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The Ledge Apr 3, 1924

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 I Provincial Library
J���* \
Vol.   XXX.
Now is the time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
For Garden and Field
y Order Today
and be ready to SOW
For Quality and Value Order From     ~* '    Phone 46
Headquarters for Everything in
Drugs arid Stationery
Mail orders  promptly  attended to
Fit' Reform
Made to your measure
Order yours now    t
W, Elson & Go,
New Spring Hats and
Now open for your inspection
Store Hours
8.30 tp 10.30 a. ui.;   2.30 to 5 p. in.
Office: Bank of Montreal Residence
,.   . near Post Office1    .'
Office  Hours:
'     Mou., Tues,, Wed,, Thurs.
ioa.m. to 12, 2 p.m. lo 5 p.m, 7 toS"
- Friday", 9 a. m. to 1 p.m.
^  ; OurfStock of;7;   f    - 7 7-7.W        7WW-V-W '-
\ Ladies Silkj Usle and Cashm^
I Hose has arrived
Public Auction
Mr.; R7W. Taylor of &>ck
Mountain, Bridesville, B.C.,
is-vacating iiis Raiicb,- and. has "given
instructions to sell by Public Aubtion'f on
Saturdays April 5th, 1924
-.-'- at 1.30 p.'-in..-. .   '*���:.-
-" .-   - 7:All his.-valuable herd of .7 '���-'
Grade Holstein Milking Stock,
Horses, Pigs, Farm Machinery,
Baled Hay and ^Alfalfa, Grain,
Household  Furniture,  &ci
Around Home
I. H. Hallett is on a business
trip to the coast. .
Joe Price left for Smithers on
Sunday morning.
Good Friday is only three
weeks away���April 18th.
In a couple of months we will
be looking for ice to keep our
pantries cool.
Bush's orchestra will probably
give a dance in the Masonic Hall
on Friday, May 2nd.
N. P. Casorso and Clement
Vacher left for Kelowna on
Wednesday morning. ���-...
John Docksteader left .for Nelson on Sunday where he has
secured employment.
Mrs. T. Hartland, of Grand
Forks, is visiting her daughter
Mrs. E. Lund at Boundary Falls.
Mr. and Mrs.  W. Johnson and
daughter,  of Rock Creek, were
visitors in  town on Monday and
Mrs Geo. Boug returned home
on Tuesday from Grand Forks
where she had been seriously ill
iu the hospital.
We have had some very cold
weather in March this year, but
then we always have some cold
weather in March.       . .
Prints and Ginghams at 28c. a yard
XxXy. . .���'..'.   GREENWOOD  ^
'; ' -    -'���      -   . - _��j y 2 '   ������      '    '    -    ' ; ������- '-ry ���' -''
",-X".x'y,:- " We. carry. only tlie, best stock- procurablein  .-   -   ,' ��� -,|j
Beef.Veal, Pork,   Ham,Bacon, Lard,, Etc.        i
'"xXx .-"Xy]: y-A trial-"will, convince ypu"' ���     ��� ..-f-.i
For full particulars see
.,_.: Biils.6f7Aucti6n.._ .
Auctioneer :      Greenwood, B.C.
Public Miction
Boundary Falls, B.C., v
given  instructions-to sell by Public
"���;Auctipu.fat.liis Ranch,-on- X,[-   X
Those not yet on the provincial
voters' list are reminded that
A.pril 5 is the last day to get on,
before the May revision.
-Pete Peterson, of Trail, and
C. A..Anderson, of Grand Forks,
arrived in town last week and are
employed at the Providence mine.
The summer trade at this town
or, any/other town is always helped by well kept lawns*, by flowerbeds, by gardens, and by paint.   .
The.7annual; meeting of the
Liberal-Conservative Association
of the Greenwood Riding will be
held;Ak the Co-Operative Hall,
Rock 7 Creek, on Wednesday,
April 9th at;8 p.m. 7';'" ':_,'. 77 f ;7
77A.special sitting, off- the Court
of Revision for the; purpose7 of
fevising'the list of Voters for the
Grand Forks-Greenwood Electoral District.; will be. heldf in the
Court House, Greenwood, on Monday, April 7th, at 10 a.m.
...Last-week was the week of the
Spring. equinox, when, .the'' days
and nights, are of7equal.length.
Our young men. welcome the long
hours" of "daylight because they
have, so much; better. opportunity
for labor, f ��� . --. .-���
7 An illustrated, lecture," .subject
Middle Europe, and the Balkans,
will - be' .given;, on Thursday <
April 3rd. a t 8 p. m. iii the Presbyterian Church. Btev. Dr. J. Knox
Wright, .lecturer. A collection
will be taken in aid of; the Bible
Society.7 Everybody welcome.
Mining Notes
Steve Swanson, of, Spokane,
was in town .the first os the week
and inspected the.Lone Star Mine.
The local syndicate are very
well pleased with the showings
at the Strathmore. High grade
ore is being mined from the new
lead every day.
Capt. H. Gillson, of Vancouver
is spending the week in town
looking over some mining properties.
Fred Johnson has' encountered
a two-foot lead of ore in the shaft
on the Silver King, across Boundary creek from the Combination
mine. The shaft is down 30 feet.
A sample of the ore was sent out
to be assayed. The showing looks
very promising.    . (
Work is going on steadily in
the 500ioot level of the Providence mine, high grade ore being
taken' out from the north and
south drifts. About 30 men are
employed in the two shifts. A
shipment will be made this
Operations were stopped on
Saturday on the Lexington mineral claim, (not ��� the Jack of
Spades as the name given this
claim in a former issue), in
White's camp over the divide
from the No. 7. Development in
the ��� form of driving a 300-foot
tunnel, to tap the ore body, had
been going on since last fall and
134 feet of the tunnel was completed. N. P. Casorso, of Kelowna, was in charge, assisted by
Clement Vacher. Mr. Casorso
has great faith in this undertaking, but is unable to do any more
work at present owing to pressure
of business in the Okanagan.
He expects to resume-work in the
fall. -'   : XXXX..   y ' ���,..-, '���'.- ,.
Kettle Valley Notes
Capt. Brew was a visitor to
GrrandForks during the week.
MisB Jessie Caldwell has returned from Grand Forks.
Mr. and Mrs. Haynes and family
have come back to their ranch up
Nicholson Creek.
Mrs. Fenwick Wilson and her
two boys left last week for England, where they are going to
spend a long holiday.
The Banff Orchestra will be at
fehe Riverside Hall on Tuesday,
April 22nd at 9 p.m. $1.00 supper
included. This is their last visit
this season.
MatinB and Holy Communion
will be held in the Anglican
Church on Sunday, April 6feh afe
11 a.m. Sunday School will be
resumed  on  that date afe 10 a.m.
Miss Doreen Hamilton waB
taken into Grand Forks and operated upon for appendicitis. Her
many friends will be glad to hear
that the last reports are very favorable and she is now practically oufe
of danger. Mr. and Mrs, Hamilton
have been stopping at Grand
Forks all the week.
Midway News
The road-gang started work here
on April 1st.
Lequime's     mill    has    started
operations for the season.
There were no "fools"   here on
Pay-day was not on
Saturday, April 12th
'  at 2; p.m..- 7"
7....'.All.his'.'vaiiiable'selected herd of -'.-
Milking" Stock; Sows and  Pigs,
Xy xy ��� oftoirether-with1'.^''.X'x 7.
7 Power Farm Machinery, 7
. Incubators, &cx '���;���   7
Do you get the fullest use out of your telephone? Of course, you use it
to call up a friend, or place an order with a tradesman, but do you always;
think of it-wbfcn.you need,to do something personally?- How many times'
7would-the telephone-sa.vefjrou time?- '.If-a b_usiness.-.inan,.'how-.inuch:.money-;
'vrourd thetelepftoi^
fw_.efe'used'-instead7'.; 7'-;'-\777f- XyX:XX-X-X-X. XXXX:zX XyZZ ���"���"-''.-.'
7'- fThe telephone;gives direct and prompt'^
:'sonal"toucli .which brings, both parties- to a'conversation close. 'together.';That-
.'.is-'why it has become one of the greatest factprs'^of business and-.social life.. - _v
Forfull particulars and terms, see. Bills
Auctioneer 7 Greenwood, B.C.
?'-E..-:A.', Andreas'
on - the Bank of
here for. hearlya
week  transferred
.who has 7 been
Commerce staff
year, was this
to the.Grand
Forks branch. 'While here only
afshort time;!.Mr7 Andreas made
many friends who regret his "departure, but -are glad to know,
that he has.not -been, removed so
far7 away that he can't-- renew
acquaintances, in town[, occasionally,;-; )��� ')���;. X .-��� .'.y'.i.s xyy ���', '-���
Report of Anaconda School
yy Meyers Creek News W
"[ ^-..-"; '."(Too late for last issue): \   "
Ted McArthur has. a crew of tie-
hacks ..in the .woods . on "Meyers
creiek.7.7 "7 -'777"
..Valentine Luzner is. stepping out
quite f requently ..In; his Studebaker
limouisne.   f   -77.7 [Xx X'XX    -
Frank Fritz, of-McArthur's mill,
made' a business trip to Grand
Forks on. Saturday.   ,.
'������; Thompson Brothers, of Midway,
have commenced.'. logging opera-,
tions at McArthur's."mill.'":
Gusf: - Lofvendahl' "acquired a
rattling good Ford-in, Grand Forks
last, week and, ia how hitting the
high'spots.;--.   . ---7-^.^ --::._--.:.-...
McArthur & Co..shipped a car.of
high class lumber to Detroit, Mich.
on March 25th,
Ford factory.
presumably- to the
Rhone News
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Presenting with honor���
Jackie Coogan
in and as
X-X, XX By .Charles-; Dickens
'Even-if Dickens:hadjwritten ,the.;rolejust'
for-, jackia'f Coogan f-there;,' cpiilil' be. no
���',>' 'v-fff.niore periect portraj-al'..'-.';--..;'".y
r-'- S.Reels-so.great ybu'U ask'.for in'ore!;'- ���'
Helen E; .Hopps.
- 9 .
on roll
Average daily attendance
Percentage of attendance
Proficiency. List.
Sisfeh Grade: John Campolieto,
Rosie Bombini, Eugenia Cam*
poliefco, Tillie McDonell.
Third Grade: . CynShia 7 Dock*
eteader, Arnpld,;Bombini7. yy XxXx
<-fFir8fe':': &r&d'e:'yX::y"X, XX): :
-' -7X'*A7;;;V-.C!ass)';; G e 0 r;g e Hingley,
Dorothy Boag, TElberfe Granberg: X
v>;(B Class) EinierGranberg, Peter.
-Malei^a777"> XxXyXxX_XyX' y-i-'Xy X
:"'. '[;��� z Perfect /Attendance.7 )Xx X
.- V/None.j'vXQnf" account 7:'o'I7,i':a6y
; school ;-was' not-in "'Bession.. )7 XyXzy
M.; Saunier  has: left for a long
'trip.  X "--'���'������_     "X-X.,      ���-',-. ,"���'['-��� ���'
.. :W.  J.f. McCeivey; -has  returned
from fa trip to Rock Creek,   f
;Isaa& Fillmore, has   started   to
build his new. residence.
Eugene" Saunier .paid 'a: short
visit to,his.parents here this week.
Miss K. Appleby was a week-ond
visitor., at >.the . horhB." of Mr. and
.Mra.-'-McCelvey. - W       ;-'.;--"_, X-'}['
Camilie ..Saunier has".'- returned
from ;Eock;. Creek   and   is .'again
hauling'his ties7 w:  ;.-'���'   }'_y x      7
; Isaac Fillmore .returned Sunday
evening from a :: trip, to TBoundary
Falls, .He" was accompanied; by
A. Emery, of that place who has?
secured femployment here. Mrs.
Emery and family will move here
"How are you
school   Alec?"
learning words of
getting, on at
'Fine. We're
four cylinders
-Passing Show.
April tbe 1st.
that day.
- C.   F.  E.  Pincott,  barrister of
Grand Forks, waB ih town on Sat-,,
urday on business.
-��� Mrs. Powers is having her house
afe. Midway renovated, Spencer
Bennerman being the artist.
' Several Midway people took in
tbe dance at Toroda (Moonshine
Valley) on Saturday evening.
Shorty Green is taking a course
in carpenter work. He is operatiug
on E. A. Brown's dwelling house.
The Ball team was out limbering
up the first of the week, and are
fast rounding into __ shape for the
coming season.--.
A.-W. Sharpe, the genial C.P..R.
operator,.returned; to tofwn on Monday's, train; having been on a visit
to "coast points^    '. .,7      . -7;
f Someone.caused.a disturbance ih.
Chihatown: last week. .Frank Carey f
arrived from7R.ock..Creek;on;Saturr7
day to investigate,the trouble. 77 7
Daring the latter part of last,
week Midway.waa visited by a cold
wave; On making inquiries .it was
found, out that Ice-bergs had been
sighted in the Kettle river: near
Rock Creek.    .-.
-  Ted McArthur was. taken to. the7
Grand Forks Hospital.on Sunday's :
train,   suffering with   pneumonia..
It is hoped that he will  make a
quick recovery and  be back  with.
us in the near future. :      . .;.
:   Andrew.Olson, (a Knight, of the -
Ties) appeared .jn police court .before. W.   _H;   Norris   and;  J..: R..
Ferguaonj  Justices .of the. Peace,7
charged with.being   drunk...  He
was fined 825,00 and costsj   aind
advised to go back and look for his
broad-ase. ���'.)'
:'L"ew"-Salter attended the Whist'
Drive oh Tuesday evening. He
made quite a hit with the ladies.
iJew -made a short speech at the
conclusion of.the card-playing. He
congratulated the" ladies bn their
knowledge of whist,-compared with
the ladies, of fifty years, ago.    .
..-One of the largest';crowds of the
season ..were ih7 attendance, at the
Whist Drive on Tuesday, evening,.
visitors being present from Green-,,
wood., Rock Greek and. Myrieaster"
Mrs. R. D. Kerr and Mrs. Rom-;
stead were in charge and they are.
to be congratulated on the success
To Whom It 'may concern:"���:7 '���: "',..'7 ���'-. ' i X -',;. '
Xy. OifiIarchSth',-l')_!*, aVa PiiblicA'uctioJi'sfalc
at Grand-Forks,. I was-tli'ii li.ijrliesl bidder for
the Providence Mineral Claim. Loi:tl8f.ih. tlie
^Greenwotxl Mining Division, and.-.a:" clainiinjr
delivery pf title thereto'*-!'". _��� "���-. ���'   ['.[     '���/[.
X'.X am not,'and trill not -be resjionstbli: for
any work done on snch Claim, or/any" material
delivered -for use Usereunj'- or for acyfimprove-
racntslaftcr thi!;"date.' -       - -.;   "f'., J ���",; 7V
- ''rGrecii\y&wl. B.C., Mairch'27th. Ite'f; 1'���- -f���',--';':
.. X, X 77 7 y.Xy \.-}z:--\y'-_. james _eerr.;7
-': -; NOTICE is hereby trivpn that the ��t_iteiiser<t�� .
maite' by Mr, James Kerr tliat lie has purchased "
the "Providence" Mineral Claim are not correct,
and if. Mr, James Kerr or anyone rcpresentiiiir,
iiim'is' fontid-on   the '^Providence"   Mineral
C1aini,'7Ldt  613. .of.the'  GreenwooJ    Min'mtr.
Qi-lsion tbey.vrill lie prosecuted for trespass.-
,"...-   DATED at Green'vood, B.C.. tbis 3rd day. of.
April, 102*.%'' [ -��� -; '-'-���.-. '"���'���������-.. :
XX'XyyX'zX..Siffncdi...WILLIAM .MADDEX.' THE- -IJ2DGE,   GREEWOOI).   B.  C.
p people*
Pure!    No chicory or  any adulterant in
this choice coffee
Pure Seed  Grain
40,000 Bushels Have Been Marketed
For Seed Growers in' Alberta
About -10,000 bushels or pure sec.1
grain have already becn marketed for
seed growers of Alberia tli rough lhc
Provincial Government (.loaning and
grading plum at Edmonton. A good
deal of this has gone to eastern points,
and there lias also boon a considerable quantity sold in tho province.
Tlio demand I'or good seed continues
si rone.
PoKciesTendm^ToNationalDevelopment^Women! ��v ***** ���
  i lhings  New
The announcement in the Speech from ihe Throne at Ottawa of tho Government's intention to reduce taxation with a view to lessening ihe cost of instruments of production in basic industries was immediately and generally
accepted as indicating a lowering of tlie tariff on agricultural implements, and
no time was lost by tho manufacturers of such implements in Ontario in organising deputations to Otiawa to protest against any such action.
"While noi disclosing the Government's intention in advance of the Bud-
got statement, Premier King intimated to one such deputation that tliere were
oilier ways of lowering costs ihan through tariff reduction, and in this connection referred to the Sales Tax.
Tlio whole subject of tariffs and taxation i.s an economic one, a matter of
national business, a problem in trade and commerce, and as such conies -within iho class of subjects frequently discussed in this column. Unfortunately, these things have also become inseparably bound up in party politics, and
partisan issues aro avoided as much iis possible in dealing with national questions in ariicles in this column. There is, therefore; uo intention of discussing the merits or demerits of Protection, 'Tariff for Revenue, or Free
Trade.    ������>
Thero is one aspect of Canada's nalional position, however, deserving of
the most thoughtful attention of all Canadians irrespective of their views in
regard to fiscal matters.
Eastern manufacturers constantly advance as an argument in support
of their demand for tariff protection tliat lhe balance of trade between Canada
and the United States is decidedly against tlie Dominion and in favor of the
Republic; that wo annually buy millions of dollars worth of goods and supplies from the United States in excess of tho amount wo export to tho south,
Dye    or    Tint     any     Worn.
Garment or Drapery
Diamond Dyes
Each 15-cent package of "Diamond
Dyes" contains directions so simple
that any woman can dye or, tint any-
old, worn, faded thing new, even if
Bhe has never dyed before. Choosa
any color at drug store.
A Smart  Sports Suit
sflid lhat as a result the Canadian dollar is'at a discount across the line.   And
Alberta Ships Seed Oats
Another carload of Victory aud Banner seed oats has been shipped from
Edmonton.to Toronto by the provincial seed cleaning and marketing
plant. If is being followed by two
more cars in tho next week or two.
\rei) "-man indeed is ilu1. ^lufe
sports suit of wool conventionally embroidered in bright colors. With a
hat fo harmonize it makes a very chic
Economy Campaign
Cost   of   Government   Administration
Is High Compare^ to U.S.
Ciiies from coast to coast aro now
co-operating in the National Economy
Campaign    launched    in    the    west.
this i.s perfectly true. ~""   ""  Health7  ""'""""   '""'   Splendid co-operation from tho press
But who is responsible for tlie heavy importations from the United "with the passing of winter many and speakers throughout the Doihin-
Statos? Is it the Canadian farmer through his purchases of agricultural im- people feel weak, depressed and easily jon jS paving the way for a joint meet-
plements and other farm implements? Is if tho great body of Canadian 'con* J}^;.,:,Sa^,'1^10ar v^,���8,,0,8-^.1 ing of eastern and western committees
Burners through their purchases of United States clothing, boots, hats, fumi- ^t tWod!lov^vlilk, unable to got and lho'presentation of definite- refute and other articles? Or is it the Canadian manufacturer himself who so ! soumi sleep at night..-' All this is the! quests to the Federal Government,
persistently urges ihe great,Joss to Canada because of the existing adverse   result, of closer indoor confinement of      "The national  debt of Canada has
balance of trade' the winter months, and shows that the    ,���, ,,,,,,   ,    .       .,ft1,,  ,,,     , ,, ,������
uaianco ol uaue. . u-iterv   "hnost doubled since .1918, the debt m
A return just  tabled  in  tho House  of  Commons  contains  the. answer.   ��^^^^^,00,1 TVuTvoniVcd that year was $1,400,000,000; today it
Canada is ono of the richest countries in the world in coal deposits, yet in   to wt ym ,.ight;. !uul j.lu,re i/no otIm. is  ?o,-IOO,000,000.      We aro paying in
1923. the Dominion imported';20,-U7,239 tons of coal from the United States ' medicine can give you this new'blood iaXos lo Ihe Dominion Government ap-
which even, at-the. low figure of five..dollars a ton means over. $100,000,000,7!ls surely, aiid as .speedily .as Br. Wil- .W:-,,,..^,'.   ��, ,mn non   \V-   d-i'v   nnd
"���-'-���" -- -  , :���   -.-���---    -. "   - _ r - - -'  .' - ,       -     ��� ���     .    ��� '.'-.-      -li-mis'. Pinlr  Pill-. -!r._is._eu' hlriiirl  o-noa    1" u-v"1,u,-!--���   ���_' i,.yuu,vuu    poi    u.ij,    aim
- During Oie; same ;year. Canada.imported. ?!5^S5;1,567, wortirof..!^ tlio-statisticians toll us that one dollar
;.products.;., lit re is:a;aoCal-of.a auarter'ol'xJ:inion (iolhirsjargeljv |���or;tho.UM^. ,y impr'oV;.s. iho'-general-healtli.:, . Tho  outof e'vory. five.doliars'oarned in.this
oH'Canadian. I'nahui'actur.ers.- . '.On'-'the..piher hand- during 1923. our -imports .off,.digest ion 'is loned up,', you.- haye af- be! -��� -c;0unirv 'goes 7 o- some government' for
-'; farm'.implements and machinery, from' tho 'Unife'd'-S'tates only ���amounted'-"to.- i*-'1' np.'ie'iiie,-: nerves 'are -strengthened h..^.,..,-'* n- .-,.,.' .y,': tl.eW.lWl '('"tbinot
-sri"""?! <.--_fi       '���'��� --XX      -_���' -   "_���:   ' -":.--���- ' i.  .-"���'-      - ���'.���    ���>    ���-:   -    -"'. .       :\- and-- sleep .is refreshing.' The value of    ' '  '-"-'l      -  .' .' 7" - >-:��� y '��� ���   .
��� ���-'���','���-��� yy ���"' ,.,.,,'"-���. - ,: ,' ��� '���'" 7 . "���",':" '-��� " ",,:,' .-.-;������'��� : 'bV; Williams' Piult I'ilis-"-when tho-sys- 'X an.oxamp.le of cost, to.this country
X- - Among the most, inglib-f protected, count nos in the.. workV during live; pas! ;:u".nr'is Vurisl6Vn,i>i shown -by '(.hoW- and compare- the-.cosl.-ol7.tlio-similar
" quarter pta-cehtury have been the'united Hjaies.-.Germany and Japan: - Iii-' perienco- of7 airs. Peter. "vVivndl," .K;tv.- ���Vhn^.'iiVislrators- iir tlie U riiteil .States,
-each pf/hese.countries the.protection.afforded the/home "manufacturers', litis i-enscrag, Sask., who says:,���,"I -'.was My, Vi.c, fjn(j" jfi-t't- in Canada we have fii'l eon
'��� been 'utl!ized.,by'.tlicm lo dev.el'b.r'the rawr-natural' resources of "their-.rospectivo-; " badly /wdowri condition, and |��ros-;| yy ���W 1;.,.;/WjW <Uo'of_6'-' a
'.-���..-���       '---,,;,     -.,    -.   .----���"-,"   , --��� . -- y :���, ���-     ... ,:-     .7    -    -    -,'. tra led. with-- nervousness... - J -did not.| lamutt minibiu..  0f.u.nig    *n_,juu    a
r. countries..    ihey have imported" such- raw materials as. could ,iiot-be..obtained ,-,.,���.... ;irillKllL :iirU\ mw Vo Voiit ihat. j'y.ear anil.a ?-i.0tf0' sessional:iiidomnily/
.at"home',:,but,have used-their-wealth-tq-de\ol.op and .provide raw materials'] when-I tried lo'movo abiiuij.would be j.mak'ing a.: t<Vla!'of "?21p,000. and in.ad1
: at li'oinji ".wherever possible.;;.;', v .77. 'y , .- yy.y \ )���;), y ���[:.-'��� X' y -X-. /j Wcouuv" wiih : di^it^W - * ''-���)1,0"".1 -i iliiloii"' rli'i- Prime Minister got^s ? 15,000
. -TheCanadian manulacturor isblameworthyiii that-he has'not' io aiiytliing ��� *b.���v \>.v: ^ ''l1;!"!" ,1-1inli, I"'"*"-"���1- &>P   ��� ., -      f,,; , ,-   ,  inri<..ni],j;,-   n,-..i{'in,, o
...     ".;  :- ,   -.--   ";,, --'-..'-',   "-  ;       -,.   ,,-���-" -    ;   ������<:,    -X'-v     " ��� ����� supply. . ��� -Altera had -taken a -few ��� ������ a" ''��� h<��-Mioii'<i inciemnj;t\..ni.iMng a
like .the same, extent.used his.;capiia! and applied Ins energy to the develop-- b()xf,,. { beKall. f6.=feol .'.belter.' -: Con-7lofal. cost for.ihoso- ministers of $22!),
-; liic'ni. of Canada's natural-resources. ./Projected in='his homo; market.'fhe lias
- followed'-''tho-' lines- of-, least resistance -and -.gone on-import ing-'raw- n"niterials,:
. orf-se.ini-maiiufacfured. materials; .and- p.i.ling up ,"an- adverse balance of irado,
Famous Comedy
Success " Lightnin'"
Sale  Of Wilhelm's  Furniture
Inaugurate   Its   First   Canadian
Tour at Winnipeg
;Vfter    a   wait* of more than four  '
years, during which il lias shattered  in  Holland, will  put  little  money in
Former    -German       Crown       Prince
Realizes Only Small Amount
The public sale of the furniture and
other property used by    the    former
German Crown Prince during his exile
_ .with - "dizziness."  .  I'..heard
about. IH'. Williams' Pink i'ills-arid got-]
af supply. .   "Al'ter:l had'-takeii a.-few
boxes. .1 began'-,to.:fi:el .'.better.'. -;,Con-;
iinuihg'thi. use. of ihoso"'pills niy. ap'-f'ooo:' "m lho United Stale's'a''cabinet
petite,.iiviproyeil; '.r.^fslept 'bei.^r-'al,! -m{nii^r q"o,s-$12,066 and;'as hois.riot
mgnt.;and I was.-soon as well-as ever - _ --:-.;        ���;     ,     '   ; :
--->--    ---������    .---���--        ������   ���--  ���      .    .1 ������-member .nt Congress, he. gets no 111-
all theatrical records in New York,
Chicago and the principal cities of tho
United States, Canadian playgoers are
to" see "Lightnin'" With Thomas
Jefferson, Bessie Bacon, Charles E.
Evans and a special cast that. John
FGoldeu will send to London next summer, tlio' famous comedy success will
be presented at ihe Walker Theatre,
Winnipeg, beginning Monday, April
11. Matinees are announced for
Wednesday, Good Friday and Saturday and on account of the expected
rush for seats, mail orders will be accepted at. once.
Mr. Jefferson is a sou of the late
Joseph Jefferson, who immorlalcd
"Kip Van Winkle"; Miss Bacon is a
daughter of the late-Frank Bacon who
wrote and starred in "Lightnin"'; and
Mr. Evans ls a veteran character artist of pleasant memory in "A Parlor
Match" and other farces produced by
the late Charles K. Hoyt. The cast
is of real all-star distinction and its
visits to the principal cities of tho
Canadian northwest are. likely to be a
series of ovations. The. play is rated
as tlie finest blending of romance, fun
and gentle pathos-that the stage has
known since "The Music Master.". Its
thrilling courtroom scene is said to
rank with the classics in realism and
skillful construction. .
The prices for "Lightnin*" in Winnipeg will be as follows: Nights,
Orchestra, first eight rows, $2.50; next
seY.en vows, $2; balance, $1.50; Balcony, first three vows, $1.50; next
three rows, $1; balance, 75c.; Gallery
(reserved), 50c; Friday aiyl Saturday
matinees,' Orchestra, $2, except last
four rows. ,?1.50; Balcony, six rows,
$1;'-balance. 75o.; Gallery (reserved),
50(;. - For the Wednesday matinee a
special bargain scale has been arranged, wifii tho Orchestra priced at-?1.50
except (he !a,st four rows, $1; Balcony,
.six rows, $1; balance," 75c; .Gallery
(reserved),- 50c. . Add ten per cent.
lax-Jo these prices. -.      .-'-:
' .-The box oflice sate will open Friday,
April 11. but mail orders will be given
precedence and.tickets will bo'mailed
Frederick William's pocket, accord-,
ing to the Daily Mail correspondent
at The Hague. The sale was held in
tlie houso occupied by the Crown
Prince on the island of Wieringen.
The expected souvenir hunters did
not arrive, says the correspondent and
with thc exception of the newspaper
men and photographers, only island
ers were present." The goods realized about ��100.     '
Tlie furniture was shabby and hardly worth buying whilo the personal
articles fetched trivial prices. Three
cigarette cases, one bearing the
Prince's jnonogram, totalled about .70
shillings, and the other things went
at proportionate prices.    - '��� . -
Women's Ailments
Caused by Neglect
Proper Treatment Will Quickly
Bring  Back  Robust  Health
and Good Spirits    "Xz
Women are on the whole more sickly than men.. One reason is that
their system'is more complicated;
another and more important reason
is, they put off measures of relief too
long. At the beginning, constipation
is the cause of nine-tenths of women's .ailments. The blood becomes
weakened and polluted���tlie nerves-
suffer, and a run-down condition-takes
Because of their mildness of action
as' a system regulator, no medicine for
women can compare with Dr. Hamil-.
tori's: Pills. The kidneys .quickly respond ' to the remedial action of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills, and the result is as
t  ._   _..     you would expect���pain   In   the   back
pi-oiiiptV\-"t6 " purchasers "when-orders! ��n��" side, shortness of breath, and bad
are accompanied by remittances pay-   color.disappear���the functions-of the
::iIipiwlijle"-our.great.]nat^ is to .say. the; tiniied
iged'foU.rfce'H", wjl.lnlhe best, of i;esiiJls.J Slates has'-nino. cabinet ���ministers' witli
- ..-.'   Had Canada's..manufacturers^in'ade; use of the .protection .afforded .them
" to; ilevelop. our home- supplies7'of-' raw.materials-, ���7'noreby p'royiding'.employ-.
?-ment for countless thousands, he would today be" enjoying-a much "larger- iipm'e.
-market;-for -Iiis products,-.While the huiidreds.fdf- millions of- dollars, annually
- drainod'oui-of.tlie Dominion would have been'saved.to Canada an'd-facilitated"
"-'our national development, and added enormously to our-national prosperity." -.
...The present -situation in "Canada,- and the objection of'thousands of Canadians to the policy of tariff protection, is not s,o niucli.."he result of protection,
-, nor antagonism "I o that policy, but is'th'e result, of/the .misuse,pf. the protection
- so" afforded them- -by' tlio. great bulk'.-of Caftadiairmanufacturers.-..... The more;
- progressive and/.unseiflsh^m'anufacture���-;reali^
'""for themselves and-'for. Canada,':the. majority /of our. manufa'ctiirers have. Jiiir-
. sued a iiar'row,' selfish:; policy,- aiming, at. ihe'accumulation.of .-large profits'to
; tliemselv.es with .tlie- least" initiative, and "-expenditure .'^of effort- on their'part,
-., and Quito' regardless: of tlie',.nal'ional.'good;;an"d'-permanent���"development" :in"d
." prosperity of the Dominion" as'af whole.     .  .'.'. , -*���'.""      .'-���. ; 7   ...    '. '7,7 .'-=
-I .desire  in; thisvway: to -f.xpi;eas--��o-J- -.qViroilo��,: 'l<^nviiif?T-oilL liio"President,
thanks, lor  (lie. great-benefit \ ��� havo ��� . -7 --7 -'   -',. eA,v"y '      ���'-       -..'--.���
found through  the- uso -of thos.? pills, f ����"Uhc-y get $108,000 a ye:ir lo handle
and" to recomiiioiui them' i.o others in.!-tlnr business of-.ovei-.6no huhdred.mil-
need .of a _bk.od--buil.dihg medicine.:" .'-"
Vou Oiin.gei. those-pills through any
dealer in medicine,-or-._by .mail., at 50
cents -ji'..bo,x .from- 'I'he- Dr. "Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville,. Ont. -   .      ..
Insulin 'Lowers. Deathi-Rate
7 Timber. In Alberta   ;     7
���'- Estimated  .That   There   Are"' 16,900,-''
. ".- 000,000.-   Fee't7 of ��� Merchantable'.���
. Timber'in'-the ���Province-/,
;;-Forestry' olRcials 'in "Alberta'festi;
". mate /that '.there'.-'.are7fl'6,900,6'bo,Oa6.
f.'Teet'.of.-merchantable  timber-in- the
" province.;.. .Inaddition there "are;-2'-J7,-.
- 80.6,006"- cords, of.', pulpwood.. . -Thero'
.: are 60,000'.'square- miies. 6f ��� commercial
'timber'in /Alberta -and'.fSg^OOV'sfiuare
;. miles of pulpwood. . It-is claimed-that
���.. It WiU ,not;.bb' very/long before the:oaSt
' "will be.looking 10.the west for..limber
-' and 'pulpwood'supplies.     f       "
'..'-"". -Postal' Crime;Wave
. "The crime wave" in the po'Htal service which was" growing" to an alarming extent" is decreasing; says the an-
.nual report of. th'e postmaster-general.
The    report    says    further that the
,C.O.D. service for parcels-is becoming
very popular.
V-..."   .. An.Alfalfa'Pool-   .'-,'-'..-". ���
;The Lethbridge and-district.-aifalfaf
growers'  .are", signing-   up-a poo! .101
handle /thp- production, "of ."alfaifa-.-anu <'.
all classes/of hay, and may. merge with j
the  Pincher. Creek' Coroperatlve :-As~- i
sfociation: and thus.control all.' produc-.j
(ionfin iho'.-spulh    and   soutlieaste-rn
pari-of the. province.-.    It -.is -expected
llial.--.90 por--:cent.'. of. tho';grbwers will
sigirup.'..'���     _���--;  " ���"'/- ' -.-' - "- f'. -- -...;;"
lion. Jieop.lo. .againsi "th.e f;t>st't;q: Can.-'
adfi'bf ?22fl,00p. to -h'andle-'t.ho. affairs"o'f
approximately nine million- people.""'.;
Mortality' Among ..Diabetics1, Much
7 ."Lower" Since Discovery of "f.'/f
;  ';���-��� ���'.'\Dr.._.Bantihg-'W�� /"'V'.-..
-Insuliri,- the "cure.-"for 'diabetes dis.-
i'oyered-.by Dr.-I'V C.f.Baii.ing, of Toronto t already-'is -checking the.dealSi-
nrte" causecl "by UVo disease;" it", was in-
'dicated"by figures niado public.by-tiie
Metropolitan. X I'il'e.f .Jnsi1rance.7Oo.n1-'
pany/-.'' Ainong nearly _j51000,000 in-.
dustriakpolicy.holders of the company,
ilie decline"in tii.e diabetes. iieath:rate
for-'1923. wis CM per, cent, as'.compar.:
ed.-with/an increase" '.6f/2S';"l*er.-..cent.-
during tlie.liiree;preceding'vcara.' 7
.'' - "It is.'.too ��� early" yet/to f say 'JlnaHyf
that /the' sudden..check in the .rising;
mortality froiii. diabetes'is/due'to in:
suiin.v said the,statement.. - "As'���.thero
appears, to :bo'::no-other.ontstanding
cause" during the .'hist year, ho We ver,
".' HEARTVrWAiS.'"'.BAP'"
able io"tlio Wsiike'r Theatre, including
tax...,-An addressed, stamped envelope
.should also'bo enclosed1 to-insurefsat'e
return'of;-tickets:-', ""./- ;7 -���/-.-
' "'Ijighfnin'f" ."will also .bo- presented
in -Saskatoon,.'Keginn, -Moose 'fJawv
Meiiicino'. Hat;'. Lethbridge, ISdmonton'
and Calgary' on dates to-, be announced-
later.   ������ -'-. J--  .   .'-'-'-
When You Enjoy Them
T-On cold days-Clark's Beans with
Pork served, steaming hot "go' to tho
right :'s"ppt. . Their ./savoury" -aroma
makes' them most appetizing. Tomato,
Chili or. Blain.-. Sauces. XXX '/'-"" ".*-.
"Let the. Clark. Kitchens'help you..
A Corrector of Pulmonary Troubles;
Many." testIinbniaIs..cout(l>bc present-.
. ed showing- the. great, efficacy /of Dr.
T'hoinas' -Eclectric Oil ?-iii /.correcting ;. jt i.s7ex"t.ri-me!v probable-'I'nffuliii'-was
disorders, of the.respiratory processes;! ,,';���-���,,!,-.,-',.,,.,���.... ��� .. .'". ���-,..-* -;'-
but the'-'besf testimonial is experieiice] U-l-i;tlH.-\f-l^ - /���-- - ���'" ""f; 7'7 - 7'
and thtf'Oil-is re.coriimendedlo allwho 1' " ��� 7- '-_"��� X-~^7~���'.���7. 7 , . 7
suffi;r'from these disorders with -thej /it. has Man/'"^uailties.-'-flu; "mail
certainty that, they wiH'-find relief: It. -W]10 possesses a.bottle ot'-J)V; Thomas'
j will allay inflammation' In ..the .bron-;->;cloctnc.Oil -is .'armed/against "many
i chial tubes. .      '    j jh.s.  ' "it .wii! relieve' a cougli, break' a
-cold, prevent, sore.-threat;  it,will-re
Divers! IV'of larigiiago is ii serious I duct; the- -swelling ; from "a sprain,-re-
k^o,i>.^^*.^�� ?__��� lleve the.'most .persistent sores, and
broadcasting   m. -in,sr)WlU1>.- lu.ai,cuts ind contusions.
St. is a medicine chest in itself.' - ,
iri   radio
'���'./Tact is simply a realization of the
fact'that-truth.must be handled with ,' indulgence
care: W'V.'-;-./-/���": ���"���:"-... .        I helped.
Noiiiiwg leads   to ruin   fa.��t"r. than
in    the   'habit   of  being f
;A7Harrpless ,;S.ubsStufe%rCasfer pil^/JP^f^onc^ Drb^S/
'7 ": Motlier!. ".Fletchertf. CastoT.ia'/.bas; lation/of F6cd;
!'7fcee^3n/use-for foVn- 30-years no" re-7| ?;I��io^t; .opiates.
Ilevibabies and cliiidrenf of-.Conitlpa;.;^-1?-'U��� vy'""'i:
'-��� tlon.f -/.FiatnIencyr;/Y*;ind'..;;Cp]Ic-''..a'K'4; ';-
- ing iherefrosii.." acd..by .regiilafilng.-'the/.f'
'. Stosiacb- aad. Uowcls, aias';;i.ije'a��aln4-f'i7
Austrian Woman Admitted to Bar
Fraulein ilarianne Beth, an enUm-
sja'stic' advocaio of woman suffrage,
claims the distinction of: being fhe
first woman lo be admitted to practice
law in Austria. Completing her university course, she studied law in-lier
father's .;.oIfice- and--fo.centlyf passed...'the
examination'-, a'dm
- ���Mr./ H: ;.A'; Roid,-- Upper lUu.srjuodo-,
bbit,."N.S... writes:---"l am .very- thankful - for"' the' benefit .1. have received, by
using Milburn's Heart Ami Nerve Pills.
/Wheii 1 Ciiine'lioiuo from overseas,
in ;-19'20,".- -my .--heart ' was- very��� badly
affected by" concussion,"and my. nerves
were-a'droadful wreck.-; .1 was very
short-winded, and-could not possibly
sleep, at-nigiit/infauf, I was in such
a "condition I/felt as if I did not wish
anyone-to." speak'to me.' -I thought I
would:try .Milburn's Heart.and,Nerve
Pills, and before I had taken two.box.es
T/could enjoy a-good, night's rest as
well as. anyone.'. ' .. 7/ ..,'7'.,-   -
' There.are-Jots of "returned ineu'who
are suffering tiie same as/I did, and" I
fepl.'suris If they would .only- try Milburn's Heartand Nerve; Pills they will
receive tlift.-saiiic relief, that 1- have." .
'��� Price -50c . a-box. at al! dealers',- or
mailed direct, on receipt of:price, by
The-T. Milburn Co;; Limited. Toronto,
ont: .;.._.���-   . -'���-: -' . .-:.-'���[  ' -"v  '��� -���-
body .then, operate "naturally, conges-,
tion arid pain are prevented/and per-..
fbet'healtha-eturns;   'X     '���',-/        ���- -
-Thousands of happy women say Dr. .:
Hamilton's Pills are thc greatest and,. /
best; blood.purifier, the finest, complex- ''
ion' rehewer/'the most, certain" regulating' medicine', known. -    Sold -. by - iii!./'
druggists  arid/storekeepers,.-25c  per."'
box,,flvo'Vfor $1.00 postpaid,.rroni,The .-
Catarrhozone .Co.-, Montreal.' "������.:"-, / / /'
Canada's; School Attendance
'Fourth'"of Population;of Canada is.at
';    -' ":���. School  ----   .;/._   ;-
-Cariada has'-'more. "than 2,100:000'
persons, or -nearly-, one-.fourtii" of its
population/at school,.according .to .the
annual report-."ori education'statistics
issued, by the. Bureau of statistics. -
Oi" these, about 100,000.-childreh are
in" private schools,-' of wlibni 05,000
are in schools "subsidized,- but' not
cbritrbHed,.-by., the state;/more than
60'.000'.ai-e registered at colleges and
universities; .'13,000 '��� attend Indian
.schools,'- ' whicli are supported .partly
by religious denominations and partly X by- the Dominion fGovcrnmerii.;
fl.Odp attend'institutions for teachers;
1.600 attend schools for. the blind and
deaf; S0;000 attendifschools or classes
Qf. a- vocational nature under' slate
control; /while 1,860,000/ attend;- ortjin-
nry day schools under state-control. ���
Boost fProduction of. Mapie Sugar ���
- Tlie .province' of Quebec is;inau'gur-7
atirig;.a campaign to increase, its pro-
.diiction- of maple sugar,, of whicli';,it.
accounts for.SG "per cent, of tlie Canadian-' production-. ...   The/maple" sugar-
crop' of-. 1923." amounted' Jo.-."1,250,250 -
.gallons :-aind.: maple'.sugar���to. 8,215,175 _
pounds.. -.Ten pounds"of sugar are ob.-_
tainabio from--one 'gallon of syrup. -.
,.- Advices-'from-Ottawa state tho Britr--'
Ish' special - squadron,/including, tlio/
battle cruisers Hood -and-Repulse,1 will .
be. in Halifax'.harbor from. August 5.'to
15,"' and. will fcruis'e Nova Scotian and- ���
Newfoundland 'waters until aboiit-Sep- .
teinber-17.- '���.'.'      --"   .   '".    '-" ���
'.. Twenty-six/, thousand7 people - can
stand "under /the. roof of-St. Paul's
Cathedral.in London.
'.  Africa' is/"now the" largest gold:.pro-
ducing region in tli? world.-    X ���;,- . -
..Thef,yniversity:"of'. London-Is. claimed..to." be "the ��� largest univf:rsit'y-.;in the
world/;having more colleges., affiliak-d.
giving - natural fsleej. '/witirflt'lhan-anv iotker7 '- .Thf/=e7'eoI:
yyyyyy, y^X^X^ /fl^nt/ '0^0^)1 lian
2<)yfitcr^rs., 77/���W'V-/-''* xXXzXX /
!:Mi'nar.d's /Liniment.. for/fHeadacWe/.
Tour liverT-faealthy br clogged, active
"or sluggish���makes ail the difference
fbetween a vigorous,
; cheerful life and low
.spirits and faii-
; ure.   To subdue
a stubborn
::ii7ery   over
, cotne. consti
' pation, dizziness, bilious-	
-���; Htes, indigiBstion, headache  and the
;bJues tliere is nothing oh earth so good
/8s���etH"��lii*UTH.Kl_��. Purely vegetable/
./../J." Built On Faith -
America is built on faith in the.. Individual, faith in his.-avIII'and power
to/do. right, of his -own accord, ..but
.equally'is-,thc\;determination- that- the
individual - sliall. be :.prolecte(l -against
whatsoever ��� ] force ,: may- be .brought
against., him. .Wfe believe in him not
because', of. %vhat lie., has, -but/ what'
he Is/ .But/this is-a-practical faith.
I.t .does _ not-Test psi any.���.illy assumption that-virtuefis- the'.'reward ot
anything but effort, or that,, liberty
can be secured at the price of, anything But eternal.-vigilance.'��� Calvin
Coolidge...-//./' X [X '���}��� f/ 7.
/':,;'-.'fFine' Class of Immigrants
/./A very, fine class of British settler
is coming'to Canada this month,", stated. Commissioner Gelley, of ..Winnipeg, -when/asked how the ..1924 immi-
ghitio'n,"nK*asurbd- up to. past .seasons.
"We are busier than ever and it looks
-as/though.-w wilL continue Uo be.un:
usually.;active for. iaahy..wr-pk5.:/fWe.
a\XXfurnishing"jielp i<jr'X'early' farm
wbrkf ia'largefnujhbers.and are glad to
r.econnnond .to".fanners-, the,.men and
: - j women,/who. are'/coming- through." 7 .. 7   ��� '
" Bear Hiver, N. S.���wMy backi-was  so 7
bad I could hardly work.'.. 1 was. always'
' tired  out -and   had -; no- ambition ;   was   .
nervous and dizzy, aud evcrytliing seeuied
tpw-orry.me. . I also had terrible -pains in   .
'.shy  right side..    I   felt, badly" for.about:-���
cig-hteen uiontlis, aad- could Hot do lay.  .
...work as it. should have been done. I
tried several doctors',--aud also bought
about $'25.00 worth of piit tip Medicine?,"
biit I found uo relief until I ;took Doeto*
Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery and
Doctor Pierce's Anuric (anti-uric-acid)
Tablets. I have taken two bottles ofthe
Discovery, and four of the Anursc Tablet*,
aiid can say tliat I- feel as well- as I have
felt for the last ten years. I advise any
���sufferer.to give Dr'."p_erce\s remedies a. .
fair trial. I cannot .recommend- tbeiu too
highly for. what-they have done for ms
. and shall be.pleased to answer any oc��
wBo  cares  to.  write, me.*^Norman  K, ,
Trnnper, R. R. L . :;,    .'....-,-'
Obtain ���. these,  fansoas' tne'dicisers'iiow-
at .your  nearest. drw^  ��-tore,  in   tablets -'
cr liquid, or send 10 cect3 to Dr. Piercer�� -
laboratory  in   Bridgeburg1. - Ont.," for
_ trial- package-of say  of bis  rerj;di;-.-'.
Write" Doctor Eicrce. President Inrsli.Ii
Hotel in Buffalo, K. Y:, if yoa desire free
medical advice.'   ::.;-'"-;,-.       -.>-''
V-4 V-
Lost British Ships
Soviet to Salvage Vessels Sunk in.
Great Archangel Episode
According to a Reval newspaper the
Soviet Government has decided to endeavor to raise "some of the .170
ships" which were sunk off the Mur.?-
man coast by German submarines during the war ' when ,currying army
This "news is of considerable interest, since it reveals for the first time
a part of the price which Britain paid
in the effort to succor Russia after
Turkey entered the war, and the Russians had been driven back beyond
Warsaw. .
Britain set out io iwcguip I'm
Tsar.'s armies for the great offensive
contemplated iu 1917.
The operations were based on Archangel, and included the building ol
the Murmansk'railway.
They were carried through at the
cost of hundreds of millions, the results of which passed at the time ot
the revolution into the hands of the
Bolshevists, and 'through them into
the possession of the Germain/.
Wheezy Chest Colds
Subdued Over Night
Trained   Nurse  Tells   How  Colds  Are
Quickly Broken  Up
A Home Necessity
���'Speaking of valuable home remedies
that every mother should always keep
on hand, Nurse Carrington says: "I
haven't met any preparation more dependable than 'Nerviline.' It is the
ideal liniment; every drop rubs in���-
it is absorbed quickly, oases and relieves congestion in a short time.-For
chest colds, pain in the side... stiff
neck, earache anil/toothache, I have
found Nerviline invaluable. In treating the minor ills lhat arise in every
home, nothing is more ellicient than
Nerviline." ���   '.      _^.
For nearly fifty years Nerviline has
been a household article in thousands
of Canadian homes. Get a 35c. bottle today.
- The National Assembly at Athens
passed a resolution in favor of the
Glucksburg dynasty and establishment
of a" Greek Republic.
Disregarding party lines, the House
at Washington adopted a resolution
to appropriate ?10,000,000 for the purchase of food supplies for destitute
women and children in Germany.
The Paris Louvre has received from
Syria a harp/the strings of which
have been mute for. 3,700 years. It
was unearthed on the banks of the
Euphrates. -
Because of the continued demand
that the body of Nicolal Lenine, the"
late premier,; be kept on view, the^
Soviet Government has decided to re-
embalm it, in order to preserve it permanently, if possible.
-Italy's air force has been built up to
a point that gives her authorities confidence iu her ability to hold her own
defensively in this field of military
activity, according to tlie under-sec-
retary of state.
More .than 50'claims have been recorded, following the recent-strike of
high-grade -ore 4n Beaver, district, 60
miles north of Keuo/Y.T. Many outfits are leaving for the new camp and
considerable development Is looked
for in the near future., - -/
The ,funding of France's foreign-
debt of between eighty to ninety, bil-.
lion francs will" be' the next move oi
the government for   the   purpose   of
. consolidating.tho position won in the
"battle, of" the franc,"--and to improve
7the .financial and "economic situation
generally.'',..       -/I.W '    -    -;',':���   7
Is Your Nose
Stuffed With Cold ?
Don't load your
stomach with cough
medicine. -
Send healing medication through the
nostrils ������ send ;". it
Into the passages
that ' are . inflamed
with Catarrh.
It's easy to get
rid of a bad cold, to
drive out Catarrh, to
strengthen a weak
throat by inhaling
Catarrhozone. Get     Catarrhozone
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prevent many a bad cold." Two
months' treatment $1.00; sniall size
50c. - Refuse a substitute.~ By mail
from The" Ca tarrhozone Co., Montreal.
���' 7//       ��� Murdered!";//;
1' Pul -right out- of- .business, a- .whole
family .riot of good; honest.folks,:"liut-of
Corns���sore troublesome-- corns".-;that
sting and .bite.-' .Putnam's. .Corn -Extractor; is the only-painless sure" relief
'for corns, it never" fails; 25c ..every-/
-where.---"---^v��� -:���---.-.- ���-.-���--- -���-'-'--=��� -'-
*   "How - does    young'-'Johnson- stand-
at 'college?'.'; -",,'-  /-/.-'��� "��� / ''.. '-'
j/" "Not/very. well. /.. He's "all .right .in
"his studies,'.'but-lie Is. more than, suspected of-cutiing football games." ;' -
"There is-_npflilhg-.rei>'iilslve;.--in-. Miller's ..\Yonif-';Po.wdt;r.v and they faro as
,-ple.asaritHo take as. sugar, so tliat. few.
"children wiil refuse/them.. /In"'some
cases they, cause, vomiting; .through
their- action in*.w unsound .stomach,
���'but/this.- is- only a manifestation-of
(heir.-cleansing power, ho indication
that they- are" hurtful:- They can' be
thoroughly- depended upon   to - clear
-worms frbm:tlic.system.���:"'.;-.'
-   /'Now',!' said the/clergyman- to. 'the
Sunday school -class, "can any ..of you
teli ine.what are'sins of. omission?"
"Ves; sir," .said,-the    small, .boy.
/���gjjjey are the. sins we. ought to havo
done arid haven't."     -'.'     7
Weakness in  the Air
France  Takes   Lead   Over  Britain   In
Air Defence 6
In round numbers, but not so round
as to be misleading, we havc at present about one first-line, or combatant,
aeroplane for every ten possessed by-
France. France keeps about 600
first-line aeroplanes always ready, tinder the name of the Independent Striking Force, to attack any enemy, the
instant a war is declared. AVe have
for the same purpose about SO. But
France is vastly stronger than we in
other aeroplanes wliich could be cou-;
yerted immediately to the same use���
she has some -400 told off to work with
the-French army. /The relative com:
batant strengths of the "two countries
in the .air, are/then, as ii thousand-is-
to a, hundred. . In a conflict we .should
be'inthe position' of one-man' fighting
ten.���Manchester' Guardian;
-.'���'- -./���".. '. . Fifty- Fifty     -/   7
-Beggar.���"Please  give", a /poor .old
blind,man a dime?'',' ���..".;-'
./'Lady.���"Why  ybu/caii  seo  but" of
one-eye!"'.''���/'-   X  ' "  7     ";.. 7.-'""
._ ._Beggar:^=."W.ell, ~: then,-giye --me--a
nickel.''..     .  ���-    .../'/���'--'-'     ;��� ���'.-.
. Many, have been relieved of corns by
Ilol.lbwa'y's Corn.Remover. 7 It- has a
power of"its,'own'"that will be' found
effective,   v.1--/    -.���.-----.'"   -;
��� Probation Methods Success./_
Out ofa total, of - -100. men anil.' women. Vwho were; given7 a "second
chance," Instead of a prison sentence,
on .being convicted of-crimes-in Toronto and York countybetween November; ii)22, and October,-. 1323, only 21
failed-to make "good, according.to the
Ontario probation department., f
A Wise.Policy"   ^
.Man's-home-companion is.'a pipe,for.
cigar,', anil tho wise .wife/encourages
him to smoke. .    ;.--"-' -'    '
Sacrifice of Dairy Calves
Dairymen Are Advised to Rear Heifer
Calves From Good Stock
A saving of heifer calves from
heavy milking cows kept, for producing milk for city trade, was urged at
the Dairy Cattle conference recently
held in Ottawa. An enormous sacrifice of good dairy stock is said to result from the present practice whereby dairymen in many cases depend
upon buying to replenish their herds
instead of rearing the heifers from
good cows. Cases were instanced of
many carloads a year of the very best
cows being bought up and shipped out
of certain counties., in Ontario to re-
-. ��� .   ��� - t.
plenish   commercial   milking... herds.
Under this system the cows no longer
produce the progeny they are capable
of producing, which is so much needed. It was urged that means be
found for inducing milk producing
farmers to used improved bulls only,
and to encourage the ^organization of
heifer clubs, among the boys and girls
for taking over,, and rearing heifer
Cannot Speak Too
Highly Of Your Medicine
So Says Mr. and Mrs. T. Armstrong  After  Using  Dodd's
Kidney Pills
Ontario lady who, suffered from neuralgia, backache and headache, telis
of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Sprticedale, Ont.;��� (Special). ��� "1
thought I would -write and .tell you
how much your Dodd's Kidney Pills
have helped both my husband and myself. We have used several boxes and
they have helped us wonderfully. I cannot- speak too highly, bt'.. your" medicine." ' . -... -, "- . .. ���/- '��� ��� . ��� .-',.
;- .'This testimonial-- comes, from- Mrs.
T./Armstrong/' of- this . place���well
known-, and highly respected .resident..'
The reason , Dodd's , Kidney. 'Pills'
have; come' to occupy such a/prominent place in "the family medicine clies't,-
is. that'so many of thb ordinary "everyday, ills 'conies . from/'sick kidneys."
Rheumatism," .- Limibago, .Backache,
.Urinary troubles, IMabetes and Heart
Disease/can ;aUf-be/traced directly or
indirectly to sick kidney.-. . -Insist on"
having.Dbdd\s, the Kidney'/Plll_ your
neighbors fuse."-:f';.""/ ' -''xy ."/ -" ;://
The British
Empire Exhibition
London's Historic Entertainments
Will  Be Patronized  By Visitors
ln this, the last article of the series, we propose taking up a few of iho
loose threads of our theme. At the
time of vvritMg there are as many as
fifty London theatres ih full swing,
most of them within a radius of half
a mile, taking Leicester Square as the
centre. Chief of these are Drury
Lane, tlio Gaiety, the Hay market, the
Savoy, the Lyceum, His Majesty's, the
Adelphi, thc Criterion, the Vaudeville, the Garrick, "Wyndham's, Daly's,
the Shaftesbury, and the St. James'.
The principal variety theatres are the
Alliambra, the Coliseum, the Hippodrome, the Palace, tho Winter Garden
and the Palladium; and, of course,
there are cinema theatres galore.
Visitors lrom abroad will naturally
want to see the Houses of Parliament
(which are regarded by some facetious individuals as places of entertainment), the magnificent Law Courts,
the Tower of London with its historic
associations, its Armoury and the
Crown Jewels,. Westminster Abbey,
and the wonderful collection of animals in the Zoological Gardens in Regent's Park. These gardens are
about a mile distant from Baker
Street Station, the West End terminus
ofthe Metropolitan Hallway extension.
This is tlie route which will be most
largely used by visitors to Wembley
for the British Empire Exhibition, the
journey taking little more than a
quarter of an hour.
Just outside Baker Street Station
stands the great Bed Palace, the
fame of which has reached to all parts
of the world. This is Madame Tus.-
saud's exhibition, beloved by young
and old for its many unique attractions. As far back as 1S60, Charles
Allston Collins, brother of Wilkie Collins and son-in-law of Charles -Dickens, wrote that "Madame Tussaud's is
with the whole population of this
country, metropolitan or provincial,
something more tlian an exhibition! it
is an institution," Here our brethren
from overseas will see portrait models
of mosjt of the outstanding celebrities
of the past century, many of, them
modelled from life by" members of the
gifted Tnssautl family.
There' Is no space for us even to
mention-' the numerous - international
exhibitions that have been held - in
various parts of the-world, but-a few
words must be said about London's
second ^great International Exhibition,
which 'was ..hold in'/18C2. -It/was
housed in an immense specially ..constructed . building adjoining - the gar-,
den's of the Horticultural Society-at
South- Kensington.,' The erection
consisted "of two; vast domes' of glass
250".fee.t higlrand 60 feet in diameter���
larger than,.the/dome of "St. Peter's--
connected by. a nave 800 feetf long.-The
galleries5 occupied twpnty-three-aiuf "a
halt'-a.cres. -- The success of the'enter.-,
prise" was', marred, by-the death of the
Prince Consort on December: 1-1, 1861/
-and" the'outbreak, of the Civil War in
the United'States,: /There, wore 28.653
exhibitors,, the number-of visitors was
mm toraco
7h,re$uUr "ad
Chum wrapper
, thoiuind name
, and trademark
Vit heavy
tin foil
{���The heavy
fianilla paper
to bring you the full richness
and mellow sweetness of this���'
"Ibhaeco of Quality
Manufactured by
Golden Text.���
Pride goeth before destruction,'
And a haughty spirit before a
Proverbs 16.1S.
Lesson.-���I. Kings 12.1 to 16.2S.
Devotional    Reading.���Psalms    131
and 133.
���The" first bananas; shipped to' London .could hot-, be sold fat..any price'
and were left'to'rot .because nobody
would eat them.'" -      ������'.���'.
. Wireless - licenses   in England now
number nearly 600,000.-'. 7    '   ���
- Sleeplessness, like insanity, is greatly on the increase,
Modern life* with its hurry and worry and noise, brings
an enormous strain fon the brairi and nerves.
The, temptation to. depend on. sleeping/powders or
tablets must be. fought.off if you would avoid/catastrophe.
Means of reconstructing the starved7nerve cells/must, be
-sought.,. Since "the digestive system fails to supply
nourishment to the bipod aiid nerves it is necessary to/
employ such/, treatment as
Dr.-Chase's Nerve Food to
instil new strength and energy
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is Nature's way of affording
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Likewise Dr. Chaae's ividney-
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Baby's /Own. Tablets.;- The Tablets
are .a mild but thorough laxative which
riever;fall to regulate the;bowels, and
stomach, thus driving.out .constipation and .indigestion; colds and simple
fevers." /-; Concerning-them/Mrs. .Gaspare! Daiglo. .D'eniain, Que., -writes:
"Baby's Own Tablets have be.en. of
great benefit to inylittle.bpy, wlio was
suffering, from constipation' and- indigestion. / They quickly'-relieved him
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The Tablets-are sold bymedicine-dealers dr by .mail at 25c a box from The
Dr. "Williams' -Medicine Co./ Brockville,
ont/": ���'���:[. /'��� -,'.. -   / - - - -"'"'���"- :. -
High Price of Whisky /
Milk.Said to be' Taking the Place/of
-.../ Hard Drinks~in' Glasgow ���
. -Milk is taking-the .dace ,of .whisky
as a workman's beyerhge- to such an
.'extent -that- Glasgow������" publicans are
gradually.<transferring''to" .the, milk
business.-. /The."-principal reason for
the change is.said-to be thehigh price
of whisky,' workmen'" being unabld to
afford .16 pence for a drink.
/Some years ago publicans paid'from
$5A,6pO.-t.o7?ipO,.000 for. the "good will"
of a iicerisedrhouse and now they find
rhese -valueless. 'Xyy ���'/- ;./'-. .. ; -; :- .y
Hehee small, tiiilk".shops are'/being,'
opened to take Tliefi��hice".fflf ."the/abandoned licensed places.'    V* ���-'"���.-"-/-'/'/
The Text Explained and Mummed
I. Jeroboam the Spokesman for the
Northern ��� Tribes at the Assembly at
Shechem, verses 1-3. On tho death
of Solomon his son Rehoboam succeeded to the throne, but apparently a
year passed before" an assembly was
called to confirm his/success by.popular" approval. " Strange- to say, the
assembly met at Shechem Instead of
at Jerusalem, and iherefore we may
infer that this great" gathering was
convened by the' Northern Tribes instead of by Rehoboam himself. Those
"tribes " had a - great ��� grievance to settle; they. wero." determined not to
pledge tho new king their'' allegiance
unless he agreed to lessen tliir heavy
servitude...Their leader-and spokesman In this declaration of-independence was Jeroboam/ who. had.be'eii re'-,
called from Egypt.'/ -See--.The"-Historical Background. . - .'.���' . :..' /.- ���'.
. II.- The'- Hebrew/Federation off. Labor Undertakes to Arbitrate With the
-Employer,-- verses; 4,- -5.-/., Before
tliey -Wouldr""swear' allegiance to'���Rehoboam,-.the Northern Tribes demanded
from - liim-<t promise .-.bf-.- relief," from
"tho -. taxation.-'and/forced! labor -that
.were' crushing;, them'. "..- "Thy father,
made.our yoke grievous,".- they, told
him:-: '.'Now therefore 'make ..thou, the"
/grievous service of. thy father, and his
heilv'y; yoko which" he-put "uponais,
'lighter, ��� and' 'we/ will .serve thee."
Rehoboam/asked .for -three, days in'
which to consider the matter..-. ;. ,. '
/ "The   men -��� of. good will in aU the
G;21i;.103. and the amount takei^at.thej^vprld"jmusj:. fac.o':the .task, of securing:
doors was ' ��-108/'536.-7 ' The "buUding.! such'a.method of~llfe;as'shall give new
was/pulled down on July "6, 1803, the' .and ^I'ger. opportunity to thc/we^k
)   Getting Back to Peace
A Difficult Task to Get the World Back
to Peace Basis
Lord Cecil is authority for the
statement that there are now 3,750,-
000 men under arms In Europe, and
that this number is only/one .hundred thousand less than there were
before the great war- began. And
over against the fact of this slight
reduction is to be placed .the other
fact:that there/are behind these men
actually in uniform many millions of
trained and demobilized soldiers. The
task of getting this old world to carry
on on a peace basis seems a tremend-''
ously.-difficult one, and yet we must
keep working away at it. The folly
of the present situation is. surely evident to every one.���Christian Guardian.       '-..""
Worms in.children, if they be not.attended io; cause convulsions, and often death". Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will protect the children
from these distressing afflictions.
",. ' -?- Desire For Peace -/  ;���'
���/��� Britain .-only -recently' slashed hor
military estimates,-.and- now " brings
her ./naval /expenditure .'to a .'pre-war
level. - No great power in the/world's
history'-' has . ever evidenced "a more
sincere, desire - for. .disarmament/and
peace',���ptt'awa." journal..- ���- / "   -v   ���'_ -:- -
Rich Creamlikefr;
Makes Ch i Id renSturdy
.domes .and ".other parts, being-purchased- for 'the construction, of the Alexandra Palace'which still stands ori .an.
eminence, at Wood. Green .in the north
of. London, a' splendid'landmark "for.
-miles around; like its "elder sister the
.Crystal-Palace in.the south.--      ' ���', -
; -To Asthma : Sufferers.- Dr/J. D
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy comes like
a" helping-hand ,tp a' sinking swimmer.
It gives new llfefandhoper-somelhlng
he has. come jto believe Impossible. Its
benefit is too evident to. bo (iuesllou-
ed���It Is' lis own best argument���-its
own.best advertisement.' If you suffer, from .'asthma feet this "time-tried
remedy and And help like thousands
of others: ���- *    ���-'./.'-��� -"���;   "-���"���'  -
Minard's Liniment for Corns _ '..
. ; ''WhatVal! that'.-rioi.^./OYf>r. at/ihe
minister's'' house?"',//'/7 ���'/ :. f-'.*/"-.-. .-v
- .*/Oh,',he'.'s 'menio,rizing;'hia..-sf-rmo.n.;
hf always has "to.-practice'.what/.he
preaches." -'.'; .'X:'yXix ;Xty XXy^XX
.'/Government .Merchant; Marine-,'
Some. ,!40. vessels will be employed
by ihe Canadian - Government ;:Mer;
chant Marine'"-ih. 11 ./regular:! serrices
-front. Montreal - to ��� Vancouver" /during
the..summer, according to :a new summer service schedule Issued//
and the poor and .those circuhiscrih
ed in;economic relationships in all/the.
world. -.We-are all. capitalists iri the
sense. that' we have the securities of
personality./... /And . we must.; all bo
laborers" in .the sensfe tha.t these secur--
itlfis miist.be invested -if--, they are. to'
bring in /returns.- .The - world /as 7 a'
whole must face,, the economic 'and-
social problem! and decide it In tho/
light- of a world-wide application o.f
/principles.of social arid economic jusr-
tlc'e. f Arid here is the greatest task bfv
the twentieth century.'-. It will,.need
all the patience arid sober good will o'f
many a-natlbn-"with"a friendly .face: to
.accomplish all that Is Imperative here"
(lioiigb).     '   7 .." ;   ;.'-/' //."
��� ['-'���':    X .Cattle Shipments//- -.
Noel Ruxtoni minister of agriculture,
replying in the. British.House of Commons'.to a question/stated,-that/from
April .1..1D23. to March 7jj, 1924.. there
were .23,183 cattle,shipped as stores
to England from Canada.. -' Of thesb
27 died.or.were killed, during...tiie
.tourney, from the. Dominion',' 10,896
were""?iaughtered at the.-landing port,
and 17,260 or 61 per "cent; were, placed
ou"the.land/.''- .':,.'"���.     ���'���-[ ./'. 7 '  - "
2 Pimples/ Disappear 7
*\ "You don't need mercury, potash *
ot any. other strong minemi to :j
cure pimples caused by. poor
bloody Take Extract of Roots-
druggists call it "Mother Seigkl's
: Curative Syrup���andyour skin will
clear up as fresh as a baby's. It
WiH sweeten your stomach and
regulate y��ur bowels."-;, Get the
genuine. The larger bottle, is'
more economics
Send (or lUtof inrtntlon* wanted by Manufac*
furcr*. fortuonhava been made from slmpl��
Id'ftt.  "Pateat ITi-��t*crtoij" booklet on ttque��t��
PATElu: ATTORNEYS     ottawa. Canada
Cream left in! / ;
X:-:     y    "     "        'l
';:T)oiiiii!l6u Bxprfss MotK'y.'Ordors are'on'-
��alo. in .five tUoiisand ollices ihrdugUou*.
Canada; ������   .-''   ���    .'.���-���-    -'        ...   -��� '-: .
Hihard's Liniment Relieves Cold*;
- Free Uecn��e -Beolc���
Wj-itc the Ecrdea Co.
���. i-ifched,- Montreal/
- Must Have"- Lower ^Taxation.. 7
,..Emphasizing that the United-State's
waa Canada's great -'conipetitor-'-ainJ
that "we cannot keep our taxes-tip and
they put theirs "down, -because if we
do that "the. dollar bill is going there
for investment" WalterJ^G/-" Mitchfpji.
K.C.,-_ M.P.; adyociited lower f,taxation
In .Canada/at/th'e..,fourth. hnnuai ban-
flifet-of jtlie Rubber Association of Canada held In Montreal.
Guard Against-Tuberculosis .
-   Ciiing    the    relations between.the'
j spread of tuberculosis anduse'.of raw
'milk from tubercular"' cows, ;G/  'x.
V.rcihen: Progressiva." Pe'terhpi:��>, On?..)
intends"-to bring tip"In..(he..Hons��' iho '
' quest ion-of stricter, regulations to, pro/
I Uct-- .more ��� adequately- the iH-onh;- of
j Canada' ".from -the inroads ,.qf.i!.i?.,most
i '< ifeaWi'd/diioas^/Wf ?W. XXXy:.:yXx
na. 1 for Bladder Catarrh.   Ho. 2 for Blood $>.
Side Diseases..Ho,3forC!ironlcWejO_._i.*tes.
WS.PRYl KAOINC.CI!FMISr-;.B,RTCR��K K-.ii! A-tfP.3*.
VX.LCCl.^.RC v��d.C...HaverstcjtiiKdrN^^V 6,"l,.i-p.Son.-
o* ���.�����_[, SI F'-oii fi; p.r.sTSr. East. Torovio..
,."��R  _-3U.    if.    P*t.-<    SIS.EI...T  .'vVFST.    Mos'TKbAL.
} Minard's Lihiment/foi/Sfeirain*/ THE LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,    BRITISH COLUMBIA
Is .'52.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid ior three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States {2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices  7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks  1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 (or each additional claim.)
Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month of March, 1924
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcieat display advertising 50 cents
au inch each insertion.
S9 55%
Business locals i2j��c.
a line each in-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Eggs are quite a low price now
lower than they have been for
many years at this season. Farmers do not begrudge cheap eggs to
the poor during Lent nor on Easter
Sunday/after that it is hoped the
price of eggs will go up.
Theke are fewer germs on paper
money,  investigations show, than
people have been  lead to  suppose.
Even  old- and  dirty   money was
found to be  astonishingly  free of
them.     Investigators attribute the
condition  to   "something   in   the
composition   of   the   paper,"   but
.very, likely   the. germs .have ..the
' same difficulty that' human/beings
' have in getting, .money-/to Btick to
.them",   -     '���'7,-: ������-' /������"-' '-������        --' - '-'--���
."��� Looking rat. some/men working
./the.'other.day/we.were..struck with
7 the fact that the men were greatly
interested, in. their work. - To them.
. their ./toil   was   a great game, at
., which    they -. played   every   day. ���
They  seemed  to get. more enjoyment out of it than, the ardinary
,  young   man   does'; out. of' amuBe-
/'ments which are not hitched to the
"f utility'ear.7. This is what all.work
/should bs, harmony  of mind and
body,.rythemetic music in. unison
Xy with machinery at play. "" '
"Xy,. -"Every .housekeeper knows that
-/the winter soils the smart deeora-
" tions of the dwelling and makes
.new. paper   hanging, a   necessity.
When  the sunT is- bright7 andffehe
, grass .'.'green  we want, new smart
. things in our dwellings... .Poverty
//presses//hard/ in/the,/winter  when
fuel is; scarce and. dear, .it humil-
, iates in thespring when, we have
7 to carry the same./old paper and
...the.-;eame worn/.rugs on the floor.
.This humiliation encourages- debt,
and debt brings the bailiff, .and
/trouble^ never ceaae/in fehia- tppsy
fturyey old7world.-7 The. best way
/is.to buy only what wer can .afford
/no/inatter what our neighbors may;
. / have to excite our envy / or. hii mil-'
- iate us with the contrast. 7/ ..'7
/Boiindary Falls School 7;
Reportfor March
,/ 'Ruth .Axam
. No/ori register
. Average actual.attendance
,/     Proficiency list.
Grade 1(a):   Grace Casselman.
/  Grade II:   Verdun  ..Casselman,
-   Edna .Swanlund,    Louise; Swanlund, "V^erona Klinosky.
Grade  III:    Helen   Casselman,
Fred Emery.
Gradb    IV:    Zophia Klinosky,
Alice   Casselman,   Daniel    Boltz,
.:���: Anniie._ Klinosky,  Andrew   Swanlund;   ��� .
7;   /Grade VI;    Lawrence Folvik.
//.-"'/'Grade.VII: ..Fern Emery, Caro-
./lineff/fpasselaian,   Hazel   Emery,
:-. .'Beatrice Casselman.-'/-.././  '; W'���"���/���'
'7//Grade/VIII;:.. Annie/Swinland.:
../Perfect. Attendance.^.!: yXyx- yX-
//Daniel Boltz,.. Alice.CasgelmaB,;
-.Grace ,! Casselman," Helea/Cassel-.
Emery," "-/Hazer   Emery, 7 Andrew
N".  E. Morrison
No. of pupils on roll
Average actual attendance
Percentage of attendance
Proficiency List
Grade VII  a.:    George
Helen   Kerr,   Leo   Madden,    Andrew    Anderson,    Percy    Fraser,
William Walmsley.
Grade V a.: Lewis Mitchell,
Robert Mitchell, Alice Hingley,
Margaret Royce, Allan McCurrach,
Lawrence DuHamel, Eileen Bryan,
Edward Parry, Harry Hallstrom,
Marguerite Ritchie, Bertram Price,
Meredith Fenner, Daniel Kerr,
Wilfrid Tromblay, Allan Morrison,
Arthur Cox. (John Putzel absent
most of the month.)
Grade IV a.: Mary Putzel,
Robert Forshaw, Cleo Toney,
Thomas Walmsley, Jack Morrison,
Francis Jenkin, Lewis Clerf,
Frances Lucenti, Robert Carlson.
(Charles Royce���Absent most of
the month.)
Regularity and Punctuality:
Eileen Bryan, George Bryan,
Lewis Clerf, Lawrence Dahamel,
Robert Forshaw, Percy Fraser,
Daniel Kerr, Helen Kerr, Francis
Jenkin, Allan McCurrach, Lewis
Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Bertram
Price, Margaret Royce, Cleo
Toney, Thomas Walmsley, William
Elsa A. Olson
No. on Roll       -       -       - 21
Average actual attendance 19.6L
Percentage of attendance 93 3S%
Proficiency List
Grade III a.: Beatrice McLaren, Ruth Cox, Eugene Spence,
Munroe Spence, Violet Benson,
Rosa Lucente.
Grade II a: June 'Toney, Hugh
McCurrach, Alice Ritchie, Laurence Gulley,"Joseph.Tromblay. - /
7..Grade /Il/'b.V. David;.Nichols
and;Mark Madden, e.qual; James
Forshaw, Ralphf Spen.ee, Leonard
Sortome; .Victor/Ritchie., ���-"-/'".  //,
Grade. /I a;: Celiaf Klinosky.
7-.;Grade 1 . b.:/ Ernest /Johnson-,
Ernest Cox,; MelvynTPehner./
Regularity and/Punctuality: -/
/ Ernest Cox,. Ruth Cox,./Jime8
Forshaw, Ernest Jobnsou, Celia
Klinosky, Leonard . Sortdnie,
Eugene . Spence, TMunroe Spence,
Ralph Spence. "' / ,.     .   "
/News From:the Capital ;
.Victoria, April. 2.���-Mr.. Justice
Galliher'e /-P.7 G.'E,..:Royal /.Com-:
mission has: passed/into/hiafeory;.
and as- predicted before the .investigation started, -nothing has
been brought out to show/that the
government.had been remiss in any
way .in its management of the rail/
way. -. Confidence, -in. .the^admini-
stration has been restored, .if it had
ever, been shaken, aiid the "'"-Provincial Party,is,headed for the discard. ;/ Unfortunately, the cost of
the investigation/has been heavy
and a great deal/of .time has been!
wasted in a; useless. manner.. The
way is now clear, however-"for. the;
government to -devote-ita:time to.
the- handling / of. public business,
and many important tasks are in
view/:---.   ���'--���"/ / / . ���; .7   ���-.yy.-:' '
^Colonization ;will, prove, one: of
the chief ass ties this summer .7 Sat-f
tiers .will be. placed /along' the P7
G." E. aud.at:points in. the Interior
valleys. . A comprehensive system
of settlers' ioadB has been prepared
and many miles of. new highways
will, be" constructed, -f The s remaining Link of. the Traneprovincial
Highway, from Hope; to the7ln-
terlor, will be commenced. ��� and an
announcement is looked for shortly
as tothe route to be chosen.
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday, April 6th.
Myncaster 11 a.m.
Greenwood 7.30 cm.
Norwegian Creek School
Report for March
B. Thorsteinsson,   Teacher
Number on Register
Total attendance
Percentage of attendance
Real Estate.
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock .
Call  at my Office and see me iu
reference to any of above
Proficiency List
Grade I (1st term): Mary
Gidon*, Bertille Bohemier*, Just
Grade I (2nd term): Virginia
Riley, James Watson*.
Grade II (1st term): May
Grade II (2nd term): Auge
Marie Bohemier*,   James Riley*.
Grade III (1st term): Charles
Riley*, Alexina Gidou, Christiane
Grade III (2nd term): Louis
Caron*, Gisile Bohemiet*.
Grade IV: Daisy Watson*,
Alice Watson*, Marc Bohemier*,
Irene Watsoa.
Grade V: Jules Caron*, Madeleine Gidon*..
Grade VI:    Yves Bohemier*.
. Grade VIII:    Audrea Caron*.
Those marked with * have perfect attendance.
Hon. Wm, Sloan, minister of
mines, has returned from Ottawa
with the assurance of the Federal
Government that the duty on mine
machinery will probably be removed this year. , He has also
hopes that the Bdminion wiil grant
a subsidy on the production bf iron
ore... Federal aid in .the building
of mine roads and trails is anticipated, as well as the establishment
of a Dominion experimental station
in -BritishuColcmbia/;fpr-'"'mineral
research;/^Another step !lik"��iy;.to!
be/ taken/ is/ the /removal - of dual
control of ^minerals/jn"..the /'Pomih-
Grand Forks
Mrs.  Poulton
has a good selection of
Spring Hats
at her Millinery Store adjoining
City Grocery.   Moderate prices.
Open until April 30th only
I, llie undersigned William Madden, of llie
City of Greenwood, in the Province of Uritish
Columbia, toy occupation a Miner, and beinjr
the holder of the Providence Mineral Claim
under the Mineral Act, and which Providence
Mineral Claim is situate near Greenwood, 'I5.C,
give thirty days notice of my intention' to apply
under section 2 of the ''Mineral Rijf.U'of Way
Act" beintr Chapter 162 of the Kevised Statutes
of Uritish Columbia, for 'authority to construct
a ditch across over and through the following
mineral claims, viz.,���
lhe Texas Mineral Claim, tho Piamoud Vruction Mineral Claim, the Sunset Mineral Claim,
the Delitrate Fraction or Ottawa Fraction
Mineral Claim, and the Spokane Mineral Claim
for the purpose of divcuiuir water from and
ont of the Providence Creek, which 'Hows Westerly, and drains into Ilountlary Creek about
one mile north of the City of Greenwood aforesaid.
It is proposed lo divert the water from the
said Providence Creek at a point about 792 feet
from the Greenwood City Reservoir, and Kast
of same, ami lo carry such water so diverted
alontf a ditch across the Texas Mineral Claim,
the Diamond Fraction Mineral Claim, the
Sunset Mineral Claim, the Delicate Fraction
or Ottawa Fraction Mineral Claim, and the
Spokane Mineral Claim to lloundary Creek dur-
inpr high wale?, i. e. during tlie mouths of April
to August inclusive.
DATED at Greenwood, H.C., this 10th day
of March, 1924.
Tailored Clothes
Special Display of
New  Patterns
The Seasons Latest
For Men
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood, B. C.
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All worlc and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
FOR BOYS attending High and Public
Schools. Fees Jfoo.oo month. Particulars
apply to the Reverend, the Principal,
nS6 Nicola St., Vancouver, B.C. ,,
'Oliver Twist" is
Massive Production
Jackie Coogan is a "mighty little
feller','?-but his si//: V.as nothing to"
do'.with the''magnitude of.-his.pro*"
du'ctibn of -.-''Oliver ;Twist,'Wfbi;
First-' National, "which'-7'wilb!"be
shown at ..the Greenwood "Theatre
on Satq'rdayvApril 5th:- ���W7 ���'
.- Jackie _h ^..associated, with him
in;, s'0!iver."- Twist.0 . L"on Chaney,
playing Fagin; Gladys Brockwel],
enacting the character .of -Nancy
Slice?; :George"' Seigmanii, playing
Bill Sikes; Carl Stockdale, .portraying. Monks; Taylor Graves)-.playing
-Charlie-Bates,; and -Eddie fTrcbaol,.
''playi_ig.;'--"the fArtJEql" Dodger."
Others of equal note have been cast
for the .-many-; other ������- roles -,.pf- the
feature.77^7 y'-yy y-y yy ,-yyy- .7
-' Frank Lloyd prepared the script
of tiiWstory. froin" the . Dickens
yqlume.and .directed Vthe, production. Mr. Lloyd js. perhaps.the
best posted \dh_ector in Dickens
lore; He fhae . made a. thorough
study of Dickens, and has phtinto
screen form several of, his greatest
works, principal among . which,
fun til "Oliver Twist,'/, was {'Tale.
of Two Cities,'^starring. William
Farnum". " .".���; f 7- ::���. xy- 7   .7-X. - x.
���V'V Rock Creek Hotel
[ 7_The Rock Creek; Hotel: is ff pre
paring for a fbig .tourist, trade
this season.. - This; ever* popular
.hotel7is";already fthe7rendezvous
for; commercial travellers.-���: and
this summer., the .famous Sunday
dianers wiU7agaiti;.be the talk-'of
'the-coun.try."'.;.';.".^.: '  -" .-X. ' -. .-;
. -Purebred.'��� Hereford Bull,- 3 years old,
price-reasonable.'.Apply Pai.ey W11.SON,
Kettle Valley,-B.C.- ������:������'[.. [���"  ' - "y.
FOR :SALE-������_��� ..-���;��� -'-.-
A'.trso of you^-Ttirkey's,. 1 y'ear.oid;
$10.00, (Sho'ettiaker's stock.) :'.
1 B;lt. & r Sussex cockerel,. $2.50 each,
also, pen of Light Susses; 1 male, . 5
females, Jto.oo.. . ��� ..";.���
.1 pair leather chaps,$rs.oo.   ,      f
1 rifle,,30-30 Winchester, |rs.oof-
Apply,.   Mrs.-Royce..
One drake and one or two ducks-any
bread, state price. Lswrs Brew, Kettle
Valley Post Office.-
Send your eggs to H. H. Pankell,
Midway, for. incubation.. Three-dollars
per.hundred, two dollars for-fifty; ���....; -
SwaBinnd/: Annie .Swaaluna;7^^^
'z}[yX yftOtiNjilitip gQARD'i.^.--'.- W
'': Comfortable- room -and .boarii,^ close, to
the.inine.;,.f-;7..:f-77----7--_:-..V^'7':������'.'" - ���-;',;'-'-.-.
'Xy-yXX'- [X y-.zXXz: 1>lit.s.:RXBi.tsv%i,t:
^liedge ads_bring results;7 7
Has opened an office  above Chas.
King's office.
Opeii 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sealed tenders will l>e received by the Minister of Lands at Victoria, not later than
noon on the lUth day of Ajiril, 1924, for the
purchase of Licence XoJ22, to cut 5,100,0C0 feet
of Tamarac, Fir, Spruce and Yellow Pine, and
9<J,0O0 Ties, ou an area situated on Cedar and
Marsh Creeks, six miles ^Yest of Midway,
Similkameen Land District.
Three (3) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
Missing Heirs are being sought throughout the world, Many people. are (today
living in comparative poverty who are
really rich, but do not know it You
may be oue of them. Send for Index
Book, "Missing Heirs and Next of Kiu,"
containing carefully authenticated lists of
uiissiiig: heirs' and; unclaimed estates
which "have been'advertised for, here aud
abroad.,- -The Index of ".Missing Heirs we
offer Tor sale contains .thousands of names
which have appeared- in- American, Canadian,' English,f- Scotch, Irish,- Welsh,
German,--';.French, 7'Belgiaii, '[ Swedish,
Indian,' Cblohia.1','and other- i.ewspapers;-
'nserted'.by lawyers,'. executors, administrators. Alsocontains list-of-.English
and Irish Courts of .Chancery and. unclaimed dividends' list .'of Bank of England. Your name or your ' ancestor's
may-! be '-in the list.': Send $1.00 (one
dollar) at"once for book".   7.-/  .   ', -' .'_���'.
International Claim Agency
.���.-:V:::::.;'Dipt, 711
Pittsburgh, Pa., U; S.���"���A.' ���-���
z-X-"' '������'''��� 77-    ���"" -f z,X~.- "--- -.-  ..;'Adv_
Sealed tenders will be received by the Minster of Lands at Victoria,-not later than noon
oa the 10th day of April, 1924, for the purchase
of Licence X5184, to cut ZS^OOO feet of Yellow-
Pine, and 8,000 Fir and Tamarac Ties, on an
area situated on the East bank of Kettle River,
10 miles north of Westbridge, Siinilkameeii
Laud District. _
One (1) year will bo allowed for removal
of timber.' ���
Further partictilars.of the Chief-Forester,
Victoria, B.C., or District Forester, Nelson,
7 "' if I��� FAli/ TO .GROW HAIR     -
Oriental Hair7R6ot Hair Grower:
World's-Greatest Hair Grower. Grows
hair, on .bald heads.- It'must not ..be put
where hair is notivanted.- Cures dandruff,
and all scalp'troubles. -Si."75'per jar. ,'.
���'   '       Agents. Wanted". -        .. ! .
'���>' PROF. MS: CROSSE;
448 Lo^an Ave..7Winnipeg�� Man.
TH ave. you paid your 7sub-
iscription to The Ledge? .7.
The: (^nllated |iniii|; & SmelifcCo;
----: ---. -T:"=- f:7-;-^of-:C^hada,;;Limited:;,.7,:.7f.^f7_.,.x..-^;
"- - ��� -       ' ���;Office, Smelting and Refining Department. -     -
77W-W       7;    TRAIL, BRITiSH COLUMBIA ..    ..,'.--  '^y-X
Purehasers of Qold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
.7 . Producers-of   Gold, . Silver,   Copper,  : Pig   Lead   and Ziuc
X'.W "-"''-   "TADANAC!' BRAND   >    	
Vacant, unreserved, . surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over IS years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
l^ull information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given ln Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charg9
by-addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records wilt be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber- ,
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of tlie Soast Range
and 8,000 feet per aero east of that._
Applications for pre-emptions ara
to be addressed to the Land Com- .
missioner of tho Land Recording Division, ln which tho land applied Tor
is sRuated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of whicli can be obtained from  tlie Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied foi- ���
five years and improvements-frnado
to value of $10 per acre, including
- clearing, and cultivating at least five
acres, before a-Crown Grant can be
" For more detailed information see
the-.'Bulletin . "How to .Pre-empt
Land.'.* - - ' -    .-���
���,-.,. PURCHASE -   -:   ;������"    -.
��� Applications are-received for purchase,   of . vacant, "and    unreserved
��� Crown -lands,  not  being  tlmberland,
Cor."agricultural purposes; _ minimum
price of 'flrst-clas3 (arable) land.is $5 .
per acre, "and'secondVelass '(grazing)
.land. $2.50  per acre.-1-' "Eurther' lnfor- '.
. mation regarding . purchase, or lease
of- Crown lands '.Is,-given' in Bulletin
No: "10, Land Series," "Purchase and
Lease of Crown'Lands." :'.���'-.. '    -    '-���
-- ;' Mill; factory," or industrial sites on
timber land,-hot exceeding 40 acres,' ���
may'bo purchased or.leased, the.con--
ditions.      including .    payment .'-of
stunipage.. _ . -.  ���;..- ' ;"-..,'.''-"- ;"   "-"'���-'..
.HOMESITE   LEASES'   ���'.'   .77
7Unsur.veyed':"areas,.not exceeding.20''
,- acres, .may'be. leased  as.'libm'esites,
-conditional--upon ��� a   dwelling"'being
"erected in the first year,', title ..being
obtainable   aftor   residence -!aridh:im-7
, provement - conditions. are. ���- fulfilled
, .and- land has. been' surveyed...-.- "      7
XX      ; LEASES-;.'. 7--.:'7'.'
;-...For^grazing and-yndustrial-^pur-r'
-' poses -areas not exceeding 640,acres
-may  be .leased by one -person- "or -a
. company.' '     ���---._       '---���'.   y-  -..y-.y
"X GRAZING    '" - "7      -
'.Under' the'. Grazing Act the "Province ib divided Into' grazing -'districts
and the' range administered under :\-
���Grazing      "Commissioner.   '   Anniial ,
graying.permits'are-.issued based .on-,
numbers ranged, priority beihg'glven .
to. eslablishod o^yne!���s.  Stock-owners,
may- form   associations   -for    -range'
-management.   Free, or partially.free,,
. ,1'ei-mits   are - avoilabfo f.for -, settlers,
campers   and  travellers, - up '- to _ te'o-
head."' ���' "'  ��� ���.' ." - -     "'" -
The M Western Canada
V')-}     'Vxxx}y}})}y��0�� ;ojf. DECEMBER,: 19 22   ;   7 '/:y _ rxXyX*-"".
XX X    'z[XX   Haa.prodaced Minerals .valued as folibwa;.  Placer Gold, 676,542,203; Lpde !.
..:.. 7, Gold,. $109,647,661; Silver, |59r 814s266;7Lead851,S10?89i; Copper, 8170,723,242;;;;   V-,!.
X)Xy- 7Zinc,7i24,625i853;; mBcellsineous: Minefalgj 81;35S,839;,Qoar and Cbke'j- 8238,-  ��� 7 - '7
���'.":.- ' 289,565;; Building Stone, 7Brick,-Ceme^^^^^
Producfeion. to the end of 1922 show        W7.        ,;       7.. 'f7 ."
:":;::''' X 7^-Aggregate>alu^faf :$769,^18r4627'77f;f7'7'
Production for the Year pnding Deeeaibeh 02,;$35, t58V84^
The   Mining   Laws of Shis province are more liberal, arid..the. fees lower, ; '
-. Shan those oi any ofeher P'rovinee in fehe Donaimoh^'"or any Colohy in ihe 7 British
Mfineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal feea.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties, the security
. of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.. ;
7, ff-'...-;:.'.:������ y).  Fall information, together,.:withfMiningfRepprte and .Maps,: may befobtained.7,;
"7 W.;7;7gra6i8.by addrfflsing-r^'7;-;. 7'W 7 X.-.X.-f.')-.  ]y: '���)''��� Xy<:'-y.X} '}"���'[ "XxyX}-' [yXi-XX 'ir''.-


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