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The Kootenay Mail Feb 2, 1900

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Array /
Vol. 6.���No. 45.
i"��.T' T7.'*rp
if   j -���; j~i
IvGOTEXAY:  E. G, .FEBRUARY 2, 1900.
$2.00 a Year.
' r
,-t tn
���fOAP.D 07 Ti.ADE
.'���M r.id Passed, Some Re-
..able Resolutions.
Known���   Hos'Jery   Goes   Up-
Flames Sunday Evening".
JVU '"S/!VS^M��^'^^'&/^/^&/'V^'^/^^"V*^'a/^^
Iiy Ihi- Tiirni'i- eo\ c-s-ii im-iil in iii ��� 1
1 A iMici'ul cx.iiiiiri.iiitiii <>!' tin' c.stini-
iiti'S'.-iiid expenditures I'm- this, (li.-Iricl.
in tin; p.i-l. tun yi-.-iis pi ovi-- 'enndu-
sivi'Iy'tli.il tin' present gold roinniitf
- sinner is imli'i'il ;i much " lii-lli'i' ii in n ''
tliaii  liN   piedec-os-or  in   -.Iii.e. J.   D.
.SUiIm.i1. ' ,
Last yo'ar Iln' nppiopriatioii for this
disliirl for public woi k-*, exclusive of
Hint fur river li.ink / protcrti(>ii, was
practically   $I5,()U(),   n'Mini   tot.-illy in-
iii' winning Ihi- i mi-til iiiTi.-y. .1- lli.
general elect ions , wen: 'approaching.
Fonrlei'li ||]<ii;s;iih1 dull,us i'd this .-urn
expended on the river bank pint.', linn
work nii^lit, vet y propel ly be deduelod
i'i <>m   this   ,-uiK.mil, ihuiigh   it. w ,-is ,ul-
Illiltl'd lll.-ll'. lho'"willl" W.is merely lenl-
illive 1111(1'' not ex peeled to piincti
permanent value, .-ind lint it, was ;i
po!ilie;il   job.      D.-diicl ing this '.uiiiiiitn
rw-r ir'iii-::iiiiii_f in ii-oeuous desue-
tii!i" f.ii- n.-rrl;. ;i ye.'ir. the boird of
rrnl-. ii'iv thai tho ] lovincial lo<>js
m'iiii, i- ���;���! _ .('^--i-ui mid s(���iH. ,,f (hf.
������i''i,; 'i-Jii't- wh.it iho;,- consider
Hi to\ :.m .'-.     has    -.--nmnom <->.]    holding
i'i".".ii:4s .i-i'n.    y.i 'e i-; iji.it pui-iidi,
"f tl.e tiiembei-!;'p  -A',h-!i  i-,   known   a.,-
11 > If.     11*. S <-(,||illli'.'H-eii   Ul
u.ee! jugs:    liieie     weie
ii." " peanut s<
bold    v. (-(���!��� !y
p;es('iii, J!i".-i ���
Ji. A. I in. mi,   W. M.
ii, ���). .M. Si_-.ilt, J. J>. hb'bhald
ii. j.
ideqiiale for  ilk*  needs <-**' ' 1 'iLil J.l| J li^-l j *"' 1'lL.i-; J'''' $10..-".(JO. which was expend
Trout. L.iko���iiiid  Liit-dean alone needed
us Hindi   it-- this  or more, yet this dis-
l i-it-t   received  us  much  us  uny ol her
district of the. province.      Tlii.s   appre-
; '   '.nation,   however, was  all   thut could
lie .secured, even after strenuous efforts'
were made, hy  Mr.   Kellie aiid others
for a larger sum.    Th��s ,��Pl-ropi i**tion
the government agent was expected 10
.     expend to the,best-idva'ntage, nnd e-ich
part of tin* disttict elnimVd its share.
It will he admitted  tin t the rnoney expended  in   partly  completing,work is.
often as good as  wasted, and last your'
t.lieto'was so little to he expendedthat
no very largo amount of work could he
undertaken  without, leaving the work
'.-incomplete,  and   practically throwing
tne money away.   This is the result of
" ���     the cheese-paring policy of the govern-
-     merit, and not the fault of either the
in'einher for this  riding or the goyern-
, '-.  nil-lit agent, and, hut a.  vei\ small part
of   the gicully needed work was done.
Of   the  amount expended hist year,
'     Trout   Lake   and   -Lardean   received
nearly 'half,  about $7,000.     This   was
expended in  Mich  a  niiinner, ii.s to do
the greatest, good,  and  results  prove
that one doll-ir hist, year went as far 'n
securing   pi.-icticnl     results   as0 many
, dollars did the previous,ye;u.      An example of this is tin: piece of road which
^ was  built  up'the-north  fork   of   the
*     ivardeaii above reriiiioi'ii.    Oiu'-sriil.' of
Ihisioiid was .built by 'Mr. Sihh.-ild ;it
yn expenditure ot" $8,000 >"' The present
o-ov.-'riiinenl agent continued this r?iad
fot a d.'stance of Ihree niilesat a co.sl'ot'
'   onlv $i,0o\��-  iind   the i "a.I is exactly as
weirbuiit   a-"?--   '������'  ''���""'' ���l111*-'1- practical
,     utility,'though  about two feet nrirmw-
erlhaii   tho'part built by Mr. Sihh.ild.'
Jn the year before Mr.  Sibbal'd was'
removed i'i om oifice there was expended   in   this    district   s-ninotiiiiig   ('""er
$31,000.   which   was  generously  given
ed in one .se-.is.m 'by  Mi.  Sihli.ild.    Ji
i-.-iii ea-ily ho  s-lmivn that, n'liich of thi-
nioiiey   was, I brown   .-i.v.ij.    'For instance,   J lie   Big   Bend    wagon   mad,
$0,(KJ0'lhei;e ;  the  one mile of Lardean
wagon road above  referred lo, appix:'-
inately $2,000 lliert* :   trails  in i_|io Lai-
dean and Trout Lake divisions  which
are never  used, lead   lo nowheie  and
often end, at  Iln* foot-of  sonic   steep
hliiif -^evpirthe large sum spent on (he
road from the Landing. to-Tioiil. Lake,'
foi the road   failed-tn stand i he I est. of
three  months' service, after  the snow
disappear*-.;, in Ihe spring: otl-or roads
and trails ill the   same   district, ditto.
It can not he shown that (he work performed by Mr. Sihbald was good .vhen
such ii large siun.of money was needed
so soon foi Jts repair, as after July the
wagon- road   ami   ninny of the (rails
were almost impassable.    .Surely if t he
work   had   been   well   done  'the  yinr
before Ihe roads and   trails would have
stood longer without   need  of   repair.
Mr.  Kellie  can   not be  bl.uned for the
small'apprnpriutioii.    .Every  pressure
was brought 'to,bear  on   tin; government to have it increased, but without
success.     ' A     prominent     Ferguson
"kick'er."  probably   thinking   that he
would   have  more'influence  wilh the
powers "that lie  than  government sup-;
porters, approached   Mr.   Cotton, chief
commissioner of lands'and works with
a  request  for  further  funds, and wa.s
met with n very decided refusal.     The
gold  commissioner   cannot,  be blamed
for failing lo .accomplish   with  $13,000
what  Mr.'-Sibb.ild   wilh  $10,'(J0D could
n ot-i d(
o.   ]���:.
riif* 1 iii nil a^ain rliojip-;.'] inlo the
pl.irti'.e fi: iii ikmi; lesolmiuns and the
meeting -7/v.v.s    rt ui.i.-h.il.lc    fur    (hose
p.e-seil .ind the speeci.es, iii:i(3o  iii
jji/rt of then).
The    first    ipsulutinii    recited,    tlie
'Ciiiuni  Wiigi-n   roarl    ai guinciiis,    thai
the ic'i'l wonlij   line   been ' cuinplele.-l
bill for the   un-.van.inte.l   intei feieuce.
of  our   liifi'il ��� mciiihor,   aii(|    tiiat    its
coinpleiion was neceiS.iry  to   the   we],
fare of the town.     Le^isl.il ure   should
be nienioi ialized.    J. D. Silibald   with
the chiiirniiin of, the   various   commit
tees   were   instructed,  to   prepare  the;
meinoiiai itiui'to present. ,it   in   person
to the city council this evening, .secuie
die.  ("iidorsiitian   of   that    body,    and-:
forward it to   the chief   commissioner
of  lands   and   winks.     In   connection
with tin's matter   JI.   A.   J3rown   said,
that Hewitt'Dpstnck, M.,P.,.would  be
in Reielsluke ii* a few days and would
receive recommendations for ther   improvement above Revelstoke.'
At this point Mr. Scott, said he
tliou��lifc (he board should express its
opinion on the insurance company lax,
which,he termed a most, unjust and
iniquitous one, as a - positive benefit
wns reaped by the companies. The
subject, was discussed,at soTne length,
.and wiilf the same unanimity' that,
characterized the. actions'of the borrd,
passed a resolution declining that it
should not be imposed and memorialize-
the council to that effect. ",
, The ho.-frd'got. in its |ii.(..:(. work in.
next tesolution. As introduced''it
stated that the city council had unanimously'recommended J. U. Sihbalil
for the office of police magistrate, that.'
in the past similar' recommendations
had been made by that body only to
receive the same fate; that the boa id
should expres.s'itself stron   '
The cry of  lire startled   the residents
near tne L'niop Hotel about, six o'clock
���Sunday   evening, when   il,  wa.s discovered   that, the   basement of (he hotel
was lilled with  11,tines, and   Hie   gnosis
a!    (iiiiner,  in    (In-    hun-e    iliscn\ erod
-���iii'-I.e en iiing   up'through I he /] inrof
Ibe  diiiing   id'i.ii. '    l\:<.  2 fire b.-ig.nh-
w,is  mhii'i on   ih,- sei'iie, ,-iinl Xn. 1 was
.lolilied aiid liiit Im-  a tVw miniite.-, de-
i lay in waii in ir  j'(,r  a  (,i.;n:i V.-ouliI have
| an ivod    m.ouc! .       Water   was  .-itonci'
turned  -in   ihe   fl.imi-s   lr.it  with   lillle
e'fei'l. and  l>y theiiin" .\n. 1 conip.-iny
w.-is im iln-  (rcdiiml   ii. v.'.is'hoeii thai i^t,
would Ik'* imiidssilili. ,lo save the build-    dollars apiece, and Mi: La
wiiles to  XV.  M.  Lawrence  that  he has -ucu'edid
in a proposition lo place a  sleainbo.U on th.- cVii m-
J. M.'Kellie, M. P. V.
in interesting some partii
bia  river above KeveNloke.     Ut.  ,*(a.ri  m,t jr0   into dot
known of Mr. Kellie, it will be no fake proposition.   As^is-tance lu
-six or eight hundred dolla.rs i> de.sired, ,-md Mr. Ivellii. .-isks  that  thi
jmt up.'    He .ilso writes that he hopes (o  secure  government  Slid in ll
.Se\er.il business men iniii
. ��� ���' ;.> . 1 i t"
iiniimiil he
he mallei-.
ing, as   the  li:o   i.ipidly   ran up inside
the walls  Iniiu   Ihe M-.-li.-n-. ami   in less
lll.-in half .in hour  afloi    t he'discovei-y
ol   Uie    lire  flames and    miuiI-i.    \v"ie
pouring  om ,of 'evei-y   window in (he
building, and ihe  firemen turned their
a Item ion   to    surrounding     buildings
wil.h'n view lo prevent ing the lire. I'i om
spreading.     Fortunately (here was no
wind; had Ihere been, a disastrous- c-on-
flagintion would have resulted.     With
Ihe'gteatest.of  caiv   the  north wall of'
���the l.iot(-!   wa.s   kept .welled   and   wilh
(ho wall standing  lo   Ihe  last, the Imperial   Bank   building   was   kept,  from
danger.    No I .so   however/with the old
���Hotel   Kdwards  ncro.-,-.   the slreetaud
railway track to the east.    Only by the
mosl siicniioiis exerlions11wero the firemen enabled  to  save   this and Ihe adjoining  buildings Mnd   many scorched
hands and faces were received.    Shortly before the walls collapsed the flames
reached (()  nn   enormous height,-lighting   up   (he dark   mountain  sides  for
many  mjles   around."    Al. S o'clock 'it
was  all   ovei, .-ind   tln-re   was  nothing
left'of   Ihe   Union   hut,   a  few heaps of
smouldering titnbeis.'.
i; There   was $8,000  insurance on  the
diOiciiliy  iu  securing  tli*
many business men will ag
receive., t'i is assurance.   TI
Ihal the people can not be
thiit'this will prove satisfa
The Mai l is radically t
the city, for as a l tile any i
is of (In; fake vaiiety. In th
by the placing of a steamer
done iiiitilche.-ipertraiispni'
train.   In view of this it w
bute a share of I he money I
on this spring, iind an appi
not be opposed by even the
Ibis matter will be brought u
opposition to the move;
LATER���A letter was rece
theie should he certain rond
and saying lhut, it should p
lediately agreed to pttt.up  from   lu'ty  to one himdn d
wrence litis assured .Mr.' Kellie that  th-i ,��� would be i o
nocossTiry aid  when the b6.-it i.s an .-i-.-iii ed thing, r'sr
ree to pay the" money  inlo 'the bant
.'Is MK.ll a.-  tin y
in ih
���i ted
lore hits hi'en s.u  many-  fake boat schen
blamed  for claiming this  pi-ivilej
clorv to tli'e people interested.-
lpposed Iii the principle of boiiu -inga iy eu'.erpii-e hv
ndiislry located in anyplace for tin; sal-e ol ihe li-itu s
i.s case, h nvevei'.everyone in Revelst.ik.' wo.il'i jirofit
on the river, as very little doveloj.iiie.it w( rk cm be
tation facilities' are secured ilnin ,-n e furnished bvp.-u k
ould not be at allout 'of (ilace   foi thecitvti
- c.iiuri-
lee'ded to secure this boat, which is ii
ntendeil t'o bo-put
opriation of ii comparatively -sinall amount would
opponents of the bonu<-iiig'system.' tt is hoped tl.at
up tn the council to-night, anil that'1 theie will I
io no
ml fr<
Mr. Kellie this   n
lor.'img  agreeing ili.it
itions entered  into   before paying the mo
ne.v fi\ or'
rove satisfactory.
..'."*"   m   con-
A'little   thought  will  show   deiun.ilion.of the action lor'"the .gov-
that there  is  no. shadow of justice in j ernment as well as the   interferenci of
the contention of their crilics. .  Bliiii'ie \ '.he local inember,'and   demanding the
certainly attaches to  (ho  gi'.veimm-in; ���I iilnnediaie   amondmoiiL   of   the "cJ so
v"s eveiwc uJ^T'^'^^1',U^    thai t-.ties c-nuld conli-hl
u.ise\ei\ cue  exercised iu the expen- ,       ,   ��� ,
diinreof  it ,-o that everv dollar would ' 11|,J'--"*-    In the  discussioii   which
count. ��� " i lowed several of thi
property which' was v-ilued at $15,000.
The large stock of liquors mid.-l.oen
taken oyer by the leasee, which wore
valued al-$].St)0. '   <-
The loss falls   heavily on Mr. Brown,
��� iind he is   receiving  (he   sympathy   of
the entire city in his loss. ,'
Mi'. .-Cor.dug's   lo-"'   will
$-J.O..0,"-wilh no insurance.'- '
H. N. Coursicr's Residence Completely
Gutted This Morning-:    ���
Hockey Club Organized.and .Will Send   interesting Items.From ihs Trout
Team'to Rossla'nd.
' .Received Reinforcements' on Tuesday
In response t<> th'" i'n vital ion  sent by
the iiiayoi-of  Vancouver lo   iho,other j
cities of the. province to  join with that
city   in   .-ending   a     oo:is:gnm '.*it   of
woollen'" socks, jer-evs aiid cap-- to'Iho
- (Janadian lr'.K,.p- now serving inB'i.ith
Africa.   Mayn't' y.iiil 1> (���'ailed a meeting
. of those'inleiest"d for Tuosd iy altor-
tioou. The meeting was held in the
l.O.O. F- lodgeroom iind was well attended, about o0 ladies being present,
as-well .is a fair.sprinkling of tho stern-
*:r sex*. ���,' '
Di'.'  Paget  was  called   to  tho chair,.
,wmtl mad "a brief lint patiiotie address.
'���hi was moved  and  c.irried that Revelstoke arcopl   the   invil.ition   extended
.   hv   the   origiiiiilor1  of   the   plan, and.
genii  the contribution   asked for.  and
Unit ,'onnimittoo he appointed to solicit
t-onlribni."'1"--  fi*""1'  in u.on'ey or nrli-
tles.     The co.jn.ittei; appointed   was
Mi-s  I'^'��'t. Mesdit.:'^^"!"-'-''. ^-���"1^,,���
Deni,   Oaley.   Hume,  lb'.:'"   Mclvech-
Wilson,    Men/.ies.     Tlwiuipson,
mson, Dickey, h'lindt, IJowson,
*'ooly,   and     Siblmld.   with
. .     s (Jit-i- uuniber.
power to add ti-        ,htf <.(���,1|lliU(1(. ���-ns
Thesec.vlaryot  -       l|l(, ,���;..,,     ,es,
instructed  to   furnish   .      .���   . |1Mf,
with  a  list of, lb"   conlri.
conlribulors for publication. ',
The  nieeling closed   wilh prayer
tendent of brandies in  Kootenay,'goe--
to Montreal   to   lake a   position iu the
oflico of Piosidonl   .Sli.'iuglinessy.    'i'he
oflieo   of   as-si-ila-it   superint.'iidout
abolished, and Captain Tioup, tiip-rii:- ,
teudeiiUof 'the   >l.oaiiiboat lines of   tl'.e!
company in   IlnLish   ("olitmhia,        "' '
made .superintendent of  all thi
road-of the company in J\oo!ou.iy
addition (o his present duties. Captain
Goto (if the steamer Ros>l.uid will be
port captain al Nelson. .John Hamilton will bo made Irain iiiasierof all the
branch lines of ! he com pan v in Koole-
n.iy, ,-ind D. O. Lewis tesidont engineer.
All these oi'lk-ials will have their head-
(liiiii tors at "\olson.
the   appoint-
h   f,.l-
menibers present
i becanie quite eloquent" in   denouiu ing
Hhat   I hoy     termed   the    outrageous
treatment this city had b"on subjected
tri  by    Ihe     pro\ inci.-il   .government,
tjirough i he intei foi'ence  ol    ihe  local
i-s I member, v, ho has been  doing .-ill in his
power to give the   town   a   bl.uk   eye.
nnd  tries   to   tmn   down   everything
will be , .Vlinted by t!:e   i.-iteyayers   and   biisi-
bi'.HH-h !'i���.s.s men i f   I lie   city.      J. D. Siblmld
did not wish to speak   as   lie   wa.s im-
mediately concerned   in   the   mallei-,
and also wished  to   he   excused   from
ivotiniron   the   quesiion.    -How, t-ex-
cused.    H. J.   n.Mini...   II'.   A    Brnw.ii.
, W. M. Brown and J. .M. S.'olt spoke to
| the question   aud   unmercifully   slated
; the government, the   member,    the lo
Lawson.   i.
Labor Notes.
, The baker.,'unions of,New York city,
formeily al'liliate.l with Hie Socialist
Trade and Labor Alliance, have seceded from that. In dy and lefiirned to iho
Bilkers' ami Con feci ioners' International union.
Dr. Paget for I he welfare of the troops
in Africa, and Uu- siugii'B �����" '*(i,K',
Save the Queen.''
Immediately after Ibe nieeling adjourned Ihe committee mot, and elected
officers and   planned (heir work.    The
" inkers were Mis. Molson. chaii woman;
|Mrs.   Kibbald.     sectetary:   and     Mrs.
[Thompson, I rea-mrcr.      11 was decided
Itohold'anolboi" mod ing in the Presbyterian Chinch Wednesday aflernoon.
Contributions may bo made to any
member of  the committee  or to Mrs.
"Thompson, the treasurer.
'eminent suppui tors,'and evory-
i thing and everybody  in   any   wavop-1
j posed to their   views.      Mr.   Sibb.ild'.s
name was .-.n uek t-ut of the  resolution
.and it was unanimously "passed.
It. was claimed th it in Hi" pasl such
resolutions had b-'on sent lo our member and a pig.  hole hail proved their
grave: so it was  derid-d   to  .send   one
, copy to   Mr.    Kellie,   another   to   Ihe
New Ze.ilander, have  achieved what j picmier aud ,i third to   the   loader   of
working men in  other lands an.- dam- j (he onposii ion.
oring for.    Among t.he function'-, of the j     H. A. Brown brought up Ihe subject
of inadequate water service, and Iho
fact I hilt insurance rales had been
raised on that nvi'mmt. This was,
however, laid over until the next,
meeting, when , the -mat tor will be
gone inlo Iboioiighiy. The pre-ideni
was instructed to call a -special nioei-
lu ��� to meet Mr. Du-tock, who is expected to-pond a couple of day.-, in
I.ovcl.-loke next. week. The mooting
then ndji'iiirned.
License Commissioners.
An extra Uritish Columbia Ga/.elte
issued ilourlav contains Ihe'ap'poinl-
inent of W. Newman and \V. F. Net-
lie, license coiiiiiiissinnc'rs for I'evel-
-Inki-. Tho.-e (wo goiilloiiieii, wilh Ih"
m.ivoi" wil! compose the  local board of
Firo -was discovered in ]-[. >j
Coursier'^ rrsideii-.'e, itbout. 10 o'clock
this uioininj-, the fiie probablv
oiiginating from the'sline. Tlie fire
brigades were, piompt, ih getting water
turned on, but the fire gained too
much headway 'iind could not, be
checked l<-"oie the building' was completely i-ir.iod. Tho contents wpio a
total loss,'as everyiliing lecoxered 'was
tuo badly .J,imaged io be of any ser\ico.
The contents of the,, building were
valued at $2,000. There was' no insurance ,on cither building or contents.
Frmn the natuio of ihi
of the , house tin; fire
dillicub. one to fight.
a5*   elected-
ptiiin. A
e, captain,,
team for'
d for the
hockeyisis   ,.-vec] ,.-t lhe p
was   a   most
���Cha.iges Among C P. R. Officials.
among Iho
rolllcials of the	
son.   li. 11, l-St'uMey. assiManl  Mipenn-
Theie has"   been   a shiilne
Canadian P.icilic al Ni'l
government is the providing of work
for all who may apply. This has boon
done for some, time, and every New
/A-rilander is sure of a job at.S2 a day
for eight hours.
There are now atJilialed in the
Aiueiiean Federation of Lahoi I'd national and international bodies, 11
slate federations,, J1S central labor
unions and trades assemblies, .-/'."i local
unions having no national head and
on? fedoial labor imioiis, (he total incii).
bership i"*1 l-beseorganisations is uoaily
I wo millions and ii hall", the increase
during the past yvai being iibdnt
Recent Eleetious in Canada.
The   r.'cenl   municipal   election-   in j
Canada   resulted   In   neveral   socialisl j
victories   and   an   ii)cre.is"d   vole   all
along Ibe line.
In London   three  socialist   aldermen
were elected   and   the  .oeiali-t.   caudi-
i dale foi mayor was defeated by 2\<).
j     In   O-hawa,   Out, lhe   the  soii.ili-i-.
won electing thoi." camlidale for mayor.
Twenty-live towns voted for imiiiiei-
pil  owui'ir.liip  of g.'is. u.itei and define light plants.
license coiniiiissioneis.
Will Object to Transfer.
Il is veiy probable that I here will be
so. ions olij -('(ion-. iai-ed to allowing
the old Hotel I'.'d wards to i e-open. Il
is al-o . laiiued that the transfer of the
1'uioii Hold license to Ihal place was
.Societies Patriotic Fund 'to be Started.
Veiy liiHe <,|", ii:lei,'.-|.   11 a nspii ,..1    iii
tlio lodgorooiii- thi- uirkf The most
mipoi (iitil, pei h.i)is,,w,-ts I he coimnenc-
.ing of a local patiiotie fund for the
C.uiiuli.-in ccntiiigenl.
1. o.(o. P.
Revel.s|()K|.-|odge'h'-Jd a special iileel-'
ing last .Siliirday nig lit for I he pu: jiose
of coiiieri ing  degrees  on   ;���    brace   of
The ol'ficer.s of Comi .Mi. Jieghie wi.-h
lo notify the members thai there will
be no meeting of the court Monday
night, as there "ere live .Mondays in
last inoiilh, and Ihe court.only, iiht-Is
on I lie second.and fourth Monday
evenings, in each monlh.
K. ok p.
Al (ho l.-isl, meeting of Gold Range
lodge it n-.is decided I hat. t ho knignts
should take (he initial ive in starling a
societies patriotic fund to bo applied in
fund for tho relief of wldow.s and or-
pi nil is of the nieiiiliei's of (he Cauadia n
contingent. Olhersru ielies of (he cil.v
will he informed of the. slops (aken
and a-ked to co-operate.
Hagler  Committed.
Win. Ilagler, secielary of the Sandon Miner.-,' I'nion was coiinnitled for
Hiiil by.Justice Lilly at Sandon luidav.
He w.is charged wilh unlawful assemblage, and lhe evidence went to show
that he simply called Supt. Ilaiid"iif
the Payne ;i few names not lauglil by
Ine missionary societies. There were
no thi eats of personal violence.
Tuesday evening a   meeting
attended- by   enthusiastic,
was held and n club organized.    It
decided that  Uie'cliib should send  a   r(
team to compete  in  the  Rossland   ice
carnival, as thoy believe lliej' can send
a team   that will  piove  winners.    Of   .(,
the  club,   J. 'D.''Miilson   w,
president;  J.  Guv  Barber,
dent; K. D: J.  C. ^Johnson,
treasurer;   XV:   Sawyer,   c
committee  consisting  of in"
W.'II-mll, J. Jl'errittand.ia.
was appoii'ited to choose tho
Rossland.    The color's selocti
club were white suits with b
ings.   J. Merrill was chosen   to solicit
subscriptions to purchase supplies..'
It i.s expected that Revelslokeis wi
heartily support this move .ind that
the hockey ists will receive I lie encouragement thoy deserve, There is
in the club mateiial for a winning
hockey team, and I hey will be in a
position to win if given necessary encouragement. '
suprise pai ty from (Juitiaj-lix   ar-
tl.e Landing, ou   .Satuidii
lining room was   cloaroi
���d   f,
d a i
or   Uanciui
n eujoy.-ible evening spent.
' A fair sized .stringer of orowasopened
up-at the Tow.sc;r the other
iy tunnels  exceedim*   300   feet   ii
fpngtli have Oeen-.uT
e!'*y.-'   . ,
ouu   reer   m
ren~oi?TEfi t~~* i iT3p-
Win. Pool was out to   lhe'* L-in'dii ��
on Mon
day last.
e s.ivs  tilings
looking well at the Net
A I.-llLO
quantity  of  oie.    has   been  hauled   t
y s iin
d C
& U
illiiian have- n\e'
te.inis transferring it from there to ptbe
Landing. ��� " ...
] j Ore is being mined at the Dealiiio
' at the rate of from 10 to 1 'J' tor.s a d.n .
Between oO and 00 tons of ore are now
down ill Cranbourne. awaiting an increased snow fall in order to make it
possible to transport tlie o:c to Ci.m.i-
plix. Andy Daney has the c*jiitract of
hauling the ore.
Ward III'.  Elects Another Alderman���
The Vote.
t'o lill the
'nation of
numeiouslv   sigi.e
en in circulation   r-u-   tin
iliuii   li; s
p.-; ^t   r\ w
days,praying the Goverimietit to build
a trail up JJ-isk'iiis creek froiu a- point
at its junction ���'ilh JLaley cie
en claims are located on tl
Peterson    will see a l.irne amount
ales.  ;
-casl I
The election in   Ward   III.
vacancy caused   by  tin;   resig
���Samuel   Noedham   was   held   Monday,    ''nn
Th" candidates   wore   P.   If.
and R. C.-iley.     A  very large
polled.    Tt   i.s  said that, then1
two   \oters   in   Lhe city ' registered in
that ward'who did not cast a
onedr the other of the candid
Peterson was   well   supported--by   t
voters  in   the  old' (own and   t'eceiv
over twice the number of vole
his opponent, he  receiving   ~>d
Mi'. (Jaloy'.-i 25, with one spoil.
It is said that there is  some doubt
lo Mi. Peterson's  qualiliealion   foi  I
onice'aiul that he   may   uol he
lo hit.
many of them with   oxcoptioi
ek. .Uxor
lis -lif-.aii,
lidlv   fine.
.f   11
strikes of  last
Two   i
ai -   s-jiu.-iii.-i ��� lieu:
ICi   I Kll
I it
is ox pec
I'll .thai
vote w.-is   more especially as   one   of   them���the
Itustv   Axe--!
incotn vv
t. i    ..    .i
quiien oy a
ie ���  J l.uii-s
The   Jilecillewaol school optue'd lust
week with Mi-;!" Ivtic."'* in cbiuyo
New Medical Society.
A t a iiioei iug held  in   Victorin,  las-
Fiidav.n Provincial Mediciil   Asso: i
lion was formed, with   Hon.   J)t.   M.
Kecliiiie, ,M.    I',    P.,   of   Niin.-iimo, .
pro.-idenrl; Dr. It, I'., Walker,  of N(
\\"r-��4t in it isi ct,   vice-president;  Dr.J.
Ilohnol-oii, jr., of   Virion"-,   11easurl
and  Dr. I'iorson, of Vnncotivt-r,   <<>ii
(cry.    Tin's association isrpiiK; distil
fn.ui lhe I). C.   Medical   Conn
its object,    is    purely   scientil'i
association will    meet  annualv
pa per.; on medical   and   scienti
jects will be toad and  discusser
iirst nieeling will.be held iu Y'a
the lat lor part of  Angus'.,   and'
queiil meetings will  be  ariangii
held iillerualoly in the diileroij
of the pro. ince.
ilie   sii
Rossland Carnival.
Tickets  sold     from     Revelstoke'
single  fate   Feb.   12,   Yd,   11,15 and
good to  return  leaving Rossland l*'i
lSlh, _    __
Kosid tbe Scuji-Weekly Alv
torn s-
Hhe Ikootenav flDail
H. it. I'AJlI'l-KI.l..
���   '1'i-i-i.isiir.i- \xi> I'lsoi-irn-ron.
SuUseriytion   Price,    $2.00   Per   Annum
.t-i-- srniCTi.Y in* .wiva.nci:  >i.       "
���.'llNTl.'Aur .\IiVKl'.'nh.K.MKXr.-*m-i'H.'iliit
I Ac iMto 'if SI.���"ill per ciiluinii inch per month.
,, 1 or-paces of si\-column inches or o'er SI
utr i'H--li per niontli.
I'K.W^IKNT   AllVl'lITISK.MKNT.S H"'-   per
HiM-lii-l iu-ortion. .V. per lino each -.ubsu-
(iiiciil   insertion.     Tlie ' iniiiibcr   ot    lines
iccKoncd by -luce occupied, \i hue- 'o llio
Itl-'Al'ING'   XOT1CKS "inc. per line e.i; li iii-
mtIioh,   iiiilc.-.s  com meted   for, u.>  ">e ""hi
J'>'i I'1'IN TIN" G of c-ery 1-indalniu-t luison-,
able l-.iu-s and shoi'lesl notice.
ACCOUNT-" for Job  printing  or ;ul\ eilising
payable on tlio lii-,-t of o\ery niontli.
C,Ol!HK5'P0Xl>KNCK on nil matters o: local
in- public intero-t invited and ci ret u 11 >. considered. All coniinuiiie.itions to tlie '������',t��r
iini-lbc accompanied by Llio name or. Hie
nriter, not nece.s-.u-ily for publication, but.
il- an evidence of good t.iith.
Till*   KOOTBXAY  MAll..
K6vel.stoke. H.V.
said mines as piintod in English, and
to nudei stand' the same to the satis-
f.icri-'ii of the inspector.'" This will
apply to all nationalities and is free
fioiii lhe disci imin.'itory featuies found
,ir. the i'i,unci act.
K.'.V|.*LSTOKI'.. FEU.   it, l!1"'1-
l>e"iilnii)'' with ibis   issue tiie M.WL
will he   issued   twice,a week, Tue-d;i\s!
and   Fridlus."     The   local' now-" field
will ho t-0-.ered   as" thoroughly as liere-
toforo, and   local   news will   always be
Served    lo   our   i e i-lor-i fresh.       I". tell
.issue will   'cintaiii   an   epitome ul   the
provincial happening-, an 1 a slm: t tele. ,
graphic sen ico.      Fur lhe   present the
paper '-i]l'be ime column   smaller lhi\n
'the   weekly   edition   has been, bill   we
will'furnish readers uioie  leading in it-
ior lliiin heretofore.       Ad- ei tisi'r- will
find   the t�� ice a-week Mail a \ tillable
inodiiiin for   presenting   store   nets lo
���the public.    Tin- Friday edit ion s'mild
especially locoiiuiiend ilseif to biHiiCss
men, as thoy can iiij'orin  'l heir iii-toin-
o 's 0:1  Fiiday   of   their   S it urd.iv bat-
gains.        I<\ii     some    port ions'   nf   the,
paper iales will   bo   ineionsed sli^'itlv,
but  wilh   lhe   exlra    issue   weoldi   advertisers will not Iind this a btirdci. / t
Tn si minors, of Kootenay have condemned ,*\Iai tin in no unceitain teims
for bis ,,1-ecoiit. actinii iu the House.
The,, miners, ."J,000 sliong, bti'l aslioit
lime ;ig.i sfppoited M.'rtin lo a man:
now hear what tliey s.i-, iu their', petition to the go\ei iimeiit not lodisuub
Uie oigbt-liour law: " Uo it fun Tier
resolved iliat. w<; will look'with suspicion on all political freebooteis who
are' ever ready to array tlieni**el\es
with ihe opposition���a p;n ty, which,
during , their reign ' as n got eminent,
has never placed one single, .act on ihe
statutes shat would better the. condition of llio masses of JJritisli Columbia.'' The petition also says truly:
"At piesent so\ei-.l political biiccan
ocms rue .at iho seat of go\ei ninont
within the sacred,, chainbeis of our
leqis'at i\ e b.-ills. Their \oiv piesouce
is ii menace to our , representative's.
Their objects aio to .hamper and in-
timid.lie tlio g.e. ei'iimeni in oxpicv*.
nig lhe v. ill of lhe masse-, of ill's
Olfii coiiienipoiiiiy, the J lerald/has
feigottoi! how it' insulted the whole
French Canadian race iccently by imputing to llieni disloyal sentiments.
Tt is. now lauding them as the most
pat riot iu of O.niada'a "citizens. '
>-_   J.AjiJ^J,ln^'S,i^,"in   .!.'Mdj'  jUw:
���  '.-iion   on   i lie   lluor   of   the- JLoii-cllio
other tl.'y that he harK'no ol.jei-ii.'ii to
.    bis employes   joining the I.J or oigaiii-
zilioiis.       Ou    le lining   (his   ('.'    \V.
Armstrong, A. If of L.  general nigau-
i/.<y.; went to Vki.iii.-i ,"iie' iutei \ u uif)
iMr.    I.iinsini.ir.       Alt-    Duiimhuu   in
-formed   the   organizer   tint he hut no
objection lo  his   eiuphoes   o'. e.ini'ing,
<: but,'  he',-idilod.   '��� I   do   not  h ne to
employ llieni."      .Mi.   Arnislnmg [hen
said,   " peim t me io -r|V| (,, the Ameri
c.'iii. l''oilei ,-ii inn   of    Labor   t Ii.n    you
.Shades of lhe old timers!" Ne.xl
season, the automobile will inviule the
Cuiboo and i'i eight will 'be hauled
into I3ai I'crville by them. '    ,    J
11^1 liming honie at close of d.o,
uWlio-juiill} chick's my lout; delay,
And hy my side delights to sijij '
Wild sets I'm- ii|i: |Le (m��ji eh,tii-,
Sp-.-'c.uls inn, I lie paper \\ ill. ^iicj. (.are",
And l.ijsnij slippers rcul' llierp?
'        .,' Nobody.
"���Vlii'ii iilt:n':;(.d ni .lot-p ..ml i|'i(j diatre*---,
W'lirii anxiinis cares my, lieurt oppi'Ou-,
\\*ho wliisjicis lioi'is of l!.'.]ipi::c.s;;f    ,
W'licii si^loiti'--' eoincs i:i sirrow -- liv.in,'
_-\iitl Krie1 ��li-!iiul-llio fi'iercd l.'l'-il i.
u'lifr's:,--.v.i[i.itliizos willi iny ]i.iiii?
,   * ���     t
j . ^H��- ^	
A British folunib.a Product.
Tiie I]r.icl,iii.i;i fc Ker .Milling  Co., is
^ * .
a ptirelv pi'nv ouial ins| it ution. ,i:id one
Tlie Ilc*i>ort of Tiiis Moht Ai>iiallin^,
l'lilit'.-nnl, VVIilcli I'.csultcd In lhe
Less of :'O,00n Lives, Was IK'-i-il nt
u Diatiincc of .i.OOO IIiie.-!.
On An?. 27, IS^n, at 10 a. m., occurred
the most stupendous nnd ii]ipallin,r of all
the convulsions of nature which have (lectin oil in.tlie history of (In- wot Id. Hy jt
the greater portion of the island of Ida-
l.iitoa, in (ho si rait of SiuhI.-i. w.is ^e-
stiojeil,' while two new islands woio cie-
.-itcd by volcanic action. We rcineiiiljor
the fact niiiinly on account or the mug-'
iiiiicent sunsets which followed the event
and were witnessed all over the woild.
Those sunsets, it is now hardly necessary
to state, were caused Iiy the impalpable
dust and vapor p.irtk-les which had been
ejected'fi;pm Kriikatoa to a liciglit oC 20
miles or incie [nun the surface of the
eiirili and were still floating in the upper
air. ' '
The eruption, caused a great seismic
wave of'the sea, which overwhelmed the'
villages on the nciuhl.nriiig shoies and
drowned upward of ,'50,000 persons. The
height of lhe crest of this.wave hns been
v.-iriously estiiiiatrd, hut alTolok Meton-j.
in Smii:ili-.i, the wiiter reached within si.\
Tect of the residency, which sliiiid.s on a
hill 7S feet above I lie sea. and the Dutch
iniui-ol'-Wiir Hernuw, nnchoieil off the
coast, was carried'by the wave up the,
valley nearly two miles inland and was
lefl, lii'-'li and dry, more than .'.0' feet
nhove the son level.
If ii  ni.'iii   were to  (ell  lis  that, he hud,
lii'iinT   an   explosion   which    Iind    taken
place at any (own situated some 30 miles
away, wo should probably iliiu!-''thnt he
was under a misapprehension.  .But if he
told  us  that  he had   heard  ono  that  occurred   at  a .distance  of ,'100   miles   we
should have no doubt as to the condition
of his  mind.     It  is nevertheless a   i'act
(hat the explosion of Krakntoa wits heard
1 not only 30 mid .'"00 miles a way. but also
at  a   distance  of 3.000  miles.     It   was
beard in India, nnd it was heard in Aus-
(raliii.  and also in  the island  of Itodri-
' -itiez,   which   is about  2,U(!S  miles  from
Kr.il'iiloa in a dircetoline.    Moreover, the
seismic, wave of (lie sea referred lo wiis
noticed   not  only  in ' South   Africa,   but
;i|so nt Capo Horn, which is 7,fi00 miles
distant   from  the strait of Sti|iila.     "Jut.
perhaps the most [���xli-aordin.ir.v of all the
phoiionioiirt   conned ed    with    this   cataclysm of nature was lite atmospheric dis-
I iu banco, or air wave, produced  by thp
explosion.    This nil" -'wave,  if  js stajei],
went  three times around (ho oip'tli, nm]
it  has been  reviiulred  thut "the champ-
tor of  this  disturbance  would   seem  almost  i ii ci edible weie it not  for the fact
that  il'is attested by the baroiframs of
o-.ory great meteorological station on llio
world's surface.    ,
It may be mentioned that, although tho
^reat explosion did not lake place until
1!) j], *;.., (itiriiiK (lie, wluile-of the preceding night a'continuous roar, like liio discharge of heavy .ciuiuon'or Uiiuifjef, had
been hoard, so tl.at' the people in thp
i"wi|S and villages ol'^Iavu ami Sumatra
.*.......   ��,....'.-i:...i    ,,...1   .11.Ir ,    .1.....'.    ..    ...f'  j  '
J '->..
f.        Kootenay; Lodge
*(^?> No. 15 A.F. & A.M.
1 '. -    * 	
*    *   Tliercgiilai-iiieiJiiif,',
~yyp*       are held in I lie  Jla--
s^a-f^'s V^/��"*"!       ni'ie Temple. Hoiuik-
c-^^T^XX'^jFSs^H.i'll,  on  the    third
'S^r^aWLi^HS-^JIonday    in   each
-j=r^P%?>~"i:^KN^Sin'int1!   ;it    S  p.   ni.
*=5=g^S._^.:^2Sv5 -    Vi-iling   brelliren
"="="���'-  (oulially weieon'ieil.
31. .7. l'ltATT  Si;w:i.T.niy.
JtEVELSTOiCS LODGE, I. O. O. F., Ko. 25.
^^w��y-<72 Ue^uliir meet ing- arc hold
r^-S^^V^Ss^-fi   in Oii'lfelli.us' IliPl everv
��^gjSS^C��<^'��'hiiis!l:i.v -liiflit, ni   eiglil
**e^CS?*S��S^ o'clock.   Vi-ii ing brot bur-
������'^"O'-* 4p--^->'    unrili.illy ��ck'(.iiK-d.
T..1.U]{A7I.\.A1. N.U.    !���". -\. l-riCTTLKSOX.rii.c
fleets i;\ei-\   Tii���ilai
"^v^i) Vi-:ling brethren . or-
�����-~Si/di:illy  invited   lo  attend. '
M ���
. #V4?''-/
. l ~.   ... -,-r-- ���' -.y
Dealers in .ill kinds
Farm Produce
FrUltiS (large quiuilitics)
r-.-r-"i. */     (r* i,'
f.-ryyy^    *
,-^"./'<^*��iK5s '
(in liiiml all I lie tiiiie. . /I'.'C'all and get   prices
bi fore jitJi i ''.i^.ng t'l-cw here.'
TeleDlione Call 36.
W. J1AT11IK, Si:c.
K. V. .1. C". .lOTIXSOX,
C. Ii.
I. O. F, No. 3JG1.
jM'jcts in the Odd folio ��,
Hall on tho second and
fourth Mondays of each
niontli. Yisiling brethren .-inviled   to  attend.
('. W. Mrri'iIKIJ.,
"K. S.
Gold Sango Lodge,
I��. oi" P., No. 2G.
Revels .die, B.C.
Meets cvrryWcdiics-
day in Odd Follow-.'
II. ill nl K o'clock.
Visi(ing ICnights in-
\ ited.
.1. W. CltOSS, M.D.,
C. C.
JAS. Oir.lj.
Jv. OL' H. & S.
( MsLenhan, MoPeely t Company,. Limited,"
ortLfc rlflrtUvt
' U ti 1 13 li= \L.
and   'J'ilin;
| , I-lale   and" Sliced   Glass, ^
!Syt!L   ���    Wood     Mantels,   Grilles '"_,
^IA.-,KSTlt:   STFIi:,!.   IIAXUKS   'for   Hotel   and 'Family   Ue  j
Miners' a d li
Ll ��� Su���
BiMiH-ries al I) i
British Columbia,  ���'
wson I'ity, Alliii and IJennott.        ' ',
!   ' (I.ale .M.icF.-iil.-uio & Co.) , '.
VAN-COU'VERi    B..C.      , ���      J        4��
We me Maiiiif.-ulurei'.". anil   direct   Impoi'leis, ,-i'ncl   cari'v a   lar^e  slock   of   ' . .
n.-ilauces, h'tii'iiiicos, Fii e Clay ^oorN, Scionl ille and Practical Hooks-^GI.-issware,   ^
Plat in inn eroods.Aeids.ClieinicitlsaiKl all ol horAs.-.i vor's.-i ml .Miner's renui foments % .
Solo .Xyeii'is for .Moijr.iu Crucitiie Comiinnf, "ij.-it l��.'ro--'.-i,  J-Jeckei- Sons' I3al-' %i
anees,' e(e. f ,, n
Citalo^ue iind full ;i.-irlk-ul.-irs sent on applicil ion.
wei'i' lernflied nnd diiKnol dare to go to
li. il. IOve'n on the preyjous day. die 2'ith,
(lie sky, wefire told, presented (he mosf
lori'iblo apiiearaMre, lioreo Iliishi-s o/|
,|i^ll|niiig iieiiotraleil'lhe dense masses of
cloud over |he island, clouds'of black
mnller .wore rushing a.crosi- thp sky, rap-
'i'lly i-(;ciiriiiig.' (letoiiiitioiis iyei-o hean]
emiiiiiiKiusIy. and largo pieces of pumice,
(iiiiio wnni), ruined i|own at a distance of.
ton miles.
It 'is hardly a mutter (o be- wondered
at when we are' told that at Ciirimoii,
Java.-.!���")."> miles distant, native boats
weie dispatched   to assist  an   imaginary
chern." l.OTd
ppo.sed that a fort
1'elTi- |  was being attacked, and the (roops wore
Is a topic which is occupying ihe attention of
llic iniuiy. ' Ilefore you make another purehii-e
of ii SUIT, just bear us in mind. Our workmen receive fair pay, our SUITINGS are the
best (inalily, .ind ninney spent wilh us roicrts
into lhe channels of Ir.ulc in your own cil.\.
Wo L''.iir~!"-ivE--*ni|-]jri\]i(j-iiiili,ii crpi.il iniuiy
in Cnnad.i. (jet, our pi ice,* nn 1 examine our
.".onds and liihst 1.1-.liion plates,
O C O bt*.
Mei-thanl Tiiilor
E. S.' Wiisoa
Dry Goods Groceries, Hardware."Tinware, Powder, Fuse, Etc
' lYIiners'.and Prospectors''OlilJIls a Specially.    ,
R. H0WS0N>'C0.
. ������  Furniture and
��� Undertaking^
uiiiiliii'l   Of   its   'mills   have  nlmo-i   re-, I  u,'il' <VMl'"'1Jl,|",��l   In ���'l-"isl��'   !"
,",,,., ,-    .     '      I vessel  in distress, nnd at   Ai
pl.ii.il    lh.il   oi   oilier,  ni,iniil���et;.i"i-i  ..iu-s disiaul. it wi.-, suppose,
ii  15.   C   and   the    No.'[hue,t     Tcrri-
t c > I If-.       We ret'i-i   tn I be I). &' i\. tolled
o it-, and t heir Infill quality -.\,ill doiiSii.-
i i  15.   C   and   I ho    No.'[hue,t
toiie-.      We ret'i-i  t o I be I). &' i\. t oiled i  put  under iiriiis.   Tli,' result of the eruption was that  the whole of the norllierii
,       .    ,. ,, (i       i . I1''1"'   (J('  (he  island,  seven   square  miles
leiSiol.ii.e-.velhei.i..  natimr.lrepu-, i:)   (,xU,,)(i   ^  C0I1||)|(,u,b.   ,,,������.���   n���.nyi
tiitioi'.'iinU  the   c.irripany .-  opei.il.i.nis i  ,.���,]   w|u.,-0 (|!01C  ���.,.,<,  formerly dry  land
a fontinenl.il   on.'.     We repi in!   below     there are now  souniliiigs of !)U  1',-itlioins,
lave n-i o'.jection to  MUir men m Miii- ! part   of    a    li-.niimf   .nticle' l'.-o.n'   the ' :,!1<1 '�� so,nc l'nl'ts -^ I'aihoms or inoio.
~ ' '  Mm cover, (lie bed of the sea some live ot'
Repairing .and Upliqisierinj Bone.
Warehouse in connection forstooigo
of family and olliei-l'iirnilure, Iriink-,
Q etc., at monthly or oilier rate.-.
Agents for Raymond Sewing Mar bines. "
'���    Revelstoke Station. 'B.C.
'.j      VICTORIA, B. 0.
fi'i i%,
'1^?!   r?1*^.!. :^^/'T^v>^
i ,.      ,        , ... ..    '   , ��� i i    .���   n     i.i    i    ' t    i.   i  Aloi cover, (he nod ol the sea some live or
/.in-  ,.���.! I,,, tin . thai you vull n-t iliv j A-'encni Join mil of   Health, hy A. K. ! M-N   ^^  t()  ���,��� n()1.lh  npiu,a|.s t() ha^
cli!iri;i- a iiiiiu   I ecause he
labor  oriraiii/. it ion .' '     Mr.
eli'i".'. to a j
nui'Miuiii '
Gray, M. D. :
Two  duties   llit-i
been   rai.-ed   iiiany   fat boms.     It   is   tin-
us to per- ] iH-cesKiiry   to 'point out   how  stupendous,
promptly replied   (hat    he   wo
lion, seeing Hint it was able lo Iirt mil-
ions of  tons and  nont  up  n  stream  ot
i form   in   ihi-   mo-t   important   m.uie,-| '!!11"-"t J1''11"'' '"'en the force generated uu
������H   ""I i (pine     ,,.nt|)_t., .,.,.r:���     .,'   t w.u ,. i. ijr ' ,,.,"���  K,'ill::lln!1  !1*  ""' '""" T "'>�� *-����������
auleo   to   jui\ tiling  of   the   kiri'i,   ind    again-t   tiiat   fal-e   idea   of   economy
ijri\(j tin* iue,iiii,;er  d- unrierstan i
under    no    circi'.Jiis.'uiuV-.
".'Mill     iin>    fj'I-sl      iOO-(I    of     pi.li.se     lO.'   ,, l,..,     .,.,,���    ,i,:.     c ,     i .,
" , . .' .    , *���'��� ��� >V���   ''���'''   "'is   ioree  anil   hor,'   was   it
those jiii.,' liio I   j'iodo.-i-  v. iio-i- u-e I- ( generated.
e.i'i.l'i' tv -���   |lt, t>.vg-',.ic ' le-uil-   in  the .     ri*he   piirnaiy   source   from   which   |>ro-
closed wit.li Mr   l-)iinsinuii'-   -iaf ,>, mt 1 hi'i-.se','.i.'       I.i    tio'-    .--tide   il    i- our ' t"''-"-'i> l1'" enoi uy which proihices volc.-inic
(hat   ho uoul.l ,i.,tc,,iise,H.'.,.     ' ...!/.  '..   .'    . -   ...   '. i     !,""!i'"1    *"���   '"'I'lu.^lionnlil.v    .ho'   inlcrnal
I{n>.il School of Mines. Loudon.
Seven \ car.-al Morl'a Works, Swansea.
Si'\ I'li'een years Chief Cliorni-L to Wijj.in
Coal and Iron Co., Kiiir.-
L.Ue Clieiin-i and A's-ayer, Kail -Mines. Ltd.
I'very de-c. Iplion of ussi\> and (inalyiic.il
work undertaken.
Claims examined and reported upon.
n.<"VI'"LSTUlvl-., H. C. ,       ' 1
Our lai go now  six-slurry 'building is
lilled wilh Ihe newest pioductions in
Furniture,;Carpet's,       '���**.
,   ,     n^^��� Curtains."
.Crockery, Glassware,
and Complete ' .
House Fnrnishings.
Remember--Wc are Mnnufac-
ttirers, Jobbers & Retailers.
'Write to ns'jor Cutnto^uc^Samplcs or any information desired.
e.'ii in.
X\'a are natttiall.v led to impure
'.'nil ' wPidi iirtjo- people to  place cheapness i pumice iind vapory pin tides to ti height
��mi;,i    lie ' r,:'Ht lrl u"'il -'������l-''"''""' "t l'"i'd:  and to ; '"' y��  m,]\os  '������J0"' t!l-;. "'tn'fMce   of   the
allow his   eniplow's   to aliiiiate   ,\'-h.-i
l.ilj*ii-   ni-e-ini/ ili'Ui 'J'iie'   t',.*., --. .cv.
I '��� ht!l".se:>-'i'..       i -t    tin
,,..-. -   " "-     ,,l,r.*'" "   ' '   ','",.:'"  'V   i"'"'''!."  '   '\1'""'     l!'"!l   '"'  ��''c ������������"������"I-    Al   tlio   base of  tho
Tins nun is   now on''; of  tlir- i  .nl^ . .,f    """'-'''  p'--:-" iiu.v   o.-hui^-. ni..t ot   too    c:aier  of  a   volcano is   the   top  or  coin-
tho    opposition     ]>.nty.   lltl,l    V,  i,   ;m*
ni-*hed   the   iiu-ans   to   en.i!, <
icli    Yield! i i tlie
ti.l   in v.;(-(.
.'.lhe ! pi-'i"iict '-".il i:   iii"   ii.\ '-1
snl I-.   ;i!,-l    ii'-m ������
spi'i ill :i| !������-.! ."ii '���
-ei *. in.r ! h ��� i .i"; ���
111.Ille    -I      s\  -! ,'.M i"
'���'-' ; (.lining .-.
s| i.i'">. pun ,. i-, ,_���   i .ii-
ni V Ol.i Hie'!. -ii  !., it
I a in we "..'. .���   i' ��� ��� ".
W'.'.-.i ll  I- . ,'g,.i-', .'.   -
ket.        V\".|.'.l    I .11"   e
<J'i.-,   (.!rei.
'..i-JC-i' .Miliiot-'C 'iiiiian*,*. Ltd.,
i'toii... I5iiti-h ('o'm'ii'i-.i. (Jiii.id.i.
.'���< l!ll..j"ll   t li
���I nm -  of  t his
i ���
e    .in\ .   Ui -     I   '    < .1.1
-.    Wo ii ,i \ i"W ii>'
",  .,-,!   i e iib-l'-. '.-. '���
I  ' i ,--! ,_'.. I i   i;i, '/li-
���- ci ih'- .: ... 1-
.il tt.
I''   i ���    1 -1    Ille i'.' 11. 11
lis' .f r I.   .," -
,- i.0" ,ii 11  '������
.! ' i i !.���- 'ii.. r-
I'll ���".   li. ' lie
( ' ,.ll
���I.' I
,1   (I'll
.1 .(,
.'.    K      iPd'e.l   (1,1 Is
: 1 ll Vi'
'.I  ] '
ll   Hie!,'
���Xpi'l i     ill..ill
h."nn i
i  i i/,.i euro ill. -e (,
o-; i.i. e 'I .-. i i.e in
II'V. ii.���'    I li  i |     I h    l e
l-.K '' i,|" ,|(!   :,|i.|   i I -i   ,,
.mo,   .ind   I h ii   i ];��� \
line, eon  nl  i'M
I orlm I.      ,\"" ei!' .
igln'v til"! it, . .(' i,    p
-lie'!   ll-toftf.        -'^!.     111.    l'-'r,ii'|i"i-
rvu li'u o   s|i   ii ,|   ii-"   " ,' J,    |ioi li'i !
ill'lemo.     Tl.'*  I!   A." K. I'   ih (I  O..!-
ri'il'g   1 he   J I "d ..' I -    v. o   si.    t.'.i I
noo and i-m ,re is.11<.(���<���:n e <.f   ,iny
.f    .imilli i .1 i'.'i    ^,i e ,,iit. e   no)
i   ii'i'd'i ,������   t. ..
,.    ���>������'   a-nl   ih
l    .1    '     ("("I/      (Ill
'a "I .���( I In,",   .i'/ !m>s(    i ]|.
11 ill".
,i    -of ;,li-'-,   Li,!     il- r    hi
���I    I   'l]l 'US"  |,|| li..   I;-,   ,w  .
i *���    i    I'i' i i  >' ; p;. ( a ol hi, ,
I -I "I l.lile ,1  I ll if   I h" m.in'if.i' f iii (-1 -,
Iho B. >ls K. K'.i;. -I Oil- .,! ��� .. .'i.i,,  ,'
o liiifli'.-i i I'O'ii i; ui'i. -,i 'n ,   ��� in i..,i| |.
I    liplO'e  I      111     1-     'ill. V,"..    |,),ll'"   I )]...(.
lueiicemeii! of the channel or passage
ulioieliy cominiiiiiciition is niaintained
��iib die healed interior, and when will or
from the sen or from the underground
vp;'i'gs percolates ilirough die ground
iind l-ii'ls its way down to this channel
fiiH to 'lie hot molten rocks below it at
oik o generates Mo-mi, and those of us
v. I.o have been unfurl mm to enough lof
I'iivo had a kitchen boibu- hursl know
������'.nietliing of the e-rplusive power of
'rcim. even in small -piaiiiiiies. I'.ut Iho
I ill..wing,observations .vi(|i reference to
tin-, -iibieet will give our readers a clear
|ie <.' pli'Wi of (be subsequent singes of
im eruption when sen or other wafer
seadies \lio hen led rocks below n - volcano-
���"J'ne waior combines with Ihe material
of tb<> rock, anil by tliU coiubimilion the ���
i.e l:nH' poll,| ,,f (hf, |.0,.|-  is iciluced.    It
en!:    leipiius  (he  Mihjcction  of   the  Iiy-
.('.���i'.'i (oiiipoiinrl  (o Mich heal as would
I"   -iipplie.l   by   lhe iiiih-ilriiux  lavas  in
a 'In,.1 ciiiiJiiioii  (r, disengage sloriiii nnd
oi.'.r ^,'-es  in  ouoriiKMis <i'iaiilitios nnd
I" p.-idiKi   (.'inbilists fii'.-i/ioilioiiale lo (he
1   '-*u,e .-ind  the  -tii'iigib  of  die  inelos-
'-,-'   "'.1 ''���       If. ,\vhilc ilns  piucii.s  is gong   '.:>,   u.iler  in   Inire  ipi.-miiiies  gains
,i"i"-- m the Mirf.Ki. <,f \\���. |,(.;,|,.(| mass,
sc.l'i'il .-if,.ui   iri'gbl   lake   pirn...   nnd   die
i.ei'ji. or '-',(���(-  rbi.tiiaii  die eiiilor   woilld
I"'   I. .'.i-ioi.'iii.i    oin- ked       Wlien   n(   |!i,(
(!,"  r"-cimi il ilul   f'iKi- l.ni'N  lhe  newly
fuiii"!   einst     this   ii ml   olher   oh-l.-K lev
would   be  speidily   iciuoicl   by   (lie   ir"
nieiKioii-i   violence   or   the   I.Iiiki,   in,,I   n.e
��� iile-'. of ibe eiiiier might'either be blm- n
(iv..iy or fall into the seedling |uva.    Spell
api.ears p> lime |,< r.u i|,��� umkiiig of die
fr.nl    and   >-.|f   dc'<4iriii live   erupdon    (,f
K'rai-atoa."���I'all   Mall (..,-/.<.|,e.
Omens r   Moi.soxs   IIaxi.-   Bi-ociv,   Ki:vi;i.-
stoki:, U. t'.
.Money lo loan.
Olllcesi Uevolstoke, 13. 0,; Fori Steele, li. C,
Guo, S. .McOautkii, J. A. IIakvuv,
Hevelstoke, li. C. l'"ori Sleele, 13, C.
W. OliOSR, JI. D.
HUHCiUflN TO Tin-: C.  P. I!., CITY llliALTil
OHicc: Tnylor Block, JMnckiMixiL1 Avenue.
���11/5 ffl (fi <si i-j^o-
Gold,   Silver,  Lea-cl,  and
Copper Ores
w. pslTsw~mevet,
l'\ G. S., lOle.
Assay Olllcec and Melalliii-glcal Works,
VAiVCOUVKIt, 11. 0.
'     Sampling Works, 717-71!) Pender Si reel.. ��
1- preinired   In   pur. base   the   above    classes
ol   ores for ll>.   following   1'nglish  bouses
whom lie, nr, .csenl-, \ V/..:
Viii.ui .Si H<i.\i, Hwanseii.  JOIliolts'Alelal Co.
Ltd.,  U'.iT.vporl,   Soul li   Wales,   Smellers,
Ile.'lli I-.-, nesilveririoi's, Maniifiieltirer-.
Cli3c)'ing   smoltar    pulj-ts   a   spocialty
For 19QV   ,
Will soon be out,
���The Kootenay Mail,
'.MtllE    AND   AVKMi    LIGHTED
,       ^SA.MI'I.B POOAIS.   Heated by
���j'Kfr.i'^jfoV , '   ^^-hot air iind electric bells  and
 . li(,-h( in every room.' Free bus meets all
Ira ins.
/] ^\'SST~a tf^%   ���^1"'}) O    //\\             ,   p-s^ONA3L3  RATES.
\tl     1 ft        n                (         ))' T^ t    -A-A Ni,''lli' f*1'111 '���-"'nu'ineonneetionfortlic
VW      1   V^ \.�� ?    1      U r   N     % '""^'"V"11''.-", K����''ts airivingand At-
<iJ      U ^s=��y       U       ^=zy    U     ,& U D      U paituigliynighi trains.    Uoiirlv street
ear between hotel nnd -.tiilion.
Notaries Public and Conveyancers
Drayiiil,' and deli\ eriii^ a specialty.
Teams always ready ill shortest
notice. Coiiti.'iols for johhin"
taken.    A-rmd   for   li. 0. Oil Co.
Sole Agents Smeller Townsite .'..Fire Insurance Money to Loan
run  . c.-ti
im 11,en (,
y.'K le-p b.   t'.r e  ni Ik  ||,.T|   Ali. fb urge A.
|!"|. ��� '��� ,   i," i'.a '. r .ii nr i in plo,, nnd  (mm
V- 'bil'  I.i   i.oiindio il', lo r:.ii> ,el miy I'lisi-
'��� i . ./i.i i 'Hiic or on ' ii ��� brli.il.'.
I'     'd I Iii- -''.III '.'.i.v of ll eeinlii r, Irilfl.
K'l HI N'AV   I t  MIlKII   CO,  I,'I 11.  I,y,
.''/;('-' .     . JlKWn f��� JJ0-.T0CK, l-'ri'-jiilcnt,
Purveyor of I 1 i'l*li~ci;iss Mcats
All orders in eiir line -viil he |irom|il,ly
attonded to.
Q-*0<K><K>0-0-0-0 -Q-G-O C-Oh^-O^^O-CHD-OO-O-O- O
Newly Built.
Lighted by Electricity
Bed  Rranrls of
V/ines, Ljc|uors and
6<K>0-<>0<KXK>-^^ V
.'   /
Jfcross the lone floor of (he ia-.!cs= ni-ht
Onv came to a .loci- that ��a, fni-rcj c:'i Ii-!,t
A-^bjiiau-r,  a-skar, thresh b-d.oiiing chin!:
As -Mill binp'* Mill beam, a, uhh t.,,vr's blink,
Aiidi-oi-c. the sued their -.Inine to win,
'yum milk .in.j mem ol the \u'!tf S!,���t -n
And lied ihe fj.ir ii> menace l.oie ,
Willi ihiouiliii-f of shadow c-ieunoi-e.     '
So out'of the dark as it breathe,] its dread,
Hmll cning E11C knocked v.iili :, hope ill sped,
"or   gum and .-i.-:ik, th-t poital wide
*���- -"����� _J'j""J'** ���oueli moLkcJ and  her prayer de-
Tli(-n sicl. at lie;i.l, that found not grace,     '
- ..lie turned lier aaain and night lo face
As ..'Hoi  turns on ?\vi'fi fuoi foe-;
And, lo! the clcai  ea-i all climbing rose.
���.Line lljilow in Athenaeum.
S A Conner's
ress If
A Tjidy Ki.terlaini-.l Him Unawares,
but Did Not Care lo  Visit Him '
aud Uis'lVilo AlturwarJ.
trembled like a leaf cud dared say noth-
"Will you hold vr.i-r tongue?"' he'demanded.
���'Indeed, indeed I will," 1 ciied. "I will
say no word to any one."
"You can help mo," ,'ie grimly^reinark-
ed.   "Is tbere no (jiiicklime ou the farm'/"'
"I think so."' I  icplii d.
*J hen feieli me some- as soon as vou
1 returned lo the f."jrm yard, found
wiiat was required and brought it in .-.
basket, lie shook it over* the clothes that
he had placed in the pit_
"Vou'nnUcr.staiid thai .vou have helped
mer" ho said, -if t Ir.,,PL. , clothes are
found, you are re&ponsiia .e, and you will
have to answer any inu jirios the police
may make."
Shotildeimg the spade, he trudged into
tiie bouse.
. *-   '   ,1 �����-,- r-
K ->
I .
Copijrifjld, 1SC0, hi/ Beatrice F. Craxivcll
at ^
I thought my. cousin, Annie /tigwoll,
would have, made me more welcome when
I came to stay with her at her Dartmoor
farm. I Iind been ill; c-hiingeof air was
recommended, so ,1 offered myself to' my
cousin, *n thai fashionable nianiiei-. as a
��� "liayiug guest," iind I must admit; that
, after a lf.-ig, hilly drive'to Brac-kworthy
I thought, be surely would be glad of society in so-delated 'a spot.
Butcher .-elconie was not of the hearty
kind   I   exacted   from   a   west  country
woman.   Sl.e greeted me without eiithii-
���>,        siasni.   I observed that wo. were alinost
strangers to one another, and she made
,     no  professions  of wishing  we  might  r>
better acquainted. ...
' , ���   "You'll, iind   us   very' dull   and   Jooely
bore, I'lorrie," sho said. "You won't want
,.   to stay long.','   , '
.. ' During'the days that followed she often
^sked me if I were,not getting tired of-
the place.'in a style suggesting that5 she
would not be sorry if I |crt. One morning she observed to me: "I am expecting
a visitor hero, b'lorrie. K0 in ay come any
day, I'm not sure of a particular time. It
���it is a gentleman who is coming .to see
the farm. You know 1 am selling the
place...'I intend going to America."
It was the first time I had hoard of any
��� , of her plans, and I observed with what
difficulty she now spoke of them. ��� '='
' ; One morning, a few days afterward,
she said she must drive into the town for
business and would be absent all dav. <I
might be lonely, added she. Would I not
come with, her'.'    ,      e     , '
"Oh, I've plenty to amuse myself with,"
I answered.   -I, shan't feel dull, and who'
\ knows?���your' possible   purchaser    may-
,    (urn up, and  I  can show him '.the farm.
What's his name, in case he should turn"
upV" said J, just to tease her.   .
"*llis liiimeV   Hartland," she answered,
in' a suppressed tone. '
1   watched   her  dtive  away,, our maid
' beside  her.    Kliza   could   not ��� understand
I was staying at home for my own pleas-"
lire and tried lo cater for my amusement
before she left. ,   ,
'���One   o"   they   convicts   from. Prince's'.
Town's escaped," she saidoto me.'when'
Annie  was  out  of  the  way.'    " 'Tis   all
"'     bete in 'the.paper.   I'll leave'it for you lo
lead, since ^you're not able to come'with
' us, -Miss  Florrie..'
She thrust a dirty local paper' some
two clays old, into my hand, and thou
ran after Annie, who was calling her.     .
After thoy  left  1  road  the account of
the  convict's escape   with   no   pariieiilar
inteiest.   It was written in a sensational
stylo,   giving   a   graphic   descviption   of
lhe   man,   Jim   I'hipps.. who   was   under
sentence  of  ���>.*"> years   for  manslaughter
, under such  doubtful  citw.tns.taiiees  that
it seemed almost like murder.
Later in the morning some one opened
,   the gate.   I saw a tall, good looking man.
clean shaved, with something in  bis appearance that suggested an actor���I kuow
not  why���carrying a   knapsack  over  his
shoulders. ��� i
���    "Miss   Itigwoll, at,"homeV".-'he   asked.
when I opened the door.
,  ���"Xo.   My cousin has gono'to Ashliiirton
' find won't be home till late."'   Then suddenly remembering  who. this must  lie.   I
added, "Are yo.u not Mr. IIiu tlandV   We
������,(-'i"C expecting yon". ..My cousin   was so
sure you'would not come while she was
away.   But I can show you (he,farm." .
I'offered to dispose of his knapsack, but
,   lie would nut part with it.   All my. impoi>
tunities only served to mako him' slip  it
from   his shoulders,   lay  it  on   the  ir.blc
nnd   loan one elbow on  it,  while ho aie
the   luncheon   I   had., prepared   Tor   him.
Had Dartmoor the effect of making peo-
,ple taciturn"' thought I.
"I'm sure you must bo busy,," ho presently   said.    "Don't ,let   me   hinder  you.
I'll taken walk round the farm and liave
, a look at the place."
Evidently he, did not care for my society. I reflected, lie was very willing to
leave me. Some men would have invited
me for a stroll, or have staid to' etiter-
liiin tne since he, know I was alone. Mr.
Usui land's behavior did not prepossess
me in his favor.
I finished rmno' letters, made some domestic prep.-.nil ions and (hen thought of
looking for my guest.
Out of (he back door I glanced over
the inoeiv whore no tree or obstruction
hindered the- view for miles. I saw Mr.
Hartland about a quart or of a mile from
the house,' where a brawling stream
(lushed down the hill. But what was lie
' doing'.' Evidently'he had found a spade,
for he scorned to be digging a big pit
where the soil near the stream was soft
ttnd deep. What am extraordinary performance!
I crept up to him, .stop by step, my
footfalls making no sound on the soft
turf. lie tioithe'r hoard nor'saw my approach.
The  Inseparable  knapsack   was  beside
him open, and it did not take long to discover   that   .Mr.-  llarllnml   was   burying
something.   It was a convict's diessl   ""'
stranger was no man of business, but
escaped criminal!
In an instant I remembered'tho newspaper dcsciiptioii. Jim I'hipps was tall,
���*mhHnni-(lpmati"r.v"*T1'(7'*o!iTiiii((' and a man
i of good education. An iiivuliiiitaiy exclamation escaped me. The man turned
found and saw me there. Never have I
sieli anything like the e.spiessiuu of his
"What brought  yon  here'.'"  he  fieicely
cried, seizing me by (he v. list.
"1 came lo see--to ���<(,"��� | g."sped.
"What   I   was  doing.    Pal.il  einiosify.
of emu so.   The cur-e of  nmilier  I've  is
on all  j on  women."
Was |( fatal cm iosityV   Would he mur-
ficr me aud \vvx mo wlu lIjc cl'.ibosv  i
I shall never r.irge, th ��� strange honor
ol I hat altornooii. r_ sa ��� pretending lo
work; my visitor de'-eii ever a niag.muo
ui tho back ol the ;.;ui0l'. We made no
attempt to convei.- f. X< w .������] ,i;en he
looi-ed up, usually \vhe;i t .ie dock stitick.
I llinil- he found the rim e as long as I
did. Iln, dangei. was not vet pas.-ed; lie
must have chu'.pd ar th,- .am.-bine of the
long summer day. Wires u sounded on
the road at I /j,*.
"w'n'"1,'''n 's <"0I"lil1" bank," siiid I.
Noll, .-/on \i,ow ���-|���, I am," replied
my coinpanif ,���, without moving. "Go
and toll ho-; .\jr. Hartland is-Miero." , ,
I Wont i-AU, dn. j,;,^;,;., :nid (old'Annie, h"hi- hi.0l,u. sua'.M'dfi aught the "wall
W-ith hor hand. I could n. >t comprehend
her -ij-I' .uion. '    i,
"Ilc.e. and I iiivny!" she  cried.
' "*���  guessed rightly thai he  might come,"
1   t-aid.     "Do   you   Know   hi.ui   by  sight,
A nnieV"
"Of course I do."   *
Then ��� she would know this, jiian was
not Hartland. I wondered why he had
had I he audacity to stay.       , p
But Annie,had entered tin- parlor and
greeted the uiai^with three vi-ords.
"You are come," she t<iid.
"I have come," ho aiiswe ,-od, adding-*
and I  thought'ho<-lnoked s'jgnilie.intly at
me as he spoke���"your coosin h.-Ls taken
, good care of mo."       ( '
I don't know what Annie replied. She
soon left the room, and' Mr. Ilarthmd
followed her. ,rlf,Iie hart -one with the intention-of iiitirdori'ig her, I had no power
to stop him.' .My, mvves were utterlv,
shaken. Whether she was gone a long
or short time I could ������t Sav. but Annie
came hack alone"
' ^'Where's Mr. Hart land?"  I said.
lie lert." she care |essly replied.
Ihe overstrain  w,'.,s too much  for me,
nnd I burst into tc/.i-s.
"It has been so 1. mo'ly." I sobbed iu excuse;' "and I don't ijice strangers."
<��� Annie was very kind-kinder than I
had yet known b er���and when I went to
bed silt camo 1|n(, -j,.,,,,^,,. 1)K.'nl���iied
cider. I drank the stuff, but I' did not
like it. It taa-jcd funny, and. though I
slept, it was with feverish dreams.. and
presently I a. ��-0ke' hot' and restless and
could sleep n'j more.   . '
A fiinnhotise stirs early.'but the sounds
that mori.iujj seemed earlier than 'usual.
I rose ai-,<l looked, out of-my" window. It'
was nei'ilir r-dark nor dawn, and on the
road belov,. stoo'd a cart and horse. '
--iwo p(-;01,|e left the farm. ' I wntotr-d
Mietn wt,into' iho cart, and drive away,
.tr.oy W'..re Annie and Mr. Ilarlland.
3foe.. Hum IS months after I liad lei ir
i.r/rel worthy, I heard from my cousin
A an e, then in America:-"'      , , |, I
ps.u- I-'ioirie���I   nnd   my   Inisliand   feel   lliat   we
o-'ao -on tome i^phina'-ion  for un afT.ni-  vou c.in-
inot    h.ne    "oiiotlen.      The    man    m'hosc' c-oniiot
Wolhes   you. helped   (o   hury   was   mv   liuih.md.
.Vciei   mind   ahout   his.  so   railed   dinie.     In   mi-
eyes I.e  is innocent,   lor neier was ,i  man   killed
who  deserved   death   more   than   lie   who   met   liii
death   at   my   Inu-band's   hands.     When   I   knew
���iim's 'suiilenre.  I  took  Ilrackwoitln- f.irni on |iiu-
pose,  if |ios-=ihle,, to lil.'p him.    Our mariiage In-
ln-jr scri-et. I was (he hctter ahle to d.i  this.   Other
clothes  were   placed   i.-iere  Jim  coiild   find  them
on  the moor, ,,i hiding  pl.ice pioiidcrl''at   Ilrack-
worihy wheittiui   he should  he able to   Kct there.
Jho ictl j on know.     I-;,, jo,, mv inhos'jitalitv.    I
Had no lliouglils while xou weie with i'i v ��:ee for
Jim.    I'i.iy  roi-fjivc hiij also the fii-ht   ie e.-iused
���on.    It urn necessary Tor his s.ifety lo i ���r.imi-Jai��
you into  wlenoe.    Con.e and see  us  liei.-t-   where
we are s:u?j and happ.i. a���d we will'promise  lou
n warm welcome.
I Avafi glad to learn the truth o'" that
trying experience, but I have not eared
to aviu'I myselt of Cousin Annie's invila-
tiorf.  o
Cele=te Mogador. who, under Louis
Philippe, was the reigning belle of the
public dance halls, has' applied to the
French government for a pension. She
is now 73 yerfrs of age.
Mrs. Ilerrman Oelrichs could place herself at the head of a cooking school. She
is really a practical cook besides being an
adept, in the art of .preserving and canning fruit and making pickles. ''
' Mine. Limousin, the adventuress whose
quarrel over a silk dress led to lhe discovery of the sales of decorations by
President Grevy's son-in-law Wilson and
the resignation of the president, is dead.
Mrs. Fannie Na.st Gamble, daughter of
the   late  William   N.T-t,   founder  of, the
German  Methodist   Episcopal  church  in
America,    has   endowed    the    "William
Nasi chair of theology" in  the German
Wallace college.
Mrs. Cooper Hewitt -.-.uuld be iinriral-
,ed if she adopted   vaudeville.     Her specialties aie skirt  dancing and  Salvation
Ainiy .songs.     She, is very  graceful  and
tuneful, with' chic enough to drive'tlie or-,
dinary soubiette to despair.
_Mr.--._W. J. Kixey, a member of the
.N'e'w York state execiitivo-'coinmittoo of
the King's Daughters of Missouri, was a
leader in the movement to' establish the
King's Daughters and Sons' Home For
Aged Women ih Mexico, Mo.
Mrs. Br.sscll Sago possesses great, executive ability and can easily manipulate
a deal in stocks and bonds. Mrs. Sage-
is a great, clubwoman, with a literary
turn (jf mind, and there is no d.mbt tha't
she would -peodily make hor marl; iii the
woild of loiters.
Mrs., Mary S. Lock wood, president of
the Interiia'tional Press union, has been
importuned so often to' jot 'down her
memories of people she has known and
happenings in the capital that she lias
.responded in a series of articles in The
National Tribune.
'Mrs. Sarah Terry of Philadelphia' has'
just celcbra'lod her one hundred and
eighth*birthday'. Her father fought in the
war of tiie Bevolufion. She spent several years of her younger life in Denmark
as companion of the" wife nf a former
Danish embassador to this couniry.
Mrs. Eliza 'Arehard Conner, a prnmi-,
TK'nt clilbwon-.iln of New York city, -is
liiMv on the isle of Jersey, where she is
convalescing from the illness "she suffered in Manila.' Sho is wriiirig a book
���in boV experiences in Manila and doing
occasional correspondence fur the American Press Association, 'for .which 'she
will'go to the Paris exposition next year.
Orders left at my
stables will have
speedy attention.
Newly Opened
' .   Newly Opened   ,
Furnished and Supplied
Goiisult a
L. A. SNOWMAN, Prop.
One who is willing-and canable,
and (\vh'o will interest himself
to the   extent   of makiny vour
printinii-   best   suited   to' v, ���.*���-
. .>
Artistic Printers
c Tom Reed's successor in congress has
rxwor learned to play cards.���St. Louis
Hopublic.   'i , , \ "���
The emperor of China has another funeral coming to him.���Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph. ''
If Ooin   Paul's  whiskers grew on   top
of his   head,   what   a   fool half player  he
' would make!���Kansas City  Independent.
Mr. Moody says Chicago doesn't need
reform. It will be useless after this'for
Mr. Moody lo ever run for ollice in New
York or St. Louis.���Chicago Times-Iler-
If'ex-President, Cleveland arrd (Jcnoial
Shaftor  both   take   the  lecture  pliilfuini
this  winter,   theie  will   not   lio'-'mncb   of
���it  left  for the other  fellows.���St;   Louis
- ��� Prince Alexis Karagoorgewitch is now
in this country for the purpose of pressing his'stiit. -YVlmo 'he is at it ho ought
to be roq'uiied to press out a few of the
wrinkles iu his name.���St. Louis Globe-
It wouldn't be surprising if the appearance of'^Irs. Liingtry's roininisconce-i
and her visit to this country coincided.
It might be just as well for her not tu
be in London at the time.���New York
Evening Sun.
America's, feat
Trans-Continental Route
i  ��� *.   i ��� ���
Quick Time!
Good Service!  '
Erst Class and Tourist Sleepers
Through        .   ,
From Oeean to Oeean!
Tickets Issui-d Through' and Baggage
Checked to Destination.
.    , Daily Trains
East,    , iUKVKLSTOKK     - "West
8.20 leave .i .   . leave 17.30
8,10 lenyo , arrive 1(5.15
The   Canadian   Pacific
��� * '   *'
Steamship., Co. 's
' .   .' STSAMSJI--5
Leave Ai-i-owlici��l ctnily for allI'points in Kocl.
cimy, making uoiuiccLion Nakusk for ii 1
Iioints on Kaku.sp & Slocan railway and
Slocan Lake.
Close connection al. llobson   for ""Nelson Ivoote-
nay Jjiike aiiTl  River points,-Trail,  Itoss-
__Jl.iiiil and all points in Bound a ry' Country.
For full   iiifonnutioii,'tickets,  maps, etc., cii?l
on or address    ,, ' '
Agent, Revelstoke.
vvho exercise yood taste, use���
appropriate type and newest ,
ideas, are h-w. To . this clas-;
wo. strive to belong". We do
printing for .some,, of the be.->t
business and professional men.
and   would  like   to   do vours. :
Tennj-Non mid n Critic.
Tennyson ,was e>-;,'ilinglv <-bnr.r'
throughout his !ifeqtJ- replying to n-ili'-
cism or clearing uj> obscurities in hii
works, but a letter of the poet shows that
on occasion he departed from his cu-.t��mi-
ru-y rule. The letter in (uieMion -w.-i.s .-id-
drossed to Mr. Kdward CampboM Ta.msli
in acknowledgment of a cop- -of bis
"Study of the Works <if Aided Tei-ny-
son." the fnllowiii!.' lines having 1 sen
cited by Mr. T.-iiiish as an instance ����
mechanical supoinaru alism:"
Tlioiiiili f.iintly, im-iTily.'f.-r ar.'l fur n-.vnv.
He licnnl Hip [ie.ili,i~ of his |..iih!i )\eV.H.'
Tennyson replied: "A friend of mine Imfrf
me I hat he h.-ul heard his own.parish bolts;
in lhe midst of an .���asjern desei t���not
knowing at the time it- -asSunday. Ile.-.e-
countod for it lo me lj,- stating that ihore
was a lingiug in, his 'ears which hi., oh;
associations molded imeous'eiouslv inn.
lhe sound ho hcaid., Therr is nothing
really supernatural, riiech.-.iiinillv or otherwise, in 'K. A.*'.' hearing bells, ihough
the author most prchably did inteiid the"
p-issngo to tell upon  the reader uiyslic-
I ivislit 'nt I'd of been here ivhen
My paw h�� ivas a boy;
They must of been excitement then���
When my paw was a hoy;
In echool he always took lhe prize.
He used to lick hoys tv.ice liis size;
I bet folks all had bulgin eyes
When my paw was a boy.
There was a lot of wonders done
When my paw was a lio.i;
How granpa must have loied his son,-
Whcn my paw was a bo\!
He'd git the ro.il and chop lhe wood
And thin!; up ciery ��ay he could       >
To alwais jist be sweet and good���
\\ hen my pjw was a boy.
Then everything was in lis place.
When my paw was a Uoy;
IIow lie could rjssle, Jump and race.
When my pjw was a boil
He never, neier disobeyed;
lie bc.it in every fjame lie p'aved;
Gee!    What a record they was made���
When my paw was a boy!
I vvisht 'at IM been here when
My paw he. was a he*'; ,
They'd never be his like .-1,-cn���'
I'iiw Was the moddle��� Isd.v.'
nut still last night I licardmy matr.
llJise up her voice and cell'my paw
Tlie worst fool that she ever saw��� J;
He. ought o( staid a boy. ' \\  '
y     '_       ���Chicago Tlmcs-HereM,
"Lot  loose the dogs of war"  may
have  to   be  changed   (o ."(.'inch   up
Missouri   mule"   if   modern   war's   most
sal ion I   factor  i.s  not   to  be  poetically  ignored.���St.'Louis Republic.
Hereafter the milifary'.-iftaohos of foreign powers will not be allowed to inspect the foi'tilie.'itiuiis of Ihis country.
Those works aro Undo Shut's strict iy
private   business.���New   York   Mail   and
The 'most important fealure of ihe
whole matter i.s the demonstration that
international disputes can be effectively
settled by arbitration oven after tho direct discussion has taken on ri hostile
tone.���Pitthburg Dispatch.
Philadelphia people are beginning to
ask one another. -Who is (his Dewey,
.anywayV"���Boston <*lnho.
. The bicycle i.s said to be losing some of
its popularity in Pittsburg. But.'on tho
other hand, golf i.s forging to the front,
so lot nobody speak lightly of u��.���Pittsburg Times.
- Chicago may not be the biggest1 hog
market in the world, but she can justly
claim to have a greater variety of "blind
pigs." and more of them, (hail .-my other
city in the world.���St. Louis Sim-.
New York i.s a glorious city"ui?irh patriotic city, and tho country is proud of
it. if the policemen there are uncivil and
the street car conductors rude to the
verge of savagery.���Kansas City Star.
The esteemed Memphis Commercial
Appeal is sure New York could not be
nn "American city" because of its imported name. So? Well, let it go: but
what of the city on the banks of P.ig
Muddy, that is named after the capital
of ancient Kgypt*. .Is it tin Kgyptian
town'/���Chattanooga Times.
Or to
Trav. Pass. AgenL,
Nelson. B.C.
E. .1. COYIjK,.
A. G. P. Agent,
Vancouver, H.C.
Kootenay Railway & -
Navigation Company
Operating Kaslo & Slocan Railwav,
Interniitloiiiil Navigation & Trading
Coin puny.
Henry James talks aa he writes���in epigram.
John Oliver riobbos (Mrs. Crnigiol is
said to be the clev'eresl musician (if all
living novelists. \
K. Marion Crawrmd says he thinks in
Italian and tianslaic.s inlo I-'nglisli. Upon this Lewi-, Cues, the critic, comments
Chai les II. Iloyt says it took him but
five days to write "A Texas Steer."
which proved lo be one of his most successful farces.
Tom Hall, the humorous writer in Life,
a few years ago signed his inline us l.ieti-'-
tenant ' Willihrop. U. S. A. He retired
from the rirmy to devote-himself to writing. During the Spanish.'.,'.wiii- lie waa
first lieutenant in the: rough riders.
Schedule of Time���Pacific Standard Timo
KlTueltve.Iunr- It),'Oil.
Kaslo & Slocan Railway
Passenger train for Sandon and way stations
leaves kaslo al 8 a.iii.j daily, ict.uniing, leaves
fcillldoii at 1.1.5 p.m., arriving al Kaslo H.,5.5  p.m.
International Navigation and Trading
Operating on Koolenny Lake and Itlvor.
S.S 1st. h.nationai, leaves Kaslo for Xelson
in ii ii.ni. iluny except Sunday; returning, leaves
Nelson' nl. I.Sfl p.m . culling at Ualfoiir. I ilot
H.V. Ainsworlli.rnd all way points; connects
with steiuncr Alberta, lo and from lionuorV
Kor.-y, Idaho; nl-o with S. K. & N*. train lo and
from Spokane, at ,',ive "Mile Point. "
S. S. Ai.ui'uva leaves Nelson ffor Honner's
I'errv. riie-.il.ivsnnd Siiiiirda.v.s at, 7 il.iii., nieeling steamer International from Kaslo ui, Pilol
Hay; reluming, leave* Jiouuor's Ferry nl 8 a.in.
Wednesdays and Sundays.
"CardO'Duncan Division
.Stoumoi' Intei'i (ilioiui! leaves ICuslo for Lardo
iiiMl Argon tn til H.I5 ii.ni., Wednesdays and
Steiinidi- Alberta leaves Kuilo for hiu'do and
Argcnta uL 8 p.m. Suiidiiys.
SteamorH call nt principal landings In both
directions, aud nl, other points when signalled.
rickets hold to nil points in Cminilii nnd the
united Sliites. ,
To in-certain rales and full Informal Ion.
�� I' ��� Miuniger, Kaslo, H. C.
Royal Mall Linsa. ~
Choapest Routo to tho Old Country.
HHA VKIl blNK-l'Vom .St. .John.
Lake Ontario   ���-!���;���      Dec. 27
MoiitroHo .Jiiii"."
Lake Superior ������'<()
D0.1IINION' LINK-I-'romlliilifav. '
ALLAN" J.INI'*-l"i'oni Ponlaiii
^I'lHscngciN tickelcd  llirougli   lo all
Dec. .'II
.In n. II
���'   '.'8
I Ice. 21
.lati. (I
piirts of
OrcHX IJiiUiin and li-oliiii'l..'iiid atspcciallv low
rates to all purls of the Kiiropenii contincnl,.
Apply lo iiciii-chL riiilwiiy.or steiiinsbi;i ngelit or
tO, :','..
T.  W. BRADSHAW.   Agoiit,  Rovolstolco^
He is a Wl
Who DoJ
.   S ecu re week I
y ��� ii - !i i'i'.'
; lc-:i ��� !���-
'1 i i      "ll""
a-i   ' I'i. I
c"l   .' '
AT OS I -Jletween thu (!, P. I:, hotel and
.JU Hoiirne Pros, store, small gold, hmoch,
sliiipc of four leaved,clover, jeweled. I'mrlcr
vyill hcrowiu'dcd by retiiriiliig lo the. ollice of
IhcU. P. 1.', hotel. - '30-2t /'
Tooth Powders
and. Washes.
," ��� Preparation.*; for cleaning
teeth are one'thing, especially
that care  should  be taken   in
' selecting. We keep a large
.variety   of   all   the   verv  best
' kinds, together with a beautuul
assortment of English and
French tooth  brushes and will
"   help you choose at
The Canada Drug [& Book Co.,
Revelstoke Station.   B.C.
'��� 'i
I!.   Pollock   returned' to'Califiitniii
to-day. ,
O. 1).   J lour iinived -in   Ki-vcKioke
this morning.
"      li. M. Sniytlie's stoic is now Iuealcd
near the Imperial iJ.inl*.   ,
Tliere will lie hut ten men recruit i ll
lioro for .Slriithcoiiii's JUango'rs. _.
The. ".Story nf ill" .Session" is. tui-
���ivoidalily omit Led from this issue.
Arllurr Calorcaine up from the C.
it \V. yoslerrlay lo spend a few clays.
H, .McPherson,' Trout- Lake Cit v,was
ivgi-Uered at the Central hotel, .Monday.
(J. .M. Field was in Golden last'week
on business returning (Sunday evening.
Tlie ladies of tlie Pi esbyterihn cliurcli
will give ,-i .social in the cliurch to-night.
A, 'consignment. of ' Hockey Hlicks
fi.vpectecl daily.-��� \V. JI. Lawieiicc;-,
Uaidvv'are. , o
The lirsL issue of tho Luidoa
JOitgle, "I'Vi-guson, is hilled to appear o
February 11. /    ,
Jlrs.A.N, Smith left for her old horn
.To'clear out a line of Hockey Skate.<
we will sell fifty paiis of Ecli'jse
Sktites for -jO cents a pair to air,-one
who will cutout this ad. and briij'-r j-,
to our store.���W. JI. Lawrence.      o
Ole.Suiulberg is out with a ohalloiK'e
to the clititiipion runner of tlie Rossland Ski club for a i-iice from Albert
Canyon, for any distance, more than 2.1
miles.     He has posted u forfeit of si 0(7.
Carpeiineis are at work making ex,
teiisive.'ilteriitions and improvements; to
the building known as the Edwards
hotel. It is understood that the Union
hotel license will be transferred to that
house:    .
IL Mai pole, accompanied by his sons
Dot and Richard, .Mr. C. "'Gardner
Johnson, an'd Mv \V. F. Bullon, left
Monday morning on a six weeks, lioli-
'day trip io soutliern California and
other parts of the states.���News 'Advertiser.
���,' Tf you warn to get fat drink, Long's
Dublin Stout and.ale, recommended by
the, medical profession. Orders left
with Mr. Piigeifs express or by mail
will have prompt attention. Goods
delivered fre-,._J. E.Long, lieu-lM-iko
���Station. '  ' 0
The Victoiia link \\;as opened' for
lhe fir.it time ibis winter .Monday niglit.
This event had been long waited for by
the lovers of skating, so that night
tliere was a large crowd of young people present, the ico vvas gM,d, the- City
U.ind furiiisliod music, and overybod'v
thoroughly enjoyed   iliemselv es.  "    ' ",
Just Received a Fine Lot of	
Skating Bals & Strap' Slippers
AVc have also on hand a lot of .Men's JJals suitable for sk-aiii"
\\ e make a Specially of Children's ami Infants Shoes.
>r ing your Skates along and have them fitted on Free ofChann
Revelstoke Store       f\            "T\ /3~"CT"
McCartyBlock    .  f~h. 8Vg j J
Next PostoSico
in JJanitoba, Monday.    'Her moth
seriously ill there.   .
WiiL'Toniliiison, 'jiigiiieof on ih
C. it \V. extension, came up from tlj
suulh Tuesday evoniiiir,
M. McHaereturned from the" La
de;iu this week, where -he, has"' bee
loeated since last spring.*
Olc .Sandberg and-'wife  cam
tered at the Centra
. J. S. Chile; inspector of0 ciistim|,
accompanied by Peter Grant, collccto'i*,,
ciune in. fromGo!deii''rJ,ucs(liiv..     ., J
j 'Chas'. .1. Aiiiiui has jusi iceeived ;i
very large and line pho'iogriinh   which
���c in be soon and 'heard 'at. lii's store.
- WANTED, by a lady; h.icl.eluis'
nianding to do Charges iiuxloiaU'.
Apply iit. Mail Oflico,    '  ���'       ,|i.tf
��� ' Dr. Cross was quite- ill for u few-
days" last week','Dr. JieKoclinio looking after his patients during that time.
\ -A, huge crowd should accoiiipauv
the hockey team to Rossland. J'he
��� C. P. R. is giving the round trip fur lining I e fine.
���P. R. Pettipiece and family aie now
located at Feigusou,   wheio Mr. Petti
' piece.has undertaken   the  publicum,.
. of the Eagle.
We have o'nly a few of our Gurripv'-
Art Scitvoiiif Heating Stoves i. [i :
these wo can s(>l| ;lt ;i ,\.,}.  ](nv  fj,_,lUl>
��� \V. .M. LawieiKi*. ,      ' ,/
The cutlers were out in  (���'.,'! ce   X\'<.\
no��day jfternooii. and had   a   pr.n;;.
game.     Very fair ice was found m t
river directly in the t ear of tile
hotel.    ' '-
^^ ~ tlie telogi,.;'"���
died   .'i.'t
ere  tr.r.   ll
���   '        Tlie Business Outlook.
!   'A well   informed   and' conservative
writer   in   a   western 'Ontai io    paper
speaks as follows of the   business   out
look for the present  year:���"There   is
good promise of   business   the   present
'year.being even more   profitable,    than
that of 1S99.     In  former   seasons   the
wholesale ti ado wore inclined   to   pur
chase cautiou'sly  fearing lest   a decline
in the markets  for   finished   pioducts,
either through a   developing   weakness
in the raw material or over-production
;ind ccinsecpieiit, sacrifice   in   values   of
liiiishrd goods .should break values   before stocks had moved   out  of  second,
hands,   which    would    necessarily    involve large'losses.    There   is   no 'such
difficulty to   he   contended   with    t.l
y-iar.    So far the wholesale as wol
the    ictail    trade,,  have     been     r
exercised over the difliculty in  gelling
gdods promptly delivered by "the.  mills
than thoy  have   Over   the "mutter   of
prices   being   maintained   at   curient
values.    No  weakness   i.s   al    pieseut
appaient,   in   the   -situation' for either
raw materials or manufactured   goods,
and   owing .to   the   large   purchasing
pywor-of-thor-fiiasscs-and , their   ability
lo tibsurb  stocks ,whioh   a   few   veins
>e   been   figured   on    as
surplus productions-there  pi onuses   to
he a ready outlet for most, of our. staple
products for the home.market.
��*��r*��f|i^^ir|��f|,^,&&&&$,&, ^W���?fl(^t*^ ffc^i-fo^i* ��*><&
f THE  "
p$j '
ImDepial Bank of Canadk
H. S
Capital, /authorized) $2,500,000.
Capital,''{paid up) ���    $2,311,03^.
HOWLAMD,  Pres.dc-nl.
R. MERR1TT,  Vice-President.
.    Watch for pur  Spring  Announcements, ��� '
shortly to appear  in  these' columns.    We
are now  busy  stock  taking-and   handing      ��
out our ��� '      1.
"*~      -
���. 4*
�� -f
D.  R. WfLKiP:,  Gonaral  h/ianaffer.
A general .banking business transacted.���7 Letters of credit issued,
-ivaila .ole in -nil parts'of the*, world.���Gold dust and amalgam
purch. i^ed.��� Savings    Department-.     Interest    allowed    ^t
,   current rate. ... j
A. R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch
fueorpc'i.iti".'  l"Vii-ct of I'.u li.iniont I.S.'j.j.
HEAD iJl-i-iL
'XX'll .  .Mi)," SON-'-J \C I'llKIt.
- I''.   \\Ti/].i*i:i;i,;'.\
PAD.) ���[,-.{> CAPITAL
A "jerajr il li,ujKin;r la.;-,"!!'.'-.-. Ii":ii.-.h te.l.
J. D. MC/LSON, ManpiTOi'. '. ���
ny,  Pre-.       S.tII.  Kwi.vci, Vice-Pies.
.* 'i muiAri, Goneral .Manager
'        -    ' - ' $2,000,000
,     - - 1,500,000
I uli-rc I allowed on (Iciio.-its jil ciirrcnL r.lc.s.
\% B. 0.
B. E.'DREW, Manager. . '
Hi.'ing uiiiihle to surniise our pa Irons needs wo can onlv ilemise a f'evv of our
many special linos from which conclusions may lie drawn as 10 this store Iieintf
in the swim and that its prices aro right. Ourn'divss .goods are all wool and at
prices which are oliimes charged for shoddy good.-*.
'     48 inch all wool worsted suitings $8.25 suit for $6:50
'   ���    "_ "_   ,   Berigaline   -" 8.00       "        5.50
60 inch all linen table damask 50c. now 35c.
plain sheeting     -       - -*oc.
twill "    '       - 35c.
1 pair-Huckaback towels 35c.
1    '19 inchllii-fcn'roller towelling'   10c.
'���   .   i pair'(5 .yards) lace curtains $1.50
1    ,"   (7 yards)    " "    ,   $1.50
These   Prices   are   "Worthy -, of-
0  25c-
"      2/^C.      .
" 7}4c.
'���'' $1.00 ���
'    $1.00'
Your  Attention.
Now going on1 at
Ill llio .''-Into of Donald Jloi-rismi deceased.
-      >,  1.
Notice is hereby uiveii lliitl all iieimuis liiiviiifj
claims ,-i^aiiisi, (.he ust.ituof Donald Morrison
Inlo of Trout l.:iku City, 1), ('.. Kreo Miner, who
died on or iibonl Hie llltli Kubniiiry, lSSIS, neiir
Trout Luke City, inlcslnto. arc ruiiuircd to send
tO'lliu undersigned on or before llio lirst Kebru-
nry, Iflilti.'iit Kcvelslolce, full ii.irtieulurs of such
claims duly verilied, and tliiil'allei'MUddiile the
undci'.siKncd .will proceed to distribute llio
estate of (he snid deceased iimoiur llioso of
whose cliiiuia lie shall then h.ave had notice,
And notice is also hereby given that sealed
lender* will be received by the' undersigned up
lill noon 011 the 1st Fcbru.ir.v.slllijll, lor the purchase of all the interest which lhe said Donald
Morrison had at Ihe lime of hisdeath in those
certain minora! claims known us I he '���North
Star" and "Mount, Royal" Mineral claims
situate on Silver Cup Mountain near Ferguson,
I". C, such interest beintfiiii undivided one-halt"
interest in said cli'.inis. * ,= .,
' Paled Ihis 2nd day of 'January, 1010.   '    ���
- -^Bia*n-0s and,
"  and
Repaired   w.
Lessons on tho Violin.
l''or Terms, etc.,-.
union --fiou'i,~��?:''   ' Jas. Taylor.
Street,' Revelstoke.
'      . ACT.
< I'-t.-i
\70TI('K i- .hereliy (.fiven th.-il in accnnliuico
.> wnh the stimirs. [iM I'mvinoial 1,'cv-
ciiiic lav and .ill |,i\cs levied under the .W
"���������.snieiiD Act are now due foi-the vc.u- lflO.1. All
the above imrned l.ixes (.-ollcctililo within the
Ltcvolstoko Division of West ICootennv Di-trict
are pnjnble at my ofliee. the court house, licv-
, A-sesv.-d lave- are collectible at the follow-
ins rales, vi:::
If iiaiil mi or b.'foro ihe  31lli duv of .Tune.
lO'-n :���
Threc-lifth-of on.- j.-e,- cent on real proiierlvf
I wo  .\nd  niii.>.|i,i|i   p(.r ,-oiit, on  the ,ls<^s<"'(l
I v.vl'.ie of viild I.i.i'l.
i    Ouo-li ill*oi'uni'i.i'r 1 cm ,,11 |)|,|>s.in.i| pmp.'.t' ���
1      On ~r, erne h of  lhe  in. nine  nj  alu ��� lU'i'~(in as
j o\*,'c��I.s   one   tho'i-oil   dollar-   11.6   fullowinir
, i.'.t. s.   _i..-,iii(.Iy,   .i��r,n   -'i,-h   c\cr.-s  i,f  iiK.oi'i-.. .,
,'  "vllPIU.irMiiii.i.   ;, ,1    ,!.,,.,,   : li.LIi li-n IhmisMll.l   I
I <!eii,.ii-. . nt- :w r ' cut : -,v hi-li ~u, |, ,. \,-(.^. ,,,  n. ,.,. I
f r. 11 tiir><;s.iii,| d')l!.irs .in'l not oioi-.i than ruciuv  .
1 Uion-.ori  ilolt-ir-, or..- aiid  one niiarlcr of ..iir- 1
i-i.;-  r-cn> :   H-!'..'i,   -".( h   ( v, (.^   i-over tiveniv '
'. imii-.i-irl noj.ar-. one .1:1 1  one li.ilf ot  one tier
! 'l..r,r. , J
I/'p.-."i .ill nr tft- r.l'i llii'v, I'l 11 ��� -
j      Koiir-fiftlis f.-f r.ne p. r e..|i! ',iuri-,i.l |iiv,',,.('W v    '
Tiin-e jiai cent, 011 tho ,i.v -sed nine of iv ihi
I   t'lj.ll.
j,    'Ilir-.-foi.rii's nf i.i,    )n r .'cm    on   ti. rj-Vj-i.il
1 nroj.Lrt j. 1 "
On -'. :eii' h   i.f  (i 1    Ii, i.,->i-  ie'  .invi'i : -1,11 n��
:.-.(-*     1,1,..   t'lr,-..-!., 1   ,l,,i'.i; .   (I,,,   (r.llnu-iiiir
n',;iK-'i     ir  ,-1   v- -;,   , -,  ,.���,   u-!,, n   1 j,,,
'-  II'.'  111.,:'-- |1..11|  !",  I'iui   ...1, trh.'l.lls. ,,������
IlS^',-1 ll''"l' nl nil'   !���("," Ill  ;    V mi >1 -.i;r h r<^- I
Js 1 \ t i- Ir.n 1 I.in,  ., |,r]    .hi" 11-   Ji,, I   iu.,'   nun i j
I'VCI.f   ihnll-.lll'l i!.M.,i   -   mil- nil I  r,|)'(..!i,L!f I
>'I, /������nl; win a -'i< ,'1 I.;,,.,, js-m,--,-'
v tlnnis ui'I 'l/il'.e-. unc.nt.l i||,,.( ...ii.u't.-rs I
].'-i'""i:l. "     '
i'ii' i.il  lev inn'
11. n f'Oi',':-n:R,
A~~'   -oi .i'.'i foil. 1 im;
t. I!. C . .I.i'.i'u,. ���, :;.')i. I.c'i, |i
Newly-built,.       First-clasR
cin   everv;'   respect.      All
modi-Til. V'oi:vo.nieiicns.  '
Laii,'e- sample rooms.    Fir
'l'foo^   safe./    Free 'bu
��� ncr.ts all trains.
or same inunafremeiil;
j^Ues1$i per day
Irlcc:ri.c .'j'S^^ULD-m^Jieated'
best supplied   bar
' ine.st
IfnliK    .11   ", li. n ". / ,-   ,, .in
l'id/1 nn 1 .
minion and Provineial
hmi Surveyors,    !
-iirvi joi'n ol Min' -, .\!lii"ntl I'In in is .Lift ("mwii
I, ui'I -/.
"8*- "'ri'-i    iir:lil.       Terms    Sirictl,v >
*,    cash.    Lcmo your order, ��
*>���> , ' ll
e CltV
-c, ii, C
j: tf
VA NVOrfKR,   II. ('.
; Cor. Front and Benson Streets, Revelstoke, Bva
\ rM "���-���
1 u U
,11 H
339 Hastings Sired, Vancouver,
Oinncli Store : Nslsuti, B,C,
B. C.
"^    -*
( >


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