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Kootenay Mail Oct 18, 1901

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 Provincial Library  Vo?. 8.���������N0. 28. -  REVELSTOKE. R C OCTOBER 18, 1901.  $2.00 Per Year.  fl^  -^  -*  did nut win, but \v<: have the Winning lines in J. D.  King's' Union Maui-: Boots and,Siioi-s, a complete  stock just opened up and they all have the Union'  Stamp.  , The Ladies know the " E.Mi'Ki'ss " Shoe, nothing  on the market surpasses them for style and durability.  We 'nave just received a new shipment of these excellent shoes. ''  *i i  ��������� , A glance al our window convinces the Ladies of  Revelstoke that we. havethe Daintiest; Prettiest,  and Most  Stylish  Stock ok Dry Goods in Town.  We import "direct from Great Britain, save the middle man's profit and give you the benefit, of it.  Beautiful patterns and reasonable'prices in .Carpets^  Mais. Rugs, Curtains, .Inlaid Linnleums, ancl. Floor  Oil Cloth., '  A most complete stock of Men's Furnishings.  Pay 'us a call, it i.s our, business and pleasure to  show you \yhat we keep in stock.  '  1 LLEI'IIONE  L!^!S*������-^^*^^'S-t^!S*-^>.!^-SVi  Judge Irvine on the  Bench,  Jury Fail to Agree In Sagala Case.  - --"Change of beau 3 C rile red.  The Fall assize.*? of thc .Supreme  Court opened on Saturday morning  before Judge Irvine. The following  constituted tho Grand Jury : -J.  M. Kellie. (foreman)..W.'M, Lawrence. W. J. Dickey, U. Howson, T.'  ]���������:. L.Taylor, J. L \yoodrow,F. B.  Wells, J. Alirnha'mson,.l?. Tapping,  C. J: Aniiiri. H! J. Bourne wus excused on tendering medical certificate,-and K,, Gordon and Kohort  lapping were called; but failed to'  answer. ,     '      ���������     '' ,  *IIS U)KDHIIII'!S_ClIAH(iE,  ..Hi.*: Lordship, in charging the  grand jury, remarked he was glad  to say��������� the work ��������� before them wus  very" light, .There were only two  eases, and these, though of a serious  nature, were nut so serious as they  aright he. The first charge wus  presented in three counts, the first  that of a man shooting at his wife  with intent  to kill, see.ondlv with  -oner  *>  replied  p,  m.  m  ci.  iSi-'i .our' lieu-  ainri  Iiing.  ju.������t   oppiipi"  committing assault, and third, with  a gun in his possession.  Thc first two counts were the matters of importance. In this case  .the good ,womun was.on the side of  i her hViShnnd, which was as it  should be, and he suggested that  Mrs. Barton's evidence would be  suliicicnt,       '  TI13 next case was against a man  named Legassy, for' displacing" a  switch on the* 0. P. It. at lllecillewaet with intent to endanger life.',  Tho evidence of detective Jones  ���������"1 he'beat 'cppurtuniiv of (������/*   would   probably, be   sufllcient   to  r-A^ j justify'tlie jury iu finding a true  OUR STOCK INCLUDES:     -1! W''y ������y������������*������*  on any matter of public interest.  After a thort retirement the  ���������"rand jury returned u true bill in  the'case against 8agala, charged  with shooting at his wife with intent to kill nt Nakusp.   No bill was  carefully  sel-'cjed. slock, of  Full nnd Winter M/;  11 our now piemises, These goods aie right tfh'/  jlti both us tn i|iinlity and pi ice This is pmxed by the r.-ifiid increase in .7xv  $}.*��������� our biiMue.-s since'inovin.y- inl" our new More, -The attractions of this W  //(JvJ store, me such-as not. tu Ik' le.-isted l*y any ali'it. stioppf'r. * It. is fNcep- \jjjfi  (fy*. tinnaliy \W'II lighted, j, ���������   llm  customers   haxe  She "-teal my  money,','    l-nsuner was very drunk.  \V. Symons  and' \V. Scott, provincial  constable, ��������� also   gave   evidence. ,  ,  Jlr. McCarter then opened the  case for the prisoner, contending  he bad not shown any intention of  shooting liis wife.' Prisoner was a  thrifty man, as was shown by the  fact that he had saved up $800 on  his -wages as section foreman, The  case was one which should, never  have been sent for trial. Prisoner  had been out prospecting, and had  liis revolver with him,'and fired it  into the ground, not in,the direction  of his wife.  Mrs, Sagala. gave evidence corroborative of Marrasak's statement  of the occurrence and said her husband fired the revolver into a stump  "and not at her. They had lived  years and hcrjurs-  mado. trouble  before.  '���������' Prisoner -said, he'fired the revolver "for lun" and denied hiving  'fired it at his wife. ' , ������������������    ���������        *  31 r. McLean said this was an instance of those cases in which'prevention v,-as better than cure," He  contended the charge had been  proved,  Mr. McCarter addressed tho court  ���������strongly oii behalf of of the prison -  together seven  jIj.ukI   had 'never  Of the Northwest Ce/e.'opme.it Syn ���������  dicate at Camborne. ���������  I)ur!ii!* llu- short.' time .tint A, F.  llo.v'iiln'i'yei' has conducled the. Priis-  pectnr's FmiIii'iiilji! he .has icudeieii  most, valuable service-- In llu* 'mining  community' by inii'ii'siiny capital m  properties in ��������� Miii< u- pans of t'n-  piovinci? nnd Jdalio utiil Washing! on  .Suites'. Brought up to the, mining  busines*-, having spent some, year?- in  the aeiixe. exploitation of mineral  properties in various prnt-i, of the  States, and possessing the..elements of  enterprise and tiie cmifMeiioi* of tho-e  wljii know him licit, Mr. Piosenlieig,:i  is milking a succe���������fid mine promoter.  III- li.is no Use. fur x\ ildcats,. and re,  fuses to have ��������� anvihiug    to   do    with  on No. ! vein and will ho extended to  crosscut the niain ure bod v.  Al a point 000 ft. beloxx- it is proposed todii.vea tunnel to drain the  upper winkings and develop the  vein ��������� at depth.  On'tlii' Morning'Star claim which  is near Fish River a tunnel will be begun, which if extended, to a  mi!.' in len-oh \muiil dcielop the.  ore liudy ! ,f?U0 feel below llie upper'  workings,  Tlie pmperty is   tno-t, conveniently i  I'lC-iti-d,   I'i'i'i-;' coxered   with    timber,  sti'il ililn f"i" mining  purposes,   is  cor-  \enient to ir.uisporiuiion, anil has nin-  ple, water power avuihihle for   running  n large .stamp   mill.    Fur   power   pur-'  po.sf'.s a water ri^ht of   50  inches   has  been securer!   on   Menliinnick   Creek,  arid as this creek has its- source,   in   a  glacier there,  is   no  doubt about, the  .pernianeiice of th-i supply   invi   cheap'  cost ut which power can   he  ohtaine.il  fur openiting the property in iheuveut  of the development wurk p-u-'iu^ il to   -  ninke a ini'iu.  ihein.    lie cotisiiii-rs that ininingi*, a> j OVdrKK OMDl'l'.  ,.if.'. and legitimate a venture a.*, any j The. Oyster gionp is anoLll-f of the  other, and i.s determined to make it no ; pm|m.-ilJ!s which the Norihwei-UMii  to the extent that i.s in his power, u.-v-*I.ipiiii-iit Company hfive under  bast ^ear Mr. Piosenbei.i*������r became im  selecting '.heir purcliases.  New Furs and Jackets, New Dress Goods and w  Ready-to-wear Skirts and Underskirts, Ohil- W  x^-dren's Hoods and Fancy Headwear, Fancy and M  Jjjj Plain" French FJannels, .Silk, Sateen, .Velvet f,:  4| and Flannelette Blouses, Children's Eeady-  S made clothing, Boots' and Shoes, Men's fur-  m nishings, Trunks and Valises. .  # All New Goods.    Sole Agents for P. D. Corsets, f  CHDIRS RECEIVE SPEOIAL ATTENTION.  MAIL  i  ^  *  REVELSTOKE, B. O.  L~3  Hi  *iL.  Contract Lot- fir Main Building.  The hcr-pitiil ���������cutniiiilfcc on Tuesday let a contract tu .Mussr.-. l'\iotc  anil Abrahainson for lhe t-upei'-  s-trucU'.ro of tlic <}uceir Victuria  Cottage iiosiiital at Uevelstokc for  lhe sum nf -i'0.8S">.  Conlrnclur F/oniey Ikih the ma-  i-'nnry on the hascnjeiit co:ii[ilelcd,  Mr, biiltcn, theiircliilcct. cxnniincd  llie masonry work on Tuesday and  '���������mupliiricnted Mr, Froiney. must  highly on the way in which he had  carried it on!, renitirkinir lhal no  better work ' could be dune in the  province, Tho arehllccl ali-o states  that thc stene used is timcb su-  j orior to tlie huibJiii'r t-toiic ytifi'-  lillv ur-ciI in Vancouver.  THOMPSON'S LANDING  Thompson's Lan Iin-; in lio.ite.i pr.ib  .���������ibility of coiisiderabli: imliM'ty  at   lhe  .Silur   Cup. lliis   winter..   There   an  "-ruat   "piles  of voie'  sucks    and   "ii,  pyici now awailiiij- shipment ,to  lhe  iiiine,  iS. J. Graham; who ii  inlefPstet'   in  the Cromwell and   other  Tioiit   Lake.  )$ | rettirnt'd in the charge against I.e-  -rassy , for- displacing tho switch ul  lllecillewaet.  TIIK .VAKI'-Ji'OAHv.  JJeputy Attorney-General .Mc:  Lean' pro-feciitedj and Lh 1>, McCar-  er appeared for the defence in the  case ugaim-t Sagulu. Police Juspec-  tor ,13 nl lock \Vcbster Mas ttlto in  atlcndiiricc,  The fuHoiving jury wai ornpiui*  nelled i    G. JC. Grogan (forexn-uiJ.  Jl.  FJ.  Ramsavi -1. A. Jr.mi'thrA. K.  Kincaid. G. C." Lembkc. M. A: Wilson, ' JY-. F. i^ulherland.-'J. Aystune'.  H.'li'.  ift-onox,  K.  M.  rtmythe, T.'  Steed, J.'E. Wood.  Accused pleased not <|ui!fy,  Capt. Dougal  gave evidence thai  he saw accused  fire a  shot nt his  wife, who was running up Iho hill.  | Two men, came up to grapple with  ,'him  and  he again  shot al one of  thc men.    Tho revolver was taken  from  accused and  handed  to the  constable,     t'ognla..appeared lo be  sober.  Mrs. Barton, who was one of the  best witnesses we havo ever seen in  the  box. gave  evidence  iii  a clear  er, contending that the v.'iinesses  for the Grown did not civ'e con ast-  .cut evidence, and th:������5 the weigh',  of cvider.ee Was in favor of accused.  His Lordship said he disagreed  with Mr. McCarters criticism of  the action of. the committing magistrates.-as he considered the case  was one. which was very properly  sent for trial.' This was one'of  those cases which led to murder,  and tho prisoner was fortunate tli.it  he did not stand' charged with that  offence. It' was not ereditablo lo  the intelligence of the jury to ask .  them to believe the prisoner'a story  that he did the shooting at a stump  " for fun." lie should say right on  his own evidence that tho prisoner  shot at, hits wife. It was open for  the jury, however, to tako a charitable view of the case and���������ticcjpl  the .second count���������that of shooting  at thc wife with intent to do bodily  harm. FJis Lordship pointed out  the danger of .weapons being carried  about and concluded by savins it  would be u decided failure of justice if they found accused ' not  guilty on either of thc first two  counts and convicted him ou the  third.  After an hour's retirement thc  jury reported they could not agree  on a verdict, the foreman explain-,  ing that purl of the jury-were of  opinion thc accused bad not sufii-  cicnt knowledge of the meaning of  English words to corrccilly define  what lie niij.uiI by shooting "for  ���������fun."      ' '    ' '  ..His Lor-Uup theb ordered thc  jury to be discharged, and that  there should lje a change uf vcliue  for another hearitig. FJo fixed the  ��������� assizes at Kiimloops on the 22nd as  the place and date for frjs-h hearing.  Bail was fixed, accused in If]000  and tvo sureties of -1;o00 each lo the.  satisfaction'of  Messrs.   Gordon or  (created in   Fish  Cieelc.    lie. 'visited  lioml,    It is sit.niti'd   on   L'Sin-jtun  ,        ,,,.,, ^-,, oionntain, ii'iljoinitiK lhe Ini|)i'rial anil  the. gulti-beiiriiiH ledges near Cin.boi.ie f ������������������;���������, ^.-.p., ,������������������- ;viLllill  lWl, mi,M ���������f  persoiiiilly and heeaine. com tnced  llnit   Canilionie.  they posaushed the (���������leint'iita' of ��������� valuable ininiiii* propiirtidM. lie, .then  too!" up die Imperial and E'.i grotips  wjiiuli were Hiinseipienlly turned o\er  ic lhe No ���������tliwi-titurn 'De,u-lopnieiit  Coinpiiny, who ha\i: done, such excel'-  .cot ������ork on the prupei ties up to, the  tiiiie they weie bunded to the ���������London  and B. C, Gnldliehls./riiis' win Ic left  no doubt that tin- ure hndie.s at Cuu-  borne weie not mere suifaee showings  but Unit they ��������� cirried -"old value-s  wherever develnpeil and llie.ie, \alue-i  h'ue lieen sullicient to jiiilil'y the be  lief iliat theie i.i I'M-ry piobability of  CtiiiilmrntJ liiiving laign and profitable  gi)liiniine*i at' its door.  One hears all Mints of reports- alioul  mineral, propeiiies and 'theie ii nn  means of j-elling an estimate, nf the  viilu-; of the piupeity like that of personal inspection,    liiiiict! our li.iit,  T:i!i CAMiJOII.VI' CillOl';1.''  The 'first property visited by the.  ���������writer- was the, Can'iljoii'iB f-rou'p.  Luuding at Coin iplix, a iiiii* of i-iy;!11  miles .blinds tin; iravelli-r to C.uu,  burn'*, 1.UL instead of turning off lo the  townsite he. takes llie. trail following  the. light b ink of Fiih Bherand tv fur  liter distance of two miles brings hiin  to llm C'.iiniiorne ���������"roup, one of the  properii '.*��������� which the, North western development Company, promoted by Mr.  IhiM'iil,erger, ha-s taken in hand. Just,'  l.cfoie I'iMchiiig Menhiniiick Cieek  the IimII liMiling to llie pniperiy  liranches oil to lhe left. The group ].���������>  Iiiu.ili'd on a ridge lielwyeii Me.nheii������  li'k ii-irl IJiJile Creek.i. It, ('Mend,-)  fioiii Fi'li creek about n  milii   nnd   a  Cros-iii!* P.nii Ci'.'f!" ii "-igi  ,/.<i'-ti.iil wiiul-i up Un-  mount-tin  sidet  A good deal of ilevelopitK'iit woiK  has lieeiiciloue', Tin* ijrnpi'i'l.v coiif-islii  of -is clriiiii-* iiameil the Golillni,', O3 -i-  ter, Crilei'iiifi, M.IM.MI. XriiiiiKlu' and  (JriLeiion Fi',ictiiiii.-i Like the'Caiu<  Imrne {ii'iiup thia |ii.ijici't'y u remark*  ably convenient fur location, liein.i,- in  thi; 'midst nf l'ure<l, with .unpin water  power available from either Fi*-h Kiv-  eror .Poo! Civek.  The Ciiierioii cl.iini isYIhe fir.*-t niie  U 1  j mii'lied and close.to the I mil lhe 1 iin*  t-ifi.il tieyel(i|)inent wink N liein-- dmiu  ;it'an elevation of about 3,100 feet, ,  above M'a level.������', The vein heiv.is l!f. ���������  teen feet in width ns expn>eil by an  open cni, has .������������������ strike of N. S-'l W. anil  a norilieily dip of oJ. The work here  i.*, known ii.- No, !7 cut and is ��������� HO ft. iu  leiif-lh, while ii shaft has been sunk 20  feet. The ijttiirtz iu lhe liaiigin-,' wall  heie ass.i veil gSO.U'.l iind lh.it uni the  fontw;i!l,$l.SO. The acliist is ti*ii*t.*i".tl-  iseil ';[���������< well as the quart'/.. Free ������o!d  was plainly, visible tii"tlie. nalseil eye,  both'in the vein i.i place and iu lhe  (purl/, on llu; dump,  A-say.- from the shaft, g.ive an aver,  n^e. value of SIS. ^ Like ,the <p-,iirix 011  111'! Ciiuibiirne-rtoup,, iippaiently   !mi't  ll dr up Inc mountain,   and   comprises  Oul.lll  Frasei  Is Likely to be Closed  It  111  as 11 gen I lor  slated (hut Ju'dgo Sproatt,  the  Far well townsite.  mis, i'e,'|uiretl   the closing of the F g  Uend road uver  the  raihvav cro.-o-  ptoperties,  returned on   Sunday   from  Itossland where he h'n*< flinmrl it sinall ' ������'nJ  colloelcU   manner.   > fcliu  said  sviidicaie lododevelopiiiHiii work  on ] she saw llie wife of   accused   run-  t'h'e.vi  properties.     ,\Ir.  Gnihiiu    in-| iiing   nwny   with   11   black pliable j ing as now used.on the ground that  fiirms us they h u-p, three feet of ore on ! book in her hand.   Accused follow-1 the mad' crosses the townsite lots.  iIir Crnimvp.fi, which will run i?00  in j ed   her, and   becoming angry   ro-' It is contended that First or Douglas  ���������.'old value-, and it is proposed to fihip i turned to his house.    Witner-s then < street  frnssing' must be re-opened  100 tons next, season.    It. is intruded : ran   for   Capt.  Dougal,  when she   as the only legal  crossing and that  to open  up the,  Jjelle,  Vue, property : heard  ti  shot  and a scream.   She j the Big  Uend   road should conned  which is located ou ihe Home Payne j .-aw prisoner with a smoking rcvol-1 with thai.  road.    Mr,   Gr.ilmm   will    prolmb'y j ver in  his  hand.    Men  ru*-bedup|     A*- ' the   proper   and permanent  make, his hendrpiarteis at Thompson's! to liim. a scufilccnsucd and another j location of lhe Big Hend road con-  leii quarlz could be taken, pounded iu  llu; mortar, and would ^ive gun J '���������old  pro.-pecls. In iul-litioij Ln fiee-joltl the.  qiMrtz caiiii'.- crystals of ^alf'tia,  blende ami i 111:1 sulphurets. There is  at least 3d tons of ire on the dump and  seine is In-ill jf sucked fur a mill (est.  The vein on liu-(.'liii'rion is 11 conliu������  nation of that exposed <ui thn II is������������  l.inil claim of thri Imperial j^njup.'  Olhei work 011 llu: vein here, la 11 ���������������  fii!loiwii-N'i)..8 cut 10 -r.-'ef'i'n length  giivi! it-j.iiy5 of i?J2.-J'Ji No. 7 cm 'ij teeL  Inii}.' k.i ve n.-.-iiya of S 17.0:); N.i. 0" cut is  20 ft. lonj*;: No. .3 is :i7<-feL'l; No. -1 cut is  IJ feel loiijf. b.iniples I'rniii these cuts  gave ii.^ays of SI7.0J, $12 10, and SU. IU.  In No. I cut a  fiiiMS  vein is exposed  .-how in������ a foot of solid K'di'iiu  fiiny������  ing i*ood values w ill) iion  a nil' copper  Milpliiuets   The ore af-iiys-foKl l?-!3.2ll  silver, ,531.-.'0, i.'.ul, 2S.-2 per cent,   This  vein has a Mi ik ��������� of N. 50 Ji, and  up������  pear.- lo be widening with de|ith.    No,  :-i  cut   i.- '!) tu iind a shaft h being  .-,.iiik   ou  ihti    vein at, this point.    It  oiii;   vein   svsieui. I '--'tow ilowu about lo teel.   Tiiis work."  I liii     iniiieriili^d I shows that, lhe galena i* f-ulhtf nut and  Mjhisls sepul;aiiiig the iein.1 a Koiie   of i Z"M   vn.ties   enning   in   wilh   depth,  I'US,  an  ucli,  iiing  Sea  aiea  lhe, following   niiit'   ciiiim-  Monii'lig'i-jiiir,  Centre,   8wir,  atVi," Hii.'l   Fox,   Hulge,   Wii  Li.ni and LionaiiF.i,   coieiing  of oOO acres.  Ml.VlillAl, Vlil.VS.  There are MX mineral \e.ius on lhe  piiiperty,iini'l they an* exposed at Miii  ..us points from the. vicinity of the ii?it  and cMf'tiding up tho* mountain.  They appear lo pantile,! each oilier.  N". 1 vein is 10 ft. in width.'No. "ji.-.  10 fi, wide, No. .'J ii :'J) ft. wide, No.  t i-4 to Oft., wi'ie, No. 5. i������'10ft. wide,  and No. 0 in 10 to 12 ft wide. No-.  I to ll uu; really  ��������� ���������niisliliiliiijf with  ,.!  one handled feel in widih,  iin;,' oxer lhe xvholi* of No. !,  .hi assny of f*! bJ in giul, ���������!  A -amp  vein gaxi  mi ni pii i  l.-uidi  ng tIns winter.  BUSINESS MOTES.  ��������� Tlil'i! laiiies Of' H-v'el.-loke will .be  jileilKi'd to know that lYlaibliiie. Muck'  eir/.le is iiito'-vn- to give lessons in  .(���������mbi'iiid. i'y, ��������� jipiule luce aiid other  kinds, of-.l'ancy xvork. She is holiling  'clas.es at'Tnyloe'it George's ston.'.^  AI.Hli'xx'iii'l, of I'm- liiilerpri|iii  Cigar  {'oiiipiiiiv, has been iiiiikiii������.'iiysueivssi  ''j'nl\'bu.-in������'!-'s U'ip, trough  anil F/ike pi bil.!".  Morri-i i'- S.l.'.'i'il  hnve just._Miip;i';'.(i  CAMBORNE,  '.shot   was   firedi     J>id   not think  ,' prisoner drunk,  i ' Si Marrassak said prisoner gave  him money to get four gallons oi  beer.' They d rank th is imdpprison-  er wished tofgo to the hotel ancl  play cards, when liis wife took the  pocket-book with the, money away  so that prisoner should not be able  to spend it, Saw ^prisoner with revolver, when his wife w-asrfinniug  lip liilhbuthe shotiiito the.ground,  not at his wife, Three men'grabbed  ; him to take  the revolver from him  j when he fired it off it second time.  ri'.oJ  h.o���������������0    A1Tlv to -^ y.",l.rt������*llo pisouer:   ''What the hell  A post oiHcc,(for Ciiiuliome \ma now  been arranged, A. A>, Cliirk will Iir  nppoiiiled posi.niiiiter. The. post office  xvill.be, opeueil as 'soon us the iiispect-  or in;ikes tlic necessary iirraiigeinentSi  f.'i orde.i' to facilitate tiialters Cory  Menliinnick with liis usual enterpri.-c  iid'ered to ciiiry llni mails for 8'2.'nO tor  tilt: round trip. '���������  necliim' with tiie citv is a most im-  porta nt public work, it is to be  hoped the authorities will take  steps to have thc railway crossing  and' connecting' piece of road permanently settled, '...   '������������������������������������  It seems that'some lime ago the  city council 'provided a crossing at  Douglas.street (ind' the C,P, R. dug  it dp. Ify tiny city: council were  placing thc'ci'ossing there  thc company had no 'right- to dig it;  up, but should provide a, proper  "n any case the. city  should maiutain its rights,' .yvhen  chesc are' ascertaiu^l ������{^J' fujl a\l<\  of No. '2 nave the following as-avs; -  iW-'J.-JO, H'JIS M, ������20 00, mid ���������'rlO.OJ, or  an axera-je ol' ir-'d.OO  Fmir samplings of Nn..il x-ein gixe  S3.10, .^lo.'ld .^J.-J.GO timl HJ.OO" iv  spectixe.ly, the smnplings bi'ing fiom  diilereut cuts. As-ays from No. I  guxe .'���������.O.-IO mid on a stringer tVuin No.  1 SI 28.00.  . j The .-iiai't  heie   will   be  sunk  .V)  fevt,  ! No. '1 CUt is2Hf-et.  I     This bring- us to tlie 1 tower hound,iry  ! of lhe | r.ij iviy b.-twe.-n Ho.-|,nid claim  of theliiipeii.il group ami the Oy.-tel  group, ami a -ciieuie \** underconSiili'i'  mi.hi to inn a i-io-s-cut lunnel ;it, tho  joint cxpen-e of (he Imperial Develop,  inent i'.'oiii|itny .ind tlie Nni'tlitve.st,  Syndicate.to develop the tiie-ljodiei- at  ihi.- leveh eaeli coinp.iiiy thence drifling   along   il.e   ore body' ou   lis own  Thesi'. ure fair axer.igc assays of   the , i/iouud.     Un   the   H-.j.-slami tlaim .nb  eaiis so l nr exposeu, out net)   sample- I joining   tiie   (.': iterion,   th-   vein   has  cm   be   found,   such   auuples   hax im.' ; lieen pioved lo be -is feet in width and  ixen   M'.-ipi'cii-ely ' i?-'.Jj,20,   Zo'j'i fc'0. j le.-ulily .->howa free gold,   This vein has  been   exposed   for ii   length of oUtl feet  and S'.JJIJiO  The (jUiirtz shows free gold vi-  ible lo tiiu naked eye, and exen .vhat  appeals to In: baircu ipjuitz gixes good  paiiiiings of gold. The��������� principal xxoik  ins been.dune dii lhe Coldlinch claim,  xvhich is tin: Upper claiui of.tlic group,  and consists of open cuts itcross tlnj  eniire width of the, zone covering Nolo '] veins, Ou No ,'i vein on this cut  a shaft, is being sunk iind tunnel driv  en on ^o. 2.    Thi^eo I'niiidrcd.feet' be-  and is hum -1 feel to 11 feet in xvidth,  ('limbing the mountain ride I'lirabuut  ol'J feet we coiiih in t|-,f. d-velnpuieiib  xvork living done on lhe Oysler cluirn  of tin.'.ginop, the work in hand thus  proxing the ore-body lo that eslent,  Here a crosscut tunnel lias lieen i un  "for Io feet YukI the x;ein,cfrifted on foi*  ���������2D f.-et. No. 1 cut shoxvs an ore-body  17Y feet in,' width.     Tni- is &.> i\*]n{  'iW|liuW'W'l^Sf������ftJlif;)i  ffl^SEKI^WB^tfRE^m TIIE KOOTiiNAY MAIL.  ,       ������*���������   -^ l. | ,;.   ui-gcntlv   rei-uireil   as   another  ' I'L-auaHKiJ i:vKnv kjudav.        j        jn thi; dirC(;tioli.   Tbc owner,  -.\i���������  REVELSTOKE. B.C.,  ubss'rip^ian   Pries,   $2.00   Per   Annum  /of the skating rink will no doubt  | do their -fliare towards providing  ��������� winter attractions,  ADVKUTI5ING   ll.V'll'JS   quolcil   on   a*i-il:  c.Uion.  Tin; Ki-oi'j-.yay Maii. is the only  JO,'! PIMNTING of every Kind at most reason   I p;--,(.r published ill North Kootenav  abli? r,ttc������ and .-horlest notice.   - i 1 ,  considered worthy of mention by  the American Newspaper Directory-  published by George P. it owed 1 it Company, of New York,  and which is the recognized guide  the world over to the ' best advertising medium*- in Canada and tlie  States.  A  iMiicn' of work that should re  ACCOUNTS for jol* -irnitinf* or adverti-ini*  jiiiyiililc <ii) the lir-il. of every inimlli; rub  bcripiiuii- p.iy.uile -Irictly iii ailx-iince.  COnUKSTONDKXCK invited nn all"innlti?r-i  uf Itical .>:��������� iiiib'ic niton.--.!. All ctirmiiunk-'i-  lion^ to the Killlm- iiiu-t be accoinpniiiiiil  bj* llie iMiiu nf tlie 'vriior. not nci-ivsanly  fur    ;iiih!ii:,il i,.:i.    lull    i-   .in   evi.li'tu-ii   <il  " pi'iil r'niiii. 'Cnrrc-iKinili'tiiT nnii-l reach llu:  ofll.'i.' liy Tucsd.iy evening in ui-ilcr to llnii ������  ���������pUce in tlie lire.1 iisnc of tlie .M.ui, alter  receipt.,  AdJrcss  Till* JvOOTl'XAY 31AII.,  Uevelstokc, B.C.  !'. 0. liox "fi, Itcvclrlo'-o Slatiui.  'l'l'lcplioiit So. 'il!.  Kiifj, will invHsti.^ate  the  inin.'t-.il   re-  j source*, of this pmvince on his  present  vi-it to Canada.  Its Day Has  Again  Come  to   connect   tho Trout  Lake road  There arc scv-  Wo request,our numerous :>caclcrs to  favor us with their assistance in  inakintrtha KOOTENAY MAIL, the    u.ji], (4;ileiia " 13a V.  moss ,valua jlo advertising- medl- ', , ��������� . ,        .  urn in th= Kootenays by /riving' ��������� ^"A- ���������"<-'lu-S at the bay and such it  the profopanca, when maklnff }>un- roru| v/Ollld afford till CXCC'lleilt'OUt-  ohaso3,  to   thosa  firms who   are ...        \    . ,   ��������� , .   , , ,  reg-uiar advertisers in tbo koot-   let lor their produce, v.-luch  could  ,   enay mail, , Easily'be  liiarkelcd at Trout Lake  ��������� ' ,   iind Ferguson.     The Home Pavne  II. Martin, of [l.c-sl.-md, xvlui has fur  several yea is been foreman of the Iron  Ma>k mine, litis lieen appointed fore-  iiiiin of tile Silver Cup.  An immense {-old discovery is reported from Arizona where an mv liculy    , j 200 feet wide anil   expie-ed for 0.000 ft  Will Be the Scene of   Extensive i "���������,w,>'s fn,,M $3'(,'J01" *w'm in.s,lld-  , j     Ravmnnd Allen lias  run  two drifts  Lumbering Operations, j on, his place.',, claim at o.-.mp Cm*.  ���������  ' , On*-i*J5 ft. mid another 100 ft, and Ih.'  ; ground i,- lepoi'ted to la-looking  uin-l.  ' Within the past few weeks extern- I proiniMnK.   ���������  sive developme.i'ts. looking   lu  the j    T1)(J Ki^1(1I1 UM mnp!s has u   utilization or the lumber resources , nii;(ti.d ,a.:Pll|-.lIlimli 0 ���������t wilh ���������  ol the Big Bend; have been devel- i I)()minfi, {.- iUli ,;f mm) |n ' ,,���������������������������,.  oping and have now reached a  de- ; ,lmi,.Si   lt wiU U; Ule KillK���������u,n  finite Stage.   ' i group on Fish Creek.  Liistern capituJisty have lnirchas- i    ���������,    ���������   , .   ���������  - ,,; ������������������-,, ,      '     .i     l  i     r i     T he L-ii*le  reports   a Mi'ike on   l.he  provided   for' during   the coming ' e.d t^.awnill across  he lake from ��������� J ,  - ,    ,     ,    . ,������        . -;   Arrowhciid and intend moving the .        f,...      ,,      ,,      . .     .-  .-.esMon of  the  legislature is a road !,,-.,,,w��������� <i���������, i,.,���������  i,.,-,..���������..��������� \ri?;,i,,���������. !'M1> *i-'i'i'of Silver Cup Minimum, i.y  THE   PROSPECTORS'   EXCHANGE  No. 4 K.-W.-C. 3L0CK, NELSON. B. C.  (Jolil! Sil\-pr-l.cr.(l :v".d I'op'jer IMitics xvi'tntiii at, tlie EXCHAN'tJK.  KKEK MIMjIXU OOIA) iiropcrue.*- xxanud at once for Km-lcrn investor.-. '  Tartii?* havin(j imniii',' property for sale arc re(inci*i������l to send sauipli'S of their ore to the  EXCHANGK foreshibitir.il.  All simple- i-hotiH be sent by oxprcM. PIJKl'AlLl.  Corresponilence ->olicited.   Address all communications lo  Telephone No. 181.   V. O. Hox 700. AN33RSW V. ItOSEXBEIvGEn. KelBOU, 3B.C  THE CENTRAL HOTEL  piaut to the bav  between W hiskev   ,.. ,, ,   ...  .,  ., .   (1  ',,  -   ,        i    .      '   *       ,      ,P, ,    ���������   ! X liino nnil   W. II. liuxvaid,   the  ore  rouit and Arrowhead.    Ihe  plant I , ...        ,,���������,,,.      ,,      , c..> i���������  .,, , ��������� ,      , ,        1 i   i   j   -       ii liom \v neli i an Si) 0 in t-old anil  tp"-l!)  will be consiuerablv added  to  ancl i .     ., 0  ���������l ��������� l   i .1   . *i mi      -ni       in silver.  it,is expected that the mill will  be  'in operation bv next   Spring.-   The!    The Nol-le. Five has lieen developed  site is an excellent one for ,a saw-it,,a ,-,'P--- (,r lu,}0 flJet- "'"'wins len  mill ns the spur of. thc C. V. K. runs I in(,ll,'s (,f ()li'in "K* ,(,we"1 1"Vl'1'   Al"  nearlv to tho proposed location.       j "-1-1'1' v,J,n' 1,t'li^'"tl L" '"'��������� a������'������-s������"n*i������in  The logs for lhe  mill, will,come ! "f llu' s,1,'i'>'^, lias also i.een smirk on  CITV AUICXTS.  people completed  the road all ex-  C'opie-j of Tin; JI.xii, may bu obtained from i .   i    i- -i -,    ...  iho rulluxvitis city, list-nil,: o  1 CCpt   hull   ll   1111 lC. 1111(1   til IS  IS HOW  '     ���������        ,1. \\*. liDNXI'/IT.  C.x.v.xii.x Diu'ii'K Hooi* Co.  !���������'. ii. W'ui.i.s.  LONDON, ENG��������� AGENCV.  The  Tinperinl Type Foundry Co., Uniitert,  ������ Ailvcrti-mjj AkciiIp, A High tfireet, Jlrenttord,  London W., Eti^linid.  Knropcaii anil Colonial Advcrlisiiis Agency,  WH-'k-otrir. ,  C Mit-liell & Co., 1 and -J Snoxv Hill, London,  IY <'.  TORONTO AGENCV.  CenliTil 1'rcs-. Ajfciicy, Canadian Adx-erti-iing  Aifeiley, A'tt'llK  what the government are asked to  do���������not. very much, but a work  that will be n great benefit to the  settlers,  :.IONTJlEAL AGENCV.  A. MclCim & Co., Agent-.  l)iisbiirais Advert i.-in-j Agcnoy.  KILLIXC; LOCAL INDL'^TIUKS,'  The,action of  the  capitalists interested in 13ig  Bend timber limits  in   going  to.Northport with their  j sawmill, mainly for freight reasons,  draws   attention   to  the, excessive  railway tariff levied by thc 0, P. R.  | on   lumber,     The Fred Robinson  ! Lumber Company  drew the atteii-  from the Big Bend, where thc promoters of the new enterprise have  purchased lo,000 acres from the  Pittsburg people who own the extensive limits- there.  Mr. J. \V. Taylor, who represents  the promoters, is now at Arrowhead  awaiting tho arrival of one  or-two of the principals to make  preliminary arrangements for starting operations. \  Simultaneously with' thc promotion of this enterprise is the fact  that the Pittsburg owners of the  Big Bend limi'ts'have made a deal  whereby an immense sawmill with  a capacity of a quarter million feet  of lumber juday is about lo bo  erected at Northport, nnd it is in-  CI.--.C v\|-  vn-VC-V iiAi.uuauiinj'iun    uii;.-*    t.if i.ttmi-    IClltk'd'to float  the    logs   doivn   the  skua.^agI'.ncn. !..   ~    ,  ,.     ,   -',, -   - Columbia river to Arrow hike.   A  ���������viwnndor&.ca. A.i���������piM���������s.vBcI,...ai|tion  ot  the  height  commissioner,,   sortinR |)0om.wm ,1C ogtal)lished nt   ; . when he  was through the province   tjic p0jnt wherc t]10 rivci.' cnterg' lhp  san FUANcisco agkncv. 1 recent Iy, to  this  question, but   got i lake, and logs will be  sorted , from  little satisfaction, which' looks verv   there to the ne���������w mill at Arrowhead  much as if  thc,"freight commission  i^ a fraud.     When owners of valuable  J'ir-I Ave.  V.. ('. iJ.ilie, III and (ij "Uurelianl- ICxL-liaiiKe.  Aki.-iiI-.  Sl'AV Y.OIi'lC AGENCV.  l'einiiif,'ioii liri)'-., .'ill! Ilroadxx'iiy.  CIKCL'I.ATION.  'I'm: l\oi)Ti:x.xv !\I.mi. has a fii'.-t-clam tih'-'  I'liliilinn in the Citx' ol' Kuvel-toUe and snr-  rnmuliii'; d!<triet, and .iNo, at tho foliowiny  lilacL"*:  Allwrl'Canyon    , lllcc.llcxvnel  Glacier Ito-jor- I'u-s  I i'uIcIl-ii      . >    Salmon Ann  ' Arrowli-Jiul 'I'IioiiimjuV Landiii','  ���������('oniii)lix           - Camborne  Ti'ni'ii. 1/iiUi; City Fcrfe'iinun  Halcyon Hoi S'irink'-i Niilcii-i)  .llurUai City Eire Valley,      '  and also for the Northport mill.  When    the    representatives    of  these   capitalists " were   here  this  raw   material   are   forced to |V0!U. ,]icy t0]ti'.Ui,  they proposed'  inanufaclurc  across  the American j'building their mill  at  Revelstoke,  boundary on account of freight  rales it is time the uovernment took,  a hand in   invcsliffatimr thc matter  H  ARVEV ic McUAKTER  ItAHHIS'lTI's, SOLICITOUS, ETC.  Officii :   3Ioi.*-r������*!*   Havf   Llocic,   Hijvll-  .vjokl, U. C.  Jinncy to loan.  .Ollice-;: ItovcUtukc, IJ. C.j Fort Steele, IJ. C.  Ciuo. S. McC.xhti-ii, J. A. ]T.xi!vi:v,  Itexclr-toke, IJ. C. Fori Steele, U. C.  but it seems that the Gr.eat Northern have given them such specially  favorable rates on their lumber  that they consider it would be tO'  thoroughly, for it is most unfair to I thuir advantage to use the Anieri-  districis such, us Revelstoke that'; can railways'in preference to-the  they should  Ioec important ind us-! U. V. li., and hence the'change in  tries  nro'nerlv 'belonging to tlicni, I '"J .V,'.       , ,       .     .    ...  '   ,      '       ,        .,       ,        i     ihese two enterprises will ncces*  simply because  tlic  railway has a j n;xl[i ��������� [he   cstublipliment  of    very  monopoly   of   the   .-freight   rates.: large, logging   camps' in   the   Big  Rail way freight' rates are a mutter ,��������� Bend, so that just as navigation is  of   public   concern, and  sooner or. jllbout to bo established, the country  , ,   , i'ii , .'    i& enterinu on the  period when  it  ��������� later  niut-t   be subject   lo govern-1    .,, ,       -.-    , -   , . ,    .,,-  J ������ - | will be actively-opened, up, and will  i become a hive of industry rivalling  Ibnt of the da}S  when  the placer j  J fields brought lo that section a pop-  ': uHi'tion of between 7,000 aud  8,000  incut control  .KXI'ORTTARIi'T CN LO(.!>  J."  ' M. SCOTT,' Ii.A., LL.U  1)AK1{[.STEIL    SOLICITOI!,    NoTAIiY  J.-l*ljlic,,Ktc. ���������  McKeuzie Ave.,  E  EDWARD A. IIAGGK.V,'  Mining Enoineijk.  ',     Thc news   which  we publish in ��������� souls.  ,' another column ,regarding the proposed export of logs from thc Bend.  , de-crves the   serious , attention of  Revelstoke, IJ. C.   ihc Provincial  and Dominion gov-   ^^ crnments,     Jt lias  rightly been a  1'art  of  the"public, policy to have  thc   timber  cut   on   this  side the  the properly,  The Athabasca rein i.s now-in solid  granite and looks better than ������������������vi,r-  Tlie ore --ives a value < f $10.21 per tun,  of which $9.07 is recovered liy the cyanide plant, making a t*avint*;,tif 80 pi r  cent of the total value of llie ore.  ' A showcase for mineral sppciiwi a  hat? been fitted up in llie lintel Rhv. !���������  stoke. Already Mr. Brewster,' manager of tin? Carries Creek Con.-oliilated  Co. has Hindi- a most creditable, slinw  uf cirrf from llie property which Jie. represent?.  Messrs. B.J. SjoK, President, J. C.  T. Crofts Director, and A. 1*\ Rosenberger, secrt'l'iry Noi I Invest era Development Co., inspected the Oyster  ant; Camborne. Groups at Camborne  lliis week, accunipnnied by R. A. Iliig-  giiii, M. li.  Seiialiii'-Tiiriier of the .Sullivan Min-  ing Co. siiys l hat by establi.**.hl,ti'*! snii'l-  ters, as hi.- own company is doing, tnv-  I ners of silver lead mini's will be able  lo work inuch loner grade properties  tliiin can noxv be iloue, <n\x irg to Hip  excessive chargeslevied by the suiel-  ter trii.it.  JMr. Stewart who has for many years  been in chaige of the Duke of Buc-  leiigh's lead sinelling works in Scotland, is on his way to British Culiiiii-  bia lo in vest igale the lead unelting  problem,and will probably establish a  lead refinery to compete, fur the Doin-  iuion Goveriiiiieiit bono.*. His visit' i-  diie to rep ri Mentations made him by  iThus. iMciN'atight, of the Halcyon Sai.-  ilariiiiii.  Mr. Slalei', of the Wide West prop-  in ly on I^is-li Creek, was in the city last  week. He informs us that it. is proposed to xvork the property all Winter,  rile Wide.Wes^is tinning out-fairly  well. A'hody of ore/of which theie is  about 11 inches of high grade iraleiiii  carrying over $15 in irolil has lieen, developed Work is bi'ing continued  with a view to developing another  lead. ' i  The   Goldsmith   pl'opeily on   FiMi  ' .    ~~"       i Creek is stated to be a wonder.'   Theie  .Sometimes a forltino, but neve'r.Jf , j^ a i)()'tiy ()f 35 ft. of solid galena oiu  ynuhavea sallow complexjon, a j-illii- ��������� visible for KXIU'feet on the uioimlain  diced look, moth patches and blotches , ���������������*,., Xhe properly is n ported lo have  on tiie*<kiii,--all.--ii-n'iof Livei'Troiible ' f)H1,n litin-.lt-*.l lo Anaconda people \\iih  Bill   Di.' King's  Xexv   Life  Pills give j ,,���������ymt,Mt of len pel cent down ' on  tie  m ABRAHAM BROS..  PROP'S.  "���������"r'-M'/.V'Vj  ^���������^yy^'f. -Nexviy built.       Firsl-clnsf!  5-������2i~*.^*.-..      jn  GVery  j-esppct.     All  inodern conveiiieiiceB.  Lai ge, sample rooms.    Fire  '   proof   safe.      Free 'bus  meets all trains.  Under same nianngeiiiPiit.  QUEEN'S HOTEL,  TROUT LAKE CITY  otise jt -ari|isl|i^gs  Our illustrated catalogue-will give you  Tiiore information as to goods ancl prices than a  week of shopping. It contains ails and prices cf  almost everything vou could wish for.  Send a post card with your name and get  one by return mail, It will save you time,,and  ���������money,  ip  0  OS.,' VICTORIA, B. C.  Cno Bloolt ft-om O P It Dopot  and Stoamlioat Wharves '���������  Rc-farnis'licd and Rc-modcllod  Bates $1.50 to S2 per day  Corner Granville & Hastings Streets,  R. DOWSWELL, Proprietor, ��������� ' , - Vancouver,   B. C.  The Invictus Siioii is made on the most modern, last, and-  is the most handsomely hnished, gives .the best satisfaction, 'and  costs no more than the ordinary everyday shoe. You need not  consult a corn doctor but purchase a pair of Invictus Shoes  and your corns will disappear. ��������� Made by George A. Slateh-  aiid sold by .       ,/'       '     -   '       . ���������  What's Your face Worth?  (Man., AiiicHc.-iu Iii-litiiU' Jlinin*- Kn-*iticcr-l  (.Mum. Citimtiiini ^liniiii; Tn-titutc.)  KiiVi'LSTOKi-:. B. L'.  ��������� i-'x-iiiii'iulioii of inul  ri'i'ni-li 011  "xlin'urul Pro-  poi-Lii-..-- a tfpociiilty.  boundary  manufactured  in Quia-   Clear y^m, Uo--y (;iif.-k>, Hieh tjoin.' [JU;L.lia:il, i!���������m,.y \}( $2ot),OUii.   If tie  dn. but now a  Srfn comes on the  ifc-'Mic   who  contiMid*-  that, becftu-c-  th-  own   the  frceiiold of  liu; Bif.*  . le.Mon.     Only 2.3 cents at the Cimaua    pnipei'ty itnns out sniM'.-ictorily  it, is  Dn.x it B00U Store. ' proposed lo es,tahlisli  a smell.:!-'m ar  Bend , limit.-, they, can expori their  log.-- tu thc Uniicd ftta;c? free of  duty, We don1: believe  law and hope it 1? not. *o. This;.?  a ea-fe in vhicii the re?pecti.vc gov-  ernmcnls ?hould be thoroughly  alive and should see, 10 it that this  euunlry is no: j> mere feeding  ground lor tlie Sta'ov, but that lhe  tariff r-bnll be .-u regui.iled that our  raw product*-' shall bo liiLinufiiL"-  tured on r'aimdinii -'oil, and that  lave t li i-r- matter  remedied   Canadian-'  -hal!  have  tin- benefit  of the wealth of their own country.  The  hi-* iin lust i'v 'which  MINING NOTES  ftbe Ikootena^ flDail  FRIDAY. OCT. 1*. ICC1.  ���������     . ��������� LI���������I. I     .-������   ���������    ��������� II"    ������������������-    ������������������ ������������������   ���������     .    ������������������ ������������������^������������������������������������������������������...  Tin; eourtliou.-e at Revelstoke is  very much behind the limes in lhaf  no accommodation is provided for  tlie representatives of 'lhe press.  W'q hope Registrar Fim.mt will take  ,-;eps lo  before next j-iitiiit.' of the Court    ,1     WASTKl) - SKVIOUAI^    I'KRSONS    OK  ,    . '   i uiiaiMutci' .'mil  troiul  reputation in 1 ucl^tiitc  Ul 15 li.1*; I'rosppftorp iind iri.no-nxviiri-p aro united lo j (0110 in tliii- uotititj' ruqulrud) In rrprci-entiiml  uoiiii-ih'iit: tn -.Iii; K'io. t:.v \y .Mail inform- 1 advci'ti-t! old ctabliihctl xveultliy IjiiHiiiu^s  .-.ln.iiof.i rc-li:i'til'-.';hiiriu:tcr i-i'gnrdinK thdir | liou^u of -onnd linnnciiil s auiliiiK. *iltii'.v SIS  liru'ecrf.iL.-. cloyribint-' .-urf.ico ,~lifiu lnt{������, '��������� wuulilx- with oxpen*.os iidditioiiui, h11 piiynuie  fiovelijjiintiit xvork iindre������iilt-iitU'iidiiif,' it, in citiili wiuli W'ucltiijr.'tlit.y, diruub from lii'iid  .i-i-ii.x--:. 1111.1 ie.-xv di-'Fjuviii'lo:". Tlic cditur ' olllci'-*. FIomi! and uarriuKU furnlsliuil, xvlion  dc-Kn t'i in.iUc tin; .Mao, a mcanri of' ncofisn-vj'. IliifiiiN'iio.s, JOin-losoself'iultlro-^eri  fiini.-iiin-,' to involnr- rciiahlu. information .^taniped envelope. Maiuigur, 3IU Canton  i-oncerniiii,'the proxi'i;-'-. ������'nd rlnvclopmunt  of tlicimiuriil rc-ourcc- of N'orih ICootcnuy,  Bllildiiin', ClilcntJO.  H11I.I1  lend  w-'iking    on    11  Ai I'liiii'i.n the  ''overmiu'iit   have  it- pro*-  po;ed   lo   establisii    sJiould    have  d>���������lei-mined to  hold  ollice   till   the   iJ(.01l   lucnted  ;it   some  point  near  Jiousc meets that does not do away , plCvelsioke. if  not on the Columbia  provincial   Kivcr,'ihui   nl, least on the Arrow  Lakes, in-trad of at Northport.  v,ith the possibility of a.  I'l-'i-iimi ut an early date. Wehavn  tiicrefore to urge on tho.-.e entitled  ! 1 vote, the i-eec.--;ity <*f having  Cicir n.mics ]ila<'ed on lhe voter-.  Ji-t,.  I r U'H'i.n be well 11   the  citizen- ,  were to take  a   ���������_rTcalcr  inlercsi   in I  iinproving  ili<; city ail'  I'i   '������iiit ~:v- ���������  t  he   sorm  -o lun  Th"  Tot Causes Night Alarm.  "One nif-hl my In'olhei-'.i lmliy w.i-  lukeii \vi;lj Croup," write.-i .Mi'j. J. ('.'  ���������Snifli'i'. of (Vitleiidt'!!, K'y.j "it si'i-ined  it'xvonld .-Iriingle Jiefore we could fret  ii doflor, so xve ^itx'e it. Dr. Kin-"'-' Nexv  Hi-coveiy, which g;tve rpiick relief -ind  condition   of ; T,(.,.m;m(.Mtjy   cnn'd   il.     \Vu  jiixvuy.-  k"   it   attracli'. f j keep   it in  the  ho'i.ie   to   prntei t our   IVx-itl.t i-land hy-th.' di-.r.--  The lnwer I luiriel  of' tiiu  ,-ihiixvj, 8 ft. of ore,  1     Tin.1  lintei pi i.ie  txvi-lx'e font vein.  l'lii-fli-li ailx'ic."- imlif.it" -in (idvjince  ill I he lend   nun I'i''.  Seven fri't oi' -c.ili-1,,'1 iin-- i.een --li'iick  ' on !li.' Am 01 a 11 (im ;i! M'iyii',  Tin- c.ip.'n iiy of the Tr.iil -uii'llt.r will  lit' incri'H-ed lo ll'.'') ton-, ,: (!,iy.  The Kilwr Cup'uill .-hip 2'j'J |otl������. of  die 1 hi>. .-I'ltaiiii ,nid moie if p'i<���������i|iii\  J.W. WotfYill Ili* li'iuded the I'eili-o  on L.inyiii) Ciei-'k, and h,i.*> honght th"  \a\< ky'jjoy.  Trie IjFiinidriry di-lricf   h-i- ^liipped  .--')   f.ir  27li,'jt/)   loo-   of   sue'tiiir   yc;n:  ���������fdis'-l.inrl llxnn.'s- 'SJ.'JiV-) tun..-,  Tin! Jinperiiil IJ 'Velopni-'iit Co. h.ivc  ni-ide th"  '���������ecnnd   p.ivnu'iit  of Slf',W0 .  unrler their Ixind on Vr.f K'-.i.  (ii-enf, c.vcit.i'in'-iit, li.i-, le-i-n (;imed ;if.  ,V  of   1CJ  Jas. I, Woodrow,  BUTCHER.  Retail Dealer In^-^aaass^-  BEEP,   PORK,  MUTTON, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season/  All orders ������������������roin-itlj- llllcd.  REVELSTOKE,   B.   C,   nndJcliiaotrllLls  who are also dealers in Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Leather  Goods, Crockery, Glassware, Clothing-, Men's Furnishings, etc-  Front Street, Revelstoke, B. 0.  SUNSET AND PRIZE WRINGERS  arc two of the  world's best  makes.    .Thc'SUNSET is  u   heavy   wooden   wringer  with two 12-inch Solid Rub  bci- Rolls.    ,  Thc MUZE is a galvanized steel frair.o wringer)  warranted not to rust and  has two 12-inch Solid Rubber Rolls.  .They are' money  makers  7 lor both  Retailer and Consumer.  McLennan, McPeely & Co., Sole Agents for B. 0.  112 Cordova St., Vancouver, B. 0.  ably furnished with the choicest the market  affords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars,  Rates $i a'day.    Monthly rate.  -a.il:b:e3:rt   stoztstiel  peop.  uvl- orfini-c-rl th'-  ���������i.v. I 'f.nif.'i      y, [i;'  qu.''ln!k' r.'.ub  for the-   ".lnter   niorith;   took   the  matter in  band   with  thus  olyject.  ., and there.arc other't'clieiwis  which  CUliJdyi'C ij'.'vi-'cd ;,vi(li   nnjeh   1)pih:-  IKlr  in guld.  ���������rial iz -.'��������� hi< h   ���������>-imf"J '~i'i<r/)  ] uhililien   fmm   Lrcnii ;mrl U'honping ; \'<  Cnii^h.    It. cm eil me uf ,i i hri.nic In c.n-  ijn.il ' tienlile   tlifit   nn   othei  reiuedy       1 he Lnncluii find fi. (,'. Onldliidil-i Cn,  iviMild relieve.''    Fnf-iililile  for (.'nii.uh1-,    spent $1."),0')0 nn I lie JOi-i.^i-onp ,-u, (;,ni)'  Colds, Tlin'iat nnd (Lnn^ Lionhle.   50c j horne ihiriii^   Lhe   tiiiie   they   \uid   il,  nnd   fjj].CO.    Tn'nt [ImtLles   I'lye ut the' j under hond.  Caiiiula pi'ity *: UuciR tjtoic, ���������/' ��������� ,|   ^ir Chrislojilier V't'pl'i-^ uf li'Muri,  HE CITY EXPRES  K. W. B. Paget, Prop.  11oinpL delivery nf pnrceJ.s, biigg-'i������(J,  file , to nn}' p.irt ul tho Ciiy.  Any Rind of Transferring  Undertaken.  ��������� All ordiiiY-i left nt U..'M. 9myllie's  Tnhaeco Store, nr hy Teh'tilloiie, ^"o, *  wil! receive prompt.uUUUjut';  Wholesale and Retail  !eat Merchants.  am������'f*Ki.-**M**mii(*itorfidrtvAi&z-tr  Head OfHce, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  ^^;C������alg;^y, AlVert*  ri ft  n\  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  if.*'  A  &  Ktf'"  Itootenay Lodg-s | 'X'TZft^CIE  vmGL  Ko. 15 A.F. ic A.M.  ���������s C vv  /  cljediile  Effective Oct. tSth, 1901.  ritiiijj pats.*; l\titi;!:������tuk-C  EastboUini   8:20  WcstboiJijd 17:10  J^7/ *   * /I'lierctjiiliiripcc-iinp:-  ^L  ? ". "}."- j*'       nn- In  y^'i N-;-Y".i>*      "!(li" Tl,e y"i"'  = Y-"���������--*.������_���������,'v_ ,6-X        Cl :o'lVll.|;ic. j-ii!:ii.i  ---'P?Zyiyi*:*-'f-c'z��������� ir.ill,  mi   the    thmi  ^^y^dJdk^^-^~-JMond:iy   in  c-,*.cli  ���������r^-^--^~:^^S\������Ejir.:/:i'Ji   nr    S   ]i.   in.  S^A^S^^-Jf3'   V i -li i u^i-   brethren  ~^KJ^,^=^^-       ' cordially welcomed.  0. S. McCAttTKlt. s!i:ci-!-.t.M'.y. ���������  TABLE j $25,000 OUR GRAND $25,000  " Lardeau." i  ���������,! Ornithological Contest.  CITY COUNCIL.  llinming httvecn Arrowh-rii" and Tlinm-.o  L;ni.li:iL' c..'1'iiiii.ni-i-^ June !'���������'. 1-Jj.i. mil .-..til a  follow a ( '.������'l<u ht-r i-i. :-ntilt in^-i:  Leave  Arrowhead   for  Thomson's  Dmdliic  ���������Sumetli'iii;  entirely   new    nnd   iiiterc-.-iinK-  I iJc.id wli.u jou arc to do.    You ma.v net Sl.iiyi.  ���������n-iiimni--vitTi- ,ir>      ��������� ~ , Our conti-t i* to-ec- uhocnii make llie l.nve.-l  .md i. oiiiap!.\ .u <h. oa.ly. | jj,,, flf ������������������������������������.., ior ia���������,i.-. 0l bird.- Irum the lollinv-  Lc.-ivo  I.-miii-uii s I.-iii'lin^find Connjiliv for :riii(,'lini of k-ller.-:        '  Arrmviio.id ..t  17k. <i-olr. i-^-u-ci'.v v. ill. -.ll    WOOOOCCKQU Ll APHTA RIDG       'S ' "'     '''' '' , E S P N I E L V E B R D I M W A D O H T L  RSVElSTOiCS LOSC-E, I. O. O. V.. No. 25.  sp>^������;X<y-        Itc^uk'ir meeiviss aro bold  Tz-tr-^.yi-^-^J      ,, Od.lfC-iioM,-'  Hall CVor.V  '-Hk'i^Wjfe- Thai-slay l-ialit nr ciu'hi I  'V/^.v-^Sr'ig-o'clocl-.   \'if:Tiiu;?i-"!ilKT-    ���������  ��������� ^vi-J|-iV-   cordially welcomed.      '   .  I;,:-. U'll.sO.V, S.G. <T. A. STOKE, K.S.  e. vtati.rsgx.i-s  The nv. nei- re-i-'rvc the right to cLange liinw  of -diiiii'jp. witi'iout notice.  THE I-T.KD JiOaiXsON" Ll'WiV.-:'.'. CO, LTD.  f. iiornxsux,   ���������  rdaiiiit-in-; Director,  SELKIRK LODG2, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.   ^ _,��������� -Meet* every Tuesday  **lR\~     (fvf^Ss.   pvcninj;    in   Sr-clknk  _Ji*/  ^^.Il.all    at   &   o'clock,  SS^-v^v.    jlVihitinj- brethren cor-  ^Srs-cliallv invited to attend.  ICYMlAliliN. G. ' J. MATHIK.Six.  Passengers  1-oolu'il   to all   Eastern  Ciuiiiiliiui nnd United Status points.  . J'-iillis reseiied on  Allniilic-.sLrnui- | LOYAL    CPvAtCG^   I/0BG2   NO.   1C33.  cr������ for -ws-eiii-ers. to lhe Old Colintrv. ' m Kegulai' meeting.- are held in  Direct Steamer Service from Vancouver: '(^������W*4l  6 4  Bake?, Confectioner,  Caterer,'Et-e.  ! Wo wili recoKiiise at a bird anything beloiif:-  I itiKtotliu fiinhered tribe, whether it ii a Hen,  j Cimv, Miijjor or any olhci-kind. Von can u-e  ! any loiter ������s limny time.-, to nial;-? a name fin it  , a*ii)t-iii*i in Ihcli-ji o{ lettei*above; for liihU'icr  l WooiU-Oi:!;, lJlovcr, Snow Imi-iI, cte. 'J'o any  I'cr-ioni who cini iiiuki' ,i li-^t ot ���������.'.'or niorp dii'-  j f.-relit Humeri of binlN wi; \Mll jfivc abiolululy  i FitKK u biMiitiful P.'jae value *-|,iWU or h^s,  BIG PRIZES AWARDED DAILY,,  When you have made out yourliht 1111 out thc  line on I lit* boitcin of this advt. and fend to un  with a Stumped Addressed envelope, 5tnuipof  your eouiitry will do. then if you are awaided  :i jiri/.e you can if you doire fjet the prize b  to  ' Clidice  Groceries.  the  O.ldfellow'i Hull  on   the ' ftpo]") Q IT)   Rl'PPfj  Third Krld,iy of each mouth, nr   'U1 dlklllj   Di yaU)  \XT    \J' r?   1 O *   1.i_     , ym*. win not liuve to wim iiiuiiK tinio in unci  WeClCllilff LM6 a  Slieeia   tV    mimy 1,^01* you know thc-oMiU.   Therein  liuuuxuu,  UCi/ZVU Ot yjy-JtjiaiVj   i C]fincnl \,{ lottery Ii! our ]il,in, It mukc-Miodi  S p. in. -.Ii.irp.   VijiliiiB breth  roil cordiully invited.  THOrf. STKKD, XV. X.  \\r, 0. lUUVI'.Y, live. Pre.  CHINA, JAPAN,  REVELS  OKE  AUSTRALIA, ALASKA. I oiTAH     f 4 iim  ' 01 tAivl-  Full   infui nialiiiii    anrl   illu.slr.itei  ' painpblcl'M funiishcd   oti.nppliciiliuii to'  T.W.  BRADSHAV/, E. J. COYLE,  Agr.1, A. G. P. A.,  Revelstoke. Vancouver  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  H0y.1l Mail Lines.  Clisa-iost Kouto to the Old Country.  ril.VNCO-CAX.UMAX LIXK-IVoin .Monlronl  tin nii C,:������lle ..... aiij;. .101 h  ^>'u--ni ���������      >      ���������       Sk-pl. I7lh  C-iiiili Cn-tl.' (Jet.-.'ml  AIjLAX Ll.VL-:-Krom .Montioui.       Ana. 'Mil  '���������     -i-iU. "Hi  -      -      ���������    ' ���������    ���������        "   Uth  - -   <* *    ���������    ��������� V -!������������������',-           " ���������.'sih  i .in:- nn  'Ni:n::di,ui  I'lil.-.im  A':,-Lriiii:i:i  l'r.'io:'Jii:i  Mail  ordci's proniplly nnd  chi'i*fnily ;iLtt'iulijil tn.  P.O. BOX 132* REVELSTOKE, B.C.  p. ^^Sv  / mfy~ )T\. aM  flmm  ������S5SS3SEsS  The Kootenay Mail  i'Tlie loflipeal. _'.  Daily Herald  and a splendid picture of  ing Edward VII.  total - ���������  $2.00  DOMINION LINE-From I'oitliuid,  \ .iiu'0 nver ���������  l)  FlllllliOil        ,  r.inilu-innn,  ��������� ViiiiooiTvcr  DO.VIN'IOX [JNl-  Ciliyns of Revelstoke:  INE-From Poitliuid,          j       Jj             'c/'OZV I hilt $ 10,000 OV \    Tins in the grputo-r eoiiibinntion oiler cvoi' j OiiV'OomniUtc'c'^yill^iiocWe'^^^  ��������� ���������     ���������   ,-���������   ?i'iit.7tli      ,   ���������'-"V"' ������������������<���������"'���������"'l"-������* ,y^)wv u mm!(j        11MV'-rH,1,l,,ill,, j���������.n.���������a!, ll1ui Wl)llr(.   d.iilv, buttliprpemlSioaiiriiso wlllbeiiw|ii(ied  ��������� ���������     -     *        ���������'  llih '���������  'I'ro ann n \<.>av has   /������-ni   or.'wo frirtuinitc in .-..'cnrini-r iHci*s.:ln.-ivupi-jvif,.s<., f,u'��������� i<j Miiruli. 10JA  Any birds immo found in the  .     *           "   iU    'P^)UUU CI ytU   lut!>   tU/i ������ OtUg j ti,^(iisU.ic,.   rUl. luUy jIt,,.,lM yilu,n(&cnn������ I rtiotionani's noeupleili  " '   ���������������������������      ,���������,,/, z*1 ,'���������,.���������.   .,/.'-,.,,    /;,,.    /���������,.,, I idn'-sji'i'iil impeiv.   Ji-tn')li>5hwl in lrJOJi. it lm    '  llllO L/ililCSC lUJJCi'i   JO}'   Jbaini- j l.,!iS l.ocn ihuluulin},' l.ilKiiMlp.uioi-of Kd-teri  ,                   ,                                            ,, . t'.iiiiuiii.   It i-s now a L'l'cit family im\V-.p.ip-r  his studio on Connau^lib Ave., lefeni-d  to works comiiiittpp.  J. 1). Sil'lukl itskini; h*'  refmifl   of  837, cojit of hidewiillc  on   First.    The  .Mn^-or pointed out that aidewaik   was  two feet wider limn thr bylaw   allow  ed.    Aid. Ak-Carty suid   if this-, were.  allowed Mr. Sibhald,   allowance   must  also be made to  otheis.    Aid.   Nettle.  said  a  similar  application   from   Mr.  "becoinii'ijf   a   MuVciiber to Thk   woman'o ! iJukcr had been lefuued.    Reouest ie  < Would.   We .-hall award a prize to every pur-    ������������������...,,.' ,  Mannger Imperial Bank askin������ permit to ntl.iuh projection to buildim*  to prevent snow falling, un. sidewalk,  Jt was poinled out that tho work had  been dune contrary to bylaw and the  I'leik was instructed lo reply uceotd-  in������ly.   ^ p  11 W. Jvlwards, asking refund of  ���������S7.25, re expenses on, arclr at Van-  couvir.  ,(J\anted "  KcM'lsloke Liiiiiber Co. a.skinjj;  .-.hate uf'Council's orders for tiinbe-,,  JU'Sohed to ask both lumber companies to quote prices.  Received of defunct City of WeJ.  lington, ofreriug fire iipplinnces for  sale,    Not entettained.  Gurney    Scale   Co.   re    supplyim*  sculea for city   use.    As Mr.  McCirty  intended pultiii" in scales, the   eouu  cil did not require them. , ,  ��������� Liqiiid'itor Eliiiiru. Woollen Mills,  ofFniiijj fire equipment fjr .i.ile. Aid.  Kettle could see tlie.y must have been  reading the KoOTllSAY MAIL as to the  want of fire protection in llie city.  Hume reply a** to' previous letter. * ,  A. E. I'ic.ird, askiiit-that bylaw be  passed to allow him license for clean-  in;,' chimneys Referred to fne, water  and li<-ht cotiunittee,    ', '  Ii. Caley ofl't-rin^ to u'ecopt 8-1S-1  in  settlfiiiPiit of first quarantine expenses j  ! inciliral nn'ii and  the trc.itii.ciit** rec-  .' loiniiii-ndfd were of i-o  litlh*  eflicacv    j lliat when, jiei-fhance,  an atlPiiipt   to  The   first   regular   meetini:   for   a ' lv,l'HV'* Lh'- (JiMMS1,  w;ls  r":uI^'   "   "as  .month was held on Friday.    Piesent: I ni';"'Iy ���������������������������"'���������*>'-- foivilocimed to failure.  Flu- Mavor, Aid. Abrahamson, Nettle, f    Ult ������,wlt J������'"S',������-!������ h:i< '������������-en ">"*de of  McCart.y, McLeod, Taylor. ! * " V'';"5 in ihe stu.lv of tb^  various  { i-tt'.'ctioii-- to which lhe <Hicat*' organ  . . ! of iieai-iiiK i--.snl-jt'ct,  and  tlie  propoi-  W . P..rntt^iskirtg for a sidewalk   to , Cl ,��������� of the ul,l.s,.lt.i,w|Iv i1,t.���������r;.l,lu ba.  j ii uiiiu, ii v .-Him uuiiiu u prize lo every pur  i son who uciidrf the inline of ���������.'<" Jilid-, and our  ' -,'ifi.i will be im follow.-: For the hei<t li>t, re-  eeivid eiteh day, u Gold Watch | for the i-ccoiid  lic-ri Milnlioii each day ii beautiful Iinpnrtcil  Te.i .Set | lor the i-m en next besi solutloiii c.ieli  day, a Kourah SakiirOniiinind and Ituhy Uinnj  ior lhe ni-Nt bi-ht rolntioii.ii Gold I'it-ei'; and for  all other cornel solutions Prizei* of Good  Value. Thene 1'riiscb will he furwariled dailv.  yiii*. will not buy-Mo wiill a Ion-,' tlino in uneei-  ��������� in,  .- difference whether we (jot ymiri-olutioii lute or"  einly in t'ne day. All you need is to poet thind vt. to in-, and on the day it readies us. If  yolir lint in Iho bei-l, you shall have ths Gold  W.-Uchorif M-cond bent tho beautiful Ten Si-t  and t-o on, We guarantee Unit we will award  you a prize. There i.-alxolulily nuoppoiluniiv  for deception on our part-���������we cannoi iiU'ord If.  Wis   Mllllt.   to KOI  l,llilli,00(l   well  MUlnliod  Kllb  (���������uriber*', and for thai i-canon wo don't want, you  lo send any money  until  you know exactly  what prize you have gained by iinswerin;,- the  piMiilc.    A������ hoon after 4 p.m. each day im pas-  nible. the examiner-' will .iudno the li-its to the  best of their ability, and will do-iKiiatu the  priijerf.   AVe will write to you at once notifyiiiL'  you what prize has been uwnrdo l you, then it  you are suiisileil, you can send yoiu-Mib>crip-  tiontoTttU Wo.MASn'WoiiiiU and your prl-jo  will co t.y return ot post enrri.itfc paid.   Ton  a. nn ; pernon of narrow ideas it s.-ems Inipoi-slbli' that  X\A l{i| , we should  be able to iniike mich iij-ibMiilie  \si<j.v*/ , ()<r<..r, [)Ul; wo ]lltvu (iu. ijiuuey, brains and rcpu-  tati'ili, we know exactly  what we arc (loin*-,  ( and it' we eilii lok'itimiicely gain n million nub-  l scriljiers hy this grnlld idea we know that thih  '*���������       , ,' million ot well p!e.i'*i,(l .su'oici'lbai'i- cm be in-  6n j diiccd tnrecoiiimcnd Till-: Womas'k Would to  jl j nil friend-, thereby biiililin.t? up our clreuliiUnn  w ; Mii! furihcr,   Wc are wllliut,' to sp.-iid'S-.Vi.iiOO   I in Ihi-contcit in building up a biy .sul^criptioii  __, _     | li-st, and When lliis money is mi'uiiL we rcnurvc  Sn nil ' Hie right to puliliili u notification that the con-  UiU.UU j tf.-t"ii.i������ been (Hi-continued.   Don't.delay until  It is too lute.   The cotitctit will continue until  _ f. a        . January 1st, VJK.  illi        '     X\'o tfivo A MomiH I'riao of -S-'oO inilcpcndonl,  ta o %J \J       ' of all olliuv.-* to the jicr.-on who ,*=cnd.-i in tho l^t  ' gotten up in the be������t tlinl Intuilpoinedt inaiini'i-.  Oct. l'-'itt ,  ('.jlllliioUHcallii  X -.i- Kii!i-,<.n.{  (.'ui'.iiiii.iiucaHh  Troin llo.-toll.  ���������*-      ��������� A UK. ill I ! "/'  .-   -sepi. mii i .  -     -     -     -   -.'jib ! lOZVll.  WHO WE ARE,  ')'  , ,, .   ,   .. 'jrc.it i.iniity iieW-.p.ip.'r, i     <r\\v WriM iv'S Wnwi n i������ n l'nrnni������lilv r..l!.  work   every year tu this\ ^";i'.,ci;!^^5: j������ffj:'>'.L'!^vs.^.^ ^-:---/.'j-/".i  nhjoeoui^  il'CAVI-Ilt LlXK-l-'roin Montreal.  nVo di-vntiu; iniich -pacitii maiter.- of peculiar  '/'In' /?i>nrJ<!nbi> ^/r/jt)/ ���������'intero.-J to the family. Its coinuicrcial intelli'  i I.L,    lit i.." li lO^L  uDUCl/U | yi.!,,._,j_i,Voin*iIi.toiiiiil.reliiililc..  !.,i]<c Superior  l.'i'ic ^iiiicne  l.iii;e Ontario  I, .kc Chaiiipl.iin  Lake r.Icjjaiiuc  ���������JiUh  S7ih  r.w-cnscr.'iiielseicd through to nil jiarts of  G.'i it lu'it iin and Ireland, mid at specially low  r.-'c-'tn iill.p.irta of the Kuropcan continent.  A pjly to neare-it rail-.*.uy or ,<teain.-iliip nsrent or  ���������   r     ���������>    j /-���������             '    /      ���������        j     j-   '    Till-: KING'S I-OHT11 AIT ii the ht-rt over  \La>l,'ldry LO.  a/d   IrVllW' tO til- \ pnblii-hfd   in   nuuuhi. nnd-vHl innkeiiliand-  Au-r. .'{iHli j      ,F. ���������             ;       ;���������       i ���������"''ni'addition in i he walls of any lihi'itrv.   It. ii  ���������opt.  (ith   vi'l't t/llS VlQncy    IVdO   tlieclltW* I Ri-i>d;ic.<dl?y a-uew prriccii, and in not, one of \  l.ltb s       .,                 ,            j the fhi-hy (nlorcd p/irtrisil,-. ho cpininoii  ad'vcrti-i'. As to our reliability we rotor to any  Advertising Agent or business 1j1a.11 i.i Loudon.  Xauio   'W. BXlAt>SHA".V.  Agent. Rox-elstoltc.  nels of trade.     Wili you  not,  help by sending ns your laundry.  BUKISR& S/iXTON,  '"   I  r ' . '    i  ,   Proprietors'. I  !'ne ri'ifiiiiu' |ii'ico of the ifrmld >s S3 00 a  yiiir. the !ii3cr<ili!y of our oli'er is s-lf-ci idciit.  ���������Ti  Addru.is all orders to  he Kootenay Mail,  ���������   ���������    ��������� Revelstoke.  street  Town..  .Country  NY 71.���������He careful and prepay your letter oc. ns  wo do not receive underpaid loiter.".. Address:  The  "Woman's  World,"-Brentford,  London, W., England;  and i?(5.J   lor  T  tiiu Mi'coiid   quiii'iintinr.  t-  r*iriiniiWm(Ti fjiknC* laniXito  y' .td  li.  :c3  iq.  ���������IS'  gi:;;i  1..'!  -E3I!'  "���������"0:;  !,i J  i������'\iv I'  '|:'::iyy|:'iy i.g1  3,i'\ ,I���������.'i",I',  ��������� f;  ������������ ������u  lill'.llMW  IjI 'nii.  &i:,;','iiita  sii,!.?.a  [a'.vn'&.i  yiiiiU'B  >i , i -J"  giiiiiiiiiii  wmw  . -1 ! ,1. "  'o Im Ii-ft an pit;\imi.-jly di-ddi'd.  "11. T-.ppiug,  (ill'i'iin-,' to  buy  pen  house ftiiiui-.    Accepted.  T. Skinner, npplyiii" to bo appointed caretaker of ctani'tery. Aid. Nettle'said they might met su^estiuns  froni Mr. Howsou. H.i had udvised  Imving Ion-,' stakeis fixed to indicate.  tho lots in winter, Thc city clerk  Miid some such arrangement was nee-  essury.    Held over. ��������� ^   '  A'. 9. ..Furwell,-re cle.uiii^ lots,  stiiiiui������ that" street!- and alleys also  tei-tiiied cleaning. He would Iju wil-  lint-,to cooperate with'council in unit-*  tec.    Uefuned to works committee  ��������� 1\  L   ]'('ter������on,   enclosing  account  for fencing.,   To be paid.  Volt liu coMimTlSU1.  liecomniended the following  works  and that 8-000 be raised for tho  pur-  pose:���������8 foot sidewalk  on  Third  St.  from ' McKenzie   Ave.   to   llobinson  b.'en limnjirit down to Mich an i xu-nt'  a*, to fully jiHlily the t-Utlfu.t nt that  di.tfne.-s is no 1oii^hi: incurable.  We ivi.-ii  to   refer   here   to   a   niW  met hod   known as the Dniiint tr-pat.  nieni, \\ hich has been  foi   some tiiiu-  in Kenera! u-ie in Cieat Biiiain and on  tin* Eiiropean conlinetit, and i.- givir(j  the most remarkable  re-nlts.    In  f.ift  ivhenevi-r the oi'tf.m of h**,i:tnpf has not  b-'en sul.jfcted to any iinpoi taut   ana*  toinical cliange.*-, such as the cmuplelC  clejiriiction of the ili urn or the  ln.-s of  the Maples, it nitty be Mid that a  cure  i-i always-certain.   Based on external  applications made behind .the ears.,  on  i the mastoid pi dees'-, this livatuient is  I'ceitaiiily the i]iosUsralionaranil   elfect- -  ive,   It is not neee^ary to be well hc*  il'iaintcd with the aualoniy of,,lbu  eat  lo know that the most serious disease.**  uhich attack tlii.- nigan   have  always  their .vat in the middle and  inleri al  eir, and th.it this L- the cause, of tl c.  frequent failures which  attend    tl.iit*  Itvatiiient by means of iiir-ti'iiicenls or  aiparalus.   Completely  bidden im-idu  lhe -knll, the delicate oai tsr are abrnl������  utely out of reach from  lhe outsiCi*t  and    no    surj-eotrs    iiistiunient    i p .  apparalit*-, however clevctly ciinc-ei*. eci    ,  it may  he,  can  toticii  them;  vapour*! '  or liquid drawn through the nose c.ill*    '  not have lhe .-ligiilot't'lfect. on the 'in<  net' ear.   A- few miniiles atteulioH  1 u-  tore a picture showing the  anatomical  divisions of the ear will show the iilli't-  iinpossibili'ty of a cure by such   iiieaiu,  The Diouet sy.-tcin  of exlernal i.p������  plications acts on the inner ear  in,, IhH  .-nine way a*?,  for instance,  litiiiuetilr"  do when applied to a ^diseased joiut,  to reduce the swelling unci inH uualion  ������������������*'\.   e.,   by" gradual  nlisorptii-n.^ar.d  this is tho whole sectet of the sum-it. ,  of the met bod. , It nnist not Im tii|n  |)Osed that external.applications ������com������  pose the wbtik* of the treatinen t.    His  of coiirse, an inipol'latit pai t of it,   lliU ,,.  principal indeed; but. there u\\<  lliany  dilferent kinds  of  fill-  disC'lises,   and ,  adjuvant treatment has to be presciib* ,  e.l according lo   tin;   requirement:'   < f  uacli ease. ��������� , i  o f  O ie can only���������desire that llie Diouet  Ireal.nient should be quicklv known iu  Canada, whcie the uiniibet' of deat  puo|)le i.- ciiisideialile. Tho Diouet  Institute already has three establishments in Europe. The first and olilest  is hitiiated iu Paris; iinolhti ha.- Iron .  est iblished in Diu*?sels for the ron\eu<  tenet of patients tei-iiling iu Ui-lj-ioiu,  Holland and Germany, and llie, noith-  er.i ci u ilries. Lastly a third estcih*  lis'.itnent, which is in London, is ex-  tending its sphere of action to all co. n-  Irii'.i where ISnglish is spoken.' Theie  Lumber CVs ollice 8180; G  toot side , (s ,������ld to la* now a prospect of opening  walk nortli side l'ourtl) St.   ftom   Mc- \ ��������� ^jm.l.-n- iiiidic-.l iustituiion in New  ���������I i ������������������ cu  Incui'puralcd under the laws uf British Columbia.  Capital 8t,ooo,ooo ii| t5ooo9ooo Scares, par'Value ������loo ������acl],  All Treasury Stock, ffio Promoter's and No Preferred Stock.  S'"l  10  I3!i  IS.  ,rj  HI I'i,.ilk]  US"  ai-s'.a  g a  &.  S''"'S  ���������M  iS'   ���������������!  ml  Cambourne. Groud, 9 Claims  Oyster Group, 6 Claims.  Located in lhe l;rcc Gold Fish' River Camp, Lardeau Mining' Division, 13Hush Columbia.  sL*4 ������������*<*��������� a  200,000 Shares Now'Offered at 50'Cents per-Share.  In view of ihe splendid .showings of both high and low grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the:  economical developing and working of the properties, it is' confidently expected that, not only will the present  issue of slock be .sold quickly, but that no more wil! be offered at less than par.  Address all inquiries for information, or applications for stock to thc undersigned  y;iii!:i!iii  iniiiiira  BOIIIHIII  E3Sli������IE)  jsipiinra  ���������iVi'.!  ii:!lf|!ii|E  I -;' v ' -,  .'. ��������� * :.--  CSIIillltlilKS  r . t  SYYYta  Sllliljlliii  &ilHI!i|i;iH  ^lll'lllil^  @i|i|!!liiiE  \        'l  IJI!I!!'II!:S  llenzie Ave lb Urtoti Ave. $200; 8 ft, '  sidewalk aoutli side Third Hi. ftom  Koiileimy to Wiilf-j- Sr, ciussinj- tu  Coin t House: ������ 150; C foot walk on  iSecrind St. from Chailes to Wales Wt,  ������������������^250; 0 foot walk on south side of  First iSt. from iMcKHnzifi Art;, to hul  1, Block' OG $150. G ft. walk on  noi il, Govt, ]\d, from First to Third  St, ftiOOj S foot .ct'ossiuj* alotij- i?ast  siilu .McKt'-naie, A\n,,tu MuCariy block  8100; S ft, walk on ,300tli sirJu' Front  Sti ft om Wilson (Sti to Victoria Hoad  8150; 0 ft. t-ide'.vfill- on Jfii-sc Kt. to  Oi ton Ave. .^OOj repairs 1*170.  Un Aid. Wc Lei id's ,su������!������e3tion it  A1 a.1- decided, to include a sidcvalk to  tho Catholic Church."  Aldi jfettle said it Was not fair to  build a sidewalk on the north hide of  First as they tihould not put two sidi -  walks on onR stieet when other street's  were without any.  This piece of work was then struck  out and the leport adopted us aiiiend  mended.  Aid. Nettle poinled out that somi  of i ho crohMiiii*.*! wen:   in   a  dari'aeruu.s  condition and the city n,ii-ht bo liable   ,,,m,,K" '" ,,n ,vv" ",,,|,lv "���������' "   1,et, 'lu  ,    .   .;     c      i ! "Iir leaders tiicii who are iiiti'fe������t'jil m  Vol*;*, in older to s-pii'iul the. appl'ca������  lion of thi*. system lhri'ii-*hont the  North American Continent.  Pending lhe reali;'.alion of this pit)*  Jed, oiii-readers who are the' victinis  of deafness-, or any ailment'! of the car,  the nose, or the throat, will learn with  pleasure that in ->pite of ilbtanre.-*, they  may have thejnselvei tientcd by ihe  1 Dmu.'t lnMittiU; in Kntfl.ind, the adi  ,dress of which is 7-* lU'Kenl Vpurk*TMnd  London, Ijiislnnd, ��������� Oiiituilotui -������������������-ii������  stiltatltihs are--iven lo pnlienl? rt^ld-  ing abroad hy inean.i of a piilhokigical  '���������Patients' Report" which allows them  to describe in the, in<wi exact manner  all Ihe symptom- --i lliet   malady.  The Diouet ltislilu'i- p^i iodifally  pub'.i.-hes an Ai niy.u-.il Review of d's-  eases of the ear, lhe ihro.it. and the  nose, and is -'milled the "Journal for  the Deal", in which me n-poi-ieil tlio  most reuiai'kabl ��������� cures elfeclcl by this  estahlishmt-iit. This i<*view ,-iImi coiij  tains a lat'rfc iiiinilier of very inteivs ���������  tinjj; partictilar-., It isinteiulnd fm- tl.u  devi'lopnient nf medical infoi niation,  and for this purpose it N sent free of  chaif-i' to all who apply for it.    Let all  to action for diiniii-jiw,  llu* .-ulnVct. make diiect application 'to  9  K'.'va  td.  ;s  is      n  3  .39  te* ���������  ��������� -?/���������  .-* .,"���������>���������"- * jar������  c 'ri' li  ...    i  fi".  .E3  ���������e;  Q  a  JC\  ji  sibbal:  Q  E r~  ��������� r.'". ���������"' tr, ��������� ..i.a^;>i . ������������>'  .u-.nji*������j' ^^Jsy-  r  V9 ^VV^V^-Jf,  P. O. BOX 700, NELSON, B. 0.  .al   Broker9  REVELSTOKE, B. 0.  s.    2    a a    3    -a   "if'   :ig    ,g ' ia    .a    ;  iil!li'!l;Q  ^ipi'jiiiia  Aid.   Taylor  and Adamson   ni-teed j th,- Jinyli-h est.ibli������liiiii������ni,- whose sf*c������  The.  coiiiinitteii  also   recotiitnendeii ; M'tnry will   make a   point   of  giving  Snivelling of streets al a cost of S&IO, I ihem all the tiuulfnl inforiiiatioii,  Aid. Mci^eod complained of stale uf'' *  - - rrrrr-rr-.      ,���������  ���������- -���������*  sidewalk in fiont of J, Jjiimson's properly,    Jf 31 r. Lawson was at fault   he. .  should be compelled to look   after   it,  If the city was liable they   sliould   al- I Tend aw fora L-.39.1s3 ta Cat Timber  tend to it,  llopoit adopt ed,  011 Dominion Lands In tho Pro-  vlnco of British Columbia.  n-.;AI,]-:r> Th'S'IlKltS niltlri"-cl lothc mule:*  O   f-Ikik-iI "ilii nuifki (i on the rnvc-loin; "Tci ���������  A NEW CURE FOR THE DEAF   ! ^t,n' 'h^������* ������<-i'tii s<*. -ti-.- m tlc opciiwi. i  n nurr uunu run   inc.  uenr. . ,,,,,,,,,, ,,aJ llf Nl)V0,.,|ljr tiDuviilhi-i-ci-chctl.-t    I tlii"   I'l'parlinciit   uiilil   noon ,<iii Monilny, ili������  , , , i lllii  <)l Nn*'.. iii?Nt, for n   lu-cn-c  to cut ihn-  II lhe prepiilice so lony  entei'tained | Ijcr on llcrtli No. -2VX ((ini|irl-iii^ ,m am-, if  Ifi'iM-������.,.n..'iPi- 1I1.1I ,l.i.,r.i.. j   !���������   l.w  j lliiTC-iin.-irc mile-inor.-ui-l ���������.  -ilium in  Ho  in.tlii.ii'ouiitij that deal nc������s 13  incur. ' ,V)m.,, Ji,,,!,,,^., 0��������� n^ x,CM..rly <'i]v <.f Unable  could  bo   iviimved  a   Inner   step ��������� Colninliia Ifiicr. about foniO'cn milr* -mull-  , 1 ,             ,                 .      ,             ,. 1 erly from  I(e*c!-lnl;c, anl nua-o iiarticuliirly  wciii.d lie matli' towards the ei.-ulic.i- 1 (loci-ibcl a-* fullo-.v-:  linn   nf  llni*-   too   cniii'iimii    infli'inil v U'lliwilt'licln-f a l the uoi'llieii-t corner of Tint'  lion 01   mar   too   lomuion   inmmit*. b������r ijcrlli No.  113. on the bank of Uic Km",  Why peoiile feilfl.'i'lllL-from  defect-  of    tlieneo iioitlici-ly .-iluiw Die ������-.-l li,mk of tl o  1.   ... i. iti. ��������� Columhiii lilvcr, [li'.-ei.. mile; ir. dir.-c'. distal t5  hiiarmg 01 ear diseiiscs slioiikl  not   ap- t bynnc in dcjali.'  ply for relief with the same alacrity as 1 . 'Tho ruifii ati'inc under ������!iicii a liern������c will b������  ', ,���������    . . .. .       l������"iiol. al-oin-liilcd  form of Icmk-r mid cliv  When Slllleril ^ irom Oilier ailni.'IltS   IS | lnyc 1n.1v liu ol>t.iin.:l .it Ilii-  n-mrlinrnt ir  dimei.lt to  understand;   the.  more   sii|^;*f !ictalll'i*r^'������t������t^  when the misei v tlK'xe diseases  entail'    Kadi  tender nni-t be .leeoiii-jaiiied  by an  .,        ,   ,'      .ii-        ,, n-       , accepted che'ine on a chartered  Hunk in tavi r  is considereil, liy excluding the  sulle.r- ! 0f the Deputy of the Mmi-ler of thc Interior,  er from all social intercourse.  Possibly an explanation tuny lie  found in the fact, that for a very lonpr,  lime I'M' di-va^cs iveie beyond th^  t>rn''.YH^ f-f i\ft \fx%\ wfvl-Y (,(  for Ihcaiiioni't of the boii'i-- which the apple  cant i- prepared lo p.iy for itlkcn-e.  Notendei by tcko'raph will bo enlerlainc*l.  J'KHLKY G. 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Axes, Cross, CutvSaws.r       ' ; Y  '  Vy Builder's' Supplies4-Nails, Building,Paper, Lx'ks;and Hinges. :.','���������������������������'.  fflDTOB ONlYvliylwtt  .'��������� y\Carpet.syLihdIeuin5,;Fl(-ot'Y i'Y:  :y:(31 oths, B1 ind^iWaHPiipeiv^c  Seco'iul ���������'���������:, ���������Ili'ind ���������'��������� ���������FiiiiiitiiiH.Y:  Bought iind SolflpY Waiehoitse fotpStorage of Fur^  YpY'yyY'' 'Y'-Y.,    ^.enlfpr;Pianbs,'brgan^''and 'Cw.irgYMacriin^^y'YYy'''���������']'},;.%���������i'.iy  fMiiW&^f:  wo mourn NOTHING  .vy'i^iiot in out-lini2;but,wejiav^  y ^ei-ges, and;Y\Vqi;slecisYever'fclio;iVn.y' You sh6uidY;ahvays; keep'  -" 'illvc. :ciiaviiiin!j..iTMiientinl���������'aiiil Kiirdcii tract j  Yhi liwecn".iriippiiiK's and pbong'r*, ..will be sub'  yiiyided;as soon '.'as- ppssiblc, -vy y;. 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