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The Kootenay Mail Dec 30, 1899

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,  *���-
, ��� i ' '
���^ y#7<t
vVol. 6.���No. 40.
82.00 a Tear.
The   regular   meeting   of   the   City   c-.iii-ed Iiy   tin-   "iidevv.il!*   on   D >;i
Council was held List nigh!. Tlieie
wero present Aldermen Well-, Kilpat-
liek, "Brown, Gi'.'iliaiii, and Mclvechnie.
In the absence of,lhc Mayor, Alilerin'iin
McKeclmieocciipied "llie,; chair. The
session vv-.-is a short one, liille business
being transacled.'
A eominimicatjon vvas received from
the Board of Tiade relative to the completion of, a vvagon road (with hi idge
ncrnsthe Illecillewael)to Groelv Creek,
asking the Council to endorse the
memorial to the government, icconi-
meiiding the building of this toad. On
motion of Aid. Kilpat rick,'seconded by
Aid. Brown the C.uiiicifacreik'd lo the
James Mc.Mahon wrote complaining
of   the   obstruction    to   his, property
stic-el.    This was rei'erictl io III * public
A motion .approving the contr.u-l
with W.���A. Nettle for the erection i/f a
(ire hall was adopled and the Mayor
and City CleiU were instrticted to execute the contiact. As stated in la-*l
week's issue the amount of .Mr. Net 11 e'.-
I.eniler was ,$1,(5-11.Oil. The total ro-t ol
building when compleletl to he $182 ,.."i0.
The coiinc iadjourned lo meel to-day
n't 2 p.in. for the completion of tome
hn-.ine.-s which could nilUhe transacted
in the ab-ence (if the mayor.
The city clerk -announces his intention I o.t'.-ike summary measures regarding all those who have failed to pay
tax eh or license-, if the same me not
paid hy the end of next wee!:.
Mr. in id Mrs. H.'A. Brown art: ,
L A". Frelz'isat Vernon for a few-
days on business.
Frank    Libhy     vvas   a   P.evelstnke
-   -     ��        I   ��� I
visitor this W3CK.   ,
,'     T, L. llaig lift for a. tliroo   months''
trip to England .this moi-ning.      "    '
j   TbeDuniiuion P.o liament has   been
called,to meet on Fehurary 1st.
E. A. Kincaid and   \V. U. Pool left
foM-he^Xeltie L .yesterday morning.
��� The   Herald   speaks   of  "Sis" Clias.
Tuppcjr.       It   is   hoped   that   it   is, a
printer's error.
Hfvvitt. Uostock, M.P., was in town
Saturday, and left for the. south
country Sunday (norning.
.. J. D.'Grahiun will leive fur Victi ri t
next .Wednesday', and may go on to
At!in at oncei
II. J. and Mrs. Bourne spent'Christ-
mas in,the Slocan."   They  report   hav-
. ing,n very enjoyable..tri;:,i
During the absence of Magistrate.
Hai��   the   police   court  work   will  be
I iiken   bv" H. N. Coursier, Stipendiary
Magistrate. ' <  <���     '"
, Monday being New Years day the
S.ilv,-uion\-\.iiny will lm!d a special
meeting in their liall on Fiisl St. al
3 p.m.'
Tne, Salvation Army will conduct, a
' watch' night service in tin if hall on
'   Front. St.', cm Sunday  night stiirting'at,
II p.m.     All are invited.
Hewitt Bo-lock,was in town.Thiits-
dav night, coming up from the south,
tmhis way home. ,. J le met several of
his .supporters hero between trains.
"W. J. Dickey,   lias   been   appointed
'judge, of the court of Revision and  ap-
' peal will be held at the sou it house on
Wednesday Jan. 12. next at 10:30 a. m.
���  At   'the   services   at ' St.     Peter'-,
- Church   of   England, to-morrow, much
of the. Christmas music vvi'l be repeated
. and carols wiil be. sun;'  at ihe evening
"service."       ���    ,
II.' Samson  and   If.   Donnelly   lur.e
each , secured   a   limber   limit    across
the river  ah ive.   the 'mouth of tiie Jm
dan and there   i-   now   no danger of a
wood famine'lhis winier.
J. J. YumiL', of tiie, Calgary Herald,
staved over in lle.v e'.stoke Saturday -o
as to be pre-cnt at, the cmseiv ali-. e
meet in" in tlie. evening. He left for
his home. Sutidav  morning.
Ensign and Mrs. Cummins after a
short .slay in Kcvelstoke have receivid
orders to*f,u��>vell on Sunday, Jaiui.-iiy
7lli. Their next appointment as well
as their successors name- aie. not
known \e.t.       .   ��� s \
The'"members of the llevelstn'ce'
Rifle Company aie refpiestefl to turn
out and piaetice for tlie Mansion
House Fund concert on .Monday morning, January 1st at 11 a.m. at T-ip-
pimi's theatre. '     .'
.' Tlie three ex-mounted policemen
who volunteered for the Transvaal
from Rossland, spent a night, or two
in tcvvn this week. They left for Calgary T-iesday Tuesday morning where
they will enlist.
Tlie rural board of license comniis
"sinners are holding a uiee.iing in Tiout
Lake-City to day. Chief License Inspector MeR.io wciiUlown Friday and
Messrs Graham and Keneglian went
down this morning
The Hearld this week is issuing a
special Ferguson cditon. It i- ceilain-
ly a creditable, production. Tin; camp
is well wtittcn up, and tlie Feigusmi
merchants have not I een backward
with advertissng for this edition.
F. G. Finnici*. Tluw. Taylor and
otlier-s weie up from tlie soulli pint of
the division S it urd >y for i lie pin pu-o
of meeting Sii Charles Tuppe.r and attending lo tlie. consei vative meeting
that night. ���..'���.
Labor in Polities.
The labor unionists of Revelstoke ai e
numerous enough lo .ih-olulelv control
things polil ic.-tl in the city. Had they
taken Ihe trouble to regis t. r, in two
wards they could have'returned both
aldermen,i and there is no doubt they
could have, elected their candidate for
mayor, thus completely conl rolling
civic affairs. They missed Ihe oppoi-
t.unily li}- I'ailingilo regi-t"r.   , '
, H. now appe.ns that if the next provincial general elections, ai e, held on
Dominion patty lines,,the labor men
will have a candidate in the field for'
this lidiug. If i-uch should lie the case
there, will be.no danger of Ihe labor
candidate loosing his depo-it. If the
labor men'"of Ueyelstoke.'and district
will remain independent, keep clear of
both parlies-, .they will lie in a position
to dictate terms to any candidate or,
on the other hand lo yleit, theii own.
They are now building for the future,
[t remains wit h, them ' to build aright.
The .Mail has no hesitancy in siieal--
j.ing of tnis matter so plainly. "-Both old
parlies should recognize the fu'ct that
they have a new element to deal vvith
in the province and disti id., To ignore'
this fact is io invite def'-al. The work-
liiginen a re oi g.i.irziug, are   otgiiiized.
The Week's Happenings in the Local
., * ,
The attention of the niemb.irs of
most of the local lodges is taken tip
tin-week v-.iih pi cpnration* for iiir-t'al-
lations next,-.veel* and gel ting out ) he
annual i epoi is. ',
A J". AND A. 31.
The annual in-tallation'cei einonie- of
Ivi.oten.iy Lodge _Ni>. 15, A.F. .-ind A.M.
vv.-i-* held in t lie .Ma.-ollic Hall, Wedlies-
cl.iv* night, the anniversai y of Si. John.
The following officer.-   wire   in-tailed :
Immediate 1J..M., 11. J. Bniiriic ;'\V.
..M., J.'tJ. Cirlier': S.W.. Ch.i.-. llolten:
J.W., C. Schillei Flindl: I.O., II. Donnelly; Tiler. Cha--. Aivi.i.i ; S.D.', J.
.Mather: J.D.. Alex. McH.te: Stevviirils,
T. IJaii.J. Ail.in; Chaplain..]. \V. Vail.
At the com l'.i-ioii'of t he iii.-tal!a Lion
cji-emonie.- I lie bn th"rn adlourned to
the C'ehtral Hotel, vv bere,,lho illh annual liaiHpii-t was held. Covers wci e
laid for a large n'uinher of guests 'and
tin* bi-ethern did ample justice to all
(he good thing-* of the sea-*oii which
had been provided by mine host.Abra-
haiiison. The following lout list, was
gone through :
The Queen and'Craft ; The Army and
Navy, responded to Iiy T.'E. I;. Taylor:
Grand Lodge of B.C., C. II. Temple,
D.D.G..M.: Si-"ter lodges, \Y. Bio.'
Guerin1: ictiiing ofjicers of Kootenay
Lodge, \V. Bio.,11. J. Bourne : Omrers
elect, \V. Urn. J. G. Barbel ;, and Distressed Brelhern wherevei they might
Iv, propo-ed by G. S. Flindl, ,1.\V.:
not forgetting Mine lie.-!, win- received
in my eiiconiums from his guests for
th ' veiy, hand.-onie '""manner in which
th'ey had been entertifined.
Mu-*ic for the occasion was provided
by the Revel-ioko On best r.-i, and with
song.incl speech-making the brelhern
made inerty until the small hours of
til-' morning.
Selkirk Lodge failed' to bold its
regular ^ inee"ling Tuesday i;v--ning.
Still celehrat ing Chri.-linas. .
Revelstoke Lodge held a, special
meeting Wedui���d-ty evening, called to
consider a couple of applications.
t !
Organized Last Week.���Excellent. Prospects���Capital $1,000,000.00.
Last week Revelstoke saw tlie form-
ill ion o_f_a new mining company whicli
will in all piobabiHly have a   gieal   in-
(liieiice in mining m.-ilteisin Revcl.-stoke
and   the   Laideau.      It  is the Double
Kagle Gold .Mining  company, Limited,
capital   SI,(,'(10.000.      Last, Fiid.iy  saw
the .Mayhe. Old Saul, Trilby   ���iiiilY.tliei
intere.-ls transfericd to.-everal  gentle-
ii.en, and   immediately  al'tervv.ud   the
company was formed and the in I elects
(ransferied to the  company. , The  following  directorate  wji- elected:   .I..J,
Young, XV. 11. Pool, .J. D. (;i.ihai'ii, W.
M. lirowii,   I-\ \\". God-al, \V. F. Cochrane nnd1!Ceo. S. .McCai ler.       ',  ���
"VV-Or-'a/ci/Slr' 'Z/Z,  \SCS
^^-^/^-*^^**ir--t><V^"^'i-'3. "^^/^-Sr'^'c. "V2r<i.'vV^
t 5ir
it     il
Ait 'l?A^mi^4i!njB^
&^,^^SQ/ZS^^S&Sl��/?SC&/:& ^/^-^-^-'^tr^r^-Si^^-^V^'^,-^'^"^
'* 1 vva- di--gu-ted. Tui'per did .not f t i <��� -, e,i!,er -.va-- in 11:- 7,1th year, and
iii.ikea Mimlepw.poMtii-iiihatli-iiiliii.t !(!-'" for ne... ly half n r-enim y be had
di--pmve.    Topper mav b'e all light but ,' heen an act ive factor in th- publics nf.
ma y
we   .have   no   u-e   for   him   in Uiiti-h '
('o'ti-nlii.i.     I li.'iV','   vi'ted   coli-'M-A-aiiA e ]
lieieliifoie    hut    J      will   never   do   so"|
iiLMie."    The'-e   vv ei e t he .'ouim-iitt- on ' '���'' '��� '-' coiiip.ii at ivi  .
Sir   ( h'.rle-'  Sal... day   ..i-!.','-, -p'e. ( b,     ��ei ilin���M lie live polilic.tl   i-.sue.- of  lb.
d iy, and what lo- did^-.-iV
Presbyterian Church Notes-
and    tliev
a re
uuanizi'd   liiijreh-'  for
polil ii-.-i! pin po-es. I lc> will be a baltle
of, ballot-, in t hie, piovince and not, one
of bullets, wilh a \Varduei bull-pen
looming up I In ougli the smoke ri^iiiy-,
from ruined 'inbie-. Another reason
why thi- pa,!'"!' speaks so plainly on
Ihi.-Mihjeei i-that tlie Mam, believes
the vvoiking peo|de can ' be tru-led.
Thei e is gre.tlei danger in M'liding one
Dniis-iiiuir or Robertson to I he h-gi.-la-
turelhau tbeie is in sending a dozen
miners or l.i borers to tepre-ent labor
Encl of the' Centurv.
Ry I he-favor of a i evei end father of
ihe I'mnan ('.il In,lie cliurcli in thi.-citv
we are en,il.led loliv liefoi e our    le.id-
Carpenters commenced woi k finishing off the lowet floor of the I. O. O .F.
building. It will tie finished off for.tts'e
as. a hail,i rrnd a " s.ingi- "and dri-V-iog
rooms added. The lodges a 1 ready have
sufficient i urnit tire foi il. 11 vv ill make
a vol y comfortable hall, and v\ ill easily
seat lit 10 people. ,.   , ,
Rev c-l-loke Lodge 'L'iiui-day night,
receivid four applications for m''iiih:-i-
-hiji. The initiatory degre1!- -was confer) "d on one candidate.
, Selkiik and' Revel-loke Lodges will
have a joint installation on the evening
of .lanitai y -ll h. All Oddlellows at e invited lo at tend.
KNOUTS  Ol"   I'TTlllA**.      ,  ,
Gold Range Lodge i> making arrangements for in.-talling its oOicers
next Wednesday night. The installation ceiemonies will be followed by a
.-upper at the Union Hotel. ,
L. 0. L. No. 1(553   will 'hold a -pecial
meeting in I. 0. O. F. hall to-night.
Court, Ml. Degbie. on account of the
Chri-tiiias I'es-t ivit ie-, failed lo bold il-
regn'.ar nieeling .Monday night. ,
A  lei ler   from   Oi jani/.er  (><impbell,
Chri-tmas inoiiiing brought, good
cheer to "th'eMan-e" in Revehtoke.
when R"v. T. and .Mrs. .Menzie.- were
waited on by a delegation from the
Presbyterian Chinch who pict-cnled
them vvith a dinner set in'token of* the
kindly feelings that, prevail between
them. ,
- Two ' , Christmas Trees hung
with "presents .were ready . for
Snot a Clan-, who doe.-n't seem to
Jiuve experienced 'any lean years of
late. And despite his,'corpulency he
soo'n gave pre-ents* to all 1 he Sunday
.ichoi.l children making their lie.nl--
glad and wishing f'oraiiolher (-'hri.-tniiis
m the near future. ,
A New Yeai's night entertainment
will be given in the Pic-diyterian
Church. 'Lis to be all Scotch and interpreters will'be piovided for the uninitiated. Scolch song-, mu-ic, and
'reading-*, together with over (50 views
o! Scottish scenery and a lecture hy XV.
.M. Lawrence on Auld Scotia will,foi m
the evening's enlei la in men I. Admission 25 cents:
Last, but by no means least, was the"'
entertainment   given   in   the   Presbv-
(erian   Church,   Tuesday   evening,   to
wind   up  (.Ik*  Christmas   celebiat.ions.
The' chui cb was, lilled to overiiowiug by
old and young, who' were.   Ilea ted to a
iinicpie entei tainmi'iit.    The' first  part
of .which  consif-ted  of  a trip through
Africa by laiftcrn views, notable among
'.-> bicli was a v*U-n of   Cape Tovv'n and a
peii'ect'ciich' of  a^rainbow at, the Fall-
of Zaiiib'esi.    Mr. Law rence sup��rvi-ed
the   views   and   explained eveiything
Miss R. 1. ..(���liiinlnn, of Aiberni, 13.C.,'
vvas a gue-l at the Jlanse' ia-t week.
She has been million of the Indian
Home at Alb'iui for (hi past .-is: y,enrs
and is going on a vi.-it'to her pa'rents
in Ontario.
Everything Scotch .at the Presbyterian Church New Yiai's Night.
nigh; -, -
made by a prominent  and   well
con-eivative.   lie He continued:
who i.-now in the Bmindai y cnunl ry.
er- lb.il I'OHhhi.if the Umver-al Decree i'j, -..,.,... i,: t i-fc-^l i :r :^. lie s.i.vs tirand
if bis :Ioline-s P >j-e heo'-N-HL,   which [ r*-,,, !;<  i* ,-,   '��� bol t ov\ n:""    II.*   went   lo
declares Ihe i>n:l of the pre-enl veil   to \
be t he end of the   nineteen: li   i'cutjirv, ���
,1'-,..' ?
'hiver-al Deci e
i-- d.il.'d Noveu'.-
her Yd 1W. and is signed: "C. Ill-hop
of IVaene-Le Cud. iMazz'lla. Pel feet.
Sirred (longi egal ion of Rites,"' and
"D. P.mici, S"re! ary." The poi I ion of
the dec-iee referred lo is as follow,-:
"Since, moreover, at midnight of the
lasl d iy of D jCr'-.nber of the coming
year tlie present century u ii! con:e lo
an end, and a new one begin,'it i-- very ! i
appi oprint e I hat. t hanks    be   giv '
God by -nine pious   and   solemn
the coiir-e of the pre.-ent century, and
owing to the urgent iiece-siiy of til"
.time-, that gieaier f.iyoss be implop'd
in order to begin au-piciou-ly the new
era."-- Vict oi in Times.
itr>j.!!:i. many ol
-everal awaki uiii;
hitr-ls ol bilai i! v-
���Come, lets have
hour later a .-ai d
;b(. and " ilreamed a
I bem   in   I'.u l,   w il li
;s caused by I he out-,
I'i om below,f such 'is
a    drink."    Half   an
jig   v\ ii h '.'ii'comp.iui-
uient,   late:    on   a    whoop.    Ob,   how
plea-ant.    All   h.iving'a   good (?) t ime
and   celebr.it ing    Cliii-Lmas   in    good
style.    Thi-is a  hot   town.    Drinking
and gambling in full swing.    Thursday
ul nn ininxent looking  Swede  went.
i up again-l, the roulet I e  game and beat
c-'iV" { it lo the   extent   of ,$1,S()0 in  one day
r the benefit-*   received   during , .lll(1i lml(.h .��� t!,,. di-gu-i of  ihe gambler-, left fo.i Sookane  tli.it.  night.    My
Chi i-l ma- evidence - -o far consisted of
-illend.ince at a Chi Utuias  tree Friday
night, and   I nn't   a   tin key   Saturday
noon.    Will probably st tinible over another one lo-day.    Theie will be a mus-
qiK-radi* ball to-night  but don't think I
will attend it."
To Til". I'll U'-r lit- oi" W.vun Two :
Nelson's Mayor.
llav in ,��� li-on rc(*uo-.t.*'(l liv* a b.i-ire irnii'icr (if j
thu iit'eiMver-i to ~l:ui'l for to electim a-.il<lcr- \
in in for W anl No. ���>. 1 -ulicil a rcru vva, ot your j
c(i:ill'!ciiv.c iiinl .mi prop.in (1 to a-.v.iit ih" ilcci-, i
h'.on nl tl.o c-loctor-, on my )U-t rucoril. 1 -h.i'.l I
tn'vc nn curly opj-ortoriiiy io c-xj'lain m.v plui- i
foi in to .von. I    .        . .    ,.  . . -,-,.,
T.   "vV.   Cl.'-UTAM.     j timers  vote urAel-on, vv bile   I'letc-hei
 will look for, die   ���'Aw.tlouchei
John lion-ton and Frank Fletcher hot h
,��� xpeel lube mavoi ofXel-on next.year.
Houston   will have the labor and old���
vote.   Hou.-ton   i.-
ni.inner,   while   F
is a
1 il lllll   ill   -peech
etcher i- as oih
v'.'I'" li. r Ir-   i,*i'.i' ii-viiiT tli.it  M:   n.-nr-ro A. I F\ eiu h -ni dine.  Hnii-lou'iia.-plenty ol
Morivcll '- o"o loiiu-er in our I'liv.lm. .ni'l  fnnii ',.,,���. ., ,���   ||(]   (]ll       p(l(    |���.|i(.w.   j,,'(!,,.
Pais Litis li.i-iii) ii illuintv lo trui-.i. l-ir-.v -ni--* i       ...
ni >.-, .n i in-iiiiiiie or . n o'u-Ivcliiiif. , eftii ,iev  of   -ofl    won!-,   lo   turn   away
Il.iie.I t i.-'.'*>t'i'le.   ol" Pi'v'i"ii!.'.'r. l.-!0. I    , ,    ,,, "    ...   ,, ,    ,   ���      ���     ,    ,,
��� '  wi.itli.    I-|el( lier l-    Jn-I    tlie   opiio-ile,
lCO')Ti:S-\Y  IjfMilKi"!  CO., 1/i'D. LV. ,,������>��� ;n      : i a  , i-    ,'i  ,-
, anii vv ill conl dec I*    the truth   .-iiiylimi*
I Ml II.AMTrrP-:crK. i-ii-I.U-i.i.    i.1(���d��-i lo beat Ihe   game.     lie would
Effects of KcKiiilc-yism in U. S.
Do )"0u know���     >.
That it leqtiiies fifty per c< nf,. more
wheat Lo buv a slove ilia i it did in
"'96'? . '
rinitit requires twenty bushels moie
corn lo buy a wagon ilian in !i)(i?
That it 'lequiies one hundred per
cent, umre corn or wheat lo buy a topper ket lie than in !9G ?
That it .'requite- I vv ice. as niuch.'.'orn
Lo purchase a coil of rope as in '% !
That it'requites forty per ci'iit. more
coin to buy a plow than in   'LHi !
That it, lequiie-,' sev enly-ii vu per
cent, mure coin to buy a hoe, a rake,
or shovel, or .spatle, or boll than in '9(5?
" That, a set of common wheels cost,
#7.00 in 9G, and now cost %\��50?
That the .price of cultivators i.s
higher by S.L00 toy 1.00?
That galvanized haibod wiie couts
,troin sl.00 lo #1.50 a hundred pounds
mine I ban iu i'JG ?
Tli.it you pay 'forty per cent. ino:e
fur glass than in iKi ?
'That rales (jf fieight aie back to the
exoiliitani ligmes tit,it, caused t lie popular revolt in legislation a few \e.ir.s
That McKinloy prosperity comes
liigl), but tlie linsls and corpoiatinns
must have h '( ���Wichita Deinucriit.
sp,eei!i was a di-appoiulmeul to me as
vv ell a.s | he many ol bei- cou-i'i v.ui ves.'
What, ihe i epoi ler -aid, at.''yon .still a
lory? "No, iiy jocks I am not," replied
the speaker, ���'Satin day night, lisi'd
me." -     '
-  This is a fair example of,, Ihe way SirJ
Chai le.s Topper'.- speech   was   received
by t hose who,bad been   lu-  ��upnortei-
in I his'city.'   '-Jt,  was  ;\ higciowd bill
a   higgi-i'   di-'iippciiul iiient, lo   me," said
,-inolher   well    known   con--ei v al i ve   to'
the   M.\jr..     "What   hu.-ine���  has  Sii
Char lcs Tiippercoining to tbi.s province
and telling us what,we imu-t. do?    Tell
that.    I   have  alvvas   been   a conservative,  bill,   L   am   -**! I i.-ficil thai il i-. be-l
that things .-honld i eniain a-  lliey  are
iu   Briti-h   Colmnliia.    'We    want   no
pa: ly polit ic- here."
The above appears to be the concensus of Revelstoke opinion in reeard, lo
he '���peach Sir Writ les Tapper made in,'
the opera hou.se Saturday nig.lil.        *->
ThcMiper.i house was well lilled, about
1350 people present, and Ihe gatheiing
was the most, orderly one I he city has
s.een ina longtime. All the piomini-iii
conscyfalives of the disliicl were on
iho platform, conspicuous among the
push appealing Thos Taylor, mining
recoidei at'Trifnl, Lake Oily. , '    '
' Mr McLaughlin called Lite meeting lo
ou'er an 1 a-ked Charle.- Wll-nn,- the
newly chosen,Mo.-cs (if ( he R. 0. conservatives, to addi es-; the meeting.
Mr. "WiLon made a short address,
dealing principally wil h the questioii
of party polil ics ;ii jircivinr-ial, ailfair-,
and the Chines" que.-l ion. [Ie was unreservedly iu favor of llgliting I lie next
eampaigii in I his pi'nv ince on conserva-
I iee and libei.-ii line**. " '
Mr. ^N'il-on .-poke well, and made a
good impression more than can he said
of the gentleman who follow ed him. Sn
Chai les Topper.
. Sir Oh,u les gave the same old talk hill,is giv en in lialf a dozen plai.es lalely.
with about I he same efl'ei I. Our lend-
eis have seen i.-purls of these -pe. eht ���
in the daily pu-s, and it i.- usele-s lu
rcpi oduce hi-s-jieech bet e.    Above   wi
tlii- coi.niry.     Sir Chatle.-' -peecb was
| r-iiK ipiillv   devuled in a review, of  the
-pteiidid natural re-ource-  of  Canada.
i-Iy little to say con-
in   this  con-
(1 noted -c-v er.il co in men I son hi- -peecb.
and with reprint from the Katuloop-
Sentinel, vvhaL nay wilh pet ft ct
pinpriety apply to tnis address bei e.
The Sentinel savs;: Sir CllAHLKf*'
Tui'PEIt'a speech ln.-t Fnday evenii g
was li-tened tn w il h respectful attin-
tiou by a huge audience. Il was u r-
laiuly a 11*111:11 kable efl'orL for a niiiii i^f
his ,-idv aiu-ed years. IJul. bad it rot
been for the consideration due his
yeais.md standing-1 in pulilic life, we
fancy rompa rat ively \'v\v vvoui.l have
sat out hi- dis,,-iuir-e of neuly tw o
bom-. There was v ei y lit lie in v.'nit
he Mad to  say  cah ul.-it.ed   {,,   i i\ c-L  Ihe
.    . * , . I ll'l IC.i l io.'ls    ,.;,-     inn     .,li.      .>   il-Oi|    wil
ntleiiti.iii.or.-iiotiM' Ihe,  enlliu-i.i-m   of.   ),.,���[,, p;l,lv ���;,..;���!��� , iK. lifXl pmvj..
an audieni e, rip.li t   fioui   the  lact I Iia I, ' ( a!
leclio'i vvas, in c!).nacteii-tic vein,
irgrly ex iggei aled di'iiunciat ion of
; Ihe genei.-.l policy of the government
and sweeping a���i-itioii- that the government b id ob-erv.'-d no anle-'election
pledge- and had done nothing for the
(���.unit ry. Ktatenie.il - of thi- kind made
by Sir Chai le-'will c.-tirv very little
wi iglit with men at ill conv cr-a: t'
wilh public all'.iii s. There are well es-
slalilished facts to contradict almost
every charge made by Sir Chillies, and
in -"ti'b^cqueiil i-sp-'s we shall Compare
th--.se facts,wilh the ptaleinei.it- of the
opposition leader.      . <���
On Ih" subji'ct of  the   introduction of
p.ut.v lines  into Pionvicial politics, Sir
(,'harle- i xpro-sed mosL   decidyd views,
lie sin.ply slated that  Con-*ei vaties ill"
Kriljsh Coin in Ida had got, to fall in to line.
There must he noque-i ioning the wis���
dnm of the course. If the Con-ei vative
pin Iy weie to 11 gain control of afTaiis
al Ottawa they   muse I'i'.-t contiol the
local !"gi-lat m ep.cciiiseijnent lyall per���,
sons ifm.-t vote   in Provincial   elections
for ''Conservative  candidates' whether
t.hev liked themen or their policyor not.'
Sir Charles lias always  heun  an  advocate of coercion, and so it. whs not .sur-
prising Lo hear him  lay  down thevlaw,
in such blunt terms lor the guidance of
his followers in local politic-.  Wh"iher
'he will meet,   with   ready obedieh'ceH is
decidedly   doubtful.      Ih-itish   OohirY:-
b ins,   wlielber  Liberrls or Consyrva
t'ves. have so Tar shown   no   parlialil y
for  .-poon   fed   politics.    They  may be    '
willing to follow   mure   or  less blindly ,
t/ie   dictates   of  iheir  pait.y   chiefs  in , .
Fe h-ral pblitlrjs", but I hey }j.'i.vu'not been
hr. lined to   brook" inlej fer.ee ��� fvcin ll o
oiu-ide in their Piovmci.d affairs.    Sir
Oil, iries- Tup per. as leader of   the   Oni:-
servalivi' par ty in Canada, lias declared
thai Con-ei".-aLives in 131 ili.-h Colmnl ia .
inu-i in fuliov adhere-tr icily topaiiy
line- in provincial politic s.    Id  did net
-ay   tlirit.   .-uc-h   a   i ourse   vvas   to   he
adopled  in   th"   best   interests' of   ihe
Province.    His  argument   simply was
thai the Conservatives   want, to regain
ii'tice ai Ottawa and ;i-* a means to this
end they   inii-l,   Hr.-t  secr.i"  ci-ntrolof
the Provincial legi!.lati:res. Mr-. (Jh.-irh s
Wil-on. Q.C.. th : newly i lefled leadi*r     ,
���if till-' Pibvi::ci.\l   Conservative   party, ���
gave ui lei .incv to niucli the.-ai'ne view-,
I hough,   of  coui'sp.   did   not care, thus
early    in   his   cait'er.   to   u-e  language
quite so dictatorial as iliat of his federal
chief.    Mr. WiNnn must have no mean
opinion of   hi-   personal   capacity  for
h'jicb-r-hip. when he   nntlertak-   lo tell
the Con--i-i-Vativev 0f Rriij.-h  Cohiinbia
that henr-forth t'hey lle-y nm-t, so far
as   h-.r.i!   pol.tic.s   are  concerned,   diop
e<i-ling  paiiy  aiTili,u in:i3 .and   follow
him.    Judging by ih** cniimi.'uts c f ihe
C.i'i-ervalive pie'.��� of this Province the
indication-  ;i:e   ijrii   M:.   Wilso'u  will
Ebsr C. Smith.
Transvn-i!   Va:- Items;
wilh a
a great
hut as
Gum!    ic-okuiuns
rMii.n'cIuy. ���     ' ,
\v i:
lie  in oiu
make a -inoolh lei-ling oll'icer,liul, if
elec led,in,iy tin- Lord lmve ineicy on
Nelson;'   '���..-.       .,,.,'
W. Vickers, in couveisa' ion
M.MI. man, said that Pine
Atlin, bad cei lainly produced
ainoiint of gold, ami scvera
cieeks hud done neaily as well,
fin as woi kin"; in thai country with
shovel iind sluice box and making it
pay, that was practically a tiling of the
past. J-ine Creek is worked out, except for the. deep diggings, iind il v\ill
rr quiii* huge capita] to hv diaulic '( Ik*
cieek, which will now be netessary it it
produces iiuv gieal deal of gold heie-
;il'ler. The same thing .applies to other
ciei'ks as well as L'ine. 'i'hat is no
count i y for a pom inin now. .No one
should go in there now vv it hunt abundance- of capital behind him, as fiom
now on theie will be nothing but hydraulic propositions. Sir. Vickers
believes, however, that Atlin will \et
produce iniuiy uiiliiotis oi: the precious.
���A lei lei' I'i om   Grand !Vi ks d lling of
The Loudon Times cjjy-: Cc'ni'ral
Itob"! is iii���i~=i������-.! on having a ii ee hand
in.Vliii.i. 11; iMiiiioi lie blamed for
living to dis--'V!ate hi :i-eif f rum .1'wnr
ollice 11.at had not sm much as a m,-ip of
IhelL'hi the pt inter-, ate hav if
IChei <!. S,n!| h Tiiid I he C ittiul
(i'it:.cllc will be ml ei e-i ing lo the la bo
lllliuui-ts ol llevel-loke. ll will be t<
meiiibeied t hat Ihi-i-i he -,-i im Smith | Natal v.oith looking at in November,
that got into lionble w ith the print er.- | lb'.l), and which didn't know till laic
in Ito-sl,n:d when be vv a- lb,, piopiie- I hi- vear til it Ihe fort ifiealion-of Jo-
tor of the HecrJ o| (li.it c-ily. The
pi in 1 ei s are i mining a p ipoj in ojipo-i-
tinn I o I he ("i-'n.*; 7/c. Our i oi i e-poiuleiit
say.-: '-"The pi inter- were woiUing
ye-leiday getting out a p.q er. a roa-t,
of Flier (!., to appear today. Iti-so
warm I hut I fear 11 ouMe. hul the copy
goc- into the -tove. -le-i-t by-leet.as
fa-l asset. Look out for a-ample copy
whit h I vvill mail you. Artb'r-un ai.d
Murray are -I ill vvoiking loi Smilb.
but I lie boys expect their ( hart er an v
day now and think they will >-ooii
wind up I be light   then."
���-bin g a ml I'i "-(ii ia wci e amongst
-ir-Mige-t     in     ih-    world     a'nd
1   will:     the    be.-i    cannon,   im-
nn-e- (if ihe Rriti.-h
h m
ai in
ported u.'i.b'r   thi
J-'ive !vigl!-h ii'ibli'Mi'-n are now on
llielr w iy to th" -eat if war. ha\ iujr
voht-.t Mul r'.i. -ei vice after m-ws of
the l.i-l di- i-'.i'i'. i'h'-y aie the Duke
ot    M is I'-ioi oi'gh.    J-'nl    of     Warwick.
"h. Fa
irl of
The Chinese.
The   Mail   is
inimic.it imi f
i eply lo th'
Ciniie-e I,Hindi ies
in   ieeeipt   or a com
'��� t >n  the Sqii.u e,*' in
of   S. Niedham  ie
md   union -.vorkiiig-
fiiiKe   V.i lor  11'mili-i'p Si'i
1 )ihil"v  ne! L-iiu L- :i-d tie.
().'.!"i - hni'.: i:ie tr.im 1, Mldon direc-
inglbiit no mo.i* i.iv.il (l.-iiit hmenls
Jan lobe |>!,i< ed ri the lighting' line.
! 'J'h" naval man i- a li ii tier pl.-tnl to rear
, than til-.-  .-.ildier. and  our navy  is not
over-ni.limed jn-r now.
[     The m,in ot "tli" hour ju-t now   is h**
who can lid", -hoot -liaight .',nd rough
i!.     lit- only rivai i--  ihi- chap who can
lav a g'-u ->. toe  .-hell wil! hurst inches
I oil'.d i iie iii.il k.
iug   men.      \\ e
gpod    Cilll    comi
v ersa v as vv ii!   li
i- published.     Union
thi'ir   double-   inside the union room.
and not aii their gi iov.intc-  beioie an
unsyttiputhelic public,
cannot   see    how    any
f mm   sii'-h   a font i o-
i!   likely ai ise if I hi- let ler
men  should   tell
11 i - - d J
l.'d.f-   Citv   e
I i >'��� c u,���)',ii,;'
i: ri .i weli .Itnowii , Trout
:n ���.-. iii i-e ihe con.-orv.i-
��� for (l.i-  coi.'.stitijeiic-v at
Wl"     li"M
cei tiiieiy
the race,
elec lion.    JJe
being    well " and    carefully
-ind   prepared   otherwise for .:*:,
���'���',������ -PAh; isnKir'KvicRV',SA''i''in:iiAY:- Af
f ���.-''/ ���'   ,^REV*ELS'rOKS.'.B.C.,;';;!V,-   f'
f.- J\.:i:.:^;:'"''i!.vi;.v'rAMimKi,L,.; y'���'���),)-��� f'A,,
,f:'..������'.'.;���" /f Pi*!'I.ISlI*"I'  AXlVPliOl'KlKTOK. "���''.'
Subscription   Price,   $2.00, ; Per    Annum
'.-���'. \'','!.!..---'..\.,^i��**','sTHic'n.Y'.-ix'Ai'J.vAXCK-^fr"ji\^ - .���..;.'.'.���;
':';; ���';''.; :; : advertising :; itates. .������'.;
ddXTHACT ADVER'nSE'MEX'ES inserted at
the ratii'of;S1.5U per coliimn'iiicl) perniontli.:
' ���' r Kor spaces of .six column inches/orover ��1
:���;.../   jie.r.inch.per uiontlv A ;���-. ;A.A: A-v,-A :,���������,:���.:; .���'"....I...,,;;
.i'lRAXSIKXT AllVEKTisiiMICNTS 10c.��� ycr
.':'������-,. linc'tli-.st insertion, oc: per. line c-iic-h- siu'-se-
.���::-.'-'''v.nu,ciit-.iii.s'crtio'iv.~:V,.Tlio.:'.'nniiiwi-,;,--pr ; lines
': ,,: l-cc.l-oued.by'spr'c-e .occupied;. 1-' lines to tlio
;���,;;'���," inch.;;;.' <��� ,'f ��� /''..-f'/A'/ ;.f; ' a"���"/���';. \":-'.c ;,���';'!"���,���
��� Ascrtion,/ 'liilcss  coiit,i'ii(Stud;;forvi-y.;th''.;-.l()().;
j; A,:.:: .lines.;.;;, f A::/;..;/; 'AAAfA;;.//, '���":.. ')���-:f.f... .A.A/A.-'if-:,,
JOIVPUINTIXG ofeyery'khidatanost reason-,
.,-'���' -/able riilcs nnd sliort'csOiiolic^
J;; ..payable oil the fiyst of cvery-iiioiiUi:���������;������; -v.-���:
���'c6I'U^^^SP6NnK^"C^^>)n������.���li���i>'l���ilat'te'r.s���'of. local
'.':��� ': Aor public iiVtercstcnyiil'il and carefully epn--
'���'   I, sidered, 'All eoh)iniinieiit.ions,,to the jMlitor.;.
, .  -/liiiij-tfbe aeeouiiiaiiiei'l 'Ij.v  Uie . iiiiiae, ,61  tlie
;'ns nil evidence of good fiiilh.y-:y,yyyyyy^yy;
;     A A-vAddrcss'-,';^ //-'",''/;:''/;,;,/;; -y:':":'yy\y',';-: ;
f''AfAf'/AA/A/'/A/A/.A''-'  J..eVelslOl'e,, I'J'.'C..'
VA.K'intnf ���1,1'nc .flits 'iio;i'j, tlie sky '-,-.: ' ���''
,   ../Ai.-.id :l;t-' piuri'v -M.'i.^-iumv-, ' r' ;- V
A  living .fii-ni^.l'iL.lit  v. i,n_-c! and';sii**,
.;���'';��� Kiijoyinij it(S..-l'ii-!,.-('pl.iytinio.' :.'���;���"���,
Novv/.pi'rc-IHMl iij-'O'T.-in elder ��� spray'- ' ..,���',.
'���ifThat litm'is I,.;,:h':ii!i, il-' Ilfjlrlness,,';'���'/':������
/ll "iii-'e-:, unjof 1 jn.- ,,i(:\'-'y c};\y ; '.;" .������;'
;. A'sut't imci '.si),:'^-i. .bri^'li'iiess,       .....A
.,'And tV'futi "IsJitili;; Mirobliins.: llii-o.lt.' ��� ���;//"
;.,-' Comes,''-'Twit:'���,-,- twiltoi-, .twitU'r!'' .���"���-A,;
A A-svyci'i', .a; kwii'l,' .I'-sh-nilci'; note,';,''   .
-,..' ��� But .lievci-.i'orii-.f-liai's'bitter." ��� '\;'',���'���: '���'���..;���'���,.���
���  It is tliciS'o.it-o, ihiil tells '-of'-s-irin-j, ���'���;..'''.'.��� ���'
''������> ':;Ai, rosy, tliivvn 'initl'iiftci;; .; ;- -''AAA
������''.Tii'e.iui.sv:' blt'ic-hif'!'f::i|-(>i,:i!,- A '���'"������:C '-ip
.;  A .sonff'of ,lovi>:aii..l laughter:','.,'   ."',;,-;'.'",
I:���'��� if���' A������'���'::    '"'���:,,;���':.': ��� A.'.i.T.-Scliunjan.,,
���O   ���.,*."���:>:;,������:.-"  ������    ';.'   ;;'  ��� ''���#-, '-VV-'v,-,'; ; '."O
O ���'V-v-'WV-i    V -,. - r-s' m -, tr. r   t rT-.'4-i     O,
o       __         __
���o. ��� ;."". ���;���.. ���������-:���;.;''>,;r'.' ������������.���.;;,'...������,;;..:v' '::,iV^...',:;.'.'-:o ���,;
O.'-u;'.1;;,;.';,..':, ;';.;������.; ^h'TT";";^-. '������'���'..;'';:;/��������� .)������,'.:,.'.. ;o
'"2;.' Story of a GirlV-rVhoflllaUe 'a-HI is-", '���' ��
'O ���������������������.���.'-, ���      ;���  ..������,-���'��� ..���' ,. .������"���',��� ,   .-'��� -.-       ������'.'.    -     O
"o .,;���::'>'-��������� .'*-''-���'; ���.';^!il!'vr'^;>;:''.��i.vd
o���;-;'s':;v:. ^������a-.;:^./7s-.,^/-j;:-;:.".---^..^"...^��'
O' ���;'ii-;.":::vv,:   .;; ;;;'':.::,���',;.".;;'.:���;.. .;;;;;'.;:   ";;';;.-:.':',' O.
= ]iE\*;cijSTOivi%i;iji'i('j:;;::��i, -.-isss).}.;.
������,���-.;-.n; ;<-:���;,';���<?-.���',.;;,';.-. ���;��� !'������;:: . '���.���:';;;v ���;,v-"":^;;..-.'.--V
Sv'ou'll' .:.|.po:.o.
,';;;';^v Oi;tliii':;;':!!y:(.ijre^el.vli:
:;'.';; ''iife';foi .it.s'i'ppea.riiii'j'e: ;lhi-,;v>'eri^-uMi
V-'. i "is V-I'.d 6f:i;i' "i; 1 i.";"6 E;- ji tV\y. s;';,-1 ��� >Xv i 1 :f:!; i i i"��j ���';": -i^'M > f;. V' ������ < 1 i
;/���;':��� is;.''iibt.y^('.iii'ig'-.'.ii! ^lipoloejze,';;^>v"or: .,'a-".;b;ir
;|<;df;;;i.t)'!��  Tliis;.:-:is^.rl.ie;..'h.<.,��)-i>Jj��;\i'���'jrg.*-**!'|.^.^.'���������!--���.,
i",-v'v;!." t i i'rt fe'"- ���?* ��fi -""V' :,iJ *'r*''"V *T>?J>'���;""'"*��"' ,rf J^"- ^0"".��?;i'J.;yi:'* 'V* ? ?}"-- '.'.i'??-."?
5;:a;il;|;;pi'i ii lei's/an d.:c 11!! 11*rs. ftw i 11: i 11sis* tyi ij;
JX ^.:;S-';vS)A^-ai:id
iSj'ii': red trn's.i. ;S.-W.i,ri lo a.liiu'vi'i'ri) n'sjsipiiii I J'i)|i5;-:;
5;Z'Biologists (Iq^tlot".;;;a^yet.^aiip'.'iirj.p'-hayu;
?? '���: f c>ri ii (hit iiy Sii I is I'm c-t pi-y^ox p!:iiiiiti(ih;of ;the'
;;;V'lactv=;';iV;l''i'iMi;c;liI. iiiamiXiictiii'i'i*; .olxphotij;'
'.'';/.{-;r.i,|)lnc/.]iiii.tc''rii'ils;' professes:'" lei -li:i v.ti 'dis-..;
"rxcoveriMUyhitt? 1'illisVri:,<i';'by;;-novriioaris the ,'
",;'' -v pii ly,.!*'" i*ii'("m 1 it*i-.s"',-"F>'f ir, i.-l]'<>";";;ii i'i i"ii'.i..-i l|.-' ivi.'ii'i^cli'ri'ii"-'
^s.'/W.l'io'.:;!!^ ':'v;{;;;' ������+
"i ; ; ,:A" liii-rlc! lidinlic'i*. pi' li:iiiilH;ivrt* emiiloyeciv.
:y;;iii it he uimiinfactory,l; bulh _ iiiii!e:.;iii,Hi;;.l'e-,;
'^mnJL'.;;^ !l;'x';''iUl''rt0>
''.���dK'cfi.pw-forliieii jit ,i;oom s,to: vvhicliitll tlie'i
;;;: lisht, tlntf: ''\yii's:r.-i(liiiiifr(,'(l?';,c.'iiiic!:: iliroiiirh:;:
': P'i'iiesiif'red gliiss.';; .Mhrilly^a/diiy ;|);jsseil ;'
[*"* without some: terri!ic;'(lisliirhiiiice .taking;;;
::',':���'I'llace:.-."aiii'i'i 11 g;,.-:ilii!''^vy6rk' ���.���.'pwij-le.-.-;;,:Novy.-. it;;
v' vy!is;;a ^liicdi.nlindst^ to;.ilie:;cUNiTli liol w-i-eri;;
,i;;';!wo.'ii^ '���'
-;_,:-:-'?, "^V'*^.1 V* */''' ''���'.!.H''i-'l'LIli',*��� J, ��� ','1,'?'t;';,tr *' '.-rV.-?''V*-*.* tJc'^/Svsi s.i srtii.ijLir-;";.
;iViil.-,'.:*;* vy.i.rlvV-iiVij)^ ro'^iil-itii)n-*'*-;:-.y����rcj:3^bsc>- ;,
j^Jt^^-rlyi'.'ij^iVb.i-tVcK-^Miitl .v.iio,--"si iii.o.uii tV"dr;- fi nc-ssr-'Vor,;'-,
���",,,::' i.Mier; punishliiiiiiIs' .seeiheihy'tci,;hayo;f:inyi;:
;;,;.,-: p c i-.ni aif cii 11 ,f 11 (* t o iT ci 11 :i'n fi"x*c tvVf,:;;'..: ^-U'';;.,;;; i';";. y.-?:;' J;;;
:;4A;i:';'I''lii-;!istate'6l";: :i rfiiirsj vvnstasisiiipodriintil:.
���;���,'-;^' recently:;ip;;hediise|i:iniblu;;fi;pih,work car-1
;-s'*:;. :f-'.ii"Ic--'t?y.oii v I i.i.-i' ii ii'tiVj iii fcii'ri^i.J > I t!'.';'crVi n\lj .ti.i (iii s:'."; ,-i.-.E^V"f'.;
;,:���"feiji-iigt'.Iii;';it;occiirrc'cK^tpi;s'otiiR.,'dir.igl)t^ s'pirit?l
:>::;:;;;th;it;; the_ reiLpanes of .glass;-iiiiglit;:ihi'.;.riti':?
l^'ilrf aul t.'*;'ii ml," i t'Av-iis"decicleif tojlry ;,\y li n f; tile';
J ::j>'eltect^;;of;;;'greeli; p
;;fc*effect;t'was. ii.jj ji'i/iii t'si.iioi'i jis^.IOr��yiiiV;.t li:it.;?/0 ^'''.Xii':
:': worksliopjthilt had ;iiever;hei'ii kiiovyii he- ;.
; ;* fore; .iid'ickCriiig. riTiclA ti.irli t i u ���_,, <L-iicIimI as, i i' j
,:;;'; by (niciiiiiil'iiii-iit'ihiil voice of -.liina or' w;o-;:
;;; i n n i'i:';'.: vya s;; n e y. i ���r \ ������';] i'j 'an 1 ��� raise'! ���' a bo yc ,y a';;;
S'-'':,-vv-hisper.^rNi'vv.rVorl;": I'rpss.-:.;:;        ���.;;;.;
������������;-;0'.:i<?6 tipoii'a tirficvthe wnier'^yas.trav*;
elii'i;;: along;,in;-,:���'a'.,;';������ iiuf.'jdiiiii'rd','.'" called   a
^'s'.fajjiv'fi-ir ciiiirt.esj'i'ohii iliineiy;;i,(.iii(P,iiear
I'riua ;-W:i.i),.':'.'I}i.egOi-,:.;''''-;-l'r!i('''<lrr v*c>i-'. ,' luiined
', C* 11 *.! r':l**,v." ^ \v.ii s''.ii ii-.. hViiH'St'"...!'^*.^:''! I'. .'.st.ii i;.�� ly;;'Vi iicl.;
'''Siftul iiataretl t'i;llnvy; ;ihii:it;;:iri:;ye.iU's.i)lil���;
-snliien-lriit  iwefitli'i'r'Miealeii,,: htil   ffooil   to:
.'liiiik/'rii;-w;iilu'd.-i; ';���������.*.'��� ':ty:,y;:'\^}:y].'������;���;���.;i-j;_���������;
\Ve eravyle'l :thi:!^:;ovcM"lrhc' dtrlsty' road,
I'ljliv.eiiiiig   1 lie  .W'l.yj:;>V-.it li" ..(���Diiversal inn,:
pi.-iiu.i'p'i-illy "siisiiiltf^il;' li.v.i ti.e -ilt'i vc-r. '������;Mi'li|v
iiiiil{; -loolviitit' ii'he;h,|.,; I 'jielieldg'a : visioii,'
vyliiclr.'���'w.-is >: ptire,;, iliiuihilleriiteii: I'iveli-
iie,s.s: to; :i niiiii; vvlin JtMil'seen  liotliiug'.l'or';
Wioiii'lis".I'.ift' (lark :;sl;\niH'i|.:.:Mexic.aiis aiul
i'luiiij��� :ilicl.n.po.ic-li^',:���;;���, -I . ;.-::���,;,-;'.���-:';;-;:;':;;:;-':V'
' As.wivM'i'sseil'-'lio'' shiil(>(l; sweetly;* on^
<;;ii;nrloy Vriiicl ;;f<n y(��� ^liini^, ri*,;Mn-sli -J oi";: lit'i-.
i'yes!iii;;d.;Llic;\vhii)ii:'*est;ofi bdws. Clifirley":
."iiiil.y-'^nii'i'teiljii'i'id -_'-'.-\v-.i.-V i l > I'J *'��1;..' t il > '.-'!>. * ��*^.^*. ^ Vi*e ?3/? -.���"���--
.^'''I'lie/foiihtidii; of; VqtiyersiUiiMi 's.oci'iie'il''.
: to", did V(\':(lr*rc*(l ; ii p.; ;:h*it; n t '���; l lti^ ;;ori'<lVof;;:'n;';
ton' in: ie.: "silejioe;,',' vylii'ni.iiiy.; ihoii^lits-wtM-q,
rii;r'^-i"vyny. -cpharb-y; lil-it-toi! cnit,
iii'i;. lie il. in ii! err!"!? ^'l.^was- st iii-t leil. .''���'iis.-.ilie,'-'
L.ii-1 ;'i:'iiiMil(-Vit'-'! li:id;' slipiiislv iny^anemery.;:
i^bii: i.iiiii!ig.;vlie;.::snj!l.;':^
sliVii-eiylhiui'^iiiyi wlioji.'.roultitvdiiif: sale's*
viiiii!- I've;.;beeii,!i":i:illiiir^jror.^biick._":nii'(l^Co'rtli.V,
' ler -iii.irh: iln;; lo 'Yeii'inon.lhs. :.:'si(les:;hi'hisiii\
,;;. :jl Siieii I lerss-iniif'ii;.:oti'/tb.ine^
;;ti,i,.i'sjii'ki" a hiiiinii���'; pui)':;leaVc;';liis iiulk,>:iii'l ;
���:i;:,>vv:iii',:;';-s1ie^-/tisii'er..vc.lim :*boutSriiy?:iipble
''iYrdlv'-'ii'h'ii. liriivvuy :':ii::n,;;aliiri:li'ovy,';jiico ;i,t,
!Hsi:igi- 'a;V<J'Uiiiiii':;roi!;:('��� t^'iVro't'ect lii:i'.;:;V':-.;
: S:; ���; (:) 11 iyri i i y.; she' c u n i; in it; tn[ft 11 e ��� st it ,ge',, fi 11 cl ��
'tivSlie; ;i -'lifj;.! Im ii, li:if;;fnif:;ast..in'(y:Ctp';leiiye\,
il ';:;,ii":l;lafiiiihyYinf S;iu(lyiigo;;;::AVell;isii-,'..
it uya's ;i)i!ly; vyi-iippeil iiii- iile; ���iie.vysiiiipci-SjV.'
;Mn'(i:'!i>l:nl('tgi'it;:hus'ie(I '.iii';jiiey.iiiijici-,';;.'.irrid,--
,'\vl;:ii!;(li/i yiaj; iJiiul;:>L seeif;stiyldii'; QlitV;'
! t! :v\:":i;r (;iy vv-Jiit(-^tds!p-f .vyil ii/l:ico.Uiii' to ;it,
-.sij_-:if.v*�� l^'I irt *����� I^-./O i��V"l-it\i--V.*.\iS^^'��t:'oV*pU rVV*E^--^-t-1irc!C.1^'1>f-f3="
niefvi'i'iioii :'aii<l ��������' 'ii'i'eli.; ���i!lV-r-s;iiVa,c|e^me"Jftei3
'<\\zjfy:;,:.timl giini'.���';Iike's; i IV l^wiPvojiW.stqep ;���
S^-idV'y'"^M.vVi-"'-r,<rV''i ��* ii.' '���>*���' t:>i,'/ii.t'-*'''iii':/.-b !"l]< <?~^n ii'tl-I;
[vy'i'-'fr.henycii' ���"'ji I"';!. 1 i"o"' V i tli'if l^'ic.Vii' 11 IfW,;       :.: ii".:'. :S~-.'.!..".'-'':
y;;-nVelly slri; I C(ivei:eii;lliiU[;;iHeceAof:fpet-;^
-tic-:;t.'aij>;.;tht> .^njiic'y: riS'i I P.-; i;tf��� l?/1^''; ^��t*i"* i::?*
vvn^li house;/: f I ; t,c 10k;;' t lit'16;'lilthdIC-, ;:,-,vbiell
jjyiis;^! by t; t ������ To.u'r .ti.:'a^
ii:::':i(5;JViii ;ili.y ;;'tlH>;;e'W\-hiteivas-lied;:Vei'.uli-;
;i-li'('V.;; of ;;;iV: 4i-hvii'i!tM:ieher^siii(l,y ��� -phf.
���{"ii:i\v'!eyI.-.'':I.'iii ..������:pi:r,:'t(.i.,:'Siiriilv*i'i{:o.f tomor-
j i '. Ita en,: the Stiletto ni Five.
:-.- v.-;.-\V':'ii-oiiiin-'rlial.>jo-.v^��roi'ii("-.si.ijc '-'���"iei'iiscVc!o .."whs
/.vvitiiessi'/l'ln City .Hall '.scjiiiu'c;..', A ii. Italian
..���vv tuna n chid; iii. .the 'brightWhites; a fi'ot'tc.il
; by, hi^ri'pinpiilrio't.s iiprii'iircii: (lr:ig;mi^ by
: the li anil :i; rel'::clan t yoi: lighter of - 5 or.O.
.; ovidoiitl.v*. her f-oii::".*'Wherever t,hey ;vvere
"';;bound'"'it; Wils'cfiiitriiry. to the' vvill ainbde-
:'isi'ri>s':"of the hoy.: vyhp liovr led' hist iiy, ami
-tiiially plan ted his feet;.wide ;ip;ii*t .on the
JBideyyiilk.refiisiiiit ro .htuifre. V^ '' ,;v; ;: \i'.
. Iiistenil.of.vp.'i liking lih'ii (ir,. boxing, 'his. ','J ..-
"ro <.y; t o; l eh d;: l.lie ,.'i n-'i; fop I ;".-.*'si 'lit I; won' t ���'-. we
i'i.ri-.v'v.-.'ii;nice'.loiig idd0.".;t��>^,"cit 1 ft-t:V' )y"^% ;k-~~,
. '"'������-.lyKi'.i.t'iiVi'd/iiiid.';ir..'.i;ii.l,: I'd;he 'iii time..;ancl
yiii.t' hi't; b'.h.-'.'il :l!ii';e.!e hUekhoaril eleiinoil
lip. "ami i then), libssrs; :sh(V:iiv; like; a������ silk
AV.!n..st':'I".:o'i'.c;t'.s-.'^y'.'"iiii'j'fo.. l.)orn".';;',���'I  hud it
r:,so:.:i";Ji'ix^ ,ii.!,ii.!ei;^ :fie;..se:ft. too.:[iirid:dnto
th'it'.''iii)x-' 'iy;tr..'-.'i"--s-ii:t-:-of.: cio'esv ^the best
tli.-.'t,''.Si;:< JasJ-ell;' lp!,'. 111; his. s;tOreat jCiltil-;
p.o. . ! t v\-;i r..'i: boii'h: t]'r. I :snit.: sort or, .white
;;:;.i! , IdneU1 [daiiiVv vvuh, ,:i ;fe\v" (liislic?!-; of
red'.-;. hci;e.������fiiid' ^rec::i:;(iiei-e'. ���;;Toil see; d'
whs'.''nfi\'u<T'.no^ i
r iii' ih;:!'!b:^ ;.(-ity YnV^ns sirhnsers,'and   U"\
��� Aucl she, had, less clp'es on -''to': the upper
���p.-ii-t of her than any -gal in,'theroom.'
' :  "They   war,;a''-W��H*iiii,i.;,aiid'1;'.-.vlieii-.;'the
'iimisic stopped' Tw-'dked'up to, wliar they,
hiul sot down,, thinkin how Dora's face,
'it'd; li-jlit -lip 'wheii'she sced: iiioi '. Thai*
war a sort ol*,.!lju'-7.::iud titter as I crossed.
the room, arid' I .thoiiglit,.they/ war udmir-;
in n-.y iiew clo'es., , ,    ���'���.��������� "":,���",, "'���..;/,(...: : '.���
/    ''AVhen   I  got; to' Dora;'her  face  got'
' fiery-, .reel;'' ."while ; the .tliih   legged.; fellcy-'
griiiiiedviiiriiiy: face'aiid:iel'f::   i''sot.dpwD
hy^ her1 and said,,;;'IIowdy,'/aiid;she an;
svyercd icy cold, iGobd cveniu, Mr: Burg-
iniiii';'-������'.lust then iinotliei tliin legged fel-
ler cuin up, arid stickin out,liis:arm��� said,
'Our daiice, MissiDoni;' She took his;iirui
and /vveiit off ��� without as. liiiich .aslookia,
;��� lit" Ilie:'"';;.',V:'-. '(''���'���: ":".:'/':'.';;;,:'v;;' ;:'���"���'-. :'X':-iy '.'';���:;-'.;"..'.���'
...;,';."I!!'gbV';.p"iit',! of /that hall somehow: and
: got':,tp : my: room,;: feeliii::tiiat,; the,; vvdiole.
,h-,ttoiii 'u'd fell ,'outeii the world.-aiid';I'd,
i.ft'lb-w.i'tiii.'it.;-' '���;'���.- i-'>^;;:tX: ��� ^y^'j/-,.. ,!:.,,.;;������ >;'j.^'-v
���;:^Dprfi' got; hack hpnie;"in a neighbor's
,vyiigoii,;;aiitl' I  ain't  liciye'r,, spoke;; to dier.
,.Eeiist��,;';t.lip!';i'slib|s .011; the,;.rond^ome ;pia'c'e,;'
;yyei-y 'tiiiie'; I pass, aiid-'tliat's; wliyCI say
she, can''go' - to thuhder." ���.";,' i- ;-.v'"f>; '>'��''"?���;. -;/��:<
,; Charley .reliipse'd   into :riippdy  silence,
.die'bccasionallySjflippedia-'tly; pff the-.e'lim'.
?of his: liighdeiidci*. i'ldooked- at.'���.'liiin-.'.it-.',,
tehtiyejy; to' seedf he' lipssesj-eibaiiy.pual-.
...itio.s Avliich. vyotild appeiii; to a.'young girl,:
, with; c.'iiofriyli/t-iiiattei-iiigvcif/ediiciitioii.'to'.
'."teiic.-li'.ia; cpuiili-v* school:.; pAfteiy a5 en refill'
siirvey ;I: concluded'that; iii; :.vievv of. jus)
good h(,art;'gop(]Mppks;iiiid;'l};7,000.iii'c:.isliv
' lie i)iigli't;he;'loyed.''';'/'V))/;;;;^
���'���(..' :*',���'. j:; '"��.';:',   ..'#:,',;' ;^. '���*,;;,: .r ...'w.....,;..     ':���'���,���,,.
i; "Hello,' mist or,,, I'm  shore, ghiifto; see
;,yo,ii.'.'-:; Thus spbke;,ChiudesValie'(lrivei%'ia ;'
levvivvecdcs ;iifter,r when': I; hoariled '''Vliis--'-
,s,iiige:l'or 'iiiioi'lu'r'.'.tripi'.outiCiiiiiiio'hvriy.'-V'
-;,;':; l:t/was,it,k)yc'ly;.(l(iyiin Pbcenirier. ,iThe,::
early /imir 1 s jjrul��� ji,nt 1110 i;oadsci 11 line- ci 11 r-
; (litioii.;;yT1k-. grass ' vviiSv up,  the. (lowers
.iiiij-JiIboni1 "and / nattire '-.woro-Vthht/^iiiost':
;(:hiii-iiiiiig,of; sinilesv.wliicli. is.biily/iiayisli-V
ocl '6i 1 soi 11110i-i 1 i Oa' 1 if0riii*'i���;i 11 the'winter. ''.'
:;:/'.'I.Ib>;s\Dora7" ;I ;iisk^
���';'.: "J ostvtli'eT.sii.iii'pv^m
Chiirlrjy^/^I^see'yiliei'/pvery/diiyvHniid'yby /
gosh, I; clretiiii ot lior(every liiglit^'1:/:.:;;;;',':
nskcii; ���";');;: :/;-i;:?r.''"';;;//;; ^^yy ^yyi'yyyyi^.^
';f,;"She. does,"'; lie. rpp.! i otl-- Incpiii i.ba I i.v'i'-.'i'i'-"" ���',;/':'.':
;/;''By::tli(i':;vyay,,;Chiirley,;/I'rii/:going';: tbi'
:.tnitil' yc)ui*i licixt';.ti*ip;���'.,:i*]Js:i viL;-/.jj.V;,Jv,'*'r;,>^ :-^'.:;r;
y���/"\V 11 y, [tli 111's/ \vIiei;uiDbi'ii'[ boavi]s!''���;lib..
;:iii(iuiredvsusi)icibtis!y.;-,'" Air. you a/hiar-^
V; i;'l I'la iii. ���'. ;'������., If ;;sii j i 1. ffi; An d:/ hbf lobkpd ���' '���; refh
. !i b yod.'.;.; f/:.;'/;:;'''./;: ������''���/'���y^y%>-' T-i-."-.vr.~.L i"->".v^':^-:|..,
f::;'; .If/stop'pcjd'.'p'ffjf at, ::bIdf.rnairflTliuig's;ancl;i
/inetfpprii.' if.'-'f,','i-yy.y:Ki&/'?':*?i~k f'.-i;&f;)1'
fSAfterfcliiiner wef sat f out -ihiilei-/afhig /
"5 liyu.-if'.ojik'"-' 'ti.���'(^��."-''".a,i^t���6'l',. "*��� tli d'/^ptlioi-s"/' liad j'rro'r:^-'
ftired.f 11 hd;. If found;: IDUira; a A fori I Iy. good,/,
"..simpler-' lioai-ted.fif,:'r:ither Alight;;:heiuled,V:
Aypnng/'girl,'of'A-iyi-riige'/goPil'/ lobks,'/eii- -;
.jhiinced/hy 'cpidi-iisf/;with/tlie/iniichacliasA
fihd pit is (girls Vpf/thn^cpiiii tryl; iin (1,'afveryf;
;?f <ii r siii iiiiplb/bl' t lief ii'nrr'ii a I-. sclibol*gifl whb;f
/isAsehtfOiit/tb ^viiste;herAsvve('tiicss.;upon;;
/.Silieci.acied /stage! fbf /sev-'orifyf. w-hiclifc-iiiir
' il asVlier'" (.0 loach; in; to vv 11.;//";:';; A- ���.;., ',.f ':y. "y. ' f
Alieif ;libw   lip; adi-red 'daJrAiiiidAliovvAlier
: heart less /ii irt t r^i-jr A li :icl i. riii tit'iLf liisA? ii f 0^';-.1
"(lisfcpyercsl/thiitfshe/iw-iis^spfllyf cryiugrin
'' ,t 110 "^. ii 1 U< >'f'��� 'I i ijl 11 ;v?" j'i.i 1 il *,fs! i V --^K'si i < i '.V *.*���?"/. H ���.! ^ w"'."-!' 1'
;Jipvy;:.l;/slil'i"ef ;.vvlien:.MAs(M^Ghitrl(-y:'gP;b'-(
rc*jieli.''-f<l:i.\ix"\v.itli,���'��iiti KJ>"V��'}i l-ciiX^''-.\Aoii-'il,'^pi tjv'm.e'/-.-?
i'h-thuik; lie /is tlie/liiiildsbihesb: strongest
' illlil/Ui-ii vest Aiinin1'ill,; iheAs-idiole/w^
jci: f '':I I bvyAa lib i:11 tli e A vy 11 yfybird f.eii t e'd/hiin';
��� / A'-0!i.'At litit .horidii:iilsti't iilc'r,'.' slio/sciljliecl.
''���i'la'Aiijiisic'/.'-iml/ lightsfaiiilftlie, tiilk'-pf
iliosif;'iira!(fAs(dipp!te)iche]-sf golff inlpfiny,,
Koctsr.ay Lodgre
No.l5A.F. &A.tVr.
* .������* The regular meeting
are held in the ^Iiis-
ii,'. f'.Tcnipie, Uou niV.-;
Hall' on t'i'e third
-Mjniay in ; eaoli
nri'iitliat.' S-p. hi.
Visiting ,brethren
rdinall-: welcomed.'
G. S. ^I.IXU'J-. SKCIiETAHV.':,',
REVELSTOKE .'LODGE,I. O. bf P., No. 25.
^^g^fa^; A,'.: Regular meetings;are held
���*&_��^.st3j<! ;i�� Oddfellows' Hall1 everv
fliursd-vy, night at, eight,
o'clock. Visiting brothers
cordially vvelcoined..  '
f: Affr*'K i^'l'-Vf'vs'a Jiiti-dA j,,,b to knbvy.-w'ha'tjd buy: foP Ch. i-stmasf
presents, :but tbisiyeiir: thefCauada/ Drugluid llobk Cof have sucli a^
���l;trge. ,v���-i:r.iefy :of       ������������������"--���    -  -,-���-
I   j: fP'f1S -n"��� -,C! v't'^U,ke'' V$l"'"<?���"�� P'?'f"'n^ato.iiizei's,   etc::, itint every-" ^
-el'/dj'cxiyAw'ilLhnd .it/very. c:asy,jtu'..i)"wi.kte .afst;ie<;:tHih-.';,:V -,:.,:."A'"^.;:;";;jf., ^''f.;1.-:/ .A^f^
SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I:'O..'6. F. 'A';
;:."JVIeets every Tuesday
jfPALHKPvK: G;v /
lially, invited   to  atr/
t.eii/l."'v;::-;/:,.,: /-V:.A,/A-'
' /; J. MATI1IE, Slid
Jleetrfin the Odilfqllbvys;
^^^<S| /if'd.l oh "tlie siVeinid;Hud
-���*���*-���-'���*: C(hii-(,h-:JIoii(l!i.,v
.'mouth: '.Visiti
; reiif in vi led .tb'.iitlciid
:/.; G6iVui-f��iii-]yf;sUid.-Ji��i'\-c*.; youHc-li'ciicjr-!.
fbiirtli-yioiidii.ys'off eiieh
nionth. 'Visit int*f brell
KW.dl ('AJ011XS0X.
./;:::A:AAA;l;.AS-.:  V,M-u
Gold "dangb LodgD,
;f:f. K. offP.,:K"b. 20,'
/'; UpvoIOiblco.B.C.
JlcetS ovefyW'ediics-
dny:in 'Odd. Kellovvs'
11n.11 ���;���:--* n.t ������""���"-K'"���'' 'o'clock;"-
Visiting AKulfehIs invited. --,-.ii---:;.;-:. - ��� ���"*"-;-.'','-"-i:-f.,-
.'T.s.ai'topip-.vvliiiih is 'occupying tlio'-attentionof.
tlic'iiiiuiyA;//;before yoaiiiiil'e ixnpl.liei' piu-'eliase;
'of ii SUIT.'-just' bearAus/iii;-.l'liiiiil:',-.'Oiif :.:vvbfk''.
:meu;receive/fair pay,': bur -SUlTlXCrSare the
best (tiiiility.'ii.iiit 111011 ey.spent.������vvith . ti.s".rovei-t-i'
:y\'(i'eaii:giv'e;'y6ii::(iii''iiiid ffiuisli; ei|iiiil:t6;a.ny;
iii C'aiiiida.'/;. Gcil'A'oiir-'i prices; niid exiiniiiiC.oiii-;
:!!,ouds iind'1atest;-'a-;lii(ai/p!;i|:es..;^;f / ;,-A/:.:A/;/ A'
M-^/fffti'Ml1!^ fyxM&tiM. / ffi
':.; ;;.',���."���:���' OOO Ja>Cf O
i-'flr. ?.->'A
:-.lii::u!^a 11 di_vv/h eii.Chiirleyyca ine,.iiudressed.
: iiifliiMt/perfcclly' :i vvful' suitfaiid: I ;heiird
iht'iii .nil 'hi. ugliing nt'h.im ; I/.was f polish:
.fenough to ilib ilsh'auied.' of   hiniA'f ItAvvas
/l'()r;:oiilyf:;i;fiiii'iii('iit;f hbvyeverf -/IAdeter-;
iiiii!iid.;t(';..(l;ui,r-e,;iVo/nipro;th'1t li'iglitia'rici'tb'.
��� (I e yot e.,;'; my self ftp  hi nij'regard lessfof" the.
l-diftighter'-, iind;;pf-iHu'/dooks,/ hut .vvhon   I,;
''went; fin';.hiiivdie had::gPiie,:nnilfii(V\v',rveA
fliistflihii/forever!" /AiidAher tears';flovycd-:
.'fiister'.niiilf fastiM-./'A.-i'.'''.'-...������'...,AA '���:.::���:.,��� ;A-;������////:.,' ���'
:-.f "I),(').uyou ��� ihi 11k you could  fix things if .
�� ybii'Tiiid Charles alone for ;about tenAmin-
utesVv'fA///f .;ff ;f;./..'���:f'f A;.  ;;" ;A.Af AA, ,'A/f A/'"
' ".! 11st,-let, p.k>;'get the:;c-h'rtnco.":- she said,
dryiiig her..ti'iir's.fwiiile n'lonk-pf/lbfty res-'
] bbi.tiiin cune over,her:facef.   . ::: ,  .,:
\'s  I; vvi'iu ftp: heil   l/pbndored/ plidiow .'
en.<.v it vvas- Ipr'.titiiird party to.hri.ngtvvo
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Al_N,: ' ll'iilway: Coiiii.aiiy/liiieoi-pbi-i'ifeil^byAiiii::
'net. of: the legislntureAbl' Ihiiti.slr.-Ooltiiiihia'', (il
������\ri��it:oi*is-i;.'C;li.x]Vtoi-;.-J7) '\vill;va.i)pIyi-:.To'"."tt.!io.~ rs'ii-liiv-'--
inoii'l. of ..Camiihi at: its/noxt-:seSsioii;; for. iin.'ael,
(leelivi-ing th6,vv;pr(l.S:vvhieh.:|,he:;;e()iiip(iiiy.:'i.s:b'.v:
I'its'.ii'eti ofiiicorponilipn aiil.liiiri-'e.l .to const i-uel.
Vt ti* be; vv;o|-ks-'f(ir." l.lie.general And van Inge 'of'.l.'ji.ie
iula; e.vleii'lXngto tlie"ehiPiif/,tlieAycarAlilllo-the;;
lieriiidvvi'hi i;,vyhiuh tbe/eoiiiimnyiAiiiiiyAeoni-;
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i;,()ini)iiny iis'.l.ii;l,lie iiiiiiiibiiiiingiii;d ''np.afii.tiiifj';
p'i*(lisp('isiiigbf;; its.,r.iilvvivy;;;;i,n(l A vvorl-s.as Vu-e;
.iis'iiTill.v''.giv*uii'th;-;raH.way-i 1:6:11 pn.11 icsA. i I'loprjior-//
tite,(ll.by,'t,lic.'i):ii'liiiii 101.1 t:(il',,Ciii'i!i'(lii.. ��������� ..,'.������..;,:,..',[.",'-.:.;���..,
v;A  ; AKyorder bf'tlie; Pmvisibu;i|.nii-ecl:0!:sAA;:'
; '������-���,.- -���': ������''-->;,;;/ .,:>':,/ err A1:1 .k,-j t> his ii wva/i- m iiJ .:';'���.
]\i.o;it:i-e:\!; antlrXoveinbor; IS!)!): ;   AAA;!;, :;/;"'ii-!lA /
c.irs.7'iVs-'ariu-Viiier.i'c.'iirp.'!S'('!i't of thefsiune ^l.'^ff ���' ^yf '"-1', '"Hf'1/1? ''('n,':Alt"1'^
class, wotild hiTve.hHKV theAwonian-sini- '���s|;;>;ey.i-.vv..:-ep sac vya/*'-,  -TorKai nt t w _m- / i,!p'fo^t!ieni,'tb get tlicre/'witlioiit; assist'
series of scH'tiiific  punches ^
ofstli(*;flioy;s"lH'lt;f  He; in'slanlly Jliislied f i-1';''^;'?"V;^:!''S ;JX ;-r''^n;!:f !!'i.";-':Aj"!V(VKj".7^^
out a'stilet to Aalioiif ffiiiri-'iijc-hc-.S' lou'-r aiid^ -.!'��� ,f^ '.^,-'-:! ""'f^": :'''-'-'fff:A''f:: ''A^ A;f^. '.V   uy'?''":. A. '..l-Vi-s :"'.-'uti.ihrtt tinK-fA/^: :^y'-.: 'A :,./AAAAA,AA
.U...i::,.......-.r;..i,-,:i.,...'-.: ...:i.:'A ���'.���'ii.���,: ..v.,;.., -!" ������'���-.>-,:.'."n! -r l ;:';;u:, I ���(!'..:/:���:-;,'!:::: .;:e .up m.y nmtd. '; <;. f i..':.,";-.;.^.^ ^.A-k' r-k-n.-.i,'.,. ;,���' Ji,-,'-.!,':;.,!
f-V'f-AAf:.-../-;::r;:fi,f '/AI3SlVYEIt.;lff;Af fA-Af/
rioyri.1 Selipol'bf "Vliiios; bbiicloii:'-'���..":.,��;,.���,
Seven years at' Bt'o'rf-t' Works. S3\yiiii'8en'.' ' At . '
. .Sbv:(:ii',ecii;f years Chief ;.Chemist/ t:doAVigaii'
:;Coal;iiiid;ii-oiV;Co:A Hhg.A:;">' ���:������'���AA'/AAA...-.-.'.y ,������--.��� '-
������;. Late ('.'lieinist nnd'A.s.~!iyer, Hiill .Minas/bid.���'",:
-';. 'Kverydo-Ci'ipt.ion of ,'iissii.y /lintl /aiiiilytical
.work 11 nilerMikeh.;,./;/, :'*������-, :.:;/;;::f- ��� ������y"'y:-^'.".
.-'���'- Claims examined and reported upon.,���"���'
- "-.-I I li VIC I.STOKK,' B.-.- (���'-.- : /���'���������'��� A  ; v,,. y:iy.. A; -i
,v   ,  ,,   . ''_'���.'   ' '"���     '������ -"-.���-'.���''' '���"���������: '"";.i."'""A-     ',"'"���'���'   '^,   -/
' Tt-i }WEr?M{ Mo6 A liTE'R^;fAfl'A:^>A
f:'������'���'���;.'   'BARnjCTIJRS, SOLICITORS,; ETC.: ,:    A
Ol'FICIJS:: . ' JIOLSOXS A PANIC A ���]j'i'.'OC*v,   -I! li VEL-
'���/':;/:",.;���;''./'- _;,'." ;''��� /STOICE,; B.'C.A; /'���,;/; /;/ ,.. ������,.;.;  ;/;'
'.'���"'Oi'lonev to loanA.AA; " ..,���''��� ���������.-;,..:.- .���:-...'i.;;..:'/.:';' A;
;   pniees: Revelstoke,\B. C; Fbrl.Stcele, B.C: ;
Geo. S.' irfaOAitTsii.;.-'. :>: :;'.!. A:. Haiivicy,A���:���",������'������'
A,; Revelstoke, I".,Ci ;./;::,. l-'ortSteele,:B/C.
. out a "stilet tb.-iilioiit '.'..fiiirlf'-'-u-cites,long and
'.made.' one :svvi I'l 'lunge, nt ;h is ,11101 lief. "She
���f'fdeniy'f oiiit^iht tlu*', i>|n<U* ;-\vitfi f lic-r;",fcfi;ir*.t*/
..--.,iia.iici.f stuck dt fi 11 fj'ipi--.'.:ii'r'ist'iiii0\;i'iiii.Uriiii's--'
A: feri'ing: her grasp, to'iJie Imy'scoiit-peiiaiv
���./ .dragged' hipi ou' to.'-.lris. uiivvill.ingAdestiua-;:
'.-���.'tioii.Af -���,;,': .- ''fi:A'.��A '���'" ������ .;A':;,;-"/''A;,. ....,,. -, '.;���' ;
���A;;; :\i)t
;-!'jo:7t''.;:tb" *���
:''::;.' ]!!;;ifi''^':'
.'.,;���; /;    -.'.'.:.""'; RiircJit, nirdflii.'C'ulia. :.  .'��.f'A ,
///'//The-; rafe.-t- of; all Jjirtls/iii' CubfJ3 the'
A/ara-ti-icblbr. .���coii'iiiii)iil'y''Akrii'w'ri .as/the Gu-,
���   ..ban .lilneavvAA.'lts linbilat is Ihcvswaiiips.
/Annd the. foi lowing geuefal (U'scriptioiifvyill;
A, illiisti'ilte'itsdje.-itity: - I-'ofchead;, ued,.'  be-;;
f corniiig yellowish On top and slimliiig;".iijip
A.A/lj'i-ight.vyellrivv/bn tlie neck; bae!;., feat'ni'rs.
.':���' cinhainpil od;_'ivd...vvith gi;eeli; 'under, ji.'lit s,;
, f sciirleti. vyiih   a 'ihi sii .of - orange ; on At lie/
f tlifpat/'secjiii'ja.ryffeiidiei'sAfii'ight lilne.mi'
:    the ,, upper,. suri'.ici-.A'in.ile./b'rpvvii; lin'deiv
-   ilea th: di'gs.Ahrouu: cyesf yolibwA     .Seen
f '; in rhediisl-:,. I'i'^'.iiig 011 i-he- lily pads <Vf' a .
.    s.vya'rji'p'...- the, a.ni'-rri.-nhu' ' is Anno -of .���'the
���''���' ���:baiidsiiiij'i''siu. spi'ciineii'-.ni'. tlie bin! .life.'to
cb'e t'l'iund; in any l.:m!.,(Vr any eliinc.���Cii-f
ban.LetterA'''' /"������';       f ���"��� A  ��������� ; ���������������_''
i. ��T
;l 'i'it:;
'jest like'e'i.
.:V!i:ir .biL^-or'i-
i:;ic; to   vv
in my nm��;
.c"-'.'.;:iy"'"i:c'!i!i.>; '.bfbw.
CiV'lii'ti'd/dieieTr:  ., t,
i't'"'':,t'loh?' 'f:n'iAy."'an,-i'f
;���-;/. rh^/.:-%;:'A!')'ikbi'i
'hiv.-er :j,A(.
'e-w *V:AH;'p:-!::A*y,!'it,sA
���!���%;,-!.;���;���! ���s!i.';h-iiVi,af;
.vm ���:->i":-j-o--r.:*V-V-.'iv v.-j'i tj--'-a."
:���i.-i; ihe ..liis
- ll,,-'j'!-.'..t!ii'''-'V>
'-iY'r^f':-;:-. '���!:-.;
' u.Vi��������� .:!���'',,- -.
oi |V:
'���.feh .
says '"r'invtiiat tiine.AA..i
1 leftfC.auijtp'with Charley on..the.1 third;
/ hibtivjiS'^. and Idvyi'itveonsiilernlily .ori- Do-
...,,:.,.. ]'."i'*afj?'.''fa>niV.i'yli.oajj.rif;fa;;r
to .was as sf-iihb.orii. as- a dincking broncho
JMii kej,-t iiBittn'ring iliingsfalioiit ''\Vhite-
..vnslieVJ .>;f;j-)iil.i- hers." , A;A .'������ fv. :- -; , f'A'A
f>f " ������'��� -'his*,: 'l>i'.fi>re fv'v'i- 'cVit .opposite: .old man
"i'if :ig"s ,1 -ire-.v i!.-.",i' hly sick iiiiii swore ft
���.���i,i'il;:.ilii-;i��".. 1 did.-jK-t st.')i):afiibget'Spiiie
;:;'";i'-t!U''   for  which   'the-fold.'''ihaiiv was
���'j'i?t'���>*���: fininius.-
a. f ���';.''' !;,. lio't-.-f Ar-a.-iYe throiig.h the; trees 'iust .'as'- Is?
r -g;tl .'ti-':i'i.p.��il/;:. ,n;;v!(. Chj-ii-!.^ f-t'op..' wliH,-/ r. b-nped. fmm/
'������.A '���.k.raw"''-.  !; A;];,. 'v;ij:;,;:'r'-i<r went-to:;! heAhoiise., I stiiiil
1 ue i
-i.".f'i<.'d i<>
������'���'"A     Evidence Agaln-it  Illjn.
"I an! probtl io >-.\v." said ihe, man with
th'e'.hiiid vj'hY'- f'iJi^i_'Ji;i_v'-' iieyei/Tiittcle-n'..
; serTbriirifii^
".H.iit'yP.i! ,'ire'mi-iak-'ii." said the.'mild
liininieri'd  hi a 11  with liie'.s'r.'hiihirjy .sl'inip.'-
-���Vi.'ii   have. iiiade  i|iso .very  si;rinii.s  luis-;
da''l:e-"   "'��� ',,-'. :' ''.". "'   ,-. -f.
"I'd  like to krinv.-/where you .get your
authority for savin--" ><>."
"Your lieclaratinii' isfevidence tlin't -you
-.'have-never tried to,see yourself as others
gee you." f "'���
Pride nnd blncrclion;
Pride is the greatest enemy to reason
and , discretion/ the .''greatest,-, opposite 10''
pride., for. vvlu'le ..wisdom, makes,: art the
ape' of nature, pride'makes nature.' the
ape. of art..Tlie aviso iiian"shapes his apparel to. his body, the proud man shape-i
his body by his apparel. ,    ,   '.../ ."'     ,   ,
I'nc-oiirnti'liiK   llcr.
"Ah,   noi"  she  sighed,   "I   shall .never'
ma try .'"A   .        ,  ,' ':
y(Y.i. I wouldn't; take micli rt gliiorny-
'v'ii'"w , f it." he feidied. - "Vr.it may set
hi-.,, a; !,;,!.������(���,,"-nine .time where wdtneti ai'f
re--rce."-Chicago Tiwes-IJt'i'P.id,   f
* ': i:A'')
'h!'-'ebj:/|.    ,,,;:
(ire,'.';ii,:r:i, \t
llie-'i' '.th i':
'���M> 'off''!-.'!)
���'���ir.'y'-'h.mi'rt In"'! ;.;"���!
' '������^.VS.citA-.v;; -.t;|
'.t(V r.'heA|!i;ie,;V','!>t,-'-'
rl'.'i-n '���.'������!;; ;if,! jin)
"A l,'ter-''siipiii',f' I
th:>( -'sliii',"s-;i;t., ,if
tliv   ill'--!ii'ori.t   wi::/
iliii    III   <:i.;.li',,!'l, t'il;'.
.iiiu.-'ing ;:!! t belli'..-':;
f Al cjci-i'to 11 'hi'.*,-'
Iitliis  ii-shiiiiii .an-
ll:o::':!it.'   I   . im'is-l  fa-'gni '
pi.-vv... "f.t'lt' I' hfilj'i'il  up' .-
.*..'���'r 11.",
f LicA-;:'
<���;;:���'!!, 'tii-];- liop-''
s' ehippi-r. iis'-'.i.:
<.f. c!
ti-i.-'i 'in'v
lor-.i'' .T*   I
11 Vi,.-'-was'
.,.'   l/il'ied
.ii* a'   lite1
inp'H. i\yd
)Vway-.'.'ibinii hn'f' .ari/bouf. anil when:'I; got
bni.k'..i.t vva.s'-n f'oiiple ,of iitrlied.ovi's sit?'
Jirig.'.on,tlie frf.-,it..se.-stipf tijat glo'rilied/old
hii'.-kbpard." f/; ��������� '.:-���'.;.-������"; ������;���.'.. f ���', ;'��� fff ���-,..', ' ';A
'.���. The/hist I he.in.1 fi-dm Charles and Do-,
ra: 'tlii'y -vyere ye tried: im Aihe .lamiii.r.anch.:
wilh ,fi.'I,-',I'liicih/.* In,y , 11:1 ni,-,!, I'iiiMm-R'nrg.
lii.'la :fiii'l.'Called :l'il(;. fur short.V-K's/efi*'t t
Itidcpend'Sit.,     .'-A'      A   ,    '  . ���' AA.
''������- yyyyyy-yy ;,*; gfiQFFlClJRf ./--f-f-- :���f'A-;:.f:-f
.:. ;Onii:b:;.Taylor,Blpc!*,:Miicl*eii'/.ie Av6niie.,f  A;
".' liil
^Ji-A'JESTi^:': STFStjf RANG! ks
^ahcouyefi ��� ���
'^ranches iitADavysiHi/Cify,;
,,,^��^i ���,
Af Plii I e-Jatid'Sh'eetf: G^his?,-"!f/:
B '- AVdiid'-,',Alaiite'lsf/vGi;aIes;f ���-.
~"^[ "iea|E||S|f
Britisli iC^tpi^^^.
!', ,Af; '''���/. Af..,:/,'l--.'G.'sf-Ktc:;.:'::;A;;;, /:,'/; ;A'Af
.'    ,.-Assay OlUees'iriid "MctallurgiearW'orks;.,'   ::
:' .f'.'.'; ;'f ;:/;fA'AxeouvEiif Bf'qfff; ;f /f;. ;/:
���;'; /.'SiliiipUiigAyorlcs, 717-71!)Pouclcr Street ';., ���
:I's prep.-ired to i.ia'n liaSe. the./aliove /classes
Aof  ores, for'.-.th/.. following ; Kngli.sh  houses
:    /whom ho rer-.esdnts. vii;.:; -.   'A A'-;"/'
-/Vi.via.il"&-'.S'i!!-i-, .SwaiiseaA.IOIIiol.ls.Melal Co.:
'A,'I ;til.y .|i'.i-i-,v-]ioi-l.-South: Wales,. Smelters,
A   l.'eijii rs,''/))csilyei'izcrs,-;AIaiiur'iu:tiirer.s...'
Chic>ins    sfaoltor    pulp3���*. a A:specialty
. iii.ys.'if.- 11 p. in.
':';)''! 'out, 'vvhar':
y\:v h'i.'1-d ���a:!i!.'--i;'ir:e,'|
Iii i'le' gal/ vv.ho'.'W.-i.s' in
fifii'i'S''"1^""*;"���  '���"'.'. ; ',
'  A      ; ,'   >!()iler��  Ollvf-OU.
ftilpi'rt'vep.ii-.iii   i'ii';,: yi(:i-.:yi<X' <1i'<'*i  not'nl-
.-vriyi   sp<'-II'  |',.i''iifri'S-5.'' ;' ���:; ;.;,i-!i*<. \;w  fl'e
lll.rfl(!i:''.-'lipli.pf !'!Hcj!il;.v!-v  ijV.lhe ijiiVi' ili-i.-
A   trie:,-; iVf" l!.'.i!;v*..-l'i,-|-'','',vini'edi..;sii]' hi'ia-ea,*-!'- ,,r
.her. ;  the ip;aa! :���/./ .iT ,;! ,'[irn,b;>':e��!./i;iil a rei.,!"--
and  j' '.ioll'b-!'"(t;i..-:!i!;.'  :i>-   fa r.-ius. (Ji;--. *�����'.-.tA lt':'iW���-'
���;. ,")-i. V'p.vi-i-i'jr'i-,!.'   A. ���:t'y;'..ipa!,"-p:.-')'',-i'ii/'e i^'.Ta-
.1 .'1 litr>.'" vviir'':;}- ii*;ai-!)i:;e.v-j'' h-as V'fi'.'.i'��� -ted  v-i-'i'-j'-
'���'.-'ins id l-l-;! I'll"..('!. ihi gc.s-   ill   )!.ll'- .1, i'i VI-'nil     f '    ���'
I'lldei- ;';,-',,!���! sy-Moi/rinee nr Mn.re'/d'jf
,!fi;'l 'V::,;;���:,:.-!' of.'ofi!- .were prPdii-rfi-d,-. ih'-
.'SiVi "���'-���, Ar:;:g J.asvl'd Y. ti'li ri'-v.'i.-'.-'c'd. ->'-.ve:';l|'
i'ip'.i's- .'hrirmih ha.'i.d V.-orked' p'ri-ss,-.-./,'!!,.-!.,
.tii'MVAproi'liK'iiVi. pi: 'ril ."!' :;>;,.'.;'���-!���, fjn;;I'l���{���'������
W'tK.-n no ,i;!,.>;;e-n:-i '(.->;::>) '!,<* c-..\* I ��-;i��--lf'..!, iiv
ihi-'-y.-iy. tiie '"-'iiii-'ii.", or "g:;o!i;p|s." V.;as''
treated- --.yi'h .--.llip.i-1 w,,:ir :'i'eii| "if ''imnbu'c ;,ii'
Iiiri.'i-.!"iv"oii,f vylrich -'is' .::.-;("!   ill  lhe. .lyiifui-
f;i,'fi;!'e   fit"   ��,;;! |i.      / *      'A:        /. . ,   ' . A
TI,'"' iiitri'idii'-lin". i.T t'l;C'"hr.'i-n.i'ri:<��� rir' ���-..,
!i;-'ve,-ei-,; In,is dope a:v:iy: 'vvi'jh i'-efe 'i'ii---'
! .r-i-rV-T- -gj-iri'lcA A ;ia!g,v(; <\i!.ii:\iiy\,{ ,,i-l
is' priiilni-'ci'l. ..bpl (lie 'j']'',-ii;!';.';' ia I'"'!' a.-' a
wliiile, (h-'i'i-iol'iiri'Sr' a'a'd'- Ihe. 'Iiighi.'.'- i.'hi.--.*.
en(i only i"' oiaaiei-d by.' re
pc.'it'ed filtriiti'ili. 'I'lmbg'h liie'oi.f pi-oii'ii-i-ij'
in (his,.way i;- (i.xce..'.!eiit'-iii '��'idor ���.;:���;.! a;,f
pearinuf'A .ufi.cr' ci'intiii-iail' i-.tniininir - ii
I trot ni.v.e.ycs oii.-io lioi-a.. and I'm jig- j .loses .-much - o'f its llr.-vor nn/l i.ir..s r >' j r-
g"i'e.d if she. vyarti'lf c.'ipi-.'-ii'i.'iirrjuii'i 'ihe ��� frliily. taste, which ,d.istiiijruisjl/ci-.,.'lhi' lit-.-l
ri.ii.in. hi'(In? iirins of a (hid  hi 11sfed. p:;K!
*;' f'-.f- AA ���:���; f'-;;'".'"-/" :f.'''Af . ;f (ljal(*Aa.ra(-Farlane:& Co.:):':":' -fl��� ' -���'-���'''���'f;A;V.A-J'V,;-':.f;���;,-'/f f;:-A
-i"s:v,"A-^7^v"-;-1 ���'ii' -^;l n "l"^ r-'"--"^��".��V?.?"'V".m 1 cl/- 'fii i.-o^ti/ 'I"i ii"V>( ii-tJ>i-s"'::"'i"t.i"-icl * :"d����i I'l^'!'-'a::'-'IfiV-r-o'' ���s(;bc-k'':'-J'of >:-V---r
aiicf'S-etc-  '"'-���:<-a:5.'��t"*--1-*''-_-'^"*-*-*'��i^-?-?;"';*-f:^'".V*1 V.**��,I��-^-"f<^t>��� i11 j��.-t,t> 1 ;^-/I3.-->Lt,"c��.��r^i?>iV-^J[3"L-c.-ii-c-'i^-"S��.��i"i"i5^'^Et'eiI-:--/-^:V^.-��
f,'ff ^^^bKi'1- 'ibd;fu!l I'lartieiila'^
diol. ah-; iiiid'eleetrie/bells "and' ''
liglithi every rooiip .'.Ij'foC bus liiccts all /
trains,.-.;. -.-'';-./.;;A',   'A;l--"A;. /A/;���<//A':'/;'-.---:;:'-
'     REASONABLE f RATES//'/; -ff;';
Night...pfill. Rooni in eoniiecl'ibii' for the   '
.(.���onyoiiioiico of guo.jtsAari-iviiig and. de--'���
purling by night "������trains.    Hourly street-,
ear between hotel iiiidstiitioii'.- ''���������'.'     -A:;
ir' thiir iv,-,:
i--':Vjri.f.ai.'d. I
1 ������( ae ' 'v::p;^
;. /pp-i-'lied' i lie
f-.do/il-.', .-ilii! I h'n r I '��,������( vv/'the ibirVi'iff=i,,-' 'site
'ef r:iy lii'if , 'I'he: room .'.vas full .of: iv.ir!!-':
11 i'i-'n in- white' ih'e.':Aes.''"y;;.'i';!!.','-.A(-rs bn/rp
(���hi. piid-'.'ici I'ml'fy '��',!!''('". ,-if tii'i'lirf-'vini'tii'in,
-ili-hiil-Ti/i'f:)' tn lu- i.';-.'ie'e'-ii'half d'iv.-i; .'I'hey
kii.'-h.'.-'d-,'s.-. if :.ihi,-v i,! i in .siciiiriia :iin! "-'got
their d-uil.-' ii'i'i-ii'ii;":'1.'-'.; 'i.-iii., ��� Tlie'nieii war
ii jiii-asl.v hit oi' . M-ilers ��� v.-.itl.i-'coiiimon
b'. :i-|< .clo'es .rill. ..-ii.rii!' '"s .I'ligii
u ;ar." I knowi'i'I I war a heap
of ,-s t'n 'any of-'ein.'/ '.A. .... " ,,
"I��� was kiiidef d.'ir.ed .al lirst. hut f/imlly
Drayiiit,'  /.'tnd   d.elivr'rin^   a '.specially.
;.A    '������Teariis ;iTw,'lyH 'ready hit   shortest
/   - uotii'i'.       C'hiil ipcls    for   jobbing'
'   takenf  'A^did-; for ������.!�� C. Oil .Co,"
.Robert;^ 'SamscMi-1
j.; 1:
:��� -w a iters )' of fiiliiiL'
it'.'-, hcil'er
' f. f Notaries fPtiblic anclf.Conveyaricefs f     '
Sola Agents Smaller, Tovvnsite.fA ... . f. .Fire Insurance
-.ri/Ioney to Loan (,; '
'���%i 'PER. DAY,
���New/ly; Built. ,;
Lighted by, Electricity
. Throughout.
.���..���.:'V-'."-.-.9**'-:: -\..'.:.'.'.''
muui It'tigcd, .ciii'lj'. ht'ieJcd 'sou vt a-guu.
oil produce'!, by Ihe'old iiirthd'll of esir'nc
tion.���.Mtrdu'i'.'.t!-!. lU'Viuw.
Riirvffy'fH" :<>( Htijh--cl;iss Mcais
'A.I! firi'let'-s ib (Hie liii" will lie- j i'o-i.pl.ly.
afctondecl 10V   ..'
. ��� ��� ���' f's'?& ' ���'   ���',���'.'
Best Brands of .
-Wines, Liquors and'
.-". Cigars
Driflins away, drifting apait,
SnapriiiiirT the lords  that   v\crc  bound  round  my
,heart, c. ���
, Sundering lies ttiat weie ahv.iys to bo
Stroiis; tit'S of luve between .\ou and me.
Hut vet, as I fiee you lUy after d.iy,
I feel and 1 l::id\v jou are <Jriftintr uvvav. f
Driftir.g away, <hi.tit.�� apart.
How siu'ly the futuio linl.-. inlo my heart!
For I IhoiiKhi'lli.it I'd .i!va;. i on earth a friend,
Faithful as. truth and Hue to,the end.
Hut yet, as 1 sec 3011 day alter day,
I feel and I know jou are drifting away.
Driftinfr'awa.y, diifting away,
Drifting; fo slowly, l,ut surely, each day,
Farther, still farther, out of my Bight,
Leaving me alone���.ves, alone wuh the night���
Yes, alone with the niRlit, for even the day,
Is turned into night vvhen vou are drilling away.
Drilling away, drifting away, f
Dnltinjr in silence, where, no one can say.
Let a prayer lie offciet! that our drifting bark
Hay never drift into the unknown Caik,
Uut may drift with iis ��oi-.i, so worthy ol love.
Into the waters thai spaikle above.
, ��� Kxchange.
... . ���_. .
Uncle Buscaboatas
And His. Pumpldns ���
lloCarrled Willi Him the Proof That
'      thu ruiunkiiiK Wero Ilia.
The action cor.iuior.ccs in Hutu .Now,
Jlota is the least iiiiptiil.'int of the lii-auti-
"ful Mild eiK'h.'intiir,' villages that form an'
ample; semicircle iilionl Cit'liz bay; yet,
though it be the least inipoitaut, it has
.not wanted o.vp to take notice of it. The
Duke of Os'tina;' itucler his title of Duke
of "Arcos.fhas Ions Ixild it'uji to view us
otic of tho pearls of bis coronet, possessing lhi'i-e'a sciguctiriul castle of the same
name, whose stones 1 could describe one'
by one. e '  v . '
Hut here it is not n question of castles
'or dukes, but of Mho celebrated country
surrounding Rota'and of a very hinnblo
garilener, vvhoin we' shall call Uncle Biis-
'caboatas. althmi',-li "such vvas not, it
seems, his real nanie.
Undo Hii'scn boa tits had already be<:iin
to stoop at the'ihite"of the episode that I
am'about  to relate.     lie was even  tlien
GO yeais of a so and hail spent 40 of'thein
in ,tilling  a   vogctiilile 'garden   bordering
upon .the beach'of (Costilla.
���������*��� That-year, he had grown some stupen-
clous pumpkins, which wero as, big as tlio
ornament al  bolls on  a  massive rampart
and   were   now   turning, both   inside   and
outside of an orange color, whicli indicated that it vvas past the middle of June.
, Uncle* Buscaboatas knew tlio shape, de-
,gree of ripeness nnd oven the iiuuilx-r of
- thorn���aliove   all,' the   40   plumpest   and
���shiniest specimens,  whicli seemed  to ho
saying.  ''Cook   tne!"   and   he  passed  his
time  gazing   tendeily   at   theiif'and   exclaiming in a melancholy tone, "Soon wo
shall have to part." , >   -
At   last   one  afternoon   he   resolved   to
��� make.'tlio -sacrifice, and, picking out  tlie
"best  fruit of-his dearly ^beloved  "(���iicitr-
hitaceae," Whose.growing had cost him so
great  labor,  he tittered  I lit*  terrible sen-'
"Tomorrow," quoth he. "I shall cat
these -10 and cairy them to C.-uIix uiail'et.
Happy thoy who eat them!"-
Tlicu-'eii'poii lie" slowly walked into, the'
house and passed the night in the distress'
of a father'who. the next d.-i'y. is to give
his clai'ighter.iii in.-ii i ia-,*'e.
"Alas, my piuiipkiii--!" shrhed he again
and again, unable lo woo sleep, hut prer.-
cntly lie heitan to relied and 'concluded
by- saying: "Tot. what else can I do but
, dispose of them? Why, that is just what
I raised, thein'for. They'll bring mo in
nt least 1-3 ���diiros'.' " ��
Endeavor if yoti e:ui to measure the extent'of his com-tei nation, fuiy and despair 'when on entering his garden the
next morning be discovered that d;iri:r.r
the night somebody had stolen tlie -10
pumpkins. To make the story brief,
Shakespeare's Sliyhickv in his paroxysm
of j'agc over tho Might of Jessica wit li his
jewels, could not have been more fren::ied
than ;Unclc Buscaheatas. ,
"Oh, if I find'thee���if 1 find thee!" he
Then, quieting down, however, ho coldly begati'to consider;!rid,comprehend that
his beloved specimens could not he in
Rota, where it would have been impossible to expose them for sale without his
recognizing them and whore, moreover,,
punipkiils weie sold very choap.i
"It is plain to he seen that they .arc in.
Cadi'/.." lie argued. ' "The infamous, ras
cally   thief   must   have  stolen   ihein   between 0 and 10 o'clock las! night and carried   them   off on  the" 1 li (.'clock   fi eight ���
boat.     I   will  go,to Cadi;; today on  ihe
early   passenger  boat,   and   it   will   be  a
caution if I don't catch tlie sneak and re-'
coverahe daughters of,my toil."-
So saying, he remained about 20 mill '.
utes longer on tlie she of the' catastrophe,
fondling ihe mutilated stumps and stems
of tho pumpkins, counting over again Ihe
missing "ones or formulating, the suit .of
accusation that he should make in coin
mencing a suit, until S o'clock 'struck,
and ho started for the pier.
The passenger boat, or hour boat, was
Retting ready to sail. It is an humble
barge that every, morning precisely at !J
o'clock starts for Cadiz, conveying pas
��� Bongers. just as the' freight hoar starts
every night at 12 o'clock, conveying fruit
nnd garden stuff The founer i.s called
tho hour boat,' because in that space of
time, or even in -10 minutes on some days,
if the wind be nMom. it traverses Ihe
three leagues that lie,bet wixt- the ancient
village of the'Duke of Amis and ihe an
cient city of Hercules.
So it was about half after 10 o'clock on
the morning of that day when Uncle
lUtscnlieatas planted himself in front of
a vegetable stall in tho Cadiz market and
said to the puzzled p ilieeman accompany-'
Ing him:
"These are my pumpkins!    Lay hold of
that  fellow, sir!" and  he pointed  to ihe
, stnllkeeper.
"Lay hold of nieV," repeated the huckster, full of surpiise and wrath. "These
pumpkins are mine.    I bought them."
"You may tell that to the justice of the
peace, sir," replied Uncle Buscaheatas.
"1 will not."
"You shall."
"You Uncle Thief, you!"
"You Uncle Bum!"
"Speak  with  more civility,, gentlemen.
Y'ou  arc Indecent.    Men ought  not so lo
-forget  themselves,"  remarked  the  police
officer very quietly, giving each of tlie in
terloculors a tup on the breast.
By this time quite n crowd had gathered round, while the magistrate in charge
ot the public murkets, whose real title '��
judge of supplies, was not long in making
Ills appearance.
The police officer handed the matter
over to his excellency, and the worthy
magistrate, learning how the case stood,
inquired In a majestic tone of the huckster: ,
"From whom did you purchase yonder
"From Uncle So-and-so of Rota," answered the man.
"That is as it should be!" cried out
Uncle I-5'.iscaboatas. "He is just fit for
such business! When his own vegetable
patch, which i.s a very poor one, fetches
him in but litttle. he sets to work to rob
his neighbors!"
"But." continued the magistrate, turning to the old gardener, "admitting the
hypothesis"that 40 pumpkins were stolen
l'l-oin ,yuii*'l.-ist""riight, how can you be certain that those, and no others, arc
"Well, well!" replied Uncle Buscaheatas. ,"Why, because I know them as well
as your excellency knows your own
daughter, if you have any. This one-
look, your excellency���i.s named "Itebo-
londa (round and puffy); this one, Cachi-
gordcta (pretty, plump slice);, that, one,
Barrigoiiil (potbelly): that one, Cooradilla
(dainty colored), and that other one yonder, Miiiiiiela, hocattso it resembles my
.vcongest daughter so much."     ,
And thereupon the poor old man began
to weep very bitterly.
"This is all veiy good." returned the
judge of supplies, "but the law is not
satislied with your merely recognizing
your pumpkins. The auihoiities must
feci convinced .as to the previous condition of the things in question, and ihoii-nf
you must give adequate proof. , ("oinlo-
uien, you liave'no right to smile. I am a
lawyer!" ,. ' 4-    >
""Well, then, your excellency .shall see
how quickly I can prove to everybody
without ever stirring from this spot (hat
yonder pumpkins were gr��wn-iii=r:iy=vi'go--
table garden," exclaimed Uncle Busca-0
bcatas, to the no small amazement of tho
bystanders. ���>
��� And, dropping on the ground a bundle
that he had been carrying and crouching
down till he sat upon his heels, he began
quietly to untie the many knots in the
handkerchief wrapped about the aforesaid-bundle.    '
Tlio wonder of the magistrate! tho stall-
keeper and the crowd increased rapidly.  '
""What is he going to pull out?" they
asked one another. , '    '  .
At the same instant up1 came another,
inquisitive body to see what was occurring,   and' the  stallkeepor,   espying   him,
called out:
"I am glad you have come. Uncle So-
and-so! This man says the pumpkins
tli.it you sold me last night and that are
,1101*0 listening, to the conversation were
stolen.   Now, you ansvyer him.".
The newly arrived turned yellower than
wax and tried to run away, but the bystanders bodily prevented hirn, and the
judge of supplies ordered him to stay
where he was.
f  As for Uncle Buscaheatas, he was nl-.,
ready eying the supposed thief and saying:      ' . ,'      ���,'
"Now you shall see what is good!"
���   Regaining composure, Uncle So-and-so
held forth as follows:
'"    "You are the, one who had better hoed
what you are talking about, for if-you do
not and yon cannot   prove your, accusation I shall have you sent to jail for libel.
These   pumpkins   were  mine.     I   ra'sed
them,  as  likewise  all   the  others .that';I
���have brought to Cadiz this season, in'my
kitchen garden at  IOgido, and nobody can"
prove the contrary." '   "
"Well, you shall see!" ejaculated Uncle
Buscaheatas,  vv.ho.   having at  length  got
the handkerchief untied, drew  foith and.
scattered, on   the  ground   its  contents���a
multitude of pumpkin  stems,  still  greeu.
and dripping moisture���and  then., seated
on his'heels and nigh dead with,laughter,
he addressed tho following speech to the
curious bystanders:
"Gentlemen, haven't you paid taxes?
And haven't you scon the ugly green
book, from which the tax collector tears
off, receipts, leaving still attached to it a
stump or little slip, sons to prove wheth- ���
er such and'such a receipt be false or
,"You refer to tho *?.bro talonario' (stub-
book)," gravely observed the judge, of
supplies. ' .-
"Well,' that is just what I am fetching
here���the 'libro talonario' of my vegetable patch, or otherwise the heads to'
which these pumpkins were joined before
they were stolen'from-.me. Look, gentlemen, and see! .Hero is tho head to llita
pumpkin. No one can doubt Jr. This
next one," as -you see. belongs to this other pumpkin. Ilerc'is one thicker, which'
lits on yonder., 'Exactly! And here is
one for this. .There is another for that.
And this pumpkilugoes on yonder stein."
Thus speaking, he .kept fitting a head
.or stump to, tlie cavity made in each
pumpkin-when torn from the vine, and
the spectators saw with iimazeinent'that,-
in fact, the irregular and crooked onils'of
tho stumps fitted most exactly into the
whitish shape and slight hollow presented by what we may call the cicatrices of
tho pumpkins.   .>
Then all the bystanders stooped down. *
including both the policemen and the
magistrate himself, and began to assist
Uncle Buscaheatas in so singular a verification, all exclaiming in ' the same
breath with childish glee:
"No, no! It is so undoubtedly! Look
here, gentlemen! This goes hero; that
goes there. Yonder pumpkin belongs to
tills stem; this pumpkin to that stem."
And the loud laughter of grown up
men 'mingled vvith the shrill cries of
urchins, with the imprecations of women, with the old gardener's tears of
triumph and gladness and with tlie
thumps' that the buinbailiffs began to bestow itpon the now convicted thief, as' if
Impatient to carry liini off to jail.
There i.s no need to mid that the bum-
bailiffs got their wish; that Uncle So-
and-so beheld himself obliged to hand'
back to the huckster, the 1." duros received from the s.'iine; that the latter
at once turned them over to Uncle Bus-
cabcatas. and that the said uncle wended
his way home to Itota. supremely contented, albeit murmuring to himself on
the road:
"Plow beautiful they looked in the
market! But I ought to have brought
'Mnnuela' back with ml*, so as to have
eaten her tonight myself aud preserved,
tho seeds!"��� Translation From the Spanish For Short Stories.
Their [;i��snll��fnct inn,
A young < lei U in an nlH-e mi Fifth av.-��-
niic lately.' hec.-iuie veiy ureh di���alis
lied with hi- po>-i;inii and a^ a ciiny
qirence his emjil-iycr licc:i*:)e ��liss::i:s,h"l
with him.
Si  it   happened   l.J-at   e:r h   ii]-*r'-ieil  nr
advcrliM-inelil    i:i a il.nlv   p'pi-i   .n,,| i-:h h
wrote    Ul    n-p-.ll.-e    In    e.l' ll    <i.h>'|-"-    e>
p.-es-cd'wanl.  ll  l.appi'in d aN-i that  liny
sat   iieai- eadi "ihi-f in l!:e ulliee an.I  received t'Jieir ai]>wrr�� -.i-ii'ill.-iiicnir-ly.
This is what the einpl i.vcr ii-ad:
"Sir: I  am competent,   fnitlifnl  and a
hustler.     I   dcMre  lo change 'because my
present    employer   is. unreasonable   nn.l
iiiiappreci.-itive."   ,
Thi.-- i.s what  tlie young man read:
"Sir:  i   want  a  young, man  wilh  somn
brains and "get  up* tn him.    Call a! onr-o
if you de.-ire lo v.iirk     No mure ninieii'.I
ties wanted."
^Then  the explosion occurred.���("hit
, 'Tho- khedive of Egypt is an accomplished violinist, but he nitiili prefers
dance music to the productions of the'
great masters. He studied music'in'Vienna.    . ,
Frince August of Coliurg lias now shot
3,000 chamois on his estate at Sciilad-
miiig. lie killed 1-Js first in ISd'.l in tlie
same district. In ISs-l his lutal bag
reached 1.000, and by 1S!)1 he had shot
.lust Like Grandpa.
Mrs. Bai'binhy was regaling Mr. B.
���With a few selections from the advertising columns..
, "Now, here's something," she exclaimed, "that I would like to have in tables.
Just look here, John! Polished white
top and curved legs"���
At that instant little Madge entered.
"Whnt's that?" said she. ""Who's been
.���prrltln in the paper 'bout grnn'pa?"
Furniture and
Undertaking.  /   ',
g and Upholstering Done.
Warehouse'in connection for storage
'of family nnd other furniture, trunks,
etc., at monthly or,other rates.
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Trans-Continental Route
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Tick-its Issued Tlirongh -mid Bago-ago
(..heckod to Destination.   ,   ���
Daily Trains
East RKVKLSTOKE .    West
8.20 leave     ^ ' leave 17.30
"' .
8.10 leave      1 t ��� arrive 10.15
The   Canadian' Pacific
. . Steamship ^Co/s ,
Leave Arrow-howl daily for all -Kiintvin Koof-
enay, makim; cqnn.0J!,i!)ii .it, XaUu-lv for a'tl
points on X,ik;-.s;> & Slocan r.iilw.-iy and
Slocan Lake. , ,.
Close connect ion at. llobson for Nelson and all
ICootenay Luke and 1'ivor points, iind for
Trail. Itossl.ind and points south.
Kor full infoi'iiuilioii, tickets, map-*, etc., cull
on or address,      ,      ��� t   ���
f,   "t. w. brads haw,
Agent, Revelstoke
Or to
W. F, AXDKUSON,        -K. J. COYLK,,'
Trav. Fas**. Agent, '     *   A. G. P. Afcnt,    t
Xul-ion. H.C. . Vancouver. B.C.
Kootenay Railway &   ,;
, Navigation Company
Operating Ka-ilo & Slocan R nil way,
, ' ,    International Navigation & Trading
, Company. .
Schedule of Timo���Pacific Standard Time
Kircclive JuiielO,'iK'.
Kaslo & Slocan Railway
Fas��enc;ei- train for Sandon and way stations
leaves Kaslo at 8 a.m.; daily, return hit;, leaves
Sandon at 1.1.-5 p.m., arriving at Ivaslo '.!.i>5 p.m.
International Navigation and Trading
,    Company
���"*    Operating on Kootenay Lake and Uivcr.
S.S..Inti-:kn*ationai. leaves Kaslo for Xolson
at (ia.in. daily exeoiit Sunday; returning, leaves
Nelson at l.Mtl p.m.. calling at llalfour, I Hot
Bay, Ainsworlli, i-nd all way points; connects
willi'steamer Alberta to and - from Bonner's
Kerry, Idaho; also with S. l'\ & X. train to and
from Spokane. afc.Kive Mile Point. '
��� t".- S. '���Al.nKitT.v leaven Nelson for Bonner's
Kerry. Tuesdays mid Saturdays nt Tn.m.. meeting steamer International from Kaslo at. Pilot
Bay; returning, leaves Bonner's Perry at 8 a.m.
"Wednesdays and Sundays-.
Lardo-Duncan Division
Steamer liitcrnatinniil leaves ICasIo for Lai-clo
and' Argcnta nt S.lo p.m., A\'cdnesdays atid
Steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argcnta at S p.m. Sundays.
Steamers call at principal landings in both
directions, "and at. oilier points when signalled.
Tickets sold to all points in Canada and Ihe
United States.
To iieci.Tlain rules and full informal ion.
Itnitrci-T 1KVIXC.
8 tf Manager. Kaslo. B. C.
Royal Mail Lines.
Cheapest Route to tho Old Country.
I ake Ontario   --;-:-      lice. 27
"Montrose .Ian. 'A
Lake Superior   -      - "10
Camliromin - - -    Dec. 31
Vancouver Jan. 14
Dominion - - - "   28
ALLAN" LIXK-Froni Portland
Lanronlinn - - - Dec. 2T
Canibroiiiaii       - - ��� Jan. <i
Passunirors ticketed' tlirougli lo all parts ot
Great, Britain and Ireland, and at. specially low-
rales to all parts of tlie Kiiropean oonl incnl,.
Applv to nearest railway or sleninsliip agent or
T.  W. BEADSHAW,  Asont.  Revolstolcc.
T OST-Between tho C, P. It. hotel and
\j Bourne Bros, store, smiill gold lirnocli,
shape of four leaved clover, jcwelr.d. Finder
will be rewarded by returning lo the olllue of
tho C, P, K. hotel.- "'���'-2t
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Toys and Games ���        ���"
Doll-*,   Dolls''Heads,   Meclianieiil  Tov��,   Blocks Picture
Books, I mil Trains, (-tc, (.|(..
Ciokinole, Fori, Vamii-i Pistoh, Card G.i'ines, etc.
Candies . . ��
Lnvvney's Clmcolatos,   P.nnscyV   Clicu-ol.itc?   .-ind   Bon'
i     'Jjiuis, in liall.|ionii(l ,'ind cuie-iHiiiiuI lioxt"-and in hulk.
Assorted Ji-rciH-li Kruits. very clioice, in li.ill'-poiind ..-mil'
one-pmiiid lioxe-, or loose���."jil.00 per lb.
Photos ...
Tin- l>est pliolo.irr.tphofKevelflokevet taken���tinmomil-
ed lor innilin"--. or inuiiiiled on pl.tifi linard���.-it the low
���Sricoiiif $1..")'). >    , i . '" . v
Cigars... S
A choice as-ortiuent ol'  linporied Ci^ut---, in boxes of 25    X
���5!J.itul 100-Boel-s. 31,-iiiiieI Giirciiis, lOi'ii,ulor.-, elc. ,'   V
) , SUUJUS-.J1" U) tli >  Mull. A. W,  C-).,        ���        .! O
=-==-.Il*i3VEIJSTOI*:H   STATIO'-T,   E,   C.=
Pianos and
and ���
Repaired   "sa.
Lessons on the "Violin.
For Terms-, etc., '���
Union Hotel���Q J&S.   TaylOr.
.The production of the "Kootenay
Mail" Job Room, will be ready for
the" business men v'vho have already
lil.iced their orders,' by December
'. "_- 20th. This is the fir.-t time that
the'business men of Hovelstoku have
had an opportunity to
Ado'r-Q tl?e l^appy
Iconics of tl^is city
A i
with a home produelion. And the
"Mail" feels eiuifldent tint next
-���cason will <ee many more orders
nlaeed in its hands for this el.i'-.s of
wcSrk. Size thctn tin vvhen you
see llieiu. 'J'hen for any class of
biiMiicss sintionery consult
TI)e  Kootenay Mail
6 ���0-0<>:0^>0-0*<K><><>{^
Watches, Glocks
I      ' Repairing a Specialty.
j'CP.R. Watch Inspector. Itovelstokc, R. C
Wustmax ���Sinclaii!-"���Al Kcvelsiuke.
UC, December 27ili, 1S99, by Rev.
S. J. Thompson,  Rev..J,is. Wespiiiin
to .Miss Jessie Sinclair, but li   of Uol-
den. ^       (,
Walton*���PiAvxok���At 1-Jev olsii.1-0,15.
��� G, December '2oid, \>y lie v. 'J'. .Men-
<*, zies, I)iinsli;y M. W.ilinn to   Anie!i;i
-   G'lt.-ivr.oi', of Waterloo, Out.   ���
���^���^���^<^*=^*^^"^<��^��^ ^^^^j^S^c^c^^":^^^'^
p���4?-a7-<s?-<ss'?^&'^^<^^ *^*2?-^^^^^-^^^^^sM^
^ We have a splendid assortment of
McAdam.���At 1-Jftvplstoko,    15.C,   nn
December :21th, 1809, the wife of E.
MeArJain of a daughter.
FiiASicii-.'At Iicvt'lstoko. Peceinlier 16,'
1899, the wife'of Kio.d Fi-nser,   Miii
ing Recorder, of n son.
L'?-, jK'X'^-'N   i""-^
f*en a-rJpiTrv?;l.J'ri.rTV.-,'r*' *->i . >-
. "'     ..COURT OK ItKVISION".
1      '      NoiiTir  "VVi-s-t  1Cooti:.vav.
A Court of Revision anil Appeal under the
Assessment # Act will lie luhl .it, tin.' C ntu-i.
"IJousc, Revisl-ttoKe, on "Monday ihe l.'th d.ij ul"
January, VJDti, .it tu.sn.i.in.
'.'.>   WILLTLUI j. .IUCKl*-".     *
Judge of the Com I of Revision and Appeal.
ti   b k   g   ;i t*\r, ��
ur line of -View: Cliiiia; ���
is very unique. -
Store Will Be Open TiU
10 O'elock To-night
Bargains in all
���, Are , needed these chilly
nights. We want you to see
the superb blankets were sel-
.   linej".      Everv "food' feature
' that the bost blankets should
possess is to be found in our
No. 1  Special.      Go over
them with a   critical eye and
- see how  much' better 'they
��� are than anything you've
seen at similar prices. ��� -This
make is all wo'ol,' and very
fine wool. ��� The  borders arc
- handsome ' and cfast .color's.
All weights from 5 "lbs. up:
Prices from $3 to $6.
Flannelette Blankets $1 and
$1.25 per pair.    ���
'" There's a great demand for
underwear.     We're well pre-
���' pared to meet' it.      At   first
sight we thought   our stock
too large.    'There   has been
Jiveiy buying'of'ft since'the
'   days- began   to   get   colder.
' ' We have them and are head-
- quarters- for ��� them.-'.      The
. ladies,- tlie   gentlemen, "the
girls",'the'boys,  for'all   ages
��� and all * sizes'.       The " prices
of course are popular.
Capital, ('authorized) $2,500,000.
, Capital, (paid up) '    $2,311,034
Rest, .      -,      ..-        $1,522', 172     ' '    ���
HEAD OFFICE,    -    -    -    T(
H. S. HOWLAND, President".       T.  R: MERRITT, Vice-President.
D. R.' WILKIE, General Manager.
A. general banking business transacted.���Letters of credit issued,
,,    available in ail parts of the world.���Gold dust and amalgam
purchased.���Savings   Department,   .Interest,   allowed    at
current rate.
A. R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch
Incorporated Iiy act of P.-u liaitieiit 1S55. '
HEAD OFFICE    "  ,    \ - ' MONTREAL
"' WjiT'MWTsoN-'.MAcr'iiiciiKON'. i"i-(��-.     "s. II. Kwixo, Vice-Pics.
V.   \Voi.]*'*l..STAX  'J'llU.MAS, GcilCI'ill   MllllilgCI"
PAID  UP'CAPITAL < -     ���    ' . / ��� $2,060,000
RESERVE       ,    - ,.-    , -'..-.   ',1,500,000
< <��� '
A guucM'iil hanking 1mimhck-> tratiHaclu.l.   InLurcbt allowed 011 deposits at current rales.
J.fD. MOLSON, Manager, . - REVELSTOKE, B. C.
You may 'be'thinking of. buying a.jackcL today.' ���' Wcrare
lfeaclquarters for what.is 'bekt
���no all
and-most1- stylish
Our prices a.ic right
t r'A visit to  our place of business will   make.
*..    .       you' happy, because we have just what you ' " .,
' ,   . -want for the holidav season.    ......
Our 'China Glassware Department ���
' < u' -*
I.s most complete in everv detail.
- - l" * ii *
Sraa-A bcautifuhassortment.' '     ���   '.   .
-jllXUnSS there is none can cxceU
Apples, Oranges,.'Dates, Fig's/.
.Huts, 'dandies, Etc.     '"  ���"      '    . 6., .
. ' '   . .                          ,   ^^zbbb-^s'AT.LOVVEST. PRICES
��)03NT3T   FOEGET -    \        '     ��''
We also carry a complete line of
"^a.-1^"^* '��?a.-^-*^.-*-��v^^���"^.���^i.-^^-^^-^^v"^*^
, - oots 'and Shoes, 'Men's OletMng and Furnishings
j XVi' keep tlio very l)-*sr, qn.iliu* t.f iiiiji'ii-lorl ^ends in T.iilor-.M.ule Clolhin^,
, aiirl will >,';i,ii,i:u.(>f 'th.-u^th-' piic;es ;ue nn |)ic,r!ier   than fm- -ilu*   legul.ir f.-ic-Loi-y
j pi ices.     Dkij) 1:1 .iii.l see tint, �� !i,-it wo ��.-iy is'correct.
A    l\/fcl'
I Kov;Is-ol:2 Stor
Mo jr.rty Blc?J*;
h~l l     /\     TVT* �� Kamloops'
J  !J_^C3__L><I   NextPostoffi
Public notice i-. licrcby giicn to tlie rlocto ���?
of the City of l>i'\el-loko" tlinl l niinira ll'c
prc-uncc ot Uic --aid olcutoi"- ul my odii-o in ilic
City of RevcNtokc, on tlio i-'tli rtii> of Jniin.iiy,
19.0, at 12 o'clock noon, for the put po^c of cU'ci-
ingperson-, to represent iliciiiin the nuin'cip.i;
council.1-" .M.iyor aivl-AIdL-i-nicii.
The mode 61 iiorniii.il-'cri4 of I'and.rt.iic- th.ill
bo ii--follows:
The c.iiiilKliilcs sh.ill lip nnniin.U' <1 ri ivi-ll-n::.
the wriliiif; sh.ill he siih^cnlii'd  h\ ti\n i on is
of I lie miiiiicip.ility .is ui-opo-er .mil ^-niiiil"!'.
and sh.ill be ili-!i\erc(l   to I lie leli:: n-'nir i 'li' ��� r i
at any lime between the clan- nf i!'i- .vi i ��� .mil
2 ji. an. of   the day nt  in'.iiiui.ilii-ti :,:-.iu'   in .in-
event of n pull hi 1:1-4 neer-���ary ~'n ii l'i'li ��i!i '���  I
opened 111 eimfo'inilj in In��   on t'i'1   lU'a il.iv uf
.Ini'ii.u-y. 10iii. .11   T.ipp.ii'jr's  >ev.   Op-i-i Ilnii^^
, 011 l"eeond -trie I. in the C'.ty uf I lei eistn .i-. .����� !
kept open birw in t'n !'ou.-m oiifht 111 lh''f-.  -
noon and ihe lio'ir ei four 111   Ihe alt  ;-.i...-ui   lo-
takiii!" unci reuonhim: t,:ie \ iHe-111'  l.'oi.ie t 1 ���-.
of   which   every pel son   is li.-ri'U-y r, i[ii.;���.���(. ,-i
t.iko 1101 lee iiii(i'i^r.\ el 11 hini-oll .u i o:-:.iiti;I\ .
The pel-oils' ('iii.iliti.-d  10 be  noriiii'.IC'.cl a-.d
elci-Ccd tor tliuotil cut ma; or uf -.11! i.i\ -hi.I
be ������iich a* .ir." null" Hrffi-li - il>j ,  s 1:  rV '"i'l
age of l wonty-one *. i.-ir- .rid are no:   l.--i['i.ili;i d '
under   iny   law.   .nil  li.m    Ikh 11 .1 i(   lie -i\*
months i.ii\-f prcci din.; the da\ of i.c miiMtidn
the  rcgi-tercd   o��in-i', in tl.e   I .n.d   11�� ���-1 ������
Olhee, of land or n al p.-opi 11'. inih   1  '���  -I  I ''
a'"-e���ed \aliienn I lie 1.1-1 iiiuiii. ip.il      -'    i'i'1.!
roll, or" one thou-ainl dolla. - -n- im.n . 0  .'   rail
above any l'dji-ieu .1   1111 uiiii,-'.iii      nii'.i..,".
nnd who aie din.:"..:.-   dulc i|ii.iuii'd  i-> 111 ai
c-ijial \oter-.
The poi-oiis  (jn.ilifii 1]   In  be ihm'.i'ii.iU d ..nd
e'M'red a-aldeni'i n   0:  -,ial   i:!\   -1 al      .  -   > I-
fiT'-on-,1-aie male irn:-!i -iiln <i-ui i'.i   i-i'l ,
ago of t��i litj-oia  '..1:- mil a'-e nut .1.- ju 1'. .. d
under any   law.   .nil   ban    b. c'.   i<..-   im   -'\
niontli- iu'\l   ii'"e.i <!m,' tin 1I1   ���"   1.  nsniii'in
rhe   rc-Ki-l'-n d   ov-ie..  111   ib-    I ind  l.'i,.'-trj
OfHce, of land ui ii nl p'.up-   I-. :i.l!.".  l> 1.1 i'i-
a--c���ed Willie, f/ii I la  la-i'laitni"".[ .i'.'-��� - "ii" m
roll, of flu' h 11 lull 1 d (loll.ir- or in-i. ��� . om r .11 ���'
above un> iCKir-tr i. c!  iiii i.iiib..u|i (   u- ���! e-",."
and who lire other'.' i-c riual.ll'i!  .1- laniiaM id
voter-. ' '
Kvery candidatr i-niii i .itr.I -1 ill ^ii:li. b\ ,
a writing aeeiiin;.an.\ int.* Ihe in i>i.i..ii eai ;.:���,���' 1. >
his eon-cut to <*m h in imu ilwn ' \> cpt n (���;-' 1
-uch pcr-011 ho .ll.-i-llt lllil.i till ll.llllli .p.lliM '
when-ui Ii ab-( 111 e b.'.'l I' -l.ilid in llu i.uiii I
in.icinn papei. _ |
Kmtj- candid'iie in iiiln.iti 1! -ha"'. <ni nr In',- I
fore tli'-lici!-" nf two p 11. of iln (lii.nf ie 1.1.11 I
at ion. fiirni-h tin- ri tin 11,1 a- mli. 1 r \'. .th ,1 stare- I
incur, in wriiin^sjici"!.. .11 tin l.n.d n. i'.np 0.1- 1
ertj* up ai w |,u li he <v..il'tn ->.
Oiven mid. 1 ne. band .il   l:> \ < '-I'!-(' ll..--'!.-!
day of Iln enilii r. 1 -ll)
cii.uu.Kri K'r-'iciM: .*-rr.\\-..
, Hit in n.ii,,' f:lli- er.
Tenders fev a. Licence io Cut TimbiP
on Dominion Lends in tho rv-'ev-
lnoc of Eritich Columbia.
QKAl.rii  ri'VIlKl:.--. .k'.'h-.iI U llic nd-r
kj ��� i-igned and iiirirLci1 ontla < nwlop<   'Tenibi
for 'j ii...... .... i.i *.'-'������.   10 01 ii,h ie 1  1 11 i'i   __h(l
clay of .l.iinl.'iM.  MM',  u ll  b"  icuiwrl.il  th-
I)("pr'lltlll   III   Ul.t.l    110.11   Oil   M   ,r (,,!'.    Ill'     .'.'id
day ol .1.iniiary 1 e\i. !,: a lit 11 -1 lu c ��� t I 11 In r
(���11'Jicit.i >���(. -j". ((.i:'pii-ii'4 ti ( >.(in-.-(-r
(j ii.ii tei unci  l-'i-;.il sulil.u i'1.-'.), 1 ' .; :nl H>. M
c ' '
Do you know that-'we have
an excellent stock [of fur
��'oods of every description.
Fur'Capes, Oapines,
Gollars "and'' Visites
Muffs,"'Children's/ Fhv
Gauntlets.1'���' We sell our
fur efoods like all other o*oods
��� with'o guaraiitee that''money
will be refunded )t hot found
exactly as represented.
W,e''would kindly ask all'who
can to do their' shopping- in
tlie- morning.' The' after-
noon bur large'siaff of clerks
""To fit every foot, at reasonable prices.  ' '���'
' * '    ' _ , '   '(   ��� i . <r., .Ti,       I r
��� ���-;.1    ..,W.E ALSO, CARRY ...   ' .      '    "".      '
*' - ( .*' i
Gaps, Gloves. Mitts, Sox, Etc,
AVishing you all a'laT'erry Xmas,
are verv much overtaxed
Wc' do our' 'best to' give
everyone the very' best'attention; ���  '"' '*''''"
"JA1*"' '-���      f~y       '"   1    ��� ' 1
l ne Cleat���"-- .������
~\ ���** r\	
he^v- -
Front Street, Revelstoke
-SSS      TOOT
"vipf't'���*-"-.''   ���'-���.'"'"���j*-",*:'   --T'r "~r*T"i~,j"^**���-~'~-",j.^: ���-���'.-'.v.-T-r-gi
m^!'0\<^'. vv^"-"-ff. a...] r---'���-r'.-'s:-,Mi,ry_.y^
Rfe^t^^-^^f vi--:-\V..'*;v^:.-V-^
Boaifiicn and Provineiai
Land Surveyors/
Survpyorsof 311n."-. Miiioral Cliiinis nnd Crown
VAXCOUVKR,   13., C.
FI ^i FI"' C\ 5���
I' <��� 1 ( "n'.ii ,011 i.ikI' - -��� I, i h ,1 'ie, us- v ,;' 1,
' -'"1 '"i 1 ' obi,.,ii' (I , , i'.i- I), 1,nf,id,I i.r
���<' I h' 1 .'lie ol mi ( .��� i, 'I,j,, ,, 1 a^' lit ,H
N' '    V. ' -ti., 1 s'( ,.
I -I' ! I r..!( i.i -t ' .��� 1 ' ii',; ,1,, .fi bv nil ni -
���' 1 U (''���!<, ,' on i" .:,.���!( I'd I. 11'. in f.uou,' of ,' ('erla'.ntv c'nld V:i l' M'.-mi
VvrAST'"V''    ���\,1''''  ;""i:'1' !"r '""   ''o'Phv:'.'
.r     ���.���ifllrorill.ll  Al'iie nc.ii- i;���|,l, ,,     .\[���,',,
}"'..   ,    ,y: J-',-"""1,"1'""" -1"1  l"'iil'i��rtiiii|(nip'i-
MiK steel.    IlriiiC,- 1,1  ���   wit [1 ti,���ber pn f,.,,-, ,1.
! Apply   to   h.   A.   ffAOOtvV,   i;,w-���(ftr lo the
����� C'n., I.ul.
irioiif ,v r-prnt ],< fi';
comic.-, l.a'.'k If, j on. If
wTv-rn lo Cln'ii,uiien
w lift re dot * il v;i, \t,',
lif-eaii-'i. huIldiriK-.and
plan' 'oiiinj- m-:r
?i'//i has hedi iiKtull-
A pru-lif/il ln'iiidrv*
Minn frniii 'I'ori'iiloii.'is
I>< <-ii -"���Cfircil .lii'l 1 urn
Onicc l'*ir-l f't., (,".��
F* Buker,
J. A. Stonk, Proprietor:.
Rates, $1 per day	
Hlcctric lighted, furnace heated
Newly built and furnished. . . .
Finest and   best  supplied  bar
in the city
Cor. Front and Benson Streets, Revelstoke, B. C.
vT^smEOi. im ^j
of Mblsun't. J'iilik.
/I m n M c
riwu in
339 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Branch Store: Nelson, B.C.


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