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The Ledge Dec 4, 1919

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".',".'��� '?-��* *\'-* -^t>"-r ���' ^*> rzy^"r^wixygM&t
^ .
S   \
6161  8 r��n
'. ^.
C%1 1W*2&
Ai   -
1   -\   Vol.   XXVI.
No. 21
Cosy Homes
,Make your home co9y and attractive 6y fllline it with some
of our choice and eleeant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery. Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
' Oils for machines of all kinds, couoled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
��1 Just Arrived
5~J Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
5S: N Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
~~ \ all   kinds   of   Nuts
.   Phone 46
LEE & BRYAN.     1
^iuiUiiiiiiauiiiiUiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiaiiiiuaiai iuaiiiuiauiiiis:
Christmas  Cards,   Personal   Greeting Cards,
Ivory Goods, Silverware, Flash Lights, Pocket
Books, Leather Goods, Christmas  Stationery,
Tissue ahd Crepe Paper, All Colors
-  Full Line, Dolls, Toys, Toy Books and Games
Neilson's Chocolates, both Bulk and Box
Kodalcs and a full line of Films
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins'dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices ,
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
I o^��K>00000<>00000000<>0000<0<>000000000000000000<><>00<>0 (
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 JOHN MEYER,      -      -      Proprietor,
 i  _���r_WHEN!N NELSOH-CALL^AT��� . - ��� .
MEAGHER & Co., 511 Baker St:
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show The  Newest  First
Tasfey meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served afejany time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.'
/ Fool ball-in connection.
W. D. BUSK        ^- - - PROPRIETOR
A Savings Bank Account not
only provides an assurance for the
present, but guarantees you security
in the future.
To save is to succeed���
Greenwood Branch     L EL Brawders, Manager
Rifle ��nd Shotgun   Shells.   Fire-
aruis of all kinds
Pathephones and Records'
Men's Furnishings,.Shoes, Shirts,'
Hats, Rubbers, Clothing, and Groceries, at reasonable prices
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Around: Home
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson.TB.C
Dealer i    Second-hand Furniture
4     and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle, Etc.
421 Baker Street
,  NELSON.   B. C.
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
. In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goodsisent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
aud efficient manner.
Dealer in General Merchandise
MasseyvHarris Co,, Farm Im*
plements,?and*the Canadian
Fairbanks ��� Morse  Co,,
Gasoline Engines.
Sheet Music
Latest Popular~Song"Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest line  sheet   music  in  interior
of B.C.
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P. 0. Box 152 GRAND FORKS
Music Lessons
Lessons given by a qualified
teacher ou the violin, mandolin,
gnltar and banjo. For terms, etc.,
apply P. O. Box, 201, Greenwood.
Parties desirous of desposing
of their household goods, may
communicate with J. A. Nesbitt,
Bos 128, Pen tic ton.
Fresh oysters and crabs on sale
at the Windsor Hotel.    .
Christmas is just twenty-one
days away.-
Another shipment of Kakanee
tront at Lee & Bryan.
At McElmon's.- Waltham
Watches.    Bojs Watches.
James McGregor, inspector of
mines, was in town this week.
New shipment of Crochet Cotton and Crochet Needles. G. A.
Autos are still 'able to make
the run ^between Greenwood and
Miss Ruth Swanson is on a few
days' visit to her home at Copper
E. L. Steeves, of the Main
Kettle river, was in Greenwood
this week.
The Pythian Sisters will hold
aa election of officers on Eriday.
December 5.'
Mrs. A. C. Mesker, of Midway,
is visiting her daughter, Mrs. A.
E. Griffith at Kaslo. ,
Finnan Haddie,  Smoked Sable
Fish and Golden Fillets at  Rendell's store, Greenwood,
Born.���In Grand Fosks, on
Nov. 23, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Forshaw, of Phoenix, a'son.
���Born.���In Grand Forks, on
Nov. 25th, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Johns, of Bridesville, a daughter.
New stock of Mitts, Gloves,
Socks, -Woolen Underwear Fla-
nelettes, etc.    G, A.Rendell.
Malcolm Morrison, of Midway,
is in the Grand" Forks hospital,
being a sufferer  from' lumbago.
For. that nastyj cough get a
bot tie of Rexall's'��y rup of Whi te
Pine and Tar at.'Goodeve's Drug
Vancouver and Victoria sheriffs
are now on a salary. Sheriffs in
other parts of the province are
paid on the fee system.
Received today from Ogilvie
Flour Mills Co,, ,a car of flour,
rolled oats, wheat, shorts, etc.
G. A. Rendell.
Certificated nurse will receive
maternity cases. . Comtortable
���home. * Mrs. G. A. Rendell, P.O.'
Box 368, Greenwood, B.C.
Order your Christmas Greeting
Cards now, as it takes time tohave
thenTengraveX" Samples.~cm~dis-~
play at Goodeve's Drug Store.
The Border Lumber Co., Limited, of Cascade which was recently incorporated with a capitalization of $20,000 will operate
in the Boundary.
The skating rink is being put
in shape for the coming season
and if n weather conditions continue the ice should be ready for
skaters during the next week.
G. A. Allen, of New Westminster,'inspector of inland revenue, was in town this week on
business in connection with the
seizure of the still, last Saturday.
Keep in mind Friday, Dec. 12th
���Rebekah Card Party. The last
card party was such an enjoyable
social affair that the Rebekah's
have been encouraged to hold
His Honor J. R. Brown presided at the County Court last
week, The case of Angelo Luc-
lam vs Joseph Caron for $812 for
use of horse, etc., judgement was
Last Saturday, Chief Fraser
aud Constable Stewart of the
Proyincial Police, found a still in
operation, a quantity of moonshine, "etc., in the basement of
Ola Lofstad's house on Gold
street. On Tuesday evening Ola
was brought before Police Magistrate I. H. Hallett and fined
$500. This is the second moon-
shins outfit that has been disturbed in this part of the country
this year, and with Christmas
so near it will be a dull one for
those who expected to partake of
this Boundary dew.
Central School Report
. Noyember,  1919
Number in attendance       - 25
Number daily present        - 23
Perfect attendance:
Emmet; Anderson, Mabel Axam,
Daisie Axam, Selma Benson, Russell Eustis. Ethel Fraser, Dolly
Granberg, Gordon Jenks, Gabrielle
Legault, Irene Mcintosh, Sanford
Pond, Silvia Price.
_. Entrance: Irene Mcintosh 86,
Selma Benson 82, Daisie Axam 82.
Gordon Jenks 74, Mabel Axam
72, Sandford Pond' 67, John
Krouten 57, Emmet Anderson 57,
Gari Intilla 55, Russell Eustis 44,
Joe Klinosky 31. Not present for
all the tests: Edward Royce, Louis
Junior Reader IV. Standing:
Ethel Fraser 78, Agda Carlson 77,
Dolly Granberg 68, Gabrielle
Legault 67, Ragner Johnson 57,
Lily Intilla 50, George Morrison
33, Silvia Price 23. Not present
for all the tests: Stella Storer,
Jack Anderson, Samuel Eustis,
Harry Desjardine.
Number in attendance - 30
'Number daily preBene - 530
Percentage - -    92 96
Perfect attendance:
Ethel Benson, Bessie Bidder,
Eraine Duhamel, 'Horace DuHamel, Lawrence DuHamel, Gertrude Dixon, Myrtle Dixon, Allan
Fraser, Cicilia Hallstrom, Edward
Johnson, Tillie MacDonell, John
MacDonell, William MacLeod,
Edwina Smith, William Wilson,
Ernest Wyder, Charles Noren,
John Noren.
November standing.
Senior 3rd: Ernest Wyiler 218,
Mary .Kerr- 188,- Gertrude Dixon
Junior 3rd: Allan Fraser 268,
Ester Noren 260, Edwina Smith
Senior 2nd. Cicilia Hallstrom
267, Ethel Benson 262, Myrtle
Dixon 231.
Junior 2nd: Edward Johnson
280, Bessie Bidder 269, Teddy
Wilson 268.
Perfect attendance:
Eileen Bryan, Doris Dixon, Percy
Fraser, Harry Hallstrom, Clarence
Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Leonard
Pontesso, _Bertram^ Price,- John
Putzel, James Stalker, John*Stalk-
er, Merideth Fenner.
Proficiency List.
Firsfe Reader:'Leonard Pontesso,
Clarence Johnson, Doris;Dixon.
Spcond Primer: Irene Inglis
and Helen Kerr, equal; John Putzel; Percy Fraser, Harry Hallstrom. George Bryan, equal; John
Stalker, Robert Mitchell.
Firsfe Primer: Mary Skelton.
Eugene MaGillvray, Lewis Mitchell, Bertram Price, equal; Edward Perry, Dick Morrison, Aldo
Receiving Class: Merideth Fenner, Malcolm McLeod, Marguerite
Ritchie; Daniel Kerr, Eileen
Bryan, James Stalker, equal;
Arthur Cox.
Ladies and childrens fancy
Christmas handkerchiefs in boxes
or single, a wide range to select
from; also some yery pretty runners, tea cloths, tray cloths, etc.
G. A, Rendell.
Tbe board of railway commissioners which held a sitting in
Vancouver last week issued permission to the G, P. R. to close
its station at Phoenix and to dis-
sontinue the train service there.
The board also issued an order
compelling the Great Northern
railway to put on a through
freight service between Keremeos and Vancouver within three
months and to give passengers
from Keremeos to Vancouver the
the facility of purchasing through
tickets between the two points.
The Ledge has always room
for one more ad.
Ledge ads bring results.
Western Float
German dye staffs are agaii. on
the market,
B. C. leads the Dominion in the
J H. C. of L. standing.
Penticton wants & nurses' home
built near its hospital.
A report from Ottawa says that
Canada must save coal.
Penticton has the best vkept
school^grounds iifthe province.
Food stuffs in limited quantities
may be shipped into Germany by
parcel post.  cs
A 250 pound white tailed buck
deer was shot recently by a Cranbrook hunter.
W. A. Moore, of,Red Deer, wae
fined $600 for failing to make income tax returns.
There has been 36  lynchings in
U.J S.   during   the   first   10
months of this'year.
W. B. Bi8hop"has^disposed of
his 25-acre ranch near ��Grand
Porks, for 812,000.
The' Vancouver [General Hospital operated at a loss during
September'and October.
The cost of taking the [vote in
the recent Ontario election is
estimated at $1,200,000.
George Goddard, [a pioneer] of
Langley was found dead in his be'd,
recently;' having died of heart failure.
Penticton is after'an,.evaporating
plant for next year. It could save
about lOOOJOfeons of fruit each
A Montreal'report says that Sir
George2Bury>ill be2>sked!to take
the head of4he Canadian"JSTational
Railways. -     -
One day last week eighty China-
men>ppeared-^before; Jthe police
magistrate in Vancouver, on-gambling charges.
Mrs. L. A..;Clark, wellSjknowii
and highly esteemed pioneer of the
Okanagan,- died in Penticton, on
November 20.
A car load of Grand Forks
apples was recently destroyed by
fire while waiting to be unloaded
at Cranbrook.
Ninejnen,"���seven guns and four
dogs were recently taking in by
provincial constables at Ladner.
Themen'were"using the""dogs"~to
run down deer.
British^Columbia, in three war
loans 1917, 1918, 1919, has raised
the stupendous sum of 891,000,000
and this is from a population of
less than 400,000.
Eight thousand disabled Imperial^ soldiers, .many of whom are
suffering^ fromT fchest and lung
troublerare? to be established in
The increase in the price of hair
cuts in several of tha interior
towns will bring the old fashioned
trim in line 'once more. Father
will have another job to do.
J. W. Dickinson, municipal
clerk of -Duncan, died last week.
.He was well known^tbroughout
the west and'for'a'number of years
was a* member of the Methodist
Chief Baptiste George of the
Inkaneep Indian reserve has two
Victory Loan fiaga flying at the
official flag pole on his farm near
Cupid has been working overtime at Cranbrook last month.
The Courier reports printing eight
different lots of wedding invita-
tlona lasfe year. Looks as thonga
the boys knew what was coming
nexB year.
C. J. Leroy, believed to have
been the oldest man in Canada,
died at his home in North Vancouver, last month, aged 104 years
and two months. He was bore at
Versailles, France, the son of one
of Napoleon's soldiers and himself
fought wilh Ihe North in thej
American Civil War before settling!
is British Columbia.
Mining News
The' Premier mine afe Stewart
has been sold for five' millions to
the Guggenheim interests.
X -'t*4l
f yi*
--    *'J.
' X Mm
' '"Xi
It is reported that a claim adjoining the McAllister group, near
Alamo, was sold for $20,000, feo
the McAllister company.
Over 1000 feet of tunneling will
be driven on the Little Bertha-
Pathfinder mining group 12 mileB
north of Grand Forks. A. E,
Savage has been awarded the contract.
T. J. Poyntz, has made a strike
of{high-grade silver-lead ore on the
Utica in[the'^Slocan, and is now
sacking a quantity of the rich
mineral for j .""shipment to the
A miner 'does not'[have to go
away from ��� home to find good
claims to operate. There is a
number of promising properties in
the Greenwood Mining Division
that^can'be leased at any time.
The Eureka at Hope, the firsfe
crown granted . minerel claim in
Britishn Columbia is to be opened
up. """This mine is"a silver'proposition, and "when ife^was rfirst operated [the'ore was^taken tonEngland
for treatment.
It is reported that the \ Pioneer
mine on Cadwallade'r caeek, Lillooet has been sold to the"! Mining
Corporation of Canada,^which for
the last four years has held the"
position'of the largest'producers of
silver in the BritishJEmpire;
1 "���' .^ijJ
n -Al
/   'I
:   ""SI
K 4
\ \
.��� 'if
The destruction of the copper
mill|at fehe Trail fsmelter will nofe
cnrtail ^copper! shipments v to that
smelter/t TJTe'lead'milliis-beingjre-
arranged4aml pending'the construction and completion of the new
copper, mill, copper]'ore will be
crushedfafe the lead mill. The
mill will also continue to take care
of the lead'ore.
l~ -4*~Jrf4
The Silver Glance mine at Sandon, which is credited with a yield
of high-grade silver-lead ore, has
been acquired under a lease and
bond by George Houston of Mul-
lan,'Idaho,^and George T..Thayer
of WallaJWalla. Ife was acquired
from*H.^W. Power, formerly of
Kaslo^bntJInow of Spokane, who
has been?engaged in development
on fehiSgP'roperfeyfor fehe lasfe^fehree
years.       ���      v
Bar silver was quoted at 81.36
an ounce in New York lasfe week,
the highest price in almost a century. Silver was subjected to wide
fluctuations during the war, bufe
fell almost to SI after the U. S.
government entered into an agreement with Great Britain to ship
large quantities of the metal to
India. The recent advance is attributed to renewal of demand from
the orient, mainly China, and increased domestic use by silversmiths.
The Dolly Varden mine is shipping 100 tons daily to the Anyox
smelter of the Granby Consolidated
Mining, Smelting and Power company, says a Vanconver report.
The ore contains good values in
silver and. gold and ia acceptable
at the smelter because of its accompaniment of silica, which makes it
desirable as a flux. The mine is
o\yned by the Taylor Construction
company of Victoria and associates
and is equipped^with a locomotive,
which ore is hauled to tidewater.
i I
The Nelson News says that the
Iron King at Beasley, owned by
WiHiam���Mcore, has been bonded
by Gari Mohr, of the Monarch copper mine, which ife adjoins. The
Monarch recently announced an
ambitious program of development,
and the three crowu-granted claims
of the Iron King group, will evidently have an important bearing
on fehis program. It 13 understood
the amount involved is 840,000,
wifeh a small payment down, and
two years within whida the final
payment is so be made.
<n :
- " -S��-*X--^��Xj&
*Mi3��Ms8A TILL:     LEUUE,     Uli-tiEisWOUD,     B.     C.
The Duty ol the
The timc is ct hand when thc people
of tlie Western Provinces of Canada
havc important obligations, imposed
upon them by their citizenship, to discharge. Primarily it is a duty they
owe to thcir country, but in a very
particular sense it is a duty they owe
to themselves.
The reference is lo thc selection of
municipal councils and school boards
for the coming' ycar, the making of a
choice ok some thousands of men or
women  to whom  is  to  bc  entrusted
It is to our own interests, as well
as a duty we owe to our country,
that this position should not only be
maintained, but that it should be improved. Such improvement is not to
bc brought about solely in Dominion
and Provincial politics, but thc principal field of endeavor is to bc found
in local affairs, namely, in thc municipality and local school district. It
is here that thc foundation of reform
ancl progress is to bc laid, and from
careful and wise administration in
these branches of our public business
tlicrc will flow an influence which will
beneficially   affect   administration   in
Valuable Entomological
Circular Issued
Collecting   and   Mounting   of   Insect
"   Collections Important Part of
the Work of Students
The  collecting and  preserving     of
insects   and   the   mounting   of   insect
Scout Law
For Canadians
The Sense of Honor in the Young
Lad is Appealed to First
Of All
Who has not admired the clean cut
bearing    of    the    Boy
collections  has become an important < businesslike
part of the  work of the  students  in , Scout?    Thcre  is  an air of well-res-
many' of our schools.    The  teachcis j tra������1' confidence   about   these   men
in thc making: they bristle wilh cn-
who. havc specialized in '"agriculture
have learned something of the methods of collecting and preserving insects and are arousing the interest
of their pupils in this fascinating subject. In order to assist those desirous of securing accurate information
Entomological Circular No. 12, "Directions for Collecting and Preserving Insects" has been prepared by J.
H. McDunnough, M.A., Ph.D. This
circular may bc obtained free upon
application to thc Publications
Branch, Department of Agriculture,
Ottawa. It indicates concisely some
of the most essential features in connection with thc collection of insects,
and aims to arouse an interest for
intelligent collecting of insects. Insects arc very delicate creatures and
thc vitally important task of directing   lhe iargcr aiui wi,at arc popularly tc- ������,���,    ., f   ,    . .      ,
��� :..:������i ���...i ������i, i    ^,i.���;���;<.^..;r.��� ... . .     unless thc greatest of care is obscrv
municipal and school administration
in a territory many times thc size of
some outstanding European nations.
The matters which in the coming
year will engage the attention and call
for action on thc part of these local
representative bodies may not be very
spectacular or fill a largc place in the
public eye or in the columns of thc
newspapers, but to an even greater extent than many matters of national
ancl even international moment they
directly, affect the well-being of thc
people, and to thc extent that these
purely local affairs arc well managed,
the comfort, convenience and advancement of thc people of a community art served. Furthermore,
thcy havc a very direct bearing on
thc burden of local taxation to bc imposed.
Never, it is probably safe to say,
in thc history of this country was il
a matter of greater concern than it
is today that the keenest interest
should be taken by all citizens in the
choice of thc men and women selected by thcm to serve in a representative public capacity. Western Canada
is by no means immune from the unrest which prevails throughout thc
world, and which is turning some
countries and old established conditions topsy-turvy. Problems connected with labor, education, social and
moral questions, trade and commerce,
finance ancl taxation���all are in the
melting pot, and what will ultimately
evolve therefrom for the good or evil
" of mankind depends lo a very large
extent upon the interest displayed by
the average man and woman, iii-public
��� affairs, the amount of study and consideration they arc prepared lo give
to reaching a solution ,of these, problems, 'and she character of .the men
and women whom Miry- elect lo public
.office to deal with. them.
... It is of-"the utmost importance,
therefore, that the" people'of Western
Canada should give serious heed to
the selection of thcir municipal    and
- school, representatives this year... Jn
���making choice'of these"' representatives this is a time, above' all-others
when"- people - should' be  on   . their
"  guard against being swayed' by fccl-
-ings of personal friendship, on the one]
hand, or feelings of a personal dislike
on, the other hand, "in voting for candidates for public' office.   It is a time
.when  all old  partizanship should be
buried .and forgotten, wli'cn .consider-
\ aliens- of race, or'.creed, or personal
ambition should be ignored, "and when
Xthc~'tcst of a cool.and mature "judgement "should be applied-in._th'c marking of-a ballot."       -.��� '   . '���'-'/������ 'x'i
Compared!, -with  -most-1 countries,
.Canada has .weathered' the .first'full
" year. since the signing'--of-.the armistice . fairly    successfully. "-   Mistakes
have  been-    made,  plenty  of   them.
There have been unfortunate- dislurb-
.   anccs'm'industrial centres.- Injustices
.have'.existed, .and .yet .'remain   to 'be
-righted.   Mitch, money has bccn.'wast-
^>cd,'and extravagance lias been all. loo
general, 'not-'oiily'-by-governments and
.other public- bodies;.but-.by the people
- - themselves'. --' Nevertheless, when c'on-
���.... sidcration.is' given-to conditions   ."-in
other, lands,'.Canadians -can regard,
themselves arid their country .as occuT
���Pying a favored .position. "-_.
garded   as   the   more   important,   departments of government.
A lively interest in local matters
throughout the Prairie Provinces at
this time cannot fail to result in an
improvement in all municipal and
school administration, which, in turn,
will lead to -better Provincial government and more careful handling of
Fcdcral affairs.
Work More and Talk Less
cd in, both collecting and packing for
shipment an otherwise valuable collection may bc rendered practically
worthless from both thc aesthetic
and  the  scientific  standpoint.
A. Tendency to Stand About Discussing Ways and Means
"No nation that puts a minimum of
its strength into labor can hope to
compete witli another that works at
full blast; to live, thc world must
produce more and talk less." Thus
succinctly, A. C. Bedford, head of the
Standard Oil Company, of New Jersey, put the situation to 2,500 delegates to the international trade conference in Atlantic City. The same
point was emphasized even more
strongly by Colonel House, when' hc
said: "Everything has been said that
can be said on every vital thing."
Reconstruction too long has been
the theme���it should now become thc
task. For months there has been a
tendency to stand about discussing
ways and means of going about the
job. Probably if cleaning up had
been begun at thc bottom of thc mess
without'waiting for a wonderful and
comprehensive scheme" for achieving
thc result overnight, the world might
now. have been in.a fair way toward
finishing the job..'-.It can hardly bc
said that a beginning has been made
yet.;    -".-/��� -."."   ��� -< --
The dictum that' thc -world must
work holds for capital and for the
public as well as for, labor. No individual, whether he belongs to ; the
ranks of, labor,, in the realm of capital, -.or thc less fortunate who is
neither, is doing liis duly unless
Vorks.^-BuiTalo Express.   .
$100 Reward, $100
Catarrh is a local disease greatly influenced
by constitutional conditions. It thcrcfoic requires constitutional treatment. HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE is taken internally
and acts tlirouh the Blood on the Mucous
i Surfaces of the System. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE destioys the foundation of the disease, gives the patient strength
by improving the general health and assists
nature in doing its work. $100.00 for any
ease of Catairh that HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE   fails   to   cuie.
Druggists 75c.    Testimonials fiee.
F. J.  Cheney &  Co.,  Toledo, Ohio.
Heavy Cattle Shipments
Cattle shipments during the present fall from Wainwright, Alberta,
and district arc larger thau any previous year, writes a correspondent. A
conservative estimate would be that
from ten to fifteen thousand cattle
have been shipped from Wainwright
lo Eastern Canadian and American
markets during thc past few months.
Thc shipments to Edmonton and
Winnipeg markets have also been
heavy, one thousand head of good
sound stock going out in one week.
Sloan's Liniment scatters the
congestion and Relieves
���'���'' Pain
Children's Sanatorium
.The hewJ.O.D.E. Children's-Pavilion' at' thc Saskatchewan Provincial
Sanatorium, Fort--Qu'Appelle, was recently officially declared open by Premier Martin.. His.Honor Lieutenant-
Governor Lake and party were in.attendance, as-well as o'fficials .of.the
I.O.D.E. and of the -Anti-Tubcr'culp-
sis League.. The new hospital, which
is.being used exclusively for "children;'
0... ��L sift-, of,"the ..Provincial ..Chapter
I.O.D.E. to -the "Anti-Tuberculosis
League of, Saskatchewan.1 .
A. -little, applied without rubbing,
will penetrate immediately and rest
and soothe thc nerves.
��� Sloan's Liniment is very effective
in -allaying external pains, strains,
bruises, aches, stiff joints, sore muscles, lumbago, neuritis, sciatica, rheumatic twinges. ,..
Keep a big boule always on hand
for family use. Druggists everywhere! 35c*, 70c, $1.40���Made in Canada.
I^i riixtneivt
Keep ii handy   *
crgy; they put up thc "Business as
Usual" sign on all occasions; they
enjoy the work which they do; in
short they are an example to those
who should be an example to them���
their elders. Wc may well wonder
why and it would be profitable to go
even further than the supcificial process of wondering ��� let us find out
why. Our efforts v,\\\ secure sufficient reward..
Evcry boy before becoming a
scout is required to make this promise: "On my honor, as a Scout, I
promise to do my best, to do my
duty to God and thc King, to help
others at all times, and lo obey the
Scout law." The sense of honor iu
thc young lad is appealed to first of
all. He is trusted and that in itself
is a great corrective for cvilvinclin-
ations. Thc Golden'Rule is the pivot
on which thc Scout movement revolves. Unselfish service is the aim
of thc Boy Scout, and to achieve il
he must obey thc  Scout Law,
Trustworthiness is a quality which
all decent men respect ancl aspire to.
It is one of thc lcquircnients of
Scout Law. Under this law thc
Scout is expected to do at least one
good turn for somebody every day.
How many men live up to this requirement? The scout is expected to
be loyal, cheerful and friendly. He
never shirks or grumbles al hardships. He is expected to bc courteous ancl must not take pay for being helpful or polite. He docs these
things because he is trained to understand thc true value of unselfish
service. He is kind because he believes in thc Golden Rule. He recognizes constituted authoiity because he understands the value .of
law and order in all things. He is
thrifty because he is taught thai
waste is inexcusable. He keeps clean
in body and thought. Hc stanch for
clean speech clean sport ancl clean
habits.    Hc is the ideal Canadian.
In these clays of unrest wc look
around for suitable solutions of thc
problems which confront us ou every sidc. We criticise thc condition
of affairs in general and wc seek lo
remedy them True men in thc ranks
of employers and employees seek for
common ground upon which to construct a permanent industrial _pcace.
The Seoul motto is "Be Prepared,"
and thc Scout pea6c cry is, "The wav
is over, but our work is not."' So to
those who seek for the things worth
while in lifc careful observance of
Scout Law is commended, for
person is too old to profit by il.
-    COLDS
It is really impossible to treat
Catarrh, unless by
inhaling the soothing germ - killing
vapor of Catarrhozone. Ils rich, fragrant essences arc
breathed from the
inhaler lo every
sore, diseased spot
in thc breathing organs. Not a single
geim can escape
thc healing fumes
of Catarrhozone,
which acts on 'the
infected linings of
the nose ancl -throat
just as an ointment
would act on a cut
finger. You see
C a t a rr h o z o n e
soothes, cleanses,
heals. It cannot fail
to reach and cure
Catarrh; it's simply
a wonder on weak
throat*, bronchial
coughs, deafness
buzzing cars, ancl
all oilier symptoms
of Catarrhal cold.
Gel Catarrhozone
today. Complete
outfit  costs  $1   and
is   sufficient   for   three   months'   use.
Smaller sizes 50c, all dealers or thc
Catarrhozone   Co.,   Kingston,      Ont.,
Tobacco Revenue
Fragrant  Weed Furnished $2,767,685
in October
Inland revenue returns for October show au increase of slightly over
half a million, as compared with October, 1918. The "excise tax on tobacco is now the largesi source of
revenue for this department, the amount collected during Oclobcr'bcing
$2,767,&S5, whereas the tax ou spirituous liquor and malt brought in only
slightly more than $800,000. War
revenue stamps yielded $1,103,197 for
the inonth.
It is hard for some men to say just
what ihey mean, but harder for others to mean what thcy say.
Timber Business
Booming* in B.C.
Export Orders Cannot Be Filled Because of Shortage of
During the month of October lumber and logs to the extent of 30,000,-
000 feet were shipped from British
Columbia into the United Statcs, and
this was in " addition to 20,500,000
pounds of wood pulp and paper, 175,-
644,000 shingles and 51,705 poles. The
shortage of ships for lumber cargoes
is still serious for the B.C. mills. Discussing'this subject, C. E. Hubbard,
managing director of the Associated
Timber Exporters of -British Columbia, which organization represents thc
larger manufacturers, say3 - that inquiries arc coming in regularly from
Australia; the United. Kingdom,
Japan, China and South Africa, but
ships cannot be found to move the
shipments, in consequence of which
orders cannot bc taken. Up to thc
end of October the manufacturers had
been able to move but 33,000,000 feet
of thc 70,000,000 British order received several months ago. This month
it is expected that an additional 15,-
000,000 feet will bc scut to thc Old
Country. The lumber mills are nevertheless doing a big business, and
prices arc al record heights. This is
caused to a large extent by increases
in wages, shorter hours and thc abnormal demand.
London's Smallest Church
Opinions may differ as to whicli is
the ugliest church in London, but
thdre can bc no doubt as lo which is
thc'Smallest. This distinction belongs
to St. Ethclburga's, Bishopsgatc,
which is only 54 feet long and less
than 30 feet wide. It still retains
some early English' masonry, and
must bc nearly thc oldest building in
the city, for'it is mentioned as early
as the year 1366.���London Chronicle.
"Your wife has imaginary ailments.
I'll just give her some imaginary
"Urn. What kind of a bill arc you
going lo render in this'^case, doctor?"
There may bc other corn- cures,
but Hollo-way's Corn Cure stands at
the head of thc list so1 far as results
arc -concerned.
Eruptions &Haih!ruf_
Tbe Soap to Cleanse
The Ointment to Heal
Don't wait (o have eruptions, redness andL roughnest, dandruff and
irritation. Prtvent them by making
this wonderful dun-clearing complexion soap your every-day toilet
soap, assisted by touches of Cuticura
Ointment to the first signs of little
skin and scalp troubles, and dustings
of Cuticura Talcum, a fascinating
fragrance. In delicate Cuticura med-
icationThe Cuticura Trio is wonderful. Sample each free of "Cuticura,
Dept. N. BortoB. U. S. A."
. Us Poor City Men!
Thc farmer has -captured thc -province; hc has ,got back standard
lime; he has -hens that -lay golden
eggs; he has the open spaces, fresh
air and sunshine. By golly, what'1
chance have some of us city men to
get in on his proposition? ��� Ottawa
Rid System of Clogged-up
Waste   and   Poisons
with "Cascarets."
Re-opening an Old Canal
Remarkable Waterway Is the Grand
Canal of China ~^
A movement is on foot again to
make navigable thc longest canal in
thc world. , This remarkable waterway is the Grand    Canal of-China,
Mrs. - Emile  Malette,     Montpelier,1
Que.", writes: "I have    used    Baby's,
Own Tablets for some time and am'
well satisfied with them.    Thcy-are
surely the best medicine 1 know of"
for little ones."-' What Mrs!  Malette..
says, thousands of other mothers say.���-
Once thcy have used-the Tablets for '
their children thcy would usc nothing
else.      The-Tablets   are   a mild  but
thorough laxative; are absolutely free
from     opiates,  narcotics     or" other ���
harmful drugs, and may be given to-
the youngest baby with perfect-safety and good results.   They are sold
by medicine dealers, or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont:
* |   which   reaches-   from  Hangchow   to
i........... ft"."'' ���"������'�� ���"��� .���������������::��� ft...���������.,.���,^
B.C.. Fish Hatchery .,
Construction on the Lakclsc Lake.
Hatchery has.,ceased for the winter,
and the building will bc completed as
soon as possible- next 'spring. . The
finished building: will have acco.mmo
'elation for 10,000,000 sockeye eggs:!
On great occasions of state thc
Prince of Gwaloir, one of thc wealthiest of thc potentates of India,
wears a 13-row necklace of pearls as
large as filberts and a sash thaL
reaches from his shoulder to his knee
and' that is covered wilh similar
Fish hooks have been made ou exactly the same design for two thousand . ycars.
The Brain Is Inflexible
Thc size of a muscle may be increased by exercise or even by temporary usc. The bony structure of
our limbs is inside and controls their
size only to a certain extent. But in
thc case of thc head, the bony structure is outside and encloses the soft
tissues like a box. There is absolutely no opportunity for increase of Size,
permanent or temporary, aftcr the
growth of thc skull ceases with thc
natural growth of the body. Recent
studies of the brain,- wc arc told by
an editorial writer in The Journal of
thc American Medical Association,
have, .indeed, shown .that slight changes in its-bulk may bc brought about,
but "only by altering thc volume "and
pressure of thc other occupants of
the skull���the blood and thc ccrebro-
i spinal fluid.
Dice carbon clogs and chokes a
motor, so thc excess bile in the liver,
and the constipated waste in the
bowels,  produce foggy  brains, head
Tientsin and has .in its timc been navigable for nearly 1,000' years. Its
journey between the cities carries it
across    two of thc world's    largest
World-Wheat Crop
There was a^decreasc in the production of wheat and rye in 1919 of
42,000,000 quintals below the yield of
1918    in countries ' in the northern
hemisphere, according jo a statement
issued by the International Institute
of     Agriculture     af Rome.   -These-
countries, it is pointed out, produce
about 55 per- cent, of thc world's nor-;
mal crop.      The yield- of" 1918 was.
641,000,000 quintals, while in" 1919.it.
was 599.000i.000.   ' The average' yield -
for the previous years was 610,000?-
000, so that the decrease is considered
insignificant. ,-'.'-""
ache, sour, acid stomach   indigestion   riv        the Hwang and the Yangtze,
sallow skin, sleepless mghts, and .bad
Let gentle, harmless "Cascarets"
rid rife system of tlie loxins, acids,
gases,' and poisons which are keeping
you upset.
Take Cascarets and enjoy the nicest, gentlest la:^ alive-cathartic you
ever experienced. Cascarets never
gripe, sicken or cause inconvenience.
Thcy work while you sleep. A box
of Cascarets costs so little too.
. A-polite person- is one-who "doesn't
lei other" people know-what',jic~ thinks
of thcm. -.- '--yX ' .-    '������   ' ;:' .-���   . - ,-* X'XX
VA" brick.- manufactory/ hd's.'-sonie,
cuse.'fdr, -wanting" the'earth.   '",
A Remedy for Earache.���To have
thc earache is to endure torture. The
car. is a delicate organ and few care
to.deal with it, considering il work
for a..doctor. Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric
Oil-offers a" simple rcnudy. A few
drops- upon a piece of lint or medicated;: cotton and placed in1 the ear
will .work wonders in relieving pain.
.Divisions, among, families -,- arc
tinsatisfaclorv- kind  of "arithmetic.
Not Aspiring af -��� All without the /'Bayer. Cross'*:.
Fot Cold?. Pain, Headache, Kettral-![package trhieli. contains complete Jt-
tm    Toothache,   Earache,, and   for rectiww.   Then yoa are getting real
.    Bheiraiatfcm. LumhsKo. Sciatica Kee- Aspirin-th* '- genuine   Aspinn   pre-.
ritis  take Aspirin Marked with .the.scribed oy physicians forover nine-.
name "Eaver^ or you aro nofe taking; teen years.,  how.niade.in Ctaada.
- ... ,   ,       ; Handy tin boxes containinfr 12.tab-.
Iet3 cost but a. few cents:.  Urnggists
afed sell larger. "Bayer', packages,   ;
Aspi��B������e ttid�� mart: (rt^Uni to'Cansaa>_cfBarer Stamtfactcro ���� Kcreo--;
-Aspirin at aU. _ ., ,        ��
Accept   only   "Bayer   Tablets, of
.Aspirin"   in  an  sabroken   "Bayer
?Kt����taTOW<l'-TRiJke!rBeiitraMr��4*i3iiS, tfc�� "B��-ir, Cross. s.   mz-$s  %T
Sell English Estates
Large Land Owners Are Forced to
-.��� Retrench by High Taxes
England is changing- hands because taxes arc so high that landed
proprietors cannot afford to own aud
maintain thcir estates, according to
accumulating evidence of thc last
few days.
��� "The crushing taxation v.hich has
resulted -from thc ' war," said the
notice, sent by the Duke of Rutland
to"; his tenants, "coupled with. thc
great rise in the price of all commodities and labor, has placed such
burdens on my property as to compel
me largely to diminish the size of my
estate.'' Thc Duke of Rutland sold
his Harby estates in the vale of Bel-
voir..: much to (he, regret of his tenants.
Bng.-Gencral William Strong, of
Thorpe Hill, Pcterboro, is another
landed proprietor wno , is parting
with bis property. Property of this
class is being- bought by the newly-
rich who made their fortunes during
the war.
Organization to Protect Birds
Organization for thc protection of
migratory birds in thc Maritime Provinces under the convention between
thc Dominion and the United Slates
has been begun with the appointment
of R. W. Tufts, of WolfviHe, Nova
Scotia, as migratory bird warden. A
staff of assistant wardens will work
under Mr. Tufts, who is probably thc
bc��-t authority in lhe Maritime Provinces ou bird- life, and is the author
of "_Bird�� of thc "Grand Pre Region."
, When   a   banknote   talks   it   might
he termed a  paying teller.
;'-.. There is always hope for s. man
until he loses his self-respect.     - "
..The age of romance for a" woman
is anywhere between 6 and 65. -
A dealer substitutes -because he
makes more profit on an inferior article. A local citizen was induced to
take a substitute for Putnam's Corn
Extractor, with thc result lhat the
substitute burnt his toes and failed
to cure. Putnam's contains no acid
and is guaranteed. Always get Putnam's   Extractor, 25c, at  all  dealers.
Big- Sodium Sulphate Mine
Product of Saskatchewan Mine Will
Revolutionize    Methods    of
Pulp Mills
The White Shore Chemical Co. announces   thc  development   of  a   big
sodium sulphate_mine on thc-_shorcs
of White Shore Lake, situated northwest of Biggar, west of Oban    and
close to C.P.R. lines.   The deposit is
stated to bc 97 pcr cent, pure, that
its  usc  will absolutely  rcvolutioni?c
methods of pulp mills, which arc now
only getting twelve by-products from
thc wood by the ground wood process, whereas by thc usc of sodium
sulphate as a refining ingredient thcy
will obtain forty, most important among which will bc artificial silk, which
can bc manufactured from thc pulp.
Thc process is one of fibre elimination, which makes possible thc usc of
every particle.    In Canada there are
92 pulp mills, and shipments wiil commence from the mine early next ycar.
One  of   thc  by-products   from     thc
sulphate  is,stock  salts,  which   is  as
effective as glauber and can bc supplied when the industry is  fully developed iu carload lots at a small cost.
This, however, will bc only one of a
hundred other  sidc manufactures  in
connection with the industry.
but it is a long timc since any junk
has been able to go by canal from
city to city. After about 130 miles
north of thc Yangtze, thc -Grand
Canal has become choked' with mud
and abandoned. The present plan,
which involves an expenditure, of
about $7,000,000, will restore 100 miles
of thc Grand Canal, and may reasonably be regarded as the first step toward making the waterway navigable
over its "entire length, . --""
Sweet- and -palatable, Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator is acceptable to- children, and it does its
work surely and promptly.
In Finland, lawyers befor\thcy can
secure government employment, must
serve- as policemen for the purpose
of gaining practical experience.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, &c.
The Greatest Change
"When -water becomes' ice," asked
tlic'.tcacher, "what, is thc great change
thai takes place?"       ���      '   ���   -
"The greatest change, ma'am," said
the. - little���boy,_"is_ -the -change ���in
Thc highest interest that can be
charged for a lot in the Isle of Man
is six per cent., and that has been the
lawful rate for more than two hundred years.       '       ' ' ""'
Calgary Flour Mills
Twenty-eight   hundred.barrels' of
flour are ,being turned-out daily by-
Calgary flour mills, which are work-'
ing at full capacity.   Wheat is being
received regularly and the.mills   are
buying as much as thcy can handle.
Do  not
another <
another day witb,
ing, or Protrud*
Ing Piles. Nd
jurgiotl opon
ation required.
Dr. Chaae's Ointment will relieve you at one*
tnd'H certainly cure vou. SOo. a txuc; aU
dealers, or Ediuaneon, Bates & Co., Limited, ���'
Toronto. Sample box free tt you mention thu'
paper ap* eaolose So. ��tamp.to pay t>��(t��g��.
expressman    says    that"  old
rc uncalled for padnges, -
" , Leadership and Salaries
Professor  Derick,  in  speaking  be
fore a  group  of,educationalists     rc
cently, explained thc cause of a scarcity of teachers in this sentence:
"Double thc salaries and the right
women will train for thc profession."
Undoubtedly a new. scale of rewards for" all,moral leaders and educators must be adopted goon by the
people of Canada. If a street cleaner
gets $1,750 a. ycar, the offer of $1,500
to a professor of chemistry or of Old
Testament Exegists is an insult
What shall be said of the offer of
$500,to a public school teacher, or
$800 to a married clergyman?
The different diseases which, affect
mankind number about twelve hundred.
British Films to Be Featured
- Films produced by British companies, and featuring Britisii actors
aud actresses, are about lo bc sold to
Canadian moving picture houses.
United Statcs films havc hitherto enjoyed a virtual monopoly. Two
Canadians, Beatrice Lillic, of Tor-
. onto, and Margaret ,Banncrman, of
Winnipeg, who have attained success
on tlic British, stage, will .be among
thc actresses featured.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
On ihe approach of a thunderstorm
French peasants often make up a
very smoky fire, in the belief that
safety from lightning is assured. By
some this is deemed superstition, bnt
the custom is based on reason, inasmuch as the smoke act5 as a good
conductor for- carrying away the
W,       N,      U,
Here's the biggest phonograph bargain
ever offered���a magnificent cabinet phonograph of choice artistic design, standing 41
inches high, finished in mahogany or fumed
oak, equipped with extra heavy double
spring motor which plays three 10-inch
records in one winding, universal tone arm
that PLAYS ALL RECORDS, 12-inch
turn-table, permanent jewel needle, all exposed parts heavily nickel-plated ��� for
ONLY $79. Delivered C. O. D. to any
address in Canada. This is the "Brilliant"
Phonograph���equal in every way to other
makes which sell for $120.00.
FREE���25 ����� RECORDS
To make this wonderful introductory offer still more attractive,
we will give to each purchaser of our "Brilliant" Phonograph an
assortment of 25, 10-inch DOUBLE-SIDED RECORDS���ABSOLUTELY FREE. Think of it! A full size Cabinet Phonograph,
equipped to play all records, with a genuine permanent sapphire
needle and 25 double-sided, 10-inch records for only $79. "
Don't hesitate���don't put it off! This special offering���designed
to introduce our "Brilliant" Phonograph and Records to a large
circle of music-lovers���is open for a limited timc only.
Brilliant Phonograph Corporation,
Dept W. N. L., 1631 Dundas St, West,
Please send me full, particulars of your
special Cabinet Phonograph offer wilh free Record "assortment.
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We want to more fully
describe the "Brilliant"
Phonograph and to
give you a better idea
of the splendid assortment of "Records that
we give yon ABSO��
in and mail us the coupon tonight It costs
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-*5SSi*��- ' ixxx:mm
���::��� *>>____��
I'HfcJ    iJJlDtiE-    fiREEisiwroajx    K.    CL.
Among the earliest svmntoms are
fnrred lonsiuc and du'l headache.
Then come dizzy spells, bad taste,
quick pulse, fever and cold sweats
he could have found, it-in.rhis heart
to wish that he had been endowed
with neither.
"Holy Moses!" said he to himself,
"life guardian of four ladies just out
of a Turkish harem! Mc, Dicky'Ruggles? Say, I ^wonder... if I'm still delirious���or what���"
He was not delirious: at this moment, but daybreak found him in a
raging fever in lhe course of which
a  healed    wound of thc    thorax rc-
WnaTlyfslccplVssn"^ This  fcver     was   rather, of
make   the   condition   of ,the   sufferer
-almost intolerable.
The root of biliousness is with the
liver which is clogged and rrui't keep
bile from getting into-the blood.
Nothing works with the certain*v
of Dr. Hamilton's Pills: they act di-
rcctly.ron the liver, restore the bile
to its proper-course and provnt.it
from contaminating the vita! fluid.
Of cours", tho bowels are ordered
and relaxed by Dr. Hamilton's Pills,
.the kidneys receive now tonic, the
blood is renovated' and the result is
a renewal of good'health.
' -No need for delay, the sooner vou
usc Dr. Hamilton's Pills, the snnncr
vou'U fool the brisk, keen satisfaction of a healthy, vvcll-regula^d system.    Sold in yellow boxes, 25c.
if Filling
Own Shoes
��� BY.���
Copyrighted. Printed by ��pecial
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
The communication was in English,
carefully written in a fine legible hand
slightly irregular from weakness, and
���fad as follows:���   .
malarial than traumatic oiigin, foi
previous to his ibeing riddled with
bullets in the defense of his wounded, Ruggles's system had soaked its
fill of miasmas from the marshes near
De*kos. It is probable that the*.not
entirely eradicated Plasmodia were
roused to a fresh onslaught as the
result of his sitting too late' on tire
terrace after the dew had begun to
fall, forgetful^of his health in contemplation of his extraordinary situation.
At any rate, in the week which
followed it rather, looked as if he
might follow on the' trail of his bone-
factor, of whom the discarded human
envelope was during this timc quietly laid to rest in the cypress-shrouded cemetery at Eyub Sultan on the
hillside overlooking the tip of the
Golden Horn.
Thanks to skillful ..care and his
strong vitality, Rugg'c's flung off his
fever in about-ten days and was able
to leave his bed. Pembroke had been
to see him several times, while .his
nurses had been Mustapha Aii, a
Turkish valet whoehad been long
years in the service of Hamid Pasha,
and an olderly Greek .woman of intelligence and kindly demeanor named, Sarah. Both spoke English, ancl
Mustapha was particularly devoted" to
Ruggles, not only because of thc dying injunctions of the master whom
he revered, but because he knew the
part which Ruggles had played in the
defense of Hamid- Pasha, and which
had enabled the venerable man to die
peacefully and as became his dignity instead of like a dog at the hands
of the detested Bulgarians.
But it had seemed to Ruggles that
during his fever there had been a
white-clad figure sometimes passing
quietly in and out of his room, with
sometimes a whispered word to on^
or the other of his attendants. He
had not noticed it particularly, but
thc  second or third  day out of bed
liasily  and  Quickly  Cured, with
lc'or Sale by All Dealers
Douglas &  Co.,  Prop'rs. Napanee, Ont
Experiences of
Successful Settlers
My Son,���These few words of farewell and invoking the blessing of God
upon us all.
In this, the twilight of my earthlv
Eilgrimage, I have in my heart naught as he was-sitting by his open window,
ut the glory of God, peace toward |he saw what appeared to bo tho same
all men, and thc love of those who figure approaching the house by^ the
are-dear to mc. ' avenue  which Jed  under  the  lindens
Childless as I am, and appreciating to the mysterious roso-covcrod bun-
your  worth,     and  the  sacrifices   you ' galow.    It disappeared under tho log
nave made for me, I have seen fit to
create, you in part my heir.    ' Such
goods  as have;been  vouchsafed  nic
I leave in part to thc servants of my
religious creed, in part to my country,
.and in part to you. The representatives of my men of affairs will make
this- last behest 'quite clear to you.
Of that which I now enjoin upon
you we have never spoken," because
it was not fitting. There are at this
moment, as part of my household,
four ladies "who are to be considered
as my adopted daughters, since as
daughters they havc always been to
mc. In the possible disruption of the
Ottoman Empire there are bound to
gia and a few moments-lat^r Mustapha came quietlv to Ruggles's elbow.
"The American lady governess
asks if you feel able to receive her,
cfTcndi," said he, with the customary
Ruergles's heart gave a sudden
bound. This must bc the teacher
from Robert College of whom Hamid
Pasha had spoken in his letter.   '
"Certainly," hc answered. "Ask her
to come in, Mustapha."
There was a rustle in the doorway, and, turning his'head, Ruggles's
rather frightened eyes beheld a most
attractive personality. A young woman who appeared to be of about his
own-age, or perhaps a little older,
came forward briskly, with a smile
on her lips and a genera! expression
Prize Offered for the Best Story on
Farm Life
In order that thc .Department of
Immigration and Colonization may
have at its command authentic accounts of the experiences of successful settlers in various parts of Canada, if has decided to offer cash prizes
for letters or articles not exceeding
two thousand words, written by settlers in each of the nine Canadian
provinces. The articles will be judged by a committee to bc appointed
by Hon. J A. Calder, Minister of Immigration and Colonization, and
should be mailed not later than Feb
ruary 14, 1920, to the director o'f pub
licity for the department. <Three cash
prizes will bc given, one of $75, one
of $50, _and one of $2, in each of thc
nine provinces.
It is explained that the competition
is not a literary contest, the official
announcement slating that literary
style, correct spelling, etc., will not
be considered ,essential. Tell your
story in your own words.
I.  Christ's  Suffering  (vv. 32-3-1).
l.'The place (v. 32). The garden of
Gcthsemane���an inclosurc containing
olive and fig trees, beyond Kidrjn,
about three-fourths' of a mile from
Jerusalem. The name means olive-
press. The name is significant of the
occasion. Edersheim says it is an
emblem of trial, distress and agony.
Perhaps the garden was owned by
one of Jesus' friends.
2.; His companions (v. 35). He took
with him the 11 disciples, lhat they
might share, so far as possible, this
sorrow with him. Being a real human
being, he craved sympathy. 'He.bade
them watch with him. While he
knew that he must "tread thc winepress alone," he had a keen appreciation of sympathy so far as those
who loved him could give il. Thc
behavior of 'the disciples shows the
utter limitation of human sympathy.
3. His great sorrow (v. 34).    This
Modern Farmers
be many social changes.      Whether
or not Stamboul falls and my people
are driven back into' Asia, it is prob-, .   , .     , . ,
able that thc conditions of the past>of frank friendliness on her most at
will-be altered to conform-with those inactive face.      She was of medmtr
of the Occident.
In making you one of my heirs, I
have not been influenced alone by
gratitude nor thc love which I boar
you, but also because I have looked
deeply into your soul and found it
pure, honest and unafraid. In these
my last hours I have studied you j
deeply, my son, with thc result that
I can think of no person to whom' I
can with greater confidence entrust
a sacred responsibility,
I commit to you, therefore, the care
of these four maidens, with thc injunction, that  you, as  my  son,   con
height, rather fully rounded of hip
and bosom, with a high but wholesome coloring, and she appeared to
radiate a general atmosphere ��� of
cheerful capability and energy. Her
eyes were gray, with a mirthful .expression, but clear, steady and comprehending. Strictly speaking, one
would scarcely have said that she was
pretty; her nose was a bit too short
and her mouth too wide to claim this
quality, while her chin and jaw had a
firmness and decision not usually to
bc considered as conforming wilh the
somewhat elastic_rcgulations for-fe
The Modest. Man Often Measures Up
Larger Than the  Cocksure
Peter McArthur, who is Ontario's
foremost literary farmer, makes an
interesting statement in reference to
Leader Drury's job of cabinet-making. Peterdias been talking with Mr.
Drury and has learned from him
that'of thc forty-five members of the
United Farmers elected to thc legislature, not' one has approached him
with a request" for cabinet honors.
More than that, every one of these
farmers to whom Mr. Drury offered
a seat in the cabinet has hesitated
and suggested to him that somebody
else would be a better man for the
All of which goes to show that
among the farmer majority there are
very few, if any, self-seekers. Thc
fact augurs well for the success of the
ncw regime at Queen's Park.   --
Of course a cynic might say that
the farmers merely know their own
limitations and realize that thcy arc
not fit to undertake the control of
governmental departments. It often
happens, though,- .that the .modest
man, conscious of his own limitations, measures- up larger than, the
cocksure<chap, because the modest
man may have higher ideals of duty
and responsibility than has the other
fellow.���Hamilton Herald.
London Forced
To Expand Upward
Question of Skyscrapers Is Being
Revived Because of the High
Price of Property
The old question of whether London is ito have skyscrapers is being
revived -because of thc high price
of property in the bijuiness section
and the lack of space in office buildings. Thc government buildings in
Whitehall <arc four storeys high, but
it has been found nccessaiy to add
a storey to the War Office to meet
thc demands, of the department. One
well-known architect in touch with
thc government's plans expressed thc
opinion that unless the new and old
ministries were content, to do ��� thcir
���work outside the area devoted to
governmental activities skyscrapers
were inevitable in Whitehall. Geri-.
crally speaking, however, London
does not like tall buildings. Perci
Tubbs, past president, of the Society
of Architects, declared that if thc
skyscraper was to coitic.it would be
necessary to widen the streets. "But
space in-London is not so scarce as
il is in New York, which is an island,"
lie said: American architects who arc
in   London   erecting*a   huge   depart-
for .permission to extend the', mam
building high . enough to accommodate not only the present business
of the concern, but to provide for
the future, and have met with no encouragement whatever.
Praise From U. S.
Bureau of Education
Developing the Air Route
is the same as. the "cup" in verse 36,
It was not primarily thc prospect of j ment store havc     repeatedly
physical  suffering that was  crushing   '
him; it was  the suffering as a    sin-
bearer���the    sensations    of his pure
soul coming into contact with thc awful sin and guilt'iof the" world.   Only
pure and! refined natures can understand this".    In addition lo this, there
was  the judgment    stroke from thc
holy God.as it fell upon his Son instead of the sinner.   God caused ���the
iniquities of the world to strike upon
Jesus (Ht Cor. 5: 21;'Isa. 53:6).
II. Christ Praying  (vv. 35-42).
Though !he prized human sympathy
in thc hour of supreme need, his only_|
recourse was prayer. The sympathy
of our, friends is helpful, but in the
great crises of "life wc can find help
only when wc go to God in prayer.
"Is any among you afflicted? Let
him pray." (James 5:13).
1. Thc first prayer (vv. 35-38). (1)
His posture (v. 35). He fell on his
face, prostrate on thc ground. In thc
hour of our great need wc naturally
prostrate ourselves before God. This
is a becoming posture. (2) His petition (v. 36). "Take away this cup
from me." By the cup is meant his
death on the cross. He did not desire
to escape the cross. No doubt it was
most grievous s to him to face its
shame, but he pressed on, knowing
that for this cause hc had come into
the world (John 12:27, 28; cf. Hcb.
2:14). Hc prayed" lhat thc "hour
might pass from him," that is, that
his lifc might be prolonged to die on
the cross at the appointed timc to
make atonement forthe sins ^of the
world. < Thc burden was so" great'1 that
duct yourself toward them in all ways , mininc beauty.    But she looked ex-
as should a brother. -In this I feel)trembly nice to Ruggles, and he liked.
������that- you will not fail.  -
_My instructions arc that you conduct them from this place, as soon
as your health permits, to-London,
Paris, or such a city as your judgment finds suitable in thc great western world. It has been arranged that
their instructress, a most worthy
ladyof your own nationality, whom I
- -obtaincd'througlrtheTecomthendatibn"
" of the president of Robert College,]
" shall assist you in the direction ��� of
their future welfare. All-of the four
arc accomplished in Western languages and have been instructed in the
conventions of Western society. Each
5s richly dowered in a financial sense
for the forming of a possible matrimonial alliance. . You yourself are
the sole trustee of these estates.
In a word, my son, I wish these
young ladies to be given the advantages and opportunities of the disenfranchised women of the-Occident.
I am unable to endure the possibility of their becoming the inmates of
an Oriental harem. And I count upon your love for ine and the loyalty
Whicli.you have shown to a crippled
cause and a crippled man to carry
out faithfully this last behest.
So far as concerns your own inheritance, I need say nothing. All
has been, provided for and entrusted
to honest and efficient agents. My
lawyers will call upon you shortly
after the performance of the final
rites of this poor clay, and you have
The Prince's Ranch
Is One of the Oldest in the Country
and Consists of 1,600 Acres
Further information   regarding thc
purchase    of    the    old    Beddingfeld
it seemed his life would be crushed
out. His prayer was heard (Hcb.
5:7). When God hears our prayers
he grants the petition desired (1. John
5:14-15). Angels ministered lo him,
giving the necessary gracc^ lo endure
to the end (Luke 22:43). (3) His resignation (v. 36). His will was in
subjection to the .Father. He knew
that his death on the cross was the
will of God thc Father; for hc was
ranch,'west of High River, 'by    thei
Prince of Wales,.is announced. Thc^hc Lamb slain from the foundation
her immediately. She came forward
without shyness or hesitation and, offered him her hand, which Ruggles
partly raised Jiimself to take.
"How do you do, Mr. Rugglcs?"
said she, with a" wide smile which-.re-
vealed a double row of very white
and even teeth. "I'm Miss Elliot,
the young ladies' governess." Ruggles was-struck" by~tfie-uhusuaHy low"
pitch of- her voice and its peculiar
throaty quality. "I've looked in several times before, but you were too
ill to notice mc. It's so nice to sec
you sitting up again. Lord Pembroke
was quite anxious about you."_
Ruggles released thc small, firm
hand. Tlie color crept up under thc
pale, transparent skin of his sunken
"Thank you, very much," said lie,
shyly. "I kind of remember "seeing
you a few times, but I guess I was
too dopy to notice much. Won't you
sit down?" ���      "
The vigilant Mustapha supplied a
wicker chair abundantly upholstered
in cushions. Miss Elliot seated herself, then leaned forward and IooKihI
at Rugglcs with bright animated eyes.
"Isn't it odd," she went on, "that^
we two Americans should find our-'
selves out here in Constantinople in
such an -extraordinary position?" -
"It sure is," Ruggles answered fervently. "I haven't quite got it
through my head yet. If I'd read such
a thing in a story, I'd havc thought
always ^ our esteemed    friend Lord 1 the-author was batty, or else trying
Pembroke with whom to advise. I
havc bequeathed to him my steam
3'acht for-thc work of the Red Cross.
And now, as my hand-grows''weak
and my-eyes dim, while the shadows
lengthen and the stars appear, I can
but give you my blessing; m3r son,
and commit you to" the God of us
all, who is and always has been and
tlwavs will bc God.
Colonel, Imperial Ottoman Army.
. It usually happens, for the better
unclting of our souls, that when great'
wealth descends upon uS, great responsibility goes with it. This is prob-
-jibly the reason why indolent philosophers have been for so many centuries given to the habit of decrying
wealth. -_��� _ ���
Rugglcs was neither indolent nor
eould he lay claim to being a philosopher, in spite of which, after reading
Hamid Pasha's last message and con-
|idering the responsibility which the
fnhcritance  of his  fortune   enjoined,}   Z
to get a rise out of his readers. Tt
makes, tne sort of dizzy to think
about it." .    "
"Then don't try to think about "it
just yet," said Miss Elliot. "Now,"
suppose you let mc do thc talking,
because you're still pretty weak. I
think, though, that it might be better for you to know something about
thc way things stand than to be puzz-
lingyour head about them."
ranch is one of-the oldest in thc country, having been taken up first in 1883
as a homestead. . It consists of' 1,600
acres of freehold and leases. Mr.
George Lane, proprietor of thc "Bar
U," in making an official statement
with regard to thc purchase, ^aid that
most-of thc -present-- slock - on the
ranch will bc disposed of. "A member
of Mr. Lane's staff, ""now on his way
to England with a shipment of Pcr-
chcron horses, will help to select
some suitable animals which will consist of purebred Shorthorn cattle,
purebred Shropshire sheep, and a few
thoroughbred horses from H.R.H.'s
farm in England to stock the ncw
ranch^"j.Ex-scrviccJ men,' both imperial ancl Canadian, will bc employed
on thc ranch.
A suspicious looking" customer was
boasLing to a grocer of the cheapness
of ten pounds of sugar hc had bought
at a rival shop, _-
"Let me weigh the package," said
thc grocer.
Thc other assented, and it was
found two pounds short.
Thc man looked perplexed for a
moment, and then said: "I don't
think hc cheated much, for while he
wag getting the sugar 1 pocketed two
tins of condensed milk."
"That's   sure   thc   truth,"   Rugglcs
"Well,   then." let' ine'. tell   ybu   all
about il._I-had a-long.talk'with the
lawyers.    They-came.'over yesterday,
but ,Lor"d    Pembroke-   said* that ;.you!
were'not yet fit-to see.them.', Hamuli
Pasha has le'ft.'you i��rncticallyi iuthVnl _ '��:l
of his estate, as Lord Pembroke has
already told you."
(To. Be Continued.) /.-'--;���
A purchaser of an old Arab.musket
in van antique shop in Paris-discovered in the barrel of thc weapon two
hundred and forty valuable turquoises, all of beautiful, color. ~
.- .'In .China .are to be seen horses "lhat
arc, spotted-almost like leopards. '."-
Butter and  axlo
inaa in love.
grease ; look -alike
of the world, (4) Thc disciple's rebuked (v. 37). He singled out Peter,
since he'd been the most conspicuous
in proclaiming his loyalty (John 13:
38).- Though hc would go with him
to death, hc could not watch one
hour. (5) Exhortation to thc disci-
ples-(v. 38). -Walch-and-pray.-lest
ye enter into temptation." The only
way to bc able to stand in the time
of- trial is to bc watching and praying. Jesus knew that although the
disciples meant well, thcy would fail
in thc trial unless aided from above.
Thc flesh is too weak to stand thc
2. The second prayer (vv. 397 40).
He withdrew the second timc fiom
his disciples and uttered thc same
words iu piaycr. This was not vain
repetition. It is proper to repeat om
requests. Hc found the disciples
asleep again. Thcir shame and confusion was more marked than at first.
3. The third prayer (vv. 41, 42).
Hi. uttered the same words in his
third prayer (Malt. 26:44), Hc now
tells thc disciples to sleep on and
tak<S their rest, as thc hour had come
for his betrayal. There is such a
thing as being asleep when wanted
and awakening when it is too late. If
the disciples had been praying thcy
would not havc fallen asleep.
Zeal is very* blind, "or badly regulated when it encroaches upon, the
rights of others!
Sesis, gefrcs&es, Sosffea,
I��is���Keep your'Eyes
Strong and Healthy. H,
tfeeyTire, Smart; Itch, op j
Earn, if Sore, Irritated,,
It doc=n"t take much of a philosopher to draw moral deductions, from
the misfortunes of others. .
Snakes killed no fewer than 22,600
'InflamedorGracalatedC'persons in India last year.
uaeMermeoftea. SafefcrlciaatorAdalt.  -___ ���    ,   "     -         ^	
AtaBDrugg��t* In Canada. Write fcrFree ������"���������'���   '"- r���������-��� ������7at*-	
ByeBoofc MwfesCtBHBJrafeffi^O.S.I,! W.      N.      U,      1292
Alberta Horses Go to Scotland
One of the largest shipments pf
pure-bred horses from one breeder in
{"Canada was a recent one of 70 head
of Percherons from tlic well-known
Bar U Ranch in Southern Alberta,
.owned by Geo. Lane & Co.. In addition- to - the" pure breds; eight . highr
class grades -were;" scut to Lord Min to,
Hpwick'."' Scotland.' '. The "shipment, j
which..filled seven cars, was.made up
of.-24 'stallions. 43.-mares'.-and ."three,
show geldings. In point'of ~qualit3v
tlie horses ranked exceptionally high,
and. there, is no question it will go a
long way ih helping to popularize the
breed in the several localities into
which it went.        ". .
Scientist Predicts  That  Ocean
Be Crossed in Three
Tesla, lhe great electrician, who
discovered lhe alternating current by
which we can penetrate great distances, thinks the time is coming
when we may fly eight miles above
the eaith at a speed of 1,000 miles
an hour. This is no guess with thc
inventor, il is ihc result of close
calculation *"m higher mathematics.
He believes it will then be possible
for a business man in Ncw York
city to step into a hermetically sealed steel fusilagc at 3.30 p.m. and
reach his hotel in London three
hours later in time "for'dinner.
To bc able speedily to cross thc
ocean an allitude plane will bc
needed that can rise above the storm
limit and not become weather bound
as wcrc thc aviators who rcccnty
flew acioss.
Samuel V. Mott, of the Aeio Club of
America, believes it will be possible
to fly as high' above the earth as 15
ov 20 miles in ta craft specially designed for high flying. This will require a machine that will work in
such highly' rarificd air and provide
a ccil'ain amount of oxygen for navigators and passengers, likewise
warmth in a temperature much be'"
low zero. It has been discovered
lhat for every 1,000 feet of ascent
the air pressure is diminished one
half pound per square inch. Air
navigation at high altitudes undoubtedly would result in high increase of
Passengers and pilot would have
to be entirely enclosed' just as an
ocean diver is enclosed. The human
body is adjusted to an air pressure
of 15 pounds to the rquare inch. If
that pressure were ieduced aboul
three pounds, as it would bc at a
height of eight miles, thc aviator's
car drums would burst and blood
would flow tlirough_thc_ pores _ and
ooze out of the body. Thc effect
would bc like that of bringing a deep
sea fish, accustomed to living a mile
below thc surface, to thc surface of
the water. Thc fish simply explodes
for lack of the pressure which its
body is built to withstand.
Te��Ia believes thc air craft of the
future will havc its power transmitted to it through the air by wireless
tiansniission. Distance, says Tesla,
is absolutely of no consequence. The
"airplane would receive thc same power whether it was 12,000 miles away
or immediately above thc plant.
And here is a thought of Tesla's
in regard to the next war if there be
one: "In thc future nations will fight
each other thousands of miles apart
and no soldier will see his enemy. In
fact future war will not bc conducted!
by men directly but by the forces
which if let loose may well destroy
civilization completely." If war
comes again Tesla looks for thc extensive use of self-propelled vehicles
carrying enormous charges of explosives which will bc sent from any
point to another to do thcir destructive work and no human being
aboard to guide them.
Saskatchewan   Schools < Commended
for Their Progressive
High praise is given to Saskatchewan schools in a bulletin on "Education in Parts of the British Empire," which has just been issued by
the Bureau of Education, Departfnent
of the Interior, Washington, D.C.
After commenting on the progress in
education made in recent years in
Manitoba, the report states: ,
"The democratic ideas of Manitoba
arc even more pronounced in the
province just to the west, Saskatchewan;, but centralization more akin to
that of the eastern provinces has asserted itself in the public school system of the latter. This centralisation,
however, has not lessened the deep,
popular interest in the schools. Perhaps thc most convincing proof of
this was the educational survey of-the
province decreed by ordcr-in-council
and undertaken during thc latter half
of the year 1917.
"The public has. been favorably prepared for this survey by thc activities
of the Public Education League,
which had launched public meetings
and led up to the proclamation of a
public holiday by the premier, on
which���the needs .of educational reform we're"emphasised at rallies held
at,a number of points. -All "this timc
there has been no lapse in public interest in education, as is shown- by
thc fact that, since the organization
of provincial government for Saskatchewan in 1905, school districts had
been organized at thc extraordinary
rate of one a day.
"With the tremendous increase in
the amount of routine work thus de
volving upon the: department of edu
cation, serious discussion arose as to
whether the school unit with a board
of three trustees was not too small,
and whether the organization of
boards of seven members, as for the
municipalities, would not be better
able to handle a much larger territory organized as a municipality. The
matter is as yet.unsettled, but indications are that an organic change
will be brought about by the stirring
of public interest.
"The progressive nature of the
people and of the schools of Saskat
chewan was well brought out in thc
findings of thc survey to which re
fcrence has been made. The strongly
centralized system, it was agreed, had
been of very great service in thc early
primitive days, but thc findings bore
out the belief- that a system more adapted to a largely increased population, and especially one giving consideration lo local needs, was now required.
The School Attendance Act, which
I Gladly Tell How���FREE
It Is a new way. It fs something absolutely different. No lotions, sprays or
sickly smelling salves or crea-ns. No atomizer, or any apparatus of any kind; - Nothing
to smoko or inhale. No
steaming, or rubbing op
Injections. No electricity
or vibration or massage.
No powder, no plaster, no
keeping la tne house.
Nothing of that kind afc
all. - Something new and
different ��� something'delightful and healthful���
something^ instantly .suc
cessful.   You do not hava
to wait; and linger, and
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many others. J^N-O-SUN
59 St. Paler St., Dept. 158    Montreal, Qm.;
Agricultural Position
Of Caiada
Means By Which Our National Debt
Will Be Reduced
Thc Hon. S. F. Tolmie, Canada's
ncw Minister of Agriculture, has
summed up the outstanding facts of
Canada's agricultural position in au
article appearing in the November
number of the Agricultural Gazette.
He presents statistics showing the
growth of Canada's-financial burden
during the past five years, and point3
out means by whicli our national debt
fwill be reduced.   He says in part:
"I am confident. that this Dominion, through the development of her
natural resources, will iru. timc wipe
out her debt. '.'.��� Forests, fisheries and
mines-'all contribute'their part of the
revenue, but by far the greatest returns will be derived from agriculture, which industry we must continue in permanency and increase in
magnitude. . . . One of thc greatest responsibilities that falls on either
thc federal or provincial departments
of agriculture is the conservation of
the great wealth that lies in the virgin soil. Innumerable considerations
arc involved in this one problem, but
thc whole affair can bc aecomplish-
.  t     ���      ,,     .   < ,ec* if-wc  engage  in-mixed  farming
came mto effect May 1, 1917, at oucc with iivwtock as a basis.   This ;s the
fundamental principle underlying suc-
hicreased the enrollment and regular
ity of attendance of "school children
falling within thc compulsory ages of
7 to 14 j-ears. By its provisions town
districts appoint attendance officers,
who report to the department of education even' month. In village and
rural districts such duties are fulfilled
by thc teachers. As regards territories covered by the School Act, and
length of school ycar, evcry town and
village district, and cvery rural district with at least 12 children of compulsory age resident, within V/i miles
from the school house, shall offer at
j least 210 teaching days; and every
district with at least 10 children of
compulsory age shall offer at least
_190_days._A mostJmportont pliase-of
the act is that it provides for keeping
systematic records of the population!
of compulsory age, which has hithcr-
jto not been legally required."
In the Bahama Islands which were
settled more than two hundred ycars
ago by Londoners, the Cockney dialect is said to be as strong as it is
in Chcapsidc.
cess in agriculture."
"For Valor"
It's an easy matter to furnish en-'
tertainment  for your neighbors; all
you have to do is to"*makc a fool of
yourself. ,
A   Reward   for   Spending   Eighteen
Months in the German Naval
How many have heard during the
past five years of the King's Watch���
one of the most highly-prized of all
dcecorations that the King of England can bestow? Obtainable only
by members of thc Britisii Secret Service, it has been won during the Great
War by upwards of a dozen men.
At a glance just an ordinary gold
hunter, it bears inside^ tlie_cover the
inscription: "For Services Rendered.
���George," in a fascimile of thf
King's handwriting.
A certain naval officer, who is on|
of thc envied dozen referred to, received the watch as a reward fo��
spending eighteen months in the German naval bases at Kiel and Wilhelm-
shaven. An excellent linguist, he
mixed freely during that time with
thc Hun sailors, transmitting to England knowledge that was invaluable.
The trouble with most handsome
women is that they think that is all
that is necessary.
^ood Crops in Central Alberta
Some    good   crops    arc   reported
froiurthe"country. Surrounding Wetas-
kiwiii.-   Wheat .in. the .district is casr
jly.-Tivqragitig" about -30 bushels, and
jfi.its 60.bushels'.fo ��� the, .acre'.',���;-''      -
��� Some-very good yields Of dat.s were
harvested froni ��� small: fields.      Dickf
Ballhoni threshed 900 bushels of oats
ofi' eight acres; A. W. Peterson 500
bushels off five acres.   Henry Lee Iiad
over 2,000 bushels   - pf wheat at 45
bushels to the acre, and his oats av-j
eraged between 90 and 100. bushels
In some parts "of '.China, if a man
fails to "pay his debts; his creditors
carry away pne of his doors. It is
thought'that tivis^permits cfil spirits
to enter'.-\   .;   "'���-'".���"--'���-->."; "'-      ������'""
The cheapest of ?,11 things is kind-
The Farmers' Chance
The. farmers have at,, last learned
the benefits.of being united. But, iff
they want, to win some, real results j
from the whole, province, ; just ~ let;
them unite against-the-high cost of j
living.    They, know how to legislate i
Yoa Cannot Motor In Comfort Without Them
ncss, its exercise requiring   the   least jit out." and the people are hoping fori
possible trouble and self-sacrifice,      (sjreat things.���Guelph Mercury,.        j
.Wiil also" adjust 'to throw tlie air directly upon tie occupants oi the front seats
and tonneaa at wiil.    The  Royal Simplex Wings ate handsomely designed, aad
add a note oi distinction to the finest aulomobiie���and add class: to. the cheaper
grade of cars.    Can be clasped oa any make ot car in five minute*.
The sale of the Royal Simplex Wiags has been cnormoui sisce tfcey ^rere &m%
pet oa the .market ia the United States. ;; .
Ladies need no Protection to their faces Trfceri ridlag in the front stit Trhta tfc*
ROYAL SIMPLEX WINDSHIELD WINGS eliminate the draught for ffcost ��a
the front seat.    In rainy weather it is not necessary to use side certains for tha"
front rsea%  thereby aUowing the driver the same Tiew ��f the road ss ia clear
EETAIL PRICE $25X& Per Pair NET --""
In Nickel or Black Eastnel
In ordering give the attne of car and year fcuiit -,'���.���   .
Caa be procured from
The Royal Simplex Wind Deflector Co.
Cr From Aay Deakr fa Atttasaefetle Sapf5a�� nr Garagts
^*rar^--^^r^*^ ./
Is $2 a year strictly in advance, or ��2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always 52.50 a year to  the United
States iu advance.
Editor and Financier-
. li.i-ueut Co-Owner Notices $25.00
."' aud Oil  Notices     7.00
*. y Notices 3.00
.   -ds of Thanks " 1.00
. Liiicale of Improvement  12.50
. ' here, more  than  one claim ap-
.-;irs ir notice,  $5.00 for  each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, i2'Cenls ���
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals izyic. a line"each insertion.
The day is getting closer when
the United States will have to do
something in Mexico. The Americans are real meek and patient
over the way in-^which so many
citizens of fehe United 'States have
been treated in tbe laud of peppers
and greasers. Ife took an exfera
number of soldiers recently to prevent the citizens at Calexico, not
far from San Diego, from invading
Mexicalli and revenging the death
of an American, who was killed in
the Mexican town by a Mexican
policeman, apparently without provocation.
The Kicker
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Thb locomotive is still  mightier
than the auto.
Gi vk flowers to the living,
dead cannot smell.
Put a price on  air,   and people
would use more of it.
The little Jap is slowly but
surely taking the trade of fche Pacific away from the British.
It is 2S years ago this month
since New Denver was. founded.
Most of the early pioneers are now
pushing clouds with the angels.
The province of B. C. should
advertise its tourist" attractions in
all Scmthern winter resorts. By
so doing millions of . dollars would
���flow into B. C. every summer, for
beyond fehe cavil of a doubt no
country in the world has better air
or more beautiful scenery.
Ox November 21 it was 82
degrees inthe shade in San Diego,"
California. For that date it was
the hottest day in 49 years. One
.day about eight years ago there
vrr.s 13 degrees of frost in San
D:ego, but you cannot find any-
;" Ing about it in the , guides to
It's easy to be a "kicker"���the
majority of men are. It's hard to
be a "doer"���that's why they
stand out so prominently in the
world. In any oflice or occupation you can always pick out the
"kickers" and the "doers." Tbe
kickers nevej kick themselves
ahead���unless it's out the door.
The doers are too busy to kick and
soon reach a position where they
have no kick coming. If your
wagon is stuck in the mud, buckle
down and pull it out. Kicking
won't get you anywhere.
More Labor Trouble
Boss���Cau't you find' something
to do?
Office Boy���Gee whiz Am I expected to do the work and find it,
too?���Boston Transcript.
Bad for the Constitution
"It is healthier to be cremated,"
says an English physician. Maybe
so, but for our part we know we
should never be the same man
again.���Boston Transcript.
Women- have been smuggling
-v:iiskey into California from Mex-
rco, and the U. S. government now
^.is .female custom inspectors at
the line. Not long ago one woman
was caught trying to get across the
line with five quarts of moonshine
in_ her stockings. Some kids
-would like to have -those stockings
on Christmas Eve.   - -
GRAND FORKS, B.C.    ���
Dealer in  Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts,  Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale.   List your lanl4s,
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
There is a good "deal of feeling
in the United States against De
Yelera,-the so-called President of
Ireland, and.he is guarded eveiy-
where by., police and .detectives, although up to date,
he has nofe been molested.- He
is not much o( an orator and
speaks witb a Spanish accent, and
his meetings are attended by many
priests. ' He always opens his address by speaking, a few words in
in fehe real Irish Gaellic, His
speeches are filled " with flattery for
the Americans, and slurs for the
British. He' is cheered by those
who bate England, but fehe real
American does not hand him any
boquefes or corn whiskey.
^ -C LOAT is not a periodic-
*���     al.    It is a book con-
��j*  feaining 86 illustrations all
,t,  told,  and  is    filled    with
. sketches - and -stories of
j* western life.    It tells how
jT a gambler cashed in after
4��_6he flush days of .Sandon ;
how ife rained in New Den
ver long after Noah was .
dead; how a parson took a *��
drink afe Bear Lake- in ��2.
early days; .how justice j,
was dealt in Kaslo in '93; T
how fehe saloon man - out- _ ***
prayed fehe women in Kala- 4*
mazoo, and graphically de- 4"
picfes the roamings ' of a <��
western editor among the- ^
tender-feet in fehe e,enfe belt. ,?
Ife contains fehe early .history j��
of Nelson and a romance -V
of the Silver King mine. *j��
In ife are printed, three <g��
��s�� western poems, and dozens, ��,
- of articles too numerous T
*�� to mention. Send for one j
"** before it is feoo late. The *��
���Jt price is 50 . cents, post-x ��|��
����r paid feo any parfe of the ��g��
jh world. Address all let- ,*,
* terS feo    .      A +
* R. T, Lowery *
Made Up, Anyway
"HaB Maud made up her mind
to stay in?
"No, she's made up her face to
go oufe."���Boston Transcript.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recordlne
District of Fairview: and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
, _ TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Falls in said District, occupation,
Kaucher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase the following described lauds:
. Commencing at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and containing 40 acres more or less, the same to he
utilized for grazing purposes.
Dated at Boundary Falls,   B.C.,  November
17th, 1919.
%ncpsh of
land fcet Amsnifments
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
o . -
Culameen fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city. Beautiful location,-
fine rooms and tasty meal*.
Minimum price of flrst-claas land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-claas to
{2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
' Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purpoaes
And which iB non-timber land.   -
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more'than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respectlre
claims. %
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
live years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
. Wh^ro pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and .has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided appll- ,
cant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
telture. Title cannot be obtained in
(ess than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
������..of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. *f
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
- Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is made.
FRONT ST..      NELSON,"a_BOX 865
~. Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
Buy Your Winter Clothing Now
We Have A Complete' Line of
Mackinaws   and Mens   and  Childrens Woolen
and Rubber Goods
A full line of Christmas goods will arrive shortly
Fresh and Cured Meats always in Stock
Ship us your hides.   We pay ca?h and remitfpromptly.
Midway, B. C.
Nilson ft Nilson
(Expert Optician)
K- W. C Block        -      -     Nelson
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnishedjroonis
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
<%".., ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serv-
' Ing with His Majesty's Forces.    The
flima   ...!**.��- ..-
time, within whichJth;Veir's��or?ed'evi,Tehee,
'..}���� pre-emptor may *���?>?��
for  title  under  this  Act  is  extended
Troactive     prhlIe*9 ta *'���� ���de ��.
No fees relatinr to pre-emntion�� ��r��
4. 1814, oh account of payments   f����
"V*"" ?n soldiers' preemption*
Interest on agreements to pwchas.
t.�������' ����y lots held by members of
listment to SSSff I��� MJ��!* tr0ta  ,n"
Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchase��� of
Crown Lands, acquiring��� right! from
purchasers  who  failed    to    c0mS2��
purchase  lnvolrtn, forfeiture, onPfui-
flllment of conditions of purchase   in
terest and taxes.   Where sub-��"chM
ers do not claim whole of orlgFnaJ?m��
eel, purchase price due and tEaS Sf/��
3, GRAZING. ���
Grazing Act, 19U. for systematlo
development of livestock Industry^ro-'
vides for grazing districts and ran��e
administration . under Commissioner
.Annual graaing permits issued b��Sd
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners JStf
form Associations for range manaS?
roent. Free, or partially fFee, permits
{"tetrad'. ��atnPerS W ���"Vem!��
'All Work Guaranteed -
P. 0..B0XU8.       ' TELEPHOME 92
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
Send a Float to your friends at
Christmas. You can get them at
The Ledge office.
Get your job printing at 1 he
Ledge, before the paper is jail
All   the
latest   methods   in   high-cla**
Corner Abbott _& Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer aud
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, I,ead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver f 1.50. Silver-Lead
J5?.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc ��3.00. Charges
forother metals, etc.. on application.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited >
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Mire. The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and heavy Drayjng
Palace   Liverj  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of:-Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
The  WINDSOR   HOTEL   is   heated   with   steam"
and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.      A comfortable home for tourists  and travellers.     Touch the. ^
wire   if you   wane   rooms reserved.     The buffet is ~N
replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
5 I
-.    BROKER
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
. ; Home of Shamrock Bacon,   Ham  and Lard
��� %gs,   Cheese   and   Fish   of   all   Varieties
^ Cbe Fjumc fiotel
Rclson, u.e.
The only up'to/date Hotel in the interior.   First-class
in every respect,
^ Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in  *
The number- cf telephones in the province has been increasing rapidly of late, and naturally, particularly in the cities,
there is more telephoning. With many more users, it is no
wonder that telephones are more often in use. This may be ~ -
" - one of the reasons why Central says, "Line's busy," more often
than formerly. Remember it is easier and more convenient for
Central to complete than to tell you the line is busy.
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.   -
RATES 51.00 per day and up; European Plan._
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. ^
GREENWOOD, B. C.     4
���f *��� * * <& * f * ���* * * 4 4
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���SOc each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100     -
200   ������ :
��� <>
SL25 each
2.00  "
3.50 ��
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
ifeenwaod City Waterwerfes Co.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
���   -. . ���      .       ������        -.   ..   .     *   -. -.
Has prodnced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Qold,^75,116,108; Lode
Gold, $98,717,974; Silver, $43,623,761; Lead $39,366,144; Copper,:813Q,597,62Q;
Other Metals (Zinc, Iron, etc.), $10,933,466; Coal and Coke, $174,313,658;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, etc., $27,902,381j making its Mineral Production to the end of 1917 show an      '''���"'.' . '��
��� Aggregate Value of $595,571,107
Production for Year Ending December, 1917, $37,010,392
The Mining Laws of this Province are more Jiberel and the fees lower
fehan those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Minerai locations are granted to discoverers for nominal feea.
Absolute   Titles are  obtained   by developingH such properties, the security       -*
of whieh is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Full information, together wish mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
-  gratis by addressing���     . ,    -   "
V VICTORIA, Britisii CoIumfeiiL
For Good        >    |
Job Printing ��
���Economy and Satisfaction %
combined with Promptness 3
are the features which go to 3
make up the Service we give %
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? H
a a
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain)   .
Envelopes, Billheads,
���   (All Sizes) - ^
% Posters, Dodgers, Etc8, Etc. %
| The Ledge       PHONE 29      1
GREENWOOD        job Printing: Department    %
fiwmmmmm mmmmm iiuumuiuimfl


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