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Kootenay Mail Sep 16, 1899

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 W-" "' /   ,���������-���������������������������' ;,:d'v--,-7  ��������� ���������'���������������������������    ������������������-:���������������������������������������������   , - ��������� j ������������������������������������,���������������������������   f ���������.������������������JJ,-.  ^J^^fMJjI^  Vol. 6.���������No. 21.  EEVELSTQKE.' WEST KOOTEXAY,  B. G, SEPTEMBER J (>, -1899.  $2.00 a Year.  eLr^*-a/^/V5*^^^*^''Mi,^'v^v^<^^ "*^  11 dm- Hid silk-walk question has been  handled'in Hit* <-*it,y council may he seen  al a glance by reference to the following from thc published reports of the  proceedings:  M iv ������) -Public works commit lee ������d-  vi-.(-d'     *     "     *     *   LliuL half t-ost of  six sidewalks In* charged   m  abutting  piopeity owners, etc., eLc,  The ol.iu-.o wa-. agreed to.  .Inly 2)-A!d. Urowu gave notice of  - motio:i lhat adoptioieof r>'por(, of pub**  lie works committee of.-May l'jlh, ,re  trunk sidewalk fiom -Mclvcnzie nve-  j)nc to I-Ybiil street he rescinded us far  as froiU,,ige,t,i\- is concerned.  Au,;'. 5���������Aid. Drown, seconded by  Aid. Crag", moved that -that part of  the report, of ill.*' public works coin-:  mil tee In regard to the. imposition of.it  frontage t.ix lie rocoiisidered * * '*  The motion was then put and carried,  .AWI. Crage, Brown, Wells and Me-  Keehnie voting for, the mayor, Aid.  Kilpatrick and Graham against. ,  ' Aug. 1--A motion referring the  whole mil'lerof sidewalk-* back to lhe  pi'hlu: works committee^ was t������vc-iitna'-  |y fa 11 i<*d.  'Aug. l'j -Th.; committee 0:1 public-  works and propeity recommended:  Th'U' ,th.' Q ���������"���������> 't /'sidewalk l*.e  twecn cornei or McKeii'/io avi'ime and  Second .-.trod, and lhe corner of King  street and' fiont, sti'eet, bo built by  frontage lax, as ' per ihird method of  solicitor's 1.'tiers, the owners outside of  street where sidewalk is placed to pay  {WOfd-irdicq*--'!. the'lot ei\vni'is oi) <l|l:  no'site side of, su-ci't 10 pay onclhird  t-nr-t, th<\ payments to bi: extended ovei  a period <if "fi-.-o year-, etc., etc.    *    *,  *    Tiie nit"itio:i  was put and  carried,  Ahl. Cage ,-rid We!!-' vol ing .������������������'���������j-ainsi it  Aug. 26���������Alii.' Graham introduced a  by-law foi providing Lhe iiii'iins of iis-  cerlaining and determining ' what  lands will be immediately benefitted  by Lhe const met ion of certain proposed  sidewalks in the cdy, and ascertaining  and determining llio proportion in  which thc assessment therefor should  be made upon the lands to benefitted.  Qn motion this by-law, was road and  pasted,  Herald, Sept. 0-Moved,hy Ald.'/Mc-  lvechiiie, seconded by Aid, Ra'own, that  WKoreas ;i petition hits been presented  piotesting ag.-iinsl tlu; proposed method of building the proposed sidewalk,  that tho committee oil public works  ((lid propei |y be instructed. to pioce.ed  aLonce. |t) build the proposed sidewalk  oilL of tlio monies raised by debenture  for the purpose of public improvements. Motion was put and carried,  Aid. Graham being (Aid.' .Kilpatrick  wa's absent) the only dissentient.  .Herald, Si'iil. 9���������Aid   Diown   moved  0 ' '      1  that the city ongim or be instructed to  prepare jil.-ins* and specifications for an  eight foot, plank sidewalk along bo||]  siijes of Mclvon/.ie avenue" from Victoria road to '"i'r.'.t. sli'iu.'*!, ;\. si,\-=fonl  .sjdewalk Jilong First street and Campbell avenue lo the'south side of Second  street", along Second si reel to the oast  side of Charles street lo Third stieet  aud along the east side of Kdotonay  street lo Douglas street, and, idling the.  s'ouLl} si(|e of l^ougl.-.'s st!*.'i't In King  jpic" *lhini{ Kinij |o I'Yunt, aiid for an  eight-foot sidewalk along each -side of  Front street. * ' ** **. * The i mot inn  wa.s put, Aid. Brown, Crago and Wi-IN  voting lor, find Aid. Graham, McKech-  n'ieand Kilpal rick,against il.  0 Atlin All Right.    .  Accoidmg to' news received by the  Alpli.-i, J. ,1). . Graham, gold coinmis-  sioner at Atlin, visiced Skagway j.ust  prior to the sailing of the si earner. In  an.intei view at Skagway, .Air. Graham  said that laziness is pretty lively at  Discovery, on Pine'oreek, where theie  are fully 500 people within, three and  a half mil-'S of that mining, centre, all  wilh money, which makes business  excellent. He is of tin: opinion (hat  11n*.output of the Atlin connu-y this  season ..will I be fully Sl.O'J'J.M'J. He  does not think there much inclination  on the pa 11 of the miners to hide any  of their dn.->t, as th" royalty is only  one dollar iu the bundled. - No officer  is set' to"watch the sluices and  rockers,  hut the minors ate treated "most, liberally. There are but, three police ofli-  cers on duty in the whole Atlin district. He recognizes the inconvenience,  of men tiying to work such small  claims, but he believes (.hat (here will  be many more miners in the district,  next season thiin there are now. .Mr.  Graham says two rich discoveries of  quartz were made in the Rainy Hollow district, and he. has been called  over' there to straighten out the difficulties, lie speak? very highly of the  reports he has from Kiiny Hollow and  Pleasant camp districts.  Government Agent Coursier started  for the Bend this morning on a tour of  inspection.' He expects to be gone  for.ten' da vs fir so. . ,  K><KKKKKH>0-0-0-0 OOO 0-0-000000  hOOQ CK><K>0^<><><>0-d<>-<>^  The return of J. Hobbs ' lo   Revcl'~'| it is also said that a. new.  industry to  stoke   is   full 1 of local significance, in-    thi.s   counlry   he the shape of a brass  foundry-'for making all fillings will he  installed. These improvements will  not be without their advantage to tlie  city in population aud pay roll, but  already t hose are greater than generally imagine.-". .Twenty odd fit tors,  sue now emplowed, and with helpers  and laborers a simp, force of about one  hundred men is' reached.- Nearly iiil  fif this big crew is working about  fou it eon , hours ���������a day, but still they  can hardly keep up with lhe,work ami  additions fire daily being inadt to it.  The, pay roll of this industry is now in  ���������the'neighborhood of 87000 per month  Every machinist' and I'lUerin the  shops is .*i member of  Kootenay Lodge  .'A GOOD -THING  Eiiierp.\se Deep En^crscd by a Scie;.-  tifc Ja.iT.al.  '4'iie fo',lo.\*;:ig to-limouial. almo t  unicjue of it- kind,'.������������������������������������.d'";u001 dod only  by reason of ������������������uudoni ib!e worth," i-a  iribuu.' of the liig'ie-i kind in the excellence of" 1 he ai tide produced by lhe  Eateiprl-e Brewing Company, ol Itev-  eUt'oke, ai-M iu .1 "--end off that will  be iooked upon with envy by In ewers  all over li. V. The local broweryand  its proprietors have in thi? annonnco-  111e.it by the American ll.-.illh Journal  iui'iidverlis'.'tnent of die beit'character  to the pmity of their beer,'and ll.ev'  are to be-complimented tm winning it.  The position 'which health journals  have taken 'on the suejeet of boer-  drinkin-is marked by three stages,  Twonty-Mve years ago not a single  .hygienic publication could be found  "that did u.it declare with' .ill llif'.ve-  heiiience of unre.i*-oni:ig prejudice that  beer drinking was a-ciir������o to physical  manhood. S111newi1.it later a few of  the , foivmqsif ,lie;illh .journal.-,  began. faintly at , first, to  ,-lcknowh'dge. that a malt b"verage  might be co.icocli.'d which would not  be p.i-itivcly injurious to lhe health.  Tne A.n.-ri.-an J0.1m.il of 1[ -.ilth tU;-  sires to co'.nplele this evolution of'opinion w'.lh the editorial assertion that  the drinking,of pure beei, far from be-  <in*T h-irndu',' i^ conducive to health  and vigor. , It is altogether fitting that  we should take (he initiative in making tlii- declaration, because our paper  ha-i for llu'tv year.* stood at the head  of health 1 nblicaiiuns in this country,  Only a short time ago 'we had demon-  aU'iU'd to lis the. 1'act that we have  maintained above.     A simple of beer.  The purily of, (his ,;u*lii*Ie  do.ttd, it ihiiy truly ,'jp s;iiil lo mean  nvp.n niore than lh>*it, lie having came  hei'.; as niaster itiochanio of lhe Piicific  diiisiou of the C. P. R. This establishes Re\elstoko .-is headquarters for  the nuicliaiiioal work of thc company  on1 its Brilish Coiunibi 1 system. ' This  is ii great recognition 'of the -advan  tages of situation possessed ,l>v Revel-  sluke and means the penrnmcut residence hen: fif .*i large force of men  Under ]\]'\ Hobbs* the work is iu the  hands of Q. IT. Temple, locomotive  fniemail, and Robert Armstrong,  shop foremen.  The, shops are now a scene of great  activity with a Irge force on the compounds No.'s G72 and G74, and otners,  lill all are ovei hauled, will lllf'n takfi  their nlntMS, Th'"i 'inum-nst' l.-ibnr re-  (]ii'i:es additioiiiil maihiueiy now leing  A huge  liviliaulic   er;ine    for  j put in  \v dch    came    fro.n  the Entei'prise  Blowing ' Company, of Revelstoke,  British Columbia, was brought lo our  hi'ior.i'ory, whore it underwent the  nicj-t to.t-, that oil!'chemical stall" and  oq_uip'nout wi re capable of inipo.-iiig.  As a re.u'.i l!n*'b,'ver,|ge w";i?   found lo  especially   10   be .commended   in lhk> j  day, when   a'dultcraliou  so  o'l'ien   con-,  stiluti'.-:   .1   j-" rje   par!' of, cpnpnerci.'d .  |H'(il|t. ']t N t\ ]'i\infill.fact   Ih.at fheaj) ,'  d-'uifs are, in the e,i-e of many  brands '  of beer, si.hstiluti-.lifnr lhe wholesn.no i  mail aiulr.1 o,)s wliich  alone  coustitulo  thc health and  slrenglh   giving   tjual- t  ilies of be,"'r,      Beverage.-,  made  lijj of  sue.) injurious ingredients  cannot  but  prove harmful lo  lhe  human  system*  and it is this fact  Lljat gjves to the a\v.  ponents of   beer  drinking  a  powerful  argument.    The   consumption  of   impure beer,   like  Ihe   eating of impure  food,   is   uiK-uestir.nably   liuitful; but  such .-in argument cannot be so extended as to include a perfectlypure article  (ike Unit   of   the   I*"nterpri.-.o Rrew ing  Opinpany.  In tho pei'toi'inanee of tho (ask we  have set before us, uf minisleiing to  the bodily comfort of our readers', we  have often had occasion to throw out  tin admonition against lining certain  brands of eouimodilies which, we have  ascertained lo be injurious, ",Ye have  idiyays been no less |e|uctant in singling out' ft"'- commendation the few  .worthy* articles lhat have tome before  our nolico. To do this is an essential  part of the duty we owe (o our readers; for it cannot bo expected that each  one of them will be po.-se^sod of facilities for determining the purily and  healthful'h-'ss of a commodity, or of  the technical skill noces?;iry to such a  delorininationr This task devolves as  as a mailer of right, on the recognized  authority in mailers of health. Hence  it is only in the face of undeniable  woith (hat we have dared to accord lo  lhe product, of the. J-.ntorpri.ie Brewing  Company the honor of an editorial endorsement. '  Will Continue in Business.  more . j iftin^c rngines is S'i m'Uo be  idded  ���������*UK  No. 25S, or some   oilier  lodge  of tlie  International Association of Machinists; tin older established on all the  railroad systems of* lhe coiji incut., and  in even*' shop on-1 he CdP. R. from  Moi'l real to Vancouver.  q- oc-0000 a-o-c*o-oc* ooo-o-ob-o OOO G~0~���������K)  np^t  zzZS  6-ohd-o-o-o-o- 0-0-0-0-0-0 o-o-oo-o-oo-o-o-o- 0-0-0-0  Hon. F. C. Cotton,  finance minister,  interviewed   by   the   ""ossland Miner,  siiid theie   wa.s  no  doubt   of   the continued  existence of the government.  i They had a clear majority over all, hi  be ab "ol.ilely free from, iuipu. ilio.i.    in I said, and   would  coutiutie  bu.-ines.- at  the whol" length and   breadth  of   our I (|lc u\.\ stand  anil   enact   good legNla-  oxperienee we have never encountered  a more wh:ileru.ne iii tide.     The chief  elements in  it?  composition  are  malt  nnd hop-; iind (his is  the central  fact  in   accounting'for   it*,   health   giving  (inalitie.-.   Tne processes  employed   in  its production are only such  as  would  commend themselves   lo   lhe   higl|e.it  authorities   on   mailers af -anitalion.  Jn cases of doubt the  hygieuisl  withhold*, ap| I'O', al; in order  to  call  forth  his praise Ihe merit and   purity of an  "      ��������� .1 as  Last night's tueeling of the city,  council wa- productive of considerable-  talk on Ihe unfailing subject of sidewalks with the usual result lhat nothing was done. ,  Those present were the mayor and  Aid. Brown, Urage, Graham, and'Kil-  patrick.  The following communications were  received: J. Lawtou wrote complaining that certain grading work had  given way. llevel-toke lodge, No. 2,"),  I. O. O. Id, asked foi particulars of  errors --aid to have been brought to  light by the cily engineer's recent survey. R. Tapping sent" iu his coin-"  pleted petition, re half frontage lax.^  The Methodist church, through its  committee, prote.iled against lhe repeal of the Sunday Olo.-ing by-law.  ' The public works committee's repoi t  was lead, as follows: "Your committee  of public works and property would  like to have some information P'gard-  ing a motion re. sidewalks passed al  the special meeting on Sept. 2nd. Does  this motion mean fiom corner of So-  lond stieet and .Mackenzie nvisn.ie Iu  corner of Front nnd King s(reels, or  fi oin Victoria load al the end of Mackenzie avenue lo Victoria road at the  end of Front street. Also if it is your  intention to put a sidewalk nn both  sides of any of the pioposed route.  And your coniniiltee would recommend   that  such  portion of this side-  he    waP,  von niiiv decide   to   build mav  be lei in sections by conlriict aeeoi ding  t" lhe plans iind specifications of lhe  lion for lhe province without regard." cily engineer, and dial (he lenders be  Lo carping ciiticism from any qua. tor \ asked for in I wo ways: l--t, thecon-  wbals'oever. The house, he said, j strut-tor to supply all material and  would roiissemble on Januiry-Jth, and j labor; 2nd, the. contractor to supply  it would  then   become   uianife.-t lhat_ labor only."  the ministry were still suitained by a f Aid. Bi own held that the proposed  majority of'the legislators and still j route of lhe irunk sidewalk had id-  retained lhe confidence of  the  people, ; ways been understood to be from Vic-  Expresses Disapproval.  toi'ia road to Vicloi ia road.     The idea  of double sidewalks on Mackenzie ave-  i'liue and   Front   street   had also been  10 Canadian Mining Institute,met j accepted.  it Nelson on Wednesday and passed a I     Aid. Kilpntrick   pointed out   discie-  Tl  article   mu-l   be   so   dearly proveii .....  not loadmila ray of doubt.    Nothing , resolution   expressing   its   diiappnn.il    pancies in the statements of the move.  less   than   unassailable    tc-liiuony   of 1 of   the eight hour law in mines.      The ! nnd seconder of the motion in question  absolute,   purily   could   wring I'inm us    rem irk of  a, Mr. Mann,  that the day    in regard to the rnuie,  the iiiK]ii.ili!io.l'prau-e we,have bestow- ! nhnuld   bo   rliiidcd   in   three parl*^ of ,    The mayor thought, the work should  ud u-ioii .the product of llio.Enterprise j t'ig'it  lioitr.-t  each for work, rc-crr-uioii ' he gone on wilh as h'tiim as, possible,, if  .Browing Co:iin,i!i|:(  iiiul re-it. created iiiiicn ntlui-ieiiK'Ht.'  .���������'"������������������J.  i it was !)t"-?es?(\i-y to cull 11 spijclwl Uiett-  ing to do it.  Aid. Cr.-ige said politions had been  sent in fwini all sorts and conditions of  men. It had first been decided Lo build,  ridewalks out of lhe general funds.  (lie asked Aid. Graham and Kilpatrick  for their views on lhe matter.  Aid, Kilpatrick had fought for frontage tax believingit Lo be die will of  the people. 'Half frontage was impo,-  sible, as it'could not get, a two-lhiids  vole of the council.  Aid. Graham asserted that the whole  of thc council had voted for half fiont-  ���������*ige ('ax. He denied that ho bad been  inconsistent. He was fighting for the  people. Hi had signed a pel ition fawn ing whole frontage 'tax if the half  front age idea should not be carried.  . 'Ald.Ciiige said' the council had a  petition already fiom the majority of  the ratepayer^ on Lhe proposed route;  protesting against paying for the sidewalk. What was die use of submitting  a,, by-law:'  More discussion followed, during  which Aid. Brown raised an audible  smile by .weaiily suggesting that the  council shelve the subject Lill lhe next  election, Ho after'waids moved that  the petition be fyled along with tho  others,  No one objected, and the Tapping  petition was uceoidingly laid to rest  wit h the other unfortunates.  The frontage tax cool rovers.y was  continued ovei die leporl of the public  works comuiiltoe. Aid. Crage held  dial lhe. presenl council could not bind  Ihe action of Micceoding councils in lhe  mat lor. '  Aid. Kilpatrick said councils would  not iiet contrary lo the desire of the  people.  JSvenlually it was unanimously  agreed Lo lay over tho report till next  week,  Aid. Brown offered a motion requeit-  ing the city solicitor to prepare a  by-law to repeal by-law No. 18, re-  | garding Sunday closing. There was  no Liocoiider, ami he then moved as an  allernalivi. thai lhe chief of police lie  instructed to strictly enforce this bylaw, Seconded by Aid, Crage and  carried,  After iUlending to. some,other little  uiiUUis lli������ -.'tfiuicil luljutiim'cli ,  nso, ���������^^���������a^y^^' "i/^a^vfe-^- <&/*a/*-Sr*^s./*������^ 'va^-%^,'^-%, *v*rV%^%^-v9  #  -qs&/&^$/^ ���������&5^'$y<zszr^t^^-Q^^^^>ivT>/i^/i^.  /���������0/-W  The Slocan mine owners must be in  desperate straits to open (heir mines  without recognizing lhe 'miners union  and all the union stands for when die;.*  have to adopt such despicable inelhndi  Io secure iinen as was' .11 tempted in  Revelstoke this '.veelc by Joseph i*"r-  riiigton, who claimed to be :i������representative of the Wakefield mine, Si!-  verton, which' is represented in the  Mine Owners Protecli\e Association.  To (he credit of the niiners of Revelstoke district, be it said, that not one  fif theiu would take advantage of  ,lheir fellow worlcers' victo.-y in the  south country and to a man refused to  .scab. They recognized thai the mine  owners, now practically beaten, were  trying to use them to "break"' the  miners' union' and would have none of  it. *' ,  ���������  The 'mines in the. Slocan must he  opened before October or the snow  will prevent them from being worked,,  until next May, 'and this explains  their anxiety ,to secure *nic7i7rso as to  prepare for lhe winter's work-. So f.u  they h ivc been unsuccessful in scour-'  ing sufficient scab labor, aud al pics-'  one it looks as if die owners would  have to acknowledge tlieinsolies  beaten or keep the mines closed this  winter. , *��������� ,  'IrisI Monday Joseph'' Errington ap  peared in Rovclsloke iind went very  quietly to work engaging miners and  carpenters for tho Wakefield. , Jie  also wanted a couple, 'of 'blacksmiths.  Jlis tactics were to approach each  man singly, so that it was not'known  fur some time, that he was tiying to  get together a large gang of men.'  I-jviileutly ho iippi oachedu e,*u h man  with a different story. \Ujrf are some  of l-iem: Si I'iko is set I led. No strike.  All' eon tract ��������� work. .$'!..")!) for . eight  hours'woik. There wire no men lo  begot there, union or non-iiiiiou. Did  not know anylhiuir about any union.'  Company did not want lo employ  union iiien nor reeogn!/. ��������� Ihe union in  any way. M.ide'uo dill.-ronco, union  01  non-union.'  J     C'lo-e cases w.-re being   kept on   Er-  [ linglon   and   die   uicu   posted   as   to  jibe     probable    condition    of ' alfai i-s.  I On coniparinu* "notes   they became siis-  I pifimi-. u,-ni'l .decided   to   send   one of  , tl'ieir iin.'i!1,'r'dp'A n lo Silverlon  to as-  1 certain lie-fact-.     On  Ft iday Charles  Law-011   visited   ih.it   camp, and  that  evening uiied   back 10 the men, '\Stay  al home."     /(,.  i.i ^expected to' return  tonight.      .Meanwhile a who had  boon  I sent lo-.J. D. Kuowlo-*, secretary of the.  Silverlon     miners'   union,    'enquiring  about the Wakefield, and staling that'  'hi'-n    were'    being    engaged    for   that  ilTine.    Mr. Knowle.i' reply was: "Nonunion;    have inen  st;iy  lh<jre.'-      This  w-as h.-inded to the mirier--, and Ihey at  once decided lo -lay'at. home.    Pickets  were at,  the   station   this   morning to  stop those who  could   not  ho  notified  last night. ���������  Li-t evening,  at   die, Central, Mr.  Errington was   looking very dejected,  evidently recognizing die fact that the  jig was u^.      A Ma'il man  struck him  foi; a   jot), wa.s  iuiinediatoly engngod,  and is'expected to   leave   for Silverlon  .Monday.      I Ie (hen had another story  to tell, which in some   particulars  differs from   die  f'.u-L-".      He   said   there  were  only  a  few   men   in   the lower  country ��������� agitators',     etc.���������but    ihey  'would not ace���������pt work   ;it any price.  Did   not  make .iny.diiT* fence to him '  whether men were union, or not.'   Had  a   gang   of   -10   men   engaged, but his  '  work had   been   spoiled   by   agents"  of  the union posting men'.    Had,sent one  of die miners  dow:n���������paid his f,u e, in  fact���������to report to the men here.      This .  man had'wired the others' thai he \vas  ^���������oniiuy- b-ick. so  he   supposed that he  could not get any men to go down'.   No'  iiii-,(o try lo gel men here:   was going.,  home   disgusted,      A    t'l^w   c.u penters '  were going down Monday, he said, iind  the   icporlor   was   .-issored   plenty    of  'work if he would coin".  ������   . , '   '.  Mr. En ingibn went soulh this morning.   (,ii.nigh - he    w.i-*   supposed    to go  down    willi  r(.he   earpeiiLer-*,    four   in,"  number, Monday.    > . . -  ���������CanBESPONBENOB.  -Editor Mail: ,  P. It. Peterson is improving as a letter writer lo judge by his last attempt,  but well written and all as,it, is it conveys a.very unjust insinuation against  Chief of Foi ice B.iin, which .should be  promptly set tiir'U. The subject t^f  Mr*. Peterson's letter is brick chimneys,  aiid draws a contrast between his case  ("being fined for having other  thiin a brick chimney") and; those of  other citizens wdio are,not fined. This  Hives him occasion lo level a charge of  favoritism against Chief Bain hy say-,  ing "the matter was 'not Loo petty  when it was my case, but when Messrs.  Ooursier, Wells and Stone are (ho offenders ii becomes too small for. this  official lo take nolico of.'' This is unjust.' Mr. Foleison wis never lined by.  the cily for having other than a brick  chimney, lhat having occurred before  incorporation laws look-ell'e.:i. The  chief of police had noLhing lo do with  inflicting Mr. Feloi son's fine s-o he cannot be rightfully oha**ged wilh discrimination for not fining the others.. Further, I understand the chief of | olico  had in the cases mentioned | osiiive  pioinisesof early compliance *wilh the  law, and,of these thiee one is now  built, another is unused, and the remaining ono will lie built right away.  Mr. Peterson's complete, letter writer  might help him to gracefully Heknow-'  ledge lhat his "kick" is wasted.  .J. A. Si-oNi-.  our lin������ ri. id .������������������'ford-, ,ri 1 all went, well  for ,1 distance of 17 miles, when lo and  behold! he encountered a porcupine.  Sportsman-like, such fine game ,v;is  loo al tractive to pas- by, so he calmly  dismounts, secures his porcupine, but  suddenly h'nds. himself minus '��������� liis  horse. The doctor was forced to walk  the i*e;n*iiuderj>f the way to the mines  and return to find his unfaithful friend  awaiting a few miles fiom the place'he  was desei ted. His first, thoughts were  that the-quadruped had regretted his  mean action, and that henceforth they  would be inseparable. But no amount  of kindly greetings or reprimand had  the desired elfecr of inducing' him 10  give a friendly lift. The doctor was  ���������simply ami persistently ignored until  both arrived al Albert-Canyon, when  Mi-. Ruck to 1 ve. de; tired traveller a  parting '-.'lei'-iiee!'" a- if   lo say:  "And  i you will shoo:, porcupines, will yon?"  Reminder : When voit dismount to  catch game, li-- your c.iyu-e.    ,  F)r. Cross paid Albert C.inyon a visit  othi- week and had & high old lime.  He think-- ihi- quite a sportsman's  paradise.  Albert Canyon  Albert Canyon's lir-t public -choo!  Wii-s opened on Monday, wilh Mi-- Ada  Ci i'i flit lis, of Victeiia, ,*ii (eacher. It  has been a long felt want in lown.  The temporary school (ruMec-i aie A.  Marotiey, B. Green, aud Ij.J. Edwaids,'  Lhe lafler being socrela.y. The building was specially built for school purposes, by subscription, on which a  debt of some .$70 lomains unpaid, and  it is hoped an effort will be made in  liquidate it at an early date.  Mr. iind Mrs. Crage and Mr.-. Atkins  of Rovclsloke, are visitors at the Station house this week and enjoying the  baths.  Orii} of Rcvel-I oke's rising profi s-  sioual gentlemen paid a business visit  to the Tangier mines a few days ago,  gloriously mounted on one of lhe ca;i-  j oil's cute high speed cayubOs. Fiionci.-  tiii'iied out in full sLrenglh to wiih him  nil the jikiisur'ei thu M mile-s of ride  To'Meet the Chief.  R'ical .���������irrang"meiits are Iiein-v made  by the Oian'_'";neii to appropriate!*- receive their irrand master, Hon. Clark  Wallace,'on tho occnion fif,his visit  llf-ie next week. IL������ has been the  supreme heel of the Orange order iu  Canada for die past 3 J -.cars, nr.d for  six yeaii hr.-, i.'-cn president of the triennial eo-ni'-i' of Orai)������f������mcii vi the  world. J[e !,���������'���������., icon in the Canadian  parliament t. iiiiriuoinlv since 1S7S.  In 1 "���������''>' h- -.'.ir di- biggest maj.iiitv  fiom We-t j-,:k (I.Olj*;) of any ever  L'iicu *,o a m m'.ei* ,,f j. uliaiuent. He  is :i ,(<.i e.'ii>! ��������� -1.-1 J-c������ i-. and some i e.g.ird  him ,*e, i.'.e ]��������� ������--ii������.t- leader i,f die Toiy  pallV.  Japanese Social  Tin.' la.iied aid of the. Meihodist  churdi u'lde .1 .J ipine,i> uncial at the  home of Mr-. JJiwus 'J'uesdav even-  in-.      Adminion. L'O  penis.      All   the  .ifl'.ei u ;:  1 1 ],-,)������>" I after lhe J ������������������.pan  e-" f.ii'.iion. and ;i Japanese missionary  wilh two Japmese i.ejie.s will   be pre-j-  ont in n.;*, iie 01-tiiine..     Il promises 10  bo. a i;io-t "iiteriairiin^ evening,  -���������*.. comjnt'.i1  sunpiio- ai.v.i  slock  of   photographic  .s kept   ,-it   the   Cannda  Drug ���������.".��������� R .'i!; Co.. Limitr-rJ. Revelstoke  |^U\Uy������,.D, Q,   "    d  ���������*,. -        . g ;.,  W THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  o:  Zbe Iftootena? HDatl  PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY  ���������AT���������  REVELSTOKE, B.C.,  ��������� BY���������  ]i.  li. CAMI'BKLI..  Pchlimii;!* axi) I'uoeioinoi!.  Subscription   Price,   $2.00    Per    Annum  SC STllICIl-V IN   \HVAXeu'Ml "  iis ils next,in the. same   col  nmn,   w  hen  ADVERTISING RATES.  CONTRACT ADVKliTJSKjIKNTriiiisfi-W'd at  I tie rat������ of $1.,t<i per column muli per nioiilli.  Kor sp.it-i'- of si\ column inches or o\ cr SI  per inch per month.  ntANSIKNT Al-VKItTHK-MKNTS 10c'per  line fir-t in-orliuri, ol: iioi* line Oiicli snlisc-  quent.   insertion.     The   number    of    linos  ��������� reckoned h\ -p.ice occupied, li lines to lliu  inch.  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While  in few   coiinli ie-*    has   the   indiiidual  ambition of a nation   been   moio energetically displayed I ban in   ihe   States  chiefly on account of   its   natural   jid-  vnntages; in no cjuntrv,   pet haps, have  the    industrial      opportunities      been  speedier*    controlled and    exploited by  the monopolistic few'for the   creation  of large    fortunes.       Such    conditions,  ,   must ucccj-s.il ily, under   our   commercial   system    of    compel i l ion,    lender  more iind'more dillicult   the individual  business man's chance   of success, and  puts the consumer moio * and   moio at  tha mercy of tho, combine.      Hardly ;i.  lino   of    business   or   aven.ue  of pio-  duclion.bul is   duectly    or-   indirectly  controlled   by  iiggiegiitions   of capital  so immensj" as    lo    defy    competili'iu  and    disced it    the    idea    of  persona'  freedom, household   gods    wii,h   champions of   the    present   trade   syMt n'n.  If all    this   concentration    of   wealth  and business control   in the hands of a  very few ii the,acme   of our .system of  industrial'  society,     civiliz uinn     will  ' soon have instead of "a colmed sl,i\cry  to abolish a while  commercial soifdom  to unchain, and the  .substitution   of a  S3-stem that, will   produce a nmre.efjii.il  distribution.  SWEAT SHOP SLAVERY.  Low Wages the Source   of Increasing,  Immorality.  Low wages is (ho source of   Lhe largest .-hare of iniriioralil y.     It is so easy  to talk platitudes when   you've  had  a  good    dinner    and     sit     comfortably  clothed and wai m in your  snuir   room.  Hut think of youth and fresh girlhood,  fading day after- day in   the   dim , precincts of fa dory and sweatshop; think  of every   hope   slowly   dyin-jr,   of the  want and despair and  pinching  out of  all the meagre' gray days.   -And  side  hy side   with   this   tou-ibk-.   existence  place   the    temptations    tint   always  come to poor youth and poor girlhood.*  How ninny   of us   who   sue  bel.lei off  would keep to'the straight iind narrow  path wore,we iu a like  case,   while the  broad highway on which lie  the pleasures and luxuiiosof life shines so near.  But on that way lies sin.     Well, \vhoir  the   heart   and   brain,  are   dulled   to  apathy, the ron.science   is not apt to, he  very sensitive.*   When   want of decent  food,'  of    clothing,   of    he.it,   and the  common   necessities  ast-ail .one, whin  honest toil will not hring honest wage,  it take-* a very strong soul   to   keep on  Lhat narrow, grim   way,     And ,we are  only human.    A great and   terrible account will he laid al   the doois  of the  mnsLers ill tiade   when    Ihe  summing  up time comes for all.     The   traffic   of  tho   factories   iind   sweat   shop?   is'as  much   a  trafficking in iiosh anil blood  ������       * '*  as ever was   that   of   the slave   trade.  There is not one of these reckless and  despairing giiU who go clown to utter  destruction and ruin aflei1 an unavailing attempt to i*,\m a decent livelihood  by the work ol" their hands but will  have to be' accounted for by those in  whose hands lay tin* power to help  her.���������Kit, in Mail and Umpire.  rated the same as brothers in the scale  of charges.  0 I" am, faithfully youis  W31. Kt'GKXK  PliRKIN,  Pi incipal.  , The Calgary College.    ���������  ���������  Editoh Mail:  Dear Sir,���������I laving. received r.eipicsts  from some of your readers for information regarding the College, Oargary.  T shall he glad if you Mill kindly give  facility to your readers I'm ' the enclosed information.  The College, Calgary, which was'  founded ,on April loth, 1893, hy the  Key. William Eugene Pen in, of St.  John's college, Cimhi idge, commences  the 2nd ter.n of its lifth year on September LSth. Eoundi cl during a time  of liiiiinciiil depression, the college has  steadily hold its own and proved its  need, and the solid work' it has lur-ned  out and the ������nccess it has hitherto1  gained will be continued in the I.it ure.  The collog ��������� list of visiters, comprises  many wed known citizens, which  speak- well for the character of the  institutio i. The college is conducted  as a high class .school. The pupils aie  thoroughly prepaiod for the universities, rnil.lary or naval .services, the  law, medical iind lonmiercial examinations.    The oliject at which   itaiins'is  Persistent Law Breaking.  As wc go to press   we   have   information that Chinamen are  again   working in the Dunsinuir   mine   al   Extension.      It     is,   hut   a   few   days   since  Assistant     Attorney-General   .McLein  went to Extension   upon   in foi maiion  laid hy   Mine  Inspector   -Morgan,   and  turned the Chinamen out.      The .management     allowed     their    Mongolian  scabs to go without  resistance.     They  knew they wore breaking  the l.i'w'and  wished   to ��������� avoid   trouble.       BuL   no  sooner was the assistant  altorney-gen-  '���������'oral oyt'of the way  than they sent the  Asiatics underground again.    The.lime  has   come,   it   appears,     to   iind   out  whether  the   Diinsmuirs   do   actually  own   this   country   or   'not.    Who aie  they? or what slanding do they have in  this,province that.Ihey presume  to sol  themselves above the law?   , It   it-   indeed amazing; for sheer* effrontery and  disregard of law this action stands unequalled.1'    Such   criniinalily    on   the  part of ,<i \yorkiiigmau   would   be  punished   with   severest    penalties;     but  when Ihe criminals are the Duiisiiiuiis,  what?   There is only one. way  to ileal  with such   deliberate   attempts   to set  the law at deliance, and  lhat i.s lo take  prompt iiclion to   bring   the   olienders  to     justice.      We     demand,    in     the  name     of     all    white      underground  ���������workers, and iii the name, of   the out  raged law of the  province,   that   those  men    who   are   so   determined , to i un  counter to that law, be piinisned  without delay.      They,   should   not lie per -  milted merely to withdraw   their pestilent hlacklegs,   as   they   did   ihe-ia.st  time, hiit   they   should    be 'lateen into  court   and   publicly    branded   as'the  shameless sweaters and public enemies'  that they are.      Here   is   a.chance'for  Attorney-General Henderson   to  show  that he is^vorlhy   of   die trust  which  has .been   placed .in    him.     Lot him,  bring these cynical  criminals   to book.  --Niinaimo Herald. u  Kootenay Lods*o  No. 15 A.F. &'A.AI.  The regular niccLing  arc lield in thc ilns-  onii: Temple, UourneV  Hall, on thc third  .Monday   in   each  ���������J^d?^.-^*"l2fcNs~i niont li   at   S   ]���������.   in.  gg������3S.'^rJs5>������fe$=r'    Visiting   brethren  cordially welcomed.  G. S. FUNI-T. SiX-ru-TAKY.  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  v. moo i'i.:, x. o. '  Itcuulnr meetings nvc held  in Oddfellows' Hall every  Thursday nij^lit iit, eiKht  \ o'clock. Visiting brothers  cordially welcomed.  ���������A. V. THOMPSON. Sr.c.  <^<^rf*57?^������r^f^9fs^������^������ ���������rf^r^������^������^r^c^-^><^p^-f^*^������^7<^f^*^������^f^f^<^r^  fft  ������������������vf*  rtfl  s  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.  Meets every .Tuesday  v?? ^i?^"7**-^     evening in Oddfellow,'  J. I'AI.Mi:!!, x. a.  Hall     fit    **>    o'clock.  ���������\\Visiting brethren cordially  iiniled  to  at-  lend.      ������  ,,    .1. MATHIK, Sr:c.  13. H. CAMPJiKM..,  t*. It.  COURT IYIT. BEGBIE  I. O. F, No. 3161.  Meets in the Oddfellow's  Hull on the second and  fourth Mondays of each  month. "VitsilinK brethren   invited   (o  attend.  K. D.J. CVJOHNSOX,  '     *     I.*. S.  William's   Pears'   Colgate's   Taylor's   Recksecker's ...'.  The Crown   The Royal'Albert  are sold cheap at the Canada  Drug- & Book Co. Just try  them if , you want  shaving soaps.  elegant  REVELSTOKE  STATION, B.C.-���������^-^  s  (fa  upitlpvjpuQHQi upvpvpypupvgiijpivp ^upupupupugiup <^lV^i(^H^M^V^i <|j<|i,<^>  Si^^-252 *^5^S'ft"'������'^>:������^"^^������52a^j!;as==^sf-,S^~  Linr^'ent Fnr.iily on  Record. -  In the Ilarlciaii m.-uiiiscript, iN'os. 7JS  and 980, in, the library of tlio Urilihh  niuscuni, 'mention i.s made of the most  extraordinary' family lhat litis ever been  known, in the'world's, history. The parlies  were a Scotch weaver and his wife (not  wives), who were (he fill her and mother  of 02 children.  , ,Thc majority of *the offspring ,of this  prolific '* pair were hoys���������exactly how  many is not known, for lhe record mentions (ho fact that -10 of lhe male children lived to reach manhood's estate,  and only four of the daughters lived to  be gi-oivn up women. Thirty-nine of lhe  sons were slill livinj*, in the year Ki'JU,  the majority of Ihom then residinj; in and  about .N'ewc.-istlc-oii-Tyiie.',  ,N It is recorded-in <me of'tho olil histories  of Newcastle thai "a certync ������cnllciii.'iii  of liii-yi" oslaytes" rode ������������������thirty-iind-threo  miles beyond the Tyno to prove this  wonderful'story." ll is further related  that Sir .1. Iiowcrs .adopted (en of llio  sous and three other "landed -jciidemen"  took ton each. The remaining members  of the extraordinary family were brought  up ijy the parents. \  Gold Rnngo Lodge,  IC of P., No. 20.  Revelstoke, B.C.  Meets every Wednc?-  dii.v������iii Odd Fellows'  Hall nt S o'clock.  Visil'ng Kniglils in-  viled.  '���������     J AS.' GILL.  .     C. C.  ,"\V. J1UI1IIAV,  K. ol,'I!.&S,,  ARVEY it WcOARTKIl  . i5Ai-*i-*]sr*3ns, sor.icrroirs, kto.  Oi'ricics :    Moi.soxs ' IlAxrc , Hlocij,   Kkvki.-  ktoki:, li. t:.  Money lo lo.in.   . ' '"  Ollice.-: Kevektoke, H.C.; Fori Steele. IJ. O.  GCO. .S. .ItuClAUTKI!, J. A. ir.UiVI'-Y.  Jievclsioke, H. C. Fort Steele. 15. C.  m  A neat, tasiefu],w'calendar  is about lhe'best possible  advertisement, , and- is  good for a whole year.  'Fake a look through our  samples ���������.none prettier  are 'on the 'market���������and  place your order'early.  KOOTENAY MAIL. JOB DEPARTMENT  J.  W. CROSS." M. D.  SUHOISOX TO THE C. I>. il., CITY HEALTH  r OFFICHH.  ' Ofllcc: Taylor Hlock, Mackenzie Avenue.  jry  i.  JI. IJOLDICll  Qum; a llutter of pulitical inteiest  lias been created ' liy tlio Labor Dav  speeches of Messis. 'Jlailin and :Mc-  Inne.s, and tliu^e who ]in-fes.s lo know  (like tlie, ] Lera'.d) declaic! tliey mean  , the forniiilion of a third pail) willi  labor lights as* chief plank, i.nd the  gentlemen above named a-i leadeis.  There is nothing to cause alarm if (his  >is really, so, as the sti.ength and influence of ;i third party depends upon  tl.e necessity Co.  it*,   creation   through | Lo ������ix'e iL? 1,"'"'l������'^ *   thorough' l.ai..-j  ^^     He   wh()   Uvn   ,n   ^   ���������������������������,���������,.,;���������,  inability of "those in   power   t.,  n^rj-- ��������� ,"s:il������7': l,1"r "hU ", sm,n'1 >now U'^e I sf:>lL> !^������������^ ������������ ���������'"-^- noll(1 of ^ho blessing  ���������>      ��������� ' '^  I of the h.'^h^r branclu-s or  nize the chums  it   re-jie.ii-nls.   ' What ; tl^o^o ivao need it. d-?:-7  troubles some of the  al.uinisls   is that |     The o dinary  course  of   mstruetmh  the proposed third paity may be sonic- j include-   writing   ;n iiluneti-.: English  thing else in B\ent ot  tiu-ii*   precipiut- ; P'-umu*'"*-     bmgiMgc.     licc.aur-S Vlnd  ing thiit election  fur  which   tliev h;i\e  been howling so   Ionir-      A    mightier  ANALYTICAL. ClIUMIHT AND    ^    ,  ASSAYUll. '  Hoy.il Suliool of Milieu,'London.  .Seven yenr.siit Morfil Works, Swansea.  ���������* SeienU'cn   years' (.'biel   Chemist   lo Wig.m  Coal anil Iron Co.. Imik. ' -r  Lale Cheuii-il and Ass.iycr. Hull Mines. Ltd.  livery description   of  assay   and   analylic.il  work un lerlaken.  Claims examined and reported upon. >  ' ltKVKLSTOKI'., Ii. C. ������       12  BAUBB & ASHCfiOFT,  Dominion and ���������Ppovineial  , .Lanfl-Snpyeyops,  MINING ENGINEERS,  Sm-veyoi'.-) of Mines, Mineral Claims and Crown  L.uidf,  gkezest:et:r:a_Ij  ."��������� ,:' -   meboha1jt  ARROWHEAD,' B.  Dry Goods,Groceries, Hardware. Tinware, Powder,,Fuse, Etc.  Miners"and Prospectors' Outfits a Specially.  Woman  niul   (lie  Jcivi.sli  Tiiliiiii-l.  The Jewish Tiilnnul has these sentences  about women: "A irood wife is heaven's  noblest gift. A housewife never allows  herself to bo disturbed from hor work;  even while conversing she is busily s])in-  ni.if,'. An old. experienced woman in a  household   is   an   ornament   to 'it   Mice   a  12 If  VANCOUVER,   B. G.  than the '-cunstitiiiional'1 opposition  i.s in the fi(jld and an( election is jusi  what he wants. It is now -,aid bv  some that the only hope of ^getting  out of the opposition picrlic.unei.t 'is  by iiitrodiicii)glp;irt} lines, anil coining j joni l)(.;.|^ $Jn j ci  I hii-tory. phy~iLi.il, gi-ner.il and *,'c*iirn,j  I rnerciiil ^eo.^i'aphy. coinpo-itio'ri,.drav.'r  i injr. al reiir.r. Kueliii. F. .'nch, Lutind-ind  scriptu: e. 7,:d.7'-  I'Aii'i sii'ij.'cts: (Jre-fk, 11 icr<v,o*ht:t i-*,-,'  cheniis-i rv, c! 'cii i������i:y and   in ig.jet win,  agricu'i ure. stalii -   and    in-lroatfilics;';'  Pciene^, iinisic. i'i,--. '?',-,-::  Its- f.'e - ;irc the low hs*. ]  nning for    of  lior.e,  ..nil   is   without   support.   Tlie  : :-:y::-d,jv man ��������� wlio-zstrirui*?' nt7fiic dontlibe-J of his  |  voire feels like those who saw ,ihe tenrplu  dof 'Jertisrilui'ri' -l-pdiicc'-J./to  ashes,  for lhe  !  iyife7:s the tepiple.in   nhich  each  innn  dfi'u'*i   i*C'po.se?:r.!ii'I?quiet,| where  lie   lt'sts  ��������� after, the'..ln-liors."of the 'il-nj. and where he  C.iu .give?p.\-p!;essihti7to 'his  feelings, joy-  fi!l7and?riioiir.VfuI.7God h.i1- .*.ri\cii to ivn-  ���������nicnymore ynijilitr .of ���������?��������� judging, correct iy  lli'ann man:"? dv,    i;     ���������:?; ,  G-o]d,   Silver,  Lead,  and  , Oopper Ores  W. PBLLEW HARVEY,  F, G. S., l^tc.  Asisny Oflltrcsnnd M^etiillnrglcul Works,  ,     VAN'COUVKi!. B. C. '     .  Sampling Work.-,' 717-710 Pender Street.  Ts prepared  to   purchase   the   nbovo   classes  of  ores for the following   Knglish  house-"  whom licreprcseiit.s vi*/,.: ���������  Vivian & i-mhis, ijwnn.siiii.  KIIIiiIIb Jfolnl Co.  Ltd..   l-turryporl,.   Honlli   Wiile.s,   Smellers.  ������������������ I'eliners. De.silvei'i^ers, Miuuifiictiirei's.  Checking    smoltcr    pulps   a    specialty  *       ESTABLISHED 1062  .j    VICTORIA,   B.C.'  OOM'PLETE-^^  HOUSE FURNISHINGS  ��������� ^   W10' IMPORT lHHKCT  '     '  Japanese Mattings  .\.\*n   Oriental Art Squares '  in large (iu,in|,ii,ies and newest, designs.  "JTi?Mussing""  the rich oflecls that can bu produced with these goods for  icry little money.  '  Samples of Mattings, Etc., Free on Application  h<- yDomin-  tiM-ni fni "i i rv-vp.ii.pjl  events may pay  watching  in   ih,-it   direction.     We shall seel  Ouil contemporary makes niei r*. \>\  little gibes at the absence of sidewalks. We ' trust the sunm.Ai \  printed eis.ewhere of sidewalk- proceedings  fully who i> r-csponsilile  m    the    council w nl I'xphuii  Th  e   recuinmen  datio  n    ot  works committee   made   in    .Mayas to I  the mode of payment  lo    ire    adopted '  no in.itti'i* w hat th'* .ijjc.   and lliere ;in-[  mil v thryi- i:i -t -.i'i of fo'ai I *i iiisj!)1 the {  year.    A iil.->j ,i! i I'llnt'luii   i~   niiirle for ?i  brothcr.s and -iin������*   nf   ni-nil "is 'of."t'lie-,-  well k.i'iv, a -nr>; .(���������-. ''    .',-;.  . 'L'lu-'   inllcr.-   sy.sieni   i~   founded'on j,  that of th.-'F'linrli-h pu'.lic   and   gr.'iiii-?!  niiir'sc'.iool-.    Tr j ro*. id'>s for   the  indi-.]  j vidua' rristi-'if-'ion of i'ikIi pupil.' B.-iek-i  ,.      ,,      ,  ,       iwird.   u.'i'v-u-.   or   wciklv   pupils r-e-. j  lor-the del.-u. ;     . , ,,,������������������.*   I  ( ccive     t In ir      s-vnipalh" tic     assistance !  which t!ie:r cas's ciil   for.      The.,dis::j  VANCOUVER HARDWARE COIKPAHY,'LIMITED  WHOLESALE  m  PAINTS AND OILS  339 Hastings Street, Vancouver,  B. C.  Branch Store: Nelson, B.C.'3  Under the. auspiroc- of Thc Uoy.*il Agricull in id and   rndustrial  :7??' -  77',Sociel\ of Hiilish Ooluinhi,i. will lie held at  tlie   puohc I  ciolini'  , nn'. 1 Init  fi."  not tlu' h in.  n,   th.>  .nn! n>  hfiii'tand 7  I   ���������  Bcin^ !:  Jf^Ml' estrqjpstcr, jd  ���������vy'O^QBER 3rd, 4th. 3ti), tin<I ������������-���������  ^15;0607   ^~  5.  -   -    IN PRIZES $15,000  OPKN  TO  THK   WOlil.l).        .     .  McLennan, MeFeely & Company, Limited, '.  Vancouver,       '   -    , - British Columbia,  . . .     ���������Wholesale���������  ' ��������� :e������^:b:d"w"--A_:b:e, i '  Mill Supplies!        - Miners' Supplies  in all sidewalks'li-..I ino-thirds nf tin;  council in it-, favor* ,\nd th ��������� people behind it jreneraily. Tie* public un see.  for  thcnihel ve.s u ho  the men    um   who  sp  e ik iiur  1   Vfjl'  now a*  then.  Till-; proposed oppisitiou cornention  ide.i is oil; it u,is n(:\er really on, and  the predicament is to h ��������� a\fiidcd of  explaining where it i.s at. The way  out of bondage is n A that w.iy.  rJ'm: Ileiiild seldom, if c\or, makes  a joke iind as might be csp'-ctci], when  it does it is veiy r-c-piehen-ible. It  says that if tnose lesponsible foi improving the ceni"teiy per mil it to be |  spoiled iit .the outset a/'gravo'd'-wrong  ���������will be inflicted upon the coinmuniiy.  Ghastly, isn't it? and not   half, so-rich  a private   ventur.'   f s-iip.'rvi-.'d   I'-y t In  b,ardor visimr.) ii  is   m,,.t.yHon-7 ^_   j>,ouricl ' *'of'-��������� Pleasure   for   Four   Whole   Days.  :*,iTt.iriuii, a^ it slimilil ^V>, c\ r'i*\ lad ire-. > ,      .-,.. . ���������*  ing rigliilv cxp"( !fd   to   im-a cr-vingl.v  follow lhe ci'.'i-il of Ids parents.  Tlie arr.in^enionl's fm- th" bodily j  welf.in' of ill'*, pupils art- excellent :..j  Mi'-;. Kiigenc i'.-rrin devotes her; 'at* j  t-'tition to the h i n * life of the boys, !  .ind par-ticii'ai ly the younger? ones. J  Athli'tifs, trauie , of >ill kind- are en-j.  couia^ed iini! ;ii*e under our own so- j  p T'visioii: cvi'iv boar .l'">r is i^i ven' the I:  privilege, if earne 1 bv good conduct..7  of keeping his own pony. .'.-.:'���������  f' dgai y is well known a-,   a    he'alt hy 7  town.    Ibiuiks   io   lhe   biacin^'p'i;air*,ie  air-,   and   sjf'<ne,s   is   pr.ic.lu illy   unknown il I  1 he ' olh-nr.  I I'liclo-i! yon oil" of I he i olh-prc cir-'  cular.s and '.shall lie glad; lo'give nny  reader of your well known -paper aiiy  further'iriforniatipn', I. iuay say. that'  boys corning from- lhe 'sii.ni--'   (own ,*u*e.  I iroK.sk' iiaok-s. ������������������.���������-��������� lat.'Yci i  i*a' j-.-*.      (,n.\.Mrj.,u.\'-.iiii> ],.\fi:o-*riK.      aocatic.'*.  I N'aV.M, AND MtUTA/.*,   -l-ilfl- r.V.MKMANA. ItASKHA l.l>.  I ', FOOT HA 1,1^.       HANI*  KM'l'VA MKNT       .M A'. N'1 !��������� It ICNT 11.1,['.Ml VATION't*,  Grand; fc'on'c"rf ,-.<h ",.'ning.  Sjcchii alt (acl.ii.'i .if th'-.N".-.'.   U'r.l iniiisli-r Opei ,i  House.  ,���������..;.Mor i.s ter Ex.c*io ���������-,,>���������)- fi om nil iminr-*. ul g*r cat ly ) i-dwccd iviti-s.  . I'\ '!' st)"r.-i;(l f'-af lo <���������-��������� -ri   s'uill l;,i i,d tijl's-.  ���������y   '  .  ��������� " 'Nii.efi'l.j'.rir'ic-'e'.fee    h.ni^'-d for .���������>:niIiil.s,  ,  .'' K.V..Kf7.';-TrV>;....iri.-''\V'or< i.p   M..ji.r O'.n.i   T .1. 1 i-,.r,p, ',  l'...y. -Arirler-.so:;.. .,\U). .,!.. i''. .-'<���������<������������������*     M'l. JI   -li.'l'!.-.  l-'iir ��������� l-'.-izo f.vt'y. Kn.lrv 1'V).-  ,-.  iri'i fu.'! j'.i.-li '.-jl,.. - ,v ril'- *o  THE B. C. ASSAY AND CHEMICAL SUPPLY CO. (LIMITED),  (Lille MarFnrlnno & Co.)  '  VANCOUVER,    B.  C.  We are.Manufacturers and direct Importers; .-md carrva UVRl. -.(ocfc of  Bi.ianees, l-urnnces Fire (Jl.iy r^oods. Scieni ilic and Practical [looks Oliissware  Plalmu.n^ods.Ac.dsUhr  bole A.gen Is lor .Moigan Crucil.le Coinpanl,  JJ.it ters-'ii,  lleck.'r .Sons' Ii,.  (.'.ilalogni' and full pai-l icnlai-s sent on applic.ilion.  M.iihcis.  (ii 6. I), Iii*) in ma*.  T. ,1; TRAPP,'���������pi-tK-siRKvr  '"    .'.-���������.-���������' d\V    H.  KK \!tV  Ar.TJfri.  MAI,J.INK, Kkciuctaiiy.  ''ii)IHI.-*s|iiM,.l(.  i    r i om r 1 ��������� -tl  i lit lit- of  lie  -t I eel- uoiildn'l  iu! ci est ,'iuionc  VICTORIA,  Largest and Best  Equipped Hotel on the Coast  Everything new and up-  to-daie. ���������     '  Popular Prices. Free Bus.  BRITISH COLUMBIA    Stephen Jones, Prop.  i if ei Ii. H. WU.MO.V is (puiiing on Heady-made  y . W.  E.  FOitAN, Proprietor.  N'cu- uikI Modern and Strictly I;'i,>i ciu^-Good Sumplo noorns-  Itiitc.-' S2 and S'.oi per Dny.  Corner Hastings nnd Gambia Streets, Vancouver, B, C<  SS^I THE KOOTENAY MAIL  DEATH IS PAINLESS.  THE ACTUAL PARTING  WITH   LIFE A  PEACEFUL TRANSITION.  ISxiiericnocM Wliieh Show tlie Pnno*  i-iun-i "Wliieli l'li<M IK'fore the Dj"-  intr If ruin um the , I.tiinp of Life  1111 ril.-. Itself Out.  Despite the wise teachings and noble  example,of Socrates and despite tho positive assertions of the best medical authorities moht people look willi 1'ear and  tieinblin:*" toward the moment which i*ep-  nrates time and eternity for 11ia11ki1.1l���������  lire moment of death. Physicians have  lon^r .since cstaiil shed the fact lhat deatli  itself is a relief, a l/eaulifnl and hy no  means painful trau^ili.m, but they have  also laid stress upon lhe fact'that this  dissolution must noi he confounded willi  the symptoms of disease which  precede  ,   death.  - ''The question as to what transpires in  mankind dining the approach  of death  ��������� has been the subject of ninny stii-lics and  rcsearelies, and a number of French'scientists, anion.*,' (hem V.  KirgiM-,  Dr. Sol- ,  Jicr and De Y.-irigny, have collected niiilc-  ri.-il that could be reached upon this point  ,'   and published it in a pamphlet issued in  1 "iii-is.     Naturally   the   material   is   but  ,  scant,, but  nevertheless furnishes 5j.11 in-  , teiTStin;,' contribution to the great issue���������,  the moment of death.  The I'Ycncl) piihlicntimi gives a number  ' of .stateiiK'iils by  intelligent iind  ob^erv-  ',", ing pei sous who were rescued from death  at  the last   moment.    These siatemeiits  lire coui'incd, to aceidt nts and do not refer  to exhaustion i*esullin*,r from old age. but  ���������   even in,the case of lhe latter the experts  claim to,bo jUMilietl in the assertion (hat  where lhe power of life gradually fades  " away denthjjs no more painful  than in  'the'case of jicojile who in tlie fullness of  vitality, confront the great destroyer.  A 1111111 her of the instances cited in the  ��������� publication  are  connected .wilh   the e'x-  -^pcriences of lion hunters in Algiers, who  Imve been actually within' the grasp of  the claws and the terrible teeth of the  ting of nriitu-ils.  'Similar experiences nre related by per-'  boiis .who were in imminent danger of  drowning,  One of lheni', a physician liim-  ' self, tells how,his'biint capsized in a ru-h-  ing stream and how he. after heroic but  fruitless.efforts to  save hinistjlf.   redou-  ' bled by the knowledge that he \v;is nipitl-  ly carried'"toward a' roaring cataract,  drifted unresistingly in a smt of peaceful semiconsciousness until rescue crime.  In rall these instances, where accident  brought poople,M)f welt, balanced mind  suddenly face to face with death, (here is  the olio consensus oi' thought that before'  the mind's eye of such" people nil (lie important events of their life, almost their  entire life, sp to say. passes"iu a moment. ,  This is in accordance "ith life in .1  dream, where a single iiist*iiit,'su!lic*i*s to,  comprise an almost endless chain of  cvents.r  ' . Professor Heine of the Zurich university,   an   indefnligiibli!   mountain ���������climber,  ' hfld llio experience of 11 fall into a steep  abyss. lie was rescued by what seemed  to bo a miracle, and ho imniediati'ly sot  to work to gather the experiences of others who hah been in the same position.  'They- all agreed.  "What lct'elt in the few seconds of my  full," says Professor Heine, -'wouldtiike  .hours to vol ate. .All Uionghts and mind  pictures were of a marvelo*:s distinctness  and clearness. A long train of means'to  break the tremendous rush of (he fall  occurred to.mo first, and next there jiass-  ed before,my mind all the events of my  life, realistic .is in n-Uinelnscopc,"  Whympcr. nn Kngiish Alpine tourist cof  renown, fell from a" Height of'over 200  feet. "I was perfectly .conscious of what  happened to inc." he states, '-and I counted every jolt I got from protruding cliffs.  . but, like a chloroformed patient, I felt no  pnin. Each rimentetl jolt of' course was'  greater than trie pieced ing ono, nnd I remember quite- weil how I calculated that  if the next'jolt should bo still more severe the end would come.. Hut the most  wonderful experience was .that in 'this  tremendous rush through space the air  pressure, which 'must ..nve boon terrible,  was not nt nil,disagreeable.'  Admir.il Beaufort of the British navy  relates what he felt when he 'once fell  overboard. "From (he moment my efforts   to  save  myself  ceased."  lie  said.  ."the nwful thought of death |>.*issod away  like magic nnd gave'pi,-ice to perfect rest.  This was apathy, pit re mul simple, run!'  ��������� not resignation, ,for it never occurred to  m'c that drowning was a inisfui time. 1  did not think of rescue, and yet I did not  ' suffer.' ,On thc contrary, my sensations  were rather plcnsant."  Darwin, who as a competent observer  has few peers if any, 1 elates that he once  fell from a garden wall only seven of  eight feet Inrrh. and be says that n reproduction of the thoughts which passed his  mind in , (he brief moment of the , fall  would fill a volume.  If these phenomena of pnnorninic views  of past life are closer, examined, (ho  French scientists say., the conclusion is  irresistible that the visions are limited tn  n few scenes which are Inter on enlarged  by tlio imagination. Childien,.whose life  comprises less numerous a n't! clearer cle-  , merits., never bare these reniini-cences.  Almost-invariably theii only tlimiglit is  that-thoy will not see their parents again.  Dr. Sollicr repiuts the case of" n confirmed opium cater, a gill of unusual  brightness in her sober moments. He  treated hor after the method which cuts  off (he use of thc drug at once ami which  involves repeated stages of unconsciousness of the outer world. After each return to hor senses tho. patient, who was  firmly convinced lhat. she must die, stated  that her sensations were not only free  from-pain, hut positively beautiful.  Usually the death strii'.'gle is pnin less.  Tlie dying complain rnrely. Kveti if  consciousness npjie.-rrs to be clear, tho dying nre in the past rather than in the  present, 'and the jier-fect rest which is  often taken ns a product of a strong will  power is in reality a sign of absolute insensibility. "If I only iiad the power to  wield a pen," murmured the dying William Hunter, "I would use it to express  ��������� how easy nnd restful it is to die."���������Chicago Tribune.  Like Goals.  Trenching one Sunday from the text,  "Love one another," the villnge parson  told n lilflo story of two goats (lint had  met on the one plank bridge which crossed a small stream where lie lived. "But  did Ihey fight and try to jiush each oilier  itilo tho writer?" queried the minister.  "Oh, no! One lay down and allowed the  oilier th stop over him. There was the  right spirit! My brethren," said the  prenclier, lending over the pulpit nnd  penking in n gentle, persuasive tone,  let us live liko gotUs,"������-Loudon Stand-  ���������mdi  MATRON  AND MAID.  Mrs. Rorer says that she never speti-ls  more rlr.-ni *<10 a week for her family ia-  blt> expenses. "  Sarah Bernhardt was once intended  for a milliner and came very near to being sent 10 a shop to learn the trade.  JJrs. Joubert, wife of��������� tlie commander  of tlie Transvaal forces, accompanies her  husband in (he field aud has herself gain-  on a consideiiible knowledge of military  ma tiers  ��������� Miss Lillian Norton attracted little attention as an ojicra singer until she took  on a foreign disguise by changing her  last name to Noidica. She was born at  Farmiiigton, Me. '  Mrs. Nelson A. Mi'e<-. with all her traveling, i.s :i vi ry tlunicstic woman' and particularly fond of managing her h'Uise,  (hough she lias mil as yet adopted the  fad of "tonkins; lessons."  Thpugh Mrs. Ccorge Gould has .$.'.0,000  set.aside for her each year, she fre.pieiit-  ly winds tij) the 112'mouths some *< 10.001)  in debt, for she i.s interesled in a number  of charities which she helps liberally.'  Miss .Maud ('ohlsehmidt.'a granddaughter of tlie Minimis .Fenny J.ind. is imw being trained in P.-uis. She is said lo have,,  inherited hor, grand unit her'.s lalent and  ��������� to bo a most charming young woman of  ���������JO.        ��������� ''     '  Dr. .Mary Bachelor is in charge of the  tlisjiensary of the Fret- 1-inplisi Mis-don-  iiry society iit Mitluapore, India, where  nboiit '1.000 innients arc treated every  year. She began her'work ,*i'S a medical  missionary in }&7~).   .  Mrs. I.eliind Stanford is complete mistress of nli tlie detail's connected' wilh the  management of her hii-bnnd's Vast estate. She has every working da.v prearranged by a regular programme and gives  so much ti iiii" to every task;  Mrs. Uu'ssell Sage gives this account  11 f hor marriage: ".Mr. Sage was'a widower and wanted.'i wife, lie hail known  me as a schoolgirl, ami when ho asked  1110 I 'consented, expecting to. read my  life nwny'with a quiet husband."    "',  Mrs. Leonard Wood;, the wife of Gen-  'ernl, Wood, interested .herself in her husband's work-"when bo was an army surgeon nnd. under his 'direction, rend medicine to such good purpose dial it is now  snid she coultl'eiisily secure 11 diplunm  from any medical college.  Adelaide Kistwi. Conn!ess del (Irillo.  is! fond of company iu spile uf her advanced years. She always can ies a  charm, which she believes has prnicrtod  her against thc evil eye. It is, a bud's  claw set in gold, anil it lias but one rival  In" her affections.'��������� With it she always  carries the pen with which, nt Itistori's  request,, Queen 'Isabella of Sjiiiin signed  tho pardon of n condemned 111:111.  POULTRY POINTERS.  A full" grown goose picked regularly  will yield a pound of feathers.  One,way of making poultry pay is always to have something to sell. ,   ,  , Chickens fill ten  fnster on cooked  food  than   on   raw,   because   it   is   easier   digested.  Though turkeys arc good forager's, it  will not pay to let 'them go without  proper feeding daily.  Paralysis in  chickens is due0 to over-r  feeding nnd  lack'of exercise.  'Give less  food  nnd  make the fowls'���������scratch  for a  part of their living.       , '  It i.s rnrely .the enso' that it is advisable  to stimulate eirg production by the use of  'irritating .condiments. Plenty of wholesome nutritious' food is what1 is needed.  Tho profits from poultry are often  wasted by "feeding more fowls than  Hhould be kept. When'a lien is not lay-"  ing, she is expensive. Itooslers arc nlso  expensive. ' /  One of the hest'wnys of removing lice  from fowls if; lo make them do it,, liieni-  selves by having a lot of dry dirt whoso  they can dust themselves whenever thev  feel' inclined, having first sprinkled (he  earth with carbolic acid.'���������St. Louis Republic. '         "ORCHARD AND GARDEN.  Salt is beneficial if scattered under the.  ���������jr-iipevines and jienr trees.   ���������  All fungous diseases of plants, such as  mildew, scab, blight, rust, rot. etc., are  contagious.  It is not the growth of the tree so much  US  tlie   formation   of   the   seed   l!::il   ex  iihusts tlie tree.  If all wojmy fruit is des!reyed ;is soon  as it" falls, your orchaul wul ovo:i!;iai!y  he made free from worms. >  One of the best arguments iu favor of  n goot! fruit supply for the farmer is that  it' will contribute to the health of the  family.  It is a safe plan nt all limes to burn  lhe trimmimis'from the berry ami grape  vines,, ns well as from the trees. They  arc troublesome if left on the ground.  Props under the branches of a tree  should never be allowed. If tl.e l"u<l of  fruit is too heavy for the branch in hold  up, trimming is the proper thing to do..  UTAH'S CANCER. s  It looks as if polygamy in  Utah ,xcrro  considerably <ho;ipoi   Lhnn tliiorc i.i  i,.i  kota. ���������New Yoik I'less.  Polygamy comes as cheap nut m Cl in  as runnim: .-i'joint tit" s in Tope'.vii. 'I ..e  fine is .**"1U0.-TopeUii State .I.mni.il.  Angus M. Cannon was lim d only $!0*  fur having six wives.   1'ie.ty light"   w e'll  waged he  would   not   p.an   w.t!)  1 11 ���������   *_f  lliein  for ten limes that auiouni. ��������� larlti  more American.  "If let alone, polygamy will die a n'tu  rnl death." says the present BriJi.m  Young. There can be no doubt of t. at  But will the Mommim let p.ilyg.mj  alone'.-1��������� Boston Globe. '  It becomes iipimrenl I Inn the law nlli  ccrs of (ho nation mii-t lake a ti-n  against the viola tion of the laws e:i-i, te 1  versus iiulygaiiioiis it:a 1 rinuvs mile s i.a-  state uf ��������� Utah will it-elf under take t.:i->  woik.��������� Seattle (Wash.) Times.  ANIMAL ODDITIES.  ft  Tho male ostrich nt times utters n cry  .which sounds like an cIToit to sji.���������.���������.!* wil.i  lire mouth .shut tight.  Vultures cannot discover n carcn s b.*,  the sense of smell Th"\ ;ely eii i c'.\  ujion theii sight when in q.a'si of fn tl.  Bees nre suit! to see an emu 111 11.- d s \  tiin'ce.,' When ali-enl from lie, ii live j  (hey go up in the nil till they s.-r th ;r .  home ninl then tiy townnl it iii a sir.i g'*; ',  line. . !  Tho gorilla  is furnished  w'lh a so t of  nil' bag in the dies!, hum   tlie l:;:i ���������<. m::   ,'  nectcd with the wii'di-'pe.   li i- wfi ��������� '.1 ��������� '  help of this oigan that tlie uniiii.il e.r.U.s  Ha U*i'Vi.fi<* tshrleka iiud loais, 1  : : 'vtih  bread   ! I''���������*������������������������������������������������������  .             ���������'���������inrri'-i   <  My mf :*r-:   :���������  !  r\;;-   V  ���������:, :"i   ." ���������    1 . ;,  1 M  his'f..-!.    ( ������������������ ��������� . ;  1!:.. I ,. ,"s it':aii".v.  , an   nnderrail   cihtm.   Vihit'i   v, as   rnl'lcd  1 and o::i *;f pi ;'���������:: cr.irgl t the eye cf a  sparrow. The ������p:i:nnv flew down, seh-.eti  it in its beak aud pulled ils best. The  feather did not yield ai oi:r-e. n-i.1 the  pigfori walked off wiih offended dignity.  The sjiarrow' followed. Mill holding 'mi.  nnd in fhe end flew off,tj-irimjihantly with  tiro trophy to it< ii"---t. "Well, if lhat  don't take tho cake fur cheek." was the  comment of a jiassiu^' hihoicr, "I'm hanged!"���������'London Time-!.  Sl:<������  Cn::Hil   \<>l   CiMlcrM'riTiel.  "I never '���������pet ulitel hut n:ice."' said  Mrs. Baveii!ia!l to il'e i'.ociety of Political  fiudy i:i New Vmk. "-!-!i;^i I invesleil  *s*-'00 in fan .":!���������] never saw eillier money  or com aftorw.-ird."  '"Why. v, h:!t t!id you do *,*'l!i i!:e corn?"  asked o:r,' of tlie oilier l.ida*-*. i"ery much  fistoni-heil.  $       \   1 *       Sf       t-   "     P     fi       tt ������������������ ���������/     i  O/^iVV \ Vii LJl^xJ  Fred. Robinson, Proprietor.  Dressed  .Probably iniirp boys- ������t:irt out to study  for the ministry .-ind'quit than for .-'iiy  other profession.��������� Berlin (Mtl.l Ileraltl.  Thc loftiest cliff on 1 lie coast of Kiit-  lnnd i������ Bonohy head, the height of which  la rwu fe<^.  DOX'T THIRST!  There's no nrcessity far doiu^  " iin\ thint,' so fotilisli this rh<it  ' ' weat hor. , Prop into, Anian's -  near tlie, .stalinh���������and lra\e a  <li ink from, Jiis " soiia fountain.  A variety of flavors, all "nod.  GO TO OMAN'S  Lath, Shingles, Mouldings, Finishing  Newly Opened  Furnished .and Supplied  A FIRST CLASS HOUSE  TY.  SCAVENGER,���������  Orders  left' at my  '    '. stables   will  .have  speedy, attention.    :  W. FLEMING- '..~^mL ,  fr & Booth  House., Painters,  rHCOPatops, '..  Carriage Painters  "Wo do work half down, -ind monthly pay-  miiiits.   All work KUiirantccd. - ���������     '  ,'     CHUBB   &.  BOOTH.  MsKcnzie Ave., opp. Taylor's Block.  L A. -SNOWMAN, prap,   6d   ���������R. HOWSON & C0...-...V.  ���������' -. ��������� Furniture and ��������� , ���������  . , Undertaking. - '��������� ��������� "  Repairing,' and Upholstering Done.  ,   Warehouse in connection for storage  of fnniily ond ollicr'fm-nitui'c, trunks,  ' ,      etc., at monthly or other rates.  Agents for Riiymoiul Scwiiiff.Jluchincs.  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  Drayinjj-   iind   delivei-iu^.va  speciiilty.  Teams always   rcadV   at -shortest  notice.'     Contracts   fur jobbing  '   taken.    ^\genf.   for" JB. C. Oil Co.  iarnson.  *^WVj:v.'l)jAl-jwjwja������^jjeJja^^g^������itx-^r^ij������-i^  FOR YOUR  PRINTING.  ,'    c  "^^^2=^  WE DESIGN  Is  '-,  '.- '���������   AS "WELL  r * '  'AS PRINT  * ' o  a  THE KOOTENAY MAIL'  1 1 r  - JOB DEPARTMENT  1*^(^7  tfae1fr>($n<  '(fadfoefa  , f$?fflkr\!*>  S00 PACIFIC LINE  days across  the Continent  by-thc  "Imperial Limited"  Tho faslcsl and ocsl equipped  train crossing tho coaliajnt.  Traizis leaving tho Paoliic CoaBi  Tuosdayo. Thux*sdays and Saturdays, counsel at Fort V/Uliam  with tho palatial Lake steamers  Manitoba, Alborta, and Atha-  baso.T,, across the Great Lalccs.  For full particulars an to time,  rates, and for copies of C. P. K.  publications, apply to  T. W. BRAD.SIJAW,  .\ycnt, Kevelstoke.  Kootenay Railway &  Navigation Company  Operating Ka-lo .t PIncr.n Unihvny.  Iiileniiin'oiinl N-.ivij,'.*Uio:i & Trntiins'  Coiri'inny.  Eeheduloof Tirrio���������pj-olfie Standard Timo  Kli'oetive .Itinu in, "ftl.  * Kaslo & Slocan Railway  P.i.viont-'cr li-iiin1 ftu* Siindon and way stations  lmivc< ICn-.loiicSa.nl.: daily, lettiniiiin, leave-;  Siimlon ul 1.1.3 p.m., arriving al ICfuilo 3.5.5 p.m.  International Navigation and Trading  Company  Oper.'itin^ on ICootenay I������ike and Iiivcr.  H.S. Ixti iinatioxai. leave* ICaslo for kelson  tit f> 11.111. daily except .-iundny: returning, leaves  NeNon nl l.:jij p.m.. e.illin*,-, at. Halfour. Pilot  Hay, AiiisworlIi.,i'inl all way point.';; connect-*  with -tcanicr Alberla to and from Bonner's  Kerry. Idaho; 11N0 wiih S. F. & X. train 10 and  from .Spokane. ,\i I-ive Mile I'ulni.  .-3. S. Ai,;ii:i*t.\ leaves SuNon for Conner's  Kerry. Tuesday- and Samrday-; at 7 a m..* nifet-  iiiLr -iciiiicr^iiLcrniitLoiial from Ka-lo at I'ilol  Hay: rettirninu-, leaves Itomici-'^ Kerry nt 7 a.m.  Wudneid.iy-,, .l-'ridajs and .^inidnys,, e-oiineolinv;  'with sU'.iincr I menial it'iinl and for lCn^!(t.  I.ardo. and Argunm. Dirt'ct eonnielions inatlc  at Htmiicr's Korr\ wilh Great Northern Kniluny  for nil point-; east, iind ������������������������."���������!.  Lr.rCo-Dunoan Division  - Steamer Intci*nnti'*n.*i; lc.it e- K.fdo for Uirdn  and   Argciitn   at  i!.'.}  pm., \\-cdiie-i!iiys' rtml  Kridny-.  StcnmiT Albert,! lea".e- Ki\^\o 'or Lnrdo and  Argcniii nl S p.m. .-Siiiid'u ���������",  n (   Ptcnnior-* mil nt priiicip.-.l liiii.lini:- In bmh  diivi-iioii". anil ni other jioiijt- ������ hell niicrmllLil.  ' Tiekei������ miIiI 10 nil ptjint-! 111 Cnnada and the  United --'tiucf.  To asi.ertnl'i rate-; and full information,  add re������������������:  I r.or.iCRT iuvino.  I S tf -       M.ui.-1-.-er, ICa-lo. I!. C.  I  Oi* to  W. K, ANDKHSON*.  Ti'iiv. lJns>. Agent,,  NcKon. H.U.  ]���������:. .I.'COYU*;.,  A. C*. I'. Ajfciit,  Viinoonvcr, Il.C.  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  Hoyal Mail Lines.  Cheapest Route to r.ho Old Country.  HKAVICU LIN'K-Kroni Montreal.   -*."  Lake .Siipcrior    ���������      ��������� ...   Aiifr". 3<l  l/ike Ont.11 io -it-iil. 13  l.akc Huron ,.    5<J  Like Siiper.'oi*    -      ���������     ,.      .      .      -     Ot t.   1  DOMINION' IJNK-Kiorn Monl'-uil.  Vancouver riciit.   7  Dominion ..Hi  Ciiiibroiimi .,     *-'*i  ���������Scot ~m.in     ;v\  Vancouver ���������   , Oet.   "  ALLAN LINK-Kroin Montreal.  Pari-inn An?. 31  I'iiviiri.tn .Sept.   "  C.iliforiiian  II  Tiimtii ,,    "-1  I'.iri-inn     2*>*  Ijiivarinii Oct.   .">  l'lH-cma'p. ticketed thronpii lo all jiart.s of  Gretit Kiimiii and Ir^lnml. and at specially low  rates to nil part" of the ICiioptan contineit.  Apply to nciire-i r.iil������ny or -Ic.-iin-iilp ngi.-til or  to  T, W, SJlAt-SKAVr't A;eat, ^oveUUUfi  MB-aWMBWWWtfWm^^faMltMW^^  !WtWBWtW*^-ti^ ^  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  9������  aine on Every, Pieee  Lownev'-    ('h(H*(il;itt'.s   mul  ,l]on   Duns,,.oil.-, iind $1  per  how  Photographs of Hevslstoko  0  d   stnil   vicinily    nt    leil'iice*]  prices.  White's-Hair Grower  Giniranteeil tti in.ike lisi.il*  f^ruw. "Sole .-ii^eiits for  Revo bloke.  ��������������� '  EO, F. CURTiS^"*353^  "THE DRUGGIST"  Successor to thc McD. A. VV. Co.  Revelstoke Station,  B. C.  BORN.  Hanson.-- At 'l!e*.clstoke, l>. C, :m  8uik1.iv, S('|itoiiilicr iOtli, lfrJ'JJ),  uife  of Clnis.   IIiuisdii,   nf ,*i sun.  Ahkaiiamsox.���������Al   Hoiclntnk'*, M. C,  , on l-Yid.-y, Scjilcin! er Ini'i. IS!>9,  the wife   td'    (Jlne-..   A'ln .ihiiinsim.  of <*i sun.   , v  PliTTIIMEf!!!.���������At    ]>*. f Istok'*,      li-    C  on Fiidiiy, r-jcpicinU-r l'nli, lrf!)9,  llic wife ul' *lt.   F/Petlijiii'i-e, of a  ' sun.  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BBIEPS  New f.ill niillinery nt tin; Cyiili I>;i-  Ziia'r. , , u  Pete/ Dufiiult is ' down from' tiro  Jlend.  Ed Adair went up to L'lfrir'nic.  creek yesterday.  J. AJ. Kellie, .M. P."P., went svest  "Wednesday' nii'lit.  ^        n        , ,  Dress tt iinniings iind oriiiiinonl-*'- at  tlio Cash li.-iziiiir*.     , ���������- o  Hon. P. C. Cotton, w.is icporlctl in  town Wednesday. d ',  W. Cowan 'Jot buck' fiom-Tioiit  Lake Wednesday.  All "tlio Litest .shades in silks ul the  Cash Bazaar. ' o  Sain JLill wa.s in town this week  from Gale ia Day.  Aid. iiii 1 .Mrs. Cra-o' \\jiC\ Mailing  Albert Cinvon this nook.   t '    >  Thos. \Y. Par'rd, who has largely  interested himself <��������� in Laforme creek  .properties went out Wednesday to  Oxbow., He is enthusiastic over the  prospects ther-e and expects to interest  more en^tcrn money for   development.,  H. N. Ooursier, gold coinmissioner,  returned Tuesday evening from a trip  td Trout Liikej Ferguson and Comap-  lix. lie wont in principally to'ar-  iMnge fur the extension of the North  Pork trail, having secured $1000 for  the purpose.  The announcement is made by t' e  post ollice' department that on and  after October 1st the suburban letter  rate of one cent per ounce will be  abolished iind the letter rate made  uniformly two cents pei- ounce for the  whole of Canada.  Clark Wallace, M. P., went through  bore wiihout stopping Monday night  iind got off at" Kamloops where lie i.s  interested. He goes on to Vancouver  from ilieie. Arrangements have been  made here to get him to stay off on  tlii*? vihit and address thc local Orangemen.    - ' ��������� '  ,     i  .Dr. Maclean's many friends in Revelstoke will be gLid to learn that excellent accounts 0'of his progress' towards complete recovery have, been  receiied. Dr. Maclean's' family have  arranged with Dr.' Carrulhers, r.of  Ivlinburgh, to take ovei* the house,in  Third .street and to attend to Dr.  Maclean's practice until the return of  i be bitter in November   or   December.*  The Leading Store,..  " NO   BLUSTER, NO   FUSS, JUST  BUSINESS;  THAT'S ALL."  + *"*���������  .Sec   "Tlie,   Colli*:  'Cll'.ll*'  nuunceiiieiii in this i.s&ne.  c Harry   J'ji.1 wanK,    tin;   i.i.v.dennisi,  is putting up ii new v. 11 H'shr*'*.  A. C. McArlliui, C. P. It. "agent at  Sdnduii, ha.s mined to Itussland.  New fid I milincry, die.s's guild-,, eajies  rind mantles at the Cash  Uazaar.    n  The Mail, has    been    showii a speei-  nien of thu drill   coieI(iioui    ihe (.'lei  gary.  Trout    Lake    Cily    has    challenge!  Sandon to fo,otb;ill.    Cond    luck    l.,u-,i  deau.' i  1J. li. Campbell has gone into Trout I  Lake and Lardeau disiiicls on a bu-i's- I  ness trip. ��������� (  The reguliir meeting   of     Kr.nijoops ',  presbytery   corn erred      in    Knuili-nps  Wednesdiiy.    .;'     ������ , I  L. M. jjivingston., furine.i ly of Rev- J  elstoko, paid the city ;i visit fiom No'- |  son this week.     , ;  The. Aliin Globe, pi-blished bv Win.  Baillie. is lhe latest addition to *n"u\-  inciiil jtjuriiiili.ini.   . ,    ��������� c  Dr. und Mr.   Cairuiheis,   of    Kdin-  b.urgh, yeolland  are   in town and inay  , decide lo reside here.  New fall niillinery and, dies-, good-  iit the Cash Jjaz.iiii. '   o,  George Stithei liind'-Ft'ainiiy b.*i\e   .-ir-  med fron'i  Nova Scotia and   taken   up  'residence in M. K. ,L,tw-i,u"- il.it.  The new school mmns are ihmiIv  finished, and by the end of tin- nitni'h  will likely br-.,otcupied   In  the -cboi.n -  Prof,   Robertson,   pnnjiicial   iiiiner- '  alogist, w;is in low n    MmvLiv   on lira  ters'  periaiiiing    to   ih<- on: f.-vinb;; ,a  Paris.  ���������Sir Henri Joly de Loibii.ii ie. i7:.e  of the L*iui'ier cabinet, has leiit'm the  west and will \i-ii ino-l Kot.'t.'.ia*.  points.  All kinds of Knqldii and forei;,'!)  patent medicine- kt-pt at th" C.intd.i  Druu'it Dook Co., 1.united. Iii",ed*i,l'.<'  Station, H. C, ii  T. L. and Mi-.   J r.iiLr.    Mi-   Spur I- '  COMING  , Wc arc daily preparing" for the  fall and winter 'rush, and are  receiving- and ' placing- into  stock rf splendid assortment,, of  seasonable goods.  -**-���������'������������������-���������������  ...James Gill & Co.  THE TAYLOR BLOCK,  MACKENZIE AVE.  Kootei^aj  LliEQber  ' Ltd. Uy."  Manufacturers and  dealers in all- kinds  of    ' -   -      '.  Rough and  Dressed  ER  Shingles, -lath", and  Mouldinys. -  Long' dimension timber cut  to orcler,' and clear  cedar finishing lumber a specialty.  ' r i  i c <  All orders; promptly filled.  Terms cash.*-1'-  R. ..Tapping,  Agent,  Revelstoke.  It's JilSt  TOis. Way  r  When you are -buying- a  new kitchen range you  may as well get the best  there,is to be had. It's  going to last a long time  and ,'will be, much the  cheapest in the end.   , ���������  The McOlaryls Famous  Steel Ranges  \������������������&     ���������  9;11E(13j  Capital (paid up) $2,000,000.  Rest       -      -       $1,300,000.  HEAD OFFICE,  TORONTO.  ' Koqtenay 4 and 6 hole  with.or without hiyii shelf  or closet.  . McCla'ry's  extra heavy  stec'l  ranges, 6   hole, with  or without high closet.  "   McClary's  famous double ��������� oven ' 1 o   hole   steel  ranges.  McClary's famous army  range, specially adapted  for  hotel   and'   restaurant  ��������� H.'S. HOWLAND,  President.        T.  R. MERRITT, Vice-President.  , D." R. WILKIE, General Manager.  A general banking- business transacted.���������Letters of credit issued,  - available in all parts of the world.���������Gold dust'and amalgam  purchased.���������Savings   Department,-    Interest    allowed    at  current rate. =_ '  A. R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch  Tnroi'poraled liy act of Parliament lSbo'.    ���������������������������  HEAD OFFICE *     ���������     '-���������       -     - MONTREAL  t *���������*  W.ir. Moi.sox M.\(;i>iiEHRr>N-. Pivs.       S. II. Eavixg, .Vicc-Pr-es/    ,  F. WoLKisiiST.vx Thomas, General jMan.-ifjer   ,  PAID'UP CAPITAL '-* -     ���������      "$2,000,000'  RESERVE  ' -��������� - ���������- ,       1,500,000  ( *A general Ij.uiUiii^ biiHincHs iV-iimmicIu.!.   Inlcrot allowed on (IcpOhil.s at current, rates.  J. D. M0,LSON, Manager, -'. REVELSTOKE, B. C..  use.  'a  T233X33  KEEPSTHE  WATER  BOILING  COOKS  AND  (BAKES  withitsi  FUtllH^  ������NYO!H������  LLINERY  AN D^-usaiaZS^"  P c  DRESS "  GOODS  JU'ST OPENED UP  AT THE  CASH   BAZAAR.      '  E  AND .  BL^,i^/Q/Sb/^/&1������' K^^^^/^^'^/^/^^^/%i^/^/%/^/^/^^^/^/^/fi^  PEGIAirGUT^-^ ,   ���������  IN Sli-ATER SHOES  For the next ten clays at Morris &    ���������'  Steed's.������ '  $3.50 Shoe for $3.00 0   .  $4.00 Shoe for $3.50  '    $4.50 ,Shoe' for $4.00'  $5.00 Shoe for $4,50  \.     The above prices are for spot cash.  ���������  MORRIS & STEED, Front Street, Revelstoke. '     ,  Tlicsu, fiunniiH finises, L-annnt lie  e(|iiiill!!cl fi'iiiii tlie Allantie to tlie  'Pacific. ' Tlieit; iiie o\er one linii<li<;rl  lliunsiind in ,nso, anil iii*o ;tll giving  perfect .-satisfaction.  If von liny inie of tliusc nin^cs we  j;iiiii*,iiit(.'e, satisfaction.  CC"  TINSMITHINC  OUR BUSINESS if'        ���������      ,  Hardware only.'  OUR AIM:  To keep the largest and best  stock In town.  OUR OBJECT:  To gain a fair share of trade  by fair means only.  Builders  can get every tiling in their  line.  Miners' and prospectors' supplies.  Shot guns, rifle.*-*, and ammunition, *  Sre our --310 double-barrelled i-hot pun.  ^m���������^i. M. LAWRENCE  It' ji.i'n in;,' ,i S[ici'i,ilty.  ���������li !ii-:i, f'l.-,i*,    '      Un t  Houses to Rent  ing and F. 15. WelK, !t-:t Mn:iil..i ,,n  n cainpiiiq ti iji. They *.\eiit down lin-  rivci* in ,i -,111.-111 imitt.  A. W. Mel iit'j->h'i |j it.k 11* iiii in-lit  <iut    W'ednevl.a     with      >-ii} ��������� j -i n *-������   I'm  Stand.ini    litsin,    ���������.���������.hen',    ii    i>   ".mi,    <��������� i-.|.-_ u-,,1(,|, !IK,,,,,i,-,r,   ���������     iinti-ioki*. Il.f. ,  work will la; puxhed .ill uiulu.  James Muipli}. i!- -'''���������. I'l'l'in/d  Sunday from fJ.and I*'oi*k-i. If'' ',n>  it is M'liii'wli.it, I ii ye r thin th" o!-l  town and 1i,ih len i.r.*,\r:i l'i'.,tii"i  the-ie.  Oie iinrl  .Mrs.   Sindh"ri'   wc:il upl'i  Albert C-inynn Tiif-d.iy       Mr.   S.m'l  hc\-<r, with Mr.   Ki'imerly,   of   Illfcill"  j  wne.t. expect to go'ml. in lie*   InlU   lei  a trip.  Se.vernl li.ni(knin" new hoii-e-, ,i>e  Boon to he fii'Cli'd on .McK<*n/i i ;u'���������-  nue:    Mayor    McCuiy   asi'l    .M"--is  ���������i^^SlcHEAP^IREWOOD  Mantles:   'all*  the   latest; , ���������v  .shvle-,    in    Silks.    ,Dress|     S(;nd   your   ordcr   for   Fire  Trimmings,     and     Dress i Wood to  0r���������a���������ta���������s:. .-j.   FRE]],RflBINp '.  ! at the Sawmill Office.    ���������  I *       ���������  j   ' J re will .deliver at  |       $2725  I a Cord. In Short Lengths, or   -__.^ !       S1-50,  7JJY BARBER,!;0 f.hos<: Kh" d" ll,di" ���������������  1 , hauhiiLi'd  WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER, >   ^            _    Watches, Clocks j  ^;SSSI   ABRAHAMSON BROS.,  ��������� j^'7r*^v^;-v!:jy ,rnllr b.  ���������������������������li :'*���������- yhfiflv-tCy.^  '"       Mewly bnili.        Piisl ehiss  in reve.rv   respeet.      All  nmilei 11 coin*('i|ienei*ii.  Lai'^e s.implt) rooms,' ' Fir<>  jiioof   safe.'" ' Vrwv:   bu.s  '    meets all't r.ti(is,1  Under siiine.ni'iinii^einenl:  QUEEN'S HOTEL,  TROUT LAKE CITY  J, A, SiOiN'is, Proprietor.  We also carry 11 full lino of Me-  Clary's famous cook stoves, famous  enameled ware, and tin waie.  Look     for   our   aiiriounrjenient    o  McClnry's heating stoves later.  The Great  Rates,  $1 per day  .."...  * ,��������� *  . . .  'Electric lighted, ft  rnacc  heated  Newly  ���������built and furnished.  . . .  Finest  and   best  suppli  ed  bar  .... in  asfi tsazaar  tore~-v  BOURNE BROS.  ���������^A  J. I. WOODROW  Butcher I  Purveyor of High-class Meals  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  All'order.-* in r:nr line ivill lie  proinplly  iil.lentleil l,o.  ��������� Cor. Front and Benson Streets, Revelstoke, B.C.  TOicrass-nrasa  Newly Built. '   '  ' $1   PER  DAY. .^^ Lighted by Electricity  ������������������   rhroughout.  Best Brands of  Wines, Liquors and  Cigars  \ -'I.VKV.i.'OOMKI) Ifr,ii.*f ImiHi. wmIt.  . \ 1I1 fir,i' I.Kiii f,n "Ihirfl Si pel n-nr  ���������'''*,in   l.l'f'l :   ,i!^t,,i fmir rnoniif!   |imi,f wirlt  ill   l.l'i'" I II   < "111 f'lili'lll I I-.       Ajiplv lo .1. K'Tllfl-  -'1 m 21 rf  To Rent  \\"l'.l,i.   I'linii-iifii    nioiiiu    I,,   rent;    Imlli.'  >7      Applv   In   .Mr-,.  .I/inn-.   I.vll If, cfirncr nf  1 'mil -n-ffi. ��������� " in i  Pol ter nnd I.Iooley   km;   nl  tu hitild.    '"'������������������..���������;  e:<P"i.iii ���������:  Offices to Rent  rp.WCi lurK'ii'.ofller.s 011 Kirst stroot enct. Ajiiily  URPRISE  STEi  ���������LAUNDRY  is now f.dily  ���������,'oiri'^ .-iiid turning out 'tii" liest,  of , u-ijr k. l)rop  u������ a em-'] -f!ox  "^ 7*-f, ]{<-\ eNioke  ^==L     F'.  (;. ���������nnd ��������� our  your door. 1  BOARDMAN & W00DH0USE  I .MIXKHAL ACT.   IWKI  Ceptiflcato of Improvements -  xo'nrio  '���������.\I',Mi,*t^iii',' "'>',in- out cr l-'r.i"ll(iii." '"I'ji 11-  Kii-r.' "TitiiKi" i- l'"i'.ifll'iii," "fllilliiiin,"  ' OMIi'tm I'-jMi'l irm." mid "Si I'liiKllii'i'i; I'"i-iic-  lion." ihIik nil 1 l.niii'-"ilii.'il" In lliu lluit'l-  "lokc lin Hioii '<f %\'f-l Konlfiiity, W'lii'i't'  lof.tl");  IluiMiif <'rcflc,  riVMs'K N'OTier. Hi,*'1 I. Tli'iiim-, (Iniliiiiii.  1 -ikciiI (nr Tin- H11UI Kiclil-i (if Ilnli-.li ''ul-  uinliiii. I.linilf'l lf'ii-i-i(.'iii. I-Yre Miiif-r*-. Ci'rilil-  cnle S'i. II. I.ttlli. Iiilfiifl, Mv.ly (1,-ij-i friiln I lie  iliitf li'-ririf, In n|iiih- \n the MlniiiK Kt'Ctiidoi'  fern CfI'llllciilt; of Iriiprriicnii'iilri for llic \>ur-  lifi-tf of oMiiinliiK 11 Ci'dM n Orniit of the above  v.in will cull lit aihI fiirllinrtnkc nollrc Hint notion, miik-i-  Hfotlon .'ti. inii-t b" ffiiiinienr.c'l before ihe  l*<ii!nn������e of inch CrrM/le-itu of Iriiiirovcniciits.  Dutofl llilf l������lh day of���������yMiRti.tt, IMP.  17 (i THOMAS nilAHAM, )  R. OALEY, PROP'R.  ^<K>-aO<>-CH>CHO<)<KK>CK><><K>^  txu_uiun  ��������� ���������n-n*>yimr  AlifSK    AND    WKU;    I.KIH'I'Kll  .SA.MI'I.l': ItdOMS.   Iloiilwl by  ^^ I111I   nil* and  clcuti'lu bill-*  unci  lll.'bt in (ivory room.   J'Yec bus meets all  trains-.  REASONABLE  RATES. ,  NIkIiL (iiill Ilooin In coiineetloii for (lie  (loiiVL'iiionee of ({iie.,ts ni-rivinjf nnd do-  linrtiiiK by nliilit trains. Hourly t-U'cot  em* belweon hotel and nlnlion.  JOHN V. PERKS, PROPRIETOR,.'....:"...".,,. REVELSTOKE, B. C-  Notaries PuIdHc and Conveyancers  fi  AND VALUATORS  Sole Agents Smeltor ToWnsHfl.,,,'..;,', .Fire Insut'AnCft. .'...,'. Money toLfiAn


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