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The Ledge May 4, 1922

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 "���   iUHi
o S -'-
Vol..   XXVIII.
We carry a large line ot V
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
O'Cedar Oils and Mops, Liquid
and   Powder   Ammonia^   Soap
Powders   and   Washing   Soda,
Brooms &c.
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
- Fine
Mackinaw Pants and
Suitable for the lumber* and
tie business
Lighter weight Tweed
f Around Home
April kept fooling  to the end.
Geo. Murray has returned from
About Sex Indicators
Sometimes spring seems to be
in the air and sometimes underfoot.
C. J. McArthur is spending a
few days in town from Meyers
creek. '
D. Murray, and Allan Morrison
of Beaverdell, spent the week-end
in town.   ���
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
GREENWOOD     ���'.'-,. B.C
I Just Arrived
' The WINDSOR HOTEL ia heated with steam
and electricity. Pine sample rooms, A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you - want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
o 6
Fire;   Sickness,    Accident,   Life,
Auto, iu fact any insurance, with
the best Companies in the World.
Houses for .Sale or Rent
Auctioneer and Valuer
Call at my Office Couser street
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing, at 8.15 p.m.
Joseph M. Schenck presents
Constance Talmadge
.- in   -
Dangerous Business
Peppier even'than'the" one you thought
"was."   Connie's peppiest before.
5 Reels 5
, One reel Chester Outing
'"Coral and Onions"
Also a one reel Christie Comedy
"Are 2nd Marriages Happy"
Prints, Cottons and Flannels
Have Arrived
.These goods,-a!I at reduced-prices, are worth
looking over
"The Battle of Jutland"
3 Reels 3
Along with Mack Senuett's comedy
"Married Life"
5   Reels   s,
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
Statistics recently compiled show tbat British .Columbia has more telephones to population than any other province of Canada. It is to maintain
this enviable, record that extensions of outside plant and central office
equipment are constantly being made .and this year large expenditures.are
planned. Facilities for adequate telephoning are, always kept up to top
notch, with the result that our'whole"system is in 'excellent condition, and
we are.ih a7position at all timea,to supply service when the request is made.
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20ih Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way. . Terms Cash.
B. W. WIDDOWSOJ*. Assayer and
Chemist, Box snoS, Nelson, B. C
Charges;���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
Jt.aS each. Gold-Silver f x.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3.00. Silver-lead $3.00. Silver-X/e&d-Siiic fcj.oq.
Charges for other metals, etc.; on application, - V  -..-.   --       "    -.--
For Sale
Windows, Doors and Store
Fronts. Lumber from $10
to $20 per thousand. Also
some Brick at 1c a piece and
other articles.
For further particulars apply to
Greenwood, B.C.
Dr. 0. ~M. Graves, Dentist, will
be in Ferry- May 2nd to May 10th,
1922, prepared to do every thing
in the dental Hue and make good.
Dissolution Notice
. In' - consideration of Wm. Powers
selling his. half.interest to me I have
agreed to assume all just liabilities
against the Midway Saw Mill Company;
Dated at Midway, B.C., April 13, 1922.
.     : '. B. tEQUlJHE.'
If you are looking-for Good
2nd Hand Lumber,
Doors,     Windows*     Bricks,
Shingles. Guttering Etc.
See me at the
HOSPITAL  at   Greenwood
.-. Seeing is believing
-- H. MacKenzie, ajuditor for the
Compensatiou Board, was in town
last week.
Victor Barrett is working with
J. W. Clark iri Grand Forks for a
few weeks.,
Sam Johnson, the placer miner
of Rock Creek, is spending* a few
days in town.7
The tennis courts will be officially opened on May 6th. Tea
will be served.
Miss Bryan, Mrs. D. McLeod
and_ daughter are visiting, in
Trail this week.    ,
J. CV Carruthers, the well-
known commercial traveller, was
iu town oh Monday.
The roads are drying up rapidly and the honk of the motor car
is again a familiar sound.
G. A. Rendell left on Tuesday
morning for Penticton after shipping his furniture to that place.
Eddie Morrison returned from
Vancouver on. Saturday, where
has been attending the University.
A. R, Lord, public school inspector made an official call at all
the schools in the district this
Twenty-two from Greenwood
attended the Banff orchestra
dance at Rock Creek last Friday
The Battle of Jutland will be
shown in the Greenwood Theatre
on May 13th, 3 reels. Also a five
reel comedy will be shown.        *.
Mrs. H. McCutcheon returned
to Greenwood on Sunday after
spending several months in California, Victoria and other points.
D. McPherson" returned to
Grand Forks on Sunday after
spending a few days in this section demonstrating a new model
of the Chevrolet "car".
Died at Cranbrook on Saturday
last, J_Vml Tanner Bidder, the
7 week old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Bidder of Fort Steele,
Convulsions was the cause of
A number of Boy Scouts set an
example and did the- city a good
turn on Saturday when they tore
up an old sidewalk and cleaned
up-the alleyway at the rear of
St. Jude's Church. -   .
The C. P. R. having been requested* to make Anaconda a Bag
station, W. O. Miller and J. H.
Shinnick two officials of that
corporation were in town on Saturday looking into the matter. .
From all reports "Dangerous
Business" the latest starring
vehicle of Constance Talmadge.
is another noteworthy departure
from the ordinary screen play.
It1 will be seen"at the Greenwood
Theatre ori Saturday,  May 6th.
Here is what-the United States
Department of Agriculture has to
say about certain so-called sex indicators in a report recently published in the form of an official
Spring Irrigation Work
'-One of the most recent -marvels-
brought ' to the attention of the
public was the sex detector which,
bo tbe manufacturer claimed, would
indicate unfailingly the sex of the
bird that would be hatched from
an egg or whether the egg or not
was fertile. By its use poultry
raisers were promised approximately 100 per cent hatches and as
high a percentage of females as
they desired,
"One of these instruments was
an elongated, tubular, plummet-
shaped device made of nickel-
plated iron and filled with a greenish mixture of calcium carbonate
and an aluminum salt and suspended by a fine thread. . When held
an inch above an egg containing a
male germ the stuffed tube was
said to swing back and forth like
the pendulum of a clock, but if the
egg were of the opposite sex the
bob would describle little. circles,
and in the case of an infertile egg
there would be no motion at all.
Another device consisted of a small
gilded, wooden ball having a cav-
itv filled with red lead and covered
by a small iron disk, the whole
suspended by a cord. The telltale
motions were claimed to be the reverse of those that indicated male
and female with the other instrument.
"At the suggestion of the Post
Office Department, the Bureau of
Chemistry of the United States
Department of Agriculture made
tests of several of these sex detectors, with the result that'all the
I manufacturers have now gone out
of" business; Tests of eggs and
other things by a number of persons
showed that all the instruments
were useless. No two persons got
the same results with the same
eggs, and eggs known to be infertile gave positive indications that
they would hatch both pullets and
The baseball grounds have
been put in first class shape.
The boys are out practising nearly every night and there, is the
makings of a much better, team
than that of last year, provided
thait they practice and practice
King's Exporting Agency, of
Lethbridge, Alta., have rented
j the Hunter-Kendrlck brick block
on Main St. They will occupy
the building- as a warehouse : and
establish ;, a -wholesale liquet
agency. ..'Prosperous times asd
good spirits are in .store for
Greenw��od.7Vvy        ."."������-'''-'' ���-���
G. Summers and P. Nelson, a
mining engineer of Vancouver,
are looking over some mining
properties around Greenwood.
Peter Barker, a former em*
ployee in the silver refinery at
the Trail smelter, appeared before Magistrate Binns in Trail
last week, charged with the theft
of silver'slims- from" "the smelter.
Barker was found guilty and was
sentenced to a year at hard labor.
A splendid suggestion has been
made that ~s. day should be set
aside, at as early a date as possible, to be regarded as Arbor
Day, on which occasion every
citizen or ' every family should
plant a tree. Such a scheme
would do riiore towards beautifying a town than anything else
and would be well worth while.
John, Barrymore is Constance
Talmadge's ideal man in "Dangerous Business," until an Italia,n
tenor sings to her���then a new
cinema romance enters into her
life. Connie will be seen in this
new First National vehicle at the
Greenwood Theatre on May 6th.
It is declared to be the most delightful -picture; in .which Miss
Talmadge has appeared this
Tbe amount of spring irrigation
work depends to a large extent on
the work done the   previous   fall.
Ditches  and   laterals  should   be
cleaned of sediment; and flumeB,
weirs, gateways,  and culverts  re-
' paired, so as to be ready when the
water is   turned  on.     Irrigation
will not take the place of cultivation, and as cultivation comes first
in the spring itinerary,   it should
be thorough.     If   there  are any
humps or depressions, these should
be smoothed out with the scraper
or float, or with both.   Time spent
in levelling land is   amply repaid
in the labor and time saved in irrigating, and the more even distribution of water, which results  in increased crops.   The more thorough
the cultivation tbe better the seed
bed, the   better  the germination,
the better the soil to  receive   the
irrigation water and tbe better the
When should water be applied?
This is a question to which a definite answer cannot he given, except
irrigation should commence before
the plant Bhows distress. Do not
irrigate if possible before the crop
|Jbas germinated, as in the early
spring the irrigation water is very
cold and will lower the soil temperature considerably, and^ retard and
in some cases materially affect
germination. Thrifty growth
Bhould characterize a crop
from start to finish. Even a small
degree of drought will induce some
plants to enter upon the~~maturing
process/and further irrigation may
start- an undesirable new growth
rather than promote the old. This
is seen many times in the distorted
tubers in a potato crop.
Many irrigators make an examination of the   soil   to determine
when to irrigate.     Some  soil  is
taken from a few inches belcw the
surface and pressed in the hand.
If when released the soil hold together and shows the finger marks,
it is not necessary, to irrigate-but
if it does not hold together it needs
irrigation.   The quantity of water
to apply at each irrigation is entirely a local problem depending upon
the crop, tie soil and the weather,
and will come to the irrigator with
experience.    Cultivated crops require less water than 7uncultivated
crops, as the loss from evaporation
oan be reduced by surface cultivation.   Alfalia, clover and pastures
require about twice as much water
as the cereals, and should be kept
moist    throughout    the    season.
Grains require the largest amount
of water at flowering time.
Cultivate if possible before and
after irrigating; beforehand to
make tbe soil more receptive, and
afterwsrds to form a mulch and
check evaporation. Do not put off
irrigating expecting it to rain, as
the light rainfall in Eastern British Columbia has but little effect on
the amount of irrigation . water required.
Kettle Valley Notes'
Bayard and Charles Bnbar were
'lown from Beaverdell on business.
J. Little returned on Saturday afternoon's train from Vancouver.
The W. A. will hold their next
meeting at the home of Mrs. R,
Gray, on May 10th.
A. R. Lord, of Eelowna, school
inspector for this district visited
the school on Tuesday.
Mr. Swanell has succeed Mr.
Ames as manager of the Co-Operative store at Rock Creek.
H. Martinjs organizing a meat
ring. All interested should meet
at the home of J. Little on Saturday at 7 30 p.m.
The Kettle Valley orchestra is
supplying the music for the Masquerade Dance on Friday night in
Riverside Hall. Good music and
a good time is guaranteed.
The annual meeting of the Kootenay Diocesan Women's Auxiliary
will be held in Penticton on May
31st. -Mrs. Ed. Richter was appointed delegate for this district.
The Womens institute are giving a concert on June 3rd in Riverside Hall, Rock Creek, the proceeds to be given to the library's
of 4 schools, Ingram Mountain-
Kettle Valley, Rock Creek and
Myncaster. Only children will be
in the concert and Miss Debney
is very busy organizing the program, which of course will be a
good one.
Mining News
Free Miners licenses expire jon
tbe 31st of May.
Since the first of the year the
Bell  mine,' Beaverdell," hasVship-'
ped 122 tons to the Trail smelter.
During the same period the Sally"
shipped 76 tons.
During the four months ending
April 30th, the Trail smelter received 150,493 tons of ore. This
considerably exceeds last year's
figure, 139,857 -- which was the
previous record.
Hard Winter on Cattle
The battle of "Clean-up-Days"
was well carried out. The rain
on Wednesday . morning delayed
the advance for awhile, but finally all the objectives were taken
in oue grand assault. Now that
the smoke and hustle of the battle is over, Lt. CoL Lawn Rake,
who issued the battalion orders,
is well pleased with the result.
The work of consolidation is ��0-
ing on apace and after a few
skirmishes here and there by the
mopers-up and bombing squads
the enemy will be entirely cleaned
out of town.      .V
Send a Float to your friends at
once.7 = - Yoa 7 can get.! them at
The Ledge office V ;- ���������..V.:
Evidence of the heavy toll,
which the severe winter just ending, has taken on cattle in .the
valley is evident to even the casual
traveller passing through on the
train. Numerous carcasses are to
be seen in the. shallows of the
river. The cause appears to be.
due partly to.disease arid partly to
shortage of fodder. "Cheaper to
let them die-; than to buy feed," is
the way some- ranchers; view, ifc',
owing to the slump in beef prices.
One big. cattle, owner .at Keremeos
is reported to have, lost over. 70
head.-���Princeton S&ar.
The Trail smelter- received dur-
thelast week in April 9173 tons,
of which 8992 tons was from its
own properties, the other shipments being: Black Rock, zinc.
Hbrthport, Wash., 37 tons; W. E.
Brown, Eldon, Alta, 3 tons,'
Ottawa, Slocan City, 11 tone;
Renner & Brace, Ewings Landing,
31 tecs; Republic? Republic. Wash.,
45 tons;. Silversmith, Sandon, 31
tons; Wind Pass, Cha Chua, 23
While the building of a 22.000
acre irrigation .project has given
the first impetus to the rapid
growth of Oliver, B.C., and while
the cultivation of the lands within
that project give assurance of continued and inereasingprpsperity.
for "the Oliver district, another resource may bring even greater immediate returns and add materially
to the activity of that town and
community. This other resource
is mining in the old Fairview
It has been known for some time
that the Guggenbeims have been
prospecting the ore bodies in the
Fairview district with diamond
drills. It is now reported, on
what is considered- reliable" authority, that the results ofthe drilling
last year proved highly satisfactory
and that tbe great Guggenheim interest have taken up their option
to purchase the properties that they
have been exploring.
This same authority is responsible for the further report that
fully 300 men will be working in
the mines of Fairview by fall.
. Negotiations are now being conducted for-pbtaining'.elec'tfic power
for use in { developing the properties in which, the Guggenheims are .
interested,7 it.is'.s'aid. '."���''-',:.
The diamond drilling, operations
at Fairview have ������ been carried on
by the Boyle Brothers .of Spokane,
one  of the .fives   biggest  diamond.
drilling, concerns in. the country.
Tuesday the drill outfit was checked through the customs office here..
The operations having been completed at. Fairview,. the outfit is
being shipped to. Wallace,"Idaho,'-���
where the Boyle Brothers have a
contract    for . exploration.  /.Dan
Lynch, who has had charge of the
drilling at ..Fairview accompanied
the drill outfit to this ; place Tuea- .
day, returning to Penticton Tues-V
day afternoon and will later, go on7.
to.Spokauei���Oroville Gazette, THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD.     B.     (I
Saskatchewan Butter
Gets First Place
27 Years 'the
Same Good
Always in the
The Illumination
Of The Future
' /  '
Light Without Wires Only Experiment But Has Possibilities
A ring of soft orange light with no
wires leading to It and glowing in Hie
darkness, sets up an interesting train
of speculation as to the illumination
of the future. Nobody supposes for
an instant thai, our lighting problems
Some Sound Ad
Dairy Industry Is Making Rapid
Strides in Recent Years
In a Dominion-wide competition in
which six* creameries of each province
took part, Saskatchewan butter lias
been awarded the first place. Samples were shipped to a cold storage
plant in Montreal and there scored by
oflicia'l graders. Scores were taken j have been solved. Compared with J
during tlie entire year 1921 and result-1 what (he future will bring forth tho j
ed in Saskatchewan being given the I present arrangement of wires with j
highest place among the provinces, bulbs thai, have io be screwed into >
Saskatchewan's   butler   industry   has . their sockets and renewed  frequently
In this column las. week emphasis was laid on the absolute necessity of
every business man and ariizan, inj'acl of every individual developing their
old confidence as a necessary first step towards solving the present business
depression and consequent, lack of employment', 'there is need for confidence
l>v all, in themselves, in our business men and institutions, in Governments,
and  in our groat   wealth of God-given natural resources.
Coupk-d wiiii a return of such confidence there is need for the abandonment of present-day ideas of softness and ease and a renewal of au old-lime
ilcicrminul ion io work. If-there is lo be a reiurn of prosperity ami good
times, it must bo preceded by the old willingness and energy to work���a return ot those days when ever, body was busy trom morn till night anil found
I,-at pleasure in their wort;. c
Nhorily   after   his  accession   io   ihe   Premiership  of  Saskatchewan   a   few
very    rapidly    in    recent
Strained Muscles, Strains,
Can Be Treated Quickly;"0' MP by in^-ion- whcrc ,h
��m.w  w   "vuvvu   x-"1"--; , inc current   bridges an interva
In minor sprains, Hie muscle is
j strained a JiiLie. and all lhat is needed is it vigorous rubbing with Nervi-
i line. 'I'his draws ihe extra blood
lawny and permits the muscle lo re-
j turn lo its normal condition. Thc
! supremacy JN'ei'viline enjoys is owing
i to   its   penetrating   power,   ii   strikes
deeply, that is why it removes deep-
seated pains, si ml fixes up folks that,
have Rheumatism. Lumbago, Neuralgia anil Sciatica. There is about live
limes the pain destroying power in
Nerviline than you find in the average liniment. Sold everywhere. 3-jc
per bottle.
Full of Action
I o
week's  ago,   lion.   (.'.   A.   Dunning  delivered   several   addresses   before   public;
l.odies, and the Keynote of each address was the need for confidence and the
'uibsiantinl grounds which existed to justify such con fide nee.
i Ion. 'I. ','. Norris. Premier of Manitoba, in an address to lhe Credit Men's
Trust Associaiion early last mouth, laid emphasis on the same need, and on
the lieeesMty for iinretnii ting labor on the part of all citizens.
if any men in the West today are in a position to size up the weaknesses
oi Ihe present, situation: if tliere are any men who are confronted with heavier responsibilities and grealer ditlicullios and'problems than other men; if
there tire men who might whh reason feel a lack' of confidence in the future.
Il is those men who as heads of Governments have had to deal daily with
(lie scores of complaint!* and grievances arising out of tlie hard times of the
past j ear. If these men can look to the future with confidence, and are
willing io devote their best energies and all Iheir lime in bringing about that
heitcrment which is lo be had if it is gone afier iu the right, spirit, and in an
Intelligent, determined manner, then there'is no reason why others should be
lainf-hoarted or lukewarm in effort.
In his address to which reference has been made. Premier Norris made
an inipoit.ant point which is deserving of (the serious consideration of all
workingmen in cities and towns. II1, he said.'they desired to know the reason  why so many of the brightest, young men and women left, ihe country
I'or the city it was this:  In the city men agitated for an S-hour day and a ���!���!- . ,   ���   .
, , ... ,.        ,, ,. ... ,.��� ,, , . .       schools tola 712..32S, with 3,80.1 school
hour wool,-.      J'.verv  tune  they clipped anvthing otf the working dav or in-I   ^    r ���
districts operating and '>,o2u teachers
! employed.     There are (IS consolidated
is cumbersome and inelliciem. ' Ite-
search work at. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology litis succeeded
ia producing a light without, wires:
thai it is to say. ihe incandescence is
e elec-
1 purely by electric energy. To bc sure,
the light is only tin experiment and so'
far is not practical for commercial
purposes, but the method has possibilities.
In thc "Research Hi vision of the Department of Klcclrio-il Kngineering
experiments wiih a tube tilled with
neon gas have been carried to the
point where the lube litis been caused
Ladies'��� A [e*** days' treatment with
will dc mor; to clean
up the skir. than aH_
the beauty treat
men's  in   :rea-
ation  An imperfect   ccm-
pl.xisn    i*
caused   by   ��
sluggish liv-r.
MiU;om 3! aeoD:*. old. rour.j- and xidci.c hgs.
like   -.herr.   ioi   Biliousness    Dizziness,   *-icl��
Headache.   Upset   stomach   md for Saliow.v
Pimpl*   and   Biotchy   Skin.    They   end   :h$
.v.isery si Constipation.
Small Pill���Small Dose���Small Prlc��
Starting the Car
When   Everything  Else Fails You  Can
; Try This
; To start the engine of a car after
tlie self-starter has gone wrong anil
the    crank    handle    is not available,
��� jack    up    the    rear wheels and then
; shift into high. .Set the spark and
throttle, prime Ihe cylinders and by
turning    the    rear wheels, the engine
! will become active. Do not lake hold
of    ihe    spokes    when    turning    the
those who like a good love
full of Adventure and Kxeile-
we recommends!he new serial,
"Fearless Lovers," starling in this issue. The Author has chosen an unusual plot for a most interesting
story.    Do noi. miss the first chapters.
Ask for Minard's nnd take no other
Alberta Schools
���   Pupils    enrolled    in Alberta pub;!*;
to  give  out   light   although,: no  wires   wheels around;   use the tire, because
have been attached to ii.     In the or-; there is danger of getting the hands
dinary   form   of   electric   illumination   caught  when  ihe  wheels  start   lo re-
the light is usually produced by tin in-! volve.
candescent  form  of filament    or    by i
carbon  electrodes.      Tho life of both
of these types is limited by the burn-;
ing; out. of the. incandescent   element.!
Of course in the case of the aro laiupi
; this can be easily renewed, but ut the ;
I cost of fretiuenf trimming.     The type;
! of incandescent bulb in  common use';
! has  been  improved  through   the sub-j
You May Have
Kidney Trouble   *
And Not Know It
I school districts.     Kighfy-six new districts were created last year and the
school  library  branch  of the Depart-
of Education distributed  51,170
the  farmers.    Thcir men were anxious lo come to the cities.    If they short-(
ened the time for earning money they increased the time for spending money.
J.very advai-lngo of that kind cost something more in the production of food.
Living became more expensive.      More men and women were-added to the
tanks of the workers in the cilies. with an inevitable increase in the number | ruenl
ot unemployed and added acuteuess to the problems which the city worker   ���*����-*s <in,ons ,he varIo,,s schoo,s
had to contend against.
Premier Norris expressed  the  opinion   that  Lhe  extreme  labor man  was
thus standing in his own light, when lie advised a d���1-hour week, because he.
look from the ranks of the producer on the farms and added to the ranks of
the consumers in the cities.      The balance ,nntst be kept equal to maintain
Ihe ability to bring in new money, and now money was that which was produced from the soil itself, and it was only to the extent that, that new. money
was produced thai   steady and profitable employment  could be provided  for
ilie city artizan, store clerk and ollice employee.      Not. less work, but more
work, \vti.s the crying need of tlie times.
Another" point.urged by Premier Norris was .ilial. iiloiig with- a renewal-of
confidence and iri.clevminalion-to .-.yorU'liard and"faithfully| there-was a'very
groat need lor'economy.      In .this-.connection, lie said: "The majority of. wage
"earncrsand'lowcr salaried men are living right up "to the ma'rkevery'montli:
- indeed, a large number of iheui" are living "one month ahead of rlioif salaries'.
" li  we can-turn  litem around-and-ge't'ilibiii-to live, one month behind their
If your back aches and you  suffer
from dragging pains, it is an evidence
... . .       ,.       , ,      ��� >'0111' kidneys may not. be acting just
suuition   or  tungsten   lor  ihe  carbon ,,.;���.,���       Wha(   you  ncecJ   ,g  ft  com.sc
i filament.      Several  types of lamp us-j wirti Dr. Hamilton's^Pills.    They con-
j ing incandescent vapor have been de-
{ vc'i^-^u and have becn used both ex-
' poriinentally and commercially.     The
: Moore light used very long tubes lill-
i ed   with   ccj-bon   dioxide  or   nitrogen i My trouble manifested itself by pain
' which   were   caused  to glow  through V" ,lic  *-������-������-- anc-  ���->'    constant    head-
, flic discharge of a  high voltage elcc-
A Practical Makeup
rs, Fowler
Gains Twenty
Five Pounds
Esteemed Winnipeg Woman
Is The Very Picture Of
Health Since Taking Tanlac, Declares Husband.
Shown here Is a sport dress and
hat which are- very smart and yet
very practical. It is one that can bo
worn Tor sports and at thc same time
at any afternoon affair. It is of
henna  (janton. crepe and  borrows its
Jain  both Mandrake    and    Butternut'1 design from "the Russian blouse.   The
and    act    very    beneficially upon the
liver and  kidneys.      "I was bothered
a great, deal villi my kidneys, but'got
quick relief from Dr. Hamilton's Pills.; ��at is of henna    canton    crepe,    em
broidered in colored wool.
cross  stitches in-colors are all sufficient for its decoration.      The little
ache.      r    quickly    recovered    after
using a few boxes of Dr. Hamilton's
trie current   through  the glass.    This   pms,        Thev    brought    me .health,
Thc reader will, no doubt, rem:.'.;!���* 'v
when  a   lew  years  ago  there  v.:-*!  s.
collision in the  Halifax. N.S., Harbor : ,. _ , p] ,,������
and   one'  or  the  munition   ships  was , -MilSK'1(-11'ls-
blown up,  causing great  loss of  life ! ��sy llye(- a
type was not: much used comtnerc-;
ially. bin a similar lamp known as;
the Cooper-Hewitt mercury lamp, is;
at present, in general use in it groat ;
variety of places, among them the'
motion picture sttulios. Doth of these1
types require electrodes, or terminals,
sealed in the glass, but they hare a j
long life  because  there  are no  parts
which wear or burn out. !
The  experiments-conducted  al   the!
ts   Institute   of   Tcchnol-j
cgy used a glass tube    closed    upon
strength    and
where.  25c. or
vigor."     Sold    evcry-
the  Catarrhozone Co.,,
and laying a-large portion of the- cil-y i-itsclf
1 in ruins-, and .causing a great  deiil of'
i-suffering and  distress among'the. hi-
[ habitants.        ��� ���   - _������"    ''-,    '" -."
,     Mvs.Winfic. d Dill, now of Windsor.
N.S.-,-  was "living- in  .Halifax-, at.   that
���'.lime .and .went through .this trying experience  and  the shock  wrecked;her
nerves.-    Shc 'writes-as'follows:���=-"[
.salaries for tlienext few months, getting liieh/a way T rom 1 he. effect of "li.-ing ,-��������., s living in   Halifax- tit.Ihe. time of
beyond their salaries,.success will attend the efforts..of every person.'"- -" -    -"  j.the   ���explosion.--' and    if wrecked  my
���   "    Summed up..Mr. "Norris' conclusions as to the- remedies to apply to .pros
!'nerves so "thai' I  could,   noi    dp.   my.
J housework.!    i would-'Ink?, such.nerv-
in .Hie, for in of.a ring. .'I'.his ���
irins' w*1 ���slipped ".over an iron core 7
j wound with, tlie proper - number -. or,
| turns, of wire through' which alterant-;
: ing: current was. caused to flow. The
linagnei.ism. passing through't.he glass'
: Uibe, then induced u voltage' in. the
gas .contained fhcr.ein and if ihe parts!
, were properly proportioned,, this- Voil:.
������ age"ionized Thc .vapor and caused ii.lo;
! ous -spells I would be under the doc
There are loo many persons .'who donof wish lo-work .more.' tor's care.-        -'-        "'���-'-=.-'.
glow; giving" out  light .'in. a    similar i   -���
--:,-'.    ' manner-lo the Mbo'r'e-and the Cooper-1 '
Some, people etui afford to live'in ease-without.' work. ;   "I   saw   Milburn's   Heart, and   Nerve.! uc\viit    lamps     but 'of    a'   nicasinj-
If persons" arc "not industrious tliey cannot' succeed. i-Pill^vcrtiscd. so I look; two boxc-s, , o_���.ngb   ^^7      ^^   ^   . " (*   ](}X
''pressure was used, since, .if has desired.     . f-can,recommend them "to- any-
��UTbtl^"riirS il0ni llCan'   :'n:t1-. 11cn'�� | and .n high, frequency, current of about ,
U.To%Qil those who/suffer rronr ricrV-!,*-0.��:?00 c-\c,es ^'a-s cni-)lo.vQri'io excite!
vous shock, wc -would -recommend our! the'transformer... .   - -     -,- . -    ���;���
X   ���"'   ���      MILBURN'S V 7 -      -   The new. lamp is only in the expert'
bo industrious
-than.eight hours a day
but thcy arenot.-many..    u persons arc not mousivious tnev cannot suce.eeo.     - ,   ,      ,   , ,-.,-,.���
,',.. .,,  ,-    ,     ,-.    ��� ��� ���   ,,���  .   '   ,,., -  ��� ��� -,-'"��������� - . i and thev helped me so much I look six
J Hey must, pi ac. ice. cconom. . I hey- ca n.. save -enough ��� money, to-, get. one ! hl01.c,.a;ui nbv ram-cotn'pletclvroliev-
nionth ahead-ol their "salary, and rhoy can easily do it-if they, make up-their
minds.; . Thcy. would find if was just as easy, lo live.'one. month behind "their,
salary as it-was to live. one..monlii'ah'e;id of'it" if they would lint make/iip 1 heir-
mind's l.o uo'-it. .--There must be industry."and economy and'willv these .would
com'c7optimism, confidence and "prosperity/,    7 -     -.-.,'"- .,'.  -'. "���"���'.'
j able characteristics-for  this purpose",!
Britain's Debtors
United      Kingdom     is     the     Greatest
��� Creditor Nation  in the World  .   -.
-. -During'recent month's a-great.-deal
, has becii said, atidwritlen about what.
Britain owes the- United States.'. .Kot
much   lias-, been,said about/what" tlie
.world, owes. Jjritain."-  ""Vet.'"according
."to. figures just ���made, public.-'the- little
old   Cniled7Kingdom- - is',, -the", grea.t;
"._"<;rediio'rV niiiion.,'.   A"gainsr!t he �����56.1,-..
'.:fiOO,'noo7ih��Vl.--Br-itainj. o>vesL,lhe���tJni"ie(i
Suites." stands.the fact that the'-.world
-owe'V   Bribfiti ""'-i'j,!>_17,'66O/OO0,s��� as" foi-.'
Vows:-" -,- ' '."-.--. ".    ;-'. /- "     "'..-""   -
; Industrial Research '
Hitching . Science   to. the. Plough   and
'''/'���'  *-.-���  ���    ', "'the Lathe-.   --: "   '������.    _.���
as.the best'remedy to tone tip live entire nervous system .and -strengthen
the    weakened- organs.   ' -. iMilburri-'s'
Heart and Nerve Pills.are the original
liearf and nerve-food having:been on
Canada    is ' not'" -J. he-only country jfh'e '- market  '.for-, the.,past '11. years"
! which .benefits' fronr ihe existence
j'organizafion's- ���like���': ilie= rCouucil -"
S (��� i e ri.j'j ii.e . a nd. i nd ti stria I R e s'ea i:e_h,
Qftiiwa.-, '   Great7Britain,' Franc?, the
united .yiates,;\7apan/^ouih 'Africa |yjany.-^rt Treasures
and. Australia-are-among the nations'i .. " v   ���    r\    V>    ���-'���'- '-'M.' i.  i
.-���. ,.-.��� ���-���     --.-,. -.  -y ���   -.,-���-   ''������ -!"" - - ' 'Un-'Kussian Market
which have,established research' cpun- . <������   .���     ,.-���      . -.- .���-.. -. ���:  - ;. ...-.���   -,-.
cifs'fof- ihe'..purpose ,of apphin.
of- Price,   50c   a'-' box'/at" .-all' dealers.,'  or   ped
���   .'I mailed" direct/on-.receipt of'-price by
'] The T.',Milburn'Co:.r.Liuii.c:d, Toronto,-;
aii;|:ont.-:;-V'-^--7 .y-X -���-'--, '"j -_7 ^-.yx.:
���Ixti's'sia' /,'��� ���-."'���-!
France ;.f,.-..'. ."���,;.
. Haly." = .���/-./;...������:!
'Belghini  .-:.'?.
; Other. Nations
. Dominions ��� 7/
. �� 5CJ-.-tqq;Qop-_
. '.'55'7-,00(),0,00; -:
'.' ';!7.0,S0O.-OO,n...;
7 " . 08,400'ioob' 7
7 ;'2.2.100,000".
��� .";S2-,1)'00/Q'00'
'.  3 "11,000.000' -
'-Truly"-the Old-' ?.Iotherhind .stah.ds as
a iii a rvel. "among t he 'e a tjon's.��� Oi ta'w.tt
JournaJ.  "; '"'.���!..      ""-'.     ...   '���'��� '
newest' discdveries'of 'science, i.o their.!-
industries.-.' .'-T!ie'..,Cana.diafi ."Council i -.-
consists: of eleven ��� members..-��� ^ch.pscu
People Par.t-Wi'th Valued-Possessions
mental  ' stages 'at .jiresent - and"  the;
amount .ol';iight- given out is not-large,'-!
but   the. possibilities . are   interesting.!
It could be-commercially niadein the1
form  of!a  standard   ;fixture ..around
which   thc glass, tune's  could' be.slip-
The -lainp-'wiil ;Jttsl indefinitely
unless' thc'glass-is-broken, -and then
.it 'js'""orily:neccssary. to slip a new tube
in place, ho .'.clcclriciil. connections.,being', required/,', The,.quality ��� of- Hie
light is'sqfr and pleasing, .aiid.as.it;;i's
-not "of' iii-j.ii.' intensity;..- it'; does"   nbl
'. slniin-thc eyes...,.       "."-,. ,'-=..'... '", '-.'
Tho Newspaper as a Stethoscope :
Local   Paper Will  Show Whether the
Town  is a  Live  or  Dead  One |
The Board of Commerce of a "live
.wire" United States city, in one of its
advertisements, says:1
"Some cities arc awake, some
asleep and some dead.
"If you want to know the condition
of a cify lhat you inay chance to be!
in. don't, ask. thc real cstalejncn for
they \yi\\ want to sell you something
before you'know" whether .or not the-
ciiy is worth staying in. ' Don't, ask
ihe merchants because they ^ire a
mixed lot and you might strike ad.ad
one. ��� .   " -    ,   .
"���   '/The  easiest -'way-to find out.'ibout
the city'i.-i'io get. copies of (he news-
ol'lho city aiid look at tho'nd-
rverlising,   coluinns.     -They. Avill--., lell-
you "everything "yoit want-to kiiow. -,_
"Vvhen you see,that the" nierehaiits.
the retil  estate .men, the, mtuiufHctur-
ihe small businesses, the- banks,'
the-hote.Is and other enterprises of the
i city arc not   well; represented ,in the,
j. papers "of   the', city, you need go-no
! further;  that city is not healthy.- Its
Practice Makes Perfect
"No,    Bobby,"    said    his    mother.
"One  piece  of  cake  is quite  enough
for you!"
"it's funny." responded Bobby, with
an injured air. "Vou say you are
anxious that r should learn to eat
properly and yet you won't give me
a chance to practice-"
He Wasn't Abie
To do the Chores
- "I've got every reason to be satis-
fled with Tanlac- for it has restored
my wife's health and she has actually
gained twenty-five pounds in weight,"
said George J. Fowler, of 621 Cathc'-
dral Ave., Winnipeg, Man.
"About three years ago, she had a
bad attack of dyspepsia. I-Ier food
would lie like a lump of lead ia licr
stomach and the gas that formed fairly made her gasp for breath. She
was/, very weak and thin and got
worse as thc months went by. Finally her health broke down completely.
"But when she started on Tanlac,
the way shc picked up was astonishing. Now she has completely regained her strength, and is the. very picture o'f health. We both have the
greatest faith in Tanlac, and recommend it iVliencver wo,get a chance."
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
- The Parson's Bad Habits
"Brcdrcn," said the negro preacher,
making an appeal for temperance, "I
exhort you. to take de-example I give
you., 1 bend de knee but not de elbow!" Voice from the back of the
hafl: "Parson, dat's your bad manners, drinking out of de bunghole!"--
Ncws of the World.
Mrs. Alfredo Tranchemontagne." St.
Michel des Saints, Que., writes:���
"Baby's Own Tablets are an excellent
medicine. They saved my baby's life
and I can hignly recommend them to
all mothers." .Mrs. Tranchenion-
tagne's experience is that of thousands of other mothers who have test-,
ed the worth of Baby's Own Tablets.,
The Tablets are a sure and safe medi-
cine...for little ones and never fail to
regulate thc bowels and stomach, thus
relieving all the- minor ills from
���which children suffer. They arc sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 2;"
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Under Soviet Ri.5*
Slaves   to  a   Harsh   and   Really  Unih-
KID-! telligent Bureaucracy
I     In Soviet Itussia there Were to be
.,   "..  .     .,       Z      Z" ."      .    J no masters, or, in other words, cvery-
Manitoba  Man  Run  Down and Out of, .
Sort-:-Finds the Remedy" He Nesded ' 01-P.  was    ,0    bo a l:nv unl�� blmscU.
business.men"are not wide'"awakc Mid
In   Dodd's  Kidney  Pills
. jMordcn. _ M;in.-��� (Special).-��� '.'I'   feel
like'advising e'vcryone.to use Dodd's
Kidney .'Pills:"    V   '���      .':.._      ��� ..   -'j
Such is the statement of "Mr..!. ��� D:
Dyc'k, who lives on II. R. 2 neaVhcro.!
Mr.    Dy'ck    has.   used' Dodd's Kidney',
Pills and fontid them good.       ''��"'. . 1
"I had been dragging along for the!
last l'ew.ve;irs,'*lie says, "till-1 wasn't'
able to do. the chores.".-   r' tried, two
doctors .hiil. t^ey-seemed to do me no
good at all. ��� -; 7      .
-" /'Then an advertisement led me to
��� fry. Dodd's Kidney Pills.- I am so
much improved'that 1 feel like telling
everyone-to use them."- -    - "
". ..Dodd's Kidney Pills '.make 'healthy
kidneys." licalthy kidneys .mean pure"
blood. Pure blood gives new energy
all over the body. / "If you have that
tired feeling that spring    brings   ask
progressive. .'-It is deficient in ail that i your n'eighbor.s about. Dodd's  Kidney
goes- to make prosperity',
is.n'o place for you."'
Thai  city
Patrol Forest Areas
- Kb need to suffer with corns) or to
run' the risk-'of paring ihein. Tie-,
m'ove.theui surely and painlessly with
IJollowity-'s CoVn Tlcmovcr.
. For Better Roads
Spei-d-$1,570,000.on Roads and .3ridges,;..
VV-".' -!'.',.to 'Obtain.Food ,.'-.'.   ������   . ���   ';'���'���',,-.     ��,','���'��� : .'���.   .-'.-..";���.
���\10i-e of old-Russia's 'appn'rchilV.an^ y-'
  . . "eiliaiistible:'":suppl.-""7- of-: art .'Iroo'sures f ��� - -X ���"���"
fohvihe.nhiversities, the engineering r.u.e bei)1g-ih1.oVn'upon7the7'mnrke"t-.u.v f- V-;V,77 ..',
profession" and" the chief i'^����fHes "of   -.;���-,.  ���^'',".-.   ;-.     ;licvr^m
the Don"inioiv'     Tiiev'-cet no rnv-hut "   " -     ��� ' '    ?    ".. ��;on\-��n j iinoiher 11oui;.l'ro"m'corns.-   -'j'h.e oldest
K.poni.inon,,. . ho} get no .pay ..but, cd. ^..^J|fc_Jn^.^1^-hccci;o,-,inoncy-;..,.-^e(jv-11(j lhc beKi; lhe one. that for
;thc-rew,n-d. oldoin^jtomethiugbig iorflo-,1)l!;v ;fof)iK .   rn-odessHVas^iti Mos- '(ifty years" has .,YroVcd7aVrue ^cess,
-Cnna'dii-:- ���-,-.���     ��� -.   .-���'--   .      .   -    ;?..    . v���x .i-'T3n,.y..A.i . ,u* yya' iAn" iv.,. :.w'iir lift-' "oiit   your ."cprns.'.-in- a hurry.
Fleet of  Flying  Boats to be Used, in
Northern -Manitoba
.AJteefoffive flying boaJ.s vill'.lHcc-'
ly he employed in Northern Manitoba
���'during-"!lie. coming summer, to" patrol
forest areas .for the. del eel ion of, fires.
-..    ���   .  "in-Saskatchewan.  *"���������..    ..  | Government -agents- vhcVpay ihe, an.
' According" to ."announcement -miadc :;nual.1rcaty. monies Jo the ".various Jn-
hv7r;:c.'Gardiner; Saskatchewan Min^-j ^-fl11"" bands'.- scattered- throughout -rer
Painlessly:���Rcnioyedj]r,70.0QO--wJif  be" .spent,onVroads  and* -*--"'Vol  by-airplano, and,thus will  be
 large'.c;i pi la I  bridges, Jri-.the. p'royince.
t'his Reason:17 - The -:Bcgislat.iire .Voted
?-\035,982"'ii*, ihe���,la'st*'session-;IVr'pub-7
lic'-iinp.r.bvemeiifs:    ,"���-'���.'   - ;���/'��� i ��� .;,-"-"'���
The madness has worked    itself   out,
and   now - nil ...men   are slaves to a
harsh,  impractical and, really .unintelligent .  bureaucracy,,' and .  -abject '
want Ik-is replaced plenty.  .   We have"
been, supplied : with ample warning,'
which  the sinister activities, of Communist agents in'this    country, - very -
busy just now, cannot ^clouk. . Though
there'  are    at.present; unhappily, no
signs of a-settlement,   we   still" 'have
faith.that reason and.good sense will-
prevail.' .  Tlio,1 country has''-'won   one -
war af a heavy.cost;   and-  it.   cannot
.afford  repeated assaults on its economic, strength" at. a time when'-every
effort  should  be  directed  to  making"
good the. ravages of the late struggle:
���London Daily .Telegraph.- -    '
London still contains-two buildings
- ��� i ��� .      .
that    witnessed    the  performance .of
Shakespeare's . plays during Shakespeare's" life���the Middle'Temple Hall
arid the Hall of Gray's Inn."    - .v .   .
"'.In.'India tiger meat is esteemed as
ti. food, partly, because-there 'is ;a superstition that .it- imparls to the eater
some'   oC.. the ��� strength, and cunning.,
that cliara'cterijtedthc animal.,'-   ', -
able "to accomplish in' five or .six "days
'(lib,, worlvwbicli.formerly "required, sev-,-
-cr:il-weck-K/ ��� ��� '���-.  ���-..;  -���  ;-        ��� .--.������
cow iind" Pctrograd.-1he shops sell" for.;:
. ���..-! Piunam'sJP:iinless'Corn and;-Warf-l-;x
I'lracror- is-tlieori'e remedy.lo'.use. "lie
nttmber  of..sf!uai;e  miles- it: ^nu,J���s.y.-^ .y-'. ^ X^onX^J^^
t^ut, by. lIio_puiiUij.r; ^r^s'liiare ��� neople;.;.-.u:i; or.'.Soviet-.Ilii5siJ,;�� .".-whj.--- -Iiidein '   "      ' -���-������-
: . ���   ���      ��� ' .^_j_ : ��� -^ I . .
'..,-.-,.  --      -.-���".   ."���.;���'--.; the" most part second-hand jewelry
A country, is not made grci.l-.by lhc \ ���ol("1-.Hld silvrr7       " '.' ."'- .'"   /VV
-'it. contains. .-
[.nilj*."to Poland-'included���.'diamonds, re-;'
���' quisii ionecl" from-j he "old Uiissitui .rir-h'.-!
; wiioi.n" liieir turn may htive obtained !
! lhe in from Poland long-ago." Second- ;
hanil . wedding rings are plentiful- in '_
iilje.'shops', for women" nre ptiriing with -
���I fhis,Insi tie' Ilitii binds thenr to their
-i, loved ones. '    ' -   -       |
I     Dozens of newly- opened    conimis-,
i sibn'"' sitops..-.. in 7 Odessa .'--display  ..ii-,"
brocaded in- gt.l.d';and-'' silver   tiiread,!
Persian   shawls.-silk, shawls   of   lhc
lime of  Catherine the tlreat. bttbics' t
| cloihcs. satin slippers, ball gowns cut ,
| into pieces and sold as scarfs or shirt-:
ivaisss. hand-worked bed .linen.- mel--
! .lowed old. laces, .silver dairies , of ihe.
Where .theVKing- .Will.Work
Summer.-House   Guilt''in. th
��� '-; '; ,'of."JSuckinglinn. Palace"
- 'fhe'King litis .ju^t had a. si'imtucr
house built" in the grounds of lUicking-
han'i Palace, iilirm he will do a great
Iiaii of -hii- work In,, the ' w.'trmei'
month;- ot the'year.'7. lie has always
!worl;ed ;in the., gtirdens' as much as.
possible in the" {i;tst'.;:ipd has hitherto
used,.'a tent, "'.'Tho"-. new summer'
house is to have electric Hglji ,a tele
jihono. and.iuovablc .partitions as a
protection against changeful winds
and sliowcrs. ��� When garden parties
tire held, it will s'.i'vo for the reception of'gnosis..'
This -expenditure    will .-.be .7 ap"poV-,|.Minard's.-. '.   Liniment
-libn'ed    as. -follows:  lioa.ils.'construcl"-!':   '���   ���Fr'el''d -��� 7-'"--V"."
-cd..-. under"- ihe- "Federal aid. scheme..!;
S'ftOO.OOO; -large   steel'7and". concrete;/
bridges." "$ 1,20,009;-��� ���maiii-'inarket roads;.;.
?550,0b0V.  ;'��� :' V 7" X'-X-   [ ii': ���; '7.-.7 ���
Grounds'--"   "'-*���* cstimti/ed that,a. sum 6f.?!20.-
"'! 000" wi.lV hc required "for'large bridges
of    p".rmnneiu    type;  viz..  reinforced
concrete bridges or    arch    or    beam
type, or sine!    trusses    on    concrete
foundations.      These -bridges will  be 	
located pii  main lines of travel serv- "-v---  ~. .    -- ���
ihg some market  centre.'' Improving B.C. Orcha'rda
';��� Bridge of .Sighs'-Built irir 1589.7.. -
The-' nri'dge .of- Sighs"'at Venice,
over winch;all prisoners ' are -taken
from -'lhe'" lia.ll. of judgment To the
point where executions lake place-,
is an ancient,siruclurc, having been
built, .in .1580. but no record has been
kept-of. lhe. number of. prisonors'-whe-
-have passed .over, il..;...   ."  .'��� ..-.. ,.':...
- .'Tlie  ;B'rolln*rIi6od... o,f   .Locomotive'",
Firemen ."and Engincineh, -''organized.-'
by-eleven firemen in 18S3,N".now ". lias.,
a membership-.of-iicai-ly 126,000.",
"Give .the average man half a.chance"
.lb talk about himself and he .-will .de"-'
liver" the goods.   ,-,���."-;  ,   .-    . "7" "-���."-
Plants, -by means.of their green--
ness,- are able to-collect-and storc-theC
iieal "of the. sun. '-'"'.��� ���-..'   . '���';-,   ;   '-- ���-
About ?[)00,000 will be required" to
eompleie the contracts entered into
i hist season." and those contracts
��� which will be called for tbis spring
-for. the construction of provincial
highways under lhe Federal
i scheme.
WARiXING' , Say, '''Bayer;7' v/hen.you buy .-Aspirin.1'
Unless you see the name;"Bayer'? ;on tablets^you. are.
not getting"Aspirin" at all.;;;;;.Why%ke:chances?^'-!":;7 '������ VV-:
Accept only ..an ."unbroken "package." 7of.'."Baycr7 Tablets of :::;:-.,
Aspirin. ".""V/liicb crontains-'directions a.nd;.'dose;; worked .out' by '':Xy
debutante   and   priceless,   old
fans   frorii   France   and   Japan.
silken '
Marshal   Foch, Defines   Politeness
Marshal Focii at" a dinner parly in
j painted.by AVaiteiiuand like arUsts. X\ Dcnycl. saij ot; politeness: "We aitach
7-.-"  "'-"'--    "        '~y    X"   7- "" ''great    importance   to', politeness,   jn.
. .-.The .United  States, has ^nitie^ mil-; Franco,"and' I 'think, that vrc, are wise ;
lion ;conKuntPr.3.o��,.nia^uracfu're,d;gas, ,i{0 iVo ~X   -- Politeness; is-like a pneu-'
%viio. use ah .average ..of .3,000'   cubic !- n1a, -}(, , [,.g; 7 TheiVs. nothing, iff it but.
���/e'ei-a 'nionth:'- y.'X'j :. ; " .yyX.y-'-\.. V".i i.Windi'y.ei.'it'-ea'so&'tiie^o.Hs along, life's j
|i|Sculist $7fiay e7ip;itn d ffli tfts-a?��ft e^uliarj" yXSyXXXXXXy 'XX
I     Arabians salute each other by plac |
j ing cheek against cheek..
1-eadl ng7 Sbil e..^ y Jn gKd g'w; ft!?:.
,'V.i fe
4ic*adSii a fy ie e thi- 77V*
' '^!f.-l**. ���r'ansWi'.-'-.ithH!^^
&% clia i&!^^fe#%7^7^e::b|'n^dV3^ 4?
:giv''^a^yiC.gr^hieS3f;.57<S^ -/cp^rbneiitifeE^g^^^-v^^^^'^:P^*%7 fyiXX^y
' Nearly 'J0D;00O fruit trees, berry
bushes aud fruit tree seedlings have'
becn brought into British Columbia so
far this ye'ai* for planting out on new-
orchard land, according to figures
aid f compiled from, inspectors' reports by
| Dr, Warnoclc, Deputy Minister dj! Agriculture for this province.
There- are weeks hi the winter in
Norway when the sun appears only a
.few hours,. . .    ; -
Palestine..has- an area" .-about' erjual
io thai of'lhe. State of-. Ycr.nibm."   - ' ���
..-The nunibcr'of'unemnloycd .in "Sweden has ���increased"."to* over 100,000...-
-  * Nobtess"*:  Obiige'
''Maggie. I can't, have you entertaining policemen in the kitchen."'
."Sure. mum. an' it's, a big heart ye
have. 1' was 'sayin' to Miclniel O'-
Flinn only last night that if I'd spake
th' word ye'd let us have th" drawiii-
roonj."���Birmingham  Age-Herald.
;VTli37aiiihri>cite Coal- fields-of-Penn-
jsjlva-iitfvare estimated; at7382-square
,hii(csVaii;d. ihls is-practically, all there
is7;i!t;Tlie7United States.'"     :'--
:;V;.Io;~"i!i'fiitare? the importation of ctil-
7t5x*-e7^earls,.into France, is--to be sub-
;jedtVt!p:7:ti*.e same duties and -regala-
���tiftn^Si'-'-geauine 'pearls.;;- '".;'���.' -- ���
j with PE-ItU-f^A,lhemo. tfarn^
[bus tonic and blood puriiier
jon tic North American
Get. ai
��� bottle
I Of-.  _^_^^_^S_WBr    ,���_
r.ml IrsJ.
tbis ltlenl
win you back. to_
yixi an appetite; pnrify
and enrich tbe bfo<xl:or-.
riKt Sloioat.-h and -JioweJ
'Jfrouble*.; ulrengt ti<-n   t!i��
nerVes; and clear away all
catarrhal infitna in oi ti���.
There is .hcaltli. Henr aad
viisdilyin Pi:-l\V-SK..
Gti a Rot'tle   to-tlsy���
Sold ET��ywberc    1'
w.   Si.   v.   l��18 .THE   ledge;   .g-reenw.ood,   b,   a j
yl . -
Make it your handy" household assistant. Use it for
making soap, in washing dishes, for cleaning sinks, refrigerators, garbage cans, etc., for cleaning clogged drain
pipes, for removing grease and smoke stains, for scrubbing
floors and tiling. You will find that the systematic use of
Gillett's Lye will keep everything around the kitchen and
bath room cleah, sweet and wholesome. Cleans and disinfects. Is economical sLnd. sure in Jisipiiects.'/. Has been
the standard for over 50 years. It Vsaves laboi\ time
and trouble. ;'7   V
' ���" Ma.de in Canada^ -       '������;-> ""^ ������-���"������ -v /
Daylight saving is not being considered in Calgary this year. It was
tried out years ago but was not satisfactory.
Contracts have been let for a fleet
of fast motor boats to be operated on
lhc  Detroit River in a concentrated
drive against border lk'iioivsraugglcrs,
Commissioner Haynes announces.    -
Seven  families,  totalling  26 immigrants  from  London,  England,  have;
7arrived at Prince Rupert, the first of
a contingent of   British   immigrants,
jwlio will take up land on Queen Charlotte Islands this summer.
;    "The Senate, as at present", appointed; and constituted is not of the great:
(est; advantage to Canada,"     This is
;1he declaration which   J.   TV Shaw
'(Calgary   West),   asks the House of
-Commons to make ''iu   supporting   a
;iesolution which he will move.
!    The largest telescope in the world
will be completed at Vancouver soon,
T. S. Shearman, noted astronomer and
scientist,.Las announced.     The glass,
weighing ten tons and measuring 10
feet in diameter, will be installed in
the Fryc Observatory, Seattle, in July.
r.)       ^       .
. Importation ^of dogs from Great
Britain,;, which v has been prohibited
since H9710. no longer is forbidden,
accprding'to information received by
.: Canadian .Pacific officials. The ban
was due to the prevalence oi' rabies,
it was sl.a/.ed. '
A resolution in favor of-"outlawing
wars" by creating international law*;
which would make war a crime was
; adopted   at   the   meeting  of  the   N*i-
. Ijonal League or Women Voters' Commit tee on reduction oi armament at
One    of    the    new postage  stamps:
���issued by thc Soviet, Government of
Russia is of- allegorical design, showing the figure of a young man mounted on a white horse, with an army
of workmen following his outstretch-
. ed arm. *��� .
Anzac Day was observed in New
Zealand, says a Reuter despatch from
"Wellington. . The day was specially
commemorated .in  England '  by    the
, decoration of the graves of -153 soldiers of, Australia and New Zealand in
, the different cemeteries.
The total cost of thc Moplali rebellion is estimated at two crores
(about ?<i,5'j5,000) in addition to the
military expenditure of the Government. The area affected was 3,500
square    miles,,   with a population of
: ;;oo,oooV      -        -
Talking .(.movies    v;llh. the "lines"
recorded   on  lhe  film  instead   of  on
phonograph discs, have been perfect-
. ed by Lee de Forrest, pioneer -in the
- wireless telephone field, he annoitnco.il
-_ upon It is arrival from Germany where
he   has   been    experimenting i'or six
m on Ill's.
- - The bubscripiion^isC for New Zea-
. land's ��5,000,000 five per-cent. loans
offered at par, closed within a few
��� hours, the amount having been ,en-
���' tircly   ,taken    up.       Three ' million
pounds of~Uie loan will be spent in
"���Croat Drilain for material for railway
'�� expansion in New-Zealand.
Enlarging Grain Capacity
Work Starts on Extension of Elevator
v at Port William
Work on the extension to the Northwestern Elevator situated on the upper reaches .of the Kainiuistiquia River is ndw well under way. This is
lo cost in the neighborhood of 500,-
000, and will give-an additional storage capacity of 2,000,000 bushels
Tlie structure, it is expected, will be
completed iu time to handle the 1922
Ready-made Medicine.���You "need
no physician-for ordinary ills when
you have at hand , a bottle of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. For coughs,
colds, sore throat, bronchial troubles,
it is invaluable; for scalds, burns,
bruises, sprains it is unsurpassed;
while for cuts, sores and the like it is
an unquestionable healer: It needs
no testimonial other than the use,
and that will satisfy anyone as to its
"The Fearless Lovers".
Your attention is called to the new
serial story which commences with
this issue-; All.: tha "jyorkl loves a
lover and who will not be charmed
and delighted ivith this pretty love
story by Arthur .--itppl in. .* 'Read the
opening chapter.
Miller's Worm Powders do not need
the'after-help of castor oil or'any purgative, to complete their thoroughness,
because they ��� are thorough in themselves. One dose of them, and they
will be found palatable by all children, will end the worm trouble by
making the stomach and bowels untenable to the parasites. Aud not
only this, but .the powders will be certain to exert most beneficial influences in the digestive organs.
-' " ' ' " Unpopular '
"I never can .like that man."
: ."Why not?     He's, all right."
"I know he's all right,'but'1 can't
like him."
"He's never done you any harm."
"Not at all, but I   dislike   him just
the same.     He's'the'man my wife is
always wishing I would try to be."���
Detroit Free Press.
The Hottentots are especially fond j
of giraffe steaks and giraffe marrow, I
and a pot-roast of   boa-contriefor    is
highly prized iu Southern. Guinea. '
Strangled with Asthma is ihe only
expression that seems to convey what
is endured from au attack of this
trouble. The-relief from, Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is beyond
measure. Where all was suffering
there comes comfort and rest. Breathing becomes normal'and the bronchial
tubes completely cleared. This unequalled remedy is worth many times
its price to all who use it. -
Diver Battles With Devil Fish
;��� Battling for his- life fil'ly feet beneath the surface of Puget Sound,
Walter McCray, a diver Jmown in
marine circles trom Alaska to California, came out victorious over a giant
devil fish. ; The monster wound its
tentacles so tightly about McCray that
the diver was unable- to., reach . the
knife he carries for protection. .He
was freed after being drawn to the
surface. '     '���'��� .      .   ���������'���
Big Crops.in Peace River
.-Some idea-of-the development-of
Northern Alberta as a- grain producing country is indicated by the fact
that during-tho month of March, 645
carloads of grain were moved over the
Edmonton; Dunvogaii. and- British
Columbia railway into Edmonton.
Geologists declare thai, in prehistoric times there-were'on ,11ns planet
thirty-one million- different animal
t ���*UP*m.*a.;*m.-*&.JMSL"mr***.'.
r*m��*&*m.'*rrjm.-+^*i^'y&*Jm.,*mr^*^'^&j!a**m.*��. -n*
let tlie Children in,too!
��� It's no longer necessary to   ;
WMi@W$$g$^y x'
���to- ��� eaiif i^m&ir r:W:Wk-lkmri
':U^yai^:0l, will;^ 0-.j#ased
t^feolesoxne ;��&?eMAM^
Caused   by   Starved   Nerves   Due   to
-..  Weak, Watery Blood
People think of neuralgia as a pain
in the head or lace, but neuralgia may
effect any nerve of the body. Different names are given to it when it affects certain nerves. Thus neuralgia
of the sciatic nerve is called sciatica,
but the character of the pain and the
nature- of the disease is the same,
and the remedy, to be effective.��� must
be the same. The pain otoneuralgia,
whether it takes the form of sciatica,
or whether it affects the face and
head, is '��� caused by starved nerves.
The blood, which normally carries
'nourishment to the nerves,- for some
reason no longer does so and the excruciating pain you feel is the cry of
the nerves for food. The reason
why the-blood Tails to properly n'our-'
ish the' nerves is usually because the
blood itself is weak and thin.
When you build up thc thin blood
witlv-Dr. Williams' Pink' Pills, you are
attacking neuralgia, sciatica, and kindred diseases at the root The value
of these pills in cases'of this kind is
shown by the experience of Miss Beu-
lali M. Pah-weather', Cumberland Bay,
N.S., who says: "A few years ago,
following an attack of measles, I was
left in a badly run down condition. I
was weak and very nervous,'and had
no appetite. A doctor was called in
and gave me medicine, but it. did not.
help me. My blood was thin and my
hands and my feet were always.cold.
Then to add to my misery I wiis attacked with neuralgia,-from which 1
suffered greatly. I was reduced to a
mere skeleton, and did not ,care
whether I lived or not. 1 was in this
deplorable conditions when I began
faking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. It
was some time before I could' notice
any benefit from the pills, but before
a halt a dozen boxes were used there
was no doubt- that they were helping
me. Then 1 got six more boxes, and
before they were' done, -" I. was once
more enjoying good "'health and am
now strong and healthy. . I shall always feel grateful for'what the pills
have done for ine, and urge all weak
people to give them a trial.".'        .    '��� -
You can got ��� these !pills through
any dealer in medicine, or by mail at
50 eenis a box or six boxes for'��2.50
from-The Dr.. Williams.' Medicine Co.,
BroeI'ville, Ont. -  -      . ���    -
The Increase of Suicides
Growing   Complexity .of  Our   Modern
Life is Given as Cause
The Save-ti-Lifo League has issued
a report on suicide for ihe-.year- 192J.
The league oflickils have definite information of.12,000 suicides, and' they
estimate that at. least S.000 occurred
which 'were not--reported to them:-
The report declares 'that -suicides {
were' 2(5 per Vent.-more numerous in
1921 than in^.1920,- '"'and -conlaibs" "tlie
following observation:    .  .   '   . .   ..'
The growing-, complexity .of our
modern "life;".the": feverish. :unrest,"
crimes, divorce,-, .bizarre", and ^questionable dress and. other things "have.-
caused deranged;'nerves, depression
and less self-control..;',-- :-~ ��� ~-   -.   !���'
The suicides.reported' include "MO
editors, .710'��� .well known; writer's, "'10
college students;: 51,school teachers,
21 clergymen, 5.7- judges and ,'lawyers,
7- mayor.;, 93' blinkers ���'and'-SS piesi"
dents of -large "business, concerns!"-^'
From the N.V.\"1 iidependen!..'... - ' -.
War..on Insect-Pest '   "...   ."--'
'The   Dril is.li .Columbia". Coveni then I
litis year is .going to wage.l'he greatest,
���battle it  has ever'.waged against the I
codling   niol'lt.    ~ .Upsides   the   Sl(;,5u6!
��� \oi.ocl by .the logislamro  .nl   its.   laf-t!
session,- provision for ^iO.OOO -more by
the ' "<;nVei-nmeiit'.'.--Y.*si"ri -iniic'im.'i'd by
Dr.-'y^arnocl-,  Deputy ".Minister ul  .'.__���
���ni/ultiire".        .'���-,'
-       ..'_   :.    Up to Vancouver I
��� ������ "How much bf the' prairies wheat:'
iii'1922 wiil pass out via Vancouver"/" J
asks tlie Calgary Herald.     "Thc limit:
Isaiah does not set forth merely an
ideal for a world at strife, but foretells what shall actually take place in
the latter days, which sliall put an
end to all earth's strife. In these
Scripture texts lie reveals the fact
that Jesus Christ shall come and establish His Kingdom and remove from
men's hearts the cause for strife.
I.. The Kingdom Established yisa. 2:
By "mountain" in the Scriptures is
meant "kingdom" (Dan. 2:35; Rev.
13:1; 17:19-11).
1. Its position, (v. 2). It shall be in
a place of supremacy. it stands at
the head of all kingdoms. In fact
the kingdoms of this world shall then
become the kingdom of Christ (Itev.
2. The restored nation the teacher
of the Gentiles (v. 3). Cod culled
Israel that He might make Ills name
known among other nations, Now
after many centuries bf apostasy and
rebellion the chosen nation comes
into its own. Cod's favor will be so
outstanding as to gain the attention
of the whole world and cause the people to come up to Jerusalem to hear
the law of God.
' 3. The divine judge (v. 4). The
problems of the nations of the world
shall be adjudicated by One who is
all-wise, and He-shall rebuke- many
people. . Because of this rebuke they
shall convert their implements o'f war
into implements of husbandry and
they shall learn war no more.
II. The King (Isa. 11:1-5).
1. Ills lineage (v. 1). He is of royal
stock, of the house of David. From
t.h'e fact that thc "branch" grows out
of David's roots, it is shown that Messiah shall come when lhe fortunes of
the nation are very low.
2. His qualifications (vv. 2-3a). Thc
Holy Spirit shall rest upon Him in
His completeness, qualil'iyng Him for
His work. "Wisdom and understanding refer mainly to the clearness of
intellectual and moral insight; counsel and might to the qualities which
give sound, practical direction and vigor to follow and carry through the decisions oT.practical wisdom; while the
knowledge and the fear of the Lord
define relation by its two parts of acquaintance with Clod founded on love
and reverential awe which prompts
to obedience.'' He shall have quick
understanding in ihe fear of the Lord
and His delight shall be to do God's
will. This has fulfillment in Jesus
Christ in whom are hid all lhe treasures; of wisdom and'knowledge (Col.
2:3)7    ' ---    " .    -     -,
3. Thc character of His reign (vv.
3b-5).'. (1) "Not judge after the sight
of his eyes." I-I is knowledge is perfect; his judgment- pierces through
the problems," even seeing the motive
which lies back of thc..act. ' (2) .'No'l..
reprove after.ihe hearing;of-the ear,"
The- word "reprove" means "decide."
Hi's-decisions, therefore,; wil! be on
the basis.of fact, not on hearsay. - He
cannot, be-deceived nor imposed upon.
He knows all things,- even from thc
beginning'.-, (u). "Willi righteousness
shall judge "the poor." - He wiil'mete
outimptiffial justice'lo them.. Manx,
times now the poor suffer-because the
wealthy are able lo" bribe the ..iudge,
bitt wlicn Christ shall reign-as King
the poor.shall get justice. ..The poor.j
shall not .suffer in-justice, because he|
is poor nor escape, just ice "because "he
is "poor. -- (4) "Shall" reprove with
equity . for. the meek." "Reprove'-.'
here doubtless'means, "decide.".' In
fact- the-meek-shall-inhcrit-the earlh-
(M'a'fl. 5:5). ���' (5)"- "Shall., smite the
earth with.the rod ofjiis mouth.'-' By
���the."earth""is-.'meant, here.the wicked
inliabilaiiisV ..When-'Messiah . conies'
to''reign':there.-will ..be great, 'Wickedness in.tiie.earth (see .Psalm" 2:3-i!2)7;.
LukeJS:S);> ..(6) He; shall,be~girded
���\-1 tli.righteousness and faithfulness
(v.; '5)7.;V-l-ie isV absolutely"' righteous
and 'Avill 'fai'llifu ily. carry. ..out- all  His
words.- ."" ���' -\ ."""~;".;; ;:' ,X;-XX-~ '���������"-'
III. Description of Christ's Reign  (yy;
/. ''"���' c'"-9):'. XXx ' v.-'���,��---������- ���' 7 v ;"'���'���
7 Tliere-;will.prevail' universal --peii.ee'.
between liie-ii' and���'���innr-als;   ,,.In.-i.ilis.
descripl ioii- each, anima 17'is ��� 7coupled |
.with-tiiat upon -whicli ...it"   naturally
preys.. -   ���' ���   ,'- ' - .;  ..       __'.,���
Handling Deadly Serpents
Th��  Strange  Power of Snake-Charmers in India
What is the mysterious power that
snake-charmers of India hold over
deadly serpents? Is it a power peculiar to certain natures, or a power
whicli could, under training, be perfected by anyone? if so, what training? And what or who is there in
Lhassa who teaches the., use of ibis
These are some of the questions
asked by "A.K.," a contributor to
Cornhill Magazine, after describing
remarkable performances which lie, a
senior official in the Indian civil service, along with a senior commissioned
officer in the Imperial service and a
department head of one of the civil
departments of Government, witnessed.
Tlie writer had seen several exhibitions of Nawab Sahib's skill when the
latter had gone out into his garden
and gathered up corbras and deposited them iu a pot without the use of
any musical instrument. He simply
concentrated his gaze on the snake
and then picked it up and placed it
in the pot. Afterwards he drew the
poison fangs from the serpents and.
gave them to fakirs and beggars who
made a business of so-called snake-
charming. Nawab Sahib did not give
demonstrations for money and lie
practiced no flummery in capturing
wild snakes. "A. K." describes-the
modus operandi:���
"Thc Nawab stood, with right.elbow
and arm pressed against his side, his
right hand raised to his head, and one
of his Angers closing his right ear.
All���he required was an earthern
gharra, or pot, to carry the captured
snakes, and a cloth to tie over the
mouth of the pot when any snakes
were inside. He also carried a few
grains of rice iu his left hand. He
moved slowly along, his head bent
slightly forward, and now and then he
would hesitate, as if listening. My
Tricnd, myself, and a few privileged
servants followed a few paces behind,
talking, if at all, only in a whisper.
Suddenly, after a moment's hesitation,
he made a dart to one side and seized
the tail o'f a cobra lhat was wriggling
awtiy in the grass. This was duly
consigned lo the pot. Number one!
We had the compound to search, and
did not stop to extract fangs or to
lease the cobra and make it sit up
and expand its hood. Within fifteen
minutes we had five cobras in the pot.
Apart from the actual capture, it
takes some" skill to persuade an angry,
venomous snake, held aloft by the
tail, lo go into a dark pot! . Once the
head-is w'c-11 iuside-tlie pot., the rest
of the.snake seems to follow easily."
When ��� the parly, returned to the
bungalow the Nawab explained that
lie had some power of so disturbing
any.snake"withiu the -orbit of its'in-
Huence that it would come forlli and
be captured. The power, he claimed,
was projected through his .eyes. . As
a proof of- thei. latter statement the
Nawab. bent over the pot. containing
the writhiiyg-snake, and, looking fixedly at them.'putrrhis hand in,- mauling
the snakes about at his will. . First
he ..would lift thc head of,.one io- tlio
iop of the other.'- Someone spoke to
him and he looked up. At once his
anil secured to jerk and he cried out
iti pain. : "Ah, I am bitten."'.-' The
snake had- "struck him," while the
spoil was: broken, on the third "joint
of his second finger. ��� Then.it was
that the Nawab . performed , magic
which: tlie spectators were at an-even
greater loss to'explain.--Vile clenched his list and'holdiug his hind-some
eight, or. nine", inches from-his-face,
gazed..intently, at -the "place wliei.'e_the
skin ��� had been . punctured by ' the
snake's, faiigs. *'��� In a few.-moments ,a
small; amount of yellow matter exuded 'fronv.the. wouads....-' It, was the poison. 7,He "suffered .no after-effects.���"
Cornhill Magazine..'.- -V V .���
Children Cry for FJefcher's
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children.
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A baby's medicine
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-ups are not interchangeable. It was the need of
a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Children
that brought Castoria before the public after years of research,
and no claim has been made for it that its use for over 30
years has not proven.'
Castoria is a' harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric^
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishncss arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.'.
In Use For Over 30 Years
Return of the Horse
Great Revival in Popularity of the
Horse for Farm Work
In spite of the vast growth of mechanical traction, the last twelve
months have seen-a great revival in
the popularity of the. horse. Many
small farmers, and some by no means
small, are reverting to the horse in
preference to tractors, though on
large farms the tractor should always
win, if' handled carefully. Again,
many tradesmen having tried motor
vans, are going back to horse-drawn
vehicles, because they are less costly
and do not involve big bills for repairs.���London Sunday Pictorial.
Turning Trash Into Power
In Tokio, Japan, authorities are
planning to use trash and waste of
the city, estimated at 3,000 tons a
day, as fuel in large electric generating plants. ��� It is. believed that 6,000
kilowatts could be .obtained by tlie
use of this; fuel.   .
Indian Head Nursery
Shipments of Seedlings Will Be Very
Heavy This Year
The shipments of tree seedlings and
cuttings going out this spring from
the Dominion forest nursery station at
Indian Head, will be among the largest in the past five years. Thc kinds
sent out are ^chiefly Russian poplar,
willow and caragana. They are usea
solely for planting shelter belts on
prairie farms. Since the nursery
was established, about sixty million
seedlings and cuttings havc been distributed to prairie farmers.
'Minard's Liniment;used by Physicians
'"-Premier,. Johii-'Oliver lias extended
an invitation' to-all the, provincial, pre-
riiiers .of.the'Doniinion to visit-British.
Columbia".,this' summer" to attend .the
.Canadian';- good .roads' convention ' in.
Victoria;-June 13 to'.17.   "-..   '.-'""--"
Grave 3,000 Years OM
Discovery   on   Welsh   Farm   to  go   to"
'-' Cardiff Museum
-.(.'ovcreil with a ,-iUmo slab-and'containing a human--skull and" an-etirili-
enware vessel, a grave, staled by an-
_ric.iK.ran ex-perls lo be at least ?.000  -St. Paul,- Minn;���"! took Lydia' E.
rears old-, has been    discovered    on [ -Pinkham's" Vegetable Compound for a
tired,- worn-oiit feel-
Made Strong and Well by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
"���--hAlI/S CATARRH _��_ EDICIXB will, do
what, wo ciuim for It���rid your syslenil.ot'
Catarrh or Deafness caused by cdtarrli.
AVo! do/not. recommend it ioe any olhor
disease.. ..������"���-.
liquid, inken liitcrn'ully, and acts through
the blood upon tlio mucous surfaces pi
tlie -system, thus- reduoinfi- the inflamnia-
tion and assisting Is'auire.in restoring,
not-mat conditions. - . - . ' . ' ���
All Druggists. Circulars ������free.1 ���
!���'.. J. Cheney'& Co., Toledo, Ohio.
According to a calculation made by
a German physician,- a .man who has
sbavp'd himself for -fifty years has
spent 250 days of twelve'hours each
standing before a mirror with his
razor in his hand.-- -      "
-"���An Oi! of-Merit.���Dr. Thomas' Ec-,
lectric Oil is-not." a jumble of medicinal-substances, thrown, together and
pushed' bj' .-advertising, but the result
of the .careful investigation, of tlie
healing qualities of certaija.oils.as ap-.
plied -to tlie" lunfiah "bddy-V .it.is a
rare combination audit jyon- and kept
public" favor from .the first.". ���, A trial
of it -will carry conviction to any who
clpubt its power to repair and heal.
.-'-������-:-7A!berta Big.Fish:Producer '.-.
/-��� During the. past year over 3,000,000
pounds of .fish have been shipped .from
ilie lakes, in .Northern Alberta. " -'The
northern fish, are of, excellent quality
and find. a.ready" market". ..,-A, considerable .industry is being developed, ������-'���
.'.Many mothers can. testify-to the-virtue of Mother Graves' AYqrm-'.-Extcr-
minator,. because, they, know-from e.**-
'*>erioiice how useful it .is/'
Those. Statisticians-
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,���I have, used your MinaVd's
Liniment for-the past 25 years and
whilst 1 have occasionally used other
liniments I can safely say that f have
never used any to equal yours.
If rubbed between the bands nnd
inhaled frequently, it will never fail
to relieve cold in'the head in 2-t hours.
It is also the best for bruises, sprains,
etc. .    -       -      ;
-   ;' Yours.truly,
J. G. Leslie
Worry does no good." It does not
make the burden any lighter, the road
shorter,;the duty, easier. The sensible thing'to do is to face the fact that
it" is discouraging or hard and go right
on. He -was a ��� wise traveler who,
when his 'horse died,-said, ","I must
walk iiov,;,", and trudged-on with
cheerful energy'.- A "good, many people would luive sat ."down beside the*
dead horse and spent hours-.in,.worry.
���Wellspring. .'.'
-Just Shopping
First Girl (in store).���I say) Mabel,
if we aren't going  .to   buy   anything,
let's /- look . at something more expensive.���Boston Transcript-.   7
'' Sick Headaches
,. Remit .by Dominion -Express Money  Older.
If, lost .or- stolen, you  gret -your--money' Ira'cl:-
At! kinds of belting; hew- and used,.'
shipped subject to npproval,,'. .inch ������!" ply
no.w rubber beltinf. .guaranteed ntialicy.
twenty r.Dni'n pei'.i'odt..'till' others at' lowest pi-ires'iii-Cii'nada; YOH'v HKLTIXti
CO., 115---York St.,-Toronto.'Ont.
Will pnly. ho set by- Vancouver's pre-���
paredne.^s.     As much will go by way
of-Vancouver a**'Vancouver is ready
;lV'_.a"nd"lft.*;- adds" "-"tlie    IEerald.���Van-!
"(���Oliver I'i'oviiice.
jjlancaieh    lsaf    Farm. .Nelson, nea
Pontypridd". Wales.
The \V&l-��h National Museum, aulli-j
orilies   having   examined the find; it.',
is to be removed to the   museum . at
Cardiff and-reconstructed. -    '.
7 T-'ueiiii's '; "Rlenients'- bus been in
use in school:* and colleges for more,
(hiiu^OOi).years. '   -  -
..  It  is better Ho be, beaten in  trying
to. do right"..than.it is to -succeed ici j
doing- wrong.   ��� -'       ..-".
��� The. United- States has seven, times
as many.illiterates i*er.capit'a "ashasj
Thar bonds -oti matHmony would be
more'popular : if they paid cash divi-
dentfs..-."'-- ��� ���"..;.. ���'; ' ���'"���:��� ��� ..X-'y '-'XyX \ .; 7'"���"
AJ tale-bearer.-carries that which
becomes' greater'" every time he 'unburdens himself.'.' .,-���..'-C-      '���:-.,���   '-
'*. In. tha;'past forty' ye'ars '.tiiore than
'.tbree.-;~tIiousandnacres- of "lhe;English
coast; haye; slipped" into ;.th'e ��� seal"'; Xf'y
Keep Minard's L!nim��nt in the house
. paniasv-us,' Benares..-'and Constantinople, are'among, the .oldest cities in
the world. -   . :yyi-- -:-7,'--    ",;.-. .,'���-,"���"���"'���
���The.pope's-.daily-a.yerage pfletters,
is .22,000,-and' '.th.es.e'are. dealt .-.with
by/25 -secretaries: -: - -7 \-:-.7_ ��� .; ������ '���:���;���'./-..���  V
: -It   Is'.probableVt'he. Iiunian  population is'not73:<Ms3 tbap .l;��50,00b,900,~;-;.-'''���".
ing and painful"pexi
bds. I used to getup
���with a pain iri my
head and pains in thy
lowcrparts ar.dback.
Often' I was not able*
to do my, work. ��� I
read in yonr little
book about Lydia E.
Pinkham's vegetable Compound and
I have; taken it. I
.__ . Jlfeel eq well   and
strong and can do every bit of my work
End riot a pain in yr.y tack now. ��� I recommend yoiir medicine and you can use
this letter as a "testimonial." ��� Mrs.
Phil. Maseb,S01 Winslow St.,-St Paul,
:MiniU      .-,-;-    \..'. -��� V-   '"-. -    -; ""  ...   :--     ,������'--.':-
"'.' Just another case where, a -woman
found relief by taking Lydia E- Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Mscy
times these tired, worn-out feelings and
pains about the body are from troubles
only women have. Thg Vegetable Compound is especially, adapted for just this
condition* The good results are noted by
the disagreeable syroptoma., pas sing
away-rone after another.; '.,.- '.'X-.\
> Lydia -E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Gbm��
poand is fe- Woxaaa's Medicine. fori Wo-
saea'8 Aiiaoeets. 7 Atos^�� :��&&&
Sometimes Weil to Take. Figures-W.ith'
'���;..    ' Reserve...      ;.,."  :    ,.-_���
' Somebody has 'figured, out'. Mint in-,
sects do ? 1,500.000.000. worth of dam-,
age in tlie -United' States' every -year-
Considering the,, billions: of.'dolIars7of'
damage which" ;the"- experts-?claini-' is
done in- that "country year' arter'jyear'
by bugs and fires and floods .and- tor\
nadoes and gophers "and loafers' and.a
-hundred and one other agents of destruction, the wonder is that the republic did not go broke .generation's
ago. Perhaps-It would have gone.it
the "experts had been on hr.nd to -tell
people how fast they were losing-
money. Being blissfully ignorant of
the" way they were falling behind thcy
kept right oh until the country is" now.
the greatest gold repository in the
world. The statistician is a useful
member o.f society, but when he gets
to footing up how much people lose bf
what they never had it is well to take
hist- calculations with reserve:���Edmonton Bulletin.'-.-".
���i^-Burns�� .Sores. Cutis ��i&Xy
'" '^"^V"'
"YiOOK  ON". "-.-���'
��� f ^moL    ��
" DOC, -DlSJGASt_8.'
IS Jflffgjfer   1
���   nnd".-How  to-l-'eed
|j^��!jBu3r^B "
"Mailed   Free -to-nny
-   MftwfSKL^Jr   -
.    Address by the .  -
"- n^/i-i
���     ��� Author ��� ���.
-H. -ct.ay Gr.ovcr.
"jr   .
.-     - ' CO..' IXC. '���-���' -
-. ' . America's    -.
12.1     .-\Vest. .   Fourth
..' Pioneer
Street.  Newl'orti,
-, XtoE ���Reined lc.4 '
���   ������.-,--   U.S.A. ;
;.In the house; of many old Moorish
families, there .may.be still_seen a
great :;key. installed' in- a" place "of
honor.-' ' It Is", tbe key.' of,, their old
bojne;in Spain'la the.days-when,the
Moors dominated-that country."  ",
... Cuba's..; pineapple,   crop is 900.000
crates-, rained at (4,500,000.
No need to 1 osecnicks;
Raise every -oae into
���v- stiong prpStible
bird.  Successful- poulr
trjtnea e**erj***-liere
bsnlc- on! .   '
Pratts Buttermilk
Baby Chick Food
Sold everywhere oa o*ar moa-' -
-sy back, gaars-atee..   ADVICE
I7REJZ.    Tell.as .yonr trouble.   7
W.   K.   .W.   lili ,r
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not pak. for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.56, always in advance.
Consider the pin��� its head keeps
it from going too far.
The Irish intend to make a continuous fight to keep the peace.
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
Write it in your heart that
every day is the best day in.the
Any man ma}* make a mistake
but only a fool will keep on making it.
Another husband shot.    Is this
_ivhat the high aims  of our women
lead to? 	
The best time to teach habits of
thrift is when habits for life aro
being formed.
The con.et makers are asking
men to wear corsets on the theory
that somebody ought to.
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in conuectiou.
D. McPHERSON        -       Proprietor
Nicely lumishecl rooms, by the
day, week or mouth
F. Nilson     -        - Proprietor
No opponent of the soldiers
bonus has gone so far as to argue
that thc boys didn't fight.
If we sprang from monkeys,
somebody ought to tell us why
monkeys are still monkeys.
Cheerfulness and silence over
Itttle privations are a wonderful
help to the comfort of the family.
A writer says that poets are
poorly paid. Another suggests
that perhaps they'll get what they
deserve in the hereafter. Pretty
rough on some of them if they  do.
When v doctor makes a mistake,
he buries it; when a plumber
makes a mistake he charges twice
for it; when a preacher makes a
mistake nobody knows the difference, but when an editor makes a
mistake���good night.
Card of Thanks
The Govern in en t Of
Tlie Province Of liritisli Columbia
The attention of
Timber Licence holders who are
taking advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST ACT, wherby arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have been funded
and made payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 1921 is not included in
ihfc instalments above mentioned, and
such 19,21 and all subseauent renewal
fees must be paid within one year
after the date of expiry of the licence
in order to maintain the right ofthe
holder to obtain a renewal of the
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
first-class   land
second-class to
On behalf of the officers and boys
of the Green wood Boy Scouts.I beg
- to tender out* heartfelt ..thanks fo
She various ladies who. .so kindly
made cakes for our dance, to.those
who so willingly helped, to prepare
the supper, to the-gentlemen- who
gave the "use of their cars and to
the various others wh6se help went
to   make our show  the success it
D.j Cavaye, -
.   Scoutmaster.
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
���l'UULip-NOTICE is' hereby, given" to" "the
(���lectors ofthe Municipality of the City of
Greenwood, that I require tho prcsenee" of the
said electors in, the City Hull in the City of
Greenwood on the-11th. day of. May,-1922, at
32 o'.elock noon. Tor tbo -purpose of elect ins
one person as School Trustee tor the City of
_Gree11.w001l._-   _:_-..   :"_."_."._ .7.:'__.- '..���--.
-The mode of' nomination of candidate sliall
I>e as follows:  . ���_.     -.....;    '. -.7;   .  '������'.... .���.'-,
, ",'Tho candidates shall be npiriiiin.ted;-in'������vrit-
Jii'*; the wL-itiriF- sliall. tie "subscribed  by  two.
.Vetera .or-Jtlie mnnicipnlity  as  proposer; and'
f-ecoiider/and shall be dolivcredto the Return--
sii!. Oitk'cr.at any time -between the."date .of the:
:.lioticb'and ���!,��'. in. of tlie"-lay. of the nomiuiition",.
.and in tin; event of a poll lieinj. necessary, such
.poll'will be "opened'on tho  I5l.l1,. day. of May"
��� A;l3.-"l:i22jbet\v'ecn'tlic liour��-.of n, a.m.- himVT
. I'i.m.ut tire said.CityOjtic'e..of which every i>e.-
Kou is hereby.required to take" iibt"ico-ahd. gov-
7-ern liims.elf accordingly,'..'     "'.   '.  -.''"'. " -���'���." .
��� .' -.       ������:.-   (���i-A.uricATiqN's..    - --    .'.-'.  -
The persons qualified to be h6miiiii.ted.foT and
e'ecleilas School Trustee of-said City.sliall7.be
������Eueli.porsrins'as.-are British subjects of lite full
nge of twenty oiie yours, und-.ai-e: ���n'ot-.di.-.qiiali-
��� fied under any law. and have been forsix ihoiit'is,'
iii'.-'t jiiVtviins; ttic day of "nomination tlio riifiis-
���tered owner. iu_rlic\ Liiiiil'-Hi'Kiat'rj*. Oilict); of
Iaii<i;or real property in thc city bf7the..lSsc>��"cd
7vnliie", oii tlle i:i-t..Mnnicii")jirAsse.-,si)ient .roll-of
.live* liun<liV"t dollars or more' over, and .ubovo-
..nii.v registered judi?emeiit "or charge,-and. who
tire otherwise, duly   (iiialilied ; a.,   iimiucip'U
voters,."...   . -:     .-.      ���,--...��� ^"     -';. ���        V     ._;
Given" under my".Hand at Greenwood this, "ill
day orMay,'-A.-b.-l!��22.' ���    '        ���'" ���}.'��� X , '-".-'- '. '
������.-.',, '..',.-'��� "7c's.'-WAVrr.RS, 7���'������  .;.
'.-..-.   '""--  Itcturuin.. Officer.
Tailored Clothes
Meis's Suits arid Overcoats
A fine  range of samples- to select
from.     (Just arrived.) -
Now on view at   ..
Tailor and Cleaner   7
.Greenwood 7 V     ;.
���:   TRUOKiyFORxXH/RE]
'XX V_;,V'.BXX:PAT::or^'cbNTRA<:T7;' ���
. 'X'XXy /V'VWood5 Eor^Sale V>���. V'~   ; ���
-Second-Hand Pipe,;Rails; -'Mining .Cars"
���"'-_��� -. yand other "Mining-Equipment'-.','._'-
��� . V   Reasonable Prices   '-.-"'..7-.- -
Apttiy to J.7 W- Clsrfc, Pacific Hotel
Minimum price of
reduced to $5 an acre;
$2.50 au acre.
Pre-emption  now   confined    to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
laud, " _���".':'...' -��� ������ V
'- Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange', for adjacent, pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. .'"���'���-���
- Pre-emptors .must occupy' clahns
for five years and liiust make improvements tovalue of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least- - 5 -acres,-- before, receiving
Crown Grant. "'   . , .  ���'     -.. -
' Where pre-emptor.in occupation not
lessthan 3 years, and has made proportionate .improvements,"he rriay -because of ill-health,"or other cause,.-be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
. Records without permanent residence
may be -issued, provided applicant
-makes improvement to extent of $300
per. annum., and records, same each
year. Failure to make ��� improvements
or record same will operate, as'- forfeiture. Title .cannot be obtained-in
.less than.S .years,'and improvements of
S10.00 per acre, including .5 acres cloai-
c'd -and.cultivated, and residence, of at
least 2 years are required. ������ ,
"'.Pre-emptors'. holding Crown. Grant
iiiay record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction -with his
farm,.without actual, occupation, provided statutory ' improvements "made
and .residence'..'maintained on Crown
granted.land.:-" .' ;'.. .-���.."."...-..
7 Unstiryeyed areas not-.exceeding '20
acre's, may-be leased as home'sites; title
to.be obtained after.fulfilli'ng resident-
ial.a'nd improvement'conditions. "'.
For-'grazing .and industrial purposes
area's exceeding .640 .acres may"'.be
lcased'by one person or. company..;- .
-; Mill,-factory or.industrial -sites on
limber' land - not .exceeding ��� 40. acres
may "be purchased; conditions include
paVirient.of stumpage.- '.:"���
', .Natural-hay.'meadows' inaccessible
by Jexisting'-roads' may. be .purchased
.conditional upon construction of_'a'road
(o.them 7- Rebate .of oii'c-half ��� of- cost "of.
road, not,.-exceeding,half of purchase
price, is-made. '���- ,. '���''���'?--���'.'- '���.'.. :. ".
- The scope; of;this,7Act isenlarged" to
include all pcrso'iis'.joiniiig. and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The tini��
'iii'jyliich the heirs or devisees of a deceased, pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
.formerly, until one 303.1* after the coh-
clusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.- -. ;._-.
No fees relating to -pre-emptions,arc
due or payable by, soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June .20, 1918^
Taxes areremit.te'd for five years."
���7 Provision's for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
���4,1914, on-account of payments', fees'.or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest 011 agreements to purchase
town or city lots- held by member's of
A Hied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment lo March -3ist, 19207.
' Provision made for insurance of
Crown Grants to stib-pur'chasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring" rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving.forfeiture, on 'fulfillment of"conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes. Where sub-purchasers-do
not claim whole of.original parcel, purchase price due and taxes . may be distributed . proportionately, over- whole
area/'. Applications must be made by
May :i, .1920." ���.������". -  -  -:-.'���:.���'':  ���'-"-.   .-." .
���:.-';.-v7 ~  7    ;."-grazinc;:-;."" ���- V'���>'>"'
]' Grazing Act, 1919. for, systematic development-of-''livestock ' industry, provides for 7grazing, districts";and range
'administration-''.-;.under'-.. Commissioner.
Annual. grazing permits-issued .based
on numbers ranged; -priority ��� for established owners. Stock.owner,-; may form
"Associations-'for. range"- management.
Free, or partially free,-' permits -for
settlersj.campersJor'travellers up to ten
bead.'., *."-'-. .'"- ':���-'-,'������ ��� .""-,'. "   ---' -.-;  ���::������:.. ���',-.
We are running this advertisement as an invitation to you to join our $10.00 Get Acquainted
Club, so read what we have to say. 0 ���
We have two wells in and have our third well started.    Our stock today is worth $3.00 per
share, brokers are listing it at $1.50 to $2.35. . *
We are offering for new stockholders to join us and then investigate. Ten shares NOW for
$10.00,  not more than twenty shares to any one person or more than one hundred  sharesTto
any one family at this $1.00 per share price.
Join'as in this small way, then investigate our standing, or plans, etc., then, if you are satisfied, you can buy more stock at the prevailing price at that time." IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED, we will return your ten dollars on  demand, if you make demand within  thirty days from
the time you send us the $10.00,
Our plans are to drill Ten Wells just as quick as money, labor and material can be assembled,
and we honestly expect our stock to sell from $100.00 to $1000.00 a share as soon as these plans
are carried out. "��
We are not a one well syndicate, but a thoroughly organized and going company, and expect
to not only drill hundreds of wells as has been done by the Standard Oil Company, Sinclair Oil
Company and others, but we expect to build our own pipe lines, and our own refineries and establish
our own Gasoline filling stations all over the country.        _,.    .
With these plans carried out your $10.00 invested today should be worth a THOUSAND
'DOLLARS; or more to ;you. ���' ...... V, .^    .'���---'..-,-:���
Start right, in a small way, then satisfy yourself that you are in the right company, then
increase your holdings,, or, get out if you are not satisfied,;       '_:.
$10.00 starts ypu on the road to success and wealth with us if you act now; today, at once.
. 10 shares $10.00, .50 shares $50.00,  100 shares $100.00..,-''. -
Inquiries invited. -:   ..  " "'      ....
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting CoV
of Cahada, Limited
-   Offices, Smelting^and. Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    ol   Gold,   Silver,  Copper,   Bluestbne,   Pig .Lead  and Zinc
Auto Stage,twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
V  7Forks and Nelson 4��in, leaving Greenwood at 8 &.m. '���'������':
For Oroville,-.Wenatchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.:
:Fare Sl,50 jEach Wsy..V Hand. Baggage. Fjreev   Trcnks Carried;.
Express and Beavy Staving; y -7,.".. V ��� V- "Auto's for nire Day ot Miflit
7.7;'-"';'l:'- 'We'carry Tires,''0iisV;Cfe^s.'\8ay, and'drain XX:_[
'OiPficePnoae'I3." - -v-7-'- '������'''?*" .-''^C'^ResldeiKe PSODe^L^
The Mineral Proyince of Western Caoada
Hm prefaced Mineral! valued aa fcllowa:   Placer Gold, 175,944,203; Lode
Gold, $102,755,828; Silver, $58,668,284;; Lwdt48,637,22I| Copper, ���161,S18,864; .
Zinc, $19,806,488; Goal\aaft Ooke, $212,578,492; Boildlng Stone, Briek, Cement,
etc, $82,168,217;'10ioelfaUMa��---iniiw^
Pffodnotion to the end of 1929 ihow an  ..V". X- XT' ������
Aggiregite Value of $70$,I92,978
Production for Year Ending DecemBer. 1920, $35*543,084
; The Miziof Laws of Shi* Prorinoe ar* more liberal and She fasa lower
feaa Siioee of aaj other Provisos in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Mineral loa&Moss am granted to4fe^?rerew for nominal lees.
Abeolato TiUea are obtained by developing each properties!, the Bsoarity   4
^       of which isgsarealaed by Grown Graaia.
V 7      Fell iaforau^on, toge&e? wiib _ai��ii_g Beporti and Maps, may be obtained
VVjpiSa'by addressing���;.;?���-        .
':v.:':''>;;'::;v">;:v\ ���v:--:v,.. THE' HON; THE MINISTER OF'MIHES.
^^^o^'-'-K--""'. - ^--'^"v-"'* '��� VICTORIA, gsritisii Columbia,   '


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