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The Ledge Dec 29, 1921

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A Happy and Prosperous
New Year
srl ns
With a sincere appreciation of the confidence we have
enjoyed in the past and solicit a pleasant continuation
-   in the future
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
" Thanking my many friends for
their kind patronage during the Xmas
season and wishing them one and all a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Around Home
R. O. Fisher spent Christmas
in Nelson.
Annual Xmas Tree
"Christmas comes but once a
year andjtvhen it comes it brings
good cheer." This spirit was fully,
demonstrated at the annual Xmas
Kettle Valley Notes
Service in  St.  Jude's Church, |tree glven b? the Pythian Sisters
���&WX **. J>J��o
Tf>irr<fr,''w-   ic^y;-^*/"^-*^-' ���;
���'Hii-^ft, -
��� Ji t ���>* ,t*. J ���"-��� *+=<-- v**"
���  y.-,.      .-- ,      .;.-.-    -    -: '���      /--���"'
\A/llKir}czr\Ep   jWOT_C7
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam -
and electricity. , Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
"' wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, - cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream. ~~*
Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine line of
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up
Sunday Jan. 1, at 7.30-p.m
A. R. Spencer spent the Xmas
holidays with friends in Trail.
Tim Sullivan, of Rock Creek,
is spending a few days iu town,
A. W. Francis of Trail is
visiting his sister Mrs. T. Jenkin.
L. Fenner, of the Okanagan,
is visiting his brother C. T. Fenner,
- Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dewdney
and family spent Xtnas in Midway.
Arch. Aberdeen the well
known Scot spent the holidays in
Miss Ruby Smith, of Grand
Forks is spending a few days in
Allan Eustis, of Nelson, spent
Xmas at the home of his parents
in town.
A genuine Waltham Watch,
guaranteed, for- $13.00 at Mc-
, Miss Gladys,. McCreath, of
Vancouver, spent Christmas at
her home here.   -
Oyster Cocktails. Virginia
oysters by the pint at the
Windsor Buffet.:       "
cMrs. Fenner and son returned
ori Saturday from a visit to
friends in Rossland.
Silver Spectacle Case a nice Gift
for Mama
. *��� S -V i���i���~* ' t. f *��� i--,.
Price List*
In a variety of cases
A Prosperous and Happy New Year
Start the new year by wearing a
Good Servicable Shoe
From our stock.   Up to nine dollars.
Burns' Shamrock Brand Sausage
make an appetizing breakfast, luncheon or dinner, put up as  ft
they are fresh every day under the most sanitary conditions
Youll enjoy them!
P. Burns & Company, Limited,
Plants at
Regina ~     Prince Albert
Vancouver $
Wishing You
The Compliments of the Season
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O O �� �� �� ui o
n oi �� ���-' n y ��
e-i <si it n �� ��������> 8
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n �� �� �� w ��
��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *
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<n -���* ��n->d �� �� 3
"-   fM  0
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. ���g a
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d    >,  -&
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S s
CO      u
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fc 3- s
���a *a *o *J
a s a g
���3 -jf S S S S O
^   ^   d   * tj "3 d
.a .U  -o -3 -3 o .SP
55 �� o -o o o a
D. R. McELMON, Greenwood
Independent Meat
We carry only the best stock procurable
Fresh Meats,   Ham, Bacon,
Lard, Etc,
A Trial will Convince-^You
John Meyer
Wood For Sale
Second Hand Pipe, Rails, Mining Cars
;    and other Mining Equipment   ,
JReasonafeie Prices
Apply to J. W- Clark. Pacific Ectcl
Crushed Wheat For Sale
Fiae for hogs and cattle, 2c lb.
Walter Clark, Midway.
For Sale
Two or three fresh milk cows.
Apply to E). F. Keir, Greenwood.
. Is the property you have spent
years iu accumulating protected
from loss by fire. '    ^
Allan Morrison, of the Bell
mine, Beaverdell, -was in town
"during tte'past week:-'; yy���^y '���
. John-Docksteader came in from
Edgewood to spend the holidays
with his family here.
Dan. McLeod left for Trail on
Monday where he has secured a
position in the smelter.
Curling has now started and
enthusiasts of this rousing- game
are having a swooping time.
Eddie Morrison, of Vancouver,
is spending the holidays with
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Morrison.
It takes years to build a business, but a.-fire can knock the
stuffing out of it in 30 minutes.
-. Duncan Murray, of Beaverdell,
spent the Xmas holiday^ at the
home of his parents in Greenwood.
Lieut, and Mrs. Pearce, from
north of Edmonton, are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Miss Mae McMynn, of Merritt,
spent a few days in town this
week the guest- of Mrs. W. H.
Monday, Jan. 2nd, being a
public holiday the post office will
not be open until after the arrival
of the Midway stage.
Mr. and Mrs L.- Portmann returned last week from Spokane.
Mr. Portmann is steadily, recovering from his recent operation. ,
It is winter time now and it
takes big fires to heat your house.
A hot stove pipe is dangerous.
A dance will be held after the
show on Saturday night. Come
and dance the old year out and
the New Year in.
Miss Mary Mcintosh, who is
attending the University in Vancouver, is spending the holidays
at the home of her parents, in
A home and home series of
hockey has been arranged with
Grand Forks and Greenwood to
decide the Boundary championship. The game in Greenwood
will be played on Friday, January
6th. This is the only chance to
witness senior hockey ,this  year.
See Charles King about that
Fire Insurance, Policy that you
have neglected so long.
on  Saturday   afternoon.      They
went to a lot of trouble this year
to make the event one long to be
remembered by the children.    Tbe
large tree looked very pretty with
numerous small electric lights in
all shades and colors,  hanging on
tbe branches.    It was the delight
of the children some-of whom appeared dnmfounded at the gorgeous
spectacle     the     tree    presented
with    its      array    of   beautiful
presents and brilliant colored lights.
Excitement ran high as  the telegrams from Santa Claus were read,
the children eageriy and expectantly looking   for   hie   arrival while
others awaited anxiously- in half a
tremble and a suppressed anticipation.   The expression on the children's faces showed all kinds of excitement and when Santa finally
appeared on the scene the pandemonium of joy reached its zenith.
All sat down to a dainty supper to
which, young and old did full justice ttstyfying go the good cooking
of the Pythian Sisters.   After Bup-
per the gifts were presented every
child receiving  something.     The
singing of the National Anthem
brought this   delightful afternoon
and evening to a close.
Mr.- and Mrs. R. McMillan and
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. McArthur.
spent Xmas in Midway, the
guests of Mr. and .Mrs. R. D.
James -Sutherland, "the well
known miner and prospector, of
Beaverdell, is renewing acquaintances in town during the holiday
- Gifts that i,ast ��� Waltham
Bracelet Watches. $15 up at
S. J. Mitchell, formerly of
Greenwood, has purchased 'a factory in Vancouver for the manufacture of childrens and ladies
A train of S3 cars passed
through Greenwood on Saturday.
About 45 of the cars contained
metal from the Trail smelter on
route to the Orient.
The scholars of theNorwegian
Creek school presented their
teacher, Nellie Axam, with a
beautiful ten piece ivory set as an
appreciation of the kind esteem
in which she is held.
Miss Rose O'Connell, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. M.
Maloney for the past few months,
left on Tuesday for California
where she will spend the winter
before proceeding to her home in
Bob, Simpson,, of the North
Fork of the Kettle River was in
town on Wednesday, bringing
with him a large cougar skin
which he shot near the Roderick
Dhu mine. Scott McRae is having this fine specimen mounted
for him. .
The dance given by the Anaconda Social Club in the School
House last Friday night was well
patronized and very enjoyable.
Many from, Greenwood attended
who thoroughly appreciated the
the kind hospitality of the people
of Anaconda.
On Tuesday evening about 15
girls and boys of the public
school called on J. *N. O'Neill
their teacher and gave him a real
surprise. They all stormed his
home _on Kimberley Ave. and
although Mr. O'Neill was not
prepared he rose lo the occasion
and welcomed everyone of them.
Games of all kinds were played
and the popular teacher enjoyed
himself as much as the children.
During the evening Mr. O'Neil
was presented .with a beautiful
shaving set which he appreciated
very m'neh. Mrs, O'Neil assisted
by Mrs. D. McLeod served cake
and tea. All wished-Mr. and
Mrs, O'Neil a merry, Xmas and a
happy New Year. * ,
Master Rupert Gray is home for
the holidays. _
Mr. Pearson is visiting his son
in Penticton.
Owen Wheeler and family have
moved into their new house.
Geo. Allan, of Trail, is the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. W. Johns.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton entertained a large party on Christmas
Miss King, sister of Mrs. Gray
has just arrived from England and
will Bpend the winter here,
Mrs. Atkinson, wife of- Capt.
Atkinson, of Rock Creek, returned
from England on Xmas Eve.
Miss P. RobertB is spending the
holidays with Mr. and Mrs.
Roberts. She will return to Vancouver before the New Year.
The annual meeting of the
Farmers Institute will be held in
the Riverside Hall on Jan. 7th at
2.30. The directors are looking
for a large attendance.
There is to be a grand entertainment in the Riverside Hall on
Jan. 20th. The famous Magpie
Minstrels are going to keep you in
roars of laughter, so don't miss
this date. There is also, a humorous sketch entitled "The Train to
Maurs" besides excellent songs by
local artists.
On Dec. 17th the Rock Creek
Women's Institute closed their
year's work with a treat for the
children of .the district. At four
o'clock nearly 60 children gathered
at Riverside Hall. Games of various-sorts -were -indnlgedHn,- the
members taking part . with the
children, after which a delicious
lu.Tich_wa8 served. The affair
came to a close at Beven o'clock
when God Save The King was
sung and three rousing cheers were
given for the Women's Institute.
Everyone present expressed themselves as having a good time.
The Christmas Tree held in the
local school on Dec. 20 was a great
success, much credit being due to
Miss Debney for the way the
children performed. The most
laughable piece being Mrs. Wad-
dleums^ and Mrs^ Skinywinks__by
Frank Richter and Thos. Walker,
as alpo was the "Three Young
Maids "of Lee," who when turning
around were transformed into the
"Three Old Maids of Lee," which
brought roars of laughter, by
Winnifred Whiting, Rosy Madge
any Hazel Johns. The program
ended by a little sketch called
"Harry's" Pockets," , by Ethel
Thompson and Teddy Whiting, aa
Auntie Susan and Harry. Auntie
Susan palling a dead mouse from
the boys pocket, screams, as Harry
finishes by paying if the mouse
wasn't dead before, the way she
through it on the floor was enough
to kill an elephant. Santa* Claus
then gave the presents to about 50
children,after which games were
indulged In until a late hour.
���; No. 25
Sunday School Xmas Trek
(Written for The Ledge.)
The Xmas Tree and Entertainment given   in   the   Presbyterian
Church last Thursday   night was
thoroughly   enjoyed   by   air who
were fortunate to be present and
particularly   the children���all   of
whom- received   a   gift   from the
Xmas tree which was well laden
with, lovely   presents.    The   programme given  by the scholars of
the  Sunday   School   had   a  real
Xmas spirit in it and brought fond
memories   back to  the   audience.
The programme was  opened with
a hymn by the scholars following
which was a  Bibie   reading.     A
recitation by S.   Eustis "The Innkeeper" and then a chorus "Merry
Merry,    Christmas."     Jas.  Kerr
who was the chairman  read a telegram   from   Santa   CJauB   .which
caused much excitement among the  <
smaller   children.     A   recitation,
"The .Shepherd"   by  Jess Puddy, -'
Ed.   Johnson,   Johnny  Kerr   arid"
Allan   Fraser    was   then    given.
After  the   "Christmas  Welcome"
was sung  by the pupils  another
recitation    entitled    "The .Three:,.
Wise Men" was renderod by Robt.   ���
Mowat, Wm.   Puddy and George -',
Morrison.    This part of the programme  closed   with  a   beautiful
sketch with Mary Kerr as "Queen"
of the Fairies."    Santa Claus then
arrived and distributed the pres- =
ents.    D. R. McEImon very kind-'
ly and generously donated  beautiful rings for every child and which *
were very much appreciated.
Card of Thanks
The undersigned wishes to take
this medium of thanking tho kind
Santa Claus who sent such an acceptable parcel from Greenwood.
No card was enclosed to tell who
the good benefactor was, but this
spirit of benevolence has brought
cheer and good will to'
Mb. & Mrs. Casselhak & Family*
Boundary Falls.
Dr. O. M. Graves, Dentist
will,be in Ferry, Dec. 24th until
Jan. 3rd, 1922, Prepared to do
every thing in the dental line
and make good;     ' '
���45 Minutes from Broadway,
, "~x '   ������^^^'_:X'x y'yy^t
When . George M.  Cohan wrot'e; '
'.'Forty-five Minutes From  Brb'aH,- .j
way," his   tremendously . popular1 .���/
comedy drama, a picturization: of ���
which  has just been   released by_
the First National with the pdpular   -
cinema star Charles  Ray,  in  the   *
title role formerly  played by Mr.   ;
Cohan, it was his avowed intention' -
to write the best play of hie career.
And when it was produced  and ���
later revived, after eight years, M.   :
Cohan  declared  that he had succeeded in his purpose.    This splendid picture__with  Mr.   Ray at his
best, -comes���to���the-Greenwood ���
Theatre on Saturday.
Curling is meeting with much'..!
success and great games are played '
nightly. The ice is in fine shape/. ,
The following are the teams;���    '    '
W. Walmsley, <skip) G. S. Walters, G. Nichols, A. J. Morrison.
A. N. Docksteader (skip) J. H.
Goodeve, J. A. Fraser, W. H.
- L. E. Brawders (skip) B. For-
Bhaw, W. H. Docksteader, N.
P. H. McCurrach, (ekip) J. N.
O'Neil, D. Cavaye, A. N. Mowat. '
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props. '
���_____       '  . ���-   " i'
Commencing at 8 p!m., Sharp
Charles Ray
Iu Geo. M. Cohan's Great Play
"45 Minutes From
Charlie made this one liin-self.' He made
it in his own new studio ancl it's the
biggest -and best picture Charlie ever
appeared in. Don't miss it or you'll be
sore when your .neighbor tells you how
good it was.
6 Reels 6
Christie Comedy
ADULTS 50c     -     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
'~*=r*| THE     LEDf-TR.     GREENWOOD.     B.     O.
?t& dtilwirifc
Canada's Unoccupied
Lands Are Listed
��� and/ 4���t��w/.
The New Year
Happy New Year I With each recurring- new year this seasonable greeting: and wish is extended by millions of people to each
other. In some cases, no doubt, it is done as a mere matter of
form, but probably the vast majority of people do sincerely hope
that the incoming* year may bring- a larger measure of happiness
and a greater prosperity to thcir friends and neighbors, their country and the world.
The extending" of this old-time wish, "Happy New Year," if
it is a sincere wish, implies much more than the utterance of thc
words. It imposes an obligation. If we sincerely wish that thc
new year may bc a happy one, it is our duty to put forth thc best
that is in us to assist in bringing about a realization of our desire.
And if all our New Year greetings and hearty handclasps arc accompanied with a resolve to interpret them in defiiritc actions
throughout the year there is not the slightest question but that thc
new year now dawning will be a most happy one.
There is every reason why 1922 should far surpass 1921 in happiness and prosperity for all. It is inconceivable, for instance, that
these Western Canadian Provinces should experience a repetition of
the disasters which overtook thc agricultural producers this year.
Several years of poor crops in various sections of the country culminated this year in a crop, satisfactory on the whole so far as quantity of grain was concerned, but which, in the aggregate, did not
yield to the producers the costs of production. Large in volume
as thc crop proved to be, it was a debt-producing crop rather than
a debt-paying crop. Such a condition is not likely ^to be repeated
-" 1922.
Copies Are Available at  Interior
partment, Ottawa I
One of Canada's chief needs, in fact |
her most important requisite, is the!
increased use of- her unoccupied'
lands, now held in private ownership, i
Due to absent proprietors, or lack;
of information as to  the
under   which    the
lO    1-V.ed.UCe    ,K.entS -'Admiralty Prefers It To The Oregon
"Douglas fir" will now be.used instead of "Oregon pine" by the British
admiralty in dealing with timber orders, as a result of action taken by F.
C. Wade, agent-general   in    London,
Premier Oliver announced,
conditions i    Every last one of us is interested in j    Director   of   Navy Contractor Jen-
property may be lowering the cost of living.     Yet, ac- ,lzim reports that a recent fir timber
An Acknowledged Expert in All
Matters Pertaining to House*
hold Management.
British Want B.C. Fir Used
'Railroad Man Says
Have Disappeared
tiUK      iCL ������., ���-.��   �� ���..������. -. .-��� ,     'l had J'ust about Siren up hope of
acquired by prospective settlers, the cording to a recent news item, it took (contract    for    the British navy was |ever getting well  but .Tanlac has fix-
land  continues in    an    unproductive Isidor Berger, general manager of the [awarded a contractor who undertook l^a me up fine and I want to pass the
condition, notwithstanding that much Greater New York Taxpayers' Asso-
of it is more or less contiguous to ciation, to give, many of us a serious
railways. .jolt when he says that we cannot have
With a view to bringing the own- our rents reduced unless we become
ers of land and enquiries together better housekeepers and keep our
the Natural Resources Intelligence homes in better condition,
branch of thc Interior Department is | To quote Mr. Berger, "Tho owner
compiling and publishing lists of of the average flat house finds that
such unoccupied lands in the several the returns on the rentals from such
provinces. These lists give such in- old ,buildhigs is usually insufficient,
formation as name of owner and his due, not so much to low gross income,
address, location of the property, hut to tlio carelessness and oft reek-
price and terms on which it can be .less altitude of the tenants In the sani-
acquired, .quality of soil and area tary and physical upkeep of their
available for cultivation, distance apartments. It is the constant rc-
from railway, etc. So far as possible pair bills that help swell the monthly
the information has been secured expense account of any particular
from the owner of the agent Tor the house."
property, with a view to maximum I Children, as a rule, are not restrict-
accuracy. ���        |Cd in their pleasures, and exercise the
Lists    of    unoccupied  lands  have full use of their toy tools against the
been   issued   for  Nova   Scotia,  New [equipment of the apartment, wrecking
Brunswick,  Prince    Edward    Island, Shiss, plaster and plumbing fixtures.
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, |    I was amused at
,that   the   material should come from &����d w��rd along to others," said Ber-
British Columbia. jnard Breen, well-known clerk for the
Grand Trunk Railway Co., residing at
,282 River Ave., Winnipeg, Man.
England Has Aerial Tax. Service ���Two year5 ag0 T^d an operation.
Aerial taxi service with the Castle aQd aftjjr tWg ,t geemed that j jUflt
Bromwich Aerodrome has been estab-[could not get tQ fee,ing rlgM agaiQ>
lished by Birmingham, and fares are^ was yery weak> and indlgestion had
less than those of tho ordinary motor- l��mch & ho]d Qn me
taxi. Tho charge per head for two
passengers is thirty cents per mile,
while one passenger is able to. hire a
machino at sixty cents per mile and
freight up to 500 lbs. will be carried
at the same rate.
Industrial conditions were far from favorable during" the year
now closing, with the result that,, not in Canada alone, but to an
even greater extent in other countries, there was unemployment.
The concensus of opinion now seems to be that the worst in this
respect is past and that the new year will show. a-steady improvement. ��� -.
While taxation must for some years continue to be heavy in
order to pay the war bills of the nations, the cost of living is steadily falling*, so that the wage earner and the heads of families can
look forward to a larger measure of relief on this score.
A survey of world conditions is also hopeful. The dark cloud
which has been hanging over our Empire in connection with Ireland, and which threatened to break in a terrible storm of civil war,
seems about to be dissipated. After long centuries of turmoil,
ag'tation and strife, the Irish question appears.to be on the eve
of an amicable settlement.
The much heralded Washington conference of the nations on
the limitation of naval armaments has been a wonderful, almost a
miraculous success. The nations have found a basis of agreement
to end the costly and dangerous race for naval supremacy. The
probability of future wars is thus greatly lessened, and along with
the removal of that threat, which was paralyzing the financial, industrial, commercial and political world, confidence is returning and
with it renewed business activity is certain. The reduction in thc
burden of taxation will likewise be considerable and will become
more and more apparent as time passes. . '���
All these circumstances give assurance that it is no idle wish
to extend the greeting "Happy New Year." What the world has
long lacked is confidence. Let confidence .be restored, and economic conditions will soon right themselves. It should, however, be
borne in mind that each individual citizen can exert a powerful
.influence in the right direction. Never more than now was there
a" lime when the dead past should be allowed to bury its dead.
Rather, like St. Paul, the Canadian people should forget those things
which are behind and press toward those things which are before.
Pessimistic feelings should be curbed. Blue ruin talk rigidly
avoided. Expressions of confidence and words of hopefulness and
encouKigcment should flow from every mouth, and' our actions,
shouId\��e in keeping with our words. If a person finds himself
or herself indulging in pessimistic feelings and .the language of discouragement and despair, they should stop short. Such an attitude neither benefits themselves nor anybody else. It is a positive
detriment to progress, destroys confidence, and is a constant source
of unhappiness. ��� ;   -
Bcgin-the new year right by cultivating a cheerful and hopeful
disposition.- It will make for happiness, your own and others. It
is the basic foundation for a. "Happy New Year."
and ^these   lists   may bo had on application to the Superintendent, Natural  Resources Intelligence Branch
Department of the Interior, Ottawa.
Two Conversations On
One Telephone Wire
a stump speaker
who insisted that women ywould havo
Pains in Back,   *
Limbs and Side
Yield to "Nerviline"
I was actually
afraid-to eat. I just had to force
down enough to keep me alive, and
after each little meal I had such awful
| pains and cramps it nearly drew me
double. Gas would form on my stomach and bloat me until my heart' act-
ed^queerly and I could hardly get my
breath. V I had awful amothering
spells and had to sit up sight after
night and just fight for breath and
suffer agony every minute.
"Well, I tried so many medicines
without getting any help I was pretty
badly discouraged. Then I came
across a Tanlac testimonial which described my case so well I- decided to
give the medicine a trial. My appetite picked up, and now I'm eating-
heartily of just anything I want and
never have a bit of trouble with my
stomach. I sleep like a log every
night and always get up feeling fine.
I certainly feel'thankful for the good
Tanlac haB done me."
Tanlac ls sold by leading druggists
Retired Postman Has Good Record
If you have failed to-secure relief
from other remedies, rub on lots of
good    old    "Nerviline" the strongest,
-   most  penetrating pain relief on   the , .
to GET TOGETHER if tfiev were to j market.      Nerviline acts  quickly on i round the world���or
obtain certain rights.     She told us .we  smfa" P.,    and is <*? s"rest t0 drive
, j   , .    , .     . .   .,     out the big ones.     It s because1 every
would have to learn to -respect the drop of NervIlino rubs In because it
RIGHTS of. others. But she did NOT has the ability "to sink in deeply that
practise what she preached, for later it drives away pain that ordinary oily
she boasted to me how she had "put, JJ?.i,men(f. won't  touch.     Large  35c
' bottles at all dealers.
one over" on the landlord. She described how she let the ice pan run
over so that HE (the landlord) had "to
put in a new ceiling for the tenant
dwelling below.
A woman with thc proper civic
pride should be more than apologetic
if, through somc fault of hers, the sink
Successful   Demonstration   Made   Be-'
fore Telephone Association In        l
Toronto I
To have two telephone conversa-1
tions going on at one time over a'
single telephone wire without interference between them would seem1 , ... ��. ., .
* .n, , "un-" a****"- cl necessitating the expense of
phenomenon to the lay mind, but , , . . ��� ,. -y ���
:, . . , , ,. ��� ' """u- "ui plumber, not to mention the mcon-
that is what actually took place in a ��� , t, ,-. ��� ��� -.-
. .. . , jjia^_ j.u '"ivemence to many others. It is not
demonstration before a session of the , - . ., , ., ,-u *
, , .7 *~a-xlJU VL l'-1- alone civic pride or personal pride that
Canadian- Independent Telephone As- hould make us take care of Uie home
sociation. 1 yo members of that or- we rent_iQ the j ana, ig -t is col.
ganization talked over one wire. 7 ,��� i j. *.
7, . ��� i. . , ilectively, more expensive to be care-
through one set of phones; two others !j
talked over the same wire through i Then, the home is supposed to exist
another s���� and neither pair could !so that th(J cUldren mfty become good
hear the other. Prof. Charles A. Cul-;cIUMa8# And one of lhe flrst duties
ver, radio engineer for the Canadian |0f" tho good mzen is to respect the
Independent Telephone Company, ;rf hts aad property of tlie Qther. How,
startled those present by telling t_emjthtent can a mother belIeve* she is do.
it was possible to carry on seven con- ��� her dut by Ker cIllldl.en when she
versations over one wire at the same!
time and, further, that power lines
carrying thousands of volts could be
utilized as long distance telephone
allows them to deface and destroy the
equipment of the rented home?
Some children are even ENCOURAGED by their mothers to write upon
the walls and in other ways deface
and destroy 'the home, because���"it's
the landlord's���it don't belong to us."
That has a bad moral effect upon children.
Exports From B.C.
Reports State Canned  Milk Trade Is
Expanding Rapidly
British Columbia Is  making rapid
forward strides in exports and instead
of confining oS-shore trade to .lumber
. and. canned salmon, ".there Viro ��� now
large' quantities'- "'of'.'.various ���commodities . passirig7 through- .Vancouver
���" port. : Recently a - heavy. shipment of
canned "milk to France forIdistribu-
tlon in. Germany was,,'made by a Vancouver concern and this, trade is "reported to be expanding rapidly. A
large shipment- of., book, snooks'and
apples has -just.been sent to' the-Unit,
ed Kingdom; salt herrings and:wheat
. to. the .'-'Orient;- and lead to France.   .
7 V V   A -Druggist's; Blunder
..   "Did ypu ever make a serious mistake   in'.: a-.^prescription-?"   asked the
customer. -
"Only: once," replied tho drug store
clerk.;,- "I gavei"a fellow a quart.when
his 7 prescription only called for half
pint."���Wayside Tales...  .
V The first recorded plague generally,
recorded .. throughout -the'-vbrld was
ln,T67 BXV ������'���'���
Less Relief Needed
Local Improvement Districts In
Southwestern Saskatchewan Require Little Help
Less need -for relief exists in ,the
local improvement districts, in the
southwest"-of" Saskatchewan "thai}! iri
the" last two or three years,- according
to information received by F. H: Auld,
deputy" minister of agriculture:-.7'"
���:��� Representatives -��� who -.have -~bee'n
through that part' of "the Southwestern: Saskatchewan not"- yet 'organized
as- municipalities -.haye/reported'. that
after, their visit had.been.well.advertised, ^iri,. advance the, number -who
���.sought/assistance to"..- purchase", .flour
and.,coal -to -tide, them- over the. winter .months is less -than".in. previous
Heller measures In, the unorganized
districts of the. province . are heing
conducted by the Saskatchewan . department .of agriculture along similar
lines to those in force during the past
two or-three "years;
Talking Cure For All Human Ills
Air One's Troubles and It Will Bring
' A new erro^r -fi!'��'   ��, "   . I    Thc realIy w-orth while mother'tells
A new cue for all^the ills of man-'her children that the house in which
kind  discovered  by Medical  f'onnrii !*i^    -,- ,.    ., ����-i.u
lor Dr. Magnus H_rc_iw_f ofBerlin K.   J" represen S tho Combincd efV
��)���,. i-     ��   ���    t,      "��"-m ,or lierun. forts of many men's and women's lab-
fl   s d,rectly m the iace of the univer- 'or-labor both of the head   and   the
sally accepted theory that too much hands '
Banks In Canada
Eighteen chartered banks have over
4,500 branches in Canada and others
in the West Indies, South American
and Europe. The-Canadian banking
system is an admirable one. AH
notes issued by banks must be secured, dollar for dollar, by gold or dominion notes.
No Complaint Made In Forty Years of
During 40 years' service as a postman at Windsor, it. Is estimated that
W. Kimble, who is retiring, has walked a distance equal   to   ten   times
248,000    miles.
He has acted as  Court postman  to
Windsor Castle during the latter part
of his service,  and has never once
been on sick leave or had an adverse
entry placed against his name..
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
Those who aro In a "run down" condition will notice that Catarrh bothers
them much more than when they are in
good health. This fact proves that
while Catarrh- Is a local disease, it is
greatly influenced by constitutional conditions. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE ls a Tonic and acts through the.
blood upon the mucous surfaces of the
body, thus reducing the inflammation and
assisting Nature in restoring normal-conditions.
Air-Drugglsts. Circulars free. ���'
F. ....Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Armistice Day at Covent Garden
Man Who Forgot to Observe Silence
Was Censored
When the silence fell on Covent
Garden Market on , Armistice Day,
porters stood still beneath their piled
baskets, barrows were halted and
hats were removed. The only sound
was that of an old man counting
and throwing cabbages two by two
from his wagon to a costermonger
with his 7 barrow. "Twenty-eight���
thirty���thirty-two," rang clearly
through the garden. It was too
much for one market-man, whd, called
in a constrained voice: "Hi���you with
th-e cabbages���have you no sense?"
The   old   man looked up, muttered:
"I'm sorry���I forgot,"   and
on the edge of the
sat. down
A Novel Dinner
Is Always Full of Life and Energy���
Failures Are Weak *&nd Bloodless
Some men seem to   have   all   the
luck.     If there are any good things  _      ,    , , ��� ,    ��� .    ..    -,.    ..      -
going these men seem to get them.,tion, had been raised to the dignity of
If they, are business men they are, Commander of the Legion of Honour
successful; if they are workmen they
shifting his cap. The silence ended.
"Thirty-four"' came the call with another couple of cabbages.���The London Daily Telegraph.
Miller's Worm Powders prove their
, value.     They do not cause any vio-
French    Provincial    Press   Celebrate jlent disturbances in the stomach, any
Promotion of President. ! PaJ�� , or /ripirig, but do their work
. .   ,, ��� i   ��� ���' ���      ���        ,   I quietly and painlessly, so that the des-
A novel dinner party was given In-��.���������������. nf %.,,- ��� il_ ,_  ,_-. .
Paris   when   the   French   provincial
press, met to celebrate the fact that M.
Heal, the president' of their organiza-
get the foreman's job.      They have
the power of influencing people.
The same is true of women. Some
have the charm that makes men
seek them out; others are neglected.
But this Is not luck. It is .due to a
personal gift���vitality. Men and women    of   this    sort are never weak,
Each\ newspaper arranged for. a
special dish..;representative" of the
culinary art of its "region to be
brought to Paris by 'train..or' motor
car. The . Petite Girondo supplied
the finest Bordeaux wine. The Press
of Rouen sent ..a Rouen duck cooked
puny invalids. They may not be bigi jln the best Normandy fashion, and
but they are full of life and energy. I other provincial organs sent' fish;
The whole thing is a matter of good i d   h
blood, good-nerves and good health '��
talk is the cause of a *0t ot the
world's woes.
The basic principle of the new cure
is" that to get well you must air your
troubles, and thus relieve your, mind
and soul of the worries and griefs aud
sorrows, either real or fancied���in
other words, talk them away. But
instead of- telling your troubles to the
police, you must .tell them to a trained medical man, whose sole' business
is to listen, understand and advise
Absolute frankness and truth is
Kveryone would wish to be '.ike this
and the qualities that make for vitality and energy are purely a matter of
health. By building up the blood and
nerves, sleeplessness, want of energy,
weakness of the back, headaches1 and
The mother who is bringing.! the ineffectual sort of presence which
up a good citizen makes every child
take a delight in helping to keep up
that home ho is privileged to live in.
Let _us all - think seriously about
what Mr. Berger has said. For we
all desire lower rents.
Arrest Ends Vendetta
'As the only way to end a vendetta
going on since 1915 between the de
I Lucia and Florillo families-in Naples,
preliminary    condition'To sfec^ssM th^ P��liCC haVe arr���Sted b��th families'
treatment   " ��� .numbering  40  persons.      Two  small
' According     to'"   Dr.     Hirchsfeld's 'cllildren- a boy md a ��**��� remain and
theory, the- Versailles peace conference, the Geneva meetings of the Lea-
gue7 of;..Nations and the Washington
conference .are -nothing -more - or less
than  "world, .talking cures."'',. Their
are proving affectionate playmates..
Separation, But No Alimony
reallv comes from weakness ~ can be
got rid of. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have made many weak, tired men,
vigorous, and/many pale dejected
girls and women,_rosy and attractive,
by improving their blood and toning
up their nerves. If you are weak,
low-spirited or unhealthy, try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and note their
beneficial effect.
You can get these pills through
any medicine dealer or by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for ?2.50
from The Dr. Williams" Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Plan to Improve Roads
A conference, among representatives of all section of Saskatchewan
with members of the Provincial Government will be held shortly to outline "a definite programme for the improvement of the roads of the province. Co-operation with other bodies ,
throughout the Dominion^ interested
In good roads, will also be secured.
truction of the worms is imperceptible,. Yet they are thorough,vand
from the first dose there is improvement in the condition of the sufferer
and a cessation ol manifestations of
internal trouble. A
Canada's Coal Resources
Nova   Scotia   and   British   Columbia
Have Great Reserves
In 1920 Canada consumed 33,807,-\
966 tons, produced 16,623,589, exportr
ed 2,558,174, imported 18,742,542.- Canada Las the only .two coal .regions on
the sea coast of North America. Nova ���
Scotia has. actual reserves of over
two billion metric tons only 50 millions of which are of lower grade than
a- good bituminous. British" Columbia has actual reserves of more than
23 billions, nearly all of which is high
grade coal. The estimated reserves
of both provinces are much greater.
Catch Correct Time By Wireless
....       A."   peaceful,'..quiet separation/no
failure to cure the word.of its.-HIs is damase &one> -everybody happy again,1 the'jewellers-to-catch
among .the nations-ahd: tne"attffit. IcSxSr"5'
to. deceive each1 other and themselves
In    Paris   Have
Small Outfits
.Fifteen hundred- small .wireless 'outfits, have been installed In Paris jewelry,watch and clock.stores to enable that, fed to calves/which is'placed-at
the'   correct'over   $1,500,000.   ' Forty-eight-; cream-
Saskatchewan Dairy Output
Forty-Eight Creamery Plants Operated
in the Province
Saskatchewan dairy output for last
year was officially placed at twenty-
three and a half million- dollars. Of
this total three and three-quarter millions was made up of creamery butter, nearly eight and three-quarter mil-
ions of dairy butter, over $8_00,000_ of
ice cream and over'��10,000,000 in milk
consumer In the province, including
bv-' the -Kr-ir' r->->�����iri,��7.,'!'-:"tll^t's    ���ie ' situation -'when.    you. Greenwich meridian, time as"it is sent ery..plants representing an Investment
The Grasshopper Menace
Try Putnam's
ivi��u uAi-dwui,'   -Acts like.'magic".no;
pain, .no failure, success every, time.'
Refuse I a '-substitute. - for  "Putnam's,"
25c.-cvefywher_e..  ��� -7.-".',' 7 "' - '-     -
bol's New Cathedra!:
The .best marksmen-  are
those with gray or blue eyes.
. Any persohwho conceals -the truth
lies in ambuefi.
When Completed Will Be . Loftier
Than Westminster Abbey
Liverpool' Cathedral, the first portion of which Is nearlng completion,
will be larger than York Minster arid
loftier than Westminster- Abbey when
it is completed. It stands on a commanding site, .155 feet above the Mersey, and will occupy together with
the Chapter House and Lady Chapel,
over 100,000 square feet, which exceeds the area of any other English
cathedral. A congregation of 2,500
will be able to assemble In the choir
and eastern transepts, while" the entire building will accommodate 8,000.
-������-';.. ..777   : A Timid Ditty
'Mother.rr'Do . you feel, timid about
asking; Jack/fbrVmon'ey, dear?'\.'  '-
"No,7mc>ther, but he sterns very'.timid
about giving It. to ine.>'7   -7,7.7.-,."
An~-English Investigator lias produced! a.glass that-conducts" electricity;":.'.
Likely Add to Farmers'* Worries
';-Grasshoppers arc not" dek_;ycV"in
Saskatchewan, according '-'to 'agricultural experts who are placing a'damp-
| er on the optimistic farixiers: who be7
7causethe province -recently experienced a 20-30 below zcro snap, haVe
voiced: the .'-opinion, that the;summer
of 1922 will'sce no grasshopper'menace. - 7Mr, J..-F./ Booth; field crops
commissioner,- s'ayshe doubts-if. "there
Is any justification.for-.ine'"-statements-
that the'-- cold aha the "snowstorms
have S0;"damaged.hopper eggs - that
there would, bo ho visitation next
year. There is', he "thinks,; every, rel-
son. to.believe that this -'insect men-.
ace will add to the farmers'"worries
Indians Buying  Autos
automobile "seems to possess
the  some irresistible fascination for
^oukhbbors Disowned V
Members Arrested- in.'Vancouver-'Can-
" .. 'not "Return, to. Fold.. ','"';.
; ��� Peter.'."Veregin, -head.' of the Douk-'
hobor.s,'and'a' resident', of-.Nelson,
B:C.',. has "outlawed" the ....member's of
his religious sect, which cut up antics
at Vancouver, when refused passports
to -the United- States.' \ 7in protest, the
five men-affected-took, off their, cloth-"
ing. and gave the dance which prompt-,
ly led :'to.7thejr arrest. 7 -'.The- chief-
of the.Doukhobors has disowned them
and. should iliey attempt\tV return.- to
the fold, JaVwarni "/reception awaits
them, it is ;.declared...' ��� - 7V
daily yat. -. ten - o'clock by - the Eiffel
Tower. ; Formerly--.the 'exact "time
had. to .lie'obtained-"from- tlie-observatory: by telephone.'7 . V ��� 7.77.'���'..: -���'
��� The,--'installation7 Is;'.'slmplIcityVlt-
self."; ..The;: outfit;. about. nine", inches
in diameter is-hung .on.a nail in the
cellar.or along a .-water or gas. pipe
"serves as7a "ground..wire'' while"; the
removal of. the bulb from a-nearby
-'electric'light and. tho insertion-of "a
contact-'plug- take'1.the';.place, o.f-.an-
;fehnae. -���:It "can be done .in five minutes.;";' 'V..' . ->]-y; -X'',: 7.." 7: ' .--
".-��� Tlie-outfit ean.be. regulated to hear
every thing,-that-" is- -sent out. fronv. the"
Eiffel* Tower. V The' .correspondent;
listened,in when the prc'ss'matt'er was
being .sent out one. day, 'and the signals were:clear and easily heard.  : '.
of?2,175,000 were operated In the
province last' year, and seven new
plants.were built during the year.
Scots Minister's Choice .-
"��� A : Scottish. - minister discovered a
trouser button in the collection plate
one Sunday, morning. In the evening
{when he' ascended the pulpit.. he -announced: "I wish to remind you that
there is a collection at the,close.-of
the, service.;. The'text I have, chosen
,for the evening sermon is:-. "Rend
your. heart and. hot. your garments."'
Minard's Liniment for Distemper
. Shavers Not Ambidextrous
It is said that of men who .shave
theniselves not one in fifty can use
the razor with both hands.
Minard's   Liniment
'  inarles
used- by   Veter>
Ceylon Snails Grow Long
In Ceylon are to   be   found   snails
which'attain a length of from four to
five inches.
You are not.
ting   when
Lyou  use Dr.
- t    Chase's Olnt-.
mens for Eczema and   Skin ^.Irritations.   It relieves at onco and gradually heals.the skin..  Sample box Dr.
Chase's- Ointment' free "if -you mention this
gaper find send 2c stamp for postage.  60c. a
ox; all dealers- or Edmonson, Bates & Co.,
limited, Toronto,
-   --. v    Fall.Wheat In Alberta;.- 7';
The' totai:.area. sown In--fall.-wheat
this! year in Southern Alberta;.is; esti:
The victim . cannot, lie mated at-842,400 acres, as compared
sleep  is  driven- from ; his ^[h 792,200 acres sown In 1920 for
Tho area sown this fall repre-
Nights of Agony come In the train
of asthma,
down and
brain.      What  grateful- relief is- the. _.-91
immediate effect of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's   . -1,
Asthma.   Remedy..    It'".banishes -.the sents an increase' of 6 per cent. over.
frightful  conditions,  clears the pa,ss- last fall.
---  ages and enables the afflicted .one.to I -	
the Indian that it does for many of again sleep, as soundly .and rest&illy,. ,.���,.,    V-  -,,, .���,���;��>,, T���,������  f__
his white brethren," says the annual ,as a child:     Insist on-the genuine at!   threads of gold used, in India for
report of the Board of Indian Commissioners, .Washington. 7 Agents In
all parts of.the Indian country, the
report, said, have stated that in*many
cases the first proceeds of the, sale of
tribal lands go " to purchase a high-
powered automobile and a full complement ot accessories." .,.-;.....
Pure. =!n;Peru,7 Ji-7--,V
so.; pureVin;Ar'equlpai
%7- ' :N-- ,\1tfcV'14��-#''^X
. yyyy XMr.r���
Peru,.-that from'the
-that7p.3ace;78,650,feetabbve the" sea,
a- hIack.'jpbt;;-one inch.; In7^iameter,
-Placed: pma-.^de^d^
s i-^.aistance'"pf��� ll.miles,throughs:rVlS-
7\i:l*irh7 telescope,;; --'\-\-���>;'-������ ���<: .XXyyi. -j.
your nearby druggist.
B.C. Needs People
It la hardly necessary -to emphasize
the necessity of encouraging tourist travel. The tourist is the advance guard of new population. Out
of those who come and see for themselves there are. many who return to
stay.. .Discontinue the Invitation, and
travel.will:..cease.;; What California
;.has7'dpne. British ...Columbia should ;be
observatory  .at'able't'o{do.   . 1 Population is,pur urgent
need;-;; ; But advertising Is-essential.;
Victoria;Times:--.-" '--;" ���'������.*.-.;V"y i,.' y*-
:I&ngar.obsV'. are ...said :tp^bVaWe-'to;:
ljuinp a".fehce7711 fcet^higiVVoVVvV;;;
making lace are so   fine   that
yards weigh only one ounce.
Lumbago,'Neuralgia,. or'., any'other-.-r>a!n{'
apply.: Minard's Liniment; to the achinff
spot'and get" .Quick'/, relief.'"'-.- MinartJ*#
Is' ..the --remedy., your.grandmother used.
There is.-nothing. to-equal-If. ,     "-.-;���.,-.-..;
...,V'7fob"'saij_ bysrjwkebm'X'XXX
. Fxench scientist. has, taken ~ an
X-ray- photograph'. of :'a bpne through
a brick yalli-250 yards away,;   -
. Al good camel willtrayel a hundred
miles' a'- day." '     '-.' 7- '"."'." -V -: -. ���' V -
vj* M��min_!
Keep you r Eyfes
. ..       ...��_��... ��� hy
Vr'rito Tor trim C/c C��r�� Book Murin* Co.Chic��jo.U.*m,
gr,. YJ. ^h be cured. Don'i
f'lJfm    ^s*   y��ur   valuable
birds.   Act   quickly,
with sick birds and
prevent .-Spread .of;
'.��� {. -disease' by this proyr  ;
'":;en';remedy;"       XX:
ADyicB'TTtSE.'iQit poultry ex-���
:.pe'?t3 will.ielp yoa,' Write
Pralt Food Co. o! Canada, ltd,
���T��WatO ���':'���'':
Cook's Cotton Root CorapouG^
JL tajte. reliabU rtptilaUhg
tnedicin*. Sold .in threo do-
pe��i ��f strength���'No. 1. Sir
No. _, S3; No. 3, *5 per box.
Bold by all dru^lilts, or seni
prep-Ud on receipt of pries,
fret,   pamphlet.   .   AddreHj
THS COOK medicine: ecu
leiOITO, ONT. 'Jttmit, Wind!,,.)
America*--, Pioneer
Dog Remedies
and How  to Feed '
Mailed    Free    to -any
.- Address  by-the-
Author '"".'
.    ; co.. mc, ...
118    West ��� 3.1st-s'reet.-.
New York, U.S.A.
Trade Mark
Aa application of ctVas-'
eline' 'White Jelly brings
grateful relief when
. applied to cuts, burns,
chafed skin, etc.
, IBaOChkbotAro^ MontreaL;;'
.'atJ jars ai
gisit. ������;-.;���,:
���'   i&^-'X-
xm TFT]     T/FT-f-n-iJ....  .(WinpyW(\(m.     R     0,
Very Itchy and Burned.
Troubled Six Weeks.
- .'
"Our daughter's face came out in
A rash that we were told was eczema.
Her cheeks got sore
and she nibbed causing loss of sleep. The
breaking out was very
itchy and burned so
that I had to tie gloves
on her hands to keep
her from scratching.
"This trouble lasted about sis
weeks before I used Cuticura. I used
one large 66x of Cuticura Ointment
with two cakes of Cuticura Soap
when she was healed." (Signed)Mrs.
H. Stares, Blenheim Rd., Gait, Ont.
Cuticuia Soap, Ointment and Talcum are ideal for daily toilet uses.'
Soife 25c, Ointment 25 and SOc  Sold
throughout theDominion. CanadianDepot:
Lymtnii. Limited. St. Paul St, Montreal.
Cuticura Soap ahavas without mug.
A Whistling Mouse
Only One Known That Can Mimic
Birds       ���   - "   "
The town of Ocie in Ozark County,
Mo./makes a bid for fame with a
whistling mouse, the first of its kind.
Whether this mouse has been imbibing too freely of Ozark "corn lick-
er," or whether it thinks it is a mocking bird, is not clear. \
It was discovered in the home of W.
H. Hampton, a merchant at Ocie, and
apparently had wandered in from
the woods for the winter.
The mouse can% mimic a- quail,
mocking bird or--any other bird, according to the Rev. Walter E. Fish,
missionary for the American Sunday
School Union of Springfield, who.
vouches for the authenticity of the
story. " It keeps up a continuous
whistle and chatter all day and night,
ceasing only when it hears strange
voices in 'the building. Fortunately,
the Hamptons are not superstitious,
and attach no significance to ��� the
mouse's performance.
World Happenings
Briefly Told
THE racking, agonizing rheumatic
ache is quickly relieved by an application of Sloan's Liniment.
.-��� F!or forty years, folks all,over the
world have found Sloan's to be the
natural enemy of-pains and ach'e3.
It penetrates -without rubbing.
You can just tell bj* its healthy,
stimulating odor that it is going to do
���you good.
JKecp Sloan's handy for neuralgia,
sciatica, lame back, stiff joints, sore
muscles, strains and sprains.
At all druggists���35c, 70c, $1.40.
Made In Canada.  -       ^
The movements leading up to the
division of the kingdom began during
Solomon's reign.
I. The People's Demand (vv. 1-4).
This was occasioned by the burden
of excessive taxation and enforced
labor required by Solomon in order to
build   costly   houses and temples for ���' pOX
Faith Cures and Faith Diseases
The Newspapers Win
Results   Show   There   Is   No.., Better
Advertising Medium
Value of newspapers for advertising
has once more been demonstrated by
an extensive survey made by United the old men of experience   who   had
his heathen wives. Owing to the multiplicity of his wives this became
very burdensome. The people were
groaning under its weight.. Upon the
accession of the new king, Rehoboam,
the people through their leader, Jeroboam, came, out with the request
that their burdens be made lighter,
promising loyalty to him on the condition of lightened burdens.
II. Rehoboam's Foolish Decision (w.
5-15). ���'-'
1. Rehoboam consulted..with the old
men 7'vv. 5-7).     He at once consulted
Imagination    Plays   Large   Part
Health and Sickness
"There are faith cures," a doctor
said, "and there are also faith diseases. You believe you're cured,
and lo, you are ^ curedV You believe
you've got a disease, and lo, you've
got it.     Faith'does the trick
"Every medical man    knows    the
story of the hospital patient whoajs
nurse told him for a joke that the
patient preceding him had had.small
Smallpox hadn't   visited   that
locality for years, but the joke victim
took it and died of it in three days.
"Another hospital patient was one
day told that a lotion to be applied
to his arm would burn him pretty
severely. By mistake water was applied instead of the lotion, yet the
patient grimaced and groaned in
pain, and in a few minutes large
white blisters developed wherever
the water had touched.
"Faith! Faith is a marvellous
thing, and to say that it will remove
mountains Is no great exaggeration,
after all."
States army officers of all   means   of
publicity used last summer to secure,
been Solomon's advisers.     Being ��� acquainted with the conditions   as   im-
Useful   In   Camp.���Explorers,
veyors, prospectors and hunters
Double-deck motor buses are now
operated in Ro��no,_ the ancient city
where chariots once travelled.
Rats are doing damage to' Richmond dykes on Lulu Islands, B.C., by
working under and through them.
According to information received
In Calgary, a small flow of oil has
been struck at Walsh, Alta;, just east
of Medicine Hat.        -
The loss of a nickel cost the life
of 13-year-old Johp; Martin, of New
York.     He opened'a subway grating
to recover it, and fell to the tracks
7underneath In the path of a train.
Information gathered by the Northwest Grain -Dealers' Association was
that   farmers   In ^ the three western
7 provinces "have 31 million bushels of
wheat left to market.
Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, great-
great-nephe'-y of, the famous Napoleon,
declared in New York that he was not
giving serious consideration to an invitation to ascend the throne of
Lord Shaughnessy's name is going
the rounds in connection with the
Canadian" high commissionership in
London, although nothing has been
. said suggesting that this is anything
any more than mere gossip.
Announcement was made^by the
Provincial Government that Colin
Groff, a memher of the staff of the
Calgary Aibertan, has been, appointed
publicity commissioner for the province of Alberta In succession to the
late James McCaig, whose death took
place" some time ago.
Word was received by the Canadian
^Government Merchant Marine of the
arrival-at Novoroossk, Russia, of the
steamer Canadian Seigneur with the
first consignment of the 500 tank cars,
manufactured for the Russian Soviet
Government by the Canadian Car and
, Foundry Company, of Montreal.
A well-defined earthquake was registered at Gonzales Observatory, Victoria, on Dec. 18th, commencing at
7.40 a.m.-, the maximum vibration being- registered at 7.61 a.m., and the
vibration lasting two hours. The
distance is estimated at 1,200 miles,
or in Northern Mexico.
A provincial real estate board, composed of all, the local real estate
boards in the various cities of Ontario, , has been given birth. The
new organization will be similar to
_ _the_ state, boards south..of. the border,
and' R. ,T3. Rice has been appointed
convener of a committee to prepare
details of organization for the new
Value of the mineral production of
British Columbia for 1921, will be $24.-
653,909, according to an estimate given out bj the department of mines
based on government returns up to a
month before the close of tho year.
This will represent a decrease of 30.9
per cent, irom tho value of the output
which was $35,543,084.
^S^^^^^^^{^^��b   for   the citizens' military '-*�����-���   by   Solomon, and knowing>the ,
are hollow and pale, if'.he is tired | training camp at   Plattsburg.     Er.ch temPer of the **0^   ^   ��**������* ������^roVS*  Whef'the feet 3
SSJIStaftitif ��" ^mi3.? SK i candldate "M a^ed the camp was7that Jfe people's request be granted.    jgg^J1^ Tnd co"fd it i   weU to ��b
areafmldidnefhatfsnS h���   *��   learned of the camp     2. Rehoboam   consulted   the young them freely with the oil and the re.
storing The b^
girls   and > women.   . Dr.   Hamilton's   have been carefully checked.     In the 8-n>*     These >'0UnS men were most ^^?.^US-C-le-S_'_!S? Ah~Ld../L���*'Ar���c.��*
Pills tone up the entire system. Complexion quickly becomes rosy, spirits
rise, strength increases daily. Health,
vigor and good looks will soon return
to a faded woman, if she uses Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. Sold everywhere,
25c per box, or from the Catarrhozone
Co., Montreal.
, tusion, or sprain be sustained, nothing
drive   for   candidates every possible like* half-brothers, sons of'Solomon's , ^dbe better as a dressing or lotion.
Crerar Re-Elected President
U noted
Grain Growers Elect
Officers for the Year ' , -������'������
Hon. T. -A. Crerar was re-elected
president'of the United Grain Growers, limited, at a meeting of directors
held'at Winnipeg. C. Rice Jones was
re-elected first vice-president and
general manager. J. J. McLellan,
Purple Springs, Alta., F. J. Collyer,
Mrs. Alfred ' Naud, Natagan River,
Que., writes:���"I do not think there
is any other medicine to equal Baby's
Own Tablets for little ones. I have
used   them   for   my baby and would
Wefwyn. Sask.,'and'John F. Reid.Ar-   ?qs�� T^f^86:'!   +^hat Bf,rs- Naud
says thousands of other mothers say
cadla, Sask., were elected to the executive. John Kennedy, of Winnipeg,
was  elected second  vice-president.
E.J. Fream, -Calgary,v and F. M.
Black, Winnipeg, were re-appointed
secretary and treasurer respectively.
Dyed Her Sweater
And Silk Stockings
means of publicity was used, includ- ^m&^ wives* Belne thus b">ught up
ing show cards, addresses in public in the luxury of the harem, they were
gatherings and personal solicitation, ^gnorant of the real rights of the peo-
The-survey of results of these means P16* ��iei,ef��re they advised that the
of publicity shows that newspapers burdens be increased. -
informed nearly 50 per cent7 of all 3- Rehoboam - follows the advice of
candidates. the young men (vv. 12-15). ,. At the
appointed time he announced his purpose to the people. He answered
them roughly,'assenting' his purpose to
increase their burdens and sorrows.
Rehoboam,lost the great opportunity
of his life. 7
Ut. The Revolt of the Ten Tribes (vv.
Upon Rehoboam's .announcement of
his rash purpose, all Israel cried out,
"What portion have we in David?
Neither have we an Inheritance in the
son of Jesse; to your tents, 6 Israel!
"Mounties" Known As
Royal Entertainers
lace and Chiffon
Grace the Tea Hour
By Marie Belmont
The tea-time hour can find no more
charmingly feminine    garment    than
Expense  Was  Not Considered   Forty this creation of rose chiffon and gray
Years Ago lace, trimmed in wide bands of Aus-
Thirty^B*; forty years ago the North- tralian opossum. The warm rose
West Mounted Police force were tone of the chiffon gives just enough
known socially as royal entertainers, color to the neutral gray, while the
Expense cut no figure. The-distance flying side panels add their finishing
their guests resided was not consider- touch of smartness. Speaking of
ed in those days.     Hospitality was panels, it'seems that the straight-line
spelled in letters 10 feet high.
frock will never again relinquish these
The reader will, no doubt, remember
when a few years ago there was a
collision in the Halifax, N.S., Harbor
and one of the munition ships was
blown up, causing great loss of life
and laying a large portion of the city
in ruins, and causing a great deal of
suffering and distress among the inhabitants.
Mrs. Winfield'Dill, now of Windsor,
N.S., was living in Halifax at that
time and went through this trying experience arid the shock wrecked her
nerves. She writes as follows:���"I
was living in Halifax at the time of
the explosion, and it wrecked my
nerves so that I could not do my
housework. I would take such nervous spells I would be under the doctor's care.
I saw Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills advertised, so I took two boxes,
and they helped me so much I took six
more, and now I am completely relieved. I can recommend them to anyone suffering from heart and nerve
To all those who suffer from nerv-
vous shock we would recommend our
as the best remedy to tone up the entire nervous system and strengthen
the weakened organs. Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills are the original
heart and nerve food having been on
the market for the past 27 years.
Price, 50c a box at all dealers, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
Gets Fortune From
Police Court Fine
They have found by   trial   that   the
Tablets    always    do   just    what   is.
claimed for-them./    The Tablets are'Now see.to thine own house, David."
a mild but thorough laxative which
regulate the bowels and sweeten the
stomach and thus banish indigestion,
constipation, colic, colds, etc. They
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 .cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" contains directions so simple  that any woman can dye-or tint faded, shabby skirts,
dresses,   waists,   coats,   sweaters,   stockings,-hanging's, draperies, everything like  m____-���i���i.
new. .   Buy- "Diamond  Dyes"���no  other : transcript
kind���then perfect home dyeing is guaranteed, even If you have never dyed before. -   Tell   your.druggist   whether   the 'Mrs. Blank,
material you wish to dye is,wool or silk,
or whether it is linen,  cotton, or mixed
goods.      Diamond    Dyes    never    streak,
spot, fade,.or run.
New Idea
The waiter Jhad been very slow in
serving dinner, and the diner was
exasperated to the point of sarcasm.  -
"Now, waiter," he said, "bring me
a coffee and liqueur, and while
you're away you might send me a
postcard now and then."
Fiction's Rivals
Children, who are among the greatest users of public libraries, are now
borrowing books of biography, natural
history and travel almost as often as
they choose fiction.
New Concrete Device
To keep concrete of uniform quality a timing device for mixers has
been invented that controls the mixing by regulating the operation of
the discharge-chute.
Attack of Liver Complaint
' The telephone rang and the book-'
keeper answered it, * as the Boston
tells it. "Yes, madam,
this is Wilkins' market." "This is
I want you to know that
the liver you sent me is most unsatisfactory. It is not calf's liver at all;
calf's liver is tender,, and���" "Just
a moment, madam, and I'll '��all the
proprietor." "What is it?" Wilkins
asked. The bookkeeper surrendered
the phone. "Mrs.' Blank," he said.
"Liver complaint."
Corns cripple the feet and make
walking a torture, yet sure relief in
the shape of Holioway's-Corn Remover is within reach of all.
Australian Is Expert
At Counting Sheep
. ���   n      ^    -r-
Opossum Ranch In Texas
There are sheep ranches, . goat
ranches, cattle ranches and horse
ranches galore in Texas. But the
Panhandle has the first 'possum ranch
In existence. E. D. Harrclr is its
Arabian Vinegar Best -
The vinegar made by the Arabs is
said to be far superior to any other.
If you must bet, bet   on
dog and the bottom facts.
the _ top
m -.
A'*balanced.?fa sound
confusing to many
The facts, as explained- 7 -
77-" ���-. ?:.     v kerex are simple. ?:':''x -.������ 'x[y.
The secret of a balanced diet" is to have food ;
7-7 containing si! the elements needed for proper..
7  nutrition. These elements are protein, to.nouristi..
the tissues; starch and sugar to furnish energy; ._
fat to supply heat; and mineral salts to provide
"the material necessary for building nerves, brain,    .
7*nd.tootfi.and bone structure.
.. Grape-Nuts,' the nourishing cereal mads of   . ���
.'   : whale- wheat flou��.ahd malted barley, served with
cream or milk, is a complete food for young and   7
old alike, ���   -
Go to your grocer today and get a package of
Grape-Nuts. Eat it with milk or cream lb?
breakfast; or with stewed fruit; jelly or jam, as a
delicious dessert for lunch or dinner.
,;c:��� - Every member pf the fgjnHy-will..relish this 7
;    "There's a Reason"
ty Csnadten Pcatnm Ctr��*l .Co., Ltd., 'Windsor, Oat.
Enumerate   .Ms.r.y    Thousands
Without An Error
Counting sheep is an art, writes
Will H. Ogilvie in the Daily Mail,
There are many shepherds in Great
Britain skilful" and accurate in this
branch of their work, but in Australia one finds the supreme artist, the
unapproachable-expert.    ���    --"
When a station manager or overseer has a large mob of sheep to
count he rounds them up at a gate
leading from one paddock to another.
These gates are double, opening from
a block in the centre.
He opens the two gates about three
feet and lays a sapling or stick of
some kind across the tops, lashing it
in place with saddle straps or wire,
preventing, the gates , from opening
farther whatever the pressure from
behind, and leaving an aperture of, a
couple of feet for the sheep to run
through. .   "X     . .:,.. 7 \        '   .   V-
He takes . hisv stanuVon tho.windr
ward.side to avoid-7 the dust. ; Beside, and a little behind him, stands,
his tallyman,"who notches.each hun;
dred on a stick as it. it called out to
him. X.. ,    ���' x''������        -XX-      '���'' '���-:'"'
Soon the sheep .are in'full-run,
jostling, tumbling,, leaping, in a continuous' stream;,,, single." file, two
abreast, three together, or five in a
cluster.   .7.   ='''!"-.'"V-;- V7 -  X.-X:-i.
The- expert takes, them, as they
come, covering them Treith.',-��� a , trained
eye���cool, unfluttered; . self-confident.
..Occasionally three or.four fail; the
stream becomes blocked, and blurred.
Then, stepping forward, ��� he lifts his
hand and steadies the avalanche till
the vway is clear.-V 7
There are men in;the bush who
will count.these great'"".numbers1 day
after.day and seldom or never make
a mistake of a. single sheep..
Rehoboam's attempt to collect tribute
from the ten tribes was met by stoning Adoram, the   tribute   gatherer, so
that he died.     Rehoboam's failure to
���    ���/....
head the advice of experienced men
caused the work of two generations to
be undone in a moment.
IV.   Jeroboam's   Substitute   Religion
(vv. 25-33).
1. He established calf-worship (w.
25-33). (1) His pretext for (w. 26,
27). He feared'lest the religious unity should heal the political separation. His plea was that the people
would go back to Jerusalem to worship, and therefore would gradually be
led to acknowledge allegiance to Re-
hobaom, and his own life would be
taken. This act "of his had its root
in his heart of unbelief. God had
promised through the Prophet Ahijah
to build him a sure house, even as he
had built for David (I. Kings .11:38).
Had he believed God, this fear would
have been dispelled, o Jeroboam only
used religion to secure personal ends.
He was too shrewd a politician to do
away with religion. He knew' that
religion was a powerful factor in
man's life. (2) The calves set up
(vv. 28-30). JVVhen Jeroboam set up
these idols he said: "It' is too much
for you to go up to Jerusalem; behold
thy gods, O7 Israel, which _ brought
thee up out^tf Egypt." His religion
was the religion of convenience.
2. His scheme of worship (w; 31-
33). (1) He built houses of high
place8_(v. 31). This.was against the
direct command of God. (2) He
made priests.of the lowest of the people (v. 31). God had set aside the
tribe of Levi to fill the office of priesthood. In this again, he disobeyed
God. (3) He changed the day of the
feast of the tabernacle (v. 32). The
time of this feast was set by Jehovah
(Lev. 23:33-3-1).. (4) Jeroboam.himself intrudes into the priest's office (v.
33). This act of presumption on his
part was the climax of his- godless
acts. ' All this grew out of a wicked
Every winter.^ practically speaking, added bits of extra length, now they,
from '76 to '96 to the writer's person- have annexed them. Indefinite hem-
al knowledge the police0 at Regiiia lines, too, remain.at the"height of the
(from '82), Fort Walsh, Fort Qu'Ap- mode, as bespoken in the bit of gray
pelle, Battleford, Prince Albert, Fort lace which finishes the rose chiffon
McLeod, Calgary, Fort Saskatchewan, skirt. -- For the wearer who desires
Maple Creek, annually gave a banquet striking effects rather than softer
and ball, the cost of which varied tones, the same gown is suggested in
from $1,500 to $3,000, according to black lace over white satin, with mon-
the strength of the divisions and key fur fringe'instead of the wide fur
where stationed���in one instance at .bands,
Fort McLeod the orchestra was im
ported from Winnipeg.
Everybody was asked and all were
Natlon-wlde Fame.-
ly a corner of this
-There is scarce-
great Dominion
Given   Before  War  Nets
Officer Big Sum
The collapse in Austrian exchange
turned a police court fine into a fortune for an Austrian army officer who
has just been sentenced to pay 50
francs at Buchs for assaulting a customs official before the war. The of-
fleer then was released upon cash bail
of 5,000, Swiss francs, deposited at a
time when the crown was the equivalent of the franc.
When he paid his fine and received the bail he deposited years ago,
he found that he had what would be
changed into more_than 2,000,000
Austrian crowns.
Minard's Liniment for Garget In Cows
welcome���the white lady and the half where   the   merits   of   Dr,
breed lady received exactly the same! ^lectric Oil have not been tried and
.,   ���        ' . '       .       T   . proved.    It is one of the world s most
kindly and courteous treatment. In efflcient remedies for sore throat,
cases where it was not convenient for | lame back and many other ailments
the guests to provide   for   their own.'&rtetog from inflamamtion.     Rubbed
transport, police trains were provided,1?.^ t^L8l?tt<i'lt8 Vw^6 po,wer.ls/evad-
* * lly absorbed, and it can also bo taken
and on many occasions drives of 30 or
40 miles" were made to bring some
fair matron or maid to the celebration, with transportation home afterwards.
These were the days of true hospitality, and the endeavor made to
entertain was" based upon the, police-
mens" finances. A' monthly wage of
say $20 to ?30 for constables and from
$30 to $45. for N.C.O.'s, and $100 to jj^ "
$180 for commissioned officers. If
the entertainments of the present day
were based upon similar conditions
the' function would be some gorgeous
German Water Flare
Found In England
No Reduction Jn Shoe Prices
That there is going to be no reduction in price of boots-, and shoes was
the statement made bf S. Roy Wearer, manager of the Shoe Manufacturers' Association of Canada, and he declared that reports to tho contrary are
baselessV:..^ .-.'''������' XX-.^yXy "-V-, V.'^    X.
���V'V'Butteifly^Farms. jn England;..
;In ..England-7are several farms devoted --entirely, to rthe.:: cultiyation^.of
]butterflies7and motha.V
Mingrd'er Liniment for Colds, ats.
Ai! Soldiers Haye Been; Identified
Officials Say -All Men In Mental
'.-7 ;> Hospitals Knewn ^
Official assurance has just been given that.'none of: the' soldiers, in- the
; mental asylums remain unidentified.
Statements to-the contrary were rife
some time :agp' and again have dbtain-
cd'7currency.' ...These, .it is. stated,
have caused entirely unnecessary
anxiety- to the relatives of some soldiers 7 reported ..dead, especially , in
"cases' where ".the soldiers- were first
announced as missing.'; 7        '���':-��� V.
Mothers can easily know when their
children are troubled with worms, and
they lose no time in applying a reli-,
able remedy���Mother Graves' Worm .other airships on the mornings of May
Picked Up In Woods And Sent To Air
A German water flare has been
found in Mar Forest, Deeside. Flares
of this type were dropped by Zeppe-
to enable the commander to ascertain whether he was flying over
land or water.
This particular flare, '��� which was
found by a ghlllie and handed by him
to the Prince of Wales, who sent it
on to the air ministry, was no doubt
dropped by the 111-i'ated Zeppelin
L-20, which left Germany with nine
Germans Like Chop Suey
American "chop suey" has been Introduced   to   the   Rhinelanders���and
Thomas' .they like it. ���
The chop suey idea was conceived
by the American soldier, Walter E.
Smith, who opened a shop when his
enlistment expired.
Germans didn't pay much attention to the little cafe at first, but
curiosity got the best of them at last
and finally they began patronizing tlie
place, and thB food, served with Chinese trimmings, is quite popular now
with the native" men and women.
The Gods of India
Vishnu  the  Preserver  and  Siva the
���   Destroyer Supreme to Natives
"India"isVt land of "strange gods,"
and come of them are very stranse
indeed,    observes    a    correspondent j flew east by north and dropped four
bombs in the north of Aberdeenshire,
they re-crossed the coast near Cruden
2, 1916. The L-20 crossed the coast
of Scotland at Lunan Bay^and flew
on'past Montrose, where It turned
inland, - and flew past Brechin over
tbe Forest of Mar and within 15 miles
of Balmoral... _It_crossed_-the.Mona-.
dhliath Mountains and the Caledonian
Canal.   It then altered its course and
Child Gets War Cress; .7 .
Helene Jacquemin, aged. 10, Pari3, is
the youngest, person."*�� receive the
proix de. Guerre for bravery in , the
World War.. Under,Intense grilling
by..; Germans she refused to., divulge
military information she possessed.
Niagara Power
The first use of Niagara, power was
made in 1725, a primitive sawmill being worked there: Nothing more was
done until 1842, when the plan of
hydraulic canals was conceived and
in. 1SS1/onejof .them was wmpleted.. 7
7.Bolshevians. Eat;Clay.-Sauc-s >7.
The Bolshevians; prepare.,front, clay
axsauce that,adds, relish, to their pq-
'tatoes.'-'.-.\*;;-V Xy .-X y:XX--.-;X.-
Mar&et7price' for./radium
?455i!O^OC'0; an pane*.'-'-* "X, Xy
Is 7 about
writing from India to the Daily Mail
One encounters them all over the
country, but it is only in the holy
cities that their presence in force is
The two supreme gods are Vishnu
the Preserver-and Silva the Destroyer. *
Vishnu is said to have come down
on earth nine times. He. has had a
many-sided past, having taken the
forms of a fish, a tortoise, a bear and
a lion, thereby increasing the popular regard for these.animals'." '-.
.'.-He is easily Identifiable, for he is
painted bright blue and stands .ma-
jesticallyon ,a snake. . .7-7..;-;.-.
: As .with. many, other ..gods, his
images: are ..treated .very humanly.
Every day he is aroused from sleep,
dressed and V fed���the food being
quickly polished off by the priests
afterward���and each, night he is. undressed, : bathed.. and put to bed just
like,any human child...-   '���   '7" '.-'-,
��� Siva the Destroyer, on the other
hand;- is- rather, a' fearsome'.monster,
with ��� a .-predilection .for burning:
places arid graves. He.'.has;-/however 7 most" ungallantly .passed ..his
worst qualities on to'his. wife,
/dread goddess Kali.-Rather; curiously, the pair of them-are worshipped; as the creators asiwell as the destroyers of life,7so that .childless women often direct their, prayers . lb
them; *i X ��� ,-."'      -.. ���; \
Bay. " ,
Over the North Sea the L-20 met
heavy winds and was driven against
high land at Handhaes in Norway, on
the morning of May 3. The airship
was badly injured and fell Into a
fjord and sank. Her commander was
Captain-Lieutenant Stabert.       ������ ,
Ducks Becoming a Nuisance
The depredations of the duck have
become so serious in certain parts of
Saskatchewan, that the farmers will
likely ask the Provincial Government
for. an open season the year round.
A   little    learning    makes a
dangerous company for himself.
Before calling a man\ liar, be sure
you are right���then don't.
TRAPPERS get highest prices
for your'furs. Ship them to me. I
have more than satisfied others. You
too are sure of best returns. Write
for tags and . price ��� list. Reuben
Wolff, 114 .West 30th St.,_New-York	
Send  a   Dominion  Express   Money   Order.
Thcy are payable everywhere.
-.-, , Swiss Have Joint Dairies  .-���
Switzerland  has  many co-operative
cattle associations, besides joint stock
dairies in every village. .
You're Constipated!
77. .'Take "Cascarets""-
For Liver, Bowels
7 Sick -headache, biliousness;  coated
tongue;.or sour, gassy stomach���always
trace this to torpid liver.arid delayed,
fermenting food in the bowels; , Cas-
caretswork while7you sleep;. , They
immediately, cleanse the stomach, remove the sour, undigested food, and
foul gase_i.take the excess bile from
the. liver, and. carry- out all the constipated waste, matter arid poisons in
j the bowels. . "Get a 10-cent box now
. j ancTlet."Cascarets" straighten you out
the by morning. 7 ; ,.=. .     '
��./ ���X-rrr~i " 7" ':.'������
Mother, Quick!/Give
California Kg Syrup    V
For Child's Bowels
1END for .superbly Illustrated
booklets giving full and reliable
Information covering excellent
Dollar a Day hotel3. Good Apartments at reasonable rates, Houses
for Rent, best Restaurants and
, general information that will save
you endless trouble and consider-'
able money.'
Sent postpaid on receipt of 10c for
postage. '. Address Editor, The
Traveller,-- -Drawer K, Imperial
Block, Vancouver, B.C,
. Schoolboy On Music
Some musical '^howlers" written by
boys were described by Dr. Wynne
Wilson recently.    -* ,���-,-;������"���" . .
"One boy,",he said, '^.tofa:*-*?���'^���"*11*-11 wksaU the con-
Even a sick child loves the '"fruity*-
taste of "California .Fig Syrup." .7. If
the little tongue Is coated, or if your
child Is .listless, cross, feverish,, full of
cold, or.has colic,-a teaspoonftU will
never fail, to open the" bowels, In a
few hours, joxl can see for yourself
explain the difference between f and ff,
wrote:,- "t '.meaha.'- forty,������--therefore.'%
means..eighty-"7-; \yyXX X-XXXX -,..."
---���Another-, boy stated /that "an. inter-,
val in music..is,, ja period for. reire_h-
ments/'7/i"-V--.7"--- .'-")'��� ���'--; :"X...-yy
First7 ��� ��� Protestant - ;'-��� missionaries
rived In'Japan .in7lS34.' X 'X-....;..;;V;
j stipation poison, sour bile and waste
from; the. tender, little - bowels and
gives you a well, playful child again.
. Millions of mothers keep "California
Fig .Syrup".handy. 7 .They . know a
teaspoonful today saves a sick child to-
morrow.. Ask your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has
directions- for babies and children of
all ages printed on bottle.. Mother!
Yoa must say ���-California" or you may
jet an fenltatia* fig syrop.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a littl*
"Freezone" on an aching corn; instaat-
ly that corn stops, hurting, then -shortly you lift it right off with flagers.-
Trnly! '    -- ���'-.������*-. !'
Tour druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freesone" for a few cenU,..sufficient
to remove every hard cons, soft corn,
or corn betw-eeE-the toe���� aad the cal*
loses, withont soreness or irritation. .
w. & 17. i_a��
Is 52.00 a year strictly in advance, or
��2,50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Bstray Notices 3-00
Cards of Thank3    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears it* notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
sach subsequent insertion, nonpariel
T ranscient display advertising 50 cents
en inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
"May the future be to yoa as to
me ifc appearB
A.   happy   BUcceBsion of  bright
coming years."
It is hard to realize that a full
twelvemonth has elapsed since we
last wished onr readers a happy
and prosperous New Year, yet we
trust that for everyone the familiar
phase carries the same sense of rejuvenation and kindliness as in the
The mouths which have gone to
make np 1921 have been less stirring than in years still close to
us which were packed with
great events, aud perhaps less
happy for some than those previous
spans that were flush with excitement, tragedy, the joy of effort and
artificial prosperity. At times a
drab pessimism has seemed to
settle down ou the public mind,
which should have no place in a
country so blessed with opportunities and the means of subsistence
as Canada. A convalescent world
which .finds the task of recovery,
slower than anyone anticipated, is
subject to fits of gloom and Canada
is not immune from such lapses
. into depression.
If" the year 1921 were put on
trial for its sins there would no
doubt be many witnesses, against
its character. Business would have
much, complaint; and i.ndictstry
likewise". In some countries there
has been a grievous need /without
themeans to buy; in others'an.
overflowing plenty that has destroyed the profits of   sale;  everything
��� topsy-turvy in:an.economic.sense.
Yet jet us be.thankful that Canada
���'������ comes within the latter .category;
;..that .our   people-cannot,  starve.;
And -if', we look abroad to European
��� countries where the wolf is howling
ut nearly everyone's door, we can-
'.. not,but realize .that  Canada "has
r .much' to be thankful for.   "���
. Drab as the/past year.has beep,
it may be that in future centuries
7 it 'will be.'regarded as one 0* the
the moBt important in human history; the year in which the seed, of
a���greafc movement for mutual forbearance and universal - peace first
.came - up. iri young - arid,' > fragile
.shoots,  ��� Whether they are .to grow
.-. stronger and. produce a great har-.
vest'/that "will-bless humanity as it
never before has been blessed  tim e
"alone can tell.
The New Year
A Flower unblown; a Book unread;
A Tree with Fruit unharvested;
A Path untrod; a House whose rooms
Lack yet the heart's divine perfumes;
A Landscape whose wide border lies
In silent shade 'neath silent skies;
A wondrous Fountain yet unsealed; "
A Casket with it's gifts concealed;
This is the year that for you waits
Beyond tomorrovy's mystic gates.
���Horatio Nelson Powers.
For Itbrn* Convenience
Has Opened a Depot at
^/ta/yfiVj&% says:
1 JKey<vtf aJXu*z&4~,
(**Ziu*% ofT&tit<4Atfpeb6
m %m %
If the depression of year 1921
has taught us nothing else,  it has
at least convinced   everyone that
war settles nothing, that resort to
arms leaves things worse th an before.    If the. year 1921 lias really
sounded the knell of militarism as
a solution of international disputes
it will be called blessed in bi-toryV
.Thus, the New Year comes  to us
'.with . something .7 in   the; air that
%ocgh;: intaDgibie'7iaVsweet;i|iid
noble.7 7"'7V''. 7'7V77*!;7.;. XX.:--. :; ;.
V Send a Float.to your frieodsat
"once."'-.' Yon   can get -them- a^t
TbeTL-cdgepfficeV/r^VVXx 'yXX"X--
���   - ���>
wishes all its readers a
Happy and Prosperous
New Year
comes to the front with a
IDTtltU '
_   trai br.
A. B. 8hub��rV~
convenience for fur shippers.
As usual, "SHUBERT" is
looking out for your interest.
In order to eliminate for you the necessity of obtaining
export permit and the payment of royalty���to make it possible for you to get "more money"���"quicker" for your
furs, "SHUBERT" has opened a Fur Receiving Depot at
Vanoouver. AH you have to do is PACK UP YOUR FURS AND SHIP
"SHUBERT" is paying extremely high prices for Muskrat,
Mink, Coyote, Foxes, Marten, Fisher and all other lawfully taken fur-bearers.
We want all the furs you can ship, but. we must have them��� QUICK��� so get
after 'em and ship 'em to "SHUBERT" as fast as you get 'em.    ���
_A.. B. S H \J B ERT^^"
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
Royal Bank Bldg,, Grand Forks
The Home Circle
If you are a twentieth century woman you are incapable
of being- idle and unambitious. Unless you have a definite
aim in life you don't belong1 to this age even if )'-ou were
born sometime during the last hundred years. It is the
fashion to be earnest, to have an active brain and a loving
heart. To be in touch with the. times you must be connected with some of the great reforms; it maybe temperance or missionary work. You inay have a personal interest in one of the.stupendous charities of. the day.. In
any event you must be ��� interested in. something . besides
fashion and other follies, for women are coming to the
front-���nay, are: already- there. . Their feet are no longer
in slippery places, they���are..learning how to��� be. generous
and helpful.to each.other, for the leaders, are lending a
hand to their less: fortunate sisters. They extend it to
all classes, from the woman who putters with.patch .work
to the degraded devotee of Bacchus. . .. .
"7-Honest.poverty: should be respected and not-scorned.
It was in the homes of the lowly that.we oftentini.es found
Christ when .upon the-earth... and in ourv'day it -can be
truly -said that we meet Him there; of tener than elsewhere,
7V-As we!meet;and talk with. the..friei-dsTjjwe; love, it will
take.no more time to .tell them we appreciate them and
that they have'; helped us than to speak of many things
that. wijV.nbt.be"half "so welcome.to'.hear;as; these words.
7. v-V;-Midway- Notes---. ;V-
ThisTis to certify; that; ,1 -have
exarmoed the- accounts .:of ���_������ the
Midway Xmas VTree VEund arid
have found them.correct.
Arch. P. .Smith
English -as it Sounds
Said MreV A. bice of the; over-
hearers': ���^They.rnost have been
to the .-Zoo,' because I .heard- her
mention *a trained"deer.'"        7
Said Mrs.. BVV'No, no, they
were talking abont going away and
she said to him, 'Find put abont
the train, dear.' "
Said Mra. C: "I think you are
both wrong. It seemed :lb iae
they were diecussiDg mneic, for she.
said, 'a trained ear' very distinctly."   . .   -
A few. minutes later tbe lady
henself appeared and they told her
of. their disagreement.
'"Weil," she.laughed, "that's
certainly7 f onny. V You are poor
ggessere,;all.pf!-��� you.;.'',The :.fact...is,.
I'd-.b^enouttathe country ever.r;
night; and I was...asking7"nsy,7 ���Da.s:.
band ifj: it. rained, here ;:i^i.7'eyen':
iDg^����V^g|pn;TraiQscnpt.-7V ��� VV7
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
While We Have Them
There's no one like a mother, lad,
To comfort all oiir pain;
There's no "one like a father, lad,
To make one smile again;
So while we have our mother, boy,
Let's drive away her fear;
And while we have our father, boy,
Let's fill his heart with cheer.
There's no one like a mother, lad,
To keep us pure within;' "
There's no one like a father, lad,
To warn away irom sin:
So while we have our mother, boy,
Oh, let us not rebel;  ...
And while we have our father, boy,
.Let's heed his warnings well.
The time is surely coming, lad,
When mother will be gone; - '        r '.
The time is surely coming, lad,
Of father's passing on;    "   ���   '
So while we have our mother, boy,.
.Let's make her spirit blest;     -.
And while we have our father, boy,
.   Let's be our very best.
'" ��� ���Amos R. Wells.
.Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material - guaranteed."  We
pay postage one way 7 Terms Cash.
UA   UB   A_LA    A__A    -U-fe   dfl*   J'_U___   ^_Efl_   i_J___   SUsW   ^_B���SV   ^J__fc   H__^
f* TP -W IT Tr TT1* f* *l*,*r !_r*.*_r V-
PUBLIC NOTICE ;is hereby -given to. the
electors.of the Municipality of-the' City, of
Greeri*To6d,-that>I require the presence of "the
8ftid;elect"ors-in the City Hall.in the City of
.Greenwood on the-Stbday of January, 1922,at
12: o'clock'1100a, for.-the- purpose of electing
persons to represent.Ihehi in' the Municipal
Council.as -Major and;Aldermen, and for. the
pnrpose.of electing- oneperson as School Trustee' and' two persons a6 .Police Commissioners
for the Municipality of the Corporation-of the'
City.of Greenwood. '-,-'���..���-'"; XX "'
7 Tho mode of nomination ofeandlilatensliiiU
be as,follows:   "    ..." ���"., ���    7'       -
.-- The candiJates shall .be nominated In writ-
Ing; the writing shall.be subscribed -by two
voters of the. municipality.' aa proposer and.
se'eonder, and shall be delivered to the' Returii"-'
ing Offiicer at any .time between the "date of the.
notice.and 2 b.m.' of the day of the nomination
aiid in the event of a poll beini?'necessary, sueh
poll.wUl be opened on the 12tb. day of -Jairuary
A.I)-. 1922,between-therhours. of 9 .e,.m: and ?
p. m..at the said'City Office," of which every person, ia hereby required to take notice .and govern, himself accordingly. .'��� .' "X
-- ���' -         QUAiiFiCAxross.  .
"The persons,qualified;'. to_ be-nominated--for
and elected as Mayor of the City shall, be.such
persons as are male British subjects of. the", fall
ace of twenty-one years; an3 are not .'disqualified under any \xw\ and have been for the" six
months next preceding, the day of .nomination
.the registered ��� owner; in the. Land Registry
Office, of real property. In the city of tbe assessed value on the last .municipal assessment
roll of One ThouBft'ad Dollars or more; over and
above, any registered judgment 01*charge and
who are otherwise duly qualified^ municipal
voters.   - ,  .       ���
Thepe'raonsqualified t6 be nominated for and
electtd as Aldermen, School Trustees and
Police Commissioners of said.City.shall be sncli'
persoas as are British: subjects of the fnll
ageof twenty one years, and arc not disqua,li-
fie<l-nnder any law. and have been for sii months
next preceding thsdayotnominatioa the registered owner,. in the Land. Btei-istry Office, of
land or real property in the city of the assessed
value," on the last Municipal Assessment roll of
five'- frondred dol&rt or more .over and above
"any registered jodgement or; charje, and-vrho
are .otherwise 'duly., -���j-naliEed ia. municipal.
Voters. .-' ��� ^;.-.' "' 7"".;7 ���;"-"- 7 7,7v--7:- .
��� Gsven.Tiniler my hand at Green-crpod this29th
dayofDeceabw^A-p.-lsaVVV.-';; ""--"-'-7        ���
V7^-:.,"7;7-V7:VG;'is7vrALTERS,v7 .7:7
.' -'.'..'- -��� ���;. 7,-.,.'.-;"-. -. Eetnming Offiwr.'���--.- .-r
4>-'; ^ '���
+���������������������:������:.'.������  -:V-7V> v-
'^XXX'i ���X--XXX"'yyXXX.
-^ C LOAT-iB riot a periodic-
7*v, ; . al. :lo ia a book con-
��J�� taiiiing 86 illustrations all
���jL^7told, and is;.filled, with
T sketches ;. and   stories., of
western life. 7;It tells, how
a: gambler cashed in after!
the "fiash days of Saiidon ;
how it rained in New Den-
,'yer long after Noah was.
dead; how' a parson took a
drink  at Bear   Lake   in
early   days; X "how   j asti.ee
was dealt in. Kaslo in '93;
how. the saloon man oufr-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, 7and graphically.de- =;
picts the . roamings   of" a
western edito?among the
tender-feet in the cent belt..
It contains the early history
of Nelson and  a romance,
of the Silver King mine..
In  it are  printed   three
western poems, and dozens
of articles  too   numerous
to mention.    Send for one.
before it is too late.   Tile
price   is  60  cents,  post^
paid to any part of   the
world.    Address  all  lel-
tei�� to
The Consolidatefl Mining^   Smelting GO;
of Canada,7llimited ���"''���'��� r
Offices, Smelting and.Refining Department.  -   <--
TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA :        7 7      7
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold/   Silver,- C6pper,_Bluestone,   Pig  Lead"'and Zinc
7 "TADANAC" BRAND    '7.
Auto Stage twice daily tp  Midway  meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m. '
For Oroville,. Wenatchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way. .Hand Baggage Free. Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Draying. Auto's for hire Day or Nijrht
* We carry' Trre's.' Oils. Greases,  Hay and Grain  ,
Office Phone 13, V       Residence Phone 3L
Physician and Surgeon
.   .'   Residence Phoue 69 '
E.', W, WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemistj Box B1108, Nelson; B. C.
Charges:-���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.28 each. Gold-Silver fi.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper , or Lead I3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3,00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application,   .7-
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars.. Garage in connection.
NELSON. B.C.   ���--.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the.
day, week or month
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG * ���" - Proprietor
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price" of first-class   land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to '-
$2.50 ah acre. 7.
Pre-emption now confined to Bur-,
r Records will be granttd covering
only land suitable , for . agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
land. 7 1 .--'",
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four! may
arrange for adjacent pre-emption a
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. '""���-���
Pre-emptors. must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value 'of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.'"
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made pro-,
portionate improvements, ht may because of ill-health, or other cause, b��
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.-'
��� Records without permanent residence
may tie .issued, provided .applicant'"
makes improvement to extent' of $300
per annum; and i-ec6rdi7 same each
yeaf. 'Failure; to make improvements
or record same will operate aa -forfeiture. Title-cannot be obtained'in
less thin S yea'rsj'a'nd improVeiriehts of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acreacleai-
ed and cultivated, and residence of at
leasts years are required.   7       77
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, 'if he
requiresland in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements "made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. 7. - -""'���
Unsufveyed arear.Hot exceeding -20
acres, may be leased as homesitea; title
JS> be obtained after fulfillinfj residential an- improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas. exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites ou
timber land not exceeding 40 acrea
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible,
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them, Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. .      ,'    -���:���
,', The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all-persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces.' Ths time
in which the heirs or. devisees of s7 deceased, pre-emptor may. apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after-the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by 6oldiers on'pre-emp-
tions recorded after June 26; 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisionsjor return of moneys accrues, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on accountof payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptious.. -���
Interest on , agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or.indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st,.1920.
Provision made for insurance of
���Crown Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, *on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area. Applications must be made by
Ma'y 1,1920. .
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry ���' provides for grazing, districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on number* ranged; priority for estab-
lished owners. .Stock owners may form.
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for-
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
head..    ....
v The Mineral Province of Western Canada
���'^V-'-^ '?':..
;.���:..: Has prodaced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,9.4,203; Lode
Gold, um,753,823; Silver, 853,668,284; Lead $46,637,221; Copper, 8161,513,864;
Zinc, ,819,896,466; Coal and Coke, 8212,673,492; Balldiog Stone, Brick. Cenren., 7
"etc., 832,168,217;= Miscelianeoas Minerals, etc.,'81,087,408; making its Mineral
Production, tso'fche..end of 1929 show an V :7V     ���:/,,.      7        .       .
7: kggrmt^ Value of >$706,192i978
tOi- year Ending Deceiafeei-i 1920, $35,543,^84
.    The   Mining  Laws bf this Province are more liberal and the'fees lower
than those of any other Province iii the Dominion,-.'-'or any colony la the. British 7  .
Empire.-.';   ��� X ��� y "  -." c\-  ���'"'��� "    ''7"''-   . 7.7'.-_.''. 7"-7 ." .-'''���-..-"-     .-,'        "V
��� <:   Mineral-locations^are granted to (jtid&ti^
-Absolute, Titles are. obtained'- ty-fi^iiifailgty yz
of which ia guaranteed by Crown QTt^X0;%XxXyXXy��XXXX^
- ' FallinformatioE, iogethar with n*in^|te^^;;^
;grati8 by addressing��� 7  7-7VV-V-7.7#73Vjv#^
^X-^x^'^XX:-        777:l;-'>fiWvlM^


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