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The Ledge Mar 7, 1907

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 rr-  3, >    <"      -J" a".-,*"  lawwj"1* n '   ii������i ��������� ���������  (   REG IN AV: WATCH ES  r-r *  ;Aft������������K3AW:&CCK  WATCHMAKERS'  v i?,i ���������  :-Vol XIILV  V -  i.'v-'-.  SS������SG&ffjBi@afZr<39g@ ^^a8&SB������S8!8  -Tinstone' has at, last been "dis-  covered in a solid vein in Canada.  Samples'^were received at the end  of lastv\rrionth'lhy the, Geological  Survey from'Mr. , Harry.Piers, 'cur  oter of "the provincial museum at  rfj,*.f1   ��������� ,      i"**,i    .     * -.     *  Halif;ixl ami they-proved upori.be-  .   -    -  ,-"-\ . ���������-,..-      . ���������. . - -'A  hik "assayed- to  be-eassitente. the  most' valuable of tin- ores.cont.iiii-  ing  78  per cent of ,tiu and 22 per  cent-'oxygen. V\The discoyery?w.i8  made by'Mr John" KelldyLat -L ik>  RauiVty,  on 'John' Reeve'';1 far in,*  ~*three''miles' west*-of -New Ross.  - '  ���������   -. <   ^ ���������     *���������  in Lmienliurg'county, JN. S.;'The  ore   is   found -in- semi-cry s-taline  forms/ disseminated, tin ough avein  of decomposed, kuoliiiized ^pegma^  tite in granite.> ''" ,U~,   -    J   -  --  vAs early)aa^ 1868 -tiu'^ore is re-"  ported by Prof.   How to have been  foundin'NovaScotia'in granite'at  Tangier and Sh'elb'ourne, and latterly   it"* lias r also -been, found iu  granite .drift" at ''Tangier-;,!and  Country Harbor, and in.tailings at  Malaga* gold; district."'' Still .1 the  granite rocks which-form the.back-  bone_ of- the .peninsula 'of: Nova'  Seotia, have"'always been regarded  as barren of'minerals-of economic  value by.the prospector.";">".A -) * "  In 1903' .Mr." P.' 'R.s Faiibault, of  the Geological .Survey^ examined  the New Rnss'region, and reported  in  the summary^ report "for that  year -the-vocciirfencerof, ores^biy,  molybdenite, ziu'eriron, manganese  copper,- lead, arid silver, arid .other  less important minerals,   and/ he  recommended the,   locality/ as   a  promising field for prospecting.   In  thesummary'reporfe for 1900 a reference is agaim .made,to the ore-  bearing character of the granites of  that region and to the rumor of tin  ore   haying  been   found at Lake  Ramsay.   Specimens brought then"  from that locality were'examined  for tiiv but they only proved to be  zinc blende, a mineral which much  resembles cassiterite." The v������in lias  only been opened  12 feet in depth,  and it  requires   to' be developed  considerably more  >to prove the  r economic  value  of   the' deposits  Still the fact is established that the  granites   of   Nova   Scotia contain  valuable " "minerals,     and ' chief  amongst theiriHs tinstone. _ More-  exploratory, work  .should  he done  in   that regiou by panning for tinstone along the btieani" and developing , the    niiiiicroiifl   pegmatite  veins-which cut  tin*" granite.    In  the reports of the gpolovrjcal sue  vey tin ore   is   reported   to have  been   found, in   drift-at    several  places   in   Can.ul.i.    It w,ts found  iu   New Brunswick ������>n the Hokiok  liver, York  county,*, in Quebec on  the sixth lot of the  eleventh r.mgi-  of  Whiton.  Comptoii county. ;in<l  in   the gncics of Uiii'kingiiain. u<>*  Belle county; in Ontario, in uiinute  quantities   ut  Sudburv, and the  Vennilli'in mine, iu the county of  Deuison,   district   of   Al^oina; in  British   Coluinhia 'in   a tliree-feet  vein of pegmatite, cutting granite  near Osoyoos lake, also iu Curib.m  and Boundary   creek districts; and  in the Yukoiwriver, but so far from  frequently   iti 'Bonanza,  Hunker  and Sulphur creeks,  whore it occurs  as Btream tin   iu   smooth,  rounded pebbles up to two inches  in diameter, which remain  with  the gold in tho shiice-boxos on account of their weight.   -The discovery of tinptone in the Lauren-  tion rocks of Greenland constitutes  a claim to attention in the fiinda-  ' mental strata of Baflinland, where  commercially    valuable   deposits  may be expected.    . ...  TiiiBtone is a rare mineral'all  in ' paying; quantities only'ip very  few places,'aiid,generally in peg-  .matite1 veins^lii-the granite.'-1The  .world's outputf of. tin in 1905-_wa8  92,607-tons, ^produced by only six  localities,    the" Malay _ peninsula  producing-52.549 toiis," or"60"p<������r  cent, ofltl'fe wholc;l\Bolivia/12,'500  toiii;'r~Billitoif,and Bauka. Islan'ds/  in  the^Dutcli" E,isriruliiV.12.625  tmis; Australi.t,,^5,028" tons/* and  England"- "3;'857';'f. r<mi<.^>Iii^,th(}  U'liw-d Stites tin''ore was" "foil nd'in  seyt-ivU " stale"*"." iin'-hidiiig"' ,������laine.'  New-" Hiuniishire" and' Massachus-  ettes/-��������� where -.it'occurs^ in -granite  much Similar rto-; :that, of ,i Nova  Scotia but not In'payingquantitiea.  No tin-was produced inthe United  States'before" lgoSj.in'that'year 19  tons of 'high grade . concentrates  were extracted", from'' South' Caro{  lina; South Dakota and ^"Alaska  'were shipped^.to  Englaud,"* but no  production ip reported for 1906.,, sr  .."The price of,'tin  has increased  greatly ,during the past few years,)  and, as the'demaiidis greater than  the ^.supply,- it .will ^certainly keep  on  increasing. N'.'Iu.l905 the price  per pound increased from 29 to 35  cents; Jn A~prll, jl906,xit reached  38.C cents, 'and at'present it is"42  cents.''iThe liigh-'prico'-of tin is  naturally '; stimulating ;,develop-  mentiu; all parts' ;of the"world,'''ea-  pecially, in -.Australia and Bolivia.  The Jcost  of :production.^has"in-  creased mi the^Malayipeniusula'oir  account of the-exhaustion of the  richer and  more easily worked alluvial deposits/and also'on account  of the rise in wages,  i t.   \     ' ~"  commissioners will co-operate with  the Miners' Union and Socialist  local in-ridding the city of tinhorns  and mac^ues And 'other human  leeehes.    '  ��������� ,The monthly donation of $15 to  the, Miners' reading room was discontinued.  ',"< The street committee report having kept water courses open as far  as.possiblu during the thaw.  .. The mayor requested the .health  committee to notify the public to  clean up their "back yaids.  -i4The following account* were  ordered to be paid:"  F: .W, McLaine % 15.00  G. H. C'rbplrp./, / \-   24.10  C. J. McArtbur :    36.50  Ruesell LttW.Caulfield Co ���������-.       .90  White Bros .'....' 85  TKe Ledge      2.00  /-" It was ordered that 2,000 of the  16,000 bonds hypothecated to the  Bank of Montreal for 08.000 be redeemed, and that the finance committee arrange with the bank to  redeem the remaining debentures  hypothecated for $6,000.  " ''The  superintendent  of   waterworks   was instructed to call for  tenders for cement for the Providence creek reservoir.  \ ,The city solicitor was instructed  to havejthe necessary searches made  atjjKamloops relating to tax sale.  ;, -/Adjourned to meet on  the 18th.  has been  received  from Montreal  by the Allan line:  "We   are   authorised   by   the  Grand Trunk'Pacific Railway company  to jectire  for them  men in  good physical condition to work on  the construction of the railroad at  wages from $1.75 (7s )  to 82 (8s.)  per' day.     The-, men  to pay their  own  passage to  port of  landing.  The railway company will  pay the  rail  fare from  the port of landing  to the place of work, between Fort  WHliain and Winnipeg, the cost of  railway transportation to   be deducted   from    the   men's  wages.  The cost of board and lodgings is  $4.50 (18s.) per week.     Parties of  20 or more, will be met at the port  of landing by an authorized representative of the railway company,  who   will   complete  all  arrangements for their f jrwardiug to das-  tination.  The offices of Allan Brothers and  Co. areat the Alexandra buildings,  James street, Liverpool.",  the mill, is now $19, and heavyc  dimension lumber, which was $12  is now $28. Another general increase will make building a serious  matter. It will 60on take all a  rancher can earn in the cow  country to pay for his bed and  board.  Bridge-and   "500"   scoie cards,  something new, at McRue Bros.  I   -   Of Local Interest-    |,  COUNTY COURT  City" Councif      "'  -*   1 _,..     . .** "  The mayor and Aldsl Desrosier,  Giilley, , Wood, .Sutherland   and  Nelson were present at the" Council  meeting on Monday evening. -        *.  The   minutes   of .the" previous  meeting ware read and adopted.  ' 'A letter was read  from the Provincial   government   stating "that  Mes8rs.������Jphu Desrosier and W.*B.  Fleming hod-been appointed members of the Board of'License Commissioners ': > " ...  ������   .The fire. department presented  the  requirements" for'the current  year as follows:   __ '    -    "  "First we wish, to call your attention to , the need of a hose cart  complete^ with hose at Anaconda.  When-this is done we-will add a  separate company to our depart  ment composed of the citizens and  residents of Anaconda to operate  same.  We would respectfully request  that the lire protection b\liw be  revised as we think that it does not  meet with the requirements of the  city ,it tlii- time, and iu presenting  tltii x nue*i. we would also ask you  to submit it to the department for  their approval.  ���������up need a hundred feet of \  inch rope to carry with the app.tr-  tittiH. Tho .sleigh should be  painted, the ceiling in the sleeping  room repaired as it is in poor con-  diiion.  A .truck is required for the conveyance of ladders, coats, helmets,  etc., to fires.  We would recommend and think  that it is only fair that tho Ore  team should bo credited with $7  each day that it works instead of  $4 as at present.  We aek for $100 for the department to defray our incidental expenses for the year. Fifty dollars  now aud the balance on request,  Mr. Lofetad reported that John  Pearson had died in the hospital  When copper looks like 30 cents  cents the whole Boundary can  smoke Royal Seal cigars.  No one is prohibited from smoking Magdala cigars during >Lent.  After the Gamblers  Whereas, an infringement of the  law is a crime, and <i  Whereas, there are in the aggregate, practising in Greenwood,  about one hundred professional  gamblers, boosters, and   -*���������'  *   -,  Whereas, each and every member of the above named class is a  detriment to the moral,'physical  'J.  ys Before tho business of the court  commenced, Mr. A. M. Whiteside  of' the Greenwood bar, gave a  short address, congratulating his  honor upon his appointment, to  which a suitable reply was made  by/Judge Brown, thanking the bar  for-the kind wishes expressed.  The following names came before the court, and his honor declared them ' British subjects:  Charles Carlson, Joseph A. Devlin,  Nels Engan, Olaf ErickBon, Clay  Mauntell, Charles Asaph Phillips,  Thomas Rowe, \ Aaron Stolpe,  William Waleem, Artemas Samuel  Westcott. )  P. Burns & Co. v. & G. Smith  and D. G. Smith���������Dominion Copper Co. garnishee, I. H. Hallett  for plaintiff; A. M. Whiteside for  garnishee. Garnishee discharged.  Pffeifer v. Peterson���������Adjourned,  costs of d*y to plaintiff. A. 31.  Whiteside for -plaintiff, J. P.  McLeod for defense.  Me^gitt v.   Rendell���������Judgment  for plaintiff $85 and costs.    C. J  heggatt for plaintiff, \. M. White-  side for defense.  Wheaton ct al v. Lawn et al ���������  Judgment against defendeut other  than Ritchey & Sons and judgment agaiiidt both defendents as to  lien and costs. C. J, Legatt for  plaintiff, A. M. Whiteside for defendents.  MoBride v. Foulds��������� Sent to supreme court for trial, goods replevied over $1,000 value.' 0. J.  Leggatt for plaintiff; A. S. Black  and J. P. McLeod for defendents.  Three cases, Johnson, Mauntell  and Sturch r. Boundary Elkhorn  company'���������-Settled out of court.  A. S. Black for plaintiffs; J. P.  McLeod for defense.  '^AVaitting of the county court  was^held. in .Greenwood Tuesday  laatj7! before-^His- Honor Judge and financial well beingdf*the~resr  Brown'.*     "      'is   -'     ' \ dents of Greenwood, or any other  city   wherein   they  carry on their  unlawful practise.  Be it therefore resolved,  that we  members of the Socialist local No. 9,  and Greenwood Miners' Union No.  22,   urge   the city officials to perform the duties incumbent on their  office, and to take immediate steps  to tramp out this wholesale traffic  in crime and vice; and be it further  Resolved,   that  a   copy  of this  resolution  be placed  in the handb  of the city council, a copy be sent  for consideration  at the next convention   of  District   No.  6 of the  Western Federation of Miners and  that a copy be sent for publication  in the Greenwood Ledge.  Frank Steel, Sec. .^oc. local.  W. Embree, Pres. Soc. local.  R. A. Matheison,  Sec. Miners' Union.  C. A. Phillifs,  Pies. Miners' Union.  Toilet p.ipcr flat, oval and  round. Let 11- give you a bargain  price, on 50 or 100 rolls. McRae  Bros.  destitute nnd requested that the  $p wor)d overhandJbaB been found1 citv bnry him,     Jt was ordered  '   Labor ,ia Canada  The Grand Trunk Pacifie Railway Co. that has been given go  many millions by ,tho people of  Canada through' the generosity of  the lyauHer'govcriament evidently  baa littlo regard for the laborers of  Canada, judging from the follow-  ing in Lloyd's Weekly:  The   following   communication  Decay in Rossland  When a mining camp gets old  enthusiasm grows cold and for luck  of changing nctivity the citizons  often fail to keep the cobwebs  from clustering in their brains.  The dash, hope and generosity of  early days is replaced by the ossification produced by changeless  monotony. In Rossland the mines  are better than ever before, but the  spur of stock speculation is dead  and the people plod on prospecting  for nickels iiidtead of dollars. As  an instance Ross Thompson's  beautiful homo that cost $10,000  was offered for $2,000 the other  day with no takers.  Helping Their Brothers -  Greenwood, B. C. March 4, 1907  Whereas, Moyer Haywood and  Pettiboue class-conscious working  men and leaders of the W. F. M.,  were kidnapped from their homes  in Colorado and railroaded across  the line into Idaho, and  Whereas, the dastardly tools of  the Mine Owners association who  had the reins of government in  Colorado and Idaho, aud who instigated and conducted this outrage have been upheld in their  unlawful conduct by a ruling of the  supreme court, and  Whereas, despite the fact that  the unscrupulous cowards who  hatched this plot, and who by  their coutrol of the machinery of  government iu two states, were enabled to carry it out with such  merciless success, have been unmasked and their murderous designs exposed, brothers Moyer,  Haywood and Pettibone have been  kept iu close confinement for over  a year without the privelege of a  tiial, and  Whereas, we ' fully understand  that the prosecution will make  use of perjured evid9uce,s intimidation, and .blackmail, and every  other power that great"wealth can"  command, in their attempt to  legally' murder our brothers,  and to break' up our organization,  be it therefore  Resolved, that we, members of  Greenwood Miners' union No. 22,  W. F. M., extend our sincere  sympathy ahd regret to our brolh-  ers for the wrongs they rre suffering because of their fearless and  whole hearted devotion in the interests of labor, and assure them  of our moral, financial, and, if  need be, of our ph3'sical support,  and be it further  Resolved - that the -sum of one  thousand dollars be immediately  forwarded  to aid in defending our  brothers during  their   impending  trial, and chat a  copy of this resolution be forwarded with the bank  draft,   and a copy be sent for publication  in tho  Miners' Magazine  and Greenwood Ledge.  Committee  Wm. B. Embree  Bertram Brut  Dr.  Mathison,  dentist,  Nuden-  Flood block. (  Nearly 40 children attend the  school in Anaconda.  Frefch eggs are retailing in  Greenwood at 40 cents a dozen.  A rumor flew around the city  this week that the Big Copper had  been bonded.  A. 0. Bouterions is now manager of the Union Meat market in  Greenwood.  T. A. Garland of Anaconda, was  in the city today for the first time  after his serious illness,  George G. Meikle, lately manager of the Ledger in Fernie, will  open a job printing plant in thas  city next week.  This is the season when the backyards should be washed and hung  up to dry. This process helps to  skidoo summer sickness.  , F. M. Lamb, who went to England a few weeks ago owing to the  illness of his fathes will return to  Greenwood early in April.  Posters 'are out for the Ninth  Annual Ball of Greenwood Miners'  union, to be held Mouday the 18th  inst. iu the old Masonic hall.  Last Monday the tender attached  to the engine of a work train got  off the track near Gilpin and delayed the westbound Bulldog express four hours.  , Missionary services - will be held  the Methodist  church on Sun  in  "Cariboo   Brand"   Tape Gutt&  Percha Fuse is the highest grade. *  grade.     Hunter-Kendriefk Co. aro' -. ,  distributors. . <;,v  F. M. Flkins left Tuesday on a''"'  business trip to Rossland. -    i   ' " ���������  Gus Wheatley of Beaverdell on������  Fronk Donaild of Rock Creek* were  in   the city this   week attending','  court as witnesses in the MoBride*  Foulds timber case.    - - *  S. n. Sanderson has purchased.. ,,  the business of tfas. McLiin and \4   '  prepared to fiil orders for pj u m bing,;  steam-fitting   and    tinning^ in   &  workmanlike manner.        %'~  The muddle in reference to the--  chief of   police  will probably be,-'"  settled Monday, as the police com'"  missioneis have .called, for,applica>  tions for that position."  A.   McQueen,   the  genial   anft   "  complacent traveler for "the Inland  Cigar company of Kamloops,' wob  in the city this week,   iffac 'doee  more 'business in  Greenwood and . '  Grand Forks than  at any other  towns   he stops at,   which   looks  like ample    proof   that    miners, ,  smeltermen and Socialists know a     *  good ,cigartwhen they set it on fire.  He who smokes a Kootenay  Belle cigar will surely live to smoke  another day.  . A Stunt Producer  Lumber prices in the Northwest  are boariugi Common boards,  which five years ago were $10 at  tho mill and are now $25, will go  to $30 this eummcr. Shiulap,  which five years ago was $U n,t  In the Slocan  D. R. 1 oung, who years ago ran  a wind factory in Slocan city is being roasted by mining papers over  the promotion of a mine in the Okanagan. It is reported that he has  made about half a million since he  enmped amid tho peach blrssoms  of Vernon.  Charles Peterson died in New  Denver last week from pneumonia.  Cap Foley is not dead. Ho was  seen in Sandon paying his subscription to the local paper.  The Grand Central hotel and adjoining buildings iu New Denver  were burned down last week.  Cause of tho fire' unknown. The  insurance on the various buildiugs  amounted to $3,000.  If the wagon road was widened  between Now Denver and Silver-  ton automobiles could easily be  run over it.  The Nolson Canadian says thut  it is reported that Dr, LoBauhaB  sold his fruit ranch on Kootenay  lakq for $90,000. If that is so  fruit ranches are getting valuable-  around NoJsop,  day. The .Rev. Dr. White, superintendent of Missions, will p:each  At both services.  Greenwood ������ Miners' Union, at  its last meeting, voted $1,000 towards the defense of Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone, making in all  $1,500 voted by the union for that  purpose.  Aithur Frauds Thomas and  Helen McCreath were quiety married last Monday ut the residence  of the bride's father by Rev. M.  D.* McKce. The happy couple  will return from their bridal tour  on Sunday.  Tuesday evening the compressor  at the Providence mine went out  of commission. The cause of the  break is unknown but the result  is a general smash-up. It is said  that a uew compressor will have to  be installed, causing a shut-down  of the mine for about a month.  W. Allison aud family left Saturday for the coast. Mr. Allison  was for several years local manager of the Canadiau Bank of Commerce. Ho has severed his connection with the bank and expects  to go north this spring and engage  in business at some poiut on the  Grand Trunk Pacific.  The following are the receipts  from the various customs offices  for tho month of February as received by R. R. Gilpin, tho chief  collector at Grand Forks: Grand  Forks, $957.49; Greenwood, $2,-  125.27; Phoenix, $1,162.39; Carson.  $277.87; Midway, $190.08; Sidley,  $37.75, Osoyoos, $10.91; Keremeos,  $10.40.    Total $4,778.10.  The election of officers of Greenwood Miners' union was held last  week and the ballots counted Saturday. There was a largo vote  polled, resulting as follows: Frank  Stool, president; J. D. Davidson,  first vice-president, Jas. Hickcy,  Hccond vice-president; R. A. Ma-  theiaoo, financial secretary; Jas.  H. Higgins, treasurer; John  Mathoison, recording secretary;  Dan Inglie, -iyardiin ; U. V. Richards, conductor ; Frank Steel, Sam  Sturch, Jas. D. Davidson, Dan  McGUlis and Geo. White, trustees.  Greenwood Board ojf Trade  A smoking .concert will be gives  in Miller's Hall on Wednesday evening March   13th   to   -which the  public is invited.  The delegates to,the associated-'  boards   of   trade   which  meets in  Greenwood that day, will be present and it is hoped that the publie  generally   will   be   present on the  occasion.     By order <rf the Greenwood -board of trade-  Try New England bread, made  only at  the Greenwood   Bakery,  Copper St.  Phoenix Miners' Union  The    semi-annual    election   of ,  Phoenix Miners' union No. 8, W.  F.  of M, took piaoe here last Saturday.    The following were chosen  to have charge of the affairs of the '  union for the   ensuing six months;  Presideut,   W.   J.   Louttit; vice-  president, Dan Patereon;  financial   '  secretary,   Walter Morrison, re-el-  ���������  ected; recording secretary, Carltoa  H. Cook;  assistant recording secretary,   D.   J.    Weir;  treasurer,  Walter   S.   Cook;   conductor,  H.  Walch;   warden,   S.  E.  VanBus-  kirk;  trustees,  J.  Mclver, Angu*  McPherson,   \V.  S.  Cook, Frauk  Knott and D. W. MoKenzie; delegates   to   the   annual meeting of  district association No.   6, meeting  this   week   at   Rossland,   Walter  Morrisson,   Neil  McBeth  aud D.  W. MoKenzie.  This season's wall paper now iu  stock. Better values and neater  designs th in ever at Mc Rae Bros.  The rfortb Fork  Tracklaying will commence next  week on the Spokane aud BiitisU  Columbia railway from Grand  Forks to Lynch creek, a distance  of 20 miles. Beyond that point  to tho McKinley camp construction  may not be finished this year a*  tho numerous rock cuts will uiakt*  tho work very heavy.  A Copper Merger  In the merger of the B. itish C ������N  umbia   Copper   company   and tho  Dominion Copper  eompiny,   tho  British Columbia stock is to go ut  double tho value of the Dominion.  The total capitalization.of the now  company  has  not  yet  been bo-  uouueed,      Retircmcut of President Underwood of the British. Col-  umbia, was ouly a preliminary to;1'  the merger.--Halifax Herald,  ���������V-*  -,Jy  ���������N   V-',.  1  b  .-:���������������  >V���������'  : )  j:l.  - ft     1J1 f -  M������tw������a^>hnifriii������mtUiTinrinr''  1    'Ji    '     ������ .. \  rf&reesiivood, B. C, ilaieh f, ''J0'&  ���������?'������[������ GftE&WO'tiD tELXSriS  -Tr?i-;v   : rf ^K.^^fe^fataag  li:' I  i  Our stock of'Boots arid Shoes is the largest find best  in1 the Boundary district, "all the best Canadian and  American manufacturers are represented,, Conic in  an$ :s$������ our display, wc can please yoti, and our  prices arc  njniuaWTi"aB.r,-.ii  right*.  RENDELL & CO.  IVoiiieii's Goods  Men's Goods  -l  JB������gaHgJB������IHiBHaWilM^^  LEDGE  Is piiblisliett every TUttfsday'at Greta--"  x#ood, B. C ; anil the pVifc'c is $s a year/  postage free tt? all p'afts 6"'f Canada; Unitefl  States, Me'xicb' a'nd Great Britain. To1  /fther conntfies it is Se'ut posipxiid for  .f->.50 a yeaf. Address all lettsfs t6' The  'iedge, Greenwood, B. C.  R. T. LOWERY,  EDITOR   AND   FINANCIER.  fc^EENWtfOI); B. G ', M'^RCH 7, 1907.  Thk   lion   failed   to make good.  ;fast Friday.   fiixscn Rvi'kut, .March 7.--The  ,city is out of fresh eggs.  After death editor's h'ifr'o no  Jblianceof meeting their delinquent  subscribers.        .   .,,  <Otf the 17th of March this year  $.i\ business will practically be' suspended in Canada.  eliminates the necessity fur taking  bitter's, pepsin or Jalap.  1'imnA.i's if some of the businevss  men of this c'?f.y had continued  sawing wood five years ago l?iin-  cah Iloss and his political aspirations would now be in the'sump,  and bis paper would now be under  more intelligent management.  AViJbs the wbrld discovers New  Jberitfef' it tf ill become one of the  greatest summer refjorts in the  $vorld. -   ���������Tni3 ladies of America evidently  .regard  Jerome S3' a brute' for the'  .���������way in which he brutally cross-examined Mrs. Thaw.  From present indications 15. C.  .seems to have disallowed the Sun-  jtLiy law. No troops have yet  ���������been sent from Ottawa.  If the Sunday law would prohibit smoking, eating, drinking,  etc., upon that day it would benefit the people much more than  merely stopping them from work.  Few people hurt themselves with  work, and . our lawmaker's should  make' a n&te of this for future reference  The hntefs of Nelson are full,and  the tourist season is not even yet in  blossOtti. All over this co'flntry  more hotels mfc'sfc be provided or  the stranger will have to hang his  grjp' on a tree and sleep with the  rocks for a mattress while the stars  look dtfwn and wonder why enterprise is dead.  Printers do not seem to tie able  to keep their money. The1 I&islo  Ivootenaian made a few shekels  lately and now the proprietors are  blowing in the stuff by painting  the office, papering the wall, and  haulirfeiing the towel smooth  Such dire extravagance is to be regretted, aud may tur9 the delinquent Subscribers away from the  door.  Owint:  to the prevalence of dis-  ,    , , ease in the country largely caused  Is  a hundred years from now . .      ..     ������  J        ,  .,,   ,     J   .      ,x .    ., iby  the excessive Use of meat the  .Canada   will   have a hundred rail-[-,+    ,. , ... .  .,  v. ,     v j.    n,t   ,,-,(,   [usual  Lenten  regulations   of the  Jion people,  ami t.ie Grits will be ~ ;,   ,. .     ,      ,    , ,  j.v,      v     v f!at.l*nliri     phnrr>h     lin.vn    lw>pn    bus;  ^but a memory of the past.  It is up to the government to  filiate the coal business, or turn  jover the iiiines and railroads to the  people and let them'rustle their  pwii fuel.         A max went crazy in Nelson last  ,\veek and was taker, to the asylum  .with great difficulty.- "When arrested he was talking religion aud  ^Socialism.   J.������ France alarm is being felt at  4he spread of alcoholism. The  j-aloons should follow the example  pi America and put more water in  the whiskey.   The frog, with a sliiinty over  pach eye will soon commence his  poncerts in the Swamps of the  pountry. This is a pleasure denied  Jhose who live beyond the waves  pi a pond.        A woman- recently paid '$5,000  for a bulldog, and a man 86.000  Jor a cow. This is far in excess  pf the price wc obtained for the two  buimals that once made New Den-  .ver famou?.  In the Traiisvaal the Boers are  pneo more in f'bi'itj'ol of the Legislature and it is quite likely, owing  $0 their 'implacable hatred of the  -British*, that more trouble--will be  brewed in South Africa.*   ���������  r        ��������� ���������        .������������������-. ,v,,,..    .   -.,,    ^  Many of the women .in Victoria  .���������want the Chinese head ta* of 8500  reduced or abolished. Most of  ������hese ladies arc too lasiy to do their  pwn work, and too parsimonious  to pay  a   higher pt'icc for white  j ibor. _i_^.:   Scientists claim that the'people  pi the future will live principally  Upon air. We can recommend the-  |Jiot. It makes' your board bill u  Miiiim.;m    uffnir,    and    entirely  Catholic' church have been bus  pended for this"ye'sr.' This see'mS  to be a clash between theology and  advanced medical science, for wise  men consider that the" Lenten fast  is the wisest provision made by  the Church for the benefit of its adherents. .  Till-: member for Greenwood riding will now have an opportunity  to prove to bis constituents that he  was sincere in his campaign statement?. We believe that Mr. Na*  den will find his and Mr. Ross'  statements in reference to South  African scrip as untruthful as most  of their campaign utterances. It  is up to the member for Rock  Creek to question the government  oh this point.   Is America the people are much  preturbetl over the prevalence of  consumption: The diseaso is  caused by a lack of fresh air, and  will disappear when the human  race learn how and what to breathe.  Canned air is bad for ilfty kind of  lungs, but plenty of ozone taken  under the blue sky will burn .out  almost any disease when combined  with- the right quality and quantity  of- food;' Too much food and the  lack of air causes 00 per cent: of  all the diseases that torment the  career of'man.  may be able to jump onto the  comet and ride away to some other  formation but there is no doubt but  the collision will put this planet  liors-du-combat for what can stand  against a rushing comet millions  of rrfile's in length and travel ling" a  million mile's a minute. Nothing  to it but etc/as our hands, tuVtf to  the east, and wear a smile when  the supreme bump itfakcs ub all the  ��������� fame size.  A Movement' is on foot in Kaslo  to stop the sale of booze and tobacco to boys and girls under'15  years of age. This is perfectly  proper for' these two nerve stimulants should not be" used by boys  and girls until they are 80 years of  age.    "WifE-v Fowler burripefct - into  itoncan Ross the other (lay he  stated (hut he might expose some of  the habits of various mein'bers in  regard to graft, wine, wom'en and  the green cloth: This exposure  would be nothing now to the wise;  for it is well known that many  members of the Dominion parliament, are as immoral as they can  be and keep out of jail. If grafting "was treated as a crime albout  half the bunch now making laws  in Ottawa would be wearing striped  clothes in a place where they put  bars in the windows to keep the  boarders from falling out.- The  majority of men who. represent the  country at Ottawa are extremely  selfish. Their main idea is to heel  themselves and their" relatives while the country can  take the Offers and pay the  bills. As sensuality is a partner"  of selfishness it is,to be expected  that many of otir members at Ottawa are often no better than hoboes drunk and dressed in store  clothes. You know the '"biled"  shirt often covers a multitude" of  pimples, and easy money has a  tendency to make those" who receive  it tiin riot with those things ihat  eventually burn up the ilesh and  chase the sOo'l into the brush". But  where is the use of pining. Such  things will always be while men,  in a vain effort to be happy chase  the substance, instead of camping  with the spirit of goodness that  knows no graft, lust or dishonor.  TALLOWGRAPHfC NUSE!  B^ Our Leased Wer. #  FER.viE>-Marc!. 7.���������The mayor  of this city caftnot always see a  poker game!-  ���������'-   -- *��������������������������� ��������� *  Ottawa, . March 1.���������>Durtcan  Ross and Fowler are not attending  the same Sunday school.  , Our troubles neVer cca^e. 'Just  as the .robins .were Opening't'heir  xpring concert a professor' in Rome  butts iu with the information that  a comet will hit the atmosphere of  the earth this month and prtibubly  set the world on fire. This is  awful after figuring on making a  Butte out of Greenwood this Bummer, but wo would advise everybody to pay the printer, say their  prayers and ctund pat when the  terrible crash arrives,    Some of us  Tiin Boss machine in Greenwood  is   of  course  indignant at the removal of Chief McKenz'ie, and have  commenced blackguarding tho appointee   of   the police commis'sion-  ers���������'Jas.  Foulds.-     It would have  been   more   honorable    had   Mr.  Ross' paper waited until the new  chief had' been   tried,  aud .if he  proved a failure^ as Mr.- McKer.zie  has proved himself to be, remove  him.-     There-has been altogether  too  much of the Ross machine in  Greenwood.-     it has invaded the  church    and    fraternal   societies.  Men' have had to leave fraternal  organizations in Greenwood owing  to the persecution  0/ members of  the Ross gang: Had Chief MoKenzie  been as zealous in the" performance  of his police duties as he has been  in  promoting the schemes of the  Koss gang, there  would probably  have been  no cause for his dismissal.     A Chief of police whef hangs  around gambling games, watching  the playersj  and then  claims he  cannot secure convictions,  Is not  the proper porsou to occupy the position:     If he bad received orders  to wink at gambling he should have  kept Out of the places whore games  were being rtin.     "\Vhen he goes  into . those places  and sees a percentage game running it Is his plain  duty to enforce the law by arrest1  tho players and seiiing the cash)  chips    and "everything, connected  witli the game.  .Kveryoue knows  that a police officer nlustobey-'o'r-  ders froiil those who employ him,  but if ho has to \Viuk .at illegal  practices,  he should keep' Out of  places where, the winking cannot  lie done with decency.,   It is hid  duty to preserve hiB' self-respect in  order that others may respect him.  "What a woman likes about  spooning in tho moonlight is the  way it doesn't hurt her complexion.  Victoria, March 7.���������Since the  boom several old citizens get up before niijht, although some of them  may die from heart failure.  Saxdon, March 7.���������'Jake Kelsen  will build a brick block on Reco  avenue when he can obtain an insurance against snow slided.    .  Phoexix, March 7.���������Thriven to  despair by lack of employment  three roulette dealers hung themselves in front of the postolBce last  night.  Grand Forks, March 7.���������Detectives are'here searching for An-  niasj whom they claim is hiding  in the city. They got onto him  fro'in  fending  the  outside papers.  . v\  Regular monthly, meetings of  Greenwood lodge. No. 25, A*. F. &  A. M. are held on the first Thursday in each month, in Fraternity  hall, Wood block, Government St.,  Greenwood. Visiting brethren are  cordially invited to attCh'd;  E. Q. Wakren NV. M.  J. S. Birme, Secretary.  About  Float  Float-is not a periodical.  It is a book containing 86  illustrations, all told; and  is filled with sketches and  stories of western life. It .  tells how a gambler cash-  in after the flash da^s of  Sandon ; how it rained in  New Denver long after  Noah was dead \ how a  parson took a drink at  Bear Lake in early days \  how justice was dealt in  Kaslo in '93; how the  saloon man outprayed the  women in Kalamazoo, and  graphically depicts the  roamings of a western editor amongst the tender-  feet in the cent belt. It  contains the early history  of Nelson and a romance  of the Silver King mine.  In it are printed three  western poems, and dozens of article too numerous to mention: Send  for one before it is too  late. The price is twenty  five cents, postpaid to any  part of the world. Address all letters to  R. T. Lowery  NELSON. B: &  When you want a monument or  headstone, write to the Kootenay  Marble Works, Nelson,- B. C.       *  |jaiiiiii!;iiii!iiimiiiiHiii!iiii!mli)MiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia  1  OUNflNC I  ! CONTRACTOR!     I  AND BUILDER!  s   Dealer in  I    Windows, Dots, |  I      Turned Work and    J  I |tnside Finish. |  I shingles, Brick, etc. I  MANITOBA  IWoad Fibre Plaster I  PHONE   65    t.  The Windsor Hotel  of Grand Forks, B,  C, caters to  miners, mechanics and smelter men  A. B. Sloan, Manager.  R.    ROBINSON  Is the fr&f afro-eHiaker i������  America who obtained" a  medtfl at the Paris imposition irt 187& for making tlf4  Best shoes/ Boots made to  order', Repairing neatly  executed.  COPPER  STREET,. GREENWOOD  STARKEY&CO.  - ;  -      nelson, b. c. - '  Wholesale  .DEALERS' fr^    ���������  Phodi/ob   and  Provisions  BANK OF BRITISH NORTH AMERICA  PAID UP CAPITAL, $4,866,607     '��������� 7  RESERVE" FUND  -  $2,f4>,333  '"���������     IV'f  Transacts a general banking- business.   Interest  allowed on Savings Accoumts, from .  one dollar upwards af  current rates-,  COPPER 9T,   -  -   GREENWOOD, B. C.  S* JvMI0HT0N  CRANBROOK, b. g.  Has the largest stock of Pipes,- Ttfbaecoss  Cigars and Smokers' Sundries in the interior of If. C. . Mail orders feceive  prompt attention.;  P, A. Bfi'SSoft  Ola hthstAD  Mountaineer and Kootenay Standard Cigars,  Made by  x & tbeiin $ 0c, mm  Waterproof Paints*  CoalTar, Pitcli,|  Creosote, Oils for  Preserving Timber,  Hoofing, Pitch  And Paints.{j  rfelson Coke audGaS Co/Ltd.  Fine Tailoring j  jf*j   ---���������  ���������- ti r T"    H        A SeledtStoek of Worsteds  H Cheviots drill Tweeds.  ������ TAILOR M  Otic of the best' appointed workingmen'y,  .Hotels in* the Gity.  The Finest of-bars, stocked  with the best -Wines, -  Liquors and  Cigars,   ���������.-  Lighted throughout with  electricity. ,J3ot,, and". cold  baths.  ���������:        RATES:' . ���������.;  itoard AM room $1 per day  Strictly first-Glass-Service  FURNISHED, ROOMS  '���������    By day or wcok.} $2 a week  ��������� and'np, [atHliov'Coniniercial  ' - hotel, (^bpe'r'fitrceti-'Oreert-  < ���������    ..wood..   Bi>tliJ[ih conn'cctfdh*'"  P. POUPARD  DR. MILLOV  DENTIST  Gl HASTINGS EAOT  VANCOUVER  ) -  BANK   OF   MONTREAL  ESTABLISR������D-1B17.  PAfD   \JP  CAPITAL, $'14,400,000.        IREST, $10/000,00$  UN   IVIDED PROFITS, $801,853.41  General Hrtii&i'ng BusineamTransnctttf.    Drafts issued on nil points, .iwtf CMl4������~  tions mnde at 16'weat rates.  ��������� ,  SAVING.. BAN     DEPARTMENT   ~)   W. F. PROCTOR,  INTEREST ALLOWED ATCURRENTRATES    /MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH  Kootenay Engineering Works  .     Nfi'LSON, B. Ci     ���������  Founders, Machinists and Iron Workers.    Makers of the Cfawfottl  Aerial  Tram. . Castings,   Builders'.  Materials,  Mill  ���������' '���������  ' and Mining Machinery  P. O. BOX 4d3. \.   B.'C. TRAVIS. MANAO&&  ' Graabirook Hotel'  GRANBROOIC, b/C.  e Is convenient to all depots telegraph, offices, and a  hanks in tii������- City." Special attention paid to tourists, g  commercial and otherwise, The ctiisine isexcellent, ?  and :all guests 'receive courteous attention.   Touch 2  a  L-  the wire when you want rooms reserved  ' HOGGARTO & R0LLIN5, Proprietors."     ' j  ^i&miiaffMism^tmrtm^ss  WE    SELL    PIANOS  WE   SELL   FURNITURE  WE   TAKE    DIPLOMAS  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO  NELSON, B. C.  1  4  I  ������0e0Me6O0c4e������*eeao8������a9O������e������M������eo������������8e8eM9aeMe9(96Me0<  Th  ������  >t.rathcoe  Hotel  Is situated on a slight eminence, jufit a block from the busy  sceneB'on Baker street, and is within easy touch of everything in the city.  From its balconies can be seen nearly.  " ,'��������� aH the grand Kcenery that surrounds the beautiful  '   , ' city of Nelson.     Few hotels in the great west  equal the Strathcona, and touriatsjlfrom  eVery land will find within its portals  allI tlic esflentialfl that create pleasant uiemoflcs,within the  " .' Blind of those Who  '    '' travel.  *^^^^K^^^>vt������^^tf  B. T0HKIN5, Tlanaser  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  \.  IjH'i 1 ,  '    ������.'.  1        ',<���������.>' -\       /-  I"1   ,  i     ,        -  .THE aSEESWOOD* LtoiJ.  -0f'een'wood, ft C, March T, J90t:  ������6������������>*  -f. ���������<������:���������.  UHtadUllMfliMdaik  ���������OR-  !l.  {  V  ������M8������������������������������ce������a������������e������������M^������������9ee������������e������������������������������e������������^������e������*3^^  Kings Li^tter Scotch Whiskey  ;' -     \  ' 12 Years Old  J. W. Burmestei's White Port.  Jas. Bennessy & Co's 3-St'ar Brandy.  GREENWOOD LIQUOR  CO.  I     IMPORTERS, GREENWOOD, B,. C.., ������  Some Good Float  Ha  -\  I .'J  $15,000 Insurance for $2f.50  -    ' The new and up-to-date Cripple Indemnity        ;  Policy of the Ocean Accident and Guarantee  Corporation, Ltd.,'the largest/accident com-  panv in the' world.   Assets' over $7,000,000.  FREDERIC W. McLAINE  DISTRICT "AGENT, GREENWOOD, K, C.  ���������     ��������� i  The PacifiG Hotel  -    Is under the management of'Greisr  . & Morrison.   The rooms are comfortably-furnished,- and the bar con-  ���������  tains the best brands of wines; liquors  and cigars in the city.  The Pacific Cafe-  is conducted by Moore & McElroy.  It'is open day and night.' - The.dining ;room is one of the.largest in '  the Boundary, and the lunch counter is just." the place to get a quick  pineal.    ^Copper street, Greenwood, t-  * Life in Calgary \r'' -  Down on the Crow the lumber  manufacturers pile. their outfit in  their yards at a;cost of $7.25 per  thousand. ��������� Adding "ion the S3.60  freight up to- Calgary brings the  cost hero up to $10.85. And yet  the public has to pay $28 ! These  lumber grafters should all bo iu  jail.  Let me tako tho case of Calgary.  Everything is wrapped up in a  trust. Freight rates have been reduced by the'C. P. E. half a dozen  times with the object of making  things easier for the public and reducing the price,of goods, but the  public has derived no.benefit. Ou  the contrary prices have been steadily on the increase^TIiq ordinary  commodities of l]fe������?as'soId'by our"  local "merchants, are-higher-today  than' they were, ten" years ago.  There is no competition .whatever.  Everything is subject to mutual ar  Is the best furnished hotel in the Boundary  district. Ic\is heated with steam and  lighted by electricity Excellent sample  rooms. The bar is always abreast of the  ��������� times, and meals are served "in ' the I afe  at any hour, day or night.  Ernest J. Cartler, Prop.  J. Q. MELVIN- Late?|  RailroadStandaM  Mailorders Fr mptly Attended,  SANDON, B. C.  .Manufac.urinj?' Jeweler  Expert Watchmaker and Diamond  Setter, Manufacturer of Chains,  Lockets and Rings, Wedding rings  made on short notice.  ' WORK  GUARANTEED  Opposite Windsor Hotel  P. .0. BOX 268  009������90eQe9QeQ99e&0&Q������QQQeeOQQQQ9tQQ������9gXMWflO���������  1  PHOENIX, B. C.  Is"opposite the Great Northern depot, aud is- a- de--!  rightful haven for tho weary traveler. Great veins  of hot water run through the entire, house,' and'  bathrooms are always at the service of those in  search of material cleanliness. The dining room is  an enemy to dyspepsia while the artistic appointment  of the liquid refreshment room makes the drinks go  down like eating fruit in a-flower .,garden.. The;  sample rooms are the largest in the mountains arid?]  a pleasure to drummers with big trunks.  JAS; MARSHALL, Prop,  rangements - amongst3 the grocers,  the landlords, the' hotel men and  others who uiak^ their- living off  the public.        ��������� r  "Wages are low and remain low.  They  are  never raised.    Dollar a  day* joints have blossomed into $2  a day hotels.    Bents have, gone up  25  per cent,-and,   in some'cases  50 per cent.    1/know of one house  that "cost $2,000  to  build that is  bringing  in $60 a month rent,,unfurnished. .  The 'landlords, I also  notice,   have .waited   until Tlios.  Burns'  assessment  was completed  before   raising their rents.      They  are a wise, lot of guys.  - Then what on earth is- the use of  this   100.000   club,   the  object of  which is to bring people here when  you, have  no  place for them after  they come?    When they do come,  they "only get the icy mitt anyhow.  There is no one to meet them or  take them in hand and-make them  feel  welcome.    "Instead   of that,  tln-y  promptly get.held up by the  hotels.  Where are you going to find  sleeping accommodation for the  familieV.that , will be pouring in  here by tho hundreds in a few  weeks? The hotels are overcrowded now. The immigration  hall and depot-waiting-room Act  is a rotten reception to give people  whom you have induced to come  here. They won't ail be*Galiciaus  you know.  "You must let people-live after  they get here.  "What, do you suppose,' a stranger  must think who arrives in Calgary  and asks a clerk in a store how'  much wages he gets and what he  pays for board and room ? Suppose a railroad man decides to locate here and inquire^ of a $75  brakeman how ' much he has left  over after paying at the rate of $2  per day at a hotel when he is in  Calgary. What will he think?  You don't suppose he will be  chump enough to remain, ,do you ?  Imagine, also, a stranger, an aver-  ago wage-earner���������asking a married  man' in Cushi'ng's mill what ho is  getting and what rent he pays and  what he has to pay, at t)*c stores for  stuff to live on !  It is easy to get the people into  this neck of tho woods by false representations .but I do not suppose  to' be a party to it.    There is room  in Alberta for,, millions of people,  but, I repeat, they must be allowed  to' live after -they- get here.   Wo  have got to get tho people jnto this  country to make'it a country.   'We  only have  185,000 population, according to last census, and it has  taken v 25'. years to get that many.  There, is a great future ahead for  this   country,   but, 'by the Holy  Jumped-up  Hornby  Horse, if tho  business   men   of Alberta   don't  change   thejr metjho'ds  they will  kill  it.     Kill  it  deader  than a  mackerel. ' ���������'' '���������:'.'���������  Here in Calgary wc pay 10 cents  for a loaf of bread and the farmer-  geta   50   cents a bushel for his  wheat. .. Why don't you put that  in your'pamphlets?.  ��������� The prices would be all right  if the .-producer got anything for  ,his stuff and if wages rose in proportion to the increase in cost of  living.  One final gentle fling at Calgary.  There   are  too .many   men   and  women  in  this ��������� town working for  their bread.      Hundreds of men  are  working    for $50  and SCO  a  month, eekiugont a bare existence.  Wages!'remain immovable, stand  aid and unchangeable.    The situation has become impossible.   AVhat  is. called  the-'Calgary  real  estate  boom 'is' not  a   boom at all, but  merely . a  period  of brisk real estate activity based ou the anticipation, of -a lnrge.influx of new citizens    this'  spring   and  summer.  There is no danger of a slump (except,'perhaps in some of those far-  off Additions,)  if Calgary knows  enough' to���������   keep the newcomers  after they get hero, by giving them  an 'even   break.      But if Calgary  cannot  treat the stranger decently  and protect   him from .the hold-up  methods  of the  hotel men. if she  cannot provide him and  his family  with  a  place to sleep after he gets  here," if there i.j no vacant house  for  him  to rent,  .and   if he finds  himself    openly    and   frankly   regarded as a sucker, then there will  ,be a continuous and hasty exodus  of  newcomers and the slump will  be j'lt-fc what you'd notice. ���������   .  ���������   Has ��������� it tiver occurred to the Calgary  aldermen  that tho hotels are-1  pay ing a ridiculously small license  fee of $200.     In view of the fact  that   the   hotels have raised their  rates'25,G0and 100 per cent.,and are  soaking  the public right and left,  wo ^propose  to    start   a-heal thy  clamor 7to the��������� end that they get-  handed  out    some  of  their own  medicine.     Hotels that charge 15  cants for a glass of beer that costs  them exactly one cent at the brewery,  should be compelled to pay a  $500 license, at the very least, to  the cit}'.  We know, of'one block in Calgary, " recently completed, where  the .landlord raised the rent of his  tenants 25 per cent, after one  month's occupancy. He  until they had furnished their  rooms nicely, had the curtains up,  and the carpets laid aud the gramophones going, aud then, pouf 1 up  wentthe rent.  ' High prices continue to rule in  Dawson City, which is probably  the most expensive town in the  world. Everything is much  dearer than in Calgary, incredible as it may seem The newspapers still cost 25 cents a copy.  At this time of year three eggs ordered in a restaurant cost $1.50,  while a Caribou steak costs $1.  Beer is worth $1 a bottle and champagne $10.50 a quart.  We know places around Calgary  where beer is also $1 a bottle.  Traveling at the rate of 2 cents  a mile might leavo something over  for tho whisk broom artist at the  end of tho run.���������Eye Opener,  A good story conies to me of a  recent County Tyrone (or *was it  County Armagh?) confirmation.  The officiating prelate rosognized a  bent old woman who had attended  many services of' the kind. Have  I not seen yon before? inquired  tho Bishop in hi-s.kiudly way. Oh,  yes sir, my lord, your grace, replied the flustered woman. I get  'me', confirmed as often as I can.  They tell me its good for the rheumatic. ;  For nice comfortable rooms, best  urnished in the city, try the Clarendon hotel.    Rates reasonable.  'ILL DELIGHT  In the Fine Flavor of  Sold  Oi  E. W: WIDDOWSON  PROVINCIAL, ASSAYER aud  METALLURGICAL CHEMIST.  Gold Silver Copper or'I.ead, eacn, ,$i oo  Gold-Silver $1 50   Silver.Lead. .$1.58  Zinc. .J2.00    Gold Silver with copper or  lead. $2.50.  Prompt attention   given   to all samples  25 per* cent, discount upon five samples  , -   gBAK'ER'.ST , NELSON.  P, 0. Drawer, tioS.      .     '     Phone, A67  iily in Sealed Lead Packets.  1904.  Highest Award St. Louis,  The_  ������03  Good accommodation and  reasonable rates. One of the  best supplied bars in tlie city.  Dining room and- lunch  counter in connection.  raaB&M^MM^^^  THE 'MICHEL HOTEL  Still retains its supremacy as tho   oesfc hotel in the Kootenays,  Ostermoor Mattresses  '[.Clean linen and Good Cooking  Good trout fishing in the Elk  Address all communications to  Excellent hunting in season  river and neighboring streams.  [Thomas Crahan, Manager, Michel, B. O.  55fiSI5!2gi  rW������w1������?'^*Jv?i*A������������;^rs-iif**^--.aK������ci5vH;-  Sater & Johns, Proprietors  COPPER ST , GREENWOOD.  ���������ADMIBISTRATOR'S.HOTICE.  Jn the Supreme Court of liritish Columbia, lii th������ matter of tho estate of  UenjHiuin" J'orkiu*, Into of Uivcrsldo  IMine, lirltlHli Columbia, deceased:  NOTICE li hereby given that on the 30th day  ufJauuary. 1D0G, it was ordered by Mr Justice  Morrisun thnt A. C Sutton, OfIlt-i.il admii initiator for the Gi and Forks and Gieemvood Elee-  tual Dis riets. he administrator of the estate of  Heuj.iinin Pc kins. i'eoea"cd, intestate.  EVEllV PERSON' indebted to the s,aid estate  is rtquired to make pa\ment forthwith to the  unduislRiied and o\ery penon having :n possession effects belonging to dece.iaid isrcquirid  to notify ,the undnsigned forthwith. Every  crcdi'or or other person having any nlaim upon  or in:eiest in the distilbutiou of said estate Is  required Imfore tlie 15th day of March, 1D07. to  send byicpisteied letter addressed to the undei-  signcd.liis name and addi ess and full particulars  of hid claim or interest aud a statement of his  .iccnunt.v.i-llied by statutory declaration and the  nature of the security (if any) held by him  , I After tlie bald ljth day of March, 1!H)7, the  Waited administrator will proceed with the dlstributi >n  of the e-tate. having regard to those claims on'y  of M hich ho 'hall then have notice.  Patod at Grand Foiko, B. C, 7th Febitmry.  1!X)7 A. C-SUTTOX,  Oilicial Administrator,  .' SI - Grand Forks, U. C.  THE ARLINGTON  COPPER ST. GREENWOOD  None but the best brands  of' liquors; and cigars.  Morning bracers and  and evening hyballs always within easy reach  of the 'barkeep."  0. A. DEMPSEY prop.  it D. MORRISON  GRAND FORKS  Jeweler and Opticiau, dealer in  Fine Watches, High-Class Jewelry,  Diamonds, etc.  Develop your sweet taste'by.  using  F. F- MEBSCtfE$3  MERCHANT TAILOR  Silverton, B. C.  Montgomery's.  Confections, High ' Class  Chocolates, Fruit Tablets*  Nouirats, e<<\  The MONTGOMERY CO;  NELSON, B. C.      .  fle-CJUma-pketHotei  Is the home for nil tourists  and mill ioriaifes visiting New  Denver.   British J Columbia.  HENRY   STEGE,' PROPH.  J. E. Cameron.  ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE  The Kootenay Saloon  Sandon, B. C., has a line or nerve  bracers unsurpassed ill any uiouo-  tain town of the Great West. A  gla<-sof aquarpura given free with  spirits incnti.*  Leading Tailor of the  Kootenays. ...  Sandon, B. C.  KASLO  HOTEL  KASLO B. C.  Is a comfortable home for alt  who travel to that city.  COCKLE & PAPAVORTIL  NELSON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY  Nelson, B C.  Mines,    Mills,   Hotels,  etc.,  furnished with help.  J. H. LOVE, MANAGER  Blue Prize, Henry Vane,  Columbus and Havana Ark  CIGARS  are Uniou Made Cigars, made by W. I'.  Kilboiirue & Co., Winnipeg and sold on  E. A. Black, Phoenix, sells tho  best in jewels, diamonds, watches  and clocks. Kemenibor this when  you go up tho hill.  HARDY & CO  Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes,.  etc., etc.  INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE  ��������� WORLD .    '  G>.EENWOOP LOCAL NO. 311 '  Meets first aud third Wednesdays ofevcry,  month in Eagles Hall nt8 p. in  members cordially invited to at  Frank SrUAUwc, Fin. sec'y,  I>- the Supreme Court of British Columbia, in the Matter of the  P&tatc ok Roger O'Hara, late  of Westbridge, British Columbia. Deceased.  NOTICE is hereby given "that'on the  28th day of January"! 1907. it was ordered  by Mr. Justice Morrison that A. C. Sutton, Official Administrator for the Grand  Forks and Greenwood Electoral Districts,  be administrator of the estate of Roger  O'Hara, deceased, intestate.  Every person indebted to the deceased  is required to make payment forthwith to  to the undersigned. Every person having in possession effects belonging to deceased is required forthwith to deliver  same over to undersigned. I  Every creditor or other person having | the road by GEORGE IIORTO.V.  any claim upon or interest in tlte distribution of the estate of deceased is required, before the 15th day of March,  r907, to send by registered letter addressed to the undersigned, his name and  address and full {particulars of his claim  or interest, and a statement of his account, veriGeU by statutory declaration,  aud the nature of the security (if any)  held by him.  After the 15th day of March, 1907, the  administrator will proceed with the distribution of the estate, having regard to  those claims only of which he shall then  have had notice.  Dated al Urand Forks, B. C, the 7th  February, 1907.  A. C. SUTTON,  Official Administrator,  Grand Forks, B. C.  T*?E|WOflT HOUSH  Nelson. B. C, is run on the  the American atid European  plan. Nothing yellow about  the lwuse except the gold iu  t'-e safe.  Mexlorjc   &   TrrcgiliUs  The Hotel Slocan  5U>EttAl. ACT  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE  Three Forks, B. C, is the leading  hotel of the city. Mountain trout  and game dinners a specialty.  Rooms reserved by telegraph.  Hugh Wiyen, Prop.  MMi HOTEL  ANACONDA  Is just a few minutes1 walk from  tho center of Greenwood, and a  convenient place to drop in at the  end of a walk. Convenient to the  smelter and provides the public  with  EDS!  OARD AND.  EVERAGES  W. B. THOMSON  Brnmli'iiWccr Minor il Cl.vtm. ulliittp In tti  UTVt5nwn.nl Mining |i|vl->toii q( Vale Ulst  riot. VVlicru In. ntisi:���������Oir .Mvcrn Croud  about hair 11 inllj .Twin tho Intertmllmiul  Unuiiilmy line.  TAKK uotU'u tint I, .lulm Cliorleo W������,  Frco  ���������Mliicr'a   OrtiUou 11   Nj.    H  W71,   intend,  slxtv day* from lliodutu hi-renf.to amily to tint  Mining Hoe inlor for a Ortllli.'������to of Iiiumm;-  ... ... -  .mouth, fur tlio liuriioo! of obtaining:a.Crown  Visiting Grant of the aliovuflulni. >,  members cordially invited to attcud. Ami fnrticr tako notice that action, under  ' ' section ,37    imi't   liu commonci'd Itcforc tliu  usuutico ofnuoli Cortillcati! of Improvmumit  Uatotl tills lUtbdny of.Iamii.ry. A.D., IIK.7.  Sugar \V7 Dynes. President, -jij  lit*    Ml  ll llllUHLV ,   i\.   LJlt   illMI  AlRN'lJHAKUMKkK  Choice  Fruit  LANDS  For Sab'at .������10, $12 and 8l.fi',  Per Acre.  R. J. STEEL  NELSON. B. C  The Reception Hotel ..  In Camborne gives all its patrons  the purest food, drink and 'cigar*.  '    James Lindsiay Prop.  Pacific Coast Grown  Seeds, Fruit and Ornamental  Trees. Greenhouse and  ���������"Hardy Plants. Bee* Sup.  plies. Fcrtilizere, Implements.   Catalogue Free*  M. J. HENRY,  YAifcouvER, u; c. .  Office, 3010 NVcstmiiiBtef Hood  '\A , I ���������  /  ���������I!  i'h Vi  r-* i.  15  Greenwood, B. 0., $Liruh 7, 1DM.  J5.\  ^fiE'G-REENW-OGU iiEbGrB  7T 75 TO  o look .at our Clothing, Suits, Overcoats  and. Odd -Pants at 25 per cent. Discount.  .Owing" to late shipments we arc over?  stocked on Fancy Shirts and are soiling  .same at 25 off. These are two lines  worthy of your consideration.  i RUSSELL-LAW-GAULFIELD GO. a the smoke  LjIMITEHD.  Groceries, Hardware, Clothing- and Gents' Furnishings.  Ball Ja Qilgary  F. P. Thyne, manager of the  ^ew Cajgary team, at present in  ilaswchusettes, has-just succeeded  ^n signing twelve high class ball  |)!������3'ers in Maine, Connecticut,  Vermont and Massachusetts. These  nicn have all played in the leagues  pi their respective grates.  The season (Qpens for tho Alberta  jeague .(which comprises Calgary,  Edmonton, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.)on May 21, when Calgary and Edmonton meet in a  three days' series. Following the  fortunes and niis/ortuncs of these  four league towns will provide lots  pi excitemeut for the fans. The  p.ilgary team reports at Boston in  a fev7 \������'eeks? and thereafter plays  a series, of games in the more prominent towns of New Hampshire  and Vermont, tapering off on Que  iec and  Montreal en route to Cal  rT'.- ���������    .  gary-  r "Forty-five games will be played  at home and forty-five away from  home. Four months of high pressure baseball. The thanks of the  community are certainly due Alf  pidler and W. J. Kirby for their  unselfish work in providing healthy  amusement and first-elass sport for  "Calgary.    A great- many popular books  have been published, and the li=t  grows every day, but the bestseller  is today and has been for many  years, the Bible. There are few  jiomes in the land in which there  <ire not already one or more copies  of the Bible, yet the Old Book out-  Sells, every day in the year, the  most, popnjar work of history or  fiction. ��������� No man's education  is complete -who neglects  the Bible, and the man who is not  familiar with its pages is unacquainted with the work whose  literary influence has been greater  lhan al) the other books printed.  /To Bay nothing of its moral and  religious side, it has been and ever  :nust be the great text book of all  orators and writers.  done a hole was bored through the  and   an   iron  bar inserted,  rope was twisted around  tooth  Then  a  the bar   and four  laboring   man,  horses attached.  Dr. Park hurst told the other  day a story about a famous bishop.  The bishop, be said, likes a good  cigar, and was traveling to Albany  in the smoking car.  A laboring man took his seat heckle him, eyed his clerical garb,got  a light from him, and said as he  settled' back for a comfortable  smoke:���������  Parson, sir?  The bishop hesitated, then lie  answered blandly:  I was once.  Ah,    said   the  drink, I suppose.  A young minister of Lamar  county performed his first marriage ceremony recently and it was  the shortest on record. Instead  of asking the contracting parties to  join right hands and pledging them  to "honor, obeyT cherish,'' etc., he  simply said, "by the authority  vested in me T pronounce you husband and wife." If marriage ever  becomes epidemic in Lamar county  that preacher will make a fortune.  When you want a monument or  headstone "write to the Kootenay  Marble Works, Nelson, B. C.  The humblest labor is a preparation for the brightest revelations,  whereas discontent, however lofty,  is a preparation for nothing. Yet  hundreds of third rate young persons in every city in this land today neglect their work and unfit  themselves for any insight or any  leadership whatever by chafing  against the obscurity of their vocation.���������M.-Dods.  In the Same Boat  The Department    of   Eailways  has received from the government  of Saskatchewan, a request that a  number of   cars aud locomotives  from   the Intercolonial railway be  loaned for use iu the west, in view  of   the   inability of the railways  there   to   supply   or   move   cars  enough to meet the immediate necessities of the people.    Hon. Mr.  Emmerson  replied that, owing to  tho lack of cars and motive power  on the government railways, he regretted that none were available  for rise in the west'.   The Intercol-  lonial  is about as badly off in this  j respect  as   any of the other rail-  wa3'S.     There are now 1,000 cars  on   the" tracks  which   cannot be  moved  owing to scarcity of locomotives, and there are 18,000 cars  of goods waiting to be shipped, but  no cars to meet the demand.    The  car shops are all away behind in  their orders, says  Deputy Minister  Butler.    We are like all the rest of  the roads, and cannot get new cars  fast enough to keep pace with the  growing traffic.  acres. 'The purchasers intend to  cut it ,up into a number of small  fruit farms as it is admirably situated and adapted to this purpose.  C. G. Rosier has located about  200 acres of la,ud north of Murphy  cre������k, and. M. S. Campbell is applying to purchase about 400 acres  of laud between Murphy creek and  Sullivan creek.  Messrs.' McDe'rmidand Hardy, of  Nelson, have purchased 800 acres  of land, including Central Park, on  the .east side of tho Columbia,  ahovo the smelter, and 500 acres of  land on the east side of the river at  Rock Jsland. These lands were  purchased from the C. P. R. a  year ago by W. K. Esling ���������Trail  Creek News.  ������n unmni������n<fr^M������nUill tlliuuuwi  Miadwt 'rf.������ii*yii'*  m*MM������*M���������*MQ<HmWH*  Greenwood Miners' union will  celebrate Labor pay, . Monday,'  September 2. Mice and smelter  managers please note. lmtf.  '���������You will .always find that when  a girl will admit - her shoe pinches  her its over"the instep.  From British,Lion and  Mainland Cigars can be  seen all over British Co  lumbia. - Wm.   Tietjen  makes them in Vancou  ver,   and  Nat Darling  sells them on the road.  Fruit Lands  The syndicate owning Columbia  Gardens, at Say ward, have been  offered $50,000 cash for their laud  there.  J. D. Anderson has purchased  from tbe N. & F. S. By. 40 acres  of land near Bear creek on the east  side of the river.  The N. & F. S. Ky. have some  very choice land on this side of the  river below Trail. They have received roany offers for the land but  refuse to sell at present.  S. J. Hackney has sold his ranch  below   Trail,    consisting   of   213  ALL THE STAGES  Arriving .in and leaving  Greenwood have headquarters at  Chenier's  Cigar Store  Pipes, Cigars, Cigarettes and  Tobaccos to   suit your ���������"  tastes, your fancy or  "your pocket.  J. A. CHEtlER ��������� ��������� PROPRIETOR  Next door north of Pacific hotel,  Copper street. Greenwood.  ������������W)  , Do you Appreciate  A Good Cup of Coffee?  If so j we can suit your taste.  Our Coffees range in price from 25 cents  to 60 cents per pound, and we feel sure,  that a trial order will no doubt, give us  YOUR   COFFEE   BUSINESS.  <  The Hunter-Kendrick Co.  LIMITED. - .    ���������  THE BIG STORE  '  J-"!  Premier  C"  '  Hungarian  ^ Flour  Is not a new flour on the market. It  has been in use for years.' Ask for a sack  ifl your next order.   Sold by  Hn'nter-Kendrick Co.', Greenwood.  Smith &McEwen/Anaconda.  Hardy & Co. Midway.  Guaranteed by the  Alexander  Milling Co'y  BRANDON, MAN.  THE CANADIAN BAimM  OF COMMERCE  PAID VP CAPITAL, 810,000,000.  UKSKKVIS FUND, S5,01)0,000.  B. E. WALKER, Gen. Manager.    ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gun. Man.  I  FRANK   FLETCHER  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  NELSON. B. C.  NOTICE.  A German paper recently pub-  Jiahwl without; any comment the  following advertrsojnent: "Tlie  lady who travelled on Sept. 15  3f)05, from Aix-Ja-CIiapelle to Cre-  feld iir a smoking compartment  with a gentleman from Diiisuurg is  asked to accept the latter's apology iu case his conduct on that oo  peion did not seem quite correct.  JTlie gentleman was returning from  & christening slightly drunk.'' As  Ihe offense seems to have, occurred  about eleven inortth? ago,1 and the  bpology has jiret been ina-'e, the  gentleman must have been gloriously drunk.���������Memphis jC'ommer-  eial Appeal.  The greatest dental opera tit n  known was performed uppn an ele-  tmant in Mexico City recently.  The aching too||i was fwelye inches  long find "fourteen Ruches in diameter a'f fjie root. After the ele-  Hiaiit had been securely tied with  J'foii'inn h)B mouth was prized open  aiid a quantity of cocain apj lied to  fl������adefn the pain.    When tin's was  dRNS & GO.  Dealers in  Fffesh and Salt JWea'zs, pish and Poultry f  ���������Shops in nearly all the towns of Boundary and  the Kootenay.  leal  NELSON  B, A. ISA \C  IRON  WORKS  R. W. HINTON     '  ENGINEERS AND  CONTRACTORS  FOUNDERS AND MACHINISTS  Repairing and Jobbing executed with Despatch.  ���������Sheet Metal Work, Mining and Mill Machinery.  Manufacturers of Ore Cars, R.R. Contractors'Cars  Corner of Hall and Front Streets  Phone 09 NELSON, B. C. P.O. Box 173  In thk Matter oi? thb Estatk of  Thomas Coxxiu., Late of Eholt,  in thb District of Yalb, in the  Province .of British Columbia,  M-ntjr. Deckased.  NOTICE is hereby given that all  creditors and others having claims against  the estate of the said Thoines Corkill,  who dietl on or about the 8th day of  August, 1906, are required on or before  the 1st day of May. 1907, to send,' post  prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned  Administrator of the estate and effects of  the said deceased, their Christian and  surnames, and addresses and descriptions,  full particulars of their claims, statements  of their accounts, and the nature of the  securities, if any, held by them.  And further take notice, that after the  last-mentioned date, I, the said AdminiV  trator, will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased among tbe parties entitled thereto, having regard to tbe  claims only of which I shall then have  notice, and that I will not be liable for  the said assets or any part thereof so distributed, to any person or personi of  whose claims notice shall not hare been  received by* me at the time of such distribution. '  Dated this a6th day of February, A. D.  1907. Albert C. Corkill,  Administrator  rostolTice address, Eholt, B. C.  Pioneer  Hotel...  Greenwood,-B.C.  r The oldest hotel in the  City, and stilll under the  same management^ Rooms  comfortable, -meals'equal to  any injthe city, and ihe bar  supplies only���������the best. Cor-  ner of Greenwood and Government streets  \ '-  J. Mi, fielson  Branches Throughout Canada, and in the United States  and England.   -  A General Banking Business Transacted.    Accounts may ">e opened by  mail with all br indies of tin's Bank.    ���������  Savings Bank Department,  Deposits of SI and upwards received, and interest allowed at current  rates. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever id the. withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the deposit.  J. T. BEATTHS Acting Manager Greenwood Branch.  BEALeHnVESTMlNT AND TRUST CO. LTD  Geo. R. Naden, Manager.  Farm lands, timber limits, mineral cl tims. mining stocks  arid shares. City real estare bou<iht, sold and exchanged.  Call and see ottr list.  aRBBNWOOD,-B,   O.  ;  ^ !  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF  GREENWOOD.  NOTICE.  Applications for th'e position of Chief  of Police will be received by the under  signed.   All applications must be in not  later than Monday, March n, a p. m.  G. B. Taylor,  Clerk to the Police Board.  WJ0 l^i'l%;!������������;ly"Fvi :<C2;  Are the Cheapest  And the Very Best  Every One Guaranteed  Yotir Old Stoves Taken in Exchange.  A. L WHITE & CO.  HOUSE FURNISHERS. PHONE IS  SUBSCRIBE NOW.  NOTICE.  TAKE NOTICE, sixty (60) days after  dale I intend to apply to the Chief Com  mjssioncr.of Lands and Works for pef  mission to purchase 240 acres, more .or  less, of mountain pasture land as follows:  Commencing at the north east corner  of Lot 671, thence east 60 chains to western boundary of Columbia and Weitern,  thence south 40- chains, thence west 60  chains, thence north 40 chains to point of  commencement.  Barbara G. Tannahim..  Dated ������t Midway, Ji. C��������� this 25th day  of February, 1907.  > NOTICE  In the imttor of tho Laud RftfWry Act. niff  in tlie mntrer <���������{ the Title to Lot������ 788.7HI mid o-.'Dt  ;Grooii One, Cfcoyooa Division, Vulo IH-lrl^t,  : BrltWi Columbia.  WHKUEAHOrtllieatCrt of title of tlie Moi>tr$>!  A Hoston Copra' ('oini-nny. helntf < eitlllcntoM  title No J8I0h totluMttovn liurodltiimuiiiri lm- been  lust or (ttiAtro.ycri nud amplication Intd kvn made  to.me for n daiillonte thereof; ' "  NxTIOE In licrcliyclvt'ii t>mt a duplicate C������ir-  tlflcntoof Title to ttiunbov' herodiUiiv lit* Will lio  In-ued nt tlio expiration of "iiu uioiith'friinl iBe  dute of tliu firnt Insertion liurvof uuli-art iti'tl/u  nioanilrac vnlld ol.jiictioii to tho contrary in  made to mo In writing.  W-. H. KDMO.VrB  DLttrlct ItOKttitinrof Title*.  Land Reg\rt.ty Office, Kamtooixi, U, C.,K> t������ni-  nrymh, \Wl,      ���������������������������.,. <U  ^  IMPROVED  PACIFIC COAST SERVICE  Leave Ntbou 7:30 a. m.  Arrive Vancouver 11:30 nOott.  Arrive Victom'a 5.45 p va.  ONE NIGHT EN ROUTE  VANCOUVER;YICTOR1A  ROVTB. .  $, S^ PrinccM Viclo*i������,  VICTORTA-SEATTLE ROUTE  S. S, Princew May.  STANDARD SLEEPING CAR.  B������rtu������ $1^0,  Car can  tie 0cfn������pica at Kelson  Union depot pt 9 p. m;  ;  Fo^r rates, folders anfl tifik^ t^Rpjy  \o loco} ngcmt ot  k. $t vin^t, a.o.v.a.  Taneoovcr.  J. B. OAItTIMt, B. P. A.,  NeiioD.  {8SSXS3CSS8aKXSXS3K3  awrt  S<?pjp|if������ elefitjrlcity for Power, liijrht, Heating  and Ventilation. Power J^arnished to mines  for hoisting and air-compressor plants, with a  guarantee that the service will be continuous.  Gfet our rates before completing your estimates  A\


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