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Kootenay Mail Oct 9, 1897

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 ytt.<\i~t>  /'  |/ &%,%A&3  t. &*y@&  i  # w  ~ fSj     Ala       fcj  Vol. 4.���������No. 25.  REVELSTOKE,  WEST KOOTENAY,  B.O.,' OCTOBER'9. 180/.  $2.00 a Year:  THE NEW COURT HOUSE  IT. WAS  OPENED  TO  THE   PUBLiT  LAST WEDNESDAY.  'His Honor Judge Forin opens the new  building and takes advantage of  the occasion to give some wholesome advice���������A handsome building  Revrlstoko's first iihpnrtant public:  building \v;is opened to (he public service very quietly on Wednesday morning, when Judge"*- Forin opened the session of Lhecouiitycoi.it in the court,  room of tbe new court house. Tbo in-  augiuulion w-is ,t very quiet, ;tfl';iir .mil  consi-:ti-il -imply of a few fi-licitou-? re-  ui.-trk.-s by counsel and'bulge. >  /L'heii' was a huge- .-itteiKliinee of visitor-, amom.rsl whom wciesoini* ladies,  when his'honoK atlited in lhe habiliments of liis,ol1it-L*. took hi^nljicp-oii  tin* lieilcb. In ,i fewapntopri.ile wot-ds  on bell.ilf of the bar and 'public-, 13 ir-  ri-ler A. (t. jNJ. Spragge congi.-iLuI.itI'd  tbe courr tipoiribf handsome and commodious quaiters alt'o'idert by tbe new  building, and - complimented the government, agent upon the reiaill of- his  eiTnits in the. matter.  In rO[ilying hishonor expres-od liitn-  s-elf ;is wi'llYsatiftfied with hi.s now quarter-, whicli  are  both commodious and  ���������"comfoi table.    On  bis  appointment  to  Llie bench be hail ur-red (be necessity  of bofter ni-co-nmodalion hen*. Other  places 1:1 Kootenay roqaired similar  biiiidiug- and none'more so Lh.ui Rowland, when-llie quart its provided were  totally unfit for tlii* purpose,, of tlie administration of justice. The premier  was. al   th'*   present   lime, vi*r\' ni'ii h  fiom Allan Forrester a c-onipk'ti* retraction of the charges which he had  made against Collector McDonald. Ii  was these charges, which wen- very  sensational, that, caused, the picM-nt,  ��������� examination.'" Mr. Fonesier had been  cleric in thc custom house up to I he-  Lime In* filed his complaint wilh the-  department, and among other a negations he charged Collector McDonald  with h.-ivintf misapplied government  funds, , is well ,-is being in collusion with  Ij. J. Finncgon, the customs broker, Lo j  lhe nml u.-il pi-ofil"of boLb. '  Mr. Forrester'.-iccus-ed the sub-col-  leetor with having been, particularly  active when tho recent taiihY changes  were ' made, when, so he said, tho  official had ch.uged i-xci ssi ve dnl ie--,  and pockeLed' all above the legal  amount. Mr. Forrester's present, retraction puts an enf irely new phase on  Llu* .sit nation.  BIG BEND INDICATIONS  Are  the   Best  This  Prospector  Has  Ever Seen.  t.ii*.  net  ���������di.  t lie dis-  concerned   o\ei  I rid m thc-c ' nial lei s, and ii.u  pi-o.ni-ed thai ,-in appiopi i,il ion \,ould  lie   made  at   liie 'sii*\*i     ivihiu of  lhe  '"lec-isl.ttiiro for a .l.trge coin I house ,tt  Rowland, v, hii'h u.ould be- eieeteil n"\I  Lo" the icifi *ti.ii'- entice: .'.l-ii lot- an  addition to the, Xcl-on building, lit  tin* cour-c ol hi- i omarks hishonor incidentally M-fcri'*d to the ch'.u'g" that  the admini-   ration  of, ,ju-l ice u ,is tui-  , duly severe iu tin- piovnu-e. lie _had  no sympathy vv'th any m.-uuP,:) sympathy i'iii' criminal-. The innocenl  nublic have sight - wiiich in .i-1 ' Ik-  ,r'--pec-ti'd -md e-i-*.i.o inii-l l,e ,; imped  out. lLwa- jti-t '.is well, that tho.-e  who were not. taiuili.ir witb our method  of administering justice should understand this*. At the same Lin.e every  accused could rely upon got! ing an mill,uii.il trial, and ii" error was made it  was always on I he side of mercy." Dill,  t h'* ci iniitial cl.is-es had heller i.ndcr-  stand   (hat they would   h.ivi* cit li.'i  l,o  r behave   them-clves or   ho  punished, 01  leave the conn 11 \ .  TU13  HUll-ntNTT.  Ill the completion of tin* mint hcnr-i-  Ih'* people* of Revel-toko ha\ e al lained  one ol tho objects feu which they haw  i agitated dining the last, tlnec or lour  years., an .igit.ilion \\ Inch always; had  the symp.it It v and ac'ive .support ol  lhe .Mail, and we congratulate liu-m  upon the sui-ee.-j-ful is-ue ol then ofTorls,.  Jl was, noi until Jas-t ,-c-s-ion thai our  representative in tho ' legisl-uu-,?, Mr.  Kellie, .succeeded in impic.-s-ug Llie  government with the uigcnl n -ef-s-ily  of providing hot ler ac-ionum .d.uion fn'i  its officers aL this'poiut. thoug'i hi? had  tu-ired il on llieir attenl ioti many t imes  before. 1 lowever, ho ���������n���������. ..-ceded in lyv-  inu; yo.OcJ placed in t Iu* supplementary  est,ir,i,-ttes lor tins pin p-i-c. and the i e-  sulL should not oniv h - .1 matter of  congiatul.-tl ion to Mr. Kellie, and lo  (.oiumis-ioner Graham, who supei-  vised tho spending of the* appropriation, hut al-o to Lhe gov eminent,  which tliiTchv lulfii!.- an old promise,  -ecuic*s a beautiful pigperly ' and  'aeqiiiie-.t valuable asset.  The building, which j?, a I wo f loi y  frame -irncltirc, -IS feel septa;-,-, oecu-  pies a beautiful -il.e on some of the  highest ground in the lowm-iti-. Its  cxteiiut' appearance has* been arli-ti-  cally d'-signed and il will prove an  ornament to the (.own for many years  to ((line. The st i net tire i-a most suli-  slantial one, ei*ecled upon ,-t stone foundation aud built, throughout of the bc.-l,  materials. Thereaiv five rooms on (he  ground floor, (.(insisting of recorder's  oilicC, private ollices. He. The coiiit  room is on the -ccond lino." and is i">\ 10  feel, wilh a ceiling of J I feci, 11, hits  been lilted with jury boxes, witness  stands, etc., and all'otds con-idci-ihle  tu-eoniiuodat ion for t he general public  Hosides this then* are on llu- Hunt-  rooms for the judge, lawyets aud  prisoners. The a tlie can he utilized if  more space isiequiied. The building'  is plasteicd t In otinhoul, and will In-  healed by a ln.'L air fnrnaci*; lite pi oof  vaults will bo put, in Liter. The hi-ighl,  of the struct in c froni the fo.uid.il ioi'i lo  tin* Mag pole is .So foci. CJonsl 1 u< I ion  was commenced aboul three months  ago hy T. Hilliar, the cont i-.-iclor. nnd  the work has been cariiui] on since  that lime wiLh considetable energy.  Government Agent Graham-ay, ihaL  (he building will be completed almost  within I lie apprupi in lion; lhe extras,  which weie 1 cudi'i (*il ueccsj-ary by  some ,-diet nl ions in the plan-, -nn'oiinf-  ing to le��������� l h.iu yiKJt).  THE  LIBERAL   CONVENTION.  Ni:\v \\*i:s-r.MivsTi-n. Oct. 9���������(SpcciaD-Tlic  JJbi-i-.iI eon veil Lion now in session liei'* Ii.ude-  ,,cli*.ieil itself uinpli:itic,illyo]ipo-eil to I he Turner  novei-fimi nt's- policy, but i-ei'u-es toailopt ji.irty  hne'i in provincial polities. A provincial orf,'.in-  hMtinn liu- been foimerl and .1 pl.i'for.in 'will L(.  stibtnitteil to the coiivciiliou tpd.iy. About,  one liiiiidi-cd nnd  ti\eiity delce.'-iU.s arc present.  Horsewhipped by A Woman.  'Tin* citizens of Grand "Forks, D, 0.  were treated to a novel scn-.-ilinii on  ThuTsday of lu-|, wetdc, Lhe oe-ctu-renct*  being the public horsewhipping of om*  of its nieist pro.nineuL cit i/.etis by a w o-  inan. -  Gharies Cnnunings, nianttger of tho  town.-ite company, 'was making' along  the* street, when Mrs. Manly, the wife  of tho mayor, who was rnrijinsj; ,-i paper sack under her arm, suddenly stepped up'i-ehind him, nnd tli awing .-substantial rilling whip from the sack, began whipping him mosi unmercifully  over Lhe shoulder**. There were over  200 people on Bridge* si reel and llivor-  -ide ,i\ e-nue at, tlii-.I im*"*,. wlio u itncJis-  ed llu? whipping," which \v,a-otily .-top-  tied bv Dr. M. .Manly, who tan nil, from  among Iheciowd and took Mis. .M^-tnly  away from her vicl,im. l-umniings was  badly cuL up ahfiul'lhe should,-! -, and  neck bv lhe whip. The cause* ol Mrs.  Manly's attack on Mr. Gumming- is  that gentleman's interference in Mayor  Manly's family affairs.' '<  "Withdraws His Charges.  J. S. (Mule, the 1 ii-loms iiispei |_(u- fop  (hi- distiicl, li-i- lieen i-iiga^ed I'm  the pa-t w eek' in\-e-l ii,,-,l low eharge-  pu lei n>d against li, H Mi nmiald. ci: ���������  tonis collector at Uo.���������land, by Allan  Ji'orrestci, formei Iy a clerk undei- .Mr.  McDonald. His* finding*-, of l.u ' will  be loi iv,ml.-il lo 1 In- il piii nieiit al 1  Ottawa. A ih-i '-.ion in I In- in ii|> 1 *\ iP ,' ,'|  In- i --iii-i.  ?A   RAIL   ROUTE  To the Yukon��������� Collingwooc! Sehrieber  Talks of Its Feasibility.  1 The deputy minister 'of railway*--,  Golliugwoocl Sehrieber, was. in Fri-co  last Sunday. Interviewed on railway  mailer.-he. expressed the opinion that?  iti will not be a very difficult 01 expensive undei taking to ei)ii<*truiiL a  railtoad fituu Vancouver, or from some  poinl east of that place on the Canadian Pacific line, to Dawson Gily and  the Klondike* country in general.  In tli sens-iug tin- building of a railway to Dawson, Mr. Sehrieber said :  '���������Two sm vey.-? are now being made,  from different, points on thc Canadian1  Pacific. The latter company is making  one of lhe surveys and I he govermnent,  i.- making the other. It will be  neeess-uy to build only '.)() miles of_r,iil-1  road to make a, goeid '-ail and water  ronle ftom tbo Canadian Pacilio to  Daws-Hi City. Tlie railroad can he  operated thn yeat round, but dm ing  Lhe winter most ol Lhe w ,iter ronle will  mil I o open for sleanilio.its.'  IS THIS TriH HOAll?  Notice of application for a 'private  bill authorizing the incorporation of a  company for the construction ,md  operation or a   taihoad   from   Douglas  Channel to ,n ' poinl    at   or   near   ihe  *   ���������       ���������  souLh end of Vl'esliii Lake, i.s gi\cu in  the Gazette by Messts. Dtvi-,  .Marshall, McNeill .S: Ab-iott. A- Hits  firm are ;U tot ney-for lhe C P. R, it i.s  possible that this i- Llu* road pn.ji-iied  by' I hat company, the preliminary  surveys ul which 1111* now being made,  by hJiigineer Duclu'snny. Authority  to consLrucL and operate, wharvi���������,  lianiways, feh-gi aph and telephone  lines is .1I.-0 sotighl.  William Siiannon, of Vancouver, has  ju.-L returned to that eity   from  a  trip  lasting f.:i several months through the  i>ig Jic-nd country and the   district at  head of Shusuan Lalce. To a puw 1 ep-  rt'sciitiitiv'.' Mr. Shannon gave an interesting Jtccoiinl of mining opera lions in  tin*   districts   named.    ", Grand   View  Mountain." said Mr. Shannon, "is situated at the head of Game's Creek, and  bclw cen' t hat ancl Downie and Laforiue  Creeks, and the discoveries made Lhcrc'  by ourselves and other individuals have*  been named by the Up (Jomiliy papers  the Laforiiio Creek   Finds.    \V(j arrived   Ihere   aboul   the  10th  of August.  Grand View Mountain is aboul 2.j'miles  from Revel.-Loke and   aliuuL   20   miles  fiom lhe Granl-Govan   mines   itii  lhe  Waveily,   Tangier,   etc., near' Albert  Canyon.    Between llu-*   mounlaiu antl  Waverly is an iiiiinense   glacier.-  The  biggest lead wo found  was   six   fd t   in  widLh a'nd wc traced it   for   four  miles  and otheis were JS inches and two feet  wide. 1 espectively,  all , parallel, ledge.-,  and 1 believe1 in the same   mineral hell  as thc Waverly mines, though of course  we could noi (race it all lhe way under  Lhe glacier.    An  as-tty  we  had   mack*  ���������\venL about $71) lo llu/to 11 in  gold  and  silver, wiiich   was from  surface  crop-  pings.   AiioLher ledge near I13' which  is composed o'f Iu senical   it 011  assayed  $27 to the ton."  Mr. Shannon is a,   great,"  believer   in  lhe'extending continuously of mineral  belts llnough the countiy   unci - it was  he wlio adViinced the theory   IhaL certain nlines ne.ir the coast were  on   the  same belt.-is other-well-known pitmosi-  tions in Lhe   Inlei ior. n lie-   is  convinced Lbiit Lhe   properties  hi.-    h;is located  iire o'n that system of h-iid-s   known  as  Lhe Slocau Belt   anel   w hich runs Jroi-i  Grand View inouu'laiii in ;i norLhwest-  erly.dit i-ction and 11 osses thc   Columbia river near Lhe mouth   ol liie' Golcl-  ,s'tic<ti)i cieek   near St.   Mai'i.in'-.   Falls.  "A large number" o'f men,"!  couLmued  .'Mr. Shannon, "aie now going into the  Dig Dend   and   wifi   do   devclopincnl  work oil various properties throughout  Lhe  di-tncL.    There  are, t nree , ni.one  p 11 ty J know, live*  in  another, and, so  on.    Tlie plae ejr pi oposilions  ate  good  and on Fi et'ich   Creek, \\ h'civ   gold   in  both placer and'cpiai tz is found, 75 men  iiic.it woik.    Fiom St. Martin'?. Falls,  on llie; Ooluiiibia, Lhe big   unneial   bell  exlends liirihiv to Lhe 1101 l,hwc-r,l,o the  lieadwat.ei-j,   ol   Ttiomjisbii    rlv-'r. - *i.������n  this section bet.wei-n lhe Big Bend anil  I he,Thompson liCer is tho bcsL of indi--  citlions   for   gold,    both  "placer   ,and  cpiarlz.   ,This   country,  which  Ciin   be  leaihe'd   by   going   up  Shusw,i|)  Lake  li om Sitamoiis to   Seymour   Arm iind  up Seynioui river,  is alsei uiiex]ilored,  I heal (I about l.wo Frenchnieii, while in  Ile\ I'lsloke,   who   aie   supposed   lo  ho  tr.tppcrs.    L.-isL year lliev  brought, out  some ooar-o gold which soveial parties  in Ki-vclstokc s.fw ,-uid t hey  left, again  as mya.teriou.-ly as Lhey came. Nobody  kn.i-.is whei'i- Lhey got thc yellow metal, hut T Ihinlc   they   iiiu-jL   have  come  Irom the ' di-l ru I    we   wenL   tluoi'.gh.  This dish ict. I think, is a splended field  lor pi-o-peeling, hut a pcr-on should go  in then* as, early as Jmu* and the coui--  l;y w'ould de\'-lop into another section  ax goo.'"! as Cariboo.    I have never seen  heller  indic.ilioiis   anywhere   in     lhe  Province.''   '  THE COUNTY COURT.,  A Two Days Session Before His Honor  Judge Forin.  A long duel-el, pi iiicij-.illy of petty  debl. cases, occupied tho allentiuii of  tlie com L on , "Wednesday and Tliuis-  day of this week. ������  The principal inleiest in the*" sitting  eonteied in llie ciiiniual case of Jleury  -Murphy wlio toc-ohed his   pielimiuary  hearing last,   week   hefo.c   F.   Fiascr,  J.   I?.,   and  who   Was   charged    wilh  assault   and   escaping    from     lawful  anost.   Considerable* interest, had boon  amused o\eir this   case,   owing   lo   tho  fact tliat tho piinimi-i- had been,   when  tiying   to   escape,    filed     upon    and  wounded by Constable* Page. , On   the  assault charge prisoner   was   acquitted  iind    tlie;  court se\cioly   repi iuntndeel  Mr.  Drown  for   his   Li raiment   of   ;ic-  oused   at,   his   hotel.    Ou   tlio   second  dun go, that of   escaping   from   lawiul  iirrpst, tlic judge made;   it' ejuite-. plain  'that by liis action prisoner   had   taken  liis life in his p-vu hands.    The''occurrences  was   legtetl.'Sile   but   no   blame  attached' to the oilieor wlio had merely  done Ills   duly   in   the   premises,    In  \iew of   the fact that prisoner had _al-  re-iidy suflered severely for his conduct  a .sentence  c-f  only, two   months   im-  piisonment , w,i-   impo-jcd.     It   being  nucleistciod that liis <iiicis,i'cor.-ition   w,-is  forlhe purpose of giving his   wounded  foot time to become* well. <'  The cjtlier speedy did was given  young Nicely, the lad wlio was charged  with stealing ' money at the Hotel  R'**.\elstoke. The boy had already received four mouths al the Kamloops  assizes for theft at the jail there. He  w.-is given four more on the charge  hoio,1 both to run concurrently.  Among**!,   thc civil   cases was   Cook  vs. 3-olhiian, ,".n   action for   money advanced,   in v,liie!i   judgment, was ��������� entered foi defendant. "   ,    -  11. N. Coursier sued   one   Downing  for, the building of road. Their visit  to Kootenay was puiely of a privatp  nature and' had to do with their  numerous mining invesline'ut.s, sonic-*, of  which they weie inspecting for the  fii.st lime. Ivlessis. I\Iann and M;ic-  kenzie itie lejjuled to be millionaiies  severid times over and have, been  associate*.] in some of the biggest railway contiacts in Canada. They went  soutli ay.-iin Thuisday e\ening.  NE������/S OF THE CAMPS.-  HAPPENINGS OF NEARBY CENTRES  OF MINING ACTIVITY.  The Rush On the Road.  So heavy is the tush of business ,011  the O. P. R. system this fall (hatovery-  tliiiig is running al full tension and  utmost capacity. The new' compound  engines, No.'b 1!)1 and ]$).">. have been a  tower of st length but still the demand  is iuistip|ili������-d and (o get, the engines  the woik trains ,-t're being laid oil" early.  Some of the e rows have already quit  and others will lake* .1 1 est after a week  or two. [I, is'an ���������ih'u'ost unprecedented  rush of business anel mitsL be t'net, by  111 gent and'exliaoidinnrv means. The  passenger travel is also keeping up its  heavy roll -md altogether the company  will Ibis yea 1 reap a huge harvest.  The showings on the Silver Cuj  the  talk of Trout Lake City���������Another  kick on the mail, service to that  r , town���������Big Bend Budget.  or good's ������  for,  his third   share of   a !>  soid   lo   Poole, Crocket t   it   Downing,  ii'id obtained judgment for -S-oG.oG.   '  Skiiinc! vs. Find w^is an action for  ex lia compensation clearing smut*  C'iuich(of England lots.' A-s^it, u.is  not clcv.1 what, lluj'>agrct,menl re.illy  was. defendant got judgment.  ...In McCarty \-.s. Graham,''a,- hotel ���������  niiin at Thonipson's, plaintifV got judgment for tho_ amount of liis claim,  y279.22, and costs.  Miss Toombs \s. ]\Irs. Foster, ii  claim for wages, whicli was somewhat:  of a domestic sejuabble, w as dismissed.  In Robinson vs. Jule'n Pen-in, an  action foi inonev.s ouingfor 1 umber,  etc., tiie plaintiff gut judgment.' for  6192.20.  y '       ' Against the Chinese.      <  "  , XV. JR. Md lines, M.P., of Viincouver  Tsl.uul has an ived al Ottawa. Hi: is  iiltending the sujireme court in a case;  of considerable- interes-t. In 1800 the  provincial legislature* of Hritish ('oltun-  bi;i [i.-ia-scel an aineiidmelit lo the (Joal  Mines Heguliitions Act,- whicli prohibited Chinamen fipm workingunckT-  ground. The* const itution.-ility of this  iiinentlineiiL was te-led before Lhe full  eouit of Btilish Columbia recenlly.  The act Wiis sustained. An 'appeal is  now taken (o the supreme' court by  the Union Oollieiy Co., who employ-  Cliiiiiimen unde-rground. 'Other coal  companies do not employ Chinamen in  this way. Mclnni's wilf dii ect, the case  in the .interest, of the Miners' union.  Dallnn McCarthy will rcpie.Sent the  province, Chrysler the Viincouver Coal  Co., and Hogg the appellants���������tbe  Union Colliery Co.  Local and Personal Briefs.  Gold Commissioner Graham goes  s-jtitli for a holiday today. Jle will  \ isit lhe Spokane fair.  What is, it itll about, tin's grand  spioad of id) kinds of Indie's' goods at  Coursier's.  JYis. T. Vi'"oodio\v expects to g.'t out  of llie, hospital today. He lias been  conriiiod theie dining the week wilh  an attack of .sciatica.  .J.\Sa\age. who has been in Kamloops for some time, has returned to  his eilt] position in R, Bf Wilson's  tailoring establishment, here*.  Tarto Was Libelled.  The jury brought, in ,-i vci-dhi of  guilly agonist Kdilor Gienier iu lhe  Till le-(ireniei lil;el c,t?:e, nl, Monl! e,il  las| SiiLurdiiy. Mt. Cornelliei, eotn.-id  for C'renier,-poke for live hoiu-r. He  m.Ule a lierce attack upon Mr. T.-ute.  llr. I-Mci ie -poke for the pi o-eciiloi-,  .Mr. Tarie, .saying <i di-Lim-iiou mii-1 iie  made between Lhe >vs-ieetab!c pi--s  and di-sreputiible newspaper.-, that lhe  libei Iy of lhe press must not degenerate  into license iind maintained that lh������*  defence had failed to prove Mr. Tarte's  \\ rung doing.  .luikce Wm tel,.* slimmed up. IFe-.-iid  the geni*i.,l tone (,f th(, ,nu,.I(. ua-i  defamatory ,-.nd w.-is of the opinion !  that lhe defence had fn. fiom ju-tified|  the ,ue u-,ilioii- o| (he .11 ili I,.. He s,u,i ;  Ihe ehaige thai ^Ii.T.tite inangui.n ed ;  an eiii of hi Kid I in:: in 1 be public \\ 01 k- :  ilep.ii lmc.i( \'.,i- 11 o.-i gi'.r. e. .md hud1  no pioof \\ hal ever. )  Thc   jiuy   said   "iruiltv"   in    a   few]  minute-.    Cornelliei-ont.nni-d di*!,iv in'  fi  "in I In-  ib p,i 11 nil-ill .mil   il j  *���������*. ill   In- -iiiii.' I urn-   lx (in.- I be  k'lOU n.      Inspeel(i|- ( '|||| e   li |>  " hull  10 p. e| ,11 ,��������� ., nn  t lull  II,   1  "iidmiii - I  I1.1-1 ,1 nn ,1  1   ulije, t,,  .   dill 11, ���������   ! lie ! 1 ;.,].   (,,,    ,.,, 1   ,.. ,.,,,  'I'I.1 (.1   - -.-. ,il l���������  d, 1 , !i li   -,\   ,  nl  I  'I 1 ���������  il.  n ((.  - l.u,  ���������'*. in- I, ;, mi- .ual .  < 'I- ;i hgi.it i-i-iitt-t.-t 1", .  1  I 11. -.M   l! 1!'  .Jim Poupore was in low'n 'J'liursday  in coiu'eience with tlie bisj oonliaolors.  He was aucomp laiud by Mrs. Poupore.  'Hew. Dr. W.-irdrobe, of Guelph,  Ont.. coodueti d services iu tlie 1'iCs-  b\teiiaii (.-liiiicii \\'('.*diiesday eveniuij.  "Up to dale" is what, the   ladies say  of   the   miliiiK ry and  dress   quods  at  1 Com -ii"s.  I      An   ideal   dnii*   stoic���������low    juices,  j pure goods. 1 diablo presci iption   woik  j -- -go    to     the     ^IcDoweli,     Atkins,  Wat-ou Co., 'J'lie Diuggists. *  Cur cuiiteiiipoiarv ]a������t week dis-  coM-ied a l",iel of aiscuica! iron  p-iite-. Vet we spe,*ik uf the. "hayseed " Minister eif the Jnlei ior.  Price cuts a big figuie in the. purchase of goods, bin small plain figures  to bo read and reached by everybody  nruk tli*; slock tluouglioLiL alCoui-  siei"s.  .\iigus iMoPonald " went, e ul like a  light" Tinusday, and is -aaid to ha\c  started for the k'lonflykc \ ia .Seattle.  1S0111C lheie ,-n'e in town who luoiiin  Angus  in p.. 11me.  ���������Vi.'... At kins ie ft for the c.isl this  ������iek In 1:i*_r c.lieil honie by lhe .sudden  death ot in? father. He v. ill lolu-n  .shoitiy to lix up the. aflaii.s of the company foi  lhe wiiilci.  Edwiiid   Faner,   one   e*f    tlie   most  bi-n"i::,{    ;.|.r|   wis.itile    jean n.ili-i *,   in  Aiihi.i.i   i'-gl j'i-|ei! .it   the    1 b \ el-loi.c !  ' - -'i-i' 1 11.     J Ie is ai 1 onip.iuie d   by lie.  "  '*       ,!i'        ! -   I '.111 M,L'    I'll It !-ll   *- ' illlllliliil  (���������" 'I-;'    !i ui , "!  the  (J.  J'.   IJ.   lit' Ml llie I  ��������� i <l<'p"i!..li!Viil.'v.--i". ai.s.i of tlie. party. ]  Another Accident at Notch Hill.'  The patlicnliirs of Llie railway itc-  cident ;it Xoleh Hill last ?.Lund<iy, as  furnished by Oeneial Siipeiintcudent  Mai pole, aro as follow-, :  At 5 ii. m. "Wilkitison's ea-thound  special, while descending the Notch  Hill grade���������50 miles east of Kamloops���������met wilh an accident. At a  point one mile east of Notch Hill the  train became detached and got divided  into tlneo sect ions. , The middle  section overtook the forwaid .section  aud resultc*d in the dci ailment, and  wieckiige of two c u-s, one of lumber,  the other being pro-isiuns. Ur;ikem,io  Agnew was .slightly injured about, the  bead. ' The damage is estimated at  ii? 1,000.* Trallic u,-is iuleriupted for  about six hours. iS'o blame allachcs  to anyone loi ihe .-iccident, whicli was  unavoidable.  The Forester's Chief.  'Oroiihyatekha, Knpieiue ('hief  Ranger of lhe Independent. Order of  Fore.-ters, p.-issed through Revelstoke  this week. Inleri iewed by Lhe .Maii.  he xiid he was going lo San Fiaiu-i-co  lo the High Court, of California meeting iind where he had 1 revived a pressing invitation to iillend. lie expected  I o be a way aboul t .to \\ eeks ,n,d would  then, il I he-eiiliinenl, ol the majority  of-lhe e-oin-l.- in Ihi*. I'rovinoi: weie  favoiable, very likelyiu-l il ule a High  Court for Hritish (.'olunibia, Tlie  bri'lhi-en of Ilui'iard Com I, V.tncotn er,  have spoken to lhe S. ('. IJ. ami will  take t he initiative in asrcrlainini; the  sentiment of the com I in lime for the  return visit of Oi-nnhyaleUia.  '  , A   BIG   ORDER.  .What the C.-P- R. Promises to Do-For  y   '   Kootenay's Development."'-,  Sir Win. Van Horno, accompanied  hy 1C. S.' Cioitston, manager' of tbe  Rank ot Montreal, H._H. Angus and  .bis. Ross, left, Montreal la.st Tuesday,  on his-, annual tqtii of inspection. He  will make -Lhe entire trip by daylight',  run.- and is expected l.o arrive here  next week. This visit, of the president  of lhe C. P. H. will piob.ibly be of the  utmost iuipoi t.ince tn Koolenay and  will pos-ii'ily be followed by lhe iuaug-  urat.io'i of that liberal policy in'regard  to lhe mining indusirios of this countiy ( f which we heard so much on tbe  ixci-ion of Vice President Slfaugh-  iicssy'sj 1 ecent vi-it.  In iisi.intervduw in iMonlreal last week  heLwcv'.i Mr. aMcArthur, president of  Ro&.-l.tnd Jloiird of Trade*, nnd Vice-  Prcsideiit Sliaughnessy, the laller  gentl<Miian staled that the Canadian  Pacilic would proceed without delay  to build a 1 ail way llnough China Creek-  Hal into Rossland, and that capitalists  closely identified with1 lhe Canadian  Pacific have pi,-u-t ically completed arrange-men Is for the election of a 1,-u ge  .smeller on the Columbia River, which'  will treat Ro-sland 01 es ul as low a  charge ;i- possililc, and Lhal, shipping  mines will be connected by aeri.-d li aui-  way-s will's the smelter. I-'.uh mine  will hau'ilsown bin or bins I'orsloring  the diU'eient, grades, thii- Lite cost of  gelling on-.- fiom the mines to the  poinl of Iraits-hipmonl will he reduced  Lo a minimum. The Slocan count,ry  will al-o receive lhe company's aid and  ,is,M-lani e iu ;i similar way. Aerial  11 a m ways will ,'i!-o be built fi om evei y  shii'ping s.lation to  each   ol   tin-   large  ,   ���������'.'..: ....      .     :         1 1  'I>1...  In inining circles the principal talk  is the magnificent .showing in the Silver Cup. The four drifts are. all in  high grade ore, running fiom S inebe������������  t.'i 2 feel, wide; part of this is nearly  solid gray copper-, i mining ovei 2.000  ounce- iu silvei aud 'SliTi Lo $10 ifl golcL  The live* ore sorters ,-tre buiieel in'ore,  although no sloping has been done as  -yet- ' .       ,    -  '       ,  Theie is ihi sign of improvement in  our disgraceful mail 'mm vice*. Ahoui.  two months ago Air. Fletcher golas f,ir  as Thompson's Lauding on a tour .of  inspection; for some unknown ^icasou  begot no furl her. On bis return lei  .kovol.-ioke he said he would ieporl; in '  favor of .a tri-weekly sei vice.-jSince  lhal lime nothing , has been heard o������  lhe matter. Theie is one ccuisolalion,  our turn will come next elecLion. , '  Thomas Wilson came up from th������-  lower country Wednesday.  bee Davenport left foi Trail Sunday.  The new^prinling ollice'-is completed..   '  The last   boat load uf   supplie-s went  do,vn lo Canyon Creek Tuesday.  XV. Vickers has   been busy Llie   past  week   moving, into the new recording  olTice.    With  some  improvements  on  the grounds ;ind   out buildings", he will  -hiiveyei y com foi table quai-lcis'.  Tho Townsite Company are about Lo  let ti contract to open Denver, .street,  this will make over a mile of ' new  streets opened this summer. The i*n-  tcrpiisc of the Townsite Company in  this respect i.s very' commendable.  About a dozen men are working 011  the Creek; beune of the saw- mill men  have formed a company ancl,arc putting in a Hume on Dan Keane's lease  iiboul a mile from .Lown. Others are  wing-darning.  John 1 Slcubart, one .of   the pioneers  ,  ot  the camp, is   thinking of   taking a  trip to his'old .homo in'Maryland."and  staying for the winter.  co-t    11  -hipping mines lheie. Tin  earryinglhe.se m.-s lo tin* shipping  point will be .-o greatly reduced thai  lhe 1,iw hide, wagon and sleigh will be  no more.  Not After the Contract.  Ainongsi 1 he arrivals fiom the west  Thursday weie I >. I). -Maun, the well  known contractor of .Moutieal, fine!  Win. Alacken/.ic, one of the wealthiest,  men in lhe Dominion, who is hea\ily  inteiesled iu t lie -l! eel 1 ,-,i!u -iy ,;, sleur,  of .Montic'l, Toioulo, Winnipeg aud  oilier pl-u (,*-. beside- lumbering and  inining. Messis. i\I inn, Mac.'.en'.ie  and T. ('-. Iloit wen- iu Uos'-land  iccc'iitly and it was itimoied from that  place lhal their visit was in connection  wilh the contract for tiie proposed  buildup of a liiih-.u 1,;, 111 * ��������� (\ I'. 1!  ft oui li'ibson lo lii-sslanil A-kid  about this lepull Ml. .Malm i_',l\'- il ,'in  emphiilii denial. Then- was notiimg  in w 11,11 u ,1 s -aid ! 11 .1 1 hi *. v ere si bout  In-'r-ni.e-r iute'i the. dclailsof the t'oiitract"  Jack ICnowl"s w,-is in town for <-i  few days this week- and retained lo  Korgnsoii, Thursday. He is contemplating taking a trip to the I''oi t  .Steele coiml ry.  jN'owspapois simply tell the tale, but  you must go and see if you will le-aliye  the splendid assortment of all kinrls of  larlies' nnd children's supplies at Cour-  siei 's.  Most,     diuggists       ch.uge       foi  pie-ei ipt ion   .ccoiding  lo  Ihe  "       " ��������� ���������  ���������  ���������   - The Big Bend.  It has been decided'to resume, development work at the Consolation, ou  French Ciock, aud operations 'will be  commenced in the channel tins week.  Sain Dosoliainps with four men will  work there all winter. It. is not  cet lain yet whether J. Sweeney will  return to direct the work, if nob  Descliamps will be the foreman this  winter. .The damage caused by the  recent f'ue 'lias been repaired and  every!hinges in shape for the winter's  woik.  i_  John C. Fergus;.)!., W. 15. .MeKinnou  iind John Benson loft for Ground Hog  1 lash 1 yesteidiiy lo  inspect   the   work  done' this summer on the properties  of  the London and P. C. Alliance   Syndi-'  cate, for which   work   Gus   Lund   had  the   contract.      They    will   make    a '  thorough   examination    and    will   do  liii'ir assaying right 011 the ground   for  which    purpose   they   have   taken   an  assay outfit-iking with  them.    Should  their repot t* prove satisfactory the company will install the necessary facilities  to go ahead aud   work   the  properties'  for, all there is in iheni.  .The muli- train \vliich went up last  week lo pack from LaPurte for lhe.  French Creek Co., is hard at work,  and the pipes are being riveted as fiist.  as they aie delivered on the giound.  The contract work on the Ole Lull  sliaft, has been complcU'd and five men  who haw been engaged upon it. returned to town last night. The shaft  is (low n GO feet und a gOod deal of  Mutible is being experienced owing to  llie w.-iter filling in loo rapidly.  1-agle Pass Notes.  The Iravellei would think by the*  ancient and fish-like .-mell when leaving Rcwi-i .'���������.������������������ bv lie K igl>* I'.i-s that  be \va- iiLC.i.-l on 1 ie- (-...i-l 1,1 tile ti-l-  ing seas"... !.'.ii..h i* I- of ii.iae-hback  or do'j: -a!  .1 i-i  1  vim4 ,1 -1.| iking 1 he-  bottle, w e charge1 for  the   si/e  what,   is  a  of  in  -The  Ltd.  .McDowi-:  Alkius,  but  the    bottle  Wnt-i... C.  All's  mil   di ugs   that's   bitter  (lings   biuiglil    of    us    aie   gt.aianlce.l  ptui! in <|'.i'illty and palatable  in   pike  -The  .Mi-ilowell, Atkins, Watson Co.,  The .Druggists.      * "'  The horse race hist Silurd.iv between  Pettipieee's Lark and Tw obex's llanjo  (je.ilel con-idi'iable cveitcineiil and  snuie ni"ii'*\ eh.inged hind- on th*"  K s di 'I hen- I:,-- sim e been semi*  tl'o.ible iho'it llie slakes and .'inntliel  l,i,i' ln,i\   be il.e ii'siilt.     The 1,1c'   w ,1-  bank-of the I-'agle River and is dis-  'iiu il.\ iiiilici-.ible by pii-seuger.-. These  fi-ii an- 1 he -a me a- may be seen on lhe  en i-t a ml ,11 e salt water fir-h. How did  i'  \   Muk their way up to  l.he  Eagle  .-l lie- I'i���������, lhe piofu-ionof nuts  a.id be 1 . i' s b.i- atti acted coiijiderable  ailenl.,11. and e.suled much interesb  an),im. iiiM-il-i-. Al. I le-pi csent time*  ! here . - (".! 1 -ci-ond crop i.f la-pber-  lie-auo -(-.ti-, lii-i-i'ii���������. and lb-\elsloke  peopii' iii.u ^.-et l.'ii-iu by ,t little exertion.  aWill'i.  ..] loTwohev's liorse. 01.1 iiloul.  W,;! if j. 1 5ii\'"i' Djllari.  Iu ,k cni dance with instruct ions  ie(i'i\ed fiom Washington the ,S,ui  l'"i ni' i-i ���������> mint u ill 1 .'-nmc t he coinage  of -ilver dollars. - . iPAfc.-fc -
iji;hi.i.-.iii-:i) kvkuv sati'i-day
IT - (>
,   ' I'i ni.1,-ui;i<- .\mi I'hoi-i:ii:t(ii<-. ���
.Subscription   Price,   $2.00    Per    Annum
���*������*������ -viik-i-J-v is .m>v.\m?i: ".*-";
���   �� Tlie Ames Holden Co.'s special
- ���"Columbia," "Vaiiconver,''"Kootenay" should be worn by everybody wbo wants  a, first-class
mountain, boot.   ; .
UKVKLSTOKI-:, *0(,TOBr;K '.),  \i*i)l.
- ii''
Tin; i'lemier admitted last Sainiday
.that   lie.   was   wioiiij   in   the   view Ik:
look about, its   being   the   duty of the
,   Dominion ^u*. eminent t'i fix the hank :
that tlies Piovince dc.-ils with them, the
Dominion with the channel.    We lia\e
i i
said this again and again   until we aie
���*   ^ireeJ repeating it.
Anvtiii.vc done'by tlic Liberal party
iis apparently repugnant and averse
.to' Premier Turner, and lie doesn't
���hesitate to say so. Yet, the CoIuiii.it
���s.'iys tliat party lines are, unnecessary
iu this province. If this is so, why
/loejsn't the head of the government
"show; the best example of non-partizan-
.ship and bi-oadness of view.
-, "  -*	
Ouu local c'oi'teinpor.-iry which, during its'short life, has been ewrything
by turn anel, i.e thing for' long, i.s
evidently preparing for another somersault.,. Its virtuous(?)' indignation at
the plotting of tlie wicked, Grits
becomes ludicrous when one remembers the littl�� coterie of- peanut politicians iind soreheads' whose, mouthpiece it, is and of whose interests it is
.so solicitous. i ,,
sri 1 ion would have meant fori he oi can
what I he I.H id' Hie,I nl lor the land. I
think *t v,,i- Amei ic.n'i, .-ind for (hat
ie,-i-ou I pu-hed il. 'Phi- country is
bound In lie llie mi-Ire��� of lhe -ca.-
ju-t *i- m'ioii ;i- iu- ncl lime to attend
lo il. i uiioted lo liuiiy il .ilong.
There i\:i- no (rick about il ,tl all ' I
-imply worked to succeed. Of imiji-c,
I \mi- iiol'goiliy- to tell Iho-e oj | oscil
lot In- S( heme all aiiout il,,"
When it i-remembered lhal the Hc-
pnlilican Ic-ider in the .Senate* ,(Si-n'ator
Alli-on) and the Iicpublic.-iu' le.-iele-rs in
(he* Lower llou-c (Mi-s.-is, Heed anil
I "i.ijjlcy) |n ofes-.-dly knew' uotliiii!*; of
1 he di-ii-Lii- change made in Hii- '���trtioii.
il, \\ill he .seen lh.it. Senator Ivlkin-i
"\\ orked I o succeed" very cll'i-el i veiy.
The Post, charge- him wilh "iluinM
'inconceivable ..-iiidiicily" in making
such ,-i confi-s.-ion, and ,-i-k- if ever ;i
United' Stales Senator ho.-u-teil "ol* ,i
weu-se* perfoi'iiiiillee.'" The ' I ler.-ild, in
���-peaking of hi- explanation, remarks
that Iboii.yh he* say-s thtil, ihi.- war. not,
trickery, "it availed lo deceive as careful men a-Senator Alii-on and l'epre-
.-entalive llingley. r They t rusted
Klkins and t lio-e he employed to draw
the .section, and the latter rendered it.
liable to .-in.inlcrm.c_t_aXi.pii which lho.-e
���who trusted thein did not. mean it
"should have. Xone but a politician of
the I'JIkin-- school would draw a (lis
tinetion between thii and tiickerv."
Canada Drug & Book Co, Limited,
Wc li.i\ i* tlic inu-l coisiiil-jlc -tuck (if Si.iliimcry
iinil l\i!i<-\ ('(Kill-in Udi.l-l.'kc.
W'c li.iici i'��iii]ili'tu siock 0f  J'l.u;' Drug.-, and
Kit cut Jli-iln iocs.
\\*i* li.ivi; <i <-(iiii]ilcl<- line of .Miisic.il hislru-
iiie-nt-. -in h .*,-, Violin-.. JS.uijds, Ari nnlcoii*-,
.Alontli Orijaii-. I'uilfii's and Anluliai-p-.
We* .lie agents fur I'i.iuos. OiK.ni-, .mil Tjjil-
\\ ritci-s.
.I-i- Wc dispenss prescriptions day or niglit.
'��� , ���     IHOVELSTOKE STAT" I OX, B. (J.
Jas. IcMahoM
General Blacksmith J-
A Public Trust.
lion. Mi.-ilulock has written a letter
to the editor of the JJelleville, Out.,
Sun in regard to the changes in the
post ollice* there. In his letter the po.-t-
masLer-g-enei.il shows that ,Iielleville
has been unduly favored in being made
"a city post office, while tin* gross
revenues from Jh-nnlfoid, IJiockville,
St. Thomas, Peterboro. (iuelpb and a
number sol' other' places weie very
much larger. There was "not Iiing left
for him but tei make a ch.-ingo in
Belleville to. the old system and by
doing so he- hael saved ovei $:-!,000 - the
first ve.-uv $1,000 lhe next and very
soon it would amount to $o,(KK).' The
public will endor.se the po.-ilion taken
by, .Mr. YUulock when he say.-: "My
po-ition i.s :i public trust ;inel 1 have no
more right to allow the public fund- at
my dispo-al to he - w.isteil than a
in"* ale I ru.-tee has to allow t he private
fund- iu hi.- hand- to-be wa.-ted."
W'niioin.   heaw   or   lii^lit,'   built   iind
.* n*   '    ' '      .        ' '
I loi,seshoeiii!f a specialty.      - i
I'lospeclorYs l'ii'ks.    Miner's .Tools.
Larite'nipplv of iron, steel and -shoes.
Orders   iu   any   branch   of   tin;   trade
'" executed in it win kiniiiilike, manner.
Barristor-at-Law, Solicitor  -
��� and' Notary Public.
.t-rOKKK'I-:-   Itnoin ���!, I'dol, Mock, Kcve-lsloki*.
[^eVelsto kcj-_rH ospital.
^Iaternil y waul iu couiiclI ion.
Vaccine kept on hand ,.    .    .    .
Drs. McKcelinic and JciVs,   -   Attendants.
1 Y ��.1 "Liter 2L4
if" rr^ 111
tl   Xss*--!
r 1 ' J
Plans and specifications prepared
in India, Ink or: 'Blue-print
'      TAILORS.
)    S. WILSON',     "
Local Merchant Tailor.
Order and Iieady-Made,
-To .-nit lif^ure orpiu-.-e.
Revelstoke Station, B.C.
If you desire '.in ;u*ii"-iic  hoir.e with all  modern  conveniences
call and sec Maclean v.-ho ciui design you one  in any
" sty]* ���: 'Oiie-'i-Wnne, rnlonial, Swiss, or any other style
' you ])refer. - - .
Interiors  and   inierii'i* d'-coraiions  are   his.-specialties.     Store
I )(.voraLions.' Hank   l'ixiures,    Motel   Fixtures ;��� Hall
shewing    |).m'ntiled    da.de-es,    frescoes,   etc.;   'Artistic
,   ' Screens', Verandahs, Stairways, 'etc. can be got out to
suit the market.        , *
Fashionable Tailors.
Cor. Broad St. -Xt Trounce Ave.,       .      _
Opposite the Driard,       * ,
Late of Government SI reel,
o   " , ' VICTORIA, B. C.
Importers of  i-'ino fjuolch .ind  Kiiffli-.}|  (Jood.sY
.Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.1 ,
Tt was a petty tiling of Hon. J. II.
- Turner to say in - hits interview here,
last Saturday, that it'looked   .as   if the"
��� Dominion government's vote of .^l 0,000
for the ri\er liiink" had lieen sneaked
through for some puipose.     Bonn; time
ago we published Mr. J'ostock'.-s   ,-issnr-
- ��� -        . *-
ance'tliat this appropiiatioir w;is  ni.-ide
by the late Cnnserviithc government
anil that all he did was to see Lhat.it
Wiis retnined He furl her sliiied thiit
be spoke to the Premier of II.U. iiboul,
it (if we mi.-jluke. not, bofote. the pio-
vincial .supplemc-ntaries -eaine down)
and was very iniich surprised when
Mr. Turner expressed unwillingness
to co-operate.
For   the.   ]*remier   to , sav''l hci'i that : Colnmbia in -ucli e i-e.s made mid   p
*��� ' i   .- ]    i
this apprcipi iiition w;is  got  through in j VUKJ<-'
. some unknown or   nnsterious   nwinner ,
.' I
is decidedly   mean   when, our   federal.
The Josie Sale Hang's Fire.
No business was tr.-insarli'il al the
���losie ('old Alim'mr ('onipanv's slock-
holders' meelingi held recently in
Spok;ni'e, for'I he* reason tluii only -Hif),-
000 -sbiii-e-- wen- repi esenl ed, being
aboul 10,000 -sborl of the two-tbirds
necessary to acl on ;i proposition to
sell the preipi-rlv. Informal diseus-siou
!>roughI I o light tin iulere-ting epiest ion
which hii;- complicated ihc proceedings
of I he 11 in I en 11.l.-it ed sale of lhe mine'.
Tin-- recent, decj-ion ol llu* Ib-ilish
Coin m b'ia com l ignored I he laws \\ hieli
O.Iic-u in Smilli Ulue'k, I'.uiliu Avenue,
FRED, B'. WR    NG,
Real Estate and Mining Broker.
'  "'   ��� KKHUUSON, D.C--
i (
Tlio Snii(l()ii of tin.* Ti-imt Lake 1 listfict.
Copresjondonco Solicited.
.Suits from $12,  Pants from $.-:.
���Sample and   nicasm-cmenl.  forms  sent
ou application.
92 Government,St.,
White labor only. VICTORIA,'' B. C.
I-*-?   1
tl    '1 '
The Pioneer Hotel of tlie Pioneer-
eanip of West Kootenay.
C. S. DOUGLAS,'        ;.
Real Estate and' Mining Broker,
139 Corelova St., VANCOUVER, B.C.
Re.:;11 ICstntcand Mining Broker
319 Cordova St.,
-,'i'Vi-i n ,m Amei kmu coi potation all  of j     .Mim'njr -locks anel properlio- lioti-.'ht
wlio-ie   inl'ere.st-  aie   Incited   on   Can- I iintl -old on   comnii.���ion.    L'orrcspond-
vadi.in    lerrilorv.   and    ruled    tlrat     \Tu \ ''"''" solicit ed.
action of-ucli a companv   i.s   valid   un- : * ; ' f
\^> it eonloru. in the  lau>  of   Hiiti-li |      BEAUMONT BOGGS & CO.
"   .     Mining Brokers,
Repairing Neatly &. Promptly Executed.
Good rooms, newlv* furnished. ..:'    -      -      Bost table in town
'  -.' *������/ ' ' '    '
'Choicest I^icjtiors and,Cigars.    Commercial Rooin.
������l*}���^ J. RICHARDSON, Prop
been made-;'public.     It is   one more instance of Mr. Turner's pai ti^an-hip.
Ouu lociil   ciinlem.   is   much c.\cited
over the pioviiicial Liberal  convention
A     McNEIL,
The Gre-u Le Roi.    ��� ;    ' Mjnc.s H1K, Minin^ Slocks.
represent nt ive    had    inlei viewed   him!     -\  de.-il   i*- ju-t   aiiout   convumiii.-iteil correspondence solicited.
about it and .when -his statement   h.id '��� �� hereby I he l.e liiii_   lio-M.tnd"-Kivat-, ��� r-rrt    - -   	
i-.-I mill'-    w ill bet i :iie   tie-  m om-i t\  of r,��ooc-n-
an IOnirli-h    syniiii\iie.     Ttu*   pi tee.will      _    	
lie .*?o,.Vui.l1-'.io     Ti."   -yndicate   i-iepn-
-enled liy T-alir-u-Il-itlii'iiu   .-..sn!   H m-il-
llHl   Men-It.      Th'* toH)l'*i   i-'.l!i ('Npi'll   of
ixi-'.it    ��*\pi s ji in--    u      in,ii.y   uiit-imr
iin.'l jumps to the conclusion tluit it can I (.,,nun i,,^,     f;,i.   p.-vfuu    .ml   ^c:j.\,--h
be for  no other purpi-se  tluin  thiit   of I Ti.rm-i wili   l*-o  io   L.-udnu   wiilur liu
-ecurim,'this   province to   that   pai ty.- i ,u'>:t '''"' '"<���>-(
.There is no   fair   cau-e   to   jusiiFy tin
H,;-ol,r.s assumption. Tin- Liberals',.): , |>, itNh(., . f)U ,,,,^ !h, [.,. H���K .;. * j,,.,,.
this province are all Oppositionist- ;^ ,.v.., v |n-..,p. t;,, . f 'ii,- N..i!ip<i'i
(except, peihap?-. the niana^inif ediror -m'*}t"i h-'.'i:--* .ilui.ul.in<-d l.y th>'U.
ot" the Vancouver  World) and   may be    and t i,e ,u -   1.. i;.2   -ni'li-'l  it. (u .n ui.i.
,.   i   ' .                       ,i        t           * I..i.-t wi'.-ls llu- !,i- H(.!ili--l,it'i-'lii-n-i;ii-
rehed   upon to    oppose     llu;     Jinnei                   . ,.,,,.,, ,
1                  "                         ...     i l,.r   divideud   m ���si.).(��.n.      ili--   ti.t-.l
-overnmentY     lhe   pivseut   Opp,,Mlioh !n.Mi.^   m|    (,|W     rj;j|i,     fi>   _., ut
_i.-, a- a part}, -<> weak that   in ,a   ci n     ^';-j.-,,i-0'i.    c,|. |��, \\ Mll|  !,,-. I,i,.i!i, t
le-l <ai present line- tliev i oiilii  hardly    V. IJ.-j i,,n. are  i he. l.u l,*.-I   ind** iiln-il
win.     Their weak'ii'���   i-    the   -,'i.M'lll      luddei - <>l   l.c-l.'oi -!* i k.*
'incut's   .stleiiL,'tll.      A-    lhe    '.velfaie   of1
��,H. HEAPS &'CO,     '
" Machinery Brokers,'
i * r>U(i Ct>nluv;i Sliv( I,
FOR SALE--A (iii.intilyeif Unlit, soc-ind li.mll
Stool lillils. ' - (
"J. R. HULL.& GO.
 p~���'-  -.-
Wholesale    and   Retail
Purveyors of High-class Meats.
"All or'iler.s'in mil- line will be' promplly
at I ended to. ' '
This hotel has been re-built-and greatly enlarged."   It is newly
furnished throughout   and  affords   every convenience,   ������
to quests.,   It   is- beautifi-liy situated   over-
,  ��� - - looking U|")per Arrow Lake, and is .
located most conveniently to railv.-ay dejoot and steamer landing
��� ���  x-Ra'es.'ffi"i to $'2 per clay	
Gold Hill xx
i / ��.     '
FRANK VANDALL, Pkopriktok.
���Revelstoke, B'-'O.���
I!'    Ileal.
Tl)'-  p-'Ople    Ol     itc--!,  D'l    a'e    '-^,!li    J/i
Front Mreel, h'i-?\el-U>ke.
KaCrcut,  25c;   Catli, 50c; Six Shaving
��� Mehison & Oo.,
I (Ojipo.silc (iovi'i-nment Ol'Iice,)
i ���
Groceries, Ireed, I;ruit, alwavs
_, j
fresh and full stock.
Best Table �� in Town, Wei! Furnished Rooms, *
Choicest Wines, Liprs and Cigaps,
Everything Sirleily 'First-Class. ���.    . ���
Terms 32 X^er dazy. Kamloops Beer on Draught
>e    overji"'.
.1'       I i)i-       pi ' ~! eel
I ic<5ts ior
Short   Accounts.
Iir. i j.-i<'-ki. -Si vnov. 15.(J.
(-'-urcut ar.rj s'ri.'iva 50e;. j^m^.^...   -
?    ���'-~-���r*~TV2f Cbnifort.ible Parlors.
O,jyoilto Dm; Store.
btoeKnoi'm fioiiseYiiifif
'.I. Al.l'jKiJTSTONI'], Ti-oi'i.*ii:r��u.      ,-
The Eining Room is" Aipnished with the best the
Blarkst 'airos.
'di.. piovince in-niund-. thedctcii .,f tin-1'      200 Men Wanted
d\\" MM)  W l>T,
,-kii;   .\!,iii i*T  i  \\\ (i-
1,1 \      -A..1 1,  .III    -11
I'I If
\I.;.',  ii   II \l.-|-'i   V I'd-"-.
Iircseill ^ovel'llllient It 1- lie<e-s,i|-\
tlicicfi.re to st ieii-_'l lien Jlic li.uuls of
.the .Opposition.    The   Ltlii-r.il p.n fy is
uinitc-in ,-...<i wtii do this wiii. its!    .Certificate of Improvements.
or-'itnizeil s-.ppoii.     .\nil this   is h-1i,li .
*    n .  . . , IIOI'K MfM-.l! M. '-I .VIM
our opposition   contei.ip.,.,.ry is mow-d , ,,,,���,,,.,, ]h ���,*,. ,���,,.,���   |mn|1,u, ,,_,_. f
itl>(,ut.     Ir   is   *ifr.ii,j   .h.U some e,-,,li. ,       ^^r^L'^^-^^:^uZL
will result to the   Lihernl party if they ,       *^$M\^; ,. -,-������, e   f}riv. .,, ���
defe;it the. Tiitnci ites.     We think dial '   i    '!��" 'j,'"' Unh-li  i";i.Iuiiii.i.i t*w inw ,m.
, . - I  Ilcllinn-^ t iiiiiii uiv nf   I r.ul. I, (  . I-Vi i-   .Mine.
M.-,lnK   EnK,nccr.    Annlyt.c.'-I    Cliommt    H-CS flf| f 1H T^GPS      fflP      StOVB      "WOOli.
Kevf;lste;kc- Station,  I'.C
,i.  i.i i-uj,il -i l.i '.I nf Mne
I i v.'" -,   I   i,.'! ui.i i
ami   A*<M.ycr.
t ij if il ri |,'i: I. (1 ol-.
\i;U     [>r;\ \"KI.     )',    I
Be   CO.LTD. /CRATED    WATER     IVIA IM U F* R S     fctRITISH    COLUrvTan
ii they cone]uer the.y ure eniitlcl to
hoiii�� cie-flit and that, the country will
not be- renu'sH in nr-inliny it.
���Senator Elkins' Lame Defence.
.The Me-Ki'iiiiii de-cision luis by no
ineiuiM sile'ueed the discussion in the
American press upon lhe manner in
'which die famous I v, eiil.v-sece.nd
.see-lion vvns uiniiK^li'd into Ihe Din^ley
Varitr. "Sen.ilor I'>Ikin-(. who is lie-
iivovvceJ sn.njrjrb.i-_ h,is spoken in
(lefeiicc of hii--acl ion, but h.is f.iiled   lo
('crli.'li .lie Nn :),.!. "A. inli-iiil.   i\t>   u'ii~   rnini
tin- (l.iI'* In-iT'iif. In .iimlj Iii I ,ii   .Mining li' - i-ril-
i-i-for  ,i''ci tilli .ili-  of   lintunw in, nt-    i",,i-  tl,,-
liiirpiisr.   of   iilit.iiinitL,'  .t  f-|-(i.\'n    (,    nil   uf   rlir
I   ItllOl I* 1*1,11111
And  fiirllici-  t.iki-   noli  i-   ;hil   .nimn   inidi p
-.(*. I ion "!7. inn-il In   i niiiiiii in i il h In* i   t!i>   i-sii    , %  _
..... .. ,.r _,,, I, i ,.,.i,it, .(,. ,.,* .......... , , i_ '     ,in,ii,i.in    ,.i
���    l'1-A.LKW IIAUVKV, F.i   S.    ,
iVI,..-,,.,. .\   r.uy  I,i-i . M. .v .M.I-" )
Mhnnt/ hmjiifrr end .tn-sfn/rr.
V.W( nrvKK.   I'. < .
Ch-r-zmg Srn^lt -r Pulp x Spec jl! 1
am -> nf -in 11 ( , -rl ilii .tli- of I ii 111' i. \ i in- li.
1 l.i I nil In, I'ill i il,u nf m | ileni her. l-'l,       L'l 'J!
Oer-tiflsatc of Improvemonts.
\. \i-ri-: vikw mivki-a*. ( t, \i u.
Sit.n.itcil   in   tin-   l���iiili-,iii    .Miiiiiu   l):vi~i"i'  of
Wcsl    Knot ,,n, i>    l>i-liul.     V'.li.ii   |i���M|iil
On    !'|.|iit ,\ i ro-.-.   I ,ik( . .iliiml   -I*. mi   niil(i
iilviv i* \,iUii*.|i, U.('
rilAKK  M��TI(  I*;   Mini  I.   Tom   <'. Dr.i \, n-i nl
]      for  'llu    ISril i-h   ( niiiiiilii.i   .-pi   li i nir  .md
ii*   , ���,!>.' .     ,    ,    . , licllniii.' < '(iiii|i.iii\   of  T ,nl   li.C. I'i- '   Mm. i -
Sllllsfv      s||(b       f.lir-tllllKl' (I     JOIIOIl.lls    .Is       (*,,,, _______       ,\-,,. ,-, I   ll \,  ,1,1     11(1, -IM,    ll-l-    If il.l
"ihe Bo.;toii Herald and the   New   Voik ,' H>'*'l->l" l��y<- io .<i>|.l.** to ll.- Mm n ,- K'.oid
' "     ' | ei- for ,i   i*ci I Hi ,iH   nl   nn|i in rim nl ..   loi   I In
|ilti*|ioK(i of olilaiiiilit/ ��' (!nu-,-|i trriiiil of llie
nliovi* cluiin. ���
.'.All.'l furl.Ii.'ir Ink': noi i'-'i tlial.'.nrl.ion. imili-r
.miction .'17. 'liiiisl. h-- ,(:oiniii(.'iir|.il ��� Ire Ion* ill'* |.(-
hiiiiii'-.'-, of --.ii.-li ei'i-l ill,-;llc'(if iin|.ro-.'riic ni -i
lliilcd ! his l.'.l ll (lav of .Sc|iI.ciiiIi,.|-,  I  !i...      -Jl ill   i
tn i-l.:* nn nf -      -..li    K'nn;,,  ei     -n,, i
d , ,���>.. < - .*. ill I.,, I.,-i'i' ,,ii   ' o;.-i/iii".r ni
i in ill' -.    ;, to ,iii-,   \ .il'.i ,
'llu  f ..*-<���: f.ol-l   K  i-.i   !,
to,      l'.li! (,1 . tilit\.     M.v   \i''. 'll   l'o:n-l
'   ..il.,,!'     )',,,'    "
v   I',     ( "i,ii,|��� l"iil ii.'-ii ' iiiplo.,''I      No i.'if. '-
Wholesale and Retail ���
. . BUTCHER . . \
AI'.HAMAMNON   I'.HOS.,   Piioi'iMKTOit.s. "
First-class Table   ���   Good Beds   ���   Fire-proof Safe
Telephone   ���   'Bus Meets all Trains.
tin* He tit on Herald and the New Voik
J'osl*. ' pne part of liis .statement, is as
"I  am   not|jashanied  of  the  |i;irt   I
bave played: l'l   ,'iin   proud - of. il.    Tlie
������-*��>       ;l  \      pel]
.    ^^i"',���,, ! ,,\.>��r...'
FdEO. "My.y./E.L.LiSi M!-it=.ExAM!f-i;;(.
iii-:,\f.i<:i( in j
. Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,!
Driving and Draught;
Eeyelstoke Station, B.C.
l"      Ifyoii  vy.'inl   ,i. oui nl  piai'io .see.   11.  .N
| (Jotii*sii*i- aren't lor I Iky! leiiitzjiiaii.    tl".
A JilJAIIAMSON    IMiOS.,   Pi.-oi-imk-ithis.
Uvcrytliiiijf new and First=class in all Respects.
The House is stocked with tlie Finest Wines anil Cigars in the Market THE KOOTENAY MATT, ,  PAGE 3  Has Gold a Limit?  Mr. Me-Arthur, the inventor of the  i-yaniele* proce-������, foi the extraction of  ������o!(l, has lieen s^ivinji liis views with  i-cspei't to the future .supply of thai  metal. II" poinl.-. out. 1 hat, {rut- mining  for ;-Cold only t-oiniucm-ed about tin-  year 1S0O, ami (ha't up to that time we  had only been <r.-itlieriii-������ up the  detril u-. as   it,   were,   alluvi.il   ik-posil.s  , beiiief iiieiely what, had e-rumbled down  from the* reefs. Now we are f'oinjj to  thesoiirce.sanil attacking t he a in ifei ous  rock-, of I he, extent (if 'whie-h we know  veiy little, while of the depth to which  '    they may de-eend beneal h  the  earthYs  . surface we know still less.    They   have  " been traced for .$.'J.O()U feet downward;  and gee'iloiry confesses its i^uorancu of  wbal, may lie below.    "There se'enis no  , limit,"' ob.-erves .Mr. MrAithur, "to  pos-ibb* eli.-e-ovi'i ies." Some years a-^o  I lie propoi I ion   of ,1 he , piecious   metal  ��������� obtained from   alluvial   workings   was  a r  . ;ts four lo o'ne colnpai ed   to   w'liaL   was  'won   from   its   rocky    matiix.      Now  thi-.-e figure.- are ii-versed.     In  J-Ju-^-i/i,'  iiicliidinic   Siheriii,   the   ivi-.-l   i;o,*i-l   of  ��������� Africa, l!iiti-,h,' Dnlch and l-Yench  (J uiana, siiiiit-of lhe.South American  sUites ,iuil Borneo, lhe alluvial output  is ovei whclminofly gre*.-iler than that  froni 11 i'f>, which is only ���������ijlliiiii-; of  ve-terdav. How ureal tin . iuere-a.se in  theryield may be, expected to take  place, the-l'i-lo'-e', in all, the-e countries  when the .-team engine and machinery  for crushing are brought to hear upon  the reefs, eif which the alluvial gold .is  tin* mere debris ?' "G'old inining,'' cuii-  e-ludes M r. McAi thur, "is just beginning to take the'place that.''copper or'  b-ael inining has occupied for centuries.  One has iki more re.-isoii to duuht the  e-ontinu.-inc-e of gold re-efs than one has  to doubt the continuance ol" other  met.-illifei oils iniiit's-.    No one*   can   say  ', what quantities of gold .may   be  ceni-  e-ealed in the inorij cent ral pai ts of   the  ' earth,     nor     what    improved     mi'aiis  i * ,>  science in.iy Iind bn'ext racl iug it  from  ,   great,' depths.''    A    belief   prevails   in  i some  ,scientific   epiaiteis   that     at,    a  cei tain depth goltl exist-; in vast masses  as a. viigiu on1, and may be   hewn' out  ,   like coal.  Lives On Easy Street Now.  Arthur Dra pea ii. who twenty ye-ais I  ago was wen-king for a dollar a day in '  Winnipeg, passed, tin oti'gh ' yesterday ,  en route lo Quebec'from the Klondyke. |  He rode iu a Pullman and c.-u ried a I  draft for $2.-10,000 with liim. - This is j  tbe value of hall his claim. ��������� Winnipeg  Free Press.  1 We IjaVe a  ! Good Supply of  There i** one young woman in Philadelphia who will not be so anxious to  display her manly ace-ompli-hinent.s in  the future. She walked into a street,  cm* the other day, creissed' her l.'g.- like  a man anel proceeded lo light a cigarette. The other women' in I he car  promptly si*iseed her and' threw her off |  the car. The conductor never said a  word, realizing for once the power of,  the new woman to deal with great,  affairs.  NOTICE.  \TOTICI-: IS UKI'KBV 'iIVl*-.\-  Hint (in day- j  A     Iriuii d.ilu llic'iiinlui'niKiH'd. A- fit. Clonic j  UaiiiL-rsluy'iiilcmls ui iiinkd application  to llm |  Chief .Commissioner of  LiiniN ,iinl   Works loi- i  Iiei-nii.���������ion   to   |>iliclin-!(i    .'lid ' acres   of    l.uid  -itii.iluiilc on (i.i.viior.CrocU. lieu- tin;  forks of  lSiinkcrhill Creek, in  the Tiout,  l.,iko I)i\ i-iim I  of West,  Kootenai* District, .starting  nt   a  I'O-t  marked .1. I)., .ilmiit aill feel,  soiitli  of   I'.iiikcr-  liill Creek, running north Sil cli.-iin-, thence eiist  III cliiiiiis Ihcnce  -until  SO chains, thrnco nc-l  III chain-, lo place of coniineiiccnicnl.      ���������  A1. St. C. IIAMICl'.SI.KY.  fe-lil.ll, lSi)7. -'.'l-ill:       -  IVr.lA.Ml> llixu.v.  BUILDING MATERIAL  AND LUMBER.  Cut Rates for Spot Cash.  Call and see us, We can fix you.  REVELSTOKE   SAWMILL,  '   Revelstoke   Station,   B.C.  UL  PICA'RD. ' '  'Contractor   and Builder.  nil-; and   Specifications   prepared  em  "short notice.  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  OTENAY LUMBERCO.  convnnvcEi^ci^.iL, hotel ,  Corner of Hastings ancl Cambie Streets,  .   .      ' ' ��������� VANCOUVER,' B. C.  Equipped   wilh   Elevator,   Electric.' Bells,  modern   improvements.  Kates $2 per day. ,,  Heat eel   with   hot  water,  and all  i ^ ,  G. THOMAS, Phoi'uiktok.  Uu  3   2]  tl\  5 l!   <'  D & SALE STABLES  FOR'  9  LIMITED LIABILITY.  ALL KINDS OF  COMAPLIX, B.C..  ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER.  At tlie Company's Store is carried a Full Stock of General  Merchandise :     Miners' Supplies 'ind Outfits at.clo.se rates.  ���������v  P.O.   AllltO"\VHI5AI>.  Tklkckaph to Comaplix.  The Company's S.S. " LARDEAU " connects wil h all (;.]J.R. I r.-iins- and   steanieis,   and   makes  d.-tily  trips hetweeii Arrowhe'.iel anel t'oinajilix and Tliiim-wiiTs l.andin-u:.    Coiniuunie.itio'n is I litis ct.-ililishctl with  ���������"all points iu the Lnrdc-iu,' Tn'iut, Lake and Fish ('reek distiicts.  The Company's lug '"ARCHER" is ready to enter inlo towing and t'reij^hliiij< eoi'it racts.  The Townsite of COMAPLIX.is Ileitis surveyed and will,shortly lie placed ('in the market. <'oiiiaplix  is (he (iul lit tiiij{ point, anel headipiartei-s for I he L.-n denu and Fish Creek (list ricts now I icing opened up.' Il  occupies a beautiful situation, high and dry, on the N.K. arm of Upper An ow Lake, eight miles froni Ar-'  rowhruel.    Deep water for vi*������.m*N all t he year round.,   flood holel acceunmoda tion.   ,  _, ', R. TAPPING, Agent for Revelstoke.  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  KAMLOOPS, B.C.  Best of everything going-.  .   ��������� Gainer Creek Gold Strike.  In,an interview the Lade hoys gave  '" he follow ing informal ion .-iliout their  geld -.(.like on i ("i.iiiiei t .i*.*ck$ in the*  Tiout Laki* d:sii iii: Their location is  at. lhe he.-iil of fi'.-iiner Ci.eek and  con-i-l r. ot live claims known as Olive  ^Ialiel, Little- Fred, Foundation,  Golden villi-,-iml Annie   L.    They   have  iiiunei ous i -niall   quartz   lead*-  on   the  i *     , ,  Jive claims, hcr-ides a Uig lila'nkel lead  which lie;- lielo-.v .-iiul seems to cut  , tinder t he .-mailer one-. The lc.ul from  whie-h llu- rich' gold on* js taken is  ������������������iliout 12 inclie- \\ iile, nil pay. Il can  only he tiaced ;i, -liort di-t.ince, as ii  runs'under'a, glacier. The formation  i-. slate ami I l.e leads cut it at right  angle-. On lhe Olive .Mahei, where the  ore i- being taken out. a -������������������I'laft is down  i������ho'iuse'iglTl-lVet. Alioul. live tons were  taken out there, Iwoot whicli are now  ill llu* .-ampler. The hoy- are ptepar-  ing lo return. T'l-'.v expeet to take  ojit one in-two toils which liy being  carefully sorted will run y.j.OOO to the  ton. Only one of the several leads  have-'been prospected lo any eNleiit,  but the ijuartx, in all i.- identical. They  have had a��������� ays of .V10U fn'o and $,")20  base from (he cropping:-!.' A hall'dozen  assay.- have given upuniel of .$o,U0(),  but ������11.-vK) is lhe highest.  LARDEAU AND TROUT LAKE. .  DAILY STAGE LINE: Thomson's Landing to Trout  '. i       , Lake City and Ferguson.  Stage lea\e*.s Thomson's every morning, at.7 o'clock, for Trout   Lake   City   nnel  "      Ferguson; returning, ,lea\ es those places at 2 p.m. r/  ' , FREIGHTING AND TEAMING. '   ���������  Good freight warehouses and quick" dispatch.    For all information about  tians-  portiition or luvuling in, Lardc-mi anel Trout Lake write,, . 0  ORAia & HILL-MAN,  ,     'Thomson's Landing*,' B.C.  RUSSELL   &.   HEROD,   Prop's.  IMPERIAL   BANK  OF  CANADA.  Capital Authorized,  Capital Paid-up,  -   -  Rest,   $2,000,000  -   1,963,600  1,156,800  1   DIRECTORS:  H. S. HOWLAND,        - -      -        President.  T. R. MERRITT.    -    -     Vice-President.  William Ramsay. Hugh Ryan. Robert,  Jaffray.   T. Sutherland Stayner. '  3?.   LE^LEBjyiVLE.  Mining Engineer and Metallurgist  ���������REVELSTOKE AND GOLDEN B.C.-  Assayson Gold and Silver.  Analysis of All Metals made at lowest pates.  Prompt  anil   Coirect   Jiesult.s   (!uarant(*e*(I. - Reports niaeJe'on properties^  etc.     Gi\e me a c.-i  HeadOfFice,    -  ,-    TORONTO.  D.'R. WILKIE, General Manager.  ft'V_*������*J-||-HJ.^.>I'.l.'- ^  UT  "T"\/'    ^^������" Present   centre   and future  j.     I       headquarters for '  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  The Crow's ..Kest Pass.  Tlie* inighi ul' name of tin* -pas-,  t lirongli whirli tin- iit-w i ail way I a lies*.  it ���������- conr.-c i< roinmonly -iippo->i*il to bo  roniicrt ed with the l.-iyin-.; aiiil haleh-  mg rcei'pt.-u-li of a ������cli-Li'iown liire.1 of  ���������������.ilile line-. II,o\\ ever sad t he'di.scovery  ,,niay lie.lo the''e-arlooiii������l.*.. il i.~ only in  the i-iin-M* of t t-iil 11 to iay that thc  ea.>.te*rn ideas-on the point, ar** a-. ii*>iial  far a.-tray. A������. wilh the niajoiil.\, of  ���������ive.-leni naine.-. "I lie t'i'o\v'.> Xe.-t Pass''  " i- a Iran.-latioii of the Indian n.-iine applied lo the pn-?!- heron-1 In* while inan1.-  d.-iy. Tin-dern .it ion of the iianie a.s  ^iven h\* lh- ri-il-k ill ineilieiile man i--  liiat a I.true paity of Crow Indiiiiis  look lefn^e ill ihep.-i^h when pniMie-d  hy Iheir eneniii-, lhe I Jlaekl'eel, who  c.-niio t,pon t li ft 11 in llie-ir '���������nest,'' and  >l,'iii^litered tin in to a maii. Ileiice  ���������* The flow's Not."     '    '  1 Then* I-- ma I eri.il enough in llie  I ndiall legends of I he Alherla to till a  volume. .Inst lo the noi I hwe-l of lhe  inland curve made hy the Crow's Ni ��������� l  Kailway jir-1 hel'orc it enlers the  iiionnlainoiis eotintiy, slanil- a con-  spic-iions hill, known as .Massacre  Hntte. Many jears nfjo the low  connlrv hetween the I-Jocky .Monntain.s  and the I'or, npine Hills* foi med ,-i  fa voni ili* |i,iss,|0(. |',n* (i;i velleis and  iinniii<i'.'inl s nort hw.-iid hoiinel. ll Was  on the ionic, immediately under the  .Unite tin-lit ioncd, lhal. a parly of  (ieinian imtnii^i.-iiils weie ina.ss.*ic* ed  liy Indians. Men, womi n and children,  none weie sp.-ned Inil ,i l,iir-h:iired Lfii I.  who was (;ik en a way In llu- miiiIIi, hoi  a-s I In* s( ory i-i 111-, (here was mi much  ipi.-n reliiii.e: ovei her. I ha!. I In* ( hicf of  t he lia ml killed her lo pre\ eul I'm I In-r  (roiilile, lakiii*^ her sea I p. whicli iss.iid  lo he anions Ihe .trophie-i of Ihe l.ile  chief " I{ii< Snn "' lo lliis d,iy. Some  lit I le I inn-  a pi lln-n-   was   dn.tj;    up   al  I'lnchei* ('i i ek   ,i   skeleton,   which   the  (lucioi*   i *i onoiii.ci'd   io   In*   i!mI    of   ,*i  ynini*^ I'rm.il.*, and -.\ hi. h .in .ild s(|ii,i\i  ; a ill' \v.-is"r11n|.'of I he la'*;I, victim' ol  , I'i'ie.  tragedy al ;;M,*|ssai-ie I:llt l.i1,-  QITY  ���������VANTAG'  BKA XCIIJW /-v 0XTA RIO:  lCss'ui;, Kui'ijik, Gull. Inijei'siill, Ni.iu'iira l*'nlN.  1'oi-t CiYlboriio. Cut I'dftiiKi-. St. t'ntli.irincs,  S.uilt Stt*. Mario, .St. Tlioiii.i,-*, \\.'i;lliiiiil.  AVuodstouk.  .f   /'('or. W'ulliiifitoti St.and Lc:i(lc-.-I..ui(.*  Ti)KOSTo{ Yoiikc .'mil Queen ril.s. Hi .inch,  t Yhiijji* and Uloor Sis. HimiicIi.  '   UN. I A'CUES fX NO It TU-1VKS T :  JiiMiiilon.   Man.       I'urtiiKiJ   I'i   I'rniric.   Mfni.  Cnli,Mi-.v.   Alliorl.i.      I'riiicL-   Alliert.   Husk.  '   Kill'iKiiitiin. Alia.    WiniiiliL'K. Usui.       ,     ,  "   ,'      BRITISH COLUMBIA:  Vancouver.  '���������'���������-'     -        -       . Cevc-lstoko.  TKe Kootenay Smelting  ..&'Trading Co. Ltd  9  ACENTS:   ���������  I.oniion, Ksc... I.loyd'-A Hunk, iltrt.  Hank of Monlrcil.  Xi:\v Yoitic  A  general banking business transacted.  Bonds aud debentures bought and sold.  A. R. B. KEARN, Manager, Revelstoke.  sonys   Landing-'  stage  o  0  It is the centre of the Lar-:  cleau mining district,    j  It will-have railways.'to j  the north and south.  Its climate is superb.  It has plenty of building  ���������   timber and a sawmill  in operation providing  .   lumber at   reasonable  prices on the spot.  Its lake* aftords exceptionally good trout  fishing.  ,  It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely  clear title.  R0UTr LAKE   CITY  is reached by rail  from  Revelstoke1-to   Arrowhead, 28   mile.s ; thence  jy steamer,  io miles, to Th Oman d    a   short  of   12 miles;   the   entire  journey occupying only 6 hours  through  magnificent mountain  and lake scenery'. "      --?-=  Well-known     mining.   promoters and  capitalists   already  have their   representatives   on  the., ground,    and   it    is'     no  boomer's dream to say that before another six months Trout  Lakh .City will  be a bustling-  centre of business and the principal town in this treasure-laden  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction    for   the   best   mining  enterprise,    skill   ancl    capital  which   British    Columbia   has  magnetized within her borders.  The climate and soil of the  district are'all' that   could.- be  desired by therancher,gardener  1 or   fruit    grower  ' for    whose  products a profitable and rapid-  ily  increasing   market   exists;  whilst  to   the   sportsmen    the  neighborhood affords  game in  .plenty.  The accommodation includes  good hotels, stores, post office,  j recording office,   butcher   shop  and many private residences.  '     Building;   operations   are   in  'full progress, and the establishment of the sawmill  wiil tend  'still more  to enhance   the   im-  ' mediate  town.  .-- AND  00 PACIFIC LINE  TIIK  E FOR SALE  A number of lots centrally located  in their Townsite  BESTifxND CHEAPESTROUTE  FROM REVELSTOKE  To all Points  Last and West.  ' THROUGH TICKETS TO  ���������Viincouver, Wiiiii'i|ic'r,,M',. I'.iul,   Cliic-  ���������'    ;if-<i, Montreal, Turuntn, New York.  /first-class diuiiiy and sleeping-  cars on all trains.  TIii'o.iikIi Tourist I'i-n-h In St. Paul dally, anil In  Toi'imlo cviiry Slmiil.iy, ami Mimli-ciil and  Uostiin (ivory Thursday.  I'liruliiixu ticki'l,-- In your dustinalioii  iind  linvo  jmir li:iKK"i-|f(- flicukcil lln-oiiitli.  For full i n f( inn. i Lion us to rat in, linii:, etc., up-  lily lo ut-.iri'.sl (MM!. AkciiI. In    ���������  T. \V. HH.U'Sll.WV. Aki-iiI. Uevelstokc,  ,   Or to    K. .1. COVI.K,  District I'lissi'iiuer, AKcniyViiiu-oiiVvr.  The - Canadian - Pacific  Steamship Co.'s  ftimiHi MtMgtfl?        I  The central point of  1      * i  . NORTH  KOOTENAY.  E^S"Y~   TEEMS.  .1. L. HAIG,   . ���������  Resident Agent,  ' RHVlvLSTOKH, B.C.  T. J. LENDRUM,  Trustee.  A INS WORTH, B.C.  growth   of this  rising  PRICES   OF   LOTS.  Inside. $ioo; payable $33.33 down'. $33.33 in t, months. $  in 6 months.  Corners, $150: payable $50 down. $50 in 3 months,   $50   in   6  months.  (These prices are for a short time only.)  T. I... HAIG, Ri:\r.i.stokk. General Agent.  HUGH \icl Mill'RS O.N. Trout Lakiy City, Resident Agent.  NAKUSP   and   KOOTENAY  Iamvo An-mvlii-ad uvi-ry iliij. i*vec|i( .Sunday  I'oi* nil poillls in ICoiitciia.V. iniil.iiiK  i-oniK-l-tion al Nakusp fiir nil po'iil-  tin Nakusp und Slocan I'y. and SIckmii Luke.  t'losi* connection al KoInoii for Nelson, Kaslo.  lialfour, I'ilnl Pay,  Close a innccLion at Trail fur Itossland, Noilli-  , iioi'l and all points miiiIIi.  For full  iiiforinati  ticket*-,  maps,  dr., call  on or uildi-css  T. W. BF-JADSHAW,  AkciiI, l.'i-M-l.slokc.  Or to  11. Mac:(!i:ic(ioi:.       k. *'. coyi.k..  Ti-uv. I'a-Js. AkciiI. "ist. I'.iss. A.iccnl.  Nelson. I1.C. Vancouver, It.*'.  Owing to the erosion of the river   bank   the   company,  find   it  necessary to dispose of  their smelting building's,   furnaces,  90 h.p. engine and boiler, and 30 h.p.   boiler.'    The  whole  ��������� will be sold in pari ,or en bloc.'    Inquire of above.     -    '  Columbia & Western Ry.  TiiueTalilc No. (i.  Tu lnko oll'iji I .!uly:>,  IMI7.  Daily Itcl ween Trail and llossliuid.  No. C. passenger Iciivck liussl.iiid    -   -   7:1-11 a.m.  Ciiniiccls Willi t-icamcr al Trail.  No. :t passenger leaves Trail   -   -   -   S:l."i 11.111.  Connects with lied Mountain for Spokane.  No. li pa^eiiKer luiivc-i Holland    -   -     11   n.m.  C(innecl,s with (MM!, .steamers Toi- norlli.  N-i. 1 pas-ennei* leaves Trail     -    -    ��������� 12:������l p.m.  Conneels wilh C.I'.K. .slcainciv from norlli.  No. J pas>.en|;ci* leaves 1,'ossland    -   -   Ilillli p.m.  (-'onneols wilh Ked Mniintinii for Siiokaue.  No. ,'i p.issciiK''l- le,i\es  Trail      ���������    -    -    **l." p.m.  .CuiiMi:.;l.s uilli .-tenniei* l.yl.li.n nl.'i'i-.iil.  Oeuei*iil(il!ic.'.s: K, I*. (lUTICLIUrf,  ..Trail, H. C, (jeneraj Supl.  A3S0LUT3LY FREE ! !  'GiVEK AVvAY MOKTIiLY  pi'Cliiililii.ln tiscr-- nl' din*  =v soap������  As  ������s_'_  (I (if   e.-ic'  lv'i-1 urn the i (iiipinis ul  I lie i*n  iii<il!tlj_-.-i!iil st.-uiil :i cliancc   nf   wiilli'li  I liis lieniil il'ul inai-liiile.  entitles  Bar  Each   2������c.  you to one coupon.  Any of our various brands count  in this competition.  No better SOAP on the market.  FlNDLEY & CO.,   STANDARD   SOAP   WORKS,  jj  Hasting. St., VANCOUVER, B.Q..  SB'**S''5--. -i /���������. a-r  0 /;    *   <   ?Y  1 J.\      *  ! .  r; - ? ' "I?    )" /~w \rn l > ���������>. *   i   \7    *" >    ���������   * r  j J iii A (JO i h.N ,\ j   ALi i u  rr*<  Kootenay ^,?c!fti?  * ./���������vr-     No. 15 A.F. & A. ftl. I  Ab*    ���������   ' i  1.1 ��������� *      *      'III'-   lt.,1,,.1,   Iloll'llJI   '  i, - ---^       av<-la I.I :,-i the 7-*,i-   |  c-^���������-���������2-',    Y     V"?* OUU T( I!l*lll-.l',(ili; -a '-   !  gvOCr-}.".,'.*   'I'T^---   Mall.     Ol,     the     11..I.1   ]  ^gyy-^Ts;,- -Sa\^v- '." niii ..i  *������������������ ,,. ;n. i  **^sy^^rsr~i- -O ~-   vij.n-i.e-   i.i*. iiu-n i  -'���������=~^,--^.���������-- uoidially wi '.���������..ii i il.    ,     ( . *f  >,   ���������'       H. K. s-MYTJIK. Si.ci:-T.AJiY.     |     Pj ft  ������"**  ���������       -"^        _���������*  /        f? w'$1f  7\ TiC*;*. ^  /      <-V'   - ^^i?i  *^'^rJ      ��������� '       .>- -   *  FiXTAiJUS'iM-h-.ISIH ���������  VICTORIA, B.C.  REVEI.STOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., Ko, 25.  .-������=-  ������^v ,       I'l'n-il.iv iijci'liniTsavc hi 'a  '^fekc   I" (WilfulloM   " Hall ever-,  F-J-&F&?   '������ Cddfello^  " II.il] cv.-r;  5-^SK 7% Thui-sdaj iiuhl .il i ii.'h;  --j-f: ^SJ^c^Xsr o'clock. Vi-.ii Ihk- hrmlup-  *-2r\z^.c  Hs-^-jS     or.liall.\ welcomed.  T. J. OKA HAM. rilf.  0 J. A. KTONI'-. N.O.  'ail Order'  ;r)pivigs. , -.. ,  Out of town customers can  feel  sure  of  prompt   and  a   accurate attention, to any  mail orders they send in.  You will receive just the  1 '  r     -same'treatment as  though  you* were here   in'  person.  .   ,'     ancl just   the   same   price  ���������   .,   ���������which means at least 25  .,-   per cent less than you have  .    '* been payino-.  Wo want it understood  <     that wc sell drugs <  In a now and liberal way,'  Largest   stock   west   of Toronto.  "Write to   \irs   for  Price:*;   and   Illustrations.  -j���������i~ JLL"?-_ir~i* "*% ^'P  1 ^-\ c*5'  For  Eviiners,   Contractors,' Carpenters   and  Agri-  ���������t,  iL-iA U tiAi IO i.JiO  '^',  T.  L.  11AHJ, Notaiiy Puiji.ks. ' W.  V. CliAGE.  '    '   HAlGA.GRAGEv    ���������   .*  "    REVELSTOKE,  B. C.  f  Mining and   Real   Instate   Iirokers   and   general   Commission  A<>'ents.       Fire,-   Life  and   Accident   Insurance.  JO  Ii('])i('S('nl.ili\Cs of tin; Kix-tcii.iy Smelt in*; ii'id Ti-.-iilinji My ii'dic-ile.  A'm'iil.s {or Kevel.stokc nnil Trout, Luke Oit,y tnwiisiifis.  Picks, shovels,  spades,   forks,   hoes,   axes,   wedges,   crow-bars;   hammers and  tools   of every'  description.  - ,'  Drill .steel; round, flat, ijafid'ahd Norway iron; saws, files, rasps, 'etc.' ���������    ,  Dynamite caps, fuse.      " ' ,  :  Doors, windows, building paper, paints and varnishes.  Double oven bYench ranu'es for hotels, cookin*>- and heatinsjf stoves, trranite and tin'ware.  BOURNE   BROS.,     -  Hardware Merchants,  .-.,'��������� Revelstoke Station, B. 0  -McLennan. McFeely & Co'.'"ltd.'-  THE,  JVIcDOWELL-ATK!NS-WATSOH, CO.  (Limited)  7r-L'&b& ,H)t'U0cjist!3���������  YMcCarty's    Block,   Kevelstoke    Station.  Or.o: T   AlAi.r.r.icy,   "Mijr.  'P Hi LIP F. MATH IAS  X. ������" ,  Book-keeper, 'Accountant and  " Commission' Agpnt,   ''-������������������  HEVELSTOKR, B.'O.  ^    .','"' MARRIED. <-.  ������������������Oai-et't-Poktt. -r At   Iicvulsldkc,   on  ' V/cdiicsclay, Oetolior Gtli, l?}' Wov.  ,  '     *P.   D.   Muir,   Jl A.,    GourSo ' I!.  (^irclt, ' of    l-iiilismi,    I'.,    t'.,    to  Ivntio Ij. PoeLl., of' .Mnplc   Creek,  '     N.W.T.  JiiCHMON.i- CuA-wvoiw���������At J'lovclstoke,  Oct,.'7lh,   by Ue\. F. Furd,   ]<Ve<l  1   ",).?.JiichiiKind   Lo   Mrs.   Cr.iwfonJ,  liol.li of X.-ikusp.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  r I I  Miners',   Contractors',   Blacksmith   and  ....    Ship "Chandlery Supplies.  ' y         A Nn *i ci-iii'ilei e lines uf   Shelf 'and   -Heavy     HARDWARE.        - y      '  ���������   "' ,     r' ' '   '   ^^nsm^^>        Carpenters'   Tools,   &c.  Jessop's Steels,  Ore Cars,  Ore Sacks,  Etc.        .    -   .  '        PLATE GLASS A .SPKCI'ALTY. ��������� ������������������      '  ;   VAN CO Cf VER, B.C.  Writo i'or Information.'  ^1 &.. n>.  M'HOLUSALF.  Iron, Steel, Miners', Mill and Blacksmith Supplies.  rSS-SJ  !;'A'-;-j:,y.y "..��������� "s-^-s&jp^  ���������HtW*L1^.'^J-2-.  Hardware   -  122 GOROOVA STREET  Stoves ��������� -  Enamel Ware.    ,  -   -   VANCOUVER, Br C.  n.;iiyvvuwN;<SC&   ,  Furniture-Dealers' & "U'li'dertiakers.  .Upholstering and Picture Framing a'Specialty.  Agents for J-I.ivitiond ..Si.*v,-in������- M.-K-liine, i\l;*. 11 nf'.-iot nrots Life I iisunimjc Society,  1 /.''Or ' , ' *  ���������-Uiiiini   Fire   Insiirance' Co.;   lJru\ inuial Jjuililing and Lenin Asssouiation,  ��������� OlJii.NXS IMllI 'Pi.'w-oh.'  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  Criislii'i.-*, finlL,  .lit;"^,   (-���������'iiii-i-iil,r,it,i'i'*-;,   ftfri'i'iis,   Slanips, , Pninps.   Coiiiprossoi-s,  lloi.-l*;, Roili'i-s, KnHiiu's, \V,*iti-i* Whi-cl^. Etc.'"    ' *  Solc'Agcnts for B.Q-. for JOHN BERTRAM & SONS Machinists'.Tools! " "������������������  Branch d&ice        ' I > TY'TIV' I i O / ". f > .-' \ 5 T_T< !_j       'f\ \rn \  VANCOUVER, B.C.       . r *��������� ��������� ' -' '  & i\, i >( ; L\,\ U J Sjl -I I, * Kjl\  I .  j., ii hX ������& 3 8 j ?l s������i     8 r r i--i 7' '*'���������'���������. ;h i      B" fi s- b s y i\ raw   \-A*\*  U rt \ i 'H Ij -i tl $ ri   U i������ s -31. ti *i /1L.   L t.. 3= tj I fi d y u  y u.  Th8 WM, HAMILTON MANUFAGTURINfr CO., Ltd.  -,     , . .MANUF'Atri'UI.KrvS OF  THE "RELIANCE" MiHINO, MiLLIHG 'ANi3 SMELTING MACHINERY  ,...    . . ,  *���������,,- , -,' -for the urnmm of.Canada    "���������- -������������������  -  1'. burns wil*, in town   1 Imrsday.  ,,, rp    xr ,       ''      ', ,     ,' (Under License from THE E. P. ALUS CO., Milwaukee, Wis.)  Cjco.    1.   IMowiiiai).   nf, Arrowlu-iiil,, ��������� v  ���������was ia town Monday.     -     - *  Jack JfuLchisoii returned from  Voi-  ���������lon, Tliursday. ,?  I-Lugii Hi-owii. went on  a  short   trip  west Sunday.        ���������     _  . Fred JAmdclI left List, Weilni'^clav,  for a visit tu .Sweden.  Ijadie.*-'   hats   tiinnned   htyli-lily   tu  jour t.i*4e at. Couisiei 's.  "   Weslev l'^iiihall, of Comaplix,   i.-,'a L-.      ���������'.   ,    a-* -'fn, r*nr* '" ' '"'": i^-, y "f*."-. - ���������.-   't*������..������������^   r-^ +  patient at the hospital. . Cap.lal,  Si.oOO.LOO. _ rieag 0:..ceb>   . 01 onto, Ont.  j. L., -Keiaiiaek.    Kasiu's'   ii,-<i I   ' Maiuifacturei's of Iiil?3ctrie Mining Apparatus,  ���������' banlier," was hr*i\* Sunday  ,  Dipsses  and   Freneh   kid '-ilu\es lie  iicatly alike al Cum.-.ier'n.  E.'Metealfe left ycsloiriin  for a dip    Ulcptnci1  Vr>.:\ ^:*r.*,-J-:p. "f juM'.vr M.I. CSsll'llv b!>:lMt(ld"ul)   10   50  to eastern C.uiacl.i'aiid Kn^l.uid.  Mis.f JUitli Vah-iitine, of   TiiuDison1  Landing i*. in town un a \isir. ,' NELSON'  J.'   J.    Foley,    of    tlie       LaKe-'W'. i ������"���������������-���������==������=������=^-=,^'--~-'  Arrowhead, was in town ^(-sLoi'd.i^. ' '  (!eo. Lafurnie and  Dick JVIci Ji.u u'^'ii -'  ���������camcdiiv.i) from thr> ]-5->n<I, Mond.iv.  ^ Mrs. A. N. SmLlli and son   it-uirnu] | BjSBI Sst?oo6 a "A ."I IVJiniilg Broker  Thursdav fiuin their \ irit to'M.iniiolia. J * ' "*  Mr. and Mrs. (!eo. F.urton an-l I  family retmned from Vernon i,-i?,i Sun- I  ���������day.  W. M. Crown ,md \V. AVhin*. Q C, |  reuirned    fn'nn    S'ietoria,    WVilt.i-ilav 1   T"'?"   m r   ���������    ��������� r ' ' -O   '    I A   S   I   * M  J.    A.    M.ii-ee,   ot   the    k..oceni\     }   =3 i- &** \   \   h !������ <*������*&**-.  Lumlie.r Co., Comaplix, i\ in   town    \���������-     %^r"       *""'      B    *������������������*-*������ i 5 S i j     ^<."?->-'-^a!  Wholesale Boots and Shoes,  13 & 15 GordovR. St., VA^rcOTTVUR, B.C.  .7. 10. W. JIACJ-WHLANK, Geiic-i-.il Jlaii.iKcr.  ���������JOHN 0. X01U1OM, l-J.M., Supl. .Mining Dupt.  J. \\r. CIAJII'ION, Soci-otiu-^-'J'reiisiii-cr  the B-. C:*!RON WORKSCOMPANYltd.-..  ���������'   ���������--UeneFal' FoimderS)---Enginesps, Boilcnnakeps and^������������������   ���������  Manufactui*cps of���������  Ma,nufactui"*ei*������f of���������,  Marine,     Sawmill,  Cannery and   Hydra-, '  ulic Machinery,- River '  and l-f-irbor l)red^'cs,  -���������1*=^\ .  3** ^-r,~-^ * f  ���������s^^^^24^i^iSSi^^,^S%53 ry.     Minimy   -Milliiii-v  -   jz_ifi^-|^*iS--^^^*������=s&������w^-ws^^--"Zifoyr, Hoisting and   I'uininnp-  ���������ffi^^^*g^^^y^^C������^f Machinery, 'Siamp lint-  1Sfna������>e������<~������������^^   1 ���������->.. -'---.- *-7'-J.^l.i..'?-'[8e ff'/'JC ���������". .,...:.... S\.... r* 1.   rfuisi-.. Piiio'-^. P,!.>m-r--, i* :-v,  !',!,*i*,tiii-i ApiuMio , ! lynanii-*-fur lii^liiin;; and  1'i.\m:I,   Min.|.i?i f"l' ,l'l   Pi.' jHi-i-'-. , '   -  i. I,... -?   '-. .      Musi...    j   lir'.^iL.     i.!f,it!.;!:.J..-:',i1    tj *<���������.'* Lill  I   . '     . m,. i       .:. T'ii;i������i  ' .i-'i.^.li..  A ll classes of machine-  P.O. Drawer, 754  ^7TJkfHT.CiCy^rV7Bl'JEl:, B.G. TtiZszr  9      f\      &  3  Stoves  TinsmitMng',  VANCOUVER  ?���������/'  t      .*?,'������  t-  i' J v H  B- irsT ^  Agent for Ferguson Townsite.  Jb'tfRG-TTriOTT  P H  -t.    -5^-,fi JS* -V -s..^    i^/  aw-^ >m������f -x- V  ������*     J-^-t   '*,^ ������  :   Tinware  Paints   ;���������   Oils ��������� -  ��������� ' 1  Special attention gxv en mail or dors. .  J-,J  ���������rt_r - M-J-1  n. I\i.* OOUhOich  G- Ei >T IS IB .A. Ij     IMlIESQZBZ-A-ISrT  IV.  Chas. Wil.soji letmni'd 'J'Ji ni--.<I.t y  fnun a liiisiiio>������ , trip tlii'iiiiifli tin  TnniL Lal<f di-jiriet.  Si. Crispin m,is ;]... H.m, shoo m.ik<*i*. ' ( ilrr|, ,*  ,iv. ],..  ,   )jh,. ,,!"'  ,..;,'   ,; ,  Inil  the   liU-' and   mo-t   uumfoi i.ilai* j "       ,       ,  fimt wear is iH Co. u-Mi-i V ������. [ I'l'O'.'i IU <'.       \ v "*!i-  i--���������*   ,.,ii.;,i  Th'- .lohiisnn Sini!������'V eiiii'-i'i i    in   llu  IM 1    ])'���������<>' ' i i ',   ���������     -i    | ,',''���������  -    ||)    [|]'j  I ���������*.  DtJVPI 'CTAVP  ���������S'Q  ���������3  tacr^������  lAv-ira  .STOl\E  grii^  ���������^^  w.i*, well i���������uroiji/ed. , i i 'J*?J jJ-tJU 1JJ! o       Uihi        i 1 0 / fjlWi ���������.���������        b U < i       G il U       UOO  {jUAj. i . in J^ vv mAil O  John   Sniidci snn   1-,-inii'   d-nvn   t'i mil  the L*mt Cliiiin-f, Mond iy ,-nid   icini-n- I  ml in the I^iiid, ThurMlay.     , -       !  Cooking    sloM's*,    eoiil   -.iii-.i.o     \,t,\ '���������  t*lo\'on,   air-ti''hi.   siow-^, in   Coin-"ii'i's I ttt '  it j i i i r>       ~n nr -  i..,rdwa,e.ricJ.a,i,,,(.���������i. | w ell   assorted   stocli   ot   Sinner  Mi,s i*:i.u,w,i,v*isu���������t Ma,;,,*, ,��������� ,>���������.        SupDJies,   Provisions.  Fur-  public school, wIki hart U'en  UKliNpused J.  ju i     -,    . n ������������������  nisning'S'&c.  All ki3nds ������f iron a:nti ^heet ^uetal ^^rarko   . _  _:^EHHE^E^?EEEff^^ Mi^ii-.g' work and tmfls*  Pipefitting' and r������oS.3S.g*, ^=ee=esf"  AGENT FOR BAiK WAGONS, BUGGIES, ETC.  ROBT, GORDON, Revolatok������ Stal.ion, B. 0.  for a   couple   of    dny.s,    i-f-.sume.d    her  ���������duties vt'^terdav morniii".  Conductor Jfopijood', in*w  (I,  K'..,fli-ll'"  'in ,M,'I\<'iizi<' >Sl tr-'-l  is  i ompieli-ri '.nifl  lie will mov" into it  ;i"xl   ><.(���������'-k.  W'armt.h and   conil'orl  in l.i.iie-,' and  childfi-n's   wool    undei wear   nl.   Coin-  4^'   -sier's.  l!ook-l<c<'pint( worlr wanl'-d l.y \oun^  man. C<*rl ilie.it<"d an oiini,inl,, i ���������/-  peiii'iiced, lii^'he-,! ii-l'i-ieiices. A|if.!y  L, iIu'h oiiire. / j  Barllctt  Uros. have disposed of l.hcir i  ... ,,  pad' liainof   '1:>   iiiiiin.ils   ,iud   ontfiL, '  ''|f~nl'''  i|i;  M  Line  of'B^ ^ Shoe- ^^  on   ^  ^ QO WAN-HOLTEN-DOWNl  ARROWHEAD. B. C. i  /���������y-* -}  a he C^owri f^j!iNf liOILl  \ i i  i ���������   r  V .' i' M,' l      r ! ���������  which is now .-,!   wo: I: in llu-   llend   on  the . 1'ieiieh    Ci(���������<���������!-.    if .,'���������-.     -lufV,   . lo  - J.!eiis>'iii.     The   price.''', is   said   lo. have  i/tuw'Bi .000,  ��������� '���������   '  rii i; *!,i  I ' 11,1 ll*  ".���������.'!  O  ,iI'd ,ill iM'idf-rn  p'Er.tiTVj-.H, aiyY)$.,  piioi'iut roi.a.  (":i ��������� ,i..f;'i:i--.i..|,   (���������'i/.-iy  !','-.", |v '.  'S.iMi|������!(.-roi..,t:.   lor C'o'.M.t...r,..i,il Mnn.  j/Bo-t^. Wholesale Dealers in -**s&.  FS WINES SPIRITS  iu������> V������f ���������      w   w   I I    Xa Saul ^*oay s     -^cV B       B c    a a     H     v*t������>'  T"^ "Cj~i"V7���������r7~J"T~   '.,?"'��������� r---s���������\ ~rp fT"      "T3   /���������'������  . _JL_  ll-Mii^HiMiafiBBBMBMiMMMSlSii^^


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