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The Ledge Oct 24, 1907

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'- "    ' V
- ,   -<������    -NEW   GOODS.' ' ��� :   ,'
Wo have just received a very fine line of  Gold JSTeck
Chains, "Bracelets, Brooches, and Pendente at reaton-
;     \,    uble prices. "Call'Mid pee'them.
��� ���    .A. LOGAN:&-CO./
4f~*f W^$
Dusty   Roads   Mean, Dusty Clothes
Cm-b vour clothes wit J one of on, 76c. whisks or 33c Brushes       -
DRUGGISTS. , .        :  OPTICIANS.    '  '
'   1 i ,Vr    '
Vol Xl~V.
Brand ftfotbing
Is acknowledged by/all.to he the best for, the money uiado in
Canada. Om,l$ 10 suits are equal-to any 812.50 suits,shown in
1 B. p. We are specially strong on ��15.00 'suits, showing A large
range at this price. \$20.00. wijl bring the best suit in the store,
and equal to any 82f> suit'sold elsowliere.
RusselRaw-Caolfleld Co., !Ltd,
'   '   Hardware, Groceries; Clothing and Gents' Furnishings.
Frederic W. Melame
Mining and Ileal lOsfato Broker,
Estates Managed and 'Loans Marie,
���Local and JDistiict Agent Canadian
Pacific    H$ii 1 way.'     Stocks    and
Shares a Specialty. Green wood, B.C. /
is out of
K F.
iw* *-"*��*��� Km(Mi ,cavt���'r"i��?'i:* ,?�����''^V'^k,]";,;,;^-,;
Mathison; denLi.it
town until October
As a daily paper the Kosblaud
Miner closed publication on Tuesday.
Leaves I'hnunix 1119:30 a. 111. awl'Green-
fiL 3 p. m. l'HSbeiif'er, ex-lie's and height
tjaffic butwi-t'ii Urn two cities handled
with caie, attention and rapidity.
t). L. arcKLROY, I'KOP.
W. 0. Cfaunce,, returned Tuesday from a business trip to the
West Fork.
J. T. Beattie,
of   the
���The   provincial  legislature   will
..mee*'January 10.
R. T. Lowery has gone on a
trip to jTelson and other points.
Tlie smallpox quarantine at
Phoenix was raised on Saturday.
C. F. Cootorton, the real estate
and insurance man of Vernon i.s
in the cit}'.
whoa.-o nowr ^���;nr^g7����������' ?�� ^peed,   and thj,
"Jineivil.,ix weeks. Meanwhile the work
of devolopment'goes on at the mine
wn,h a big crew.    A fc the ItutihtMul"
timber   on  aon.eno^saVd'mTn^l^-1  be .in working order in, about
Bank of Commerce,   has returned,     -r    ��� ,,     , ,   ,
I'roin-KamlooDS.'---, .. Joe baiter hasi bonded  his cop-
-    j per claims on   Howe sound  for a
other 0II1-, large amount.
We are now doing business in
the basement; under our old
ollice. Drop in and see us if
yor. want to Rent, Buy or Sell
Ileal Estate. *       /
Bealey Investment and Trust
1��A*D"UJ> Ciil'ITAr., 8*10,000,000.     .    lUOSJSJtVJ" I'*UXW,*"S.'5,()0n,O00.
"B.- E. WALKER, President.-      ALEX. LAJBD, General Manager.
' " -    H-. H.'-MORRIS," Snpt. Pacific .Coast Branches.   ,
Branches Throughout-Canada,, and m the United States
���   "  \\    and England. *   -
- A General Banking Business Transacted.    Accounts may be opened by
mail with all branches of this Bank.       '<   ,
* ���   '    ��� ��� -\" Savings .Bank Department.
Deposits of $1 and upwardsVeeeived, and'interest allowed at current
, rates.    The "depositor is-subject to no delay whatever ih'the  withdrawal of the whole or an}' portion bf the deposit/
J. T: BEATTIE, Manager - Greenwood' Branch: -"
iomas   1 nomas
Merchant Tailor
Agent Rex Tailoring Co.    Cleaning'and Repairing a specialty.
Copper Street -' -  -  Greenwood
1*9 EMI 10 ���
���, n i %
$ 111
One  ofthe oldest banks doing business in the country.
56 Branches in Canada and United States
Prompt attention given to collections.
" Savings   Department���Deposits of SI.00 and  upwards received.
Interest paid hRlf-yoarlyT^'. ..-  '     ,.-_...,,-��     \ ��� ^ ?"7-~7~"
Drafts bought and sold and a general banking business transacted.
Ferry, Siiinni(-i-]jiii<l,   K.ml   Sciimiifi-l.UKl,
*       OIv.'imtKiiu l.ako:' * -
IN* lueorlmire villi (
l'W7,   "FViilos   ,\or
"  Warren   Miller, and
cials of the Dominion  Copper Co.
will be in Greenwood this week.
AV. J. Deavitt, 'of iVi-l^on, chief
of provincial .police in Kootenay
and the Boundary,uiih in iho city
ireinzo is said to have lost twenty
millions by the squVeze in copper,
fie should come to'B. C. and make
another raise.
]Nr. F. McNaughtf of Silvertou is
attending court in" the city Ibis
week. lie says that Hie t-tiw of
hope is again visible along Slocan
Orosecutting is being done at the
no-level by the 'Diamond-Texas
syndicate. The .crosscut is in
about fifteen feet in well-mineralized rock.
Since moving to Idaho Jas. Ken
has become a staunch Republican,
or at least an admirer of the President of the United' States, judging
from an' item which appears in
these columns. I
^Dr. Mathison went up lo the
Nickel Plate on Thursday and spent
several busy days. Up there he
claims to have the highest; dentiil
oflice in the Dominion of Canada.���Hedley Gazette.
A dispatch  from   Grand  Forks
inspected tlie school "and
found it well couducted, but would
recommend that a new heatim-
ptont be installed to avoid anv
possible danger from lire : that the
building he painted as .soon as p��s-
si We, and that a flag poi0 |,e ereclw-
aiul a flag supplied, po that bhe
spirit of loyalty   m;iy   |)e   fi|.m]
planted in ihe breasts of the ristm-
generation. h
We would again recommend that
the city authorities  install a  fire
sayn that, the llinilus beat nil com- J,>'tlm"? n,',lr (he  l-o-ipital, so that
era at picking potatoes". iulicr firt  piotecfion  n.ay  be
' -ni    n n ,       , , I fouled.'
the li. C.  smeller  blew  in  another furnace on   Monday and has
0(! cars of coke coming in.
The ;i I-it of October is the last
day on which non-property holders
cm register a*, municipal voter.-,.'
Fred IToar is down for a few
days from Camp ^rcKinney, where
ho is working at the  Cariboo mill.
Born���At Mullan. Idaho, on
September iSfch, to JTr. and Mrs.
Jas. Kerr, twins, a boy and a
girl." ,'
F. C. Miller, Inrrister, and
Sheriff Kerman, of Grand Forks,
are .attending fhe sittings of tho
assize court here.
Boundary  Valley lodge JJo. 38.
I. O. 0. F., will
ball  on  the 31st ins,)-,
the Pacific Cafe.        /
In order to get away from the
monotony of Phoenix Geo. W.
Rumberger spent a few happy
hours in Greenwood last Monday.
_   Wo found Lhe    court house and
]ail scrupulously clp.ui  and  in ex-
JLopn they are working on ore, and
the null kopps up if-, pteady grind.
Lwo mufls are  working at the Slocan  Star.    At  tlie Elkhorn  they
have begou  a  now crosscut*, but a'
shift is  drifting.    A not her-car of"
good ore is  being'got ready. ' Ab
the Lone  Bachelor, George Petty,
the owner, is working a  full crew
with good results.    The" local syndicate,   now operating the  Goud-
enoiigh are cros uniting ami c.mli-
dent   of   tapping   the   rich   Keurf-
(���oodPiioiigh vein.    Litigation still
debars the  Jj-i^t  Chance  ma;ia"e-
ment from can- "    "
.  ying out their pro-
eelle.it coi.il.tion,  and  we  wonld  frj"nue? ,?Iut th<i lorif-' crosscut on
to the fact that the  dairies in+hoi*.      *.""  <-   """"
district are uot system   Sd v  in   3t ��� ? P'T1'^ U'e Afhl  �����-.-
sjsrematically  m-  which is being worked mifler lt��i��e.
give their annual
Supper at
liftlitpr 7-.  R. S
 bi?s. '
PAID   UP  CAPITAL, $14,000,000.        :REST, ��11,000,000  %$
UNOIVIDED PROFITS, $422,589.98 ���     O
Drafts lbsuod 011 till point's, r.n(l Coltec    '433
X   TO,   " F 011 los   Aor."  the U<ni-iniioiit of  store of   ^Tp'Riip   "Ritk*     ic   dill   r,n
rjrlrnh  (Jolumliiii  mvitu   ai)"i!.'.iti,,ns   foi   �� ,    7     "i-tixae   JilOS.    IS   Still   OU
and bargains are being ^secured
every day. .. Ladies shoiild not
miss this ���opportunity to obtain
goods that are chic "for a small
amount of money.
W. A. Keith, merchant, Beaverdell, came in from tho West Fork
on Tuesday's stage. The raining
outlook on Wallace mouutain is
veiXpromising, all the claims now
being worked showing np well under development.
Alex. Sanderson, of P. Burns &
Co., and Mrs. Sanderson returned
this week from a month's visit to
Owen Sound, Ont.    S. H: Sander-
It. G. Sidley,  of Sidley ; Frank
Richrer,   Kercmeo-i ;  D." A.   C.ir-
michael,   R.   TI.   Parkinson,   and
ihe sale of Chinaware   at the Mrs.   C.   Keller,   Fail-view; are in
# We ugain beg to draw the attention ol the proper authorities to
the (act that the government ofl'i
cials and provincial police officers
in the district are inadequately remunerated for their valuable services.
We trust that 'your   lordship's
stay in the Boundary district may
be a  pleasant one,  and  that you
may be long spaied to perform the I
duties of your high oflice.
Du.vcax McLvrosir, Foreman.
The first case taken up was Rex
coininjr down.    An aj7,
uns group,
v. LaBJanc, on a charge of fraud.
The   accused  was assistant road-
rnadea oar shipment a week ago.
At t.'ie Qiioeii Be=s, the parties
who iccently took a lease ou tho
ovver wot kings, are reported to
have struck^ore.--Mining Review.' /
The Mdgrfola clg ir is made from -
choice tobacco, and smokers should
look for it whan in .search of some-'
thing that will   delight the senses '
>      n-i ~ '
jt-   there  is no shut-down  at,the'
iiicloi-. in Xel.son, where the KoyaT
Seal Cigar i.s made.    It is still being smoked  in  all  parts   of   the
ehnrtPi-foL ,1 fuiy to ply lictneen Sumnipil.mcl
mill a jioint 011 tin, opp'^lto side ol Oliiiiuii-ati
l.nkc Iviionn a-, Ei>st Suinirieitiiiul, 11 flisfiinco
ofulioiitl'? mil<s
j\|)|)i:cations will lo leeeiv-eii ""> to.uidln-
(���lndm(-tSaturiliy. t!i�� ffSth cluy of .Sci'itotnliur.
Tlio clmrti-r v.lll cover a poiiod eviililniron
thi'.sntli.luiio V(fl
The feny slmll m.ikn two trips each way
cvury d.iv, ivealln'i poriiiittuifr
Ainilicnllnn-slinll crive ,\ ilc-eilptioii of the
ve-s>(il or vwls it N propiwd to ii'-c, which
must conform in all lo-ipcct-, to tin- require
moiib1 of Ihe "Stcniilioat Inspection Act,"
9i')v!t".r,,'i'1S:'8, ,l1"1 allic"'li"f* Act. I-iuIUmcnt
Geneial J3KiilcinH
'tloim made at lowest nite-,
.of CmiRtU.
po-t-ft tu a->lc 101
Kncli ndult p.i�� .onfjer.
Knell i-luld (not in .11 mi) undor l.'i veir*
Fach he id of c Utlc' lif)r*c. mnU'oi'donkey,1
Kach c.ilf, <,h(.e)i. poat or swine etc
K.u-h vohiclo 'Mlh one hor'oand diivcr.
I'.aeh  cait Oi   uai-i-oii  with  one horse
drhoi. loiried
' Each \chicle -��� -th t��o lior-c, and diivcr, unloaded
I'uclr vehicle with  two  hor-cs an 11 Jdriver,
I'ucli pucel nf ��*i lln. and im<W
l''i<iif-lit. per  li,f- pounds,  ami  mulct,   11011-
litii-diul.le goods
Kii'ifrht pei KK) pound*, and under, iiciiihiblc
To rho snccc-.sful   -ppl'i'mii tie fi-iNernnient
(>! Ilutisli Colunililn will pit at the c\p'i.illou of
e\eiy linee nionth" of Mtlsfactoiv lervu-e the
master on the V., V. & E.. and
had charge of the Phoenix branch.
He is charged with running in
The jury returned a verdict of not
guihy. J. 1). Speuce, of Whiteside
& Spcnee, appears for the crown,
and E. C. Miller of Grand Forks
,,      _ for the accused.
Alex. Kobinsou  leaves  today to
start his lumber campon the North       "Hongs   of   a Sour-Doun-h''   by
Fork of Kettle river.   He will take-LRobert   W.   Service,   now�� in  its
out ties as well as timber for  saw-  fifth edition, can  be purchaned ait
of J. L. Cole-, iu Green-
the city as witnesses on the Jlayncv
TJS^S^^S^^^^^!^!R^^^r��J^ ill^s^^a!r^iP^!^s^^r^ g.
Our range for this season curapiiscs .1 Urger and better ua-
sortment than ever.   AVcare showing all tho latest ileeifrns
fimn ol tuuliiiiiiiu-l mid liftv (-.'VifdoIlnM.
Tlu-fioirriiiiieiit uf Unti".h Uolumhi.i ii 	
nete^iuily hound to aetipt any  application
1'itlilic W'oil:-, I'.nt-inecr.
Land* mid W01 l-s Dep iitmcnt,
Vlctoii.i, U 0 , Aiu-u-t .'(Uh, vm.
and coloring* in
We sliall be pleased to have you call and inspect our stock,
ns our stiles an't prices will hear the strictest comparison.
D17 Goods.     RENDELL   8c   CO.    Millinery,
\TOTrCI-* I* hereby -,'iven that the time fui ie-
il IcPivinKiippli iitioii-sfiir.uliiultr fot it feny
to ply between SuiiiiiioiI ihd and ,i point on the
nijiiotitn ���"We of OkiviiHirill 1-ikc, ktiovvn i\a Fast
Siimmerl.ind. a (I-.-t.intc of about.',' mile--. In��
l)"en uMi'iuk'il up to .iii.l iiHludin-Thuiid.n-,
the JIat (lay of October. TX)7.
"    E.CaxMIHjR.
, ���.    ,    ,   I'ulillf Woik'-r.ni'Iiiecr.
Jj.uid ��� and \\ orks Dopni tnu nt.
Victoria. 15. C , .Wth M:ptem!,(r, I'>07.
Fresh and 'Salt Meats, Fish and
Fowl always in stock.
Okanagan Apples at $2.00 per
lAhl, 2*0110' tint .111 ap-lie.Uimi ha-bee i
m w'e to ieei\:er Oen-ce Weltucod a-i the o\\ i�� i
111 I'd- Sluiple, under n T.iv \ile Il.-cd fmin
Genri,.,.   I!irk( tt-Tii-lor. Collector ot Mtinici-
Viri'i-    C  , '!"'   C-Jl>'   '-   -'l'""��*l''��l,    to    ISl.JKfe
V\ell��ood, bcariMifditethc.INt div of July. A.
1). 1%7, orall in d anipiKt Hint it mln panel or
tract of land ..nd prenu-ei, situate. I\(n-:nii>l
l,fi,,,"'."i,t!!,0S*"-v,01 Oreeiinnfd.in the I'lniince
of Iliitislitoliimlim.innic p.-utkul-rlv knniwi
and (IcciIIk dm Lot a, Uloek 1.', ilaiiSl.City of
Gncniiodd '
Ynii nnd each of you me tn|tiirei| to cnnU-t
the ehinii of the t��\ I'lireha-er uitiiln fnrlv-thc
day-from tlie date of lir^t pubii-iitl.m.-,nd In
(h fiult of --���-��������� -.
son, of Oroville, "Wash., accompanied them and was married to
Miss Bowerman of Owen Sound
last month. ��
After spending several weeks in
Brandon, Regina and other western towns in the wheat belt, D. L.
McElroy has returned and is again
on the front of the fast Phoenix
stage. He was highly pleased with
the amount of railway riding that
he received for $o f.
C. DeB. Green, *P. L. S , of
Osoyoos, is in the city attending
the sittings of the assize court. Mr.
Green is the oldest resident surveyors in Southern British Columbia, having in the early days been
engaged in the survey of mineral
claims iu the Boundary.
Wanted���Wide-awake boys in '
every city town and village to sell
Western Canada's new weekly
newspaper, " The Western Homo-
Mead." Hustlers ran make money.
No capital required. Write for
terms immediately. The Western
Homestead, Calgary.
P. D. Ahier, superintendent of
the Cariboo mine. Camp McKin-
ney. was married last week at En-
derby to Miss E. 'Bjrnes of New
Denver. The young couple arrived at tho iniiie last week and
ing purposes, and will erect a saw
mill on the North Fork.
Mr. Shape, formerly of Slocan,
has bonded a group of claims about
eight miles from North Vancouver
to Sookane men. J. C. Haas made
a favorable report" on the properties. The ore carries copper, gold
and silver values, some assays
showing 30 per cent copper.
. J.   Peck   MacSwaiu,   the well-
the store
The-Kooteuay Belle is the,name
of a cigar that can be found in
nearly   every   town   between  the
blue Pacific and the wheat country.
 <. ^
Editor Liidgc : Letter-*  aie being   constantly   received   hy   the
known Associated Press represen-   Bureau of Provincial Information
tative, arrived   in the city; Monday j from   persons   desiring   work    on
evening by special train. ]Mr. Mac
Swain  has   spent   the  past three
months in the  fruit land, or .sagebrush, belt of  the interior of tho
State of  Washington,  preparing a
series of articles on the horticultu-
ral.and agricultural  possibilities of
the Inland Empire, as special representative of the Interior  department  at   Washington.      He  will
! spend a few days in the Boundary
district, nnd then go  west through
the Similkameen tp the coast, and
from there  north, going east over
the proposed route of the ff. T. P.
Mr. MacSwaiu, as well as being a
a brilliant writer, hasjnade astiuh
of statics and hydrostaties,ai*d isaii
expert ou  hydraulic, derrick and
other hoisting processes.  For years
he was a  well  known  printer and
newspaper writer at the coast, but
lately has not worked at  the business.
farms and orchards. Tho.so -ippli-
cations aie from the middle and
eastern provinces of Canada, the
British Isles and Northern Europe,
and may be divided into four
classes, namely :
1. Young muii inexperienced iu
farm work, wishing to kv,in puic-
ticil farm work  and   hoi'ticuItii:e.
2. Experienced faun lund.-*, unmarried. '
o.    E\'penen>V(l    f,i-m
TantaUte at Tulameen.
J.O.RMlly of OU1U was in Prjn-
tieton Monday and brought with
him an ast-ortmeut of simple.-- of
ore which was superior to anything we had ever before seen of
the kind.
The samples came from the rich
Tulameen  country   iu   the  upper
Similkameen, and many  rare minerals were visible.    One lump  of-
black mineral about  the size of a
hen's egg Mr.   Reilly informed ua
was Tantalite and was  worth fifty
dollars.     This  mineral' is   worth
ten dollars per gram and is iitwd iu-
the manufacture of   mrmde-'C'-nt
light-?.     This substance could  be
seen .in  nearly, all   die samul'-s..-.
Thorium   and   thallium,   both   of -
Jonsiderable value and used for tlie:
same purpose, oxide of  titanium,
used in the manufacture of high-
grade steel, and said to be valued,
seven hundred dollars per ton, and''
other rare  and  valuable  minerals,
were in evidence.
The deposit lies near Champion
crer-k in the Tulameen countrv, it,
about nine hundred fecfc in length,
iiud from tour to five feet in width
���*o far as has been a-ceriaiuod by is,
number of cro.---.cuts that have b\-eu,
made, and the rock is -ukl to c m-
Uiu three per cent, of mineral.
Dan Kootenay, the di-covcier of
the property, has  nine claim's lo-"
Headquarters for
I Carpets,
�� Linoleums, Window Glass
1 T.M.Gullevc&Go., Kotu���p��^nff.
g *���
g Greenwood's Iii" Furniture Store.
. k ULit'ir nit uh .ltd oi if--H-nii-1,.  were given a  routing reception by
ii��iiii.-ii!i'il -mhI in def.uili(.in,l.iii|i|l(jii-u!iiii,i   the rom'th'tiN nf tlir. p-imn
li"it,-.l!.^r,;.".lL>",!.wl" bl ^'i',-<rUh,;.i..>i-iihi |       it-hitiLius ot me camp.
Wm. Madern and Sophia Ny-
r u.it.:d nt "'L-iiiVf'RoL'h'iry Vi'iiii-i-" ;i< mdn i.. iMioin, both of the Mother Lode,
f!2v,lrl,i?...V.f.JJr,,,.!,,.iy,"",'|a. "'I- -M.'iuiUli'ft on  TuF-cIny'H stage for Spo-
kiine, whciothey will enter into a
life   partnership.     Both  arc  well
When you want a monument- or
headstono write to the Kootenay
Marble Works, Nelson, B. C.
men interested in rhem with him.
A New York and Philid-iplna
company are now figuring on*tho
psoperty with a view to pui-Jha-sin,-.
A large platinum ore dep---it, in
paying quantitie.-,, lies between
this and Slate creek, and E. P.
Welsh, uf the A��*eayi��g and .Mining company, of Dmiv-t, Cdoi'ado,
' is putting up -510,000 lo h ive tlie
mine prospected.    Pentictou Pres-j.
dehniii'il fioni -i itiinruii mn el inn i.i'.ii m ie-
���iiLL-t of the hum bu���!, i���i! I ,h,ll 11/i.tn
lieoixe \\ rllnooil .11 imiitr ihei, of t
ll.it,il  nr   t.0,,.1   "
1I.1.V Of AukiiiI, A. 'ii, l-inf
W. It. KDMdM)^,
rp    r 1     ������     1 , , ..      l>lntrU-t ItuKl-lnvr.
A house furnished with tho best,2inost artistic,
uaoful and in all'that goes to make a home comfortable ami pleasing to the eye at reasonable prices,
drop a line to I). J* Bobei'lson & Co. at Nelson, li,
0.    Goods guaranteed (ho Best for the price.
in 1
1AM. NolK'l.th.il an np-ilkMin-n In-'
iii.hIp to ifi'l-ti'i (.eow W't Ihuiiiil u4 ihe uv
11   PeuSiinple uiidi-i 11  Tn* Snli- li.id f',uM
(ii'iKc lln-Keii 1'iilnr, C'dll.oKir of Mmili liulltv
of the City |>l (.1. ,.inu,,i,l t��� Oi-out iy..||M,��� ,|.
Iiciirlii-f iliitftliolHeiilj-llfili diy ofJiilj-, A. M
l!Hi7,0l  nil mid HluitnUr lint lerliin inuelm-
i.ict ni hind and ],u>iiiNi - <ltniic. Mne ami
V .'!*^.I.,tltI-;''.<jlf>- *'f '-r.t.n-.\.. ..I. In llic I'nn hue
of lliltl-ti ( oluinlila. nun 11 [nutli illirly l-iiuwn
uinlili-ftHiwlniL.1,1 s, I'luil'.Miiiii'i.fitj of
(!i, eimiuiil. J
\ nil unit en h "f 'nu 111 en nulled 1,1 ri.nle 1
lln pliiliM'ift'i,'t.n iniuh ...���r within IniU-ih,
1 ni ��� mm Ih, ihii oi I11-1 imlill, iii|���u,iiii , |>,
ih 1.1 llilii 1 Ui il ���i riulih'.ui uf II, |���.id..iH
lii-hiK hie. -mid ui del'iiult ,ir reileiiilitlnii-
u-ltli 11 muh |i;mI,>iI.yon Hill I.,. r,ii-i-vi-rnsli.i.tie.|
riwiiust, iif t in Mid hniil. unit f :ilmii rivLtei-
(i(itir(-ii n (-llwood 11.' owner iliereof.
DiLtml   nl���   Utul   K(iKl.iti-y OlUi-.f, l'.im|��)o;���,
r w, ir. ]-:ii.\ioni)s,
To tlou/KO (Joi-m.'ieh, Ksn.
Oblrlot Hei-i^lrei-
lYnvinda! A.sHaviu'diKl Oro
Sllippiirs'   A���,'(!!!I.      G'()1'I'(!H-
poiulimcn solicited.-Sninplc-i
recofvo prompt nt-tentinn.
O. HOX   l'3.'l,   OltKKNWOOD,   I!.   0.
known residenis of the district,
and their many friend-* will wish
them a long and happy married
The juice will be turned ou the
new electric power plant at the
Cm-cent mine in a few days. The
wire connections between'the substation of the Greenwood City
Waterworks company and the mine
are about completed, and the machinery will be tested tliis week.
It is expected development work
will he commenced about the first
of next month.
Frank llichtor is in from Keremeos attending court. Ho is ihe
oldest settler in the Sitmlkanieeiv
valley, having arrived there in
bSiM. Previous to coining to
pritish Columbia, he'spent' a Sew
years in Texas and Arizona, at
a time when those two. sections of
the United States wore tho toughest places on earth. Mr. Rich tor
has been very successful iu stock
raising and fruit farming and is
worth nearly a million. It is :i()
ycatH since he planted his lirst
orchard, nnd it is still bearing some
of the iincrit fruit in IJ. C. I
A '-itting of  the supu-me  eotti
opened   in    Greenwood    Tuesday
morning. Hi-- L')r(l.--hit) Mr. Justice
Cleiiienf pre-iding.     Following are
the names of the grand jury :
If. F. Stow. David K.Tair, I-wic
Crawfoul.   Albert  Logan,   Jiolieit
Wilson, W. (i.  li.   Wilson, E. II. _
Mortimer,    Duncan   iMcliitosh,   J. !lio"  (,f the  f.trnnr
L.   Cole.-,    11.   0.   Moll 10,   <;.   s. .lint- -lairyim-ii  of  tin
IJaker, T. A. (h.rland,  and   K. II
After a hhort address to the
grand jury; the court adjurned to
Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock,
when the grand jury made the following presentment:
Alll)   II  I'lcllli-   \11lll-  I.iniUlll|>;
The, giand jury desire to extend '
to you a cordial  welcome and  to
congratulate you upon   the paucity
of   criminal  offem-i's to be   dealt
with at (his session of tho court.
Wo desire to point out to you
that the riv.imm'Midation of "the
grand jtuy of ii:lrd May, IIIU7, with
regard to tho dangerous railroad
crossing of the highway at Boundary Fails has not yet been acted
upon, and we beg to again recommend that it be rcctilied without
loss of time, as wo consider the
said crossing to bo a constant
menace to the lives of tho traveling public. '.���."' ���''���''
Wo desire to point out that it i/t
important that a speedy decision
bo given by the executi'vo of the
provincial govornmqnt with regard
to the rights of tho Coluiiibia and
Wesfrn Kail way company,-who
claim   surface rights on   mineral
.��.arriP��| 0vith   f:mil,c. or   0i;;;!; f^ed and ha,;i  number of  other
wise), whose wive.-- tuo   willin,* to
tako s-eryicc witli their husbaiidn.
4.    Woui'Mi doiiH'stic-*.
- A majorifj ot the applicants arc
of  cla,t-s   1. but th"ic aro  a  (10n-
-idcrable 11 umber of ci i-s -j.    Ci i--s
���>   is   much   less  mini-Mous,   and
there arc  very   few  applicn,^  iu
class 4.^   Most  of the hurried men
arc desirous of   having a   dwelling,
-eparate from that of the  employ-1
ers, an arr.ingpnienl,  which siumhi 1
roiTimend   it-elf    to     tho>i��    "-'
(look to securing   perm ineut
I     Under an agreement existing !���,-       , ,
itueen the government and lliel ��',. ^'^ , 5r17ou 0)lUl'io ;tIul
emlgivtion branch of the y dva-' -, ll ,' . S? ""i1?" "'j1*"^ mm
. tiou army a cwiMdcable ieuni-rr-.i- "e,"l,wlTf? ' h,i ^cDomildottJroPn-
1; tion of tana bind- ,i,.d -I .me-tie I ,W'0,I,I, '' ��" tod,l>' rpturiicd. Tjoaj
l��'lp is evpeeted !i-mi tiie.a B,,-'^1 M;""��"��� Pro��P��^tn-.y - trip
tain during the .��������!���., a.-ul e m-U ���' t,,.,V"��l! thc cusfcnct* T-i".v hriifg
hummer of 1 JJO.s �� -jWitu   them   storied   of  w.mden'ul
The government i- ve.y d/Mron- '' nnu0,:i] ,idu'ri ��'*   tht-  count! v
of s'T-uiiiig the  itnmi^i.'lioi, to Ji. .
C. of it .ehable da- of �� bite I i'm,,,-, | w\* ,u��l1   . ,       ,
and invite-,  the  e.n-iie-t   co-opera-' f   "l   L����K   |'-k��  ihey  .-take.-.I   21
fiuit.vo.vei-! ��   y"i'-('1Vlt"l"ns  nvei'  "   l��"Ke'"��*-
piovince  tu I
.Coming Iron Kings.
A  dispatch  to  the  daily
from Fort William says:
A patty
j ��.i 10.1-. w hjuh they v,a\e the tir.-t-prosju-ct
that end.
You   are  therefme   rc-ne-ted to
call the attention   of  employ ei*. of
labor in your district to thi-i'lettur.
Victoria, October 120, Iiiu7.
11. f;. Taii.ow,
.MiniMer of Finance.
A beautiful  home  iticie.ees
joy  in a   household.    One  of
poso of hematite iron me. The
vein ia :jno feet wide a.id was
traced for a distance of h,.- milt-H.
The ore average-- from tl) ii> .")."��� per
cent. iion. At Sturgeon lake rhey
found free gold and brought back
several nuggets of a!mo--t the .pin e
stuff. They did not .-take anv
gold claim-i. It i>, the intention of
the ]mi{\,   to  return  and  td-
��|u'I '""'"" '*'     l"    "'l���,,i'.,-    illnl    ItKC'llt
|hi_i.siipplio.-i on tho ice and do de-
lids to miikhlg a'iiea'ut ,1'mT hoine , ��� j Vl'lul)r,u"llfc ^-���'���������K < l'�� ��inter. ' ���
wall-jiaper, and   the right  M,...!-.-. j       BECOMING ENLIGHTENED.
and .kinds can   bewf<mnd  al   tho { 	
j     For tiie first time  in  thiny-two
, \e,iih,   Ihoekvillo, Oiitati'i, oiV.-ted
a   Conservative  ou   the  o���h   n,.,r,
store"of McK.io i]iol/
Work at the mines .is pio.-ii-.-
ing with smoothness. ��� All t ,'��� ve.!
known properties an;  ni.'.ii>l,iiii.n
their shipping averaj-e nnd .se\.. tl
prospects   an;  entering   tin-   shi,,-
piug list.  ..From'' the  Maje-ti-:  ,\n
initial car i>f $100 ore, wan hroiighi.
down this week  and  the  piukei-,
have  as  many (irders  as tiiey can
(111. from other .prospects.    ,M Ar e\.,
eollent reports  co.ntinut;  to arrive'
from the  Keco,,a,nd.;.sweial  on-i
loads of ..very riclrantiinoiiial silver
have been sent to the huwiltcr. Tin.
Kureka   tramway   is   boing ' cm-'
There is 'ittll hope fur (JU'-bee.
���lint    Hill   hii;  iijji w 'i  i,< ,, I,*,- -
live million duil.t:- lor  ihe.i'im, lv
! i .Niiiliiein lailway, b.:(   iho  ov.neis
] till )l�� '1   it   ih'.Ml.       Ji.iilioid-   lite
I a oi ih houioiJiiiij, in CinaiLi.
j     M-t.v    I'i'iiilx'i ton     ���antes;     -f j
I never   i��i"ni(!   but i   Una1,  of the
VmciKMii who a<��-(.llou'd a pocket
litiifc with  llvi'  blades ,Mid a eoj I.-
iww,    To this ho (���aid : 'X(;> j,'V(.
iiw* one with   live corkserevvrt and
imo blade'."
Job Pi inting at The Ledge.
��� -r-j I"*'-!"..'  THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  RAN THROUGH RAPIDS  CANADIAN   WINS   $1,000 BY FEAT  OF   RECKLESS   DARING.  Negotiated Big Horn Canyon for First  Time In History���������Boat Overturn  ed Five "Times In Awful Mae!-  . j stroms���������Feat Thought to Be Impossible ��������� Fearful Gorge Called  "Waters of Death."  ���������A nervy Canadian has recently succeeded in milking the, passage of the  dreaded Big Horn Canyon, winni****  $1,000 in gold and successfully acconi  plishing a feat which has heretofore  been considered impossible by th-j  Americans, a feat in which at least a  dozen men have lost their lives. Where  tlie Big Horn River breaks through  the mountains in the terrible canyon,  the Indians, many years ago, gav.  it the name of the '"'Waters of Death,"  and the fearful gorge has deserved  that name both iu looks and in fact  W. O. Hamed is the Canadian who  made the successful trip. Haniod was  lor many years a boatman on the rapids in the St. Lawrence river, an J  was known as the most proficient of  nil the guides there. But he drifted  west and settled clown in Shoshoni,  Ironi whence he made the start  through the canyon which lies between that town and Thcrrnopolis.  The Bet Made.  Two months ago Col. George M.  Sliney, a banker of Thermopolia, in  speaking of the canyon, made thu  statement that it was impossible for  a human being to ever pass through  there and live to tell of it.  "You're wrong there, colonel,'  drawled Hamed. "I've gone through  places just as bad as the Big Horn  Canyon, and'I can go through there."  "You've won my $100 if you do,"  promptly replied tlie colonel, and the  bet was on.  Harned secured the assistance of  an old frontiersman and guide, now  a business man of Shoshoni, named  Winne, and the two went to work to  build a boat which would withstand  almost anything. .. Poplar and oak-  were used, and after the skiff was put  together, it was sheeted from stem  to stern with the heaviest cowhide.  Whole Town Turns Out.  The whole town of Shoshoni, at the  head of the canyon, was at the river  when the' start was made. No ono  expected to see either of the n.-.i  again.  The only Indian legend of an attempt to pass through the "Waters  of Death" was made multitudes of  moons ago, when a young Sioux chief,  having won the love of a Shoshoni  maiden, stole his sweetheart from the  tepees of her people and attempted to  escape with her. They were pursued  and their escape by land being cut  off, the intrepid Red lover and his  bride took to the water in a dugout  and attempted to run the rapids of  the canyon. The following day the  pieces of the boat, were picked up  along the bank below the canyon. The  bodies were not' found.  In 1869 three white trappers embarked in a canoe on the torrents,  and several days later all three bodies were recovered near Thermopolis.  At severol different times since then  foolhardy frontiersmen have attempted  the   piissiif-e.  and  every  one  has  paid for his rashness with his life.  Inferno For  12 Miles.  So, when the crowd at the river  bade farewell to Harned and Winne,  they never expected to see them  again. Some portions of the lower  part of tho canyon have been explored, but for 12 miles not a soul ever  saw one foot of the canyon's way,  and lived to tell of it. For these 12  miles the river averages 400 feet in  width, and rushes between precipitou.-:  Tock walls from COO to 3,000 feet high.  The current is from 10 to 25 miles an  hour, and is a veritable inferno of  maelstroms, whirlpools, cataracts,  cross currents with jagged rocks  -sharp, savage and submerged throughout the entire length. The canyon  ends a few iiulcs above Thermopolis.  The skiff left Shoshoni at 10 o'cloek  in the morn ing, the departure being  telephoned to Thcrrnopolis. Praefical-  /v the entire j*opulation of the latter  town wont ;it nnca to the canyon's  mouth to await the coming of the dead  bodies of the adventures.  Bruised and Bleeding.  At 5 o'clock that afternoon the boat  shot out of the black jaws of the canyon. Both men were utterly exhausted. They were cut and bruised and  bleeding, wet to the skin, but still full  of tight. .  Five separate times did their boat  overturn, throwing the voyagers into  the frightful waters. Three times  Harned saved the life of Winne, and  twice did Winne pull Hamed in after  the latter.was almost dead. Nothing  but the heavy cowskin sheeting saved their -lives dozens of times. Tha  rooks were unable to puncture this  covering, and the light skiff rode  the waters, with ease whore no rocks  appeared.. The canyon had been conquered, "but we don't want any more  of it." said Harned.  Made   Purse   $1,000.  Co!. Sliney was one of the party  which helped haul the cowskin boat  ashore. Instead of handing over th-'  $100 agreed upon, the colonel threw  a bag containing $1,000 in gold into  the skiff, and then, with the two men  still in the boat, it was liflr-d on  broad shoulders and carried throned  the town, followed by a bran band  and every citizen of the little city.  Scourge of Wolves.  Word received from Fort Chippew-  yan, at Winnipeg, indicates thai  wolves are becoming a positive scourge  in the far north An Indian woman  and two children had been drugged  out of thoir tepee and devoured.  Deer and other animals are being depleted by the packs. The Indians re-  fase to kill them, even under the inducement of the $10 bounty, owing to  ���������suporstitiou and a belief in the transmigration of souls,  The son-e despatch says (hat tha  police are close on the trail of/Fis-  chry, the half-breed swindler, wanted  on a charge of forgery and eniboziil-  jiig $26,000. ;   Convincing.  "Do you believe that domestic arguments arc at all couvlnciii','?" queried  Youughub.  "Sure!" replied Oldwod. "Bach ot  llic purlieu to tliu ar-,'tmient Is fully;  vouvlucdd that the other la wrong.*'-  Chicago News.  No Beauty Prize For Him.  Mrs. Smith (decldedly)-My husband  and I Inid n clear understanding wlillu  we were engaged. Mr. Smith said liq  wanted a plain deal In marriage. I  Mrs. Jones (aiallclou.-ily)-IIe ucodn'C j  worry, lie got IL-Bultluioro Ainer-j  Jean,  LORD STRATHC0.WS VIEW.  All-Red Line Would Groatly EServeflt  Canada.  Lord Stiathcona, who recently arrived from England, tamed on a number  of questions of interest lo Canadians.  Tins all-red mail ioute was tlie first  question that, came up, and Lord  Slratlieona 'declared himself, an enthusiastic advocate of thj project.  "It would be a great ���������'thing," lie  said, "not only for Canada, but also  for all-parts of the Empire, and I earnestly hope to see it, an accomplished  fact. The ���������'establishment of air eight-  day service between Liverpool and  Vancouver/which would be the result  of it, would cause large quantities of  foreign capital to flow into the country. Many people who are now deterred by the length of time necessary for the journey from going so far  west as the coast would with the establishment of the new service be led  to "do so, and the sight of the great  resources of the prairie region would  lead them to invest their capital in  Canada rather than in foreign countries.  When asked as to the object of hi3  present summer trip, following within  a comparatively short space of time  his; visit in the winter. Lord ���������"Slrh'th-  cona intimated that it was chiefly undertaken in connection with his business 'concerns.���������������������������'"Some''official mutters  will be the subject of conference with  mombers of the Government," he observed, "but there are business affairs  that will take me some weeks, probably, and I cannot say at present how  long  I may  remain."  As to immigration, he thought the  results, so far as Canada was concerned, woro mosi gratifying. More immigrants were corning to Canada in u  week now than there were in a year  when he first came to the country,  70 years ncro. in the days of tho-old  sailing ships.  TROUBLE OYER ALL-RED.  Premier Fears Its Support by Lord  Elgin and Lloyd-George.  The News of tlie World, retorting  to the all-red route, states that Sir  Wilfrid Laurier's determined -espousal  of the scheme is causing the Home  Government discomfort. Sir Henry  Campboll-Banncrman's support is  half-hearted because ho fears to wrack  the Cabinet, as Mr. Asquith, the man  with the purse, nnd other heavyweights in tho Government are strongly opposed. On the other hand, Mr.  Lloyd-George and Lord Elgin are as  warmly in favor of the scheme, and  it is possible the latter may resign if  the whole scheme is negatived. The  News of the World alleges that the  opinion of Imperial statesmen here  is that while Canada stands to benefit greatly by carrying through the  proposal,'the advantages to the Mother Country are not so obvious. The  paper adds that efforts are now being  concentrated on tho Atlantic section  of the route.  Gen. J. W. Laurie writes The limes,  pointing out that. Canada, by furnishing the garrisons and maintaining the  docks at Halifax and Esquimau, relieves the Mother Country to a greater  extent than Australia. He adds that  as Canada unites with her all the other British possessions in North America the West Indies may hope that  she may assume similar responsibilities throughout that part of the bm-  pire -      Too Many Misfits.  There continue to be reports of immigrants arriving in Canada who  would have been better left at home.  The idea that this country is suited  to the needs and conditions of any  and every class of people is one that  should be set right by the Dominion  Immigration Department. More harm  than good is done Canada by promiscuous advertising of its advantages  and its opportunities for work. There  is to ba sure, almost unlimited work  here to be done, but it is not the  kind of work for which every man is  by nature and training fitted. 1- may  be taken for granted that it would  have been better for the men who has  given up an assistant profesr.o'ship  in an English school and, who is now  working on tlie streets of Edmonton  if he had stayed in England; ne is a  rnisfif here.   And there have baen not  a few such. .��������� *       .���������,���������  For the men who will go out on the  farms and who are prepared to contribute of their muscle to the-upbm d-  ing of the country, and incidentally  of their own fortunes, and for those  who are ready to undertake the back-  breaking toil of railway building and  other such-like employment, there, .a  abundant room in Canada; but he  clerks, and professional men. and the  majority'or mechanics would do better to stav away yet awhile. There  is not a demand for their class oi  labor, and it is not fair that they  should be enticed here by misleading  promises and allursments.-Edmonton  Journal.  Toronto's New Grand Stand.  It will be worth a journey to Toronto between Aug. 26 and Sept S  alone to sea the new'grand stand that  is being erected on the grounds of the  Canadian National Exhibition. It  will be the largest and most complete  stand on the North ��������� Anierican continent: and will cost complete $217,000  Its capacity and dimensions will be  as follows: Accommodation 15.000people; length 693 feet; width JIG feet;  height 60 feet; area covered, 77040  square feet' or 1.79 acres; weight oi  steel used 1,225 Ions; seat stringers.  24,200 lineal feet. Tho steel used il  applied to rails would reach i������mi To  ronto to Hamilton, a distance of 10  miles. ^_   Canadian Workers.  Interviewed at Victoria, B.C., recently, 3. Keir Hardie, M. P., said: "The  condition of the worker.') in Canada is,  as far as I can see, about the limit  of subsistence. Income and expenditure about balance and it is my opinion that the condition of the worker  will become worse.  "The next genet ation will find th*  struggle for ovistnnce just, as kcon  here as it no\<5iis in the old country  I attribute this condition mainly U.  the present.insane policy of allowins  public lands to be given to or acquired  by speculators."  ROYALTY AND RELIGION.  Members of  Reigning  Families   Who  Have Withdrawn  From  World.  The latest member of a reigning  family to embrace a religious life is  the Prince of Lqewenstein-Wertheim;  who has just gone into a monastery.  He is well known i through his long  activity in opposition to duelling. He  is now 74, and when one ; considers  how powerful an attraction monastic  life has had for his family it does not  appear surprising that he, took the  step. His only sister and two of his  daughters took up conventual life  long ago. His sister, Princess Adel-  heid Loewenstein; is -the" widow of the  Infante Miguel, once a pretender to  the throne of Portugal. His son,'the  Duke of Braganza, has just announced that, ho will al30 make a claim to  tho throne of that disturbed country.:  Among other ��������� religious members of  reigning families is Prince -Max of  Saxony, brother of, the reigning King,  who is professor of. canonical law  and liturgy at the University of Freiburg. With the exception -; of those  named only side branches of the  reigning families are to be found in  religious life. The consistorial counsel of the Cathedral of St. Stephen in  Vienna is Count Arnold zur Lippe, a  cousin of the reigning branch of that  dynasty. Among the' members of the  famous although politically unimportant family of Lichtenstein in  Vienna who have gone into the  Church are Prince George,; who as  Father Ildeson has become a niembor  of the Benedictine Order at Prague,  and Princess Henrictte Lichtenstein,  who under the name of Adelgundis  has Ron/i into the Benedictine convent at Srnichow in  Bohemia.  Among the so-called mediatized  families 'there are many more examples, although they are all Catholics.  One may search in vain for a Protestant dignitary who has gone into  tlie religious life. Prince Frederic de  Croy, who was not long ago a very  lively young officer of the guards at  Potsdam, is now a priest in the service of the Pope. Two members of  the Hohendohe-Sehillingsfurest family have recently become priests. One,  Prince Philip, who formerly held a  high political post, is now a Benedictine father, and Prince Karl Elgon,  who is barely out of his teens, has  become a secular priest in the diocese of Siebenburgen. There is of  course a long list of young. women  who have taken the veil, and among  the most recent is the beautiful Marie  Schwartzenberg, - daughter of the  Prince, who has become a Benedictine  nun. Sister Maria Woislawa, the  daughter of Prince Lobkowitz, has  just entered a convent, and so have  three sisters of Prince Isenburg-Bir  stein, whose mother was an Arch  duchess of Austria-Toscana.  HOW WE  ARE  FORMED.  "I teU yon. Ma'am, you ought to use  St. George's  Baiting Powder  If only for the reason that It ia whole,  some and healthful." _  "The knowledge that you are NOT  eating alum, lime, ammonia and add in  yourfood���������should count fora Kreatdeal.  "ST. GEORGE'S is made of 99.?oj< pure  Cream of Tartar."   Ti y it.  WriUfor fru copy of our new Cook-Book.  National Drug & Chemical Co. of  Canada limited, Montreal.        SB  Self Sacrificing  The Enid Events prints this:  A very good1 story comes to us with  regard to a newly-married Enid  couple. It seems that the girl is one  of our thrifty girls, and tho young  man enjoys steady employment. Hie  clay after they were married tho -,-irl  said to her fond husband: "Oh!  George���������now that we nre married  there is only one thing I regret and  that is that I will have to give up  my fine position." The fond young  husband stroked the silken tresses  of the young wifoy's hair and soothingly replied: "Now, darling, don't  worry. You need noti give up your  position. I'll give up mine." And  thus spreads the balm of love.  Opium   Habit Cured.  In a report to the Washington bureau of manufacturers the American  consul-general at Singapore gives interesting information on the new Malay opium cure. He states that the  plant from which the cure is brewed,  combretum sundaicum, is a climber  of no hitherto known use.  It wa's discovered by a young Chinaman, who had beejn told by one of his  friends to boil the leaf of a certain  nlant growing in the jungle and drink  the brew it yielded. He did so and  found he could break off the opium  habit.  This marvelous discovery was not  lone hidden. The landlord was told  about it. and set his coolies to collect the plant. The Chinese preachers--  and voting men enthusiastically took  up tho matter and the medicine was  nreparcd at the mission hall. Hundreds came every day for the marvelous Temedy. finding it banished the  <*1nnm and depression caused by an-  abstinence from the awful drug, -until the mission hall and street out  side b������cime blocked with people. Thr  demnnd was more than the supply  and two coolies .wm. engaged to help  'o "repare the medicine. >  ��������� The eagr-r wnv in which the poo-  victims pieced for heln.. childrer  beeped for the cure for their fathers  and wives for their husbands, war  verv touching   tho report states.  Meanwhile the Government sales o'  nnium  are decreasing at the rate n'  30 chests nar month, a striking prof'  of  the efficacy of  the / new   rpmed'-  The  ernnlovprs  of  lnbor in -Afalacc  are f'r-lip-htM. ns under the new stnt'  r������t  thincs their omnioves are beeom  !n<r ptrontr an<l honlthy.    A period <*'  about two weplrs is necessary for th-*  cure, nn-l tb^re is afterwards no crav-  incr for the dnur. nnd no need felt **  conti-*i-e the antidote once the ciitp  is effected.  . i Relieved.  "I wouldn't marry you If you wen  Me last man In the world."  "All rltflit. then. iMt u.H ho friends,  I shall not, after this, have to fear if I  call on yon occaHlonally that you have  expectations.** ���������Chicago Kecord-Her-  aid,    He Had a Buffor.  The Slim Man-Confound It all! 1  went up to my room Just now In the  dark and bumped my nose on the edge  of flit* door.  The Very Smut Man-Ali," that's u  'hlng I never t!(>:-IIi!.^er'H U'ucU���������  Mercenary Methods.  A negro preacher whose supply of  hominy and bacon was .running low  decided to take radical steps to im-  . Dress'iipon his flock the necessity fo-  contributing liberally to the church  exchequer. Accordingly, at the close  of the sermon he made an impressive  pause and then proceeded as follows:  "I hnh'found, it necessary, on account ob de stringency ob de hard  times an' de crineral deficiency ob de  circulatin' mejum in connection wid  dis chu'eh. t' interduce ma new ot-  termatic c'lection box. It is arranged  dat a half dollah or quahtah falls'on  a red plush cushion widout noise; a  nickel will ring a small bell distinctu-  ftlly heard by de congregation, an' a  suspendah-bntton, ma follow mawtels.  will fiiah off a pistol: so you will  orov'n yo'solves accordingly. Let de  c'lection now p'oceed, w!ile I takes off  ma hat an' gibs out a hymn."  Beaten By Adverse Tide.  With the prize almost within his  grasp, Jabez Wolffe, the amateur  swimmer who had already made four  unsuccessful attempts to swim the  English Channel, has been again deprived of his victory by an adverse  tide. Wolffe had accomplished a record swim from the South Foreland,  getting within 3-4 of a mile of Cape  Blanc, France, in "151-2 hours, when  the turn of the tide and an adverse  wind carried him away from the land  and necessitated the relinquishment  of his attempt, which was the second  ho made this year. R. D. Heaton, of  Mvorpool, also attempted to swim the  Channel, but gave up when four and  a half miles from the French coast.  "By Medicine Life May Be Prolonged."���������So wrote Shakespeare nearly three hundred years ago. It is so  today. Medicine will prolong life,  but be sure of the qualities of the  medicine. Life is prolonged by keeping the body from disease. Dr.  Thomas' Eclectric Oil used internally  will cure coughs and colds, o/adicntc  asthma, overcome croup aiid give  strength to the respiratory organs.  Give it a trial.  A Few of the Many Marvels of tho Human Body.  On an average man's, body there are  840,000 hairs. Plucking one every second It would take him twelve eight-  hour working days to pull them all out.  In his blood there are 25,000,000,000,000  red corpuscles. Laid out side, by side  they would cover a surface of 3,130  square yards.  The whole of the blood passes through  ���������* man's "heart nearly twice In every  minute. It weighs one-thirteenth of  the entire body weight, and It moves  lu different parts of the body at speeds  varying from ten' feet to 1,G0C yards  (nearly one mile) an. hour.  The fat of your body is fluid. H becomes solid only when the body cools  after death. It Is one of your most  useful constituents, forming a nonconducting sheath to protect you from  cold, acting as pads to preserve from  shock, ou the tips of the fingers, tho  toes and the heels and lying always  ready as a reserve food supply when  you can get nothing to eat.  A little artery passes from your, brain  through tho skull into tho scalp, which  acts as a safety valve when the brain  Is congested with blood. '  The slclu cannot grow again once  It is destroyed; hence the unsightly  scars left by burns and severe wound*'.  Only tho surface layer can renew  Itself. When the whole thickness is destroyed, it never reforms. This Is the  more curious as muscles, nerves, blood  vessels and bones,' all less liable to,injury than the skin, can grow again.  You aro really a, water rather than  a laud animal. Although as a whole  you live on dry land, your body consists of countless millions of separate  living particles, and these are all Immersed iu tlie water which constitutes  four-fifths of your substance.  Within the inner part of your ear,  deep in tho bone, is a quantity of fluid  which acts as a spirit level and enables  you   to   keep  your  balance.  "Johnson's a lucky man, isn't he?"  "I thought he had lost a good deal  of money in Wall street recently. '  "But his wife thinks she is so  young looking and so beautiful '*er-  self that she doesn't compel him to  be civil to plain old ladies only when  they are  out anywhere."���������Judge.  Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.  "He hasn't succeeded in his political ambitions."  "No, the trouble with him is that  he apes the swell people "  "That's not the trouble. He might  ape the swell people all he pleased if  he didn't afterwards monkey with -he  plain people."���������The Catholic Standard and Times.  ANAEMIA CURED  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Bring Back  the Glow of Health by Making New Blood  To bud into perfect womanhood  the growing girl must carefully  guard her health. Unless the blood  is kept rich and pure, headaches,  backaches and frequent dizzy spells  will trouble her. She will always be  ailing and may slip into a deadly decline. Dr. Wii'iams' Pink Pills are  a never failing remedy in building  up the blood. Just a short time ago  the reporter of L'Avenir du Nord  had the following cases brought to  his notice. In the town of St. Jerome, Que., there is an orphan asylum kept by those zealous workers  ���������the Grey Nuns. In this home Dr.  Williams'  Pink Pills  are  constantly  A  WISE  BRITON.  He  Half Suspected at the Start That  the Feathers Weren't Edible.  A. Brooklyn man who entertained an  English relative tells this without the  quiver of an eyelid:  "My cousin from 'London reached  New York last summer, along with a  hot wave. Tho crowds were deep before the soda water fountains on lower  Broadway. Ho remarked that he did  not comprehend how Americans could  swallow that 'nasty slush.'      **���������  " 'A mere preference,' I explained.  'We have many curious examples of  that kind in this country. One of the  most remarkable evidences of insatiable appetite for froth rather than substance is that of the American poultry  lover who daily advertises iu our New  York papers for 1,000 feather beds. As  you may well imagine, he is said to  have entirely lost his taste for the  flesh of the fowl.'  " 'Oh, really!' exclaimed the Englishman in quiet surprise. Nothing more  was said till nine months later, when  I opened my mail one day and found  a marked copy of the London Times,,  which he had sent to me. He called  my attention to this extract Id an  article on mob rule and lynching in  America, 'It can hardly be possible  that the supply of tar and feathers in  the United States will be sufficient at  the rate the mobs are covering the  bodies of tho poor wretches who are  tortured and humiliated before they are  drawn and quartered or burned at the  stake.'  " 'I fancy you will see your error  after reading this,' he wrote. 'It is  quite plain the man wanted the beds  for another purpose and not, as you  believe, to eat.'"  Youthful Financier.  This really happened in New York  used. For some months two of the [the other day:  young girls in the home were 'if-) Displeased Parent���������Molly, I And you  flieted with anaemia. The symptoms have been buying three pairs of gloves  in both cases were very much alike, [without my permission. Why did you  They were both pale, lost all energy * do  so?    -,r*ss  Molly  (aged  twelve)���������  Caused the First Coolness.  Mr. Newly wed (reading)���������Nobody  ever yet saw a dead mule. Mrs. Newly wed (who Is thinking of something  else nnd not listening)��������� Don't you think  your life insurance premiums are a  wasto of money, John?  The Nature of the Creature.  "Your cook"���������  "Oh, she Is so careless that I don't  believe she could drop a remark without breaking her word.'        and were subject to headaches and  dizziness. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills  were taken and soon there was *in  improvement in their condition, the  color returned to their cheeks; their  appetite improved, headaches ceased  and soon good health took the place  of despondency. What Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills have done for these two  orphans���������Marie Lavoie and Dosina  Brooks���������they will do for others.  The secret of Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills in curing anaemia lies in their  power to make new, rich, red blood.  That is why they strike straight at  the root of all common ailments like  headaches, sideaches and backaches,  rheumatism, neuralgia, indigestion,  anaemia, St. Vitus dance, partial  paralysis and the special ailments  that afflict almost every woman and  growing girl. Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills are sold by all medicine dealers  or may be had by mail at 50 cents  a box or six boxes for $2.50 from The  Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Broek-  ville, Ont.  Why, daddy, I was obliged to have  some gloves; I hadn't a pair to wear!  Displeased Parent���������It was wrong "of  you to buy the glovc3 without the permission either of your mamma or  myself. Miss Molly���������Well, never mind,  daddy, dear; they won't cost anything.  I had them charged.  A story is current concerning a  professor who is reputed to be slightly  absent-minded. The learned man  had arranged to escort his wife ono  evening to the theatre.  "I don't like the tie you have on.  I wish you would go up and put on  another," said his wife.  The professor tranquilly obeyod.  Moment after moment elapsed, until  finally the impatient wife went upstairs to learn the cause of delay. rn  his room she found her husband m-  dressed and getting into bed. Habit  had been too much for him when '>o  took off his tie.���������London Tit-Bits.  ISiiliiir  Hill  '* W I  W.   N.   U.   No    ^3  How Inconsiderate!  "Young Ituggles did a very thoughtless thing."-  "What was that?"  "He wrote a poem In honor of a  certain young woman who bad just  completed- her twenty-first birthday  and published it in the college paper."  "Wasn't it a good poem?"  "Very good."  "What's the criticism then?'  "Why, everybody who wants to find  out can look back any time and discover how old the young woman Is."  Not Even the Clock.  Vwo ladles were being shown  through the State Hospital For tho  Insane. As they entered a ward one  turned to the other and said, "I wonder If that flock Is right?"  An inmate standing near overheard  her and Instantly replied: "Great Scott,  no! It wouldu't be hero if It was!"���������  Llpplncott's.  The Difference.  "Pa, what's the difference between  fhe meaning of prepared aud ready?"  "Well, there's many a person who  may be prepared to die, but I never  saw one who was ready."  Don't keep so busy making money to  afford pleasure that you have no time  to devote to pleasuru.���������St. Louis Globe-  Democrat   ;.."������������������"'-: -  A Smugglers' Retreat.  An old smugglers' cave has recently been discovered on a moor near St.  Austell, Cornwall. This cave is about  twelve feet long, six font high and  five feet wide, Thore is a scat inside, roughly cut out of grnnito.     \  Double Sunset.  Percival Spencer, in an account of  a balloon ascent from Hucknall, says  Ciat a peculiar effect was the double  sunset which was obsorvod, the sun  ������������������coming to set twice as the balloon  tone aiid fell alternately, __^  WHEN YOUR HEALTH  FAILS-WHAT THEN7  Better- to Guard Against Such an Emergency By Keeping Vitality at High Water Mark By the Use of  Dr--Chase's��������� Merve Food-'.  Good healthfts the capital "of persons  who earn their livelihood -with brain  and muscle.      ��������� V. ;���������     .'' *���������'  ' In these da'ys'of strenuouslife -ind  keen competition there is.no place For  tired brains and weak b'ody.' ';   ') '���������'"  Success is not for 'tho"*strong*-aiid-  alert���������for those whose blood is rich  and whose nerve cells are filled with  vigor and energy. .-  It is not pleasant to contemplate  what might happen with failing  health and for this reason it''is well  to heed tlie first symptoms of nervous  exhaustion, such as "brain fag,  headache, nervous dyspepsia, sleeplessness, failure of memory und loss  of power to concentrate the mind.  While'Dr. Chase's Nerve Food nas  succeeded in curing many cases ol  partial paralysis. '��������� locomotor ��������� ataxia,  and tho most severe forms of nervous  prostration and exhaustion, it is .iot  well to delay  treatment until these  stubborn and dangerous, diseases i-'et  ,-������-       '    '   V  '  At the slightest indication of waning  nerve force-'.begin the, use of Dr.  Chase's Nerve Food, and with a tew  weeks' treatment you will be able *.o  restore the vitality of your body to  high-water mark, remove the cause  of nervous disorders,- and prevent serious results. ��������� ,     "'-,���������'  Miss Mary Leitch/Coulston, Simcoe;  county, Ont.,"writes: "When I began"  the use of Dr.'Chase's-Nerve Food-  my nervous system was all run down,"  and 1 suffered terribly with nervous  headache and sleeplessness. Sometimes I could not sleep for three or  four nights in succession. By the use  of several boxes of Dr. Chase's Nerve  Food these troubles were entirely  overcome, and I consider this prepuiti-  tion an excellent nerve tonic."  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a  box, 0'boxes for $2.50, at alldealors,  or Kdmanson,, Bates & Co. Toronto.  Cure for Insomnia ,  Towne���������Sleep well these nights?  Subbs���������Like a top���������never lose u  wink.  Towne���������Groat Scott! What do you  take?  Subbs���������An alarm clock to my room,  and then set the alarm for half an  hour after I go to bed. As soon as  it rings I naturally roll over and go  to sleep!���������Brooklyn. Life.  The never-failing medicine, Hollo-  way's Corn Cure, removes all kinds  of corns, warts, etc.; even the most  difficult to remove cannot withstand  this  wonder'ul  remedy.    .  Gentleman Lodger���������1 say, Mrs.  Nappcr, I don't care for your bacon  this morning." .It doesn't seem fresh.  Mrs. ' Nappcr��������� Very ��������� strange, sir.  The shopman said it was only cured  last week.  Gentleman Lodger���������Well, it must  have had a relapse.���������Punch.  Sorry for Him '  -  "Tommy," said the young man to  his^ prospective   brother-in-law, aged  5, "will you be sorry when I marry  your sister?" /  "Yesj" answered the little fellow;  "I'll bo sorry for -you."  Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia  It is possib'e that the peace conference will not, after all, prove  abortive, .but that a resolution tvill  be passed to the effect that "no. war  may be begun .without formal declaration, ^ny power embarking on '"os-  tilitios without this preliminary will  be adjudged to have lost, even though  it should win.���������Punch.  Wilkins���������What did Binns say when  you asked him if he had. read your  book?    -  Miller���������He said yes, and added  that he "didn't read much."���������The  Circle.  First Motorist���������Can I be of .>ny  assistance to you?  Second Motorist (under his machine)���������Yes, sir. The lady in the car  is my wife. I'll be obliged 'f you  will kindly answer her questions nn:l  keep- her amused while I'm making  this'engine go.���������Philadelphia Ledger.  Young Smith was paying devoted  court to a rich and beautiful girl, and ���������  a successful result seemed inevitable  when disaster unspeakably wrecked  his chances forever. One morning  Smith discovered that the next day  wac her birthday, and informed her  poetically that. on the morning he  would send her a bouquet of roses,  one rose for each year." That night  he wrote a note to his florist ordering  the immediate delivery of twenty  roses to the young lady. The florist  read the order and thought he wouid  please the young man by improving  on it, so he said to his clerk:  "Here's an order from young  Smith for "twenty roses. He has been  one of my best customers lately, so  put in ten more for good measure."  ���������Judge's Library.  fills the demand for a furnace possessing the largest amount of grate surface in proportion to the  diameter of the top of the  fire pot. It possesses all  the' advantages of a return flue construction.  The "Admiral" has  the largest ash pit of any  furnace on the market,  thus permitting the free removal of ashes.  - Wood or coal may be burned in the "Admiral" furnace.  Write for Catalogue  102  " THE RECORD FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO.  iS^^MONCTON.H.B ������ MONTREAL, RQ.|  Sales   Branches   at   MONCTON,     N.B.;    MONTREAL,    P.Q.;    TO-  RONTO,   ONT.;   WINNIPEG,   M  AN.;    CALGARY,    ALTA.     and  VANCOUVER. B.C.  If Your Horse  Gets Burt?  If one of the horses should be  kicked���������cat a knee���������strain a shoulder  ���������go latne^���������have you the remedy at  baud to COBJS the injury?  Kendall's Spavin Cure  ought to be in every stable and barn in Canada.   It prevents  little horse troubles from becoming big ones���������and takes away all  signs of lameness. With a bottle of Kendall's Spavin Cure handy,  you ore prepared for accidents that may happen at any time.  CKOSBPisLD.Alta., Tan. u'o6  "Ih&ve used Kendall's Spavin Cure with great lucceai in many things,  mch as Uarb Wire Cuts and Haw Sore*," M. J. MORfiiSON.  Don't be without it another day.   Get ��������� bottle at your dealers.   |1. or 0 for J5.  ' Our " Treatbc Ou the Horse "tells just what you ought to know about horses, their  diseases, and bow to cure them.   Write for free copy.  DR. B. J. KENDALL CO., ENOaBURG FALLS, VERMONT, U.S.A.     35  CHILDREN THRIVE AND GROW STURDY AND  STRONG ON  It makes good brain,  healthy tissue and  sound teoth. You can't  build "Bustor" boys or  girls out of whlto flour  bread or pastrlos.  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It is true that a  big nose is sometimes indicative of firmness and   le-  termination, when    coupled    with  a  strong jaw and long  chin.    A    big  nose with a retiring chin 'is almost  idiotic in the expression it give's to  tlie countenance.   But there is some-  ��������� thing , to be said  in favor of short  noses.    The    short nose  shows  wit,  imagination,   tact,  judgment,   discretion.   Socrates had a snub nose, and  of the lively, imaginative wn ers in  almost any language a considerable  proportion   are   short-nosed   people.  Long-nosed men may do their share  of the-world's work,    but   the. short  noses write tho clever books and the  entertaining   plays.   If   Shakespeare  had had' a nose like   the' Duke   of  Wellington it is not likely he would  have written "The Merry   Wives   of  Windsor."    He , might have  been  a  successful theatre manager, but never  would have become a literary artist.  Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator does not require the help of "any  purgative medicine to complete the  cure. Give it a trial and be convinced.  ye  Little   Mistlier   Murphy���������Have  anny ancisthors, Kelly?  Kelly���������An' phwat's ancisthors?  L. -M.'M.���������Why, people you shpruug  from.  K.���������Shprung   from,    begorra!    t'he  'shpring at them!���������Bystander.  HOWS THIS?  We offer Ono Hnmired Dollars Reward for nay  ��������� fine of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Cab  irrh Cure.   I*. J, CHENEY A CO.. Toledo. 0.  We, the anderflfgned, have known K J. Ohenev  lor the last lft yearn, and believe him perfectly hon  "orable    n all bnttlness transactions and financialW  able to carry out any obliKQtionn mado by his tlrm.  U'aldikq,   Kihkan & Marvin,  'YMioIeeale DrugglstA, Toledo, 0  Hall's Catarrh   Core  ir taken '-Internally, acting  diiectly upon the blood and nincons rarfaoos of tha  rytUem.    loetimoniala   sent   free.    Prico   75ft' pffr  bottlo.   Hold by all Druggist?,  lake HttiJ'n lamtiy Pillu for cooaU3������Uaa������  GRAVITATION.  Its Wonderful and Far Reaching Efj  fecis Upon the World.  "The effects of gravitation .are so fa-  millar-as-to demand only tlie briefest  mention, yet most of us perhaps seldom stop to consider how far. reaching  these effects are," says Dr. ' Henry  Smith Williams. "But for gravitation  the winds would not blow, the waters  would not descend, and the mountain  tops would not crumble into the valleys. Each particle of pulverized rock  would remain where it was formed,  and there would be no such thing as a  mixed soil.  "But as matters are actually arranged gravitation is perpetually active,  and every particle of matter is being  eternally tugged at and urged to get  nearer to the earth's center. So no  sooner does a fragment of rock at a  mountain crest become loosened than  gravitation hurls it crashing down Into  the valley, shattering it Into fragments perhaps or at the least grinding  off some portions of its surface as  well as of the surface of the rocks  against which It is dashed.  "By such means and with the further aid of Its handmaidens, wind and  water, gravitation works Its unceasing  purpose of leveling the surface of the  earth. In a few brief geological moments it rounds the shoulders of the  haughtiest mountain, and, given time  enough, it will bring every particle of  rook back to the sea bed, whence it  originally sprang. Short of that, as a  transition stage, It is forever mixing  the different soil constituents on the  one hand and sorting them out again  on the other."���������ADDleton'a.  Australian Mangrove Swamps Stretch  Unbroken for Mile's ��������� Swordfish  and Sharks Play Havoc With Nets  ���������A Gorgeous But Dangerous Jungle���������The Serpent In an Eden���������  Lost for Five Days. <  .The country around Port Darwin in  which   Engineer-Commander   Silk   oi  H.M.S.' Pryamuo    was lost  for-five  days was well known to me nineteen*  years ago,  and there has  been very  little change in the northern territory  since    that   time.      The    mangrove  swamps,  that sometimes stretch unbroken by cliffs or beach for miles',  are to the eye a low, duH green wall  rising  from-the  sea.    Thousands  of  oysters  cling  to  the  fantastic  roota  and branches of the mangroves that  are laved by the tidewaters, and on  the   bottom   lie'   prawns,  crabs   and  other    shellfish    of    enormous    size.  Swordfish and sharks often play sadi  havoc with  the nets, as also do the!  numerous   alligators  that   wallow   inl  the black slime brought down by the'  creeks which trickle through the dense  wilderness of closely knitted boughs  and leaves.  Each evening at sunset flocks of-  flying foxes in search of food stream  from their haunts in the mangroves  toward the open "country; so black,  eerie and mysterious do they 'appear  in the glorious red and golden light  ass their lieavy webbed wings flap  slowly in their flight, that to the  imagination of any wanderer in the  neighborhood they become harbingers  of ill-omened fate. Where the stretches  of dazzling white beach approach the  swamp . one frequently comes on a  quicksand; and I remember my'horror when I rode unconscious of its  existence into the one at;Fannie Bay;  I felt my horse's feet sink over 'the  fetlocks just as my companion's shout  brought us back to'firm ground.  The territory has been often described as a sportsman's paradise.  At this time of the year the organized  shooting parties find around the lagoons and jungles about ten miles  from Port Darwin myriads of different species of wild dii'ck and geese,  as well as ibis, native companions,  various kinds of pigeons, cockatoos-  and parrots and emu and kangaroo.  Black boys generally accompany the  parties to retrieve from the tangle of  lilies and other beautiful plants, by  which the surface of the shallow waters are thickly covered, the birds that  fall to the guns.  The thick belts of the jungle are  choked by an undergrowth of parasitic creepers that have flung their  ropes around the trunks and into the  branches of the great trees, to droop  thence in a maze of tangled loops into, which it is impossible to penetrate  far without cutting away. Clusters of  white, starry flowers shine graciously  among the green of fern and moss; a  blaze of scarlet blossom clings around  the tall pillar o. a banyan; and the  soft illumination of heliotrope orchids lights the diverse undergrowth  that is only half revealed in the tender brooding twilight.  A friend relating an-experience, ol.  the jungle described the soft dank  heat and intense silence, the raro  shafts of sunlight breaking through  the canopy of the treetops, and the  feelings of reverence and awe inspired in him by the beautiful Gothiclike arches and tracery;.'and told of  his rude awakening when, turning hi?  head to the right, he saw suspended  from a branch an enormous python  swaying stealthily as it loosened its  coils and slowly advanced its head to  ward him. The sight of the serpent  in this glimpse of Eden, and one so  muscular and of such evil I intent, so  terrified him that with', a shout he  rushed from the jungle to the open  without even firing a shot.���������Pall Mall  ' '-ilK1 "  ' $&?$&/ This cold-water starch  S&i^i)/ gets ironing-day over  quicker, with less wear on  ���������^,.,(.f ���������rthe ironer's muscles and far  K$&y less on the starched pieces.  fc$i/Gives a, beautiful gloss.  ** /Needn'tbe boiled, .yet cannot  'stick.'" It's astarchyou'lllike.  Try I������ , '' Kg  STRANGE ESQUIMAUQ CUSTOMS  Belgium Blows Its Horn.  Belgium, like many continental countries, has its national board of advertising. The sti-te, owning, as It does,  the railways, must do everything In its  power to increase the paisengcr traffic,  ana so England and the adjacent countries are extensively placarded with  posters showing Belgium's beauty and  pleasure spots. The principal attractions are Ostend and its casino, and the  pictorial records of this resort have  adorned the boardings of England for  many years past.���������Loudon Graphic.  Chileans Are Mongrels.  There is a good deal of mongrel  about Chilean society. Chileans will  tell you that they are descended from  old Spanish families, but the old Spanish families were mostly turned out or  massacred lir tho revolution against  Spain, which arose mainly out ot the  wrongs of, the mongrels. The descent,  ,in' short, usually includes a slave native  Indian woman years back, and the two  types have mixed well, with handsome  but very fiery. results.T-ExQhange.  Good Digestion Should" Wait on  Appetite���������To have the' stomach well  is to have the nervous system well.  Very delicate are the digestive organs. In some'so sensitive are they  that atmospheric changes affect them.  When they become disarranged no  better regulator is procurable than  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. ' They  will assist the digestion so that the  hearty eater will, suffer no inconvenience and will derive all the benefits  of bis food.  ��������� It is not the modern tourist only  who scribbles on walls, said H. H.  Hall, speaking at King's College on  excavations at Thebes. He had noticed, he said, in, the tomb of Rame-  ses IV a remark written on the wall  by an ancient Greek tourist.���������London  Mail.  Fostival of the Dead  Hold Yearly At  Christmas  Time.  The natives of the Yukon River region hold a festival of the dead every  year shortly before Christmas, and a  greater festival at intervals of several  years.  At these  seasons food, drink,  and clothes are provided for the returning   ghosts   in ��������� the  clubhouse   of  the village; which _ is illuminated for  the  occasion  with', oil  lamps.  Every  man or woman who wishes to honor a  dead friend sets up,a lamp on a stand  in front'of the.place which the dead  one used to .occupy in the clubhouse.  These lamps, filled with seal oil, are  kept burning day and night until the  festival is over.- They are believed to  light  the  shades  on  their return  to  their old home and back again to the  land of the dead. If any one fails to  put up a lamp in the clubhouse and  to keep it burning, the shade whom  he or she desires to honor could not  find its way to the place, and so would  miss  the  feait.   When  a person has  been much disliked-his ghost is sometimes purposely ignored, and that is  deemed the severest punishment that  could ber inflicted, upon him. After the  songs of invitation to the dead have  been sung the.givers of the feast take  a_ small portion of food from every  dish and cast it 'down as an offering  to the shades;", then each pours a little  water on.the  floor,  so that it runs  through the.cracks. In this way they  believe that the spiritual essence of  all the,food and water is conveyed to  the souls. With songs and dances the  feast comes to an end and the ghosts  are dismissed to their own place. The  dancers dance, not only in the clubhouse, but also at the graves, and on  the ice if the dead met their deaths  by drowning. On the evo of the festival the nearest male relative goes to  the grave and summons the ghost by,  planting there a small model of a seal  spear or of a wooden dish, according  as the dead was a man or a woman.  The totems of the dead are marked on  these implements. The dead who have  none to make offetings to them  are  believed  to   suffer  great destitution.  Hence,   the Esquimaux  fear to    die  without leaving behind them some one  who will sacrifice, to their spirit, and  childless people generally adopt children, lest their shades be forgotten at  the festivals.,.  . TO PRESERVE LAKE FISH.  A Necessity  "Miss Scads, I cannot live without  you!"  "Bosh!"  ���������"At least not in the style to which  I have been accustomed."���������Washington Herald.  In a Glasgow car was an aged Irishman who "held-a pipe in his mouth.  The conductor told him he could .lot  smoke, but "he paid no heed. Presently the guard came into the car,  and said/ with a show of irritation:  "Didn't I tell you you couldn't  smoke in this car?" '���������  .."Well, Oi'm not smoking."  "You've got a pipe in your mouth."  "So Oi have me feet in me boots,"  replied Pat, "but Oi'm not walking.'  ���������Christian Register.  . .    . GREEN TEA  The same character as Japan Tea,, but  Infinitely more delicious.  8o'd Iho same aa "SALADA" Blaok Tea, In Seulod Load Paokots only.  By all Grooers.  40o, BOo and 60o per lb.  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Warranted tho most -wonderful   Blemish  Cure  ever known.  Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.  Kaid Sir Harry Maclean, at present partaking of the hospitality of  Raisuli, the eminent bandit, knows  how it feels to he 'bound in Morocco.  ���������London Opinion.  .   St. Isidore, P. Q., Aug. 18, 1904.  Minard's Liniment. Co., Limited.  Gentlemen,���������I have frequently used  MINARD.S LINIMENT and also prescribe it for my patients always with  the most gratifying results, and I  consider it the best all-round Liniment extant.  Yours truly,  DR. JOS. AUG. SIROIS.  Gazette.  Free from  Alcohol  Since. May, 1906, Ayer'a Sar-  saparilla has been entirely free  from alcohol. If you are in  poor health, weak, pale, nervous, ask your doctor about taking this non-alcoholic tonic and  alterative. If he has a better  medicine, take his. Get the best  always.  This is our advice.  England's Fame In Sport.  Britons have always been proud of  their prowess   in    field    sports   and  games of strength and skill, but this  year they have been humbled in many  contests.  The Belgian defeated Lean-  der  at   Henley,   an   American  holds  the tennis  championship,  a Frenchman is champion of English golf, an  Australian   is   champion  of  England  at lawn tennis, and tho premier honors in other branches .of that excellent and  increasingly  popular sport  have passed away from us. It is true  that the  display of  England  in the  drawn match  against the  South  Africans was worthy of our best traditions, but in other rivalries we have  been soundly beaten.   We have taught  our friendly foes    to  play  our own  games,   and   they   have  shown   skill  this year superior to our own.   This is  not to be taken ns a sign of our decadence, though some pessimists may  put    forward    the    contention,    but  rather as an incentive to renewed efforts.   The   leve   of manly   sports   is  instinctive  in   the   Englishman,   and  the defeats of the present year will  nerve him to strive with all ardor for  the recovery of the honors he has lost  Wiggs���������Tillie Topnotes says she is  saddest when she sings.  Waggs���������Wrong. The people who  have to listen to her are sadder.���������  Philadelphia  Record..  Canadian   Makes  Plea  Before  United  States  Fishermeh.  "Canada is now contributing ��������� 86  per cent, of the lake fish consumed  in the United States." This statement was made by E. Kelly Evana  of Toronto in a paper read before tlie  National Convention at Erie, Pa., recently. "The international problem  of the proper regulation of fisheries  of the great lakes" was the subject  of Mr. Evans' paper, and in it he  treated the boundary question from  the side of a Canadian. He explained that the lake fisheries of Canada  are practically controlled at the present day by capitalists from the United States.  "We   know,"   he   said,   "that  vast  quantities of food fish far below tho  legal   size  are   taken   over  to  Uncle  Sam's domain, and that is our particular sore spot.   We have laws regulating this feature, but it is perfect-  .ly_obvious that their intent is defeated by this practice of the American  fish  companies." The  Canadian  expert suggested the advisability of an  international  conference  to  take  up  the problem.    Following this suggestion a resolution was introduced and  unanimously passed directing the executive   committee   of   the  society   to  communicate with the governors and  heads of the fish commissions in the  several states bordering on the lakes,  with President Roosevelt, the Governor-General of Canada and the Lieutenant-Governor  of   the   Province   of  Ontario, with a view to inducing each  of them to appoint delegates to attend  an informal international conference  at some convenient date.  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An  "That politician declared he never  said  anything he  was  sorry  for."  "Yes. But that doesn't mean 'ie  never said anything he ought to be  sorry for."���������Washington Star.  Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is prepared from drugs known  to the - profession as thoroughly reliable for the cure of cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea, griping pains and  summer complaints. It has been  used successfully by medical practitioners for a number of years with  gratifying results. If suffering from  any summer complaint it is just the  medicine that will cure you. Try a  bottle.   It sells for 25 cents.  W������ pubU������h our fomaUa  9  ��������������� banifji ���������tooholj  imoovawlltlaMl  W������ -atf you to I  do������������ultyour  ��������� - dorfoy  A iltiKlsh liver means a coated tontuo,  a bid breath, and constipated bowels.  .The question is, " What is fhe best thing  to do. undor such circumstances ? 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Instead of the hives being able  to send out thirty thousand workers  to gather, whilst ten thousand remain at home, less than' a thousand  aro available, and tho bees are being  ted by the owners at a time when three  pounds of honey per day should be  flowing.  Lunacy In Scotland.  The forty-ninth annual report ol  the general board of commissioner*  In lunacy for Scotland states the total number of insane in Scotland on  fan. 1, 1907, to bo 17.503, showing  nn increase of 143 over the preceding  Rear.  ,.-"���������.  The  Broker's Alternative  "It is more than I can bear!" he  cried in agonized accents.  "Then I suppose we'll have to join  the bull movement," replied his partner.  Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and  every form of contagious Itch on nu-  man or animals cured in 30 minutes  by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion.  Mrs. McCall���������Have you still that  servant'girl you  had  last week?  Miss Hiram Often���������Which day last  week?���������Philadelphia Press.  Canadians  For Virginia?  To induce Canadians to go to Virginia and engage in farming there is  the object of Dr. Henry Smith's visit  to this country.  _ People adjust themselves to conditions, and the conditions are adjusted  by people.   If Canadians are induced  to go to Virginia, it will likely be in  obedience to one of those laws,  but  why anyone should leave this fair province to fill openings in any state of  the   republic   is   difficult  to  answer.  Ontario to-day is calling from every  quarter  for  men  who know  how  to  farm. Despite the flow of immigration  into Ontario,  the farms here are in  too   many, places    being   practically  neglected  because  of the scarcity  of  men to work them. Prom nearly every  district come  reports  of good  prices  and splendid wages.   The able, wideawake   farmer  may  make a  modest  little fortune here to-day.   He surely  can live as well as in Virginia, sunny  and picturesque as it is.   With such  possibilities,   with   such   fertile   land  and rapid industrial and commercial  expansion, why should he leave hid  own land to till the soil under a foreign flag?  Anyone who has traveled over Ontario must agree that it is rich in  everything that makes farming an independent and successful pursuit.  Canada 'needs all her sons at home,  to take care of the productive acres.  She needs their knowledge and interest in domestic affairs. If this province can offer as much as Virpnia  to the progressive and thrifty farmer.  Dr. Smith should not urge our- citizens too "strongly to migrate. Let  the young men who are growing up  in the beautiftd rural districts harbor a fondness for the Held and woodland. Let them appreciate the opportunities that lie before, and remain loyal to their own countryside.���������  Toronto World. I  Incident Which Occurred  During  the   Civil   War.  Here is an old story worth retelling;  it appeared in a recent issue of The  Presbyterian:  "Many years ago some Americans  in crossing the Atlantic were singing  hymns together on a Sunday evening, when an exquisite rich tenor  voice joined in, 'Jesus, Lover of my  8oul.' Another of the singers stopped suddenly to listen, and when tho  glorious voice sang the verso:  'All my trust on Thee is stayed,  j   All my hope from Thee I bring;  Cover my defenceless head   -  With the shadow of Thy wins.'  the    listener   said   to   himself,    'By  George!   It's the very man!'    When  the service was over he went up 10  the man with the glorious tenor and  asked, 'Were you in the Civil War?*  'Yes,' he answered, 'but I fought oa  the side of the( South.   I was a Confederate.'   'Yes,  you were a Confederate, and you were posted as a sentinel at such a post on such a night?1  'Yes,  I  was.    How  did  you  know?*  .'Doesn't   that  hymn   you   have  just  sirhg  tell  you?'   'To  be sure!'  cried  the other.   'I remember now.   I was  posted at sentry duty near the edge of  a wood on a night that was very cold  and  dark,  and,  as  the  enemy  were  known to be near,  I felt unnerved,  homesick, miserable, and to tell the  truth, afraid.  To comfort and encour*  age myself I sang that verse of the  hymn, "All my trust on Thee is stayed," etc., and felt somehow a strange  peace come down upon me which remained  with  me  all  that  long  and  lonely night.'   'Well you might,'said  the other, 'for you owed your life���������*o  that verse and that voice.    I was a  Union soldier, and that night I was  in the wood with a party of scouts.  I  saw  you  standing  at  sentry,   but  could not see your face, and I ordered  my men to cover you with their rifles.    At this moment you broke out  with  that glorious  voice  and  verse,  which  rang  through  the  still  night  and seemed    to    paralyze   my men.  They looked at me when you came to  'Cover my defenceless  head, ���������  With the shadow of Thy wing/  and I answered the look, 'All right,  boys; lower the rifles,' and we stole  back to our.lin_es."       x  It all began when he was youne.  Throup-h fortune's hard mischance  It came about he had to wear  I-lis daddy's cut down pants.  He then grow up \n man's estate,  Continued as before,  And when he went in politics  The boss' collar wore.  He next btuamo a benedict.  Of course we maj surmise  Prom color combinations strange  He wore his helpmeet's ties.  And'though In his apparel, thus,     /  He never cared to choose,  He made a failure when he tried  To fill a great man's shoes. ..  The moral of this tale Is this:  For either fame or pelf  A tailor poor is circumstance.  You'd better dress yourself.  ^-McLandburgh Wilson In Llpplncott'a.  Couldn't Do It    ���������       (    '  "Tell me the old, old-story," she.  said.   ' ' -  "1 can't," he replied; "I have made  a vow never to repeat ,a ��������� mother-in-  law joke."  ,-'?1  Ghe 'Food  That  Builds  Maybe   you    think    of  Mooney's Sodas only as a  tootHsome   tidbit     Don't  overlook their food value  Mooney's  Perfection  Cream   Sodas  are made of ��������� finest Cana*  dian wheat flour, pure but'  ter and rich cream. There's  nothing else of. equal size  and cost that contains so  much wholesome nourishment.  rAn ideal fesd.  All    grocer*   hive   them���������freih'  and crop ia    air-tight    packages,  Work and Worry.  "I am working too hard.   My work  is killing mo." ' The man is mistaken.  Work does not kill.   Work is medicine  to the body and mind and spirit.   Work  is the salvation of meu." Work cures a  thousand ills.  Worry kills. Dissipation  kills.    Worry is , largely  a  matter of  nerves  or  indigestion  or  liver,   or  it  may be a quality of temperament or  it may spring from euvy or some other  hateful   habit   of   thought.     In   most  cases worry Is concerning thingsi purely   imaginary���������things  that  cannot  be  helped.   One of the best cures for the  worry  habit   is  work,  hard, work of  body and miud.   Work requires concentration of effort audmind. That makes  one forget his troubles.   Work may be  made a, joy, and in tho joy of working there is no room for worry.   Right  living, right thinking, work���������these aro  specifics for most of the ills caused by  worry.  Dissipation kills.  PERFECTION  >H00NET BISCUIT VCANBt CO.'  -.    ������''  The Underwear  That is Guaranteed  You get exadly what you pay'  for���������or you get your money  baci���������when you buy  V9*  ������i  *w  WILSON'S  Kill thorn all.  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She���������Emma Is the prettiest, but Lena  Is the smartest. Now, which would  you rather marry, boauty or braltis?  He (very far gone)-NeIther. I'd rather  marry you.  Conceit may puff a mnn up, but It  ������an never prop hliu up.-Ruskln,  ^When a Horse Gets Hurt  use  Fellows' keming's  Essence  But don't waft until an animal b  injured. GET IT NOW-and you  nave the remedy that CURES all  lameness In horses.  It your dealer doej not handle  It, nend 60c. to  National Drug & Ohamlcal Co., UmlUA  MONTttlAU 1 a  ,Drink and Crime.  The recently issued statistics ,lor  Great Britain, for 1905, show that for  England and Wales, the non-indht-  ablo offences tried summarily we.-j  72S.727. Of these nearly one-third  (219,276) were for drunkeness. Drunkenness also accounts for "between a  third and one-half of the wholo ilum-  ���������er received into prison.  N.   U.   No.   653  Easy.  "Well," pondered the new answors-to-  correspondents editor: "I wouder how  to answer tills. Here's a subscriber  who wants to know what's a good  thing to take Ink stains out of white  flannel."  "Thafs easy," replied  tho sporting.  editor, "a pair of scissors."  You ean put on a roof that will  last a hundred years and be the  ri������ht kind of a roof every  minute. Or you can put^on a ten-year roof  that will probably leak after the first rain  nits it, and keep leaking till it is rotted away.  Either roof will cost  you about the same in  money at the start  But the I'Oshawa"-  shingled roof will be  FIRE-PROOF-literally; and wind-proof���������  ,   . .      ..   , actually; and lightning-  proof-positively. That's the hundred-year roof I  And that "Oshawa "-shingled roof will be  weather-proof for a century.  We'll GUARANTEE m every way for a quarter-century���������from  now till Nineteen-'  Thirty-Two.   ���������  Guaranteed in writing  for 25 years���������and you  needn't ever paint %  even!   That's saying  something, isn't it ?  What   would   your  mill-man.  say if you  Tools*  A-Plentyj  aK  Yet cedar shingles cost you just  about the price of thesa  "netiniwa >roV,V������l m_  o���������    fi^-Wanteed  in8Tles-28-guage tough  ing till 1982,-fire-  htnmg-proof.  a'square   buys   "Oshawa"  Oshawa  . ���������        ened steel, "douBle" gaFaS^E  for a century, guaranteed in writing tiiri9$~ff������������d  and-wind-and-weather-nroof and IfchtaW-DMoT  Four-doUars-and-a-half a'. souaro hZ pr������������A  Galvanized Steel Shingles  ���������ton foot by ten feet.  Compare that with tho  present price of cedar  ohingles ��������� how does it  strike you T  .And you canputontheso  "Oshawa" galvanized  Steel   Sbinglea' yourself,  easily,���������with   no   tools   but   a   claw?>������������������������.      a  Simplest thing you^ow-c^Vgot1"'cm^n  snips,  wrong,  Oshawa " Shingles lock on all four nMo������   ������.% i       ������  ���������ctically on-Tsheet of doubBvtift ������??  is prai  never needs'painting.  ���������Oshawa" Galvanized Steel  Shingles are GUARANTEED in  every way for Twenty-Five Years  Ought     to    Last    a   Century  double-galvanized steel, that  ,And GUARANTEED-  don t overlook that Guaranteed in writing, over tho  seal of a company with a  quarter-million capital.���������  guaranteed In plain  .English, ���������..ithout any ifs  or buts, for 25 low?  years. 6  That's  the argument In  a nutshell-cost the samo  asked him to guarantee cedar shingles for even   " wood - shingles j fire -proof, water'-MooT ���������Z  ten years?  He certainly would make remarks I  ^JM^-i���������*}  <*sier to  :put  on; 'and  M^^^cedar-shingledroof will be   ^SSSJ^  you exactly what it will cost to roof  It with loss work and for less mon *ry.  Barred.  Baron Aldorsoii onco released from  his duties n Juror who stated that he  was denf In one ear. "You may leave  Hio box," snld his lordship, "since It Is  necessary you should hear both tidns.'*  leaking badly inside of ten years.  Seven out of ten of them leak the  first time it rains. No wood-  shingled roof is fire-proof for a  minute, and the first high wind  that catches a loose shingle���������  whoosh I goes half your shingled roof  over into the next township.  1M  Plenty of facts that concern your  pocket-book come to you as soon as  you ask for our free book, "Roofinff  Right." A post card will ? *  ask ou.  do  to  * MONTREAL      TORONTO  The Pedlar People  ������BS% Of Oshawa eu^K  Why don't yon ask now 7  WINNIPEG  W Lombard 8k'  VANCOUVER | W^
\ 1"
;    r
 tUWM-WMWMJUl J<.�� iltaWII.
For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Rossland Assessment District, Province of
British Columbia.
1 HEREBY GIVE NOT.1C1C that on Monday, tho <!Ui clay of "November, A. D. 1907, at the hour
of IL' o'clock, noon, at the Court House, in the Oily of Kossland, 1 shall offer for sale at public auction the
crown-granted mineral claims hereinafter set oui, of the persons in said list hereinafter set out, for the
delinquent Uiset- unpaid by said persons on tlie "0th day of June, l!)(>7, and for costs and expenses,
including the costs of advertising said sale, if Lhe, total amount dim is not sooner paid.
Killllev, Ch'irlc-s I'.tlll  l>o<-	
Kiniit-V, Charles |fi'ill Dolj l'raclioii	
I-inur-im-,  l'\ J .IJuriif. Fraction	
."-k-l.'iiliL-i',', K. A City Vii-w	
CoinhiiK'.t'iiiii Mining .uid MillingCo .Coiuhiiialion	
<����� 7 .Mining Co., Limited '. .l'aniiy II.  I-'raclion....
I'r.ii;,  Tlmui is '(!���  A. R	
.*-.������>. 7. Mining Coinp'iiiv. Limited |C,liisyow Fr.-iction	
.ioliusoti, Svdiiey M....'. .Golden Xtiju'et	
'ilivis, J. C.'and" McXieol James  ;(ire*il  Ilu^pi-i-	
N') 7 .Mining Company, Limited  !ITeli-n 	
'i ��� i- ''(.-public Gold Mine'-; of Greenwood, 1!. C.,;
Limited, (N'.-l��. L.l jHidden Treasure	
\".   7 .Mmi'i'.- Coiupanv, Limited <!.:idy "filie Lake	
.i'|. >. G. I-" '.  -I.a I'lii/a	
.'he Reiiuhhe Gold Alines of Greenwood, If. C,
1,111'iil. d, ��� Xoii-l'i-isoiial Liability Lust Chance	
*-ii.t-,v, !���;. 11 , .-aid Graham, James A". iLi- Roy	
"   C Gold I'iL-1-1-. Company {l.cwellah	
.   ���iv., E. JI., and Gialiaml James A jLiyzie	
No. - Miiiimc Comp-ine, Limited..- McGregor 	
.I.-r-hiil -:i. Ji'ihn J,, and Cosgrilf, C jMulleii	
'..������HiMic- G, M. ComtMiiv ,,Vonsuch	
Lot No,
Number 7	
Otis Fraelion...
s.n. 7 Miiii,ig Company Limited	
.-iiiin'u'.e. );. j	
The R\ pulrhe Gold Mines of Greenwood, 1?. C,
Liuiiti'il. (Nou-IVrsontil Liability    Republic.
No. 7 .MiningCoiPiwuy.  I iiiiitt-d   Rub Roy.
M-gr-m  Aiiis��'it\ I Rock Creek _	
iMi'iiiiiiic, 1'. ).'.. j.-iciautoii Fraction.
Lj'.iii.-, (J. T I.St. Genevieve	
_"iii.n-oii, Sydney M	
���>icA-i!itir. 1'. G	
,'vi. 7 Mining Company, Limited....
:-'i!i��, E. II., and Graham, James A..
Thunder Hill	
Timer Fraction	
Tiipod Fraction....
j 279
$.S 00
" 73
5 5"
13 -��
13 00
3 50
'3 "O
y 75
5 50
13 ""
i�� 73
13 on
13 ot>
11 50
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 OO
2 OO
2 OO
2 OO
2 (JO
2 OO
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00'
2 00
2 00
2 OO
2 00
2 OU
2 OO
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 OO
2 00
2 00
Total clue
10 00
'3 75
7 5"
15 0
15 ui
5 5<-��
15 00
11 75
7 5"
15 00
12 75
15 00
15 00
13 50
12 25
15 0:1
15 CO
M 50
'���I 75
15 00
6 25
7 25
2 50
7 25
15 ��>
12 50
-I 50
15 00
14 50
4 50
3 00
11 25
Is published every Thursday at Greenwood, C, C, and Lhe price is $s a year,
postage free to all parts of Canada, United
States, Mexico and Great Britain. To
other countries il is sent postpaid for
j":>.5o a year. Address all letters to The
Ledge, Greenwood, 15, C,
GREENWOOD,   B.   C,   OCT. 24,   1907
men seldom   build   big
Bi* not afraid  and  nothing will
hurt yon. "__
Dhad  fish  never swim  against
Gi'Ai'T is the mother of  political
A uri' nose is not aiways caused
by drinking gin.
JLimvAV will some day be filled
with smelter smoke.
Ik   none  were  disappointed  no
progress would he made.
drunken men or allow them to
gamble. If Phoenix over gets as
good as the Forks poor Gene Shea
will be in danger of starvation unless he can become a fat policeman
in some easy camp.   Greenwood !
You never see a broken-winded
horse in Norway, said a horse doctor. That is because the horses
there are allowed to.drink while
they eat, the' same as mankind.
Our horses, let them be as thirsty
as get out, must still oat their dry
fodder,' their dry bay and oats and
corn, with nothing to wash them
down. ."Bub in .Norway every horse
has a bucket of water beside, his
manger, and, as be eats, he drinks
also. It is interesting to see how
the "Norwegian horses l'Hisli their
water with their meals. .Now they
sip a litisio from the bucket,'now
they eat a mouthful then another
sip, then another mouthful, just
like rational human beings. Yon
never see a broken-winded horse
in Norway, and tho natives say it-
is because they serve water to the
animals with their feed.
When you want a monument or
headstone, write to tlie Kootenay
Mm-hli' Works, Nelson', P>. 0.        *
'If yon aro interested in-
'Don't forget that'we-carry JlcOlary's famous' "Kootenay,"
"'Monarch," "Malleable,'" ."Chief National," and " Record,'*-
and guarantee each and every range to give-absolute satisfaction.   Also a full .lino of Wood. [[eaters, $4 to $20
liofcshmd, J3. C, October 4th, 1907
Pitch, Tar. Are you building ? Jf so, yon cannot afford
to overlook the fact that naked
timber-- will decay and let
down the still remaining good
good part of your building.
While a roof "covered with our
Paint atlds life, appearance
and value to a building. See
our agent, E. W. Lishop.
Greenwood, 13. C.
Nelson Coke and GasjCo. Ltd.
n'f ^-
Stjiish   Bugs,  1-Iandsomo
Valises and Durable Trunks
A. L. White's
Phone Ui. House Furnishers.
= Dealer in                                              p
I Windows, Doors,  ���      |
j Turned Work and    |
I Inside Finish. |
1 MANITOBA                    j
I Wood Fibre Plaster I
= PKONE   65                    sj
~K Itegnlar monthly nieetinga of
"*rj? Gri'euwood lodgo Xo. 27, A. P.
/V* & A. M., tiro held on the first
Thursday in cacti month in Pra-
ternity;hall, Wood block, Government
.street. Green wood. Visiting brethren
are cordially invited to attend.
li. <J.  U"AI'KI','N, -V. 31.
JAS, S. [SI1CNJ1*, Sucrelary,
����m��iMiiii iww-u-iiMtmw>
('reenwood Minera'
.Union, No. 22, W.
F M., meets evorv
Saturday evening in t'nion Hall, Copper atreet, Greenwood, at 7:80.
Also in hull at   Mother Lodo mine
Thursday evenmjrH at 7::i0.
R. A. lIATUlilSON, Secretary.
Tm* majority of jieople are too
nice to speak tho truth above a
The man who pays the printer
is still one of the noblest works of
It is the same to lose a million
as a dollar, provided one or the
other is all you have.
Jealousy is a form of insanity
and those afllicted with it should
be quarantined or put in the asylum
Just two months from this evening wise children will be wearing
big stockings without holes, except
on the top.
When- a innn goes wrong wise
detectives look for the woman, for
if not actually in the play she is
not fcr away.
Co 1*pi*r is as staple as iron and
will advance in price" when the
bulls can get the market away
from the bears.
Means Good Health.
Healthful plumbing at reasonable prices L-our business. ".Standard Fixtun-.'' make your bathroom
healthy, .'-..nitary and modern. A
full line of heating sur/es  at cost.
Opposite A'ui'flon IJliJel,
Supplies' electricity tor Power,'Light,' Heating
and Ventilation.-   Power Furnished to mines
for hoisting and air-compressor plants, with a "^
guarantee that the service will bo continuous.
I$J   Get our rates beforeconiplefcing-yoiir estimates
��eo QK
t faery*
i'lioiuj A-tlS.
Most of people would rather
stay on this earth forever than
take a chance upon getting a harp
in the Jfew Jerusalem.
The Kootenay Saloon
Sandon, B. C, has a line 01 nerve
bracers unsurpassed iu any mouo
tain town 01 the Great West. A
glass of aqua pura given free with
spirits inenti.
Greencxiood, B. C-
Grand Forks
and  Phoenix
_ .     M   . 1   , , ���   ,.     .:,.   .,���,i.mii    Jeweler and Optician, dealer in
uml.-r :lic -inn.' mai-r.-'einMit.   iiocins M'inc Watcbes, High-CJass Jewelry,
ciniiii-intl.il', j'.u-alt- t<)i!;il to any 111 the! Diamonds, etc.
i-iiv, and tin- Lai- >|>).;.'ii'F only the best |
rnini'i- .if Gn-eiiwijud and  (iovernmeiit!
.-���treets. |
J. W. ffelsott|Ul
In Phoenix is situated on a delightful elevation and from its
windows can be seen all the scenic
beauties of this famous copper
camp. The excellence of the cui-
siue attracts the attention of all
who are kind to the inner man,
aud the bar contains fluids that
would please a Greek god, while it
is not necessary to be up so high
in order to smoke any of the cigars.
Miners, Millionaires and Tourists
always welcome.
CHAS. H. FLOOD,  Prop.
The Gr-eenrjuood Branch i
Iron Works
I-. now pn'paml to make
all kii.iK nf Iron'. Hrass or
Copper Casting.-,. I-'irst-
el.T-s    work    giiaiant'-c'l.
Geo. |W. Holt,   manager.
The ���Norden Hotel
Ibiving lately acq Hi r��.-��l the Queen'.s
hotel anil (.laced the two hotels miller
1.ne iniiiiiifcnu-nt, the proprietor!' new
imve the largest hotel aeeominoilatioii
in the eiiy, {riving thern a lar-rer timing
;iti(i n'a'ii'intr rnoin acconinioilalion and
liouliling the niiii'lier of slecfifng rooniH.
I-'iist-i-lii.-s cooks and atlentive waiters.
Itc.-t of evci-ytliiiij* huhiiid the liar.
Sater & Johns, Proprietors
Nelson. B. C, is run 011 the
the American and European
plan. Nothingyello'vvabout
the house except the gold in
t'-e safe.
Mf.vIone   c<   TrrcgiliLis
ThF^nds o7 Ho t el___
of Crnnd I-'orks, IJ, C, caters to
miners, mecliauicsand.smelter men
A. B, Si.oan, Manager
Th a comfortable Jjome for all
who travel to that city.
ARRIVKS  6:25 P. M.
Close connection at Spokane for
Pacific Coast and  Eastern  Points.
Stage to and  from  Greenwood
meets trains at Midway.
For Further Particulars Apply
P. H. BCJ'.VHAM, D. P. & P. A.,
Grand Forks, P. C.
\V. A. Boss, A. G, P. A.,
Seattle, Wash,
Mountaineer and Kootenay Standard Cigars.
Made by
���3.-:&.CMinV0o., nelson
J. R, Cameron.
Leading Tailor-of the
Sandon, B. C.
The Hotel Slocan
Three Forks, JJ,C, is the leading
hotel of the city. Mountain trout
and game dinners a specialty.
Rooms reserved by telegraph.
Huqh Hiyen, Prop.
Cheap .Pates from all points
in Ontario and Maritime
Provinces    on    Sale    Daily
Sept. 1 to Oct. 31
Unexcelled service, fast- time,
through sleepers aud tourist
cars,     Two transcontinental
trains daily in each direction.
Owen Sound,
To Ci?eenrjuood
Montreal,   840.10;   Ottawa,
844.85 ; Halifax, 850.40
Kates to other Ontario poiiilH" $
antL. Maritime provinces quoted
on application to local ajrenta, or
.f. MOK. n. V. A.; N6l��on.
,     K. .J, COT-MO, A. O. P. A.,
"O^V^S/Q^**^. '%/VaAbrti/tA)* W&&qi/Qj
Nearly all the wildcats in Rossland have died. Many of the inhabitants are now raising chickens
and planting fruit trees.
Is Canada the ladies are waging
war against the frail cigarette, but
they have.not yet reached the teakettle or coffee pot. Far-sighted,
A cemext factory is being started
in Nelson. This will help to bind
tho town together, now that the
sawmill and smelter are full of
Those who work' in the post-
offices of Canada are to get more
wages. It is to be hoped that this
will improve the service even if it
does lessen the surplus.
A Feume paper welcomes the
advent of a skating rink in that
town, claiming that it will improve
the morals of the people. It will
help some, e-veti if the preachers
have failed to save the wicked in
the coal metropolis..'
8ANOON, II. 0*.
Will be appreciated by the Tourists,
Travelers atitf Mining Men visiting the
Slocan.   J.'Jvcrylhliig up-to-date.
It is but a. few years ago since
the people of Kootenay made fun
of the one or two ranches in that
section of country. Now the desire for ranches is so great that the
land is all staked except that which
kisses the clouds on the mountain
tops. -   ���    s.
The fastest boat on the Atlantic
now does the mov'ement from bank
to bank.in less than live days, and
has a speed of nearly 23 miles an
hour. The" time cannot be cut
down much more unless steamers
are blown across the blue in a pneumatic tube, or propelled by some
newfangled kind of wings.
Tin-; demand for copper steadily
increases, although lately the price
lias depreciated, owiDg to a clash
between the bulls and bears of the
stock world. 'When the tempest
is over copper will settle where it
belongs until tho sharks of Wall
Street again fish it up as a club to
make the other fellows keep off
their picnic grounds. Now is the
time to buy copper wild copper
stocks. It is always better to buy
when anything is cheap and sell
when it gets dear.
In Calgary some of the Christian
people have opened a coffee bar,
thinking in that way to iftive some
of the young men from drinking
the vile booze sold in that great
cow camp. Might .as well sell
good whiskey as coffee. Both -are
injurious, when taken "to excess,
the only.difference being that too1
much whiskey will make /you
" holler,''- while too much coffee
will make you too sick to "holler." The good people of Calgary
should open a bar for selling water.
It cannot hurt anyone and will
give the old topers a chance to
taste something new.
Grand Forks has a now mayor
anil it is'to be a closed town. One
of the new regulations states that
saloon men must nob .sell liquor to
He 1
Arriving in and 'leaving
Greenwood have headquarters at ���  -
Chenier's   -
Cigar Store
Pipes, Cigars, 0 igarettcs and
Tobaccos   to   suit your
tastes, your fancy or
your pocket"
Next door north 01 l'acific hotel,
Copper street. Greenwood.
From France, Holland and Japan.
For full planting. Reliable varieties at reasonablegprices. Fertilizers, Pee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers,
etc. Oldest established nursery on
the mainland of B. C. Catalogue
3010 tVc^Liiiiii-ti'i' Ko:iil,  VANCOUVKK,
Motel Ladysmith
The best-appointed v/orkingmanV
hotel in tlie city. The finest of
bars, stocked with the best Wines,
Limiors and Cigars. Lighted with
Klectricity. Uot and cold baths.
Kates: Board and Room, <l a clay
R ~ .     -       -
2 8
��    li    ESS
I �� '  Dealers in - .:--.-.'
�� g piresh and Salt'-JHeatsi pish,and Poultry.
% I Shops in nearly all the towns of Boundary'and1'
I �� "the Kootenay.
�� 0 -    - '"""".��
Is opposite the Great Northern depot, and is a delightful *!���
haven .for the weary traveler. O-reut veins of hot water gj
run through the entire house, and bathrooms are always |;
at the service of those iu search of material cleanliness. �����<
The dining room is an enemy to dyspepsia, while the |!
artistic appointment of the liquid refreshment room makes g,
tho drinks go down like eating fruit in a flour garden. ��
The sample rooms are the largest in the mountains and ��.'
a pleasure to drummers with big trunks.  ' ���       H1
.     JAS. MARSHALL, Prop, |
0   !PV - -v ��
6        El        ��A   ^1 ^
it API IM"
t AnL ft'
None but tlie best brands
of- liquors and cigars.
Morning bracers and
-and evening hyballs always within easy reach
of the -bai-keep."
>1 DEMPSEY prop.
Kings Liquor Scotcii Whiskey
12 Years Old
J. W. Burniesters White Port.
Jas. Henne'ssy & Go's o-Star Brandy.-
��     IMPORTERS, GREENWOOD, B. C.     ,,
Is under the management of Greig & Morrison.- The
rooms are comfortably furnished, and-the bar contains
tho best brands of wines, liquors and cigars.
. Is the best' appointed JRestanrant in the interior of
Ih'itith Columbia. The best cooks and most attentive
waiters only employed.    Open all the time
fioivard Sttoore, Proprietor.
This roomy and commodious
hotel is in the heart of the
city, aud has ample accommodation for a large number of
guests. The bar contains a
3*aried assortment of tonics,
ranging from domestic b'-er to
foreign wines.. The cigars are
unsurpassed in the Boundary.
Senztrad �� Roy ��� ��� Proprietors
yliullkiiiiivoii   r.mi(l   Dl.strlistJ-lCiirtt   Fork
ofKottlv ltlvor. '
��� [jOhaHou No, 17. Tnku Xotk-o lluit Uh-iinilcr-
i\ltn(<A lutvii'ln to n|i|ily for il N-K-cf.il llmlii'i-
UfL-iit'iovcr tlm tolbnvmit ilcicrlli,.il IiliiiIhuljutif
Icii iri.'lm up tin- river: Oi.iiinioiu-aur nt u |i(Ht
pliuiti'.l 'It liin 111111II1 ciisi coriii-r, rlii'jici! rim-
���iIik; ��.-������'*. wi'cluiln.1, llicMci' ikii'Ui mi i-IiiUiih,
tliiiiii'o null mi cluihiii, llioni-a fluulti Wolmliwto
plllCt! 'if IMV_'ffIIlIlIK���
lj'xiiilciil IJ1I1 llitulnyof ScplHinliiir, 1W7. l.'i
IjocftW'iii No. IS, Tnlio N'ltloii tlm?. tlm uiidm--
Hlh'Miiil IntnliilH U> il|/1il,V for 11 HpiioliU tliiiliiir
ll(:i)iiM)'/Vi:i-|liii .frilloiiinif rlitiiirllioil liiml- uluiil.
ten lulled uu tli<> i-lvor: CVsniin'iioliiKiU a po.'it
liliintwl nt Wi(! iwrt'i widt cnriiur, thijiico \vi*l
hii clinlnt). ilioriiKiMouth wi elwliw, tlicnt'i; 1v1.1l 80
dlllllll.H,  dll'JK'l!   Il.ll'lll  80  I'luilnrt  to plma; oflio'
(joeiitol lliliilUliilay of.Suptoiiiucir, 1MI7.. l.'i
Is the best furnished hotel in the Boundary
district, it is heated with, steam, and
hghted by electricity. Excellent sample
rooms. The bar is always abreast of the"
times, and meals aro served in the Cafe
at any hour, day or night.
finest Jo Carti��r9 Prop,
Choice   Fruit
For Sale at $10, $12 and ��15
Per Acre. '
j f,oi;nl
Is the home for nil tourists
mid millionaires visiting New
Deliver,   iiriti.-'li | Columbia.
NKI,S0N, B. C.
Commercial Hotel
Has ample accommodation  for a
large number of guests.    Pleasant
KooiiiH and a Good Table,    Sunday 'Dinners a Specialty,
Mas. Ada Hi'i-.yaui).


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