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The Ledge Mar 28, 1907

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 ',:,/���   V
peST-tery "
(     I'
^ipvf-Wify**^ ,<*>��
���; j A. iLO,GAN ;& fCp. 7^_
KERS *���' ' \ 1/ ���-��� ANOv ! ; ^r.^ESA
'!' - .   """O spent   in
"    ���' ; , VyHITE" BROS.' " y'""'r ���"'
DRUGGISTS: '"������*   '-'?.."   '
VJ *��w*:.fi>ozf
* ^
Around*���-the-- Flines ���
S2&S&S&8 _39Efi99S�� "^^#5^ s_\S 3SSS&
The 'electric machinery  for the
Crescent has arrived and will be
���installed at once.    E. G. Warren
is installing/the machinery. ',-
Development wilLbe resumed on
���the Moreen 'in-Deadwood camp
early in April;. The'electric motor
and hoist will then be iu place.
Development work has been re-'
suined at the Providence unine,'
after a delay ofa couple of weeks
caused by the breakiiig'down of the
compressor. ' �����*-.'_
Jasl Hatch left Friday last'for
Alderniere, in the ��� Bulkley, Valley
country. - He.- wiir.have,charge of
development ��� on lthe properties of
the Telqiia mines.      ��� '
R. :Itobert's7consulting'engineer
for the company operating the
Jewel mine(was in^the/'city, Friday
aud inspected the work beingdoiie
at the mine Saturday.
T. F.r Sutherland -left Monday
morning for Spokane and the coast.
From the coast he will go north
to Bulkley Valley, to take charge
of development l for the Telrjua
mines. -���'<���'���'-��� ,1  ,
Geo. Findlay-left Wednesday-for
the north to develop the proprrties
located by him last ;seaso4n r for a
Greenwood.;syndicate' -' He will
probably return to Greenwood in
the early winter. ''.<���'.     >     :���
Tho vein in the Rambler, near
Beaverdell, has been encountered
in the tunnel at ISO feet from the
portal. The vein is 18 inches in
width and carries about the same
���values as on the surface, from $150
ito $200 in silver and-lead." ' "
of-interest, imore especially  if the
object stated therein was turned to
good account in  our  own  sphere.
"The recent action   oi  th"'- Joplin
Club in appointing a committee-  to
'investigate the propriety- of 'forming a Mine Investigation"1 Bureau is
a very'commendableone.    Probably   in  no .mining  district in   the
United states of importance equal
toUhat of jthe Joplin Distriet  is  k)
small' amount' of   "wild-owl ting'"
doiie, and to,thisifact .may .be attributed 'the substantial giowtli  of
mining in the ->lisiS()iiri-Kaiwan district.    However,  honest operators
and the business  men < of  the .district do not look   upon   that  s-atis-
factory . 'condition��� * and    content
themselves with the  thought  that
conditions  are   better   here, than
elsewhere, but chioiigh their desire
to place  mine operation-!  upon   a
higher "plane���ah, jd.'.tl^ojie���tljey
are detenuitied to wage  an  active
warfare upoiiNtho.se few   remaining
wild cat companies who are a Iver-
tising  .their ' spurious    properties
through the medium of the eastern
press.    These   glaring    advertisements    rarely,   if   ever   emanate
from, operators of good  properties,
and have proven of such detriment
to the camp tlut outside capitalists
have denounced the district as  the
centre of mining'fraud.    This is a
is younger years were
spent in the navv,' and- he was
built'on the large plan, both mentally and physically. One by one
the trail blazers are being called to
the land that issues no return tickets and soon none but tenderfeet
will be  seen   in' the .'camps*.made
question,   stated that up to consideration,' with  a view to as-
f .���~:h',Ch ���Va\',l":in�� fche Ression wrtoining if the aet referred to
of 190o, he had >*ssHP,d'-South Afri- ought not to be varied in some oar-
can war script to 780 persons. This ticulars./so as to make it mo.c ac-
can   be proven .-by; turning to page ceptable.to the people of this prov-
fomous by men like-, Dave. . Peace
to' his wild soul.,
, Nelson is one, of the wannest
places'in Canada. Two below, zero
was the coldest weather this winter. / "
Dr. Hall is getting plenty oldest
in Victoria. J   '\ '<      >. -'r
Occasionally  a  printer'gets'his
been,   appoi
sioner of  lands and works in Victoria.   - >   '���     -/.���!>
''      ' -. (
This will be. a banner ye.iriu tho
history of Nelson. " '
. At his lesidenco in Kaslo O' W.
McAnn, K. C, is dying of cancer/
fie will be buried at his old home
in New Brunswick.
Nick McKian was killed 'on
Moud.iy by an, explosion at,the,
Copper mine near Aigenta.near
the h*��ad of Kootenay lake.   ���-*.
20  of , the , jfmrrtals.of'tho House,
session 1905.     "--,._
''Further than that,'last week at
a meeting in Kaslo, he announced
that Hie. list to date totalled 308.
Th.it is, he has issued script to 239
individuals... more than were entitled to it''Under the South African war land grant. A clear steal
of 38,240 a��re,s distributed among
the -heeler*}!  and friend-, of the ad-
nee, and as little injurioui
to  British   Columbia ind'ust-
���The Week.     -
si bio
$7;::   Of'Local Interest
'Ajiplioations'made for serin,
Thero has lately, been a consid-
���erable call for'Elkhorn stock, eev-
���eraL. thousaudslVof dollars ,worth
���having- change'd bands iu the past
���two weeks. Development work is
being steadily pushed on the cross-cut from the 300 level, and the
vein may'be encountered any day.
It is expected M. M. Johnson,-
consulting engineer for the' Dominion Copper company .will return about the, first of April, and
will bring with hini a superinrend-
'ftnt for the mines of the company,
to take the place of Superintendent
Drummond. -Mr. Drummoud goes,
lo the Nippising district. -      > ..
On the Baystoping is being done
at the 130 level and some of the
richest ore ever mined in the camp
is being taken out.     At present,
owing to ,the state of the road it is
impossible to ship the ore, but a
couple of carloads will  be ready
when,", tho road is in a fit state for
hauling heavy loads over it.    The
Bay is situate about three-quarters
���of a mile from  town,  and is the
>only mine in the vicinity earn ing
,-gold values exclusively.       ,,   "   ...
grieviously   erroneous' impression
and to correet it, and to   wipe  out
the little fraud that rem-iin's, is the
object of the. Joplin Club in considering the establishment of .a  Mine
Investigation Bureau" and' a  mine
clearing house  through  means of
which   both   the "honest'promoter
and the investor will  ho protected
from"unscrupulous operators.    The
proposed Bureau, 'when' fully-organized, will in many-respects  occupy the position of a-Mining  Ex-:
cliauge.'and ,when   the .-proposed
legislation" on mining-frauds' becomes .a  law���as  it  undoubtedly
will���the Bureau will-act in  conjunction with the state  officials  in
purging the district of- all  wan'on
attended   the
ing  purposes in
ministrafeiqn.". /        <-')
n i   T>       ��� i    r     ��� And  u*^v ;!'}ie, fwte .come out in
Bob Ren wick   has ju��t the hous^c     '
���inted   deputy, commis-j,. ]���   'Am)}
SOS.   ��� V ,
Ml    .Granted,. (>sa.  ! i
" CompW the -iios.s-Naden-Times
statemeirtjy_with   the answers civcn
^ Mr. F.hltou. l'
*��� i' ���'   ������ '     '    *    -
Eight'"Hours for Smelters
' 'V
-Last'jveek the legislature unanimously;'passed the eight-hour law
for smeltery , While many of the
paphrs;tliroughout the'province'are
eri^voring to. give th'e.passage'bf
th^'ue^a party significance, and
ci/ticizfiig some of the members for
tr|\elb'.change of front on the question, ,jt does not appear to have
About thirty baseball enthusiast-'
eeting for organiz-
the fire hall rues-
day -evening. It was decided to,1
invite, twenty-persons to subscribe)'
810 each to place the-club on a',
good, finaneial-rstanding at"the ho-
ginning of the season, these to be
repaid out of the e-n-iings of the
club. The folio wit �� oilic'ers wejee
elected :
Hon. Pros.. G. UATaden, M.IVP,.
President, E   G. Warren.   '".*��^
Vice President, W.  B. Fleming.
3ec.-Tre.is., Jas. D. MnCreaftll,1*-^
Captain, Paul Meacham.      ' {)&
���   Manager, Geo.' Mercer.r .
Executive committee, Geo. Mercer,. Paul Meacham and A. Logan.
There is an' opening in Greenwood
for ei
jheen made; a party, mei&iire. Afte
a closer study of the, situation during the campaign the members
���probably saw the necessity of such
"ai/iiieasurp.' - The passage of this
law had to come, sooner-or-later, in
'the- interests of harmony between
,   the  employer and  the. employee.
1-Agreements have beeiifuiade and
jht good players.
���"Vpken^ so often thatjtjwas necessary that the legislature should
step in' and settle 'the question for
all time."" '   '   -���'"���������--   ���- -.
Examine the Union Label clothing at" the - Russeli-Law-CauMeld
Co.     -       ,   ���   .  .        �����--.-
Progress-on Railway
Authentic reports are to hand to
the effect that the steel reached
Nighthawk  over a week ago, and
that 'they  have been coming right
along ever since.     There is said to
be abundance, of material in steel,
ties and bridge timbers.     Last fall
a,' sufficient quantity  of Canadian
I steel  to lay  all, the way to Princeton arrived'at Midway and has been
held'there ever since.
���' The distance from Nighthawk to
Keremeos is.about 25 miles so that
the-track-layer ,hy this time must
be nearing the Boundary  line to
again  enter British  Columbia on
the Similkameen. ���   The track ever,
since    crossing    the Similkameen
river near -Oroville is ou the right
bank or, west side of the river, and
will  remain  on that side until the
Armstrong    ciossing   is   reached,
when* it crosses over to the east
side upon which  the  wagon road
runs,  down    the- valley   between
Keremeos    and    the    Boundary.
There, is,    however,   a   ferry   at
Nighthawk which will permit driving between  Keremeos and Night-
without  the climb over Richter's
pass, which always made the drive
to Oroville a difficult one.
Just when construction north of
Keremeos is to be resumed is something that is difficult to get definite  information   upon.     For fully
A sufficient number of business
men of thei city aud district have
'handed in their names to J. W.
Nelson to form a syndicate for developing the Diamond Fraction
and Texas, adjoining claims to the
Providence mine. Work will be
-commenced about the third of
April. It is the intention to-sink
to the 300-foot level, near this
Providence line and then crosscut
���for the ore. The syndicate is com-
ppeed; of twenty. men who agree to
each pay $25 per month' foiide-
velopinent purposes, the price of
the claims to be paid out of returns
from shipments of ore.
���   George Patterson arrived iii the:
,-city last week from the Napolcoiv
,min.e,. near Marcus, Wash.   The
Napoleon ia beiug operated by the,
B.  (J; Copper Co., and is shipping'
���ore   regularly   to   the 'Greenwood
yamelter.   The aerial tram from the
mino."to the railway, a distance of
two miles, is about completed. .This
will greatly facilitate itho handling
of the oro and reduce,the cost of
flhipping    considerably.       Harry
Johns';  formerly superintendent of
the Mother Lode and Sunqet mines
jji Dead wood camp, has .charge of
development    work   at   tho  Na-
'poleon.    Tho ore body is-a large
/One.  ;     ::.���������   .j .,'..
Development at Greyhound Mine
The editor made a visit to the
Greyhound mine, in South Dead-
wood camp, oh Saturday last.
���At this property a force of four
men are employed under charge
of Mr. R. H. Hewer,-working one
shift, and,it is expected that a second shift will shortly be put on.
The old shaft has-been completely
tin watered, and a crosscut, is being
run to-'tho west from the-bottom
(the 200 foot level.) This is in
over 70 feet and is getting into very
promising gang, giving indications
that the ore body will shortly be
. Early in the year a tunnel was
run in 200 feet from 'n point st-v-
eral- hundred feet down ,the hill
from the shaft. Of this th_ last 40
feet   was    iii   oro   heariii"   nw!
' ��
club''lias"' been
formed in Greenwood wit!ii'4he4ol-
iowing officers: Rufry'ABpys/nt,
president; Clarence ArchibaJd*\,iVe-
presidout; Colin Gillis, secretary;
Margaret Frawley, treasurer: bh'as.
Somers, coacher; Geo*. Cliff, va-|-
tain of the boys. MtWijejO'Iirien,
captain of the girls.    ~ "'"*':"~^
The club has sec'i'fr'ed.the""'\Vou(l
building, opposite, the-g&^iixnmitnt
offices for practice,- and ha'vfrfitteil
it up. Public exhibitions will not
be given for some^ipe... . .��� ���
, The members of fhe^elub wish to
thank those who su-h^ribfd to the
funds of the. organix-ition.
Predestined ���
- The" Rev. M. B. Jloffett,"who
sued. the-.-Big. Four Railway company for ��10.000 damages for killing his father, was awarded one
dollar by the jury after a hot legal,
battle. Lawyers for the railroad
showed that the Rev. Mr. Mofiett
and his* father had been preachers
of predestination of the strictest
order. It was argued ��� that the
death  of  the elder Mr. Moffett on
the  railroad   track, under  a train  nttl> ���   .   ,.     ��� ,-���- 	
had been preordained and  that the       ,   .'a '" "        1M Marchi
railway  company  was in  noway  an<1 tJiere, c';"'-,��i ��<> longer any. ex-
J   cuse for delay on   that score-unless
eighteen months past this event
has for the most part been just
three weeks- distant. Later, it
was "stated that no more would be
done until the steel veached Molson. Next it was postponed until
the steel reached Oroville, and the
next crumb of comfort handed out
was that as-soon as the steel got
far enough- .up the valley to do
away with' the pull over -Ricuter's
pass, the outfits would moVe north'
to begin work. - Now, however, it-
is a disputedpoint, whether a move
may be expected before the steel
reaches Keremeos.
Tho difficulty with the department of-- railways iu connection
with the route "at brushy bottom
was settled at the meeting held in
John Barclay, of Rehdell,'& Co.,
is on a business trip to the coast..
Howard and Mrs. Stevenson of
Midway were  visitors in the city
Sunday.    ' (
l      ' '
Jas.  McCague, 'of the Phoenix
stage line has sold out to,L, McEI-
roy  and   will spend  a few montlis
at the coast. ' *      '       ' j
Two train crews are now working in'the Gteenwo'od yards of the*
0. P. R., 'the increase in ore tonnage demanding the extra force.- ������
C. J.'Lundy, of Midway, was in
the city Tuesday. Mr. Lundy expects to get the contract for putting
in ditches for the Rock Creek Irrigation Co., Ltd.
Frederic W.' McLaine, local land
agent' for  the C. P. R., is in Victoria in connection with the  right-
of-way trouble between the C P.R
and the V., V. & E.
J. W. Nelson of the Pioneer
hotel, has fully recovered from his
recent' illness, and is rustling to
get development work started on
the Diamond and Texas by the
first of April.
There was a slight train wreck
uotth of Greenwood Monday afternoon which delayed the passenger
about' two hours. An ore car got
mixed with the long trustle, and
had to be unhooked.
W. P. Kilbourne of Deloraine,
Man., is iu the city on a visit to
his nephew, E. ��� W. Bisop. Mr.
Kilbourne was''for a number of
years in the merchantile. business
in Owen Sound, Ont.'
The Spokane Interstate Fair
management intend -this year to
make rock .drilling contests a
special feature of the fair. Robt7
H. 'Cosgrove, the manager, wants
all the information obtainable in
reference to these contests.
the highest grade,
grade.     IIu uter-Kendriek .Co. .Aivr? r
distributors.'        \'  -   '"  ( ��� '��� ^ ' ��� - ��-'
" Job printing^oFeverv'doscrip^^^
done p��omptly at The Ledge ofli ���_."""v-;'
An Easter, service .will he held *W��''"'f%
the-Metho'dist "Church Sunday ev--*' r*
en ing,
C. F. Sherwin.p.iYperintendentof "*. t*
the -Blue 'Bell mine at Ainsworth,   -��,
is in the city. - ' -       .:,'��',,,}
Fraifk Moffatt, of Fort "William,1- ��� '-;
���Out., arrived iii the^ity Ja��'t week, - V
to take a position on The Ledge.    '"-'   J-
H.  A.   MoPh���i"'6fiCrestoii,v"is'iii. -     ���
the ,city  pur chasing-a boiler and, ��� <-
engiue from the'Dominion.Copper' '
company.       ,       , ,,-,"/
Mr. and Mrs. W.-A   Moikell, of " '
Winnipeg, are spendi'ng-a few clays
in the city the' guests'ofR. K.
Dalby Morkell.
- It   is   expected 'the   banci  will '-'   '
shortly commence rtheir   out-door.^r t
concei-ts.     Last season these concerts   were   few -and-far-between.   -;'
This season  it-is hoped,there will
be more of them.
Sidney M: .Johnson,   John'L.   y
Coles,   Howard  R. Stevenson and : * ��� ;
W.  J.  Noble have been appointed
commissioners for taking affi lavits,    -f
under-the Provincial Elections Act,' -��
for Green wood .electoral district.    "" ' "
A. R. Tope,'formerly of the Mid-"������r
way and Vernon -railway staff, has ��� ;.:"'
gone to Central Africa.    Lately .he ���.*.*���.
has  been  in Mexico, but got a position   with   an* .expedition going ""''
���from .NewTork-to Gentr���l -Atfriea. -  *:-'���
.. H.   B. Madden   arrived in the"'"'   ,v'
city Tuesday frc-m  .Oregon.    Mr. -������
MaHdeu   built   the Pacific. hotel'   * ..
here and -conducted it for a niim- .  "*" '
her ;of yenvB,. having, sold'.oat-tof
Greig .& Morrison  nearly a
company was in
liable. The jury took the same
view-of the matter, holding, that ir
was inconsistent for .preachers of
predestination to ask for damages
a deal 11 ease.
up a  new
_ rock.
When the ore is- struck iu tin-
crosscut from the shaft a vertical
depth of' 150 feet will be attained
below the tunnel, thus blocking
out a" considerable amount of'ot-e.
In earlier days som �� KSiifeet of
crosscutting 'have lieen ' niti from
tho 100 foot-level and 200 from the
200 foot level, all to the east and
entirely in country lock; the present crosscut being the fii*t to' lb-
'The mine is equipped with a
steam .boiler, hoist and pump.
which are, giving vavy satisfactory
���service. ������ The equipment also includes a galkiW3 frame,'ore biiis,
etc.���Anaconda News.
South  African, Scrip.
In the legishtiireYlasf. week,Geo.
R. Nuien, in^mb'-i; *��ir' Gri'tsiwuoil
riding, asked* the^jdiiirf <:initiiirt-
.sioner of lands 'i.ilf '^rks the I'ol
questions in reference' to isMie. iif
S'Uith Afriean scrip:  e
1.    How'^jj^-v iiiflividis.il
lie   W
entitlet!   to lan'Y{v^i<:i.yirs umlc
(Kini- h.-'-V!
1 oeeii
riiplied as
of the sub-ection'.'���������f'ij). (h), (c^
(d) and (.���) of -tj-tion _ of t-haptei
21, statute of ;\%Y>,. hciny the
���'Soiifh Afn'c;i'n*,-ivVur Ltnd (ir.iiu
"At:r, 190L > AuKiidment Act.
1903 V    ,'���::.'.-'*������,
foil ws?-^  ��� '-^
lv, 808 ilpfilieations' weieinad".
2.    0<S_    (i'>(> "tiinler suli-M-ctitui
(a),   35 uyller siih-sc.ct.ii.in (b) and
11 ifliillM' snb-'seetifiu (e).','
^rwUMie reineniliered that Dun
cail^iKf^s.^M. P.., made considerable  po'iit^al^.capitai   out of the
���Ji'Soiij'h   Al'ri'tlaij' scrip  ���'deal" as he
���*-'u ���������'tiil;',^.;''" the. outlying portions
of Green wpod riding.     So also'did
^���'���; '$##/ ..t-ifikt; :iiscJt)f'thes6:
filled   "deal*'' ��� in ;;hist campaigii;
' is >.,what the Bou'ndarv fci-eok
The W' ek is authorized ti< state"
that the atiitiide of the Attorney
GeiuM-al towiitd- the ������nf'oceiiient
of the L.iitl'- Di% \(-���in this province, is siuniii.-i up in die following
j words which comprisf.' hi.- reply to
'an iiifliiL-iu'.-il fb-h-gatint, fr.'jin the
Ivof.teiiay which Kaitcd'upoi) ln'iu
on  . \Vediif.-day     List: "Why
the department hatch
it has certainly been a wait that
has proven verr trying on the patience.��� Iledley Gazette
Jriu'es {)".irl)li.shed
Here is a clipping from tlio Lead
,and Zjnc Newij, which raigljt prove
:, NELSON NEWS.   ��    ;
������-.- The hotels are crowded with
guests in search of health, wealt-l\.
and- pleasure....
ColoneL.ToinkiiiH 'has gone 'to,
Spokane aftor a msideiico in "tin-
Kooteiiays;since the early days..
May luck go with-him for he ciii'-'
tainly deserves it. .   '' ' ���'���
David Bremner died in,, )'an-
couver: a short time ago. HcSva,s
one of the pioneer's in this s'ectjotf
and was 'widely known.'"��tt$,wm
company with Jack WafebtKbiiil/^frf^,,- "^ar' by'
the-steamor Ainsworth, and, mv��p(." 'oftice>-H and 5f>o' n
a towhsite jit Bear, lake wlicn tliir ,ottioei%',and men
the day previous
We   leave the
roftd^'Vif The   Ledge    to deeid
wjljetlrer���t'htfstiiteinent was a truth-
fnrpn^'fpr hot:   -
v"'J'Hfc/i^xamiiiatioii of the 'records
o^tHl-imlitia department at Qt-
ti\y)\ 'will show that British Col-
WVtytiwas'-ropresented in the South
9. commissioned
rrWH     ,
"��}\ fins'floors of tho
pink was   on   the  Slocan.    .jTeiS;v,,ro,v fim��� f]00ra of tho legislatu.
years^Hgo Dive ^H^maiager ^^t V^i-toVla, Robert, F. ('Jreen, land
.the jyakeficld mint;,  iie'ii^n.yor-,,and ,wot;to commissioner,
should, I   take upon myself such a
imtden of res-ptii^-i. ility.    I am nofc
the  servant of tl?e Dominion-parliament.     I will guv permission to
pio-eeiite .to   all applicants anil let
the   inagisrr.itert  judge   the merits
of the  c.t e."     In conlirming this
sian-iiii'iit,    the    Attoriify-f'eiieral
rc-ik'i.ifed that he had nointention
and   it   was   entirely   out   of the
(pu-.'-tion   for  him to undertake an
investigation   or  each   case.   , The
U'cdk   is  perfectly satisfied   with
this ilei-lawitioii. and   believes that
it  will  result in  a reasonable enforcement of the Act; no one; least
of all,   the Lord's. D.iy Alliance,
desires that the net "should bo aiibi-
trarily   enforced, , which . accounts
���for. the chui.-o iuserted   by the Senate, which places such an invidious I
responsibility, upon the Governor-
General.     The resolution   passed
by'."the   Victoria board of, trade
fairly reflects the public .'opinion-.of
the province.     The resolution referred to is as follows :'.   ��� . ..-.���
"Resolved .^that this hoard .while
assenting, to the principle that Sunday might ,-(> be as far us possible
devoted to rest nnd woi'ship, believes that ;in framing-tliv Lord's
Day Act ,th�� Pailiamunt of .Canada did not'make enough allowance for tho condition of affairs "in
British Oiliimbia, and that the
provincial    goveriiinent   be,   and
hereby is,  requested to take the
.Sey  the jjlate.st-  novelties in wall
paper at Coles and Frith's.
The police magistrate is after
'���boa* who sell cigarettes to boys
ut.di.-r 15 years of age.
\ crowded hou'se greeted "My
Wife's Family"  at the auditorium
d   received value for
lau. mgtiD anc
their monoy.
The annual beefsteak pie dinner
fiiven by the ladies of the Methodist ditirch is .postponed from Easter Monday to Thursday  April 11.
The Skylark mine shipped three
carloads of ore this month, the regular monthly shipment. Seventeen men- aro employed at the
The Canadian Pacific Railway
company announce tho usual reduced rates of. fare and one third
.for the Easter holidays March 29th
until April 1st. rickets willbeon
sale at all stations Port Arthur and
west March 27th until April 1st.
Final limit for return April 2nd.
For. full particulars',. ���rates,'folders,
and tickets apply to local..C. P. R
agent or write J. S. Carter, D. P.
A., NelsonrB.C. ' '>��� -
-John Barclay returned Hie past
week from a business .trip to Alberta. The ��� Northwest "is still
booming. Ib is, said that Mr.
Barclay will shortly resign his position as local manager for Reudell
'& Co.. and engage in business for
���Jas. Moran, of Torado Creek.
WmpIk, was in the city Tuesday.
Mr. Moran is one of the"old timers
of- the Boundary district, having
been  a  resident of Phoenix for a
number of years, and made his pile
there. He is now living on a
ranch about three mile-! below
Midway and taking life easy.
W. F. nazz-ird 'leaves this week
for Bridcsvillp on the V., V. & E.
railway to take charge nf n general'
store to be opened there by Thos.
Hanson, the Rock Creek merohan t.
Mr. Hazzard worked for a time
with P. Burns & Co., the Hunter-
Kcndrick C->., and for Sater &
Johns, and doubtless will be as
popular among the people of Brides-
ville and vicinity -as he
was in
A crossing is much needed opposite tlie Government buihlin", or
from the corner of Government
and Deadwood streets across to the
government grounds. Vvom there
a sidewalk should -be built as far as
Long Lake street,   a distance of
about one hundred feet,. Both the- ber of the Minei* Union/'
crossing and the .sidewalk would he iitg TV     "-**}"<��*
a great convenience to people having   business   at the government
offices, and to residents along Kimberly aveuueand Long Like street.
This week' Isaac Crawford of ':
Midway commenced" his duties as ���'���
accountant at the Russell-Law-
Caul Held Co. Mr. Fuller, who has'
held the position for the past six
months, leaves (for���Spo"caue.u<s>-t
MessrsiCampb-11 and Ka-mm re-
poit having a:pleasant and profitable -tripito Greenwood, where the.v
went\iast>week-to attend the meet-    '
nig fix  the   Associated   Boards of
Trade.. The.delegates were shown,
"every attention possible by the.citi- * *'
zens of that town.��� Moyie (Leader.   '������'
',   The  work  of rebuilding the Pa-' '' '
cific   hotel   was   commenced   this ���-���-"
week,  Mayor  Bunting   being the
contractor.      One   story   will   be'
added, making three stories in all.
The kitchen will be differently aiv
'ranged and as far as possible fire
proof.     The  work  of   rebuilding
will be completed about the first 'trf    " '
M iy. - _ ...
Fk-e of-the* small boy-e of-tlie-oity    '
got   into   trouble   yesterday   and   -
spent tho. day in the cells.    They   \
had broken into the box of the tennis   club   and   stolen /tennis balls.'-'  '
They  were put on a diet of bread   *
and  water -for -twenty-four hour's
and  then had a heart'to heart talk       ;
with  the police magistrate.     Tho   ��� * '���
talk was not so. serious as the bread   >'   ���
and water.diet.
A communication   has .been re-   ���
ceived from a ''non-Socialist meu-'
Select your Wall papers, at Coles
& Frith.'sibefore the rush sets in.
in riMilv nnn-fi-.. ..c a     i       i . J * "*��� ������* proinmieu irom smi
"> u.plj  question of.S.puday obtKjrvftncc.intp .injg Magdula cigars .during Leu.t
The Spokane Stock Brokers' Association is rconsidering the adoption of the s|}p sales method of'
transacting tho business on the
board, tho. 83stern being to havo
both buyer and seller make out a
slip for each 'transaction, thus giving a perfect check on the record
of the secretary, 'and avoiding possible errors of record during the
stress of business rush.
No one is prohibited fro'm smok-
iig President Sto'el's'lf-Mei-iin hist; ,
issue of The Ledge.' :*A-s the nuinn ,
of the writer .was iiio.tvgi'ven .the"
communication is not published.
The president of the .Miners'''Uni'thr'
comes out opeply and igi.ves- "J,���*���<���
opinion toyor his^own; eiguaiure.
Groouwcod has been made a port
of entry:, and all .customs offices'
.west of here, as far as Keremeos,
will in future report to Greenwood
instead of, as heretofore, reporting
to Grand Forks.   Alex. McDonald,
of _ Bouudaiy Falls has been up- I city'slast week -and in the churcheB
pointed assistant to Mr. Mc-���{Sunday asking the Attxirney-Goiw
(/uteheon in tho Greenwood office;' 'oral'.to enforce the LoKraJDay' Act.
'������ppointtnent eotdd not'] It /is said a number ^'f.sigiiuitm'CK
made.    Mr. McDonald ' were secured.: Tt.does not.muttr-
is orily ^ir that'those having op-1 '
posite opinions, in replying to'him, ';
lahoitld come otifc open'Iy.    - '   ��� '   ���������
A pi'titioh' wus Circtilate'd  in the
A.  better
have been
is personally popular, and win
make an excellent officer. Jt. 1),
Kerr of Midway has been appointed to the lately ('routed .<��fl'ice
at Bridesvilie. Mr. Korr is an old
timer in 'the district and will make
a good jofllcer. Duncan Ross.JL
P., is to be congratulated on both
. much. what'the outcome antsy be, <or
what action,. thoAfttorney-Geiienii '
may take, the people.of thl) mining   '
camps of the.iwterior wil.-confiiiiue *
togoon juatitfl'they 'lia^eidtwe. "K
the parsons wish itoinerewe ftheir
congrega'tions,  they Enlist   do "it" '
with  brains, aiid' noh liy eacrq.ve.'
legislatipri.    ��� "..';.
Wmimzm^ tw - ,*rtr.������? "S���������.���������������**   M������  Greenwood, B. (,'., March 28, 1907.  THE GfiEENWOOD LEDGE  '  ��������� \  Just received the latest and most up-to-  date styles in Spring Ready Made  Coats and Skirts. Our price values will  bear tho strictest test of comparison, and  commend themselves to the most careful buyers.  RENDELL & CO.  Women's Goods . Men's Goods  THE LEDGE  Is published every Thursday."at Greenwood, B, C ,'au<l the price is f: a year,  postage free U> all parts of Canada, United  State*, Mexico and Great Britain. To  other countrien it is Kent postpaid for  $n.$o a year. Address alj letters to The  Xedge, Greenwood, B. C.  R. T. LOWERY,  EDITOR  AND   FINANCIER.  GREENWOOD, B. C , MARCH 28, 1907  Passion is a meek slave, but a  terrible master.  Pt.RXTy of sunshine is better than  any patent medicine.  We did not lose anythi ng by the  recent panic on Wall 6treet.  Pkoi'LE should take a lesson fro m  the sun.    It is never behind  time.  cide,  get   into  jail  with the hired girl.  or run away  Livk, love and laugh for there  will come a time when you cannot  draw cards.  It is the condition of the stom-  sch that makes .you an optimist or  ft pessimist.       ���������  This is the time of year when  the liver of mankind rings the  'phone for green onions.  Them; is no truth in the rumor  that Greenwood is called after the  greatest cemetery in New York.  You cannot have good health  and bolt your food along,with big  awallows of coffee or any other  fluid. _*   Say, partner, is your name on  our subscription list or do you save  money by reading tiie one your  neighbor buys?  TnnuY Roosevelt is coming to  Kootenay this summer to hunt big  game. Last year he could have  found some in Phoenix.   ���������  Two things have not yet been  Accomplished in this world. No  man has found the North Pole or  been able to drink all the booze in  the market.  Advertising if a panacea for  liard times. Many merchants fail  to use it and in consequence their  business often sinks into an early  but quiet grave.  Riii'ENT ye sinners, and make  yo ir peace with the New Jerusalem for within three days that  co net will make of this world a  tfaj pile          Mis. "SVyeuhakusek, said to be  wor'h over 300 raillious of dollars  is reported to be lost near Vancouver, His friends need not  worry for the real estate agents will  purely find hiro.   Too much or too little makes  millions mourn. Hit the center  And your eonl will dwell witli the  Angels while your body will be J ike  the ozone of tho mountains when  tjesun is shining.  "GitGLANii secma to be going in-  gano for we notice that one Londoner in every 200 is n certified  lunatic. Beef, beer and plum pudding probably causes most of it,  with some gin 011 the" aide  Ij* order to be happy a man  njuflt be eomewliat bf a chemist.  II lie does not know how to mix  the elements right that sustain hi*  body ho ia li������>''������ *o vommit ml-  A gr'eexwood man who has  been in Prince Rupert says that  there will never be any fresh eggs  in that camp. The moisture is so  great that chickens cannot live.  This may be a base libel but we  would like to see any man who has  ever raised any chickens in Prince  Rupert.  Ax editor in Rossland told us  that the air of that camp was so  rarified by its elevation of 3,500  feet above the sea, that every time  he took two drinks of whiskey his  nose would bleed. Nothing very  strange about this for even iu  lower altitudes men snmetimes  bleed from the nose with less  whiskey.           A kaii) occurred at the Davis  theater in 'Frisco not long ago and  rotten eggs were freely turned into  omelettes against the forms of the  meu and women on the 8tage. The  Irish were accused of creating a  disturbance but this must be a base  libel because during the riot an  actor rushed onto the stage and offered to fight any man in the audience. The fact that his challenge  was not taken up proves that there  was not a real Irishman in the  crowd.  the excitement cntiFpd  by a shipment of ore from Silver Mountain.  Tnn legislature of California  must be. granieal in its formation  for when it adjourned the 'Frisco  Star thanked God for the riddance,  as it was composed largely of men  with no honesty and no character.  It was the most greedy, shameless  and disgraceful collection of corporate hirelings that ever assembled  to make laws for a commonwealth.  The editor of the Star has never  peeped at the ''machine" iu Ottawa. If the Californians can beat  that they are certainly entitled to a  back room iu the state retention  works-    "When the getting of money becomes the ruling passion of a  people it changes their system of  ethics. The end justifies the  means, and morality becomes a  wasted memorj\ For a time some  formal respect is paid to old standards of rights, and then down they  go into the mire of personified  grab, greed and selfihness crushing  and robbing each othes iu order to  grasp that bauble called money.  But the light of a better day is  peepiug over the hills, aud many  signs point to the waning and feverish strength of greed, Bullishness,  commercialism and materialism.  Soon the spirit will rule and the  hog fattbe thrown in the fin  Ottawa, March 28 ���������There is no  truth in the report, that Duncan  Ross teaches a Sunday School in  this city.   Failed to Put up  The case of Munroe Archibald  vs. Knight and Nouak was recently  decided by Mr. Justice Morrisson,  sitting in the supreme court at  Vancouver. It seems that Archibald got a sixth interest in tin1  famous Transvaal group of six  mineral claims in Highland Lake  district, south of Ashcroffc. In the  bill of sale the date of location anil  the recording were mnitto'd. and  he evidently thought that this Haw  would aid him to evade the payment of his portion of the assessment work. Archibald was advertised Mr. Novak for failinic  to contribute his share i>f the assessment work from 1890 till 1!K)4  when the crown gran f..s were being  applied for. At no time did he  adverse any of the claims of the  advertisements, although the  grants were beiug , secured by  Messrs. Novak, Knight and Hos-  kins.  Archibald claimed that the  reason that he did not contribute  his share of the assessment work  because the defendeuts failed to  render him a bill for the work  done; he claimed that iu the. advertisement that the sum charged  against him was larger than it  should have been. On the other  hand, the defendants claimed in  the advertisement that they expended ������109, all they desired was  for him to pay his share of this  which he failed to do.  Following is   the   text   of Mr.  of Mr. Justice Morrison's decision:  The defendant has wholly failed  to substantiate his claim herein I  find that he failed to contribute his  portion of the assessment work  upon the claims iii question. I  also find that he was aware of the  condition of affairs throughout;  that the deleudants were performing the work and urging him to  contribute his share,  aud that he  'aI  was delinquent and knew that he  wus in consequence of being advertised out; that he either attached little or no importance to  his interest in these claims, or appreciating their value, sought to  evade contributing owing to the  alleged flaw in the bill of salp, or  the failure, which he claimed, on  the part of the defendants to  render a detailed statement of the  amount of his proportion. I find  that the defendant acted in a bona  fide manner throughout ancj con-  plied substantially with the mineral act. The action is dismissed  with costs.  Men do not like the discipline 0  the Citholic church. Men love  liberty, and to them liberty means  absence of restraint And they do  not like the Catholic, church because she puts them under the restraint of her laws. Rev. J. F.  Jackson, Roman Catholic, Atlanta,  Ga.  The city church must adopt new  methods to r-.-ach the mas -es. In  our city the churches miisb do  more for the social, intellectual,  moral and   spirit ual   life ^of   the  F   M. LAMS  PROVINCIAL LA    O SURVEYOR  G>>     .imWOOD   B. C.  Ri'giilar monthly meetings of  (���������"rci-mvowd lodge, No. 28, A. F. &  A. M. are held on the lir.-it Thursday in each month, in Fraternity  hall, Wood block, Government St.,  Greenwood. Visiting brethren are  cordially invited to attend.  E. G. Wakbex .������. M.  J. S. Bnt.viE, Secretary. .  THE SMOKE  From British Lion and  Mainland Cigars can be  seen all ovei* British .Co  lumbia.     Wm.   Tietjen  makes them in Vancou  ver,   and  Nat  Darling  sells them on the road.  NOTICE.  In- thk Matter oj? thb Estatk of  Thomas Corkiu,, Late ok Ehoi.t,  in tup* District ok Yai.k, in* thk  Province of British Columbia,  Miner. Deceased.  NOTICE   is   hereby    given   that  all  creditors and others having claims against  the estate of the said Thomes Corkill,  who died on or about the 8th day of  August, 1906, arc required on or before  the  1st day of May. 1907, to send, post  prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned  Administrator ol the estate and effects of  the said deceased,  their Christian and  surnames, and addresses and descriptions,  full particulars of their claims, statcmeats  of their accounts, and the' nature of the  ALL THE STAGES  Arriving in and leaving  Greenwood have headquarters at  Chenier's  Cigar Store  Pipes, Cigars, Cigarettes and  Tobaccos to  suit your  tastes, your fancy or  your pocket.  J. A. CHENIER - - PROPRIETOR  Next door north of Pacific hotel,  Copper.strcet. Greenwood.  people. ,The city churches must  be greater educational centres. ���������  Rev. W. G. Partridge,' Baptist,  Pittsburg, Pa.  H. BUNTING  ^vvvws^n^w^^^ir.  i uus  T  AKi  ILflEft-  =  Dealer in ' ' a  I  . Windows, Dor*rs, I  i      Turned Work and    j  I 'Inside Finish. |  I shingles; brick, etc. I  ���������==   I       ������������������ _=  I MANITOBA I  I Wood Fibre Plaster 1  PHONE   65  man  The Windsor Hotel  of Grand Forks,  B, C, caters to  miners, uiechanicsaiid smelter men  A. B. Sloan, Manager.  R.    ROBINSON  Is the only shoemaker in  America who obtained a  medal at the Paris Exposition in 1878 for making the  Best shoes. Boots made to  order; Repairing neatly  executed. *  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD  STARKEY & CO.  nelson, b. c.  wholesale  dealers in,  Produce   and   Provisions  BANK OF BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  PAID UP CAPITAL, $4,866,667  ^SERVE/FUND   -'$2,141,333  ':/'  - Transacts a ereneral bankuiff business.  S. J. MICHTON  CRANBROOK, B. C.  Has the largest stock of Pipes, Tobaccoss  Cigars and Smokers' Sundries in the interior of B. C. Mail orders receive  prompt attention..  is joyful news for it means the  ultimate regeneration of a people  now largely with their nose in the  trough eagerly taking*chances upon  monetary obesity lest the next hog  gets a little more.  PI .   ! securities, if any, held by thein.  1 ms '    And further take notice, that after the  TALLOWGRAPHIC NUSE<  BvOt'R Lkasejj Luck.  Nelson, March 28.���������A. million  dollar hotel will bo built in this  city. ______  Sandon, March 28.���������Bandits  held up a poker game in the Kootenay today, and got away with  825,000.           New Dbnvkk, March 28.���������-Real  esfatp took a jump today owing to  last-mentioned date, I, the said Adminis  trator, will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to tbe  claims only of which I shall then have  notice, and that I will not be liable for  the said assets or any part thereof so distributed, to any person or persons of  whose claims notice shall not have been  received by me at the time of such'dis-  tribution.    ���������  Dated this _6th day of February, A. D.  1907. AI.11EKT C. CORKIU.,  Administrator  Postofiicc nddress, Eholt, B. C.  NOTICK  In the matter of thol.atid Registry Act, mil  In tlio matter 1 f the Tltltt to Lota 7A8.7H!/ nut] IWH  Grmiii One, Oioyout JJIvlniou, Yule District,  lirltl'li Columbia.  WHKllEASfJcrtlllcntcn 0/tlllcof th������ Monlrca!  & Button Conner Cdinpniiy. l-oinw IVrtlticute of  tltloNo 4HI0H to tin: Hbovc lii:ri-<lltam������>Mx liart lieun  lost or duatrnyert nnd application ban been mudu  to me for n duplfcnto tliurcuf;  Nt/I'ICE J* lioruliy jrlvtm tbat a duplicate C������r-  tlllcnloof TIUot>jUiunltovchoroditumiiit* willlw  Issued nt the expiration of ..tie month from the  date of tho fir.it. iiwertl'iti hereof Unlirfift in the  rnemttlmi! vnlltl oMijctiori to the contrary Is  imide to mo Iu writing.  w. ir, -dmo.vpb  Dlntrlrt I'<ii;l������ti������r.ofT'tirii,  Land RtstMry Office, HhjiiIooim, B. ��������� Fehru-  or;"- iDth, JH07. f/    About  Float  Float is not a periodical.  It is a book containing 86  illustrations, all told, and  is filled with sketches and  stories of western life.   It  tells how a gambler cash-  in after the fl.ish days of  Sandon ; how it rained in  New  Denver   long  after  Noah was dead ;" how   a  parson   took   a   drink at  Bear Lake in early days;  how justice was dealt in  Kaslo in   '93;   how   the  saloon man outprayed.the  women in Kalamazoo, and  graphically    depicts   the  warnings of a western editor amongst the  tender-  feet in the cent belt.    It  contain* the early history  of Nelson and a romance  of the Silver  King mine.  ...   In it  are   printed  three  western poems,  and dozens of article   too numerous to mention.   Send  for one before-'it   is  too  late.   The price is twenty-  five cents,'postpaid to any  part of  the  world.    Address all letters to  R. T. Lowery  NELSON,'B. C.  P. A. Benson  Or, a Lofstad  One of the best- appointed worlringmen's*'  Hotels in the City.  The Finest of bars, stocked  with the best Wines,  Liquors and  Cigars,  Lighted throughout with  electricity. Hot and cold  baths.  RATES:  Board and room $1 per day  Strictly first-class Service  The Reception Hotel  In Cambprnp gives all its patrons  the purest foqd, drink and "c|gar������.  ijames Linclsie*/' Prop,  FURNISHED ROOMS  v  By day or week ; 82 a week  -;aad.'np, at the Commercial  hotel, Copper street, Greenwood.   Bath Jin connection.  P.POUPARD  DR. MILLOY  DENTIST  67 HASTINGS EAST  VANCOUVER  interest-  allowed on Savings Acconmts, from'  dollar upwards at  current rates  i-*  one  COPPER  ST.  GREENWOOD, B. G,  BANK   OF   MONTREAL  ESTABLISHED  1817.  HI   PAID   UP CAPITAL, $14,000,000.   ,     REST, $11,000,000  UNDIVIDED PROFIT-, $159,841  84  Utmontl Ilimkiiig- Un.-imejuiTranrtucted.    Drafts issued on all points, unci Colle*  lions m������(li> (it lowest rntfs.  SAVING.  BA:\'     OfcPART-.ENT   *|   W. F. PROCTOR,  I.^TERE.iTALLO^EDATCORnENTHATES   /MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH  :-*H^}fi'fj"iT:?S EM 11"*" !"*I5"f*f*" t;"H tVR "P^ ���������f*?fi"r*3:}'f?3i "PM"Rlfl !*!iH=9'fifl  Kootenay Engineering Works I  .NELSON. B  C.  Founders, Machinists and Iron  Workers.    Makers of the Crawford  U'rial  Train.    Castings,   Builders'   Materials,  Mi)]  and Mining Machinery  P. 0. BOX 493. .       B. C. TRAVIS, MANAGER.  NELSON   IRON   WORKS  B. A. ISA\C  R. W. HINTON  ENGIMEE:    AND   CONTRACTORS  FOUNDERS AND  MACHINISTS.  Repairing- and Jobbing executed with Despatch.  Sheet Metal V\'or!'t Mining alid Mii.l .Machinery.  Maimfac' urers of Ore Uar.s, R.Jl. Com motor**' Cars ���������  ^        ,   Corner of Hull and Front -treets  Plume 59 N-EL-SON,   B.C. P.O.  Box 173'  In Addition to  THE   BELL   PIANO  we still sell all classes of  FURNITURE  Get our prices when your house needs  furnishing-.  i-     !.-���������  .0. J. ROBERTSOH k  ;NELS0N,B.e.  i9OG99QW9������OOe99W9&ei99&W������Q������QQ9*a>O������9*91MQ9099*O996Ot  Tfo  ���������  e=>o  ���������trathcoiria  Hotel  Q<SS  Is situated on a slight eminence, jusi'V block from the busy  scenes on Baker street, and is within easy touch of every-,  thing in the city.  From its.lialconies can bo seen nearly  a'l the grand scenery that surrounds the beautiful  city of Nelson.     Few hotels in the great west  '   equal the Strathcona, and tourists |from    ,  every laud will find within its portals    :  . all tho essentials that create pleas-,   ,  ant memories within the  i mind of those who| '  travel. .-.'".  **W^^^M^^^s^^^^WV^WWV*W**^^^^^*^^>A^^*^^^^*'a**^-"  WSiMiiW^MM  ^V^VyW^VWW^WV^V^VW^^^AAAAAAA^^^M^^A^^^^^^  R R. WEBB, Proprietor  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIi..|  }<f*>994H''$Mf$$M4''#9ao0<''4M  *7; ."���������'.���������  ���������*-.*I  1  ,<,���������-���������������,.;.'.���������,.  <  CTjjjffla_aaT^  ss.raaritts  aeaJ-Sa  MSnff-^WhlW-tiinm  !<<���������������! _��������� IfflllVlTV  riimnrirntirnritit  j^!ff-g*TW.Wf������fi'"  ..ar%, Ys.(.  Utt.  ���������THE G'BEEN WOOD -LEDGE.  \  .-"���������-1  GrecnTOrd, 13. C, Ma^li.'DS-, 1907, ,  ^HHytfmr-W^rw  4j^!fc<j!^tfM"^i*0������*i'<^  ,     kings Liquer Scotch Whiskey  '' .  .'. ,    , ,    ,    12 Years Old  ��������� - J. W. Rnrmosters White Port.  , ��������� - . :'   Jas. Hennessy & Co's,3-Star;Brandy./-  GREENWOOD LIQUOR GO.  I     IMPORTERS, GREENWOOD, B. C.    ���������  2323E  Some Good Float  S  i  4  'ft  Hz  i  i  ^  $15,000 Insurance for $2r.50  - The new and up-to-date Tripple Indemnity  ���������Policy of the'Ocean Accident and Guarantee  Corporation, Ltd., the largest accident company in tlie world.   Assets over $7,000,000.  FREDERIC W.M'cLAINE  DISTRICT AGENT, GREENWOOD, B. C.  The Pacific Hotel  Ts under the management of jGreie;  & Morrison. The rooms, are" comfortably, furnished, and'the bar con-'  tains the best brands of wines,liquors  , and cigars in the city.  Tke Pacific Gafe  is conducted by Moore ,& McElroy.  ft is open*day and ni������-hb. The dining' room 'is one of the largest in  the Moundary, and the lunch counter is jusr the place to get a quick  meal.   ' Copper street, Greenwood.  1  Is the best furnished hotel in the boundary  district.    It   is heated  with steam and  / lighted by electricity    Excellent sample  rooms. The bar is always abreast of the  times, and meals are-served in the i afe  at any hour, day or night.  | Eroest X. Cartiar, Prop,  > Tenderfoot Mine Bonded  The Tenderfoot mine, situated  at' Copper Creek, near Savona, on  the north side of Kamloops lake,  has been bonded to. Henry Croft  and H. Q., Ash by, ' Mr. Crofb is  now in England and has succeeded  in interesting English capital iu  the property. He will visit the  camp accompanied by an expert  mining engineer, who will examine  the mine on behalf of those willing  to finance the enterprise, and if his  report is favorable the bond will he  at once taken up. <  A considerable amount of work  has been done on the Tenderfoot  and' the ore hap been proved to  carry, high values. Should the  deal go through, and the outlook  is moat promising for its materialization, the raining-industry in this  district will receive a timely stimulus.  Arrangements are being made  by Mr. Croft for re-oDening the  Pothook. Several adjoining claims  have been acquired, and on one of  tliose, the Iron Vault, it is intended to sink a 300-foot shaft.  The outcrop on the Iron "Vault and  other claims in the group now included in the Pothook property is  a large vein of magnetite. A" shaft  has been sunk some distance on  the vein aud the magnetite is being gradually replaced by copper  pyrites.  There is an 18-foofc vein in the  old 'Pothook carrying 5 p?r cent,  copper and ������-i in ^old and silver.  Tliif- is, with tin- prtHfjnl price of  cupper, equivalent to S20 ore and  should yield a good proGt after  paying freight and smelter charges.  Owing tu the largu proportion of  lime carried   by   the ore it ia self-  to the judge. He had confidence  in the judge, but little intherail-  rbad, aud he pondered the query  in his mind, why the railroad gave  the judge 8500 a year'for nothing.  He finally concluded that the  railroad must know what it was  about, and ho sat down and wrote  the judge the following letter :  Dear Judge���������i am told that you  carry an annual paps over the Bur-  liugton railroad.'. As near as lean  figure it, this pass is worth to you  about $500 a year.. _ I don't believe  tluit this will influence you in  favor of the railroads against me  in my case, hut to be on equal footing with the railroad, I enclose  my check for ������500. I do not do  tin's to influence your decision in  any way. I do ii'������t ask you to re-  taiu my chnck. But if yon return  this check returnthe railroad pass.  If you keep the pass keep the  check.  The farmer did exactly the right  thing. The judge had as much  business with the check as with the  pass Vet some pplitieians wonder \������ hy the people are, clamoring  for an anti-pass law.���������Coffeyville  Journal.���������Nelson News.  paid a thin man, respectfully.  ,   No, *'sir,   was the reply, I am a  coal dealer.  The superintendent of streets in  Cleveland recently summoned to  his presence an Irish officer,' to  .whom he said :.  ��������� . It is reported to me that there is  a dead dog in Horner street. I  want you to   see to its disposition.  Yis sor, .aid the subordinate,  who immediately set out upon his  mission.  In half an hour the Irishman  telephoned his chief a follows:,  ��������� I have mado inquiries about the  dog's .disposition, and I find that  it was a'savage one.  THE  HOUSEWIFE'S DELIGHT  Is a cup bf Delicious and Refreshing .,  ' fr  fluxing.  For You and Me  J*   Q,   MELVIN      a ^SANDON, B. C.  Manufac.urin?  Jeweler  Railwad'Stahdard  Mail O.-ders-Promptly-Attended  Expert Watchmaker and Diamond  Setter, Manufacturer of Chains,  Lockets aud Rings, Wedding rings  made on short notice.  WORK  GUARANTEED  Opposite Windsor Hotel  P. O   BOX  268  99999a��������� CWHHB W���������OBOBOa QQ9#89&9WM99099fflgOOO  1  PHOENIX, B. C.  Is opposite the Great Northern depot, aud is a delightful haven for 'tho weary traveler; Great veins  of.hot water run through the entire house, and  bathrooms are always at the service of those in  search of material cjeanliness. The dining room is  an enemy to dyspepsia while the artistic appointment  of the liquid refreshment room makes the drinks go  *iown like eating fruit in a flower garden. The  sample rooms are the largest in the mountains and  a pleasure to drummers with- big trunks.  JAS. MARSHALL, Prop, |  i have I'otue to speak to you  about \oiir woik, taid the angel-  wlMi-aiteudp-io-things. It appears  to bcnnsiitisfactory.  Indeed ! said the man. I hardly  see how that can be. Perhaps you  will explain.  I will, said the angel. To begin  with, the work is slovenly.  I was born heedless, said the  man. It is a family failing which  I have always regretted.  It is ill put together, too, said  the angel.   The parts do not fit.  I never had any eye for proportion, 6aid the man, I admit it is  unfortunate.  . Tho whole thing is a botch, said  the angel. You have put neither  brains nor heart into it, and the  result is a ridicuious failure. What  do you propose to do about it?  I credited you with more comprehension, said the man. My  faults, such as they are, were born  with me. I am sorry that you do  not approve of me, but this is the  way I was made ; do you see ?  I see ! said the angel. He put  out a strong white hand, and, taking the man by tue collar, tumbled  him neck and crop into the ditch.  What is the meaning of this?  cried the man, as he scrambled out  breathless and dripping. I never  saw such behavior. Do you see  what you havo done. You have  ruined my clothes and nearly  drowned me besides.  Oh yes said the angel, this is the  way T was made.���������Laura E. Richards, in the Silver Crown.  The Farmer was Wise  A story is told of a Nebraska  farmer who had a suit for damages  agahiBt a Nebraska railroad, as  the cause approached the day for  trial the farmer man casually  learned that tlio judge who would  preside over the trial carried an  annual pass over the defendant  railroad's lines.  The information worried tho  soil tiller. He thought about it by  day and cogitated over it by night.  Ho figured'that the annual pass  must bo worth about $500 r yenr  Wilton Lacliaye says that while,  on a downtown L train in New  York one morning be chanced to  overhear portions of an interesting  conversation bctweeu two young  women occupying iidjoining seats.  I see by the paper, observed one  of the young women, that Mr.  Blank, the octogenarian, is dead.  What on earth is an octogenarian,  anyhow?  I don't know, lam sure, was the  reply, but there's one thing certain  ���������they're a sickly lot of people.  You never hear of one unless he is  dying.        ���������The most absent-minded man on  record went to the Holland house  cafe one Sunday afternoon. Ho  drank his cocktail and read his  newspaper intently. Then he  called to the waiter to pay his  check.  This is the driest sandwich I  ever saw, he said, and I've tried  'em everywhere.  Meanwhile the waiter \va-J looking for the check. The sandwich  lay untouched ou the plate.  . The gentleman ate the check,-  called out the cashier. I saw him  do it while he was reading the  paper.  E. W. WIDDOWSON  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER and  '   METALLURGICAL CHEMIST.  I ���������  Gold Silver Copper or Lead, eacn. .$i oo  Gold-Silver $i 50   Silver.Lead. .Jr.5^  Zinc. .$2.00    Gold Silver with copper or  lead.. $2.50.  Prompt' attention   given   to all samples  25 per cent, discount upon five samples-  LBAKERIST , NELSON.   .  P, O. Drawer, 110S. Phone, A67  Packed   in   sealed  lead packets to' preserve its many  excellent qualities. _���������  m______EB*3_a_s  The.  Good accommodation and  reasonable rates. One of the  best supplied bars in the city.  Dining room and lunch  counter in connection.  THE MICHEL HOTEL..  Still retains its supremacy as the   oest hotel in -the Kootenays..  Ostermoor Mattresses     :   -  tCIean linen and Good Cooking.     .',-_>'.'  Excellent hunting in season.    Good trout fishing in. the Elk  river and neighboring streams.    Address all communications to  frhomas Crahan, Manager,'Michel, B.C., ,J  Sater & Johns, Proprietors  COPPER ST., GREENWOOD.  ADMINISTRATOR'S INOTICE.  In tlie Supremo Court of British Coluin-  blit.   In ������h������ matter of tlio  egtiita  of  Iieujmniji   Porklni, lute of ICI.vernIilo  Mine, British Columblii, deceased:  NOTICE N li^ruby given thnt on thlJ3Mh day  of January. lgu;, it wia ordered by Sir Jtntit-o  Morrison tlmt A. C button, OflIcl.il admlutitra-  tor for the Grand Forks nnd Greenwood Elec-  t.trnl Dliiricts. lie administrator of the cstnte of  Benjamin Perkins, deceived, inteatnie.  EVKEY PERSON" Indebted to the said'estate  is required to nmke payment forthwith "to, the  undeisfoiied and every person' lu\'in������ :n''pos-  8e������eion effects helongins'to devena-d 'Is required  to notify the uudVrsigiied forthwilh.    Every  ) creditor or other person li.ivlnjr any claim upon*  I or interest in the distribution'of s.iid o.-tate Is  leqtiirid before the 15tli day of March, 1907 to  nend by registered letter addressed to the Under-  slcned.liis name and address and full particulars  of hi> claim or interest and a statement of his  account.vi rifled by statutory declaration and the  ���������nntureiof the security (if any) held by him  After the s>alti ISth day of March, 1907, the  adminl.itrator will pr >cced with the dla'ribtition  of the o.'tnte. havitie; regard to thoae cldlrao on'y  of which he "hall then have'notice. '  Pated at Grand Forko, H.' C. 7th February.  1907 A. O SUTTON",  Bernard K. ��������� Green, the well-  known consulting engineer of  Washington, said the other day, in  a discussion of the new Pennsylvania capitol, which he helped to  build:  The trouble with every question  is that self-seeking enters into it.  Were thero uo self seekers, the  world would be a very Utopia,v but*  as it is���������  He smiled.  Why, yesterday, ho said, in a  talk about filtration in a cafe, I  heard a well dressed man say'  earnestly:  I maintain that all water used  for drinking and culinary purposes should be boiled at least one  hour.  You are a physician, I presume?  THE ARLINGTON  GQPPER SL- GREENWOOD  None but the best brands  of * liquors and cigars.  Morning .bracers and  and evening hyballs always within easy reach  of the -barkeep."  C. A. DEMPSEY prop.  ���������������������������  D.MORRISON  ���������    jGrlUND FORKS ���������     ���������  . Jeweler and Optician, ��������� dealer ib  Fine Watches, High-Class Jewelry,  Diamonds, etc.   .  F. F- MEBSCtfEf*  MERCHANT TAILOR  5iIverton, B. C.  1 >\i  iii  Official Administrator,  Grand Forks, 13. C.  (iDMINISTIUTOR'S NOTICE  HARDY & CO  i;.;;';/.Midway\::=-/;v  Dealer in Dry Goods, Gro  ceries, Hoots and Shoes,  etc., etc.  INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE  WORLD  G'HEENWOOD LOCAL NO. 01 1  Meets first and third Weihicwlays of every  month in Eagles Hall at8 p. ui.  Visiting  members cordiully invited to atteud.  Frank Spuarinc, Fiu. sec'y,  Iy the Supreme Court of British Columbia, 'jn ,tiie . Matter, ok thi;  Estate 01* Rockr O'Hara, i late  .  11 of Wkstbridch, , Ukitjsii Colum-  ._    i1ia. deckasi'i).  NOTICE 'is.hereby given that oil the  28th day of January, 1907, it was ordered  by Mr. Justice- Morrison that A. C. Sutton, Official Administrator, for the Grand  Forks and Greenwood Electoral Districts,  be 'oditiinistrator of the cstatc-of-Roger  O'Hara, deceased, intestate.,  Every person indebted to the deceased  is required to make payment forthwith to  to the undersigned. Every person having iu possession effects belonging to deceased is required forthwith to deliver  same over to undersigned;'- ���������   ���������'-.-.    ;  Every creditor, or other person having  any claim upon or interest' in the distribution of the estate of deceased i������ required, before the 15th day of-March,  1907, to send 4 by registered letter addressed to the undersigned, his name and  address and full [particulars of his claim  or interest, and a statement of his account, verified by statutory declaration,  and the nature ,of the security (if any)  held by him..,.;    . ���������'.."'.    '���������   ���������  After the 15th day of March, 1907, the  administrator will proceed with the distribution of the estate, having regard to  those claims only of which he shall then  have had notice.  ' Dated at Grand Forks, B. C, the 7th  February, 1907. .  A. C. SUTTON,    ..:  Official Administrator,  Grand Forks, B. C.  The1 Kootenay Saloon  l .-......- "   '���������  Sandon, B. C, has a line ot nerve  hracersi unsurpassed in any nlouo-  taiu town of- the Great Wcif.' A'  glass of aqua'pura-given free with  . spirits nienti."  . Mountaineer and- Kootenay: Standard;" Cigars,  Made by ��������� "'!'.. ";" ,  3, & tbelin $ Co., nelson  ���������- 1 ii. ��������� 1   1 ',  Is the 'home for nil tourists'   " (. '  and millionaires visiting New  ' Denver. 'British J Columbia.  HENRY- ;STEGE,   PROPR.  J. R. Cameron.  .    Lead wig Tailor-of the *  Kootenays.  Sandon, B. C.  KASLQ HOTEL  KASLO B.C  Is a comfortable home for alt  wbo travel to that city;-        l "  "COCKLE & PAPAVORTH.'  NELSON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY  Nelson, 13, C.  .,  Mines,    Mills,   Hotels,  etc.,  furnished with help.. , ;  'J. H. LOVE, MANAGER  Bmndoiibirffcr Mlncrnl Clalrn, ullu.ito In lh<;  (ttvoiiwoiid MIiiImk DIvMon of Yale District, Whore lirutuJ:���������On Myorn Croi-k  about linlf h mil j frum tlio InlonmlioiuU  Uiminlniy lino.  TAKE notice Hint I, .Tnhn Charlcn Ko"<. Krci  Minor's Curtllica u So, II Jti7I, Inu-iid,  ���������litv <lnyi4 from tlie rlnta liweof, to- a|iiily to this  Mining Hocudcr fom d-rtltlc-ate of Imiirovi-  nientR, for tlio purpo'u of obtaining* *|jCrowu  Qnuit of llic iiliovo claim,  And furtUcr t������ko notice tint notion, nndor  section U7 mii't lio commenced Maro tlio  tssuiinco of suoh Ccrllflcitto oflmprovemont  Blue- Prize, Henry Vane;  Columbus and Havana Ark  CKiARS  are Union Made Cigars/ nladc hy AY. P.'  Kilbourne & Co., Winnipeg and sold 'on  the road-by GEORGK HORTON*.  TherMcl Slocan  . ,1 ��������� ��������� -        , .  ,-���������!���������'���������.    1.  Three Forks, B. C, is tlie leading"'  . hotel of the city;   Mountain trout  and   game  dinners   a   specialty.  Rooms reserved by telegraph.  ,1      * ���������  Hugh Niven. Prop.  ;T$EJWOF_T HOUSE  ., -i 1 Nelson.' B. C, is run on the  the American and European  ! -   -ii .' "*  plan.   Nothing yellow about  the house except the gold iu  >     t"-csafe.' "*���������  Malonc   ^'Ti-rcgilfas-  VENDOME HOTEL  ANACONDA"  Is jiist a few minutes' w'alk from  the center'of Greenwood, and a"  convenient place to drop in at the  end of a walk. Convenient to the  smelter aud provides the public  wi <,h,. -   J   '  EDS!^r /.''���������.-  OARD ANd '"  EVERAGES  W. J. THOMSON  ���������,,.,���������,,.  r,";.,-.  ti'-^-j    1       l>nt������d fills lathdny of Ji������m������rr, A.D..]wiT.  XJPO.M* \V, Dvmijs, President, -j? SOHX CUAR'>ES KKK  Choice  Fruit  LANDS      '  For Sale at 810, $12 and ������15  Per Acre.  R. X STEEL  'NELSON. B.'C  Waterproof Paints.  ���������   ���������* ��������� Coal Tar, Pitch,|  '���������'       Creosote, Oils for  7      i, ��������� -.i ���������  Preserving Timber,  ��������� ���������       'Koofing, Pitch  And I'ai_ta;j|v '    "'"���������*  Nelson Coke audGas Co. Ltd.  +-$���������    ���������... .  Pacific Coast Growa  Seeds, Fruit and Ornamental  ' Trees. Greenhouse and  Hardy Plants. Bee . Supplies. Fertilizers, Implements.   Catalogue Free.  M.J. HENRY,  VANCOUVER,'RC.  Office, 3010 VVcsfciniuster KoaU'  :��������� i"  ".  }. - '    t U5[tt*,-r-*'  , wucL' hihit." K*i.\ rrvt-^.vK*'���������***������������* arp. inf-M'.V *i.������3?-/_" ~_***;  w>������i������rt*._}_*>*:,^__,-fc___7;"iT',Tii'--  j* OMiti w v_-*e,_?t_i __ru**y������  ,__M^M^aiii!^!^^  ������������������Glfcen-vood, 11. C, Maith 28, TOO,',  .  i   '    ���������.-,'.-....���������     .. ,.��������� w*a������<������*  M.tf 01.lil._tfWOOL)- 'Li-MiS  .hiMiftftlilHliil.1^.  " rcCurrly, being ������ son-in-law -of Mr.  Pi'sirsoT*.    this   I'lict   evidencing a  ���������iirefiilly prepared plan to covwr up.  the transaction.     ' ���������  The total amount paid ' by the'  Government for tlie property was  $'15,400, and the immense profit  which-accrued to Messrs. . Henderson and Pearson was .made within  a few weeks afer they had acquired  the property. Mr. Henderson's  explanation of-how lie came to acquire the land was that he intended it for the erection of a, paint  factory in which English capital  was to be introducce, and ib ��������� was  not until he had acquired most-of  the land that lie was aware - the  Government had any intention of  getting hold of tho it.  ^<^������fii"-wwww<wwi'i<������������w������������ww������  .*A"-hen you want a monument or  heads-tone write to IIip Kootenay  Marble'Works., Nelson. .JJ..C. '    '  ;B..C. Should E������ Represented.  There is a-������troiig feeling amongst  "Saawse players in "British Columbia that theteam which it is proposed" to'send from Canada to Australia should not bo composed exclusively ' of cistern Canadian  ���������players. I"*riti.-tli Columbia has  ���������certainly done her share in.keeping,  alive .the Canadian nayonfol game,  aimI should not now bo forced to  6ake a back seat. Archie McKenzie speaks strongly on this point.  To.the Miner he remarks :  '.'Take British.Cohimbia for instance when jncrosse was languishing in the J''ast..in the early nineties  the game :.was maintained in this  jprov-itice with the result that the  Sew West minister team went East  .'and gave all.the best teams there  raari'y pointers on which they have.  ;8inCii been working. At the time  tlie Eastern Canadian papers said  ".that tho Now Westminister team  were playing old fastsioned .lacrosse,  ibub nevertheless bliey won all,their  'matches with an exception of a  draw with Toronto, the latter game  played under adverse circumstan-  .ces to the Pacificcoasfc team. They  met and defeated ,the Shamrocks,  the Montrealers, the Capitals of  .Ottawa, (the champions that year)  .and the CprnwaHs. In.the following season ib was quits noticeable  ,4-hat the style of playing of the  ���������New Westminister .-team was adopt  ���������Vd by all of the top uptc-hers of the  East. Not only that-bnt the leading teams at the coast pre at present able to.cope with the best in  .-Canada.' All of which goe1^ to  show it' a representative Cinadian '  '.team is to go to Australia, New  AVcstminist-er, Vancouver and Victoria should most certainly get a  chance, (tind  as  theie  are   al.-o  a  and timothy seeds who want a good  clean article should see to it that  the seeds they buy are-clearly represented by a reliable person or  firm to be of first quality, by being marked "No.",'' '-Prime,"  ������������������Fancy," ''XXX." or some other  designation for which a special  ���������standard of purity is lived iu section 4 of the ."-.cod Control act..  '���������Government Standard'' is a*  term coined by sccl vendors and  may he misleading unless clearly  understood. Section 4 of the act  fixes a standard of quality in re-  .-pect to weed seeds, below which  timothy, alsikeand reel cloverspods  are* not allowed to be sold for seeding, eithei by farmers or seed merchants. This -standard allows of  the weed seeds named in the arl  about ')0 in oneounceof rod clover.  '200 in one ounce of aluike, or -100  in one ounce of timothy seed. Ii  is to seeds that will pass this lower  standard, bub are not suPacienth"  clean to grade '"No. 1" t'uifc the  term "Government Standard*' was  attached last season.  Some' seed -vendors have, advertised seeds under "Government  Seal." No government seal i>  used on any seeds offered for .iale  in the trade. Some reliable seed  houses sell grasa and clover seeds  si aled by them and for which they  alone, are held responsible so long  as the seal remains intact, hut not  after it is broken.  To avoid the provisions of section ?> of the act, which applies  mainly  to seed   grain,   some seed  'armors to buy seeds intelligently.  Farmers who deliberately buy food  grain and use ib for seed can  scarcely hope for legislation th-it  will protect, them from loss on account of noxious w.-eds.  G. ri. Clark  Seed Commissioner.  vendors represent to farmers that,  on account of tlu Seed Control Act  they are offering their grain for  sale for milling or feeding purposes,  [f offered for sale for seeding, such  seed vendors are required to make  clear to intending purchasers that  Received Two Hundred.  The, Dominion of Canada Guarantee, and Accident Insurance  Company.  .1 hereby acknowledge to have  received this day the sum of two  hun'I'p.ed am; j*ouuri:i;x dollaus  AXT)    TWUXTY-KCOirr    CE.VTS.    being  payment in loll of claim for indemnity under above Company's policy  No CM'573 ou acoounc of Typhoid  Fever.  IT.   K.   WlIlMSTEB,  Hard ware Merchant.  iH'rnie, B. C. March 10th, 1907.  Tho above is one of the many  '-ettleiuents made at my office this  month.  F. M. Klkins.  General Agent for Co,  Mining" Notes  The Charles Dickens, it is rumored, is to be taken over-fey the.  Bunker Hill and Sullivan, and this  I rumor has probably been the cause,  for the sudden rir-e in the .stock.  The, Charles Dickens is an old property which has been worked for a  number of years, and several bodies  of good ore. have been encountered,  hut very little shipping has bei-n  done. -  -  There are more, mining kings  than railroad kings, and besides  the copper and gold kings in the  west, vou will, find manv a lead-  silver millionaire, whose wealth  has flowed from the Coeur d'Alene  mines of northern Idaho,- which  have, given to the world SSO.OOO,-  000 since their discovery in lSS-i.'  Try New England bread. ,made  only at,.',tho Greenwood Bakery,  Copper St.'  ."" ne , who ' .smokes a , Kootenay  Belle cigar will surely live to smoke  another day.  , The Queens Hotel is thp only  temperance hotel in Greenwood,  and the rates are reasonable.'  When yen want a monument or  headstone, write to the Kootenay  Marble Works, Nelson,.B. C.       *  More Graft.  Another glaring   cu  ,good chance -iu  the  Kootenavs  a  ���������great deal   of   good   would   c"on_e"|t!ie ���������"*���������������-'���������   contains-  wild oats, wild  ,* having"the interior repie-   mustard,   cockle  and   such  other  '.about.by  Vcnfeti a? well.''  PRtSS EULLETIN  Purchasers  of red clover, alsike  noxious weed*seeds when they are  in the seed. The object of the act  is to protect farmers who want to  protect themselves against such  weeds.     It provides the means for  e of graft,  in which it was shown that  one of the leading henchmen of the  Liberal party in Nova Scotia gob a  big share of profit, was brought out  at a 'meeting of the Public Accounts  Committee recently. It was in  connection with the purchase of  land at Halifax for a roundhouse  and shops for the Intercolonial  Kailway.  Out of the deal Mr. B. P\ Pearson, a leading lawyer in Halifax,  and a member of the Nova Scotia  Government, in a few weeks netted  the tidy sum of $ 1-1,190, while Mr.  J. K. Henderson, another inter-'  mediary, got as his share over  SS.000 and five acres of land in  addition. The. total profit was  82:2,5-1 to these two gentlemen.  The cheque from the Government  was made payable to Henderson,  but Pearson's cheque was made  payable to F. P. McCurdy '& Co.,  Mr. Mackm'ght, (member of the  Professional Photographers Association,) City Studio, Greenwood, is prepared to photograph  groups, buildings, machinery, etc.,  anywhere within 100 miles radiiH.  Eiiirincer���������What (lid y.iu -imp this  train for?  Section Hand���������Sure, I doii'i know,  lull the. section bns.s fold mo t������.  Engineer���������Where is the -criion "i-������-..������'-*  Section Hand��������� He's <ln\vi. ill" rutiil  there, v here Mm i.-rid .-<>, i-- w.isv-il "U-.  Phil.-i.!el;ilii:i I'j-es-.  When'copper looks like. 30 cents  cents the whole Boundary can  moke Royal  Seal cigars.  The Queens Hotel, under the  management of Mrs. D. Manchester is one of the most com fort-  able notols in Greenwood.  wmmmmmmmimimugmimmmmmmiam  NEW SPRING    -  ���������COATS   AND   SKIRTS  HAVE ARRIVED  \\e Lead in this Line.1 \  Come and See the Newest Styles.  MM������----H---|--------������--B-B-MM-MM--_dn-n^  The Hunter-Keridrick Co.  LIMITED.  THE BIG STORE  THE CANADIAN BAinK  MMERGE  PAID W CA I'll'A I , $10,000,000.  i:kh������;kv������c pu.M>, ������s,<h>0,0Qo.  R. E. WALKER.-.Geu. Manager. , ALEX. LAIRD; Aa4. Gen. Man.  Is not a new flour on the market. It  has b<fen in usc'for years. Ask for a sack  in your next order.   Sold by  IIunter-Kendrick Co., Greenwood.  Smith & HIcEweu, Anaconda.  Hardy & Co. Midway,  Guaranteed by the  Alexander  Milling Co'y  [{RAXDON', .MAX.  Branches Throughout Canada, aiur in tha United 3tatea  and England.  A Genernl Banking Business Transuded.     Vc-oiiiiCs may be opened by  mail with all br'inches of this Buik.  Savings Banl Department.  Deposits of SI nnd upwards received, and interest, allowed at current  rates. The depositor is subject to no deUy whatever in the withdrawal of the whole or any portion-of the deposit..'   .  J. T. BEATTIE  Acting Manager Greenwood Branch,  BME ":NV������$T:2ENT-$ND TRUST CO. LTD  G1.0..R. Nadev, Malinger.  Farm lands, timber limiis, mineral cl urns, mining stocks  and .-hares. ��������� Ciry real esfa-e b'iu_'it, sold and exchanged,  all and see our list.  *     HI'B  . 'WOO  3. .O  FRANK   FLETCHER  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  HELSON. B. C.  3IINKKAT' ACT  Certificate of Improveirtents  XO "ICB  '���������S'l.imanc.i" Mineral Olnlin. litinte inlG-cjti  wood   Mining    Division   uf   Villi;    Dislrk-t  When- incited.'   In  Dnadiviiwl Ciimp, ad-  joininfr tin-Iv.i Lenor- Minor:-.! Claim  T.lKK M>TICK tliat I. Sy.Iiiuy M J.Iin-.o ���������  .7rL-e Miner's Ortilii-.ite N*.������ 11 Ix'S, ui-tin^ for  "iilf. nn I as .i^cit for -Ulnes S. h|i|ji-iiIiuiiii(-i-.  i-'rcP MiiiiT'-sCortill :it>: So lisil'i. nlt-iiil.ii.Ntv  (lays, fruin ilati; lit-r.iif, to iipply to ilic Ml.iiin,'  Id-i;.iriii-r for n Cerlifii-atu of Iini.i-ovumuiity, fur  the piinwc of olit.iiiiintf a Crown Grant of the  al> hi! claim.  And fuithcr take notice tliat action, under  iiectou S7, imi3b In-, cornmeneed lit-fore t e  issuance of iiicii Ceniiiu_tis-it Iinnrovcmcnt^.   -  Dated till.* 13th dav of Miil-ch. A. 1). VMl.  SV.-XKY M. JOHNSON.  MIXEKAL ACT  Ccrtifica'e of Iraprovements  NOTiCK  "riilljl'r.ietioiiiil'' .Mineral  Clnim,  situ te   in  tlii-Gfu.-iiivyotl Mining Divislfin of V.ilc Dii-  tr-it'l.   WIk-i-i. lociiterl:   In Dun  ������'ood i'aiii|>;  T \ K K VI11 Tt-K ih.-it I. M  A. ffi.l'ir io\. Fr i-  \linpr"������ (Vrtilli-il   N.i. H.* w, t��������� irt���������. d -i-c v tl.i  Gpeenajood, B. C  The oldest hotel in the  City, and stilll under-' the  same manae;em>'nt Rooms  .comfortable, meals equal to  any in the city, and "he bar  .supplies only the be.^t. Corner of Greenwood and Government streets  J. W. kelson  *9  mm  Dealers in  Ffesh and Salt JWeats, Fish and Poultry j  Shops in nearly all the towns of Boundary and  the Kootenay.  ommmS g  oMMeeoaS  \  e������������������������������������������'*������������������������������������������������������������' ^|,--'3������.''-'J'*:^-������6������������������3>������������������oa*S������������������������'  SUBSCRIBRFOR THE LEDdE  i,A,--A        MMIIT"*    1.1'IIUtl'H     !>'������.   I>-    '������",   I'llCi  (I     "1%    V   U.I \ ���������* KV w���������| .  f-U<-W 'fri-irilli-  (l.ti-h-r.-i.f. ifuiMily t'lflu-.Ml  llin '*:e _| LilfiTAJ"  ^"JiJ 'cD-ilerfiruO-rMliiMfc-f imiinivumei.tl. for 1 In "f f^/l \| l    !'  r/t-3 ' piirpii-eof olitiilnlnfjaCrotniOrantlotliB ahoxe $ "-(W-yliVl  mi. ,i ��������� mm  and Stove?, boo'h t before the advance  in price-j. We will olFcr for sale until  April 10th for less than the actual co-t  of the whnlesfilc prices today :  No. f)  Pride *"5tee! Range with   high   ^^  shelf, was 8:50. ' Now. $22M0 '$������3 !i!.!  - No. .9 Pride -ritccl Itange, with hi_.li  shelf and reservoir, was ������32.00.  ���������      -���������.'   Now $24 90'  The Onceda Goodcheer S<eel Jiang'C,  same as illustration.   This is one of the,  befit ranges "ii the'marker     Vou u ill  oAL1  I'ndcr nii-1 liy virlnr of tire ini<er."nf nl en .���������  inlnixl in a i-1-it.iii ini.rta.iKfwIiii-li will'i p ������  CTErv 'liK'til at til tiiiieii -alu th. re wil lii-nffi'ii-1 foi  "^vS? i '''''*' ',;-' I'UliHi- aii'-ll ii at llii-c-iittt iioll-i- in tin  hiiC> , i-itv nl (iivmw.i il in Hi il Lilt C liyn .m -��������������� Will  Mpjr^ lu>.xilll)-.tlli-'.'tl'll ilitv-11 Apii. l!������il u> Mi Ii lir ft.  \!.*5t<   Hireu (iVIm-klii lin-.ifl.'i'iii.-iii, it- unrili im.f. f  %vy '��������������������������������������������� ��������� ��������� ���������"���������������������������  ��������������������������� " ������������������������������������'  pay W) for.one not a* good.   Our price ���������{������������&  Was ^0. . Sale price, $453   Mil  -V-X  .'enns ot .Sale���������Strictly Cash.   ���������Vour   w������^  i  ' ��������� '  '    '   v' fcijl  old stoves taken in exoliange as cash.       vV"?  Tr  lot nil lii.'l- ������.TH (tw-i til-ill-������������������.'.!. lln-i-c'Ml ilii.'d  and thiny)ami io.,til<iin������ !>.; iih'.-i rami-nt. p.e  liiindrctl mid'lift ..^jvin sum- ninn- or li-n������ .ft-  nit'! Iii tin- iNnvoos |)ivi.,lyii of Viilo ii-liic-t.  Brltii-li Cnliiliililii    ...".������������������.'���������   '.->.    :....-���������.'.,'���������'.'' .:���������'   ;  Diitwl nt  .Midway,  11,  U.. -the  lltli day ol  Miiron. IP. 7.  .CJ.I.KOaA'IT '.���������'���������.  Siilii It rfor Moi'caj.ci!.  ���������   , I,n\viitiii Uli-i-k. M.tl^i.y u r  I'   r   'IMIIK II  ,(| (��������� ���������..||ll|||.li;.H/.f ?ttlt!    |ipl>  t     -In-  iii..il(m������ijfV..-'ulcit'.i       :   ���������   '���������''.-���������.     -.'.���������    '.  No! We are not goinu1 out of business.   We  arc lotkirg . fcm*ore if-^p                                                                                                                       ���������*" .                  *                                                                                                                                                                                '-        f                          a           ] [ !Sy>i>v* '|  J' busine.'-'S in the future.   We have more of these ranges on the way, but \m%  ;r.'_ty   they will not be sold at the pricies for which we offer these.   Just arrived y^-vi  ij*_?*A''i*.                                                                                     ���������* f\/'^M  $������&(   -the finest and most up-to date line of Granite nnd Tinware. Yy^  '. House Ii iirnishcrs. chyti  ^lionc.KJ.  A. L. WHITE & CO.  NOTICE.  TAKK NOTICE, sixty (6o) (lap .after,  date I intend to apply 'to the Chief ("dm-1  ltiissiotier of Lhik'3 nnd Works for permission to pttrclmse 240 acce's, niore or  less, ol'inouiilain pasture land as follows:  Coniiiieticitig at thu north east'corner  of Lot 671, thence,C'iist.6?).cliniiis to west-'  em boundary of Columbia.nnd Western,'  thence'south 40 chains, tlience west 60  chains, thence iioilIi 40 chains to point of  commencement.  Hakimim 0. TANNAinr.r,.  Dated at Slidway, IS. C,, this 25th day  ofj/ebriiary,' lyoy.  Holidays  ���������>\iL  I  March 29th to .April 1st.  RATIJS  I  Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish and  Fowl always -in. stock. '     I  Okanagan A-ipiet* at $2,00 per |  Boxy . " I  t't.-^v.  _iir_.-_-        ,_lr-V__  '*,**T_>S>*  ���������   -���������^i"     J  ONE-THIRD p  ���������: For round trip  To and from all points  .'Tickets on saU'.frotsi  'MAR-.1-1   27th   TO ' Al'lUI.   1st  Tir.al return liintt April 2nd  Far further particular.-, rates and  folders, apply to  V     '     ' ���������  ���������������:���������. .������,- ( o>M , a, a. l*. A. ,. "  YlmCoUVVT ,  J. fl. c\m Kit, i>. i'. a.,  '.'.'���������' . 1    Ttul'tiilii  v������*^tv*ena. "jv-tt^jytKk'a' ^^*v^/**^i*v  f    ITS')     ,       ���������'���������vf ft.v  wmm  Su1-)|i������liea.olt"Ctr.iciit1y 1'or .Pow^i;, J^ii-Jiit, Heatin#  and eu-tilution. JPo\vor ^-urnisned to .apjiinee  for hoi.-tin^' mid ���������a-ii ���������(���������)<>n*"|in.������j.sor plants, -Wiith a  guarantee t.hut. the. Htri*vir?e.tvill be contifl'taoi^  G(.'t our rules beforeeompletine; your estimutew-  !?;,{S3.CSJCS3iK3!SCS3JSgS*2i  I. *  l  I


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