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Kootenay Mail Sep 5, 1903

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1  1
Rending- Room
I    '
1" ���">....
^     5,000
i:. K. I.CASOK,    '
VICTORIA.     ' -      B. 0.   ,
American nnil Kiiropinn I'Inn,    ., ' '.
American Plan $2/4and Upwards,
hicniii Hcnlcd. Sninplo rooaif.
,-    I
Vol. 10.
-No:' 23.
$2.00 Per1 Year
(   t r , i
- Staple,: ,aod 'Fancy' .Dry' Goods*
. Ready-Made Clothing*,
'Men'sFurnishings, Hats.Caps.Boots, Shoes
o '   '    '���	
I '   *     ���! r ' '     , I
Our Geo. A. Slater "Invictus Boot" is a Daisy.   Ask to see it.
'  ,  Notice a Few of Our Special Lines:
���   R13CJULAII
Men's Suits in grey and mixed colors, $6.50,
Men's Suits in grey ancl mixed colors,
Men's Suits in gTey and mixed colors,'
Men's Rain Goals	
���/Men's Rain
7- 7 5.
Men's Tan Hoots. uslZt" Willow,Calf, 5.60'.
\i\'IcnVTaiv Boots,    </''   Vici Kid'... 5.00,,
Men's.Tan' Hoots,      '"  ,;Jjo:< Calf.!." 4.00;;
Men's Black'Boots," " " Dongola Kid,  2.50^ ,
- Ladies' Rain Coat's:. . .]P. ".��� . . . 10.00,
Ladies' Rain Goals.' '. .','*.  6,00,'",
'.Ladies' Rain Coats.. :<." /..'......... i|. 7 5, '*-
' NOW '
- 7.50 '
��� '2.00,':,
4 00
A .'line assortment'uf  Dress and
,    ��� 'Curtain Muslins.   ,      'I
Kindly favor us with your,'mail order.
It will receive prompt attention.
Siicti'-sCii' tu T.i.ylnr JJi'o&.iiJc d'oigo, Limited.
fa-Z    " ���     ���,'   " >   ',     ���       " t .   * 0   -      .   ��   , - "-      .     fa
^,fal',HIT   '<   l^.."TI '_ - <���    '] '1'   - TS      _J_    ' PI IX 11. '' '������Tf L l'jZ. fffi ifa
$ Men'��"Furnishings;;BootsrShbesr: HatsyhCaps :S
Big-Horn Brand, B. C, Union Made Overalls, Shirts*, etc.
Boys Suits, Boots, Hats and Caps.
1 *������
'If there is a secret in the success of our Grocery
.Dep lament it i.s the fact that we buy many of
our leading  lines   Direct from Mant��~
jfa.ctu.rcrs and in large quantities.
' Walter Baker's Chocolate and Ooeoa
1     ( ,1
Premium Chocolate (unsweetened) for baking.
German Chocolate, sweet; for eating and drinking.
Caracas' Chocolate, sweet, for eating or drinking.
Vanilla Chocolate, swe'et, in tablets, for eating.
Breakfast Cocoa for drinking.
Walter. Baker's products are a world's- standard
for purity and excellence. There' is no better
evidence of the great advance made in dietetics,'
than the remarkable increase in the consump=
tion of Chocolate and Cocoa. This is a result
of. better knowledge of the laws of health, and
,of the food value of a beverage which nourishes
the body while it also stimulates the brain.   '
Visitors .ylltvayj "C&felcorne.
in the store note the   Bargains ticketed
in each department.
Millinery and Dressmaking Parlors Second Floor
X '      - /
Most, Unanimous  and Successful
Gathering'���J.   M. , Kellie^ to
,'Have    thea Support  of   the
Liberals.' ' ���   , <*
v 1 1
Saturday night fiuv tbc nsf-cin-
blugo of vvhnt proved probably the
ino'.t untliu&instic and unanimous
politic.il convention ever held in
iho illevelstokc riding. A strong
ftiithering of delegates repicfcentalive
of' tlio laboring, , industrial, commercial, 'Jiimberini', 'mining, professional, railroading" and other
interests of tlie electorate met at the
Liberal Association rooms to consider what action should be taken
by the liberal parly ' in the coming
election ,anil to select a. candidate
who should have tlie support'of the
parly. The delegates present were:
Big Bend���II. A. Morris and ,Gus
Lund; Glacier���1\ Johnson;'Ille-
cillownet���proxy from ���'Delegate J.
P. 1 'Kennedy; Comaplix��� proxies
from Delegates 11. li. Slarkey and
G/'BIainey; Ciimborne-P."Le1ycf>quc,
C. T. .Diam'bnd, II. 'A., Jleavener;
Anowliead*��� Caplain Robertson,
Messrs. Ti.Luclgnte -and U'. Fruscr;
Beaton���proxies; Albert* Cany on���
0. Sandbcrg pioxy;- Ke\elstoke���
Dr. Gross, \V; M. Lawrence, A. McRae, E.;A.,n.iggcn', J. Af Dallas* E.
Kearns, Ll!, 'Douglas," JL, Cook, II.
Fai well, S. D. Giowlc, J. 'Abraham-
son, )V. Jf Diokey.'',
E. ��� A. Haggcn was appointed
'chairman, IT. Cook secrctai-y,-**aiid
Messis. Lawrence, Kearns and Cook
credential committ'ec.     t   \"    .
The chairman stated the object
of the meeting. , Owing to the
delay in calling the convention and
press tire'received from all parts of
the electorate, J. M. Kellie had'an-
nounccd liis* candidature,' and it
was now a question whether they
would endorse Mi\ Kellie's canch-
dattiicor put up another candidate.
A committee appointed by the
association to wait-on,.Mr. Kelhc
and ascertain his- views hadidone,
so, and that gentleman had pointed
out.theie were two ��� plank1* in the
liberal plutfoim'Jic could not endorse���the railway sectioiviand that
relating to compulsory'^ar.bitiation.
lie pointed out," in View'of thestate
of the provincial tie.isury', such a
railway "policy as that'projected
could not be carried out at present
and in view, of "tlie attitude of labor
unions he could .not support compulsory arbitiation though he would
support measures to ensure'public
investigation of labor diiliculties
and conciliation short of compulsion. He approved -the 'other
planks of the liberal platform, but
in view of tho'complications and
diflicullies of the political situation
he mii.-,t leserve foi himself a free
hand if elected to do tho best lie
could for his constituency and for
the proM'nce.
Nominations^ were then leceived
for a candidate. Messis. Lawrence
and llaggen were ptoposed but declined, stating they preferred to
support Mr. Kellie.
\V. ,M. Lawrence moved: That,
as J. M. Kellie has, in le-ponse to
a pici-sine fiom a large section of
the electorate, already announced
his candidatuic for tlie Llt*vel-tyki*
liding in the coming election, anil
in view of the fact that he moved
an honorable, straightforward and
efheient lepiescn'tative during the
ten yean-- that he served as member
for this portion of Kootenay in the
legislature, this convention resolves
it is inadvisable to put another
candidate in the field, and recommends members of this association
and fiientK of the liberal party to
accord Mr. Kclhe their best suppoi t
in his candidature.
If. Cook seconded. fNo amendment was offered and the motion
was can ied unanimously amid
he.u ly cheer-.
Tho following were appointed a
campaign committee to co-operate
with Mr. Kfellie's committee in
furthering tbe interests of the candidate: Big Bend���J. Sweeney and
li. A. Morris; Camborne���P. Lcv-
esque; Arrowhead .-r- J. Ludgate;
Comaplix���J. 13. McKenzie; Albert
Canyon���F. L^orcst; lilecilliwaet���
J. P. Kennedy; Glacier���P. Johnson; Revelstoke���\V\ M. Lawrence,
J. Abraham-son, F. li. Lewis, Ll.
Farwell, and Haggcn.
Most of those present spoke on
the occasion. expressing their
delight with finding a convention
so unanimous in its views, and in
its determination to have the
district ropn;.-onlod by a mtn who
had proved himself in a Ions; public
career to have clean hands and
whom they might fee] proud in
supporting. : he delegates one and
all expres.-od their belief that, from
the high esteem in which,Mr. Kellie
was held throughout the electorate,
he could easily carry it.
Mr. I.,udgate congratulated the
meeting on   its   unanimity and as
sured the delegates ho would do all
in his powei to further Mi. KellioV
Capt. lltibertson made a splendid
speech and was eheeied to the echo.
lie said   Mr. Kellie  possessed   the
confidence of the people to such nn
extent that'it was not a question of
his being elected  but simply of the,
extent of his majority,    lie, review-'
ed the political history of the prov,-
ince and referred in glowing terms
to tho manner'in which Mr. Kellie,
as one of a small band of eight,had
fought in the legislature to protect
the   rights   and   interest:)'   of Mho
people againsl "the   spoliation   by,
those who hud so .abused the power
.which they had-held.    What,  they
wanted   lo   bring*\abput   a belter
state of, things was  to send clean,
conscientious men  like  Mr', Kellie
to Victoria to represent them.
11.'Farwell 'made . another fine
speech! -As the- representative of
one of, the leading J(labor organisations "ho spoke with' pride of Hlie
results l which they had -achieved
through their "union. /They had
just obtained'from tho most powerful corporation in America",'the C."
P. R., the best schedule ever'accorded 'to a body of machinists.
When ho came hoic'/he was one1 of
the first to\urge the men to organise
and join the' International Association of^,Machinists'. When he
came bore first the men got $2,25 a
day. Fiom .Sept.,1st, under "their
new schedule, they would get"30
cents'an hour. - He referred to tlie
history ,.of life, hbcral.'.party', how
their leaders had been expelled
from the country "as rebels because
of their tenacity, in' demanding reforms neeessaiy to protect tho
interests of tho people.' lie felt
proud of tlie triumphs of'the liberal
party. ;  '   '    '
���Votes of thanles to  the delegates
from   outside  points' terminated a
loyal, unanimous meeting of men,
determiner] to do what'tbey could
to^assisUin securing for British Columbia good, clean, progressive.gov:
eminent, in which the beslintciests
of the,people alone shall prevail.
1 Ok- "    .
'      * ' ',   ' ,i*   ..     *'' '   '
"At Eight-Mile   Creeks-Big  Rush
\tq~ Scene 'of'Find.;;'"   ,'
Gold'CoMunissiorier' lM!isei*;-*\vlio^re:
tinned fioniTophu, Moii(l.iy,acporth n
new excitement at lie.Ul of Eight-Mile
cicel;, which empties into Tiout lake,
three miles south of the hike. Among
those who itishcd to the scene was
Mrs. JowoltjOf Tiout Luke City Hotel.
Theie lire now 100 men camped in the
Lucky Jim I>,isiii, ne.ir tlio SiUer Cup,
and do/ens nunc going m daily.
A Good Programme Arranged, for
ihe First Annual Celebration.-
Tho programme for Labor J)ny colouration wiih completed this week, ami
printed by the Koo'itxav M.ui, oflice
yotoidiiy., /t'lie privileges havo been
-old to J." I.niighton ol the Union
JJotel for liijuoi booth nnd to II. Manning for 'lofioshniont stand. /.Clio
Iniiispoitiilion committee havo ^ir-
rmiged, special 'rntc-j by rail nnd
The spoils ��will extend over two
ilnys, Monday and 'Tucbdny. What it
i\ hoped wi'l' prove, 1111 attractive
feat 11 re of tho celebration is the pa ratio,
stnilintr nl 10 a, m. Monday from City
Hull,'ninl going lo giounds by way of
tho lowoi lown, ll," (joidon being
mai'shall, and Siipt.-Kilpiitrifjk, 0? S.
Mi'Oiirler and K, Young judges. Prizes
of litfO, .tiliO and l|i20 will,bo awarded for
tl-e best turn-outs in order of merit
mul !)iIO each for best Indies and gouts
bicycle and for best comic wheel,' An-
otbur fentuie of tho gathering will,ho
tho labi'osso niatcb'betweon Key.olstoko
and Kamloops for Ktilton Cup" Tboio
'will bo lUhomnn's nice and tho,usual
athletic'sports with liberal prizes.' On
Tuesday tboic will" be gun club contests, for tho ' Challenge and Cownn-
fHoltcn-Downs Cup, besides' swoop-'
stakes nnd a^gold medal for highest
scene. A pic-pcot'ors <shoot is also ai-
ranged Kootbal] will* have thecon-
test between Voinon,. and Itexolsloko;
lacrosse will be repiesented, in&the
game between ltevelstoke nnd Voinon
intermediates, nnd baseball Mvill be
played Revelstoke v. Kamloops. (
Mondiiynigbt thcic,will bo n grand
ball at the opera bousc/niid" un Tues;
day'a smoking conceit. '      t-
Do not go fishing' witlibut  looking over our assortment of Flies ancl oilier Baits. Hooks, Rods, Linesjf etc,
' We (have just received a shipment of Whole Roast1
Mocha and Java Coffee. Try a'pound at 50 cent's,'it
will do you <rood: ^c l1flV0 Coffee at all prices, butii
this is somcthmjr special. ' ' , ���    ���
'/- tfVl
(^    r  ,     I  I
'-   , '^-ll
British Columbia Apples, Plums and Tomatoes are
now to'be'had in the best condition and at lowest figures
Headquarters for. Groceries
:  of Guaranteed'., Quality. ,
Agents1 foPyMcOIai;y's Stoves, Range's;- En a ni civ and^Ti n )Varc":
Fiom miriiwn coiiu-ruiiKioiit
Mis. SbielK left foi Nfl.-un nn the
3Ut. '<���
Afr. .Smith, ol" Ituvclatokt., ia ���<iu\oy-
ing tho cn'ek lor tlio 'Yale Colnnibi.i
Lumlici Co '
.The i.inchei-5 mu now bu��y cutting
tbe second crop of clovei. whicli ib
quite as heavy as the    fust one   was,.
Gt 15 Old mot with n seiious ncc-
ich'tit last ��eiJk'T\ bile cutting out tho
sui\cy liiu1 en Capt Km���jl.inds nincb
ono ol the men mi^cd the tiec^at
\, hich he i\.is chnp[iiii'i and i-aught
Mi. Old with tbe m.\o jn-,t ,ibo\e the
ankle, making a \eiy nasty out winch
will likely t'ike miihu imio to heal
^   1*10111 imi own t'drro-puiuloiit.
,f. IJ. Wolsoy is bank fiom Salmon
The fc.ilmon ,110 here but not very
Tlios L Wol-iuy rot 111 nod from the
mines up at Albeit Canyon
J Andcison, of ltevelstoke, imid K
Knckson a \isit o\ui Sunday.
Invitations aie out for ,1 biithday
p'arty given by Mi. and Mis. Biubn.
Wenie'hony to lc.1111 that wo aie
soon to lose some more of our settlers.
We nre glad to see Miss Havocs buck
again from ICiunloopsat.t.yr.dingS''lir*fil.
Jack I'Vost is hero onco again, nnd
has left his murk amongst, the potatoes. .
September Lst, arrived and the local
sports wore bard at it, some practising
on black stumps.
Air. I'ari* came in once more, and
gave us bis usual services, which arc
much appreciated.
There is much need of good dry
weather as tho past week or so has
not given the second crop of clover
much show lo cure.
Tho coyotes are very numerous this
year in tbc valley and arc helping
themselves to the chickens, suul apparently tbc grouse ��� are going that
S. S. Taylor of Xelson is lcgardcd in
Kootenay as the coming loader of tbc
liberal paity in the province.
"Sir Wilfied Lain icr," the London
Standard s.iys,,-'sees things with clc.uci
eyes than some ot our own statesmen."
J. 0. IJio'wn' (libeial) will oppose F.
C. Coilnn 'for .Richmond, making one
of the hottest battles of the'coming
campaign.' X     J
An ohl campaigner, on healing that
J. M. Kellio was again in the Hold, 10-
mtiiked. "Ilis-foppononts may as well
ictiic. /They can't muster onougbito
makc".i decent coiponilVguaid."
*i W. W. Fiasor of Emerson,. Mali.',
*iecietiir,Vv to, thc_ Auowhcad "l./inihoi
Co, informs us that w'licn'on'his Yi'conf
,viaii to lCnglat,d ho heard Sir Wilfred
Lam ion eveiy'wbeio spoken 6f,J.i��. tlii"
greatest statesman in the  BiitNh cm-
pji 0 I <j
' -yj M. ICelho is meeting' with the
""tiongest asstnatiocs of suppoit from
all qn.11 teis of tho olectonite. His old
fiiends aie rallying loyally to his banner, and aie determined to have for the
ltevelstoke riding a repicentatho who
has ilw.iy-. shown himself',ili\e to the
lnteiest.s ol In- constituency.    ;
.1 0 Uiown spoke the tl nth when
he told tin- lilieials of New W'estmiii-
.stcr "no 111.in. .11 things go, could he
111 public' lile \eiy long,, and do his
duly, w iilinnr treading on some people's nun- ihnt ought to be tiodden
oH. liiii,I -n ni.iUt* 'cneniie'-." J. M
ICc lhe can  iccipiocite that '���cnlinient.
licfeiiing to the pi'isonel of the
coiin'i\iiti\c cindidalc.s the Tiibune
says��� "'I'liom,!'* Taj loi in Ucu'l-
stoko 1 idim: I1.1- lived '111 Kootenaj
for lif'ecn \e,us He beuaii work foi
the 0 I' It nl Donald, then' went
to KcvelsioKc; was appointed mining
u'Coidei lui Tiout I nke mining division, was i.iecied 'io tlie legislature;
is now , 1 member of the lingest nieiu-
a ut iie In in in 1 bo 1 id 111 g All of which
mdic.iU's 1 h.il Mi T.ivloi his giown
up with tl e country."
A gem !i in.in fiom the ias|,vvho
visileil Revelsioke this wiek. e\pl,lined
Ihe ic.sun nf Mi. Illan's fall-out with
Ills Lo-inmisteis uf ��� be Lain ier govei 11-
meni.- Thi'stdij icllei.ts the highest
01 etl ir on the stand ,-iir Wilfied L.uincr
bus ilways r 1 Ken lo piolect lhe   intei-
CSt Ul the |h djile IIil'I I. 'is Mi lil.lll
has been i��iii'iiinl ami inisieil by lhe
libeial pnl\, 0111 infm mant -njs t hat
public opmii,11 i'i I he cist ,\i\(.\ 1101 th-
west tlioifii|...|il\ .iiinii-ei lie- imkI 011-
doiaes the (/i.i'iil Tiuuk i.iilw.iv cin.i-
11 .ict enteied mio hy (he L.iuiili gov-
Cinmcnt. ,^-
Put in Stock, the Lastd1Few Days/
-   1000 yards Table Linen.    ',���"'��� ;
*'    '   7,5 dozen Table Napkins.      . ���   .   t
s- Slieelint-s.1 bleached ancl unbleacoed.   x   'a[a  ���'
Blankets, white, and yrcy.   ' , *    '*"">.''
,y-. Flannelette Sheets. Pillows.,. *  ,Cushibns'>fc
1     Women's VV rappers. "    *.   Child's.'Dresses. ""4 ^'
'    Ladies Rain Coats, in ^'and full lengths: ;���#**' A,t
u/    , Ladies
��� .-"-���"Agents
Special'.Prices to Hotels and Boarding Houses for Quantities.
-   />,V|  A?'\
��� ?ru<\%\
1 1 H-, >��r
'* * ''*�����,��**��� r
1 .1*     , ' a
'fa w Wf I
l-l      u      W~.  I
- f..'-V'-.:,. :,;'/#!
���i 7 ^v">{ I
,ir> ,1 ' a.^i*E"iiI
<"\ 'j'tAiwt,-f<Vjl I
" ''*'���������'?}*%Mm
" "V * ''"W1
, >        ."' .i'-.l ����ft&
. :-j.'r>>'-��r&J3
'I >?.���$*"���< I
'^�� ALT(kjw|
"���   wit A
V.   '-Ll
Is Just a Little More Delicious^
Than Any Other Tea.    Try It.
M. A. SMITH & CO., Agents, Bevelstoke, B. C.
1'Yinn mn* own ('i)riu.>|,iiiiilcnt.
II. Wonlevur, Gomiiplix, was visiting
his friends here Snlunliij".
Mr. McKissock jg busv building a
yacht for 11 company at Arrowhead.
The. Yiilo-Colunibiii Go's mill is running full blinded again, having secured
11 new men this week.
They Make  You Feel Good.
The ple.'isanl. puig.il ive ell'eel, experienced by all "'Im use (Jliniiiber-
lain's SUirnai'li aiifl Liver Tablets,
and the healthy eiiiiditinii nf the body,
and iiiind which tln-.v ei'e'il.e makes
one feel joyfitl. Fur sale by all druggists.
Nojson is agilating agiiiiisl, the present unfair tnrilV of tlio C. I'. K.
The Imperial l.imited was in a head-
on collision with a light engine al,
Grassclt, Out., Monday. Engineer
RrcMuhon stayed with his engine and
he and Fireman Mora 11, who jumped,
were killed.
Colder weather selling in (lie. river
dropped rapid I y this week and on
Tuesday night the steamer Revelstoke
made the run to the city wharf, from
which point she will sail for tbe rest
of the season.
Say wc nn: dffr.rinj' sfimethinjr vcrv nice in lhe
line ol' Neckties, Shirts and Collars.
We have the finest line of Ready Made Clothing in the city. Our stock in all lines is well assorted for the, big celebration, and before buying
elsewhere see what we can do for you.
. Goods Coming" in Every Day.
Call and   see the nice new
wc have just opened up.
lines o(  fine  Shoes
Our Grocery Department
Trade is improving every day with us. also our
mail order'departinent, which wc are giving j-pecial
attention. / - ,
Gbe IKootenas fl&ail
, "        ' -AT-
Subscription   Prlco.   $2.00   Per    Annum
'AUVKItTISINO I'.VVKS an nppliHiliwi
i Oliunpts In luh-iiiiImmiiciiI* limit mi In 1 ��V
r 1 iicmIiiv of ouch vvrok m hucuiii |f��f��l ��� 11 jJ-
, play. Timber nntli.c<',sriiiio nil o as ('n/utlu,
. ���   So for unci) locution.
JOU J'HIJJTIN'G promptly oMiculul "I ioiiwiii-
"bio nitei-.   ��� "
ACCOUNTS'-for prlntliiK mi'l HilvorlNliiR
payablu on Una of muiitli; hub^ciipl Ujiik
ptiynblc In lulviinou, ,    '
COKKKiSPONlJKNGK invlli'il on iiiiiIIoih ill*
public inloiuht. Coniiiiiiniuiitioiih to Ktll-
lor must ho nccoiiipiuilcil by iiiuiii) of
writer, not iicuohMirlly for inililiciiliiiii. Imi.
nt uvlilcncu of k'ioiI fuitli. (/'iiiTU-printlniiui
hlioulil bo brief and nitiM. lunoli tlie olllcu
by Wciliies*<liiy evening.
and if possible grunt tho demands
of our Lftrdeiui,friends. Ono thing
if certain, nn improved service
would also result in ii considerable
inoreiiKi of the postal business.
Tun Kooth.vay Mail,
No.">]:'.'        Itovol.slokc, H.'J.
We request our numerous readers to
. A favor us with tholi* assistance In
making-tho KOOTENAY MAIL, the
most valuable actvoi'tlolna' medium in tho Kootonays by /jlvlnc
tho proforoncc, when making' pui��-
, chases to those firms who ai'o
regular advoptlsons in tho KOOTENAY MAIL. .      ' -
*,     .' f.
, i Coplen' ot Tiii:' Mail limy bu oblnlnml fi'oin
I lit: following oily hkoiiIh:
,',     J. W. 1IKNNI'.TT.
'-     AN AHA   DllUII  .Si   lllllJIC  CO.       ft
K  II.  W'KI.IA.
~rToNT)o^:xonAxii) A<iiwec.
Our Kiwld-li olllctwuroiuao I'luul rtli'ciil. I.nn-
don, R U., where MiiHii'i. K. ti ���>��� Windy *i Ui.
will receive for tin KiikIIhIi iiuwh. miIwii'IiiIIiiiih
, mul iiilvei-llscmciilH mul whom a lllu In liuplol,
Dili) pupur tor tho mo (fi'ini of clnin,c) of uny ol
our luiuler-i vIhIlIiik I.oihIoii mul iIuhIioiih or
��� MJClllK tllO llltfnt InlllO pO-.rilblu.or llln 01 llUI
oail impel1,   ii , /
7 t- ���
IIII.MK AND (JOI.ONIA'I.   '      , u
AlJTilDll'ri AOHXTri AND
30 Klect Street.      . ���  '     I.'oniion, Ksoi.anii.
'inn'nicw samsiujus.
The rise in wages accordod by
tho (J. I'. I', to tlio conductors and
Irniiinion is well'dcserved. Tboio
is noL a bettor or more reliable
clnss of men to bo found the world
over.   "
It has been fell, by the men for
some time that a raise was noces-
hiiry owing to tlie increased cost of
living and tho, general increase in
co>-1 of everything.
The new basis on which pna-
seirger condiiclors will be paid is
ifi2,rj per .5,000 miles. The" brake-
inan rocoivo'.W por cent'of this and
tlio biiggagomon 58 per cent., the
relative percentage to pay remaining tlio sainq, as under tho old
agreement.     ' '
The trainmen of the JJaciCic
division owe much of their success
in handling this schedule lo their
able chairman,  Condiiclor Stevens.
much lo show they appreciate him.
and we hope to see the electors of
Kaslo, Trout Lake and Ferguson
roll up nnd'pay iMr. Uetalluck al
Ihe ballot-box Iho highest.tribute a
man can recoivo from'his fellow
citizen1*, namely their confidence in
him as their representative in the
UAIlltlSTKItS, bOI.IOl'I'OHS, I'l'I'O.     '-
OKKICKb : '  MOI.SONB    IJA.VIC    lil.OCIs',     lil.VI.I.-
' BIOICB, Jl. v.
Money to loan.     " .,,,.'
Olllcce: Ilovoldloko, 11.0.; Kort bloclo, 11. U.
Oko. S. McOaktkk,
A. M.  I'INKIIAJI.i      .
Ko\oli,toke, Jl. C.
J. A. JI.\uvi:v,
li'oit.Sioolo, II. (.'.
' |> '.
��J      f. t    , j  .
BAiiitiST-Kits. Solicitous, Nova hi ks
' .        >    Pum.ic, li'i'c.
Fir at, Street.
Hovulhlokt*.  li.U.
Tho people of Itdvelstoko have no
desire to bo considered antagoni��tic
to tlio C. P. II., but Ihey have, rights
as well as Iho company." One of
thc-'o rights is a reasonable freight
tariff. The present tariff is grossly
unfair. Foi-over seven years the
people of Revelstoke havo appealed
lo the 0. I'.'K. for a reduction, but
in vain. The 0. I'. li. has a monopoly of lliu freight business of Kev-
olstoke,and district.and iscerlainly
impressing tlie. people with the'evils
of such monopoly. Reduced rates
are given lo surrounding" cities, but
not to llovolstoko. Calgary, 'Nelson,
and the coast' cities havo 'been
favored with lower, rates, but'for
Revelstoke the old monopoly In riff,
of ton years ago still prevails. Vancouver has now .been gran led a
rod not ion, of '2o por ceiit in rates to
Calgary, but there is no reduction
for Kovel.-toke, though, wilh a fair
railway tariff, Revelstoke would bo
relntiv'ely as important a dis'lribut-
ing point as Vancouver or Calgary.
,\Vo suggest to tho Hoard of Trade
(hat. now 'this big ledtictioii has
been given Vancouver,' they again
urge tho cause of' Rovoli-loko. and,
io.'iI, hacked up by tho whole .mass
of the citizens,-be made (oOtlawa.
Rovolst'oko lescnls the unjust laril'f
under whicli this, city laboiv., and
doniand'sras' a'matlor of fairness,
tho same consideration accorded lo
neighboring centres.
��� Mining Kngini'isu,
(Mem.��� American  IinliUilo jlIiniiiK KiibIiii.i'1-)
.    -(Mcin. Ciiniiiliiin .Mining Institute.)*
* "-*    .     BlSVnLSTOICK. li. 0.
ICtaminati'on of nnd lepoiti, on Jliiiurnl I'io-
,    '   "     peilios a Speeially.  '
'.'   i   -a
Vi'   i*i '  ".
'H->   .   >
l<&-< P
. r.A ,    *.|
U   '. t. ' ."
Mining Kngiiiecr and ^Iotallingi-.l
Kxnmlimtion*  anil Itopoils on  Jlinin;;   I'mp-
",     erties. , *-
Specification and,Coii-trutlloii of Jliniii!,' Jin-
. , cliuicry. 5*   ,���\   "
Tests in.ulo of Oicsanil C'oneciitnitioiiforCli.l'ii'-
' "inoend CjanideTieatiiionl.
.Hydraulic I'lanO.   ��� ..,,,./���
.-     >   ,   �� llcdfoid McNeil Code.   ,
Bargains'in Real Estate:
-1* >-loiy duelling'on C'oiini
'arciiuc, coiiliiiiiing "i room-,.
-<C1   Onf\���il' "-loiJ* duelling'on C'oiinmiglit
<pL}��i\J\J ���arciiuc, coiiliiiiiing "i room-,.
<Ci  Knf\���t '���toiy. eottago,  J  loom-.,  l.ngc
ipl,0\J\J   jjurdeii ��ith hinall fiuil in \inlely
- <C1  Qflfl-CoinfoiUiblo    2-jtoiy.    d-i-ooincil
-itpIjOVJU   liou-eanil-   loU-,   ne��lv   piiinlul
and fenced. ' >
<�����(   HRfJ���"-roomed cottage with batliiooin
$>l,\JOVJ   lot.X)\100.
<�����(   ^^fl��� Loreo 2-��tory Iiouh-. 11  looin-.all
ipL,UU\J   modern (onvei)ience^.   A genuine
��O ftnn���Rcstaurnnt ��� building , on    l-'iiot
<p&,\J\J\J   street; .splendid opportunity foi
' right purt>; good pterin-.
2--tory rc-idcncc,  well built, containing 8 room-,
lj-story  collage,   .'i   loom-, and  bath
room, near C. I'. It -liopi.
2 story  hou-e. 7 rooms., near Me-
zic avenue.
Wo believe the liino has arrived
when there should bg a change in
the form of local government in Iho
interior and when this should be
administered by the ' pcopln themselves instead of from Victoria. As
mutters stand the .present syslem
loads to no,eii(l of boodliuV, Man
who havo no (pialiiicalioiis buUlial
of po-i-X'sHiig a saleable coninioditv
in'thc'sliapo   ofo.a   vole  are put in p>iljng  consideration, Ilia I,, an
charge of roads and li.iils, with the
lesull, the public money   is wasted.
Now if a county  council   were con-
coiisliiuted  for' North'W0.-.1    Kootenay   for' instance,   with,   riding1*
reprofcntativo   of   lhe   .Rig    Bend,
Kith creek, Arrow   hikos'and settle-
menth   adjacent, tho   Lardeau, and
tho section between'   the city, and
Glacior,*and a lopresonlative elected
annually for each riding, Lhe people
would have'direct ropioseiitation of
a "character   which, would   ensure
thorough vigilance over the expenditure, of   public   moneys .and the
lust rostilu.    The system   i.s   oper-,
ating al'lho  coast   in   llic farming
section.    Why not' in  the mining?
(���'or levonuc such a council-should
have the collection of   tho whole of
lhe mining   licenses and   ordinary
local revenues, and   subriciies fiom
tin;   provincial1 autboiity,  together
wilh some equitable system ol local
taxation.' Such a ljody._shoj.iJd havo
power, to   raise   on   dobeiitiiri'S the
in ct'.-.��ai"3' funds foi important local
work-- as  a   t'i'aniway   froiii  'Anow
lake lo Camborne; or  from   Ronton
lo Tiout Rake, Intnspor'ta'lionjiiiks;
a- the piopo-od   tramway   past the
rapid.-   at 'Big    Bend,   roads   and
trails,Jand settlement, etc.    '-.*-   '
Be Quick.,
Not a miiiiiti* '-bmild bo lost afler a
child hliows syiripfoniH of eholei'ii in-
I'niitiiin. The lli'sli unusual |ofiM'iir">s
ol" I be Iinwcls should In- sullleionl,
wai'iiiiifr. II iiiimc'liali!, anil |ii'0|ii'i'
lieatinont i-> gi.'en, '.ci'iciiit, t'Oiiscipii'ii-
(���(���H will lie nvi'i'lcil. (;iiiiiiibi.>rlaiii'*i
(/olio Olioli'i'ii nnd Diiii'ibni'ii Jii'ini'ily
is, tin.' Mill' ii'liiinci' of tbmihands of
nifitboiN and by it-, aid. tbi'y bavc
ofl en siivi'tl tbi-ii I'lilldc'ii'h lives.
Rvcry lionsi'lifiUl ���jlioulil hiivi' a liollli1
nt IiiiikI.r fiet it lo-dny. II, may save
n life.    Ii'oi' wild liy all ill w^\ils.        ,
Cl onn���2'.tory  liou-o  containing S  loom-,.
$l,OUU   cellar full size.
Ol   Iflfl���11-story cottage, G loom-, lot  I0\10()
Cl nnfl���2story modern ie-,iileiice, II lots In
$J,\}\J\J   g0CKi inwn.
fl-o enn-"-J'ctor5'lc~"'l;nc(' complete and up
Cp J, Jul/   i0 u.ito, with line ground-.
WJ�� arc prepaied tn loan  nicney on .my of
theabo\e propcities on the monthly io-
payment plan. ,
WE here for '-ale nn linpio'.ed  f.um  nem
the citv, ~tock, lmplcnienu-. uc    J'uco
S2.C2.5    Cash required SI 000.
A 150 SO acres unimpioved land near Salmon
A   Ann station, price SGOO on good leim-
LEWIS BROS. Beal Estate-Agents
The slate of the' road ' between
Beaton and Camborne is reported
so bad that it almort thieat'ens to
cut off Camborne from communication, lion. R.-McBrulo io ..chief
coinmit-sioner of lands and works
and ha5! been for some mouths. T.
Tayloi, tho government candidate
for the riding in , the coming
election, is Mr. McBride's supporter,
and Mr. Taylor should only have
to lecommend the expenclituie
neeosary to improve the load to
have it done at once. J3ut neither
gentleman doosa anything. Tiiis-
Bealon-C.imborne road io peculiarly
'The report of tho Labor Commission'is in Imany   respects   a weak
and   incompetent   presentation'  of
tho case, showing want of knowledge
of-the, problems  at  issue.    Everybody knows tho present day aggre-
gations'of  capital'in   tho shape'of
trusts .and  combines'1 have  forced
the workers   to   asatime  a similar
policy.    These .trusts ' and    com-'
bines   arc   international,   and,, no
one suggests  a   'law   making them
illegal.'* 'Why, then,   should   international labor organisiilio'n.-, exist-,
ing' under   similar   condition'-,  bo
illegal?   oWhat'  is    right  ,for   the
capitalist   is   right  for the worker.
Labor is the source   of   all  wealth,
it is this cla?a,legislation which the
coinhii.-sion deliberately and ignor-
antly recommends' that cause.-, and'
has  caused,   unrest   and    dusati'--
factioiramong'the  workers.. .Take
the legislalion^altempted by Senator
Lougliead-  and   'tins  ''conservative
members' of  the*, dominion parliament against" the   workers during
the past;i-es-ion.    Theii   bills   were
most unfair,   tyrannical,   ancl L"dis-
crcditabie to any calling themselves
statesmen.    We ���-iiotild like   to   see
labor   equally     represented    with
capital in the councils of thcn.ition.
Tlio workers, would   then feel their
intero.-ts    fairly   represented;   iind""
unre.-t and   distrust   would   disappear.
One of the best departure* in
policy that could be made by the
Laurier   go\ernment
There  uro sonic, nice ' farms   and
homes lioro, ,), II. ykogstrom ih ono'of
the pioiici's.    lie has yUacies clwued,
fenced  and   under   crop,    lie' grows
oiiough wheat to supply   tbc   poultry
yard with   feed,   aNoo oals, pOlutooh,
cnblnigo, car rots,   mangolds,   turnips,
onions, rhubarb nnd peas.    This season
bo bad bix acres under   bay   and   has
saved his   crop   well.     The   farm   is
well equipped   with   inii'lonienls  nod
excellent buildings, blacl-uiiiilhs  shop
and tool room, .fioulliy, house,   stable,
loot Jiouso,   b.i'rn -and   piggory. ��� Mr.
���Sko^slrom keeps a Icnni uf liorse.s   for
working, I bo    farm.   Tlio   oiops> are
excel Ion l!   Tbe soil i.s on a   liriicstono
liollom, 'and is well suited, foi farming
though I bu short^eiiaon is some driiw-
linok!    An    ingenious     ai riingeiiiOiit
nt the farm is n water wheel for' operilling griniNtono itc. ,
'  li. (Iroon lias  u ranch   of '10   sicn."-.
lie has resided ��t(l the   eai.von   since
ISO.'),    lie lias excellent,   funn    buildings.   The   stable   i- 20   ft by 2(1.  fl;
witli biivlol'l above   wilh si*  feot'Wiill,
A bav s'beil 22 ft by   !i0   ft.   lias   just
Ijeeu 'built.. , The pij-i/cry is 20 fts/piaro,
nnd i>  atJ piesent   stocked   with    10
grown pigh'and 13 young, ones.,     Mr.
Green  eoiisidei*   the   soil   al   Albert
Oiniyon    tlio   bc-il   in" tbu   provinbo
���Tlie crops aie good and the   lim'e   soil
inipails'iiii  excellent   llavor   lo   the
vvgotiibles i^'C. as bo in [in i od   with   lire
insipid ll.ivors of   gr.wilic soils.    The
f'.inols uio largo, running' as riiucli ns
2 uiolios^n di.iinotor. These .no giimn
for winter  feed   for   cows.    A    boiler
.orop ofluiley.  cannot   b6 faimd limn
that to be scon   at    Iho   lanch. ,'This
grain ,is gioivn for   feeiling'Ciittle   and
bogs.    'J'lnce i cows,   ,are"   kispl.   and
provide the milk and butter   iised   on
the farm and milk   for   raising ,hog-..
Jn'addilion   Lo    the   ordinary   hay
crop, a 'very lino oiop of o.ils is grown
for   buy.'   The   crop   of    potatoes'  is
m.'igiiilicont.    As showing ( the   cs-cel-'
lence of the timothy   bay,'" the   yield
is estimated,a'o four, tons lo lhe   uiad.
Twelve   ueios   have   been    cleared foi
ciopping, tbo   Iniid   is 'well   drained
no     hiig.ilion ' i-->     leiiimcd.'   owing
to 'l he ho.ivy dews    ' ���
Too- o.it eroii cnveia'an acie
and a half. An acru i-. devoted
to bailey and tli roc acios aiu mixed
ciops. iMr. Uieen considoi.-, limolliy
far ahead , of clover foi bay in Ibis
secliou as it stands up hi^.ill wcilboi.-,,
wlii'ieasfllie cknoi gels, dowi'i and
spo'ilty Tho fin in is well stocked, with
implements including" mower, potato
digger &c. Mr. Ciocn also keeps the
post, ollice.        , *   '
Olc Sandburg, A. Carlson, and I'Yod
Forrest have nice homes at the'' Can-'
yon.     , '
'J'bo C. I". It keep their s't.it'on
grounds' in ' o.\cellont condition,**.!
fountain adding beauty to scene, ll.
W. Kelly is at piesont C. !'. K. ngent
The Critical Time-of Life
'Sinter Slioa Advertising:.,
t i
Short talks by the Slatcr,vShoc ad. man, No'. 1.
It costs less to advertise and sell the " Slater Shoe " than' ���
it costs to sell ordinary shoes wilhou'; advertising,   , <   ,      ,.
If a -thousand people know a shoe is g'sod more people will
want that shoe'than if only ten people know it.1 "*'���'. ,, L
i , 11 the'"whole city" knows'it more people will want it than
if only the people passing the store .where it is sold, know it
merely by hearsay,',   ���' ���        >    ,'       t" ;, .'
The "Slater Slioc" makers,,knowing thc'"SIalcr Shoe"
' will back up,the expense of-advertising'it, give it wide publicity   '/
i��� they tell the "\vhole city"about it.        )      "[
It follows then as   the "SL-.tcr  Shoe".'is better knowiv
through advertising than unadvcrliscd shoes,' that more "Slater
'Shoes'' of equal grades are'sold, which is a f.:ct.    a,   ,      '',   ,i   /
So-the'fixed "charges of manufacturing,, wholesaling and   ���
retailing arc divided among a 'greater number of pairs of shoes  ��� c
than is the case in unknown shoes of smaller sales.   '    ���    Z
For instance:���Take a salesman's salary at $2.00 per day :���
if his sales are'only ten pairs p:r clay'the cost;'of retailing alone*;   '
is 20 cents.per pair. -,,f      ' ���     ��� ,*    ^       ���
But if advertising will enable him to sell fifty pairs per 'day ,
the cost is only four cents per, p'Jir, and thus sucli fixed expenses
'as rent, light,' taxes, ^salaries,"interest, 'etc., are reduced and   .
divided.    , ���,     ,>      - ' ' '*  i. *      '
. So the wcareryaswcll as the maker'is benefited by the
^liberal and judicious advertising" of a good article Hke the "Slater
Shoe"-���and it would be rank felly 'to', risk a large amount of
money to, advertise- a, shoe which the wearers would not 'buy ,
a second time,"   ���' ���   \ ���,      * ,'> ���*    ��� , ,
Goodyear, welted.  -Made in Canada '40 years.
' For men $4.00 and,$5.S0.    For'womcn $3.50 and_$S.0o!
�� ^ �� -
C.'.b: HUME & CO:, Sole Agents,-'Revelstoke; B'.:'G-.
Ko'otonay Lodge
No. IS A.F. & A.M.
The i ocular in tidings
aie held in the Masonic Temple. Bonnie
T-. Iii-iwei'ii llif- yi'.ns of lifty-scven
.mn-ixt\-t��<i. N.ilni'i''- powi'i' .slow".,
(low ii, vrt.ility .b.'foniH, Ifs-, inirl llii'
pi'iit;i"=-uf di'c.iy si't.-in. A iiil''.uis (if
i-xii-nrlini; old ,i','i.' nnd luiifwin^ d<*c-
rvn.-iny; vi^nr I.-- tn tnkt* Fi'i r (i/.nne
would    1"'   to ' !ll"t-t'1' '"'������tl--'-    lA'iTii/.mn, ki'C|is up.   ilu��
^be 1ftootena\> flftail
It i= a jioor cause which dopend-*
for its iticceta on having the nainos
of lepitnoate voters removed from
the list? ancl deprived of their right-
as citi-'fii.-. Yettlii.- ih tho po.-ition
in which the Mr. TayJor'.- coiiimitU-c
])lact*d itself hy certain ohjection-
it made to tho voter? li.-t.
Mr. Ta.vlor's progeny and ����������� miphi  fi'ooi;of thaJ   chaml;er  tyrants like
���-���    ,               .                ...     i niiiiftili'. ,iiul in llic fin iii.iLinn ol    i imI
iipnoint to the ienate men irom the} v'IIlilIi!5iI1!, !,],(,���!_ ;, ,,,���    ���
rank.-" of the workers to meet on the
iavi; expected to see it have his
fostciing care.A The road in is
pie-ent condition i^ little short of
t^elesb and. should bo corduroyed
immediately for a great part oi its
length." Fall is i,onimg on. when
much wet weather in ay he ex pei* tod.
and with the heavy tiaflic tho road
will he in a woise state than now.
Mr. Taylor's oxciie formerly wai
that as li
Senators   f.ouchcfd   and McKen/.ie
ll'.ll III"-*,  III
tin*   mint;   lii.iin,   iofi-i*  iMii'iu;v    ���"id
ipirit-.   in��t     w'ln'ii    th'i'V   are  'nei-di (I
iii(i-.t.   'I'n  1,1!%.i*   Imm in/one    ri*iciil.ii'l>
,,       ,        - , .    nif.iii-,   .irlrlniK    fi'inii    li'"    to   iweiilv
Bowel 1   who    represent    the   con-  v���,ii-'lo lite     Lir^'   l��ixi*-. 5tK ,  "������
servaiiveattitiuiei." re'_'.-irfl tij lahor.[ii lio.\H~ fm- .yi   :"0,s .it.   TJnuj^ihi-.  m
U'e admit some liberal* are ju.-t as , fi'l-">> ���-���= ��" ��� K'ir.K-uin, O.u.
bad. , _ 1
Tiiere are just as able men in the t
ranks   of   labor  as  on   the  -nle of^
capital.    (Jive  them    a   fair   ileal !l
They  are   entitled   to it.    Let u-y . ���
. . , have at Ottawa, rind in everv prov-,  fAJf-ziti-a -a R. mMoU. Suiitumijur l.iih. iihiji
e w.u-in ^opposition, to the dr-iiartment   of   labV  iW-'   J   T,r't 'i'"f'"������"���� roaiMnn, ti.o i.ci.i^
ml   nn nniiiT.    vi -  I o'-..n   nf '       tllJLIJ l,     Ui      l.i'J   I,  \/.<,      ���r'-,. ,,, rtv in ln-ii.tr r-of jilonr.ei.ll   I'MCi-, mcl
Jilt 110  llOtlCe ,\..l?  t.l rs.cn   Oi j^ ;,,,���r      ri,.���,.      .lV     .,   n,;n\^,.r    flr.iwn I lr...l-. tl���    rmin^i.n   .mri   ronliol of i.ulu.ij.
tl.p -lErru'iiltur.iI rr-^nm
Dr. Hamii.ton's Pills aiic Chiii'ai.v.
 - - : c          ,      |>nled   over   by   a minii-ter   drawn i ir.i.1-, th,'own i*;i.i> ,n��'i ooniioi or i.ui��.ijs
ecommendation?, hut now tnaf
So  f.ir   a-
hi.rccommenuauons   nut now mat   dh.ecUv froni lll0 r,lIlk, of ]<|ljor.
he is on tlie side ot the liovernmeni,
hi.-   representations,   if   any   hnvei
been made, appear   to   receive even
le.-s .consideration thancicr.    Rev
elstoke   ridinc   require*   :i   -tron
, aurl th(Ml*.w.|oinp,jrii
s rn- i.C tin piovirir-e .1-. l.n.l flnwii i'i th^ plalfrnin
rlH'���      We I ii'l'Mii-,-'* in s,u.,,.,' r. io,"   sv.uiji, ,^   i^ fr,11 <>\% ���
z-u '     - Tn iir-ti\i,|sr nrl in i.iic' con*-! rncti,in oT   Ira:'.-,
Wlieel   ill  lhe I Llirim^l'rint tin-   midi'iplrijicrl   i>i>rt,un,a   of  tlie
pros-Ill,'" .lil'l liir   IllllMln,'   r.f   tl.ij    prtmvilici.il
live man to lcprci-enl it in the next
fc'eveinl citi/en-, ha\e been advocating Jlridge cieek a- a source oi
water supply im* Ilu; cil\. The
iiifii'-urenient oi the How in thi-
creek the other il.iy showed Unavailable supply In be 1 I inoh"-
Thi.- is an ii'iu-ii.illy wet -imsoii so
thill i- probably about double what
could lie depended upon. Siieii a
supply would therefou: be ab.-oiulc-
ly valuele.���. The only permanent
supply in -ight is therefore Kight-
Mile creek, a- recommended by II.
B. Smith. C. E., when he rcpo'rted
on the matter.
Trout Lake and Ferguson aie
ngit'iting for a better mail -ervice
and they are entitled to it. The
season in (he most active expen-
enced in the history of Ihe Laideau
and theie i- now a I,irge population
to be *-er\cd in th.it H'eiinn. While
the postriiii.-tei-geneial cannot be
expected to grant ,-ervice.- not warranted by the biMiie-s we hope lie
will look carefullv   into the matter
'1 In- mini rig men of Kaslo riding
lia\e ;i '.ire opportunity to show
their appreciation of one who h:\<
done more to luither the in (ere-Is
of Kootenay than any other man.
Day in iirisl d,i\ out, lor week'- and
month- iog'ther. J. L. lielallnek f One good f< mm
woiktd    in   -e'Mnc    ifgi-Litmn    .it1'hal il ea!!- for  '
(Itl.iW.I    In    lllllllil"    I lie llllen-l*. o| i wc     beilCM'       the
lhe -il\ei-le,i'l   iinlii-ii\���the  nio-1 | -honld be in-ti!iil<'d in '-\��'r\
iuiporlaiit   niflu-tii    in    Kiiiileii'i \   'of labor      'lhe pmpn-il
I ll- I'floi I-   wen-   iiw.nriul    b\    the , stn'h oi tra ni-atioii-   .1*-   I
the   scn.-.tc
regard   it   .i^'n   fifth
'11 I i        - .I .t     ' pros-ill,'" .iil'l liir  mil
I co.ich or government, a, drag on the ; ,ru,ik r-iri-nf PiWi.'iiroo-;i!j
march of  nrogre-.s   iiTid   eon-ider iti   ''!'o.i.ii>|ii(1n:pri."cipi,>-rti'jr,vi>mnic"iUi\.iii'r.
. ' l     i-   i       i r.   1 I ��-)ii|irif r u'\v.i}��|ii ���>!> f. r i-.  flu-   r-ircliiil-t.irici-,
OUght   to    OC   abolished.      It lia.-j op-'j.rtlinp���.iiKi, will  ruin.!,    imi   tlu-   nilfpnon
,./-,crr./l   r.\T.r\,   rr.irirrrt    r>i'r,rv    o 11 s."i nr-i<   . rif tl,r- pru < .pit  (li.il no le.ril,. ^Il.dllrl be ^r.l.ltr (I
po^ed e\er\ reiorm, <.\(.r\   .hiv.iik.l. j tii_1I1}'ru-1,\>n,miuini nlu^ ,i,���.. 111(t ,,,��,.
Tt has defended everv abuse i ti v&>vt't -iniinrtii'- pr-vei-r* ��nitirr,i r.r r.itc
, .      ., ,.     " . ,,      , ,���ii.flim    Irmn-Kl. in.-i-ilir," s,.'lillir, tlinoplloii
It is in the-e  direcL'ons that our j���f������rri ,,.
legi'-hitive   svstein   must   mo\e    to \   "Tt,   -.r-i.i-ij       ���>>  -isi.- ,u,t m iIk*
bring condition-, mor" in -yinpaihy
with l;tboi,iind   remove unn-t and
ciUM's of   strike- by   the  c-tabii-h-
nien'i of conciliation court-in wbieb
Ihe    uoikeis    lerocni-e    they    wiil
h.ue fair repre-entation and jti.-tic <���.
of   trie   ivport i-
ioi!i r limn -, and
einltt-lioiii    d.iv
^iSS&^vMiML'l^^-JIoniliiy1 in   ouch
���SJ��K^!n.-SKns.^=; niontli, ,it   S  ii.   in.
1   ^7-^^-^^S^Ay--    Vi-,iLiii|jf   liretliren
,r��"���~,-*"��� ��� conlially welcomed.'
,s .   It. GOKUONT   Sr.CKi-r.wtY.
SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.   ,*
Meets evi'rj-'Tuesday
j. ou'1'jii:tt, k. g.
eveiunt; in Si'lkirli
Hall at 8 o'clock-,
Vi-itiiii^r brctliicn coi-
dinlly iimtcd lo iit-
".I. MATH IK Si.e.
,   Portland, Oregon,
Classes in Art  and   Elocution   Form
,   Wednesday, Oct. 1st.    s
Ail. mirier Ilu* cliicctinn of iMiss
Ci.i'Oi'j;iiM Hurii".. Art,-Stiidi'iit's League
New *\"iiik. liliiciition, jMiss Elhi'l
Weill) ol London, England.    ,
Giiciilai-s upon .ipplic.ition to
Jliss J'jI.I'Janok TniiiKvrs,
R HOWSON &CO.^        ^
'Furniture Dealers, House Furnishers and Undertakers
Hrivcjusl opened the largest stock      ;       ��� '
of Carpets in the city.    ,
Linoleums, Rugs, Toilet Ware and General House Furnishings
IUoIvknzii* Avunue,    '     -        ' IlEVJiLSTOKB..
.' <|
incorporated toronto slnj' a- boyd,
nl   III,.
'.fiiirrl   rr--r��urcr'-  i>f
. I rlt'sr l.ii.'i
j llir* |.-ns . u ,���.
J Til.I" . 1 till IW'I'I'IIH.' ll.fl 111 til rill" r.lijss.iv
ps,. v��t fr.rl!, i i'i I,, ,r'i-riiii[,li^li,'(l
'ill's i; icl l>.j;ii..nl k'ls irv frr.,',l.,m
i ; r'l.i i ",    m'<t,t  f.'rl tin   .i|,iirrisr .1
ilMlo-'rin-' re rbi'   -s   tf n\   til ll    II.I"
t.r-ii . *'. ti-.st rul.si) (im 'i.trlittn
',,| iti f.,ssill -r�� ..itlf-i. ,irls rl.l.ls'r'
..I   . i ,jii)f rt..
: jn<lit-i r s,   llii,
l��.'|f)    ���
�� ui-j.i t
If, t'r,��.' ���
'l.o.l'f   '
��� i-l.r t
l>r.in( li
tn   11 |��� i��� -,-
ie \V. -tt-rn
iiilojilioii ol lln; .f 1.) bonii- mi Iciil.
'I'he ii,mill'.' men of Knots 11,13' iimy 1
well l.iki- oii llii ir hiil- to Mr. J
lieiitll.ir k. They owe, him mueh.
Ho 1- now Iho libernl (;iiirli(hit(: for
K:it-lo. ft 1- to ho hopcl Ik; \\t\\ bo
roturnod. A low men like liirn will
do moiu in two s-e.-xion-j of parliament lo iruikc i!iili-h (Jolniriliin tiif*
nio-t ino-pcious- jirovinw of Cfin-
,nl; th.in nil iho liyKl.ilorh who
h,i\o bei'ii ictninod since; tho m-
:iiiyiii;ilioii of tin; province. While
Hon. li. (irecti wit.s doing politienl
inlii^iio ��t \'iotoii,'i   ,'ind   tiutirifj ;is |
��� T-,
��� u in,-,
���i��� i-i-
1    it
it [, it   ,
",    'I 1,
������Ih-   I
, r I, 1 ���
1  t.its     1
1 r I 1  I
'    I    I
��r li,*r
rt lias become generally known thai Wilson leads in. fine
Tailoring. Our ,Nc\v York training" gives us the know-how of
doinq* the work.
See our display of Trouserings for the trousers season.
Our Fall stock of goods ha.s arrived. -        "     union shop
��    Tl 1-
.n>ni< i .1 ���
f.rn iltf
nf f'.r-i   1
rli'-trn"  ,
-,    T' 1'
nf fl.f I l',
;���    1,1    l.i     1 1 '    |,ni[il-
i.t   u ��i.' r  liip   ��.r   li Ir
I -.,tu-l,l   tU.ti! }.    i l.r>
( lAH.I,.- iltlltn .
.of-1.in .,( t si -, r,. 1! ,. -.,,1 I 1 ,.  ),"(.
��� I f,f -ri* lil.l "   .'.   ' 1 .   '1    fr.ti'i    t il
h t*      I tl<     f, , I f '<    1/11 /.',   f l..\    I," '
. 1'.-    .ft'.'-ir   nf.'r iti'iii   If'.,11   , f
i'i    ..tl. ' j
1    I1   ���    |," .;,    1 1 .,I    I'  ,-' - finili. 1 II 1
,11 ., �� r,.,,,(   . ll ..   ,r,,l     I ,.     (. J,.
'    1, fr -   rl        -��   , r 11   j.r    < r   i! nn i
.-11 ir.! 11.'    1^' 1 it  1    Hi     ., t  f.'ful j
l''i deiiilion of Miner- .11'irl ( I J. II
K ber.iii-'! they h,i\e <-nr i,i|i-|:o
tendi in ie.- K ,'ibstiid. Men li-ivi ;i
light to think :i- lli';\ liku ,in'i
]irorniil'_';tte their ule.i- on the piriform itnrl in the pre-. If their
argument;,  are  so  f-tion��   anrl un-! l"A"Z"Z''l ""!', ,",'):,,l;el"l,'"-1.
c ��      , j     8     1111' 'li' -n itt< r,if lir-Ltr-r firms in l|iit  niy
Only  oe .-.Up- t ,,( >iil^i'l",   fiirl (t|,f,r'ii,ri ili'Hi-frtr Iltf   |,ri,/iii'n
ir-    I lien ' "''""''''" V"r"r''"-'J'  |jr��j-,"l   op'r   tlift   I'm"
will   be   iriiirt> i;rf in :i
cfiu.-e,   and     in     Ihan
college: street.
Dr. EDWARD FISHER, Musical Director
Tho   Best'  iiquipment   and ,^Facilities,
,'ind Strongest Faculty in C.inaila.
A thru ou^li, 111 tis! in mul llnislioil
I.nr.il   r'lllllil   KMlllllllltllllll-. In-Ill 1-S'tJI'V slllil-
1111 r in   Mnniioli.i.  Noilliwusl  Vdiiliiiius mill
I'nli^li (^tiluinbiii. ,
School 'of Literature and   Expression.
Mir. Iiii'/ Nn liultiin (iiillei-, I'i 1111 lli.il.
I'llll r.iiMll).    Alt IhiiiilIii's UiiikIiI.
,t--  cai.iahaiss a.vo svi,i.aiii'.s I'*i:i:k
\\ Inn will 111,; pli.t'o infill Km 'I'liu .M.nl.
Learn By Mail.
Pitman's Business Courses
JTis Oertainly Complete      %
N llio w,iy a c'listoiiicr  puis   il. afii'i'  exiuniiiinK  lhe
Gun-, iind .imnmniiion shown in our south wiiulim.
We are soiling Ilie latest, .-ind host assorted block ever oll'fieil in lhe
citv thi- .season.       ""
We have I lie lOirnoiii loaded wilh ICirnocli SnioUeless Powder.
TlieTr.ip wilh Cut I i.s & Harvey W.-ilerpi oof Smnkulehs Powder.
The Trap wil.h Diipoiil's .Sinrikuless powder.
,   The Vnlcin wilh Knowles' Special .Sinokoli'ss PowiIlm'.
SIiiiI (,'iins. sin.li ns It.illimoii-. nnil IC. K-D. Ki'iniiiKlnn, .mil olI101-, \slncli riiiinol
Im rijiiiilli'il 111 llii' i.ily. Wc li.inillu y.ivii|,'i) Ilillu H0.I. Wiiii'liustci liD.'W, anil nil imiKus
nr ii.    lie sure mul |*li-ii 11- 11 call Ijcforu pnrulni-liii,' en- llic l��l.
OK Al.li KIN US.
nnviiLyroKK, u.g
W.   M.
\iylnr llloik,  Mn
'ken/.ie Avi'iiue,
,,f nnil,' *
'j'    .f^i-l if .irr-
-li','lUI [.,'1
in   riii
1 'lorls
nnswer.ible  they  on 11
pressed   v/ithin    on-on
the-e   men
martyrdom   they   will   triumph ,'m
every  sucli   citi'-e   has   triumphed.
Liberalism of   tlioughl, justice, rtnc!
tlie icco^nifioii of   Ihe righls of lhe
I irili.M ..'!>M riiniralil
'1    TI11I     ili'i   nl/. r lo.rl    iii'ln-ini',  i,|
ti-ffVlltr'   !,i    fn.|'-l'''l     tfi'l    f rirolir.li'') I    li>
Arc known
mini Kiid.'iy" for Mr. MeHride, J. workor-. I" ei|ii,'il reprc-eulation
l> licliili.'icl: Hii-i .sparing no eflorM with capitu I throiieliout the affairs
to advance the in(ere-l, of the prov
ince in the most practical way. lie
.succeeded. It i.s now up lo the
people for  whom   he  has  done so
of the nation���not the reprc���ive
power of the law and the prison
gtilo���are the iemodio-s foi labor
itnf.ii.ll inn    r,f     llirTi'.t ft!   rnuf.fti      rlnlir-J    r.n I
l'< irl   iiri'l Ir tfl |.rr.flilf t < IFftf.ftrl'. I lii'f.   ( .ili'lllli
,'inrl    llitl    \\\r,   ( nn-" rv il is*'   mrmllif 1      f.f   Hfj
Dr.miiiliui    linn*'    im   iii.'iil    tr.   sn|.[itii(    ,iny
llirdirill nil rr��llllr'r fl f'H    nr li ,1 |,ltr,'i'��-r'
10 'I'll, il . i-i l ii' 1 ti -.111, il rh {.uio. inn'. I iiis'.nf-
ritilv ii'-iill in l-'li il I"��� ni'l minis' ii"ll.
In I lie |iiil i' . rlln t h ' filifi t it tl in'I In I h��>
pillillr-, If'i.-I-I.illrili ^hfinlil In. |i i rid In junvirln
i.ic ins f.il nil .uiiir-iililn litl|n-ai!i"iif i.t - lit li
rll-plllt .    In'|,\i'li    r lii|ilri\fl>    nit!    r>lil|ili,s rr ,
11 'I'ltfll If Is itrh'1-.ltlilr' In In,If I lim ill,inlir.ir'.
I lift rif I 'i'' i ii \s pirirlln 1^ rif t lit' pi nvntrt' \s t Hi in
llif pinviitr t> .<-. I.tr is pini'i it'.tlilii l>v tin .in-
r.f l.ix'.iliiin r.'i I hi1 -mil i.iw iii'iilncl-. siiliir I
tri rrjllltil nf f ltd -.llllirj III 'vlltilt1 hi p.lit SS'i ' I
iitliitiiriictiiicrl in llnli'ili Coliniilii.i
ImiII course fiom  Ten   Dollars.
Pitman's Business Coliege.
Opposite  Hotel   Vancouver
Oiipn-ili1 Onli.il Kolcl, Uncl-lokc1.
bnlhe and   (f'eneial  Maehine Woik
I'loinptly   Jixecuted.
We liirni-h i epm Is on all kinds oT nretallifer ons mines and   piospecls
Lowest ijuot.il ions on listed and unlisted mining stocks.
Calumet & British Columbia Gold Mines Ltd
NKL.SON, 11. (J.
CAM HO US 10, li. 0 '\  I  \i  BEATON.  r        1\  *>'  Mimngi Excnemeott Running High  ,������*������������������.  ,at*Trout Lake *\  i*  ^   v   (i  #.-���������������   From Our Ohii CorrosiKimloi t  j ii1" j. Biis>iiiCbsfvstill continues bmk 'ind  5 rwe expect tho busincsb'"peopl( I1t.11 will  j  do bettei this thnn nny siimmei \ct    i  J*     *     j. lip *   A* X   1 * *  ^ ������   It is Reported W Campbell  unci Toe  ������"���������" 'MllllOUV   llll\l, 'a<<nicc showing ofjgold  ~* ^11n1117 on thc^iii in,  about a mile fiom*  ^Beaton ^^'    VV-  -'    ,,    ^  ifif^Mi   Crawford ofrSnndon his<bnuglit  f^'lAnd} Craig's to lining outfit and stages,  T     K so the list of Beitou'n pioncci business  I ^'imen liiuc ictirul   ��������� <*j''*ii'*,u ''"^  U 4, t-j Sun Im evening Liuiri ".thud duugh  I. *."._���������, . ���������   . T...-S        .. A^  *    *    J  tcfof 7 '\V tl honisoir,?fchi_whilc plW  nig^and   dislocated1''hcf^. i ist   i/Di"  cJi i/ici -Attend* dj hei   md she is (loin g  A  well        \       *f^ "A _*   K*    tP  '        .Thef^Hig   Bend ^SiiwmiM,. compmy  ^"*<hivi. brought in twoscow^loadsof him  ''beij'and  mc  putting\up^scninp!> ''foi  * ,iboutv 100 men 11 the^Mckay Tiiiiclicsf  wheie   thc\ -Jintend tto   keep"' i huge  i of loggers foi set ci tl Jens   *  irdmg   to   reportb   the  world's  i n u m be  Vccordi  ^  supplv of gold will soon* look   hlc   30  SflJLr cents beside the cai ^loads that will he,  ,    ^supplied   by-the^Ludeiiu] in thejiienr  ���������"-.fiitinc   ^It is lepottcd  a (.iniin-Miumid  ������.    >��������� Dixicfoiind  tlu<5|i>o[ 1 irj cieek^le ids  ��������� J.,1 ��������� ntTu ���������>������ itt I i}e's cibiii^on^tlip'iioith1  *������������������   sside of 'Tiout Iake'~ibout thiee miles  *\   from vthert town X.ltj is ^reported the,  * *���������������- quart/ looks as uchras  the  dibco\i.iv  ���������"-*a'*K,iit^Pop 1H.r" creek   th if1 ll'claiins.weier,  L  Awaked*-Situid i>x and flOO   Monday  ���������^K     Tiout Lake and  lei 'usoiiiiiie ^nciii \  ������ ������i>  LABOR COMMISSION  t- * A I  i *"tTlit lopoit of  the   coniinibSion flip,  pointed to cnqmic into Inboi   tioublcs  nit,. British Columbia-is published A< It  win nscmployeis tlio spi end of unionism  iilreiintlic leliitionship ot cmplo\et.atid  cinplo>ie   ind  the   latti i   denr inds a  reasonable slu ie of the pioduet of uhis  ^loil ft J he c minion ucis 'ckcltiic   the  light of men << to 11 long' to ta   union  oi ~r<nof  to^ 11'^unquestioned,   while  declining tin iirht <"������( e\eiv',en plover  to hue wlioin hi vi hT*( ses /is   fiinditn  mental* ,On this bi-sw^tliej ^declare  s\ nipliathetic still is wionir, and * lee  oniniend then ngid icpiession   * t     ,  Troieign ^contiol of ''tbebe   oignni/  hMohs-* bus (   not^-lHen_   v inimical'  to the inteiests of CanndTin membeis  ''witl^one ^or   two   exceptions     lliev  think   thtit1^* oh]iPtioiTsf "to^ foieign  contiol could   be ovucbiue b> , pallia'*'  mentun   enactment 'binding   agree  men's 'between f/oinplji\u    ind j&m ^  plojces niP-,pectiM of nothing in the,  eoiieititution ��������� of   /intei ition il ' hboi  "organi/ill in*,       Ilu  v;Voininissioiicis  dtel ire stion^U^iiu; ni-st  these   oigin  i/iition ' ii nti< uh ilj ^'the j\\ et>tei n  ,1 edt intiini^r f *n iiki-s    mil U   B  K  E  w Inch * h im r di Htul "jinto^ boci iliini  and st ilc th it thej bought to   be    de  elnied illtK.il  " 4.   ". 1   ,       jVr " "  lhe spn it of k'ltimiite ti ide union  ^-"-������i ha\e a'cubin at^Blind^baj--wheie (thej  "? ���������'Xare woikuig^ Duimg^theii^iibseiice a  ^S-", few" d ij &   igo   a large bt n iemo\ed a  "���������^^spart of the loof ind   m ide  himself  nt{  ._  fT home-*in the  cabin     He ate/,up^ the  *^>-^liim  and   bacon,  emptied the eiiincd  "i "V-fcoodb h> pushing his big tusks tlnough  j-tl e^c ins ind biickini? out^the contents  ���������>     After   ittending  to the innoi beir, he  took thi5 blankets out  ot   both   bunks  ^      and   made  himself   i bed on the (looi  ^      Di ipeau "who is quite   i  huntci    sn\b  "  r ins skin will  hue to  piy foi thesup  "    plies when the fin becomes ���������ood  NEW BUILDINGS  K  f    _, lhe new   residence   beinu: built   on  x   ?Fnst St   by \V A    lootc for   Stuart  t������ MuDomld,^ mclades     the   following  "T loom's ���������parlor 12   feet1* "qunre     dm  ting ioom^l2\15 jeet   kitchen rll\12  ifeet  seuine loom 7\8 feet  pintiyK8  irj? feet   woodshed  12\14   feet     Upst ins  ire thiee hediooms^eYoh T10\12   feet  biithioom 8\12 feet   linen   closets   ue  vattiched toeich of the upstiins looms  There wib be a siv^ feet vei mdah all  ri^^. aiound the house     ^ "ft > -  Me-ssis AViIson mil Tiomej, sub con  -.r tiaetois for the m isonaiv   md   brick  "^work on thelmoPiiiI Bank    bnildnig  it,coiner of Fust St    ind   Mclven/ie  l\e   hue made good pingiesson the  found itions    _ ,. "*" ^  -tibin oughtjto be eueoi mgeir md    pio  tec-ted    "    .ilhev    'suggest, f1   mcor  r   ~      s.     ^iJ-"<--v     ������������ggest.     _  poi ition of trades   unions    the  Mtitfftioii's t LwIngIi  shill  cotJ,  uiondej. no"  "btnl elili fll vhen/deelaied-^withoiit jit  leist tlintydi\b notice c\eept "w htm  the erffploys.i is itts.n p*tinn Ato ch inge  condition''5 ot r> < piojnn ut <**> ��������� lliit  theie sir^uId l"e * Tt ^lt i^r-> two'thnda  inii]ont\ u itb i uji \ ot nit, h\ billot  Jliitno at i'ii e In "diel ned in.J\i< lation  of^m\ conn ict n t ilu d\��������� \iolittd  bT,the tnipliiMi ifiiil III di> ,ieomentb  be ji-sottled-1" without tlit inteifeience  of my^pubonv remdimj; without''tho  lDommion (\ei| t with iinitii il consent  j_ To piottet the union it ou^httobe  in ide mu oftencc foi the emplo\ei to  chsciimnnitc ngiiinst^oi dischui,e anv  nlenihei of in incoipoiitcd un on foi  that ��������� d ii so n    \������     1  ** Iheie should be no disci imitation  on ^account^ of niPinbctship or non  meinbership in a union either bi em  plo\ei oi b> union men *  Beiu lit 'funds bhi uid be pioteetid  fiom liwsuits and I In. union label ip  pio\ed ^ i * <  lhe best meth'd i f miiiinii/ing the  cl mgei of btnkf s hi il lockouts thej  bihcip, is by compplliii], pubheitj it  tbeeaih st ij,c oU the tioublt Iso  sciikc oi lookout should be h I lowed  without ntjpiist thirtyi dijs ^ notice  nheic these do til i pi ice, a statement  of the-euises must be hied on the  opposite put} -1 with the reeistiar"f^oi  lhe Supiemc'court and "the nnni������tei  'of 11 or at least thiee weeks pieviou  si}  They stionglv uigp? emplo}ers    nd  emplo}ecs to   fostei a spirit of concih  ation    ind   encourige   establishment  of bo irds of concih ition ���������������  Conipulsoi} lniestigation might  sometimcb be employed to   idv mtage  fS"������ If  1  JDoinpulbon ai biti ition is also   up I*-. t  pio\ed us a lust icsoit i   ,     i,    *  ^Ihc} winn woikincn ntjiuiisE btibtily5^ ���������*  uniting with oigaiii/iitions with ,1111118    ir  mid constitul 10111 of which] the}   aie      1  not faiiiiliiu ��������� '������ ,_        ,* v   < ?]      wj?"  Ihey uigc cautK 11 i(in^ selection   ofj������   C  luboi lenckis   J \^r ������\   /|      >��������� > t,  J 4 lliev''leeomend   thcq foreign   liibbi     '  igitntoi be deiilt with bv  statute   uid  his oftences  111 ide punish iblctb}^ law  vDie} beluie it ncccbsmv to pen ili/e' *^i1  the wanton iioIation'tof contracts, ^as ' ^"^  'well is S} inpiithctic stnkcs    *"     "    "'*'       x������  ^,~riie e\ ideift e biihinitted, of tendene*,^*"t **  on the put of   eniploveis to   coubine  frjr  in a bl ick hstnij. tsrlieme thev dee! 11 e ^ ^  to be a ii'iviu tl cotnitei moiev to, the  boycott 'thi unfni list and the   s} m sr>  pathetic   stnke'* ^All^'olf thtni   the}'  declare to he ippichuisil le^ind ������i^png        fr  A Hou'is' should cbe sboitentd *tli(.\ ^ fl  decline so tint t 111 11 woujd have to f\\  w'oik only lonj, enou0h to" mike his, i-  emplo}iiunt iii/|j]cisiu ible f c\eieise ";  insteid of exliiiibiiiigtoil" A * ^ <-"?'  , lhe\ -^ ei ncludc v \\ c^^ftel-quitei? ���������$  fiee to uliint that wlnle>- iiiirhf good) * ^  can be iceuinplished ( by "wise" ^lcgibP *< pi  itioir'^the   1 lboi*"piobleni Jbo called "V"   1  ���������is mcipible of Im il solution'' and lU* ]  will be with us~is long''" is liinnii1' r} Jjt  nirtuie lemmns wh itj.it is and picbcnt^  j*  T   a.   I  ���������<--Cl  cnib/atlon enduref,  l4*  fv  1?  , r  '  The Miner si}<*   L  \\ 5R11B md, J [/1_. /  L WhitncViue the^tw0^ 1 ttest" Ro������s ,    ^  land men to^retnrn from t the^ICooten1^^  ly s ^1 i west* bon in/at cinip"���������Popl uj/jf?*"  Cicck ' Both leitei ite the^ st itemeii^b i���������>%H  us.jtQ^thf^icifurfk ible suiface^ fehowinj!fb\0-r  on^the I uck\1 Jick    md    neijiboj nv   ^J.  pmppities" and iire^stionglv^of^opnnon ��������� AS.'I  .lb Tt tl. J' sei I iuii , lliit^a 7i emu kablcX^f j  future^iiln. id ot it, esptcnllv ���������* if ^it    is���������  ^|  showiriiv deielopniPnt1*woik ^thut the  oie goes down     Thi" is to he5 demon  sti ned foilhwith 111^ the* case of   the    **"''  Luck>  Jack it leist  v^tuiincl   Inunt,1 ^,  been stilted ,to--secu.c   considei ibk   Kt  depth on the \ein       ^" -      )  Popl ir Cieek iSj,now    1   town      Lhe  Ivalso   &,   Slocm   lailwiy"   compiru     ^  pi itted n townsite   mound utile   point S*  wheie the Tulro id   bt ition    it>   to"'bc^y  constiuctid mid  tin   lotb weie oftind    tf  Mniidu morning  . U 110011   the   -ill     r  w is o\ei   din lot   lining   bit >   dis   ������  1  p sui of Mhi    community    includes      i  1 hotel imd   thiee   giocei} "���������������������������stoies   i      "\  winning i lecoidei s   olhei    ind^alout  foit\ tt nts1"   Otlin buildings ue to be  coristmctcd 1 nmidiitel}   ihe   pujiot  oishuing teeured titk*-to the   lots       1  I umbei is> temg biought 111 fiom limit{  I ike     The town 1- to be cilled' Pop ���������* ���������������  liu       Lhe onl}   s1loon4.n1  ^hi    plrfte H  opened 1 few'dius   igo    on   the   fust t  d i} the piODnetor took in   fi^oO   o\ei    _*  the bai   and   his   bm    lcceipls ^.suiec  hue uei iged fiom %li to UOO dul}     ^  while ���������the    sleeping   aceommed ition  could be dis|iosed   of ten times   o^el  It is e������tin ited-rtliat_ each   incoming    ���������  trim brings fiom foiU to sixty"people  ininv of ttlioin. ue   prospectois   who^  take to the hills immecii ttelv ,  j Titijjition is   thieatened   omi"I1ip     '  *I uekv Tack 1        ���������> SI.  ���������       Is fi-A}>r PMJ' 4ri\  1z/ r j j(i   r-' ���������jytytf /rt i  y&w'"," jWYttfl  *r-   *  f ,.  THE kootenaymaii;  "Progress  in  Lumbering,   Ttacer  and   Lode  Mining, and ^Ranching.  \  ?W"  r    M*(JUr,J.OlJCill   CIIJJKIC.     '  Since the Kevolslokc and McCtil-  'lough Crock Ilydriiulic Company,  under the management of J. J).  Bibljnld, has started operations on  .MoCullough creek the once active  scene of tlie gold excitement of the  sixties hasdaken a new lease of life,  ami looks ��������� like the nucleus of the  early'eharactei'istic canvas mining  town. Tho new' company - took  over the gioun'd formerly,' held by  the Opliii*-Bed-rock, Flume Co. and  ' Last Chance. Befoie the hydraulic  'ciant hud-got to work1 over $000  worth of gold was taken out by"Mr.  Sibbald since f starting in May,  merely by clearing up a portion of  the bocltock. After the trial run of  the'gianl for nn hour or two 34 6/.s.  of gold weio taken out, one nugget  being worth',$15.10.'     u -  The flume from  the cieek to the  penstock is l-lo feet in length..   The  pipe line is 12*11 feet in length,of 20-  '���������inch pipe from tho penstock, taper:  ing.to   14 inches   at   the   V with  brunches  of *-31-inch   pipe   to   the  giant and  0;inch ,pipe  to  piovide  ��������� the motive power  for  the sawmill.  The giant started  opeiation end of  July-and  gives .every satisfaction.  ' Mr. fciibbiild   is   entitled   to  gieat  "ciedit,foi the "energy  lie  displaced  ,in getting thib",|ilant installed and  in operation.    The lumber, had  to  ho.uhip-s.iwccl, 'flume   built,, pipe  (Continued From Last Issue.) y  amount of sulphurets in the form  of concentrates which assay $1S to  $'100 por ton, in gold. The probabilities of working the cieek fpr  these concentrates alone have hacT  the consideration of mining men.,  ''Scott McDonald is reported to  havo taken in the sixties ,$1S,000  from GOO ft.1 of ground on Barrett  crcok, a tributary rof McGullough.  JCight ypis ago she returned to  again work tho ground but found  it held by Chinese. A $'100 nugget  was got'at junction of Barrett creek  with iMcC'ullotigli creek.,  F. Carnes took -lil5,000 'fiom 100  ft', of ground on Iho main,cieek. ,  '    ' i    To Im Coiitiinii'il.l  WHY I AM, A LIBERAL  THE MINES.  ���������\ *���������  "p-\  t ��������������� i' s  ;"fc A  KP '*  "f.-i  "l  .'packed to the ,giound,' set and;  rhotti'ii, and all this was clone  'uiicleVthree months, .ind. lh.it in ,i  section of countiy lemote 'from  * tr.inspoilation. i The bedioek flume  is 025 ft. long, 3 ft. 'wideband 2 tu  ���������  cep.1 , ,,<���������(*  , A sawmill plant  has "been fitted  up, the motive pouei for  which   is  ff deiived ",fioin   a' 10   h.' p." Telton  , wheel, and which will prove a gieat  '^assistance  to   the  company's operations. ,' A good supply of, logs has  been got in-for 'cutting at the mill.  .Two  of  the " princip.il   Dultith in-'  ve.-to'rs. Messrs. Monoij and Flynn',  itiuso well^ piensed   With   their investment ihey  have  bought up all  the local stock they could get at $1  for shares on which  was 'paid 00c  The lest oft he stoek'-has been with-  \!   i im ju  \tl IM W 11  '   , Its  slia:  fiom   the   maiket and  ea run up at Dultith to $5.  the  :V  \\ About twehe   men aie employed  on/the 'piopeity.    The   company  * have "seeni'mI four cl.iiiii-, embracing  " thieciniles   of  giound; on  MeCul-  :f lough   cjeek.  extending   past   the  L.i-t\Cli.ince.    McCuliough   creek  " has.t.f.ill of���������825'ft. per 1000 ior.tho  ���������   (irst 2000 ft. and 275 ft.*in the next  > 1000 ft,- so', that 'a ^great, head of  water can be obtained for hul rati lie  np'ei.iiions as the   work extends up  the creek. v -  , Theie .ue .two gravel benches on  the cieek with a depth  of  50 ft. to  GO ft. of  wash,  besides  several old  channels which it is  expected will  c.tiry   rich   gold   in   tlieit  gia\el.  The'iestilts of  woik done so faV by  i the now*   comprfny   go ,to   justify  these expectations.  Since the abo\e was in type Mr.  Sibbald informs us he has cut  'enough lumber to eiect a building  over the mill and will start next  week the ejection of a.bunk house  16x24 feet, cook hoti������e 16x30 feet,  ollice and store 26x30 feet.  McCullough creek was worked as  far as Giound Hog Ba<*in by the  old-timers-of the sixties and was  pi 6ved to carry good gold almost  to 'its source," and should affoid  hydraulic giound for.years to come.  One difficulty is the large boulders  that have to be contended with, but  it is proposed ' to overcome this by  election of a deirick opei.itcd by  'water powel. While w.itet gets  low in August and September theie  l- abundance fiom the melting  miiiws fiom Apul to .liiiv. ancl  hum in f i oin the iain<" v !,.i b I.ill m  , Oilobet J>\ election ot a les'-noir,  it lestilts w.mant it, a w.itei supply  'cm be kept up for tho whole.of tlie  open season.  'J. SandeifOn. one ot the most  iwiieiienced, and lughh I'-lccmed  uld-linieis of G.uiboo anil the Bend,  i- foicmi1 n.  On the Last Chance and Col-  iiinbi.i, foi nn i ly opet.ited on a  l.iiuru scale l-y a lles"elstoke syndi-  c.'iie, consisting of G. \i. and li. M.  JI nine. W M/Uiowii, J. S,.ndeison  and F li Wells. 2,G50 ft. of dnftiiig  has been cl<��������� 11<��������� lo jnove tho giound  and '���������(.���������vt'i.il sli.itts sunk and a well  equipped shaft house, 72} ft. by 30  ll , built with water-wheel IS ft. in  diameli'i. p..nip and hoist The  shall is 101 ft. deep, 'lhe icsults  of operating the pi upetiy weie not  s,itisf,ictot_\ The wash fiom a  iihnd shaft yielded $9 a }d.  A laiye amount of woik was done  on the upper pait of the creek with  a mow to finding the deep leads or  old channel- Gus Lund and Geo.  Lifeline i.tn a tunnel of 1.200 feet  but had to abandon (he woik owing  (o.-Inking lhe "slum" which is ,i  chin.icti'l |s(u; fcitiue ot these old  channels and fills the winkings as  soon ,is opened so i.ipidly it is impossible to niiike headway against  it.  Above the fails  to have been i ic  to each bundled feel <|f giound  A curious feat uio of the bed of  the cieek is that it contains a large  the cieek is said  itinning $1,500  1 .Salmon placeis near Nelson aie mid  to be giving'good lestilts. .    '  .Next meeting of 'l'loviiicitir'Mining  Executive will be held ntilCamloops.  ' Galena and   '/.inc  running over $100  n ton has been  stuick  in ylOO ft,f level  of Vmir'niiiii''.     - ! ,  At I'V Ii. Wells's stoic thcio is a  specimen of gold-boaiing schist fiom  Ci us Iainils claim, the Floience, in  Giound ilug^iiiibin. '       ( i  The Standard Oil Syn'dicate has  bought up the lending mines of olio  Coetu d'Alories with a view to contiolv  hnur the sihei-k'iul output.  f<llugli 131own is iiieetnigwitbgio.it  success * in development of the  Mountain Lion, tlie tunnel now showing two feet ol liigh-griide(oie.   ' '  TliO/G I' ll. is goniK into the coal  business'in the Glow's Nest, having  piiicliaicd fiom'iM. Mclnnis 'of Gian-  biook, font coal locations foir"$LL0,000.  A -Slcnstiom and ',1. A.r J.eslic  located a claim on Siher ,'eicels- last  week mid biought, to tbc city some  nice samples of oie The lea (I is from  l.V,to 20 It in width   >       r/  W cstei ii Ontano is .coming to the  fiont as a gold mining point; At, the  liig Master mine at Wabigoon 10 da\s  clashing of ten stamps yielded $7,000,  with $2,000 of concontiatcs. '  A letter to the JCoot'cnauin from the  second ciossuig of tiro Liudo'snys the  lush into theie is gieatci than'at  Poplai. J)ick' Roberts and paitneis  Ji.uc made nch stiikes and arc at  woik opening up then ledge  E A.-.Uindloy biotiKbt" in about  seven ounces1 ol .gold fiom French  creek on Saturday I To consideis  they aie now on the genuine old cniin-  nel lor which the} have bei*n searching, arid good icsults aie expected.  \ .las. A. Lade, supeiintcndont of the  Oystei Gntci ion, paid a visit to tbe  Lucky Jack at Poplai. cieek and told  the Eagle it was undoubtedly'the best  showing office gold "quai t/.'in Hritish  Columbia He thought. leports had  been c.saggei.itcd, but be found the  showing lich beyond exaggoiation.  The Oystei-Ciiteiion null is nearly  completed, tbe ti.im is lc.idy, the com-  pies'oi installed, and the oiily woik  lcm.iming is tbc laying of the jiipc  line, which is delayed owing to nondelivery of pipe. The 'mine is being  got ready foi .shipping oie, and tlie  null will be stai ted about Oct 1st.  The Piovinci.il Mining .Association  at its-Rossland session K' lesolved to  mno the government to foimulatea  policy for'opening the coal lands, lo  leasing to opetatois, the government  let-lining the title A question list to  legislative candidates covciing the  lcconuncnd.itions nf the last convention at Victoria was di.iwn up '  D. It. Young is opeiating,the Mona-  shec mine, 30 miles west of Fire valley,  working n foice of about 20 men This  mine was one of the fust quart/, prop-  cities to be opened in this piovince,  tbe claim having been ciown giantcd  in 18SG. Theie is a mill nnd extensive  buildings on the giound, ovei $100,000  having been spent in 'opening the  piopci ty up.  A McMillan, of Rossland, tells the  Minei he is coiis'inced Poplar cieek  has a gieat, futui'e ahead of it, and be  also be.us testiinonv to the activitv in  othei sections of tlie Jj.udu.iu. pointing to tbe biigbt futtiio foi thcooun-  ti.v One pinpcitv on IVipl.u shows  large quantities of native silver giving  high assay values Quite a town is  springing upon the excellent, townsite  at the junction of Poplai cicekwitli  the J.aidc.iu Jn Keiguson, Tiout  Jjiikc and Gamboine camps theie is  more activity tli>n ever.  Managci ICnby of the \X.\\ Eagle  thinks Rossland has seen itsdaikest  day-. Tfc says: 'I believe that ic-  forms in the mining legislation of  British Columbia cannot much lonu'cr  be delayed, and with it will begin a  new cm m the bistoiy of Rntish Columbia The piovince cannot be  furthei ir-piessed It has a mining  aiea 1100 by <L()0 miles, including the  richest pa it of the Rockv mountain  lunges Some dav thin will be clotted  with mining communities (hawing  theii supplies fiom the gieat aiea of  ngi iciiltiui'l lands adjoining This  pioviiioe is an cmpiie, although few  men at piesent imili/o the fact1"  J Magec came in last week from  Vei million pass south of Castle  mountain, where be and ll Jfowell  have been developing the silver lead  piopcitics he'd theie by themselves  and Revplsloke jieoole They did a  ewid deal of woik and Mr. Mage'1  bioughl in lutrc -ample- winch he i-  -I'uilmg to Vancouver and 'J'l.ul tn be  tested The showing has improved  w rib di'velopnii'iit, and Mi. Magee ic-  iioi Is siv si'i't of ore on his claim, the  M ipie Leaf On 11 Howell's claim  some nice samples of eoppei weie  found Me-sis Howell anil Magee.  have done thiee week's pio-pecting in  llic Ioealily with the icsiilt they have  found w itbin tluec mile- of the i.ul-  wnv a line showing of eoppei and  galena winch they intend to develop  XO. 10.'  (L'tiiitiniiod)    , '      ,  ' I.tlil'KAr, 1*I*.MA.\-|)   J'OK  '101.i:ilA'JJO.V.  Aichbisliop Lynch, in Ontaiio, bucked up Aichbisliop Tascheicau by writing Mr. McIConzie, leader of the liberals "J think this an oppoi tunc time  to inform you and .your government  that priests in our aichdioceso aie  stiictly forbidden to make the altar oi  pulpit of their churches the tribune of  political harangues for or.iigainst any  party "or candidate for election, or to  threaten any spiritual -disability for  voting with either party."  Jt was in reply'to this,-, letter rtlnit,  Mi. McKcn/.io sent the bishops his  clem -cut statement of the principles  of the liberal paity towaids the church  when ho said: "The general piinciplcs  of the party of which J run the leader  include the independence of church  and state; the amplest recognition of  civil and icligious libeity; and tbe  uccoidunce of 'impartial justice, and  equal rights to every individual, hie-  speotivc of his icligious creed or political faith,"t  iX ' o      -     '  These planks in the permanent platform of the liberal paity make for icligious peace, and for tne harmonious  co-operation of all races ancl ciceds in  Canada.  ki;.vijwi:ii ci.TiiA.Mo.vTAVi: aouiiiissiox!  The Ultiiiiiiontiines would not down  notwithstanding Archbishop; J^ynch  and Tiisclieicaii and the I'l-opoganda  at Home had 'declined against them,  so when1* Liillanunc became'ininistei  of justice in tho Mclvenziogovernment  and went up foi re-election this section  of the chinch renewed its attacks on  the libeial party, and on the Sunday  before tho poll the cine of J/Jslc J3i/,-  nrd told his congicgation':i "Jf joudo  not listen to the wend of God thiough  me you vvill be damned. There have  been two sudden deaths in the parish  during the week. Consider whether  or not tl.cso people were prepaicd for  judgment. You may also die suddenly,  and aie you going to meet your God,  your soveieign' Judge, by voting for the  enemies of His chinch''"       , <  t'AI'AI.   1..NVOY   i:Vl)OKSI.S   I.IimilALS.  The libeial Catholics weie determined to stop this pcisistent political  intoifcicncCp by the Ultramontanes,  and appealed diiectly to Rome. , The  J^iopaganda, sent Jji&hop* Coiuoy of  Armagh, Jicland, to investigate these  complaints by Catholics against the  priesthood, and as a icsult he pio-  nounced ft dclinite condemnation of  the clencal antagonists of the libeial  p.utv. Under his bisti notions stho  bishops, on Oct. ll'th, 1887, issued a  joint pastoral forbidding priests fiom  stating it was a sin to vote for'any  eanchdate oi party, or to tlne.ucn to  lcfusc saoiaments for this lcason.*  I      r v    u       ,  A^OIIlLlt   UI.rKA.MOVTAVi:   CANl'AIGX.1  Notwithstanding continuous defeat  and lopiobation fiom the chinch dig-  nitalics' the Ultiamoutancs persisted  in then detennination vto make the  st���������te subservient to the ,chinch, ancl  in the general election of 1878 many  pncsts still used theii v positioiiiih the  chinch tp.entor on an active*campaign  against, the libeials ,Thc libeial  Catholics piotested the' election -foi  Bcitlnei for'this lcason, and "though  the libeial "candidate ^was a "sound  Catholic .indlT,i good * citizen, it was  proved in evidence befoie the eouit  that in live of the si\'-ctucs m the  electoiatc, both the pulpit and confessional had been used to inlluence the  electois against the liberal candidate.  The puests denounced the liberal  paity as da'ngeious, anti-Catholic, and  condemned by the chinch, and told  the people that to votoi for the liberal  candidate was to endanger salvation''  and invite icfusal of sacraments.  One pnest said "Jf tbc head of-thc  f.ini'l} has voted foi the liberals, the  wife ancl cluldien, like the head, aie  unwpithyof coming to the holy table."  One witness, whose "*on was tc r:por-  aiily deiangcd, v'vent to the priest for  spiritual counsel, and vvas told he was  a libeial, and thercfoie disobedient,  and in Older to obtain the healing of  Piovidenee he must make a saciifice  and vote conservative, as well .is m-  ciease his conti ibutions to the chinch  Alio hei =aui he was not pcimittcd  to take Ins Lastei cumiiitinioii because  he voteiHibei.il  Another vvas^told by his cure. "Jf  vou want lo go to hell yon bine a line  chanee *Go and vote on the libeial  side.1'  Libeials weie denounced as the  cmr.i)i:i:v oi   jiii:1 im.v ii..  Oncruie -aid in hi- .-ciinon '*tbe  libeial p-iHv vvas the part) that  le-enibled the lue ot hell in i-oltn "  Ant'thei witne-s -aid aftei eoiiles-ion  the pi rest told him to go to hell with  hii p.u ly  The Ultianionianes stated theco..-  sei vatrve.-were the tine fi lend-nf the  cbuich and that Sir John Macliiuald  had called as nnnisteis to suppoit him  the most sinceieand devoted Catholics,  and had \ iclded to the Catholics in  eveiy question in which they had an  into est.  iiomi.  vkousi:ii io action*.  The publication of the evidence in  the election suits was rightly icgaided  by the Vatican as levealing a scandalous state of things in the chinch  in Quebec, and the Piopaganda again  denounced in emphatic terms the conduct of the Bishops and Pnestswho  weie using the chinch foi naitisan  (imposes, poirting out that such conduct must icsult in piovoking n  violent war against the chinch.  trihuti's ro tiii: i.nu:i! u.s  Wilhson says. " Nothing could be  moie painful to libeial Catholics than  appeal to the civil powei against theii  spiritual -upenois Jt reqlined coinage of a high older openly tochaige,  and openlv to istabhsli, the uncleiical  piactii'i's and tineonstitntional as-  siiin()tiiin.s of the priests, and all who  weie engagid in such piocccdmgs  weie doubly c.\nosed to tbe censures  and anathein.is of the ecclesiastics.  I3ut thc-e stuulj Fiench libeials -lc-  ti'iinincd. while holding their faith  inviolate, not to submit to clencal  dictition noi to accept a le-s measiiie  of political ficcdoin than then J^iot-  csiant fellow citi/.ens enjoyed."  A writei   in   the   Toronto  Mail, of  Chamberlain's  Chamberlain's'Cough Remedy.  For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whoop,  ing Cough.  Price 25 cents; large sire 50c.  ' Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy. ,  For Bowel Complaints.    I'i ice 35 cents,  . ���������������������������������������������  ' Chamberlain's Pairi Calm.  An antiseptic liniment'especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Spininsiiiid Rheumatism.   Price 25 cents; large si/e 50 cents.  Chamberlain's Stomach and  ' ' Liver Tablets.  n For  Disorders of the Stomach, Liver  end Bowels.   Price 25 cents.  ' Every one of these preparations  is guaranteed and if not fully satisfactory to the purchaser < the  money will he refunded.  CRAZING REGULATIONS  For Manitoba, the  Northwest  Territories and the Railway Belt in  British Columbia.^-  Wny 2,'hd, '1888,  said:    "Honest conservatives will'admit theie is  no 'jiitidiiTiiit   ,\nii  "vioki:  ui:m:i:.Mi.vfi  , '(i:i:.\T-*iti*.  in the political history of this con 111 ry'  than the spoctacle'of the Jtouge (liberal) ' party struggling for, yours in ;i  hopeless niinoiity for the pieviilenco  ofngient political principle,��������� which  had prevailed in J-Yiincc and Knglnnd  11 hundred yon is ago; struggling for the  enfiaiichiseinoiit ol the people iig.'iiu.st  the piejudiec of the people themselves;  against the tcnipoiiil* and spiritual  weapons of the most powerful of  ecclesiastical institutions, allied 11s the  church always bus been in 11 most, un-  natuiiil alliance with J he JCnglish  Piqtestiu'it oonservlitivo vole, which  has enabled it' to perpetuate tho enslavement of the people. The British  population cannot look back with miy-  'thing of pi ide on   i,  ���������   "      Tlii:   I'AI'I*   IT HAS   l'l,AVI*Il  in the politics of this province. The  finger of scorn wns pointed at every  Ji-iencli libeial at eveiy pansn chinch  when he'came to mass, a'nd the consequence was that many of them weie  driven out of the church, and 111 theii  foiccd iiir.ngonism with the clcigy  were denounced as > bad catholics.  These men were libeials at a tunc when  it roquiicd a very , .  Illtill   6ltl)i:il  Ol    JIOItAI. C'OUHACll*  in a Fiench Canadian to avow himself  a libeial " , ts >   ' ,  Thus has tbe libeial paity grown  and prospeied in the face of thc/vnist  (icisccution, sectiiing for the people of  Canada freedom of the civil authoiity  from suboiilin.ition to the ecclesiastical; the illegality of spuitnal intimidation in elections,; ficcdom'of education fiom ecclesiastical eontiol, and  the tiiuniph 'of the luond national  spuit of Catholicism"at J������iv.il, the seat  of Catholic learning in Canada, which  has pioduced sonic of the linost scholars and statesmen ofWicnch Canadn.  '. (To be coiitiniii'd)      " '  Jiuuscs for Kraciiif; put ponds iuoIhhiipiI for h  Loi 111 of Iwunty-onu juui'h, anil lliu li'iiliil ihiil  tlio 111(0 of lavo coiiih nn ncio pur annum, imy-  ulilo liiiir-vunrly In mlvniiLu,  I.iuiiIh Inuliiiluil In a ������iH/-I11K luasn may be  vvltliiliiiwii for lioniuHloiul unlry, miIo or railway puipiiHiis, but no i on till In olmi'h'ul on mifh  Iiindri f 10111 tlio (Into upon which thoy mu with-  (liiiivn fiom lliu lunsu.  JA loiHcoof i;ih/Iiik lands Is not onlllled lo Ilie  liiiv tliniunn, but hit iiiuy, uiiou iipiillunllon to  IhoiiKoiitof lloininion J.iuiiIh, obtain vnuh juiu  Uio llihl purinlt tn mil nu IiIh Ii'iihuIioIiI wliiil-  ovor (iiiuiitlly of Imy ho limy icriulicfoi' hlh  own iihii, fiou of dnoi, tliodopuiImoiiLIohui vIiik  Iho ilk'lil lo Ihsiio iioiiiiIIh In olliorapplloiiulji.  AiipllciilltiiiK for kiii/Iiik Ichhoh Hhoiild bo  iniulu In I ho hooi otury, Uopiulmonl, of the In  lUlIol, OtlllVMl.   ,   , *  '   I'. 0. KKYKS,, ,>  , Si'oiolury, Doimrlmoiil of lim Intorlor.  S. ,S*.   "Archar"  TABLE  or S. S.   "Lankan.'  ��������� lliniiiliiK bi'tweoii Anowlioiid, TIioiiihoii'i1  1.1111111111:111111 C'oiiiii|ill\', coiiiinonoliiK Out. lllli,  HUM. will mil as followH (wuiilhor purinlltliiKl:  l.oavu Ariowhciid for I'lionisoirK I,iuii1Iiik  unit CoiiiiiiiIK twloo dully ul 10k. nnd lilt,  l.uuvo Cnin'iplK" nnd I'lioiimon's I,iiik1Iiik foi  Anowlioiid twlco diillj ut, 7.15k. and lLM/ik.  MnkliiK cIoho uoiinoullonH wlLh ,all C. 1*. It,  In.In.-, mid bonis.  Tim oh nui'H roHorv'o I ho rliihl to obun o Uiiiuh  of -.iillliiKs without notion, , /   ,  TIIK KltlOll KOIIINSON I.UMHKlt CO. IV'l'I).  ,        ' K. ItOIIINSON,  MiuihkIiii/ llliuctor.  Life is short.   - '    < OSTCRMOOR  One third of your life is spent PATENT  ELASTIC  in bed, supposedly'in'perfect repose,  sweet,  healthy,    benefich'  restful sleep���������a balmy relaxation  from every care.      , ' '  Do you spend it so?  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'        ,      '���������  Cheapest Itouto to tho Old Country.  (JAN. IMC. ATLANTIC S. s'.-l''ioin Montreal  Luke Mmiiltibi            * .     Sept..)  "Muiint Tuiiiiilu i   '   .     .'    .. Sujir. 11  Luku I'liiiiuiiliiin.     . .        '      Sept. 17  LiiUu MiLlngiin        .        .      . ' *  fceiil. iii  Lnlse I'.i'iu . ' ..   .    . Oct. 1  ���������   AM/AN MNIC-Kiuiii Jlnntical.y (  Tunisian             . . . .Sept. .1  I'm im,in i\. &cpD. I'i  Fiutoiiaii       .    . .    btpt. 1!)  llnv iirian           .       c.'       "��������� .fcept. id  Ionian          ..   ' .Oct..'!  DOMINION" UNi:-t'iom'Montioal.L '  Dominion       .    .  .  . '  *    .    ,Cicpt. j  ICuii-.inyU'h . ... .. . ���������*. |.|. 12  Ciniulfi . . . ..bept. ii)  faou'liwails        "." " Oct. 3  , UOJ11N10N LISK���������Fiom Hoston.  Now KiiKlaml                         . .           ..   .-upt. .'I  JVtiijIlowii            .    .        .   '       .... bupt. I"  Common is cultli .     .'        ' .     . .       ,bept. 21  Now J'.iigl.iiul. .  Oct. I  AMKttlOAN LINK-From Now Yolk.  Pliiliiilclpliia. ...   ' Sept. 2  Sr  IjiiiiI .             .       ..Sept 5  ai. Li)in������.     .       .  Sept. II  New Yoils .                                    Sept. Ill  I'litl.uli-lpliiiL. .          .           .-Sept. i.i  St Loin-. . Sept. .Ml  Wiril'KShl'All LINH-Fiom New- Yoik.  Tculninu .                                 bc|it. 2  Ai.ibio Sept. i  Gui mil mi. '                             .Sept.!)  Ueilne Sept   II  Mnicsho .               ..                   .Sept. Hi  Cell is, '                    Sept. 16  Oceuiiie .                     .                   "   "Sept.sl.'.i  Oyiniic ..Sept. 2,*>  Teutonic . Sept..'W  CUN'AHI) LINK- 1'ioin New Vork.  Cm path ia                             . Sept   1  Liicini.i Sept   "j  KLiuii.i. ..bept. u  Aiiiain.i Sept. lo  Uiinip.uii.i ��������� Sept. i')  Umbiii        .               . |cpt   a;  Ciiipiitln.i Sept j-j  I'as'seiiKU's nekulLil tlnontdi lo nil purls o  Cieiitlliil un mul liulantl, ami nb spuuially low  riite-s to all nuts ot the Luiopemi continent  Applj to in,uu-l, i.ul������ay oi sleiinihhip agent or  to * i  T.  W. BItADSHAW.  Agont.  Kovelstoko.  W. P. F. CUMMING3. Pacific Ag-ont.  <>0K>0<K>OK><>O<><H>0<K>  J. LAUGHTON,  Proprietor,  ,   REVELSTOKE; Bt C.  '��������� Tliis hotel i-now'opi'ti foi1 ilu* iiccoiiiinod,ition of the travelling  public.    It is the most, convvniHiitlv sitinili'd hotVI in the ciLy, being ,  ������it I hu corner of Fiii-t Street nnd Cnn naught. Avfiuii*. in lhe hem t of  the businesh portion of  the city, cniiveiiii'iik-lo   i.iiluay stntion and  post (ilTlcc. , ������ .       s  j     "  First Class Accommodation and Tablo. -'"'". ' '  "*', ,       i    *      Best Brands"of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.  ���������0<K><>*<KK>;OK><>0:0<><K^  Central  .REVELrSTpKE,.B.C,  <��������� ���������   . ' ABRAHAMSONSBROS.,   PROPRIETORS.0  Now!}'   Iiuilt'. V? Firsst-clsips inlevory i'ospectV     All modern convenience;"-.  , LiirjiC fin in pie 'Rooms. ���������,   ^ . *~  ~ *    ���������  , Rates SI.50 per Day Special Weekly Rates:- t,  Queen's Hotel, Trout,, Lake, uncle  same  fafafafafaffafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafavjp, .-  fa  TT  fa  vf>  fa  ���������v  fa  fa  fa  fa  ���������V  fa  'fa  fa  fa  fa  fa  fa  fa)  fa  HOTEL   LARDEAU  '.' OOMAPLI>(   . w'*  The Best I. ouse in Town.  Well Furnished  ���������i' R.ill-. Wftlilniic-  ami Piinei al-.  Bee Hives \and Supplies,"  FERTILIZERS/  1 L 1  M. J. HENRY,  VANOUUVIIl,',  I?.   ('.  Wing Chuny's newly imported stock of Chinese  and Japanese goods.  The best assortment ever  landed in Revelstoke of  useful and 'ornamental  articles:  Ton -ei \ ici s  I'lale-  lln-kia-.  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ALBERT      STOIsTE,'      PROP  CT.  -.T*(i  -V     ri    I  .     \     I  lA  t*   ^    .1  Just Remodelled and Refurnished ��������� with all Modern Conveniences.  tiodu/s in Siiilcs tvith Baths and   Toi/'cls af Inched, Jlqzvii/g Hot-  and Co/d Heater, /us ide Toilets ou each Jloor, Gas Lighted and  Steam Healed Throughout.  J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       ���������    ���������   GOLDEN," B. C.     ,    *  KEIilSTEHtD  Union  Made  Overalls,  Shirts, etc  \VK   MANUKAOTUKIi  Ciioks'   Aprons  All   <nlifts    liift    at K    M. -Snivllir  Tijbiiccu Stoio, nr by Tcliipliinic, No.  will receive piuinpt utu utiuii.  bllllN.  0\ pi nils  Di nun I'nnts  Tisccil I'niils  Coltnnadu Taiils  .liimiicis,  mouses  1'iininci is' liithf'ls.  VV'.ulois'.liiclsi'l ,  llll Ill 1-' ,1 11 IsCl1-,  UiiikIiiiih .1 iclsi'l.s  "Mi~-.ion I'*I.iiiiil'1 Un  tlonvciu.  mid  Clip's.  CiiiiiLiilers'Aiiioiis,  VV'iilli1! V Apions,  I'niiilms' nnd I'l.isloi-  cis' O vcinl Is  j\lncl,m.iiv Coits,  i\I ickiniiw PiinN,  Taipiiiiliiis  nuiiiiiiKfi Mai's,  llntsi1 lllnnkcl^,  'I mils  ICtc, etc., etc.  COMAPLIX  CHIEF YOUNG,      -       -       -      Proprietor.  Best brands of Wines, Liquor*-, and Cigars.  Travellers  to   l-'ish Creek will find excellent accommodation  at this Hotel.  DAVR ouu.  Tin  lii-sL Dnll.ir a  Pay Horisi1  in llic liivvn.  Pmpi ll'IHI  Ji.���������t  I>i ami- i��������� T Wiiii"  .uul Ci_r,������i-,  Spirits  KMnblisliciI liM    Incoiiioiated 1002.  TURNER, BEET0N & CO.  LIMIITn,  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS,  VV'.u lIioii-cs. AVIiiu f Sti ( ct.  KiiGtoiy, I H.istion Stitol,  VICTORIA, 13. O.  P. BURNS &  Wholesale and Retail  .   .   .   Meat Merchant?  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage  ���������'���������^^ss^Calgary, Alberta ,1 (
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, .^3- Q^Jfromoy, has-completed laving
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"'  "    Thcre'nro soda springs on'the west
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gollengii-s fur their bonus legislation.
I ' /I'ho eonsl'rtie'tioii of the now ditch
lo bring in' Gump creek over, tho old
Ounip_creek'chiinneb opposite! Smith
creek ja making good progress under
KuyinOiid AUnn. j' ,, '/ , n 't -
_f'riuijOiiinboinu Miner snysi'According to loenl opinion,.'Air. 'k'ellie vvill
giiin '11 bign niiijoi'ily of'votes in tho
Ciiniborne j.'iuuplif he runs eilher nsni
liberal or iuilopondunt eiindidnte.   y
We ImviMeccived the thiid nunibcr
of Apollo, 11-.new' English uiiign/.ino
devoted to, athletics.' Tho issue" con-
liiinM, phol(ifof Tiini, the wonderful
.Iiipniieso,wrestler, who oll'crs $500 to'
the mini who ciin defent, him. ,
- The 11 dentinnco nt  Ihp city !schc?o'l
i.s iMO-iuid by ,thofl time 11 IJttho pupils
nro buck it 'will   be, u'.i 'ioJ 275.   This
willjiemovo the school .from the tli it cl
18 tho  second ' grn(ler nntl'icsult  in
decrease  of  the government- subsidy,
1 nnd n benvier chnrge on the city.'      ',
,  One  of lhe , tragic   events?-in''the
hUtpry of ���t ho'old Hlnys   in' the Big
L^end wns tbe^drOwning" of   l.'l niinois
nl Denih  Hnpids  by-tho enpsizing of
their bout,  -Delow aim * old,, town   of
Lnl'oile 1110 the grnves "tlmt 'co-nioin-
ornto the event,    x   '    t    .        ^    s_
Social and Personal
THe Best in the/World.
. '    .Mail us Ifs Koynl Grown Soup
\Vrnppers, nnd in  roturn we
>  will mail a bountiful   Picture
.     "hho 1 (ix20 ;i or for 25 Wrappers   '
,    your choico Of over 300 books.
Drop usf a  post cuid asking
,   for a cntiiloguo 'of proiniitms
to bo hud  Flilili  for  Uoy"'
OrownSonji ',\'iiippers.    , ,
Address       �� .
iciurned   frciir
Vancouver, B.C.
'l'osidi'iil   dentist,
lh: W. .1.  Gurry
Longhand block. ''    0'b      <
Jcocrenin, soft drinks 11 nd 'cider nt
tho Oily Uiikory. /   ''  ,
'nl Go to iMiicdonnld y& Mo'iTtoitli for
your holiday furnishings.      ,    '
'.I, Pioroy it Go. invito tuiideis for
piiielnise of lands n^Fiu'rviow.        '
I-'or n good nssortment of Underwent'
go lo iMiicdonnld nutl Mbnteith, ' ������
Tho St. Loon Hot S|/i'ings \:irZ boon
opened^ nnd is, now lendy lo nceomo-
(hile visitors, A  '     '>       ju    '
^.1. V.^Armstiong iiivilos tenders for
purchnso of the , buildings nt the'
Liuinrk mine nt Laurie ' r    y
Miicdomild itfiMonleilli 1110 opening
up nice now linos of lendy-iiinde clothing^ boots nnd shoes.        ' 'i    ���
_'AJ.>ig stock of couches which we will'
giveVou a good_d Neon nt ,on   nt   John
JO. Wood's Kui'iiitiirc store.   ,     ,   ���"
,. _ Leave your orders  for 'pies- ol6 nny
kind���meat, ininco   or   fruit���ntJ the
Oily 13nkery.-^AvJC. Ileniiisoii. "   >
Afiicdoiiald it Montoith/lrnw aittcii,'1
tion'to their liTrg'c -jtock of lies,l*>liirls,'
collais nnd icndy-mndo clothing.' "'/
-" Travellers ..visiting'Revelstoke will
lind the bcst\accomodntion at the
Gen trill Jlotcl. Abriilminson JJros.   o'
Sotith^ Afiiunn  \N'm   Jauid   Giant���
Those entitled who want to sell should
J.i.M. K'i'llio went south this neek.
Miss Jessie Orr lettirnod from tlio
oust Satin day. ' ,
,  .1.' D.  Kibbnl
Jiend Tuohijiiy.
MK nnd Mr...' J.eWaistro returned
from JJitnli Ttiesdny,',   ''   ,   ',
Mr. nnd Mi,J.r, M. Scott left' Wcd-
nosdny for Spoknne, ,       - <
11,'v. IVny, J. P.,'of Goldliolds.'wiis
in the city, Monday.      *
_ T. ,r,"Londiuiu,of the Smeller Town-
silo Go. is in tho city. ' '
( C. 11., Lot no and'It. M, II111110 s-peiit
this week in the'llend.        <- , '   '
Miss Jlnll'ieturiied jMondny from nn
extended visit to Vancouver.'
T.   JJiiiui   has /two   Or   three ��� iijio
broken by falling on lhe sideunlk.   /
1 The,,, proposed   rolcl-timors'   toiiiiioii
has been pos'tpone'd for the present.
Mr. Griihiini, of Slocan City, is visiting Freeh Forrest, of Albert Ciinyon,
!   ^U\ KoiIioh, |0f  Molsons   Hunk, bus
puichnsed a much nt Snlmon A'ui
Mis. I).  Mel.eod,  of Vnncouvor
visiting her
Rogers'Puss, ��� 1        v
Airs. Spragge nddressud .tho ' Ladies
Hospital Guild Snlurday 011 the Minto
IOiidowmenl Kund. ' iL ,1 ��� , ���
<\A Inrgo ntimber of friends nnis'tored
nt 10. Taylor's residence 'Monthly to'
celebrate his birtlulny. >' , <\
i\Irs. and Mistf'McK'inuon, of Ferguson, linveMnk'on it cottiigo.nt Vancouver foi; 11 few'weeks, ���'_ 1 > ''
' A. iMclJne/'.II. li:* Atkins,'' G, K.
Skcjne/M. Guy IJurber nnd others went
west for the opening of 'the shooting
;   ,;'SOAF'' o /
xtsed by ijarticulai; people
both   young' 1 and    old.'J
Keeps lhe*skiii soft,-c'lcar
I ancl wliile.^ ' ,���'        -;
No other Soap is just nn Good. 004
'Ji I), Sibbnld biought in tlircc-nnd'Ti
quarter ounces of coniso gold with him
Saturday from theKcvel.stokonnd McCuliough Creole Hydraulic,Company's
��� i.con   01   viiiifi.iivcr  ,k|tr|'0lllu!6'   f|,|'is gold  was obtained'by
iia,' air   ; r; ti1T,���drh���if ^>jj.
h, I mg'Ol gravel  by-111111(1.    .Mr.   Sibbald
snys tho old cliniinoLopoi'iito'd'oii'liy
Uio giant'is tiiniing"out wcllj'evoiiliiig
virgin ground lioni which good rosulls
are expected, Owing to 11 rock slide 11,
short length of thy pipu linu,wiis stovo
in niuriutd, to be yeplneeil,' dclnying
liydriiuHcing for()iiJfew days. '"Mr. Sib-
biil(l'intonds,nuilcing;ii cloiiii-np'.iio.Nt
week nnd the lestilt is nwniled with'
interest hy I ho'-tockholiit'i's.
The Royal'AgricultMral and IndustriahSociety ofB. C.'y
(l x "' ' ���    , ^   ^      WII.I. HKJIKU) A'IV    '  ' '    '    '   X
-    ''���'    JVBW  WESPFMIJVS&B^"'&.' CZ." \ <   ,
'   September 29-arid 30',, October 1,, and ��2
.' $20,000,'1N -PRIZES "AND' ATTBACTIpfS $20,000
- o O'PEN Tp THE -WORLD;' { '      ���*, fj f;   '
��� M,',A,.,!��i""lrof ���''"'"���"���'n to"' I'Vnir WlioliiJSayn-Ui,rom' Toiiiiiniiieiil. Sliiiiiii'ock's.df
Miiiilioil    Viiiiooiivj'i'^iici'uijj.o Clnli. WijHiiiiliiHlni'LiiiiiOisKoeiiil).   Klro Wni'liK, Hum'   ,.
rl)iill, Clillilron s fcU'oi'lH, MiiKiilllciiiit llliiiiilnntloiiH,(Ji'iuiil (,'oiiuci'l. oncli ovuiiIiik, .Spiieliil'
>vi i mu, luni,   , it. ' * /in.
I   ( , i   '     JVo   Entrance  Fee   Charged for  Exhibits.'     i "   '*���
Kxowitlyo-'J; ���',' 'I'i'il'P, I'l'CHldunt; Alii. Slnoliilr" Aid, HoIiiioh, 'am. \Vl\voii, (I, II,
lli'''iiinoi',r\y.,). a iillioiK, ll. |.\ An. oi'hoii. VV. It. oillny. L, A. u\\ Is,  ), S. C'nitIn O   >
A. V\rulHh, a���, AlIiuilH,Moliii liolil, WVA. U JoiuiH, J.A.CiiiiiiIiikIiiiiii.,  '      v-"^,h;^"
J��'or PiIkii JjIhIh, Kiiti'yU'oiiiis, and rdll niii'Uoliliiirf vvi'llo to ,, ') <
T. J. TRAPP,.PrcBlrtont.
,W. II.'KEARV, Mnnagor andSoorotavy.   f i
TWimmiiimiii n��n��.m��� i r X"
A  Vt.
J,*, A -The townsite nt Downic creek, owned
;.l.^ tv NewvYork-'piuties/coiisists^ "of ,.H00
r,     u acres, and will bc'nn   iiu'pbitnnt point
"��� x��>ln Hi? Big yciu' onc of,those days.
.  '   A great iiin'ny .tr.tvelleis me passing
'through    Eevelslo's-e.     On "Mondnv
'inorning-AfMcD'onncir had  over 132
i guests 'to  bienkfnst  nt Hotel, Kcve
tiy   the government
| JjiS��LlHHrtS!t-S.
,C*y ~ i>
^Z% A
.- -ii v -
s^Tf^'Boyd's peak/f CuinniinsXpcak, l-'reifch
t- .    ~ A'*"
���f���.    -<-, -
A'^deputi'itio'n" of   ltossl.inder.s  will
s arrive at ��� Revelstoke   on   Monday to
'nieet^the  Comincree ' Congiess   dele-
fgates on   thciir vv.iy   to   the coast and
induce thcimto visit Itosiland.
(    The" supplement    to   the   Toronto
Globe of   August   20ch   contains nn
excellent portrait of  Willuim Downie,
formerly ^C. P. 11.  stipeihitendent   at
( Nelson, accompanied, by  a  sketch-of
his career.1! \
It is perhaps not generally known
that those in arrear fo: taxes will i.ovv
have to pay 12_per cent inteust in
addition to the" extra amount levied
" on such arrears and! theie must be un
annual tax sale.      *
If Premier McBrido speaks hei c ne.\t
, week the supporteis of Messis. Kellie
and Bennett intend to insist on these
gentlemen also having a lie.'iiiiig'in-
stead of discussion being shut otl' as nt
Mr. McIJriito's Inst meeting.
The provincial taxes for Uevelatoke
riding have come in fairly well and
the revenue hns taken a most cn-
cburaging spurt.-s This will. likely be
the banner year in the revenue
recoids of the Kevelstoke ofiice.
' The excellence of the crops grown
in the Big Bend astonishes people.
Raymond Allen has  a  nice garden ats
u Smith cieek growing his own potatoes
and'vegetables. He had a line crop of
strawberries   Hairy Hoivaid   has one
sof the finest   crops   of   potatoes and
(lone oii'-the trails
,pf these old days. ,, (
W.'G.   Watson;' manager   for ; the
-Vnvigntion Gonipnny at Ikiyd's rniieh,
cut an  'excellent   ciop, olf buy   this
season    and    has    it ,,in Mho vbnrn
well  saved.'   The  i.i'nch * is   looking
well.'ind supplies  Uio 'steiinier(j;evef-*
slolscuith  the  smiilUfiuit  and vege-
hibles i ecj in rod, for the table....      "* I1
'  Tlicsevir.ioi'diiiaiy   growtir'ofj'fcrnj,
nnd devil clubs ond)ownio crock attest
fLljoX'ioatJoitilily   of,"the   soil there.
Thc'cliinale^ is mlso' snid  ,to  bo ex-
i:i'ptionally,gooil  fur   (lie IJc'iul/dtic.^it
is believed, loathe *iiiililer,nirf'ciu lents
that nie wafted'th tough Seymour I'nss
nnd uifDownio'oieck.      4 ,    , -v
, A medicine   man ,ought' to   lind a
piolitnbloIieldJiMlie Big Ueiid. Theie
is ,thc i,Isidney-w6it, ,so,. valtuiblc   in
kidney disen.sesXaisnparilla"'" used as n
blood purifier,; coltsfoot,'a  loinetly for
di.irrh'.en.    Native vegetables me also
found, ns the wild p.ot.Tto, ihtib.iib and
celery, the two hit tor having lunch the
siimy flavor as  the gaiden pioducts of
the same name'. <
Pi ops
\Sny' Lord blesi iibrtlTc .wlry'M'urni-,
turc is selling tliose.days is mi corkei!'
At it night and day gettingordeiVoutf
Come nlong^bo in the swim, let'tis (ill
you a small older. Our goods arc A���1.
���John K Wood, Revelstoke 'Fiirnitiue
Stoie.  '
'The" stoics of
my   town   aie  the
stoies   which"* 'adveitise    the"" most
ieguliiily"in��� lhe*, newspnpois.**- The
proper kind   ol .advei tising  will build
up nny biitinesisno that it will become
one  oi ""The" stoies���the  repiosenl-
iitive\sloro~ii) "Iho* trade.. You can get
the proper .kind' of advcitising in the
K'oo'n;.v.W'<fMAii���,    '        , ''
"'Advcitising; to" be successful, must
be continuous.   One .big .ail.i.inscitcd
once," or 'only   ucci.sion.illy,  will ' not
take* the," place   of   an ""osilinary "ad.
���inil)lisfbc.'d"iegiilaily   'iMight   q.s "nd'
think of taking one.huge meal n week
instead of the tlnee legulais cvciydny
I'ut your .ldveitising in the K'oo'i i:.va"v
M.Vil,. '
i   They Father Consumption.
' Bad toughs., colds  and   calarrli   ,!ih
piinsihlp for.iiuiic (oiiisumptiiin ilmn
i-li-.i'eealili' mi-n m heivrlilv. Gnt-
,ii i liii/.niie etui's iikiif ciuifklv ilmn
oidiriiiiv H'tiiedies iii'i'.iiisc a w'a*s
Mu- only nntixi'ptic yet dNcuverKl
lb.it is volatile ciioiiali Inii'ncli thi*
I'liol * of the* .liniihli1 in, 1'i'iimtf part-,
ot thf linig-iiiiil liiniu-lii.il' tiilit-a, and
iiiipifgiiati' cvi'iy patiielf .of.iii- lut.-
alhi'il wilh it^ IwaliiiLC. gi'i'in-Uilling
v.ipin. Gohl-. f,iii'( lavt.tHii inimitH.s,
or coughs nimv Ih.in tliiity inimitcs
uhi'ii Gatai'iho/.oiif is inhulfd. Jt
clcais ilu* niise, throat and hi'i* passages
at onci'. stops rlinppir.tr, lu*iul,u'h**
anil 1'1,-idiiMtt's i-iiUrih I'riiin mhj-
p,UC of the svnIi'ui. Two nionrjisi
tiiMtnienl. $1.11(1; ttial ��i/.e 2.>. Drug
irist1-, oi'N. t!. Poison & Co., Kingston
On   the 29th tilt. Pcv.'W. G. Gnldei
complete 1 the third year of his pastorate of St. A nd lews   chinch.    A   very
happy   circumstance1 in ^connection
with   this  annis-ers.uy  was   the  final
payment of ,i debt of $125  contracted
before  the'piesent  settlement    This
debt bus been paid within tbe past two
years.    During the three ye.tis of   Mi
Galder's ininistiy the congregation has
implemented all it1? obligations. JThe
Ladies Aid  ancl Willing Workcis, besides helping materially in the vvoi k of
the church,  have spent some ? 100 in
^improve r.ents.   The legular services
ancl   the  prayer meetings' have J.cen
ivqlJ attended.   The Sabbath sciiool is
I in a flourishing  condition,   and   the
1 other agencies are_work?nu  harmoni-
(ouslyiind v.ith  interest.    Mi. Calder
j enters   upon   his  fourth year with his
'congregation free of debt and .iir.wjtre-
I ment.s being completed foi   the  buiid-
} ing of a m
season v   v <        . ,t'  a   ,
A*. ID. Philips, ni'nlinger of the rni-
peria! Bank, retui tied lMondny fiom
his holiday (rip,fbtit loft'iigniit for Iho
coast.i    /���- '      -     \       &      xl
Capt. .Hughes,',. Of the< Duf'fiicsne
Mining Company, arrived'S.ttiiidiiy in
connection ' with �� the .company's
business.' <       ,      !,,, _ ' '��'
"fMr.s. A" I'. Gar ret k'wife of "the fo Ionian of the Nettie Limine, him aiTivcd
'fro11i5Iloi.se City, Idaho, to make her'
home ntd'eiguson,    ���* *���   ' '"���
"jMrTTi nd,JI rs?>/r)iylor anili V Pei 1 v
J.eako left Albert Canyon Ki'idiiy week
on njaip up th'- 'vvngon road, intending to be gone a week ,,",.'
Hon. Jt.   Molirido 'will   ntlcsiid   lhe
sports gatheiing  heie'ai.d   fiom   bis
posj tion 'ns "premier  shpuld  receive a
hearty welcome from the'eitis-ons.   V
%~        1    "*' ~~i''
J. GilbeiL  ariived   fi-pni,   Winnipeg
Saturday lo lake, over lhe manager
ment of the^fnk-cviow Hotel ill, Anowlioiid on behalf of Messrs. iMoMillaii;,!.)'
the'Anowliead (Lumber Co." ,
's   , , O '
' TO 'Whympcr. lhe <celebiafod |
mountaineer, is 00 vcus of ago but
'walks ns much as 20 miles a'dny;in
the iiiountnins . lie is at Giiflin I.iiko,-
having walkcd^nll the" wnv fion'i .Field.
''At Albert On nyon bo, Vvas show iftlie
hot spring and * pronounced it more lo
his'likingthan Band' springs. M' ���   ���'
J. 15". LovQi-ing, teacher, vvilLiemnin'
in Sandon another year. ,His decision
isXrecived 'with^satisfa'ctioTrMjy IrM
infeiested in school "nn.fns, ns he is,n
painslals-ing teacher. Mr. hovering
intends st'iidying medicine in the neat
iiifcuio, has already passed his matriculation, and was pre pi red to leave for
McGill univorsitv, when interested
persons persuaded "him to reconsider
the matter.���Peview. ,.        , >
1 AVhi'ii'you do not H'li-sli your lood
and led dull and stupid\aliei> eatiiig.
all you iiei'd i>n il(;se ol Ohiinibei Iain's
Stomach nnd Liver 'J'alilcl.s. 'J'Jicv will
make you led like a new man and give
vou an iippe'lili- lils'e a lie/ii1, d'or miIi'
,by all fhuggislH," * ,     v
'. i     , 1    1
"HCiiHt of jUfilsoiis Ilnnlc    ' ���>    ItuvulHtoUe. ,',,
h'oi' your incnls. Open day nnd night.''
Meals 2.")c and upwind. Special weekly
rntes,- r Good service 'gnaranjivd.^   '_
'  KG.III A: ITQ,  Piopi'letors.,- ', %
 , ' 'V      li    '
Oiai.KO TION-UIOIi.S mliliilsoil In ilia utidoi-
0*sl({iiu(l nvlll Ijo 1 cceliml up lu bopl. 'Jith"
lor tlie Inhinvol' ciillonliiK 111.(I [iiiiuiliii' Lhe
uUIiikoI iliauiiuui IloiiHc. ^MUc, ;,j\ii;iuiil. ,
J 'I Im lowest 01 nny tuiiilci' mil neuiisiiii'lly nu-
copied ,     p ,      ,       ������
;'    VA,A ',''��� '''Ai'i'Lva, jiiiimgcp.
At llic 11 (iiiiiM la'iiiniiy ulLUoiK.liom all S1JU1
tlons ol ilu: Itidnij,' ( liuioliy'liiiliiiulc mv liitoii-
linn 11I lieliiKii tiiiiiluliiloln (Inj chiiiIiib elcelliin
lor ItevuNiol.-i'. mul i.miium 1I10 sii|i|ioiI, ol' the
olociois I shiill ililt thudllluiciii 11011 ions ol
Uio I'lecloniiii nnil hold ihu'IIiikh, (lutes ol
Ml,       ' ,
1l.',M. ICIIIjMI:.
'Fancy. Oakos M Confectionery'
,             i      '         i* '   -1     y,  ,  L', 'j
k,      )>-	
' BROWN, '
z"4 Scones, Buns and
\ Fancy' Cakes ^��
For' Sale:
,,, ���   , ���  ,       1-
'IM shines,In'ji,���i 1,.jc..",,,!,,;,, will
sell whole or purl. For ptlw ictilnrs, p.
ply nt ollice ol' Koutknay Mail,1   �� v
: ,   '"Fpr-'Sale;:; ������
TWO Itiinlilinicortiii) Jliilvon/lo Avonuu/ivvfl, '
, , iiidiIuiii liniiiaviiniuiits, ?.',ai(r��iioli, 011 onriy
' lu11""' ' ' i, i*��� '( 1 , *<M , ' i P
TWO ltosltl(iiii;i<n on Tlilirt Slioel, ciihI,4 vorv. 3'-l
convenient for inllwiiy mon," Sl.tntl oncli . pl
easy tonus, ,        _      <       ,. w , ' t\
ONH Itedlilciieoon  Klrhl, .Sl.iiot ennt, Vnnli ie-
^ -
Dances and Private Par tii'sCateied to.*
cut Gaudies.
niilrod 5J0O, snli.leel, to iiioilKiiae.      ,���. .     .,.
Apply to  ,        ,     v.     * -      A -
"���  JIAIIVKY, JIoOAIITKlV&'JMNHlVAir,,     "
For. Sale.
>1*    A
.,y^>-J fir
��� y '^*m
,   Heveral inleri'stsj'ii silvei-leacl  prop-'c-
crlies.    Kor   pniiieubiis apply at cITIce
'of I lie Konti'imy fllnil.   '"'
Pull Slock*of Excel
wliiulijWill bu duly 11 liiriuiiiuil.
. i/^'notice. . ' ���; .'
NO'I'IOK ,i,'ln.ii.|)j kivuii. tlmt, llinly dnyt,
* nllui'iliilc I intiinil lo apply in lhe Uoiioi-
iililn tlio Ulnof (Jiiiiinils..li)iii,r oi 1,1111,1, mul
WinIss loi iKiiniisslini lo cut, nnd (iiitv iiwny
liiiioui limn Un. IoIIowiiik dctoilbLiI lands, in
\Y(f,l Ivuol uiiil.v, Uisl.i ict,: .      a.     - - . ,
Ooiiiiiioii('iiih'iaa|iust,pliuituil ono mul lliiuo-'
(iiiiiili.i' inilis liom Kiciidi cieek went. .1 lion 1,1
teii.oliiiin, noilli ol nnil. Iliuico wc-lrtli 1.I111.111-,
tlienio 'soutli st) uiniiiih, iliiMicocustsiJeliaiiis,
IquiiLU nottli bULliiinib In initial iins|.    ,
',,,'. -" SI. MtOMVt'Y."
>- JJnled August Mill, 100,1. 1 , *   "
���   , ' 1 r 'I t o
jAIelCcriy.ic A vfiiut,,,       HISVIfil.STOKH
_       __     . _ .^        .
1,    **���>*���    '        f ' '���   '   ~t��'��X  ,      *
<J( We Ki-iivv I'nslVi', having added
, ^ , lo oui'Bal.i'i > .'ind Coiil'i'clinnery
4        Vbusiiil'hs full lines of'   ,*' /'"''  '     ,
' ���,  \.Ci 1 -V,y iT.u** r-
Groceries and tamp "Supplies
QUA till* D TUNIlKUS will lji'-ieonhedriip to
p mul IiiuIihIIiikTIiiii'mIhv, llin IVIli inilanl.
for lliiir-piiicliiiso ol coiliiiii liiiililliiKSslLiuiUil
on tlii)U,iiimils"llioii|iol Mlneiiil Claims, about
two niilusi eimt'of IlleulllosMict'Station Kor
riii I her liilnniiiillon, I'miiw of tendoi nnil eon-
(IIIIoim of wile, apply lo Iho iimloislgiivd? -
, tlio hlgliosl 01 any tondei' not nooos'iiii'i
iieeoptod.s, ��,r   ,        ,   %
'-  , ,, r      .t.^V. AltMSTItONO.
. ']Jnlod,',Hovels|oke, L'nil Soiit. iaffll
jus IoJ1'
My. rand Mis. Ladncr had an
interestinsr guest'this week in' Miss
Todd, of Essex, England, vvlio nccom-
pnnicd Rev. and Mrs. Hughes on their
journey to Revelstoke. Miss TVdd
hns travelle'd through Switzerland,
Palestine. Brittany, nnd Egypt, and
was chiii-miy! .with the, tiip through
the mountains declaring the sccneiv
heie is far ahead of Switzerland. She
is delighted with Canada
rpiiMII',1 S  will lie leceivcd'liy thf, tiniloi1-
6.    slHiiad 'J'i nstee-, ol Hie Kslalo of  K  Klluilti
for the rollowiiirfionl esLitemtiiiile 111 Kuirvfuw
11. O.    I ho loivcsl 01 nny tender not iiolosiuIIv
nccepled. j ^,_t t_,������ �����    ~~ ��� ^ - r���1��� ' -
Loll, liloelc I. r,ol,2. Illoolc I; l,otf:i,  llloclc I;
Lot.', Hlools I; 1,01.1   llloel:   I:  Lot  I.  Hloct-  I,
'.His faiilidivi-ion. iVIup L'7, Town of Kan view.
Lots 1 nnd 2. block I,.will ho sold  loKotliei; the
jeiniiliiiiiK  lots  lnillvnluiilly.   Tlio   lot-, cnny
Willi UlCIII tlio IllliltllllKs. if any, U1010011. s
Also one-half inteiest in lhe "Snowdon"
Ciown t'l.intcil iiiinoiiil (.l.iini, situntul lime
miles.oust ol (Jiunii SlelCinney mid nilioiiiim;
the Vieloiiaiuid Demon Kindlon claims. 'J'cn-
!nls,',0 "!' mtulvcil 111 Viuioiiu by September
���(). Coiidilioiiss ot pincliiiso: One thud uish:
one thud eueli thiee unci si\ niontli.-.
*AJgenl.s lor ilhef' Gi'Iclirnti'd
-- v -  r -
Victomi, n. <;.
Vicloi i.i Koaii,' Ki'vclstoke.
1       1. ( !,
vegetables to be  seen   in  the country
and had also a grand crop of berries.
anse ,\A a cost ot some $2000
The players in the game to be pl.ived j W**'' ���"��� deepening ( spit itu.tl   life   the
Labor d.ty iv'ill be picked from the foi
lowing. Hyatt. Woods, Ilunows, Jrdl-
ville, Souci, Grabam. Wickens, Cao,
Baibei, Pend, E. Dodd. D. f odd, Mc-
Culloiigh,Cbambeis.Campbell, Latham
On the Choi ry creek pioperty at
Jron.ialieo mountain thiee tunnels
have been diivoti on the lead, the
upper ono being m .'100 lert.,Su 2 2sS0
feet, nnd .Vo ,'i 110 ibet. Tt is tlio
intention 10 connect Xo. ~.l with the
surface by an upiaisC of 17,") feet. The
mine is i.,100 feet above sea Icm.I, and
tltj' district in compo-ed of low wooih d
mountain* .md valleys, the highf*t
liilN not hei: ^ over ,(i.O(l() fi et Two
creeks avoiding ample water supply,
and the Kettle river is 011 the otbei'
side of lhe (livid,.. Atn.tl mill of two |
slariij s i^ Ik nig put in, and a 20 M imp
mill v\ill be built The on: !s of fi..(.
milling trold '
congregiiMo ��� can go forward with confidence and in hope.'
Sunday w.<-> an interesting d.iy.'vheu
oidination of Rev. R. Hughes, of Ifnli-
btiton street. -Winnimo, lo tbe work of
the mini>tiy took place. The church
looked beautiful in it-t profusion of
floral decorations). Tbe ceremony wits
conducted by Rev. James Turner, pics-
ident of eonfoience, assisted by Rev,
Or. Woodonortli ���uul .1 IL Whi'te, superintendent of missions for Manitoba
and British Columbia, rexpeciivlv, 1 in< i��y
and Rev, (J. Ladncr. "   j h.pior
The Proper Treatment for a Sprained Ankle.
' At. >i 1 tile a man will Ie-1 Veil ..UN-
Bed if lie can hohlile .iiounrl on cnil-
������he��. iwo or Ihrenw'eclss altef- smiiin-
ing his .'inkle, and it is usually two
or three weeks or months before he has
fully recovered. This is an uniieccss.n v
Ins, of l'mp. for in manv cases in which
Chamberlain's Pain Ijahn has been
piomptly and lr-ely applied, a conl-
pletevr nip ha�� beep ������Heeled in less
th.irionf weet.V ttiioe ,ind m sfirne
within three days. Fur s,,],, |1V fl|j
ilrtiggis'iu, 1 '
^ 1  have* Mailed  .1  pe ineiil, \Vood
farcl on Thud siu-el. With my p.i.st,
experience I hope Lo be in a position
to satisfy till 1 ������cjuiioiiiciits of custom,
cis. Mill and corchviidd supplied 'in
any lengt lis 111 reduced pi ices lor casb-
>1((v E. :WATERSON.    l
Bricklayer and Stonemason
V. O. ]lo\" 181. v JtKVKLSTOKK, 13. C.
All lines ot Jlnson work- tiiiilcilukun.
J^stiniiites Bivun foi hnildiiiKs. etc
lo I'niiik l.lekel or, 1111 v poison or poinons iu v,'
" vj*110111 ho limy liiivu nsxlKiicrt lilb InloioM iti"'!V.
the I'.iiiiiicsH'inliiei.il el ilni, hlliiiilc on'tKii " ���
1 west sldo of Upper A11 nsv I .like, w est folk of
- l'iiiKHliin eieek, lliihl iMpiiiiliiln,.T|ii\li|ipC|,
* A)'��>��' Lnlto JIIiiIiik Division, V\'o��l, Kool'eimy *"'
,Uislilcl, niitlohC'ohiiiililn:,      (*'      1    %'<    <
Von mu heioliVnolilled tlmt, 'l. the muloi- " *
sifiied, liiisooMiundod fin1 yonJIiosiiin of ��L'I.1~ * r,
'in^lnl 01; anil Impiovuiiuiils upon lhe said Km- ��� ���"
IiiensSlliioiiil'Ohiiiii, iiiidcr'lho provision*, of ".'.
lire iVliiioi nl Ael, and lf����lililn ninolv dais,
,10111 lhe dalo or llns notico 3011 rail or refuse ''
loooiitiibulo tho nfoiosiud sum, toirethor wilh
all cobls of .nilyoilisiiiK, your inloioul in Uiey
siiid iiiiiicriil'eliilniavlll liecomo tho propnty of A
t iiiaimliiiHlBiioil nuclei* Section I of lhe Ael on-,",
,!,   '  A" Aul Lo Ainond Iho illnornl Act,"
lllUd.^ �� ^ ., * * , t^- p ������*-., *( * * ���- * ^
Uiilcd uLlfiilejon nolSiuinKA -v-t, 1 'iA -
^ ^.-''''bjstjliijjif fteiilember, lilj.1. ,=-A _= i.
<>' <     -" -       a: ai. .sVjMons.
n 1        1
���    "   KALSOxMINING   DONE.
t  Oideis lecivc prompt allention.
Second street,       -     .RISv'lOLSTOKlS
"   CliRTlKlCJATK   (jj.'    fMl'liOVIiJIUNTS.   '  *'
*    /*,     - '   '   '   " ^     ,''>i,   I ���*       '       5   -.   I
, ,���:   .' notice.:" ,   ^
Meiulow (^iicoii nnd Jloimtiiin M Jlln'cinP ' 1
(Jniliii, Hitinilo in Ihu Anow L11U0 Alinlnir ' ���
Division of West, ICooloimy JilMna. X   , L
Wlioro located'\On Oiniiile Moiiiitiiin, nt lhe   ,
head of Minoinl Uiook.     " ,
TAKE NOIICIS dial I. Kennolh h   II111110I
'    The Sports.
Alitor. Ko'iri .s \ r SiMi.'
Sir,���Many of our citi/eiw haveie.id
C'/llCeill   Uhe allow
the   .seflilie of
���41 ou nds 011
ii'pnvi  and
tie-  .itithoritif ���
',ii   tla   m maiiou
Short3iand and Typewriting
and do Bookkeeping.
AVe 1 iiiili.icl, under tse.il to place ^1.ulna ti's inside ol (ll)di^s liom jji.uliialinp:
ill ^jHO per iiionl.h, 01 eNc pay | hem | hat
amount, (Mfh niontli I'll plat eel
MandMiiiu-calalofriic lot   ilu' askincr.'
Vancouver Business College,1 .Ltd..
,   I'. O  Box al I.
VANUOUVBR, li. (',.
.1 . ------.��..-,    ��������� uw       Cll   M   I 1111,1*1       Ill/Ill
tho (Into 101 eof, lonpply to thoilliiiint- Heeoidoi1
foriiLoilillciueof IinpiovciiienU, for the pur
pose of obtainiiiua CiOttiiiJi'iTiiif ot"ilio'"iilimo
claim. . ^
And further take noliee Hint net ion, uiidci
beetion ,li, iiiusl Ik1 commenced heroic the issuance ot sneh Ceitillealo of liiipiovomoiiK
JJaLed this Secnnd day of July, A. DaltX).'.  *
First Grand Annual Celebration
,      '      *AT KISVISLSTOKK,       *
/      SEPTEMBER 7lh .ind'sth.
].aero-se.  Jfaolbnll,   llii*,eh.ill,   Gun   Club nnd
ltifle Club bhools, Athlelic Spoils,
Grand Parade ancl .Trades Procession
*v t��� ���
Special l'".ues bv Itiul and Stenmoi.
i    If. >'LOV��, .Seeietiuy.
"SVti   vvill   find   the;   R
Headquarters for all school
IHI mini's   III fiorn    |,t,i yii
(���(Ulf*li(iiff nr show in�� evideiues   of   .10
1 - ^ ��� - I iMipiimchinjf   Httiifh  of Guppe,    s,���(.
)    ..li1" J,1,1"'","; :*l',r,l'lL"1' sl'iir-s Tar *-,,,,��� ),ut|s | Throat, or s��� kneis  of any    Isind. Ili^r
and-ofl. iik in, skin, wl.it,* ironifilly_; liansliiK I | hill}? t'.-l   out,    you     hotli..   ,.r
Hub   lhe   "diesl   and    m-i k   nit I
N*ci\iline, and trice  1ntc111.1l   d
ll_ of ifi*''isi, oil, nisi.,1!,      Iiisiiliiahl, formi. i ,r���,
fiirmci-. -poifiiifn.    I'll- u,in,p|��� ������    lr" ���
rici,!!,!, of   'u  for post,iK,..   All,. 11 'loilil��oap
( h 1111
Co. iii.uiiif.irtiirri j, MoiiirrnL
Moscrop. Bros.
See our Pencil Boxes and
our Exercise Books which
cannot be equalled for the
We also carry  a complete! r,    , .    , _
.supply'of.tll  of/icerequis -E,CClnC La'"PS' ��00r Bc,,S a,ld
Sanitary Plumbing, Hot
V/alcr & Steam Heating.
Pipe Valve Fittings,
In (be .iftiriioon the \isitor- ,���). pj'ind iv .is rqiorttd in the roiumiis of
(lie-vil the SiukIiv school childreii j l'"' H",iI'I, I- I'twlstok', 1,1 the
nnd Kec .\d. Iiu^|M,\ |.irM<*h(d in tli�� ! ,,'*,tf"r '' !���*"������'���'". becoj.inii; ,,10 1,1,1 n
evenini;. itnwn.    Oi. would think the J.id di'ith
 ��� ��� j of 1 fe�� di/-,  .t��o   in   tin-   - n 1,' uoiibl
Valuable Advfcc to Mothers.    jbaU'led  1. .1  -t.md  m  tms'iiutti 1
K M>ni*(hil(l ci,in..s  in fiom   i,|,ivin^iTI"  "tt!"lrl of >oiiii�� men mfuviciltd
on inn -rr,,ts    night    ,11,d   il,,y   is bi-
('Killing l(��<   ((million   ,1
plKTlt     Mill    bo_,s     (.III
ivil-1 nithoii1 ( .iici-n' It h linuni to-,i>
, th,*t it , full} nodi r-lood th.n if
1 .inythiii/    .trijiri, if ly n
ti 1,
'���jflii      \\ lint
'�����  / Mffiiii i>
(en (hops ���t ."Veivilm,. 1,1 su,.,it,.,���.d"'"*Vl",'i'"' ',I'i,r"lf"|H' inloMc'.itloii
wiilci eveiy bin lioin��. '|*h|s *.* i|( | 'v'ls ""'' '%''' 'lt lht ���m>l''tn: -.lonnds
llieviml, any s,,|i���iis tioubb1 No)'he boof'n Otlendin^ H"/lll(! b.ti'i |(>-
liiinineiit. 01 pain 1 .��li��-v-t-i* ecpmls Pol- I liccn=d nt mcc "/ithdrawn." Is it loi,
��ons iVcrvilini*. which is a n,.( essity | Jute, .Mr Editor, ro rnaki
LiUfic    bottle,
ill    every    honseluilr:
(ost only 2.->r.
& Co.
Electric Fixtures ��k!n�� Put In.
Second Street, Revelstoke
('���  iM. Field, ssecictaiy to Mr. 'I ayloi's
commit tec,   hied  objections  to VV   II.
Urmstiong, A. K. nnd ll.  nclari^ci, .1.
I Riclmidson,  C.   L.r Fox, Dr. Curry, A.
L .McfJiMrric mid Jl   Giinn   bcinj,'  on
the  votcn   list,   nnd   the   objections
en me up a 1, the couit of revision Monday.    Afi-    Arnisl.idiK,'   is   one of  the
pioneer piospoctois of ltevelstoke  and
appenied   to intimttim his li^ht     The
objections to bun nnd   I;,  fin tin   were
withdrawn and (he lest carried on the
ground.Df too .short icsidonco. I
What Ii,iv out cbiircbc-t and leiiiper-
mice fuU-1 'to ���,,yr'' (f,,vr. tfif*y no
poiui 01 111 fl ice nee' Iloes lhe licen-mg
conimil li ( renli/e tin ir m ipe-iisihiliry '
Soiiicthmg .should be rlr no nnd thai
Vouis ti ulv,
\yA,\TMi I MTriKI/l, I'l.l.'ViN'io 'UtAV
ol foi wi II, s| iIiIhIiciI |,r,u.t ,|, a dm, , ou,,| 1, M
( illuirf on 11 tml iiiiai Intuit, and iufcnts biiiui
tcmldiy hiilmy ?KKI 11 vein .mil (\ikiis,-,
���iii>iilile *3-1 ** 711,1 wink In (nsli  nnd (ispiMisfsiul
VIHKKl I'llsllidli    |�� lliliuKill.       lllwlll(,S4   Sill
ClSsflll    1111(1    lllsllinif.       Illlljli"!.    Hill IllldlUsHul
(in vol ope, .Sliuiiliml lioiiMis, :iWi (Jnxl.011 llldK.,
R. H. Trucman'will personally visit Revelstoke
Sept 2nd to 18th Inclusive
and v/ill make a special offer
this visit only. He v/ill give
one 8x10 enlargement with
each cloven Cabinets.
Don't overlook this genuine
Halcyon Hoi Springs
*J~a n Ha riu m.
and Copyrights
" obtained in nil uiunliius.
Registered .Patent  Attorney
H1ouliiinlc.il .Alloiiioy and Knt'lnoor.      Q
Jtooni ,'l, Kaiillold lilnck, (lianvillo.sl,, uliii* I��.0
A   piHlcilllI   will SUCIIIO 'nil  uvciiliif; iiiipoint*
inunt fur thoso who cannot tnll dniiiit; llic day.
Mil IK .MI'JDIdAI, WATKItS of ll.d-
1 cyou me fIn- most i unilive in the
noild. A per fee I, iiiiLur.il iciiiody lor
nil jViTVoii'i nnd iMusculiir discuses,
I>ivit, Kidney .ind .Stomach .iilmenls
nnd Aleliillu I'iiimiiiiii1!, A sinecure
loi "'I'h.il Tiled I'VcllliK." -Spedlll
inli s on all |.,u|. ,,���(i |llim<., '|-uo
ininls .nun, md dep.nl rnjiv il.iv.
'I'elciji.iph (.oiiimiim..ihon nilli ,ili
pin Is ol ihr, uoild. An experienced
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrobu JLaKcA'B. C. f
and a
complete line
of the
riO Wirojr  IT MAY CONCKIIN-Tttidei*,
L addiossed In Ihu Dopniy JHnisloi of the
Intoiior Mill boiocoivod al tho Depiu tniont of
the Jiiloiioral Olliusiiup to noon on Iho 30th
in-X, , oontember, I'KW. for Iho piuohase of the
?,,N''J of Section .1.1. Township ai, llaiiiro 2 \V.
Iillii lici idinn. hniB noi lb nt the i.-nhvav tinck
in tho Kailwiiv Holt in iho ProMncc of Ilulish
(.oliiinljia, mul cniilninlnpf mi inca of.'irncics
mpie or ItsM, at Iho upset price of $.1 Ofl pel acie.
Jtiieh tender must be aecomi iiiucd.bv an no-
ecplcd cliciiiio on aehaiti'ied Iliuils* of the llii*
iiiitiion in favor of the JJopulj- Slniislei* of lhe
Intel lor for lhe full iiinniintoUeied periicic in
excess of the iipset price,which will bo foi foiled
in Uio event of tlio tendoi ei fiuling lo complete
the pin eh.iir. ��
iVo lender by toltijiapli will be onli'ilnincd.
tonus pf t|l|u ���,n ly,. onu-foniili in oasli or
spnpat the lime of sale mid 'bo balance in
tlnce equal annual instalments, with inteiest
at j per colli por .iniiuni.
1)c,^a,;fu,^a^,!?K,���P'G' ^^!y-
Di ill ol' lhe iihove  (Joinpany will   he
in the J)iil| |I���|| ���| 7:80 every ���Tui'.sihiy
and Fridiiy nic-hl till I'm | her notice,
JJv older
II. A.   BROWN, O. O.
EOR SALE-lOOiicii-sdl land ml lucent In mihvnv M,it ion; ulsn live
K-ood cows. Address II. (j, Fciscr,
.Snlmon Aim. 13. 0.
WANXliD    lor   Fiench   "(Jieek-20
iiirneis.   Apply \i. A. Bradley,
ogers Bros."
Knives, Forks,
Spoons, etc.
lZsn cirt'fnlly cxamiiRii ami
piopi rl> fitted to the best grade
offMnsiia     /���-sff*"~*)
Fine       r   -9l  (4
> }      Apply .it once. ICoolen.iv Hiver
Lunihi'i' Co., .Nelson, Ifi. (J.
WANTED���Pin chaser   for Kcneiul
stoie in giowinf- town     Apply
olljee Koolen.iy JVInil.
WANTED���The pei's,,,, whoTor.
lowed fi'iim ihi* Kocileuny JW.iil
ollice .i l.ii'Ke map of Revel.slolse .ind
clistr ict to ret urn same.
WANT TO SELL-Univcisiiy
ition of Shukcspi'iirc ,vith illus
tiitlioiis ,md note.s. Price $22 on terms
namely $2 cash and:$2 per month. Apply at Kootenay Mail.


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