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The Ledge Jan 30, 1907

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 , i;    !������������������.' i.'  ht  i. > I -  Supplement to.  .!    ';/*"���������'  GREENWOOD. 13. C, JA\'" 30,-1907.  THE PARSON'S SON.  Ky'lxobe.rl \V. Sen-vice in Snnjjs of Sourdough.  This is tho snnsr of tins parson's sun, as'lie- squats iu Ins shack alone,-  On the wild, weird'nights-when the, Northern. I,ighls shout ii|i from die f>o/  THIS AND THAT.  zone,  And it's sixtv below, mid com-lndiii tliu sn. w.thc hwijrry huskies! "moan  " I'm one of the A re tie brnthurl.'nod, I'm an old time pjoiiee.r. . t , ��������� .,-.:  r come with the first���������Oh, ("io-H- how I curbed this Yukon���������but still I'm her.-.  I've .sweated a thirst iu its summer heat, I've finzen and.et.n yed in its cold':  I've followed my (Ireams l.y its.tliou-iiud streams, I'm- toiled mid in ih-d for its  L'O  Id  ������������������ Look at iny i'\-i s���������been snow bli'id twice; li,nk where my fcot'.- half "-one,-  And that gnii:siiinc s.-.-ir nii'my h-ft check where, the frostli.eiul hit to the hone.  EiiL-h one. a brand nf this devil'.-, land, where.' I've' played and, I've |. >i tlit'.-^rrnno,  A brnken'u rei-k 'with a craze for 'h Mich.'and never a coat to my uainu.   .���������  " This niiiiinj"- is only a.jramhle, the. wur-t is as ;ro d as ihe. best; .     '   ���������'  I was iu,with the bunch, and I iiiiijht have come mil  rijrht mi 'Vip u iih ti c. rest !  With Co- inai k. Lndiic ami;Macdiinald -O God! lint it's hell 10 think    ��������� ���������  Of the. ihuusai ds a-id thnus.inds I've. squandered on cards, anil women and driui  " In the. early days we w������rn ju-t a f-w, and ������e hunted and li-ihtid arnuinl,  Nor 'dreamt] l>y mir l-.ncly iuui|> fiiu- of  the. wealth that lay under tin; yri.uml.  . We. haded iu t,kin-> and whiskey, and I've- fton slept under the simile.  Of thai lone birch tree mi llon.-ii.za. where the first lii^- lincl was, uiaile,'  "We were, just like a ure.it bi;r family, and cv.ny man had his squaw, .   ���������  And wii lived such a wiltj, free, fearless life. Iieyoinl the p.de of ihe law.- '���������  Till sudden then' eanie a whi-per, and it maddened us every man, '-'��������� ;-.  And I j>ol in on Hunan/a before ihtsbl;r ruili be^an   -  ���������'Oh thn.se, Dawson ������l������Vf, nr'.d'thu siu'aud the blaze, an J the town all open wide!  (If (iod made, me in His liki-nesp, sure He let the devil inside.)  Hut wii all were in i-l, both tli; x > > I i > I th.) b id, md -n fir the w mi : i, w<nl���������  No spot on the map iu *-o short a space has hurtled more souls into' hell.  " Money was just lil>e dirt ihere, easy to )jet ami to spend  1 was all caked iu cm a dance ball jade, but fhe. shook me iu the ind.  It put ii e queer, ami Iik near a year I never drew ������'ober bn ath,  Till I found myself in ihe. bughouse ward with a claim stnk--d out ou death.  '���������Old and weak, but no mailer, .them's 'hooch' iu the bottle still,  I II hitch up thi! does tomorrow, and..inush down I he trail 10 Bill ,  It'ssn iony da'ik. and I'm liines.-nn���������I'll just l������y down on the bed.  'I'omoi row I'll ������o  lom.irrow  I guess play onthe. led.  Conic, Kit. ynur.);nny is saddled   , I'm waiting, dear, iu the, court  Minnie, you devil, I'll kill you if you skip with that flossy sport.  How much doe-it go to the pan, Bill ?    ': play up; School, aud  pl?>y the e.-nne    ...  Our Father, which ait in heaven, In-llowcd be Thy name ' .- -."  This was the song ofthe pai eon's son, as he lay in his bunk alone,  Kre the fire went out and the cold crept iu, and his blue lips ceased to moan,  And the hutie/ei- maddened malaimitcs bad t .rn him tlesh from bone.  A pulp and paper mill is to be  built on Howe Sound. When an  export duty   is   piit on pulp H. C.  will 1  lave, many papei  -mills  Oeorge Ham has been telling the  business men of New West mister  how to advertise. George should  lecture in the Boundary.  One half of the Mattery.is., fl.tt..  In the (iiiinn'-r'.tiMirV union there  shiiul i Ii- strength.   ,,-. '.   ......  It" is "lieit'er' hi Iru-'t fo "your  faults.-than t.-!,.���������������! In lse ,to' '\..intrusts"/ ,,     - .     ,\ ' \. ,;    .';,  "'  Be at peace with ynur neighbor  ever if it, means' war with  yourself.  After- all, (lid'a'nyli(jdy:t'ver know  a man who wa-., actually' {'imposed  to in a le.ip yea.i'?  It'natni-ally '.-'ikes a' 'young' man  four liiiies us long to button a girl's  !>ln.vi's as it does his sisters.  The man who c;i.n meet his wife's  millinery hills 'with wa/ real Wi'ile on  his face. is.hard to rind.;.", '-"'\\.  A   widow's   recovery,.fmm;  her'  K>'ief, often.; depends.'   upon!'-  the'  promptue-s   of  the   life'. instiiMiiee  eonipaiiy. . -   _���������*    ���������  >oine yonnir nien are called old  hichelois hpfore they are fairly out  of the ������������������ p.-i give-ine-ii-f|miner "'  crowd.  B ild-headed men are apt to sneer  at the chap who parts his hair in  the middle.  It isn't advisable fur the young  man to make haste slowly if the  girl   has another string to lier bow.  The   mills of   the   gods   grind  rapidly when a  frenzied  financier  is   employed to   adjust  the   machinery.  There is something wrong with  the bride who doesn't select a  homelier girl than herself for her  bridesmaid ��������� . ��������� ������������������   ���������  It is easier for a father to.keep  his coin and his boy apart than it  to teach them to stick together..  It is the natural economy of  women that causes her to cut off  10 cents worth of sleeve so that she  may wear 65 worth of glove.  A woman may not be able to  propel a stone with accuracy, but  when it comes to throwing hints  she rings the gong nine times out  of a possible ten. THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  BULBS  From France, Holland and Japan.  SEEDS, TREES, PLANTS  For fall planting. Reliable varieties at reasonable^prices. Fertiliz  ers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,  Spraying Material, Cut Flowers,  etc. Oldest established nursery on  the mainland of B. C. Catalogue  free.  M. J. HENRY  3010 Westminster ltoail,  VA.NCOUVKH  HARDY &  General Merchants, Midway, B. C.  Hay and Grain always  on hand. Sleighs and  Wagons and Implements  of all kinds carried in  stock. The very best  goods   at right   prices  Special Value  Ladies  and Gents'  Secretaries  Close out Sale Continued.  A. L. White's  The   Furniture  Man  Pioneer?  Hotel...  Greenuaood, B. C-  The eldest hotel in the city, and still  under the same management. Rooms  comfortable, mealp tqunl to anv in the  city, and the bar supplies only the bes:  Corner of Greenwood and Government  streets.  J. W. Nelson  SEVEN SENTENCE SERMONS.  Tbe Kootenay Saloon  Sandon, B. C., has a line 01 nerve  bracers unsurpassed in any mouo-  tain town ot the Great West. A  glass of aqua pura given free with  spirits menti.  A man's first duty is to educate  his conscience.���������Charles Gore.  No solemn, sanctimonious fact  I'll pull, nor think I'm pious when  I'm only hillioiw.���������Thomas Hood.  The modern heterodoxy, beside  which all others sink into insignificance, is the neglect by men and  women of the first elements of tlie  science of living.���������J. Brierley.  It is our greatest good fortune to  live in an age when our Bible is  being slowly revealed as the best  utterance and reflex of the nature  and needs of the s'Uil of man.���������  Charles Cuthbert Hall.  They love tiuth best who to themselves  are. true,  And what they dare to dream  of, dare  to do ���������Lowell.  Temptation is the opportunity  the devil gives a man to do wrong,  and God gives him "to do right.���������  Clara Shattuek Eager.  .Simply to do what we ought is  an altogether higher, diviner, more  potent, more creative thing than  to write the grandest poem, paint  the most beautiful picture, carve  tbe mightiest statue, build the  mightiest statue, build, the most  worshipping temple, dream out 'he  most enchanting combination of  melody and harmony. ���������George  Macdonald.  Pithy Sayings.  Our conscience, and God, and  our own immortal souls must always have the benefit of the doubt,  and never mice our suppi-sed interests, or our affections, or our  appetites.���������Dr. Alex. White.  I believe that the fre������������ development of conviction is. upon the  whole, the system most in favor  both of truth and of charity'. ��������� \V.  E. Gladstone.  If I have made, one weary life the  brighter.  If  I   have eased  another's toil  and pain.  If  I  ha������-e  made some comrade's  burden lighter���������  I have not lived in vain.  ��������� Norman Cole.  We forget that there may lie  many duties, but among them all  there is a first and a last and that  we must not fulfill the last before  fulfilling the first, just as one must  not harrow without ploughing.���������  Tolstoy.  Part of the very nobility of the.  devotion of the true workman to  his work consists in the fact that ������  man is iiot daunted by finding that  drudgery must be, done; and no  man can really succeed in any walk  of life without * good deal of what  is called pluck ���������Ph. rTanierton.  I CONTRACTOR     I  [     AND BUILDER |  ������   Dealer in a  |    Windows, Dots, |  I      Turned Work and    |  | Inside Finish, j  | SHINGLES, BRICK, ETC. |  | MANITOBA |  I Wood Fib/e Plaster I  PHONE   65 1  GREAT  NORTHERN  RAILWAY  ROUTE  OF  THE    .  ORIENTAL   LIMITED  TRAIN   LEAVES  MIDWAY DAILY....". 8:50 A. M.  ARRIVES....! 6:25 P. M.  t lose connection at Spokane for  Pacific 1 oast and   Eastern   Points.  Stage to and Troiii Grcnwood  rneets'trains at Midway.  For Further Particulars Apply  P. H. Burnham, D. F. & P. A.,  Grand Forks, B. C.  W. A. Ross, A. (;. I'. A..  Seattle, Wash.  KASLO HOTEL  KASLO B  O  Is  a  comfortable  home   for all  who travel to that city.  COCKLK & PAPWORTH.  Arlington  Hotel  GREENWOOD  Has  ample accommodation   for a  large number of guests.    Pleasant  Booms and a Good  Table.    Sunday Dinners a Specialty.  Mks. Ada Bkknakd. to  3  THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  EVOLUTION OF HONESTY.  A few hundred  years ago  business was transacted mostly thron<rh  fairs, ships and .by   peddlers.'   The  merchant  was a peripatetic rogue  who   reduced   prevarication   to a  system.       From   these   gradually  .evolved the store, with the methods  and  customs  of  the  irresponsible  merchant intact, and  meii cheated  tlieir  neighbors   and   chuckled   in,  glee until their  neighbors   oheit.eil  them,  which of. course  they  did.  Then they  cursed  each  other, be  gair again, and   did   it all  over  John Quincy Adams tells of a certain deacon win kept a .-tore near  Boston who always added the year  1775   as   seventeen     dollars   and  seventy five  cents.      The  amount!  of  misery,   giief.   disappointment,  shame,   distress,    woe.   suspicion,  and hate caused by a system which  wrapped   up  one  thing   when the  buyer   expected   another, and took  advantage of his innocence und ignorance as to qtialitv  and   value,  cannot,   be   comput'd   in   figure:.  Suffice it to say  that duplicity in  trade   has   had   to go.. ��������� The self  preservation of the. race, demanded,  honesty, square dealing, one   price  to nil     The change Oame only after  a Mruggle, and   we are   not   quit**  sure of the one  price  yet.'��������� Elbert  Hubbard.  Wealth and P verty.  On- the couth.cut of N-'ith  America there are at the present  moment KlO.OflO pauper-. 100.000  criminals in piNon, 20 000.youths  in reformatories, and 100,000  women leading live* of shame. In  contrast, with such poverty, think j  or the massing of wealth in the republic Thcio are over 5 000 mil  lionaires in the United States 68  millionaires in Cleveland, 75 in  Cincinnati. 60 in Baltimore. 35 in  St. Paul, 50 in Minneapolis. 200 in  Detroit. 500 in New York state,  and 1,200 in New York city. In  one of the finest parts of New  York city there is a mile of residences, each one the home of a  millionaire���������a mile of millionaires  When men of wealth consecrate  ihcms-clves 1o the n.-'Mls -of humanity a new day will dawn.���������  New York World.  he.upvqlent- and elderly lady tpok  mi'ieli enjoyment j|i;.>-eeii>g the delight of the*'children, who were disporting themselves in-;her grounds..  She went from one to'another'  8'iying a few kind words' to' each j  Presently she seati d herself in the]  gra>-s beside^'' Tommy, a little boy|  with golden curls and an angelic'  expression ��������� But as soon as he observed her ..sitting beside him, he  set up.an i-ar piercing,howl  Have yon-fthe. stoiuach-ache?  sh'1 asked, anxiously. ��������� ���������   '.  No.- I ain't ! snapped Tommy.  Perhaps- you would like some  more cake ?  No! roared the angelic child.  Wot I want is my fr.ig, wot',I  catched !  Frog?  Ves, mv frog! You're silting  on it. -    .  Brotherly Love.  Tom gazed at his 4-day old sister .with an expression of the keenest disappointment. The joys of  brotherho'd were not so pleasant  as heanticipated. ������������������Mother mayn't  I go play with the boys?' he  a������ked at. length.  ���������'. I thought; you were going to  stay .with sister always, and never  leave her to play with the boys.''  she teased him.  ������������������ But., mother." he Unreel out  iinpa'ienily. '���������you know tint if I  staved in ��������� all : fternoi.n. yn.u  wouldn't a< much as let me toich  her, aud you can see for voiirself  she's not much ,to look at."���������L'p-  piucott s.  'I here is no lack of provisions in  Haz'-lton, although the camp is shy  on champagne, green turtle soup,  d.ives and canary birds;  - -    '- j i    '   .  Is the-home- for all tourists     ... -���������  'and millionaires visiting New  ��������� 'Denver.   British ' Columbia.  ' . ,  HEHRY.   STEGE.   PROPR.  ��������� ��������� i '������'"'-   '   ��������� ���������'���������> '      -' -      ���������  of the Mainland Cigar caii be  seen all o^er British Columbia.  Made in Vancouver by Wm.  ' Tietjen," and sold on the road  by Nat.  Darling.  Hotel Ladysmith  The   bcFt-nppointed worUingman's  lio'ei   in  the   city.   The finest "of  . liars, sleeked with the beet Wines,  Liquors and Cigars.   Lighted with  - Kleeiririty. ��������� "Hi.fainl old  baths.  Bates: Board and  Room, $1 a day  OLA LOFSI'AD   -   -   PROPRIETOR  Choice Fruit  LANDS  For Sale at $1", ������12 and $'.r>  Per Acre.  R. J. STEEL  NELSON. B. C  Eleventh Annual  Winter Carnival  Better  than ever  What He Wanted.  It is hard sometimes fm- I lie old  and the \oung to arrive at a common point of comprehension. The  old lady and the Sunday school  boy in the following story, taken  from Answers, did finally arrive at  an understanding, hut. not until  the boy had suffered damage to his  feelings, if not to his possessions.  A picnic was  iu   progress, and the  Under the auspices of the Rowland Carnival Association.  Hockey, Ski" Jumping, Snowshoc Rices. Skating, To-  boganing, Curling Bouspiel,  Hrrse  Race-*. M*sk Dance,  FEB'Y 4 T  j. s.  Splendid Sport. Handsome Trophies and Prizes. A  (Land Programme from Tuesday to Saturday Night.  Reduced Transportation Rates.   For information apply to  C.  FRASER, A. B.  MACKENZIE,  President. Secretary and Manager. THE    LEDGE,    GREENWOOD,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  TSEJVlOfiT HOUSE  Nelson. B. C, is run on the  the American and European  plan.'- Nothing yellow about  the house except the gold in  tue safe.  Meilorje   &   Tnegilfas  The Gfreemuood Bi������aneh  Nelson  Iron Works  Is now prepared to make  all kinds of Iron, Brass or  Copper Castings. First-  class    work    guaranteed.  Geo. JW. Holt,  Hlanagep.  CANADBAW  THE NATIONAL  HIGHWAY  For those who could not get  away during the busy Holiday  Season,   we recommend  !    BANFF  Two weeks in this ' Far-  Famed Sanitarium, with its  Sulphur Baths and ffrst-class  Hospital arrangeiuenrs, is just  the place to build up and get  a fresh start. Rates, $2.50  per day and up.  Standard Sleeping cars and  First-Class  TOURIST SLEEPERS  on all Through trains. Correspondence invited and  cheerfully answered.  For particulars call on local  agents or address  .1. BIOK. D.  P. A., NolROii.  K. J, COYL.K, A. G. P. A.  Vimo������uv������r  ^*^^^fc^������. -Vfe'va/ve. ^v%W  The Man Who Beat Napoleon.  Did the Duke of Wellington  really utter that oft-repeated sentence concerning Napoleon, " The  fellow is not a gentleman." Oscar Browning is trying to trace the  thing in the interest of historical  research, and has not yet hit upon  any positive authoritative evidence.  There was humor of a dry kind  in the conqueror of Waterloo, and  it came out in the story told by a  lady whose French poodle once  ran into the grounds of Walmer  Castle. "'Blucher.Blucher!'' called  the fair owner of the poodle to the  disobedient animal. The old duke  looked over the wall. " Madam,"  said he, "time was when I. too.  would have been extremely glad to  sec Blucher."  The number of people who have  personal reminiscences of the great  duke is growing small. Among  them is tho wife of Spencer Wal-  pole, who remembers playing as  a. child in the girdens .of Apde.y  House. The old duke came out  and the children stood in a row-  while he passed. He stopped and  said to one of them : .'��������� ^ ou are a  very nice little fellow ; .when yuii  are old enough I will give urn a  commission in the Guards. ' ������������������But  I am a dirl, Mr. Dook," said the  child.  standing at the curtain "peephole"  sizing up the audience.  '���������How's the house, Willie?"  a������ked another player.  '' Well.'' answered Collier, "there  are some out there, but we're still  in the majority, old hoy ; still in  the majority 1"  Resources of Science.  A Cornell professor gave a scientific lecture in a. church   recently,  and  at  the  lecture's end he said,  beaming at the audience :  "Now, if there ia any scientific  question that any of my friends  would like to a������k. I beg them not  to hesitate. I shall be only too  happy to answer any enquiry iu  my power."  An old lady in spectacles that  gave her a severe, cturn look, rose  and said :  '��������� Why do wet tea leaves kill  cockroaches?"  The scientist didn't know they  did, let alone the cause of the  phenomenon, but never at a loss,  he replied :  '��������� Because, madam, when a roach  comes across a wet tea leaf, he  says, "hello, here's a blanket,' and  wraps himself up in it, catches cold  and dies."  The Butcher's Inference.  One day Emperor Francis Joseph  was entering a village in his domain on horseback, and was met  on the outskirts by a butcher -who  had gone out in the hope of catching an early glimpse of the, Aus-  ti ia. > kaiser. The emperor asked  the butcher the way to an inn, and  after directions had been given,  the butcher in turn enquired :,  " Have you seen the kaiser?"  ��������������� Very recently," answered   Fran-  ci������������ Joseph.  ������������������Are you sure? Do you know  him certainly?" asked the eager  butcher.  . "' Well, I ought to." replied the  mouaich, puffing out nis chest.  " I have shaved him often enough."  "Ah, and you are the court h-n--  her," said the abashed butcher in  awestruck tones, as he d. ft'ed his  cap and bicked to,the roadside.���������  Washington Post.  '.-��������� Generous Man !  There was not even standing  room n the 6 o'clock crowded ear."  hut one more passenger, a young  woman, wedged her way along just  inside the doorway. Each time  the car took a lurch forward she  fell helplessly hack, and three  times she lauded in the arms of .i  large comfortable man nn th" back  platform  The third time it happened he  said, quietly : "' Hadn't you better  stay here?"���������Philadelphia Ledger.  STARKEY & CO.  nelson, b. c.  wholesale  dealers in  Produce   and   Provisions  Job Printing at The Ledge.  Still Ahead.  Willie Collier, the comedian, was  an irrepressible member of a barnstorming combination which some  ten years ago did the "tank '  towns of the Middle. West.  The company had been doing a  poor busineas for several weeks  when a certain town in Illinois was  reached. Just before the curtain  went np I hat  night,  Collier was  J. R, Cameron.  Leading Tailor of the  Kootenavs.  Sandon, B. C.  Tiie Hotel Sloan  Three Forks, B. C, is the leading  hotel of the oity. Mountain trout  and game dinners a specialty.  Rooms reserved by telegraph,  Hugh Niven. Prop.


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