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Kootenay Mail Sep 20, 1901

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Vol. 8:- No. 24.
$2.00 Per Year.
l*>*e*��vster   ox]irei-scil
I Strikes of Free Gold
docs   not   neccssariK
Gkokck arer short in v.
mean   that   Taylor   &
mv of  their excellent lines
oi foot wear, clothing, or house furnishings.
If you  feel   bll:c   come and buy one of our
'l    i ' ,        ii
white shins, .it will cheer us all up.
We  wiil deiight the ladies early   next month
with a  beautiful  display of  Dress Goods, Ribbons.   Handkerchiefs".   Laces,   etc., for   Fall, directly  imported frcm the best wholesale houses
in Scotland,
Come and  inspect 'our lines o(   Boots   and
Shoes, Hosierv and Underwear.'
Always   Rsady   for   Business'" with Fair Prices
and Good  Stock.
his ������p|iniiit,miinf. as gold (���niiinii.-'dioni'r,
As n niiuirror fuel Mr. Scott was tint
un applicant, t'ur llic po-iltint*).
H. It. (J. Minei', nf lin- GiMnliy smelt-
i'i-, .Mrs. iiiid Miss Mirier, arrived at
H-'vrl.-Uiki'mi y ititi'diiy.iinil were iiii-l
here liy iA. C. Fluinuieifelt. Iliifus
l-'.'pi', M. P., al.-n remained nt, Hotel
[{������velMiike over night on his rt-t.ui n
lYnni tIn* .south.
A iiinsiraL-"-vening was enjoyed ������ t
lin- Epw ot Ih League on Monday ni*. lit,
when s< iii us were i-��>ntlr-i {*cl hy Ai i =.
IJ 'iit, 'Miss Sh'Mitiid, Messrs. Sullivan,
Alliii'n, niifl J. L. Johnston.    Inlrn-.-t-
T/w Blue' Jay 'Placer Claim.
fc>nj.t.    Lindley,   of   lliu    I'liqupsiip
Mining Company; intends- working nil
v. indr   on   the   Blued Jay   mi   Smith
C.eek,   ' Hu  hud   intended gpitingjii
his���witiler supplies hv tin* the nieamer
Ilevelstoke hut' owing   lo  uiicpi tainty
ns ' to *' when  she.   vvill   Im.ready, li- is
iiii'iinifiii'j   tn  have tliHin taken up hy
Im it.     The quantity to he nut in vvill
amount,   to  iihotit   eight   ur' ten luusi i hi*.'papers Were rencMiy Miss Dent on
, I le. "expects to hove the   machinery I'm*   '".Mn.sk1," and'hy Mrs. J.  G. Smith  u 1
Ihcpoet. Cowpei.
Aid. IJ.iiirne, who has been spending
Minie weeks nt. the'const for the benefit
or his hee.llh, returned to the city on
Monthly. He looks hpnelhted hy the
Chang'', nnd whs heartily Welcomed
home hy his many friends. Tin
friends of Aid. MrL-od were glad to
s'ii him ������ihont again on Tn'i-sd.iv.
thniigh s t ill suffering considerable
pain 1'ifim the accident, of last week.
Monthly evening next u grand shh I
Waist dant'i" tVill he given in Tapping'?.
Operll House which promises Lo he a
great siicces*. Thu Indies nre supplying the sup;er nnd thp
h.ill io being decorated by lhe ebmniit-
li'.", '.viiil are expecting some musical
tiilt-nt, fi om V.ineonvei' lo help the
H^veUloke   mil-ucian-*' out.      Gentle.
pumping iino ' hoisting nniniiig in n
fe.w tl-iy*-) and wiii then rush woik lis
rapidly us possible. Abuit ICiincir
,vii!l   he,  cuijiloyi'fJ   during   the winter
Capt. ILuidirs, and , J. C Metmlipr,
of PiUsburg, who li-ttl heen on n u'-dl,
tn the pr-'I'Piiy me- much pleased
uith th? prospects.-'. TIipv came down
on Thursday by boar, from .Smith
Cn-ek to lievcl.*-lol*e, li'.-i.viug
Creek al d a. - 'n'"'" '���""������
elstiiki*    at.   -I
in.      T
p. in.,
icy reac
the   I lip
occupied    only   1 I   hours,   us
from two to ilnee d**".s'hy trail
ed Kev-
Movement On Pfa:er Properties.
(.-Jus Lund came, in from the Bend
on Wednesday. He lias been doing
assessment work on the Mayflower
claim on Mayflower creek, a tributary of the head waters of French
Creek. The properly is showing
up?' Mr; 'Lund showed us a number,
���of samples of free gold taken from
the ledge, which is '20 feet widc
w lie re he uncovered it.
JJ. Wolscy and W, Kirk up returned from the Bend Wednesday.
Mr. Wolscy staked some extensions
���.of the new strike on F. McCarty'r
claim covering ground at ilie head
waters of Camp creek,,and Graham
creek, on the French creek slope.
He brought in some Una sampler
showing free gold.
'Messrs, Kehoe and Ferrier, inin--
ing engineers, returned Friday from
the Big.Pcud where they had been
examining tin- placer properties' on
French, McCullough and pniitl.
creeks, on behalf of/the Cioodcrbam*
Blackstock syndicate.
��� >\ H. Caesar is getting ready for
another season's active operations
on the Ophir claim on McCullough.
creek, and will shortly call tenders
for the supply of "20,000 ,feet of
J. McMahon, J. M. ..Kellie, and
A. W. Mcintosh left for the. Silver
Shield at. Keystone yesterday in
connection with a pending deal.
Mr. Lindmarl: moved lliat il wi:.-**
desirable llial, the matter of post
cilice remain as it was until* such
time as they could get a central
ollice located 'where il would suit
the whole cily.
Mr. McCarter seconded.
The motion was carried, three
voting for it, two against, and the
others refusing to vote.   '
II. J. Bourne ticked to be.excused
from having anything to say on ;���
niatter in which he was interested.
Mr. Shaw brought, up ihe matter
of, freight rates and instanced a case
in which A.brahamson Bros, had
been charged Sf'iMS.So on a ton of
oats from ��� Edmonton. The rate
commissioner had written liim asking for any complaints on freight
rates and lie had referred this
matter to hini, with the result that
Mr. McLean tulvised ,him the rate*
had been cut in half.
Mr. Lindmark i-aid tho ru'e was
onlv sf'(5 a ton on carload lots. ' ���
J. C. Brown Defeated
R. Green Takes Portfolio of Mines.
The bye-election at New Westminster resulted in the election of
Gi fiord. 'Ihe voting was Clifford
503, Brown oil.
' ll is reported that IL Green,
member for Slocan, has accepted
thc portfolio of miiies.
Premier Dunsmuir has not announced what course he will take
in view of the defeat of Hon. J. C.
Brown. He nmy resign, he may
appeal to the country, or he may
fill the vacant portfolio and meet
Should he resign1 it is supposed
that'Smith Curtis or H, McBride
would be sent for to form a cabinet,
probably the former.
Majority of Trustees Now Favor
T.ccept'mj t.':e $8000 Grant.*
. Meeting of Trustees. ���'
meeting of   the hospital irus
tees on Saturday, it   w*i<* th-vHed thatc
as C.   T. W. Piper, of Vancouver, had
not taken up the   contract'for e.vcavn-
t.iini   wild  Mo'iework .uf   foundations,,
i Mr.   Froinpv    being   next  bu the list,
lad   to i no llW!1I'dcd tlie job.
A lipaity vote of thanks was accord-
I ed Mis. La (.vr?iic<*' and Miss Wood
j ward for their successful canvass oi
i ilie.,Lardp.iiii, ,   ���
j     Thp Sf-ciPtitrv was iiistrucle/1 It. ask
D.ilton, of   V.incou
plans  frr the supt r
O. U..iK-af Mint",iii froai Oo'.deii on
Ttiesii.iv morning.
Mrs. CiiTiilhei*-* lelni'ncil l'roiii lve��
linvini this morning.
1<\   Mi 13-ih,   manager  of    MoLons
U.iiik is on a v i.-it to the coast.
{ j Mr. and Mr.-.  N. T. Edwards lettii'ii^
ed on Y\"edne.*d.iV from Sicaiiious.
Mrs. Wiiculley. Ii.i.- ai'rived from the
e;:->t nnd j.-'the guest of Mrs.. It ie.
M. Grady of St. L -on Spring-* msis in
the cily Tne-day nnd Wcdnoday,
Mis. J. tl. S.llilll, of New Deliver, i-
in ihe cily,'the guest of Mis!'J. Ker-
\V. A. G.dliiier. M. P., ni'iived from
X.-lsoii on yniidiiy night and left for
Ottawa nexi iiioi iiiii*-j.r.
It. I<\ Green and T. Tayhu, M. P. Ps.
came,up f11tin the sotltb mi W'ediies-
d.iy and went on lo Victoria,
Mr. Kirhy, route .i^.-nt nf the I)..-
uiiniLii Expri's- Cdniip.'iny, wan a
visitor lo UeveU-loke on Tue-'d.iy.
C. I3eck, ,7. A.  Mig"o.  of CJnin.-iplix,
the architect, Mr.
ver, to i*un1i the
slructiirf', so I lint tenders may be
called in about a fortnight, nnd the
woik pushed on as mioii as the foundations iire'conniieted.
Trustee. LinduiiU k his received a
telegram from the preitijer'staling thai
thei?S000 giant for, tlie ltc\ e!.-loke
-chool ��ill remain available ,for the
������iiiieiit ve.ir.     No doubt, if, Mr. Duns-
��' ti
nitiii; retains ollice he will sec lhat the
i*iatjt is available, biit ever1, Ik id v
knows the uncertainty ui thu political
-liliiiitiiiii', and if'Mr.u iJutisniuii* went
oul'oi ollice lliein is no telling w'hai
iiis successors might d'u uliniit. the
iii.-ilter, as this is a depart-mental allocation from the yenc'ial grant, and as
such is in a d.detent position from it
straight grant passed on lhe csliinal'f.s
A bird in the hand is Worth two in
the hush. So with ihe 68000 L"t
the school trustees'''usft it when they
cm and tii I* f.no chances.     '   '
Jlon. Mr  Prentice, took   good   care
not   to   promise   any   further' gram,
knowing that it, was mo^t unpiobahie,
I and neither the  premier  nor'any  ol
! his ministers could give any  such   us-
Tru-,U>e iloWMin informs us lie i>
ijtiitc: in favor of accepting the/ giant
and doing tlie best rpo.-sibio with it.
Trustee. Graham is of the same,
opinion. The mailer should tlieiefoie
now be settled without any furthei
delay, as a inaj irity of llu; bnard of
trustees is thus in favor  of  gning  on
Sentenced to Two Year's Imprison*
ment.   ,
late gold com-
men's ' tickets  "jfl.UU, including ladies.
U mcing coninieiu'es 0 o'clock.
(Jn y.*i!,inilay, Lynn Gordon, of fvrnr.*
i loops"",   and  Miss  Annii   li, Williuin.\
j yotingrst. ihiiighter of John Willimiis,
iof   Kincardine,   Out.,   were united in
marriage al  the Methodist parsona���.'!���(
hy Jicv. G. E. Smith, of Kelowna. The
bride was   assisted   through   Ihccpie-
indiiy by  Miss   M.   Uawker, of   Kain
loop-*, and Miss E. Laduer, Hevel.-to! e-
ne. Tin
wliicl! will be. a h-iiid-souie. addition
the huiiilini's  of  the  ciiv,
,l, -    - ���- .
cnipioyitienl lo a good   deal   of  labor,
id | and , alt'urd   u   local   in irket   for   the
other   ma'.eiiJ
A meeting of the council oi tlie
: board of trade was held yesterday
i morning, the vice-president, E. A.
: Ilaggen, ih the chair.
].   A petition to  the  C. P. R.  froni
j Crai'L'cllacliie setllers Was read ask-
Inn her . niid
usen   in
F, G. FutiijUiiJl''
missioiier here, surrendered to his
bail on the ehtirges on which he
was committed,of misappropriation
of !f*2007.4*2 and .fSll.oI government
J. M. Scott prosecuted on behalf
oi the crown, and G. tf. McCarter
appeared for accused.
Mr. McCarter, for accused pleaded
guilty, and said���accused  had  mii-
appropriated these m6ncys  to . * ay
claims.that other men would have
ignored,    While there vats no justification for the offenco it' had  al:
ways been Mr.'Fa-uquier's intention
to replace these moneys, and at. lhe
time of his arrest a deal was about
closed wilh Capt.  Roman  to  purchase his ranch for -liSjiUO,  but.it
depended on his closing   another
deal.    Mr. Fauquier had given him
power of attorney to take possession
of his ranch and dispose of it to the
Dbesf advantage 'possible,  aud .jmy
the proceeds tuiiio government or
the   guarantee, company.    Roman
told him he considered  the property worth tlie amount stated,  and
us soon as he got  his  other  trans-,
action in shape hu was prepared to
pay,that amount over.   Mr.  Fau-
cjuier had a wife dependent on him
and also a family, and was without
other men li j than   this   poperly.
He v.as prepared, if   lie   j;ot   his
1 berty ai no distant date, to repay
every   cent   he' hud   lakui.    Mr.
Fart inter was past the prime Oi life.
travelling carriage 'with three
docks opening to -10 inches,
two planers, a foii'r-saw odgcr. .-team
nigger, live roller and kicker, trimmers, lath saw. shingle machine,
and saws to give a capa'citv of .30.-
U00 feet per day. The mill will
turn out all .kinds of lumber and
, The frumc-work i- of a thoroughly substantial character, covering a
space of '11x110 feet and will0be
roofed over as soon as the necessary
���umbor can be cut.
The boilers have, been' substantially sot in brick and stone by K,'
C. Fromey. A -jack-ladder , has ���
been constructed on which to bring
the logs from tlio boom, a distance
of cl'JU feet, nnd'a'waste carrier has
also been built.
A logging camphas been put. in-'
at Carnes creek in charge of It.
Davis, who is interested in the company. 20 men will.be employed at
this camp and log** will begin to
come in next week. Thc timber'
supply consists of fir,' cedar, pine,
and spruce, thc company having
secured some excellent limits.
Boarding house and cottages will ,
be built as t-oon as lumber is ready.
2,700 feet of pipe has been laid to
provide- the mill with water for
steam purposes, turd has a head of ���
oOOif has been obtained thc supply
will uUu be effective for protection
against lire,
With thc excellent location ot
their mill, and lirst-class limits
conveniently located, thc company
will be in a position to supply,
cedar, pine, spruce and fir lumber
of thc best quality, and they arc
looking forward to an extensive,
trade" with -eastern .points as the
demand for lumber is ever on the
increase. They expect, to he able,
to supply the market as well as the
coast mills,'and have already en- ..
quiries from some, of tlie leading
lumber dealers' of tli'e prairie.
It, Howson, the originator of the
company, is secretary, D. Robinso.n
manager, and J. Bell millwrk'ht.
Mr, ;i.ni Mis.']-. Gordon left,  <ni Mon-| ing  tjie   removal   of   the   prcrcnt
d.iv for K-irri-Mii,  Hot Springs win ie i .-union lo a more convenient, point.
t.iii*y wiil spend their honeymoon. - am] w.iP signL.<] by fj. Erickson,   It.
A launch pulv bv Mr, iin.l  Mis. J. ! Bruhn, Peter Scott, K. R. J}. Baynes,
i ii. II.ill, of Nel.Min .street,  Viincoiivcr,   E. A.   Crockett.   A.   Anderson,   .1,
j was given last, Saturday' in   honoi* of , H. Woltey, Mrs,   S.   Loftus,   J.   F.
| ihe vi.-ir. of Mis. Chail.-a Tempi.1 nnd; Bossley, T. L. Wulscy. F. Frickson,
'Miss   Telllpli',.   of    Revel-toke.      Tho ��� C:   E,    FhilHica nc.    hf.    Loftus,    T,
, party landed at   While   Uock   i-ai.clie,    DcnipSCV, A. YoUSCt*, and   T, J5l*L\-
which i.-i an  exceedingly   pi city   spt.    ton,
Among those pies.-iil, weie Mi.ss llibi-.ti        itwtlS   re.-olved   to   endorse   the ! ihe iiOil'i, an'dY
Ul'i'er, .Mi's. Van Home, Mi
Home, Miss JCate Lewis, Mrs
Vim ( petition for removal  or  eslablish-
B. ! ment of a freight--hed and  waiting
James Lamh, of ihe Empress! room at the point  required,  where'
"a siding.
The Ralway Arrange nents-���Data
of Passing Throng) Revelstoke,
The royal  train  bearing   tho   Duke
,ni,d J)uche,-s of Cbrn'vvaH   across   Canada was t.o'have,   left,   .Mont real 'today
in' charge, of W. jl   Ijtker, assi-daiil I.i
th;   general ���inaniig��r.      Kcj-iuu    is
ri uched itt, noon of   llic 27th,   Cdgaiy
at ti..'50 a.in.   on   iSitu-diiy,   lhe,  *JSi!i,
Uiinir Sjnings at, b.,'30 a.in., on .Sunday,
aiicouver at I l.lo a,in ,
I ruin   will
lliuii    lhe
on Monday lhe. [10.h.    Tlit
be.  i un   somewhat,   siuwci
u.su.d cuid time,
t.'liiini,  A.    ILindall    Ilnn-coiiie, | tliere is already a siding. !     The service will b
and Jus. Cliiimiiligs. of Feigiison. were MJeorge. J, Dyki', Unci. Van Home,; The matter'wtlS discUSSl'd with ��� I nun*. Thu lirst wi I earrv tho gov-
visitors hMln' cily, and took in thc William Vernon, Fred' Abboil, [{. J, ; tfupt- Kiljiatrick, who Wits present, [ crnor genend, ttiv Wilfrid Lnnier, and
circus on WVdtii-siliiy. ScoLl and fvan Van Home���World.      ; antl.who promitcd   to   V.SC   his   CD- i pai Iy, and is timed lo airive in [level
deavors to satisfy the. rcfiuiremcnts! sinku at   17.10 (0.10 p.m
coinposerl of I wi
ll.mmci'   Ilii'ii'1   and family h ivc'lefl
Nelsoti for C'.i!il'oi*ni.*i. Piior to
lll'dr di*|'ii!*liile. Mr. /Hid Mr.-. Iltline
received handsoine pie.^enls fiom lhe
htalt' of the Hotel Hume.
Chief   of    Police   ^Diilloek-Wel��ter
cmne to NaUii-p ibis week  lo compile
. for I he ii������!���/, ���.- t he ei idence i.i the c.i.'O.
ngainsL Sv'.ibodct on a i ba'ge of ^|lllot���
i:i-_T j11 lv> wife.' with inleiiL to kill,
'     E.    McC'.t'th}, a le.ldillg Ilegill.l mi I-
t'h.'int, iicconipanicd by hi.*: wife, has
In en on a loiir of lhe prov ince, and
.-lietiL fr'nlulay wilh hi*-. In'othcr, D,
McOarlby, iln1 vvell-l'iiown contractor
' of t.lii- c iy  ' |
,1. M. Scott was1 cin-ddci-ably ,-i'iii.iy- |
etl on Mdiflav and Tne.sd.iy by ihe |
niiineroiis   c<miplii|icnts p./jd  hl(|)  op    husii
b\ McCiiily relut-iipcl on Sunday from
a tiip to Ok-iiiti-jiili Val'.Hy, where he
purchiised a caih ml of hogs.
P.. Dnrns* and Gomi'anv p.iii*cb;t-t d
about.   |(J0!)   head of  nilile lliis t-eiifnn
of.the settlers affected,
j'ovr oFncfJ,   ���
Mr. Brewster brought up for dis
cussion the proposed central post
Mr, McCarter thought tlie board
had belter leave il alone,
Mr. Li nd mark suggested  that  it
l Sept,   'J'Jiji.    This   train    will   l,c   in
charge cf Conductor  Hopgoul,
The 10} id train, hen ing the Duke
and Duchess of Cornwall, is limed lo
reach   lle.vel.stoko   .'ID   ininulei   later
fiom ihe  Douglas Lake Itaiich neai' j would be better for "thc citizens  to
:uii?cribe   privately   the   %<1'q   ];er
J. A. Millei, collecfnrof Inland Rev-! month now paid to Mr. Wells for
emie, of Viinciiiivcr, ami J. ('ill, in.-pec- j the lower town otlice and have ar-
tor of J ti I.i i it] Ilevenae, were visitor.- Lo   ningemeiits, remain as at pre-i nt.
Mr. McCarter suggested that tlv
propercour.-e was to take a petition
round town,
Mr. Hibbald way opposed to taking any actio*.iii* the matter, and
wit.ii iln
H- il    bonded
���*,   .'X pi I'M^ed
Monday .-uui inspected
Wlil*elicui-*e3.     ficth
tlli'lliselve.'!  pleased
iiicrea.-e of   iniand   rcvenae
here.,.   I; ���
than the foi nier, and will dejiart at
lti.0 (G.5 p in ) Conductor F'vui will
I"*1 in charge, of this train and Mastei
Meciiai'ic liail will iicc0in[inuy the
The following i? the refill, of (be
canvass" foi the lievt-lslokc Ilo.-.pi(al
iiiMil'i; by Mr1-. 1j*iwr-'iiec. and Mi ���
Woi'.dwaid! Tiool Lak-. $]'j*!7.}. !���'. i.
���iii-on. "SU lf>. ;";()��� Tlloin-on'- I^nidinir.
���jll.^l): Coinaplix-. $110 oil; An mv head,
SI.'-SOO; Total, $701 2n, of  which tfCJO.Tf)
was paid inca^h,
Will Ce at Oddfellow; Hall,
A, Mcitae, who  lakes  charge of
the Revelstoke central  post  ollice,
from the beginning of  the month,
has arranged  to  take the. ground
Moor of thc Oddfellows Hall lor the
new post office.    He is  guided  in
this step  by  ihe  view  lhat it is
about tlie centre of  thc city,  that
thc site was selected  by  the Oddfellows   by   reason  oi   its    beinj:
central, and lhat the building, being
of   brick,   will be   specially   sofa
alul if given a'i! extended term  of j against fircfor such un  important
impil onment it might bring  him ] public institution as a post ollice.
out til a timeof  life'when he could :    ^V-linastcr McRiic has appointed
not earn his livelihood.    He nsked j ^'; C. Calhoun, of the station   post
his honor to extend to  accused  as ; otlice. as assistant prs:master.
much leniency, as possible; j' ���;  - - ������	
painful duty that is cast upon   me. j BUSINESS HOUSES,
Tlio.offence is a  very  serious  one.)
It is for me to administer tl ul pro- j "~~v
portionate justice which I ihink is i ��� Re',d & Younis New Promises.
right.    Indcr the circumstances  J .
sbitll sentence Mr. Fau<[uier lo two '
years in the penitentiary cn each ;    tik>   new   lai'dding r-reded by T.
cliargo, the K'lilcnce." to run concur- j Divide on McKenEi.-  Avenup for ihn
rcntly.   The Dominion governnient,! accoiiiii.od-.iic.n ..f   Reid  it   Ymnis's
under tlio system ihey have recent- i .by --oudi Limitless, has* brmi coiiiplt'ipd
ly adopted, may see their  way  to ! by" ihe  ceiitraci'.r. D,   MiCmiv, who
(.leal with Mr. Fauijuicr n;ure leni-; has inade a liisi-clnss j..b ,.f it'   Tie,
'cillly. i new portion of  lhe huilding is 22 [,:i\,,
-l ���_������_���_  ; in width bylO fd-t in length, mil the
annex   is   '.'()   feet, in widih by 21 feed
ieiis-ih, thus* giving a total length of
Gi   feel, and   making ono uf   llic best
sto'e" in lhe city,
The window-* ,ir�� ut plate g!.*i*js.   ' A
���"peciid   feaUir:;   has heen made, nf   thr
  , nlccliic ligiil lining^ which   consi.st if
���rl     .  ' . K , i*   cl       ,l..,<    ;  ���   (i"��� i show window jjeis   iind  inof ids fit tpfl
ilie '.wiuie ol thu j> ant  tor  tin* ��� ,..,,   . ,,   . ,,.,     ,   .,,.        ...
������    r-, , , ,   .,. ,   .**.        i   i r  i ���  i ��� w"h    :el,trctous.       J hr-    buiHing   will
Ihg Lddv t-awinill being establishcfl :.,������ f   , ,��� , f ,,    ,    . ,",,-,
,   n..     ',.       , ,   ,       , ��    ,        ,, theietore toiai one of  the best lighted '
by (he   Hevelstokc   Lumber Com- , fc|mM   ,-,���. (]iV ,���. ui ,     .     , >
imnv has now urn ved and most  ot   T|ui     ,���������    ��� N |ifl.   , w v ,      f   j
it is mjilace, while the mill will be _ c,,r,.:,,, (1/Ul ,1V w ^  lVn^ ���>
ri.'iidy lor operation next week", i\n<\ j     ,\[*'-srs.. j^j,
w.ill start  cutting  to   supply   the'
market by Oct, J st.    Tlie  plant  is ��� ,*���,*,. m.A.  ,ne,lli3(JS  u|id PNpecl lo ^
open fur iiiiiiness by totiiorrow,
Dig Eddy Sawmill,
srs. ��� JtKiil   and   Young have already stalled lo  move their stock inlo
lirsf-class throughout, nnd was supplied  by  the  W'aterous  Company
through their Vancouver agent,  H.
H. Gilnionr.
'the plant consist.- of the following; Two boilers of Hi) h.p. each,
engine with Hixjfi cylinder, twin
epgiwe. cacli cvli'v,|(,'v j^;Ji, steam.
of   hool ���>
ind      cbilciien,
new   jjtoL-k  includes full Hues
and   shoes  for men, Women,
cuts' furnishings,
Fiench Ihniii'ds, Fiencb jlanncl and
-ilk blouses, one. of tiie best lines of
dress goods shown h ihe city. full line
vf-uaj-ii-j*, V��,;V!vlvtl*ii'j(.    ' Iff Till-: KOOTiiNAY MAIL  BriT-tii. I  rep re.-en t their iiitcre.-b-?    That  is  the .-yfegiiiird of the workers.   Tliev  l know it.    Tlie   Irillol  i*-   in   their  VWp '\l%r\ V^nn*") (llVl'lf * ^"cw ^'c--tminsi<-'r wit-1 Mr. llmtui, I (hoyare called upon to ])ay. Mayor  U,UC   IAUULCIUM. iHJilll    ]V   f].i(    ,s virho(1 ]jim        <I()  lhi^ | jImvi!imi  .;��������� prill,(,.:nj, ,|ie .ch.-me,  I ...     '  to prove the ht-nc-iv of his motives ,-;iid  manv   of   lhe   municipalities i know it.    Tlie   I.  ��������� ��������� * i  and lhe courage of  his convictions, i have to pay upon their del)cntures i hands to use it.    While  the  strike  He  declined  absolutely,   however, ' a high,   rate  of interest,  although   was  on,  we   pointed  out  that  its  effects would  be  far-reaching and  thc movement now   begun   will   go  on till the interests of labor are  as  He i carefully guarded by direct   repre-  WurjN Hon. R. McBride resigned i thought that through the action  of ! sentation     as     other      interest  I'L'IJl.ISI'hi)  KVri'Y F..11UY.  - -A I -  rz'.-siiZtok'Z, e.c,  u'asarl-jtion   Pries-,   $2.00   Por   Annum  i on the plea thai he did not with' to j they are perfectly sound'financially.  -vOVKUTlsiNi;  i'A'U'.s quctcd on  mu'' abandon     Dewdney.      In     plain | and offer good investments.    Other  c"Uo11- i language, Mr. McBride was afraid.",, municipalities better  known  have  Ji.*1'* PKINTJNt- of overy kind nt, moil reason  |        " -        | ,. ,       ... ,  able r.tle.s .ind .-liortcst notice. . . , <-0    pay     01U\     o.j    pel    Ctlll  ACCOUNTS for job  priMiiig or advei-ti-int;  ]),i.valilc on thu lirst  of every monrli;  Mib  , ,-,,,��������� (i,��������� ,,,,-i ���������, ,���������t :r ,���������.,,, ii,��������� ..���������,,,��������� ,-,,,, ��������� i .   ,    ,  ".    i -��������� , i i>   , 1     ������������������ -n  Lripiions payable strictly nldiiiv-itico.        j irom the eaomet it was tlie snne at j the union which had  bet ii   loaned I l'ltture   elections   \ull   sec   many  cohui.'spondknck invited ot. ail mat ter.-" i that of which he had all along been ' }'<   nij,fht  be  possible to   institute ! direct labor candidates in'tb.c field.  of IihmI or public hiirix'-l.   All eoiiiiiiiiiiica   . . ,,     , ������ , ,     , , , ,   ���������,    ��������� .   , ,     i       ���������   ���������     '  tion-, to tin- Kditor, uiu-t,be .iciiiiiii>.iinwi ' u member v.'itJi the exception ol tne, some central bonv, through   wl.ot-e   i-olh.ni   provincial  and  dominion  l.f   t \i rt    <���������   it....     i.t-      tlm    .ei'il  mi      lull      i.neeLk   ii������ll\ ' * " , *  JOHN V. PERKS PROPRIETOR  IA.KGK    AND    "WELL    L1GHTEI**  .SAM I'M1'  UOOMf*.   Ifnated by  ^=? hot air and  electric bell* an  liicht in every room.   Kree bus meet* all  trains.  REASONABLE  RATES.  Xiglil (trill Itooin in eonneclion for the  convenience uf kuo.-U arrivi'm: and dc-  iniitinf; b.v nigbt triiin.-*. Hourly btrccl  ear between hotel and .station.   REVELSTOKE, B. C.  l.y the iMine oi lhe 'vriicr, noi iiri*r--..u*il.\  , , ���������    .        i* i    o     v i  fir  piiiiiii-..ti.,ii.  i.ni   i- '.n .'Miicii'..- "'��������� , iite ;t]ipo;iuec, lion. J. ' .   J'rov.n. ] guarankc or t-ndorreinenl  pioil r,i<"ih.   I'l.ir-.-poinli.iii'i1 lnii.-t n-.icli the i  .. ,.      ,,   ,.   . , .   ., . ���������"  nftiiT I.j Tin mI.'.v   cvi'iiiii1,'in order I" iind.i     tl  .Ul". .Ui'JH'RlC i- right HOW ill    Op  pl.ieo iii ihj ti,,-t Ib-iic ot the -Mail ,1111-1 . . . ". .  posing lhat cabinet; he  v.as  aetti:;  receipi.  Address  Tin* KooTiiNAY .Mail,  JJuvi-l.-iiokc, B.C.  1'. O. Jtox T'l, I!evel-lgke Stalkm.  Teleplioiic Nu. Hli.  CITY AGKNT-s.  ('(ipie- of 'J'iii: Mail may be oblained frani \  llic following cil} a^ent.-:  .1, \Y. Hl..NXl.'l l*. ' 1  C.l.NAliA llltCl, ti. HOOK Co.  <���������      ' 1". ll. Wia.i.-.  THE   PROSPECTORS'   EXCHANGE  Ho. -1 K.AV.-C. EliOCI*:. HELSON.'B. C.  Gold, Si!vt>i--Lp-i-l mil Cop]>������r Mine- vvimted nl the KXr-HANGK.  KUKE .MILLING (SOLO prop'.M'ties wantid at,once tor Eiii-tern invc^tc  don't   quite  ayrec,  hor.evcr.   with  the views expre^f.ed that thc  labor  LONDON, J:NG��������� AGKNCY.  ', '  The liiipcriiil T,i pc l'omiriry Co., l.iiaitcd,  Advertii-iiif; Aj,-ciu.-, A lliyh .-"treet, J.reiitlord,  l.'indyii XV��������� Jiii'jIaiKl.  Kiii'0|iu-ii) .tiiil Colonial Advcrlisnir Airciicy,  HI HeelSl.  ('. Miicliell & Cn',, I and -'���������Siiaw Hill, London.  K. C.  mallei*  municipalities might improve their  credit and obtain advantage'of lhe  , the political hypocrite in becoming j low rate, of interest   which   their  , a member of, and supporting it. as , more fortunate brethren now enjoy,  lie has done. The calamity howlers ' ire calculated that  as a  result  of  ; who support  .McBride   now   must   the operation of such a plan  as, he1 party   shall  keep aloof frcm  the  other two parties. If labor ���������wishes  to receive attention from thc government it must ally itself with tlie  party that will give its interest.-  thc best consideration. In 'the  Australian colonies the liberal 'or  progressive party'has been the tne  which labor'has sought as an  allv,  r.iri'ic.-. Ii.iviii},1* mining property for -ale are reqne.-ied 10 send-samples of llieir ore lo tlie  contests, and we. believe it   will   be   EXt'i 1 a ng k fi-r c\ jh i.n inn. ��������� ,���������   ,,    ,      , ' . . All niunple- should lie sent by express I'l'M-AT!). ��������� c  all the better   fOi"   the   nation   that |        I'oircspulidence solicited.   Addiessa'I eoininunieatioiiBlo  a good proportion  of  these'1 c*uu'li-   rricphone No. 101,  i������. 0. nnxrw. anurs?/ r. rosenbbe:ger, Noicon, B.C.  date.-   should   be   returned.     We  have been  supporters of McBride ; outlined a saying of $].UU0.U(HJ per  and  not   of   the   government   all  IL MeHi'iin; ha,- come very badly  out of ihe "polilifal fracas,    lie  de-   ]-[Q^fj("  liberately stated that ifons. Kberls.,  Wells and Prentice would leave the 1  cabinet as well ;is   he.    Thc  state  annum would be effected in tlie  interest charges of the municipalities of the J-ominion.  OFFICE   "DJ S3 ALLOWANCE,  ment wiis denied on thc authority of ��������� stnte for the colonies, Hon.  Jo-eph  Hon.   W,  ('.  Wells.   Certainly ii   Chamberlain,  in   disallowing   the  The action  of lhe recrotary of   uiid the fame result  will probal ly..  TOIIONTO AGKNCY.  ! lb esc  gentlemen  had  intended  to  j leave the cabinet they would  have  'Mr. McBride's  ( eiilini Pros Agency, Canadian Advertising ! doilC sO betOl'C fIlls  A-,"-iioy,Ab'eiils. ,   '-] . '   . . . .  . :     j ���������        ��������� couduct. m leaving the cabinet as  .A i ONTI i KA L AG I'"N C V.,  ,\. MeKiiii & Co., Agent.11,  iJc-b.iiMio AdiertiBing Agency,'  SI'OKANl-; AGKNCY,  .Mexaiider i:   Co.,  Ailverti.-iny  3*"u*-l A \ e.  ' he'did. wits bad enough .but when  i he sought to support it by putting  j before the public a falsehood eon-  L'jrning his colleagues  he   is   cle-  A^eiil-, j'.'l  SAN ntANCI.*5CO AGKNCY.  K. C. Hake, GI and Cj Merchant- EschniiBC  Afc'cni-.  Xi:\\* YOliK AOISNCY,  lieiililiaton lJro-., Itlti Ilroruluav.  I  CIKCTLATION.  British Columbia acts passed for  thcitnprovcnieutof laborconditions,  i *���������  is an in.-ult lo the people of,.this  province. These ptalutes are not  disallowed where the Australian  colonics are concerned, probably  because the home 'government know  the people would not submit to any  n tion,  Tin:   k'(iO!i:.\.\v   Mail ha- a  lirsi-ola-s eir-j had been offci'Ct  '(���������illation   111  llic t'ilv of   Itevi-l-lokc and -,111*- |  ruiiiidinLj disiriel, and   al-o  at   the'l'olloiMiif? j of ,il    lo  jilaee-:  Allien f'illl.lon Jlloc.lluiv.iel  (Jl.ieier lioger- I'.i-.-  (,'iildeii '     Salmon Ann  Arrowhead 'J'hoin.-.in'- l.aiidin  C'liin.ipliN          . Cunborne  ' Trout l,ii,'<c City lergusoii  ILilryini Hot.Spring* Nakusp  jjiirlnn City, Fire Yalley..  ILMLWAV J1U115ERV,  , Joe Martin says that there was a  great deal of '"boodle'- floating  around the legislature' during the  last session and that he himself  ' a   lariiC  chunk"  Ii  Alt YE Y & iMcOAUTElt  UAItMSTIrllS. SOLICITORS, 1JTC.  Oi'rici:s :   "Moi.so.ns , Bank"  Ulocic,   Ki:vi;l-  stoici-,'!). C.  "Money (0 loan.  Otlleot: Itevcl.stokc, IJ.C.i Kort Steele, Ii. C.    , ,. ,  Gia>. s. mcc.u-tti'.'        J. a. Hahvi:v,       ibc boiuht  wilh  Jim   Hill's  lievelnloke, II. C. Fort Steele, B, C. j ��������� , . ,     , ,     . <      ,    ".     ,  1 Ihi- no doubt account3 lr: thc lact  J.  M. SUOTT. U.A., LL.JJ.  -serving of  the severest condemn-   ^ch interference with their affairs  Un the other hand British Columbia seems to be a stalking horse for  such' disallowance. It seems that  the Japanese consul at Vancouver  has more influence' at Downing  street than the people of the province, and yet tliere is no more loyal  section of British subjects tlv.ll in  British Columbia. When Britain  has her battles to light il is to her'  own colonies, and not to Japan,  that she has lo look for aid, and  some steps ought to Le taken to  bring forcibly home to the. Hon.  Joseph that the people here intend  lo be treated as other subjects of  the empire, and to have their rights  and privileges as legislators main1-1  lained, so far as self-government is  concerned. Mr, Chamberlain is  iidw adopting towards British Cob  uin'iia the --ante policy of interference lhat drove from the mother  suppor!  ! Railwav scheme.  1  the V. V. it K.  If Mr. Martin's  I .statement is true il shows a scan-  ' daloits ,-latc of affairs. iJocs this  :' account for the fact that certain  I gentlemen, who are supposed lo be  ! above reproach, bolted so suddenly  j from (he government" hist session?  j At all events it looks very much as  ' it Hon. J. C, Lrown", and, others  i who ci jim to the lescue  could  not  obtain in Canada.  rold.  BAKKlSTl*".    .SuLlCiTOli.    NOT'AltY  I'ciJLic^lvrc.  ! thiit the (treat .Northern and V. V.  it K. advocates such a.*> the- World  are now strongly denouncing Mr.  Brown.  POLITICAL INCONSISTENCY,  The liberal press of the province,  which is'now howling again-t thc  government, is in  an inconsistent  position.     Mr.   McBride   is   well-  known as an aspirant for the leadership of thc conservative party, and,  as lhe Globe put it, he endeavored  to,make his position iu the cabinet  a donkey engine to aid lhat party.  He has managed to  hoodwink, the  liberal press, and of course he had  already thc support of, tho conservative press.    We   are   now   told  thaMhe Duusmuir government has  become a Martin government. How  so?  Surely J. C. Brown Was a man  of sufficient strength  lo have his  own opinions and 'conviction:.    In  any   case how could one minister;  siniplv-bccausc he had been associ-  atcd with'Joe Martin in  the past,  ruic  a   cabinet,   five   numbers   of  which were pronounced opponents  of  government   by   Martin������������������ The  proposition is ridiculous, and while  one can understand1 that it   might  be set forth as an artful dodge by  McBride  and   his .associates,   one  wonders that  men 'who ought to  have,more experience of political  HOTEL  ABRAHAMSON BROS.*  PROP'S.;  Irii*ht-c1nsP'  in  every   respect..     All  iiidfltirii coi:vciiiem.(:s.  .   Fire  ec 'bus  Trout lake gitY  nfnAewxiftvu^A^i.stcs^^n h*-^<������^**> - If* *Nt������t*,Tirt# ��������� ��������� v*m towii-fcn I tt 'O-fej^iwiWw^'i  eiii ���������*tW tutoo^n ������������������fci'ittt���������  ������������w"CT  ' # "0   CARPETS,'  JMr^W -ART SQUARES,  RUGS,  LINOLEUMS, '  WALL PAPERS, '  ������������.*������**&.     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Civil   service   reform   is    badly  wanted in ibis province. As matters  stand a civil  servant  has  no certainty of promotion, and can  have  no political  opinions in   ca?e   h"*  r-hali be fired '-,- ihe next change of  member   er   government.     When  Mr. Taylor. M.P.P.. w::5 before the  electors lie was  very  omphalic  in  urgim: the adoption   of  this  principle, which, wa- generally .approved  aud when lb'1 -.-'ii.ancy in   the   zoid  commi^s-ioner-ihip   c.curr>d   many  of  his su) porter.-  reminded   u-   cf,  Mr. Taylord- view- in   tl.:-   re-1 ret ,  and;aid that con-en,mt v������i;h U'e-e  view- be vould  im ,doubr   n-ff-m-  iiii-irl   Mr.    Kratcr.    'i.e    ] rt-c-nt  mining rci'oi'tier.  for  the  po-it;on,,  Notwiih-ii-iidii.; lin-. -��������� ne   ".^'.nty  of   Mr.   'I lviov'-   ,-u-j '.r'.' :*,-   huc  countrv     her    c-arlv      American \Mmk, ��������� the editors of lhe liberal  ' colonics, and he should be made to j l1^"- fclw������M  l!^'c  hP^ -:u ���������m~  J understand   that   such   continued I lately n"dc lools of by McBride.  ,' disallowance of measures necessarv i Tht- question is whether Hon. J. C.  ! for the welfare of thc communilv I Brown is an  aulc parhamen'anan  will ��������� not    be    tolerated     without 1 ^d administrator?    Of that there  i vigorous  protest,   Thc  verv  same ! fan  be no  question.    With  these  ' a^: regarding an  educational  test j qualifications Mr, Brown's addition  In.- been allowed, and is in force in j t������ ^ ���������]>ittci >vas cluitc i^i*���������1^-  >'atal.   If it is trood for Natal, why |    But the appointment was justified  is it not good af y for rrltith* Cul= i even more strongly by the events  "the  act   was i which transpired    since  the  for-  Mri; mation uf   the cabinet,   As origin*  riain Irimseit its ottering no i ally formed the- cabinet was intenci-  ' cd lo give equal representation to  j liberals and conservative.", in the  appointments, made the conservatives had a majority, but in  response lo a demand from a large  n'umber of members the pVernicr  ] roniiscd that Mr. Turner should  retire and that the representation  nominees.;-should be equalled. For some  month*- it had been known that the  :*   INVl-UIL  The Ikvic't'cS Si lot: is m.-itlc on thc most modern last, and  is thc most htmcisomelv finished', gives the best satisfaction, and  costs'no more than thc ordinary everyday shoe.. 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I',  "pinion   llial   under    the  Briti-h Columbia i- rntitlvL  i'th;-r    -(iia'.or.    and    two  muiihu'". 'un' for \ab'-td'iribo'i ain  an.'t! cr for Hurrard.  i-   < I  cf*n.-u.-  to  a linn ire  tc > i in-.; mc ii],-  !hi- V it r-c '.vcii'  liik'.n be won l-l. in -ei'-cTiug on",  offend tin- i)th>'��������� r niui-ti di and their  friend-. v."l,t.*fi"i-. if Mi'- Taylor  -rands on tin' ]>rin������ i]di' he enunc-  itU'd, a- his -upjiorttrs expect he  will, ii'iii" of  ihciii   will   have  any  -in:  ,HV1 lil.it tl  i'.i'   1 iv.*   iv:'!i   wiipiii.ity.  indr-triiil pc.K" i- '������������������ !i',_rn  < oi uli v li,c   hiw   inn-t   be  ]���������: ))'.' could   brcii!���������:   1  il..-  ���������i'.  . ���������. 11,.    ,  i:i 'thi-  iljlii.ll  ricii   n-  ���������liv     -1 *_ i I ". 11 - *  lb" pn'ir. ."i|.f..iu-t the corpo-  (.���������.iu-." <it i '���������iiiphiint.  'In   lillina of  ci\il rervici' pu-iii'-n.*" ny ]iroinotions  W'l'. referred M me litii"' ago lo the  diM-rcdii to the city of the lilthy  o!(j -hack- whi'Ii tl.e city authori-  tic- |icrinit to e.\i.-t nc'ir lhe I-'rod  Hobin.-on Lt.mbei Company1- ollice.  There Vhacks ,-hould be removed n-  ,i nn ii ,.���������( (���������> the 1 ";:hh "f i bill p'Jii  oi  tli.'Mi-.-  .;!!'J   1.   ,"il-'' r!lll'Ol'Tin:-'  he   in ibc i-r-rvice t'^clf is an  ertimabie  , one. anrl ihe only policy con-d-tent,  i with jruO'l govcriiiucnt.  LMPHoVINTj CHKUIT  OF  MfNKTI'Ar.ITIKr  I't* !!ei���������hborin:'  or ire.  I-iu I  in  Tin: did 11d-1 | ut- .Mr. M< liritle",-  position   very   iicc lira tidy, '���������. when   it  ?.i\y\   ���������difad   Mr.   McHridc   been  'WSi-iistciiidlje would.have resigned  '}���������*.',������������������ rfo'ri?, Iii-* hoiif-'f; ain-u wii!>,-'l'',(l*  ii' j I 1" ��������� -r  lil'Ll"!  i-tef 'i  11  wei* ;i-  r.i'ui n a- revd:!;. a- .ig"iii-! ti.'.  workniiiu holding the mo-: Ji.eu.al  po-irioli. To ei'-'uve ihi-it i- nc'e--  riirv that hi hor -h.iii be reore-t i:'f'd  in the councils of the nation, fv,n  ,-o it ^l.o,lId be. Labor i- lhe .-'j'toc  of ail "weiilth. it- riifid- '-h'.".id oe  p-rwlciitt'd by j>trl ;:i:d c<ii:;'.;ibl'-  VlI\\- cijunliy wiih tii'; rl;'  o.-i] i rsi I.    In llieir rceiii -lr  'IV. '   i)|rl| -1 ���������'" *���������']   'in'   f bi v   j ". .( :���������  r*i 'i i!i*;'Ji i[f\\'.i:?u'~c .���������'.id''"';.;.''I'.  3~:ncf   .ibihiv  a.-   \\<c  Knat  corj/.  etiiioit waH: to add Hon. J. C.  Brown to the vabiuct,. and there  uid been in .-erious complaint  again-l ihitf pro]0-;il. But immediately tlie ap| ointment was  oi tlr* very members  for  mad'; '���������ome  who a-ked  ;i  cliange m  that  arc two of thc world's best  makes. , The SUNSET  id  a   heavy  wooden   wl'lngeF .  ���������with two u-inch Solid Ulib _  her Rolls. ���������  Tjie VIU'/AL  isagalvan-  i/.cd  steel   framo , wiingcr,  warranted   not   to   rust and    -  1 a-3 two 12-inch   Solid Rubber Rolls.  They are money makers  for ,bolh Retailer and Ceil-  s-imer, ,-,-'   '  McLennan, J&cFeely & Co., Sole Agents for B. C,  ��������� 112 Cordova StT, Vancouver, B, C.  saaas������2asH!Sssec5Myi;-������ii;  ������1������M KiAMKUU*yAH1lll!i!Sa*3ll*  direct! m took   the  opportunity to  ding their previou-.conviction- and  a-.-erii'ins Jo thc wind:-, and, like a  Jot of whipped cur.-, wilh  McLride   J"_  a.- driver,  th",*,���������'  shouted   with  one  ably furnished with the choicest thc market  affords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.  Rates $i a tiny.  Monthly rate.  .a.Xj:b:e:rt   stohsfe.  ^rtoJ3.  accord "Dowi  will  Martin"* when  o:  ];  tl)  T j i   ���������-. 11j-- if rii;i   nf   r, r r  "t ninnn it 'i I bodur ���������'. h:'"h hn  rnci'lmg :ii Toronid h.i,- iinidc -ome | ration iigain-t   wholn   tiny   -truck  vtiluiiblc     iii-igc.-lioii-*.      Among-t, work-   aiu!   wiMi   tbut  imdlig1 nci  oJbcrs i.- ;i !������������������" heme   to   formulate   a  rnunic!| al- loan trust Tor  Ihe-^j'iur-  po.'-'.c   of  improving  the  credit:  of  ���������tnai  .uuiniciliahtics  iind- ther*'.b*.  " '''���������'''*(' whitvii  ���������re(lnc:p'/ thu ���������'.���������i.tef "] jlj^'f-'i, ��������� ������������������,,  iind orgai't-'itioii | crtnt-iitihg tne  whole, body of the worker.-, who  shaH'siiyHhiit they sliall not elect  lis their representative- men from  t.||rtjro'."'!i ro'lV; "'h'V '"'ill. !n,''"''"  Miirtin wti? not, and never bus licet))  in ffiic-t'on.  Deafr.cts,   fs'o'.ses  in  the Head, &0d  ,������������������i;iv������-ly turt-rl   by IIAHLIiV'S BAlt  [/H'lON.    Tlii1-   ii"w    Iti'inciiy  jjiiit  i i^-iil. I" tlie .i-.ln.il .cil ol   Un' i!i-c,i:*c, '  ,in.l h.i- -tl-1-!' i) "Uih r> in.ii k'ihli' t-iilci ,  i.ii.i' il." j-i-M('">i !'".|K' i. li"ld oui- fn .ill j  -(lilr'i I'-M,  liO    Ml.lll"!"   llHW lillll 01   lnllg-1 j  -l.unlink tin- cn-f hi.iv lie.   On.-i  bollls >  w.ll cure iinv  culin'iiv i .im-, find ������111 j  i,(. M.iil -fi'diicly  pnck'*(l .uui |in.st-ji!iiili j  \i iiii   full   dii eel ion'-'   null   lc-1 ii!i(iiiiii!< ;  ii|miii '.rccci'i'V  of   -$1-00     Older dii eel.  from J.pjtiS  15. UAKIvIiV, "J:j3loi*kdaIc  Rii.wl, I-H .nib   Lto.'.c'.li.   L(i:i.liii.i.-tiNC������  VV'Pl 7 7  Pf**  W2io?.c.c;alo and Retail  .   .   o   Mea^t  ax  *u-xi**a>*&������ttJ>  Head Ofnce'y Abattoir and Gold Storage:    ?  '^^������^Q.8AgB,Tpy;l Alberta fn
I -,--v J-.*"71     '��� * U "Ji
his l
Kootenay Lodge ;
. c*?T *  No. 15 A.F. & A.M. i
\ff- *    .   :
���^if   I
���*   *   Tii*1 regular meeting- ,
an; hold in I lit1 Ma- ���
c'l-,���-A-'--f'\  j��f\       onii; Tompli1. iiouiriL
-��#^^^-W^~ J'-*11-  on  l!l,J   tlliH*
Z^^'Mtfaf^Sp-LrMinu'iav   in  each
"^^T^^SV^u-^iii'.ntti nt f. p. in.
T^,~~^.I?V^?"i \ri.-,iiini,' brethren
|-i^,-^;ii=^ cordially wcleomud.
G. S. Mc"A"lTKI*.  Skci{KT.\bv.
KcsiilfivmoetinDra are held
Heard on McKenzie Avenue.
during tin- ,-lriko .Sii]>ci-ii]tI'lidctit JJuiy
��*��� ' -uiispl.'d |-i.ins i-.iilic.-illy iliiV.'ivnt '"-oui
, tllHMJ folinuctj nn -nun' of the oilier
i div isir.il--.    lid; allowed (lie men to coi,.
tin ui' i.i lire in tlif !*,iilro;(d hous-cr-; Ik;
I continued to let. them enjoy ceii.-iiii
! |i!ii\ilem'i.gi,*iiii('d ihi'in while at work,
1 .ii.il in (uiiM-'iiii'iici', diinnjr the  entiie
lime nf lhe ll-ouhle Mr.  "Jury   relnimd
lhe   lv.-p.i! , *oid   ^.iod   uill     of    ihe
striking   nn'ii   of  hi- divi-ion.   Tleie
never was any Iiiii.'.iI i ihih  pail   of! '"IV1I. 0.\-j-.-".
ihe io.-ui, aiui iraiiis,were run   prom] t-J      ^-' A. McC'uirc v. C.   \Y.   Myer���
ly on time. ' , Claim $1'55 hoard and medical  at
tendance.     ���(.'.   S.    McCarter   for
starting   June  loth   wiih*make thc
ruiiifrom "coast to coast in y
100 Hours.
Cheap rates how in effect lo the
, Exposition;
For rate'?, ticket?, and full information apply-
T.Wi  BRADSHAW,''        E. J. COYLE,
���    Acr.t, A, G. P. A.,
Revc-lstoke, Vancouver.
Alcet* every Tucsdny
cvciiintj    in   .SolkirK
W     yjL���Jfr''     ~*%,^'1"    n**   &   o'do^k.
jrn~~*;r-,~.       ^^.VjMtiiijj brethren coi--
iliiill}1  invited to nt-
IC. ADAIR, Nd G. ���     ��� J. MATIHE, Sec.
(Cent i-iliut>'<],)    '
H>-I!n 'J'.ni!!    X"*.v whui"-. hili'iix ynii"-
Wrll Jjill, I've jn.-t heel) reading ill'*1
KOOTEXAY .\!.\Ii. :ind il look1* a-* if ilie
school {Jl'.-lllt ��-;h ld-t lo i lie Inwil.
' Su ii i-, (inly ilmi't do ion inni*!i kick-
in-/,* Inil answer me a f.iir question,
you're ;i   itiiin   of  I'.iinily.    How   often
li ive yonbeen iiiM.l.* ihe scjinol hnn-t-V sevt ion of I h" Cd P. K. (in which lhe
Oil! if it ciiiih'- lo ih.it I've, not heen I lu'id-j-eni-'n went oiit.asii hnd\ in mi1.-
in-"id(> lint once, that was when lhe I port of, lhe tracknien's strike. The
Viiun^-"t-r> had theic t-in-inj; excrfise.1-", ��� hi^ii ;i;i|iri't*ial ion of this self-sarnl.t e
hut then there are lul.s of other  fulks ! on tlies part of the liriiigHiin-n wa.s  well \
Sitt.'nj a! Re; e 'sick).
(Ucforc His Hon-r Judge Forin.)
The   county   court   oj enc*;l    cr.
vAVdnosdav in online.
The  Pacific  Divi-ion   was   the  oily
LOYAL    ORANGE    LODGE   NO.    1638.
lingular HiceliiiBS nro held in
llic Odd fellow's Hull on* the
Third I-Vid.iy of such month, nt
8 p. in, Mmrp. Vitlilng brethren coi'diiilly invited.
XY. 0. MIKVKYi lic-t-j. Sec.
' "   """".-jyal Kail Linos.     '   ,
CIisapGSt Eonto to tlio O'.fi Country.
l-'I!ANC'0-'.'-s.NAl'i.\N I.INK -I'Yuiii Monire*-l
(.'Hi-ihCflW     ���    .-      -      -      ���      ->ng. CHIli
\i':i.iin        , - sept, lilh
U.xrtli t.*<u-t!e Oet. lin
ALLAN LIN'E-i'rom Jloiilival.
Tnr.l.-i.iii     ���'   ��� ���      ���'     -      "      *     '\.��t*. ���''���'Ill
S*uiii'di>i:i      ���      ���      "      ���  "  -      ���     Bvp
Aii-.lrali.ill ���        ���     ,    '  -       '      ���    'n
Un.UlN'K'N* MNJC���Krsiii I'ort'nii.-l.
Viniciiiivi'i1 ,s'i't.ytj.,
Kim'ir.'in  I Ith
(���,.|.iiliriw���tii-.   ���      ���    ,       '      ' .1*1
Vinculo ir      ', Oft. 1-ih
yoMISibN LINK' I'Voiii r.o-ton,
f'till! il-iinMiil'Ii      .     .      ���      ���        An*.'. *.'t'tli
S'eu  lMU7l.ia.�� Sl'IH, lit .
Comm .n*..,t .itli "   '-*1-11
liKAVKi: LIN*!':��� 1-Voin "Munimil.
Jj-li:.". Sup.-r'.or      ���'���������-   Aug. 3'itli
i...M1-*-;.njii.'    -���..,���    sciit. tin
bi'iuO.'i.irin  "   131 i
\.l\s.:: v'li'lllii'laill  , -f '
Uiti"! .Mu-jimtii;      -..-������      " , -11Ij
p.m-iijrat^lii'i-olrfl tliroui;!*. to nil liarts'oi
G:*o.tt Ui-it lin.ar.d [ivlnud.nii'l ut >iics-ially low
r.'U'-ito nil iwi- of llic Kiiroiiuiin auiiliiciit.
A|i;ii}- lo uvariisl railway or -ftfiuiiolill* atfciiI ur
who have inoie time than I have.
Th a id* the whole Irunlili; with .yon
fellows. You fj-rowl, kick, and kiinck
hccaiiM' the oilier i-linp follows your
ox*un|il'-. Now, t'oiijc, own ri^lit. up.
Don't y��m ihink th.it vmi nr.j as imicli
to Illume as anyhody?
Pei ha ds" I am, bill al, | lit1 same lime
there al'e lots < I fellows who Could m'l'
into Ihi- iimtici- lieller Ih.-in l can.
Don't, Iry to wrigh'l.'(.ui!' 0!)! you
Ihink thi'it* nie. .some n olives hack of
the action.1-of the trii>let\-. If you do,
why not I'dint* out, like a man and
ivquc.-t llmse yon Ihluk hl.iiuealile to
explain 'why ihe granl was Inst, instead of, iii'-inualinsj and talking at
street cornei1-:'������ For ihe very ���same
re isoii that you e.xpi'cl souiehoily eNe
tn take it up, Tlu-' fact l> evident, thai
Lin- lown has Ii��t iL- chance, and if yiiu
w.nild make a1 stiii t no donlit an in-
vesligalioncotild be made n liicll would
prove uhelher or nob lhe liuslees
Were at fault.
Oh! well, ihal'.; entii-gli of 'the school
tpii'Minn. Look at provincial politics.
Y'-.-vlhe now* ivasnii, Th'-y are a-
they lire hecau-e nn'ii are like yon
"iili-i1 iiidil^'H'iit or eUe looking for a
lira ft.    ' '     -
Well, so long o|,l man, hneV my
train and I'll talk with you nest chance
I h.iVe.
cxeiuplilied when the difficulty aiose
'netween the company and the hridpe-
nieh over the control of the coukii'g
outfit. Tin; "���"eclioninen on (i li.e
Pacillc division ihen offered Lo ^n om
Ion man if necessary in order to i'iisuiv
lollie liridgeiiien iheir former piivi-
leg" of controlling their cook outfits.
t.'xv. paAosaAW. Agent. Rcveiatoiio.! help by sending us f our laundry,
CT^iT"TXBlii3|Zf^/? & SAX TON,
S. S. "Lardeau." , ,     '     Proprietors,
; between Arrowhead nnd 'i'hoi)i-.oii's
liiriiiiu*,- between Arrowhead nnd i iioin.-.oii'i>-    ,unr nni\    nmi   fi r�� i tin    *��.- Ann
A* soini'icadtm juuoin, ito, win��ma* $2d,000- 0LB &JAND feo.000
ulluws (wcatm;;* licriiiiitiug): !
i .. .     .
I.-iivo ArrowlieiuS  for Thomson".-. Luuding j
raid I'om.iplix nt 7k. dnily.    " |
I/Ciivt1  riioni-'On's biiidiiijjaiid Cniii.iplix foi ,;
Arrowhc.i.-I nt 17k. dnily, uoiiuoulln*,' wltli.il* i      .       * ������
l1.. IMI.tiMiiiMindboiii.-. -i    s'liiiolliini: cnlir. ly new   and   interc-tir'ir.
.,', _, .,.���.(��� i,m��� .1,,,.,-,. i im.,. ' l.ci'd w hm ymi ni u,t, um.    \ou iii.iy��*i-t Sl.K (i.
Ihpcwncr-'rc-e'M.-diO r^-ht to ch.iii|,e tune- p 0l,r contc.-L i,s to H'e whoenn mako iIk-lihsjcst
of i-iilling.-- wiinoul niiow. 1J!)l (lf ���.,lm., (lll. kiniUs) of birds from the follow  '
,ld UOniNSON,
E. W. D. Paget, Prop. ,
l-rompt (Ivli'fiy of p.-ircfilr", hagg'i^',
clc, to any p.ut of ihe City.
ley Kind of Transferring
iiit,'li.>l of lutters:
G. 11. ,Maxwell, JI. P., lhe liheial
represenlaiive' of Vancouvei',' sei s
through   Mie  JleOride   lui-inev-*.
At the meeting nt-New Wetlinins't'er
'when lion. J. (j. Iii own, and his opponent. JlK Giirord, addressed tlie
elecltii"-, lhe meeting would mil Ii'mcii
to Smith Gurli.-V insinuations that.
Premier DuiiMuuh* had hoiight Hon.
J. G. Brown and others. Suiilh Gin-
tis i.-. ��� lh�� man whom lidilor Hou'-ion
desccihes as heing "in Jim Hill's*
Says lhe Tiilitme; "Sinitl'i Gin l"b
of Rush!aiid;.���>D,i\i(l' B. IJogle, Captain
Tn:low,. Hich.od JIcDride all l.ilmiiiig
to In ing nhoiit lhe il-fiMl of John C,un.
iiigham Drown, not hecau-*e Brown i&
hickiiiK iu' ahility or lit caiise he is dih*
lioni'Si, Inn. -hce.iu-M' he ha> iicrepli'd a
portfolio iu a. H'lVi'i'iiim-iiL that he lin.N
opposed on at! qui Minns except one,
and, that one, apparently,'is the only
Hue-linn lhat, i> considered'worthy of
coiisidi-ralhiii on the coa*-,t."
Joe Jl.irtiii created-roars of langhtei
at, Wv-tmiilstei' hy |.oiiilitig'foiit tha'i
JIcBcid", while opponeil to the Mariin
platform, wit-shacking up a suppoi lerol
ihit (lift i fm ii), and in the event of tlie
D'lusniuir govei uinent heing ih fcated.
ihey rtWould hil'. e ill" spectacle of McBride taking into his cahinel .Smith
Gurii-, aiioi.lier airong sujipoiter of
lhat plaifni in,
WASTED -7e"vbuA;;T.k^NT^!.   ll;-|''^i"��.t"   ��ll...pHli.l,;,,l si.ua.ion
cliiiifictf1,1  and   snoii  rcpiitnlioii  in ciicli <U\lu | llM '""' "������' "''hi''1' H'e \V minpi-g liilnun
(ono in lhi-N coiiiiiyi-i-nnimh to rcpro-'fiit (inil
(I'lver'ti-e  old    (.".|ub!i-*licd   .woiilthy  bii.siiK'i-s
lion-e ol'-nund llniinuiiit i an Htif��. dSaUu-v ?IS
wocMj-  willi expcii^n- iiddiiiiin.-ii, all  (inya'ilt:
in  cash  iMch   W'ritiic-clay direct  from 'head
nflk-t";.   Horse aiiit  cnrriiiL.'o fiu'ni-'hurl,   when ,
, nrcps-nry.    Kcferelici s,   Kiiclohu Hclfv.tldrui'-if'il'
sli'ii'.pcd    rnvclope,      JL.uin-fui1,  3't"   CiiNloli
Utiildln*,-, Cliicngo. �� ���
��� ..-l-TTI. Kl
��� -' -"^-li^Iit
Citizens of Revelstoke; -
Doyou'fawiv thai$/o,qoo or
$12,000 a year lias been going
into Chinese coffers for laundry   work   eveiy year in this
.*   i ��������,,,
tojou. The Redclstbkc Steam
Laundry Co. are trying lo divert this money into the channels of trade.    Will you .not  !'"'lli wi!I'"' "liulrJ'" ���������" i'lflc,r' ,,f lll,J
,    ,.,',,��� . ���    late A-*��i.-<t.-Getil. Supt. Diiclii'snay.   .,''
It. A! Bii'ihri.lge, of"'N.ii-lh B'nd,
formerly .i-di-'t.iiii (''ngiii'1'1!1 u.'id'i' Mr.
D.k lipCnay, -ncceeds Mr. Guteliii-. ,as
engineer at Nelson.
The   Grap'hrnok   Herald   s'uvh    lhal
The winter ���.cheiiide of lhe 0. P. R.
is now annouuceil to ^o into focce on
Ot.. 13i h.
V\*e are   iiiforined   lhat,  no appoint.
l/l -JSJat'tic
All or.ler^-lefl at Jl. M. {Jui.vjlie.'s
Tubacc ytoie, or hy Telefihoiu', Xo. 7
wiil ivueixc pronijil attrution.   *
Rubber Stamps.
Order-" fm1 Ilnbbei' Stump-" f-enl in to the
OUl.-o of iln1 K'-o'iTN.W M.mi., Hovehloke, J!.
Ci will bo ltll.d with <k=p;Uc!i.
B;ik]i!, 'Coflitolioner,
MiniiilfiiiK Director,    I E 3 PN I S LV5 Q fl D I M W A DO H T L
M'e' will rccouult-c ns n bird nnj-tlilni; beloiifr-
ing to llio fcitiliei'eil Iritie, whotliei* it !.���> a Hen,
..'row, "-.insi r or nny other kind. Yon can line
iny ietter nd niiiii.v tiinoa to linikt1 a iiiiiik.1 as- il
.ippuHis in lhe lini of letti!i;< nbovc ; for iii-.tnnec
Woodcock, Plover, Snow J-iird, clc. To imv'
���lersoiii* who citn ninke a li-t of 2o or more dir-
I'en lit, names of birds, wo will ��ivc uliMilntoIj-
'���'li V.Vi a blitlllil'lil Vv'Via VulllO SI,(Ml or Ies1-.   , '
M'hcii yon have nintlc out your Hut 1111 out tho
I lin ' on tho boiiom of (liiii mivt, and rond to u-
! wit i it Sunup.(1 AridrrnSdl  cnvoltipc, slump of
I your country will du, thuii if yo*t aro awaiduil
i a pri/," ynu etui if yon donlrc eut. tlio pri/o lr,'
I bt'cciiiiiii,'   a   icib-wlbi-r lo 'I in-:    \\ o.m.'.nV
I H'oitt.n,   M'cilm.i iiwitrd ii prl.'io to ovuvj'p.-j-
I son who u'Mislo ilieiinii!o of itu Htrtl--, :uid uiu-
j (Jflfl-A will hL' ilu fuliows^ i'or the bu't U\i, ro-
I 'luiVctl (1 ic'i liny, a (Join \i utcn i for llm k-johihI
b(j��l  ���iUl.iCion  unrli  rlii.V h Ijoaiillfltl Irnpoi'ti'd
, Ton riot i for the isuii'ii lloM, bo^l <oltil|rj|is ciicli
daj', a, K.inr.ili So Ui ii ia.i'iiioinl and Huhy Rinif:
I'nr the 11 "it hf*-l .-(iliilion.n Gold Piece: .ind for
till  olho.'  comet, solution--,   Prizes  of   ('nod
Value.    Tiicho  IViZLN will ho fur war. led dnily.
you ivill n il havo to wuiLn lunp; limn in uiicur-
tiiinly h :foiv yen know tlie re-ult.   There i* no
clijnienl of lniiory In our )i!iui, it makes no ciif-
foroiii'd w/.cllu1!1 wo ycr ,v..ur-olniion l.iie <ir '
ClirlV ill r,!l"   (l.i.V.      All   } Oil llUCd   in to pO:>l lllii
ndvt. io a.*, i-nil rai thc dav il rcnirln'h us. if
your )i,-t n ihe, best, you shall liavj tho Co'd
v/ncch ur if soo'i: d bo&t the h( iiutifnl T(.u tj. t.
,nnt .-(. mi. Wu ^tl'iniiitoc. Unit wo will mwu-d
yon a pi*i*',u, Tli,.r(.'Niili��oiut..|} lloopi'ioituliity
en* dcccplton on ..ur purl ���we oiinin.i nll'i'iil il.
W'u wiiiir. lo ud i,(|iiii,iirin n'-i.'ll srtli.-llcd sub
.-oiibi'ri, and fori bin rciivm ',vo don't v.iuilyoii
in >onil any iii'mcv until j-nu kmnv (.N.utly
wlnii priiii' .voti have gniin-i!  by .H!*-Wl'!,Iii^ trie
pllZ/ilc.     jl'��3  Ml'lll ilfU'l'-i imii.   atoli ll I.V UK po-
.^iblu. llio oNi'.tiliii' rw uill j'.nii*-" tie- li"!." to iho
Tie Kootenay Mail S200
The Montreal    ���������'
'   and a splendid picture of
Id ward TIL-
remarks: "(.'unlit inn /ioverutnenlfi
niU'lit, lo lie tlie he>t., for proviucpa,
What' have prnviiii-Inl l'-*,o-hlLures to'
tin with the fedetMl pol cies and fedeinl
Issiico:-"     ���
A HigHi of Terror.
"Awful anxiety was fell, for ilie
| widow of die hravc General Ijuitlilmin
of MuL'hia, AJ.'., when lhe doclols said
she W.ould die finiii pneiliuonla hefure
inoriihiK,". wriie.^ Mi.., 8. If. Lincoln,
who iiUelnU'.l 'her lhat, f. nrl'ul uij;ht,
lull she hef-M-i d i'oi1 L'r. Kind's New
h li nl tunic I hull once
plaintiff, for whom judgiiieiit lvnt
given for nniount chiimcd nnd cost-*.
0, I). JJour v. Thompson and
Ciirtcr���Chiitri $111.05 on dishonored promissorv note. G. S. Mc-
Carler for plaintiff, F. C. Elliott
II, N. Ctirtcr, one of tlie defendants",  stated ��� plaintiff i\ni"  to sell
'''opj.or   King   minenil   claim  for
.floO. pay the  note and' fend de*-
iVndiinti" the halanee.    !?cnt hill oi
.-���iik-of claim to Diet*  by  pluinlifi'
inslnii'tion1-* tuid  had   received  m
pay men t thcrcfoi*.  . Did tit-i-'cssinen
on claim  following year for Diei
but money thoy were to receive w;i.c
attached in this suit.
To Mr. McCarter: Plaintiff actSc!
as agent and was to get nothing
out of it except thc money loaned
by plaintiff to Thompson,"
Plaintiff, called by Mr. Elliott,
sta'ted that, as agents "for defendants-!
he-arranged for the sale of part 'oi
their interest, 'and received iron
Dior n note for $100, Dier to send
the balance1 to thc defendants ai
Trout Lake. 'The note was not
paid,. ,   ,
J."Guy B(arbcr, .called for thd
defence, said he bought interest'for
#1-50 in thu Copper .King claim
from Dier, who told him he had no
money to pay assessment and washable to lose the claim.
Mr. Elliott asked to bo allowed
to .tinieii'.l the defence to u claim for
damages against plaintiff. The
claim had run.out and Mr, Bavbji
hud re-staked it and now owned it
His honor said Mr. Hoar* had
not received his money and thcrt*
,was no n'egligenco on,'his part as
agent which would render him
liable. He would therefore refuse
leave to defendants' to ��� amend.
���Judgment for plaintiff with cost?,
P. Scn-iani v. K. Iiamsnv���Cliiiin
iVf*17.5Q. J. M. Scott for "plaintiff
a-iked that case be adjourned-till
next,court dav, .
Mci'chants'Bnnk v. \\\ C.'JIus-
hand^Claim $12-1.03. G. S. 'McCarter for plaintiffs for whom judgment was given with costs,    ' *
J*. A. Magcc v. A. Featherslone
--claim $105.30; and J. A. Cameron
v. A, Featherstone���Claim .$100 for.
board and lodging. J, M. Scott for
plnintil'fs, and G*.--o/-"McCarteid for
defendants, Adjourned by consent
till next court.
Lena A. Blondin \*. Sarah Manuel
~G. H. McCarter for plaintiff, This
was an action for settlement of
partnership in hotel business ut
Nakusp. Referred to registrar to
settle aocoiuUs,
Boumo Bros*, v. J, Duiismoro���
Claim i*i'(IH.l'3 for goods supplied.
J". M. Scott for plaintiffs, and G. S.
McCarter' for defendant. Tho defence, was that defendant did not
between Golden -ihd Field. The
propei iy look-s well, and the ore runs
ol.G zinc and '.if copper.
i lift l!us;.I,-ui(i-(.'i-p;it Western have
sued the .Mineis Union for 8*23,000
d linage.* for inducing scab lahoiers to
break their contracts.
f i is Siig-reited that a new method
of producing oxygen cheaply will
-���ohe. tho metallurgical treatmeiii if
I'lw-gi-adi: nri's, even rivalling tho
slao'ip-mill-in cheapness.
'- O. L>. Hoar an I [artupn* litve located a larue h'ody ot ore on Jen liver,
which is identical with that of thu
Uddie group on Lafuiine ireek. 1 he
it"-ti(i(iy is from Ipii to eleven feel. -
wide. ,.;  ��� ,    "
. Toin Horn has' bonded the Black
Warrior to C. W.'McCnis.san, of Min-
���icapoli-, for .^."30,000. Work is being
"tailed ul once, wiih T. Horn as fure-
in*in.    Cabins '������iii Iip liuill and uh {(f
upplies put in,"and it, is expected u.
'hip ii"cnrload,(if ore shortly.
JL Mortiiiiur-Lanih, in the. ColomVf,
-iv-.: "The f.ivorinj fields for inve.-i-
uetil at present appear to   lie.  cpitain
icalities in the J.-ndciu, of wl iclt
I'InIi cieek camp is no'.v atlracling tlm
most iiltentiou; seciioiis of Ivist Koot-
eiiny; the dry cue belt in the u'cini'v
ot' yiuc.ui lake; '(lie Siinilkaineen.'
Durhig the last three months more
oiilv.de capital has been invested iu ,
milling deals in L!���C. than' during , ihe
���.iiece.diiig six months, Tliere. is no
.loulit lhat British Culuinl.ia is one <.{
he. richest mineral countries ��� in' ihe
���.viirld, hut, it is at piesent luc-stly un-
lev eloped. ��� d     ,
C. J. Ilumens/Sufit.. of the. Prince
'dining and , iJfivelopinPiit Company,
'���'.um: ill from ihi'i Standard Uasiii on
Saturiiay, lie has completed llio
Mail \ia Five Mile, lo connect with
he. Standard, thus materially, shoiten-
m;: the distance from Hewlsloke tu
' he propei ty, '    -  .
On S.ittifday J. Nelson's pack   Ira'a
brbight in I *200 Ihs.of ou  from   il o
.iianriitrd Group  for' transmission   ����� *
ilui  smeller.    Supt.   Rumens   repnri.t
i.liiit de.M'lupiiipjit. woik is heing   push-
sed nil the Coiuin.iiidi'i* claim,   and   oin,/
is lie.iiig-rtuken out for sliipuient.    Tho ' ���
urn showing continue.*" lo improve.
0 D. Jlu-tr ii'ui] paiinpis have I.*.
(Jiltwl ll deposit (jf black inic.i'oii Tco"
river. 'J'licy in*-: now .shipping ihn
mica to Liverpool where it brings S'80
to -^1 iO a tb.ii. Tlie deposit occurs iu
schist, Tlie govfirnuieiit has put ;:ii'
excellent iraiPiuiu llm dump, vv'hi. li ds "
now one nf ihe iimst, accessible in tic
Rocky Mountains,    *���        * ,   '
\Vlinn at Ferguson ~Nr McCirl r,
(mi of tin; uwivis of' lhe Trim e
Fr iciion, arraiu,'H(J withG. V. Sh.u nr u
to push development work on ilo
pro.iorty, such, wnrk to consi.>t of a
tuii'iel of 40 fppt and a cbift of t( n
feet, on the vein.. A vein uf two fe-1
iu width is >liuwin-��, wiihoie expos-d
in th'. lioitoin of an open cut. Tin'.'
vein' occurs as filling a fissure, in '
graphitic schist and,is believed' to be.
an extern-run of lhe Silver Cup arid
Triune veins. '    .
Dii-iovi'i y, \\ !iit-li
., _ j -aved   her ,hl'i'. and ciUVi! hi
>Qj i .-.ni
order or' receive,  tho   good
honor held  that thc person .who
was charged .with the good*; was the
H. W. Edwards is mounting (wo
hears for M. Grady, oi the St, Lorn
Hot Springs.
The whole oi  the-plant  for  llio
oodP ills' Bi}^ Kl'-v p,Mvni,H has now arrived
��    '""       '   and thc mill will be ready to st; it
cutting by Oct. 1st.
J.^McMiihon has  turned out a
.v.imptio,,.   Ai'icr mkiiiK, -he M.'H-iii   person liable and gave judgment I , ,J" . c*Uil'lon .���*  luvncd out si
niglu.   FuithiiiisecniiK.iy'niredher.   for defendant with costs. ' .hue piece of-workmanship in  tl.e
Tnis marvellous medicine isguaianieed       C. bV.k v. F.   R.   BloekberTCr��� .  !llJC 91 '^ ^"nglo puclcmg machine
h.  cure  all Thn.ai. Ch,^ iiinl-Lin,-! Claim .f200 for iissesSmenf!<,    G,'S. i0lUJllhV-n ^ i"*11'         ���'     ,-,,,.
DiM,,^.    O..!.v.-i0,-.d*,i���i si.tw. *T, i.d j McCarter lor plaintiff, and  J.  M. 1''-Vban has now  installed   lis
liotllcsJVee at lhe  Canada Drug and    .-"coif,    for   dcfclld.-ilil. '     An   alipli- "CW shll1^bdplani and it IS a   great
UuuIiSll.ll'.                                                       '             ,..,,,���������   ,,.,,��  miwlo  he    ,!o��d.n,|.,n(    o,, ltn P'-'OVClllCIl t Oil  tllC    old    OP.C.      lie
Tlii-. is 11m -."i-rntr.-i coiiiiiiiintioii o,"ir cvcl'
iiiuiic by ,iny Ciiiiuili.iii joiirnti, .111,1 v,u mil
f'.riiiiiniu iii securing t!iuc.\i!!ti!-i\(ip.-ii ||i ^u lei'
L'ni- (INtricl. 'I'lm il.nly Hciv.ld i-: mw. nf' Cull
nd.i'i j,'i'i'.it |.:i;:u.-1'. K-lalili-hid in 1 fl:. it l��!i-
1..IIU' ii* en tl.e Ic.-.iliiif,' liilii-m! ji.ipor of I'tisl- r:i
<*IMU-|.i      ft^'- ll'iM* 11  ��:*L'nt   l.illllh*   liew-sp  Pl1 ,
cid-li Vl.iy h-i'iiiir fiill n .-u*.- of tfio wnrlil, .i-ni
,t!-.ii il ���������i.liiit niiH-li "ji.icul'i jiinitui'4 ��ir licijlilini-
inivrci tn tin; miiiil}-. Ji.- culinncrcl'tl nilcl:i-
���'i p.1" ii .j'Hiii.li ti- itu.I '-ulililik'.
nil'' i:i\U"s i'cjitTii.vir u \\m \, -i ever:
!Mitili,*!!cil   in   (.'I'IiikI.i, loid  vvill nutku 11 Ihum!< '
atmu; .nliliti'iii 10 lliu well- ui nny library
:co;t for defendant. An application wits made by defendant for
adjournment, and was granted on
pas mend, of plaintiff's expenses
new shinghdplaiu and it is a  great
improvement on the  old   one.   -lie'
expects to resume operations at-.th:;
mill in a feiv days.
GuilcttowC. Hoffman-On ap-   ��� R' K;,m.sa-V. ^as jwst comj.lefcd
dication    of    Mr.   McCarter    for   tllC  \���"���Z  �� .Iho   Inrgc  home
i plaintiff his  honor  ordered   publication of summons in tbc Kooitnav i
occupied  by ""W.   E. McLaughlin,
opposite  Hume it Co.V: warehouse!
yj?;-/*. P^mV/i- M'i)Dc     !-*�� o ,. I eiiuon ot sunmions in tlie Kooitnav i -i-i- -���  ---      -- ���.... ..^.i.uuu.-v.
L.reeProms^ M.nes���lronCf,^.^ ;u dMclld;.nt couia not k  and has made an excellent,oh 01 it.
vwsh;n Annn r..,���'        ! found. ��� !*   C,  I'romcy  has  <iuitc a rusn ol
Li j J >
1 lu-dL uf  Ujuii* iiliility, i'i;.I v.Ml cc-ih-iinlu ihe j pi'udiic.-il by a ih-v pmc.1.-.-, mul h not 0110 ut i
' pn/.i-i.t   u cwillv.ntu lo yon aitjllcc notlfyim,- , ih.-'ln-|:,v .ulon-l iiorindi1--0 cmiiiiiuii. \
'"""'"       "       A- ill'1 ri'-rnliir price or tiie JlonOd   ii ?.") on u ,
year, tliu liberal.ty of out- oiler in * if-c. iilint.    I
,     1-
/���'lltl'C-v-S till Ol'ilcV-b tO
,   The Kootenay Mail.
X it: Ship 4000 Tons.
GralnM Bread,
WoddiijjCakea Specialty
M .il onli'fs j.riuiipll.v and
crffnlly allctidvd In,
you ��lint prl.'.i! I111.1 liucli iluanlc i yoti. tlifii if
i you an,' wiitinllw!. yna ona ."uml .vniir-ub-crlu-
l.icil Lo Till-:  l\,OJ!A.v'h   ".".'OHM)   illlrl your ]n-izi:
vvill ko by rutin 11 or pot-t oin'w^Q p.iiil.   Ton
j purMMi of narrow ii.riis it s.-cms iriipm-lbl.' Mini
. iw  -lionlit  be utile lfi ixaiai iiii-li 11 f.-ipiiiii.
oiler, but. wu luivc i'iii1, niiiii(..,v, bruin.--' ini.l n.pii-
] latiiiii, wo  loioiv oxitctly  vlmt wl- ,iru iloiiu,
' .iiiiMi" wn mil lo^-iti'ii.iii'ly K.itii ,a iii!II;..ii .i>ib-
-.L-riburh by lb1" icr.niil iilc.i. '�����"��� know ii,.il tbi^
inilllfin of Will iiloii-oil -liii-'crib'.i*-  c"ii ei- in- ,
ilmiLil inicconiiiiuiKlTiir: Wo.M.i.s'h Wri.ir.ti in 1
uli friL'ii'l-, llicrrby liml Jiiiir m;j -��ni ���f.rc ilali'ii. !
-lill fnnli. r.   Wc -i:*i! willing ".������> -.1 n-i iJ.i.'Kf, '
, in llilsc'-.Plr'Liil butlililiK ll!.'':', bi.V -lil-c ipllni.
li-,1, iri'l w.ij.i llii^ iiiiiii -y n.-pjnt -,Vl- rwric I
tlie riglit tu )iiliili-!li il PolI'*.. .it'.fin i!,,i.i t!,-.' i":n-
1 tfr-L lin-- been ri^ooiitinu.'!.   Iii.n'i :',(i',y nniil
it ii I oo lute.   'Jim cuilcst  ��iii contiiiuu unli!
..'.-iini.-iry i.--t, 1'J'i.
P. 0. GO
s. h wooarow,
I ���'*.!   3   5   4    , ',���"< f" l-~C
Retail tJ-:ai;.r Ir,���-^aaaz2Zg>
��� BSBP,   PORK,
Pish and Game in Season.
vVllfinli.'idVrriiiiDlly lille*.
-H. R. rrm'td M. K.. was
city iTceijlly. iJc repoi
the lJaradii-.c mini1 at W'indei-
mere, "whioh he is opcrati));/,
i-- looking a.-" well a.s uu-r.
and Unit the iron Cap, owned h\
Mr: F-'.rnlinm. of Xcw York, L
turning; oui ,*i v.oiulcr. Mr. hilar-
l>i:*d. v,l*.n is in charco of dcvclo])-
nitni work on the Iron Cap. expects
Weekly Free Press; t0 -"''-p ''^o ion.-* of ore tins reason.
U"e ������ilv-c-v -.���.-,.> IV;XOor P.W ��,n.l. rn,a,,u \ wl��� bo ,,,yt  l0  n-,y ���,���,]���.�� ftl, bufcmce^of i ^1.1'". 1!,;n'1\,"!m1 JS   tU    '\Cl1  .P'^fCcl
^WyiJ.V.'.Ji'fii"^ ^n^,:Zn!Z ! '���'l y��r����" ��'�� wh��J����'t ltf- )vn,),thu  Viliderinerc dtsirict that
om-I'dinmittiu win rioci.ic nn >uuumI pruc--i ' ��~/~\V7}    cTi-f**�� iZf\ l'1-'   bii!"   boiidcu   other   nroucrtic-
d.iilv. bill tin: i>pic!iil?*.'.Viir;zc> will be avviudcf! , F W fl     tb^'OU il-.n'o
in-vliiivli. IW,   Aw linrl', name found jn the I I    vy I  I     y��t����.U\J Itlil'IC,
,j���;i,.,i,���,-M :���!>'���. -rtid. ��� r.Mir.ilctl   -vilh  oi-lc-.     Io --.iWribcr1. Kiio'iu- '      '��� llC    VI'JOI'ol*.:-:     IjolicV     01      l'Oiltl
i!ihe Kootenay Mail
 !_.���������� 1 W01'c il1 present.   He lias-just con>
"" "* plctcd  tin1, tiddition  of a tine fire
proof vault to llic govern men t olii- c,
u   (]L,j       t"-#��f����fffw    fvw �� &.W       j ;ll   (;0]flclK;i|Ui   h;i; ali=o taken tl c
init: ,      ��� '   j job ot   buildilK' the lire-proof v:ui!t
I'.r-'pccioi*-, ini'i iiil,ii!-ii\viw>r< arc invited in; for   the   Imperial   Hank   buildin*;
(.���'iiiiiiliiit'iiii Ilie Ivi'(��ri:.N \v Mail inform  ; ,..*,;,.1. ;^ ].���;',,,f,,i.���,i,,,l .,< I1,,1,1, ��� 1 .,
nl icii of .1 reliable, .���1,,-ii'iictei'ri'Kar.linx I heii ! unLc_11 '���- ljlJ!"h eK'SlCU ait-oldd! by
ii-,-ny>, iin.l inivv dirteuverie-'. Tlie editor
deHiivs lo iiiii|.*i.' tbo Mail 11 liieiuiti of
fnrninliiiiK to lii\*e��ior-< I'oliuble InforiiiaUiiii
I'liDi'i'i'iibiir lliu pi'UKi-i-'.v nnd development
of l!,i;inli:ui'iil re-oui'i;es uf Noiili l-Cooteiwy,
Hon. C. 11.    iM.iclnLiwh   t hill kid .tb<*
iniiifr.s htrike at llusahuid will  be'-sl't'.
iiilvdi.t*.'.,.'*.1 of '.Iii.- '-'ll'j' ���':!! L"j jjrLciiiit''il a ^in
J'tir "\'e:!A:x.-^"ii.!u Is a t"iw!t,-ii!;-ri-!i-1 A QTAIinAQn RAPHMPTirD A5JH
nlilt miicutli. wn are kiiou 11 r.. do.ev.i.-tly as we'! M 0 5 AnUZ-i'lfJ DAnUi?!!: i til AfsU
���nlvcili-i*. A*1 Io uur reliubilily ue r^'er to any
Advcitlhliib' -igi-iitor bii.-ini'sii, mail i.i l.oiidpn.
Xaiiiu !.,.?,,.. '7.;,..?,..',,,.'.'.'. ,...
Street   .     .       -^.'^...[..iy 'fy-'      ���   :2.y.:i:f.
Town ..,,...,. 'C'utii'trr 7. ,.?...:,.. ....
.V, H.- I'e careful and prei iiv your letter ,"k'. iw
wu (Jo nut receive tinderpitiii !ett< 1*?. Ad.lriM*:
TXc   "Woman's   World,"   -Brentford,"
..,.*'��� lon'vloii. \v,, Jpgjand.."'-
now ro cmtAiN- roth in*hti!U.mknts.
A crtlnbined Tlieraioineter mid' l'-nroiii.. ter
' would ctki.nt least Si. ,but tlie JCOOTKNa-Y
"MAU.'is nlilo lo (.(Sei* both in-tniiiien;;- nbi-o-
lilt -ly free to (.-very snti.-eribei* to 'llIK Ktjo'J-.
K.VAY M.MI. .v VvKKKLY YHVl: I'.ifj-.S.
L'lioii receipt of yoar 'suI.-m n'plion ilie.eoui-
billed 'T.ieniiouieter nnd I'.nroineti.-i* will be
iiinil.'d.ti'j-liii.'-'- prepiiiii. Tlie maker-; of ihe<e'
in.-t.ilniel'.Is have .laxi-srl' lo dclivt-r bv .-���cpt.
iS'tli. the tiniiibcr (ifdcre.d. ���, Taut, number is
Hmitcil,  alui   TiKi-i; di-irouA of' h-ectirjii" Un:
iiiit*rui,i*.Ti�� f����*.i9 iVjj-t {������* (,v*.iwf4^t- *?������ fjrA-
iminiiii^   woich   the-  povernmenl
have adopted there is  doilig  much
to1; advance, the   developluent   cf
what w.ii's two'or three year.s agQ- a
com'jjiirtifively inaccessible'district.
^Vindcrmere has  a   liigh ���.'grade
p'rdiierty.  rivalling dthosc   of    the
Lardciiti.d.'Tlifdiiiijic is. tlie  Silver
licit,Where tbc ore is running S00
to.1000 ozs, in silver, and a carload
��� of Ibis orc.is being shipped to  the
smelter.   Thc Silver  J-ie'lt. if,  near
<l}*TJ^|*(lfe '
/pi'.ipeille,-,  deieribiiiK   surfneu   .ilnmiii-.'-. j ,J.    Kerinlpliail.       Mr.    KlVUllCV   ll*
dei uldpnient vvorU nnd result-alleiidin-.' li, I    ,       ,��� r- 111 '       .
abo been awarded tbc contract or
the excavation and ..foundations I*' r
the liuvclstu.kc Hospital.
;; In an, article '-on ������the water, poweis'
oi the province the-News-Advertist r
says : "'T>ookat the Deiitli Uapids
on the Columbia 'lviverin the Big
Jierid, above ��� Hevelstokc,������ a lilooi-
ciirdling sigbt.'when the'tbouglit r(
a l.'OiHd'ipproaching crosses il>c
mind.-at-'theTllctilleVvaet Hirer, by
t loot ofj the Albert Ganoh, -.vbcre the river
L*,e' looks a. mere, rilj.bon,' hundreds ot
fcct: below." ,'���.    V . ;   . i'i '���:
ml s
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I'iliccnt copper deposit on lhe south
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'.'. Ashcrofi.^--tickets "sold./Scpr.'; f.f&.
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Goodyear Welte4;'-dd
dMu.ers'Oefaiftin Steel, oniy Jessop's best.kept.    Pick?,  Shovels,; Uarrows
-..'.'' 7   d    7   Single aiid'Douijie Bitted -Axes, Cross Gut Saws. ,        '���
Diiilders' Supplies���Nails,;Building Paper, Lacks find Hinges??,
1RBWARE INK, f: MdLawpenee, levelstoke
d.(jarpet.^; Linol^inns, Flooi; ? i .7
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by  studying  whero to  buy
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li-ih... ,11. |
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h     , " SELKIRK.":
"The -Druggist,'1'������. ",: ',: ��� "   ��� ' ���
saoy^fon.Mcjj.'A. ]]\ vu. .; (jJ3s. ��I, Ainan,   A. V, Stewart,


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