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The Kootenay Mail Sep 23, 1905

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l' l
Bews' Drugstore
���DISPENSING. =���'���'
ff~. :��� >
Use Parisian    ���
The kind put up by BEWS.
Vol. 12:���No.. 25
$2.00 Per Year
!:��� ���'���
LIMITED.   ,     .
Visits   B.
Cm and
'';l ���
'���:'% ���
4    *
Messrs. C. B. Hume & Co.
announce their -���.,���'   *  -
1      ** <    , <r'
"":.   -..     MILLINERY, ..  "  *-
..      OPENING '   1\
f -       J��"       j
*\ r -*   - ' , j . '
rfor' Thursday,. Sept.l28th,..
! 1905,, afternoon and even-
,-ing. ���/ -.Miss \ Harte _. will
welcome all the Ladies. * - '
; RHt TMUH. SI IA lip 11 ,\ USS V,
'  -"  Pro".i(](..|it'orC. I'. li..     ".   '
C. B, Hume & Co. Ltd,
Sic Tlinmns christened thu 'new
lotelffho (J. I'.-It.nre''Imilding 'ut
VictoiiiifciilMne it/the Empress.-
Sir/fhomus Sliiiiiglincssy unii piuty
rriyod at Vancouver .Sunday and left
for   Victoria'.-      The > president1* says
large extensions will* ho  ninde in'the
Similkamcon with-the  object  of connecting with Midway.     The  0.  P. R.
expects  tn  inn   trains into  Spokane
next yeai'on"the  triiHic jirrangcinent
with D. C. Corbin.     I Ic says he never
iieiiid'of the proposed purchase "of the
Bellinghn'ni Bay line into, Seattle, and
knows nothing .about   the, Winnipeg
report- of the ofl'cr  of  !)i76,00O,OOO for
lands in .the Northwest. -
- v-
Talks   of Telegraphs, Fairs. Fruii Grow
��� ing. River Protection and'
Telephones. ���<���'
An iiiipoi-lnnt meeting of Hie llonn
of Trade wus held lust, evening. ' The
first, mutter ivns the locution of f.lic'O.
P. H, uoniini'i'ciiil le.lpgniph ollice in
the hnsiiio-is e.enl.i-o. It. wus 'pointed
ont there imim'uo iooiii in tho new
.sinl.ir.il fur l.hi.s biiHinos.s, .'ind us the
(���.li.-iiigc'ivoi'ilil have lo ho made, now
wus flic Lime lo urge it.,     |
It. wus .sliited Ali*. Kumiiii, malinger
of the- Frank /ino sini'llei",'iind I icon
in the ,oit,y mill ��� imiclo sirnuigoiiieiils
for I lie piiiohuse of zinc, ores and prop,
eriieh uiid .would assist, prn.spect.nrs
lin-inciully in Iho dovojopiiionl of
pinhiilile shippers of/.ino iires. 1
1 Tlie matter of oiiciniriigiiig t.lie frnil.
growing industry'was discussed and ll.
wiw li'iideistooil 1.1,0.'Iliuiid should dike
Mid matter up. . ���
Organising   u   fair ,' for ��� Hovels.okq
next yenr ivus iiIho considered.
IL1 wus decided tousle   (lie   Express
Company  tn,huvc  their  olliees-connected with llio city Iclephonosystcni,
The-necessity of  a. machine shop
and foundry for,tho city wus mentioned in view of the number  of, mills  in
the vicinity, nnd 'the .inconvenience
resulting from having tn send   out for
castings and repairs.     Tiro Hoard will
take stops  to secure  t.lie   election of
such fi shop in Uevelstoke.   **- , ���"
It was stated t.ho river hunk had
caved in so much below the maltruss
woik as to provc-a menace to theLcit.y,
and Messrs. Floyd, McRae, Brown,
McCarter and'L'e'vvis were appointed a
committee to wait on - the dominion
engineer and urge the speedy construction'of the groin to divert' the
river to tho new -ilmnncl.
Formed to Start   Iron Works
and Build Stump Burners. ���-
The Adair Manufacturing (".onip.iny
bus-been orgiiuitod   will)   a  capital ill'
iji7.r-,00() to eieci, iroii wnik.s  in, h'eiol-
stOke   iui'-'    nmniifacLuii)   the   palonl.
Adair Sluiii-i IJurner.'     This   ."-lump
hiiincr is iin'w   tho   s ibjee.t, ,(if   piilt)���������
te.st.s in l.'evols'loke and in'ucli iiitei-.-si,
has been ovinced iu it,.   Tho up'p ,ral ik
woik" well and is-likely lo' he   u gie.-il,'
aid in lhe  clearing   of   liiml,  ihe-'iibs
much icdii 'iug  the   cikL, us one mun
can at lend In I.'i of Lhesn burner-., nnd
a burner will   cliiur   out,   an   .*ivenii*i.
st ii in p ii day. .. i
_ The biiiiiers ii ro lilted with (up mill
side (liufl, nnd l,y ineuns-ol" Ihe-iop
lira ft (be'beiil, eiin ho thrown inlo the
roots which are ���velljiiirned oui.. due
of I be iniicliines now being tested bus
biiriicd mil (i'i slumps.
Tho coilipuny will , csL.-ihlish u
fiiundry mid i14in work'-., uud uiuli-r-
In l-o r I lit* niuiiiifucture of ui.-light
heaiois us well us liurn'ers. '   '
1 "Improvements will be made in 'Lhe
method of niauufiicliii-oTif-Llie burners
for which there promises lo he u big
demand as thoy wiirievolutiniiise llio
clearing of Limbered land.
,  W. WHVTE,
Second  Vice-President C.   P.   liV'nnd Geiioral
. M.iiui;f.r western lino-.
The party arrived in Uevelstoke
Thursday morning on the return trip
and left for the south immediately-on
arrival. Their special train consisted
of the cars Manitoba, Cornwall and
York, the two latter having been
specially built for the accommodation
of the Duke of Cornwall and York on
the occasion of his visit to Canada.
ably furnished wilh the choicest the market
���iffords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $i a clay.    Monthly rate.
JT.   ALBEET     STOlSTEl      PEOP.
Meets  Passenger Agents  Association Officers..
A'committee of the Tourist Association waited on the menibeis of the
Passenger Agents Association on
arrival of their special train ut Uevelstoke Wednesday evening, and discussed with seioral of Llieni the best
means of promoting travel by tourists
in this section. .Mr. Coyle, passenger
agent of the C. V. li.. .strongly urged
the association Lo devote their attention to two features of the district to
start with���the steamer trip up the
Columbia Itiver nnd the Cougar
Basin caves.
The party .stopped the night at
Revelstoke so ns to obtain a good
view of the inoiint.'iin scenery during
the day. They pxprc.---.cd themselves
delighted with the hospitality shown
them by the C  I'. Li.
The California contingent of the
Association returned Friday night,
when the committee arranged lo meet
them and take steps to circulate
liteiature explaining the attract ions
of the Uevelstoke district for tourist
Of General Supt..Mar-pole^ and
Miss Holmes. .
.   ' ' V '
yictoria, Sept. 10.���A social event
of more than usuarintercsl took place
here this evening when It. Mai pole,
superintendent of the western division
of the Canadian Pacific railway,, was
united -in inaniagc to Miss- Anna
Isabel Holmes, daughter of Colonel
Holmes, D. 0.' C, military district
No. 11.
The event took place at the residence nf thc bride's pai cuts at 8
o'clock tonight. The ceremony- was
performed by Rev. W. Leslie Clay.
, Thebiide was given a way by her
father, and was supported 'by I\Ii=s
Brignall, of Vancouver, and her
sisters, Eva and Naomi. Mr. iMnrpole
was supported by E. lt. Iticketts, of
Vancouver. The ceremony was followed by a wedding supper after
whicli Lhe newly married couple wenL
on board .Dunsmuir's yacht Thistle,
which has been placed nL Mi. Mar-
pole's disposal by Mr. Diinsmuir, nnd
in which they Villjnake a tour of'the
0-      '��� i ^ / i      ���   , -
Local Men  Acquire. Entire ln-
*' terest in Smelter Townsite
Yesterday :i deal was closed by
whicli T. .I. l.endniin, 'rcpie.soni.ing
I bo English interests in the Smeller
townsite, sold out Lo Messrs.- ,M<;-
(Jurtor, P. Is. Lewis, ,-ICincaid and
Iy11pntrick, so that, the townsite i.s now
owned entirely by local men, who in-
tend'opening .it,, up! laying foil t�� the
poition ofv the property not'yet. subdivided, in Lo lots of-ono, two -iindflivi;
iioriv, suitable.for homes,'- fruit, fa'rnis
k'c.d ''
l It, is Lhe intention of the company
lo bundle Lhis townsite in Lhe best, in"
teiesih df Lhe city, and as it 'comprises
land well suited to the purpose it will
no doubt be rapidly taken up.
The Globe says : "The band of thc
Irish Guards have made a popular
con(]uest, and lequcsts for concerts by
them have come from do/.ens of towns
in Canada. Lord de Vcsci, who is in
command of tho band, cabled for permission for the musicians to remain
in Canada two extra weeks. The
original leave wus ten weeks, and this
in nil probability will be increased to
Revelstoke Lumber   Company
Will Re-build at Big Eddy.
It is practically decided t.hnl. the
Revelstoke Lumber Company will ic-
build their mill at the I5ig Eddy, and
constinotion will begin at an early
date. The locution of the new mill
will he a little east of the old silo.
Tho manager of Llio company, C. V.
Lindmnrk, left for thc cast Wednesday
to complete arrangements for construction. The people of Uevelstoke
will be delighted to hear Lhe good
news and wish the company all
success in Lhe rc-esLnhlishinenL of
Lheir industry.
'Successful Fire. Prevention
'. "* ,     Policy., -. -   '      ^ ���
Mr. Stewait, Timber'Tnspeclor * foi
the Department of the Interior,-",wus
in Lhe ciLy. this week. To Mr. SLowurt
is line the' credit for devising the
inethocbof protecting the Dominion
timber limits from lire which have
wrnked'so successfully- dining the
piist two seasons, saving millions cf
dollars worth of timber from des-
sti notion. ,
In liritish Columbia Mr. Leamy,
Oiown Timber Agent., hud an anxious
time of it during thc two months
spell of dry weather but the . precautions he look were attended with
great success, and the administration
of the Dominion Timber Depuitmeiit,
should bo nn object lesson to thc provincial aut.horit.ies, who allowed much
valuable Limber to 'lie destroyed clur-
inij Iho past two year's without any
leasonable iit.tempf, to save it.    -  - '
Y. IM. C. A.
When Sir Thos. Slituighne.ssy, Mr.
Whytc, second vice-prosidcuL, and Lhe
party of C. P. It. directors passed
through Uevelstoke lust week a committee of the V. M. C. A., consisting
of Messrs. C. IL Hume, U. Ilowson
anil B. R. Atkins waited on them regarding the grant of a site for the
institution. On the party returning
Thursday they again waited on them
and Mr. Whyte advised them the
executive had passed a resolution
granting them six lots on First St.,
opposite A. E. Kincaid's residence.
A meeting will be held immediately
to conbidcr going on with the building-, or at least a part of it, this fall.
A Great Production of Mr.  Otis
Skinners'Famous Play.
Mr. Harold Nelson will be'scon ut
thc Opera House on Sept. 80th, in his
latest success, Prince Otlo. This stir-
ling romantic -play was druiiial i'/.od
from Kobci'L Lon'm Stevenson's novel
of llio same name by that cftltured
and noted actor Ol.is Skinner, and by
him presented with great, success. Mr.
Nelson went to New York this summer and seen icd the light to play from
Air. Skinner, together wilh designs
for the costumes and scenery. The
plates have been very closely followed,
and the entire production is very complete and beautiful, fully maintaining
(.lie high Standard Manager Walker
bus established in this mutter.
The story of Lhe play is interesting
lo u degiee, and told with rare grace
wi\i\ -kill. ,
In (he, I ille role Air. Nelson bus
ample opport.uniLy for line ucting and
beautiful rending.
Mr. OhlTord Lanelliucc, the popular young lending man of the company, also has a si rung part.
Miss Ilele.no Scott and  Air. William
Make, two of Lhe inosL talented mom
hers of   last   season's   company,  have
been ii-t.uined and will   be  ."-con to ad-
vnniiigc in Prince Otto.
The new members wcie carefully
selected by Mr. Nelson, who feels that
he has the best supporting company
of his career.
IL docsn'L matter whether a man
runs his business on a great thorough-
fare, in the henrt of the city, or on
some side street. If lie will give the
public a little better than his competitor and let the people know it, lie
will do business. The best medium
to toll the people all about your
business is the Kootenay Mail.
Hunters and trappers "Supplies
Single, and 'Double-Barrel Shot:'Guns     '
Repeating and Single Shot'Rifles  "��� . '
Eley's Loaded Shells    .'' >   ���'.        ' '.' ,
Winchester, U:,M. C. and Savage Rifles-   ,
Cartridges, ete.   * ��� ,'_���'���-- '
Tin; Kooti:n*.w
of. 'the City of
excel unvilu'ng
,     t
.Ma11',  has ,in   press n j-orffoJio of  illustrations'
Revels-toko -.and r-surroiin'rihig district which,will
.. ���of .tliis'-'kiiul   yet produced   in, the'west.-  .ft is
I'ictui-i-squ'.. Ri:vki.stoki:."   The publication is''being,
��� |irin(ed on  Photo, Rook Paper, and will contain over-100 of the
choicest scenic, mining,'lumbering, railroading and "other 'views
'of the " Wonderland ' of  America,"   the  Mountains of '"British "|
Columbia, with-a' letter press description of the principal features
industries and resources of the'district/-     ","    . ,
A limited  amount of-advertising will   be accepte'd at-��� the
following rates; Full page (-5x8 inches) -U0.00; half page,"���?5.00; .
i| linker .page, $3.00.     Tlie publication will be ready about'Oc"-
tobor lu, in time for circulation at Lhe Dominion Exhibition at
-New  Westminster.       , ,       '   '��� -        .
" i      ,-''  , ' . <��� ) ���*'
Price .fa.OO.,  Orders for this piibliciiti'nn should be'sent in'-'J
now." - ' |'.. ,- <*. *       -
'     "    'REVELSTOKE, B. C.
The Only One
,   < Fit-Reform has no interest in
��� or   connection   -with ���any
other business.
. There is only ON1C Fit-Reform
Wardrobe in each city 'throughout
Be sure you are iu lhe "right place
���and look for the Fit-Reform label
on ever}- garment 3*011 buy.
Suits nnd Overcoats.. $12. to S30.
Trousers .'...��3.50 to $7.50
1 '"-1
The only Hi-Reform Wardrobe here is ai
J. G. Macdonald, Revelstoke.
Iiici<ri��iriit<*<l Iiy Acl <if Parliament, 1S.V,.
IIICAD OFFICE,   ' -      L       - MONTREAL.
W.M. 1M01.H0.V iM.vciMii-usn.v.  l-ics. S. II. Kwing,  Vico-Pres.
.Iamks Ki.i.iot. (ifuci-.il .Man.-ij;ci-.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Beserve, $3,000,000
way of hanking  liu*.iiiu��s i.i'an<*iicL(>d  wiLhout un-
i year at (-iirrctit rates  on  Savings Hank
lOvcrytliinf,' in
necessary ilcl.iy.
Interest credited twice
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvklstokk, B. C.
rmcics: Sim .t;��
So.it-.ni -.ilc ono vvecK in
ailv.incc .it C.in.ui.i.Dnii,-
iiml HihiI. C'linip.iiiy.
.Mr. G. P. Walker presents the Eminent Actor
Supported hy Mr. CLIFFORD LAXE
UKl'CK and a Capable Company
Oti- Skinner';, Great Play
A Snm|jtiou5 Production oMIie most fajciualiug romnntic
pl.iy of thc pa=t docade. TIIEtvOOTEKAY MATL
Cbe IRootena^ flDail
'   -AT���       . ,
Inelu iiiif po.ini*-.- lo Kni;liin<l. Uino-d --"liili-
,   ' _       anil Ciiiiiiiln.
Bv ine yciir ItlirouKli I'O-lollliL'l   .    .
Half       "    .    "
Qu.iru-r " " "..  ,, ���    ��� ���
Includlnf- C'liri-tinn-i .Mail *--.(������ i"Vir.i
Measureim-iil* Nonpaiiul |1'2 Inn'- niiiUo one
nicli). iJieferred 'jio-ilton*,, IM -*i*r K'lil.
additional. Hiilli-, Mm rinse- ��'i<l. DcilliS
IPc. c.ich in-i-rlion. All mlvcrli-Diiii-iil--
subject to ilie approval of I lie innnaKciiioiil.
IVuntid anil Condensed A-lvritiseinuiils.���
Attend Wanted. Help U'liiitul, Silii.ilioii".
wanted. 'Situation*, Viiennl. I One id -
Wanted. .Mechanic*. U'linU-d,  HI words ui"
" le--- Vic., eacli iuidilloii.il woid two i-cnts.
Change*, in -uindliiK advertl-emenls must
do in Iiy fl a. m. 'I Inir-dny of i'hcIi wcck l��
secure h'ood dl-uiny. -juindlni! iidvcill-uil,'
matter uili bechanced twice a month Willi*
out cvlr.i chinfru Kor* more tieniicnt
alteration-. Hie time occiipli-d in miikliiK
dine will be churned al usual ratc-*.-
jyH I'KIXTIN'G promptly csooiitcd nl u-ii-oii*
Kblo rate-. (
TERMS���I'n-h. 'Subscriptions puyi.lilc lij,nd
v-ftiice. ,
i.UllllKftPUXDKN'fJl'1 Invlled   oil  mutters (if
public Interi-t.   l.'oinniiiiiicalinn- In l-.'li*
- tor   unlit  bn   accompanied    by   iiiuilii   "I
- vsi-iu-r, not iicri,-*.iill>; for iiulilic.ilInn, but
��*. evidence of k'ood lailli. I'lji-i'c-potiili'ncr
-hoitid be hrlui. c
Wo eequost ouenuinoeous roiiclai's to
favoeus with UiolP iisslntiinco In
making tho KOOTENAY MAIL tlio
most valunblojulvei'lIsliiK'moillum
j In-tho KootoimyH by fflvlntf tho
ppofoponco' when miiklnK' purchases to thoso Ili;ms who iu-o
popular ndvoptlsoes In tho KOOT"
,    ENAY MAIL.'
H. 'M OKU ISOiV, '   ,
i .Uh-i-ici: :
T       '.VEW' /^VWIiKNlll*.   lll.()l'K,
r McKen/ie Avenue.' -  <
Mining E.no in huh,
(Mem.   " -"if-rican  Iiibtitiitc Min iib EnKinccr1*)
("ifU^JS^'Viadiaii MiniiiK      titule.)
K.-   .SLSTOKK, B. C.
Examination of aii'l repoit-s on Mineral Pio
pcrties a Specialty.      <
TT UGH 'S.    GAY LEV.   ���
' B.ii-ristcriind Solicitor.
OFFICE���Corner,of Fie.-*!. Hliei-t ,ui(!
Boyle Avenue, Revels!eke", 13. (i.
Offices:   Molsoxb   Bank   Block,   IIkvbl-
- '     ��� stoke, li. C.
Money to loan.     ��� ,
Offices: Uevelstoke, B. C; Kort Steele, B. C.
Geo. S. McCarter,
Revelstoke, B. C.
A. IIakvbv,
Kort Steele, B. C.
J. M. Scott, LI..B.
\V. I. BriuK-*
- ^Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
-  Money to Loan
Solicitor? koi: Mo [.sons Banic
First Street.      . Revelstoke, B.C.
To the credit of the French-Canadian press, it is denouncing in
unmeasured terms the attacks
made on the Salvation Army at
Montreal.        ,
Vancouver is excited over the
discovery of arsenical iron carrying gold and copper values on
Bowen Island. -There is lots of
that ore in the Big Bend, hut
Revelstoke doesn't get excited over
We   congratulate   our esteemed
1   contemporary, the Victoria  Times,
on   the  installation of  one of the
best   and   most   up-to-date   newspaper pres.-es in   Canada.      Under
the able management  of Mr.  Nelson, the Times has forged, steadily.
- to the front, and is one of the  best
conducted   and   mo^t   enterprising
newspaper oflices in Canada.
Great credit is due to -King VA-
ward, of England, for the excellent
work he has done in bringing
about bettei ielfition> hclvvien }\oi-
1 wayand;-Sweden. '.The-civilised-
world \wouId have .viewed with the
deepest;regret   any-f such f thing iis
;fwar.between these ft countries, so
closely a (lil i a ted with one another,
and    tiie :> news   t lui tan aiiiicn hie
f settlement is lieing arrived at, as
the result of the.intervention of the
head of the Britirh nation, is ,a
matter, for jubilation ���'".-'
,' f:'.,      ft     G(X)1)XI?\VS.
The new? whicli' we publish in
another column of the inovi'.of the
C. P. I* .to improve the. service between Revelstoke and south Kootenay points is of great importance
to this section.    The   change thai.
. is made by running'-n through
train and boat service between
Revelstoke and Nelson will place
the C. P. Ii. in a better position
than the Great Northern railway
to handle the South Kootenny
passenger trallic, and will aid in
making Revelstoke the great transportation centre which it-is destined to be. If the Of P. R. would
only give Revelstoke reasonable
freight rates, this city would soon
become the commercial centre of
the interior, and in fact the
Spokane of-British Columbia.
>   ' ���   ' ZINC    SMELTERS,/ FRANK    ALTA.
,    BUYERS OF    ,
hearing Ores.     Properties c'lrryint* Zinc Ores bonded,
i developed and purchased.
To owners of mineral properties carrying zinc-bearing ores
1   in payable quantities.    Send-parlicnlars of zinc ores and,'
properties to ,
��� ��� E. A.   HAGGEN, Revelstoke.
Agent for Canada Metal Company
for North East Kootenay, North' West Kootenay and Yale.
A Suitable Name Wanted, and Prize Offered.   ,
The Tourist Association winil an appropriate name fur the beautiful fnllh
on Eight M.ilo Uieel*, nnd which they inteml lo make an altiacl.ive resort for
citizens and tourists. The Maii. inviles suggestions of ii inline'for these fnUs
iind I ho'suggestions will ho pnlilisheil in each iisue till- Oct, .'list., when the
lihl. vvilMie closed..     r ,,    f '    "
,    A popular vote will then lie Inken on (he names suggested       '
The prize will lie 'awarded to Iho lirst' poison suggesting tho nanie'ie*
ceivmg tho largest number of votes. ' Tho-u, suggesting n'nines will please lil 1
in and relurn to this ollice the attached coupon,       j    '        ���   '   ,>
-   '     ', , , .NAMING COUPON'.
Suggested inline of Falls . . ' 'I    ��� '        '��� -.- .'.,
-                              -                                                                      .
Niui'ie of person honding-siiggcstioiis .....'	
-      ' i ' '-
Adihess ' ......"....'. '
Dale :.' ' '.'...  . -  .   ..-.      ' a	
Wc ask the attention of pro**-
pectors lo a section of country that
appears well worth exploring. At
the headwaters _ of Downie Creek,
thc north fork of 'the lllecilliwaet,
and south fork ,of Carncs Creek,
there appear.-* to be the crater ol" an
old volcano,'on one wall of whicli
rises one of the most- prominent
peaks of the ^Selkirk mountains,
Morris Peak. This mountain is
capped by porphyrv. There are
strong evidences of eruptive action
there and the mineral prospects
are good. Thc cropping* in the'
vicinity'indicate copper-gold ores.
There is every reason to believe
that, prospectors who cine to give
this section attention might achieve
good results'. The Standard mine
is associated vvith this mineral belt
and the satisfactory way in which
it is developing indicates the possibility ' of large ore-bodies boin��
found iivthat vicinity. Much of
the country si round ' Dn.vnie (.reek-
is unexplored, though good mineral
prospects have "'been foun 1 in
several places. The mineral development of the Big Bend means
much to Revelstoke and it would
j in 3' our citizens to put money into
thc thorough prespecting and exploration of that conn I ry.,
loscph Martin i-. a man of sur-
pri.sos. With a public career beyond reproach his utterance?
always command altentitm. Though
hitherto associated with the Liberal
party lie ha--- for some time manifested dissnti-faction with that
parly but that dissati-f.iction arises
rather from peisonal feud.-, with
prominent members, as Clifford
Sifton, Ralph Smith and Senator
Templeman, than with the party
itself. Mr. Martin also chafes
under his rejection as the leader of
the party in this province. A man
of marked ability, hi-* value is undoubted to whatever party he may
become, associa ted wi lb, though Izbas' unfortunately f; the .knack .of
making enemies' within his own;
circle of;public..supportei-s.fff
Wei 1,' M r. Martin went- to Wi nni-
peg and denouneed both the Liberal
and f Conserv.ati ve parties. - f lie
urged' the organisation of a third
party., f He, declared f.that as the
jiarties' now stood there was nothing to choose between them. But
tlie burden of hisffiomplaihl was
that tiuebec inlliience was- dominating .the-'whole dominion and be
urged the arousal of 'public opinion
against it. Ife further chafac-
lerised Sir 'Wilfred Laiirk-r as a.
very ordinary man. ,
When'Mr. Alartin lends himself
to a position of that kind ive venture to say he takes a stand wliic'
cannot but be inimical to the best
interests of Canada as a nation.
Sir Wilfred Laurier is: everywhere
recognised as a broad-minded man,
of the highest patriotism and public integrity'. His greatest ambition is to see the affairs of the
nation administered with credit to
the party in power, of whicli he is
the leader. Mr. Martin's attack
on him will bo felt generally lo be
unwarranted and merely the result
of the hitteine-'S  existing   between
himself and prominent members of
the parly.'    '
On   the   question   of   Quebec in-
' * (^
(lticnee, Mr.-iMarlin raises'-a   grave
issue. If his position means uny-
tbiii'gfil, 'menus I hut the. ProLostanls
and Catholics of Canada should
become 'ranged in two great factions, or the third party he advocates. Such condition of things
would make Canada_ a bell of
bigotry, fanned, by the worst fun-"
atics on both sides.1 It. might,
result in civil war, the degradation
of a young and thriving nation,
and the setting back for centuries
of the. hands of time. -"���  ' -
Mr.' Martin's ��� allegation ��� that
Quebec is running Canada as a
whole is absolutely untrue. Those
who know the l-'rcnch-Ganadi.ins
best know , vhey are a generous
people. They were the pioneers "of
Can'a'da, and as such their- right's
should he recognised by all. They
have given Canada a premier of
(heir own blood who com mauds
llio eslcem not only of all classes
in Canada, but of tho whole empire,
and the nation may well feel proud
of him aiid of his record. The
days of hierarchical rule in Canada
are ended, and that condition was
brought about, not so much by the
aclion of protestants as by the
French - Canadians them.-elves.
While the ideal stale demands one
language, one people, one destiny,
it must be remembered the French-
(anadian= are a proud people,
whose 'nationality i-a-- dear to
them as is that of the .'Englishman.
Scotchman ��ir Irishman. They
exacted their right to retain their
language and that right should he
honorably re-3 pec ted bv every subject of Canada of whatever religion
or nationality.
The Frencb-Can-'iilian-- arc  loyal
to the   British   Hag br-c-iu=e of   lhe
liberties extended   to   them   under
it=- protection,  and   tli'1   man   who
suggest'-   the  curtailment  of tlie-e
hbetti---    i*n.d , i'c'1-.iii-"'! ...rr-n=ti.-
tiitiohal riglits-is-an.;(mt:ii'i*.f'' lo" Vbe
.-nation.*' f Mr.   Martin's   viewsfwiij
finel..'  siippor.tf in ;  those f-.'whOfta'ni
narrow-minded, and bigoted; i��iit. to
the:.; broad .'-','ni'i tided ft fintelligenlf
'.citizen,   who,wants, to ilo; to . others'
as.  he  would   he  done f by,    tliese
"views.--. c'an''  have   riof at traction : or
support;   ": 11  must In; remembered
tba t when   the   Frencb-Caiiadians
were  in. tbo  hiajority   in   Canada,
and might have-acted   the. part of
'tyrants had. they wished,'���.tln.-y  extended ���((")���'��� those, of either   nation-
,alilies   and --religions.-.the'   widest
liberties, mid ,in these - (lays;   when
conditions arc reversed,   the people
as    a.    whole   should    show   .their
appreciation   of that-   fact, andtle-
lerriiitu; to be j list   and.  keep   faith
with their French-Canadian.fellow
citizens. '   ':
Lod^i* No. 15 A F, &A.M.
Tlio i i-ijiiIiii' iiieet--
liiK- hii' la-'Iil i�� tli"
M. i. nun- Tuinjilo'
Jilill-'i lldvvs Hull, on
Iln tliml ^l.'i��l-i5 >��
Miull 111(1111 li ul i-
,i.iii Vislilnnbiolli-
nn    i-i.i it mil)    wrl-
I lllllrll
0. A. I'ltOl.lJN'IKl!. -"ici:l.i',vi'.v.
>,J*I.KIRK l.OOOE, NO'  1!!. l.O. O.F.
_^_^-as=t>,_.   '      .Meets every Tucsdiij
-^Ml '      /m^**)*. oveiiiiii'     hi   bolltirk
W)       W!     ^.iiull    ni,   s   o'clock.
^>s^_J)\"'siliiil'. bi el In en cor-
**9,*/iliftllj   invileil   to  al*
(',   I)   I'AI.MMK, N.U. .1. IMA'llllI*, See
Some Seasonable Advice.
It tuny ben piece of superlliious advice In urge people al this reason of
the year to In'y in ii, supplyof Cbiini-
liei-|ii'iii'siCoiij;li Remedy. 11, is almost
sure lo b"e 11ci (led hofcYi* winter is over
inni much niore I'lrnnipl and sal.isfnc-
I'niy rchiilts are obtained 'when tiil;en
in ronii as n euld is contracted and
liefurc it. hiis become .sell led in the
-.vi-icin, whicli cnnftoiily be'done by
'keeping the reinedv nl. h.ind. This
reiiiedy is so widely known and so al-
liiuelliur go'ed I lint, no iii.e should hesi-
tnte'iibont buying it in preference to
'im.vol.hei, i'i i.s for s:ilc by nil drug-
iiisls "    ...       . __J;.���j/-i,
Three Fashionable
Biamond Die Colors-
Per Renewing
Faded and Discolored Suits
and Fall and Winter'
Overcoats For Men
and Boys.
' Diamond Dye Fast, Hlnc-I* for Wool,
I'in'mond Dyc'l'nst. Nnvy Blue for Wool
Diiimotul Dye Fust Seal Brnwii for
Wool, are always fashionable, autumn
col irs for .your* husband's and son's
coaIk. vesrs,, trousers, and fall and
vvinter overcoats', f ! '   i>
��� Coats, vests, troii-scrs and ovcicoats
that, me failiil nnd dingy ciin'be made
li) look as grind as new when you use
the celebrated Diamond Dvi.k in the
colors above mentioned. JMniiy'lnmilies
save scores of dollars each "year by
using DrAMOND  DIKS., '
Do not allow any dealer lo sell y'ou
wenk,'crude and dnngcrous dyes with
fancy mimes. Such' package dyes are
snares and delusions, and are sold
only for the benefit of the merchant
who handles them, as they pay large
prolibs. Wise and pi udent.' women
always insist iinon -getting Ibe D1A-
iMON'D DYUS,"sold nl 10'cents, same
price as the vvoi th less 'dyes. If, your
denier can not supply yuii, send money
.md state colors wanted, and Wells -.-.-
Hichnidsoii Co., Liinitcd, iMontie.il,
l'.Q., will seiul you the dye-, by mail.
The Ideals of a
,    f"      Great Musician.
It is most interesting to hear i econnted
the life history ol a great musician : one
who has been born 'iind brought up
among the giants of the musical world :
who cannot but have absorbed a large
portion of their genius. Herr August
Williclinj,,'who is a recent addition to
Toronto's list of music aitists, tells just
such 'a story���Horn in Wieslabcn, Germany, the sou of'tiie great ldiylish
violinist, teacher anil specialist of tlie
.-���.-i.iie, name ��� the favored- pupil of
I'oi'dogui in Paris and a pupil and friend
of sucl. masters ;b Meyerbeer, Chopin,
I.is/t, Gounod, bespeaks ol" Scliuman,
Rubinstein and Wagner as people with
whom be and his family wen: on greater
teim of intimacy.
'J'h.itsurh an artist as Wilhelmj should
Is.ive ideals regarding1- pianos is only
natural as lie is familiar with all the
Geraiau, Ivuglish, American and other
makes. What lie says, therefore, in
regard to the New Scale Williams Pianos
has additional force, especially when be
speaks of it as ideal as an accompaniment to tlie voice. . '
The New Scale Williams Piano is
'recognized as the latest product of
.musical genius, the greater piano of
Canadian make, but the Williams Piano
Company can well afford to regard TTerr
Wilhelmj's high opinion sis a crowning
reward of their painstaking efforts to
make the New Scale Williams the very-
best possible.
Herr Wilhelmj -writes as follows :���
" Permit me to congratulate you on
yonr greatachievetnent ir. the production
of the New Scale Williams Piano. As
an accompaniment to*the voice, it is
simply ideal. Th?
Scale is even and
balanced Umragh-
out with a tonefttll
an 1 round, possessing a superior singling quality. Yours
;. very" si ricerely",:
AugustWilhelmj.>     -���'
���  Lewis : liro?:ff Kfevclstokc.
'..The'i-.'est I'llay in Okatiiig.-ui V.-dli-v.
Wi'll-biirnt Bricks 'in lnrgf;,;or ^m.ill
(piiinlJfies'alj-'-asoiViible prices."..'"
KXDIvUHY liitK.K AftTIU'* 00.,
OidjcIT .-'���'    I*"in.lert>j% H. (.,'.
-&cu*cfed!' y   ���^A^l/^ i&tnsif.'
' rty^tiy ^^rtt��cC ,-^4*^. <^
to Tint
that (he aggi'eg.'it.ion.olff
';   Hoti-se J* Jr
we lire showing for the fall trade, is
the greatest in, the history of our
business. Our buyers .have' been out
I'or several months -searching the
marl-els,of, Ihe lOast, Ijnglaiul and
the Conl incut for       r,,        ... '
ft oh) elites (7��L Staples
for, the coining season, and how well
they have succeeded is shown by the
new goods arriving every day.
Quality and, Eyrclu-
sinJeness   o_f.   Design
is eveiyvvhere appan-nl/, and the pi ice's
nru no higher than is often chaigcd
I'or inferior goods. '       ���
.SEND FOR OlJIt 23(1   PAG It!-
���   CATALOGUE. ���      '    '
One of ,thc best Boy's
Boots sold in C.'inada.
Boy's and Youth's rex chrome
leal her boots I'or wet wc-ilbei,
wear. They are absolutely-will cr
tight; made over a lil, form last
nnd have a sole that, wear like
Youth's sizes, 10's to lli'L.
Roy's sizes, I'-, I o .Vs.
The Mail offers a free trip, including (raveling and hotel
expenses for two days at New Westminster,-to the inost popu-   -
Jar married or single lady in the district extending to Golden
lOast, to  Sicambus West, and  between thc City of  Uevelstoke
1     ��� , ' J i,       ���  -
and Nakusp. f The lady (o(wliom the trip will  bo issued is-to
bo selected, by  iv popular-, voting contest on   the  following
conditions:   �����        ' ,' - -
-   - '      j,/      (. ,'  . ,   .,
Hacb'person remitting  $1.25 in payment'of a half-year's
subscription to'thc Mail is entitled to 25 votes. .   ��'
' ' ' "' '
Kach  person   remitting '$2  in payment of a year's sub- ,'
fscription lo the Mail is entitled,to 50 votes.     t ' ,
'ft   ICacb person remitting $3.50 in  payment of a two years'
subscription to the Mail is entitled to 100 votes.       ���**" -
, _ I v i
Eacl^person remitting $5 in payment'of-three years' subscription to'thc Mail is entitled to 250 votes.       r
"Remittances will-'be  accepted   in  payment of���-now subscriptions, renewals or arrears.     . ' ���
The votes must  be'recorded on the attached coupon'and
will be treated confidentially.
1 -       - - ��� ' ,    '     .     i       ���*���
<        Thc voting competition will close at'noon  on   Monday,
September 25th, and the votes will  be counted and the award   ���
made by an'independent committee  of citizens  immediately
thereafter.     ' . " '-'.,*
r. '- . . I ,
TA ''���
TJIB KOOTENAV-ArAin, -''- ' s.
" Revelstoke,"li. C. ,
l-.ncloscd find .>...-. .-.'..."...- Dollars
��� .    .    '- ��� .  "       '     , "    '   . *tr    '
in.payment of '.. .ft'.. ' \ Ye��"r*llS j subscription
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 .'.*.".'. . ..' :'. with '. . .%..  "	
voleh for Exhibition trip.-
-,          '    '                             %       i
Subscriber's mime	
Address .ft. ..<..���...-. *. ���	
n.ov.1-1 Mill T.itics.
Choapoat Route lo thc Old Country.
I'ioni iMiiniii.il
Scpl   J'l
del   l.
Oui   II
Oi I   .'ll
Oil  ."I
I.'i run "Mdiiln il
.Scpl   _'S
..(lit   I.'
.    . .()(.!   I'l
Dressmakers know
the importance
of little tilings. ��� It's the/
that make or mar the/  nig ones.
Bold ing's   Spool
the little things that
and tailors a world / of trouble. Twisted
evenly���spooled / carefully���free of
knots, kinks   /and weak spots.
��pool Silk
\l,l, \N I.IMv
V l( tin I 111
ll.ll llllll)
I inn.I in
Vn Oil i in
Ir lk(    (   ll.lllipl.tlll
I   lI.c I.i ic
l.iti   MmiiiIoIii
The.art of udvertisiiig is to tell tin
I'l.nsiirner' in y.-iir oivn 'words tht
'merits of yotir .'goods- and .the 11 -t
paper with which to do your ailvtfi ti-
i ng is.tlie Koo:rr.v.t v Man;.       f
i It I 11. i
r\(  II-llllll.Ill u
'      III III  I
-.reitliu lini
-I   I'dil
S. w   *1 .,1 U
-I    l^l'll-
I 'I.I. I'I. Ililll.l
-I    J' I'll
1'ruin .Muntic.il.
Scpl. JI
h-:pl .10
O. I. T
Oil II
Oil JS
I'ioiii \i vv Wjik.
M(|i|.   (I
(li I. 7
Del    II
ll. I. JI
(li I   -'S
is the strongest, smoothest sewing silk for
band and machine work.
* livery  shade,   tint   and  color   for all
kinds of sewing.
When you buy, buj BIDDING'S.
Millig.'iii's camp, on the .Spilliiiiini-
chenc, wa.s burned and .20,000 logs,
the jiroperty of t.be Colurnbia, Itiver
Lumber Co., destroyed. .
Vancouver sawmills, which have
been dabbling in shingle manufacturing as a side lino, will go out of the
business and devote their attention
entirely to lumber.
���A III 11'. ST A K I.I.S'H    I'ioiii ,V,-vv Voi I-.
ilonii . Si pi
11.. inif
M .|(-llr
I' .III.
J i III',111'*
f I S' Mil* MM
I 11 in 11
imp tfiltt
I   I, l.lll
I   i> "III l
I    fl.lllr.
0.1 I
,        (ll  I.   II
.      Oi I     I"*-
(ici. -j;
I loin .v. �� Voik.
Si pi   U)
Oil    7
Oil   II
Or I    L'l
. Or I     i
And save Wrappers for I'rc-iii'iurii-t
HOYA L CROWN SOA I' hits no wpml
on the 'market. Drop us a card and
we. will mail you a-catalogue illustrating the beautiful premiums we oll'er,
The Royal Soap Co.,
I'ih-( h*4< I-* in kt K c| through If* nil p/iif^ of
f-n tt Cr Iritffi itrMt Iff lunil, -rtnil iti h\h Mully low
Mf* ���< Ui <ill ptiti of th( Kuroptfttt cfJiiLiiicitl.
\(ipl> rori��Hn��iL nillisny oi nt'-aniHljIpiiKf 11L oi
T.   W,   nR.A.D3fIA.W,   A-Kont.   Ro   olfitolco
W.  P   F   CU MIYIFNOS.    Pool Ho'   AKont
Ainiiiiillv, In till Ihi. ni-vv posilinn-^ en al od lij
liiiiliwu .inrl'IVki,'i.ipli Oninpiiiiics Wc vv.inl
YOUNO  MEN mill LADIES nf good  li.ilnts, In
Wi filliu-li 77|ki .ioi. ol llio Opr i.iloin,ind
SI.illo i Aki nl-, in Iiiii'iii.i. Oin si\ Illinois .u!���
I ho I iiki'-I cm liisivi.T(.I(.^i,i|��li's( huols IN Till.;
W'OKI.I) I'sLililislinl Jo ji ins .mil ( mloisul
hj nil li'iiliiii' Itiiilvviij Ol'li nils
U'c c\(.i Mil' ll iJJ^I llonil lo ovci J sliiilcnl lo
fiiiiii-li linn ui lui ii position p.ij um fiom $111
In 'I.-I a iniinili in Mules ( isl of tin 1'dol.j
.MoiiiiIiiiii*. (ii fi mil ?71 (o -JUKI ,i inonlli in
Miilis VM-I of llio Iloikirx, I.MMKDIATKI.V
s.liii|i.|ilsi.iiiciilci nl nnj Inni'. Nov i(.ll mil"
I'm full -miIii iilai-I (_),',mliiiK-uiv of on i si liools
iv i lie run (I loom i vcontivc olllci .il (r'lncln-
ii id, O.   ( .iliilo^iii- rice.
The Morse School of Telegraphy
Cincinn.iti  Ohio
All.inl.i, G.i
Ti-vnrknn.i, Tux
I II 'JI Nov
Buir.-ilo, N Y
La Crosse, Wis.
San Francisco, Cat
"_"        ^���>fl
1'i-r.soiis I'l-ipiirin'-^ n supplyof ici* can
depend  on jjel.tiinj  it promptly   fiom
Vancouver, B. C.
Untiled W. .JFijEMCra-Ta-' i>"�� '<" "���"
I have started a permanent Wood
Yard on Third street. With rnv past
experience Ihope to be in a position
to satisfy all requirement-) of customers. Dry cordwodd kept in stock and
supplied   in   any   lengths at  reduced
Containing over 2,000 pages of con-
di-nscd conimi'ici.il matter, enables
ejiteiprising iradci-s Ihroughoiit the
Umpire to keep in close touch with
the ti.ide ol lhe iMnllu-iland. JBesides
being a complete coinmeiciiil guide to
London and its siibm lis, the Diiccloi-y
contains lists ol ���
with Ihe goods they ship, .md the Col-
oiu.il .md Rnieigu markets they supply
nii'.ingi'd undi'i' the P,��� |.s to whiih
(liey s.iil, .md indic.uing the .ijiproxi-
iii.ul' sailings;
ol Ti.uk* Notices ol leading Manuf,ic-
tureis. jMeitbants, etc., in the principal piovinui.il towns and indiibtii.il
centers ol the United Kingdom.
- Colonial linti-ies ,ue accepted ,it
Thiee .Shillings per hue of 28 letters.
A copy of the NXXj edition will bu
torwai-ded, freight prepaid, on receint
of Postal Order for
The London Directory Co. Ltd.
25 Abehurch Lane, London, E. C.,
mmm It
i r
* r r
The "Royal Household11
, Brand on Flour is your
��� ' ���      >
The ^ Royal  Household"   brand -on a
barrel or bag of flour means that Ogilvies
guarantee that flour to be the best���that if
' it is not satisfactory you may return it and get
your money back.
���    ." . ��� ' {i
",    Ogilvies stand behind every, pound of flour
' that bears their "Royal Household" Brand.
That is your protection.
', MosT: people do not realize the necessity of
absolute purity in, flour���great care is taken to
use only,pure milk, pure water, etc., but flour,
that one thing that-forms the great est part of
their food, is taken on chance���but they are.
- learning better. '    \   ��*    ' "
As Royal Household Flour is   the only
flour in this country thoroughly purified and g
sterilized by ele'ctricity is it not worth while
to give it at leaSt- at trial.
It bears the stamp of themo-ft responsible
makers. You can have no better guarantee
than the Ogilvie Flour Mills Co.
Bonded; by  Smith Curtis and
' Transferred'to TrailSmelter
.. , i   r
One of the most important mining
-deala in the history of, Ashcroft, and
one that will do much to- bring .that
town 'and the lich 'mineial district
adjacent to it. befoie the eyes of in-
vestoi-*, wus- closed on Saturday, when
Smith Curtis took''up the option he
held on the Tiansvuul group of copper
claims in Highland valley, "20 miles
from Ashcroft.
The terms of the working bond, as
geneially understood are that Mr.
Smith Curtis is to expend the sum of
$8000 in six months, and if satisfied
with the pioperty at the expiiation of
that time is to pay the owner .fTo.OOO.
Mr. Curtis in turn has"'triinsfened
his bond to John Turnbtill of the
Trail smelter, who is also a representative of the C. P. R. The price
paid by the Turnbull bond is said to
be $100,000.
The contract for the Beatrice tunnel has been let to J. Lade.
R. T. Waul, of Cariboo, is forming
a company to prospect petroleum
lands located by him in Cariboo.
The Trail smelter is shipping two
tons a week of silver to China for
The melting of a glaciei has revealed a body of high grade copper ore at
head or Horsethief Cieek, above \\'il-
- The Canadian Metal Company,
which will operate the /.inc smelter at
Fernie, will also operate its own coal
and zinc mines.
The Ward Hydraulic Co's cleanup
for a little over thirty days at Cariboo
amounted to over $10,000, and thc
ground where they stopped was very
The galena strike at Seymour pass
has attracted a lot of attention.. M.
K. Rogers, of the fickle Plate mine,
examined the properties, and they
have since been bonded to J. A.
Haralason, a mining expert from
Incorporate and go Into  Elevators and Mining.
The Canada (iazelte contains the
incorporation of "P. Burns A' Co.
Limited." The head ollice to be at
Calgary and capital stock $2,000,000.
The company is authorized among
other .'mutters to curry on a ranching
and fanning buHincs-J, to deol in meat
and manufacturers thereof, to build
olovatoi-8 and carry on iui elevator
and storage buuiness; to mine develop
Play Low Down Political Game
< The Cranbrook 1 lira Id says: "Our
property is taxed. , regardless of our
political affiliations, taxed so much in
fact that this district is yielding to
the govern men b, from the liberal and
conservative, alike, over $100,000 a
year, and yet for the sake of political
revenge," for that purpose,of preventing any credit being given to the
libeial-meniber. this district is being
retarded in its growth for the luck of
governmental expenditures that
should legitimately be made here.
The roads and tiails are being neglected. The streets in the different
towns aie given no attention. The
government ollicials are transacting
their business in crowded hovels that
would he a disgrace to a dynasty on
an island in the ,South sens. The
question that everyone must ask himself is, is this fair '?" 'it certainly is
not fair, but it is only another in-,
stance of the way in whicli the piesent
heads of the lirst conservative government in British Columbia, iMcBride
ancl Green, believe the political game
should be played."
- i.
Nelson, Sept. IC���Ministers Fielding, Pateison and' Brodeur of the
Laurier Cabinet, tariff commissioner.",
inquired exhaustively into the lead
and lumber questions.
F.,\V.'Jones, of Golden, and F. E.
Sine, of the Bowman Lumber Co..
attended on behalf of the lnlnberinen
from this end of the district.
, The Nelson Board of Trade's memorial set forth that the revival' of 'lend-
mining was wholly due to the lend
bounty, that these advantages would
be lost on the, expiry of the bounty
tiyp and a half years hence, mid prayed
for n regular duty on pig-lead, and
asked for, extra duties on red lend,
litharge nnd other manufactured product of lead. , '
James Cronin stilted capital was
deterred from -entry owing -to the
transience of the lead bounty.
J. J. Campbell, manager of the 1 fall
mines smelter, explained his smelter
charges were lower than those of the
States. ���   ' ' i ,
��� George Huston, of Sandon, 'said the_
Slocan had not benefited from the
bounty. The natural market of lend
was the'Unitcd States, from which it
was cut off by the action,of the Canadian Pacific Railway and -the smelter
at Trail. The American smelter trust
had ceased to buy before the bounty
was granted, , but   this   was   because
there was a temporary surplus.
���    i ���       i    .
t.u.miu.k.' * ' , ,
F. W. Jones, of Golden presented .a
strong case and.denied tliere existed a
combine of inillmeii west of the Great
Lakes. ' That had ceased. American
competition on rough lumber was getting keener. , Last year it amounted
to 82,000,000 feet. It waa therefore
necessary to put on the old duty,of $2
per thousand taken off by the Conservative 'Government in 1896 because
the Americans had taken off' their $2
duty on Canadian lumber.'Americans
had since reimposed that duty. < - Can
ada oucht to do likewise. . '   ���
Commissioner Fielding stated the
total output 'of lumber west of the
Great Lakes last year was 850,000,000
feet. The total import was .theiefoic
only one-tenth of that ^imount.
Hence, Canadians had !)0 per cent, of
the market.   ' i
' Aid. Heaps, -of-Vancouver, complained of cheaper and better Inbor on
the American s-ide. "" t- -
Senator Teinplem.in, who had a seat
on the boa id by courtesy of the commissioners, elicited tlie fact that.Chin-
ese and Japanese were 'largely cm^
ployed on the Canadian' side, but not
on the American. So Chinese weie
used, and only a few Japanese com-
paiatively. The Haywnul mill on the
coast was worked mostly by oiiental
labor.        ,, '       ' .
Jts Advantages over the Foreign
Department Store.
The Trade Journal republishes the
following letter fiom a belirvei in
home buying to n department, stoic:
'���I1 do not 'believe in buying my
goods in Chicago, distant some three
bundled miles from,home.' 1 can get
niy goods 'within one hour's drive of
my farm and enjoy the satisfaction of
inspecting thesu goods, which privilege
is worth'morerth.m the slight difference in cost.'Furthermore, if 1 send "to
you for goods you expect the cash to
accompany the order, or you refuse to
send the goods and I am therefore paying.for.goods thai. 1 have not hud the
opportunity tosee, which to any sane
man is rather an unbusincss-like
proposition. ,
Here at home J am able to obtain
goods from my home dealer on several
months'time, often without payment
of a centof interest, which no catalogue
house 1 know of will do. '
'' 1 am satisfied that if' *our
home dealers could do' a strictly cash
business nsyou do.'theyeould.sell goods
as cheap abanycatiiloguchousconeiirlh
Wc who are obliged nt times to ask for
moie or less.cicdit. would certainly be
DllSl. llllll   ll llll|l iimiiiI      ll'llnl    Willi   Illl-V.l-,    11.-ft
.-even |i ivi'llnl I lion iu W.illl-.ini nn,v.-im i.i.
Mem wind nun m | ,.iil(| .ih.niiii.-h ,-iiai.ii.ii nl foi
live vi. ii*. .Vlsii ,i IjimiiIiIiiI i Ii.iiii vmiIi i a. 1,
wiilch Im Iln- ni'si '(ikI'ivs     .Ml  (imipli ir.   7H.V1
Sec lllff IS Ill-Ill lini;.     Clll'llusul.l mill -l-lulll  III ii.
Willi vniii- inline, I'nsi (Mil, e ,mil |, \|,ies.i Ofili e
addles., and wo will semi iho Willi li anil ( li nn
In jou Im (\,iinin,iliim. Il'vi.u Hid il lis icinc
hi'iilcd, pay ngonl tlicinioiinl nnd c\|in*ss i Inures, iii.il Wildi .mil Cli.iln nio join-. If 5 oil
wi'li to s,ivi* pajing lheev-pri",s (;li.ii(,'e- send in Hie full .niiniiiii, .mil we will foiw.ud Id voii
v\ muli .and Chain Iiy iimil, nil oliiiws pn-panl. II ymi milci (! (1 I). a depiisit of M icnts is" re
riuircKl'is ,i in.i 11 ei- ol   good finlh. wIik li .iiiiiin nt will lie didiiLled fiimi juur lull.   (Milei- al < ..mi
lls llilg    Her m.iy mil appear .i^nin.    When wi iling men lion Oils paper.
E. WAGNER &. CO.,  163 Cordova Street,  Vancouver,
B. C.
Wholesale and Retail '    '
���.   ...   Meat Merchants.
Thos. Cunningham, fruit inspector,
says : "The largest ancl best tomato
bum on the Pacific const is that of
Gelatly & Sons in lhe Oknnagan
valley. They exported last year 14,000
crates of'tomatoes. Thomas Karl, of
l-ytton, will have -10,000 pounds of
grapes this year for export, hi the
Similkameen 1 found all of the finest
grades of European grapes growing to
peifection. I never saw such large
clusters, they were a foot in length.
These facts show the great superioiity
of our soil and climate for fruit raising."
An exceptionally heavy crop of
pears was grown by T. W. Stirling,
and an acre and a quarter of Bartlett
penis gave a return of over 10 tons,
while oil" an acre of Bradshaw plums
12 tons of fruit was picked. This is a
crop that will be hard to beat. Taking the pears'at their present price it
means a return of over $!)00 per acre,
and the plums in thc neighborhood of
$L000 per acre.
John Lawson's garden on McKenzie
Avenue has trees which produce excellent crops of fruit, and this season
apples picked from these trees have
been shipped to Winnipeg hj the
You can have thc Koot.knay Mail
and Family Herald and Weekly Star
from now till January 1st, 1.106, for
50c, or two papers for less than the
pried of one.   Send your order  to the
Mail Office.
.Minister of Finance.
The chairman of the commission,
lion. Mr. Fielding, is next to Sir
Wilfred Laurier, the most important
member of the cabinet. It is nn open
secret that he is slated tc succeed the
present Prime Minister, and he is
undoubtedly the ablest representative
of the Liberal party. His training
has been severely practical, and with
many personal qualities to recommend
him, he has taken a position which
has placed him easily in the lead as
succesf-or to Sir Wilfred.
The Floto Shows greatly upheld
their reputation in the peiformance
given here on Monday. For once
people got just exactly what was advertised, and notwithstanding the
inclement ' weather, attendance
was good. The menagerie proved an
attraction and it was plainly seen how
well trained and looked after the
animals were.
Feats on horseback by both ladies
and gentlemen were good, but1 the hit
of the evening was the Japanese
acrobatic troupe. Their performances
were remarkable aiid drew great applause.
Altogether the show was a decided
very unreasonable to give that poition
of our ,trade only to-our merchants
and send what' cash we do have to
concerns like yours, who are no benefit
ivha tever to our community. We should
be willing, in fact, to pay a little more
for what we have to buy,,,when we
must realize that the difference in the
price is, simply our just portion
towards building up our community
and maintaining the thriving cities
and towns that have made our life
worth living, and most decidedly
increased the value'of our farm lands.
Moreover I certainly do'not believe in
contributing towards the| establishment of more "trusts.". We certainly
have '"trusts" enough to contend with
at the present time without making
any more, and are simply assisting to
establish a trust when wc" persist in
sending all the surplus cash of the
country to you, doing it nt the expense
of our own merchants, and theiefore
our own welfare "
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage :
' '.        , ���   ��^*Sfc^Calgary, Alberta
A Judicious Inquiry.
A well known traveling, man who
visits the'drug trade sny.s he bus often
heard diuggists inquire of ciisl.-ineis
who a.skcd ,for a cough ' medicine,
whether it wus wanted for a'child or
for an adult., and if for a child they
n I most iu vn nn hly i coon i mended Clin in-
horlain's Cough licmrdy'. The lenson
for this is thai they Know there i.s no
danger from it, nnd that it always
cures. There is 'not the least danger
in'-.iving it, and for coughs, colds nnd
croup it is unsurpassed. - Km sale by
all druggists!
Discovery of Further Extensive
��        -' i -
���Warren Andrews spent some days
with C.fDeuchsninn at the cave'., and
while there they made further explorations . which revealed new "and
extensive caverns, one of which was so
long they think it must have coveied
two miles. These caverns are huge,
and they were nble to walk tbiough
them conifoi tably vv ith tho exception
of thiee places. They weie unnble'to
see the top of thc big cavern by the
magnesium light but think it must
have been (500 feet deep They found
these new portions of the cavern moie
beautiful than anything lutheito tli*--
coveied, and found plncis where there
were beautiful stalagmites and
SEPTEMBER 7t.li, l!KI*i.
mAICE NOTICE thatUm-ty d.iysaflei  date
1     we intend loapplj to the Hon. Cnic-1 "nm*
lnissionei- of L.vnds .mil Works, for .i spei ial
license to cut and curry .iwiiv   linilieron  the
follow ing de-cubed lands on  Vnovv Lakes:���
Number One.
Coiiinicncnig'aia posl marked " Y. (J. I, Co .
noi-lh-wcsl. comer posl," on  llic.noilli side ol
Eosllnill (Jrer;!-, below llio  folks, .mil jusl e.isl
of special license .VU7.  I mining ilience ca-l 11.11
cli.ii.i-, thence **0iilli 10 cli.uii��. Ibenc. vve-l, I III)
(.lianw, Ilience noilli, 10 -Jli.uns lopointol mm
iiieiicemenl.         -, -���
IJ.ilcil September iiii, I'.IOn.
YALKl'OI.U.VHIA ^UainKli CO.. Ltd
Number Two. ,
Commencing at a po^l inai ked " Y. C. L. Co ,
-oullic.ist roinei pusi," iibonl eight mills up
VosLhall Cieek. onAiiovv Lakes, and l mining
noitli-wesl of license .*i27!l, running I hence vv,;sl
SO chains, tlicnce noi III Ml chums, thence cist
SO chains, thence soulli b'l chains lo point, ol
Dated August 'iSlli. HKl.'i
Number Three.
Ailioinini;.i|i]iIiciillnn NTo. '2 on'I he. east, on
tho-ioith loilcof Kuslliall Cieek jhmI nciillmr
small   blanch   coining in   fiom   wi'si, side of
cieek.   Co lencnig al a post, marked "V.C I,.
Co , soiilli-vvesl coinei post," running Ilience
north SMI chains, Ilience eiusl. SO chains, lln-iiu-
south b'l chains, thence west. Ml chains lo pond
of commencement.
Dated August --'7Ui, ���'Mi.
Number I-'our. '
Comineiicing at a post marked "Y. ('. L. Co..
south east corner pciht, on the soul li hi.inch ol
Foslhall Cieek, about seven miles from Ai low
I.ake, miming thence Host. Wl chains, Ilience
north Ml chains, thence east Nl chains, Ihenci-
south Wl chains to point or coiniiiuncenienl.
I lati (1 August. '2.il h, IIKti.
Number l-'iv-e.
Coiniiieiiciiigat.il poil ir.iirkecl "V. C. L. Co..
north east coiner post," aboul sis* miles mini
\riovv Ijike, on soul ti branch of l-oslhal
Cieek, about one-half mile above lhe folk
miming Ilience south Ml chains, I hence wc-l
chums, thence north SO chains, thence ea-l
chains to point cl" coininonccnienl.
Haled August 281 li. I'M"..
Number SI\.
Comineiicing al, a post marked " Y. C. L. Co..
soulh-wctt corner lio.l," l.viug iioilheasl of
iiuplienlion No. .">. nnd south east, ol special
limber license .VJ7H, running thence noilli Mi
chains, thence ea.st Ml chains, Ilience soul h.ill I
chains, t hence west, Ml chains lo point ofiomll
ineneeinent. This lauit lies insl iioith of Npccial
license ."*I27.
J*ialecl August 2Sth, WO.).
Number Seven.
Commencing at a post marked " V. O. L Co..
south w est corner post," on t he noi-l li In iiiu.li of
Kostliall Creek about nine miles from Anon
Lake, running Ilience noith Ml chimm, Ilience
cast 80 chains, Ilience south S<i chains, thence
west SO chains to point of commencement.
Dated August !28tli. 11X1.",.
Number   Kight.
Commencing at a post marked " Y. C. L. Co.,
south-west corner post," on north branch of
Ko'thall Creek, about 8! miles from Arrow
Luke, on the went side of the .stream, running
north 80 chains, thence ea��t chains, thonce
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains lo point
of commencement.
Dtitcd September oth.l'JOS.
Inlheiiiatler.il L UtK IIALVOHSON, deceased,
and iu the iiiatler of UieOllicial Ailmiiiistiatiirs
e ��� Act.
IN cf His Honor J. A. Kurin, Local .Judge,
dated lhe Hilli day of Sepleiubei*, I'll)",, (lenigii
S MeCarlui, Olhci.il, Ailuiiiiislr.iloi Ioi thai
pail of Kootenay County comprised vvilliin the
KuvelstokoJ-'leeloral District,, has buen gianled
loiters of adiiiiuisti.iliiiii, lo .1(111111111101 all and
singula 1 I lie estate nT Lars I la I vol sou, deceased,
inte-tato. , '    ,
CLAIMS upon the said eslalo must iho sen! iu
to lhe said.\d111111islr.1 tor, al hisotlice, I111pe1i.1l
Dank Hlock, Uevelstoke, li. C, vv ��� tli 111 Wl dnjs
from the date thereof, .iRer which time all pin-,
eeeds will he dit.111 billed ainoiig the pnilios
law fill Is Ihereiuito eutilled
GEOKUE S. M-'OAl'TJ-'lt,
, .        ,       ' Olhcial Adiiiiuisti,nm.
Dated Iho lllh day or Soplc'inlicr, IW0"i
I'l", Sep if
���   _0\\_ing to the' Inrge inorea.se  inQ
our liiikciy liusiness wo have been
obliged to do away wilh   all   old- ���
time. methods    nnd    instill   new
iiiixshiiiery   of   thc   latest     type,
' which places lis in a   position to
cope wilh'liny like coiieein in tin*    .
piovince.        . ' .    ,  .
-      - . 1
Call and Inspect Our Goods. <-,
A Swell Assortment to Choose
From'. Satisfaction .Guaranteed.'
In the niatloror ALFltKU YAPP, deceased, and
in the matter cirtlioOlhci.il Administrator-. Acl.
NOTlCr JS 1IJ"KEI"Y OIVJSN that bv "rclei
ol His Honor .LA. Foi in, Local JiicU'o,
dated Lhe 12t.li cla.v ol Hetilemboi, IWI">. l-unigu
S McC.irtei, Olhcial Aihiuiiialialm lor,thai
pari of Koolon.ij Coiintj coinpiised wil Inn Ihu
ltovelstnkoDleclor.il District, has been gi. ml ed
letters or iidiiiiiiislration, lo aclmiuistoi all and
singular I ho estate of   \lfied   Yapp,  deceased,
m.\NDtU|fUKTII*-I* TAKE NOTJCE thai al!
CLVIMS upon llio said estate iniist bcsonl 111
lo the said Adiinnistriitor, al hisolhce, linnoii.il
Hank Hlock, Hoiojstoko, li. (J , within .111 dajs
fiom the dalo hoiecil, alter which time all pin-
ceeds will bo dislribnled among lhe p.ulio-
lavvlulK Iheiumitn eutilled
Ollicial Aduiinislratoi.
Dated the lllh day ol Sepleiubei, lUfl'i.
1'iii Sep 2.1 '    -
Stolen Pleasure
The children will show you
the merits of Mooney's biscuits
if you give them the chance.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
have made themselves famous
all over Canada in a very short
time. Crisp, inviting, tasty.
Different from any other cracker
you have ever eaten.
Say "Mooney's". to your grocer.
Crockery of all Kinds.
I-lain anil K.iucy.
licst   makes of Japanese  ancl
China  Ware.
Splendid supply of Fresh
Vegetables   from    S.   \).    ���
Crowle's ranch.
For Sale on Easy Terms
One iavl.1 Wi'stniiin k ll.ikci I'l.-ih-il
I'l'i-hb with povvrr lllt,inj;s.
One No* 1 noublc I'lilhcmut, 1'i-iiil-
crt, Gubinet.
One Ui-ltis Space and Quad Ca.si".
One Diik Mailer and MiiilinR Tyi"*-
Thiee fonts Wood Type and Bnrder.
One Franklin hand I'erlorntor.
One %> inch Lever I'upei Cutter.
These goods are absolutely new, never
having been used.
Apply to
I ' " Revelstoke, B. 0,
M. J. Henry's  .
Nurseries and Greenhouses
:��)I0 West mini.t ei   Hoad,     -
AI.1 i 11 Nursery I'or Fruit, Stock���South
Vancouver, oni- niilu s.outh of'city.
Iji-.-inches al, Victoi i.i and Mulsqiii for
.-Si'i'ds and Nursery Slock gi awing.
I'"\lr.i Luge pl.intiinj for Fall delivery.
" One ye.11 .ipplu, 'I lo (il'eul, $10 tn $12
pet, 1110; apple. 2, 'd and I years old, $1.S
to $20 pur 100; iMaynaid Plum $1 each.
L.irgt iinpoi laLion of Bulbs from
.l.ip.in, Holland and Prance.
lixtr.f nice choice ol Uberr*,, Pe.icb,
Plum, /vlpiicols, etc., now glowing for
f.ill oi'di'is. No expense, loss or delay
ol I111111g.il ion or inspection.
Let, me pi ice yum hsL befoie placing
your in (Ici. Cil.ilogue I'l-ee.1' Greenhouse Plants,, FI111.1I Work, Mee .Supplier*, F1111L p.ick.-ige.s, Kei tib/.L'i.s,'i*lc.
G.iidi-n, Field and .Flower Seeds, iu
season. - '    ft
-     i\b .1.  IIKiNKV,
.llllll Westminster Ko.icl. Vancouvei, I). O.
\I'jTI< K IS in-RKI-Y  GI'-'KN lhat, thirty
.\    (I,cjs afn r dale, 1 iui. ml  If, apply to the
I hii-r('oiiiniis..ion,*r of J^iud.aini \\ orks for a
.peil.il lieiiiso 10 cut  a.iloanj .iw.iy limber
II (ina .*-(���! tioli. I'l. 'lovvn.hip'J. on .-ioda C'riek.
I'.m llcml. H'i-i Knolcn.iy di-llic!. '
U.itoil Iln. ���'.'.lb ilav of  \u*/i|s|. 1<>i,*>.
.\'. T. KUWAHIW. tyxialor.
���ViOTIl'E IS IIKIIKHY GIVK.N' lhat thiny
-N cay. after date I in lend to apply lo the
Chief ..'oniniis*-iotiei of Ijaiids and U orLs for a
-pecial liren-e 10 cut aiM i-arry avva> timber
fi0111 Section Si, Town.hip i, on sodn Creel,
BiK Heart. We-l Kooltmiy L)i-*tricu
Dated th s i'llli d.ij of Augu-I, Wt-'i.
per X. T, EDWARDS, Abciil
VJOTK'Ei- lioreli) fc-iven that, 3(1 days after
J_\ date, I intend to apply 10 tin* Cliiof Com-
iiiissioni-r of Lands and V\ orL-,'for a spocial
lii'c;n-:e 10 cut and c.irr> avv.13 uml>er from the
follow mi* described land,i'in West Kooienay
rjljoiiiini-iicin'^ at a po-i marked "C. Abraham-
-on's 1101 th e.isL corner po-t,'" anil planU-.! at
1101 th vol cornel of Section 3u, township ���". on
Swlu Cieek, Iiii* Bt-nd, ilience south 100chains,
Ilience wc-l ID chains, thence north Wl chains.
Ilii-uce cast 10 chains to the point of comim-nee-
Dated this *aih day of August, 100.1.
per N.-T. EDWARDS, Agent,
VTOTICi: is hcroby si veil lhat, 30 dajs after
J_l 'date, J intend to apply Ui tLa Honorable
the Chief Coaimitsioiier of Land-! and Worts
fur .1 special licence to cut. and carry &wa> tun*
b"r from tho followuii; de-enbed landf in West
i'txitouit*. District:���
(-'oiiiiiieneing at at, post marked " N. T.
I*Mward's .south weslcorner post,"'and planted
half mile vvesLfioin-oulh vv e^l corner of scclion
W, lowii-lup 2, on Soda Creet, HiglSend, thence
noilli Nl chains, ihcncc wist H) chain-, thence
south to chains, thence* west SO chains, to the
polnl of commencement.
Dated this i*>lh day of August, l'.Oj.
N. '1". KDWAltDS.
\TOTICE n.liereliy given that, SO da>s after
ld\ ,il.it(*,*l intend to apply to the Chief Com- ,
aits.ioner of Lands, aud Worls for a s|*ecial
license to cut anil c.trrj away tiinlier from lhe
follovviui,' doscribe'd lan<Is-iu West Kootenay
di-lnci:��� 1
Couiiiiciieing nt a po-l marked "('. Abnihnm
son's -011II1 i.e-l coi iie-i* 1*0-1," and planted half
mile ive-lfroin norLh vvesl comer of -ecliou IW,
towiiiliip '.', Soda Creek, Hig Henil, thenco
1101 Ih Nl chains, 1 hence west Sn ehaiiis, ilience
-otith Ni chains, thence, eiusl Nl chains to the
point of coniiiieiie'emi-iii! - ' '
per N. T. EDWARDS, Agent.
Local Agent   Wanted
''- Canada's Greatest Nurseries "
Foi I Ik; town '.of Revelstoke
,mil siiiroiiiuliug, (oinitiv,
which vvill be icsei veil _ lor Ille ,
right, in.111. Sl.u I, novv al Lht*
* be.st hi'lbng season, and handle
lor pai iiciilaib, and send 2oc
I'm oui b.ind-ome    ��
Aluminum   Pocket   Miciwope,
(;i Mllli* crern) useful to
Finnoii in omuiiiiiihk s*-f 'i"* "-nil giain^,
Uiuhaidisli      " LH't-. lur in-ucL-.,
Li.iidunuii " plunts tor in-oct>.
'lVaUit'is.iiiil t3t-hul<ii -> in -Ludiing boiany, and
K\oiy!)udy in a liundit-d ditleicnt v,ay&.
l.'onlliill Nin-oii(s[ovei Sun acres]
TORONTO       '    - -       ONTARIO
It should be borne ia bAb& that
every cold weakens the hangs, tow-
era the vitality and fivjaita the
system fer the mora acritRts diseases, amonif which ��re the two
p-e��test destroyeni ��f hnauts life,
pneumoai* and consniaptiaa.
Cough Remedy
has won ita great popularity hy h��
prompt c-arta of tils most common
���ilment. It aUs oxpectemtiam, relieve* the hmjs and opens tho
secretions, effecting a ���p-kdyiBd
permanent can. It ���aosmtrracts
any tendency ����ward pnon����nia.
Price *Sc, Large SU�� 5����
prevents    roughness    of   the
skin and chappinfj. (
Best for toilet and nursery use. oas
VJOTICK 13 IIKlir.liY rtlVKN thai lliirly
i.\ ilajs after dale I intend Hi apply to lhe
lloiiorahtc the Chief Coutuon-ioner ol Landn
anil Woik- for a spcei.il license lo cut and
cart**, away timber fiom the following de
sciibeil lands 111 VVe-L Ivootenay disLncl:���
I'ouiineiieiii^ at a post .marked *'N. iT.
I'dvv lid's south eiesl eoruer post," and planted
one and one half mile uosiof section .'-U, u-vvii*
ship -2, on soda Creek, Hi-*; Head, Ilience north
III chains, thence vve.sl 1IVJ chains, Ilience -oulh
lu chains, Ilience ea-t. KKJ e-haiiis to lhe point of
Dated the '.'.'iiii day of August, I90J.
N. T. KDW'AHDS, Xxicitor.
J_\ dajs after dale X 111 Lend to apply 10 lhe
l.lnef Coinmis*-ioiier of Kinds and Work*, for a
special license to eul and carry avv.iy timber
lioin the following descrihed lands in Wubt
Kootenay llistnel:��� * ' ^
Coiniiic'ueing at a post marked "(J. Abraham-
-on'.s south west coiner po**l." and planteid half
mile vvesl from se-Ction U, lowiiship .'J, 011 Soda
Cieelr. Hig iiend, thence 'north ll'/i chains,
thence e.i.sl 10 chains, thence south liVJ chains, "
thence ivc-si, ID chains to the point of com-
niciieeiiicut. -        - -   -
DaL'id this 25Lli day of A.ngu-C 19-1*,. <
per.N. I'. KUWAItllS, Agent
"VfOTICK IS HEI'.EI'Y GIVKN that lliirly -'
_L\ days after dale i intend 10 applj to the
Ulnef Coininistiioiier of Iannis and Work-s for a
special licen-e 10 cut and carry away timber
fiom lhe lollovving de-scribed Innds 111 \V;sL
KooLeii.i> distiicl:��� ,
Coiiime-iieiiig   at a   post   marked " X.    T.
rdvvaids south ca-l  corner po-t," and plained--"
half mile west, from  secl.on ll,  loiwiship '.I, on
Soda Creek, Hig Jteud, ilience norlh 10) cliainb,Q
thence west. Ill chilli!-, thence rsouth luij chainb,
Lheuce east IU chains 10 the point of commencement.  " .
Dated ihis L'lith day of August, 1!��J5.'
X\ diijsallerd.ile J intend to apply to the t
1. luef Cominis.ionerof Lauds and Work*, for a
special Iieen-e to cut and carry aw ayr, timber
110111 the following described, lands in West
Koulcn.i*. district:���   . , * .        '
, Commencing   at a   po-t   malted" *'X.    T.    -
Kilvv.ud's south cist corner post." planted one   %
mile west fiom section li. township tt, on Soda
deck, 'Hig   t'end,, thence   north  1(XI   chains
lheuce vve-t 10 chains thence south 1C0 cbainb,
ilience e,i=i lu chains to thc point of commence- ,
inetil. ,     '
Dated this 2.3th da.v of August. I'M.!.'-   ���
VJOTICi: IS HEREBY GIVKN that thirty .
J_\ d.i.vsalter date I intend to a*_p!v to the
Chief Commissioner of l^indsand Works for a
special license to cm and carry away umber
lioin section 17, town-hip I. on Jordon Kivcr,
Big Bend, We-t Kootenay district. '
Dated this 26lh day of August, 19.15.
N. T. KUWARU8, lxwator.
J_\ days after date 1 intend toiupply 10 the
Chief Commissioner of trends and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away tiuiber-
tiom section -M, town-hip 4,011 Joidon Iliver,
Bin Bend, We-i ICoote-naj-disuici.
Dated this 'JUth day of August, l��j.
v per X. T. EDWAHDS, Agent
J.1 days alter dale 1 intend to applv to the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carrj away timber
from section 111. township 1,011 Jordo'n Kivcr,
Illy Bend, \\ e-t Kootenay district.
D.ucii this ���Jjth dav of August, l!*Vi.
per N. 'I'. KDWAltDS, Agent.
JL\ dujs after date I intend 10 applv to the
Chief Coinim���loner of U-inds and \\ ofks for a
special license lo cut and carry away timber
110111 section'JI). tovvn.hip I, on Jordon Kivcr,
Big Bend, Wc-L Ivootenay district.
D.ueii this ���.'Utli dav of August, l!Hi5.
X\ d.ijsaiier dale I intend Ui apply to lhe
chief C'oiniiiissionerof fluids and \l orks for a
spici.il license-lo cut and eairy away limber
lioin section 2i, lowiiship I, 011 Junlon River,
Big Ben.l, West l-Cootenay di-incu
Dated tin--.lltli day of August, 1905.
ITas.Vi ,- perN. T. KUWAItDS. Agent.
rill I lit I Y DAYS afterdate we inteiid lo np-
1. ply to the Commissioner of Linds and
\v ork.s for .1 special license to cut and cirry
away umber from the following described
('oiiiiiiincing at. a post planted about one
hundred chains fiom lhe shore of Galena B.iy
111 Upper Arrow Lake, on Big Creek, and
111.11 ked "Bjg Bend Lumber Com pan*,'s North-
e.i-t Corner i*o-t," thence west 10 chains, lheuce
south Wl chains, thence east ll) chains, thence
not Lh ltr-J chains to point of commencement.
The Revelstoke Navigation Co. Ltd
(Dining beiison of liigli water)
Leave Kt(iHT-Mli,K LAVm.vo each
l.e.ive L.v Pokti: each
SIMCCIAL TRIPS will lie made be-
Ivveen dates of regular sailing when*
ev-ei litisinest- oll'ei-eil win-ranis same.
The Coin pan y teserve the right to
ehaiige Lime anil il.-iys of bailing without, nutiee. -
Subscribe for the Mail and get
all the news
[jA   I   tN   I   -O    and Copyrights
��� , obtaiiiCKl Iii all countries,
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical Attorney and Engineer.
Room 3, Fairfield Block. Granville sU, near P.O
A postcard will secure an evening appoint,
ment for those who cannot call during tno day
The Master Mechanics Pure Tar Soap heals
and softens the skin, while promptly cleaning
it of (-Tea*?e. oil, rust, etc. Invaluable for mo
chanics, farmers, sportsmen.   Krcc ��araple ot
i receipt of 2c. for postage.   Albert Toilet Soap
1 Co., manufacturers. Montreal, m
a ���C'H**-��,*��nw*'%wi��� m
keep a full supply of above
r   .   in ali colors.    Also-
Brushes, Palette Boards,
Dils, Sk
Mixing Oils, Sketch
and any other article  you may
require; for pri fining. -|
.MUKKAV-I-'a'i.I.IIBIIC!���At      St.      I'ctcl's
Climcli,, nn Saluid.iy, Sept. Mil.li,
iiy the Rev. '(!. A. 1'rociu'iier, William 'Milriv li> 'Minn   Supliiii   Ksill-
* *    ...
,   burg, both of Itovolstoko.
'        THdTedT ~
Da .nii:i
\ t Rovoi.--.toke,   tiui
or, beloved wife of
G. D
Is, aged 'A~i years.
Local and General.
Clnio. Schilling wus iliovvnt-d .it
Pen tictoir while hoalinif. ,
An organ is being added to the
Malakwa school.      , i ���
The Standaid Oil Tmst have raited
��� the price of'oil half a cent n gallon
and gasoline a cent a gallon.
The collection at thc IlaivcM.
Thanksgiving service tit Majakwa vvas
donated to ltevelstoke Hospital.
An oider-in-conncil has been passed
appointing Thursday, 2(!ih October,
ior Thanksgiving day.' ,    .
| JThree.inon were killcd^and four injured by falling WO feet fiom' a new
Catholic chmch at Alontieal.
J^The Otlavvn Giti/.en supports \V. A.
Galliherft M. P., for the lieutenant*
Governorship of B. 0.
; J. P. a Morgan has put'in a com-
piessed air haiidiessing and niiisstigc
equipment at his b.irboi's s>hop.
M. Jiigers -was found dead on the
Ashcroft io.nl, having fallen fiom a
wagon and fractnicd Ins skull.
A.'Ji. Kinc.iid has puichased II.
AndeisOn's house on Fifth Stieet. and
has moved theie fiom hia pieseut.
residence on First Stieet.
An oidei is passed   li>,ing the  *2'lt,h
of May   for   the   culcln.ition   of   the
'King's birthday instead of the 'tlth   of
The valuation of the city of Revelstoke showed 'a substantial incio.iso
during the year amounting to about
The government aie repairing the
Bownie Creek bridge and by last, trip
of the steamer sent up a pile-dnvor to
aid in the woik.
"Volcanic" Brown in reported to
stipulate in the deeds of his townsite
that no churches or saloons shall bo
built on the lots.
Owing to a tree falling on it. Mr.
Kinman's big logging engine at Three
Valley has been put out of business
till he can get hew parts from Seattle.
J. Robertson, a section hand on the
C. I'. K. w.is .-tinek by an o.isi bound
train vv lulu going over the load on a
speeder, but escaped with little mjiiiy.
'The Gazette -notice appointing
school holiday*-, lor the exhibitio'n
applies only to the schools west of the
Cascade Mountains and not to the
schools in the inteiior.
The Dominion Exhibition opens at
iS'ew West in i lister on Wednesday
next, Sept 27th, contiiiuiii.j; until
October 7lh. fine for the round
tiip from Revelstoke is .fl2.'if)        ,'
The Assizes will  be,  held   at   Revel
stoke on Oct. .'lid, nnd SheiilV Law is
busy getting out thc juiy list.!- So far
there is only one criminal, case down
for healing, that against Siri.ina for
shooting. ��� < t
Wc have lir.st-clnss aul.hoiity lui tho
statement' that-the Ogilvio Milling
Company���inlend establishing a huge
flour mill at the Coast, wilh a view lo
handling the business of the Orient
and Australia from that point.'
Oie San'dbeig,' Dr.'Ni'uoonibo and F.
C. Elliott, owneis of the Lanaik mine
at Laurie, have   bonded   the  piopcrty
to   Messrs. Nelson,   Mason   and   .1. Cl.
' . i,
Macdonald, who   intend  oi gun Ning a
local company lo develop it.   ���'
The   many   friends ol   Mrs.   Stone,
r *
sun ior, will icgict to lea in that, on
Thursday evening she broke 'one of
liur legs hy falling down Iho cellai
Mtaiis, and had to be lemoved lollie
hospital.' Shoi is about IK) yens of
' 0. M. Field hasn,valuable cnlloel ion
ol coins, homo of-.which aie 2000 yeais
old. ,'These foi mud pari of'Ihu collection of the poot Coivpoi, who had
one of the most valuable aggiegal.ions
ol (oins ever got, together. Mr.
,Field's native place in England was
formerly the home of the poolfCovvper.
Mis*, .lobe, who was one of the party
of Anieiican imtanists who spent, tho
siiiiiinei in the Big Bond, writes :' "1
cannot tell you' now much wo who
have left, you long for Ihu mountains.
You have a wonile. fill country and a
people who deserve it. 'With gratitude
fur your kindness, Maiy I, .lobe."
The Boaid of Tfado have asked the
Dominion govei nniunt to an.ingu- I'm
A. 0 Wheeler, of (he Topogiaplucal
Sin voy, spending next, season in ihe
Big fiend to loport on the* nioiinl.iins
and glaciers Micro and secuio phoio-
graphs of same with a view to at-
liacting ihe iit.lent.ion of tomiststo
that --ection. ,
On Wednesday the sad death
occuiicd-of Alls. Daniels, wife of A. G
Daniels, with whom the keenest'
sympathy is felt, in lus bi-ie.iveinent
Deceased was '.il yeais ol 'age and
leaves several .children. ' The funcial
took place yeste:day from St. Peter'.*-,
Cliiuchf and , was* hugely .attended.
Rev. .0. A. I'rocmuer conducted ihe
funeral services. ���      '
W.'C. Wells has .-old his PaMis-c,
nulls and (imbei limits tn the Diek.i
son-Goodman Lumbei Uo ol ICansas
City, which takes ovei the business tin
Oct. 1st. The new ow neis intend to
extend the business and establish rt
chant of lumber yaidi of then own in
the noi I Invest. Mr. Well-*' intends
taking up his icsidence at V.inoiniv"er.
lions. W. S. Fielding, AI mister of
Finance lion. P. Brodeur, .Minister ot
Inland Revenue, and lion. Senator
Temploinan arrived in the city yesterday. Senator Templein.in went we-1
hut Messrs. Fielding and Drodeur le-
inaiued till this morning, when they
went to B.intl. They weie called
upon by many citi/.ens dining their
Passengeis from the south did not
get into Uevelstoke on Ihursd.iy,
their statement being th.it Sir Thos.
Shaiighnessy took lhe steamer lot an
exclusion trip on the Like with hi.-
party and left the passengers, who aie
making heavy claims on the company
foi damages at the lesult. They weie
veiy indignant at the treatment they
received. It is very unlike the C. P.
R to ue.it its pa.s-eiij-ei-s thus and
there must   -iirely    have   In en   some
Social & Personal.
Bradley   left
Mr.  arid   Mm.   K:
Sunday for thc east,. >
Mis li. L.iiigliton ariived buck in
Alonduy' fiom a 11)]> lo Kamloops.
A nieeling of the Dailies llospit.il
(luild will be held Tuesday.
Air. iiud.M is. ti. C. lit ot I., of Chicago,1
are visiting   Air.   Droit's  sister,   Mrs
\\'! A (ialliher, M.'l'. has gone to
Ottawa in   the   interests  of   his  con-
Hon Fiank Olivet has purchased
the Thistle homestead at, Ottawa, the
pi ice paid being if 15,000.   ' ���
The Home Mission Hand of St.
Andrews will hoid a social on Tue.s--
Engineer'W. Cuighlin win-, called'to
V.uicouvci yesterday owing to the illness of his brother.
Mr. and Mrs. .I. Caloy lelt the old
countiy on the Kitlr, on their letiiin
to Rovolsloke. , -
Dr.   nnd   Airs.   Aloirinon   returned
Tuesday froi hunting , tiip   up   on
the Upper Columbia river.
'' Sir Henri Joly will retire   fiom   the
govei iioiship of British Colunibia next
Business Locals.
inoiitli iind will be succeeded by Air.
Riley, ,\l. P. for (hat city.
Col. Ileichiuer, formerly* of the
ununited police, and AIiss Ashwoilli,
of Toronto, weie wedded at Pun tit-tun
on Tuesday. '' ���
A social and dance is being arranged
at the close of lhe eiiteitaiiiinent. by
the Irish Guards Band to nieuL Vis-,
count di- Vesei ifiid nicmbeis of the
Band. "
On Oct, *".'id Ihe Amateur Di.uiiatic
Club will p.esuiH a three-act fi'uce
entitled Dandy Dicl;,-' undei tho1
auspices of the Rathtionc Sisteis. a'
dance w'ill also be held.    , .    .*
Aliss l.uiett:t ll.irvii'i has ie;uTi'ud'
fion'i Aliiiiieapolls, w heie "<hugi.idii.ili d
with ' hign honois in hoi musical'
couise.      Mlsn (i.il vin intends ii-sldine-
heiu in lulu.o and lakiuj.' omuls      '    '
is    '    '
On Kiituid.iy, ai, Si,. Peteis Chinch,
the m.uii.igf ul \V. Aluiiiiy and Miss
K.illbeig was ccl-Jiiiited, Ri:v.,C. A.
Pipciiiiiui pei Ioi miiig the ccienion-,.
They have the bent, w i.shos 'of their
I'liends for iheu future I1.41p1.1u.ss.
.las. AlcCiiniiis, _ C P. R. yaid fore
man, and Aha. McMahon, two of the
most popular residents of Revelstoke,
wero wedded at Winnipeg on Alonduy,
and their many friends are waiting
their leluin to -extend their' best
wishes.    '
���The annual exercises of tliefhigli-
school will take place Alon'day evening. The tiusleus and Air.,, Sisaon's,
head muster, invite the attendance of
the pai cuts and fiii-nds of thc pupils.
Supt. Kohinoon, sucietary oi" the
education department, will bepresenc.
'Among the piesunts leceivud by
Oen. Supt. Alnrpule on the occiiaion of
his 111:11 ri.ige was a veiy valuable one
from the oti'iceis of the 0. P. R , consisting of a solid silver service, including dinner knives and forks c.uvcr,
lish knife and fork, fruit knife and
folk, and oyster fork in one case, and
in .mother four dcr/on forks and
spoons also a silver tea service and
three silver and bronze candelabra.
Utiles, Sin I (Inns and Ammunition
��� I  iSfnu ne Bins ' '
Did ymi s-..* 1 '1 u p'i'tly ladies'
(bissu wnh iiiiii* unions in llow-
���1 n's lui iiituie'-lo-e w 11 (low .
A licisn**e b.'s Ihoii gt.tiitod for', an-
ollierhoiil.it. I'hideiby to bo known
in ihe King ICd.v.ud. '   '
A good liis-o lliiinerfoi sale cheap.
Apply to It  Tapjiing.
.lust opened soine-lieaiilifnl writing
p.tpei and envelopes, any sis-u box you
want, al, the Canada Ding Store.
The Active Man's Food    -
Clink's Pink and Roans contain all
the essential eneigy pioducing
elements ernnhined with t.istincss.
00. and '10c. per tin. (
J1 you want the latest, in Books look
in'nl. the Canada Drug Store on the
Coiner lor it, they .will have it;
Foi Sale���A 1001b Dayton Computing Scale.    Apply liouine Rios.
C.oB. Hume \- Co., I.imitcd, au-
uniiiicc I heir Alillincry Opening foi
riuiisd.iy. Sept. 2Sth, aflornoon and
^liou beds with, iron frump springs
lake the lead. Ilowt-on's furniture
ntoic'is lhe place to get them.   '
IJiessniakeis and aiiinen'tices want-
id... Apply to 'Miss Cough", second
Moor, C. B. Hume it Co.
Ileic's a snap! ,Two papers for the
pi iee of one. For 00 cents the K'oon-;-
xa-i- AIaii. and Family Herald and
Weekly Stai will be sent you from now
till JiuiiiiH-y 1st, lilOO. 'Ituniil, to AIaii.
It was staled at the Boatd ol* Trade
.meeting last night that P. Bums and
Co. will go on with their building as
originally proposed at. comer <of AIc-
Ivenzie Avenue and' First r Street,
though a st.ut may not be made till
spring. ''l*he building will'bea three
stc'iiey one ol brick and slonu.
-* KV liltVTJ 11 NCI A S ,\l O K F Ji
WANTS from a Alecisobaum'-Pipe to
a," Perfect id; at BROWN'S CICAR
Stoves ! Stoves ! Stoves 'at Liiwicncc
il.iidwaie Co.
Youi 'ciedit is good .at,' lfowson's
liiiiiiluie store for .house  furnishings.'
T11 li W A V '10 B U Y rR Al 0 K K RS
SUITDJI"'S. Buy ihemftil. a lirst
class, Cigai Stoic, 'w heie only lirst
ol.i.vs q'gnods are .kept. I'-o not. 'lot
tuisui upulons dealers, who have a few
Pipes and Smoker's Supplies,as 11 side
line, hand you .111 inluiioi aitielc, you
don't, gut youi money's woith. We
have the largest, line of Tobacco and
-sniokeis'Supplies'in the Inteiior and
you gut v.iluu evoiy_time. BROWN'S
CIGAli STOJiE. ���
��-tTlic Lmvrcnce Hardw'aic Co.'can
relino your Airtight Heater or sell you
a new one cheap.   '   ' ,
Waterman's FountainPens, reinem-
bei   where yow   can "get   them���Tho
By Gracious Permission of His Majesty, ��� the King,
dnday, Get. 2nd, 8 p. m.
ADMISSION $1.00 ; Children 50c. Tickets and plan at Caiiada Drug Co.
Tickets at-Bews Drug Stor6, Reel Cross Drug Store, Brown's and Smythe's,
Cigar Stores. ��� >' , .       '       ,
^EIDTTp3��lID   lt^.TJIlS   OlST - Tl^.XjL-��lO^.JD   ',      ',
MONEY ORDERS���Letters enclosing cash or money orders to'Mayor
Brown *^ill' be filed in order, of receipt and seaits selected. ���   ,,
Sunday Dimters.
A specially 'will he   ui.-ide   ol   Sunday
diiuieis al'lhu Union llolel.   Pi tee ,"()e.
AII.'S. AIcR'lTT'uiC
AlphonsUst De Feo
, Lessons 50c. Each:
Uivcn at Air. Dominic Callicono,
1    ' near Station.
- .   .
Music supnlied at "AtHomes',' and
���   ,' *���       . - Dances.
1905���September 27 to October 7���1905 '���
Under the auspices ol the Royal AgricMiltiu-.il       '
.    '*    and Iniltisl ml Society. ,���
StiipendoiK and coinpi-ehoiisive array ol" l-lxhihiis repieseiiting
I he lesources of all Can.-id.i.    '. .   *
lOnl.uged Oi-oiiiids New, Handsome .-ind Spacious Buildings.
in Acqu.iljc and Lacrosse l<"vents\ Hoise li.icing,-Dro'ncho ''Busting ft
( , Alilil.-uy I'.u-.-idos .in'd lixei-cises. i        -    ' ���
tt.ideol l-'r.isor River l-'tshinu, Flee'l,, Pal.iol Ho.-ils, II.A1. Warships
Indian War Cannes  etc.
Indian Spott
I'cii-.ill inloimillion vviilo lo \V. II   ICIOAItV. Sueiclary and JIiin.iWi-, .Vcvv
,, "���  , Wi'sliiiinsloi, 11.(1. . -,
Clocks ! Clocks !
'8-Day,  Half  Hour   Strike,   for
$-1.00 only.    -Limited 'Number.   /
J. Guy Barber
Come now and be first.
Drug Company Limited
0. I'. R Kngineer Slingley has
airivid from l-'holt. lo take up hi-
l(-iili*lic-0 ill   Revelstoke.
l-'i.iu Corps of engiiK i i**j .ui. Im��ily
eng'iged locating the new r.nliviy line
liilwei-u .Midway and Vernon, The
itKHt (lilhcull i i.i 11 of the enginef! ui��
work will be the orcifc-uig (,i *,||(
divide hetwecn the headivaters of
.Mission Clock and tho (settle River.
.1,tines .McVeily pulsed through
from Vancouver tbi-i moiiitng lo nl*
tend the .innii.tl coiiveiiliun oi
maeliiiiiito w hich iiicfl at Wiimij.e'-
on Tue.jday Thco. Wiidmnn joined
hirn here to repre-icur, ttifv R'-vcNtoki;
(li��tricl, at said meeting.
An important change iu the ('. I'.
It. pnsHcngcr ionic between Nelson
and Revelstoke, which hm been undei
consideiation for some time, will go
into ell'oct at an early dale. I'a-j-icri-
gers will leave Xelsoii at 7 a. rn.
arriving at IteveNtoke .it -1 'I.'i p. m.
same day, and paisengers from Revelstoke vvill arrive at Nelson about 7 p.
m. The new .irr.ingeiifcnt, will shorten
the trip between Nelson and thi-UoiiHl
by twelve hours.
Revelstoke Teams Won'Out.
Tiie'g.im,* ,-t ('"'.Meii rPsiilf-d in a
nin i'-,r JJe-.rl-toko by a .maI, which
was the oiilv one .eor'-il, Iind that in
th" lim half, .ilthoiuli R(-.el<-toke had
several chance- to .-c.-ri- Ii w.s it
liar<l jil.iyd yam* Entwistle handled
the ball four times .safely every nn e
The lielfl wis about ]:,() yards |,fnj, ,,ru|
the forvvaid- had a hard time to keep
their wind* Checking on th-, part of
the i>ol(|i-n team m-. very hard
tliioii'_'hoii[ ��� o'i.i |i - ph vionlil cill ij
icuirli. Tin* new n,. n ol *hi. Revel-
-toke 'side, ("liigoiy and Long won
tlll-ll -.piliv. K'eil'o'lt, . Iiouuh a Dew
man, playecl an etli-ctivc- game
R( vel-toke w'on th" ha*" bail -y \->
to 7. "        1
To the credit of l,'e\e|-'loke af lib'tos I
they have won i veiy match th��y c-iu j
te-ti (I this season whether in ha-el,i|| I
lacrosse oi  'not lull.
Canada'Di tig and Book Co
have all kinds of them. ' ,
, THE ONLY STORE devoted solely
to the inteiest Lof the tobacco user.
Oil and Water Color I'ainls, brushes,
paper .block-) and all drawing instalments sold at The Canada ,J)rug Stoic.
Siv hundred percent.     Rent.a shot,
gun from Lawicnce Hardwaie Co.  foi
$l.UU and shoot a do'/en gtoiiac.
Haii Oil.
I'.uent .Medicines.
Cough Cure,
oi Paragotic
How to Cure Corns and Bunions
I'ii.st, soak the coin or bunion in
warm w.iu r lo soften it; then paie it,
duvvnao closely an possible without,
drawing blood and apply Chambor-
ilain h I'niii Halm twice daily, rubbing
vi<;oii.u?ly for live minutes at each ap-
plieition A'corn plaster should be
worn a few days to piotect, il fiom the.
shi.r As ;i gen oral liniment foi -.plains
bruise.-, lami.ue<-s and iheuin.iti-.ni
I'ain R.ilin is,iinecpi.iled. J'oi sale hy
alt dniggists.
,,Licensed Jiegisiciud.
'"' Cl'.o. AIoLhan.    -    Alan,igor.
.TEAAISTERS -.->.- LADflRKI'S liu-ocli-
ed on hhoi | noi n e.
Ollice: Room 0, Burns Blink.
I". O. Hox.Slli, C.ilg.uy, Alia.
Sr Amiutiv'.-,���Tomorrow being
childi'-n'-', (lay,* the scrvicr-i will be
-p'"i 'j I, .suite.I lo the oi;r*asir.n Stili-
je. i a. ni.. ' I'l.c Light of the Woild""
(i. it. , "Ci it v ol li iu rhrinlian Faith.'*
^ I'mk I'.iir.Kf ir���Rev. .Mr. Lci"dy
vvil, c.jiidue', .���i-n.cti'iit II a. m. and
7:i() p  m.
The pipshi tery has po*<tponer| consideration of lhe call of ICnox Church,
R'-v-e|stoke, to Rev. .1 R. Robertson
till the i."ir,fi.
Jas. I. Wood row,
Retail Dealer \n-^dmtaaBZ@*
Fish and Game in Season.
All oiilc.|-s]iiiim]illj tilled.
Corner    Doii'-ln
mill I-Chii,' slrccl.-
U'l' hire out
'      REVELSTOKE,  li.( C., -��� "-    ,.    '"
'A now stock ol   Rifles*, Slint. (inns .mrl Aiijiinuiitinii arrived.
' reli.ilile Shot, films al, $1 per day���hiu-.. killers!
:hla.:r:d-w~_A.:r:e       v
How did you.like the "Str.insky" Sleehv.-ire Saucepan? ��� ,
We have ,i complete stock ol "StiMiisky" SteehvaroT
REST, .000 DS
ii.siioci.iltylCsi,mates givoll ftnd ,ii|-���0I.k
Bii.irniilcLit.    Itcpan-iiiK done,
Mail Oidurs |iiuiii|illyniul cuorully iitlundcil Lo.
,["( spr,,,,!, ,,'
Mi-|i.iiit*.ild   an.! .
......Hi -ire '. ijitni'.' !
ICK    |
Kl',1'1  (Jul   () ��� ii   (
ind Mi-   L   I"
.Mr. and Mi-   A    V   C
I he Nel-oti I an
M]"s Con-iiinee Rreti   h t->   ritiui.c
lo colli [��e   |l   \, .,v   West riiin* ler
M i<    .Mini In ad   Iri"   ic1111-��� 11 .|
vi"iluiir fiieinl-i at Thiee Polks.
R .Niclnil, C. 1'. II. liiHiimri
lini gone for a tiip lo Winnipeg
The Mti-ainer Mint'), which lum
liiideij-omg extenui'.e icp.ui-*,
hiliticlied Inst Tuesday.
.Mr.  and  Alts.    I).  'I.   liulger
family c\p((;t to leave novt week on   a
visit to I'ortlaiid.
Mis. L. .1. Edwiuds and -ion Morvyn
tire spending �� few days nt Slocan.
('apt. Doiigal, of the tug Columbia,
loaves nevt week foi Portland and the
CohhI cities.
.Master Earlo AIcKiiinon, (if Nelson,
is spending a few days in town.
j If.   I   Cl. M.'Ii V. piano  liuiei,
I 'I iii.mtfi. will In  in l.'ev'.'l-loke
1 ^.".llt   M-p!    'J.-jtli       (irdi is |*o|
i-ii.mg c an In   l< i'l af  <"",iii*i.).i
I'. -I-.'   and    .-tatlole 1 y   .-loje
E. VV. B. Pagci, Prop.
Piompt delivery of pai eels, bagg.-igCj
eic , lo any part, of the City.
'Any Kind of Transferring
Nowly lmilt. .    ]i*ii*f,t-oliif*s in every i-eKjicot.     All modern conveniences
' rjiu-ge Sample Jidoms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
KldWI'l- I'olH
tllllliliillll HI,in,Is
l.llll.'ll  III! lld'IS
SlIlllKllltr .IllC-Ll'lM
.Sill. (Ino.l-i.
Revelstoke  Bestaurant
Airs. II. .1. n.mbiiry, Alanagiess.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I.'IIICU   Ollllll^UMHll  1(11
.    )!.iiii|tiu(s, .Sii|,p(iih, etc.        . -
Furnished Rooms To Lei.
Mecahnics. Farmers. Sportsmen
To heal and soften the .skin and remove grease, oil and rust btains, paint
and earth, elc , use the "Muster Are-
chanio's Tin Soup. Albert Toilet Soap
Co., manufacturers.
.   has, i unpolled a
on Afeiveir/.ie Avenue.
Open Day and Night. First-Class Service
1571c ��� '
'I '��� i "i 11 U ei
flail ���
ll.lslr, |,
Ciiui t li.un
II ui'I le1If hlr's
j     I  I-td.*l( nf -.inilii-i unit Ti-iiIIji in liiwn.
Front  Street,  Revelstoke
.1. U. AloiK-an.vvill open  hi.s
"new li.it hoi- Shop,
On Monday, .May Kl. Old Ou.slninoi-s
anil new enn depend on leceiving Iho
.ii|s| it 1,1 oui ion.
I '
W A X T K \)
j  ^y'A.NTM.
'. Ol k
k (Ioi  i|.I. R**vrd-I'.k��
Apply   lo
���iii'l.ll lidllse
Ali      .1.   (..
W ANTE0 .-iil nation a- -.(i-neiri!
help iii private family, or iih
iv,iilr-'ss oi charriheriii.'iid in ll(,le|.
ftevel-tok" pieleireil. Apply ,'i I the
Koolen iy .Mail (IIII.'i*. -JH
Wr A NT I') I)    A cook, in.i noi woman,
I'i ir Hotel.   Waxes SI,"*, /, month.
Apply at Korri i.*. v v M \ii, ollice,     'M
,( I'l'I'A'I'IOiV wanted as i^eriei'nl sei-
i) v.i nl, in pi ivnle family. Apply ni
Kooleiiriy .Mail ollice.
\N'I'EI)   TO    LET,
I ow
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fix-porter of Furs
Richard R, Copeland
johhim; cAitrEivrnit
.M.inlli"., Shelving. Storm  I) ooi��.,
Joljijing Promptly Attended To
Indents promptly exectile'd at, lowest
ca.sh prices Ioi- all kinds of British and
Conl menial goods, including;���
Boots, Shoes and Leather.
Chemicals and Druggists' Sundries.
China, K.iiLhonwaro and Glassware.
Drapery, Alillineiy and Piece Goods,
Fancy Goods, Porl'umoi-y and .Stationery.
H.ii-dvv.'ii-e and jMaehineiy,   '
Photograph ie and Optical Good��,
Provisions and Oilmen's Stores,
etc., etc.
Commission 2' per cent, to 5 per cent
Trade Discounts allowed.
Original Invoices supplied.
Special Quotations on Demand.
.Sample eases I'ioiii CIO upwards
0(iiisigniiieui,.s of  Produce Sold on
(Eslalilishod IS^ I)
25 Abcliiirclt'Laiie, London, E. C.
Cable Address: "An.n-I)aiiii*:, Lo.Mjox."
Halcyon Hot Springs
*J~a n ita rixt m.
Under Ihe new inamigonienl nl'
ll.vniiv   MuI.vi-i-sii,   Holl'mnn   House
.   Itossland.
Thiicl Sl.ieet E.n.1,
Likes.    |.'oi   pat I ictilaiM apply  l(
iiiideisigned : ���
wil, I.e ���'ivi ii   nl the close of  the concert    by   the    Irish   (iiinid-'   to   meet
Viscounl de Vesci arid member.*] of the
-    ' . Hand.   '
TICKETS   $100. 212
fWm. Fleming-,
Wliolusiilo unci* Itet.ul
Meat Mgrehant.
Fish   and   Came   in     Season
First St., Revelstoke.
.L eyon aie the most curative in the -
"i, ��,- A I'l'I,r<'ct, niiLui nl remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases
Liv-Jr, Kidney arid Stomach ailments
and Metnllic Poisoning. A sure cure
for ���Thut, Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails airive and depart, every day/
Telegra h commuriication wiLh all
marts of the world.
Tiiiims���$12 to  .-"IIS  per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Ha ley on Hot Springs
Arrobu LaKc 3B. C.      .


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