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Kootenay Mail Sep 6, 1901

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 /*S  ���������y  Vol. 8. -No. 22.  REVELSTOKE. B. C.^EVTmBEll G, L9C1.  $2.00 Per Year.  .-<  tr-3 :7 a a  does   not   ncjccssarilv   mean    that   Taylor   &  Cii-okt;'!*: arc short in'any of their excellent ,1 ine*  or house furni.  -orfbot \vearv eloihin  ri-  illlio:;.  Jl Satisfactory  Settlement  Mjji and Officials Join In Mutual  Corrfatulations, ���������  j oriiy.-fn-p transportation   of fresh  j meat  and  supplies  at   linlf  rates,  1 Irec transportation for section fore-  j men for  purchase of  supplies, and  for all scctionmen over three .year's  service  to  any  point   on the'company's lines and for sectiennien of  a  year's  service, leave of .absence  and   transportation   once* a   year,  over tho  division, suspended trackmen to be allowed time when investigation .'proves   them .blameless,  free transportation (o men leaving  'own the  ll   you   fed 'blue ��������� conic and  buy one of our!  white shirts, it will 'cheer usall up.   '      ;  We  will delight the LvJics early   next month  with a beautiful   display of Dress  Goods, Ribbons, x Handkerchiefs,   J.aces,   etc.,  for   Fall, directly   imported  from the best wholesale houses  in Scotland,  1 ������ c i  Come and  inspect  our  linen of   Boots   and  Shoes, Hosiery and Underwear,  -Always   Raa'dy, for   Business  ���������and  Good  Stock.  mill  Pair - Prices  Min  ���������who waitee  on tho irusicc^re ihb  Matter stroncly advised 'thenr'ti  take alio $8000 and run no chance*-  or luck for  additional   favor?) 'im  pnnn.  isco very ot ryrrn  fite and Galena  WL      III*. U   I Ui        tltlUI LUJJiM        Kl  lUJi   j      4 I li       j    --.���������*.������-.  pros; iii-: upon them lhe slim chance | .-ujjlo-br saliM'ac'iuii,- and 'thougl  of getting more. If t!ic. trustees,-in ! '������������������^>'K������nt General -iuipe-irintendcn  the'fact?of this, do not lift this aj> I i-'Uehe.-nay    and     Stiporintenden  A telegram was received late  on  Friday afternoon hy  the  secretary  of 'list-   11-li. T. of A.   stating  (hat  ,he Trackmen's   strike   had ' been  settled satisfactorily and'to prepare  for .work.   The new? was  received  with great .-aiisf.iction by both  of-  iicia.ls and men,    The officials were  heartily **iek of their job , of  trying  io  have  tlie  track kupt in  repair'  wiiii   small   gangs   of    untrained  foreigners,, and  were glad of   the  ^prospect of having again  by their  "side.ihe sturdy trackmen who havo  so long aud   faithfully   kept   the  track iii such excellent repair (hat  it was a'ble to, shfnd  nearly, three  months work with hardly any attention.    Ihcse  men  know every  foot-of tho roadbed and  the fact  j that ihey a re" to be again in 'charge  ; will be joyful news news'lo tlio  ; travelling public as an  assurance  i of the safety and.  re-establishment  !' >f. the old conf-de-nce in  the road. I  ! Ruadinaster Xewinun wore a broad  satiH'ac'iun," and 'though  ' t  through  Camp Creek May Become en  portani Mining Camp.  Im-  prnnriation. ;;rid bv anv chance 'ii j Kilpatrick wote.out of town' their , l>,llIJ1. lllsv;i.0,JU  is turned into other 'channels liv ���������������������������dfgrams to the ofhcials indicated | ]K1S' cpccn t'K,  the government, the city of  Kovci- !  ""'   '���������������������������'-"-������������������*'---1 :i'-  reduction in staff,'com-  pany to keep section houses in repair for ordinary wear and tear,  but other repairs to be borne by  occupants, provision of water tanks  where required, union to be recognized on terms, and 'men to be reinstated excepting where employes  have been guilty of violence, trackmen suspended to have- right of  appeal,  Tho expenses of the strike,  iimouniing'to $10,000 will bo borne  by the grand division.  A subscribers,rites from Golden;  ::Am very pleased at the stand you  have taken regarding, the C. P. R.  strike. Great enconiuins are being  showered on vou by the strikers in"  this district,"    ��������� ���������  We' congratulate   the   company  -���������and the strikers on having arrived  at a, mutually satisfactory settlement.   The result shows "that  we  were fully justified in  the support  we gave the strikers, for, while they  have not got a 11'they.asked for or  expected, they have obtained  rise  in pay,'they have had their grievances adjusted, and they have had  recognition of their union,  which  will result''in the correction  of existing discrepancies in pay, just as  Webster, chief of0 Kootenav police,  was present.  W.  J.  Goepel. inspector of gov-,  eminent  offices, gave  evidence as  follows :     I am inspector of offices  in British Columbia.' ��������� In reference,  to this charge I have audited the  books and  find that between loth  Oct.  1900,-and 3rd  Sept.-1901, at-  1 p. m.  the defalcations amounted  to $.2,097.-10 in the Revelstoke office,  I   produce   a statement   (marked  exhibit   "A")   which   shows    all  '    i moneys  which  passed through the'  j ojhee   between   these   dates.,,   Mr.  Hull. J. M. Turner, finance min-1 I^uquier admitted "that the follow  ister, has resigned to take (he agent  Hon. /?. McBride Resigns and Will  ' n Oppose Brown,  j generalship. Hon. J. C. Brown ha  | been sworn :'n as provincial secretary and minister of education, and  Hon, J. D. Prentice takes the portfolios of minister of finance and  agriculture.  Hon. Ji, fMcIJride has resigned as  a protest against  the appointment  of Mr!, Brown, and  will contest J.  C.   Brown's   re-election   for    Xew  -  Westminster, j  J,F,  Garden';  Capt.  Tallow; J.   sales i  Houston and   others   arc, vowing  vengeance on the government over  Ihu appointment,   .The government  ing sums were received bv him and  * ~ O       "���������-*���������-        *  ���������       *  ��������������������������� - -��������� ���������'��������� ~**>������  *���������- iUl.HV,WlW\t  that lliev were .-baking hands with  result    in    other  stoke will he tlie loser to  the  tune  of -'rSOOO. Certainly no-aid may i*e  -CApected for building purposes  .uuiier iho new net.  themselves 'that   the trouble was  over,'  Tim itaiia'iis on strike were  particularly   delighted.    They    have  1).  Wolsey returned ' this   week  froin   doing   assessments   or.    the  claims in which_F. McCarty is  interested in Ground Hog Basin and |  on Camp and.Graham crock-slopes. J  Ue brought down some of the finest;  samples of ore that have been taken  from the  Big  Bend.   These show  free gold,  silver ores, galena  and  pyrr'hotite,   This   is' the  fh\-*t  cc- [  casion wo believe in  which silver i  lead ores have been found in place j  in that locality, bur the discovery is |  the more important, in ili.it' it,-, ro  ��������� ���������.llii.V.-1     lllL.   Jil.ll    Ul/li j    *'"-  - fs-.'-s.. ���������.  -.s.^ j..,,  ,v  .Are the. trustees., of: our schools i ^me instrument Hjey play which  Viilining this'risk? LVj'the citizens jis a!! insul" to thcil* eoumi;ymen';'  of'Rcvelstolce propose to allow it?    i.-nuba challenge to war,  and  they  .ifj-..*  Yours itc.  ClTIZli.V,'  A M������  had been jilaying' this, behind the  fro.ph: shi-d on Friday afternoon  as iheir scab' couinry-nien were  cleaning out ihe yard, The indignation of the latter was evidenced  by the. way in which they ocension-  j ally threw  down  their  tools and  Rsveishk-3 Wins and Spirit Can- \ ^���������"W^^tliL-r symptoms of annoy-  ' ! ancc.   As evening drew on it was  pciiv/. feared  there  would be a  pitched  ���������,���������_ i liattlo between the two factions, but  .   , : thanks of thc^good ofiiees of Father  The Revelstoke W'ino and Spirit j Tha'ver the strikers were induced  ^branches of the railway service.  The trackmen deserved success if  ever men did. Tho manner in  whicli they conducted the strike  was of the most" gentleman.lv  '.character throughout, and they  have ;>-hown that as' law-abiding  intelligent citixens they are second  to none in tbe Dominion  BSST232K!E33S23HSSH^^  Assistant- 0-ncra/   Superintendent  Ducliesnay Killed. ������  Tlie sad news reached the city on  Wednesday mornilm that Assistant  veals a body of pyrrhotite ore in j Company has been formed  with a j fo desist and then Siipt. Kilpatrick,   Wednesday morning that Assistant1  place, _'"   ,-. j capital of -125,000 in -f 10 shares  to ' as a precaution, instructed that the \ General"Superintendent Duchcsnav  For some years bowlders  of this i take over the liquor business hither-; scab gang be taken out  of town,   hud been ki'lled at Spuzzum  while  ore have been found in the wash on , to, carried on by H, G, Parson, and |"i hcy^wcro   hauled   out   to   Twin   '"^^"-^"���������' n*������ ^���������..:i......  t..���������  ��������� i  Raymond Allen's placer claim  en j the   Acme, soda   waler   ' business j Butte.  the Columbia river, and Mr, Allen ; carried on by i\I. J, O'Brien.   The!     At night the Italians niiitlo  the  claims this to be the wash' or the I following are the ufiicer-s   of, the ! (own hideous with their iovful'pro-  .l.i ..*. i   ..;   (-"..,:    '. l.      'rn... ! .....SMS,,.,,.,      i?������������������-:,i..., t     ir     n     n���������..   . .........    ?      .   ...���������.'    i-  ' ,- .  old channel of Camp creek. The  country bus been explotvd lo endeavor to locale the ledge from  \vhieh this ore. has been derived but  so far. without success. The discovery m;ide on Mr. McCarty's  claims may prove the, solution, as  it was on  a  claim  on   the   Camp ,'  companyi President, JI, (}. Vtir-  son; sec.-treas,, G. f?. McCarter;  niannjicr, M. .f, O'Brien; iiccouiitani.  Ji Jiickson.  Mr. .Jackson will be in charge- of  the ollice as hitherto:  The plant of the Acme soda water  works will be removed to  the  rear       .....lo  inspecting the Cariboo Joo tunnel,  which is probably the most  dangerous on the track, fourteen, men  having.previously  lost' their  lives  there, The timbers hat! caught fire,  and   Chief Fiigineei' C.imbic and  expressing their satisfaction at the I Mr. Duohetnay went into tho tunnel  termination   of   lhe' strike-    and i to examine it."   It is said that  >Mr.  victory for the strikers; ihoucrh  tbc ! Duchcsnav was pointing to'the men  ; cc-sioii of extemporised instruments,  1 consist;ng of tin cansi leaves, etc..  iorv for the striker?, though   the  ��������� i i o  derails of the sctLleinent  were  not  yei known.  After   a   .-'trike    lasting    eleven  creek slope that  tho  ore   was  dis-;'of the  building  where  the  liquor | weeks a   settlement was effected on  'covered. '* i Inisiness is now carried 0:1 so as  to j Friday   by  which the men will re-,  CORRESPONDENCE  The School Quosih.-h  nave the whole business together.  Mr. Jackson will conduct the'insurance Inisiness as hitherto.  1  Editor Koon:.VAV Mail:���������  t-ii 1*,���������I read with interest your  'editorial re the action of the school  trustees refusing (0 take the appropriation of .f'SOOO towards the  erection of new school house, believing, I "understand, if they iefr it  there would bo a chance of getting  an additional Sum" to add to this  amount in the future',  Knowimras wc do (iie i;nslabi]ify  ���������of B. C. governments is it ,not a  very unwise step for tho trustees to  1 take? There are already rumors  that a change of cabinet may take  place at anv time, in the event of  which.- wha-t '" guarantee  haw  the  ���������" "      tu    mere Mel  ot  us  not accepting it would be evidence  enough for the government tu place  it when: it is absolutely needed,.     !  The tntfjtees must be aware ofii,.,.,  the fricl.'tJifit ere long tho new '  system will be in vogue and our  revenue will be derived from bn.-i.*  laid down in the new ad-���������an act  requiring . 1 roportionalc amount*'.  (0 l;e given alike to all x.h'.ol- in  the province,   y  'SGCIAL AND-PERSONAL  ���������*>ti.to  W. Kiil-iip ivtr.'r.K'fl  from  the cu-L  0:1 Miimliiy.  IP). Aii.iir li-fL I'm1 L-ifniiiii1 rri-vk  on  \\'i'iilii'*.ilii v.  1 s'-tiiae work.  'lhe terms of settlement arc that  1 he men. arc tot receive increase of  pay.    - ���������   ",  Pacitic l)ivisiun--*Koremcn in  chnrgf of terminal yanN utMcction  Xo. 1 out of Vancouver, Kcvelstoke,  :ers i'a1-'-", Field, Xeison, Xakusn.  land, t-andon.  1','ITV     I  .i'.'IKi'  Til-.   JO , ' vi-sili'd    llie  W'.-iv,'i |,-y iniiic !,i.-l, Week.      ,  ' O  Oii>l  J.iiihI c'iiiiiv in  fr.jiii   1I1.    IJij- '  Oi'iiil  1,11   I-'iidiiy,  1 i'i i.i'iiiuy   Wi ilny-  iliy.  X. II. Cni"','H aarl \V.  fiii-inw. i*i'Mc*  (.'illlncil    1 I i'i Is,   ;ii i ivi ii    la  I In* ci! y   (,l|  I''ii(!-iy nnil I'l-l 111 iit'd yi^li-idny.  Mr. and .Mik.  (J.  J.-Anian   n-1 ni'iind  fi-.iiii 1 iii'ir iimifviiiiKHi 11'ip mi   Fiiil-iy  ."I'l.l I'-i".-i_i nl ,i.*|   nil lill* i.l>l if    \Vi*!i'(iiiii'  In 11 lU' i'r.iiil L;i��������� *iJ- ill ins"   i'i iril.'l-*,  K O.-.*"  be  i rn. iv. a-feci  ninivli.  ���������^fc'.ionnien  l:tii"r only] in cae  vcr tu  i'hiee  Forks, to  where he wished them lo direc  their .effort:* to .-uppress the fire  when a rock weighing 500 lbs. fell  and killed him instantly. The  body was removed to Vanco.uvcr  for interment.-  Mr. iJuchcsnay left here with Mr.  Mai-polo on Tuesday morning for  the coast, where be intended spending a icw da,\s with his family,  whom he had not seen for' four  months. - ..  ' Ue had been in the Service of the   ^ ^������������������-mim  ,,������������������  *,*   iiyowcd desire  are accused of going to  the  ranks  of the opposition for a minister but  the charge is only partly  true.   It  is still  fresh -in  the public in ind  that, last session,  Ilelmcken,  Tat*-  -low, and a  few supporters of'the  government,   formulated   u    little  scheme to seize the reins of govern*  ment,   They reckoned on the support of Joe Martin, J.  CV Brown  and others.    But it  did  not come  off._  These men  having 'failed  in  their scheme now. want  to parade-  as   supporters  of tho .government  and     howl    because' the   cabinet  position was not offered them.   Mr.  Brown was as much a supporter of  the government as  many 'of these !  calamity  howlers,   and" the   only  kick they have against,the premier  and the new.minister is' that they,  were   too   smart' for   them,  .The  premier has said  Dominion  party  lines cut  no figure in   provincial  affairs. < The   conservative   party  tried to force this issue last election  and were practically defeated on k.   ���������'  Mr. D.tmsmuir formed a cabinet in  which conservatives predominated,  but   he   promised   lo   rectify   the  matter and he has done so desiring  only to secure the best men representative of both parties to conduct  public affairs,   In that he is right,  and the,.people "will,' wo   believe,  support him   in  the policy,   Mr.  Brown's   entry   into   th'c  ^cabinet  mea.ns a .vigorous  ancl progressive  policy.   '  So far as this "district is concerned  the Dtmsmuir government has been  tho most just iind progressive that  has held,the reins of ofheo, They  h'avo done and arc doing- much to  develop the resources of this,.,, part  of (lie province and what thcy'arei  doing here wc believe they are doing  in-other parts of (bo province. Let  tbetn then have a fair show. ��������� '  , h'ofaras Mr. McBridc is concerned ho has been noted 'as*, an  execs  no receipts issued therefor, and no  entries appear in the books ; iten ri  in exhibit "A," commencing with  H. Harlow, $110.50, and ending  with J. Jngpay, revenue tax fy.  Mr. lauquier was employed bv tho  government of the province of Bri<  tish Columbia as government agent  at Revelstoke.        '       '   ,  The moneys for which no receipt*  were given were on account of land  II.' Harlow, $110.50;   S. '  Luffman, $170 ;  0. D. Hoar, f-J13 ;  J.  J.  Young, $115. and the'follow-  ing sundry  items:    H. X. Caesar,  account Oj.hir Bed-rock Flume Co.,  $100; C.  B. Ilume'et.Co. for lea jo  Columbia and Last Chance,.$125 :  J. White;placer lease $20;   'J. A,  GrayL Camborne,   liquor    license,  H"2:io ; J, fngpay, revenue tax, $3;  ,  Cf. Sumner, feus for mineral' claims  $125 j G. Kobothamj Laformc creek  trail,, board account $11.00.  In   reply  to tho Bench accused,  said he had no questions to ask,  A second charge was laid against  Mr. Fauquier for having misappropriated $811.07.  W. J. Goepel put in 'a'statement,  showing -that , accused received  $818.87, and the books showed only  $7:80. Mr, Fauquier admitted having -received this money on June  22nd,'1901. The .money was taken ���������  while Mr.,,Fauquier was government agent at Revelstoke.-  Tho  statement  showed that Mr.   '  Fauquier   received    $818.87   from  the Imperial bank on June 22nd~  J.   W.   Moore-,   $400;   O.  G. Fox,    ,  $118.87, . ���������, '  His Worship committed accused  for trial on both charges, bail being  fixed at $S00O on the first charge,  himself in $-1000 and two sureties'  of $2000 each ; and on the'second  charge bail was fixed at -M00O, ���������  accused in $2000, and two sureties  of $1000 each.' Capt. Taylor,,  Messrs, F, B. Wells, W. Cowan/and  C. Holten became bondsmc-n,    ,  POST OFFICE  thw Postal Arrangements Made  For Revelstoke-������-A, McRae to  Be Postmaster.  f:om  'i'5'3 to  ?(30 [  Fir.*-.-    mall    (white ! isiona  1*.  gang, V.ihcdu- \ gen  1,  com] any's:nco 18io  and  came  to  er! the mountains iii tbe early nineties.  He succeeded 'Mr. Marpole,as  div  l.aggan. inclusive, and main 1 coed Mr. Abbot  (-���������man  M  hue .'ivanclic-, to  be increased from ! v.as    ajipointed  icrintciifleiit   on     lhat  ���������eir.*g appointed to su<-.-  In March last he  "���������-. to ���������*���������  Aii 1 er (lav,  other  assist'ant-goneral  tiTident of tiie   Pacific   di-  ......        .......    ...       ' superin....  stc'.lfiiimc'ii   (v, bite  labor  only) in ' vision and was bamjuetted   by  the  -ir:1.'   i'-'.i:/  to  be increased from   citizen  of  citii:ejft,thjs :?k,000 will remain  our tfrcciitV   The mere 'f.ict  of  1 > 111 k  ili'IJ-'lli,   'nroiri^i':'  , 1' 1111 iii'il Ff-c��������� 1:1   1 li.  \r,,!.  nr     ^.iiil.-i-ii .-  i'i!���������'.���������:il   nn  Moiiil.iy,   ."nui   will    gn   tn    ilu*    i-n,t*-l  wiirii' in-  c.v;i"(l������  tn   r.'.'iiiin   alMiit   a  W.'i'k.  "'   'iViii*.-!.!'. r.f l!i������ (J. tJ. II   sup.'liii  nt'-.   i.i'iici1,    1 i-r 111 ni'il     \\ ii h     1,1  ���������i-i.-i-fi to vi -;���������') i."r day.  Foivmen ex  fr,:-:n -jJ $0 ���������',''���������'! per C\a\\ according to  liaiuiv of vi-1-rk'aii.'l number of men  in g:ng. a-'.* may be decided by gen-  or;: 1 'Li.-.| i.**inici;den!.  icvclsiokc as a token of  I the esteem in which be was held  '    i?wv  fivm li  ���������    Tracls  ��������� 1 /] 1 *o nr*,'  i*lA * it uU  :'li dc:  ch  ���������10 to *l~>  '   indbrid  gangs will be paid !     Uc leaves a widow;  a  daughter,  ' .'ind four sons  to mourn his'^loss,  Ho was -to years of agci  On tho news reaching Revelstoke  Mr���������i)uchc.tnay's  otiicial  car  was  -Field     grade, j draped in mourning.  Ill" t. r. U    sii;  I'i'iii-i',   1 i-i in ni'il    \\ il !i  litirli-nii Hiiiid iy.    \V.-   \vi.*s!i   Mi.   ,-iiul  Mr-. \'i';:i-,(U';> In:".j aiiil li.ipjiv wrililitl  Iii'.-.  Mi-. .5.   ('..!��������� v   r ���������.'!;���������,.���������!!.���������!   \\'.-.l  ll 'l') pel  tj-'-io i t:r month.  ���������er month.  :e watchmen to be  month, maximum  ��������� i  of   (he   lockl   ijt.p  and   who   was   u  i.i,;    Bridgemen to receive uniform rat-  .1  in,.  iii<  I'i 1 imi  M lllllil  vvi'i'vi' i'-.i!i-;;l(,  1  r  .li.-.l  M.'lli".  jJC;:l|;! ' '.villi '.I in* iM'iitfiiH'nt  .-I������'  :���������   :All   iPr  E-tricnl. ',  i>"  '���������nil,  V. ll  ���������  ���������'������������������Vi1-  mu' o."  1 '���������] i:C  ii:i \*r'  ten !:  v.'ir. ;  *.. ;*.--,*  lvni-v.",  atxy;,.q^ip.jx.|V'-^������jO!joj] Oj| -^p  r division.  '���������en;:inds of the meli  i !*��������� n (��������� .needed Or: to  i',::'- L.iii-ti'Utitig a day'-*  , P-y .' r * '.i i'liy*-, o-j'jj-  in i -r cxi.'f n*i - incurred in  ",. ic:oTa   p-'v for attendance  Whitna  glncei'-   oliici  brother-ili-luw'of Mr.  Duchesliay.  left on Wednesday for the coast,  Returns for Auguit  sivo partisan and has breuighl con- The postal department have made  sidci-iiblo trouble' to the cabinet' arrangements for tbc establishment  thereby, so thatwo don't, consider of a central post ciiilcc for Rcvcl-  his  resignation   any   loss   to   the  stoke.  public'. What the province wants The location is-not quite decided  is men of broad, progressive ideas, on but will probably be the premises  The Colonist remarks; "Ju pel- j opposite the opera 'house formerly  ���������juting Mr. Brown for -the vacancy I occupied by the Kootenay Mail.  has been true to his j ��������� A. Mc-Rue has been appointed  to have both of the j postmaster,  federal parties represented in hi? j The post oir.ccs hitherto carried  cabinet. The new 'minister is a \ on in the upper part of the-town bv  .well-known liberal, and has been ' Messrs, L'ourne Bros., and in the  conspicuously identified with that ��������� lower town by F. 13, Wells, will be  parly in the past.    As long us there j closed.  has been such 11 thing as the. liberal ;    The nuw arrangement goes into  I arly in British Columbia, just so \ force on October 1st.  Iciigbas Mr. Brown been a member ,'     ' ��������� -   --���������������������������������...      ._  ofil, His profencc in tho cabinet  ctinnot fail to lie a source of strength  to it on this ground alone/1'  POLICE COUR  Ti  o  Unwind an* Lin* 1'iTi'ipts cf the  !."'v.-l iioi'i* ciiMd.n- nflici* for August;  CiiHii'iius���������-f-j&iO.'i.l: Jiii.-uid Riivi'iHie���������  (f?:>3g,t;ji f ' ' ���������  ROD AND GUN.  1 (  ;    Tile   I'-iiiil.iyp.'j   of   tli-i  Ciiiiin Cigar  i Factory   ,'in>  |-.*pi,r titl   |(.  Imvc   Ink. 11  "iIi~- j 2j0 Uoiil in tin- Turn T11111 Un'*, wi*fk.  f,  0>   failaimr   Committed  for]   Tl"' ,,l'Kl!l'1'' iimh-Mcc >hnui of u,,.  ���������^   .   . j gun ituiI   (ill   y.-iiiiidiiy   ilUlTIKiOM,   ^'1  Iriah   ���������; Z''iltli at   unknown  iitigli-j*. ivbultt-d it?.  ; t'silloWM  I'LASs'j I,  A. J. .McIJ.HlcIl ](J(-<lhl lllffldll  ]{. A. l*|i|ici- 11 (-ihfi iiH'Jiil)  Ali*.\ .Miit-ti: Vi  .I.t;. U.u-ln.'1'IJ  II. A. Ui-jun 3  CL.'sSS II,  T. K. L. T.iyliu- Ij (u[fi!d button;  At.K. Phipp-*- Jl  At the police court n-sierelay before J. I). Sibbald, V. M.. F. G.  Fiiuquief was charged thai, at Revelstoke, between Oct. loth, ]!.)(J(J  and Aug. 0th, I'JUl he, then being  in_ the service of the government,  misappropriated the' sum of  *2,0!J7.-J0. _  ' J.fMf.ff5cott prosecuted  orj,behaIf ������������������������  ���������<?.  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  ���������i.  v - "*-:.':'.,;;''      ���������! townsi to eompanyf X    ,,fX ��������� vv vX-.; ,-  PUni.ISHKl)  KVKKY l-'i.IDAY.   ",.'    ..'('.' V  :-���������. "v  A '-.".v. '.R3TSL5T0KB" 3.C.,   A"^ Z      |     \Ci':-^^V!'I>E*IX,;-.^P-i I'lf^M1*8'  "'a   f\,    ���������������������������', ��������� ������������������������������������'cli���������n'   ' "'y ff-'" ���������    ;!,population- of Hho   Dominion   at  ub33nptioa   Prioo,   $2,00   Per   Annum   P.,.,'    ., :  0,008,888 as against 4,833,239; fte^n  years ago.;'; At thisratextlie '; population, isf increasing very^slowly tor  such a 'large-:������������������-���������territory, ;..Of-the,  western' ciUes Vancouver shows, the  highest'- rate1'. ;Of ��������� progressyfl/aving  doubled ������������������'. its' -ffpopulation,, ������������������'. i'hy f the  lions lo/tlie Ivdiiw; iinist. bsTiiceoiiipanied   , pcriocl.-v-'-Tlie.-'-' population   bf'"-. YilYl-  by the name of thi;'writer, not necessarily, J   ���������������������������,..      . ;."���������!������������������-. ������������������;- .   ,v. 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P. 0. Jiox ,70, hcvclftol-cStiitioir,.  .Telephone Xo. till. ,���������:-.������������������ ���������'''������������������y.f.!���������'������������������������������������ f ��������������������������� x    :������������������;������������������.  ADVKi;TISIXa  IUVTli'S. iiuotcd "011   implication, v '   ;.'��������� -, ������������������".,.  JOB I'U'IXTIXG of every kind n't most reason'  able ratesand .-shortest notice. ���������',.:  .ACCOUNTS for job  printing' or ndv'crt.isiiii*  ���������-.   payable pn the llrst of every.-month,; .t*ub>  .seriptioiis piiyablc strictly in adviinee.  ��������� .;  COKUKSl'OXDKNCE  invited on all matters  nf local or public interest. 'All' coinimijiicii-  \UGE   'ANIK. WKLIj    LIGHTEM  JOHN V. PERKS PROPRIETOR  'SAMl'LK  KOOJIS.' Hi-aledfty.  "*S lmt aii* 1111 electric  bolls  an'  ���������   ; 'v.'' ���������  ���������  light in every room.   Free bus meets all  ftrains.X '..:,.: '  x..;; f: REASONABLE ; RATES. "  Xighl. (Jrill Itiiniii in eonnrctioii for the'  convinicnci' of 'gtiivls������������������nrriviiifj 11 nil do-  part ins by night trains-.. Hourly street:  car bctwt-ei: hotel and station.  - -: - v. REVELSTCfKE; Bi C.  oppose JfG. Brown's re*-electi6n for  New Westminster;  ��������� f;f    ffffx ��������� f  CITY COUNCIL.;  THfE AVATE R f A XD: ��������� ���������':��������� -'��������� f'"'f"a.'',. P ''  xf ;;ffyy::xff^.,Li'aHT'f liiANOiiisE;  ;-yI ii-casuivily;;discussiiig:''tiic:f^atcr  ! and light ���������'question' at -the close -of  the cityfcpuiicil,meeting on Friday  11 i ght A Id i f fMcCa r ty frehbifkefd; that  his i nf crest fin  thefffeonii)tiny was  '.P-'AV'. ] A "%Z.VKl'y~- A^NTS' 7fxX 'Z Z:-'r"-.,  ..''���������Copies of Thk fM.uif may buobtiiiiicdfroin'  the following uiiy agents:. ���������'���������-. '-..���������, , 'y  " .Paa- ..-"��������� -v.fi.AV. ltux.vi-*'n'.'.,:,,.!?:.-. .fff "yf ��������� .'���������'������������������  "X.X".   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Salmon Arm ��������� ���������,'���������������������������  -Tlionisoiifs Landing  , e'luiiborhe      ,    ';.;v  Kiii-gusoriX   ,,:������������������,!,,.':.,  Halcyon Hot Springs'fXakiisp ft  Uui-ton City"���������: -     -.-.: ��������� KirefValley.,  AUVEYv&ffMcUARTERi';:  XvynAKKISTlilllS, SOLI0ITqKS,:KTC;    yv  Oi'*i'*iCEs.:   JIolsoxs  Bank  Block,' nKVEi.-  ?P'aA"; '  f,: X fy-STOlCIS, .13.- P^v-.V'fV-- 'iaa'A'P:  ���������::������������������'j\Ionoy to ldfiiKy -   .vvfiivv: "ffv    :-Ay fv- vf '���������  ;;OIilcef:fUovelstokc,;B^C,; KortSteele. 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ANDREW F. r6sENE2R,GEH. liclsoa, B.C.  ^  ���������;<&"���������'���������������  (ijb bgaee ffis/iieserved. m^  LiMiiarED,  l^llSfl^^iifex; ~;'~ZpZ x  ABRAHAINSON BROS..  -Aft������ill-;}:^f  ri@?fiAi  MM  ^^If^f 'f.N(^'l.V;-lji'ib ��������� x v;FiifHt-dnss,  ff bi'tevtii-yf, i-es|.irijt^f;;''���������'���������'All"  ��������� liuitleni 'efiiiifveiiit'fiie'es. f;,f ;  Litigofs'iinple i*(ioi)is.'.������������������..Firofff;  ���������;- piuof'[fH/ii'e. f; y 'Free; 'bua-ff  f,:-meets allftrnins."fxf'?-: -fy  &-MA  HCQMMIXa  -.Uiul  *,(' s.ii)ief uinhitge 10p 111,  'j^.A-yiAAA.A'-P'AKA'yiA'''^ v -yffTROUT. LAKE' CITYx ��������� ~; '������������������  rv:vM.,:SeOTr,vJ3.A.;;LL.D.,,'.v:fffr  "BAKiMoTliJR.fffSdLlClTOK,   'NOTAIIV'  ^'ff .,-'f;;- yPcnf-IC.fKTO.-'fyf   ������������������'.:.,;���������-  fMckenzie* Ave,,  Itovdstoke, 13. ;<J���������  pPWAHU A;f IJAGGEvN", f  'fy   ,' yJIlXINGv'EXGiNEElt,  - (Mem. Aniericiin -.Institute.;JIiiiiiis; iMigiiVceiv)  .   :, .(Jlcni. C'unadianf Milling Institute.)   ,,, f  ''    ;;X.     'H E VKLSTOK lii'ffB. Gi'yf  lvxuiniiiiilioii of nnd reports on Jliiiei'.tl Pro*  ;,"������������������ v..-;1;,.-;'-.���������-���������,-pei'ticsa.SjiocuiU-y.'      . '���������,-���������.-.  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We shall liwiird a. prisse to every piir  son, who sends the iiiiind'of Wfliii-d-, and our;  giftfl -will-he aHff.lloivsiv l^or t'lebe'sUlist, ve-  ceiv'od eiicii.diiy, a Gold Watelrj for flicsecnnil  bent .solution veacliv (lay nbc-niiifiil tin ported  Ten Sets for tlie Suv.cn neNl;..busi.suliitfoh.-i cuoh  .    , .. . . .    .       , diij', it Kuni'ith Salslh Iil.iiiioudiiiiit Ittili.v Klni!!'  hecessar\xcouiet;be tissureeK but {is' '"���������'*tij?1,eNt: ^t^'iHioi-.-iuoidpieeeijtndfur  condition, of.  $25,000 |0|iiNli^i  ||i;nitli(|ogie^  ���������,''��������� Soinothihav; eiit ii'elyf'no wfViiiiir.; in tcrestiiiK'  Itot'ul what yiiii''iire to do. f ..Yb.i'i ihiiy !jfe"t. SUMi.v  eiiir eon test; is'tosec,-whii can nialse thelai-tjcsl,-  list, of.nanies (or Icinds) of hirds t'i'oin the follow*  Ini,' list opletlcrs ::���������;���������;��������� .;.;. '.'vv APP ffff'' .A  ,WD 0 0.0 C-CJK Q U:i_.;I;.A PR fiAI7:i D C  v'EfS P;N IE; L V-E BR DIM WAf 0 OH T;L.  - We will reeoKiiise'ns.ri.' bird anylliitif*--belnnpf.'  'ing to the feiitliered: tribe, whether il is a lien,':  Orow, Siii-jer or. any other kind.' , Yuri enn use-1  fii'iiy letter as niany tiiiiesvtoiiiiiUeii inline as it-  appears in=1 lie listof,letteisabove; for instance  .Woodcock,' Plover; SnowHird, etc.    To any;  persons who can make a listot, 25oi' nibrc (lit'*  .fi!i-eiil.-tiii'nieti -nt': bii;ib',u-e will (jive absolutely.  FHKE a beuutiful i'rize value -?l,()0U or lets,: v'  y^BiafRIZESfTO  .'-.' Yi'licn j'buf have liiade uiit'.votlrlis.l (ill oiilvUie-  line on Uio botloni of. this udvti and fend to us  with ���������ii 'Stamped Addressed' envelope,1 stamp of  your country will do. then if you are awarded  ���������Everything to^fufni  Writefforfour'iqoi^ Gat'alpgucf-^  ;'Xoriij)lc|e;'Funiishe^  itiLii;'^������i''j'-.'^g:^ii������i*.'CT!iMw.iij������.,w������ipiiM������J^  ;vv;yfx^hC5;I;X'W  js't]iq^iiost;,H;inc1^  .vqosts^iipi-iliGi'-ci;t  ;cpnstjlt;tifc6rnf doctor ffbiit^  ���������aridfyyyiirfjdornsf;^  ft  {n prinio you can if you desii-c get the prize b"  becpiuiutj. ��������� "i ff silbseriber ��������� to Tin;; ; U'om,\n'i  therisk off thepresent'fpolicy,'v Q(  ...... ,.,._ ,.     ..   , course we'recognisofthut their'idea f  ^~r^-::ri=rxif-::--- ������;xr .^f^f^��������� i.CblunioiaiRiver, \ailicvs.'..fit:;it be  "''    ' ' ���������"' '������������������"���������'���������'  ;������"'    "'"'    '���������-    "(;l Zvitb '������fX;: ^ni-fe-*o,l -'iu.^i\ZnWZv^A"x':?APA^u^-^ ���������aWW-:vuX:���������:-i-a\l oUiexeoi^e^aplutioiis,, I'l'i^uf fOuod  tillC,,^^- HiggOyiCel, ..iliuistliC ijIC&la tj :   v.;   s-fl,lt ; conc];t;on    Qc:, .{1,;.,^ |, Value.",- .'ifhcno -', lJri������c3 wiJl he forwurdeddiiily.  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V-iLn,1'  fcloiiiuilt af,lottoi-yMiioiirplan.atiiiakesnodif-'  dangerit a';H)earsftp.'ustherefis only  \vhofare tilso ^dealors'in; G roccriesf Haixlware, "Fin\ya^  QobcbjyCrockei^^'G  -:':yf'x;f;y.f::-;;FTO  csnv*3&ta(ztxn*xi>mneTG������ia  SUNSET AND PBIZEfWRINGERS  *7rf-;per 'bead; as: aiainstf^o ljer! t1^'1'^  head for the Ufnitetl States,  x - 'J..f.ii-::.re.luri.i3''o!.;the ous.toinsfoliK'e  . for   hist nionth.f.as-' jnil'Iithed :,i'ns-  anotlier f-column-' show  an, afctiv.ity .  in imports.,a neb are. a lifindica tionf ofl'  thef increasing 'business  of  Revel- j '  stoke}'.-';"     x f - ��������� .������������������������������������''���������,��������� ';;':; a ' a.. "f"'-;-'  one c'oursevopen, and that ;isftoac:"  ���������|wit]if:ihatf;.|ine;:and;'thc; f^roat,:.ccpt a^Vpi-oposals:;Miac  iVv^Hoffi  j Northern system to the, south' will;. j;j;);,pnMitiCe.'m-nistcrof educalion..  ffbe'built;er(;, long  tlibs.; giving .the���������  f' Big Bendffirst-elass' tran'sporuuion ;  i facilities'.'--  ���������'��������������������������� ���������'������������������'"'" "���������;    ', -���������   V  ' .-"'  :THiv;xi::\r:AnXJSTJ'R.  '���������" 1.1 m;  which.  1 i s t , of'. m i n i 11!.'"   1 oc a t ions  ���������we'.-paljii.-h   in  ii.-  issue  V. ���������Premier Dunsmuir lias^offeredto.  ���������J. C.,'Brown.';.qf ��������� Xew- W'esfnbnslcr.  , fhe'f.partfo'lib; ���������rendered  V,ucaiit��������� by-.  . she^scohsielerable' activity  among l.tiie trani-fei' to boiulonfoffHon, A.E;  ]ii'ospectbrs in the   Uevelstokb  \xi- j'Turner, hud Mix, Brown  lias f beclv  ���������'ordiiigrlivi-iuii', and is a jrnoeifsign.; sworn f in us. provincial ���������secretary*''  ,.vf llic times.' , , ..yf.   ' !     ; "';��������� ZA'W'n    coni/ratulatc     the '   govern-  ������������������ : ,���������.������������������-. Ifinetit,'onf this' move, Mr, f Browii'  ;     ���������       >������ ���������    1'. . ��������� '..���������'��������� 1 0 v    .    ']  .,'f Wi; congratulate, th'j e'ditor ���������;pf ;.'*- ,,*x capable .man,, and will be -a ���������  : the Church-Record on' the'-stand he ! towcrof strength to the government. 1  takes iii;.. regard tn . settlement 'of j Tbe appbintmentalso eiiuiiiised the j  . sftrikes "liycoMi'pulsory arbitration..'1 reprer'entation of tbe liberal party ���������;  .'\\'hc.n the church leaeisfin such a ;in the c;ibrnot;.gi\=rng .the libera b'  matter 0; reform it can lie'a i..'ower-1. Hon?. J. Dunsnmir, J. C. Brown.;  'fill lever. i-;.-r '��������� the temporal gopu of.;' and W.p, :Wcl!S; andtheconsers-a-' f  j-icopl.?'.'-.'. ���������'���������������������������.    ���������;.:'fl'-'.'. V '.'... j.tht'?.. Hons. -,R. vMcBrirle,; J, , p. ;  .������������������'. ���������'���������==������s' ���������. ..'���������    ;���������;-.'��������� ��������� j Prentbfe, and I)','fM. ^berts, but Mr., r  fpiticifiike .Rossl'ind;  and; Xclson  b.ave f:bcc,nf ,sa tisiief!.,f with ff wooden  buildings.'such hsffthe'ministcr pro**  poscsfvarid .:w'c. -sr!.e, vrio'"' ifcason'f.:why;  ' Revelstoke sliotiiu  ask  forxf-xcei>���������  ,. vl. ',������������������-;���������,���������;   y   '���������' ���������,....-���������. 1    ���������  ��������� tiolial favbi's which, it   is .aJriiost  certain, could not be itrantod. Avith-, . ,,   ..      ''.������������������.."'     ,   . .-,.'������������������" .'.  "     '.  , ������������������'"        ,;      .1 wi; siioiild .be. nble. to initke ri'iieh iigigiiutio'  Ollt raising'('lailYiS ��������� irom   toe1, other ! ���������f;1'^:.1'' but wj- luiVL'tiicfnioney, briilnriiiK^repu*'  cities ofthe.province,  I'crenee. wtiether. vw'e. get ymlr soliitioli'lul.e or  early, in the day.   .All yoli need isto posciliis  ail.vt. to   ils, nnil' on tlie-day it reaches u.< if  vyour. list is lhe best, you snail'havsvth's Gold  ���������Watch,01* if sreoiidf beat tlie beautiful 'I'ea', Svt  "iiiltl so on;   "\Ve',giiii.i'iintee that.y.-e will afwnrtl  you'll pri^c Th^i'e is absolutely nbopportiiniiv  'fiir.deception tillmir. pnrtf���������we eaiiniit.fl,l|iird-ilV  W'o  want, to uet., I,0ii|},(j0!i well .sniis'licd srib-  seri.ljcrri, and for tliat i'enson wefdoii't wniibj'oif  ,".to..seiu'l .any  money,/ until, you know exactly  wini'r prize you have ���������fiiined by iinsweriiiK't.lie  puzzle.  . As"soon,at'tei' I'pan. eaeli day.us pes*  siljle.i.he exaiiiiiiiirsAvill ,j;ul������n; the lists'to Hie-  best of^flKiu*. ability,viinil will designate lhe  ������������������.prizes. AVii. will \vrlto to y'oti at once notifying  fyoii wliitt pi'i-";! hii^ been ilwiirdu.I you, then if  'you ai'e s;ii,islled. you can send yoiii'subserili-  tion to Titii Woman'.-! .Wrmin and yourprluc  will CT by return of post ciiiTiiitfo paid.   To a  pei'son of JKU-niu' Idean il s.it'in,i;inipo.ssibl<>l,lmt  ,  , ,     ,      .    ..iftiiti'iii, we  know 'exactly  whiit we are doiiwi  incl.r-UCh   the V awl if we &,n JuwiLIni-.it.cI.v rfniii inriillion-fiu!)*  aifcrlwo'of. thef w'oi'leHs-bestf  itol%.^.s7'l^UN$J2Jrf:fis'  tif-diesiyyf :woqden;;;wrh]g^r'v  \Vi111 I\\p A 2��������� inch" Solid fRubf.;  )er;lvt)llfs.:yf;x; ,';';;f; .ZZ'aZZp.  z:: ;-f.riie f bi^xzii: )&���������������; gai vaii^  f ;izeel;.'steel: ;fi'anioy:;wriiigc*ri  f:: warra'n ted f;notv tof-i'us^ and  uisftwo i2-inch;'SolidfRi.ib:f  ,bers'Roilsy;.x":;ff:' .f'ffyffffy'"'������������������;'''���������'  j,j _y-."- Tbey aroffnidriey,makers;.  ^HJJ7'" for -both"- Ketaiier and Coii*; ���������  sumeivf-'. .'���������:;'";'.-'-y ;..; f;f ''"ff, ���������:������������������"���������''  McLennan^ McFeely & Go^^  ���������    -vl.i 2 Gordo^a;8tv, Vancouverj: B, 0.        a ''  m*jimuditMMiaiuafjimKJiJi^aiM^vj>tiis.iwitMK  ,, ,, ,. , sci'iliCM by l.hi'i s-Tuwl idea we know tiiat'tliis  "���������overnment coukl not possibiv-aT.", fmitiionof wi-n piea-i-d ;<ubsoi'ibci's am be in-  ��������� ,''���������'    ���������', . :������������������' j'lu,:t-(t to rui.-oiiii'iiend Title. W'oma.v'h'Woiu.Ii'y  tertaitl.   ;      .....,.���������:     .       X y. .nil friend-., thereby biiil.linif up (iii't'clruiilntion  f .���������������������������'.  ; (iUllfnnhi'iv-.-We are wllliiij?. lo'Hfii.-ndS'fOifiC'a  ~" ���������������A--.r������r- -������������������-������������������       ,, ;" uvthii contest iii imildliiK una bia'subrci'lption ,  'jHsppi,1 ���������.������������������rT/iV'-r-'oriT-VtV ' -!'Hst, itud whe-i thi,* nioipiy Is -pcrit Wc reserve -'j  KhChb.'i J lv-> '-WtULiMJi . .     ; the right, to {rsihll.-ih.'i MiiUlnmtloii that, the eon.  1    ;������������������    '                    ������������������    ,                   .. '!icrtt has beenti-ciiiiMinHKl,. IJon'tttolny until i  '   '  ���������   ��������� . ';; v..-' ~~ ��������� .      . ; it,is'toohiic.   Thi. cotitcut. will oontinuc.iintll. j  f   One.-of the' most urgent uc^clsf of ;j ,\vi'l>^  t lirrif v i������ -l  rr-r-rc-i firm- 'rrnnnrl     id. i f-f'a!I othoi;**. to'the pei'soli1 wlio''scii('ln I'li'tii'clTrt i O .  tne UtA  IS a..lcorea-uou  gioona,   JO- , xotteii,iipin the bcKf and liHiidsouieftnianilei', !       .  ,,',,t'ml en ���������!������������������ in'sptf' rhr>   mnviirmiwi ; f"ir t'oiltmltlee ",wi,U -rloold" iihd rtwiti'tl prlw  t.uea .-p jb.iu .-.un, tne .-comt-hc-iice ; ^n,-. bis-*, .Minj-prtira s.V)Opi-i>io'u'!ii ba rev.-k-Mci  ' r.Miircli, I'M.   Any blrdV name loiind  f.ably furnished with the:-.0I'iVji^jcat" iIVc'-n-l'-iirket������������������ ���������- ������  faflbrcls.'     Best  \Vines,  Litjuors, ������������������X-' '.. igars/y,;,,;;  ".' :Rates $i,a^day.; .'��������� Munihiyiiuttv,     ;;'���������. -'- ������������������';.-.'".'', f,  ALBERT ;   STOjSTEI;: CBTIO&  '''--������������������������������������ *������ J:i the  "r "*-*;. iJleti/jiiun'.-r. r.e';0iil'j(.ix ^v      ..���������      ���������     ���������..,    ���������  w\���������.���������'.'''; f    ���������. ,   V/HO'VtE.ARE,,','' ���������������������������{.   '  to sfecuro .a block fee the 1,   tciw ^*om,iN-s v.'onttj U tithorowhlyrvU'  .1.  ..j  of  thfcf'majonty ,of   the   cuizens.;.(i.,;Lip,mi-;wHe-^ii'id. ,.,     ,.  Land is going xni.jn price and f no.w ;,'"'        ;     WHO''WE ARE,  Zi? t'h.e.thr.e to rtcuro.a block fofe tl ....     _. _.._..   ,.,,-,','...' '   ���������".'., u , '���������.. ��������� .,,- ���������!���������  ,..,:,,*u^   'i. ' f'l^ldijfiii'^irn. '.v'c-i.ro kiiow-rt fo'(fo ok.ictij'a* ���������rt'e  |iUi JiOiO..   ���������uC;, ivgi^aiiU , \iii\lh*.-. -we , -.irU'ertl-'v!'A*. U������ our, rr:H,,.t,i!it;.- ��������������������� i-ef.-rV) nny  obtained itonv the; Farwell .Town- ���������' *'lvetti*'w*Wui01 ^i^������min in London.  aite on terml witliin ,tlio..roach' of f���������>"'tl,"*i;  \ViTn rcferenee'io th'! article  in,'!'-iIeUnde..has resigned 'hit; ])ortfcdio'f the city,   liveryonereeogniseK that | strevt  ,'iact ici'.ue on the TrouxLake To-vn-  ���������iire.it upp,jj .-;xve ,\yee3 in er:o: ai to  the locator?. The land was' fir?I  Jv>;,'ak''l by .)..- I/ull.'iv'k.an; old-timer  .*-ilii���������'���������'������1 (���������(-������������������;!.-<���������( 1.- fwliu .-'i.'ii'.'tcil il a.~ a  'Ififf'-'Ui'l'-ioU.'. '..'lli.-l.';.. jire-eiiipt'ign  l.iji.-ed and.in l-^ll'it waxix-loe-itefl  ;^'.:;j I..,..--!.*  :iz a. i^oteit. againct fho'' selection; tbe city funds have been unr-xpoet- L  off Mr,   Brown,       R.   F, ,, Green ! edly'encroached'upon in ('6nnectionJ j^.vn  X.'.-,i lilr.t  Wholesale and Retail  ]eat  ^.  was Itf'ing, actively ���������supported  for. tbc position., but it isolated' lie  would have been' defca'lvd-on a ,by-  cleelioti, '��������� The Tribune i.s wild over  the   appointment   and   challen^ex  ^ Ab;'.:"j:iri:f������l';)on,bj;>fiIi o; tije j j:\ou,   \i, }ft\fj\^ to ,rcr:iL'i|   jirjij, pOAj^V ;jb'i'V"|)cl U ii/);  with the lnffe ��������� epidemic', and "that  the coiinei! i.s not in a. petition (o  do wliat iniyb.t; ���������have, been done  Novorthcleffr-'tbi* inatter of a, re'erf:-  ation "rbuiid has been in band  for I Tho   " Woman's   World," 'Brentford  ������;fj}. Vjidei', I  ���������-.; 'y Lwl'oji, W.Jp^iid, ',.."���������..  S", It.  '���������lie rarofi'il itnil pi;in..'lv . Vi.'.lll*'"lutliir ���������������:. lis  w;i do not ri'i.'i.'lvc inu.Ierpit.iil ieitert. Aihl.res'i:  y  V**fV������i������������tf',-WiS'WC*aC^?wtti**S  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:.      x  <^5^C8,l|ar^, 41berU: jlWinnroiTwmai
jANAuiAH rflblH
Waiting f
one  10th  will make the
<-*��"--^^��i-:|&v ��j��^__;,i������,iay ��� in   eae
jJi^j'S vV-ffXA-^ nn.nlli   ill,    S   p.   n
" *-^^>X*:^r'rC\>="    VJ>,iiinj.'   brt-1lire
Kootenay Lodg-c
No. 15 A.F. & A. Mi
The regular aici-li.'ig-
nro'licld in' tlie M.i-
onk- 'I'ljiiiple. liiinrni
Hall, on tlioi tbir,.
.M nnd ay ��� in  end
A Beautiful Engraving of
iit!S��S" ill
For Only 13 Cents.
^::-j  conli.illy WiiIcGlii.-f'.
0. S. Jl-.-VAHTKIt.  Si:cisi:takv.
KEyst-STOIIS LODGE. I.'O. O. F.. No. 25.
.. -;','.-' /--- Uet,'til.ir uici-lim;-. are held
i'.'/"��� ..ISpifc.-'i    " Od'H'i'l'ij"*--' Hall ever-
'A'Afy^T,'J^j. Thin*-.lay nisht, al   ci:��-li
~.P *,"..'fviswo'-'ii)fk.   Visiting Di-.iLln!!"-
: '��� .V* .orliiiily ivcicoiiii-il.
It.' .*-*. V.'IUOV, N\<*. J. A. ST0XK, i'.S
SELKIRK LODGS. J-TO. 12, I. 0. 0. F.
Muci- every Tui'sdaj
s<s   i-v-i        /mi -��-=rv   uve-iiiij,'    in   .-"plklrl
/?/   m      3-V    ^irall    at   a   o'ulock
seconded by Aid. fMeCarly find carried.
Tt vvii!> re'silived (liitL ilie city clerk
(���iiipiiri* ab'iuL a receptacle for the
Aid. fMt:C."iity bromjlit up the
matter   of   renewing   the    fite   alarm
All over the world llic--.- pkiurc- will be -old
'Xim,' Isiii-w li'.-r Im; id !,>ii' her,: Xoiie naiin.il
.-ii-:-bin in pnii-t-."  'J'l'cn a",.-!< n niilliiin people , r .    . ,
n Oi..-L'liilnl Mal-.'-.U'd Ciiiiio.-i ��hi|,v.iil (at-h    system.     Olnr.l Uiilll 'it   Ilie,  waler   ana
'"K-rs ^^>��^ ><- .��- .....i....-..*,! ...
and th<-pietnie i- v.-,.-|| ��orthy of a liarii:-i)ine    place'the svsteni in proper condition,
-.mine.   Aircnt- i-.iii -ell l'.Oa d.i;*'.    Situipli's by ,      �����-,��� " i    .1    .    ,r i
.M-ul, po-t paid, 1 i-. '        .,       *'"-    l'l!1.'"1'   Ul"g>-<1    Unit    tin*,   toy ul
I dozen  pieture**, 7-J,.-., sell for c=I.2ii, pnilii 1-ic. - \i*sit  should lie. Li.keu advantage  of   to,
I'ro-iJfi-lors and iniiie-OiMu-i's are in vi led to
t'Oiitribiile lo lhe lvnoii;.\.\v .AIaii, information of ,-i reliable chiii-aetei- n-g.iniinK their
pr-opertie-. de-'-r-ibiiiK Mirf.u-e .-.liuwiiif?-.
development work anil resuils iilti-iidinir il,
ii*,-ay-. fin I new di-< svr-ic. The oililor
ili-ii-es to imi'���*���'' lhe .Map. a ineans of
fiirniiliiiiK lo investor*! reliable iiiform.ition
eiuiri-l-ii:;r.f lhe pioxre--* .-uul (Ipvi-lo'.iii'-nt
'of lliciiiiiiu-itl i'e.-.onr<;es ot Xoilh Kooii-n.iy.
Ciiedoiiin by   S.   Calmian,    on    Do��
! i*i. el*: Jlo'nii'rst.ike   by  J.   IL   White,
Imperial and Suinisc by John Sander-
sou, all on Kevhtone.
unite   tlio
of   tlio  'iiiiniiii:
run from cc'tist to coast in
'���' 100 Hours.
Cheap rates now in effect to the
.  ' ' Exposition.
IS. ADAHl, N. G.
lially  invited to intend. ' ,
J. MA Til II-:. ?j.c.
Ii'or- /iito.-*',' tickelsV'n'iict ���rtt'l'-'Iiifoi'iii'ittidnfarjiily
A. G, P. A.,
ooban;" steamships
K-oyal Kail Linos.
.Olioroiosi rto;*.te to tJic G:d Country,
i-'ItANCC'CANAUlAN UNK-l'ai;! Jlontrenl
O.mJi C.i-ilf      ���     ���'     ���      ���    -���'    A up. Will'
'OiirtliX'fisitk; f'f���������:��� ,f:;y
fff'ffyffvAfbL'AK LIXE
f Kmni(Hn!ix;;,y ��� AP<a
fl'ai'lsiai!' i,*'-;,.;.':X*. ;f
'Aui'tviiliiiii "-A-P-. A
t-p't. I7rli
��� Frotn.^Iontreiil.yv
yf���������ZA 'vXff.^igf'Kth'
���;:-:'  ���"���"*'��� X.*X!3:'l>l'7tb
''���f'ff.v'yy'vf'Xf;;"   14Mi
"fy..v Aj:i.:AAAA>ymi0
������'.'���. vv'L'XyyyyXf^tlr.
OSA^GS   L0XJG3    NO.'   1C53.
Itcfjular nmcliiig-i :tre held in
the Oddfellow'*! Hall, on the
Third Jb'i'iday of each hionth, ai
8 p. in. sharp. Visiting brethren cordially invited.
av, r;..Mii;v',"V. '!,'���'������ for-.
'ii picture.-* r-'i iij    "      SJ.d'i    '"    i?iim
Vii)      ���' .   s-o.OJ    "      il".HO   **    ?j.00
Hetter order 1!* at once and -Hike while lhe   .fiiinps ill ;i ^r.tiiil iiiinei"itl r.\liiiiii.    Hi*
i ^pe^l^ni ft?m.Hr��i S��:   ciiiisirli'ieil   111,   (���sl.   of   llie   lunged
HlliV.'i:   KUVCLl \  MU. UUIViPANr, ;     AW. McOuiysuLimited the innyo.'.s
, P. 0. Box 513, Dept. C3i, j view.
CHICAGO, : : ILL,;     Aid. '.McLeod .���..���ii.1 thu citizens' \w\
 ! ! ' taken no inleiv.st in tiip ijipptiiif*;   llint
iii, n     n       int. ,'   ll!ir* ^t'H ealle(3.  , ,
Attack oi -Royal Uanaaians at   Th.*..,i,',y,,.-.snW^te.!i.,tvi!,K;ii,l,-,(!
���p       .. ; ile-iiyn, Kliowinj} tin-. Kei��xr��l'liy   t.f  the
ImliuiJlJijPgi ,     i iJisirict,   wiih_,-i   iniiier   rejire����*iiiiiiiu
j i'uch pnint-drt-ssptl up in ilic.,|ii*iiiiiiive
The present i1* a time when wnr pifbirosiire j inethud uf the, proNpeutor, He* wns
in greater demand than ever. Tliee(ind-ict.of I p,,,,,,',,,,,,;,,...!,,,. ,,,,*|I, ,|,0 ��,,,,.]���,���,.,, .���,,,
the British -oldier-s on- the 'jiutlefiuld has won j t-oniniuniiittliifj with the suuUieiii pniL
The Van  Antl.-i   mine  iind   snielter
lias heen sn!(J Hi ai)  English cninpiiiiv.
.Vll nssav uf il KiUiilJ uf (It'll hull"-; in
Cs r.-*rr. ism n   a  a F     3   (.' r i
0! Uim
I?0.MiNIUN LI.NE-l'rojii I'orliantl,
���Vancouver -     ���   ��� ���     ���'    ���     ���'      >'i|it,7lh
liijininiun      ' ���        ���     ���     ���     ���        "   llth
Cainbromiui    ��� .   ' . . "  'Ji-t
Vap.eo'.iM'i-     ...ii*   Cet. lL'th
DOMIN'IOX LINS-:-:Voiii Eiifloil.
('tillimoniM'allii      ....        A ii-;,'2*'| h
iVeiv Kiigl.ind fcepi, lllb
Ct'iiinioiiiveiillh "   :',ith
UKAVKIi Ll.VIO-1-Voni-Alontmil.
j'jiike Sll;i.*i'.lu)-      ���--������,,  Aug. ,'Oth
i.a.Ue Sliiu'i'j Sept.  (ith
l.nlie.Ont.iiio  *'   loth i   f ���,,,, J...,'  fA j .    '        J      r
Lulu: (.���Imiiuilnin    .'...*"  -sa^    l^UU.Uli V   LO. (II'C   Cl'VUK-' 10 M
Liiko -Uetfiilitis*      ���      ���      ���      ���      ���      " ,:'7tb ^     '"'
IM-i-onseH tiiikuted through to nil purls oi
Great Hi'iiain and Ireland, and at .-.peeially low
' //?>-
��� /' "Ml
Cjlizais of Rcoclslokc;
��� Do -you /mow thai $10. ooo or
$12, ooo a way has been going
into Chinese cojj'ers for. Laundry work every year in this
town.      The focietstoke'Steam
tho plaudits of adiniriiitrimtioii.-s. ���AVohavt
of {front ospdnsb publir-lied tour ini'ife. bemitifnl
pic't ii'-os. size 20x'U. on heavy, superfine, calendered paper. A niuiiirc that will t-oiiiinend
iiM'It ami K-nd a Thrill to the iieait of e\or,v
truo Canadian i-tin; nne willed Attack of
Royal Canu-lif.ns nt PaardcSjcrg, there are
liti'va!!.' li'indrcd*! of Jii?iii-��_*�� on this pieinre.
Ihu !iio*.iiit��iiii or ltop.ii.e.i .-treteliin^ out ir.lo
the "irft-iiieo nrc mvmiiii-x with nv.-n, while
hero mid there n pro-stiatc figure .-.peaks only
too w-11 of ihe llnei'ir (lemen. It ��nl* on'ilil-
battle It-Id thi: sallant Major Arjrjold met
denlh niitlinelii.'ijjly. !: i*. only loo '"tie lhat
iniiny of. Ihpsc icaliinit Iimivi? . tliat beat >o hiffh
when the chcerir.jr ihoucaats b;tde them
God a joccl a.s they Miiled from t'liiindn'h sliores
now l'o >"tili foi-e,ver in lonely '������'graves on tho
other oi le of I'm -\Mii-kl under Afrioin hkiei*."
To'cvjry Carndian heart, in cv��ry Canadian homo,'the deeds uf |heir bnivn sbldiei-
boy,*: spool? with nn irrcM^tible thrill of.
Patriotism and prido. Gordon Hi.g3iland-
ers at the Buttle vi' Biilinont. uharging
the Boor Guns at Hlnndolaogtc, and the
, Chargo ox' General French's Cavalry on
I the Retreating General Cronjc's Avjny.
I TIicm! arc nil -.thTiiij; pieturt^ ,-ind i-iiniioi (ail
1 to .commend' llicniseh u�� to any onu who will
f\-.-tmi!ic tlseni. 'J'liev'die KED KOT &ELIj*
EK!j! A^i'iilii coin iiiuiic,1'. 1% in-nflis.
Kiinrinniia .-ueee.-.s. Cvc a.^eni .-old nS in one
��� hi}-, Sumple niid tc:i-n j> '.Vi ccnii. (none free);
fori!1 for (lu funis; $\.jt) jic: rloxen ; *Jj for S2.75';
j jO for *:0; Dm for *r'l),.):i, Write to-day for a
I dozen nnd make money, n
i Bos 513, Dont, C3i V,      ,
nf the. country to"nsk   its  conponitimi.
The niaviit* lefei'ierj to lhe pnispeci
nf it icfund limn iho pro'iiu i-il, );iiv.
ornincut vii neuuiiiit nf the Mimllpnx
"piiiVinic,' ill' Ini'.J yefn iIih ntioriicy-
H"ii<"'i*nl iind tniiii*-1i*i" cf niincs on' the
niiiiter, iind the hitler su-^i'.sloil th.it
if ihey applied f..r it third, ci' ihe cosl
the ^(iMTiiiii'int inii-lii pay il, .seeinj:
thin- IiikJ une piitieni out of   the three
The reiinniil nPlliR leiiiiiins   rif   the
hiiinefl  i-iyiu*  f-ictury   wuti   diocu'ssetl
and fl!ie cleils-  wns insli nciet!   to  give-'
ilie owinT-- notice to it-move it.
���  ttf.,.       ���
The Canadian Hewspaper Directory.
vert/his -money into t/iechan-'\
Jt'Clll   1)1,III,,1 (illU XI ..llstisi, ,snsi ssl .-I'ss.......     .....    i
���iitc,* to nil parta ot the iiiiropwni continent. I /;,'/.-    /*/   trade'.      Wi//   vmi ' ���isnt ''
\ppl.v to nuiii-wc railway or niLMin.-hiiJiib'ijnt or j'"'*1"    '1/    <'*""-���       nut   juu    /cut.
help by sending us your laundry, J
���BUKIiR & SAX TON-,    "' i
'    Proprietors, \
T. ,vy.'BtlADSHAW.  Agant. ncvolstolco.
S. S. "Lardeau."    "   "'
Uminin,,'between Arrowhc.-ul and Tlionisnn't*"
jjiindin-; t-oiiniieiieini.* .June it1, IUjj, will s.tll ii.*-
follows (-.'.eailu-i- perniiitin-,-':
IiS.ive Arroivliciifl tor Thoinson'.s Landing
ltli.1 t'oiiMiilixnt rk. daily.
L".ive  rhjiiwoira l-iuirlin-f and Cnin-tpltv foi
Arrowhead m lTk. il.iily, cu.niuciliii; with all
V. 1', it, iimIik and bouts.
,   'J-'he owiier.-i i-o.-ei-ve tin: ri 'tit to change tinic.-"
of Miilln^s wiihom notice,
Size 16x22,
hcurlY cArritbdiEvents,of World Wide!
1G. W, B, PzgQU Prop.
ri'unipi. iii iis-en* nf ;jiirci'l."*| Iwjrga^e,
Etc.,'to nny p.'ii't uf i lie Ciiy.
Any Kind of ��� Transferring
An;frti',li^f f!t:it f;tt. Uf'fM.vS.iiyilih's
.  il?jfiV*c��f' Si.iit'.f'nrv.lWy'iVli'piiiifiii;, Nu. 7','
will;i"Hci:-?\H pr.^ifj'it'fiii iXIiftilll"!; %./''��� .;���:���''���
I���' T? ^"'. |-"s ^*-n     ^>i*J- C 11"* T A ,-**
Ocdei'*: "fur ���'������r!iil>bi'.r .Stump- sent in'tollin
���Oltt-e n'frt!i-; Koo?h*'.\yX\1.'it., LiovulJiiuku,,]!,'
.C.:,;will.lie'i!!h':d >vitli di-^pnioh'.   ,��� ������'.;.
CX>-*1--^ ,**i'"-'i 11* i-\   r\ 1-^ r\
An Opportunity for KOOTENAY
MAIL Readers io keep posted j
during this Period of .Oxcitc= i
1 !
i    mcflu, :
the mm value-bybr;
OFFERED.      ���   '  I
Hy n   v.",'\   -.ili,l',u!.o;',v   clnhliinc,' ai'iMii^'e- i
inenl  uilli lhat tfiviit-Knniily Xewsrp.ipui-tl-.e '
l-'.nnil.v !I.!i-iil.taiid  Weekly Star of Montreal i
' we are piih hied I a oiler I o - new .���"ubucri'oer.*" the
hlijh'i -st "\ .ilnu over hi iird n;*. i
The hil.im.-u of llii- year pvoinincs tlio most ���
-tiirtlin;? ovunti. and evny pur-i-in should keep ;
po-'tcd.   Here ii th'.' 6:i;iiiriiiiiii:,-: |
For th3 Small Sum of SI 25 we'wjll j
' send you until January 1st, 1902,
One of the inor-t beaut It ui plettii'e." in
s'oldrs. L'pon'a biickgroiind of Pure Solid
Gold ru.-sis the Family Record in the
shape of a hand.-some .voliimo with Gold
Clasps upon a etiMiion of crimson velvet
witli a beautiful gold tassol. Cn llic
pages, under dill'ereiit heailin-,'-", are sriW-'i'.**
in whieh lo write the name nnd dale of
birth. On cither side ii ii beautiful scroll
ou which to .record jiuutIiih'c.i nnd deaths.
I [j 0:i top of the picture lire the words
���'Family Sscord," in the rkhent lcltering
I fj known to the printer'*! art. Under thi.N nre [j
f r-pnecs for fiil'ici-V unci n!0!hei',fi pictures.
��� In ihe lower pari of the picture is abPiiu-
p tiful home c-cen;. he dear old ge-md-
8 parents, the Handsome, stalwart hus- H
g oand, and hapyy young wife, Die ioviiig"
I daughter una oauy ooy���ihu idoiizcu
a a-randcliild���nre all Kiitliered iiinund tlie
_ table, while giuiidiati.cr reads a port-inn ol
M God's Holy Word, A truly beautiful
���locne, Uiiuci'iieiith .'ire llie v.ordi*, "vied
i-Utss Our Family." Aruiind Mn.i pL-Jnre
are ci'-ilit spiiee.-1 inr photii^'niphs ot other
ineinber- of the fiiinily. eaeli.-piice ciielo.sini,'
a tfem tio*'.ri' pieee,, hl>o\vlicro on lhe picture iii-e -caiierid creep-.n;,' >\ ilie^. hud*, ami
bio.-SMiiis in rich erinlii.-ion, lhe whole rc*l-
iiiK on, and thrown into linld relief by i Ik
/(lircoiiubiieksniiiud ol Solid Gold which
proilucee ii pictui-e of da-zsling tbor.v.ty,
AfiJHTQ Js"��'lV ��� Vo',;i{ Tly'K' n'"���
-sUkFl! 0 ivh'tinir I'Vice i", M cent-, but in
anyone who tiend!* thh ad\t, we will-end
miu for M c'i.i-.   our price to r-uculf H foi
���311 CO for ?j 1 Hl'l for P{i.,l!'. V: e pny nit
ciiarfres nnd retinn money for iiiisold pi-.-
tui-c. X. I'. .IdoUwii. Kilintii-u t'iiy. liuii^hi
A7o .-Sll.7'). soM tin-in for linlf prlee,-'0 ee'iit.-
H eneli, in -i liays, makiiiij SJ.'.jj clear nrolit. {j
^ I'.'iii you do better/
Wc'liuvc 5,0Cfl   te?t:ineli:u!a and  want a
your**. a
Addl'CS; :     ���
Dop.   C3A B; P. 0. Ec'x, 513,
A, MeKiih & ,0)., .Mniitrctil. nn
'iniiMice thti -luliliciiliini uf tin- thiol
Hditidii of this viiluiilili* liiiult, Lj|<(.
il.i jirPsJs.'ccs.surs ilie wtirlc is n \ery
ui!iii]ilci(*. nnil iiilerf'.sliii^'liiiiitllimik ut
(/,init(Jian ' ik;\v,'\|iii[.)(;|'��i) nn(i( ti 11 ��� I lint-
npppi'liiinii'   tliciciti,      It is useful ns ir,
llUSilU'SH   d.l'(*l'Ii)fy,  hpC.'lUSC il (,'iln*flllly
pippm-ecJ synnpsiVw Kivon �����f ruuIi j cxumimoii i.f tin-. tiKJ c-liniine) of Gimp
tnjvtj in Mhifli ii m-wsp/ipcr is pule j wek ijfi.i,,,! p.i.vimuKl Allen's ^pn.p.
Ifl e ' ' t'i-1)'im ihe Ccltiiiiliia, oppo.slui Sniiih
ciecls!    Fninfiriiit   by   J. 1. W'nutlniw,
.\.-sr.**-.sMr.vr?." ���
Lizzie Mac. anf| Nulilf J-'ivp'bv ���/.,
VV. .MfCalluiu; V.'Iijlp K!f*ph;int,, Nolile
Three, Ciiilcii, Wn Wa, Ednn, Alico,
aiirJ Nuilaik] Iiy Ernest, Adnii: J.izzic
Huts ."ind Hub J'r.y by I��. .MiUrc^or;
O'li-dlijJiitrd, IloinPSstiJ.o, ' OiJ.-iiidc,
Climdyke. nnd Aberdeen l.v I T.
lJr(*w>st,('i; Diiwnic'Fiiictinn nnd   C\un*
,      ,.,.     . . .,, ,   ,. muiiiler i.v J. .M. Scull;   Kpvstnne   l>v
l he.   i\ iiinipe.''   inine   ",i\e   S'J"i.-!U   in     \    w   m't'.    c . i i> "       i       %'
.. '   " n ,"���iw   "MA.  W . .\1c-1mI(jMi; Jyuiiiii IJuuiie. I-y   A,
"�� '" ��� .Siiiu^'i;   St. ' Lawience,    St.    Luuis,
The Lit��.t OhVuce pliiL-er.pi-i.perty nn   Cultiiirbin, Ladune by J. G  Jenkins,
McCulliifh creek, owimd iiy kicnl   ip��i- !  ^.*	
dents, nnd on which ii Inr-,'t* niimuiii
nf wink hits bpen dune, has, heen bunded by ihe company to J. I J. Sibbald
un behalf of eastern parties,
Mr. Caesar has compluled his clean-
up for the seanoii's woik on iho  pl.'iepr
eliiiin tu which ho is interested on Mo
Ciillocli cieek.    We are pleased to   he
able In state, that the clean-up exceeded Mr. Caesai's expectations,        ,
Work has been sl'iiite.il on the Aj.ix,
iidjuiiiiiijj the,Nellie L, nud   it   is   ex
|iected lhat  coi^itlerable   oie   will   be
shipped from litis pioperly,dining  the
cuiiiinj; winii'i'.    Thu   proppny   i-, , a
shipper friiin the ^ra-ss-rools, and  from
ei^ht to ten tons of  shipping  dip.   hiis
been j-ot lo^ciher from the llo.it  lyin^
on the sin face.
'   L, D, 'Mutlap, with hispai turn-,   W.
Oreer, of tlie lirm Maik, nt Kuinlimpx,
hiisdone iiSst's^lliPlit woik on.lhe Lady
of the L'dte claim at Seymour Ann of
j Shuswnp'l.-ike. Mr. McR.ie boutght
I a fine sample uf ore on his letuiii to,
j the city mul is exhibiiin',' it in the
I window of the Canada Drnt* it Uook
I Co.'i store,    An assay ,im ihu ore   nui
C?ll in 1,'old, -i (ue*.", fsilvifi'  and   it,  ;t|>-.i
canies copper   values   on   which   no
assay has, however, been made.    The
u-iii  is frtiiri   two  lo  llnee   feet   in
������� ... , II.��� , '
The following Icikps have,  been   applied for oil'what is supposed to Im an
The   lJii-ficlury   contains   comploto
lists   of   newspaper  towns,   nrran^e.il
alpl.iibelically liy   Provinces, with inn-
p!e  details   as to, ihe issue, publisheis
politics   and   estimated   circulation  of
each paper. '   Similar  lists 'condensed
fur   ready   reference, a    lint  of  daily
paper.-*, a list ,of   iiewsphpeis by counties and' a   classified   li.st, allowing tin*
ui.iiiy   dilfeient   kinds uf "papers pub*
lis-ihed    in   Cuiad.i   make   this a llior-
oughly  coiiipleLe newspaper ga/tetteer.
One of ihe'beal features of the. work
j is a set of special maps of the did'erenl,
Pro\ inces, showing  only the towns in
which papeis n:e   puhliahed.      These
limps   are,  enclosed    in   a   convenient.
i emeiope iiKstend of being bound in the,
j bunk as   formerly, which   makes them
j in tire convenient lo handle, ,*���
j     The,  publication of  this Newspaper
I | Directory ' every   alternate vent* is cur*
! tainly   a   L'oil!iiieiidiilj;e.   enlerpilse,   on
! the,   pait   of     Mi-Kiin'.i   Advertising
���3 ! Agency, which   secins   u,i bo \ciy pro
gressiu,1   and    up to dale,     in     eveiy
Celebration ai Revelstoke���Football
r a
and Sports Held.
,, Kcvelstoko celebrated Labor J)ay '
by having a, grand football match
against Golden, which a Jar^c
number of people turned out to set.
rJ ho visiting team arrived on Sunday's delayed Xo. 1 and took ip
their hcacbjuarlcr!* at the Victor.it.,
Hotel, 'ihe Revelstoke boys a:-
rived on the tield about 2:80 o'clock
minus Jack Lyon?, who was v.nal.'e
to get in tov.n to be in time lor tl o
When the whistle was blown to
make a start a cross wind tvra
blowing, which made it hard to
keep ihe, ball cn, Within fivu
minutes Revclstoke's right wing
took the ball to the O'olclc-ii posts ,
but could not score, Golden bucked
up, and Field made, a grand nn
which missed by inches, after wl ich
the ball was taken into mid Ted
play." Just before half time l\c\u.*
stoke's left.wing made a run dovn
and scored through tho coming
forward, W. Beavo, aniitlst great
cxritement*-fro'm'lljc on��lookcrs.
������ After changing ends,'one of the
Golden men was knocked out, liv.t
was soon on  his legs again,
    *��������� .i  -��� * *.    , . .   . , after
Dollar by 11. Alii Pet i wink le bv p I which the  visitors made a grand
P. Wells, Jj.iisy by J. D. iMo'lso...
Woodstock by T. L Iiaig, and Annie
hy A. W. McLai'sh. These, Ichsh.-
;ire.'applied for ..with a \ it*w to hy-
draulicing anri ] 000 inches of water
have been applied for in connection
witli ihuden'sca,'
Niipeiintende.nt Pool was in the. city
ou Wediiesdaj*'. ��� He iufotnis ' us thai
the Great Western did not- accept a
tender for the building of the road to
the. Xel lie L. 'mine, being of opinion
lhat the-tendeis were too high and
that the company could build the road
for Ii'sh. The company will now go
ahead with the win k tmd expects to
! complete it by next nioriih, when the
shipment of 'ere will le 'lipgun. Development, win k is .simultaneously
being curried on at the mine, about 1 1
men being employed then'-. Then; is
ntiiv lots of ore showing  in  the  main
01-110 Ann
I respect,
'I'lll: -voi/D ).i:,ot'!c;
tunnel.    ]\Jr. Pool also reports matters
looking   well   fit   the.  Lade  property,
1 where thev ha\e. located the vein   and
" i
have drifted on it for four iVet. The
tile-hotly presents., ti flue, shutting of
free gold. 0 '���
J.ai:J)I-:al' y.u-i,i-:v".Mi.vi:s.
James Htiilierfoid, .M. ]���).,  who  lus
bpen looking after the. development on
run'into the  Revelstoke goal but
were   checked   by  the. invincible .
Purvis who took away thcball and
ran right,,through the Golden men,
and was on  the point  of 'coring,
but'was robbed by one��� of  bis  ov, n  ���'
men who diot over ihe bar.    Play'
cor.tinr.cd, a little kick and  rush '
when Jicavo passed to ,W. ftmytl.c,
who had no dilliculty in  scoring,'
but which, hands was'given  for fo -
the great amazement of the spectators. ��� .-
\" Revelstoke had tlienlav nil their
own way for a while/wlicn   Blake
scored from a  long shot.   Off-sidu '���
was given against \V. ismvtho-bil
the referee gave it. a  goal  which
made Xo. 2 for Revelstoke, who ran
out winners by that margin., '
Cap. McGuire should be c6inpl!-
mented on getting his boys in such
fine trim this time to break Goldeirs
record, Not only that, but thc-v
promise to do IhoMmcwiih 'Kan>
loops^at Fair time.
..It fs a great pity that the KcveN
stoke people don't support the'foot-
b.ill club more than thev do. .It,
lays with the football i.-ovs'to have
lhe credit of giving ReVclstoke :i
h*     ���   1 ll.e f     , I , ���   '      7 ,    '    ^ ?'x''",,iJ l'[ wvva ulili,lis ,,w'��"�� hy ����'��   R��od Pn,��10 �����>��!'a "rorips  nf snorts
,, me litlKMjusbisiri.vss  blocks ... j U,dttiu  Valley  Mi,,,-,,  Limited,  i���-' A great manv people,   woul      ,ot   '
;    ,   lo u,,     \ ,   , tlie a liunms uveiit* j flll,MH   th(!   *���,,������,    Aiil|(1|,   ���1(lt'   ,        t J ��� j      ; [*  ^* ^  ^
' If. leiiih'^hiiSj!;!: Ih'Z^ ' *""�� U "l"',e(i "" ���<*  ^ ' &���> ^ -^ -t^asKd
riiiil.-ig.i of .'3J feet to , (lt: it p,,;,,*. (,i,|y l)lli; nnd one, half mile.-, go out on a In'cllic. Sucli ]:eople, 1
I Fii.st siicei. The gri.tiiio' Hour is j f i-i imi the line, of ihe io-k) which the 0. ; notice, never go in for sports, oiilv
I divide..! iiim ilnee sejions, mu; of.' \\ ]{. js nuw 'building' The, vein-is ; gelling as far out of town as }-.oi>
j which   will   be   used   a,   a   fucnit lire | ] $ [wX in width and- has ;an ore   .shout, I sible. "
��� sho��-riioiii, ihe. second ,u ,t store-ioom, ! ,,f thi-ct-; feet which has been traced .fm I      'ibe     Revelstoke    team     wore :
j and the lliii'd as a woik- ooui.
I rii'i-; iit.si'riA'i.
j .The .new (^ueen N'icloiia Cultage
Hospiii'd is to be comment i d niiiiiedi-
utelv.    The.   tru.slees   an;   adverti'siti;:
advance of J50 feet.   The ore is a,, j Lvncs, goal; Purvis and  McGuire
aurilei'ou.s.piar.a,   earring   about .,,��� \ l,u.k?; eC!ur,      Gauthier,      Cam
ounce of gold to ihe.tou,
.' i,
It is a mill- ' b;ilves; W, Smythe. P.* Donaldson
ILL. 1 i l'l,r lender.s fur the basement, and   ihe
iihout one-li.-.lf of th.- ��� h, f-'sjott, Blake and W, Beavo, for-
cfin   be  caiiyht on   tin* ! wards,
the   reiiiniiider   bv
ivi an-?"1 i"*ief.
The' Kootiiiiay Hail,
g . supeistiucline will be, pioceeded  wiiii
^5g^Er"^^S��*g?r.^?3Tgss5g��S2ar [ .is (piicklv as lhe design  is   de\eKippd.
; h will 1,.". fuur storeys   high.    In   .he j Ulill [t ,���lS {h, lllilki|1���, (lf  ;i ,.,,.��� ���,,,,
1 basement wi.l be tho kitchen, pantries,
ing   ore,  ,'ini
value carried
plates   an'd    lhe    remainder   bv   con-'      u    \    n..     . is,.
cerrtiiitiu,,.  Mr. Rut herford slaH-ci   hat^ rfY/i*   r. i   ��� ^V�� ll,C t-? "   ^
hewasnuuh pleased with the Linleau | ��'^\T\  ^   ]"Y\   i^'
������wcic delighted wuh.and thank him
country   geiieially   and   felt,  satisfied
..r.i:ro:)cy- Hardware Store,J Tll8 Faffllly HePaW & WO^ty SlSF
/  ! .-nations i'unii.s,   nurses  dining   rnom.
Hi'.' Coiuti",
'J I
in' railroiiil
winch   is
Li I
ttil.l t!ic lv.inily Iluntlil i two sreat
jii'ciiiiiiii: iiictiii'i-,
j healing  chambers   >t,.re   rooms,   and'! ;,'���,  i(IItlllI       fl|MJ   .���
,Ul,,l,,n f"r��>������'^. '     ;devel.,pin,*,,..n"li. i-��
iiu-v li ing built, he said, will do  uiuii
si im u la le   t\>
'ie   snid,    ",r
'Clirist ia tlio Temple
All classes of-repair -and inachiiiist
,'f,   ' '.vork' promptly hltendeti to.
Regular Meeting.
.Meeting held on   Fii.l.rv.    PiP.seni'
,' for such a fine smoke after   thu
\ game.
j The priijus at tlio sport* were won
| us follows : lao-yard, K. M.
[ Sinyt}ie!S( prize. J. Purvis; bop,
step and jump. G. K. Curtis'  prize,
& "to from't!ie War.",tirn'ma^'aiH ai.i \\&A{ih m.* 1;!;:;l;;;;Cf^;;(
Jj"od and Taviur.
'     ,l111   ",Mi'%   liullllu,il'��    l"1^1,"-   which the deielormieut will  ,���a   be      '���   L.vne!f;   "5����i��S   long   jumj
��u.i  cperating  ���,���>,,   ���,   the   ihh-.I,, I t,(JSth,n ��� ���     : Morris & deed's prize. Hreu; thre ��
liituug top light,  linen   closets,   ollice, I " ' lc^'d nc<-   I-"r��nk   lb*,,*,-,-,'-   ,s,*;.
M,d   Injury-all   specially   anvuiged i     ������        ',   N'BW l.0��A! lo.VS. Srv*is a!vl'! Vni P1Ut'
for a railroad ceniio.    'The. ne.U slorev !     J lie following   new   locations   were i      Tbrooi-'li ib'o ni', ,-,,.,-.-   .;       d
���     ��� -- .        . . ; ' *ll0sloIl  UlC illiL'l IIOoil    i'i1,'     l{lj\ ���
I-'IrU ii.il ir'i'i't '-.'iu-. '   bill".!' pk.'ci'i-al-iiic
i��� woi'llislo.is-l'jMis' inniiM     Thi* oflVvlcci3<n        Chief of |.oiite.   lecorlin'g   two   lire    '>vumen, lii.en clusels and lil'l,  lavatorv
only to July SIM �����* tin-Mipuly of rift tin-i-   ,,],���,��� |1(lXRt  bmken. ' S'2-j   i.*wa.d   ti. I and Imi h room.    There is a large   and
limited rn.l Cs'.mi'it tic promi.-rd afirr l!-.il date.
The. ne.U slorev !     The following   new   locations   were
J. \V. Audiews, un Wild Goust:  cieek
is' (<i   IV  u.s(d   fur   medic.!   cuses   iii ��� ������pcord *J  at  lievelsiulj.^ !.,>^   inoi'n li; [ d^tukc indcpcii'J'.nt Band Vuidc'Vl
public and piiiate waids for men and ; y1^1.*1'[ ''/ ^- ^ J;1.'.1,",'1;, ^'"���'1:l *'>   a jirogramhiij off elected pcCCS'VCry
Dalisi1, UoniJ30i.Oj!e!',
fekiw, Eio,  *
Choice  Grocsrieft*'
Graham Bread,
Wedding Cake, a Specialty
To any ol "iir ,li)'.,-.:i)t -iib**t:i*!lu-r,- v."c oftor tiit- |
���p- u(;pied fm*  infui(nation   ieading
if 11fie11
lunivly Hci-.rlil nnd WooklJ* .Star until .liiinmry . eoiivicMou ut ufleoiler.
i 1st. Wi. iiicliulint;* iho >wo picli:rc--. 1"<-'i" the- |      U.  K.    Atkins,   sccielarv
.smallMiia of iVj cunt--.
easy .staircase cenirn
The attic is laid o
Iv arranged
tlibutiiyif Jiiidan;  Albion,  on   bu*
forme cieek,   and, Copper    Kinu',   mi i
* V,      *v
tiij; 1'1nm;j;,
The heat in ���;
society, asking lhat by-law   be,   passer- 1 and    \entibiiing    will    he   a    special
hospital | and .-ei \anls ,l,ed rooms.
ut for  tins   muse.** ' Canica creek,   by   i).   McGi*n-or;   Ui�� L Al 10:30 o'clock the  tWO   tCtibh-,
Jiin by J. R.'ighly and H rzel by J. G I a}^1 *-l"ite' n number of others,  sat
Jenkins, on Wild Goo.se creek;  Crowi, ; down   to   u   fine   dinner   at    tho
iadiiiil to blocl ', leiiMiie-iiiid the building will be warm-; l\'i'iL  and   iMaribu   Jane,   by   J.    f[. ! Victoria UnieJ, which wa< the   host
ly cunslrucied   and   very  convenient. ' Vv'hit.o,  .Mint   liv   A.    W.    Mi-.lnto<,li. | the boys   ever   bad   in  Kevelsioko.
.Mail  o't'ili-is ��� pi;oui|il.ly itml
(���;, rifiiliy ir tti'iuli'd l.o.
BEEP,   PORK.! ���"(J-' *"���   ^.vifv
MUTTON, EtcA^y^^^^-^
..:���������     \ a ..������    y LAliQll D.VV."
intiuijuced,   lo   1-  ! desimis fire liy XV. T D.-illon, architec',
iif Vaiicou.er, and wi-rv selected   in
limited compelitioii. ,,
Fish and Game in Season.
���All oiMivi's proiiijitly til!-.-].
Aid.-Taylor '"iskrd   ihef council   l-
iriviile ihe cost off (he  biind   fur  ib-
s'lort.s   nu   La'oiii*' Day.     Mov^d'tlm
p.c.Mm,mmmlwmmm$,c,m^'^^ ���wrwz^m
D. K. Mc'Pliprsnii has gone . out  tu
CVaignllar-hie to   do   avsessuieiit,   w���v\,-
Kepublic by Jas. it^iiiy, on K,*\M���n, Quite a number of other*, took nait
i.iuiinia,,.' Oo-bonate ]Jiil |,y j in the programme, Pat .Murphv
Ke,g ,|y ,,mj brnpii-e by R J. Moon* | ?in-in-;in Irish son- bu�� didn't
rn. Five Alii,, Reliable by J. Jf ; th��f bjya veil wIkh^ Purvi'
Uin.e, on keystone nmun.ain; Gopher j ,;tng. ; Tim coiiipanv departed in
bv Ib'A. Liuw-m on Keysione; ].ie,n- j M��� early hour? of* ihe monivm'
^.erby J    I.  L������,n   ,,���   Kevs. f:, ;lfcer having one of the fine^ S' .'.o/yv-
mm KDmmAi mail.
**p+)v?-xs*&i ' dZ i*x<rii^*:t��*tsfiina:*n��j&mit��rji*
Siiii) to be ;t���certain cure.   This number
will    lie   s.-nl,   free   to aiiv deaf person'
s'endiiig their iul li-e.ss'lo the Editor.
..-. ...'.Taylor Ay ("cui-f-..  im'. e on ���; uf f ihe i
, uifiM.', a ,'iiic iv -ly   di'K'��vd"'sbu'jr'.'��iu.
dows^reivin the city.. .,���'���''..,a-      :.-'���" :'���'���
- f 'Th-'" .subject*-;   fat    the ��� Methodist
(JHii'.ii   o-i   Si.nday ��� iie.x't  .will   hens'
fob-iws :    Mbriiiiig, f " The desire of ail,
; har.iutis.' ���ve.vei'ii'ng, "Glidst the hope,of
���-Llic��� wo;Id;" :.y:.  .',..���.������'������'::: ..������.,������ ,ff'  ffffffxy.ff
lVI,t, :i|| ('ill's    vvo VVei'C'   111 willful llied I'e-
giiivliiig ii lire ,;���'.'h Five j\]ifi*Greek, fin
i.he'Beiid.fiind lint tbe inch \voiking
011,1,1/,'  triii   wen-   wrongly  blamed in
"������ :>v'f'," :-('*''ep.. I. is ���^ax-Mtrd.gqvei n-;.y ,,.��� ���./..-.. ���  ,<.x .    v ., vxy  .._  r xf
'.fu'i'id^r-'j.i a.O'ti '1 i't*: i.-ri''":'* in I y .--ji't-j i n'i>f, t.-.M. i,-ot> h.,! : '���.:(I1.6!d';;. M&da!^,. Mi^^V'.^^.1" f. Pa Jr.
'.Vo'i'eau-fget GameraS   & KpdaKs j ��l*i|y ;uk1 li!*",^ a iit'i^Jiiiiii'nifiitllct r will I'     .Vv<��:d IluUins X^Wdors  contafiiinsr;
���-fff ������������    -'; ��� ���������'.'���; 'X-,." ������������.::        x;.y   .'"'.    A., .ffi'b'e a^piiiiil.ed'nl an carlv (hiu\ f'   '.vf:''f i: f" alum.  Tlie:- tiro ii'.Sri-mii t:i hwiUli
ffromu:-* at the L.-istenvpnces.   Ave.lxf .xy'.x ���-. ���"���' x,     x,X'v.v.    xx -. f1"'- ���" .,,-   �����,,   ,.,;������.-���
fy ���.���������,.'���. vfffXy,.:   ���'*:." ...     .1- As'-'nn   instance foi I lie punctuality
������*:���������*��� ������***���.
lariaiigi'il lis far h?'f .���j'rps'sible -as, they |.
j were before th""s'iriko;    All I he section j
foremen ��� foj'ij'i'ei'ly   eiop'oved ,l,*yyilic. y
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���Health' World "' of 7S0,.l'h-^lifh Avenue,
New York, contains a de.-criptiuii uf ,-i
U-'iiiaikiibl"   Gore   \'nr   Deal'iic-i   aiifl
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Am3fl,'; A, V. .Stewaptjj
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