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The Ledge Aug 5, 1920

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is \
Vol.   XXVII.
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
ana dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Around Home
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables arriving daily.   Our Price--the lowest.
Agents for Five Roses Flour
D? STt
P. O. Box 1102
Nelson, B.C
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
.imiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiai iiiiuJiuiii"iiIiiK
Laco Tungsten Lamps
"25 to 50 Watt Lamps���50c each,
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each,
60 Watts   -   ,   ,   $1.25 each
100    "      *   -    -    2.00  "
200   ������    ��� *   ^   ,    3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Public Auction
AT   n      -
Mr. C. J. Lundy of Midway, B.C-,
has instructed me to sell by
Public Auction
Saturday, August  7th, at
2.30 p.m;
His very valuable Herd of Milk
Cows and Calves, consisting of
three auarter bred Holsteins and
Ayrshires. For further particulars
see hand bills.
Promptness in answering the telephone is a mark of court-'
esy shown the caller.   It is also a help to the operator for it enables  her to  complete the   call and to give  her attention to
Telephone calls should be answered promptly, for sometimes the calling person does not wait and "hangs up."   If this
happens, the subscriber who has been called should not blame
'���, the operator when she asks him to "excuse it, please."
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your watch for Repair and I will
mail it back.   Charges aremoderate.
I have opened a new harness shop and
am prepared to make harness to order
and to do all-kinds of repair work. Shop
equipped with modern machinery. All
work guaranteed,
4* ��$* 4* 4* <$. 4* *��. ^ 4, f$�� ��$* <$, �������
Lester McKenzie is in the city
from Allenby.    ;
W. Francis, of' Trail,  is visiting in the city,
Thomas Rowe has  returned to
town from Ashcroft.
Full   line  of Jishiug tackle at
Goodeve's Drug Store.
B. F. Greenwood, spent the
week-end in Grand Forks.
T. R. Hanson, of Vancouver,
was in Greenwood this week.
D. R. McEltnon, watchmaker
aud Jeweller.  Greenwood,  B.   C.
Miss C. Laven, of Butte7 is the
guest of her aunt, Mrs. Ted McArthur.
Geo. W. Rogers^ ot ��� Kellogg,
Idaho, is spending a few dajs' in
Born.���In Victoria, ou July
31, to Hon. and Mrs. J. D.
MacLean, a daughter.
Wednesday, August 4, was the
sixth anniversary of the commencement of the Great War,
There was a small attendance
ofladies in Church last Sunday.
The T. Eaton catalogues had
H; C. A. Cornish; of the South
Kootenay Power & Light Co.,
Rossland, .is on a business trip
to this city.
Mr. and Mrs. ,W. C. H. Wilson
and son,' Tommy, of Victoria, are
guests' at the Bravard home near
Boundary Falls. -
William "Carter has received
his discharge from the Old Man's
Home at Kamloops, and returned
to Grand Forks last week.
" S. J. Miller of the Winnipeg
hotel, Grand Forks, is on a visit
to his daughter, Mrs. Al.
Wittkler, at Malta, Montana.
Miss Ruth Stanton, after being
the guest of Mrs, Helen Thomas
for a number of days', left for
Vancouver on Monday  morning.
Mrs. J. H. -Goodeve left on
Monday morning for ��Seattle, to
visit her son, Cleveland Touey,
a former resident of Greenwood.
P. Crane  and  family have returned from Snohomish,   Wash.,
Mr. Crane's old home,  where he
had gone to join  in a family re
Greenwood Mining Notes
Jack McKellar and 'John Larson
have taken a lease on part of tbe
Bounty Fraction.
Faul Nelson and Ola Lofstad
are doing some development work
on the Lucky Swede.
Last Friday a strike was made
on the new lead in the Skylark
mine.' The new find has a width
of 20 inches and runs high in gold
and silver. This lead-runs parallel to the old one, Bryant and
Duhamel are operating~this property.    . 	
James Sutherland and ��� Wm.
Thompson wore in town from the
Wellington last week. Recently
tbey made a great strike of high
grade ore on this property, which
gave assay returns of 550 ounces
in silver from one section of the
lead. Another assay went over
300 ozs in silver.
Western Float I     Min!^Zews
crop   is
During 1919, seventeen mines
shipped ore in the Greenwood
Mining division as compared to
three in the adjoining division of
Grand Forks, according to the
Annual Eeport of the Minister" of
The Grand Forks mines were:
Killarney, Rock Candy and Union.
The Greenwood mines were:
Bell, Bounty, Buster, Castor, Don
Pedro, Duncan, Emma. Granby,
Mother Lode, Napanee, Providence, Revenge, Sally, Standard
Fraction, Stem winder, Sunnyside,
and Waterloo.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfort-'
able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire If ybu want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
r lUwT
.What services do your bankers render?:
Do they supply you with sound, practical
advice based on up-to-date knowledge of.
markets, prices and business ���conditions?
Do they help you to take advantage of your
opportunities; and increase your income ?
. This Bank is prepared to help farmers in
every���wiay possible, on*
^ C LOAT is not.a periodic-
- *     al.'. It is a .book con-
������� taming 86 illustrations all
Xfr told,  and is   filled    with
jf sketches   and    stories   of
*** western life.   It tells how
���f* a gambler cashed in after
��$�� the flush days of Sandonj
,$�� how it rained in New Den-
��& ver long after Noah was
T dead; how-a parson took a
*** drink  at Bear   Lake'  in
*?* early   days;   how   justice X
���5* was dealt in Kaslo in, 93;    ��
^r  how She saloon. man out-   y
����, prayed the women in Kala- ^p
.   mazoo, and graphically de-  ��f��
"** picts, the   roamings   of  a &>
western editor among the jl
R._ D.^ Smith,, secretary. oLthe
Returned Soldiers' Committee, of
Victoria, is spending a holiday at
his parental home in Grand
It is reported that a person on
a motorcycle ran into a calf belong to Sam Bombini, and injured it so seyerely that it had to
be killed. The motorcycle rider
did not stop.
Remember C. J. Lundy's Auction of Prime Milk Stock, to be
held at Midway on. Saturday,
August 7, at 2.30 p.m." A chance
is given to purchase some of this
well selected stock.
J; IV-Keane, Mr E.7 has Been
visiting this mining district for
several days, and ie being shown
the camp by Jas. Kerr, J. P.
The old-timers in the district
will remember Mr. Keane as the
able general superintendent of the
Cariboo mine at Camp McKinney
during the days when the production of gold was at its highest.
For several years Mr. Keane has
been operating mines in the Slocan,
and The Ledge trusts his present
visit will be the means of his again
returning to tbis section, where his
great ability, and knowledge of
silver-lead mines _ will- have ample
opportunity of expression.
Alberta's   1920   wheat
estimated at 70,000,000.
Chinamen are in   command
many restaurants in B.C.
It was 85 in the Bbade one day
last month in Whitehorse, Yukon.
A new gun that has a range of
70 miles is being built at Sheffield,
Airplane mail service will be
established between Seattle and
Britain's latest airship is 545
feet long and has a lifting capacity
of seventeen tons.
The Chinese residents of Merritt
have formed a branch of the
Chinese National League.
Merritt has established a ''laundry area" within which all laundries operating in the city must be
A. B. Buckworth, police commissioner for the city of Vancouver, bas been appointed general
manager of the P. G. E. Ry.
Mrs. A. S. Ulrich, a pioneer of
the Cariboo died in Vancouver
last month. She was born at 127-
Mile House, Cariboo Road, in
The C. P. R. has-taken over for
& term of years pf. the Edmonton,
Dunvegan & British Columbia
Railway, which runs from Edmonton to the Peace River country.
Farmers when building a fence
should note that a lawful fence is
of rails or boards, not more than
six inches apart up to 3 feet, and
not more than 12 inches above that
up to 12 feet four inches.
The sun was eo hot. around Ashcroft las't"inonth, that it burned up
the clothing of some boys that
went in swiming. They had matches in their pockets, which became ignited with the heat of the
The Noble Five mill at Sfthdbn
is about ready for operation.
The Barnett property, at the
head of Lemon creek in the Slocan,
"was recently opened up. R. G.
McLeod of Vancouver is in charge.
Mr. Max, manager of the Queen
Bess mine., near Kamloops, and
Mr. Murphy of Seattle, are examining some mining property in the
Poplar creek district.
George Soucey and K. Zinner-
man are doing consideral development work on the Duplex and
other interests which they hold on
the first north fork of Lemon creek
in the Slocan.
W. Tarrant and James Angus
will do considerable development
work on their properties"" at Marysville. At present they are engaged
on their copper property' at Lone
Tree Butte two mile east of Marysville.
The concentrator of tbe Canada
Copper Corporation at Allenby will
be in operation by September.
For a start the mill will run at a
capacity of 2,000, daily, and within
less than a year it is expected to
reach 3,000 tons a year.., Later it
will be increased to 5,000 tons
According to a New Denver report the Rambler-Cariboo resumed
operations last we9k with a new
crew under Superintendent W. A.
Cameron. Most of the properties
are gradually resuming work, and
there is a gradual increase of men
resuming work on the mines already working.
*f* tender-feet in the cent belt.
��$t It contains the early history
.��& of. Nelson .'and a . romance *$*
X o�� the Silver King mine. ;4*
-" V In it. are printed three Ai
& western poeins, and dozens :j,'
��� �� -. of articles   too   numerous ;j��
of articles   too
^ to mention.     Send for one
V - before1 it is too late.    The
price is 60 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters tO- '"":    "-.'.-'-"    -"-%���  ���".
Mr. Mitchell,- of Kelowna, was
in town last week. He taught
school at Boundary Falls about
12 vears ago and for some time
past has been in ."charge of
manual training ia the, Kelowna
public school.
. We have opened for business
in the Rendell Block store, and
have a complete line of fresh
groceries and will also carry fresh
fruit:in-season. ' Soliciting your
patronage which will he appreciated. Taylor & Jenkin, -Greenwood, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Dunstan, of Toronto, Ont., were visiting relatives
near Oroville, Wash., last week.
Mr. Dunstan. is president of the
Toronto Board of Trade, and is
also interested'ia the; Bell���/:Telephone-Co.; ;He 'was. much' taken
With .the. ores;around: Greenwood,
and J; V; Mills^managerrof - the
Bank'of Montreal,; has" arranged
to get soine ;h igh-grade' samples
from; the mines,pf,:this campv' to
I be sent to Mry-'Dunstan.,. , ,..;;'.
Missed the Whip
Sandy McTavish took a sixpenny
ticket in a raffle for a pony and
trap, and he won it. Was he
pleased at his good fortune? Not
& bit. When the pony and trap
were brought to him he surveyed
them gloomily, and said:
"I told ye the whole thing was a
"What's the matter?" asked his
friends.' ,
"Where's the whip?" demanded
Sandy." .     -   '
Of the seven letters in the name
of Premier Meighen, only the first
two and last two are pronounced.
It is sounded as if spelt Me-en,
with the emphasis on the first
syllable, the "igh" being for ornamental purposes only.
One of the" party ot Royal
Engineers who came ont to Victoria aboard the clipper Thames
City, landing April 12, 1859, has
passed away in the person _o_f_Wm.
Haynes, whoTlied at his residence
in Victoria last month.
The C. P. R. have to dig about
500 carloads of farm soil from their
right-of-way between Kip and
Monarch. This soil blew in from
farms of that district, and contains
seeding that under fair conditions
should bave produced millions of
Two great tunnels are being
driven iato the Sullivan mine of
the Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Company at Kimberley.
One ,is being ariven into the
mountain to determine how far the
mineral extends and the other of
the mountain where a depth of
2500 feet will be attained.
Great activity is reported at the
Princeton Mining   and    Development   Company's    property,   the
Copper   Farm    group,    which   is
situated   about  five   miles  below
Princeton on the Great Northern
railway, says the Princeton' Star.
There  are   three -full���claims-on-
which the ledge has been opened
by three tunnels, varying in depth
from 48 to 480 feet.    The vein has
been traced about 4500 feet on the
surface,  and  the operators assert
that they have a large body of concentrating ore  averaging   4    per
cent in copper and  one ounce in
silver.    A three drill compressor
has been installed and is now operating by means of steam power,
George  report says: another is to be installed later and
A  Prince ���    ..e... ���-,,*.
"The police are seeking Wilhelm
Ogle, a German, accused of, beating to death a farmer named
Thomas Dodds. He .has fled to
the hills in the region of Mud
river. Two boye saw the crime
George Gulley, of Victoria,
was visiting his brother, Mayor
Gulley last week.
John Finlay, Jr., had a number of ribs fractured while at
work in the Providence miae last
week. Joha -vas doiag stfme
timbering, when a- plank gave
way and came down oa him.
He is recovering very rapidly and
is able walk around town.
The Picaic held on tbe grounds
below the C. P. R. station proved
a great success last Wednesday
afternoon aad evening. A large
crowd attended aad partook of
the;, many .good things to eat,
The ladies who were responsible
ion- the. picaic are to be com-
taended;: on giving Greenwood
citteensv such au enjoyable out?
ing.X'x'ZXy   -_^  - .
;The Ledge has always room
for one more ad.
Charle8.H. Hatfield hailed as the
'���rainmaker" has failed to bring
water to the parched wheat lands
in Eastern Washington desert. He
was tinder contract to produce so
much rain by a Bet date, and if
he hsd been successful would have
received a sum of money.
The peak of the sugar prices
have been reached this year and
there will be a general, redaction
in prices ia the next few years as a
result of increased production, in
the opinion of Edwin F. Atkins,
director of the American Sugar
Refining company, says & report in
the New York Sun.
will be operated by means of electric power which will be obtained
from Bennington Falls by tapping-
the South Kootenay Power line
running to the Cauada Copper
corporation mine at Copper Mountain. It.is the intention of the
company to install a concentrator
later on.
Gold Fortunes Lost Yearly
A new national park, to be
known, as the Mount Revelstoke
National park, has been established in this province by the Dominion government. It is located in
the British Columbia railway belt,
in the district? where the belt is
traversed by the Illedlleweat, aad
lies approximately .between the
jfiftli and sixth meridians.    ,:
A search fraught wfth more difficulties than that which opposed
Jason in his hunt for the golden
fleece awaits tbat" gentleman of
scientific bent who would look, for
gold lost by friction, says the Wail
Street Journal. ��� For that bold
adventurer in the field of opportunity, gold literally paves the
streets and rivals the buttercups in
rustic ways.   '
Experts point out that there are
105,000,000 pieces of jewelrs containing gold in this country. That
these are constantly becoming
lighter through friction and that
approximately 210,000,000 grains,
of gold is worn from this jewelry
every year valued at somewhat less
than $5,000,000.
The gold ig missing.   Where is
it? ���\*   9
'::���- !
TILE    LEDGE,     GBEENWOOD,    B.     0.
There Sa more energy
in a. pound of good
brea.d ma.de in the
home with Royal Yeast
Cakes ihan in 5x pound
of meat. Bread making
is &. simple operation
ind requires no previous experience. Full
instructions in Royal
Yeast Bake Book,
mailed free on request.
Canada's Interest
In World Conditions
Sis years have elapsed since Germany threw down thc gauntlet to
civilization and embarked upon her
mad enterprise to dominate the
world. Almost two years havc passed since thc signing of thc armistice
by which Germany acknowledged a
humiliating defeat and madc an abject surrender.
Yet the world is still in a state of
political upheaval, with battles raging
on many fronts and a state of war
existant between nations of millions
of people. Russia and Poland are.
at war; Greece and Turkey arc still
fighting, with the Greek armies advancing right'in to the heart of Turkey in Europe; British, French, Belgian aud United Statcs armies are
yet in occupation of a large part of
Germany; large bodies of Britisii and
French troops are constantly on
guard in Mesopotamia and Syria. A
recent visitor to Greece reports that
martial law still prevails there, and
that all the old war regulations and
restrictions arc in full force, and that
thousands of Greeks arc in thc army
who havc been   there since 1912 and
cannot get out. Tltc United Statcs
is still technically at war with Germany and Austria.
Are these things of any vital interest   to   Canada,   and   have   they   any
bearing upon    Cana.dian    conditions?
Most decidedly so. .As long as such
unsettled conditions exist,- there is an.
ever present danger of a spark starting a general conflagration,-, and Canada,- as a  member of, the  League/' of-
Na'tions, lias a duty toperfonn-to the
world, and may conceivably bc drawn
into any. new-struggle. '".'���"-
���' That, danger  may1 be   remote,   but
there.is aphase .or general .world conditions, especially in Europe, and Asia,
which is .affecting the welfare .of ;thc
. people of Canada every day,- whether
thcy arc fully conscious of it or "not.
Millions,   of   men-"'still    in.'.uniform
.means ��� millions   of meir drawn  from
productive work of all kinds;-and an
enormous"' strain  upon" the- financial
resources- of all nations  to'.main tain'
them" and-' to -keep the civilian population   .at    home,    thcir '-"-"dependents,
from starvation. -'    ... ��� -. X =._ -.' '-'.- .;.'
- Such'  a   condition . throw's-' upon   all
.other countries, like Canada", the burden of'the task of-f ceding ahd-.supply-
ing".the. world.:. with 'necessities-.'.: So"
.long  a'sthc'j work, of "production tct
.mains . so- much smaller - than; the'-'dey
_'maud._for goods, produced;, thcicr'a.of
shortage-, and  high -prices   must.con-'
.tinuc.'.Tt-means ^.continued inflation"
-of credit, with- all, the JcvihV, that -flow
��� therefrom-."   It' means, that wheii." the.
time .of'final -.readjustment-..comes
there is;-increased danger of. a^p'nnic-
'which .will  shake -.the. financial  -Jand
' industrial.'���world',, to.r-its- very-'.foiinda-
.tions.      ���y..rX\.y\y-X-yy.y...yyX-   '���'
..' .Canada .is  interested ��� iri- this situ'a-'
:_tioii.- "Ay-a-Miati'on ii' ir, inlciested.-ii)
-. endeavoring .to."the .full  extent  of its
s powers and. rcs.6urc.csr".to ' -meet'   thc:
world  demand; for food-and necessities" of all kinds.    It is a duty, it owes
,toVsufFerinB;"inankindj-but.it is  like-;
wise an opportunity.which should not
be< lost to- secure <i'large share" bi^the1,
/world's-,.trade.-   The .development  of
a-large "export .traders', -.one of  Can-
. ada's-economic  needs, and tho present opportunity, "for such,development
, should not. be disregarded..    '
. Canadian?;  as  .-individuals,     should-
- likewise be interested- iri  the prcvail-
.'ing,- world   situation'^-and   all  that it
-inay   portend   fer  'the   future..   -   The
'present  is .a.-time    when    not     only
-.should each'individual bcpiitting for-
ward-a .maximum-cfFor-t in their- own,
- thc-.Domiriion's  and rhe  World's  in-
^tercsts. nut   it-is   a   time   when   the
individual, should   earnestly strive  to
conserve   the  result's   of  their    labor
-and lay ;in adequate provision against
the' time when a "slump" wii! occur,
industry  uc less active and remunerative  thrtii  it  ri=no\\'. and  the . whole
financial situation bc '"'tightened-up."
.,.',A general cry of "extravagance'.' is'
'..raised all  round  which  is  spuiev.hat
.;misleading.:" ���^���Undoubtedly .a-'"certain
p r o p or t i o n". btr-.-t hc/.P op u I a t i o n. - h a s' -en -.
joyed ari.',in'crcr>5c\.'in-.inc6n'ie 'in"T.eccii't
You are not
."ing alien
' von n*e Dr..
Ctase's Oisit-.
ir.cn* for Eczema .ami 'Skin ..Irritations. , It relieves st or.ee and graelu'-,
aliv heais the skir:."- SaBtpIetvox-JJr.,
Chase's Ointment free if yoa mention, tlns'
Baptr and send 2c. stamp for postage- <��- a
Vox; aJUea-lers or E*ImaiLH��n, Bates & Co.-,.
i&aited, Toronto. ;.';-: ;-".-.���:"���;������ ;
ycars more thau sufficient to meet
thc increased cost of living, and lliey
have been indulging iu thc. purchase
of luxuries. This increased demand
for luxuries has led to a great demand for labor to produce such luxuries, and such labor has been drafted from industries primarily devoted
to thc production of necessities. For
example, tens of thousand of skilled
artisans formerly engaged in the
manufacture of articles of actual
necessity are now manufacturing
automobiles by the" thousand. As an
inevitable result conditions are created which bear hardly on thc less
The lesson for Canada is to get
back as quickly as possible to essentials; to curtail thc production and
purchase of luxuries and to speed up
on essential necessities. In the second place, it will be the part of wisdom for the individual Canadian to
conserve his earnings as far as possible, to save and thereby serve, not
only his,,country, but himself.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Colds, etc
Australia's First
German Capture
Pilot Who Captured the First German Boat for Australia
Pilot Easton, who went from
Melbourne to Ncw Zealand to join
H. M. S. Renown, which carried the
Prince of Wales to thc Antipodes, is
a well-known figure in Australia.
���He figures in a war story which has
just been released by thc censorship.
Some days aftcr war broke out a big
German steamer ��� from Hamburg,
whicli had no wireless, was signaled
oft the Melbourne Heads, and Easton
went out to her and brought her in.
He said nothing to the German captain about the war. When thc ship
was inside, off Portsea, and Easton
could see a naval launch approaching,
said to the captain, 'We'll have to
half-speed here." Thc German, who
knew the port well, risked, "Why,
pilot, why?" and hc fixed an anxious
eye on the launch. "Because Britain
and Germany are at war," said Easton. The German, furious at bcing
trapped, as he called it, was for turning around again and running for thc
entrance. But Easton pointed out a
fort to him and assured him that the
guns there were trained on the steamer. Soothe German succumbed, but
his manner toward Easton wTas vcry
threatening. Five minutes later the
Australian bluejackets scrambled on
board. Thc steamer is now part of
Australia's merchant fleet. ��� Melbourne. Argus.     -'-���"..
Western Tour of
Mackenzie King
Prince of Wales
Is "A Good Sport"
- Cholera infantum - is one of the
'fatal ailments of childhood.. It is a
trouble 'that comes ,qn suddenly, especially .during the - summer'months
and unless prompt- action is taken
the little one may soon be beyond
aid. Baby's" Own Tablets are' an
ideal medicine . in -warning, off, this
trouble. - They - regulate the - bowels
and sweeten the stomach, a'nd thus
prevent tlic . dreaded"' summer- complaints. - They are an "absolute, safe
medicine, being guaranteed to contain .neither, opiates nor narcotics or
other-harmful drugs. Thcy cannot
possibly do harm r��� thcy always do
good.' . The .Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers '��� or ��� by , mail at 25
cents-a box from .The Dr. .Williams'
.Medicine Co., Brockviile-, Ont,    ���'""
Conditions Will i   , iiX.x.;X
; Surely: Improve
Farmers-Who Stick, to the Job'Will
'.-���".", V.:, ;"Come Out Ahead ".'"'_.���:
X"We "arc very"apt...to forget'tliat'~thc
things-which arc' happening "now;\y'cre
not ."produced by natural, causes,-but
"arc--a part-of the terrible ;,.\vofid-upheaval77 we1 Have been going, through.
The, troubled waters cannot' become'
calm -again as-soon' -as'" the- storm
ceases. The "armistice ��� "ended-' -.the
fighting; and'. ..we ".are now- ~gqini��
through-'the '.'roily.".Troubled period
-which, .follows.". . -The;current -which
.has. taken.- aiid still'is 'taking "labor
from.?tlic farm will just ��� as , surely
bring, it. back when' the-- waters', settle
again'.' In the mean time -the farmer
whosticks tothe job and keeps p.eg-
ging^along the best"he can is going
to conic out away ahead in" the long
; run. Perhaps for. the time being-he
can make a little -more money at
something"else: How-long is he sure
lhat:fhis something- is going,to last,
iiiid when it stops, whal. then? ' Per-
liaps'-.this year he eannot-gct' the'.help
tora'ise as much as last year. Hc can
be pretty sure, however, that he is
going to" get good, prices for what, he
docs, raise. And in the meantime he
is sure of a- g.ood, comfortable1 horiie
living for himself and his family amid
normal  surroundings.
A  Purely  Vegetable  Pill. ���  The
chief ingredients of Parmelce's yege--
table Pills are mandrake and dandelion, sedative, and purgative, but perfectly harmless in their action They
cleanse and purify and have a rriosi
licalthfuI .effect upon the secretions
of the digestive organs. The dyspeptic and "all who suffer from liver ind
kidney ailments will.find in:these pills
the--"most -effective medicine in concentrated form-that, has yct: beea'offered tp'the suffering; V-;.;..,;V   :yy
Thc ark was a symbol of the presence of God in Israel. It represented
God's throne, the place from which
hc communicated his will to the people through the priest (Ex. 25:22;
Psalms 80:1).
I. David's Unsuccessful Attempt to
Bring  up   the   Ark(vv.l-S).
This is an example of the wrong
way of doing a right thing. That thc
ark of thc Lord of Hosts, thc symbol
of God's presence, should be brought
to thc very centre of the nation's lifc
was a decision worthy of all praise.
It surely met God's approval. David
gathered together the representative
men of thc nation in order that the
movement might bc a national one.
That David was sincere in this measure cannot be doubted, but he was
hasty and inconsiderate. God had
expressly decreed that thc Kohathitcs
should bear the ark upon thcir shoulders (Num. 4: 14, 15; 18:3). For
them to place it' even upon a cart
was a positive violation of God's
commandment. Though David was
sincere his sincerity did not atone for
disobedience to God's word. Thc
dictum that it matters little what you
do, just so you arc honest and sincere, is one of thc Devil's blackest
lies. It mattered much in this case,
and always'docs. David cannot bc
excused on hc groutnd of ignorance,
because he had the opportunity to
know. God cannot be blamed for
man's ignorance when he has given
him the law and the ability to understand it.
II. God Vindicates His Law and Holiness.
The people were very joyful as
they moved on toward Jerusalem
with thc ark, but suddenly therc was
!a stop to thcir jubilant voices and
music. At some rough place in the
road the oxen stumbled and Uzzah,
anxious for the precious freight on
his cart, reached forth his hand to
steady it. This resulted with his being stricken with death. Ignorance
decs nol makc a m .\< immune from
the death which is iii thc. touch cf
a heavily charged electric wire; neither docs it in thc case of the violation of God's laws. Even thosc who
were designated by the Lord to cany
the ark wcrc not allowed to touch it
with their hands. Since thc ark was
God's dwelling place among men,
the j' needed, to know that hc was
holy. ; ' God's judgment was severe
r.but" riot morc so than thcy deserved.
This awful visitation-of just.judgment
struck tcrror to David. Well'if might
-for-he'was in the path, of disobedience. The Lord's presence has ho
terror for those who'obey his word.
I-I-L.The- Ark- of God"-in thc House .of
Obed-Edom" (vv/19-12).    ' -'���
" The' presence-of Jehovah', always
brings blessings. - The homes where
God is" -welcomed arc always blessed.
ObccUEdom, was not better personally., than-.Uzzah 'and David, "biit" he
.openly received'the Lord and properly .related himself to. liim. What had
been death and. dread to others was
life-aud blessing to him;;.     ' ��� i - . ;   "
TV,. The Ark- Brought to Jerusalem
'��� ��� With; Great -Joy., (vv".' 13:19). f. '_���
.1. Sacrifices offered-after.going six
paces (v. -13)'.,'; David ma'dc thc start
and. when convinced,,of God's-approval he- made, offerings. -These were/
both/burnt and peace, offerings, typifying tlic sclf-dedicat'i'on-.of:'thc:bffc"r-
-crs and .their" thanksgiving (I- Chron.
;16:10.U^iX--':���/'-i"'-: -XX Xyyi:..- X-
. 2. David.'s" great joy- (yy. -14,-15)..
The- people joined' with- him-in'.great
shouting-and with the- sdun'd..of- thc
trumpet.-' -'���".,.'. ��� ' ��� /-',- "Xi' ' 'JL,_
"-3.'>Michal's criticism- (v. -.16).,"/ Even
though- 3David".\V'cnl .to' excess -..in' his'
expression;' of,"joy, ."it. was" .wrong ";i��
��� her to criticize,.; for , -God "seems, "to
have- -sanctioned-  David's ' "rebuke, of
,her ilvX'23)XX- '. '���:"; xy-'.'--    y ���<-��� ;
.   4.  The -grand,-ccicbratiou :('v.v:, 17-'
TQ.).:.''.-As- a < token ..of liis'. gratitude -t6
;God,"David generous' treated-the-.peor
pic.        -,      ..        " ���������'.'
". 5. Tlie.-Ki.ng , of-   glory,   the   Lord
Jesus -Christ  coming .'(Psalms  2-I-:  7-
io)'.    ; ���'     . ."   ������'���'��� ���-. ������. -.
Opposition Leader to  Speak  In the
Principal Cities
While thc details of the itinerary1
of thc Hon. W.. L. Mackenzie King,
opposition lea'der, in thc western provinces havc not been arranged, it is
stated that his tour will occupy two
months'from the timc of his departure from Ottawa until his return to
the capital.
If present preliminary plans arc adhered to, Mr. King will go through
to the coast with but littic delay," and
do most of his speech-making on the
return trip. Practically all the larger
cities and towns will bc covered before the tour terminates, about the
middle of November. Subsequently
Mr. King expects to do some speaking in  the eastern provinces.
Isn't This Romantic ?
. Two toes loved by four corns for
five years and sentenced to die. by
five applications of Putnam's Corn
Extractor. If you want to cure corns,
"Putnam's" is the only thing ��� try,
this painless remedy, 25c, at all deal
The Rolling' Stone
Old Saying About the Rolling Stone
And the Moss is Thrown in
The Discard
Ofvthc many popular fallacies to
which thc work), still clings ��� and
thosc persons who live a comparatively quiet live arc among its most
ardent advocates ��� none is given
greater credence than set forth in
thc proverb which tells us "a rolling
stone gathers no moss." To many it
seems still as great a truth as it was
thought to be when that forgotten
sage of long ago noted the smoothness of the, stones tumbled by the
surf., along Hellenic shores, and like
the objects from which he drew his
figure, set the saying rolling down
thc  centuries.
And then one of these long pitied
rolling stones crossed an ocean and
discovered America. And a Htlle
more than two months of rolling to
the West, he gathered more moss
than all the rest of thc world had
picked up in as many centuries.- F'ol-
lowcd the Pilgrim Fathers to gather
still more moss or, or as Washington
Irving has observed, to completely
controvert the time-honored proverbr
Since that day a great portion of
thc world's peoples have been busy
rolling, proving the utter fallacy of
the saying." Today-half. the globe
is "awheel ��� gathering moss. Yet - the
warning lives, on,, is-frequently quoted; largely'.believed in.- But- was it
not cvci; fallacious? For,'whether wc
interpret "moss" ��� to 'can- tangible
riches or'-pleasurc's.treasure ;" wlje'ther
wc paraphrase it to mean ."gold" pV
"thoughts,"-t.he rolling stone has at
all times" and in .'all places had his-
reward;- Indeed it'was a-stroll-along-
thc seashore���a more or less pretentious' departure from his abode���.that
caused lhat father of the proverb lo
first, voice- his thoughts.��� 'Christian
Science Monitor.
'Miss Eva P.;,.Yatcman, - KrugcrSr
dorf,. Ont., Writes: "y "I feci, that I
niu.s't -write -arid, tell .you- of-the -benefit :;. I.-' have "received from '.Milburn's' Heart -.'and . ."Nerve"' T?ills:
About'. four-,-'-'.year's.,.. ago I"- ' was"
taken1 ���",'���. terribly . .-bad witli '.'my,
heart,"nerves..and fainting spells, aiid
Was- down- in -- bed .':'fbr' " about six
'months, '".rdpclorcd- with.'tvvo differ.-1
cut .doctors and. scenicd to-get better,
although the'-fainting - spells would
not-Icaveimc:. I wouhUtakc such ter-.
riblc .'falls, -wherever .I was, that "it
' was , not. safe;) to leave . mc , alone..at
any' .lime:1 ' A tT last.'l. :d.cc.i.dtd to '.re--,
sort-to .proprietary ' medicines^ aiid:
took several- different-. kinds,". ;-bu"t
seemed . to- .receive -bjVt' li.itlc benefit
from 'thcm;.-. ; .One-day.noticing ithc'
advertisement; of '-,Milburn's Heart
aiid; -Nc'ryc- P-ill> "l '.decided ' to'-." try
itliem: a.rid before -:1. had- taken -more.
Itli:'i.n two; boxes"! could-see,they-were
fhclp.ing mc.- I have '.taken about, ten-
'���'- Tliis \vas not  the .psalm . coin posed"; !)o?>'">s.--.anil rn-ii almost eure"_d;bf iliosc
bv David for. tlu- occasi'jn.of brinc;ing-l ^'.''l"i'>1?  spells.   , I- smce'rcly.."- fceU;tIi';U.
". ,,-   "   i     ,"i .-,.      -,.. t��;-i  ,  m-  /., r- t.yoifr medicine-lias proved a bJcsstng.
up thcark-;: that, wa,"- I ^Vm ^-..(.^��'; i^ ^^ and-F advise anv one tro'ublr.d
-I. Chron.-16).    It is strange that "such:j ^-ith ..il."eir:-!icaft "to .try'tlicin, as' ���i;'ani;
a suggestion should'ha-vt> been; iiia'de, ..cbiifidr:nt.'t.li<?y  will  find.-relief."     ,_"-.'.
Christ.-    -Milburn's:   Ilcart: V'arid;; Nerve   Pilli-
j are 50c a box. at all' dealers' or. mailed
direct" on  receipt of 'price."by' The"1'!:-,
The- XXIV .'psalm, pictures
as "the coining and triumphant  King:
At-that- timc the -gates "shall, open  to
him   and   thc   King   of Glory     shall
come in.
Happy .Incidents   on   His   Western
Trip are Recited
"Westward with the Prince of
Wales," by W. Douglas Newton, is
an intensely human record of a memorable journey."" There is a.wealth
of detail which, as it concerns the
most popular character in Great Britain, cannot be looked upon'as mere
literary padding. The Prince's
'sporting and athletic proclivities
seem to have been the chief source
of his great reception and popularity
in thc "West," and Mr. Newton enables us to see His Royal Highness'
as an angler, a baseball pitcher and
as  a "broncho" rider.
As an angler, thc Prince did not
meet with much success, on account
of the lateness of thc season, and the
man who caught thc most fish was
not an expert angler, bcing none
other than thc official photographer,
who was vastly pleased, not to say
amused, when His Royal Highness
said to him: "Look here, don't you
realize I'm the onc to do that? You're
taking my place in the programme?"
Greater success seems to havc
crowned the Prince's initiation into
the myslcris of baseball. At Edmonton he took part in an inter-local
team, and the author relates:
. "Walking to the diamond, he
equipped himself in authentic manner with floppy, jockey-peaked cap
and a ruthless glance, took his stand
as a pitcher, and delivered two balls.
I don't know whether thcy , were
stingers or swizzcrs, or whajjsver the
syncopated phraseology of the game"
dubs thcin, but they were matters of
great admiration.
"Having led to thc undoing (I
hope, for that was his task) of someone, the Prince then'joined thc audience. He chose not thc best seats
but tiie popular ones, for he sat on
thc grass among thc 'bleachers,' and
when one. has sat out of the shade
in the hot prairie sun, one knows
what 'bleachers' means. This sporting littic interlude was immensely
popular, and the Prince left Edmonton with the reputation of being a
true 'fan' and.'a real good feller.'"
Perhaps thc most sporting and
popular of th'c Prince's athletic
achievements, not only1 from thc
point of view of the "wcst.ii-but also
froni that of his own country, wa.s
his riding of a "broncho." Apropos
of this incident, Mr. Newton stales:
"Saskatoon,   the   distributing ,. city
for thc middle of Saskatchewan, was ;
to give lhc Prince a memorable day. |
It was'here that he obtained his first!
insight into -the lifc and  excitements
of the. cowboy.
- "Tlic. Prince arrived iu the town at
noon, "and drove- through- 'the
streets lo the park." .and" university
grounds for .the reception ceremonies.- '- -Upon - his/ arrival, at' the
ground, 'cattlemen', rode, beforc ' tlic
Prmccoti-'bucking horses that-, loosed
from-wooden cages;, came along the
track like things compact' of india-
rubber and . violence. as. thcy- strove'
tb throw thcTcc'ch-likc men in furry.
riding-caps and'loosc'shir.ts who, rode",
theui. ���;"   "-��� .,,       "- ��� ,     '   ""   ..--..
"A .very thrilling, and varied -entertainment was closed -by' the "Prince
himself.. ,-Walking over fo the crowd
of 'cattlemen' hc "stoo'3". talking with
(hem... and examining -their- horses.
Presently, on the invitation, of. the
'leader'--he, mounted a 'broncho.', and
leading -the-bunch of cowboys'aiid
cowgirls, swept :down the'.track and
past the-stand. The people,.delighted at this uticxpc'ctcd .. (and unrehearsed)-" act,-vented- - themselves-���in
This Table Shows What Your Monthly
Rent  Cheque Amounts
to   .
- .
In  Ten,  Fifteen  and
Twenty Years
is figured at the rate of 6 per
" cent
and compounded annually
Rent rate 10 yrs:     v 15 yrs.
20 yrs.
$3,163.36 $5,586.19
3,954.20       6,982.74
4,745.04 8,379.29
5,535.88      9,775.84
- 40.00
6.326.72    .11,172.38
. 45.00
7,117.56     12,568.93
-...    '
7,908.40'   13,965.48
8,699.24     15,362.03
9,490.08     16,758.58
10,280.92   . 18,155.13
11,071.76     19,551.68
12,653.44     22,344.76
14,235.12 *:  25,137:86
15,816.80     27,930.96
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then come- along; offer the ow-��
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Just Imagine
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One Thousand Acres of ripe, luscious fruit, in the pink of condition, picking only
the choicest, using nothing with it tbut~pure cane sugar, and if, 'in addition,"you
had the most scientific machinery Jo turn it out���Don't you think your Jam would
be  just  about  perfect?- This  is  just  how
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And  Edmonton,  Alta. - v
E. D. Smith & Sons, Limited
Airplane as Garrier
Of Disease
Coiild- Easily Carry Insect Pests
From Pla^'i to Place
"Whoever would have Imagined that
lhc aeroplane wnuid bc attacked as
a. possible carrier cf disease? Yet
this is just what Professor 1-1. -Maxwell Lcfroy did in a lecture at the
Royal Institution (London). Hc says
that- the greatest carrier of pest-carrying".'insects was thc aeroplane,
which picked up insects, landed in a
field, and deposited thcm, all within
a few hours. Thc aeroplane was
truly thc disseminator of crop pests.
During;Dr. Chalmers Mitchell's flying trip through "^Africa, his aeroplane, while ou the ground,- had been
attacked by white-ants." " The aeroplane.could easily pick lip the .yellow
fever breeding, mosquito and bring
it--to- another--- land: within'., the -"space
the' usual-.way,   that- is, "with   extra-, of a. few hours.   Tsetse fiy, which en
Learning to Save
Milhiiru  Co., .Limited,-- Toronto'.  Ont.
::'":.. ;-C'are"For-Graves'.-';.--'1 -' "'. ; '
Tlie'-'yVoinc-n!^, Institutcs..of Alberta:
'-are~. conducting '".'ari--'organized''-.cam-
;-pai2n'-to- care' ^fbr'.-'r'th'e"-'-1 graves iin" the
province's '.cemeteries. ..*If'���'-the.-idea?"ss.
��� r''XZX<.>\: ;-"ii��ii,-,-:r.r,.;'"ir.r;iye'';will-;;bc- ner
."lIc-V',-!-; r;r,.i-;tnv .sT^iiVuir.yHl!^bc-kept"
Farmer Not A' Proletarian '   -.
It   is- an interesting- fact,  although
Minard's . Liniment" Relieves  Distem- j'tl'e,. recent    Socialist    convention    at.
per. Kew York contained eighteen editors,
seventeen  skilled mechanics,    twelve.
An Easy Job
Lady (to new-servant): '"You quite-
understand, Bridget, that I shall only
be 'at home' every Wednesday from
three to five?"
P>ridgct: "Yis, mum. (to herself):
Bridget, mc1 swate soul, if ivcr a
woman .had a hivenly sitivation, sure
it's herself hss got it. Wid the mis-
thress only at home fur two hours
ivcry.wakc, phwat a roarin* toime oi
can 'ave av it!".. ".    - \. ,'���
Millionaire Speaks-of the-Joy of.Get-1
"-,'" :t.ing Ahead. - '     ���;.. '.'
"Persons": \vho -have- never, practised
thrtft:;wiUJmcl thal'thc first"$100.-thcy ,
save is. the-most, difliciiltrparl of. ihe-
undcrtaking, says AV. _S.: Strauss; -a
millionaire' many ^tiiiies". oyer. _.After,
they" have- reached' lliis' aniotint." they,
begin- to reap, lhc "niental. and. fmaii:
cialJionefila-of their crosiomy. Tiiey
find themselves 'stronger, and ;nior"c
easily- able lu- resist,1 (he' temptation
to squander ..money.. .Thcy begin :to
feel thf'" jo'y- o"t- getting-'ahead. -' 'Khey
"jjain- a- >e!is(,--'of--sl;ibi!ily ���. and mioral
courage which :was-iiot "lluirs beforc.
Thcy tealizc that al.-kist tlicy arc bn
the right .road:- Tlicy" arc-headed "in
the'riglit.-direction: -, "Thcy.. are on
tlicir way to-Happiness and success. '"
gciidcrcd the African sleeping . -sickness," could be taken from. West
Africa' to Brazil in".'a''few hours.
Among "the insects the .most to ' bc
.'dreaded was the-chinch-bug,- 'which
in; 1864.' caused ;a' loss of $74,000,000
.worth of wheat.    '
-'.... Oil -Boom at. Unity- .
.The discovery of oil-'at Unity,-Sask.
by a ,-hoi'ucstcadcr, ,'lias .turned' the
town, iip'sidc" down.'- 'Already the- Imperial oil company" has several, cars
of-material and 'a large" forcc^-of men
at; work sinking a well.  ���.
Somebody"-..says-/a-'wife .'should, bc
like roasted 'lamb���lender;- anckhicely
dressed.'.-. ..���'... "' . ��� - ���_: i',-'.,      '   .'"'"''
..A   crusty -old. bachelor.-, adds  "And.
without sauce".   -    -.   ,.:.   ''.    ..."
", -Tlic vestibuied- train was unknown
thirty-five-.years-ago.,' .v.- ."���������- ,.;   :."-. -���
Weybuin-Lethbridge Line
C. P. R. Contract is Let for Extension  This  Year
Official announcement, has been
madc by C.P.R. officials 'that a contract has been let for the grading
of eighteen miles of the Weyburn-
Lcthbridgc line, the work to-be undertaken  this summer.
The contract provides for a stretch
of grading westward from Altawan
on the boundary between Saskatchewan and Alberta towards Manyber-
rics on the Alberta sidc. Tliis -will
leave approximately 20 miles to be
constructed beforc "the ends of the
line are  linked up.
Within Sight of the Day
Almost   Within   Sight "-of. the  Day ->���
������:-������_ -When-we -Shall--Import- ::	
. -Foodstuffs   - ���
' I wouldn't   be    surprised '. to    see
every"   automobile factory -in-this .
country closed uj^a.j'ear "or two; also,'
every. other  factory   devoted   to  the
manufacture of luxuries..-We arc rapidly approaching a time whetrthose
willing   to   work --must -devote ..their
"time-to necessities.    The  most- conservative,, .and ..-intelligent,  observers  .
say   we   arc .almost. within- sight   of,,
thc day when^ we shall be compelled
to import'foodstuffs or.starve.    The-
present  .era   of - extravagance,', high
wages   everywhere, except  on   farms,
and -short hours, actually means that
"the 'people of. the-United-Statcs have",
started in.on- a   big '-propaganda''. to
starve th"cnisclves;-^-TI6wc's Monthly. -.
,  .Hospital. Milk: $80,000  Yearly,.
.The yearly-milk bill at one-of -the-
>princip"al  London .hospitals' now;amounts  to . $80,000,; as  compared with
j $25,000. b'efore the. war.  ;,'        - X..
Honie Teaching
lawyers  and   twelve  printers,    - there-1 Parents Should Strive to Inipart Own
was only onc of the 156 delegates
who was. a farmer. Socialism is- a city
dvvcilc'r's dream. The farmer is not,
arid can hardly become, a proletarian.
���Youth's Companion.
rm.f.fK ^r
:e'w.<._r-oi' various
���Ifiv-.' S"i-i.--.:.'-i,,.i.-,,.t^-r-i;  i-r:liilc-i].
X y '���-'��� - : Fiction ' Reader,.-;Xy:T 'X.
'.;}���^"Bpys)"X said ; the' ;.Suf.day.,--school
teacher;-.:.':-'vCan; any ' Qf'..ypu-.:*eIL. -me,
about ���'.Good;- Friday?".";.- -. ;/;��� ���';''-'-;V. X'-.'.
:.. v"Yes'm, -:I:.can,"-/replied.can7-u.rchin
at -".the;-; fop.t'tof.the ..'class?:; "He.", was
the" man .yrhsZt did-the; house.work; for
-Robmspn.'Cruspe."' ". XX-'Xi^-X-i '' .'���
It Will Prevent Ulcerated Throat.���
At the. first symptoms of sore throat,
which presages ulceration and inflpm-
rnafion, take a spoonful" of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil.. Add a little sugar
to iit; to-make it;palatable."-:.. It will
"ulceration;-, and"' s"welii>igi?'thit.- arc " so j
painful..'."Those 'who',were" periodically", subject' to ejuinsy have/,.thus1'"m'ade".
themselves.iaamune'.to attack:- '..r-'-'--".;
;: XyShc ��� hundred -'women /Were, executed
.for-, witchcraft in,-France in 1609..- "���-,
Knowledge, to Their .
Children .      ..
It is thc privilege, the duty .of, all
fathers and- mothers'. tb .give thcir
offspring the benefit of -what " they
consider most worth while in their
own life, experience.
If  the  parent  should  attempt    to
avbid-his duty in this matter he would,
but leave; to" other persons, perhaps
totally .umtualifiyil.for. the, task,  the
moulding.of his child's opinions, and
beliefs".:e;-  Xry.y yy ���;...".'..... ...���;��� ���--.-.;_
'���^i'Bcyon'd-'';d6ubt;.-'the radical agitators
theX.nation'.';-'deprived-;;..of 'the^-home.
teaching," wh;ch.'rthey,;find an;"irnpass-
ab!e;bulwark/against.their .own; pois-Li
'orious propaganda.-^New1, York.-Eve-} -X..
ning; Sun.
is at its Lest ^tertoilm^a|ull;
twenty minutes; and a well made
cup bf Postum iss Kard to Beat.
_   _A.notKer form,   xy ������:
. ..,��� "INSTANT^O J5TOM;'
j - 7 is made Quick as
xKa^vink^in tibte ctxp.X-i.;���:!--������'���.
����� X-GrodSsrs 'zitselly both., x i ���.
Delicious W Economical
"*Khraos "' lit !>���--.���
^     LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.     B.  " C."
��� BY
Printed    by    Special   Arrangements   with  Thos.   Allen,-
Toronto, Ont.
"Above thc piping of the-birds had
sounded the song of a violin, played
by a master-hand. Sweetly the
strains came floating 'to him, as he
listened, and, gripping a tall sapling,
he stood, head bowed, lips forming
voicclcssly" the words of thc refrain :���
"Sweet and low, sweet and low,
Wind of thc western sea,
Low, low, breathe  and  blow,   ���
Wind  of  the  western  sea!
Over thc rolling waters go,
Comc   from    thc    dying -moon,   and
Blow him again to me;
While, my little onc, while my pretty
*     one sleeps."
It was an old song which .Daddy
Farney had taught him and the girl;
thc only one the old man had ever
been known to sing. The lad caught
hi6.breath () quickly .When he" looked
up there wcrc tears coursing down
liis cheeks. , Slowly he approached
thc house. Seated beneath a trailing
wild-hop vine hc found Willow.
She laid thc violin across her
knees and looked slowly up at him
as  he approached.
"What'd you come, back fer?" hc
asked   abruptly.
"Fer you,"  shc answered.
"Well,   1   ain't  goin'."
She laid the violin gently down
upon a block and came for.ward to
where he stood with head bowed,
fingers fumbling thc lock of his rifle.
"L ain't comin' fer two reasons,"
he said as she placed her hands on
his souldcrs'. "Fust is, I've got
"somcthin' important to do 'cross thc
tamaracks. Second is, I ain't goin' to
put Dorkin to no more, trouble, on
my account. He's been right good
to us, an'^I ain't goin' to make him
sorry fer  it." ^
"He says hc wants you' up there
in thc Preserve, Dannie."
"That's all right,tan'* it's mighty
like him to say it, but it's no good,
Wilier; I can't go. You go on back
and say ^mucli obliged ter him feime. I'm too-damn no-count to do it
fer myself. "Tqll him how I mu'cd to
sneak off without,thankin'- him."     .
The girl looked at Wm with big
troubled eyes. To her this hot-hcart-
cdJad, with whom shc had been reared was mores than mere "brother; he
was pal, companion, a part of her-,
self; and she alone knew and understood him, now that Daddy Farucy
was gone. The grief and loneliness
that wcrc gnawing at his heart were
also her grief and loneliness. Her
hands tightened on his shoulders' and
her lips "opened as though to speak,
but no words came.
_ If you understand the forest, you
havc learned that the kindred of thc
wild arc closely bound together. Affection, which in the civilized world
is. a beautiful thing, in thc wilderness
is a sublime thing. Unbreakable as
thc fibre of the poplar, strong and
enduring as the tissue of the oak. is
the love of onc member of the "forest
family for thc other; only, iike thc
interlacing roots of the trees, it lies
buried from the gaze of thc callous
"Wilier," spoke the lad, at length,
shaking* himself erect, "you go back
to the Preserve, an" leave mc be alone
here.   If I'm ever goin' ter be a man,
I guess maybe the time's cpme. ' I'm
goin' ter stay here on our grounds ���
our  grounds," hc  repeated  wistfully.
"An'1 I'm goin' ter see that thcy'stays
. ours/toq. ' Set down thar, an' I'll tell
you somethin' you don't know."- He
-motioned  to a .hemlock   .block ,  and
'.sank.on- the sod'befo"re her. /"There's
-a,,*lay;,up" here,'"."he;-.said "slowly,..his
'eyes on.her face, "a-law, lhat says if
one'trapper leaves   .his'   gr<yirid   .for
any-reason,  either by dyin- breakin*
the law, or'any other cause, that that
ground goes to,.the trapper" south-of
hini-,:if thar's nobody thar to hold it.
-'It's a. dam-fool Tnjiin law; biit.it goes,
up here;.    -Now : Dads" gone   it's up
to mc to hold buffer our rights,-ain't
�����>'-..'���..." "-' ."���',':''"������ ."'.'��� ��� "-'��� Xy 'Xy
y  "1 -say 'ain't  it?".'-lie  repeated  half
angrily as.'the girlniadc no'reply.   .
' .She...nodded quickhv -' -_.-. v- .'..',
'. "Well, theii,-"you tindersta'ii'.-how." 't
'-is, -.Wilier-."-" ' I;. jest   can't'lcaye   this
. cabin, much as -I'd-like" to go/up'and
sort of. hclp> Dorkin.-on;the' Preserve.'-
.- You see; it. I was .to leave" .now; .Abe
.Dalton,,.thc. trapper; south pf.us, ,'iid
���come  along,  an*   "then���"*���
"; 'He clicked, his -strong 'teeth',' shut
with a snap,., and" springing to-his feet
fioss.cd thq rifle across his arm "Damn
him!" he! cried, "I'll get hini. Yes,.
I'll get liim jest as sure as I'm alive.
I'M. even.-1 things up.; wi.th.:.Dalton." -..,"
:,Z:"P�� J?}1 think -7���--���'��� the girl.-com-
menced;- then she'toostood up;.her
face whitening and her eyes growing |
dark with feeling. !
"Well, if you ast mc, I do think it,"
he answered. "Oh, Gawdamighty,
think of-it,'Wilier; think of him lay-
in' out there in the bush waitin' fer.
poor old Dad to come along so's hc
could shoot hint in.the back, think���
'��� He broke off wildly, his ,slender
body swaying with emotion. But the
girl stood strait and talk beforc him,
and spoke quietly:���
"If hc clone it, Dannie, if you are
fight shore he. done it, why, of course
you've got to kill him; but you've got
to be right kccrful;'cause he's goin'
to kill you fust if he kin."  r
He turned, with a smile, and half
raised his hands as though to draw
her. to him. ."Wilier)"'hc said huskily, "you bc a right sort of sister.
I was half "scared to tell ye, but I'm
glad you feel that way about it. If
Dalton gets mc first, though?" Hc
looked away through the darkening
forest and shrugged��� "What then,
Wilier?" -
i "Dannie," she cried, lifting her
hands above her head, ,fif he kills
you, if he as "much as tries, I'll kill
him. I swear I'll do it. Oh, don't
you believe mc.   Don't you, Dannie?"
Hc caught her as she swayed and
for a moment he held her against
his breast, his drawn face pressed
against her hair. Up above thcir
heads an oriole twittered and hung
head downward, his crimson breast
cutting tiny rainbows against the
dark green foliage of tlie trees.  ���
The girl drew away, and still holding his hand, led him across to the
doorway of thc cabin. '
"You set down, Dannie," shc said.
"I'm goin' to play you somethin'1 on
thc fiddle; jes a ltittlc song-tune to
cheer you up an' makc you fcrgct;
then I'm goin' to get your supper."
He sank down on thc doorstep and
seating herself on the block thc girl
picked up the fiddle. The old dog
limped up and stretched himself between thcm, looking from onc to the
other w'lh  grave,  inquiring  eyes.
The girl played, and as shc played
the song birds grew silent. Swiftly
stretched the evening shadows. A ray
of spun gold, lined with purplish
spray, slipped down tli rough the
chinks of the trees and touched the
facc of thc bush-lad, huddled in thc
doorway. The giil caught thc gleam
and smiled tenderly. She saw the
bluc-vcincd lids sweep over*the weary
eyes, and heard the long sigh of surrender as he gave himself up to the
sleep hc had not known since the
dawning of thc tragedy which was to
stand out up.on his lifc.
And so shc 'played on, and thc swift
Northern twilight dropped like a cowl
and from thc distant lake there'came
thc voices of thc diving water-fowl.
The_ stars wcrc blossoming in the
sky wh.cn shc at length rose and
slipped quietly past the sleeper into
the cabin. Silently shc lit the candle on the rough table, then sinking
on "her knees before the skin-covered
couch shc let thc full tide of her grief
have sway in tears.
(To bc  Continued.)
May Have Women V.C.'s
Orsirolsfgd Eyelids,
Eyet inflamed by, exposure to Su. BiaJacd mai
Em sF><k,*r��k owckly relieved by Miriit
VISS Cj*!*Btfy. NbSmarthsg, i
.���--: <*? T^Jstt Ejre Comfort.    At
TToot Dragjbtt er "by Bo3 &0c pe? Bottle.
Wot B*a�� ef .{_* Ey* free umt�� >s
fgsrlM Ey�� B*m*4y G&* C&Ieao'a.
Lady Sydenham Says It Is A Step
- Forward
English women arc delighted at thc
aTmoun cement that the Victoria
Cross may in future bc awarded to
women as well as men, says Lady
"Thc V. C. is the most coveted of
distinctions-awarded for brave deeds-
on thc battlefield, and nothing, should
bc done which should impair its value and makc it fall into disregard.
"The V. C. must remain thc reward
of but a few, or like so many decorations which have' been ' distributed
broadcast it will become a joke.
- "Some women ��� thosc who drove'
ambulances for instance ��� were in
thc firing line. If thcir deeds havc
been as brave, as those of soldicrs, if
without bias, .their, claims to/the. V.C..
are 'judged -as' good",...thcn". it"'= is only-
fair that"-they, sliouldjjct it."-'.. ���;".' '���"y
British Settlers in Mexico
Calgary Officer Has Three Battalions.
Oh Million Acre *..'
. "'.. ",',,;;,; Estate",'/;'..,!/.; "..;-.
���. That General Critclilcy, well-known
in Canadian military .circles,,.has- recruited and' taken into Mexico* three-
battalions of British troops and .settled, them; on, a 1,000,000; ag'rc. estate,'
and that,-he-has four. fulb;-cqu.ipped
air-squadrons- under his command;'is-'
the .news" that -has "reached-. Calgary,
from, an authoritative, ^source.. These
troops,-who' arc.;primarily.British settlers, we're' recruited by the.General
and. his staff in -different parts of, tlic
.British Isles and Canada;: and. arc
under the .command, of. the General
and -his'.brother,' Major H. C. Critch-
ley, both of. Calgary.. To cover the'
recruiting and -transpprtatioii expenses of these troops'.the -British government, provided .��1,500,000. .Several
local .officers were/asked' to. accompany-the expedition as officers. .,   ���
No Present Chance.
Of Cheaper Food
Prof. .G.'.I.   Christie of -Purdue  University Reviews Agricultural   ���
Situation in U. S.
In a statement with regard to. the
agricultural situation, Prof. G. I.
Christie of Purdue University, who
is a graduate of the Ontario Agricultural College, says: "The people of
the United Statcs are demanding
automobiles, musical instruments,
jewelry, fine clothes and recreation
morc than they- wish food. . Thesc
people are willing to pay _high prices
for such articles that laboring men
engaged in the manufacture of these
materials may be paid wages two,
three and five times as great as the
farmer can afford  to pay.
"Cheap land and cheap labor havc
gone," continues Professor Christie,
"and so the last of cheap food has
been seen. From now on consumers
must, pay the price that allows^hc
farmer a fair return for liis labor
and his investment." A conference
of the members of the agricultural
staff of, Purdue University was held
to consider phases of the present agricultural situation. Many reports received, from thc various counties in
,thc: state are alarming and show an
unsettled condition.
��� Thc statement concludes: ."Food
is absolutely necessary���more than a
hundred millions of people -in thc
United Statcs must be fed, while in
addition, many millions in Europe
must hav.e food from American farms
���people of the cities must realize
that farmers must have a fair price
for tlicir products. Cheap land and
cheap labor have gone and so thc
last of cheap food has been seep.
From now on consumers must pay
a price that will give a fair return for
the farmer's labor and also for his
investment. Under the conditions, if
wheat was worth $2.20 per bushel in
1917, thc crop of 1920 should bring
not less  than $3.
/ "If corn was worth eighty cents
in 1914, thc 1920 crop should -return
$1.75 to $2 per bushel. Prices* for
other crops, for livo stock, dairy and
poultry, should bc increased accordingly. Food production should bc
maintained, but this can only bc hoped for when farmers a/c assured of
reasonable prices. The situation demands the serious and careful consideration of all thc people. The farmer
should go ahead and do thc b-'sf possible tinder the conditions."
Junior Farmer A, Big Factor
Boys   and   Girls   Do   Their   Part   In
Empire Building
Some persons, perhaps, may look
upon boys' and girls' club work as
bcing of somc worth, but arc not
particularly impressed with its value,
nor optimistic about its possibilities.
Probably a lack of definite knowledge
of the extent of such work is the
reason. The following extract from
President Willis E. Johnson's inauguration address at Brookings, S. D.,
recently, discloses the fact that the
boys' and girls' club work alone has
attained such proportions as to bc a
matter of state pride. It shows that
boys and girls, when given thc chance
can play tlicir part in Empire building.
The boys and girls iu the pig clubs
of South Dakota produced last year
over onc, million dollars' worth of
pure-bred registered pigs. It was.
some work to furnish the money and
thc little pigs for such an undertaking, and this-was "only one-project
of a single department of the division
of extension. . A million dollars'
worth of pigs^-bctter -than a million
dollars' worth of pure-bred pigs produced, sold, and kept, for thc most
pari, within the community where
thcy were raised; best-of all, a multiplied million-'dollar investment of a
study, thought, ambition,-interest _in
farmirrg-j succss and worthwhile work
of, boys .and girls���surely '. that was
somc investment:. ��..-.'- '--;���'' .; " -"'
.. Again it .'is estimated -that .125,000
children .of Chicago- will have..truck
gardens- this- year,- according to ;fig-,
urcs' compiled, - by; Dudley" -Grant
H^ycs, .head, .,of --.school' extension,
.work in-that city/.  /./    ,   -������ ;/.
. "California Syrup of Figs'^
-"'���'���'-. Child's Best Laxative
-..'Server-pipe's'���.arid-bricks";may .soon
be; madc from the 'molten lava of the
;v.oicanO,:-Klauea,.\in:.Ha\vaii.'..-.,';-... ;."'
... Thc world's .produc-t'of Jead-pencils
probably-.'.amounts.fto.; nearly^: 2,000,-
000,000 a"year/vV./V//!/ //! X:yX';
-��;"."u.' -;. 1327!.
Pimply Face?
Drive'Em Away
This Very Night
Simple  arid   Inexpensive  Way   to
Clear up Sallow Complexion
An-.caSry way to freshen'-, up the
dullest^ sallowest-skin is to purify
the blood, clear, it of all humors, arid
enrich it by the regular use of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills.
Not onty wiil"Dr. Hamilton's Pills
put roses in your cheeks and brightness in your eyes, they will do wonders for your general health, and
quickly makc you feel and look like
a new person.
Impossible to'have headache, indigestion, or bilious fits if you tone thc
system with Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Neither will you have torpid liver,
constipation, or bad breath. Your
whole body will bc cleansed, purified,
strengthened^ ���
To get back lost looks and to restore failing health nc better medicine for man or woman than Dr.
Hamilton's Pills could bc recommended. For forty years the Catarrhozone
Co., have sold them under guarantee
in 25c boxes.
Where Pontius
Pilate Reigned
Low Production
And High Wages
Production Has Not Increased in
Proportion to Wage
An exchange says: "Higher wages
should mean high production; low
production and high wages cannot
exist together." The truth of this
statement may bc questioned because
much of our present difficulty is due
to thc fact that production has not
increased in proportion to wage advances. But the end is not yet.
Buildings are not bcing erected,
homes are not being built, railways
are not bcing constructed, and in
many parts farmers are refusing to
assume thc risk of food production
because they have to pay so much
higher wages for so much less work.
All of which goes to prove that "low
production and high wages cannot
exist .together."    -
Colonel Storrs,   Graduate    of   Cambridge, is New Governor
- Of Jerusalem '.   ��
The office of governor of Jerusalem
once occupied by Pontius Pilate, is
now held by Col. Ronald Storrs, a
graduate of Cambridge University,
and son of the Dean of Rochester
College,  England.
His task is one to test the administrative ability of any man. Jerusalem
is "a city of disunions, where, \yhat-
ever may come of the future, for the
moment, Zionists and Arabs are passionately divided, and to steer a just
path between thcm and induce them
to join him on that path is thankless
It is to that task, however, that he
chiefly devotes himself. Twice a
week he has meetings of his favorite
pro-Jcrusalwii society, when French,
Italians, British, Americans, Rabbis,
i Zionists, leaders, commercial men of
standing and others who are in any
way prominnent in the life of the city
arc brought together and in the
course of debate, led to sec that they
have in common a single citizenship.
His motto as governor is, 'unify and
bc friends."
Colonel Storrs was onc^of thc
prime movers in thc establishment of
an independent Arab kingdom. He is
38 years old. '
"Got to Live by the Sea"
Earl Beatty on Vital Factor of Sea
"We came into being'by the sea.
By the sea we have existed and in
the future we have got to live by the
sea." /������ '
These were Earl Beatty's stirring
words iri returning thanks at Glasgow
for the hospitality of_ the city. The
navy, he declared, asked for critism,
they were not afraid of criticism, but
they asked that it should not be destructive, but constructive. . (Applause.) The task in front of those
who administered the-mavy at the
present day was a great one, and he
laid down the doctrine that sea power today was an csscntiaLfor thc security and prosperity of thc Empire
rtas it ever was. The navy had been
named the "Silent Service" because
to say anything was "not opportune.
But today it was opportune. The
fleet in commission today represented
thc minimum compatible with superiority and supremacy of the seas.
Therc were critics who said we must
have ships which could disappear
under the surface onc minute and be
lost in thc clouds the next. (Laughter.) Hc dared say those critics
were right, but the time for such
ships was not, and he disagreed with
thc statement that the day of thc
capital ship had passed. The capital ship was still the unit on which
the sea power of the Empire was
built. Nothing had been devised by
thc critics, outside of a few windy
paragraphs in the newspapers to take
Would'Incite Terror'Reign, Is Win-   thc Placc of thc capital ships.   There
ston Churchill's  Charge | w?s no r��a?��!\ add\d    Earl.   Beatty'
. v/ny   cne,   joining   the   service   as   a
lhc Russian    Soviet   Government. I ,)oy) s,,01]Td not r;se tQ prH_micr ranfc
through    Nikolai    Lenine, seeks < rc j Kc ^.^   that  the  navy must  con=
start   thc  BriUsh  nation  off on  that j tinue  tf, be  fht  connecthlg. link be_
samc career of revolutionary violence, ,wccn  t],fc  Mo.!jer Country  and  the
which has madc Russia such a jolly   Overseas   Dominions,  and  said  that,
Lenine Menaces Britain
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
County���ss.     -
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid and that
said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for any case-of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the use of
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
(Sea!)    A.   W.   Gleason,   Notaiy  Public
internally and acts through the Blood on the
Mucous  Surfaces  of  thc  System.
Druggists,  75c.     Testimonals  free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
'Accept "California Syrup -of ;FigsV
only���look for-the,name,California'on
.the. package,, then, you1 are-sure - your
child is-.having^-'the'"-' best-.and^.raost
harmless."-laxative -or "physic-for', the
little stomacivliver.arid-bowel*..Children, IoveV its - deliciou-s - fruity'P. tastei
FulF'- dirccjions-fbr;.child's' dose��� .on
each bottle. ..Give it without fear.���"-;-.
You must aay "California/* "' .
Lease Tar Sands
On Athabasca
More Than 1,900 Acres Are Granted
To General Lindsay
Nineteen hundred and twenty acres
of tar sand rights in the province of
Alberta have been leased, to Gen.
William Lindsay, upon . specified
terms and conditions. From the tar
sands of Alberta���which arc known
to exist by billions of tons along the
Athabasca River���it is estimated that
great quantities of gasoline, kerosene,
naptha, bituiffeu, tar, lubricating and
fuel oils can bc obtained. "Representations were made to the department
of the interior by Gen. Lindsay that
as a result of thc investigation and
research which has _l>ccn conducted
for hini-acd'his"associalcs; a successful process appears to havc been evolved for extraction from the lar
sands, on a commercial basis, of thc
oil, bitumen and other hydro-carbons
which thcy contain.
Thc lease of tar sand rights has
therefore been granted to General
Lindsay to permit a thorough test to
bc made of thc process mentioned.
place to live in," Winston Churchill,
minister of war, declared in an article
published in the London Evening
News, answering a report by a British .labor delegation which visited
Russia and a letter dedicated to thc
Briiish people by Lenine.
Should thc Soviet system bc established in England, the wax minister
believes that not only would freedom
of the press and freedom of thought
bc swept away, but the English labor leaders themselves would "share
the fate of Kerensky, thc menshevik
ancl social revolutionaries in Russia."
Thc war minister charged Lenine
with having ruined his own country
and said it was natural hc should
wish "to havc all other nations reduced to the samc level of misery, in
order that his own carnage, may be
covered in the genera! chaos," wrote
"Lenine destroyed the Russian republic. Hc dissolved thc Russian
parliament. He had the bulk of its
members hunted down and killed.
He has robbed his country of victory
peace and freedom." ���-
Ranching: in Baffin Land
Fruit Prospects in Okanagan Valley
In a summary of thc Okanagan
Valley fruit crop conditions made by
officials of the Provincial Horticultural Department it is, stated that
present indications are that the entire
valley will run about 75 -percent of
last year's  crop.
.' It is anticipated that- the leading
apple varieties will run aboiitas follows, compared with 1919: Mcintosh,
90 percent; Wealthies, 60; Delicious,
140; Winesaps, 120; Newtons, 60;
Jonathans, 60; Duchess, 90; Bananas,
100; Wagners, 70; Hyslops, 80. The
growth "conditiousarc said to be excellent and thc growth is well advanced.
unless wc controlled the seas, wc
could nor control the. lines of communication with those Dominions.
Once those lines went, goodbye to
the  Empire.
Germany in the Scales
Germany protests her good intentions. Shc has a chance to show
them. Recuperation without Allied
aid is impossible for .her. She has a
chance to bc straightforward and by
her fruits and not by her promises
ihe world will judge her.���Montreal
Look like This
Nothing better to care for your skin,
hairandhands. TheSoaptocleanse
and purify, the Ointment to soothe
andhcal.   Use them for daily toilet.
Soup 25c, Ointment 25 ud SOc.   Sold,
throughout theDominlon. CanadianDepot:
Lym��n��, Limited, St. Paul St., Montreal.
Cuticura Soap (have* without maf.
Spoke from Experience
Mrs. Hartt: "Yes, I have no doubt
there are unhappy marriages, but I
really cannot understand how they
are possible. Now, there's George
and I, wc arc devoted. He says he
could not exist without mc, and I'm
sure I live only for him."
Mrs. Greene: "You really are to be
congratulated, both of you. By the
way, how long have you been married?"
Mrs. Hartt: "Just a week the day
after tomorrow."
Thousand Aliens to Go.
The U. S. labor department is trying to clean up all pending deportation cases before the end of the present administration on March 4 next
There are 1,000 aliens who will be
sent out of the country as fast as
transportation can bc provided. Morc
than half of these will be sent to
It is estimated that two years are
required for the Gulf Stream to travel from Florida to thc coast of Norway.
A worker in a shipyard refused to
have his baby christened because, as
hc explained, he was afraid the min- !
islcr would hurt the baby if hc hit it
with the bottle.���Ex.
A lazy man Works overtime telling
others what to do.
The Beauty
of The Lily-
can be  yours. Its
wonderfully pure,
soft, pearly >vhite appearance, free from all
blemishes, will be com* ��
parable to the perfect
beauty of your skin and '
I complexlonif youwill use^
XxxX^^Mm^^:Xfyy; ���
���yf.yx. ���'������;5wa?.7G�� /^^.airxfr<��i.' '".���'/������'���
i^Rti.t^HtifKINS & SON.' ,-MWifl ���-'<?.J
Not Aspirin at All without the "Bayer Cross"
Laura Dcwcy Bridgman, who was
deaf and blind, developed her mind
in spite of her affliction "long before
thc birth of Helen  Keller.
It sometimes happens that a man
hits-his "enemy a hard blow-by ignoring him.1 '      ;. 'yy. -'��� .'_ Xy-,. ..:,  ...���   ���
The name "Bayer" identifies the
only ' genuine Aspirin,���the Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for over nineteen years and now made in Canada.
Always buy an unbroken package
of "Bayer Tablets" of-Aspirin" .-which
contains proper directions for Colds,
Headache, Toothache, Earache, 2fcu��
ralgia, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Ncurl*
tis; Joint Pains, and Pain generally.
Tin boxes of 12 tablets cost bub
a few cents.   Larger "Bayer" packages.
T3iere is only oao Aspirin���"BayeT"���Yo�� must nay "Bayer"
Aspirin Ss tho trade mark (registered Jn Canada) ot Bayer Manufacture o' Mono-
aceUcocldester of Salleyllcacld.    While It ls ���well  known that Aspirin  means Mayer
. manufacture, to assist tho public against Imitations, tho Tabieto of Baror Company;
will bo stamped with their general trade mark, the "Bayer Cross."
Moving1 the] Line- of Production' Nine
','-,"'. ^.Degrees Nearer1.the-' -
yX-X'i ���. -iii; ������Pole j ; ,-;-���-.'; Zy ;'X.
'.. Mr.: -Stefansson'' is   going   into" the
ranching business in Baffin Land.'Hc
has'.b'ccn' granted a, thirty, year, lease
of the southern half of the island;', as.
range  for1 a "reindeer-her.d. ,-Tliat is
one  government grazing,   lease - for
which there" seem \6. be no rivals.in
the" field," andlwhichis not .therefore
likely ...to; figure- as  the' text"- for par-
liamcntary.-.spccchcs;'    and/ campaign
literature.   '-   '��� y\.X' ���'/-   '������        '-" ���';���'.
"Hithcrto'tlic'-Fort   Vermillion' set"-'
tlcmcnt in -tlic -Peace ������ River' yal!ey-f-
nprth 'of. latitude 58���- has  been  the
farthest   north   recognized "meat-pro-,'
diicing. district-in  Canada.--  Mr. Stc-j
fanss'on   is. moving'-.the ��� line   of "pro-|
duclipn nine degrees'.nearer the .pole;.!
-roughly speaking a. thousand " miles. |
If he"-is right, his success will" clem--
onsirate that���so  far as  climate and ���
seed .are concerned-���the whole mainland -of Canada, clear iip to thc Arc-
lie ocean, can be turned to  account
for the production of beef or venison
on  a commercial scale.��� Edmonton
Bulletin..;"   .--.--���:..���    :���". :'"--��� v.   -:-.--".���.
''���'VI .;am afraid y.oii^wi}l-';.c6me-':-to i
v.-ant',";vsaid 'tlie';mo,iher"to..'a 'visiting-.
j'oung-- man...'-"I "have ;come tq/wantj
already,"-.was i'th? ..frcpl jv...V I.i wan t your '
'daughter,"--Xy X X :���' Xrj-  iX;-'_-'������ -.'.,. -;
.He-;who.'praises  men' an.dj flatters :
omen' has'Vmar.y'.-tricn'ds. '.".���.,::.; -���,-'   '.'��� '.'
I royme" the;only.'niea'ns-iby .which you-can keep, ah absolute accurate check on your sales. The
new.: luxury tax and sales .tax makes'-'it,necessary to kecp���such"'a record.; We makc-ftalcs books
suitable.-for any���lihc  of business, .wilh ".cither" "duplicate-or triplicate  copies. ��� ,
"-���   -.   There ;is \a   heavy .'demand  just' now . for-  triplicate, books.--  We" make a great variety of
- triplicate-.'books,- both- in'' separate  carbon,; leaf. arid; black; back- style.
'Write us:. for .sample and prices before, pla cing. your'.next order, or ask any of our agents
to- give, you-this .information.;'. -_'; '"-'��� ,-''-:. '-;' .; --���    '-'-. ���' .. ���"���,--     " ���- '���''' _���""��� - . -
Vegetable Parchment Butter Wrappers
-Wc arc' in the best position of any firm' in Canada to fill your order promptly for parchment butter- wrappers,-..'cither printed or plain.' We arc large importers of this brand of paper,
arid have special' facilities for printing wrappers   in cither onci or two colors of ink.
We also manufacture a complete line of waxed bread'and meat wrappers, plain or printed,
waxed paper rolls for home usc, and waxed pa pers for. all purposes.     ^
Our equipment is the most modern and complete to be found in Canada. Our goods are
.first class and. our:servicers prompt.'^Ilet us prove tliis to you on your next order for Coun-
;ter Check;lJoc>ky/���Parchment-Paper^, or Waxed   Paper.
��� For..quotations, apply  to  publisher;.of; this;.. paper.. _ - 1, _
XXyy       '.-;,..���->;::��� HAMILTON/ ONT.���BRANCH - OFFICES AT
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance,  or }$
when not paid for three months or more
have passed.   To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Editor and Financier���!
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Betray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more thau one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising, I2'<ceuts a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
measurement. v,
Trauscient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals nyic. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tV.at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Providence Mine
P. B. Freeland, the resident
mining engineer haB the following
to say about the Providence mine
in the 1919 Report of the Minister
of Mines: "This mine, situated
one mile north of the town of
Greenwood, hag been operated
under lease by Al. Morrison and
D. McGillis, of Greenwood. The
rock surrounding the mine is of
green tuff near a contact with
granodiorite. The vein which is
chiefly quartz, with small particles
of calcite, averages about one foot
in width and occurs in the tuff.
An alkali-porphyry dyke cuts the
formation in an easterly and west-
0 erly direction and has evidently
disturbed the vein to a very considerable extent, causing a divergence of the strike of the vein of
about 20. degres. The strike iB
approximately north aud south;
dipping 60 degrees to the east.
There appears to be some displacement in the green, tuff, occurring in silicifi.ed.and pyritized vein-'
lets. The ore is galena, zinc py-
rite, . chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite,
.argentine, pyrargyrite; and native
silver and gold. There has' evi-
. dently been some aecondry enrichment, caused by surface waters.
On the 400:foot level there is still
a considerable, amount of ruby
silver, in the lead.
The present owners have installed an electrie compressor with a
. capacity, of 600 cubic' feet.of air,
and also pumps, with which they
have unwatered the.old shaft down
to the ^500-foot level. " Development consists of 260 feet of drifting in a southerly direction on l- the
.  300- foot level and 216. feet in the
. 400-foot leypl,; with 80 feet of raising between the 300. and 400-foot
levels, : Shipments : were made;, to
the smelters amounting.to-338 tone
..': i with a total: con ten t: of -2.67 oz.-- of
gold, 38,963,02. silver and 7,616;lb:
X. of lead. Cost of ..treatment,, abbut
$5.50 a ton;   rail./transportation,
-.   $5.50 a toni.>  ':-.,,'\: ���.'.���--=-'i"' .'.:   ���.
Mrs. J. M. Burnett
Dies on Saturday
A cloud of sorrow hovered over
Greenwood on Saturday when it
was known that Mae Ritchie Burnett, beloved wife of Dr. J. M.
Burnett, had passed away at 11
a._m., after being ill for nearly a
The deceased was born in Pen-
delton, Oregon, over 29 years ago,
and had lived in this city the greater part of her life, being a daughter
of Frank Buckless, of Allenby.
She had a very large circle of
friends, and in her passing Greenwood has lost one of its most highly thought of citizens. The late
Mrs. Burnett leaves to mour her
loss, her ��� father, husband and
two year old daughter; sister, Mrs.
Chas. Russell, and two brothers,
Charles and Roy Buckless, in
which the deepest sympathy of
this community goes out to them
in their sad bereavement.
The remains were shipped to
Vancouver on Monday and the
following day the funeral was held
in that city. The pall bearers here
were: J, D. McCreath, J. H.
Goodeve, L. E. Brawders, A. J.
Morrison, W. H. Docksteader, and
T. M. Gulley.
Those sending floral tributes
were: Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Rendell, James McCreath and family,
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Brawders, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Goodeve, Mrs. H.
N". Shaw, Mr. and Mrs, A. Sater,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Walters,
Lee & Bryan, and-many others.
Sealed tenders will be received by the Minister of Lands not later than noou on tbe 19th
day of August, 1920 for tbe purchase of Licence
X2494, to cut 1,225,000 feet of Tamarac. Fir and
Pine aud 45,000 Ties on an area situated ou
Wild Horse Creek, Similkameen District.
Three 13) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
'Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
Animals' Act
-; Some    excellent" : Amendments
were made to the above Act��� at.the
. last Session of the Provincial Leg?
ielature, relative to.swine, stallions
.. arid bulls running at large.
Under the Amendment; a party
���was charged last week, before W.
R. Dewdney, S. Mv, with, allowing
..a bull to run at large, and was.
The Amendment makes it the
duty ol.-' Constables to enforce the
\Acfe, and Chief Constable Fraser
has issued instructions to all the
Constables in his district,, to strictly enforce it..        ;"v; -XixXx-xXy-
':'; Samnaf:HeardiFrom ;;-v
The Sammy���r' 'Over in America
we gotta liiac.bash filty;feet;high^'
The Tommy^-"I wish I could
mac that;"""'���' 'X-y "���'    ������ Zx'X; ������ Xi-
NOTICE. Owing to the scarcity of
water all sprinkling-of lawns or gardens
will not be permitted.
By order Water, Fire and Light Committee.
City Clerk-
Synopsis of.-.-.
lot luiesidments
Mlnlmun.*.jrlce of flist-class land ���
reduced to ?5 an' acre; second-claas'to.
$2.60 an acre. -    '��� ��� '       .   . "
Pre-emption - now   confined   to " surveyed ;iands only,    ,.���,.���'."..
Records will be granted covering only
- land suitable for agricultural purposes
' md which is non-timber-land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,-
but parties of not more than "four may
arrange    for    adjacent., pre-emptions-
' with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. " - ^   -   .  . .   .
>    Pre-emptors must occupy claims for '
five'years and.make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres, '
before receiving Crown Grant. "
" '  Where pre-emptor In occupation "not
- less than 3 years, and has made, proportionate, improvements, he may, be-"
cause "of ill-health, or other'cause," be
granted intermediate .certificate of ��m-
- provement and transfer his claim.
, Records, without permanent res!-'-
dence may be Issued, provided appli-'"
cant makes improvements to extent of.
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as ��� forfeiture.    Title cannot  be ��� obtained  in :
- less-than 5- years," and--improVements-
. of  $10.00- per.- acre.  Including  o acres
cleared and-cultivated,  and residence
.of at least 2 years are required.-   - ' %"'���
:  Pre?emptor_' holding   .Crown    grant,
may record another pre.-emption, lf he
-requires land in conjunction"with his -
. farm;^without- actual occupation";-provided . statutory   improvements   made :
.and- residence ' maintained  on   Crown
;granted land. . ' "^
- - Unsilrveyed areas, not exceeding i0'
.-���f*'es'-n"��y';i>.e.'leased   as   h'omesltes;'"
title to be obtained.after fulfilling residential 'and.improvement conditions.
���-��� ..-For-grazing and Industrial purposes
areas - exceeding   6-10 . acres "may   be"
..leased by-one person -or,company-. ���  ������" '-���
��� ���', Mill,  factory or Industrial sites' on
timber ..land  not   exceeding:  40  acres
may.be purchased; conditions-include-
payment-of. stumpage. '.'������.     ,     -; "-
.    Natural..hay.  meadows   inaccessible
���:-by Jr��stin,K roads ma* be Purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
.to-them.- Rebate of one-half of cost of
road;  not exceeding half of", purchase-
��� price, Is made.���' /.: , .-
V --y   . .   ACT.
. The. scbpe:of.this. Act Is'erilkrged to
ine -with His Majesty's Forces." The
time within which the heirs or deviates"
'���? ��� .,d,ecease,d- ��r��-emptor, may. apply
for. title under this Act la -extended-'
. from.for one year from the death of
'"Slf-   ��e^B?v���   *?  f0"nerly,".until'one-
year after t.ho.conolusion of .the present'
war.    This privilege is also made re-
��� troactive.-,- '      .-. -yy
a���� fee* r8*atirig to pre-empttons'are
due or payable hy goiaiers on " pre- .
emptlons recorded, after June 28. 1918 -
Taxes, are remitted for five -years   -
Provision, for return of moneys accrued, due and bien paid sinceAugust
i'�� t��l..���� "'eount of Payments, fees
or taxes on aoldlcrs' preemptions: -,'
,. Interest on agreements to purchase
iSlTL4?. clty J��ts jieid by members^!
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct .or indirect, remitted from in-
listment to March 81. 1920. e
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
. purchasers who- failed to. complete
purchase. Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase Interest and tare*.. Where sub-nurchaa-
ers do not claim whole of briglna' parcel, purchase price dua and taxea mais
be distributed proportionately ov2r
whole area. Applications mutt be
made bjr Mar 1. 1920. ���     .
-,'.��.   ' .      GRAZING. \i ' "   ���
v^Graxlng Act' 1819,. for', systematic
..development.of livestock,Industry wo- ;
Tides for graalng. districts "and range-
administration -under  ,'Commisiioner "
- Annual grazing -permits .Issued based -
".on numbers ranged; priority.-for ����tab--
llshed.:-. owners.. '- Stock-owners ��� may
��� form Assoclatipna for range manase-'
cent. ; Free; or partlaUy. free, perzaJt* .
for settlers, campers, or tr*v��lfca.-bb:
. to ten head.,".---; '-;.\~; ..,.".
Sheriff's Notice of Sale
NOTICE is hereby given that under and by
virtue of a certain Warrant of Execution placed
in my bauds, I shall offer for sale on the steps
of the Court House, Greenwood, li. C, ou
Thursday tue 12 of August, 1020, at* 11 o'clock
a. m., tlie following; A one-half interest iu
and to tlie Black Pine Fraptianal Mineral
Claim (Wallace   Mountain).  '
Terms   of  Sale, Cash.
Dated at Greenwood, B. C, this 29th dav of
July, 1920.
Deputy Sheriff
E. W. WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$i each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
$?.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
/brother metals, etc., on application.
Ledge ads bring results.
Get your job printing at 1 he
Ledge, before the paper is all
Dealer iu Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Physician aad Surgeon
That he has located at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Office PhQne 90.       Residence Phone 69
All Work'Guaranteed
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS. B.C.
Autos for Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts  in  the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H.' DOOKSTEA.DER, Ppop.
Shamrock Brands I
HAMf  BACON   and   LARD
Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese
l P, Burns  &  Co,,   Ltd,,   Nelson, B, C.
a ��� ��.
Rumc Rotel
nelson, BX/
��$��  The only up/tcdate Hotel in the interior.   First-class   4>
iri every respect,,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
:-.'_'._"  each room. '-. -
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
..   ..'-;' , - =;,-.., Steam Heated;.Electric Lighted..
������' X'-   ��� RATES.-51.00 per day and up; European Plan.. -     ''"[
X . Bus Meets all Trains; and Boats.  .
��� ry ���*-*" ���" " tiuas
the small amount pf baking; powder
it takes to: make a^ cake���^when she
compares the;:srnall cost of the bak-:
ing powder with that, of the other
materials used; when she appreciates
the difference there is? in flavor, tex-
ture and wholesonieness^���there is
only one decision and that is
. X Made from Cream of Tiartar derived from, grapes -:.
Cptktsias No Alum���Leaves No Bitter Tastd
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -      -     Nelson
Culatneen Botel
One of the largest hotels in" .
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week pr month
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG   -   - Proprietor
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties.
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
:      -     MINING
- ' dentist '���'���_;;���
All, the   latest  methods , in   high-class
-.-"'���        ,."������' Dentistry..  .:
Corner. Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -"'y:���--  B.C.
I 84P
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
~ of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers-  of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
^mmmmmmmm ?mnmmmwmimmmmmmm?m_:
���~        ����� ",^K_ mm _2
Job Printing
���Economy and Satisfaction 1
combined with Promptness 3
are the features which go to H
make up the Service we give H
our customers. Are you |
one of them? H
& Letterheads, Noteheads.       -3
S: (Ruled or Plain) 7 __5
g Envelopes, Billheads. 3
C __ .       (AllSizes)        _*  3S_
| Statements, Business Cards, |
| Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. |
1 The Ledge      ��HON��l29      |
|     GREENWOOD        JobPrhltinT Department   1
The Mfe of Western Canada
Has prodnced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75 hq 503. Lo(j*
,.-,.     Gold, ?93;7I7,974; Silver, $4^,623,761; Lead $39,366,144; Copper, S130 597 620-
Other Metals (Zinc, Iron, etc.), $10,933,466; Coal and Coke,   8174'313'658-
Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc.,  $27,902,381; making ita Mineral Prodnc'
> Mon to the end of 1917 show an ,      -   /" -
ftoflii(3ion;;ftjf,;ifear Ending Deceiher, 1917, $37,010,
The Mining LawB of Shis Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any\ofeher Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire. ���;
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
''.."���.  AbsolQte Titles.are obtained  by developing snch properties, the seenrity
. of which is gnaranteed by Crown Grants..
Fall information, together with mining Reports and Maps, inay be obtained
���, gratia by addressing��� y..   ���     ', . .
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
��� (


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