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The Ledge Dec 11, 1913

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J r~**~mr~-, .-7??.'���������,��� ' ��� *-~~r~Z&sfZmmr^Z^J^MS��&St\
'   ' / . r       ., \"   -i'     i '  i"       .   r'  \     I'i    *      i ii V. >.". ���* i*'V^.t I,.  i^rt^-v-.
'   ��� .  '   '.-.������'-:���;- ,"-,*< ���   ���',���''''-:^.'":C- ':'-.<y^h^n',
' '���''    '-"���':'--yy\y.y^Atiftm
.   , -y./y'Vi^y
/" * t'Py,*,,
ll. W**si
^ G I ��3G ' aJ    ��� -*:
,v Riol ^  ^  y^
Vol.   XX.
No. 22
See Our Beautiful Christmas Display      Canada's Best
Fancy Goods, Books, China, Cut Glass,
Hand Bags* Kodaks* Brass ware, Foun^
tains Pens, Xmas Cards and a multitude
of similar attractions that must be seen
to be appreciated-*
Boob,' Stationery, Kodaks, Wallpaper, Etc
If you are you need not be any longer
A Nice Box of
Chrysanthemums or Carnations
are more acceptable than'anything* else,
Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Holly. Etc.
Box 417 -        Grand Forks, B.C
Greenwood's   Big  Furniture  Store
It you are looking for a good
useful    present,  for   this
Christmas', season.-.see   our.
line of
.We are just
new bunch,
opening up a
Also Rugs, Mats
T. M. GULLBY & Co.
Opposite Postoffice. GREENWOOD, B. C.        '   Phone 27'
christmas is coming
LEE & BRYAN'S Christmas Stock
A Full Line of Fruits, Nuts, Peels and Cluster Rasins
Greenwood Grocery,        Phone 46.
Dainty Boxed Chocolates for dainty ladies.
Finest Dned and candied fruits
Novelties in Tree and Table Decorations
Specially Low Prices for Xmas Trees and Parties.
Remember that cheap candies are the cause of many
ills.   Here you will find only the choicest and most
wholesome confectionery,
You . know " Automobile "
Skates. You've known them
for years as the Country's
best. They are more so
to-day than ever before.
reflect aK that men know
about making good skates.
Aluminum tops and nickel
ctecl ���'!'������''-"a make them the
swiftest and
���ikate  in  exist-
1 Around Home
light-:,' (*
A complete line here for
your inspection.
Christmas  Cakes
Mince Pies  With Puff Pastry
-WiHiamC; Arthurs^-
Vienna Bakery. Greenwood'
M Reminder
Dont Forget that Present to
the Old Country.
We carry a large and new se**
lection of
Sterling Stiver Plated and Silver
Deposit Ware
A. LOGAN & Co.
GREENWOOD.     -     B. C.
over Drug
Booms in Miller Blk
For Sale.���I wish to sell my
fine residence on Kimberly Ave.,
in Greenwood, very cheap. Write
to C. F. Stork, Castor, Alberta.
For Sai.e. ��� A large quantity
of Shingles, Shiplap, Rustic
Flooring and Ceiling, all dry.
Charles Kinney, blacksmith and
wagon maker, Greenwood.
Lost.���A long black fur boa.
Please leave at The Ledge office.
A   full    line  of Automobile
skates at A. L. White's.
Tenders for Building
tender notncces-
SEALED TENDERS for the purchase
of the building situate on I-ots io and 21,
Block B, Map 28, Silver Street, known as
the Greenwood Hotel, will be received
by the undersigned up to 5 o'clock p.m.,
Monday, December 15th
The highest- or any
sarily accepted.
Purchaser to deposit $25 as a guarantee
that the I^ots -will be cleaned of all refuse, and the ground levelled aud filled
where necessary.
Greenwood, 13. C, Dec. and., 1913.
City Clerk.
��� Billy Kellem is running a resta-
raunt in Princeton.
Mrs. Colin Cummins' will receive on Thursday, Dec. 18th.
Born���On December 10, to Mr.
and Mrs. P. H. McCurrach, a son,
Get a-chance on 'that free
Christmas drawingat-Kennedy's.
The Reading Club'will meet at
Mrs. Marcon's residence on Monday next,
There will be a dance at Riverside Hall in Rock Creek on December 29. '
F. F. Ketchum is in the city
buying Christmas presents for his
many friends.
- Your friends would like to read
Float. Get one for' 25 > cents at
the Ledge office.
Work was suspended last
Thursday on the postoffice building until spring.
Oysters and other."salt water
fish are served in many styles at
the Windsor hotel.  . '
There will be no further meetings of the junior W. A. until
after the Xmas holidays.
Do not miss the" ski jumping at
the Winter Carnival in Greenwood on January 14 :and 15.
The Chesaw News says that
the B. C. Copper Co., is making
a bid for the ores of Myers creek.
r *
When in Greenwood travellers
will find a comfortable room at
the Windsor hotel.
There will be many special
prizes at the Poultry Show in
Greenwood upon January 14 and
James Kessou, formerly of
Nelson, is now a member of the
provincial police force in Greenwood.
When the renovating operations are completed there will be
two pool tables in the Windsor
He expects a case pipe for
'Xmas; don't disappoint him but
see that fine selection at Kennedy's. .
Send a Float to your friends
this month, You can have one
mailed to any part of the world
for 25 cents.
Al Campbell and Nat Darling
were in town last -.week. The
sun did not quit shining until
after they departed for Phoenix.
Before Major Glossop, - J., P.,
at Rock Creek last week, Ed.
Saunier was fined $25 and costs
for selling deer without a head.
Just now the water is lower in
Boundary creek than the. most
ancient inhabitant can remember.
It is a good time to spear, old tin
After spending five months in
Ontario, Jim Summers has returned from the cent belt, with a
bankroll large enough to gag a
The Poultry Show in Greenwood upon January 14 and 15
will be a great educator to all
who are interested in eggs and
On Dec. 10 the wedding of Mr.
John Docksteader to Miss Dorothy
Winney took place at Midway.
The Rev. A. M, Lloyd performed
the ceremony.
Raymond Moran and Irene
Humphrey, both of Carmi, were
married at the Pacific hotel in
Greenwood last Thnrsday, by the
Rev. J. R. Munro.
Jimmy Malone has retired from
the hotel business in Princeton.
He sold his half interest in the
Tulameen hotel to Kirkpatrick
& Coulthard for $15,000.
The Poultry Show and Winter
Carnival in Greenwood, upon
January 14 and 15 wili be one of
the greatest eyents of the year.
Come early and avoid the rush.
The Knights of Pythias will
hold their 14th annual ball upon
New Year's night in thc old
Masonic hall. Bush's orchestra
will supply the music, and the
The Windsor hotel always has
a chicken dinner on Sundays, and
none of the chickens have seen
���* i t
more than one summer,
Billy Nelson,- who ran the
Pioneer hotel tor many years has
gone to . Rochester, Minnesota,
for surgical treatment;. He is
suffering from cancer of the
Send, your friends a copy of
Float next month. For 25 cents
they are mailed from The Ledge
office to any part of the-world.
Send your money early and avoid
the rush. ��� -
Mr. Shaw, who has a vice-regal
appointment, and is well known
in the Okanagan has leased the
Star Theatre, and very shortly
will open a first class moving
picture show.
The Winter Carnival in Greenwood upon January 14 and 15
will be a delight to the lovers of
hockey and other cold season
sports. Paste the dates on your
looking glass.
A. E. Perkins, of Vancouver,
the professional piano and organ
tuner is staying at the Windsor
hotel for a day or' two and will
be pleased to hear from' any
whose piano is out of tune.
..The drawing for the shares in
the Argo Tunnel will take place
in the Nattonal hotel at 8 o'clock
on Saturday night. The highest
number gets 500 shares and the
lowest number wins 500 shares.
The Chesaw News says that
native gold assaying over $16,000
to the ton has been found in the
Reco mine, one "mile from Chesaw. Shipments of ore from the
Reco - to the Greenwood smelter
will begin this month,
Writing from Five Mile Point
near Princeton, C.' V, Semerad
says that hejias nearly recovered
from the effectsflof" tlie' "accident,'
caused by his team running away.
He says that they expect a boom
in the spring, as rich ore has been
found on Si-wash' creek.
H. C. Williams, who had been
with the provincial police force
in Greenwood for a long time
was transferred to Grand Forks
last week. He is an efficient and
popular officer, and will be missed
by many friends in this city,
especially the young ladies.
Last Friday night two basketball teams from here went to
Phoenix. The senior team went
to accommodate the Phoenix team
which by the way had been practising for two weeks, while the
Greenwood team had only two of
the regulars. Although defeated
Greenwood scored 14 points which
proves that we have the makings
of a first class basket ball team.
The line up was:���Grainger,
Ewing, Smith, McMillan and
McArthur. The school team defeated the scholars of that place.
This year a great many Hindus
have been working on the railway at Greenwood. Many of
them are tall, stately and handsome. As they passed a certain
house in this city a young and
winsome lady often chatted to
them and made them presents of
cakes. She was surprised the
other day when about 20 ofthe
turbaned , gentlemen gathered
outside her residence, and presented her with an elegant silver
Hindoo cup, stating that it would
bring her good luck, and if she
did not lose it the world was hers.
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian Church will hold their
annual bazaar on Thursday, Dec.
11th, in the auditorium. In the
afternoon there will be the usual
sale of fancy work suitable ior
Christmas gifts, (flowers, candies
and home cooking). Tea and
ice cream will also be served.
There will be a varied entertainment consisting of drills, songs,
tableaux and a play entitled
"The Crystal Gazer." This
play, we understand, is exceptionally good as a royalty has to
be paid to put it on. Admission
25 cts.
4-WT1-X-���.      1-1 --i   fr
iWestern Float!
Hope, and
Business is lively
W. J. Lamb has opened a barber
shop in Molson.
Coal from Bankhead is being
sold in Port Alberni.
In B. C. the C.P.E. has 40 oil-
burning locomotives.
Wm. Eobertson is opening an all
night restaurant in Hope.
George Stevens has opened a
white restaurant in Merritt.
The Hartney mine near New
Denver will ship ore this month.
E. Mobbs, of Gerrard, has moved
north to the Prince Eupert district.
In Hazelton a Finn was fined 815
and costs for carrying a sheath
This time of the year page ada
are common in the papers of all live
. The address of Fred Hucker is
wanted by Ann Hucker, Ketiehan
By next April there will be 15
rigs drilling for oil in Southern
The local train between Vancou
ver and Kamloops has been dis
store   in
supper will be at the Pacific cafe.
Tomorrow is   tho fool's   seed
timo.   Today is the time to do.    ',
George Trickett, of New Denver,
may open a plumbing shop in
Next month D. D.
will , open a grocery
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Stuart, of
Hope, are spending the winter in
There is a bake oven in Penticton that has a capacity of 280
loaves an hour.
In Winnipeg an attempt is being made to drive lady barbers out
of the business.
The mine at Coalmont is shipping
coal by four horse team to the surrounding villages.
T. J; Cummiskey of Vernon died
in a Vancouver hospital a few days
ago aged 56 years.
. ���.At Armstrong -40. pjer cent, of
the big vegetable crop: is grown'
and sold by Chinamen.
Near Tulameen there are 150
men working on the construction
of the V. V. & E. railway.
Condensed milk goes to Kaslo
by the carload. Must be a lot of
bottle babies in that town.
At Fernie J. Mansfield and C. F.
Cailson were sent 30 days to jail,
for stealing a ride on a train.
A steamer recently sailed from
Enpe with half a million pounds
of fresh iced and frozen halibut.
This year 1762 carloads of fruit
and produce have been shipped
from the Okanagan district in B.C.
Today their are few moccasin
tracks in South Fort George. The
redskins 'must be wearing store
At a cost of $12,265 the government has let the contract for a new
wharf at Summerland to Andrew
McConnell. *
During the past six months the
Slocan hospital in New Denver has
had 42 indoor patients and 172 who
had minor complaints.
Mining with dredges in the
Klondike this year, the Canadian
Klondike Mining Co., has made a
profit of a million dollars.
A few days ago 600 head of cattle were shipped from Edmonton
to Chicago. They bring less in
that market than in B.C.
In Alberta an oil and gas claim
is 1 x 3 miles in size. r Eecently in
one week 300.000 acres of supposed oil lands were filed on.
George Searle has skipped from
White Horse without paying his
debts. He poured booze at the
Commercial hotel in that town.
Owing to an agreement between
railway contractors in all parts of
the province, wages on construction
work have been lowered 25 cents a
For running an opium joint in
Vernon two Chinks were recently
fined $20 each. For smoking the
dope four Chinks were fined $10
Near Dawson this year, the Lone
Star quartz mine on the divide between Bonanza and Eldorado made
a profit working a four Btamp mill
upon $3.75 ore.
The Chesaw News says that
Molson had six millions added to
its population last week. Mrs.
George Million moved into that
town for the winter.
Pete Stranovich was caught by
the police driving a sleigh louded
with whiskey along tho road near
Decker lake. He had five barrels
and 360 bottles of whiskey. Pete
was taken to Hazelton and given
12 months in jail, It (loos not pay
to carry too much bopzo around in
the vicinity of railway camps.
John  L. Macdonald,  of Fernie,
has gone to Buenos' Ayres,   where,
he has  a   position   with a   large
machinery firm.
Angus McLeod died in the
hospital ' at ,Lytton from pneumonia. He was an old-time cowboy from Montana.
Adolph Mero died in the insane
asylum at. New -Westminster,last
month. He kept a shoe ��� shop in
New Denver for nearly 20 years. ',,
Joe Farron is in the pest-house
at Oroville with smallpox. He
had just arrived in Oroville from
Omak. All the other patients are
The cigar   and   fruit stores in
Nelson must   close   on   Sundays, ,
and the pool-room   poker   games
every day.    That town  will soon
be good enough to die.
The Enterprise says that the
postoffice in Blairmore is a disgrace
to any civilized and modern community. Somebody should sweep
it out and mend the roof.
A mile east of New Hazelton
another town has been .started
called East New Hazelton. A
Toronto magazine will put it on
the market in connection with- a
subscription campaign.
Mayor John Allen, of Hamilton,
Out., has asked the citizens of that
city to join him in a "milk strike,"
and use the condensed article.
The baby food was raised to nine
cents a quart. "The outrageously
high cost of living must stop or the
people will starve," he said.
Four years ago Andy Thievarge
was shot dead, while standing in
his cabin door near Gunn creek on
the Bridge river. - Ben Blakeley
waB arrested for. the crime recently
by two B. C. detectives. At the
time of his arrest Blakely was foreman of a mine at Libby, Montana.
The Canadian Pacific Eailway
company has awarded to J. A. Mc-
Elivee & Sons, of Denver, the contract for its great eight-mile tunnel through the Selkirks at Eodgers
pass. Work is to be started January 1 and completed in three anil
a half years. The contract is the
largest * tunnel job ever let in
America and will probably run to
a figure in the vicinity of $8,000,-
000/ ��� -    -
Send for a catalogue of headstones and monuments,.! made by
the Kootenay Monumental Works,
Nelson, B. C. ;  ' '   :
Boundary Association
The West-Kootenay and Boundary hockey clubs met at Grand
Forks last week to discuss several
matters    of   importance.     Those
present were:   Dr.  Vigneux, Nelson; S. G. Blaylock ami G. Cruick-
shank, Trail; G.  A.  Lafferty and
W. H. Atkinson,  Eossland; E. A.
Black and James Walsh, Phoenix;
W. G. Pond,  Greenwood; E. Cur-
ran and T. A. Love, Grand Forks.
Dr.  Vigneux presided and said
that while the   organization   had*
been got under way last winter at
Nelson no actual business had been
transacted.    It was decided that
the organization be known as the
Boundary-West Kootenay Hockey
association, instead of league, with
which the Bounday and Kootenay
leagues are affiliated.   The election
of officers resulted as follows: Honorary president   Sir Eichard Mc-
Bride;   president,    Dr.    Vigneux;
vice-president,    F.   S.   Norcross;
secretary-treasurer, E. A. Black.
The rules of the Pacific Hockey
association were then gone over
carefully and after modifying to
suit local conditions were adopted
as the rules for the Boundary-
West Kootenay Hockey association.
Among the more important rules
are that players may be substituted
at any time during the first two
periods. It also provides for tho
numbering of players and keeping a record of penalties, scoring
and assists.
The rules will be issued shortly
in convenient' book form for the
use of the clubs and members.
At Grand Forks last week the
delegates of the three teams met in
the Eussell house and drafted a
new schedule for the games in the
Boundary,, The new schedule is
as follows:
Jan. 5, Greenwood at Phoenix.
7 Phoenix at Grand Forks.
9 Grand Forks at Greenwood
19 Grand Forks at Phoenix
23 Grand Forks at Greenwood
26 Greenwood at Phoenix   -
28 Phoenix at Grand Forks.
30 Grand ForkB at Greenwood
2 Grand Forks at Phoenix.    .
4 Greenwood at Grand Forks
4 ��� Greenwood at Grand Forks
0 Phoenix at Greenwood
9 Greenwood at Phoenix
11 Phoenix at Greenwood
13 Grand Forks at Greenwood
f & FWHW  mm/mm  a*-,T-Tnr-r-ir*jrT.iiii mm im     ,-,,,-:  TEE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  THE  LEDGE  a.-**..  EDITOR  AND    FINANCIER.  GREENWOOD, DECEMBER 11, 1913.  Enxui  never haunts   the   man  who lovos his work.  Bk good  to somo poor soul at  Christmas.  Mextco  Army.  needs    tho   Salvation  TitESKaietho dark days,  by oil from Calgary.  ���������  unlit  It is apparent that the Puritans  have at last captured Bowser.  What does it profit a Hockey  Club to win all the trophies in tlio  world, and not pay its debts.  fellows members "brothers"; but  .there is something to which I belonged beforo I joined any of these,  and which has first claim to my.  loyalty and helpfulness���������and that  is the human  no matter  No, dear Evelyn, plum puddings  do not grow on trees, not oven in  the Okanns-an.  What kind of a place   wonhl  this   province   bo   if   it   had  churches or gin-mills?  no  Aftj'k a big drunk nearly all intelligent men become moral and  lovo Jesus for a few clays.  The Socialist always wants to  divide the pot. Probably because  ho seldom holds anything higher  than a four flush.  There are many rich working-  men in B.C., but they did not  make their money by hanging onto  a bar, and spliting the ozone with  ejaculations about wage slaves.  All good people have the same  religion, and have no fear for the  future. Only the evil, the weak  and foolish, war about creeds and  believe that theirs is the only trail  to heaven.  race,     iiveryman,  how poor or how rich;  is intitled to my assistance,  as far  as in me lies, to procure for him  justice ancl protection in his rights.  Every baby in China or Afghanistan has a claim  to my support.  Every   criminal   rightly demands  my sympathy.    Every human being struggling in   this   untoward  world has a right to my helping  hand.    There are no aliens. There  are no  foreigners.    Thero aro no  enemies.  Everyman is in part my maker.  What I am is mainly tho reflection and influence of everyman.  I may build up my conscious mind;  it is everyman that forms my subconscious mind, and the latter is  nine-tenths of me.  I cannot escape from Everyman.  Ho embraces mo as the ocean. He  surrounds me as the atmosphere.  I can have no good thing thafi I  do not share with Everyman.  Whatever virtue, ideal, vision,  comfort, or power I have that  Everyman does not to a degree  participate in, is unwholesome.  I can have no real liberty until  everyman has his liberty, the right  to live his own life.  Everyman'3 goodness uplifts me.  Everyman's vice infects me.  Everyman's disease, perversion,  greed, hatred, ancl brutishness exercise a certain pull on me.  To love my friends is instinct;  to love my clique is intelligent selfishness; too love Everyman is religion. In me is a certain nerve  attuned to Everyman, a certain  sympathy for [Everyman, a certain  consciousness of Everyman. To  develop this nerve, this sympathy,  and this consciousness, is the purpose of destiny.  For this th6 world was built.���������  Dr. Frank Crane.   Rock Creek  The Gilded Bait  The result of the sale of Fort  Fraser lots, amounting to 8G35,-  550 for 103 lots, is another eye-  opener to the people of the interior  who have been watching for years  how a company s������r individual  would come along, pick up a piece  of cheap land, which was useless  for any other purpose, and, after  a certain amount of advertising on  A meeting of the Eock .Creek  Farmers' Institute was held at  Larson's Hall, Rock Creek on Saturday, Nov. 29th.,' at 2 p. m.  Major Glossop the president in the  chair. J. R. Jackson M. P. P.  also was present and gave a very  interesting address on vaccine for  black leg.  ._APPlicMip.0..was.also.made for.a  for  the coming  where the suckers would flock  around and probably bid against  "representatives" of "Large Interests," who in reality are only  ������������������cappers" of the townsite game.  The time is not far distant when  these townsite artists and their followers will be as antiquated as  their predecessors who formerly  followed the big circus tent with  the shells and little, illusive pea.���������  Smithers Tribune.  the outside,  holding a public cr  private sale in somo distant place .���������__���������. -a hn ������������������. ������������������..   .   .,   ' '   .,.,.,  r        Ject ll? I-0 investigate the. possibility  packing   school  winter.  Major^Glossop was appointed a  delegate to tho Central Farmers  Institute at Victoria. It was  unanimously endorsed that the 4  acre plot for investigation purposes be located on the south corner north of the main road on A.  D. McLonnan's farm with D. Mc-  Lenuah as supervisor.  The department wishes it to be  clearly understood that this is  uot demonstration work.    The ob  In Spokane  of the district for tho droduction  of fodder . crops suited to the live  stock industry.  His principal diet the fumes of  coal tar and turpentine burned in  an iron pail, C. Larson, a tuber-  coloais patient, who was pronouced  a hopeless victim in the last stages  of the diseases three months ago,  has gained 20 pounds.  The , board of county commissioners were given the formula for  their tuberculosis charges by the  Eev.,. T. Ove, whoK declare the  fumes of coal tar and turpentine  if breathed daily would "smoke  out" the tubercolosis germs.' Larson three months ago was placed  in a tent on the north side and  1 given the treatment.  "I am feeling fine and will go to  work as soon as the weather permits," said Larson yesterday. "I  stir up a spoonful, of the tar and  turpentine every day and set.it on  fire. The first few days it was  rather distasteful, but I now enjoy  breathing it for an hour daily."  Great men can  ontgrow  names.  nick-  There is a Swiss proverb which  says that "it takes a good, many  shovelfuls of earth to make the  truth."  PATENT SKATE GRINDING MACHINE  Many people who pray for a  "deeper work of grace," do not  want it to come deep enough to  reach the pocket.  Vanity produces corns and vexations of spirit.  A woman tired of hearing of  ove is tired of loving.  When you gp to a dealer's  store to hear a Phonograph  be sure you hear an Edison  Phonograph  If you do not hear an Edison you do not hear a phonograph. There is only one Edison and only one Phonograph  bearing his name. The Edison Phonograph is Mr. Edison's  own personal achievement. He invented it and he perfected it. He is responsible for its' clear, lifelike musical  Records���������the Blue Amberols, unbreakable, playing four  minutes and lasting a lifetime. He has produced.the  * indestructible diamond reproducing point, that never needs  changing. He has recently  perfected this new cabinet  model���������a thing of beauty  in itself and a marvel of  musical perfection.  Hear this new model. Hear the  new BlueAnibetolRecords.era-  br&cing everything worth while  in the field of songs and instrumental music.  Edison Atobcrola VI  Calsine-t Mahogany or Golden Ott. Diamond  Point Reproducer; Powerful Spring Motor,  Play������ Blue Amberol Records '  Edison Phonographs and Records, are told by  . M. GULL,EY  GREENWOOD, B.C.  Skates will be ground at Kinney's shop  on the only grinder in B.C.  WESTERN - - HOTELS.  NEWMARKET   HOTEI,  Is the home for all tourists and  millionaires visiting* New Denver, British Columbia.  A. JACOBSON, Proprietor.  THK   PROVINCE   HOTEL  Grand Forks, B.C., is in the centre  of the city,'find furnishes the public  with every accommodation at  reasonable rates.  Emll Iiarsen, Proprlotor,  ?,J ���������>>.������������������!*������������������������._'M  i^-C"??"  mm  tiliSaSUSi  THK   KASLO   HOTEL  Kaslo, B. C��������� is a comfortable  home for ali who travel to that  city.  Cookie & Papwortn  .   .  Nelson, B.C.  First-class in everything.  Steam heat, electric light,  private baths. Telephone  in every room. First-class  bar and barber shop.  'Bus meets all trains.  Hate, fear, greed, ancl booze are  tho great disturbers of the universe. Without them we would  have no jails, no policeman, and  no preachers. Abolish them and  the millenium comes in you* door,  full-dressed ancl decked with the  flowers of joy, love, peace and  goodwill.  There was a court of revision  on the voters list in Greenwood  this week. An idiotic clause in  the Municipal Act compels such  events to be advertised in Nelson  and not in Greenwood. In this  intelligent age no law is more ab-  burd, and our legislature should  erase it from the books, in order to  prevent accusations of insanity.   '  m  ���������������������������.-��������� .Hi  M  *b������  ^  1/s.  ' s.  tt  The   Canadian   government   is  giving a pension  to the men who  suppressed the Fenians in I860.  So far only about 25,000 of the  10,000 who took part in the affair  have applied for the $100, proving  that some people  have powerful  imaginations.     At the   best,   the  Fenian Raid was hardly as bloody  as a second-class riot,  and deserves little attention.    It was principally fear and smoko mixed   up  with a little fire.  at *.:������������  t&.<tt  Is like what you want  your hair to be���������  Lustrous, bright and  glossy; soft, silky  and wavy.  To have beautiful  hair like this, use  ARLINGTON HOTEL  Trail, B. C���������This hotel has been  thoroughly renovated.. It is heated  by steam, and has hot and . cold  - water-in all- rooms. A pleasant  home for all who travel.  JAMES WILLIAMSON, Proprietor  ROCK CREEK HOTEL  Rock Creek,  B. C.   This hotel is  situated on historic ground,  and  ���������     has  tasty   meals   ancl    excellent  rooms.  T. R. HANSON. Proprietor.  TREMONT   HOUSE    "  Nelson, B. C, is run on the American and European plan. Steam  heated rooma. All white labor.  Special attention paid to dining  room.  Kaniome & Campbell, Props,  QUEEN'S   HOTEL,  PHOEsNIX'    B.   C  The Newest and Largest Hotel in  the City. Everything neat, clean  and comfortable. Steam heat and  electric light. Meals and drinks at  all hours.  HdfiTMAN & WALSH    -  Props.  TULAMEEN HOTEL  Princeton, B. C, is the headquarters for miners, investors  and railroad men. A fine location and everything* first-class  KIRKPATRICK ft MALONE, Prosrietors  BRIDESV1LI.B   HOTEI,.  Bridesville, B.C. This hotel is  within easy reach of all the leading  Boundary towns and the centre oi  a fine farmingfdistrict.  THOMAS   WA19H,   Proprietor.  1  '���������Vi-i*:  t\  THE SIMILKAMEEN HOTEL  S������iV%,0nB.* ?hJB -"J1?1 la "���������**��������� comfortable  well-furnlshecl, and Is close to the rallwaj  depot. Modern accommodation and sample rooma.  SUMMERS & WARDLE. Proprietors  ������'������'  W*.A%  \iras  Thinking Themes  Everyman is my brother,  and  should be equal in   opportunity.  No two people are erjual in muscle,  health, brain-power, or morals; in  such things there can be no equality, but only that infinite variety  that marks all manifestations of  life.    But justice shall never come  upon earth until Everyman has a  fair chance.     Everyman   is   my  master.    William 0. Redfield tells  of seeing over the desk of a pros-  porous businessman in Rotterdam,  this motto, "Every man I meet is  my master in some point,  and in  this I learn of him."   To despise  any human being is a  mistake.  Everyman   can teach   me something.  Everyman is my kin. I may  belong to a lodgo, a club, a church,  a party, or a family, and call my  It's just what its name implies��������� just to  make the hair glossy, and lustrous, and more  beautiful ���������just to make it easier to dress, and  more natural to fall easily and gracefully into  the wavy lines and folds of the coiffure, just lo  give that delightful fresh and cool effect, and  leave a lingering, delicate, elusive perfume.  HOTEL KEREMEOS  Opposite depot. Extensive alter  ations have recently been made  rendering this hotel one of the  most comfortable in the interior.  A choice selection of liquors and  cigars. New pool room and sample  roomsjn connection.  Mrs. A. P. KIRBY  ON PARLE FRANCAIS  NATIONAL HOTEL  GREENWOOD, B. C,  The  Really Best House  in the Boundary.  Recently Remodelled and  Strictly Up-to-Date.  Restaurant in connection  OWEN J BO YER  PROP  GRAND CENTRAL   HOTEL   Opposite Postoffice, NELSON, B. C.  American and European Plans,  H.H. PITTS, Prop.-  Will not change or darken the color of the  hair. Contains no oil; therefore, c*-annot leave  the hair sticky, or stringy.  Very pleasant to use, very easy to apply ���������  simply sprinkle a little on your hair each time  before brushing it.  To thoroughly clean your hair and scalp,  use  RIVERSIDE HOTEL  Rock Creek, B. C. This is one of  the oldest hotels in the Kettle Valley*. Excellent accommodation for  all travellers.  S. T. LAR9EN, Proprietor.  CENTRAL HOTEL  PHOENIX.  One of the largest hotels in  the city. Beautiful location,  fine rooms and tasty meals.  A. O. JOHNSON     -     PROP.  ALGOMA-HOTEL  Deadwood, B. C.  This hotel is  m  ^ A liquid shampoo to keep the hair clean, soft, smooth and beautiful.     It  an instantaneous rich, foaming lather, penetrating to every part of the ha r  rfewmo'mint" WaShed ������ffJUSt" qulckI* the ������L bper^tSiV^  It leaves no lumps or stickiness.  ��������� Just a refreshing sense of cool, sweet cleanliness.   ;  ��������� Just a dainty, pleasant and clean fragrance.  Both in odd-shaped ornamental bottles, wiih sprinkler toDs  Harmony Hair Beautifier, $I.oo; Harmony Shampoo, Soc.  Both guaranteed to please you, or your money back.  Sold only fcy ihe more than 7000 Rexall Store*���������Th* WorW. r.    .   . r*.  made in our own bi-r Toronto Laboratories, where all lK.l.*lfc,?V??lSK������.%rea-and  DULCE and BOUQUET JEANICE es^^ffi^ft^^���������������������������?. VIOLET  Sold in this community only at  gives  within easy distance of Greenwood  and provides a comfortable home  for travellers. The bar baa the  best of wines, liquors and cigars.  JAMES1HEHDERS0N Pro rleto  DAVID 0XLEY  Proprietor..  '9        .S&s-efl������  GREENWOOD, B.C.  ���������������������������ha'r.mo'ny*:'  ���������MR'tobl  Vm  .TRADE'     MARK  HI  Itouiji  ISIJWIMB  The Windsor Hotel  THE WINDSOR HOTEL is one of the oest furnished  hotels in the west. It ia located in the heart of Greenwood and within easy reach of all the financial and  commercial institutions of the Copper Metropolis.  Heated with Steam and Lit by Electricity  Commodious sample rooms.   The bar is replete with  all modern beverages and the meals are the best. Rooms  reserved by telegraph.  ���������fi  ���������������������������I  t  i  ft  f  h  If  if  +,f,vp*niM0aMMt m***s. y  l *'. " *    r    . '     ' ' '     ,'  "K'/":������������������'>'/1  Al,  !*/  THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD.'BRITISH   COLUMBIA1.  xpyyrWk  ^yh:yy  ''''' _',>-���������' //"-*;;  f n^asjsr-t-j-wL-rwfc-'soi sirsu  ���������'^���������IfeS  ,'   .1!.'    ''������'   'V ,'  ', .*'..      *���������'.     '    .    '"ft I  WE CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY  By supplying you with your Xmas purchases quickly and at a low price. We are  devoting special tune and attention to the out of town customers and can assure you  prompt and reliable service. Your correspondence and orders attended to bv return. We have the largest aud finest slock ever carried in the interior. ��������� Our goods  ; and prices invite comparison. We will be pleased to send' selections on approbation. Ihe earlier you send the larger choice we can give you. Drop us- a line and  we will be pleased to mail you our new calender, which is very pretty and attractive  J.O. patenau'de  Manufacturing: Jeweler, Watchmaker and Optician.  NELSON, B.C.  .  0.  GiJNDERSON  Contractor and* Builder  <m-*--:<*-*,K'--������������-,>^^  TEMPERANCE  '  ,      * ������������������DEALER'IN���������  Doors, Windows, Sash.  All kinds of carpenter work]neatly done,  Box 127     -     -   -     Greenwood.  Mm**  ������  %-VFi  ���������mm:i  is all right if shorn of humbuggery.  Too much water drinking is just  as injurious as too much liquor or  inything else.  OUR PURE WINES  AND LIQUORS  are medicinal if not abused: Every  household should have a moderate  supply of pure wines or liquors in  the closet for emergency���������either  unexpected visitors or sudden illness, when a drop of pure liquor  in time may forestall all necessity  for drugs.  - An Electric Iron or better still  a small Electric Oyen, would be  an ideal present for your wife this  Christmas. Drop in at our store  on Copper St. and let us show  you what wonderful electric appliances we carry in stock. Our  rates for current* are very reasonable too, much.cheaper than fuel.  Electric Irons, per month SOc  Disc'Stoves, per month 50c  Small Electric Ovens, per month $i.oo  THE H0FIE CI  HOW TO AVOID COLD   \  WEATHER DISEASES  Pleasant Evening Reveries, A Column Dedicated to  Tired Mothers as they Join the Home Circle at Evening  Tide, i  Greenwood. City ��������� Waterworks Company  | Greenwood Dquor gompnny, Importers, Greenwood, B. 0.  l*254*^-"***-**-*-*^^  5P  ������  . Notary Public,  Land and Mining Agent,  Mining Recorder's Office.'  : ROCK CREEK, B.C.  Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish  and Poultry. Shops in nearly all the  towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD, B. C.  aw-sw-^ws^s's*-.?*-^  00<-*-0������-0*0*00-000<*'-C*<*^^  ���������DEADER in���������  All Kinds of Feed  <<  COUNTY COURT OF YALE.  OUR BEST FLOUR"  Always up to Standard  0000000000000<><KX><X>00<K>CK>0  giiiminmnimnimmnimintmiimmmmnimmiiinimK  I Greenwood to Phoenix Stage 1  sr Leaves Greenwood Daily at 3 p. m. ~s  g Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m. ������5  ������T GREENWOOD OFFICE        - ��������� CLUB CIGAR STORE ~������  ������*~ ������    ^ss^m^stasmmmsms^msMJsmmm^smsmms^mmmnm ""^  ������E JOHN FULLER       ,*       ,       ,        PROPRIETOR 3  ^imiimimmmmmmmmimmmmmiiM  A. SITTING of the County Court of Yale will  ' be holder) at tbe Court House, Greenwood,  on Tuesday the o 13th day of January, 1914, at  eleven o'clock in the forenoon, , 1  '   * By order,   ,_  "WAIsTER DEWDNEY,  Regiatr ar C. 0. of Y  '<k<^^^<f<^^<f^^^99^^^^^^^  *  your- Razors Honed |  and Your Baths at I  *���������������  V  ?  .  ?  3f  ' -'PARABLE OF THE TOBACCO SEFD.  One of our town girls hands us the- following with the  request that we publish it for the boys to read, and that  reading.it they may be made wise thereby. ' '  Then shall the kingdom of Satan, be likened unto a grain  of tobacco seed, which, though exceedingly small, being  cast into the ground, grew and became a great plant, and  spread its leaves rank and broad, so that vile worms formed  a habitation theredn.  And it came to pass in the course of time that the sons  of men-looked upon it and thought it beautiful. To make  them look big and manly, the lads put' forth their hands  and did chew thereof; and some it made sick, and others  to vomit most filthily. .And it further came to pass that  they who chewed it became weak and unmanly, and said  "We are enslaved and cant cease chewing it."  GREENWOOD,  At the Windsor Hotel fey  ZACK  MESSENGER SERVICE  V ''     ' ��������� ,      ���������&  96&Q6&#64&99G999906&6o$9QQ  ANALYSIS OF WATER  Chlorine   8.14  Sulphuric Acid  363.43  Silica    74.29  Lime  84.57  Alkalies as Soda "  5.91  Magnesia  232.00  Lithia  .86  Sulphuretted Hydrogen 32.00  Has recently been thoroughly  renovated and re-furnished, and  is now the greatest health resort upon the continent. Natural hot water in baths, 124 degrees of heat. A course of baths  at Halcyon will cure nervous  and muscular disease*? and eliminate rheumatism and metalic  poisons from the system." The  water heals liver, kidney and  stomach complaints. The rates  are $2 a day up; or $12 weekly  up. Postoffice, express and telegraph offices in connection.  0000000<>00000000000<XK><>0<)0  TV' ���������THOMAS  CLOTHES CLEANED  PRESSED AMD REPAIRED  TAILOR - GREENWOOD  ou^^oo<x><x>ooooo<K>oooeoo<>oo  *    ���������       -     ��������� ��������� V  When you '..want a headstone or  monument write to the Kootenay  Monumental Works, Nelsori,"B.C  WHY NOT  Enjoy Yourself this  CHRISTMAS  By wearing'one of our  Nifty Suits or Overcoats  REASONABLY PRICED  OR. A. MIL-LO^  DENTIST  e V  ���������PHiatti Boyd, Proprietor,  fialcyon, B. &  >��������� a  the  latest  methods  Dentistry.  in high-class  And the  mouths of all who were enslaved became  foul,   and they  were seized with a violent spitting, aud did  spit  even  in  the ladies parlor ancl in the house of the Lord of hosts, and  the saints of the Most. High were greatly plagued thereby.  And in the course of time it   came   to   pass  that others  snuffed it, and they were  taken  suddenly with  fits,  and  they did sneeze with great and mighty sneezes,   insomuch  that their eyes filled with tears, and they did look exceeding silly.    And yet others cunningly wrought   the leaves  thereof into rolls,- and did 'set fire to the end thereof, and  did look very grave and calf like, sucking it, and the smoke  of their torment ascended up forever and .ever.  And the cultivation thereof became a great and mighty  business in the earth, and the merchantmen waxed rich by  the commerce thereof, And it came to pass that the saints  of the Most High defiled themselves. And even the poor,  vyho could not buy shoes, nor bread, nor books for their  little ones, spent their money for it,, and the Lord was  greatly-displeased therewith and said, "Wherefore this  waste; and why do these little ones lack bread and shoes  and books? Turn your attention to change this wicked  evil-which has grown up in your.midst in a gospel land.  Turn now your fields into corn and wheat, and defile not  yourselves any more, and God will bless you and cause the  smile of his countenance to shine on you." But with one  accord they all exclaimed, "We cannot cease from chewing  and snuffing and puffing. We are slaves to the evil plague."  I To prevent cold weather'diseases, put  your body into a proper healthy condition to successfully resist them. Colds,  grippe, bronchitis, pneumonia, catarrh,  typhoid fever, rheumatism and olher ailments may be escaped in most cases, if  this is done. Build up your health and'  strength���������your nerves and blood and entire body���������into such shape that you can-  count on good health all during the winter months���������by taking Rexall Olive Oil  Emulsion, the ideal blood, nerve'aud  bodybuilder.  This is a remarkable medicine, but a  common-sense one. ' It doesn't stimulate.  So-called "tonics" that stimulate  give  you no permanent relief; but leave you ���������  worse of than before.   Rexall Olive Oil  Emulsion contains none of these harmful,   stimulating   ingredients,   such  as  alcohol and dangerous and habit-forming,.  drugs.  Its great benefit to you is through'  its real nerve and blood and body-building effects. It nourishes, builds, strengthens.   Its merit does not rest on making  you feel better for a few minutes at a  time after taking it, but on making you -  feel better as a result of making you well.  Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion is the ideal  blood and nerve food tonic.   You who  are weak and run-down, and you who  are apparently well know, but are liable  to suffer from various cold weather ailments, use Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion to*  get and keep well and strong,   For the l A  tired out, run-down, nervous, > emaciated  or debilitated���������the convalescing������������������growing children���������aged people���������it is a sen- ���������  sible  aid  to  renewed. strength,   better    -  spirits, glowing health.  Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion���������king of  the celebrated Rexall Remedies���������is for  freedom from sickness of you and your  family.   You'll be as enthusiastic about  it as we are when you have noted its  pleasant taste, its strengthening, invigorating,   building-up,    disease-preventing  effects.   If it does not help you,  your  money will be given back to you without  argument.   Sold in this community only   '  at our store���������The Rexall Store���������one of  more than 7,000 leading drug stores in  the "United States,   Canada and  Great  Britain ���������J. I,. White, Druggist,  Greenwood, B. C.  It is claimed that crows, -eagles,  ravens and swans live to be a hundred years old; herons, 50; parrots,  60; pelicans and geese, 50; skylarks,  30; sparrow hawks, 40; peacocks  and cranes, 24.  -AND-  SMOKERS' NOTIONS  THE OLD RELIABLE COMMON SENSE SLEIGH  LOO, BUILDING  1   Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.  VANCOUVER,   -   -  -   B.C.  Greenwood & Mirny  Imported and Domestic;  G/GARS  All that a smokers heart desires at  Walter G. Kennedy's  smussnmmitiiBTir rfa1^���������"���������".-."���������^���������.���������*.j-.������-���������*"."������-. -.^..a .���������p������������m  DO TOOK FDR BUSINESS DIRECT with the largest bouse In"the World  dealing exclusively In AMERICAN RAW FURS   Get "More Money" for your FURS  SHIP YOUtt JFUKS TO "SHUBERT,"  a reliable���������responsible-safe���������FurHouse with an unblemished reputation existinK for ".more than n quarter of a century." a long successful record of sending Fur Shippers prompt���������SATISFACTORY  AND PROFITABLE returns. Write for "tTI't g>(jubcrt &(iip-*tr,"  the only reliable, accurate market report and price list published.  tV-riio for it���������NOW���������ItV FKEE  Ah cm TnK*i3T y.,��������� 25-27 west austin ave.I  . IS. OHUtSE-K I , inC. Dept. 535 CHICAGO.U.S.A.B  SOLD BY  JAS. G. MOMYNN  - GENERAL MERCHANT  MIDWAY  ' Leaves Greenwood .for Spokane  at 8:20 a.m.; & for Oroville at 3:10  p. m. Leave orders at Terhnne's'  Cigar Store.       Ohablbs Russell.  ^^S^S^������^S^S^m^������^&>i&?^  liiiMi^lilslSiii  Are You Going to the Old Country  or to  Ontario, Quebec, NewBrunswick, Nova Scotia  Plumber  Don't Be HOODWINKED  WE NEVER CHANGE BRANDS  ,-r  r  .U.U V.UVJJVll  ARE A 1 QUALITY  TkBRILLlANTES  Are the Best Clear Havana9ln Canada  Made by Union Labor in the best Hygienic Factory in the country.   Call for  them and get value for your money Instead of rope  I am prepared to ex-*- f!  ecute   all   orders   for J  plumbing and tinsmith^ ; I  I   ing in city or country, }>  INDI6ESTI0N OVERCOME  Overcome by Simple Remedy.  Hurried and careless habits of eating, trresular meals and foods that  do not harmonize, tend to -weaken  the dlgestire organs and result in  different forms of stomach trouble. 1  If you are one of the unfortunates  "Who hare drifted Into this condition,  ���������eat Blmple foods only, slowly, regularly and take Vinol, our delicious  cod U-rer and iron tonic. ,.  Mrs. H. J. Smith, Thomasville, Ga.,  eaya:    "I suffered from a stomach  trouble, was tired, worn out and nervous.   A friend advised me to take  VlnoL   My stomach trouble soon disappeared and now I eat heartily and  nave a perfect digestion and I -wish:  erery tired, weak woman could have  Vinol, for I never spent any money  In my life that did me so much good."  The recovery of Mrs. Smith* was  Sue ^to the combined action of the  medicinal elements of the cods' livers  ������������������aided by   the   blood  making  and  ���������strength creating properties of tonic  Iron, which are contained in Vinol.  We will return the purchase money  every time Vinol fails to benefit.  J. L. White, DruggiBt, Greenwood  Mallory Hats  Semi-Ready Clothing  NELSON, B. C.  MINING  BROKERS  PROSPECTS    BOUGHT   AND   "SOLD  W1LBERG & WOLZ, Prop. B.C. Clear  Factory, New Westminster. B. c.  ^mmmiimMmmiiimimiiimmimmimii^  GEORGE CLERF/I  The "Home Folks" will be glad to see you, but further pleased  it, whe you detrain at your "Home Town, "you are feeling refreshed  and comfortable after your long journey, The Canadian Pacific  equipment and service always leave that satisfied^feeling. :���������"������������������;:  and let us arrange'everything for you��������� thus removing many of the  little worries incidental to "getting away.". V  Tickets to the Old Country, on sale daily throughout November  and December, final return limit five months*  Tickets to Eastern Provinces on sale throughout  December,  final return limit three months (with privilege of extension)  Reduced rates from all Kootenay Points to all points east  in Canada.  YOUR CHOICE OF ROUTES.    STOPOVERS  From Greenwood to Toronto $96.70  From Greenwood to Montreal $101,70.  E. R. REDPATH, J. V. MURPHY,  Greenwood, B.C.     ,   District Passenger Agent, Nelson, B.C.  -'^^St^^i^i'fiK^  J   E. CAMEKON,  Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.  KASLO      B.  C.  ASSAYBR  E. W.' VVIDDOWSON, Assayer and  Chemist, Box bi 108, Nelson,' B. C.  Charges:���������Gold, Silver, I-ead or Copper,  $1 \each. Gold-Silver, or Sil tr-Lead,  ji.50. Prices for other metals: Coal,  Cement, Fireclay analyses on: application. The largest custom assay office in  British Columbia.  n m m a  S fill OUE  Impe'rator and Kootenay Standard  CJgare.   Made by  J. C. THEL1N & Co., NELSON.  The newspaper that always pleases all its readers has noVer been  published,  EALED TENDERS addressed to Hie under ���������  ���������> nigned, and endorsed "Tender for Imnii-  frratlonand Detention Hospital Buildlnif, Van-  coitver, B.C." will be received until '.00 p.m. on  Monday, December 29,1913, for tlie erection of  the above named building'.  Plans, specification and form of contract can  be seen and forms of tender obtained on application to the office of Wm. Henderson, resident architect. Victoria, B.C: on apolicatlon to  Mr. A. J. Chisholm, caretaker," Public Buildlnif  Vancouver, B. C.and at this Department.  Persons tendering are notified that tenders  will not be considered unless made on the  printed forms supplied, and signed iv|th thoir  actual signatures, stating- their occupations,  and places of residence. In the case of firms,  the aotual signature, the nature of the ocnpa-  "P"* ���������"���������<������ place of residence of each member  of the firm must be given, *  Each tender must be accompanied by an  accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable  to the order of the Honorable the Minister of  Public Works, equnl to ten por cent. (10 p. c.) of  the amount of the tender, which will be forfeited  If the person tendering decline to entor into a  contract whon called upon to do so, or fall to  oomplete the work contracted for. If the tender be not accepted tho oheque will be returned ���������  The Department* does not bind itself to accept  the lowest or any tender.     ���������  By order,  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Department of Public "Works,        S--"ct***"y'  - Ottawa, November 13,1913.  Newspapers will not be paid for **.hls advertisement If they Insort it without authority  jrom the Deparfmont.-493'**i' .vuiuu. ���������.*-  Subscribers are reminded that  The Ledge, is $2 a year when  paid in advance. When not so  paid it is $2.50 a year.'  .6ank of Montreal  ESTABLISHED 1S17  Capital, all paid up, $16,000,000    Rest, $16,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS,   $802,814.94  Hon. President: I-ord Strathcona and Mount Royal, G. C. M.G.  President: R. B. Angus, Esq.  Vice-President and General Manager: H. V. Meredith, Esq.  Branches in London, En������.{������������  Buy ancl Sell Sterling Exchange aud Cable Transfers.    Grant Commercial and  Travellers' Credits, available in any part of the world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT Int0o^4,kT?f.ot  Greenwood Branch j -  C. B. Winter, Mgr.  THE CANADIAN BANK  .OF COMMENCE  SIR EDMUND WALKER, CV.O, LL.D.. D.C.JL, Prealdeat  ALKXANDBR LAIRD JOHN AIRD  Gtnoral Mannjfar '      Aialstant General ManaSer  IN GRAND FORKS  I deal in Second-hand  goods and have the  largest sign in B. C.  I buy or sell anything from a needle  to a carload.  ED. PECKHAM  aulclely stops couehfl, cures colds, and henls  the threat and lungs.      ::      ������������������      so cents.  CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000  TRAVELLERS' CHEQUES  Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce enable the traveller to  provide himoelf with funds without delay at each point of his journey in  a convenient yet inexpensive manner. They arc issued payable in every  country in the world in denominations of  $10,   $20,   $50,   $100,   $200  with the exact equivalent in the moneys of the principal countries stated  on the face of each cheque. They are economical, absolutely safe self-  identifying and easily nego iated. ���������������  SAVING? BANK DEPARTMENT  A, H, MARCON   -  Manager of Greenwood and Hock CrccH Branches  Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations.  C*OAI, mining rights ofthe Dominion,  v** in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of British  Columbia, may be leased for a term of  twenty-one years at an annual rental of  $1 an acre. Not more than 2,560 acres  will be leased to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agent of the district in which the  rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be  described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be  staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied  by a fee of $s which will be refunded if  the rights applied for are not available  but not otherwise. A royalty shall be  paid on the merchantable output of the  mine at the rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the'. Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of 'merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty  thereon: If the coal mining rights are  not being operated, such returns should  be furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at the  rate of {10.00 an acre.  For full information application should  be made to the Secretary of the Depart  ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any  Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  . W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���������Unauthorized publication of this  advertisement will not he paid for.  ���������-. "���������������������������.  >���������*,"<  '.*-'/41 *?>M^^r-*^^^  ���������������������������������������������������������������-���������^���������-���������-^���������^������������������ja^^^  ^^^jg^^  THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD, . BRITISH   COLUMBIA  000000000������**0<XH)0<KK)C-000000  f   B. C. MINING NEWS   f  0<>CKKXKK>CKK)<><JCKKJ<>00<KK)00<)-0  Yesterday Mr. Olson, of Merritt,  left for Granite Creek to get  things in shape at the Golden Gate  Mining Company's placer property  at that point for the carrying out  of a large amount of work .there  this winter.  This week Mr. Olson signed a  contract with Mr. Lambert, manager for the above named company,  whose head offices are at Vancouver,' for the driving of a tunnel  350 feet in length.. The tunnel  will parallel the bed of the river as  it is a placer mining proposition,  tbe contract calls for the completion of tho tnnnel by the fifteenth  clay of April, and Mr. Olson expects with six good men to finish  his contract on specified time.  The Golden Gate Mining Co.  has up to dato spent something  like sixteen thousand on this property. ���������Merritt Herald.  Spooning Gold  The Granby Consolidated still  continues its policy of expansion  which has been so marked during  tbe past two years, and the latest  acquisition is the Snowshoe. mine  at Phoenix. The Granby has been  carrying on extensive development  work at tbe Snowshoe,. and it ls  now understood that it has exercised its option paying $20,000 for  tho property.  The   Snowshoe    was   operated  originally by an English syndicate,  but was later more extensively operated under lease by the Consolidated Mining & Smelting company  of Trail, who ceased their   operations about a year ago." The property adjoins the Gold Drop outlet  of tbe  Granby mines at Phoenix  and the Granby has- been recently  exploring the Snowshoe by tunnel  and otherwise and is said.. to have  about half a million tons' of ore in  sight with prospects  for much ad  ditional tonnage.    The pre will all  be shipped to the company's smel  ter at Grand Forks..  Another property which the  Granby acquired is the-,$lidas mine  at Valdez, Alaska, the cost of  which, including necessa^ equipment, will be 825,000.' The Midas  ore, thus far shown up, averages  from 5 per cent to 6 per cent cop'  per with ������2 a ton in gold and sil  ver. Development to date has disclosed about 82,000,000 in values,  but the extent of the ore deposits  has by no means been ascertained.  The ores from the Midas, sulphide in character, will be utilized  as a much needed flux in the opera  tions of the Hidden Creek smelter  to which shipments will commence  about the middle of 1914.  Just south of the Canadian border in the State of Washington,  Granby has had several properties  under option for the past few  months. One of these is the Lame  Foot group, upon which fair results have been had. Another  property which bids far to duplicate the Granby itself.  The mine management at Hidden Creek has advised the Eastern  officials that the construction and  development programme has been  fully lived up to, whioh indicates  that the new smelter will blow in  early in January.  There is a gold excitement  around Chesaw these days, a few  miles west of Greenwood. Tbe  editor [of the Chesaw News is a  great authority upon eggs, and  may eventually become an expert  upon mining matters. The News  says:  ���������'Those  who have heard of the  "high grader" in far off Alaska,  New Mexico and the Tonopah gold  fields of Nevada but have never  seen   one of these   characters at  work should stroll  down to   the  Eagle claim which lies just north  of the Reco.   There,  not 50 feet  from the Eeco workings,  L.   B.  Pierce    is    conducting   a, "high  grade"    campaign   single handed  and   successfully,    which   savors  highly of the real thing.   He has  stripped a short stretch of ground  and with a small hand pick, a soup  spoon and a svhisp broom is working in a narrow seam but three  inches wide most of tho way, and  sometimes wide enough to permit  him scooping the muck out with  his hands.    The pay stuff is sifted  through a sieve, the coarse matter  sacked for the smelter,  while the  fine dirt is taken down  to Meyers  Creek a few hundred feet distant  and there dumped   into a sluice  box and the water does the rest  while Pearce goes back to his dig-  gin's on the ground which but recently  served   as a bleacher for  Chesaw baseball rooters.    Pearce  is making  big money  every day.  He is not digging any deeper than  his   soup spoon and whisp broom  will take effect, and not yet; has he  done any shooting to get down any  depth  where the best of it is embedded.    It is an encouraging fact  that in the Reco workings along  the Eagle the deeper the digging the  richer the output.    In the tunnel,  which  picked  up one ledge at a  depth of about 40 feet the best of  the gold is right in the bottom of  the tunnel.    What lies still deeper  down will be revealed when the  work shifts around to the exploratory stage.  CHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS  Community  Silver  Sheratan design, Community Silver Plate stands alone in its wear resisting qualities, The pieces are first plated with quadruple plate [four times standard Al  fs*-^! plate] covering the entire piece, which is then overlaid with a visible disc of PURE  Vfd/jjSILVER of equal thickness, giving the portion most subject to wear an octuple plate  ���������^���������^[eight times stand, Al], The very heavy "Overall" plate, reinforced by the, thick  overlay, makes COMMUNITY SILVER practically wear-proof, ingordinary family  use,  ���������V"**"****"  THERMOS BOTTLES  Keeps contents cold 72 hours, or warm 24 hours,  CROCKERY  Forty -piece Tea SetS/vFancy Cups and Saucers/vTumblers-va dozen different de--  signs and sizes in Teapots, Dinner Sets, 97 pieces, Fern Dishes, Chocolate  Sets,   After1 dinner cocoas,   Marmalade jars, etc,  A pair of skates makes a very nice present���������a suit case���������an electric iron-  Coffee Percolator.  -or a  A Tweed Hat or cap.  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Forestry Facts  There are more than one hundred tree species found in Canada,  of which only thirty are conifers.  Yet these latter .constitute Canada's chief timber wealth. Of  these coniferous 'trees, or "evergreens," spruce easily takes first  place, constituting over one* third  of the lumber and three-quarters  of the pulpwood cut in Canada in  1912. Four of the five species of.  spruce are of commercial importance, and at least two of these  five are found in every province of  the Dominion.  This summer an expert soil  analyst was engaged by the Forestry Branch of the Dominion  Government to substantiate the  finding of the forest surveyors in  cases where there was any doubt  as to the non-agricultural character  of forest areas to bo reserved.  A novel use has been found for  the waste liquor from sulphite pulp  mills, as a binder for cinders and  similar materials used in the construction of tennis courts.  That sawdust and other mill  waste can be profitably manufactured into briquettes for fuel is  evident from the fact that a large  lumber company in British Columbia ia erecting a 850,000 plant,  which will have a daily output of  about thirty tons of such briquettes,  F@r Y������ur Wife, Mother, Sister or Dayifater  Hand Embroidered Armenian Linen Handkerchiefs  NICE FOR MAILING..  Satin & Velvet Cushion Tops  Lace Collars and Sets  Hat- Pins, Scarl  Pins, Veil  Pins,  In Italian Ivory  Auto Veils and Scarfs  DRAWN WORK  in Runners,  Lunch  Cloths,  Tray   Cloths,  Centre Pieces and Doylies  SILK HOSE  . in Tan and Blaclc  Galibef ts and Fownes Gloves  ,Kid, lined and unlined, and Wool-Gauntlets  INFANTS  Wool Hoods, Jackets and Bootees  LADIES WAISTS  in Fancy Nets, Shadow Lace,  Chiffon  and    ,    Silk . if' '   "  SILK SHAWLS  in White and Black  '  SATIN UNDERSKIRTS  in Green' Black and Red.  A Very Complete Assortment of Slippers in all Colors and Sizes  OUR STOCK OF RIBBONS IS VERY COMPLETE  DRY GOODS, BOOTS AHB SM&ES  out, and the following spring the  best of them are planted in the  forest nurseries).  Paper cannon are manufactured  by the Krupp works, Germany  for infantry use in rough country.  They are so light that a soldier can  easy carry one and yet the resistance is'greater than that of a metal  field-piece of the same calibre.  The lock-gates and sills of the  Panama Canal are all made from  "Greenheart," a large tree found  in the dense jungles of northern  South America, especially British  Guiana. The wood will bear,  without crushing, a weight of six  tons to the square inch, and will  They will sell for about remain sound one hundred years  You may be moral without being religious, bub you cannot be  religious without being moral.  five dollars a ton at the mill.  During September and October,  1912, several hundred bushels of  pine cones were gathered by the  Forest Hangers on Dominion Forest Keserves. This work is often  made easy by the squirrels, which  store large quantities of green cones  in some dry place, and, when the  under water, being immune to the  attackB of the salt-water toredo.  A single log costs several hundred  dollars.  Tobacco was discovered in San  Domingo in 1496; afterwarda by  Spaniards in Yucatan in 1520,   It  was introduced into France in 1560  scales open, the seeds are shaken |a*Qd into England in 1583.  No Wonder She Blushed  '���������That's a nice-looking fellow  who's just come in," said the  young man who was dining with  his best girl. "Is he a friend of  yours?" *  ;  --Yes; indeed, I know 'him  well," laughed the maiden.���������!  "Shall I ask him to join us?"  "Oh, George!" said the girl,  blushing, "this is so sudden."  "Sudden? What do you mean?"  he asked in surprise.  "Why���������why, that's our young  minister."  Blunders in Print.  Lockets, Scarf Pins and Cuff Links  Appropriate Christmas Gifts for  Men and Boys.  Our Catalogue Illustrates a very complete assortment of these "Jewellery  '   * lines       '     .    ;  LOCKETS in solid gold of gold filled,. made in oval,  square or* round shapes, plain or engraved,, and suitable  for.attaching to either Fob* or Watch Chain. 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"Come around tonight and I'll  give you Murphy,"said the house,  wile as she went about her work-  Notice on door of residence:  ������������������ Please, .knock the bell out of  order."  ,  Sign in a Chicago drug store;  "Save your coupons and get an art  plague free."  Advertisement of institution in  South Dakota; "Maternity hospital.   Female patients only."  Manitaba Free Press, quoting  Kalph Connor; "I, who have  never set foot outside my native  shoes."     .       .  . From a New York paper;  '-Emily was a queer girl, and soj  for that matter, wbb her father."  A western bank announces:  "We make the interest of our depositors our interest."  Newspaper on deceased financier;  "He ia reputed to bave made six  million dollars in aa many years."  Card of beating company; "Donfe  take the life oat of your rags by  beating them. Let ua do it in a  more eanitary way."  AT THE CHURCHES  Christian Science service will  be held in the Oddfellows Hall on  Sunday at 11 a.m.    All welcome.  Rev. A. T. Bell will preach in  the Methodist church next Sunday at 11 a.m. Sunday School  2.30 p.m. ���������  Service in the Presbyterian  church next Sunday, Dec. 14th  will be held in the evening at  7:30 o'clock. ' Sunday-School and  Bible Class 2:30 p. m. Rev. J.-  R, Munro Pastor.  Services in St. Jude's church  next Sunday will be held as follows: Matins and Holy Eucharist  at 11 a. m. Sunday School, at  2.30 p.m. Evensong, 7:30 p. m.  Subject "The Inside of the Cup,"  by Rev. A. M. Lloyd, pastor.  HAIR DOESN'T DIE  IT HAS TO BE KILLED  Hair often continues to live and grow  long after the death of the body. But it  is often' killed through the neglect of  misuse, Almost always the woman or  man whose hair is falling out, or is  stringy, lifeless and dull looking, is entirely to blame because of not giving it  the proper care. It is easy to take care  ofthe hair���������easy to make it more beautiful. Use Harmony Hair Beautifier, to  make it glossy, soft and silky, and Harmony Shampoo to keep hair aud scalp  thoroughly clean.  Harmony Hair Beautifier, delightfully  perfumed with true rose, is very easy ��������� to  apply���������simply sprinkle a little on your  hair each time before brushing it. It  contains no oil, and will not change the  color of the hair.  To keep your hairjaud scalp dandruff  free and clean, use Harmony Shampoo.  This pure liquid shampoo is most convenient to use, giving an instantaneous  rich, foaming lather that immediately  penetrates to every part of the hair and  scalp, insuring a quick and thorough  cleanBing, It is washed off just as quickly, the entire operation taking only a few  moments. Contains nothing that can  harm the hair, andgleaves no harshness  or stickiness���������just a sweet cleanliness.  Both preparations come in odd-shaped,  very ornamental bottles, with sprinkler  tops. Harmony HairJBeautifier,; Jfi.oo.  Harmony Shampoo^DsOcdBothJ guaranteed to satisfy you in every wav, or  your money back. Sold in this community only at our store���������The Rexall  Store���������one of the more than 7,006 leading drug stores of the United States,  Canada and Great Britain, which owns  the big Harmony Laboratories, Toronto,  where the celebrated Harmony Perfumes  and Toilet Preparations are made ���������J. I,"  White, Druggist,-Greenwood, B.C.  Sixty Years ihe Standard  11 Cream of Tartar Powder  Made from Grapes  LOWERY'S CLAIM  During the 37 months that Lowcry'B  Claim was on earth it; did busincss.all  over the world. It was the most  unique, independent andcfcarlessjjour-  naiI ever produced in Canada, Political  and theological enemies pursued it with  the venom,of a rattlesnake until tho  government shut it out off-thelmails,  and its editor ceasad to publish it,  partly on account of a lazy'liver and  partly because it takes a pile of^money  to run a paper that is outlawod.fcl hero  are still 20 different editions of this condemned journal in print. Send lOcenta  and get one or $2 and getfjthe^ bunch,  R.T.LOWERY,  Greenwood, iB. C.  The  family  remedy   for   Coughs  and Colds  "Shiloh costs  so. little, and does   so much I*  GET YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS  NOW  w%  New French Perfumes I  DeVILBLISS PERFUME ATOMIZERS  IVORY TOILET SETS FOR LADIES  EBONY TOILET SETS FOR GENTLEMEN  ... i.  ������;���������'���������>  I  11-  NYL0 CHOCOLATES are the test  Pure and delicious they stand the test  JU   WHITE  THE REXALL DRUGGIST  REXALL that is King of all.


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