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The Ledge Nov 29, 1906

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 *  RESENTS  Qoldi Silver,. Out a lass, a,ncl- Precious  ~7~ ' .'Stones  GREENWOOD, B. C, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER..an, 1 dU  i\To'::21  which- the manager had--.violated  the terms'-of ���������'the agreement; has  not .been refuted by-.him or any  cfli'-ial <)f..tljc_ company:- ,.,,-���������  It is  frequently   heard ���������on   the  Iciricy.in th.o city,'  ���������;��������� Tho ;'opening  bill of the present  engagement   was   "A   Soldier   of  Fortune, '  and there was nothing  wanting in the finished production  company's    smelter -was  quietly   B.  (\   Copper   company,   at such  contacted    for-   the   first   week,   (dace and. time as mav be con  Ernest Mills,   district organizer foi  the Western Federation of Miners,  arrived Jn ��������� ^the city  Wednesday  streets from parties interested, that' pf that romantic.dra  ma.  evening of last week, having comi  from the Coour d'Alenes- in Idaho.  Mr. Mill Is is thoroughly'familiar  with all the detiils of the trouble  at the smelter, having been secre:  tary of tho local union for -a  couple of years. Preliminary com  munications  passed between J-: E.  McAllister, manager of thesmelter, ,u n    on,    previous     occasions.'  and the secretary of the umion up ;Committee: , Ii. A. Matheison,  to Wednesday, clearing the ground Frank Steele, F. J. Gould, ]{'.  for  what it is-hoped will be a-per-   Rawlinson,    Ernest    Mil  1VCH-  ieut to yoir ' if you: are of the  opinion 1 hat such committee would  facilitate settlement..,.,       .;   '  :  We are . unable -to-see. poj- way  clear . to . appoint; a committee  wholly of your,employees', on account -of alleg'e'(i'uiiscriminati(������ns  that have been- shown *by your  company against.' representatives  ��������� who have. acted;in -.hehalfof'.your  'inploye.es,   and-members   of mn  remain  tents  noted.  rnanent structure.   Such communications  arc  of course necessary ,'is  feelers  for both parties, but one of  Mr. McAllister's, letters to the experienced   unionist,    will    appear  unique,   if   not   mediaeval   in its  character.     It is customary in negotiations   of   this   kind   for each  party  to  appoint a  comunittee of  one or  more to adjust differences,  but the  manager   of the. .-melt-.-r  went one better and' decided to appoint  a;  committee   for-the union  Strange to say* this .-indent custom  was not  accepted  in ihatspirit of  meekness which should eliara<'t.i-nz(  the attitude  of the  employed t...  ward  his  employer.      Even tho-  persons  suggested  by Mr.   .McAllister did not look favorably on tin  scheme, and declined' to act.     The  union must'have ignored the suggestion for another committee was I tor of N  We  Yours "respectfully '  ���������   I\\ A: Matuk'isox  --  .���������    '   '   "   -Nov. 24^-190G,  Mr. R. A. M-itheison;-' '"''  ;,  Fin..  See.   Greenwood Miners  Union. .  .    Dear  Sir: ���������Your   letter.o'tNu'v:'  23rd has been received and its con-  such-small matters .'are. not   sufficient caiise .for a strike.    To the  company .the   amounts   involved  must appear .trivial,  but  to  men  v/it'i -families  wlio  have  been receiving .82 7-0- a day, the few cents  additional  that  other smelters are  paying.', means'" the   difference be-  tweO.i  a hand to mouth existence,  and-  wholesome food aud.ooniifort-  ablo   clothing   for   their families.  To an- unbiassed onlooker it seems  st-onger  t!ian  evei- before.     The  a  barbarous outrage on Christian  support was perfect     Th  ciyiliz'itiou   that   a   manager of n  large company will wantonly waste  thousands of dollars in an endeavor  tu'-'deprivo.  his employees of a few  cents daily th it is absolutely necessary   to  their existence.    There is  Despite the storm, there was ai  big house;- andJ a better'pleasedl  audience .has probably never been  ������een in. Brandon's theatre. Mr..  Nelson and Mr/ Bruce were both  aceoided' a hearty reception; and'  throughout the evening the expressions of approval' were- generous  ami frequent..  The bill was a- charming one,and:  tlhe-     principals-    were ���������   probably  ere was a  most pleasing artistic swing to the  piece throughout,'' and; '''A Sold'ier  of Fortune-" wouhl-stand repeating  on stiiiie fiitiire o'cea.-ion,si. Mifcis-  factory was thoWirst production-.  Excel lent indeed were, the sta"o  not another concern in the Bound- settings, and the costumes, as  ar\ district that asks so much of usual, lent a splendor which contri-  its employees and gives fO small a butcdin no 'wnajl measure to.there! urn for their labors. ��������� success   oil' the  drama. ���������Brandon  The   union  fr-'ht indefinite!  W  e are   unable to  appointed  Work was resumed'* at' the  Motherlode mine yesterday with as  many men as could bo procured,an  agreement having been arrived at  by which the men were permitted  to return'to work pending negotiations, as the dilliiulty, was one  which directly affected- the smelt*"'  employees only.    ,  A  conference was held Tuesday  between    the    manager    of     the  smelter and  a-committee of ttiel cussed   by  union.     The result of this conference   was considered   at   a union  meeting Tuesday evening, but ne-  ���������   gotiations   had   not  then gone far  enough' for-the press committee of  the  union  to make any statement  for. publication. -  Following is the correspondence  between the 'union committee and  the manager of the smelter:  Nov. 21, 190G  JR. Mathison, Sec}'. ���������  Dear Sir:���������deferring to your  communication of the- 20th inst.,  with enclosure, we would say that  ��������� wo are always ready to meet our  employee8 or their representatives,  who are likewise our employees, to  discuss their requests, and we will  give such requests careful consideration, and redress an}' ju-t  grievances.  Wo have an agreement with our  employees for a period of three  years,- which has still more than  two years to run, covering their  rates of pay and conditions of mt-  vice. We recognize, however, tin-  present business conditions, and ue  are willing to deal Ii'orally with  our employees, and will pay as  high wages as any paid for similar  services in this province.  On this account, we fed, that in  justice to this company, that during any   iliseu--sit>n   of rates and  conditions,  the employees  should  return to their posts until the outcome of, such discussion is known.  In   view of  thc foregoing conditions,   we are  unable to deal with  ^ your organization as such  Yours very truly  ThoB.C. Copper (V. Ltd.  J. E. McAlmstku  Mai agcr  Nov.  2.*3. lOfKi  Mr, J, E. McAllister,  Manager B.C. Copper Co.  Dear Sir:���������Wo herewith beg t,..  acknowledge receipt of your coin  rnunication of Nov.   21, 190(5. and  in  roply to sanio, would, state that  wo are pleased to note that yon on  behalf of thc B. G. Copper Co., are  willing to concede somo portion of  the demands of our union by complying  with the wages paid in certain departments  by other smelter  companies.  Wo   have  appointed    tho following,     committco     to    confer  understand your-rcferonee regarding discrimination against representatives who-have, acted in- behalf of our employees, .but all eom-  in.���������nt. in this re-mect' should be  avoided if the .personnel, of -any  representation came froin'our sug-  go-tion.  We would therefore say than we  arc willing to meet with the following representation on or before  next Tuesday, Nov. 27th., to discuss matters upon lines of our let-  iov. 21st, namely:  D.   McMillan,   U.' V. Richards  James Erwin, I> Sullivan, Ernest  Mills, Geo.. R. Naden.  Yours vciw_ truly  B. C  Copper Co-.  J.   E.  McAlj.istkr  Manager.  Nov. 2.), l'JtJG.  ���������Mr.'J.s,E. McAULteiy, ' -���������    --  Manager B. C. Copper Co.  Dear Sir:���������Your letter of Nov.  2-iih   litis  been  received  and  (lis  our   union   at regular  meeting, and I  have been directed  to write you as follows:  That the Greenwood Miners  Union have unanimously selected  a committee who are satisfactory  to your employees, and who arc  ready to meeo with you, or representatives of the B. C.   Copper Co. !  is   in   a position to  v..    it is li'iiancially  strong   enough   at   present to pay  benefits  for  at  least a year to its  unemployed.      There  is no-reason  why   the  committee should-recede  from the scale or in  any way compromise.       The    strike   will,   of  course,,   prove   a   hank-ship ..to ail  business   interests,,   especially  to  those dealing largely  in' Christmas  goods.     The damage is done," and  cannot now be reminded even if an  agreement were reached tomorrow,  and'asone business man remarked  yesterday,   "well,   we'll    have  to  take, the curses as well as the blessings,   so  there is no-use kicking."  Times  receive    sei'rbua-     'atfei'tion     hy  the  antfherifries  is  the carrying.*)!  eonceare'd' weapons   by  these  fellows:  ' The 'givat majority of this  class-'of   Italians ' carry   the traditional  stiletto ������;��������� -p-miard, and n  mwderous weapon  it is'/';We saw  one  recently  taken- away in con-1  miction   with, tho-Niagara-crime.  With, ti -foe/elled blade s">me eight  or' ten Inches  Jong and sLarpenoi  to the finest needle point an.uglie-  ormore-fuenaeing tool could hardl;  be  found'..    There should bo s.mi  search   of these men and a beav  line  fof the   first  offender woul-'  cause  a   good many I-.ss to be cai  ried round. ���������Grand ForksGaz.'tti  " 'Laid on the Table  . \ communication   from Phoenix  would hardly clear the libel line, so  if   cinnot   be   ptiblished  in   Tin-:  I.EiKiis.      There  is   probably more  truth than pipe-dream in what our  correspondent  writes,   but as the  publisher is not in thocit}' at present, the  local editor does not care  to  risk  a  libel suit.    However, a  portion   of  the  letter might do no  Local ,-f 'nfe^SJf'.f I ���������'.������  A. MeOjieen, tr.iv-jler for the  fnland1 Cigar Co.,"v*as in tlie citv  this week.'   ���������'    '������������������      '  "'  H.   E.   McDmiiel',   of. Nilson,  distri'c.  fieight agent for the C. J*.  .'., v,a-? in the city Tu -sd.iy.  .. - Th.c..;;.Blne.-X-Ual^ hp&h, Count-r  OI'������il..Fll!*Jj" i^Iw^uiSrV kind'oil.:  market ^that \nl)jwt. jjUffsH up TvO"  cold ��������� Svofcthei:- _ Its inaii,ufjicturers; ���������  have-had sevbn'ty^ ears experience,; >l  A.   M.   Wliteiide and  William  &W apples. ���������. ^'1'^'' R^SaU^lu-i  Uison we it up to Beaverdell and  Cft'ini taiiiirday, returning Tues-  .av.  John ra.vliiy, manager for Ken-  dell a- ti Jo., was in Spokane fior a  couple of da;.s the-early pair;of the  ...  uv-  week.  Write  to  IJiverside  Nurseries,  0aulfi.;ld Co.-.  The   ore' in   I he'shaft-of. tho  rrince  I fen By   has  widened "to 10-',  inolies-afc a depth of "J75 feet. 1  TZarcM    No  ,��������� fh  -c, ��������� ll,l,m-      Here   it    is:     Scone   in  In the Slocan r<..���������'. i  Gran by mine:  At McGuigan things in the min-     Shift   boss to   miner���������Where do  ing hue areq.uiet.,   At-the Rambler you board?  little  may be expected iu .the way   '   Miner���������-Danny Deane's.  Shift boss���������You had  better take  a lay-off.  Shift   boss   to   second   miner���������  eJson   and .company-,  will   appear   in   the   Auditorium,'.  Wednesday evening Sth'December:,.-'{  _     Frank and Mrs.  Spearing are ro-  Grand  Forks,   fo? fic-.j dest riptive fceiving con&:atu.lations-fietiV their '|  many .fiiendd on tho.birth-of a son,  which' occurred- SuutUy-Jast, 2jth  ins-t. ' .,....,������������������  catalogue of home-grown, thrifty,  iaccliinatized fruit trees and ornamentals.  Arthur Murray was severely injured Sunday morning while mue'e-  ing at the Providence by the ex-  D. and Mi.-. Davies..of Fernie  wei:o K-gistered at the, Irnpeiial.  hot<!   ihis   UTe]-.  ���������   jf,:;''D,:u.itw is.  of activity until the upraise through  to  the ore  body, .in No. 8- shaft is  completed.    Thelwork is necessarily slow on account of the difficulty  in obtaining sufficient ab.    When  this   work is  finished the Eambler  will enter upon a period of activity  the  result of  which  will surprise  the country, and act as a pivot for  turning  the   flow   oli capital once  more to-the Silvery Slocan.  At Whitewater   operations   are  As we. got to press it is leaincd |eoilfilied  e!lit;fly to the  properties  that practically all the' demands of  the ['union have bee'i. e.mcededi.by  the company, -wiiii just a' Sew  minor points to be agroed- upon..  It is too bad that the manager of  the smelter had not matte these  concessions . before a- strike was  forced on the on n.  .bearing that name. Both under  tease to J. L,. Retallack and Si S.  Fowler,' tho old -Whitewater and  Whitewater Deep have been shipping regularly foi* some, months  past. The ore being of ��������� a zincy  nature, to get' a good 'separation,,  the mill was overhauled last winter  to save all values or as much.as  possible. Tho results attained from  the alterations made are very grati-  Wherc do you board ?  Miner���������At the Granb}'.  Shift boss���������Keep woiking.  And thus,, even tho mucker who  discretely chooses his associates  will not be compelled to "warm the  trail."        Swift's premium- bacon and  sugar cured- hams always in stock  at the Russell-J.aw-Caulfield Co.  Sleighs for boys, girls and babies  at McRae 'Bgos.  plosion  of a cap.    It is feared lie comptroller of the Crows Nest Piss  will lose the sight of one eye..   '       Coal Cp. .. ���������������������������.;������..���������  This evening a sale  of work will      McKae Bros.' .aiiooiioce-that the- '���������"  he held   in the Auditorium by the  ,<5'rafc  ^ek in  Decon'ibe,'/- jtpey' wi'IIl ���������'��������� ^  ladies of St. Jude'sEnglish church.   ,iave  on: display"the Gne^tJWbf "  Besides a musical programme, the-piacy good.s  and toys ever shown  ~ ' 'in theBoundar  Amateur   Dramatic   society   will  present "-My Turn Next."  ��������� F'. S. Hussey, superintendent of  provincial  police,   was  in the city  his week on business connected  with his department. While here  he called on Officer Darraugh who  has been in tbe hospital about  three   months.  Bandfair Notice  Kelson  Judge Sandilands was in town  town   this  week.     He would not Tying.   The mill has been sunning  admit that he had any intention of steadily since last spring, is now in  operation, and likely to continue so  The committee will call at each  house on Monday, Dec. 3rd. for  the contribution of needle-work.  Please have your donation  Thank you.  J. H. Schofield, of Trail, G-and  Master, A. F, & A. M., will pay  an official visit to the district next  week, Gran'd Forks,- Wednesday,  5th., Greenwood, Thuisday Gtli..  an-"- Phoenix, Friday 7th December. Jfo will-be accompanied  by Geo. E. Dej-, of Phoenix, D:D. j  ready.  G.M.  W. S. Keith, Sbrmer'lyof'Greer.-"  wood,, has  resigned 'theposit'ion of'-  general superintendent offlie Kenneth, CliL, smelter. aud-is!nuAv'living  in  San Francisco.   --He*  wilt.v  shortly go to Mexico; ,    .    '  The Greenwood skating riuk.'  will be opened to'the public to-morrow (Friday)'evening." An.  excellent sheet oS ice has been- ���������<  made ready. Season -tickets ca������-  bo purchased at tlw:riuk any afte'rr  noon or eveninc.  fa  J-  G.   McMynn- of Iioclft^reekv.  was   in   the   city   Tuesday,,; M'v '  McMynn  is manager of ona-of the.  . ijargcst.cultjyated.ranches in South"- *-l  leaving Sandon for Calgary. Sandon is sure to be all right in the  near future, and Sandy might as  well stay with the old camp until  the boom gets its second wind.  UV   II.   C.  Jackson; who made  arrangements   two   years . ago.. tn,  throughout the winter. The shipments from the Whitewaters average about 150 tons of consent-rates  and crude ore each month  City Council  Council met Monday evening.  Present, Mayor Naden, Aldermen  Bunting, Mathison, Mcliae, Sullivan -and Wood..  Minutes pf last meeting adopted.  Mr.   Ilagleberg asked to be paid  $i)0 for road to Starvcout. Ordered  Geo.   II.   Goebel   will lecture in j!?   fT^   C������lu,rib^.    ^ *���������  Miners'   Union,   hall,  here on the ���������      ,  takcn. nn agency for nffriciilfr  asr-  aral   machinery,   aud  will shortly-  be   in   a  position   to'  supply the-  ranchers   of the  district- with ali' ���������  their requirements in that line.  uiKtiigt-uiuiibs i-wii years ago.tn,  at a.,) time and place that may be -t;U.t a (];i.]v p^e,.',-,, NeIsoll an(]  convenient.    Therefore we are .tin-: ..,.. "    . -   ���������  able to entertain tho idea of permitting your company the priv;  ilege of naming committees to act  for us, thus- depriving the employees of your company of a just-  privilege to. which they are in all  fairness entitled.  In appointing  the committee to  meet you   we   have selected men  who have a knowledgeof the work,  wages and  conditions,   as well as  men   who  have,  the respect of the  community,   the  unanimous   consent of your employees, and will  assure,    you    the  most   courteous  treatment to your company and all  concerned,  .-Trusting   that   in    vhw  foregoing "you   wi'll   sei  clearly   to   trenT.   with  niittee.     We remain  Respect fully yours  R. A. 3I.VTnivrso.v  of the  jour way  such com-  fiiiclter can again  Fin. Secy.  Some concessions have hen  made ��������� by tin* company, but while  negotiations have been going on  I ho water mains to tho smelter  have been freezing. The repair of  ili.'se will cause a considerable out-.  lay to ihe company and after a  settlement has been arrived at, it  is .-aid fully a .month will be required before tin  be put in foiumis-ioii.  To those who are familiar with  smeller work the demands of the-  hi��������� ii do not appear'unreasonable.  It i> doubtful if flic uiauayer of the,  smelter .would-euro to attempt to'  keep a family on a wage of Si!.70  [per day. It would require his utmost ingenuity in the line of econ-.  omy to ' make both ends meet on  such a salary.  Thc original contention of the  company that the men had failed  to keep their agreeun nt has not  been substantiated; while the contention of tho men that the company had broken their promises,  and giving particular instances in  then never returned, is now in  Wallace, Idaho, running a smart  daily. In the days of the boom at  Rosslaud Jackson was prominent  in that camp as one of the publishers of The Miner.  According to the Eye Opener  the Zinn troupe that recently  kicked the air for a week in Nelson has captured Calgary, especially after the show is over.  The leading ladies get their pictures  in the Eye Opener probably because one- of them-- danced the  Highland Fling.  There is some taik of organizing  an association of old-timers con.ii-  pos.'d of those who reached here  before the railroad. Less than 50  individuals now residents of N'el-  sin are eligible,   although by gath-  At Three Forks the outlook is  I'i'id when work is completed  one   of great   promise.     English'      Fr(>1"   A-  S.   Black, re damages  capitalists, represented by  Lewis   for loss of horse.     Council refused  Hinds,   have become interested in  the   surrounding   section.       Mr_  Hinds has  been    in  that  district  since   last   spring,, and   in   July  bonded the Alps and Alturas antimony  claims,   which   he operated  until a few  weeks . ago.     These  properties are-up the North Fork of  Carpenter cree-k,   a  rich -dry  ore  belt with values likely to run anywhere in four  figures.    The principal  property  up thereat present  and decided to-'fit" the case.  Finance committee reported the  following account to be paid: Fire  department for calls $17.00.  Alderman McRae gave notice  or 'intention to introduce .amendment to fire and light bylaw.  Aid. Wood was appointed member of council on anti-tuberculosis  committee.  Action of Mayor in selling sleigh  to  C.   J.  McArthur was approved J  8th December and at Boundary  Falls on the Oth. Hero he.will  take as his subject "Thc Strike,"  and at Boundary  Falls "Political,     ,,.       T>. ,     , ���������-.  ,    ,     ���������,       ���������     ,,     ,,        Win.   Richards,   an oM.mmeiv  Egypt and the  Wav  Out."     No     ,    .      , ���������,-,.,.     ' ���������**  ������- . , ,- ,,     .     | who has been ailing ibr some'time,-  adnnss:o-:i charge,   but a collection ;,.,..,    -..    ,       ,   . , c. .     ,  b- (lied at thc Norden   hotel Siifcurday-  will be ttken up. !,    , , x    ���������  i {     .1    i      ������  1 ���������   last,   and was  mined,by. .theJocal  James   McQueen,   well    known ; Miners'   union Tuesday.    Thede-  throrgh   the   Boundary   country, ;ceased  was an   Englishman,   and.-  died  suddenly  Friday- last  while'"    "   "  driving between    Greenwood  and  had been a resident of Revelstoke-  and Eo?sland- for a number of  yeai-s, coming here-'-about ��������� six  months ago. ������������������   ������������������:  Midway. Deceased was about 40  years of age-, and had been a resident of the district for ten or eleven j At tho r(*glliarmeeting of Botfntl-  years. Previous to coming here;,rv Va���������py loilgeiSo> 3Sf L0.O.F.  hewas employedas biakesma.ion|Tuei;(UV) fcho ft;Hmving officer3  the main line of the C, P. R. Ho|wcro ek4:tc.j. K 1L .Mortimer,  has a sister and brother living in |x 0 . A ^ Braitlnv.aite,'v. G.^  \ ernon. . ������(j j.\knije..p0���������j recording secretary;  Wcdncj^ay evening the follow-JG.   B. ��������� Ta '  is  the  McAllister group-, recently ."d ���������������������������1!o tl������:ifc" his action re supply  ering   ii|i   the   crowd   from other  camps  tlie  society  would be large  enough   to fill a hall.     It would bo  the   must exclusive circle iu local  society, ami one of the  most inter  " ..        . -'  esting. ' Let the good  work go on.  Little Mac's Latest  M. McDonald, of Calgary, is rapidly becoming the mill and elevator  man of Alberta,    His  latest proposition is  to  put in a big flour mill  and elevator at High River.    The  people of that burg should lose no  time over getting Little Mac into  their  town.     In addition to being  one of tho most energetic business  men   in   the   last   great   west his  sunny and   jovial disposition will  luck to any town,  .bonded and paid for by a group of  ': enterprising Stindonitcs, who  worked the property the past season and have a bonanza for their  venture.���������Kaslo Kootenaiue.  bring  A Delightful Performance  For 'many  years Harold Nelson  The NlaganuCrinie  The   .horrible   affair  which   resulted   in the,  death of one person  and   the wounding of a number of.  others up the North Fork last Sunday   night  has   naturally  enough  I,ecu the leading topic of conversation during  tho past  week.    The  miracle  is  that  more people were  not  killed,   and  thrnt a man could  deliberately   commit   an   outrage  which   might easily have resulted  in  tho killing of a half a dozen  people against whom the   perpetrator could not possibly have had  any grudge whatever seems almost  i tiered i table.  Nobody wishes to condomn a  whole race for the sins of tho few,  but. one can not help seeing that itis-  tooofteu by the so-called white men  that crimes in Canada have been  committod. Quick in revenge,  passionate in , disposition, and accustomed1 by tradition and training  Hoar,   Prela'e;   A.JXIiallett  K  i ' b.   Inef "=  '"   ^-ber dr t1,e<  R. S.   (re-elected)'; A. F. ThonV     ! T    *' ���������      T^' ^^^  M.  of p.; Martinlndersol'^f |���������;;;ir,C ;!P,,0'"ttMl ^'^^  E.;  A. Rowe, M. at A.;S. Jay no, '     . :'        '    ':' "   "���������'--'������������������ "'-,  J.G.;   Thos.   Burt, 0. G.    Instal-' ,* A ,rare . ^   ^ bC g'>en'on'  lation-will   beheld first Wedncs-'    !'0}" !",S'lt  th������-Auaito������������������������> "  dav in January i   ���������    " thc bc:,utiflil mekvd'mmatics  ���������'comedy  drama,   "Oat in Idaho,"'  and Clifford Lane Bruce have been  to the use oi the knifp,, the vicious  ���������'     '������������������-��������� '' '       and  ignorant Italian is ouoof the  worst  types ���������  of    immigrants we  with   1/ratidou  strong    favorites  theatre-goers.  In tho big crowd that on Friday  evening greeted Nelson and Bruce,  and in tho hearty reception accorded the company, there was  every evidence that these clever  tiptcvs have lost none of their, poptt-  could have in tho country.'. By  comparison tho Urieutal is a mild'  model citizen, yet thi* travesty of  Oi:o  tiling  w-Lk-h  ing of water to EJkhor.i company  be approved.  Sum of $15 per month be paid to  free reading room   from October 1.  If you wish to save money on  your wall paper, writing paper,  etc., in fact ou everything to be  found in an up-to-date book store,  ��������� onsiilt us, McRie Bros.  Another shipment of Jacob's  biscuits at the .Rutsell-i.aw-t'aul- . _f     _  field Co. "���������'.. .   ' !roni"  nt; the curling rink, for the: p0!.tions 0r-th6se stories^iiatmade  . traiisiicli m    nf ���������  nn.i..������ii   i...,.:........  his Jiw is Busy  Jas. "A. Macdonncl, of Macdon-  cll and   Gzowski,   engineers and  contractors,   has returned to Vancouver   from   Bullion,   v*. hero the  firm  has a contract for a system of  sixty  miles   of   ditch   and 'flume i  work for tho Guggctiheinis.    They!    Tho Ill(1;niiapf)|is jfCW8 of Ull,j  now have   two   stea.u shovels at| k)lU  j,,^   (,0!lt)lilis ,.|10 ���������,ws that !ored  ou- the Maviif Uie ua^t week.  work   and   a   large force of men. i^ G(,01.goL. Alnukiutti^li has been j A drift-was commenced on MM ore-  appointed president of Wabash col-1 body   a couple of weeks ago at a*-  lege,  to succeed  I)i\ Kane,.    Di-. ;depth of about 50 feet, aud in tbist-  Maekintosh is,a brother.of Duncan j drift a swell or k.'dney waseucount-  and John Mackintosh, of   Green- ered in width.about sU feet with a-  wood, and is pastor of the Fourth'rich  piiystroak of 2J-feet.    Frotru  Presbyterian church,. Iudjanapilis. i this iu a  little over a week k two*  Fo'r'fioinc time  he has been j rwfus- \ men   have   taken out a car of ore.  sor of psychology and Biblical lit-; The payntreak  is   a   blue quartz,  eratuve iu  the college of which he jcarryiiig free gold, and will ran up.  has been  elected   president,     lie  iu the hundreds of dollars to tho>-  hasbcen pas-tor'in thcFourth Pros-  ton.     The Mavis admins the liny  hytt'riiin church in indiaunpolis for aud is under Iraso to Mes-rs. Eek-  thirtccn years,  and is a native of jert, and Linklatcr.     Tho   btrike  on ' Nova Scotia, which  province has f was madeabout nixty feet from th������  ,1''  '���������"' '   '        '    '"     '  uiat of the; liuo of tho Bay, and id said tcwU*-.  enf,   please write or see that your ps n  ,,|.ly Wwto Western life of  nanieLs placed on  the membership j t.!c.-vsr> iJ;.a-������ i\  list.  name is placed on  the membership j t!lMe days thatBrette Harte knevc  o well.    -Don't forget the date.  A rich body of ore was encount-  The section of the i-ysteiii Icing  ! built is expected tube completed  next summer. This will furnish a  supply which will enable the mines  to .rcFumc work as soon as it is  complctad.  'Out in Idaho", is the-ooin-ing attraction at the Auditorino. An  adaptation of Bretto Harte's famous  Western  ttoiies  lias been playing  to packed homes all along the line  and giving tho best of satisfaction  It is without a doubt the btiong-  a "whitw man" roams tho country est   mclo-dramalic   attraction . .   ,..  unchecked and without protest.       the road  this season,  and should :furnit.hed most of the or  s-'houkl! bo well ratnmicr-d.  i United filatf.s  thv Ru IvvX, (Grconvwiod, B.O., -Nov. 20, -iDOfl.  "Tfl*f'CTKEENIVOOU l-EDOE  masBmmmm  wsemmt  he  -.ill 'irai ii<ii annmi  jOur jjt<?qk .of' Boots and shoes for Men, Women and  (flhUtV;e,u is very complete. Wo sre showing all the  ���������Hrfftit .stj.hjs and lttHts made by the best American and  .Carifntfan mannfaetnrers. (Vitno in and look over our  tst(>ck, jr.ts are proud to show it.  #$8 MOTTO : Not how Cheap, but how Good.  TALLOWGRAPHIC NUSE  WOMEN'S GOODS.     MEN'S GOODS.  THE LEDGE  Is published every Thur.*Kla)''.it Grecn-  .wixxl, B C , mill the price is $: a year,  postage (ret: to all parts of Canada, United  .States, Mexico ami Great Britain. To  (Other countries'it is sent postpaid for  .f "���������.50 a year. Address all letters to The  jLeilge, Greenwood, K. C.  R. T. LOWERY,  ;EDITOR   AND   FINANCIER.  GREENWOOD, D. C. NOV. 39.  1906.  the  By Our Leashd Her.  Geru.vrd, Nov. 29.���������Mobbs ex-  p"cts to have an automobile next  summer.           Golden*. Nov. 29.���������t>ad Black  has not eaten any pie' since he  came to Golden.  New Yoke. Nov.  29.���������A prom  inent  hotel man  just bought   the  from NVls< n has  Waldorf-Astoria.  PoPLAft Creek. Nov. 29.���������The  citizens of this camp have decided  to use brandy sauce on their plum  pudding.          North Pole,  Nov.  25).���������Santa  m  ^  Kekwatin may be the name of  (Canada's newest province.  ���������When  writing home  tell your  (friends all about the Boundary.  There are not 100 men in Can-  Ada who do all their own thinking.  porters   who   practically   rob  people   while, hiding behind   the J Claim has just left here with ii load  coward's    retreat���������the   cloak    of,'of toys   for   the   children  in the  superstition.  I.v Nevada the mining operators  have reduced newapaperadvertising to an exact science Even the  Booster Club in Nelson might take  a few lessons from the men of Nevada. Towns and districts can be  built up 03' advorti-ing just the  same as any commercial business,  providing the ink is spread on the  right way and in the right place.  When T  to   London  P. O'Connor got back  he said nt an Irish  banquet that he found traveling in  Canada very tiresome although the  royal car had been placed at his  disposal. It takes time to become  accustomed to a long country and  T. P. did not sta}" here long enough  to learn the art of making time fly  This is the time of the year when ' on a Pullman.    There is so much  Boundary.  Ottawa, Nov, 29.--The city is  very orderly, although it is now a  week since the boodlers met to divide the balance of Canada.  Washington, Nov. 29. ���������Although fond of big game Roosevelt  has not looked at an ace in the  hole since lie waB iu Ainsw'orth  years ugo-  THEOLOGICAL VAUDEVILLE  rthe  wiBe boy never misses Sunday  .School.   The moral standard is not high  .enough in Canada, and that is why  rour politicians are fo corrupt.  The King of Bavaria is ciazy  .and should be in the asylum instead of sleeping on the throne.  A nation is like a man. Both  jbecome degenerate when the love  (of ease takes the place of action.  It has been discovered that picric acid is a sure cure for burnp.  Its action is said to lie wonderful.  In order to get ahead of the  .Canada Northern the Grand Trunk  Pacific way start work in 13. C. this  jear.  Medical superstition prevails in  ,the English army. No one can  rnlist in that army without being of office, and saucy with the lust of  difference between a Pullman and  a jaunting car.  A firm of Toronto brokers in advertising Cobalt stocks advises the  public to beware of British Columbia properties that are being  offered in the market as Cobalt  properties. Has it really come to  thip, or is the Toronto firm lying  iu order to build up a reputation  for guiding the public away fr. m  the gravo of former hopes? If  true wo would like to hear the  names of the 13. C. properties that  are being paraded in the east as  Cobalt proposition4*.  In days gone by when the Lib-  eial party, lank, lean and wistful  wis , looking through a knothole  at thc game iu Ottawa it was always shouting for free trade.  Now  that it is fat with the spoils  ^Vaccinated.       Send your presents awaj* early  ,fo that the overworked postmasters  .will not have heart failure just before ChriBtmas.  If is still true that the majority  ,of men are always willing to project a woinau against everybody  jfbnt themselves.  British Comjmiua would thrive  finder free trade.     It gives the  ^other   provinces   sugar   and  ^sawdust in return.  power it seemingly forgets its former platform aud placidly sails  along flying the colore of the grand  old Tory party���������tho party that  nursed Canada when it could not  walk, only to have it run away  when its blood grew red. But, it  will be back again before many  years looking for a handout like  the prodigal of the early days.  Heathens who come to Canada  rxrmn Columbia wants free  i;rade, but it will never receive it  .while the rich manufacturers in  jfchecast control the government.  It cost Wm. Red Hearst just a  irifle over a million dollars to draw  .a blank in New York state. He  jA-otild have saved money by running in London Ontario.  Thousands of people in Canada  ���������who are denouncing Sifton because  jhe has paved a millon dollars out  of his salary in a few years are  ^ncrcly eorry because they did not  -have the same chance to practise  ^economy.         The people in the cent belt seem  io be going crazy. At Hamilton  Jliey have been throwing eggs at  .street earn, feeding apples near  London to the hogs, while in Toronto every other man 3-011 meet is  fluttering something about Colalt.  If Borden wishes to retain tbe  respect of tie Conservatives be  punt refuse to take the ealary offered him by the government bo-  pnnse he is leader of the opposition. Borden and room should be  sufficient without accepting what  Jooks like a bfibe from the enemy.  Thk map who iirst discovered  ^he value of steam as a propelling  power was put in tho lunatic  asylum by the authorities of that  that time. Huttiar. nature has not  /.���������hanged much for even today men  jwitli new ideas arc considered in-  pane by the m'thiuking masses.  are much puzzled at tho hypocrisy  gets it the Crist ian people. We preach  goodwill to all men, and then let  the Hindus starve in our streets.  We preach liberty of opinion and  refuse it to others. The Kev. J.A.  Macdonald, editorial booster for  Cox and Jaffray preaches in the  pulpits of Toronto on Sunday, and  murders the truth during the week  in that journalistic prostitute, the  Toronto Globe. Lowery does n< t  boost for Cox, Jaffray and a similar class of politicians but tells the  truth at all times in his monthly  paper. He is shut out of the mails  for the truth is not -wanted in Ottawa. That Gehenna of politics is  too full of liars, thieves and grafters to relijh . any journal that  makes a specialty of truth. The  wicked still hate the light.  It   ii  even  possible for a prizefighter  to  be  a goo 1 young man.  Mike   Ward,   of Sarnia who waH  recently   killed   in   a  fight   with  Lewis at Grand Rapids, did uot  smoke,  drink or swear.   lie was  good to his parents and had bought  them a home from his winnirgs in  the ring.    Mike was ycry religions  and always went to confession and  naitl his prayers  before ttepping  into to the ring.    It was his ambition to be a clergyman and tho  fight in which ho List his lifo was  to  have been his lust for he had  saved enough from the proceeds of  his battles to put him through the  necessary theological education for  the priesthood.    Jt is seldom that  pugilists use the prize ring us a ladder to   reach   tho pulpit, in fact,  Ward's case is the first that wo  have heard of.    It would not surprise uh now to learn   that some  tinhorn gambler  was  saving his  money in order to go to college for  the art of guiding souls  to tho  Lhieuals in the west admit that  flie government ut Ottawa handed  Lovt cry's Claim the dirtiest deal  f.ver jtopdqd i<* ftM editor in Canada.    This was done in order to I flower gardens of the New Jcrufl;  i/lttwe  floine  0/ its e<iorgcht������un- lalcin.  Jr ������������������������������������������������������   ..���������**���������    * ���������     ���������   ~       t  It would appear in America that-  even the church is getting crazy  judging from the following editorial in the Hamilton Herald :  A Hamilton preacher once said  that if by standing on his head in  the pulpit, and by no other means,  he could draw a congregation to  hear him preach the gospel, he  would cheerfully stand on his head  in the pulpit. That is the excuse  given by thc New York minister  who, last Sunday evening, had a  professional whistler in his church  to whistle operatic airs. The novelty of the thing drew a big audience t:> the church, and that was  the minister's justification for the  introduction of such a novel feature iuto the evening perf��������� that  is to say service.  A judicious admission of vaudeville "turns" iuto the ordinary religious services might prove successful in drawing the non-church-  going cluss to church. The performances of a song and dance  team, a contortionist or acrobat, a  juggler, a black-face monologue  artist, interspersed among the  hymns, prayers and lessons, would  certainly relievo tho proceedings  from the charge of monotony, even  if they did not tend to make the  minds of the audience receptive to  gospel truths from the pulpit.  It may well be doubted if these  grosser methods of attracting  crowds to the churches will become  general in our time. And yet  what are they but a logical, if extreme and ridiculous, extension of  thc notion that the church may legitimately be used as a place of entertainment as well as ahouseof  worship? At a Methodist church  in Toronto coffee and cako are  served after the Sunday evening  service, avowedly for the purpose  of attracting young people. What  is usual'y the real purpose of the  elaborate music, the ornate ritual,  the common aim to make tbe service attractive ? Why to attract,  of course. The only difference between the ordinary methods of attraction and those employed by the  New York minister and tbe Toronto church is that the former keep  within the bounds of the Bacred  while the latter are only secular.  But let us not do injustice. All  elaborate and ornate church services are not made so iu or-  d -r to draw the non-church-  going class. In some cases���������let us  hope in many���������church services are  made beautiful simply because of  thc belief that the spirit of worship  cm bo stimulated in tho worshipers  by beauty of form, sound and  eolor in the service. Art is thus  made the handmaid of religion.  That,  however, is not the motive which suggests such attractive  features as whistling solos and coffee and cake and church sensationalism generally.   Is not this present  day   tendency  a symptom of  religious degeneration ? At least is  it not a symptom of pulpit degeneration?    Why this  craving for  crowded churches ? If the preacher  has "fit audience though few,"why  should he lack tlie inspiration to  deliver his message���������if he   have  one?    One of tho most effective  sermons     ever     dalivered    was  preached to an audience of one���������to  0 poor woman who went to a well  to  draw  water   and found   the  preacher there, waiting.  alent in some parts of the Boundary during the past year we print  the following advice:  Typhoid fever is caused by the  water or iniik you drink or the  food you eat being poisoned from  the person of a previous case of typhoid, and in no other-way.  Water and milk are the two  articles most frequently poisoned  by typhoid. Heat kills the typhoid  germ. Therefore boil all drinking  water for 25 or 30 minutes Pasteurize all milk and cream, especially for the young, A good  way is to-set a pan of cold watei  jon the stove and put the vessel  containing the milk into this pan;  just arf soon as the water comes to  a boil take it off, add a pinch of  baking soda to the hot milk, a little  less than half a tcHspoonful to a  quart. Dirty hands may also  carry typhoid poison. Therefore  wash your hands carefully, before  handling any food or drink.  Food gets poisoned, especially  green stuff, by being manured with  night soil; by flies crawling over it  after feasting on typhoid discharge,  of which they are particulaily fond  and often by the filthy dust of thc  street. Therefore wash thoroughly  all vegetables and fruit intended to  be eaten raw, Wash in water that  has been boiled and cooled. Keep  flies out of the house as much as  possible by screens and fly papei.  Coverall food supplies so that flies  may not have access. If all discharges of every existing case of  typhoid fever vrera instantly disinfected, there would be no more typhoid in the world. Therefore, if  you arc so unfortunate as to have  a case of typhoid in the family,  disinfect every discharge as a duty  to your neighbors as well as to prevent others of the family from  contracting the disease.  Sulphate of copper (blue stone)  is the best typhoid disinfectant, is  cheap and can be procured everywhere. Dissolve one pound in two  aud a half gallons (one pail) of  water, Keep a pint of this in the  vessel for discharges, from both  bowels and bladder. Stir thoroughly for a few minutes; let it  stand for fifteen minutes and the  germs will bo destroyed1 Stools  and urine should never be thrown  out on the ground. If no system  of drainage, is at hand, tliey  should, after being thoroughly disinfected, bo thrown into a hole in  the ground arid covered with earth.  Germs, if not killed by disinfection  will live a long time in the soil.  This method of disinfection should  bo continued for a month or six  weeks after recovery. Germs have  been found in discharges as late as  two months after recovery. Do  not allow any discharge from the  bowels or bladder to be disposed of  except in this manner.  Damp', and unclean' basements  and yards and unclean premises  and surroundings weaken the;  health so that typhoid is more  readily contracted and more severe. Therefore, clean up and get  rid of all refuse and filth. Open  up drains and make sewer connections tight. Fresh burned lime  will keep damp basements and  yards dry. It should be used  freely in such places, especially  after tho sewers have "backed up''  and catch basins have overflowed.  Cleanliness is not only next to  godliness, but it is the only fafe-  guard against typhoid fever, cleanliness of the person;cleanliness of  every desail of housekeeping;  cleanliness of everything to be eaten  and drunk; cleanliness iu the care  of those ftiok of tbe disease; cleanliness; cleanliness; cleanliness.  Typhoid fever is the result of  lack of cleanlineup, not necessarily  on tho part of the patient, but  certainly ou the part of somebody.  It is, above all others, the filth dis-  iase.  instance, - tho matter  of election '  A Philadelphian, some years ng<  was running for a small office, and'  on election day he went from pol  to poll cheering his supporters on.  As ho left a certain.poll, a shabby  iudividual approached and shook  him by the hand.  I trust, sir, said the candidate,  that you are one of my supporters.  One? chuckled the shabby individual. Why, bless your heart,  I'm seven of 'em.  The story is told that a'certain  woman was reading the matrimonial columns of- a paper and remarked to her husband: Here's a  strange coincidence���������a William  Strange niairied to*, a Martha  Strange. Strange indeed, remarked  the husband, but I expect the next  news will be a little stranger.  In a so-ealled literary salon, an  eminent philosopher engaged in  conversation with a young widow  He asked her to describe that,  which struck her most in life. The  widow without hesitation replied:  "My lato husband."  BANK QF BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  PAID UP CAPITAL, $4,866,667  RESE   VE FUND   -   $2,141,333  Transacts a.general banking business.   Interest  allowed on Savings Accoumts,. from  one dollar upwards at  current rates  A friend of ours claims that you  can always trust a man who al  ways takes his whiskey straight.  E. A. Black, Phoenix, sells the  best in jewels, diamonds, watches  and clocks. Jieinembertuis when  yon go up the hill.  For 40 cents yon can get a pouud  can of Crescent baking powder at  Anderson Bros.  H. BUNTING j  CONTRACTOR     !  AND BUILDERf  Dealer in ������  Windows, Doors, j  Turned Work and    ������  | Inside Finish. j  | SHINGLES, BRICK, ETC. \  j MANITOBA j  I Wood Fib:e Plaster I  I PHONE   65 ������  ^llllUJIUUIUIIIIIIUUUILUUUIlUIIIUJUIUIIIUIUIUlllllllllllUllllllillllll^  R.    ROBINSON  Is the only shoemaker i������  America who obtained a  medal at the Paris Exposition in 187S for making the  Best shoes. Boots made to  order; Repairing neatly  executed.  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TAILOR  K Coppeb Striiet, Greenwood  33EZZ2  TYPHOID FEVER  Beer to Kill Absinthe  Wbo would believe it ? France  this year bolda tbe record for tbe  consumption of beer. It ia ei-ti-  tnated that by the end of the year  font milliards of bocks will have  been drunk. The consumption of  beer bus increased more than forty  per cent in fwi years. Tbecon-  Humption of absinthe, however,  ahowH a decline. A blessing on  beer if in tlie long run it triumphs  over    murderouH    obaiuthe.���������Le  Matin.   Like a Grit Election  The Kootenay  Standard Cigar  Is made in Nelson.   Try a shipment and please your patrons.  J. C. Tklifl, Nelson  . the wire when you want rooms reserved  LHOGGARTH & ROLLINS, Proprietors.  FURNISHED ROOMS  By day or week ; 82 a week  and tip, at the Commercial  hotel, Copper street, Greenwood.   Bath \\n connection.  P. POUPARD  As typhoid fever has been prev-  Johu Weaver, the reform mayor  of Philadelphia, wa? recently congratulated by a delegation of  clergymen on the clean administration he bad given tbe Qoakor City.  Jn the course of his reply, Mayor  Weaver said:  I am glad to toll you. that things  with ua'have improved.'   Take for  The Windsor Hotel  ...   of Grand Forks, B, C, caters to  miners,- mechanics and smelter met)  A. B. Sloan, Manager.  >������e������M6eo������M006eeaee2������e(9������aeMe>������&0e<������.M  Th  e  >tratKcoea;  Hotel  0������5^  E. W. WIDDOWSQN  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER and  METALLURGICAL CHEMIST.  Gold Silver Copper or Lcod,eacn. ,$i oo  Gold-Silver....$l so Silver.Lead.,$i,50  Zinc. ,$2.oo Gold Silver with copper or  lead.. $2.50.  Prompt attention given to all samples  35 per cent, discount upon five samples  LDAKEkfcST., NELSON.  P, 0. Drawer, 1108. Phone, A67  Is situated on a Blight emineuce, just a block from the busy  scenes on Baker street, and is within easy touch of everything in the city. From its balconies can bo seen nearly  oU tbe grand sceuery that surrounds the beautiful  city of Nelson.     Few hotels in the great west  equal tho Strathcona, aud tourists from  e\ery land will find within its portals  all tbe essentials that create pleasant memories within tho  mind of those who  travel.  >������A*^*^wwrt������������M**M  1 1  1  1  1'  1  1  B. TOHICINS,- FlmsLger ]!  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA. I  - -.... ,   -/,  1;  <<%  '���������'���������Jl , jte. ^te;>oot> -ttDOE.  tjteeenTroda>;B.-C.? jffor. 29,190$^/.  Some Good Float  Supplies electricity for Power, Light Heating  and    entilation.    Power Furnished to mines  for hoisting and air compressor plants, with a  guarantee that the service will be continuous.  Get our rates before completing your estimates  Review of Copper Handbook  Tlie sixth annual edition of the  Copper Handbook, the only publication devoted exclusively to the  oopp.r industry, has been issued,   being several  months later  years past, it has had the entire  globe for its field, and i3 a standard work nt reference in all  ������������������ountries. The 'thoroughness with  .which the entire globe is covered is  attested   by' the lengthy de.-crip-  than usual in appearance, owing to tions, thesis includihg 16 pages for  r  THE CHAMPAGNE OF WATERS,  The Mineral  Water Incomparable���������in  .the Cafe, at the Ban,jnet, for1 the House.  Nature's ;rnosr delightful and beneficial  bequest to all mankind   ....,-.  the sieknoes of the author, last  spring, but .matter of much later  date has been used than in preceding issues, so that the book is  as nearly up to-dat������ as its predecessors, and. far more bulky and  exhaustive in its-treatment of the  manifold phases of an industry  that is world-wide in fcope.'  Thc Copper Handbook is "encyclopaedic in scope, but is written  throughout in plain language, easily understandable by those lacking a technical education. The  work begins with a chapter on the|Ca.  history of copper, followed by articles  on   the geology, chemistry,  mineralogy,   metallurgy,  and use;  GREENWOOD LIQUOR  CO. j  bMWflmiimfflS^^  $15,000 Insurance for $2f.50  The new and up-to-date" Tripple Indemnity"   -;  Policy of the Ocean. Accident and Guarantee  Corporation, Ltd., the-largest accident company in the world.   Assets over $7,000,000.  FREDERIC W. McLAINE  DISTRICT AGENT, GREENWOOD, B. C.  The PaeifiG Hotel  [s under the management of .'Greig  & Morrison. The "rooms are comfortably furnished, and 'the bar contains the best brands of wines, liquors  ji^.-^.a-nd cigars ijUhejeify.^   | Tke Pacific Gaffe-':  is conducted by Moore & McEIroy.  It is open day and night. The dining room is one of the largest in  '. the Boundary, and the lunch counter is just the place to. get a quick  ';..       meal-     Copper street, Greenwood. ���������  &  Is the best furnished hotel in the Boundary  district. Ii; ig heated with steam and  lighted T)y electricity. Excellent sample  rooms. The bar is always abreast of the  times, and meals are served in the Cafe |  at any hour, day or night/  Ernest J. Cartier, Prop.  of the metal, with eight chapters  devoted to condensed descriptions  of the known copper deposits of  the globe. A glossary of mining  terms will bo found useful to all  readers not thoroughly conversant  with practical mining, milling and  smelting. The statistics of the  copper trade and of copper share  finances are covered in forty pages  of highly condensed and accurate  tables.  The major portion of the buok is  devoted   to   a   chapter describing  practically all known copper mines  of the world, and listing every copper mining company of importance.  This chapter is arranged alphabetically, by titles, rendering it self-indexing,  aud saving more than 50  pages of double-column index that  otherwise   would   be required to  merely give the titles of the 4626  mines aud companies listed iu the  book,   their .being 777 more cities  than  iu the preceding annual edition.   ,' The    descriptions    range  range  in length from two lines, in  tho ca������eof important old and idle  properties  to  nearly sixteen pages  in the case of the Calumet and  Hecla,  a  miue that employs seven  thousand men and will-have "paid  one   hundred   million   dollars  in  dividends by April next.'  The detailed description? in- the  main chapter of the book are especially valuable because of their  completeness, covering, as-they do,  exact prices, full addresses, details  of organization, officers and  finance, in addition to full and  careful particulars regarding loca-'  tion,area, ons; mine development,  equipment and prospects.    Ilerc-  the  Cilumet & Hecla, which was  the  largest  producer of'the Globe  in 1905, 7 pages for the Anaconda,  8   for  the   Greene,   6 for the Rio  Tinto and  Copper Queen, and 2 to  G.pages each  for the'Grauby  of  Canada, Furukawa, Sumitomaand  other    leading   Japanese    mines,  Mansfield  of Germany, M mtecat-  inje of  Italy,' Sulitjo'.ma of Norway, Bogoslov.sk'of Rusf'ia. Spassky  of Siberia, Mt. Lyall of Tasmania,  Great    Cobar    and   Wallaroo   &  Moonta of  Australia. Cape Copper  of  G*ipe   Colony   andNew-  foiuidl.mil,. and scores  of others,  there   being   hundreds   of copper  mines having descriptions of more,  than a page each, and thousands of  .smaller properties   occupying  less  than one page   each.    The total  number of copper mines'ahd companies  listed  this year is 4,626, a  gain of 777 over 1905,' a fact indicative of tho very widespiead intense in copper mining now mani-  fested'in all parts of the world.  The  publisher  makes the usual  offer   of   sending  this  book, on a  week's  approval, fully prepaid, to  any address in tho  world, without  any'advance payment." This offer  has been made for six'years past,  and the publisher states that of the  many thousands   of books so sent  out,  less than three per cent have  been returned   as   unsatisfactory,  and less than throe per cent of the  .books  retained remain unpaid for,  the percentage of loss, on this plan  of unlimited credit, being less than  the average allowed by'- most business   houses   maintaining    credit  bureaus, which speaks will for the  inherent   honesty of the average  man when put tn honor. ,r"  The Copper Handbook, Vol. VI;  for 1906. issued Oct. I'Cth.; 1,116  pages, octavo, bievier type; 15 in  .buckram binding, with gilt top,  ���������7.50 in full library mt-rocco',' full  gilt. Horace J. Stevens, editor  and publisher, Postoilice block,  Houghton, Michigan.  and'to make these surplusflas ns  large as practicable by keeping the  expenditure from incrmsin:j,���������  Globe.   Grub In Idaho  i ��������� i  A. F. Hill, Idaho fruit inspector,  after being in the Coeur d'Alene  for   several  days,  stated that, he;  visited  stores and   butcher Shops'  and  made a report'Unfavorable ins  many .respects.   *(i>,ily ���������? per cent of  the codfish  was pure, and he confiscated a large quantity';    Minced  ham  also.had poisons and preservatives, 31   pounds of this preservative being destroyed.**' Coal tar  wap found in  sausage.    Tim brick  butter  was short in weight.    Ben-  zoine acid was found it canned tomatoes   and   copper   sulphite   in  French peas     Many  cans of these  were destroyed.    One hundred and  fifty-six    bottles   of    Moraschino  cherries were destroyed on account  of coal tar dye.  THERE  ISN'T.  a medical man or foed specialist\i  in America but will say that;\,%  ;  ������'.'#  ���������   CtiYLG.V-TEAS ';  . ;are the Purest, Most Healthful  and Delicious of all,  SOLD ONLY IN LfTAD rACffcETS  NELSON   IRON   WORKS  B. A. I5A\C  R. W.-HINTON  Law for Debt  British    Columbia���������Under   the  law of this province no debt due or  ai-crning   due   to a mechanic, labourer,  servant,  clerk or employee  for wages   or salary   is  liable to  veizure or attachment, unless the  debt exceeds the sum of ������30 in case  the judgment debtor is a married  person,  upon  whom' one or others  arj dependent for support, and the  sum of 820 if the judgment debtor  be single,  and then only to the extent of the excess.    Wages earned  by   a    deceased workman   within  three months previous to his death,  and  owing to   him at the time of  his death, are payable to his widow  free from   any   debts of   the deceased workman.  ENGINEERS AND   CONTRACTORS  FOUNDERS AND  MACHINISTS  i  Repairing and Jobbing executed with Despatch.  /  Sheet Metal Work-, Mining and Mill Machinery. "  Manufacturers of Ore Caiy, R.k. Contractors' Cars.  Corner of Hall and Front Streets  Phono 09 NELSON,  B. C. r. O. Box 173.  ^m-m^u������smim*mB^fji  KMm<ntmiBiam>mNr*ajusana^  A girl worries more about a  speck of dirt on her best fellow's  coat before she marries him than  she does after the knot is tied���������  then ib is the long hair on his coat  that gives her all the trouble.  When a man gazes heavenwards  and sees two moons he is not iu a  proper frame of mind to make  weather predictions.  THE MIGHEL HOTEL  Still retains its supremacy as th><   ocat hotel in the Kootenays. - j  Ostermoor Mattresses  Clean linen and Good Cooking  Excellent hunting in season.    Good trout fishing in the Elk<  river and neighboring streams.' Address all communications to  ^Thomas Crahan, Manager, Michel, B. CV  STARKEY & CO.  NELSON, B. C.  WHOLESALE  DEALERS  IN  HeuumafrketHotel  Is the home  for all'tourists  and millionaires visiting New'' '  Denver.   British''Columbia. ' - "'  HENRY   STEGE. ?PRO^R.  The Hotel Slocan  When ycu want a monument or  headstone, write to the Kootenay  Marble Works, Nelson, B. C.       *  The Coming: Session.  The Dominion Parliament has  summoned to meet for the despatch  of   business.      The date is unnus-  Tiiree Forks, B. C, is tlie leading  hotel of the city. .Mountain trout  and game dinners a specialty.  Rooms reserved by telegraph.  Hugh Hiyen, Prop.  Produce   and  Provisions  HOLLAND, CHINESE, JAPAN  ANDFlthNUH BULBS, FRUIT'  AND ORNAMENTAL TREES  for fall planting. SEEDS IN  aEASON-. GREENHOUSE  PLANTS, Floral Work, Home industry.    Catalogue free.  HENRY'S NURSERIES  Seed house and Greenhouses  3010 Westminster Road  VANCOUVER, B. C.  J. E. Cameron.  Leading Tailor of the.  .Kootenays*  Sandon, B. &  nally early, but it has been selected  tofore works of reference devoted | with tho approval  of all parties,  ���������J.; Q. MELVIN Latei*  SANDON, B.C.  Manufacturing  Jeweler  Expert Watchmaker and Diamond  Setter, Manufacturer of Chains,  Lockets and Rings, Wedding rings  made on short notice.  Mall 0 * dera Pr mptly Attended  WORK   GUARANTEED  Next Door to Reading Room  P. O. BOX  268  PHOENIX, B.C.  Is opposite the Great .Northern depot, aud is a delightful haven for'tho weary traveler; Great veins  of hot water run through the entire house, and  bathrooms are always at the service of those in  search of material cleanliness. The dining room is  an enemy to dyspepsia while tho artistic appointment  pf tlie liquid refreshment room makes, tho drinks go  down like eating fruit in a flower garden. The  sample rooms are the largest in the mountains and  a pleasure to drummers with big trunks.  JAS. MARSHALL, Prop, I  to mines have con fined themselves  either to thc financial or the min  ing end, but the Copper Handbook  covers all the features of interest  to the investors, miners or scientists, not of one miue or company  but of thousands, not in one district but in every district of the  world.  The book contains much solid information of   a  sore  valuable to  mining men and practical miners,  including a complete list of  the  copper minerals, with their various  names and characteristics, a summary of copper geology, chjmistry  and methods of treatment, including     milling,     leaching,    smelting,    etc.      The    detailed    descriptions  of  the   various copper  mines of the world give a mass of  facts, all prepared in logical order,  that cannot but prove of vast benefit  tetany practical man who reads the  work,  as  they furnish a birdseyo  view of the copper mining, milling,  and    smelting    industry    of  all  countries and ages, with developments down to date.  To the practical men engaged in  the work of making thecopper.and  not in tho gentle art of mining by  prospectus from an eastern office,  the book will bo found of great  practical value, as it gives details  of promotion, including officers,  organization, finances, etc., of a  sort that usually are hard for the  men on tho ground to look nt, and  a strong side-light is thrown upon  many companies, of a kind that  may save money to thc practical  man who reads the book. It is  rarely that one book comprises  within its covers so much information on bo many different points of  interest, and all of tho sort that  both minor and investor are vitally  interested in knowing.  The earliest issues of the Copper  Handbook, of which tho presout  issue is the sixth annual number,  were local  in scope, but the work  (has broadened .until,  for several  the purpose being to begin tho re  vision of the taiiff as toon as practicable, continue it from day to  day, aud have it completed cither  shortly before or immediately after  the Christmas recess. There seems  to be no insuperable obstacle in the  way of carrying out this program of work as designed and announced.  Presumably all the changes made  in thecustoms duties will bo based  on    what   the   Finance Minister  learhed during his long aud laborious inquiry a few  months  ago.  If so   there   is little likelihood of  any startling change in the customs  duties..    There  will probably be  some formal improvements in the  tariff  as a   whole, which will improve its working without materially increasing the burden it imposes on the consumers of imported  aud   manufactured   goods.    The  government must know perfectly  well that the people of Canada will  not stand   for higher taxation at a  time when tho revenue is buoyant,  when the manufacturers are prosperous, and when the cost of living  is unprecedently great aud is steadily increasing.  Tho estimates of revenue and expenditure for the   next financial  year may be brought down before  the tariff discussion is finished, but  tho House of Commons is not likely  to go into Committee- of Supply uu-  til tho work of revision has been  completed.     It is already certain  that the surplus for the current financial year will be very large, but  that is no reason for increasing  controllable expenditures.    Rather  tho reverse, for it is .much easier to  increase expenditure  when there  are annual surplussos than to curtail them when there are yearly deficits.    The plain duty of Parliament, in view o(the enormous expenditures of the next few years  ou tho National Transcontinental  Railway, is to meet theso as far as  posgiblp out pf thesurplus rpvctiuc,  THE ARLINGTON  COPPER ST. GREENWOOD  None but the best brands  of liquors and cigars.  Morning bracers and  and evening by balls always within easy roach  of the 'barkeep."  C. A. DEMPSEY prop.  KASLO  HOTEL  A.  D.  [KASLO Bl pr  Is a comfortable home for  who travel to that city.  COCKLE & PAP WORTH,  all  GRAND FORKS  Jeweler and Optician, dealer in  Fino Watches, High-Class Jewelry,  Diamonds, etc.  F. F. LtlEBSCHER  MERCHANT TAILOR  Silverton, B. C.  S. J. MI0HT0N  CRANBROOK, B. C.  Has the largest stock of Pipes, Tobaccoss  Cigars and Smokers' Sundries in thc interior of B. C. Mail orders receive  prompt attention.!  Tbe Kootenay Saloon  Sandon, B. C., has a Hue of nerve  bracers unsurpassed iu auy uiouo-  . ,taiu town of the Great West. A  glass of aqua: pura given free with  spirits menti.,"  5" R UIT       r" I0 aml 20 atfre block*'  1   amho     ONKOOTBNAY"l.AKB-'  LAINUO     lr<>r s-ale on easy terms.  J. E. ANNABLE  N/ILSON, B. C.  ���������������������������^���������-  T>'tniiinr n  T$E]VIO|MT house  Nelson. B. C, is run on the  the American and European  plan. Nothing yellow about  the house except the gold in  t,-e safe.  M*lo������c   ]Si   TvcQilltis  THE MAIL STAGE  M. Gillis, Prop.  GREENWOOD TO  FERRY, WASH.  Leaves Greenwood at ^G:30  a. in. each-day. Returning,  leaves Ferry on arrival of  Great Northern train. Ofliiecat  ROSSLAND   HOTEL  Copper Street  1 he Reception Hotel  In Camborne gives all its patrons  thc purest food, drink and cigars.  'James Linds.ley-Prop.  INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE  WORLD  G   EEN*������. OOD LOCAL NO. 31 1  Meets first and third Wednesdays ofevcrv  month in Eagles Hall at& p. m.   Visiting  members cordially invited to attcud.  I-'kank SrUARtNG, Fin. gec'y,  ' '  Edgar \V. Dv.vhs,' President'  NOTIUU  TAKE notice that fiOilayaajter (lite I intrml  I  tottpl-ly tolhc Hon. tha Chief l,oiiiiiil>������ii'i>er      ���������������������������nu Work-., for   jioiuil.^.oii   to lur.  (.mil    ������������������  - ���������- -,'J'iy  .of Liiinl ur.v. ..���������.������,-. ,ul  rliftKc ttiu IoHom lnu trjot of l.iml OctiiiiiciH:iii������  aia pott marked J. C. I> ifiuttira������t������*nriicrhoiiii(  the u'irtliwist.cornur of preemiptlon liVcrd J*<i.  33H, thruec noitli forty chuiin. thmiec m-i-t  f-.rty chuliif, thenre Kiulh fi-rlyrhains.thtiiira  ���������mm fjrty cii;ii,M to pluce of cou.li.u e.-  ment. Mtimd! on the Wwl Fork "f Kutllu rlv r.  Slmlll.nuncit UivMou of Yah: District contain-  IiiKom! htiij(Jre<l and .*>Ixty ncrcs  UuUtlttiUlSili day of IK'Kihei, -.MM.  JAMESC DALE  I'  MINEKAL act  Ccrtifica'e of Improvements  NOTICE  Develop your sweet taste by  using  Montgomery's  Confections, High Class  Chocolates, Fruit Tablets,  Nougats, e4c.  The MONTGOMERY CO.  NELSON, B. C.  Blue Prize, Henry Vane,    j  Columbus and Havana Ark;  /"���������f������"*Ar������C ! Ottawa Krnct.011, mlncnl   Claim, nltu-itc in  V>HJA1<5 ��������� ���������   I  ���������    t,wUr*e,,WO0<,Ml>ihi������J Klvtulniiof VulfOis*  ,, .      ,.,',.. . . ���������      ,ri<'t>   Whi-rti loomed:��������� t'riivhli'ii<TOnmi>.  are bniou iMadc Cigars, made hy W. P. ��������� TAKE Xi-TIOE thut Thomas Hfln.morlini.fl  Kilbourue & Co., Winnipeg and sold on ' ^J^^i^T^a^t^l^  the road by GEORGE HORTO.V. M?,^  a CroWu Urttnfci.f tltonhovcClulm ���������  I    A till fmin������r tRkf imI.-u tlut netlim. niidif  noethui   117    mu*t   !)���������������  collinuiiici-il  More llirt ,  I'Miaiirc of such Orilficiiiu* of Improvement  DiitcU ting i'fith duy of AUriU*'.A.l).| !!������������.  NELSON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY  Nelson, B.C.  Mines,    Mills,   Hotels,  etc.,  furnished with help.  J. H. LOVE, MANAGER  Before  buying   fruit lands,  sec us or write  Choice   Fruit  LANDS  KOTH'K.  In lh������ Matter of the Land UrgUtry Act,  it lid In tin* ptultcr of tho Tltlo to I ������t  rminhcr Rltclitovn, in Itloek "J," In  tho City nr,C)roi?iivroo.I, lirn'ordlnp tit  the Subdivision of the Mttiimnt <*>���������>>���������>  Oial C'lulni, I'litn Vortyfilx.  WHEltEAS 0*'rtifloat������ of TJMn of  Riitrant  T. Moore,uniiigCertiUfutn of  flilo So. Mil ti>  For Sale at $10, $12 and $ 15 ���������'!?��������� *������^������."���������������^������^������n?i.ti7hiii .hnu i������i 'or"d  Per Aere.  R. J. STEEL  NELSON, B, C.   ��������� 'ixppHi-ntloii bua'Wu iimdc to mo  for a (lupllcJito tlifrnol: ���������'������������������'       ';  NOTICE in horohy aivtrn thai a dur>ile(ito"C���������������������  tltlcitteofTftlstotliu ihn'e hMrtrtitainnit* *a-il|  lit'. I.faui-il nt tho <u;ilrntlon ofonu iilinfh frma  tliotlatn hereof unlv*r In tih������ rneantlnic Viilia  x'ljui'tioii to Ilia contrary Is uudi t<i imi lit  'Ultlriff.        W. If. KDUO.VIX.    .  DlHtr ot It'itixtrHr of Tillin.  i.nwl Itf^l'try OlMcu, Ki.inli)f..ps, li. (J., (lib.  Npvi'iiibcr. 10^i. <freeinr.*iO(i. B, (.'., ^"uv. 2ff, 10'Oit  TTfK G'/lELMVOOu LfrMff/  ..*~Ai-.-.unuj*n..-i r ..J '���������' .nifc .n>w,.-  r^.V5fiP^H5!S^7������i-ii.-lZS=I=J������l  idaaliaass  ;rit^Ttt't++?t*+'+t+-<'+t-|-f+-N-^  || Boys' Sleds Girls', Sleds |  *������������������ilnm.ng.[~--..-���������"^T-T.!-a-.ptl*l'.1Jgf^w������.****'������������*-������������������������  All Prices from 90c. to $6,00  ^  h-  b-4.  |  ���������  CQtES-& P'RiTH.   :  ff   PHOS-E' 3!> GRUIC.WVOiH), I?', C.       ,    - (T'Ol'I.'ICR St,  ffl J'i'cjfeftrsft/Iurs,. Statitniri.,- 'sC'iill^jri'iiL'i'" Dealers, Tobaccos anil Cigars.        ,-.  Yukon Cupper  Whitehorse���������The St.it- say?:  fhio of the trusted representatives  ,of tlie Guggenheim*, head man of  ?lio greatest mining ."jMifMente on  fiirtli, was here fo? two wec-k's prior  Jo Tuesday of this week, when lie  Peft' for tliir outside with several  ftundrsd pounds of sample ooppci  are'- wrVfch was taken largely from  ?he Pueblo mine, I ho proper!}' of  P.yrpn White. While here the  agent of (ho grout capitalist visited  yearly all tho local coper properties  3Wtl: examined them thoroughly as  Jar as coukli biv done from the  amount of dtr.'e.op.went work, and  .'���������ossilile. Fi r :i considerable .i-ist-  .���������iiice they are utilizing he road  I hat folio vs the goveriiiniMit telegraph lint! to Dawson The British  'Coini.rhi'n government has prom he 1  ���������to maintain the portion through  this prou'iire.  RossluiiJ Explosion  . The. payment of claims for damages caused by the explosion of I)'-  o/'iiiIkt last continues to he made  by the represent!, lives of the Consolidated compiViiy i>fi Blwollioes of  A. 15. .Mackenzie. So far about  l'l'O claims have been paid and 811,-  000   has   been   dit-biirscd   to those  got    aW  6ha- information  possible.''w,,������ R'^eroil damages.    A t'otal ol  . .������*.!.:...-    i:i...   ii* i .-. aaa    ...:n i   something like S 15,000 w;ill have  to bo paid out before, ajl of the  claims are sad'sliiod. ���������.Miner.  It wo:.!ld'be well   to  look at our  ^crtaiivi'i.g to them,    ,'fust what all  ithis  poi'tenclv; is not yet apparent,  'Aut the fact Shab a rcpresenlnfcive o?  fJhe  Guggenheims has  shown the  Kireftil interest in the country that!nice Fleam-heated rooms before Io-  3lic   ons   in   (luestion did, leads to ; eating elsewhere.  Clarendon hole!.  {ille-SHpsopiilioii that the eves of the      -n ,-   .  ,~     77     :     7~"      ,    ,        r  ".    ��������� ,: ,.      .Dekajiilie   lea is the only tea of  great capitalists are on this parto   ..      ,        ...      ., *   ,. ,  * ' . .'.      ..Mis class   in   the city, and sold by  bodied man has to use up a whole  bos- of matches- to get a wood fire"  started in a heater that has draft,  enough to draw, all tlK furniture  up the stove pipe !  To3 Lata  I'mtVssor,���������; ,    1    prest'iure?  -.���������lid he.  V.-:-,'   ,:������������������  Arc \ou alo.iC'?'  Yes, sir.  Alay 1 lick the d'.xir?  And he did s'i: thin,- having sat  V :'ed   himself th. t.no o-ie else w i-  in,   ho' placed  a large bundle don.  no in a yellow handa'rchiel' on the  tableland opened it.  '  There, look a! tlvit.  Yu:ll-, si.id  the pre-fe.-'s >r;   I see  i't.       :  What   dl)  you call that, profes-'  s.'ir ?  I call it iron pyrites.  What?  said   the man, isn't that  gold ?  No,   said   Ihe prof, ssor, Us good  for nothing���������its pyrites.  And   putting some  in   a shovt  over the lire, it soon  evaporated1 up  the chimney.  Well, said the gentlcma/nly man,  with a  woe-bogone look,'there's  widnv in our town has a'whole hill  full   of  that,   and   I've been aud  married her.  There- \Vus a dense'silence in the  class, and even after the'lapse of  twenty seconds only one hand went  up in response.  Well', Nellie, said' thei'nstru'et'or,  who is it?  Please-, mis'*, the baby, sard' Ne!--  1'c.���������Slray Stories,  mm'E'. EX tf:j.Stf'S  The.- Canadian P-iieifie Railway  a'TUHineofi- a series of low round  trip rates- iiVst-dns-v three months  limit from K-iqtenays to nil points  Ontario, fjuebee. Muiime provinces and tin-Old Country.  Kate from Greenwood to Toronto  Montreal, Windsor and intermediate: point is $iS3.55. Ililifax or  St. John in .connection with oecau  passages S.M.55.  I Anderson Bros.  yhe country,   and-   that   "doings'  are being at least contemplated.   ������������������  j    Perfume  the ozone these frosty  ''Out in Idaho" is an attraction ��������� IMOrnings by smoking a KootenaJ  pf merit,  and' M inager Mortimer ! |jL.]|e cj���������.,,._.  pf the Auditorium deserves-credit i      ...  '  ^having, -succeeded in  securing a.,   ^I,en J������>������ want a monument o.  Eduction  of this class.    "Ont in ." hfc'ai SIU,,,P'   vu'ltc ^ the Kooteiun  t,, ,   ,,   .           ,       ���������,   .       _.,.,, 'Marble Works.. Nelson, Ii. C.  Jdaho     is  a   play   that   suits-all ; !   flasses, and is meeting with praise ; Great variety of articles, neat  ftrouv both press and public- Aland novel iu China ware at McRae  eternhg uielo-drania ol the days in | Bros.  riie far vest, vhieh JJrettc. Uarte | ������*Out iilldaho^liUhe" Atulitor-  pictuml so well in his Western jilim next TllcK]:iy ���������i^Hfc, under the  stories, a bright, wholesome, life direction of Messrs/lvl. F. Adams  picture., replete with cutjliy situu- '& Co., of V2T west -10th St., New  tions and-heart interest. _ ' Yoi.k  cily) is w\lhout a (1()ub(. t!ie  Othe  MiagdaltK is  the  name of a j-^rangest, thc most interostin^and  *?i'gar that  the  barkeep  wi>T show !t,ie   best   sUS('d   niNo-draiua the  you if you ask him for it.- ��������� .-Viiditoritnn. has on  its books this     ; season.    A clean, wholesome wesfc-  For nice comfortable room?, best. mi p|otj lPUC t() iuiture. free from  furnif-hed in the city, try (he Clar- ,,|!e *tI,lSiiyi   melo-dramatio   elap-  Wh.it Neliie Thougilit  With flic saddening exaniple of  the unemployed as a text, the  school teacher was endeavoring to  impress t'h'c ide.-sof flu: wrong and  danger of idleness upon her  charges.  Now cliildi'cn, she said, X want  t> find out how much attention  ,y m havo bsei.- paying.. Tell me.  who is the liiise.rabli. person who  gets clothes and food and lodging  aud vet does nothing in return1?.  "iidou hatel.    Rales reasonable.  FellbT^fiead Pass  The Grand Trunk Paoi/iij have  Applied to the government to be  allowed, to use the Ycllowhead  JPass'as a route through the l.'ockv  ^nountains. They e.vpcef to get a  grade of  from   four-tenths to iive-  tra{).       Ii.'} Webb    Chamberlain's  portroyal   of Jim LVxter, the big-  , hearted   Westerner,   is  so natural  . ihat  one can   readily s^c that Mr.  ��������� Chamberlain      has      experienced  Kanche life in the far west.  The Air Dance  John- S: Featherjtone,r|Jinw in  Jenths of one per cent. The Can- Hio provincial jail afl Vi-toria. will  aclinn Northern and other lines tie. ;||ang ou D(,c_ ij,th fu[. lIlc nnm]vV  ?ire to tiseVhesa;r,epas-s, but there uf Mary Allll Da|(o!1. The gov-  yill be. ropurfor all.  l.rn ment  has   i...fused   to iiiteifert  The best coit'eoin the city at Ami-  with the sentence.  jltfrson Bros.  Try GllHt~"  f6 js the latest in  It is   bliss to smoke a Kootenay ; hreakfast foods and is sold by An-  Jelleeigar. * jilerson Bros.        ^   rn      \-~Ti       *. *  i      i-    '    Tllfi   "'yii'y   "������������!   of  the early  J ho   Northwest  mounted police; .     .  . , t ,, . ,  , '���������        : morning hour is a latchkey with an  sspect to complete ne.-tt summer a !  ,..,.,,        , ,   ", .  '   .,    ,   . ��������� ��������� , 'electric light on the end of it  trai  AUDITORIUM  TWO mm BEGINiNG  WED. DEC. 5 th  HAROLD  c  CLIFFORD LANF  Tickets will be-s-wM I'lk'i'i'y from  November 2-l-t(.v JA'tH'slWl'iitv' Si.       _ i  Corn*spoiti|r-I!i,Tigr    I'al'es-'    will    be'  quoted  to> .-aflll ea'sf.'nrCa'nadian or  the.01d!C6WiVi!ry tVI. Clirwtmas at a  low rate.  D'e tailed' in form a I i'oir sail i ng 1 ists,  for ocean steam rs first class or  T.iuri-t -|i'-,'i"i- i" ervations on ap-  pl e . in . i il agents or write  J. S C.irl..!r, D .P. A., kelson, U.  C.    '        '_  .   , ���������  ion iiave three pair of glasses,  Prnfess'ir ?  :Yes; [ use one to read with,- one  to see at a distance, and one to find1  the other two. ���������Fliegend" Blatter.  jffiE<!!CBp?lSFSS55J3EC  i������mt**^������W3^.^  IMPORTANT ������������������>  Reduction Sale of Dress Gods  Taken froui our regular stock and greall'y reduced now,-instcaU  of a month from now, the usual time. Two reasons for tliis-  ���������method : It enables us to clean 9p our stock veiy carly,-aiul-ib  serves to-provide you.with the very cloths yon most- desire'to  have, at a decided saving.-  The Hunter-Keii-dr.ii?k Co*  .   . J.FMITEI).-        ;     ��������� .        .  %  r  J"  i  I:  \.  I"  Skiddiio  >��������� ���������  done. ��������� Life.-  3' ii   would- be skid*'  >vo  1)1^11 can- servo" two in-asteri  u-iiIorh !������?��������� h a polit'-i'cini.'.  ier  H  Is not a new Hour on the  market.    It has been in use  for years.-   Ask for a sack in  your next order  Guaranteed by thc  Alexander  tn  CANADIAN:'1  r.wrr ui' ij.wii'ai., siu;o;)o,oui).  liKSKKVIS KUNI), W1,.">0.'������,00!).  H. E.  WAUCEIi, Gen. Manager.    ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen. Man.-  Milling  *  .o'y  BliAXDO.Y, MAN.  And an lixcel lent Company  WE'DXESDAY  ;A SOLDIER OF FORTUNE"  THURSDAY  THE   VIRGINIAN"  a  Prices Si.00 and 75c  Seats .Vow on Sale at White's and  Thomas' Drug Storts.  Gfeenujood, B.- C;.  Tlie oldest hoi el1 in the  'Citv.- 'and sdlll tinder the  ;same ni-.uuvg-cimMit. Rooms  comfortable, meals equal to  any in the city, and ihc bar  supplies only the best. Corner of Gr-reenwoot'l: and Government street's-.  J, W. Nelson  n  CI  \  FRANK-   FJLETCIIEK  TROVINGI-AL LAND vSURVKYOR  KELSON.- B. C.  F. M. LAMB  PROVINCIAL-LAND SURVEYOR  GR=:-iNWOOD   B. C.  Waterproof Paiiits.  Coal T-mv I'ilcliJ   '  Creosote, Oils for  Preserving 'rimber,-  ���������Roofing,   I'itcli  Anil  Paints.  Kelson Coke aifd Gas Co. Ltd.  Branches Throughout Canada, and in the- United- States*  and England.  A General Canking Business Transacted.-    Act-on.its. in.iy lieBrieri^tl by  mail witli all branches of. Uiirf Bank.-  Savings Bank Department.''  .'Deposits of SI niul upwards received, and: interest; allowed at. current''  3'iUes. The deposilor is subject, to no delay whatever in the with-'  clrawal of thc whole or any portion of the deposit.  W. ALLISON, Manager Greenwood Branch.  ������  \  f  >?#i  *  WE WILL SELL  lnOO Intcrhationai Coal.  bOOO Uarilioo-McKiu-ncy.--..���������  100 Domiiiion Cupper.  50(10 DenorO' Mines...  I 0') A-mei'ican !ioy.'..  200ii Smith more ."... .-  400 Skvkirk -.-.  ]'0U0 Xic-ila Co;i] Mine:  Will'121 OK- WIRK.  B. B. MIGHTOM & CO.  II ���������  w  v.--.-.-.-  .- '        Ofi?  .     .  5' 5'0"  .......  -   V A  .     .      03|  ,  Hid  ���������    a  . G5  '/.  07-  e  being cut from Edmonton  northward, overland; to "Vnkon, by  Ulcaiis of  which prospectors will  Why i.s it, a careless seven cary  old kid- can drop-a half humeri  tye able toasceitain thu resources imatch in an alley and burn-up all  yf   a district now  well-nigh inac- jthe barns in a bloclc, while an able  BEALEY INVESTMENT AND TRUST CO. LTD  Geo; R.. Na-dex,-Manager.  Farm lands, timber liiu-it.s, mineral claim?, mining stocks  fiul shares. City rctil cstace. Inaight, sold-and exchanged,  -pall-and see .our list,  ORE3NV7aOD,.  33.   C.  a-re:nwood Licencs District  ��������� A mni-linc ff tlie Lic-ence C.miinl-i-.iiiticr-i for  :Iil- Givumv ui'I tik-c-iise lJUtairt will l������ hulil'iu  "'���������lliluiiy. H. C>.-ut ilif Ii ur if 2 f'i-lui-lc in tU^  'afii'-noon, on S.itind.iy,. thrlOtli Decemlirr. 11)0i,  in the I'ruviiiclitl t-'ilii-e Ofli.-t, for t!iu purport-  nf i.curing mid ci)n.*i(loniiH; tlie lullou'lni? ������| ���������'  iiliciili'iiis lor Ki-iicivnl.-. ami Tninsfcrof Lfqiur  License*.  . Ilitn-i JV-tcr Tliomjison, Vciicljinc irote', Anu-  '-onilt.  Li-ins Biiw., Pinoltcr ������fti'l. Iloinifliiry F;il!*.  Ali-x.   Mc-l'lu-rsuti,    Uoiin-lury   Falls    Iluicl,  .nmiiidary I'.iI.m.  ���������   ./nine.-. Hcii'ler.HOii. Alumna IIo'i-l, readwuiitl.  .\l   W. Ludlciu-, \\iml--or lli.ti'l. IVnorn.  ,   Axel Gustofcoii, I'ae.iic Hntil; Dcnoio;  Xormaii Dtife, StiuiiiiiyHnte!. Klu-Il.  .   r*. Art ur liendell, Hotel N'urtliern, Kl.'olf.  ��������� John A. .Mo.Miisier,Union Hutiil. Ehull.-  S. I'ahl. f'entral Hotel, .Midwuy.  U. M  llrono, l.aii<-iv-<liii-u Hotel. JfidH-ay.  ���������J. 1\ Bl.ick O.ikl. n'l Hotel. Midway.  S. A. Unwell. OrowiilPa Hotel.Midway..  h. E Salt-r, Hotel S.iokaiii',.Mi Iway.  I,. A. M..n'y.  Hotel S������>nn������on, Viiway  plii-.'iti jii to ii-ansf.-. t'i I". L. Tiio nut.  .lohii Atii.Cuiiinif'-chl Iliitel,-Mlnway.  S, T. Lu������t!ii, H.m ya'de Hotil, Koek ("r.-elc.  CKo  CUNNJ.NO-HAM.  Chief Lieenee liispictor,  r,neiiH-oMi: ij: c.ifitii x-iv., urn.  ANACONDA.  - Is just <i few minutes' walk from  the center of Greenwood,- and a  convenient place to- drop in sit- the  end'of a? walk. Convenient to the  amelter and' provides- thc public  with-  EDS:  OARD AND  EVER'AGE^  ���������   midway  Dealer in' Drv Goods; Gro-  ceries,- Jjoots- and- Shoes,  etc.,- etc:  f Alining and Investment Brokers,   '  ^ Drawer -10S2 NELSON, B. 0.  " |.i!i?siissiEr:ffiss^������sj"'^:u"^"",^^M'1'-'"  o  ^ I  W. B. THOMSON  All-  &S*  As Our Goods are Always /Marked at Strike Price.*;  ���������Of *im t laUmzYKinjmr m m\* iwmumt >&#&r*ira  OVERCOATS  pj   Fvom $9.00 to $i5.00, Fit  ^ I}e-;t of Div.vscii.s-.* ���������  f\>v tl c  Q.  i:  Tftive yon serjfi  tlio.sr)  Wrr;n Cnp.s  wiih the'turn down Lands?  SHOES  0'i7i* Shoe lJn.sine.S8 is steadily i'n-  cvensinLr.' Why? Because we handle  the SL'ATEM '"LYVIOTUS " SHOE  which always pleases  MJTTS  Just received twenty dozen pair of  Hand Knit Mitts-at iif'ry centaapair-  LIMITED,  Groceries, Hardware, Clothing and Gents1 Furnishings..  Winter Excursion  EAST, $83.55  ClilCKNWbdD TO  ���������J'fONTREAL,; TORONTO  and ull points thereof in>  ONTARIO ami- QUliM'.C.-  Quebec. St. John ,lh\iHn:t  Miiritilno   I'lWivinces,- Kates   on  Afi'licntion.  Tickets on'sale daily' November,  ���������     2-lth to Ji>t)C'(;iribcr  ROUST* TRIP,  IT Flo I' CLASS  'J'hnui MohiKr I^lniir.  ��������� ��������� ii ������������������     -fc������. *.r^.>       ���������������������������������������������, !b,..iji-iM.hi ii ��������������������������� ���������>  OLD COUNTRY KATB8  $9455 Return  ilA'LIKAX-orST J.OFFN-  Rutiit'ii Oienn Faro  Silonii Suconil        Stcernffc  $!):��������� oo,.      9tG.no. fyi.oo,.  mid up nccoriliiiff to titciiiner  I'-or detiiilcfl iiiffiiriintion,nail  iiiirn occ'iii ���������?ti>ti!iifr.i,.fh,st clnHfl or  fiMiiL-t .-U.'i'pcr rcHnrvutioilfi npply  Infill .'i^ciiiH or wrilo  1C..R. RKDI'ATIf,;Grct!iiHOfitJ,  K. J,C()111l;,���������A. ().,V. A.  Vitnuouvuf'  .r. s. o.vKtuit, i������. r. a.,-  NolHOII.-  The R:>vpnini'M,t <)t UritUli Cnlnmlil.-i hcr-liy  olici'-i il ri-H-.irl i.fo-iC'tlM **:iii<l tl:iltii-- f r in-  forii'atl m leading t > tin* nrrc-*t anil com i< limi nf  ono Krunk Ouilioiili:)'* I'raul* Virjilio I'n'inhl.-iiic  who on ih.' IStli in-t.iiit-. .'it I'le C.iniil.i hot. I.  .Ni.iRiira, I!: O , iniinli-rc'l l.un!au Klnit l>> m an-i  "I ilyiiiiiniic'irntliur 'Xjil u*iv*-.-.. Il'.-oiliilio i i f-  Fiiinlc Ci'ilin, tsli.is FiVuik Anirili.i r.-iiinlil.-iiic,  Imllnii. n������e iih ur* ::s yur*. lu-i-rlii- ,-iiiout fl fiet,  ii iiK'luH. wui^lil ;iboiit 150 ji.Hlhd-., Iirutrii Miiir.  Ilslit hron'n in .iiitiithc. may Ijp clu.in .-haven  nuir.cyvd Ik: t llliii'. thin fncc. sm.-ill thin ii(������e.  slight scar on oiu1 rliii-li t xti iidniirilownuitnl  fiom ejo't'i cornel- ol monlli U'licn lust si-cm  won- (lark ft my -.nit with Idiu-k stripe-', pl.iiil  putt in. a>.(l tani'(.-il liiqli tup J.n-i-il hoi.t  Wire urnllirni'l.-.i! n-puri iiiiiiu-(li.-.tcly any inf..|-  illation to M . I-. A. Dlnsmore, provint-larc-on-  stable, Oraiitl Korlis.   Ilynrdi-r  S S. HUSSEY  H0-:'5  ' Siipcriiitenilaiit l'r vincial I'olice:  About  Float  Float is not a periodical.  It is u hook containing St1*-  illtistnitiun.1). all told, and  is filled with wketches and  stories of western life.    Jt  tells how a gambler cash-  in after the fl.ish   tln-)H of  Sandon ;-liow it rained in  New  Denver   long   after  Noah was dead;,  how   iv  luirson   took-  a   drink at  Bear Lake in early days ;  how justice, was  dealt  in  . Kaslo in   '1)3 ;��������� how   the  saloon man ontprayed' the  women in Kuliimiiy.no, and'  graphically    depicts   the  roatilings of a western editor amongst tho  tender-  feefc in tho cent lu.lt.-   It  contains the early history  of Nelson and a romanoe  of the Silver   liing mine.  Tn it   are   printed   tliree  western poems,- and  dozens of; article   too nnnr-  ei'otis to mention.-   Send  for ono before' it   is   too  late.    Theprii'o iVt'vviMity-  five cents, postpaid'to-uny  part of   (he   world.    Ad-  divfis all Ictfei'H Io  MiD-DAY RUG SALE  The finest, cheapest and l;e:*t-a-*sort.ed line of lings that ever landed1  in your city.    Ali sizes from 25 cent.** up.    Phone 1(3.  A. L. WHiTE & CO.. House Furnishers  We are shouino" heavy, weight fweed  and woisted.s for (all thai, can't be beat.  Each suit an exclusive pattern. No two  alike, hxtra trousers- i.nro-c \aricty  to select from'   W. Elson, MercBant Tailor  -'COI'PliK   STREET.  Kootenay Engineering: Works  VELSON. B   C.  Founders,   Maohinisls  .-it:d   Fr'ui   Workers.-   M:ik r* of.flti.1 (Jrawford  Aerial   Train.-   Casting-*.    Builders'   .\f iifi-i ������!s.   Mill  and i\[ini'ig jrachinei}"     ,;. ���������  P. O. BOX- 403.. B. C. TRAVI5','MANAGER;  8 8 ������������  ������*2CKOESEaBrxixxznB2aiBEBaintQa!^^  BSESEEaaxsxaD  Dealers in  ppzsh r&nd Salt ATea'rs, Fish and Poultry g  *-.*'iittM������.-rrJiinyi'mww  JR. T, Lowery  NELSON, B. 0.  \Z $  Shops in neai'lv all the towns of Boundary and  ������ the Kootenay.  e  ti  \,<i. *��������� ��������� r ��������� <-.  'A  '']  i.j  '41  A'i  f?  \  >1  x  c  )   1  IU


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