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 ��� i ,
""���������i" $~&?'T*~r~nzr-?#3-ri
���"V, n,
+ **       '"     ' ,/    **'",' ^'-'-"-^-'""'^"'-ii'C. '        !   ' i   V |     I
JAN 4-��      ��2*
,���^'.!'���'' ' /       ,''     '       ' ,J
Vol. 11.���No.  40
$2.00 Per Year.
��� ���   ' i , "      >     - '
wilh a.beautiful .selection'of Xmas, goods for any of your
friends or relations and now is the" time to do, your 'select-
"ing while the stock is complete, "f The following���are a few
of the lines.      ...'        ,
Belts' and Collars' for Ladies "
Collars is' the, nicest we
:   , t,
It -r
J 1
6nr display of fancy  Belts ancl
yet shown, put ti]) in separate boxes. '   '
��   . r        i , '  ' <" is '
:\- ; Handkerchiefs for-Xmas Gifts   *
',   ,f i-   ��� -   >   >-
Ladies Lace-edge with" Laccinsertion,-25c to 50c,"    f       "   -"
"Lddies Wliite J^awn, liish hemstitch,"5c to 25e.  r"'''  .-
Ladies Fancy Border, lace insertion, 30c to 50c.     f-     <*' - * ^
Ladies Fancy Silk, with and'Without initial^     '   ,
Ladies White Linen, hemstitch, in beautiful', padded boxes of
dozen, from 60c,to $3.00.     '-    '     '     .    , , -r " t   *' -
1 " - �� ��� / ���-    '��� -Linens    .   ,   ���'<'.-'���
(    f ��� .i -���
*- ., Towel5, Napkins, Table Cloths, Tray Cloth-*, Sideboard Cloths,
Blenched-Diimasks and Doylies, 'Imfthese we have all the pretty
desicn.s iii'iToneiiffe and drawn work.
'>-"'', , *
Wonderful'Xmas-Novelties,of Beauty and Useful-
, '.      "    ..ness in'Leather Goods. -
- ���' ' ���   Xmas' Gifts,'for Men.   ;'
i * ,- '        <���* - .,",..
Men5- Plain nnd Fancy Silk Muillers and Chest Protectoas.^
iMt'i)*-JM.iin 1.11Mill   Hemstitched^ Handkerchiefs, half-dozen iii box
Men's beautiful Silk- Ties in separate cartoons:      '-   .,'" -c    ,-,
ken's Silk and Satin lnind-embroidcred Suspendeis.   '
-.'- J These" a re only a few of thcTmnny ws can show you. but  any
one  of  the "above  given  as a gift is reasonably sure of hitting the
mark, anc} we invito;you all to come and inspect our stocky
- New .Idea Patterns.   '<    ' Dressmaking Department
��� ���-'    -    "     ,��
A Remarkable Record of Prog-
' ress-���-Steady, Growth, of Cit-
" ies'and /Towns-Settlement
Progressing-Lumbering and
business relations
All niinintr men
Silver   Dollar hit
opinion   th.it  the
Mail       i ^      ��� ft      IB ��� -     1/   #   ' ~ Write
limited -     ,
'e take the pleasure of wishing"
all our Friends a
Very , Merry Xmas
and a Happy and
Prosperous New-
Mining. .  '
nil who have lnul
with' tho company,
who have seen the
unanimous in  the
company'-has u valuable property
which lias nll^the p.uniiirks o[,m.>l*iimr
a gcod ini-ie, and they look for gie.u
things from it. The Silver Doll.u i-
located (in the great mineral, fissiiie of
the L.iuleau which has such excelle j
nimer.il prospects along its course fm
many miles. 'The property is .conveniently located, with ample.watei
for powei and abundance of__-timber, at
hand foi' mining ] p'ui po-ses A good
featme of the property is that the. oie
chute has widened with depth. The
oie is ^'n highgrude galena carrying
gold values. ,    -, y ���
The Beatiice, which' is the ' n.*.\t
piopeity above the Silycr Dollar, has
do\eloped <i fine body of ee, nnd the
now-rsti ike justifies thejaitrh the own-
eiah.u-eiill 'along had in this piopeity. The ore is said to-he of high
giade' Airanircments aie being made
io ship this wmtoi.'"��� A good sleigh
road has beei. built light to the pio-
peiiy, and cle\elopment woik is being
pushed ahead.d, '-    -
'-    '  " THE LARDEAU.       '      '
A rich,find has been   m'n'de  on  the
Lucky Boy   at Tiout Lake,   the   ore
sho'ot'being 12 in,.lies wide and cairy-
ing values of 225 oxs. silver per ton.
Eight'incli'iuul four inch oie shoots
h.i\e been struck ut the Triune, i mining .$135 per" ton.'*   '
The Feigusoii Mines Co's. mill at
Kne Mile is turning out 2,0'jO ozs. a
day of bullion, besides the clean oie
fiom thc mine and concentrates fiom<
the'mill. It is understood to be doing'
veil A'shoot of lich oie, nine to
eleven feet wide,1 has been'stiuck in
th,- lowci le\el�� of the Sihei Cup.
"An important mining/leal has been
closed w ith an A me ic.ii^ company, by
which a long tunnel "is to be lun on
the cctensions^of th,e Silver Cup lead
Jt.Jiasfbi-en,pio\. cl that'" oie cin'' tin-
lead occius In'lenses, but it is lich and
if a"1 l.uge lense can*be struck it-"will
make a good mine        ' ' J '"
A long tunnel  is  being dii\eu"on
the Mol'ic.m,  winch   has' one,of,'the
bust suifnce allowing!!'in the L'aide.ui.
J). Moigan has a fuice   f'meu dev. 1-
oping  the  Smpiise.    This is  a most
pionn-ing'piopeity and is reckoned a
sine  winner.     Aid.   Foote,  of llevel-
stoke,  and  E-. C Fiasci,  of Victoria,
>C.S , aie inteiestcd with Mr. Moigan.
A long work bus  been done on tho
Spyglass during, the year  ami   it is
looking well. '
Woik has boon stopped on thc
Lucky Jack owing to litif;ationh
On the Mothci Lode a lead ha* been
atiui'k winch is"7 to li feet wide  and
n -ays $50 to $8.) a ton
t     lion Mask  is pioducmg   10 tons a
| ci .j     A c6nccntiator has been built.
' Tne mine has huge oieboches in sight.
The coal deposits on  Coal Hill aie
being   dcieloped    with    encoui.iging
lhe Xickcl Plate mine at IIcdley is
the making of one of the big mines of
Ameiica. It has .i foity stamp mill
running, and a smelter will also be
installed. It is intended to mcieasc
the mill to 100 stamps. The mine has,
been well developed, having 3000ft of
undergioiind wo'kings,'but much oie
is being obtained by quairjing fiom a
laige gloiy hole asat Crianb>. Two
machine drills in thc gloiy hole take
out enough oie to keep the mill running. The mine is equipped in the
most up-to-date manner. Elect nc
cais coiney the oie for four miles to a
bin at the head of thc giavity tiam.
This bin is capable of holding 1,000
tons. Thc oie is lepoitcd imining
ifdO to Sp100 a ton in gold.
Though lumbciing is at piesent
dull capitalists ha\e eveiy confidence
in the enterprise and think it is only ti
little tune till it again ic\i\es. Dining the year the, Ai row head Lumljci
Company opened their line new mill
nt Ai row head and the Big Bend Luni
l.er Compimy ha\o been miming then
new null theie right along.
The Einpue Lumbei Company pio-
posc putting in a huge null at Conin-
The Mundy Lumbei Company have
n11tinged to build a null iitTlnec
Ysillev Lake with a capacity of 60,-
000 a "day.
The Kmmloops Lumbei Company
opened their now mill at !'*nduihy
nnd had the misfortune to lose theii
Kamloops mill by fire They aie ic-
placmg their plant theie with an up-
to-date plant.
-.'-A new mill is being ,put in nt
D.uko's settlement,' Summeilapd
M^e'esis. McGoldiick' and Lnmmers-
have taken up extensive limits on the
Duncan and Adams Riveis and '".wil
probably, put in mills to work these
at an e.uly date.
The Elk River Lumber Co. inte-id
putting in a large' mil Tat Fcrnie.
The Suminei land" Slippy Company
pu[;in a mill at Piairie Valley. t 4
fThe Rothesay Lumber Company
put in a mill at Mara. "      '
'!  THE WAR.
* - ��� ������
Japs Will Risk all-in One Last
Great. Battle���Making Great
; iPrep'arations^or'Last- Blovv^
i���Move'to.'Cut-ioffj Kuropat-
. |kin's
''to be" Attacked.
This Wili:-'Be a Beebrd Christmas
Witn Us For Fine Goods
Another'Japanese   -Victory���
r f * Two" Russian'Generals
,'    -     '  Killed.1 ' " *.
Tokyo, Dec' 24.���Admii.il Togo announced the. withdiaw.il ol the' majority of the licet" from Port jAithiir,1
it's pies-mce being no longer necessary,
"iis'tho Japanese big guns command
the li.iibnni. Dining the'siege the
J.ips lost six ships hunk-by, Russian
mines      ' ' 4
JTokyo," Dec. '21.���The , Japanese
forces besieging'Port Arthur yesteulay
stoimed and now hold the heights
east of Houyiinsliukou. , Prisoners
captured by the Japanese report that
the Russian General, Kondratueko,
and ^ anothei r general oflicer * wli03e
name is not known, have -been killed,"
and that GcneiarFockMS among the
wounded. ^
yew York, Dec. 28 ���A Tokio des-
palch'savs : .Even'greater than the
piepni.itions of lust spring nre the
mil ita i y mo\ements throughout Japan,
at the pi'esent time. "Not a day goes
bj that transpoits do not leave "ports,
Jaden with fiesh' tioops ,to reinfoice,
ilinfgieat army in Manchuria. a ��� '
.jPlanssunder way ".will""add 300,000
tioops to Oyaina's aimy, "splendidly
drilled and equipped for; work when
y'Ai.ter bieaks" ui.d>*th& armies- uie
ujady for the spri: g campaign.-
It is known "on highest authority
that Oyaina's plan is to'cut oft' Kuro-.
p.U-cin's ietrc.it and risk all .in one
giext battle". To tins' end T.ip.in will
h.iTe not less than 600,000 of the best
dulled and equipped tioops the world
e\a- snw when the time comes to
strike the ciushmg blow.       '"'       , "'
0*,amaisnot underestimating
stisngth of the Russian army. He
calculates that by April Kmopatkin
will have an army of moie-ctlian 400,-
OOOmen, but not neatly so well equip-
pec as the Japanese.!
L can be stated on highest authority! that the gieater portion ofthe
amy now opeiating against Port Ar-
thu- will tin n its attention to Vladi-
vosok, once the citadel has fa len
Thb is looked for within two weeks
at die farthest.
, Lirge quantities of supplies' aie
now1 *being shipped 'to Kmopatkin
fioi Vladivostok and thc Japanese
will'endeavor to cut ofV this souice at
Japs Make Important Capture.
Ibit Arthur, Dec 20���Rihlung foit
w.is cnptuied at thiee o'clock this
miming with a thousand .lapancsc
oiM.nltio-5 Sc^ell dynamite mines
c\[faded at 10 o'clock yeslcidny mndo
bic.ichcs m 'the ' fiont wall tlnough
whicli n huge body of .Japanese tioojis
elm-.ed under co*-or of a tiemendous
liomj.iidinpiit nnd cnptuied the first
liiisof light guns. A bitter fight ic-
sullid in the c.iptuic of the foit. '/flic
g.iin&on, jiumbciing 500 men, escaped.
.'.-.,        1904,  CRoT���- ,,
5 Ciown Cleaned L-'ilch.i Cunants in 1 lb packages.   .". , "*   ���
5 Ciowr. Cluster Raismj, Bleached Sultanas, Valentin Raisins, Mus-1'
^    catcls and'Seeded Itiisins in 1 lb packages.     ,   '
Layer Figs"Dates,'Malaga Grapes, Shelled Valentia Almonds. r
Stulled Kigs andrDates iii 1 lb fancy boxes.       ' v '      ���    ;
r&hi'iled W.ilnuts.-Sicilyi Filberts,.Giehoble' Walnuts, Brazils, Tana-"'
' ��� ���  gona Almonds,'Polished Pecans. B ' ���''-'<   v r
" Cnstali/.ed"Fruits in 1 lb tancy ca'itoons..-- .  '
j. CaiidiecLLemon, OLahge and Cition Peel. \r
'N.ivnl^Oranges." '    '    , * a       -   '
Ben,Davies and choicest vatieties of Apples. ,{
, f��
,     -     1' .     ^   H
���l   ',       ''     '        '\    *'|
' I'
Cranberries,  Celery  and Hot .House Lettuce
All the Leading -Varieties of Christie, Brown & Co's ano
''.. t i'-McCormack's,FANCY 'BISCUITS.',
8.   ',        ' ii     .nt
Cakes and Plum Puddings' in 1 and 2 lb tins.      ���- ft _   \ ���
Wethey's Mince Meat in packages.   "       r , '��� <
.Fancy and;Staple Groceries
,<.' Our stock is^the' most complete in the city and our prices attrac-
'ti\e.    You'like'to  deal  at  a Grocery House where'goods look nice .
'���   and clean; where clerks aie polite and obliging; .where deliveries are*
' f made 6"n time'; above all,~whero you, know you are getting the bi'stToir
f j,thc market at the fairest of'pi ices.J That's thersort of house we keep   '
, 'Gull and be sine of it."  Comp.ue our-pi iee-\uid .ex.iiuino the.qu.ility-j
and variety of om goods. ��� K '
Choicest brands of Floui, Oatmeal, etc , nlwav-s in *tf>c-k -���
.'Bran, Shoits, Chop, Whe.it,*etc , at lowe-t nf.uket in'ici-.
Fresh   Vegetnble-���Potatoes,     licet-,   C..binge.-,   l'.ir-nip-.   Tur up-,
Carrote, etc. t < ,
_ Special quotations in quantities
Agents for McCleary's Famous Ranges, Stove:, Heaters,
Leading lines in Hnrdw.ue, Crocki-ry and Gl.issume.
It1- Iho liic under tho kettle that
keo|s it boiling���it'^advoilising in the
KooriiVAY M in, and enthusiasm at
thc jack of the luisinc's that keep." il
Toilut nillcli'-i Ioi histtr���
Yiniis oi .inni lii-i -
Kow Xin is is li,.|u
l*-.ui   I'owilois
Jliuiiollic KciiuisiUs
Wushes ami |.'nnc\  "soups
lliuslics anil ('oiiilis
A (.nli AU nn/i i Im lict
1      jMI.ii (.1  Itn-ts,
\ ho\ ol  I'eifumis
'I'o licKlo llicn noses.
Look on i slodl, nm and
dun L won j annul puus
Walter Bews, Phm.
DrntSfiibt and Stationer.
N"0\L IIllllllj's Illook.
' [' ' / 1
:i,'- ���"'
,   The Followinq Delicacies Just'To Hand for Xmas   Trade.
.*   ��� .',  ���       "-   .   ' -    - ���.���'.,
x King 0\rc'dr\ Sardines
' Choicest small fish, fine Olive oil, no bones oi Scales.
Sportman, Mordaleb and other Ieading^varieties of Sardines.'    .   '
Belland's Fish-Balls ' M     ' .       ,     ���'
Pineapple. Fig and Orange Marmalades in 1 lb'glas
Lazenby's Assorted Conconttated Soups, l
Gillaid's Pickles in 20-o/. bottles,      - -
Splendid lissortmei.t of Robinson's Fancy Candies, Creams. Chocolates'"!
and Bon-Eons in 1 andc2 lb fancy boxes.,     ,
Consignments of Japanese Oranges recei\ed daily.
. *��. " ^1
���������'���   "��I
- : -.' * i\
'    r   r
... -.-.ji . ���
,*if-   '
, ,'    * "V;
i     .., >-.
-'*,  -"ri
s       .   "    t
- ,,-��� /
i   'it
">   '?
,   i    'ii**
""     *     **         ^''���l4
f .'I
f    ''H
Macdonald & Montieth, Revel a.
��'i*'3()10 Westhiinstet .Road' ,
'.- . ' -�� !     -
>   "
f yiL   ������   ' 100,000 Bulbs' ��, -,
y Iii 'stock  from  Holland, France, and
'i,   i*    \ 'Japan.-n       ./    -  ' "  '
4 f Thousands of, Fruit, and
���j ��"*'��� f Ornamental- Trees ! . ,
1 '*    i I -   -    < t '    , t r      '
'- -  Rhododendrons, Roses, a
f'f f   jGreenhouse and Hardy'PI ants ���   1'
..��.        t"  ���! .V  for fall planting.-, t_r   ^.
<-       Homo-Grown nud importod ** i
'V Garden; Field arid Flower Seeds
' t " ���   always in stock in season
",.-;���-    /.    ' . ���-       ,^- j t~^       ���    .        ,
"''     *'' FERTILIZERS
. 'i Bee '-Hives. and;. Supplies.
���Greenhouse full of Plants, Cut Flowers,
.    -,,     ' Floral Work.   ,
>     ' i,    , ' _(fc
,  Catalogue'Jiee, or call and examine L
"--   "f ^     '   '_sti ck.   / ' j'    1   ,   , i?
/�� i
Ul J 'I
1A large variety of handy and useful presents5   "Come
- ^  vjn and buy hubby -a SET OF CARVERS.'  --Tie -can't ;
���'_''���    wear them iu his necktie, but he'can make a good- job
,-A  , of-the TURKEY. _ ...    -   .        .      '.      '.���-.*/.
/ , "" Pocket Knives,'Ci*uett*Stancls, Silver- ''���    '*V  y
,,   .,,'"-'   ; -���*    ,(War*e,"Nickel Plated Holloware.  "'
W. M. LAWRENGE/fRe^elstoke
"a     i, '    -Agont'TILDEN-GDRNEY CO, Hamilton.     -A' '" ���'" *',
i <J>
-    "  ,    " ING.-   '    "
,<>   ,Bv J'Maida.'"   -
t . i
tli.ifc   the   culling   scas'n
again > opening   it   is appropriate,, to
publish'one of "ihe* bci-t artic'es  ever
written on this,popuiai-  winter, game.
The article is by the l..tc Diviil Brown,
who was 'con-ulerecl' one  oi the most
prominent contributois to'Bell'n' Life/
the world's leading .".porting'authority,'
,in which hciwrote under the, noine de
plume of "Maida"     The article,was so
. i ' f '   ,
highly thought, of  when"" ic  appeared
that'it was copied into Lading British
Ameiican and'Canadian' paneis.   * A
son. of "Maida"']S Jf. A-Blown, mayor
i i
v   r  Vancouver,'*B. 0.  i.
, Please cut out  ��"il tn-tc nt fi out ot
TllOlie liu\.,
i, ���,. ,     in , Twice II aio2J and    ���       . r
-1122  is the 'Phone
I",-- *,Local oiaLoiik Iiistmiou foi the *
/^;0 20th Century;, v*
'     ,     ' . ' r "
, Tho New Collide is now" tninplutod, nnd is,
'    sitii.uc nt llio ooinertof Hi nnd and
- rYiUisMf.   Vicloim, HI!   '
*  .Viinngcniunis   miirtc  Ioi   Honidini,' Canadian
i  t     Ainuiicnii. mill Foion?n Pupils.
"Wireless. &C'able Addioss "I'i nistol."Viotorni.
SUBJKO'l'S���Slioitliand TvnownlniK [nil good
inal.1"-! Minion Mrlliods HooKKuoinn^, (Juiolci
<u l.-itciiius'"'& iillint'. llLMdiinrtlnioof]. News
impei Wink: l.ilho mid Lclteiiness Vniifmi;,
KiiKin^niK. Illiisliiiiinu; Con tenons and r.isto
and Stissois \\ oik: I'enniuiisliip; Geotiiotiy.
' Geogi.iiJli.\. 1 angiinia-*; J-.Iotiition l-'nirlisli
' licpnilni'*, Advi'i tisliin,Ad-\\utiii��. Tom Law
fot C'IimUs and Steno^uiplicis t'nil, Set vice.
IIiiiUhik; Stocks aiid bimic-: Biokcrini;, In=ui-
unte: Hu\ nig & Selling. l< lecuicit- .Teleuruphj.
*<ai ly.iLion: Aslionoinj. --
. J-o��tal pii|)>l<s. all p.uU- '    (
-  VICTORIA���Ml dm. pihateruilioii
K\ emu-;. 7 to 11 o'tlotk.
i     AVAKCOUVKRJ-i-oeUloe-k-foi bhoith.uid.
j '* Tj ping and J'nquiiois
-   Pl.KCV ft   Sll,UCE=!l*KAEi:
,.lOth Nov, HKll ' >-   Seer.   ,
Wholesale and'Retail / ,-\,  'V <
t- *     y, ''*,""',, '���
.tff'���'.        ���-V?JVlGa��t3   jyLGrClia/IltJS. ;,fault witlrthe-*lovei   ol" the'"'roaring
��� i -1 J ^      -    'i   ,'   i * game," or"\vith the enthusiastic skat-
of iievelsto'ke.     ���',,"'''     ',   1"   'l
lt is larely that we 'enjoy   ,n  ohl ,
fashioned   winiei   like   the ,'prj��viit.
For. many yeais pasf shish,''ia,iii,.i'd-
storm have been''the accompam-acii'ti'
of  Christmas, and  the ardent  skaitr
and th'e enthusiastic cttrlei  havj -i' Ia'
been   denied   the   oppoi tunny    i'l   iii-���
bulging tltheir, favoi ite ��� pastime",   'J h.st
season, howcyei, King i-iost .appu.i 3
to ,bp   making/amends   for   'he   .la.-t,
and now for'tliree,weeksQhe aipa-i-v,
ments   of  the"icifihave" been   i-.i'lill'
swing.     What 'cares- the   cur   f,   or
what caies the skater that'the hii'iis-
man  has been compelled*'.o^li.snj up
Jiisthpni,' that^^tlie courser miistrk'i-ep
his dogs in,the keiinel,��"orvtlic \oUiy,
pi   football   find   all   his,-* wtni "f..'i-
rangements * jumbled ^ up?n -Thi /,' ���i:i
ordinary-encuiustances;*  have,"',ihtir
full   share," of  open   weather,, for(":lic
prosecution   of   their ^various . spo *ts,r
and- disagieeable though    it"'be-   to
break, in'uijon  the   well 'plannecl  at-
rangements   for, continuing  themf'ne
would  befa  churl   that    would    fia.l
shire and,Lancashire'towns.   'Still, it
is comparatively' unknown to thefvast
''majority of,Englishmen, a'nd as.tliere
will be,',abundance of-room linY-'BsH",
tins, week,   I> purpose   giving, a  very'
rshort sketch of its* history "and char-'
actQristics.'(  I, do liot^prctcnd ^tor-be
able tothrow(any light_ upon' tlfe^ 3isf /
pitted  point-'as-toff wha't country"" can
claim1 Usr, brigiji.f_i I   will,,merely rre-,
mark  that the  Dutch,  Germans','-aiid*
.the Scotch have all in, turn'been credited witli a'knowledge^ of it.,'It, is'
'certain/ however, Unit inf Scotland' it
has   been* practised   for   nearly - 300
,ycars,,and  it is ecjually^ccrtain^that,
wherever  the  game   is  now engaged
iu, it  has, been' impcirted'by  Scotchmen.    ,I"t  is   supposed''first   to - have'
been  played*with' small "stones, driv-
Head Office, Abattoir"and Cold "Storage : !f     J   ,/
J      -'   -.-���-;'   -     f -s ,   -^^*s^6algary, "Alberta
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er lejoiciifg-ith.it, ati last jIus turn has
come, and he'can.flo hisrheart's"content, indulge" in the' 'cxlnliratiug exercise he loves, soiwell.' Theie aie lev/,
.who, cannot appieciate the delightful
sensation'that'is-pioduccd by a iglor-
'lotis'-siJin on the' well polished steel,'
with t'lie -accompaniment-ot ftitnds"
whirling /and gliding about mf the
full (.enjoyment offa 'happiness that is
appaieni, iii jc.icii beju.uig cotuuen-
ance . TUe���gicai charm ot sk.iting);
apart" Horn'its liealthtul ntUucnce, is
its sociahtj', its ttecdom fiom con-(
vcfiuoual iiestiaint, andphc 'dclight-
UiKfacihtiCb it ailuids thc "biave and
the fan" rloi ' flu tation and .genuine
love, making'.* In" this lespect i��+-Will
takq'thc lughc.sl honots, andrdeseifvcs
the first place .among thc many lecre-
auoiis.J-    -^ -j -���   -���> -������ -    -.- -; * -i-f V4
-may eiijoy his spoil*;-1 doubt if any
one   who  liai,  p.ti tiupatetl  m
,1"*        ��"A Curling.Bonsptel
s " ' I   ' -l (
between i two ncighboiing parishes,
\\ Here skill ancl ci.thtisiasm wtt^c
neatly-matchetl, could be touiid to ad-_
nut tnat thei.e is .anything m spoit
that can compaie with tlie earnest
enthusiasm, the skillttl manipulation,
the combination of sutngth and science, with jtisi suftiueni ot chance to
lend*",i chann to1 the uncei tainty lhat
is expci le'nced m a ued-tought game
ot'cuiliug    Tlie iocli  on  such  a  day.
en 'along thc ice with" 'finger ' aiid
thumb" in the manner,-thc 'game/of
"summer,.ice''-is 'now played.. Subsequently 'ah' improvement was, effect-
ed by enlarging "the stone and fixing
a" wooden handle to it, butr:t'w.is""not
until "the" beginning ^f, the present
centui'yntliatf attention'was , given to
the preparation'of stones specially for
the sport., Formerly these-'were tak-
fiii from the bed bf( the river, and \vith
but'littlcfmanipulr-itio'n but jV'hat was
required' to fix thc jhandle, "'adapted
to .the rude notions--entertained by"
our 'forefathers, y About ,' this\,L time,
however a greati improvement 'was
effected;, the'boulder'* 'Found 4 weie
hammered jouncl, and a polished bottom'put to then1?, .which "" Facilitated
their-'progress; and the -advintage oF
such dressing having .-been felt, continued improvements took, place, tin-
til"noiv,thc manufacture of stoncsfhlis
'become a handicraft,-which i-* cai'riecl
,to_ji liigh.'clegi ee, bf/jicifection-��� in
many, places "111s Scotland." ~, " -, ~'t ,
Until,, the fo'imatibn of the ' '
s'Royal Caledonian (Curling ClubCltw
in 1S3S, there .was' no'gencial* code of
laws* regulating 'tlic^gaine, 1 nor ""was
there anj-'ltmit as 'to 'size ,-aucl shape
of stones used in it TIndecd, iii,many
districts- the game 'foi^ some^timc.after^, this1'continued to.be'pliyed with
seven phycis a1 side in each rink; the
plajM-rs Having only bne stone each,
the nsfze of winch'"was"' regulated by
,'tliev strcngtir of' the_ player. _ This
manifcs'tlj���gave the stiongcr'ntan an
immense advantage, foi _ while' skill
will always beat , sticngth1>TI(cxccpt
when the ice becomes "so soft aa to
pi event fine play),'the skill may be
"as much-on the' side of'(the sttong
player as pn that of th'e weak. *��� To
cqualue the chances in sonic~"degi'cef
the Royal Ciitling Club havetfixed tlie'
nuximtim weight'of the "stone^at' 50
pounds, - and the "'minimum-"���at 30
pounds, while the chametei must ��nqt,
exceed 12 inches V-t Instead -of ���"���seven
playcis .iJstde^ eacli'playing oncJst*()uer
' /    ' '}   !' -  , The Rink,       t (,    < E   ;
which,', accordingifto  Royal' Caledon-*
ian Rules, is ,42 yards-long, (38 from
'iee to"-tee,'and"the j*-oard,,triggerj o'rj
liack from'which the' stone lis delivered,  four yards behind,    "riic'fliacks>f
are formed by a series ",of concentric -'    ,
circles,  dt;awir aroun'd  a  point'called/ .
the -tee)   the   otitermost- ling   haying -    f
'a ..radius offi4 feet/1 aiid'every .stoiici.   ,
tp^count must touch''or befwkhin this"
circle. >' Seven yardsf-froin' the'tee at ','?'
'cacheend'a'* line is tdrawn  across  the*   '
rink, which' is' called- the> Hog ScZfrc,^ " ..
and all^stpnes played mtist'Jclear���thisf" -,1
mark,under penalty of being-rcmovccl lf
froniitlie ice. ^(Tlie player,fin addition     {
to a pair of��stoiie?, is"provided with a- f h
broom or long brush; with" which to f "���
polish thci ice should any, stone play- [
ed by'his side*require it.. Tlie broom,...
.besom,���a few years ago wasAinivcrsal,
and still it may, be said to be'lhc gen-s^   '
nine implement'of a curler;'" but over. ,
a  wide  distiict  it,'has-given   way, to'���,
the brush, which is both cleanci,f lian-'-w
dier, and' morei'cffe'ctive.f' To 'enable  \c
Ait    ^
the,"player, to  follow, thc-,stonc .with",
pei feet-, fiecdom on "the ice) a^pairfof^ (
ice, bo'ots .made From ' any i*'Jwoollcn'/V_
stuffj���tlie'* stronger^, the ,better���is T arT d  ',
great riihpfovement on-a'custom still ^'f*
-*���*��� ���'-���*'*���    -'.playing'"with 'or-';   ,'
steel' spafrowbills,<>f *
scratching 'tli'c?|ice"rlC"j
veiy   prevalent,   of_playing'"with/ or-fi   ^^
,chnary   boots, 'the  steel' spaf'rowbillsjtf * y^r
or Jackets, in 'these scratching 'thtfjice^f
ancl   keeping   it 'much, .^dirtiei-f thaniS -f
-vli'en. the'feet aie    covere'd. !^fTluis'^1
equipped, thc'player is ready to, take    f
his'-part.in   the' game,; and lTwlien~'rI" 4
have explanied'the mocle of delivery,!,- '
'wefwill "proceed-to^play^anyciHlh-i.'si*
'_f\. is manifest that 16 -'jiiopel ( Ihe'f,-'
fstohe-\vith  the neces'sary5'-velocity^ X>1^
f ,'fi'
'J '-AM
\ '"  -��� 'V-'r -
mttst.be  obtained than  cverr woollen-""J,
boots fcaii giveffainl thisis'sccurcdfhi'ff
a" vaiicty, of  yvayslv In ILaiiarkshirc".',
and   many  other  places   the  " fashioii,ff
still   prevails,'rof'cutting** a   notch' on-A
hack lhflheMcc,,inl(whicli' the player ""
pkiccsjthc  tO(e ofrhis' light  foot,'and_   ;
with "the other planted firmly in front-
of ���fhim, -obtains -the necessary "power',
of^piopulsion.    Tlic^systcm   is< opcn^T, '_
to'the   suggestion  that  on   weak 'ice \1^ . f,  '��  f-
yoiw almost)incvitably''bi"ing 'tip^-the/, jj,1 ^ ;, ''Jf
watciy ' Another   way   is   to ,,h<i\'Crr a !?,,, -'���'
triangtil.u  piece of'iron, called a tng-ff   ���
ger, which is,Fixed in^tlie 'ice', and..if-', - - L
for'ds^a. good, footing'Jor^thc   right  ^ ^H
foot-"on   which   the     strain*     mainlyf-   y
comes.-^Jn ' Dtimfucshiic*. manyA-of *^-
.the playeis use what is called'cr.un-^ - T
pets, being-afshod-of leather aifd iron,'-" ^v'
civith   spikes I which '"llieyfclnnv  on^to    'Tj
"either  foot,1 but this  cuts  up^lhe  ice   tJ (
A'crj' nuich, and looks'a biibarous'in-  *    >'
A'cntion.    To my mind thc-'bttst fp1&t���*'    %
ing.is obtaine'd by a" usingfa^stiip'Ofj- ;""
iron,  about  three  fectrand "a .half tin, .  <"
length'"and  eitht 'inchcs-ibi oid. -w ith V-
' '',!'��'
.    . ,  .        ..���--,,- two small**pi'ongs-bcFoi'e and-hehind,*'-if
t-towcvei   keenly  the  sUikul "skatci _  a fai gicatei unci est was given to the |*��nd   \\'"tli> a  clump oF wood     at1   the v-
game by limiting-the playcis to foui 1 back; against which'the bi'l of the
on one side, and giving each a pair nghtifoot icsts'. The boaicl "is lough-
ol stones to play.** There is .1 gieat ened by pei foralmg it w.ith small
v.mety of  '      -i\ >    ' ,        "
Stones in Use, ,      0 ,a
those most esteemed being, as near
as possible, non-pot otts, and little
subject "to be affected by dampness
Those most extensively used in the
West "ot Scotland arc called l!in-
nocks, and consist of Ihicc qualities,
thc medium-sized spoiled kind being
thc best A beautiful stone conic-,
tiom . Ailsa Craig,..'and, although it
:icks   density,   it   wcais   well,   and Ms
s"       it
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Patented Loose Leaf Files,
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presents  a  scene  tnat  is  ditiictili   to | mllcl, cstCemcd by m.inv playcis     In
descnbe   , The   mikvaie   langed   in | Lanarkshuc  the, Ci-uvfoidiohn  stone
Older;   thc   ci.iei.tois  01 -skips  are  at , ls deservedly popular', and when they.
the tee-heads; the playeis not tlnow-   c?n  be  gof  flee   fl0n1   d"lys   ,helc   td>
ing the stone aie standing leady with
bioom   m   hand,  and   the  moment  it
is dehveied they watch it with intense
eagerness, -ancl  il  it  is  likely  to   fall
short ot the matk the warning voice
6f_tlie  skip  is heard.   ' Lnstantiy tlicy
tackle  it, and  thiasluiig the ice  witn
then  biooms in Hon*; ol it, they clean
awa-.   c\eiv   speck or spot'tliai could
possibly impede its piogiess, -the skip
[ alt  tne   tune   urging   them  in   almost
| uantic teims to    soOp hci  up," until
fhe lias succccaed|in getting the stone
.is near as possible to the spot wauled,    bo intent is every  one upon his
own game that he Knows notning ot
Low' his neighboi's    piogiesses,    but
works 'with   an   earnestness     mat   is
worthy ol all praise to put the highest possible scoic to his own side. As
the game goes on and flic excitement
rises,   coats   aie   cast   aside,     and   in
shirt sleeves man>  of the m6rc zeal-
ops  players,  sweating  with  then   exertions,1 bid   dcliaiice   to   the   nipping
cold in  their eager anxiety to secure
a victory.    iSTor can  t-katcrs  ancl  ou-
iookero   resist   the   influence   ol   the
enthusiasm of whicli they are witnes-
,e-,, and generally  towards  the close
of the game, if the contest has been
at all clo-)f, you will find the scattered company gradually diaw together
to witness the concluding cffoits that
are  to  decide  the  hard  lought   Held,
buch being the character ot the game,
it is1 bcmewhat surprising that it ic-
manied so long confined to Scotland,
it is  certainly a game  that  Kriglish-
men   would   enjoy   were     it     better
known amongst them;  but it is only
in re-cent years that it has been seen
south of the Tweed.    If i am correctly informed, almost the first man  to
introduce  it   to   Kngland    -'.'as-     .Mr.
f'Anson   (of  I'hng  Bonny and  Jilair
Athol   fame;,  who,  when   he  settled
at Maltoii, took a few pairs of stones
with   hirn,  and,  as  occasion  offered,
indulged in the practice of thi* game
with  some  of  his slud  grooms v/ho
had seen it in Scotland.    Since then
a regular club has been started there,
and I was glad to notice    from   last
week's  "Bell"  that  thc  veteran,  Mr.
I'Anson,  was   still   able   to   take   his
part,  and  carry  out  his  broom  as  a
victorious   skip.     From   Malton   the
game has radiated, ancl there arc now
clubs in  many of thc leading York-
none   bcltci      1   have   played'with   a
pan   of  these  for. sixteen  yeais,  and
thcyjaie now as-good as cvci.    Thc
beautiful  Aboidecn  gianite  has  been
called  mlo use,,and  m   Ihe manufac-
tiue of these a special polish has been
used ..that, combined with the cliarac-
tei  of{ the stone llsclf,  renders  them
invaluable   for   wel   ice;   indeed   they
appear to swim, tin ough  it, but they
aic'not so well adapted for hard, tinkling ice, being too easily moved, and
lequiiuig an cxtia  fine twist lo play
them.    A  green  marble  comes  from
Cncf,  which  is  veiy'dense,  but,  like
the Abcideen stone, it is not so good
foi  a fine d iy     In addition to these,
.eveiy   district   pioduces   a   whim   01
gianite that has'been tried, but none
of  them  have   the'  widespread  popu-
'lanty  of    these  I  have    mentioned.
Stones are usually now made with a
double   bottom,   having   a   steel   pin
through the ccnlic, on which, by the
aid'of  a  screw   the  handle  is  Fixed.
The u<*e of thc double bottom is to
give the player the choice oF a broad
��� >r  narrow  sin Face,   the   broad   being
laken on a day when Ihe ice is keen,
and   the  narrow  when   theie  is  dan-
gci  of snow, water or any other impediment.    My  e-cpciiencc,  however,
i*  decidedly averse to  changing bottoms,  a  4   1-2  inch,  with   the  centre
just the veiy least concave, so as to
pi event it running on the whole surface, being   a bottom  useful    in  all
slates  of the  ice,  and  not so  apt to
cause   thc   player   to  lose  confidence
if, having staited with his broad bottom, he finds a change in the weather
taxes his    strength  in    putting    the
stones  up     If the bioad bottom  be
taken, and  lhe  player is in  the habit
of  twisting   (of   which   more   hereafter),  Ihe  stone  makes  far too  great
a  curve  in  its   progress   to   the  tee,
and is, moveover, very liable to catch
any dirt, hairs, or    broom    that may
be lying unseen  on the ice.    A few
years ago, in the club to which I belong,   most    extensive     experiments
were carried on with a view not only
to find   the best kind  of stone, but
also the style and size of bottom for
it, the result    being in favor of the
Burnocks, with  a  bottom such as I
have described.
Having noticed  the stones,  I will
next proceed to describe
holes, which pi events ice forming mi
it." and gives-a'fiim and sure footing.
Being made'of sheet iion it icsts
close lo thc ice, and so removes ..the
obieclion that many players felt to
wooden boaids when they weie first (
intioduced. " , .
'(.The game usually consists of a fi-c-
cd "humbci   of r j
Ends or Shots.- '     '
twenty-one   ends  being  the   oidin4uyi
length   of  pnvalc ,g.imes  and   p.uiah
bonspiels   in   the, West   of   Scotland.
This  length   of  game  occupies  on   a
fine clay a little ovei   four bonis   hut
if  the ice is uot keen  less  time will
be   icquiied,  as  the  stone    delivered
(with grcatei  foicc comes moie qinck-^
ly to a slop than when it goes cieep- >
ing along cautiously;on haul ice ilVe
���shall suppose that''the host has pic-
vailccl foi  a^weck, and that thc honie^
games, m  which  ,-11  clubs  er.2-.ige as
a   pi elm-unary foi   their  foreign  contests, have been gone    through,    the
challenge   hasi been   sent' forth   to   a
neighboring pansh. accepted, ancl the
players,'numbering, say, eighty on a
sick, are marshalled at the loch,"ready
for the struggle    If wc examine their
ranks, wc shall at a glance sec what
a  thoioughly social game curling is.
Oui   opponents  aie headed-, by    the,
Eat 1,  whose  act es  sti etch ' over  sev-
c-ial   counties,   and  whose   name   has
long been a powei m 'the counsels of
his country.    He is suppoiled by the
paiish   minster,   the  doctoi,   and   the
lawyci,    while    fanners,    mei chants,
tradesmen  and laboiets make up the
manly following  There is no distinction iccogmzcd in the game, and the
opponents  arc  drawn  by  ballot;  the
Earl  may  find   a foeman  worthy  of:
his   steel   in   some  "Wabster"" Chiel,"
whose   spare   form   and   pinched   appearance  indicate his  ardent   love  of
the  spoil  has  to be indulged   at the
expense   of   a   comparatively     empty
The game having fail ly started, a
stranger approaching thc brow of the
hill lhat overlooks the loch would
pause in
In Wonder and Amazement
at thc,scene which greets his eye and
ear. Strong excitement is obseivable
on every side. At one spot he sees
brooms ancl besoms flourished aloft,
while mingled shouts of victory and
defiance might well make him fancy a
band of lunatics have escaped from
thc neighboring asylum. Approaching nearer, he threads his way among
the rinks, and if he is wise he will be
careful that no stone that may have
missed its mark sweeps down upon
him and brings him to grief. Safely
settled at the rink side, where a
friend, mayhap, is playing, and where
he will be welcomed with a thimbleful of real mountain dew that will
warm the cackles of his heart, and
enable him to, withstand the cold,
which, however severe, is never felt
by the curler, he will be in a position THE KOOTENAFMAlL
By Martha.
Copyright, 190S, bv T. O. AfeCIure
H   .
', ' .1''- . 'A'iU, Jl*  , . ��."*C
"You ojd poke!  Take that for being
so horribly late!" a girijs voice said as
Trevor went alongj'an overgrown patch'
io reach' his uncle's' house.   With the
1 "words came a. handful 'of'rose'petals,'
Crumpled, ^damp" and dellciqusly  fra-
Crant.   It had rained alf'day.'-clenrin'g
Just before sundown." The. rainAhad
kept him prisoner at tlie inn, three
miles 'away;'''He!'had meant to reach
Briarlaw early in the morning instead
off thus upon the edge of dusk.   The
rain had sent7the creek all out of its'
banks. 'Thus hefwaa coming to his
Journey's end afoot rather than behind
Ills prancing blacks. , The - footbridge
fiefled  the flood.' That  for carriages
���was swinging perilously in the rush-'
Ing'water.  He could not rest'until'he
bad seen his uncle.  Something had to
be settled out of hand���something vi-
" tal to 'hta whole future. ,. ',    \"     -.*-
|VHe -looked about' him.   The dusking
u greenery betrayed no human presence,
'   but the mocking voice went dn:r"You're)
a Tine fellow! ��� Upon my word if you
A rhad kept,me wailing five.minutes,lon-
f ger  I should have marched  straight
back and said to my pastors aud rnas-^
", ters, Tleas'e, sirs, I'm good now; quite
--ready to marry Mr. John Trevor"��� r>-
"Oh, I gay! Hold on.  You���you must
be  Miss  Lee���llarna���of   whom' I've
heard, and I'm John Trevor," that gentleman  interrupted,  his   face scarlet.
!The shrubbery at the right' trembled
violently, then out of it burst the very'
prettiest girl he had ever seen, who
said, her eyes blazing: "And you have,
come heie to' many me!   Well, I can
tell you now, I had rather die than be
your wife!" '
"Let's shake hands," John said jo-
.tvially.i "It appears we're,, In exactly
,  the same .boat.   I have got to see my
Uncle John and  bo oft',  because the
dearest   gill- in, the   world _will "be
v whisked away,to' Europe, clean out of
reach, unless I can manage to marry
her all m a wink "t''       '
1     "Oil (ltbw lollv1" Marna cued, giving
him'both  hor hands fs. "If you'll, only
-run uw.ij I cm wait and Iijmo a chuich
���wedding, with budesm.iids and Ilower
girls and oiei-.vtlung    It would bo horrible to miss them, but there seemed
nothing else to do. so Hilly" Martin and
I  have everything* all   ready.    Come!
We won't wait tor lnui any longer    I
dare say  lie  is  water* bound,  but he
ought to have swum the,creek, consid-
���.   ering. . Don't jou think so'7   -.     7
"Undoubtedly.    I  am  sine, he don't
deserve you   letting such a little thing
-binder hiin." Tipvor said, still holding
her hands    ������\ou mistook me ioi  him.
1 '   so we must look a little bit alike    But
I disown the likeness.   ,You would not
have'had  to "wait  lor me.   not if the I
j stats had tallen "
'���Ahem! Suppose that other girl heard
you now'" M.un.i said wickedly, her
lids lowered, a naive smile linking
about hoi.hps. John picked her hand
aud diew it upon his arm. saying only:
"Keep close to me The path is nartow,
aud I mustn't let you get wet" But
Mama appealed to leel sufficiently answered She smiled moie "w lnsomely
. than ever at hi in and s.utl a& they c.tnie
out in the cleat- lawn. '-Cousin John���
wo .no cotisint, you know, jour,.uncle-
is mj slcpt.itlicr as well as guardian���
will jou do something lor uij asking
and not misundeistand?"    ��� ,
"Coitmnlj," ireior said, smiling himself M u n.i was silent tor tluoe bieaths,
then said lumicdlj- -'Don't say anything about unj thing until morning
Poor Papa Trevor doesn't sleep well at
tho best of tunes lie has been woirj-
ing all day about jour delaj*cd amval,
and U j ou let Iiuu know the upsetting
of Ins most chctislied plans he wont
get a wink tonight and will,be crosser
:   than two beais toiuuriow."     i
"Does he know about Billy Martin?"
Tre\or demanded. l Marna looked at
Inn*, amazed. - |
*LU, dear, no!" she said.   "If he had
Snow n, why, I shouldn't have been out
theie waiting   Papa Tievor has a hab- i
it of ha\ ing his r   n w'.iy"��� I
"It's  a  laimlj   Unit,"  Trevor inter- .
ruptcd, stealing an aim about Mania
and kissing her cheek.    She  btushed
awaj the cuess as though it weie some
slight  aniio.Miig  insect  and   wont on:
"lie couldn't have known, because, j-ou
see, I did not teally know myself until ���
ycstcid.iy,  after your telegram came.
Then���well, it was any poit in a storm
with  me.    I  don't  lenlly,   tiuly  care
about Billy, but I do love my own way i
as well as though my name wetc Tie- '
vor"-" 1
"I   see.     But   was   Billy   Ilobson's
choice?" Trevor interrupted wickedly. '
Marna frowned at him, saying: "The
Idea!    Now jou are hoiiid.    I have '
a dozeu beaux, but it happened Btlly
was the onlj   one right on_J.be spot.
And you'll admit theie wasn't much '
time for planning when Tapa Trevor ,
shoulcd out to mo: 'Marna, telephone
for the rector and tho wedding cake
day  after  tonionow.    Is   theie  anything else needed?   John gets hero in
the morning, ancl you had  better go
to packing your trunks.    I  mean lie
shall lake you abroad.    There you'll
have a  chance of gelling  fairly acquainted with each other.'"
"Il'in! That was a close call. Did
you pack?" Tievor asked, his eyes
twinkling. Mania tossed her head the
least bit us she answered: "Of course.
Packed everything. Just as If I knew
I was going to die.    Mamma  would
jn-tre*. trpuDie enougn over my, going
"withotit'"having that on'-hef handsr"B&:
sides there are ��� such v loads"'of -pretty
things. Papa .Trevor has been,a-real'
.fairy godfather'ever since."he took 'a
notion''to"marry'us off this way.- I
fr.- . -        _���     -. .��    -... -' y
knew if he didn't see them he woaIdn|t
remember them'/' Mamma was safe to
send>'the "'trunks after me.< But If he
did see-them' he'd, most likely make a
bonfire of them, and thut would be too
b'a'd'for anything." - l
"Quite too bad. You make me feel
utterly conscience stricken., I didn't
'dream hist heart was''so-set'on''f this
plan," Trevor said. After' a minute
he' burst'out, hotly: "But he has only
himself, to blame. He.wouldn't,let "us
meet."" This 'used to be my home, and
he,has kept me in exile all the seven
years since he married "'your mother.,
He has brought me' up to regard' my-'
self as his son and heir, and now un-
i less I marry whom he chooses I am, to
lose everything."l WW t      ' '
"You seem to think It would have
been a case of 'I, came, saw, conquered,'" Marnat said, her" eyes dancing.
Trevor ,turiied suddenly upon-her. "If
you' could put urV with a" Billy -Martin
for the sake of "your'own way,'I don't
think you would be quite flint to me,"
he said, almost angrily."' He truly loved his uncle. 'He -ft-as, moreover, proud
'of,his name and,'the consequence'attaching to the big Trevor?fortune.   It
How They Arc Affected by the Shook
r of tlie- Dl-iilmri-e'oit Ble Gnn^TItt
Odd Way, In Which Some Bar��'"i!re
I     r   * A /     r , ,    r    , r
Flmyed 'Upon by  Vuriou�� Sounds.
I l, -f\',4    ���
Whenever a big gun. is flred at Fort
__. f 'i'i -��� .>--., It'.      nl     i I   .   I. I        ;l    .1.        .
Hancock, 'the government's proving
grounds on Sandy Hook,' the officers in
chargeJadvise all spectators to stand
on their tiptoes, stick their fingers In
their ears and open'their mouths. 'On
board'ship, where conditions' are such
that one cannot get far away from a
thirteen' inch' rifle! tliB more sensitive
"...      V        .   LW . ���'     , , , r ,       . ..      .
among the officers aud sailors place a
cork or chunk of rubber between their
teeth when fthere Is about'to be a discharge. Men have been known-- to
bleed In the ear from the effects of the
concussion caused by a much smaller
J r r        *      '      J    .        r 'i      <      r   * '
gun than a thirteen. Inch bore. One
of thoiofficers at Fort Hancock,was
asked to'explain' the philosophy of elevating oneself on tlie toes', placing fingers in ears and opening the mouth.'
"Standing on the toes is like' stand-'
Ing on a spring," he 'replied, "while
standing on the  heel .or full  bole of
SELKIRK   LODGE. NO 12. I._o!o.F.
Meets every Tuesday
evening, in , Selkirk
Hall'--at li o'clock.
Visiting brethren oor;
dially invited to at-
"��� �� ' tend.    ���-',,���*'
Kootenay Lodjte No. ISA   F, &A.M
Tho, regular meeting, are held in the
Miu-onic. Temple.
Jdd follows Hall, on
the third Mondaj in
each month 'at 18
p m Viblting broth
ren cordially welcomed.'      ,. i   ,'.'
(C. A. PROCUNIER. Secretary,
fjaca-il-na irsnamimf^K^^-^,.
Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal of
'( 'Minerals on Dominion Lands in Man*!.
,, toba.'tho Northwest Territories and
'   tho Yukon Torritory.      . "'i'l
hurt to have.this adorable Marna flout the foot is like standing on a solid. By
him when he was thus at grips with placing a spring between your person
hard fate. j She w,as ' adorable;' so-^n(i ,a V10ient torce the' impact is so
'adorable, in spite of fealty to the'oth% weakened that you are unlikely to suf-
er girl/it gave���a sharper edge to his fer injury.,, li the firing of heavy ord-
perception of loss. nance a'severe shock may be received
I'Indeed,  you   are   right.    I  might , from the* ground.
ive-chosen you if lt had been made '' i-��as for thp'fin l.
"As for the fingers in tbo ears, that's
a matter of choice,", Marna said pen-    pialn" enough.   It is simply closiug.the
sively, her head a little aside.    They    aucntory carial to" prevent the ingress
were   neanng   the-*open   hall   door,   'of-the air which"is'set in intense vi-
through which there shot suddenly a
broad stream of white light.    It fell1
full   upon   them,   throwing  them   up
strongly against  the   background of
leafy darkness. Somebody "upon the
piazza shouted' with joy at sight of
them. Under cover of the shouting
Marna said, by this time plaintive, "If
only lt was not for that other girl, but
I always play fair." '
"So j-ou've outwitted-me, you young
villain!" John Trevor, Sr, said, wring-'
ing his nephew's.hand. "I never meant
you to see that pretty baggage there
bration' bj- the discharge. Many *��� a
careless soldier, has had his* tympanic
membrane destroyed by-neglectingi ta
close up his ears 'either with his fingers or some foreign substance.
, ,"It is wise to open the mouth, for th����
reason tha't to do" so" tends to equalize
the pressure caused by the detonation.
With the mouth* closed the pressure is
on the external side of the tympanic
membrane, forcing it' inward and splitting it. When the mo'ith is open this'
ls offset by the same piessme from
within,   by  means  of the eustachian
until11 was readycto give her totyou ,,-tube
for good and all.   You'lcnow your way       ,^any mo'n ,ln the altl,i4Vy" aie mi-
about     liot njpng.    "ion II find your    m]s   tympanic   membranes,   but- that
loom exactly as you left it when you
wont awa.v'.t boj-"
"Let'me be still a boy for this one
night. Uncle rJack," Trevor pleaded,
keeping hold of a tremendous elderly
hand, ripa Trevor wagged Ins head,
sajmg- "Aye, aye,-lad! But remember jou must wake up, ready'to play
a uian'b part"  " " ���,
��*        *        *..�� ��        *_��
Trevor'slept'badly and woke late
to find the world full of sunshine and
sina-ing'birds. to hear his uncle shout-
ing1 nnp.ilicntlj at the men mowing
the lawn and across the binned noises,
high and, clear, the siher tinkle of
Mama's, laughter. Ho wont downstairs like'one in a dream There was
a hideous, black cloud over all the
morning bngbtnessf As he came out
on the steps a messenger on a bicycle
halted there and handed him a yellow envelope, saying apologetically:
"Shine. .sor-r..we timed to git j-e this
bit the night, but the diul was iu the
wather; bes'des.-.theib'yo that writ it
out sid the news would kapo "
Mechanically Trevor opened it and
lead ��� * ;
I sail todas Marry Paul in London He
did not deceive me His fortune docs not
depend,on anybodj s whim No longer
jours, MARY
Just then Mania danced up to him,
her hands lull ot dewy roses He
ciught both,, her w usts and said huskily ' Mania, you mistook me foi Billy (
M.utin C.m t vou do it again long
enough to irauy me?"
For a minute Marna did not answer
She1 looked down, her breast heaMng,
her cheeks rivaling the richest among
her roses, and said at last, shyly lifting her ejes "You are not quite ac-
cmato, Coii--in John. Tho fact is, Billy w as my mistake."
Of coutso they weie married, as Papa Tievor had ordained They lived
happy e\er after, but they did not go
.ibiond until they themselves chose.
w'ondeiful design of natuie is not absolutely nocessai-j-* to hearing.,   When
it is torn the hearing is lnip.iued, cer-
tninlj-,   but   not  destroyed,   -since  the'
. sun winding air then aetsdnectly upon
the  membranes  of   the  tw o ' orifices.
Nothing in anatomy is,more beautiful
,   than.the arrangement of the ear/   I
have made a studj- of it since coming
- here, as I had tlie* misfortune to Ios>e
one of mj- tympanic membranes.
"The Inner membrane of the cochlea
Is lined with elastic fibois", discovoied
by Corii andjbe.uins, his name Tliey
npp.iii'iitly ioim the teiniin.itions of
tlie filaments ol the auditoij nerve.
Ilolmholtz. the gieatest authority on
acoustics the world has produced, de-
cl.ucd that each one ol these fibeis is
attuned to a special note, and as they
. nie abo\e 3.000 in number thoic must
be o*."t 100 foi each octave The in-
tei val fiom one to another is one -3i\tjT-
si\th of a tone. They form a won-
dious instalment for rep-oducmg eveiy
note that the ear can distinguish Tlio
cochlea ma*, be called an n-ohan haip
of 3 000 slnngs that moie in sjmpathy
to all the sounds of ci cation
"Many eais aie incapable of hearing
veiy .high sounds M.inj poisons aie
deat to the chirping ot ci ickets. and
someo cannot hoar tho twittc.ing of
sp.iitows Theie was said to *bo a
boj in Texas whose eats were de-
foimed to a remarkable degioe. the
auiicle of one being neulj is huge
as the side ot his he-id, w lnle that of
tho other was. no lugger than j-our
thumb nail By closing tho small 'ear
he could hear the appioach ol a l.un-
sfoim a bundled miles oil. Hj closing
the big one he could be.n a iiy w liking
on the ceiling. Isn't that loiu.inlic
cnouch foi jou?    It takes'a vi\id im
WIiv tho Captain Wore "VVlii��.ker��.
Captain Gibbons had a habit of wearing eliin wlnskeis I had alwaj-s
thought this was duo to tho fact that
tliej were more becoming, but 1 learned
the reason to be otherwise. It seems
that ins chin and throat weie soured,
and these scars aie thus explained:
On one of iho ships which he commanded there was a mutiny of the
J crew one morning on the high seas,
which he promptly staited to quell.
The sailors were too many for liim,
however, as he was unarmed, and they
soon bad him down on tlie deck, bound
and gagged with a long knife across
his mouth. It was this knife that produced Ue wounds whose scars the captain carried thc remainder of his life
concealed beneath his beard. While,
thus bound aud gagged a lady passenger came to him and. cutting the bonds,
handed him a loaded revolver. With
this weapon he soon had his crew at
his feet, and tlie ringleaders were
placed in irons ���Lewiston Journal.        i
A Cue  For  Her  Money.
Felicia���Do  j*ou   buy   many   books,
Batriwa?   Fa trim���Dear  me,  no.   It
' takes every cent of my pin money for
cab hire nnd beauty culture.
Refuse not to bo informed, for that
Bhows pride or stupidity. ��� William
Pen a.
"agination to believe tho stoiy, but
when you consider the muacles of the
car and he.iimg j-ou may believe almost onj thing.
"I do not doubt that Ihcie aie inanj
sounds so faint that out ears aie deaf
to them, but thej  make sweet music
foi othpis    You know whit paiacousis
is. I suppose     No'   Well you li-ive it
when you cannot hear l.nul sounds at
all when things are still, but lieu llicm
.it once when thej- are aeccniip.lined hj'
a gie.it noise.   I once lend of :i woman
(an authentic case) who made liei servant heat a diuin whenever she wauled to listen to ,'iiiytlnng, ior then she
could  hear  \ciy  well.    Theie  was  a
man who could noi hoar except w lien
the bells  weie  tinging     It  is an  old
"-toij that deaf poison-! hear well when
tinseling on a  i.iilioad, or when i.it-
tlmg over a rough highway in a carnage
"Theie was a shoemakers nppienlice
who heaul only when his nuistei was
heating out a solo on Ins non The
left car generally bonis bolter thau the
right Some say this is owing lo the
common habit of sleeping on the right
bide I b.'uc my doubts. Theie is a
! iccoid of a man whoso two cars hoard
1 different tones at the same time when
a single ono was given.
"Thc eais of the lower animals are
incomplete. Do fishes hear? Certainly, although thp cavity of the tympanum is entirelj wanting, the louiul and
oval orifices being at the top of tho
head. Look out! Get up on jour toes
and open jour mouth. The mortar on
the left is about to bo discharged. The
wind is with the shell, so you needn't
close youi ear.   Thoio she goes!"
I Coal.���Coal lands may be purchased at
HO per aoie for soft coal and $20 for anthracite Not more than 320-acres can
be acquired by one Individual or company. Royalty at the rate of ten cents
per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be collected
in the gross output.   , .        , .   - ?
, Quartz -Persons of eighteen years, and
over and Joint stock companies holding
'tee miners certificates may obtain entry,
fur a mining location. _,, " v
, A free miner's certificate ls granted for
me or more years.-not exceeding Ave, up-'
,.n payment In advance of $7 50 per an-
'ium for an individual, and from $50 to
.iuu per annum for a company, .accordlnc
to capital.     ' J
J A free miner having discovered mineral
In place, may locate a claim 1500x1500 feet
n> marking out the same with two legal
,K.ats, bearing location notices, one at
.-"-eh end on the line of the lode or vein
I rne claim shall be recorded within flf-
een days if located within ten miles of a
nlnlngRecorder's office, -one .additional
���lay allowed for every additional ten-
miles or fraction. The fee for recording
���I claim ls $5. - ���-  . ,
, At least $100 must be expended 'on the
.iaim each year or paid to the mining recorder In lieu thereof. When $500 has been
-xpended oi paid, the locator, may, upon
,d.v!ng a survey made, and upon comply-
liif with -other requirements, pui chase
fhe land at $100 an acre- ' ��� ,
i Permission may be granted by the Minister'of'the Interior to locate claims
containing iron and mica,,also copper, in
the Yukon Teiritory, of an area not exceeding 160 'acres.
The patent for a mining location shall
proiide foi the pajnient ot a ro\alty of 2i pel
.eiiD ot lhe'bales ol the i-ioduets ottlie location
i'laeer Mining, Manitoba and the N.W.
I , excepting the Yukon' Territory.���
yiaeer mining claims -geneially_aie .100
rcjl squaie, entiy lee, $5. renewable
��� t-aiiy On the North, Saskatchewan
.nei elalmt, foi eithei bar or bench, tlie
|uimer being luu feet long-and extending
l.muemi high and low water maik The
mite, .includes bar diggings, but extends
,juek to the base of the hill or bank, dui
J.ut exeeeding l.uuu feet Wheie steam
..urtur is used, claims, ^00 feet wide may
".e   uUtamed
Lireiigmg  m   the  rivers   of  Manitoba
.i.d the fv   U"T. excepting the   1 ukon
iurlior> ���A tiee minei may obtain only
��u leases ol live miles each lor a teim
;.. twenty yeais, lenewable in the discie-
l. ...   ul    lie   .Ylllllalei    ul   the   Intel lul
t'lie lessees light is eolllllied to tne sub-
K.elgeU u<_Us ui Uals ut tile Il\cl ueiuw
..... tt.Uel lllilK and oUUJecl tu tile llgllla
si^ all '..ci sulis vMlu i,u\e, ui v\liu ina^ le-
.. f, v.1.lilts lul 'U.ll UlVgUlfas ui Oellcll
. .in ins,    exeepi   on      ti,e     ouskuiciiewan
l.Hel,    Wllele    lllc    lea=f.-    Ulu\     Ul.il^i     lu
.,bn waiti  maik uii eaen a.i^i ...n. ,,u.i.
jl lie lessee shall have a di edge in opei-
..u.. uuiii.i une Se.ij.uii tiuin the date ul
I i   ituse lui   eaen  ih.. miles,  but   wlieio
.reisun ui eutnpan> has obtained moie
.'.an une lease une diedge lor each llf-
...ii miles ui miction is suilicient
...nial,  *,lu pei   annum  ioi   each,mile of
.ei leased ltojaitj at the late of two
. |i a hail pei cent collected on the out-
,,-��-. atlei  it exceeUs ->1U,UU0
ui edging in tlie 1 ukun 1'eiiitory ���&ix
��� .u>es ul nve miles eacn may be granted
a liee minei foi a teim ot twenty
..ia, alsu i.iiewaijle
.lie 'lessees Ilglll is confined to the
'..Uiucigeu ueu oi iiiais In'tlie liver be-
.nv low waiei maik, that boundaiy to
^ li\ed hi lia pusillun on tile 1st Ua> ol
.iigusi  in   the  jeai   ul   the  date  ol   the
..I.e -- ,
^.lie lessee shall liave one diedge In op-
jI ^tlie lease and une diedge lui each
- lalluii wilini. n\u ^eais Hum tne dale
i\e miles witiiin six jeais tiuin audi
.,le Keniai, *luu liei mile lui tile lust
.e.li, and-UU pel mile lui each subse-
iiuiiil jcai   ICoialli, same as plaeei   iniii-
i laeei .Musing in ihe lukon Teniiuiy
-cieek, lUei .tuleli and lull claims shall
nutfe\cced -ju leel in length, ineasuied
,i, Hie base line ui geneial dlieellun ol
die cieek oi guieh, the width being nom
I   ij to aiiuu leet   All othei  plaeei   claims
i      I bO .idU 1 bit all lime
, r - . I J
Quotations submitted lor Inser ted Tooth, Shinglp or'otlipr Solid Tooth Saws-
and all kinds of repair \voik. Millmen i*vhi vwlierf ,-u* ��cndini? usr"reneat*
."'5,,nes.!','lftel'-.0NJS  t,UL    HOE*BITS AND SHANKS  in  all sizes kept' in-
stock at lowest tates*.
,s. ivi:cDyi:^LH:OiEsr
,   ' "     K15VELSTOKE. B. C. '   '    "        *     '   *
' "" ' ' '       4 "*        ^
has been appoinl.'d agnrit luv thn F.im hihl Ci <if Winiiipce. thp John    '
Dieti* Plow (Jiniipiiiv. (In* Moliin. \V.i��;..ii (J>.inp.in\. and Uip  Cinndn
O.nn.igi* Comp.itiv ol Bun kville. .md w ill i ,n ,\ ��full -tn, U of cult.-i~
W'lgOll"-.     plOWS.    C.llll.lgl'    f|l||lls|l|Mir^    .,ll(|    .l!;ilrillllll-.l   lllllllull.l'Illsnf
rill-knuN. '���     .
OifU-is pl.ici'd with bun will I.,-  till. (I iii,|i ih,.   Ii.-~i , l.,~s of ni.iiiii .
f.n iiin-s in the maikei. ,
J- '���?
'It '-I
11'--....j -
i        "    -*l
Capital Authorised, ^I.OOO.OOO    Capital Paul L*p, $:'CCOJCU     I!e-t, ti COO COO.
Head Ollice. Toronto. Ontario
Ur.iiichos in tho Nortliwii.t Ti-rritorii-s Uiinitobi. Oiitnrw. .uirl (Juebec.
H  --1"1   the follow me- points in   Urui-h   Columbia      Cmiihr.-,k   Golaeu,
nalson.'Kuielslnl.c, Imiit Lake, Vaucou\cr .md Victoria
T-'R  MERRiTr, ProsKlont I)  If   [Mthii , \ -co Prosi.Ieut and G-ner-ii Manager.   S
n  1Ia\   VasisUiitOoneril M iua���-er      "A. .Moffat Chief Iu-peti..r F
Revelstoke Branch, B. C���A Ciener.il ��I].inkiiij* Business Transacted \
S.iviuga Duparliimui���Oup'vits Kncciveil aud Inter^.i Allowed
Drafts sold iiv nl.iblo in nil p irl-, of Canada. United states and'Euro-M.*
Special attoution guuii to collodions ^ j;. Phifi": 3l.in.Ter
ciaWns aie maiked by two legal posts,
.ue [at each end, bcaiing nocieea > JJntrj
, uist be ubialned witliin ten dajs, n the
ei.uin is wilhin ten miles of mining le-
eoiuei s ollice One extia daj allowed
lui tach iidditlonal ten miles oi fi action
I'lie poison oi eonipaii' staking a claim
must hold a tiee minei s ceitillcaic
rile diseoveiei ot a new mine is entitled
lo il claim ut 1.UU0 leet In length, and It
Hie'pai Ij consists ol luo l.juu teet nllu-
���icLlld. on the output ol which no royaltj
^ha(l be chaifood, the lest oi the pai ty
Hiliiuij elulins unlj
Unti>   lee, $10.   llojaltj  ut  lhe late of
two'and one-liulC pel   cent on  the  value
t He gold shipped lioin lhe lukon Ter-
-IIoia   to be p.nd  to the Cumptiollei.
.\c Hoe minei shall lecehe u grunt of
noi., limn one mining cliiiin on each sup-
,iutl ii\ei. cieek oi gulch, but tho bamo
miiibi may hold any number ol claims
I.N purchase, and Hee minds may woik
Uieli; claims In pai tneiship b> tiling
nuticio and pa>lng lee of $2 A claim may
no abandoned, and another obtained on
Hie sumo cieek, gulch oi ii\er, by giving
notice  and  paying a  loo
Woik must be done on a claim each
ioai  to tho value ol at least $200.
A reillllcate that woik has been done
must, bo obtained each yeai; if not, the
claim shall bo deemed lo be abandoned,
nnd open to occupation und entiy by a
fiee miner.
The boundailes of a claim may bo defined absolutely by having a survov
rn.ado find publishing notices in the Yukon
Official Gu/ielte
Petroleum ���All uiiuppiopriated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Noith-west
Toriitniles and within llio Yukon Torri-
loiy aie open to piospecting Ioi petiol-
pum, and the minister may reset vo for
an individual or company luiving machinery on tho land to be prospected,
nu urea of 0-10 acres Should the prospector discover oil In paying quantities,
and satisfactorily establish such dlscov-,
pry, an aiea not exceeding 010 acios, ln-
cltidliij; the oil well and such other land
ns may be determined, will bo bold to
tho dlscoverei at tho rate of $100 an
acre, subject to royalty at such rate as
may be specified by order-ln-councll
Dopartment of tho Intel lor, Ottawa,
Fobrimij, 1901,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Incorporated by \cl of Parliament   1S.V,,
W.M     MOLhO.N   MACr'IICK��ON,    Pi.... V,.   II.   KWINC.   Vic ,.['m J.
J.\Mi:S JSr.Mol.  O.-ni-i.il   .M.iii.nr, i.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
" '"��� " '  -I   �� nli.iur tin-
l'1-i I'.vlbiiiK in   w.l\   nf li.uikiii'_��-   litisiii, ~. i, ,
in IPs-.11 y did ij .
liiti'ieM iii'diicd IWH..-.I mmi .it ciiirfiiL  i ,t,
d' po-its.
'illlb,'!  liu.uk
jVuTn.i i-iii iti:nv (iivi .\ H, .t ^.in.   x-oiii i, i�� in in nv n . rT7r","rr"���
JX�� ii flu iliil.. I iiili nil to ni.pli to Jic C-liief,^ ..ti.r.l.t. I ,m. ,11,. ..,, ,' , "t n,}*"
Cmniii.ssiuni.r of b.mls n.i',1 U'u,!.. fr.r ��� ] r ���,,���uss,n���V J!l ^ . , . \ '' , " ',, '? ('MoC
jlibiul liitiiM- lo enl iui<l< irii hW.ij Umbel ��(on io per, li,., ���*���>( aer, - ,'fl,, ���>"f ,""-"!"-
riiini    the   r,iIlo��iiig   (lesciil/Lil  1 mils In  th,     rc.II,,��-   _ "- '"*"'l^-d.w
ICunteufl" diMti ici
CoitiiiirnciiiK ut    ^io-I   mil kid  'AT    lljitt-.1
N. I,   em m I  p.isl No  2     and  plant, d  be-nli* I I ij 112
No  I   as  iiIiom-   ilciculiiil,   thence   -until   IW
ilit.d thi Ttiidij of Nr.unilxi. A   I) |'M|
"" M   UOWAX.
cliiun^, IliniecwCst I'J i li litis, tlieit,, iiortii iiyi ' X"-
cliiuiH, Ounce c i-l 10 eh litis to the pliiee or I J >
eoninii-iieenicnt. I tlir. Chief*
N'uinbcr'l liioe
,'OTICK i. I,,t*1j\   e-ic^n that. 4> dm. after
.'i .'.*V,rV"**""*i *'J 'I'l'1*;  '" "'�� Hoiiorablo
C'ouiiii(.|ieiii|;.it a po^t ni ukul, "M    Hwitt
N.I, conn r post N*o  I,' and pl.inti d half mile
(.i-I fi om N'o 2 I In ntc-oiith UiO^hiliui.llieiiee.
wisl llieli.iriis, theiici. noi tli IWcbltiiiri," thenefc
enl 10 cliuliis to plufc ot coiiiinciiceincnt. -
Nuiiibu I ne
( oinnii iKiing.il uposi uiark'il "M. H-attS
N' I. conn i post so 5.' and planted half mile
i.i.l fiom No. I, thenco .-until ll/) cliaiii-c
llienec west 10 clmin-, thence ninth lfiOcltain-.
thence iu>,l 10 chain-, lo place of coiuiiience
Baled Dec. (ith. 1001.
ofljiill. JI. IIY All".
Painter, Papsrlianger, Sigiiwpilep
KALSO.MIXLVl,    I,ijm:.
OiiIpi- icc-ivf |ii i.11,,.i ,d i.'iiiion.
Second stu-ct,       -      I'.KVKL.SrOlvfc:
<���        .11
TEbe IRootena\> -flfoait
PI BUSHED' SATURDAY.  ,     '' '
. '     ' ���AT���
S2.00   Per    Annum
i -J
ADVERTISING "KATi'.S on application
Changes in standing ndvei tiscnients must
oein hv 9 a. in.'W'caiiesd.iv ofcaoli week lo
secure good display." Standing advei using
nialler w ill be changed lw ice a month w itn-
out e\tia chin(;e ' -For, more fiequent,
altera'ions the time occupied in milking
same will be blunged al Usual i.ites.       ' ,
JOB PHINTIN'G pionipllyexecutod at reasonable rales. '   '.
TERMS���Cii-b. , Snbsciiptions pajablo In ad
- vunce. ' ^
COHUKfal'ONDKN'ClC invited on nuilters of
public nitoicsi. Coiiiiiiiiiiiciaions lo Editor iihi-,1 be accoinpauled by niiinc of
���vntcr. not necessuiily ror publication, but
ne evidence of good fuiLli. Coriespondence
-should be hi lei. '
-We request our numerous readers to
favor us with the! r assistance In
making the KOOTENAY MAIL the
most valuable advertising- medium
in tho Kootenays by giving tho
preference -when "making pur-
i3 chases to those firms who are
*' regular advertisers in the KOOTENAY MAIL
It.,   MO Hit I SON,
Ol i-ici: :; 1 , ,
Mining Engineer,
'"     - -" !   ��� <      t,
(Mem.  Aineiic.in  Institute Mining Kiif-uieeis)'
((JIein. Cauiidinn Mining Institute.!
,       Revelstoke. B. (;.
��\<iiiiiuution  of and  lcpoits on   Minciii! Hio
, pei tics a "specially.
,    -    AND PINKUA.M,
Opkici-s :    Moi.so-.ri ' Bank' Block,   Ukve'L-
' si oui*. n.p.i
Moncj to loan. '        . ���'
Otllci-   Uevelstoke, B. C; l-"oi t, Steele, B. C.
���Geo'. S. McCvu'ii-r,
A. (M    Tinkiiam,
Uevelsioko. B. 0.
.1. A. Haiivky.
|.'oi i Steele,
B. C
���0     L  L  R  ,
<    , . H
Bahristek, Solicitor, Etc.
'FitstStii'i*t. -"Revelstoke, B.C.
o ' '.-" '*       1
Three Revelstoke Firms,; Con:
solidate. . ' ,   "
Tlns is tlie day'of consolidation cf
business inteiests with the economy
of management lesulting' fiom 'Iiirge
consolidations. The old established
grocciy and hardware lirni of Bourne
Bros, has niiide an amalgamation'vvitll
J. G.i Mncdoniild's diy goods business
and Messrs. Moscro-i Bros, .plumbing
undelectiic lighting supply business,
and liiiii'dsonieriievv department stores
will be built on First Street adjoining
J! G. Mncdoniild's' store wliioh will
also bo utilised in connection, with
the new picmises.        , - ,     i  ,   .
We tender our-loaders our best
���wishes for a happy ancl prosperous
iS'ew Year.     -
'lhe tiniliL'Tni Oii'tfiiio \ieliN tlie
govei inn nt -a u*venue of from
-rl."250,0110 lu- $1,500,000 a ;.e.u.
With its oi.indt'i' fores-is Hntisli
'Columhi.i -liiiukl have an equal if
mot ��>cater n-venue liutv the Mc
--Bride government ha?- not the
"rerno'i'-i idea of the importance of
the lumber lndusiiy. or tho legitimate piomolion of if- interests, or
of the piotection ,of the valuable
fore-is of the province
The government have appointed
Hoiis. F C. Cotton and Tatlow. and
D. 1\ Kei. of Victoria, and J.
Buntzen. of Vuncouver. u com mission to enquite into the wot king of
the asses-mem act. That is to auy
they have appointed two of their
own minieteis to sit in judgment
on their own legislation. They
should next legislate to do away
*i\ith judges and ' magistrates ancl
peimit offenders who come before
the courts to try themselves. It is
the same kind of farce.
i    *
Investigation' Shows' Necessity,
of Isolation Ward.-i1,.,
In consequence oi complaints made
leg.uding tlie death of a child of Mr.
I.ljsaght, of Bcaveimouth, who had
li'-cn Kiiiscd admittance to. the hospital, the boniii requested JUr.'�� Fng.in
to hold nn investigation, and he did
so on Tuesday. The case .was diph-
theiia, and being one of the -most
dangctous' of contagious diseases the
hospital authorities could not admit
it. The child "us taken tothe hotel
but when the natuic of the illness
tt.is known it cuuld'not be permitted
to lemain theie'and was placed in a
tent As a lesult of this neglected
condition the child died. '-
The result'of the investigation was
that Di Pagan admitted an 'isolation
hospital, w Inch the hospital authorities have been agitating for Uevelstoke
foi some*' time, was an absolute necessity and he would recommend the
government tocoopeuite with the city
in pioviding it without delay'.'      ���
It was also pointed out I that' owing
to the way in which the-government
Iind shirked its duty in the tieatment
of isolation cases fiom outsider'points
hitlieuo and attempted ' to put the
cost oil the city, it had become neces-
s.ny for the civic imtlioiities to lefuse
to'have .ui) bint''*-to do with outside
c.uses. Dr. Pagan nl-o piomised tins
condition of thingsshuuld be'iemedied
in futinc. f
Our Conservative fiiends have a
queer iuea of public morality. The
Montreal Gazette says it is nobody
else's business if lion. A. O. Blair
and   IJ. Uus-ell did   join with   the
Kegulni meeting lust night. Present the .Miivor, Aid. Lewis. Field,
Fooie, McLeod and Ahiahumson
Lettoi irom If. J. If.iiibuiy asking
peimit to use Revelstoke Biewery
building us laundry���Laid over
A I.) law wss'pa^sed ipr payment of
s.ilniy of+.300 to Major for the year's
se-i vices
An application from R. Sabifcon ior
pirt of snow-plough work was le-
ferred to woik* conimitee. with m-
stiuetions to grant request.   '
A , long discussion took place on
question of submitting bylaw to people
aa io whether lee.- should be charged
for high school
Aid. Abrahiim-'on introduced a
million 'o submit'the bylaw, and
in gtd the matter be settled now as if
laid over there might be an influx of
pupils and the school might become a
Methodist Sunday School., ,
The children of the Methodist
church were entei tained at a Christmas tree on 'Monday at the opera
house and it was a most successful
afVair. The pillow lighten a Christmas scene by Miss Cathels and Mastei
Sutherland was most amusing and the
(lag drill, in which the childicn were
trained by Mrs. Bews, _ were . the
features of the cntertainmci.t. Mr.
Hastings, leader of the choir, iwis
piesentcd with a iin'o 'baton by Rev.
.Mr. Sutherland on behalf 'of the congregation. , The following was the
programme, ' in which Miss. Xorina
Smith played the accompaniments :
C'lioi'Us���"ChrisUinis Hell-,"   .     Sunday School
I'ni.vei-  Rev. 0. II. .11 Siillierliind
Kespon^ue ItctuluiK       ... 	
Clioins���"Glory lo eJod" ' Sundiij School
Heading . 3hsi A. Sniilli
Choi lib���"Siiveiy Delis" Sunday School
1'ccitition   .. - 'Mimel Little
Recitation Six Gills fiom ]nfant Class
Qiinileltc--Slui of the Oiiciil,'       I'e.ul   Rob-
msoii,  .MyiUe Cntliols,  Genie  Dent,  Mnuil
Ueeitiition     ' John l-iicliluiiino
Iteeilalioii .    Seven Bovs fiom JIis IIow*nii's
a I I' class
Duet���' Silent Nifhl" . Blanch Din is and
. ��� Tamils P.itiuk
Dialogue Katie SuUici land and, l,en How -on
Clioins���"Blessed is llicStoij" Sundiij School
Hecitntion - Allien AI.inniiiK
Choiu���"Hail Happj. Cliuolnias" '    S Sehcol
Hecilation John ijitrhthiiine
Iusliiiineulal Duel   . - Oscar .md Aloeit
Dialogue MjitluCiilhulsiind Jamie Sutheilaiid
Piccolo Solo . '     I'mil Samson
Kl.it' Di ill , Hy Sixteen Giih
Glioma���"1'i.usc llio I.oid" feiniid.ej ScIiodI
Gicat credit is due to,Mi. JLowson,
the supeiin'teiidetit, and the 'teaches
for the excellent arrangements.
Salvation ,Army.<f
The Salvation Aim) gave aChiisl-
niiis tiee to theii Jj.incl of Love, the
gifts on the pictly" Chiistmtis tiee being .di.-tnbutcd by Capt. hloyd and
Mr. McP.hadden and 'the programme,
which was as lolloVs, pioved a most
entei tinning one .   *
Recitation���"Welcome". . Kdna Cor->on
1        "        ���"Santa and Hcindeui- Mary
, . Paisons
-^    "       ��� "A Little Gni" . Alma Coi son
"       _"Flo's Loiter" Alice Ashlcj
"       ���"When I'm a Man"
Llojd Williamson
Song        .      . .. Kiiiily Iliown
Uecitalion���"I VV.mt.-i Dollj"      Alice .iolinson
��� ���(.'ut'.i L'lt'iiie" Jlaud Lewi-*
fl.ie; Dull     . . . Hj Gills
Kei'iUilion���"All toi Jesus" .        Maggie MiiU
���"Wants .md Wishes" Lam.i
f , Johnson
"   .,  ��� "Papa's Mono- "     MaggieGallig.iii
Dialogue������I'ho Weatliei .11}  l-'oiu Gn s
Keeitation���-"lhe Happy Familj..       M.n.ioi io
,       - .' Bom no
Pong���-'Old, Old Story" .- Cadet Kilev
Kecitauon���'"Bahj'sLogic"     Lillian Peltipiece
���"Hi earning of Santa" Kdna Corso'i
' ��� "Willing to Gi.inny"      "Caiman
- '      " *        - ������ Smith-
Song      ..     .. ��� Iiy I'our Gn)-.
Hecilation���������Plii>iii^Scliool".?ilj-i lie landmark
���- Tlie haitcns"    Mablc llendcison
Hoop Dull  ��� ���        ��J Oii-l-'
Reeil ilioii���" . Hoj's Opinion '    .   \V Galilean
��� "A Note to Santa" .       Olive Kra]
Song r - Heia'.Mcv. Inni
Dialogue ^ Hvii\Gnls
Recit.ilion���"Advance oC rduc.ilion r.dilh
,      ��� Anthdiy.
"        ���' Tlie Reason Wh\
Dumb Hell Drill
Business Locals.
Itecitaiion���' Dainlv riioeking"
��� santa s Mistake
Lena M<il/.
H> Gills
Mav AnlhoiiJ
Dcvc McGiure
Cum.in Smith
Ohio lint".
IJ. .McGnne
���* ."-.ml i
"?anta and \\ ifo
B.irrel Oig.m Solo. .
Presbyterian   Sunday  School.
The 'entertainment and Xmas tree
(of st  Andrew's Sabbath school p>ssed
i otl in a pleasant and  successful m.in-
J ner   on   Thurs(la)     evening   in   the
chinch       The   children    weie out in
force and a   large   number   of parents
and fr ends enjoyed   the evening with
the  children.      A   good   programme
made up by the children of the school
was the source of fun and amusement.
I S.mta Clans   was   in   evidence  ti che
henvv burden on the city. s delight of thc-children, ancl distributed
Tne Mayor supported  the bylaw  asj the presents and candy from   the veil
fi'led tree.      The    proceedings  closed
about 10 30. evervbodv going to their
he had promised the matter should be
refencd to che people >"o one who
sent his children to a high school
-oiild grudge paying $1 or ?1 50 <c
month fees.
C.   F    Lindn..irk. chairman   school
board and H.   Floyd,   secretary,   ex
pressed the view-- of  the  board :o the
effect,   that   ii   f��e=   were   charged it   p.ecitiuion -"Likknow-
home- aell pleased with the Christmas tree of lOOt. The following p-o-
grammo was gone through :
H.vrnn-"Bn^-hlij B".im-Our Rinnei"   ScWl
1'ucit.i.llon- -j-cuutliudi's" School
Pr.ij'( r i . ' .
Pri-tor's Add re
might kill the -chool n its  inception
md the amount   le-ili-ed   in   any ca=e
���Conservatives   in an   unscrupulous j'wouid not, he mure than .1200.   where
plot to wreck ��� tlie   Liberal government. We venture to say the people
will demand   that  Mr. Blair  clear
himself of these insinuation's 'while
.holding a high public position, and j
that tin*   Liiurit-i* government  will |
���fleniand   the   fiilit-.-t   invesiication i
into   what look.-   l'k
-polnii-iil con:-pi racy
' in Camilla.
ie   greatest
ever attempted j .-.if.
��� a m-:.-".-!-: ii ATI-: I'rkmikr.
Pritiiivr Mc l'.ridn is in such
���tit.-pei ate strait.- to get "a bare
majority to enable hirn to bang on
to ollice that he has been to
Nanaimo to .-fjiiare irawtborn-
thwfiif., and said be is satisfied
with tiie result. Has he agreed to
Hawtliornthwaito'.-. price, the dismissal oi Magistrate Williams at
Vancouver, or has irawthornth-
waite been compensated in some
other way to withdraw that demand?
Then the Premier went, to Vernon
to reclaim Price l'*llison, whose
constituency he bail insulted by
sending men from the coast to do
���work that could have been done
quite as well by residents of the
valley. Now he has gone to Xelson
to eat humble pie before John
Houston, as hanging on to ollice,
even by bis eyebrows, cuts more
figure with AleBridc than any
question of principle. Such i.s the
contempt into which tho McBride
outfit has brought government in
.this province.
as the co-t of the school wa.s $1,700 a
year of whicli the government contributed -*r"700. P.y charging fees and
losing part of the government grant
the city would be tit-hind ins lend of
Aid. I.-'wii* .��irori',-ly supported the
po.-iiion (if the truste'"1 in- who:---
liiinds he considered the matter might
y be .left.
Mil.   MW.eod   paid i   high  compli-
i iiiciif to thu wurk <if the  trustees  and
i mud All ratepayers who h id mentioned
' the riMtier t��i l.im were in favor ni the
.-chnol being vjoi.duete.l   sis ,tt   present.
A lil, I'oote favored letting the
mutter -<tnml over another year.
ft was resolved the bylaw be laid
ov-r for the present.
ft wan decided to call a public
meeting for Priday to consider civic
Edna fi-iice
r>U''f - "Follow Mc I'c-^ie I^LWsonniul
Hilda lObh-
I'ecititioo -"A Trip to I'uiil.md '.Ruby B irgc-i
nong.  .
s-'onK and f'lioni--...
In--tni'ni'iual Duet.
li'icluicior. .
Di/ilriKU" .
If} run
Thonnw Armstrong
 Ile-llii Lnuyhlon
 I.id.i Stead and S..I100I
 .A.Charlie MeRiie
 h'dith Ant'iiiny
 itobbli: and Alneda
A rriiHt.*ong
. ^ -.-.Irida SWiul
 MarKum lliunn
     .Miiurfci! Aniltr-on
I'aliiier, Hilda Hobb'and
I'll by l'.i,r<i.-l,
 ' Sclifc'rl
J3iop in at Brown's Cigar Store.'
Send your orders for signs to J. R.
Thornton. ' 1
The IDagles' Ball will be the best
this season.
Libel al discounts for large cash purchases ntllow&qn's furnituie store.
1   A   beautiful   lot. of pictures at'the
Red Cross Drug Store. ' '
Wall paper, wall paper, at .ITowson's,
Furniture Store. New stock just
arrived. - ,
All school supplies for after the
holidays can be got at 'the Canada
Drug Store on the corner."      ��� "'   .'!   ���
Don't forget'the ' Haglos'i Ball on
January 2nd, 100/3..
!It will inteiost and pity you to look
over llowson's furnituie stock'.-f
Brown has 'the cigar and  tobacco
trade of the'town.   Theie's a Reason.
,  , i , ,
A line line of Books/Bibles,, Prayer
Books, Poems etc., at - the Red Cross
Di ug Store.
K<* velsfcoke- and   Trout -Llike.'Cify
lots for sale���Apply to'If. If. Coursier
1 You' can   get   ollice^ 'and    pocket
Diai'ies for 1005 at the  Canada  Drug
and Book Co.'s.    The) keep all kinds.
Every si/.e,  quality* and 'shape   of
cigaisat Biown's.'- '     '    '"   f "       ^
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also the" Wiie Fiaines.     The  Canada
,Diug and Book Co..keep them.
Perfumes in every style aiul at all
prices from'25c. to $12 .1 bottle at the
RedjOrossJDrug Store.
We have engaged the services of a
tinsmith and'arc prepared to do all
kinds of tinning woik. Orders left
with us will have prompt 'attention.
Mosciop Bios., Second Street, Revel-
stoke. , ��� ���
R II. Trueman's studio is now open
in personal charge of himself, to the
enclof Decembei. Xow that "you aie
having the family lcunion is the time
to have a gioup taken. ,     -\
, Flowers and vegetables all'winter
carnations, chrysanthemums, lettuce
ancl wateicicss. Floral designs a
specialty,���,1. Mai.dy, Fiorist*
Be sure and get a chance oncBro\vn's
Holiday Dt.iwing���the lirst ever held
in the city.
The Eagles' Ball on January 2nd,
'05, will be the event of the season.
- " It theie is one enteiprise on earth
that a 'quitter' shuuld leave seveiely
alone, it is aclveitising.'',. says John
Wanamakcr., " To make a success of
adveitising, one must, be piepaiechto
stick to it like a barnacle o'n a boat's
bottom Theie aie thiee ways toiin.tke
a'dyei 1 isiiig pay, ancl tluse are 1 he only
way's. Theie,.uo.no otheis. Fiist, is
to keep at it,' second, is to'kcep at' it;
thud, is to keep at it."' Ancl he might
have added that the fouith is to advertise m the Kool'i:n"Av Mul
Confectioneiy, Cadbury's, Webb's
ancl Lowiicy's in fancy boxes and
baskets at the Red Cioss  Drug Stoie.
Ye oldo firm lleint'/.man' & Co.
Pianos. R Ilowson has them in
Oct your ptescriptions lilled at the
Canada Drug St'ie. They , will fill
them 'accuiatoly with the best of
drugs.       '
llolidav Diawing at -BROWN'S."
Prr/es from f>c to $L.;")0.    No blanks.
Card of Thanks.
J. G. McDonald the Gents! Furnish-
ei and Clothier begs to tender his best
tlninks to the public of Revelstoke
and clistiict for tlieii kind pationagc
during the past )e.ir and hopes to
merit a continuance of the same.
The Best Dollar Christmas Gift.
One of the very best Chiistmas gifts
and one that will be appieciated by all
during 1005 is a yen's subscription to
the Family Herald ancl Weekly Star
of Montieal. It costs but a dollai a
year and includes thc lovely piemium
picture entitled "The Princess at
Work."' The publishers of that great
Weekly are planning to give its readers bigger value than ever during 1005'.
A dollar cannot be better spent. It is
said the stuff 01* clerks employed in the
Family Herald office entering up
names alone of new- subscribers is
greater in ntimhci than the whole
stall" of any live papers in Canada.
,    '" *; '     ' ..MRS. II. J.. IIANI3URY, ManaKeress,'      '/-"".
.'        ,,' _ '   " is  now oppii'for business.
First-Class Table .',..' '     Private Dining,Boxes
,'      1        '-Larp-e Diningrooiii for Banquets, Suppers," etc. - "���'',-���
, .Furnished Rooms To Let
1 "���
���   4
<? ���-���il
'.'   ���!]
Wishes his many patrons
A Happy NewYear
jrt _ -    <~!* .���   - , ;      ,' .'
-  .The only lirst class   , 1   ,�� ;������
' '    ' 1    cigar stoic in town. *��� ' f'" ,
' , - ''      ''**','
CigarsJ Tobaccos, Pipes' ���'',-,','L   ,
,. i At'"" -  ,
���',and Confectionery."
. ; *<   '.'  r"j"1 ''.���'. -s -v ->:*-*
,-,111 ^thc .city.
-'  fl
HisV Mother,  of Rheu ���
��� ���*;',; niatism.    .',/   V
"JIv mother has been a snffeier for
many years from rheumatism," says
W. JI.iHowaid of Husband. Pennsylvania. "At times she was unable to
move at all, while at rail times walking wasjuiinful. I piesented her with
a bottle of Cliambei Iain's Pain Balm
and after a few applications she decided it was the most wonderful pain
lelicver she had ever tried, in fact, she
is'never without it now and is at nil
times able to ,walk. -' An occasional
application ofPain Balm keeps away
the pain 'that she was formerly
troubled with." For' sale by
chuggists.''    * .  ,
,1 . *     , 1
��� The public schools will.ic-open aftci.
the midwinter .vacation'on Tuesday,
Jaiiiiaiy -3." It ,is tho-wish., of, the
tins-tees and , te.icheis f^tlnit, as far as
possible, a.11 pupils^should b._,pie-sent,-
at the i pening *'sesbionp and that
special effoi'ts be'made-, during, the
whole of thc coming,tei 111 to' keep 11 n_
the peicentage 'of'attendance1: 'It is
specially uiged that pupils who intend'
entering 'the 'Beginner's Class (Miss.
Giant's 100111) befoie-Easter should be
piesent fiom the lirst .of the teim, as
those who come in after the work has
once got .utidei way cm not icceive
proper attention.      '
Opera House Tonight.
With   ..n   entirely   new pro^nin ��� 1
the Living C.ins.d . Hio-copr: Company I(\\V^(iItoui which they are suffering
Chamberlain's Cough   Remedy
Absolutely Harmless.
The fault of giving children medicine
containing injuri- us stilistances, i.s
f-oiiietirnei'.riiore disastrous   than   the
That Splendid Institution v.ii' !...'.
,New-Scale VVilli.-im^ t-'uin. .-,   ,
Musical    people     thioughqiit     t! ���
country  have heard   Willi  inn. u--t "of
the  fine new building th t   is bti  g
erected, at ,a cost of ��35,000, by the
Hamilton    Conservatoiy   of     lUnsic,
Limited.    It will be equally welcomu
news that the iiiaiiagenient of the institution have determined to'havctlje
building equipped iu the most modern
manner.    Everything they have purchased has been after the most careful
'consideration, and especially vvas this
care exercised iu the selection of musical instruments. '
It is announced that the Williams
Piano Co., Limited, of Oshawa, have
been requested lo furnish the Conservatory with a number of New Scale
Williams  Pianos.   This  is   not  only
highly complimentary to  the manufacturers,   but very creditable to the
management of the   Conservatory  to
have' secured   these justly  celebrated
Sole Local Agents: Lewis   Bros.,'Revelstoke',' 13. C.
Copporation: of City of
Revelstoke. :
"'Municipal Elections,-1905/:''
1)1"I"LIC Noliec is liuiol>> Kiventotlie I'lecl-'
.   ois of lini Municiiuilityof.lIcvcKtokcthat t
luiinnu lini liiei-t'iice of llio P.nd IClectoi-, nl. tlie -j
Oily Cloi k's nflli'c. Oily Ilnli. Hovulhlnke-, XI. C.
on iiio ^'I^"I^(l.-^^ nf.JANa.vitY. j'Ki*, .it u
o'clock, noon, for the pinpo-v  of ol"Ctiiik ln'r-
-,0ns In le-pichoni llie-ni In the illuiiieuial Conn-   ,
oil iv- Mayoi and Aldciincn.. and aUo Tor Hie
put pose oi'olieting one l=eliuol Tiustcc
Tlio mode-of nomination ofCiindidiitu-? shall
bciis follow-,:        , .' ,
I'lie eiini'idiile"-liiill lie noinin.ited iii  vwiliitu;;
tlie \m ilui(,r =liall lie siiliseiibed uj Livo volen
.of llio Minneipality'.is pioiiosccand seconder  ,
and shall lie dolm led lo the 'teUimiiiK Ofli- -
i cei ut anj linie between the dud' of the*",
.;.   notice and 2 p in. of llio day ol  (lie noniina-  "
lion, and in llio eventoC n poll bemt; ncees-
siny, such- poll will lio npcnld on the
' T\\ KI.I'TII d��5 of JANUARY'<l!lfl"i. nt   the  -
t'Uj Ii.ill. Jlelven/ie Aicinii', llevelsioki. II.
I), nnd kept open between lhe lii.in ol NJN10
-    in llio foiunoon. and hull! prist. Q|.:v I-\* jnttlio" *
ufti inoonVfor taking and ic-coidiuy Hie votxi^
ol I lie l.'lectois of the said   Cnv.   of   wlneli
dim- poison "is heiebv leiinucd Lo lake '
1   noliec nnd i-ovuin luniseli accoidiui'lv.      r
'1 he pels nb (|iiiiliiied to bo noniiiitiled for
nnd uleclid us Mayor sluill be such pel sons ns ,
die innle linlish subjects ot (lie lull iuro of
twentjoiio je.u-s. .mil mo mil disqualified-
under any luw, nnd linve been foi lhe si^
inonllis ue\t iiieeeding the day of iioiniii.ilioni
tin- ii'Kislcicd ownei in the Land Itecistiy,
Ollice ol land or ical piopeity in the (Jay of
the assessed Milue, on the insl municipal iis-
scssini nt, lollfof one thoiiMiid doll.us or nunc, ,
and who die otliei wise dnl.v iiuiililled iisniiini--
cipal votcis        '   '   -i
The poisons qualified to bo noniin.ilcd for
and elected i.s Aldeiincn shall be such pel sons
ns me innle Biaish biib.iccls of Iho full ne;e of
twenLjone jells, mid .ue not di-(|ilalilled
uiidei any luw, and luno been foi llio oi\.
months no\tpioccdiiuj Ihe daj ol noiuniiiliou,
lhe le'Kisleied owner, in the Land l!ef;isliy
Ollice, of land or ical pioperty in the ( Hj of"
tin-iihsessed \(iliie, on tlio i.isl niunicipiil ns-
scssineut ioil, of five bundled doll.us or moie,
ami who iu c otherwise quiiliUc'd as municipal
voteis .��� ������ ���" - '
'llio poisons qualified to bo nominated for,
ami elided ns School "Tiuituo sli.ilI   be such
poisons ns iuc lioubclioldci-. m lhe Cilj. aiul-
lieuiK linlish subicets ol Iho full iige ot  twen--
tjone ^e.|lls, anil othci wise qiialilled to vote at,
an election ol school Li uslci's      ��� ,
Uvei> cmiilid.ite iioiuiniiled slitdl sifiti'fy by
a v\iiliii(,'iieconipiinjinK the nonuniition piipor,
ins eonsont lo such nomination, except in case
such poison bo absent fi om t lie municipiility,
when such absence shall be stated in the nomination pupct.
JOvcry  candidate nominated   for   major or
aldoiuiau sliall, on oi befoie the hour of two
p. in. on tho day of nomination flu msli the Re-
liiiniiiK Ollleci will) a statement, in wiitine;,    ,
speeifjiiiK   Hie  land  or  ie.il   piopeitj    upon,
which ho qualities
Given uiidei in; baud at Itoiclstoke tins'
.'ilstdayol Ileceinbei, 11I0J.
CHAH. J. Ail AN,
1      '       Reluming OIHcor.
al    ll
' I   '
The Best in the World
Mail im 15 Royal Crown Soup
Wrapp'Trf, and in return wc
will mail a beautiful I'ieture
size l(��;:20 ; or for 2o Wrapper.-)
your choice of over 100 books.
Drop its a post curd asking
for a catalogue of premiums
to bo had FRKK for Royal
Crown Soap Wrappers.
Add res."
The Royal Soap Co.,
Vancouver, Fi. C. Limited.
opene-d a two night-i' engagement at
the Opera Ifou^e la-it evening ton.
fair .sized audi'-nee. The pictures
vvtrp entirely interfering and of the
inn]'' high order a-i thohf which e.irtled
Hiich u splendid reputation here la-it
.-.f-n'on. A Dumber of now .scene', including the ��� thrilling and reaii-fcic
production of the great train robbery,
will be introduced into tonighcV \Mt-
formaricu arf .well as "Man the f.ife
f'oat,'", nnd it reproduction of the
finiiniM llrtiry Lane PautoMimc
���'Hleepiiig rjeauty" in its original
colours,    frice '.'dxi. and f-Oe.
On account of thr: cancellati in of
the nuitincc the ina.iiagernf.nt have
decided to adinitehildrcn acconipiiiicd
by their parents tonight" for I.Of:.
Xol-ody.slmuld miss tho on to; tn in-
Visitors to l.'evelstoko will line it to
their ad vim tii rc to stO[i nt the Gmtral
Hotel. .Free bus to and from railway
.stations to meet all trains. ���
Kvery mother clionld know that
Chamberlain's Gondii lieniedy is iior-
fcetly safe for children to take. It
contains nothing harmful and for
coughs, colds and croup is uiiHiirpaHHed.
For ealu by nil druggists.
Dir'friminntiri'.; business men look
up')n cheap printini; as ii criterion of
the articles advertised, and. invariably
throw it aside. Ib is but unburn! that
they .should. , A manufacturer who is
fifn't-lerH with his printing is more than
likely to be careless in his methods of
condiicbin'^ his business. The place
to get. particular [ii'intint; is at the
Kooti.n.w M.Mf' I'riiitin<! Ollice.
The right kind of advertising and
iiiaiiaRerueiit lire ipiite certain to convert any'.small dry goods .-.tore into a
large.one. That, is the way all the
large ones have been brought into
existence. It is in the columns of the
Koutu.vay Mail that you gob the
right l<in<l of advertising.
As Ati'iiaoi'IvxSion- is a llimxi'ss Pi-oduci'i*
J. R. Thornton
Painter.   Papophang-or
and Sign Wplter,       <-
ADDKE83-: P. O. BOX 2."i2, or
Sr-XONI) ST., Behind C. P. R. Shops.
Ordors lofl.ut.J. W. Hounott'.-i will bo
promptly nlliiiidiiij to.
Having been appointed agent for
Uevelstoke for THE
Pacific Coal Company, of Banff
is now in a position to supply
At the following prices:
Coal delivered out of.shed $11 per ton
Lump Coal $10.50 per otn;
Wo 'nro ruuuivliiK Wookly Shipment.*! of
Choice DAIRY Butter
in Small'Tubs '
���lust the IhiiiK for Family Use..
Our Stock of Kresh Fruits is coiiiplcte
in every line.   Call and  examine.
Prices and quality to suit all.
Stove     ".
As this coal
is smokeless and particularly clean,, and is more efficient
than any of -the soft coals on ' thc
market, it will be found favorable fuel
for all domestic purposes, including
furnaces, s'toves'and kitchen ranges. ������
For those ' requiring steam.) coal the
pea and buckwheat'sizes will be found
satisfactory and economical. Prices
will be quoted.on these.small .sizes on-
application.     , ' .   -
Orders left.at thc ollice 'of the Uevelstoke Insurance Co. Ltd. will receive
prompt' attention.
F. iMcCARTY, Coal Merchant,
- Revelstoke, B. C.
Subscribe to the Mail and get
all the news.!'' '
���"I '1
I   ">1 '<���   >
- "M
.(...,    j,        ..    .j  ,',,.!/���
..-w.,r.^~.  *t   .-,
��� '     t      -v f    ,   - ,
.V"     .     it'   <���-/
��� ��� '- .
*��� "*���   /
��� V"i-*:THE KOOTENAY MAIL -���
* "V ."?
-,     ('The 'Law fence-T:""ume';Block,,.being
��� completed on  ilcKeri'/ie  Avenue  foi
thefLawience llaidwaro ^omp'any, is
, having the'finishing touches  put ou
*to it, and when completed  will ,make
*onef of [""the most hiinds'ome  h.udwaie
-stores in the uitenoi. ,- It has a fiont-
age to JIcKen/ieofrOO'l't. .ind'a depth'
of 100 ft    It .is  built/" o 1. sub-tantial
stone" _ foundation,, with,, bnckwoik
, supeistiuctuie,' /.ind*cis'  t\\ o-stoi cy*
-high.The celf.u'is full si/e of building.'
The whole of the giound llooi will'be
used iii'conneotion with the company's
business, and,the iipp<*f floor (with the
1 -exception of'the'tinning room, which
30ft by 40ft, hall "'with alcove One
iow of bediooms isi lighted by cupula
lights fiom the ioof The uppei flooi
dining looin is connected with a dumb
w.utei fiom the knchen. Th>* bediooms aie well and cotnfoit.ibly'furnished, and theie is bathioom fitted up
111 t.*e best m.inner.s The' kitchen is
supplied with a i.uigc Kift'Iong with
thiee ovens a bioilei, and a 92;U.ilIon
wafer heutei; impioved "dishwashing
airangemenis aie also fitted up The
building is heated by a fin mice located
111 the ccllai.'i The* sewage of the
building is conveyed to a septic tink.
JMessis.  McKao and   13aibi5i,'of  Van
s       ��&��>&��� "-"-   ,' t^��l>     I  ,^"^'.,   "���'   ".   "..'i-X&s'*,''..*
" Snsf ���\\-]-.i:n*k""**-">'Vioi""/i* : "" '
Mi. Foote has also finished a fine
house for Mi. Andeison of the Empire
Liinibe'i Company. The building' is
located on the new subdivisioirof the
smeltei townsite, and'is'.,28ft =qtiaie,
two 'stoiejs in- height." A veiandah
runs lound two sides .ind_the_lkjtchc.ii.
and is Sft wide, supported by**hcavy
posts. The looms include1 leception
hall. 10.by lift, parlorU3 by Lift,
dining 100m II by 10ft, kitchren 14 by
ISft, pantiy S hy 30ft.   On the upper
Hf                **" ^?9-HfllSfiffSfPW8
If   -    .    wBaBBsSSsm
tlil!":/ r'~WBNm$m
ffiufflflfflMflW���^ *   vlifflliSffifflRlffFflf
9h> '-M^\ ���"JHHiml1
a J. Wilkes
Licensed Auctioneer for City
r        of Revelstoke.       ,,
W. A. McDonald
REVELSTOKE ���     '   Q
The only fust-class plasterer in town.
Let mc kno\\\your lequiienients.    A
Caiload of Lime justimpoiled. A Carload of Buck nuclei oidei.
'J . AV
(\ "'    ,E.-0. FROMEY,  '
Contractor for lIa=onrj and Brickwork ol
Liivvrcuce-Huwo Block 	
���   will be 25ft by n0ft''and the w.ueioom
of  simil.u   sue)  is  being subdivided
. into suites of oflices  and 100ms, most'.
of which have been* let! 'The building
'will   be   heated -liv'/Jiot w.itei.-s The
comp.my;'whicli'takes ovei   the taul-
vvare "stocks- ofAYf.fM rLawienco and
C.;B    Hume ancl ^Co'^Linntid,  will
-occupy its new,,pi'ennses"riie\t month.
The building is of handsome  design,
the aichitect 'bein}; "W\'I"- IXilton^ of
Vancouvei, andiit he^ "contiVct  was' let
-to W  A  Foote',-who has c.11 lied it out
splendidly"    The masohiy ancPs'tone-
work was sublet to' C* E   F*omey,-vvlio
m/M&is-, iv w
mif^p- -��'t'"'I
* v   ^y& toe?
sw^j ��*>->i-'-'-1s*r'iiasBissi
**   ^^llf^r-sSR
-'-    '''''f'if
j -.    - t~M
corner,  weie the   contiactois for* the
building, j ���. ,
Mil rLIN"Dr's house.
Mr .ind' Mis G. S. Flindt moved
t]ns%w,eek into their, handsome new
house? oil Me Ken/ie i- Avenue Tliisis
pibb.ibly the be-t finished house iu"the
city It eoveis .u ground space of 24
by 36ft. The chawing 100m is 12ft by
13ft,   cl ning ,100m.  13   by   14ft. .and
Lilt, cl ning ,100111. 13 by 14tt. .and
kitchen" 12 by'14ft', hall S by'12ft
Upst.iiis one bcdioom is 12 by 14ft,
another 14ft squaie, vdiessing 100m 10
byT2ft, and bathioom S by 10ft The
dialing looni'is  unique, beautifully
"I     ",      ' (,*     n   j   ,J. J   .       . .,   .   .-.  . . r-
"featdent Lawrence ll.irdvwire Comp.in>
llooi aie foui bediooms of fan overage
si/e oft10 by 12ft. 'and .1 bathroom 10
by 8ft.'<s The.attic will piovide anothei
thiee 100ms if lequired
qtji:ex's nornr.. ,-
��� This h'otel has been consideiably^
enlaiged bv J. H; Robinson, 'the pro-
pi letni Jt-now ha�� 4G ' bediooms. a
viell-fit'tcci up bai, ladies' and gentlemen's pailois, "bilhaid 100111, sitting
100111, lav'.ilones and alLconveniences
Thev.ncw building piescnts a ^fine
fi outage to'Second stieet and Oiton
avenue. The'alteiations and additi6nSi
weie'made bv E.'E. Adair. '    ��'
n.n. roon.'s House.   '
" r , r
Alb Foote has suited a handsome,
two'stoiey house, which he will ijuild
on the lots he puichased 'fiom the
Smeltei Townsite Company on Si\"th
stieet The bin ding .will "be 24 ftby
30ft, two stoieys -and handsomely
finished, the aichitectuie being^quite
difleient fiom anvtliing vet built-in,
the city'   .       "'���'*','.'   '"���,'��� ��'',*",
Corporation of the City ofBevelstoke
Tlio followingaioqnnliftcd to be cnteieil on
tho Votois'List foi the election of Jlnjoi and
Aldoi men -n       . ,   .
Anvinalc 01 female, beniK a linlish subioct,
o�� tlio full use of 21 \ cai s and w ho is  ,
1 ���Tlioownoi-! of ical estate 111 the City of
the ns-essed vnlnq of not less tliim'one bundled
dollars - - >���  >       ..
2.���The lesidpnl auUioiued lepiosentalivo of
an ineoipointed('oinpiin\,v\hioli it tho assessed
ownci of lands 01 lmpioveiueiiLs in the
municipality    . '
3���llieholdoi of a tiade license, the annual
fee. of vilncli is not less ihiin $0 00 * '
1���A. housc'ioldei (pvying a jcaily leuliil of
not less than SM) 00) u ho has paid all municipal
lates.'Uvcs, etc, (which aie not ch.ugcablo
on lauds).      ' , ,
Hoiisolioldeis and luide licence holdeis, befoie being placed on the Voters'Libt. musl,
dining the month of Bccembci. make and
deliv ci toiheC'ity oleik Uioneccswuj statuloij
decliiiatioiis.foinisotwiiichc.nl be obtained
at tlie Citj Hall
Resident, propcitvi owners bavins piopcit-
111 more than one W'.ud must be placed on the
list 111 the Waul 111 winch thoj lesule
Xon-residcnt pioponi ownci s linving pi op
oitj 111 moie than one Wind must bo placed on
lheliit'in the Wind 111   which  thej   liavo the
lnf-Ucstr assessment
l'ho list will close J.uiuai 1 "ith l-Klj  .
H. l-'LOYIl.
City Cleik.
They're happy in,' the 'lei ten en ,',
'Since Bovrii'came to stay,'
' '  ��� !      -'
The���chef and'his assistants   ''it
f , r ' t f-
e  learned'tKe'Bovril way.
V ' '
king Soups and'Sauces��� -
cious Bouillon, too ;V
-..I , '1     ���
why the work is easy,'
they're so quickly through
/' j
U'      ���!
useful and convenient  assistant to'the^f-
.    .spoken   preparing'rich   ancl, cleliciously .flavoul���ed,  t
' (Soups, gravies,' entrees.etc.   One teaspoonful to-a pint    f-
,of soup produces.ajriaQ/elJous improvement in flavor    .*
strength and appfearance""- ,      ���- f '    , '' ' t
-'' p.      ''   ' " -   * ^ - "* ��� "      r
d ,   -
made a fust class job ot it, and it is to
���the ciedit ot the' m^ that it has contiactois who can c.uiv out a building
of thi-i kind with such excellence of
II. J. H V.VULIJV -s   KESI VURAM.      i
The new iestan..int opened by \L J.
Hanbury _oii, Kn-t stieet is .1 fine_
building,"with ,i""fiont.ige*bf 30ft and .1
depth of lOOfl It is _t��o stoieys in
height, with cell.11 lull si/c of building
-On the ^giound llooi aieofhccs mid
lunch countei and dining 100111
occupying a llooi space 30ft bj 40ft,
and there is an excellent washing
room supplied with hot and cold water
Architect  Lawrence Hume Block
G S. Flunk's Residence
finished and lighted by concealed
���-lectiic lamps behind a cm ved cornice.
It has a bay window, alcove, and open
fneplacc with beautiful legisteied
grate. A fine piece of woik is a side-
boaid built in the wall of the dining
100m The kitchen is finished, with
dado of burlap and has ventilator.
The hall looks well with thc heavy
newels on the staircase The bediooms
nie all fitted with cupboaids and
clothes pi esses The work on the
doois is very su pei ioi being made
with hidden tenons The tloois aie
finished in w.i-v     The ccl'ai 11 12ft bv
1" -. v
A i.  * ��  I-s
Results of Entrance Examina-
��� tions. ,
VIK.NO>"  Ci'M'l-n.
Total numbei candidates, 10, passed
Veinon���X.imbei of candidates, 3,
p.is��ed, 2, Gerald R Latunei, 603, Ida
ill  Pound, 504
Kuini. schoois.
Commonage���Xiimbci of candidates
1, passed  0.
' Mara���Xumbei    of    c, ndidates. 1,
passed 1, Mildied *E Ruttan, 571.
OkimagHii    Landing������N'umbet     of
candidates 4, pa=sed 1, Daisy   .'inlay
son, 61G ���;
Private Stud-,���Xumbar of candidates, 1, passed, 0.
KVMI.OOl'S cemeb.       ,
Total number candidates. 7, <��� passed
9 -   .
Kamloops���Number candidates, 5,
passed 1; William F. Sh.Uv, 00S
KI71-.U.   SCHOOL. ->        '
Salmon Arm. west���Number of candidates. 1, passed, 1  Vietta Kew, 554.
Private stud}���Number candidates,
2, passed, 0.
HL\ LI.S I OKI: , CEN J'Elt.
Total number of candidates, 3 passed, 1.
Kevclstoke���Numbei of candidates,
1; passed, 1, Winnie McRury, GH8.
S'lmon Aim���Number of candidates, 2; passed, 0.
T  K  I; 'IAYI.OH,
Seen Inrj, fjiiwriiiien li irdwnro Co
CoiMridfir for l.'iwrciice H111110 lilock fi   -s
riudtsnnd  \. Vudpr-on . R,,.]j, i1Cp.
Foui piivnte lunc.i lead oil the* dimiisr
100111. lielimd is the kitchen -"Oft by
40fL, and behind that iilmiii thi'
Iiumdiy ,'lOft b\ 20it. 'flu lamilv
looms 1110 on the west side. 1/pstnirs
aire nino bediooius, huge dining'room
lit The buil ling leflccls the gie.itest
cuditon the contr.ictoi, W A Foote.
'Ihe plumbing woik* w.is splendidly
dcine by Miwciop Mios The house i\
sileiini heated thmuirhont, and is in
eveiy way an idciil home W. T
Daltou, of Vimcoiiver, was tjie architect.
' The C P R. intend putting in their
own electric light plant and an 80
light machine has been orclcicd foi
the Revelstoke shops.
It is undeistood the trouble between
the C P. R l.iilway opeiutois and the
company was faettled by the men's
demand of an increase to a minimum
of 175 pei month being conceded.
The C. P. R. will spend nn immense
sum in impiovements at Foit William.
E C. Loss, of New Voik, has purchased the lntcicst of the promoteis
of the Nicola railway and will take in
hand the construction of the woik
provided begets what concessions he
rcu.11 ucs fiom the province
The C. P. R. has called for tenders
for the rock work incident to thecicn-
tion of a serond tiack between Foit
William and Winnipeg.
BiSKbp Bethiirie College
,1 - *
Adopts'the New Scale Williams
-,������''     f   " Piano.
, ,The most severe test to which any
piano can be subjected, is in the educational institutions , Brought under lhe"
direct notice of eminent 1u11s.1c1.111s, in
daily, use tfor hours, practised upon by
the novice as well as the finished performer, a piano must be flawless and
faultless to stand the hard service.
The following letter proves in what
esteem the New Scale Williams is held
m one of Canada's leading colleges :
Conducted under the supervision and direction
01 bisters oi St  John the Divine, Osliaws, Out
- Oslnwa, June 9, 190s
I'lie Willi-ims Piano Co , Limited, >
Oeiitleineii,���W'e may si} thatjwc are mon
than ple.isui eveivdaj with your New Scale
Willi mis I'i 1110 We find the sjnipithetic suig-
mer tone and1 excellent weiinig qualities make
llicin especially desii.ihle for oui institution
IVe Imc si\ 111 use heie now, and wc aie so well
p'e.iscd with tliem tlnl we would like >ou to
send us .111 iddiliunil one for use at our closing on June 21st    \0111s \erv trul>,
Sisii ks 01  Si   Jomn -mis Divine.
The Bishop Ikthiine College is but one
of many wliKhi-liris adopted the New
Scale Williams 111 piefeience to all other
pianos. The fact that piofessors of music, concert artists and singers praise
and recommend the New Scale Williams,
shows the foremost position whicli this
piano holds in the musical world.
For aitistic elegance, scientific precision, perfection of coiistiiiciion, dura
hilitv, and rich, sweet, singing tone, the
New' .Scale Williams is unequalled iu
Canada to day '    '
'1 be Williams Piano Co , of Oshawa,
publish three booklets on the bistorj and
con stru c-
tioii of
w h i c h
should be
read by all
contemplating the purchase of a
piano. They
are sent
free on request, o r
can be obtained from the local yiireroa"**.
Sole local agents, Lewis Hros , llov-
elsloke, B. C.
Liquid Refreshments
, *        . '      ���* ll ... f ,* W I ���
I    I "      , ,       ��������������� ( ,-.} r      ^ '    ,
'   - A call-on the-Revelstoke Wine and'Spirit Goi-if-"-
pany will convince the  most ,sceptical that an assort
ment of our choice Wines,-Liquors ancl'CjgarsJs'jiec- -'
essaiy  to  complete 'the .requirements for the,festive
season.    "        " , , , . <     ,'
1        '   ' '       PROMPT "DELIVERY,   '        ' ' '���    "
���V      "" ���     v- ^  ,V.  ,,.,.D;r ; -   .
-Revelstoke Wine.and Spirit Company Limited
���'   ' '     'I CAMPBELL AVENUE i   '   , , ���      *
Our New Goods are here
-   And weiare leady for the tiade.    Everything 111 connection with
,-��� this house is fiist clas1-. ,    Om selection of Woollens is the best   t
' - --, We cut evety gaiment.with a peifect style and fit, aud the .work-
,, m.mship gives it a beautiful finish, a joy to thetciistomer. .   ���_ .
Or. A.. SGOTT,
���        r      ���     UNION   MADE
k Co
Wonv vour=elf .'    When  we
aie heie,to  worry ourselves
for vou.  '
Why do you
How can you
��� a,   foi you at a minimum 0
Stop in the midst of voui
butinesVto tigure out vour
advertising w hen we
foi you at a minimum of con and a m".i\imum of gain
u"e .'tie piep.ued, at a moderate fee, to attend to all vour acheiUsing 101
you and give it the caieful attention we would our own.
P O. Bos-
'Phoue 12
Ta vim-
Seveial men have recently lesumed
working in the Stemwindei, at Faii-
view, and indications ate of such
a nature that a large foicc w'ill be put
on as soon as Jfr. Kussell letmns.
The Jfoining fetai development is so
encournging that a full force w'ill be
kept on during the winter.
I ins iil.n-.me iu iutoiniiug Ills customers tint he Ji i. no v   opeu.-l   Ills
McKENZIE AVE., (Next Imperial Bank)
'IhlHStoiu Is Kitted in 1111 Up to Di-e 111 imur with Kivturc in 1 aluiv-ii-.1-
of thu niostn|i|iiov<.il (l'."sii,'n    Our rfoa Is lire well -.ciicto I an I  ue-invito
iiispuellnn.     (Jut  ClasJ,  Gold He 1 lull   Ciiie-    C.old Mj'inte* {   Umi'j.-o-IIi*
A   Hiileiidiil   lane  of   H.-ajuli-U.   silver  -ct-,   G'.iriinif  oel-,  Ki-li  dels.
Keinuinhci the lie���I pl.iec to -elect
' Choice
Christmas Gift
lb   AI.LUMS   N'PrW   JKUKI.KY   ~IOI"E
Another Carload of Furnituie just arrived.   Carpets, Linoleum*:.
Oilcloths, etc.    Sewing Machines, Ileint^man Pianos.
^"       ,   r.   l 4s
C, '
I  ' .       "*���
-.       .1*1
*���' v
'      "        n
'     '   I   i    '
dP  s-
/���*      - cjt _       '-"��m f *���_
-&$<<   i f        i ��� ��� -
- Its-Settlement and Resources.
'  Vi*   ','    -
"     '<I(J Al'l'IXCIAKTII 11KOS.
are instances of Canadians  returning
'home.    They we're  formerly 'farming'
ilia Saskatchewan,  and left  there/for
, Montana,< wbeie they went in for
breeding sheep. But the smaller men
are becoming crowded*. o'ut 'there as
every where lel=e in the States,/and
Messis. 'Applegiu'th', feeling''dissatisfied .with the outlook" and ,dry season
experienced, decided 'on 'returning to
' Canada. ' They,lealiscd their interests
in Montana," ancl' Jound-fa * hVme in
British' , Columbia,' purchasing.'   last
" summer' the Macalla' raiich at junction of White Valley and. Mill  roads.
'   . The .property consists of   6-10 acres,
f of which 170 nciesfwcre.in .wheat aiid
, oats last season, and between 'live and
'six tons of potatoes raised. l A good
'.'portion of the property is bunch-grass
.-range. Messrs. Applegarth_ brought
their li'orses from Montana with them.
They intend laising cattle and   hogs,
- having - thirtyr of the latter to stmt
with.' -The principal building oii the
farm is the stable, which is 30x48 ft. -f.
1 iz. ii. wood . ��� '
,, is one of the- pioneer settlers .of th'e
valley. He solcl-'to Mr.-Gillespie the
ranch/which he took up two yenis'ago
and has still 1000 acies of land left
and it is one of.the best sections to be
found anywheie; 400" acres 'is lich
bottom land, 150 acres are cleared
and cropped with wheat and oats, the
.Red Fife variety of'wheat being grown.
Mr. Wood does not find wheat to pay
' however. Ten horses, and some pigs
and poultry aie- kept on the farm,
which would make one of* the best
daily"lunches in the province. Mr
Wood was one of the pioneeis of old
'      .John I'lin.r.u's ���
lias a farm of' GS0 acies fronting the
Coldstieam road. " "Of this area 480
acres consists ��� of excellent bottom
land and the .lest, is- lange. Last
season 150 acies was -cropped vvith
wheat and 50 acres oats. Only
^suflieient potatoes-are -grown for use
of ranch, this cio'p,being largely used
for feeding hogs, about ,40 of which
are kept. - The bieed kept is Poland
China. ' Draught, horses arc raised foi
market, Clydesdales being -the bleed
adoptetl. " "      **
,  LilT.AKU ItAXClI, ,<      '���   -
the prop'eitj- of 11. Gillespie,' is the
scene of an extensive youn? orchard.
' The situation, a sloping hillside facing the sun, and "backed by* a-high
mountain, would appear to bean ideal
site for an oichaid and the lesultof
Mr. Gillespie's woik in this direction
will be watched with* inteiest. The
piooerty consi-ts of 320 acres. > SU
acies have- been planted with fiuit
tiees and 120 ncics aie used for
cioppii.g. Tin- ei op has avciagcd 100
tonsofwhe.it ninl the balance oats
and b.ulev, but Mr Gillespie intends
going moie into b.ulev and oats, and,
expects to use himself most of the
giaii. pioduted'on the farm, as he
intends going e.vtensively m foi hogs
and pouUiv." At piesent 50 hogs and j
about 20 cows hip kept. j
Mi Gillespie takes a gieat inteiest j
in dan v ing and is piosident ofi-the,
White Valley Cieamery Association, j
organised with a capital of .f-1000 to >
establish a cieanieiy at Lumby. The j
macbineiy foi this cieamery was |
ordered la'st fall Mr. Gillespie ha* j
also two othei l.inches as Lumby, one !
of 110 acres, and the other of IIS '
acies. neaily all rich meadow "and
which will make ideal dairy farms.       \
The fiuit tiees planted out include [
apples, plums, peats and a few cherries. ���
The varieties of apples selected are ]
.Voithem Spy, Ben Dai.is, Baldwin,'
Mcintosh Ked, Wagner, York Im- ���
peri.il and Wealthy. The plums j
planted out aie tie Sugar L'rune. j
Pond's .Seedling and Enelish Damson
There are 100 jf-ears of Bartlett and |
Flemish Beauty vai icti.-s [
For hi- dany heid Mr. Gillespie ha- j
selected Jersey.s, and  hi-   imported   a!
pure Jeisey bull bied by .1    S  Smith. |
ot"   Chilliwack    and    four     half-hied ,
.Ter-ey cows, getting rid   of   his   ranu'i-
Cuttle.     Mr   (lllle-pie believes Ul   high '
grade -toek   and   took   lli-t   invaitlii:
ew ry entrv in which he   ccnipeti d   at :
tie-Ian.    ' Fifty   ahi-'-p   an1   kept   irnl|
im. o'l th>  ii.'i'iut nu -idt  in   mil mi i\
ot th.   Inn,.i -li ul,  tin.-   It --' nmg   tin
daiieer nl 1 is- liuni i .i> o'( - j
'I he bui'ilni-,'- Ol, tin-    firm     lie
���< c' Kelowna'Parties,Buy,J: M. Rutland's Ranch
,   ,    r - ' * ��� i "��� ,  * i ��� I       V-*      '   ���   ;
, An important tiansaction was ettected last week nt Kelowna by which
���Messis S. L.'Long, ^S./r. Elliott', H. C. Stillinglleet, K. Morrison and D. \V.
Sutherland bought (M0 acres of 'J. M. Ruthland's ranc'i with af .view to subdividing it'for settlement. Mr. Rutland came over irom Australia to select a
suitable location to go in for fruit-growing, to whicli he had been accustomed,
and'aftcr travelling' over California, en-tern States and   eastern   Canada, 'and
�� J* 1 ' 1 L ( f I
all over B. C. deeidecV'on thcpuichase of, this piopeity as .the be-st he could
Iind. The propei ty is about seven miles fi om Kelowna. He- had intended
siibdiv.ding.it and ie-erving a puition.bf about 200 acres for fruit-growing'for
himself.' He put in'a first-class inigntion ditch at large e.\p< l-ee'and has
effected gieat iiupioveinents on the pidperty since taking it up.
11 in-.
! tl
a    niceh
��� and bun,
,'   by :'.<) It
i ir li men
���   i li,i..d lie
two \i ns and
ol  thi- se.-tion
1,1-     I lie       finest
plau   to llV   III
eel Ii nt,   Ma
ill l.lll'JC il   nu
is a in,,  la.'.'! i.g l!D it
wide.     M.    tiilli -pie
of bottom ,<inil  ni't y
has In ��� n -i l tlnl   lu r>
thinks   ino-t   highlj
which    In*   dccliur-
cliin ite and is iln  hi --t
a'l Canada.
Chamberlain's Cough   Remedy
the Best Made.
"fn mj opinion Cliamhei Iain's
Cough Itemed} is the beot, made for
colds,"" fays Mis. Ooi.i Walker of
Portcrville, Oilifoinia. Them is no
doubt ,'iiiout it- being the best. No
other will cine a cold so quickly. No
other is so suit a pirventive of pneumonia. So other is so plf-'i-'ant and
safe to take. These arc good reasons
why it should be prcfoncd to any
other. The fact is that few people
are satisfied wilh any other after having once used this remedy. For sale
by all diuggists.
.."' '     '    11 i.'sion Creek. ' '      "     d
t \
ft ..
A*    .... J
���r l
i il "V '
- 1 ���'
Cl.-**       ' ^
' V   ���'
���* ,-..?*
r-t-" '<::"yvv
'''   ,""   '-"v--'"f.( ���">>*���
, vr ,.    j ,, y..r.i��,
.            -..       "."..V-.VfTl.r-'j'rJ
���\-itX''.'�����!��� //'it.
-' '' *ff_'i^.'i'j'-gag8
"17- -"
JSff^rV^R >!MaH
aBM&&rj .-> >lsy��H
Cl'TTING in i: ON ���). M. UL*TL\ND.S  RANCH
XW-. sS\iwA '��� ��� - -���*��� -
RYi; CKfif'   I   M   Rl' ' LVNJ/S I: iNCIf
��� i
�� Si
Halcyon Hoi Springs
.   *Jlahh'avium.'
JL'1 cyo'ri'ai'e'the most curative' in'the
world. ' A'perfect, natuiari'emedy1 for
all,,,Nervous-fund Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney land Stomach .ailments
and Metallic IJoisoniiip,.- A.sureicure
U>r '/That'Tired-Feeling." .Special
rates "on f all boats 'and'trains., Two
mails 'arrive and depart every day.
Tel'egrapH "communication with fall
parts,of the' world.', An'' experienced
uia'ssanger". '   '''  '     '   ���' ".,        ,'
Halcyon Hot Springs
c ,    '<*    LArroto ILaKc B. C
.\ |\"I i R -( l-.Vi;   I   M   R"  iL\M>.-  RWUI
foxll'l.l      I'ell       -eiil'IK'd       lo 'I,
mil I (lei ol .1 eol.,11 f| hi m< iu at I'll' '��� I1 ^
will lie ' V ' llt' 'I it I." null o;is on f il
7ii00 people in thieitcuid with
famine in  lrel.tr il
John Cm lie. an old icsident ol
Winni/icg, was buiiied tn df ith in Iih
liomo. which caught hie hum a lamp
N'l/li' ni (\.iy
Ring up Tel. No. 27
Stand at Uni on Hotel.
J. M. McCallum.
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail Dealer In-s. r^m777?^>-    , .   .
'/  ' .      BEEP,   PORK,
fi Fish and Game in Season.
All'orders pi omptly filled.
DCl/CI QTHVl     Q     H'     Corner ���  Boiisrla
ntVtLOlUIVL,    D.   U.,   andKmK-Stiecu
" Slater-Goodyear Comfort'
, ' ������   'i     r  =   i.     .... /  i JllK.
I '       * .
No tacts, threap   ,.
stitches, lumps;
hollows   nof
,Lumber of all kinds at reasonable
pi ices,-, Prompt delivery guaranteed.
Leave orders'tit Lawi ence's U.u dwai e
Store.        '..    ,.,,..        - '
���������   F. JULIAN,
32te        ���"    Greely Creek:Lu'nib('r Mill
roughness - under
the foot shod by a
Slater Goodyear Welted Shoe*
, Strong insole, even, stitching,
'wear, "shape-retention, corns?
fort,-^all  assiired^ when  you
wear the Slater Shoe, because-'
d'        i        '   ,', .  -.1   > '<���
it   is   exclusively   made   by
Goodyear process.       "";/
; i
' I
/ -a
Comfortable Living
WITH   A <>
Poultiy i.-iising- with a Chatham
Incubator is n very profitable" ami
easily managed occupation. Unless
you want to yo into it extensively it
need lake but very Iiltle ol your nine.
Goveiiiiiienl lepoils sluw that liie
demand lor chickens in Canada is
greatly in e\cess ol tlie'supph and
Great Biilain is always clainoiim;
for more. That means 'a steady
maikel and i^ood puces lor cluckens.
Vou cannot i.use i Ineki-ns 1,11. cess-
fullj' with a selling hen. She is wast-
in-ij1 lime seltmif wlien she shoulii be
Ii-uilt. While si e is li.-ili.hinn and
bi.iodmcra lew ihiekens she could be
la\ !!!!<��� fixe or six do/on ejjfi-s. The
pei eentaife ol" chickens slie hatches is
much less than that pioduced by the
Chatham rmubnlor.        ' -
' It will pay i on to own a Chatham
Chatham Iiuubalors contain every
improvement of impoitance in Incubator coiisti uclion that lias been produced. Thoy aie made ol tlioioutfhly
seasoned wood.'wilh two walls, case
within case. Between these walls
.mineral wool is packed foi miiiif tlie
\ery best insulation. ,Mach pici.e of"
tlie case is moi Used and ifiooved and
sciewed, making' the whole as solid
is a lock. Chatham Ineuhatois .lie
equipped with scientifically pei foci
regulators winch .ire ,111 infallible
means or'rc-^uUlimc the tenipeialuie.
hg cas
Wo will st.ul you .,using- poult���}'
for profit wilh a Chatham Incuh.itoi
ivilhout one cent ol money fi oin you
mill! nexL I'all. Thai means tii.it you
can take off seven or eight hatches
and make i-onsidei.ible money out ol
tli." Incuhaloi beloi e the first pa) nient
l)i-( nines due.
We couldn't make this oiler if wo
ni-ii- not ceil.i.ii i.i it if jo.i aoi'epl il
yon will get (oinpli-U* saiisl.-iclion, il
we wen* not positive that the Ch.ilh.irn
I in-' uri   . ill   pay you a. haiiilsDine
\ * .11 I)   UK OI1H'.
Ilnsis.isli ughlfoi w.ud offer. We
m ll'i- it In show our ��� ipreine (.onli-
d-in ,-in tlie ( li.iih.nn Im ui iior. We
v. ml y,hi lo aei epi this tiller as v.e
.ii. sin, uf the sale f.u'ion mil liu.ll-
li .1 ir will give. I-Aerv in.ii luii^* we
Ji tve put out s.> I,ii Ills n, nli- olhei
>> -I -s in Hie s line iieighb-ii innul.
Our (ijfi'f in In sptiii i/oii a Chrithitni
(ncubrttor nt once, frriyht [irrpaiil by
tin without one cut afciitih fiom you.
You malt* i/our first payment in
October, tD0ri flio balance to lie paid
In October, 1000, or if a Cash Hut/er
t)ou (jet it chutpcr. Could tiny offer
bu fairer or mora rjrncroua ?
*tMITI!  Mil., (INT . .".'.  'IliU r  ,  ��ti,  1' M
Tli" Ivul -i' fell 'r.l.niiii I I..11 1,1 f, p,i)>, ir
af-n'   ". 'II' '   I *' ,1, r ,w 1. |.,V l'     ,'. !     ....   lint
im. ;,!��� if y �����. vi ii . \r. it . v .|i.   ....    I i in \ i,
,. i li | miM *|.|, i    ., |,��� iM' r in I  I ." I."   in I
����� . 11 t..' I'   a-I"   \i. i'i ,n   I .'-,���. ��� 1   -I  hi I   It -
f  ,,'rt, in-irr, thu. ti . I, ,iil,�� ,r ., .1 I r<    I i '".1 i��
'.'.i in r*,j.i, it, Iv
VII -4   V,    II \ SI 01'
Wnle ns Id-rlay lor full paiticulars
df our offer and mention Ihis paper.
Don't put it aside for another lime .is
this special pioposition may he withdrawn at any time.
Dcpt226cinithnm, Ont.
M\M r-U rlrr.KK-1 Of
ChAlhrun running   M'll. nii'l  (liitluiin Pom fv-nlr-s
ni-inuiiiniNri wtKHioirsF-i at
Mnn'riitl, Otic , llr.n.Ion  VI in . Ciliary Altn
Now Wmlmlintr-r. II11, Ilallfi-c, N S.
Kvr-riniM at
Ctlttlmtn, Ont. nn.t [J.-lrolt, Wlcb 12
For Men
'/  $5.00 '
For Women
,   ,^1
;\   1
l    -  ���
O, B. HUME &,06.,' Agents, Revelstoke,*'
, o
'ably furnished with the choicest the ni'firket    '      ""   *
affords. -Best   Wines,1 Liquors, Jk' Cigars..
_ Rates $i a day..    Monthly.rate.     .( *r,    .,,'._.
ALBERT      STO��T��!,     JPttOtt
"4.'   ;.1
��� The'commercial development of the Marconi ^
" system has reached a st'aoe of perfectirin never
before attained by any similar invention within a '
similar period of time. When the Marconi System
gets into full working order thc price of its stock
will run up rapidly, perhaps into thc thousands,
as did  the stock .of the'Edison Eleciiic   Liofht,
which sold at $4,000 less than a*} ear after it was
offered ,u $100. Think of^Bell Telephone Shares
paid $260,000 in dividends on every $100 share.
Stock is still     di K ��ha>p
.' selling- at S>0 P6^ .snare.
P.O. Box 386
Send your ordeis for Marconi Wireless stock to
163 Cordova St.,
Vancouver, B.C.
Solu Itopicscntiitivc of IL. (i. l*ol)in&nn of thu JM.uconi Wiiclcs1-
.ind Miniioo and Mnnioo.
We will ship Fresh Dairy Butler in Tubs or
Bricks   for
And Prepay Freight on loolb orders.
Cash must be sent with orders.
)-f-'" -,'"id
. ���*
-.'��W .:.!..*,.
V- vi


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