson
I intend closing my shop for a time
about the middle of November,
bring your shoes to be repaired before that time so as Ito have them
ready-for winter/Expect to be
away a'month.
First  class  work  done.     No,   1
English Oalc used in repairing
Second Hand Shoes For Sale
Mrs. K. Wilkinson, of Slad Road, Stroud,
writes:���"Please could I trouble you to send me
another box of the Ointment. - It is not for my-
self^but for a friend of mine who is as bad as I
was, and cannot ��et any rest for the noises iu
the head. I feel a new woman, and can g-o to
bed now and g-et a g-ood night's rest, which I
have uot been able to do for . many
months. It is a wonderful remedy and am
most dclig-hted to recommend it."
Mrs. E. Crowe, of Whitehorse Road, Croydon writes:���"I am pleased to tell you that the
small tin of ointmentyouseut to meat Ventnor,
has proved a complete success, my hearing is
uow quite normal, and the horrible head noises
have ceased. The action of this new remedy
must be very remarkable, for I haTe been
troubled with these complaints for nearly ten
years, and have had some of the very best medical advice together with other expensive ear
instruments all to uo purpose. I need hardly say
how very grateful I am, for my life has nnJer-
(joue an entire change.*
Tr;, one box today, which can be forwarded
to aiii-address ou receipt* of money order for
Address orders to:���
10, South. View. Watllng St., Dartfort, Kent,
is^the most convincing. Get to know
by personal' experience that the nice
things we say abemt "Cascade" Beer :
are not exaggerated. Prove to yourself that this IS the finest beer brewed
in the west, that it IS a most delightful.
tonic to mind and body, a- bringer of
good cheer and content.
Order a supply of "Cascade"
today. On sale at all Govern?
ment Liquor Stores.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquc*.
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
Light  Six McLaughlin. Special,  5
passenger, first class condition.   $800.00.
������'���' '������' 13.   BAttEY,
12-4 ���������'.." Grand Forks
One red 3 year old heifer estrayed to
Geo. Watson'i and Wm. Riley's ranch
about a year ago. Brand can not be made
out. Owner, can have same by paying for
advertisement and for feed during winter.
If owner does not claim animal it will
be put up for auction sale at Wm. Riley's
ranch, on Saturday, Oct. 27th, at 10 a. m.
"���' Gkorgb Watson,
to-5 (      ' Wiiaiam RiCey.
V  Njews From the Capital
-," Victoria j ..Oct   24.���A.   tax 7 pf
;:-obree cents per gallon-on - gasoline
.will b.e considered  by the govern-;
: ment afe this session\, of. the! Legis-'
TJafenre as a means   of   producing
.sufficient revenue to cafe for the
. increasing, costi of highways and.at
.the same time to  decrease motor
licences.  . .Hon,. Dr..  Sutherland,
minister  of public works;-./.points
r oat that the agricultural  industry
7 would be exempt as far as gasoline
..tractors and 'siimlarvmachinery.'is
concerned.���' The minister is-pre-
: paring a .complete 7programme of
rpadi for next1.'year, a plan to be
preEanted to the. Legislature next
. month.' He is arranging to Vspehd
the major portion  of,;road allow-,
.ances on settlers' roads, which will
go' far- towards   general, develop-
mtnt in British Columbia..7 .'xXyj
V    In -the   resignation . of. A.  ;B:.
': Backwortb,' dspoty .minister   of
railways .since last:.January; and
former   general: manager" of -the
P.  G.  E.  Railway,  the. province
. JoseB .; a 7 val aable   pnblic servant.
Hon;   Dr.. MacLean,7.minister   of
railways, pays tribute to the-work
.doneby Mr.'Buckwdrth and.credits
him   with   having   increased  the
-efficiency 0? the line and decreased
operating coste.
Replying  to criticism of Canon
J. Hinehliffe,  Conservative   member, for Victoria,   Hon, T. 7D. Fafe-
ta!Jo, minister of Lands, states emphatically that there is no preventable    loss, in    British   Columbia
through the   export of   unmanufactured logs..  The Victoria member charges that oyer ��1,000,000 i
losl annually  to the province ia
pe GqnMidated Mioiri^* Smelting Co.
")-  of.Canada, Limited :. 7
.--"Office, Smelting. aud.Refining Department.   ,'
XX ]   ,'x- - 7TRAIL, BRITISH .COLUMBIA   . .V - -" -'��� 7""
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
"X . 7.Producers 'ioi    Gold.7  Silver,; Copper,-   Pig. I*ead   and  Zinc
Xy- "TADANAC" BRAND    ".""-���-- .7 "' " W
The Ledge can supply your
every need in the printing line
and at prices
first-class work.
consistent   with
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued aa follows: - Placer Gold, $76,542,203; Lode
Gold, $109,647,661; Silver, $59,814,266; Lead $51,810,891; Copper, 6170,723,242;
Zinc,  $24,625,858; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,358,839; Coal and Coke, $238,-   ,
289,565; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., $36,605,942, making  ita Mineral
Production to the end of 1922 show
An Aggregate Value of $769,418,462
Production for tne Year Ending December, 1922, $35,158,843
The   Mining,. Lawi of thiB Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the  British - ",
Empire. - -\
Mineral location! are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.       __
Absolute  TitleB are   obtained   by developing such properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained   '
gratis by addressing��� "
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
---Economy and Satisfaction |f
combined with Promptness |f
are the features which go to |��
make up the Service we give |j
our customers. Are you |f
one of them? =1
(Rilled or Plain)
Envelopes, Billheads,
(All Sizes).
J  -38
H Posters, Dodgers* Etc., Etc. ��
I TKe Ledge       PHONE 29      1
��� ^fci_Wi"��___i |l'l'^,���� ^��l
g     GREENWOOD       Job Printing Department    3
wntmttmmmtmi0tmMm ��i i_nitiui..inin_n r V inn        i i n  <_*_: . W-?W >*=* W-v ���>* ��*/-W W v&j- ...       s-.s y *  ^ ���> ������ ���>   ���* . ���>
[ERE areaome of the engines and box care, Canadian made for Canadian
traffic, which arrived in Winnipeg recently to augment the rolling stock
*& tha Canadian Pacific raiiway. Thi3 equipment Is bow in readiness fo? the
fesEtsportinf of ���vrestern.Canada's crop, whi^h bids fair to be on* of the largest
��rer recorded. These 'additional engines and. cars-were constructed at tbe
��<Rnj>��ny'3.shops at Angus, near Montreal, and have been assembled at the
"Weston siepe> ^Winnipeg, awaiting.the callto_ tlie hardest Selds of .tlie west.
" The tipper picture sWwb four, trains leaving Weston witli a string of
^proxitaatsly 1C0 box cars per engine.'1" Each cat has a.capac&r o�� S8 t��na..
;{��) *e& {&} some of the new freight engines whlcii -will be ose4to baui tbe
anls throaghout the three prairie provinces. (4) One oi the 55 aew-P-2 dass
LOuriaa^izB a'teM WMsi g����. togs, esejgag ^ Sssg5��
effort of 65,000 pounds. Their driving wheels are 5 feet 3 inches Iti cliamete?:
cyiiEders 25 J^ in. diameter.by S3 in. stroke; the total length being; 81 feet,
4 }4 inches. The tenderha3 a, -water capacity of 8,000 gallons and-14 tons ol
coal, -whieii fe equal,to the average cituen'si-winter supply of fuel.- These
engines are known as the P-2'.class, numbered in 5,300 series. They, hava
vestibule cabs for the comfort,of the (Engine crew and are electrically
eqxiipped throtighout. The complete -weight of one.train hauled by one o'f
thesa engines, Indiidirig tha engine, is 4,476 tons."- of -which 3,020 tdn3 -would
ba the carrying capacity "for: wheat, or 100.6S0 bushels in each trsdiu Tbe
carrying capacity of the. 46 engines of this standard is 4,529,700 bushels per
trip; Each engina makes one trip a day. Picture No. 5 shonre another grctip ef
th�� ne-w Canadian Pacific locomotives.- Their capacity and 'weight ran^;
lk��B iao^ ths biggest of their type iathe^orld, ��� -*^:   u


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