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The Ledge Sep 13, 1906

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SZ* legislative dflaSv ���'     '";"'-. ��� :",;'
SEP 18 1906
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No. 10-
Of Local Interest
"Dr.  Mathison,  dentist,  will re      ""    ~
turn about 15th' October.
The Ledge always has room for
one more order of job printing.'
''E. ,W. Bishop'is seriously ill, the
result of blood poisoning from a
wound in the hand.^
, Payday hvthe Boundary, usually
brings in a' few beggars an:d other
fakirs in search of easy money. ,,
, Several droves of cattle for P.
Burns & Co. have been driven into
Greenwood ��� this summer from
Keremeos. '-.       .
\" Since * the-present outbreak' of
typhoid.'in. Midway the number of
cases have been about 20, . one ,of
which was fatal.
J. Jayage, late of Vancouver,
twas in Greenwood last week doing
business for.that well-known daily,
the Nelson News.
Subject at the Sunday.evening
_ service in the  Methodist church
will, be "The Eleventh Commandment."   Good music. -
Greenwood ��� ought to be a good
point to start a brewery as the
water seems . to get scarce at - the
tag end of summer.
Even if Eirl Grey did not come
the old residents of Phoenix", notably, Dan Bre8nahan, Jim Mar
shall', Tom Roderick and Jack Mulligan
His tail isofthe'abbrevi- ��� ��� ?.""! ^"er Seta, all new
���x��-    -rv                                  -^     i- i          ,. .                                -   Anderson Bros.
��� .Miss Dynes was a visitor to Nel- 1,aul everything from amilk can to       '         	
son this week. !|a nine pound hammer.    Bum was      When packing your grip before
of an'iuquiring turn of m'indin the leaY��ng   for   the ' fall fair, be sure
early dayB.   'He  is   no', .longer a | *ha* vo" nave a few boxes of Royal
seeker-after knowledge
up her residence in Franklin. S?|
W. L. Femie, of Kamloops, has !*s ,-*,
been appointed chief constable of S&SotS*&8 g&ZlOSSE fiS^BS^SfiSSSlBS^
News of the Mines'
The Maple Leaf Brand Fuse is
manufactured by the originators^'
Safety Fuse. ��� Established 1836;!   j
Oct6ber 28 will be Thanksgiving!
Day. Keep your eye upon a~tur-;
key. ~ ���     --
R. T. Lowery left Tuesday.,fora
trip through the Slocan, Lardeau
���and Okanagan districts, and will
be gone about a' month. ���
���Walter E. Voyles, of Chesaw,
,Waah'., died at the Greenwood hospital Friday last of typhoid fever, j
The funeral was held Monday. , ���
,. H. H. Huff, of Cameron & Huff,
left this morning for Spokane to
receive treatment for catarrh.
Howard Huff accompanied him.
This ' evening" !'the Greenwood
concert band will give a dance in
the Masonic hall, proceeds.for purchase    of  instruments.     Tickets
$i.5o.      ''���:..
A marriage license was issued at
the government office on the 8th
inst., to "Wallace McKendry of
Greenwood and Mildred C. Thoman
of Cascade.-
J.   R. Jackson, of Midway, was
He had a
habit of examining the ground after
a shot  was put off.    One day he
was "carefully   looking   over   the
ground  when a second shot.went
off.   -It-was .light, but sufficient' to
dissuade Bum from further, geological research. r. One pleasure was
left him, hunting,  and on Sunday
he' received a rude shock in-beiug
taken   for   a   rabbit.    Bum-is not
dangerously wounded,  but it is a
.100 to 1  bet that he will not again
go hunting with a Phoenix man.
[ Seal cigers.
. For particulars about headstones
and monuments write to tho Kootenay Marble Works, Nelson, B. C.
���' ��� .   ��� ROSY PHOENIX
"Arrangements for Construction hare
been Completed
I, ^ ,      ��� - -. ���^, ,. ��.j
Nin ' the   city Tuesday making final
arrangements for the Pioneer's an
��uo ju&ci-m mimv ubck n,,nl    ',5*'"""    *~    u~   '���--'-''���        ���
Proctor' Joiner, late manager of
the RusBell-Law-Caulfleld Co. left
yesterday for Spokane where' he
lias accepted a position.- His many
friends wish'hiuf success.  ���'"-"" ���'"
D. O.' McKay left yesterday for.
a visit to Toronto and other eastern
points. He has not been home for
ten years. Hugh Grant is running
the West Fork stage during bis absence.
Dr. Spankie made the trip to
Oroville and back this week in 24
hours. The distance is about" one
hundred miles. The doctor was
called to Oroville to assist in a surgical operation.
. Messrs. H. H. Holmes, of Beav-
erdell, Gorman West of Bull creek,
and Wm. Middleton of Westbridge
have been made commissioners for
taking affidavits under the Election
Act, on the West Fork of Kettle
River. '. N
Rev. J.P.D. Knox, of Rossland,
nual dinner to be held in the
Pioneer hotel tomorrow evening.
The boxing contest between
Sailor Kelley and Kid Arnold in
Phoenix' Monday- evening -resulted
in'a victory "for the'Tormer;'"Arnold
being knocked out in the fifth
The B. C. Telephone Co. have
commenced stringing the wires for
their system, and in a month or
six weeks the work will be completed and the improved system in
running order.
Tho .band Ktand is nearly completed.    It is situated at the south
Ralph'Smailei returned Saturday
last from New York, where he has
been forsome'months in connection
with the Midway and Vernon railway..' L. ,M. Rice, the well-known
engineer, ' who was connected with
the construction of. the Columbia
and Western railway, came in with
Mr. :Smailes. and on Monday
started over tho proposed lino for
the purpose of making a report to
the- company taking over the
At present Mr. Smailes does not
wish to give particulars for publication, but stated that the. prospects of the road were iti a very
satisfactory condition.	
The following interview appeared iu a recent issue of the Victoria Colonist: "D. H. Mac-
dowel I of this . city, has arrived home from' the east after a
trip extending from June. In addition to private business Mr. Mac-
dowall also made the trip east in
connection with the Midway aiid
Vernon railway affairs. John
Cain of Port Angeles, who is also
end of'the business portion of Copper street.     The season is too far  Prom'ne��fcly   identified with that
advanced for the stand to be used
chairman of the district, was in the
city this week conducting the anniversary services in the Methodist
church. Monday evening 8125
was raised towards the wiping off
the debt of the church.
Spokane, busiuess men and their
wives visited Phoenix yesterday.
There were over two hundred in
the party. What has become of that
peculiar institution, known as the
GreenwoodBoard of,Trade, which
usually shows activity about'the
time that Mr. Ross' printing establishment is short of work ?
John Oliver Covington of Greenwood and Miss Winifred Alberta
McMillan of Slocau were married,
last evening at tho Hume hotel by
Rev. J. T. Ferguson. Mr. and
Mrs. Covington are Bpending the
day in Nelson and will leave for
their home in Greenwood tomorrow morning.���Nelson Canadian.
Following are - the officers of
Greenwood Miners' Union for the
present term: C. Phillips, president; C. H. Lincoln, vice-president; B. F. Sweezey, second vice-
president; M. L. J. Hickey, third
vice-president; R. A. Matheison,
financial secretary; Frank Steele,
treasurer; R. Rawlins,-.recording
secretary; J. McDermld, warden;
Alex. Frasor, conductor. The
election was hold the past week,
much this 3'ear.
Jas. Russell, Mrs. Russell and
family arrived from Midway Tuesday and are temporarily located iii
the Hotel Armstrong. .Mr. Russell took charge of the Russell-
Law-Caulfield business Monday.
J. W. Nelson and Mrs. Nelson
returned Tuesday evening from a
visit to Minuesota. Mrs. Nelson
has been away three mouths. Mr.
Nelson left here two weeks ago to
see his mother who was seriously,
ill, but who was rapidly recovering
when he left the old home three
days ago.
While out in tho hills near town
this week ex-Alderman Jas. Sutherland discovered a spriug of ax*
cellent water within half a mile of
the city hall, and at sufficient alti'
tude to be used as an auxiliary to
the waterworks system. Tub
Ledob is in with Mr. Sutherland
on tho spring. If the council can
be interested in the spring it will
be an excellent investment for the
city and also a "good thing" for
Mr. Sutherland and Tub Ledge.
Sunday; last Adolph Sercu, of
Phoenix was hunting in the ueigh- j
borhood of the  Piovidenco mine
and thought he saw a rabbit, he
fired, and hit his dog Bum.    Bum
is one of the pioneers of Phoenix-.
llo came to that burg nine years
ago,  a good natured though not a
good looking puppy.     Ho is part
fox terrier, and the balance a composite of the canine species.   Ha
is not as good natured as ho was
nine years ago.    In fact he haB
become suspicious and careful in
project, visited the east at the same
time.     Mr.  Cain was in Victoria
yesterday.      Mr., Macdowell says
the results of their negotiations in
the east will be the resumption of
work on the railway'.    Fiuaucial
arrangements   have been entered
into which   will make it possible to
begin  work again on the Midway
way and Vernon at an early date.
A meeting of the board of management of the railway was held in
Victoria since the return of Mr.
Macdowall   and   an adjournment
taken until a later date.���Victoria
Mrs. Percy Wilkinson will spend
the winter in Butte.
Monday was payday and resembled a day in July.
The Granby .is!-'now keeping a
sharp eye over its live wires.-
Mrs. W. B. WjJeox will return
from New York next month..
It isreported that Andy Shilland
of Sandon  will soon be a resident.
Two travelling card sharps made
a raid  on Phoenix the other day
and got away with;S2,000.
Times are good in Phoenix although it is uphill work to get
along in some parts of the city, v
A few houses are being built but
there is room for; a few more.
Rents harmonize with,the altitude.
Harmony prevails among the
livery men of Phoenix. They are
both happy and practically live
under the same roof.
There are four'-barber shops in
this burg, aud six" barbers. Charley
Gales of Sandon is the latest addition to the local tonsorials.
..Rough lumber cokts S17 a thousand feet in Phoenix. ' A man with
a portable sawmill should make
a small fortune around the land of
glory holes.
Phoenix is one of the few camps
in America where roulette can be
seen.withoutgoing.through a locked
door. It is strong opposition to
the card games.
The hot water pipes for the Hotel
Brooklyn have at last arrived
from Johnstown. Jim Marshall
certainly knows how to run an
hotel, lor the Brooklyn' can give
the majority of western hotels cards
and spades and win on a walk.
the Kamloops police district.
Jen Long, one of the best barbers in. Grand Forks is making
quite a reputation as a hunter.
There is hardly a house to rent
in Grand Forks. Rooms at the
hotels are also none too plentiful.
Earl Grey gave the Boundary
the good-bye, but we always' have
the Royal Seal cigar in our midst.
The price of silver is higher than j
any time since the early part of
1893. It may soon awaken the
The slot machines are being
driven'out of the Okanagan towns.
The residents prefer the sure game
of raising fruit. -
With all his immense meat
business Pat- Burns sbill has bo be
the director of a new Winnipeg insurance company.
Conductor Tom Peck is looking
at the buildings in- Chicago. Mrs.
Peck    and    family
The crosscut at' the 20*8 on the
Elkhorn is in 60 feet, and ore is
expected any day.
The Dominion Copper Co. will
soon increase the. force at the
Gloucester. A payment has been
made on this bond.
mild ate they in expression. Thft
action or the Postmaster-Gonerai
looks like personal animosity towards the aforesaid journal, or 'its
editor as a great number of the ob1-
jectionable articles were copied
from   several   other publications
���     . j that   are permitted   to have the
The copper output of the.Granby free use  of  the  Canadian mails.
smelter will be 15,000 tons of cop
| per ��� annually   when   the enlargements are completed.
Diamond drilling at the McKin-
ley in-Franklin camp will be resumed shortly. Heinze i3 largely
interested in'the bond on this property.
The smelter at Grand Forks paid
out last Monday ��40,000. As the
people of that town are "thrifty a
groat deal of the money was
At 9C feet in the shaft of' the
Paste it on your looking glass
that the special sale of chinawaie
by Smith & McRae will commence
September 10.
friends in Hope, Idaho.
The many friends of Rev. A. E.
Roberts, formerly of New Denver,
will regret to learn of the death of
his wife, last week iu Victoria. .
Last Monday was the largest
payday iu the history of the St.
Eugene at Moyie. The 320 men
on the roll drew down $33,000.
J. W. Morrisson's interest in the
Morrison-Anderson block in
Phoenix has been bought by James
McArdel of.. Grand. Forks, for
The Hotel Strathcona in Nelson
is one of the most distinguished
hotels in the west. Any day you
are liable to meet a live earl in its
It was Earl Grey and noi Al
Gray who caused all the awe
amongst the tuft hunters in Nelson last week. Some of them now
see kings in their dreams.
It is reported by the Enderby
Progress that H. P. Lee, of Winnipeg has secured an option on the
Green how ranch near Vernon. It
contains 9,000 acres, antl the price
is said to be $350,000.
A rumor from Nelson says that
the Governor-General and party
never had any serious intentions
about    visiting    the    Bouudarv.
Crescent Fraction S inches of clean
are   visiting ore   was  run into Tuesday last.
jThe   ore   is very  rich,   carrying
I native silver and gray copper.'
Drifting aud stoping is being
done from the 140 foot level of the
Prince Henry on from 8 to 10
inches of ore. It is expected that
a car of ore will be shipped this
The unwatering of the Bay was
completed Sunday and development work resumed Monday. An
upraise is being run from the winze
at 60 -feet- tothe'surfacei Five
men are at work.
The .formation in the P. O. D. at
Ottawa   would   evidently" not be
good ground for a prospector, in
search of that rare element known
as consistency.    One of the articles
objected to could easily bo printed
in any journal on earth without
giving the slightest offense to any
sane individual.    Insane people, of
course,  are liable to object to auy-
thing��    A paragraph in defence of
the working men also fell under '
the ban, but none of the ads were
condemned.     If the Postoffice Department of Canada was as severe
upon every publication as it has
been upon the Claim not a single
secular paper would be carried in
Canada's bulky "mail sacks,    This
might be a good thing for then the
people of Greenwood  might get a
more rapid service to Phoenix.
Dekajulie Tea is the only tea of Perhaps His Excellency had heard
its class in the
Anderson Bros.
city, and sold   b.>
Jos. P. Kelly returned Friday
from the West Fork. While at
Beaverdell he did the years' assessments on* the Buster andjJAlaska
on Wallace mountain. The claims
are showing up well wit'i development, the vein being from 12 to 14
inches in width. Mr. Kelley left
for his home iu Waterville, Wash.,
Sunday morning.
Acting Mayor Bunting has completed arrangements to take over
theE. P. U. mine, one of the high
grade properties of Greenwood. A
syndicate has been formed, composed of twenty business men'of
Greenwood and Phoenix, who
agree to contribute $25 each per
month for developing the property
Joke on the .Parson
The \ many, friends of the gentleman in question will enjoy the following bon" Motfc from tho Fernio
The   Rev.    J..'.., P.   Westman,
Methodist minister of Cranbrook,
and chairman of the East Kootenay '"
district,   is  what  mo   way call a
"mixer;"   that   is.   he makes it a
point to be pleasant to all ordinary
as well as extraordinary folks, but
we are surprised to learn of his being recognized as   a   shady character.     It seems that on entering^ .
one   bf~ the local hotels, lit. Coal -
Creek,' just after going, through tho
mine, that a little trap-door tender
of the mine shouted out, "Say Ma.
there  goes the "tough" that was
in the mine todav.
'Many people might be surprised
at the great developments of the
municipal enterprise in receue
years in the United Kingdom.
Municipalities now own horses,
docks,   markets and  baths,  race
Franklin, already
has a few $50,000 c'aims staked in
his associations with o number of | tho hills but is often.loneaomo ��jr
About 140 men are employed in
and around tlw smelter.
It costs fifteeu cents to ride on
the cars to Greenwood. The
walking is free.  .-���    .     .
The Miners Union will soon
commence the erection of a hall
and reading room.
. W. C. Thomas has gone to New
York upon business in connection
with tho smelter.
It will probably be January before all the improvements at the
[smelter    ara    completed.      The
'smelter will thou be able to handle
120J to 1500 t <iib of oro daily.
The oldest hotel in tho Boundary
is located at this point. It was
built 18."years ago by Thomas
Hardy, and is ono of tho few hotels
in the world that has tho bar in a
separate building.
Franklin Wilson, for so many
years a resident of Kaslo is assayer
at tho 'smelter
Cut this out and keep it for reference to remind you that wheu
you needquality in your groceries
call up phone 25. The Russcll-
Law-Caulfield Co.
of the slow mail service between
Greenwood and Phoenix,. and
thought everything else around
here was in harmony with it.
When you want a monument or
headstone, write to the Kootenay
Marble Works, Nelson, B. C.
George Chappie has introduced
the motocyclo iu Grand Forks.
Spokane people have bought
$15,000 worth of lots iu Franklin.
Michael Sullivan the well-known
hotel keeper in Fairview died a few
Martin Bnrrell, of Grand Forks
is a judge at tho Fruit Fair in
Kaslo.this week.
This summer tiui forest fires
have caused much ''destruction
around Princeton.
Gus Ktug has lefi Muyie, it is
said, to superintend.tho building
of a big mill in Tonopa/i.
The LoRol mine at Rossland is
down 1750 feet. Thin is tho deepest mine in tho province.
Nelson is out of luck. It should
have had sub-royalty in its midst
during the week of thu Fair.
Provincial Exhibition
For the above event the Canadian Pacific railway are quoting
very   low   round   trip   excursion
rates same being on sale Sept. 28
to Oct.  2, good for return passage
till Oct. 11.    Rate from Greenwood
is $19.35.     Daily through sleepers
are le'ng  operated   from Arrowhead.    For berth reservations on
Columbia river steniners or sleeper
apply to local agents or write J. S.
Carter, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
-~  -w.��.vl,.uti-B,.ci��-ulKJ,-,,j.   co""^,   oyster fisheries, slaughter
The returns from   ore shipme'tifsj110118^  employment bureaus and
will "be used in payment   of the j sewage farms.    The Brighton cor-
purchase price of the mine, SlO,
000. A meeting of the syndicate
will be held this week and work
will probably bo commenced next
Monday. The E. P. U. was
worked under the superintendence
of Duncan Mcintosh for a couple
of years, and during that time $30,-
000 worth of ore was mined and
treated.    The development consists
poration owns the local race course
from whioh it derives a revenue of
$16,000 a year. There are municipal theatres at Brighton and
Southborough. Westham manu*
factures its own paving stones and
sells them to a contractor at a
profit. Colchester has a municipal
oyster bed. Manchester produces
soap, oil, tallow llnd mortar as resi-
Nelson Fair Rates
For this event the Canadian Pacific Railway, will placa in effect
from Calgary, Midway, Penticton,
intermediate and ail Kootenay
points, single faro excursion rates
for the -10(111(1 trip. Selling dates
Sept. 18, 19, 20,. good for return
till Sept. 24. Rate from Greenwood $4.S0. J. S. Carter, D. P.A.,
Nelson, R,;C.
We are gaining more customers
every day and apparently with
better, satisfaction. The Rusaoll-
Law-Caulfield Co.
of a 200 foot shaft, 400 foot tunnel, duaIs from ifca Pvs ��"d other in
400 feet of drifting and crosscuts,' An"tr',na riu-���" ���--'������'-*-���
at the 125 and 195 foot levels. Tho
ore is high grade, and there aro
good prospects for large returns
from tho small monthly investments
of tho members of the syndicate.
The payments are easy, as the
agreement with the owners calls
only for paym.htsout of ore shipments. x
Take  no  substitute- lot4
Bank butter.
.   1_ __
After takin,' pretty near two
months to. consider the matter the
Postoffice Department at Ottawa
has informed the editor of Lowery's
Claim why that publication was)
excluded from the mails. Tho
Department only marked-ai
articles, but saidgtliere were others
also objcctional to the man with
tho blue pencil. . All the articles
marked wore iu oue issue of the
journal and many of them might
dustrios.     Glasgow maintains ait
institution for tho cure of inebriates.
Wolverham sells ice to tho trader.-*
of tho to\vn.    Torquay breeds rabbits on a water preserve, and haa
also   undertaken   sheep farming*
Tuubridgo Wells grows hops for
sale.     Liverpool cultivates beetw,
,and   Battersoa maintains an  or>
At present thoro are 442-t men
working in the''.mills, mines and
prospects of tho Coetir d'Aleno district of Idaho, The minimum
wage paid is $&50 a day. There
are 130 mining [companies iujhe
Fruit Jars aud
Andercon Bros.
Iron C.'ojks
A new mill is to be built at tho
Province and Montezuma roinoi,
not far from Kaslo.   The oreciou
��� ���     of the mill  will bo under the dif
I easily be printed by any paper, so | ection of Charles Culvuiv Greenwood, B. C.{ Sep.'i:!, 'T)0G.  THE GREENWOOD LED&E  Wmi  77/E LEDGE  Is published every Thursday;at Greenwood, 15 C , and the price is $5 a year,  postage free to all parts of Canada, United  Staten, Mexico, ami Great Britain. To  other countries it is sent postpaid for  '$2.50 ii:year. Address all letters to The  l.wljje, Greenwood, 11. C  R. T. LOWERY,  EDITOR   AND   FINANCIER.  GRKH.VWOOD,  B.  C , SEP.   13,7 1906.  THR CENT BELT  One of the  Toronto  editors recently wrote to a man   in    Greenwood and told him that the people  of Toronto and   Western Ontario  were  not  keenly desirous of hearing of the progress of this province  now that other men have successfully   developed   the   mines they  dug.      That    is   certainly rather  nervy, but just what we would expect from selfish people, who, bitten  through  their own greed and  ignorance now have nothing but  feelings   of   envy, malice and hatred   towards  the greatest natural  province  between, the two salty  bllies.     The avaricious suckers in  the   cent   belt lost  their money  through   the   dexterity  of mining  stock pharks who appealed to their  cupidity,   with the aid of lying advertisements cunningly served  in  large   doses   through   the piously  correct,     but   servile  commercial  daily papers of good Toronto.    It  was a  wonderful example of the  power of printer's ink.    Through  the   mental   suggestions   of   easy  money  imbibed from their favorite  papers with their morning porridge  the people of Ontario went crazy  with the idea of getting something  for  nothing and they ran into the  game like a Rube  betting on the  shell  at a country fair..   Too uice  to   play   poker   they saw nothing  wrong in buying pretty stock certificates aud selling them at an advance   to   their neighbors.   They  knew  nothing  about mining  and  probably cared less.    Their minds  were inflamed by reading the lying  advertisements in the grossly avaricious press of Toronto and drunk  with the. thirst for gold they were  easy "marks for the western wildcat  stock sharks aud their eastern confederates.       When  tho poor deluded fools broke away from the  hypnotic npell  cast over them by  cunning brokers and big ads, and  found    their    money   gone   they  cursed British Columbia until the  ozono of the cent belt smelt like an  explosion .in a sulphur mine. They  should have recognized their folly,  taken their medicine like men aud  pasted'their-stock certificates on  the wall as a  monument to the  power of advertising when gilded  with, the bait of getting a seeming  fortune for next to nothing.    Instead of doing this the tenderfeet  in  the cent formation have been  whining ever since about British  "Columbia   like a silly  child who  purposely  drops  four bits into the  sea   and cries  becaune it will not  come back in  the form of a golden  eagle.  The people in the east who lost  their money some nine years ago  in  so-called   B.   C. mining stocks  deserve no sympathy from rational  people.     At that time they would  listen to no sane advice but like  n  drunken,  but green  gambler bet-  ling agaiust the wheel they planked  their money  down upon anything}  without   knowing the percentage  against them or tho character of  the men  behind  the zero.   Their  judgement    in.   buying    western  stocks was foolish, in the extreme  and could have but one ending, a  Mexican   standoff.     As chubbers  usually do fchey.havp been whining  ever since against British Columbia  instead of placing the blame where  ib rightfully  belongs, upon theni-  Helver,   and  the lying advertisements that  worked  their avarice  into bucIi a fever heut that they  could  not  restrain   from buying,  anything with gilt letters, provided'  it was cheap. When a community  of people become mad from the  hypnotic : effect of greed or other  human passions you can do nothing with them by the use of reason.  The more you give away the more  you have. This even applies to  ad vertising for by observation you  will perceive that the biggest merchants are the most liberal in the  Thay act like the majority of them ! use  of printers' ink, that sterling  do in a theatre when the cry of fire  is sounded.    The writer while -publishing a paper in the Slocan during   the   days   of   the mad stock  boom    in    Toronto  sounded the  alarm,  and  was soundly  berated  by skinned and skinner.   The Ibex  of the Slocan was pushed into the  market   through   the'  medium  of  beautifully   illustrated pamphlets  and  extensive newspaper advertising.     At least one Toronto newspaper carried an  ad stating that-  the  Ibex  bad two million dollars'  worth of ore in sight.    It must be  there  yet   for   we notice that two  men went to work on the claim the  other day.   "TheIbex is sadly remembered    b}'  Major Steele and  many others who were then living  just east of the mountains.    Some  of the men behind the Ibex swindle  are still living in B. C, and posing  as highly  respectable and prominent citizens, but we are inclined to  believe that one or two rascals in  the Ibex company brought ill-repute    upon    the   others.      Many  otherwise   honest men had their  reputations tarnished by  lending  their  names   to   what afterwards  turned out to be mere stock swindles,   but it is about time that the  eastern  people put the blame of  their losses where it belongs, and  not upon  the mines of British Columbia.     There are  thousands of  chances  to make money mining in  this province but at least ordinary  horse sense should  be brought to  bear  upon   the matter when making    investments.     The   eastern  people lacked that when they bit  at   nearly   every  stock  bait that  dangled   a few years ago bifore  their greedy and foolish eyes.  remedy  olosis.  for   commercial   tuberc-  As the winter approaches the  stories of groat mineral discoveri -s  in remote places commence to drift-  back'to civilization. The latest is  a -wonderful report of a.gold discovery in the Peace River country,  and probably has nothing to do  with the price of real estate in Edmonton.  TJ.VTrr, Frank Oliver returns the  name of Preston's successor in  Loudon will not be known, although it is thought around the  machine' in Ottawa that Bruce  Walker or Ralph Smith will get  the job. Who knows, bntourown  darling Duncan might be sent over  to boost immigration towards this  glorious Canada, the Grit heaven  of the universe.  Wrong thought is the cause of  all diseases and unpleasant feelings.  As a rule when men go wrong  wise policemen usually look for the  woman. It was so with Stenslaud  the bank wrecker of Chicago. A  woman whom he had offended in a  fit of jealousy put the police on his  trail and ho was captured in Morocco instead of the Boundary. He  madj a mistake in hiking for Africa  for if he had come to Greenwood  and got into the store of some chap  who does not advertise he would  have been safe for life, and in  quietude his life would slowly have  slid down the toboggan slide of  time free from the peering eyes of  the rude and grasping multitude.  few years, threw down the dingbat  the other day, and quit the job.  The Star lost the big townsite ad,  Wright says, in a jangle over the  proposed location of a graveyard  next to some property he holds by  lease. In dropping the pen on the  Star he throws in a piece of wisdom  as follows:  "The difficulties of running.a  one-man newspaper in an outpost  of civilization where editor, printer  and ''devil" form the trinity in  one which performs all the work,  and takes all the kicks, cannot be  appreciated until tried. Any independence of writing is sure to incur  the hostility of the toadies and the  old grannies. In their opinion  nothing should enter the columns  of the paper unless their fogey  views are pandered to. Well, the  Star nor any other paper will not  accomplish much for the public  good if it is not free to express its  opinion about any company, corporation, politician or party. Because a compauy or individual advertises in a newspaper that is no  reason why a club should be held  over the head of an editor. A live  and conscientious editor studies  the good of the people generally as  opposed to that of one man or one  company."  biting him on the cheek. .His companion had awakened in the meantime and came to Feve,s rescue.  The two pulled the snake away and  threw it to the floor, wh.ere.it  glided away while the man attended to Feve's wound. They  realized that the bite would not bo  serious as. they saw that the reptile  was a gopher Fnake. Feve is still  bearing the marks on his cheek.���������  Oroville correspondence Sacramento Union.  The ice man is about to cash iu.  but his brother is herewith the  coal.  Who would have thought 14  years ago that Kaslo would ever  have a Fruit Fair.  Long after this those who are  now boys in kelson will be talking  about the Early days in that city.  Brevity is the soul of wisdom as  well as wit. Be good is all that is  necessary  to   say   in any sermon.  After- last week an ordinary  judge, captain or colonel will look  no bigger than a deuce, in Nelson.  Judging from the way George  H. Ham piloted the first Overseas  Limited across tho continent he is  the clear goods, and not devilled.  In the grand old mountains  these nights a blanket becomes a  close friend, and the song of the  mosquito is heard only in memory.  In a hundred years from now  Canada will probably have over one  hundred millions of poople and the  headpiece of its government will be  a native.son.  It pays to mind your own business.    A curious woman in Seattle  lost her life the other day by peering   into   a trunk without having]  any right to do so.  Even if the Earl of Grey did  come to the Boundary its not likely  that his coming would have improved the pace of the mail service  between Greenwood nncl Phoenix.  Skidoo is the modern wny of telling you to vamoose the ranch. It  is the constant introduction of new  words that make our language bo  difficult to comprehend by those  born to a foreign tongue.  Wroxg thought is the cause of  all war, disease, storms, earthquakes, trouble, uieknoasaud death.  When the world is entirely free  from wrong thought this earth will  become a paradise and what is now  called death will not exist.  GeneuvjITY   begets gpucrosity..  As there is no- duty on religion,  the Japanese are making an effort  to reciprocate with the United  States, and this week a Buddhist  missionary accompanied by his  disciples arrived iu Frisco for the  purpose of building a temple and  teaching his faith to the Americans. The experiment will be  watched with interest by all thinking people. Buddha was a deity  who is credited with having  preached a sermon, almost identical with the Sermon on the Mount  preached by Christ several hundred  years later. There are three great  religions in the Orient. Taoism,  Buddhism and Confucianism. The  two former are m:i ly supported by tho masses while the  classes, especially in China, are  firm believers in the doctrines of  Confucius. The missionary from  Japan in choosing San Francisco as  his base of operations probably  thinks that the shaken city, inured  to change, will treat him and his  eastern faith with more kindness  than any other part of America.  Besides, coming from Japan he will  he more to home in the earthquake]  formation.  We would rather edit a paper in  a copper camp, even if it does take  two  days to go five miles by mail,  than be Governor-General of the  Grits heaven;     The G.-G. has all  kinds of people running after him  and   staring at him   as if he had  made the world or hung the sun in  the heavens, while our oxistence is  as peaceful as a country cemetery  at midnight, not even disturbed by  the sheriff,   brass bands or the rolling of dollars down our cellar door.  It   is   such   a pleasure to live the.  simple life of an editor and probably die with  your, boots on, instead   of   having   to   pack a title  around   and listen   almost every  day to some undeveloped Demosthenes   blow   the   ozone  full   of  murdered   elocution  in a frantic  effort to voice tho loyal sentiment  of   the  community.    It must bo  awful to have to listen to so much  crucified oratory at every town,and  in this affliction our G.-G. has our  deepest sympathy.     Rather than  stand   it   wo  would go to jail, or  Fcruie.  Annie S. Swan, the writer, is reported in a public print as remarking on the discourtesy of western  people. That sounds odd to me,  and would, no doubt, to some forty-  women journalists who less than  two months ago made a tour of our  of our Last West over the C.P. K.  Everywhere, and we stopped for  days at some places, we met with  the greatest courtesy and kindness  and a welcome whose warmth lit a  fire in the heart which will never  ho extinguished. A certain silence there, was, an intent observation on the part of men lined up at  stations to see the train come in  and go on again, as if liTe there  were too hurried and pressing to  leave time for mere conversation;  but never ' did one of us address  any of these silent and observant  befngs but we met with instant  kindness and courtesy. Perhaps  the English accent frightened them;  perhaps English reserve was met  with western Canadian reserve.  The prairie people have their own  dignity, but hearts! never were  hearts more generous and kindly,  never was handclasp heartier than  were those of the western men and  w-mien.��������� Kit in  Mail & Empire.  R.    ROBINSON  Is the only shoemaker in  America who obtained ., a -  medal at the Paris Exposi-  tion'ih 1878 for making the  Best shoes. Boots made to  order; Repairing neatly  executed.  COPPER  STREET,  GREENWOOD  M  MERGHANT  TAILOR = -  $ Special attention given to the  h       Cleaning and Repairing  S Department  h Copper Street, Greenwood  23-2-I'S2SESrKESI--2SZ3KI2������i5SI-3  BANK OF BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  PAID UP CAPITAL, $4,866,667  RESERVE FUND   -  $2,141,3333  Transacts a general banking business.   Interest  allowed on Savings Accoumts, from  one dollar. upwards at  current rates.  COPPER ST.  GREENWOOD, B\ C.  BANK   OF   MONTREAL  ESTABLISHED  1B1T.  PAID   UP   CAPITAL, $14,400,000.        IREST, $10,000,000  UNTIVIDED PROFITS, $801,855.41  General Banking Business .Transacted.    Drafts issued on all points,'and Collections made at lowest rat-s.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  )   W. F. PROCTOR,  INTEREST ALLOWED ATCURRENT RATES   /MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH  The Kootenay|  Standard Cigar  Is made in Nelson.   Try a shipment and please your patrons.  J. C. Tnelin, Nelson  FURNISHED ROOMS  By day or week ; S2 a week  and up, at the Commercial  hotel, Copper street, Greenwood.    Bath in connection.  P. POUPARD  Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Eggs  and Finest Creamery Butter  always in stock. Beef, Pork,  Mutton, Poultry   Best Quality.  9 geeeo8o������9������CQ8o������cgcbaaooo������e^8P������8QQcao*oco3*Q������8Pog S  F. E. Feve, an employe of the  Northern Electric, had a most  thrilling experience with a snake  and one that he will not forget in a  hurry. Feve occupies a tent made  of gunny sacks in the western  portion of the town, one night he  retired as usual, only to he awakened by a feeling that ho was being  strangled. He attempted to cry  out, but so tightly was his throat  bound he could make no sound  aud was forced to lie there, gasping for every breath. As he became fully awake he realized  that something must be done or he  would be strangled. He grabbed  frantically at bin throat  aud his hand slipped over  the scale* of a huge snake, which  had coiled itself around his neck;  He frantically pulled the coils  loose, the reptile resisting him,and  E. W. WIDDOWSON  CHEMIST ANT). ASSAYER  (Uitc Assaycr Nelson Smelter):  Gold Silver or Lead, eacn ......$i oo  Copper...... St.50   Gold-Silver $1 56  Charges for other metals on application.  BAKER ST. NELSON.  P, 0. Drawer, tioS. Phone, A67  ST.    BlsMO  Is the Leading hotel in  TRAIL, B.C.  James Dawson   -   Propr.  The Hotel Slocan  Three Forks, B. C, is the leading  hotel of the city. Mountain trout  and game dinners a specialty.  Rooms reserved by telegraph.  Hugh Kiven, Prop.  ������i������i.nmuiiuniiiiiJ 11  GO  Dealers in  e  a  O  Fresh and Salt Meats, pish and poultry  Shops in nearly all the towns of Boundary and  the Kootenay.  L  6  ������  9  it  ( I  I I  ���������I I  ���������I I  t  AN'EDITOR'S WOES  J. M. Wright, who has been editor, printer and general factotum  for tho J/rjucobjn Star for tho past  H. BUNTING  GONTRACTORI  AND BUILDER  Dealer in  Windows, Doors,!  Turned Work and  Inside Finish.  SHINGLES, BRICK, ETC.  MANITOBA  Wood Fibre Plaster  ^  THE ARLINGTON  COPPER ST. GREENWOCD  None but the best brands  of liquors and cigars,  Morning bracers and  and evening hyballs always within easy reach  of the 'barkeep."  G. A. DEMPSEY prop.  RIVERSIDELIV  Good Rigs and Expert Drivers.   Saddle  Horses always ready.   Hay, Grain 'and  Feed tor sale.  ,  GEORGE H- CHOPliEY  )������9QQ&9&&������Q99*99998���������e&QQ*������9<&9*&9eQ������989Q9QQ96WWiQ������Q4  J  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE  Ottawa Fraction, mineral Claim, iltuilo In  tho Greenwood Mining DlvlMou of Valu Dl*  trice.   Whi-i'it located:���������1'rovidenco Camp,  TAKE NOTIOE that Thomnn Heminorlo nml  Hugh MoKco, Kruu Mluor'fl Ceriillcnto No  V:j(Wi. l*.a"*W, Inianct Ixtydiiynfromdafehero-il  to ftjip'y loWw MmJiitf Kflcoriliir Com Cortllk-atc  of ln>|>rovcmaiitH, for thu pur|>(Mo of obtaining  a Crown Urimtof Ilia above Claim.  And further (soke notion Mint nation, under  wllon 1)7 inui Imi c-oimni'nccit before Uw  iMuunpo of mtcJi Uorlllk-iUij oflmprovcineiit  Dated this il'Mi (|uy o( AWKlNt, A. D., lPOil .  trathcoma  Hot������!0-*  Is situated on a slight eminence, just a block from the busy  scenes on Baker street, and is withiu easy touch of everything in the city.  From its lialconiescan bo seen nearly  aH the grand scenery that surrounds tho beautiful  city .of Nelson.     Few hotels in tho great west  equal the Strathcona, and tourists from  every land will find within its portals  all the CBSontials that create pleasant memories within tho  mind of those who  travel.  ^V^^M������i*^^^������^M^*^>^*  n.rt.r n -j*r--������������������-������"������������������-������������������*-*i-i��������� ������*-*���������������-  B. TOflKINS, manager  NELSON, BIUTISH COLUMBIA.  ���������A'r-ui'A-H"  t  *.*,**  ���������/���������  -J\  ���������.j,������wrj*-iW-i������������ .���������Siii.  .������,;.-...- j  ������-.':^;,*^V.;-:'k0iSST������A .,-'���������  -   i  i..',������ll"lH���������  L1-'" :J"^mL"~  hk&mm ������������*jcw������MwwwM������-1r.-iJi������������������e������.-nviw.WMlaBa������ww^  ���������< EMLaijErwriUMWf&li Li'fJUteriMeiU-M^TtViUW>������,iMiI������v*M<  ~Lr4MijUo4^  i&illUUAMHauUfttWJWMtUtaMUInHUAUrtllMV  /  1  THE GREENWOOD LEDGE,  Greenwood, B. C, Sep. 13, 1906.  53=2=*  ill  iftlf  iertrt  ' Supplies electricity for Power,- Light, Heating  and Ventilation. Power Furnished to mines  for hoisting and air-compressor plants, with a  guarantee"that the service will be continuous.  Get our rates before completing your estimates  Some Good Float  MOTHER LODE FEVER  If you are going to hunt for gold  don't fail to get inoculated for the  "mother lode fever," says a man  1 THE CHAMPAGNE OF "WATERS, f  The Mineral Water Incomparable���������in  the Cafe,- at the Banquet, for the House.  Nature's'most delightful and beneficial  bequest to all mankind   g GREENWOOD LIQUOR  CO..  $15,000 Insurance for $21.50  The new and up-to-date - Tripple Indemnity  Policy of the Ocean. Accident and Guarantee  'Corporation, Ltd., the largest accident company in the world.   Assets over ������7,000,000.  FREDERIC W. McLAINE  DISTRICT AGENT,' GREENWOOD, B.  msmssassssBsmaa  c.  the Pacific Hotel  m  Is under the management of Greig  & Morrison. The rooms are comfortably furnished, and the bar contains the best brands of wines, liquors  and cigars in the city.  The Pacific Gafe  is conducted by Moore, & McElroy  It is open day and night. The dining room is one of the largest'in  the Boundary, and the lunch counter is just the place to get a quick  meal.      Copper street, Greenwood.  Is the best furnished hotel in the Itoundarv  district. Tc is heated with steam and  lighted by electricity. Excellent sample  rooms The bar is always abreast of the  times, and meals are served in the < afe  at any hour, day or night.  Ernest X Gartner, Prop.  d  i  who has been digging for precious  metals for forty odd years. In my  time, in. California, in< South Africa and. in the Klondyke, I have  seen many (experienced miners fall  ill of that disease.  Yon get out among a big gang of  men where everybody is struggling  to, unearth treasures and you get  in that frenzy that makes you  work with superhuman strength  and endurance. But if you have  heard or read somewhere that those  deposits of precious metals in the  streams and all others that are located similarly have been washed  down from up there in the hills  that story will echo in yo.ir ears  while you work, and at night it  will be the subject of your dreams.  Then you'd have the'''mother lode  fever."  That is, you'd have it unless you  were an uncommonly well educated miner or one endowed with a  rare quantity of good sense, or one  of those lazy beggars that think its  true that everything comes to him  who'll wait.  Iu many ways the theory of the  mother lode seems plausible. Even  the scientists haven't decided for  sure that there's nothing in it. It  is suggested that the gold discovered in the streams, as so much of  it was in California and the Klondyke, comes from the mountains  and was lodged there by convulsions of nature in bygone days.  The theory of the mother lode is  that in those convulsions great  quantities of gold were deposited  in the mountain ranges and that  what the average miner finds is  that part that has beeu washed  down by the water. Sounds plausible enough, doesn't it?  One who has set his mind on  reaching the great fountain head  of the stream of gold is thoroughly  convinced that somewhere back in  the mountains, where the mining  explorations have not yet beou  made, lies the Gr&tt Deposit. To  be sure, he might pick and wash  here in the stream and gather together enough to give him a fair  competence for life, but why putter about with the small things  when there, just above, lies wealth  that would make of him a modern  Midas?  Ever hear of Lem Hollister ? I  first met Lem in California, and  found him hot on the trail of the  mother lode���������so he thought.  Placer mining was not very profitable then. It has been played out.  I didn't know much about the  mother lode theory then; nobody  did, I guess, for it was something  new. Lein had picked tip the  theory somewhere, and he was  sure it would pay him in the end.  lie was a secretive cups, Lem  was. He'd work at placer milling  for  quite a spell, never say any-  centre lode up here, too ? I asked.  Not if I-keep diggin' away here,  he replied. I wondered then if he  still clung to his crazy idea, but  didn't say any more. A couple  days later he disappeared. I felt  pretty certain as to where lie had  gone. I've heard others talking of  finding the mother lode in the  Klondyke.  Oae day several months later I  met Hollister in Dawson. His  first expedition had failed; he had  returned, made another stake and  going out again. His reoent experiences had told on him; he  didn't. look fit for another journey  into those unknown regions.  Lem, I told him, don't you he a  fool . You're getting on fairly  well here and you ought to be satisfied.  Fairly well! he sneered.  Butter than lots of the boys, I  argued. What you've got doesn't  ilook big here but in the States it  will. You won't have to work  any more if you live to be 150 if  you keep on at placer and hang  on to your findings.  It's too slow and too hard, he  replied. I might as well bo working on the section. I've looked  into the mother lode matter carefully and my other searches have  taught me a lot. I'd be a fool to  give up now. "Why I'm on the  point of finding it. That's  straight.  I might as well have argued  with the wind. He never came  back.  I got pretty much interested in  the mother lode theory myself, but  I never got tho idea into my head  that I could find it. Not I. I'd  seen too many of its victims.  Here Too Pete  8$  How dear to my heart is the steady  ��������� subscriber,  Who pays in advance, without skipping a year;  Who lays down his dollar, and offers it gladly,  And casts 'round the office a  halo of cheer.  $  Who never says: "Stop it, I cannot afford it!"  Or, "Getting more papers each  day than I read;"  But always   says:   "Send   it the  whole outfit likes it���������  In fact,  we regard it a business need."  8  How welcome is ho when he steps  in the sanctum,  How    he   makes   our   heart  throb,   how   he   makes our  eye dance!.  We outwardly thank  him-we in  wardly. bless him��������� -  The   steady  subscriber   who  pays in advance.  $$$  ���������American Printer.  MERCHANT TAILOR  Silverton, B. C.  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'       ���������  Is convenient to all depots, telegraph offices and ������  banks in the city. Special attention paid to tourists, r,  commercial and otherwise. Tho cuisine is excellent, g  and all guests receive courteous attention. Touch 2  the wire when you.want rooms reserved |  HOQGAIRTH & ROLLINS, Propraetors.        J  t  t  Kootenay Engineering Works  NELSON, B. C.  Founders, Machinists and Iron Workers.   Makers of the Crawford  Aerial  Tram.    Castings,   Builders' Materials,  Mill  and Miuing Machinery  P. O. BOX 493. B. C. TRAVIS, MANAGER.  PHOENIX, B. C.  Is opposite the Great Northern depot, aud is a delightful haven for tha weary traveler. Great veins  of hot water run through the entire house, and  bathrooms are always at the service of those in  search of material cleanliness. The dining room is  an enemy to dyspepsia while the artistic appointment  of the liquid refreshment room'makes tho drinks go  down like eating fruit in a flower garden. The  sample rooms are the largest in the mountains and  a pleasure to drummers with big trunks.  JAS. MARSHALL, Prop, g  tiling to us, but always speming tn  be thinking a lot. Wlum he'd  gather up a little pile, he'd sell out  bin mini', whether he'd worked it  out or not, and away he'd go away  up in the mountains alone. He  seemed to think he could discover  tlie mother lode without any as-  .-istance; ho didn't want to have to  divvy with anyone. Of course ho  never found it. When 1n's stake  was gono he'd come back and dig  in again to make another. Next  time I saw Lem was at Nome. I  was one of the first ones to go there  from the States, but Lem was  there ahead of me. We staked  claims iu the sumo locality and  Lem worked faithfully and diM  well.  You'll soon havo enough laid by  to make you independent, I said  to him one day,  Yea, I'm doiug fairly well, considering he said. ,  You don' think you'll find tho  Not long ago, in the course of an  inquest on a young lady who was  run nver and killed in one of ntir  leading cities, it came out in evidence that she was a barmaid and  also a contributor of stories and  sketches to 'London and Australian  mag.izines. There is :v general impression that the life of the average  barmaid is too onerous and distracting to leave any leisure for intellectual pursuits., The Hon. Thou.  Bent, Premier of Victoria, replying rccenctly to n deputation that  urged the ubolitiou of baimaids,  said that he was creditably informed that some of the best educated women in the land aro in the  bars.���������London Chronicle.  THE MAIL STAGE  M. Gillis, Prop.  GREENWOOD TO  FERRY, WASH.  Leaves Greenwood at 7:30  a. m. each day. Returning,  leaves Ferry on arrival of  Great Northern train. Offiice at  ROSSLAND   HOTEL  Copper Street .  Among the interesting exhibits  which will he made in the Home  Industry building of the Spokano  Interstate fair by the 150,000 olub  of Spokane will be a printing press  and outfit iu operation. This will  bi made by the Q'liclc Print com������  pany, of Spokane, which will publish a daily bulletin on tho fair  grounds.  EXCURSION TRIPS EASTJ  $86.28  Winnipeg, Port Arthur, St. Pan1, Duluth,  Sioux JCity.  Kansas City, $60.90.      St. Louis, 862,65}  Chicago, $66.65.  On Sale August 7, 8, 9: Sept 8 to  10  Final Limit, Oct. 31st.  TORONTO, $79.30, On|salc Sept. 8, o,>  Limit, Nov. 30th.  MILWAUKEE, $64.85.   On sale August  7, 8, 9.   Limit, Oct. 31st.  Through rates all station*, Ontario, Que-  ���������    bee, New York, New England,  Maritime provinces on application to local agents  or write  J. 8. CAIITXK, V. P. A., Notion.  K. .1, OOYLK, A. C. P. A. V.ncouvoa  THE MICHEL HOT]  Still retains its supremacy as the t best hotel in the 'KootenayF.  Ostermoor Mattresses  Clean linen and Good Cooking  "Excellent hunting in season.    Good trout fishing in the Elk  river and neighboring streams.    Address all communications to  Thomas Crahan, Manager, Michel, IS. (J.  BBBBSBBB  J.  D. ANDERSON  Civil Engineer and Provincial  Land Surveyor,  TRAIL, B. C.  In the matter of tho "Land Hefflitry Act" and  Iu the mutter of the Certlllcat'i of Title N*o.MM>������  to an undivided hMf of lot MS Group one known  ������3 the "Khorforlo Dhu" mlnoml claim.  WHEKKASItliM been proved to my ifttli-  faotlon thnt CurtlUc������t������ of Title No. M00������ for in  undivided Imlf of Lot ������8 Group ono known n������  "Knderlo Dim" mineral claim, reninttruA in tha  name of Waltor h D'Aeth has boon loit or d o-  itroved anil application has been made to me  for a duplicate thereof.  Notice U hereby Rlvon that each duplicate  Certificate will be leaucd one month from tho  date hereof uiileea in the meantime cause to the  contrary be hIiowii to me In writing.  Dated thl* sutu day rit July, inn,  \V  |(.KI>MaNDS  1,'i .tflet Ili-KHtnu.  The Kootenay Saloon  Sandon, B. C., has a line of nerve  bracers unsurpassed in any mono-  tain town of the Great West A  glass of aqua pura given free with  spirits menti.  Hewjmai*ketflofcei  Is the home for all tourists  and millionaires visiting New    '���������  Denver.   British   Columbia.  HENRY   STEGE,   PROPR.  J. R. Cameron.  The Reception Hotel  In Camborne gives all its patrons  the purest food, drink and cigars,  .James Lindsley.' Prop.  Blue Prize, Henry Vane,  Columbus and Havana Ark  CIGARS  are Union Made Cigars, made by W. P.  Kilbouruc & Co., Winnipeg and sold on  the road bv GF.OROF. MORTON".  Leading Tailor of the  Kootenays.  Sandon, B. C.  The Windsor Hold  of Grand Forks, B, C, caters to  inlncrs, mechanics and smelter mcu  A. B..Sloan, Manager.  TSEJWOfiT HOUSE  Nelson. B. C, is run on tit  the American and European  plan. Nothing yellow about  the house except the gold in  t^e safe.  Malcmc   &  TnccrilUis  -' 1  V.I  !M  fi!  MMM  WitynuMMJiniiHiimi  yz; (Gtreg,rnypod,B..C., Sop,-13, IDCG.  ���������THE GREENWOOD LEDGE  KWyawwwwr|ii|iiiflii.iiiii ���������iiiMiiimwwwwwsat  Now, 'is tiie.time to  jret your  FALL StJlT  and   OVbRCOAT  We liave a. fine range  of Suitings and Overcoatings.  Call and see the new  Fall Fashion Plates.  WFI QON   c������PPer' street'  ���������    l^a-������^v71^9 Greenwood.  DIFFERENT IN B. C.  ���������Folk traditions have in many  ^vays played a prominena part iu  tlip development of the mining industry in Mexico. One of these,  wuich amounts to a superstition,  is a pronounced aversion of the  -Mexican miner to work in a mine  'that has bean entered by a woman.  .The origin of this- superstition is  not easily traced, though it is  claimed that it originated among  ^tho primitive native . miners who  'exploited the mines of this countr}'  ^before the advent of the. Spaniards  and   is connected with the first  M il       ���������  miner's strike in America.  A, very interesting explanation  of tho origin of this superstition  has been given to one who claims  to be a student of Mexican antiquities. It recalls, in a way, the  time in Jewish history when the  Nile river adobe makers were required to gather their own straw  for mixing with the then universal  building material.    He said:  Tho flrst strike that ever took  place in a mine on the American  continent, as far as there is either  any tradition or other record of,  was during the reign of Moctezuina  II.    It is  notorious that this Moc-  8^t^aan������KmftTOMt%M  THE BIGGEST flflD BEST EVE*?  Sept. 19,20,21  tezuma, was one of the weakest  of the line of Mexican rulers since  tho time of old Tenox, who  brought the tribe into the valley,  or at least since the groat civil  war, in which the older Mocte-  zuma made such a brilliant display  of military genius and generalship  and the result of which struggle  was the great triple alliance. He  was, in fact, educated for the  priesthood, and at the time he was  called to the throne he was sweeping the steps of one of the numerous toecalli in tho city. His  character was almost as effeminate  as that of one of his predecessors  who waB made to wear women'B  clothes to amuse the tyrant Mazt-  lon. It is not surprising, therefore, that when there was a strike  among tho miners in one of the  districts which furnished the largo  part of the gold and silver for the  royal treasure, he sent an outfit of  women to scab on the strikers.  Of course, the women did not  prove very successful, but the  miners were not satisfied in the  knowledge that the business was  being carried on at a loss. They  sought to further avenge themselves of the insult and caused a  part of tne roof of the mine to cave  in on the women, causing most of  them to perish.  This was a great victory for the  strikers and Moctezuina decided  to acceed to their demands for  higher wages. But the miners  bad now grown decided!}' haughty  and refused to go back to work.  The managing committee met and  issued an edict that no miner  should ever re-enter the mine  where the women had died. At  this point Moctezuma sent another  gang of men to work in the mine,  but every one that entered perished.  When the Spaniards began to  work the mines of this country,  they naturally employed native  miners. These were little more  than slaves, but they maintained a  strict observance of tho tradition  in regard to working in a mine  where women had entered.  The tradition is so strong that  one of the biggest mines in the republic a few years ago came near  going out of business. The wife of  the American superintendent  wished to enter the mine and see  what it. was like. She was allowed to do so but every miner immediately left the mine and only  after much labor were they induced  to return to work. It was explained to them that the rule did  not apply to American women.  The miners were not very easily  convinced of that, however, aud  rumors are to the effect that some  of the argument 'used in getting  them to return to tho mi ne was  more practical than that laid down  in tho text book on logic.  A LAUGHABLE LETTER  New Fall Suits of latest patterns and styles  ^nd at prices that everybody can afford to wear  S' glothes, ranging in price from $10 to $20.  m With each suit we give a suit-hanger, which S|  ������ will always keep your suit in shape when not 82  in use. We have just received over 200 new |  samples from the largest and most reliable  tailoring house in Canada, the >< Crown Tailoring Co.," which we sell at Eastern Prices and  guarantee every suit to give satisfaction.  RUS5ELL=LAW=6AULFIELD .60.  Groceries, Hardware, Clothing and Gents'Furnishings.  The following letter written by a  school girl to.her mamma who had  been absent two weeks on her vacation, shows what home may become without a mother.  The mother and father were rusticating in a distant state,' having  left the children, consisting of the  author of the letter and her four  brothers at home with their grandmother. A delayed remittance,  and other misfortunes, real or imaginary, led the daughter to appreciate the "old folks" at their  real value. ��������� "Without trying to be  funny, writing in dead earnest,  this is what she said:  My Dearest Mother:  Well here we are expecting you  homo today, and get a letter saying you haven't set the day.  If ever things were in a mess,  they certainly are now. We are  all "brqke, dead broke." Tal  walked to school this morning,  hasn't got a cent. Grand Ma is in  the same box, and I,- Oh don't  mention me, please 1 I've been  thinking of jumping off Suicide's  Bridge, but haven't quite got the  nerve.  Now  please,   dear,   dear don't"  faint while I gently murmer something in your ear,.     Better lock  Papa  up in a safety vault when  you tell him.    A fellow stole my  purse at the meet Saturday.   "All  my dongh gone! Boo ! hoo !   Don't  worry,   the worst is coming.    The  money that I owed Harry for ihe  tickets,  the money for Eaton and  $1.00 of Lill'sr    Say has the bell  boy turned yon out yet?   Isn't the  hotel on   lire?     Well   I got four  dollars  from Mrs.   G., and after  paying other debts I have just 2oc  left.     I'm rich!   The others are  poor.     Say isn't this delightful?  Don't you just love to get letters  from me?   I tried to put it off,(as  you know.)     I have been so mad  and disgusted.  Are you dead yet? Can you  stand for some more? Better lie  down aud rest awhile before you  swallow this. Have the smelling  salts ready. Next Friday we have  our class day, it is the event of the  school year, and Oh Mamma ! Oh  Papa 1 I've got to have a new dress,  hat aud shoes, (white slippers if  you please.) I'll never ask  another favor while I live, but I  must have a nice suit! Come  come, COME HOME, COME  HOME. Ain't I the limit plus,  Daddy dear? Just hate me don't  you? Wish I was never born eh?  Honest Injun Daddy I can't help  it. Daddy let me have a swell rig  this time. Oh, I'll do anything  in the world for you. There I'm  bawling so I won't say another  word about it. But the class  treasurer is after me every day  trying to make me "cough up" S3.  As that is what we each have to  paj'. I have coughed and coughed  but I'll eat my hat, (no I won't  for its tho only one I've got) if I  can raise the S3.  Mamma, if you love me any at  all, come home. Oh ! do come  home! Say Mamma, bring a piece  of Papa's leg with you, dear.  Grand Ma says a good big piece of  it too. We'll have to mortgage  the house if you don't hurry.  Say hadn't I better ring off?  Wouldn't you liko to shake mo out  of my boots? Gee ! I'm glad I'm  not there. Love and kisses from  all, bushels of them. Corue home!  Ye Gods come HOME! I can't  write a groan or I would make  your hair stand on end. Love and  some more kisses.  Alpha  The Goods  offered will  10th and 15th of  each month we intend mak-  ing a Special pay-Day Sale  be at such  prices that  you will want to buy. We will advise you by  K Special Poster a few days before  each sale as to the lines to be offered.  LOOK   OUT   FOR   THE   RED   POSTERS  Tf4E   H^NTEH-^EflDHlCK   CO.  LIMITED  THE BIG STORE  >��������������� ilium *^   >*  Dublin had Genesis xxx inscribed  on them. Genesis xxx ! exclaimed  his. host in astonishment. Whatever do you mean ? Oh, its all  over the place���������on the walls and  even on the barrels, said the minister. Then his host laughingly  said: Why you mean Guinness'  XXX! *   The K. C. C. cigar will not run  at the next election. It will stand  its ground all through the Boun-  dai'3T.  WE WANT AT ONCE .  ioo Dominion Copper at.$3 75  5000 California      02^  5000 Cariboo-McKinney..     02  iooo Rambler      34  ioooo Sullivan...:      07  5000 Can: Gold Fields Syn     06  If you wish "to buy any  WE WILL SELL  1000 International Coal $   65  25 Canadian'Marconi.... 3 25  2000 Nicola Coal Mines'....     06 ���������  5000 American Boy........     03  5000 Novelty Mines      02 j������  1 100 Northwest Coal   1 2^ ���������  of the above stocks at  R. H. TRUEMAN  The well-known photographer  of Vancouver, B. C, will be  in Greenwood, Copper street,  for two weeks only, commencing  This wil be your only opportunity for some time to secure  the highest class of Photographic "Work. *Kemember the  date,  OCTOBER 10  FOR TWO WEEKS  prices named, please wire at our expense Write for  Quotation Sheet and Market Letter. It will interest  you.   Drawer 1082.  B. B. MIGHTON & CO.  Mining and Investment Brokers, Nelson, B. C.  BEALEY INVESTMENT AND TRUST GO. LTD.  Houses and rooms to rent.    Also a well furnished barber shop  on Copper street  MINING ST0GKS, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANGE  aBEESN'WOOD,   B.   O. <'  Dishes in full or  half sets, 97 pieces  to the set, 812.00.  97 pieces, Meakins'  Besst, $15.00.  Glassware at your  own price. See onr  Water and Liquor  glasses. We can  furnish your home  complete.  The (J IC New &2nd Hand store, A��������� |_ WHITE & CO.  VENDOME  The Christian Eegister tells of an  old Presbyterian minister who was  visiting Dublin, and who, though  rather short-sighted, liked to prowl  about the city by himself. On returning home one evening his host  found him reading the bible, and  tha minister exclaimed: J can't  make it out at all, I have iead  Genesis xxx twice over and I am  none tho wiser. Ho explained  that a largo portion of tho shops in  ANACONDA  Is just a few minutes' walk from  the center of Greenwood, and a  convenient place to drop in at the  end of a walk. Convenient to the  smelter and provides the public  with  EDS  OARD AND  EVERAGES  J..-.Q. MELVIN  Mail Orders Promptly Attf; nded  Late of  SAIS'DON, B.C.  Manufac'urinjr Jeweler  Expert Watchmaker and Diamond  Setter, Manufacturer of Chains,  Lockets and Rings, Wedding rings  made on short notice.  WORK   GUARANTEED  Next Door to Beading Boom  P. O   BOX   268 '  A  COxMPLETE  STOCK   QF  F. M. LAMB  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  GREENWOOD   B. C.  [GRAND FORKS  Jeweler and Optician, dealer in  Fine Watches, High-Clata Jewelry,  Diamonds, etc.  OOK  *������  AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES AT  Cole  Frith  vj  s������������ffi^&������^$i


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