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The Ledge May 10, 1906

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Array ; . ^GHEENiu'o'op, b. a; tj-i|M&My; MAY jo, 190G. '
���*  ���   *    i-hin ���> ������������������!��� n������ i l.i.---  if_ - ��� ��� '
^8g^/??S^S9^SSS^fS^S    'O. White;Unpopular druggist
- ��� ��t-L".i -���.<,*-������:...l \ ���..; -V._��''...-....   ; s^<; left last Saturday for a short holiday trip.- ,'���'*���    ^
Dr. .Mathison7 dentist, -Nad'en
��v -8-
..Flood block.
Midway   has a'. jjl)tf00 "to give
away, upon Victoria Da v.       "''^
. W. P. Ticrhcylvill leave Nelson
# *"   f     s-/       v
in a few days on a trip to,the "east.'
Seethe latest patterns in   mod.-
crn Wall Paper at  Smith. '&,-'"Mlv
line's. -      ���   \       >'���'"
Mrs. F/Ntinn returned' from5 a
week's visit to friends,'in\jCol"umv
bus. ~- '  v  '
- s
'A rainmaker is necdelin'Gre'en'-'
wtH?d._r r, ,    ^     \^ .      '..>,,;
,v-..George Tierney-returned to Nelson" on" Tuesday.'
^""Mrs." ,Swayne spent'* a" few days
fn"Grand' Porks" last' week.' ' ' -'
.��Swing-yourjiammock under the
Veranda^and-'biiy-it' from Smith
&-McKac. . :    -'    ���
:/:M. 'Anderson." well and favorably
knownym .^Greenwood .opens ,his
grocery store to-day. ; ,-
Sunday last a number of the res- ���tPj. S. Lawrekcerof: Nelson . was!
^nfthocity this week-looking after
idents of Greenwood picknicked at
Long lake. .,.-,,
This is an age of publicity -so' do
not forget to advertise Jyour business in The Ledoe.    .'i.
For a nominal sum merchants
can learn the noble art, of adver^
tising at this office.     '- - <-
Jas. Fisher is over r from Ross-
laud on business connected with
his Dead wood camp properties'. -,'
M. M. Johnson; consulting.engineer for the B. C.'-Coppo/'-Co.,
came in from Salt Lake this, week.
MissE. Elwdithy, ,of ' Colling-,
wood, Ont., is spending a month
in the city visiting Mis. C. II.
Fair. '
"Big Jim" Macdonel, .was in
luck last year. 116 made $85,000
helping to build tho railroad to
It is expected that the new electric hoist will   enable  the  Prince
V4 4
\ -Henry niiue to resume %
:y\ about the 20th.
tB/HrAudersoriV' snperintepdeht
of the Sulliyan in East-Kootenay
""""wasiiero" on   a  copper  deal  this
Tuesday morning a fight took
place on Copper street, an unusual
occurrence in Greenwood." No
serious damage was done to either
party. .
Two shifts are" pounding the
drill at tho Elkhornr and forty
men are working at the Providence. -    *   '
A bush fire last Friday,.eyening,
caused by a spark from a locomotive burned several cords of wood
at the Elkhorn and Providence
At the last meeting of Green-;
wood Lodgo No. 29, K.' of P., 825
was donated towards the relief' of
members of the order in'San Francisco.
Tho Greenwood baseball - team
journeyed to Phoenix,Sunday and
were defeated by a score of 10 to 8,
tho first reverse of tho Greenwcod
boys this season.       ,      j;:
The work in tho sub-station' for
tho West Kootcnay Power Co., -at
Anaconda is still closed down on
account of difference betw.cqu- the.
men and tho company, ovcrhours
and wages.
A. D.-Hallctt'who for tho past
five years has held the positions of
chief of police and fire .chief, tendered his  resignation .at  tho  last
meeting  of the Council.;.. A large
majority of tho residents will  regret to seo Mr.  Hallett sever his
connection \yiththo city.   This is
especially so  of thoso who have
been associated with him--in   the
fire department. ��������� The dual position of chief of'both departments
is a trying one, as there is practically no time in   tho  twenty-foiir
hours which ho can call  his own'.
There are numerous minor duties
in connection with both positions
which keep him on,,tho move all
the time.   It is probable Mr. Hallett will remain in Greenwood and
engage in business.
tho interests of the C.P. R.
"Fred   Kirkp'atriok,  of   Fernio,"
arrived in" Greenwood Monday lo
tako.a position on The Ledge.
,J. C. Ilaas, mining engineer for
tho Ph.ocnix' Amalgamated'' Co.,'
came��in;froiu Sppkauc this' week. -
.Tho.'���Eoundary.is .full .of men-
who1 hit the drilfiiHhc Slocan during tho palmy days of that camp.
( JL Dcnzler came, in from;Spokane'last week and ia'* working on
hisf properties in Greenwood campp.
, /A'.fc'^oAhe-buildings in Grcen,-
wood require a touch of-paint to
niako;.thcm a delight toJ��he optics
of strang;ers.-. ,^   i   s'- * '
' R/13. 'Kerr intends tojeavc O.ik-
laud, Calif.',' and   settle''; down   in
i.P. Flood^of tli'b TJniori Keat
.Market^ luxi completed.'''arrangements; fd? ^regular sliipVnohts of
vegetables'- frpm-.V Spokane,s"commencing Sattirdayrnext.,      - >j ]'
-Invos'8 your money in local enterprises by buying'stoek hi th6r.Elk-
horn aud".Pj-ince^nonry mines.
Frederic AV. "Mcl^iine, the., well
known-" minings looker has .both
stock's for"sale'f also, stock "in the
Canada Western, Oil. Co.
D:;0/McKay'; "the West Fork
stage man; rcturnecTsS.ituiday from
-Loom'is^v-Wash. iwitfi a ba,nd ' of
saddle^-and 'driving horses."'" >IIc
says Loom is is tlio Wly livo town'
ho struck on hi3 trip. Orcville is
practically dead.    The crowd hav
ing followed construction on tlio
V. V. & E., iiorth and west.  "
At   the   meeting vof   Boundary
Valley Lodge,   No./38,  I.O.O.F.*,
G. B.  Taylor was 'eluded  representative to the graml lodgo winch
meets in Victoria in June, and W.
Elson was elected  alternate  delegate.    Next Tuosdajvcvcning nominations.will be madb^for the elective offices, and it is-expected L A.
Dinsmorc, D. D. G. M., will pay
an official visit to tholodgc.   .3
The people of Midway aio goin^
to give away $ 1,000'to-]vititor = "|.
tint town on' Empire "D.iy.   y[ ,y
n,i!i."   There will be horse   rich;:.
i:1   ' fid tf,
etc. Music will'be fit"������j"��h'-.l bv
tho Citizens'band cf (J.ivnwood.
A special train wiH i,li,,.u'a'r-W"rccn-
woodfiirtheriTorni.ig, i- f-tfruing in
.Cultivate th"o.,ptrppor sjt^eet1 taste
by buying tho'fresii'c'ohf&tionery
sold by S'mith & McRaeMf
A,very-much needed ms'trnment,
an -X-Ray machiue.-nrrij'ed at, the
Sisters' hospital this wecl&lib is the
very best procurable a'ndjwas purchased jointly-by-tho'phyiticians of
the city and Sisters.-;-' '���<��� <U
* F.1 W.' -Peters and ,:IIA��E..' Mnc-
tlon ncl I, 'two of- the most ^en i'nl C.
IV R. officials .that ever ^slashed "a
freight bill, breathed''tlio^bVono of
Greenwoo��i for a few ruiuitfcs this
week. '  ^r-   ,
John Lang, of tho'Empire brewery, Spokane, was in thojjbity this
week inspecting tho=cold; storage
plant of P. Burns & Co.^lTIe in-
leiuls to install a similarrplant at
his. Spokane biewcry.    '*-" '|!
A telegram,was received in the
city this week from Gco.jMuKenzie
who is being treated' in "tlv6 'ITazel-
ton hospital,'-stating thaU^is rap-
idly.rccoveiingj'and,' thatXV Wils
only necessary to anipii'tato liis
- v" -*i "
���    .;   l}
Greig' and
Messrs. Alex
man Morrisson have purchased tho
Pucific hotel from IL B. Madden
and. took possession ..Monday.
Botharo well known in'theBound-
ar> and are sure of a large" business.
Fcruic^lrom heaven to DauloV WlUiIli inntdlC8; ath,.
IufernQ,'as it, were.       . ,      - - -
��� H; B; Madden intends to operate a string'of saloons from V\'cn-
ntehce'co jOrovillo with headfinarL-
ers at- the former placed    ' 1'-
;.,.The.circulation of,Tiie Ledge -is
limited,to a million so do not-.dally
too long with time before getting
your name on the subscription list/"
For sale:���A piano, secretary,
office chair and Singer sowing machine, cheap for cash. Apply to
Mrs. II. B. Madden, Pacific Hotel.
S. W. Michael, of Toronto, and
inspector of customs is in tho city,
lie is interested iu the Big Copper;
also the'Caribooiu Camp McKin-
ney. /'
Tho strike on construction work
at the Greenwood smelter was settled Monday, the contractor agreeing to tho demands of tho workmen.    ' - '   - -.
' The lawn tennis groundsaro Icing put in shape for the season's
play. ^Ifis expected the couits
will be ready iu tho course of a
' Rooms in tho hotels and seats in
the pok'cr games are often difficult
to obtain in "the copper city. "These
arc straws blown iii advance" of a
great cyclone of prosperity.
-<vR. Robinson, "tho well known
Greenwood ���shoemaker was .the
only man in America who obtained
amedul at the Paris Exposition in
18'78 for making tho best shoes. '
Owing to J. P. Mycfs^Gray'hav-
ing gone to Pernio to'" enter into
partnership with L. P. Eckstein,
the position of city solicitor is vac
OJb^cn -com pTetfe"dT>^*:Al)a neTwiirVb'e.
given iu the evening:'
_ The grounds "around tho provincial government buildings in
Greenwood are being fixed.
Whether the result will be to Le.iut-
ify them remains for future generations to decide. However, a roping has been put on the retaining
wall and mould is being hauled to
cover the boulders which heretofore adorned the space between the
building and the Etrcer. An appropriation will probably be made
next year for seeding the grounds.
Al Sanderson returncd'last week
from a trip to Peterborough, Out.,
where he spent tho winter visiting
friends. Mr. Sanderson says customs havo" changed" somewhat in
the east iii the past twenty years.
Oatmeal as a "diet has been replaced by cracked wheat, manna,,force
and other cheap imitations, lie
says every train coming west is
crowded with' prspectorss going to
the mining districts of northern On-
taria. Mr. Sanderson will spend
tho summer^developing his properties in this district.",. ,
W. ,G. Gauncp was iu tho city
Monday .and intends to move here
from Midway in,a.fowdays. Mr.
Gauncc states that the correspondence in reference to Midway, lately
appearing iu sorao of our local
contemporaries. Is _. misleading.
Registered letters in the Midway
There was a baseball game in
Midway on Sunday, and-about ten
horse races.    Nearly ovcryjrancli-
or would back his cnyusewithia ��5
bill and then the pace "to -a^finish
would begin and cud iu  loud'' and
prolonged cheering."      "*    *| r   .
_ ">i .""" ",
Duncan Murray left, 'Satufday
last for Nanajnio to altcn(t"tjipv''au-
KhiglTts of Pythias' as rcpresenta-
'tivo   fiom   Grccnwoo'd.      C.  IL
Melville is the representative from
Midway lodge No. 3G.
In the rush this week to get Trin
Ledge beforo tho world everything had to go as it looked,-and
adverse criticibin should be held
in abeyance until the journalistic
and mechanical wheels click to the
music of perfect harmony.
A. Muchmorc, of Vancouver,"
representing the Toronto Type
Foundry, was in tho city Monday
and Tuesday, being held up by the
local newspapers. "Ho went on
to Phoenix, where he intended to
play even by "doing" the editor of
tho Pioneer, the only wealthy publisher in Southern Biitish Columbia
Bicycle riding is a popular pat-
time in Greenwood.
��� A fine line of Kodaks just - received at Smith & McRao's.
Extra care is now necessary to
prevent bush fires in all parts of
the mountains.        ���   - ..
The fire season opened ia Firaie
last week. .It is a little "early but
so far quite a business luis" been
Cameron & nuff, the progressive
blacksmiths, lately put in a machine for putting rubber tires on.
D"ggy wheels.
. Jim Atwood-of Midway was in
the city today. On being asked if
there had been any recent-holdups
in that town, he replied : "Iguess
tho ')oys aro being 1 eld up right
along but they are ashamed to
acknowledge it." ,    . .....
The Greenwood baseball team
will meet tho Midway nine for tho
first time this season Sunday afternoon on the grounds of the
latter nine. The game is expected
to be a goodjmc as Midway is said
to have a strong nine.
Supremo court sittings will be
held here next week, for the trial
of civil and criminal cases. Mr.
Justice Duff will preside. The
grand jurors selected fiom Greenwood are: P. W. McLaine, Jas. N,
P.iton, J. R. Jackson, E. G. Warren, W. II. Jeffery, II.' P. Stowc,
X W.'IIugh Wood, E. W. Bishop
and C. Scott Galloway.
After the voting on the electric
bylaw a citizen told E G. Warren ho knew the. two persons who
voted against tho -bylaw. On being asked.who they""-were, citizen
^O - "       -     - .  -    ""���Sfis''-   �����   <-'
J. Q. Haas, M. E,, arrived from
Spokane  Saturday ��� last,   and    is
making preparations to commence-
operations on the properties under
liis charge.    Work will be resumed
on tho Golconda group -in South
Dcaduood   about the 1st of June.
An incline shaft was sunk ' on the
property nine years ago to a depth
of about sixty feet, on a lead -from
���i to G feet in width and "several
open crosscuts made,  prospecting
the lead.    Since that time development ha3    been    carried   on   by
tunneling to   tap  the   ore "body.
The tunnel is" in 523   feet,  and
it is expeeled the vein will  bo en-,
countered at a distance of about
700 feet from   tho  portal.    When
the reorganization, now going on',
is completed the company will be
in a position to   carry on  continuous development   work.     There|busy Workei?
are six   claims   in   tho   Golconda
group, loc ited by Jas.   C.  Dale in
ISOo.     The   properties  lie about
two and a half miles southwest of
Greenwood, and about a mile and
a half from the Boundary Falls
only .property in ,tho .hlgb.'.gtada .\ ,; y,
be,lt.of .Greenwqod_. It), which,,,ther?,'",.; '2
principal-values are goldnruuififfg,,^iz<\
from .6 to 9 ounces. ���.     .. ,'���"-�� .,; ,*��� ;���>;. -,/.,
Work on the-West Fork ���proper?' -"'V:M ,""
ties Is being steadily- posh'ed' ���tov.i'U"^' ���
ward. A crosscut is- befng/^fttj^y^r-/
from the -100 foot leyeV oh^'tho���t^'-y
.Washington and Idaho.-- -It'is-TexT^ff1-"'.
pected the lead, \yill bo' encoaflYer-f^.;^
ed betweeu.SOiancl .100'feet 'froW"-
the shaft.' M. Callahan has charge""*
of tlio work. 'On 'the' Rarabfer.'*1:^;^
three'men are repairing- the- rba^."'. * ���';
from the mine, and development?" ^J
will be lcsumed ns soon as ther'-^-!';
roatl is completed. On the" Dnnc- ^'i/,
an and Sally small forces aro \"at' -TtJ,'-
work. The new machinery for the- f ;?i
Carmi is on the road to the mine; 't-V"
and a* number of other propertied ���^-ii- ~
Devclopmeut work has been
earned on at the Jewell mine,
Long Lake Camp for the past eight
months, under the superintend-
auee of Jas. H. Smith. Seven
men are at present working. The
Jewell has been worked interrait-
At GOO feet the Providence.J*.-"',*-'*
the deepest mine in tho Boundary .----0,;
It is extremely encouraging to the ;i .�����>���'
owners of tho Providence to fin<�� ,;t-
the ore body growing in. strengtl��"^->v "
and value'as depth, is obtained;'*^) -'
Drifts are being run on the ledge- :'.('',
both ways at {he GOO-foot level,��� / ,1-'
Forty tons of ore were shipped >.' " 4
from the mine las(; .week, netting ,-< ^
as high as ��225 to the ton.
tojtly   for   the   prsb   ten. years..
There is a good bodyof-gold . bear-
A^-Kuoeker, and. aMend.. Jhkj %0^^ a h^eV^njtvOf:Jde-;
ant.    A selection for the position   postoffico. hnyo. not. been' trifled
will pr6bably bo mado at Mouday
night's meeting of tlio city council.
No applications have been mado
foi*. tho.positionj ulthougli several
names have been mentioned as being favored by members' of tho
.council.. Some. of ��� those who
"know" say that A. M. White-
sido will bo offered tho position,
others say J. P. McLeod will bo
tho in ah, and, still others that J.
It. Brown ia it. Our opinion is
that one of the threo gentlemen
will bo offered tho position",
Whcthor ho accepts or not will
furnish an item of news for noxt
with; so far as the postmaster or
tho general public know.    The billiard table nc CroweH's hotel was
not converted into ,a.stretcher, a
surgical   operation   was  not  performed ou it,   neither tho doqtor
nor tho;officer, was "summoned to
the hotel, the patient didn't get
bit over the head wjtli a billiard
cne.   Ho didn't do any plowing
through his own leg with a bullet,
Ho didn't own a dog,.ho didn't get
into a wrangle, ho wasn't loafing,'
and in fact tho incidents did not
occur in Midway nt.all.   Tho correspond unco appears to have got
pretty badly mixed up.        '   ---
Ed. A. llain, postmaster at
Midway, wasJn the cily Sunday.
Mr. Hain slates that the newspapers of the district were in error
regarding the burglary of his store
a few days ago. All the burglars
got was a few dollars out of the
till. The registered moil was not
"trifled" with. In fact, such .precautions are taken that it would
bo difficult for a stranger-to .find
the registered. Newspaper items
when - copied and '���'done over,"
liko scandal, become distorted.
The Midway postmaster is very for-
tunato that tho item hasn't placed
him among the missing or the slain
He is also fortu nate that- ho wasn't
reported murdered, for, with the
increasing population and business
of Midway and numerous politicians clamoring for a government
jobi it would havo been difficult
for Mr. Hain t3 prove to the
postmaster-general that ho was
still alive and able tbattond to the
duties of his office. It is to be
hoped the Libewl newspapers of
the district will tako this item ns
the very latest. At 1 p. m. today
tho postmaster at Midway was
alive and in possession of all hia
faculties, and no ray of hope can
bo given office seekers that there
will bo a vacancy in tho near
didn't'think it was possible. Then
the citizen offered to bet ��10. E.
G. replied : " I'l'l bee you S10,000
to ��1, for Knocker hasn't a friend
in the city."
Tho window  with  tho  fountain
in continual eruption at the meat
emporium of P. Burns & Co. draws
the crowd these days.     Quito  a
number of native born trout can
bq seen swimming in the aqua apparently without any fear of molestation.   Tlio trout were caught in
Boundary Creek by   a   youthful
uinirod of this city,  and secured
by the great meat firm for the  delectation of the many tourists  and
sight-seers that daily throng Copper street.
The Ledge is here for the pur-
poso of disseminating nows���all
tho news. It doesn't matter
whether you have met us at dinner parties, or pink or green teas,
or whether you aro in our or any
other "set," we want to tell the
public all about what you are doing in.so far as your [actions would
interest tho public. This is not
a question of prejudice or scuti-
the - property.   ; Up "to ���" tho   time
when work was discontinued '-in
August, 1902, the work consisted
of shaft3 G41 feet, winzes 35 feet,
drifts and crosscuts 2701 feet, or a
total of 3,G92 feet of development.
It has not been given out for publication the character of the work
now being done.    It is said that
the present owners of tho Le Roi
No. 2, will ciect a mill at Long
Lako   ami treat the ore on the
ground.    It is probable 'that this
will be  dene.     Men   who   have
worked in   the   mine   state  that
there is a   large  amouut  of  ore
blocked out,   carrying good gold
On,the Starveout ' tho  shaft   i? "
do\vn'about 30 feet on a fonr "foo$ "
lead running .from $22Jojsop^l^
ton.. Theclaiui lies: pW*-��f:'^ii��v*',Af'?
tnent,/ political   or  social,   it
straight business. This paper is
after tho news. You caii assist us
by occasionally dropping a hint.
Hugh Ginioron, of Cunp Mc-
Kinney, tlie woirknow'u pioneer
of the district, was in tho city
Wednesday, on. his way from .a
three-weeks trip to Vernon and
other Okauagan points. Mr.
Cameron.says that a'severe frost"
Friday night of last week did a
vast amount of damage to the fruit
aud vegetable crops iu the Okauagan district. In and around Camp
McKinncy everything , is quiet.
Occasionally a ' promoter drops
into the camp and- endeavors-to
tio up a property with, a .shoestring, but the owners know the
value of their claims and give tho
shoe-string promoter the cold
shoulder. It is said that tho
Cariboo compauy will resume
operations this season.      -   .
, Work was stopped on the Priuce
Henry a couple of weeks ago until
the electric.- machinery arrived at
tho mine aud was iustalled. A
pait of tho machinery is at the
mine and tho remainder is now on
tho road from Montreal. Work
will be resumed ns soon as the
plant is installed. Work done
consists of a 150 foot incline shaft
following tho ore, aud 150 feet of
drifting- at tho 100 foot* level.
Tho vein is from 8 to 10 inches
wide, and runs about $75 tothe
ton. principally silver* values. 'A
It-rial shipmcut of ten tons wa��
mado a short time ago. Last
mouth a company was formed Jto
take over tic property from the
local__syndicato which bad <prcvr
iously been developing it, and from
the salo of stock locally there is now
sufficient money in the treasury to
develop the mine" into a regular
shipper. For tho past year, until
the recent close-down, eeven men
have been continuously employed*
in development work under the
foceraanship of Walter McDonald.
ChapeWto'a Colvifle'syndicate for,
S7,500..^Threemen are at" present-
working on tiie'���property aiia &a;-"
trial shipment of ore will shortly
be made.
Returns fromthe last car of
Rambler" ore netted Sll'l to the
ton, silver and lead values".: Thfc
shipment was nearly all, secondr '
class ore. The Rambler is on the
West Fork of Kettle river near
Beavcrdell. L:ist week tho owners refused tq bond tho property
for 850,000.   ~' ' ""      r
Six men are working on the Elkr
horn.    The shaft is down 225 feet.'
It is tho intention to  sink "to the *"���
300 foot level..before crosscuttiu'g^ -
is commenced,
Louis Bosshart left Monday to
do-assessmentoutheSilveiv  Ruby
and other claims iu which he is iiir"   ���
terested. on   Cedar  Creek,' .inaiu
Kettle river. ���-...-.. .......
��� - ���i-l
. *-.-
.Work lias commenced upon the
erection of the ore bins at tho K
C. Copper Co's smelter. . ,The
other construction is in full swing/'
Andy  Haniillon  and   partners
have completed -the ..year's assess?
ment work ;on >thc Great Laiccy'"
group near Eholt.
A, rich 8f,riko..oi ruby, native an<|
antimonial silver was njade on tho
000 fooj level of tho Piovjdcuco
this' week. '������������
For tho past month practically
no development ��� work has been
done on the Bay, in Skylark camp,
owing to tho boiler boing put out
of commission by defective flues.
Now flues aro on tup road and
activo dovol.opmoiit will bo resumed in a few dayc.
Local men; have < formed ;a*l ��� oil
company^ It is callpd the Canada
Western Oil Co., and ijas i.rop'err
ties iu East Kqotpnay..
Machine (lujlls.are pounding .the'
rock in  tho .long ttijuicl on tl.p '
Gold 'Fiiiph..   I     ..-.;,, ' "' _"'
T|n's ?s payday, for tho IJ. .Cf (.
Copper niid., qraiiby'mines and/ ���
sin'oitcrs. ', (. .
Iu April the  Qutpnt  from   tho ���
I^oundavy mines was 107,798 tons.
The Skylark; shipped a par of orcf ���
to tho smelter this week.
. , .   Judicious advertising hss mads
Tho Bay |s the \ma,uy tt fortune, ���,V
<iwmiu4lBilBfel�� greenwood, B. .0 , -Miy ,10, .iflO.fi.  --H-E G UTCEX WOO U LEDG E.  THE LEDOE  .- ���������: *./ ��������� .��������������������������������������������� s ': I --  Is ptO>l>shecl ever}-. ThuradayZat Greenwood, ,!'.' CI nrifl the pfice'ia $5'ri'yenr,  postage free to all part* of Canada, United  ���������States, 'Mexico nr.d' Great Britain.'To  other couritficg it is sent postpaid for  l$i."so a year. "'Address' rill lcttirs to The  Ledge,-Greenwood, B. C.  Jab. W. Ghier, [MANAGER.  GREENWOOD,  It..C,.JIAY  io,  1906.  As ������ rule the sick in.'tn is inclined to be a scoundrel. Ifyiu wo; Id  avoid Fia get real healthy.  THIS-AND THAT.  A.moxo the crying needs of the  new province of Saskatchewan  might be mentioned stationary  polling booths aud burglar-proof  ballot boxes.  TnE ledge:  .Tits Ledge comes to the front  in Greenwood in a quiet and un-  iibtrusivo manner. Tho plant,  which 10 liil paid for, has been un-  .loaded in the Copperopolis without  tinging & bell, filing u, cannon, or  filling tho air with tho spasms of a  brass band. It encountered no  liflc-laden pickets at tho outer  'wall, and many of tho citizens have  .handed us sweet word bouquets of  hops, praise1 and' encouragement,  while others havo touched tho key  of joy iu our heart by showering  us with orders for ads and j;>b  printing���������tho great remedies for  the financial -ilia of .nearly all  printers,  ..  /- The Ledob has blossomed in  Greenwood for the purpose of  making money for all concerned in  its publication, and the upbuilding of the city and district amid  'which its flag toj'S with the healthy  .breeze. It will ever aim to truthfully depict in bonbon stylo the  Scenes, history and incidents that  occur in and around its home. Its  editorials will not be hydrnemic  nor weighted with the lead of devitalized thought. It will endeavor to drive ennui over, the  dump, and eliminate fos������ilization  of mind and methods in the prosecution of mining and commercial  pursuits. Greenwood 'and the  'boundary, under the spur of high-  priced copper, aro awakening from  their comotoso condition and-The  Leuqb has been' reincarnated jlist  in'time tuauaistthijB grcj^'!������mprjo-  reach the high spot on the golden  shore of prosperity. If -j'ou wish  'to ride in our procession, hand  your money to the driver and jump  jiboard.  Tut. postmaster-general .has de-  croed that tho Appeal to Eeas.in  shall not be read in Canada. It is  possible he feared an epidemic of  brain fever, something that is not  liable to result from leading the  Liberal papers of B. C.  The member for Yale-Cat iboo  is after the scalp of lion. George  E. Foster. While Duncan is (0  bo commended for his nerve it may  not be out of plnco to quote from  an old song : " Says tho ant to the  olephant, who are you shovin'?''  the great corporations is to be  fjund everywhere. Before the  publishers knew that 'Lav: Ledoe  would be issued the monopolistic  press began its crusade against this  paper., Our old friend and fellow  "worker in the vineyard," J. Peck  MacSwain, writing in the Golden  Star, says :  " Colonel R. T. Lowery is starting a paper at Greenwood to be  called The Ledge. Jim Gricr is  to be the think artist. Politically  it will be independent���������open to  all parties, influenced by none,  except for a consideration.".  The really good aro not always  the greatest benefactors of mankind. Had Jimmy Anderson, in  his youth, devoted as much time  to the bhortcr Catechism as he did  to the study of geography, Kaicn  Island might not yet have been  discovered.  If tho members of tho city  council want the chicken bylaw  enforced they si ould employ a 12  to 15-year-old boy on commission.  Herding chickens is not a man's  work. There is larger game that  requires the undivided attention  of tho city police  An incident in the closing hours  of the. last session of the legislature.might bo taken to heart by  many of our legislators. By simply  saying " I object," the member for  Ymir accomplished more than all  the talking machines in the house  did during the whole session.  A hard trail often ends at  street, or Phoenix.  Easy  A kind deed might  prayer in solid form.  be called a  Even'    in    the   Boundary  knocker is sometimes found.  tho  . The. principal legislation so far  introduced in the Dominion parliament this year .consists of railway charters and Sunday observance���������tho one to keep tho common people earning taxes for six  days in the week, and the other  to keep them properly in leash on  the seventh day.  Both bylaws submitted by the  city council for approval of the  property owners 'were carried and  work oii the waterworks extension  and tho electric light system will  bo started at. once. There was a  considerable opposition to the  waterworks extension, many of  property-owners holding that the  volume of water iu Providence  creek was so small that it would  not be of practical value ns an aid  to giving a j crmanent reliable  water supply for the ever increasing requirements of tho city.  Others claimed that the overflow  from the Lind creek system was  greater than the total flow in  Providence. Ilowever the new-  system will be constructed., with a  view, if found necessary, to pump  from Boundary creek. It is tho  duty of the city council to provide  sufficient water, and on them would  rest the blame should the supply  be found inadequate in tho event  of an cmergoncy arising. It would  be unfair to offer any criticism until the plans of the waterworks  committee have been carried to  completion and the new system  given a fair test. As to the electric light, tho council have fully  safeguarded the interests of consumers, and it. is safe to say that  in the construction work there will  be no. labor- troubles, as is unfortunately- the case with another  electric company- now carding on  work in the district. '  The Boundary is.in the copper  belt, but.the.dollar is still king.  1 - ---���������-*������������������������������������  A r.ALi.oox route to rhoenix  would' bo: appreciated in Greenwood;   ''..'.."    \. .."....  In every age' and cliinc genius  has had to"dodge stones and rotten eggs.  t ���������   rr. ^���������r, ���������-  popular  ininiug  Gin and' bitters arc a  breakfast food iu many  camps.           Moderation in all things is tho  greatest.lesson that can bo taught  the human wee.  Mental and physical , activity  are necessary if you. would avoid  tho increase of petrified moss in  mind or body.  In Ontario they now license bartenders. Tho good people of that  province insist on having only the  up-to-date mixtures and usually in  a hurry. In order that speed and  efficiency might be attained it became '-' necessary to license the  "mixer"' as well ns the house. Bartending iu Ontario is now classed  among the learned professions.  Defeiuiisd hope aud disappointed ambition will often'make a man  and his town look like a torn poster in a diity ditch.  Am, signs point to great prosperity in ' tho Boundary. Get  your claims ready, gentlemen, for  copper .\vil'! yet'touch the sky.  An expert says that thero arc  few bald' heads amongst lunatics  and criminals." How about those  chaps "who 'sit iii" tlio front row  wheii1 a-ballet'lroupc' plays in tho  {jicatre?.'.' ;  PiAOBU in propinquity a rose  aud' inlgnonet'Co'wili lose their  Boontiiud^die in V sliorfc. time.  I'his ill equally tr 110 with <ho hum-.  rtn race. We see instances' almost  ������very day< where' propinquity is  Acting fts'slotf' '��������� poison ' upon men  iind women',' aud yet' tho law and  church refuses to render assistance. J  '. A smelter manager has been  found who will not suffer I033 by  dosing on Sunday. Who ho is  and where tho smelter is located  aro known only to the editor of  the Victoria Week. Heretofore it  was generally, understood that the  smelters of B. C, whether running  or idle, wcro losing propositions.  It is a pleasure to know that at  least one of them can make a  stand-off by closing down.  The movement towards forming  a 10,000 chib appears to havo died.  With tho development of the  nntural resources of the district of  which Greenwood is the commercial  center, tho city should double its  population in tho next twelve  months. It only requires a little  extra exertion on tho part of the  citizens. Tho Board of Trade  could take tho matter up without  being accused of over-exertion.  Anaconda, B. O, is having an  epidemic of strikes, not through  any fault of the old timers, but  through the new comers. The old-  time resident of Anaconda never  went to work except on his ow.i  terms. If tho employer didn't  like tho hours and tho wages there  was neither compromise nor arbitration nor enmity, It was tabled  indefinitely, for what was tho use  of doing today that which could  just as woll be done a year hence.  -Easterners   on   coming   West  xpect to   find    lawlessness  and  rowdyism the order, and often are  disappointed     because     Western  towns do not come up (or rather  down) to their preconceived ideas.  As a matter of fact there is less  drunkeness and  fewer rowdies iii  Western than  in Eastern towns of  the same population.    True, Sunday is much more strictly observed  iu the East than the West.    But  this is a question for the individual  to. settle as his or her conscience  dictates.    The person working indoors all week will naturally have  a different conception of what constitutes a day of rest to the person  working  outside.    So long as a  person does not interfere with the  rights of the community in which  ho resides,  it will bo found impossible to   enforce a law -which  will deprive him of his liberty.   As  the enforcement of any Sunday observance law which may bo passed  by the Dominion  parliament will  bo   by   provincial and  municipal  officers, public opinion  in the different communities in this province will be tho guide as to what  constitutes   a  d.iy  of   rest.   The  tolerant Bpirit   of (ho West  will  allow the Jew or the Seventh Day  Adventist or any other person to  be guided by his or her consience  as to the day of rest and,  within  tho bounds of decency, tho manlier of its observance.   The agita-  tioiwniginated in tho East, where  people aro trying to solve twentieth  contury .problems with   sixteenth  century  brains.   Tho    West  can  afford.to ignore questions on which  depend solit'.Ic that affect the well  being or progress of the province,  It ia uaid that  the  iiii'  influence of  PUNISHING   THE   WRONG MAN.  Sometimes the'complaintiH made  that where ballot boxes have been  stuffed punishment does not follow. This charge cannot ho laid  at tho door of the Scott government of Saskatchewan, which, as  wo all know, Is a branch of the  Laurier administration at Ottawa.  Ballot boxes were stuffed on a  wholesale [dan in tho interests of  the Grit ministry which Sir Wilfrid Laurier- and Governor Forget  conspired to foist upon the new  province. The crime having been  discovered the ministers have administered punishments.'"'  Thero is, however, a flaw in the  distribution of penalties. The government, instead of punishing the  ballot box stiiffers, has visited its  wrath upon, tho magistrates who  tried these men and found them  guilty I Two justices of the peace  at lYineo Albert, J. E. Sinclair aud  W. T. Gilinoiir, were called to  hear tho charge- of fraud laid  aguinst three of the swindling  deputy returning officers. The  men acknowledged their guilt, and  the jtisiices-'fihod them $200a'iicce,  or ������G00 in all.' It was a moderate  charge for "so serious an offense.  A term in the penitentiary would  have been more to the point. But  the laying'on of even a small  penalty has enraged the Liberalism  of the West, and as a result the  two justices aro summarily dismissed from their positions. Mr.  Sinclair has been a magistrate -for  21 years, and Mr. Gilmour, a  Liberal, is a ju=tice of recent appointment. Both have served well  and impartially, and their dismissal is a penalty for punishing  ballot box stuffers. T.-J. Agncw,  J. P., of Prince Albert, has been  sitting at the preliminary examination of the returning officer in  whoso constituency the three  deputies did their nefarious work,  lie has committed the accused for  trial. His action has been fol-  by his removal from tho commission of the peace. The Scott gov  ernment apparently, does not agree  with even the commital for trial of  one - of its supporters accused of  election fraud. The new Liberalism of the West is doing some ex:  traordinarythings. It carried the  province of Saskatchewan by carefully designed robbery. After its  agents had stuffed the ballot boxes  actually had the audacity to elicit  from a judge a decision under  which ballots admitted to be forgeries were counted as genuine.  Now it kicks out of the commission of the peace magistrates who  are honesty enough to punish politicians wlio conspire to rob the  people.  Tho last' crime is the worst of  the bunch. With the dismissal of  the three justices before them the  magistrates of the West aro informed that should they protect  tho elector by punishing or committing for trial officials who steal  elections on behalf of the. Scott  government, or of the Laurier government, their positions will be  taken from them. No man who  fines one of the Ottawa*election  thieves, or orders that he be tried  by a higher court, can retain his  place on the bench. This is the  culmination of the Laurier operations in the West, which commencing with coercion for the people, end with an assault' upon the  integrity and independence of the  magistracy.���������Mail and Empire.  ADVICE FOR EDITORS  Tho following letter, which  shows tho kind of a proposition  newspaper men arc up against,  was recently received by an exchange:  Dear Sir: I hereby offer my  resignation as a subscriber to j'our  paper, it being a pamphlet of 6uch  small conscqueuco ns not to benefit  ray family by takin it. What yon  need in your sheto is branes and  Bomcdno to 'russell up news and  rite editorials on live topics. No  menshun has been mado in }*our  A.liberal use of paint would make Green.'  wood look like a new to\yn.��������� We sell the  Elephant Brand of Painf,:, which always  gives, satisfaction. . JJaplac is a paint and  and varnish combination!' Try some:"  Just received, the Very.Latest Styles in'Straw;; and Soft.  Felt Hits     .       ���������"   -' ��������� - -    ���������     -,-.-1.   -v..-. .j-;.-.--..  We iiavetirc iJrqad way Brand'of  Clothing; ranging, in price from.'  $12 to $20'a 'Suit; -.''.   . >������������������ -r.  < ;   Groceries, Hardware, Clothing and Gents' Furnishings. -.  RlJSSELL=LAW=GAULFIELD-6&  LIMITED,  by your sheet, and..a 3 column  obitchury notice writ, mo on the  death of Grandpa Henry was left  out of your sheto to say nothin' of  the alfabetical poem beginning A  is for Aud also for. Ark writ by me  darter. This ,is., the reason your  paper is so unpopular here. If  you don't want edytorials from this  place and ain't going to put up no  news in.j-our shetc wo don't want  said-sheet.  P. S. If you print obitchury in  your next I may 'sine again fur  yure sheet.  NOT AN ACQUIREMENT  The late Gen. Joseph Wheeler,  ���������?aid a Southerner, was one of the  bravest men who ever lived. II e  wos wounded three times in the  Civil War, and 1G horses were shot  lead under him.  Yet it was not .his military, but  his literary achievements that he  took most pride in. He knew this,  was foolish, but.ho could not help  it.' He said once to me, apologetically, that hc'w'as not the only mitn  whose prido was misplaced; ..  He said that, in a certain engagement iu his youth, he once  heard a- private swearing and cursing most frightfully.  Lieut. Wheeler, as he was then,  went up to the private and said  sternly:  Where did-' you learn to swear  like that?  The private at this question  smiled modestly."  Ye can't learn it, he answered.  Tt's a gift.���������Exchange.  RSIBEifclVERY  Good Rigs and Expert Drivers.   Saddle  ���������  Horses always ready.   Hay, Grain and  Feed tor sale.  GEORGE H. C^OPliEY  Fresh Vegetables,- Fresh Eggs  and Finest Creamery  Butter  always in stock.   Beef, Pork,  ..Mutton, Poultry   Best Quality.  ���������>-���������*<> e������-  DEVOTION OF A DOG  A dispatch from Austin tells of  the devotion of a dog to its master  that must make the canine family  feel nearer to everyone who reads  it. A few days since a Mr. Allen  died in that city. His Collie dog  remained near^'the body - of its  master even after tho spirit had  winged its flight and when the funeral procession moved to the city of  tho dead all efforts to drive tho dog  back proved futile. . When the  coffin was being lowered the faithful canine looked on and attendants say sorrow was depicted in  every feature. When' tho mound  of earth had been raised above the  remains of Mr. Allen and friends  had turned from the charncl house  of death to tho busy scenes of the  living, tho dog crept upou tho  mound and has remained, thero  since refusing to leave for fcod o:-  water. Tho heart broken cauine  is fed upon its master's grave by  FREDERIC   W.-;McLAINE  Mining and Real'Estate Broker. .Instates managed  and loans made. Local and District .Agent Canadian Pacific railway lands.   Stocks and shares.  eiRfwn, Prince Jjcnry and Canadian Western Oii Stock*  Is open every day. Tasty meals at  popular prices. . Board by the week  or month. Short orders a specialty.  The coffee is always fragrant, the  .eggs fresh,-.the bacon crisp and the  beefsteaks juicy at tho National.  J.'.P. FORSTELL,: PROPRIETOR.  @  ������  BEALEYINTESTMENTUND TRUST C0.,LTD;.  AUNINGST0GKS, REAL ESTATE AND IiNSURANGE  aBBBNWOOD,  B.   O.     .  shctc of me butchorin' a polen  china pig wcighin' 109 pounds or  tho gapes in the chickens out this  way. You ignore tho fact that i  bot a bran new bob sled and that i  traded my blind mule, and say  nothin' about Hi Simkin' jersey  calf brcakin' his two front legs  fallin' in a well, 2 important  chivarccs have bin utterly ignored  admirers of its devotion, and it  now seems probable that it will  never leave until it is called upon  to join the master on the other  shore, if there bo a place iu the  great beyond for such faithful animals. ''''������������������'.'  Ignorant and  dishonest people  can always bo gold-lricked,  M. LAMB  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  GREENWOOD, B. C.  20th Century Clothing  Is without an equal in cut, finish, price and durability.  Prices rango from 610 to $22.50, and no trunk can hold a  better investment.  FALL UNDERWEAR for .men from $1 to $5 a suit.  BLANKETS, all wool, $2 to S5.' '  The finest assortment of NEW FALL SHOES in Nelson.  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lim-UVVUOd, U.'C, MftV IU,   'iM'i.
It is; estimated that there are
about 15,000,000;wateh jewels sold
annually. - For this purpose corundum gems of all colors aro used.
Palo sapphires and'the pink, yellow and greenish" corundutns' are
used, these having but little value
as gems.
Intelligent rock drillers will
usually drill long holes when' possible. Comparatively short holes
must -be used,,in., stopiug in,
some places, but , the" policy
of putting in^ long' holes,*' "even"if
they are of small diameter at tho*
bottonr; is not contrary to the best
practice. '/���    "-'- '���_"-""-~~���""""-":    r
��� Besidu.es from amalgamation-
-mills will-.always .carry some mercury and'"amalgam;'to the dumps:
A notabIe,.instance of the recovery
of such material "was ;the acctimu-
latioh by.panning of about" thirty'
��� ounces bf gdld'duririg experiments'
extending over "a 'period /of 'about
one month.   :  > _        '���. ' \
The powder charge necessary to
break ou, a hole varies .almost as
the square of the burden. For example, in a stope four feet high a
hole with ono foot burden might
be broken with, say, ono cartridge,,
while four cartridges - might be
neeessary for a hole with a two-
foot burden, and one' with three
feet would require perhaps eight
or more.- r- ������   ~% -'   ��� -���   ---
Boiler efficiency, may bo ..variously stated. Pounds "of-t water
evaporated per ton of coal burned
is not a good basis for -rating unless tho calorific. value of fuel be
given. The entire* heat "supplied
to the boiler should bo accounted
for and a statement of the boiler's
performance should include the
various losses and show where and
how they were sustained.
The term "'true "fissure vein"
has been so misused and has been
supposed to represent ^so many, excellent qualities not possessed by
other <veins --that-^8ome'.+oF"our
younger geologists are inclined to
lay but little stress on its appearance in the'averago prospectus., It
seems as if that terse sentence' *'a
mineral mass occupying a fissure,'
best defines a true fissure vein,
-without regard "to its "Origin or
variety." . .   . ' '
A - modern lime kiln of- the
separately fired type consists of a
steel cylinder lined with sixteen to
twenty-four inches of brick to p re-
vent, loss of heat by radiation.
The shaft rises to a.height of-35 or
40 feet. Tre fire places are on a
platform about eight feet above the
ground and aro on opposite sides
of the shaft;. The cooling,cone
lies below this platform and from
it is withdrawn the burned lime.
It is almost useless to attempt to
reach a conclusion as to the relative merits of air and electric drills.
There are so many considerations
that no";-definite-statement .'.can be
made save in individual cases,
where the natural prevailing conditions are a deciding factor. .The
air drill is considered 'to'-''be less
easily brqkon than the electric, but
on the other hand it is claimed that
air installations suffer greater line
losses and are loss efficient."* The'
elcctrio drill is growing iu favor,
but still has an enormous "lead to
Tho terms ''gem mineral" and
''precious stone" as used at the
present time they apply to three
minerals: ��� (1) Those which"-are
of value for cutting and use in
jewelry aud aro commonly designated as gems,"ns*'diamond, ruby,
beryl, amethyst, etc.; (2) thoso
which are used after cutting and
polishing, /'for ornamental purposes, as agate, jade, malachite,
etc.; (3) those which from their
rarity and buty aro of ornamental
and minoralogical value, as rhodo-
chrostie, calcito, quartz crystal,etc.
It is evidout that these divisions,
overlap.so that no sharp lino can
bo drawn betweon them.
Tho types of steel actually in
use aro nickel, chromium, silicon,
composition of which", is not 'yet
mido-public^Nickeb' steel of -low
carbon is used for parts that are
subsequently hardened.. Steel of
medium carbon and low-nickel is
,usod after quenchiug and reheating for shafts, pinions,- etc.' Steels
low in carbon and high, iii nickel
used for. valves", while chromium
steels aro used for bearings. The
silicon steels are used in. springs
and gearing, and nickel-chromium
steels aro used wherever tho metal
is to rosist,shock. ' -.   ;
'All gem corodum is mined by
hydrnul'c^mcthods similar to those
used in.sluicing .placer-gold,.with
the exception that the concentrates
"containing" sapphires -are'Velnoved
'from tho'sluico boxes^and. further
in.a circular sieve.' "By giving the
"hitter a certain-circular motion the
grains and crystals of-corodum are
collected- in tho bottom and at the
centervof .the" sieve;:"--In I 'accomplishing this separation -itis necessary, to-'screen ' the grains of concentrates to/nearly the same, size
before* "using " tho sieve"" Prom
the nearly pure sapphire concentrates the good stoiies are picked
by hand.   '
is to England,  tho diet to Gorman}',   the legislative assembly to
France.    A day will come when a
cannonball   will -bo   exhibited   in
public museums jiis't as.an instrument of torture is now,' and the
pcoplo will bo astonished how such
a thing could  have been.' A day
will come when these two immense
groups,    tho    United    States   of
America and  the United States of
Europe, shall  ba seen extending
tho-hand of -fellowship across the
ocean, exchanging their products,
their' industry,  their   arts,' their
genius, clearing "tlio, earth, 'peopling the deserts, improving creation
under the eye of the Creator,'and
Uniting for "the good" ofrall'.thcso
two irresistible and. infinite powers,
the   fraternity  of >n'ien   and .the
oowcr of God." ��� v ,*<���
There is good in everything. A
"man"inay be ever so-bad and still
have good teeth.'-       - *"���'
A- Chinaman clad in the topical
laundryman's costume/ entered a
street-car one day and took a seat
next to an Irishwoman* of generous
proportions. Ho shivered, shook
himself and then with that yearning for human sympathy .which extremes of temperament bring to the
surface remarked to- his -neighbor,
��� Belly cold." Tho Irishwoman
was not socially incliueJ, She
turned on him scornfully and snapped out: " Well, if ye'd tuck ycr
shirt'inside yer pants ye^liathen,
yer'belly wouldn't bo cold."���Ex.
We have chronicled from time
to time the social excitement in
Center,.Neb., due to the installing
there nf a tub intended solely for
the-washing, of tlio human body,
neverrfor clothes. .It was a private
enterprise, and a social split has
been'engendered by the question
whether -Mrs.,'Barrett, tho-,wife cf
the banker, should take precedence
in tubbing over Mrs. Barnes, the
wife of the blacksmith', despite the
alphabetic advantage of the latter.
In,the-coming, election of Center
the husbands of theso two-women
aro the rival candidates, <; and the
tub is the issue.       .   -.���"���fr'-^-':.
Barnes, the blacksmith, in signing the >platform on .which he
stands, says :'--.- /   -
'; If elected chairman of tho
boardVf-trustees I- pledge"my active efforts'to ward miiuicipal ownership of the bathtub.''
���Barrett, tlio banker, ,in* .answer
to the arguments of the reformers,
said in a speech :
* *.���I believe it to be for the best
interests of the village that the
bath should be owned by one man,
who.shall be responsible for its
It is an extreme instance of the
modern issue for purity in politics.
���New York-Tribune.
nickel-chromium, and a typo the
A certain congressman was from
a Western district, and as it was
his first time in AVashington, and,
indeed, his first visit to any city
of considerable size���the experience of himself and wife were often unique. ,-At. home, a guest-
had been something of a rarity,
but had only meant an extra piece
fromthe pumpkin.pio, a few more
doughnuts and perhaps .a deeper
inroad into the dish of cabbage or
beans. It was slow dawning on
them that a congressman at AVash-
ingtpulis a host at largo.,
Soc-ii after they had become settled in their homo a friend called
on.-.them from the rural district
and began to express astonishment
at the size of the city and the number of its pcoplo, winding up with:
An' so you  keep  a girl now
Sairy,and put your washin'
Well,    well,   the  luck  o'
pnoplel. And I s'pose-'you
callers most every day ?
"CallersI" grasped' tho
gfes'stnan's wife, throwing up her
hands in direful recollection, ��� 'I
should say so, an' eaters. Mary
Ann,'Hiram an' rao's been efc out
twice in a week."
. Iu prison at Williamsport, Pa.,
is,a poor sick' fellow!with shattered
rn'ind, who is being tenderly nursed
back to health. ��� ne "has a trained
nurse, and a doctor "calls' on him
several times a day." The care he
���is receiving is said to bearing fruit,
and ho'is improving." 'But as soon
ai they get him into^' fairly good
shap'c'thcy aro going' Wwkill him.
He is a condemned murderer. It
is against the law to hang a crazy
man), so they aro trying to restore
his uiind.in anticipation of a successful and legal '' execution.���
Marietta, G;i., Journal.
' Dallas has a policeman who is
also a minister. Come to think.of
it this is one of the finest combinations we have ever met. ' Ho has a
commission to urge men to be
good aud plenary powers to enforce
his admonitions ; it all'rests with
the sinners whether tho' <'i\\ ���������>
shows them tho way to heaven's|
���^toor the jiil door,"'arid lie U nl-
ivays prepared to give a rfri;r ' ride
on tho gospel chariot 'oY "'the black
maria. The next beJ-t 'Vo'inbina-
tion ,wo can think of m that of
newspaper man and- banker.���Ex.
. ...;A. married ���Italian -ic> >uplo - who
left their lodgings at Avelino -without paying their rent because they
thought-the house was haunted
hive been fined $100. The judge
ruled that modern science does'not
recognize the existence of ghosts.'
The skinnest pig that ever rooted
in the ground will make good soap
grease. Tho toughest steak can-be
ground up in a meat grinder, disguised with spices and things aud
made into mince pies.
"We heard a good joke,tho other
day..on a certain newspaper man
who lives-about sixteen<;miles east
of-.Bonham, who was-an-.innocent
party to, the aff.iir\ consequently
there can't bo any,harm-in)giving,
it to our readers. .-The-said- news-
papsr man was sitting iu his office,
alone,  smoking,  when* he-had oc-
cas'o i to uso tho telephone.   He
arose, laid the cigar he. was'smok-
ing in a chair aud  took down the
receiver.    Just as.he lifteciUthe receiver a friend  stepped .into the
office and started to sit down in the
chair.   Not realizing the operator
could hear what he was saying,
and just as she was about.to say,
"Number please?" in her sweetest
tones, thesaid editor yelled: ('Look
out.there! You'll burn your pants!"
Communication  between <him and
co itra,L was at once cut off and
about half an  hour later thc-niaii;
ager called and  demanded an explanation.     His explanation, was
.satisfactory- to .the manager,  but
central refused.to be be comforted.
���Bomhaui Favorite.        .  . -
.^,; . ��� ���     LIM.TED.-
Supplies electricity for Power, Light, Heating
and Ventilation. Power Furnished to mines
for hoisting and air-compressor ��� plants, with'- a
guarantee that the service will be continuous.
Get our rates before completing your estimates; "l
***vr%*n3��.  \s
r.owBRV's Ei,A.i.\r is_pubjished inontiily"
and sent to anysnart qf^tlie .world,
postpaid, for $i a "year"   Address   j %..
all letters, to        ^  '
��� B. T, LOWEItY, - ,
CAMAnv. . . .  NELSON\
IN "id  AND'20 "ACRE
���.. BLOCKS^-*>V'*-'.
*��*    ,    *������**j-*, <���
Kor sale on *a9y t^rma.*-**
j;E ANWABLE, Nelson; Bl&
Ay R. HEYMND,:M;^x ;^
^     -:, . NELSON/B. C.^ ,,���;; :if<^ -.-;���.
."  CROWN-GRANTS OBTAINED.;::--   {z$.$J
*; ���-!*.;.*.-^   ��./.  .;. u-.ga?,? efSzti-mti'
15"yfrar's,experience, in'^ccal niinps.of  ;���,��.,..,
���   - 'b. C." lieports'fifrriished on"coal ""'    \" :"
'.C :~-- -prbperties." '  '"������������ ' --". '^ .',".-"-" '"..;
The Kaslo Hotel &tW,iu;oui.
intliEoljy.     ,. CC.OKI.K& HAl'WOKTH.   -
We walked along the placid ways .
Of sweet content and simple things,
And far before us stretched the days,
Quiet as birds with folded wingp. k,
Ahl give me back thattinie~beforc,' "
Ere,.love drove friendship from the door.
t 1 1
For as we walked we turned aside  '���" '
Into a narrow, tortuous lane       - '  \
Where baffling paths the roads divide
And jealous brambles prick to pain:
Then first I saw, with quick surprise,
The strange new look in friendship';.'eyes.
Aud now, in one stupendous dream,
We wander through the purple glades,
Which love has tinted through the gleam
Of wonderful, enchanting shades: ���
Bat I���would give it all away
For Uiose dear hours of friendship's day.
������"What happened to Smith?"'
" An' couldn't ho swim?"
"He did, f jr eight hours, but he
was a union man."
- Even dyspepsia, that awful curse
of humanity, has its light Bide. It
awes grub. . ,��� v
Victor JHugo said : ���.'���'Tho day
will couio when tlio only battlefield
will bo tho market open to commerce, and tho mind opening to
now ideas. A day will ooino when
ballots .'and bombshells will bo replaced by votes, by tho uuiverenl
suffrago of nations by arbitration
of a Boveroign eenato, which will
bo to Eucppc what tho parliament
tailor^!-; ;;���
Special attention given to tho ,
Cleaning and Repairing      S
B Coiter Stbket, Green-wood ��;
Is the only shoemaker in
America who obtained a
medal ��t the Taris Exposition in 1878 for making the
Best shoes. Boots made to ,
���order; Repairiug neatly
>t rathe�� ma
Hotel ��^> ���'
I.s situated on a slight' emine'nce,.';ju'eti..a'.blocklroni.ai&busyi.-J
',' scenes on Baker street,-ranrb is'within >casy touch of-every- ;
thing in the city.  From its lialconies can be.seen nearly
aH the grand scenery that surrounds the beautiful
-   city."of Nelson.   - Few hotels in.the great west
equal the Slr.tthcona, and tourists from
every land will find within its porlals
all the essentials that create pleasant memories within the
mind of thoso who
The Filbert "lSflndon,-B'c
    _    ia ft pleas-. ,
nnt lump for all truvellrm.-'
McLeod .Hotel, Tn,irBg,li
in the city.
  .      .the
only firiit-clftSi hot<U
Sample room1": .;��� -  > -      ���.. .
Is thp best 41 a day lioUd
in Nelson  -Only wlut
The Bartlett jVKcjson/;-oniy;wil��*��
help i-mpli }-od.
TremontHouse, ?S^SS
< mil Eu-oiieiin plan."   hotlijng yellow about
house except the sold In tho��afe.      "
-.--,-.   ���;        MAJ.0MS & TUEOILI.US.    j
F. H..HAWKINS.     -
-ASSAYER^-:   - - s '- -"
-Sharp; & 'Irvine;;
Real Estate aud Insurance" AgeiiU
"''        r " -      ** '
*   .'i^-^u iV;     ' 1      '���* *
'_ :       HEAD QUARTEKS FOB   .
East ICootenay Timber, Farming  .   ',
and Coal Lands. - ^
^, manager
Dr; A. Milloy; Dentist
Aberdeen Block,
Baker St.,-Nelson, B. a
?or ui��w$.of ,,.rf��lJs^KrS:sbl���
Wa'dds Bros, Nelson, B. C,
Is tho leading hotel of tlio city.
Mountain trout and game dinners a specialty(< J'Hobms
jCBcr.-cd by telcgmph.
HUGH NIVEN, P/oprietor.
O j o *
Miiy 10, Sattirclny,
ainy 21, Thur.ldliy,
Mny 31, Thurmluy,
J lino 14, Thursday,
Juno "3, Sntur��I��y,
Juno 30, Hnturdny,
July   7, Smturilay,
July Vi, Thur��(l,��y,
Emprosn of Mrltolu
l.sko ClmniplBln
Lake Krlo
Lake Jlnmtoba
IJinnromi of llrltiiln
Lake Climuiilitln
EmproBd of Irclitnd
l.nko Erie
Cert flcate of Improvements.
"EUmond Fraotlmivl" Mlni-rnl Olnlni, nltunto
. in thoOrounwood Mining UlvlMonof Vnlo
Bliitrlcti   Whoro locivtoi.-- Iu l'rovldonoo
rpAKB NOTICE tlia�� wo. Jo'm P. MoLcod,
1 Ftco Minor's ('(irlifKniio No. II|)16,VI, And
Willi mi DliuiiiiNil, Kr,-o Mlnor'u Ccrtilicnto.N'o.
Ui'lUd, intuml. hl.vty diiya from tho duto liurcnf,
toiipplyto tho AlltiiiiK Hocoidorfir a Ccitlll-
outouf Impruvoniuutrf. fur tho purpnoo of uli-
tnluliiB u Crown (Irnnt, ol the aliovo claim.
Anil furlhor tnkn noticu initt notion, under
noclion 97. nuiHfc Ijo comm i:cud liofnrn tlio
lMiimntii nf hiu-Ii CVrtHlciite of linprnvoiiioiitH.
Unto I thb !)tlt diiy of Mny. A. I), MO.
anil weokly tlmrcuftcr.
Bluy   20, MoiitranA        (Ono clut*) BIO,00
Slay   S7, Mmmn>mtilo(3rcI clam) 2Q.SO
Juno 17, l.nko *.IIolilK'��n(:tr(lclni��) 20,00
July    1, Slontruao (OnoClatif) ,40.00
July   8, MountToinpl��(3nl clum) 10.00
We do Job Printing occasionally. Not cheaper than yoir!
can "got it-done in the East; not neater than it._cau bo'
done ia any other "shop in British Columbia,, but -justr!
Everyday Job Printing at Living Kates.  -Wo want a "
part'of your work.   If you aro a.godhead  business
man you will understand the benefits to be deriyeeffrom.
intelligent advertising in a live newspaper.
S.S. tnkc Champlaiu and Lnkc Eric'
corry only Ouc Class of Cnbiu passengers
(Second Class) to whoui.'U givoti the ac-
comtnodntiou situated in the best part of
the steamer at f 10,142.50 and f.Js
Lakb Manitoiia���mt, ^65,00 nlul upwards ; 2nd, ��40,       .      *" ��� .    ..
Kmpkkssus���1st, ?So to $500; and, JI45
and 5F47 50; 3rd, $28 75.
For berth reservations and descriptive
literature, apply to local ogents or write
J. f}. i) Mir Kit, I), P, A,, Nolvoit.
You can have your name.placcd on the-Honor Roll of
The Grcehwobd Ledge, lor' one year for- the small sum
of $2.00, or bix months will cost you.81.66'. Give us the.
chance to tell you,weekly "How de play cum up." 'It
may interest you and prove profitable to us'.
Old White Front Store, Government st, greenwood;: ���������'.'j'Jci^VuiA', !.!..(/'. :M;iy  :>()(;.  f 1-70 GKEEN'WOOD J.EDGE.  ..LOCAL OVERFLOW,:  .Frank-M. Lunib, i-royiuci������-������l'surveyor,' has opened Jin ofli.CM in  ^'reenwooil. *'"  I*rnefit.Mil!_a ppenfc a   few   ilajs  "on tho Coast in" the interest of or-  -   'gnnized la'btr.  lictl Paddy has not yet reached  the camp','' hut X'uddy the Priest-  'is hero iu fall regalia.  Arrangements should bo completed' for ihe formation of a baseball league in the Boundary.  Rumors have floated into the  jBoundary about u'great mining revival in the Lardaiu and Poplar  districts.' ' ;   -  fr. ���������������  Greenwood plays a heart solo  when singe lines aro mentioned.  About half a dozen stages arrive  and depart every day. ���������"'  The boys of' Greenwood aro  strongly addicted to reading' de-  tecrive stories, and the fiction  dealing with fighting redskins.  Tho Ivetlle Valley railway has  .been surveyed to Gloucester camp,  nud grading operations will eoin-  'jncce at tho Grand Eorks end  About (lie 1st of J.une.  ThoC. P. R. sl<oulddo something to arrest the sparks emitted  .by its locomotives or tho hillsides  around the city will s-oon rc-  'semble the charred end of a deceased conflagration.  i*  Tho hold-up man has reached  >\-lson. The other night he collected about S100 from two C. P.  '"R. men by the sure but harsh gun  rnethod. The treasurer of the  IJooBter club in the tourist city  now puts tho rack under tho bed  '���������when ho walks abroad after^daik.  of the war was a prominent member of the irregular soldiery under  the leadership of that great guerrilla chief, Qnantrell.     It  was in  this brigade that Jcsso and  Frank  James, and the  Younger  brothers  made their maik asfearles3 raiders  and expert gun fighters.     Jarrett,  who was a   brother-in-law   of   the  Voungers   came    west   after   thv  strenuous days of  the   great   con-  lliet and  for the  past  forty years  lived iu 11. C, Oregon and  Washington.    For nearly the last decade  lie had lived on a  ranch  at  Rock  Crock.    His manner  was  reticent  and he seldom   talked   about   the.  days when the gun and the sword  were so   mighty   in   Kansas   aud  Missouri.     Thirty ' years ago    he  met the Voungers  in "Frisco,   and  they told him about tho then   proposed raid upon Northflold, Minn.)  and urged him to tako  part in   it,  pectus ia now being circulated in  Halifax-. Lead producing ore of  low grade exists in- several large  deposits in Nova Scotia, and it is  expected {hat the establishment of  the plant in Halifax will be fell nv-  cd by extensive development.  A FINE HOT!:!.  cat completed north of tho international line involved tho removal of G2,000 cubic yards of earth,  and another south of the line and  near Molson measures 70,000 cubic yards.���������Grand Forks Sun.  but ho would not do so, and tried  to persuade his former companions  to abandon the expedition that  cost them their lives and libsrty.  Tho passing of Jarrett amid, the  peaceful life of Greenwood removes another one of the rapi-'ly  decreasing number of picturefqimpersonalities created,by the war of  a generation ago.  Under the management of B.  Tomkins, the Hotel Strathcona in  Nelson has become ono of the finest hotels in the great west. It is  the homo of tourists, and all who  seek the best in hotel life. This  spring improvements to tho value  of several thousand dollars have  been made in the fittings and furniture of the hotel without causing  I ho slightest diaeomforturo to a  single guest.  ...BEAUTIFUL BOATS  CUSTOMS RECEIPTS  During April the   customs   re  ceipts were as follows:  Greenwood  Grand Forks  Phoenix  Midway  Osoyoa  Carson  Keremos-  Sidley ���������  Total  S 2,S25.1S  1,070.05  1,153.09  1.137.87  1G4.G9  133.00  fi-t.20  4fJ.OO  The day may yet .come when  Greenwood will be called a second  Butte.  Subscribe early . and often for  this paper.  See the typographical triumphs  at this ofllce.  Never go fis'dng with fluid bait.  The wise seldom chaw to a flush".  'Sunshine is cheap.  J. M. Harris, the king of San-  don lias sold his ranch in "Virginia  for .$('5,000, and intends to operate  at Cobalt if there is anything luft  to operate on in that camp. At  Sandon he will 'dose down the  ? ."Iteco.whenjhe money ieft in the  ^treasury for development has' been  exhausted.  *        "   *'. -  8. Barry Yuiil j8 one of the  pioneer,oil men of the great west.  It is 22 years since he first sent  a prospector into the wilds of E.ist  Kootenay to look for the greasy  fluid. ' In the present development  of the oil belt in East Kootenay he  expects-to receive his reward after  'inauy years of waiting.    '  The Booster Club at Nelson  is  behind the date   when-they talk  about advertising   that.city with  circulars. . They have one of the  .best advertising mediums on earth  in that city but through  prejudice  or lack   of   common horse sense  'they fail to see it, and talk about  'blowing in their money on   pictured dodgers.    The world these days  'is constipate.] with advertising and  cannot be moved by pictures of the  "power plant at Eonnington Falls.  While working in tho Gold Drop  somo lime ago Conrad  Gustafson.  . Iiad his leg broken and sustained  'other in j u'lies. lie was taken to  'the Phoenix hospital "and was recovering from the effects of the nc-  'cident when pneumonia developed  'from a'cold he'was siiffeitng from  "when injured causing his death  Wt "Sunday. He was buried fjy  the   Mineri'   Union,   No.   S.    of  ���������Phoenix- last Tuesday, being li  member .of that union. Guntafson  came to the-Boundary from Moyic  last fall"aiid was about 23 years of  I'wgo. '������������������.; .���������:  THE-;DEATH OF JARRETT  Have Two Chiefs.  It has long been felt that the  the dual position of police and fire  chief tended to lessen the efficiency  or both departments. The council  now have an opportunity of separating the departments and atldirg  to the efficiency of both. This  could be done by making the fire  department a purely volunteer one,  with a salary of say 8100 a.year  to the chief "elected by the members of the-brigade. This should  be a sufficient sum to reimburse  him for the time spent in a weekly  inspection of the apparatus. In  addition to this a payment of 35  for each fire call could be made.  The'chief of police should not be  required   to   attend   to   any   but  police duties.    Today the city  of  Giecnwood is practically without  police protection.    The chief is on  the   go   day   and  night,  herding  chickens, enforcing tho provisions  of tho health and other bylaw.--,  and putting in a 12-hour shift at  the fire hall,    liis assistant works  alJ day  on  the streets, attends to  tho the team, and puts iu a shift- at  the fire hall, during which time he  manages to eat and  sleep.   That  the holdup gangs which have been  operating in nearby towns have not  visited   Greenwood   must   be  attributed more to luck than to any  precautions   taken    by   tho   city  authorities.    Because  the city has  been fortunate in  the past is no  excuse for carelessness on the part  of   tho   council.    More   strangers  arc arriving in Greenwood than at  thfMi at any lime since the building of the Columbia and Western.  It is only reasonable to suppose  that an  occasional crook  will be  found among them.    It is possible  that the Great Northern  will be  built from Midway to Grcenwoul  this year,  and  this  will  bring ;i  large number of desirable and undesirable persons into the city.  Owing to the resignation of the  chief of the police and fire departments, the council have an opportunity to reorganize both and we  believe they should be separated.  As the departments are now con-  e'.ituled it is impossible for the j  chief and his 'aseislaut to attend'to  all tho duties imposed on them and  do the work well.  The   C.   P.. R.   has a couple of  steamers   on   the   Atlantic,   that  make the Kuskonook  look  like a  toy ship.    They are called the Empress of Britain and  the Empress  of Ireland  which  names  indicate  the trend of the; C. P.   R.   cowards  the love of female royalty.    These  boats, which sail every little while  cost over ������2,000,000  each.     They  arc   superb   and    strong,     being  shoved along by IS,000 horse power, ar.d capable of carrying  1-1,500  tons.      "Wireless   telegraphy   and  deep sea telephones keep  tho  passengers in'touch   with   land  and  sea.    If you have the price everything comes easy   on these boats,  flic rooms are heated on the sliding scale and devices are used to  minimize  the  horrors of seasickness.    The dining saloon is a lunch  alone- in  its appointments.     The  cafe,'music room and   library  all  appeal to those-who love  tho best  of everything and you can enjoy it  .ill for from 8-15 to.8500 according  to location.  S 7,838.54  There are towns at Windy Arm.  Ono in Alaska is called- Conrad  City, while tho other ono just over  the line in B. C. is named Wynton.  At present both towns are very  small although real estate is being  boosted by tho boomers. The  future of both towns depend upon  the development of the quartz  mines in the vicinity of each camp.  This summer will see considerable  activity for 50 miles around  Windy Arm. The natural resources are principally copper, silver and ice.  OUR    DRUGS  And Medicines are of  the   Finest  Quality  To Uiito Been Flnt, Dcnotc9 Antiquity. ,.-_���������-  To   Hccomu   First, Denote* Merit." '  THOMAS.DRUG GO.'  LIMITfD..  ANK OF BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  PAID UP CAPITAL, $4,866,667  RESERVEFUND   -  $2,141,333  Transacts.a general banking business;   Interest  '** ..'allowed on Savings.Accc-umts, from  A one dollar upwards at  current-rates.-   /.������������������**'- >;���������.;; ;���������;__.',  Z   COPPER, ST.  Vr   GREENWOOD,; B."0."  <-fH_^l������_?ai  FORTUNATE BLUNDERS  Tho cynic's argument that success in most cases is but due  to a  succession  of fortunate   blunders  would seem to be moro often exemplified in mining for   tho precious metals than in any other field  of the  world's  work.     ''Go and  dig there!''  advised   a   facetious  miner, thinking to play a joke on  the confiding tenderfoot who  had  asked where ho had  better begin  his   mining.      lie pointed  as he  spoke to a crumbling prospect hole,  long before abandoned as ground  utterly barren.    Eut to the eyes of  tlio inexperienced one spot looked  a* promising ns another,  and  the  young fellow promptly lent himself to the ungucsscd humor of the  situation with tho   result-  that  in  loss than a day's work he had  uncovered one of the richest veins of  tellurium   ever   opened    in   that  camp.    Ko was still so ignorant^ of  what.ho had found that when another joker   offered   to   sink   the  shaft forty feet for a half interest  , in. the claim,  tho   opportunity to  relieve a pair  of   blistered   palinu  was hailed as a second godsend.  Yet, that forty-feet of sinking paid  something   liko   650,000,    while,  first and. last,  the great Molvina  mine of Boulder county, Colorado,  lias yielded- close   to   ������700,000.���������  Mining and Engineering   Review,  ���������San Francisco.  T)own in Nevada, around Gold-  fields, Tonopah and other mining  camps of that state there is a mild  panic amongst tho?e holding stock  iu tho man}' mining companies.  The calamity at Frisco has greatly  demoralized tho stock business in  Nevada, and timid operators are  flooding the market with stocks  far below, in many cases, their actual value. Thoso who havo the  nerve to hold on in' Nevada may  win out, while many of the weak  fellows, may have to walk to fields  not monetarily shaken by carth-  duakes. ,'..  of the National hotel is un-  \ dcr the 'management "of-N.  D. Cameron. The coolest  ' beer and finest cigars in the  city. Special altcntion,paid'  to mixed-drinks' Morning  bracers a specialty.  Copper St., Greenwccd.  iwi  ffi-fl  1  fa  THE STAGE LINES.  The calamity at Fris'jo enabled  many charitable puoplo to unload  a lot of doubtful provisions upon  the needy of that city. It ia reported that a car of stuff that was  contributed by the kind people of a  B. C. town contained some cheese  that walked when it reached the  earthquake city, thus saving the  Belief Committee draying expenses.  "YV. K. Ittcr and his bride returned to Grand Forks last week.  They were married at Santa Rosa,  California, the day beforo the  great earthquake, and left that city  upon the same evening thereby  escaping probably an untimely  death.  The Kettle Valley railway will  bo extended to Spokane within two  years.    It appears that all  roads  aim to touch Spokane,    the   Ath  ens of America.  The stage, for Phoenix leaves  Greenwood every day at 3 p. m..  and returns at 1*0.30 a. m. J. S.  JMcCagup, proprietor.  The stiige for Ferry, carrying  United States aud Canadian mail  leaves Greenwood every day at  7.30 a. m."'. Returning it leaves  Ferry at G.15 p. m. J,-McDonald,  propi ietor.  The Mother Lode stage leaves the  mine, except Sundays, at 8.30 a.  m., 1.30 p ni., anil 6.30 p. m.  Leaves Greenwood at 10 a.- m., 4  p. in.", and 8 p. in. On Saturdays  the last stage leaves at 10 p. in.  Mother Lode Stage Co., Props.  The "Boundary Falls stage leaves  the Falls daily at 9 a. m., and  Greenwood at 11.30 a. in. .-"W.  Craig, proprietor.  The Beavcrdell stage leaves  Green wocjd. every Saturday at S a.  in., and returns on Tuesdays. It  carries the mails from Rock* Creek  up and down the river. D. O.  McKay, proprietor.  All the above stage linc3 arrive  aud depart from Yuill's stage  office, Copper street.  This is die.season, when homes are decorated .  L.  U.J.  ,(_j .... i^n  "[-���������'j   with wall paper, and we. are showing the latest   m  fi   styles. Beautiful patterns,-ranging.in price from   |  15 to 35 cents a roll.   Call and look "at. the  j|jj   samples. '.'' .-���������������������������'  COLES & FRITH    m  Telephone .53: '.''��������� Greenwood,ttO-|  a  Dealers in  Ffssh and Salt fleams, pish and Poalttry ������  I I  Shops in nearly all'the towns of Boundary and.  ".''*".'.'- \ .   .". the -Kootenay.   -  THE V. V. & E.  Only three printing offices survived the quake in Frisco. One  of them was owned by Turner, formerly of Cascade, in the Bottnd-  ������������������������������������y-.      __________  Spokano papers reach Greenwood about 8 p. in. upon the day  of publication, making the last lap  via the evening stage from. Ferry.  ATLANTIC  STEAMSHIPS of the  CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.  ROYAL MAIL SERVICE  FINEST AND FASTEST  "EMPRESSES"-.  MONTKE.H, qUKUEC *n<I I.IVKIirOOL  eocses������o������������TCC������������s^>*������dTOs������������o���������������s������s������ss������8oooo������������������o������oo������o������|  TRUHKS BAGS",  <3  A full lino of Trunks, Valises  and Bird Cages for sale, at the  lied   Front .Furniture  Store.  A. L WHITE & CO.  ��������� In th'o Iiospifiil lit Greenwood on  (hot'Otliult^ John .M. Jarrcltdied  ��������� of se'nilo . tuberculosis, aged 72  year?. >IIifl Lody 'linar'-t/ccn em-  iialmfcd iand jb.'awaiting advice a?  to-, burial from Jh'h daughters,  ^leedamcs Keefer and Lcatherddl,  it -Vancouver.  * Th'o death of Jarctt bri'iga to  mind'the .fin'co days of thti 'Anicri-  'cao Clvil;-';AV������r,._\yJic,n tho Union  'trembled yvhilo tlio blue n-'ud gray  kpaltercd the1 grcon with red iu the  dcsper"ate'struggle for supremacy  ��������� A NEW INDUSTRY  British capitalists will establish  in llalifux, N. S.. leal corroding  works, of which there aro none in  Canada, all white lead being imported. Henderson and J'o'lts,  Limited, paint maniif.icturerf, arc  promoting tho project, which ' is  backed by the big nruuifaotiiririg  lirm of .lii'undrani ilro3., of- London, who havu bean considering  ei-tablishing a branch of their business iu Canada,. It la proposed to  in   tlio.''United States.     Juirctt, form a joint s(oc'< (ojpany,  crpf  ��������� _������������������  IvJjokc name appears in tho history ��������� lal 7,ul at ?2,COC,000, and tho moa-^'ir.d on Anarchic mountain.    One  Nearly 2000 men*aro at work on  the 32  mile section of the   Vancouver, Victoria &��������� Eistcrn  railway, and the grade is being pushed fpnyard as rapidly ns possible  between Midway and Molson.     A  200 foot tntincl is being driven  six  ���������miles west of Midway,   in Myers  creek canyon, and  this should be  completed next month or early in  June.    Considerable work remains  to be done on   Lolli   sides   of   the  valley in the neighborhood of Midway, tho lino crossing tho valley  on a 900 foot I resile to  bo built*.  Two miles beyond the Myers creel;  valley   another   tunnel  i!o0  feet  long ih being driven.    Heavy work  was encountered along Rock creek  Oliver P. Mathews, the well  known mining man. died of pneumonia in Goldiields, Nevada a few  days ago.  It is reported that Kaslo is to  have a second newspaper. Must  espect a boom iu fruit lauds.  It i������ a< dusty day in Nevada  when the crowd docs notstamptdo  to some new tent city.  Way  Dluy  .liny  June  Juno  Juno  ���������July  July  10, .Sntuiclny,"  Z4, Tliurmluy,,  .71, Tlitmriiiy,  I4.Thur������<liiy,  S.I.Sntiinliiy,  30, SHttinliiy,  7, Siilurdjiy,  U, Tliurnriny,  Kinjircsi  of ISrltolu  .   l.iiltv C'liiiiiiplaln  '.' l.iiho Krle  I,nice Mumlnrl,ii  Kinprim of Itrltuln  l.alco CliiimjiliiJn  Eiupri.-** of Ireland  "l.nko Krle  and weekly thereafter.  Only one couple in over fit,GOO  livo to celebrate their diamond  wedding. ,:  sioxtiikaij to i.o.vnov dikkot  M>y Sn.Mtiiitriiaft         (One cIjihh) 840.00  May 27, MmiutTtmpIa tUr<l cUsn) 20.GO  I Jiiimi 17, l.������koMlelilw������ii(:ir(|������liu?)  ������������.oo  | July 1, Montriiiii'        (One CIihh)  40.00  July H, 3!viin|.Tuiiiiile(3ril o!n������i)   10.00  S.S. Lake Chninphiin nnd Lake Eric  carry onlyOne -Class of Cabin passengers  (.Second Class) to whom is given the nc-  cotntnodntioii situated in the best part of  the steamer at $40, $42.50 and J45  Lakk Manitoba��������� ist,'"Jo'j.'oo nnd up-  wards; and, f40, ""'" ��������������������������� ���������������������������"''-:"-. '  Kmi'kkssks���������tsif, ?8o to 5:500; and, f*f5  and ������47 50; ;rd, $38.75.  , For berth reservntionfl and descriptive  literature, apply to local agents-or write  J\ S. VAUTXU, li. I'. A., iNolHon.  ThePaGifiG Hetel  Is under the management of Greig  & Morrison. The rooms are comfortably furnished, and the bar contains the best brands of wines, liquors  and cigars in the city-.   s. ,  PaGifiGJiafe*-' -  *���������.      <v ���������  is conducted by Howard Moore and  it is open day and night.,..The din-  ing room is ono of the lai-gest^n '  the Boundary, and the lunch counter is just the place to get a quick  meal.     Copper street, Greenwood.  Wfcttr.fi  i*^"^?;  itmri'ntffrfnT  BANK   OF   MONTREAL  ESTABLISH   D  1017,  PAID  UP   CAPJTAL, $J4,400,000. REST, $10,000,000  " UN.'IVIDSD PROFIT3, ������60������,650.41  Ooiior.il Ilniiklnu tluslneM.'frniisni-loiI.   Drafts lamurl on Ml-polnN, nnd.Colloo  tlons mado nt Ion oat nitfa,  ..  SAUING3 BAN'; DEF'AnTiV.ENT   "j   W. F. PROCTOFJ,  ;|j Mrens.iTallowedATCunnENTnATto  /MANA-.Encn_tNwooD Branch  Is the best furnished hotel in the Boundary,  district.    Ic is heated with steam and  'lighted by electricity.   Excellent sample  . . rooms.   The bar is always abreast of the.  times, and meals arcj-served'iin' the- Cafe  nt any hour,.day.or night.  Ernest J. Cartie'r," Prop.  -,ri'[W"i. "vf"'"


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