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The Ledge Feb 14, 1907

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 ! Ci V
��� IV*
v. uvy^-
'*--"-"> --.iVt',"> ,,r V
'y*>',  --
1 ',1 V   J    "(I tJ '��� >    ���>/'
^    ' f  M . -�����  "-J.     > ���    ^
!' J <"
r u
. -H^M.. .fc.lh  /    \   U
AND-V-   ',
-- t
���*t v
if  S' '    i,
Vol XIII.'
.    "i��t-
greenwood; b; a,-Thursday, pebr-uar\m4; r9or. -
- v       ^J.    f    \   J V-'j-l' j
Frank Rice went afp'to'thc Silly'
Satuiday 'last to, doMihdergiound
Survey work., '       ri ���      ���        -
The shaft on the'CresceWFiac-
fion is down '130 lect all iii 01.1-.
The vein is about^a loot imwidthr
The tunnel on tlie R>i in liter near
fieaveidell, Ms'in' neaily V40 luet.-
An upraipe will he  made fiom*thi-
to tlie' shaft.    . ,.
Robert  Wuoil   went up to Be.iv-
erdell S<iturduy to person.illy sup
ervise the  work being"done on the
Sally  mine. /A- shipment,of  ore
will shoitly be "made.    ,. ,   -
Ore  is. being taken  out of-the,
Providence north*"of-tho poiphyry
dyke at the 300-IeveK    Tiiis i- the
6rst ore encountered north of tlie
dyke, and may prove continuous.
300 tons "<laih) .will' be handled
llii-onglw'liutijs to; the lower tuli-'
nel,' thus'/doing , away witli (lie
urc-olit s\hfein ol small binslit'seV-
eial  plaee's, ���-Ana'eond,i.!N'ews.    '��
Just received a shipment"" of
Swift's -Sug.n- Cuied ^IPuns and
Pieiniuin^ Bicon.       Ru-'jell-Lciw-
Caulfi-ld Co ,.' v   ' ^  '.,V>
whoso pi obi ty; they , could relj^, to
guard their rigjitsjw^w'ell li'i'give
them wise ,counsel./J I\\ his death
the, province losop'a, valuable''civil
S'M-vant and/-tlu: ,di-tiiet a.good^
citizen.' Ilis bereaved ,\\idow alld
Otlier. telativfV,have ..the' lieart-ft'lli
��\ mjmthy of all."��� ITe'dlcy "Grizelte.'
"<" < For^good clean 'groeerip* and
prompt attention go to.IIunter-
Kendiickm. .-<������  ,     -     ( j- '
"Work' has beeirdiscoiitinfled' on
the Oro��"in Central', camp. The
claim was under bond to Mr. Hed-
ley of N"elson. About) 300 tons-of
Ore were ship'ped .fibm tlie propei-ty
from a - 52''foot shaft and'dr'ifts.'
The ore is copper -and averages
about -$30 to the'.tou. Work may
fee resumed in the spring.
Jas. \ Sutherland has taken
charge of development work on the"
Elkhorn mine; and has commenced
crosscutting^ north in the footwall.
Heretofore, with" the 'exception of,
fifty _feet in tho footwall, thc_\vbi'k
has been done'on tlie hinging, ,'lb
fa held by lhe"maj'ority_ of practical
miners who have esam'iii"ecl""the'
Elkhorn, "that" the' veiu'.wiir'bo
Struck by crcscutting north.    Mr.
. Sutherland expects to stiike_ihe
ore body with about twenty feet of
��� crosscntting, or 70 feet noifili from
the shaft.
J. W. Nelson has completed arrangements to commence work on
the Diamond Fraction and Texas,
a sufficient number-Mi iving joined
the syndicate to develop the property.. At the 300 .level on the
Providence ore has been stiuck
north of the porphyry dyk'e. If
fhis ore is in place, all that has to
be done on the Diamond is to sink
to the 300-Ievcl at the boundary
between the two "properties and
take up the lead -it tlie Piovidence
line. -The ore nort'i of the dyke
may be a drag, but development
work will prove whether this j., so
or not. It is expected sinking will
?)3 commenced on the Diamond
about tlie fust of <t:m-h.
Clnrles Anderson Richard -Lamfriyj
f ���.DuHrj��rnuaryr29th,Ja07.   ',
1 The  --iibii'Cb  of this bfief sketch
was a "Canadian" by  birth, .being'
born iii' the county'of Megan tie in
piovince.-of 'Quebec,-, on. May 1'4,
\So'27 ^ lie was of.-English descent,
liis father  having  been 'born on a"
British   frigate  in  the time of.the
French wars, about a century jigo,"
and Tiis   grandfather  commanded'
one  of Nelson's ships.- His eaiiv
1>03 hood  was spent'in  his native
county, but later the family moved
to     Uothwell;-'Ont."1,';where" he
adopted   engineering-"as* his-^pro-.
fession,   'serving, - apprenticeship1;
with'a civil  engineer"Jn B'othwell.
After working at-his "lprofes<3ion,on
eastern  tail ways 'for a tewKyears.
Mr. ,Lambty lett BtithweMjO'it.. on
Mav 27bliriS7S, en roixto'for Brib-
ish  Columijia,j travoting."'via. ;San
Frrtncisco and eventually''reaching'
New'We'-tiuinster.^ Ilis'first'work'
-in   British  Columbia  was' in. the
'customs,at New Westminster", un-
"der "Mr.   Low;e, until the spring of
1-S79,  lie accepted a .position of as-,
sistant engineer/indenMr" Hamlin
and' sfartc'ii-f'jy fclle^tiortlrolrniii-
way work. - L"aving  Port. Easing-
ton,   Juno  10th,   1S7S,   his  party
tr.iveled  up  tho rivor  for^sitteen
daj'S  until  they reached the folks
of the Skcena and weio engaged in
locating railways in that conntiy,
in  the " Peace . river   district "and
*_/ Twenty-six,Cent Copper""/
j The financial 'Times of Boston,
an authotity on ' metal imatters,.
says 1 hat copjx-r.is rapidly shaping
toward-, the 2G cent point"and'that
May delivery is <iiow "quoted at
25-Vicents the^po'und. ' Here id in
part what it has to 8(13' of tlie cop-(
pel-.situation': -
The statementsvfqr the last half
of.January show a decreasoMn the
visible supply of the inetal amount-
ingjto 7',000' tons���while the stocks
on hand for a period"of fifteen clays
'���the la^t 'half-/of .the" month,
showed an .actual depreciation of
700 ton's.      "". '   ^  -'."i,   t
These'-'figures-"denote the gains
that"-the positiou .of the metal is
making" from the statistical stand-,
pointy which .-have, steadily been
{predicted'in this article. /'.-",��� ''
fc Some, of tlie largest of,the local
metal dealers state that-they have
at least 50 per cent, moie inquiries
this year than they had at a c:or-
respomliug period o? the.^preceding
-year..       >'-'!_       '""   '" ' ,
These interests believe'.that they
have to deal with another important factor^ in the steady decrease
which is tjeing made hv the supply
of second-hand metal."    "'   /
Tliis  has' been constant!}' grow_;
>>As'iir the, slast'. quart pi of 1900
\it' looks as'if the'London buying
would lead' the copper,-maiket for
some    tune;^'q'; come.'��� Rossland
Miner     .    ,   '  s ���   > -
���   -. ;��� '- <
The  Odd   Follows have dncided
tn  ofPr a'' cash,-prize of,12 50"for
t <    - \~
the most elaborate-costume at their
miieqiieradl' on.Fjb?-18fch  in the
Masonic hall.
For bargains'see' the twenty-five
rent croukery * window at ITunter-
Kendrick's store. "'* \
For -Sale���Ay,- six octavo1 piano
Almost 'as good as
case  organ .
new. yApply Mrs"/.V. 'Dynes, Gold
v i ' ���  '     , V
(A'lk^J." F." Bledsoe in Nelson Daily News,
-. \" -    January'20t1i,/-I907.)
..' ~! I'EBRUARY, 2ND, I907���IO P. St..
I \   We aie losing,"we are losing,
My followers, I fe"ar. - i
""   Through the telephone I'm using,
/��he dreadful iiews I hear.
-" 'Vancouver will not have us,
' " _ And Victoria's''gone about,
No slanders now. can save us,'
Since McKay is winning out     v
- And thatFernie seat, the Tones stole,
. Has gone to- them once .more
We're certainly in a'hole���
; 'I guess we'll have but four
The G. T. P. would'school usj      - '
, -r Aud the Ottawa machine      f
^Has tried too hard to fule,'us,     \
"And showed their hand too plain.
That "Northern Light,' they sent us,,
' '; 'Like an ignis f.ituus shone.
lavish-we'd tried a clean'campaign,
And tban we might have won.
Midway,--February 4tllf 1907:
-  "  ' - "   ~      _S\'\lSJOXI.S.
At the B. C. Copper Co\s. Oro
Denoro mine work is at pre-e-t in
progress on the' new1- ore bin. Tlii-
will be 40 x IG feet in-ide, divided
into three compartment-* ca"li 20
feet in depth. The bin will he
built on a 12 fcofc found ition. and
will have two styles of ore chuter
���one for loading tlie low flai t convertible caiy, and the other for ordinary oro dumps. A newt-put
���on a much lower level- than tlie
Great Northern, is t-horth to be
built to the bin by tho Canadian
Pacific. A crushing plant, which
\yill handle tho total output from
tho Oro Denoro is to be instill led
at this point. The- crusher is being furnished by the Itadfield Co.,
of Sheffield, England. The ran-
-chine, which will bo driven by an
.electric motor, is to be rriade entirely of steel, and has an opening
"24 x, 18 inches in size, The
crushed oro will be carried to tlie
bins on a conveying bolt 100 feet
in length, and will bo di.stributed
to any desired compartment of the
bin by an ingenious arrangement
of a cross bolt. Whou this plant
\r finished tho  entire output of tlie
Peace river
along the Fiaser, being .engaged in
this for about ten years, when with
tlie commencement of the movement for seeming construction of
the' Shuswap & Okanagan, he
moved into tlie upper Okanagan oi
Spallumcheen. wh-rc hi-> brothes.
Thorn is and Hubert weic ranching
at Endcrbv. Shortly after he en-
tcied the provincial government
service, first as assess->r~~aiul afterward- as mining reeoidei. y'hl
c mimiwoner, -tipencli'in in-i^i-
Hate aiwl government .ig<-nt, In
tlie -ei vice of tlie pi- ivim-jal sjm-
��� t*umoilt he had bpej -rationed it
Kudi.-rby, llo-k Creek, 0 imp--A[
Kiiiney. Umxoih " and FairvicA.
most -of tlie time at the latter two
pi,ices, eoming to Fab-view from
Osoyus iu   lSi)S>.    I5e * eld i -our-
niis-ion of ju-tiee ol the \h a \ ln-n
onl\r 27 yais of :ige
,u 1807 he m.ii lied Ile-ii-i
lliyne-, dilifgllti'i- of the late ,/udj;.'
!Li3 ne-. IJ-sid-'- hi >vi 1 > v h ���
feavc-i tw-i> chihiivn, tlie i-ldi st
about ft yeais old and tlieyo-nigest
an infant in anus.
He w is a Mavin of so ue thirty
year.sstanding, becoming a tueiiiln'r
of tin) craft in JS77. and was one
oLthc cliaiter members of Eadcrhy
lodge. He was also a gunner iu
the artillery at New Westminster
in the early eighties. It was in his
official capacity, during his long
and efiieio.it service for the government iu this district, that he
was bejfc known, and very few
could have filled the position with
the skill and judgment which he
displayed. Among the. early pros-
pectots were many whose respect
for law and order was not of tlie
highest, but in Mr. Liunbly they
found an oflicer who upheld the
dignity of the luw without antagonizing   them,   ami   they in time
'ing" less-*diiTing^rtlic'Wtir(f twelve-
months of/1906. Formerly always in good'supply on demand,
the price hW now ris^n to an
equality with that of tlie new
metal, and it is stated that onlj
,the very impure grades will hereafter be sold at figures lower than
mine production.
1 Metal dealers geneially believe
chat tin- will hi ing into the market a new demand'-for new metal
which the situation is- not eapible
of meeting,    i
-" The pi ice for tin- met il i-* now
-olidly on the-''2o'cent basis, no
metal is being plac-J either for
fiitine or -p->t delivery for b-s-, than
twent\-Q\-e cent-, and eenctally the
pries    shades    lowaul-   2Y>   ci nt-
Mian lower.
M .3
d��livei v -1- 11 in quoted at
2.1 \  �����<���
i.t-   the po'put l��ofli I'oi -pot
,*-.i   fi.
iUI 1       'It'llV IV.         >Tu    JdlH
��� .������ .'iii
nii'iit-   h.'V"    ,��� >   v- t    i-'iiiii
i,iti> tin- marker,' l>nt it Ts 1 xpeetod
Hi it tliev will do so in the vei'3'
nevii fn.ture -1 iid that before the
month of Feliruurv is over the
maiket will l>e -old thro-ugh to
July. This will give it a-olid look
that it has not pieVioii-ly had.
��ietal piodueers feel so sure of
the situation that they are refusing
deliveiies into the late summer
and fall months as they feel that
they will in iko more money by
holding off until later when better
prices can bo in ido than if the
metal were contracted for at this
English firms are very much
worried over tho "position of tlie
London market, and they ni'o do
tug n good deal- of independent investigation on their own account.
The result lias been tlint they
have become (Irmly convinced of
tlie- state of the metal market and
consequently tlioy havo been very
much mofo vigorous in their attempts to get future commitments
of the metal.
It is stated that tho statistical
position of the metal is so acute on
the London Exchange that all advance in price must  come from
Nelson - '-��� *   i
_ Joe Carter  is spending a month
in Boston. ;v   "    C* ,<
C'The'guests at'the^'Sfiathcond all
read Nelson's evening paper.
By bloving land and rock for %o
an acre and selling it for $100 an
acre is the way one Winnipeg firm
is helping out Kootenay.
Colonel Tomkins is already preparing for the coming tourist trade
of next summer.
Dr. Hall will go to Victoria iu a
-horfc time to enjoy a deserved
Similkam-een Rid.ng:
The vote in the Similkameen iid-
ing, although not as large as at the
pievious election, gave Mi. Shat-
foid a much larger majority. Mr.
Shutford is- to be congratulated
upon his sj^endid nnijoritj'. It is
al-<- a matter lor congratulation
tli it tlicit huge territory known as
the WWr b\i!ic will be icpresented
in tne ligi-l'ituie l>\ asuppoiter
,>f Tne guvi i-nineiit. Following is
tlie vote |iol|ed;
Shatford Curtis Winkler
. ; It' is lep'oited that  the Buffalo
group  at  Gold' hill   has .changed
.hands! ''"-nd, that a force of mineis-
^are-busy developing the same.
i-,The ,rJecla   group   of claims is
slid' to ;havo the best showing in
this"dlstrict.    Jack Chism^ is cross-
cutting the lcadfwliich- he will "tap
at a,depth of 150 feet.���
;������ The" C.   P.   R: Lumber Co.' has
C. i    1 t,      ��
shut down ^tlieir Oerrard sawmill
until Mu-ch 1st when it will cut
70,000 feet a day uiitil'tlie end'of
the season._ Three logging camps
'are operated by the company, and
all; comers are_ hi red "at' fi om j>3"a
day .upwards.
"��� The IIunter-Kendrick - Co.. are
cleaning out all their fancy china-
ware and crockery at very low
prices.    , . -
.   \    .In the Siocan'    .
'Tleniy Stege is confined  to his
house in New Denver.*
V The yellow flag has been raised
once or twice this winter- v
Bob Ivirkwood lias gone to Boston for a few weeks. ;
The Mollie'Hughes is shipping
another car of ore.
New Deliver is getting ready ti
receive* atfvaKny,. of tourists ne^ct
summer."     '
The Mountain Chief will resume
operations in the near future.
The groceiy w indow at Ilunter-
Kendrick's^ is f.ull of bargtiusin
fancy crocke^'.
Talon tines all styles and prices
at Coles & Filth. - -
M-rs. Anderson will be in Greenwood on Feb. 16th with 50 beautiful costumes to lent for tho I. O.
O. F.* ball on Feb>lSth. For particulars see Fred B. Holmes.
Stalled in Snow
Leavenworth, Wash., Feb. 12.���
Eleven hundred passeugers on two,
crowded Great Northern trains
have been stuck here since v-ester-
dav* afternoon with little prospect
of moving west before tomorrow.
Tho delayed passengcis are angry
with the officials for letting them
out of Spokane when theie seems
so little possibility of getting to
their destination.
Five women and two children,
chilled to the bone,'reached here
last night from another stranded
tiain in the Cascades, having
tiamp-d 20 miles in the soft snow.
Tbe3 complain of discrimination in
favor of Putlruin pas-engers, an'i
say they suLs'stcd for five days ou
beans and bisi-uits.
Jas. McCieath returned Sunday
from a business trip to Spokane.
'J'. L, Feency and bride returned
Sunday last fi om* their honeymoon
trip. - * " >
E. G".'- "Warren left for Victoria
Tuesday, and will'be g'onc,about a'
week. '       '-*'-..
* f v
' Bruce Craddock left.for the Coast-
Tuesday., and will go north iu
March.  '    . t
Cha��.  Russell an��VW. Src^rillan
*"     - * *
are in "Rossland this- week plajing
hockej'. - -
* Tom Taylor of Kevelstoke, has
acccptcdthe portfolio of Piovincial
Secretary in the McBride government.    '
��� The band b-^s left f.��r Rossland
Tuesday morning to furnish music
for the carnival and will be gone
all week.       <  .
S. Bany Yuill and lamily left
Friday last for the coist. Mr.
Yuill intends going north in the
the spiing.
A mairiage license w.is issued at
tlie Government oflke on tlie 12th
inst. to Chas. KcI->on*and Hilda S.
Elmngrecn, both of Phoenix. ~"
The Propliet of the Times sa3'8
the Ledge defeated E. Gp. AVair-ii
tho Ledge didn't g<
pockets vvlHle doing
Possibly,' but tho Ledge didn't go
down   in   hi
52 ������
Hedlcy...,   . ,
Otter Flat .  .
Granite Creek..
Princeton. ...
Nickel Plate...,
Kcrcnieos  37.
Ohilla  m.
Green Mount....    6.
White Lake .... 2.
Fairvicw  23.
Cp. Fairview    3
Okanagan Fulls,,. 13
Pcntictoit  31.
Sidley  12
Beaverdell  3
Westbridge   5  7. a..
Rock Creek  36  16 0..
Camp McKinney. 8  2 1.,
. 42 .
.. 5
... 3 ���
.'. 1..
.'. 2,.
..24 .
.. 7..
.. 2 .
.. 1..
.. 3 ���
��� ��� 5 ������
.. 7..
������3 ���
.1 .
.1 .
-3 ���
}nj.uo (ennui to between *J00 nnd'Jcavncd   to  find   in  him aiuun jn I that oiiiu-ter.
���   -    GerrarJ
Although there is six feet of
snow on the level II. Crawford
still makes time between here and
Lardo   with  his "old junk shop."
The Lennoxville hotel hero is
doing a good business. Ed Mohln,
tho genial and portly proprietor is
always ready to e\tcnd the glad
hand to all comers without regard
to race, color, creed or past career.
Ho gives evey man from Green-
wopd a free chink.
The I. O. O. F. masquerade ball
on Feb. 18 promises 10 be the
event of the year. Benides
tlie many costumes being made
here, Mrs. Anderson will bring
from Spokane 50���all different.
Tho-c desiring coitJmes should
sec Fred B. Holmes at once.
so.        > -
George.. Bill of Nelsou, B.
C, has accepted a position -villi
E. W. Bishop, ancfvviil be" hero to
take up his duties Saturday morning.
L. M. Elkins lias purchased the
property on Coppe.'stiect oceupied
by the C. P. 11. Telegraph and
Thomas Thomas fiom Bruce Craddock.
J.'L. "White, of White Bros., returned from tlie coast "Wednesday.
He reports the campaign in Yic-
toiia as beiirg a warm one and the
result a smpris?.
Dr. Sidnev'S., and Mrs. Oppen-
heimer arc receiving congratulations from their 11U113' friends on
the biithofason, which oocuned
Friday, Stli February, 1D07.
Today is St. V dentine's day,the
tlie clay on which people send remembrances to their friends and
enemies according to their tastes.
The refinement of a person cm be
failly judged by the valentines he
or stic buys.
George MjKenzie,   a brother of
grade.-    Huukr-ICendrick Co.l--ar<��yL*,:i^, -S'-'jl'i
distributors."      -     , ?.'   \^'.['if'..r\\'','A'l}
Try' New England bread.smad��{ {]>p"4
only at the. Greenwooll , Bakery,?;' ^'k'gV^f
���Copper St.. '       ,   ,      ;_,rti """'"?. W^
The. L idies' Aid -of/the Presby '; -'"'"- ^>4
terian chui ch \vill gi ve a sleighing - ^T * tf^-C'rf
(party' and supper.Saturday eveu-.-^fV'Vr-^'
ing, leaving the corner of Greerv;V'i'r'"v\r^jy4t
wood and Government streets afc'8,' *' /'' ^V^-s
o clock. ' .    -      - ,, ir' r*,'  ,,��� - -,i > vW
Considerable interest   is ''beinr-'^'  ^ff^*'1
j \ c fJ*&   - T    ? ���*��*? ���I*J����
rtakpn"in the wrestling match in the^-
;Auditorinm     tomorrow    evening;
bctween Joe, H'einiich of Spokane^
and Everett Baker- of Greenwood.";- :r ~\ T.^J
Hoinrich i3" to throw -Baker'three f,;-:^'^
limes   in   one   hour  or   lose 'tthe-V"? ;'J,. ���y^-
match.    Admission 50c and $1.00."
Mr&. McArthur was t'iken east" -
Friday last to Collingwood, OntM.'
for interment.' " Ilei son Peter at>/��,
companied the remains. Adarge ,
number of f.-iends -of deceased at- \
tended the funeral from the'resi-t
dencoof C. J. McArthur to the" C"
71    r
- t      $*^  r
���v   -""?%
? r *.    * *
P.   R.   station.     Tlie pallbearers '
were G. B.   Taylor,   J. -L. Cotes,\, /.
John  O'Brien,   E.   T. rWickvvire,'   -
C. J. Eales, aud WmC'Madjle'n.,,,  ' ""
W.   G.   Gaunce,  has again, as- -^
sumed     editorial . charge- of   the'^
Boundauy Creek .Times.     It"ap->r"r
peai s  that tho, prophet yvas only in ��   ,
charge ' while    campaign    truths
and ��20 Molson .bills were being,
distiibutcd throughout the^riding:   '
The logical infeience is ��hat Mr. _
paign    purposes,    therefore    the- ,'
prophet and his-predictions.
Will  H'll of Vancouver, rep-resenting the Alexander Mailing Co.r
of Brandon,   Man., manufacturers
of the Premier  Hungarian flour,   -
was  in  the city   yesterday.    Mr,
Hill  has just returned  from a trip
to  "Winnipeg and other Mimtoba,
points.      Manufacturing   on   the
priirie has bsen bad iv handicapped' "
this winter owing, to the scarcity of
fuel and tho low water.    Some of    -,.
the "Winnipeg; mills tint have been
using electric power-were compelled     -
to shut down  and others had to-'-
fall back  on  their steam   plants.   "������
The Alexander Milling   company
use gas r.s v. ell as electiic power, "    .%
and   were able te put on the mar-   '
ket their usu il output of between
700 and S00  barrels   daily.    The
distributors   of   the  Premier flour
in  this  district arc   ITunter-Keri>
tfriek  Co., Smith <!t McEwen anil'
riimU & Co.
*-"- lr ��''
��� *�����;-,
Hut. i&?
l" "> .X
the chief of police, airived in the
city on a visit the evening befoie \ A- D- n��H��W, leader of the
election. He has been up the j Given wood band, was seen 3 ester-
Ket lie river for a few ckusi, and M'V nn<1 stotod that Jie was very-
will  leave for Ilazleton this week. >lK'h  ^appointed by Uie non-ar-
j n'val  of a unifoirns for the band in
! time for the Rossland carnival.   It
{was ordeicd some time since, but
for vaiivius reasons,  the chief of
which   was   the difficulty experienced  in  getting the cloth, delivery   has  been  (Mayed.    The unifoirns are   to   be   of   riflegreen,
tiimmed  with  red.  .They arc not
t> 0 showy, but arc very serviceable
and    lasting.       Tho   Gieo lwood
bind   was organi/znl   in 1898, and
it  was  not till 1903 that Mr. Hal-
week,     lie  had  been wot king on i lett to-ik ch-trge as leader.    It has
his claim  about thice milcn above 1 been very successful ever since and
Hock  Creek,  and   it is thought in s lias    readied    a    high   ntate   of
opening   a   bax   of detonators hot icfuvienrv.      This   is  the result of
where he has a general storj.
Geo'. M.-iyn.-ud, of Port Girling,
Out., but formerly of Greenwood,
arrived in the city on the 2nd inst.,
and intends to remain in the west
Mr. Maynard was fortunate in deciding to come west during a political campaign, and ju,t arrived1
here in time to \ote.
John Link, for a number of
years residing near Rock Cicek,
was found dead neat- his cabin thi-
Tbe Kansa-' City Journal propounds this pu/zle:���Take the
number of your living brotheis,
double tlm amount, add it to 3,
multiply by o add it to the number of jour living sisters, multipl3
the result by ten, add tlie number
of deaths and subtract loO from the
result. The right figure will be
the number of deaths, tho middle
will be the number oi living sisters,
and the left will show tho number
of living brotheis.    Try it and see.
"What's the matter? You look
as if somethingextraordiiiiny litis
Something extraordinary hnsjii'-lies had probably fallen among | can ful and pains-taking efforts on
happened. Do you see that street J the caps causing an explosion re-; the part of tho leader and tin*
sweeper���the fellow who is stirring,-ulting in hi-, death. The Kiinniiis mcin'jciv. There' arc twenty
things up?
Yes.    Wh-it about him?
When he saw me coming, u
moment ago, he stopped mid didn't
were brought to Midway and wijl pieces in the band at pleseut. Th��
be inttined theie.    J),ceased was a 1 band is  very popular in this city
and  this is the third time that it
>as  had au engagement to play iit
native of'Finland, and about forty
ye.-it-rf of age.     It in  not known
try  to choke me with dust   nnd  whether ho  has any  relatives in j this   city' during   the carujvul -
gernii:, -L'aicago RccoiiWIciiild.     I this eouotiy or 110I. . Rowland Mirny,
��� 4
,; 1
M.  .J VI
;i .-J *,  .������?  ffVcfcirtfood, R. C, fob. 11. "l!)0f.  fWf GREKW()OU l.������D&ft  -^'pT-T'O-t-.TV ������������������T-w.-H    l->.-J������_-  .id.  iV(TJ *u' i  ���������U>  riTrrrTiijVgiiAitttiifcW'iqh'iiiiii'ftn^H'W  y#  Our annual stock-taking sale  is fro'w on. For the next two*  Weeks we will place-6fr clile our  complete stock of winter goods,  for men, women sfiVd; chiluren,-  at greatly reduced prices; This  is an opportunity of {rtircha'sing  seasonable p^oVfe at d'fecb'n'nts  varying irorfi W to GO' per cent.  1 Don't fail to fake advantage of it  RBNBBLL  Is-published e^ery Thursday nt GiWn-  #ood, B. S*, ttn& the price is j: a year,-  jiostz$ fre'c-'W all parts of Canatfa; United!1  States', iJlfttifo and Great Britain. To  A'ther countries it is sent postpaid for  ^���������\-50 a year. Mdrbii all Jetfett to1 Th'e  i,e<lge, Greenwood,- B. C.  R. t. LOWERY/  ������0lTOR   AND   FINANCIER:  "(GREENWOOD, ft   C , FE3. 14, 1907.  ������  TtiEBE were also* S301 Mbison's  jjank bills.    Did anyone say $100?  A liberal was caught in Van-  <cbn*er Tuesday, it is believcfl'it  ian be domesticated.  3&otV' abont that increased majority in Greenwood ? Did the Liberals have twenty-tbre'S majority  tor was it the Conservatives?  Thfc explanation of the Vancouver World on the result in the  province ist. the' mos6 brilliant  Journalistic feat that has happened.  The editor of the Ktidway Star  ������ajs ihtti not a Conservative wa*s to  tie seen in Greenwood on election  iiight-i Tho Staf man must have  teen "dbwfi and out" early iii the  .game: ^   The political editor and prophet-  hi the Boundary Cfeeii TfftieS has  4aken to the solitude of the conifers  ifeiace the election. Perhaps it is  just as .well. Tlie only difference  .between Cassandra1 and the prophet  i>f the Times was the former had  ithe "gift" btii no one wolild belies her, and the latter hasn't the  ���������"gift."    ���������T#E C. P: R. is* the only transcontinental road that has delivered  jnail regularly to this district during the recent storms either from  the west or the east. No coast  inail has come over the Great  'Northern system" to Greenwood in  ihe past two w eeks. The C. P. It.  lias been delivering ixiJtil every day  iluiing that period. Railroads encouraged by the Liberals appear to  be as unreliable as the' party supporting them. It is Bcldom that  Connections are made between Coa-t  flrcat NortiierH trains and the.  ������lson and Fort Sheppard and the  "V., V. E., the branch lines of that  System running iiito this district.  It is a generally accepted custoih  that writers receive complimentary  tickets to all entertainments in return- for   local   rf-fercnefc   iii  the  newppnper.     This  cufitHhi is not  .observed in Oreenwbdd;    instead,  itie  editor  is often asked to buy  iicketn.     Because a Htiwsp'aper office prints a few tickets or dodgers  fcir a concert or ball is no reason  ihatthe editor should purchase admission to tlie diUeftaintri'en't.   As  k  rule  the  person  Ordering job  printing gets value for the money  invested, nnd expects iu addition a  Jural reference to bo made iu the  t-olumns of the  paper.     Dances,  lectures and concerts are intended  for the entertainment  of person*  who have the lime anU inclination  ' it attend, but it is too much to ex-  fcect  the  Editor  to  buy  a ������1.50  Sieket for every $2 vvbrtli or printing he dw8, and then  give a ������5  cVHte-up of tho affair.  H U UBtoHJuhing the nurnber of  men. otherwise h6'nesta'nd-upright  in their dealings, who- will buy and  self vo'te's. ^fen whtfm" everyone  believe to be self-respecting will  hang ai-6'uncl tfre streets all tfay.  throwing out hints as'to their deal ffe' to Kelp' a cdndfkTa'te for pef-  so'na'I reasons, ^ut owing to great  incbnvenienc3 in getting to the  polls and financial difficulties, they  believe that some remuneration  should be forthcoming. Others at  the opening of a campaign are undecided, but if it c'ould be shown  to them" that Doe was a better reran  than Ro'e,- oV that tho party he fep'-  reSents would be of greater benefit  to the cb'untry th'ey wo'uld have no  hesitation in supporting D'oe. The  "showing" in a case of this kind  is either th'e cash enlightment or  tlie promise of a government situation. Others are more brazen.  The}' boldly go from one committee  room to another until they are  either kicked out or paid their  price, la commercial transactions  it is the buyer wko usually creates  the mafliet; and if there wfe'fft not  buyers of vote's there wo'ulu not.be  s*eilersj There was considerable"  buying and selling inGreenwood  ridiug in the campaign just closed;  Wheth'ef the candidates were  aware of this it is impossible to  say, but it is reasonable to suppose  that they were expected to deliver  the goolls if elected. Comparatively poor men cannpt spend  thousands 6'f dollars iu a"n election'  campaign. This being so, some  corporate or other influence was  behind the candidate, and this influence must have expected returns for the money invested. Men  do not scatter $20 and $30 bills  over an electoral district during a  campaign just for the pleasure" of  being liberal. There is something  behind this liberality.  Ricfcafd McBride's Gre2t Victory  The victory achieved by Hon.  Richard McBride in tile provincial  elections of British Columbia on  Saturday is a great tribute to' that  eminent - Liberal-Conservative  leader, and a well deserved rebuke  and reverse for the Ottawa govern-  m'e'ilt: Mr. Mo'Bride has given tlie  province over which lie rules clean  and businesslike administration;  lie ha* been a first-class minister  and has earned the esteem of his  fellow-citizens. Sir Wilfrid Laur-  ier dislikes Mr. McBride, first, lid-  c'ailsb' he is a Conservative, sec-  dndly, b'ecatise he refuses to make  his government Subservient and  useful to" the Ottawa machine, and  linally, because he lias persisted in  declining to give to tlie Grand  Trunk Pacific a huge slice of the  territdry of the province as a bonus,  after' tho precedent set by the l(oss  government in Toronto)  These" differences between Mr.  McBride and Sir \Viifrid Latirier  induced tlio" latter to undertake to  change the government of the province aud td put Mr. McBride out.  The first nltiveiiient with this end  in view was made at tlie prdvincial  conference on the subject of subsidies. The Ottawa goverriment  organized opposition to tho demands of Mr; McBride bn behalf of  the province, and refused to grant  the financial consideration sought  for. It wiw not influenced in tho  position it then took by an honest  consideration of the subject. Tho  evidence of this is to be found in the  circuit mcc   that   the  agents of  the Laurier government were  authorized to tell the people of  British' Columbia,during the recent  eb'u'fest that if they really'desired  to" have th'e' money STr Wilfrid  Laurier would! give ft to them if  ,r;ho verdict tlVey should render  were adverse' to' Mr. McBride.  The Ottawa grafters thus employed  the subsidy Question with a view  to corruptly influencing public  "opinion. They brazenly offered a  larger money subsidy for the province" as rt reward for the defe.it of  the provincial government. After  this move bad been taken the Ottawa machine assumed chah-ge of  the campaign against th'e popular  premier; Mr. Mclunes, governor  of the Yukon,- was withdrawn fro'iVi'  his post to lead' in the struggle on  behalf of his" Ottawa employers,  and cVne oi* Sir Wilfrid Lauricr's  .political.judges' wa's taken from the  bench to give an air of respectability to' the assault/ These agents  of the federal politicians1 deliberately chosen to' captrire the ma-  ehinery of legislation -for their  masters applied themselves to their  task and made slander their chief  we'apon. The people thus witnessed a 'cjjueer state of affairs,  narfre]3r, agents of tne notorious  '"rake-off" government at Ottawa  assuming virtuous aire as they denounced some snfall provincial  transaction to which they attempted to attach the flavor of  scandal.  The assault made by the Ottawa  men upon' tht? western province ha*s  been a d'ismal failure. The' government of Mr, iicBride is stronger  than ever, Messrs. Mctniies and  Henderson, the two chief representatives of the Ottawa ministers,  have not even secured seats for  themselves in the legislature.  Thus has Ottawa inte'rferefuc'o iu  provincial concerns for corrifpt.ancl  selfish purposes been fittingly punished. British Columbia's example in this contest is soniething  for the other provinces to follow.  Not one of them should permit the  grasping and dishonest Ottawa concern to get its grip or retaiu its  grip npoti the provincial govern-  in'erit.- The graft aud dishonest}'  practised at Ottawa ought td be  cemfined to that point until, by a  general rising of tho people, wo can  wipe these evils out once and forever:���������Mail and Empire.  went over in a boat," and only one,  a duffer who could not swim a  stroke got'out. Farther dowriOth'er  river, in , the Revelstoke can'yon,-  was where . Tom Home, as good a  river man as there was in the  Northwest, was drowned with Jack  Boyd, the mail carrier,- a-man who  was in deathly terror' of the Columbia and who wou'ld not even'go  on the ice in the wintier,-preferring  to wallow" through1 SIAny piled-trails  up Cm -the m'orintain. ���������Outing  Magazine.  J>. A-. Black, Phoouix, sells the  best in jewels, diam'onds, watches  and clocks. /Reinein'ber this when  you go up the hill. l-  A bbi of MagdaJa cigars is a  gift that will be appreciated by a  smoker. ���������      ~  Regular monthly meetings of  Greenwood lodge, No. 28, A. F. &  A. M." are held oW the first Thursday in each month, in Fraternity  hall, "Wood block, Government St.,  Greenwood. Visiting" brethren are'  cordially invited to' attend;  R'&.Waiiben \V. M.        .   . .  J. S. BiiKflE,- Secretary;  HARDY&CO  Midway  Dealer, in Dry Goods,- Groceries,' Boots and Shoes,  e(c'.,- etc.-  When yen want a monument or  headstone, write to the Kootenay  '.Marble Works,-Nelson, B. C.       *  Jjili1]il.^lht1lll!llll!lllllll!ll1lillll!l!llilll!illlll!lllll!l|l|lllllll!ll|[!!llll7/*  I Hi BUWTINfr I  ! OQNTRAGTORl v - I  I"'��������� AND .BUILDER I  =  Dealer in" ���������=  1   'Window's/ Mt*rs, I  I      turned WorK and    g  1 |Insi& Finish. I  1 SHINGLE'S, BflilCfK, ETC. |  I .  ,   ., MANITOBA    "' , j  I Wood Fibre, Plaster I  I PHONE   65 , ���������       I  TBe Windsor Hotel  of Gracn'ci Forks, #,' C-, ca'tefs to  niinere/fnte'climiicffau'dsmeltermen  Ah B/ SLfOlfflN, ���������Managed.  ANK OF. BRITISH NORTH AMOTCA  PAID liP.CAPiT.AL, $4,86&,S67'.   ._  RESERVE- PtiND   *' ,$2, P4 1,33s?!- " .  ;Transucts-.ai general banking lbrfsfness.   Interest!  ' allowed on Savings AccouHttsy fr'oiri '���������  l&ne dollar upwards at  ���������cm-wen-t rate&.j     -. .  COPPER ST,   *��������� f   GREENV/OOE>V Bl C,  , BANK   OF  MONTREAL.  ESTABLISrfiD  1ff17.- , -^    ���������  paid uprcAPiTALv^-i^AapVoco/    .:rest, $foVoWoi,o6)cy  UN   IVIDED PRO-yiTS, $?!ut,B53.4l     --  Gen6i"al BfliildnB Busmft-oiTrartsacted.   Draft's issite'd on Hit poJiits, and ColliJfc  ���������   '-       '��������� tioiis nindbatldWeafriifcs. -  PJ   SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT .")'   VJ. F. PROCTOR,    '    ,  frfi    IIMTERE3TALL0WEDATCUHRENT RATES    /MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH -  m  m.  The Columbia Riyer  The Columbia   does not merely  threaten,  but-performs.     No one  cau  tell how many men have been  lost on  the Big Bend.    The Surprise rapids, far np   at the head of  the bendj   are about as bad as any.  Seventeen men are known to have  been  drowned 4ierc\ -    Leo  D.ivis  was capsized on these nSpids while  we wer'e at Timbasket lake.    We  found his boat crushed aud flung  ashore    a   hundred   niiles   down  stream and twenty nailes below the  head of the bend and so thought  Leo was gone:    Later we learned  that he got out alive, though losing all his supplies.    I saw another  broken   boat   on the  Twenty-six  Mile rapids,- whoso we never knew  o"r what became of its owner.    We  ������iw on a big bOulclbY near shore the  name of a Swede wild was drowned  a few years bach..   The body, of  course;   was not reedtered, for the  Columbia never fives' Up its dead.  Now,  b^low us we're tho bloodiest  of all these water's,   fchb Tieath rap-  id-*,   where;   in   thb mining stampedes soon afte'r tile California gold  Hishe.������, - so    riiany   iriiners   were  drowned���������some say 10JJ��������� in what  was called the Frenchmen's stam-  pcd-".     These   men  were mostly  drowned froill rafts, on which they  foolishty  tried   to   get   down tho  river to avoid the awful walking.  Seven Chinamen once started down  on a raft;     Ono got throug alive,  hanging fast by a rope, aud he was  Hdjsearal Mint he left Articrica without over Saying a word.   Ono man  was cast up a few feet from shore  on a rock from  which  he did not  dare jump.    His compumou was  swept down in their boat for a mile  before ho could get ashore and come  back to rescue him.    Three men  About  Float  Float is not a periodical.  It is o book containing 8#  illustrations," all told/ and   '  is filled with sketches'and ��������� ���������  stories of western life.    It -  tells how a gnMiler cash-  In after the fLish 'days of  Sandon ; how it rained in  New jb'enver   long -after  Noah was dead ; - how   a  parson   took   a   drink at  Bear Lake in early days ;  how justice was dealt in  . Kaslo, in '93; how the  Salftdn nian outpraye^d the  woiflen in Kalamazoo, and  graphically depicts - the  roamings of a western editor amongst the teflder-  feet in the cent belt: It  contains the early history ,-:;-  of Nelson and a rtimancs'  of the Silver King mine.  In it   are   printed   three  " western poems, and ' dozens of article' too nurh-  erousto mention: Send  ft/rone before it is tod  late: The price is twenty-  five cents; postpaid to any  part of tlie wdrld: Address all letters to  R* T* Lowery  NELSON. B.- C:  R.;   ROBINSON  Is ttfe tm\f shorixfal&r iff  Amenta, who o&tainfca- a  6'ied'al at the Paris Exposition in 1878 for making the  Best shoes. Boots'iriade'to  order; Repairing ' neatly  e.-*ecnted. , - - -'   ���������     ,   .  COPPER  STREET; GREENWOOD  STAREEY & CO.  .KELSON; B. G.  WHOLESALE  DEFERS--IN'  Produce.  and'.'  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Fine Tailoring  A Select Stock of Worsteds  Cheviots anil trtcbds.  I TAILOR I  A Copphr Stjiukt, Okeenwoow, a  Cigarsj  Lighted throughotit with  electricity. Hot Und cold  baths:.      '  ,  BATESi  Crairi1bino0k 'Hotel"  is Convenient to all depots, telegraph .'offices rtnd ^  banks in the. City. -Spedial attention-paid to tourists,' 5  commercial anct othefrwise. The cuisine is excellent, ?  and all guests receive courteous attention.   Touch $  Lthe wire when you want rooms reserved *     j  -HOQ'QARTIH^ ROLLING, Rfo^riettffe, ���������       ?  V,   '  aoea������������������<Mef8tt������o������4Kr6e������^e������������a������0etta������4MMf*������������������������o������������c������e������MM������������������i  Th  e  Board lind rooiH $1 pe'r day  StHctly first-class Siervfce  FURNISHED ROOMS  '. 'By duy or week ; $2 a week  and Up, at tho Commercial  htitel, Copper Btreet, Greenwood.   Bath [in connection.  P. POUPARD  DR. MILLOY  DENTIST  G7 HASTINGS EAST  VANCOUVER  ������trathcoea.  Hotel  Is situated on a slight eminence, just a block from the busy  scenes on Baker street, and is within easy touch of every* ,  thing in tho city.  I<Vom its balconies can bo seen nearly  aU the grand scenery that surrounds tho beautiful  city of Nelson.     Few hotels in the great west  equal the Strathconaj and touristsjfroni  every land will find within its portals  all the esscn tials that create pleasant nienJorics within the  mind df the/so who,  .[traVel;  B. TOflKINS, flatterer  NELSON, I3KIT1SH COLUMBIA.  toUMmim&iitmmiiwimi  mmMmmmsk TnniiiirtT������i>ifiiiilini ViniMriT-iHim ifi*������������i iliri    i IithIT- f>-   -nr 'niri rfrinririi mi inrnn >.������ mfi n rhmWimJ-i.  , /-��������� "THE GFHEESTWOOD IMXffi^J*, '  ii ' "     i     ii        i   Vi   i    i        imt/-"!!  /''- <;'��������� ;:/Ki������gs.Li4xeer:S(?otcii'WrnsKey'r!  ���������'-���������''       '"-, '    'V!!:'   ���������'   "   '     12 Tears 01d'r  ������ -,.    .->> '.-   '  -     :  -     .Jf-.W. Burmester s White Port.   " -       '-  J    '"' " Jas.-Bennessy'&Co's-^-Star Brand-y.'-   -  -  '"���������'*.������.������������������-���������'     .- ;   -  GREENWOOD LIQUOR  CO.,  ��������� '.IMPORTERS, GREENWOOD, B: 0.    f  mmmmmmmmwmmwmmmm:  Some Good Float  $15,000 Insurance, foe $21:50  The new and up-to-date,Tripple Indemnity.%   ������:  Policy.of the Oceair Accident and Guarantee .   -l  ,   ���������' Corporation,- Ltd.; the largest accident^com- -    -  pany in the-'world.   Assets" over $7,000,000. ''--.  FREaMlc:W.McLAINB  DISTRICT, AGENT, GREENWOOD,^ B. C. * '  I'The  fs under Hire management .of'jGreig  & Morrison. - Tlie rooms are com1-  fortably furnished, and' the-bar-contains the best brands of wines, liqitors  and cigars"in ttie'eity,-".-". . -  The PaGifiG:Gaf^   ,  is conducted by/Moore & McElroy.  It is open* day and night. The dining ,room is one of the largest in-  ~ the' Doundary,'anH'.the lunch" (rutin-''  ter is- just' tlie' place to get "a/ quick  ^  (meal.     "Copper street,.- GFreeowood'. '  "���������> " Tall Telephone-Pole.       \  One   of .the- tallest,-.telephone  ipoles -in 'the -world tis'where'the"  iwirPsVof.nth6 ' Paciiie^State'Tele-:  phone company cross tho.Chnllalis  'river, ueaivAberdeen, Waslu   .  j . For-' some years past a pole 90'  ifeet high wastsufficu'nt to keep the  wires clear of < river "craft! < But tlie  {increasing "passage"ofqeean steam-  'ers .made a higher polo, necessary,  and ' a  new" one 126' fec-t high'wa*  set .'up. "-.This  pole,is one single  slick of *,Washington fir, .18* inches  at the butt and eiglit inches at the  top.'." The    pole?-weighs   6',000  pounds.^ .       -'        [\     ,  %  The'stick, was. cut' at a point  twelve''miles distant .and "towed  down Ulie .river, " s\here "lit was  erected*'by. six-.men, using a 12-  lioi'se"po\ver-lioi-5ftfig"Jengine.\ The  American Telephone Journal says  that for for making attachment to  the 'pole< and, moving it-*a five]  jeights inch' steeV cable was employed, , i>un through 10 incli'steel  blocks.      -j .,"  -  .The' pole - was set" 1>2" feet i'u the  ground'aud-guyetl with four stocl-  !stranded wires at the top with four  iuve-8ix-tenths inch stranded wires.-  - The guys are fastened' to dead men  set ��������� in tlie ^-grotvnd ���������< to a depth.of  eight feet. ��������� These1 dead men are of  ���������cedar,- eight, by height'-.inches iu  section and seven feet long. '".( {  town  where'*6nce aN year the as  sembles squabble' r.and   the   Lord  High Commissioner'rides with a  lot,of mediaval 'imimmery from  poor old royalty-neglected  rotting  H?olyrood, -is "tlie inevitable consequence that complacence with which  all- Scotsmen have.permitted Ehg^  laiid, not only -/,ince the,union of  17'07",  but'shice .t-hc union of the  Crowns, ' to-; sap tho' very vitals of  th"ii> counti'y.'V   What Edinburgh  might - have'���������been 1       What    she  might. have-.Jbeen ��������� if Scotlatidgliad  maintainedi her , parliauipntary in--  depondence for the few years more  that were necessary to get her over  the shoals-of1 the Durier Folly andi  unto  the crest-"'of<-the wave of in-'  dmstri.il  expansion, blutjwas inevitable 'ifjicr 'statesmen cruld only  have lead  tlie,signs ahight I   Today Edinburgh  would have been a  gem"of the Empire no less brilliant  because-she.was'first and foremost  the/ lK!arfc  and- /pride of- Scotland.  Loudon-- would " not then be dragging 'our wealth from- us, sucking  our brains-and paying us back with  indifference and' contempt. / But  the thing is done', "the auld sang is  ended, - and we are" left to the con-  templation   of JEdinbaigh's   last  kick-as-a place of power, as ft is  revealed.- in - such a book   as* Mr,  Fyfo's    '"'Edinburgh    under    Sir  Walter.Scott."      , -  , Dr.   Ingram, Bishop of London,  is a learned ecclesiastic; but he declared ��������� that at times young children,  of whom he is extravagantly  fond," upset him- badfly with their  questions.    Once he was address-  ing ,a gathering, of poor,children j  and at the close of his  remarks invited', any boy or girl to^ ask him  quesiions.    -The Bishop answered  several,   but was- finally,floored,by  a little girl, who asked:  'Please; sir,  why did-the angels  ��������� walk up and down-Jacob's-ladder  when they had wings ?  ;   Dr.  Ingrain  escaped by- blandly  jehquiring: . ;  j1 )Vhat little boy 'or girl would  [like to answer that question ?���������De-  troit-Frce1 Pi-ess,  NELSON:  .<   'CFroenTFODd;.B. C.^FeKU^lBOT.'/:'^"'" p'f?$  ���������������������������������������������'   i^r.   <: -A\^  BS; A. ISA\C  R. W. HlNXONf  ENGINEERS AND^GONTRACTORS  ,   FOUNDERS AN.[>-IVr^O.HINiSTS'.  ,-<t -.-  ��������� \<p?  'Hi  By the Ottawa government the  coal measures of- tho Northwest  have" been placedwn the hands of  monopolists. Thus the fuel famine  is aggravated. By the same government the timber of the w'^est has  been-conferred upon politicians,  and now-there is-a combine against  which the" people rightfully rebel.  If the Laurier government could  give grafters the privilege of selling  'the air we breathe it would do so,  provided the "rake-.oOf" were guaranteed to some politician.���������-Mail-  Empire,  - For nice comfoi'tabre rooms, best  .urnished"in the-city, try the Clarendon hotel.'  Ka-tes- reasonable.  Repairing and Jobbing executed,.with Despatch-. '\   ^   :;  -��������� Sheet Metal Work, Mining and Mill MacltLneisy,,    \t ���������  Manwfactui'ora of Ore Cars, R.R; Contractors' Cars'  ' ' i*       - *      -       r  ,v      ,\   ���������    Cbvnerof Hall and Front Streets ? ~ \. *   '>' ;  Phoned! ISfELSONi,   B. C."    -   ���������       'iP.-p.'Box.>73r''  mmmmfimtmmmmii  Is the best furnished hotel' in the Boundary  district. Ic is- heated with steam-' and  lighted by electricity. Excellent sample-  rooms. The bar-is'alvfays abreast of the  times, and mc^ls are served! in the Cafe  at any hour, day or night.  I Ernest J. Cartfer,. "Prop.'.-  J. Q. MELVIN  fi  Late of  SANDON, b. C.  RailwadSfandard  Mailorders Primptly Attended  Manufac:urin?  Jeweler  ��������� li ii    l T1  Expert Watchmaker and Diamond  Setter, Manufacturer of Chains,  Lockets and Ring's, Wedding rings  made on shore notice.  WORK   GUARANTEED  i- *- i i- 11   ii    Opposite 1^111(1803?" Eotel  P.  O.  BOX. 268  -  A Scottish* Lament.; -  In the decline and fill of Edinburgh as' a place of .my impoi tance  either intellectually or commercially, every Sc itsman with a-shred  'of,natural; sentiment "wi'll see a  phenomenon--disgraceful, 'not to  Ediuburgli^- but to'Scbtiaud at  ,large. "The relative importance of  ,the old "Capital and of Glasgow in  the-present-day is significant of the  altered position-in''our couutry mi  the last - hundred years-. Glasgow  grows nrightily, aud groans in  travailr a Cinderella among cities,  supplying the material wants of  the worM, which, once you get 20  miles beyond her bord-or, neither  admires nor esteems her half so  much as her humble industry (to  say   no1  more))  deserves. '  E������lin-  , Cause of Great Floods  Upon - tho forests r tin ee foes are  acentrating their 'attacks.- "First,  is- the small farmer, who', crowded  < ������������������������ea������������o������oo������������c������o������co������������������o������o������������������������������d������a������������������oa*������������tstB������������������o ^a  it  < i  < i  PHOENIX, B. C.  IsTopposite the Great-Northern depot, and is a de-  lightful.<haVon for tho weary traveler. Great veins  of hot water. rurt through the entire house, and  bathrooms tfre always at the service of those in  search of material cleanliness. rI*he dining room is  an enemy to dyspepsia while the artistic appointment  of the liquid refreshment room radices the drinks go  down like eating fruit iu a flower garden* The  sample rooms are tho largest in the mountains and  a pleasure to drummers with big trunks.  JAS. MARSHALL, Prop,  burghj - which  onco   sheltered  all  that was brilliant, gallant, poetic,  artistic" and-  intellectual   in Scotland,   finds "herself   denuded  of  either   brains   or enterprise-,  has  failed to produce and retain a man  of more than parochial reputation  for three or four generations and is  regarded by all except her extraordinary civil  misrulers merely as  an interesting museum of old national relies.    It is pathetic to see  the pother Edinburgh and! Lord  Rosebery make about such.comparatively insignificant affairs at,  (she removal of the Scots Greys and  the threatened demolition   of the  Ayr Brig.     These   patriotic convulsions are several ages too- late,  aud   Edinburgh flhat ought to be  throbbing,   with national life,, that  ought   to  bo  tlve   Mc-o\i and the  shrine cf every Scot who- loves his  owu land aiuf would wish for her  moro than workshop, or Miop keop-  fng glory, attracts nobody but the  tho tourist, who, walking under the  ancient citadel,  may indulge  his  melancholy in thinking of the past,  not   only    where    the * trumpet  sounded aud the banner flow, but  where   philosophy   aud   wife and  poetry flourished in tho strcot of  the modern Athens, in which they  are foucd no more.     We canuot  who-lfy- blame Edinburgh.    For her  municipal   Philistinism   aud  vandalism,, that robbed her of many of  hor worthiest > features,  and have  given her most sacred spots to the  bauds of the Goth in architecture,  and   have shown   themselves for  years bo ludicrously in the matter  of the Ushor Hall, she canuot be  too much blamed.   But her utter  ineptitude  as   tlio urban soul of  Scotland, her degradation to tho  position of   a fifth-rate provincial  from-the rich valleys,' is endeavor  .ing* to hue 5or himself-and his de;f  'pendents a living out of. .the  .mountain side. ' To do this he  "clears a space, farms it in rude  fashion and in from five to twenty  years exhausts _it. ,-IIe now~ moves  up the 'mountain side and repeats  the proeess. Erosion follows his  operations and the'land becomes-a  series of worthless gutters;.  Nest may be mentioned" the-professional woodcutters, including  ton- bark men,'-pulp men and  rtrai-berers. The first seek only  the bark, birt, like the hunter of  flamingoes' tongues _ or buffalo  i hides, they leave behind them to  rot after collecting their tribute a  huge but worthless residue. The  pulpman cuts' clean, good, bad,  large small, "old and youug, thus  making natural reproduction of the  forest impossible. 'The lumberman takes what he wants, much or  littie, but by methods that destroy  almost as m-ucb. as he takes, and  practically insures fires, which  complete the work of denudation.  Having conquered > and burned  Carthage, Scipio passed the plow  through its site, , <   ,  The corresponding final toneh is  given to the deforested mountain-  slopes by the fains. While the  forest remains these regulate the  runoff, holding back the watcrr  passing it into the underground-  circulation and ensuring throughout the year a substantial equal  stream flow, greatly to tho advantage of agriculture, commerce,  manufactures and all other interests concerned.  Bufc.thc forest gone aud1 the very  soil-'-a vegetable mould���������eaten  away by the flumes, this conservative influence no longer operates.  Torrents now rush down tho mountain aide, filling streams and harbors, producing overflows, denuding farms of their soils or burying  them with sand, destroying water  powers and sweeping away railroads, bridges, factories houses,  even villages.  In this way, as by the Pacolet  disaptcr, property valued at $4,500,  000, has been destroyed in a single  day, while, as iu IU01-1902,'$18,-  000,000 has boon carried away in a  E. W. WIDDOWSON  PROVINCIAL, ASSAYER and  METALLURGICAL CHEMIST.  Gold Silver Copper or Lead, eacn.. $i oo  Gold-Silves ...$i 50- Silver.Lead..Jr.59  Zinc. .$2.oo> Gold Silver with copper or  lead". .$2.50.  1 . -  _   ,  Prompt attention   given   to all samples  25 per cent,  discount upon five samples  BBAKERLST , NELSON.  P, O. Drawer, noS;     -       , t Phone, A67  THE MICHEL HOTEt  Still- retains its supremacy as >tlm-   oest hotel in the Kootenays.'  Ostermoor Mattresses '- * '   .s'  [Clean* linen and Good Cooking.       ^   ;  Excellent hunting'in season.    Good trout fishing in ,the Elk  river and neighboring, streams.    Address all communicationsto-  ��������� - --        .<-'        **-..,���������  fThbmas Crahan, Manager, Michel: IJ. G.rv'  'VEttDOME HOTEL  ANACONDA  Is just a few minutes' walk- from  the center o������- Greenwood, and ~a>  convenient place to drop in at the  end of a walk. " Convenient to the  smelter and provides the. public  with ,  EDSi  OARD AND  EVERAGES  W. ML THOMSON  THE ARLINGTON.:  COPPER'ST.: GREENWOOD  None bat thebes-t brands  of liquors- anct cigars.  Morning bracers and  and evening hyballs asl-  Avays-within easy reach  of the 'barkeep.''"  C. A. DEMPSEY prop.  ���������Develop yoirr sweet taste ))f>  using:       " \' '     T  Montgomery's  V'i  . > -',- '������������������('.-m  , If '''*.'-/,<?&  *     *������ if ^^: ~ir"*  -' /������ r,f*U������  . s ������������^.^  'Tti  Confections, - High. ,Cla'ss" Vj-\fy%%  Chocolates, Fruit Tabletst:-:'i::v??I  Nouo;ats, eJ������*." --'���������", "''^;-,i'S'S  The MONTGOMERY CO.        ^  NELSON/B.C. ;,';':  F. M'.'LAMB  PROVfNCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  ,   GREENWOOD   B.  C������  GRAND FORKS  Jeweler and Optician," dealer in  Fine Wateh.es, High-Class Jewelry,  Diamonds, etc.  '  -     MERCHANT TAILOR ,-   ..-_  Silverton, B. C.  Tec  Good accommodation and  reasonable rates. One of the  best! supplied bars in the city.  Dining room and lunch  counter in connection.  Tk Koatenay Saloon-  Sandoti,. B-. CVlias a line ot nene  bracers unsurpassed in any mouo-  tain town of the Great West. A  gla's of aqua.*i������ura. given free -ivitln  spirits menti."  , fleu^mapket Hotel ���������  ���������������?--   -   ���������  & the home forall tourists    '     .-_'  and millionaires visiting New  Denver.   British I Columbia. , -  HEHRY   STEGE,   PROPR,--  J. R* Cameron.  a 1      vr^  ' "'-''-.���������/;  ! V ������������������.-<?  T   V  1     *  1       %  -'  _v  Leading Tailor of the'  Kooteaays. , ;  Sandon, B. C.  KASLO HOTEL  KASLO B. C.  Is a comfortable home for alt  who travel to- that city.' \  COCKLE & PAP WORTH-  T$EFffO#T HOUSE  Nelson. B. C, is run on the  the American and European  plan. Nothing yellow about  the house except the gold in  t'-t sifc-  MevIoi?c   &  TiTcgiliua  Sater & Johns, Proprietors  COPPER ST , GREIvNWOOD.  KELSON EMPLOYMENT AGENOY  Nelson, 13 C.  Minos,    Mills,   Hotels,- etcn  furnished with help.  J. H. LOVE, MANAGER   ;   Blue Prize, Henry Vane,     I The Reception Hotel  Columbus and Havana Ark  CIGARS  a*c Union Made Cigarsr made by W. P.  Kilbourne'& Co., Winnipeg and sold on  the road by GEORGE H0RTOX.  NOT I CIS  VfOTICR U lio-ebv dvuu Unit llic Ciniillnn  IT I'liclflc Itiillnay Comtiun iif Icicuof tin?  boluiriblii mid Wp^tvrn Unllway has thli diiy  lllml in tlio Dliflrii-t I'linit Kc^t-trv Oillru ut  Kit 1 loops a'lilmi, iirolili-, and Imokuf ufi-ienn*  mIiowIiir: i>ri>|������so(l I ii-alloii of a brandi lino to  tlio AVest Kootenay 1'owim anrl I.lalit Coni|)iinvV  5wl>-atntfon near thu City of CiccinvucxHn tlio  InovliK'o of Urlli<li Cciluiiihi 1. iiiiri-tli.it four  wottlcs after Mils date llifl enld Cuii.nllan PikIIH-  Hullwny ComiNiiiy Intemli 10 upply to tlio  Uonnl of Ilalhvuy Co itmHIoncrs fnrCanniln  imrit-r nee tion 175 of tli������* Kallwiy Act forautljor-  it) to roni'trm.-fc tin- siiil bi-iudi.  itotcil U'is JOtli t'lty of J.iiiiinrv, I'm.  K MAHPOIjR  iOXf Otnioiul ait4 et tntciiilont^  MINEtCAL ACT  CertJfica'.c of Intprovemcnts  NOTICE  Ornii(li-nl)-"-R(-r  Mlncril CUIirr. ulluitc |<i Hi  (iriciiwoml  Mining I>lvl<loii of Villi- Hint-  rli-t     W'l viv In. iito l:-Ou   Myvrn    <'im-k  alidtit lintf a inllj fniin tlie inlcriialloiml  H iiuiihiV lino.  T\KB nnlli-o tin! X, .lolin anrlon V.o'*. Fri-o  Miner's   Ui rtlllun t   No.    It   l'l71.   fiiti-nrf.  nlxtv dny< from tho diiti' lirrcuf. to n-ijilv lo tin-  of In  own  ycaiV     TIlO   ContilltlltttOll    of   t 1 fi, Mining Rw-nlor for a CVitl li-ujo or Imiirovc  ;._-_-������������������   ... ��������� L .     inoiitH, fir tin1 tnirpo������u of obtaining a .Clown  process uioatiB, as 111  vast ureas 111 rtrimt of tiw uIiovbcIiiIhi.  tllO   old  World,   tllO rapid trttllflfor-     aihI fnrner tnko notice that noHon, undur  .,..,(.:������.. .(11 .    .  -.      Iv    l   1 ��������� ' wi-tloii   .'17    nin������t   tin com moil ci-'l lit-fotu the  lriattOll Ol tllO region ailOCted lUO a   iHiimncPorniniliCertHloiitoof ImprovenVcnt  fl(>Bf'l-t ���������.Rui'inn' iif Unt,>,,.u ���������        I    l'ntod thin littdnj ofJiinumj. A D��������� l'������>7.  TBe Hold Siocan  Tlirec Forks, B. C, is the leading  hotel of the city. Mountain trout  aud game dinners a specialty.  Rooms reserved by telegraph.  Hugh Nivem, Prop.  In Camborne gives all its patrons  the purest food, drink and ^cigars,  James Lindsley' Prop.  Choice   Fruit  LANDS  For Side at $10, $12 ami $15  Per Acre.  R. J. STEEL  NELSON. B. 0 .  THE MAIL STAGE  M. Gillis, Prop.  GREENWOOD TO  FEREY, WASH.  Leaves  Greenwood   at    6:.'J0  a. m. each day.    Returning,  leaves   Ferry   on   arrival of '  Great Northern train. Office nt  ROSSLAND   HOTEL  Copper Stroet  Pacific Coast Grow:i  Seeds, Fruit and Ornamental  Tree?. Grcenlioiibo- and'  Hardy Planta. ' Coo Suj)-  plies.     Fertih'zeiH,   Iinpl<^.  v  Sicntfr.    CSitalogtte Free.  M. J. HEISfRY, , ���������  VANCOUVER; B..C.  Oflicof 3010 WestoiuBter Uoad '  saasasiMaa  *������J1.lliJllft^WJ.I.WOT W!MjMJjBi!waj>JinyW8.l^*������l ,hw������iH*Mrf^lbn.aWW>R Win Wniiinw^^|p������  WmWr������*������t<witHHHtli)in������<4liuillbii  /���������.������.",":./,t"'rjJ  l>������l^|l|"/W(>Hll|.������.������T'' ' '-''-iv.,-    ���������  '   I  "'iVI'." *r  ,,'���������/-:   -.'���������:*,  C ~ ' ' r"    ���������  r." I, n '  4i rcenwood', D-. C.y Feb.  H)01  ���������^������cm Gn'Eiiisf'w'oDu l^dge  _.j���������i,.  /,��������� ������������������������'  k *iu*AJu*JL L'  l-'lU.  1I.,\i\,i^~ ^T^^w^.U^'i^iMU^*^^  i^Lr^  to look nt our Clothing, Suits, Overcoats  and' Odd Pants at 2r> per cent. Discount.  Owing' lo late shipments wo arc overstocked on Fancy Shirts and are soil hip;  same si I; 25 oil'. These arc two lines  worthy of your consideration.  LIMITED.  Groceries,-Hardware, Clothing and Gents' Furnishings  Plenty of Nitrogen Left  ���������It liafc' been estimated that in  France' alone the amount of nitrogen yearly taken from the soil is  /GOO,000 tons and not mueh tr.oie  .than one half of this is returned to'  ���������the soil in stable inanure. Lot it  he assumed, for tie purpose of argument1/ that those countries employing nitrogenous fertilizers use  (during-" each year 5.000,000 tons of  ^itrogen.  This seems to he a fairly Liberal  ;estima,tc judging from the above  figure regarding France and the  iact fruit .during l'rJ05; 1,500,000'  .ions of nitrate of soda were employed throughout the wot Id. On  ���������ihis basis i.t> is .easily seen that  Ohbtfi ih-iio danger of impoverishing thV afih'osphere at sea level-  .corresponds'to about eleven pounds  ,of notrogen a square inch-, or say  3'500 pounds as/puire foot, or 20,������������������'  >000 a rquarc mile.  Eadi srjuare mile of the earth's  surfade lias above it' enough nitrogen to supply tlie entire world for  ^ive years on the basis assumed  above .and since the entire surface  of the" earth is not much short of  .200,000,000 square miles the world  ,can go ,0������ abstracting nitrogen at  .this rate for about 1.000,000 years  (before reducing tlie .quantity in.the  atmosphere fthe-tCnth per cent/  Lost=-Bet\vo,eii the skat'ing rink  ami government ofliee, a lady's  gold watch. Reward will bs given  ib'person returning same to 'J he  'iLedge office  . pawnshop Figures  Henry McAlleenaO hits a pawnshop, a modest little"one, on Sixth  ���������avenue, in a building he owns. The  ^itc is small, l'S feet wide and 52  feet deep. The man who owned  (nf the re.-t of the rKclli av-  ,enue front wanted the pawnbroker's  litlo corner. He. made sever 1:  $ rnpting o/Jers jn .vain. Finally.  fie said::  I'll give you 6550,000 for that  little plot.  Not enough,- said the modest  inwnbrokrr".  Why, man, that fs S-ti'-t a sqiinio  /oot.  I can't help it, said Mr. McAI-  ^Eenan. My biisine.sii tlicre Cleared  '������ie 8250,000 last year, and ]  .couldn't duplicate the site.���������New  York nirrespond. nee, Philadelphia  ledger.      Wh >n you want a monument oi  1 eadstone write to the Kootenin  'Marble Works, XrUm. \i. O.  A Wonderful Animal  A m'-.n who hud watched tin ii  t  fair and claimed to know aboi t  Jioge,   razor   haekn in  [-articular,  cave   the   fi.JlcnVircj dissertation:  Arkansas has a greater vaiietyo  jiogs aud less pork and lard than  any f-lato i������ .the union,    An average hog in  Arkansas weighs about  fourteen jioil'nds when dressed wit 11  Jts  head  on and about f-ix pcundf-  ri'iifl  a half with its head off.    Jt  pin 'outrun  a greyhound  jump a  ".iii fence,  climb 1 ko a parrot and  It o on gra-'.s    roots ������ntl  nil bit  A'ntckH,.     Jt   hasn't   mutli Uii\ or  bristle, but plenty of gall. It will  lick a wolf or a bear in a fair fight,  ft is so called razorbaek because  ib is shaped like a sunfish. In  hunting razorbacks they are always shot at sideways, for there is  -not a gliost of a show to hit them  otherwise any more than to slioot  'it a. sj.-lit shingle. It can drink  milk out of a quart jar on account  ���������if its long, thin head. This type'  of razorbaek is known as the stone  hog because its head is so heavy  and its nose so long thatithal-  aiiecs up behind. The owner of  this type of hogs usually ties-a  stone   to   its   tail   to keep it from  cides.  iDurina:    the    last   ni lie  months -.New York alid Chicago  had a murder every two days, San  Francisco every four days, Philadelphia and St. Louis every five  days. Kansas City, one e\ cry seven  days, Bo.-ton,- one in twenty-three  days, Milwaukee, one every sixty  days, and St. Paul' one in ninety-  one days.  Intemperance is assigned as the  chief cause of the'taking of life.  In comparison with Germany it is  found that during 100-1 there were  1U-J- homicides a million in this  country, as -against five a million  in the Kaiser's land.    During that  overbalancing   and    breaking   its'year  95:15 per cent, of those trioj  neck while  running.'   If the stone  for murder were convicted in Gci  is  too  heavy  it will pull'the skin   many,   while   here   only  10.3'per  Over its eyes, and it' will go blind,   cent  were found guilty.    Of '1,482  ���������Mineral Wells Index.  Ileadqiiartcrs for fine groceries  and interesting prices at the Rus-  i'cll-Law-Caulncld Co.  Murder Figures  Some interesting statistics have  been gathered lately regarding  crime. They ihow that there is  an alarming increase in the number of murders as the years go by.  InlSOi there were three times as  many murders in the ratio of population as there'were twenty years  ago. From 1SS5 to 1005' there  were  121,951   murders and homi-  homicides in 190-1 in the. United  .United States only 11(>' were put to  death.���������Kansas City .Star.  The index expurgatorius of food,  so to speak, has so vastly enlarged  itself with the advanceofscier.ee  ti'iat there is little left we can eat.  It has come to pass that, if we are  properly careful- of our health we  will starve to death. Science has  lent itself to the adulteration of  food so generously and has invented cheap substitutes with such  skill that nothing is what it seems  to be. The marvel of it is that  any  human   life   remains.     And  fit ������>  S Feb, 12, 13. 14,  fc  ���������ANNUAL  niival  *FIVE DAYS*  5 Giand Trophies, and 82.000 in   prizes.-   Two bauds  in attendance/  HOCKEY, SXOWSIIOV.l SCI,  TOIJOCJ G A NI .V O. SK [��������� IXO,"-  SKA.TIXG RACES, Ch'li-LING  Horse Hieing, Ma-q'iei-ading, Tug of War, Etc.  Reduced Railway Rates.       For fuilhcr particulars apply to  J. S. C. FI; ASK It, I're.'ident. E. ADAMS'. Secretary,  dot) savk Tin: Ki.vci.  still more' marvelous is it fiat the  man who- oats wh'afc is set before  him, asking1 no^qucstions, is the  one who gen era ll}' enjoys the most  robust health. Some men convey  food to their stomachs with no.  more questioning and wit.li no more  consultation of that, high organ  than of their carpel hags sis lowhat  they shall pack into them for a  journey on tlio steam cars/ And,  singular, as it' may appear, these  misguided men contribute about as  little to the support of doctors and  undertakers as others.���������Baltimore  Sun.        _.   It would be well to look at our,  nice steam-heated rooms before locating elsewhere.  Clarendon hotel.  The Philadelphia!} was staying  at a hotel'in a- Georgia town, lie  rang for an attendant, whom he  asked if bath tubs were provided.  Yessuh',- answered the negro,  we'so got some nice tubs, and he  presently returned hearing on his  shouldcrs'a coffin with silver-plated  handles and lid, all complete.  What do you mean by bringing  me   that?  demanded'tho traveler.  Dat's do bath tub, suh.  The bathtub?'  Yessuh. You see, suh, delatv  lode he used ter be in de iiiider-  takin' bizness, an'he had a lot o'  coffins on han', an' when lie sol'  out an' took dis hotel he brought  all de coffins the new man didn't  want. His son is in the tinsmif  ���������bizness,   siitv so he done' had de  colli ins lined wif tin, an' (ley make  'nico bathtubs. Jes' you-try an'  you'll find' dis one &}Vright" ���������Success Magazine/      " ''.-���������"  Mrs."Cunning���������I am going to  meet my husband"this afternoon to  select some~ decorations for the  drawing room in olir-ilew house.  Mrs Gossip���������-"What do you want  him with you for?"  -Mrs. Cunning���������Well, in 'case  they don't turn out right I can say  it is liis fault.  Premier  /Flour  .L    I8KL-   %  Arriving in and leaving  Greenwood have headquarters at  lenier's-  Cigar' Store  Pipes, Cigars, Cigarettes and-  ��������� Tobaccos  to   suit } our  tastes, your fancy'or  your pocket.-  J. A. CHEHIEB  Is not' a' ri'cff "/lour ori the  market,-   It-has- Been in use  for years.   Ask for a-sack in  .your next order  Guaranteed by the'',  Alexande  T  Milling Co'y  BK-A-MDO'X,- MA'S.-  - pi  Next door north of Pacific hotel,  Copper street, Greenwood.-  ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.  In tho Siijtri-niu Ciiiivl of HiiLisIi Columbia. Jn tin. mutter of the (---.tuto of  Hi-!i,J>i!iiiii Perkins, late of Jtlverslile  mine, lliitioh Columbia, deceased:  NOTICE I* liv-ruby Riven that on th< 30llt iluy  of.)iimi!ir.\, l!iC(i, It ������us ordvicd tiy ill- JtHicu.  Murri'on that A.ti Sutton, Ollli-laI nclmii Utr.v  tor for the Glanil Forks ami Groun������-ood IJIoc-  tmil Dm ric-tH, lienilniiiiUtmtnr uf the estate uf  Henjniiin I'e kliis. Oeceii'L-d, intestate.  KVEUV rEKSON ind.-btod lo the said estate  U refjtiiivd to make payment fortlnvith to the  ui-.iluiiteui'd and ovf-ry person having: :n po"-  SL-i^ion ctlVcts beloiifiiiK to det-eas' d la required  tu notify the Utid.rsiKiied fuftlm-iili. Kvury  ciedl-or dr other i er?on having any r-laim upon  or inkiest in the ilistiilivittun of said e-tatuis  icqulr-d hofoie the .l.lth day of March, 11)07. to  rend by rcpWcrcd letter ii(liir>-s<c(I to the under-  liKiu-il.hisnama and .-uMn^s mid full p.irtieulai.o  of hU claim or interest nil I a statement of his  account ,v> lilied by 5latiit iry decliir.il ion and tin-  uatiire ot thc-ec urity(n any) held hy him  Afer'tl.e s-iid a.ltli day of M.in'-li. 1WI7, tlie  rdniiiiintnitnr u-itl-pr ceed with the dUtribntini  i of tin- e tnte. having iee;.ird lo thou claims out.)  I of ������Inch tic .-liall then have notice.  ! I'nU'itiit Giand Korke, U. C, 7th Fulinmry.  , l!iC7 A. C-SUTTOX,  1 Ollieiul Adnilnlhtratfir,- -  ,'il' Orand Forks, U. C.  iYMIKISTKATOIi'S NOTICE  In Tint .Sfi'i:i:.MK Cou'tiT oi' liKi'nsit Co-  i.i:.MiiiA, in Tint Matti:k op Tint  KSTATIC 01-' RfAlIvK O'llAKA, I,ATI{  OK WlCSTHHIIlttK, IiKITlSII COI.U.M-  III A. DltCKAnitD.  Cpeenrjaood,- B. C.  Tlie oldest -hotel' in the  .Citv, and stilll" undbr the  same nranao-ement. 'Rooms  comfortable, m'cals equal to  any in the city,-and the bar  supplies only the best. Corner of GVeenwood and Government streets.  J. W. kelson  :|fHffi}MSMC������^iWPSgjaggBgHa7^^  \  i  \  { onlmences Monday, I lth. -���������  The Hunter������Kehdrick'C6.  lOiitkd:  THE BIG-STORE  ^.ttmwjxa'mbm^-m^Mtem&i^^  PAID UP UAPITAI., 1910,oou,ono.  liKsi'iitvi-: i-'UM), ������r>,oi)o,oo!).  B. E.  WALKER. G.-n. JI;.i,.vc.v   ALEX, L.URD; Asst. Gen. Alan/  Branches Throughout Canada, and in the United States5  and England.  A: Gonoral Banking-Business Trangucu'd.     Ac.'-ouiits may tie opened by'  ��������� - mail with all br inches of this Bank. ;  SavingsrBanlt Department:.        "���������"'  Deposits.of 81 and upwni'ds rcc'i'ivVdj'liiid'intei-i'st allowed at ctirrenfT"  rates. The depositor is stthji'ci to no delay whatevr in ' the with-"  idrawal of tlie wholo or any portion of the deposit.   '' -     ,     ;  J. T. BEATTIE  Acting. Manager Greenwood Branch.  '...'  '   . . , r  IBEALEY."- INVEST./i'NT'A������0 T-RUSTvGO, UD:  iGtko. R. Nadex, llaiiagcr.-  \   Farrii land's, timber limits, mineral cl lims. mining- stocks4���������  ;and blutres.   (Jiry real estare bnu^lit, sold-and exc-hanged'.-  Call and see our list." ' 0    ' -  aRESSWOOD,- B.   C. ���������  --      ���������      -  INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE  WORLO  g*-eenao"6d local no. 3'11  JleeLs first and third Wednesdays of every  month in Eagles Hall at8 p. m. Visiting  members cordially invited to attend.  Frank Speaking; Fin. S,i;c'y.  EUgar W. Dynes, President.  FB^iYK   FLETCHER  TROVINeiAL LAND SURVEYOR  k������lson.-b. e.   ���������  - i^^rje^-^���������^-* ^r.i  Some of the Besi"  Triin-k-s and  Franklin Bag$  Rug . and TaunE , Straps:  Ladies' Satchels. Lock Bitxes;  L. WHITE & CO,  "PH'O.N-    I:6  SUBSC'RfBE NOW,  .Dealers in  o  F^ssh and Salt JVIea'rs, Fish and Poultry | g  o  a  u  .Shops in nearly all, the towns of Boundary and g 4  8  the Kootcnnv.  iOO2eCSSS03OOaCOBOOW9������O*������4O3������O5'33-3C)-'������0aC0S&3ff������e0������Offai  XOTICH is hereby given that on the  28th day of January, 1907, it was ordered  by Mr. Justice Morrison that A. C. Sutton, Official Administrator for the Grand  l-'orks and (Ireenwood Electoral Districts,  lie administrator of the estate of Roger  O'Hara, deceased, intestate.  Every person indebted to the deceased  is required to make payment fortlnvith to  to the undersigned. Every person hav:  ing in possession effects belonging to deceased is required forthwith to deliver  same over lo undersigned.  Every creditor or other person having  any claim upon or interest iu tlie distribution of  the estate   of deceased is n.--  quired, before I.he   15th day of March,  f,  jjj 1 1907,   to send  by  registered   letter ad-  p  a 1 dressed lo the undersigned, his name and  '}  <v  address aud full particulars of his claim  or inteiesl, and a statement of his account verified by statutory declaration,  and the Mature of the security' (if any)  held by him,'  After the 15th day of Match, 1907, the  administrator will proceed with the dis-  tiibution of tho estate, having regard to  those claims only of which he shall then  have lmd notice.  Dated al Grand Forks, 15. C, the 71I1  I-'ebruary, 1007.  A. C. SUTTON,  Official Administrator,  Grand Forks, li. 0.  hi  EXCURSION'  RATES  ROSSLAND  WINTER CARNIVAL  FARTS' AND ONE-THIRD  FOR- THE- ROUND TRIP  From  Revelstoke, I'criiic and all  intermediate mhI branch  line points,  ON SALE  February 11 to 16.'  LIMIT  February 18  \  For ck'tttilcd information, apply to  local agents,  ,1, f������M lil', A.O.V.A.  JViincitiivi-r  ,;. h, <;aiiti:ii, iV. r  || Fresh Vegc'ablcs, Fresh IO������-<i-s ;  and- Finest Creamery   Butter ;  If   ahv;iys  in" stock.-   Bcel", Pork, ;  !j 1  j    Mutton, Poultry    li-si Quality, j.


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