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Kootenay Mail Oct 24, 1903

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 Provincial Ubrary    ,
'   Vol. 10.���No. 30.,
REVELSTOKE. 'B! 0/. OOTOBEJl U, -1903:   " '���
"   '   '    A '   ' K. K. liKASO.V.     '      '    ',[ '
vjotohia.   ' ',-, , n. c.     ',1
'Amerk-aii tui.l I-i!.i��;.mi| l'!i>'".t ''
'    ,   anit'rii-.m Plf'n-f?.Hlfuiil t'liH-nrdj-.
I      '  Steam Heated.'   ', ','   Sample- 1001115,.
Mf.niu,iLii Tr-Mrf-nm" '"" ' '"���' ' J
S2.00 Pei; Yeai-'
!ua---'^-l��ll--yi,'imiBI",|-Tnril1flT,tm^ rienmiraimrrrmrrm'im
.'Leading;.: Dpy -.Goods*
"i V- ' ' "��� ""      '    '   ''' '  ' "     -'        v
I .���flousetof'.ivR'evel'stic
I  I
Stocks/in ,all"departments are nowu
"^complete for',the', fall'"and' Winter ���
y,Oui\Stqe'ldn this:department-is the vv.
' uBest lin~.the "Kootenay.������" 'Blouses;, ��':''.���.
'-Jaefets.' Skirts '-arid: Wrappers, Yall; - * ,
���''ihe^iates^styleS'atjm'oderate.p'rieeS'.' /v.
<] Wc pay particular attention to Mail Orders.,
-Sanipics sent to anyTaddress.--  ~t��� *-
.      ��*,*_<. *       {r  *���   ���"      '       '\      , . ' '    ' -r   ,    "  t * * ��
'1       ''' r!�� '   , - ^   " cc���        ",      V r=j.    ���������.   a' " q r~~^ E\ '  1  l"��*" " \   * t       ,   -   W
.      ~, �����        ,  ., . ,-  *,i .   , ll ^      *   J��� _   1    > -    "   ���]    - J,   JT \\TH "'    fl   M    "   )l   ll*1   u    H *,"    ��<?,'       * *    n   , j
A ist/l
" "JRoots', Shoes,.M'en's.'Furnishings,    ���<   ,' v '
' '^" ""c T" "> '  ClotMrigV'Hats; Capsvete., ete. $
Cares' Famous Maokinaws,' German Socks,' Mitts,- etc.    ��    $"
' * 1 . J T ^ OK5
-   Canadian Rubber Company's Rubbers and'Overshoes.* <��>
i        ��   , / ' t     '     ($ri
Bargains in Boy's Winter Suits and Overcoats.   ^
, rfo<^<-foi'*fo*^f'fo'-'fo*^<^'''fo^
'Samples tf\
Wc have just opened an importation of " R
JAPAN KILN-FIRI-I) CHINA," most beautifu
artistic,   ���'        ' , l \
Crtnic and have a look. We want to show them to |
every person. Thrv will please you whether' you wish, $
to purchase or noi.
Five o'clock Tea Setts.
- Berry-and Fruit Bowls:
-    Gups CuJid Saucers.
Separate Plates.
Another hii^li class novelty.
. Tinneriffo Lace Work in Doylies
and Five O'clock Tablo Drapes.
I J_
f ' * ' ,
,   ���'' Harbor Lumber Company.
' Since l;ikin<! over tl.c b'usinw-V of
tho Fied 'lloljinson Luniboi-.L'oni-
piiiiy, Ltd,, the Jfiirlior''lamilier
(Joii)>kiny-, Ltd., ha.-, cfi'dclcd great
iinprovjCiiiCnts' in , the plant, and,
e-.|iii|iiiieiit uf tlie iniljs at'Jievel-
S-tokV, Coiuaplix and Caiiiiionic.
1 , i:i:\'i-:i..--Tf)Ki:.
, 'At   the    It^velhtoku   mill  a''new;
saw-bench  \vm   been   put'in on the
upp.ci"floor,'ul,��o -a  steam niji.^er of
the iiio*-t improved   de.-ijrn. , Kroni
the 'saw-bench   tlie'  lumber  patses-
ovcrliye rollers which ai'ito'nifitically
deliver thefgou'd bluff; to  thccrlger,
whije a switch'carries ol'i'^lhe'was'te
lo   the'"sjab-shi.-:he,!-.    'J'he   edjiiiig,-:
are' automatically   picked, up   by
canriei*' and- elevator^ and, pa?.-e,U
through four' foot,,saw.--, or, by'-tlie
ncitioV^of a-trip,  carried,to lhe slab
|  'fclashors to   cut  intOj. lengths' when'
anytliing iioPfit  fiir ""la^h is senl to"
tl)C firewood*s'ii,u.>1 "anij.f culjuto 15-
incli     length*-. -   'l'lie-firevVopd-'is
delivered'1 in   biiio'   ready J for,   the
I  wagon to draw away..r    -      i
I      Oh'the-" 16wjjir  floor ' are  .'-et ~lhe
boilers   and   engine?.^planing  and_
'iiiOjUlding machine.-, pie.'  'Theremin'
'four! plai'ieio , in"'"use   lin'cl a tifilfi-*
being 'f'ut in. * liy an [ ingeniou^ar-
r.ingenient   of 4tniv.elleKi the  good
lulnbci'i.-""carried "froni ihc'eclger to
whiclievei ���m1i!ehinu it lias to'go for
.the finishing touchesi-ancl is tlience"
taken by'liand trucks 10 ,the proper
dimension  pile iu the yard.    From
the timtHt,leaves   ihefsaw till ituis,
ready for 'market^ the   hi ruber re-
quireb.no handling.','  ''"_. ' '   ' ',t
,'J'he motive -power i?'sup|)lied hy'
an engine of '275 h.,p.. inade by the
Phoenix  .u'ftrk*-.  ^,'lhere   aie   two
boiler.-, tlie   Meiwu' capacity of   the
plant'lia ving been 'doubled'aud the
Ijow^r quadrupled -nice it, miC laki'ii^
over.   'Every/ipreoiiutiun   is   taken
againsty'fire."  'The mill  lias "been
connected direct with the'eity water
supi)h',"and' _ a''powerful, fire "pump
has   jieeu  '"'installed,   which , will
throw a stream 50 ft. 'oyer  the top
of tlic milhyG-ooO ft..-of '2  in.   pijie
has been laid for Oreoprotedtion'and
this' pipe enable^, h'ose* to be coupled
to-pio^cot iiny-i])art^of- ihe-mill or
yaid.    'J'he shaMngs  are ' laken up"
by  pneumatic   pi pen   and   caitied'
jnlo tbdboiler  lurhace.-. which aie
Urns fed   automatically.    The   new,
plant' is 'working  splendidly,v,and
has been found to   give economical
results.    The   available   power   is
sullicieht to run a plant half as big
again.  ''
vTho   odice ' accommod.ilion   has
been  doubled   since   the   new'coni-
piiny look over.    'J'he following are
lhe oiiicers   of  the l-larboi Lunibei
Co.. rjid1.:     LJic.-ident and tiiianager,
A. F.   Dudgeon;   s-ee.-trcas.,   J.   11.
riN[c(Jlearv.   'C. JL' Johnson   i's   in
charge   of   tlie oflico at Revelstoke,
The   local'oflice staff consists of A.
Y. Anderson, book-keeper, \V. i\Lun-
roe   st(!nogra|)h(-iyvanci   typewriter.
A. Sniilh is iiii 11 'foreman at Revelstoke. 'Al Coiuaplix .]. \Y. Fuirliii'lI
is account,nn,  and   R. Stei.-s  is in
charge of the vtud.  'Lumber canip-
bave bei-n -put in-at Gn nip J*"our on
the Columbia livei, near. .Wigwam,
in charge of   11. Thump-on. ,ind ,-it
J(1ish cieek, in chaige of J. Atchi-on.
'J'he former supplies the Kevelsioke
and the latter   the  Coinaplix mill.
The company   hold   *10,Q00'acies of
timber  fiom   which   to   draw theii
supply'of Iolv- for yeais to'come.   '
shavings to the du(mpln^; ground.
The'.mill was formerly ' run by
water power, and this' is retained
ideuiifiefl, with tbe ,success of tlio
as,'in auxiliary to steam,'' The mill1
will next sea.-on be mil night and
day for ten months iu thc'u'iir.  ���
(JAMHOIINl-:' Mil.!,. ' '���    ,
''This���mill, owned by, the Harbor
Lumber,Co., has a'Ko ,been improved
by'the iidclitiqn" of -a '^'icw' water
wheel,' edfier ami planer. .'The, mill
has a capacity o'f '10,000 ft', a day;
nnd while, thcdeinaiid on the output of the mill w.-a much grea.ler i^i
sju'ing than could'he supplied the
niill,>is now shut down fin'*, the.
pre-'ent.',,        ' ,'     ' >
*   . ,   -r * ' .      ,
1   '  . i  f? i      <i
" "       ' cj vii. cv\"si:s. y ' a ",    '/'
Judge, l'\-.rin   liel<T a   sitting1 of the
county com t  at. JtevClatoke   Wednesday.''   The following cases  vvcTo heard:
, 11. H. Wilson,,*.*.  Ecknrl^  ciiiim'V$25.
A. M.-'J'nikliam for plainlifl' for whom
-judgment ums uivon with co-ts1.    '       \
< 1*1 Coniitig a*. l^iMcLeun, td.iinV, Uu*
!jil7.-lt).    Judgment   lor 'plaintill','  for
u-lioni A. AI. fiiikliaiii.iipneiiKHlT    ,)
,    J. Jjiuightcn) vfvirothaivK   .Iiicigiiiciit
for f"*pl.iintiil    for' claim" *"of $05.' "Air.
Pinkliam fc^i pluintifV.' '  \   ,    j   \
-McCofloni v. Wiiicbcliiim ^200'balance -pinqhiise 'iiioi*ii'y_oMiii>bie-s unci
shales of-"pmli.ts. '.Mr.' 'I'b'ikhain f,-r
plnintiiV and Mi. Scott' lur', defendant.
It/*,viia'._coii.teiKlpd fi;i-_defi*.i)d.ijjt.tliiitlie
lind'psiid pluintifV in full a'hd I he pro-,
(its remained to he delerininc^L' The
court uphi-ld this position, giving\iudgT
Inent, in ydcfeiidiiiii>'a l'a\or'joii the claim
ot if'200 and r ordering ,icconiitsuto bo
talien by the regish'ar to determine
the profit*-. '] J b' V; i '��� ^*J
> iMcColl v.' J^iinleau Siiioliing Cpin-
pany. 'Claim IjilOO jor-U'ni'li'iir' Jinu*
lor inielter. "Mr. Scoit'fr'r plaintiff and
Mr'. Ilod*re for defendant." Kvidcncc
wsjs given to prove promise of payment
a::d jitdtrnleut, gh'eu fur pl.iiutifV uc-
coidmulv     A
Ijiikm* nnd Leninu  v. Souli*"-.    Cluini
on    me.cli.inic's   hen  -f(ii*.SH2S2.    1''. O.
Elliott" for, plainlilVs.   for w liinn juilg
ment was "given. * <    ���
i Jn chamlieis his honor granted .pyo'
bate of vvill of the late 11. Ramsey.-1-
i <  \   (.'iii.Mix.vr. iiocKirr.;    <
A *.\r<jLcodp pleaded^ guilty to thrift
jid Coijiaplix and \\as*seiitenced ,to two
muni lis' iinprisoiiniont.    -      A      '    *'
"LRi)lreits was discharged nn"cliargo,of
thefCj'rom F. J>'.,"\\'ella,;Jr,storo *l"as._h']h
lionoi    c,'onsidere,d   the charge was not
sustniiied ^ hy ;'the <��� evidence.'  A.' i\b
Pinkh.im w.i-i crown prosecutor. "���
Emergency' Hospital to bes Erected
,    and Maintained at- Arrowhead.
< At the hospital every bed'is occupied and the medical and nursing
staffs have been having*a busy time..
A. Jicrgip* who was operated on for
a serious internai 'condition, is
doing well,so far., Mrs. Livingston,
t)f Arrowhead,is steadily improving.
Supt'. Kilpatrick,, Mr. 'McCarter,
iind Dr. Sutherland,^visited Arrowhead this week * to ' confer willi the
management of< tlie niiJls-rthei*ofns
In hospital and medical attendance
for thcemplovos of the new lumber
mi I Is, and an''arrangenicnt jvas
en'teieil iu ice whereby the hospiial
director,-aie to erect and maintain
an cnKirgenc'y hospital at Arrowy-
hiadjiind provide a1- medical man
to resido'therCfi ,That hospital vvill
be operated in'conjunction with the
main hospiial al Revelstoke.    ' ,
m - We are opening-" up the'fmest lot,,of ',-        -_.
0     0
th'ai has been seenjn'town.
Our, Stock of
'i    ,   ���
,"*-*.. i
Heavy Rise In iRates On * McKenzie
\ / Ll " /r_t * "Avenne.     ' - )i   - <
The in sura nee com panics have raised
the nites oil-tlie east, side of McKenzie
avenue'from $4 25 xto #Sr40 owing to
the cpinpiiet- hloclc. of-wooden liujlcl-
ings'nnw existing from iMblson's J3ank
to the',rCiinnda ,(0'rug ik Jlnilk Cn's.
store. I,r.-is'proposed to ��� erect a' brick
(Pre wall half way 'up along the l)loclc<
iis a'liicans "of reducing this excessive
insurance, rate." Thife will"cost about
$(500, und'will save jU,200< a year in
insula nee. "*'','<
,v-Thcovvners ofiprop-rty in the block
will proliulily carry our, 'the', idea by
sul'scrjbiiig towmds the cost, as, iinle-'s
soniotliingjdt the kind is 'donc^tho
proposecbinciea.se' of rates will be a
seridiiVmattc'r "for" the business firms
located there. "-Jt is felt tha't'rthe city
should have taken' action to declare a
lire limit and enforce the^ncucssiiry
liylaws before the^prescnt serious outlook' had uriscn. "i ' ,"
'Che Real Tiling, at one-half the usual price We
have made a direct import purchase and can sell these
Real Baitenberg pieces at prices ihat make them within
the reach of any one.
RKMI'MBHR   the   Dancimr  Season   is
our Dress Making
and see our Modisle and Cr(~'L vour order in.
nepartment will   be overtaxed
near  and  %
Call  \
H,Millinery and Dressmaking- Parlors Second Floor
*The olliciarrecount gave Green only
,30 majority over Jietallack.
, 'At i he socialist, 'league on S.itmilay
jiiglit inteiest in>; nddi esses op sneialisiu
wcie given by' Me.���is *.i:ijiii!in,
Mitchell and Bennett..
At the ineeiing ��� nf" the libi,|-,il
meilibersDof IJ. C. at Vielbiia, Monday,
J.   A.   Macili-lnlld.   W?C, ,    was   I'lirli'd
leader of the party. Stuart Jleiuler-on
and W. W. I). Mciuncs weie also Humiliated. '
The Socialist Jajnguo meets weekly
on Fridays in llie Selkiik, hall. AI
last night's mrctiin; then* wasadis-
enssion <ni I hi.* best iiie-ni- i f lain'-'lug
:il��nu social is i.. i'    _'     .-���"
'J'he llbi.-i.iK ������! lii-vel-liiki'- hil-'iidid
b i liquet t in-,' .1. \. M.u-dun.-i Id a- lhe
ju-w leach')' .J lhe libel.i| pally In the
pioviiin*. inn he ciiiild mft st"p "IV I'm-
:. clay on hi- v. ,i \   Iiiiiiic       s
j'lobnhly ui view of 'llie lai-tanal
the electimis showed the Muliiide u'ov-
,-Viy''i  yy     ~     .'*,'<
t ^'   1    . ���-
Revelstoke Election to Be Fetitioned^
__, .-_. _ tT~Against. '-�����=*-* -ir-.'--
��� J. M. Jvellic's supporters /have (le-"
i*idi d tujiintcst Uie election of Th'-inns
'I'ii^Iipi-1 fur ���>, Kevel-tnke riding "un
giounds "'nf alleged bribery and "cor-'
ruptibn. ,.Mi. Kellie's .comniittpr* bus
obtained a large amount' of evidence,
and J. D.'Swanson, solicitor, of Ivam-
loops, has been retained to act for the
petitioners. The protest willbeliled
;��� 11ti piotest served on .Mr. Taylor in a
few duvs, though it is likely that with
the Im nullities of llie law it will be
-onic weeks bi'l'oie the ease will einne
nn Iia* 11 ial.
Stoves, Cooking "Utensils^;'
y 'complete,
��� Headquarters for ;Groceries -,    y* f
-'"'.of Guaranteed Quality.u^jm-}
' iW"-'
^ t
*t   ��
> r.
,   ,-     nn: t'OMAri.ix viii.i,.
'I'liii- mill i- also fitted thoroughly
ti|) to date. The'runw.ivj. and-doek
had lo be fixed up ,after the .-loim
in June, which lore tip lhe yard
badly, it i- intended to extend
the yaid room here, by reclaiming
the lake .-bore. 'Two millimi' feet
of log- are in readinc-.-  for cut (iim.!,
iiuni'iit does not possess the coiili-
,deuce of the people the liank of Commerce, which carries' the ^nvernini'iit
account, has refused further credit,
and the' government has had to en-v
g.-1-.'e that lending libcial, 10. V. Bod-
well, tu proceed In Toi on to to interview the bead nlliee wilh^a view to
withdrawing ahe. cuil-nign Thi- i- n
pi ct ty state oi ihing- I'm lhe Mclbide
govei innent to -tart in wi:ln""u;hen an'
agent has to he -ent hut in hand to a
bankin-; institulion lo permit the
province to carry on business.
JI   turn*   out    it   wn*   the  Spokane
afieis who   have   locnicd I he Cifiw'.-,
t'o Rev Father   Lardon'on Leaving
For   New Charge.
An n.li-i e-l inu- |ii i'-i'iilal "l < .11 I,ink
plaii'nii I hi' uciM-liili "I li'ev Kiillici
Laidini, w h i Iiii- been "in chaige nf
lhe' CaI hi'ilic I'ari-h nl Revelstiiki-.1
duriii'j I he nb-enee nl Jiev Fiithei
Thnyci. leaving, fur his lieu ehaigc
at Kni-i .-Steele. The children .itteudiui;
the Siindav -school stibs'.-ribi'd a liand-
001110 sum, with which they piesented
the Uev Father with a handsome
tiiivelluig'vnlisc, and a purse of money.
The follow ing addiess was also* presented:���
Revelstoke,'IJ.C, Oct. IS, t!)0:i.
To Ki:v. I'\iTiiia! Laudo.v.
Jteveieud Oear Knther,���We the
childii'ii nl tin* Sunday schnnl Avu
ilinu In i-vpies- mil yr.ilil nib1 to ynii
foi lhe -ileal kindnes--, and inteiesl
you have shown In us durbij; your
stay ainonust" u-, on this your Inst
Sunday w i* h us hen in pie-ent you
with this -mall ml.- n nl niir deep Inve
and nlVei-l i 'i
. Great ReductionSori Seasonable Goods
1 ^'', Lines'/Vlarked.'to .Clear ^Regardless ,of Cost/ ��� ������
,'    Dress Goods Special-.' '
40c''Dress Goods'at ,2-jc  '
6oc Dress <Goods'at, 40Cf -
,A ',    i ~ i~  *
75c,"90cDressGpocLsat 59c "
Children's ^Jackets -."
. f-'Beady-fo-W ear, Costumes y
���1 ,   ri ��"    > -   y  ^ *
uSeliin'^"at;DYices,.,tHat  the ^
_    '-     ' .       -',1  T ^*.V? ' '   . *
**J makingi'aiid.tnimming'cost <
1 ~      ^yy   '-    -v - - ���'
, i"LadieS'':Mantles'--'' ,-"
Justi^���fivv:ottHe:be^,t, left I'l ^^J^^^EE1^:^!!^^]^!
A'$3oO Jacket selling at" | ^ill ulong- ^the-line���m/dp *
- - - - ' prices U^acyn\u^���scll.them ,
���  y. -   I.^. -     _.<*=.--
$7.25 and $5.00 selling" at
$3.00.        "    ,
$10.50 and $12 Jackets at'.
Agents for Ladies Empress Shoes and Butterick's Patterns.
i^yOu��>fc// 'v^^MAe//^f ^n^ i^u fi^^ A^f"
M. A. 'SMITH & GO,, Agents, EevelsLoke. B. C.
By the' ini].l<.vei))ei)t- imule hy the x,..- (:���,il and nil land-that lelnrncd it with (nu* 1
' new owium-. the mill Ii.i.- heen ex-j Jnlin llnii'-tnii for Xel-mi. Jcihn
j tended -10 let I further. ;i new lny' pli d;^ed himself in lum- the-e Iu-
! ci ri'iani* liitili irom the mill into j e.ilion- urn tiled m the Ini'atnrs, and us
I the hike. ,1 new lot; juniper and t he Incatinns have heen made nm-t ly
li:-L'er mil in.    The mill   h;u-   been   on hchalf of .Spnkan,'penph-, mid |iml.-
,-ilily lhe ("ileal Xni tliern Kalluay Co .
these |ie iple poiucil Amei ienii ^uld
*nto Nelson for lloustnn'-, elect inn.
���ItrijOOU iu Ameiiciin envies i- > tilled in
li'ivc come in for dislrihut ion on he
li.ilf of John, who IkiiiM.- he is n
���' pnietical polil ieiau." Though .so
tl United in Uie conservntive party tlnst
not 11 lelei;iiiin nf congratulation >\ns
-cut, him fiom Vielorj.i he uppeai-s lo
ha\eheen ulile to *;o llicie iiiid hold
up I'lemici* McIiiiJu and the whole
coii'-erviit ivc pnrty tr> jjivc him 11 portfolio lliut he e.iiuiot lill' with any
safely to the interests of Iho people in
view of his statement that he favored
���jiving away the richest assets of the
province to his friends*. It is high
tune this sort of practical pohlioinn
was a. back number, in British Columbia. Tlie disclosures concerning
this iill'.-iir are discreditable, to the con-
sei-.-ative parly, and must break up
I lnit'paily ere long.
tii-iirniiiii< il !-o that   the boards nnd
dimension lumber   go   un live rolls
to the edyer   and   the   slabs   tiuvel
'light   through   to   the slnb slasher,
. wheie lhe\ are cut into-J ft. lengths.
the   (li'-ee.-    that   will    make   laths
IgoiiiL'   thence     through    the   lath
j machine, and the re-t to be us'*d a.-
|eorduood.    One  object   in   the  ie-
ide-igning i<i   tin*   mill is to provide
there sl),(|] be u<> ua-te.
A- tin* di men-ion lumber goe-
frotn.tb" live roll- to the trnveiling
chain tt 1.- -01 ted for the different
grade-, and foi the dii'l'cient pbtnci-.
i From tlie planer.-., the lumber is removed liy'ha'iid-Ciirts to thecorre.-:-
poniiing lots in the yard.'
The plan' consists of saw bench,
with upper and lower circular saw,
I'm:!- phimi's. eclger, ' slab s-hii-linr.
���J.ill h. p. bniler and engine, lhe
liiiih-r ln-in.L* hnili by tin.: W'.-i'terotis-
l.'nuipal.;,. a nd lln: engine by W.
Viites.; . <>!' London, Out. ; , The
I'tirnai.-i-nf 1 h'* boiler ��� is ii.Ned. with
an a utnmal H- I'l'-d.     U'alci   irmi^bs
I lnpim: ynii �� ill accept
��l u i-nc and   piayer i'oi*
your    liappnie-s.    anil    siicce-s iu    all
yniir      undei inking.     Tbal (Ind   may
ble-s you aln u - �� ill   be the   piaserof
Tin:  Giiii.oniJN*  or Tin:   Jji'.vn.w
"���school, Si'.   KiiA.scis  thimicn,
l!i.vi:i.sToi<i,., I!. (;.
!���'rank McMahoii lead lhe, address
mid IJeit Galcy made the pic-enlalinu
on behalf of the subs*cribeis. Kiillici*
bunion was taken completely by surprise and was much alVected by this
handsome   tribute   fiom    Ids    pupils.
Kiurn miro-Aii ('(11 ri'^poiulciit.
/oftus came iu for 11 day or two
on 11 visit to his mother
Messrs. Mcltne and McDnnell, fiom
Revelstoke, were here on 11 shooting
trip and had pretty good sport.
Wc, arc once inory enjoying line
weather and lhe settlers are taking
full advantage of it taking out their
Mrs. J. 0. Hutchison,- our teacher,
has been laid up with a very bad cold,
necessitating llie c.lnsing of llie school
J'nr one. week, bill, is iigaii: able to take
charge of her duties.
A c.nn'trai'.l.  has   heen" let   In I). .'Uc-
T. Mnreand A. .M.  Miller have linen
Mppniiilcd   elders   of lhe   1'ivs ylcrian I (lurtliy for .erection   nf  nn  ad-litinii lo
iave'   been    !:iid    i'i if'   earry'm-/    llie yeli,i|-,,|i. ���      /.    ' '     . I AV. I'iibladu's house ut Arruwhetul.
Stili it rains 0:1 and our  stock of Rain  Coats. L'm-
brellas and   Rulihcr-.  arc  selling very   fast.     Who
would travel in   mc*  rain   without an umbrella when
we can sell you one at 75c.
Our  prices aie away down  and   we have the best
assortment in town.
We have just received another consignment of
Kail Overcoats, the latest style.
We have the latest styles of stiff and s.-ft Hats
in town���just arrived from New York.
Our  Grocery  trade  is humming.When   vou
are in ne.ec'
prices are away down.
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SATbKDAV; OCTOIiKl: ill,' HXCib  , JoejChainberlain'r campaign for  '��������� preior.ential trade within tlie ebipire  ������������������ -'appeals to every loyal 'heart.  Originating with the Laurier government the idea .is eatchiug like  .wildfire and liberal.- .and eon.-erv-  atives will -vie with each 'other in  supporting it. 'Kv-n IMaiehi'ord. the  leading ICiiglish socialist, has curb,  tributod to the wellheing of the  movement by. his powprful pen and  sledtie-liamiribr logic,  lit; siKhleu.-bippii'.  '.it     *_'l)Vl.*  ���������\Ya congratulate .). A. .Mncdonald  K...C of Kossland on his election as  leiider oi the liberal party. Though  n-y  iueiit, work in  the   dbt.ricl iijiitiiibli--1  iitt'l V alter   I he v('lei;ti(jn has e a Used i  great   .(lis.-'atisfabuoii;."   \Vhnt, ��������� i;ls(yj  ebuid people expeol.?    'Lhe.-c v.-oi'ks \  Jwere put in Jnuid in nine  eases only  of ten to (J-ateh ' votes, it ill! tl'.c' ViitirS.i  having    b.ei-ii    seciiri'il,   the    disup-l  pointed    niics. -wonder"   why    they j  pruvi-d   .-u(th   '���������.slickers.". Take tho,'  I'lpa I rice   trail.    That. - vwis   l,o   give;  af:cc.-s l.o a mine which pan be uiadoJ  a   large   shippiir , arid    employer of;  labor, iiiit' the   sudden   cessation of  the trail, work   leaves   the property  lied up for another  season, without  supplies which could have been got  in for a full  winter's   work had the  Mr. Mncdonald   is.   not very widely  new   inn'l   been   eompieled so as. tri  known outside  of   Hoiith Ivootimay I he a vailable.  and Jjouiidary, he has a high repu-1,   The.siiii'io   Ihing   applie;-   lo  tin-  b'ltion   as   a   man   of   sterling   integrity, is* a readv debater, and oik  who lias the qualities which go lo  make a successful leader. \V'i; wish  him all success in his leadership.  Just   as   the  con.-ervatives   u<vti to  b'aiio'i ri vc r ami ol ln-r Ira i Is.  I'l.-dpb- put in supplies, expecting to  complete I lie : work authnri.-i-d. buf.  the suddcii cessation has left them  with large supplies'oti Ihcir hands  which will now he useless and their  Si  by that  able   party manager] hill,-,   lo   meet  all  ir  liberal  J.  A.     Macdona.Id.    so     the  now  have   their .1. A. MaJ'*-  I Caiiibiirne-I'eal.oii  disgraceful   .s|iii|k;,  the   saini:.     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McLeod cii;is' lib: nbl'i cibiii'-'l alii!  i fruit-trees'plunteil'out,'       ,     b  J     T..<'adihn ti    lias   .it    section   iif, J!2b ���������  J"iic.ros.'incl'.i'Hng W iici'cs ui rich bi'd-rom  t lii ml.-. "'    ���������-'.���������������������������'���������������������������' '   '    '������������������������������������A        ' y  I      lilbiT- r'-l'tlers    In.Id   :'l;iud ������������������ ibb'-t.il:^'':  '.th.''lmy   I in l .-.ir':' tint,   ocenpyin'g tin-ir '  sections.  . ���������. ..'-.'���������.���������'��������� .-':���������''  A Remarkable Record.  ��������� IJIiaiiilii'i-laiii's ("fiiigh Iii'iix'dy  h;is a.:  ���������I'l'iiiai'k.iifili* l-ccffd.     It, lias Mii'cn in us,-':  Ira-   (tvi-ii v.thirty  years-,   rtui-iutc   w hi cii :  time   innfiy   iiiilliiui   hritties  li.-ive Ih-iti  siiM .'nnd   usi'd.    ft.  has "lohK hi-i'ii.tli-v.  stan(lai (I and main ri-lia nee in tie- ti cat- '  lui'lit n.f ei-niip in I hdiisands   r,f .boine-s.  yi-l,  during  all ' I liis   tinie  no ���������������������������use hay-  lias. i'Vit  ln-i'ii repiiil.cd lo I lii-.inaiiura'--':  liii't'i-si in which it failed to i'll','t-l aV-iue.-I  Wrii't': KiviTi as soon   as. th,-   child., la--!  colli!-;:   hoarse ,oi-  even   as   sofinasthej  i-l'dilpy cou^h appi'ars, it,   will   pi-fventj  the   ai.lack,     ll    is   |',l|,,-i-;aiil.    I.o.tnk.-;  manv children like it.   .It;  onlairi*-   im  d[iiiiin in' other harmful  siilisi.anc-" and  may   l������- t,'ii-i-n as foiiliili'iil.ly l.o a li.-i.hy  as Id an ndiill,     l-'orsale   hy.  nil   d'rug-  Kisl.-. ' ,'. <���������  yAQ^y^riuA^^'-jioviAmA  b.;^ciM������bJJbibyKcpt..;2ijtiiy ipoj^y.bbvvJjJi ��������� JJbJ:  ]yy:M������ti'&h������G^  '���������V'JOTiCKiiis htrbbyv tJrb\'ci)J: thibttlbiTy*"iliiys  l������\   : tetter (!at.<: I imi.-ndvlovapply toitim t'liit-l'  I V/uimissionvrof l.titiils and AVroi-|^s fora special  iif:fe!i'.i:'.:o'crut.aiMi*,;a,rr.v ic.va.v tillibor-from tin.'  ftjlif'-virivr ifc,::r;l>uii,laii(.lsJ .Viz.: v.J, :;"-';,-'.'JJ .'.",'.���������:; :'���������'.'. i.V-"  J. vffjl.iiji!.c:,l--.'.i:,ii-:ih(.' -������vust fprlc i>f.:,C'tiItiis'i:n:e>.. ^  vKtiivtcii:^." lai.:-:.,f(nd, ('"Kill ni n������Jf,t,a post iiii irk (���������(!','  ���������^V:. . ,-\T���������,:lJoaa:,.t'-, JJ,,ju; tiiia-f   ..voi-iif,!-. vvi-iiiaiiii^ j  1 l!������-ni.-C'Jii<.i-:it Vvi ^tisiins;'. 1 liefieiVwest- Mi ohiiins. j  ;th,:!i,;i* -o'l'l'i Vi i-l tain-,-t-iifniiiy. (lirsl? >n i ;ii,-i tils' t,o;;  pifif:!. |/{;'if.'l(il'!ltll-Jt:lili!l.lt(J-i'''",'        J   V���������:���������      '   ",'   --J        ; !  "  :-J   '������������������   -,..V'V-;.-'���������������������������������������������       W.   M.-lKlXAt,!'i.'  v .X.';i*-.riti.ii,'.c::.:iri.'tif.b>itlibni:������.v   v,    ' '.���������������������������..(:,.',  a  lowiiib ('U'.sbriiii'il'liinils.'vi/.:  JbSil.tiiitJi-d'(in thtS Vv.('sbF(ii;ky(ilb Giilliis  ,GreekJ:"J-bi(H,biiay:,biik!.;.";ainl:; Ivi-iiin'iiini;  at a.p(isbni;il-ketb\\-.bilelj(biiild'ss(iiil.li  biislbjbbriici*, jbiuiiiu-t^itbcnt'b;; iiori.ltKG  elinin^bvtliiJynbf'vJbvt'SbySlbc'h:!iiibv l lb-.dco  ili'iTii.h���������SO,''(':lriiinsb tlience^^^ i'astbSQJ (.-liiiiiis  to jibiiibof .Jr-oiiiViibnci-bionf vJVj;v;y:v:'JJ;JJJ:;;J  As;r^A:AA>AAyAy^y^\crK)^AYAy-:b  Neispiiy;-Ib:t;j.JSbptv2-i(i^yi!:libLii;y  'J:.'..S.ef'i.'iii'(l yluiVitl . 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Ii.k  VV, l*,ii.-.ra>-s i  :|,'.:h.,iH-.. Mr  la ,:!iV,)i,-; r.l,-!  ('orii-i.c-ficifnii  i ;<,;b..ai. ifi <  vlNLOTIOE.-b  ���������'b.-!>y-Ki'-b,'.l.'J,ll.:il' t'lii':'!;.  ,i:d-i.iv ;i;i->;'-- 10 il": (..'li;,  i-Va'n,) U'i,riisv,.;,-V-;.W  !'..--ali.!.r  baniiiis-  if.fo.ni T.lic:  tit':  .',v(  ��������� w,*', ;,,  :,,f l !,(:-,.  m  jriiKAXJiiKH :>\yA;;\:i'i*;i)--Diuii'svbii  }.:''.. Ct un iilL-ilce'Xo vein hi'l- -11(1. ,Sa la I'V  .%-!il UJIi   iie I- : inoli'ih.' Jv Applie.-b iiiiis   to  l-carllt Ili'Jblllh'i'S'igllialljy 'tllbiltil ill si.  b,- '���������"���������'"';������������������������������������:','vHi iKbOVii). Si'creliiry.b  'jbi:i:vi.-!-ltii;e.; <*3i'l." 1T. l!'U*b i; ;  "iyyiy  v  i EVENING 'CLASSES"7  fi;������i ..-in  SHQBTHA^'tf  ;,u  'K i.- ,  r: J" to'  ^Hifi",  ni.  nil,  lid ,  ii>,_<,|'---nl>'-';  .SiOl.il':'!. '-)  Ki,<(f,:i>a)���������������������������' in  l<*.i'-.ilf|V*'.ti  ll'I'.-liaili-V il)������:  1-1,-l-Hir,.. r.nc  mi-.lM rjiaal.  .. Si:;,l. L'hti. ,!.'j'>.-;."  Notice,  '.'���������,.-i;v .bv'-ii tjiv UI  M\ .'ib.-.r.r'iyf'.'1'"-'  .-:-, and  /i,.ii.iV;  ���������'i,a:a-I  t MMiiii^' i  -: riiVn,,- -  ,-vi.b.  ���������j     \\'ii'Il.'-i' .M iiuro; of. I his-' eil yv is   now  I'lir-f.-iifi/Jn^    nn'''   fve'iiiiig   i-las.s   for 'a  ��������� l tli'iii-oii'-jl,  unit (-i,iiijil,'li',. si inly  of   tlie  ; aho'.-i-   sii.|,j,,(r,.    Ii'  yon . ivoiililj hi'Coiiie  -b-in. i.-^i'ii'it in ; 'tin'.; (a ofi-.-Joii of .sti'ii,  i ','ibviphy ,-i.rolI nou'. '.  ��������� ;'       . ,  ,]     l-'or    I'lirtliid' ��������� p'ai-lic'iilncs  ���������'.���������ipplv   by  l.letb-,,.: ','��������������������������� .,.*���������- ,'    ".   ,  -���������"  ',���������-''-  [  ' U'Ai/I'i'JK   MIJMIU,    .--.  b ... i:i-v.-l-lokc  I!. (!.  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RESTAURANT:  tf.  , Ka-:  Km- '  M'-.ii  1'ill.C-  ���������f  ;.U  First 'Street,  l:���������vi-Hiib-.  ���������|*ii l''i'aiik:I{ic;lvel.:(a-J'aiiy pcrsoy nr jiia-son's to  b iwlioi'n  lie may! liayis'assiKiic-d Ilia in turcsl, in  V.ttiu '.'l'iiii]iri'.ss* niinural claiin.sit.itatr -tin   Uiii  .- Jwosl,side (>f:Uii|ier Arrow  l.also.'vwust, fiirlc fit*  V JI'iiiitstiai Jia-t-iik,   lliilil   i\lniinl.aiii,J in Upper  :v A i-i-n\v Ijaka IM initio Ilivisiun, Wcsl, ICootuitay  .'-Distrliit, livitisli Cnhmibiii:       J      J j'  J   Von Jai-u Iiui'uliy'.'-Jiiiil.illuil  that: I, Mlur lindcr-  ,sii;nod,:liiiV() uxpoiidud I'ni- yiiii.i.liu'saiii nf S'-'la  in la tin- iind iiniii-ni-uinuntsiiiiiin'tlin said Km-  press .Minural  (llaiin.  iniilor' llio prm-isinns nf  '���������'i,liu iUincni.l Ai.-I, and ir.vwilliin. iiinul.yJ"ilnyu  fi-ilm ,tlii! (lata of ������������������'Hiis niitieo yon fail or refuse  in coinrlliiil.e tliti arnrcsaid .sum,. ingul.licrJJ.wltli  itll costs (if advt-rUsin-,', 'yoiir.inlui-L'st.. in . tin!  sniil'iiinii-i'-iil uliiini will hi.'conio Ilia pi'(!|iri-ty of  I.Iiae iiiiili:i-.signt-d; iiiidui- Suction I ol* Mil: Act (in-  tilled���������An   Act lo Amend  lliu iMinerarAel,'...  1111)11.   V    . :::���������;.;,     -;  Dalial at llalevnii llol,.SnriiiKH  ... This 1st iliiy.uf .Septemlier, 1IKIJI.  '���������'���������A. 'JI. .SV.MOX.S.  Thby"-tst;^EquipniJentyyanyb'Fab  JyaridvStrbi-igiastiFacultybih; G-tnacIa.:-vy;  V /A '-;������������������'.'-A (,lu>i-onf^Iiviifi.i.st.ic nnd (lnislied J;J VvJ5* y  ,;:-;:;::; = . vv Vi^f [Jg jf,^' j 7J-;|,:"|) |J QXf iON^Kbb^?  ...djoeal- (lunl.ru-Kxaininalions held o'yisry.siiiii'-'-  iiiei-'in. JiManitolia;1 Northwest, .Terri lories' J and  Itritisli (Joliiiiiliia. JJvJj".!:   .���������-���������;��������������������������� JJ ;.i v;,vjJ:VVuvyj  School bfiLiterJalure anclyJExpressionbv  wVV Jh'b. Inez Nicliolson-Cnttuiv l*riiieilial.vj. JiJJ,,;  -vKiill:Kauuii.j-.,JAlbhr-iiiulios'tniiKliI,.    ���������>  v   '. .V  ifp * t; a l iiii a A i ts i a n i i J s v l l Alius, ,j<;i.ik k i ;.b  ,      \Vhen wrilinK please ineiition'.Tlie Hall:    ;' v v  ib :v Pitman's Business Courses i^  yy,   are known all over (lie-  :bi,y;''':(W0lid.i-jb>i;,:-i.v;JyJ^>^J'i'\j'''i'bi':i  Revelstoke Grows Fast  ��������� '-.-      We f^riiw   Tussti'i*, having lidded  l.o ikii* Ib-iki'.ry nnd Confectionery  '-'''business full lines of  Groceries and Camp Supplies  17u1Ij course fronvl'eii,Dollars.  Agents for   lhe   (a'leliral.cd  MON.S'OOiV '.I'I*:AS.  M'l,   I', .;  ill-Mr' (���������'������������������  1,1 <  ���������Hi-fi-', iirirn-;.* tj  vll.l, i:m:i.    -  i'onr in,',lis.     (ipcn ilay and ni^'iil. i  -. l'~ir and ii|',*v.:ii d.     H|M-i-ial Weekly j  t/ooil -i-i-vif i- j.;ii;ii alil.i'cd.  I-'U.III   k,   ITO. I'ro'irii'tal'sV  For Sale  IVl.iSMITH&CO.  wriTi'd-;  n   ,|���������i,..'i  NOTICE.  ft *iV L'i\ -r,   I I,:  donald   rotintl    wIiohu   banner   tbel!-|itirt was nntdi; to nn[irove it before  l.iciinis .Murjiliy Is heing put forward  lis lil-i!i"iil en inliiln tf. for the new ^'nle-  b.-irihoo eli-el.orate al, next dominion  i-lcelion. AV. A. (Iiillilier, Al, I'., and  l������r. biiiclnir, of Itiissbiml, .-tro 'mimed  in coiineel ion with the lihernl'iiniiiin-  alion for'tin- K'ooteiiay scat, in the  dominion house. |    \,vi.  ���������rirt in  siniU'l- ,,l' T.all'1', -md  Ifi rut iind carry a '-v  im; (Ir.sra-ilM 'I l.il���������l.-.  Slliinl'-il "a lln  KoiilflliiV lai;i-,alid  W. I'nl"-;il'- ���������.'(inllii  lllfllltllis, lllflin- ,'.',  I'li-h.lill-'. 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SAMSON.  Pitman's Business College.'  Opposite Motel Vanei'iiver. .  LONDON MRECTORY  rJjf lONTALNINU-' over 2,()U() panes (if  XJ eondensed coiiimcreiiil nmtt.ei', en-  alilcsViiiiti'i-pi-ising traders throughout ,y  the I'bnpirc to Ueep in elnsc. touch with  the trade of the jMofherbind. Besides  heiiir it complete commercial guide to.  boiidon iiini its Siihiii'hs, the London  Directory contains lisls i'l-:���������'.  IOXI'OK.T M KltO11 ANTS  with Uie Goods they ship, and the. Colonial iiiHlForfbgn: markets I hey supply  STEAMSHIP LINES  in-ranged   lindcr, thi'   pints   lo which  they sail, nnd  indicating   the  approximate, sailings: ���������  PROVINCIAL  APPKNDIX  oTTrade N(diee,s 'of  lending  Abnbifiic-  tiircrs, Ali'.iehnnts, etc., in the principal  provincial towns and indnsti inl centers  of lhe baited K murium.  A copy of lhe lillll edition will lie I'nr-.-  Hiirdeil I'reighl piiirl on receipt of Post.  Ollifje Order I'm   Cl.  THE LONDON DIRI'XTORY CO., LTD.  '1"> Ahchin-ch Liinc,  London, I'b C, I'biglitnd.  T,^. ^aavjrt -T   T.T 1J^~Wfft-l   n ������<-!������ yf JV  [yr^������y,.i.,j.^,aw������^,TC,^B|^,iwijL,n,.waMr : A"
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v5biiid;Aybrks,l'or;av!-|)i'eial jlieeiisebtti.ciiL
���'������������viiiiilbenirybawny;;tin)her" fr(iin;the;l'()l-'
yJJ|?i\viiVg:d escribed -.liind sbyviz':y��bbb J^bb; "������
bvvSiliiated' bn JJGoi iibOn'ek.yKiir-ibnayJ
Hi vbi-.' .-ind Jhi'gi lining at apost-iiiiirked
v"i*'J\V:.'AVi;hlii'i-!s i i ni' L1 i > "s i s tJ r:r ��� i ��� I lb i -,'" t'i 11 r > i i t
b j I. h reej luid on Crha If Ji n ili*s.Jiip ythe ' riyei*.
vJriihiiingJwi'StvSO chains, theiiceypoiithJ
bSO.chains, tlienei* eiist 80 chani.s thence
-.-j.iiii.'r.th S.0 cliiiiiisjlopiiint, of J cb.innH*iiei'-;
JV' ment. b-'v'J:''b:'"'" '-;.,vJ:".Jv '.v.Jv'-J. v-vvv'1'..-.: ���
.:.:v.:j-.vv,:. -'v; :v'y-yAy:\V.-\VK3lllili. ';.'
y <NeIsi'ii, BvGv Si'piV 2St.lb; lOIKt.v; J "v^yJvb
: "VTOTIOIb is hei ohy biveil I lint thirty
��� _LbS- Jdiiys lil'tebdiiie I ibi/'b-J.'"jbti'pl v
v lo.i he Chief JCoihmiS-d'.'ii'-i- iif. I.nnils
, linrt Worksi'or a Jspcciiil license to cut.
mid J ciiri-y a w.-iy l.iniht-r" froiii'thefol-
. J hi wing rlesci-ilii'd liinds, vi-/.: ��� . J J..y Vv
Siliinled (in Kootenay It.iver, and he-
'giiiniiig at it post nun ked **.Ios.' -Page's
nobt lieast. cbriier post," ti limit, one mile
.southwest (if Geo. Alexiind"'V hfiiise,
;���'���" liiiri ""riiMiihif* . west SO fliJ-ii ii.-, liii'iicii
'siiiilh SO chains, thenee enstbSO chains,
thence north SO cliuins to point, of com-
���."���������" '   JOS.-paru.;
Nelson, B.G...S.'pi. HOtli. 10(W.;   '
N'OTIGIC is hei ehy given I hut. thirty
days nfier date I iiitenrl to apply
lo the OJhi, I'-f'oniinissiiiner i.if bands
iind \V()i-ks;i'oiva..--pi*ci,iI I'l-ense lo r*'nt
and carry away limher li-oin the following rlescriherl liinds, vi-/..:
Sit uiii ed im lln* south foi k of (/iill.us
creek, Koot.eiiiiy litke, nod hetciniiing
nt, a point, iiinrked,John Wehhei's
northeast cornel- post, iihiuit 'JA. miles
lihove the I'orks aiid i uiiiiing south SO
chniiis. I hence west SO chains i hence
north SO chains, t,hence ('list. SO chains
lii place of coiniiieiiceiiienl.
-   NeNoii, B. O., .Sept. 22nd, ISJ<
kjO'l'IGIO is hei-eliy.given I hn I, I hirl v
days,n|i ei- dale J intend I o nppl\.
to I In-' (iliief (Jouniiissioiier of l.iiinl.-.
anil W'oi-ks for a siiecinl license Ineui
anrlcaiiv away liniher from I lie following ilesi'i-ihi'il lands, viz.:
���Sil iinleil on (Julius ci-i'ek, Kootenny
hike, nnd beginning nl, a post iiinrked
Aim'}* I'ni-i-i-'iii's iiin-t hwest cornel'
ahoiil, two mill-' ahove I he forks, running east II) chains, lhence south 1(10
chains, lhence we.-l. 10 chains, thence
north Kill cliuins to point of coiniiu'iicc-
Nelson, I.I. (b. Wept. ��!inl, IIKKJ.
: bbby'bu. 10 js'icto 11 ,y Jjbbb
���!&' vi* n,eij bli)yb|li- iyjliie y (;|qbi^iblnisyyi)ebiij
:Opeii edbbriba n.;|.pu tcro'jb^ji 2i f tbywi cl ti;
��b b|| &l i'o Xvi ii <r Jb ��r-i 1 e.nivJbiri 3 bl J&i' ri iii;sb j>v r i ��� l b) i;'^
:a iiicl bbii^iiibjrbnTHij'i |b;jb:clbifpby:3 5y 1 IbbibiSy: -
'���"'' vjvniie'bfqnnei* ":-f:{:riii Ijyi" IbbibitatidittblJ
;',(311 i'*e. f,: ioVi .l"�� i, t'i -."-. ;m! l,.f ? ii X S5 b-ii* ���' V^?"i- >vi.vs t v; H. 1. <->."!"��U .."".'<"��f ���"
vKij\vStc>ii<^ "iiiiiy1^!!;^!^!!^ fpj lp\ying.b;bii!
briii 1-jjtibv ;G pabjvjnbbib ttj) i ib:-,tirrJiVby(iff:
:.f5 hi "��Jld ;-"Si 1 vci'rbrilB.ts !.l.iH0J.ii"i i EqV h" i t<>,V) ti i u.I,;
jbtlieVbcliti ms'.bi.,rlMib'bJ'b jby^i'b:1ijbb:jbbi:b-bvb
jivbKjijJ vSb'sii-y i-iiVtWi i I'lvbiijiibbiiji.bbjiij'j'^
jiiiid y-'jA .^NybJ-AIicIii t'pi.ij 1 ri."-'::'"-)'.I.'iii,;ii s.LI.giJtitc.ci...
bii'.itj'Jfilie sbp'Vvi ng ipf .���fgalbiia.bblvlicJ
;1 eitc.1 b Iiii W tb;s Ci-i Icebj'iif bvNy; G9b W^; fa inly
-y i psi^y G7 vbvNrv b; J5 .b^J^T 1 ie;- iuwVi 1.1 sbbii re
i5t>ritpi.i60i.pzs .ys i 1 \"biri a nd :(i0 Jt a jbDi^ibi:;
ben t;ileadi;pcib.tpiVbb.)t)oP; 1 bs.sbi ppbd.
tp i ;.T ra i-1. J is iii cl t e r v rb (i ii r ii feci  50:; b/s..'
Mclbtpslij \vlip ciidbtlie clevplojinieiit
.'.ivork'j stri plied;tint; lea civ for Jl 00 ft:
slibiying ore ioiij jtlicvniain; voinaU
tlie ivayb aiid. iiilsbvpti ibi strtiijieiy
Tho in;iin blend isi'li-ftb.'.ivido: ;'-".T.\vii
I: i i'ge J P [)fl i;':.-C ll ts i. 1 l'il'V ii; i iee:!' :) iia d e:
'riierbiis a pay 'streak. ;of y liOiiieliesi
o f  so li cl j %a 1 e ii a,   a ii d.. b rty; t jir p n g li
t lie-rest vol.,. tl)c:J,veiii.b Thescliist is
iiticlerlu'icl by' 1 itne, in wl)ibi 1 Ja pioss-
eubtnnnel liasiLieen startptl.y yy
JJiv.       ;iv.-. sii.vkiiJ. nicu,.,.; .....,y:yb.-.'
JbTliis claiin lies  below the .Shield,
pn the big niiiienilised J zone, underlying   Keyslipiio   inpiintain. y-it   is
pwiied by Messrs'.1' Mc Ihtosli, Wood -
row   and J G. .Johnston.    A   tunnel
has been run for abrnil 20 ft. Tliere
isv'A, ft.   pi. .iron   sul|)liurets  and
galena.   .Tho ore  is   ipriiicd in lhe
contact,   between   linie   and. schist,
the former conslitilting the Iningiiig
jwnllb   An   open-cut   exposes j orb
���from  S to IU ft.   ; A.jW.y Mcintosh
has,  :i   cabin'  convenieiit   to   the
groiihd.    Mr."   Mclntpsh .litis   done
an   inimense   aitiount   of   Vvork.on.
Keystone lnountain.    -
y" bfiiKii' I'lioi'i-JiiTiks.
Al.iovethe Shield J, , White litis ti
claim showing nice ore (in a IG-inch
vein striking".N. '10 I'b  J
.Further ti|i the 'nitiiiiitnin is the
(bilifornin, owned by J.'(J. Montgomery, and which is oiiupf tlic-j
most pipinising jirospecls .tni Keystone.! 'I'lit! lead is 10'ft. wide, aiid
strikes K. S2 W. Tlie ore is , steel
gnli'iiii and ca rlionati-.-, and lias '
given high assays. -The ore appear.--'
lo occur in a dyke, with walls of
elilorilic schisli
Messrs. I.afprme and Abrahaiu-
snn liros. have done considerable
work oil prnJKtrties uwiii'd liy. tlieiu
on KevsfoiK
voTvXLo 11 i jj -yAbBbyfyyyy vSP^j yyyy^yyypi
b-bJ;filJ ���bCiiriisblires id edjfeiibspbcsitleiitb
;J;tS:i\V!i'-s?rtJBp"l .\'feil;^Jr t'i? 5bcVj tiVii'V j tt oc^-p.li.tf-S:"!" l>^
^sy x&':$''t%%'h %:::''''''y"'::'::.i ^iy:i::y:!^'^^M;^:^^
|i ai^en Jl pi|l Wari dbFIowKSeecls'
��� I Jji'kc r Jl ich i^ii li '1:-;^ JvVJ^JVJ'J^'J'J'- v JC-vivi-JV.vSoiit;;^:
IliiviirianV.'K'?Jv:':';.:JV::}J;JJ'i;;'.Ji':JJiJJ;:J;;J*J,S'tJv;Sopfc. 2(i
May llii\vorJv;jy;.y.V,;yV:V;b,'J.'-'-J-;^J' J'J-'JJJJ SiiptJ:li|:
:;i|?JAv aiKltl C iVNviii NK^Fi-iSiii^iwJiYorkibjSf
"" '  '  bvJWSep'tiJ2
*.;: ;"j':Sepi;:Jii
"���*���" scptfit
y��by i'tisu bKb'vi ^ii;��i^';y;Abyiiviv<'j|bJib
Philadelphia.J'JiVV;-; .:Sv
sji;vuj(niisv>vT:;. vv.y,;v;y
jib 1 i ib^rbben t i itiyyts i te d ,yt 1 i bv jir piii|r ti'bb'i li'JJ
jt|i i ibi j- be'jjQ rib) f y t jib; b us,nib��;;r^bm;ittbe;;
;ii.ppnvtbcJ��[b*p|iosi tipii ystibiiij ttedHiyvAb
'��� I'^i'.ipse iibbi;gbr|;SS^g|^
JSJJyb li i sgi j bt i of ijyybv i i s s'ii bet; jiiecl 0t iid *!ih b
s'S'J^J^y bi'i^Sbgliioiyt^
:i; niS ,HJrbSk:svbjcciiti btjEofbf$072i|.0bftlieyJ
i\*ei;evtt in ijjj eitpvii bcpiitn tiipi*,j^,ab^ses3av
;by.Rpsskel Jy'bi-ejbirtf wasyrecbiyeJibJiyitJIiJ
:.i Viu c 1 iVjjSi..!1? t;cVAWt'r=,f^'i'iii tl "b��si il i > i ����'���' V��5"i i"it|l ^bj'O'V i'i'?.-
Hbirj iribbbtbi JtbiSg kbl ly/si'teibibibwiisJ-tl ib-
si i y;j; b i k ei iyb f ft ii i: ijJb i.-l )bv bi;l IJ,; cl ei i 11 (id;
jbibhtvroobJvibhi "(jifbbbbyl ivDiiniibl-J-bib
Jtiiiyiliv'ili^l^iib-I ii; iybiliib*s;;iMbbbJ-^:i.S7;.iii;
^fc. i < I i:J |i ;J> r^y t ii i V bJb ^vSrbbx, t bv bt ^ j J!iJ> r i-/�� /biJ b* i i^b i i H.t> ^J.
b(''fiViVi.i ti i-bbb';tbJJi:bbi[ yb;b is*Ji:bi>i'b] nibil i'.'ib
:Hn,lb.iVit,l(.'d M heiii by:bV.yl''; itysi-nl/er^bib
>;��.��� VV'i't i'i i ���' I. tj'riy':' /s"lV;;;.'"-I".-^V<.* {1 ^-:p7:b irg'.,:Vy--?';:.jLii"f!iyi-a I V-.<-',i ��� f
(liiibbiii's.-vwere.'i li.uhtiii.UJ J-Hiiseiilie'r^ei-'
AV 11 i(';l i;.v\vi-|-byi ii in icylbb tily,i-y.ii ri.|-n(i icti'(l
;l.'iy-iltbse.iV-.l.ii;;r*;i;ii.,';\v:l,iijjiSikitht* iiliitfuriiij:
liiiilbiiddr'jsi-erivvi. 1 i'e ,".y-:':i l.ttljc'i itiii ������ ji tb.i.co i lb
j;; jA moi i' li i';; uii s ji ; | iii tv J; 11 \v , I, i ii\ g6U IA-.
G eiidre'.; i.i iid.iii.'|iprf��ybtl.;';hy^-.t.it,li��i\stiiek'-'.
hbldbi'itliiiDvKbseiihci-jei-'sJ jirbpoiitibii;
;.Jtidee-;:Gtirtib-yde,c]ined bbp; bb.livbtlie.
quest ioiibiclniinihgJibbva^bbtb^ibi'derJ
,B i'i, ci I ib ���?->v-i'.3''bbi jip tj-5---l I i'eibiresi s eVbbiii t>:.'>- i jt i^,\v7t"s'i
present nI'linatreineht; froin'.lijibiiitioiib,
iiit jtliei'Cbiiitiorne ^I'piip. y;v; b vby; byb
J'J'lle el iiii rniaibsnggbs iui\ .-Jtliev'niee't-
iiig heiadjotirncd bill"���,'l\iicsdiVy..J.t 1 i.csVol��� vf
giv.ing shareholders '.time. Jti'b.acinsidei-
.'Kpscnboi'jr.erV'v LJ>Vop9^ivrbiP'i-'*'?'U:-vitQ'"-'Ji*y-
(jiiest Iiini toJ make scniieJelianees; '��� b JJ
Avd:i 1 ni111��� tv..\I ib 1 biJObtiiiJii!,! WWlAA- jvi:i
[Standard-Vre in cdyifof.'.'Gjeet,1'
'if Gohb'rrlVisa.'and Riinnihgs T
JINC48 HOURS^vvCuresKidb
:^ney.;and. Bladdor.TroublcsS;
JJ Supt;-Hi
JvSept;. ���'��������{
bVVHV i'KJSTA;! blJXK^Krbiii'^i-bYoi^jbb;
t;ti(l riti AA:
^\l-i.it!.sl iu;J'.':;
j;SSJC?-Scpi. at
i?U NJ Al( bjJJXilN; K���i'roi.ibNo wJjYoi*JSS5��
'An run iii .y;VJ:;;v;-;-JJ^vjy JJJ/^JyJVpjvv'VvJjJoV--''JJ t-3ei.it.; 1 ii,
;ciu;piit h i-bbb;-%-Kbbvb^
Giuat'UriUiin and Ireliinrl.'n.nrl iitspuuiallj-iilow.;
.riitosto all J -parts of vthe ?Kur6pcan-cbiitiiiant: J
fApplj-yiJn.iioarost' railway,bivsteanisliip agent or.
ib ^iBItAbsHAWyi'Agonl^
iJwvvrC>FiJj c iu Simi NGSiPacinic iecn ibib
'liOAT   .\K IU.VTA IN
hits   norllicasl,   nf   Key.-iotie.    .1
Mtinl''olnerv has a "nod slit'H'ilii
A'y A Chat With> ayqidTimerybA
J ,The old tiniers of Ciirihoo; iiiiil tlie
I lig !jo::.(1 ii re. a 1 wnysy i ii torest i iijj... to
meet, ,On u"recent visit to Fergiisoii
we met iin.e of tlieni; .J. II. J Mcfiirliitie,
vvhoJiiis it comibrtiil'le' eiihiii iit, tlie
junction of the north and south forks
of the' burdenu' Jlrver. Mr JMcl-'nrlnne
says he.beeinhers the Diller,c'lnim, op-
pi,site liarker's claim, ahove Barker-
villeat. Caiihui) yielding I, i'1-1 pzs.goltl,
iii a, leii-iiour shift. :Barker sank tlie
first shaft, on ���j'.U'illianis-. Creek. At
Kichliekl, a;town tin Willinins Greek,
hig pay w.-is got in the.;; gravel from
it depth of 10 to II ft. hclo'w lhe surface to hedrock. ..Williiims located
,the oid channel! on , Willinins Greek,
at it -point where, the. mountain had
slid nndliilled it, direrting the .creek
iii to the present canyoi).' , Black .lack
Smith,had sunk a shaft liwny .from
the canyon nnd started a drift. .Barker went, into the meadow Out) to
IU00 ft. ht-low the canyon and sank
a shaft un the ground which run
irom.iaO to BUG o/.s a day. , J la id.,1
Curry, Diller and boring followed
with a shah and struck lhe rich ground
referred.to, yielding 1,22-1 o/.s, or over
*f-bt,lltl(.l a sliift.
Between the canyon and Uicjhfieldj1
I here were nine or-ten claims which
paid well. Tin.' l'oinl, .Steel, I.'errin
and Thunder Teak claims made their
liiniicy out oi" a hundred feci of ground
each, though ihi-re were a good many
claim.- almv Kichi'ield that,.'.never paid
will   shortly visit
further  addresses
-!-j yJ p o r tecl, jbls typiie ]i; iy o Hii - G lii n ibi ce ;-b; i
jJb; i I yh bb besiiba sscii-tni en t b c^veriby;
vyjlcui dccl |=i ii ;JJi;lsi(i;v,e] sUikeyJjoiTbiJv
: ? ;��� y/ibi rb ici" l.ii: h i: i i'v, vifvi;' :bbi:ii;' i ib vi v b; [J ii.:b ;f-b ib; vj v'^ciy f;
vy-Ti-ajsorvacesbvbJ;jJVJ: JJ;J.vJ'JI-'I'iwur I'ulsJvJJJ
V-J-I'liitiisiv" v '-J,-. ���;' :JUinbrulla Stands-���-';
J.v?/l(iiskels:Jy-;:Fi,'V:v-'J,-"��-'.'''.:yj-',f',Jjiiii'chiliisk'cts v^jJ
jJvJfJanuCliait'sJ^vvJ. ��� '.ViSiiiokinir'Jackets J-J-V;
,-;;Kiiieststockpf ciin'rlies and:fruitiii;to\yi).7;
y;jy;y-:"jyv y; jp^c n tjS ireef ]' Reve Is to kb Ij
���.RetaM.'.pealer,. In^b^jnzzBZE^Jbbbibbb i J
yW-yy-: bbb MUTTON; ^Etc.
iy Fishyand Gamevin Season.; ! J
jv,   .-���������'. y-;AII bnlers jirqnipMy tlllatl. .;'.,-    J;
���jvj'lfp y\y fiJ'J1? bt'i'^l ivbbi i^btHff iiiyii.1 ly
���iSl^TCmyvstfq'ijiil^ ' "'" '
���f"ii tJT'iV II 't k" i i Vvi j jSrV�� F-{ ii' iV*ii."*i'.l .1 ��� t'j^ii* i ;*X?=5:-:.! ��� J l/-"'".^-^-5-"*.'' 'i'-tl ^! t ? "5 "i? ?.l?i ���? j?"t ?^-K-S!
"' "'lA'-^&SsAA'Iff^n^rgi
;^(^f^f^(^ I^Jr^Jf^i^r^ r^ir^i^l^
'   J. (.'.  liiitclli-oii   has. iirrauged    for   11
liii'-^e sii|i|ily n.r.Giiiilt, ;C(ial.���-..
Orders left iil."'\V"; ��� i\l.   Bn wi-.-ueei's  or
It.   .All. Suiylhe's   will   have,proni|il.,at-
icniionv      ���;,..;,'.. '; .
E.W. B. ''Paget.-'Prop.'' ���
Prompt delivery of parcels, haggngc,
etc., to any part of tlie City.
Any Kind of Transf'iiPPing
���   -',' /.'-',
All orders left at K.' M. Smylhe's
Toliaceo Stnre, or hy Telephone, No. 7
will receive, prompt attention.
Be*.. 11. K. Wilson
Kevei.-l ike   lo   give
ou socialism.
To Trappers,
Raw Furs Bought
Cash, Prices Paia
F.    B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
bW E ��� :;W AN U V ACT U RE j y ���;
��� i j '':��� - v.VJ'J"���> Clinks'V Api-oiisv und'
Whirls.'yy ���- -'J',b.Jv
Ovoralls,': ���;���
:I")0tlitl'l', I'll :."-; J"""'
' T wc'ud. I *ii 111JS.
| (ii.loiiii'lt- I'niils.;--.;.���';
.Iimili(.'i-s, v '       v " ���*
lSlonso', , ;
I'liiKiaitia-s' .Iitckttts.
Hiirliurs' .iniikcts.
Oi11(_;I>o111 .liickrt--.
Mi-sioii Klnnncl Un- J Tunis.''
,   (loru-L-iii-. ��� I'Jlc en.
J Oarpuii litis', A proas, ��� J,
i.Wiiitiirs" A proiis,; ������',. v,
1 Piiintors' niiilU'Iiuitor-'
. ; ur.s'Ovcriills,y.v
Muck! iiaiv. Cimls,"
J MHckliniw I'iints'
.'I'liriiiiiiiins, vv   yj i
llunniiKu Muk-",      J
"Ilni-Mi liliiiikuls,'���:J
, etc.
Ksiiilili.-'ii.-illSI!::.    liiunrpmiiluil Ilinl    J
IJMiTKIl,     .""J '���   ���' ",'   v
Wiirclionsits, wiiio-l'sirttulj v';
I'iiutin-y, I iliisiiini .Slrcol, . '
y   V.IGT.QUI A, I!. G.
WrVvjyyfvvv v-,:;Jv;;!':iJJ.J-' vJ!';1Jv- v-'-J-Jb^bJ":*- -"-:;;b-b.-v""-vj'v'ibJjj-j-^J' JJ-y'-v,-vv,-:^��yy-;V ..y'v';vJ"vi''Jv;-v-J''b-bllj��!'JJ:
,-^n *$��� t$r> ("to r$*i tfa rfa rfa rfa rto rt-t f^i rto ��ti f*to &> rfc rfa r*i r% *to ^ r*1 rl" r���> I*1 r^f^> *$?
y;-; abjy.v furnisHed^
i.b;R-;itesy$iiiJfvicla)-i!iy J;.i;^
' JustyRe.moclelledyand>RefurhisHedyw
t'tooiiis:iii.-Suitesxivith Baths- and   Toilets attached, flowi-iitr Hot-
  ���  -\; vi ,...*.'.  -J   . ' '���'   i   . -,; b .',"���,.,":���-���'���        ," ' '   '      ' O.
diia' .Colli'Water, Inside Toi lets���bq'iicacti: jlopr. Gas Ligtitcd aiid by
b:y"bbb"b. '-b '������Steam  Heated: Tliroiigliouiy
bl   i J.-C.bGREENE, Proprietor, ;L,^
Having taken over the lire-
wood supplyy of the Harbor
Lumber Gc.'.s mill, orders left
at the mill, at W.M. Lawrence
or by ringing' tip1 phone No. (S
willhave prompt attention.
���     . oliliilnuil in nil (joiiiiliics.
Registered Patent Attorney
."Vlddliiinlcnl Atlot-iKiy and KiiKincur.   ���
Kiiiiin .'I, I'iiirllclil Ulriok, llrnnvillnst,.. nt'iir l'.O
A   iKMtonrd  will suoiiro an uvuiiIiik appoint
niL'tit for llioso wliu cannot call anriiig tliu day
-��� CHIEF YOUNG,    ' -,  ,j-i--     Proprietor.
Best brands of Wines.  Liquors,and .Cigars.,
Travellers  to   Fish Creek will find excellent  accommodation
at this Hotel.   ���' ��� l
lit'st IJollar a  Day
in llie lown.
Wholesale and Retail
'. ..   ���..-���' Meat Merchants.
Head OfQ.ce, Abattoir and ,Cold Storage:
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tho jwoJ^i, lint tic ol; .tho:-, lyni-dii'iin :i-i\'oi-,Vi.lionoo
iniii-lli.iiU tthiiitiH. llion"until,'till: t-.liit ins. t.hiin sonl.li
.SIi;(-h;iili!:,,-thoii: w-o.^USIltthilin.-. to. |niiltt.Jii!"'C(ilii-J
liioiiC'aiiont.'ctiiitniniiiK till I acnis inoro ur liisSJ-
v; j.  v.���"-.,. -...;jy.vvjJvvyjHviii.*;im.yixii��.-":v
;���: JSJolKoii; I J. ty., Supt. lCilh, isiort.:^ -, ..���;! ;;J= ^ : b ,
s.; -i--b  r.
,':���'��� :��� v- - ��,-",v , --''.j ' ���-, ,, wtiv in u-iiicli'slie vliad .msi;iiiirt:i)il','lu':
vyiA jnbn jy'muned b:J>aly,,..was brought Aull^b^A^^^ay: andi the ��r*'ii'
;int) tliejiospitalji few.di)ys njro, wl^nAhn(,^ti.bi,e i limb .taken bcnerallV'������
it was found ho. lmd developed a severe -t|1(h tt,���:;: 0f tj,e ir(1i!,iy-j ,';:,, - .
caseot   scarlet   fever.; "(Jn  J J. liursday v  ,   ���-   ,<.-������". ���;-  ���. ������������.   -���; .;��� ��� ������.   v. ���������  ���
(JlifJ.'J.W11ii*,lbCJr>i;)iiiiHr^i��'iY*���.ij'-:;*'I'J ibinilsJaJilJil
bVoi-ks.-fo.ba e>pi-ijalyiieeni-ivtbYnt and
C-'aiiry. J a. wn .ybl.i i n'I n't-;li'pi iLiiftibl'iil lowing
(lesiti-iinitjaiHlsjii tjayjIbyvtjSUikt'JRiY
intr-ril" NN^i'^l.v IC(.t(>J t*ii;i >y/jyj:'
b (iiiiiiii'ii'iit'ii.itc ril .-tbjJ(ist.- Jiii.'ii kt'd V'M.
lb vBradli'y'sJbSJ, K.,' ij ii-ticiyj post, ""'tin
iin'rih sidiyoij Smith tJIrebk.'' :ili'iiiil;':-.l.'iyri
ttiili's; ji|i   I'l-iiiiibtiiiiitriboiiyiyi'st 'siili'i'i'VI'
... , ,    .          .'P.iltslnii.'H lib'iil.'--. tlii'iit-ibu-i'st.llilleliaiiis
.. l.;y,l,f,vtt  r<,urjiiiilos^pi.|io,:i-f,ol;.; jlnntcb iiort.liJ 10. clia iiiS.'tln'itcb (YsbKil)
->rtn 1i"i"i rh.-tios. iht-fico wf.-^t,  I) ohtitll.-'.   '   ,- ..,        ,, ,t-    in     i     -   -    i    -.1 -'
Yy, !tJbol.-iiii:<:tho..(:o.jiisiJi.ni ohiun, ������ it:!".!").*-'., i,':!".'-" ice'-soil th. -JIJ chains to l lie
Vmiruiv.vticiati'-ii'.JJyvJj  '���.��� v:������"-;'"���; ;,,  plat'c (,I coiiiini'iH'i-niciil.;,. .-:���.- y-:y    ;
'������'."-������ ;���-:'��� -        u-au.ix. y: vv,..". -,- .' yy. :,v ;��� - J-yi\i; i .v-ij; i tA. o i j ibv: :
Ylbili'dYfiis lOt.liJdiiyypf-O'r-ioliisi*.-. IV'Yjv'
J t'J.i'i-irfit. !7tii.: I!yt:i
JCliief rJain. -C,n:; l-elmlf of Vlhevliealtlit, ;'"��^ -wtt^ i^oyu .ati.-ioaiHavat. .ve
depar.notj ibad l.iin removed to.- the cti'^'speareyU,,,, ,u ,K,,v; (,.y U I,,o-
(,,,'iraiitine station. lit) camev from'. ��bsy ro.ide,,,,: l.n^dax.j; A. M.
������'������Winnip-CK to work .on the railway |> ��� I "r.r.-n.l jt, p.i|"<:r on ^l.^-.-l.'!". "'
i deviation tit Clanwilian,.";"'y  y "   "    ^haKcptare,   anil , Jk,v       ,v   ,V.-, f.-ro-
! i.-iinli'i-��� riM'.i   a:rly   compilctl . napi-r.- mi
Ibbbt i,t,;A��ri','Alil';!f!,.Ati;r,jK.''l!',::JJ JJ
;b irtrK!;i:i''; jiKSi/'!!,i;Mi!i-:i!:cb.;jbi:i).;
:  J.-':-'l'!i!:'tjjJVl,,'i"-;:\?:i-:,; Cnbi'!':"1
flic*'results of, t-liu-riili; coiii|ietit,ion,
X'UTH'i: -h: nr.n.-bj;' iciv.-n .'in.!. ,j,'i:ri '.'��� ii;i.v--
;>.' ,-vi.oi- d.iii-. I'inl-.i'ul tu,it,ply :..ii tl,;.'". t'lia.-r
i 'iiiriiiiiV-'inii.tr i,t'.i��-.ii'i- ami Wr/rfci i'r,ii'ii. -in -Jt.il
lii:, !>-������ to i-itt..ind i-,'i.i-i-y.(ii'i>y-tlijl.lmi- from tit"
rolldiv'iii*; (Ji>r.-V!t.cd lai
"v- ���'-;;.-���������������"������.,     '������     t    Yhc nlavbot ���* Much'Ado About. Xoth-i Y'b'r;irt*5a;jb |,:'bY'';'bb';b.yY,bf ;bY'i!pY
jJf���rtl.el.aiKl,o.;iievHI,tter -1'^J r,,p!,y ! int, ,|, 1UJY'Miicbethb' .'.,.     b       vY-'���'"Y:Y- <������:!?- Y:-;*:y--YV;-;bb'
....^1   ...   ....   V.-.pll.    \t   r.-f    V   ,,HMl/���     ) ��� .     �� .
'������presented to the Xorlh W'e.-l .Mounted'
I'oliee,, tind shot! for! at Calvary by
teains   from   tlie  various. North We.it
vMoiinted I'oliee divi.-ions, are now ont.
Kiglit teiiniYjIiot for the trophy, that
from   .Maple -Creek    divi.-ion   wiiinin-
't.   of   !.!,���; -li',ILlliVi::-!'.<irti'|- <i< Ih'..- K.
'  yvl'.'.-J.-.Kiiliw.'iy. blof.t!.- V",--, -iuinrc'l mt flu: ',v>..-l banlt
:U 'J - of tin' I.sii-ik-':ui t:il i-r. Ilivlioo -ll'ii.tli   i'-i   ,,.-!:liil,-,
a'-iiiitst   eiijoviilile  '".Proverb"   tea.   it: ;-.iu.-��..��-.-.-?: ifehJun.-'. ihiaiyouih ;m ,:|,���itv. ti:. i-
. ..������ ,     ,       '  '           ,. ,    ii        m      ,             ; K'i-1 ������l��olui.in�� in noitit'il  r.iitmii,,n'.-/:iii(.ov von
winch she in,-  as.-.i.fteil   oy 	
. I''liii'it   iind,   Itistccii.    Am
��� I prest-nt, wen:   Me;-
On Wediitv-Jtiay Mrs, i'.e.Miii.i'trc.
��� Mesflanie
nifr     tlibse'j
litnne.sbbjoltbl'iwvn, I
with a score of (il
"Ulie contest   was
r*'|)iii-lin.tf,   Porter,   Atkins.   J/iiivrenee,
��� """, " ���"Y"b ''���','.���"���'A-, ",i",i .bj,,,!,, ������'., ... : Phiiips. Kilnat.iick, McCarter, Bolton,
keen and shooting K"o(l, as tht-te u.is.i ,v ' .,, ' ��� ," p.,���,r i',,,���.,,���',,b
ditl'crenceiof only three points between ;  ;'";"',  "���"����""���      l""'"r--     ' ""���������"'��'���
'h-irl i beuib  arid   Misses   Hall,  i-'raser   and
Maiile Creek  and   C;
Liiirv   whieli
fil0".. Itet'ina ciiiiie next witlr:i'.lll and ! (,r'"lt
J'Yirt biiskatcliewiin with oil?. The
names of the winning'1 team, which
now adorn one of, tlie shields of the
clip, are as follows: .Serbiants '.C.
Alhini, \V. I!. Miicleod, Corporals. I*'.
A. Gordon, 11. A. Wilson and W. ' Iv
Harvii.', Com-tithies A. Creelmnn; C.
Ilookeand H. A. Willis.
iMesrlaiiittt A I kini anY I.aw-'i
rence: were lite pi i/.c-whtiicrs. 'Ihe
'���proverli>."'ij'a'lisi.'d eon.-.idi-rti.hlf (liver-
.-ioli atiioti^'-t tin: i;iiesl..-,bieiiii;'ii iniiii ���
her. i|f cl'-v'i'fly ibveilii.ted- -ketchr.-i in
watiir   ciiloi-.s   from   the   Itru-Ii - ot, the
Moscrop Bros.
Sa'nilary Plumbing, Hot
Water & Steam) Heating.
Pipe Valve Fittings,
jljj,'-ii-j.;T:-iJJ.v.".it''Yi^Ji NOTICE.
���? rjciTFft'i;. ;.y.-;i..:!;rti��}-..-.'kisi- 'siint-tiiir-t.v ,htys':ir:,-r j v -.-.--������., ,..--vy -,.; .;<.-,���.,��� - - .vv..,-
;-It" ,;���!, -i irit.wl t/..s<.i'.!y.!''��Jlio J('lni-r t oiiiini:'-: XPTHM.; ;is; l|.-ri'ii\-
��� wi.;,-,..!.,,if t,;;,(!-",:,t,.-t:vv..i-.--.fi.r'ii .;,'.i-.-;iii lifii-.ii;   '       '   ��� ���   ���   ���
-', .'.(, ctUJ.-llVV ,:;i'.r.yJ-!VY:iy'ilE'.y,, v fivaft't'i,'.' i'olliiivii
:���!;   it,to'JKi,n
f'b "'',""' 'o'"' i (.-.irry away jiinl'i'i-' from thejiiiliiiviii^
���."tJih'J-'i'h,���'���,-'! ''dt-J'-i ihr'i'I limits'.in .tliebti'Vi'lst.olteitid-
^mbbrJ,..,,    ,..���.,.     ...   .
nil ;'i- ������������< j-iiii; ;..;..(. i,ii.i'i i,'(i.(; in jr,'it.a ..post...allot it;.. I oniy
j;,   wiyV J J .'lii!'"-- tip  Sinit.li   Cioi/k,   on   I In- inj-tli
' .'  '* 'hank.- niai'ki-il ; **W. I'oppV -S. J'i. {���oriii'i
... by,; J v:|,���>-',(." 1 heiii-i'/W(>.-l    !(!',)   i.-liains,   llieii|-e
J      ; liorlli 'Ji'intiii.-. tlii'ia-i- easlvlliO chiiins,
J; 111 >-i i<< ��� -out ii -H) cliiiin-J l.o place of r-oin-
,:��������� ., .,.-' ,i,���r ' .llir-in'i'ini'lll .'���'.. '
',f':.,.'';b,���.;,jv. j.' ������������" ...��� ... ,.:��� .y/. popp.
.i'".:-;r',-i'ii<-''-n-.<M;D.-ti,i'ii-l.!ii- IJ.'l.li (lav of (Jetiilieiv-lilli:j. J
���i.ir f, I'
,Jf ,-;J,;,tl
:.hJ, r.Uii. :i.m: .?:/���'
i v-i'ii ytliat   I hh.-ty
flayn, a IJi'tilali' . I- intend lii apply t.b*-
" l.l lie tJ'iii-d' Comnii-isiinier.of   1,,-hiiI^ iind
*-.; Works fora. -ipe.ijal   license lof-iii, am
"' j t-ar-ry. away timl,"'!-' from I.	
' 'ilftv,-ij),fil jandsyjyi the ii'i'Vi'lstoke
' inn o'f.West Kooieniiv;
YrbTfUl^iblVoroliyYivon iiini, I hii;ty"<lny.s'iiI'ibivJ
JyVv'Jilnio.lJinfonil' i.iiyi'iji'ply In lliovijliiofyiynii-;
ntissiiiiiiTyiifv .lj!iit(lH7":iit(ly.\\'(ii-t-s ;fiir:jiJ^siii.-(-i:i,l'J
JicoiistjJifiVfjH-, tindCiii-ry'itwiiy fiiidiia' fi-tiinjtjioj
fotl<i\viiij;"di.'sci'it)i.'(tj|:inds,:vi7.;: v ,;.:; "'"'vv'.;;;;;';-
'JStiii-liiifr-.-it-'ar |ioint,iiiiit-l,-ui|,;'.S.,JI.I!i-y(lbo.b.sJ
.Sottth .AVosl- Coi-noi-::|io.sf',", iiliiiiluil al iijioint-:
Jitlxnit.Jiiiio inilo \vt:.si;of tho sonth-vosl Jcdriior of.
:flio,\\-i'Jst*JI);iiik .,(if; tlio J. l.il rdoitiit-ivoi-J:: l.l lonoiyJ
niii-Llf :S0 ohtiins, llion oust St" oliiiiiis.Jl.lion Sonlli''
St) olitiinsy.l.hf.'iijyvi.'sl Sli o|i:iins Jo .point oljroniy
na-itcoinolif.ooiit.-iinitio lilil liorosJnoi-ii nr lo's^..
'V .'V ."���'.'���'."'""'"    : 'V     S.:'AI.'l!KVI)(il��.J;,
Xiilsiin, 11. (VvSojilvJOIh. IHKi.-ivy-:  .vvV.::-v
'J. O-iii^. Barlber
Vi. 'ni'i'-'-I/,!-'
s;m&'��bwA!yyy-���������. " ':i--
������J;\o ������HmI.ij.,;1'' inloiul  toniM'ly '" tliw t*Jiidr.t*<nii-
lilissiniuM-  ;<jl'i  Ijttliclsiy 1111(1 ���', W'dHcs   UiV'il;M[K!cin I
liciMisi; lo'ciit' and enny nwiiy tinilmr -from /Iho
Jul lowing i I i,'Hc;nbt!il..l:t'inlsV Viz :'���'"���    ,y ��� T "" ��� "^ .'.-'.*''
Sl:u'l.iii;; at..jrpd.si. litarkcd "10. (Innollis's Sniil.li
Wti.-^t ('onior ; post." |il:iiil.<'il til;u [mini, Jthouti
i.\Vn'mi!os'\vij,7l'��if 1.)ii> Mnit.li\v(;sL'���l,,c>^i^u���' of. llti:.
K.:,t S.vWnihvjiy,hln��l������r'Ni��..J*.'.J...shii:tl��*l or (hit
\V(>-1 hanlvoi't tin IjMi'dt'Jin rivijr, tli'Mico north SO
crliiiins; t linn cit.st Sd cliaiiiH. tlirn sonlli .SOcliains
iIhmi wi j ���; t oSti ,c J i j i i i i s fo point, nl' (inni'intMKJi.MmMtt,.
iiotit.niiiitiir '010 twAVA nmi'Dor loss.:    ' '��'
���-   '-���-. - /    b   V      K.-CKNKI.r.K.  .
NoU.in. !!.(*.; SispU Mll.li, U'O'i. (:b
\" OTICIO'is lioiolty Kivitn llinllhii-iyfliiysiiflor
,i > iliiti! I inlond to,lt|i|ily In l|u: ('llief I'nlii-
nii-.-ioiioriil' l.iiiiilsViini| Works fin-,-i s|ii:rinl
lit-i'iiVo In;out anil i:itt*i-y tiwny. finiliiti- I'roiii llio
foliiiwiniidoViri-iliod Itiinls, viz:
. Si iii-iint; til. ,'t I""-' iiiiii-l.-od "l-l, (ioiit.-ilo's Si null
Wiwl i:iirin:i*:'|ii>Sti", iilnnlod at a poiitl. nlioiil. uno
iiiilfj'.H-i'-*t. nf tin: sonthwosl (turner nf llio K. iV* S.
It.-iilwliy lilool; -No. .sis*.', silniiloil nn lln: wo.^f
html,' nl* tho f.iti-iloiiii . i-li-itr, flnaica., Jnirfh SO
cInline ihon ttti^t. Mil ohttiiis. fhoiisoiiih ,St)ehiilns,
llion wo-l Sll oli.-iins lo pnitii. nl* i-iiiiiinoneoiiiijiil.
coiiliiiiiin^ l'l!l(ic-i-��s inniv in- loss. ,    " ������
I-;. (IICNKIildC.
Nolsoii, II. ('., Supt. Illl.li, l'.il).'l.
V7vbC)''*,Q''*:b'^ ^lieiYliy^yiboiVbtlnLt.btliitYybVlii.y^JbJJS'J^Jb^l
= iltvnVvfili<:i-V(liii,u;-Ivinliaaliiio (i.ii|tly.tri'ilii:,t;hii-fvriYKx I
Jt;oiniiiissioiioi;Jof IJiVYiils iihil WorksJ'or ii'SiViiiJiiitlV%!YYjb 1
i-liooiisuJI.o ciitilinlJiciirryiifivnjytiiiihttr'n^^
jdVjttitJliOrnuriiiosf.iiplnntcil iiliiii|ioliil:iihonl;,|ltiyriiiS*:
ehhiiisvwosiJjol' lliu/'Hbiitliivi'St.cbriiur.'of-tlio'lCv-i^S-jls'.IJi
,l.iunIcyitfi fhovlJ.iir(luii;iJJrivbrvthonci!r'iioi-lhbWlJJv?'Y'JY
, nionuiaiittnt, c-untiLlitiiijJr lilil 'aot-UH nioro or loss.;: A--A
TKfl'v-i-i herohy.Kivi.Mi -ihiit' lltiriy diivs'-v:
_ , nl'lor (hito I'.finlund lo npiilylJo l.liutMiiuf J. JJ "J
IJdiiiiiiias-uiiurof l.n nits aiid Works for ii'spouiiil i'i Jv
���.liuunsoviit'oiil 11 ii(l oni-ry, it vvily: Iiiit hoi- fi 0111 LlitiiJ :J:!
J'blluwIiiK'rlbsuriUL-il liuiils. Jviz:.vvyvV;V: -;:.-.'W:���.���>:;;.:���:
���:. SlartiiiK'iil in post:marked v!-l'VV*A"'. Jlloiviir'svyj
South W(;sivC(irm)i-V|io.st,"Vp*!iiii,ed i.iit';iiy|i(iiii-.'.,,-y.-'
tihoiil, livci iiillusJvvcst.of .lliuJsotilhii-o.stJ otiriiot-Vr.v
ofiIho:,.IC;i>\��.'S/,Riill\yiiy."block Noi'Sir.'sitiiiitt'ilbrsJJ
.on.tlib \vorilJtiiink;bf-v.llio VI.iii-duit 11Vriror.vllion .:-:r'J
aiorl.liJtll.oliaih.s.Jlla-iroiisl.Sil olinin.-i, Ihcii.soiifh''���'.���'..
Kll ohaiiis,-lhi;ir\vit.si, t,(ibhi,iii.s lb iioiiil Jofuoin-V:"
iiibiiul'iiiuiil., uinilaiiiinu; (il',1 abnt.s inoro tirloss.���'���- -vsv
-'.Jvbvyjv: v.::Vi;.JJ.v.'l'y JA.; 1)10WAlit ib-'
:,VNulsoii;.It.''(;.;'Sfjil; ll)lh,:l!lli:i. v:v vvvJV.yJiJvvy';  .
.."VT'.'.),'''.".''.''''���'���-'i hori.-byibyuii 'lliat 'tliiityy.iliiys J;. J.J.
YN���'���'���' nllitrdiilo I inlond lb api:ly  lo.':IhuvCliiof' ;-;:
riiiiiiiiissioiioi-bf fjiinils iiiidy\\'(irl,-s;,l'iii-.-i.spbbiar.Jvb
folloiviiiijdusorilHtil lands,, viz: ...     VV        J '... vlv ���
:: JStnrtiia; ,,ai;yn iposiv: niiirkoil:y;-i''.'A~l)o\viir's wJw
Soiii,liy\\'osl,,i:oriioi*jibsfi''V|)liuitbd .iitba  itoitit'���';������'���. A-.
-*iiliu'iitTiiib-iiiilO' woJsl, uf llio soiillnvoJslJJcbnioi' itf.J-JJ1 V. :-
thb'IC.V&S.' Hiiihvay lilool; N'b, Sir,J J.situalod  bnJJJ-J ;:
Jhovwbsthiiiik Utf VtlibJ Dirilbtiiririvoi-VV'llibiibbJJ-J'SJ
itnrtlt'.���M).ul.iiiliis;.'-I.liuiiuu- cusl SO ohiiins,J,holii;o ���.;
.sbiti.h 811 ohniii.s. lhoiiuo:��-ust Sll.ohains-.io  point J J.
of: conttnoiicoinonl,' contain in^.lilll.Jnoros nioro -v'JV
Oi1 loSSV '���"��� -,-.:,-,:V-
wm^ ' ��� ���������������]
ind safe:'
1 .   -.-;/:
( V,t,':': (   "n'.
.'���;. K' ','i.v 1 .���-..'������'
1 [,,,���, t. l�� hot ,'t
.';/. -i.'l'l ,.!,,-  0:11  ,
-.inrlied  -a,
.,.,   it<,,|i,.}       i.x.r:.!
nr.-if-r   ;>
- ��� 'VI',';1"."'
i-'������-!. I'f.,' ri,!,|.   . !;
,,1-tt, io--
. lr, ,,'.)I,.' ,1
,-(,r-,:: ,:,'-,������,!,,-:���!
'   (,*!.('��.  il'll   I'.'l
, ;-,,-!���,,!,.
i;. 1
, l.-n:;.
:   J.',!'-
,\!C)TI< Ivi-i lii.-roiiy��ivitn lli.-ili.hii-lyil.-iy.s.-iribf
i\ dull-I iiili-ml In ,-t|,ply In tin) Chief Coju-
uit^-i,,i",i- '���!' J.lllllls tllld Will-lfM fur ti^iiooitil
lii-iMi-i! to i-nl, nnd o.-ij-ry tiw.-ty tinihi'i- fi-oni Iho
fiilhiwiiitrdi.i-oi-ihod hindi, viz:
Sitii-iintr nl ,-t���Jih-.l nini-l-oil "l'"..M. Slovonsnn'ti
Nin-ih l'J:i^l Coj-tioi' po;.l.'' plaiilod ut ti poiiilitn
tin- wi-M limil.- of Hut I,:irdeiin rivor. nhoiil III
i-hiiin- wo-t nl (In- -iiinhfii.-l, itiii-intriif Iho K. k
S. Ilnilwiiy lilool, Nu. ���'���ii, I liisnci.' poiifh miithniiis
liion v.-e-l bicliaiii-, I hon inn-lli h',11 lih.-iilis iinn-o
or h-;.:, to tho h;iiik of iho hni-dettn i-ivor. Ihom.-o
io a soiithit.'istiM-ly dirocfion lOftliiiins nifti-it tir
|,,.y, fdllnv.'iii^ Im'iik of rivor to iioiiit, of com-,
nioio.-oifiotil, ooattiinifi^ CII) noros inoi-ft or loss.
Nol-oti. II. ('... Sept, Hull. I'.'O:,!.'
.1. A. iJiiekhatii, Imvijix neipiii-cd
the above slote, is* pulling in ,-r first,
'fins.-- slnek of
; Electric." Lamps, Door Hells and
DRUGS AND  STATIONERY; ,   Annunciators," '
filecfric Fixtures ^ Flit In.
A line assorlineiit of HiiIIk
for sale at a hai^aiii.
New stneks orn'i'i-i'il  I
YtKS;;;^:;;^',.!:;';;;:^,,,, I Second Street, Revelstoke
healthy iif'io use only
Pure,    Dainty,    Dolicile.
Beware  of  imitations
m r=-~j
A{ \ goffers Bros*"-
J\/" :Yniv-s, Torhs,
Wurlcs  fur :i .^iicchil
i,\v;iy  I imbcr i'r<jiii t,li*r
, vi;*.;
if; if
���5|*i(ifin.';i etc.
fi'iil'v  f-.Mitui:
litt, ,: ',,, Ih,- ).,���;
!  11:.,!
I'll I,*,.t!.:ll|-ini;. V A ^ Y
I -\TOTf('l-;,i.: lmroliy irivi.'iitlinI. thirty (liiy.siini'i
l j.\     fliiri.   I .inloitil   1,1 miplv to lln- (Jhior Coin
I mi-i..hit Jir  .l.-nii'l-i        ������'������-
i li,,,-tj.i- Ui out nnd f-.-ir
j l,,ll,,',vi.,i.-,l,-.,r,:,,-:l'land	
i siiirt-itu: tit 0 |,o.-i i,oirl,i���l ������ :>'. II. Sl'"."ii.-ou's
j N'nrl.li Wi-:,| 01,in,.1 p,,..t," |,|:illli-d nl n iiniiil. mi
ll!,,, v.-i'-i Inn::, nl iho l.iirili'.-ni rivf-r. iiluiiil in
j ol:.-iln-,u-,--t i,ri|,'! /.f.iilli.'tHt rnrnorof Iho K. A-
I S. Kailv.-iiv hliifk Nu ,s^7. I hoin-i- -onlh (inchiiiii.-
; tlif-n i-a-t >ii"'!i.tin -. Ih'.'ii imnli  ,Vi chain-,  Ihon
i v,ivty-o r'n.-iil, - I,,   l,nil;t   nf   (-(illllh'.'lli.-etlionl, coll.
- Oiiniit'.- CI" ,,,,[���<���. i,i,ir,: or lo--.
i IVv\l. S'l'KVKNi-OS.
1    Noi-iia, I:, c, s -pi. Kith, I'.io::. ;
J..\     itflitr dale I ialuiid to apply to; IhuCliiiifv
roiuniisslonoi* of.Uiaits iiatl Works fora:Spuuial J
license to out.and oarry away linilier front llio
following dit.sorihi-dlniid.s'viz:   .,-. ��� "'-     .
y Stiu-lhigntii post, niiirkod-' "II. JV.V tionollo's
rjonth' \Vl'sI.  t.*ta-nt.'i-   post.7 planted at, a ])uinlJ,.
nlidiillwo miles wo.sl of lliit .ho'iiIIiwukL corner
of the lv. \<t S. yl.'iiilwiiyhlook No.  8.'��!, .sitnaleil
on   the  west limil,- of Iho 1,'ai'fleitii liver, llienco J
norlli  Sll..' elm 111s,   thence cf..sl.SUeliiiin.s, llionco:
sonllijlleliniiis, thence wo.sl, ail ohaias to point,
of eolnnieiieoint-nl, eontaiiiiin; "III acres nioro or
lOSSj V.V-, .. ^ :-.. V. -...<.._.  V,V ... .:.    .    .--,'������
b  ������'-":���������'      ,"',-���   II.  V. OKNKI.I.KvJ   .
: Nolsoit, jl. (:., H(t|il.jnili, l!lli:i.  . 1 J V.;._���'���;-
'\T O'l'ICM  is liorohy given  Hint, thirty, iliiys'v
J.N     nl'lor dale   IJnl.enil to apply lo the (Jliief,
't'oiiiiiiisslonia* of l.iinilsnnil Works for nspecial
llcensi'looiiliind enrry away liniher from  the
followingdoriorilii'd hiinls, v\y.'.
.  hilarfliig nl. a po.-l inin-keil "K.. llirnie's Sniil.li'
Ka-l (,'ornei- po-l." planted al. ii'point, ahonlSII
fhalns ivcst of K. Ilirnlo's post marked   '-Hoiilli.'
KnsL  (/'oi'nor." nnd  sllniilod   on  lliu woslerlv
hoiiiidiii-y line of tho  lv.- &. S.  liuilway,  lilncl;.
.'lin. ahoiil 711 chains south of north west' corner,
llionco west S'l chains, i.honee north K(l ohiiins,
thoiice cusl )-'(i chains, llienee sonlli in eliiiins to
point of uoinineiieeineiiL, contiiiniiiH li 10 acre
inoro or less. -" '   "
'������'-, '    ' K.mUNTH.
Nelson. II. (.'..Hepl. Illlh. l!K):i.
:~T~7~nSlCE.    ,V���;." ~y
vyO'l'lt,:!') it herehy given Unit lliirly days
l.> . nfti'i-diifo I iiitond In apply lo the Chief
('ninnilssionor of l.iinds'iind \Vor|,-s for 11 special
license lo out nnd curry nwny thither from the
followingdosei-ilii'il lands, viz:
."-.Inning 111 11, point marked "K. Ilirnto'sHinilli
Kusl Corner post," phinleil al, a point, ahiail one
luilfiniht souih of lhe l.tiriluini river on the
west hoiiiiiliu-y line (if the lv. & S. Unllwity.
tihiek llli'i, uhuul 70 chains south of the north .
wesl eiiruor, llienee norlh SO chains, theneo
\v4ht-Ml eluilns, lhence south 80 chains, ihenco
on'-l, SO cliuins, lo pnliit nf eoinineiiceinenl, containing 01!) acres more or less. ,:
K. liinMIO.
Xoi.soa, n.j;., .Sept. mth. ion:).'
WANTIOI>TThe   person    who   1'ior
liniM'il from lln-   Kimi.i'iiiiv iWnil
nllii'i' 11 |iil-i*i-   Iiiii|i   of
(list 1 ii-l in i-i-l urn sunn
Ri'vi'lslokf  and
-TrVT'AN'l' 'I'U SKI.h- l.'iiivia-siiy���".,.,!
>'V ition of ,Shal<i'S|ii'nii' wit li illustrations mid noli'-. Pi-ii-e $22 on l.eriiis
naini'lv $2 cash and $2 |)ei' inoiit.h. Apply at Kootenay Mail.


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