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The Ledge Aug 21, 1919

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 ������'r >^,
/��� ��J * i~ (
I ,!-
Provincial Library
Vol.   XXVI.
No. 6
 "          ���
Come In And See Our
Large- And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
" Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware '
I     Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     I
& Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Liptons Choice Ceylon 80c 3
g Deki Julia 65c =|
g~ EMPRESS.   MALKIN'S   BEST,   NABOB  70c or 2lbs for $1.35 ^3
St' "~^3
S= BLUE RIBBON 1-216 Sksre   35c.      BLUE RIBBON lib pk?e  65c ~3
��~ BLUE RIBBON 31b tins  $185.      BLUE RIBBON 51b.tins $3.00 3
g~    Choice Bulk Tea 60c per lb. ^   Choice Spider Lte Tea-70c    3
i Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN     I
S~: Canada Pood Board License No. 8-6251 3
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each, ~
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts   ���   /   '   $1.25 each
100    ������    . /   -    -   2.00  �����
200   ��     /   ���   ���    3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
���-      GREENWOOD. B.G;	
The WINDSOR HOTEL is healed with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Tasty meals aad comfortable rooms.   Meals served at any lime.
Sample rooms for drummers.. Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
W. D. RUSK, Proprietor.
Tt/fAKE your hanker your financial .
*** adviser. Let him help you to
shape your affairs so that he will he
warranted in giving you ample credit
to operate your farm efficiently. Our
slm is to assist you in every way
'        AGENT FOR
Before buying see me about
Motor tractors ancl complete-line
' of Farm implements
MIDWAY.      -      -     B.C.
We Are Now Showing
- /
Mens Fine Shoes
Mens Work Boots
Mens Tennis Shoes
Boys Serviceable School
. Shoes.
Mens Fine Hats and Caps
W. Elson 8 Co
Greenwood Branch     L. E. Brawders, Manager
-   ���      LOAN
D. ST. DENIS      D
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
"" Sprinkling of - gardens and
lawns is strictly - forbidden; tbe
water supply of any person found
breaking tbis regulation will be
immediately cut off.
-���      C.M.C.
August 12th, 1919.  '
Autos sold and repaired. Agent for
Chevrolet, Dodge and Studebaker cars;
also Republic and" National trucks.
.421 Baker Street
Kit?I   O/tJM
llbbWWIIf ,
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
Dancing every Wednesday evening at Christina Lake Pavilion.
Refreshments served.
The railway will likely be
built this fall to the coal mine
near Coalmont. Colonel Jack
Stewart and Blake Wilson looked
over the ground last week.
A farm near Vancouver sold at
$375 an acre this week. When
crops have to pay a return on an
inyestment of that kind it is no
wonder that the cost of eating is
so high. \
Penticton is short of houses
and hotel rooms. The Incola only
has 64 rooms but the other night
120 guests slept under its roof.
Just like fair time at the Hume
in Nelson.
Great Britain uses 80,000 tons of
tobacco every year. The planters
in the Okanogan should go after
this business.
Since 1911 She miners of Fernie
have been paying Union dues at a
rate of abont 817.000. Seeping np
the Union and striking aboot half
the time keeps most of the miners
Tbe by-products plant attached
to the Granby coke ovens at Anyox
will manufacture coal tar and 17
other by-products, including ammonia, dyes, tanioo and T.N.T.
Gas will also be made for use as
fael in the winter when steam
takes the place of water power.
8.0. should fee proad of the Granby.
It is up-to-date ia "everything except advertising in The Ledge.
Around Home
Local people are studying their
tax notices.
Potatoes were scarce in Greenwood last week.
Walnuts are being raised in
Grand Forks.
Burke Jewell died in Grand
Forks aged 70 years.
Mrs. G. Robinson has returned
from a trip to'Victoria.
W. Elson has had his building
on Copper street painted.
At McElmon's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
A young team- for sale. Apply
Hugh McKee, Greenwood.
Johnnie Boltz raised 30 tons of
hay on his ranch this summer.
Mis. P. T. McCallum. of Grand
Forks, is visiting in California.
Auto accidents have beeu epidemic this month around Keremeos.      .
Sanford Pond arrived from
Trail to attend school in Greenwood.
G. L. Mcintosh,- of Indiana,
was the guest of relatives in town
this week.
' The Yankee Girl' near Grand
Forks will soon make a shipment
of ore. -
- - x     ""
Trout   fry  from  Gerard  were
put in Loon lake near Eholt this
Machine drills are being used
at the Maple Leaf mine in Franklin camp.
At Midway this week Joe Caron
sold 16 hogs'at 19 cents a pound
live weight.
Apricots and peaches for preserving. Place your orders with
G. A\. Rendell.
Quite a number of business
concerns iu,B.C. are still using
job printing.'
A modern line of cigarB, cigarettes, pipes, etc., .at the Windsor
Hotel Cigar Stand.   ^ *   ���-'"
Although somewhat-weak from
his recent illness, Norman Morrison is able to get around.
Aviators are always welcome
in Greenwood, andean find plenty
of landing room at any time.
Mrs. G. Clerf and son have
arrived home after a pleasant two
months spent near Vancouver.
A cross-cut tunnel is to be run
on the Pathfinder mine, on the
north Fork of the Kettle river.
J. A. Coleman, of Grand Forks,
has sold 4,500 boxes of apples to
the T. Eaton Co., of Winnipeg.
Fred Hopkins was in town last
week on his way to Trail. He
recently returned from overseas.
After spendingjthe. summer__in
Vancouver, Mrs. P. A. Benson
and family have returned to town.
Jerry Frame was .found dead in
his cabin near Princeton last
week,   Heartjfailure killed him.
White canvas ladies oxfords,
white canvas girls slippers and
boys running shoes at Rendell's.
Full line of box and hulk chocolates. Absorb early while thev
are fresh.   Goodeve's Drug Store.
Belgians are said to be the
greatest potatoe consumers, outranking even the Irish in that respect.
What is the name of the returned soldier in Nelson who gets so
many letters from a girl in
. It is reported that Major F. S.
Norcross, has been appointed to
an important position with the
Canada Copper Co.
Now selling at sixty and seventy per pound spring chickens
lead the market. But "spring
chickens" always were expensive.
Mrs. Storer and Master Carl,
and Mrs. Buckless came over
from Princeton and will spend
the next two months in Greenwood.
The Doukhobor children around
Grand Forks should be sent to
school. The government should
rule in this matter and not Big
Mrs. Geo. Swayne and granddaughter are visiting'her son in
Butte. They will make an auto
trip to Chicago, a distance of
1600 miles.
Capt. G. K. Askby is ie charge
of the Canadian Military Estates
office in London, England, * and
does not expect to reach Greenwood for two or three months.
Fresh killed beef aad veal for
sale every Saturday, 20c upwards.
J. Meyer,' Government street.
Major R. G. Hargreaves sailed
from England on August 1st for
Canada. He will probably locate
in Victoria, and will visit Greenwood in a short time.
At Hedley last week Bob McCurdy was not expected to live
beyond a few days.. He was the
first soldier to return to the Similkameen from France.
Frank Coryell is shipping fence
posts by the tram load to the
United States. 'This year he has
shipped 50,000 from Eholt, many
of them going to Nebraska,
The Mayor of Grand Forks is
to receive a salary of $300 a year,
and each of the aldermen $175.
Hard times makes no difference
to the city dads of the Forks.
In an ad. in the Grand Forks
Gazette, the Douks are extending
an invitation to returned soldiers
to call at their ranch for a free
feed of peach plums. Even Douks
can be diplomatic.
-Noel Kelsey took a load of silver to Rock Creek on Monday, in
order to be ready for the big bank
notes that so many df his customers tender him in payment for
goods at his departmental store.
Who were the Rock Creek ran~
chers who chased a "desperate
wild" animal over the hills the
other night, only to find that the
critter was a harmless kitten that
had become tangled in a sheet of
fly paper?'
We have just received another
carload of flour and feed from
the Oglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand a full stock of
Royal Household Flour, wheat,
shorts, Chick Food, etc.. G. A.
Joe Caron and Harry Dickinson
own the,Winnie and Harold silver-
gold claims at Sheep Creek.
Harry has formed a company in
Seattle to deyelop these properties
and work will soon begin under
the management of Mr. Caron.
Robert Lee has returned from
Lightning Peak where he staked
three, coming bonanzas. He was
detained a week by rain, but
passed the time pleasantly assisting George ,Boag .and ,Cjmles
Hamerstadt to poundrock in the
Waterloo. _
Last week Chief Fraser shipped
trom Greenwood to the > government vendor in Vancouver, the
booze that was seized this summer at Clery's Hotel in West-
bridge. It was nearly all good
liquor, and was valued at $350,
Around Greenwood there is remarkable minihg activity, consequent upon the splendid showings
that are constantly being turned
up or improved. Many important properties will soon be
brought to a good stage of development.
Dorothy Hunter, 13 years old,
while bathing in the Kettle river
at Grand Forks last Thursday
got beyond her_depth.__: Without
taking off his boots or clothing
Charles Michener, a returned
soldier, went to the rescue. Both
were drowned.
When the South Okanagan
Land and Cattle Co. went out of
business, through selling their
land to the government they made
aflpresent to Val Hayues of a
$30,000 ranch at Vasseaux lake,
in appreciation ef his services as
their manager for many years. It
is a princely present but Val deserves it.
_ W. O. Miller, C.P.R., district
superintendent, was herein his
private car on Sunday, accompanied by J. H. Shinnick, inspector
for the railway commission. They
discussed local matters with
Mayor Gulley and other citizens.
They stopped further tearing up
of the Mother Lode track, and
spoke favorably of patting a
night operator at Greenwood.
A little before 7 p. ra, last
Thursday the mine buildings at
tne Providence mine were burned.
The night shift was working at
the time, but there was no one on
top. The fire destroyed three
buildings, hoist, compressor, three
motors, etc., entailing a loss of
$4000. Joe Price lost a lathe
worth $500. The origin of the
fire is unknown. Operations in
the mine are proceeding as usual.
Being short of planks this summer, the C.P.R. cut off a portion
of the Greenwood station platform
and took it away. The platform
is still too large and could stand
the shock of haying a few-more
planks pulled out. At one time
the C.P.R. gathered in about half
a million dollars a year at Greenwood, but that is no reason why
in these dull days of local industrial inertia the great road should
not giye us a night operator or a
platform that will hold more than
a dozen people. We are lucky
that the trains stop here without
b-ing flagged.
I Western Float
Newchay is $31 a ton in Vancou-
Mining News
The Revenge at Beaverdell is
shipping a carload of ore.
Ontario men are examining lode
claims on Lightning creek.
The Providence, Greenwood,
shipped 45 tonB to Trail last month.
Vanconver men are getting
ready to develop some claimB near
It will be GO or more years before the mines in Rossland are
worked oat.
Air wlll.be piped from tbe Big
Tannelljcompressor ^at Greenwood
to the^Providence.
The DonahoejrfStamp Lake is
to be completely unwatered from
the lowest samp upwards.
This month the first carload of
manganese ore was shipped to Tacoma from Hill 60, near Duncan.
Mining is]" active around Alice
Arm, since the railway was completed from the Dolly Varden to
the sea.
The Ledge is the oldest mining
camp newspaper in Canada, bat
that fact does not get much business from mining companies.  '
Tbe Groundhog Coal field is 90
miles from Stewart and needs a
railway. This coal field extends
over 70 miles, and is 30 miles wide.
Tbe McAllister in the Slocan,
struck a shoal of clean silver sulphide ore in the No. 3 tunnel early
this month.. A mill may be built
at tbis property. \
The Trail smelter could make
money by extracting by-products
from its smoke. This would also
keep the farmers from kicking to
much about the deadly fumes. *
The Providence mine at Greenwood occupies an  unique position,
in tbe'mining world.    It takes ita
miners to and from their work In"
an auto that makes musical sounds'
equal to a calliope in a eircus parade.
The Idaho-Contintental is working 130 men and using 12 motor
tracks to transport its ore 26 mllei
to the railway at Porthill, Idaho.
A light shay railway may yet be
built to cut the excessive ooBt df
hauling the ore.
A company haa0 been formed
with headquarters at Creston to
develop hematite iron claims in
Eaet Kootenay. The claims are
on Thompson creek, abont three
miles west-of- Kitchener, and ar
foree of Bix men are already working on them.
A mining development company
has been launched in Vancouver.
It will develop claims for prospectors and sell them to investor*. The
preliminary board of directors ar�� '
Noral Thompson, A. If, Whiteside
J. H. Greer, A. Erskine Smith
and Adam H. Wallbridge.
A rich new silver strike was
made on Little Twelve Mile, at
the head of Spotted Fawn galch,
forty miles from DawsonN The
ore resembles steel gelena. A new
rich silver strike also was made on
Lightning Creek, Mayo Camp, in
the upper Stewart ooantry. Many
claims were staked.
Apparently E. T. Ward has won
his case with John Hopp for the
possession of some rich placer
ground at Quesnel Forks. Ward
and his associates had put over a
million dollars worth of plant on
this ground when work had to be
stopped three years ago, owing to
the lawsuit brought against it by
John Hopp.
The Consolidated owns the War
Eagle, Le Roi, White Bear and
Centre Star in Rossland, and are
planning to build a mil! to concentrate the low grade ores of these
mines. If built the mill and equipment would cost about half a million dollars, It is thought that
plenty o! water could be obtained
from tiie creaks Berth ol the cify.
The mill would start with a capacity of 1,500 toss daily, aud the
unit system would permit this to
At a cost of 110,000 Smithers is
to have a new town hall.
The time is now ripe for starting
all kinds of industries in B.C.
Okanogan farmers are being
urged to grow more soft wheat.
It was Tom Crahan who brought
the first fresh fruit into Dawson.
This year the Creston Valley
strawberry crop is worth $55,000.
In 1803 at St. Andrews, Quebec,
the first paper was made in Canada.
The 25th of August, 1893, was
the greatest day in the history of
Kaslo. *
It is a' dull day in Vancouver
when nobody gets hurt or killed by
an auto.
This month several cases of
smallpox appeared in Vancouver
and vicinity.
About 500 men are working on
the new railway between Kamlooos
and Kelowna.
On the west coast of Vancouver
Island more white men are fishing
than ever before.
The wagon road*between Quesnel and Fort George will be completed this year.
Steffansson, Artie explorer, is at
Glacier, B. G., writing a book upon
hiB travels in the north.
The toy factory at Murray ville
haa been enlarged in order to cope
with its growing baBinees.
Last Sunday Dawson celebrated
Discovery Day by a fine exhibition
of minerals and vegetables.
After serving in France, Louis
Smith of Victoria was killed at
Shannigan Lake by a log accident.
Violet Liu Kee is engaged to
marry Charles St York. Violet
was born and educatedlu Ashcroft.
R. W. Hannlngtou has resigned
as city solicitor of Victoria. Mike
Gaasldyof-v Vancouver may. take
bis place. .'
Four Chinks in Kamloops were
fined this month for hitting thepipe.
Nothing like this ever happens in
Roek Creek.
In July there were 1200 men
fighting forest fires in the Cranbrook district some of whom earned
their wages.
Manchester, England, is advertising its advantages as a port in
22 of the largest daily -papers in
the United States.
Tbe Canadian Red Cross Society
collected and contributed for war
purposes money and supplies valued
at $40,000,000.
At the end of July there were
1,528 patients In the lunatic asylums of B.C. Most of- them were
born outside of Canada.
In the late war the American
army lost a total of 756 soldiers
who were killed by gas. The average age of these men was 23 years.
Leo Simmons, formerly 'of Nakusp, was a visitor in Kamloops
this month. For the past 20 years
he has been Customs Collector at
Carcross, Yukon,
There is no factory in B. C. for
making desks and other school supplies. Some enterprising firm
should start a factory for that par-
pose in Greenwood.
For the first six months of this
year industrial accidents averaged
55 daily, and for tbe eome period
the W onk men's Compensation
Board paid out 1710,000.
Count Adolph Rosen, of Sweden
is travelling in B.C. He says that
8weden is not troubled with Bolshevism, and labor conditions are
fairly good under a Liberal Socialist government.
A customs sale of American horses, seized for grazing on this side
of the line, were sold by auction at
Osoyoos last week. Forty horses
were sold at an average of $6 each.
The highest price was 128. Some
old saga sold for $1 each. Of the
200 horses seized, 150 were redeemed by the owners at a cost of
$7.50 each.
There is no reason why clothes
should be so high priced in Crnsda,
except the greed of dealers and
tailors. The cost of living investigation at Ottawa shows that the
cost of the finest domestic material
necessary to make a suit of dothee
is oniy 117.50. Hence the charging of irom |60 to $100 for a suit
is considerable of a hold-up game.
Just now Canada is batter supplied
with wool than  at  any previous
time in its history, owing to the .    . -        , ' ~- "
large stocka brought in from New *��� KJ^eased to 2,500 tons. T3��
Zealand aad Australia aad accma- people of Rosslasd are |ubUr~"
nlated for war needs. ��ver the osming dl th�� big miiL
<v yi
, 11
. >'
"   .y L
��� -,- i-'". ���l
, 4 -XM
l��s THE     LEDGE.'   CREEXWOOP,     13.     C.
For Ihree Years. Hard and
AwfuiiySore, Disfigured.
Cuticura Heais.
"I had been suffering with a pirn-'
���ply face icr three years. My face
was full of pimples and thcy were
hard and awfully core. They festered and dried -up, c:nd were scaly,
and disfigured i;;y face. They
caused r.-.c to lose a lot of sleep,
a-.:d were awfully itchy, making me
scratch and irritate ir.y face.
"I started to use Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and I used two cakes
of Cuticura Soap and two boxes of
Cuticura Ointment when I wa3
healed." (Signed) Clifford Yeomans,
East Chezzelcook, N. S.
Use Cuticura for every-day toilet
purposes. Bathe with Soap, soothe
with Ointment, dust with Talcum.
For free sample oach of Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum arklrct>3 pofit-canl: "Cutlcurt,
D��pt. A, Boston, V. 8. A."   Sold nvorywhent.
The Winnipeg Strike
the One Jiig Union and thc general
strike in Winnipeg. They arc doing
al! thcy can to combat these revolutionary movements, while citizens
generally are alarmed and have organized Lo defeat llie at tempi to overthrow constitutional ^ovemuient in
tlti.s country.
The time has arrived when tlic Federal Government must bestir itself to
control these Keel agitators and revolutionists, and if they cannot bc. controlled they should bc deported. They
represent a small but noisy aud dangerous element in the country, and
wherever ihey obtain control over a
group of individuals or an organization there is bound to be trouble.
In these days following the war,
and the difficulties and burdens which
that great struggle has imposed upon
all nations and peoples, Canada included, it is all important that in
Working out needed rel'urius . wc
should be constructive, not destructive, that we should follow the safe
path or" evolution, not revolution, aud
that all should recognize thc fact that
it is the first duly of every man and
woman to devote their best thought
and cm-rgies in the direction ol* llic
highest possible maximum of productive  cll'orl.
For '^alc by all Dealers
Douglas &  Company,  Napanee,  On':.
The Crowded Hour
The  oflice manager scratched
head in bewilderment.
'T .can't- figure-it out," he mused.
"All thc men want thc last two weeks
of June  for  their vacations."���Judge.
The a'tteniioii of all Canada is fo-
cussed fin the cily of Winnipeg, which
since May' 15 has been iu the throes
of thc greatest industrial strike ever
known in tlu hitioi \ oi ihis 1 h>- j
mmiou      lhc si.,U had it, ouuii. ..J Government Ha* Appointed Comniib-
Arctitr .Regions as
A Grazing' Country
tcnsibly   in   the.   failure   of
sion  to Inquire  Into Possibilities
Ottawa, Out.���-Largely through  Ihe
trades    employers    to    recognize,    the
metal trades council, representing   the
metal   trades   workers,   and,   in   order)
to assist  these  workers in  their light j ��'��s-*������.    consisting  of  the    explorer
for recognition, a general sympathetic.)
strike of all workers iu Winnipeg was j
called   by  the   Winnipeg  Trades  and
I representations of .\[r.  V. Stefansson,
the government lias .appointed a com-
Domuuon   K..d\\.i_\   Commission, J. S
McLean  and   I'.   15.   Ifarkiu.   coiuinis-
Often as Serious as the Disease Itself
How to Get New Health ���
There are few homes in Canada that
were, not touched by lhc sorrow that
trailed in the wake of the Spanish
Influenza epidemic. Estimates of thc
loss of life caused by this epidemic
show thai it was almost as great as
the losses caused by the war, and
these take no account of tlic baneful
aftcr-cirects which arc sometimes as
fatal as thc disease itself.
Victims of the disease aa- geucrallv
left with    impoverished blood,   and a
weakened  system,     lu  this  condition
they are exposed to many dangers unless   precautions  arc   taken   to  enrich
the  blood and  strengthen   Ihe   nerves.
The debility that     invariablv  follows
iiillncni'.a  is not a disease of auy or-
ltrail.    It is a general condition of un-
I fitness.    If must bc met by a riynedy
|whosc   uood   jesults   will   hi    t'lticklv
helt ihiwiig.'ii/tif the eiiMic sv-teui     In
Tribute Paid to j       Explained At Last
Railway Employees' ��j>ny]ne Palni>- ��!&& Has Been a
Perplexing Tree
For a long time the so-called "praying palm" in Bengal, India, has been
a perplexing tree to travellers and.an
object of -wonder to the natives, for
every evening, when the temple Bells
are ringing, -the palm sloAvly bends
its green top to the ground, and next
morning it has resumed its ordinary
position. The secret-, of Its: behavior
has now been discovered, "by Sir J.
C. Bosc, a Hindu, ah authority on
growing plants. By attaching recording instruments to tlic tree,-Dr. Rose
conducted a scries of observations
which show that the palm yields to
thc diurnal movement of thc earth,
and that the trunk is regularly depressed every afternoon and as regularly raised every morning. The
tree, it was found, is really never in a
state of rest,'-"but is in a state of "dy
Honor   Roll   Unveiled   at    Montreal
Carrying Names of Eighty-One
. C.P.R. Apprentices
Montreal.���As a tribute to the 81
C.P.R. apprentices who enlisted for
overseas service during the war, an
honor roll was unveiled at the Angus
shops in the presence of Mr. Burns,
works manager, Air. Muir, assistant
works manager, and a representative
gathering of foremen and apprentices.
Mr.' C. Kyle, supervisor of apprentices, .occupied the. chair. Mr. Burns
paid a fitting tribute to the boys who
had paid the supreme sacrifice, and
asked thc apprentices "to bc worthy of
the sacrifice made by their comrades
while fighting to make this a belter
world for other people to live in. Hc
commended the progress being made
in school and shop, and referred especially to lhe good work done at thc
evening classes, and to thc prize given
by the Montreal council of arts and
manufacturers. The C.l'.R. itself gives
five scholarships for proficiency- in
mathematics and mechanical drawing,
while 380 apprentices get two hours
instruction each week.
Ask for Minard's and take r.o other.
Complaint Against Mexico
Naval   Attache  of  Italian   Embassy
Subjected to Unusual Treatment
Washington, District of Columbia
���Rear Admiral Count Max Lovatclli,
naval.attache "of the Italian embassy,
and his secretary, Camillo Ccruti, have
just arrived i'n Washington from Mexico, -where they were subjected to unusual -treatment by the Mexican government authorities. It is understood
that Count Lovatelli-has been summoned to Rome to make a. personal
report of the incidents which occurred iii Mexico, and -which have been
described in advices from Mexico City
as having been totally, at variance
with the rights of a diplomatic representative of a foreign government.
nan.ic~b^mcc7*constant^ ide:l    ���    t0
set in one dircctidn or the other by
changes in its environment. All trees,
says Dr. Bose's report, arc sensitive
to environment, but the "praying
palm" apparently grows in such a way
lhat it shows this sensitiveness much
more visibly.
Rural Industry
| German Money Dug
Up in Samoa
| Great Britain  Has a Policy of Constructing Central Power Plants
The   government' of I"!real    Britain
j has announced a policy of conslrucl-
this condition Dr. Williams' Link 1'ill
! vv lit bc lound itivalu.ibk     'J hc nus-don j "ig ceuii.��l puvvn   plants al sli.itegic
���of this uiedieiiie  is lo .nuih llic !.lo"d ' points    thiotujhuiit    thc  countrv     foi
and   this   mu,   nd   blood   ci '!:.<���   i<-'
mowed   he.dlli   and   -tun.lli   l>   n.'n
pan  Ot   the   body      Tin   ci��e  ot   Mis  i , ! under a linnse in Getm-m Sn���m
'tlic  opciation     ot     small     unlit ultial   llnm r ,l "ol,sc ,n l,cil,'ai1 S!lraoa
jtrLOige      Loudi r,      Hamilton,      Out.
Labor Council.
'flic claim of the. strike leaders is,
therefore.-lhat they arc. lighting for
. recognition of the right oi labor to
organize, to engage ih collective bargaining, and for a living wage for all
workers. Hur lhcir actions belie their
The right of. labor lo organize in
craft unions, to engage iu collective
bargaining as it has always been understood in the past through such
unions, and to a living wage, is not
'denied nor challenged. On the contrary, it is frankly and openly admitted. .
I_!ut certain revolutionary leaders
who havc succeeded iu obtaining the
upper hand in labor circles iu Winnipeg now insist that collective bargaining shall be understood as meaning!
lhc right   of all  workers  to organize]
sionei'Tof  the Dominion-parks,  lo in-1 proves the value of Dr. William
generating   electricity  in   large   units,
which is much more economical than
ie operation    ot
quire into thc possibilities of the Arctic and sub-Arelic regions as a grazing and food-producing country.
It: will be remembered that before
the Senate recently, Mr. Stefansson
referred to the huge herds of reindeer
and nuisk-ox in northern Canada aud
the enormous grazing lauds which hc
estimated as covering at the least
1,000,000 square miles.        ���'
Reported That thc Amount Actually
Buried Ran Into Thousands
Honolulu, Hawaii. ��� Richard H.
Trent, representative here of the alien
enemy property custodian iii Washington, Distnct of Columbia, has le-
ceived advices lhat about $600 worth
of'German moucv had been   dug   up
' The
,,   ,      , i i      i i     , i ir. 11-'";'1 ch "US being continued foi moic,
Pink   plant"     I Io\d Cicoic-e, iu  lefening toi.    ,    . * '
\i,.   I,, ���        . , - |n being rcpoitcd that thc amount ac-
-ul ^ j this, said: '
"One ot  the most niipuiLant  thing
jme pale and v e.n   weak     \Iv  appetite j the   government   li.is   m   mind   is   thej
completedv    failed  me    and  lhe least | utilization  ot  om     gu-.ir   iuiuei.il   ie-'
j noise would st.utlc  mo and  make   nic'someis    foi    ibo    mn.ln.-tm., .-o pI....I:>',IU0'1>  man>' ^'eunui
'civ      I vas uudei a doctoi's cue  and
ifmallv lie advised mc to take Dr. Wii-,    .,, , , ,    .    ,        . ,
! I'ills   in   cases"    of  Ibis  kin
Louder'says: "I had a very severe attack o,f Spanish influenza,  which  left
Canadian Flax
i Hams'  Link Pills, and  i had not been j
! taking them long before.   I could, tell |'
: thcy  -were'helping*" inc."    I   used, altogether nine or ten-boxes and am now
j feeling as  well  as  ever   I  did  iu  my
| life. .   I  believe if it had not beeu  for
lee.n a chro-   phcrc'
] Uially bin icd tan inlo thousands.
When the    Ncw   Zcalandeis    vvcrc
preparing    to    move    upon    Gern,an
.      i Samoa,  many Genu in  ic&ideuls    left
pioduetioti ot ch'e.-i J
,.    Apia and  moved to   Pago 1 ago,  thc
hii . .    ,      ,.  .     ,   ,
j mam port ot  the   United  D'.ales pos-
great scale
created so thai workmen should find
remunerative 'employment' under
condition^ when lliev can bung up
tluu child: c ti iu the licaHluei atiiios-
of  thc country
Outlined in a Statement Issued by thc
Canadian Trade Commission
Canadian llux: opportunities are outlined in- a statement ��� issued by the
Canadian Trade Commission, Ottawa,
a body appointed to foster all classes
of trade- and production in thc Do-
in One Big Union and to compel all f" minion, which is taken from a Britisii
employers of labor lo deal 'with .that)banking review of the flax: industry,
union    rather    than vvitli   .the    craft  It slate's:       ~ ^ ' .
-.unions-to which: lite-men.,they employ Jj-: "Before' tlic war...Russia, which'.then
belong.'; And "in -paler. t.o.: enforce "this  produced about60G,(K)0.lans ofilax, or
.���"revolutionary ;'cluti^^
.Aei people ;^fjal lyiu^
>v:en04ie;- ��� )\ e'efossae i cs^/'tVi-? "I ,isxj ��Y; i it i-:V':l_i ��5^ V-i*Vv * 0vp"\^-^iMiL"O--" 1 i���si s">��\ U t vi-rWl l_SV""':_s" tr'fciv^ t H^f-
X^\X-yyy:yiyy:yyxXXyyxyyxX;y-;Xy;i /.:':!eiic(i;t(Ve -British- pi::0ctocfi6n..'o;f';il:ix:^"--:
^AThcv6sfabitsliinciit-:..;oL liic- C)7ue- JBisi'\i'XX'.-. "Xryyy Z'-yyiX XX" iXZXiX-iZXy-ri
:;it;: s:tau<%;: f 0 rv;;; 1 iiclu^li^:
' aji^a'ftoiv;:pf; :in:':iii;di^l^
trical power'scheme would also assist
111 cheapening and uu'iinising the tfli
ciency of our town industries, so as to!
I these -pills 1 would have
nic. invalid "
'such   piouf  as   tlu^   niust   be  iulei-
^.sting lo cm iv one who siilieud fiom
an  attack of influenza, and  who  still
t\el  in anv   u.iv   weakened as the 1 c-   tucicasc the output, diminish lhc cost,,A1iJed p
J suit of the trouble,    ft points the way '      ���  ���'     ���        	
!o ncw   health  and  <=tiumlh,     and  if
vol 1   au    one   ot    tin    sulTeiei.s    v oil 1	
.should .nail vouisclf    of    this    inedi-j
��� cine al  once.    Vou can git  Di.  Wii-|      Colds Ctuse 'Gup and Influenza
inns'   Pink   Pills tlnough  anv dealer [LAXAirvr.   CROMO   QUINUM:    1 .l-lets
session.    It was kno'.Mi tliat thcy took
vvitli thcin    large amounts    cf inoncy
and other valuables. "When the. United
States entered thc  war    and-German
,      ipiopertv  vvas su/id, Ihe   money   v .us
A gieat elet-i    .        " ���.
0 .    I nusstng
Establish New Republic
'and thus enable.all classes inteicstcd
Jin production to benefit."
liii medicine, or by mail al a0 cents a
ho\-, ot  si\- hosts fot ��2 s(), fiom The
I Dr. Williams'    Medicine Co.,    Brock-
jville, Out,
Plot to Aid Huns Charged
Now Yoik.���C'luigc-, I'aat oigaui^id
attempts aie bring made to poison
j Vmciicau public opinion m Kg.nd to
I L'olnijd. tindii vovei of .'. dclcnse of
1 Polish feus, but in ic.ihly as a move
��� to  .od  Gciui.in.4,  are  nude   in  cable-
giams sluI in I'resident Wilson, trCii-
lei.il PiLud-ki ami  Piiuiiei   Padoicws-
ki, bj tin Soin.lv of Polish [���ULineers
j..nd Mcicha its 111 Anionca, made pub-
* lie  heie
renibve tlic c:iuse.
mo Quinine." Il
on   lhe  box.      .!0c.
There  is  onlv  one   "15ro-
U     l.ROMVS   netutuie
Poles Are Blamed."   -
For Massacres
niinistei  of laboi,  told  the  House of
Commons      lie   said   ho   hoped      Tor
icatei   luipioveniciu     bv   tht   end  of
'"mi^i;s^utp_iu%^"H^e:- :a.l.ic iyxy\ et'Ui jrsv:
,:-theS'stalilisfiiucrn'UO'f a^i'>y!four\.:.--AVOrlc
Nol by inotcss of law, but by thc
silent woikme: 01 "Putnam's" arc
coins scpui.itcd liom aching toes.
Any corn 01 wail that "Putnam's"
won't one hasn'l been discovered yet.
Insi'-t mi Putnam's ('in ti Lslraclor,
onlv   2sL ���i ;,][ dl_.dll s
\\ asbinstou,  district ol
��� lufoi iiialioii    icgaiiling    uiinieiOHs
Jewish massrictts m ceutial and enst"-
ein   1mmope    during last    Match and
Apiil, foi warded hy  special   icpicscn-j
tatives of levvisli lelicl orgaui/,ilioii.s. 1
was prcsentcii to   the   Slate   Department   by   Isaac  Sicgt I,   Congicssman
from New   Voik.    Xanies of s4 Jews
vvho vvcrc ntassaeicd vvc.c given in the
reports,   vvhich   said   many   hundicds
more about whom theic was no definite infoinialion wcrc killed
��� ilii
JTvaifevL^oa-ctsi rh iidi-. a;.:coiisidftra|)].c'-ahir
;;acl u al;' p pe ridjpfr^it'ti.d ^aiinsiaC.tlii^pyerr.
,':tui;.n;-;oEVp.i;o'p<irt'y: '.cOnSti.tti-iipu'cH^gpy^-:
'-��� c i; i,u tve-ii f aL ilii t li o r i;t v -���; is^y^l favjiii d t'-vi ir'
������; s t.ri:l<e;- _:.] e.j.idVv.fe:i 'itakc-o iMs_-^e'ry^;;c.!cai:|:
Cheapest oi All Oils.���Consulting
thi euialivi qualilii s 01 Dr. I llamas'
Lcbitiic Oil it i.s Ihe iluapest of all
pupatMions oflcie<l to the public. It
is to be tound in ov 1 ry diug storr in
Canada  tiom* coast  to  ^oast, and all
ftiyiyil?i:ati:Xxi\yjjri^o;^.mi;~^Jfti'^s; 1 ipJ11 cI !1)c>.;;|;jmg'iSt')j:��;v.^A"iSfi
;��� ^tl (ft it:' ;vfiti;,n i:t I' ji: X.
China's Fiist Railway
lhe lii-t i.i'l'vav ni ( lima lun.ut':
li adcis actually u-.ii;p(d 11 e iinMiuit-. ' 110111 ^liau^hai l" Woosung. ,i <|ist-
of tho Dominion, piovmual and mu i ,inci nl i ii vi n miles, vvas opened to
nil i|vl .lUthoiitu-. vvhih then lecog ' tln'piiblu ou linn .".U, lS7l) lhe ni.il
ni/cd chiot, Riv Wm. Kins, dcclai-.tiip���at inst ui>poei (|��� took ppu-i on.
cd  that  thi   ';om 1 uii.i nl  of  Winnipeg   March   Id "      1
"had b^cn   ti.mviiM ni!   fiom   1! n-  Citv 	
Hall  to  the '1 1 .nit ���   Hall" ,      Miluiivh   inbiulid  .is a 11.1/1.  it  is
It is a u voiiitmiia! \  niov 1 nu nt. and , .1   ��t !��� 11 titit   ful   th.u   soiu   millv  <ou-
unfoi itinati Iv, a  l,tn.   1 utnbt 1   of  thc  iiui i s |o lon^t.'Mv.
oryim/iii laboi  unions it,,\i   bcni led 	
into it inuiHinilv .in.I aie I oin^ usul Un tin 1,. in who tfm'k? lu knows
bylhisi im not Holslo mLi uii.i'-. lhe it .di in.sii't sinso uioi.^h lo kuo.v
������anc Kadiis ot  I.'boi  an   opposed  to   that In  doi sn'l
!-:;' Xyy-.-y:'XXii'X^ear^d.xy::yy'xy:.y.:y;\
J' -'3j.';i risv~t:J iiiis J'ui iul-rfi< 1"/1- h o u s;tiiU Vj>Ci> j
xsolisf.-ij;i.y'?p']3.n.d; (ti'JpV;313__^|^^phvtl^yi^tr/!
|'c|> r dj n g;;;t&.;;idvvii:c.s: Vc'CeJ-V CcllfyrvlipC-Su-:''
'j:j>"r;tftii.-p-=-?-JS��^"!f?i'VP,iA->-*^i-":l^.C>-Vi.tt"C*j��=.:".;-. T(yph u:S.ii.s
'^Hinubyfco'M !��s;-,:iii-^Sbu *,:1 f cr.ii.- -
Xox. 1 fc V:; I ��.ii r.ts x-tif;Xi<h 'iyXiXyXiXXtyirXydXyr
 "JJwint^rv*- ;''C.td.<f;'bcirig::
, ^.ytttVtrf.uefiit
"?".__ ci-;ji i'os1 Oi;-:t;: i::t:i_>-* r��;"_ "t .> ;f -X- ��� t_-1 re. J |
vh ii Ua-1 "i t yj > l_n s^
Use Eggs
A  dozen   egi^s  will  cost  about
same as .1 pound of bccfstiak.       1 tic
food value of the eggs is more than ]
one and a half times that of the beef,
and  the eggs  can  be  made  lo  sci\C
considerably moie pet sons  lhan    tht
joui.d of beef.
orces Will -Take No, Part in
Pans.���Coblenz -will bc the capital
of the new Rhine republic, 'which vvas
pioclaimcd    in  scvci.il  Rhine    cities.
Thc ncw government and national assembly will meet there, but theprovi-
! sional  government  will  sit  at   Wics-
i baden,
i    A    passage    iu    the    proclamation
shows the movement nol lo bc separatist   but   auli-Prussian.       It     says:
"Violence from   vvhatcvtr   side   must
Idisappcai.    Thc Rhenish people hon-
! estly  aud     sincerely      wish     peace,
I based on a  reconciliation  of all peoples     That is why it scpaiatcs itself
from institutions which aic the basis
of so many vvais, feudalism and militarisms.      Therefore, it limits an obstacle standing in thc wav  of a genuine peace.
Paiis.���Thc  allied  foi ees  will  take
no pait in thc movement for the establishment of a Rhine  icpublic, thc
I Journal sa>s     The allied poweis will
obscive an attitude of "watchful wait-
How Was He Cured?   -   _..'���������_���.
"I'm troubled'with a buzzing npisc
in iny ears all "the.time."
"Vos, my wife wants an  aulo.!
Louisville Courier-Journal."
Reduced by Asthma.,...'flic constant
strain of asthma brings the patient to
a dreadful state of hopeless exhaustion. Karly usc should by all means
bc made of the famous Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy, which more
than any other acts quickly and surely
on the air passages aud brings blessed Kelp and comfort. No home where
asthma is present in the least degree
should be without this great remedy.
In order to reach the
highest point of perfection
each of the hew square
Royal Yeast Cakes will be
wrapped and sealed in
waxed paper by machinery.
This makes them practically
airtight, and,keeps them
fresh longer.
Dutch to Get Their Home Port Ships
New York, N.Y.���All of thc requisitioned Dutch "shipping, amounting to
67 vessels of 413,420 tons, now in. thc
service of the United States, will be
turned over to its owners in Holland
and not in American ports. The delivery of a nlajority of the ships will
take place with the termination of
present scheduled voyages to Europe
with food relief,with the possible exception of the Rvndam aud thc Hol-
landia, Avhich aic in use as transports.
Villages Wiped Out by Forest Fires
Piince Albert, Sask���Forest fucs iu
thc north have been laging for some
days, aud thc villages of Debden and
Eldred, on the Big River Jihc of the
Canadian National lailway, wcie destroyed. Stiong winds fanned thc
flames into "the most damaging bush
fho of lecent ycar.s.
How to Make a Creamy Beauty Lotion for a Few Cents
Australians Join Reserves
Melbourne. ��� Returned Australian
soldiers have been exempted: from
compulsory sendee in .the Australian
aim j- under the Defence of the Realm
act. -Atuiy-of-thcm, however, arc vol-
untaiiiy joining thc special reserve being organized in thc Commonwealth.
Miller's Worm Powders, being in
demand everywhere, can be'got at any
chemist's or drug shop, at very small
cost. Thcy are a standaul icnicdy,for
worm tioublcs and can bc fully iclicd
upon to expel w'oniis from the system and abate thc sufferings that
worms cause. There arc many mothers that icjoicc that they found available 10 effective a icmedy for thc relief of their children.
Norway Also Refuses
Ancient Chinese Town
Fen Chou Fu Not Immune to Outside
Va en  as  time is counted 111  China,
[���"en  Choir l'"u  ii   qmlo  an old  town.
Argentina Rounds Up Anarchists
Buenos Ayfes���As the result of another louud-tip of anarchistic agila-
lois,, the number awaiting deportation
aboard two army transports has in-
ct eased lo 800. Agitators who arc natives of Argentina arc being sent to
the piison on thc island of Teirc del
Inicgo. The government refuses to
say how many Argentinians are involved.
The juice of two fresh lemons
strained into a bottle containing three
ounces of orchard white makes a
whole quarter pint of the most re-
maikable lemon skin beautifier at
about thc cost"one must pay for a
small jar of-Lhc ordinary cold creams.
Care should bc taken to stiain thc
lemon juice through a fine cloth so no
lemon pulp gets in, then this lotion
will keep ficsh for months. _ Every
woman knows that lemon juice m
used to bleach and remove such blemishes'as freckles, sallowness and lau
and is thc ideal skin softcucr.'whit-
cner aifd beautifier.
Just try itl Get three ounces of
orchard white at any drug store and
two lemons-from the grocer and make
up a quaitcr pint .of this sweetly
fragrant' lemon lotion and massage it
daily into' the'face, neck, arms and
Many a man's work is like an echo
���incrcU a hollow mockery.
1'ans���Xorvvay has u fused to joinjl'eoph   wcie  living   llici
of the in tei njil organs. M3' successful home treatment will be found,
helpful. Scud no money, but
write me today, My treatment
is eiiualh' successful for adults,
troubled wilh tirinpi}* difficulties,
MRS M SUMMERS, Box {?   Windsor,Oni
v liv
'     French Cabinet Lift
Children Can Drink
as many cupfuls of
as tl\ey like.
TKere's no harm in
Posiiim���r\o drugs
to Kurt ihem and no
"There's aJ&esLSort*
.noil Uan
I   tl III h   '   ihlll   I     ipplOV
til   iln    -t< 1 -   tak'11   1"   Miiinvi    mill)
'.ill        M still lint,��        (ill        (\polt,s        11 Oil!
hi uni       Mint'i"'   Oi   (.  iiiniKice  C!e-
nii nti I     i'Id  ih'   othii     uii.,ibi'i��  of
'di-eii'. I,,iis |u   Ind had wilh  nlMisu-
���t.ilivi-  o:   allied  .'ad   "-niuiiil  ��� uiin-
ti.is n    , 1 dint, imp. ris'.rid 1 \ports.
Wheat Crop in India Drops
I     \\ ..shii'gton.���' 'h'li.il   iigut<_s   show
���.i  I..:ji   i.'llmg  'ill   in   tin   )>io.spretiv e
'wheat   c.'��p  oi    IikIii      f)nlj   a   litth
metre tl'.in 70 p< 1 (cul of t'u' .iv. rage
, irop for t!'< last i"i\i Vi ai s is espect-
,id      I hi   'Hii'lLi   als��i  i�� }XS pei   vent
;c'';i'~i <I
2,000 viais
in a hlorkadc of Gemiany iu c.ise   llic I before the Clnjblkiu eia. and _when
GeTni.iu  iKkg.iti.s  refuse   to  sign   ihe   the Maniluis diove out tl.e Mings the
peace tn ilv I defeated  inlets  took  refuge  in      l-'en
      Climi I'u and rebuilt   iti    cttj    walls,
tllhotigli how   long they stayed there
I tlic   Twentieth   (.'iituij   ti.ivelei   who
sci iln d tin. ..nciuit cit %  in a cm 1 cut
Spankiu^doesn'tcurebed-wettiJig iniic.i^ine muluK to tell tlie uadu
���thc troubles is due to weakness   |j,,t thev   ma.U   the walls stiong   and!
I piobably set up lhe gnat, loug-hgged
ihion/L Luds  that  puili  on  litem      In
the gat iv. av   two upnght slol.es m.ukj
the width of vehnkb piimiltrd in en-1
tei   llu   naiiow,   ciooked   stilts,  ,uulj
1 \ 11 v vv hei l tin eiow s, haw ks, magpies j
and  whistling  Utes   build   linn   nests
\u  e>dd,  old   -titv,   I e it   ( iinii     1 11   ts, 1
111 vertlult ss, in,1 .iltoirither    ini 1 line!
lo  oul-idi      it'lltiettif        The   ti.vi'ii1
pliijiu.,1. plu d     .1     ChniLSi      ued(hi!u(
pat i v, .md
ihe bud :���
'eleri.v   h it
Never call  a man  a 4ool;   hc may
.know  enough to icscnt it.
l7aint praise ivill not obsliuct a flow
of woids.
'��� V ' Not Unexpected" ;;,:
Boarding House ' Keeper: XI air
sorry to sav thc lea is quite exhausted. ", - ': . . : ::7:,.; ,;,'���;.' .
Boarder: lam not surprised.-Jt has
been very weak for ages!��������� London
Mail. ~" >
Doesn't Tell Lies
"I hope your litllci boy never tells
a lie."
"I don't know. I do know that at
limes he'tells a lot of embarrassing
U.S. Receives Gold From Britain
Ncw York.���Gold to the amount of
$6,500,000 has arrived here from Canada, representing the fust shipment of
a consignment of approximately $18.-
000,000, which Great Britain is sending to lhc United States. Thc gold
went to J. P. Morgan & Co., aud is
for thc purpose of covering British
purchases in this country. No other
shipments ^arc expected duiing the
coming week, depending on transpoi-
tation facilities.       - - "
This is thc first large importation of
gold for British account since _ the
United States entered the wai.   .
We arc told that thc cat has nine
lives and wc believe it spends eight
of thcm1 in voice culture.
Our idea pf a truly gieat man is
one who has tiavclled extensively
and neither lectures nor wiitcs about
��� 1        F
S ml 11s  two photos; wi  do the.
n st
Ki tut 11 passage s si eui eel.
Wnte     us    early       Satisfaction
i;u.irant< ��� d.
Jules Hone Travel Agencies
y St. Lawrence Boulevard
atop ),i~ 11 -tn e 'l.iinli.i 1 nts
uii'il  is   live i led   w i a' .Iii' a 1
" l"' t'W  '���'"�� ���"
MWUMlMWIlk,'' .'.
Eureka Harness OiL
���soaks into leather. Keeps
water out. Prevents drying
and tracking. Kcepo harness
stiong, .soft, pliable���lengthens
its uicful lifc and saves money.
Conies> in convenient sizes,
Eureka. Harness Oiler
���simple ami con-venient.
Should bc in every barn.
Mica Axle Grease
���keeps tlie metal spindle from
contact with the hub-lining.
Coats both with a smooth covering of mica'and the finest grease.
Kills friction and makes axles
and wheels last longer and run
easier. Helps the hors,e and J
sa\es wagon repairs. Sold in
many sizes���1 lb. to barrels.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the house,
No Security
The Clothing balf-smaii: Here's a
nice feat'.r-. a change 1 oikct piovidcd
���Huh a butto'i to privcjit losses.
-Mr     I ongsufEei: Haven't   vou one
v i'i:  a  combination   lock'     My
k-iov = how to nnfasfn 1 button.
V-   \
' v roni,' h
i DC   =ITf
it trjort.mt to bi ^ur" vou arc!
(fore basking out as it is toi
3011   arr   ris;ht   before sroing'
W.      N.
Part of tbe Art* eoor��e taay be cotrrtd tiy
Mining. Chemical, CitiI,
Mechanical and  KSeetrics!
smutt cswofiL    aamATOi scaesL
Jnljrandan^ast. Decemlxer toApril
t6        GEO. Y. CKOWM, Regl*t��Mi
The "Monstrous Bore"
,     So   lar     back     as     the     dajs     of
(ii'osge I V. there were heated discussions em  the  Channel  <-tmncI  scheme
according to .1 writer in the Star     A
J song tallni    "Bubbles,"    publibhid in'
I 182S, e-ontaius this verse;
A   tunnel  underneath    the seas  from
Calais Miaight to l^ovcr, sirs,
'J h.vt  epialuush folk may safely crosi
by land from shore to ��shorc;
With   sluices    made    to    drown    thc
French, if e'er ihey w ould comc
over, <drs,
Has long been talked of, till at length
'tis thought a monstrous bore.
��� XXXr--Pir^^Jxy--i}^^ y.bii$il  ��� LubriiwvtioH   '. v
"���yA-yXyr^XX T-(^Xi\i0hiXy'ui oil c'ilies. ..... '������
His Fault
Mrs. Bcnhain: Wc became engaged undci the mistletoe.
Benhain: I know it, but I'm not
blaming the blamed plant; it didn't
grow over my head and I got under
it, knowing all its deadly properties.
A long
face Is a   poor advertise-
5m.j.wii:son s*,som A's
f^f A:;CVi'. �����*.��-.
TTfk   .i/rcnra:T3. > o�� v.kk.woop."   ii.
Changes    ~
Not Sweeping
Austrians Not So
Arrogant As Germans
Ottawa ��� The iirst aftcr-thc-war
budget dehveiy by Sir Thomas White
in the commons piovcd to bc one of
thc most important ever presented in
thc Dominion parliament, lt was attentively listened to hy a full house,
^ while many interested spectators were
in thc gallciics \\ itilc thc tariff
changes announced wcie, not sweeping
in character, thcy- weic much more
confprchonsivc than the majority of
the people wcic led lo expect. Thc
western biipportcis of lhe government
state lhat thc adimuisti ation has gone
a coiii.idci.ible distance iu thc direction of meeting their dcpianels.
The outstanding featuics of lhc
budget .vvcrc-a reduction iuilhc duties
on many agricultural implements
. Irom 15 pcr cent, to 27 pcr cent, (the
���rate' proposed in the reciprocity
agreement .in 1911); a reduction in
railway rates on.-agricultural, implements; the repeal to the 'British, preferential rale of 5-per tent, and the
partial repeal of thc intermediate and
general tariff rate of 7'/^ per cent, imposed as a war. measure in M915; a
number ' of other important'tariff
changes, including free importation of
wheat, wheal flour and potatoes from
countries vvhich elo not impose a customs duty on such articles pioduc'ed
iu Canada; a heavy increase in income
taxation, including thc lax on corpor-
atios; renewal of thc busiess profits
war tax for the current calender year
and a promise of a" general revision of
lhc tariff aftcr stable conditions havc
been restored, and subsequent lo a
general inquiry by the minister of iin-
ancc and two or moie of his colleagues.
Thc partial revision 'of the 7\-'i
pcr cent, into mediate and general
lari/I rate makes it no longer applicable to f-ooelstufl's, clothing of various
kinds, leather goods, agricultuial implements, petroleum oils, bituminous
coal, etc. Reductions in ordinary tariff
rates include a lowering of 5, cents
pcr pound in the British preferential,
intermediate and general laiill rales
ou roasted or'ground coffee, and three
cents per pound under the preferential
Thc reduction on freight rates
agricultuial implements, lhc ministci
of finance explained, was brought
about as a result of negotiations with
the i.ulways which wcie asked to re-
elucc their latcs front eastern manufacturing/points to prairie points to
thc rates charged by the American
lines, with shorlei mileage from Chicago to similar -western destinations.
Thc iailv\ajs agiccd to this in view
of the" government's proposal to give
thciii relief by the abolition of thc 7)4
pei ccttt. war duty ou bituminous
lu order to makeup foi the estimated loss iu revenue .fiom tariff reductions, aggregating probably $17,-
OOO.OOP,   and  other anticipated  losses
Dr. tenner's Speech at St. Germain
Made Impression Upon Peace
New   \ork���Thc Assoeiatcd   Press
issues lhe following:
"A peace of light and justice,    and
assistance to tide over present trou-
aic desired by the Austiian rc-  cI'
lie  from   thc  hands  of thc allied  th
U.S. Bomb Terrorism
Effect of Outrages Is to Prepare New
and Severe Penalties for Con-
1 victed -Perpetrators
Washington. ���Investigation of the
bomb explosions at eight cities, which
wcic intended: lo kill public men, has
convinced secret"service chiefs here
that the ouliages had a common
source, and that lliey probably can be
classed as an unsuccessful attempt on
e pait of a s"till:unkiiown anaichistic
, igioup to resume a reign of terrorism,
and associated powers o-vcr the peace J ^ . , ..      .
in.customs-revenue, the finance minister proposed a considerable increase
in income taxation. The normal rale
of .four per ccnl.. will apply to all incomes exceeding $1,000 up to $6,000
in the case of unmarried persons, and
upon* all incomes exceeding $2,000 up
to $6,000 in the case of oilier-persons.
!There will be a normal tax. of 8 per
cent, upon incomes cxceceling $6,000.
The surtax: will commence from $5,000
iii.slead._oi" $6,000 and will gradually increase tip to 65 per cent, cm-thc amount by vvhich a net income exceeds
Thc business-profits war tax provisions call tor a 25 per cent, tax on'
profits in excess of 10 pcr ccnl. made
by businesses having a capital of
$25,000' to 850,000. The tax on businesses having a capital of $50,000 and
oVer is graduated up lo a tax of 75
per ccnl. ou profits in excess of 20
pcr cent, J-ixcniplion is provided "for
incorporated companies up to 7 per
ccnl. anel for other than incorporated
companies up to 10 pcr ccnl.
lu connection with income niul
business profits taxation, the minister
oi finance issued the- warning that'
these forms of taxation might casi^-
bc carried lo a point where they
wouhl piave to bc detrimental to thc
country, lie pointed out that in some
provinces there arc three, sets of income taxes, municipal, provincial and
federal, vvhich -constitute heavj   taxa
tion- Upon
_ Thus. Dr. Karl Renner sel forth
Austria's needs, at St. Germain, when
thc majoi portion of the peace terms
of thc allies was picscnlcd to- thc
Austrians. - .
"Our state now lests in your hands,
anel we hope bcfoic lhc conscience
of the world .that thc'allies will nol
abuse this power," Dr. Renner declared.
Under'ihe terms of the treaty, Austria is to renounce possession of large
tracts of territory, including Hungary
and her colonial possessions. Her
navy is. to be entirely surrendered,
but she is given transit privileges
through former Austro-Huiignrian
territory in order that she may have
access to the Adriatic. As-to ihe: future of her army, the decree.'will bc
submitted later. . Likewise the demand
for indemnities and reparation i.s reserved for future presentation.
'. Fifteen, days arc allovved thc Austrians to reply to thc demands of the
allies, thc same period of lime that
was accorded the Germans, although
iu the case of the Genitalis, it was
slightly extended when appeal was
madc that it would bc impossible to
formulate tlic counter-proposals on
the .specified date.
Reporls from Paris arc to "the effect that thc issue over Fiume and
thc Dahuation Islands i.s still the subject of discussion between lhc Italians and Premier Lloyd George,' Premier-Clemenceau and President Wilson.
St. Germain.���The representatives
of the vanquished Austrian nation met
thc -victors at a ceremony in the fifteenth century castle of St. Germain
to appeal for grace and just and kindly treatment. No trace of lhc arrogant spirit with whicli Count Von
Brockdorff-Ranlzau, head.of thc Ger-
begun with the May-Day attempt to
deliver a series of. infernal machines
through thc mails'" out of Ncw York.
Washington police, devoted their
efforts to reT-assembling fiagmcnts of
the man who was killed at thc door
of Attorncy-GcnoiaT Palmer's home,
while attempting lo plant his cai go of
explosives. Mi. Palmer himself dismissed the incidents today as "utter
failure to terrorize the'country and
stay lhc hand of tlic government,"
which purpose hc ascribed to the authors e)f the outrages.
Government experts on explosives
aflcr surveying the site of the explosion here and tlic partially demolished
dwelling, came to the conclusion that
two separate bombs exploded, probably when ��� the. man carrying thcm
tripped over a stone in the. entrance.
Tn both houses of congress
hers began  thc preparation of
tires  pion'cfing,nevv and
alties    for convicted    perpetrators of
such crimes.
severc   pen-
Huns Must Take Hats
Off to British Officers
Churchill Informs British House That
This is Regulation��.
London.���In ' the commons, in reply to Col. J. C. Wedgwood, who
asked whether the Germans in occupied territories had lo take off their
hats and step oii the sidewalks on
meeting British officers, Rt. Hon.
Winston Churchill, secretary for war,
said, amid loud cheers, that when Germans addressed British officers they
were required to take oil their hats.
Hc sawjio icason to suppose that the
practice would bc discontinued after
thc signing of peace. This wab one of
the militaiy icgulations deemed suitable and appiopriate to the period of
occupation. - Thc i cgulations were
very much less severe than those
which the Germans "were accustomed
to impose in occupied territories.
He bclicvceh that our regulations
wouhl bear comparison vvitli those of
any of thc other great powers 'during
the war. He was not prepared lo elc-
privc  the army of its rights.
Replying   to  supplementary
lions    as rcgarels    Am
crican practice,
Mr. Churchill .said he was quite content to-be guided by the .officers responsible for thc 'conduct of thc British army, whicli was not likely to bc
unduly  severe.     (Chceis.)
Veterans Oifcr Aid to
End Winnipeg Strike
Wire   Offer  to Act  as  Mediator  in
Effort to Effect Settlement
Ottawa,���The Dominion executive
of the Great War Vcteians' association, in session here,' has offered, to
act. as mediator in an effort, to effect
a settlement of the .Winnipeg strike.
Thc following message was sent all
parties concerned iu 'Winnipeg this afternoon:
"The Dominion executive of thc
Great War Veterans' association of
Canada, now in executive session in
Ottawa, representing the great majority of returned soldiers in Canada,
and having the best interests of all
Allies Stop General Strike
Protest    Against
Coblenz.���A gencial s1 like throughout the occupied area vvas declared by
the Germans as a protest against the
reported launching of thc Rhenish rc-
al  Wiesbaden.
Justice Rests With Allies
Australian Says: League of Nations
Deserves Support
Melbourne. ��� Thc League of Nations deserves full support of the British people, but whatever liappens to
the experiment it will bc for thc British, French and American people to
sec lhat justice is done in the world,
\V. A. Watt, acting prime minister,
i  .speech  at 'the   Empire
t  vvas  brief,  declared  in   a  .speech
however, being only four hours in du-   Day celebration.    Mr.  Wall said  thc
ration,    thc   workmen    lelurning    to j reported     alliance    of.   lhc     British,
their labors after being warned of the , French    anel American
consequences    by lhe allied    military
authorities.      The    principal    strikers
Canadians at heart, do hereby invite
representatives -of all  conflicting interests    in Winnipeg    and district to
accept this,  our offer  to act as  mediators  to  settle  the  strike  situation
in  the- best interests  of all Cahada.
Plea'stMvire reply, if acceptable.
��� (Signed) "\V\ P. PURNKY,
"Dominion President,
., "G.W.V.A. of Canada."
Less Than 80,000 Overseas
London.���There are less than S0,000
Canadians now awaiting repatriation.
Over 54,000 sailed during thc month
of 'May. The last units of the fourth
division sailed'oii the Ol
lympic on
nations  was
individuals    and business! man   delegation, attempted   at   Ver
G.W.V. Would Probe     *.
Labor Unrest
Suspicion That Workers Are Being
Systematically,Robbed By
Toronto. ��� An immediate effort lo
reach the solution of the labor unrest
manifest throughout the "country is
demanded by thc provincial executive
of thc Great War Veterans' association, which has been in session here.
Thc executive calls for "drastic steps
to deal with the labor, food and clothing .situation by the present cabinet."
The unanimous opinion of thc executive was that their efforts to find
Employment for returned " soldiers
were fruitless because of thc labor unrest. This unrest, thc executive bc:
lieves, is largely due '"to suspicion
lhat the workers arc being systematically robbed by profiteers."
-The executive calls for a solution
of the high cost of living. It asks for
representation upon-any committee
which is chosen for investigating thc
Austria Is Apathetic.
Willing to Accept Conditions as Laid
Down and Thus Bring
New Vork.���The Associated Press
issues   the following: ,
Like the German government, thc
Austrian government is said lo bc dissatisfied wilh the peace terms of thc
allied and associated powers, which
arc declared by one of thc responsible
newspapers of Vienna to be unacceptable.
Unlike thc German populace at
large, however, thc Austrian people
apparently are apathetic, having cx-
pecleel no easy terms, and are willing
anel even anxious to accept lhc conditions as laid down, and thus bring
peace lo the sorely stricken former
empire, which is rendered by thc
treat.v virtually au inland stale of
small territorial proportions.
J_ Aic Squadron for_Russia	
London.���Col. Collishaw's all-Canadian air squadron for,Russia includes
Captains Knikhcad and Slater, of Calgary; H. J. McDonald, Victoria; Morton and Breakcy, Toronto; Briliall, of
Ontario; Lindsay, Toronto; Green,
Pctcrboro; A ten, Manitoba; Sidcbot-
totn, Quebec; and Rich ford and Fall,
Kurdistan Reports Exaggerated
London.���Thc war office believes
that thc import of (lie Kurdistan uprising is exaggerate^! through Turkish
propaganda. Some trouble has occurred, but the situation is considered
wcll-in hand.���Thc-reporl that a "contingent was .surrounded lias not been
A serious uprising was reported on
May 29 in southern Kurdistan.- It
was feared that British troops there
wcrc in a serious position. A London dispatch saiel that Britisii forces
in Mesopotamia were taking steps lo
check the  tribesmen.
Dodging Responsibility
For Starting Wa
! sailles to arraign thc allied powers as
jointly responsible for the war and
demanded participation in thc-negotiations on eepial terms, marked thc
speech of Dr. Karl Renner, the Austrian Chancellor, who replied to
Georges Clemenceau, thc president of
thc conference.
Thc Austrian plenipotentiary, speaking iu French as .a concession to_ his
auditors, did not seek to extenuate the
guilt of the former Austro-Hungarian
government for "thc horrible crime of
He asked only that thc full weight
of thc piinishincut should not fall
fully on thc little mountain republic,
which was all that was left of the
once mighty Austria ��� but that it bc
regarded as only one of eight ncw republics into which tho old monarchy
had been divided, and that it bc ap-
porlioncel no more o��,thc penalty lhan
il could bear.
Dr.'Renner even went out of his
way to praise tho generous relief work
undertaken by the allies. Thc tone
of his speech evidently made a most
favorable impicssiou on lhc assembled
Delegates of Poland, Czccho-Slova-
kia and Jugo-SIavia alone evinced discontent at those parts of the speech
in!_which_ the Austria-chicf,-by-implication, attempted to assign to thc
proportionate share of thc
It was 'evident, however, that Dr.
Rentier hail been carefully studying
the proceedings of thc intcr-allicd
conference, and hc adapted.his utterances to thc situation.
welcome in Australia.
A  pledge of Austialia's loyalty    to
were railway eniplovecs ,md the sli eel I tlic mother country was to be  found
car workers at Treves and Coblenx.    ym il1(; stress and sacrifice of lb
When   the   news   of   lhe   strike  bc- jjle pointed out, adding:
came known,     word    was    sent    thej     "Never has there b
leaders   that  unless. the  Germans   rc-i]O0bl.|v
turned to work by 1 o'clock the lead-'
ers  anel all  the  other  .strikers  would I hut tlow
bc'deported    into    sections of    Gcr
many unoccupied    by    allicel
Value of Experience
thc average man could live his
life ovci he would probably-be a bigger fool than ever.
cil lop
I Kinpire.    There was
titer as
ie war,
a. nation so
the Eritish
organic tic,
that wc have been admitted
as  partners  al  thc  peace table,  it is
tioops. lom- duty not only as Australians, but
The iuter-allicd    lailwaj'.commission
reported that all the workers had re-
advantages in
Silesian coal, iron and zinc, sufficient
to carry on industries anel aid in paying the indemnities.
The experts presented tables showing thai the treaties' cession of' Silesia and thc Saarc region has resulted
in reducing Germany's coal by 31 per
cent., iron 74 per cent, and sdnc SO per
cent., and it is to offset these reductions that it is proposed lo establish
an economic exchange without modifying Polish political control.
Thc general "-situation within the
council is described as tending more
towards7modification of the detail?
of the German treaty, without affecting the fundamentals. M. Clciuen-
ccau's position in this respect i.s believed to be approaching that of Premier Lloyd George and President
Wilson, as M". Clemenceau's close associate, M. Loucheur, has been conferring with the British and Amcii-
can experts concerning the provisions
on which, modifications have, been
proposed.  >
Murderous Italians
i wo
las Britishers, to do everything in
iour power lo help in the solidification
turned to lhcir jobs. Newspapers in land thc making permanent of the
Coblenz printed stories denying thc j partnership. For our ,scJf-pieserva-
birth of thc German republic at Wies
baden, and asserting that the report
vvas an effoit on thc pait of certain
Germans to mislead thc population of
the Rliiueland.
lion    we   depend   on thc pailnership
vvilh the mother countrv."
;ni a
Alien Property
Germans Declare American Property
Is Practically Intact   '
Paris.���Thc subject of German properly in the United Stateb and American properly in Germany is receiving
careful attention of experts, preparatory to an exchange of notes determining the situation.
German property in thc United
States, outside of ships, is estimated
at $450,000,000. American property in
Germany is estimated at $150,000,000.
Thc Germans declare the American
properly is practically intact. Apparently thcy arc disposed to return it, if
the United Slates will adopt a similar
While recognizing the principle of
inviolability of private'  property,   thc
Petrograd Threatened
Enemies of Bolshevism Are Moving
Against the City
Omsk.���A Bolshevist dispatch from
Moscow, dated May 24, gives thc text
of a proclamation of thc executive
commission of the Bolshevist party as
"The Pctrograd front, until recently, was for us a matter of secondary importance. During the last
days the situation has changed entirely. The enemies of Bolshevism
have decided to take Pctrograd, and,
the Finnish and Esthonian White
Guards, as well as troops of General
Udenie-h, Col. Belokhovclch and Gen.
Koelziaftkc arc moving against the
"This unexpected attack has
brouqht about .great dcmoralisatioti
in our ranks. Every minute counts.
All of us must rise lo defend Pctrograd.'^     	
An unconfirmed repoit has reached
Copenhagen that Pctrograd has been
captured  by   Finnish  and     Esthonian
Austrians Killed at Hamilton,
and Two Wounded
Hamilton, Out.'���Two' Austrians
were fatally shot and two others fatally wounded at the Tuckctt Arm, on
thc Beach road.
Eight Italians, who claimed thcy
were liquor detectives, insisted on
searching thc house for licjuor. Thcy
lined up the ten Austrians who occupied the house, and at thc point of
revolvers went through their pockets.
Aftcr securing $1,S00, thcy deliberately shot into thc line of Austtians, who
wcrc unarmed and who did not resist.
Four of thcm fell, two moi tally wounded, and the Italians escaped.
German Chancellor's Declaration
Versailles.���A member of thc German delegation with the rank of councillor of legation, who returned here
i recently from Berlin,    madc this declaration concerning the peace treaty;
"Wc will sign, despite all, because
we will be hacked to pieces if wc return to Berlin without signing."
Amir's Treachery
Military   Position,   of British   in
ghanistan Is Satisfactory
Loudon.���Rcutcr's learns that the
position in Afghanistan from thc military viewpoint is much improved
Probable developments from the
Amir's latest move cannot bc foic-
shadowed until more definite'.information with regard to Afghan attitude
is available, but it may be pointed out
that the Amir's letter to the viccroj
and hiSkOrders to his generals both
contain  glaring inaccuracies.
The suggestion that the Afghans
were obliged to take defensive measures on any British act is, of course,
quite untrue. The fact is thc Afghan
troops crossed the border at a dozen
places and were mobilising against
our frontier . as rapidly as possible
when they received no provocation
Aftcr a casual glance over thc peace
terms, no German should have any
doubt as to who won thc battle of
Jutland.���Toronto Telegram.
Builds Own Hospital
American view is that much of the
German _p"r<>pcrty in" "the "United
States is semi-governmental and
therefore not protected as private
property. , troops
Thc merchant  .ships  iu    American!
ports    will undoubtedly    bc retained.!   ��   1        i i    ���    .        T     I ' two t��!'
The first plan-was to offset their value'  ASKS   AORHSSIOn   10  L���agU8  harden,'
Postal Employees
Are Discharged
Ot_tawa,_ Ont.__-���_ 'Tha,t_lhc_government is determined not^ to reinstate
post office employees who went out
on a symprlhcric strike in thc West
and declined to return to duty when
requested to do so, seemed clear in
grams sent by Sir Robert
one  to   R.  Sincks,  sccrctary
against the American share of repara-1   ���   - ,,
lions, but it is proposed now to p,JllBBnbourg  Wish Thcir Country to�� J�� C"lral ^ ��"-������*, <*1
chase the ships, the purchase, price b
ing utili/cel by Germany to meet rc
Berlin.���(Associated Press.)���Prof.
Hane Delbrucck, General Count Max
Montgclas, and Professor Weber,
German experts at Versailles, have
drawn up a long memorandum on thc
- question of responsibility of the war,
which will be presented as a reply lo
thc entente commission's report on
the subject.
The memorandum argues thc    nc-
- ecssity .of submitting the question to
an impartial commission for investigation, and denies there was-any secret
plot between Berlin and Vienna to
destroy Serbia.
It says that thc German government could not accept the efforts of
Sir Kdward Grey, the British Secretary for Foreign Affairs in 1914, who
offered to mediate, because it doubted his powers to check thc warlike as-
vhations of Russia. Emperor Nicholas' proposal to refer thc dispute to
The Hague also failed, it is said, because on thc same day thc proposal
was made the mobilization of thirteen
army corps was ordered. Russia's
imperialist policy, thc memo argues,
made war with Germany inevitable.
It says that Germany's war against
France was one of defence and admits
that Germany's naval policy was of
such a nature as to arouse the distrait of Grot Britain.
Canada's Status
In League of Nations on a Par With
Smaller States of. World
London.���Replying in thc House of
Commons to Mr. Xorton Griffiths, Rt.
Hon. Bonar Law, government leader
in the House, stated the government
intended lhat representation of the
Dominion1? in the; League of Nations
should bc as full as that of thc smaller s'ovcreigu nations.-Rcprcscntativcs
of the Dominions would bc eligible
for appointment to the
council on thc-sauic .term*
members of thc League.
Village's   Only  Physician   Constructs!
Building Alone
Ha-tiug���oil-Hudson, N.V. ��� Hast
ings-ou-Ihtdion's  only hospital,  l���,'ih ' .     ,.
��ith  his  own   hands  by  the  village's!      S
only doctor, has hem completed and'
opened.      Ils    builder,    Dr.    Geiiney
Ji'iiks,  spent   three years  in   its  construction  aftcr  failing  t<,   raise  fluids
for the work.    He did thc entire
Disallow Women in Synod
Remain Autonomous
.    Luxembourg. ��� Secretary of State-
| Renter read in thc chamber of depu-|
tics a letter  froi
J uniting a  Li'.\embouig delegation  to
 ��� iconic to  Paris,    lie saiel  lhe govern
Fear if  Women  Attended  "lfnl w:ib r(';ltb' t�� leave at once for
.  , . vote, declare*
J��b ���   ,,
Imiiwlf, excepting for the occasional !!,"0W W��nKMt
as Delegates It Would Drive
Away Men ';
Kingston, Oiii.���Thc    Ontario An-
���glican    synod, by an     overwhelming
against a  proposal    to!
to attend  a�� delegates
Sincks to thc premier conveys a long
resolution     passed     by  the   Brothcr-
,,. ���   ,    ,  tl ., ,        .-    ���   . \i   , ! hood of Dominion Lxprcss cmplovce.s
Pans lo tell thc peace conie/ence that'        ,        . , ' '    -
,, ,-i i ��� ,    .;   ���   I condemning    thc    announcement    bv
the people oi Luvembourg wish   their',. I=
country to remain autonomous and lo
conclude    au    economic    union    with
France    or Brh;ium,    oi   if lhat  was
found impossihh   to open negotiations
- --It is-dcsirabJe thal~yonr attention-
should bc called to^ facts Avhich your
committee has not taken into consideration. The government has always been prompt to give its best
consideration to thc demands of all
public servants. In doing so it ha��
no purpose to serve other than the
public interest. It can only act. under the mandate of the people's representatives in parliament and always as trust and guardian of the
(public interests. - The postal employees were bound by obligation and
by oath faithfully to serve thc people
of Canada. Thcy went out on strike
in Winnipeg, not in respect of any
giir-vance of their own, but in "alleged
Postmastei-GeneralBloLdiu, thatpos-|s-v,llIwtl!>- with  ""I'loyccs of  private
ry, and thc other to V. Hollings-
| worth, hOor��:tary of the Alberta Meth-
;odist co:i;< .-encc.
The     prime     minister's     telegrams
-.,     ...  -������,..,"     i wcrc  in   rcplv   to   messages   received
Prciielcnt Wilson!.      .. - b
' by  hi
message     from   Mr.
is    other
Wish to Join Sweden
Stockholm.���Thc Landsting of thc
Aland Islands has sent to ihe Peace
Conference a resolution demanding
the reunion of thc Aland Islands with
Sweden. Thc resolution was adopted
unanimously at a meeting of delegates
at Marichanin.
lie addrel that lite novc-iuiu-nt
also'askeel that Luxembourg be
milted'to the League of Nations.
handling of a heavy beam when a ins lTI,C atlitm!c oi Ul'>SC ��M,0����� to the i nitIl,.ll.R,SC U%<> c��"��u^ " l��'��n the
scrby was called in to help.  ' 'r"���'"-"' "" "���.-..-    ���<      -      audition
The hospital j,�� two storej.s, fully
equipped with wards, operating room
and all modem appliances.
- Dr. Jenks culislcel as a surgeon for
overseas service when America entered the war, hut the people of the village petitioned Washington for his return. Ho was sent back over his protest.
piopo.sal wa.s that ii women-delegates
j wcrc    allowed, many    men would bc
(inclined    to absent themselves    from |
'meeting*,    knowing   that   thcy could!
count on thc women to be present.      '
Bishop Bidttell  took thc view that j
while  the church    would  benefit  by j
bavin? women drlrp-iirs     ?�����    ��-��..i i   'll
employees on strike shonhlbe con-
sidercel dismis^d.
The telegram concluded:
"The " central     strike      committee
I notes   in   passing  that   the  Dominion
, lo-v eminent, aftcr having    been    ap-
was ,   , ���      , - ...
.  j pealed   to  lo  settle present  cums  in
Afghan Leader Appeals for Peace
London. ��� Thc India office makes'
Germany Prepares for Emergency
Paris.���A report has reached peace
conference circles that Gustav Noskc,
thc German minister of defence, rc^
ccniiy made a tour of the German
coast defences and directed the personnel to be prepared for emergency.
Fiume Question Nearing Settlement
Paris.���Premier Orlando, of-Italy,
had a conference with Premier Clemenceau on thc Adriatic problem. La
Libcrtc says tliat indications were
that a settlement of thc Fiume' question was near. Thc full claims of thc
Jugo-Slavs, it adds, probably will not
bc met.
Thc paper says that Dalmatia will
go to Italy, while the Jugo-Slavs will
get the port of Sebinico.
mg women delegates, it wouhl It,IC '��������iu�� announcement:
stand to lose more than it would j Thc vlCcroy rc,,orts ,hat a Iottcr
gain in absence of thc men delegates, 11,as'1>ccn rccm,,tl lrom ihc Amir at
vs hich would result from permitting j rcshav'ar-cxprcSM"S a 'ksjr<= f��r
women to have part in the synod. IIc!pcac0- ask,nj? lor t,IC ��lltll!n- of s^"
Pointcd out that it was hard enough !"otmions   au<1   sl!,t,,HJ   !,c   3,:ls   i>l"
gct men  to attend now; it would' slrllC-tc<1   l,,f   ^fgll:tn  commandeis   to
bc  harder it  women  wcrc admitted
Only acven voted for thc women.
Dutch Need to Concessions
a manner satisfactory to labor, has
answered thc appeal by taking up an
antagonizing!}- retaliatory attitude.
Thc pcople'V government is once
more asked lo stand behind thc people, not against thcm."
Thc telegram from lhc Alberta
Methodist conference covered a resolution passcel by that body, expressing
the view'lhat thc action of'the government
companies. They were given throe
days within which to return to their
duty, and thcy wcrc distinctly inform
cil lhat thcy must make a choice between elircctions received by thcm
from the strike committee and tlu-
duty which thcy owe to thc people oi
Canada. Some of thcm . icturned
Those who persevered in the strike*
took their course deliberately an-]
with full notice of the consequence-
which would-inevitably follow.
"In other western cities bcfoic any
strike took place a most distinct ar-!
(positive intimation    was     given     to
j postal employees   that   abandonment
of thcir public duty, obedience to tl.e
Norway Also Refases
Paris.���Norway has refused lo join
iii a blockade of Germany in case   thc
German delegates refuse to sign thc
peace treaty.
Paris.���In the revision of the treaty
of 1839 dealing with thc status of Belgium, including her boundaries as affecting Holland, thc council of foreign ministers of thc peace conference
j has adopted the principle that Holland
'shall not have to make territorial concessions. It appears that Holland is
willing to grant Belgium certain
rights the Bcfguus arc demanding.
These rights have fo' do with waterways.
cease hostilities.
Receive German Protests
Paris. ��� Count Von Brockdorff-
Rantzau, head of the German peace
delegation, has scnUa formal letter of
protest to thc peace conicrence, complaining tliat thc armies of occupation
in Germany arc arbitrarily protccting
and favoring thc individuals who arc
attempting to establish a Rhenish republic. Thc protest adds that the armies are also preventing thc Germans
from manifesting counier-fccling.
cannot but    perpetuate ra-]directions   of   another  author;^-   r,- ',
ther than alleviate  thc social unrest,'participation in  a sympathetic "s:ri' '
and t<3 bc subversive of the principles [would mean    their permanent  rctt;- -
enunciated by thc commission onja-jment   from   ihe  public  service     Tl-
jbor legislation accepted by thc peace [people of Canada cannot tolerate t'-
W.     N.      U.      1267
conference, in the preparation or
which Sir Robert Borden is said to
havc had a leading part."
The telegram called upon the government to repeal its action and expressed thc opinion that employees of
governments, municipal, provincial
and federal, must bc guaranteed the
right of effective protest " against
wrong conditions.
Sir Robert Borden's reply   lo   the
secretary of the   central strike com-  lional services,
mittec was as follows: . . (Signed)
proposal that under such clrcuinstar.-
ccs civil servants shall be pcrmittcel
to violate their engagements, to dislocate thc public service, to occasion
intense public inconvenience anel suffering, and to put aside all respect for
public duty. Th& government csnr'U
reinstate men who have deserted ti-ei.-
posts under such circumstances m-
less it is prepared to abandon all effective sltcinpt to maintain  tltc  n.i-
Council of Four
Nearer Accord
Paris. ��� Conference '_��� ���,'circle's are
somewhat relieved by, assurances
from high quarters that the Council
of Four is nearing an accord on thc
reply to the German counter-proposals.
The council held a session with M.
Paderewski, thc Polish premier present, concerning the Polish frontier in-
Germany, particularly Silesia, and
considered the vigorous protests of
Rumania and other Balkan stales against giving the League of Nations
supci vision over thc protection of racial minorities.
M.- Paderewski strongly opposed
any modification in the political status of Silesia, as fixed by thc treaty.
This led to a proposal to grant the
Germans    economic
''-is 51
hd^^s^y...--:yymy^xsy:%rx,:',.-.-...��, ���&-
T'% felt
yn ?;;
IT'V.SIIDiOLJS  Jeminmily    loves    ihe   stance.    But there's many an occidental cos-   ^asian of wraps will gel fanciful, sometimes But of ail places to indulge one's, fancy
orient, mostly for its clothes. G*org-   tumc decidedly more striking "for a dash of   almost to the point of being bizarre.    And   *or &e pictuiesque-in clothes, what more"
eousness of .color, wonderfully intri-   the celestial.    Fancy tennis togs, will you,   so another beautifully practical use of more   appropriate place, and safer too, lhan one*3
cale handwork, Mattering lines make of east- their better half a true mandarin skirt!   One of the-magnificent loot. '
em   raiment   a   thing  irresistible  to   lovely of those wondrously rich orange and Chinese When a graceful black-satin skirt takes
'.woman. - Still, half the delight is in the wear- blue and black schemes, is the skirt shown. unto itself an exquisite addition of silk tis-
tng, so the beautiful problem is, how di\ :de .   Or, pray, what think you about & black sue patterned in gold and rose and amethyst,
e spoils among one's own wardrobe?
and gold   encrusted   coat   with fascinating   then does it become a gown of enviable dis-
very own boudoir? Yellow and rose and
scintillating gold threads, blue, and the inevitable clash of black is the stavtlingly lovely
scheme of the bifurcated creation designed
?cr "intimate" use. -
Yes, if one is to have the inspiration of
It would never do, tastefully, for one to   tassels and nary a sleeve,-tb wrap that sum-   tinction.    Now, there's a fetching idea for   the other hemisphere in one's clothes, why
come out in a whole Chinese rig,  for in-   mer dream-dress in?    Even the most Cau-   the tea hour and for informal dinner wear,   bo satisfied with less than the original?
y .   i - v- -   X~X :\?<X%mi0��r;k
���> - - . ->- - .' - fisafVs
1 :��� '-"" ���. rtyi^rt'-K.
pox p^arrning on -Prince Edward"Jsfdnd!'Th6Da?s"e���stemRust
\g o
Is Cained by Fungus Which Can Siu-
vive Winter Through Barberry Bushes
The outbreak of stem rust in 1916
caused a loss of from 50,000,000 to
100,000,000 bushels of wheal in Western Canada. -.livery.year this nisi
is more or less common all over, Canada, attacking' wheat, oats"; barley
and rye and greatly -reducing the
yield in  many places.
lhc rust, disease i.s caused by -a
fungus which- attacks thc leaves and
'stems of. wheat and other grains,
and produces -masses of reddish
spores on these parts. ��� These si'OKS '
are blown abottt and spread the rust
during the summer. Later in the
season small black masses arc formed "chiefly oir thc slcni. These also
consist  of  spores,  hut   iliev  will  not:
Pre-War Rights Restored
To Trades Unions
Butibh   Government   Bill   Establishes
Labor on Old Footing in
British Isles ���
ej- a brief    debate, I he
House of Commons passed the sr.c-
ond reading of the government bill,
vvhich vvould restore the pre-war privileges of the trades-, unions- which
were abandoned during the war :'oT
Ihc sake of increasing lhe output ct
labor. '
The labor leaders .expressed - their
approval of-thc measure, saying it vvas
a genuine effort on the part of    thc
government  to  keep  faith   vvilh'
German Dye Secrets iNorway To Help
lo Be Given Away .        -n     * v-i       "~~-
Kestore r ranee
United States May Obta'in Secrets of
German Dyes
Washington. ��� Chemical manufacturing industries in the United Slates
may obtain-' from the custodian "of
alien properly in ��� Washington many
secrets of German dyes, chemicals,
aud allied products, il is announced by
the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic
By   Planting. a   Belt' of   Norwegian
Forest Trees
��� Norway intends -to help out the restoration- of  lhc   devastated   part   of
Ivraucc, in the front zone, by planting -
a bell    of Norwegian    forest    trees..
Much, enthusiasm has developed     for
thc scheme, and il is intended to J'-t-
Commerce of thc United Slates Dc-'.'gj". work this spring. Il comprises
parlmcnl of Commerce, in a report j lhc planting, of 250 acres anp.u.'illj--, for
Clearing- .Mine Fields
f.tlack grains.-     Thcy,    how-
fox fanning suddenly sprang into thc
��� list  of Canadian industries, and from
Atlantic   to   Pacific   travellers   iii ..the.
." -observation cars of the C.I.'.Ri,used to
have "pointed oil I lo them fences
where thousands of-rdollais vvotili of
animals were said to-, .be penned "lip.
Companies were formed lo exploit fox"
.farms,.and the speculation was-about
as ^rca't. as "that'in ithc-Calgary oilfields,, '. Since ihc.outbreak of -war less
��� has been heard of this boom,'aiid yet
-.' in" uerlaiu   districts-it  still  seems  to
- Ilourish.    Fok furs are "still.in demand
'   "  atid arc .vvorth"a"-greaf deal of money.
At.the beginning of the' pel ting- season in  191-7 tltc'-number of  foxes' on
the ranches of Prince iudward Island
.was approximately 10,000.' -From December 1st, 1917, lo January 31st, 1918,
- ������ 2,500-foxes vvcrc killcd'and ihfcir skins
sold.    ln.-191S.__ there  vvas a  pup pro-
..'duction   -of-3,500,    thus making'   tlie
numbei' of foxes at lhc opening "of'the
last pelting-, s.casbn  11,000.    Allowing
for a kill pf 3,500 during the pits I ��ca-
'>  son and'thc-shipmcut of a small mini-.
ber abroad,  thc    season  of 1919 -will
"��� open, for  ranch'~l>reeding " with" about
>���   7,000  ���' selected,' foxes - as  a  breeding
slock.    '   _'; -  ��� ,- y"^' -
��� Good'silver fox. 'furs arc of great
value.- Thcy arc worn'by real cjucetis
..- .'ind mo vie'queens. When the daughter
of the Duke of Devonshire was married not-long ago-a silver fox fur Vvas
one of the most prized- gifts she/.rc-
��� .   ceived...-'-,       ' -....- '���'"'
One of-thc best-known fox'ranches
has a central passage ��� through-which
is-carrjed-the feed to he��� distributed.on
either .side and vvhich is also Used for
carrying away .tlic refuse, front tlic
pens. A guard fence nine feet high of
boards.with wire' overhung.arid wire
extending' inlo ground encloses the
ranch-proper. This,gi_v.es' privacy;.protection 'and prevents thc foxes escaping should they get out from the central pens.. Qulsidc of .thc.gtu'ird fence
is a"-twenty-feet watch tower used by
lhc keeper to keep accurate-records
during the: mating season and general
supervision throughout the-year without     unnecessarily^    disturbing     ilie
ever,   live
over the winter, and in the spring
attack thc. youn,g pails of the common
barberry. Al asses of yc-l'ovv spores
arc soon . produced, chiefly on. the
leaves', and they ere carried by thc
wind from tlje barberry to grasses or
grains grown near,- and thus the "laist
started by the barberrv mi reads ranid-
iy-   . '
It  may be   that.the  Ment   rust  has
other ways of living over thc winter
These secrets were learned after the
custodian too*k over-enemy property
in this country. As before 1914 the
United States imported more than 40
pcr cent, of its chemicals and dyes
from Germany, thc importance'of the
seizure is apparent. Before this couiir
try's entrance iiito the war thc pro-
.iS Removed ��� t      , cesses of making these products were
The PuLlicity department  jealously guarded,
ie  (..criiian  admiralty  sialic  that   ' The bureau shows tha! nearly $45,-
il will lake at least two years to cleai;{000,000 worth of manufactured chemi-
thc   North   Sea   and   the   Jkihic. from | cals'were. imported in 1914, not counting dyes, and il is to impress the na-
i; ,  I At Least Two Ycars Before Danger
of tl
till    lhc tiexl    season
minefields and drifting mines. -ylf
claims -that lhc work- is 'proceeding
(with al! speed, 20 units being Qinploy-
ed^on the task wilh, in all, 334 vessels and 14.000 men. It is also staled
that the most important ti*ade"roulcs
.���.-^.^w���>.h.%..i...,__.:___. _ ...,..-,:���....���,...���_w���   ��� ���:;;...,-^.^^^^.^f.i-^;^f^'\y'~^��� <-.,l'',^^���'f-vrrr'!''\Y**':  '--r'f
(1) Coaxing sorae-pups ^Yithtompting morsels.
(2) Blaclj beauties watching tbs photographer. This pair in the
. last three years have produced fifteen beautiful pups and arc-big
' - earners.
(3) A noble sire.  "This, animal is a direct descendant'of a fox..
. whoso pelt brought the world's record price, 82,700.00
crcise and passages ar_c arranged so
thai the keeper can give any. pair thc
full'use of. two large pens'! The pens.,
are divided by double partitions of
wire, whicli prevent life animals from
'fighting and- injuring themselves as
might happen-if biily" a" single partition were provided. The wire netting
runs down" into the ground -about
three or four feet or Co the hard earth,
���vvhich is known as. hard-pan. ��� Thc
walls arc nine or ten feet high and
have ovethnngs of netting extending
two feet on cither side of perpendicular walls"'to prevent' lhc foxes from'
getting out or other foxes getting in.
Thc latest model fox house is a twin-
house, one b'bing the den and' the
foxes.. Lach pen is of a large enough other the living room with a-chute
size to give the animal plenty of cx-.T connccting^and another chute foi- en
trance front outside-''to- the living
room. These houses arc each- about
four feet long, two feel wide arid IS
inches high,' vvilh hinged roof to'en-'
;iblc cleaning and catching foxes.
Americans bought" 253 island\ foxes
in 1918.   ' .'      '.���'���'   ;'J-
Japancse and' Norwegians are' entering-, lhe. 'fox breeding industry'.
Japan look 34 island foxes last ycar
and Norway took-24. Good prices
were realized, averaging'' about ��75.0
each.      - .    ���     ���
A good lime io visit .a fox ranch is
in lhc spring, when 'the coats of the
foxes arc looking at lhcir..best.- Fox'
pups .arc usually born in March or
April, mature''to full 'growth- by llic
following November, and produce
young in-the succeeding spring..-.
grams without thc aid of the barberry
but if so, the way of doing ihis is still
unknown. However, il has been proven many limes that'the mst can hy
means of the'barberry live over lhc
winter and spread to.grains and grasses bclorc it has appeared elsewhere,
so thai the. barberry is an important,
agent in the spread of-this rust.
! affecting  have been cleared.
Thc Hamburger Nach rich ten is entirely discontented. 11 says- that accident's lo steamers and fishing'boats
are of almost daily occurrence. ..With
regard to the most important- -sea
route���that I'ro'in Heligoland-to the
South Dogger���the. Ha nburg-Anicrica
line reccntly'asked the German admiralty if ii could bc  regarded as safe
Capita! Of Iceland
Is; Thousand Years
Is Not Unduly Bothered With Ideas
.of. Progress - " "
. Reykjavik', the little capital of ..Ic'c-
-land, ��� is..'inorc than one thousand
years old, but it-is liltlc older ih appearance today than it is said lo have
.been  centuries" ago. ���   . >   -
' Reyjavik    has never    outlived    the
���rmiiie-"bettleihcnt." -.[t~is\wriucn'~iirit>T
Irregular  .streets,"" its ugly   .wooden
'.houses and its simple -government.
Thc .Icelandic" capital, is not. unduly
bothered with- ideas of progress. It-
docs include a college, a bank, a miniature cathedral and legislative build-
ings iii its list of institutions-. . Jt has
-also "a police force,.more'as a preventive measure than.for actual service.
. Thc most   valuable ' possession   of
'. Reykjavik is its initseum'.'cqntainiug
relics :of northern' history.    Sonic of
���-' Iceland's historic souvenirs havebcen
taken by Denmark-, but the museum
contains'a  number  of.-church   relics,
.  old Noise. and   Icelandic   household
Temperance Alter the. War I - "; To. Stamp Qut'Disease'  ���
Forces"..of Reaction Against Temper-!Regulations- to ^Defeat   Outbreak  of
ance Already Beginning       '��� ��� Hog Cholera IVJad: by
To Set In      1   v  --        p.     . Government: "'       .      .-���
, Loudon,  England.���The- Bishop  of j"  -Ottawa.���flic'  director-general'has
London, speaking at' the annual niccl-i     -     .   ,'      ',.'''..-..     -.       .    ,'
-r i-      ', ��� ��� V-  .     ,    ���. ��� I reported., serious. outbreaks ot    hog
���ing.of London    united-   J cmpcrancc'i
Council' held at-Memorial ll.all, s'aid j cho!ci'a lr?m timc l0 UuX' {hc\ ov]y^n
lhat the   -forces'.'of reaction' "against"! ��f which . has been traced    lo culljcd
set in. There were appearing in - thc
newspapers p'aragraps staling .' "No
beer, no work." Hours vvcrc beginning'., to comc back, and if thcy. let
them comc back, thcy did not deserve
to have won lhe war. If lhc old hours
were reintroduced thcy. should havc
lost the golden.opportunity. Never, hc
declared, had the country, been awtik-
cned -to the dangers- of 'drink as during
tiie-war which' had almost been lost
through alcohol. After Lord d'Abcv-
non had spoken recently.in the House
of Lords, on .the work of the Central
Control Board.-( Liquor Tr.ifiic), . and
'ministcr of agriculture hap; iu view of
ihis - information', passed an "order,
which be'eomes .effective .on .Tunc 14,
controlling, ihe movement of'cuilcd
hogs^ ^ '    ;- .    ��� .    -    '.-
.After-Jnne 14'no-hogs cait.be moved from_certain public.' stockyards",
except' for immediate slaughter, unless
a permit _is first obtained, from a veterinary inspector of the health'-of animals /branch:; " One' of" these officers
will.be permanently'sltiIioncd iii.each,
of the -follovying ���'"stockyards, w'hich
come under tlfc order: Calgary", and
Kdjnontbn,-' Alberta: : St.-.-B.oniface,
j mcnt, he.(tlu: Bishop of. London)-'s.tid
goods, and other exhibits vvhich recall: lIlIlt.,lt; h^<l'hi would never hear'it
the.days of Ericthc Rod, l.Telgi llu'|saill' ;is,,;,/ t!laV |>copU;' coll!(1 ,lot bc
Lean and other northn.c.i.ol. lame.   ..jI!1:u!c sobi:r ])vna of p,(rMa!IltnU   Ht;
given fisu.'rcs hi support of his state-   Man.;   _M6o.se Jaw;.'  Sask,; Toronto,
Out-., and Monlrcal.-.Q'uc.-'-. ���'. - .
German Prisoners Leave for'England! I,rt',lictc,l that il.wouhi  oc a scnofts
Vernon." B.C. -One  hundred and i:,::UUr -{or' bntish   trade ir they .re-
sixty-three Genua'.,   .prisoneis,   .Who L"-?,!,_fc! 5�� tlicy were- and lia-.l. to corn-
pete with a prohibitionist country like
hav<- been confined in -'.he-internment
camp here for-nearly five, years,- have
-left for England hr'cha.rgfc of one officer- and 40'guards, ft is-pVesunicd
that from England, tlicy will be deported to" Germany. Tli i.s: leaves', only
about 90.prisoners-,most '.of'whoiii- are
about .a'month,.
- Von Hindenburg. Needs..Rest
, London;���Field ^Marshal "\!o:i, 11in-
denbhrg-expects-to go lo-Switzerland
shortly, .arcording to.a Berlin dispatch
.given out .byr'thc-.wjreless.'pfesSi He
intends- "to i.aftc a long -rest, in that
countrv;. the message states.   -
R.MAV.M.P. Will Exceed 1,200 Men .
' Regjna.-r-According to information
received hy Conimissioncr 1'crry, the
R.N'.W-.-M.l'. ha*   been "authorized    to
Grasshopper Menace
Poisoned' Bait   for   Grasshoppers
Ottawa.���As    outbreaks of-'crass-
hoppers or loci:>;.-. arc being reported
from- different localities- iu '-Manitoba-
and.Saskatchewan, the entomological
branch .of-the' department of agricul-1 that Franco has regained her-lost pro
ities  should^ cp-operatc. wilii-'!hc usc
Dominion To Get Aircraft
They   May Be   Utilized   for   Postal
. Service-Here"
Loudon. ��� In the House of Com-
liions Saturday, Col: W."W. Ashley,
member'..for Eyldc, asked: Will'the air
ministry offer the. dominions and colonies sonic of its surplus airplanes for
postal; aud similar services?-        '��� ."':-.
Major-General Sccley replied that
the question luid-been considered and
a satisfactory, conclusion reached by
J.he gVvcrmjicnt_.Hc.jvou!(Ljnakc--an.
announcement later.
- Col. Ashley: "Will it be. by'gift or
purchase." "
Major-.Gcncral Scclcy-replicd: -"As a
free -gift -r. to" the- dominion's',-
coloriics'and India."- (Cheers.)
.The-barberry is-a    shrub    planted j for ihc.-steaniship I'mpcratoi', and was
warned against it. . The complaint is
also made lhat the'admiralty has refused to allow a private company
formed for the. purpose, lo .assist iir
the .work, and can .give no belief rca-
ihun in o-iv ili-,i- i|lc company,'
would 'do  the
five years,-and the money is.streaming'
into  Consul  Heibcrg,- at Chiistiania:
The idea is io send, a forestry 'party ;
of about 50, Norwegians, fully cquipp- -'
ed with trees, tools, tents, and stores,
so.as not to impose thc slightcst'vbur-
dcyi on France.      The tentative -<:oiic
for planting the belt of trees is from
Ardennes toward    the Belgium  fron-   }
Tier, behind Arras, wIk-ic..there .formerly was a fine fores!, '���]>;'taciion will'   ;
bc taken-in accordance with-.the- desires of thc French. '���,.,.  '���'X.
Italians Consoled '   X
lion with (he magnitude oi the domestic market for such products that the
report is issued.   .
Iii  his message  to  Congress   Presi-
���dent Wilson-asked^that special protective    legislation for    the new  United \
States dye and' chemical industry
passed, partly for militarv  reasons.
bn lawns and in hedges for ornamental purposes. There arc no native wild
barberries east of'the'Rocky Mountains. All of the barberries commonly planted'are susceptible to the stem
.rust except, the'Japanese varieties.
.The "common barberry has spiny
.stems and reddish berries which hang
in long clusters .on the bushes all'winter. Thc spines-arc usually in'groups
of three: The leaves have spiny teeth
on. the edge and are green in some
varieties and purple in others. The
Japanese barberry docs nol grow as
tall as the common, but.is rather low
and spreading.- Thc stems arc spiny
hut the spines are generally single, although sometimes three, together. Thc
leaves arc.smaller vvilh a smooth edge
The fruit is. red -and remains on the
bushes all .winter, but thc berries arc
single or only two or three together'.
Since it is certain lhat the common
barberries arc a menace to The grain
crops, they should be "destroyed. Thcy
should be completely uprooted, as, if
only cut down'and large roots are left
hi the ground, thc 'shrub, readily
springs- up '-"again.- lir.'sbrnc .cases the
common barbery is escaping from cultivation, so there is'a-danger filial-if;
may.'become a more serious matter to
the grain'crop than at.present. Care.
shonld-"bc taken not "to destroy the
Japanese variety, as it does not spread
rust, and is .a'satisfactory shrub for
ornamental purposes.
son than to say that
paying- lower wages,
work more cheaply.
New  Dominion  in  Alps  Solves   One
Rome.���The Giornalc d'llalia, commenting on thc solution of tlic Adriatic question as il is understood, here,
j thinks it will satisfy thc most vital in-
{ U'tests of Jfaly. Thc newspaper adds:
"Considering the difficulties against
which our plenipotentiaries struggled
in 'Paris every good Italian must,
acknowledge lhat what is obtained is
enough lo ensure our dominion on lhc
Alps and Adriatic Sea.
"Thc solution of the' problem ��� of
Finnic is less satisfactory, but at
least wc havc obtained lhal port,
which gave -such touching proofs of
attachment to Tlaly, should.not go to
Jugo Slavia,',
"Jt may preserve its Italian nationality, and within 15 years freely exercise its. right of self-determinations,.
definitely joining tltc mother conn-
trv."   ' '*.-'-���'
. zxrxs��
*- .-i^-fc' ���
Assails League- of "Nations
Washington.���Assailing thc League
of Nations a�� a' commission of armed,
powers in "a gigantic war .-I rust," Senator Johnson, Republican of California; told the senate that lhc -.Paris conference dared not' amend the league
covenant, so thc declaration of future
wars iwottld be decided .by a. popular
vote of lhc pepples concerned.
Chili Supports League
x -. _ ,v
Relations Cordial With All Nations
Except Peru   .    '
Santiago, Chili.-^-Chili will adhere
to the League'of Nations as it embodies the'principles of the universal
���peace, President-San Fuentes declared"
at the opening of parliament.
He said that thc era of pep.rr ������--
cd by ..the armistice of 1918 vvould be
crowned by a peace Which would
benefit the world.
-The international relations of- Chili,
lhc    president added,    were     cordial
with ah nations except Peru.    J.i re-      "That  coat    looks rather    shabby,"
gard  lo the .dispute,  oyer Tacna  and | remarked' a friend   to    the struggling
Africa  with  Peru,  the president  said ;artist.      "Why    don't    vou    have    it-
that Chili    was disposed    to    adhere ! turned:"' '   '
strictly to   the  treaties
two countries.
between  thc
Too many persons overlook their
own faults while looking over the
faults  of others.
"Do you imagine,     this    coat    has
llircc sides?" asked thc artist sadly.
And the conversation was changed.
��� Little things trouble us   and- liltlo"
things console us.
Rioting' In- India
-' London.T-ru the House of Coin-
'mp'n's at qiicslioh.iimer.Salurday, ��� Sir
Edwin Montague,"..secretary' of stale
for India, -stated-that.'he understood
the. totals of deaths, and injured in'th'e
riots .in India were about, four hundred each, including eight or nine Europeans. ��� The damage was nearly "a
million pounds sterling.'" ' "
When 'Germany took possession-of
Alsace-Lorraine forty-eight ycars ago,
Mrs. Franz l_'sslingc.r gave' lip her
possessions.-rather than submit :to
German* domination and conic to 'Altoona-. . Establishing, "a stand in the
city .market,'she.has -become well
known as "the .market woman."   Now
���: ���yy^M
. 'rjp^
.'���;; 2(y#gf
(1) Oe the Golf Links at St.-Andrew's, New Brunswick.
(2) Picture of a statue of St. Andrew erected on one of the local
church walls.   On the he&d is a robin's nest.
(3) Residence of Lord Shaughnessy at St. Andrew '���
married, in  the. Vernon cainp.and it j ��ocnnt   -to.-a strength  .greater than - - ,,-"���     y��n{-     ,,.
...     * *.- .   ..   ! , ^>,in  -\- . -  f-      ��� .��� nt       i-t-- '   i l nis  inav   Oi.    m..uc-as iouovv.b-:-.'*\tix
i<' <!��:���!��� ��h;il  1 hc<;r will  bc  sent aw-iv'l L-^- ->o information could be obtain - -,.,,.   - . ...
i>  s.i.,1  .l.u  ihcsc win  .>c  sent awa\ .      .       - ,      ..-.-    .    .. (tali -a  pound   Paiis  sreen  in  twentv
Soon -11111 thc camn will bc closed iu  fd-as .to .what liic exact   strength. oLi-      - - . - .-���    .-..-.������ . ;-
Mini, .inn ti i. wiii win oi. oo���� iiy ---,,"t"  '���       -i Pounds of bran, inois en .mixture with
Girl    t':is slic" entered. - tin- parlor);
"ft's so. long since yoii cailed on :nc
that   I.waf  beginning to    lhink    you
h..d fiin.-ortcn'iiic." '"-'.'
.-\'ou'uV .Mail: "1 -a:ii -t\.r getvi-.ig vou:
the force would'bc,jbii.t'jf.vyill-hc'conr
sidcrably,, increased "from - l;200,'-thc
strcngthat first, arranged l.ij- thc..,a;ith-
orities   at   Ottawa.."- -.������'���-;;"-..     ;' ' "���'
Nearly cverybody-kno^vs that,'golf
was first played by the Scotch. A
veteran ���'devotee' .of -the'- game once
iaid' tl.iat" Scotland's   greatest   contri^
. .   butiou'towaiils' the   welfare, of "maii-
ture recommends farmers iii.the local,- -vin'ecs, Mrs. Esslingcr has;-through ler,-k;,1(i x;.;is -Uri- roy.vj .a,ld :incjcnr..ga;uc.
gal channels, presented her rlainr to! c . - -. -.: .'.- ~. ^,' '" :. .-..
a .considerable -trart of.land near
Stfassbttrg, "which belonged." to: the
faiiiily, .'and-for vvhich. she lipids Hhc
title-papers'. If hcr^claim is'honored
slie'.will become .Independently rich'.
of poisoned- .bait in  infested,- areas.
I've vailxl..: Ca;
Poisonous Gas Still Active   .-
,  ifulhoiisc, Alsace. ��� The mystery ���
surrounding^ thc ilcathsof hiinicrqus
horses and'other, animals inVthe. LtU-
tcrbacli region recently, has Seen solved;    Specialists,-'"who inadc a- care.fiil
investigation, have   ' determined, .that
the aniuials were poisoned by grass
���growit  in  regions -where'-.poison  gas.
��� had becit extensively used during the.
;v.ar.    .Although  the gas  settling on
: the "plants   rendered   thcm   poisonous
���;thc  vitality?" of "the  p'-nt-i. t'hcui~clrc<;
; v.-r.i- not 'effected, '_'   .
i tvvd gallons of .water in" which ."two
;i|uarls: of- nio.l_is_.es-'-a:id_ thc .j;iicc"oi
.! three .Ienions.-.' or <irau;as. have.". been"
i.:i.dded.; Sea;ter.-ltii.-iitire-.thinly,' '.Tins
qiuiitity wiU'lrcat four to fivc-icresj
T^iwns in Java Destroyed by. Volcano
. Amstcrdam.-^-The yolc?ho .of -Kaiutj
in Java; has burst into eruption, -wip-.
ing-out twenty villages.in the district
of Brcngat^and eleven in-'.the vicinity
of Blitar, and causing-deaths estimated at 13,000.- according to a Central
Kews dispatch received here.-
Thc volcano KahU (Ke'Ioet). is one1;;aj!0
Bolsheviki Regime.Nearing End
fans.���-Vienna., dispatches- received i-- - - . ��� .-
here through 'Basel, Switzerland, say naS 'i">
the.Bolshcviki regime in Hungary-is
nearing an end, , The Xew. Vienna
Tageblatt; says a c^iriet, headed by
.Ilcrr ^perrriai?;- who..-w-as niinistc'r of
commerce in the cabinet headed-./:-by
Coiint Karo.l3;i, has -'replaced, .the' Soviet,government, and. tliat Hcrr; German has. been Invited to Versailles to
I confer with.the rnfc'ntc reprcsrr.ta-
li'vcs jn regard to the Hungarian' sit-
Both- overlook the-sea,-and-arc. clad
in; a firm, sward of, velvet green.
White resting on the" course" you .can.
enjoy the .view, of the sea beneath,
dotted Vvilh. sailing, vessels'and motor
boats, and little' row boats that glide
serenely over, thc Waves. .. l'rcm thc
golf links you. may watch the -fishermen catch--millions'of sardines: in
lhcir weirs that arc set a few hundred
yards, or less, from" the shore.- And
old men and old women may often he
seen gathering shell'fish on the beach,
lt is a delight to listen-to the continuous-pantinsj-of" "the. waves that expire
on.-the r'cil-lipp'ed hind���tor tlie coast
iine.is made of rocks'and sand of .rich
deep red; and looking on it one might
������fancy' that here in prehistoric time's
-aOiiic.great scainonstcr.'was killed ind
.dyed the. place, whir liis blood.". "When
'.'. gTmi.e-.6i".golf is ended it is plcasa1:'.
not.._epci-lj-; known- X}}Xi. golf i'tb" si/'on" one -of "these .-red;-'rbc-ks.; or
Xycd.-a't __S:; i\ndrcw;.:'s..;:but.|g,itl,cr; bunches-of' lire -'.'lovely"
the Algonquin "Club   came, into exist-: [���
Saint  Andrew's, By ""the. Sea,"  iNew
l'l-unswick, called-  after    the "'.gatron
saint of'.Scotland, is'.'the"   fioinc'-of
maiij families of. Scotch.= descent'.1 atid'
I il -is-appropriate that lhc    spot-, 'thus
i named:should    be possessed of.' .golf
i'courscs  as'.lino  :iS-;inv  in   tlie   World.
Ut ���������������-    ��������� ���
thc game,..and the various other attractions at St. Andrew's-are unique.
The club-house on "tlic-golC grounds
is equipped .with all -modern conveniences;, you may play -.tennis ou .the
admirable grounds at the Algonquin. *
Hotel. Vou may ride in a motor boat
to Deer- Island, you may hire a row
boat; or bathe in thc tranquil waters
ot Katie's Cove; and a game of bowling on. the bowling-green is a joyous,
The late Sir William Van Ilorfte,
one of. the presidents of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, ' built - a beautiful
residence'on ah- island in "I'assama- *
qtioddy.'Bay, aiid his family-still.lives
there in. the -.summer season. Lord
Shav.ghne-ssy, ."the" .chairman of "the. .
C.I'.R. board .of directors, makes his
"summer 'ionic at Fort Tipp\.-rary,St.
Andrew's;.-".ind".-tfikes" a  special inter-
..-. cw
\ est  in-ih.-. progress of. the place.
. .    ;,Bruns"vvjc'k wild roses from thcltcdgcs j  '"At-St.  Andrew's  there .is splendid
encc.in 1S90.. A club vvas" firmly cs-;9r rich bouquets of. blite. "lilies- in " the I s'ca-tishlng/and'a lake-hear atUiand
tablished here in- 1S95> .aud now St.; j-.i^rshy 'meadow's, liv'-July ilie. fields ffarnis'hes some of the best bass tish-
Andfcw's has the reputation of being-'are laden vvitli ? wealth of. wihVstraw'-.Ji'rig'in Canada.,
the  "Mecca   of  Golf.".   rHundrcds   of. berries thai  tenrpt'niany to "-go "berry ' ther   ever" b
visitor? from/Canada and' the.-LVtejl' cratherincr. '".    f      X'    "-',:'\|]lotel'/supplies   howling   alleys, pool
States Jlock hither-annually and enjay..   The cliniate'o'f 'Si..'AiH!r<-w1s'' makes Kahks. English' and - French    billiard.'
the glorious, sport. _ " "
And should the. %vea-
rvcr   be   rainy'.-thc-:.Algonquin
tlic place"a.n excellent  holiday-to-sort,   tisbk
Golf is  an  invigorating, game 'any--1 he .skies'a;
where, but it" is mo^t delich'tful when'- tho "heat ox
played  along the  Sii
At  St. -Ar:-'
���ic coot   .nrc*
of-thc- 14' active -v^lcanoc.s on 'the is-I      '       .;-;'-?.  ^ 1������,   * drc-vvV. there-are two courses, a nine-. Bay-    Tlie most pk'asanl golf' is' "nbtj when yoii go away, iroy.vi it there is. s
land-   of Java."     ICalut is in eastern;    .Don'! -think ��� b'--:'k   Icavi's- arc ' de-  hole cnur-e 2,?00 yards ior.g i-.rid- an. Xd XXi: -n .coi-gcriai >;tt:K^phrre . and i allurement   :alx>"ut"    tft't    place- lha
. Java south of Stsrab.vya...     '. - y '      j jsifabk uuri-UL=. .;        '  -. '- .   .   Ji-ightc f'~d:o\e course 6,000;Vard^ Ion;
-. v ir-j:
Xnd a'bcautiful large casino, for
Those who make'St. An-
sun  is "tempered by j'drc.w's by the Sea their boliday VcsorS
z&s- :6t_'.I'assama<;uod.dy j'oncc . will'co-.so  a second, time, tor
uc;:.c;:iis  Qi  brings you back agsia.-
.��i;.-Vi: rp
T11K     1. ir. ivf r.     (i w mr. v vv < ><��� > i >.
Stops Stomach Gas
Prevents Fermentation
Aids Digestion
If fermentation of food in thc stomach can bc prevented, you go a long
way towards stopping- tlie most frc:
qucnt ailment of thc day. Doctors
who havc studied the formula of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills say it would be difficult lo find a remedy better adapted
to stomach ailments. Aftcr once
using Dr. Hamilton's Pills the stomach is cleared of thc sour, fermenting
matter that causes gas, heartburn, indigestion and headaches. Vou will bc
pleasantly surprised at thc smooth,
casv  wav  in   vvhich   Hamilton's   Pills
and slom-
toric up lhc liver, kidney
ach. ,,
It's really wonderful    the improve-   dc0(1> tllc>' "*ci'c practically worthless;
mcnt  in  appetite,    in  complexion, in
and that thc great prosperity of thc
enterprise should be censured rather
lhan commended. What is thc fact?
The price the government paid for
lhc railway is insignificant when contrasted with thc amount invested by
debenture and shareholders. The railway was considered by investors so
poor a proposition, even with its
"princely, heritage" of land, that the
original share issue of $65,000,000 realized only '16 per cent, of face value,
and at one timc these shares vvcrc offered on thc stock exchange at 33,
with few buyers.
If today the lands of thc company
have large value, that value has been
given them by thc company. When
the lands were hauded over by thc
government for full value received,
and  much   more   than  full  value,   iu-
gciicral well-being that results directly from thc usc of Dr. Hamilton's Pills. They stop dizziness, fulness and swelling of thc stomach,
thcy correct costiveness, bad dreams
and blotchy skin,
To strengthen thc muscular system, to bring a keen edge to the appetite, elasticity lo the step and
firightness to the eyes, nothing can
compare with Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Sold  everywhere  in 25c  boxes.
Value of C.P.R.
Land Grant
and when these lands arc appraised as
a subvention or purchase payment,
they should be appraised at their
value in 1880, when thc contract for
lhc building of thc railway was made,
not at the value given thcm in 1919
by thc enterprise, expenditure and
able management of the company.
Lithuania Wants Investigation
Paris.���The Lithuanian authorities
have demanded that lhc Peace Conference appoint a commission to investigate alleged pogroms by Poles,
in parts of Lithuania occupied by Polish forces.
Misconceptions of the Value of Subsidies Given the C.P.R.
Tlic Montreal Gazette, in discussing
thc value of thc origiual'land grant to
thc C.P.R., says in part:
In discussion of thc railway problem in Canada thc traditional misconception of lhc value of subsidies given
tlic Canadian Pacific Railway persists.
At thc recent meeting of Grand
���Trunk shareholders in London, thc
chairman, Mr. Smithers, more than
once alluded to three subsidies as having a value of $350,000,000, and thc
Toronto Globe, distorting facts and
presenting half-truths, thus comments:
"Where did the Canadian. Pacific
get this princely heritage, of land,
greater in extent than some of the
European kingdoms, for thc possession of whieh the great war was
fought? From the people, of Cauada,
-as a free gift, to enable thc company.,
by providing cheap and adequate railway service to open up the West for
settlement. And have the proceeds
of this vast land grant been devoted
to  the intended  purpose?
'���'Let us look the situation squarely
in the face. As a railway living on
its own earnings thc Canadian Paci-
ficc'might bc able to pay six: per cent,
a yca'r upon the capital actually invested in it bi" its shareholders. As
the most richly-dowered, corporation
ou earth, hy, drawing upon its vast
landed estate,'it actually, pays ten'per
cent.     '- - "���.-    . '.-      ,'���'.'���;���
'.'Almost all of. this vast landed estate came to, the Canadian Pacific
from, the "people of Canada" "without
������th'c payment of a dollar, cither: .in
���acquiring'title or in taxation, during
.- thc l.ong period ' in- which. thc land
lay ripening,    acquiring   value    from
- the labors of-.the early, settlers, who
proved its. worth."'
The'Canadian -.Pacific'did not'receive .i, single;' acre of land from,   the-
' people.of. Canadaas a free" gift;-to" assert otherwise is a" misnomer of
word's. - Thc -railway company acquired" thc lands as a matter of "contract,
-and did not conic into possession of
thc hauls until -.the -contract- was hd-
- filled.-   Thc.'Go.vcrnnicnt, representing
' thc  people',  desired, the - construction
of a transcontinental-railway, partly in
"   compliance-; with    the   'terms . upon
, which-Britisii Columbia entered confederation,-partly    for the-settlement
"" of" tlic"' iiorthwcst,"-'Tand~ partly' to'cc-,
���'.mcnt   the   union.     The'.government,'
therefore, entered into a bargain with".
a syndicate' of gentlemen  of wealth,
patriotism   and.   enterprise,'   to'  coiit,
. stru.ct-.a-'railway   from  .Montreal . to
.,  Vancouver, agreeing to- pay .thciii-for
,lhe work, ih cash,. in-"laiid_ and ;in..twd
partially-built   sections,'-' of "the - liii'.c.
Neither:-tlic. 1110hey nor the land, nor
- ,thc' links; -vvhich. begaii.vhowherc ." aiid
���' ended in -the satin;" place;--v/as a'" free.
gift", It was payment .for "work- to" be
performed,'and had tlie.vvork-noi been
performed." no-.payment- . would- have
- been .made.,,--It" was" no-more7 a free
,' gift- than is' llic money.-a-'merchant
. pays-a- contractor'for tlic erection of
a.warehouse.. The.Glybc. prates,about
the princely, heritage of .land- pb'sscss-
���:-   ed by the".Canadian..J'acific W'hogavc
- it value?   Thc-go.vcrniiicnt? --'No!   Its'
valuV.-w.'is crcaicd by-- the- company",-by
." large .expenditure-of."money,'-by pro-
Heart Palpitated
Could Count Every Beat
When thc heart begins to palpitate,
it will beat fast for several seconds,
then slow, then start to flutter, and a
feeling of utter depression will comc
over your whole system, accompanied
by'weak, fainting and dizzy spells.
When thc heart gets into this condition, you become weak, worn and
miserable, and arc unable to attend to
cither social, business or household
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
will give, prompt and permanent relief
to all sufferers from any heart weakness or nerve derangements.'
Mrs. Walter Greivcs, Apslcy, Out.,
writes:���"]. had been run'down, and
doctors told mc I was anaemic, but
did not help me with-their medicines.
I could not sleep nights, niy heart
palpitated so, and I could count every
1 used to have such dizzy spells I-
vvould have to go lo bed. I was not
able to do any work for eight months.
A cousin of mine had taken-Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills and told mc
what thcy had clone for her. I took
eight boxes of them, and now I am
able to help every day with the work.'
I am so thankful to tell others what
they have, done for me, so that they
may try this great and wonderful remedy. ' I hope this may prove good to
someone who is suffering thc way I
_. Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills arc
50c a box at all dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of price by The T.
Milbtim  Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
It Is Not All Gain
Neighbors No Longer Gossip at the
Post Office and the Corner   L
A  farmer -friend wa?. lamenting to
thc Orillia Packet the other day that
modern "conveniences" were destroying thc    sociability of    country    life.
Neighbors    no longer    meet  and-.exchange greetings" and gossip    at the
post office and the corner store.   Thc
mail is delivered and taken up daily
at  the farmer's own  gate,    lf neighbors have business    to-transact thcy
iisc the telephone, instead of driving
over, and so live minutes suffices for
what  would  formerly havc" taken  an
hour.   More ami more lhc tendency is
for thc young people lo hie them off
lo  town by automobile in, lhc evenings,-instead of holding    socials and
concerts of their own.    And so it is
coming to-pass-that families-can "live
"on adjoining " farms; and-the y adults
scarcely ever-meet, .unless thcy happen, to go" to the same church, or.be-
���lon'g'to  -.the.'Farmers'-- Cilib or Women's    Institute. .'Much -' as- thc telephone,'rural ;" mail- delivery    and'the
auto arc doing'to relieve the isolation
of.'country life, and to. save time for
llic :-.'farmer's,- ��������� thcVchange-   they arc"
bringing about-.is" not .all, gain:'���Sim-
c'oc'Reformer.";" '"' v..' ...
Passing the Blame
German Military Leaders Trying to
Find Excuses for Failure
Each of the German military and
naval leaders, who by any chance has
been or may bc charged with responsibility for the loss of thc war is reported cither to havc published or to
bc preparing his own vindication. Gen.
Ludendorff has an apologia in hand;
General von Falkcnhayn, chief of staff
from November, 1914, to August,
1916, has an explanation ready for lhc
press. Before this month is over
Grand Admiral von Tirpitz- will have
issued his defense and is said to havc
selected as its title, "Why 1 failed."
It is at least to his credit that he acknowledges failure, however much he
may seek to pass lhc blame lo other
shoulders. As for the other .supermen of the Prussian persuasion, one
and all are more concerned with demonstrating how" Someone else failed
and how impossible it vvas to repair
thc errors that others committed.
LudendorlT recently put the blame
for the loss of the wai 011 von
Moltke, on vou l'alkenhayn and on
Nicolai, lhc last-named the head of
the Genua*! military"intelligence service. General vou Hoffman has saddled thc responsibility 011 von h'alken-
hayn. Von Falkcnhayn probably \\ ill
blame von Hindenburg, thc kaiser or
von Moltke. Von Moltke is always
the most,,convenient scapegoat. He
can make no rejoinder, being dead.
Von Tirpitz had no forerunner as
the creator of the German navy, as
the challenger of British sea power
and the father of piratical U-boat
warfare. He. cannot push the responsibility back. And his successors only
followcd the fatal course laid down
by him. So he must face the fact of
Germany's failure on thc sea, vvhich
entailed failure on land. He had his
way. And that way meant suicide for
Germany. He cannot dissociate himself from the catastrophe. The best
he can do will be to drag iu other
German leaders as co-architects and
Ludendorff is manifestly one of
these. He consented to the tenewal
of unrestricted submarine warfare iu
February, 1917. He displaced Hindenburg on that issue, becoming, in effect, a political as well as a military
dictator. Hc had thc. power in January to slop the illegitimate U-boat
activities. He also had the power as
late as April of that year to rescind
the proclamation of war on neutral
shipping, which forced the United
States into lhe contest. But he didn't
interfere. He ��� seemed to have hopes
that a successful U-boat campaign
would supplement German victoiics
on land aud thus help him to vanquish
France, Great Britain and Italy, as he
had already vanquished Russia.
This illusion was Germany's min.
Von Tirpitz and Ludendorff were
equally the sponsors for it. What thcy
write now about themselves and each
other can hardly lessen thcir culpability as the joint authors of Germany's
downfall.���St. Thomas Times-Journal.
Judge Wants Power
To Deport Aliens
Ontario  Chief  Justice  Says Present
Machinery Utterly Insufficient
Toronto. ��� In ils presentment to
Chief Justice Sir William Mulock, the
Grand Jury at thc Assizes reported
lhat the majority of cases it had been
called ou to deal vvilh had been of a
serious nature: murder, attempted
murder, and manslaughter. "We have
been impressed by the fact," the presentment read, "that the. foreign elements contributed laigely to these serious cases, and this grand jury endorses auy legislation to limit thc influx of foreigners to this country. It
is the opinion of this grand jury that
any steps taken towaids thc deportation of these undesirables now within
the country would be greatly in the
interests of thc country al large."
Sir William lctnai'ked that the
machinery fur deportation was utterly insufficient, and added that he did
nol -.cc why there should bc any statute limitations. Kveiy court, he
thought, should h.ive lhc right to try
and deport alien1-. Some aliens came
to llie count ry, remained quiet for a
time, hut eventually their early environment   re.i^si rtcil  itself.
The cereal crops of lhe United
States were woilh over $7,000,000,000
lo the farmers whu raised them in
Under Bolshevist Rule
Aviators Enter Business;
- moting settlement, by-fulfilment of its ,   .
��� contract.".: Before ^ic-steel.!was- -laid. Bishop-Barker\companv,-limited
across the prairies the land'was- ��� not
���worth;tcn cents an acre, because^in-'
-accessible--  for- commercial 'purposes!
'��� Evch'in .1885, aftcr the. rails had been'
.laid, tlic government did not.;place'a
���higher price upon the land.than.$1.50
- pcr acre,- which -figure was' deemed excessive, by the Globe and its political
friends'.',- -".      ,     .,-...'
One."would-'infer frolicsome of thc.
Canadian: V.C.s.Will 'Do'.Business in
.   -England arid; America
. ';Two..pf the world's-.greatest airmen,
'Canadians ��� .both, T.t.-Gol.. W. Avery
Bishop,- V.'Co of T.oron'td, and 'Lt'.-Col.
���VV. G,.Barker,"-,V:C.,.who -will "henceforward make his hd'nic iii.W'innip'cg,
have.'decided-to ..enter the civil'a.via-"
tion-'business," .- V --'.' "',-.-' '   .���""-,
i'lie .new. firm .will'"be.--known :,as the
'   '  " - jj-
is already..registered in .Great Britain,-
and it is the intention alsoto. register
in Canada, and the. United States;- ,
.. Thc company will:carry on a general, business, as aeronautical engineers, and will represent the: Aircraft
insurance association .(of Lloyd's), in
Canada and the United States. Thc
American headquarters of the company will be at New York (where an
Executions .Carried Out  While   Red
Army Bands Played "Lively
, Airs"
Never before, even in the daikcr
days of a world which has witnessed
many horrors, has there been such
a blood-lust as the ghouls of twentieth-century Russia fomented. Where,
iu past records, can wc find, for instance, anything to equal a story hidden in thc pages of thc British White
Paper, of executions carried out while
thc Red army bands played "lively
airs?" One-witness of such orgy has
recorded that on. one occasion he was
playing in. the band .and, as usual, all
the people -to bc executed wcrc
brought; to the edge of the grave.
Their hands- and' feet were tied together,-so .that thcy':.would fall forward into .the grave. They were then
shot.- through, the. neck by Lettish
soldiers. When, the. last-man had been
shot the. grave was closed up, -and on
this''-. particular .occasion thc bandsman -saw the. grave- inoviiig. Not being able :to stand:.thc- sight of it, hc
faiii'tcd, -. whereupon " the Bolsheviks
seized ,liim, saying" that, hc was in
s'ympathyw'ith-.lhc ;-prisoiicr��;. Thcy
were.on-tlic point of killing liim, but
other members, "of thc "band explained
that-he w'as;rcally__ill and he was then
lei' off.���London Daily Telegraph. '
Never Troubled
With Headache
This    Relief   From   Suffering   Fully
Appreciated by   the Writer of
This Letter ��� Tells Others
How Cure Was Effected
South Fork, Sask., June 9. ��� Mrs.
Letts, of this place, has a happy experience to relate. She suffered terribly with headaches, but headache
medicines never seemed to help her.
The trouble came from torpid, sluggish action of the liver, kidneys and
bowels, and when this condition was
overcome by the usc of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, the headaches disappeared, and Mrs. Letts felt that her
health was greatly benefited.-���.
Mrs. A4 1". Lett's, South Fork, Sask.,
"I suffered front terrible headaches,
so severe 1. thought sometimes, 1
would go crazy from theui. No remedy I ever tried helped me until 1 used
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. Since
using these I can say ] am never
troubled wilh headaches now, and feci
much better generally."
This statement is endorsed by Mr.
O. P. Cole, Postmaster at South Pork,
'.Mrs. ]���'. ].. Hairis, Keatley P.O.,
Sask., writes:
"1 was suffering from liver trouble
���had a heavy pain under one shotil-
dcr-bladc all the lime, and was nearly
as black as dirt around the cyesT'so I
concluded to try some of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. 1 did so, and before J had taken one 25c box thc pain
had left me, and 1 commenced to gain
in flesh, and by the time 1 had taken
two boxes,I was completely cured and
felt like a new person. My trouble
was caused by heavy work out of
doors, and, of course, heavy eating,
and constipation. I would advise anyone suffering from Kidney or Liver
trouble to give Dr. Chase's I'ills a
-Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box. at all dealers,
or Edmanson, Bales & Co., Limited,
Toronto. Refuse substitutes. Thc genuine bears the portrait and signature
of A'. W. Chase, M.D., on the label.
Cannot Fly To Pole
criticisms- that    the ' whole. Canadian aerodrome will bc constructed), with
-Pacific system "was. promoted, "paid
for, and handed over.to the company
by'the people- of Canada; that, the
earnings 'of .the" company..belong,   at
a branch office at Chicago. Thc Canadian, headquarters will be located
at Toronto; and there also an. aerodrome will be erected, to    serve the
least in: large' measure," to" the people!'- .whole "^rca" of. ih'e\~!akcs..   The initial
'"" '    -"���'_'-.-       '���   - - "  --:-   ' '-���- l.activilies'. of the  company /will'   deal
with: the', insurance :. of "'aeroplanes,
pilots aiid.passe'ngcrs.v-     :Xx. -'_'������'-'' , "
���:- The- dircctors-.'of.thc Bishop-Parker
companyTwill.; be-.' Lt.-Cob Bishop - and
M   V W-*   EyM inflamed by ��cpo
tare to Sue. that asd ftlni
[uickly relieved by Mnrfas
ftUtxtij. No Smarting^   Lf..-Col," Barker, ;'' a'nd;>,'Capt.':" -H.v " ��..
Aid Students In Paris
put Eye Comfort..,: At
' V*rr DragjSrti cr by. sail ���0e per Settle.
For 8**& *t IS* Ey�� free Write .   &��
'Msrtee"Eye 8cnt����y Co.* Chfc*$o>
Lloyd LottrV-Thc,-;la?icr-_:U:'.
a'r'rpn.autical.'-. rngi^j c rr "'v i'-h'
jnVr r.tiors ~\t)'
Facilitate Attendance of Canadians in
v French. Universities
"Regina, Sask.'���rA'ne\v socicly to bc
known as France-Canada is to be organized' throughout .the-Dominion and
will have a branch" in this province.
Captain V. Balbaud, who is visiting
Canada as -the' representative of the
French government'''and the-Society
France-American;',is in thc city and
has taken up the question with the
provoincial. government. Thc intention is that the organization shall facilitate the attendance in Paris of
Canadian students who wish to study
at French .universities/,and that these
students,., instead, of- going as strangers, ..will. have'; their difficulties
smoothed.out by govfcrnraent and ed
ucational.authorities in Paris, The
same; facilities will be offered to
French-;:sth(3ents .-who wish to visit
Canada1-- and, receive instruction in
such'subjects,as banking1 and farming.
.'"yv.ine"' Lr.fcr," it Is, expected thc society will
sTv* .-ai -f.���:".;.'-:Ji.important'part in developing;
'���' '���'.���' .  ' ''/H-rrlations".;1 .������'-"'���
Plane Would be Smashed in Attempting to Land
Portland, Mc.���A trip lo the North
Pole by airplane would bc impracticable in thc opinion of Donald B. Mac-
Millan, of Frccport, an Arctic explorer and leader of the Crorkcrland
expedition, ���who- recently returned
from Kuropc, where lie served 'with
thc American air forces. Such a trip
could bc made by dirigible, hc said,
but the cost of thc expedition would JJ
bc about $1,000,000.
"I plan lo go up north again some
timc lo continue explorations," Mac-
Millan said, "but knowing what I do
of the air machine as it is today, I
shall continue to depend on the ever
faithful dogs of Greenland to take me
to thc point 1 desire to visit.-'
- "There are many reasons why an
airplane could not be used successfully," hc said, "chief of which would
bcUhc difficulty of landing. There
are no stretches of smooth ire, and a
plane would bc smashed in attempting
to land on the ice and snow.
. "1 do believe that, with a properly
equipped hanger in Labrador for
headquarters,"' hc said, "a trip by dirigible could bc made successfully, if
properly arranged. A considerable
number of people and sufficient supplies could bc taken along."
I, Thc Proper Motive in Prayer
(Matt. 6:5-8).
The righteousness which counts
with God is doing right deeds with
thc right motive. Righteous as the
act of praying is it may be an abomination unto God:   -
1. If it be to be seen and heard of
men (v. 5). Much of the public praying is false ��� when there is more
thought of what tlie people think than
of what God thinks. In praying the
individual is dealing with God, therefore if hc bc engaged in it'to attract
men's attention it is blasphemous. It
is not wrong to pray on thc street
corner and in thc synagogues; that
.which is condemned is doing it to be
seen of men.
2. If there be the use of vain repetitions (v. 7). This does not mean that
wc should ask but once, for wc have
examples of Christ and of Paul praying three times for thc same thing
(Matt. 25; 39-16; II. Cor. 12:7-8), but
meaningless repetitions as done by the
heathen. The reason assigned is that
"your Father knowcih what things ye
have need of before ye ask him" (v.'
8.) God is pleased with true prayer
(v. 6). We should havc a rcal desire
for fellowship wilh God.- Since prayer
is a transaction of the soul with God,
we should go lo our inner chamber,
where only God can hear, and there
commune wilh him.
II. The Right Pravcr (Malt. 6:9-
15).       '
1. Right telationship. "Our Father."
Only those who have become children
of God by faith in Jesus Christ (Gal.
3:26) can pray aright.
2. RJght attitude. "Hallowed be thy
name. Thy kingdom conic." When
we realize that wc have been delivered from thc power of darkness and
translated into thc kingdom of His
dear Son (Col. 1:13) by being made
the .children of God we cannot help
pouring out our souls to him in gratitude and praise, longing for the coming of his kingdom.
3. Right spirit. (1) 'J hat of trust
which looks to Him for daily bread.
(2) Thai of love which results in thc
foiyivcness of others. God will not
listen to the prayer of the one who
has an unfoigiving spirit. (3) Thai of
holiness which moves us lo pray not
to bc led in temptation, and longs to
bc delivered from thc evil one.
. 4. Thc ascription of praise. "Thine
is thc kingdom, the power, and thc
glory, for ever."
III. Persistency in Prayer .(Luke.
Thc tv aching of this parabk is that
men ought always to pray and not to
faint (v. 1). Thc context shows that
prajing should be the business of the
church while thc Lord is absent. Having referred to thc coming of the
Lord at thc close of the preceding
chapter, hc uses this parable to enforce lhe obligation of the church
under" the figure of a widow crying
day and night unto God. Though thc
unjust judge had neither fcar-of God
nor regard for man, hc avenged her
of her enemies. Much more, then,
will thc tender loving Father, God,
avenge his own elect (v. 7). God is
pleased wilh those who persistently
pray, or, as populatly expressed, "piay
IV. Thc Proper Attitude in Prayer
(Luke  18:9-14).
'This is brought out in striking contrast by two men praying. Thc Pharisee's sense of self practically excluded
thc consciousness of God. The poor
publican had a most keen sense of
God, and thercforc-soughtTIis mcrcyT
Thc Pharisee presented personal credentials, while the publican cast himself upon God's mercy. Thc publican
was'justified, while the Pharisee was'
"rejected. Let us comc into the presence of God with humility, for God is
Com By mp
Mr* *
Thousands of the
best housekeepers
have discovered
ihat using half sugar and half Lily White
Corn Syrup makes preserving more uniformly successful.
To start with, the consistency is bound to
be just right from the very nature of the
syrup; there is no danger of the preserves
* crystallizing; the syrup brings out the
natural flavour of the fruit; the keeping
quality is excellent and the preserves do
not have the cloying sweetness of all sugar.
"For better preserves,
use Lily White Corn
Sold by Grocers
2, 5, 10 and 20
pound tins.
The Canada Starch
Company, Limited
The society of ladies is a school of
politeness for men.    ,
Lithuania And Its People
Language Is One of Oldest Now
Lithuania is situated in thc basin
of thc Nienicn and Dvina rivers, on
the southeastern coast of the Baltic
Sea. The*capital is Vilna. Its area
is approximately 80,000 square miles,
the population about nine millions, of
whom seven millions are I.uthuanians,
three and a half million Lithuanians
proper, one and a half millions using
Slavic dialects, and two million
Letts. Thc country also contains a
third^>�� a million Poles. Thc rest of
thc population consists of Jews,
White Russians, Germans and Mongols.   It is said   that there is no trace
Armenia's Claims
For Independence
President of Delegation at Peace
Conference Summarizes Events
Ncw York,' N.Y.���Armenia's case
for independence was stated in full by
Avctis Aharonian, president of thc
Armenian delegation-at the peace
confc'rcncc, in lhe memorandum he
presented to the conference some timc
ago, a copy of which has now been
made' available to "this office. The
memorandum, whicli summarizes thc
scries of events in northern Armenia
which culminated in thc establishment
of thc Republic of Armenia, concludes
as follows:
-"It is this republic, whose government and parliament sil in its capital,
at Erivan, Nvhich has delegated us as
its representatives to the peace conference, and has charged us to submit
to it thc following:
"1. Kussia, in abandoning thc Armenians to thcir lot, in spile of lhcir
prayers, in bequeathing to them a
war whicli it vvas manifestly beyond
their power to- carry on; in handing
over to Turkey by the treaty of IJrcst-
Litovsk, without even consulting
them, thc Armenian provinces of the
Caucasus, Kars, Ardahan, and Kaghis-
man, thereby causing incalculable injury to hundreds of thousands of Armenians," has, by these veo* acts and
of her own free will, broken for'cycr
all tics existing between Russia and
"2. Thc Republic of Armenia, accordingly, believes itself justified in
demanding the immediate recognition
of its independence, which has been
merited and won upon thc field of
battle, and which thc success of its
arms has obliged even hs enemies to
"3. Taking into consideration"this
war, which Armenia has waged all
alone for thc defense of the cause of
thc allies and thc superhuman sacrifices which all thc Armenians have
made, I have now thc honor to claim,
in.thc name of the Armenian nation,
the place^ which Armcnia_has_ justly
merited at'-thc peace conference, beside Emir paizal and thc representatives of thc Zccho-SIovaks," Poles,
and Serbs.
"���I. The delegation of the Armenian Republic submits that it acts in all
its demands and proceedings in perfect accord with thc Armenian delegation from Turkey, presided over at
Paris by His Excellency Boghos Nuba r Pasha."
Below is Illustrated an
actual bibs of Oatelll's
Koady-Cut Macaroni. You
-Will �������� bow cosily cooked
���nd how conyenlent it if In
this form when you um tt.
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OrarlOOappeUilnc. nourishing recipes in our new illustrated book.
Writ* u��.
- Quebco
Another Foolish Question
A private1" was busy shaving himsell
iu the open-air beside the barracks,
when his seigeant came along.
"Do you always shave outside?"
asked the sergeant.
"Of course," answered thc private.
"Did you think I was hair-lined?"
Jiggs: Thc Germans regarded fighting as a tonic.
Biggs: Yes, and found it Teutonic.
������Cartoons Magazine.
Doctors used a lance lo bleed their
patients in olden limes. Other methods are now employed.
Wit withoujt wisdom soon becomes
      - -Wins'20,000 Francs
For being thc first aviator to successfully land his~plane on thc roof of
a building, J. Ycdrines, noted French
flier, was awarded a prize of 20,000
francs. Vcdrincs landed 011 the top
of thc Galerics Fayette, Paris, an area
about '15 x 80 feel. Additional credit
for this remarkable achievement is
given him because the spread of his
planes was only n little less than thc
width of the roof.
Bush Fires in
Rainy Lake District
Between   Virginia  and   International
Falls Gangs Are. Out
St.   Paul,  Minn.���Several bad  fires
wcrc  reported to State  Forester W.   By   Lydia  E. Pinkham'*
T. Cox.   .Heavy rain is necessary to     ~ - * "      ���
put out thc flames, although  al!  arc
reported  "under  control."    Rangers'
reports  say   fires  arc  making  "acute
Several square miles of valuable
timber were burned northeast of Mantrap  Lake.    More  than   100  men  of
people having lived in these regions
Although situated between thc Slavs
and the Teutons, thc Lithuanians are
in no way related to thcm. Thcy
claim that their language is one of the
oldest now spoken' in thc world. It
is said strikingly to resemble ancient
[11 thc  world's history of any  other Virginia and Rainy Lake Lumber Co.
arc fighting thc fire between Virginia
and International Falls, and other
fires arc running between Vermillion
and Rainy Lakes. Thc most serious
arc on Vermillion River.
Declares Reds Enemy of Labor
New York,���Dr. Eunji Suzuki, president of ihe Japanese Federation of
Labor, arriving ijsrs from France on
his way to Japan, declared that "Bolshevism is the enemy of organized la-
Thc- first sperm whale found on the
Califori'iau coast in forty ycars vras
discovered in Monterey Bay by rock
cod fishermen, vrho found thc carcass
off Point Pinos. The fishermen reported that thc whale���which was 65
feet long���had been killed by a species of dolphin called the "killer." Its
tongue had bctn eaten out. The whale
was towed in and sold to a local fish
bor."   He aaid it ���was the duty of the
workiaen of the world to unite so the company, and ten barrels of case oil
fundamentals ��f peace could be estab- were obtained from its head.
lished, &B.& expressed belief that   the
peace conference, -which he attended
r__?[as thc representative of Japanese Jz- j thing except thc fact that th��y d<m't
las thc
1 Lor, w-
ouid have result*.
Some people seem to know r\crying except thc fact that th��y d
Iknow how much thcy don't know
Vegetable Compound,
Winona, Minn.���" I suffered for snore
than a year from nervousness, and was
so bad I could cot
rest at night-
would He awake and
get so nerrotw I
would have to get
up and walk around
and in the morning
would be all tired
out. I read aboot
Lydia E.Pinkham'e
Vegetable Com*
r)und and thought
would try it. My
nervousness soon
left me. I sleep
well and feel fine in the morning anc
able to do my work. I gladly recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound to make weak nerves
strong."���Mrs. Albert Scltze, 60S
Olmstead St., Winona, Minn.
How often do we hear the expresgfoa
among women, "I am so nervous, I can-
cot sleep," or "it seems as though I
Bhoald fly."  Such women should profit
S' Mrs. Sultzs's experience and give
is famous root and herb remedy,
Lydia E. Prakbam'a Vegetable Compound, a trial.
For forty years it bas been overcoming such serious conditions as displacements, inflammation, ulceration, irregularities:, periodic painn, baciicbe, dix-
ziness, and nervous prost-ation of
women, and b now considered the stao-'
dard remedy for such ailments,
i zXxxyyXi^~x!fi��3$3i
THK     liEDfflS      aT?.Tr.lRl?sr\VOmi     u      n
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��� ������������������������^^^^^������?5S 5 ������������**���������_! ���������������!!I5!_!H25!!!5?f5H!" ������*!*���*������*������?���? ���������������I* !���?*��!'
""Pr'n*-"'' ^Qll.*MOlio'BBil.'l.'��":
S5[i,.�� ���*Hl:'?"nos- or MtTfti. -;
Biass, Coppci, Nickel, Silvci ��� m
fact, all Kinds of Metal, usc
Use a small cpiantity 'on a iag.
Gel it "in the big can, at your
dealer's. Will not settle or cake
in bottom of. can.
Is * ������������������������������ ���������������������������������^������������^������.������������������������������������������^������'���������������������SvajiaiS'Bl
��� �������������������������������������������*�����*�����������������������������������������������������������������������*����������������������������������������,���������
��� ���*������������ ������������������iiiiSiMsiaiiiiiitsissiiii ��������*��������������������������*��������������'���� ���
��� ���������������������������NII*HS��S<llllllllll��IJ|MIIIIIMSIS||||BSIIII|lnMl
| How to Cure      |
Biliousness t
1 Doctor* warn against; remedies
* containing powerful drugs and
*' alcohol. "The Extract of Root*,
<B long known-as Mother Seigel's
j Carative Syrup, has no dope or
2 strong  ingredients j    it   cures
/-��   indigestion, biliousness aiid
jj constipation. Can be had at any'
.J   drug store."   Get the genuine.
* 60c. and $1.00 Bottles. *
* *
Turks Would
Massacre Greeks
Saloniki.���A proclamation    inviting
the Turks lo massacre ahc Giceks in
I Thrace has been distributed'at Adri-
|anoplc.   The text of the proclamation
is published hcic.
l~l    General Herbert, commanding    thc
Freuch army, has arrived  here on a
! special mission..   Hc has conferred at
J length with the Greek coininandcr-iti-
i chief.
Mine Destruction
In Northern France
Was Dictated Solely By Exigencies
v of the War
I ondon, England���A Gciman wireless message stales that Marshal
Foch, having asked foi tcitam documents relating to the destruction of
thc mines in noitlfcrn France, the
German aunislicc commission replied
lhat no documents existed, as their
destruction was dictated-.solely by the
exigencies of thc war, and not as a
result of a predetermined system.
Such information as exists, the commission said, can only !>c elicited by
consultation with rxprris-on the spot,
and the German government is ready
to send delegates with such information.   This offer was accepted.
have, a well' deserved reputation as a safe and effective
remedy for stomach ' ailments.    Thej' are
helpful in bilious attaoc?,
sick headache, dyspepsia,
heartburn and constipation.
They act gently aiid surely
von the organs, of elimination, purify the blood, tone
tlie system and very quickly
S��ld crerrwhera.  In boxas.25*.
-   No "Advantage
"How did your husband's gardening
turn out?".. . -.      '
"Not well so f;.r," responded the
serious- woman.'/- "jl'lic ^outdoor work
gave him such an appetite that he'ate
thc potatoes, instead- 'of planting
them." ,\ '
The most obstinate coin's aud waits
fail to resist Hollow ay's Corn Cure.
Try it.
From London to Capetown by Rail
So far as South Africa is concerned,
thc chief value of thc Channel Tunnel
will bc in its enabling effect on the
ambitious ciccltic railway project for
linking up London and South Afiica,
With thc tunnel constuiclcd, only the
Straits of Gibraltar -\ull remain to bc
burrowed before an overland route
from England to Africa is assured.
Yesterday, speaking iiguiativcly, thc
idea might havc jscenied thc chimcr-
ical dream of the romaucist. Tomorrow it will bc an accomplished fact.���
Natal A-dvcrtiscr.
Mrs. Avila Noel, Haul l.amcque, N.
13., writes: "I can highly recommend
Ihihy'si Own Tablets as" thcy havc
wo iked wonders in the case of my
baby. I always keep thcm in the house
and" would not feel safe without
them." What Mrs. Noel says concerning Baby's Own Tablets is just
what thousands of other mothers say
and feci. The Tablets are a mild but
thorough laxative which regulate the
bowels and stomach, thereby banishing - constipation, colic, indigestion
and a host of other minor ailments of
little ones. Thc Tablets are absolutely guaranteed to be free from opiates
'or narcotics or any of th.e - other
diugs so harmful to thc welfare of
the baby. They cannot possibly do
harm���tlicy always do good. Thcy
aic sold   by medicine ^dealers, or by
Reds Pillaged Riga
In the Various Prisons, ' Sixteen
Hundred Hostages Were Found
1'aris.��� The Holshcvik, before thcy
retired, from Riga, shot thirty persons
in the central prison there, according
lo oflicial reports received by thc American peace delegates. The anti-Bol-
shevik troops captured Riga with
slight fighting, surprising the Bolshc.-
v.ik, who fled hastily. f>
All the-,stores--''and homes of the
well-to-do wcrc pillaged by the Bolshevik and most of the bourgcoise
were compelled to leave the city before it fell. The material damage to
the city was slight. I if the various
prisons, .sixteen hundicd hostages
were found, lhc reports de.sciibc
thcm as being in a state of unspeakable misery and starvation when they
wcrc released.
mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr
Medicine    Co.,  Brockviile,
Underseas to the Pole
Famous Explorer Thinks That ..This
Plan is Feasible
Many people have been wondering
what would or could bc done with all
the submarines when thc great peace
settlement is Iinally reached. Have
thej- auy future, any civil future before them, or will thcy, gradually, as
thc League of Nations consolidates its
work, lapse into the category of the
"museum piece." Opinions vary, but
Vilhjalmiu- Stefansson, the great Arctic explorer, has no doubts ou the subject, tic is all for the submarine, as
a pleasure or business craft. "Thc
siibuiarinc,""hc declared recently, "appears lo be- a perfectly practicable
way of reaching thc pole, as well as a
comfortable, way, for one could carrj-
all the necessary comforts. I have
seldom seen a stretch of ice extending
more than 30 miles without coming lo
open water. In llic circumstances,
there would never bc any difficulty in
llie matter of getting-to the surface.
Also ihe navigator would bc assured
of calm water." And so "undoiseas
to the pole" i�� cwdcnlly to be added
to the travel attractions of the future.
The list is grow ing.
Rhine Republic Is
Not Unanimous
Berlin.���The    inhabitants of    Muy-
British Reduce
Afghan Fortress
Smart Work Was Displayed at Its
Assault and Capture
London.���The Afghan main offensive against Thai, undci Gen. Nadir
Khan, the Emir's commandcr-in-cliief,
is developing. The latest official information from him shows that all
attacks bu Fort Thai have been repulsed. The fort was bombarded and
the Afghans occupied the loot'ed;base
around outside thc fort. Thc air re-
coiinaissa.nce disclosed about 3,500 of
the enemy near Thai. Their camps
were effectively bombed.
At the7 capture of the Afghan' fort
of Baldak, opposite Chaman Bala-
chuvian, the Britisii look 169 prisoners and killed 32 of the enemy. Thc
British occupy the fort. Smart work
was displayed at the assault and capture. The guns madc breeches in
the walls and the fort was finally reduced by a flanking fionlal attack.
The garrison fought bravely, but foi
the most part was killed or captured.
It was the strongest fort in Afghanistan, having thick outer walls and
bombproof shelters. Its fall has had
a good effect in K.liaiulahar and along
the Cliatnan frontier, as showing the
effect of high explosive shell's.
Let folks step on your feet hereafter; wear shoes a s'no. smaller if
you like; for corns will never again
send electric sparks of pain through
you, according to this Cincinnati authority.
lie says that a few drops of a diug
called free/one, applied directly upon
encc and W'cisbaden began a"2-l-houri;1. t(:lul<::r. aching corn, instantly    relieves  soreness,  and  soon  the cntiic
strike in protest against'thc attempted coup in pioclaiining an independent Palatinate republic, ft is also ic-
poited that pro-Geiinaa Balatinatists
at Mannheim declared a general stiike
and that the inhabitants' of the l'al-
atinate, notwithstanding threats by
Lhc French of court-martial, everywhere arc tearing down the posters
proclaiming the republic.
To Travel Around World
Comedian   Contracts   fot   Theatrical
Tour in the Air
An enterprising Biitish comedian
alie.uly has adopted the aeroplane
as a mode of travel and plans a tour
of the world in thc aii. The'London
Times says:       *
_. "An arrangement has been made
between'Albert de Coin \ ilie, Harry
Talc and Hattdh-y Page by which Mr.
Talc and his company will tour thc
world in a llandlcy Page aeroplane.
"The company will consist of eight
people and they will carry; with thcin
all the necessary scenery and equipment for 'Motoring', and, other
sketches. -A start will bc made from
Cricklewood in September. If the tour
proceeds according lo plan, thc first
halt will bc at Gibraltar, where two
evening-pertoimances arc to be given.
At Malta there will bc a halt for two
dajs, and then the machine 'will fly to
Colombo, where the company "will remain  foi  a week before  thc journey
Liniment      Lumberman's
Biggest Saloon Closed
Peace Treaty at'Ottawa
Ottawa.���Thc government is in receipt of a confidential copy of-thc full
text of thc peace treaty.    Thc treaty
is printed in both Ficnch and English.
Such a Change
! to India i.s resumed. All the piincipa!
.ceuites of India will bc visited by air.
I "The next stage will be lo Chit>a
land Japan, and finally the chief cities
  j of llic United States will  be visited,
Average  Daily  Bank  Deposits  Have! beginning with San Francisco aud en-
Been $5,000 .     'ding  with  New' Voik, .md so  home.
Al Bridgeport,    Ohio, the   .biggest j Whether thc I'.icilic and the Atlantic
i saJoon_in Jhe woikl_ went, out_of Inisi-lwill.be crossed by aeroplane is not yd
iTcss when Ohio became dry under an , decided  Mr. Tate piefers to "wait and
amendment to the state constitution.' '���i.e."
This saloon is located in a city of 4,200!        . 	
inhabitants, just ac.oss the Ohio river!       DiscUSS Russian Bonds
from Wheeling, W. Va.    It was own-] 	
corn, root' and all, lifts right out.
This drug is a stickv ��� ether compound, but dries at once and simply
shrivels up the corn without inflaming oi even initating the surrounding
tissue. ���
It is claimed thai a quarter of an
ounce of freefone obtained at any
"'"K .store will cost very little, but is
sufficient loyremovc every hard or soft
corn or callus from one's feet. Cut
this out, especially if you arc a woman reader who .wears high'heels.
Need For Good Potatoes
Labor Policy For
New Russia
To   Combine   Protection   of   Labor
With Interests of State
- Omsk.���The' minister of lahor in the
Omsk government, a Social Democrat,
and a member of the constituent assembly, Lenine Schumilovsky, has
made the following statement to the
representatives of the press:
"The policy of,, the ministry of
labor'is to combine the protection of
labor with the interests of the state.
Thc interests of the working man can
bc safeguarded and the living conditions for the working classes can bc
improved only on condition that thc
industries in the country continue: fo
exist and develop.
" "Wc have decided on ah eight-hour
working day in all industries. The
stale is interested in establishing
working conditions under: which the
generations should grow "up strong
physically, mentally and intellectually.
"Wc have introduced sickness and
unemployment" insurance. ^ Employment bureaus,'with the help of the
government, will be established everywhere on thc territory cleared of
the Bolshcviki.
"Specially appointed labor inspectors have organized chambers consisting of employers and employees to
pass upon all questions arising froni
employment of labor.
"The ministry of labor greets the
tendency of thc workers to organize
themselves into unions, considering
it in the interests of the state' that
thc working men should fortp. themselves into an organized, disciplined
Real Seville       f9B|
Orange     $&M
Marmalade Pgjg
AU Orange and Sugar���          ft_5^j3Eufrf
No camouflage.                y jgftaitKiSia
.      Boiled with care in SiloerPaiu.     BsksS&iJimln
ASK YOUR OROCCR FOR IT.                      ^jUBWH.
Canada Profits By
European Credits
Lion's. Share Allocated Under Credit
Granted to Rumania
Ottawa.���Nearly $16,000,000 worth
of orders have already been placed
with Canadian producers and manufacturers under the credits established in Europe. A return which has just
{been prepared by the Canadian trade
commission, Ottawa, . to May 31,
shows that the lion's share so far has
been allocated under the credit granted by the Dominion to the Rumanian
���government, over $15,000,000 in the
aggregate, ��� .while just three-quarters
of a. million dollars have come under
the Belgian credit. This proportion
is merely accidental, due mainly lo
the; greater .promptitude .with which
the Rumanian officials in London acted after the piinciplc of credits was
Crop Would Be Better if High Class
Seed Used
.The yield of potatoes throughout
Canada would bc very much increased if everyone -who grew potatoes
used seed of the strongest vitality,
free from disea.se. While thc variety
used is important, thc quality of the
seed often makes much difference in
the yield than thc variety.
Seed potatoes from a ciop which
grew vigorously until lite tops were
cut down by frost in autumn usually
give much better returns than* those
from a crop where the tops dried
up in thc middle of the summer.
Thcic arc parts of Canada where the
former conditions obtain, as a rule,
and it is from such places that the
most vigorous seed is usually obtained.
fn 1918 thc best seed of the Green
Mountain potato \icldcd-at the rate
of 38 bushels per acre, while thc poorest seed yielded only 57 bushels per
acre at Ottawa. Tit the case of Irish
Cobbler, lhc bc-t seed yielded at the
rate of 616 bushels per acre, while
poor seed yielded only 26 bushels per
acre, a remarkable difference. Just
as striking- differences ha\ c been obtained in othei years.
- -Each growei -of -potatoes should
ami to havc a lull stand of plants in
the held aud to ha\c every plant a
vigorous and healthy one. There is
I often a largc proportion of misses in
in feelings
and looks!
pain, feel-
ing nervous, dizzy, weak
and  dragged, down
by weaknesses of
my ses~
, my eyes
sunken,   black   circles   and   pale
cheeks���I was restored to health
by the Favorite Prescription of Dr. J g-m.
Fierce."   So Tmte many women. I   "^--e-es.,
Changcd-too in looks, for after tak- ;
Ing Dr. Pierre's Favorite Prescrip- !
tion tho skin becomes clear, the I
Byes brighter, tho cheeks plump, j
��� i ���    i ,   , , , ' potato fn Ids and a'still larger nronor-
cd and. operated by Sam Unircj-lcidcr   m       v    .   r- ,- i ,   i-
T- ,m������iJ.���i -v i     .     i    '-"S'-Y   ,   c ���   New York financiers Fail to Form-'1"''11    oi vc;lk    :uu! <hseahcd    phints
1l employed //  bartcndcis and ccik- : ,    i-* *-  ���      ��� .. "'  ���    ,. ,   . ,-.       ... '
nwl l,-,,i i\r, f. i    c i V I ulate Definite Foley iwh ch kwn the yield ctioinious v.
uul liacl J10 tcel of bar.    hor the   a^t       ^-        \-    1 . I     i"        ���        ,    ��� i .,.",..
i I     ^cu   ioik.���Amnican financial  in-1     hxperiiiicnts nave been tried m dn-
icn-its met at llic office of J. !'. Mnr-!1'"01"  lv,irls  01  ^"ada  to  determine
gaii  and  company   with   II,   V., I").i\ i-' l''��   host  timc  to   plant  potatoes   for
'on a�� chairman, to collider the Ku��-' l,'"'ll">'1 yield-, and from these evpeii-
ycai   or two its average daily    hank
| deposits havc been $5,000, or $1,825,-
H00 a year. Jl h.i3 made Uiidmpoit
famous'in the Ohio \alley.
Mr. Ungoilcider is 36 yiai- old .mil
is ;��� millionaire. lie say- he ni-vi i
smoked or diank intoxii.itmg liquor
lie estimates that since lOl^ appiovi-
malely 20,000 diiulv. a day have hi en
sold o\cr his  bar.       He al-o a .-so
American Plants in Canada
Many Concerns Include Considerable
Proportion of Canadians '
Montreal, Quebec. ��� According to
a carefully compiled estimate, just
madc public here tlicrc.arc 388 manufacturing plants in Canada which are
directlj'- connected with United 'States
concerns. Thc average capital is
estimated at $682,834, making a total
investment of $264,939,592. The actual
paid-up capital in the case of 76 of
the companies was found to bc $51,-
895,350, and as-these companies were
fairly representative of the whole list,
the average for them was'considered
a fair basis for making the" estimate.
A similar list was compiled in Janu-
aiy, 1914, lhc number'of plants being
then estimated at 450, and1 thc total
investment $135,000,000, an average of
$300,000. The list docs not represent
the investment of United States capital exclusively, as the -lists of .shareholders of many of,the Canadian concerns include a considerable proportion of Canadians. On the other hand
there is a large number of companies
not included, the shareholdcrs of
which comprise inany citizens of the
U.iitcd States. In, the case of .some
enterprise?, for instance, which' havc
always been distinctly Canadian, a
majority of the "stock is now Jicld in
thc United States, The total investment represented by the list given
may, therefore, be considered a conservative estimate of United States investments in Canadian manufacturing
Cook's Cotton Roof Compound
���4.?a/<r�� TeltaVU repulatina
Medicine.   Bold in threo d����-
grees of Btrength���No. 1, Jl ���
No.. 2, S3-;. No. 3, W per box.
TCBOHTO.ONT. (Farmrtr WMw.)'
nu. itDKir. ��hxDDnm. dimasu. blood roao��L  \
il. KJST i CTS '
na. udkiy. ��i*uwb��, dzimsx*. ��,
riLM.   BITUM N��._PKUOOI��TI ��r UAtC.
niri<swDKX0S><TAmt.��MI��oftMOF~gA��i roYua
I HCRAPIOIM  tAMimleoii*
. my*. mu�� antus* r* mx ���mow *acw��
$100 Reward, $100
Catarrli ia a local disease greatly influenced
by' constitutional, conditions. It therefore
requires constitutional treatment.' HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE is taken internally
i and acts through the Blood on the Mucous
Surfaces of the .System. HxVLL'S CATAltRII
MEDICINE destroys the foundation of the
disease, gives the patient strength by.improving the general health and assists nature in
doing its work. $100.00 for any case of
Catarrh -that HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE fails to cure.
Druggists 75c.    Testimonials free.
F, J.  Cheney & Co., Toledo,, Ohio.
The city of Los Angeles leads all
United Stales municipalities for
deaths due" to automobile accidents,
thc ratio being \7 to thc 100,000 of
population. Chicago's automobile
death rate is 10 to thc 100,000 of
population a ycar. Xcw York's death
late to thc 100,000 is 8.1, and Baltimore has the lowest, which i% 5.1.
Held Empire-Day Service
London, England. ~- Empire Day
was celebrated by a memorial service
for .the overseas forces, at Westminster Abbey, at which the King and
Queen with other members of thc
royal family and representatives of
the allied ' nations, British colonics
and army and navy wcrc present. The
keenly anticipated American march
was unavoidably postponed, public
military ceremonies being conspicuous
by their absence. Buildings wcrc decorated -with flags and Lhe occasion
was celebrated in a fitting fashion in
thc schools.   -
Start �� Club in your town, where the
young people can
gather. We iuild
���mall tablet for
horaei, and larger ones for pub.
lie room*. Equip.
ment free. Writ*
u* at once fot
_ full  particulars.
Depf'C"    'M      SAMUEL MAY ft CO.
102-104 Adeltide  St.   W.,  Toronto
The safe way to send money by mail iiby.
Dominion Express Money Order.
At Long Range
A number of British Tommies wer��
one day having dinner in a billet in
France, and one of them���just returned off leave���was relating his adventures whilst in Blighty.
"I went to a regimental sports one
day," says he, "and simply walked
away with the bomb-throwing competition."
"How far did ybu-- throw your
bomb?" asked a corporal.
"Oh, something about 400 yards, I
should say," answered our hero.
"Corporal," says a grizzly old veU
cran, "would you mind asking Big
Bertha to pass the"salt, please?"
Piles Cured in 6 to '14 Days
Druggists  refund  money   if   TAZO    OINTMENT  fails  to  cure  Itching,  Blind,   Bleed- '
ing or Protruding Pilei.      Stops  Irritation":
Soothes   and   Heali..     You   can   get   restful
sleep after the first i .-plication.    Pi ice-40a
-   At  the Yarmouth Y.M.C.A.  Boys*
Camp, held at Tuskct Falls in August, 1 found MINARD'S LINIMENT
most beneficial for sun burn, an im
mediate , relief for colic    and tooth
ache.        :i       ALFRED STOKES,
General Sec'y
Swedish Government
Asks For Plebiscite
A largc_perccntage _of__Uie_ correspondence whicli, under " llic recent
authorisation, is passing from thc
occupied area of Germany to France,
lite U.S. and England contains oilers
of business relations, even advertisements, for insertion in English ancl
U.S. ncwspapcis.
there   has  never  been   i .tight  in  uih...||jn���  j,,t(.|V>i
saloon.    lie attributes thU largely toj   "[}oti,
thc fact thai hc would not -(II lo
drunken man or a minor.
siau   financial    situaiion,
the payment of  Russian
per cent. boinU, iii.-ttininu .lime IS.        [
Appi-ON'nualcly v'50.0'10,000   of   tlii*c,
bomN arc ouls-l.'.sidmu in this countiy
cnii-anitiial  intucit  lij's  al'
een  met,  the  ?''���   p-t cet.  ��i1mi
have bun ���aihj.'ct
of tltc bett
Platonic love h
10 the rcal thing.
Tho woimm who fails to   say
cause" has sonic othei excuse.
i so.-t of prologue
1,1 I)
external 6;.. !?IMn
. ,i\ >-,
i   A musician who can play all kinds
pai-ticul.iilv.'Ilu""ls imil llu" ''MH'iieiu-e
the followiim dates arc Mig-i   . .
,i        ,   -      ,i     i     .   "j, ���        ,X,   ol niatiuinents beats the band
gesttd a>. bung: the best:  l'nure  1-.<1-' >-����'u
ward Inland, June I lo 7, Xova Scotia,
.Inno 1 to 15; (Jiif'bec, May 15 to June
15, depending on what pait of the pio-
vinci ; (>utario, May 1 tc June 15, de-
pi udiug nu wli.it part of tltc pro\ince;
Manitoba, May  10 to  15;  Saskatchc-
wan.  Max   It) to 2\; Alberta,  May
violent    IhuMu.ition'.  ���.inec    tlu
,thiou of i he Rii^>i.iii iiiona:ch\,    bnft0  -'^'   l'1*1'"'1   Columbia, April   1
ireemtlv  thej  have shown ftrinci   ten-' ^la>' i=;- ���.h'l'eiidiug ou w!i;,t part of
is u'Khistood no definite |I,rm"u'0'     "* iie tctu'ency has been
�� .   .! movt pUcc
wa-, toinmialto > .'    ,
Rube Turned Laugh on Wit        '(ic.u-j, ^     j��
The brilliant wit of the bar looked) .^'""or prog.ami,,,
at    the    moonfaced    farm    laborer.  . ,      .        c  '
��� \ becan^e    or
winked at lus  fucnds and whispered,    '       ...-
���v- ... . ��� ' {prevailm
"Now well have some inn. !   , ..     ,     ,        ��� . ,       . ,
f j ot the bankers to nigoliate with   any
'constituted or iccounizcei auth��ritii s.
To Determine Nationality of   Aland
Paris, Fiance.���The Swedish Government lias sent .the peace conference a note asking that a plebiscite
bc taken as soon as possible to determine the nationality of the Aland
Islands, lying between Sweden and
Finland, at the entrance to the Gulf
of-Boi��5iia~ The'uotc-reads-:""
"The"Royal Government feels that
it must insist-upon thc conference
taking into consider.'tion as soon as
possible the question of the rights of
thc population of the Aland Islands tc
decide by a plebiscite, cariicd out with
the necessary guarantees, whether the
archipelago is to belong to Sweden or
to Finland.
"The Royal Government presumes
that ou account of thc ptinciples expressed at the peace conference,
Sweden will be allowed to take part
in thc discussion of this question. It{
jis needless to add that thc Royal Gov-
gpes on | eminent greatly   wishes    that if   thc
A mairicd woman seldom
the lecture plat foi m; sh.' has an audi-(plebiscite gives the islands to Sweden,
ciiee at home-.
j measures shall be taken to prevent, thc
construction of military buildings in
thc archipelago, and also to prevent
attacks on thc archipelago by another
pow cr."
the complex:    conditions'
in  Russia .mil ihe inability j
'Have \on bein    married;
st.imm. ml     tliL
"Whom did jou many'-"
"A "w-w-womaii, sir."
' Come, my good man, ol o.ir.se it
was a woman.   Did jou ever hear oi
Druggists  sell  it  ia  tablets  OS1 j an>'onc marrying a man:-"
liquid.   It's a woman's best tem-,   "v-e-cs-s!r-' n]>' sist?r ��l����L"
perancctonic;madc from wild roots.' -Pittsburgh Chronicle
Hahiltwt. Ontario ��� "Dr. Pfrrce's
Favorite Prescription helped ma greatly
��t the turn of lite. I commenced to have
Boat flashes and dizzy spells and became
am oik and run-down. Th��w; conditions
rerj quickly loft me aft<>r I commenced
with the ' Favorite Prescription.'   I took
-Ml motln rs    can put awav aitvictv
lCKardmg    tlicii     MifTeiing " children !
when     tiiej     haxe    Mothei     Graves,'  ib
\\orm l-.Mernnnatoi lo yivc rJief   lit,
ellects arc >-iire and lasting.
An exchange, speaking of thc much-
used word "reconstruction," recalls a
story by David O'Connell: "Thc council of a town in Sligo was to build a
new jail.    They passed three rcsolu-
*oY��sra!  bottles of tt and truly bsllsve j ti0ns which read: 'Resolved that we
that I n*e my good health of tcd*y to
tha medicine I took and th* car�� erer-
cdarfai that-trying Hra*.-���Mrs. Robeet
8miH, U Uay Street, S.      __
N. .   U.
build a new Jail; resolved that we
build the new jail out of the materials
of the old one; resolved that we keep
the prisoners in the old jail till the
'n-'V one i�� fini'-hed."*
A Real Lemon
'.ei-man-marks used to be worth 23
cents, but thc latest figures put it atj
about eight cents.    Add to that the!
fact that Germany in Europe has had'
about one-si\th of her territory pruned off, and it is easy to sec that "Dcr|
Tag" has   turned    out to be   a real
lemon.���Brantford Expositor.
bi  t'ninda to plant Liter
than  is dciiable    for highest yields.
Fiom  u'Milts obtained, thc following
igcmral  recomiiicmlalion is  madc:
i     U'hoie the spring is early and aut-
Iiiuin frost  early, plant carlj.    Where
jthe spiing-is caily and'summers, arc
dry,  plant   early.     Where  the   spring,
late    and autumn  frosts    are late,!
jeaily    planting is'not    r.s important.'
iWhcrc the spring i5 early and autumn'
i frosts are early, phuit as, soon as soil
j is drv enough.                   ' ���
* .
Poor Indeed!
Woman: Are you too poor to s?o io
a liquor cure?
Mendicant: Why, lady, I'm too poor
to even get enough booze into me to
need it.
Insurrection in Hungary
Berlin.���Counter revolutionary uprisings, have occurred in man}- towns
and villages of western Hungary, according to reports received here. Hundreds of refugees are arriving daily at
the Austrian frontier.
It has been discovered that in the
later stages of the war the enemy
(was reduced to the use of thistle-fibre,
v. hich is only approximately half.the
strcneth of linen, for his aeroplane
ci ��� v rh. ^a. - -  '
CniiMimption can be
naccd back in most instances to a bad cold
:>r catarrh that was
lcgleclcd. Don't court
this white plague ���
iniurc yourself at once
against it by inhaling
Catarrhozone, a pleasant antiseptic medication that is inhafcel into
thc ImiRS, nasal pass-
-i?cs. throat, and bron-
-hipl lubes, where it
kills disease germs and
prevents their development. Catarrhozone
heals inflamed surfaces,
relieves congestion,
clears the head and
throat, aids expectoration, and absolutcly
cures Catarrh and
bronchitis. Quick relief,
cure guaranteed, pleasant to use. Get the
$1.00 outGt of Catarrhozone; it lasts two
months; small =i/.e, 50c.
All dealcr>, or the Ca-
tarrliozon.": Co. Kjng-
it-".n, Ont., C.->n.-d.i.
Minard's Liniment used by Physicians
Italian Claims Being Adjusted
Paris. -*- Italy's Adriatic claims,
whicli have been overshadowed and
practically overlooked for several
days bf-causc of the discussion over
the proposed changes iu thc German
treaty, were, at thc suggestion of the!
Italians, again considered in private
conferences between the Italian and
United States delegates.
Thc United States citizens expressed thc belief that a compromise formula would bc speedily found.
On. the Safe Side
Daughter: But, ma, I don't like hiin.
Mother: He's an only son and his
father is very rich.
Daughter: Weil, as to that, his father is a widower and may marry-
Mother: True! I didn't think of
that. Perhaps you'd better marry the
Exaggerated Smyrna Disorders
Saloniki.���Greek general hcadquar-'
ters here announces that there has
been no disorder in Smyrna since May
6, and that the Greek occupation is
welcomed not only by the Giceks but
also by the Moslems. The announcement says reports of disorders and
pillage in Smyrna have been exaggerated. During thc fighting with Tur- "
kish troops incident to the Greek
landing at Smyrna, it is saiel, two
Greek soldiers were killed and eight
wounded while the casualties among
civilians aggregated 150.
The Pill That Leads Them All. ���*
Pills are the most portable and compact of all medicines, and when easy
to take are the mpst acceptable of
preparations. But they must attest
their power to be popular. As Parmelce's Vegetable Pills are the most
popular of all pills they must fully
meet all requirements. Accurately
compounded and composed of ingredients proven to be effective in regulating the digestive organs, there is
no surer medicine to be had any-
A word to thc wise may be sufficient, but thc policeman often has to
use a club on thc otherwise.
on mn
If some men's reputatfons were visible they would look very nltich like
porous plaster?. -
Js $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.    If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     7 00
Estray Notices C 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1,00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than <one claim appears iv notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
Sine first insertion, ntul 8 cents a line for
each ��� subsequent insertion, iionpariel
The blue cross means that
yoiir subscription is due, and
Unit the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Poor masked men. entered a
gambling den in Oakland and took
a rake-off of $4,000 the other night.
Tbia Ib a bigger rake-off than was
ever heard of in Nelson, even in
tbe palmy days of Bodega, ^
Thebk is a mineral spring in
Nevada from which flows a water
that tastes like chicken soup. Too
bad that it cannot be piped to
Greenwood. We know where
there is a barrel of crackers.
���        ^ 1 	
O.K.II. isI.W.W. camoflaged.
"Wk never hear a kick abont the
high cost of letvd.
Kamloops will  have a feed  of
brains on Sept. .12 and 13.
Many a Rube   has   been   shell-
ghocketl at a eountry fair.
The npper leveta in Nelson bocL
ety are reading Bnrke's Peerage,
and teachers of deportment are
crowded with pnpila. The mayor
is practising elocution every day,
and he can now say "Yonr Royal
Highness" in a real strawberry
jam tone of voice.
Tk it had not been for Russia in
the early days of tbe war France
would have been swallowed by the
Germans in 60 days. So be kind
to Russia and that country will
probably never frame an alliance
with Japan and Germany to beat
the world.
If the profiteers are not chained
we will become Bolehevags.
Many an editor has saved his
life by suppressing the truth,
Lack of vitality is largely due
to excessive eating and lack of exercise.
The public spirited business man
always advertises in local newspapers.
The heavy discount on Canadian
money in the United States is
largely due, because Canada made
enormous and greater war sacrifices in proportion to its strength
than did the American. Republic.
The trade balance between the two
countries must be evened np before
exchange rates fall.
Comforts of Friendship
. Oh, the comfort, the inexpress-'
ible comfort of feeling safe with a
person���having neither to weigh
thought nor measare words, but
pouring them all right out just as
they are, chaff and grain together;
as certain that a faithful hand will
take and sift them,' keep what is
worth keeping, and with the
breath of comfort blow the rest
D LOAT is not.a periodic-
*��� al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ; "
how it rained in New Den- "**
ver long after Noah ,was *$���
dead; how a parson took a ��f��
drink at Bear Lake in ��g��
��� .early days; how justice j,
4�� was dealt in Easlo in '93; T
��b how the saloon man out-
4, prayed the women in Kala-
~ mazoo, and graphically de-
Social unrest ia bouiid to increase when the dancing season becomes wide open, t
One of the leading lights of
Greenwood is full, every month.
"We refer feo the moon.
The man who lives in an automobile requires more wages than
he who lives in,a cottage.
If it is true that every cloud has
a silver.lining aviators should be
he-able to make some money. '
AVb hand  a bunch  of roseB to
Prince Edward   Island.    ItB   new
. Legislature' contains more farmers
than lawyers.'! -
The recent war for democracy
saw a wholesale abnegation of democratic principles, by the govern-
ments of practically all tbe champions of democracy. Parliaments
were pushed into the aisle and
Cabinets ruled with the. strong
hand of autocracy. The rule of
governing by order-in-council mast
be abandoned if parliaments are to
be Baved from the further contempt
of the people.
He who works for wages gets it.
���.The man who workB'for his.firm
and accepts a salary, on   the side
"usually gets promoted.
I'll rhe is. plenty, of room at Nel-
-BouJor the machine   air   birds to
-laud on the lake,    it-will never do
- for ui mien to pan�� rip thar. beauti
ful city. -:'"���'.' '-"  ...    ���
.Air, water, lead and bank interest are still cheap; Probably owing
to the.low cost of the two former
articles many people are ..suffering,
.because they donot use enough "of
them;'=-"-'>"-. -': '���-'. .-- '''���'���������    ���;.''��� -:'  '-
"THEUKare too many.laws arid
. too.   many; lawyers   in .America.
, Many of the laws seem to.be framed
to protect crooks from honest men,
and low-grade lawyers from living
at soup'kitchens..   !
About the: only place, a flying
machine, could land in Sandon is
on top. of Bob Cunning's hotel, or
the beautiful flower garden that J.
M. Harris hasafijoining the Reco
hotel..' - '.'-":' '���   "  ���
The assets of the Bank of Montreal amount to $489,000,000.
.They might still be greater if they
. were public spirited enough" to put
an ad. in every local paper where
it does business.
With 60,000 returned soidiere
in B.C. there will be many idle
men in the province this fall and
winter, unless the governments
begin public works on a large scale;
. Tha closing of some coast shipyards
iii a few months will not improve
the labor situation. ���  -.
In 1913 a million immigrants
entered the United States, and last
year only 15,000. Tlie tide seems
to have turned for since the armistice was sighed 15,000a month are
returning to Europe, and 60,000 a
month would emigrate if ship space
could be obtained. In addition to
this many of the beat Yankees in
the United States are emigrating
to B.C. and.other parts of Canada.
In one way we are ahead of many
a sad western editor. We^have
enough wood in the safe to last
two months. This is abont all we
are long on. We are exceedingly
short on ads, and .job printing;
while mint juleps, boiled shirts,
diamonds and silken lingerie only
come to ns when we dream of the
rosy days of the iong ago. Thus
do things grow serious on this mad
earth, and teaches us that in the
midst of life we are in the soup.
Greenwood has a great future,
bnt we must think, act and work
together. It was that spirit that
won for us the war, and the same
spirit will give us a greater Greenwood.; During the war Greenwood
met every, call, and will answer
loyally and reconstruct with the
idea of acting in unison as a peopie
aspiring to build a greater, city in
this: beautiful valley, where the
climate is superb, and the hills are
filled with ��� mineral, awaiting the
ring of steel and the
voice of dynamite. --.
picts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is .50 cents, post-paid to any part of the
^u world. Address alL let-
T tere tei
���*'���'���' -''���' 'if' ''���'���'X:-i'        '-*'"���'���'- ' ;: "'"
|H9 !*f ^��^ *w* 'w'-'w* *���*��� *���* *��* *** *m* ^w* ^P
When a Woman
the small amount of baking powder
. it takes to m^ke a cake���when she
compares the small cost of the baking powder with that of the other
materials used, when she appreciates
the difference there is in flavor, texture and wholesomeness���there is
; only one decision and that is
CREAM "*���
Baking Powder
Made from Cream of Tartar derived from grapes
Contain. No Alum-Leave* No Bitter Taste
Order Now
Your Cutting Machinery -   Binders   -   Mowers
and Rakes
We handle the McCormick and Deerihg   Line
and will be pleased to order repairs
for all makes of Machines
Get our prices on Barb Wire and   Nails!     We can
save you money on large or small lots.    ,
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly.
BROWNS     -
Midway, B. C.
ShS   fa"   kind| 'epaired.~Tire~ vulcanizing   a   specialty.
Shock-absorbers, o,ls, and all kinds of auto supplies for sale.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offic.es, Smelting aud Refinipg Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
P��Hl..ccra   of  Gold,   Silver.^Copper,   Bluestone,' Pig I.ead a��k Spelter
"TADANAC"BRAND   ���."      l
Synopsis tf      %
land Act Amendments
Dealers in Fresh-and Salt Meats, Fish
'*'��^  ^h<>PS b Marly'all the
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
In the days that are ahead, the enterprising business raau
will no doubt have his air machine. When he wants tojnter-
view an out-of-town customer,-a few minutes' glide through the
air"will bring him and his man together.
Meantime, he has to be content with something short of
that. He finds that most efficient Sttbstituie in the Long Distance Telephone. This brings him voice-to-voice with hia customer, and gives all that is necessary .of the personal touch.
The young hopeful of fonr yeawr
bad been a source of conlinual
vezaiion and trouble all Siudagh
fthe meal, and, at its finish a woman friend turned to the child's
mother and said:
Vlf yonr boy-belcmged io m�� I
ahooldn'S stand so much of hie
nouseoce at mealtimes. .1 ebould
give him a thrashing."
"BBt,"-gaId the mother, "yoa
can't"spsnk thcr f��or. little fellow
on a full stomaek."
can turn him over,
Minimum prle. of first-class land
r��duc��* to |S an ��cr��; second-claM to
12. GO *n acre.
' Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which ls non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
ntcessary improvements on respective
claims. ' %
-Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and mak. improvements to
value of |10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records   without   permanent   residence may be Issued, provided appli-  .
cant makes improvements to extent of
J100 per annum and records same each '
year.    Failure to make improvements
or record  same  will operate  as forfeiture.    Title cannot be obtained  in
(ess than S years, and improvements
of flO.OO per acre,  including-5-scres-
clearedand cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are reauired.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, If he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. m
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
Mires, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas   exceeding   640   acres, may   be .
leased by one person or company.
Hill, factory or industrial altes on .
timber land   not   exceeding   40  acres
-may be purchased; conditions include .
payment of stumpage. ���    .
-Natural hay meadows' inaccessible
by existing roads .may' be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road'
to them.- Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not'exceeding half of purchase
price,'- is made: -   ��� ���
:��.  . ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all person* joining and serv- "
log with KIs-Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or. devisees
of a. deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act la extended
from for on. year from tha. death of
such person,' as formerly, until one
year srfter the conclusion of the present
war.' This privilege Is also made re- -
Ho fees ralatlnf to pre-emptions are -
duo or payable by soldiers on    preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918. '
Taxes are remitted for five years.
- Provision for return of moneys ac- "
crusd, due and been paid since August -.
���t, 1814, on account of payments, fties
or taxes en soldiers' pre-emptions.
.   Interest on agreements to purchase .
itewa or oity lots held by members of
f Allied Forces,,or dspetidents, acquired
dJrwt or indirect; remitted from en-'
Itstment to March 11. 1M0.
X sub-purchasers or CROWN C
.- -".'   "    .-��� LANDS."..,. ���"*--
-Prevision-, "made   for   Issuance   of
Crown grant* to sub-purchasers    of
CTowtt Lands,  acquiring right* from
purc&Mera who failed'  to    complete
For 4Sai.h\���A Perfection A,
wire-stitching_ machine. Apnlv
to The Ledge. F1
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For .Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and. heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa
until uoou, on Friday, tlie 26th September, 1919,
for tbe conveyance of His Majesty's Malte, on
a proposed Contract [or four yea is fonr times
per week on tlie loute Greenwood iS Plioeui.v
trom llie Postmaster General's pleasure.
Printed notices containing furtlier Information as to conditions of proposed Coutract may
be seen ami blank fora s of Tender may be obtained at the Post Offices of Phoenix and
Greenwood and at the office of tue Post Office
Post Office Inspector's Office, IStli August,
Post Office Inspector'
Culameen fiotel
One of the largest hotels hi
the city. Beautiful location,
-fine rooms and tasty meals.
A. O. JOHNSON      -     PROP.
Cbe Burne Rotel
nelson, B.C.
Old "newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some be-
foi e they are all gone.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Tlie only up,to/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water;, Steam Heat and Telephone In
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
75   SAMPLE ROOMS _     _
Steam Heated;" Electric; Lighted. "
RATES 51.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and BottsT jl
�� ���
Returned Soldiers.
ek,        -,ir,
'  ���
DR. WOOD, pf Greenwood, B.C.
bas been appointed by fche Depart-
menTof Soidiere' JOivil- Re-Eatab-
lisbraenfe as Medical Represeutalive
whoBe duties are to attend to all
retarned men who may be taken
ill any time within one year of dis-
charge, whether the canee be from
war service or not, and to men who
are suffering a recurrence of disability caused by War service, afc
any time.'/.;'
fjm��*l srvans pjtjeiu b^Sdi������
tana A����d��ti��n�� * or saairSaSX
... "-     l wat.  Wn*. or swtiaur tT*ty^r^Zi.
said her IrisatJ, "bat yoa ^^^^^^^tS?i^^
Pool Room anfi/First-CIass
Barber S1jop_ . . ...
Cijairs. tofcaccos. Soft Drinks.
!ce:Cream Parlor In Cosnectios
��� Coae in Often
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelsoa. B. C
Chargcst-Gold, SUver, Lead ot Copper.
$mo    Silver-I^ad-Zinc I3.00.   Charges
for otber raelals, etc., oa application.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
The big  hill
often   holds small
FR0HT ST.,     HELSOB.     BOX 865
Subscribersare reminded that
The Ledge is $2 a year when
paid ia advance. When not so
paid it is $2.50 a year.


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