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Kootenay Mail Sep 9, 1905

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 Provincial Library
carefully dispensed at
Bews'; Drug Store
a Two qualilied dispeusors:   ";
12 1905
<J /a
Vol. 12.���No.' 23
LIMITED.    ,'
15. OO
' This is our .$15.00 Suit
You would look well 1 in
.one of these. They,are
absolutely new���left- the
Tailor shop a week ago.
The ' price is,; very/ low
when "you 'consider what
r J I ,
you 'arc'gelling���a'  nice
all ' wool ���.Tweed, ."The
cut is just as  t>ood as the,
highest   priced   suit' you
���\c61ild procure.   ���
1 The, makino,.cannot-bc
���beaten in Canada..
The trimmings and'lin-
I o
ind- we guarantee.. ' ,' ' '
' .The appearance? 'Well,
it'looks a "$25' Suit. /;. ..
\ W^know it will please
you and we only want the
��� chance ' 10    demonstrate.
-Come in.   A '
C. B. Hume & Co. Etd.
Furniture and
Capital Authorized, $1,000,000.   Capital Paid U[>, Si r,m,W0.   Host,, $3 J00,000.
I read Ollice, TonoN'to, Ontakio.
���Brimrlios ill tlio No.-thwo'.l Torrilorios, M.iiiitolia, Ontario and Qimboc.
And tin) rdllowniB point*, in HriLi-.li (.iiliiiiilii.i: ( r.uiliriiiil. Ucilclon,
NoImiii, HovolslnkrsTni.il Uiku, AiiowIhmiI, \'iiiicuuior ami A ictiiria.
T It MntRUT, I'rosiilunt. ��. ll. AViMtn:, Vico-I'rosidont mid Gpiior.it Manager.
15. Hay, Assii,tiiiii:aouonil MmiiiKor.    AV. HorT.li, Chiof Intpoctor.
Revelstoke Branch, H. C���A General Banking Business Transacted
SiiriuKt- Doimrtiuoiit���Dopuslls Itocuivod nnd lntonut Alluwpd.
Drnfls mild nvailiililo In all parts or Cnniidii, United Statu-, nnd nuropo.
Spocinl nUnnlli.il Kiv.il. to c icLions. -A. E. I'hipps, MnniiRor
ably furnished wilh lhe choicest the market
affords.     Best   Wines,   Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
More Discoveries made by Mr.
-   Deuchsman.
���- v    '
Dominion,Government Will Reserve it as Public Property   -
' C. Deuchsman, who came in from
the cave this weok, advised'tis he has
discovered two iviore passages, one' of
which' is an immense nlVnir, and runs
north following tire" clip of thq strata.
It dips at an anfclc of 30 degiees and
is filled,with rocks washed out of the
canyon JTc says this new cave is
easy to tiavel and he penetrated it for
a thousand feet, lie considers it tlie
grandest' part' of the caves yet discovered, i ">,,'-
The Departm -nt of tlio l-rterior has
determined to refine all Applications
for private title to, the cives, and' will
reserve them for public use."
{ ^ _
L , '   ' 6     J '
Improvement of C. P. R. Right
\  , , '   \" 'of way. ~"    " *"
'' The Palliser tunnel lias, been duly
inspected and rpa.-sed,"land trains are
now using it. It is one of the best
pieces of tunnelling woik,.on tlie C. V.
R.' It has been lined throughout with
concrete. ��� It cuts ofl' a bad curve, and
gives an improved site for n new bridge
which has been built over the Kick-
ingliorse. ,       ' , ,    x'-'
Aisimil.ir tunnel is , being made in
the Columbia canyon, three' miles
west of Donald, ancl other tunnels will
be-built. "'It is intended to line the
tunnel east of Illecilliwaet'' station
with concrete.      ' "      '
<  '_      f
Fireman Hurt and Bridgeman
; '.���.'������ "   j Killed.,  " "���'���"' ���
,'At Golden, on Monday, while some
cars of a freight tiain ",ivei'e being
sliunted they got away on an .incline,
crashed into an engine, carrie'dff away
���then5ab)"killedva"'bridgeman named J."
Macintyre, and broke an arm oK Fireman Dart, who, it is feared, will Ipse a
hand as the result..'-    - ,      ������ *.      -    ,
Kootenay Will be a.Great Fruit
��� Growing Country.
T. Cunningham,��� provincial fruit
rnspectoi, suid to tho jAIiner:���
" During his piesent trip he louiul
about 2/5,000 acres of land suitable for
fruit raising.    At '���
, '- ' .\*i:\v j')'i:,\'vj:k
for instance, a, tract of something over
1000 acres was found tint was good
for fruit, raising. , As a result of this
announcement a meeting was held of
New'1 Uenver citizens ,and a company,
formed for the purpose of building n
new water ditch to b'ring in suflicient
water to irrigate '1000 acres. 'The
intention is to plant tho- land with
frfiit trees. Excellent samples of fruit
weie found growing in fNcw Denver.
From the western aim of Kootenay
Lake frsm Nelson to'Proctpr and from
Nelson along the
'    JCOOTIIXAY'lilVKH      "
to'Bonnington, the land on both sides
of these bodies of water is splendid "for
horticultural ' purpose's. The fruit
grown in this section is of 'n very line
iiuality. ,Nenr Donni'ngton falls J. J.
Campbell lias a tract of 450 acres of
bench land that is just right fo'r fruit.
'He has,several men engaged in clearing.'it and getting it i*cndy.)for planting, and hiis-a number of trees leady
to set out. " r '  '   ,
When he' gets thisin'shape it will
make' an admiiable orchiud i.indj
think from the lay of the land; it will
Of   Love   and    Courtship    in
Revelstoke.      ' v
Old timers tell'some funny stories
of experiences in the early days. One
of them ielates of a pioneer who had
arranged to get maniedf The'bride
was in waiting, the invited guests in
attendance,.the wcdding'bicakfast'was
spread in great style. The clergyman
who was to perform the ceremony
appeared at the .appointed hour,' 'and
the service began. Tlie clergyman
whispered in the bridegroom's ear a
request for the license. "Oh yes,"
replied the bridegroom,, "my minei's
license���yes here iMis."   ,
It developed the gioom did not know
ho lequired a' mairiage license and
the ceremony could not proceed without one. ' The bride got mad, the
groom failed to understand what was
the trouble, the guests slunk ofl'
smiling at the groom's simplicity and
inexperience, and the champagne and
other good things were packed away
untouched. The wouldTbo happy
couple went elsewhere to have the
ceremony performed and escape tthc
chaff of their friends.
The subcommittee *'of the Tourist
Association went to Eight .Mile Falls
Satuiday and arranged for dealing a
trail from the old - bridle trail to the
falls. These falls are amongst the
finest to be seen in the mountains,
and it appeals strange that though
they are within such easy distance of
Revelstoke they were not better
There could be no more attractive
or populai holiday or tourist resort,
and a climb up the precipice at the
falls will give the average mountain
climber a treat. The committee have
had photographs taken of the fulls,
and will add these to the guide-book
which they propose publishing to advertise the tourist attractions of
The Tourist Association met1 Tuesday when there was a good attendance
and much interest evinced in _ the
business. Jt, was decided to continue
the trail at Eight Mile Falls to the
shoulder of the bluff overlooking the
falls,and place rustic seats thcic for
accommodation of visitors.
Resolutions were passed uriting tlio
diiminion go\er iiment to make n tuiil
fiom the railway to the caves at
Cougar Rasin, and applying to the
city for a grant.
It was understood the illustrated
booklet propoiwl by the Association
should nut be issued till spring, and
that n trail should be built to the
summit of the mountain north of
Revelstoke, where it is stated there is
a beautiful park of 1000 acres.
The trenfiirer. Mr. I'ratt, reported
sf lGf> had been subscribed towards the
i-aise a-superior'quality of fruit. 'It
was not suspected by the residents of
that section that the soil was of the
rightquality for horticultural purposes
until we examinccV'it, and' it caused n
mild sensation theie. . The outlook is
that a large' acreage of trees will bo
planted therein the immediate future.
Nakusp has excellent shipping facilities,'and fruit giowing-thoro alioulcl
iesult in ivpiolit ,of considerable si/e.
Along lower
AlUtOW LAKE   ,   .'
'on both sides there are excellent sites
for orchard planting. Along^thc Columbia river between tiailan?; Robson,
too, there aica'nuniber of places which
are just right for'fruit growiTg.     v , ,
'"Lastycai there were> 500/ 00 fruit
trees'planted in this province, and of
thiB number 50,000 were peach trees.
In my entire trip I have not found a
single dead peach tree. *I was in one
peach'orchard in the, Okanagan country near Peachland where the trees
were only1 five years old,. and they
yielded an average of' seven'..boxes toj
the tree. ,, British ' Columbia is 'destined to become one -of .the''greatest
fruit growing countries in the world
owing to the fact, that it has' such'
splendid soil and so superb a climate.
'���We have no codin 'moth,' no San
Jose scale oi other fruit - pest to
amount to anything here. l'The
orchafdsarc clean.-and,.the fruits aie
of a superior quality and not speckled
and bored by pests of,all kinds as some
of the fruit that is brought in heie
from the States is." ,
Mr. Cunningham, fruit inspectoi,
says:'���Coming clown the Ariow lakc^
I met a Mr. Pioctor, of California, u
fruit grower. He expressed the greatest surprise that the fruit growing
capabilities of Kootenay have not been
developed curlier. - lie considers that
we can beat California in apples, plums
and cherries. It is a fact, though he
didn't admit it, that Okanagan peaches
arc away ahead of the California product in every respect."
-The Circus Beautiful" Bigger
and Better Than Ever���   ,
Mysferious India.
The awe-inspiring, gorgeous spectacle, "Mysterious India," so pioini-
ncntly announced this year by the
Gieat Floto Shows is the climax of
human endeavor in circusdom.
With tho aid of tradition,- histoiy
and imagination sonic fairly adequate
idea of ancient splendors ni.ay be
.formed and then all pale into insignificance before the glories of Mysterious
India, dazzling Ameiica's millions
with the splendoi of the .Oriental
glittering, gleaming, bcjcwelcd throng.
Magnificent loyal chariots di.iwn by
genuine Arabian stallions, "steeds of
the Black Kaglc Feather." Iloid.s of
elephants and camels, .carrying
Jiikanci's, waniors in chains of armor,
sacred cattle and brilliant carts of
golden plush, bullocks coveied with
silvei strappings, odd conveyances
harnessed' to elephants, camel teams
and natives direct from India all take
part in this glittcringly entrancing
spectacular production.
This one single feature which opens
a long and piaiscwoithy progiam le-
quires the expenditure of more money
and the employment of more and
various kinds of people, than would
cover tho entire outlay of many so-
called circuses.
Two exhibitions will ho given hero,
und in case of inclement, weather, llic
waterproof tents insure perfect protection arid comfort. Don't foiget the
date, Sept. 18th, at Revelstoke.
The new piovince of Alberta was
duly inaugurated nn September 1st,
the Uovoriun-doiioial and Sir Wilfied
Laurier taking pari, in the cuicounties,
and the J'rovincc of Saskatchewan
was also iniiugiuated with litling
A. C. Rutherfoid, the Libeial leadei,
has been selected to form u government for the new province of Alberta,
and Waller Scolt, M. I'., has been
selected to form a government for
l-'i-oiffoui-own coiio-iionilcnu
Mr. W. 15. XV. Armstrong, late
manager of the Airowhead Lumber
Company, who-has accepted a 'similar
position with the Columbia River
Lumber Company at Golden,, was the
guest of a repiesentative- gatliei ing of
the employees of the Arrowhoad'Litm-
bcr Co-nil my iu their ollice on the eve
of his (lepartuie Wednesday evening!
Upon being summoned unexpectedly
from his house by 'phone Mr., Armstrong was made tne iccipicut of a
'vcll-lillod purse of gold'aciompMiicil
by anfUmbor^-pipe. Mr." Aini'-trong
thanked the' assembly in n h w well
chosen woids fonthe plcus.uii si*'ip !*>i>
which had' been /alVui'dcd , linn, and
after a shoi t social session' tlui meeting adjourned.'  ' (
���Theie weie a large number of fiicnds
at the stiition ,;Oi'r Thur.**diiy to'bid
fiucwell to oiu prominent citi/.eii' and
popu'ar manager of llic Airowhead
Lumbiii-. Company, Mr. W. 13. W.
Annstiong, who was,leaving for' Col-
don, accompanied by Mrs. W. 13. W.
Armstron'g aiid Mis. John Annstiong.
Mrs. ,\V. 13. \\V Armstrong will,-continue her journey beyond Golden,
going east to her home at Pany
Sound, while' Mis. John , Armstrong
will,spend the winter at Golden, if
Miss  Mary  Kiik  visited fiiendsin
Revelstoke Wednesday and Tliuisday.
M:    15.   Ivan < Armstrong   was    a
passenger to   Revelstoke on   Wednesday's* train. -    .   , '      ,,
Several' chicken   hawks  have  been
seen   hovering over  the  town   lately
and at least one bus fallen victim to a
spoilsman's' gun.   -   Chicken    hawk
plumage  'how   bids, fair   to' become
popular as an ornament in   the   head
gear of tho gentle,sex. . ���    -
Supt. Kilpatrick visited   Anowhcnd
on  J-'ridity.   * ' -       * ,
Miss Gates is confined to the hoiiie
with a sevcic cold and attack of
neuralgia.        . - t
Rev. Mr. Simpson is attending the
Piesbytery at ICeloivna this1 week.
Wc ^cannot pass' unnoticed the
favorable comment which is being'
heaid from all quarters of the music
and singing, at the* Presbyterian
service last Sunday evening.        ,
-Miss Tingley and rMiss' Mc'Culloch
visited Revelstoke- during the week,
letuniing Thursday morning.' ,-
, S2.00 Per Year
'    '     Kroni Our'Own'Conosponcluiit.
.Everybody was  pleased to see Jack
pliddtn in   town   last week!   He lias
almost recovered<from his accident.
Mis.'"L.""F. MaDougold iind "Mrs.
Miiirhcad -ire visiting Mrs. J, Cadden
in Three Forks.
, The new Catholic Church is almost
completed, and the opening is expected
to take place the end of this month.
I Mrs. F. W. Jordan is spending a few
davs at Edgewook," and also taking
advantage of the grouse shooting.-
Geo. Ingram, who lias been employed in tlio store of I'\ W. Joid.ui and
Co. for some time, left Tuesday foi
On Labor Day the Tennis Club held
a tournament. They were aftcrw.uds
cnteitaincd at the home of Mis.* L.J.
The local nimrods weie all out
bright and caily on'the morning of
Sept. 1st', but have not heaid of any
big bans coming to town.
The Dramatic Club are preparing tu
dve the people of Nakusp an evening
of solid.fun. The minstrels sue getting
in good shape ancl will introduce the
latestt songs' ancl some side splitting
farces!   Will announce dale  m   next
'SSU0" ,,       .     .',   r
On Labor Day a special tram lert
bore for Siindon. The athletes of
Nakusp pailicip.Ued'in many of the
events, iind certainly, they carried oil'
the lion'b share ol the prizes. They
secured second place in the hose icel
race without any practice. In fact the
team was made up on tho day of the
race. In tho toss for position on the
track Sruidon won, and of course
secured the best side of the io.ul, but
nothing daunted t the Nakusp hoys
'made one nf the gicalcst mces over
scon m SiLiidon,,and weie only beaten
by a few feet. The other e\ent.s won
by the Nakusp boys were as follows:���
100 yds dash, Norman Thomas 1st,
Chas. Biott 2nd. lUmning high jump,
O. 13iett 1st, X. Thomas "2nd. Hop,
skip and jump, X. Thomas 1st, C.
Hrett '2nd. Running bioad jump, N.
Thomas Ut, U. I'.rott 2nd. Standing
lno.icl jump, N. Thomas 1st, C. Urett
2nd. Nakusp people all Mate they
had an enjoyable day, and Sainton did
her utmost to make things pleasant
for them.	
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. I). Morris wore m
Revelslriko Tuesday on their way to
the: l'oitland Fair. As Mis Morris's
paionts live in Portland it is intended
to spend three weeks there. During
the: past reason Mr. Morris's accommodation house has Leon utilised to
its fullest capacity by tomists arid
trainmen, and lie has opened ,i bunch
st.)io at the hoop to suit I be convenience of the large ciows working
tlie.ie. ,
J rr addition to the Idling in a huge
steel btidge is to bo put in attlic Loop,
the Toronto Foundry Co. having the
contract foi its erection.
The Liberals are petitioning to
upset the A llier in election as the
result of evidences of corruption which
havo been discovered.
��� Hunters and Trappers Suppliesi A-f'":
Single -and ��� Double-Barrel Shot Guns '   ���
I O ,, i   ,
. Repeating and' Single Shot' Rifles,' <7 ";
Eley's [ Loaded Shells/     ,, ������/���'..'.
' .Winchester,, -U. W. C, and Sayage Rifles '
Cartridges; etc.
(��       -hi
i '      P",. I*  *"
(.It's none too early'for a man to select'his
A '       ��� '. ;<",   ''      '"
.'':  Fall and Winter Toggery-v
j  The .picking is better now than, it ever 'will
��� be, again. _    ���   ���    .'-,'.���
Everything Fresh,   Ideas New
The Careful Dresser can find tilings to.please him ,hen��   *
i. ��� ���*���".->        ������'*��,"'
Bath Robes, House Oo,ats, Neckwear,'Shirts,
Underwear, and many .other,' things that go
. to coniplete^'man's wardrobe:    ,\  '���'    ''  "*,
Not the commonplace Furnishings that
every, store sells. '<*���   .       .      , .        * ' .
We've Smart, Snappy Things
Our prices are always reasonable: we know no fancy prices
Style Hints,of
Fall Fashions
Sack Coats  are longer  this    ',
season���with a more pronounced curve at the waist.
Vests cut lower���and trousers are
more graceful than ever before.
Lots 'of  other style "wrinkles,"4,
that you will appreciate more by
seeing iu the garments.' '
We,will be pleased to show you all
the newest I\it-Reform creations���and
point out the fashion changes.       ' '
At your convenience, of course.
Suits and Overcoatsv SL2. to S30.
Trousers z...\ '..$3.50 to $7.50
���'.         ' *\#*%
This trademark id**n- ^Qf     r-i-r
tifies   every   ��-<-nu'rr        5��%    , FIT-     ^          _
Fit-Reform garinint. �����$ REFORM (JM       M '""ed -V makers,
The only Fit-Reform Wardrobe here is ai
J. G. Macdonald, Revelstoke.
Incorporated by Act of I'arli.imont, 13-V".
1II0AI) OFFICE,        .     - - MONTREAL.
\V.m. .Moi-bO.v Maui'iikh.-hn-. Pri*.**. ti. II. Kwixg, Vicu-Preb.
.lA.MlCh. Klliot, Gimii'i-hI .Miin:iger-.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
KivrvlliiiiK in  w.iy of li.inkini;  liti^itxjnb tr-airsncLwl  without un-
iicni,.-iiry ili'l.iy.
fiilc-r-c-Li-i-i'dilfrl iwii-c ,-r y.Mi-.-il. c-nrrent nileb on  Savings Bank
\V. II. I'll ATT, .Ma nap, or, - Kkvelstoke, B. C.
Newly built.      First-clas-s in every respect.     All modern conveniences.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's. Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same  management THE K00TJ2NAY MAIL  u-  a be IKootena^ fll>ail  J'URLISHKI)   SATUKOAY.  , ���������AT��������� i _  REVELSTOKE. B.C.'  ' SUBSCRIPTION    RATES,  lncluhng postage" lo Kii������lan<l, United plates  nnd Canada.  Bv the year [throiifc'h ]>o*,loftlce] .... ��������� ���������   &-W  Halt      ,*' ** "'  , ��������� ���������    ������������������'-:���������?  Quarter - *' "        .,,������������������.*���������      '"'  IncludinK Chniimoji Mail 50o. extra.  ~P~'        ADVERTISING   RATES.  ' Measurement*;   Nonpariel (12  lines make one  inch].     Preferred  positions,  i'i  per cunt,  nddmonal.   Hirtlii. -Marriages und Death*.,  ,   *5Cc.  each   in-ertion.    All' atlvcrli-oinenl-.  Firbjectrto the approval of the inaiiaKCinoiiL  , "SVaDttd and Conden-eil Advertisement,1*:���������  AgeuM Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations  'wanted.    Situations     Vacant.    Ueaeliei-s  1 ".Wanted, Mechanics Wanted.  10 words or  less 2x., each additional  void two cents.  Changes in standing advertisement* must  ,    oe in by 9 a. in. "lliur-day of each week to  secure good display.   Standing advertising  matter w ill be chanted twice a month without   extra    charge-     Kor   moie   frequent  alttrationR  the  tunc occupied   in inakinK  , fame will be charged at usual rates.  JOB PRINTING promptly executed at rciu.011-  - ������blo rate. ,     ' ���������  TERMS���������Cash.    Subscription-) .payable m nd  ranee.  i  OtJitl'.EsPONDKNCK invited on matter*, at  . public lntcrent. Coininuniuationh to Keillor must be accompanied by' name of  ivi-iier. not necc-feanly for publioation, but  (is evidence of Rood faith. <Correspondence  should be brief.,  We request our numerous readers to  favor us  with theirmssistanco In  '  making the KOOTENAY MAIL tho  '       most valuableadvertlslng-modlum  In   the   Kootonays  by 'giving - tho  preference    when    making-    purchases    to   those   firms   who   aro  regular advertisers in tho  KOOT'  i    ENAY MAIL. , "'.  .Drt-  THE  'MORRISON,  n   ���������     , DENTIST.  Omen :  SEW   LAW'HKNUK   HLOCJK,  MeKen/.ic Avenue.  E  DWARD A. HAG GEN,  .' Mining Engineer,   ��������� >  l.Mem:'''American  In-titute Min tin Kngiiieers)  (Mem. Canadian Mining       titute.),  Revelstoke, B. O.      ,*  Examination of  and reports on  Mineral Pio-  <,   .-    pertics a Specially.  II  UGH ' S.    OAYLRV.  Barrister ancl .Solicitor-.  'of First'SI li-ct and  KevelMnke, B. (5.    ,  , OFFICE���������Corner  Boyle A veil tic,  HARVEY,  McOARTER      '  '   .   ' AND PINKIIAM,  BAltBlSTERS, SOl.lCITOItS, ETC.  Oi-fices :   Molsons   H^N-i.-   Block,   Kkvki.-  1 * STOKK, H. C.   ,  -Money"to loan.  "   Offices: Hevcltjiokc, U. C; Fort Steele, Ii. C.  Gko. S. McCakteh,  A.-M. Pinkham.  - Itcvelolokc, R. C.  J. A. IlAKVEY,  '   Kort Steele, It. ti.  s  J: M. Scott, LL.11.  tCOTT   'AND  \Y. I.  UriKK-.  BRIGG  Bakkisters, Solicitors, Ktc.  '   Money to Loan  ���������"   Solicitors ���������������������������ok JMolsons Bank  First Street.   ���������      -      Revelstoke, B.C.  'TE&ejIkootenas HDail  ^������k.   ^^~  D=>  SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER 9, 1905  The Dominion Government having definitely' decided to reserve  from private ownership or.control,  and :o be available csolely for  public use, the caves discovered by  Mr. Deuchsman in Cougar Basin,  have adopted a course which is  undoubtedly the best in the public  i interest. Mr. Deuohsman's enterprise in improving and making  accessible the passages to -these  caves should have proper recognition however, and the dominion  authorities should either accord  him a lease for a hotel, compensate  him'for his discoveries, and work  there, or offer him a t,ood po*-ition  to take charge oi' the caves on behalf of the government.  ;  CORRESPONDENCE.    .  THE J/JKO'S DAV.  i; litor Kooii:na*i Mail: ' ,  Slit���������At the niecting'of tlie Lord's  D.iy Alli.mw. in the Ali-tliuili.*-t Church  Wedne.-duy, August 3Utli,.' Mr. T. A  ,.Muoiu iiilJicbseil a Iiii{.'������.��������� gntiiciiny ol  citizens on the ��������� olisui vitnce of tin-  boid'a Dai'. 1 w.ib liande.l n le.illct.il  the oliui'cli door after the meeting w'us  over, and on tlio first p.tge ol, tin.*-  leaflet \, snyb:���������"Iri-aticli fi*riii.s .it*  Sunday bale of drink, tobacco, 'oie',  Sunday loc.tl passenger trullie kill  games, concerts, spectacular exliibi-  tions, variety alrdws, excursions etc.  If such work is- not according to lInlaw of God on Sunday how csi'n it bo  on any other day' of the week? Sunday  is the (irot day of the week, and the  law of God says "hix davs. slialt, thou  labor and do all thy work, but the  seventh day is the Sabbath ' of the  Lord thy God," and the 20th chapter  of Exodus will hear me out. ( How  cm a man keep Sunday, the first day  of the week, holy unto 'God when, it  never was created, for man, to keep  holy. '   '  . This is what Christ said when lie  iw.is on earth. St. Matthew, XV., 17:  " But in vain tliey woir-hip me, teaching for doctrine tho coiiiniiindiiients ol  men."    ' ���������      '  'tit,. Matthew xix, 17, "And lie said  unto him, why calkst thou Me-gouilV  There is none good but one, that is  God, 'but if thou, will outer unto life  keep the commandments."  'On the fourth page of the leaflet U  said: -,At creation Go'd rested on the  Sabbath- Day and habowod it. At  Sinai He wiote the law of the Sabbath  and Jesus albo taught its fiiithfu  observance both by example and pre  ccpt. ' J, myself, the,same do behove,  for our Saviour kept the commandment to the' letter, and lie kept the  seventh day for the Sabbath���������Saturday, and nob;Sunday, the lirsti day of  week. > i    i,  ' St. Mark vii, (land 7, " Heaiisweicd  and said unto'them, well hath'' Es.iia**  prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is  .written: This people honoictli me with  their lips but their hearts are far from  Me. 'Howbeit, in vain do they wor-dnp  Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."  Hebrews iv, 8, 0,<*10, ���������' If Jesus had  given them rest, then would Jle not  aftenvaids have spoken of another day.  "There remairictli thercforc(a icst to  the people of ,God., ���������   *     .   ���������>  .'.'For he that ie entered unto his rest  he albo hath ccin-ed from' liu own  works as God did from His."  I., St. John.'.ii, 4, " He that saitli I  know Him and keepeth not life commandments is a liar and the truth is  not in him."  How plainer can it be told to man  to keep the Sabbath Day,'the seyen'th  day of the week, that created for man  to keep holy.  History will prove to any man that  Sunday was established by Constant  tine, a Koman governor, to be kept  holy or so* apart 'for man to worship  God. Where do you stand, Mr. Moore?  Hand iu hand with Constantino to  wieck the law of God and not to  observe, it? Did not God , take the  children of Jsiael by the hand and  ic.id them out of the land of- Egypt,  and in tho wilderness when they were  liungcry did not God cause marina to  fall to feed them, .and it fell six days,  and on the seventh no manna fell. Is  not this a standing proof to man that  the seventh day is the Sabbath���������Sat-  tuday, and not Sunday. No man can  say that Christ evei kept Sunday, the  lirst day of the week, for the Sabbath,  or taught man to keep it.  , J am, etc.,  ll. Nicnoi..  the 'Lord's   Da.\  tii-uo-b'.y, bonis Buiko, who wibjn''  -iciitcti >n llan.ilton for lireiking the  law, ..nV'ml the city $000 fur lhe piivi  lege of M'lliug new-paper--on Sum! iy,  and nl.-o consulted a ' pronim.-ii'  lawyer to learn whotlici he coii'd  nbli'ihi :��������� "D iminion Charier" i.utlmr  ix.iiig linn In sell papers *> thu In-  could defy tho provincial law The  civil authorities and not tho Alliance  pro-*o -utcd him.  People who enjoy tlie  privileges, aud yet do nothing to assi-l  in guarding tho Day, are like thn-e  ,,-ho sit down to a banquet feast up.'ii  ihe goud things, and slip out leaving  others to pay the bill.  >'e.\b Tti" sday -'evening Kev. T. A.  Moon-, secrota y of the Lonl's Day  Alhai-ee*. will give an addiess in the  Selkirk Hall. The meeting will bo  fiee lo all, and eveiy seat should be  III led. It is expected that the united  choirs in the city will lead the singing.  Thanking you tor past and present  couitosies,  Sincerely joins, ,  ,     C.   II. W.  SUTIir.ltl.A.ND  l'ribident of the Local Hr-nich  of the hold's Day Alliance.  [We are glad to publi-.li .Mr. Sutherland's, letlor, but while most pe iple  -yinpatlii.'-o with tho anus of the  Alliance, theie are precious few who  will'stand for the orgaiii-alion being  used as'it has boon as an., -, imine i.f  oppiession of- the weakest ollei(dei.*  Kev. Sheiuer, secretary,of the Allianci  when " at Vancouver direeied hi--  eneigies���������in't against the lugciiiployeis  of Sundy labor,but against the barm  less newsboys, who. if they do .any  barm, injure no one but tliemsi lvi-s.  Nobody heard any suggestion of pio-  secuting the big employers'of Sunday  labor.' There arc features of Sunday  labor tliat are a thousand time.** wor.-.p  than the sale of a newspaper. Jndeid  the reader of a newspaper will often  gain more bonelit from'that than from  listening to some sermons. ,0nr correspondent quotes the version of the  Hamilton alVair as published by the  "Alliance organ simply on hearsay by  correspondent���������a thing no reputab  paper would do. Then the'org:n' of  the Alliance itself advertises on  prominent page,, one of tho largest  Sunday - employing corporations in  Canada. < .  We arc above-condescending to use  Kev Moore's language of calling bis  paper a "dirty rag" and imitating his  wild Injun peiformance in denouncing  .something that seemed to have hit  him bind, -evidently because it, ������as  true, so will simply s.iy to him* that  whilo.the people obthe west will help  the Alliance in its main objecu.we aie  certain tliey wont stand for the peanut  ideas which 6omc' people prominently  connected witn the Alliance seem to  think ' ronsiituie its. ttock-ui-tiu.de,  Ed  K.M.] ' "     ,  SUPPRESSING GRAFT.  There is general agreement that  government of all degrees is fieer  from graft in the British Isles than  with us. Now it is proposed that  the law be invoked against graft in  the British commercial world. A  member of the Balfour government  has drafted a bill making it a misdemeanor for an agent to agree to  accept or attempt to obtain a reward from a third person for  services in relation to his principal'.-  affair?. An offender may be  <-punished by imprisonment not exceeding two years, or a fine of not  more than .$2.00(1, or both. The  person offering a corrupt reward  or making use of a false receipt or  account to deceive a principal ir  fcubject to the i-arne penaltie.-.  A FINE NURSERY.  Mr. M. J. Henry'.- nursery, t-itu.ited  at 3D10 We-unin-ter road, Vaiieouw-r,  is an enterpri.-c which Vancouver and  the province may l������j proud of ninl  everything in the niir-iery lino can bo  obtained without going out.-idc lhe  province.  Mr. Henry keeps on hand fruit,ind  oriiHinental tree.1* of all kinds, gulden  field and llower ."eed.**, and apimy  supplies and i.- importing from Japan,  France and Hulland growers nearly  100,000 bulbs for fall pinnling.  Anyone vi-iting Vancouver will enjoy a visit lo this nursery, complete in  every paiticul.ir. It has the advantage iu being a home industry arid  people know ccactly what Ihey me  getting when tliey see for tliemsoNe-,.  Mr. Henry has i-.-ued a most complete cadilogiic. sotting forth every  department of bis nur**oiy .-took, tuning a very full list of plants, flowers,  trees and everything to be found in*an  up-to-date nursery. This catalogue is  issued for the information of the  public, ns he has no travelling agents  telling his stock. Anyone desiring  anything in the nursery line should  inspect Mr. Henry's stock.  -  SABBATH   OBSERVANCE.  Editor Kooii:xav Mail:  Siu,���������Allow me through your  columns to call the attention of youi  many readers to next Tuesday night's  meeting m tbe Selkirk Hall. For  tunately throughout Canada we can,  almost without exception, depend  upon the local press to aid by it-  influence nearly oevery movement  which tends to the essential welfare of  Canada's citizens. The pre-ervation  of the weekly rest day is of paramount  importance. It is estimated that about  150,000 men in Canada are in the  deadly clutches of continuous toil,  unbioken by the sweet and invigorating rest of tbe Lord's Day. Such a  condition of ah'aiis should be a call to  arms to every toiler. That the importance of this matter is appreciated  by those who toil and think is seen by  the following:���������  '1 he American '-"(-delation of I.tilj.ji- .it it-  National Com uniioii in 'riiip.i���������ed rlu- tnllouini;  lei-oluuon. which speak- tor it.-elr:  -���������Tlmt. we urge* our mcuiuur- to continue  their warfare iigaiii-thiiini.iy ������"oi k, reinoinbi-r-  ini; tli.it if -ix men work -cien d.ij-, Ihcy (In  the -,um- woik ,i- -o\i.n men in .-i.\ 'lay-: ihere  foie. evety t'ltt- -i\ uhmi work Sun la}, th" \  are t.-ikin-^ the oread out or the mouth nf on*  fellow uorkmnii.'  The Trades find Labor fonnri"- of .('auiiil.i  h������i.-> udopud -imihir rc.olutinn-.  "Tlie j*(il������h.ith wa- made tor m.iii " i-. the  .Manila Chart.i of inilu-triaMilK-i'lJ, No rliiv.  iu the community III- -.n much at -take in "Ilu:  ll.mli- for the aul.ij.ith" ������. ihe  workuii; mcu.  Thii law. ulike of Nature and of tie.- Ihlilc,  imiMjiati*" U i-.ill- fnl- a iw'i kl} in-l d.ij fur all  toiler- wlw (her the} woik with biiiwn or wnli  liraln. Thetfreid oftculn, (he loec nf ph n-ur"1,  the fi.L��������� ion ior -port are eoinhn.ln-. w.tnirre-  li^iou nnd imruonihly. at tin- pic-'-ul time ji-  hc\i r Ix'foii- in our i ountry. lorol* rlie work-  iiu,-ni':ii (if the wi.ekh n-t daj, wilh all lU  liriMle-- pru '" K< -. vcrj i.ii'-n Jon Wul Hud  Ihe-c fori"- puulii-^ on itu* ui.i-'k of itliilin.  iliio-r}   and  of r.oru i rn  fin   hihdi - hhi-rt-,   In  -l.cklllt^ to UUlkc    I liell'  illl*. ,1'lri (ill  till! S lllli.ll li.  No man e- a friend of Jubor i\ ho in au i iieiuj or  I he Lord- Oil}. Whither the wot kiu^inini  uppi(���������(.!.itc- the ii*-' d of tluir da} for I tu-d'\i 1  oJKmeul nf Iiih motiil ami k Iikioii- uatiireor  noi. looked at out} from the MaudpniuI ol labor  nnd pi-r-omil lib" i ly, il Hoflhc iitmo-t " oii-"r-  (|lll-ll( i- Lhal uothiutx but wink of I'f.ll II" ( I---II}  or of men } -liould l><- pi-rmitt(d on lhe wi i-kl}  ri'-lihi}. 'Ili-ii million win ki-r-i in Mu t.mliil  Stale-, aud iirobabl} uul )(-sil"jin one tiuiidn d  thoii-aud in Cnnuda, Ii.lm no rc-tl ihi} ti'������ nii-c  ot iiinii < i--al} labor diiiii- ou Miuday, and aie  Ihu- i(dm i d lo nnlii-lii.il -Inn ry.  Tho Lord's Hay AlliariC"'   of Ci mulii  bus   aln-ady   -aved   men    by   llie   ti-o  thousand   from   this  n.MhC-lcs"   gnnd.  Some I'i'i coinpaiiics soughl hjliuvi-a  clause inseiti-d   in   their cliiiiter   poi-  riiilting them   1" pK-se-iite their busi  ncns    on   the   test   diiy.     I'lolcut,   wim  made by   the   Alliance   in   ou-ry r..i-n-,  aud IfiU were tlefeatod, and out: of these  employed 1,1.00 men.   Such an orgdii-  v/.a tion should bit ve the keen sympathy  and practical I support of. every citizen  of Revelstoke.    It  stands   against all,  great or small, and especially the grout.  and strong 'who  would  deprive   in of  this God-given boon.   The  poor.little  From the New Province Capital  Dr. VV. D. Cowan of Reglna expresses  typical Western-taste.  Western people are noted above everything elsa for their desire���������for the very  best iu the way of things which go to  make up their home surroundings. ~A  large part of the year has to be spent iu  the home and they believe 'that nothing  is too good to make home attractive.  That Dr. W. D. Cowan, a most prominent Westerner, should prefer the New  Scale Williams to any other piauo bears  out this Company-'s contention that the  Xew Scale Williams is pre-emineutly the  Great Canadian Instrument, as the fol-  o wing letter shows:���������  "The Ne-y Scale .Williams Piano that I  purchased from vyou recently pleases us  m eterv particular and 1 cheerfully recommend this make of piano to any one  thinking of purchasing one. I considered  very carefully all other makes before  buying mine, aud decided upon a New  Scale Williams as the best investment  for my money. It has the richest tone,  and in every'way it is superior to anything I have'seen and it gives me great  pleasure to recommend it. Wishing you  continued success, I remain,'"  Yours respectfullv,  DR. ,W. D. COWA2J.  The Williams Piano  Co., of Oshawa, publish three booklets  on the history and  construction of pianos  which should be read  by all contemplating  the   purchase   of   a i^������������������_p^---~^jiij  piano.   They are sent  jnjP  free on request, or can Cr  be obtained from the local warerooms  hew i.s .Bro-., EcveUtokc.  Some Seasonable Advice.   ,  ��������� ft may be a piece of superltuoui advice lo urge people at this ttCiu-on of  the year to lay in n "iipply "f r'l"im-  berlain's Cough Remedy. It i-aliim-t  -ure to be needed before wiritl-r i- mrr  and much more prompt and .-.itKhu ���������  tory icsults are obtained when iak"ii  ,1-, .-oon :iJ .1 cold H cont rafted 'lid  before it has become ^.ettb-d in thi-  svs-tetn, which can only b" 'loin  keeping the reinedv at band  remedy iJ so widely known am  together good that rm oiif--di .uul b*-i-  tate'about bnytnt; it   in   pit id'1 "������������������������    I"  Kootena    Lodge No. 15A.F, &A.M.  The regular meet-  in'Si* are held in tho  ^liifonio Temple'  jddKi'llowEHall.on  the thhrt Monday in  e.-ioli month at 8  p.m. Vihitingbrcth-  lon cordially welcomed.  ,C. A. J'KOOUNIKIt. Hix'iir.TAitv.  SELKIRK LODGE, NO , 12,1. O. O. F.  Mccl<< every Tuesday  ovoiiniK in Selkirk  Hall nt 8 o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.  <). I). PAU1KH, N.G. J. MATIIIB, Sue  EUROPEAN AGENCY  Indents promptly executed at lowest  cash prices for all kinds of British and  Continental goods, including;���������'  Boots, Shoes and Leather.     r i  Chemicals and Druggists' Sundries.    '  China, Earthenware and Glassware.  Drapeiy.'Millineiy und PieeoGoods,���������  Fancy Goods, Pei't'uuierv and Station-  ��������� ery,    ,      , '  Hard ware and Maehiiiei-y,     "  Photogi'iiphie and Optical Goods,  Provisions and Oilmen'!) Store1.,  ���������" etc., etc.  Onnuniss-ion 2\ per eent to 3 pei' cent  Trade Discounts allowed. i  ���������Original Invoices supplied.'  Special Quotations on Demand.  Siiinple"c.-ises from ������10 upwards  Consignments of  Produce, Sold  on  Account. '������ .  WILLIAM WILSON & SONS  (Established 181-1)       , ,      -,  25 Abclmrch Lane, London, E. C.  -" ,  <-  Ctible Address: VAnxuaike. London."  THE     '      ;.   ,  ; LONDON f DIRECTORY  Containing over 2,00J'. pages of con-  "densed commercial matter, enables  enterprising, tr'idcrs throughout the  Empire to lie'ep in close'touch with  the trade,of the Mothoi land. Besides  being a complete comiiiei'eial guide to  London ancl its suburbs, the Directory  contains lists of������������������ ,  EXPORT MERCHANTS '  with the poods they ship, and the Colonial and Foreign markets they supply  ',   STEAMSHIP LINES  arranged under''the Ports'to which  fchey sail, and indicating* the approximate sailings; "  'PROVINCIAL APPENDIX       ' *  of Trade Notices of leading Manufacturers. Merchants, etc., in the piinei-  pal piovincial towns and*industrial  centets of the United Kingdom.  Colonial    Entries   are  accepted   at  Thiee "Shillings per line of 2S letteis.  ' 'A copy of the 1000 edition will be  forwarded, freight prepaid, on receipt  of Postal Order for  TWENTY SHILLINGS.  The .London; Directory- Co. lltd,1  25 Abchurch Lane, London, E. C  Halcyon Hot /Springs  5    ��������� Sanitarium.  Under the new management of  Harry "McIntosh,   Holl'man . House  ltossland.        , .  mllE MEDICAL WATERS of Hal-  JL cyon are the most curative in the  world. A perfect, h.-ituial remedy for  ill Neivous and Muscular diseases,  Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments  and Metallic- Poisoning. A sure cure  for "That Tired Feeling." Special  rates on all boats and trains. Two  mails at rive and depar t every day.  Telegr.i h communication with' all  marts of the world.  Tekms���������%Yl  to $1S  per week.    For  further particulars apply to  iiARRi." Mcintosh n  Halcyon Hot Springs  Arrotou LafCe. 3. C.  WOOD YARD  I have started a permanent Wood  Yard on Third street. With my past  experience I hope to be in a position  to satisfy all requirements of customers. Dry cord wood kept in stock .-ind  supplied in any lengths at reduced  pi-ices for cash.  K. SAMSON.  tii'ite in the Ituv-  W("-t,,lv(ioturiay  I.s  'I bi  ll  any fith  cist.*'  er  I  l-  r -��������� iii; hy  ill iii h;,'-  Recipe For  Picnickers ������-iindi\ ichc���������Ci.i.'l '-1 l'(  Hum with hard   11. lied   e,"j-   i'h"  fine   ������proud   lutnuii   luiiieiid   l.i  llclicioii" and  ������ii-u,iiiiiti'.'   -.indwiel  pil.il  p. 11  TJS  CKfiTIMCATI-: UK   l.\llJl(()V|.;MKN'l".S.  NOT I rn,  Uirna Dram "Mini-r.it Cl.-winc-il  i'Nluk(! .Milling- Du-I.-ion of  \Vlu-re iiK.itol- On I..i"orni"' 'Jici-k, Hit,' Hciwl.  TAKK .-.OTK'K th it I. flioiw: H. Mct'.-irtcr.  rutnif u. injf nt, tm I'.. I! Wjlie. Kn-c Mlncr'rt  I'uilillc.ili- Nn It-iT-ZHi; Jol'ii T. Wuod. Krce  Miiicr'-i ( <iii'|iji'(- Nu, li^-iil. fi. iiiii(l(. VV'jlic.  Krce Mini ���������--, ( ���������-��������� till. .it< N'c r ,<7'!i-J.'iiiiiI .1. ('.  Iti)^-. Km' Miner'- c.-i tuli'iitc No. fWtfll. in  tiaiil. -itt> ii.i>-, froiii tie* (lulu licii-uf. loiim-ly  t<. tl,c Mining K'"or(I'-r f'ir a 0.rtll!i.ii<-nf lin-  iirovcnicni", fm- ihe inirjHi-.c of ol.tdinin^ ,i  ('ro-.v-n fiifWi* of I in-.������hoi*- .-l.iini.  Mul furtl|..r take ii'Aice  rli.it ,u (inn.   iimlcr  lj<   (((Muik-ik ' ii iii-forc tlio Is-  11 ill'.it.. ������������l iin|������ro\ (.mm nl-*.  .ij i,t .lull, A. I), I'i'ii,  f.|'"'J. H   Mr! AKTKIt.  U,TIaC4!,4P������o7V&>-  Oi^c^u, s/e/u imy  ������e������e>-cftstr-?v.  fasc/fcedd /N^Jufi/-&4' OrnArnsnJ' iiJ/e^nyfz^tyiy /Lb M^er7v^Le^  rn^H/6 /trUsU W-^w/ 4c<a/ _  LIBERTY"  when spoken in connection with  FABRICS  , ^        ���������,,  is synonymous.with exclusiveness and  elegance. ,    - ' '   .    -    ������  Notwitlistnnding its fine'quality the  prices arc niost^reasonable.  .'Wo'are'agents  for  these beautiful  goods and will be   pleased   to  forward  samples on request, ' ,' __  LINEN TAFFETA ,  for   curtains,   cushions,' loose   covers  and upholstering furniture.    50 inches  wide, .$1.50 to 12.25 per yard   CASEMENT LINEN  Soft   natural   covered- linens'in art  nouveau designs or in solid  colors, .'i0  inches wide GOc to $1.15 per yard.  LIBERTY CHINTZ  A dainty bedroom material, .'il inches*  wide, 20c to 75c per yaid.  flfc���������-;  "'ie&  ! Oil I '..IS (  THE  LECKIE  BOOT  FOR  BOYS  ' We make5 a "great  for Boys���������-"Strong  horse,"as the .little  would say.,  A bit stylish, tbo-  as stylish-as a  Boy  for.  When a   Mother  Boot  as /a  , chap  ���������just'  cares  picks''  TO THE  DOMINION EXHIBITION  '. 01  ��������� i "The Mail offers a free trip, including traveling and .hotel  expenses for two days at New Westminster, to the most popular married or single lady-in the district extending to Golden  East,'to. Siciimous'West, and between the City of' Revelstoke.  and Nakusp. The lady to whom the trip will, bo issued is to  be'������electeds  conditions:  by-  t  ii  popular  voting .contest  i, , - '  t- ������������������ - c  on  the, following  Each,person remitting, $1.25 jn payment of a half-year's ���������  ' subscription to the Mail is entitled to 25 votes.,  '���������    Each   person  remitting. %2' in payment of a'year's sub-1  scription to the,Mail is entitled to 50,votes. '' .,   ������������������  ��������� i     i' ���������   ��������� , .  Each person remitting $3f!50 in payment of_ a two years',  subscription to the Mail is entitled to 100 votes.  ' ,   ���������,    , ��������� -  ..       '- ��������� , . -    i   ,   ��������� .  P (Each person remitting '1i5 in payment of three years' subscription to the Mail is entitled to 250 votes.,     -     "   "   ���������.    ~  '   , ' ' ',, * .  Remittances^will 'be  accepted finfpavment of  new subscriptions, ,renewals or arroars.   * ,  The votes must be recorded on, the attached coupon ancl  will be treated'confidentially.    "   ���������. '  ,   .  ��������� . " ' ,i --  "  The voting competition will* close at-noon  on   Monday,  .September 25th, and the votes will  be counted'and Iho award  made by an independent committee of citizens  immediately  thereafter. ,   " .      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The publication is being  printed on IMioto Hook I'a per and will contain over 100 of the  choicest scenic, mining, lumbering, railroading and other views  of the " Wonderland of America," tho Mountains of British  Columbia, with a letter press description of the principal features  industries and  resources of the district.  A limited amount ol advertising will he accepted at the  following rates: Full page (5x8 inches) .fl 10.00; half page, $5.00;  quarlei page, -fly.00. The publication will be ready about Oc-  lobcr 1st, in tinie for circulation at the Dominion Exhibition at  Xew Westminster.  now.  'rice fll.00.    Orders for this publication should be. sent in  THE KOOTENAY  MAIL  REVELSTOKEj B. C- ./:;.  THE KOOTEKA.Y MAIL  o  i TV v)<'^.' 'it ^-  li,') CcSA'O Jfp  f       '  <t-     11  Bran waste is one great  difference between  good and; poor flours.  "' 'iThefood part of flour is-"protein."  Protein  makes bone,  muscle  and  brain.���������There is ho protein in bran. /  '���������bran is the outside -part,1 tlie-rliu.sk"  or "bark" of the wheat.' a Z -'  ���������bran is the part of .the wheat .which  is  absolutely without .food-value  to   ZZ/J\\ '  the humans system. '  ������������������bran; represents' part' of the differ-'  ehce' between Royal -Household Flour  and whole-wheat flour or cheap, in-_  'ferior flours that' are ^poorly 'milled-  and not-thoroughly purified.' \ ���������    ,   " '  . No,, other .flour, in this1 country is..so  'thoroughly ,and completely'separated''  from the waste as is "Royal' Household,,-', because no .other mills are so  I well equipped or exclusively-devoted 'M  to "the production of scientifically pufef ^  -flour as Ro}^al Hqusehold mills.  jO^ilvie's Royal Household'Flour.' |I//A  LUMBERING.  -Tree Felling'Footboard.  The following particulars' of an invention which should be of interest to  loggers- is~ 'furnished " by - Kowland  Brittain, patent attorney, Vancouver,  B.C.: r.  Arthur E. Evans , and , Fortuna  Cnron, of Beaton, B. C, received during the Heek intimation of the" allowance of their application for a patent  on tlie tree' fulling footboard which  wits the subject of a recently issued  Cnnndinu patent.  The device, which is designed to  save the time and labour usually spent  in cutting notches and securing footboards where large trees are to be  felled, consists of a light plate to 'the  corners of which- arc secured dog  spikes(.by which the plate maybe  rapidly and safely fastened to the  trunk of a tree. On the plate is a  socket in which the footboard is  pivotally mounted so that it may be  swung round and set to any desired  angle. A simple and efficient release  is provided by which the position of  the board may. be changed when  desired by the foot of the tree feller  without the necessity of his getting  down off the board. '��������� " -~-~z?~  The footboard has been well tried  by practical loggers and has given  general satisfaction.  made here will wish  him  all succes  in his new position.  \V.,B., XV. Armstrong,^" accountant  and acting manager of the Arrowhead  dumber Company, hns been appointed  accountant of the Columbia River  Lumber Company with head-quarters  at 'Golden. Mr Annstiong was  brought out from Tarry Sound rather  more than a year ago by the late \V.  It. Beatty, who knew his exceptional  ability, to act as accountant of the  Airowhead Lumber Company, and on  . Mr. Bcatty's death succeeded him as  acting   manager   until    Mr. Avery's  M  XV. B. XV. ARMSTRONG,  Tlio new iiccoiiiilnnl  of the C0I11111I1111 Hiver  Lumber foiiijiiiti--.  JV.  appointment, and lias acted us manager of tho Arrowhead Co's mill during Mr. Avery's absence.  Mr. Aniistiiing wits slated fcr the  management of the proposed lumbermen's selling company with headquarters at Calgary.' Uo lias now  accepted the appointment to fill the  vacancy, caused, by. tiro retirement of  \V. B. Robertson, who came to Rove  stoke to open an ollice as ��������� accountant.  Tho many friends'Mr; Armstrong has  FOREST FIRES.  Good Work of Dominion Timber  Agent;  ��������� * ' 1 e.  At'the Canadian Forestry Association ' Mr. James Leamyj; Dominion  crown timber agent 'described' the fire  ranging system ,iu operation in -".the  railway belt. in. British Columbia  under-Dominion jurisdiction, which  has resulted in the saying of a ,great  deal of valuable timber. Even during  the dry season of last year the loss was  comparatively - small. This was  accomplished by the work of only  eight rangers over an-area of 500 milt s  in length and 40 miles wide. There  is need,die said, for a larger number  of rangers to adequately supervise this  large tract. Hon. Hewitt Bostock and  R. Jardine, of the B. C. M. T. & T. Co.,  and F. \V. Jones, of the C. R. L. Co.,  spoke in the highest terms of the  work accomplished under Mr. Leamy,  and expressed their readiness, jis holders of timber lands in the railway  belt, to pay their share of an increased  expenditure for a protective service.  ,  CHIPS.,  S.* A. Mundy, president of the  Mundy-Lumber Company, was in the  city Tuesday arranging for the purchase of teams with a view to increasing the log supply to the new mill.  This logging will bo clone on the  bench above Three Valley Lake. '  MINING MATTERS  THE STANDARD MINE.  Mr. Culbertson, fiscal agent for the  Prince Mining -and ' Development  Company, returned Tuesday from a  visit to the Standard mine, owned by  the company. Mr. Culbertson was  accompanied on the round trip by J.  M.Scott, secretary of the company,  and Supt. Rumens. On the trip in  Mr. Steel, mining engineer of Colorado  Springs, went up to thoroughly  examine and report on the mine on  behalf ot capitalists who propose  putting up the necessary capital for  building a tiamway to the Columbia  river, and further the development and  operation of the property. Mr. Steel  remained over and so thorough is the  examination and report he is making  he will not return till next week. It  is stated he has a vciy high opinion  of the piopeity.  Mr. Culbertson found the mine in  better shape than ever. Where 'the  ore-body was supposed to be 10 ft.  wide further work has revealed the  fact theie is at least 23 feet of ore, and  the footwall is not yet reached.  DRIFTS.  The Frank smelter is olVering to  take silver lead oies, canying /.inc,  and pay for the /.inc in addition to the  other metals. it is .stated this will  add from $10 to.|3-i a ton to the  values of many ores Of Kootenay which  have hitherto been considered too  refractory for prolitable treatment.'.���������    i  Jas. I.). Lewis, the mining expert,  describes the new mining camp at  Cobalt, Ont., as a will-o'-the-wisp.  IRISH GUARDS BAND.  The World of August 30th, in  speaking of the band's first appearance  in Toionto Kiys: ,'"Other, famous  bands which lia\e been at-Toronto  Exhibition must fade away in comparison of populaiity, duo no doubt, to  a huge extent to tlie f.ict that no  extra fee was charged to hear t hi������ one.'  One number which, captivated the  listenets in which the cornet soloist  occupied a position un the b.ilcony of  lhe administration building a coupl-  of hundred yards awav from the band  stand had a marvelous effect upon the  thousands of people in the grounds.  The din was hushed. Fiom all points  folks directed their steps toward the  musicians.. The notes of the cornet  rang out clear, and , when ,the music  subsided there was a spell-bound  silence for a few seconds, followed by  a deafening cheer which placed the  baud of the Irish Guards iii the hearts  of the visitors to the Exhibition."  The Mail and Empire, says of the  Exhibition at Toronto: "The .Irish  Guards' Band,-one of the most notable  military ��������� musical organizations of  Great Britain, gave its first concert on  the Exhibition , grounds at 4 o'lock  yesterday afternoon. After the deplorable fiasco made by the^ Black Watch  Band last year, it. wiis( lefreshing to  hear an organization'so ellicient and  musicianly. Jf the Exhibition As--  sociation intends to''.continue.,the  policy "of bringing bands of this calibre  to Toronto it should take measures to  provide a band stand that will give  due force and,volume to their performances.- The location and form of  the stand on which the. band played  yesterday gave them' no opportunity  to display to the full the resonance  and'splendor 1 that must characterize  their, rendering under better conditions.   .   "     ' , _ ���������  It ia not to'be understood that the  band failed to delight those who heard  it, for indeed it did.,win the approbation of the ; unsophisticated, lover of  melody,,and'the hypercritical searcher  for effects of tone and cadence as well.  But with some sort of'effective sounding board to give resonance the beauty  of the band's renderings would be intensified.,. And yet rit is a comparatively small ��������� organization," somewhere  in tho neighborhood of forty pieces.  Mr. C. H. Hassell, "the" conductor, "iu  selecting the members of his -home  force whom'he would bring to Canada  obviously chose his best men. Every  man is a thoroughmusician, knowing  fully'the resources aud individuality of  his instrument. Mr. Hassell is a more  nervous conductor - than Lieut. Williams, of the Grenadier Guafds' Band,  or Lieut. ' Mackenzie Rogan, * of (the  Coldstream Guards' Band.' His interpretations,have an exquisite grace and  arc at the same time virile'and'.broad.  . Tlie numbers -played, yesterday included the prelude to act, III of Wagner's "Lohengrin,Vi which was rendered with rare breadth of tone and delicacy of expression. The, novelty of  the program me ( was an overture by  the Russian composer, Litolff. "Maxi,  milien Robespierre.',' It is obviously  pi a piece with Tschaikowsky's%<>"1812'.'  overture, and* the composer ,makes an  even cleverer thematic use of the stir-  ring.phrases of the "Marsellaise." .The  band's rendering was;thoroughly "impressive, andiwould be thrilling'under  better ��������� conditions. The "Faust"  selections were done with rare spirit  and tenderness, and numbers such as  the group of Irish melodies are child's  play to the accomplished assemblage  of musicians Mr. Hassell has brought  with him.  "Richelieu'' and ''Money." Plays  whicli will retain their position on the  stage for years and years to come.  NEW MAGAZINE. ,  The   Kootlnwy    Mail  Publishing  Company have ananged to  publish a  monthly magazine the title of which  will be "Wonderland."   The magazine  will be devoted  to   the   attractions of  liritish Columbia as a'tourist lesort.  It will be beautifully'illustiated  with  the choicest tourist  attractions  from  Band' to the west const of  Vancouver  Island.    It will  be  widely .ciiculated  among the classes of people who travel  and seek the best that is'to   be  found  iii'scenery and entertainment. ,  fesTviB*/  PU^SIIffiM'i;  ATtiZp-BtG yOflgP ���������E^^^JL^fS-HfE.C^f H i&UfSfEiBfUi^JNfcf  A Judicious Inquiry.  A well known traveling man who  visits the drug trade says he has often  heard- druggists inquiieof customers  who-asked for a cough medicine,  whether> it was wanted for a child or  forfan'adult, and if'for a child they  almost in variably lecoin'mended Cham -  berlain's Cough Remedy., The reason  for this is that they know theicis no  danger from it and that it- always  cures.' There is not'tho least danger  ;in piving it, and for-coughs,,colds and  croup it is unsurpassed. For' sale by  all druggists. PP A '   '  ���������  wmmmMmmmmmm  mW;Wp!fe^PO:^!fSf||l^|^.?,  ^.^ifiv^^nyi'jf  September Dyeing.   .  r     ,        _        i 1  SUCCESS, PROFIT & .PLEASURE  :   ',     , When  You Use^'  /Diamond Dyes  Thousands of city and' country women,and girls will engage in the work  of home dyeing in September. Old  dresses, skirts, blouses, T capes, jackets.'  wrap's and clothing for men,.boys and  girls will be 'carefully,looked out and  prepared for the dye-bath.  Jt is safe to assert that every'wife,  mother and daughter w,ho has heard  of the wonderful and popular Diaaiond  Dyes, will use them'-in prcfeience to  any of the crude, weak and adulterated  package dyes sold by "some dealers- for  the sake of big profits. ,  - It. is .unnecessary to addji word regarding the great isupcriority of Dia-  moxd ^ves over "all other makes of  dyes. They -have a world wide repn-'  .tation for grand home resultsj'thcy  'give colors'"that never fade in sun,or  washing.. Home dyeing is certainly  profitable work when Diamond Dyes  are used. - '���������  - Beware of imitation package dyes;  they ruin your hands and good materials. Ask for the'DIAMOND, take no  others. Send to Wells &, Richa'idson  Co., Limited, Montreal, P. Q��������� for valuable book'on home dyeing work and  48 dyed cloth .samples Sent free to  any address.  ��������� ELGIN OR^WALTHAM  "     4-OZ   SOLID-SILVERINE   CASE,  Dusi, .uul damp ]iumf.   fltlrd   with  the \cry  $6.50  . ijp-i  -Clin ,|i\wllid I'.lgin mi- Wiilrham mo*. cuicnt,  sti'in wind .1110 '���������i'i .unit ab-oliilely gii.iiiinlccd for  iw 'cn . 'A Imi ii '���������licuilifiil chain Willi e.ich  wuli li tin tin- iiu\t'.'HI dn>s All complete. fti.'iO.  Seeing 11 liullovniff.v Cut tin- 01.I und ~en<i It to u-,  wilh jinn' iiiiiiii1, l'n**t Olllcu aiiil Kxpn���������s Oillc-c  iiddicx-. mul "imuII m'ihI Lhe Watch and C'h.iin  In Jim I"' i.Miinlii.ilioii. If you fli.il 'it a-, repie-  smiled, p.iy iigcnl, tlieainoiiiit mul e\-|nux*> oliHiKi-s, 111.il Wntcli und (Jlmin mu }<"������'-��������� If you  wish to *.m-i) puvin-r Lhe oxprus*. uIuukuh mjihI In lliu full .iiiinuiil, anil wa will foi wind'to you  Willi li and Chain hj-mail, nil oliiui,'!-, prepalil. >. II ,\ou onh'i V, O.I). .iilet>o-,it of ,'it) cents i-> 10-  quir*l,is .1 iniittci' ol k<kk1 fiiiLh, wliii.h iiiiiDiint will lie ill dueled fuiin }our bill. Older ut once  ,is lhle*Tei- may not fippeni-iiKiiin." When wnLniK mention (lu*> pupei*.        ' j  E.' WAGNER & CO..  163 Cordova Street,  Vancouver,  B. C.'  \- O'l K'B IS HEREBY GIVJCX that.' thirty  yS d.i>- uflerijiiu*. 1 intend Iu apply lothe  I hii-f Cuiiiiui-xioiicr of 1^'iinl-iiriil Woik-. for a  -ipt-iiil licui-a. 10 cut a il i-iirry a������ny tiuibi r  fiom ������<.i,r]ou 10. To\wi-h:p 'J, on SoduCicc!,  I-JiL- U' rid. ,Wi -t Koolcn.'iv di-lncl-  Ij.iud 1I.1- iJthd.-iyof Aiinu-i. l!KJ.i.  >.. T. KIAV.WUJ.S, Lo<aU>'.  kiOTHJK Id HEIiEKV GIVEN thai lliim  -N &.���������������>*. after date I intend to apply lo tl..:  f'hief Cuimm-M-ioner of Landa and Vvorlifoi .1  special licru>o to cut and carry away limb-r  from .-f-elion'.l'i. Town-hip 2, on Soda Creel,,  Hig ilend, We������L Kootenay District.  Dated this-iii li da j of Aueu-t, IIKU. ,  t\ AHRAlrAMdOK,    ���������  per X. T, KDWAHDS, ABOiit  VfOTTCK i-. h'e.-eb} -,-i>eu thai, 30 days after'  i_> _ date, I in|������nd io applj- to the Chief (.*om-  ini���������.joner of LaiuK^and Worth for a sjiecial  licence tocui. and carry awaj limber from the  folioA-iiif; described lands in Wc*t, Kootona>  'Di-lnci:     '        ' , ,  .Commencingat apo-t marked "C. Abraham-,  son'-, north cant comer post,"'and'planted at  north wc-t comer of Section 30. township 2, on  ,Soda Greet, Jlig Bend, thence tonth 1G0 chain'-,  thence ������e?t 10 chains, thence north ICO'cliainn,  thence ea.-,t 10 chains W the point of commence-  ,incur. ��������� ���������  Dated thi- 23th day of August, 1905.  I, .   ,C. AUHAIIAMSOX.i  per N*. T. EDWARDS, AgenU  "VTOTICE is hereby given that, 30 days after  JJN date, I inicnd to apply to tLo, Honorabla  tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and World ���������  for a special licenso to cut and carry away ti  her from the follo-nibg described lands in Wc  Kootenay District:��������� ' ���������  i Commencing at at- post' mailed " N*. T.  Edward's '���������oulh westcorner.post," and planted  half mile i\ e~t from .-outh wed corner of .-ection  30, ton-nihip 2, on Soda Creek. BigHend, thence  north SO chains, thence east b0 chains, thenco  .south so chain*, thence we-iL, SO chains, to the  pom'v of i-oiiiinciieciiunl. (  ' -Dated lhi*i2.ith day of August. I������lft������.  N. T. KDWAHDS.  Vest '  P  Wholesale and" Retail' ',       '--'    ; '  .   ., I, Meat Merchants!  , DOMINION FAIR NOTES.  'All machinery on exhibition^ the  Dominion Fair will be in motion,  electricity and steam both being supplied by the management.  The lighting scheme fot-,:Quccn's  park during the eleven nights of ithe  Dominion Fair will show the outlines  of all the big buildings and will illuminate the forest at the rear of the  grounds.  From the time of opening in the  morning till two o'clock in '"the afternoon of each day at the 1905 Dominion Fair, Sept. 27 to Oct. 7, in New  Westminster will be given up to viewing the exhibits, and the Royal Irish  Guards Band will discourse music all  the while.  Horse racing with 'klootchmen as  riders will be one ol the daily attractions in front of the grand stand during the 1005 Dominion Fair.  The Sockeye Run, which will be the  same sort of thing at the 1905 Dominion Fair as the Trail is at the  Lcwis^t Clark fair in Poitland, will  have every line of attraction known  to the show man. There will be more  of these entertainments on the ground  than has ever been seen outside of a  world's fair.  The Dominion Fair opens at 1  o'clock on Wednesday, Sept. 27, and  closes on Oct. 7.  THE LADY OF LYONS.  Miss Margaret Neville, the celebrated English actress, and a most  effective cast will present at the Opera  House on Thursday, Sept. 21st, Sir  Edwin Lvtton Hulwer's romantic play  "The Lady of Lyons." Though very  beautiful in many respects, the play is  undoubtedly to some extent faulty  and forced in construction, yet at the  same time, the fjuickness of action,  telling points, and beauty of language,  rivet and please nn audience and push  aside any imperfections.  The most glowing enconiums possible were passed upon Lord Lytton  in every circle, when his name becam.e  associated with the authoiship of  "The Lady of Lyons," at the time  "Blackwoods Maga/ine" said of  him:  "To ihilwcr we a������sign the highest  place among modern writers of fiction.  There is always power in the ci cation  of his fancy. He ia always polished,  witty, learned. Since the days of  Scott were ended there is, in our.  opinion, no pinnacle so higli as that  on whicli we hang our wreath to  Bulwer." ,       ,, .   ;   f.  Such was a specimen of the universal opinion entertained of the  author  of "The   Lady    of    Lyons,"  APPLICATIONS FOR TIMBER LICENSES,  SEPTEMBEK 7th, 1905.  ,   ,  mAKE NOTICE that thirty days after date1  JL   wo intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a special  license to cut and carry i away -timber on the  follow ing described lands on Arrow Lakes :��������� ,-  - Number One.   .>  Commencing at a postmarked " Y: O. L Co.,1  north-west corner post," on  the north side of  Fosthall Clock, below the forks, .uidjiM east  of special license 5X27, l .inning ihcncc cn-l 10(1  chain-, thence south 10 chain-, thonci. wc-L lGO  chains, thence north 10 chains lo point of commencement. '  Dated September 7th, 100.1. *  .YALK-C'OLUMBIA LUMBER CO.. Ltd.  Number Two.  Commencing; at a post marked. " Y. C. L. Co.,  south cast corner po-t," about eight miles un  l'*o-tliall Cieek, on Arrow Lake-, and running  north-west of license ,'iJ7'J, running thence we-t  SO chains, thence, noith H) chain-, Lhcnceea.-t  SO chains   thence south Ml chain.-, to point, of  commencement.  Dated August L'Sth. I'M  YALE-COLUMBIA LUMBER CO., Ltd.  ,  Number Thiee.    '  Adjoining application No. 1 on the ea-t, on  the noilli folk of  Ko.-Lliall Cieek nist. noilli of  -mall  bianch  coming  in   from   we-t side of  creek.   Commencing at a post marked "Y.tJ. L.  Co.,-oiith-wcsL coinert po*it," miming (hence  north HI chains, thenco east, SO chains, thenco  south &0 chains, lliencc west, SO chains to point  of commencement.  Dated August, 27th, 1905.  YALE COLUMBIA LUMBER CO., Ltd.  Number Four.  Commencing at a po-t marked "Y. C. L. Co..  ���������south east corner pool," on the south blanch of  Koslhall Creek, about seven miles from Anow-  Lake, miming thence west SO chains, thenco  north SO chains, thenco east S-0 chain-, thenco  -outh SO chains to point of commencement.  Dated August 251 li, liXla.  YALE COLUMBIA LUMBER CO., Ltd.  Number Five.  Commencing at a posL marked'"Y. C. L. Co.*  north cost coinoi post," about si.\ milt's from  Anow Lake, on south bianch of Foithall  Cieek, about'one-half mile above the fork,  running thence -outh SO chains, thence we-lSO  chains, thence north f) chains, thence east SO  chain- tu point of commencement.  Dated August L'Sth, tOOJ.  - YALE COLUMBIA LUMBEIt CO., Ltd.  Number Six.   *  Commencing at a po-t niai kcil " Y. O. L. ('o.,  louth-ucel coiner posl," l.wng noilh-i-a-i. ol  application No. ~>. and -oulh east of -pecial  Umber license Mil. miming tin uce noith SO  chains, thence east SO chains, thenco -outh SO  chain-, theiiec wesL SO chains to point, of coin  mcncenicnt. Tlii? land lie-ju-L noith of .special  license o.!27.  Dated August, 2Sth, 100,">  YALE-COLUMB1V LUMBEIt CO., Ltil.  Number Seven.  Commencing at a po-L marked " Y CL. Co..  -out h \ c"t coi iier post," on the nni I li hi anch of  Ko-Uuill Cieek about nine mile-fiom Allow  Lake, running thence north SO chains, tln-iico  east SO chain-, thenco south fell chain-, thence  west SO chains to point of commencement.    ,  Dated Augii-t2Sth. li)0.'i  YALE-COLUMBIA LUMBER CO., Ltd.  Number   Eight.  Commencing at a posl niaikeil " Y. ('. L Co.,  -outh-wesL corner po-L," on noith brunch ol  Fo-Miii.I1 Creek, about Si mile- from Anow  Lake, on the west, side of the -livam, running  north SO chaiiK, thence east cliiun-, thence  "outh bOcliiiins, Ihcnco west, 80 chains to point  of commencement.  ' Dated September oLIi. 1 !))���������"���������  YALE-COLUMBIA LUMBEIt CO., Ltd.  J!!-' '        i    Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage :"  ' '    ��������� *   "'   ' "^^fc^CalgaryV Alberta  ,;M. J. Henry's  Nurseries,and Greenhouses  , '  ,8010 Westminster'Road,  BRICKS! BRICKS!  The Uest Clay in OUaiiafriin Valley,  Well-bui'iit Bricks in 1,-itne or- .small  quantities ut reasonable price.-.  KNijISWiY BlUVli Ac'L'ILK (JO.,  (XWjelT  , l'hiileiby, H. (J.  Trademarks  and Copyrights  obtained in all countries.  PATENTS  ��������� obtained in all c  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent Attorney  Mechanical Attorney and' Engineer.  Boom .1, Fairfield Block, Granville Hi., near P.O  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A poBtoard will secure an evening appoint  ment for those who cannot call during tho day  Appetite ��������� comes   with'   eating,  and   each   square  of rcrisp  de-  liciousness * seems   but 'to  "make  room for "more.   ���������    ' t' ,i  Mooney'sr Perfection  I Cream Sodas      !;  are different from any other  cracker. ', Nothing heav>^ or  doughy about them but so light  and .crisp that they are trans;  parent. -Mooney's ^biscuits will  be a regular dish on your table  if-you will try them. ��������� r  t Say "Mooney's" to'your grocer.  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'I'raeliei-i .uul bctiolaib in *itinliint^ botany, and  K\eijlioily iu a humltul (lilleient, v,,n-.  STONE &WELL.ITGTON  l-'oniliill Nui- cue- [otcrSOO acit-]  TORONTO -   *���������*     -       ONTARIO  H0BS0N  & BELL  RESTAURANT, FRONT STREET  Crockery of all Kinds.  Plain mul Fancy.  Best  nvikcs ol  China  Japanese  Ware.  ind  Splendid supply of I'Vcsh  Vegetables ' from S. I).  Crowle's ranch.  TO PRINTERS  For Sale on Easy Terms  Olio l^xh") Wcstiiiiiii & H.'ikei- I'l.'ili'ii  1'ivss wilh powi'i- lillitiK4-  Ono No. 1 Doulik' I'lillieiinis Piinl-  i'is Ciliiiicl.  One licltib Hp.iec nnil Qn.iil <J.i>".  One JJitk iliiik'i-and Mailing Typi'.  Thiee funis Wood Typeiiml Murilci'.  One Friinklin Innid I'i'i loinlor.  One Ud-ineh Level- Pupi'i Outter.  Tln-.se.}?oiiil������iii-i!iihnolutely new, never  having linen used.  .Apply to . '". ���������  Till-: KOOTENAY MAIL  PUBLISHING   CO.  LTD.   j  '   Revelstoke, B. 0.  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Abraham  -oii'������ -oulh cist coriiur port," and planted half  nnlc ������e.-.t from north ������est corner of .-ection SO.  luwnibip '-', Soda Creek, Big I3end, thenco ���������  north Su chain--, ihcncc ncitSu chain--, thence  .-outh M chain-,, lliencc cast SO chain-) to the '  poinl of coiiimL-iiceim-nl.  C AliUAJf.V.MSO.V,    * ii  * i per N*. T. KDW'AKUS. Agent.  ;-VrOTTCK,lS HEltKUV GIVEN' thai thirty  'JL> da5safterdale 1 intend lo apply lo the  Honor.ibie the Chief ('oniiiiisnioner of Land������  aiid.AVorkfe for a.npecial license lo cut and,  carry away timber fiom lhe following described land-, in W'cat Kootenuj district:���������  C'oiiiineiicing at - a- poit .marked "N.'T.  Eiiwiid'*. nouili east corner po^t."'and planted -  one and one-lialf mile ������-*l of section 3u, town- ���������  '.hip 2, oil Soda Creek, Jiig'Ucnd, thence north ,  10 chains, thence west, lf'J chains, thence south  10 chiunr, thence east 10U chains lo the point of ,  commencement.  ���������N  Uated tlie .'jih day ot August, 1905.  c ,'   X. T. EDWARDS, Locator.  OTICE iS IfKltEHV GIVEN* that thirty  _    ' days attor date  I intend to apply lo tlie, '  Chief Commissioner of Lands a"nd Works for a  -*peci,il license to cut and  carry away'timber  fiom the following  described lands  in, West,.  IvootcnaylJi-tnct:���������       * '  . Commencing al a po-,1 marked "C. Abraliani-  son's south west cornel post," and pl.inteJ half  mile west from section, 0, township' S, on Sod.*.- ���������  Cieel, Hig liend, thence north-IOJ chains,  thence east 10 chains thence south 1G0 chains,  lliencc west JO chains to tho point-of com-'  nicnccnicut. ( . ' *  Uated ihis 11th day of Augu=U 1903.  C. ABKAHASISON. ' 1  ./ perX. IV EDWAHDS, Agent  '"Vf OTICE IS HKREHY GIVEN that thirty  JLN days after date J intend to apply to the  Chief Coinnii-siouer of Liiuis and Works for a  special licence to cut and carry away timber  fium the tollowing described lands in W������=t  Ivootcnay district:��������� ,   '  Commencing at a .po-t marked "X. T. *  Kdwaid- southeast corner post,"and planted  hull mile vest fiom section 0, township 3, on  bixla Creek, Hig Uend, thence north lC-'i.chains  thence west,10 chains, theucc south 100 chains,  thence catt 10 chains lo the point of commencement. * ���������   t-  * ,.  Dated Ihis 2Gth day of August. 1905.  -N.T. EDWAltDS. .'..  VfOTICE IS-HEREBY GIVEN* that lliirt}"  i.> iIii}-= after date I intend to apply to the  Chief Coinniis-ioncr of Lands and Works for a *  special 'license to cue and carry a way. timber  fiom the following described, lands" iu West  Kooteiia y district:��������� '' ,  1 Commencing   at a  po-t   marked   "X.   T.*  lMwanl's-oulh cast corner posU" planted one     ;  mile we-t frouisection 0. township 3,*ou'Soda  t'reek,r Big Bend,  lliencc  north  1C0   chains  lliencc west 40 chains, thence south 160 chains, '  llienee eastlO chains to the point of commencement. ,.   ���������        " ,        *  Dated this 25th day of August. 1905.'  'i ��������� .N. T. EDWARDS.  vf OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN* that thirty  lf\ days after date I intend lo ajplyto tho  Chief Coniiiiissiouer of Lands and Works, for a '  special license to cut and carry" away timber  from section 17, township i, on Jordon ltivcr.  Big Bend, West Kootc.-iav district.  Uated this 26th day of August, 1905.  ���������-  ' X. T. EjjWAKDS, Locator.  "VJOTICF.'IS HEREBY GIVEN' that thirty  JLN dij s'atter d.n.0 1 intend to apply to tho  Chief Commissioner of Li.ids and Works for a  -pecial Iit-enscio cut and carry away timber  from section JU, town=liip J, on Jordon Hiver.  Bnc Bend, We-t ICooienaj" distiict.  uated this 20th day of Augu-t, UI03.  C, AHItAHAMSuX.      '        , ,  per X. T. EDWARDS, Agent  ���������VTOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN* that thirty  J_\ day- after date I intend lo apply lo the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a  -pecial licen-e to cut .md.cairy away timber '  from-ection 19, township J,on Jordon Kn-er,  I)iur Bend, West Kootcn.iv district.  Dated this ���������-15th day of August, ISdj.  C. ABRU-TAMaO.*..'  per X. T. EDWARDS, Agent.  "VJOTIUE IS ILEItEBY GIVEN* that thirty  if> days after date I intend to apply lo the  Chief Commissioner oC Linds and \\ orks for a ,  -pecial liccn-e to cut and carry away timber'  irom seciion 29, town*.hip 4, on Jordon'Rivcr,  Big Bend, West Kootenay distiict.  uattd this 2Glh day of Augurl, 1905. .  v i X.T. KDW'AltDS.  VTOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN" that thirty  _L\ days after date I intend to apply to lhe  Chief ConiniKHoner of Lands and \V orks for ������  -pecial Iicen-e to cut and carry avav timber  from-ection 2S, township 4, on Jordon River,  Big Bend, We-t Kootenay dislrict.  Dated mi- 2Cth day of August. 1P05.  t*. ABRAllA.M&ON.  17.VW per X. T. EDWARDS. Agent.  rpi,.,;.l" DA\ c after dale we intend lo ap-  JL ply to lhe Commissioner of Lind- and  Works for <i special lieeii-e to cut and carry  iiw-.ty limber from the following described  lands: *  Commencing at a post plumed about one  hundred chain- from the shore of Galena Bay  in Upper Arrow Lake, on Big Creek, and  marked "Big Uend Lutnbei -Company's North-  east Coi nor i*o-t,',' thence west 40 chains, Ihence  south IOJ chains, thence east 10 chains, thence  north ll>! chains to lwiiitof commencement.  1������ BIG DEXD LU.SlBEH CO.. LTD.  N  j OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN* that thirty  _ \ day - after dale I inlend to apply to ths  ���������oltief Commissioner of Lands and \\ orks fort,  special licen-e lo cut and carry away timber  fiom thu followmc; de-cribed lands in West  Koolcn.iy di-tnct :���������  Commciiting at a post marked " \S'm.  G jwiin'- north eostcorncr po-t" and planted on  a bla/.ed hue running cast from a point on e.'isl  bank of I'nig-ioii Creek about nine and one-  half mile** Iroin mouth and about CJ chains  e.i-t of creek, lliencc west 10 chain-, thence  south 1 GO chum-, thence ciu-l 10 chain-', thence  north HVi chain- to the place of commencement.  Dated tills 15th day of July. 1'JiO.  W.M. GO WAX,  IIH.Aiig.lU. Locator. '  Tlie Revelstoke Navigation Co, Ltd  TIME TABLE  (Dm ui},' sc;i*-oti of lii>;li water-)  1.1MVI' KlGIIT-MlLE La.NIHSG filch  TUKSDAV AND FRIDAY nt 0 n. tu  i  I.������'.i\f La Fokte ench  TUESDAY AND FRIDAY at 2 p. iu  SI'JSOIAL TRIPS will lie math-lw-  liii't'ir d.Uus nf i-eguliii sailing wLicii-  i'vl'i- liu-inuss (jlTutfii warrants s>ainu.  Tlif Company reserve the right to  change time and ilnys ot sailing without notice.  A. FORSLAND,      F.  Master.  SWANSON,.  .Purser  The Master Mechanics Pure Tar Soap heala  and softens the .������kin. while promptly cleansing  it ot,grease, oil, rust, etc Invaluable for m������  chanicK, farmers, aporUmen. Free wimple of  receipt of 2c, for postage. Albert Toilet Soap  Co., manufacturers, Montreal. *>"*-,
'   i '��
Signs of
' CONVsY   A   \V A RX1 X Cl
that certain ailments:general
debility,  dyspepsia,' rheumatism,   liver   compliant,   etc.,
heed attention.
'There isn't anything  better
tlnin  a   bottle   of   our ,o\vn
'      Made of the best drugs and
.    ,.       carefully compounded. ���
Only $Hor a Bi�� Bottle
canadaSuc '.&
Local and General.
- Engineer Lovctt hns  purchased, l'P
Kiinbeney's house.  * <,
'Che   Rus'-o-Japunese ..peace,' treaty
was signed Tuesday.     ���'���
'     JI.   .Manning  lias  purchased J'. Ag-
ren's residence on Fourth street.'
Get in your votes on tho Koo'it.vay
Mail's'Dominion "Exhibition olVer. ���
Tne steamer Revelstoke run an
excursion * to Eight-" Mile Falls on
L'lbor Day. '. '���'      "l -,'    '.
The.''.Ladies. Aid of St. Andrews
church will hold ti social in the manse,
on Sept. Jt'th.    Admission 2si cents.'
F. tli. Lewis intends going in for
homing pigeons anil is electing 'a
handsome pigeon house. �� - - r
Sicainou's will no longer bo n repeating station. All telegraph business
will hereafter bo 'handled,from Rcvol-
'  stoke.   '
��� Harold Nelson will,, shortly \isit,
Revelstoke with his new play, |'Prince
Otto," founded on Stevenson's famous
book.,  . ..,���.-,'
There is a movement in the Lardeau
for'the establishment of a government
telephone between Lardeau points a nil
Revelstoke.     ,      	
,'    Hon".   P.   O'Reilly,  .who   was gold
commissioner at McCullough Creek in
the Big Betid rusliofthc sixties, died
r at Victoria this week aged, 11 'years.
'Camborne school is coming  to  the
front under'Miss  Diinhan, and tin exhibit of the pupils work will, be made
at the Dominion Fair at .Westminster.
The,C. P. R.- have arranged  to sur-
,  vey five more blocks of  lots at Arrowhead,  which   the' agents,  Sibbald a&
Field, will, shortly place on the market
Trappers  arc  now  hurrying out to
the mountains to locate  their camps
for ,the  coming winter.   Jt'is stated,
there./will be more trapping ��� done this
winter than ever. '
- >, -.
The Tourist Association invito
owners oi photographs of scenes in the
district to give the association the
loan of them so that the best may be
selected for illustrating the booklet
the association proposes to publish.
Gould Bros, printers, of Vernon,
intend enlarging tlie Okanagan to a
six-column weekly papci, whicli will
be run in the Libeial interest. Messrs.
Gould Bros, have shown great enterprise since starting their ollice in
' Vernon, and deserve the bcit support
oi the liberals of the Okanagan.
At si meeting of the Board of Trade
on Thursday, it was resolved to
endorse the resolution of the Tourist
Association urging the Dominion
'government to have a trail'miide to
the cave. Complaints were made
about the telephone service, particularly the delay in .answering calls at the
central.      .   t
The C. P. R. are building a trail up
Bear creek to the summit of the
mountain overlooking Cougar Ba&in.
where the caves are, and it is their intention ,td continue this trail to the
railway and round to Glacier House,
thus making available to touri-ts ono
of the grandest sight seeing sections
in tlie mountains. A chatlet will be
built on lhe Beai Creek divide.
Social & Personal!
E. Kiiubeiloy ife moving from Kevel-
-:oke       . ' ''
'    Miss Hall   ri'tu-ni'il   riiiluidny fui'ii
hei trip in Tui-ontu. '   '
.1.   .).   W'iKHlliiii.l   is    ni'-ving , hi-*
family Iroin Gulden lo Uev''i.-tiike.
i Knox church Ljidie*i'Au.\iliiiry   will
hold a dinner un Thiinlogivini- Day.
,1. \V. Thdiii-on, J. P of IJc'Mli.'ii,
bus been appointed tericheiMit Poplar*
,-chool.        ,
.1 A.' JXuragli intends niovins-' bis
family, from Airdiie, Alta., lo'-Van-
cou'vur. , -
A. Kobinson,'Bupt. of Education;
inspected the Keyelstoke school
Thursday. '
Miss - I-'ord, formeily teacher at
Wiliner, bus heen ^appointed tn the
Coniiiplix school.       ' -   ,
J. A. Mngee'lins ;ha<l.'|ia successful
trip ,to' Xew' York in the interest ot
the f>pygl,iHh On. ��� '
' Tlic'fneiids.'i'if .1. K. Taylor'' uill
regret lo learn Ire is confined to tiie
hospital nt Viiiicoiiver.      ' ,,
Hon. P' Twym'nn, tieastirer Cass
County, Mo, 'and W W. Hall, of
Cnrtlnige, Mci.,''i,iicconipimied Messrs.
Gu'bei'tson, Scott'and Steel , to the
ritiindard mine. . <        "
P. .Agren, 'formerly of ltevelstoke,
and who lias lieeni residing in Vancouver since leaving1 here, was' on n
visit to ltevelstoke 'tlijs week. AH'.
Agrcn has been nominated Swedish
consul for, Vancouver. ' ' '
r '* The dunce given by the Independent
Hand at, the Opera House 'on' Labor
Day was the most 'successful of the
season. Splendid'music was provided.
There 'was n largo attendance? 11.
Gordon ollicialed as M. C     ,     '-.
I ho U'ctufcs l>yv Jtev. J)r. .lohu at
the Methodist."chtiicb ibii ,wcek weie
litre intellectual, treats and 'were
heartily "appreciated -. by the' larne
audiences'who heard them, and who
were indebted to Rev. C. Ii. Mr Sutherland for bringing Dr. .lohn.to the city.
'On Wednesday tho inairiage took
place at Calgary of, K. jM. Smytl)C,,ol
Pevelstoke/antl Alisa.I Durrngli,, who
is well-known in the.oily, where she
lesided for some lime.and was very
pupil In r.'' Tho many friends of the
bride and bridegroom will unite with
us in wishing them every, joy and
happiness. '- .' ,
Revelstoke v. Vernon.
A match wns played between intermediate learns representing Kevels't'oke
unci Vernon, if-esiilting in a 'walk over
for the home team. - It is only fail to
the Vernon players to say they turned
up' lather to oblige Revelstoke by
furnishing a game', ,'iis their players
were mostly out shooting and hunting
and- si representative'team could not
be got together. Thanks 'are ,,due to
L. Gould for;hia determination not to
disappoint the Revelstoke boys, us
otherwise the mutch youlcl have fallen
through. .. v
oca Is.
Uille.--; Shut Gun.- anil Ammunition
,it limn ue Pros.
I.owney'*. .Chocolates at li. ��,*���' I) ,ug
frjmre. >     '
. Your cicdii is g"0(l nl IInH!��'ii'- for
'Pii.-tclii-s supply of ICE may "In,-
had friiiu ,1. C   11nloliis-ni��.'
(Keliable ^iuk to reliable parties ,at
$1 a day at Lawrence's.
''Beautiful books of mountain views
only 7ri,ce'iils at Canada DrugStoie,
Private funds to loan ou ical estate
security, Apply to Scott and Prigg.-,
ISarri.-icrs, Kovel-'tiiki', 15. C.
For Sale���A UKHb Dayton Computing Scale.    Apply l-sourue U.os.
Ilowson's furnitui-e store, lliat's the
place to buy your wall piiper, carpet,
'scpi'.iie.-J'nintts, elc. ,      '  '
Per fumes Hint.rival lhe most fi'ag-
laiu lluiM'is lit JJevs' DrugStoie.
', Jlere's ii,snap! Two papers fur th;
pi ice of one. Kor SO cents ihe Kooti':-
'n'a'y .Maii! and Kannly Herald and
Weekly Star will be sent you Iroin now
till January Is't, 1!>00. ltemit lo Mail
Ollice.    ,
'   When'\o'u waiil'IClO tell Hutchison,
and you will get it iu quick oilier.   ,
-'And the lady of the housii *had a
grouse in her house for buying a, gun
from Lawionce's.   ' '     ,
Biiiig your prescriptions to gel
filled at tbe Canada Ding Store, 'tbe.i
kwep,only, tbo-purest of drugs.   -
See R. Howson it Go. for' iron beds
with iron ir.ime springs. They take
the lend.' ,   '\
'You can have the Koot.k.vav, Mail'
nnd Family Herald and'\Yoekly Slai
from' now till ./anuary 1st, lilut'i. foi
50c, or two papers for less than * Un
price of one Send younordei .to tin
.\l a11, Ollice.   ' ���        *      <���   ��� '
'���/ The.Storefor Souvenirs?.r���
The -Canada Drug Store, you can
net anything"voir 'want 'in souvenir
line.        *    ���
"'Mr. Kimijoily' thinks there is no
advertising medium' like tho Kooti:-
nay,Man.. , He ' ndveilised his l.ou.-e
lor sale iu''the Mail and befoie the
-ecoud insertion had appeared ho sold
the house.       , - -
���   > ti ���<���
'       '    O.N'li iN'IGJIT ONLY,
Thursday, Sept. 21st
��� *
respectfully' announces, ,the first apr'
peararu-e in thin city .of. the Celebrated
English Actio.**-1*, (for live years a valued
ineiuboi- of ��� lleuiy Jrving's1 Superb
Company) ' ������
Miss Margaret Neville
and a most olVectivo cnsl in
- "   'an Elaborate., Production of
.Sir Edward Bulwer Lytt'o'n's
,._   .beautiful romantic love story;    \,
By^' Gracious Permission of His'.Majesty,' 'the King,
"Itiisi-Pt often that you leuve the
playhouse feeling 'better than when
you entered it. Jiut you. will if you
.-eo tins company and play'."' '
Reserved seats will'be placed on sale
one week before the date in. this citjj
at tho'Canad.i Drug and   Hook  Store.
Prices: $1 for Reserved Seats
��� '"        '  has reopened'11
on MeKen'/.ie Avenue. .'<
Open Day and Niglft-.First^Class Service
- ��� -    ].V7lc
natuial   giij
Jjast iALonday afternoon, the City
team won a hard fought game against
the C.JMi. shops- by the score of three
goals to nil. The .game was fairK
interesting until towards the close
when' the lack of condition of the
players on both sides manifested itself.
The first half was a splendid exhibition
being fast nnd both sides putting up
g6od combination. It is to, be hoped
that McKinnon will turn, out moio
regularly as he lias tlie making of .1
first class player, being fast, -lggiessivo
and follows up tlie ball. Le I'cuiiv, the
centre foi ward,   is   also   fast  and   his
work  'is  of   the'linished   order,  his j Miceeeds .-ner.eer a? general   -nipt,
dribbling of  the ball   beingatre.it   t"i ea.-tern lines. u
watch.     The   first    goal   scored   wsijij     -p.,   r.       ', ,,,      ,
,,  ���     tin      -.       r.    '     ���        ���       I     J he (ti-tiK   I runk
olitained bv the citv after a line piece  .-   .   i
Catholic���Jiev. .Fohn Al. Taven'iier,
0. M. I, recently of St. Mary's
niis-iai , will take up" the cnouit. te-
linqtiishid byjiev. Kaihe.i.MiciieJ.-, 0.
M. 1.,'which extends from Ktralo io
Laggan. Pathcr Michols will resume
his duties as parish priest at K'ain-
loops.       .       '    '   , _ _ '       v.    '
-MuTiionisT���Pastor, The Jli v. C II.
M. Sutherland. On Sunday evening
tho pastor will preach the second sci';
iiion iu the series of ''Tlio Three Great
Fools of-be Bible." At the mo.-ning
service Commander 'Evangeline 0.
Booth's new song,' "Mo,",\\ill boosting
as a solo. Subjects: Morning, ���''����� hat
Biought the Great Revival";' evening,
���'The UnqiuiMiietl Kool.'-'- There will be
a reception service and the sacrament
.of the Lord's supper at the evenini;
St. A^oi'i'Ws���Sunday evening Jtev.
Di. JlcICay preached to a large congregation and -the seiniou was one ol
the best heard in the citv.
Bevfllstok'e  Bestaurant
j\Irs. J I. J. JJanliury, IMnnagrcss.    "-
First-Class Table,
t   -    ,    ^Private Dining--Boxcs?
Ijiitko DiiiiiiKmuiu Tor      * "
'      '  ,   HiUKiuoU, StiiM'Ois, uio.
Furnished Rooms To Let;
A.DMISSION( $1.00 ; Oliildre'n 50a... Tickets and plan at'Canada Drug Co.'
Tickets at Bews Drug Store,,Red Cross fDrug Store, Brown's and Smythe's <
Cigar Stores. '    , '    .   '  ���       '  ������'        / '"Z I  ;;'   " ���    .,",,'''
MONEY ORDERS���-Letters enclosing cash or money order's to Mayor
Brown will be filed in, order of receipt and seats selected. ��� ���     ���������       <*   ���
/Sunday Dinners.,,
iall.y will In1, nuidi;   l'l   Sunday
^ nt the Union lloti-l.   I'liiv m(Jc.
" ' iMRS. MciKITTItlOK.'-
A spec
.Corporation of the City of'
, Revelstoke.. :
i'        ' ,,   -
Noliciu is liuiuliy Kivcn Hint tliu lli'it nitlinii
of tlio Co.u-t,ol i'cvitii-i! ol tin) titty of K(,vul
-loUe, lo i'jvl**u llie As^usimunt Holt uf Miu *>niil
Oilv for tlio vcni' I!lli,i. will bu held iiltliu Conn-
��il Clniiiilior, (lily Mall,'Kuvulstuko. II. (.'., tin"
Monday, tliu lllh (lay of Su|iluinliur, liHI.1, at tlio
lioin-ol S11. in. **       '     ' '
���"ll. FLOYD,   '
Itcvolslcike, Aii(j. 7lli, Mlllj.        .    (Jity, Clui-K".'.
\1905    ;
Commencing Sept'. 20 O
< ' ' (
Larger and  Better Than' Eyer
., JSyi-rytliing nowiuul up to date.
"- '   -     ATTRACTIONS"
S^EW $1003��00 .AWE-INSPimNC,  GORGEOUS'
jiu Bast. -H' /f^t\--a nf*?^   . 0   ER, a * 13"^ B    Mk
3. O. Moi-gan' will open his
new Barboi' Shop,.
On Monday, May 1st. Old Customers
and new can depend on receiving the
aqst attention.   ,
Richard R. Copeland
*   , AND  CABINETMAKER    "  '.
Each Day Something Interesting
'You will meet old friends there. \
, ' Single fine on all'lines of travel.
i    ,   *    ~
.. Write for L'rize List. '...';
,).  E/ANNAI3LR, Sec.
^lantli's, Shelvirifj, Fly Screens, etc.
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
The C. I'. Ii. ib   tiaiii"
from Mi-dicine   lint   for
ita'pnssengefiCoaelK.-**.    .
'   T. Skinner,  a   I.ondun   direct"!-,   ii
mn king :r n inspection ul" tbe C.   1'.   li.
W*. R. Maker ha-, bevn 'appointed
:i.**si��unt to C. J*, li.' ��� I-:i*.-ideiit
^h.iii'n'line.-.-y,     .md    J.   \Y.    l.euuiird
the ^���-ai(l8ciirryl��,g|gi,vern|nPn|.
I'..cific  terminiib
riiok'=    Iniet.   whore   the
liiivo    .-.ol'l    the* , railway
i company 10.000 .icie.- uf Lind at *\ air
aoie for niiiVi.iy   puijioft-s and   town*
ot combination
the ball at their toes o\er half the
length of the field, lin.illy, afii-r a
series of short paases by Armstr.mg.
Le Feau.v.ind MclCinnon, the bail was
shut thiough the bliops goal. The
absence of Allen and Jlugh on the
ihops team m* felt very much. At
time and airain w hen the C. P. ii. hov.**
had a chance nf scurint; it would be!. i1'11'; 'vbol<- earth 'L-* jour iM'l���it'.,
spoilt by Over anxiety on the- part of' ltJl1 "' K"s-"*"=-> 'but. J"" ""Jul know
some of their forwards who would kick | llow !*������ "|">H" tor it,. Then-Vlmi on.-
too hard, allow tin; the citv defence to i Wil>' K,r 'Ln adverii.-ei-^-a direct talk-
obtain possession^nd transfer the ball I,""1 t>-'per.     WISE   bneim'v.s Iiim.'- put
' sue.
Hold���Get "a  Good "Grip
and Pull.
Third Street East,
Wm. Fleming-,
Whole1*!]!! am] Retail
Meat Merehant.
Fish, and   Game   in     Season
First St., Revelstoke. -
Jas. I. Woodrow,
findd   us
stock of
with a complete
School   supplies.
We   are   offering   Special
Values in   Scribblers ancl
all School sundries.
paid to the child purchasers
tn thpir foiwariU.'   1c  was a   plea?ui;el
to ice \V.   Siiiytho pl.ijing   .1- li.-   w,i-|
wont to do in day-*   gone by there wa.** j
no trace of s-el!i**hne.**^ to   be M-en   and
Ii is pas.-*ing was very ,well judged, .md ,
his scoring of tho   third   tio.il   for  the
city was a fine piece of play.    Hit-'Oii**,
who is always to be relied upon, pla\-. d
11 -Stirling defence game     Kno\- a new
nrriv.il, is a di-eidi-d  acqiiifition to tl e
city.    For   the   C.  P. It.   l-'d-uv   .mil
-Macrae weie c.-perially   niilif'e.ible  n-*
ulro w.i-'fJreuii.-y   a DC".-   nu n   the
ic.iiii.       Kntwistle   af   hack   imi.-   tli-
light  in.ui in   the right   pl.ieu     F. A
Congieve proved -'ii I'tVcctivc k tcrec
.Vel-ott tootlnill club h,'i�� wiitti'ii tin*
lii'\L'l-fok(* liojs re ,i trinully maich nl
tin: Nfl-oii fair tn be licln the latter
end of Hi-ptember.   Ir, i-> up tu the Imy.
nioi e   ruoiiei.    in
lllil-    mlv.-'U'inu
t-x;i(:i"i',:i,e'j   ai il
lniMiii-.****    r ���>< l.i \
Koo-i i.\.iy \iaii.
the   preparation
' op}    and    le.*-i
liiOV   I'-       lli-ili's;
AiUi'ili-i-    in
Retail���Dealer tir^^gjga^*
Fish and Game in Season.
All orderi, promptly filled.
;;!! REVELSTOKE. B. c,
I 111 , ���
THAT Vour Milk Is Pure
THAT,your Milk IsClean
lllAl 0f Preservatives -
and Yoii Will Order it From
,-iihI Kint
��� pen
i-    ..)���
>.   !���
.nui    in ii,.i^i'
IK'.II      I,''   VI I-I.i
inn- :- i n: ui r
tig itui li f" <
��ork .ii il en ii
to get  into   .-hap-*
Nel.-on boyj.
and   Viiiiipn.-'h   t lie I 170-,
\     ill.I'-     to
.Ig('IIC\    |,i|    l|,   |
1 i-
I r.vpci I' nee   in
1 .-arj ,   |.m fi'ri'i (
l w h.i   i-   n iili'r.
, him-ii li ,i j.i , #!   i,C"'-"'
I      H"e 'u.i Id ,'ii.e   ii.   Ii.iii-   iroin   -i.'iu
I W lio  Illlii i!,,|,e .l^l-IICV    llil'f
! I'lXAlM   1 \II,DI{IM.  I'd
Made 'I'll-.Mi* i-nic Clot linitr.
! ii. W. B.'Paget, Prop. '
!     Proinjit (lcliv-;ry of parcoK, baggage
etc , to any part of tho City.
Any Kind of Transferring
'J'KI.Kl'iro.VE XO. 7.
The Finestirs the World    ,
Hard of Elephants and Cavalcade of.Gamels ^
Custuinoil in (-loami'iCli bojnwolod howdahs and cloth
 1__ ,   oi gold.    ��� "
"big hew -zoo cf rahe and curious anim&ls .
llamas .&'��� sacred ��� cattle ���'������
Bt-illianl Carts <of Gold, and   Plush,  with   -'
Bu'iocfcs Covered with-Silvei' Scales      ' -
Enolianiing, Ancomplislind, Doanzilul, Lltho and draco*   -
,   ->.      '      ful Rovollnu banclnq Clrls.    .      * a
Dill V10 K.
T. A. LEWIS, Proprietor.
'New.Festures^toJiGYations, Revolutions and Real'Novelties
Docorasrd iviih F-'tivors nnd Full of Trlumphu of Every Kind. % '      '       ^
Free Japarses�� Dayiight Fireworks, Free Horse Show*
wo Perftirmanc88.Daily, 2 & 8 P J. Doors Open One Hour Earlier
'I'n Ih-.'i
Drug Company Limited
Free Rulers and Blotters.
How to Cure Corns and Bunions
Fir.it, jt 1.1 If  tin: fiiin   nr   Iiiiiiioii   m
irarm w(iter tu   "nfli-n il;   tlicn pun1 it,!
flown n.i   flu-Tily   ui   pfii*-i!i|c   wi'licntI (.|1J|l|(f
ilr.nviiif;   lilurid   nnd   npjilv   ('li.iinlicr-'
In in1' I'n in l'.,ilm Lwif-c  d.uly, nihl'ini;,
\ ij"iiniiii<Iy fur live inimili's ;it, i .n-li ,ip- ���
pliuiition.    A corn    pliiidir  .-iln.ulil   In-I
wiirii ii fi-iv iliiy-t t'i firiil.i'f| i!, fri.m ilu-1
nlinf. Ami <;i'iii'i'.il liniiii'-nt f.ir -iprniii",   |,1()|J SAI.I
lirni1*!1.*-,    I :i ��� 11 f -11 (���'     nnil     i l-i'iiiri:il iuin
I'.iiit Un Im i*> nn' i|ii.i li (I      I in   s.ilt-liy
nil drugKifl- - .
To Trappers
Meoahnics,Farmers. Sportsmen !Pvaw Furs Bought,
.mil -iiiti-ii t he
ri* i-i-, ml uift\ i n*'f
im i r li, elf , ii-,"
I'.i I   .Srmp
rn.i mif:irt n i-f-r-
t mi-,
tn<-   "M.i-.ter
.\!li"ll TruIi t
i. :nt
\V A X T K I)
do tor tliu tiling yfin wnnt Vim
i-.iii ael JLliytliliiK you !i.-l; for prrn.ul-
iriK yon niiiko :r hi i,ii��l'l-lmu ml
:ip|i��iil. The La.-1, tt.i\ tt, n,,,!,,. |,1,���|,
nppt.'.-il i.s Ly llii! n.-:o nf t;<"d! . priiilinjr
.-md .sl,itfioii(ii-y riipIi ils yon j^t-1, in lim
Kootkxav .Maii, printing oflico. .     '
���\ s. -,
S'-.-i-llt h Sli i .
A v "ini", ui'll till fii-l.
tll.I'l IIV l-IIH nl*..       Km
i nl,ii *.    ,ip|i|\-
l-M�� "ill l\ mi In
,il     (lil-
' l\.   nil   III.
' ii I.imiii. IKil SK
'. i  Mi K' n/.ii-
'I    Mill nil  liiiill'.f ri
I- I Ml-'    nll'l   |i II I I
��� pi.
".     01
Srn'A'rifl.V vv ri 111 ��� ���' I ���>* Ui-in-nil   '���it-
^ ,i ill  in pi iviil.   I.i iiiil y.    Appl\  ,it
Kipi'li'ii.iy Al.ijl nnic".
)- Hil.iiiil.inii wil li
ply nt K'mo'i-knav AIau
1(1 J
Cash Prices Paid
Exporter of Furs.
f.iffllM'd Itl-f-risl l-l I'll.
Ol.fi. Mi I-ka.n,     -     iM.uiHKi'l.
I I OTI'II,,   ItKHTACIIANT  ,t   l)(j,M-
TNA.MHTI-;i(,M ,<t LAHOI.'.KKS fniniHli'
cil on fllifii I, nol.icc.
UlTicc: It.nniii 5, 1!iii-iik Clock.
-,,,,,n    l'-0."oX8l(),(;alg.uy, All,,.
-September 27 to October 7���1905
UncTt'i-' the nuspicos til' Lhu Jtoy.-il Agricultural
and Inclusti'iil Society.    '    * ���
Sliipi.-ndtuib and coinpiuliuiisivc niray ol' Exhibits representing
the l'L'hOitrees oL' all Canada.'
J. Guy Barber
Sr" r~
'Iiilai-Ht'd Gi-ouiids New, HandtioniL'and Spacious Buildings.
(I ljiicio.sb(.', Ilorbc Racing, Bi-ont-ho "liiibting"
Alilitary P.-ii'afk'suiKl Exercises.
I" Ki'.-isei-Itivci- l-'ishing Fleet. L'.-itrol Boats, IE.M. Warshipa
Indian War Canoes, etc. Iiidian Sports.
informal inn wnlo lo \V. |[. KKAIIV, Secretin')* nnil MiniiiKcr, Saw
WoMiiiiiister, H (!.
i to
newly iin-
\iorU:A   slock   r��f  Chinese
;uul Japanese j^iiods
The lx:st assortment ever
l.uiilctl   in   R6vclsuikii  of
'I rn -cr.-ifr^
(.nun (,'li,iir5.
Flnwi I' IVit-
tjniliiclla Mliiinl.
Idincli Hiuket-
Sniokim? .Inulcl^i
Silk CJoods.
We hire out
I'liiuHlt-toakof ciukIIoh and fruits In'town.
iFront Street, Revelstoke
A new stock of Riiles, Shot (Inns ,-iuil Aniiniiiiitinii
lelialili'Shut Oiiii.s al Hi I per day���r-ui-
I low did you like the "Stransky" Sleclwaie Saucepan?
Wp Imvea coinph'tp <*tock ol "Stnuipky" Steehv.-ne.
,    V


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