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The Ledge Oct 30, 1919

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'* V,^*^-'^_l_l__��
Vol.   XXVI.
No. 16
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, ^Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of alt kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
Pond Seedling Plums $1.25 per box
Yellow Egg Plums $125 per box
Italian .Prunes - $1.25 per box
Elberta Peaches -   $1-50 per box
Wealthy Apples $1.25 per box
Tokay Grapes - 25c per lb
Malaga Grapes - 25c per lb
Ripe Tomatoes $1 50 per box
Ice,Cream Melons and Cantaloups to arrive
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
Independent Meat  Market
Phone 5 JOHN MEYER,      -      -      Proprietor.
Lacb Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each,
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts   -   /   ���   $1,25 each
100    ������      <   -    -   2.00  M
200   "     '   *>   ���    3.50-��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
MEAGHER & Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We Always  Show  The  Newest  First
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.   Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
Rifle and Shotgun Shells,
Firearms of all kinds
Full line of  Pathephones
and Records
A new stock of Men's Furnishings, Shoes, Shirts,
Hats, Rubbers, Clothing,
Etc, at reasonable prices,
Choice lines of Dry Goods
- and Groceries,
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
���      <
This Bank is more than merely a safe
place in which to deposit money; it is an
institution whose purpose and policy is to
assist in the wise direction of the financial
and "business interests of its customers.
Those who make full use of the excep-
, tional facilities provided by this Bank extend
the range of their business possibilities.
Greenwood Branch     L. E. Brawders, Manager
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins   .
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks, Bonds, Notes ancl Debentures.
A large assortment of Diamond
Rings, Watches, Etc.
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goodsisent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest  line
in  interior
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P. 0. Box 152
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch.
Dealer in General Merchandise
MasscyvHams Co��� Farm Inv
plements, and the Canadian
Fairbanks * Morse  Co,
Gasoline Engines*
I Around Home
There will be a Dance at Riverside, November 7.
At ��� McEltnon's. 'Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Six auto tourists were in town
last Thursday from Walla Walla,
Ladies and childrens rubbers
now iu stock.    G. A. Rendell.
It will soon be time to get the
skating rink ready  for ��� business.
A Russian from Sandon, has
bought the Hadden ranch at the
Porks for $3,000.
Miss Ethel Royce returned
home on Tuesday from Lethbridge.
The Pythian Sisters gave a
very enjoyable dance last Friday
Eric Berg has a bought a ranch
.at Boundary Falls, from a lady
in England,
About 100 carload! of fruit
have been shipped from Grand
Forks this fall.
A modern line of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc., at the Windsor;
Hotel Cigar Stand. '
For Sale or Exchange.���
Fourteen white Leghorn hens.
Enquire at Ledge office.    .
Lost.���A roan- heifer, with
S B ou right hip^ Please return
to S. Bombini, Anaconda.
D. J. Matheson, formerly mayor
of Phoenix, is, opening a real
estate office in Chilliwack.
Tbis month the Canada Copper Co. shipped 12 ' tons of ore
from Greenwood to Trail.
C. V. Meggitt is shipping several carloads of potatoes from
Grand Forks to the prairie. "
Wanted.���Girl for general
housework. Apply! to Mrs. C.
A. S. Atwood, Grand Forks.
Smoked Finnan Haddie, Kippered Herring ^ind sliced Boiled
Ham at G. A. Rendell's store.
For that nasty cough get a
bottle of Rexall's Syrup of White
Pine aud Tar at Goodeve's Drug
, Last week Howard Cameron
cainelfrf ro'nT the". power^'line-trf,'
Camp McKinney, suffering from
a cold.
Dr. Griffin of Kaslo, aud Asa
Mesker, intend to spend a week
hunting big game near West
Roy McLeod, formerly of Grand
Forks has been appointed manager of the Granby Store in
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. Noel
Kelsey of Rock Creek, at Grand
Forks, Oct 28, twins, son and
Full line of school books,
scribblers, slates, pencils and
other school supplies at Goodeye's
Drug Store,
The power line made a camp at
Johnson creek last"week. About
SO men are working on this end
of the line.
The fruit packing house at
Carson was burned last Friday,
together with three carloads of
apples.    Loss about $2,000.
Camp buildings have been
erected at the Waterloo, Lightning Peak. Supplies are being
taken in, and the mine will work
all winter,
' Mr. Wail was in town this
week looking for leasing properties. For the past two years he
worked a lease on the Whitewater in the Slocan.
For Sale-���Good work team
with good set of harness 10 year
old, weight about 1200, good true
pullers, never beeu hurt, $300
cash. Apply J. C. BOLTZ,
Boundary Falls.
J. A. Nesbitt of Penticton was
in the Boundary last week buying
furniture. For the first time in
29 years he paid a visit to Nelson.
He came to Nelson in 1890 from
San Francisco to see Ed Coming.
Joe did not stay long iu Nelson,
moving early to the Okanagan
where he has since remained.
Edmund Boothe of Penticton
while firing on a K. V. engine at
Jessica, fell from the tender and
rolled down the hilt 100 feet. He
was taken to the Merritt hospital
badly bruised and suffering from
We have just received another
carload of flour and feed from
the Oglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand a full stock of
Royal Household Flour, wheat,
shorts. Chick Food, etc. G. A.
Mrs. Dorcus Lavina Mitchell,
died at the residence of A. J.
Morrison on Sunday, aged 77
years. Mrs. Mitchell was the
mother of Robert Mitchell, and
Mrs. A. J. Morrison of this city.
The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon.
Yukon Silver
Lying northerly from Dawson is
the Ogilvie range or spar of the
Rocky mountains. The height of
land on this range" extends from
th(* Mackenzie watershed to Mount
Klotz, which is at the source of
the southerly branch of the Porcupine river. Lying along the
northerly slope of this Ogilvie
range are mauy streams draining
into the Stewart river, the Klondike and the Chandindu or Twelve
mile. It is on this slope that the
new silver finds have been made in
the Mayo district. Lying along
the same slope are the Twelvemile
silver properties.
Ib is surprising how little the
bare ridges of that long range and
the slopes have been prospected.
In all the twenty years one small
spur lying just above Lightning
creek was untouched. Now it is
attracting more attention than
anything in the Klondike. Within five miles of the very ridge on
which the new claims have been
staked placer miners worked a
Bcore of years ago, and held-the
hills above them in contempt.
Even silver float ore was scorned
Silver was little value in those
days,.and found few devotees. All
wanted the gold. Now that silver
commands three' times the old
price, there is great stimulus in
production of silver. ' Dawson
seems to have at its very door
wonderful possibilities in silver in
the Ogilvie range.
The ridge of the range deserves
first-consideratiou^rforr the-reaeon
nature has done the prospecting.
The high, bald, rugged peaks are
denuded entirely of growth. The
peeks stand out in ragged muteness, inviting any who will come.
But ib is safe to say that less than
one half of one per cent, of the
long ridge even has been pressed
by human foot. Yes, miles after
miles of the summits, their ridges
and saddle-backs are unknown to
the prospector.
It Isn't Your Town; It's You
If you want to live in the kind of a town
Like the kiud of a town you like.
Vou needn't slip your clothes in a grip
And start on a long, long hike,
You'll only find what you left behind,
For there's nothing that's realiy new;
It's a knock at yourself when you leave
your town���
It isn't your town���it's you.
Real towns are not made by men afraid
Lest someone get ahead;
When every one works and nobody shirks
Yon can raise a town from the dead.
And if when you make your personal
Your neighbor can make one, too,
Your town will be what you want to see-
It isa't your town���it's you.
���C. P. McQueen, Calgary.
Owing to the difficulty in procuring lumber and carpenters, it
is not likely that the Carmi mill
will be finished until spring. It
is being built in a verv substantial manner.
The safe and some fittings of
the Bank of Commerce in Phoenix are being shipped to Court-
en ay, where the branch of the
bank in that town was recently
burned out.
Elahorate preporations are being made for the Masquerade
Bali, to be given under the auspices of the Boundary G.W.V.A.
on November 11th. The ladies
of Greenwood are supplying the
refreshments and everything is
being done to make this dance
the finest affair ever seen in
Greenwood, A four piece orchestra has been engaged and an all
round good time is expected. The
proceeds will go towards buying
furniture for their new club
rooms. Celebrate the first ann-i
versary of the signing of the
armistice by patronizing the G.
W. V. A. Masquerade Ball.
Spectators will be welcomed.
f Western Float I
Pumpkin socials are rampant in
Alice Siding.
The curfew may soon be ringing
in Vancouver.
There is a Bmall building boom
at Hammond.
J. Summers has opened a meat
Bhop in Jubilee.
S. L. Smith has moved from
Vernon to the coast.
G. O. Buchanan has sold his
ranch near Haney to two Victoria
This will be" a cold dry winter in
Kamloops. The booze is nearly
all gone.
Counterfeit 50 cent coins,,are being circulated in Kamloops and
other places.
Clarence Vallance of New Denver has returned to Vancouver
from Siberia.
In Cumberland when the mines
are idle a red light is displayed on
the City Hall.
Canada produces annually about
8100,000,000 worth of pulp and
paper products.
Owine to the smoking of so
many cigarettes, cancer is increasing in America.
It is not the principal1 but the
interest on the new War Bonds
that will be taxed.
At Port Alberni a Chink was recently fined $150 for supplying an
Indian with liquor.
Billy McAdams, formerly of
Sandon, has struck a good job wifeh
the Imperial Oil Co.
The Coldstream ranch of 13,000
acres at Vernon, is to be sold by
the present owners.
There were 34 ladies present at
the reception given to Mrs. Captain
Tucker in Whitehorse.
A whale was recently caught at
the coast, that had two hind legs,
ovej four feet in length.
During September the government vendor in Vancouver Bold
$158,000 worth of liquor.
Vancouver now has 32,751 telephones. There are ^87 in New
Denver,-and 92 in Kaslo.
Last week in Trail, fire damaged
the old annex of the Arlington
hotel to the extent of $3,000.
Girlq ' travelling between Vancouver and Seattle very often
smuggle whiskey in their .stockings.
It is reported that a moonshine
factory in the Similkameen is making corn whiskey for use at
The town of Stewart is becoming
civilized. It already has a piano,
and may have some canary birds
in the spring.
Two returned soldiers have
started a newspaper at Port Hammond. They must be suffering
from shell shock. . 1_
Mining News
At Sage Creek, B.C.
is down 1850 feet.    -
an oil well
Five men  are working on
Carnation near Sandon.
W. J. Douglas died in Toronto
this month, aged 73 years. He
had been manager of the Mail-
Empire for 42 years.
Up to date since Prohibition 88
illicit whiskey stills have been
seized in B.C., and still the moonshine is everywhere.
Andre recently died at Chua
Chua, aged 90 years. He had been
chief of the North Thompson
Indians for 65 years.
A whale was seen in the Ynkon
river, between Dawson and Sixty
Mile, just 25 days after Prohibition
became effective in tho north,
Admiral Jellicoe will arrive in
Victoria on November 8. A ball
tn his honor will be given at the
Empress Hotel on November 10.
There are 43,000 Canadian boxcars on tlie railways in the United
States, as against 19.000 American
box-cars in Canada. This works a
hardship on freight shippers in
The Graham evaporating plant
ia operating to Juil capacity at
Vernon. It is putting up apples
this year, instead of onions and
potatoes. About 125 men and
women are employed.
In Australia there is a great
shortage of houses, and building
material is scarce. The government builds houses for soldiers,
and retain the deeds until 25 per
cent of the price has been paid.
On the Skeena river this year,
the salmon ran is the greatest in
the history of the salmon fisheries.
For some days the average catch
was 150,000, about evenly divided
between the sockeye and tbe humpback.
Jack Wilmot died in Spokane
last month aged 58 years. , He
went to Spokane in 1892, where he
kept a saloon for 23 years. He
was widely known all over the
weet. He was born in Canada and
served with the Mounted Police in
tbe rebellion of 1885.
At Stump Lake the Donohoe and
Mary Reynolds are shipping to
The Freddie Lee shipped the
first ore from the Slocan in the fall
of 1892. This month it shipped a
few tons to Trail.
Seattle capital has a lease and
bond on the Mercury, near Sandon.
It is owned by Bob Cunning, W.
S. Drewry and H. Twigg.
The Beatrice' at Cambourne will
have a force of seven men all
winter getting the mine in condition for extensive operations next"
Drilling for oil will soon begin
near Chewelah, Wash, about 100
miles from Greenwood. Why not
try for oil between Carmi and
Mr. Yip, a Chinese mining engineer, is obtaining mining information in B.C. in order to assist
his father to develop several large
mining propositions in China. .<
Colonel Robert Stevenson and
several friends recently made a
trip to Cariboo. Near Lillooet
they staked some cinnabar claims
that Stevenson discovered over 50
years ago.
The Sullivan at Kimberley is
letting contracts for 765 feet of a
raise and 1000 feet of tunnel. A
mill will be built next year that
will cost $2,000,000 or more. The
Sullivan is the largest zinc-lead-
silver mine in the world.
The Colorado in -Whitewater
basin, about 17 miles from Kaslo
has been bonded feo W. Martin and
G. B. Crowe of Winnipeg, by A.
T. Garland and A. J. Harris. The
Colorado lies between the Whitewater and Charleston. It will be
worked extensively  next summer.
Victory Loan
The second phase of Greenwood's Victory Loan campaign is
now raging fiercely and all
those who want lo see Canada be
great, powerful and at the same
time invest their money to good
advantage are falling into line.
Already Anaconda has been
stormed and gained. Boundary
Falls is being shelled and it is
expected that Eholt and the
Emma mine will be attacked in a
few days. Strong forces have
been organized for the City of
Greenwood, with company headquarters at the Windsor hotel
where the commander D. McPherson is issuing orders and his
second in command R, B. Master-
ton is getting in his blows with
telling effect, while G. B. Taylor
is kept busy issuing out the ammunition. Bomber C. King is
doing excellent work landing
high explosive literature where
it has most effect. A good scout
in the person of Jas. E. Hoy, is
patroling the No. 7 Road and it
is expected that all on that road
will succumb to a just cause in a
few days. A. N. Mowat is leading a squad of moppers-up who
are doing yeoman work.
Don't Stop
When someone stops a&Terfising,
Someone stops baying.
"When someone stops buying,
Someone stops selling.
Whea someone stops selling,
Someone stops making,
When someoae stops making,
Someone stops earning.
Everybody stops buying.
Keep going,
iA y-*i&i
" ::yfX
-y -v>NI
> '-y\
i - < r
'" Ai
^ A
-i '���-,
' "iiSJ
- 5U.erf
V-. .,
^-^fc^^Ste,^ -7���r
fJ&DGfc]     omkenwooij     11    n.
Royal Yeast
has   beerv  the
standard   yeast
hi Canada   for
over 50 years, and it
is & well known fact
tha.4    brca.d    ma.de
with   RoyaJ ,Ye&.st
possesses a. greater
amount of nourish
ment than  that
made with any
lhe 1919 Victory Loan
The people of Canada arc oucc
again asked to demonstrate their
thorough-going Canadianism by subscribing to the limit of tlicir financial
ability  to   thc  Victory  Loan,   1919.
Throughout ihc wav thc people of
Canada never oucc failed to meet all
demands made upon thcm by their
country, and Western Canada in
particular established a record for
self-sacrificing patriotic effort unsurpassed in any province or country. Looking back over thc history
of the past five eventful years, the
people of the West have nothing
with which to reproach themselves;
on the contrary, thcy have evcry reason for justifiable pride in thcir
efforts  and achievements.
The Great War is over so far as
the fighting is concerned. It has
ended in a triumphant victory for our
cause, a victory made possible by the
efforts of thc five years now happily
gone. But while thc fighting is ended, victory achieved, and our soldiers
home again, one very important part
of Canada's war effort is yct-uncom-
plcted. Thc Victory Loan, 1919, is
necessary  to finish  the  work.
War is a tremendously expensive
business, and modern warfare calls
for an expenditure of money undreamed of in the centuries of the
past. Canada pledged its honor to
contribute all its powers, resources
and wealth lo thc winning of the war.
We said we would go to the limit
of our last man and our last dollar
in such "a just and'-noblc cause. Our
men went, thousands gave their1 lives,
other thousands1 are-maimed and sut-
fcring from..-'wounds, all require lo bc
again established,in civilian life. Thc
soldiers have done their part. Thcy
havc brought, imperishable honor and
glory to Canada. As soldiers their
work is ended. " '
But   Canadians   who  remained   "at
home, and-' who,  therefore, had  ' the
easier part," havcTstill to finish,   their
. part of-thc work.   The bills contracted lo win 'the war raust.be paid. 1'iir-
thcrmorc, the expense'of war did not
end with.lhe actual fighting-.   . It cost
millions .to bring our soldiers' home-,
and many-more millions ior pensions.
and    re-cslablishnient.   "   It    re.qntrcs
millions    for    reconstruction   .work.
Other millions arc necessary, to  finance the. sale of the products of Canada during this reconstruction .period
throughout'the world. -������-.'     .    ..   _- ,-'
This moriey must bc"-provided,.and
it must"-be provided by-the'Canadian
-people themselves.- The -Victory- Loan
is  thc "medium"'.through1, 'which ".this
necessary provision,is to "be-made..' >.
When, .during-, the war, our- boys
Went "over" the lop," thcy; had an objective  before  them,"- and -be .it - said
to the credit,of Canada's soldiers" that
they" never' once failed, to reach-their
objective. ���   .Biit .while    -the '.'storm".
' troops - \v;ent. forward, others --had.. tq
do   the   less   spectacular" but ."equally
important work' "of "mopping up-." All
enemy" dugout's." ;. nia.chiu'c-gim .'nests,
-  Snipers, had to -be accounted "-for,- and
' a general'''clean-up'" ;c'a'rrie'd". out.'"   If
this  was. not. .done, .and-;.done'/-their-.
OUghly-,. there  was-grave'danger "'."lo
thc ��� filial .success, of'.'th.e operation.'-
,- Canada as. a';nation-lias.-rcached its
objective, in. tlie;.w.iuhuig\r>f.' the; war.
No\v--tlic,-'\york--6f''''inopi)i.iig--iii)''. i n't ist
'be.attended; to,--'alI bills.must be:pir.'il,
'- and 'adequate: provision "huidc1- for our-
Vsoldicrs.'arid .the.n'eccsjary'funds pro-
--' ���vjjlcd".-.t&-'.fcc.cp -ail., the:, wheels . of "com-
��� : merccarid industry  turning.',in.;'   this
''���-'Dominion.. -With B6rsliev'ism:-and-u'n"--
- rest  rampant  throughout the- world.
it would bc nothing short of a na-!
tional calamity if business became;
stagnant in Canada and unemploy-11
mcnt widespread. Thc result would 11
be disastrous, and no man can fore- ���
tell what the end might be. A la-gcj
ovcr-subscriptio.i to the 1919 Victory j
Loan will avert such a disaster. i
This is not a ioan to thc Minister,
of  Finance.       It  is  not     a  loan   to'
Union Government.    It is a loan by'
the people of Canada to Canada itself.    In Qthcr words, it is a loan by
individual Canadians to themselves in 1
a collective capacity.   It is a loan for!
national purposes, aud every cent of
the loan will be spent in Canada and
thus redistributed again to the people
of Canada.      Canadians  will receive
the interest paid on thc loan, and will
ultimately receive back the whole of
the principal sum.
If Canadians fail to subscribe the
amount required, Canada must borrow it elsewhere, and if Canadians
refuse to lend their own country the
money it needs, it stands to reason
that other people will only loan to
it at absolutely ruinous rates of interest. ' Furthermore, the payment of
that interest abroad will constitute
an annual drain upon Canada, impoverishing it, but adding to thc wealth
of  other   countries.
Canada must pay its war bills and
finance its own reconstruction policies. It is far better both for,thc individual taxpayer and thc nation that
Canadians themselves should provide
thc principal sum to cover such expenditures, and to pay to themselves
thc interest charges on that national,
Every Canadian should, therefore,
strain his or her resources to purchase the largest possible amount of
Victory Bonds. Quite apart from
helping Canada, and maintaining our
national honor and credit before thc
world/it will prove a first-class investment.' The security is unquestioned, namely, the entire resources
of the Dominion. Thc interest rate
is good���far betier lhan that paid by
any financial institution on savings
Help Canada to "mop up'' by buying Victory .Bonds, 1919, to the limit
of  your ability.
To Discover Cost of Flying
Thc financial possibilities of aircraft will,be made clearer, and the
cost of flying- put on a sounder basis
as the result of a flight lo be held at
Paris, France, soon. Thc course will
run south from 1'aris lo northern
Spain. to northern Italy, back
through France, Switzerland and Bel-
i giinn lo London-and back-to Paris
j again. A t -the end of the", flight thc
machines will.be'examined and graded for-security, comfort, speed, lifting
power.aiid cost of transport pcr ton
per-'mile. Twenty thousand.'dollars,
will bc thc first prize," aiid there will
be six others ranging ' from fifteen
thousand to one- thousand dollars.   ;
Before and After Taking
Gu-So1to and you will be surprised
at the reduction in the size of your
goitre after taking the first bottle Of
a monk's  famous remedy.
Send for free booklet, which explains
what this medicine has already done
lor other suilerers and how you can
successfully treat coitie ia your own
43 Scott Street, Toronto, Ont.
; Tobermory Bay Interesting
Salving   Operations   in   Connection
With Spanish Galleon Are
Bearing Fruit
Tobermory Bay is becoming   seriously interesting.   The salving oper-
] ations in connection with   the   Span
Oil Resources of
Western Canada I
Area of Land Already Proved Is 90
Miles Long
That the latent oil resources of the
Peace River and Athabasca districts
of Western Canada arc wonderful in
.u-^u^^^   iuu   ���i,r   thcir richn5SS   is the    statement of
ish galleon, supposedly the Florenaa,, ���,    ,      ��� % r \r ' .
Charles F. Law, of Vancouver, -who
which for three and a half centuries
Popularity of the Auto
United States Has Three and a Half
Times as Many as in
Registration of motor vehicles i"
thc United Statcs has increased at a
rate of over one million a ycar for
thc past five years.
In 1918 there wcrc registered over
3# times as many as in 1914. Today many automobile manufacturers,
even though no longer on a war basis,
cannot supply thc demand for lhcir
Capital invested by manufacturers
of motor cars, bodies, parts and accessories was well over one and a
quarter billion dollars in the early
part of 1918.
I has lain a wreck off the coast of the
I Isle of Mull, are bearing fruit. Pre-
jcious things are being brought to the
, surface���among- them a beautifully
chased silver plate and the ornamented handle of a silver flagon; Interest in the-operations has brought
crowds to this part of the Scottish
coast, aud neither bed nor board is
to be obtained by late comers. The
divers have not performed their work
without some sign of protest from
sea dwellers. One of them disturbed
recently a huge conger measuring
some 15 feet. The annoyance of thc
animal was unmistakable. Trcasurc-
Irovc is undoubtedly now within
grasp, but difficulty is experienced in
bringing thc finds whole and uninjured to thc surface.
A dog makes almost as much noise
when hc barks as a man does when
he barks his shins.
An old bachelor says It is better to
die for a woman than to live with
some of thcm.
Canadian fall weather is extremely
hard on little, ones. One day is warm
and bright and thc next wet and cold.
These sudden changes bring on colds,
cramps and colic, and unless baby's
littic stomach is kept right thc result
may bc serious. There is nothing to
equal Baby's Own Tablets in keeping
thc littic ones well. Thcy sweeten thc
stomach, regulate the bowels, break
up colds and make baby thrive. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockviile, Ont.
Minard's. Liniment  Cures  Garget.in
Cows.' ���- '    - -    .' "
.',  '  Increased Bank' Clearings    :
The continued and'increasing prosperity of- Saskatchewan-is reflected in
the-bank-clearings at ��� Saskatoon during' the past month, when an'increase
of-more- tliaii .two and a half- million
dollars over the clearing-house'figures
.for-September-of last year, or. praclU
cally "forty per cent., was announced;
This "financial.increase is general
throughout the province and is indicative of lhc "progress and. success of
its'-population. '-' '   '���
Mothers should look well after
lhcir children during the hot summer
months, as this is the lime of year
wlien the young ones arc liable to all
kinds of bowel complaints.
If your children have any looseness
of the bowels do not experiment with
new and untried remedies. Get >nc
having stood thc test of ���"���- ^-.
Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry
has been on the market for lhe past
74 ycars. Don't accept a subs'in.tc
and perhaps . endanger' "vour child's
life.''     -    " "
Mrs. Willis Coupland, 'Sundrie17'f\
Ont., writes: "About four v~^*<; acr>
my little girl, then a babv tw'n �����"��"���'���<=
old, took diarrhoea. . I look her to
the doctor, but to no avail. After he
had given her-up, V read of Div- Fowler's Extract.-of Wild Strnwborrv^antl
immediately' got .a bottle. Within
two.days she was improving fast. I
cannot ever praise it''enough., 1 hope
some.poor'suffcrers will see this let?
ter- and lead them to- a- friend ;'->r1ec-l."
Price-35 cents. Put up only'by The
17 Milbur'n - Co., Limited, - Toronto,
Ont. / --."   ''."".    .;' '- -    -,'
: There ,arc more thorns than roses
on the path'' that leads tb a woman's
heart.'.' -- ���:- - .' "
. . Saskatchewan's .Butter' Production;:-
.-Ninety-seven' cars "of'-buttcr, valued
sir $1,215,000,-;'-"were Tcxpor-tcd".\fro'm
Saskatchewan last-'-ycaiv ; This .is "an
increase "of eighteen- -cars over-llic
number sent bul of the. province", in
1917,-;and, an increase' o'f.";?3ip,odo .in
value. ;r.art "of the incY.easc'-in"' value
is'clucto higher,prices that -were rulr
.ing:in;-.'1918 oyer-those, of the previous'year.""    ���   -' :������-���'-' y  '-���'���' -' .'
"���' ."-'The Goodness of Apples;''.,:-'
��� Because ' wc .like '..apples -we , use
thcm,"-but .npart';fi'6m' that 'wclr.se
ihem. because thcy contain'- healthful
acids,- X. heeded '.-minerals-, ���''including'
iron; lime and sulphur,-, inany" calories
of energy,, and. some 'real'nutrition.' :,
;.-'-Triie; an apple'is. ,85-per cent", w'a-.
ter,-.b'ut"'so-is milk, and'the-apple lias
13-per. centi of. sugar ;-and starches. X
. It Testifies "for^ Itself.���Dr.-Thomas'
Eclectric Oil needs no testimonial of
its powers other than itself;1 Whoever,
tries "it for "coughs or colds, for', cuts
or contusions, - for sprains or burns,
for pains in the limbs or ,body,;wcli
know-that the, medicine proves itself,
and needs no guarantee:- This"-shows
why this Oil is in general use.     " "
How We Can Prevent Fires
Guard Against Fire Loss By Using
Every Precaution
Such simple precautions as the following will prevent many fires:   o
(a) Remote accumulations of rubbish from basements, outhouses and
(b) Never permit children to play
with matches. Safety matches that
'strike only on thc box should bc used
in cvery home.
(c) Do not permit stoves and furnaces lo become overheated and
never leave fires unguarded.
(d) Never throw cigar and cigarette ends and pipe ashes carelessly
away. Smoking should not be permit-
led around garages, barns, stables,
granaries and stocks. Children should
never smoke.
(c) Oily rags and waste ignite
spontaneously. - Burn' thcm -' immediately after .using.
. (f) Gasoline should not be kept in
the -house. Store it .at- least'"25 feet
from any-building. .,     -   " ',
,: (g) Oil stoves and "lamps -should be
filled only iii daylight and never-".near
an open light or fire. Keep-oil stoves
clean "and watch for leaks;. '���''""". ���
(h) Never.attempt to kindle".a fire,
-by using coal oil or gasoline.'.
(i) In open prairie-country plough
fire, guards around buildings and
granarie.s.' "  .    '.'"'������
(i)Do not leave bonfires'ini guarded until the last spark- has died out.  .
has just revisited that area on behalf
of Boston interests. .
The result of his visit has been the
acquisition of 40,000 acres of land
which are estimated to contain 30,000
tons of oil per acre. Of this land, 60
miles nortlT of McMurray, Mr. Law
produced some interesting photographs, showing banks of-tar sand,
which, he stated, were 160 feet thick
and which would burn just like a
torch. These tar sands just above
the water level, wcrc shown by analysis to contain 23 per cent, of oil and
beneath thc water level 33 pcr cent.
Mr. Law said the oil was exactly
like thc Russian oil of the famous
Baku wells, having an asphalt base,
but it was believed that when drilling
operations wcrc undertaken back of
the river, where there was more cover, the oil would be very much lighter and would contain more gasoline.
Already there was quite a settlement
at McMurray���the terminal of thc
Alberta Great Waterways Railway.
Americans were taking up land by
the thousands of acres, and every
train and steamboat was crowded
with newcomers. "Thc area of land
in that one district that has already
been proved as oil bearing is 90 miles
long, while the total area in thc district is estimated at 1U,UU0 square
miles," said Mr. Law.
A Nervous Wreck"
How many business
men feel fagged out, nervous, with a "soggy brain"
���-worn out compretely
before the day and its
tremendous'.-tasks are half
over? Try the right'way!
Clean the body first. That
will help your nerves,
your head and your circulation. Your doctor will
tell you that anything
from a headache or a
common cold to grippe or a serious illness may result from
allowing food to ferment m the intestines. Don't give the
body a chance to absorb the poisons.- Remove the toxins
from the system and give the tissues of the body aid to
resist disease by taking an occasional laxative such as
castor oil, or a tiny pill made up of May-apple, aloin, jalap,
and sold by most druggists as Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
The kidneys and bladder suffer from the wear and tear,
and we get chronic inflammations sometimes indicated by
backache, painful voiding of water���rdull, heavy feelings.
Perhaps the uric acid is stored up in the system in excessive
amount, and consequently when the urate salts are depos*
ited in muscles and joints one suffers from lumbago (pain
in back), rheumatic pains, gout, etc.
Nothing will act so nicely as "Anuric" (anti-uric-acid),
a recent discovery of Dr. Pierce's which can be had at all
drug stores. "Anuric" washes away the poisons, cleanses
the bladder and kidneys���rendering them antiseptic;���
consequently one is soon cured of lumbago, rheumatism,
gout, and the body is put into a-clean, healthy state.
---"-"   Plowing Moderate Depth'
Provided_^the^ plowing, of. the suiuj
merfallow in the previous year has
been deep, 'as'it "should- be, there; is
little advantage in' deep fall, plowing
for^.wlieat.. .About four or five,inches"
will" bury: "the X.stubble"satisfactorily
and "-will iiot-be so'nuich-iii "danger," of
leaving"; an- open- dry..bottom -.to .the
seed,bcd'-as-where .a-'large.amount, of
sliibblcTis turned iti top- deeply^ This
is even .more; true-of .early -spring
plowing, -where- a" moderate - depth "is
decidedly, preferable.- ;-���_"'.'.."
Some -.women who sec
a^ thcy'arc drive -men-
double. -, -
things just
..to    seeing
A druggist can obtain an imitation
Toronto house at a very low price,
and haye it labelled his own product.
This greasy imitation is the poorest one we have yet seen of the
many that cvery Tom, Dick and
Harry  has tried  to introduce.
Ask for MINARD'S and'you will
get  it.
Married Folk Pay Most
Family Heads Pay Larger Part of
American Income Tax
Four persons in thc United Statcs
received net incomes of $5,0UO,QDO or
over in 1917, according to the statement of thc Bureau of Internal Revenue. More returns of taxable income were received from people receiving between $3,000 and ?4,000 a
year than from any other class. There
were 356,437 in the $3-4,000 class, and
thc average tax paid was $27.50.
There were 311,525 people receiving
between' $2,000 and $2,500 a year, and
thc average tax thcy paid was $11.37.
Married folk pay thc larger part of
the -income tax, the figures show.
There were 1,450,723 married.couples
paying taxes, on incoincs totalling
$8,390,000,000. There were only about
250,000" return's . from sitigic. person's,
not heads of-families. - '
Banks' Gold Supply
Some Statistics "as to Location
Supplies in Europe
By the latest reports received the
National "Bank of Germany holds
$309,000,000 less gold than it held a
year ago; the Bank of Italy, $30,000,-
000 less; the Bank of the Netherlands, $27,000,000 less, and the Bank
of, Austria's total ' of $50,000,000 is
practically unchanged. : On the other
hand, thc Bank of England now holds
$102,000,000 more gold than at this
date in 1918; the Bank of Spain, $41,-
000,000 more; thc Bank of Switzerland, $17,000,000 more; the Banks of
Norway and Sweden, $19,500,000
more; the Bank of Greece (including
balances abroad), $150,000,000 more,
and the Bank of Japan $25,000,000
Look at tongue! Remove poi-
- .sons from little stomach,
liver and bowels   -
.Miller's-Worm Powders will drive
worms'from .the system "without injury-to the child. Thc1powders ar_e
"so~easy lo takc-'"that~tli'c most'delicate"
stomach-can assimilate them and.welcome .them -as .'speedy cascrs of'paih,
because they promptly kill the- worms
lhat cause the-"pain, and-thus the suffering of the-child is..relieved. . With
so. sterling a remedy at hand, no child
should suffer" an hour from worms.
The Flying Era ,
'-- Mail-carrying airplanes, are already
an; old siory, 'writes A. Riisscll. Bond,
in "Inventions'of" thc Great War." In
Europe the big bombing machines arc
being used for.,-passenger service be^
tween cities. There is" an ""air "line-
between Paris" and London, , The ,air
planes carry front a dozen to as many.
Lady Rhondda Visits
Peace River Country
Wife of Welsh Coal Magnate Takei
Direct Interest in Late Hus.
band's Projects   ���
Of particular interest to thc north*
ern development of the province' ol
British Columbia and to the settlcrt
located there, was the visit to th��
coast recently of Lady Rhondda (wife
of the late great Welsh coal magnate,
D. A. Thomas) and a party of shareholders in the Peace River Development company. Settlers in the north
have been somewhat uneasy since the
death of Lord Rhondda as to what
action the executors would take with
regard to future development along
the Peace River, but all fears arc now
allayed following the annual meetings
of both companies which were Ijeld
in Vancouver with Lady Rhondda,
thc president, in the chair.
In company with her entire party
shc had visited thc company's interests along the Peace River and at the
meeting expressed herself greatly
pleased with thc norlh and the possibilities for extensions of the various
interests there. Thc Development
company operates two boats, thc D.
A. Thomas and Lady Mackworth, and
. so heavy has grown thc trade that it
J was practically decided to build a ncw
steamer and improve thc service. The
Trading company'operates a chain of
stores, and these, loo, havc been very
prosperous, the future being exceedingly bright. It is probable that the
new. boat will bc constructed next
year, according to.a statement of one
of thc local directors.      - .   .
Accept ".California" Syrup of .Figs
only���look for the. name California on
the- package, then you are sure your
as 50.passengers on a single trip. In ^iId,is- h,avint? the - bfl .an? nlSs*
.,.,--     _���_,    ,,  ;    -,       ,. harmless laxative ; or physic for thc
some., cities ...here, as \ well as -.abroad,
tlic "poli'cenafiT being Trained to fly,
so that thcy can" police the'..heavens
.when the public takes to wings. Evidently, the flying era is here".'
; iJiaTii'iv-ss. in women-is. due.,
failure-to pyVufticr'"lh(i..:"irt "of
Lug-''"." - - ":'���'-'.'"��� \ X      'X'X'X-.X"X
;o. tticir
How The; Scrap Started ;
.���.--Jones  stepped  on-''Smith's -favorite,
corn,, and .of ..course.-there, was  trouble- -- What;' Smith "needed- i.s l'lUnani'.s '
Corn'. ~J___\'trac"tor_��� that -.painlcss":fem-
c.dyv foi ..corns' aiid -wart?.'-tliat" cures
m. t.went}
the Vmlyv
dc al< rs...-
. Putnam._;- is
standby.-'.Tt.y,it',--".^c'.-'at. all-
were" coming- his-way1 as soon" as. He,
discovered- a Avoiuan'in-the;garden.
Balanced Cereal
That is what Grape-Nuts food
is called, because it supplies
the vital mineral elements so
often lacking" in other foods.
provides all the goodnessi of ;":y
wheat and barley. It's easily ���;;
'digested ahd has a^vronder-
' niiiy likable flavor^- X-xyxyyix
"There's a Reason Tor Gr��peWu��s,
At all Grocers,
Thti Flashing Frog
Angles For Game;Expertly and With.
��� V.Gre'at-jSucccss-,'.-���    -,  ���
'.'.There, is' a hideous- reptile, known
as llic'Ha'^hiiig ���'fro'i:,' which .angles'
for its game a-, expertiy aiid-'with as'
<>real- success .'as .the -.most adroit -fly
fjshcir. .���'��� .ile- is.-n c.luiiisy, y-"awkward
swimmer, -biit..'.iiat'urc; has- compensated Jiim--��%>r his ''.inwielditVessby' 7nir.-
iiihhiug.. liim...-v, itli' an 'CfjuUalcut.-for.
:a--'rod ;\\\,\ -liiu':, _'w.ith. a_ -bait.- always
ii'.ady- fur '"use. .'.Two. <'l<-jiiwite"d"..trn-.
'taclcs s^rini.',-. from-his ^ms.ej'.which *a"
jieV-away like actual fi-sliing. rods. 'To
the;-.end. 'roi /them .is 'attached,,J>y a
slchder-iilatneiit,- which .-serves'. - thc
purpose of a'.liii'e,- a bait in tlie ..form
of "a" -shiny bit: of -liiembrane.' -.-The-
liooks. 'are-.s'c:t. i'n the "mouth -of "the
fi'shcrmaii;. below",- ;,itul in order .lo in-
Uucc. the iisii to Venture-' within .reach
���. ,   , ,    , , (bf'the-ii, The ari.cler stirs uptlic'mud
slavs tens-of .thousands beyond (lucs'-f   .  ,,,    ,,;,. ���   ' ��� -,,   ,.    .---"-   --,',  ���,-
���     -     - i       lat the bottom with his. lins-nndtail.-
fish" aiul" 'conceals
, Underwork
Of'.'c'oufs.c- lhc-serpent knew- things I Cause of .Imaginary. .Maladies Which.
'..-"-.    Often' Erid-i'n- Insanity. ','"';'."
;  "Qvc'rwork.-is;bad,'-': said. ;'- doctor,
"but'it's nothing-like so'.bad as under-,
work..  ���     " .      .,  ' ,   -    -' ".-'.
' ".Overwork' may .slay its .thousands,
though    1 ,doub.t .it, .but ""underwork
littic ,stom'ach,_ liy.er_.and_ bowels,
Children love its' delicious fruity
taste., Full directions for child's, dose
on each bottle. Give it without fear.
Mother! You must say "California."
The Curious Origin
6r One Word
Belgian Gratitude to Paris
In  gratitude for the services .rendered   by Paris  to .the citizens     of
Belgium the  Belgian  minister-    has-
proposcd to -decorate- Paris with the
Belgian Croix dc.Gucrrc.   ���   "
Just  because     a fellow -Is  in , the
swirrir.'don't" "jump-toTthe "conclusion"
that he has a. clean record.   -
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
We Have Them Here
tion.   Underwork is"the-cause of neurasthenia,    insomnia-,  fatigue     waves
and all  that  host   of imaginary  and
yot incurable maladies''whieh;"so, often'
\ rrid :n insanity pr-s'uicnle'.'; ''_-'.,;     .'.. -
if!,\Tu.!jli_s. South Sc'a"--.It!a'hds  tlie cli-
|.inald.'-H'^perfect,  Ji3s-llre- is  bountiful,
j and.everybody can live without work.
j What is the .'result?   The result is that
the- South Sea Islandcrilare feebler
minded,; practically idiots.. '-'"-.-    -V- .'.."';���'
-"Andalusia, is another, place "with- a
.sect,--.."Tivc";"dazed lish'-.afc'-ia.kcri' .. m
great'; ntiriibcrj," perfectly circunivenU
ed by- "the-tfick of the crafty, angler.
rom tlicir observation,'. He. then
his   rod;   the     glittering  bait-!
iff-the,/water like"'a., living iri-r.
pcricct climate, .-/and-a'-\pcricct-.soil-. ������,, -���.
.,.-- -.,-.-:-' '-���'��� ;,-���������. ��������� -"��� "-', :���,' other-
Lv-crylhing growsal!. the year . round
in'Andalusia..expept weeds.-. The An-
dalftsians-'dc-yote themselves mainlyjo
music., and'.lovc-makiiig.-   Result? ' A
race'of .'scrawny,. undersized." - illiterr
ales!"   -:-. "; - ���       V"'V" ������-" ���
N.       U.
yXZif ';"-��� .:-.-'r-:-..Kis Resources
- -Old. Roxloigh:' What are your rc-
sources?"-;--',<,-.';-    . -.;-'
Nervy-; Suitor: Well,��� I -  have.". two
neh'.rgirls' willing to marry .me
if>I.',c.annot'.ili*avc^3-our daughter,  'X '".
CV.Work 9.i.-Big Berthas"   -:
:, "The/total casualties in. Paris rcsult-
iag'Xyivo.vr.'���'���'.air. -.raids'-'- and by shells
thrown'.-;- .hy. German -. U>ng-distance
guns^.;.-were-1521; persons killed and
1,224 --.voi:,r:.dcd-...-'       "        "~ ���
AINS/iiithe  small of - the
back, ; lumbago, ������ rheuma-
tisnij pains in the limbs all-tell,
of defective.; kidneys.
/.Poisons   are \being "left -.iny tlie
blood which causo. pains and. aches.
. .,'The/..kidneys,'.-liver, and   bowels!
'must.be-'.'aro.ut:cd,to action' by"such
treatment as-Dry Chase's Kidney-
Liver-Pills. ���;
Thero ia so lima for delay when
the kidneys go wroag, for such developments as hardening ol tho arteries, and Brlght's disease are the.
One pUI �� close,- 25 cents t. box,, ill
dealers, or EJaiansoa, 3at���� & Co., Ltd.,
Toronto. '
History  Locked  Up In Words  We
Use Every Day
A fascinating" study is that which
searches for the-origin- of words.
Much of-thc history of-thc world is
locked up in the words we use every
day, utterly "unconscious oi". their derivation. ',:'; -,--- 'y i'������ ���' ... .'; .
- When the Arabs caiuc'iiito" Europe
and^-learned, from, the .nations, thcy
encountered "the wisdom ' of all. the
ages then 'pastv they became deeply
interested.;:in- llic. attempts"'thaV" the
old .Greeks' had inade to , turn'other
metals: into. gold.   ..',-.  ; ;-.'"".'.-
-That-.it.had.been declared.-to" be a
secret-and mysterious 'process -.iiiadc'l
it.all-the .more.' fascinating, to them.
And ,so thcy'became - alchemists and
called --themselves 'Hermetic-.philosophers, - because - tradition ��� declared
Hermes .Thisnicgistus. -about, " two
thousand years before Christ had discovered.- how to- convert- the ,baser
metals into gold." ...', ,; y-Xyii--.
;���.- To; melt the" mouth-of. a,glass, tube'
so.as' to close it. was called, .securing
it-with "Hermes'-Jus.seal.""Wc know
little of.nothing of Hermes, or .when
he."lived,, or whether he.'"ever ".lived at
all;\but; it' is- curious that even to this"
day when a bottle or jar is closed so
that it is airtight wc call it hermetically scaled, after, this same Hermes.
Destroyers  Who Would  Overthrow
Civilisation That They Might
Prey Upon the Ruins
After.enlarging upon the natural'
attractions .in Minnesota and" tin
general prosperity throughout the
state, the Minneapolis Tribune says:
.' "What, then,- is tlic" -matter-with
"Nothing-. '
""Nothing but a few people ,. who
make; a living. by - preaching/discon- '
tent; who, have iicvcr earned;success
themselves' and are just plain, envious
at the ..sight of those who Have; who
prefer the red flag to 'Old Glory' and
who resolve'.'in conventions, in favot
of Russian' Bolshevism, in preference
to American. democracy; who , would j
tear down our whole system of society if thcy could; who would, break
up thc/homc and degrade womankind;
who: arc not reformers, but destroyers and who would overthrow civilization ' itself .that thcy. might prey
iipon the rains���just as the rabble 5did
in Bosjjgn recently.-when civilization
broke down there".for a day."    --
A Human Picture Gallery
-.-Perhaps the. most- extraordinary ta-
tooing idea evcr,carricd out was.that
of a' French coachman- who, at -the
time of the celebrated. Dreyfus trial,
had his body covered with no fewer
than 120 illustrations of the case, inr
eluding portraits of, the leading personages. The work- occupied nearly
tvro .rears.'-' iy:..' ' '- y . '     "���"' ������/-. -."'
1 $mW&$ffi&&ti
LEDQEt    GREENWOOD*    ��.    fl,;
Ruddy Cheeks,
Sparkling Eyes,
Womanly Health
Thousands of Happy Girls and Women Endorse the Treatment
Women who are all played^out,
droopy, pale, nervous, and irritab'e
���will certainly,be greatly interested.
.So. will folks who are. embarrased
���with pimples, rashes, and pallid complexion:
The real joy of living is best known
to those who keep the blood,pure and
thc system toned by the use of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills, a soothing tonic
laxative that, puts health, vim, and
spirits into those who lack these
You will be stronger, better nourished, in better spirits, and sleep better after using Dr. Hamilton's Pil's.
This wonderful medicine will do
you good in a hundred ways. It will
put spring in your step, an attractive brightness in your eyes, and on
your cheeks will be stamped the
glow and blush of a June rose. All
this is possible because Dr. Hamilton's Pi'ls bring about vigorous di-
festion, perfect assimilation, pure
lood, and a proper working of all thc
. The benefits from Dr. Hamilton's
Pills come about iti* a natural, soothing, easy way, and girls and women
of all ages are advised to try. this
old-time family remedy, whicli is
sold'by all dealers in 25c boxes.
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BY��� ""
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
"He's  certainly  a  fine old gentleman," Ruggles answered.
"Well,"1 said Pembroke, "comc out
hrthc garden as soon as you're ready.
I'll go order our chow."
Hc went out, and Rugglcs stood
for a moment staring into thc glass.
."Lord Pembroke��� Lord Pembroke!" hc repeated to himself^ "And
I was beginning to think he might
be some sort of a con man! Golly!"
It swept over Rugglcs that he was
still very callow and inexperienced in
regard lo this world and the people
in it. Also, he began to wonder if
all men were as free and equal as his
American principles had led him to
maintain. Up to this time hc had
never been able to understand why
he should not consider himself as
good as anybody else, and now for
the firs* time it occurred to him that
perhaps he had taken far too much
,  for granted.
Thc Downings were his superiors,
and so were Darthea and her aunt
and Mr. Falconer and Pembroke. Thc
rectors of thc American and English
churches were also of this higher
order, to which it now seemed tb
Ruggles, in his reaction, that he
could never hope to attain.
"I  guess  I'm just    a cheap littic
skate and never found it out," thought
he bitterly.    "Where  did  I   get  my
license to trot around with Darthca
and   Miss  Challand,  and  to  cal!   on
- Ruth- Downirtg-anu-boihcr"her~with
my hurt feelings, and now to be eating here at the Madrid with    Lord
Pembroke?    They're   all  swells���thc
rcal thing ��� and I'm nothing but a
cheap littic  squirt  of  a shoe  clerk.
Well, I've got my goods.    None of
'cm will ever be bothered by Dicky
Rugglcs again.    I'll  go back to the
Statcs    and hunt    me up    a job as
chauffeur or bicycle    cop or something that's more in my line.   Whatever it is, it won't bc selling shoes."
It was in this chastened mood that
hc rejoined his host, who was seated
at a  table iu   thc garden  cheerfully
engaged    in  ordering     thcir repast.
Ruggles declined thc offer of a cocktail, but when the hors d'ocuvrcs were
served  he   quickly  discovered     how
badly lie was in need of food.   A fillet
of  sole,  followed  by a juicy  steak,
went far toward restoring him to his
tiormal self.    Pembroke was hungry,
too, and neither had much to say until the coffee was served.   Then Pembroke lighted a cigar, leaned back in
his  chair,  and,  looking at   Ruggles,
whose execution of the delicious luncheon he had been observing    with
kindly approval,"asked with a smile:���
"Feeling better, "old chap?"
"I sure am," Rugglcs answered. "I
guess I was hungrier than I thought.
You  see,  I've  had  a  lot  of  things
bothering mc for thc last couple of
._da5~s  and  I haven't  thought     much
about eating."
"So I imagined," Pembroke answered. "You looked pretty well
gone. Do you think they'll try to
make it nasty for you down there?"
Ruggles shook his head. "I don't
believe so," hc answered. "Lorenz
might, but he's got to go to Vienna
today.    Durand,  the     manager,   wii!
probably try to hush the thing up,
if only for his own sake..' I'm sorry
it happened, but when that skunk
Lorenz grabbed me by the arm I
saw red. Then Durand had to butt
in, and Wagneiv the cashier, so I. just
sailed in to clean out the'whole darn
Pembroke chuckled. "I must say
you made a ripping thorough job of
it," ^aid he. "Since it had to be I
wouldn't have missed it for anything.
That right hook you put on the jaw
of the German gentleman was a proper knock-out if hc hadn't been such
a bony brute. And you stopped-hjm
beautifully .when he came back. Oh,
it was a lovely scrap." He leaned
back and laughed, then looked at
Ruggles, who was sipping his coffee
and taking no apparent pleasure in
this sort of praise. "What arc you
going to do now?"
"I don't know," Ruggles ansvvered
slowly. "I've got a littic money saved up and I thought I might go back
to N'York, and hunt up some sort of
a job. I've got enough "of this town.
You sec, it's not only losing my job,"
hc went on, with a rather heightened
color, "but only the day before, I
got turned down by a girl I thought
a whole lot about."
"No, really? I say, that is tough!
What was the trouble, if you don't
mind my asking?"
"I'd sure like to tell you about it,"
said Ruggles^ "You've been so,
mighty kind t6 me, and I hate to
havc you think that I'm just a common rough-houser. But it's a long
story, and as you're leaving tonight,
you must have a lot of things you
want to do and see."
Pembroke glanced (.at his watch.
"I've got an hour yet," said lie. "Tell
me all about it. I might be able to
help you.; Wc medicos are often
able to give advice that isn't purely
Rugglcs looked gratefully at the
kindly, interested face of his host. It
struck him that Pembroke was a considerably older man than he had at
first.thought. The fresh but rugged
skin had certain lines of experience,
and the crisp chestnut 'hair which
curled above thc small, closely set|
ears was flecked with gray. Ruggles
decided that his host must be nearer
forty than thirty. A sudden curiosity
j possessed him to-know more of this
I strong, kindly man.
"What is it?" asked Pembroke, noting the look of inquiry.
Rugglcs colored. "I was just
thinking," said he, "lhat it seems sort
of funny that you should be a doctor when you're an English lord."
"That's easily explained. You see,
in Eugland thc oldest son inherits after thc death of thc father. When
my father died, my elder brother inherited the title and thc estates/ Rather than rot around at home, I went
out to Australia and scratched for
myself. I had a sheep ranch for a
while, then tried gold digging, and
finally went down to Melbourne and
studied medicjne. Surgery had always interested me, so 1 went in for
that, and I had quite a decent' littic
practice (hc did not sec fit'to mention that hc was" tlic leading surgeon
of the city) when my brother died.
Now I'm going out for the Red Cross
and unless I'm much mistaken, there
will be a lot of work to do, once
they get at it in real earnest. But
about this affair of yours���?"
Ruggles finished his coffee and set
down the cup.
"Well," said he, "it was like this,
Lord���" ,
"Call mc 'doctor,'" said Pembroke.
"I���like- it~bcttcrr -You""scer~anybody
might become a peer by virtue of
birth or circumstance or because of
���oh, a lot of things. But a man has
to  make himself a surgeon."
"Well, then," said Rugglcs, "it was
like this." And in his simple, frank,-
and often slangy manner of speaking,
hc proceeded to put Pembroke in possession of all thc facts connected with
his unfortunate affair. Pembroke
lighted a fresh cigar and leaned back
in his chair to listen. Hc was a man
who loved his fellow men, loved to
help and direct them, and his experience, of human nature in thc law as
well as in thc finished product was
considerable. Hc was the more eminently fitted to grasp the situation
because thc social conditions of life
in Australia so closely approach those
of the United Statcs in inanj- ways.
It did not take Ruggles long to tell
his story, scarcely a quarter of an
hour, in fact; thc more so as he had
so littic to say about himself. Pembroke observed this trait ��n him with
particular appreciation, realizing' its
rarit3*.    Rugglcs    finished his narra-
Co-operative Soldier
Settlement In B.C.
Experiment Initiated By Veterans
Themselves, Makes Promising Progress
Three hundred officers and men
returning for demobilization on the
Empress of Asia evolved a scheme
for., co-operative settlement on the
lands of British Columbia. They
elaborated their scheme ' and presented it to the authorities. For a
time they received little'' encouragement, but eventually thev found
sympathy and encouragement from
the government of British' Columbia.
The Dominion authorities agreed to
endorse the project   and.   now    four
The Return of
Modern Crusader
The British Cheers Which Welcomed
General Allenby
A gray sky, such as can often be
seen iri London. The drab, -almost
mean _houscs in the Wilton Road,
Victoria. What sterner contrast
could be found to that entry into
Jerusalem hot two years ago?. The
usual snapshbtters, mounted Qn railings, cornice, window ledges; a typical crowd of the: unemployed, of the
curious, tlie interested, the appreciative, Many soldiers who had served
under the great general, and who
adored  him,  knowing  him   to  be  a
Stuffy Head Cleared
Of Catarrh Germs
By "Catarrhozone"
i deliverer, as well as a leader of men.
soldier settlements in the province of|0ther soldicrs wll0( oniy knowing 0f
him, recognized him as thc last of the
great crusaders. Thc man who entered Jerusalem to give it Va complete freedom for all faiths," and who
British   Columbia   are   in   course
development by soldier labor.
In thc development of thc estates,
returned soldicrs only arc employed.
Thus: the problem of thcir employment is settled at once. Wlien the
lands are cleared and ready for occupation they will bc sold to the)
soldiers, who will receive a $500 rebate on thc purchase price. Thc land
settlement board has provided thc
Camp stores have been established
by thc board, and the profits of the
stores are divided among thc soldier
settlers. . When development has
sufficiently proceeded, thc stores will
be taken by the set-tiers and run on
co-operative principles.
Among the friends of the soldicrs
in British Columbia the movement
is arousing the greatest interest. To
the soldiers themselves it has all
the fascination ��� of creation. They
have found what .William James called "Thc moral equivalent for war."
There , is something to overcome���
the sternness and strength of nature
���something to civilize and, for thcir
inspiration, as in the -days of war,
love of wives and children-and comrades. They arc delighted to work
together and congratulate themselves
that; thcy have escaped the isolation
of  the   old-time   settler.���A.
Check u<sly dandruft!   Stop hair
coming out and double
its beauty
in later victories occupied Damascus,
Beirut, and Aleppo, finally compelling Turkey to ask for peace.
Many who stood in thc waiting
crowd must havc compared this day
with that entry into Jerusalem, have
pictured instead of gray clouds . thc
brilliant sunshine of the East, instead
of thc sobcr-hucd assembly,, the motley dress, thc oriental splendor. But
the British cheers which welcomed
General Allenby may have made up
for giittcring appearance, and those
at least who had served under him
were glad to wait long for him; and
never wearily, telling the wonders
Allenby had donc'to those who were
near enough to: be within hearing.
Even at the end thcy remained undaunted, when the motor passed in
a Hash, bearing him home, without
escort, without music, and when, for
the rush the people made, his greatest admirers lost thcir view of him.
; "I only sec the top of 'is at. It
don't: make no difference. I should
know-''im-.blindfold." A pavement
philosopheri He had given his cheer,
a lusty-one; had given, although he
got nothing in return, but with smiling face and greatest pride he plodded home���-'T sec thc top of 'is  at."
On the platform at Victoria Station
Earl Athlonc greeted General Alien-
by on behalf of the King. Lord Haig
was there; so wcrc Sir Eric Gcddcs,
Gen. Sir Archibald Murray, Licutcn-
ant-Geiffcral . Bulfin, Sir-Hugh Richard, Gen. Sir Philip Chctwodc, Gen.
Sir ft evil Macready, Gen. Sir G.
Fielding, commanding the London
district, Admiral Sir Montague
Browning, representing, the Admiralty, and, outside, by the curb, thc man
lately demobilized, whose enthusiasm
led him to believe he would know
his general even if he were blindfolded.���Christian Science Monitor,
To catarrh victims we have just
one word of advice.���cure it now. The
remedy is "Catarrhozone." That it
will cure permanently you cannot
doubt. ^Catarrhozone has cured thousands; it will cure you, too.
It acts in two Ways: First, it destroys the germ���that checks the progress of the disease. Its second action is to heal the sore places the
germs caused. Nice to think of
breathing little drops of healing to
every part| of the lungs, bronchial
tubes and nasal passages. It is such
^absolute;'. thoroughness that makes
Catarrhozone so effective in grippe,
catarrh, and colds. Then by, its sedative influence upon the mucous
surface it clears away the cough and
throat tenderness very quickly. Wc
owe something to a science   that ha? J
Sunflowers Ideal
Forage Crop
Careful   Experiments   to   Determine
Relative Values of Various
It would seem to bc settled beyond
doubt by the experiments of Professor G. H. Hutton, superintendent of
the agricultural and animal industry
branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway, conducted at its experimental
farm at Strathmore, Alberta, that
sunflowers are the ideal forage crop
of this province,. if returns in tons
per acre are any criterion of crop
Two and a half acres close to the
buildings on the farm were sown in
rows threcTTcet apart this'spring, irrigated and properly cultivated between the row's, and the crop, which
���    - , ,--    :������ ihas just been cut and placed in silo,
given us Catarrhozone���that wonder- . , .  ,    ,        ....
tui remedy which so surely enables us \ vVas accurately weighed, and thc ro-
to permanently cure disease of the | suit showed a ��icld of 39.6 tons to
breathing apparatus. We all ki:o\Y|thc acre, green weight placed in silo,
that stomach dosing is useless, air'
What Lydia  E. Pinkhanfe
Vegetable Compound Did
For Ohio Woman.
this departure in thc mode of treatment is an advance in medical science
that everybody can appreciate and
value. Complete outfit of Catarrhozone, which is'guaranteed to cure any
case of catarrh, asthma, bronchial or
throat troubles, lasts three months,
price $1.00; smaller size, SOc; trial
size, 25c;  sold everywhere.
Success  For
Western  Canada
The Oldest Egg
Buried in the Earth for Something
Like Nineteen Centuries
Just before ttic war began, during
excavations in the ancient Moguntia-
cum, under-the; auspices of the Archaeological Society of Mayence, there
was found a hen's egg which was estimated to have lain buried in the
earth for something like nineteen
Moguntiacum was built by Drusiis,
the son of the Roman Emperor Augustus, in the year'14 B.C.   Upon thc
site of the ancient Roman castrum or
encampment near the city the  excavations  in  question brought to  light
many    interesting    relics,    including
some water cisterns of Roman make.
It was in one of these, which was located some twenty    feet below  the
surface, that a damaged Roman clay-
pot was discovered,    containing the
shell  of a broken  eggvahd also     a
whole egg that had been kept -fron
being smashed by a shred of the dam
aged pot, which covered it.     The an
cient egg was deposited in the muni
cipal museum.
eiiiic   coots, cleanses
Captured  Many Prizes at Soil Pro-!
ducts Exhibition
At     thc   fourteenth     Internalion
Soil Products Exhibition held at Kan-i
sas   City   recently,   competitors  from
Western  Canada  captured nearly all
Why Onions Are Higher
The onion crop in B.C., at points
iu lhc Okanagan Valley, is as follows:
Vernon, 4,000 tons; Kelowna, 4.5UU
tons; other points, 50 tons. Fifty pcr
cent, of the crop was shipped previous to. September 27. Favorable
weather has had a good effect, and
the crop is' free of "thick necks" and
second growth, but of small size.
In the Leamington district of Ou-
As there is moisture at the rale of
2.41 per cent, in sunflowers, this
would give a yield of dry matter per
acre of a little over six ton3.
Corn raised under similar conditions at Strathmore returned 14 tons
to the acre, and thc moisture in corn
being 78.72 pcr cent.,' the return in
dry matter was 2 4-5 tons per acre.
Peas and oats returned seven tons
of green forage, and the moisture
percentage in this crop amounted to
62.64 per cent, the weight of. dry
matter was 2 3-5 tons per acre.
Results as given by experiments
conducted at the state experimental
farm in Montana last year showed a
high food value in sunflowers giving
that ensilage an equal value with corn
ensilage as feed for dairy cattle, and
as being far superior to either corn
or oats for sheep, but during this
coining winter Professor Hutton will
conduct careful, experiments at
Strathmore to determine the relative
values-'of these various fodders when
The icsults , will be watched with
thc greatest interest by farmery,
ranchmen, and the public generally,
to whom the question of forage for
winter feed under irrigation conditions is a matter of supreme interest,
involving, as it docs, the capability,
of the country to sustain a much'larger proportion of livestock to the
acre than is possible under present
Portsmouth, Ohio.���" I Buffered from
irregularities, .pains in my side and was
ao weak at times I
could hardly  get
around to do   my
work, and as I had
four in tny family
and three boarders
it made it very hard
for me.   Lycia -E.
Pinkham's  Vegetable Compound!
was recommended
to me.   I  took it
and it has restored
my  health.   It is
certainly tho  best'
medicine for woman's ailments lever
saw."���Mrs. Sara Shaw, B. No. 1,
Portsmouth, Ohio.
Mra. Shaw proved the merit of this
medicine and wrote this letter in order
that other suffering women may find
relief as she did.
Women who are suffering aa she was
should not drag along from day to day
without giving this famous root and
( herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege-
table Compound, a trial. For special
advice in regard to sucn ailments write
to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.,Lynn,
Mass. The result of its forty year*
experience is at your service.
Hindenburg in Mufti
Any day Hindenburg can be seen
going for a walk with his wife and
their littic dachshund in Hanover.
Hindenburg is a striking example of
thc difference made by thc uniform
to the average German.
Hindenburg in mufti is not in thc
least like himself. Wearing & short,
rough coat and a panama hat, and not
very well cut trousers, his burly figure looks as though it were bursting
out of its clothes. His straight-backed
head  runs  without a  pause into  thc
Another Irrigation Project
Southern Alberta Farmers Arc Strong
For It
Farmers north of Lethbridge, Alberta, representing 208,000 acres, have
voted by an overwhelming majority
for the erection of the Lcthbridge-
Northcrn irrigation district, and
elected their first board of trustees,
i This is the first step in the erection
of any of, thc largc irrigation districts in southern Alberta under the
Alberta Irrigation District Act, but
will be followed by the erection of a
number of other large districts cast
ai^l south of thc city. c        ->
The' Lcthbridgc-Norilicrn Irrigation District will now proceed to prepare an official assessment roll, and,
after receiving plans and estimates of
lhc irrigation syslcrn fiom thc Dont*
inion irrigation branch, will issue
bonds covering thc cost of the proposed construction. "These bonds thc
Dominion " and Provincial ~ governments will bc ask��d_to guarantee.
The water for the project will be
taken fiom the Old Man river west
of Macleod, Alberta.
��� ..v...v��   i��ns   mnium  a   pause  into   UK
tario thc production is  only 50 Per|bulJ ncck> for which nQ ordinarv col
j   cent, of last year, or even less;    thc  j      look    j enough.
and  makes   the  feverish,  itchy   scalp ] the  prizes  for which lliey contested,
soft and  pliable;  then  this  siimulat   '
ing tonic penetrates to the famished
hair roots, revitalizing and invigorating cvery hair in the head, thus stopping the hair falling out, or getting
thin,  dry  or  fading.
After a few applications of "Dan-
derm c" you seldom find a fallen hair
or a particle of ��� -dandruff, besides
every hair shows new life, vigor,
brightness, more color and thickness.
A few cents buys a bottle .of delightful "Danderinc" at_any drug_or_
toilet counter.
Big Shipping Transaction
tivc and looked    hopefully at Pembroke.    *
"It's sort of funny," said Ruggles,
''how much good it seems to do a
fellow to get a thing like this off his
chest.    Say, doctor,"���hc  remembcr-
Hariand & Wolff-Now Largest Shipbuilders in World
Messrs. Harland & Wolff, shipbuilders, of Belfast, havc acquired the
business of Messrs. D. & YV. Henderson, Ltd., Alcadowsidc, Partick, and
of A. & J. Inglis, Ltd., rointhousc,
two of the biggest shipbuilding firms
on the Clyde. There will bc no
change in thc management of thc
yards, which arc capable of turning
out vessels between 400 and 450 feet
long. Ilarlaud & Wolff recently purchased Cairds of Greenock, and arc
interested in other Clyde concerns.
Mcadow*idc "yard is notable for thc
construction of Anchor liners and famous yachts, including King Edward's and the former Kaiser's, while
the rointhousc yard has produced a
number of passenger and cargo ships
of moderate mzc. The transactions
were carried through by Lord Pirrie,
on behalf of Harland & Wolff, who
arc .now thc largest shipbuilders in
the world.
including three open sweepstakes ���
again proving lhat Canada can produce grain which will hold its own
with tha! of any other country.
Farmers from Alanitoba were especially successful, winning seven
cups, four state championships, two
county competitions, thirty-four firsts,
fifteen second awards and ten-thirds.
J. S. Fields, of Regina, Saskatchewan,
won first, "s\vc~epstakcs~ancl The C.P.R.
special cup for wheat and first , and
sweepstakes for white oats, while two
additional sweepstakes and numerous
cups and honors testify to thc quality
of grain  grown in Saskatchewan,
j same conditions prevail throughout
the province ancl thc total production
is light.
In the United Stales thc total production, based upon the condition of
the crop on August 1, 1919, is 20,353
cars of 600 bushels each, as compared with 22,394 cars iu 1918.
Moving Canada's Crops
Railway    -officials     at     Winnipeg,
Manitoba, report that all records have
been  broken   this' fall  for  the  rapid
movement of grain.   The greater part!
*��" thc grain will bc out before navi-j
jratiou  closes   they  claim.     For   the;
first seventeen    dajs    of September,!
0,563 cars ��crc sent out of Manitoba!
-, ... ,       . iovtr l,,c t'ati.-dian Pacific K.sihvav a��
cd Pembroke's admonition and it pul|!"f'���       ** 'Cct c,c���*����" t|"�����^ | compared   ��,tl.  2,20o   last   vc.u-  dm-1
him much more at hfe.rasc.   He had       ������     T-Z .,flcrcV��tlIt0.3'2'S- !n':cs'jing tho saw period.   There is plcntr!
not  been  quite  sun:  about  thc   pro    ";.!"   fi ,l(   '^ :,I!1C     n"""   "< 'm'\oi ro"!,s-' *u"'1 in ^"^ ��"' "
per form of address in spcakincc fo a!    ^.V" '       '^X    ��'"f  '"  clcar|*���t. thi ..fn-I.J-  stated
- Seeing on thc Water
At  a  height of one  foot nun:  thc
water an object can be  <=ccn at  1.32,'
Western Canada's 1919 Crop
While exact figures arc not yet obtainable, wheat authorities now seem
to be conforming to thc general opinion that Canada's total yield of
wheat this 'jcar will bc 24S,000,f)00
bushels, as compared wilh 189,000.000
bushels last year. Of this crop thc
share of thc Western Provinces is
166,000,000 bushels, or over two-thirds
of the total yield.
In addition, one of thc mo'st reliable sources in Canada has estimated
that thc West wi'.l produce 227,000,000
bushels of oats, 37,000,000 bushels of
barley, 6,000,0'J bushels of flax and
over 2.000,000 bushels of rye.
According to thc latest census more
than half of Canada's invested capital
is in forms, farm buildings, and stock
and tools.
rgc cnougl
_ Frau von Hindenburg has flat hats,
tightly screwed Tiair, wears her skirts
long, and smiles with vigor.
Thc Brazil nut tree docs not begin
to bear fruit until it attains the age
of 50 years or thereabouts, and continues lo produce crops intermittent-J
ly; trees known to be hundreds of
years old havc produced crops.
Drawing lt Fine
Arabian women while in mourning
abstain from milk drinking on the
ground that the color of thc liquid
does not harmonize with their mental
state.    -
Havana has one of the finest boulevard systems in the world, including nearly 200 miles of paved streets.
It's as cowardly to speak ill of a
man behind his back as it is dangerous to say it to his face.
A cheeky girl with painted checks
Do not Buffet
another day wi*
Itch inc. Bles*
Ing, or ProtrutU
lug Files. Na
durg-ioal opsfw
ation required.
Dr. ChaBO's Ointment will toUoto you at onc��
and as certainly euro you. tiOc. a dox; nil
dealers, or Ediitxuson, Bates Hi Co., Limited.
Toronto. Sample box firoo if you mention thil
paper ap*1 enclose 2c, stamp to pay pontage.
FO/2   ALL    USES
~icat  limitation*
**1^ Ai��tt��fl Sraaolafe* Eyelidte*
fi   Olir^l la&uatd by ��po-
a V**B TOretoSM.SssJaadfUai!
E�� w***.*-i quickly relieved by Kartei
V���5SI Ij*B*��ij. NoSffi*rtK&
Voux Dragiati er by esa3 69c per Bottle.
Fer 8**k �� 6a Ejt *���� write fc-a
Marts* ��?��� RMMtfy C��^ Chlcsgo,
required that hc should say "Lord,",
"my lord," "your lordship," or just
what. "I haven't got this thing quite
doped 3-ct, but it sort of seems to me
as if I'd made a darn fool of myself
from thc very start. Why, doctor,
when you come to think of it, these
people that I've been flocking- with
are way up out of my class. Now
that I'm beginning to sec it that way,
it fiin't so hard. I didn't under-tand,
that's a!!."
{To Bc Continued.) ���
W.       N.       U,
oi   ..  .submarine   periscope,'
as all merchant vessels were keenly
on thc lookout for such.
A hundred acre farm just outside
of Bronte, near Hamilton, has been
sold to Fong Yung, a restaurant proprietor in Hamilton, for $3(5,000. Thc
new owner intends to utilise thc farm
Canada's Fish Cr.icl; *
During the n-.onili of August the
total value of ihc. sea fish brought to
thc various . points of landing in
Canada increased b> $2J?.SS2, as compared v.ith tli- ^anu month last jcar,\
The total ".:due of the fish taken on
both, co.'.?:* "��: -Sl,1S5.r2_\. Especial:} .on th-  Atlantic coast was thc
T MPERIAL Royalite is a superior quality coal oil, highly refined
f and highly efficient for heat, light and power. It burns without
smoke or soot, and every gallon is uniform.
You can't buy better, cleaner, more satisfactory coal oil in Canada
than Imperial Royalite. It is cot only wise" to buy Imperial
Royalite on the basis of quality and efficiency, but you thereby;
effect a saving that amounts to many dollars in the course of a year,
Used in oil heaters and stoves, Imperial Royalite Coal Oil gives
economical, dependable heat. It's equally efficient for tractors,
stationary engines or oil lamps.
You can get Royalite everywhere, any time. Country stores and
dealers in cities and towns sell it.
for thc production of vegetables and incrra=c i-n-:. .ihle, the ratcb of cod.!
small  fruits  for his  tables, and  also liaddocl.^  ,l:.��!>c, and     pollock  being��
for sale on the local market.    , somo 2>\^*'- h'.min dweschts-    ^reattrj
  than ti-i- .mi--'i in August ni iusi year \
Some rneti would rather owe you a ' . j
till for e-ver than put you to the trotf^*    Only a iran vrith a good substantial j
hie of coiicotms it    '                       , income car. afford to write poetry.      {
m jTBip^rrnmMir rT���
Is ��2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the Uuited
States iu advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices .... $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices   .>.     7 00
Kstray Notices    3.00
Cards of Thanks        1.00
Certificate of Improvement    12.50
(Where more thau one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim )
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, anti 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
"WiKTEii makes a white B. C.
Tiik lack o[ harmony keops the
world sick.
TuhY need a few  more  farmers
in the Ontario Legislature.
The man of public spirit always
advertises in local papers.
Buying Victory Bonds is  better
thau buying wildcat oil stock?.
Tkk hog would rather have a
pail of swill than a diamond necklace.
Tin? Prince of Wales bought a
ranch in Alberta. Wonder Bnr-
rel did not sell him one at Grand
It was the women who ran John
Bar!ej corn ont of Ontario. Now
if they will run Java and Ceylon
out of their homes, the world will
appear brighter in the morning.
Gold lias  again   been found in
"Wales. It  lias nob   paid  in   the
past to work  gold  properties   in
"Wales owing    to   the   excessive
amount of royalty  taken   by  the
England is all aflame over
spiritualism', aud febe multitude
want to talk to the dead. Should
hold seances in-the stores that do
cot advertise. The propinquity is
"We generally fear the unknown,
or something that we are not accustomed to. That ia why so
many people do not appreciate being hung by the neck until they
are dead. It would become a
pleasure if people could become
accustomed to it.    -  -
A Perfect Lover
In the back of each woman's
brain lies the picture of a perfect
lover. The picture will vary, of
course, according to the personality of the woman, but there are a
few qualities with which all women
paint their perfect lover, and which
he must have if he deserves the
name of lover at all.
First in these absolutely necessary attributes stands loyalty to
the woman he loves. Secondly,
lie must in his heart of hearts,
icuow that the biggest thing in his
life is his love for the "one
woman" and no matter what
material success he attains in tbe
world, love must be to him the
thing which makes all his achievements worth while. Thirdly, his
love must not depend upon possess-
siug the woman of his heart. He
must, if need be, wait through
eternity until lie can claim her.
Tbe man who is big enough to
till these three requirements would
indeed bo a MAN"���and perfect
lover-.���Elizibeth  Warfiehl.
Always Hopeful
"Your real Gsherman is a true
"What now?"
"Look at Jones. The dock is
so high that his line won't reach
the water."
"So he's angling for Hying flsh."
The Toronto San says: "With
our interest and pension charge
alone absorbing over half of the
national income for this year, aud
with a prospect of these charges
swallowing up at least 60 per cent
of the National income next year,
the danger point has already been
passed. Unless there is an immediate iight~ about face and a
policy of rigid economy substituted
for one of reckless spending, national bankruptcy is inevitable."
Nothing lo do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep one from going1 nude.
Nothing to breathe but air,
Quick as a flash 'tis gone;
Nowhere to fall but off,
Nowhere to stand but on.
Nothing to comb but hair,
Nowhere to sleep but iu bed,
Nothing to weep but tears,
Nothing to bury but dead.
Nothing to sing but songs,
Ah, well!   Alas!   Alack!
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowbeie to come but back.
Nothing to read but words,
Nothing to cast but votes,
Nothing'to hear but sounds,
Nothing to sail but boats.
Nothing to see but sights,
Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to have but what we've got,
Thus through life we are cursed.
Nothing to strike but a gait,  *-
Everything moves that goes.
Nothing at all but commonsense
Can ever withstand these woes
���Ben King.
(Expert Optician)	
K. w. C Block       -     -     Nelson
"The Bridge from
ar   tO Peace''���The Prince of Wales.5]
The Minister of Finance op the Domionion of Canada offers for Public Subscription the
Victory Loan 1919
$300,000,000. Vy Gold Bonds
Bearing interest from November 1st, 1919, and offered in two maturities, the choice of which is optional
with the subscriber as follows:
5 year Bonds due November 1st, 1924 15 year Bonds due November 1st, 1934
Principal payable without charge at the Office of the Minister of Finance and Receiver General at
Ottawa, or at the Office of the Assistant Receiver General at Halifax, St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal,
Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Victoria.
Bonds may be registered as to principal or as to principal and interest, as hereinafter provided, at any
of the above-mentioned offices.
Interest payable, without charge, half-yearly, May 1st and November 1st, at any branch in Canada
of any Chartered Bank.
Principal and Interest payable in Gold. Denominations: $50, $100, $500, and $1,009
Issue Price: 100 and Accrued Interest,
Income Return 5h% per Annum
The proceeds of the Loan wilt be used to pay indebtedness incurred, and to meet expenditures
to be made in connection with' demobilization (including the authorized war service gratuity
to our soldiers, land settlement loans, and other purposes connected with their re-establishment
into civil life), for capital outlay upon shipbuilding, and other national undertakings-forming
part of Canada's industrial reconstruction programme, and for the establishment of any necessary credits for the purchase of grain, foodstuffs, timber and other products, and will be spent
wholly in Canada.
Payment to be made as follows:
10% on application; 20% December 9th, 1919; 20% January 9th, 1920;
20% February 10th, 1920; 31.21% March 9th, 1920.
The last payment of 31.21% covers 30% balance of principal and 1.21% representing accrued interest
at 5J��% from November 1st to due dates of the respective instalments.
A full half-year's interest will be paid on May 1st, 1920, making the cost of the bonds 100 and interest.
Subscriptions may be paid in full at the time of application at 100 without interest, or on any instalment due date thereafter, together with accrued interest at the rate of 5J^% per annum.
This Loan is authorized under Act of the Parliament of Canada, and both principal and'interest are
a charge upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund. "
The amount of this issue is $300,000,000, exclusive of the amount (if any) paid for by the surrender of
bonds of previous issues. The Minister of Finance, however, reserves the right to allot the whole or any
part of the amount subscribed in excess of $300,000,000.
All cheques, drafts, etc., covering instalments are to be made payable to the Credit of the Minister of
Finance. Failure to pay any instalment when due will render previous payments liable to forfeiture, and
the allotment to cancellation. Subscriptions other than those paid in full on application must be accompanied by a deposit of 10% of the amount subscribed. Official Canvassers will forward subscriptions or any
branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank will accept subscriptions and issue receipts.
Subscriptions may be paid in full at time of application at 100 without interest, or on any instalment
due date thereafter, together with accrued interest to time of making payment in full. Under this provision,
payment of subscriptions may be made as follows:
If paid in full on or before November 15th, 1919, par without interest or 100%.
If remaining instalments paid on Dec. 9th, 1919, balance of 90% and interest ($90.52 per $100).
If remaining instalments paid on Jan. 9th, 1920, balance of 70% and interest ($70.84 per $100).
If remaining instalments paid on Feb. 10th, 1920, balance of 50% and interest ($51.08 per $100).
If remaining instalment paid on Mar. 9th, 1920, balance of 30% and interest ($31.21 per $100);
Payment of instalments or payment in full after November 15th, 1919, can be made only on an instalment due date.
Denomination and Registration
Bearer bonds, with coupons, will be issued in denomination of $50, $100, $500, and $1,000, and may be
registered as" to principal:   The first coupon attached to these bonds will be due on May 1st, 1920.
Fully registered bonds, the interest on which is paid direct to the owner by Government cheque, will be
issued in denominations of $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or any multiple of
Payment ol Interest'
A full half-year's interest at the rate of hM% per annum will be paid May 1st, 1920.
Form of Bond and Delivery
Subscribers must indicate on their applications the form of bond and the denominations required,- and
the securities so indicated will be delivered by the bank upon payment of subscriptions in full.
Bearer bonds of this issue will be available for delivery at the time of application to subscribers desirous
of making payment in fall. "Bonds registered as to principal only, or fully registered as to principal and
interest, will be delivered to subscribers making payment in full, as soon as the required registration can be
Payment of all instalments must be made at the bank originally named by the subscriber.
Non-negotiable receipts will be furnished to all subscribers who desire to pay by instalments. These
receipts will be exchangeable at subscriber's bank for bonds on any instalment date when subscription is
paid in full.   All receipts must be exchanged before 1st June, 1920.
Form of Bonds Interchangeable
Subject to the payment of 25 cents for each new bond issued, holders of fully registered bonds without
coupons will have the right to convert into bonds with coupons, and holders of bonds with coupons will
have the right to convert into fully registered bonds without coupons, at any time, on application to the
Minister of Finance or any Assistant Receiver General.
Forms of application may be obtained from any Official Canvasser, from any Victory Loan Committee,
or member thereof, or from any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank.
Subscription Lists will close on-or before November 15th, 1919
Department of Finance, Ottawa, October 27th, 1919.
Keep Canada's Farms and Factories Busy
Fortunate is the girl who knows
iiiore than to look pretty.
An Unfortunate Man
Appealing to a lady for aid, an
old darkey told her that through
the Dayton flood he had lost everything he had in the world, including his wife and six children.
"Why," said the lady, "I have
6een you before and I have helped
yon. Were yon not the colored
man who told me yon had lost
yonr wife and six children by the
sinking cf the Titanic?"
"Yetb, ma'am,, dat wnz me.
Mos' nnfort-niB man dat eber was.
Kaint keep a family nohow.-"   -
I For Good 1
A Traitor in the Camp
comrade dumbowski: I denounce
you. Yon are pandering to to the
capitalist class.
Comrade Horekoff:   Liar!
comrade dumbowski: Then why
do yo begin yoar name with a cap
ital letter?
| Job Printing           |
�����; -=                                  .          =====                                                        ^
f| ���Economy and Satisfaction =��
H combined with Promptness H
H are the features which go to =3
H make up the Service we give =|
H our customers.     Are  you ||
B one of them?                         =|
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       =f
S�� " (Ruled or Plain)' * =3
g Envelopes, Billheads, ��|
���� * (All Sizes) :~3
H Statements, Business Cards, 3
H Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. H
1 The Ledge       PHONE 29      1
��1     greenwood        Job Pflsting Department   |t
iiiuiuiiiauiiuuiiuaiiu kumuiuiiuuiui uuuiiiimuiul
616 Vernon St, Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG   -   - Proprietor
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Pool Room and First-Class
Barber Shop
Cigars. Tobaccos, Soft Drinks.
Ice-Cream Parlor In Connection
Come ��]n Often
Order Now
Your Cutting Machinery -   Binders
and Rakes
We handle] the McCormick and Deering   Line
and will be'pleased to order jrepairs
for all makes of Machines
Get our prices on.Barb -^Wire and   Nails.     We can
save you money on large or small lots.
Ship us your hides.   We'paylcash and remit prcmp'jy., *
Midway, B.C.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper, - Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Home of Shamrock Bacon,   Ham  and Irard 'j
IQ^gs,    Cheese   and - Pish .of   all    Varieties   i
All Work Guaranteed
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
IN THE MVTTER or an application for
duplicate Certificate of Title No. 6919F.
Issued to Andrew 0.' Johnson covering an
undivided one-quarter interest In Lot
1573S. Similkameen Division of Yale
District.      -  " -       -   ���
NuTICE is hereby given that it is my intention at the expiration of one month from the
date of the first publication hereof "lo issue a
duplica'e Cenificate of Title covering the above
lands to Andrew O. Johnson, unless In the
meantime I shall receive vjlid objection thereto in writing".
DATED at KamloopV B. C. tliis 19th day
of September, 1919.
District Registrar.
j Synopsis of
Land ��ct finoncmanis
TAKE NOTICE that Charles Noble Bubar
of Beaverdell, B. C, Parniir, intends to apply
for permission to purchase tho following described lands: Commencing at a post plained
at the south-east corner of Block A Lot 1441,
thence south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence north .40 chains, thence east 20 chains,
to point of commencement, aud containing
elffhty actcs more or less.
Dated 28th August, 1919.
Increase in Rate of Interest
PUBLIC'NOTICE is horeby Riven that in
accordance 'with the provisions of an "Act
to amend the Dominion I<ands Act, passed at
the last Session of Parliament, and commencing- from tbe 7th July, 1919, where interest is
chargeable, the rate of such interest on ail new
transactions lu connection with Dominion
Lauds shall be six per centum per annum; also
that from the 1st of September, 1919, thc rate on
all everdue instalments tn connection with
both past and futnre transactions will be increased to seven per centum per anu|iin.
By order,
' - X,. PERE1RA,
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, August 26, 19J9.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,116,103; Lode
Gold, 393,717,974; Silver, $43,623,761; Lead 839,366,144; Copper, $130,597,620;
Other Metals (Ziae, Iron, etc.), $10,933,468; Coal and Coke, $174,313,658;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, etc., $27,902,381; making ita Mineral Product
tion to the'end of 1917 show an
Aggregate Value of $595,571,107
Production for Year Ending December, 1917, $37,010,392
The Mining Laws of tbis Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire. - '       y    _ "
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained hy developing snch properties, the security
of which is gnaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fall information, together with mining Beports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Colombia.
_ Minimum  price  of   flrst-class  lffind    -
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
.$2.50 an acre.     ' - ��� . ���
Pre-emption" now  confined  to surveyed lands only. .   " ��
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes -
��� And which is non-timber land. '   -
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
. but parties of not. more than four may
arrange - for   adjacent:- pre-emptions     '
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective   "'
claims.       ,      *      9 -
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years'and make improvements to
, value of ?10 per acre, including clear-     -
ing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.   ,-
where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, Jie may,,be- - ���
cause of ill-health, "or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of im-   -
provement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of '
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as for-
jeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
'ess than 5 years, and improvements'
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
- of,?Lt Jeast 2 y��ars are required. "      -   -
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in-conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, pro- "
vided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted laud. ^
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeduig 20
ajcres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill,  factory or industrial  sites on
timber land  not   exceeding   40  acres
may be purchased; conditions include
_payment of_stumpagQ.  _ _i% _
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of"
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
^ -        ACT,
�����;!ftS sc����i?8 of th,e Aot Is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces The
time within which the heirs or devisees
$La*_*,eceas!Ld Pr?:emptor may apply
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one "
year after the conciusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made re-
'*.m0��M!LS!!!S,lu��t0 Pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 2G. 1918
- Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on account of payments, feet
or taxes on soldiers* pre-emptions
interest on agreements to purchase
&_��*�� city lots held *>? roembors of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or Indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920.
'Provieion made for issuance or
Crown grants to nub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fuJ-
vrtllment of conditions of purchase, Interest and taxes. "Where Bub-purchas-
6rs do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes umbo   distributed   proportionately   over
- wh��e  area.     Applications  must  be -
- made by May j, 1920.
Graalng Act. 1919, for systematic
development of livestock industry provides for graslng district* and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual gracing permits Issued based
on numiers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range mtnaee* .
P81"- ,.?oe' or Partially free, permits"'
for settlers, campers or travaUew, uo
to ton head.  _ "
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Rossland Assessment  District
I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Monday, the 3rd day of November, 1919, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court House, Rossland, I shall offer for sale at Public Auction the Mineral Claims in the list hereinafter set
out of the persons in the said list hereinafter set out for delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 30th, June 1919,
and for interest, costs and expenses, if the total amount due is not sooner paid.
The Collector will be pleased to receive any information respecting the following list where the owner is a member of
the Allied Forces and entitled to the benefits of Section^ag of'the Taxation Amendment Act, 1918. .-.��-.
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 30th day of September, 1919.
Assessor and Collector,
.'������'������ '..�����'������"-���  For the Rossland Assessment District.
9      .
Trail Greek Mining Division
Lot No.'
,.��� ; .'.....North American Collieries Ltd., Edmonton,
...���-������..-���'"        Alta. ...:...;...0. 4631
Copper Bar... ." "Waterlow G-.'S 3301
Dandy No. 2 Miller Robt. 24%
Douglas .    ���......'. Doutrlas Hunter M'g. Co. Jjtd 2865
Empire McKee S ; ". 6986
Fairview..... : Watson E. H 10S8
Gladstone   North American Collieries I<td 4633
High Ore No. 2 .'. Miller Robt :. 294S
Keystone       Norlh American Collieries I<td 4630
Last Chance : T. P. Coffey, J. A. Cromie, J. A. PlncH Est.
and B. E. Atkinson 986
Mamotli J. C. Cromie, J. A. Fincli Estate  985
Mlnnetonka Miiinetonka   Gold  Mines  Ltd.   and Cltas.
��� Tangerding  5217-
Mountain Bell ;. ���.. Coffin C. A.  .....; 4023
New Bonanza Coffin C. A 5717
Olive ���...; Griffiths W. M. & Cameron T. A 4926
Revenue   '". "  * McKee Sam... .-. ;. 6985
Tiger '  Cromie  J. C, Est.   of  J.  A. Finch, Mrs.
���������."��� . .      Atkinson, T. J. Coffey  926
Uncle Sam '. Cromie J. C, Est. of J. A. Fincli, T. J. Coffey and Mrs. Atkinson  983
Ural   '...-. Miller Robert c. 2944
Victor  Griffiths W. M. and Cameron T. A 4927
Viking '. ', : Cameron T. A., McRae W. S 4916
Yellowstone North American-Collieries Ltd 4632
Taxes to June
Costs &
30th, 1919.
-$ .22
���     S3.75
12.50       ���   *"    .25
���      13.00
j  17.01
17 11.91
"    11.00
��� 3.75
���     10.63
'"    8.50
3.75     .
3.75      v
Rossland  Assessment  District
I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, ou Monday, the 31$ day of November, 1919, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon at the Court House, Rosslaud, I shall offer for sale at Public Auction the Mineral Claims iu the list hereinafter set
out of the persons.in the said list-hereinafter set out for delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 30th day^of June,
1919, and for interest, costs and expenses, if the total amount due is not sooner paid.
The Collector wiil be pleased to receive any information respecting the  following list where the owner is a member of
the Allied Forces and entitled to the.beuefits of Section 29 of rhe Taxation Amendment Act, 1918.
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 30th day of September, 1919.   ,
"':'���'    ' .,       . .-.. .     -H. R. TOWNSEND, .
���  ' ''.. .,     " ' Assessor and Collector, ,
'"'������".' ".'���.- .-.'-. . For lhe Rossland Assessment District.
Grand.- Forks Mining  Division
Arlington  :-.	
lien Uur	
Biy Cub  1	
.Blade Bear : ; ��
"BlackTail..."..'. '....	
. 'Bonanza .-...'.'.; '...'
Cliff.'. ::..-....:..'.	
Colorado  ��_.	
. . Criterion........'....'��� '���-
Dempster-Vract. _...:..-....
.    Diamond'Hitch :......'	
-*��� Diamond Joe Fraction '..
"Dykclicad  ;	
El .Rio -  -������- ���'	
' Emerald .: .:..-'.'
..'Fife. : : :....
.   Girl of the Period ..........
Glouster Fract   ...'. :.'..
Golden Aire  :	
-Golden Cache Fraction '.
Iron.Hell Fract.'   -:._	
Iron Cap :..:...'...!'.. ......
Jennie May .".	
_   Joe Joe..! ."..-...:..'.	
,-Jumi  .-..'.-.::..'..- ...........
liiltleCnb Fraction  ....:.
-Lucky Jack ....-...'.-.:.". .'	
, .'��� Liicy ;..."..~:..:.���...'.'.. ...���:-.-:'.
.'." Mammoth .'..: .-.'...:
Old Dominion Fraction..
Omar '..::.���....-.���,'.: - :.....'.:.
.   Puyalluii   .:....'.".���.,............
Richmond Fract;"..:....'..:.".
-    Seattle-...-..*.'.....' :..'. ...:.-.
-��� - Three Bcllyv.....: :....:,
Virpiniiis   .....--:.,...:...'......'.;
���'' WaveTract.i : '.."..���
-  White Bear.:'.'. -...:...
Lot No.
Taxes to June
30th, 1919.
...Frank Asprer Est ...\ : 2596
...Chas. Dempster' .'....-. -...1133S.
.. H C Kerman," Maggie   M   Kerman, and D     .   "
'   Shannon ��� .'...: ' 1334S
...H C   Keriiiau,- Mayg-ie  M Kerman and ,D '
Shannon'. ...: V. : : 1335S
.C. W Bouse ���.,- ; .-. -.  2234  '
.. Stanley Mavali and Bertha J Knight  2008 -' -
...AV TO'liver'aiid Thomas Walsh....-. ; 2115
..E   S II- W'mu.- S' Mavali    and   Bertlia- J
..Emilia Bentlcy'-..-. :-. .���	
-..Chas Dempster  J. ���..
. J SC Fraser l&iate.-. : ���.	
..W Elson, Jaiie Russell ai'd'Evau Parry
...Chas Dempster  '    :..-. :.	
:.":Heiir\-Lve...  :...'. -.'. :
:.;w T Oliver and Thomas WaJsh-......:.
..Clias.Deiupster   -..���"' -...'. ;.,'
..J J.Farrell. J J Bassett
.:M:ij.riri"e M Ke'iuiaii.
..JI C Kerman : .'.
..Mrs Jas U JSnvd	
..Bertha J Knight.:.
..Matrgie M Kuril
H.B Cannoii".
90 V)..-.
.... 2025S.
.... 1186S
..:;.1684 .
  993 S
.:...'...1231 '.
148S '
...:.:... 145S -
........ 9fi7S '-:
..-...:.. 955     '
.;.'.:...   93S"-
,.G R Naden, J, B Desrosiers and E R Slian-
.. . noh   .-..-.-...-:'.....'.. 1243   ,
..J J llassett ....:.-. .-....-...-:....': '.. 759S   .
..Anirelo LucanirLuiiri Gri, and A Copicetti...l4fp4S-'
.:il C Kerman, M M Kerman a,nd D Sliaiiuoii 1333S :,-
..'II C Kerman, >1 M Kerman and D Shaniton, -\       -.
:������:- II Woitiii ............ .-. : ..: .��� ���..'..:::.'. 1026S '���'-.
..W'T O'llver.aml Thomas Walsh .'.:.'.:.'..'........Ittl   -
���3 S C Frascr'-Est :............':'... ::.-...-.......1(>83   -
M C Schenck, KF Cummiiifrs... :...-.:.. ���..- 457S "-.
.M C Schenck, EP Cumiiiinirs V -.:.'..';  "' 456S -y
_C R Porter. CB Strong, G'AsCox Est., D D ' J .
:Man'n, W T Smith.-...:;..���-..:.:.:....:.....- .'.1152-' .-'
; Henry Johnson ���.-.,..'...::...':..-....;.......'.-..'....::-....:.-2913 " ���.
..Clark Seattle Gold Mjr. Co Ltd ,.-..; '...'652
..Chas Dempster    ..:.-...-:-.:' :"........-:.................. 11S2S -
. W T' Oliver and Tlios. Walsh" .'...:..".".:! ..'. ...1431   "
..T H Richards ...... ���. :..-..' V ;..1I54S ;
...H C Kerman, M -M Kerman, H Woitin and
' '������    D Shannon  ; .' .-.':.:..' ......:..-. 1025S   '
' $11.25
-'".' 11.50
. 8.25
- 13.00
. ~ 12.75
.������ 57.50
���  10.00
'   12.75
' y 7.50,.
- '11.25-
.-    8.50.'-
,.":  9.75.
- .9.00
14.00 .
-   .12.00.
11.00 '
���11.00 ���
. 13.00. ���
. 13.00-:
-' ,��� 9.75
,' 4.00":
-' 6.25..''
.   13.00
��� 10:75
���- 10.25'
.  13.00"
-   '.23-
'    .25
��� .25 '
' '.23
:   .17-
- .26-
- --".19 '
"    ;24
"   .22
- .23
, .26
, .18'
. '.03 ���
". ;21
. Costs & ,
3,75 '
. 3.75.'
' 3.75.'
3.75 .-
" 3.75 ,
. -3.75
' 3.75
. 3.75 .
3.75 ..'
3.75 '
- 3.75v
." 3.7��
3.7S '
��� .>.i5'
. ' 13.1.9
' .15.48
- 17.01
���    4.26
'    67.69
. 13.95
"'   15.23
' 13.69
-   12.93
-��� 18.31
���" 14.97
.,' 17.01
.' 17.01
,   17.01
'    12.93
.'" 7.83
' 10.13
'   17.01
. '��� 5.53
-- 17.01
Rossland Assessment District
I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Monday, the 3rd day of November, 1919, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore-^
noon at the Court House, Rossland, I shall offer for sale at Public Auction the Mineral Claims in the list hereinafter set
out of the persons in the said list hereinafter set out for delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 30th day of June,
1919, and for interest, costs and expenses, if the total amount due is not sooner paid.
The Collector will be pleased to receive any information respecting the following list where the owner is a member of
Allied Forces and entitled to the benefits of Section 29 of the Taxation Amendment Act, 1918.
Dated at Rossland, B. C, this 30th day of September, 1919.
;      ������       '       i       ' i     ���   ��� ��� r       H..R. TOWNSEND,      '.':..
Assessor & Collector,
" For the Rossland Assessment District
Greenwood Mining Division
Taxes to June
Lot No.      30th, 1919.
Apex Fraction ���....". :....E E Jackson and F W Groves  _ 563S
Arlington Fract ....". ...Bank of Montreal, Greenwood  :. 1110
Atlantic Fraction  : Robert Forshaw    782S
Atlantic Fract. No. 2 _ Robert Forshaw    783S
Balsam Fract : _ ....'Dugald Mclnues, G W Rumberger, Thomas
-    Roderick    3296
Barbara     _ ��� J B Desrosiers      _ 817
Battle Axe Frac F W Groves, Eric E Jackson     2308
Belleview Fract F W Groves, Eric E Jackson 564S
Blue Bell  1 Bank of Montreal, Greenwood  : 1108
Blue Jay     ������ _ :-. Robert Forshaw     1287
Burns Fract Bank of Montreal, Greenwood  1281
Burns  _    Bank of Montreal, Greenwood ..2911
Clipper Fraction   _....'���. ...-. A R Thomas   1102
Copper Mine Fraction    W E McArthur   .". 3600
Cracker Jack  G W Rumberger..... .- 1195
Deer Trail : .' Jane Russell, W" Elson, E Parry  1526,
Denver    Skylii��Jt Der. Oo ; .��� 764J
Diamond Joe Jane Russell, W Elson, 15 Kirry 1S23
Diamond Frac J B Desrosiers        .-..: .-... 2289
Dominion      O Pringle, A M Whiteside, C S Dawsou, J A
Fincli Estate aud Harold Selons _ 2587
Doubtful      : Jane Russell, W Elson, E Parry 1524
Elkhorn _ Chas Kinney, E J Cartier, James McCreath,
A S Black and George White  ..... 818
Florence No. 2 Fraction James J Bassett....: :. .".'.... 717S
Free Coinage T W Stack, T A Howard Estate, Chris Mc- '
Douell, Jas Price, Jas Kilgore 1552
Gem Spencer Bennermaii, Fred Mosher  821S
Granite   Robert Forshaw :  1288
Granite Mountain     Jerry Driscoll. James Sullivan      779S-
Hidden Treasure The Republic Gold Mines of Greenwood ..:..1019 N
Iron King James Sullivan, Jerry Driscoll 7805
Iron Top   _. Bank of Montreal, Greenwood     ...1109
Last Chance Republic Gold Mines of Greenwood and E J
Roberts 644
Legal Tender T W Stack, Chris McDonell, Jas Price and
T A Howard, James Kilgore   1551
Lily James   Chas H Tye     1734
MableFrac Robert Forshaw 1103
Mattie Davie  ...:. McKenzie  &  Mann, E J  Roberts,  W  T.
���   ,    - Smith   795
Mavis  ...Norma Mines Ltd 2877
Mayflower C H Henniug, P. Hickey, D. Mcintosh, aud
O. Lofstad 1773 .
Mayday J Russell, W Elson, EParrv 1625
Mayflower Frac C H Tye, D Mclutosh, and P Hickey 3354
Moreen Frac H H Shallenberger, I M Parsons..,.: 1709
Moscow .'........ ..Jno Hemcmwayi J Moran, G W Runiberger.,1694
Mountain View Norman Mines limited     1100
Murray Frac. D Oxley, Thos Russell  .7185
Nightingale Norman Mines Limited    ....,..��� ........'..1101
Nightingale Fraction Norman Mines Limited    1195
No: 2  j A Finch Est., A M Whiteside, C Pringle
C L Slawson. Harold Solons  ....2588
Nonsuch,���.. ......;.. Republic Gold Miiics of Greenwood, 13  J
Roberts  , 3S9
Orouoco .....,....". Robt. Forshaw '..-. 1196
Otis Frac Hank of Montreal, Greenwood  12S0
O. K. Fraction ....Robt. Forshaw ....:. 1427S
Prince Henry -. Prince Henry Mg Co. Ltd. N P L ". 2636 -
Republic    : .'- ". Republic Gold Mines  of   Greenwood   and
- - "    -EJ Roberts :. 426
Ruby ' .: .-. ....: Edw Pope      .-. :. 4525
Scraiitcu Frac.   ...; : :. ...Bank of Montreal. Greenwood  ...1279
Silver star     .'. .- .-...: V...-..T W Stack. Cliris_McDonell, T A' Howard,
J Kilgore '. 1550
Stafford Fraction : :. :G AV Rumberger, J Morair-  1703    .
Surprise No 3- .- : :....-. ��� ...F AT .Groves    '. '. :.*.. 1776
Timer Fract....: : : .'..-......: ...Phoenix AVater Supply Co 1705
Twin Sisters'..:....:  Philip Bolduc :  ,'......1432 '.
Vernon Frac .- .....Robt.  Forshaw  : '..!..'....... 313S   .
Wellington No. 1 ...; AV J   Harris : , 1215
��� 10,25
��� .2,50
���'   .25
. 4.2S
.25 ���
'���   .25
.   .13
' !oS
Costs &
���   3.75
-    3.75
'    3.75
' 3.75
��� 3.75
>'   .   3.75
37.5   "
. 3.75
3.75 '
.   8.08
12,00 ..
15 99
.17 .
-"   3.75
13.00   -
3.75 ���-
-   3.75
.26 ,
.19 ..
3.75 .
. .18
S.0O    -
12,50 .
3,75    .
3.75    "
..'  .-23-
5,25    ���
' ���    .25.
. 3.75
11.25 ���
.    .23 . '-
:'   15.23
��� "    .01 .
3.75     .
8.00   -
-'     .16
'   3.75
" 2,50 ���
3.75  '
7,75   '
. ��� 11.65
'8.75'     -
.17 -
75,25   '
.   3.75
��j�� 4�� ��&���' ���$��� ^ & 4> ���$��� ���$���'4' 4* *lr 4*
i- >*- ���$\4�� 4* 4* 4* 4��4,4��4'4,,lfs
nelson, !$�������� *
^m -The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,    hirst-class
in every respect,
Hot and Gold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
"y-i'xx-'i '.each roptn.;^:;-;������;-. -Vo.- '
First Class Cafejand Barber Shop \ 'xi-.
���",''.".���"  .-'.'.-:',    .: Steam Heated; Electric Lighted; '      ."-",   .-:.y-'������,.y
The .WINDSOR HOTEL is .heated .with steam
and electricity. ���'" Fine sample rooms. - A comfort-,
able home for tourists and travellers.;' Touch the
wire-if yoa wane rooms, reserved. The'buffet is
replete with cigars,, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Z-" E.' * W. WIDDOWSON, "Assayer arid
..' Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B.~.C.
.'-' Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
s $1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. ..Silver-Lead
12.00   ,Silvef-tead-Zinc J3.00- Charges
.for.other,metals, etc., on ��pplication.   :.
���^-:'^\HONUMEHTAL- CO;; =LTD,
PliQNE  13
Auto   ^and   Horse   Stages
Leave    C reenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Autos'f.or-litre..  The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Lmrj  And Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
'X-XXy .  -NELSON.-B.C.;" ^-<"'^". ;
'���   X'X  ���':"-; "MIN-ING. ���;--���:' ' XX 'C-
, V--',",:. ���   .y- .BROKER .^:;.,:,: ���' ���";'.",
.:. ,.L RATES 31.00 per&Ly and up; European Plan.   -'',,' :���""_���
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
se *.* *''���!���+'& $ 4-+if++* +"*.: * ���,'��� 4 ��� *f *f ��� ��f ��
��� +
!x.   -THOMAS
0 '     " " ,        '-:
���, x'X - . Effectiveness of your telephone service .depends upon the '���/"
co-operation of those concerned.   If the person calling consults . .
the directory and calls, uy number,   it wili very; probably   be
found that the re^onse by the pperStor is prompt and efficient.
_  Ifthe person calledanswers without delay,  the; satisfaction. of
. telephone service ts then, made complete. . Consideration and   V
?    courtesy are two main-points of co-operation.'. -       /.....".'
tulameen Bote!
:'. One of the ^largest/hotels In    .
���    the city."��� Beautiful location^
.' - ���; <;'fine rooms' and tasty meals.   .
���:=V"-KELSON,-, B.C,\,'-, ?-.:' "X '
���_.w Nicely injenishtd rooms, by the ���-'
:.day, ve*k.or month. .,.-; X-yy
HJlSOfl & NJlSOh
* 4** ��f ���*��� 4 -f 4* A* * ��f ��f���
^L p LOAT is nofe a periodic- X
1 ...al. -It is a'. book cob-���.**"-
4��'-'taining" 8"6 illustrations all ***
i�� told, and is filled, with ^
. sketches and stories, of <$.
^ western lifef: It tells how rf,
t�� a;gambler cashed in after T
��J��; the .flush', days of. Sandon!; -*
4�� how it rained in New Den-/,'���
^.ver long after Noah: wa^'&
-V-. dead; how a parson took a if*'
/�� drink at Bear Lake in. '*&>-
*T early   days;   how   justice T
was dealt in Kaslo in '93; -
how the saloon man out*. "��*
prayed the women in Kala- <f
mazoo, and graphically de- <f
piots. the roamings of a ������
western editor among the ���t*.
tender-feet in the cent belfe. 'T:
4�� It contains the early histoiy *��*
-j^i of Nelson and a: romance 4*
V;of the Silver King mine.. ..��|��.
,v In it arie printed three '&>'
���Jfc wwteni poems, and dozens j,.
-. of articles too ; numerous *F
^. to mention. Send for one ***
V; before it is too late. /The *f
4*. price is 60 cents, post-'.-ff
of* paid to any part of:; the. i&
^ world.     Address   all  let- -a
* ters;*��' ��� 'x'T
5 xi.-xx -'X
^'.."".GSEENWOOD, B. C. '  *L
'4yir'y-X'iiX.iXX-Z---ix -.&���
Creed forthe Discouraged
Canadians !
This is a call to Nation&l Service���
The Victory Loan 1919
which opens to-day.
A as
YOU are citizens of no mean country.
Canada is a fair, free land.
Canada is your country.
Canada-now-has need to borrow from you-Lend:
Lend without restraint of pontics or fine distinctions of creed or party.
The leaders of the political parties endorse the Loan.
It is CANADA that asks:
And why���
To clean up the last of the War's commitments and expenses;
To establish beyond all question tiie capacity and credit of your country;
To care for the wounded and maimed soldier;
To finance the bonus of the returned soldier already paid; v-,;
To enable the fruits of Victory to be garnered;
To ensure the prosperity of you, her citizens.
The guns of war are silent-but they are not yet cool.     '
The Victory Loan 1919-is a War Loan.
Canada's book of war is gloriously written-make this, the closing chapter, a
^%vorthy/;roe^ i.'yZi'X'     '
I believe that God created me to
be happy, to enjoy the blessings of
life, to be useful to -my fellow-beings, and an honor to my country.
I believe that the trials which
beset me today are but the fiery
tests by which my character is
strengthened, ennobled and made
worthy to enjoy the higher things
of life, which I believe are in store
fore me.
I believe that my soul is too
grand to be crushed by. defeat; I
will rise above it.
I believe that I am the architect
of my own fate; therefore,
I will be master of circumstances
and surroundings, not their slave. -
I will not yield to discouragements, I will trample them under
foot and make them serve as stepping stones to success. I will conquer my obstacles and turn them
into opportunities.
My failures of today will help
to guide me on tb victory bn the ���������
The morrow will bring new1
strength, new hopes, new opportunities and new beginnings. I
will cbe ready to meet it with a
brave heart, a calm mind and an
undaunted spirit.
In all things I will do my best,
and leave the rest to the Infinite,' ��;
I will not waste my mental
energies by useless worry. I will
learn to dominate my restless
thoughts and look on the bright
side of things. -
I will face the world bravely, I
will not be a coward. I will assert
iny God-given birthright and be a
man. For I am Immortal; and
nothing can overcome me.���Virginia Opal Myers.
xXiz ; His Appreciation
;y0^fXyX^^f XXxZXi:WyyyXyX; XX: mX'l?MfiitX(}g<y.
XXXyX;X^Xfiithe^mnnwnioff .Ca^tiaday, -'ry.     .;'.;:
^The::; boyhood on "; the bridge,
slapped his bands vigorously.   Beyond Hhebro^ubf the hill., a dull-
red glow snfiused tbe sky. .-.���;������'
<V-^Ah^ little; hvffy Remarked theX:
���sty apger', ������" whp./;;"wa8::'; rather^near-w
lighteia^'ife 4pes:^y;heartgopd:to::
see you^pp^
���&�� 'f&&cbie!��S^
X&X kii gambler^eSBhed;:? JttSaftet;;^;
^^dl&df^ i
;��� jf�� Seiffly^^ays';-7:' ^k^xA^^^
:^#865:de^;4ji>^sto;;^^ ii
M :; mazoo^.,a^g��Rii!^U^^;
"�� western editor among the ^
4�� tender-feet in the cent belt.  ^
^"It'iMnt^B^fee^lfcl^^W.- ' j��
3��'' of :S'^lmn:'ir^AyT^0i40:'^i
'~'��������[������������ ^e.?SU^;jKing_;mineil :4��_:
In. '���, if; /are ^Jpnnted?'" thi$*:' '\ij?
_W^^rn^^B^��ia|i^ dozens "-&
x*v -^t::ai^Mmx^'.Xnxm^nB. '-jX-
^ to Mention; iSsndforipnb ^
���W before; ii is toahke- The T
.-.. price-'.is.-.' W :cents,���-. poi^ #f
���Jb::pBid "jtro'.-'.anyvpart xZotx 'is^y^:
; ^(Bpvferrianerit-.Hpm
XXX ZyisirS^t&foex.iijji 9 -.
ZXiXiy V$-I^.i_>i^
i-^tiitff&^^hj^:^ y XiXiyyyyXyyyyy
: ��� X: Xf ^'> J iwii*:7.^^
'is 'iv' 'Jterb^r ii- B^AffleBjl XyXXXiXyZXyX
i, -NatJon^'^iito^^Sa^i^^C^itteev;;
."'" :i x. -r ''������ yy X.;::: -ryy Qtitexaiy; yyy:. >- xyy;. -
jininutesV.^;.7-';;:';<; XrZyXXyiXyiiXiiXXjXy
5 iy -Airepi-poeti; withbu t .;.;aS dpubt^:>;-;
Arid dp!yfcu^w:^^
:li6^^X?";��?^^V^XixX:r'XiyiiyXy X
i'S_a'|^tr'^%:^at-' ain!,t ^pax^yX
|piwb^7^rnin^;dpwp.^.'- '��� yyfyX
Savings Committee by Hi. Royal Highnew the Princ* of Wato, at
the time he purchWl m Ottawa a Canadian War Savings Cer-
���. ��fi^t^wi��teini��g*-tKe^uW ^i^ber^of iten-:Wa*::Sa^ng^^��l��^ ,
itddress  sAX let^
'&Bmm?OQ��ii:M. "O*
;egt��phBi;yvted '^^milUotiB', :ia^'^Tjle
ity; iotZ-'-^ilii!0if- y^^Zi^}M
which  '.are: ;H^XJ6^;^Mtofcpf|he7J^^
The pr^ienfe iatiiriated vatlue ot
th��rsiiiwaysof Gatiada;is twpbill^
^yidueSi'iti iom hundred and sixty
���millippar ���'���^C^i^Ja^^'wprS-ibnei
'vilfage;0^1i^soti^'-;^ew; v;
?a^��:^r"eetCpf *he;tii^; ^ffing^i
;dfftrett|��;^H<B; ;S^mprits^ ae ^��%ii
Bureau of /StoMs^^^^7. -'Ottaw*.;
H��pli��cee the iotal of &;Ha^onal
Wealth snd inppm^ of jC^nftfa at
X'Bid^e'=dpciipr f ��y:*
^3^.; ami. ,'^;;vi4t:;;|^i


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