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Kootenay Mail Sep 4, 1897

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 7 l  y%-K^  ^ JwM/ #^  Vol. 4.-,-No. 20.  I")   1  1 ^  r Jl J-    nfj-l/-,   T   r-   ,-,  W  jji  ST KOOTENAY.  RG, SEPTEMBER,    1, 181)7.  $2.00 a Year:  THE TANGIER STRIKE.  A   BIG   FIND  REPORTED  ON THIS  " PROPERTY.  It belongs to the Gold, Fields of B. C.  Co.���������'Grant-Govan visits the Camp  ; ���������Mr.   Kellie's  account -'-- Latest  '    ������   news of the strike.  r  On Tlmi'sil iv nt' hi<t week Mr, nnil  .Mrs. Clrant-C'iiyan ;io<'i'iii|i.-iiiit'<l by .1.  i\I. Kollic, .Mi'nilii'f nf tlie J'inviuoial  Legislature fnl' North Kootenay, left,  Albert (/.-in Vein foe a luui'iit' inspect i<ui  (if tlie,properties of Gobi Fields nf ll.  ��������� Columbia Mining Company. <if which  Mr. (Joy.'in is managing,diii-etor. They  started out iilioul 5:15:1. m.'aud teach-  eil the mines I hat afternoon. Mrs", Go-  van has therefore the honor of being  (he lirst huly to accomplish ibis dilli-  'Vull j<.ui'iioy, .mil it was with 'pardonable pride she .entered her natne on tho  visitor'-, book nnd put. an extra flout ish  on the' Air.-, or feminine part of her  name;  o < f  " "'     Till!   W.VVICHLV  JUXli.  Tntei-viewed as to the condition and'  merits of tlio properties of .the compa-  ������������������ ny-Mvhich, by the way, are sit un'.oil  but 23 milt's from Albert Canyon on  lhe North Fork of the llleoillewnol ���������  Air. J..AI. Kellie. SI. PA P. said: Wo  found groat activity nt. lhe Waverly  mine. The 'hunk,house and miner's  quarters we found to In ,eom mod ions  and ooiufnrtal'ile"; A shed vvas being  built over liie funnel *;iiioulh, and everything vvas being put in'ordei foi' fur-  t her work and ore -hipping.    '      '  Th" tunnel being driven by contractor McDonald on ihe W.ivorly���������a great  pro[i''i-ty owned by. tiio Wiveily Aline  Ltd. an'd which !s an^ offshoot of the  Gold'Fields Co.--shows ii]) the vein for  a width of ovei 7l!   feet.    The 'watrgon  that if, silvei'   was  down   to   bed   rock  price:" we could, make money .���������.till.',*  That Air. Onv.-ui is willing to bank on  his high e-.limate of. this s-eclioii of  Kootenay, is shewn by his purchase  of a huge block of stock in tbeOarnes  Creek Consolidated Gold Alines Co.,  and (he secretary, I.T. Brewster, stales  he has taken an option on still more.  r.ATJ!>T ACCOUNT  OI" TIIK   STI'IICi-".  Air. Kellie, who made a trip In Albert,  Canyon yestoi day,' s-nys that A)c-  Dotiald had just at rived tVoin (lie mine  and reported that, they hud imw guiir  lo I'eOt on tin; Tangier vein an'd had  nui yet got I he wall. Thoy are driv ing  lo the hanging wall running wc-terly  the vein dipping t.o I he.nurt h-oa-t.  The ore has now been  tested for coo-  ' ���������    I  pei-anil load, giving in copper ������]'.i '20,  in lead $'!0. 'I'liis.makes tlie total value  of the ore tested .$20:5 ]ier ton.  ,  ,AIen , are , going in to wo. k on the  waggon road in great, numbers, both  from the east and vvost, About seven  miles of.il ai e now finished.  'A .Close Down.  There is a '* close down" at' tli-;  Lanark mine as a/result probably of a  mooting of thf* (iirectors held.al Laurie  on Wednesday and at' which wore*  piesent Air. Horne-Payuo, Q. C, Sir  Chas.Hoss, ���������Frank Srillinan I3.it nard  and others. A very largo force of moii  were recently employed at tin's mine,  and at'the last general meeting of the  company glowing accounts of ils value  were given. On Tbursd.iy, however,  tlie hands were all dismissed lint four,  a blacksmith audi a cook. It is report-'  od too that the concentrator vvill close  to-day and that Lhe development at  the mine was " backward."  "  SOUTHERN KOOTENAY.  Happenings of  Interest  Amongst its  Various Camps.    "      ' ���������  THAU. CilliKIv.  The Velvet i-laiin on Sophie mountain  has boon purchased by   the  New  Gold  Field- Co. (Sir Cha-. Topper's Co.)   for  !$fl2,."S<H).    S12.O0U vvas \r,\\i\ in cash.  There are 7."),0b0 (on-of ore  in   shdit  on the War Eagle and the   mine   i.s  re-'  ported to be in splendid condition.  The Dundee Coin puny vvill sink their  shaft down 300 feci, fin I her'. ,' This will  make it 210 feet llecp.  'A good lookiiig sli ike lias bi'i'tt made  on lhe Wild lloise .n't a depth of, 20  feel.  Some splendid ore has been taken  out of Xo. 1 runnel of i h.* Sun-el, claim  which will begin shipping in about, a  month.  The Le Roi Co. is adopting the  IngorsoU-Sergeanl drill. They have  orden-d six more which, brings the  number up to '.IQ. There are but four  mines in Jintte, Montana, using more  drills than the Le Hoi.,  Means a Gold Standard.  On Wodne.sda\ the following*: notice  was posted un the Jiank of England.  "The .secretary of slate for India gives  notice that the sale of bills of exchange  road that is being constructed   by tlie~| on'Calcut.ta, JJotnhay and Madias, lias  been suspended for a'peril rl of not less  tlian 10 weeks." The government of  India have-very little money to draw-  on owing to the famine and plague and  makes the present opportunity a' good  one for accustoming the 'Hindoos to  'use gold instead uf silver.  ���������Syndicate from Albert' Canyon ��������� will  tei-ininate'immediatoly below the Wa-  verly tunnel, and vvill permit, and facil-  late the gelling out'of ore at a* fairly  reasonable figure. This waggon road  is bei.ig built by Harry A;Ross, cont'-.-io-  tois, and vvill beovei 20 miles in length.  It vvill In- I mil on fair grade and' will  ;;_;::-.- tbi-i'Ugb rf niine'r.-sl' belt -a-ll the  w.'iy, so should lie a givatjlionofil lo (he  ."   public;. ' *  ''THK TANG IKK   SSTKIKK.  t .   i  Another property owned by the Grant  Govan Syndicate, on which we found  work in progress is the Tangier. This  in my opinion: bids f.-i'ir lo lie a inost  valuable mine. Tin- tini'iiel cross-out  that, has been'driven at so'nlo depth below the outcrop of the vein has dcvel-''  oped and brought within reach a,large  ore body'chiefly gicy copper and galena, the qiinlitA aiid,,qunii( ity of which  is something phenomenal. Although  " the tunnel has- been driven into the. v ein  a disi'inoe'of 12 feet, the hanging wall  had mil been reached al the time of our  visit. A sample of the ,oie from thiol e body as-avi d by Perry Leak", AI. li.  gave a leturii of .$211 gold and silver.  Tho value of the gold alone wa- $10.  and no test, vya- mad" for copper or  lead, the value of which should largely  increase the stitii total. This assay of  $K5 in gold is the lowest I have known  from this property and I have -eon in  the past from li I o 2K ounces iii gold.  Thi-; is a splendid showing and has enthused every one in the camp. The (level opn lent of Ibis claim vvill now dot.bt-  l".ss be pushed, ai. everything hits now  been put in good shape for(leveloping.  Bunk hott-es have been elected, a trail  constructed to the camp, and a pack  train will shortly be packing ore lo the  summit where, it vvill bo stored until  the wagon road is completed.,  M t. Grnnt-Govitn was more than pica-  i"sed with the enormous showing1 in   his  '   ininiiig projiet ties and with   veiygood  roa-on. I think, as few companies can  exhibit as much ore in  the  same short  period.  CAMP  AND  COMPANY.  The Gold Field-of British Columbia  Alining Company own many other prop-  ,1'flies' in the North Pork camp upon  which work will lie shoitlv commenced. This camp gives every evidence  of developing into a large ore piodiieer  and may be fairly congratulated upon  having secured the opeialions of a company with ample capital and sullicienl  .business ability to properly bring its  merits before I he public.  ��������� C.HAXT-liOVAN'K  VII5WS.  Prior to his depart in e for England,  tlie Mail, also interviewed Mr-. Grant-  Govan about his company's propel I ie.-.  Ho corroborated Air. Iv-llic's opinions  and said he was vol V sanguine about,  the future. " Indeed," said he, "I am'  more and mm o l,i'"en wit h this northern poll ion of Kootenay anil think  il will be the one coming into most  prominence. Il vv ,i- p.-n I ly aicideiil  which turned  mv steps lo I his end and  I have been  blessing I lie (III V ever -ilice.  Up iii our camp on lhe i\'oi I Ir For k we  ha vi" one of ihe most, uiaguiliceiil  showings' a inan ever saw, and lhe  character   of   lhe   Tangier   ore   is such  The Silver Chief. -      ,     -  , The Silver Chief and Jem claims at  the junction of Gold and Gaiiu-i creeks  in the Trout'. Lake division, nte owned  by a Winnipeg company. On the  Silvei Chief three ledges have been  crosscut, (.woof them fi oin 10 to 20 feet  and another worked for over Kit) feet  in depth. On the main lead a \ ein of  black silver has been struck from which  excellent as-ays have been obtained.  Four assays gave respectively *".l).">, ."370,  2ii(i and l!o ounces silvei-. This vein  has been struck near the faieofthe  ni.-iiii tunnel and drifting has been  d me Uf I he extent of of) feet, ,or moie  following (his find. The owners aie  vet v" highly pjeased with flieit pioper-  tie.-and expect soon toshipote. Some  of the oiflceis of the company and  anil parlies who hold an option on  some of (he stock recently vi-ited tie  nunc aiid expie.-sed themselves* as  alisfhed wilh the showing there.  slocan.'  Then* are -12 .-hipping mines in the  neighborhood ofSaudou. ,���������      ',,        ',  The (Cold fBlow claim on Lemon,  Creek is proving lo be a valuable property.    ,  Chapleau gold goes $10 gold' and 131  ozs. silver. ',, ' t  The Alaje-tic al Sandoi'i luis shipped'  its second carload. It was a good bargain for Lee Davenport.  A new seam of ore basin,the Howard Fraction  give ,$200 in gold.  been  , and  struck  assays  t      The Shops Will Come Here.  Vice-President Shaughnessy is ie-  ported to have said at Donald that tlie  C.P.R. shops would he , removed fu.in  there, hut not for some time vet, so as  to give-the people of Donald ,tiine to  make oilier arrangements.  Guillen i.s aheadv 'demanding the  g ivei nineiit offices, but the shops will,  without doubt, he brought to Hevel-  stnke.  GESKBAI,.  Capt. Hall of the Le Roi thinks the  Northport smelter will be running hy  February 1st.  Spokane reports are showing a demand for Russia nd stocks.  F. S. Nicholls has been appointed'  superintendent of the 'Hall Alines  smelter in place of Pan! Johnson.'  Frank Brooks, accused of setting the  lioMhnidcr ollice afire was di-missed  when brought befoie the police magistrate.*  The Hall Alines properly on Toad  niciuv>'-',ui had a luu row escape from  forest fires oiPTuesday."      .  "     '  Sainton is eiidea voi ing to secure incorporation.  , O. G. Deiini-, the new Gold Commis-  sionei fur' South Kootenay, is in hospital with fever.  The exports  of ore, and matte from  Ronton,'!}- points  entered   for  customs  during the   past  .week   at'Nelson   was  $1(50,000.',;The 'total   expotts   for   the������  district so far in '07 amount to $1,851,-  7o:-i        ' ',       '  Coii-trucl ion i h;isv been commenced  on the Lemon Creek trail.  The ( oi onei s juiy on the death of  ���������las. Yoiiuge la us", killed by a lave in a  cityscwei ditch, brought in a veidict  of death Ihiough negligence of the  c.intracloi to protect the workmen:  and that ihe city enginoi'-i- did not,  oxeiviso sullicienl care to see that lhe  workmen were protei ted.-'  SANITARY  REGULATIONS  Prescribed for Revelstoke by the Provincial Health Officer.  Dr. Duncan, Alodieul Health Officer  for th" Piovinee, was in Itevel-toke mi  Aloiid.-iy. lie inspected the sanitaiy  arrangements of the town and has  oidereil a complete change. ������  .V scavenger has been nppoinlcd-  Saniuel S. Smit h - and he will remove  all garbage, elc, lo a dumping ground  which has been selected by Di. Duncan.  -\ll lhe iiresent'sewerage di ains lo I he  river have to be done away with, aud  this within'10 days no|ice. Jb���������id('s.  all pei--oiis owning'property .-limiting  on the river have to clean up that  pot-lion 'of lhe bank opposite their  promi.-os. The dry-earth closet system  is ordered by the health officer to bo  adopted here.     ��������� c  Dr. Duncan's regulations are r.il her  drastic but something of the kind is  needed all the sum1. , Though 1 here is  no overcrowding or danger of il in  Revel-toko, it being built on no scanty  spot like S.-indon, yet, public health i-  something to be well guarded, and  wilh it an ounce of'prevention i-j better  than a pound ,of euro. Dr. Duncan  savs thai a sanitarv inspector for West  Kootenay is lo be soon appointed.  Joe Martin, ,ex-M. P. for  Winnipeg,  lias decided In take   up   his  permanently in. Vancouver.  Low Grade Ores.   ,  Apparently the Do Koi company intends to utilize the low grade oi <���������-. of  which it hasf-ibout ."0,000 ions on tlie  dump. A cons! rtli-t ion oar has at rived  from Spokane and vvill be ti-ed lo ex-  lend the lied .Mountain track lo lhe  dump of the Le Hoi, which is III!) feel  higher than the pre.-enl track of the  present Ib'd .Mountain lailway at the  point whei e I he high grade ore i- re-  ceivod. lOngineer Tabor has been -ui-  veying tlie line for the extension for  some I ime pa.-l, and the v\ork vvill be  pushed to completion. The low grade  nic is estimated to he woitli $12 per  ton, and us theie is a bout half a mill ion  dollars' worth of it, lhe stockholder.-  will fibtain dividend.- from the dump!  It will be worked hy the company's  smeller.  Goes Through Here.  A million and a half pounds of mess  beef for use by the Japanese army and  navy is being prepared by the Ariuoi.r  P.icKitig company in Kansas Cily. The  shipment, is the l.trge-i single beet  order ever filled by i Kali-as City  house. The lii-t shipment ha- been  made in a special (rain of twenty c.tr-  ovei I lie Chicago A: (I i e.it We-I"i n 1.1 il-  lo.-ul.    At St.   I'.i ul   lhe   cargo   will   be  I ransfci red to the C~.iu.-idi.in, I'.n iii. for.  y.'inc'ouvi r, vvbeiice it vvill. go by  ���������iteauier to  Nagasaki.  The Wagner Group.  Ales-rs. Porter and Riigh, who aie  operating the Wagner Group in Tiout.  Lake camp, went, south yo-teiday to  visit th.'ii propel ty. *'The Wagner  Goioup i- being developed right  along.'' s.iid Air. Hugh to ihe AJail.  '���������Just now we aie sinking a winze.  We have a tunnel in ' 100 feet, and a (K)  fool crosscut.'and the winze is now 50  feel. deep. The 1.liter will be extended  down 100 feet, and then we vvill cross-  again. This will given depth of 175  feet and give ;t-a vi'ry fair idea of  what we have in the propeily.1'  A.-ked if they would ship on/al all.  .Mr. Hugh said " No! We could ship  and pay well, even at pie.-enl prices,  bill I lie cost of packing I he '.l~ mile- to  Tliiiin-niiV b loo, high and we shall  wait for liettci facilii ie-." In this connection, speaking of the utility of a  trail up Henley Creek, he said it. would  undoubtedly reduce greatly l lie present  cost of transportation lo them, the  Abbott and oilier properties.  The Wagner Group is on the headwaters of I Iculey Creek, almost al the  sun rm it, of I he Duncan divide, and.-hows  a large outcrop. A 21 inch vein, going  'nigh in silver, lias been struck at depth.  A Pi ogrtssive'Company.  That ontorpri-ing home linn���������The  IJiili-h Columbia lion Works Co. -seeing the great fiitm o possibilities of the  i n in ing machinery trade of I his conn I ry  have determined lo be able t n supply  il and have now added a mining de-  par liui'lit lo their already extensive  woik-. This de| ai tiiient will be under  t he supervision ot .1. O. Noi bon, a most  experienced mechanical engineer, who  has for 12 years past devoted his attention to mining rcipiireinelils. This  -tep on ihe pail, of the D,C. Iron  Woik- vvill prove |,opuhir wilh (be up-  country miners as il vv iii give I hem all  oppoi I unit v to,buy al  home:  Local and "Personal Briefs--  Archdeacon Small was in town tlii's  week. ,        < ,  Frank Stillman Barnard went to  Laurie. Tuesday.  T. Graham paid us a ,\isit from  Albert Canyon this week.  Heavy, warm underwear and over-  shirls nt Coursier's. , *  Tom .Mai',sli;ill0aiid Jolm 13anfield, of  Tllecillewaet, visited town Alonday.  C. S. Baring Gould was registered  at'the Hotel Kevolstoke this week.  Mrs. Hugh will visit the, Wagner  group in company with her husband.  A new jeweler}* shop is being built  next to Abr.ihamsnn's dwelling  house.,  John Skogstroni was in town Tuesday.     He reports Albert. Canyon busy.  Bishops Lemmeus, Roman Ctholic  bishop nf Vancouver Tsland i.s dead.  We'cnii sa\,e yon 'money and give  you the best. The McDowell, Atkins,  Wat.son Co.* the Druggists.   ' *  J. Al. Kellie, M. P. P.,cwent up ' to  Albert Canyon yesterday and  may   go  ou lo Llloeillew.net.  . i  F. W. Roll, of Rossland, was hero,  this week trying to place some Ross-  land stocks. o  Ed. Adair is back showing some  good-looking galena from Lnforine  Creek.  Air. Henderson, largely iuteiested  in Deer Park milling property, is^in  town.  They vvill not harden and cannot  run over* those pliable prospectors  boots at Coin.sier's. ,       "*  Air. and Mrs. Gtant-Govan and  Colonel Anstey left Thursday morning  for London,  England.  J-. R. Grant and T. L. Metcalfe., of  Winnipeg, olliceis of the Trout Lake  Mining Co., were heie this week.  A private stairway for * judges,  'ollicers and prisoners would boa useful  tiling in the new court house.  Lietiten.iiit-Govei nui Do.wdney was  in town Wednesday on his way to  liossl.niid. Corner stones are scarce in  'liossland  now. -        ,'  Sir Charles Ross, the moving spiiit  in the big electric scheme, at Kuut.onay  Falls; went up to Laurie for the powwow on Wednesday.  I1". C. Scions, the great African  hunter i.s coming west, in a few d.n\.sto  (ill a bunting engagement in the  Hookies.  Jackson and dorr < f the Lai'orino  Creek claims intend to open tlioni up  this winter and have struck out for  tlie camp.  A little later dn and the ladies will  hear all about tlie splendid lange of-  dress goods now on the way lo  Con i sier's. *'  The new Central Hotel found-..tioii.s  aie being put in to stay. The Alira-  h.un.S'iii's like to have things solid as  ��������� he}" Hiiro an abiding faith in the  future of Hevolsloke.  ���������W.   II.   Jones,   of   the   Rosslandel,  was here Thursday going south.  Jones  is noticeable. Tlie, Silver Cup and  Sunshine aie fitill being winked, and  -500 Jons of oie from the Cup and SO  from the, lhoadview vvill he, shipped  shortly. The sunshine lias opened up  well, he says. <  Jim Poupore is in town to-day. He  says the .Slocan Pii\or railway will bo  completed to Slocan City by the eiid  of October. 'They ha\e hud"900 men  laboring on it.  Our motto. Not " how cheap" but  *'how guod." (Joof! goods -sold cheap  and purity guaranteed. The McDowell, Atkins, Watson Co.; the  Di uggists. ' , *  ' The death of rMiS. 'Sonnies at Arrowhead is much logietled by her' many  friends. ��������� Deceased lady vvill be greatly  missed, but most of'all.by her liushund  who feels the losis keenly.    .   ���������  losidence  lie   will  be admitted to the bar in a few  weeks  and rostiiiie'the practice of law.  ' Frisby it lleighly got away for the  Klondyke Wednesday morning. They  .ny both'fine honest fellows and may  be banked on to get there 'if there i.s  any show. They go in via Edmonton.  , A large number of people were at the  train to .wish, them well on their tiip.  Bob Willianis came back from  French Cteek, Sunday. Jle' says tho,  mill has lo get out about -IT>0,000 feet  and that now "the. sawmill will -work  double shifts cutting about Hi,000 feet  a day. > ' s  . The Epworth League social, in the  Metliodist church Alonday night' was a  most enjoyable and successful afhur.  The church j.vas very tastefully decorated and vvas well filled 'with aii appreciative audience.; The programme  was excellent.  Ole'Sandberg, the fortunate locator  of the Gobi Fields Company's prop  erties on the North Fork, intends soon  to make a visit to the old country. He  will first ������������o to London for a  few days  IN TROUT LAKE CAMP.  THE   WEEK'S  NEWS' FROM  TROUT  LAKE  CITY.  Ethel working* ��������� Reduction works���������  Improved sawmill ������������������ Teacher  wanted���������Gainer Creek gold shipment-���������Silver Cup ore hauling. .,  and see the sights, then he will go to  'Stockliolin'aiif] see tlie. exhibition. Ole  deserves the trip and/may be relied  upon to enjoy ' it. It's sixteen years  .'since he was home.  During tlie' last r week Mr. Grant-  Govan, of the Gold^Fields of British  Columbia, and Mr.-'John Grant, of the  \Vii\erly Mine, acting on the advice of  ���������Mr. Periy Leake, M:E., have purchased  a large block of the, Games Creek  Consolidated Gold Mines stock.  Smne unknown persons have boon  dynamiting fish in tlie Tuin-Tutn. One  man reports seeing over 100 dead fish.  It is a pity to destroy fish wholesale  and it should be stopped   immediately.  Fred Fraser brought the Mail some  nice home-grown apples today. One  was a large winter apple, of which he  has a good'crop. Tho crab apples are  also very large and the. ciop vvas so  gieat, that some of the. trees broke  with the weight.  had been to Victoria, Vancouver and  Kamloops aiifl says the coast cities hi c  busy and hopeful.  The now Cowan block 'is iieaily  complete. 11 is well planned and  finished and the decorative front is  le.-tliy perfect. C. B. MacLean was  the designer. *  Jl. Watson, of the McDowell,  Atkins, Watson Co., returned Wednesday from Ivasln where he was  instituting a Royal Arch ilegiec ol  Masonry.  W. J I. Vickeis, agent for Ferguson  townsite, was in town this week. Jle  says things are pretty (piie.t all over  the eainji, but still steady .improvement  A Banker's Impressions of Kootenay.  D. R. Wilkie, general manager of  the,Imperial bank of Canada, relumed  Wednesday from his trip to'..South  Knoll nay points, in which he was ac-  'coinpaniod liv A. H. B. Iloarn, the local  manager. Mr. Wilkie- expressed himself as well pleased with .what ho had  seen and said lhe progress of the  count ry gave evidence of.gi eat development and pel maneiiey/ Me foiindl.be  towns ol' the country well provided  with banking facilities. When asked  if his institution would put in any  'more branches in Koolenay he said,  Ves, 1 expect wo vvill have to enter the  lield. too, aud keep up with the  country."  Speaking of the Revelstoke branch,  ���������Mr, Wilkie expressed his plensute at  the business the bank haddoneaud the  footing it, had obtained in the short  time it vvas established. The building  occupied by the -bank, loo, was satisfactory to him and as good as any he  had seen ill uthei Kootenay towns.  Me thought il a pity rather that lhe  lown vvas so much cut up and divided,  b.tl.' the wonderful progress it had  made Ibis year gave him hopes ol" i|s  early solidity.  In the course of conversation Mr.  Wilkie said he had just seen Vice  President Kliaiighnessy and he thought  from his remarks that, the ('.P.It.  would soon have in opera I ion a, large  customs .smellc plant of their own.  li.  .S.   Topping 'reliirnod   from   the.  south Friday, he  engaged  seven   men  ami flu* whole  party, including a mining expei I, left for  (he  mine  the next  morning.      During   his    absence. -Mr.  Topping  organized a strong company  in Spoka tie to work   the   Ethel  Gioup,  and should   it  come up to expectations  reduction works   will   he built   at this  point and the <ne   treated   on the spot.  Mr.   Wood,   the' Chicago   capitalist,  who left  here  about a week  ago, will '-  return   in a few days  to  examine   the.  Uloiidyke claim in Ci lacier Basin.  With the new saws and improved  machinery the, sawmill is" at last able  to (ill orders as they aie received, there,  i.s also a noticablo dilferiiiice"in , the'  f|iialitj of the lumber. A shingle and  lath mill will he added to the plant/  making it one of thtj most complete iu  the couiitt y. ' ,,  A    petition   has [ been   sent   to   the  Minister of Education  asking for the ���������  appointment of a teacher here.    There-  are 10 children ot a school age and more  expected.      ' '  Mr. Kaake,  of the  firm of Kaake /ci  Williams, left for the Springs Tuesday,  where he has the contract for impibve-  iiionls  on hotel.     Their  branch  store-  hereis nearly completed.  The  first shipment ol  ore from the <  gold find fin  Gainer, Greek   was  made '  this week to the Kaslo sampling works.  The   returns   from   the   shipment are  awaited with interest. '  " Tho lumber for the steamboat is  nearly cut and will be allowed to season a short time befoie building is commenced. (  Oie hauling from the Silver Cup has  commenced.  The miners at the Broadview struck  and work is at a stand-still. There hiw  .been more or less friction since wages '  were cut in July. ' It is said that McGinn1 has resigned and that McNeil  will have charge in future. '  Illecillewaet Items.-  Dave Wolsely has six men at work  ou .the Donald claim. They expect  soon to make a strike.. ���������'*  Ban Green is still working the."No.  2 tunnel on the lilue Bell near .Albeit  Canyon. ���������  Sandy MeHae, one of  the strongest  and heartiest of men, is reported,to be   ���������  in a very low   condition   at   his   home  here with typhoid.  He-left ltevelstoke    ���������  a very sick man, but trieibto   laugh--it ,  off.     We hope   sincerely to hear of his  recovery to health.  Hear, Hear!  Coming to the-Front.  k The steamer Lytton went down river  Thursday morning having' made three  round-trips to La Porte-inside of five  days and > a-half. , Leaving Saturday  last she returned on Sunday. She. went  north again Monday, got back next day,  and on her last tiip left 'Wednesday  morning and got back noon Thursday.  The river was,-it a very favorable stage,  and was taken /full advantage of by  Capt. Gore who was in- charge of the  steamei. lie says tho river is not,, at  all bail and expects to-see -some ^uiove  made lo handle any trade that may develop.  This easy navigation of the Columbia above Hovelstoke is the most satisfactory event, lhat has' happened for  Big Bend in many year.-, and leads every one interested to hope that it will  soon be the camp most, talked about.  This il has an opportunity of being  wilh its great'ore bodies and gravel  banks rich in gold.  ��������� It is an e\traoidinary thing that  the Kootenay papers cannot leportihe <  tniiiisleis' winds as lhe ministers want  them tepnrled. Mr. Martin, in a  .moment uf weakness, unbosomed himself to a Nelson repot tor and stibse-  quei'tly took it all back. Col. Baker,  .it Hevolsloke and at Nelson, met and  talked freely wilh the same nbiiptitous  individual, and with the same lesult.  It i.s;app.irciit that there is something  unreliable in Kootenay���������- when cabinet  iniuihleis are theie. Kootenay reporters may solnel imes err, but then  mistakes aie generally the fault of the  poisons interviewed. They never deliberately   .   misrepresent. ������������������ Victoria  '/ f *  / ���������liii'is,  He Went Part of the Way.  Captain Lee, correspondent, of the'  London ���������ChroitirU: passed through  ltevelstoke on Wednesday morning.  I le said le- ii-i'l 11 i.i .le a 11 ip up north lo  the Yukon for hi- piper. 'He went, up  as far as lh" summit from Skagway.  Wii.il he saw nindi- him iiidX'iiaut at  lb" im nspoi l.i t, ou companies ami he  s.y- that not one.tenth of the men  | noiny into Klondyke will get Ibrnu^h.  II" I bought lh.nl I here would be a great  id-ii Ui of provision- in lhe country  luis .viiiter and very possibly famine.  Asked as to the ionics to the land of  gold, ('apt.lit) Lee-says: " The C'hilcoot  H.ns.s, s-|art mg from Dv'ea, is lhe best  but t.i.-it is not saving much. The  Sknirwav trail through White F.iss is  pooi|y .-nl and very rough."  He si roliely .id visi-ll people to sllllll  Khiinlv !.e for tbe piesent. Tbe country  is  in ei Imii lined,    says    ibis    newspaper  man -and exaggerated reportoare being  sent out.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier was tendered a  grea't reception in- Montreal Monday  night. vauv: i
&be Ifcootena^ flDail
*    REVELSTOKE. B.C..      "
,'     ��� uy_
I'rin.isifinis axii I'noi'Kir.roits.
Sufcscriiition   Price,   $2.C0    Per   'Annum
SST STltll-TI.Y  l.V   ADVAXOi: "&X
The Ames Holden Co.'s special
''Columbia," "Vancouver," "Koot-
,enay" should be worn by every-
Jbody who wants- a first-class,
mountain boot.
shortly to., become sbippeis. he i< confident that in the Ha-l'.-ind West Kootenay and tbe Honndarv Ci eek -eclMin
of the V.de di-tiKl Iliiiish Columbia
in its sunt hern \ ossi'ssiou , has an in-
heiit.iiko which yel will ;i.,.! the
gieale-rl, bullion-yielding oom.trii's of
(he world. Veil can mv, s.ii.i .Mr.
S|],iug!m'r'-.s\-, th it the C.i'.il. vv ii! do
all in ils power to aid in evei y vv ,i v (be
eJTorlsof the minors, ll.e pi osj ei loi-s
and (he Ir.idei-s of Kootenay in geuer.nl
to make it 1 he richest and inosi prosperous sedion of Canada in the groat
RIOVKLSTOKK, SUPT., . I,' 1��'7.
<> ��� "
TufZ Cofotiist says it has ahead}'defended tlie action of the Turner govern-
-,'     /nent   in   the   river, bank   matter   at
Jievelsloke on grounds that have never
been 'impeached.    The   action   of   the
government lias been inaction ami this
is  what   the   Colonist   defends'.     Yet,
.lion. Colonel linker saws, "Jt ought to
,        ibe   done,   and     wheie,   there's   a   will
there's a way."     Is there not a contr.n-
* .
.diction here,?    If the Colonist defends
jthe policy of doing   nothing will it cx-
, plain Col. J Ulcer's statement. Tt seems'
'fto us ns if the Provincial ("secretary
himself impeached the inaction of his
People of Revelstoke can  come only
to,the conclusion   that   they are being
' trifled with, in this matter. When
.ministers are interviewed here they
.say the situation is grave and something should  Jje   done.     Yet,  nothing
,    follows.      Why   do r they    raise    false
hopes if   they do   not  intend   to   deal
��� Avith the matter.
In the f,ice"of such a pass as things
have come to in Revelstoke, tiirough
the unwillingness' of the ��� government
.to protect property, they must not be
surprised���should nothing be done in
jtlie meantime���if their policy be. iin
peached at the next opportunity given
to Revelstoke electors. "Where, there's
a will there's ,a way," would   be a suit-
, aide rallying cry.        '
Why will not' the MWf/'get things
straight. The contradiction from lion.
Col. JJaker of something he, said here
is so'very unlike vyhat happened that
" jt. leads one to imagine the W'uihl
purposely'mixes the moaning so as lo
avoid aiguinent. This may be wise,
hut how cowaullv.
On the Way to Klondyke.
Andrew Wasson, banker and ex-
collector of customs, who left Pint
Townsend with a paity of seven for
Klondyke, has ivritlen his wife from
Skngavv.ny as follows: '���There are
about :i,000 men and l."> horses here,-
making up t he most forlorn lot I evei
saw. About half of tlioni have given
up, and the other half either curse or
cry. Altogether, I never 'saw sueh a
condition of a Hairs. At Dye.-i thine
are neai ly as niany as here and all, !
am told, are in lhe same < ondition.'
Ood only knows what will' become of
those headed' this way. None but
those who have horses' get through. I
do not believe one in a bundled will
ever get through. '.Many have started
out, but just, as many have leturned
foot-sore and disheartened."
The Willamette, which ai lived in
Sea tl le last week brought back several
disheartened Klondykeis. The officers
of the ship report there were l,.;(i() persons camped on the beach when they
left Hlfagaway, and there are now
7,000. No one has yet, thev siy, ifol,
over 1 he trail: Pick' horses are dying
from hai dships. ,
M 8   h v ft�� tl ii -J :����� #���     F'-- '��� x  1       |J s- -      ;  f         '        ^
V\  C    ri b r Vi s  i  Is   >J   fi cw -' li   |5        fi ti'i      'I   b -c^Ss^,
siL.U��o^J I i\L,   c-a��U> y   'S3I    ( �� ^=Z5Z&sS> ^
With the lnu-piins we arc offering in 'ill kijiti
Stationerv and   Office   Sm^lics, \Yriiin<r Inks. Co'*vin<r i
Ink's. Mucilage   and    Blank   Books.     The   blest   newspapers alvvayb in  slock.     Also
A complete line of Pure Drugs, Chemicals, and
Potographcrs' Supplies. Bring along your prescriptions
.and have ihem'accurately compounded.
' ' ,      CANADA DRUG'S BOOK GO. Ltd.
--  ' chas.��r. Mcdonald Mgr..
Revelstoke Station.
^eVelstoke ~ 3-Jospitui.
U    I   ',^k
1 Vq
���\"Genera! BiacksmitfT}-
Paragraphs Of General .Interest.
The .$100,000 1-y-lavv lor heller sheets
was, 'on Monday, defeated in, Victoi ia
by 733'to 321.
Dr. Molhoi'oll of Vancouver has been
arretted in connection with the death
of a woman named Piper.   ���
Keporl.s' received by the customs
department from Dyea and S ij^vv.ny
state I hat no dillicultyis heiiifj oxpori-
'enoed in the collection of duties on
luinei's'out lils ^oini;  into   the  Yukon.
Collilii^wood Sehrieher, chief en^in-
eer of rajlvvays and canal-., vvill make a
trip of inspection over the proposed
route of the Oow's is'ost. Railway this
aiitiimn. lie vvill leave about the
middle of I his niont h and vv ill trav orse
the pass on horseback or on foot
through kootenay.
Anoihei dale has been fixed for the,
end'of the \\ oi lil---Xn\ emher 13, 1890.
This time I'r.ol'essui- Fa lb. ol' Vienna, is
the profit of evil".! On that day. Iie'says,
there   i<   lo bo a collision   belvveeii   I he
Wagons,   heavy   or   liyht,    built   and
i opaired.
I Loisoshoeiiig a specially.
Piospoclor'h }Jicks.      .Minor's Tools. '
Large supply of iron, stool and shoos.
Orders   in   any   branch   of   tho   trade
executed in a woi kin.inliko, manner.
. Bappistsr-^t~Law, Solicitor
and Kotapy Public.
R. ? a  !{o u   n ^ u   i $      A f\ ? Oi
i ���^. il      'A j.'2        .,      b t'-JJ   <^>--X I'S\   ['I; I'      rf   '
���4$    LJ^OiC^sMhH.
u.vj^n��a -.r axz
.Ma,tei'iiily ward in,connection.
Vaccine kept on hand  ....
I>rs. McKcchnio nn��l Jeifs,   -   Attendants.
1 >    S.  WILSON; ���
1    Local "Korohaiit T.aiJor.
()nler and Jb'ady-fMade.
To suit figure or purse.
I?Ians and specifications prepared
' in India* Ink br..Bltie-print'
E,cvo:3tcir.o Sial.jon, 3.0.
���FRED   fiTwRONG,
Heal Bstaio and Mining Broker
--FUROUtiON, IJ.C-- '
Tliu Saiulnn of tlie Troiil  Lake Distrii-L.
Gorros-MZTitloiica aolicitecl.
, _     C. G. DOUGLAS,,,      ,
Boal Estate and Mining Brokep,
133 Cordova St., VANCOUV33S, B.C.
/^tAMPBKI'.L 6c CO.
Fashionable Tailors.
Cor. liroa'd St. <Sr Ti ounce Ave.,
Opposite t lie Driard,
��� Late of Government .Street,
vroTc��r?.iA,'B. c.
Importers (if l-'inu S^-oluli and" Knuli-li  (<odiIs.
m iIO.MAS BROS. 6c G iiANT, ">
1" " '     -
Suits fiom $12,  Pants from ft*. "
Sampli' and   nie.-i-iirenient,ri forms  .ioyL
���  on ajiplic-al ion.
02 Government St.,
W���eJi}k��roniY.      , VICTORIA,  B. C.
If vou dgsirc 'in arti.slic"homc with .all  modern 'conveniences
call and see Maclean who can design yoti one in any'
style: Queen Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or tiny other style
you prefer.        ���> ,,    '
Interiors  and   inieri^r diTonitiori^ are   his  specialties.     5J)tore
If'cci^'.'uioi'iS. IVuil:   i;i.\'tiii'i;:;.    Hotel    I Matures ;   I i'all
.shewinL;'   panivlled   tlado'e���s,  ' (Ver.cocs,   etc.:   Artistic
.���Screens. Verandahs, Stairways, eic.'.c.in be ^'oi out to
si.it the market.
 BJl-'i ,\-JiAi_. ;l-S/ >,   n     ,-���' ���'��� '--"J     ���'    ?-    if---= kTS-A ��J        3       fi       3���"     }
' " o ji '
The Pioneer Hotel of the'Pioneer
w ��� ,
/7\. (-j*"* ��~^i^-�� c^nii ��� a^ntvjM r
f^OWTli    ."vr     V ri.//^ <;�����.���*������     [%f.   o C'AT &,"*% 63 "^7"    '
Real Estate and Mining Broker
313 Cordova St.,
-MiniiiLC stocks and properties houi.��ht
and .soli! on commission, ('orrospond-
ence ^ilicited. '       <
Mining* Brokers, ���
, VICTCHIA,' B. c.
�� -Mines and Mining Slocks.
Repairing Neatly &. Promptly Executed.
-      H3VELSTOKE.B.C.
W.   PI CAR a
Conlrador   and Jiuihier.
Good rooms, newly* furnished.     -      -    , -      Best table in town'
i 'i
Choicest Liquors and Ciciars.    Commercial Room. ,   .
1 V" r
r.AT-ES li TO $2.
r ca ^.'=i-''-"- jl l v^sn^z v,-r=:2J
��-4<DXk*&*      V   li^/  \'v       ii ��.*Jr &'^L^��
_>^    Proprietor
Tlan-and   Sj ec-ilications   pi-ep.-ned   on
shoi I, notice.
earth and a eoinet. and all   inlialiitant.s j CORRESPONDENCE SOL'CITED.
of  tin's sphere   are   lo   lie   poisoned by j
uas or hurned aliv e.
���A   McNeil,
The attention of tlio member for
North Ivootonav is directed to t.lio
views, iccontly expressed, of our Trout
Lake con espoiidont upon the ILeale.y
.Creek trad'as the route to the Abbott,
Bannockburiii and Warner pinups.
With these and other tceentlv found
properties feeding to the lake, upon
'which will,shortly be a steamboat, the
high   cost    of    transpu'itation    would       ntoviNUAi, si-ri:KT.\i'vs avvwv
probably bo reduced consuloiably. iM��� .\ubw. imit.   \ Haircut,  25c;   Bath,  50c; Si*; Sha/ng
, -o-       ��� ��� { j is iiuNnfi: tin. r.f< ui."i,int-(iiiM'ii>i>i'in- ' ._..,. _a n. '
Silt Win-lttl) Lauhh:k has   returned     **    ''"."��   I11'''*','1  i'1,''" I'1  u"il"1^1  f,v I :CKots ror o.'.CU.
. , .        ci. iin Colli:. <>i  Hie i-ilv "!   \ .< tnn.i. l'.~nii"o. ������
to    his   lliiti\o   land a larger   liyiire in     to   lio   W.iu-i*   <*'-!iinii^-iuiiir   im<li>f  u.i    pn-   ' ,.,��^v,
I vi-ion^ of iim *'A\.itoi-  ci.'.'i-i- i 1111-,'i.ni.uixM    i_    L. JOniNoON)
Front St reel, HeveKiokc.
fr   H. HEAPS & CO.,
Machinery Brokers,      *
" ,"il(> (,'onlo\.\. Slrool.
'    VAN'OOUVKIl,   !'..C.
FOR SALE���A riiiamily ol I'jj'it. second li.uul
Sl"ul Ii.uN.
This'hotel has been re-built  and greatly enlarged.     It i.s newly
furni:-:hed ihronyhot!tr  arid  affoids   every convenience
t'o  ^v.esis. '   li   is   nt^ititi'i'lly  situated   overlooking Upper Arrow Lake, and is
iocited most convenient'\' to r,u'i\\r;iv<depot and steamer landing
,   .     '   ���         : ,t'��. fBI rn 'i? osi* day r- '  . ,   ,
V i'      c
I'RANK  VAN0AI.L.' Propkiktok.
���^Hev'el^tolse, Id.u.-
,-R. HULL & GO. <
l'KDN INC ! \1- Si . ,:I1 \K\ -  (IHTM..
I 111   \ii'."i-*. 1.07.
1{i:i K.'wrnKi: .Station. 15.C.
the public eye   than   when   ho   loft it. J \^'j^  ,m:   ",,ter   ' '���l""1" ' "''���"������'"�����"'��    |-
His   miylit)   well    be    described   a.s   a ;
triuniphal tour, and his pio\orbial tact
and ".suniiv wavs" have   stood   him  in     _ _ , , ,.,,.,,...��� ,.     , u  ���      t      j    u        -n
���i      -,1      ,                                             I T'"* HDNOt I! tin   Lioiteii im-iio\ i-i n.'r *u    Haircut and shave oOc.  ,*;'>---^
���,'reat s'ead.     lie went   to J-jiinl.uid as. i>    c.mi.c;! r..i- '  j.l< ���-*.! ���., (!.���..r ���:.<
nn partinn but as a  represontati.e  of , ^!!;:"i;;.;';,;i^   'P^Z-^:"^:^!,,:'.^-^;
.Canada, and it must bo  admitted that ,��� "W-uu- i'i,u,>s '"���ii-M;.i.in,.ii .'., 11-.<:.
'he.   has   fully   filled   hi.s   role.     Laden" Ii.*X"o,-.uM.,i,.i.
with   honors   and   distinctions,   he has
come back to receive tho highest honor
of  them   all���the   sincere   admiration I .-fTIKDr.'.K dSK.
and respect of   his fellow   countr\ me.i. ' Uckjh"- oi*UX rn: (-.>:���  I�� >-i, ~r<: M.au
Ta' hraQri^ilo QT>r; T2 c���.*J- o ���" 1
"T^J-!���{~r"P /~^~crj���p"i~E^? o
Jz> L_i _L t_/.j���t cLi_^vi��s3
���u-.-a.j^y -Comfortable Parlors.
Opposite Erag Store.
JJ.-H-,.!).",,;  ~,, 7. :.tr-..
Purveyors of Migh-class Meats.
All orders in cur lino ^vill be  promplly
attended lo.
DtfDL Idtiw   hi    isH's'iJ,   Vi'Uii    I1 tuliiisilui    iiUOiUb.)
OilJluiJUSJ       ��t   I,li-.'KJi       jL5 L i>" iw. -,v il U      tilili      \Jlp.i.i!i. yja
=���--���=--       ��� '���J I 1!   ��� ��N I     ��      ll ,T I     fifl '
tnirmn jt* "i * v> tc    V.'v" w ^*'}tI     lU'jr?*"!?      'lo.r-,'*!
0 '
"TerniS'32 per day.' '   Kamloops Beer on Draught
A1 Big- Cash Transaction.
ti it ii. I.\i>'��ra* u   ,\i>Mi\'\., J'r .ti-'i-.--.
h'or <-\ <���:���' jfi'Miii i,'i il,** I'ljn I   ,,,,-, I .,f I'm
nu Ik - of UfrO-r o:   le-'. -      '^-    i '/'
Kor or. l j ,i<! l.!'.,,i al I") .i.i 'ii ' 'iji t > .', '���
The   Dominion   dovoloninir  (ffo.,  la^L ,,:" '"'"
.-   . . , ,        ,. . , , I'i i- "l i i v .uliiil imsiil  ^  jrn l i ��� ..'��e i   1 'I
" J* nil a v, sold   K.O.IXX)   shares  ot   Golden       miiiiX
Cache stook foi  SISO.(XX) to J. 01d>-oyd. _ ^ZuP'^l^upZ^J^Z^'''"' " ''
.M.P., of Dewesburv, Eni'laiid, niemlier Iiinsv,iinfei-t; r mul oi ,iii,i,m,-
.'       ,   . , .. ,���,   . ., , ('i)nl K-M-l |il III  ll sin-' I 'it   M.lli r li r ��.!���!
i(     of a lui; cotton firm,   lint- enable.s them       ,.,| m i ,��� nm,., ���.��� rl f.,-  ,nei   i,,-,m il
1     iopav   $2.07   per   .shai'e   dividend   on ���     l'��n">- -"'" ���'!������������"'! " - ���"!���"> ���<<'��� iu-'
their share.s.    This- coiniianv, in.mailed For i-v, i", ,iil-liii-in..l Vi m, l.< ��� -u leinn.i'
* i ..   t
hy J. -M.icQuillaii, formei ly iif Toniiito. i :,~j,. 'i i., ,,,i of ��,, u.-..i i,,|t,i
ori-iii'iallv    raised   the   moiiov   to   liuv ,.'���'' ""'��� ���'"' n'lt' ; "-'' '*
'      , " . * * r iliii^ .niV   ii  t.' '   ii'   >|.>- i.ii ��� i i    .' ,'l   i
Golden   G.ieho   mines,   f^etliii-;   in   li'-u       (*nimi,.--|nn, r u: (ml ' i m .. ,, -!,,-i,
''T fOWAiil)  WEST.
I I ia~- i '���!'��� i,: Itej.il s--'li
l...[;i!nii. liu^J.inil.)
Krninc   Enfe":nor.~,    Analy'.ioal    Chemist
an.\  A-ssayer.
I" i,:' i"ii -1 \,i-, lie',! .ti '. o ;,ort( <l or.
���:.r..f Mim-s i j, liutohison k 00o
Stoekholm Moi].se.'i|��li'
I. ALMKirr iSToXK. Puoi'itnrroit.
(Opposite Government OlTiee,)
(iroceries,1 lreed, lrruit, always
; "i
l "i
, m:u iu-.wki!, h. c. . ,-      ��� i  r n    ,     i
fresh and lull stock.
\ y    I'Ef.f.KW M VlfVI-X,', ]���-.('.*.
*��  *    .        (M. 'i.'i   S'   h".-. I'.-'     1!    \   M.K I
tli,An.ij i.'inii,ii,*/��� cn'i   \.- ui/rr.
V ��� w    ' ��� ':������   ):  r.
Iheieof 12.-),IKJ<) sli;U-es in Golih-ii (*,k he
I'm-   i ��� '.-oii, il
, ��� (,-ii    ,i
���,i !
' < ��� ;fi -
.),'. .i.i  a.
ion. -   .e 'I
Shoet.   Accounts.
17     'MoP^vri-
iim -en' ui in >��� i ���,  i
This is  the   Irjrjresl    sp(,|    e.ish   s,,|,.   ���(     I'ulilr. ,-i mn ir, \/.< \
floirk ��� \er mad.- in  15.1 '. "'V   x!fl"   I"   '.'"',-"
s- -i I.i ill.!,-   A   <i-     11 ,-
"* ��� ~ ,J,nu ii i!s .\^ I
Shaughnessy Talks of Kootenay.       -\iuiu.ii n.-fi >.. i.m -on., (,,���,-,-
D ���' . J ^if.in r fur il i il   ��� 11. i on i ��� l.i f- i t  ' in
*   ~" r -{'II11 ,l.l\   III    I   il.      I'i i- w l|    ,i   II
Intel v lowed     at       Vani-iun it     Vire '
1'ie.sideiil .Sll.-u.l,dlliessy -|mki- appi ei i.i- s(  |||. [.|   \,\.    \ .';,'
lively of   'ijs   Kooli-ii.iy   loin-.     11.   i\,-|s    Tm ,~i i-rt.viM. m   \\ win   -*. \* \.. i- " me. -
oierluo   ji-ai-s   .suae   he   last     visited M>roi- inlin-  ,']i,\n-   n-,
Kootenav and lhe . halite-   ul,i( I.   had Im Mimm: -11 n I..x u i m ~.
.    , , . , . '      l.v i'.",  .Mil in  i,> , hi v or ��� ii''i i i liv  ei ii  ���, n H   < I
taken place   in   tne   iniaiitnn,- vvi-n- to    ,���ii,|,,���i  ,|,,,n P|V hi  n-.mi oi  , ,i o   ,'
llilll a.Vei-v   aKl'ee.ihle   i.mi.Mse.      Ill  no     J''-''i'il'    ' "��� ���" - ",' '���"'''   ""'."'      '
" ' d'lli' ui' nt ii in 11   i In    'i   -   hi   , i -,,<���, t   ,     -n    i
other soft inn of the   Dominion   in Ilia!     uul In h'    ,u<l ^  Ik-.! i1,  i in   ,, ..
iwriod had    t.heic    been    sIK ll    a    I I., II-- .  >'''"' !l"  I"' -' ��** '"I-' "J ���'     <" ���  -I'e, Iii ' t
' ii,, i     . !      ]">i-m <l   '""il -on '���'   ,i   p' I'' ,n iii '!' i
lorinat loll as  lie   n.-irl   oIim-i vod   doriu.i<        s'-iinai   v;   u.     ��� 'n      ,\, '     .,.,.i      t
ids visji us,, week,  ti ...,K, ess. i���-,   ^,;:,x";ll,:;\,,l";,;:'"!N'"
believes, |<i   he onlv ill   ils   infam v a i.d     I"'"!    *   i ������    i''"f   M     ,    u  'I   ie <l
" , ,' , i        i    '    i I      t ���"" '"    ' ''"    '���' I        |r      ���'"',,   1, i i!     ,
thai   III I 111! ye,H s |(i   come   the <l."\ elop- '      ,,,|,|   ;,���.   |,,,     ,,_,    ,,,   |n,   .|,,,|,	
-npi ' nu   ( in" ,!'  ml "I --'I, !l |,   " ,
)l i    'li
I       in ,
.    II      i
- '   "- 'A
" 11   -O.       IT}. "SOT 1 /'
?/jk'i-ji^dlj ana hohini
Tlie Billing, Room io famished with tho best the
-    Market oiKk
THUilHi:   !!.-  L'f). i.Tn   rtCY.nrCO    WATER      MAIMUP"f=tE     IriKITIFIH     COI..uivi^ii)>fn
I rife
{JtM I Hf\L   h!U I Li
AI'-li-MIAMSfiN   li!'.().",.,   1'KMi'iMK'i oKs.
in-. \ i.ki: in
I -r
C * /
^.*V.  ^.c.r. :  -^    -.'At    .'���
Milk Gows; Saddle, Pack,! "First-class Table   <���   G-oocl Beds   ���   Fire-proof Safe
Driving and DiWu��jht j Telephone   ���   'Bus Elects all Trains.
Iiovr:cr; ! ~"   . _     	
nient  of t he Kool enaay's lali'iil liiinot.ii
Mild other I eMMII ce.s v\ ill   sin | I Ke | hn-e
who hitherto have hern   ^IseplK.il ,'is- to ' ~Ai'.   ,,',[ I,;-     Tli;;:
the imdi e.iinl of   hidden   vveallli   tlieie. I 'I'ti-    .w.,1     ,i, ,       ,,,     ^ , .   K    v-
Sn   j^real    is   lhe   I'ailh   of     I lie   (MMi. J      l'''.'-M   ' n    K:.i    i'.'.i   <>,     ,,
(Io. I hei i'i ll I h.i l.   foi     veal's   to CO in e a li   ] 1 *'��� ' ' "i   '   '      ���'     i    ���       I       i
,. .,,  , .     .       j      l.W"\  on'    ' ' oi'i.'iiirr - I ,i     ,  i
eiioi'iiioii-; expendil lire v\ ill In- maile li\" | (,.l( |, < i i,,( .   .ii,'in,.|   -      ,,      i,
it in opi-iiin^ no new avenues of   I ran -- I ''''   f,1'1 ';' ''' .'      '','',',''   ,," " ���
por-l.i! ion I ii I he leading   eeiil i is ol  I I," j |-(,,   i;���   i,,,,,.; ,,|   i ������   ,;,,     ,,,  hi     ,,
several   nu ti ills'  dis|ri<|,.    The r,,|i, u | -, X .''""' '���   'i      ' ' "    ��� '. '   '
1 " 'I- in- <    11 ,   ii    'i I ' , ,i
.sent  iii by lhe i oinpany's   iij.ina<_',ei s  {n ���      ..ikhoi,  m    ',    . . i.    n1
the vvi'sl, were li"lrevei| In lie -.nmew h il   j1','^,', '      ,, ',',',,'���'    ,���';  '''',,.",','
ov i'I'IH a vv ll,  lull,    ha v ne_r   trm i e    in' 11  I he  I      ' ���'���'��� ��� ' ''  ~    '     ' '' '
pi in|iinm< mine . and   in ���peel.".I   ol In i - I |'i   ,
������"/    v'.TLLb   'i'.i.'   ?./:.;���   [������
liO Z'TGjij
111      I It   ,    f *
'.J . UMJJ ���/:  ;   'rsl'.xij  l.'.9     i,'-rJc '
I^iiJ-^l^LB'TO^CTI!^      D3_0.
���i    i
i ���������   'i.    <��i :* r. 'i,
��� , ,   i i.
I        V'.   |.
,   I' I
���,\      I   IM,   O
'i'i|- ! ��� ,-,i       " in i  i!   ''! I,. ,
III. , nl' '.i.'in   ' 0 - i,
i�� i i i   i ,  I)'  i . ' . In .     lo   ,1
,   , I i  i i i    ', f  ,,, ii        p  ii     II.,      I '
i'. 11, i   i i ; i i, i , i
'    -, -        Ml  ', I.I        ^I'J   III    ,,, ,,    I     v\ ,,,!     ���     ���     ,   ,1
i I i        ,    .i      a,    i.i     'ir     ���      '      !',
I      ,     ��� - I     1,'lll.M   ,   '      ,'   I      "I        II', '        '   I,
, ,i        ( , i I   .|,   ���       '    ,     'I'll!     Ill,     , ! .' ���
1     ,       I. I',.  ,, i,      ,���      u,   I    ,i    ,    ,   I , M,i   "v!  mn    ll
i i    , 'i      i i  , '   . i   '   e    ,      I,,   e   ii   'i1    r...   11
r     i , ,. , ,      ii   - ,,[ ' ',' iniiti *  i I ��,i - ii     ,i   !   nl   t V
li      L!      U  I1 ,..
V.>'  '���L-.i-' i_-..i ^---j
'   11, .,  'Ill II
I'i     .'    ,  ���    ', ,,|    I'     '
f   I ,1      , 11 I I   ,     III,
,(,     *��! i, ,| i ii ii ���   i'i
''ill ,'	
* ii I Ii. I i'     I i I I i   'i .a    'ii .1   i Aii    I
��� I "ii   ,i , i a, ���    'i'    i  i a   i  i      i'i,,        r(,       i ��� , I,,,,    :      ,|,.|
I          I'M!       l| I     t|   I       I '     il       I           I   I    III    J,I Ml       >[|,   l|'                          |     .   |   ��� ||,   l     ,lt       III   !|
il ���'     I  I'll      'i III    I I       .'    I   i   '     1   'I ,     'i,              [I il      I   I'i        '
le.    l.i '   i "
i.,,i !
' i   ,inf
,!.'l     I
'���^ o    4.- "
I        r.I ^Z-'
nu S cl
i, .i, i ,i >
i, , , ii,i ,1
'H.i, ui i'i111
,   i .��� 11-
A,i;i.'AilA.M;-'0:\'   IJIK;.-'.,   l'lioi'iMiToiis.
Kvtr/fhifU ncu' aiid rirrl'dass in all Respects.
VV* [Jn'tei i'.'clo'iVr'fj Ai-'lh f'"1""! Finoo? ".V?if>c fir! nii'rpp^ in \\\n ?:T"i'!iT(
l.l.l       Il'J.lO'J       l.t    iJiiJ'l'vi.'U       I'.lL.L     '.IV     i   I Hunt       itlli'.IJ     ri'lU       'Ji^tll   0     ih        Ullll    JIJ...I   ilLt
T'P i^Tynn    t . A T<���,r}    Cyj~rJZ!~'<?~
-1- v_^ . THE KOOTKNAY :wAii���
Is tho Turk in Peril ?
If the .statement.--of pi e-muilily well-
inspired politicians in England are to
, 1-e liclieved. the expulsion of 1 he Turks
fiom I'iiirope will lie witnessed in (he
expirniir yeai.s of the nineteenth een-
tiny. Jt is well known that the Suit.in
owes his letenlioii of ('oii.slaiiliiiopl.-
duriiifr; I he last'one bundled and fifty
ye.u s t-olely to the mill mil jealousies of
Austria and llnssia. Up to the fiii-,1
ipiarterof the ei<j"hteenl Ii cent my the
IJoum' of Hapshiiig- had been looked
upon in central and western Kuiope a--*
( ho t rue heir of I he Sultan's dominions-,
'hut since then lius.sia has s-oeuieil more
likely to secure I he inherit.UK-e, and on
three occasions would ha vo done so hut
for the jealousy with which the Vienna Government beheld the proxies.-, of
the CV.ar toward ascendency in " the
Jf5alk.-ui peninsula.
Now, however, it is said that lhe
/ Czar's advisers, occupied wit h the ad-
wuire olf Riissi.-t'.s inleiesls in the lar
Kast and China, andcin the South in
AI'gli.'iiiiMiUi, have entered^ into a dis-
linct iiii(ler.s|aiidimr with' the,Vienna
Government, for the partition of Turkey. A pro'loxt IVu iii'1 simultaneous
advance oi Austrian and litissi.-iu nrm-
ies will, soon or late, be olVored through
' the ini.scouduct, of Turkish ol'lici.ils or
soldiers in .Macedonia and Albania;
and nil hough the (Jsm.-mlie would light,
with desperation, they i ould not, if unaided, long wil hstand 1 im joint foices
of two great, kind powers.
This lime* iu is unlikely I lint. Jingland
would interfere, provided I hut, hor occupation of I'flgypt. he henceforl ll un-
challemred. There is a strong fooling
in lingl.ind thai the,, pi e.sence of'the
Tiuk m I��iiropc .slioiihl "no longer he
pel mil I "d and 1 his feci ing is shaied in
Germany, although it, is at pieseilt the'
.whim of the ICaisei lo pose as lhe Hul-
tan'.s pi olecLor. Fi auce and Italy would
h.-U'dly object to any sciieiue of Russia's
and finis the Turk would find^ himself
helpless, .save fiom his own undoubted
coinage and endurance. This mean*
that, th'1' expulsion of, the Tin k from
Europe would he merely a question of
I hue. His presence I here is an anomaly in t liesil" day's of civilization and pro-
gres-, and his elimination would lie not
only a triumph of Christ i;init.v but the
removal of a perpetual menace lo'the
peace of Europe. ,
Loose Law Making' by Congress.
* (   i
The New York' U'oriJ says: Then*
, is a clause in the now tariff imposing a
(li.seriiiiinatiiiir dufv of 10 ,iior cent, on
foreign good;, coining into the country
oyer Canadian railways. It. is ,i clause
nobody in f Congress �� would have"
sustained or voted' I'm. if it had been
made the subject, . of debate. It in
ove.-y way is detrimental 'and danger-
dus.' It is not tbe bill as originally
drawn. Whethei it was actually in
the   bilb as   passed,   or "inserted   .il'ter-
>v\ ai ils, nobody knows.    Speaker  Heed
. ...
siiirge.sled it was ** -li| (.I'd ill." Who
" "slipped in'" a clause of so| great, consequence? ' How did he slip il. in?
Who paid for slipping it in. and how
���.iiiucli was bo paid? These' .-ire questions wliich'C'oiitfress should diligently
endeavor to solv e. Its task is< easier,
bee.ui-e the only persons ill the world
beiietitled by the clause 'are Ihe men
who cont i ol the Pacilii;. r.iilioad "combine." The count ry does not. want'ils
legislation made by ".slipping in." �� It
w ill not excuse Congress if that ��� body
fail< to adopt, niciisiii i'< making il ini-
]i'o.ssilih- for i.isials lo buy olf engrossing clerks like laws .that, ihey cannot,
induce Congress itself to approve.
F.eriet out the factr, and li nil out"who
arc the l.iscal-*.
to his .s.-iying that. Canada   feels   nim-i
warmly f(>\v,irds  the mot bet   countiy, f   \\, C   i}il\ C ci'
bocae.s-e in oi der to comply with our iv- f   -^ ,        , .
(piest fur compl.-tf freedom  in framing', \j^OCl, ]^4JPi-"^T '*-'*
our tariff, she has (o  a   eei'tain   extent ',
imperilled a portion of her own'foreign , 7; 7777 PjTftTfl      M k JT^D j A T
trade, and we im.sl all agree   rh.it   the j jj U I JjlJl L�� tl     Iii A A jZlkLlALt
tt 'J i    s -   i?s;-? i\i ri'
power-we have thus obtained will al
ways be used to the advantage and
never  to   the disadvantage of Britain.
! Cut Rates for Spot Cash.
/'"r{r^ h "*^ "I?-
VI ������
Revelstoke   Station,   B.C.
A"|OTI('K   IK   IlKliKJIY   (IIVKN'   flint   ll.c
^\    iunli'i--itjin.'(l Win. Kiiknp "iilctiils fii il.i.vs
uilci- dale  In   itiiikc .iiiiilic.ili.in  lo  i'i'1 Cliii'I
j l'iiiiiiuis��i(iiit'i' rn"   l���iii(l-..iiiil  Work-* fur  ].cr-
I ini--ion   io   |iiii'eli.is(.   on'i' liiiiiilrcil  and  si.Mj  I
l nci't-, nl  lam! sini.ilcil  .ilmiil   ono  mile   up  tin:
,-r       j i n' l <    ' iuti i nl   lam! situ.ilcil   .ilmlll   one  hum;   up   ilu:
nCiluOUai'lGl'S    SOI'   StOVO    Wflfll-.   C'-i��"i''i:i itiw-r-fi.iin.iii.'n-.ouiii or DovMiie
JlUUUljlil.. nui u       1UI        OJj��U    ,   .ruui.,     (',.L,t.]v iii \\-,,M iCi���ii���,u.v |)i-ii-!i,t. (Nijnnu-iieiii-
Revelstoke Statifin, B.C.
Ilia    |Hls|     "i!l.l!'l,C(l     llllli.ll    I'list.    Will.     Ivll'lvll]  .
"s.W. coi-ni-r:' llii'in-i' niniiiiiir Id di.iiiis
siiiillierly .'Ikiik llie i.isi li.iiiknf tin1 Columbia
Ilivui-: liioiit-e III ehaiiis i-iisl; I hi ni-u 40 i-il.-iins
rmi I li: th'-m'o  M elmilis  vvx-l   lo  I lie  plmo of
���    At lhe Company's Store is curried a Full Stock of General
Merchandise ":'   .Miners' Supplies and Outfits at'close raLes. ���  , -
i ��� i i ���
The Company's S.S. " LARDEAU " connects! with all O.J\K." trains; ;tM,i steaineis, and makes daily
I rips hel.wei-r. Arrowhead and ('omaplix and Thomson's Landing. Communication is thus e.,t.-ihli,shed with
all point* in t he Lardeau, Trout, Lake and Ki-h Creek di.sti iots. '   u ,       '
The Company's tug/' ARCHER ", is rividy to enleriiilo lowing and freighting cont raot-s.
The Townsite of, COMAPLIX i.s being surveyed aud will shortly be placed on the market, ('omaplix
is the mil lilting point, and headquarters for I he Lard can and Fish Crock districts now being opened up. It
occupies a beautiful .silu.it ion, high and dry, on 'I he X.i^ariu of Upper Anow Lake, eight miles from Arrowhead.    J>ofp waler for vessels all th'1 year round.    Cdofl hotel accommodation.
R. TAPPING, Agent'for Revelstoke.
.Inl.v   lo. MI7
AVM. IClIiKiri'.
K! !it
Corner of 1 lasting'S'and Canibie Streets,
K(jiiili]ied   with   l-^Ioyalor,   Hiootrie   IJolls.        Heated   with   hot  water,   and all
modern   improvements. , '      '
' . ��� ^*   i        ' T
llat.es $2 jier day.
0. THOMAS, Pkoi-kjktok.
.. _j_ for���' ��� .   '" :
DAILY "STAGS LINE: Thomson's Landing to Trout
Lake City and Ferguson.' -   .
tftago loaves Thomson's every iiiornin.'f, at 7 o'clock, for Trout* Lake'  City   and
'*;     Ferguson; lotuiiiing, loa\os those places at '2 p.m.
,       ,  V
CiV'odsi'feiglfl,"\\'ai'��liouseN .'md quick dispatch.    For all'information about  tians-
1 portilion or liaiilin^ in Laideau and Trout Lake write
-     - .'���"        ;        Thomson's Landing, B.C.
resjrs. *K^nr=.,rw'itKM��-��
KAMLOOPS, B.G.   , ,
'liest of everything going.
jrszuje.L'i ��.=-u. .3
i^^'-^'ssa  ',' \-r.
"Jf 1       i f;   "   i\  M    L,   ^-��^_
[!' \\J LJ J    ��� Ln f~XL��� ---- ���
' i    * '
ff:s*% l'E3T���,\^    '^1S' present  .centre   and future
\ss^ a    I!   ��� �� -    liea'dqiiarters for.     ��� :.'
-   ' '       raiKMS1 OPERATION !H-B��IT!SK GOlteOfA.
RUSSELL   &.   HEROD, .Prop's.
'Capital Authorized, - $2,'000,000
Capital Paid-up,,- - - 1,963,600
Rest, --,------     , l,156,'800
'     " : ra��� o,   ���
���Ji. S. HOWLAND.        -       - ,     President.
T. II. MEItRIxT,     -  ' -     Vice-President.
William Kamsay. Hugh Ryan. Robert
Jalf ray.   T. Sutherland Staynor.
Mining Engineer and Metallurgist,
Assays'on fiold .and Silver. ;,*������' .-': ���
, Analysis of All Metals made at lowest pates.,
Prompt,  and   Oorroct   Picsiilts   Ciiiaraiiteo.d.    Reports made on pro|jeities,
etc. ,'Oise me a call.'
Head Office,
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager.
p--->,   .^&.
A Modern Romance.
t Lit tie i--kniiwn nl" ihe life of .l.iiiies
W'dnd. wild wilt, handed at, Nclrinii l.-ih!
week l'nr the inindci nl' Sanmrl M.
AVond, ' lint llieii1 i-- said In Ii" n ro-
liianoe atl.ioliod to the lives of til'1 two
iiioii, wild aie now both dead. 11 is
'known that S. .M, Wood, hotter known
a-- Paddy. w.-i.-> horn in , l.oiiiii.ma and
afterwaids removed to Penn.sylv.ini,-,.
Here il is said lh" murdered man niar-
i iul, and the lo.-siilt . of the union was
one son. NVhilethe hoy was yet. yiiimu;
the falhoi de.-i'iti'd lhe wife and child
��� for a woman of di-.-.(iliito hahits.
'When    he   reached     mail's   estate   he    _ ���.,
made a vow that, he would seek his | it Wlil Jl'dlVQ l'MiW2by3 X>0
father and a vei.u;e hi.s mother's wionj^s.
The curtain ' fell on the drama when
James Wood ��� 11<��� L Paddy Wood in lhe
blacksinith simp jmil sent lnnneithe
shot lhat lnlihed the old man of his
life.     I-:.\".
run   T
'���'���   iLX ?C sf"
it is the"centre of the Lardeau. milling district.
Gold and Silver' ProtlucLioa.
tf'iui|ili-d wil li Ihe decline in silvei
comes ,-i r.i|iid iiu-i e.-iso in Hold piodiic-
tion all I lie world ovei. The Idlest. o,'Ii-
ci.il slali-lios ooinpili'd hy the director
of the mini al Washing! mi. givf lhe
world'.s yield the last calendar year' al
$20."),o':!],()l)). a larger tol.il I Iran in anv
.forniei year ; while il tlie produotioii
of the l.isl six inontiis of lH..'7'eipi.-ils
l,!l.it of the lirsl, (j nionihs, as is thniilit
proliahle, I her.- will lie an Increase i his
yea l- of ahinil ifil I. (Kill, (J! K) ovei- lhe | rn-
diiolion of last year. The e.s|.ini.ilo of
Lhe director fur I his jo.ir is y212,1X10,-
000 lo :1-t2lo,()0(I.00.J. This would consid-
er.il.'ly exi oed the piodnolion of s-jver.
which will not exceed $2:'0,0('l',()():'.--
'J'rud   Jn'ricu;.
the north and south.  ���
Its climate is superb.
It has plenty of building
timber and a sawmill
H       is reached by rail  from
i^ ���     Revelstoke *to    /\rro\v-
~^      head, 28 .miles ; thence
by, steanijjr,  io miles, to Thomson's   Landing;   and   a   short
stuoe of   \ 2 miles;   lhe   entire
journey occupying only 6 hours
through  mau'iiiiiccnt, mountain
'and lake scenerv.
Well-known     mining     promoters and' capitalists -already
hciva their   representatives   on
the   ground,    and    it    is     no
boomer's dream to sav that be-
fore another six months Trout
Lakk Cut  will' be a bustling
centre ol business and the prin-
jcipal Lown in ihis.Lreasure-laden
Lardeau, the new centre of attraction    for   lhe   best   mining
enterprise,    skill   and    capital
; which   Ikiiish    Columbia   ha.s
'nnq-neiized within her borders.
',    The climate and soil of the
'district are a'l   thai   could   be
.desired bv the rancher, '��'ardener
K<sc\-, Kui-kus, G.ilt. liiKcr'iolt. Nia^ixrn Kails,
ii I'oit'Colboniu. lint rortiiKO. St. Cutliiinnes.
i  i Siiult. Sic.   Mane,   St.   Tliomas,   Wiillaiid.
Woodst nek.
fCiir. WolIiiiKtim Sl.inirl headerljinc
ToiioxTO-j Ydiiku suid yiiccnsts. liiani-li.  ,
I. Yoiiiju and J-iloor Hf*. Hr.im.li.
Bi'.iiidoii. "Man. , Portauu l..i Pi'.iirio, M.iii.
I'.ilicai'y. Alho.rla. Prince Alburt, S.isk.
Kilniuiilon, All.i.    Winnipeg. ?>1.i". '    '
P , BRrrrSU COLUMBIA.���      *    '
I , "<      /���
Vancouver.       -       '-   *    -       -        Hevolsloke.
i , * f
.      r     AGENTS"        ,     >
London. F.nii.. Lloyd's }).\n*. Ltd.   N"i:u Your".
IJ.ml: of Monf.-c.il.
ff -uO. JLlCl
A general banlclnjf business tro.nsactcd.
Sonds and dobcuiurcs bought a.nd sold.
A. R. 3.'HEARN. Manager, Revelstoke.
3u\) ftibnlb  Lhu
A niiinber of lots centrally located
in their Townsite
ie central'point,of s ���
To all Points  East and  West.
or    fruit    grower    for    whose
m operation providing
lumber at   reasonable        ,   , r, ,,       ,      ���,
i products a profitable and rapid-
priCSS on tll3 spot. | ]y   jncreasin<'-   market 'exists;
Its      lake      affords      SZ-    ,,v,'!i"?1. lo   l,lc    sportsmen    the
ceptionally good trout
Lauri'er's Trip Abroad.  ,
L.-iurirr ucnl hi Kngl.mil ;is tJ:'* ri-p-
I'l'sfiitiit iv ���, : 11 ��� ( c i T . i p.n ly mil nl' i.'.ni.-i-
il-i. ll w.is C,i:i,u1,i, mil ,i p-irly, Uul
filled so i.irfjr ,i..i] liiiiiiii ,i I iii* ,i pi,ice in
the iinpi'iuil juliil.il i(i:is ul' Ilu- siiiii-
liii'l-. ,i 'id il is (',i: i,-I d,i, : hi I ,-i p, ii | \ , 11 i,i |
will i ri i'i\ c (lir 11.��� 11(.-/iI <il (lie- .u-iidii
lil.il ,ll unci' i-umpl.'l i's i,in idiniiiriri.il
ciii.i n-ip.il ion .mil -l.i ii^l lii'iis | In- iiinr
ii I li'i.i.l  !iri \. ii   1!, it ,iiii   ,i n,l   ( ',i,i,ul,i.
W-     Mil   .ill    l.'j.iKC    lli.il    Si,     Will i ui
fn'iM'-. li.n-\ ,i ��� [ in, ):��� i ���" ; -i i i!i. id :l | ii,- -
s.'ili',   ill,III   lii'f(i||,,       Wi'    (-.ill    -si 1 r i~ c i 11 n-
aZh\ affortls j4*aine in
The ;irconunodaiion includes
It lias a Cl'OWn grant, jOUr-j'.^cod hotels, siores, j,*o.*;l office.
Chasers of lots thus Ob-:1'1-^01'^'".^ off>ce,   butcher   shoj
Olou.i  u.u:0. ,  full proo-ress. and the establish
1'ineni of the  sawmill  will  tend
i still mcire  to enhance  the  im-
:  mediate yrowth   of this   rising"
���' town.
��,���,���,:,,��   ~-r.    r-,]->.-.^l:'-(-cl-vr ''Hid many pri\'ale residences.
-, ,.,-, !       btiiidmn"   o'ieratioim   are   in
Inside, $ioo; jiayable $^3.;,,] down.'$33.33 in t, months, $33-33
in 6 months
Corners, $150: p.ixable $50 down. $30 in 3Cmonths,   $50   in   6
{These prices arc for a short time only.)
T:   L.   IIAl'i.   Ri \ I i.s kiki*. (ii'iH-ra! .\_L,'t:ni.
IM'f.l!  M'NU'k-nx;   T-.n-i  I al:   Citv   ll-.i-le-ii .\:��-n'.
V.-iiK-o'uvi'i-, Vyinnipi'tf. Ml. I'.uil.   (!lnc-
;ty;(), .Montrc.-rl, TiumiiIii, N'mv "S'(irk.
Firsl-ciass dining and sleeping
cars on all trains. ,'
'riiriMiKli Tourist l-.-u-s to St. I'.ml il.ulj, .uul  lo
Toi-onlo I'M-ry Moii'l.i.v, ami  Mont roil nnd
Koslon uvi'i-y Tliiii'siluj.
1 -
J'un-liiisu tiokvls lo j our ik'slni.itinn  ,-inil  luivc
yinii- Ij.iKKiiMU rln'clsi'il Iii'.'iiiikIi.
l-'or I'ull iiifoi-niiil it'll .islo Kills, liriir. clc, n|i-
lily 10 in.Hi's"! t'.l'.lt. Attriil. to        ll     ���
T. W. UltAIlSIIAW. Akciii. Iti'i olsloUr.
,    Or In    10. .I.CilVI,!-:.
Ilislrii'l 1 'n-���1 Hirer  \ircni, \'iiii.-uiivur.
Tha - Canadian - Pacific
Steamship Co/s
l.i'.iw  Ai'iomIk -iii  I'Vri'j'  il.i>,  I'vn |il Siiinliiy
I'oi'     nil     iinliils     In    K'niilfin-,.       ni.iKllifr
,<<iniiiM lion     .il     V.tl��n.|i    11ji-    .ill    iiiiinl 1
mi N.:l:i|s|i .iiiilSliir.iii l!.\. .iii.l Sliii-iin l..iki'.
eliisi- i-oii:i( i-tliin ,il linlisiin  I'm- XclJiiti,   Kii-ln,
I'.ilfoiir, I'llol I'.i.n.
einsi-coiinii linn nl Tl.iillni'  Itiis.Ininl,  Noilli-
piil-l iiii.l ,i!l imiiil', -iiulli.
l-'or full   ;��� po:'iii.iliiiii.  li.U'U, m,i|is,  cic..  c.ill
Oil  III- ll'llil'Oss .
Ajrclil, !li-\ I'l-lolli".
Or to
11. ai.M'Ui.'Kooi:.        K. .1. Ciivlk..
T1.1v. I'.iss. A^'dit.          I'ill. I',',*,v Annil.
Xcl-.m, I i.C. V.i nil.'I'. H.<'.
:   !
-   i
T. L.' HAIG,
Resident A^ent,
T. I LENDR'UM,    '
(Jwinn- to the erosion of the river bank the company find it
necessary 10 dispose of i their smelting buildings, furnaces,
90 h.p. engine and boiler, and 30 h.p. boiler. ' 'fhe whole
will be sold in part or en bloc.     Inquire of above.
Columbia & Western Ry.
Tiiiu-T.ililr No. H.  Tol.iUi- c!X I .luly'l.  IMIi.
I l.i;l,i   Pel i' 1 ( 11 Ti.rl .mil !;<>���.l.ind.
Nu. fi p;i- I'l.Ki*" l< 'n ( s IIoss'.iimI    -    -    7.-id 11 111.
Comic ( Is \\ i'li -!( ..iik r,11 'I'i.iii.
Nn. :: |,;i   -��� i'Ki 1   Ii.im-  'I':.1 I   -   -   -   (��� 1.1 .un.
���raurrjeu^.w ^r-:?fc:ifg^ ma,;.
_ri JlHu-IijJlI!
,   CIVEH AY. AY KQifi'liLY^
^\s :i p-.-iiiiiiiii Iii users nf diir
 .-,-<::--*���    SOAES.
Ui-I urn I In-( uupdiis ;il I lie end (it e.'ic!,
111111.I h .-ind sl.-inil ,-i rh.-iiKi- nl' w inning
I liis lie.ml il'nl in.-irliine.
Each   25c.'' Bar   entitles
vou to 0110 coupon.
Any of our various b .���mdscoui.t
in thi -. comi elilion.
Conn ���( Is uilli l!rd Alii.inl.iiii loi- S|inl .inc.
Nn. "2 |i;i-.-[ ii,;cr Iciics Hi- -I,mil    -' -      II   11.111.
Coiiin , I , \,;t!i ( .I'.I.'. sic.iiiu-i., lui- 1101 Hi.
No. I li.is. ,|iHcr.l,.i\rsTl.iil     -     -     J IJ. hi P.111.   ir.'       i      . ,     ��� q,'*) A 12 on   4|-.r   mPfkfl
ci.iinciis villi c I' u.  ii.uiii-i. ii-oiii noilli.    I l\o iJLiic.  owm.    on inc iric.iiu.i.
(   ..lllll'l  Is �� ,1 ll  s|( ,11111  I    lit I'llll  .ll   '1  I.I.I. ' i   ���   ,   ���
(���in.. ii Mm, ��� :        !���'. r. im 'i K.-if.'*. i;^ 1 la-.iiii" , Si.. \'.\X('()L \ k!\. B.C.
'I',   I'I.   \>:  I'. Cl IH l.'l Ssl'I I. * '
��l��lB����IIMl����I^IIBIHHffl^^ J    . i    v '! i -   -r.  TIIK KOOTENAY 3IAFL.  ���������Js'-L,  +     .   Kootenay Lodge  ���������*  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  *    *   The rivuLu* iiii'i'iiiw  J, ^-J?"        :uv li'-M in Un; JI.is  e^C���������~J-V* .f \ onicTi inplc'.lioiirr.o'-  ���������-A'^^i]'^\^fty-��������� Hull, on tin- tl.iiil  ���������A^=S������- >)i >;.2.Ky.V==.:- Jl ��������� n ,1., j    i ���������    ci ( 1:  ������^^~"^VV^.������]iiif,iilli   iit    S  , :n(,i:l!i   ;it   ,s   p.   in. i     jl   a*^  Vi.- 'I njr   Ijrct lircii \    I      ^  ,<���������<,] diulh   V.oll II1IU (1. \ zST**'  H. I-:. H5IYTIIK. Si i-ui.T.MiY.  REVELSTOKE LODGE. I. O. O. F., No. 525.  ordi.llly wuluoiiiL-il.  J. A. STOXK, X.G. T. .fTuTi.VHAJJ.'.Si:!*.  Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1G5S.  i-iC^  'eso  ISi'Kiilnr liii'i tiiiKs nn-lii'M ill  ; tin: (Mil J-VlIimV Hull on the  sccuiiil mm I fiiiirtli M'cdiit'sii.ij's  of iii-li iiionlli nt ~:'M p. in.  Visiting lii-i-tln-cii itrc i-onli.illy  invited. ,  K. AIIAII!.      T. .1. CltAHAM.  W.M. Iti'i*. Sory.  Difficult  .prescriptions,  those in foreign languages  and the ones calling.for rare  .drugs, are a specially here.  We are prepared to give  ��������� ,-service that < cannot be had  elsewhere.     ,       ���������  Our stock of fresh drugs  Is" complete in. everything  and we are experienced in  compounding the-most difficult prescriptions.    '  Best of all our ' charges'  are as low as quality and  service is hiyh. ������   ,;  It will'pay you to test us  -jn.this matter.- '   ���������  '   .   THE  ���������FDOWELL-ATKINS-WATSON CO.  ��������� (Limited)   '      ���������      <   Ube   Bntogi������5t5���������-  -Mccarty's    Block, ' Revelstoke    Station.  Olio.' T   iMali.iikv.   ]M{^r.  - JCSTAIJLl.SIIKn 1SS2--  WEILER BR0S.;  VICTORIA, B.C.    , .  bixgkel-ol-A.ss t  ���������L^  ?o>  Oomoleie House Farnishim  ffs  Largest   stock   west   of Toronto.  V/ri-c to   us  for  Prices   and   illustrations.  For  Miners,, Contractors,   Carpenters   and ��������� Agriculturists.       ' ��������� . ��������� '  T.   I���������.   MAKS, Notaiiv Pu'jji.k;. ' ' W.  F. CI1AGK.  ������������������    .. HAIG&GRAGE,   ,. "  REVELSTOKE,  B. C.  Mining and   Real   Estate   Brokers   and   general   Commission  Agents.    ��������� Fire.   Life   and   Accident   Insurance.  l>l'l>K'si'llt>lti\Ts ut till!   Kuutl'll.lV  iSllM'Itillir .-uul   Tl'.llJ i lllf S V nfli'.'.l t f.' '  Ajjoiits fur lii'\ijl.stiil������-iMiii(l Trout-Luke Cily iowh.mU's.  V  '  , ;       ' BORN.,  McOAIt'riIY.-i-At, ltevelstoke. AiitfiisL 27lli.  the wife of J). MtCiii-thy of a li.uiKlitor.   t  ~~ DIED.' '���������        [  SOAMES.���������At Arrowhead, H.(.'.,S(>p'(onitier 1st,  M.u'Kni'el. >S. wife of Kolicrt Soiiines, Jtovel-  stoke, ll.C.  ItOIU.VSO.V,���������At Itcvolitoke. Sciitonihcr 1st,  the infant son of Jlr. nnd Mrs.'Ilaxtcr Itob-  inson. , '  , Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  Miners',   Contractors',   Blacksmith   and  .    .   .    .    Ship Chandlery Supplies.   ANo a <-oiiipl(*te lim* of   Shelf    and'    Heavy   'HARDWARE.    '    , ' '   '   -  ���������     ', ^^=332S^>   '    Carpenters'   Tools,    &c.  Icssop's 'Steels,  Ore Cars,  Ore Sacks,  Etc.  ''     "'  ,        PLATK, GLASi^ A SPECIALTY.     '      *   ,.  Write for Information. r ���������     V A. IN \j\J U  V  ill !>,   ������~>. \J.  'A ...-.--- '".",(" ,,        i,      i  Furniture'Dealers.& Undertakers.  ���������  Picks, shovels,  spades,   forks,   hoes,   axes,   wedges,   crowbars;   hammers  and  tools   of' every  description. , ' ' '    ' ,     \  Orill steel; round, flat, band and Norway iron; saws, files, rasps, etc.  Dynamite caps, .fuse.  Doors, windows, building paper, paints and varnishes^., ' ', -  Double oven French ranges for hotels, cooking and heating stoves, granite and tinware.  BOURNE.  BROS.,  , Hardware Merchants. , -  -        . * Revelstoke Station,. B. C.  'JVicLennan, McFe'eIv'& Co. lid.'  "      WliOlfKXALH   Iron, Steel, Miners', Mill and Blacksmith Supplies.  (i i  Hardware   -  122 CORDOVA STREET,  E-namel' Ware.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  Upholstering' and Picture Framing a Specialty. -,  .   . , -^ .        *    .  Agents for R.-iunond Sowing Mnuliino, IMaiuil'.-ictiiroi's Life Insui'iuice Society,  ;Uni<in   Fiie   I iisiir.iiice   Co.,   Provincial,,Building nnd Loan Asssociation,  , ,   OltCANS and Pi.v.vok. c    ' .     ���������''  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  Hugh Brown is westfori a shooting  , tiip.'  Air-tight, box, coal nnd oooicing  /stoves at Com,sier's, *  'Cory- Menhii'iiek, recoi"<ler at L.ir-  jcjcan, came up last evening.  . Dick*   .McDiariiiid   lias   rPtui-ned   to  .town aftei* a long stay in the hills.        ,  1 "Win. Lee, jr. left Thursday fm  "Winnipeg after spending the summer  .here..1  .  .). J. Foley, of the Lake-view, Arruw-  Jien,d, is in town to-day. > lie .repints  'business ijood.  f he WM. KAMILTON-MASDPACI'DBING CO., Ltd.  iMANUFACiTURKUS OF - *      ������  THE'���������"���������RELiANCE" MiNIHfl.-.MILLIMU AND SMELTIH8' R1ACHJHERY  -    , for the \mm\m o'f.banaoa  "   ��������� (Under License from THE E. P. ALUS CO., Milwaukee, Wis.)  .).' \V.  CAMITON', tinrrrbiry-y'rcancrer   ,  J.  K. W.  MACFA11LANF, Mamujcr.  S. O: II^O>T';"^rODR^:S G0:LTD,  mm macrihery ���������  SAWMILL KACIIIRERY  KASiKt'ESGIHES    - ���������  .Gone ral   fo u n cl e r s,  engineers,     ' o'boiler-  makers ancl nianufac-  turers   of  all   classes'  of machinery.  ^^WP^^-^H^te 1/ r������KP 1N ST0CK  ���������-^^^-^^^^^-^���������^^������^^00^    |\,    a   full 'supply of  *-.     ���������fc*-^-i* -fin,/.1.*Jf  engineers'     and  ������'| mill supplies,   ])ipte   ancl  '?S fittiny-s,    brass     ������'"Oods,  ^���������'���������l^^P^M\ si3''1 ptill^ys, oak tanned  $}?ifcgzi^Sl=-il leather belting, etc.  Wa^tt&S^   ' an<--- engines" on applica  Estimates, for   boilers  d (  tion.  ("i-iihln't -:. RolK   .lig**,   C'oilci'iil i.ili'i's,   Serei'iis,   Slam'i--*,   Pumps.   CoinpresMii's  Hoists. lit ii leu-. Illumines.  W'alei- \Vhci-L-, Jite.  Sole Agents for B.C. for JOHN BERTRAM &.SONS Machinists' Tools.  Branch office I > ll^P!,1 i ' l-><\ !-"> f\ I ^"V   ���������  M       C\ VT  VANCOUVER, B.C.    t     . LIM. IJ L\,\>\ M vU U U I L,   UiN  I .  CANADIAN'GENERAL ELECTRIC. Cl  Capital,  $1,50t),000.  (Ll.MITKD.)  Head Offices', Toronto, Ont.  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus, -  Save'wood and   troulile   hy'   ueUim.'    Hoists, Pumps I'louvis.  F.uiv  P.l.iMiii^ App.uat.us 'I-h namos for Li^luii  d  ,oue,   of,   tho^e    uir-tiylit    he.iier-.     at  .Coursier'.s. > o  The      British      Association       went  _-.thiuiij*;Ii Tliuisday  goini;   west.    ]xnd |  Kelvin and Sir John   Evans   were   of  Pnwei.  .Motors fin  all  Ptirpi)k-'->.  Electrical tninsmi^ston of power .succehsfuH}' ojiiirateci up to  50  miles by ou,-' THREE PHASE TRANSIViISS^OH SYSTEM.  ' , Corner -of Aiexanfo/St. and 'Westnilpstcr Ave. Vancouver,, B.C/1  P.O. Drawer 754.,   , , ,=   '   '   ���������'  Cable' address-" Cove."  -Wvn-bNUi  h  3  Stoves  Tinware  Tinsmithing-,  LS  Glass.  Hard^ware   .-  Paints'=  ���������      1  ���������   ��������� ���������"  Special attention given mail orders.      _     \ ���������  7~." "RISVELSTOKS STATION, B..G.  NELSON  llr.i'ih Ollii   - ,11 l!nl,-'i Cuinmhi.i.  VANCOUVER  Real Estate and Mininsr Broker.   -- -"-- -"    - - - -'      Agent for-Ferguson'Townsite.  ' FERGUSON, B.C. *  the party.  Sori'l B.dl^^.iarde is ropoi-lpd   Lo.iu'i  ���������yerv ill with the fovi-r that srem*. ti.'in*  somewhat pic\al(*iit.     All linjii.* to   .-,ei'  Mr.  Uallp^aarde out again mioii.    '  Mr. MiL-hael Or.ifly. it  i^   lic.ud   on  pretty    qood .authority,   will   e:c*<,-t  a  ���������?'l0,000 imtel Kidding at the St. Lmni ;  ^piin^-% if he can lot.iin his ri^ht-'. j      '  The 1 L'irne-Payiie party wont   ^mitli |  in , Trout    r^aki*,    Tliuisday   t'M'iiiilu'. j  .stopping   umm*    liight   nt    An-owlu-aii.',    One of   the   ineniLers   uf   the   l!iiti>h 1  Association awniiip.uiied tin' part v.        \ f*  On Thursday a party nf nota'nlc , \gZA ���������  VrmcoiiveritC'S eaine in on the iiiiirniii'_'  train and went south. Tlio party  .consisted ot (!. H. Mh.\v.p||, M. P.,  ^M.is'u ��������� Teinplfiiin, I1, <!. Mi* I iiiiincll,  I), .Menzie and (J. N. I >,i\ id-,un.  Heeeni de\.'li.pini'nts ai the  (James i Carn'e*-> the !>r-,t. 'line of   hiiners and  pro-ij^ <-|. ir ,   iW.-if,  in   iiic  L'toi-k C.insolidiiter! Cold   Mines   pmp-j   "'       ]>,., ^ jnr,.       \\'nic for   ���������iin[)l"-,.  prt ies ai e   \ory   s'ltUfactm y,   and    the J   .dceisimi nf the diieefus   t������i  i.iUe   ihe 1 _ i       m 11' nil i       rt  "������������������ ,,f ���������������"��������� ^-;>-:;������������������>���������'���������- ������������-"iPpospBetops and Travellers  Can and See  cent������ pel" sliaie is well   jiiit illcii. ; r  vLLAN  Wholesale Boots ajid Shoes,  13 & 15 Cordova St., VANCOUVER, B.C.  II  ������EisriiEA'L. 3ycia:i?G'i3:^^3sr,T:,  V  JPk JL/e  '9  REVELS  For Sale.  t    KII:ST-f'I..\.S<    I'.lf'Yir.K      < 'ii.-n.ii     for  j\     11u.l1.    .\pplj al H. N. ('(ll'IISIKIfrf.  MEN "WANTED !  One pl.'iinur ma.ii ami mn; ednci- iii.-in fnl- -iiiv-  111III .mil iihoul, 'Si linn for tlie hinh. AUn.i  liiiriiu-,-' iiiukur.   .\ piilj" t'>  Jfirf. HV.SVAA.V..  Kt;.\I/l'. H.C.  200 Men Wanted  IiOK   AIJ'KltT  CAN VON.   ������HK'"< ?'-'.'-',*/  pri"  J      <I,iy, work rill uinli-r.  |'.l|f Ajiplj In I'.AIHiV A ItOh.-.  ^       NOTICE.  ���������'��������� Scoiin" MiniT.tl  I'l/iini, -.ilu.iir in  ilu-   |l!i-  cill''wint   MiniiiK  Diiisimi  "f  VV1-1   Kooi-  vinay   I)Uli-ii-t.     U'lu-ri;    In'.-("I:   (U\     Hie  1101LI1 -ill'' of (Jr.iinli- Creek. I-'i-,|i l.'i\'-r  rjlAKK'NO'l'ICK Mini I.   Wain 1  s.-oll. ii'-linu  .1.    ii-, inbuilt, for tin-,  l-'iili   liner ( i.pin.r .i.ii'l  Hil'vc-r Milling Coiiipiiny I>iiiillii'l. l-'n-e  .Miiitr's  ' J.'L-ctillc-.'itc'Xo. ill Mil; intend, .sixty ilny*  I'l-mn  l.liu.iliiU! Iiere'if, Lo ilpply lo Llic 7VI i 11 in������ l.'ecorilur  loi- ;l ';iji-t,ilU.'!il,u of jii||ii*'fii'iJ|iH!il't.-!.  for  I lie   li.ni'*  iioso iif oldailliiiK ll ''i'"w'|| Ki-iuiJ. of (In;   al.uvi:  Jf'lilllll. ���������       '      .  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PROPRIETORS. ���������  ;Fir'.il-Clnsii' irv Ev������ry.R<!"i|M:f:t.. ���������  S^rn'plii-rooiTift   for Comim-rauir M,-rt.  /.i^.. Wholesale Dealers in  S, WINES, SPIRITS .AND GIG  BB^7"ELSTOEEffB.G:


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