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Kootenay Mail Sep 19, 1896

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 I;*' fraf XId* in
J   -'    - '//     i
Vol. 3.- No. 22.
:);"i\'ViC!'i'l.'l!.rP     AX"1" i,"^!1    ir/Wl^i/V   ��. \"    IW(      Q I? IJr|i|,u J "f > {i1 r >      in      I uti/*
$2.00 a Year.
, i*
Bouche Will Operate His Big Bend
Claims Next Spring-The Jordan
Camp Coming, Forward- -Clearing
at Galena'Bay���The Sable Group
���Big Lead in the Bend.
mo* lir.vi). "    '
Ii. X. Unuclio, nf Un-sl-ms", picsidenl,
<if Hu1 Ivauhoc Gold Aiming Company,
.���Mill SlIjIl'l'illtj'IKlcIlt ul tin1 Palo Alio
.���mil I vanillic, Mini who is also intere-l-
i'il in tin* San .lu.-H-u'iii. i i-l nrned <m
.Monday evening from the l-Ccysiuiii-
Mountain, Big Bend., He li.is had ,1.
('. Montgomery prospect in?-; for liim in
llic Bend for soul,, linii-, ami several
lii'upci-t ii'.s Vi'i c * located jninlly. To
iiispt><-t=--Llii'-i' properties .Mi-, ijniichc
went 'up the Hond. He stated oil' his
rojnrii lhat he was very much pleased
uithwli.it, he saw, .ml h .d bmight
li.u-k aliinil 10 lbs. ot" samples which,ho
expect cd tn vei ifv his opinions oi', lhe
claims; He dedal cil hiniscir sei s,i(is-
iicd with vvhal he has.'dt hough ^iiiiv
pi evented ;i more complete cxamii.-
dition, that", he will U-si the properties
to the extent of .^2,00') in Liu- early
���spring. He's;iys ir is hi- opinion that
t hcro'are loads of great .value in Ihe
Big Bend and when' it. is boiler developed will he heard fiom.
Ohas. Abrahainsnn.'A W. Metnlnsh.
T. Maloney ,-i:id (i. H **- White- c.-mii'
down fi-.i'n Keystone Mountain, where
1 hey have lieen il.iin ( a--e-siueni work
on the Snowbird and ,il at,I.e.,
.,\lii-.ili.i!iisii:i's i-l i;:u -. '"n .s cl-ii n is nn
th,1 big lead ru i li.i ,r parall.'l to Iii'1
i-i\ cr along Ivov-stun.''Mom.lain, .-mil it
tis .believed liy ,:������ liy, io extend io
C lrni's Ci oek. fn-1!-.1 ,ii e ahvudv .ilunil
e'.c.en locations n.i l his load.
r. .1015,, W   i\VS!*.' <���
Reighly \*  1'i'is   v   ."..���   ilowii   again
f.-o.ii the .Jordan.    'd.H1*1* are now down
i * ii
3 ) teel on t he V."i! i v.'oi-e and .11 e  a! o
l . ln teef ii i an .pe'i cui on the Co'.-,
u.n'ii.-i. 'i'iiey li iv"" dNenvere'l tiie
pi*e-e:ice -if .mut.hei- lai ���; ��� lend v. it.'i an
iron capping 12 i'eet wMe "mil ling
r | i.i i.-i I lei io the lij'st one ,i;ul vv.in h can
h" traced for fn n* sjiili's. Tiie leads run
X. li. tiy S. \V. and the i on id y rock s
a shale. ' They '.-ire i ,i.did.**it tiial
.lord.in P.iss will he inside ol' tea ye, r-*
o'ie of the greatest camps i i Ihe (-nullify, as not, only is the mineral there in
plenty and i nprnving w icii depth, but,
it is in an easy cainl ry distant only a
halt" day's journey fiom ihe railway.
The discoverers nt" thi.s camp, iteighly
ic Fi ishy deserve sri-e. it liaise for lhe
in.-miier in which they have stuck lo
this locality demousti alin-i Ilie nature
uf the ore ;iiid tlie existence ot loads ol
urreal strength.
very sum: is lhe Rig Four group on tiie j
XorUi    Fork   of   tlie    Rar.lciu.     Thi-
gioup is composed <:f the (.'olden f'aic, | Happenings of   I-uersst  Aniongst its
(J.ilcn.i Garden, Sdver Belt, and   Hi' to]        ' "   ,r    ��� Pi-it-i-
I chums.     1 hei care no   less   lhaii   live ���>
'disiincl leads iiiiiuiiilj lihioii^h ihe
jri oup that can he followed from die
end to I he ol her. An as-*.iy 'mm tliii-,
j^idup I his week K.ivi" Si'M) ounces in
silver, i) penny weinhts nf ^nld, and 13
per cent, copper. The claim:- are owned hy .Me.ss|>. ('arlci-, ThoiiipMili, Kllk-
pali ick aiid Ho,u, who are noiii*^ lo
work I hem all winter. Asihere is no
covering and the lead is clear t hey will
lose no time in dcul work hut sink
dii eel ly on the ore hody.
Two general .siorcs will  open .shoi thai Feiguspn.
���1'iiAil. ruiCUiC.
The I!(,s-,1 ind Miiii'r s,i\ s the ��� W,.!���
lOiLile mine sale i^ not closed up.
A iTiv.it stride has heen made in the
Inviei  liinnel of   the    Kooten.iVt which
Wrecks a  C.P.R.  Freight Train and
���       Gives the Crew a Close Call.    ���  '
An,open switch a! theea-l end ol the
('oliiniliia I'iver'liridge cau.sed lhe complete \\ reck ol an c'lst-lwniud freighl
train .Monday night. About II p.m.
<iti'/.ens on Fiont, Mi-cel   ^^���el���e .stai-lled
I'!!,>M 'I'lIK .MIN'INli l!^:i1(��ltll'-!.
ItliVKI.SI'DKl'"-- ' "
'   Sept. 1.1 -Jj.idoniii, \V M Ui-cj\\ n
-     1.1���Vort\-Xine,   K   X    IJ niche
aud .1 (' .Montgomery
"     1(1��� Siher   (!io,vn,     Annie    li
','    '1(5--Ashler. George l.afniuic,
''   "     hi--Siher .Shield, Alex \V   Tilc-
Inlosh   ' ,
���'     1(5���H.ip-Locerus, Annie'I*"   Mc-
.  lnlo.sh
,slinv. s eiu'lu fed of solid -5.10 oie. The ���'>* :' 1""(1 crash fullowed by the hissing
oie chul" is lieiii!- extended at llic rate of steam. Ilm*ryiiig lo lhe' spot, tin
of 8 fe'-t .1 (ia\.,
Tlie shaft on tie- lie.) Moi-ntiiiii is
down l'JU fe-'t with from,01,1c lo thiee
t'.jol of oie in sight.
Tin; ICw-iiing iStai has 100 tons -of
'oie on the dump awaiting shipment.
A diamond di ill is in use on tin;
0.'(ir��i 1 aud explor.it ii)iis uill lie, made
lo cons-adci ahle depth.
Tlie louer tunnel of, the Jumbo is
now in solid ore having been ,(hi\en
about 70 feet.     ��� ������
Two .strong ledges, one, of which has
heen traceddJOU leet, base, been located
on,llic Celtic (jtieen.
The, Iwuihue ledge iias been cut.
The tunnel hi in GO feet and the. ledge
is d\ er G feet wide.
,_,,.,.,., ..      r     11 1 be, sh.iit on the Palo Alio is' down
"     l!--.\Iouiil.*iiii,   .Siinmiit,   .)     II    on ..    .        .     1 .    ,, 11     .      !
���., . 20 leel and   s,iews   holli   u.dls   to   bi1
\\   I I IlO      ' , ���. I I I  -     ���      '  I �� I
[K'llPft with ah i,ut   lo niches   ot   clean
ore bci'.M-en.
"     IS- Silverile. li Kdwards
"    'lS--C->(!()(l-byc"Jaek, H J  Houilie
TltAXSI.-KH.S.      ,
Ladonia���All inloicM, W .M liiown
lo ,l,is Ucighly and John I^rishy.
Wild (ioose anil Uhase��� One-half
interest, J.i.s lloighlv.t'i John Frishy.
Sf L i wn.'iice���All iiil'ivM, I5ru( e
ilorne 'o .I.-is Ucighly and John F ishy.
('oliiniliia���O half    i.ileie.st.   John
Fiisliv loj.isj*-ighly.
Assii.i.^jrK.VTS ��� Iveyslone, A tiei deen,
il.-iidpan, St Louis. St Lawreme, I'ol-
iiinlii.i, Snowliird, lieathei-. 1
Ore Ship'.nonts via Revelstoke.
Fin- week ("iding Se| t. 13.
S'ocan Ktai-, lid tons,i value .'jtlHTP.
.slli, ped lo Giuaha. '
l.i.-ih'1, 10 Ions, value !-*.1()77, shippi'd
lo 0.ua..a.
Metal Quotations.,
Xc,*.\   York, Sept.  17.���
I i.u , si!\ er ��� 6.V'.
C'ipirei* (ilrokcrs,pi ice). .   .^lO.ot".
Lead " "    '. .?..:?  -do0.
Cleared Up at Last/
The long standing dispute between
William 1 Iennes.sy, lir. IIei!(lr\ \, and
(J. 11 lain Hay wai d o\ er an inieie.st. iu
l iie ?>'ol le i*"i\ e group of mines in tlie
Slucan, was linally disposed ol this
\\eek hv mutual ;.gi cement. I!y the
ariangi'iiK'nl made all -nits \\ ei e ,\ilh-
diiiwn, ,ind the conleuding paii'.es
l.iokshc'v iu 1 he, Consolidated Nohle
l-'ive Mo ing Company. It is understood lhat I leillK'ssy will lecche J-j 15.-
(It)O in Moc'��.   and   ILendiv\   and   H.-iv
A shi|ini"iit recf/ntly m ide, fiou^ the
'Nickel Plate weiil^GtS \��'V ion in gold.
' ,Fiee niiiliiig gold li.'is'iieen found on
the Einii* iii'the south Lull..
An oie .slick of IS inches lias heen
located on thu April Foul. The oie is
arsenical iion ass.i1. ing up to -*s.'iy in
gold. ��    '
A cmsscut on the I'h'iu fiom the
main shaft exposes i'i ice feet of good
ore. ,
Twejvf! ni''ii are now woi l;i:ig on the
Cui*i*ie and oie wdl be .soiled sunn.
The Howard Fraction is being looked at by expeils. Another snipiiieui
will be ni.ioe soon rroin   this  piupeity.
A option ii.is been seciucd on the
i->!.i>;k Pi i nee, Lemon Cieek.
The owiiki s of t be U and X aie in
'20 foot and'have a pay streak I muhes
wide. * ,
'i'lie PiouiasioiM, of Caiiboo Creek.
\v i 11 .ship ^^0 sacks of ore lo the Trail
siiieitei* this week.
The Arlington shaft is down .10
fi'v.', and the inline! on tlie Dalhimsio
ii. I '10 feel.
The Ottawa, Spiinger Cieek is looking well and is licb iu,ii,ili\e siivei.
The lawsuit uvm the Pauie mine is
still unsettled.
Tlie Loudon claim, owned If) Pioctor
iiiul otheis is to bo stojked   for   $1-10,-
scene thai, mot their gaze wasuueof
ini"vli icalile ( oiil'iision ; box cil*-, llal
c.lrs.i!),! their coiilenl.s, lav sealleied
��� Hound .-u-.d deep below all lay engine
'><>I uit|i ils stea.ii (-scaping.
Fl-oin W lial enuld'hc galheiel 'l'lin
Ihe engineel it appeal s i hat, the watchman signalled 1 hi- train lo come aeio-j-i
the bridge. ��� ll ci-osseil. and v, ith sJl1 nn
gal hei ed lo ( limb thcgiadc started on
bui had hardly done -n when the
eugiiieci* p'-i ceiv ed I h.'it ihe train had
gone on the shoil spur us'ed iu the
hi idge l i-i oiistriii tin,] through llio
switch being open. This spur being
onlv long enough to an omiuodaie
some four or live c.n s. "\\ ith -i .siiddi-n
(hop of about 20 leet at the end, ilat
once a-'pencd lo' the engineer that
I heie was no chance left but tn jump.
So, siurnalling for h'-akes and allowing
the .steam to escape, he' yelled to (he
Iii email and brakeniaii in the cab to
jump for I heir li\ i's and a jump lor life
,'i'was indeed, a.s had they stayed on
lhe engine ihey would have I ecu
-ma.shed to aColus,' ,is'd*i second later
the engine plunged over the end of the
spur and   the   fi eight   cais  piled   over
"and .doug-iiile it to the number ol six.
The tender was hm led completely o\ or
(lie eiigme, hi ea king lhe -stack, and,,
tin mug end for end befoie it rested.
Two ('1 Lhe hox.cai ���> w ere loaded with
.shingles and one \\ ith wooden paving
Mocks; two flat car.s of .stone and mi"
of ties; whil" the balaui e of' t he ti.d.i
��� Id ial1���ri'c n.'iiued 'Oil.- the I rack,
being | idled up hy l'iie brakes iu lime
to avoid iliewiecK. How, Ihe -suilch
got open, or who opened and foi-gol lo
clu.so it, isMilla iiijslery but is bei.ig
iu\ otigated. Wm. ^ilackie. tne ualch-
inaii, deci.u es he did not !>.iou it. was
open, and signalled   the   ti.iii   to come
'ahead belioVeiug alt to lie rigid. Pending an inveitiigalio.i lie h.ih b.-ea >n ���
pended. i     "
It is h'.'i-ued j.h.il, i hrou:*;h   Ihe  delay.
he found in'good euiidition, hut says if
hea\ y machinei y is lo be hauled ovei
it it, will have (o be recut. Altogether
lie was prelly well satisfied al lhe <un-
dition of I he I rails and the work llial
had been done I his season.
AI Ihe Consul,iti,in pfacei, where
three men are at. woik, .Mr. ('raham
says he saw tin-first   thiee   huckels  of
pay   dill,   co    up.      On    McCulluch
'Creek at the Last Chance, which is
employing S or !��� men, they have gol
through 10 lee! of.lied rock and expect
lo gel. to pay dii t within *?.() da.\s. He
went li om ,M( ('i.lloch lo Camp (,'reel.
uve! I he old '(Ui t rail making the7 miles
m 7 hour-., luits.iys a good liail could
be made of it. Fiom 1 here he Weill to
S.iiilh Cree!.' diu��ii g-. and found,
Proles -oi' N.ison ii id 1.1 men and two
"gianls" working with all Ihe water
L'.iey i ou'il use. He .-ays Mr. iS-'asou Is
well .satisfied wi(h lhe prospccl.s.r This
I e tuiuk.s w ill go ['.ii- to fuith-j!1 the
hvdranlic intei ests nf the Hig  Bend.
-A'n Appropriation for the River.
'i'lie supplement ary est imates pi ovide
the'sum of ipl^JIOl) to fm-lhel proled,
the i-iv ei- bank aud improve the.Columbia Jiiver canyoii, the appropriation
being eoul iiigcnl upon ;i similar grant
from the pi(i\*incial govei-ninenl. Mr.
Unstuck, M.P.. wiled the new's Wednesday, and upon receipt of it tho'hoatd ol
Irade advised M i.'i'.islock. by leller,
I liat lhe ]irii\ inec having no cnnliol
of na\'ig,*ibie',waters would be imliki'ly
t i as-is|, in opening, up the river, and
asked lhat the iippropriat ion hediv iiled
iu I wy parts--one for lhe rivet hank,
and one lor I lie ri\ir, with ceilain
allntU d suins fur each. There is great,
necessity lor the exooul ion of I hose
works and lhe appropriation .should be
used tujjic hest ad\ anljige.' It should
he made ;i\ ailahie for thi.s w inter and
eai lv spi jug w heii t he walei is low' and
r     ���        ' - ' u l
iie tan he used instead of scows. Mr.
Uostuck has nut been idle since going
to Ottawa, evidently, and is doingjiis
pai I towards the ad\ aucemenl uf this
poi I'iuli ul his \ ast eniis-tiluency.
Local and Personal Briefs.
, er-   - '
Coi-v Menhiiiick, of Lanie.i'.i, is Din
town. l. '   ���-
Some very nice plaid dri^s glinds at
Oouisiei'V. n
���J. W., rLisViu's eamo dow ii froiii the
of,.i Xanaimo boar, a   c.-uli a'd  of dyu.-i- j jjend \esteitla\. .
mile was-noi   iu'ihetiain, which, had        (;,u !\aniloops cigar made at home
it    been    in    the    wreck.1   would    have | u.jt',  inilc���,    lahur   ai'ifl   enji
cieated cnnsidei able damage lo life and I sll|ll|.t,
propel ly.       What      lhe    conseipiences
Misunderstanding Cleared up--Agreements are at Present Accepted as
Evidence of Title--The Railway
Cat' Said to be Still Undefined --
Hew to Secure Registration.
enjoy   a   good
(Irani ("o\ .in since   bis   airi\.il    has
been at  work and buiiilisl 0 10 acies  of
'J'.'   ..^-,.'���, ,       -e ���      .-ii',    ground in the Sumlkaniecn coiiuii v.
ward'   S.-;.>,( (,'()   eacli.       f leie   is   still   .1    ^ , ' ���
| n.alter     ui    ;ucount   lo   ho   adp.sU'd
The Cmisolidati'vl 8 ilile Ci eel. Mining |  belweeu       1 tei mossy     aud     Hie   othei
Cnmpany, which'has   bee i   lurmed   Im parlies   |o   the  case.    As   legaids   the
update llie.Vgnes. Lm-k\  .Jack,    Knot- I lawsuits, eacii p.ailv will pa\s  Us  own
en.iv   Star  ai.vl   Sl'-plianie   cl.nnis   on | i usts.���.Ni-lsun Tribune.
The V.'ater Works Project.
Sable Creek is issuing a veiy neat
prospectus. It staler I he average value,
ot the ni"' In be $57.."Ml. and an a-, ay ul
Js-2.1 in bismuth was also obtain-'d from ��� Nnta^vhit behind theolliei towns
ouesample. T.ie lcd^e ii claim - to be j in KunU*n.*;y, i!e\ eUtrke w ill s.,,,,, be
one ol the siiunge.si in lhe dLsirict and ! supplied" w il h walei wnil.s. .'v si.u't
' ahum 2.> feet wide. The dii ectoi-s h.u o J was made on M'oi.d.-iy'wil h six or-oven
iged a   fuice   uf   practical    miners     men ( leai ing o'.il   Hi   wery   Creek   and
building a i cs( r\ nil. 'i'his woik and
(he d i.i uis for mains to J am e-on St reel
w iii tie completed  before t he at ri\ al   ul
I'rnni Kus-Iand and wnik is to he
prosecuted day and night with a view
nf bonding   lhe   piojieiiy   to    Kuglis'i
Sir Ch.is-. U���ss le.'t foi   J'"i
w eek.
ll.issliiiul mine owiicis piojiose to
use the JVud d'',)icille ii\ei tor walei
jinw-ei   f.il   liussl.Hid. '
The Spol-ane ^ Xni'tliein telegi.iph
hue i cached Ilnssland tins week.
A new la (���*.', ei _\ is heing erected at
The Noble Fi\e (jiiiiu'iitii ator is well
under w.ij at C ��ly. ' ,
T'ue.c weie id") 'transfei s, .">1 assessments, and 10 luc.ilioiis 'lecnided at
Naku*-p liiis inniit h.
S.    li     Iieiidoe    !i;is   gone   into   the
would have been if il, weie a passenger
train lhat ran nil the spur, nr if the
ti-.iiii had been running west instead nf
easl, il, is- nut plo.is.int lo eonlompl.tlo.
As it is, a groat deal of damage has
beeirdoile hut, li ipilv, wilhuut lusr, of
On Tucsd iv a number of r.) n weie
set at woi-1: i eain'1. me: t!11- contenisui'
the wrecked cars, and ihe balance nt
the wieck was hm ned Wednesday.
Supi. Mai-pule arrived Thursday" and.
assisted   liy  C.lMid dcleitivc   Wynne,
I   # '
COUIMUMK eel -'Ul  lilVi*-! I".iiltm. '
Gold Commissioner Graham Makes His
A.miul Tour of Inspection.
(inld Commissioner Graham, who
left on Ti.<���������(].ly week to inspect il'c
liails. toads and budges mi the P> g
liend ilistrici, i el m ned T'uii sday ,-iftei -
noun. He days tii,il, I he high water in
tho Columhia this year, which was
about .'! 1'i-el   higher  than   ovei   before,
ll is i|li<!l> (
<insi(leral)l" damage,    ll sub
capilalisls.    ,\ fen I ure or   lhe compali>      the plan I   \\ hu h is e\*| (. ( led hole  w il h- I mm Mil,' blokei..ge lillsiness at   Sandoli. | merged all the Hals between   here   an<
is th;it Ihe *e   are   no   *~.i I.i t-icd   nlliu'is, | ni.nw'il*.     When it ai ri\ cs 1 lie   wurkj       ^   t.,n|(lil(]   ,,,'   ,���(.   ,���,.,,���,    die   Cond-
The coinp.i!iy are beni   on   putting  all \ of installnl u n and ciiliing di.iius,   I'i.'-- ; enniigh. m I he Slocan. wenl (jluoimces
Cioir in -.-ins into mining and   not   intu ' ii.g and j( iiung | i| e.-.  ;ind   -ull.ugiii    ;., si,",.,.
*   viiul".M  hiaggiuu. J hvdrant l..iNesv.i,l becnu.n.emed   audi       -j..^   ,,,,,.;������.���,    ,������   nM|,-ihy   h, icks
(ien. l)..Seoltlcfl,   for  Sloe     Wed-   .'''������"'"''I    il��i..Phh   In,   o|e.a,,.,n   '�����������'"������' j ���m  ���,' slll,.|i.M-   s! 1'g   is    heing    tried    al
snow Hies,     l ho l,niui ol   public   w.il.-i i .,-  i
1 ,  .M'ls'ill.
M,igee\ sawmill will be running in a
Caines      Cieek    and    liejiii'd    that    In
Dnwiiie.  (uveimg,    Wlioie    lhe   (uui-.se
was  n.irinw.   banks  H'li'ii   leel   alto
I he waler mark.     'I'/hei-ex e(-   the    trai
Fieshyterian   eliurch :    Scr\ ice    to
moriow evening al 7:-'W :   Mi*, (le'ddes.
I, .    .
I!. A., missionary.
A good cigai i-, the ideal of asinokeis
e'ljovinent, liu_\ a Kaiuloojis one aud
sou w ill smoke, no ol hei.
Sersues at usual,hoars, m'orniug and
e\ euing, iu the ^Iethodist chinch to-
ni'iiiow.      Uov. J. -V.  Woorl, paslor.
Cluireh ni. linghinil : ' Son ices at
the usual liniirs in the new church
luiilding lu-nioi row ;   lte\. I'd Vullaud.
.lack* S.iilds is alw.iNs pj'i^jiiil e.'l to do
le,lining am' hauling of .'ill kinds at
'���hm test notice. See him about yoiu
winter wood. *
(Jo to Hiifchis'in I'i ns. for bananas,
oiii\ 'Joe. ,i do/.. This is hail" pi lie and
will be only ti.ua few da\s.
Allen ('.ii.ioinn, (J. P. li. agenl dii
Pui tland, b is been appi.i iled disirict
fieight agent in pi t<_c of Win. ISrown
dec a.ed. -_i=-.-_
The ],o| uiarit \-of the S'aiei shoe is
pioxed by the numbers which aie
��� 'laced in slock fiom lime tin. lime at
(.'oursiei 's. n
lie\. ���). A and .Mrs Wond left bu*
Vei nun on a \is.i, Monday. Mr.
Wood n t in ned \ csiei d..y.
J. M.   Kellie,  M.P.P./aud.J.C.bbel-
, c] 11 k-U went up lo lli'ni  Cieek,   Tuosvlay,
Woi ks is ol'ie  thai    Will    be   g:e.ii!\    ap-J
preciali'd, and iheicjs   no  doubt   ilia! ;
1 u \ li".\ of  ihe   feci    lhat    lhe   jiro- j (
Waller Scott. .T.V., is in town.
Messrs.   Kellie   and    Cnbeldcck    gut
back from Hear Creek Fiiday.
II..I. Hnbei tsuu. of Yictoiia, w;is in
town yesterday.
Have you seen I hose ladies boots,
gaiters and sh'ppei s. in Slater's make,
ai Com .-ior's ? v       o
The I'nion Hnlel   has   ciinuneinod lo
serve  si\-   u'cliick   dinners.     The   new
dining rnnni is  lastel'ully designed and
deciii-aled, and the cuisine is e\cellent.
Tne t;ni(in   is   io   every respect   a lii-sl-
1 .    i
ila-s   hotel, a   I'.u-I    which   visiluts   nn>
mil sluw In i C'ogui^e.
.>. N. T. M.'iriin   has  siaried   a lunch
cnu ii li-r and dining i noi o a ti In1 .Si.-il ion.
The dining-room   rales   hi o .">0e a meal.
washed nut  looming Ihe building ,.|   .1 j       ���'���     "���    '������������"��������"     �������-.    .ins    �� i- r,     n, j ,;,.(,,., , -j;,;, I,,,,,.],,., ���>�����:     lie I- .iNn I llll-
' new    ir.iil     altogeliier,      Cnsuler.,I.le    ioceipl  ��,; aS!) cl.eipie l ,   I tei iiru.ng i ��� j|1!4 , ,��� ,.,. |-U| ,lishll|1   ,.(M(1Ms  and is.-,p
was    near   I'.ie    ri.or   was   ennip
lo lo >k at s ime nmier.u propei lies,
etely I ,    , . ,
).    1),   (i."idiiui    was   tins,   w ei k    in
The follow ilig let ter in leply to th��-
arliele un Hiwelsioke limn lots appearing in I he .Mail issue of St-pl������inU'-r-
."illl has been received Ibis week. Mr.
I'osiock has moved in tlie matter with -
commendable energy, and papers ou
the whole mallei; have heen called for, '
so (hal il, is now iu :i' tail .v.'iy for
sell lenient, and the whole cause of delay, will be made public.
The Deputy Attoi neyt'elieral.should ,
ha \e made clear in his ' ciiculai* lettei
(hal agreements- weie, for 1 In- time, to'
lie recognized as title deeds. He should
now explain how die ('. .t K. S. NT. Co-
iiiul lv. S* iV T. do, had grants given
them by the Dominion if it wa.s mil
known "whether the lands are included iu the, Hell, (lailway) or not."
I'*xpiain, fori I, is still a mystery, how
Mr. Mara gota grant nf 2(i acres right,
in this tnw'i,->ile from lhe Dominion
when people purchasing from Unoriginal giaiilee have waited for H
\ cais lo get I ilie In thoiidots.
I'llll'I'OH IvOllTK.VAY JI.M1,:
'< Sir,-.-.My altention has heen called to^
the remarks in  your, issue  of  the  Ot li
i'nst., as lo the delay in clearing uj�� Untitles to   the  lands  in   dispute  in   lhe
Kailway Holt, aud,I venture to address
yon as tliere appears to he a misiinder-    ,
standing in regard to Lhe requirements
sol   forth   in  the  circular   which   you
publish. ' (
All'owners, or claimants, Jso far ;i��v,)
'known, have had circulars addressed
In them In furwaid'to this ollice their
,tiile deeds, or ,authentieated copie*
thereof, in ordci lhat the same may be
exchanged for confirmatory grants
from the Dominion (inverninent.
As presumably the above pai ties ,nre
the ones most' interested in   the settle-,
inonl nf fhi' (piestinn, nu coiuplaiutc-iu
fail ly he made as to   delay   until   they
have complied with lhe reyuejf.of   the.
Department    and     forwarded     their
evidences uf title.    If the   party, refer-
i ed to in your issue had .forwarded  his
agreement (which at present ishisonly
t.ille deed) he would have heen advised
as tn furl her details.
As legards registration nf titles, that-
ma (ter now merely awaits the arrival
uf plans, in couise of preparation by
the Dominion Government, showing .
the boundaries of the Railway Bell,'
for until that infni niatinn is 'received
by l he kogistrai s* it is impossible fur
I liom tn kunw whether the lands aro
included iu the Bell or not. ���    '
AiiTiiun G. Smith,
' ,, Deputy Attorney General.
Victoria, B. C. 1 lib Sepld. lS'Xi.
I'osion    bad   occuin-d   on   Si raw hoi ry
Clli'Ci*    I'e.iise.       H    was   in   p.i}^  I"'  j ply,Mg I*,,,. ,-, li!!!!..!* license fnj-(able us
--    - ������ ,   preciali'd, ,-llal  1 iiei (���   is   no   iliilliil    iil.ll .,,.., , ' I erusinu     nan    occmn-ii   on   .-ii i ,n. mi i ., . , ���     -,       ,       i-1,-������!.-, i ;	
cuple ,if  weeks.    Tli.-y  ..I-.-  " ��'�����'l.ii.K ' J ,���. ,.nn    ��� ��� v if ,.���         ��� j,.^ t ,���.   ���..,,.���, v m.-nl .mil..-, it..'.   haM-   la.l    ,.,st   ap- ; ,,, ^   ;i|i(,    (|l!i(���.    {lu.^      ,,.,,���     ,,-,,   d'^.-ly . el m m. i.g "lleer, ., I; poll i-n-> u, ,      ^.^   .^   ,;���.   ,������,,,;,,;,,.  )l( slater's
lhe insiallalio:, of die hydraulic pipe.     ! u in |.,. ^.ii',,,,, ,,,,,,,,.1 il i heir cba, gos ! l"'1,ll( (i  (''    ���,|*   S|"":1  ,''   -��'l'"'"'^>  ��� -gmubu"    shde    between    Caru-s   and i "";/ ''f , "{. f^   *l ' . ""d,1 . VA ,MI "'- I shoes, w e In,,,- so much   ;,i��ii���?    Thev
There is   a   considerable   amount   of I,illv ���,��� evccsMV e. '       | mag-t ,aie. sew, a!  m    ihose     in, .1    bv , ,)i|W nj(i (7n>(,u u (s (.(,t .,, ;J ()||,    |m , v j p-!l c,' r.v, ���,-!.     C ,sl ly, Mi ,  it. I    (,     ||n     .. ,(| t..lkifl���_ill#--    ;Ul(1     V(.,.v
('harlesllol.,,^, ,naiiofala,ge:,.,(i:!li,'.,i:l,,'1<''il',t;,-V?Mit"1'   '"   ';"    '"'l<kHeel.   and   ,f  ll a.ne    ci. cm-lance's |      ;b;e M, (:.- u as   .be    v id im   nf   the
,'ls -,J I  ll. \e decided to sue fur d.images
varied  expo, ion,,1   in   duecling   pub.nl "*" -"      ! h.,1,1 nexi  > oar I be I rail w ill hav .��� I., go | ' hii'l ���''cidenl   alwavs  ONpected    when
works,    has    been   appointed   s.i ,,., i-,- !       'J"..liil   siupinenis   if   bullion,   mat le !,���.,.,. ,,],,.   MmimiL    Ahm.l   (.(!()   leel   nf    siicli' things   begin.      Ills   light   hand
tendctaml .s   now   m   charge   .a   Lilo ] '���"'* ""' "'""    U'l's'     K"""'llii;    ""'   s" | 1 bis smi.mil Has slipped si���,.|. 'a;.
W(���k. , '''ll   '"   * (i "''���'   -��,-'l;S    'oils    valued    all      Where    the   I'iwi    is    I.U      belweeu
 �� , ! S-i.-J-'lO. l-'-l-J. I Dmvnio and Carnes ho I'limd   lhe   liail
Of   lhe    L'.difnrnia.     capitalized    foi  I iu good eondilion o\i oj t I'm a few sufl | and fai.cv goods   is   delaying   this  so; - ' p','^'
.c:l!.r)0OOOO.    Ptnf.    Cn !vle-   says-     Onjspuls.    A new; liail has bi en bu'll frnm ' --oil's millmoi y  npcniiig  al   Cmirsier'-. j     "(_   "
Snow In the Slocan.
froighl cn.uing into the district and
the steamer Lardeau is kept busy.
Tuesday she had h"r biggest lna.1 when
her cargo coiisis|ed ul si ^ tims of
niisci'llaneous iiicm handisc.
(bi lei i,i Bay is la ioi ii ing aim vv ill soon
he niio of the i hief placer, in Nortli
Knnteuay. The Hoi'lie-Payiie Co.' are
abotil In clear ."JO acre-, them, salis-
faelnrv arraiigeinents luiving been
��� made with the pi o-emplor.-*.
Tllliri' I.AKK.
.Mi-. I''irre!l. ol  V.incnnver. u'lenf die
ow nors ol lhe Silwr Cup, lelt Wd'due.s- | w into, ,uMiu in lhe huls.    Km,!, uiiiun.    f, diow isig   wants   fn    Piemiei    Tii.nei.    tailed one man lo gi.ule i"   mil   su   that
day for lhe \vcs|. Tliev h-ive nine mei'
;il wo. d iinrt* and will pul no lue mure
i 1111111 ���. 1 i ,* I lei v.
Was   iltlshed    heii!    (Ill     Mil 1(1.l\     while
coupling c.u s.
W.'iilingfei  l*"renc!i and i')i glis|, hals
seldom break out. o
Sibbald it Pease have opened their
n.;w cash slme with ehoice lines nf
grnceiies, pinv isions, Hour aud feed,
etc. Take uuu* money in vour purse,
mil gel  its full i,-due i'iiijji   Sibbald   it
The Ih-sl siiiiw nt  tne   -cimiii   tell   no    all ihisd.iuu lhe ruck  is*   imn   stained j t he suuth   sidle  o\'  Gold   Slicam   alinul     '"   I lhe1-:  c i   ll ies w. 11 repay customers
lhe high camps   eaily   Ibis   week,   and . aiifl dei i-inposed but no w oi k has been    ����� miles m,-,.ud - I he Cnluuibia iiiver   lo , Ioi ,1 bo vv ail ing. o
si,kc then the white blanket has -ii,*- ' done as vet disclosing tiie veins llial 'wilhin .S."i yards ol die Smith ('reek
ped d ivv n mil il its edges abnost touch1,no supposed In piss 1 !n (ili-g.1 in's j diggings. The Smith Creek louipany
lb'   valley .    The   high   ian;.-   lepnfi     pmjieit1,. iilearcd   niii   lhe   I .oilier  down   lo   lhe
fi om I wo to fuiii  inches.     ||   i-,  alums! Knssl.iud people h,iv e sabiiiit l< d   the    walei a ud I he (��n|,l   v 'niiiiiK^iiiiicr  de-
Henry A. IJarioii. who u'a.s scciet.n-y
io   the    lion.   I'd    (I.     Vernon,    agent
A    trail    i'mm     I'nssland     to     Mi!i]i|iv     he.ivv   lnads > nuld be handled.
' Acting  on   advices   limn    heie   and    doe1:,   and   annlhei    tn   Sheep   Cieek i      l'":nm lhe 1'nrks  ul   Smiih   and   ( old
uu ing to t he lii.u e'liaiv-nf   the    n..nn-s     /s um  die same   place.      .\    coiiiiloi    ot    Stie.im   to   I ..ilnrnle's   i.inch   Ine   Hail
i oudll ion
I'lnginei'i'   Cirrv   has   been   over   (ho j and occupal imis i .| diepuiies   named.     \it   -,   a g,,ld i lauiiussioiiei   and   a   sli<'    was   louod   in    lauly   good
���',        ,,   ,,        i,'   �� i   ��� i.i      .i ' geuei.il    in    London,   dining   his   first
loin .Mchiic,  I'j. A'l.iir and the ul hei s ��� " lt    ,,. .       ���       -.      ,       ,,.
, , .,      n       i /-i       i.   ,       i ' ve.tr oi ollice, was   in    lieicMokc    this
einplo\ed on the Uovd CieeR   (lad   ai - , ��� , ,        ,      ,,.     ,,      . ,
.      , '       ,      i i,*i , ' vveek and loll lot* Big Bend    vesicruav
lived    vestcidav.       Ihev     have    put   in j -^ .    -
,,     ,    ���-, ,     ,\   'i       i    ������', i i to look at  i he gold iiuiiiei I ies.
the trad to the head ol the cm k. i .
,,        , i    -i i-        ���      .i I      Ju��l, mm'   AriowIie.nl   is   iniucvvh.-Lt
On a house   budding   in   lhe   uppei i    ,. , ,���.
,, , Ot  a siioi t-,in.ui s pai.tdise.      ilieie   ;iie
town     (bete     was    some     very       guod i '        , ' . ,.
,    ,��� ,,      , ��� ; ,,-, ' geese, ducks and   Mime   galoio   m   all
;ici(ili,.t ic      wuni      la.s      week. lhe    *-"        ' .. '       -'
,,       ��� ,       i    , ill'' ba\ s and miot.s aOout t he let Junius,
"gallei y    appl.iililed. , -, ,    , ,        . .    .. ,
���**,      ���        ,    i ��� i      , i    (,di|il. <<i,'ie Imlds   the   recnid   ioi-   the
l.iioli oiil    lor   tlie   river   bank   and    , . ' ,
propiiscl sleigh road I'nou Galena  Biv, i  lhe Acting    Mmi-Iei    <<:'   tin-    Intel mi     j.cn !iai_.   unigisl i at e  v. ,i!i  i esi'ieii'i'.s li'i    cxcopl  lo;   a   pic e   of    liimv   which    don't   lake    lhe    nlfl    mad    .d'lci    daik   j
('nc person had a narrow escape   from
tn,tap the-Trout Bake mines, and Ironi, 1 has cancel" led an nrder in council o.l ; Ritssla ud., .��������� An appropriation ,-lo ���. re- j wniiivl be !i.<ed. 11 *��� describes the nevv,
Svlni I he says I here is no (liflienlty in j.Mn.y 2U. Li-ii'i*' vesting 1 wo v ilia ioi s;Vii ,i nn.v e the bhili al. the '.vest��� ei'ui "I' Col- I rail inl.o .C'round' i log fiiisin . up, Alcj-
(.hi'.'way of colis'trucliou, upon which  a ! Jlev ���jl.sio'ke.   B. C.,    tor   (.viiieier'y    pur- ; umliia Avenue, v.-hieh    will   cos I , -"*.:i -.>.-
going, (ivcr the bank, this week.
biggest  bag as yet.
A WORLD'S FAIR   -.\i ./������� .I..e\
'I'piirlur.   l'Vu* geuls vvho want a .shaving,
(iidl'oi-;! .d-ei'k as a go.ul one ' excepl i ng?i ��   .\l'Ts.   Kunwles, who .'has   boon " stay-; j.shampooing dr S(M foam, holj and'  cnld
large gang iifineii will he employed   in    'poses   in   ���Nhble   Coiiisier,    iui'i:cn;uit..d 000:   to    lemovo.     A?    ,-ese'i"wiir    with    adsmall "'pni'l inii  'nan,aged'  by   a 'slid-, j ing    vvdihdhei    daughlor." ��� Mrs.    Ilug.i j '^th   tnbaccn, cigars and cl.gai et,les   ��.��
Joim  Aiii*ams.iii���'hi.lci keep. .. ,,u(i    A. deapaeiiy foi* dire   prnto'el.ion,    and,, rent; .but.! his w.-i,-'nou; beiugdi.-.ed ;i7 h" -hini hj'.rown,''of'tlie.' IJ niuii  Hotel,   for   some j "������������   ;l"io'ls.:    truit ji; or :   coiif^ctiuuerV, .
i'i.  iiouriio, ���. hotel    lu:' -per:'  ax   Irustccs*  u,\- tiie'livdrauU iu   disc   in,  ! h<- [l-ovv'i. i urdel*e . ,,ne dna'u |.,n jail  in   a ,'w".;'.7- on I'liine.,'.   let.    .M-nii(ia'y     for     Luckm .vv,'I !*:l';'' mni'i-y aim so i.i nil, ; :ne:a    O....I*..   t��
tlie near.till ill i-.
One nf   tin'   'I'i'UUl,    Bflke    groups'  id'
iir.ijii-rl.los ul V, nit h inured
will,bo lle.-jid ���  ���B.o'ielor.
i l.n'.'ii in be ji.-tid . i,v" gov oiniuoiil. I ii..    d'iio'l.r.ul iij* lo French  ('reek,   Inn, .i (iularjn.
] the (Jobimbj.t  jliiiei.    -J. A. 3J(>j;(.-.\.y.. I _ \ �� * i *  ...
1Zbe Ikootcwa^'fiDait ,,,,,,,���> ,-.,.
iueui lectness   of    the    circul.n     hu
I  I <; piii'i'd     holders     to     fo|V.-,iid     "title
eds ' noi   "'evidonco   uf   title.'     The
'���rUUSM'1'!' KVla'Y S.'.Vl'ltDA Y
ATKINS A' .-vMlTli.
1'riiLisni!!-.-. a\-i> I'laii'im.i'iu:-.
Subscript ioa   Price,    $2.00   Per    Annum
rt-'l" si IC1CTI.Y  IN'    Ml��  VNCi: ",'S '
CON'I'il.M'T .MiVKIi'l'HI.'Ml-.N'I's 111,1 mil at
I nc ,-au ni Si ,Vi pel' i niiiiiiii un li j������ -1- nn.m li.
Ker-.jiaci s <i| six i-iiliiiim iiH-lic* (ii- over *1
|ici* mi n ix'r iniinl',1.
"ri'.W'SlK.Vl* .\I��\'l':i:TlSK"MK'\""l'.S Id.-, per
line lii--,1, )iis(;rtnin, .V jii-r line i-m-h subsequent insertion. The iiiuiilici- (il linis
reckiiiicd ii.v s|i,-ii-i> iiieiiincil, li line-  In  tin'
JiKAlllN'ri    XOrrCKS   In..1,  per  line each   insertion,   unless  ciuili.-u-lcd   for bv  tlie  1IKI
.1(11! I'l'INTINC' (if t-vory klml hi inns! ivason-
ulili- i.ili-- ,in,l shortest ni)ln:i'.
Al'Cl'UN'J'S t'(i.- jdli ]ii-iiiliii^ or nilvuilisiiiK
|i.-iyal])e i.ii the liiv.! of own iikiiiIIi.
COKliliSI'ONllKNCIi: en .ill mailers of local
or public mlri'c-.t im hurt .mil i arotnil\ ron-
nidcrfd. All (���oiiiiiHiiiiciliiiii-In I lie Kdiim-
inusL ho .icciiiiipaniril hy lhe iiunii; of lhe.
writer, noi iirce-i-i.tiily for -itiblk.it inn, Ian
us sin evidence of ^nnd faith.
Tins Jvootkxay .Mail.'
Hevelstoke, B.C.
nKvi$LSTOKi��:, kkpt. id, i,s:h;.
Till-: Colo11inPiiesfgn,*ire hr~7?\11-.   Maxwell, M.P., as "" horrisli'and ignorant"
because  he   brought   up   the   Chinese
question while Li Hung Gluing was in
'        the country. ' '
A candid man is , better than a
sneak, and candour, except, perhaps
when cruel, better taste than calumny
which has certainly done twice as
much mischief. Mr. Maxwell did
vvjiat was right by the people of< thi.s
, Province in bringing up the Chinese
question at the 'earliest possible moment..     And Li I Lung Chang or no  Li
r t i
Hung Chang, the fact is evident that
the Chinese,ijuestion'is a pressing one
requiring settlement as soon as possible,.
We have personally no patience wiih
the heroics of Mr. Fmser, of Guvsboin,
i * ���*��� x i
���*���    and    though   Sir' J-lenry ,Jo]y   is,'   no
doubt, sincere- in his opinions a   slight
acquaintance   with ' the   facts    might
change his mind audi prove < useful   to
,   ,     This question is not- a party one and
���   will not be  treated    as   such    iu    the
House, .where it deserves .careful   consideration. ,     The    Colonist,   however,
ntries;to make it such by   heaping  ,bill-
, iugsgate on the bead of a political .opponent. 0 ,
elicited a icjuest for cxplaiia! ion fiom
the Mail, and this Mr. .Smith has
kindly supplied.
The ! rain was alumt In lo ive I he sia-
tinn. inula young man leaned over the
seat, '-hook hands with die middle-
aged geulleinaii, and Said :���
������ (ioed-hy, Fii'l,'t,-nr."
A man wilh vv iiio si ripes in his shirt
bosnin' lonk'ed at him nai i ovv lv'*, and
said as the train  started :���
'���jvin you do any'l i icks with cards-'"'
"No, I never touched a card.'"
.Mobile ye pi,iv  the piany ?"
" 1 know nothing of music excepting
as a mathematical seienee."
" Well, ynii ain't nn boxer, I kin    see
by yer build.     Mebhe ye [)lay pool J1"
'"No." '
" Ershuillbnard:-"'
'��� I never heard of   the game before."
" Well,   say,    I've   guessed   ye   this
time.    It's funny  I   didn't  think  uf  il
before.    Your a mesmerist."   '     ' ,
" I'm nothing ul  the kind."
" Well, I'll give   up.    What   is  your
'line-'    1 know yc'ro in lhe biz, 'cause   I
hoerd thai young fellei-c.-ill   ye   pei lessor."
"I   am   an    instructor     in   .Greek,
i hetoi ic and ancient, history."
"An' ye can't do nn tricks   ner   play
music, ner hypnotize?'"
",0f course not.", ���
Thc man tinned and gazed outof the
window oil ihe opposite side ufthe car.
" An'he c.-dls liunself  perlessur,"'  he
said to himself.    " Don't know liow   to
do anything but talk Greek a.id things,
and   calls   himself   a    porfe.s.-*iir. 'Talk
about nerve!"
] YJ   3. McKECHNIE,
OJ'J'"I('K in I!. S.inis.in'-. liouse (p.jM I'ics'iv t,,,-.
i.m ('iiiuelil. ('alls j,\ fjv]( piion" m- T< J,-
triupli |ii-ni'i;i|]y .ittcndcil lo. Ollii i: hours:
fl.-ai In 11 ,i.in., l-.-in lo t mill 7 to S I'.iis.
jSiisim! Blacksmith & Woodworker
licpaiis to Wagons.    Tools Sharpened.
dnri!-*iN(*   \  s: ki'iai/i'y.'
u i   ,
J1"runt Street, Hevelstoke.
,   Di*spatch**s state that theie is every
leason    to    believe;   that   tlie   Laurier
Government, realising the   iinportance
* '"   *���
to Canada, will render aid  tn   build ��� a
railway through the Crows Nest, Pass.
and that, next, spring the  actual   \vork
, of construction .will   be   begun.    Yet
there aie   people   who    s*iy    that    the
Liberals are nut kindly disposed to the
West, and would !>ive us   a   stone   for
London's Latest Folly.
One of thc most injurious' and
dangerous of new fashions ,is the tea
Seveial   desci 'plums     nf     the     tea
i   i <
cigarette have been pi in ted. but these
have erred in the presumptinii lhat the
tea was taken a's ,~old, lulled up in ;,
paper" and snicked. This wnuld he
practically impossible,' as the sharp
edges of the tea would cut idle paper i:.
all directions, spoil the draught", and
render tiie cigarettes uiismokahlo.
Tn make the tea cigarette one takes
a grade nf green tea which ha.s hut
litlle dust, being compose1?! nf uubmkon
leaf, and dampens it carei'iiiiy, 'just
ennugh tn perinil, the leav es |,u be lelt
pliable'and capable nf being stuffed in
the paper cylinder, while, I he dampness
is not. .siiilicienl. In slain the paper. The
cigarel Ies are laid aside for a few days
Items of Interest Concerning1 the Distinguished Celestial.
��� llei e are sniue inter< sting fa els a bnu I
the di-l ing'lislied Chinaman vv hn  pass-
i-d tin ough I'evelsU.ko lasl Sal in d iy:--
l.i riun.n ('h.-iug sinokcs npiiim.
I.i lluug Chang is sovent v-fniu* years
nld.' ' ,' "
The gloat Chinaman   nvvus   his   ovv u
raihoad. ,
Li Hung Chang is tin1 richest man in
thevVnrld. ','
bi llim<r Chang is the most pn.verful
man iu < 'hina.'
Kur lunch Li o.il.s two chickens preserved in vinegar.      c
Li Hung Chang has had more than
one st I'nke nf apoplexy.
Li's fund i.s propmed by his own
seivalils iu tiie Chinese fashion.
When Li Hung Chang graduated lie
stood al the head ol a class of l.j.tiOO.
, Li dues not drink inloxicanls, hut always serves champagne tn his guests.
L'ils dinner consists of sixteen eour.sos,
not counting lea and cakes at Ihe end.
Li Hung (lining ha.s more 'than a
thousand peisnnal servants in his
various palaces.
Li's favorite dish is mast duck, with
kidney hen us. after which he eats fresh
pork vv iln jam. ���      i,
The great Chinaman has 1U,()()() mile's
of   telegraph,   connecting   his   oilices
with v;irioiis parts nf the Empire.
The Chincsestali-vsmn"'! is the greatest
, Li that ever lived, but his family'name
is propei ly, pronounced Leo.
Though an old man, J.i Hung  Chang
is full nf vitality, with lhe fresh mental
and physical vigor nf a man of  fifty.
,    When Gen. Grant v isiied China dur-
i o '
ing   his   tour   of   the   world   he, was
elaborately  cnterlained   by   Li   Hung   All orders in our line will lie promptly
Chang. ���.    intended to.
Gold Hill HoteL
FRAXK  V:\NDALL, Pkoi-kij:tok.
----Re-velstoke,- B.C.���^
Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets for S1.00. -
 [ fj '	
Repairing Neatly &. Promptly Executed.
Best Ma' in fow.n, Wei! Fupnished Rooms,
. Choicest Wlaes, Lipops and"Cigars*.
��� Evspytliiiig Strietly First-Class. .      ��
Terms $2 per day.,
Kamloops Beer on Draught
Wholesale    and   Retail
Revelstoke, B. G.=
Purvcyor.s'of Hig-h-class Meats.
Li Hung Chang's eivdenli.ds from
the Lmperor lo Presidimt Cleveland
fire contained in a large'yellow silk
Li llmig Chang st;mds six feet "one
inch in his stoci.ings and the boots
which he wears liaye soles of wood
���aboat an inch' I hick.
The I'.liiioiis Vellovv j,,cket is of the
linest sal in, andis emiiioidoreddn lhe
breasl and back wilh double dragons
in a circle. '
Me is always spoken of ..in China as
Li Chung-Tang (pronounced " Choong
Tung), the cinnjilinient.-irv title of nil
Imperial Grand Secretaiy. , *
Li llimg Chang is the liist ambassador whom China has sent'lo Kin-opc,
all other repi-t'sentiitives of the rJinniie
, .... '      "
li,i vni!> hei-ir l\: nnslers.
Li ihmg Chang was sm-pci^ed (() M.(.
the girls at    pnlilit;  schools   in   J'airope
st.n.l.ving bdol.s'; he sail,! they  ought   to
'he   al    need Ie- vvo,- k   and    that    books
uid are then icady to be smoked. ',    were only for men.
The feeling ol' a ten citra ret to in the Li llimg Chang's last, wife had ovei-
'month is peculiar. .The lasie i-1 not so \ five hundred, fur lobes, and, the waid-
dis;igreeable ;is might lie supposed. bi:l | rolie reipiired tin; constant service of a
the'elfect oil the tyro is a sense of j -'l,'y jl1 wdting, five assistants and
thickening ' in lhe head ami a dis- j '-went y sla v e niaideiis.
position to lake hold  of   sn-net ning   or!      I'i only    pi et ended    to "dine   at    the
f~\ U R Slaiionery.'' 'OcparL-
\j/ mc.H has been recently
enlarged and remodelled and
yon mny'now procure iit. reason-
ablc prices anything" in the way
of Staple aiTd I'atrcy Stationery
���n;;    nr.\m ffjff:r. -iPyAR^tvpv
Largest Hotel in Tows,
Centrally Located, Best Aeeomraodation,
.; free Bas,d Rates $1 per day.
, ���       BROWN & CLARK,  Proprietors.   , ?'
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars, . Draught Beer always on tap.
I TOM HOT QOpgyPQ   Upper Arrow Lake, B.C.
LLUn  ilUl   Oif rsl^O^.       Under same Management.
**      -    '       , asM-i2.n
I %
Drausrht   and   Bottled.
���:o:��� :o:
'��� Whiles!s-3 and R^fflSI ���
Revelstoke Station, B.C.
Contractor  and Builder
The    in-rve-'.iie   -tiimila t,-d   unlil   tiie     \Wst and tile s,.,.���,,d time he hns   been     | s I'ltlClMIMCn'PO KsTlMATKonlmil.lin^,
i     IM.ois nii'l spadnuations ftii-nKli��:J  on .ip-
Mtdovvn. II" the lieu'iiiiieV quit- llien. i o'llilie diiiner> feiven liim in 'Ktn-,.|ic,
thai    M-tile-N   il.   h"   vvill   noi    liy     tea    >>'ii ely t.i^f iiiij I lie Inod, and 'ri^ei;v wi-;
l)i*oacl and not d.'ince vvIkjii v\*e  pipe   to j ci-j-nrette..   a^.-iin.      J f,    however,    the i '''", ''PI***'il1-' fi*- *''e  diniici1 cooked   hy
tlie.in.     Tiims is a -,'i-ca st'iii'dier   al'tet j -"H'okei* *f.i��<- down   .ind   flies.-i   -eeo:id i '>- |ii*i\*ate,eool.-, ,nt lo.- hotel.
truth, and vvill. vindicate the Liberal ( 'w^11(' i,,!",ll,,H il ^Vh: the. lle-j, I'-Hi.df a eent ,,,-y Li Iims been int.he
. t v tliic-kt'iiijm; t'eelini;   |>a���e.-  and   i-. 'mic- | po'ihe ,,e:*v u-e, bur tln^ i.-< the in.-.t. time
Ooveniment. ,. I ceeded by one ol"   inien.-e exhilaiatiou. ! ������'" ll;1*- ''Vei- v'isited | he   nations  of   the
MAS.     R iL\J7 S^vjv,!/^    ^<^'
'      H.  A. 'BROWN.'���Proi-uiktok.'   ' '
Revelstoke Sfet:on,;B.O.' :
  ^^ o
(> <' " o u o o (? fJ o n ti   o  o  o  ;i u o t* o (��� o u t> (i
StpMly'Fjpst-Class, and .Conveniently Situated
Between Bailroad Station ��� and''
.'   ' Stoamliosi Landing. ���
Best Table in the Interior. ' Commercial Sample
Rooms.     Fire-proof Safe.   Free Bus.
TERMS':    S2 and $1,450 per day.
SuPi'Oi'TERS of .Mi*. McKinley and a ' Mookei- b-eN like -"Ivintr. -knt dancing, ' outride Ifis native I,*uk
hide,hound proteelion   that   vvill   hint , m-MoiiisrVoinethtnt; i-Ne entiiclv out of Li'*-oiVn-ial b.at i.s--.lid to look like an
tho trade of this count rv .ind province, ' the eoimnim way.    Tins -Uu-e I,,sr.   a- i'lv.-il-d rt.-pid..-'. the hiiin liein-f t.iii-n-
nva jubilant over the results in ' jl-.ine    '""�� 'ls lhl' '-''".^^'"" ���'���"-���   ��'"^'   �� ^ "}'-^   a>'(.nnd    and   the   peocckd.
,           ,     ,,        , ,.           ,       ..      .,            | until tin-1 leacti.ni of th-   ,,r. nn.n is ' ���t.- ^'"''""i" i- '.-isteiiert oy a Oiilton    lo   tlie
where, the Kopubhcan plurality is   JO.-, .,._                                                          .     . -o;, of , in; hat   .ind  sticks I'm- out   h<-
'000.     This is like boiny elated at hear-        Word--  (.-ir-r.or   d.-ei i,,e    tiiv     fin.i! ' ^"f-         '      ���
iii!^ that, the J)utch   have   taken    I Ioi- Vtdf.'ct- of t-iie ti a ( II',!,; -" -    Tr:.1  i^-iiv , '-''*'* 'dot In-:   died   only  ;i   few   years
Jand.     Brviui supporters c.-imK* explain '' ��f tlu- opium !i-,.d is a >h.i.Iov- u,   in.,t ������'���<''��� :".d  in   ,u cor.i.ince   with   Chine-e
the majoritv,    which    vv���,   onlv   0,000 ��� nf"Lh"   ��'���'"-���"-'    ^'"-    *    ����'-   le., ' e.^o.n he, r-i^ned   ;,!!, hi-   oilices   io
.          ;.,,.    ,                           .*.            , . , ci'^.iretl-.     Il  wiii h-h>.<-.!-���������-.-*"(,1*.- fo.rfi neeirn ,-. t \:i-r L'f-av e. alter tin ee inonths"
over tli.-it or 'li4. bv* shevMii!** that    -rod,     '-,,,',,                           . ]���",, \.r , ,.;,-^i .���<.,! < ,- ..   .,������.*.!   i.,,,    ���;   i
,    ^             -i          can le KMiked   at,    \-i      ,ie   n:-r    -'.t-,1 "  ������ ~ ! ein-'aied .ij a  .special   Jnipcri.il
illicit ion.    Dc.ilui- in Sa-!i ,-ni,l Pooiw.
Boars for Salo and Mida to Order.
luiy Dei'nocnits voted for the  JJepulili- ��� row-O'l-a i me
acLean, ���
can iioiniiiees.
'holii  rtl'terv-wiid ((���me-t h'-   o,u;i!��;   f>,!*
the lea citfaref |c>
Tiik suhsidenco of the river hank on '���'��� ;���: ~���^-= ^���;
tlie i-o.id (o lhe station is  only   an   oe- '  \\"AVj'Kii  .\T  aS( '"- .\<->- ������   ,..������,',-   f"     	
Th' -'v. o iiio-i i eiinii kiihlL decoiat ion.s i
on '-.iilii- -lhe V,.||mi'   Jacket,  and   the
T:iree    Kyed     Pl;h oek'-     T'eal hei ��� are
held   ie,-   I.j    limn;   ( hanijr.    who   was
I'-dv   de 'tiv-d   of   them   when
cui*i*enc*e to what will hap;)en live   and i ''--   Vi l!1'!' ,r l-1" -' i"i!i'l.- '' ��l"l a   .> .- i      ,,,   ..,,, , ��� , .        .   .
''��� - Kn .��.-(>-t.m,ii :'..! fu-l   ;���u-ii, ul.,r-  i.i  JV- io: -j I       ' 'iim-s'   troop-   wete   whipped   by;
hve.     As it is a person mav easiiy lo-e    m ni''"    ''���''-' it.ifn'!- Mnunl  U'.um   i o , l-J^    tin- J.ip.mi- ,-
ii life on a dark uiu'lit hy taking the '
old road. 'J'he rider will, if it is-'al-l
lowed to  continue   its   encroachment-, '
K a-ifl-. Jin li
���NOilOEi. i���,.t   ,���   ( ,,;,,.|    .,,,,)   i,.,|   },,,   ,),,_.,.,   j,,.
i ''lie..--he w ould 'h.i i ������   lo.-t' In-   head
clean out   the   roadway,    endaii'jer    the,   V" OTK'K I- "f]"IM.!*Y (,IV'j:\   thir   ,MiI,-n     '*��� h'-i I h- I'-i. n. < '"ii i   .\.. - l-iokpi^    <i<>\-
.        . iii" -i *,.'    ''" '1,n"  !''  ',','*'''''  ,'  ' ,!' '"'  "���'l"ll,7 ���'!'     '�� s'a|M'.io,n in t ho'.1 i|i,i:,<-e  wai.
cliurch   and    schoul   property   and    bv    ii'i'.uion ru in   Ii ,n. i !..i.i ' .,j!,,mi--i. ia - of
*      '..ind- ��� mi *i\ ui-k-  'hi* )i m        .... -    ---������	
LANS and Specifications
in Any Style. .Executed
with     Promptness     unci
I.i ll'.n- (V.I,-  i-   -he  only   privale ; Q.^ Colonial        Style   ���  R
(iti/.-n  al!**,. .won   iii.oi'i.iiii-   In-  own -    , , ���"
-t.ihdisiK  .iilnv.     His   -olila-i-   are   lb.' | ,"?)j^eCl''Uty.
ining Room is ftirnisiisd with the host the
',���''���        ��� Market affords, .   \   ,   -.
ss&K3Ua> cnrscH*=iL*c
fTodmi;  t lie ' ground   in   that   vicinnv imi .u-n - "f lu-iui-e i.-nil >i, i,,oii ��� i. fi.-o i
,    '      . \\ ' -(   Kiinii ii o    d'-inl'iV  ,e-  idlii.c -     '
Isolate the  I vv o towns, ��� ������,���, ,,,,.. ,Li ,, ;������: m,,,,^,.,!.!     \    :,[,L., , ,  -   \-.
,r, , ... ,  ' Mini"i. -il i.it.il ,i;   Iln   -   W   . #n-.i.':   (,'    \:>- ...       , .... . '       .
1 ll**1 company   u-hooWII    (Ills    yiolind in li r   \y\< Il i    -   |>.-( (   ii|i!'r,.|     i',--,-.'   a>. o,   ia .'   iel.ll'/'-l   ',;!' 'lr.i   ,  '    l,w    H..|!n    e-
1 . '���      .1 ��� , ,      , '-Iia ii-   n   '' I ' i liaia-. -i.'i' !i I'    ��� |. i.>!-    , i-*    In     , ,<, i
oil'_'ht in their own interest, an.I   those , liane ;,, ^laiiin^- jjoini
who own  realty  theie.  take    villi-    pie'      vil'n.ri.i. .bih 111!,. I.-'*!! "'     ''���'NM';,',' ,.,..., . ���      ,
, ,   . I IS'   Hie  I],,.     |;olij. .in-      h,nailed      ipiait-i.
cautious to piesei ve it, and  m   ilus   ii;        "_""' " ' "    " Ti     i.
' -1  1, il' 'ii-.i   , '   I ii-
Mii.Im-7   Tin- l .,-.���,1 ii.ii,- ih>-r!  iu (he ' MAUfliNii
i~   H. HEAPS & CO.,
*~���      ".i'i r aoiow'i si., .mil r.jwcii si.,
\d\N,(:<H7vi-:i:. ii.e.
woiilrl priihahly he. a-sisled by the. (!o\
Privdis Eiil Notice.
-.1   on-    :|.'1.i -    'i\ -    im, i
I7i( :i of i /,,. f.lr v   !
eno!i���'ii    }oi     lin",
?-| \f Mines,ind .Mining
l'iini|i-, iliiiiniind
l'ni-|n (iiii^r bolls,
- o\ Mill "VI.k lim< iv an1 S.ic.s, KiiKinrs.
J'.'iiu i -.,   \\'.(!( r  \\ le els.  (ti. J-'.l-llin
<lf     till-   Jjejiul V*   AitOIIlCV     (i(
.N      tie,,    uill   1,"   node     t.i   lli(     I.' ,-,-,!���'   .-       '"'���.*'"-- I '-I''-    l-olal'
���inlilv of flu   I'roi un e  of l!> it 'sh I '(.I ,i'in a       i v. o  h'l ,d I ��� -i   ' ud    I v. el,' v-|i   ������
Vi'h' u el,', l-l i-
i I.I ."!-
  s    ,|o|(l-
ATTKXTION is directed  lothc    letter '  A1"1"l"1'!> ,01' *'1"  ''''"* ",'" "f J !'i''-!'"''di ,'ein a      i v. o I li.-i   .������d   tv.ei/v-li   -   p.anal-
;,.,���., o    , .- Iia   I'cvcl-ldk'  Wal   .-   v.,    s   -le, ;.^r, ,.;' ���      ���� !e u oi.i. 1,-lr .,     ii"-,!'   ib!    ;���:,
,   .    . ' '     , *"' | ''"������'���i;'"*. "fnnli.  i,'i'-]���,s.   ,,r,si ;e���7     smo'IiI',.,.,-., :   l-'.o-,,.!   -   .-���,   ,,,���   ���.,,���
plamn^fheposnionot allai.s   iu    i 1,1 ^. iV^UA V^L'Xi 'IV- ff.1-     ...    *,���'*.       .    :    .,..-,,"-,.,.,.     -i.(.
matter of Jle^elstok-tow,, lots.    Novv j i;--- '^J;'-. ^^ b- ;-;^;,, ��� ���*,;   ;;,;;_ ,..,,!.. ,.���,..���.   J,* ...... i'.,,. ...,���.-, ��� ,.
lhat tlie. ;il Icj, lion of   the.  depa, i ment ���"'���'���" ''" ''"''' '"���     ���< "'m ' ���..���'.������.    -t i   , ., ���      ,i|��,n-,ir n,    i. ,.���������
' , Iroiii lla   i r s  ,H ', >  ,, .,| ,'i \   l-ink-.     ��� i .1 im ,,i\
i.s aroused a  self lenient,   may   soon    be i I'M"- ""l'  < >: ,'i an - r���i 11���. .,,i,-mi.,       ,.).| ���	
- f i -ni.i.I> 'if v.at' , hi dn- s-arl i ,.. I, ,i,,|   ��� [���     ,, i i,i
t'X'pecled.    Thov. ilitfiestf/J  in ser Hi in" | -���������'l ' i !���   s,   'a.,   o ,-r ,n ,���!,  , ,,, ,,,    i,   .
... ,, t.   ,, . �� ! -"'I' eb ' I 'a'l I   !'"'v, i-.-ui ' li. , ��� ' i   ' ei-- ,
11 ties  would (io well lo   follow    lhe    in    ' M-inli.i , lain-.n,,l |lu ih-'. i, ;   e,,! e   ,,   -   \ill
j ,,, I In  -a, 1 i.nl.i.      ie i r,,, ,   ,,,  | ,,, u.,,.,  .,    . ,( .
.' 'ji , .1    1 , j    L/t
Take  a   I    ;,;
st ril'.-l ion     of     tl'C     Deputy      Al\t,m<-\   ,' an 1 -I'' i.-li �� n*  > tla mm   h,''  ,' c  < i,,,; c\,,,,, -     ,1110' 'Iiii   a   li,,'     '.'ha    0. 1,    (,i     ,,, ,
/t , . '        .  . "- ,." ni I   -< Ip-i'1    nf   ( !(< t   K 1   \   ,1-, .,���!,'.  . 1 .|. ,111.1 hi , ,, ��� , ,      ' '     "
Vifneral    or     vwile.    him     ror     specllic 1  fi.inM, , i. <! -k .1 ( in: -i r,., 1 ,,,,i ���.,   ,,.,,!)  ,,,.,       non^iiie  \vnoi,   ,i,i:>-r,.    .,[    ,,.    (,...|j
TI13 Cyaniria Pfoe-^ss.
Troai'aX and It jportcil on
13/ Tiir;   fvlar Arthur-Forrest
Mii" 1  ' , ���ii..|���t]i,ii 1
Bv Th >   Ma .Arthiir-Yalfs
1 \,,, ,1 :a,n  >.,,   ,u,, 1 f'vitiil.i.iin.ii )
",': I' \',*'i i''i  \..\Wn
Tlie Casscl (iokl I:xtraclinj( Co.,
Vi.   I'eUw Jf.'ll ���,':>,
A I!!-! ATI AM SON   liliOS., Pkoi'i-ihtohr.
First-clp^ss Table   ���   Good Beds   ���   Fire-proof Safe
Telephone   ���   'Bus Meets all Trains.
1    ��� vv      .,-,       1 ��� '-    1  , , ��� .   " a Vs.   ,111 I   111 ���   j.,,.. ( 1-���  ,,,���'   ,1 ,1 I.,,       , s ���.|]U ,       'j-..   |.   ,,,,,.,.)'  1   ,,,,.  (      .   ,,,   ,,j ,        ,,
;uivRC.      V. e  think    he   is   Ml^htly   ill |  i in na-,111 1 (,,,|,|,,,,(     r<,. 1 , :ii���,,,   , ' '        ' "' ' '       '   '' ">    *'
. .       , I  ���li|< ' IJ. '   '_rl*. e   it   .1   I
<in-'ii*    as   lo   Ihi":   people   having   "no |      j |���.   v,,i
- iiii, 1
,. ,    .    , . ,    1 ,1 iili'i^(  f "I-     " Hi    '
Cause ot complain) as    lo delay   (111I1M !(,,u.i>      o'.i p,,
1 I 1 I ���     I ', I ��� 1 '  P ��� k.      !   11      '    ' (   ' 1
l.hev   ha\c ciinipbcl wilh lin-    1 ffjijfsl
lo   I,..   ,���,. ,   -,    If.
I    aid    I III  I,   _ ilia   I ),<���    ei,.
II I*.
I' 'I
ol* tiio I 'e.pai liiii'ii), and fm v.,-o de,l
llieir evidences oi .lilie. The. cir(;iila.r
le.ttf.'i issiififJ  i'rom   Mi*.   .Sinilhs dllicc
s.niii a-,,)
1:    0 1   ��� ������,  1,   ;, ..,ii
[._( " ,, ni'    .'' 1   ��� -   '    ud ciit 1 lie . 111 |,. 1,1 j, 1 pi 1 11���;
(.Ml      -III.    |'I   "'.,','   Ilo'   i'    I.i [!"()    j    ''""s"   "ie   ''IK    .'ll   '   \'.ll     Mil;,,
(III.C.-..I1IWI I,else ;���,��,, cncle,    did   V oil
". . f nv1   \   .
1. .\ii  .-.:i.\ .1.-,'i.v.
'      w.'M. i:;,'(ivy>;,:
T. I), lU'.Vi-!.
nil.,! l.'.'viiJ.-diikc.'i-'.c.; .Scjii.. .iiii. mm.       ���Ju-ci
U      I 'Mill
I      I .'
.'  * ,i,--a;, !n;' 111   ul ils -i, 1,,   |,< .
fnsurdnon fimi Mininrr Ijpakpr.
v.1'Kotivi-r, B.C.   I ,   V^ "       ^-^
1 v  and
I'i      Man,'. 1    I, hi I-a,   ,\    l���n-. ...s!,,,,     [,|f,.
This Is a   1.11//I0   w r ' 1,1  ���>   1,11//    I      ^      "''<"'      r"       ''mi,-'!     V ei 'am r .Miii'iu-
has never I,ecu sa 1 i.sl'ici.only, exj.laihed 7J'or Rhlo. '  . L'-al-IJ
by',utJir'rscichl:isl  or i.ialaicmal.icia,,.     i    305 ConlOVa.St.,' '. V.ancoiiv'cr, .B.'C'.-
'     AiillAKA.MHON   DUOS., I'hoimmktoiis.
I;very(hinjj new and First-class in al! Respects.
The Hoass is stooked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market
tCrottt lakecitt; E.C. TIIE KOOTENAY .MAIL
l .AUId, '*
s&loije 117 tlje World
������There never was a woman - like
."Warj^.net Jackson,"'said t Ije Minister's
Wife to Mk- .Minister as she lu-ii-lied a
fliitT oil" hi.s coat, and saw liim oil* lo hik
���laiochial calls. "Tliere she1 pic's now,
and I'll he bound she has something
\/ ��� nice   in   that   basket   for   some   poor
creature." ' '
The  Minister put,   on   his   hat,' and
stepped mil.
"] never meet her," belaid thoughtfully, "hut Shell vve have  so few  poor
a in fun* parish."
"She mostly -j-ni's to the .South   Side,
.-inioiif^     the    teiienii'iiis,    they   say,"
responded the f^ood wife.
, Miss .Margai el, came swiftly past  the
door, holdiiiK her basket with aiiMon.s
,   care.    It might have contained a   jolh*"*
sc.-ircely   still",   or a   wavering   blanc-
man<jc, or  a   tiowl   of   chicken' bio'lh
1    ,       that   was   a   tlifle   over     full.   '  Miss
Maifjaret was a very little   woman,   in
.-. pi im  alpaca  (--own,  and   low-heeled
hoots   that   were  carefully   oiled,   not
polished.     Her   bonnet  was of   black
silk, drawn   smoothly   ovei1   a   quaint
cottage shape,  and   run  on'an   elastic
'   ,,    aiound its brim was an  antiipie   black"
lace veil, with silk flowers, vv Inch .some-
t inie.s (dmng    down   at   oir:  side, 'and
1      sometimes was run evenly on its drawstring and feli'over her little pule   f.-ic-e
like a valance.    Miss Margaret woi e   a
shawl in'wintei'and ;i black  silk   cape
in warm   weathei.    When   it  stormed
'"       she did not go out.   She never -shopped
in the neighborhood,  iind   the  impression    w;is   that   she   laid    in    supplies
wholesjile, for she   never  received   the
usual daily t-.iIN 01" butcher, grocer mid
baker.    Her neighbor.- were not of the
gossipy class, and  she   lived   nil  alone
and liniuok'sted in the queer  house  of
'        her aiicesldii-s, pi estiuiably comfortably
oil* and  desiring  ei.tiie  privacy.    The
blinds   were   never  raised   behind   the
Spotless windows, and the small timings
of sheer inn-ilin  lit transom   and   sidelights of  the   hall   doors   were  always
e.\quisitely w bite and   fresh',   and   also
., opaque.  ���
Years   ago  people  had   called   upon
her,    tint   she   never   answered    their
rings, and when tiiev asked,her to   tea
oi* dinner or , eve dug,   she   always   de-
'   cliued with a decided " Thank you. but'
.1 never i-are lo go nut." - Who lirst discovered that Miss Marg.-neL went daily
to   visit    the   pool,   and   carried   them
dainties and nourishment  of   her  own
,conking, no one seemed   to   i enieniliei*.
li was a   ti-adition   of   decades   back,
livery fine'day she'went out   vvitli   her
carelully held basket or ne.ifiy pinched
'paper bag.    People had smiled   at   her
\v hen she had said regretfully :
���-��� " Theie is a poor woman who   wants
dripping, and, >*ou know, thai is something I seldom have." . And a mother
of sons, who loved'fnll ni.'.iN and were
largely carnivorous, had said, half
jesting, "I'll give yon lots of it. When
hliall I send it over to you ?"'
Miss Margaret had at iirst demurred
primly,' but finally consented to rob the
plenteous store of the hoiise-inollier,
only on condition that she was allowed
to come for it herself. She c;uiie every
Satnrday' morning, , stejiping lightly
and daintily, and carrying in hei
basket a rare old china iio.vl, badly
chipped and cracked, bill genteel, even
in 1 uiu. Other neighbors often, laughingly, gave her little donations, a half-
used skii-t. a half-eaten loaf, a' jai* of
preserve, which she always said
quaintly was exactly wlial'so.un.1 woman
or mail or child would he so glad to
.1 re.'dive. People diumored her lil tie7
original way of dispensing her
chin itiis, and collect01 s who rang in
'vain at her door turned away wit 11 a
smile and saiil. "Miss Margaret has a
fancy to give her alms dii ectly. Well,
she's .1 good soul."    '
For twenty years at least had the
little lady in I iiesainegovv 11 and bonnetc
(so'l'ar .-is casual observance could tell)
gone out on her quiet errands of love
and mercy. Once every qu.titer she
ton!; lhe train and went across to the
, bus.neSs pai t of t he city, and 4 idled at
ji savings bank, making out a cheque
in favor of herself, and carefully
pocketing a very small roll of bills.
- The cashier was quite a n old man, and
be knew Miss .Margaret, and soinel inies
if he were not busy he would ask her
how she did. Miss Margaret, always
said, "1 am in very good health, thank
God, and thank you for asking, sir."
The cashiei, bad forgotten for how
many years be had paid Miss Margin et
hei little cheque, or1 how many times
he had asked after her health, hut he
had been comparatively a young man
when he began doing s()j ami now lie
bad Ki'iind-cliildren.
One diy���il was the day for Miss
AIargaret to pay her tnxi:���he remarked I lint her lil tie gloved hand trembled
ii-she signed hei name; iu fact, had
not Miss Margaret made out the cheque
before his eyes he would not have been
sin e it was her willing, noi- yet her
.signal 111 e. When the ledger-keeper
marked \ he cheque she had miiI quicl-
ly, "Does lli.-it auioiml. leave any
b.i l.*i nee}'" aud I he luau, glancing a I he.
Iiook, bail answered "No madam."
T 1 ii day, somehow, he did noi ask
.'I  I ei her licillh; she ,i..d her v 1 ,1 dow n
������ind took her ���small money s-ilenfly.   ,
When she went out she looked back
,-it liim ,-i moment; then hesitated, then
wont/slowly away.
The taxes were large that year.
People grumbled a good deal. Miss
Margin et heard I hem as she stood
waiting her turn to hand in her money.
The entire,icjM vve'iil in, and the clerk
,stamped the leceiptand banged down
;i few coppers change with it before
the little lady. Carefully Miss Margaiet
gathered them up and quielly stole out
of the crowd. .
���She walked home that day. There
were not ten coppei's t'o pay the tram
in her small, shaking hand. When
she reached her neat doorway, wilh
its polished brass knob and shining
side-lights, her knee-, were trembling
and her small limbs ached ft with
weariness. She unlocked thedooi, and
befoie she-��went in she looked through
her antique lace veil up and down the
street, such ii wistful, soirowful,
resolute look.' Then tin) door closed
on her small figure,,anil she wo.it.slowly along the hall iind opened her
sitting-room door.
'It'was  seveiai  davs  after'that   the
' '    *
good-natured housewife,'to whom Miss
Margaret caine for dripping every Saturday, said to the Min'islerds .wile, " I
wonder what has happened lo Miss
Margaret? She did not'come for, the
dripping for her pensioner ycsterd-iy."
The Minister's wife considered. " It
looked like rain," she-said suggestively.
1" Ves, but it blew over and wif?-, fine
before the hour she usually comes.
Have you seen her about the last, few
days:-' Maybe she's ill, and all "ali'me
too." t> '      r-
The Minister's Wife,Iooked alarmed.
Let us go and onquii e," she said quickly. So the two went from the, -.much
door to the quaint house near by, and
rang the brass holI?Iiisiily. They rang
three great peal-, and then, with some,
reluctance and fe.irol intruding, they
died iiio handle. The door s.vung0
open, a'td <with an e\c];iinatiou the
wo.nen stepped into a jieri'erlly bare
and empty hall. <
"I aoi siirejl here's soinel hing wrong,"
vyhispeied the Minister's Wife. Then
she (-idled timidly,' " Miss > Margaret,''
and was iinswered by a' faint mewing
and scratching behind tii.1-sill liig-roojii
The I wo women Inn riedlv ci o-s'ed
the hall and opened the door: a cat,
gaunt iind famished darted past (hem.
The I'diiin will empty save for,1 small
splint nicker, on vvhicn a little figiue
in a a bonnet and shawl, was limply
huddled. A few coppers lay on the
floor beside it, and a close odor made
the air of I he room heavy and queer.
"My Und." said lhe Minister's Wife,
"she is dead," and the women backed
out of the house, pell-mell.
When the poiicein.-in and the doctoi
("line in, they still ed in amazement, al
the empty room, at the pat hei iv little
form on the splint rocker, ill the
cappers on tl.e bare floor. Tlr-n they.,
closed the door mil il the coi oner came.
There was , nothing at all in lhe
quaint house bill Miss Maigari't's bed,
.*i few toilet articles-, a trunk half filled
with worn and mended ga~rnic;i!-,<. a
rhreadbai e dressing-gown, a ioi-ner
cupboard in which vv.is a half loaf of
hi cad, a lmw I v.iih a morsel ol (hipping. ,*i neatly pinched p..pei' ball,'tilled
W'th paper, aiid.au eiiiply little ha-kei.
And tlie coroiii'i's v erdict wa-, '"Died
of exhaustion anil pi ivat ion."
ftlaets All Trains at
Goinjr pirect To
Lardeau and
Thomsons Landing
Fish Creek and
Trout Lake.
For fn"her inform Hi-iii a: to *fraij;lil i.ilc-.
etc.. apply !() "
KfiNHTNICK 2SOS.. Lardoaa City,
J. A; MacFarlane, F.C.S.,
Assayer and Mining' Engineer, -
Wholesale   Paper   Dealers   and
. . Stationers . .
.J.-.MJ,,, .VANCOUVER,   B.C.
~A~McGUIRB~& C0; ~~
Genera! Merchants and Dealers
in ail kinds of Farm Produce,
rruit, Hay,  etc.
AV'rii'; far juices ,ii>.]   iC*c  uill jruaranlre yon
���...(i-l.ii-lio!!.   aln.cii I'diVS. nut'S.vi.i:.
0 2 }   HASTINGS ST.,
All assays ami analytical, work done, in
duplicate  willi
Scrupulous personal caro and disoatch.
,      ��� -'-al-l-'ni
���Kamloops, 'B.C.���
Export Lager Beer in bottles and kegs.
All orders promptly filled.
I*>.   Wr'IIKr'KI IV.
LTOnr]'' IK HKItKllV filVKX Unit t-ixly
((i'i) days altei1 daU- vve nit'n-1 to apply La
lie H(jii(ir,ililo the Cine! Commissioner of Lands
and Works tin* penni.ssion u, piii-i base eighty
(S1)) aerc- (if land do-x nljcd lis follows, coni-
nioiuiiiK nt a pus!, <,tinted nhont I en miles
more (ir icss 11 ji Koiis-k.a-n.iN crook and on I Me left
bank (if v.iil crcuk riiimiiiK east lollou'in-.^ iiii���
andormk'iof the; creek lorty (!'���) chains, ilieiicu
sonili twenty (2u) oliiiins. thence wot.!, iorty (Jo)
ciiains, thuioe 1101 Hi tvv cut." (l'i1) chains 10 emu
nioiiceiiiciit post, and cdiilamini1: eighty ( (j)
acres of land more or less.
XV. Hof-TON'.
1.. I''. SH'DOL'OAUi;
y.ikiisp, B.C.. July '> Ui, 1 &'.'.!. 17-Oi
SILVER,    fVi^i^q-
S P 1 H v����iti��3t3
COPPER     ^
, Wril.j for jirici's.   Ciive .i*s;i}--, etc.
���OEI-TV^K,,   CCLO.'
OR   WILL   PROMOTE A COMPANY      ���    ,
Jirsr  or  work, them.
'Will undcri*il<c lo h'indic Bonds of KIcctric, Steam or
Horse Car Railways, or Municipal Bonds, and Build Water
Works.     Address full particulars'
Manhattan Investors anil Securities Company, Ltd.,
17 and oi 9 , Broad way,. New  York City.
"- *~<n.-r *J
"*"llVt .���^*pr^,*'7?,TJ5J'*1"^"*"
*-'������'    -%���* ... ���    *���.
"i "t
V  ^   ,
T*-    .<"
^: ��i   ?
���VTOTICE IS UE.'M-'i'Y C-ilVKN* Una I intend
_i_\ to apply t'i Un; Chief (.'oiiiinivsionor ol
Lands and Works nn- permission- lo purcli.ise
Hi.! foIluv.iiK d'scrilicvl ],.islni<il'land : ('uin-
nicncinj,' ,il .1 point, where tlie somli line of
Alexander ."Uoliae'spreemplinn elann iiitci'^eiln
(lie X. "W. slinrc tin \i*row Lake, tlienco west
MJoli.'inii, ! lie,10c si null I) chains more or less- to
lake, tiieni e fellowinif slmru ol lake in start hilt
point. .1. A. "UAGKK.
Lardeau, H.C., .\n;r.'Jlsi, iHIU. *k-!'l
\T"0'nCKl��irKi:UI-iY GIVlCNr that, CO day?
-jLt in ter dale I. aclinic as j-cyenl lor K. A.
lienneli. intend to apply to the Hon. Cliier
Coininissionei ol Lands and Works lor permission to pineliiisc Hi1) acres of land described .is
Coinm.aicini; ,11 a posl marked 10. A. n. nd
.'oiinnjr t'10 nunli-e,ist lorner of t'le land applied lor by Clias. M0N011, acting ���i'i a-iciiL for
It. 31. Jfonie-I'ayne, situate aliont half a mile
li-nin the e.usl, shore of G.ilen.i ' Hnv, U;i',)i'r
Arrow J-ike, A\"est Knot may District. B.C..
thence east III ch.viiis. tliciicc so'mli 1(1 chains,
thence vest ll) chains, thence north I'I ciiains to
the point ol commencement. '
Dated !ILli,SoiiL. 1 -'MP   S. P. SN'OWDEN",
,. .Vircni '"'ir
2l-nL ��� E. A. JIEXXETT.
K:&  -.'��� ji^-eCfr -3-T ������->���-' --->v.J
��� THE
to', .\sp'Ti:o\i
rn Points.
. Ml
V?t -5+ ������
TJirounh J''irst (Mass Sleeping Cars and Tourist
Sloepin!*: Cars ioSt. Paul, .Montrealand Tomnto
witlioiii chaiiire.    ,        . ,
Assets ,'. .- '. . .$ 5,803,270
Incomk . . . *. ., ,..l -    1,528,054
Insuraxck   in   Fokck ...'..... '34,75/4,840
Nkw BusrNKss VVirinx  1895'. ,,    8,866,6SS
N (lia) .l.ivs alter dale 1 inleiid l. uiijily in
rlii! IFiui. l!,u C iof C'ljiiiiiiissionoi- of Lands and
Works ror iHTiii's-ii.)!] I i" purchase Kin acres of
I.i'iil dcsc'-ilicl as full,iws :> , ��� ',
Coiiimencin'-' at a po~i nrirked X. P. S. al'oin-
im,r ilie s'Miiii-wesr, corner oi the land applied
for by Cli.is. Moist,n. actinias a:^enl fur It. ?.i.
llivne-r.ivii", sh'iali- on i'ic o.i��'. sluiro of
Oa'ena V.iy, ir,',,er Arrow Jja-.c. ^\'cst
Koolenay District. M.t'., I hence r-ast, ID ciiains,
thence s. mill I'I chains, Lheaee -Ivesl I'j chains.
Llience lo'low inj; t'le mean I'lrm^s ol tiiu Jioit
line ton.,hit of commencement,
il.iled   Ui Sept. la'Ki.     X. I'. SXOWDKX.    21-01
All.inliu Express ,u-nvcs   [i.l.j daily. ���
1'acilic " "    ,   ](i:.Vi' "
AltltUW I.AIC1'  Jil-ANCII   TlllIXs     '
Arrive 1 *i:'i I.  Tucsd.ija, 'riiursday.s. rtitunlays
heave ,l(i:.7l,   Sundays.   Tuesdays,  Thursdays.
Trains on  Arrow Lake Uranch  connect
Arro\>-head with ('. S: K. Go's S*i*i:a.*mi:i{ Xaiclsi1'
 To CtUd From	
Rossland,-Trail Creek, Nelson,
'Kaslo, Ainsworth,0Pilot Bay,
,, Nakusp,   New   Denver,'
Three Forks, Sandon    ~.   -
��� ���and-���
"���     J.   E.  CRANK,'Manao-er for B.C.
W. 6. PAXTQN, '        ���"
-   Agent for Revelstoke  and District
lue rub
o ' .   (LLilITIiD.)
Capital, $1,500,000. Head Offices, Toronto, Ont.
Manufacturers of Electric Mining* Apparatus,'
]J(iC(>i!i(itivos.,C(iiil'CiitLor.s, liecipmuiiting Drills,  llnliii-y Drills, lieductioii mid
Ijigliting A;")|i!iriitu's.' '   ���      ��� ' '        ���
r^fitf^i"!���f~\F"HT*    "Riiliei'uf Direct Curicnl, or Tlncc PIuiso Types, fsuitable
IviV/ !  \_/IT"t;0    for iftny iriako of Fan, J'unip, Hoist or Crusher. ���'
,, Electiic;il Tiiiiisiiii^srtii of Power, by out- Thiee Pliiisc System, successfully
upeiT.lefl up lo 50 miles. '
'    Fin- i'l'l! IJii'tJflJUit.ittli :������� Ui lviL(J -, etc.,
apply tn.
;. t. i:j-.*\vsj(!-.
Agent, Jicvi-Istoke.   ���
GKO. JIi-L. r.KOW'X.
District I'.isvjiiner A'^cut, Vancouver, H. C.
CoIumMa & Kootonay
Ste Navigation Co;
Granville Street-
Kootenay District���NEl_SON
Impassioned Philippics.
ImpiiMMotu'ri   | h.lippics  ;irtj  ;ill    Llic
vogiii- in Llic United Stales Semite, and
oiic of the   fierce.sL ' oi-iiLoi-n   i.s  iScii.iloi1
Ben Tillin.-in, of \i liom a j^ood  slory   i.s
told.    When Tillman  \wis   making   bis
famous   t,iiadc  again.sl   (Jlevi'laud,   ,-in
old lady wlio s.*iL in tluM^alk-ry  wan so
iiiiicli .-iffectcd l.y liih oraiory   tliaL she
licgaii to  sob Iiil tcrly.    Tlie   nunc   im-
| a.ssioi.cd | In- >j i.erh dci-aiue, llicloiiilci1
did tlie woman ei-v.    Wlu-ii the speccb
i -
and Lbe wailing bad alike Miksidcd, t lit-
oiiilor proceeded lo tiie gallery, Lo  ask
llic  can.se  of   I Ik;  old   winii.iii's  tear--.
" Wi'll, I'll Lcll you, .sir,*'she replied,
licLwecn the sob.s; "last, inonlli ,i hc.ivy
fio.sfc riiimd my garden, and  only' two
weeks   a no   my   husk-md   died.     Then
my   lilLle  jackass,   Ned,   \\ lio   Used   to
wake me up mornings   a-lii.iyin',   Look
sic!" and'died, Loo, and   when   i   heaid
you a-talkin', it reminded me r-o much
of him Lli.-iL 1 jcsL   c-ouidu'l   keep  from
JCIIAKr.KS BULLA III), intend afler mxI.\
, d.i.vs In ii'iplj lo the Commissioner ol
Uiinls ,in.l Works ui,1 pc". mission ro )>iin.l:ase
LJie followini.c (le"..rilie(l i.ind : Sl.i-lin:.- fiom .1.
A. M.'i^ee'- MDUl.i-iveM cm ner |iost lliince (ine-
half m.le n irili. llience oi'c-'n.il! mile wisi,.
I lien jo one-hull in lc sotiL'i. one-l1."!; nnie e.*is|
lo place of culiijiieiiL-eiiient. lln^ liuul Ijcitif-c
sim.uert in llic l���r\le.in District, W'csl
Koolenay. CIlAl! I.l''*~ DUi.l.AilD,
IVa-.'d J-.u-deau. il.C, Anir. in, lSHiJ.       ���    17-91
^\ liid.ijs fi-om diiLe I nilend ni.ikintr application !,i ilic-lloii. Ciiiei Commissioner nf
l.an.ls anil Woik-* .for periiiiisiuii to iiiircl'nsc
land in l.,ii(leiin DisLi-icI, ol'West ICooU-nay.
L'.ie honn.l.uy or niiiiii is dcscrilied ns- fol!nu*s-_
CoiniiKncnnrat A. lie 'lie's S. K. c nner st.ikc;
tlieiue \\ est il.i ciiains. noilli !!J cli.i'iis.' cast iu
chain1-', sonili U'l cl..!,iis ro starling noint.
Liir-Iean. .Inly llfi. lbU.i. 1,i-!)i
Private Bill Notice.
Hall's  Landing-,
Hot Springs,,
Nakusp, Three  Forks
Nelson, and Slocan Points,
Kootenay Lake Points,
'    Trail  Creek,  Rossland,
Northport and Spokane
--.SUOIJI'Il TAK!''  'i;i!l'i���
���^3'Ti*!!' A 7'yrTTI'P     "XT A *S?"-"TC,!'53
'.3 JL jhJA-l.U.Jh��\j    JDi iiii. U US?
Lci\ c��  A'���!-()�� head  foi- X.ikiis;i   mid   Itohson.
ilond i\s. NVeiliKsil.i; s.i'ic! I'Vul.ijs.it 7 p.in.
'.('lives  liohson  '"Oi1 X.iknsii. Arrow lie.u!   and
Canadinn I'.'icilic Ilail��*aj ]ioinls  (ci.si, and
west) on  'i'licsdays,  Tlnnsdays and  s*atnr-
(l.i) s at .VM p.m.
Conneclion is made al,  Koli.on   wiLli   ('. & K.
K y !or N'clson and all pomS on ICooL(.!i,i.\   lake
an.l   with   steamer ," Ljllun"  for  'J'r.nl   and
N'oi thport.
Ifcootenas ABafl ===== IRcvelstohe, B.C.
VTOTir-i' IS IIKIMCHV lilVKV 1I..1L applim-
Li lion will he made to lliu Le^'isknivc As-
seinlily of the I'rovmcc ot ismish (' ilnmhia, nt
itsnc\'t' si's-iun, for an Act lo in.-'irpor.ilo n
C'oi'niiany tor tia pnrpn-e ofconsti m-liiif:, inain-
tainiiiir. cfjinpimi^r an I op.jraiin*; lelei.lion.1
lines -.-liilnn tin: town sites of !!e\els|olce,
Ulecillcwa.-I, Tronl ijiike City, liij: llcnd and
all d.siricls and jilatcs helaei n s,nd Im.-iisii'.'-,
.ind for all powers an.l iniLlioritio'-* wliioli may
he ncccs-aiy and (ondncne Ioi lhe r'!io\co!>-
'eet-. XV. ('(('VAN'. Applic'int.
Il.iled Ke\elsloke, H.C.. Sept. .'All. IMH).     -'fl lit
Kor local time card ol  tlie Company's  sleiiiu-
(i*s on   IC(.ctc n.i)   l..\ke  applj I.i  tile pi'r.scron
i hoard. ,
For full iiir(i!iiiiiilinn as lolickels. rales, etc..
i|ipl>-In T. Allan.   .Scerelaiy, Nelson,   III'.
Notice Of Sale Fop 3ofcu!t in Payment of Assessment.
Lend Austin to Him.
11   is    rumored    ili.it
Iiondon's no.\t .season wil
tlio    lion    ni
bo tlie till,ill
it   appeal.s,
or ror.sia. Llns iiKMiaic-li
dosiies Lo extend iiis .iicu uf kiiouicd
In [HTMiiiul (ilisoi--. iiiion. Tiio ��Sii,ili i.s
a .scnolar, i-xon " n b:t of an atitlior," ;t
rliyiiior in ,t .sin.ill way. It. is mij::,-vsL-
i'd lli.-U lie i.s m scuvn of a Ij.u.hmic.
so (hat tiiere is ,i (Ji.iiic.-o Im a poet
who mi^lii, in,ist(.|. ii)(. inn ic.ici.-s of
the Pei si,in  tom;ii().
lie I ho fust Nil,il, vv In ��� has visited Ki inland. 'J'ho dl.ii \ ut Ins liiiti.ii inn i.
penned l.\ Ills piodrrc.sM.i. Is ,, ,V'���l,ill
classic, and doiilil loss ins miI-j,.^'s.
x.ouid cani'i ly   n;ul  |U mijuci.
ills    vviiilnl    noi
To Sylvester Howe,  lale  of  llcvclsioke in lhe
Province of  J'rilish   Colnmli:.'.   lint  whose
])r��.scut,wlrtres-, is unknrivvn, five miner.iii.d
To   Frank   -\n lers.in.   lornuily  (jf   Kevcls'.okc
but now believed io Ij j m the Cily of Ta-
(omri. free in.ner, and
In the matter o: 1'ie Hold Vain Placer Claim,
���"���"���AKK N'OTIi'K mat (.-lis laind of Uevelsloke
L aiore-md. fi*. c miner, claims ihat Ihereis
due by yon .*sylv..=ier Howe, in respect oi unpaid .'issc-s.tncnt levi'-d on von in rtspi ct of iii.-
saiil (.Jold Ya-.'i claim tne snin of .?l.0i.'!.!i.i, a
statement or which h.is been rendcied Lo yon,
and jiiiyineiilof which is ,ind h,is been demanded of you.
And the sud Gn- L-ni'I ekiinis fiom jmi. the
s.iid I'-iank Audi i-s.,:i. m respec! oi unpaid ,is-
s'.'-sinenl in r.'sp et ot :!,c s i d f! ild Vain ei i.ni
Liie sum oi iljj s'.ii .staiunciii of which has
bet ii r_n Ii r. ���! to v.ai and p i\ nil nt of vviei ii i-
and li.i-'lecn dem in 1( d from y.iii.
*** ow. tl.civ'*!':-,. ii nice   i-  hi'i'eljy  Ki^cn   llial
miles-  llics.iid f .p il.ve s mis jn,.  p.iid  ,u;.| I
s.iu- icd on oi before th<    llllh  d.iy   of Ci(.to!i. i. |
1 rui. t lie r.-sjiecliv e  iistcie-ls  in   the s,i-,| ciam. I
iu'  vo.l   tiie  s,l!(]   .-���j'v (.���(., j    Hovvo    ai'd   I'.a'ik '
A!.'l.ir-_.n iv.11 be s ild   by ;mbli>: am lion at i'i"
ollii 'of lhe. Min iilt Hecir.l r iu ll-vclsiokc, m
Ilie lus!!-;.!  nf  ICo'il'na. .  in  lbe   I'",vine- of
. rit ''il'i! b.a. no \\"tdn sl.i;. ���!,��  fonn  en-.
tn d,iv   nf  ii(tr,li. i. l.vi .   ,,i   in.on,   piiisi���ini   lo |
an I .(���-( o.-i'.'.n.'to <l,"   I'i,i'i-i   .Miniiiif   Aii.ls'.M   '
and   .'.iiundn,. nts   l;:ei,|o.   lo  so*,.-'-.   !���|..  .,ml I
s.nnso: in in y,i,.,l :'i- c���st,  im unvd or L i be
in, mrid in niji.vi ol Iii.' - id s.il,. I
A:i,l ai'libi-HiOii vv ill b" in.ulc   ),,r juviikiiI of '  <"io-
anv defiii-n. v vvnieli  in i\ n: is,, should' Ilie pro   ,
I Cl-ds O!   s-ll ll s.li,   1,.-    ills.lliu K m     li,   -,l|;s;v   III!    I " "
sai'l   hl.ilK Vs. * '
Hal. .1 I'iis.jtb d.-iv of sm.jii, ,,)!,(.,., v-!H;        *.'l .">l i  l>'i'   from tlie
M. SI' iACCiK. |     " " ea-I
1'aic|s-.i.v\,   from Mnnlmil    ..
:\lo.\(.oi.l vN, "
Ii!l7.IIN'|flN'  LINK.
V vNooovi.it. from Mi.nlieal
Sc-ij1i-��.man.        *' " '     .
I'.I'^AVIO*:   1,1 VK.
(Kroni Monlrun!)
L vici: <Ixt.vum).    .   '
I.aki: Si;i>i:iiic)it
Cabin ?l'l:iiid niiward.s.    Interin. di.'ilc .?.'l').
Slyer.iijeiil liiwe-L rates-.
I'assi'n-^ci-,  Ib-i^'led   Ihronu'h   lo all   pari- oi
fi'rcil Hritani and Ireland, nnd al speeinllv low
rale'- lo all ]inrts of the ICiirnpcan i onl in( n(.
Apply tonearcsl i!eainslii|,i)rr.iilvv-ii.\ aijenLlo
I. T. BltSWfcTEF-. Asent.Rovolstoko,
Or   to    Willi v.m    Svi'iT,   (Jencial     .\-ljci "..
Winiiiiieif. '
A(i^'. 1
A ntc. la
..Auk. S
AilfC la
Aiil-. l!l
..Kept. !)
The attention of prospectors -And miners is called to the
merits of a new improved apparatus, for testing and .smelting
various kinds of ores and minerals, also separatino- and refining"
base bullion, etc. ���        '"
Manufactured by a chemist and metalluro-ist, who thoroughly understands the wants of the assayer. the prospector, "the
miner,' the chemist for laboratory test, for all'furnace work, such
as melting, scorifying, coupling, fusing in platinum crucibles,
testing of sampling charges, roasting, enameling, etc. (Any
kind of fuel.)
This furnace is built in'two halves for easy transportation,
is complete in itself, made1 of sheet steel with cast iron slag and
metal spouts, wind supply pipe and knock-down bottom.
This Handy Prospect Furnace is of the Cupola type, witli
cxtention for smelting ores, capacity icoo to 50C0 pounds p-er
heat, according* to the character of ores. ' No prospecting outfit is complete .without it.
Agcais'Was'sd.   for Prico   anil  Further  Information,  Address
National Ore and Reduction Co.
415 Locust Street, St.  Louis,  Mo
CAPITAL, $500,000.
(if Mnn ild, in lhe Hi-;, n-l i
Columbia, .-'oin ilo: f(,r |.,,.
'von!   na1,. Hi il.s'i
aid   (.'l"-* LCVD.
Cut   Tirs   Out.
I M VIN   l.l.Ni: 'I'I! MVs.
K.ist Bound (Xn. *.') arrives dailv.      ..    0:l.jn.ni
Wist     *'       (N'n. I)       " ���' ' !:_>.-, p.m
ai:i:h*.v lv's'i: I'.uvncm tkvins.
Arrive'I"n.'sdav s 'I'lnns !,i\ -,S,itpi(I,i.'--..->::!H p.m
Meparl .Siiiida) s, T*Ks l.ijs, TIi.iisiIiij s    t*:t(l p.m
u':vi*i.sio.;i: i���.<���,.
wi si . .:!.-:{(> ]i. m
1,1' 1 , S-" ' ,1 111
s mill, S',11., Tne , Tlllir. a if11 P.m
Itev. Sl.iMon K:,'i,' n.ni.. ''..''.n p.m
'vesl .  . . Hrml 11.111
��� as. . -j ].-> p.m
soiilb 'I nc .'nuns'., S,|| Vl'ip.m
!:<'\. St iiion Ilia 111.. a.l.'i 11.111
l!' vi,I.- I"iK'.. s*i ' 1 j'.v  i'.(i
for (lie wcsl 1 ! (11 -, ni
(,<sl il.ll'l.l.'ll
'��� mill  '!' .(��� . 'I'linrs . ��,il    !)(,'!.1 1 1
!!<". i-lsl ike !i 11 ni.. I 'I'I 11.111
v> i's{ . ,9:.V 1 ' 1
i-l" -,"i
XI >n      !i:.:ii .i.ni
,.1   I:l,'i p.i-i
'lose for Ih
Dm1 from tl
Incorporated 1893.
,'llb. \\'|.,L.  l''ll .
Itev e!s|ul>(. ,i.:
"3 S3 E B3
MAIN HOUSE: 200-212 First Ave. North MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.
HELENA, MOfvT. I      CHICAGO, ILL.      I      VICTORIA, B. C.      I V."*:N1PEC, ISA"'
Cooke& I!o/.cui,'in St1*.   I ���     I 5*5 Wli.-.if St. I     T'I Kins St pagi-; 4.
TiiK KOOTENAY .mail.
Kootenay L.odg*e
No. 15 A.F. & A.M.
">sv^      'S' *    *    The .vgul.ii-ineeliiii
^sff\'.   ,-~-^    '   :.,-i -,..1,1  in lbc V..I-
.^���gTd^-.-V"       /-s,        onii :'in,ple.]lo*.iriic's
^-jjfSTT^TTV \Tw-i ��� I'-il',   on 'tlie    Ibird
'H,*?-S:-=-����laMi.a��� "J-<5fe=dd Mms '.ay    in    e.'U-li
^j-^Trss, ---"S^- X?%--^ iiic.nl 'i   in    f"    I'-   in-
cord' illy vvelc.im.-d.
II. I-:. SMYTH!''. Si:ci:i.*i.vi:v.
I'.'-i'iIar iiieelimrs nre lield
in O.l Mellows" Hall every
^Sb^S^6^-. Tliii'i's-Vay 'liin'ilVViY Vii-jit
H��'i?S^v*f*^S^vr)i o'clock.    VisitInj-c brothers
"*-""��� ���-'���'������ '���- 'S---3-'   ���Di-di.tlly iwlcnmcd
XV. H. S.\l!(!ANT.'Ki:c".
Loyal Orange Lodse No. 1658.
I!(,'gnl:ir meeting-* .in; held ill
(lie Odd I'cllovv.s' Ilail on Ihe
second .in 1 fonith WYilin-ilnv'-
of encb inontli nt 7::>i) p. in.
Visiting brelbi'en are cordinllv
T. STKKD.    .1. 1. WOOIHIOU'.
W.M.        ���  lice. Secy.
r=?rr.-v?-rrTTr.a -��
. MacKinnon, ;DeB'eck & "CO.,
/ i *      i * *
611 Hastings St,, Vancouver, B.C. ."
9 i
T 1 i V trx i
���& m S* -J \��>xr/ %\~0
&.     , JUL       J&.        ? '52?'   -W3;J=-
^ o o
Vi*���-a &��/       E   &*lii ^ \>sA h-=\J,
Cil.lc Address:  "Cortc-i," V-incou v er, li.C.
P.cW.   Ji.lX   N(L   lO'l
Properties Bonded and Reported on for Foreign or Local Syndicates.
IP_   LIE^IKIIE --.-2MZ-35
,.]ii(Igf'.S]iiiilcs went. Llirougli.Wcdncs-
day.'. ,   ���     ���
N*. V. ,Sii(i\vd��ii went, (in tn Illc-rille-
wjict, Monday.
O. I). J [oar arrived buck- from Kain-     ,       Having' been residents of the province for lhe pJisL twenty
loops, 'rinirsday. -    '  _   j six years, we are  therefore in a  position   to  furnish' the   most
J. H. Woodside, of K-iinli.ups,  v.-.-is j. reliable ' fnformiiiinn   to   be   obtained   respecting   the   valuable
in town yesterday.       -        < ! mineral resources of lhe province.    Correspondence solicited.
A ,Jo!);uiiK'>*.l)iir''miinm;" export  was]        ��� rxun/^i-       ^     i' *  n/i- ^       i .  i  '��    r i -h        ��   r> /-*
in tow i'i yesterd.-iv '     Ci^*ce ��f the   Golden Cache Mines Co.,,, Lid.,   of Lillooet, B.C.-.
W. I?. Crag^'s lioiise 'will bo finished i ��� =     :    "rrrz       ~ :        -     '-      ,��� .     ���    -       - - -   ~^-^
next week.
Iv. T.-ippiiii^yvent  to   l'eaver,   Mon'
diiy. on business.
Work is in progress on the Methodist j
jiarsoitii^o. ' ' '      .
.J. *->. Clute. Inspector of Ctistuins,
wa.s in town Thursday.
\V. Nettle had a bad fall from a
building this''vveek.
,'Gnu lie   Abi-ahaiiison   got,'buck   on
Tuesday from the Bend. (
" J. I). Graham got back'from his Dig
Hend trip Thursday"evoniiig.
'   T. T. ,lh*(!vvstei* left   Monday   on, bis
vacation'flip to the East. ,
'J'. C'.idnian, V. .Arena  and   S.   Hill
weie up from Galena Bay, Sunday.
'    T. ,L. Haig'woiTFtb   illeeillevvaet on
.Monday arriving back Wednesday.
Ask for thorn and .sue you get theni.
JJoi'ihwick'h cigars aro the host.
<*.. Rev. Mr. Yollaud is liutting tip aj '''"-'^ DaiAHUO Color.' Slrcngth and Uniformity of Quality Combined
nice, painted fence around ' his ie.si-|' ���* They guarantee their goods ei'iia! lo nny mauul'.i.*! in ed in C,in..d,i
dencp.       '   . ,  i
A. N. Smith's house i.s   nearly   com- j
pleto.     It i.s oik! of the best finished in
I " , ' ' < ' V    '
Mining Engineer and. Metallurgist
Assays on Bofd and Silver..-    .    ���*. ;  '
���'    ' Analysis of Ai! letaSs made ai' lowest rates.
Prompt   and   Cmi-ect   I'esult,1*, (iuaranleed.     Kepoi ts ni*id(; on properl ies,
etc;.-   Give" me a call. ' ' .
 ; , r > '	
WFSTFRM ���' M115 IN P~onM PI -jj v "ikbimT7
... .' AlsO'.a Full Line 'of . ....*.  ������
Jl U XfeMjil BlljyD., STATION.   B. G
* Ttf&ZEA.
\"5. ^
yy BLLS:
Mil UOTfe 1 O
r uf mm
i m
X'j. ^ O ���'
'.   t  J   I' '.
si i
I ^'
jjpusrs, TaneY:
anil n iov forever "'is ft'hbtisc
A  Itling   01   OeaUty.^heniiisp^rcdwithlar^     "   ;;
.    t "        \vfill_ paper.  _ I-'tille.'A a;icl Ire.sliest'line in tovvn ;it.C-i!lcer & Wells,"' , _��� '���
Manufacturers of
���j    ��� llung.irian Patent,  Stiai^bl, liaki'r,'S.I i-oiij; IJaker,  and XXXX,
T'    urin    !vnic>'n'.i   Maiiufactuied   from   .Miinitob.i   No.  1   il,ud \\'li(.',*it.
town.    t > '
P. II. Trueinan, tlie const   pliolo^rii-
iilie.r. was in town foi* a feu*   days   tins \
week. ' ���
(1 Tliereis more building noini,' on at;
Pcvelstoke. Station tban any oilier,
place in tlie district
S.  r-alle^.iaid   is   refit tinij   and   ini-
provind tlio bouse   pu'rebased   1>\'   liim ,'
from E. Picaid. i
���A public.1 ineeting i-" bein,!1; lalked   of
fdr to-iiiitlit/'to discus.-* tlie sl*_',000  ap-
. jjropi-iation. ' '
Clias. Carlyon, b:irristei and solicitor,
* arrived this iiiornin.H from X'icloii.i   lo
practice law in ilcvoktoki'.     '-
ApplicaUon foV Liquor. Licenss.
V^fVI'ICK IS UICKKltY ("ilVKS tlir��t .-iidiij-
j.\ .vfturdiiLc I will apply-to lliv Miiirurli.il-v
'MiiKi'-tr.itc' for W'i'Nt Koiitcn.iy f.ir ,v In''ii-'1 to
si-11 nk1-. vv-iiif-iind bcrr. Mr in Me u-c onl;. .11
jiiv Ho-t.inr.iii: -itiialc-d .n livvvl-toki- Si.iiuni.
jfC'. ,1. N. T. .MAItTIN.
'���'cvel-toUc.1 rflaliou. li.C*.. Sepl. l!>. U'-Hl.        i-'-l!
���    M. L'loDONALD, ���  ,   ,'
A^ent for the Northwest '!V'i 1 itories ,inr!  liiiiisli (J.'lunibia,
'   " Addi'ess:  P.O.  I.ox  :li) "Cil'.arv, Alia.
!SON' iii:os.
OI L> on Ll U    o^
General Ooirimission Agents
' ��� And Wholesale Caterers
With Groceries, Provisions, Etc
If yoirwant;to reach,the People in the North Riding .of West Kootenay,
��   *',    '  ' *   '
: ' ' ���      YOU SHOULD * . '
cp. t*4r t&��&   t ^"-1 ' ^ ��� p  II A   I/'.fT' .f>4*��>- i'v\ ^ f. r  'hit-��3 It ^
C   O
w   ��-^    ~j
O  O  O ' o  c  o  c
N b ^   Pi  ^ li    ilri    taw
You can g-et it done at the " Mail" Office
i r
s 8 r? 1
1! w 1
-���if 1
fl &s
Retailers of Flour and Feed ^St^^5s
-3 r
AGENTS FOR EQUITABLE    '     '        '-' j
Savings, Loan and Building Association.of Toronto j
O   ()lO0'  O   ()   O   O   ('   O   O   D   o   o   o   o   o   o   o  o  o   O   <-   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   (?)   o   o   0   o   o   o   o    ,
Certificate of Iiiippav.enier.is.
Nut'uc,   l~.\lii'!t:i Mim-iiil Claim. ���.irii.Ui.--l /I' '!.c
lllcoilk'vv.u-t     Minim;    lim-mii   o.f    ^N
Kootciiiiy District.
"Wlicro l(K-nlc,l: 0]i]io~Ue t(i   Minriv Tim.-n 1   -m
tlirlint;  of  tlie   C.iiiiuliaii   I'.icillc   It.iuw.iv
iibdiit   tlirrc   iiiili1-     -.'i-t   "f  lilc* .li'w.u t
Still ien.
rilAICI-.'  NOTICK  llial   f-N. I'. *-'ii(i��(lcii   .111
I      inn (i.- .iituiit fur  tii-*   l-.*oi.(l*lv Ci��ii~i'lnl.iliiii
Jlinin-r iind  Smi'Itiiiir (���o'nimnv, I.iimK'-iI, l-"<   (
liim1!1'-. Ccriilir.ltu  Nn. .V-*itli. nit-nil. -ivtv il-i\-
fniiii  tlie il.itc  'id-iMif,   ro .i;i|il.\ i<> TIn- Miiiiii-.'
UoLiiniui1 fur :i ci'rlilu-.iU' <>l   imin'iA ���iih-i-N, 'or ,
tlm i-iii-pci-cof o'jt.liir.njr'.i ('mini itr.iilt  iiiln-
nbovu t-liilni.
And  fnriliur t.ikc   iiotit-c   tli.il   ,n-l n.n. nii'l'T
.-Uctiiiu "li. 11111-t   lie   v'tillllliclli i'ii   ix'trn ������   lill    |��-
Ml.ltll-I- I if Mich COI'lith',Ui*'lf illMMllV I'I 111 ul -.
1   P.tU'dtlii-Hill d.iv nt .-"i-i.liMiiiii i*. I"1* .
���JJ.<)1 - V   !'. -~N"(l\v UKV
rt.HOWSON&CO.    ';
 Dealers in- ��� ;
Furniture,   Doors,  Saslies, Blinds'
8/hh ijnrp.-iip.
.'..,.. . �� , .   ' l
Agents for iliMiumi >'> \\iu_*" M.i'-lii,.--  .M.'u.i.r". < u:i>.is Lite rii^iir.nu-c i-'nci'-i \,
I'lii'in   Fi:'-   [ii-'ii.-ti"    (' '..   Y'n: iii'*..
f lll'.AVl .11.'I   Pia.vo-"*,
'I    L'l.lll    .\s*��M1C1.1|Iii|I,
��� H
���i   ?   i
U   X
1 UiliiOOi^     JJiiiiOO. *
Produce Merchants . . .Revelstoke
-\-OTICI1' IS ni-'ltKHY CIVKV lii.il '*"' il.ii-
J.N fniii: d.irc I. -N'. I'. .-iKiwiIi'ii .ii 1 un- ,1-
Hh'i-nt fur A. K. Mcl'liillll-.  .illiin!  m.iknu ���'!'-
-iilu-.iliiiii In lIn- Hon. (In Cine!' I'iiimiiii--' r (if
Lind- ,in<! Wnrk- fur jii.riiii->iiii| I" imri'ln-.*1
iiiic Imiiiln il .'icI -,i\lv* 11 !*.'- 1.1' '.111 I :n T mil
Ijikc Minim: Div i��iim nf \V<-1 .K-mt. n.tv 1>nj
!rn-l. ilc��i nlicil .1- lullnvv.: Cnn.1111 n< ,n>r .11 i
]i'i-i Kl.irkl-il lli'ti.ll 1'ic! A -.I'M.llul .11 t.ic
IKH-tll-'.Vi -I 1 lil'ln i* "f l>. I*'i'l-4I1-".I I'I'* clll'il in'l
of tliror lmii'ln il un.l t vn m v ,u 11 -: lin in c ��i -I
fdi-lv . Ii.iih- .tin in ������ -until i'i'*H ��� I inn- ' I I'i ii"
��� iv*. fin t v i ll.llll- , llli'll'T 11 .11'. I'm I*. < I1.1111- In
ll-lllll   I'f Clllllllll 1 Illl-llt
N. I'. fSMWIlKV,
Aiiciil f'ir A   K  Mi l'lni!i|i-.
TruiU Like. t-Illi -'c]it.. \-'.H> -'-"��
('i-in-.i'^MnT'i'ii-i solicit1*-,! <ii
i��uttf;r, Llici.-M',  l;.'J.'J'
'n,(ii7.( i1:.  ri''iv';-.inn
etc., etc.
Retail  Dealers
!n    I'jtiur.' I;cc<"I   'ind   \>^<'t"il>i<"~   oral!  k-. n<"U.     Ail !'>.:;���.-, in
,Sc;i*ion.     .\ nt-., Crindic-.,   J hIikui, '"i^-irs, c-tc, t u .
Give us a sample order and you will never go back on uo.
s showing1 a splendid range of-Men's'and.Children's-
Boots and Shoes, and in a few days will place ! -
in stock a full assortment of Slater's;
Perfect-fitting', Well-finished Ladies5 Footwear.    ���
Our Fall Stock of Dress G-oods, Trimmings, Hosiery,
and General Dry Goods.   ���
\-OTICK IS IIKI.'KHY .;IVI--.s- M,,it ilnrlv
j\ fl.t> - aflrr d.vLc I vvill .i|i|ilv In'l.i- linn
Cincf ('i)iiiiiii<-,iiiiii'r (if IjiikN mul W'uik- f"i .1
i-licl'iiil lii.t-ii-(: tu 1 ul I HiiIj'-i- mi .1 ".'1'1 I Imiu-.iiiiI
iutu li'iick of l.mil -,:l null 1! <m \\���*l -kIi" "I run
Ijot vv'i-cn trpp'-i- mul l.��i'.\ii' Vi'i'i'v Like.
KkoIcii.'.v Iiistriii.i (-(iiiiincncili^ ,il .t |.-i-i .il
.s nilli-L-.ihl corner ii'-.n .Mn-J|iiiln Cni-k -1 lv.111
Hirer- inik��� frcin ri-. cr, .ilmnl Mi
c'i.iin-< from nrirt1, vvi;-il conir r nf Coliinilii.i .v
Knoll nay lilnck. r.'niii.L; iinrlli Si c-li.tin~>. 'n'��i
4'luli.iiil-'.-(mill Jl cliiiin-, vvchI 1 1�� 11.: 1 rv- 11 c-tn
VJfi cliiiin-. vv-i-l III cli.iin-.. nnrlli In ��� I1.1111-. > :vt
,Sn cliniii-. -1111II1 70 clniin-i. ('.i-t .Vi cli.iin-. -oiitli
Ol (-I1.1111-. und ��(>-l 1" cli.i'.m In 111II1.1I ].< j:
<-i#iit.'iiiiin^ l,iH>l ii<*ri - limn' or h ���(-..
.IfJ.-'KI'II    I.KI/lN'HK
N.t!-ii-]i, .Sept.. I.'ilh, ISSHi. *-":.'
.a     ^_y*        T  7    a k.
A j T ,0'P
Ndw Stock Jast'A??ivsii,
Call Early and Avoid Rush.
o   . NOTICE
-\TOTI"]-:   IS   IIKI'I'-I'.Y   (ilVKN   Mul   thirl j
^N     ilnji  iiflcr 'l.ilc   I 'V.-r
;r. XidSi^-iGi-,
NOTARY   I'I   iii.ir   -   -    R I: VV. I.VI <)!-. \., A: A
For all duties.
^>     ihe., iiflcr 1I.1I11   I'Will .ipnlj In  lh(   Hfin.     TV/TJ-n-incf  in'l    Pc.nl    TT! c +-i i p    "RTrv'rpT"    p-r-.r]    r~c".ncn'ri 1   fn-l
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; Steam and Power.
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