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The Ledge Mar 16, 1922

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��� ���������.'���.��� 5#t    te
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-   . - "Ct.
'��� 7���  ���-���������:,���"���.��:���
'������-'���' 7-
���.''"'.��� '���';'
'    .���'.'.
Vol.   XXVIII.
We carry a large line of
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock before buying elsewhere
FISH!      HSH!
Salmon and Halibut
arriving fresh every Thursday
Also a good supply of
Smoked and Cured Fish
Send us your order we will fill it promptly
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46   |
^iaaiiaaiiiim iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiUiiiiiiiiainiif
Wall Papers
1922 Samples Just In
You Want To See Them
No. 36
Around Home
Lecture on Mining
Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine line ot
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up
D. R. McELMON, Greenwood
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with nteatn -'
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for toufists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is"
replete with cigars/ cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
<U>~_   ���...-������ -5
Commencing with Feb, 1st we /.are offering ;an
inducement to the public for cash sales and
prompt payment of accounts with our
Special  Premium  System
We are certain this system will prove a boon
to the thrifty public
Greenwood theatre
7.--      Gray & ClertV-ProK.  .w-;-.-
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
She   won't  wear   dresses  because they
"smell   missionary"���wait   till   you see
her devil-devil dance!.
"The Idol Dancer"
She's the fascinating heroine of-
latest personally directed photoplay, a
romance of true love and wild adventure
in the faraway Southern Seas
You'll  see   many- strange and  stirring
things in this unusual drama of life in a.
, .-...laud where might makes right
7 "Also a Chester Outing ..
"Mr. Outing Instructs!'
ADULTS 50c '..:���; CHILDREN 25c.'
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
2nd Hand Lumber For Sale
'j J7VV7 ���v7:77;V;77-; 7Wje7mr^:;cmiy^^
Solutions of telephone problems are nearly always made in advance ot
necessity.. Improvements are e-qierinsentedTwith constantly so. that the
standard of service may be at all tunes the very best. It.is not that astand-
ard may be maintained, but that the standard may continue to be as close to
- perfection as it is humanly possible to have it. Problems of speed, Accuracy
and transmission are always before telephone engineers, and the great and
precise mechanisms through which the volume and complexity of telephone
traffic is handled.are mechanically perfectin the light of present invention.
All kinds of Lumber;.Windows,
Doors,  One. Hot Air Furnace in
first   class  condition,    for. sale
cheap at Mr. Keffer's residence.
;-;-''. Martin Anderson, .7
���XX-y .'������'��� Anaconda.
F. F. Ketchutti, of  Beaverdell,
is holidaying inVtown.
Mrs. H.  Thomas returned  on
Monday from Spokane.
������- T.   W.  Clarke   and   wife,   of
Carmi, are visitors in town.
Miss Helen Smith, of Beaverdell, is visiting in this city.
Owen Wheeler,-of Rock Creek,
was a visitor in town on Monday.
Service in StV-Jude's Church,
Sunday/March 1^,  at 7.30 p. m.
P. H. McCurrach was on official/business in .^Westbridge on
Tuesday. X
John R. Jackson and son, Eric,
of Midway, were in town on
' Born���In Cranb'rook, ori March
1, to Mr. and MrsVVE Bidder, of
Kimberley, a son.7-
Tomatoes, peas, corn and
beans ,20c a carij'br 3 for 50c at
McMynn's, Midway.
V. S. Newton, bf Rossland, is
acting-manager of the local
branch of the Bank of Montreal.
Bob Smith, of Anaconda, left
Wednesday morning for Penticton where he hasVsecured work.
Rev. Lum Clark" has received
tbe appointment of assistant minister of a large congregation in
Moose Jaw.
Mrs. Wm.-Walmsley returned
on Monday morning after spending a few jolly days with friends
in Castlegar.
Tonight is the night of the
big Banff Orchestra Dance.
Even though you don't dance the
music will be worth" listening 'to.
"^-"���William ThdmTidsori,. a mineralogist and collector, and a friend
to the prospector, died at his
home in New Denver on Saturday, March 11.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Corpe.
have taken up their residence in
the Oppenheimer house on Silver
St,, Mrs. Corpe having arrived in
the city on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.. V. Mills and
family.left on Tuesday morning
for Armstrong, where. Mr. Mills
has been transferred to the Bank
of-Montreal at that place.
While in. town last week, B. R..
Ilsley, government vetiqary surgeon, tested. 13 head of cattle
owned by.H.. Hartley and found
them free from tuberculosis.
In sending his subscription to
The Ledge, hX E./ Brawders says
that Salmon Arm; looks good to
him and thinks thakhe7will like
the place very much, of course he
cannot forget old Greenwood.
Avery interesting and instructive lecture was given by P. B.
Freeland,     Government     mining
engineer,  on Tuesday evening in
the    Greenwood    Theatre    when
qnite a large gathering of miners,
prospectors and others were present.     Mr.   Freeland  opened   his
lecture with a summary of his 1921
lecture after which he gave a brief
history of how   the Yukon gold
fields were discovered, describing
with drawings on the blackboard
how, why and where gold should
be looked for.   He said that it is
seldom' if ever the case that placer
gold is evenly distributed throughout all  the layers of any placer
claim,   as  nor doubt most of yon
know.    Seldom indeed,  is it distributed with regularity in any one
of  such   layers.     Experience   in
working gravel banks has shown
that running water deposits- the
gold according to its own laws and
not only aB the miner would have
it.   In some very high banks the
top layer is almost entirely barren
of gold and in other instances this
layer is of fair grade; sometimes it
contains pay from the grass roots,
occasionally    nuggets   have   been
found  in   it.    The  intermediate
layer or layers between the top and
bottom" gravel may yield well or
poorly; very commonly they are
richer than the top gravel and often
pay handsomely; rarely do  they
excel!  the bottom layer in value.
The bedrock,dr. bottom layer ie almost always tlie richest.   So very
Midway News
On Saturday, March 11th, about
20 of the citizens of this place gave
J. V. Mills, manager of the Bank
of Montreal at Greenwood,  a complimentary smoker and sapper in
the Old School House.   The evening was gay,  mingled with regret
and at the same time joy was expressed that Mr. Mills had received
a promotion.    Cards,  mainly solo,
was played until sapper which was
served at 12 o'clock.   Mr.  Mills
was to have been presented   with
a gold wrist watch but it did not
arrive in time, but it will be forwarded    to  him   at  Armstrong.
Daring the evening, speeches were
made by A.  K. Nichols,   T.  A.
Clark,  W. B.   Fleming and J. V.
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs. C. J. Cruse, of Boundary
Falls, spent a few days in town
last week the gnest of Mrs. R. D.
Six commercial travellers were
in town on Tuesday.
-   Notice ���.���;-���;,
A rumor is going 'around that I
am about to leave this .district.
This is untrue.    JV 7
DkV J. MV Burnett. 7
7 James Drum has .taken a bond
on tbe "Twin mineral. claim a
short distance from the city.hall.
Jimi .commenced, work last week
in the 100. foot tunnel where.their
is 7 a fine showing of leadV ore.
This property was -worked years
ago by; the late Robert-Wood. .
7 The engagement is announced
of .Miss Joy ..Cummins,, youngest
daughter of Mis. Colin Cummins,
of Seattle,7and [ihe late Colin
Cummins, formerly of ; Greenwood, and Everett H. Petti John,
of Seattle. The wedding, will
take place in Seattle about the
beginning of April. The brider
elect has many friends in Victoria, as she lived here with her
mother until their removal to
Seattle about two years ago.���
A number of young, people met
at thehome Miss Ethel Beattie
and before leaving presented her
with: a beautiful manicure set and
a handsome purse. Miss Beattie
will be' greatly,: missed7iu Anaconda ,'andVber Vtnany .friends
wish her success'in .her new line
of work.7 ���'������ ���y'-Xy- 7"
In order to give his friends an
opportunity, of saying "Goodbye" the business men'T&f,; Green-7
wood to the number'-, of /about .40
met in the ciiib rooms ; and presented'.^. V./.Mills,-manager; of
the BankVof Montreal, with7a
travelling 7 hand . bag. "XI, _ H.
Hallett in a viery witty address
made the , presentation on behalf
of the ^citizens.. Complimentary
speeches, were made - by about .sis.
or .seven present and .cheers .arid
choruses made the evening quite
lively. The President of the
Board of Trade, R. Lee, the
chairman was kept busy with an
impromptu programme. In replying to the addresses Mr. Mills
thanked the citizens for. the
honor done hirii and 'felt that he
hardly deserved it, especially iri
these hard times. . He would always have pleasant, recollections
of Greenwood and had nothing
but the . ver j best wishes and
ihougbta for the people of this
[district. -*  .'
true value of a placer claim can
never be known until the lower
stratum of gravel has- been examined. Such being the case, we will
do well to investigate placer
grounds, such as Rock Creek,
where bedrock was reached only
once, wher the surface was smooth
and no pay values were likely to
be found. The bedrock itself
should never be neglected; often
it contains better pay than the
gravel resting on it. Sometimes
the bedrock is soft and rotten, and
the gold sinks into it and is bidden
from view. Hunting for gold in
jiheVcrevices.uof ^tfae - bedrock -is -a
well known occupation to. placer
miners. The upturned edges of
slate and-schist lying crosswise to
the.course of the stream form bar-"
riers or riffles that will hold the
gold... The depth to which gold is
found hi bedrock" varies from 6
inches to.5 feet." When there is,
in a, deposit of gravel an impervious layer,, such as a clay.seam,
this/.will, arrest the downward
working of the gold and above it a
paystreak* will be formed. There
may be several of these clay seams
at different intervals with intervening, gravel beds, one below the
other, each overlain by its pay
streak. : These false beds of;clay
have been laid down "by. ..water at
different intervals,' which has given
the gold a chance to concentrate
ori each, - ' -"...- '[' 7' ���
Gold in placer "diggings, does:not
necessarily mean high grade gold
bearing quartz veins.; An instance
pf this' occurs on; the Tulameen?
the only difference being that the
rock contains platinum instead of
gold. So far as we have been able
to find out the olivine rocks can-
not be worked profitably for platinum, bat the placers have afforded
considerable quantities of that
metal. No high grade veins of
gold ore have been found near
Boundary creek as far as I know
where ������ placering was done, but
there are small gold values in the
Boy Scouts
Troup meets as usual on Friday
at 7 p.m. Xx -
Ambulance is still the.subject
for attention. Scouts must give
this all their attention if they desire to become 2nd class Scouts.
A preliminary paper will be set
one of these days on various
things such as position and
names of main arteries, bleeding
of various kinds, bandages, artificial resperation, etc.
Pack meets on Saturday at
2.30.      --
Promotions: Sixer L. Eustis
to be Scout; Second G. Bryan to
be Sixer; Cub P. Fraser to be
With the approach of good
weather outdoors will soon be the
meeting place on Saturday.
Major K. R. Davies left on Wednesday's train for Vancouver.
PVB. freeland was the guest of
Major and Mrs. Gray for the week
The Junior W. A. held their
meeting at the home of Mrs. J, O.
P. B. Freeland gave an elementary lecture on mining and prospecting on Saturday night March
11th in the Riverside Hall. There
was a good attendance and a dance
followed which everyone enjoyed.
The dance was kept up until the
wee sma' hours.
The annual meeting of the Women's auxiliary was held on Wednesday March Sth at the home of
Mrs. Shillcock. 19 member's were
enrolled and tbe following officers
elected: President, Mrs. F. E.
Glossop; 1st Vice-Pres, Mrs. Thor-
burn; 2nd - Vice-Pres, Mrs. Clark;
Sec. Treas., Mrs. Ed. Richter;
Auditor, jMrs. Shillcock. Mrs. R.
E. Norris is the superintendant of
of the Junior W.A.
.  A Bazaar  will be given Borne
time in October.
The Boy Scout meeting held in
Riverside Hall, on Saturday 11th
inst.  under   the   anspices  of the
Rock   Creek   Women's   Institute
was largely attended.    A committee was formed as follows;���Major -
Glossop, Major Gray,  Mr. Madge,
R. E. Norris, H.  Douglas Hamil- .
ton, E. Harper, E. P. Rock, T, N. V
Walker, O. Wheeler, J. O. Thompson, and Mr.  Morsh.     The com- ...
mittee'will find  a suitable Scout
Master.   A   vote  of  thanks was'
passed to the Womens' Institute,
for calling the meeting.	
country rock adjoining it.
Gold occurs in placers in all
sizes, from masses weighing 200
lbs to the most minute flakes. It
is often stated that heavier masses
occnr in placers than Jrii-quarte
veins. This is not trueV .A mass
of gold found in the Monumental
mine; .Caliioruia, weighed 1,146
troy ounces and one7 in the Hill
End mine, Australia, about 3000
ounces. Iri. the Klondike and
Yukon,, the heaviest nugget, is said
to weigh 85 ounces.   -
In conclusion Mr.* Freeland believed, that the time was not far
distant when capital would 'jar
loose and; he; thought there were
prosperous times ahead for this district and he wanted to do all he
could to help the miner and pros-,
pector.. '.'. ��� j
Public Meeting
The Hon.- John Oliver, Premier
of British Columbia, Hon. John
Hart, Minister of Finance and tha
Hon. Dr.- J. D. McLean, Provincial Secretary, will address a public
meeting at the Greenwood Theatre
on Friday evening, March 17th at
8. o'clock. Ladies are especially
BoundaryFalls School���
Report for February,
A. G. McLaren, Teacher
Days school in session V    -        20
Total attendance      . - 193.5
Average attendance ''������-- 9.67
No. in attendance       -      .-       11
Perfects attendance: .
7 Daniel   Boltz,    Andrew   Swanlund.
. "Proficiency list: Senior. 3rd,
Annie Swanlund; .. Junior 3rd,
Caroline Casselman; Senior 2nd,
Alice Casseltnari; Junior 2nd,
Daniel Boltz;  1st Primer, Verona.
iiSiiSii v/
THE    LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.    B.     0.
The Evolution Of An Empire
Tii*- '���.irucMiu-p ul' ilie Llrilish Kmpire iind tho conception of empire, entcr-
tiiinod by the ISritish people, both at. home ami abroad, has long been a puzzle
Lo other nations and peoples. With thecexception of the British themselves,
people have been unable, as a rule, to harmonize the idea of several nations,
each enjoying autonomous government, and to all intents and purposes quite
Independent, constituting a compact and united Empire.
Possibly nowhere in lhe. world was there a more mistaken conception of
the unity and strength of (he British Empire entertained than in Germany
priov to 11)14. Intelligent and presumably well informed German writers'
confidently predicted that the first serious war in which Great Britain was
Involved would he a signal for Canada, Australia and South Africa to throw
off what they termed "the British yoke."' Equally confident were the predictions that India would blaze into revolt, that. Irishmen would rebel almost
to a man, and that Egypt would quickly drive the British there into the sea.
Th*s loosely constituted British Empire would, they declared, quickly fall to
But the Great War had not really begun before it became manifest to thc
world that the British Empire was one and indivisible, many times stronger,
and more united than any of the empires of old held together by force and
great armies.      Instead of repudiating their allegiance to the British crown,
��� Canada and Australia poured out their wealth and their manhood voluntarily
and enthusiastically in support of their common Empire. The few discontented ones in South Africa were quickly quelled, and South Africa proceeded to render equally valuable aid to the Empire. India provided hundreds
of thousands ot soldiers and untold wealth, and brought about the downfall
of "Turkey in Mesopotamia and Palestine. The Irish, as usual, contributed
many of the most valiant soldiers in the British armies.
With the ending of the war, the peaceful evolution of the British Empire proceeds apace. By the free act of the British Governmnt and Parliament, Ireland is constifutd a Free State within the Empire; the protectorate
over Egypt is brought to an end and the ancient land of the Pharoahs granted
autonomous government; step bj* step the rights and powers of self-govern/
ment are being freely given to India just as rapidly as the'people are capable ,
of exercising those rights and powers.
Some  unthinking people who  fail   to understand  the genius  of British
. administration profess to see in these things a gradual weakening of the Empire.      They are  sadly  mistaken. . ��� These  developments are   signs  of thc,
. strengthv.oVth^-Empit^
"."each ;oVthos^7;uriit3^.i*v,the7grfiaV
/ forde; i^VexisfeneeVjan^
/777::MSny-ii;a;Woiis.^ the 7exterisionVdf7 theVliberties iottlie
H subject7malc^7f��r:.- increased.' ipyajty7 arid,' tlier'e'fdr'eV'PSiioiial/strength^;whiie
vpolicie^/SO.-repHsslbir. a.htt'^b'er'cion'Kuti/.add/fueL
. V7-. 7^h"e7BriLisiVway7;i^:thfcKu ��� Qhristia'h;
7 way7 V;Pne;;un3 t7ih'':ibis: gi^
���7-.in-wp.iiing.out its. dwii.;.d:ev.ejopiient;;7an
:.ge'Chei%77.B\it";aiot, so7;;7Tf7th��7ad6ptioiVof7^
7.pt;'t}iat..6art/then;.the wlvple/Emnife'is7ma7de^
7pied,siKis aeyeipfem^t:^
Vness and-iaengce7tq^
777 ;/Kipiing:vpu;edia^re^t:;%utli7^1ftn7iife: wlQ&X.yXyXyiX -.'. XXXXXXXX
Xyyy 'XyX'-XXi VV;- ���V'PaugKter/a'm/I ;'iri7my7mother'&.'ihpits'e:777-7;7:V777 /./���/,/;
7. 77/- 7,77/W .,yXXyy tBiitimteWe'ssTiiV^ ���.���77.77'V-7/7;/7-.7.- V." :XtyX
77''-7^7rhisivis;;.the 7'i*elaiip^
-; 7ei7iT/ihie an s7 p^^Tnffiyniea ti^-^nfi/^Matipn^a
77A;ad ev��ry~ ^teg-iak^viii^tft^
7/fe 'welcomed; -.- Eatffe.suciV^teE^fe^
V-iCritish .greatness./ati^slreii^^
Farmers Save Millions,
Save Fifty to Sixty Millions Annually
Through Experimental Farm
Starting with four Tarms and five
divisions of work in 3SSG, the Dominion Experimental Farms system has
expanded till at the present time
there are throughout Canada, 22 Experimental Farms, 7 Sub-Stations, 2
Tobacco Stations and oyer 100 Illustration Farms. As the result of experimental work carried out under
the Federal Department of Agricul
aire, the farmers of Canada save from
fifty to sixty millions annually.
This was the fulfillment o�� that
which Amos had predicted in the days
of Jeroboam II. at a time when the
nation, was at the height of its prosperity. The northern kingdom was
ruled by 19 kings, all of Avhim were
wicked. Their wickedness was not
because of lack of information or opportunity, but in spite of it. God
promised the first king His blessing
if he would be loyal to Him. Jeroboam departed from God until the
apostasy thus begun continued downward to the end. In the reign of
Hoshea, the last king, the king of
Assyria came and besieged Samaria
and carried the children of Israel cap-
five to Assyria, from which they never returned.
U.    The    Sins    Which Caused Their
Doom (vv. 7-18).
1. Conformed lo the ways of the
heathen (vv. 7-9). God had commanded them not to follow in the
ways of the heathen, but those
Israelites, instead of maintaining lives
of separation, secretly did that which
was displeasing lo God. Secret sins
just as surely as open sins bring ruin,
for all things are naked and open to
Him with whom wo have to do. One
may maintain his reputation before
men while practicing sins, but ruin
will sooner or later overtake him.
Even though God had cast out the
heathen for practicing these sins, the
Israelites followed in. their ways, God
demands separation (II. Cor. 6:17).
2. Served idols (vv. 10-12). They
not only compromised by "walking, iu
the statutes of the heathen," but
worshiped their gods. It was not a
long step from following in the statutes v of the heathen to worshiping
their gods. JJefore they worshiped
idols they cast off the true God.
Idolatry came in because the race did
not .wish to^ retain God in its affection
(Rom. :i:21-23). ��� People, today are
worshiping idols because they have
first cast off the authority of the living God. Man is a worshipful being.
When he ceased to worship the true
God, he worships cother gods. Neutral ground is impossible.
3. They were rebellious (vv. 13-15).
God by his prophet had said unto
them, "Turn ye from your evil ways
and keep my commandments/' biit
they stubbornly refused His testimony, even rejected His statutes.
God, in love, tried to save them. He
sent some of the noblest and best
''Drbiili'ets.--.\vha7'eyferv>'ppk'e7'to7- man. to;
s.iri'gV;such'Vas-" Elijah/ arid;.'Elisha,'": but
,tli'e^-7-hardene'd 'their..-.necks JaniV-plung;
i ed vdeeperViUp. ���vyieke(lnes'S;.'7i XX Vv XX
=:XA-: Caused ,their'sphf3.;aiid7-d.aughters.
;to: pass-'ttrnDUgfr} i;he.wfire7<y/;17:)7/T;iiis;
>,Va3.-'the; idr'e'adfu.h Mdloch ''woi'shin���
In the old days-and U*e,-practice';!^
still m force-in some parts;of7i2urPpe ^ipV-'7rt was.7dq^
-nothing came. amiss ;tp-.the.;family- ���%��':^/'.hbllow:7metalVmage7:xirifil7its;
cooking-.pot, suspended/^i^hej.^
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
Making Speech Visible
Principle of New Invention is Similar
to Phonograph
A wonderful new invention called
the Lioretgraph enables one to make
accurate tracings upon permanent records of actual vibrations of sounds in
articulated speech. The instrument
is worked by motor power. When a
vowel sound is'uttered the room becomes full of vibrations, and ea^i different sound gives vibrations of a different shape. In the presence of the
Lioregraph a person saying "Ah"
would record upon paper a wobbly,
symmetrical line. The principle involved is similar to that of the phonograph but, by means of delicate mechanism, the effects of speech are enlarged an enormous number of times.
It is believed that with this new invention, aided by mathematical formulae already in use, it will be possible ultimately to read and translate
any foreign or unknown tongue of
which these lines are the record.
Making Bread
At Home
An   Acknowledged    Expert   In
All   Matters   Pertaining   to
Household Management.
Our Canadian winters are exceedingly hard on the health of little ones.
The weather is often so severe that
the mother cannot take the little ones
out for an airing. The consequence
is that baby is confined to overheated, badly ventilated rooms; lakes cold
and becomes cross and peevish.
Baby's Own Tablets should bc given
to keep the little ones healthy. They
are a mild laxative which regulate the
stomach and bowels and thus prevent
colds. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cenlsoa
box from Tho Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Origin of "Pot Luck"
In  Old  Days Guest Took Chances 011
'jio'.ispeci'al. preparation-..is. iria.de for:the':
���ihyitecl/Tguest.-,. ,/��� Thpre.7was/ a77 -time,
. however/w^
Xiagyd,���i.gp'pd*.meal- or^.yery-lsiir'V:one.
hook--in thc middle of- the fireplace.
. Every Lhing. edible  was .thrown in il,
and "to keep the pot boiling" the.fire
was/seldom or ever allowed'to go out.
When ��� the ��� meal time came, everyone
��� fished in The pot ,'for- himself, and
7vvhate%er7.;he77 happened.to' find was
;7'pot7iuQk,7777:1-    - 7
His Rheumatism and 7
Backache both Gone
7   DODD'S.KiDNEY   PILLS     '���
Centenary of Photography
;. .Process 7-Discovered    by    Frenchman
'���"".''"���'���-.���"...Named Nie'pce in" 1322
, ;7 One hundred.Vears'- ago���in 1822���
,' "the-first permanent photographs.were
"��� secured"' 6:1. a .compound  of - sensitive
Vbittinien;- of   Judea'.-by, a Frenchman
... named-TNiepce." .. As. early- as- ��� 18'02- ��� a
' process - by , "which"- records, could be
- made by ;the.,action..-o'f light was-di.a-
7 "covered- by'-"a., certain-. Tom "Wedge-,
;.wood,-;"but  no  method   of,"fixing "the
.. print was then known;-and:it wus'not
.Until Njepce' came along -with- his 'pro'-'-
���.   cess'that this-\vas"nva.de'-possible,--    In
-"lS39.Kiepce'. entered- into  a'parlner-
." ship with. Daguerre," another Frencli-'
,. man.-.whose name is remembered -in
." Daguerrotypes,"  the    earliest-- photographic- records-, that 'remain  at  the
7 7presen.t''day
ecLin France " (near .Chalon.):. upon
'which��� ah.;inscription definitely, names
the' -year "oi: 1822-as that in"which.
Niepce  "discovered -photography.'-'-" ,7
Helium Gas for Airships
Found" in Large Quantities in
"-, . ���-. Province of .Alberta
"The -recent destruction of -the -United rstates'.a.irshjp *!Ilomaf".serves to
direct attention to! the use-of helium
gas'-', for 'iighter-than-air 7cra.1t. :.Helium '."gas, "being incombustible,; -_ removes .tbe danger "of Tire" and'-"explosion. ' which -" occasionally  levy - such
* '        "'".���. .   , ��� -
heavy toll. It.is found iii large quantities- in ' the. natural gas ,of Alberta
and. ia' another of'the .province's re
sources  which  will -doubtless bo de
-:-; Pcrciyal, 7Sask.���"(-Special) .-���"I. am-
more" than, glad- to say a .good" word
,1'or. Dodd's Kidney- Pills." '   r^vV, "
-. These, are "the.-words of  :Mrv  John
Xordin.j.a''  well-known resident here."
"Anu"Htf.r7 Nprdin - is  always^ ready", to.
,give-.the reason'..why. ���".;      .   .'.'-'.'���'���'.
' "For.;about"- ten' .-years. 1   suffered-
dret-dfully.'- ivom"'.backache: and  rheu-
.matitim,-"-h'e'says.. "Then-,'l istarto'l-to
take .Dodd's- Kidney ;P-iI.ls.--'. Now my
.backache and -rlieum'alism are-gone.'-.;
"''I'aiways-'keep���.Ppd.d's .Kidney -Pills
on-hf.ind;in"cas"e:oi" need and to,.everybody "with  kidney trouble, 'arid .backache I'say 'try Dodd's ';Kidney Pills/-" jment ���.\v:is'-, severe, but'hot, more so
Dodd's-Kidney Pills put -the'kidneys Vharr the sin's meriled," God-had wait-,
in shape to strain all the u'ricacid oii.t        ' '      "
of tho blood.      With no uric acid in
the   blood  tliere   can  be  no  rheumatism.    7 ��� ��� j judgment must fall upon thc people
Ask your neighbors ,i.f Dodd's Kid-1 t0(I;,v    vho    rcject   j^g    pi.a,.e.   suu*
no>7Pills are not the grealesi of all |        '  ,  . -
"Kidney, remedies..
veloped as science and    capital,   -are
A monument was erect-1 brought to bear upon it.
is indispenssble in treating
Influenza, Distemper, Coughs and Colds
fo preval��::it .'imoti-r liors<"s" "it.this soason of the yenr. For
nwirly thirty years "SPOHN'ST" fins, lieeti fivers to prctcnt
tli��."**; clif-'A.-sos. sis well ."..s tu "relieve ��rid c<ire them. An
occasional ��1o:;i'< "conditions" your hor.su and Is^cps disease
juvjiy. . As n ronu'ily ifor ca.-i��-.s ��� actually - siitTfirinf-
. "SPOHN'S" i.-! tjiiick and <*ort;iin. For sale nt tlnl*- stores.
Saskatchsvvan- -Man fTells-of -Belief
. From Suffering and- Gladly Advises
���'- "Others.to Jtry Dodd's Kidney "Pills..
children  therein to  .be    burned    to
death. '"..������        - .'.���-".
' -5...Resort.ed.' Lo. magical' practices', (v.
1.7). . When, faith in the .true ��� God
wan.es7men always turn to the magical ,arts.". In, this way they'sold
themselves to,evil, in the sight of the
Lord lo provoke Him to "anger.' .
III.' Judgin'ent Fulls (v. IS). 7- -
��� At this stage of:the drama the curtain- falls. ��� God could not be inactive
longer.     -     '-"..���..-.
3. God . was very angry. ...God's
anger is not "raving.fury, but the revulsion of; His holy nature against
sin. 7 Sin cannot exist'- in His- presence?- ""His ~"wrath" "must"
If Losing Looks or Strength
Read This Carefully
Once you -were robust, bright and
happy. To-day you are dull, worried,
failing in vitality- and appearance.
Just when you should be at your best
you're played out and need a cleansing medicine. Get the right remedy
and your blood will redden, your
vivacious spirits will soon return, and
you'll be yourself again. You should
use Dr. Hamilton's Pills���a truly wonderful medicine. It drives away
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load from your liver, tones up the
stomach, puts you on your feet in no
time. Use Dr. Hamilton's Pills and
watch the result, in a week you'll feel
like new. All dealers, ,25c or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Murdoch's Straight Reply.
Tells Laborites He Favors Government Retention of C. H. R.
.Tames Murdock; federal minister of
labor, has replied to charges made
against him in the trades and labor
council,-says a Hamilton dispatch.
J\lr.vMurdoek asks the council not to
place much reliance on the reports of
a Toronto paper concerning him and
announces that7he is in favor of the
public ownership and operation of
Canada's 22,000 miles of nationally-
owned railways," and -believes -that
they will pay under public ownership.
As to his reported -opposition to unemployment insurance,, he says he
favors doing, everything possible to
furnish employment "rather than insurance-against unemployment. .  .
A Divorce Granted.
After many years of patient'suffering, you can be divorced frorii corns,
you can get rid of them completely.
hy applying- Putnam's Corn .Extractor.
This wonderful old.remedy acts in 2-1
hours and-never fails. Refuse.a substitute, and remember "Putnam's"' is
the ' "only Painless'-- remedy. -25c
i everywhere"."'" '���-   . 7   ; ", '.'
Too many young housekeepers will
attempt to make* most anything except bread. Yet, the making of a
couple of loaves of bread is far less
complicated than the making of even
a simple cake.
Suppose you try to make a couple
of loaves. You will want two tin
loaf-pans. These will cost. about
fifteen cents each. You will like to
have a large mixing bowl and the
usual half-pint measuring cup and
standard tea and tablespoons.
In using yeast, follow directions.
Remember that yeast is a plant. In
order to live and grow it requires
food, air, heat, moisture. Like the
mushroom, it requires no light. In
growing, yeast gives off bubbles of
gas, and this gas makes the bread
rise. If you pour boiling water on
your cake of yeast instead of the lukewarm water the recipe calls for, you
will kill it just as surely as you would
kill a delicate little fern. And once
killed, it will not make the bread rise.
To make two loaves of white bread,
into the mixing bowl put one level
teaspoon of salt, the same quantity
of sugar and half a tablespoon of butter or lard. Pour half a cup of hot
water over these ingredients.
When the butter is melted, pour in
half a cup of cold water. Stir half
a cake of compressed. yeast' in two
tablespoons of lukewarm water until
it may he poured. Test the liquid in
the mixing bowl to ascertain if it is
just lukewarm. This may be done
by letting a drop fall on the tender
part of the wrist. : If right in temperature, add the yeast mixture. Then
beat in enough flour to make a batter.
Beat this for several minutes-to help
incorporate the air necessary for the
growth of the yeast. Then add
enough more flour to make a dough
stiff enough to be handled.   .-
Toss on a lightly floured board, and
with, floured hands ���lmead in enough
flour so that when the dough is pressed in with the linger it quickly rebounds, .as does a rubber,ball. Roughly, about three minutes' kneading will
he required for this quantity. About
one-fourth cup of flour will be.required-for'kneading in after the dough is
on the board.
Run the water over the dough ball
Tor a second and then place it back
in the mixing bowl. Set the bowl
into a <ijsh pan of warm water.and\
place a clean, warm cloth over all.
Let rise either over night or about
seven hours during the day. ' Then
reknead, shape into, loaves and place
in well greased pans. . Let rise in a
warm���not hot���place for about half
an hour. -Bake in a'hot oven about
forty-five, minutes,' turning - the loaves
���frequently, so that they may- brown
"evenly. Greasing over "the top of the
loaf before baking aids in giving the
much" desired crisp, brown crust.     "
.The-first-.mixiiig. .takes .about ten
minutes after one has a little practice, and the second kneading and
shaping takes about five minutes."V-
Mr. R. H. Barker, Glencairn,
Ont., writes :���"My skin broke
into an itchy rash which spread
so badly over my face that I was
soon too" disfigured to go about.
Within a week Zam-Buk caused
the eruptions to die away. It
soothed and purified my skin so
thoroughly that one could scarcely credit how bad it had been."
Pure herbal Zam-Buh is mi.
equalled/or Pimj>tts, Blotches. Bails,
Abscisses,Eczema, Ulcers,etc. 50c.box.
Germans Will Build Big Airship
Soon to Begin Work on Dreadnought
Type for U.S. Navy
German engineers and workmen
who were forbidden by the armiitice
to continue the construction of airships are expected soon to begiii work
on the dreadnought type of Zeppelin
for the United States navy.
The new airship will be the largest
in the world and will require six
months to build. The United States
will supply a part of the raw materials. "United States officers will
design the construction and dimensions of the motors, which ore expected to produce a speed hitherto un-
attained in this type of aircraft.
One merchant in Siberia has been
known to purchase as nmny as a million' squirrel skins in a single season.
is tho natural desiro of every woman,
and is obtainable) by tlio uso of Dr.
Chase's Ointment, pimples, blncl-hcads,.
rouulumss and redness of tbe sltin,
irritation and eczema disnppenr, and
tlio skin is left soft, smooth and velvety.
All dealers, or ISdmnnson, Untos & Co.,
Limited; Toronto. Sample frco if you
mention this pnper. "
Buy your out o�� town supplies with Dominion Express Money Ordci.i. I'ive dollars costs three cents.
Though He waits long, the. debt must-
be ,-paid, and .-always -with- compound-',
interest:    .There is only one-.way, to
escape God's Avra.th; -that" is,,- to .turn"
i'fro"m^sin'.---'."V' ,-'   ���'��� -"-" ���'," ',' ..;"' '."'. ;._.
;   2.'RemovedMhem out ".of His-'sight..
The. land-of Palestine is regarded, as
the.land of-God's sight;  that is,..the
place, - of." .1-1 is - manifested presence.;
Their.-, national'.-.identity: was blotted
qut'i'orever;    -These-"people, -are.still
scattered among" the'nations,".and as a
separate; nation   doubtless   they, will
never return.-to.their -land.- The'judg-
V Increase-Shipping at Vancouver,'   -
���- Fiftyrthree -deep-sea-"ships,  not including the "big vessels-that ply  be-'
l\reen Vancouver and San Francisco,
is the-'record ofthe port of Vancouver
for. the. nionih ���o_f January.   ' For the
whole, of 1921  the number; of - deep-
sea ships arriving in Vancouver was
3S9, compared with 336 vessels in.the
, preceding;twelve ,month. ..Coastwise
strike, j' joeal;and foreign,"the"afrivals iii" 1321
were 11,-iSo.
Why suffer; from-corns when they
can be painlessly rooted out'by, using
Holloway's Corn Remover/   '-,;. -t    ' -
j ed long"..  ��� The despising oi'vllis'-'grace
i must   eventually -work riilm     -What
������ .'"Dentists Saved Them '7
'.At an orphanage'in-Boston, meas.'-
les,--scarlet fever, mumps and-other
diseases of-"children annually afflicted
ahoiit; one-ihird .of -.tlie.".325 inmates.
Then.thc-authorities -instituted a regular, denial. - service.'-'--.- After." .eight
inontiis of dental" work' the diseases
almost disappeared;. from '.which- jt.-.is
greil.tiy-- increase- thc/c'liild'ren'a.ppw-
or.4" -yet -��� resistanceV-Yoythrs- Companion.
" Just "in Time
. "Father, there-is a man crying.outside. ;    May I-give him a nickel?"
"Certainly, my son, here.is a nickel.
You ��� are very charitable! - . What is
the. man crying about?" "���
' .'-'He's- crying; --'Fresh roasted peanuts, 5 cents a bag,'"" answered the
son, as lie hurried from the house.
A new publication giving full detail
of movement, prices, exports, etc., of
Canadian Grain and Flour. Also iin-
portu-nt data on chief grain exporting
and importing countries.
Limited number of copies only S1.00
'each.���DEPT. B,
W. Sanford  Evans Statistical Service,
171  McDermot Ave.,   Winnipeg.  Man.
City, fogs are said to. cause' England
more loss in .'a year than does, unemployment.'   "       -     -
Keep Your Health
for    that   ".cold . and;, tired ' i'eeling.-
. '.:,. ". 7! Get.Well-r-Keep'Well;.. ' ���      '"
7 by   using   the   OLD   RELIABLE! .,
Minard's Liniment Co':.'.Ltd.,'Yarmouth, N.S.
to ihe Striped Package]
f    4^s~. -  ��
f jAW&S_ ��� ~
and How to Feed
f mffiWS&^S
Mailed   Free   to tiny
Address b}' the
ytyUJBjSk ~^
*-     ^���S^'
CO., INC..
- America's
129      West      Fourth
Street,  New Yorlt,
Dog Rcmedlc*
Copying Manitoba's System
Cost. "Oiitptit in  Alberta.'.. ... v-
7   The- province   "0f7 Albcrt'i,7wUh-' 5,_
System   of -Accounting   in   Vogue   in.1 S-.^O "tons of, .coal ,-'mined7 during.
Manitoba   is  Becoming- Popular-      ! 1921, .provided  ihe  third., largest- pi:o-
��� Accountants and auditor have, been : Auction ol' coal.-in the history-.of the
commissioned to. investigate the Manitoba   system  of   accounting,   with   a
view' to its adoption in Alhertn.     The
intention is- to centralize and co-ordinate the work ol! the treasury in a department  presided   over  by  a  comp
(roller-general.   Hon. Edward Brown
j provincial   treasurer,   stated  that  tne j Mormons in Toronto '      I
Manitoba. Government was thc fir^t. in | Sixteen Mormon missionaria.: nave j
Canada to adopt the revenue- system j invaded Toronto with the avoved pur-;'
of carrying on the accounting oC the < P9*e of starting a vigorous campaign .
province, following the old cash sys-1 to convert this city to Mormonism.;
lein which was in. vogue when ther
lioblin    Government   'was in power.
Canadi:y* Woo! Sold
Tiie Canadian Co-operative Wool
Growers' lust, year "sold - four, million
Vound'.s oV "wool,, praelicaljy all'goliig
to Canadian--mills-.' Thdnr is'being'
developed-:by -"Canadian .growers'��� a
"Canadian, -juarkef-' for -woo].- products;'
and in addition .(here, has. been: quite,
an improvement in. the market,, with
province.      Of the  total  of 5,!>27.27f)
tons mined, 3,129,-300.were shipped io j -A'better demand and rising .prices
points in Alberta, while 1,934.15t> were ' -���-��� ���__  ���   ~   -���   ���    ���������;_.  "       . -.
exported .outside.Hive province, in Can-!
ada, and ini!,'8o2 tons" r.o the United.;
State.-;. .        . .'j
���British Columbia and .New Bruds'wick
have,adopted the." Manitoba system!
and it .was .- believed - it... would }>'e
brought into effect shortly' ia Alberta!.
.r^Ffee7l,ress.'7.----\7'"""'V77' XX -X   '���'���-,
'7 It .;has been . authoritativeb'.." stated'
���.that the-expectation lOf-'-life -forJ men-
and;-woihe.n '--who.* have ��� passed ,40'- has
,actually.decreased,and-is steadily.:de;
creasing.- :������".' 'XXXX''y-'-'XXXX-'"."'r    ���"-._
IfaetfaSkin Specialist
Then aboftte��fn.D.D.
"We "slia'l publish fTeryvrce"* for the beneflt
cf ikiti nufferera. in this section, afewwordi
written by Canadian people ���Eome of them of
pronu'r cHce-^ail heartfelt stories ct relief froa
teniijle guQerine.
,,   ,      ���       v.    , j  _ ..        .   *      11      A Beiitenee or twofrou a letter frflJa J.V:
under Kev. Isephi Jensen they intend     CornSi M Melbourne A*fe.; Toronto, s man ot
to  nut  intn-nnprTfinn  -n-iJliin  I'i*  npxt '   flne standing.   "I have been ��-sufferer for t***(��
to puc into operation wunin i.ie ncxr., yesn wjtn ccie|na on Vil6 !r{.s aail 8nklc9.  r
few-weeks a house-to-house canipaign.!  tried Uiree or four'ditrerent doctors. ��� I went to
-���   a skis tpeciu-liEt.  AH of no use,  I used ona
dollar bottle ot D, D. D ���that u all.   Today I
1 - --
Motor  Sled'.for  Coasting   Parties
Coasting. would be much more enjoyable if it were not for the work of
dragging- the sled . back uphill after
the downhill'slide. '/"With a new.motor, sled,'.described and. illustrated in
j,the7.March.- Popular' .'Mechanics, Maza--
zi-ie'.-'the-climb is no longer" necessary;
u. ij ������uiai. l. tf.11.    i^Mj *.
. ��q perfectly well."
If yen ���-������isH So try a "settle of this TrescrspUes :
Itiae Mr. Corns found to remarkable. *e will -i
.- pnarsntee relief on the first battle, or yocr (
money Mck.  Stop that itch tedatf.  $1.90 a
iotUc Try J>.D.I>. Soap, too. )
rrlir.ard's'  Liniment: for   Coughs   and
V--:V'-''C��i"dsVV7'7-:   7 -���      ���"'"7V-   -
J2�� lofatifcr Siin Disease
If "yon cannot call nt s. 16����.I deafer':*'
write to tlie. D.D.V.- laboratories. l>ept.i
W.U-76, S7I.yal! Avo.. Toronto, and they.
Wil! ^end you' Ires trial boule if jou en- I
close'10c. which-ni*rtly pays for postoi-e \
and jjockins. -'.'.-��� ���. v ..    1 ".,���-.'. .j. ."    "���!
Buy Diamond Ware or Pearl Ware kitchen utensils and save work. They are so clean, with a flint-
hard, smooth surface that wipes clean like china.
No scouring, no scraping or.polishing. Just use
soap and water.
Every conceivable pot and pan is wade in either Pearl
or Diamond. Ware, the two splendid quality   SfiJP  Enameled Wares.   Diamond Ware is a three-coated enameled
steely sky blue and white outside, snowy white inside.
Pearl Ware is enameled steel with two coats
of grey and white enamel inside and out.
Either ware will give long service.   Ask for
Pearl Ware or
+94GC Sir'
Setal Products Co.
?ki Sheet
er THE    LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,    B.    ft
' "If I arsT felt any better in my life
than I do now I don't know when it
was and it is all due to Tanlac," said
M. PoniaucJ,' 3S1 King St., Winnipeg,
"By taking Tanlac I got, rid of a
case oC atomach trouble and. disordered Icid-nrys that bothered me for
three years and a half and I am feel
ing just, like a new"man now.
"It used to be that I actually dreaded to eat on account of the distress
that I knew would certainly follow.
Nobody knows how I suffered during
these years. Everything is changed
now, however,-and I am able to eat,
sleep and work better than in years."
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
The Minister of Defence has announced that Canada's armed forces
are to bo reduced.       .,��� '
Shipment from the United States of
arms ani ammunition of war to China
was prohibited by President Harding
in an official proclamation.
A devil fish with tentacles, eight
feet Ions was landed at English Buy
pier wit!-.a crab pot for bait, says a
report from Vancouver.
M. Merkuloff has resigned as president of the anti-Bolshevik Government in Vladivostok, giving ill-health
as a reason. . Mayor Eremeieft has
been designated as acLing president.
Ills Majesty the King has approved
of the issue of a medal to those of
Allied nationality who, at the imminent risk of their lives, rendered assistance to the British soldiers behind
the enemy lines.
Five deaths appeared to be' thejtotal
of fatalities in   -the   tornado    which
ravaged mill villages in Georgia and j
South Carolina.      The storm centred
��� at'Warrenville, S.C., where, in.addition to the five persons killed, a number were injured.
Three well-known Chinese, .who are
partners.in a $50,000 ranch at Vernon,
were successful.'in securing a judgment in their favor in' the British
Columbia- Court of Appeal whereby i
they are given judgment and titie to
the property.
A despatch to the London Times
from Cairo, -Egypt, says the title of
Sultan of Egypt is expected to ' be
changed tolling of Egypt when the
British J-arlianient-.ratifles the removal;  of   protectorate   and   recognizes
; Egypt's independence.
A   largely-signed   petition from the
'grain producers of Manitoba will be
presented to Premier King during the
coming season, asking for a lowering
.of the .freight rates, in Western Canada to the basis of-1917, it is announced by President Colin I-I. Bunnell, of
the United Farmers of "Manitoba.    '
Trade reciprocity between the Dp-
minion and the United States was favored by the Manitoba Legislature.. A
resolution proposed by George Palna-
' er, Labor member for Dauphin, urging the Canadian Government to enter
into negotiations for a reciprocity
" pact, was carried unanimously.
Eleven girls- were kille.d and thirty
severely injured in an explosion of
..powder which" they were " removing
from cartridges at Tipton, a short dis-
tance northwest of Birmingham, Eng.
The fcC.es of the injured, girls were
blackened beyond' recognition. - The
disaster. occurred at Knowles factory
which recently purchased-160,000 tons
��� of cartridges, from tlie Government.
���' Major Sidney Cotton has made the
"piorieW"Jrair-"T"flight "to "the "Labrador
-coast.'. ..A .few days ago.he took
a mail north from Botwood as far as
-St. Anthony in the northern peninsula
of Newfoundland. Instead of. corning
��� right, back south, as per schedule, he
carried on across the' Strait's of Belle
Isle,- .reaching Battle Harbor, .Labrador, iii a blizzard." ..   '.
Autos in Canada
During 1921 thc number of-automobiles in Canada increased by 6-1,562
and the total now stands at -167,430.
In Ontario alone, the increase amounted to 34,000, and Quebec's increase
was more than 15,000. Saskatchewan leads the Dominion with one car
to'every fourteen of its population.
-��� Follow '��� Good - Health
London7 Ont.���"I" have,  taken   Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription and It-
has .  proved ��� '.a
beneficial '  tonic.
After-;.having  ty-.,
i phoid ..fever. I"was '
^in a' very -weaken o'cl- condition,';
, could.-.", not regain.-
my strength; so L
decided- /to." take'
. the ...���Prescription'!,
and -by- the' trine
I had. taken, one.
.bottle 7l' was com-7
-l>letoly'    restored" to _. health-   arid,-
- strength/,"' Dr. 7Pler"ce's Fa\\>rite Pre-'
"scriptl6n.-c.i-*"'be., relied-"'upon. ",ag a-
builder ��� and 'strengthening tonic."���r
Mrs. -John .ShiiJer, 225 Clarence St." 7
.Here is Some Good Advice for. You
From- a. Prominent Woman .
*��� ' London, Ont.���'When I re'achod.
middle age: I was in very poor health,
was .rundown, -nervous, would'have
Jtainl'ing spells and heat flashes,- I
was a phj'.sical wreck. I tried many
different medicines hut. the only
medicine that gave me any relief
was Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Before I had taken a half bottle I was feeling like . a different-
person���the more I took the stronger
I got.- What 'Favorito Prescription'
did >->r me I am sure it. will do for
. other women at this critical period of
life if they" will give It a fair trial.' ���
Mrs. M ,M. Taylor, 569 Hill St. - -
Better go now to j*our .neighbor?-
hood ; drug* store and,~obtain- .Df.-
Pisrce's Favorito Prescription Iri
tablets or liquid.'Write Dr. Pierce's ���
'Invalids'.Hotel,  Buffalo,- N.. Y.��� for
. ir&i ftiedical advice, or send 10c for
Srial pkg. of tablets to Dr..Pierce's
Lab orator*- in Bridgeburg, Ont.  .   -   ���:
The After Effects Often More Serious
Than the Disease Itself
No reasonable ^precaution to avert,
an attack of influenza should be spared. The disease itself often proves
fatal and its after effects among those
who are spared, make .the life of.the
victim one Of almost constant misery.
Ask almost any of those who have
been attacked by this trouble what
their present condition of health is
and most of them will answer: "Since
���I.had the -influenza I have never been"
fully, well.".. This trouble leaves behind it a persistent weakness of tho
limbs, shortness .of-breath, bad digestion, palpitation of the heart and a
tired feeling;after even slight "exertion.-.. -This is due to.tjje thin-blooded
condition in which the-patient is left
after the fever arid influenza have subsided. This condition will continue
until the blood is built,up again, and
for building up_ ��� the blood and
strengthening the nerves nothing can
equal��� a fair'treatment with Dr. Williams'- Pink Pills. ' .The value of this
"medicine in cases of this kind is
shown   by . the ^statement of Mr. Ed-
.ward J. McGuire, Pembroke, Ont.-,
who says:���"In the fall of 191S I ���was
attacked .with the influenza���and not
in a mild form either. I was confine/1 to my room for three" weeks,
and although the influenza subsided I
did not regain my health. As a matter; of .fact..I...seemed; to be growing
weaker, was subject to fainting spells
arid my feet and ankles were badly
swollen. The doctor told me that
my condition had developed-,'-into..'a
serious case of anaemia, and although
I was under his care for over two
months 1 was not improving in anyway. At this stage one of my
friends advised me to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. I was.-loth to
do so, as I began to. think my ' case
hopeless. However, I was finally
persuaded to try them; and by the
time I had used two boxes there was
no doubt they were-helping me.. , .1
continued taking the pills until I had
used a dozen-boxes," when I found that
every symptom, of the trouble: had.
left me and I was again enjoying the
best of health. .1 returned to my
work and' have ever since' been - in
good health and feel that I owe it entirely to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I
think" that anyone who. is" suffering
from the after-effects.of influenza, or
any form of anaemia should'give~this
medicine a-fair trial."      ���....-
You ^cata get .Dr. Williams' Pink'
Pills through any dealer ..in medicine,
or bv mail at; 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The ,. Dr. - Williams' Medicine. Co., -Brockville, Ont.
As a result" ot tecent earthquake's
in Chili, large mountains iri the An:
des range sank .an average-of 160
feet, a sufficient distance to disclose
peaks beyond thai' had been hidden
from sight.. ��� '   -.
When- a mother- detects-.from the'
writhings and .fretting.,o'f a^child that
worms aro. troubling'.- it,".- she '"can -procure. . a. reliable .remedy iii Miller's'-"
Worm ..Powders -which- will expel all
worms:"from' the system. . They may
cause, vomiting, but -this' need.--cause
no anxiety, because it-is:but n7manifestation .of their thorough work. - No
worms' can. -lorig - exist where these
���Powders are. used.'-.-.    .-..-'.-,'.."  X'X.
Bid for Millions Lying in Ocean
Many/Are"Interested in Searching for'
'  ���' ;-   --..-War Treasures -
'-��� Another "bid ;for -the millions'lying"
on the' bed of the- ocean, is- indicated
by'a newspaper advertisement.  "���   V
.A salvage - engineer states 'hat he
has secured .exclusive information of
tlio" location-in international waters-of
a-torpedoed vessel containing ��2,000,-
000"of.bullion; which'.couhl be salved
:in-three weeks;   -..'.���    '- -    ���';���'-     '.'_=
���;. S pecul at i vc - a s--such, an imd fer taking
appears, the fact remains" that in four
7.ycars the now. defunct Admir'aity"Salvage- Department "raised- Vt40   import- j-water;-.; Sask.,- .-$5.00;', Colgate; Lodge
ant" vessels.'and .recovered property'to:'-Colgate;; Sask., .^.Isy.-Kossland Lbdge,.
'      ' Rossland;,'- B;C.;,   7?i0.00;    Missis,quor
Second In The
British Empire
Good Work Inaugurated by the Canadian Blind  Babies' Home
About eighteen months ago I addressed an "Open Lettet to the Generously Disposed," making an appeal
in behalf of blind babies, and conveying to readers an intimation that the
enterprise commenced sometime before by the late Mr. T. Hope Churchill, for which he had made sundry
collections, would bo carried on, and
that a charter, without stock subscription, would be obtained. This has
been done, and the Canadian Blind
Babies' Home- Association has been
incorporated, with  the  following:
Directors���Hon. Martin Bun-ell,-
Hon. President; Hon. J. G. Turriff,
President; A. H. TFitzsimmons, Vice-
President; Edward Grand, Secretary;
C. Blackelt Robinson, Cor. Secretary;
J. P. McKinley, Treasurer; Lt.-Col.
Whitton, M.D., It. H. Campbell,
Thomas Mulvey, K.C., A. E. Provost,
VV. TLyle lteid, A. J. Freiman, Charles
If. Pinhey, C.E., W. J. Cairns and Tom
Trustees-���C. IT. Pinhey, C.E.,
Thomas Mulvey, K.C., A. J. Freiman.
Legal"Adviser���John L. MacCracken,
K.C. Bankers���Royal .Bank of Canada.     Auditor���A. A. Crawley, C.A.
The objects pf this institution are���
"To provide a home and refuge for
Baby and Infant Blind; to provide
Free Scientific Care, Training and
Maintenance; to save the lives of
even a few of the many of such unfortunates, who, for the lack of such
service, perish every year; and to return thesu little ones to their parents,
at school age with normal, healthy
bodies and sound minds."
This is a large and greatly needed
Child Welfare Service. Careful cn-
'quiry-at: the Government Offices in
the various Provinces reveals the fact
that there are - at the present time
nearly 250 Infant Blind in the DoTnin-
ion. ' Nothing has yet been done for
those helpless little ones. "In the
United States, 18 years ago, the first
home was opened in New York City;
they have now homes in 13 States,
all doing excellent work. -In England, some time ago, the late Sir Arthur Pearson" organized' "Sunshine
House," Chorley Wood, for- Blind
Babies, and he claimed that it was
the only one "in the. British Empire.
Let us -have, tlie second iri"Canada.
To^reach this worthy end money is
urgently-. required.- Firty thousand
dollars is the" present-objective of the
Board.) While the first home is to
be located in Ottawa it will take in
the Baby Blind from every Province,
so that this appeal for funds will be
Dominion-wide, .and an early and generous response 'is confidently expected. ' Cheque's" should" 'be "made -payable, to the Canadian Blind Babies
Home Association. All remittances
will' be promptly -acknowledged.
* If" you happen" to know of a Blind
Child under six-years of age, be good
enough-to furnish us-with address of
parents, so.that we may.get in touch
with such cases.
Contributions from Oddfellows ���'
��� - The Oddfellows throughout the Dominion are contributing genei*6u3ly to
the" fund. ��� .The following Lodges" have
already responded, and money, is still
coming in���. -' ., ". .
- Stirling -. Lodge, . - Stirling, Ont.,
��10.00; Beacon Lodge, PortColborne,
Ont, $10.00;r Fergus Lodge, Fergus,
Ont., $10.00; Elmira - Lodge, Elmira,
Ont.,'?10.00; Glencoe Lodge,-Glen'coe,'
Ont, $10.00; Riddel! Lodge, Rkldell,
Sask;,.j!lo!00; City, olf Welland-.Lodge,
Welland, -Onl;;, '$10,00;' ��� Wel.lingtori;
Out.,-. ��10700; "Pease -Lodge," P.erise',
Sask.,"$10.25-; "Union'Lodge, Winnipeg,
Man'V'?5.00;-Meaford Lodge, Meaford",
Ont.,. $10.00; Mizpah��� Lodge, Londonderry, N.S., ?10.00; Espanola Lodge,
Espanola," Ont.,' .-$5:00.; -. Saskatoon.
Lodge, Saskatoon; Sask.; $10.00; TPeri-
ticlon-I.odge', Penticton, B.C., ,510.30 ;-
Inverness .Lodge,;- .Inverness,.;. Que.,
$50.00;.. Boundary' Valley.. Lodge;
Greenwood,' B.C.-, ,-?l6.00;. Beaverton
Lodge,' Beav-ertori,' "Orit'..-_.?10;00i- Ah-'
botsford. "Lodge,- , Abbptsford; -B.C:,
���$25.00; "Melville' '. Lodge,: ".Melville,
Sask., $10.00; Corbin Lodge, Corb'iu;.
B.'C.,'7?2i5.O0; Kinder'siey;Lodge,, Kin-
dersley,. Sask;,-$10.00; Lenora Lodge",
LenoraVMan'., ?1Q.15; Peftitka Lodge,
-Merrolt,:B.C.; ��10.00; Rose'view.Lodge,
Winnipeg,.'. Man., . $5.00;7 Covenant
Lodge,' Toronto,. Oriti;'���-$7."40; ; FJorial-
Lo.dge,;-Regina'-Sask'./--.$30.0.0; ,Edger-.
ton .'Lodge,.:' Edgertori, ''Alta.,."? 15.00;-
,Swift ''.Current.Lodge,7..Sw*ii"t" Current,-
-Sask.,-.$10.00;-"'Grarid" -.Union. Lodge,-
.Kitchener,--. Ont.,- $7,85;7.Sydenham'
Lodge,; Gaspe,". Que,-,,. $24.00.;    Drink-
sponse. It is desired that we should
enroll a number of Life Members at
$100.00 each, hut the smallest donation will be gratefully received.
"Lest we forget"���Do it now.
C.  Blackett Robinson,
Corresponding Secretary,
188 Dufferin Road, Ottawa, Canada.
Manitoba Dairy Production
Value of all Dairy Products for the
Year 1921 is Announced
The value of dairy production in
Manitoba during 1921 was $12,589,431.
Production of creamery butter
amounted to 8,550,105 pounds; dairy
butter, 9,SSS,103; cheese, 209,524. During the year 10S carloads of creamery
butter was shipped out of the province. This represents 2,310,272
pounds, valued at $850,020. The bulk
of this butter was shipped to Montreal, Toronto and the British markets,
a few cars going to New York and
Chicago. ?>
LITTLE aches grow into big paing
unless warded off by an application of Sloan's.     Rheumatism,
neuralgia, stiff joints, lame back won'fj
fight Jong against Sloan's Liniment.
.For more than forty years Sloan's
Liniment has helped thousands, the
���world over. You wonjt be an exception. It certainly docs produceresults.
It penetrates mtlwut nibbing. Keep
this old family friend always handy
for instant use. Ask your neighbor.
At all druggists���35c, 70c, $1.40.
Made in Canada.
A Power" of its Own.���Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil has a subtle power of it3
own. All wh'o havo used it know
this aud keep it by them as the most
valuable liniment available. Its usey
are innumerable and for many years
it has been prized as the leading liniment for man and beast.
Highway Fatalities
During the eighteen months that
United States troops were engaged in
the war overseas, 48,000 soldiers lost
their lives on the battlefield. In exactly the same period, according to
the New York Herald, 91,000 persons,
of whom 25,000 were children, were
killed by automobiles on United
States highways.
The- Smallest Watch
James Usher, of High Street, Lincoln, jeweler, who left ��5S,735, gave
his valuable collection of art treasures, including what is reputed to he
the small repeating watch in the
world, being only one-third of an
inch in diameter, to the Corporation
of Lincoln. After a number of he-
quests he left the residue of his
property to the corporation for providing a building 'to hold_the collection.
Dye Old Wrap, Skirt,
Sweater, Curtains
In Diamond Dyes
Summer Pyjamas
Of Pink Pongette
Each package of "Diamond Dyes" con-
(iiins directions so simple any woman
can dye or tint lior old, worn, faded
things now. ISven if she has never
dyed before, she can put a rich, fadeless
color into shabby skirts, dresses, waists,1
coats, stocking;;, sweaters, coverings,
draperies, hangings, " everything. Uuy
Diamond Dyes���no other kind���then perfect home dyeing is guaranteed. Just
tell   your druggist whether- tlie material
you wish to dye    is    wool    or   silk,    or'rn���t j��� c-inr,n,i  rm  nvor ihe hXarl nnd
whether it is linen,    cotton,    or    mixed 1 coat ls sllPP6d on over tlie iieau anu
By Marie  Belmont
Very convenient for summer wear
are these pyjamas, .developed in pink
pongette bound in white batiste.   The
WITH PllflBf
Hard arid' Red.,-Festered*and
Itched Badly. Cuticura Heals.
"My trouble began with s roughening of the skin and itching scalp.
Later hard, red pimples broke out
on my face and completely covered
it. Some of the pimples festered and
itched badly at times. I began using
Cuticura Soap and Ointment and
after a few days my face felt better.
I continued using them and in three
weeks was completely healed, after
using one cake of Cuticura Soap and
one box of Cuticura OJntment."
(Signed) Leslie Gray, 10 Chestnut
St., Plymouth, Mass., Feb.28,1921.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum promote and maintain skin
purity, skin comfort and skin health.
The Soap to cleanse and purify, the
Ointment to soothe and heal, the
Talcum to powder and perfume.
Simple EuhFreebrMatl. Address: "Xjreuni,LllS.
lttd, 3*4 St. F*Bl St., W.,KoBtnal." Sold cverr-
wbere. Soapgic. Omtmept2*and50g. Ta)cam26c.
&bmj> Cuticura Soap shave* without mug.
Land Maps of Prairie Provinces
goods. Diamond Dyes never streak, spot,
fade, or run.
Internally and Externally it is Good.
���The    crowning    property    of    Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil is that it can be .   . ,      ..���,,.
used internally lor many complaints jciscan order m England,  is   up   for
Monastery for Sale
The Grey Friars' monastery, said to
be the first stronghold of the Fran-
as well as externally. For sore
throat,-croup, whooping cough, pain3
in the chest, colic and many kindred
ailments it has qualities that are unsurpassed. A bottle of it costs little
and there is no loss in always having
it at hand.'
Earth's Littliest Monarch
The tiniest ruler in the world is
probably Datu Paglima Diki Diki,
aged 37, weighing 23 pounds, standing'
32 inches high, who isr the absolute
chief of the Island of Ubian, in the
Southern Philippines.
Mother!      Move
Child's Bowels With
California Fig Syrup
,' Hurry mother! Even a sick child
loves the "fruity" taste of "California
Fig ""Syrup" and it never fails to open
the bowels'. A teasponi'ul today may
prevent a sick, child tomorrow. If
constipated, bilious, feverish, fretful,
has cold, colic, or if stomach is sour,
tongue" coated, breath bad, remember
a good, cleansing of the little boweis
is often all that is necesasry.
Ask your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions for babies an'd children of all
ages printed on bottle. Mother! You
must say "California" oryou may "get
an imitation fig syrup.
Looking " from one lofty mountain
range across to another,,-.enormous
distances may be spanned. " The record- ���is said" to be between-Mount
Sparta,'- ,in Mexico, and the Sierra
Madre, the-two ranges being about
200 miles apart,1      .
sale by a realty firm. The monastery was built in the thirteenths century. \
Catarrhal Conditions
CaLarrh is a local disease greatly influenced by constitutional conditions. It
therefore requires constitutional treatment. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE
is taken internally and acts through the
Blood upon tlie Mucous Surfaces of tlie
CINl!" gives the patient strength by improving tlie general health and assists
Nature in doing its work.
All Druggists.      Circulars free.
V. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Farmers to Gain $20,000,000
Advance in Price of Wheat Has Good
Effect on Business
Western Canadian farmers, on the
basis- of recent advances in wheat
prices, stand to realize about $20,000,-
000 more out of the 1921 crop than appeared possible at the time the slump
in prices had reached the- lowest level
in December. Wheat prices now are
approximately 35 cents a bushel higher than .-the low level figure of the
closing month of 1921. There are
about 70,000,000 bushels of wheat still
in the hands of farmers to be sold, it
is estimated.' The advance' in price,
which is world-wide, will benefit farmers who have not disposed of their
crops. .. The additional wealth available,- "if the. price is maintained or if
it advances still more, ' will have a
splendid effect on conditions throughout Western Canada.    " -     '������    ; ���
Asthma Victims. The man or woman subject to asthma-is indeed a-victim. .' What can ,be more terrifying
than' to suddenly "be seized with paroxysms^ of choking' which se.em ; to
fairly threaten the existence of life itself, .'-From such."a condition"Dr. J.
f)'.":" Kellogg's .Asthma . Remedy has
��� brought many to "completely restored'
.health ,-and.happiness;-" It isvkno-vn
aiid prized in every section .. .6f-7 this
broad land."'       -     -V '-.'-"-'
The. Polynesians.'
ways sit down when
superior.,... :    ,  ~y
and  Malays al-
talking-   to    a
Miriard's  Liniment' prevents   Spanish
-Fiuv   V. ' 'X'X.y-x ; ������-
X In New.. Vork -City there arc..more
���Jews'-than'-.there, ���are"in Asia, -.Africa,
South-America,: Australia !and:- Great
Britain", combined.- -   :'"-, .."-.."7; >:"-.  .',
.the. value ..of. ��.50,000,0.00. ,-. ,��� 7
- "There are over 2,000 Britfsli'.'mer:
chant vessels; .sunk .. by . tlie.enemy
.whose, .positions . have' been charted.
Nearly 2,000,000 of tonnage "is within
workable depth7-   ' -      ''
A-naval expert declares ihat the Admiralty "have charted all-sunken snips
an<L,kn'ow exactly what each contains.]
Fly Across Atlas  Mountains
For'   the ' first   tinie a cohihii.:'*ciar
airplane  has  flown  across  the Atlas"
Mountains in Morocco, according to a!
message received at ihe London Air
The Atlas range is 15,000'feet high.
The pilot -was. Alan. .1. Cobham, an
English aviator. "
fn -IS'fi!   the   population of Ireland
W.   N.   IT. - 1-tli
was more .than, double
present. 7 -'    ' ""..."''
what "it is at
Minard's Liniment fo'r.the.Cricpe and
.   Fia '   -7   ���-    -"-.:.".   -X   -;-    .-���
.Lodge,'/ Farnham,; Que.,- $11.35; Gen/
eva-Lodge,'.Orilla,��� Ont., $6.35;'Simcoe
Lodge, Simcoe, -Ont., J10.30; Tfrumr;
boldt Lodge, "Humboldt, 8a'skM $10.00;.
Carievale " Lodge,- Carievale, Sask.,"
?10.00; Waubaushau/Lodge;- Waubau-
sliau, . Ont.,-, 7*4.50 ;��� Tam'worth Lodge,
'Tamworth; Ont., ""S3.00"; Allan . Lodge,
Allan, Sask... $10.00; Spirit River
Lodge, Spirit Iliver, Alta.,. $10,00;-
Pountypool Lodge, Pountypool, Ont.,
��3.3.5; Fellowship' Lodge, Dickenson's
Landing,- $10.00; Sutherland^"--.Lodge,
Sutherland, Sask., ��30.00; ^Britannia
Lodge, Drayton, Ont. $12.50;/ Kipling
Lo'dije.- Kipling, Sask., $3.00;' Webb-
wood Lodge, Webbwooci, Out., $12.50;
Prince Albert Lodge, Prince Albert.
Sask., $10.00; Leeds Lodge,' Kinnears
! Mills, ��� Que., $30:00; Webb Lodge,
Webb, Sask., $5.00; '-Unity Lodge,
Unity, Sask.v"$10.00; Granby Lodge,
Granby, Que., $5.00.- ���
; Our. Directors are hopeful that this
appeal wili7meet.yrith ..a   ready   re-
Horoell, N. Y:���"I-.was in bad hcal.th
7but there didn?t seem to be any one thing
the matter with me.
I was/ tired put all;
over and it was ah ef r
fort for me to move.
I was irritable" and-
could notsleepnights
and had trouble with
Because Lydia E. Pinkham**
Vegetable Compound! Re��
stored My Health
Ready to Aid Russia
Britain, France and Germany .Have
'Already l9lade Proposals
Carl Radek and Leonid Krassin,
representatives of. the Russian. So"
viet, have gone to Moscow with pro-'
posals'frorn; France, __G_reat_.7-Britain
and Germany, looking toward Russian
economic reconstruction.
.-Germany," on account- of-her lack of
gold7. is - unable ,to make. Russia as
favorable offers--, as.' ;Britain- . and
Prance, but M. Radek- and.'his -associates" are.inclined, to believe that the
German offers are better calculated to
reconstruct Russia, which especially
needs-German, locoiiiotivef: and other
German manufactures..  ���-- ��� -':���-���..���-..���---
tied below the waistline with the self
material pink, finished in regular
four-in-hand fashion.
The pyjamas are easily made and
easily laundered,, and can be made
more practical still by developing
them in some material which eliminates the necessity of laundering.
For those who prefer nightgowns,
the same scallop treatment may be
carried out at V-neck, sleeves and
around the bottom.
Reecived Food by Airplane-
Marooned from the rest of the
world, with no means of replenishing
their food supply, a father, mother
and two children living on a homestead twelve miles north of Reno,
Nevada, were saved from possible
starvation by the air mail service,
which" sent a food laden airplane to
the district. "While the plane circled over, the house three large sacks
of food were dropped into the yard.
Valuable for Prospective Settlers and
Land Seekers
A new edition of the Land Map of"
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
will be available shortly. This map
has been found valuable by prospective, settlers and land seekers, showing as it does all lands open for home-
steading, lands in private ownership
but unoccupied, land reserved for
forest reserves, schools, etc. With
the anticipated increased arrivals during the coming season, a large demand for the Land Maps is anticipated by the Natural Resources Intelligence Branch of the Department of
the Interior.
Feel Fine
There's one right way to speedily tone
up the liver and keep
the bowels regular.
Liver PUIS never
fail. Millions ^l
will testify ^
that there is
nothing so
good for biliousness, indigestion, headache or sal.
low, pimply skin. Purely vegetable.
Small Pill���Small Dose���Snail Price
Western Sales 'Office,
903 Lancaster BIdg., Calgary
Jobbing Repairs - Castings - Plate and Tank Work
For Constipated Bowels���Bilious  Liver
The nicest cathartic-laxative to physic your bowels when, you have
.Headache  . ���   Biliousness,
Colds .���   Indigestion
" Dizziness Sour Stomach"
is candy-like Cascaret3.     One or two
tonight. wiU empty your bowels completely-by morning and you will fee!
splendid. -.' "They work while you
sleep." Cascarets never stir you up
or. gripe like-" Salts, Pills, Calomel,
or Oil and they cost only tea cents
a box.   Children love Cascarets too.
7 "Nearly all ' children- are - subject, to
.worms, and many ar'e'born.with ihem.
Spare them suffering'by using'.Mother
-Graves''-. ".Yorni -Exterminator," air .ex-.
c'elleiit remedj*.','..  i:.'-������-'���. .  ������������.-���' ."''
��� 7V .���".-.'��� vAirplaiie Patrol".- .'"-V-'V,
.Manitoba to Use Airplanes for. Fire
���. 7", '-Patrols<"and"'Other Work"* 7,- V
7 Manitoba , will . have: a'.-fleet of .five 1
Airplanes'next summer," t.wb.pr three"
/of/Which will be'able to carry7:at least'-
io.. passengers, "to ; patrol . the .'-..forest
areas and:- perform-"'various;-.other
duties. for the 'Dominion. Government,
officers in-the-province.'. Several machine's- are being' erected- and over-;
'hauled, -while'1 two'large'F-3 seaplanes
are' ejected early in .the "spring from")
British Columbia. -Duties, of the' air-
fleet, besides patroling.forest'region's
to detect -fires,, will 'include ' the . con-
veyin'g= -of  ..ofil.cials   who   will " piy
.   . 266-268      '*
King St.7W.est
Ont. "
Extra' Large
.-" 7,?2.00    V
Dark; .'-.'.
' ,?1.50
Ex." Large
:."?40.00 '
." -'$30.00:;.-
]'������     $1-25 -      -- ��1.0.0     ���"'
-Large   - Medium ".-.Small.
��� 330.00':".-$22.50 .-    $12.00
: $25.00    -$i5:oo - -s s.oo
Kits - Damaged
. . and-Shot.
-  725.C:$1.00
Good-Un prime
"' 'S20.00-U0.00
. $1.5.00-1 5.00 .
.-'.���-Wo w"ili-holdShippersvE'urs.the'-iiecessar'y. time for them to return
remittance if hot'satisfied with our grading; -���...-
, Ship by Express? or Parcel Post.. ; Quick Returns Guaranteed
Bank References'���Dominion.Bank,' Toronto. '
my bowels'and at my , .      ,. ^      ,--.,.-
periods; "It- seemed treaty money to the Indians m" the
thatiiearlyevcryona j northla.nds, and -the rendering of "as-
around me knew of ; sistance in the go'vernment reclamation survey ot tlie7Carrot River district.
your-medicine and
wanted me-to try it,
_ so at last I took
Lydia-. E. "Pinkham's .Veiretable Com*-
pound Tablets and Lydia E. Pinkham's
Blood Medicine and improved everyday.
I do all my own -work now except the
washing: and do itwith ��ase. I can ac~
complish as much' in a day now as ifc
would have taken me a week to do Vast
winter and. I try to get every one I know
to take your medicine to.build them up.
You. are welcome to use this letter a3 &
testimonial if you like."���Mrs. CHAS.
Bakee, 21 Spencer Ave., Hornell,,N.'YV
In almost every neighborhood there
are women who know of the value of
Lydia E. Pinkhara's Vegetable Compound, They know because they have
taken it and have been helped, Wtj
doa't you give It a trial?
' It, is said :that full-grown toads
always return to the pond where
ihey .were hatched to mate and lay
their eggs.
Tt is said that every man and woman in Iceland Is able to '. read and
write,-   .'-'-.-'".
7 .-.The'-'-.only ..pure white.,,monkey
known to exist was recently brought
, to London,"    *��� .X:'X.
j Use. Minard's Liniment for th# Flu   . j
.WARNING!. .;Say "Bayer''" \vJ1en7you -buy;, Aspirin.7"
Unless you see the name "Bayer", on. iablets, you are 7-
not getting Aspirin at all..; Why. take chances I ."-.
Accept only- an ''unbroken; -pa'cRaje" Tbf: "B.a3*er, Tablets' of   ���
-Aspirin," which contains directions:and dose worked out by'.
physician's.'during 22 years and prov:ed safe-by millions .for   ]
Colds Headache      -   Rheumatism     ,V
Toothache        "Neuralgia , ���;;   Neuritis  ������'���'. .7
. .-Earache . :Lumb,ago 7 . .7.   .Pain, Pain.
7Kandy f*Bav��r"' boxes of 12 tablete���AJs�� bottles of 24 ��M, lOft-HPrngSfist*.
Aspirin U the trade 'mark tregisf.ei*a-lTi CaaadsJ-of Bayer 3caimfae'Vtel* of Maga- -
,.   aceticactflester ot SalieyUes-cld.   .While-tt I�� well knoini-tfias. Asptri^i it^na Bays*
iai��ii5f��cture, to assist tfie.p����bl"c a.��alnst'!m*t*iJ��Be, the-Tafcleijs of. "S��5*��rC��3Bp*as* "
.'- WiU bo -rtAEipeS ���wlta tbetr gessrat tr&dft asarl^ -ia-�� "Bsytr Crodat**,,.-      -,..-. BTHE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain aud
the), United States J2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7-����
Katray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    *.����
Certificate of Improvement  *2-5��
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a hue for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
nn inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a��� line each insertion.
pared to look after the animals and
keep fchem outside the city limits.
An offer from H. B. Jones was
received for two condemned buildings on Copper St. The Clerk was
ordered to invite other tenders for
same and the Building Committee
to make a decision.
By-law No. 1 was given a final
reading aud passed.
The disposition of the city electrical equipment at the Providence
Mine was left in the hands of Aid.
A. J. Morrison to be dealt with at
the same time as his own material
and machinery.
An application for a reduction in
a lighting rate was not considered.
Meeting then adjourned.
"The Idol Dancer"
With the Curlers
The only man who will work to
get into a hole is a golpher.
Lots of people are on the  right
track but headed  the wrong way.
TnE man who takes the law into
his own hands soon finds it too hot
to handle.
A town is
dents make
nothing less.
just what its resi-
it���nothing   more,
The way to get your share of
the world's joy is to do your share
of the world's work.
Thobe who have no taste for
discipline, sacrifice or service had
better remain single.
Perhaps the reason that whiskey-
is called "Scotch" is because it
tends to make a man tight.
Samson had the right idea about
advertising. He took two columns
and brought down the house.
A fine motto: ''Live so that
you can pass any store with a feeling that your billB are paid.'' -.
:-..-, It takes ah unusual memory to
keep up with what you Bay if you
talk ; carelessly.      -Watch     your
'words. . -
TnE bride who used, to kiss her
husband "good-bye" every morn-
ing now yells "so. long" from the
kitchen. .. - ���' -   -    - '
They say that radium gives off
particles of itself and yet never
grows any less. Woinen's? minds
must.be pure radium.
: - A G reenwood girl says it's easy
enough to.believe that there is a
.shortage of men, when you.see
what some girls get tied,op to. 7
... -The time ..will cornel  when an
able-bodied man who has the audacity, the presumption, to try to
get all" the good, things 'out of the
workland give .nothing .in return,"
. -will, be .looked  upon  as a mph-
...7 strosity, an enemy7 to, civilization,
and will be ostracized by all decent
7' people.'""".- , ,"'-" ' ;XX[.''X"'X'XyX' ';\
City Council
'"Regular. ..meetingV of   the -City
Council-was held oh Monday even*.
ing,  Mayor 'Gulley,  and   all .the
,. Aldermen present. .7 -;'7,7:,-.:
7 - The question of additional,' fire;
insurance wad   up - for discussion
,and proceedings were very, much
'.. enlivened by some sharp differences
of opinion between the Aldermen.
7 It.   was   eventually    decided    to
���leave it, ito the   City   Clerk V; to
V.submits   report   to   the Finance
A. litter from the Hon, Geo. E.
Amypt regarding the Greenwood
Private Bill was referred to trustee
Awrey. ���' ' y -
Notification from the Minister of
Agriculture was received to. the effect that tbe cost of testing dairy
herds would in future be borne by!
fche Dominion Government.
Complaints hating 7 been made
of three cay uses wandering through
the City ia an ill fed condition the
clerk was Instructed to find outthe
owners and . take proceedings
against them it they were bo* pre-
, Dancing one's way into the
heart of a man is an ordinary experience for a graceful woman, if
fiction writers are to bo believed,
bub Mary, the ward of Old
Thomas, a fisherman widely known
in the South Sea Islands, danced
her way to the knowledge of which
one, of two young men's hearts,
she wanted to occupy.
This dance is one of the most
fascinating scenes from the latest
photodrama production of D. W.
Griffith, entitled "The Idol Dancer," which will be the attraction
at the Greenwood Theatre, on Saturday, March 18th.
Anaconda Shavings
(By Spoke-Shave)
The Anaconda Social Club Dance
on Friday last was a grand succees,
although it is regretable to report
that another such   occasion  completes the season.     However the
Club   is  winding up  by  giving a
final  Public r Dance   on   Friday,
March 24th.    The price of  admission including supper  will be 50c
for g��nts, while the ladies are  expected to bring dishes, and refreshments.    E.F. Keir, president,  on
behalf of the society,   epoke'in appreciation of the efforts. of all concerned in the carrying ..out of the
various duties and .acting    upon
the resolution  of the Club,   presented Sam Bombini with a , small
token   for   services   so   faithfully
rendered.-     T.     Hartland     also
moved a vote of thanks and commended . on the  masterly manner
in - which  all  officers  carried out
their duties,  also   expressing the
hope that the next season would be
a repetition of the past.   The. vote
was   unanimously   manifested   iu
the usual way.    Business  was followed by the usual festivities.  One
more reminder,  don't "forget the
last -  Public   Dance    ou   Friday,
March 24th.7-;-'-V..'77 V . XX x.���  ���>.-���
7-7Miss Ethel-7Bea.ttie, left on Wednesday   morning , for.;',.Pentictou,.
where she has; been  engaged as. a
stenographer at   the. ^Agricultural
Building,  by the Provincial Government.    A farewell  party  took
place at her home,on Saturday last
when a number of... friends .spent'a
most'enjoyable evening,. .  ���-
. Anonymous , is again ..on the
war path.;... Spoke .Shave, adyises
this person to apply its intellectual
capabilities to more profitable pursuits: -Spoke Shave has.long ears
and the. envelopes" used are '-'hot
common and are easily traced.  -,
The Bachelors'.;supper was sure
swell. . The servihg and delicacies
could not have been excelled and
The Curling season came to an
end Friday evening last when a
most enjoyable social evening
was held in the Curling Rink.
A short game was first played between rinks skipped by D. Cavaye
and C. Nichols, the former winning. The company then repaired to the sitting room where au
excellent repast had been prepared of coffee, sandwiches,
biscuits, cheese and pickles.
President Walmsley was in the
chair and complimented the Club
on its successful season and hoped
for still better things next year.
Messrs. Walters, Kerr, Taylor,
Pa ton aud others also spoke.
The cups and prizes were then
presented, the winning teams being: Warren Cup, A. N. Docksteader (W. H. Bryan). Ross
Cup, Wm. Walmsley. McLennan-
McFeely, P. H. McCurrach.
Mother Lode Cup, (points) P. H.
McCurrach. -
After votes of thanks had been
passed to the Sec-Treas., Mr.
McCurrach aud to the ice-maker
R. C. Taylor, the company again
took to the ice when a hard-
fought game was witnessed between rinks skipped by D. Cavaye
and H. R. Bidder, the former
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A fine range oT samples to select
from.     (Just arrived.)
Now on view at
  Tailor and Cleaner
E. W. WIDDOWSOtt, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
Ji.'iS" each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
Tanner Ranch
* **
287 1-2 acres, 1 male from Kettle Valley.
Good terms can be secured.
Portmann Ranch, Nicholson Creek
3 1-2 miles from Kettle Valley: 160 acres.   Cattle,
Horses and Implements.   Terms can be had.
Send Ycur
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.    -
Mortgage  Sale
Overheard at the Curling
Now Dugald I want ye to draw
thru this por-r-r-t on the
Archt Jamie but dinua ye
think I mebbe could do better on
the outtur-r-r-n..
Well laddie its a purty har-r-r-d
shot whichever way ye takit.
Yes mon I ken there isna much
room but I'd oughta get it cither
Noo I think ye'd better come oh
with the out-tur-r-r-n.
I thochtVye,' were suggesting
the in-tur-r-r-n wad be  the best.
You're the inon wi the rock.
Well, gie us the broom for the
Chorus*. Moh, oh mbn, you've
missed the broom, you're -. wide,
you're narrow, your'e too strong,
.you're stane7 won't get over , the
hog, you've missed, the port,
you've raised, their -rock and
raised . .7. ." with us. .,
4 year old Shorthorn Bull, For Sale, in good condition.
For further particulars apply to
Kettle Valley
When you have something
to sell, put a'
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable
UNDER and hy virtue of the powers
contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage, whicb'will be produced at the time
of sale, there will be offered for sale by
Public Auction
 In Front of the	
Court House in the City of
Saturday   the   25th   day of
March,  1922
At the hour of ii o'clock in the fore-noon,
the following property, namely:���
LOT 2083, in group 1, in the
Similkameen Division of the District  of   Yale,  and  containing
320 acres more or less.
On  the " property  are  a farm
house, barn, sheds, outbuildings,
orchard and cultivated fields.
For terms and conditions of sale apply to
Solicitor for Mortgagee's,
Greenwood, B.C.
Dated-February 9th, 1922,        .    -    -     ���
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead  and Zinc
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
ForkB and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a. m.
For Oroville, Wenatohee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way.   Hand Baggage Free.   Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayinz. Auto's for hire Day or Nieht
We carry Tires- Oils. Greases, Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
John. Thornton, of Ferry;, was
in town oh business this morning.
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69 - -
... .BY-.. DAY.- or. CONTRACT. .4 --.
'-������"-" :-Wood'For Sale '77 "7 '-:.
Second Hand Pipe, Rails, - Mining "Gars
7   a��{\ other Mining. Equipment...-.
--;��� -_.'-.   ' Reasonable Prices   ���...'.-_-
Apply to J.W-; ciaric, Pacific Hotel
���iX;:"-.-;grand'forks. b.c, v   V-
Agent for Dodge,. Chevrolet, Studehaker,
aiid Overland cars,. Garage hi connection.
d; Mcpherson . V ���     proprietor
the;,ladiesV- were relieved.? ofVthe
monotonous task on this exceptional occasion.
This story is" told with great
success .in England: ---
V A.Scotchman walked into the
chemist's shop and asked for a
bottle. X He was duly supplied,
and quickly demanded to know if
there were any charge for it. x
���'Well,'?. said,the ;.chemi8t/7''fit
yon have something.in it:;;we don't.
charge," bnt if, not we., most ask yon
for a penny.'.'- V- '-/'���'���.V7; VV ' 7.7 ::-'X,
- -Hon," replied.Mac, "put ���'ns a
���cork in i��." X'"x V-7VV7 y-' yyyX-
Nicely furnished rooms,'by lhe -
-7-.7A7.daj-, week, or month "
F. Niisdn
��� The Governtueut Of ���
The Province Of British Columbia
The attention of
Timber   Licence  holders who   are
taking advantage of the provisions
of. the -1921. _ Amendment _to __the
FOREST ACTV wherty arrears- of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have Jbeen funded
and made payable in annual instalments,7 is specially directed to the
fact that; any,, renewal fee which became due in 192.1 is not included in
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 19.21 and all subsequent renewal
fees must7be, paid within one year
after the date of expiry ^>f the licence
in order to maintain the rieht of the
holder: to obtain a renewal of the
Licence;- ;';- ��� ���-��� . .V V--
���Economy and Satisfaction |f
combined with Promptness ||
are the features which go to ff
make up the Service we give %
our customers. Are you if
one of them? 3
I The Ledge
Letterheads, Noteheads,       ~��
(Ruled or. Plain) 2
Envelopes, Billheads, f~
(All Sizes) S3
Statements, Business Cards, %
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc, 1
PHONE 29       1
Job Printing Department   3
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price  of first-class   land
I reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.S0 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering-
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions "
with joint residences, but each making-
necessary improvements on respective
claims, "    .        .
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including; clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in .occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may be- ���
cause of ill-health, or other cause, bt
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.'
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.'
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
" Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible^
by existing ��� roads, may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of coat of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are Remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiess' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members'of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance of
Crpwn Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crowii kands, acquiring rights from
purchasers v?bo failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and_taxes, Where _sub-pnrchasers _ do ���
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may bedis- .
trihuted proportionately    over  whole
area.   Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.    '
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
Sealed tenders -ft-ill be received \>y the Minister of ItfitKif, at. ��� Victoria, - not Jater than
noon oa the ">2flii day oi March, 1933, for th��
purchase- of - Licence X3662,- to icat lO/BO- Ties,
oa att area situated, near Westbridge, Slmllba-
mcert District. '    .   ;'
Two (21 years- will .be allowed- idr removal
of. timber.-
Further particulars of tlie.Chief Forester,
Victoria, B, C, or District Forester, Nelson
Yery Old Highland
Supplied to the P. & O. Steamship Line
fpr oyer forty years;  tp   His Majestj's,
Qfficei:s'7;.VHessie:s;.V:alt 7 o^eEVtfe 7 yroildx
Bit &4RS|^^EK^ ,
W^&XyW^yy^[f^ ''** XX'yy[y[0xy
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued "as[follows:   Placer Gold, $75,944,203; Lode
Gold, $102,763,8235 Silver,^J53,668,284; Lead $46,637,221; Copper, $161,513,864;    _.
Zinc, $19,896,466- Coal aiid Coke, $212,573,492; Building Stone, Brick, Cement,
eKj.$32,168,217; MiscelianMus.M its Mineral
Production to thei end pM929 show an -������'.,
AggregatfeValne; of $706,192,978
Production for Year Ending Decem6er, 1920, $35,543,084
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in tha Dominion, or any colony in the. Briiiah
Mineral locatione are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
AbsolnSe Titles are obtained by developing snch properties, the security
of which is gaaraaleed by Crown Grente.
7 Fall information, together with mining Reports, and Maps, may be obtained
-gratis by addressing���',,-.''
^^^^^S^^t^G :      YICT0HIA, BriliSii CoiuaiMa.


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