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The Ledge Sep 1, 1921

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r '   /
ial l*^ar* \
Vol.   XXVIII.
No. 8
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
f. M. GULLEY & CO.
E^l ������:��� : �����
Large Assortment of
Christie's  Biscuits
Salmon and Halibut
Arriving Fresh Every" Thursday
New Shipment
R   Leckie Shoes   X
For Men and Boys '    /&
These are the best shoes Cf
S' w   to wear you can buy for Vt
your boy.    Better   have   *
a  pair for.hiip  to start
school with
W. Bsen Si'Co
**--.. ��
2 if Real Estate & Insurance
Orville Docksieader, of Edge-
wood, is visiting relatives in tbe
E. S. Taylor aud C. O. Powell,
were in town on Saturday from
W. S. Burnett, of Armstrong,
is visiting his son, Dr. J. M.
Mrs. C. Perkins and son, Wm.,
of Allenby, are visiting Mrs. A.
J. Morrison.
B. J. Lundy, of -the Kelly
Douglas Co., Vancouver,. was in
town this week.
Life, Fire, Health, Accident |
Order Your Preserving Peaches and Plums Now
All Steps Lead To:
LEE & BRYAN"   .. Phone 46   |f
Take Care of Your Complexion    |
Vanishing,  Dry, Massage and Cold  Creams,
Face  Lotions,- Complexion  Powders,
,-   ' Rouges  and  Talcs
Big   Line   Just   In ���-
_ Best Companies in   the. World
- Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches  For Sale
_ Auctioneer
Call And See
We have placed standing orders with Okanagan
" packing houses for
Preserving  Fruits
To be shipped on receipt of our wire
To get the freshest and best order from
Spectacles of All Kinds
For Sale, and Repaired    -
Ask for Prices ami * Compare' with Mail
,   .  - **- Order-House    '
McELMON, Greenwood
endent Meat
1      ,.      mf
' The WINDSOR 'HOTEL is heated with steam -
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers Touch the
���wire if 3-011 wane rooms reserved. Tbe buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk aud ice-cream.
4lWWM^MMI^WM.^MW     ITI    1,11���^�����n������i^n���w ������w^artMM >M^WB ,  I     II II .
V -        -      -  -       ?
W A   COOK'S   REPUTATION   is founded largely ou.wholesome %
and uniform materials - , K
USB _ ���  ' .-/ |
"The Empire's Standard",, ��� ��� ���   jjj
Wholesale Distributing Branch,  West Kootenay District, NELSON, B.C.   K
Packing'Plants, at -   - Jl��
^ Calgary       Edmonton   . Reirina     * Prince Alfcert -'- Vancouver s>
We carry 'only, the best stock procurable
Fresh  Meats,   Ham,  Bacon,
Lard, Etc.     ^
A Trial   will Convisice You
John Meyer
Bokn���To Mr.-aud Mrs. Jean
Tedesco,- .of .'Eholt; a daughter,
oa August'28th.
Baseball, Rock Creel< vs'Greeu-
wood at the" local diam-oud on
Monday, Sept. -5th.
The Public and High schools
will re-open for the fall term on
Tuesday,/Sept. 6th.
The-robins and swallows are
collecting arid some of them are
leaving- for the south.
Special this week. Whole
Roast��� Coffee 3 lbs for $1.00 at
R. A. Brown's, Midway.
Born���-In Greenwood, on Aug.
28, to" Mr. and Mrs, John
Skilling, of Eholt, a son.
W. L. Clark returned on Wednesday from attending the meeting of Presbytery in Nelson.
Miss Phyllis Spooner, returned
to "Trail last -week, after a two
weeks visit with friends here.
; Juan Puddy caught a 3# lb.
fish iu Boundary Creek ..on Monday. The fish measured 20 inches.
: Mrs. RobtV Wood ""and her sister Mrs. Minkler arrived in the
city on Tuesday from Vancouver.
. Place j'our orders now for Fall
Wheat and Fall Rye for seed'at
R. A.^Brown's, Midway.
The Misses Ada and Ethel
Beattie returned to their home
here last week from  Vancouver.
The angling season is about
over, but the sportsmen have not
yet grown weary of the rod and
Creighton McCutcheon,' who
has been employed oa the survey
of'the Government road at Cascade, -returned to town on Tuesday morning.
.Mr. and Mrs.-J. V. Mills, and
daughters Laura and Louise, returned., on Monday morning from
a month's visit with Mrs. Mill's
parents in Winnipeg.
R. L. Robinson, of the Burroughs Adding Machine Co..
B. Hodge, representing the
Columbia Paper Co., Vancouver,
were in town on Wednesday.
' Missjsabell Keir left on Tuesday for Willow Point, Nelson,
where she will visit for a few
days before going to Jaffray to
teach during the. coming term.
Dr. L. F. Tepoorteo, of Grand
Forks, will be in Greenwood ou
Sept,.l, 2 and 3 for the practice*
of dentistry. The primary object
of this .trip is to attend to school
Six Months for Selling Beer
Sreeoweed Theatre
Gray & Clerf, Props.
Next Issue of Kootenay Telephone
Directory Closes September 1st.
If you are contemplating taking iiew service, or making any changes in
your present service, you should send notification in writing- not later than
the above date, in order that you may take advantage of the new directory
Advertisers will find that the telephone directory offer an attractive and
effective medium for their purposes. . ���
( Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Constance Talmadge
"Two Weeks"
Adapted from Anthony  Wharton's play
"At The Barn"
A tale of a Broadway   Chorus    Girl's
adventure with' 3 Country Bachelors
6 Reels 6
Also a Two Reel Tooncrville Comedy
"Skipper's Treasure Garden"
Adults 50c.
Children 2Sc.
, For Sale
"Good  Fall  Wheat 3��a
LWalfeer Clark,- Midway.
per lb.
For Sale
S350 Ford "ear, iu good running
order. Owner leaving town,
iipply So W. L." 'Clark, Pacific
Hotel, Greenwood.
v     Wanted
Probationer    afe    Grand    Forks
Hospital.    Apply to Matron.
Send a Float,to--j"o��r'Jfrieods at
once. You can . get them at
The Ledge office
James Kerr, wife and .family,
and Mrs. Woods." have returned
to town from pain ping at James
Monday, Sept. 5th, is Labor
Day~ Thc banks, posroffice'and
all places of business will be
' W:    A.   Pownder,    of Grand
Forks,   died in   the,Old Man's
Home, Kamloops, last week,
aged 09 years.
E.   E.   Nicholson, formerly  of
Greenwood, arriyed  in  town on
j Wednesday    morning   from   the
Slocan district.       .   - ;
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Carlson, of
Burke, Idaho, arrived in the city
oa Thursday aud intend taking
up their residence here.
Isaac Crawford and Mrs.
Clarke, of Carmi, and Miss Billie
Smith,* of Beaverdell, were-visitors in.town,, on ./Tuesday.
This   community    wants,   its
children to" be trained in tidiness.
This is an essential   to right liv-.
ing which' all recognize.    "   .
Miss Annie Eustis left on Tuesday morning .for Vancouver,'
where she will be a probationer
in the General Hospital.
V. J. Newton, who,has been
ih:charge Of the BatikVol ^.'Montreal during Mr.. Mill's absence,,
left for Rossland oa Mondayl ''
.'Ice cream sundaes, ice cream
sodas, all kinds of .soft drinks,
orange crush, lemon crush", lime
crush, cocoa cola at the Windsor
Buffet;" V/-..vV:V> ,>������-. :'.-*���.->������-,-
;, Mrs. J.. P..'MacLean and two
daughters Jessie-; and Betty, re-,
turned to; Victoria,, oh Sunday
morning, -'after.-a,)',week's ...visit in
the city the :guests of Mr. .and
Mrs. G.:S/WaIter5r ;<"='V-;v'   .V-
C. JE, Shaw and son, Norman,
returned to Cawston on Saturday,
after completing' the suryey of
the'Vcity ranch. Mrs. Shaw remained in the city for a few days
vvisitmg friends.
Presbyterian services will be
held on Sunday, Sept. 4th, in
Midway at 11 a.m. instead of in
the evening.', Sunday school at
Boundary Falls at 3 p.m. and
service in Greenwood at 7.30 p.m.
Mrs; G. Hingley, who. has been
residing in Boston, Mass., for the
past few years, returned on
Thursday from the. east. She
intends remaining here and will
liye on herrauch on the No. 7
Miss Laura E. Smith left this
morning for Vancouver and Victoria, where she will visit for a
few days en route" "to*-'Winnipegl"
after spending a delightful holiday in Greenwood, the guest.of
her aunt, Mrs. G. Inglis. "
Miss M. Caldwell returned to
Olds, Alta, on Thursday last
after a visit with her sister, Mrs.
G. B, Taylor. Miss D. C. Caldwell who has spent the summer
with Mrs ' Taylor, left this
morning to resume her duties in
the Kelowna 'High school. .
Benjamin  Smith,   proprietor of
tlie Old Richter Hotel at Osoyoos,
Murdock  Bain, an  employee,  appeared   before   Magistrate  A.   E.
Mogridge at "Osoyoos on Saturday
and were sentenced to six  months
in jail for Belling beer to an American.  . According to  the evidence
at the trial, Wm.   Lakeland,   Provincial constable, appfenhended an
American c'ar which  he suspected
was carryingvcantraband goods. On
searching  the   car he found  five
bottles of beer.    He arrested, tbe
driver who stated that, he  bought
the beer at the<hotel,    This led to
the arireBt of the convicted men.
Following the.trial a search warrant was procured and -.Chief
Fraser and Constable -Lakeland
starched the premises and discovered: nine barrels of beer and about
three cases of hard goods.
The driver of the car was fined
$50 and costs and.after paying for
the beer at the rate of $11 a bottle,
the thirsty American never got a
taste of it.
City Council
Several .men are busy on tie
A new floor has been put on the
wagon bridge.'
George Barrett is doing development work on his claim.
H. Holmes is putting in-a water
system. E. J. Smith, of Carmi, is
In charge of the work.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. T.
Jenkins was the scene of a gay
party on Monday night when
about 30 guests were present. The
evening was most pleasantly
spent in playing 500 and whist
after which a _number_ _of_ vocal
and instrumental selections were
enjoyed, ' Dainty - refreshments
were served after which dancing
was taken up. All present report au enjoyable evening and
vote Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins an ideal
host and-hostes;*.
��� The Greenwood Hospital recently opened by Dr. J. M.
Burnett is a fine institution. The
equipment is of the best, -particularly in the sterilizing' rooms,
The district has-long' felt the
need of such an institution, there
being a number of mines and
sawmills in. operation nearby,
which unfortunately may mean a
number of accidents, and :t is iu
this particular-that the institution
fills a long felt want, itf addition
to which special care is given to
all other cases, thereby ensuring
the greatest amount of success.
In little communities when we
think of "education we think bf
school teachers. In large cities
where men of vision roll big
thoughts "before them and litter
the ground with comprehensive
.views-.the word. '.'Education-'. has.
a.larger-significance.; WitbVthehr
:the school teacher is .not the oniy
'Educator..''. But 7;small communities do not deal in bigness
so we stick to our school teacher.
Hence the importance -of- fitness
iu"every particular to the Village
schoplmas'ter--fi.'tnes's in academic-
training," Vphy'sical ..fitness..'.tesh-;
peramentai' fitness, .mpra.l fitness,
without--spot or -blemish.,;-These
things:.-are-, important"-to ".thGse
who teach children; howV to ;read
and write;'"-; " "V '"-"- --^'W'-v ��� -.
W. H" Wilson and wife, Miss
Jean Wilson, W. F. Attridge, and
wife, were in town on Saturday
on their way home to Cranbrook
from a motor tour of the Okanagan.
Miss Eleanor Dawson, of New
Denyer, who has been the guest
of her aunt, Mrs. G. BV Taylor,
lef-t this Thursday morning for
Victoria where she will teach
school during the coming term.
Visitors from the cities talk of
hard times-and a hopeless outlook. It is a fight between Capital
and labor. The man who works
with his hands wants a fair share
of the rewards of labor, but he
does not seem to be, quite sure
tharhe is not already getting it.
Capital wants the lion share and
it is not sure that it is not getting
it. There is a bewildering
vagueness about the most plausible explanations of the trouble.
Capital is afraid to venture upon
the sea^ and will hug the shore
until the tumult has subsided,
and Labor cannot" go alone. It
.looks .like a long storm. The
sky-may not clear soon, the sea
may long be rough. In Greenwood there is no distress. Every
workman is employed, there is
money in our saving's banks and
our children are stilt fed. .
Because of the industrial
tumult, prices of farm produce
are bound -to drop. Money will
become so scarce ' in the , great
cities that there will not ��� be
enough of it to buy anabundancc
of food. -The difference between
{the absolute necessity aud a full
supply is very great. The people
of the" cities could live oh one
third of the food they consumed
in war times and be none the
worse for it. It is the' gormaud
waste that makes, food dear .and
prices for farm produce high, .in
civilized countries like. Canada.
The price of eggs could \hot re-,
main high it the cities of the
.world; werecto>cut- off- half their
consumption, and they are.likely
to do it. It -is the; same "with
butler and . meat and flour . ind-
everything. When the war sayings are all, spent-"the people'of
the .cities will. be compelled to
lire'on half their full allowance,
and that time cannot be so verV
far away," . """
Mayor Gulley, Aids. Mowat,
Taylor, Kerr and King were present at the regular meeting of the
City Council on Monday evening.
The" Water Committee recommended that, the Twin creek'reservoir be utilized for two hours per
day on account of shortage iq_Lind
creek and Providence creek.
Aldermen Mowat and King were
appointed -a committee to supervise the work  to  be done 03. the
Rink.    Mayor Gulley "undertook to
have the roofing paint supplied  at
cost and Aid. Mowat will organize
a volunteer  working  party to put
the roof in good shape,   Tbe Council    was   unanimous 'in   deciding
that  the rink should "be  kept in
good  condition  so  that this great
asset to the City  may  be   again
available for winter- sports and   a
wish was expressed  that the gen- -
eral public ahould  assist in  every
way   possible   to   carry   out   the
necessary work  and  save further
outlay from the City funds.
The City Clerk reported completion of the survey of the portions of the City ranch to be retained by the Council.
The next meeting of the Council
will be held on Sept. 12fch.
Midway News
Gordon McMynn and Bob Brown
have returned from a trip to Grand
Forks*.      . *   ,
J. M. Kerr, of the "U. S. Government survey, was a visitor in town
this week.
George Green has commenced
the erection of a residence near the
Lee ranch. _
"Miss Amy Heaven returned to
Grand Forks ou Sunday after
visiting in town,
T. B. Tonge, of Vancouver, is in
charge of the custom's office while
R-. D. Kerr is on a holiday.
- John Zurfluh, mauager of the
Midway Hotel, made a business
trip to Greenwood on  Wednesday.
Good progress is being made, on
the new bridge over the Kettle
river. Tt will be open for traffic in
about two weeks time.
- Custom's Onicer"R. Dr Kerr~ari"d __
wife    are    on ~a"  visit   to   their
daughters,  Mrs. R. MacMiilan and   ���
Mrs. C. K. McArthur in Trail.
-Frank McCharles left for West-
bridge this morning where he wiil
start a few men to work on tbe
new government bridge at that
��� - Westkettle River '
The.River ou which Carmi and
Beaverdell are situated is some-
times called the West Fork of the
Kettle - River. ' and sometimes,
shortly, West Fork.
Both of such names are inaccurate, since the Geographic Board
of Cauada eome years since considered what should be a proper
name for the River and gave it'the
name Westkettle. It is to be '
noticed the name is spelled in one
Chorus'Girl to Star^
The rise of a.chorus girl to stardom,', who   afterwards   renounces
the stage for a "mere- ina.u  and  a
home, .is the 'theme of.: ah -excep-:-
feionally funny comedy-drama-, ,tha'6
is    filled    with    genniYxe   humor
throughout," in'  .which' ' Conltaneo
���Talmadge. makes1 her" la test; bow. to '
the public.    Is- is-"'' Two" Weeks''."
taken   from   Anthony   Wharton's
play,. "A.  the Barn.*-'  and will be
showo-at the Greenwood. Theatre!
Urn Saturday, Sepk 3rd'.: . ' >/'
TILE     LEDGE.     GEEENWOOD.    B.     C.
Disarmament and tke  Individual  Citizen
The outstanding question in world politics today is disarmament���the
reaching of some international understanding which will put an end to thc
feverish race between nations to outdo each other in the raising and equipping of enormous armies, the construction of great navies, the inauguration of powerful aerial squadrons, and the development of chemicals and thc
sciences along channels of destruction, and, with a cessation of such unholy
and savage activities bring about an enormous lessening of the burden of
taxation and the devotion of national revenues to thc improvement of the
physical and educational well-being of the people.
Everybody is concerned in the consummation of such an international
understanding, but the average man and woman nevertheless looks upon
the problem of arriving at an agreement as being the sole business and responsibility of Governments and statesmen; in a word, of those for the
time being in authority in their respective countries. As a result, the
average man and woman takes only an academic interest in this outstand-
ig question, and proceeds daily to think, speak and act in a manner which
operates to make the realization of world disarmament extremely difficult.
With the defeat of Germany and the abdication of thc Kaiser, the overthrow of Russian Czardom, the smash-up of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and the brcaking-up of the old Turkish Empire, thc last remaining
strongholds of old world militarism and autocracy came to an end. With
the exception of Russia, which is still-undergoing thc birth pangs of its
new regeneration, thc leading nations of the world are now under a democratic form of government. That is to say, the people arc themselves thc
rulers and the arbiters of their own national fate. Thcy, and thcy alone,
can definitely and permanently decide upon national policy. Governments
arc thc creatures of the people, and are controlled, made nnd uii-madc by
thc voles of the people. To an ever increasing degree, too, thc women have
an equal voice with the men in determining the fate of Governments and
thc national policies of their homeland. If thc people once make up their
minds that there shall be disarmament, that thcy will no longer pour out ,
their hard won earnings to bc used to supply machines of war wherewith |
to destroy their fellowmcn, Governments will, because thcy must, obey.
There is, however, it must bc admitted, a fighting instinct inborn in the
whole human race. It cannot bc wholly eradicated, nor would it be well
for thc race if it were. It is thc instinct which leads the race to push ever
onward and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It is the
fighting instinct which makes for progress. But the .lime is long since.past
when lhat instinct should be so perverted as to result in a striving for mastery of others through thc brutal, animal method, of destruction���the employment of strong arm methods against the weak. ���,
After all, what is''one of the most fruitful sources of national ill-will,
��� - leading to thc making of warlike preparations by one racial group of people
against another? Is is noL to bc found in thc pin-pricking policy which so
many people thoughtlessly indulge in at the expense of the people of another race, color or nationality? The people of one country make ridicule
of the habits and customs of another. This is resented and a feeling of
animosity and ill-will is engendered whereas a mutual recognition of each
other's good qualities, which is just as easy of cultivation, would quickly
develop a feeling of admiration.
Thc newspapers of a country quickly reflect the views and feelings of
thc people among whom thcy circulate. If there is. a pin-pricking tendency
among thc people, it is not long before thc press is engaged in it, and thc
sharp sayings of the press in one land arc quickly seized upon by thc press
in another country, and soon a wordy warfare is on stirring up thc passions
and prejudices of one nation and people against another, and forever cultivating ill-feelings by raking up all the old quarrels and troubles of bygone
ages. Visitors from a foreign country arc chagrined and humiliated by
careless remarks about their country, flag or people, and they return homc
entertaining anything but cordial feelings towards the country in which such
remarks are uttered. Thus, from comparativly trivial cause, there arise
those national misconceptions and distrust of other peoples which, when
sonic difference of opinion occurs between two countries, are quickly fanned
into a flame and a condition of public opinion created which makes it extremely .-difficult, if not impossible, for thc Governments of thc opposing
countries to make necessary compromises in order to reach an amicable settlement. And it is against just such contingencies that armaments are
maintained.   - ..-    / ..'      -���,".' "'   ��� -. ������ -' ;    - .-
The ordinary citizen can, therefore, do much to bring about world-disarmament by merely keeping a close watch upon his tongue and by steadfastly refusing to- indulge in, what is "after all more or less senseless-and
certainly utterly futile; carping at and criticism..'of, other nations, races and
people.   ..." . . ' . .  ���      . .-'''" V
Shc may not look so young and
pretty as she used to. If her cheeks
are hollow and pale, if she is tired
and nervous, her system needs a good
regulating with Dr. Hamilton's Pills a
real medicine that is noted for restoring the bloom of .health to sickly girls
and women. Dr. Hamilton's Pills
tone up thc entire system. Complexion quickly becomes rosy, .spirits rise,
strength increases daily. Health,
vigor and good looks will soon return
to a faded .woman, if she uses Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. Sold everywhere 25c
per box, or-from the Catarrhozone
Co., Montreal.
Tuberculosis In Cattle
Good Low   Cost
An   Acknowledged   Expert  in
All Matters  Pertaining  to
Household Management
How  the  Accredited   Herd  Plan, is
Accomplishing the Work
of Eradication.
British  health  officers believe  that
if tuberculosis could bc entirely eradicated from dairy cattle,-thc complaint
would  bc   reduced at  least  fifty  per
cent, in human beings.    How necessary efforts in  this direction become
may  thus  bc  well  unders'tood.      By
co-operation   between   thc   Dominion
and   provincial  departments   of  agriculture a great deal has tyeen, and is   ter and c
being accomplished. Canada has been
proved to possess the healthiest live
stock of any country.    Thc adoption   :ls
of thc Accredited Herd Plan is in the
"We are two women past thirty.
With the general downward trend of
prices, we find our salaries reduced.
Wc have decided to quit our somewhat fashionable boarding-house and
rent a few housekeeping rooms. The
"What to Eat" problem bothers us.
I might say wc will he able to get
home at noon to luncheon, for wc are,
selecting rooms close to thc office.
Will you be good enough to outline
inexpensive, nourishing meals for several days?"    -.
A tireless cooker is a wonderful
help to working women. A hot-cold
bottle is another aid. Carefully plan
a week's meals on paper. Then from
the list do as much shopping for
staples and semi-perishables, like but-
gs, as possible, on one trip.
If you havc a good baker in your
neighborhood buy your cake and pie
well as your bread if-titiic and
energy are at a premium.
way oi achieving much toward the
perpetuation of good health, particularly in our dairy cattle. In 1917 thc
plan was introduced in thc United
States, and has proven eminently successful. Two years later it was adopted in this country, and already there
is evidence of much good having been
brought about, especially as animals
belonging to herds proven to bc absolutely clean and in receipt of certificates fo lhat effect can be freely exported to thc United States. At lhc
end of July last in" this country 522
herds were undergoing the tuberculin-
test to enable them to qualify for cur-j
tificatcs.       At   thc   same   lime   there!
The suggestions offered arc low in
cost,   rather   easily   prepared   and  fill
all  the  requirements of average  diet.
Oatmeal, milk and sugar; .whole
wheat bread and butler or buttcr-
inc; cereal coffee or coffee with an
equal amount of hot milk added, or
cocoa made with milk; stewed
Lentil and tomato soup; cold coru-|
ed beef; whole wheat bread, butter or
bultcrinr;  tea and coffee,  J_   milk or
Lamb   stew   with   vegetables   (car-
Has Way To Drive
Planes By Steam
Inventor Claims Soaring -Power Will
Be Greatly Increased
Invention of a system "of steam propulsion for airships is claimed by
Captain W. P. Purtnall, who was a
British naval officer during the war.
It is maintained that the new system will function at altitudes hitherto
unattainable with the ordinary type
of internal combustion engine.
Thc invention is said to ��� do away
completely with the ordinary, boiler, thc steam being generated ,by
means of internal-combustion power or heat energy. The superheated steam heat energy is supplied
to special steam motors which are reversible and can be controlled from a
central controL station.
Only heavy oil is vised as fuel and
il is claimed that the driving machinery can be safely placed inside thc
frame of the airship instead of in separate gondolas outside," thus bringing about a great reduction in air
resistance aud consequently reducing
thc power required for propulsion.
Thc engine or 'steam motors," as
Captain Burtnall calls them, arc
the double-acting type requiring
Farmer's Wife Pays
Debt Of Gratitude By
Relating Experience
"If I could say just what is in my
heart to say about Tanlac, everybody
who suffers like I did would-go out
and get a bottle at.-once," said Mrs. A.
Pieper, wife of a well-known farmer
living at Cottonwood, Sask.
"For years J,had indigestion so bad
that I couldn't eat a thing without
suffering misery afterwards. Nothing
agreed with me, and at times I was
so bloated up with' gas I would have
awful smothering spells. My nerves
were in a terrible state, and I was
bothered a good deal with constipation. I also had violent headaches,
and at nights slept so little I never
felt like getting  out  of bed in  the
morning. V , .     .
"Tanlac benefited me in every way
and I feel like a different person how. .
I eat three hearty meals a 7 day and
never havc a sign of indigestion. My
headaches are gone and I sleep all
night without waking, and when' I
get up in the mornings I am as bright
and cheerful as I was when I was- a
girl. I feel J owe a deep debt of
gratitude to Tanlac, and the only way
I know how to repay it is to tell
people about what it did for mc."
Tanlac is sold by leading druggists
Value Of Irrigation
were  100 names  of herd  proprietors, rois.  potatoes   and    onions);     whole
on thc waiting list, and so numerous  wheat bread, butter or bultcrine; cus
wcrc the applications for the service,   tard pie; tea or coffee,
and the consequent demands upon the! cocoa.
Health of Animals slaff, thai over 220! Breakfast.
others had to bc temporarily refused.!     Whcatena,   milk  and   sugar;   dates,
Up to the period mentioned no fewer J graham   bread   and  buttcriuc;   coffee,
than 30,362 tests and retcsts had been. (/ milk or cocoa.    .
Population Of
Britain Increased
New Census  Shows  Increase.of 4.7
Per Cent! V   .
Thc population of" England,'Wales,
.'and  Scotland,  according  to  the. new
census' made public, is 42,767,500, as
against 40,831,396. in  1911,  representing .aii increase-of 1,936,104, or 4.7.per.
cent.' "...   7      ���'   -;���    .-' '-���;
Greater London's '.population- is
7,476,168, an increase of 3.1 per cent.
By counties the population .is:.-England, '35,678;500; Wales," 2,206,-712, and
��� Scotland, '4,882,288V -..- , --.��� V/./..-."-- y
The census shows-that there "are
20,430,623 ' males an"dJ ..22,33~6,90> females, an increase.'.of..''676,176 "males
-arid 1,259,958 female's:  ,' ' "X\ ":;V V
Many American Sailors
"'   "   .-, VV Probably.';'��� / ' ������/���'/
-   Father, - (after '"a.   long,'-search)���
"Well,-"h'erc-'it. is. ''I"wonder why one
-alwaj's finds-a thihg'un thc-.lasf place
in which he'hunts?".     ;- -"."_'   ������ '../"
���Boy���"I/'spect it's-cause- when, folk'
finds - it,' thcy stop .hunting."���Dublin
-Weekly-Times...-    - -  -
Over Seven Thousand Enter. Canada
-From U.S."in Six .Months .
A-tota! of 7,110-persons entered"
Western- Canada from .the United
States during, the six "months--ending
June "30, 1921. "They, brought with,
them' personal wealth to thc value of
��2,445,804, and.effects worth-$702,453.
Out of the" total number of immigrants," ,2,600. gave, their- "occupations
as' agriculturists,'- and will- engage;"in
farm ing.'on .the prairies.;.: Of..the- total
4.892 were ��� United,... States \ citizens,
while-the balance 2,218 were composed
of ."Britishers, Frenchmen,.- Canadians,
.and Scandinavians.. -"."   '-. V .'. - ".;..,  - ".
made and 3,319 re-actors had been
condemned necessitating the payment
of $396,464 in compensation. The
extent of the work carried on in the
United States will bc understood
when it is "stated that this' year Congress at Washington voted five million dollars for compensation and
salaries. To-receive a certificate of
accreditation a herd must'pass "three
semi-annual tests' without- a reactor,
and at thc end of a year bc subject to
another test. ..So far the*work has
been confined to pure-bred herds, but
there is a likelihood of its being extended, with increased grants for.expenditure; to-commercial grade herds
of dairy calllc. "-''���'
A,-mammoth office', building" . just
'completed in- Detroit""has""more than"
four, miles :of corridors.     "-'''
,/If "a iwo'rnan'sV watch, stops "every
lime she looks,"at it,she is" foolish-to.
.wastc.;>money..on cosmetics.   ',.--.
."'Your' Home .Medicine .'Chest.���
Among .the standard household remedies that should always bc on-hand*
in your home medicinc.-chesl. hone, is
more important" .than. Dr. '.Thomas'
���Eclcctric Oil. , Its manifold usefulness/in;'relieving pain and healing
sickness-is'known by.many thousands
throughout- the. land: Always "use-Dr.
Thomas' .Eclcctric'Oil .for" relieving
rheumatic"'and sciatica pains,; treating
sore'throats-anclchests, coughs, burns,
scalds,.cuts,-bruise's,.and. sprains. .-.   -
Better Work Than Strike
Macaroni   and   cheese;   slewed   tomatoes;  graham  and  rye  bread  and
buticrinc; coffee, '}_ milk or cocoa.
Bean or lentil loaf; Boston brown
bread; stewed onions; apple bclty,
milk and sugar; coffee, J/i milk or
cocoa. -     " ..���.""-���
. .  Breakfast.
Cracked wheat* milk and
bread and butter; ���coffee,
npplc."".,:. -"   ���
"Vegetable     soup  "' with
whole  wheal  bread' and -peanut butler;-stewed-figs, cocoa .and coffee:
' ���   V -.   /-' Dinner. ��� - ; -.
"Corned beef hash; stewed.cabbage;
whole.wheal bread and buticrinc; rice
or, tapioca pudding made' with milk,
molasses and raisin's;, coffee, z/i milk
or cocoa.' "   -      ' '���".   " ' ',    .
sugar; rye
V*    milk;
Demonstrated on the Large Irrigated
Areas in Southern Alberta
Thc value of irrigation in insuring
good crops season after season is
again being demonstrated on the
large irrigated areas in Southern Alberta operated by .the .Canadian Pacific Railway. 'All irrigated crops arc
in fine conditions, wheat yields running from twenty to forty bushels an
acre. First cuttings of alfalfa have
becn very satisfactory and outlook for
the second favorable. Considerable
alfalfa seed is also being produced.
���:   People-.,hate Mo -..get-a.-reputation
for what they-'really are.'' ,
���s ���
fcNCE  tiie .crispnessl and. charm  of
GraperNuts/have been tested-by trie
"' family, there's one item that stands prbm-
'?. - inently out iri the. marketing.list hereafter; -'/
���-V;--/"ThaVs." Grape-Nuts,'-.^
. The twenty hours of continuous baking '
have produced, from, the natural richness.
of wheat and malted barley, a food that .
; is uniquely sweet with sugar developed
. from me grains themselves, and whose
crispness and flavor make a delightful
appeal to every member of the famiiy.
And Grape-Nuts is soundly nourishing
.���a great builder pf. health and strength.
Served with cream or milk, as a cereal
for breakfast" or lunch, or made into a ".-������.
pudding for dinner.
V / See that your marketing list includes V.
v v: fl^'r^'d^lidbast'. economical food,Lytoday.;XX-,
-. -XA$g^ow**- i[XxX::X-'x.y "xix'x(x?yXXX:[ ft>
' ..il.:
��� "��
- .4
-  -.117
', S'
. a
The;Farmer Cannot'. Carry>on With-
;/���/  ���' oufa Margin of-Profit'    ."
���The "Q/BVU."prompters' witnt'.'tlie
harvesters "��� to'".org;i"ni2c-r in "order "to
compel-' the-"farmers; -to.- pay"-'higher
.wages.";-.   That/was.' to  be  expected'.
.-The .'agitator lives "by.'.agitating.-'.. In.
this case hc may. not .succeed .even"-iri-
dcgrcc/The*;far'mcr _s'_'riot*in prospect
of growing-wealthy . out-..of' fly: .proceeds of thc-prcscnt crop/ev'en'-at the
prevailing-cost-of. harvesting and delivering: it. '' If that cost were-Substantially .increased -_.it ..would'...iriie.an-
that fewer harvest hands would-- get
employment:-.even if part oT the crop
had-to. go uncut. The farmer cannot
carry-on-without-a riiargin.of profit,
and if operating costs, cat up his
"chances.,of profit there is- nothing-for
liini.todo but leave., lhc -grain in'thc
field. "The harvesters cannot hold up
'.the'..Tanner for more-than he. can afford to pay;;-and he says that he is
now paj-ihg all-lie," can pay.-^Kdinb.n-'j
,ton Bulletin.   - - -       ,',..-        |
-.'Brighton's Super Cinema
-"Brighton", latest attraction, is' a
super Kinchia-and:.restaurant, "which
has been built at Y cost of ��400,000.
11-accommodates 3,000 people, and has
an. organ-.which cost" ��8,000:-''..Over
300 attendantsand waitresses are ��m-.
:ployed..    ". '.- '���-'���''��� '"��� ." -������'���'.   ,.  -   "-
Thc summer months are the most
dangerous to children. The complaints of that season, which are
cholera infantum, colic diarrhoea and
dyscutry come on so quickly that
ofl.cn a liltle one is beyond aid before the mother realizes hc is ill. Thc
mother must be* on her guard to prevent these troubles, * or if they do
come oil suddenly to banish them.'
No other medicine is of such aid to
mothers during hot weather as is
Baby's Own Tablets. They regulate"
the stomach and bowels and are absolutely safe. Sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams Mc'dicine Co.,
Brockville, Out.". ���   ���
,. _. _:���_    ^
A Fortunate Country
Visitor from Holland Speaks Weil of
���    Western "Canada "
Canada- is one .of the most fortunate
countries in thc world, so the representative of a-Netherlands conipahv
that has .several million-* invested in
Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
reportsafter a comprehensive tour of
investigation. He' is J. D. P, -Ten
Bo.esch, of Holland,- one of the principals of thc Holland-Canada Mortgage
Company. -. He/expressed himself, in
Calgary, as being, well pleased-with
conditions and prospccts.in. Western
Canada, and., "is satisfied that" this
year's crop . wo'uld bc"marketed'very
profitably.        -        -..-/-���_
Sodium Sulphate Deposit
Company Developed tp Exploit Discovery Made Near Wainwright
A lafgc deposit of sodium sulphate
has been discovered on Baxter Lake,
:,east of Wainwright.    From analyses
it   appears   that   the   lake   itself   is
strongly     impregnated     with     this
chemical,  while a' test made  at  th,e
lake's edge gave thirty-two per cent,
sodium- sulphate.      A company, has
been developed to exploit the find.
Knowing Motor Car's Age
Among thc ever-increasing volumes
of collected information 'on . specific
subjects is a motor car index, published in London, which, according
to the notice, has been^ compiled for
the purpose of enabling any one to-
tell the age of afy motor car under
examination. Apparently the way is
now clear for modernizing a seriously., antiquated saying, It would,1 of
course, now read: "Do not look a gift
car in the index."���Christian Science
7 ..:_Soldie.r Settlers j'Makiag ..Good X]
V Spldicr.'seUlcrs'Jn Saskatchewan1are.
making "good:" There arc/now fifty-
five ���'.'set-tiers -ori'-"Ihe! Piapo't Reserve,
and-these men. have a"n; average, of
seventy-five'"acres-each cultivated'this
year. There art more ilian 2,200 acres
iri -cro'p ..and -3,000/. additional "acre's
broken/-The-soldiers ..arc'ehihusiaslic
regarding '.crop, p.r.bspe'cls and_antici-
patc "a t thirty-five "bushel ..yield.:   ,--.- -
Whether the corn be of ojclor new
growth,'it must yield, to-Holloway's
Corn. Remover. -  '     . '      "
- T-s
__&___ ���_-____Hfattfcr-��-�� ���
mMhi r' Mil 'il n'i 'St i I'TiiitSi
.- Shipment" of, Northern- Furs.' ���
��� ..A. carload of northern -caught" furs'
representing o'ncMia.lf of'the Hudson's
Bay Company/ catch;, from "the.: Mac*,
-kenzie- River .post/ left; Ednibnton recently for L.ondon,' fCngland. -It -.comprised- about .eight/toiis of assorted
pcUs". The total value/of. the- fit:; pack,
rccci'vc'd in '[Vl.monto'n to dal"e_is,n.ca.r-
lv ?/"-50,6fK). ...       ��� -"' --'/'.'. ������-":."-" / ,
. JTaking Ppstal Chances.
/-.After August -1st "you, ..can "send an
unpaid postcard, which; will' be. delivered to.:thc- one to. whom it "is -tid-
drcss'cd on" his -payment of 4 cents:
Great scheme! The"-worst of it.is--any
-one can"-send you one'. The only defence',is", to-refuse-'delivery 7of. unpaid
mail. An unpaid letter will cost the
addressee, (5 rents,, arid may- be "worth
while- "or- worthless.V^Ow.cif ��� .Sound
Sim-Tinics./"-   .."-*"      .-''���'���"  ������/"--.   ���.---
For years I'have'never considered my stock
of household remedies complete unless a bottle of Minard's Liniment -was included. Tot
burns, bruises, sprains, frostbites or chilblains
it excrils, and I know of no better remedy
for a severe cold in thc head, or that will ei'ire
more immediate relief,' than to inhale through
the Jiasal  organ.      .       . ���"
And as to my supply of veterinary remedies
it is essential, as"it has in very many instances
provei^'its value. A recent experience in reclaiming what was supposed to be a lost sec-
tion-of a valuable cows udder has again demonstrate!! its ereat worth and prompts-me to
recommend it in the-highest terms -to all who
have a herd of cows; large or small. I think
I ��� am safe in saying among all the patent
medicines there is none that covers as large
a field of usefulness as does Minard's Liniment. A real trucism-good for man or beatt.
Chebogue Point "
Only "Bayer" is Genuine
WarningI     Take no chancesvwith
substitutes for genuine "Bayer Tab-v
lets of Aspirin."     Unless you see thc
name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you are not getting Aspirin "at all.
In every Bayer package arc directions
for     Colds,     Headache,  . Neuralgia,
Rheumatism,     Earache,    Toothache,
Lumbago and for -Pain.     Handy tin
boxes of twelve tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also  sell larger^ packages.
Made    in    Canada.'   -Aspirin is the
trade   mark   (registered' in   Canada),_
of Bayer.Manufacture of Monoacetic-'
acidester of Salicylicacid.
Still Live In War Dugouts
Hundreds of Families at Dvinsk Oc- "
cupy Soldiers/Huts.
Hundreds of families in the war. devastated' territory about Dvinsk arc -
still  living in  the  dugouts  used  by'..
German and Russian, soldiers in the
early days of the war.
. Little or no progress   toward -reconstruction ha�� been madc# in   the
scores  of  razed villages  because of
the poverty of the people, who for a
long time after, the war between Rus-. :
sia .and Germany ended were uncfer
Bolshevik rule. -' ' *     '    "       ���*
A Phrasemaker, Hot a Statesman
If "self-determination" -is, a good
thing.-for Ireland then'why not for.
Ulster?.. Wilson started a. lot of trouble when he coined that little phrase
which >nly"��hpws..Jthat. clever jphrases
do not necessarily make great states-
mcn.--Rcgiria Leader.   .
-������'A'desire! for easy'work or no work
at all'is what, ails the-whole human
family./.  /'    - V-7  -.'  ������--   ' - ;
"Fifty Years'- Ago ���
Fifty .years ago this month, the New
York .Herald,' then 'an outstanding'
.paper, contained this sentence:' "instead "of yielding to, British interests
or proclivities, the United' States
ought to-adopt *a--policy of firm but
kindly- pressure to bring about the
annexation -of Canada- to the great
Republic." Tcmpus has fugited considerably since then.���Border Cities
Star.   '.
Skilled In Disarmament.
Marshal Foch, it is now suggested,
may come to tht United. States as
military adviser to the French deley
gatioa at the ��� disarmament conference. .The Germans will testify, that
the marshal knows how to disarm a
nations-Providence Journal.- "
-; A/ "^ood";;salesman .is _qne-_.wh6r can
talk, people into buying thirig�� they
could;'get along better .-without,. /
/When;crab.,nieet��7crab they."'side/
*t?&X.xxx.xxyx~XX' :Xyx~ Xr'yX-
Praises this Asthma Remedy.'. .A
grateful user' of Dr.. JVD'.-' Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy finds it the-ohly-.rern-'
edy .that will give relief,', though for
"thirteen years "he had.'sought, other,
help.. Years' of- ���needless, .suffering
may be prevented by using thisj remedy at the- first.warning'.of' trouble/
Its li'sc is'simple, its cost is'.slight and
it-can bc'purchascd. almost anywhere.
��� '* ��� ' .-.'.."Looking For Work.-' ; '-'���   ���'
���'Toiiii���'Surely you ain't 'lpokin' fer
wjoric, -Bin?������'/���-'.'.-- ""  ���-.;.'" /���' -""���'."'"'. ���;.
'"Bili:���^Oh'- :iiii:t '.I!'' Thc missus'
gets'.the "blooiriin! sack,, an'' then she-
'as. nic. up "at' nine' o'clock' .to find !er
another job!" .    '/-   . .   -/' "7
'.-The stock'.opcrator who- buys and
���sells for-future delivery evidently believes in -a.hereafter.."       '. ,
Saskatchewan Wheat Crop
- Ottawa's, official crop- estimate
places Saskatchewan's wheat crop at
over, 150,000,000 bushels���more than .
half of the entire Canadian. wheat
crop���which mean* .that despite haili
hdpp~crs7" red~-rus~t. "black^nist^aw-
'flies, ^rifting, and other, little handicaps the crop has labored under,
we'll probably be-able to pay most.of
our, bills and keep out-of the workhouse V for . another year.'���Rcgina
Air   weighs   75   pounds   per   1,000
feet/ "- '      -'. -  "'..".-.-" ..;--
| ��& Endurance of Your      |
1 Automobile, Truck, or Tractor        I
Depends not only upon the time ��f LubrlcatioB,
but the kind of Lubrication.     ~
7 Blind .for-.the-.whole .114 .-years ' of
her life, said'to be ihe" record-period
of sightlessness,- an Irishwoman"-.'recently died;in a'Kerry.infirmary.   /
JBc\ lioncst   if  -you   cnu/^-olhcrwisc'-'5
' Spiteful Thing I '"" V
Mrs. Jones (.who "chgrs" at a house
where her- daughter is- housemaid)���
My word, thcy have, got some fine
things. Why, their dinner service, is
in a hundred and five pieces';
Mrs.  Smith (spitefully)���Yes, your
daughter dropped lt(.I suppose?
J. Fenimore Cooper couldn't write
unless he had gumdrop'g to chew. He
bought ;thcm in large quantities, and
as he munched-them he evolved, th'e
gtoriea for which he is famous,   ;
_' 'GIveyour lpcaljmerchants a'chance.'.
BiuyatlhomeV - V'.\:..-V-V "V . /-'-/-;
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians
your   "patrons    will    purchase
canned  goods  elsewhere.- -
Catarrhal Condition s
Catarrh i.�� a local" disease, jfrcatly.influenced S
by constitutional. comlitton-jT It-therefore, re-. I X
quires constitutional treatment.- " IIAL.I/S-! ""
CATARRH .MEDICINE- is taken internally-.���
and acts through- tlie'Iilood upon the Mucous S
Surfaces      o't      the      System; HALL'S ^-S
CATARRH   MEDICINE   s'vei   the   patieflt-j ���
strength by. improving the general health, and
assists. Nature ia. doinjr "its .work.
All DragrgisM.' Circulars free,
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.        ^
If man's organs had been formed
on the same plan as those of a canary; he would, barring accidents, live
to 300 or 400 years.   ......       .  -.
-;;-'"" '' /Rays Caase'Sunstroke'   ; -. f'X���
.'Sunstroke; is ;caus'e.d,\ not.,;by- .the
sun'8/heft,;but'hy .the inevitable yfp-
Iet'ray��,pf--tha"san^y,-'-I.'''.;-\V.   -V/'. -/.,
iMinard's > - Lirdmene i
Addi 500fe to Gear Life. Thousand* of tests
have been conducted by i<ubrlc*tiae sicperts
to demonstrate the relativ* efflcfeacr of
various lubricants. The results of these
tests conducted orer yew*, has fixed the;
-choice of sixteen leaning waoufacturera..-
/Theae.manufactuurew include J   .   . V ~.  ..r-
: Tne largest builder of fin^^e cars lathe-world;   .
The;Iftrgeet"bxiiider of truck* ia'the ���worlds,,
/The-larsest.builder of axles in the ���world; -;_
.'.The largs.st-baildsr >f -worm geania'the
%.world. '";. ., "v. -   '-. -' "=, --."' -.  .'     .'- -.!   ;
Minjr lnbric*ats 7 contsdn add. They net
only, fail to". couateract ; frictioa, but. are
themselves harmful and'oorrosir*'to fi;ear
-and"bearing: surfaces..
Wbkaore'* Auto Geiy CompueiHonj
~     ConUia No Adds
Thev are proof, against heat and cannot break dowa or.sqsees��7eist.,:
In tlie Panama Canal .Emergency Daau. ��bx tstJlHoa Jtpuadi7 r��8t-oa .
an unbroken film of VVKITMORE'S.:,' .':       -   ���     ,       V    ? .
-After an. exhaustive test the U.S. Army eoatraeted fer tt�� ��xcIu*1t��
use.-7 --Masufae.rurcd.-by The --WUt.mor* Manufacturi_tff*C��k. Lc&rietit-
;'"...ing\&giRe'ers,--CIeyeland,-; Ohio;;'-!/���; ;_    -,y ".'��� .-/ Xy
���"*V.'''--V";'-'-"-\:;\v--.'=i-'.:''CaBadiaa Selling: Ageats
:'Toronto::^".:^iniuB^,/   Regina    vMoatreal
"-Winnies' Ajl��ra�����'���
;1T*   McD*na��t  A**; ;MtiL''
**- .TriejSoa* 4S01i.,\-y^
Etlins Mirtn-r -
t.ii Bcw��s U. Wsrtk
���; '   T��!e?A��M 39tt. <.'.
: 3
M '.#
THE     LEDGE.   .GREENWOOD.     B.   ' G.
# J
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Good yields arc being secured this
year by Indians on thc reserves in
Saskatchewan, according to W. M.
Graham, Indian commissioner.
General   Henry   Alexander".^'Cock-
burn, of Midlothian, a veteran of the
Indian Mutiny and numerous frontier
. wars, is dead at the age of ninety.
Announcement is' made lhat His
Excellency Baron Byng, Governor-
General of Canada, has accepted an
honorar}' membership of.the Ottawa
Rotary Club.
'���' Wireless telephone'.instruments will
be installed on a number of important
German express trains and receiving
���instruments will be- placed in hotels
and embassies. V   ��� .. -
. Someone has sent the .Brbnx Zoo
at New-York a 'blue frog to increase
the collection :of freaks headed by
the white1 rattlesnake..- -Curator'Dit-
�� mars is now afraid someone will send
in a pink elephant.     ' ' '���'���
Decreases in export of Canadian
farm: produce to the United''States
because of the v operations of the
emergency tariff. act,'-arc shown .by
Canadian Statistical records covering
juiy..:-1 ;������ v.  /    , v.
, Thc boycott -of . Canadian Government'Merchant Marine vessels on the
Pacific by organized'' firemen- and
sailors,- following an .announcement
recently of a reduction in wages, has
been lifted.
. -" ���""��� ' r"'
The Panama. Government 'has notified thc State Department in.Washington that Panama will not resist by
force thc demands of- thc United
States that Costa Rica bc permitted
to occupy,the disputed Coto territory.
Francisco Villa has fled from his
half-million   acre  ranch   at  Canutillo
-to Parral lo enlist-thc aid of lhc"Mcx-'
ican  Government in putting, down a
. revolt among his followers,-*according
to an officer of the Mexican army who
returned to Tuarcz'from Parral.
Sweden's- total population' at the
end of 1920 amounted to over, 5,904,-
000, according to the Central Stalls-.,
tical Bureau's preliminary figures, just
published.' This is an increase during
1920 of 57,000,'and a record increase
since. 1861.' <���.-."        ;���,���". V
-Miss" Catharine'-'Jane MacKay, a
former president of the American
Home Economics Association,. and
wcliknown .throughout Western. Canada in educational circles, died at
..Winnipeg-Beach- recently., John -M.
MacKay, of Saskatoon, is a brother.-
', Thc report that wild ducks banded
near Lindsay,- Ont., last year :had
been shot so far south as the Island
.of-Trinidad, ..recalls-' that-two/ducks
were shot in -Alberta in 1920 that had
been banded in New York .State,
prpving that these- birds travel great
distances along their air trails.
Efforts of workers in Russia to help,
famine sufferers ; arc hindered by the
fact .-that" thcy themselves are wcak-
.ene'd. through lack of .proper food.
Famine is now paralyzing, the strong
and weak alike, and. many men' for
-whom employment is available, are
too enfeebled to do anything requiring physical .exertion.'. /
'-;/V'"--   :BYvUSING,    -���-"'//���.
V  VDR. fowlers;/V
V    EXTRACT OF ' .7
.When you are troubled-with'diarrhoea,   dysentery,, colic,   cramps   and
'.pains in the stomach,.cholera,' cholera
morbus,1.summer���, complaint,   .bloody
.fluxes, orany-ioosencss'of the bowels
��� be sure and obtain a bottle of ""Br.
Fowler's"-and see ."how" - quickly"-it
gives    you    relief. ./This  wonderful
remedy-has been .on .the 7 market for.
the past 76 years' and we. wish to warn
you against ;accepting    a   -.substitute
".which"-may,'be . dangerous   to'   .your
..health.'   '.������    /;'"/' -.:. ^
"Mrv     Samuel.    Buckler,.    TaJarria--
gpuchc.-N.S.;'writes":'���"While visiting
in Western Canada I.had a severe attack, of diarrhoea.   After trying many
Eroprietary medicines I got no relief
ut���kept getting wo**se..
./I was advised, to'take. Dr.. Fowler's
Extract .of; Wild Strawberry,:./and >'I
.lost no time: in doing' so:" :-!��� cannot
hesitate ''.in'7 recommending/it/mbst
highly, for when I;had not yet "taken
half, the  bottle   I .was   relieved,    VI
must say; that if "Dr; Fowler's" is giv-
. en a .fair,trial it-will show: its;; good
^qualities.".   .''���.,-"'/:"XX: ;X- :V-':V=V
'The price .of the genuine? it./SOc a
bottle; put up. only. by.Thc-T. ...Mllburn
Co., Limited, Toronto, 'Dht./V-'-'/v
Live Stock Industry
Want Action Taken to-Secure Mar-
,    * .   ket in U.S.
C W. Peterson, western editor and
rancher, suggests, the formation of a
Canadian pool consisting of government representatives, bankers, breeders, and capitalists to form an- effective line of defence in view o'f the
present condition of the-live stock industry in'Western Canada. He urged
that immediate diplomatic negotiations be opened with the United
States to procure for Canada free entry for animals and .animal products,
pleading that even an unlimited overseas market could not be compared
with free, access to the Chicago market. Hc believed that if the situation
were placed before the Canadian public and they were appealed to there
would bc no trouble in subscribing
$100,000,000 for the pool.
Manslaughter Iii 2nd Degree
Using a razor���bad stuff���but many
people do it for thcir corns. The
only remedy that is painless and sure
is ���Putnam's Corn Extractor, which
docs remove warts and corns, cleans
them right off. Refuse a substitute
for "Putnam's," 25c everywhere.
A.Woman Homesteader
City Girl Makes a Success of Farm-
, ing iii Western Canada
, Another name added to the list of
women who are successfully/ operating farms in Western Canada >is that
of May V. Hazlett, an English girl
who for four years has lived alone-xon
a homestead in the Touchwood.Hills,
and fnade it pay. Her brother, who
homesteaded the land, was killed in
the Canadian forces at Vimy Ridge,
and Miss Hazlett, who was working
as. a stenographer, and tired of the
eternal pounding, determined to go
contrary to the advice to sell the farm
and though shc had never lived in
the country, decided to operate it(her-
sclf. ' Success has attended her efforts and she now owns several head
of horses, a fine bunch of cattle, and
has more than one hundred, acres, under cultivation. She 'is again reversing thc order of things as having
built a Western home she is returning
lo England to marry her fiance and
bring him' out to the. Saskatchewan
farm/ She is an ardent advocate of
homesteads for women.
Many mothers have reason to bless
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it'has relieved thc little ones
of suffering and made them healtny.
A Magnificent Panorama
From Start To Finish
Canadian Pacific Rockies Is Wonderland of Scenic Splendor.
There, arc periods in our lives when
we all require a change"���to live fqr a
.time in new environments and scenes
���to get away from thc things .wc
have been looking at and working
with day after.day and month after
month. '    '     .
Cast aside your cares for the" time
being and flee to the Canadian Pacific
Rockies for that refreshing-balm' to
tired minds arid jaded . nerves, that
necessarily accompanies a'trip into
this marvelous country. It is a wonderland of-scenic splendor, a land of
mountain peaks, exquisite lakes, rushing rivers, stupendous glaciers and a
thousand .and one otlicr attractions,
all at your very door -and . easy to
reach, via" the-Canadian.Pacific.
-.Hotel life, camp life or any life you
desire at-any one of the. nine'delightful resorts such as Banff, Lake'Louise,
Glacier, .'Emerald. Lake-and- the -Lake
Wapta and Lake Windermere Camps.
Summer: tourist fares now on'sale
to'Pacific Coast/points".offer a splendid.opportunity to visit thc Canadian
Rockies/ while thc .Canadian Pacific
operate three trains daily each .way,
including the de luxe "Trans-Canada"
Limited;" '" -..'"//��� /
_��� Optional route, stop-overs are included, go one way- and return an--
other, 'but let the travel part of your
vacation be among its'kecnest joys by
choosing thc". courteous, comfortable
and dependable service."of the. Canadian Pacific Rail way.-   ...,.'. -,11-10
Man's Amazing Endurance
Capacity of The Human Animal.': to
- ��� - ' .-Bear .'Privation. V'- -'���- -; '- - --
If.thcre is one thing which has been
made clcar.-tous'iii' thc.Iast six'years
it-is that communities and individuals
havc a capacity.for, endurance-far..ex-,
cccdiiig, all" rational estimates-in' the
previous years/says, the-;Westmih.tcr
Gazette". .-The. cncmy.'cndures" for.'years
on a- diet which by-aiL-scientific tests
is,insufficient.to-support life for more
than a few months; the.hungcr strike
.er who ought td' have died in three
.'.weeks'-lives. on for-six-or seven; the.
.nation which is riianifcstly bankrupt,
carries' oh'- with. ' all' the. appearance
of solvency ��� and even prosperity for.
an' apparently unlimited, time; tlie
strike, which ought to- have ended in
complete" exhaustion at the end,of a
month continues unabated after two
months, arid the community which
ought to have been strangled by it
is. alive and cheerful and comparatively-indifferent... ...   V
./.'>: American : Capital, Interested"/.'";
.. .Paul. O'Lcary, representing,.a. party
of .Central'.American .capitalists,. was
in- Calgary,Recently",to' investigate -the
possibilities; of - wheat ���'growing, bn'.a
large.' scale-'.jn .thc;-Canadian;.:.\Vcst:;It
is/intended', to ..'operate-'-' thirty;!' thou^
> inti/^rrrc.
I. Paul arid Silas in Jail (w. 19-26.)*
1. The occasion (w. 19-24). When
the demon was cast out of the maid
her supernatural power was gone;
therefore, the source of revenue was
dried up. This so exasperated her
owners that they~had Paul and Silas
arraigned before the magistrates on a
false charge. Those men ought
to have rejoiced that such a blessing
had come to this.poor girl. They
cared more for their gain than for her
welfare. This is true of the iniquitous crowding together of the poor in
unsanitary quarters in ^our tenement
districts and.thc neglect of precautions for the safety of employees in
shops " and stores. Without any
chance to defend- themselves they
were stripped and beaten by the angry
mob and then Temanded to jail, and
wcrc made fast' in stocks in the inner
2. Their behavior in jail (v. 25).
Thcy were praying and singing hynms
to God. It seems quite natural that
fhey should pray, under such conditions, but to sing hymns under such
circumstances is astonishing to all
who havc not come into possession of
the   peace   of   God  through   Christ.
Even with their backs lacerated and
smarting, and feet fast in stocks compelling, the most painful- attitude in
the dungeon darkness of the inner
prison, with a morrow before them
filled with extreme uncertainty, their
hearts went up to God in gra.titude.
3. The deliverance (v. 26). The
Lord wrought deliverance by sending
a great earthquake which opened the
prison doors and removed the chains
from all hands.
II. The Conversion of the Jailer (vv.
(27-34).;        ���     ���""
The jailer's sympathy did not go
out very-far for the prisoners, for after they were made secure he went to
sleep. The earthquake suddently
aroused him. He was about to kill
himself, whereupon Paul assured him
that the prisoners were all safe. . This
was too much for-,him. ��� What he had
heard of their preaching and now
what he had experienced caused him
to come as a humble Inquirer-after
salvation. Paul clearly "pointed out
the way tb be saved���"Believe on the
Lord Jesus Christ." The word "believe" means to yield to arid fully
obey. The proof that the jailer was
saved is threefold: r ..
.. 1. Transformation from brutality to
2. Confession of Christ in baptism.
3. His whole household baptised.
III. The Magistrates Humbled  (vv.
35-40). ������    .   "
The earthquake brought* fear upon
the magistrates. They gave leave for
the prisoners to go, but now they refuse to go, claiming that their right?
as Roman citizens have been violated,
and demand a.public vindication. Paul
was willing to suffer forChrist's sake,
but he used the occasion - to show
them that- persecuting men 'who
preach*the gospel is. an offense against
the law. of God and man. - . .'
I-V!. Preaching in Thessalonica"(vv.
'     1749).     \ -'.-'.'
At -.Thcssalonica -he found open
hearts. He followed his usual cus-
torh' of going first to the Jew (v. 1).
After witnessing.to the" Jews he went
to., the Gentiles. - Concerning- the
Christ he",affirmed:' ~r
1. "It behooved Christ to suffer" (v.
3). '- No plainer teaching is .to -be
found, anywhere than the suffering of
Chrjst.__(Isa:iS3)^. -   Xx.:..... "��� w.i
- 2. .The resurrection of Christ from
the dead (v. 3).   -
"73. The.kingship of -Jesus ,(v, 7).
- The-result of this, preaching was
that many-Greeks, some Jews believed.'; "-.'-'-.      . ..;���������     -.' - .;
V. Preaching, in Berca: ���" ., -
./His method-here was.the same as
at Thcssalonica. - sHe."-, entered" the
Jewish synagogue and preached Jesus
unto ��� them. The- Bcreans ' received
the gospel with glad -hearts. Two
striking.things were said-about them:
.1. They received the message-gladly.
/ 2. -;. Thcy,,; searched the Scriptures
daily for " they truthfulness, of their
preaching. All noble minds have'(1)
an openness to receive the',truth;',(2)
a balanced hesitancy; (3)- a subjection
to .rightful- authority.' ���-'' "'��� V
. .New Bird Sanctuary .-;
.���."-'Last'". Mountain ���LakcJ.'arid -the islands-, thcrcin,.;in -"'the.'-.Province -.of
Saskatchewan, has' been created into
a-bird sanctuary under the Migratory
Birds. Act. Shooting of game birds
in the .open season will-.be'allowed on
all portions- pf Last, Mountain Lake
sanctuary/ except "the islands north of
and. including Pelican-Island.-
Soldier "Settlers in Alberta, '-.'""
More than 2,400 soldiers have becn
placed '.on Alberta -land ..by the Soldiers' Settlement' Board"since"its p'rr
gariizati'on was completed," and of this
number not .'more-than' five per cent,
have proven failures; is the report issued by local authorities.
, Half a Billion Dollar Crop -
���.,The Financial Times, in its,latest
survey -;����, Western.. Canadian/.crop
this 'year ^should-.bo the !m6st :yalu--
able ;the;7,..West/has.i cyerv produced,
worth! at-least half !a billion-'do.llars., ���
-"-; Spend your.-money;:at home, 'jthere-
by helpirig^your own .town and. local
merchants.;// .-,..','��� /"-���-..";/'/.''-: ..';^s/
Where Winbreaks
Are Necessary
Gardens on Prairies Must Be Protected by Hedges
That the time will come when the
prairies will be hedged arid dotted
with gardens and. blooming flowers,
of. ripening fruits arid of delicious
vegetables, was the prediction-made
recently by W. . Macoun, horticulturist of the Dominion Experimental
Farms, who has almost completed a
tour of inspection of the Dominion's
experimentar farms. Mr. Macoun is
a son of Professor John Macoun, of
Ottawa,' the famous naturalist and explorer, who died last year in his
ninetieth year. x
Mr. -Macoun said that he had seen
on the prairies some of the finest
gardens that could possibly be seen
anywhere in Canada. But before the
prairies can have gardens they must
have hedges for windbreaks, Mr. Macoun added. "Set your hedges, and
you may look for your garden," he
said. "The hedges are coming. The
Dominion experimental farms have
more, far more, than paid for them-
selves*by the wide distribution which
has been given to the caragana
hedge, which the Department at Ottawa introduced from Russia. It is
indispensable to thc small; garden
on the j>rairies. I attribute a great
,deal of the splendid results achieved
in western gardening to the influence exerted by the experimental
stations," Mr..Macoun declared.
Mr. Macoun said the present airri*
of the Department of Agriculture is
to get earlier varieties of fruits and
vegetables, and referred more particularly'to the special need for earlier varieties of- all kinds on the
windswept prairies. .
Postage Meter Machine
Does Away With Necessity of Sticking on? Stamps
N^y York has been introduced to
the postage meter machine���:a machine which makes every man his
own_stamp printer and docs away
with the necessity of sticking them
on.   7 / ��������' '." ���'
The National City Bank has the
first one exhibited there. -'.'
"The machine, recently approved by
trie post office department, operates
on a principle similar, to that of the
government's automatic cancelling
machines. As the letters are run
through it, a square about the size of
a stamp is printed, in which appear
the words: "U. S. Postage���Paid 2
. The machine is equipped with a
register which can be set only by
post office authorities. When the
register shows thc user has stamped
as many letters as he paid, for, the
machine stops and has to be taken to
the post office to be reset.
The Family Physician.���The good
doctor is always worth his fee. But
it is not always possible to get a doctor just when you want him. In
such -cases, common sense- suggests,
the use of reliable home remedies,
such as Dr.' Thomas' Eclcctric Oil,
which is' wonderfully effective in easing inflammatory .pains, and in healing
cuts,- scratches, bruises and sprains.
The presence" of this remedy in the
family medicine- chest saves many a
fee.' '   " .
Alberta.Wool Shipments V .
��� Sixty-seven carloads of wool, as
compared with sixty-five last year,
have becn moved from Southern "Alberta to the central grading station at
Toronto.this.season. One hundred
thousand.-pounds- of "Alberta wool
have-already-bcen- sold!--- --: ���:-���
There! are "still half-; a\-million
prisoners of war" in Germany and
Russia;    ���'     -.'/ *,       " ;
' It's a lot- of- work to put up canned
fruit; but the real job. is getting.the
Hds. off.- -'    ���'-.'--. ''"-'        -./ V
-What.-is wisdom-bin having.a great
deal to-,say .and keeping silent?'   ���.
7japan has 850 da'ily-'hc'w'spapcrs. "-"���;_
After Long Suffering  Mrs.
Peasey Restored to Healtjk
; fey Lydia E. Pinkham's   ..;
:-X , Vegetable.Compound V -
' Toronto, Ont.���"I ^suffered . with'
- Irregular. menstruation,"* was. weak and.
run .down, could
not eat and had-
headaches.. The-
worst symptoms'
down pains, so bad-
-I ,;S o.me tithe's
thought -I would
.go'1"crazy and ;I'
seemed t.o be
smothering. I was
in this- condition
for two or' three
  years'! and   could-
30t. seem to work.   1 tried" all kinds
of-rriedicines and had been treated By
physicians but received no benefit.   I
found one of your booklets arid felt
inclined to try Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.   I received this
7 best results from it,and now--1 keep
! house arid go but to work arid.am like
. a new;, woman./'l! have/recommended
, your- * Vegetable; -Cpmpo'und -to' .my:
:.friends7 and if. these. facts .will, help'.
.-gome poor -woman- use them-a3' you'.
.'.please. V���Mrs. J. 1%-Peasey, '-3S77Kmg
St., Toronto, Ontario.'*,1 /!//'-/.���-/
*".: If j*oU'"Bra,orie-pf'!thess-womendo
fret ��� suffer, for; four'"or,:��ve years; a3 !'.'���
- 51rs;">P^se>''.'dic^-;but.prbSt;-by her'.,
-teperirace.^d'bfl.'-restored to health..';'
Pain In The loins
Driven Out Quickly
That dragging, wearying sort of
pain makes life s. misery to many people. This pain is due to a passive inflammation of the adjacent tissue.
Because every drop rubs in. More
powerful because five times^ stronger,
more penetrating because it strikes
through soft tissue, jnorc healing to'
pain, Nerviline Liniment should be always on hand. Sold everywhere in
large 35 cent bottles.
Stake Oil Claims
Oh Arctic Circle
Oil Claims Extend from Fort Norman
to the Rim of the Arctic
Oil claims have been staked along
the Mackenzie River right up to the
Arctic Circle. 0 The staking extends
from a point several miles south of
Fort Norman,-which is 1,500 miles
north of Ednronlon, to another point
within some fifty miles of Good Hope,
a post just sixteen miles south of the
Arctic Circle. Thc total distance of
the oil staking along the Mackenzie
River in this territory is now approximately 150 miles though not continued over this entire length.!
Both Come From, the Same Cause-
Thin, Watery Blood
Most people think of neuralgia as
a pain ini the head or face, but neuralgia- may affect any nerve in the
body. Different names are-given to
it. when it affects certain nerves.
Thus neuralgia of the sciatic nerve
is called sciatica, but the character
of the pain and the nature of the dis-
case_ are the. same. The pain in neuralgia is caused by starved nerves.
Thc blood which carries nourishment to" the nerves has become- thin
and impure and no longer does ' so,
and the pain you feel is. the cry of
the nerves for their natural food.
Ypu may ease thc pains of neuralgia
with hot applications, but real relief
from the trouble comes by enriching"
and purifying the blood. For this
purpose Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are
strongly recommended. These pills
make new, rich blood and thus act as
a most effective nerve tonic. If you
are suffering from this most dreaded
of troubles, or any form of nerve
trouble,- give these pills a fair trial,
and note the ease .and comfort that
follows their use. /
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills from any medicine dealer, or
by mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Cost Of Developing
Air Navigation
According to Figures Death List is
"Dcvelopinent of airship navigation
has been attended by a series of disasters since Santos Dumont first piloted his tiny. dirfgible around the
Eiffel, tower in Paris, but the death
list in the ZR-2 disaster exceeds that
of' all other similar accidents.   ���
The." greatest number heretofore
killed-in an airship accident was 28.
This was when the German Zeppelin
L-2'exploded on!: October 17, 1913.
Thirteen persons .were killed in Chicago, July" 21, 1919, when'a dirigible
exploded.-and-fell in flames into^the
Illinois Trust and Saving Bank. Five
persons were killed in Atlantic, City,
July -2, 1912, when .the ship exploded
shortly after ' leaving. the ground.
Somc of.the other accidents in which
heavy iosse'dof life occurred follows:
Sept. 9.-.1913, fiftecn.lost in dcslrucr
.tion -.of. iZcppeliri-L/L off ..Heligoland;
July 15, -1919, twelve lost when British airship NS-ll.fcll into the: North
Sea after being struck by- lightning;
June 20, 1914, nine lost in collision
of .airship"" arid airplane at "Vienna;
six'of the great .peace time dirigibles
built by Count Zeppelin,' thc :Gcrman
inventor,-"met ."with accidents, which
wrecked them.- Thcy were the Zeppelins.I.', II,, III., and-VI., and Dcutsch-.
lands I. and II:    ' ���     ' " "/       /
-The, Germans .lost..66 of .83 dirigibles
sent out "during" the war, of"-which 34
were "accounted for by the-Allies and
the -remainder' were --Wrecked' in -accidents/ .: .     ;'  V  - .   '.'."..' ���-���'   -  .:'���-.   :" '     '.    .
A Cape Coat For
Early Fall Days
- ;"-"-''. Sweden' Wants !Wheat..,-.-... "-
7. A letter .lias" been received' by. the"
Vancouver" Board of-'. Trade from a
Stockholm'''Broker, inquiring into.the
possibility of Cana(la.exporting wheat
to-, Sweden and'it;is- quite 'possible
that' some wheal which is being shipped to Europe 7rom..this port .via the
Panama .".'Canal- will-..find, a .market
there.-'.',    '-.--.   '���'' '���       X    ��� /���" X- :'���
-'Miller's,!Worm Powders can do no
injury,to. thc niost delicate child.- Any
child,'or infant in-the^state-of.adolescence,--who is 'infested -with 7-vyornis,
can. .take-.;this, preparation ; without a
qualm- of the stomach, and will"'find
in. it a" sure relief and a full, protection
from these 'destructive' pests,', which
are responsible for much'sickness-arid
great ' suffering, "to- legion's' of' little
ones. -
New Dye Plant for: Manitoba .
A joint stock coihpanyr will be
formed in-Winnipeg in the near future
with a. capitalization of $2,000,000, "and
a plant.valued at more than $250,000
will.be.erected.iri St. Bqniface, for the
production; of : dye's,'"', according 7 to . T;
H: Brooks, inventor, of a new method
of-xextracting aniline, dyes from coal
UktX'y'XX '-'V//.;/!" '  '. ';- //// .;/
.'..Tbe/deaf, and .dumb ; language/was
Introduced.'in.'the.-.year; 17497. '7/-//:'
Ask for Minard's and take, no other ,
By Marie Belmont.
The popularity of the cape li not
likely ; to. "pass with the summer
months. Its pleasing qualities are so
much appreciated that there will be
many interpretations of it for fall
wear. This delightful coat, cut from
a heavy silk crepe in a rich shade of
brown, is designed with a spreading
cape. ' It Is lined with gold, which is
revealed when the: cape is' flung backward!. The sleeves are cut wide at
the wrist and are trimmed with beaver. This is also used for the crush
collar that is set rather high about the
neck. A brown velvet hat with small
flowers made of golden ribbon completes the costume.
What He Said. ��
/The ySunday   School   teacher   was
talking to   her  class  about Solomon
and his wisdom.
"When the^ Queen of Sheba came
^nd laid jewels and fine raiment before Solomon, what did hc say?" she
asked presently.
One small girl, who evidently..had
experience in such matters, replied
promptly: ""Ow much d'yer want for
the lot."���London Evening News.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house
Alberta Red Clover
Red clover yielding at the rate of
ten to six tons per acre has been harvested at the University farm, Edmonton, The clover is known as
Atlaswede, a new variety originated
at the farm. It stood from thirty to
thirty-six inches high, has a very fine
���stem and makes excellent'fodder.
Of Course Not.
*' Millie-^Mother, .Willie   didn't  give
me any of the orange 1 -.       -      .
.   Mother���Didn't I  tell you to giye
her .'the lion's share,- Willie? "'
Willie���Ycs'm..- But lions don't eat
oranges., v     '"-','""
Ninety, per -cent."; of- .the world's
total output of -real lavender "oil
comes, from the vicinity of. Lyons,
.-- Poverty���would -soon- die���out- If
baBics were permitted to select their
parents'.    .
Luxuriant Hair; Promoted
By Cuticura
Cuticura kill* dandruff, stops itching,
thecaute of dry, thin and falling hair.
Treatment: Gently rub Cuticura Ointment with the end of the finger, on spots
of dandruff and Itching. Follow next
moniins -with a hot shampoo of Cuticura
Soap. Repeat in two weeks. Nothing
better than these fragrant, super-creamy
-emollients for all skin and scalp troubles.
i>Mf2S<!?rOhbDnl25uaS��e. T��Ictm25c. Sold
throughouttheDominion. CanadianDepob
Ltbui, Limitfd, 344 St. Paal St, W.. MutTMl.
'Cuticura Soap shavaa without bus.
It It always safe to send a Dominion Ex.
press Money Order. Five dollars costs threa
Every Chevrolet Owner
to stop forerer that annoying "clicketjr"
"click" "clank" caused from sido twisting
tappetts and tappett locks against the engine
casing, Silencers are made of clock spring
steel, and take two minutes to install without
tools. Price $2.00 per set. Money back after
ten days if you want it Ask your dealer or
send direct to us. ' ,
19S Victoria street, Toronto, Canada.
Cook's Cotttw RooS Compound;
J. toft, reliable reaulaUn��
medioim. Sold in ttr���� do*
crees of itnngth���No. 1, ��ll
No. 8, ��3i Ho. 8, fS p��r bo��.l
Sold by nil drnulats, or seal
prepaid oa neolpt of prios,1
Frao pamphlet. Address >
T0IOITO, ONT. iFimrti Wlsfef.)
America's Pioaear
Doe Remedies
and How to  Feed r'
Mailed    Free    to    any
Address  by  tit
CO.,   INC.,
IIS   West   Jlat-street,
New York, U.S.A.
Russians Live In Fields
Family of Five Occupy Hut Four by
���'..': Ten Feet.
In a village in Russia recently a
family of five was found living in
a hut measuring four by ten feet
The hut was made out of an old
farm wagon. All five slept on a bed
of straw covered by- a sheet and
some rags. A stove .was the only
househofd article owned by the family, which paid a farmer a weekly
rental equal to about 40 cents in
Canadian .money. An American who
recently returned from Russia declared that while this case indicated
the severity of the housing situation,
over there, it was by no means the
worst he had seen: Many families
arc entirely without shelter.
What Profit?
���- The. Appointing Power���Men who
get on the federal payroll must earn
their.salaries from now on.
Job -Hunter���But if thcy must do
that, why should anybody take a
government job?
Probably the two most awkward
things in the world are a woman
throwing ,a stone' and a bachelor
holding a,baby.       -;,  -
Miss *Green (at, her first ball game)
���Isn't _the~pitcher^perfectlyHspleh-""
did?   - He hits the'club .nearly every
throw.���Boston. Transcript. K7<
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three mouths or more
have passed. To' Great Britain and the
Dnited States ��3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices- ;.    7.00
Bstray Notices 3-00
Cards of Thanks....'.'.    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where] more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal-advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2_}_c. a line each insertion.
The Home Circle
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money. ���
Theke are different varieties of thc
species Nighthawk, some useful,
others quite otherwise. The variety
to which we would refer at present
is that which deports itself in the
silent���or supposed to be silent���
watches of the night, making the
term "silent" the reverse of appropriate. This particular bird
resembles in outward appearanc-e a
young man���somewhere between
the ages of seventeen and twenty-
seven; it wears men's apparel,
usually somewhat extreme as to
cut and color: it vocalizes with
human speech. In all respects but
one it is exactly like a young man;
but tbe striking difference is that,
from all its actions, it appears to
be devoid'of human "brain power.
It is gregarious in its habits,
usually travelling in-"bunches" of
half a dozen or so, and its favorite
, occupation seems .to be to . congregate close to where people are
trying to sleep and  to make the
r. ��� ���     ��� '��� ���   ���
. night hideous "with-doleful "wails���.
one theory is- that iii fancies .'it is
Kiuging^or loud talk or .shouting.
One .gentleman, ~" 'describing the
noise likened it 'to. "a".cross between "a wildcat' and- hyena."
'With this difference, however, that,
neither a wildcat or hyena has
ever been known to be guilty of
tho profanity and loud language, in
which the human appearing night-
hawk appear to delight.
To get down to plain.talk���there
are boys or   young men,   as. no
doubt  they   consider   themselves,
who  are nothing  less than plain
nuisances. -.:    They   have  -neither
brains_or manners to consider that
people sometimes want ,to-;-sleep.
There is no use appealing, to their
commonsense want!to. sleep: . It is
,  equally, useless to".,��� appeal  to':7 their
.  consideration for . others-���all  they
;think of-is their own pleasure.'. ;It
is hard to.knqw just how to treat
. them; but we do not-think anyone
: would, greatly blame a householder
" who took direct action and handed
..'.'out. a liberal dose.'.or ; douse���of
��� ��� cold water, "to  the nexfe.:.flock that
7 congregate tinder his window. '���-, . '
V   There is; a  time and  place for
everything,    and .the   time -and
place for cat-fight, quartettes and
shouted profanity are emphatically
. iiot on   the  streets" between -the
"hours' of 10 p. in. and 4 a-, no. '.-
Getting Acquainted
A- railway passenger, by, way 'of
7 killing time,  tries to, enter, into
/conversation with another' gentle-
. man-who. has get. into the. same
, :-*��I have an  idea, sir,  that ypur
name   is' quite   familiar,    Mr.���
'"Mr.���."-   -
*'My name ia TJlbosokoriky Kir-
"iqzohikoff; I came from  Poland."
X **Ab. then,- it is not your name,
' bat -your face I seem to remem-
bar-��f'V''V-���-."���������     ~:'. -  "  ';-   -���'���-.."���''
Un years jnprisbKHcame:'ont /thjs
, mormogX!XXX''X.yX.XX; -XX-Xx''--
���"At this-ypQtnt'i'thjeVcpny^Kation.iVyt
Runniiig a newspaper is just like running a hotel, only
different. When a man goes into a hotel and finds something on the table which does not suit him. He does npt
raise hades with the landlord and tell him to stop his old
hotel. Well hardly. He sets that dish to one side and
wages into the many dishes that suit him. It is (different
with some newspaper readers. They find an article
occasionally that does not suit them exactly and without
stopping to think it may please hundreds of other readers,
make a grand stand play and tell the editor how a paper
should be run aud what should be put into it. Bui such
people are becoming fewer every year,
Send  Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material'guaranteed.    We
pay postage one way.
Terms Cash.
E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box urioS, ' Nelson," B.-'C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver fi.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Ziuc J3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
The citizens of any prosperous town are always public
spirited and united. Stand together, work for the interests of the whole town. Always stand ready to do your
part. Don't grumble and spend your time in prophesying
failures, but help to make every enterprise a success, be it
great or small. -Be energetic and enterprising and your
example will be imitated. _. .   .
The man who gets mad at what the newspapers say
about him should return thanks three times a day for
what" the newspapers knew about him and suppressed.
Too many young people depend oh their father's money
taking them through this world, and their ,mother's prayers making everything all right; for the next.
Watch your tongue, no one but yow can take care of
that tongue. Your neighbors wish-they could bridle it,
but they can't do it.
Riverside and District
Miss Hookham, of Kettle Valley, was a visitor to Greenwodd
on Tuesday.
The Rock Creek baseball team
will play Greenwood at the latter
place on Monday, Sept. 5th.
The Rock  Creek  Women's In-
Riverside Hall on Monday, . Sept.
5feh. Bush's orchestra in attendance.- '   ' '-.  -       '."   --
\V. A. Hanrahan has retired
from the hotel business, and: in
future the Rock Creek Hotel will
in charge.of Mrs;' Bjorkman. VMr.
Hanrahan has not been in good
health for. some time and. he intends to consult Mayo Bros., :at
Rochester.   -    .'"."'��� ..'-'7    ...'-���
A farewell Dance to Capt. H.
King, was given by the residents
of Rock Creek and,district in the
Riverside Hall last. Friday evening when over 100 people availed
themselves of"; the; opportunity.
Capt. and Mrs. King are well
and favorably knowriin the district
and their many friends regret their
departure for England..
Agent for   Chevrolet,   Studebaker,   and
Overland cars.   Garage in connection.
D. McPHERSON        -       Proprietor
Employees of the Granby mines
at Anyox voted Saturday,  3 to if
in iavor  of  accepting a   reduced
scale of wages,  ranging  from   50
stitute will hold a Dance in  the cents to $1 a day, and remaining
"    ~ ""       ""    "       ~        on the job.    About 1200  men  are
affected by the vote, which ensures
a continuation of operation .of the
Granby-copper mines for some
time to come.   -
/Mining. News
The "Consolidated company's
smelter at Trail received 8243, tons
of, ore during the.; period August
la.toAugust 21, from the following mines: ..Chambers,;.. Sandon;. 7,
tons;-/. Company.', mines- 7940 tons;
Last Chance, . Sandon, ; 26- tons;
Providence, Greenwood, 41. tons;
Roseberry-Surprise,; Roseberry,738
tons; Republic, Republic, Wn., 36
toris^Surprise, Republic,' Wn., .155
.tonsVV .'/-_-." ,���-���'-'_��� -. .;'."--.'". ';' :":;: --,
-. Eight cars of coal is being shipped from Coalinopt daily.  .
Read this Fast
. Bill had a bill board. Bill /also
had a board bill. The board bill
bored Bill so Bill sold his bill board
t��. Pay bis board bill. So after. Bill
sold his bill board to pay his board
bill the board bill no longer bored
Nicely furnished rooms, by tlie"
day, week or mouth
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
Watchmaker and Jeweler     \
Mail your watch  for Repair and I "will
mail it back.    Charges are moderate.
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick buildiug and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -      ���      Nelson
Scaled tenders will be received by the District Forester, Nelson, not Liter than noon on
9tli day.of September, 1021, for tlie purchase of
Licence X2613 near Beaverdell, 'to-cut 3000 Fir
and Tamarac ties. -.-���
One year will be allowed for^j^moval
of timber.
Further particulars of the District Forester,
Nelson. v"
��� ���-.   . MINERAL ACT   >
".:.'" (FORM V)    ' i
Certificate of Improvements.
��� -        -  notice; ���   "".'  -..."
"WATERLOO No. 3'* Mineral Claim, situate
in the Greenwood Mining- Division of Yale
Where located: In r.iglitniiig-.Peak Camp.
TAKE NOTICE tb:it I, Isaac 11. Hallett, Solicitor, as Afrcnt for Charles Morgan Kingston,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 29153C, and Francis
Edward Rendell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
332S5C, intend, sixty clays from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining-a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 85, must be commenced before the
issue of snch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 2-��d dav of July, A. D. 1921.
'"     I. FV HALLETT.
Notice of Intention to Aptly to Purchase Land
-   In Fairview '-and District, Recording District of Siiniikaineen and situate'about "7
miles West of Mid way,'.B.C., and one mile
North of Meyers.Creek.   . ..-._-
TAKE NOTICE thai Frank Roberts, of
Kettle Valley. 15.0.', occupation fanner intends
to apply for perniissUni to purchase, the. following dpwribi-d lands: .Commencing at a post
planted at .the South East cnrjicr post of.Lot
SUls, "Uiencu Wufcl -70 chains, -thence -South 40-
.clsains, ilK'iicc-E.'ist 70 chains,' thence North 4'0
chains io point of commencement-and- coutaiu-
itifr 240 :icivs'mor<: or less.
���Dated Julv2otli, 1921. - '    :
..... '     FRANK ROBERTS..
.,     " ''      W. H; DOCKSTEADER, PROpi
/Auto Stage twice daily to  Midway, meeting Spokane, Grand
.  Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at.S.a.m.-,-.,:..,
.For Oroville, ^Venatchee andKPrincefcon leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m..
Fare $1.50 Each Way. . Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried.
':' Express and Heavy Drayinjr., " : -:'Xs .V Auto's for hire Day or Night
'-V:7We'::'carry''-Tire's.''Pils, Greases.7 Hay.and Grain .   "
OfficePhone 13.: V   -V j^-/ '���'.'.'_' ."v "Residence Phone 3L -p
KOTICE is hereby gi-.cn {hat, under
the provisions of the "Taxation Act,"
Collectors are empowered to force payment of all' arrears of taxes due and
outstanding da Lands, Personal Property, and Income by Tax Saler distress
proceedings, or by action in any Court of
Law; and further take notice that unless
payment' is- made forthwith' of. all snch
delinquent .taxes action' will, ixs.taken 'to
collect same, .together' ^ith'interest and"
costs'.- ���-;-' ;���;��� .��� V ���XX'-XX^'-.X i .-V- .'.-":. V
' ;V,^;^."Tbw'NSEND;VVV\
������.--.. .- -v.. .���:;V.-:',-.:--:-''PiOTinciarCollector.'-.--'
"-'' i ���-.-"..-.''/---- -'Rossland Assessment District'.
Green Forests are an investment which gives iii
' x\x returns^ :���-.-.���.��� xy v;���/.;"��� \    .'...'...- xxx-x:'x[:x
;The shareholders include^ directly or indirectly, every
.^       citizen In the Province;:    v :    ; .'C-'v-'-
Dividends are shared directly by' ever^ individual
v   who resides in BritishXolum^      -;
Eacfi tree is; worthy bf preservation, and means employment to someone; sooner or iater^- V
No timber "substitute has been found, but timber
provides substitutes for many articles^ v
The Lumber trade is called the barometer qf British
Columbian prosperity;
Keep the mark set high; destruction of the Forest
spells loss for everybody.
Be Consolidated Mining & SineltiDg Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
Troducers    ol    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
"TADANAC" BRAND    -    ' ��� ~    ���
iiMm��waj����|tfmwii��.i| |   ,|,nilF i| li I
^   II
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lauds
with me,   Have a buyer for good nuch
Gp2p2B Of
had irvel ��m33irniss3is
reduced to $G un acra; secoiicl-claaB to
, . S2.50 an acre.   - .z���
Pre-emption "now conflned to surveyed lands only. _
Records will be granted covering onlv
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind whlch-Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four mav -
arrange    for    adjacent    pre-emption's
with joint residence, but each making .
necessary improvements on respective
'.-��� claims.    .'        - "     ��
��� pra-emptors must, occupy claims for
Ave- years and make Improvements to
value of ?10 per acre, including- -clearing: and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor. in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he mav, because of ill-health, or other cause, be -
- granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent rosl-
donce may be issued, provided appll-
��*nt makes Improvements to extent of
?I00 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or .record same v/ill operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
���'' # ..�� ?��n 6 veai'S. and improvements -
01 ?10.80 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
.._ Pre-emptor holding Crown, m-ant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with hla
iSmJ Wtkout actual occupation,' provided statutory improvements made
��.nd residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 2q
fcores, may .be leased as hoinesites;
UU�� to-be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions,
For grazing- and Industrial purposes
areas .exceeding 640. acres may bs
teased by one person or company.
* .. Mw1I)* ,faci0!"y  or  industrial sites  on-
Umber land   not   exceeding   40   acwa
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpago.
Natural   hay  meadows   inaccessible
,ZJntUn,s roads n"ay--bo purchased ���
conditional upon construction of a roait
. to them.   Kebata of one-half of cost of
road,  not exceeding Jtalf of purchase
price, is made.
y. '"    ACT,
' The scope of this Act is enlarged to
^IUi?t.aIUP8r?r��n<S  30'.nin8   a^'��"
!ng with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply -
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
N��o?./HrBS?' "?' for.MrIy, until on��
C�� it1"-the ?��,I?clusl0'* of thc present
war. Tins privilege is also made retroactive.
'- No fees rsiatinK to pre-emptions are
due or payable ly  soldiers  on    pre-
emptlons recorded after June 26  131S
��� T<i?es .ar9 remitted for five years
- Provision for return of moneys 'ac-
5ru.��1vaue aml bsen Pakl Bil*ce August
i, 1914, on.account of payments, fce��
orlaxes on soldiers'-pre-emptions
Intoregt on agreements to purchase
tA��,??V'��J,lty-Iots- hold b* members of
Allied Forces,-or dependents, acquired
direct, or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March.31, 3920.*,
-   .    ���  LAND3, ,-
' Provision ' njado for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purcliasera of
Crown   La-nda,-acquiring rights  from
..purehasera^ho  failed--to -complete-
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment ot conditions-of purchase-interest and taxes.   Where sub-purchasers d. not olalm whole of original par-
- pel, purcha���� price due and taxes may
oe   distributed   proportionately   over
a^i_^^_rtioM -��-��b?
' "��� -. 'QRAZIfsia    _     . *
.   Grazing  Act,   1919,   for    systematic '
development of livestock industry nro-
.vides" for grazing districts and range
adnilnistriitlon under Commissioner
Annua! grazing permits fssuocl ba��ed
on niimfcers ranged-; priority for established --owners.    . Stock-owners    may
���form'Associations for rajige management. Free, or partially free, permit*
for.��ettleri, campers er travellers, tin
to ien.htad. ..--'>     .       ��� -"
uyX?y ���_*^^4^-4=^^^ <fc.*_p4>4>'|.*t>*|-..4>4*4��|t���$�����*��
4*   The only upxtcdate Hotel in the interior,   First-class . ��_��
J Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat-and Telephone in
each room.
in every respect,
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop ���
Steam Heated;  Electric Ligfhted.
RATES S1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains ancf Boats.
i. For
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness |j
are the features which go to 3
make up the Service we give %
our customers. Are you f��
one of them? 3
1 WE PRINT '        ���      ���   ���' 1
����~-        " ~m
g . ===== ^        " -  .3
B Letterheads, Noteheads,     \3
SZ (Ruled or Plain) , 3
���~- H v��Tr��s|^**��j{a�� F%_i!i*S��S��2i����C ^3"
5^;   -       uilVCWpCaj    SJ'IflllCdllOe   -, ^-5
��*: ~ (All Siies) '   ' 3
B Statements, Business Cards, 3
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. H
I The Ledge       PHONE 29    '���%
B     GREENWOOD        Job*Printing Department   3
;fhe Mineral Province of Western Canada
TO END OF DECEMBER, 1920 - .     .
VV Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Plac6r Gold, 875,944,203; Lode
'Gold,;8102,753,823; Silver, 853,668,284; Lead 840,637,221; Copper, 8101,513,864;
; Zinc, .819,890,466; Coal and Coke, $212,573,492; Building Stone, Brick,-Cement,
:"e'ic;,-.:832,lGS,217^Miscellaneous Minerals, etc., $1,037,408; making its Mineral
.".Production to the end of 1929-show an _'.���'.- -
y-y Aaeregate Value oT $706,192,978
jiction for Year Ending December, 1920, $35,543,084
The. Micing Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any. other Province in the Dominion, - or any colony- in the British.
Empire. ' -    . *        -
Mineral-locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing such properties, the'security ".'
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants: " - .
Full information, together -with mining Reports 'ami Maps, may1 be obtained \
gratis-by. addressing���      ' \   '       ,"- ' " '
VICTORIA, British Columbia.


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