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Kootenay Mail Oct 29, 1898

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 i :i
^:���^ , v y/y y
/*?c^a/\v'<&'/    *&** &J>     eSs, *3      Sk/    Ha
n-- -
$2.00 a Year.
TR  Oil/.
A WEEKLY CUCG;il"'0i'  i'uLiTlfAI.   '������i
.it <>
:<". v,if- ii... !\.!i..��:i-t -c-.'i-'i THE FORCE OF GOOD EXAMPLE.
"i'l  .:!*������  iri-\ i :��� .*i'...'ii j.i>-*-lbli' to i   '
���:..:..   *-,.:�����...!��tnrv i]ii.i:tciiy j An   Anglo-American   Penny   Postage
i-.iii.iiv- .in* ow   ih-   live ! Schema Kay Follow.
hb.v tih.i'-ii.'-.lj i-iiiv
'IP. I'I .'(I  ,llV   tl.l*    I I'llll I'S   III.Illl'  i''<-   !
! . ! >iu !
Tariff rafonn  -C^n .iLnev r.::d   pro-' "���''^-'t^-i"":<('l''��1':!1,<1 M��-��-��i-ui��>D
j ;iiui,i- ,-n i .unit ing for imuv  I h.in 11 per
gressiveness   -Tho Otuiv.;.: (IsCuva , ,.t.n, (1, Ull. ,..gg,(.g,,t,., u-itii .,, mm-h
ation of faitii--A cci;-i::->on  s:*ne ,' i' '" "I '*������*"'"" ""'���'" ���'���" reflecting
1 t;,i* gel ci ,il   stale   of  hll-il.oss,   lileag-
view--Dunn's review.
gate was no*, oi I heless miliHer th.in
��� --",-' '' j in ,my otlier iiuuitli   i ovei-cd liy our te-
O'l'TAWA, Oi*!. 12.*��� .'iiiiciiH tin" ni.my | t m n-for many blanches of business,
subjects ol iini-i-iil political cont :���(.- J hi sonic blanches tlic failures in Sopt-
vitsv hikI <iiliii-'ni tho:*o i- i;i*i hap*" I ember and August, wen* lilt* sinalh'sL
none it'jur.i width greater ,ind mure | i:i .'my inuntli, .-uui also in many
Inmost, iiii-tinder-landing'appear- lointnci- lbe faihues fm- the quartet
exist tli.m that of the tit til i:io  ct   ihe [ wcie Iim sinullo-t in any quart.-r."
ihoi.-tl parly upon' tlio i*ueslioi�� of t.n- ! L'fad-ti eel'- the'olhci gieat fiii.iiu-i.il
IT reform.' Tln-Iilioi-.il p.n'i'y in Can agency, l epoi t- upon almost idont ieal
ul.i, ,i- ic tli" old lountiy, has boon i liui"-. i i" lli.-it cninmei; i.illdi.--;i-lci- and
horougidy iib'iit ilied with Ifi'.-in.tlicu- j financial eaiasti'nphe pi nphosied liy
ible pi inripl *- nf fi'e.* 11 .uie,, ,uni Llio i ?.loss|-.. Tuppor, Foster A: Co. is lo niu-
ocal condition-lii it   have compelled ;i    toi iuli/.o in  n   reasonable,, pei iud,   il'is
liioililic.-ilion ihei oof ha*, e ben '-Mil -
milled Lo ;���.- a u'l.-itloi of lieu'���ity, .-mil
iK-ve'r i'i uui  choice.     When   thoiofoie
It lenil spi'.iUoii .iiul wiito'i*.-. have de-
cl ui*il their 'tiiirtiakuii fidelity tc free
(rule tln-y luivL* (U't-l.'ii-ed for tlio principles kiii! for l'ioir'.fi'.illy thoieto,
li >!h per-( nally .-mil .-is p,n ty i i-pn-*-
su lliltiVPS, ;ind w lien they' li.-ivi* de-
ol.-uod foi ,-i modificiiion of those piin-
.-i\(!y by till- p.-ij'or, Lh.it (.in In- | Wiu-u impeii.d penny postage Ivi-
,'Ie l.u- tlio ji.i-t (jn, liter, llio-e in | ciiuc .-i-xiirod, l.ir^oly through the effort- of t'.inad.i'.-. po-tiu;ihtei-{jeiier.-il.
ir w;i�� reci-iveil with gen^i-il .-ippl.-nise;
,i:ul by helii'V.-i- in tin* pc���ihiliiy of
;i j.?**,*'11 Kimli.-h speaking* union it was
btr^oMcil that the ido.i In.- extended so
a-, tu oinbi ;u-o".-i siniil.u* solieiiio for the
Aiiprlo-Ameriiiin natii'ni-.* Tho idea
was nut i-himeiic.-il hut i*< well within
the possibility of iiocoiiipli-liiiH'iit, ��� at.
the following dispatch indicates:
Washington. D. C, Oot.^ 21ih.~
Thiid Assistant P.Ktinastei-Geneial
Men ill will, i-ei omiiiend in his annual
ippnil this year thu reduction nf
oco.-in postage between this ciuiiitry
and Great Britain lir> two cents a half
ounoo. Tin* present, rate'is, five cents;
so that, fur business houses on holh
t-iil*,'- ol the Atlantic having a largo
ion i'.s))oiideili-e, this w ill mean a very
large. h,i\ iiiir in expenses. This is the
first tiine siu-h .-in offii-iiil rei-oiniiiond-
atinn litis heen inane, (hough the sub-'
joct has been agitated at various* periods for more than forty years.
surely tunc it M.-u led.    i t
DEATH   OK  ItliV. 1)1!.  CUCUUANE.
liy tlio une.\pei led and univer.s.illy
i os* i el I ed d e.*i th of Uev. Dr. William
C'ochiiline, D.,D., of JJiviuttoi d, Can-,
ada 1omji a nio-t o&t inialile citizen, and
I lie Pi e.sliytoi ian, i-hiueh a valued and
tnmli   b/'loved   leador      Dr.   Oioluat.oj      ,   , A g^ A ^
v\as Known  liom   Halifax  to  Vnnouu- ���     ��    ,
ver, and in   fact   far  beyond   the  con- J     Tiie  Tiotit  Lake  Topic  thus  voice's
! I.  s J  i   V. I*  I   *.       *..     1.'
t i' i i. \"\' ! ! i-  ..Irr.'.-i
And Kumbsred Districts Nov.-  i.i  0;   j i2--x��i-tn:��� i.i.!.*,. ;... ii.i'i Ti:i.;-r.i\ ���
���d. s si,:>,   <,',   \' c-
������l.li id   *. i-il   tu
eration on the C P. Pi.
i!   ! i-'    Vi e.-U ,''���     was   e.il.'i :.. n.i ii
. t si-ppc!' and .-is-i-t l.l] in a
The C.niaiiiiii   Paulic   i.iil��.-iy   I'a- | ve ;.*    pi..a-,ml,    o.hl:e!l.i.\ -,' ' e\e.,ing
Mdojited   a   lio.v   sy.-lem   ol    tn.i: ivi) g | A-i n i   fiinliv   lie    veiled    Pei cl
lc.-uled freight 'on iis line by in** ins < 1
which the iiioveiu.'iit.s will In* I'.h .1-
i la ted ' a nil the shippeis heneHi ti r.
This new system will aj-u benefit tli
rompany iu its making \;\i iA \\ ii: -
and in yard --'.vitcliing, which il nni-
dei.s cotiipaiat ively easy. ]| is,:ne\
tension ol l!:e color.-d i,-u I s\-,ici:i
w.hieh s-howt,'whet her lhe !i-"i/i:l i^
rush, fas-t or ordinary;1 il> divide.s il.e
road into district- and un each i.i'd
will, in addition to the che-s of fi eight,
lie plai ed the number  c)'    Ihe  dishiii
1 f,
tci whii-i) it i.s  going.     Uy   tin-   meai-.s
it wiil not he necessary   in   train   iia'v-i
sii I i, co ioi,le to the Vonlhern lunges
,l w! "ii'li'll. ii'   bo  ,-loppiil   v\ilh   Hio.
.]. .'.lbe: I S|.i:.e,    cl     \ iie   !���*. al    b dj' .
,  ,     ,   !   O. G.'T.
'."lie Ciialel 'Lodge I- 0 G. 'J', ul
Ui ii i-'.I'< 'ulu'-il.i.i i- i:'i .sossi.'in al \"a:i-
(iiuv.-i jliis week, 'j he ,'lt (eiidain a is
very good.��� ,
Tb.- b-(,.l bulge cleelesl iis l ew
(liVivers'J'uevdav e\ en ing fur i he cuiiiiiig
on litei- ,:���- ii.ll.i \s : ( "\V. .1. Lee, ('. T.:
M's, M Abes-, V*. CJ. T.; C. \V.
Mill i.c!', S. c.; C. A. 11 lite, T,,.,is.:
.Mi-s S.\,iiis(j;., Chip.; (1 II. Lsii-v.
Fin. Sec": A.'.'I.   Nli'i',1,   -Maislial;   Mi
r U
A naiiicrr '6f Trout Lake nial shipments��� Preparations for winur
y/ork on :. nuinte'r of propsrttes.���
' Tra.l;., tu.-.ncls and diggings.   ,
'j'he i::i''ing (.-i:ups aiuund Hovcl-
MoVo .ski.,.- ii-ivi (piaiity pi-.-lly well
h\ i!" aiti\-.' ; i cpar.it ion- they .-tie
ui.iki.ig !..: uiuti-r deielopment woik.-
G md i laiins cannot lie ailuwed In r''-
iii.iiii iilb* ami next -.uinmei- will ��.*e
the i omit ry \> i*ll adv.iiii I'll.
ing to wait r��.r way bills .���  jh.-.Hu.Uj ]o <A ���,,,;,_,,.,,. yiiU ,,, ,,.   ���    H.   Cllll|1. |     W���:..Iolmsu:,. ���|'Th <������V Landing,
(ill    then-   place   and    cle ., lv    .nil,, a! e , ^ ^  ,,  ,,, .   ()mi|    L,,N,nl(1)   CU|1, ,1: | ha^compl.-t ed h,s cusil.vu I for packing
Bleak House.
tlie destination of'l lie  I'i eight;   and   m     ,,,   ,,      ,   ,    ,,      ,
,T>        .            i     l   * \ . v.. I a -1, \ . .-> i' 1',! 1. 11' I.
making up the t rai.i   the   i,ii-< Inriv.ili i _J    s.,^..
parliciilai   distiict   must   lie   kept   lo-
gethor. tliose tu ho loll   off  fii^l   in   be
noaiost tlie engine.'    Tl'ieae rea ul.hioiis
will save ;i lot of time  .-it   way   points,
making up points .-md   in  .shunting  in
yard*.    Rod cii ds (i'ii.sli)���\vill   be  used
on cars containing  tea.   s;|k   ;nid  i.ri-
t hey h.-ne simply rei ugni;;-d ,'intl mi!i-
iniltid to the incxniablo logic 'of the
then pievailing iiiiiditiou's.
'   ���        A 'CDXPlrfriCNT POLICY. ,
Then: is nothing inconsi-iont m >in-h
a ptiMtion: it i.-, tin* atlitudo u! a!) iirac-
ci;��le-,i,nl,o!ie!d   ..I  pi.n. tii ..1' V��\��\*-*! \ H,,,., ���,  lhl.   Doiuiuio.i; 'and   wherever j , |,�� -kicl^of the   Lardeau   Hover-,   at-
he went his In ight, choery personality i L|���. failure of Uie PieveUtoke learn Lo
ant! keen lni.sines^ iicunioii made his | pi,-iy a ret urn inatch of fuclhall: "On
I'epul.i'.iiin among those wit.li v'huni j s iturday last a .fuuthall niaLcli was to
he iainelin (uutacL. ' His hu.-y life h;is . |,iivt, i,(J,,n pl,-,yt d hetween the ReVel-
been Iniitlul of good win k*-, and j j-toke and local fouthall teams, hut'
whether as a ehui chiiian oi as a oil- | ������iy two ' of' olhe Pevel.stoke men
lienl men; upon ���������.''������> like i-sije with L.ci, a pi e.u her or ii teacher, lie ha-, j show'Vd up. The hoys are" vei y indig-,
KMi-c-ly an e\i-i-:;i ion't lie p..!i v -u" ,,'i\ l'H' lo;.';;ei then the naluial teiin ofj,,.,���f ovoi*r t he"" way the Jlevelslokers
man or p *ny. il it . - v. n-' !*. '. al .-;'- a, .'!"' ���,-*.iei.il ion. ^im.d toi'cmosi m ills [ jl:iVl. ...,.,,()Hi t hem ii'l thks in.-tttor and
pnlii y ���tti.il!. io t.'iil il'i-v.ti..!   !'-..;.* -,'     in li and 1:1 tn.-land of hi.-atloiitiun. ' i hey h,*i\i'miiiiiiI hmmuis   fm' being so,
i.iu', imi'.ii ^Msi.i.i   Wish! ii, . o-, [,i.i-1       ' o -  - i re. to  accommodate   iiii;,  leani   tliat
giv^sin ' ,i- iii.iiLtiun- a.ha1:,' .                  1  .           .     h _.���  ,���,in,  ,���_. ��, ; iaih-i! io materialize, alley had to^end
It i-.scinch- likv'.v ill it ,imv -tmie.it , hvbkh  Ai-JiJ   liililbUlVAL LUllUfO | miles   up   into   the   hill-   logeiiheir
or fairly close aiiis eri ei   .'f,e\i���uts   v\il!|���'    .  *'��� I plaj eis dowii.    Tin:  lioy.s say they will
��� <J ental freight. fniiii'.V.ineuux er, gie. n
fruit, dressed hoof.' hiitlei, o.poit
cheese and pi n\ i.siouH, and will be
given piefeience over all ll eight except li*. f .slock. Green caul oi . fa.-l
freight must get a- good dispatch as
reasonably possible and geti pi el'oi eiue
ever .-ill but I usli freight. 'J'lio system
can lie seen in.uperal ion i !iv paying a
visit to tlie yard.s hero tn.d noting t he
cars and caul*-..' "*   ,
oue-tiou tin- i.i  lheo:v.   lint   may   ''.-i!
to   .-ipply  '\!i,*   pi in  :[-;"���.    I'l.n Jic.-.'Jv. i lan-lc ci
Al. bniilh   i.s < putt ing   in   a   new J bide their  limi*,   hjnvevei.   until   Rev*
'eistoke   wants*',!!!!),! ln-i    team   to   help
F.ii    instance,   -i    h.s  l.ee.i'   d,.!,;.���*d'      ^ _   ^ ] ^ j{,.L T���Ph(IilV ;'���. a   , ihil ' make  a   big day   inLer.^i ing,   then-"
weekly, and tilita-t   da:!\   dming  '-1'' i in il,,; L(|,!M, ' j Thi n you will  accept   a  goitd-u.-.tui ed
n ist two mm I*-'th.-.t   fee  It'ii1! il   p.nty:    ������.    '..... ,        .     . 'apo'.ogv   ,-ind   heart v    invitation 'and
',     , ,, .,.   ,,   ...      In. .d.illueli   ��.';il   un   a   \isil   cast      '       "-   ,.,        , *    ,
ii i-gone   liacl:   uiii:;   the   jso-itioii   it    , . : ome up Itke  llio  spin I sii ion   von  are.
took  Jlllul   tv)   ihe ;g*'.|-,ei,,l   c!i', ilull    111  , , *. ( . ,  ^��	
i,u when* iT-,,Ml ^'"/'��^'-1(|il^;/l,llt;tt':-v   ^ ^.������:inSl.-i,.e* , Election Protests.    ���
oil lor  liee  ti.itle. *   tee ,;;i coe;.   a i d , l"'.v> ul u,u"'-  ������ ..       \ \ 	
otliLM* rioiaiia-i'ir in-'.nb'"is i |  the   uo\-        'i he bun;, i.fDi. il.i'uitioon was sent'     m,..   .lu-tice   .Martin ' has,    on    tin-
ei* iiin-iH    hav"   iieen  i|-i:i!..-i  ,*>.: d n.i'--    e i-i u's una iimg , molion  to *>| i i|;e' on'l   tho   p -lition, in
ijuot.e.i in Mipi'ii'i i   of., tins  (iiaiei.tio';, |  .   j,1,  J���el >,di," i.it.de   ;i   sli-u l,   l-usinoss ' t'nf'ol-'olion pi ote-t uf Jai dine vs. I3nl-
the    po-itici)   uf    tho   11 ii.i , bt'.'.g ,i( -    (lip to 'j'liiiit /j,i!.o i.i'-l week. Iei>.    overruled   tile   objection    of    the
���cnratelv summed up in ,1 -.-ni. iho b> ' _ (. ;; S'i , w and i'auiilv, n.ov cd inio I'-ponili'iijl-. tlnis declaiing Jl,-.
Prof. Ooldwiu yniilh ;n a | ubli-lK-d ,. . ti\d!i-, lesiilentc tliis'w cek. It li i- ' Ib-ake's appoint incut as master to ho a
aplieh-.i lewd.iys.igo \. n, n In* .-.s.-ei l-    ,,ai||t [ln:,,],,,sC,| [n. _*\] r. M|)t, w valid one.    Iii lonnect'ion   with  Noilh
that -at tlio tune   or   ike  ih-uhn.   we .      ,^ ^^.^   m;1(lo   a   ,|ip   ,��� \ Nana, mo,   Coinox   and    Victoria   citv
j out ii.u* tun nf oie from ahc Gray ().
J and S.lvei King oil llio uoith folk of
itho Laideaii, eight milo ahove Fei'-
,i sriisoii. - It, was s.enl''as ;i test, shipment
Nov, get down voiii dickens aiid j to the Ti ail -smelter. 'These , prop-
; ead Ule.ik ILoiisp, Aliss .Jane Coomhs | ei lie's , ;u e owned liy the Piiini>i��>
w il! ,i|-jjt-.u* at. Tapping's Tiiealie on j .Mining and Mu'liug Co.. W. West fall,' r
.S il uiijav, Xo\. Glh, in'the dual ioli*s| manager. The ore avei-ages over S200
of L id) i'latllock and I inl tense, su'p- j pei-'toii. '
p.ortCii |.y hei* ni/ijniiicr'tit ciiiniaiiy,      i     Wapplie- lire   going  in to  llie  Black
 ,o-a^���.J  I Di.-iiiioiul gtoup, MM-nlly purchased hy
.   ��� , ,       ', , '   ,rin��� I X.-ipoioou Wells,  nl Ros-1-uid.      Work
lGhal Ai^iJ PEaSiifJAij Bit'EFS;��in�� m.!.< ������ .It ���������...
  , j(,   Ti i,i! oi e'shipmeiiit. _ liav e   been   sent.
V now shoe store" is   in   l.o   o'lencd ' loTinil fn.ui the Loion  Jack claim ou
shoillv  iu lhe llcUaity iilmk.      ' 'which    woik    i-oiniiienceb   by the new
eoliipaiiv   -M.iiulav.      'J'heie is a show-
li   (Juidon's new building on Seconi
tilioot is fast, neaiiiig ciinpletioii.
ing of one fool of solid ore on the surface, t
'   vJio.il I'ingioss is being in.n!e on lln*        I). Keigusdn   has   sent    up   men   io(
i'ii;w  iioiisi'.s ou Macken/.io'A venue, ���         eoinplote t lie iimnel   on   tho   Towser.
(Ileal   sinus   in   slow",'  .ii.fl    -Jnliii        W<"k wUl   '��'  '-'""inued  all   winter
Hull i.u.jcs a*. (Jvuiisih'-,                   o      ' ,,!l ;.'"��� I',,'i"' Coinage, owned   by   Dunn
i ' - iV h"1,!! i ell, of   Vancouver.      It   i.s  look-
Tli.*. li ig wa'vc.l   mi    llie   llaust.l'IV   at. , ,,.��� u (,||_
Tapprng'sOn-ia llouso'on  Tlmi.s.lay...     ", G    M(.:<r]Ui  mllu,,   Cup supetiu-
ji. .). Hon.no in-.flc'ii liip tins week ! t-ndei.l, was iu Trout   Lake this week,
lii ins   In .niches ' in   the -.south    but nothing i-oiilil bo leanii d of futuie
��� ' i (tpeiiiliiins.    Ten tons of supplies have
'   ���     , .      ���      |     ' gone ut) ti* l he'nime. ,
.>, put   m , a   ua'cr** oik.s , "^ ', , .-.,,-..
the Oi.ldhug.   on   ihe   South   I'oik,
owned'by J. A. .M.-u.i,   wjll   be worked ���
Revelstoke a, Divisional Point.
Manager Whytc, ol (he C. P.'IL, i e-
tuine'd to Winnipeg last h'lid.iy fjoin
the Pacific i oast. Mr. Why! (*_ stated
Lo a Pree Pi ess lepoiter I ii.-i L '*L1i,',m !-
-toko is being made ihe divisional
'point of llie main line in (lie mountains between Kamloops aud Laggan
and the work'ol electing tin' neio:-
sary shops and lound houses i- v\.!l
undei way." Me also-aid that in au
inlet view   ,wi!h     Sir r \\'illiam   A',in
Home lhe people of    Donald   were   m- t    i .     .....a..        ,i        . i,,.    u.��� ,.Li,,]<(. ,      ...   .    ,      ., <        ,.    ,. ,,
r           i .1    ,    I     .i              i-i-       ,    | 'lll,*'4      nnilv       at   ,   -ni     in .i isioM a     J5,,.(|   ,ic   .Mover,   ot    Hie    Coiiiiuon-
forniod thai all   those   who   desuo   ti. I it ,,,!
J L,W-.-i'ILtlli
to     his
cmmi i v
Pol gu'sou h,
sj stein v,-!i!v!i   i(^   uoiking   \civ  .sati1-:-
fuctoiih.    ' ' o ,
all v. inter;  -n  loo   will   tlic   Nellie   L.,
v. I'1, .Kiiiciivlo is   U'fiorted   getting , ,,��� ,|u, Xni-lh Vuv'b:.
move   |o    Rovelsloke,    and   had    lols |
J wealth .Mining Co.. have sent in   sup-
ii ��� . ,i !���   ���     i  '   f [..ndsonit1 air ti diti.sioves   in   l.u "0 ' l-*'11"**   ,n  l,1K'   '"'   their  claims on "the
would rec*'ive .-111. ill ea ill  the new  dl\ Is- '        i M,lli.su.iu. .ui   li���iil,.sh.m s    in    i,u_,i   ,i
ion.-il poinl ,i\\i\ theii   nuo.U" woukl   be
moved f i ee.   The shops at Djn.Wd will
a I,
-U.-jO     si/.o    '1,    H~>--n       ai l ^l" l-li I'"ork. which will   be   worked all
he -jliut flown :ilimit, the 'iiid.lle of
November huL t lie . company intend.
Lo do all   iu   its   power   lo   make   the
Coin sh'l's.
...   ,,    i,    .    ii     '   i     r   i i ii            '      I'eiirusou people aie a^in;'  lor  thi
. \\ . II. iiliiikei!  and   ���>.   A. ..Ligoc,                 ,        '    ,      N.      .    ���    .
.        .    ,,          , n       ' louipletion of   theJNiiith   I*urk~ wagoi
ifjlh    or   Liiiuaphx,    wok:   iii iuui,       ',,.���'���                 ,...���-.���
,                 -      '                ' , i(i.i(l,    It is in one and a halt  miles ,-ini:
ho'ird a gloat dell about hoe li.'.iti
nnd veiy little' .-i!i..ut neiiss.uv
caution and delay."' *
jinwx i.\ nr-At'ss a.vu v.ifn'i:.
r���uiu!!-g Tiiui.s'lav to Ijiingin  a '
u*lion '|.Ti)test cases  the  same judge
j i'llll oi farm Kodticoifioin the rimcli.-i I "^'"'"k'li '!��' "''J^'tion   regurdingahc j
; '. ; |iayin'g  ui    tlie cash  security mlolhe
!      T. J.J.oikIiuiii na*s *n town the foie. ; ivgi-trai'of tlio  supreme   court, hy the
'".'it    ot      the      vw-ck.       lie      i^P"1 ^ ' petitioner, holding   thaL  Llui  rule' was
; w into,-.
Poigiis-un people ai e asking  for  the
, , ,,    , . ' it will lake four and a lialf miles   more
change as advantageous .,*is po.ssihc to .       ,,        ,,   , P      ,       ,,���     ,   .,.,,..,   .
..,���.., B  , ' i      Dan   .dLL'Tiian,   ut    the     Windsor    to (mishit.   ,
Hotel 'j'i on I  Lake City,   w..*3   1:1    town
those allecled
A Vancouver Souvenir.
fins is not.an a.i in,*ile  slalom,uii oi , ,
i i .- ii.iin.eioi.s sail's en his coinnaiiv-s, town- ...,,.,..ai...!   .. jii,    l.,,.,.]   ������<inrlil itins.   ,,....
the fa c,-, a- nnv   h ��� seen !*v i e ereiice '     * , io.ii|.'iUi.i  v.iui,   kk.ii   iiuioiiioiis   gov
to the pi uteeihngs  of llie  libi'i*al   conventional   Ottawa   which   foi mulah d '
site. , 0
\K   ' JhalliiWiUle    ui     ithc      Covvau-
ermng here. ,
The.-e decisions clear lhe ground for
the hearing of lhe list of (���lection pio-
test cases and the first, will probably
lie    the  Estpiiiiiiiult' one,   .Ttndiiie  et
the phi!form upon which   that election j i lolteu-j Jowus-   (inn     ictiirneil     this
Was foughl.   Tlioio   io' no  mention  ot ! week fiom a   business   \isit   to   Tt'out
free tt.-nle there, tin* fact   being, i ocog- j JhIu'.
jiized (hatsucli an idea! omuliiion u*;h ,     -p J,  Graham   has   sli-lnlv   nltererl j 'l] vs' "l'll,?!,, Whit'h wlH l"'K'" l,n U(,n"
l,',.ii,.t-ilil.i'   iiinli.e   nvislimS    cieil5'io'ns  ''.i        i c l ��� ^i     " i- (la V tlCXl, heftll 0 il btipi emt' COUl't illdge.
luipossKHO   linnet   CMsimg   t ,h,ii,, ions , . i|U .,i,V|,s uf |11:,  IU!W   i-pskIhh^.   wlucii I , , "     .       ���'     ��
in ("'���iiiiifl .. h-!   vvliil    \v i��   deel iri'f1 I'd- * .       I .    .1        i It promises  Id   1)0   .1   lnosl.   1 III (Testing
in O.iniKi.i, om Mi.u   wa.. iuii.ui o k i i pmiuisc^ to   be   nnujiigst/   the   besi'in         '        .  , .            .    ,      ,       .
whs "rhe adoption   of  a   sound   li.-oal , l()Wl,                                                                j ^<w,   eighty stibpoena s   having  been
polic-v which, w'uile noi doing mjiK-tieo '      _  '    ,      ,.  ,,.        ���       ,        ,     '            M��fc"(,d-   Tlio otlier cases will likely be
toiu.'v class  would   piomnte d'm.estio ���  . J*.   ,M      b-'1;'"', .v m.iiuber-elect, ^ and . |iPll,.,i now in ipiick succession.
nnd'foreign Hade   and  ha-fi,   liu-   i e- , ^!"i,11 [][ F"'i),|> '>'��'"'W ^F'��,   lell   on ' ,_..   ���^   .	
,,   ',   ,,,',..,,,,, ', ) ,    ���,,,r   .t.i.      ! iiesilav on a \ i-it, lo t he   Is.,.in- J
turn of   pi ospei ity lo  our   poop!'1;   and . x '      C!
totli.it end, the   t irilV   sliunh!   bo   i e- I '""i" ' ,ll,,l'- " * i ii?(,
).    L'".t/..'eiald. Jof   Xel-on,   foretnan
'I'lic* (.uiiuuidesj iion for llio iiK.clnue. , |*���, Hcer Uios., uw'nvra of Uiu  Beatrice
This week there was received tit   (lie i ^)]u]^ 10uf ��� ,V. unloided Thuisday and ' claim ou .Mohawk creek, went ut) Mon-
MAir.   nm���    tho    finest     aiLei li-ing    vvill ,,t once be pnl m pla��e   ' ; ,JllV   ,v;lh   lWl,   ������..,   ,,i hmk into the
so,.venir,halh.,sye.ro:ul,,,lit.    I.   is ^   ^   Sul,1(M ,,������, | ,,lH Imle   t.ail    (pio-.iou.       Thoie   tue
desonpLivo   by   heautilul    ongi.Mogs (      } ,, ^^   v,Vimii., | now lot) K-ns of o, ,* sacked al lhe mine
and   elegant   'leading   ma tor  cl   lh..t , ,. , , ,, j ,i  .;.,, ,, ,.-_ ..,,. i. ,  i���,:i,   ,i���������r|. :f
'p-g,   aie    spending    a    lew    d.ivs    at , -nai it  t no i. ail i.m lie   limit, though it
Halovoii Si'miigs., j '������" si'inew Ii.il   late,   ibis   w ill al! come-
out and more, loo, as a   large  force  of
great  cily  of   lhe   lul ill e-- Vancfuu ei:
iind is the wm k ontiieiy,   even   to  lhe
binding,   of'lhe   Pioviuce   PnhlMiiu,, |       Ills   repoi ted    thai    1.   M.   Ct. on, '| 'y^l'^ \',^2 'w ork'" sloping" ^
Company   of   lhai   citv.     Tlio   .Mail | K'.emiy. or   1 loins,,,, ���   J.imuiig,   has      '^ ,/���.-,   L.;l|||l,   .���   f|.��m   h|f
calls lhisp,-.n,t,hleL,,'t souve,,;.-.   wIikIi; huaylu Po mi <  Co. s stock   aud   may j Ljn.|lsui(.k vVodnesd ,v with a one ton
more propel ly il is, as it i-  woitliy  oi    i pen l.eie with it.
keeping,liy anyone,  wishing  to   he   **(���-
Jhas. J. Am in saved a liulo  child's
, 'ire  on   Tuesday.     It,    wild' another
du.-od lo llie needs   of   h.uie-i,   ccou-     _ I'.e.. .UcDoiigill, I'lOshyteaian ^mi-.-, |,t L!(. ono, was plav ing on llie iie iv side
oinic.-d    and'    eliieient,     goviiumc'
1    . sample .-!iipo.out fo.i lln*. oiiiellei.    The
J.'.M. iu'lhe is pulling   up   a   sin :il ' Biuiisw lck   is   lhe   Laideau-Goldsmith
memliced   ���f   ibis   piovince   aud   ii-* , ()n*!c��� (,,,11()im. L|���; U-nt I al Jlotel.     j I e ) Co.', p, ,.pe.t v and is .,ow   iMungopen-
eoi.i.ng     metropolis.     Tlie      t'loviiae    c ;������������, | lU,, ., ,��� ������..     ���,.     ;i      h, ,ck'   ...1 U|).    A coil!, act was |el on Tuesda V
i Company   i-,   Lo   bo  cougiatul.Uod  ( n ] i^nidmy ,,.���>, i :,p, ,n.
i  the eXl-ollell((> of il-, w oi'k.
Ii (hive  ii  2j-f(iot   iiuiiiel   on it to tap
Pretty Good Figures.
\\'      j[.     | jC.ts    fu'imeily    with     the ' l'"; l''*ul l,,u ''r t!"Wii. ;ind w ork will go
CViw.'ii llolteii-Dowiis  uCo.,      is      now  ��� n:i   -"I   winter.     'J-|)i-  property   is  Ml
v.ilh     ilithols      aeencv     .*tt , fl-,('1 ���!ll(''-'" |r'~!> neck  and   eight miles
lit."    ������i.iiiinJi.ts.iMlu-d and will take Ue.v. , u:.llk i���.tWl.Pll Hum(7s  illKl   .M"^JlU.lv'a     ' The lusIoius i eTenuo'for, lasi'm.ai-    NcSsi-n.     He is in town I'm a vvooii.     D    h om Comaplix.
Such was the declaration  ,of faith   re- ; Mon/ies piace til! his return  from   the J ;mf] ff,j] 0jv ol, i,s |1CiU| jllt���  t),,,   Wllt'0,.
iliiced   toMilat-k   and   white   iu June, I east, wheie lie has yono to hike to him- j \t0\ow.     Mr. Ani-iii  saw   lhe   accident
1SJIJ. upon which   tlie election   of  1S00 | wit" a, w ife, - j ,(|K|   ,,,at.uc>(i   jt   j���    (jme    .ls   jL . u,.ls
was fought, and  by   which   llie  policy'      Messis. J. Ci, Allen, of   the Impress    |iei fectly umilile to help itself,  '
ot the government  sin-,,   its- accession   '<_. i  i,\| ,���,   ,,(������   .i...   i|,..r.i   l'f.,^1. !     ���-,     -,'-.,   , ,.    ,  .        .       .
,    -;  , ��� ��� i   , i     ,, ,    <       >     "   I-.OSOH, or   uii    iiocci   hcvoi-        'Jht'hthel  gioiip   ot   c aims   iu   (he
o pnwi'i* Imi   heen   guided   and   jo\-    ,.,,.,   ....,,..,,(.ti    to    . !������,;,.    n,.sls   11<t ' ,.,      ,     r   ,     ",.'.. .,
' ���  ���   ,,       i    i   , c        i  i* in,    sllllu'  ii-u,nno    io   men    posts   last    tf,.tjt   Like   district,    recent v,   pin*,
era.'d: si,c,i l-llie  di'il.ii'.ilion ol   faith    w.i,.,_���,,..      ,xvlcv      .,      ,,.,...    n!P,w.nit      i        i   i      , i      n i i    A
.   ,     ...       , ,-/��.i iuiiu     '-'lul|ll'l>      ,lut-'      ,l     *")     p.casauL   (.'based   hv   the   Coiiinionwc-a th   Cdin-
of tie liberal  party   iu  Octobei,   L&'fc, j v'lioation ou the const .-     ' ������ i/
,   .,     ..' . ., ,      . ,,       niuiiiin im intw.i.11, pauv is a prouusing group.     liecenL v,
aid such it will oe Lo   lhe   end   of the *       ,,     ,,     ,��� , , ,    !.,   ;   ..    .',      c.i-       -, ,
,      , I      JL   Jl.   'J lueiiian, ���|j!ioi(i..'iaphei'.   of , 1. ���'��� feiinth, of this   city,   very   easily
Cltl'   *" ' ' V/iiieouu'i, will be heie for a leu* (lavs   succeeded in obtainmg oideis  for   ]0|-
it MKKW ai.1. HKQi-ii!H3in.vrs.        ��� |lin^,,    (Suuii()   |K.tll.    ij,,;,,,,    ji,,,^, ' 000 (hares of the siock of this mine ,u
It   meets all   ��� ossihle  comingeucies , l{,.|ll(.|M|jer you want good   photos   for ! "25 cents each.��� Vancouver Wot Id,
Ilml nny honest govornnie:,! should be * Cliiislnuis, ' .Suusliiue*-not ueeessarv. o '      Coinn.enciii"*      October     'list    the ! T,,t"1	
called upon to   nu,..       As   , o;,di(,o,,s , )m ^^   ^^   ^   ^   ^ For,ho firs.   Lvv,,   weeks
unprove   and   the   mdu-iiios   of     the I Okanag,,,,    Paimcli    of   tlio   U��.���,5i,i���    ll"'��� ��-�������'-��2.��H.tt,.
country  .ocovo.     run,  the   pernicious , ^ .^ ^   ^  ^^   ^   p,.,;. . p(lcifit.-Klli,tt,lv wi��� uk,M,ni)C|#    C()|)1.
efoct-of ..rhliciMl   1,.'i.lo,'.,on    and  as    ^.^     ^.^    T,i(i|f>   .^   ^.^    liM,nci        ;l!)(lVe   d;il,Jf   ���,,; ^^
tho    country   MifM-.nm mid  doM'!o;.s (|,i;,lUn      Ulk,nl   !llllollUSt     l}ili  .hoo.ul. will   leave   Sicamous   Junction
, ,, ,'      II-0- Mcflymoni, of J{,i--|;,n,l. vvilh
alios    iiiantlos    and i ,,
1 ���!'';; !.'.' j fm  tiKit lioino   ul    liievvi-itci,   (hitaiio.    2 inch -eam of   galena   and   some  sui
ter is  judical ive   of   good   husii.e.v,  iu ^ ul.    .51lll.     _    .���������.���,    	
Iff.vi.Uiiike u .     ��� i ", n    i. .     uir-.o men ,-ue woikmg  the   Lost  Cup
itoveistofti. tailor made   suits   still    hoops    up-   at       ,   .,      . . ,     , '
lulv   1st  weel- s*;  .in,) ���>'..     ,, ' ' ���'!    --mile    (leek. R    has    it    sLrong
""     2nd week  '.!>  12 i   " '       ' .    '("''it/,   ledge,    w.-ll   mineralized   with
"     '.lvi\ week       '.'.ti 22 I       \V. 1!. i-'albs  .oul   {.in i i!,    have   ieft ' u on e n rv ing good gold   value's'  alson
">   'lib W"ek    " ' ' '
Aug., I.si Week	
"     2nd week   	
"     3rd week	
"     lib week	
Sept., lsl week	
"     2nd week	
Urd week	
"     llh week	
:i;.'! 71
ha1 helm s.
wiLh the ii.itui'.-illy l osultaul ptosperii v
inor'* und mine roduelio i ,   \,. ,y l,c put
into    ell'ecl.      Tie*    '-needs    ol    h.i.ie-l. Yl'0  'M .'.II. i-. |.!o .-o 1 to nefc :io\\ !e.!ge
tciinomical and'ellicieui   gov ��� i nui"'!!" tb-iceiipl uV t hf e.iiup, nu'ium to   Tiie
will  be le-s dep, inlei.t   upon   (lie   t ,11 ,(i' '   "��� '  ''   Hon!:    ot     i'.llti-h    CoKlill bi'.i.      [t
tu, the naluial re-uuiies  (,i  tl,,.   (.em- '-o'.oJi.s   a   m,i-,   of   veiv     ti-eful    in-
hy   develop,   ai.d    llie   ���'-oiuid   fi-(,il fi i i.i, i. ii.u.     The    bmcluig   and    p'ess
pn'licy" will   adapt    it .ell    lo    (lie    mi- w'< !-. lu > de-ei \ 0s praisf
piovod condiiioii-  ami   will   iaii>    thi ,   'j |  ,,,.    .... ijl    1,.,    ,,.   dobi!"    in    tin:
coil u I ry  near nnd    miner  lo  'I-   olii- .'da,,,,!; i ih-iioh ^Imi.l iv  nigiit under
male lfo.ll of  flei�� tl.ide. I   ������   o ���-;,,. f-( r    the    lC.ivv'in t h     L'*.mue.
Tliis   i-    lhe   cm:,lll'),l   '   ���,)���(*    pt..,'lii,l ,i,    (,  _|'  . j;, .,,[,,, |   ; Ij li    [)���.     ,*-;���.,,!-!,.
for nn\ . goM'i, Mil   In   laki,   Ih:-   i-      \M   n     n-.o    i-   jiisii|i,.ijle.     .\!!;ni,
and always ha i   hen   Ih.    pi'Ti. o   ol    ,.i    t      '''!'--.,.   -.allivaii   a:.rl    J'.vkei  ;
lhelihei.il   p.uiy,    Hu-   i-.   'lie   | i II  \     e  _,iim>     \\.   -,-   L >. ei in���- and   Uev.
whiill    has   so   in.il e) i.dly   : 111 ���,' i ��� ��� 111 ��� * 11      Th   i,,,.-ii,>
I lieC/pi e-.i o't    ,i a v o   il    |ii i  -| i , .' \    ,, nu
(lev elopilieul:   I his    pi, ��� p' I ll v    \.
sj-,1   ill (".ll.bll-llillJ,    I llilt    pl.i-p. i il v      i ���
( he    pel I ll. I ttt'll I     aid    Inl     i   .      |.| li li.d
coudll imi ol   t'e' ' , Mill I ,
an    t'.i.i_r   Ui.,
uui ���
Moud.us. Wednesdays and Fridays*
Mid noi thbound, leave Oliunagan
I,-Hiding Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saiiiidi\s, connecting with (he
steam"! .Vljeideen. 'J'liis iusteiid of
tin* week day set vice heietufore per-
foi ined.
A visit to tin. laboratory of taxi-
deiinisL lid v.-a i ds. next to the. 1'iesby
teii.ni church, is very intctesting.
Jl.nly tliis week ;i .Mail repi-osentative
visiied it and s,*iw three very fine
emboli head-. One is "in velvet,'-
with lines of .3o points; it was packed
iu by J). Mcintosh from Big J'oud, 7~)
iml"s. .\noth<-r head, the jjroperty of
���kiii'.io and (been, has  even   moic
11, j !_eii.* nt.    |ioiilsaii(i is  beaut if nil \    niountcd;   it
,di    uas s!i(,t im   t|lf.   S'ouh   j'.nk   of   the
TIN.   I'l    i   n     i : ���     i I
'The well known   met;.-hnirt iie ;i;.y-liry
of It.'Li*. Duii.ii-k (.'o.' iir.on  lin-ii' . !u'.-l'
i      ll    lout
I ll ,1    .   I       M i- .   ,i   .11"'     l".    'Ill     s,       ,    ..   I
' i. mm,-in hei iiium|I>us    i.'iiioii-    I i!ei-i!!ei\,.ei.    Tlicthiid,   shot  bv   T.
'-   i     l'������. ' .i \    .ni    I 1>m'eie-e,   in    a ',, huile-,  is   a  splendid   specimen   of
',il,'- rj, | J    h'alhs having piii(.b.iso.l his mini-si > phide of   (.(.ppei.     |t   ,.,m   |H>  eheaplv
....     7h() oJ ' "i tho liiisiiiev-. Ot Fall's   Ihos,    FkiiiI winked as it is easy  uf access to trans-
���     oW* 'l{\ i ^A'' (','.���                                                    '           ' poilaiioii \ i.i Coinapli\-.   llie  centre of
". '''I'-ViS1'    ���>''���    I-     Ki:.,oui,    who   spent     last l-Vli<.'"ok<,-imp.
...     .771 al , season m C.-i-siar, Ion 'i iiesdav nn    hi, A l"','/im: (-.imp is  l.eing  opened by
"     1.1^1 'A]l Inline    n:    >,\,velt\.     K <r,\0 ' ( 'miuty. ' In* ICuieiiay Luinh. r Co.
,^7,12i 21 i ���^'-s'""i*      ���!��    u'!l    "-'mil    in    lhe -Mm; < ;:!-.:;k ni(ii-;ixc,s.
'"   October    t,l,!"ltf     , ||.I1|V   [fn,v:i,fl,   cini<   HanMin' and
^ 'JI,ei(!,waS  no   ciiiiuiii'iiuatiuii    i'i.,in (I,i- | |,.dslt!,mi are going to put   Smith
-_._.h>          ���                             lhe   posi-olllce   auliioiities   he foi <��� ��� tii" Ci, ek ,|;-_.M,g- in -I,.,,,,.  |,���.   |,vdraulie
GRIP AND  PASS  WORD.             , Mua.d ocTi.idc (Jouncil   on   Thuisdav vvoils.ng  nest   sumiiie:.   They  intend
,  7,"                  '                    ( OM'l.ll."    re   llie    n.ltler   of   a   ceilllal to blast'.,ui  bed. ��u-k il, place- so  as   to
���..       ,-,.,    ..    "   .,'   "...         ..   .      \     ' l"hl "'''"' louei thellmue   and   yive    Ihom   suf-
Ihi!   "At   llomo*   Willi   which    lhe
lirelhi'eu of L. (). L. No.  l'i.Vi  will  eel-i
ebrate (Juy l.'awkes Day   will    lie   iield '
iion ILigh .'Milhei land Iniks of li'*i'*nt lall of w atei. They w ill put in
Nil nig .'. li,ii ll.iu'jgli Fish Cie.'s .id'-niik and pi*!lon wheel and will
(.imp lie.\l  splllig being liuiill  ilileiest-     I CO I'.mu'e a lid relay   I lit-   old    pipe   Iim;
in tlieir own hall on   lhe   mghi   ol  the       ,        ,      ,      , ,    , ,.   ,      r,    f   .. ,,,,
, ,. ,.���,   ���    ������ ...   , oil in l!i" development    now    ������mug   on     put m   liy   In.I.  .Vi-on.     1 h*'V   expect
"faincius fiflh.       1 hen* will   be  an   o.\-, -=-  , ' ^ ,    , ,,.      .      , . '.
., , , j iu I'lat camp.
cellenl, supper, a good  pi ogi amine and I '
a loyal (oast   |js|,   and   all   lirol her or- j       A ineel ing of lhe i it i/.oiis of   lievel
iiiigemen are  coidially   iioited   lo  at- stoke' Station   is  cilled   fur   .Moielay
lend. . ' cM-iiiiig at S o'clock shaip to   coiisidei
I. o. )-. ' I lie (p'ost ion   of   eiei.ling   a   lhe   hall.
Comt Vancouver  of the I. 0. �����'. has | *" piopi'Hy owne.saie   ic|uested    to
to ha .'.. evei yi hing in shape by spi ing
and will m.iKe a ha id clloi t lo make
Smiil] Cieek pay. IL Howard has
11) ii ge of the woi k, and his parly left
town fi . Smith Cieek on Thursday.
taken tlie initial iv e   in   lhe   formal inn
iitieiid       Moo! in g If i l.t1   held    in    loom
or a   High   Court,   for   thi-   provm. e. { u,ui"   ''M-I''"^ T!^-*'�� ��'���
Fiom all accounts the   mnjm il y of t h" |      See th ,se i,u'n cijies and ovei   sj, l| |.
inrMiibei s in the province are   in   favor j at Coin -id 's.
Silver Cup Shipments.
At iheMlv.-r Cup gionp  in the Lnr-
d'-aii. tliere ;ue  t.ow  '.CM  tons of high
c /,       ,   .- .'.II'""' sii-id" ore r".idy for shipni'Mii orou tbe
of supporting Couil   \ aiiC'iiivei'in the     '    . i      n ,*     i i ��� . ....
1 ' " , <       A ne\i  novel      11 < pool i/cd     ;      uon    i ��� > i ��� 1   to   ih"   sm,,)[(,,..      *|*|,,.   ;iv-erage
lobe   pill li-lie,l.       It     is    the    wuii;    uf     valu.-of  lhe on1  i-   about Sl'lj per ton.
good woik it   ha-   undei taken.      Ciuul
Vancouver should divide  lhe  liouoi (
lie.   '   ,,
I'i i>'    - in isi",;:,'io.,   ���'IJIe.d: . the w inter head.    Mr.   Ed.waids  is  a.
yv.i;j]Joj tv..lyby her   inagniticeiH ] very capable, taxidermist and  is doing
'va;j.���.*.,*,'_ul jnayt.'i*.s,,.
i ii "growing business."
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?fiz$\ in  ra esm
i ^ il ^ v^ ��. ��s        ?) �� h ^
a   si  ia   is)   via   Mi-ri&d V23<   y^S?'
Fred Robinson, Proprietor.
Hough and Dressed
Lath, Shing-les, Mouldings, Pinishiao^s
^^ '
AVhcn'thc opportunity jircscnls itself to get nc-v j-'obdi av.-tty ��� be!;'. ��� l11 ~-:r value, that's
the time 10 l)uv.     Thii i-�� what \vse have clone, a:id   now < tier   voj   not o:C\  &c !,ef:.c i'l of thi.s
Com 11 ���fji t! .JlrolsJ, b,it a clearin^.o.it cut a:id, m ir!rc   yo i!   v.c   are   not' .shj'.vi-.y  .micles oul'of
season, b.tt the very best ancl acv/cst in   what   you-  neei.1 , row.    , Whcibyoj see tlie prices you
,wi!l bay vjtiickly.Afind o-.ir'progi'arn:ne is to re(duce-stock.
'F'tie-ie represent the^best .bargains }'Oti have ever seen a hi  our 'windows   are full of samples of
Chile re:: s' Eidcrdc-wn     oats, Oliildrens'   Comlmation   Sleoijinsr G-arrhents.
If yoi. wiijh'.o'ur advice it is this:    Come, early "for   a choice," for as a numer of couiv.e the best
,.   ';     _ bargains will be taken up lii si ' *'    ��� ��� '.
R-. H. TRURMAN   & CO.,
Vancouver. ���   ' ��� -B*0
\s In 1'ic ii.isl Sv.u-s �����(- "HI unnliiiiii1 to
mukc ItovclsK.I.Odiiu ��i our |)i-inci|inl.. t-iiilinif
jioint^. lynnk iiii) for om* annul uet-ci-s .om
socinvKiiiid work. ''��� ��������� .\i'��>�� is.iKi'iit-ler om
C. I*. 1!. iin.l aeni'i-iil H- ''��� vUiws. 2-*J(.t
'���VTOTK'lO-llining lon-uil lhe S-)i*iii*,'ri Hotel
IN       lit .MlK'll  l illlVl.ll.  illl    I^U'llL-    Hill   I'lC'.lsl
inkc iiiilU'c lli.tl I  "ill  uol   ���'�� lcspnnsililu for
nnv nccfeipls contni'.ieil  liy said lii.t'.:l ilunnji
l^iioflcnsc J01fN aK00STI!OM.
ommercial Printing
< ''
��� Mn P-sIt U ^ a ��% T&        -fl n R^e M  Pi '^N
t&^ <Gi* ciin-^j  Xis^a    ��^3S/   i=fe-i7=ra rSte si*a ciia *Ay ri��i=.~ii.-; Vj r-;j-, ^^ -^���^y r'-s -.yi
' ' '     ' ir5>%v r^^s-
We    l..i\o.( -.pi uhin'or 'ih.u   is   ih-w -.'ind   ]iietiy   in
Y:\\\ .sl.iMs-, 1 lcrtiHj   j,|1(]   \\iaj.j cis. .    'j'i.en   wo  ol\*r
,\ (,u V( infill t in mi ,*m:.s(.'(j\\ 11 LLhhiu.s,
]!ui.cN. Mui-kiiio;s, children's \vool   h-^i^iii^s .mil mitts.
hildrsns   Warm
nderwear ���
(y}y^  ^  J
' Cepliiicai] of Irap?av8Ei8nts;
I^SCOlsloi* JKlHTii! '���lii'i". silii.it-' in  llio 'I'l-or.l
J���iKi' Mining llivi-ion of   West  Kootcn.iy
DislrJct, located on  Silver Cup Moi'.nta.ii,
I'.il.luiiiiiii? ihu .sil*.. /,��. U|i  i-'i.i^t.oii.ii .iiiiicr-
nl Cl.iini on 1 ii* K.ist.
rpAKi" JN'OTICi-: tint!. 1   ICihr.u* -\.   Iiciniott,
1.     I'-.-lu -Ul.iui's Cui-l.iUUo .No. *iiiliti!l.\, issued
ill Viuloi'in oil  l!ic3i'il  di".;.* of Nuvuiiiliui-, 1 !)7.
ns i\(,'ciil tor  .mil  on   ljuli.ilr  oi llio  Suiisliini;
Liniilcd, l''ic*a Miner's Ct'i-tHie.il'j N*o. iiltjTM. i.s-
sucd nl llovolsl'iku <.n thu i'Jlli day of .Tiuil'.
l;f)S. iiiU'iid. tin days irom llio dittu hcrc-jf.��� to
iv])!j!v tu t'n; ilhsiiii* llciL-iirilor for .1 C'urliliciilc
(1 Inipvo*. ciiicdU lur llio pui-iiobo of oljtuiiiiuy
11 Crown L.i*int or" Ihu.ibovc ininui.-il eliiun. "
And fu.-tlioi* Uiku lieticc Unit mlion under
ricetion Hi nui.st be eoiiiniuncod before tlie
S-dumiee of hiieli Ci'i'tifleiite of Iiii|)i*(iv��.inciils.
rnte.l (.li'HiCthdayiJi Ss'inuinher. 1M)J.
, -.'S-Di
Ikooteim^ flftatl = = = -IRevelstofte, B.C.
C:i5oii]:at9 of Iinprovenr.nts.
Siiri-el Mineuil Cl.iini, situate iu tlie !.:iv<U*iu
Miniiitf Division ut We.-t Ivoiiten.-iy l)-,M,i-ii t,
)���< ,u-1 In.* bend of Niii'i-Mile or  .Scott Creek,
i ii tlio ��*e.st hide of J''is!i Creek.
rpAICK NOTIOK tli.il   1, tl.   I��.   Sjult.   Free
L    Miner'.s Cei-titleulo N'o.  IV.itiS, intend sixlj
days from date hereof to .iiiply to the Mining
Ite. order for a (Yiliflcitc ul  Iiniirrneliient^ lor
the piirpuso of ulil.iiiiinjr a Crown Grant ol lhe
.ibi ve eln'iii.    And fiulliii). Like '
V*; OTICIi ,t!i,it .letioii iiin'.er Keetiun .17 niusl,
J.N'     b'!   criniiir'iii'Kl   lielure   lbe   issuance  uf
sue!) Cerlifio.iluof Iinpr.>\cmo)>ts.
1). led this rill d.iy ol SeiiLeinbei-, ISDS.
The   present   centre   and, future
headquarters for x
Columbia & Western Ry.
Tin o Table No. li.   ."o take oll'eet N'ov. ��2 lo!)7.
Daily liutwocn T-\il and Ros-sland.
No. .') N'o. 3 N'o. I. Xo. 2 N'o. 4 N'o. (i
I.iiJ.-;     ..���     Kl*.IIU...l(0]JlSOX . .���-WI , ..  . U:,*W
17:UJ   H:0I��   *il:4.5. . TltAII.   . ..ls:.i'l 12:.jj   i:i:lo
I.i: I j   ^:'),i. 11O.S.SIjAX1*..1S:(10 1J:UH in.
Xi 's I and 2 eonnept with C.l'.ii. liiiiin line
sleaii er.s 'und truins'- to und from NYl-jiiii at
'ltobion. ,  i,
Xo's'iahd I aro locivl trains bolwoen Trail
and liissl.uid.
Xo's .5 nnd ii nro local trains between Trail anil
liobn3ii. N'o. G connects with train N'o. I from
liossiuid,      ,
Gei (������������nl Olllecs: ]���'. P. 0UTKLI US,
,   Trnil li. U. (iuul'i-.il Supt.
Waist SoDUOftS'-
, \i^my���y }yy\'* Li,s- *������*���� ^-y-^ 'mMftJMI
\     V'>i,l,',i;i!'-i.;! ;'i'--V       p,��i'li Lir iT.rini   iu   wc-ariu-j The      -^C>'.*ii&LkfefeS^^
-'V \V,,!( !: .'���!:,! hie- ..mi
idea   ���f   iu..r,.nte,.i���K    satis-      ��BH��fc.     X    ^^1     iJl'te        <
faction.    Jn.these';,,; ^^nffllffl^ ' r%
~ w W0yyE-T- corsets, soo pacific li
^> "i^ihy^Ay---' \^        ��>i^Ji ��.J.-!i..w- in   i���.ny -.������],��� s.-ind j   ,       Khu.lestnn.l quickest., oule
FnnioiiH   Infallible' Kids, nnd-*=^��-    1*
0 nil   the.   dos-ii-alile.    .shado-i   in        -=��Sj
sill-, fion)  wiist   to   full   arm
lei'igUi. ,
Dress Goods.
A select choice is nece-*s*iry in ihi.s d'-pni t incut nnd
we have aimed to excel,    f^fd if wc liuui not  done **o.
Dress Making.,''
Diliiciilties !i!i\e had to he overcome to ut lain t he,
position vv-r: occupy in this art, hut un'w we iir.ilo
critical inspection of any and .-ill woik eNtvutet' in
our loon.s, and in styles vv<; turn out exactly wli.it,
vou order.    Jsuo our perfect   (iilin^   tailur-niadii   cos-
ui..li ii Js of si:i in au/! saltccn.
t i   ^i .lice   .iiiiu::'!    In find  just
-nit ie-t   .".nd   iiiiisl   lie
i l.-i e  Villi   li.,V e i
vvii.i; \ii i it,u,; i,, i!,c i ;'j-^j
coiniiiLr ii'.'.e'.ties it. :,,-,' ;,;,!.
J-fL&iD.  ��V.'L   b'ilO-"ti'.pC-Cl '1:231621.
j*, .   i..o-(   v. !i.'.!'   :.*'������    iv   I'.ii-v    needle   wmk   we
h-'V(- ;���:,>. ;��� '.'id     :,.l,ij'ti    iii.cn   .iim!   '.anv.is in nii-est
i To Eastern and European Points. Pacific
Ooas I, Alaska,'China,
Japan and Australia
Tourist Cars  Pass  Ibvals'okc
Daily to HI. I'.ml: daily except   Wi'ilnesiliiy lo
lOiihlei-n I'oinLs.
tr, ;j
Ho Lottery^
oi'S astr^ntres
It is the centre of t!i3 Lardeau mining district.
It will have railways to
the north and south.
Its climate is superb.
It has plenty of building
, timber and a sawmill
in operation providing
lumber at  reasonable
prices on the spot.
* t '
Its,, lake l affords    ex-
is reached by rail fronv,,
Revelstoke   to   Arrow- ,
head, 28   miles; thfince'''
by s;earner.' 10 mile's, to Thomson's   Landing'; -and   a   short
stag'e of   1 2 miles ; ��� the   entire t
journey occupying- only 6 hours
through  magnificent.'mountain
and lake scenery.
Well-known    'mining'  pro-'
motcrs and  capitalists   already
have their   representatives   on
the   ground,    and   it    is     r.o
boomer's dream to say that be- "
fore another six months Trout
"Lakh Citv will be a bustlint
centre of business and the principal town in this treasure-laden
Lardeau, the new centre of attraction   for .the. best   mining
enterprise,   skill   and ' capital
[ which   British    Columbia   has
1 magnetized within her borders.
\ _ The climate and-soil of the
1 district are all   that   could ' be
' desired by theranchcr,gardener
; or   fruit   grower    for    whose
products a profitable and rapid-
It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely
clear title.
Sleeping and Dining Cars
Tii:!((;N it.i'.ied III
e rlii'i'kcd liiili'xllll
0  I
At di'&ty -
., There r.-c  no  �����'blanks"  in
\ "Slater Shoes." I'.very ]j?.ir 35 a
Jy? prixo. livciy pair is a K-al lur-
gain in tliat yuti gel 100 cents worth of Shoe
for crcry dollar. No "bargain lalle" los?es to be
addctl to regular selling price-; rhoe worth trtiarantecd
and price ,$3.50, ^4.50 and $5.50 pjr pair stamped
on the Goodyear Welted solo by
Ir. i;,di**-i-f.'MJtcrs, button and
htv.   ;���'_.   Tn-    jii'ice   $2.00   to
\ now i^oin^' at   $1.10   to
\ M
he Slater tihoo iViakers.
uLt(*n   and   lace
!,.-fas ;::vl   ! :( .    ��� hoe.-.
jjrice :-if.: <~t  -j,   .^1.50,   now of-
i'-. :;'  a ;a ''\"c io .^l.oo.
\\ i: aKo carry a full   line  of
L..it.. u-ji ij  a-iii. tj v ��ji Diliflo
Mim^^m - ��� -
i*nrTT-n fn-MrirrT'**-
A-'ifTi M^^'rf A'"! --    -
Soil <v_'<-i!t for  .Slater   shoes
r *i^i-7^ci.irjcifiTi.l  yi...www
���-rrmTUinr-nrr"''���'   ��,.,.,���,'w^fltfp.
m  kc\ t-l:-iO-*;(
On .'ill I,Min-..   Tii:!<(;N it.^ued I Iii'iiiik'Ii uml Iki|<- i
K.ij-'e cliri-Ui-'d Imli'"! iuui Ion, I
li.\<r- DAILY 'CHAINS Wivr- - ,
7. I'll:, lyo liuv-cNtoUi! iiit IT.'.'H Ic. '
,".;;!;!:. I���;������-, licvcl-loUn ,-in* Hi.:��i k.
l'-<)i* Inforiniitiiiii, iMlt*-, Iiini; onnU, iii,i|h ,-iud
licit'lsu;i|ily 10 .
AkcdI, ICuv-ulsliikc, or
Ti-.-iv-fllin*,' l-ui-funncr AkoiiI, NcIi.oii,
li;. .J. C0YIJ3, '    '
DKli'iul I'.iviiiiKbl' JAkciiI, Viincoiivcr,
iy  increasing'   marketl, exists ;
,'whilst to ' the   sportsmen    the
Ceptionally good trout!' "eighborhopd affords game in
'I he accommodation includes
j good hotels, stores, post office,
; recording-office,   butcher  shop
jand-many private residences. ,  ,
1     Building  operations  are   in    l
full progress, ancl the establish-
j ment of the sawmill will tend
I still more  to enhance  the  im-
j mediate growth  of thi.s  rising
: town. ���
Tlie - Canadian - Pacific
Steamship Co.'s
Lcavo AiTovvlioiid daily for nil point-, in Ivool-
un.iy, inukiiiK coiiiicctlon nl Nukiisp for
nil poinls on Nukusp nnd Slociui liy. nnd
���Slocnn l>nl:o.
CIom* coiiiiuction nt I'olison for Nel-nn nnd nil
Kooli'ii.'iy Luke nnd l.'ivor points, nnd for
Tiiiil. Itossl.ind .mil points Mini li.
For full  inform.iliun, ticket*-,  iinip-., etc,, i;,ill j
on or .iililrc.*1-
Afjonl, Itorclilokc,
���   'J'rav. 1'nsn.. Agunt,     yDiht. I'ftSH, Agent,
KyK'ii, 1J.C'   !     'J.Vuncouvor. B.O,
Inside, $100; payable $31.33 down, $53.33 in ; months. $33.33
in 6 months.
Corners, $150; payable $50 down, $50 in 3 months,   $50   in ' 6
(These prices are for a short time only.)
T. L. HAIG, RiiVKLSTOKK. General Agent.    ���
HUGH McPHERSON, Trout Laki; City, Resident Agent.
Best of evcrvihiiH' ���'oiiiir
RUS-S &  HEROD,   Prop's
Ilouvrljl ami ���.old. Mining min-pnni'v:
or^.inizc-d, 1 heir |iri-.|.erty cvporlfd. fl-
iinnccl nnd .'nr.na-^ed.
Money Loaned Mines.
Mine-. jirn��iw��i-. min.-nii In ml-, miiiini;
-"< nnlii-. . i.ni r.i'I-. litnirl-. -ir..-k-,
If n-< ^ nn.I ri|,tin!i. l��.iifc-lit. -.��.lrj nr nrjrn
ti,it.*(l. I.v.iiiiiii'- niiniv. pi.i-|-.(-ft- onH
inuirr.il l.-inri-.-1- to llirir l.ilijp. mrtliwl
of viorkui-,-.md condition of theii title?
Assay and Chemical Work Done.
William Crosbie,
Colvi .Tibi*i Honso.   Hev'elnok?,   B.   C. .��'-.,
o--'. Jjf.Jj'
��� %.^v^*> A^A^J^S^y
J j' ,;*xi.,;,', ':'""���:;i. !y'' , i Kooten��yyLdrig*e;
.yyJM^r-' ������ '��� 'y'sJ/^#.!:Ko:i5;A.^^AiJvi,
*.' ;'l'ji*.*:.'rc'K'ulti i-���:iii:iiel-:!'!!?���
5f; ''^v~jv,yy:Tn33'. .;-*'ifr'�� lu;l.I...m Ll;c;_JIVl).r-;JJ
*^Ss.* A':A"^x[*., :o!iiiJ..'reiiiple.Biii!i'*rieVJ
J/1p?W7T^^&=- lUilKviJiii1' t.hi?.J.tliird ,'
^y^yM%k ^^^^Ar.-iyyiy cueii,;
J"' j.?'! U iL5 t!iy ? 7 "i* t'i n> fV;v ':ii t-f Y u ~L ^  /
>4.'-,.;..;-. ,-*..~r..,;----.'o-v'--.!''.-'- -.:,'��� .-'���'���'   J���'..-.���?������." <���.���������'���   ':.:������;������,' J ;
AvAAAAAyA1--''- "Jy. ������������:': v'^v,   J..j     X
"'���'{ ��� TKiS:V'!i^!in.1, ypn-pai-iitinuv.tJOiii-j;. N
;. ,J^ ��� ,^mT).;.w i'rj?*;l^rj:--tut-^
'���'���/���'r'-\v<*]t^ H;iir<-virry /
:������ CA A'���-, v,-~^,,-' ������'��� ������*���. ..;.viYvJ.viJ i^nieilv^ \ ' i'   J&C4&c^>w^^3?'0-u ock. -.Visilnij,'. irotlier,.*".*,..
v:^Jj.;i>frl(i fiu- iivin ..!v,(:v;Jl! .*.l!.l- .A ��<"i, ���,,) . y,,^-^^cfcg^0HiiUlv: vviacoiiieit/v jv 't:
;j\--Y'--<Yw ��^
__ . __.    ,     SgK^lllOIltJl     ill '-'S JJ|i.    Ui
'^^^^^.-~S��SS\^--... V i sit i 11K" J li r 11", 111- c* i ]
"'���"'���.      ''Ty^-yATAs^-    . ,.. JeordktHyjv.viei.iiucd.
yy. K'jCitAOKvSKeiiU'ivvi:'iv:
;!::kBVEL3TOK53LODGK,;t O. O.F., ;No..25.
J]H-i'Jl.i)l;till()Ui ,-.':yiK
.I'lilijiViit iye  in, .*i!l
sevs- ij.^.saJ-Vyi :^v,,^==-^-.yv.'CQXJ3lT'J��T..BEG
,-.������ JjJ,,y,v :V'J'J,.-.^,,J.  \:i~'������/rf��A\i.U>r.^@^g^*v v    : \. y:y^-;J- .;,/v
;j v.'VJvJ ���..���'-������.-'-'-;':-.,':'.('.:-:Jiv:-:: v"J.Jy''J,Jy.J""yj'Jnnb\f-: ;.J;v'j'v-Jv ."A:���/. yy.'
j0'T*ftuir u'.'.b'nclt iiKidivofjclfiy^viiici^yis.
,...., . .......       .   Ay vvoi-tli.iti5-:'NV(*igli,tyin.*g'��
jvvv?.if.0A;;*i%r:^J.'A(vS.!.a.tiij^ ��� ^y?yb:Ayyyyy-yyAP:y
y^xyyAyAAiiiAy oi. ilyl,vi.i;4:lit(y*.���Av'y(yriy:y;'hy
H ^BH^-f^ftl"ve|vtti]yi-yJ'j;oViVy<^l<.:'���-�����!
'���v^r^yA" vj^v; v��� fj��l ly-v yt ^.-f "J''^V'i^'(:^.' >.?/ y^vl --j^ ���::-J^r'ft'^-'-"* ���'t^'-<-J;?-.:
fti^^yi'ty'^h "
Ay, yy yy yy ?b i'i yy'e]!iiin:AyyA-yy:yyy::'yyyy,lyyAyyybyyb^
yby:by-:'.������'' v^iyliy.'.I'iVi'jJ'Tti'if:t.".,F!t;j.i:';-._'I^t-.oliri,^(=;."IL*ri"i'���.I^.O'- v-.::-;:-J-V- v'J'...;:;
'';?��-':'AAA-;'.'���"������ ,;'j':i' ;--.^;*'.>fe';ft*:i.W'.^
;"".-���-���*;'���=���-"?..; r! -'���': --i.:'.'---. -v-"rr.��": *i i-j i i-! * /t'L-.Jviii-i1r..i t'-ift i-:-V'i.v-f'i* j I ri i'i ^sil "."-j I ?*t>J i < >J b i iViiL i jrl'.1?- l"o f.t��i o i-l i"- -
"Vvyyvyv .,,vvjj;y:.r,jiV'|y|Jy(:?i^-:i;,fJJ!:iStii|.AviiViit-1310; jit*<,i*iiiwJJi;i'v<J'!i--
yjj'jyy.iJv:,. vyj'Jt';iYi&.���'vl-ixi5oi-!i'��i;i'*'t;ioriVoi'^-v'it!;i,-.j-: ,ta>--ftJJJi��> '��rts>I��l/-?.-l.��*tlisi;,-
vv'-JJ VJ'JJ'J J'l'"ic Gi-aiiii'!'; ol'J.i.i''i:^;JC-l!lii>i;i.V>ii',J".*s.t",rt!i-l'e.i.iii l.!i<v;-iirt,
vi-'"j.^!;T--J*'^::, ,���'���''��� Jv'i'^^iij^br;tM-$-/V>v:\-'-<-^^'-:''':-.':^',:J "J ���������.'"'.���.:-i';vJ'i.:/*'v'~--:'*'.-'.:'-:'-rS-^^.-V..'?-"!!
;';:,jv.JvyjsJJvJ;iyv^ vJ-i/i.
|jyi ':^';,;:'v-(-.'?-'~:'Vri!J^'!,7>n>'r''!^':vvi)l' IVSV'i-ei-i.-i.yvil .Jliv -itiivJ iiiiJler-'
I-yiyk.SvoHivjw-v^Ij. yry^'^^JiVirt^M--! no i^t!ivVI(-Jrv.o*'.y Noveiiibin'.y
I Jv''';.J;f,.:.-V JvvJJ- := J.J�� I,it.' '���. -J*' ���!��� Ji.^iiv:;.'��� ;^ J.'.vJ)i*iW; - < ��� LJV fili,yi,' >it ti>iviv:.iJl^; 1 Jl��. ��J f: tJlo'y
Hii'-v':J'JJ'"'���^jy'JiJ'jVc.-iL^ Jy^'Vir"\Vi;Ji-*.:. j:',:niff;Jv&v; iJJiHvnJinorfiil.iiVLf'������ti'f-
] 'yyy.y;i-::AAA- ii ^ it., i! I, S^^ijrv: syhlky^J'J, j v.-i "*; >t-V.;' 1 i :^.l. vvv\-ii i t; i i yji,n;vS"f ;;1 J ti" ' i i) -���
''""'" ""'"':'"" -Vii-i'v'tjiis.flJ rt't.|'*SiV*JfiiH^-,j jjtVrJ.V-'*'. tiris!i^iiv(^.:JH:Hv'''Jy---H,;,���i-
"_r.i.'ii,i.r-i*.J"> i'*J:?-!-S-:'--av-; El "r'i.JW!--."' IVf;:J.';i*t.V<*:<Ji->-tiC;:'''f>J>*-, I'.li't* ������ "'rift-'
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������Tcij^n^'iyTlicalrc,' Saturday, Nov, 5tii'.   .
V    ,   v    ,', '     .,    i"   ���,. ' 1' "-''''. f '' AbAui'ii'- iiii'i J-'  1) Vl' 11   i
win ?, . '   -.1' "'�����-.
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'       '.     A!;l'i..\f! .VM.XO,\r' l5f!''OH��� i'i:.,NtiK;ij/.i:s; ,    ," ���'*.',   ,
���Fii'st-o'lass Table. *   G-ood.Bccls  '���' Fire-proof Safe*,
��� Telephone  .���''*. 'Bus Meets all Trains
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J' ','.    A ���l;'i/,Al)',A VHOA   .i3J{0S.,  PllOl'itiKTOIiS.j'.i :      .���"".'.���;'h"
li-vcryi'hmg'^ew'aridAFirsf'-cIass-'iii'a!^ ��� : "y,;.:
Tlio ���-���Haass is Soaked wit!) liie .Finest Wines and Cigars in tlie Market


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