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Kootenay Mail Oct 17, 1902

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 Provincial Library
|1   * U
77/f OLD
Vol. 9,-Na 29:
$2.00 Per Year
of our Groceries right, as \\\1, i
A Reasonable TroJ-Vf
and we can as.'-ure you of our
.We respectfully solicit your
the prices.   -
.> 'ill vve ask,
best attention,
patronage  ancl
Lund   v   Leslie    Heard
Justices, Saturday.
t Don't Send Out of Town    ��
r - ii
until -you   have inspected our
For. anything
new stock of
The provincial police oflice was
crowded, 'on Saturday afternoon
when the case G. Lund v. J. A.
Leslie for apstiult was heard before
Me.?.?!-.--.'Lindniark and GorS'on, J.
Ps. '     ' ,
J. M". Scott appeared for"the
prosecution and G. S- McCarter for
llie defence.
Pro-icciitor staled : In dining
room of Oriental Hotel on Tuesday
evenim*' accused called ine vile
nunics.    Asked him to come out
and told him I wanted to see him
after supper. lie replied is-there
any money in it ? When Leslie
came out asked,if he wanted to take
back what lie said, or to come into
back yard. Ho gave me no satisfaction.     1 struck him in'the face.
fi.vkd $50 AXI) n-s-TS.
In giving judgment Mr. Lindniark said': The evidence is no
Before credit to either one of you. Tlie
time for these brawls and lights
and taking the law into your own
hands is past. Lund had sufficient
evidence to bring Leslie up for
abusive language and have his honor
rectified before the court. Therefore Lund was-the aggressor. These
bar-room fights were a disgrace to
the community. There was no
doubt from tlie evidence Leslie was
in a bad corner, but a knife should
never be used. It was a disgrace
to any man to use it. Leslie is
fined $50 andcorts.
Got him down
md   held   him   belle   took "out   a
- ��   V
Imported direct from Scotland.
A splendid assortment of all
"&��� e*
tween my legs
knife and .
���   p-      CUT MIC ���������OUI- Tl.MJ-S.
'"'To McCarter : If , I bad not
struck him there would have 'been
no trouble. ' '
JJrl Ca millions gaye evidence as
to nature of injuries sustained by
prosecutor, and stated one wound1
was within an inch and a half of a
vilaI part.
The ' drawers, . pants and shirt
worn by Lund were produced to
rdiow'cut*'. [
arid C.   Hanson gave,
to 'seeing affair and
A Story oi Progress
Brilliant Outlook for Next  Season.
YV. Murray
evidence   as
stopping it.
J". A. Stone
u.-is fitkell "Vi
>r tlie Bl-ickfc'mitli,
on hy. W
Wheelwright a ml Implement business carried
. Mollisiiti itt, Revelstoke'.'
Wagons Made and "Repaired.'"the Best Carriage Yvoods KeptiipStoei
Shoeing a Specialty.
Tools Sharpened..
Cli.iiiiiiin  Wagons and Sleigh*.'  -NY. M. (Irsiy's Cutlet*-,   (Juggies and E*spie*>s
Wagons.     MvConnick   Mowers   and   Reapers.    Copp   JSros.'  Plows,
v-     ' Harrows, Cultivators, Fottitoe Digg-us, etc., etc!,, /
not know who
the aggressor. Thought Leslie
had a knife and interfered when it
was used.
This 'closed the' case for the
��� Mr. McCarter in opening tlie case
for the defence said it was evident
Leslie ��� ,    ,���
Lund himself had admitted if he
had not struck Leslie there would
have been no trouble. Leslie had1'
the reputation of being a quiet
man, and had never lieen mixed up
in any trouble "-before. He called
following evidence for defence.
Joltn IJrislow heard Lund challenge Leslie lo go outside. Leslie
said: "1 don't have to." Liind
got him down with his head fastened tight between his legs and
plurched him.
To Mr. Scott :     Heard Lund sav
���*E. Watcrson said Lund waited
at the dqor for Leslie and' as he
came out told him to come to the
back, he had some business ,lo
settle with him. Leslie would not
go and Lund struck' him in the
I face. Leslie stepped back, when
Lund followed him up.'     Leslie hit
\ Shoes, Hosiery, Suspenders, TiesyUnderwear, etc fi
All above lines are" up-to-date goods it will pay you to see
them before'purchasing elsewhere.      We also carry ,   ���
Trunks, Valises, Sweat Pads','Oil'Coats, Oil Hats, Water-proof Sheets,'etc
Weekly Shipments of Fresh Creamery Butter, and JOggs. .
Our Teas and Coffees arc taking the lead���try them.
Front Street,
Revelstoke, B. C.    - p
i lack.
This- Rill.    Don't put ii. nil' (���������> late iind catch cold.
And do nut buy a cheap, shoddy (inc.   They never look well
I.i-l lis nisik��������� yen it c"ia thiil will please yoit.    Y\"c {-itti do il.
, i��fo ?fa ^ <#*-'i> ^ ^
'Boqij,;   Shoes,    Hats,    Caps,   "Ready
Made   Clothing,   Shirts,    Soc%sf'
Ifnderctothing\ O-Veralls, Suspenders, *%
Glomes, etc.
They clinched, ancl Lund
Leslie on ,the floor and was
punching him. Lund said Leslie
was biting. Told him to let-go.
Lund vheld Leslie with his head
between his legs.'  Lund \    ���
Shortly " after Lund said Leslie
was cutting him. Mr. Stone came
in ancl he and others separated
them. Lund couid have' broken
Leslie's bad* in the position lie had
him. As far as he could see Leslie
acted only in self-defence and Lund
was aggressor. Did not know
whether Le.-lie cut Lund.
Dr. Cross examined Leslie and
found him much bruised about the
head and face. lie, had a, depression in the skull from a former
accident and a blow there ' '
S. S. Slater did not sec Leslie do
' more   than   necessary    to   defend
| himself   unci   did   not see a knife
used.    Leslie had asked   Lund   to
let him go.       - '   .
11. Leary saw Lund strike first
blow. Leslie was in a very bad
\i. Spencer said -Lund was giving
 eft.      He hit
The season just.closing has , seen
great activity in,the J��ig Lend , but
not a patch on what promises for
the current year.   '' i
' The outlook for the produclipn
of placer gold has never- looked
better since the days of the big
rush. '
ihjquesni; comtany's I'ltori-HTY.
"While Supt. Bradlev, ' of the
Duquesne Mining Company, will
make no authoritative statement it
is known that very satisfactory
results have attended their exploration of' the old channel of
Smith Creek. The company have
gone1 about this work in a most
enterprising manner and have put
in a first-class plant for the purpose at great1 expense. ? '��� he work
has been prosecuted in "the face of
great difficulties and has been most
creditable to Mr. Bradley and his
co-directors. While much of the
wash gone through lias -carried
what is, known a- "chicken feed"
gold some of the best .coarse gold
yet taken out of. the Bend has been
struck. The. camp is fully stocked
with supplies lo enable work to be
carried on vigorously all winter'.'
.    ,     , n. howa'ud's ground   '.
On .thi*- hydraulic gremd worked
by Harry Howard there was a good
clean up in the spring considering
the short time Ahc ground was
worked owing to the washing out of
the flume.
AYork has again been started on
another piece of ground which gives
promise of big returns.
,, On Camp Creel' Raymond Allen
and his partners, F. 13. Wells, J. I.
,\V'oodrow, Dr.. Carruthers. .]. D.
Molson developed the ancient
channel of Camp Creek and proved"
it to carry good gold. They have
shown splendid enterprise in ihe
work by running a ditch'to connect
with Camp Creek above the Gorge
and bring in a water supply from
that point. 'Everything will lie in
shape to start washing by the end
of this month and there is haully
a doubt but that good returns will
be obtained. This ground is niost
favorably situated for operating.
It has a good dump, ample fall,
and a good water supply.    ,   '
Geo. L'irtch, all on Potlatch Creek;
Wakefield and Golden Roseiby G.
S. McCarter, Glasgow and Dufferin
by T. Kilpatrick, Arlington by T.
W. Bain, Columbia by C. Abraham-
son, Victoria by A. E. Kincaid,
Balfour by G. S. Flindt, all on
Graham Creek; Stanley fraction by
G-. Lund, Dandy by W. Abraham-
son. Winsor by -J. Ahrahamson,
Northern Bell by A. E. Kincaid,
Lord Roberts by .}. 1). Graham, all
on Ground Hog Basin; Book Keeper by D. McDougal, Mica Queen by
K. Me Bean on Keystone.
The daj-. of the opening of. the
Big Bend, so long looked forward
to by Revelstoke, lias come', though
in a different way from what was
anticipated. It was expected the Big
Bend timber owners, who hold such
extensive limits in the Bend would
be ihe first to open lite country
whereas the pioneering work is1 being done by the smaller concerns,
and the big ones will now be forced
to act to protect their own interests,
for if fire gets into those Big Bend
timber limits it wilj .result in
serious loss to these big'owners.
and Purest Selected Ten that money can briy,
packed to retain its-natural aroma-and flavor,
free'from the contamination of the odors of,, surrounding articles, get       ���
They come in
perfectly pure.
Ling Package Teas j
leaded .packages
air light
One Pound Makes Over 200 Cups,
50o oer Pound I
\ Feet of
Lumber Secured
Mill Will Have  Capacity of 25,-
000,000 a Year. .
Another important move in "the
local industries of the district has
been completed. This week T.
Lu'dgale the well known Sound
lumberman ' who became famous
'over the Dcadman's Island business at Vancouver, visited Revelstoke, and met here Angus McLeod"'
of Bracebridgc, Out., of the Spanish
River Pulp Mills Co., and one of
the leading lumbermen of the cast.
These gentlemen proceeded to Arrowhead to examine into the timber
limits, which J. A. Taylor, of
Arrowhead, has been quietly locating for thorn on Arrow Lakes, .and
to decide on a  ���       -j'   '   ,       --.'.>.-,-
SITE FOI! A MILL.   '        '     "
Theyfcund that Mr. Taylor had
���secured'for them limits of excellent
limber, conveniently situated- to
the lake, and aggregating 200.000,-
000 feet of limber, and are well
pleased with the selections made.
After looking carefully into the
matter of a millsite, they -decided
to build they mill'at Arrowhead.
Logging operations Avill shortly he
begun but a start"will not be made
with tho mill till spring.
the s.Cwmill
to be erected iv111 be of the
saw pattern, as this makes
lumber than the circular saw
We are expecting by express cl.-i.ily one of' ihe I.up-i^t. mid best assorted
stocks of Bulbs ever brought in in Llie city. The following list will (jive you ;in
idea of (.he assortment.
TULIPS, Single, ,.      -
NARCISSUS, Von Leon,   ^
Now is the lime, to leave your (
jr -
i*r *
TULIPS, Double,
NARCISSUS, Paper While,
CROCUS, Assorted; and other!-,
md make yiiii'r"s'*]i��ctioi).
Chemists and
��� 9    Stationer s*A
a? ���& is <s s y t< is -c $ $ $> v -? % i* f i "P. y n *' * s ** �� -�� *y �� * ���** ��
economical, -saving
fin ei-
is   more
hoard in five. The mill will have a
capacity of 25,000,000 feet*3 a year.
This new industry will employ a
large .number of men and will
mean much to the ihdusfiial interests of Arrowhead and Revelstoke. Messrs. McLeod and Ludgate left for the Coast'lasl night.
new   Revelstoke   and
v? ' il to Leslie right and
<���*-> ' first and forced the fi0
Hoys and Children's Overcoats and \Jndcrclothing at
P^e>c/elsto?(j2   Station,
"Wholesale and Retail
.   .   .   Meat Merchants.
i:i>Ln:'s stoky.
Accused said had been
Asked Lund'if he was going to take
up the boat for Kellie an'u said
"you're no good in a boatanyway."
Lund called me a liar and said he
would smash me. Gus Anderson
said "If you don't stop that racket,
I'll lick you both." As he came
out Lund asked him to go into back
yard and when he refused struck
him, got him down ancl held head
tight between his leg?. Tried to
get pin to stick into him to make
him let go but not finding one got
knife and holding hand over it
stuck point into his legs. When lie
sustained (lie injury to his head
I-r. Walkern told him if he was not
careful the paralytic stroke would
Head Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage
.     <^s^Ga]gary>1 Alberta
>lt urged that tlie   use
j revolvi-rs   tulcl   knives
I firmly. suppressed,
should   1.
The new Revelstoke and Me-
Cullough Creek company are
arranging to start work. Willi all
the gold that has been taken out of
the creek it is believed there is still
enough gold in (he wash' on the
sides of the creek and among the
boulders to make (his a paying
proposition. A small hydraulic
plant is to be put in. '
I'iiK.NX'ii ci:ki:k.
Arrangements   are    nko     being
made to work (his creek,   and -tip-
plies for the purpose ��wero sent   up
by boat on Wednesday,
uow.vn: ciii-i'-K.
The copper-gold locations in lliis
section show sonic of the largest
and most promising ore bodies in
the country, and the camp gives
promise of becoming a second Rossland. F. B. Wells. J. 1. Woodunv,
A. Mcintosh, J. C. Montgomery
and others are holders , of the
mineral locations here, and a (rail
has been completed almost to the
G. B. Nagle returned this week,
having made the round trip by
boat from Beavcrmouth lo Revelstoke. He located several new
blocks of limber for the Revelstoke
Lumber Company.
Many newmincral locations have
been made in the Bend, as will he
seen from the appended list. The
locations are mainly on Ground
Hog Basin and the mica, boll. HI lie
Jav bv J. Jenkins, on Goat Mountain. The Sunset and Mica King,
by E. Puffer, Antelope by .1. .McCallum and W. Lawrence, Sky
Scraper by T. W.'Baiu, Pecrfootby
Tight Heaters
nititle today.   Four sizes.   Also
Coal and .Wood Healers, Cook Sieves and Steel Ranges.
We would dinw; your itt-,'-
tendon lo out own nnike'df
One of.lhe'most at I met ive stove
own in,--.
price as the patent
st' of i iveiled pipes Ihc
"til w;iys slip" |
i t id.
r-   -fr   *.*, *t   -ti*   -*-    r-    c-   -ii   *"   ���*'   ���"   *t-   <���   t-   -tr   *<c   ���**   ���<��
t-1 -%'% -\ -{-(-('N '1'"(-("V Tl -TTTT
Death of an .Eastern Veteran.
The Kiugblon Whig records the
death of Tlios^. Tit]-i]ihig, one of the oldest resident!' of Kroiitei'ite County,
nnd f.-ilhe-r of J{. Tttpping of this city.
PocCiised was for 40 years postmaster
iit'lli-.i-dinge, Out. The Whig says:���
"A remarkable mini, was Mr. Tupping'
.ind he was a familiar and striking
figure on. Kingston Streets. Stand-
in.'; fully 0 ft. '2 in. in height, clean
shawn, of wiry IVaii-e iind while hair
he commanded everybody's addition."
Mr. Tapping wa**. formerly in the London police force and was WI years of
nj-c. He wah for 15 years it member of
l-'ronleiiiie County Council. Our eon-
Icinpory adds:���''jMr. Tapping'Wii.-i it
very liberal mini, well informed and
welll ic.ui, and was it faithful icpre-
.seiilal ive of hi.*- cuiihti ttienls and of
tliP coitnly ,-it large." The court
)iu!i*.-e, (lag was al half-mast in honor
of decea.*--:d. He leaves three sons and
two (litii��hlers.
The International
Correspondence Schools,
The world needs you, bu. .needs you
traitied. We tedt-h hy m;iil, Mecliiini-
cal. .SlOiiiii, RIcL'tric.-il, Civil and Mining
Eiigineciinf:: Shop .and Foundry Prac-
lic.': Archileclnre. Pliimliing', Sheet
and Iron work: 'tVlephony, Telegraphy
Cli'Mtiislry. Oriiainenliil Design, Letter-
int-; and 8it<ii J-*.iintinR: ��� liiiRlish
Iii,inches, liookkeepinfr ttnd ijtcno-
s-r.iphy. IOIectio-Theriipetilics, German,
J-'rencli and Spanisl).
\V*lif*n wtiling hliitc stibjcct in which you are iuleest.ed.
\V.  II. .VcDOL'fJALL Kepicseiitnlive,
P. O. Hox Kill, - Xelson, li. C.
Established 1391. " Capital. $1,500,000,
George Tolton'Breaks Goal.
George.'TuHon, who liad jii-j.t served
a term of 30 d;iys in the local j-aol for
raihing checks, was re-seiilenced on
Monday to a similar term for stealing
money from Constable. Upper's desk,
but. lie had grown I bed of prison fare.
His mate had left Ihc gaol the day
before and il is supposed be got a file
in to J-Villon, for on Tuesday morning
il wil*- found llie iron bar which holds
llie gaol (liioi had been filed through anil
thoiiiiil bud down. The prisoner
hid leg irons oil him i-.l the time, as
('ons(ali!e i'|,]ier had found him manipulating the. 'door the dny before
ii'id put the iroiison him,." '.;   /���;
Camborne has been called the
, Rossland of tiie Lardeau.
M'uiy  bciievc that   Cam borne: has  a
future than anv mininc: chit- in the West
rhose who are wise and can size up a " good
in on the Ground Floor
are Q'ettin-
Some  of
snapped up.
the  best  lots   Have ;
1 )t-n't you want one
il ready
'Twill Make Money for You While You're
H. S. WALLACE, MANAGER     -    -    -    -    -    CAMBORNE, B.C.
���fe o .  THE KOOTEtf AYOMAIL.  W  (The IRootena^ (Bnii  J'UULISHKL)   FKIDAY.  ���������AT���������  REVELSTOKE. B.C..  Sabscrlption   Price,   S2.00   Per   Annum  ADVKUTISING ItATKS on ' ti*>i>]kntion  Chances in advertisements must, be in by  Tuend.iy of each week to secure good display.  JOB PKINTIXG promptly executed at, reasonable rates.  ACCOUNTS for printing and lulvcrtising  payable on first of month; subscriptions  payable in advance.  COHRKsjl'OXr-KN-CK invited on matters of  public interest. Communications to "editor mu^t be accompanied by name of  writer, not necessarily for publication, but  a������ evidence of good faith. Correspondence'  must reach the oflice by Tuesday evening.  Address  Thk Kootenay Mail,  Revelstoke, B.C.  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Tlie ��������� editor of the  Colonist was at the meeting and we  challengchiin'to publish a verbatim  report of what Mr. Powell said.    If  he does it will  be   found   that our  report was a  correct  record ' of the  principal features of   Mr.   Powell's  address.     Our report was compiled  from a verbatim'report taken of the  main portions of the address.     We  find,that others   besides   ourselves  were so astounded at  Mr.   Powell's  disgraceful .charges that  they tool-  notes of them and forwarded a copy  of the charges to Hon. A. G.   Blair,  Minister of Railways, who has these  statements in his possession.     We  can  gel Ihe necessary . afiidavits to  prove the accuracy of our report.  If Mr. Powell did , not make  scandalous charges Why was it  necessary for him lo declare he  could give names and places of  appointmeijt*- to the Intercolonial  and postal departments to prove  his denunciations of these departments? Why wiis il necessary to  bpa-t I hat* ho was a man of substance and that the public servants  whom be denounced could take  proceedings against him ?  tlie Dominion government should  not sell any coalknds but adopt a  policy of conserving,, them in the  public interest. This sentiment is  taking fast hold on the people. ( At  Toronto Mayor Howland has prepared a petition asking that the  Dominion government take measures for acquiring a' sufficient  portion of the coal mines in Canada  to be able to meet such an emergency as the present coal situation.  RIFLE ASSOCIATION.  On Saturday shooting was interfered  with by a high wind, which bothered  everybody except J J., A. Brown, who  made the best score yet totalled on  the raiij-e.  Diamond  ���������Iff.)  .-.no  CM  yds.  v<i.-  yds.  Total  It. A. Brown    :c  27  T,  Ml  H. LawMiu    no  ���������i:>  11  W  A. l-.T!iipii.s    is  3)  71  -ri  hi  Ul)  T. Down;.    il  Jl  F. 11. Lewis    Si  13  1  13  U.S. Flindt    in  ���������1)  1)  .in  A. M. I'iiikliain    in  11  (1  I!:)   18  10  i;  0  ii ,  I'S  Ti  10  ti  Tt  (>. l.ciiibKe    17  i  2  ���������������i  Dr. C.-iniitlii  -7 did mil shoot.  TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS.  '$150 will bring you tlic Kootiotay  Mail nnd Weekly Ulobe of Toronto  till the end of lilOij, balance of 1902  supplied free. This is a rare opportunity^ secure two good newspapers  at a low rate. The premium includes  portraits of all Ontario governors.  Tub KoQTi-y.'Y Mail,'-  ���������'    Revelstoke.  THIS is one of the 'Ryrie'  ll    Specials   in   Diamond  Rings, No. 969.   Our price  for it is 4575.  We personally guarantee  the quality.  (  It Is mounted Inl": piRforrttlicr'  l.idy.-, or t'clitli:iii m's n cir.      ,  "J7c deliver this safely to any  address, and refund the fiill price if  you are not perfectly satisfied.  Write for our new illustrated catalogue.  Ryrie Bros.,  Jewelers,  yonge and Adelaide Streets,  Toronto.  ������  ^  Witt Fibrobernsor? <      Addition to  Does Your Food Distrass You ?  Jf Mr. I btisbe  were  A SNAP TO THE RIGHT PARTY  Owing to a.change in business and  our inability to properly at tend to it.,  we will lease to any industrious person  the Ayhvin market garden, Union bay,  tor a short or long term, at an extremely low rental. The gardens c*m-'  brace live acres, and are planted w'tb  300 fruit trees���������plums, cherries ami  apples���������200 will be bearing next year;  300 currant bushes, 200 blackberry  300  gooseberry   bushes,   200  -owcll knew    these   char-res   wm-,.   1'hul,:"'1'   roots and J0,000_ strawberry  J  Cironf-I. I). -St I  A.  :vi:i.si'j:-i*. ll.f".  IRK.  Dominion and  Pik-vinc-ia i. ,  Land Suhveyou.  Rj-VKLSTOKK,    R.C.  M  ISS EDWARDS,  THAIXED MEDICAL AND  SUUGICAI.  ' NUIlSE.      '  REVELSTOKE, J3. C.      '  -.Xtbe Ifcootena? flliaf I  true why did he not make them in  the communities where ' all the  cirbumstanccs were known, in-j.lo.-ul  oi iterating them at Rcvcl-Moke,  o000 miles from the scenes of the  charges 'I Why did he make such  sneering remarks about liir Wilfred  Laurier and thcFrench-Cnnadians V  It 'is only the lowest type of  politician who will make ��������� such  disgraceful- charges against his  neighbours when'a way from' 'home  and their lie about it on his'return  to clear himself.  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1SJ02.  The coast papers have - made  ' exposures in -"connection with the  visit of the Shamrock lacrosse team  which arc a menace to legitimate  Y=port, and, concerning which the,  National Amateur Lacrosse Association should make the fullest  investigation.  FORCE   OF  PUBLIC  OP IN J ON.  We are glad to sec a ' high   railway oflicial like Sir Thos.  Shaugh-  nessy admit  that regard must   be  plants.,1 All yielding good-crops... Ample ground for garden I ruck under the  hoe. Xo Chinese . gardens to compete  with. This vis a rare oppurtunity.  Km- terms, etc.. applv to  0.'& II. AYLWIN,  ���������    New Denver, R. C  DEAFNESS AND CATARRH.  212 CASES CURED. ���������  One of the benefits to the city of  owning the water and light system  is already evident in a reduction of  two mills in the city rates as 'compared with last year's rales, although the city has a greater  burden in the shape of school  maintenance.  When K. L. Borden, the conservative leader, was here he  advocated higher tariff, even though  it should cut Ihe throat of the  mining industry. When he got to  Manitoba he thought the tariff on  agricultural implements was high  enough. Such is the humbug of  politics.  Sir Frederick Borden, Mini.-tcrof  Militia, brings the good news on  his return from England that the  .Canadian and 'British governments  had decided to jointly establish a  fasUAihintic slciimfliip .'crvicc between Halifai.v, N. S., and' Liverpool po't.-'s with an annual subsidy  of .?].'-25.000 for leu vear-.  The Semi-aninitial report of the  Drouct Institute lately published in  the leading London'papers gives'a record of 212 cases of deafness and ear,  nose and, throat diseases cured by the  .Drouct. -Method during the first six  months of 1002. A brief analysis of  these, 212 cases shows results which  are, lo say the least, remarkable.  Nearly one-half the patients before  applying to the Jiistitttte had been1"  under -some form of treatment which  had failed. There are numerous cases  oV deal'iK's.*1 of 5, 10, li), 20, and even  -10 years duration in which restoration  of hearing has been effected, and sonic  of these patients had been ''Stone  Deaf." Then there arc those astonishing cases, where deafness was cur. d  at tiie age uf 150. (io 70, 75. -ind even  S6 years. Again there arocC;ises oi  sclerosis, or deafness from dry catarrh  [of the middle ear, pronounced ineur-  iiible, by ninny Aurist-s. which have  verv strong but public sentiment is   yielded   to ihe new   treatment of   the  i Drouct Institute, all of which give  \ renewed hope to those who aft'-r try-  view or the', ii-.g the o'-dcr methods have given tip  are before j i'1 despair. Fur ���������those who, s-uiVer  i iVi-in catarrh i-i the nose and "thnnti  ��������� there are the histories of cure- of eas-  facturc public opinion by way- cs of long-ttamiinsr in which the Dro-  that are'not legitimate and proper;1 net .Method has been sticci'Ssiul, even  but in these days ii does not lake  long to expose these; and then you  get -a strong, healthy, sound expression of tho sentiment of the  community which no interest, however powerful, can ignore."  Are you nervous?!  Do yen fi't'l older than you used to?  I.s your appelile po'ii'?  Is your  tongue coated  with, a slimy,  yellowish fin?  Do you have dizzy spells? -  Have you a had tasl.e in the tiionlb?  Does your food eoiiie up after oaling,  with ;t sour taste? '  Have you a sensation of fullness after  eating?  Do you have heartburn?  Do you helch gas or wind?  Do yon have excessive thirst?  Do you notice  black specks before llm  eyes? , "  Do yon have pain oi oppi ession around'  "(In* heart?  Does yimr heai |, palpitate  or  healiir-  n'giil.irly?  Do you have unpleasant dreams?  Are ymi cuiist ipated?  Do your limbs Ireinble or vibrate?  'Ai'i-'you rest less.a L night?  N'AMg ���������. ...r-.    A u;i   Oi'ciipal ion   Sir"i'i number.   ...'.'.   Tn'wii'. Stale   If ymi have .-inv or all of tin- above  *-yiii|iiiiins ymi probably have Dyspi'p-  ,.si.t. Fill in lh" above, blank, send In  ti*s, and \\ e will mail von a free trial of  PEPSI KOLA TALSLETS --unquestionably the stti-oL and Safe'sl. Dyspepsia  cure known���������logi'tliei" wilh nutjittlc  book ��������� "Advice to Dyspeptics.", Ri-gu  lill-Ysi'/.e Peji.sikola Talilets, 2."> cenlF, by  iiiail. or of youi druggial..'  AGENTS WANTED. '  '  iiMlliL  ~l   j- I    |���������!  Humk c  mimiwyii   J "J      "^"Ij���������J1��������� ^ "*  1  L. ��������� ��������� _ Z _5 _  _ _  "III    IT     2  , 1,1 I MJ-J,,)���������LL  ll  j  For Terms and Particulars as to Sale of Lots, apply to  H. N. COURSIER, AGENT, REVELSTOKE.  THE LAXAK0LA COMPANY,    '  ���������13 Vicsuy STi'i-'-r, NRW-YORK  paid liy corporations to public  opinion. Discussing the anthracite  strike, Sir Thomas said :  "The public sentiment of ihc  community will compel tlie opposing forces to come to a settlement  before very long. The opertUors  and the miners may feel themselves  very strong but public setu'im  stronger than either. The public j  generally takes a fair  situation when facts  them.    J L'rtuit (hal vou canmanu-  Kootonay Lodge  No. 15A.F.&A.M.  Tlic regular incclin:^  are licld in tho Masonic Tciiiyi]<������ri'ounic  llull, on Iho third  each  ,month itt, S p. m.  Visit iiif? 1) re tin-on  coi-diiilly welcomed.  11. OOItnON   Skciustaky.  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. P., No  25.  ,-_ s* \,-rs       , ItcKiiliti' meetings aro held  *-'    ������������������'���������"* '* rrdM    ii Oddfellows' Tfnll every  ' '       'Y '������.'���������% if������\ Thursday nii,rhl at.  eii,rlil  '-';."... ������������������!??���������;'������,'/'; o'clock.   Visiting brother-;  - ''"il'",-; ���������*'' cordially welcomed.  It. 55. "I'lbSO-V, N.G.   J. A. STONJ5, 11. & KS.  PRICE,   -    25 CENTS'  Hnlilii't-  Slanips  Notarv.  ���������Seals,  Wax Si-.-ils  Sli'iicils  I--I ii-o  .Min-kers  Pi-ini iny  Wheels  Niiinlierinf*;  iU.-ichiiu-H  lliuid Dnlin^  and Nuintici'-  injf Slumps  Check  Pei foi-iitors  Rubber Type  Crown I'l-int-  iiiK I'rowos;  etc., ete.,  Your Patronage respect-'  fully solicited  THE H.J.FRANKLINSTAMPWORKS-  VANCOUVER, B. C.      *  THE- BEST TALKING MACHINE  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O, F.  Mcet< every Tuesday  >������y-r������*-i        i^T^j*^    evening     in    Selkirk  rir     WL    J>y^V trail    at,    S    o'olock:  ft     ^^^^kS^    y\VisiiinK brc'Jiren cor-  VfeS?^ ^fe&Mially  invited   lo  al,-  teii't.  J. OUT'IKTT, X. G. -J. .AlATlnE. Six.  Baker and  Confectioner  A full   unci complete  line of ��������� ,  ,  GROCERIES  Corner JIcKotr/.ie Avpiiiu'  unci Railway Street  niter onuratioiis .Mid .������('Vi:i-t; ctuiteriz- j  ittion- '</f the nos-i :iijil ihroat have!  fitiled. ��������� ,,  Thii-e   wlio cii-.-jiro to rertrl 1/12   cu\r,-  pleic (iet.iils of tlie   v;iriou.-,'cii.-.r'.''   cm !  San   lr*t * Grass  (g������3gsg'^,-^if-������fni-'i 1' .������F7uii-;ii.u.j^..jjtftr������i  CONTRACTS OF ANY  MAGNITUDE   EXECUTED  Bnsaaasacsassssa .  Complete Installations Our Specialty  Finest Class of Machinery   ....  It talks I Sings, Comic, Sacred and Sentimental Songs. Plays like y.  fulJ'Baiid or Orchestra. You can understand every words it fpcaks. ]i ,i -  the greatest entertainer ever made. It uses the Hard, Flat Disc Rccorc's  which last for years.      , , '  The Grani-o-plioiic is made iu Canada. A five years written {���������v.,'--  ratttec with-ea't li machine.,  Write for Catalogues���������free. '  PRICES   $16.50   AND UP. ,   .  Sold on Easy Monthly Payments, if desired.  f.  e   ' ... MANUFACTURED BY . . .  E. BERLINER, 2315-2319'St. Catherine St., mo'ntrc/.l  EMJiXUEL BLOUT, General Manager for Canada.  J"  Canada Book and Drug Co.  Agents for Revelstoke.  'i\  .A.   POETTJl^l  In the eventof u stroke of good forlnntt  yon can win  500,000   MARKS.  The payment of Llie  prizes i.s trtiiiritn  Iced liy (lit! Government..  FIRST DRAWING : , "  DECEMBER 10th  HIM  lh  KX-M. I\ POWK1  '.cry inl! dc-'crijinriny iu tli-.- int-  i.-.-t iniin-ili'-r of ti.<- "Joiini.il for in^-  JH-iif.,' :���������. ]nihlicatiu:i winch i.-* ismk.-i-]  hy thr- In-.-'itnte a- ,i ni'.-.tns of it.s.si.^t-  ing jieo'ilc wjni-tli-.sirr? to .gain ;i knou-  ludge of th'1 c*;tn.-.''->  and the -yniptrims  i.';ii.  The Hintom Uleetric ' Co, Limited  VICTORIA and VANCOUVER. '' ^  'nf   d'-nfix'ss    mid cllsensfW   of the  Hegiiriling Iheiiifciiitinffrufurciicc-s,. iiusr^ j),,,| thront.    Uf.-idc- pi.iin t;il  German Great Money Lottery.I Sate of Hamburg  You aro'invited lo pitilicipitlo in Llu* chances of winning in the gnind  drawings of prizes gna run loud  hy the State of Hamburg in which  11,202,000 MARKS  '   WILL SURELY HAVE TO BE WON.     .  In the course of l.liose, iulviiiiliigeoti.s di'ii\ving(*, which  conliiin, ,-iccording tii  the prospeclus, only IIS.OOO ticket!*, the following prizes will be forthcoming.viz:  The highcsL event, will In-:  tl.i'dc.ii", iitid to   ci.'tnirliiil riu!l'eri;t.-. .  ; tin- ��������� ���������'.hmniiil" doe-rilie-,  th':   mi.-thtjd '  I of   tr'aiiii'-nt   'I'-visi'l by I'j-.   1'i-o'iet.  [ whu'b   ('iiiiM.sis- chiefly nf .tu   (���������.���������������������������|i-i md  . iifi[iiir-,ition    iiiiiri <l on tin- - piiiiniii'-i.t  i i'.'iiy  juiit of tin.' skill! j11 =��������� i lichind tlii'  |    :r.    ,\    !i-('(: copy   of Ihe   ".Journal,"  i with   ji ","?upple/i!''nt" (-(ininiiiii'L'   nn  additional   record   m    iipu.ird** <>'���������    V>  'C'lsi.   ciiriI   during tin-pu--i   innjii.ii.  i ciin   1/e   obi.lined    bv ,i(iiii'.Y.iii)tr   ti,/  '���������(���������ivt.irv,    UioiU't Iiisiitntc, li  i!  When J-n-.-i'Jcnt Jiner, the lienrt-  le*-? =hylock who i:- tlie can''- of the  fuol famine in tlie eas-.t, wah ' hefore  l'rc---"Kk-nt T.oopeveit in the effort to  H-uk- the coal ���������-���������triko, liis whining  cry was ''enforce the law." Jt  M]'-earH tlie American huvjirohibils  railway conipanie-- from engaging  in mining. President Baer'.*- cem-  ]).iny i.- a railway company, and in  operating J't-nni-ylvania mines has  hroken the law. Jf the American  government do their duly (hey will  lake President I'aer at his word,  and enforce the law against his  illegally o| crating corporation and  confiscate this hydra-headed monster for the public good. That i.s  the only effectual way lo deal with  inhuman beings like Bar-r.  '.ii h-i-nad.   I'riiiiio-i'-liiJ!.  Kn^lin.'l.  "pc'-lal     fe.iHlii  ' j! f I'l-fi'. die     i-      tin'  I  to the Jntercolonial employes, the  postal service, and the French-  CaniulititiB by a\x. Powell. px-aI. V..  in his speech at ReveUtoke. on the  occasion of the coii.-ervulivc convention, the .Moncton. {X. 15.)  TraiiM-ript s;i_\s :  "On returning and   brought   lace  t- face .with prep"   coiiinvjn:.- and  exjiosuie of hi.--   scandalous, sla.te- J nil"  nients. there i.- litlle   dotibl he willj''"'''  be brazen enough lo offer :i   denin1' ���������  but those who    know    Mr. Powell'--1 I '< p:n inient.   which enable..   pi(;ei,t  w Ini    r.innol    ((;ii:c    t'i   I.oik'IkIi for   ,i  pei'soiiiil    coitsiiliiitioii,   to   |-('i-ei\r-ad-  indiill  instrticl ions   for eKiTying  i,f. i i*eii1111(iii t   ������������������>. t iu\i\,i.     'lljjs   -'-  I'atlji,;-  which .iilou-s p.it-  citly  the (leiaih-   (,;'  their   ailment,    fn  l',i('( all but a    few  of    Ihe    212 (M.frf '-epo.tid   cured    ii;id  . . .treatment,   hy   corn-.s-pontli'iioe.    The  | arficuliiru'fd   Mr.   bhnr ns a | Heport,   Form is nhvav-; eii.-ios'-cl -i  of   I In     I'rou. t  ('o/-r(--ii(/iii|ei.f e  platform    reekle.-j-nei-s   will   know  that the   Jirilish   Coli.nibiii   news-, VJ(,���������  paper   which   censureH   his speech j on   the tn-iitincnt   at J/onn  did   not   manufacture  it,-;   dirst nt j .'������:m..i.U������liwl   by mean, of a  ,,       ,, i       i ogif'al KV-port. I-oi-i)  without warrant.      Mr. I nwcll has ; ,, |l(f,   ((, Cr*Vr? cx|.Ii  not merely lieen lavish in  ahii'-e < f  J. 0. R. employees   generally,    but  has   i articularij'fd   Mr.   I'.biir as a  ,)���������<���������<��������� I  recipient lor .-innlar   iav-ir-.  Powell's iibt.M! I far- wilh i' iis own  condemnalion   and   iiy   it*-     v ry  extremeiic-s eiirns   Ihe   een.������iin-   or"  independent newi-)ia]iers."  Mr.' with each copy of the ���������'.foiin,.il." and1  'tins advice by c(>ric������-|ioiid"uce, i\-  |well lis I b'' cons'lhat.ion bv tucins of  ,' Ibe Form, in also abuolnt(-ly free.  When the matter of   selling  Crows Nest eoal '.lands   owned  the   Dominion   .government  I tie  ��������� i.-y  VV.'IS  We have not advanced the price of  our tobacoo- Amber smoking tobacco,  Bobs, Currency and Fair' Play chewing  tobaccos areithe'same size and price, to  the Consumer as formerly. We have  also, extended the time Tor the redemp  advocated some time ago   we urged i tion 0f Sribwshoe tags to  January 1st,  that in   view of   the.   prospect,.. of j 1904, .    .. -.,������������������' Y  stale-owned railways, and  smelters,jTHE EMPIRE TOBACCO Co. LIMITED  ~fy7U wC/jaJi/ urfa^nAthrt/  v.  For f we/iiy yciii I h-itl been -i -iiiii i������-1- fiom l>rv������iu-li in ] I roubles accompanied  wil b m ii.ir-K.inp/ coii^li. I nl, tim'-H 'nil'' ted Irom extreme iicrvoiiij pro.-d i-,-il ion.  Aboiif, Inu, yeiirs ,i������o I began Id'/Jnt' liip.nm TuImiIch, and since then I have,  used Mieii, prefi.y cotislan'Jy. I i.it'Iy i'liie nl. ni-'lil, without faking uiyTabiile  and I (ind they keep niy digestive, oikuhk C������.v)iit/h 'iial.iir,-i||y are wciik'.in good  order, nnd .(.hey a Iho allay my ti'/i.tleiiey lo iie'i votHiiesH and tnii.kc ine sleep.   '  AT   DRUGGISTS. ..  . ( The fiyc-ccnt packet  is' enough   for an orclinary occasion  J hi Oiiiiily:lx.)itlc, sixty', cents, <:oiH;iiiis.;t stij)j)ly' for,-'u year.  Number of prizes:  r of 200,(300 Marks..  1 of 100.000       "    ..  1 of  75,000       "    ...  2 of 70,000 " ..,  1 of 05,000 " ...  1 of 05,000  " .:,  1 of 55,000 '  " ..  2 of 50,000   " ..,  1 of -10,000   " . ,  1 of 80.000   "  1 nf 20,000   " ...  500,000 Marks (about ������25,000 Pounds)  Premium of 300,000 Mtu-ks (iiIjoiiL ������15,000)  Number of prizes:  lfi of 10,000 Marks... .about ������500  00 of  5,000      "   ....    " 250  ,   102 of  8,000      "   ....    "' 150  150 of  2,000      "   ....    " ](W  4 of   1,500      "   ....    '��������� 75  012 of   1,000      ���������'   ....    "- 50  101-10 of     H00      "   ....    " 15  20 of     250-  J2: 10/  77 of     200      i'   ....    " 10  30053 of      109      '"   ....    "' 8:   0/  1)080 of 150, MK, 115, 100 Marks.  10882 of 78, .15, 21 MnrkH,'  tibou  l ������10,000  n  5,000  ii  3,750  ti  , 3,500  n  3,250  41  3,000  **  2,750  (1  2,500  . ((  2,000  1-  1.500  It  1,000  In nil 50,010 prizes which must he surely wen in 7 di-iiwiiifj-s within the space of  a few inont.hs.  The highest prize of first drawing amounts Io 50,000 niiiik������, ini-rense in  second drawing lo 55,000 murks, in (bird to 00,000 marks, in fonrl h lo 05,000  marks, in lii'Lh Io 70.000 marks, in sixth Lo 75,000 ������������������������������������irks in seventh In 200,001)  minks, and LogcLher with the Premium of 300.000 marks.in Lite niost, forlunale  case in500,000 marks.  The oflicial cost for participation in the Hi-si two drawings iiinotinls to  ��������������� 18s. ���������d. for a full ticket.  ��������� 9s. ���������d. for half a ticket.  ��������� 4s.    Gd. for one quarter of u ticket.  Half resp. quarter tickets will entitle to one half Yesp. one- (jtiarler of (he  amoiinl, won by llm respective number, named on the ticket.  The stakes for participation in the following drawings, as well us the exact  price table, are indicaled in (he official prospect us,, which I send on demand  gratis in ndvnnee. The prospectus is also sent gtalis wil h every order. After  Ihe drawing I shall forward lo every ticket-holder thi;officii-.] list of the winning  numbers.  The Payment and Forwarding of the Amounts Won  lo those concerned  will  have my special and prompt attention, and with (he.  most ab.'.olule secrecy. '  torRemittance of Money   can he made hy Bank Notes, hy Registered Letter  or by Poslolfice Order,  tf������rOn account of tlie approaching (hawing of the prizes, please address Ihe  oideis immediately in all confidence direct to    ,  <M  ik  Samuel Heckscher, Senior,  ��������� '.,,    "��������������������������� .'���������;'. '���������':, '". .      " BANKER,;'���������  HAMBURG,, ,      "-,        -        '. .    ���������'���������'���������'- GERMANY.  The Kootenay Mail and Toronto Globe for balance of the year, 90c  VI / ('9A  THB KOOTENAY MAIL  *'l  \  /  THE COAL STRIKE.  Intolerable Conduct of Mine Owners  Governor Odell, of New' York,  says President Mitchell, as representing the miners in the anthracite  strike is eminently fair. He told  President Baer, as representing the  mine-owners : "I want you and  ���������all the, other operators to understand that lam the governor of  New York, the chosen representative of seven million people. 'What  is more, I intend to use every power  at my command."'  ^President Baer replied: "I repeat  that wc must refuse to recognize  the union as represented by Mr.  Mitchell."  ' "I believe," said the governor,  "that'your position from a public  view is absolutely untenable. The  operators, railroad men and other  business men can combine for  mutual profit, and protection, and  there is no reason why 'laboring  men should not."  "What is the proposition ?" said  'Mr.'Baer coldly.       '   ,  "Just tlii?;" said Governor Odell.  "I am sure that the labor organi-  zatiQn. of which Mr. Mitchell is  head, desires him' to be fair with  the general public. If the operators  will consent to give the men five  cents a ton increase I ,will personally present it to tlie miners-and I  believe they will accept it. , It is a  fair proposition."  "Does this'mean, Governor Odell  thatVe'are to recognize the miners'  union '?" Mr. Baer asked.,  . "It certainly does," answered the  governor quickly, "and there is no  reason whv vou should not."    ,   "  CITY COUNCIL  special  to  pass  LOCAL INDUSTRIES.  The Rivelstoke' Lumber Co', are  shipping three to four carj a day and  are advertisin-* for more men. They  hiivejust taken up 12000 acres more  timber lands in the Big.Bend. '  ��������� Rowland Briitain, Patent Attorney,  Vancouver,'reports: A patent was  prunted lo rt. Eib, of Cheniaint's  Mills Vancouver Island, for an improved log carriage ofVset mechanism  to tvillidr;tw the log from the face of  tlic s-iuv during the, ret urn run of .the  carriage.' 'The device' consists of a  simple stop joint toggle, adjacent to  each axle of the log carriage, one end  of the toggle being connected between  collars to the' axle, and the other  secured to the frame of the carriage;  so that when the toggle joint is moved  in one direction at the end of the cut,  the carriage is pulled on the bearings  of the axles away front the saw a sufli-  cient distance,to free the log from.the  saw face and conversely, at the other  end "of the backward run, and as soon  at the motion ��������� of ' the   carriage  is rc-  " versed the toggle is' brought 'to' the  straight" against .its stop, and the  carriage is brought to its/ proper position ready for the next cut. The  toggle- levers arc operated by an endless wire rope extending the length of  the run of tlie carriage and over  sheaves at each end on one of which is  a light brake which by its friction  opposes sitllicient resistance to actuate  the ��������� toggle lovers ' and move ������ the  carriage and the log thereon. , ,  ��������� ,A half   interest   in  this patent has  ''been taken up by R. Hamilton of the  Win, Hamilton Mfg. Go., who has  shown such -commendable enterprise  in exploiting this Province ancl in  entering for its engineering requirement.--. The ofl'set has been in regular  u--c i;i the Chemainus mills for some  time now and has given unqualified  satisfnctiot).  It is a matter of common observation that the lumbering indnstry of  this Province, differing its it docs so  largely in its   requirements   from the  established practice in the cast, from  which it draws its , machinery to a  large 'extent, should contribute so  little to the list of inventions.  Regular meeting held Saturday.  Present:, The Mayor, Aid. McLeod.  Law, Taylor, Hume.  CORRESPONDENCE.  R. Tapping contending he bought  pesthouse fence as it stood and sending in, bill for damages to, cover  account. Matter to be placed in  hands of city solicitor.   ,   .  FINANCE.     '  The.Finance Committee reported  that $3,681, was required to provide  interest and sinking fund on debentures and .$3,920 for general purposes.'  The Committee recommended special  rate for interest and sinking fund of  7������ mills, two mills for school purposes,  and genera] rate,be 8i mills, making  total 18 mill--, as against 20 mills, rate  for last year.  The Mayor said this was better than  he expected, considering the city had  now to carry the cost of the city  schools.���������Report adopted,  meeting to he held Oct 11th  bylaw.  FIRE ALARM.        0  ' The maintenance of the fire alarm  system was ordered to be turned over  to G. Lemhke as city electrician, R.  Webster's services being no longer  required.  WORKS.  Aid. Taylor,- chairman Works Coni-  mittc, reported on public works. They  had been ordered off the' new gravel  pit by Supt. Kilpatrick, and now proposed doing lower part of "the town  first. ' ' -'  The Mayor suggested, .laying the  matter before Supt. Marpole.  Aid. Hume considered a rock crusher was the only solution for gravel for  the streets.      ,   ������  Resolved that application he made  to C. P. R. to take gravel. -    "  OE.VBKAT.. ���������  Aid. Manning brouglrt up 'matters  of lights to Mrs. Willis's and sidewalk  to WillisYAYmstrong's. W. L. & P.  committee was instructed to tee about  the lights,.Works committee to see  about sidewalk.  Aid. Taylor said another  required on .McKcnzic Ave.  ET.ECTUIC LIGHTS.'  The Mayor said.the meter rates for  hotels, where they were.burning 00 to  70 lights, meant a cost of $125 a  month and no hotel in town could  stand that. ���������  Aid. McLeod considered the question'  of adjusting the charges for lighting  should be left with the next council.  Aid." Manning considered they  should sec how tlic system was working ont before making changes.  The Mayor asked the W. L. and P.  committee to go into the matter ancl  make recommendation to council.      ���������  Hog, half interest from Capt. Fors-  land to II Colbeck; Skyscraper one-  third interest by T. W: Bain to M. J.  O'Brien, Sunset, E.' Puffer'to J. H.  Robin=on,. one-third interest; Skyscraper, two-thirds interest by T. \V.  Bain toE. Puffer, Mica Ring, one-  third interest from E. Puffer to T. \V.  Bain; Ivanhoe, option from Miss Holt  to J. W. 'Haner.  Referring to the Ophir-Lade Co's  property, on Pool Creek the Eagle  says:���������"Twenty-five men are now at  work on the property and another lead  has been struck. This is about three  feet wide showing considerable of the  yellow metal and carrying liL-h values  in free-gold. When thestamp mill is  installed the company will employ a  large force of men and it is not improbable that the Oyster Criterion  will be the Lardeau district's biggest  dividend payer within the coming  year."  The Silver Glance, on Rear. Creek,  near the K. nnd S. railway, must be it  bonanza. In sinking a shaft 42 ft.- 4  cars of ore were taken out which realized $10,000 at p:vcrett smelter, and  there arc nine carloads of the same  class of ore yet in sight.  It is reported successful experiments  have been made at Denver, with a  process for making lead direct from  the <orc, ' without the intermediary  work of refining. If this is correct  there is a bright future before the  silver-lead industry.  Speaking at the annual meeting,  President 'Miner, of the Granby Co:  said that a year ago he had hoped at  this annual meeting to announce ^i  dividend to theshnrcholers, but unforeseen events had made this impossible.  The Fort Steele Prospector asks:���������  "Is it not a f;ict_ that the mineral'barometer of the Kootenays is the transportation charges placed on ore bv the  C. P.'R?       " '     -,   -  ���������'   On  Saturimy an Italian miner   was  killed at Xanaimo mines. - ' r,  A Well Regulated  Jewelry Store  is as well -.vorlli ,n  vi.-ii/its iin art gallery. The Jeweler  and Silver Smith's  Art, is one of the  oldest and lincst; its  productions among;  the mo^t exquisite.  If .such things arc  not artistic they arc  of little value.  J. Guy Barber's  TI3VGE  S. S.   '��������� An-hei-'  >r .$. S.   ''Lardeau."  "Poor folks friends  soon forget them."  Superficial shoes  lose customers.  The Slater f Shoe  market cost  money.  It is too valuable to  lose���������through giving  mere .finish at iho.  expense of service.  'The Slater Shoe"  "KING  EDWARD" 1000s.  "HEADLIGHT," 500s.  ,"EaGLE." 100s and 200s.  "VICTORIA,"  "LITTLE "CO.MET."  FOR  SALE  EVERYWHERE.  Humiing between   -Arrowhead.   Thomson's  Lani'intr at,.' Cornapl'v, conrni"-"cing Oct. Uib. ���������  | ���������'WI. will ,-.iil :t.s follows (weather permuting):  ��������� 'jt'rtvc  Arrowhead   for  Thomson's  landing  and Comaplix mice daily at ink. and 15k.  Ix.ive (���������uini.j-lix and rhoin-on'.- Landing for  Arrow head twice daily at 7.15k. and 12.45k.  Making close connection's  with  all C. P. K.  trains and boats.  The owner- re-erve the right to change times  of failings without notice.  TIIE FliEU liOBINSON .LUMBER CO. LTD.  P. ROBIXSOX.  ��������� Managing: Director,  Are the best that can be bought.  Don't experiment with other and inferior brands.  ���������   ," USB   lEZDD-^"3^  ������l������(&jag������������������BP������CT������^'A^.'W(^  "(joodyeaMVvfcd'  frJ  B. HUME, & CO.  Sole Local Agents  light Wiis  LABORS CALL  Tlic Miners' Foderution resolved in  favor of liittionaliziition of land, mines'  minerals, and railways.  NEW BUILDINGS.  1 r  IJ. A. Lawson is   milking  incuts and additions to his residence  "Johnson it Co. arc milking excellent  progress   with  nnprovc-  '(!,  lock, in  expect  the Hume I  which C. U. Hume & Co. Ltd.,  to'open by Christinas.  ' The brickwork on the city schools  is now completed and the building  looks a fine structure. Smith Bros,  the contractors will ru-h tlieciirpenter  and iiliifti-iin-,' work nnd exnecl. to  have the new building ready for  occupation in n month.  XV. A. Koote has in .hand the con-  ���������ti-iict for a liotn-c on Second Street for  J. .Match, and is rushing the work.  Tiiu building i������ 22 ft by HO ft. On the  ground floor nrc tho following rooms :  hull 8 ft. by 11! ft,, pa.'lur nnd '(lining  room l'-i il. by 1(5 ft. each, kitchen Id  ft. by 10 ft. I'-n-iiiirs arc four bedrooms each 11 ft. by i-i d- The house  is provided with pantry and will be  lathed and plastered. Tho lions:* will  have verandah and bay window.  The new house built on Second  Street by XV. A. Foote for Engineer  Tomliiihoii. contains on the ground  floor n drawing 'room 12 ft. s(|iiare,  dining room 12 ft by l.'l ft, kitchen 12  ft. by 13, pantry nnd bntlirjoin. On  the upper floor are four commodious  bedrooms each provided with clothes  c-osels. The house has a roomy  cellar, furnace, and hot and cold water  will be laid on. When coniplclcil il  will be oik! of the most comfortable  homes in the city.  WA.NTED - A TRUSTWORTHY  gi-iu.b'iinin orlndy in each coiiiitv to  i-iitriiigi1 busbies-.for nn old established  ljiiiisi'iif solid lb,uncial sl.miditig. A  sli'iiiiibl, liona fide weekly cash salary  of $18.00 paid by. cWwU each Wednesday with iill cx-ii'iiscsdin-el. from head-  (jnlii'.li'.t'-i.���������' Money advanced forexpen-  si's. iMiiiingi-r, ;'ll() (,'nxliiir Building,  C'hifiiyo,      . ' .'   '��������� Y  ,  BABY'S OWN TABLETS. .   ' f  Are  Nature s .Cuce for  Children's  "   '      -' Ailments.  Medicines containing opiates should  never be given to children���������little or  big.' When you use. Baby's Own Tablets for your little ones you have a  positive gaurantec that they contain  neither opiate.' nor harmful- drug.'  They sue good for nH'children from  the smallest, weakest infant to the  well grown child These Tablets  quickly relieve and positively cure all  stomach and bowel troubles, simple  fevers, troubles while teething, etc.  They always do good, and can never  do the slightest harm. For very  small infants crush the Tablets to a  powder. Mrs. I\ J! Latham, Chatham, Out., says.���������"My baby, took  very sick. His tongue was coated,  his breath offensive and he could not  retain food on his "stomach. He also,  had diarrhoea for four,or five days nnd  grew very thin and pale. Wo gave  him medicine but nothing helped him  until we gave him Baby's Own Tablets. After giving him the first dose-  he began to improve and in three  days he was quite ' well, lie began to  gain flesh and is now a fat) healthy  boy. I am mere than pleased with  the Tablets as 1 think they saveti-my  baby's life."  . Baby's Own Tablets are sold by all  druggists or will be sent by niail  post-paid at,25 cents a. box* by writing  direct to The Dr. Williams Medicine  Co., Brockville, Out., or Schenectady,  N. Y.  ���������    BANKING.    "  i    /rin-eo of the Western banks started  to   call money at Montreal last Week,  The new Metropolitan Bank building at Toronto will be the largest in  the city and, will be Id store;.s high.  The Eastern Townships Bank is  forging ahead, and opening branches  at St, John's, Edmonton and   Winni-  ' Canadian Clearing (House returns  for the 9 months were $1,712,201,743,  against $1,300,183,002, or an imcrcase  of 25.8 per cent. The increase for  September wits 32.2 pur cont.' Tho  gains exceed the United States.  A Montreal , banker says:���������"The  cause of th ���������. present depression in the  stock?niark t is due to speculative activity at th ��������� wrong, time, in Canada  the' bulk of the money has been appropriated to the marketing of the  crop. The crops first and tho stock  brokers and speculators afterward.  The tightness in the money market  is bound to continue until the money  appropriated for handling bf crops has  served that purpose and, has found its  way again to the greift financial and'  banking centres   of thetw.o- countries  UNION  GAR FACTO  BR A N DS^-"������nsSS^>-  "Our Special" & "The Union."  ' ��������� H. A. BROWN PROP. -  REVELSTOKE,     -     -    B. C.  Jas. I. Woodrow,  BUTCHER.,  Retail Dealer \r\-^^aaasm^>-  BEEP, PORK,  MUTTON, Etc  Fish ancl Game in Season.  All orders promptly filled.  REVELSTOKE, B. C,  Comfortable a.��������� Beautiful  Furnished Homes  arc madc'possiblo without great expense by  choosing from our large and varied stdek.  Golden iind Flemish Oak Furniture, Cross-  ley's Superb Carpects ami"Rugs, Scotch and  Kn-^lish Linoieuins^Oc lo $1.50 yd. Silverware that wears���������"1817 Roger Bros." French,  Sw'ss and .English Lace Curtain-' '  Large   Illustrated  free of Charge.  Catalogue oi' .Samples  Furnishers to ell Glasses.      Victoria, B. 0.  tUbUtiiSSSSSi  TO*re.WJ������,.IWi,JWHm>W������J������',U������.lE>,M.hCTgl  ansa  sssai  Corner   DoukIhs  and Kinjj bLrects.  THE GRANVILLE   SCHOOL,  1175 IIAKO STRUCT, VANCOUVK1*, IS. C.  Reopens'September, 3rd.  A Hoarding nnd Day School for Girls, conducted by the Demoiselle*- Kern, assisted by n  stair of Professional Teachers.   '   ,  for J'rospectus, apply lot lie Principal.  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS  SANITARIUM"  KING ED.\YARD VII. Scotch Whisky  is a'blend of the products of the most famous  Distilleries of Scotland's Western Highlands',  and is relishing- to a healthy, manly palate, with  a fullness of flavour and'bouquet clinging to il.*  TILiy CONSTITUTES THE GLORY. OF  SCOTCH WHISKY  SL&euJ^CArti'ii;  * ������������������..������.,.,.;���������  CL.SOCW ft LOjOO. .  r������...������r/^_,/rt/.-'W  </-J.Z'^lt^..''.-t -**"  ���������1+Z. ���������""*-  J.J -M'W"f  Distilled on the Estate of the tDuke of Argyle, Argyllshire,  by Greenlees Brothers.  Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Company, Limited,  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  Royal Hail Lines.  Cheapest Route to the Old Country.  ALLAN* LINE-Krom Montreal.  R-iriaian        QcL IS  Numidiaii   ,-      -   ��������� Oct, 26  ���������ruiii*.:an       - -      -      -      -  ,   -      -        Nov. 1  DOMINION LINE-Krom I*o.-ton.  Morion   N'c������' Enxland  Common wealth'  DOMINION LINE-  C.ilifoniiati     -      -    -���������  Colonial!      ���������      -,  ���������  '   -      Oct, "5  -      -      -      -   Oct. 22  Nov. 5  ���������Krom Portland.  -,     -      -       Oct, ������5  Xov. Jo  -      -      -      Oct. 10  -   ������������������ -a  ���������       ���������       ;      ���������'".���������������  LINE-Krom New'Yor*.  - t Oct. 15  -   , -     -     ���������   Ool. il   Oct.-."J  ���������      ....     Nov. 5  '���������>      liE.WEIt LINE-Krom Montreal.  Lake Ontario   -  Like Erie      ���������"  Like MctJ-aniic  -UIEUlCAN  8l.rn.ul      -  St. Ixiiii-"  Pliilarit-lpiii  St. J'.tul      -  HE!) STAK LINE-lVoin New York,  Krooiiland'     -      - ���������   -      -      -      -       Oct. 18  Xecl-uul      -  Oct. -15  I'iiil.ind   -      ��������� Nov. 1  WHITE STAK LINE-Krom New York,  teutonic     -      -   ' -     -     ,-   ,  ���������     -   OcL. 15  Cvmric      -      ���������- Oo*., 17  Oceanic   -      -   ' Oct. 22  Miijivtic      -      " Oct. 29  Celtic -      -        Oct, 31  CUNAKU LINE-Krom New Yoik.  Uiiibi-l.'i      -'-'--     -.-      -     -     Oct, IS  Lucaiii.i   /���������    , Oct.,25  Eirnrin .... . >c0V- ������  I'assenKers ticketed tlirouBli to all parts of  Great Hritain and Ireland, and at i-pceiallj- low  r.ueiio all p.irts of the European continent:  Apply to nearest railway or steamship agent or  to  ', . .  T, VI. BRADSHAW. Agent,  Revelstoke. ���������  Trains Icavp    ������  REVELSTOKE  AGENTS.  il^������j.*.!j,.v),,:iwiJ^ijj^i.*.n*'.���������*-j*i...M.'K  tfU'iilt'lW'.WWWHHMwl  IS  FINANCIAL  Tlic Toronto Street Kailwity Co.  issuing in-other million of stock.  A turn for the better is already evident on the Jl ont rest 1 Stock Exchange.  Briiisli revenue has shown tlic remarkable expansion for the past year  of -fl5,O00.UOO permitting an early reduction of the war taxes.  COMMERCIAL  The most complete Health Resort on  the continent, of North America. .Situated midst scenery unrivalled for (jntn-  deur. -"oatinp;, KiSihiiig, Excursions.  Skating and Shootiiif:. Resident Physician and Nurse. Telegraphic communication wil.li all parts of the world,  two mails arrive and depart every day.  lis baths cure all nervous and muscular  diseases; its wntm-s heal all.,Kidney,  Liver and Stomach ailments, and clim  inate all nictiilic poisons from llie ������������������ys-  itc'm. Its waters caiinot- be surpas-sud  for their healing virtues.  Special    Winter'Terms :  Per,-Week.  $12   to  $15  R.  for  THE MINES.  Ifon. Col. Prior hits [appointed  Tolmie Deputy Minister of Mines  IJ. C.  The Crows Nest Coul Company will  establish 250 new coke ovens at  Morrissey,  The Kutli i.-i aj-iiin actively hhippiii}-  hiivin-' sunt four curs of ore to Hall  mines smeller Inul week.  The Kii.st Kooleimy l'lncer Company has been organized ul Fernie to  operate Terry Creek by u steam.shovel.  The government threatens to take  possession of the Pennsylvania mine--  and operate them in the public interest.  The second installment fori he season  from the Cariboo Consolidated was  only $18000 so the season's run ha*-  boen a poor one.  . The Nelson Tribune says:���������'-Were a  vote taken to-day in Kootenay for the  repeal of the 2 per cent tax. the tax  would not be repealed.  ���������A cable train is briii-; put in at the  Nettie I> to carry up the wood required for the engine. The air compressor is ready to start work.  Owners of zinc properties have a  good prospect ahead; Tlic demand for  this���������. liK-tal is oil the in'drensc and .the  price has gone away'up in London.  ���������The following ti'iiiisfcro of clainii-  have been miide:-��������� nook-keeper' in  illicit-hell by .XVMcDdugal to -Miss  Lang, of Coldeii, Kiiigsti.ui, in (Jt'otiiid  Owing ��������� to shortage in the Virginia  and Carolina crops, plug tobacco has  advanced 3 cents per pound.   .  ���������     .    THE MARKETS.   ���������  Fl.OUK.  Hungarian, per bag 'J8 lbs $2.75.  Gu.u.v.  Wheat, per ton '.$32.00.  Oats, per ton '..$32.00.  Jlav, per  ton, limotliv $22.50.  Shorts $25.00.  Bran $22.50,  Sugar.  Sugar, per hack, 100 lbs $0.00.  V'Xii-t.wii.i:!'.  licets. pur  lb 3,  J'otatejc-. per 100 lb.-, $1.25.  Onion.--, per 100  lb*,...' $1.0.0.  Cabbage, per lb ��������� 3,  Carrots, per 100 lbs 2.00.  Turnips, per 100 lbs 1.80,  Fa km I'-toi-ix*,-'.  Eggi, pi-r do/.,   new laid 35.  Case eggs ' 30.  Butler (Creamery),  per lb 30  '   Butler (Dairy) per lb 25.  Cheese, per iii  20,  Lard, per  lb'. 18.  ,M l-ATS.  Beef, per lb '. .. .8 to 15.  .Mutton, ner Ib 15.  ' Veal, pcr'lb - 12J to 15.  Lamb, per  lb , 15 to 20.  Pork, per  lb Y15.  Hani,, per lb 18.  Bacon, per lb 18  Fi'frn-.  Orange-*-,  per do/, -10.  Lemons,  per doz 40.  Apple.1:, per box 2,50.  Tears, per box.. Y 2,50.  Y MKTAI. MAUKET.  Cupper, Now York, Lake 111 lo.llf;  elcctrcilvtiC'Ug to Hi; London ������53  1-U OdY'  . ���������  Lead���������New York, $-1.05 to $4.10;  London. ������'11 to ������12 Is 3(.L ���������'��������������������������� , '���������'.,  Silver��������� New    Yorki-Clj.'  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For  dress  E.J. COYLE,  A.G.P.A.,  VAKCOUVEK  BRADSHAW,  '. ' ��������� A gent,  KEVELSTOKE.,,  Seeds,. Trees,  Plants, Bulbs.  / r\  CQMAPLiXi  Is Now Open -for Business     -,    The Best House in Town.  Well Furnished _   -    Good Table.,   ,  Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kept in Stock.  W. HAMILTON, Proprietor.  raKDraunra*  e  "L������  Vancouver, B. C.  Hi-lll-li Columbia Ak'miIs for Llie uululn-iilcid  "PENETANG" Solo U-iiUier, Cut, Holes ami  Hi-Pl I'lucos.  llni-non I.c-iitlit-i-s, lirlrilo, Suddld mid Skirl-  iiiK IjUiillKM'ri, liiicn nail I/iI.Iko IjciiUiuin, Upper LciiLlierri of nil kind-,.  Aliiiiufiiuliii-urn of Closed Uppers of all  descriptions.  Shoemakers' Tools and Klndlngs, Saddlery  Ilni-dwiire, Hides anil Oils.  Two tliousaiid Dcei'blcliiH Wanted.  Cal.aloKi'cs and jii'lee lihlhOiiiipiillei(llon.  Trademarks  and Copyrights  * olitaincd in all countrit'H.  PATENTS  I olitaincd in all cc  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent Attorney  Mechanical    KiiKineei-    and     Draiiglilsiiinii,  Hank  of  H. N. A. HiiildinKS, IIiihtinKs Struct  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A postcard will seenro an ovening appoint  incut, for tlio.sc who ciiiinot call rmritiK the day  To Trappers  Raw Purs Bought  Cash Prices Paid  Exporter of Furs.  rfa^cfaitihrfaefacfa&nrfarfnrfafa  <&>  r$T)  ' ably furnished with the choicest the market  affords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.  Rates $i a clay.    Monthly rate.  J-_      ALBBET      ST03NT3I],    PEOI  Ono Block from CPU Dopot  and Stonmboal Wharves   ,  Kc-furnlshcd and Rc-modclcd  Rates $1.00 fo $2 per day  wSa  Corner Granville & Hastings Streets,  R. DOWSWELL,   Proprietor,   . - Vancouver,   B. C.  (.IHEEXIfOUSE PLANTS,  ,for Fall Planting. .  Glenn certificate -from   inspector.' '  .,'   CUT FLOWERS.  AGRICULTURAL  IMPLEMENTS;  REE SUPPLIES,  ���������     FRUIT UASKETS,  FERTILIZERS,'  Catalogue Free...  M. J. HENRY,  3000  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver  -Whitp: L.utou Oxr.v.   o  "Tiraffffyg^ii'MhVM <w.ffm?inaiirnawnHi  PELLEW^HARVEY,  BRYANT    & ��������� GILMAN,  Vancouver, B. C.  PROVINCIAL  ASSAYERS  Mill Tests Smelter Tests  Up to 4000 lbs.  Checking Smelter Pulps a Specialty.  Have You a Doubtful Piece of Rock?  i We'll Tell You what it is  CHARGE.  Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.  ���������H  .QfU  Rooms in Suites ivi/h Dal lis ami   Toilets at lacked, Jtuxoiito Hot  and Cold Water, Inside Toilets on each Jloor, Gas Lighted and  Steam Healed 'Throughout.  J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       ���������  "   GOLDEN, B. C.  ��������� J. H;'YOUNG,  Proprietor.'  Cigars.  Best brands of. Wines, Liquors and  . Travellcrs:to  Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation  at this Hotel,    ' ,  Standard remedy lor Gleet,  Gonorrhcca and Runnings  f utr\Y 1  IN 48 HOURS.   Cures Kid- 1("IUI J  ncy and Bladder Troubles.  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One tcillphase,  ntwUicttre.  Pamphlets free to any address.  Xbe Wood Company, Windsor, Oak  Wood's PiiOsrnoDi.vE Is sold In Rcvolstoko  by Cnn-vla Iirug & Book Co.. O. K. Curtis, and  W. lie (vs. and oy Frank T. A bey at 'l'rout J ake  UrugKioU;. THE EOGTEiW^MAIL
: In tlii.s(l;iiii|i cliiusiti* cvt'i-yliud v.
is more (it- li'.<s tumbled \yilli
cata-ili in  the  !i-mi1.    One  of
' I li-y iK'Wi'St   i-i'in"��l:..S' i-i  c.-illcd
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/p.Y It1 is coinpiisi'iiyif I (vo. I'd'l.ll-.s���Y
.���'���'���   (itli'.fii!' iiiI(-!-ii;ii .a I id" iin- .nl her ""'pp
.for ext.('t;i!Hl ii-i',';i!iil-\viil;YlTi''(;t   '.
���;Y,' ;i etm- us 'i'ii',-j'i''.'^s;;iliy.p'tiit'llii-iij';-'-
,     c-iui.yyIL is sold (inlyihy/ilH/Y. ///p.
Try for "y oui sci fin id' lie Y<*' '��������>*> I iced/ /
i;y i Poiiiiiihiii /p':irli;i��ient,:\vil! meet "in/
*YJiii>u;iry.';;/'://;;/;"   ���.' "��� '/ v ���'��� :. Y/Y: /"������'
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' YpCOi-'l, frcilV ll.'p. y':';'Y'Y-yY'p   Yp^y-'y-YY;. p/
Hiel for citi/fi-H. .y ppYY- : v/ivY'/. Y;
YyY ,?sclipoU liiiye liccn closocl iii'YOiistcnv
,/. states;fpiYwiint.of ftifl. Yy YY,y.yY.Y,1...���:.-.
Y/Y 'Y, -'^ l>i<>p��*-s.itioh,,i.s 1 it-in<^ <1 i.-:cu,s.-ie��.l Y to
yy,, oi-g:lV;jze nYcltilV; jnY.IJcvelstbkc. YY Yp y ; :
.p;.;VYyY,T.|ie:: yi5i;iti"*ljY const'i'viitiva r<;ahiiiqt
p' \vil l'Yst :Vnd ov f:i 11  1 ��� v   t Iir.   eel nt-:' t ioiin 1
:/-���-'/b|ii.yy-i. ���.;//yi,: ��.../.;'y. ��� y/y/������ y./y.y./-; y
Yp'. ,;//.: There isnol.-i civil ;or eii hii liiij'-eiisc'
'Yp'for'tl.iC'Ysitt.inJ; of :isSizcs_lixcd for  next.
YYpY '\\raliiCsc]!iyYY'yy.:yY'Y;Y;yyYY'Y ,��� ;���;'���'    ;Y;YyY";
YYY charge of/their 'cliti'rclfYYYY:   y.p' .y^Y//
;.//,; / /Great.; inipipyenientS'p;Y;hii,ve,,Yyeoiir
. Y; jiijiclc i iV; the lniikehpiiih'd; c'oiiipibitibhi
,Y "/Of tlie Y Vancouver Ledger.' Y'Y Y    yYy Y^
..''Y-y ',""-. ,;���::, '.Yy. ���[���'���:������:.,���'������:: ,���;������: y : ���������������!'���
:;���;..pp...;Hcii.ry//'Kbscy\vho Afits.,seiYt(>nce(V'Y:t()
YpYdcitth ,;iitY>Telsoii f(iiYt.l)c,iViikii'ip.Yii|U];-'
y clei-yhopes.the'/clemency'of the crowii
Y y wj^Se,e;xteiid(;(P to-hini, YYY ./;/���;���-'';������/
:���'���'..p.   Writs;\vill shortly/'be issued for tiie'
p: four:bye-'electioiis;:iitNorth,Grey,YY'A'iy
pyU'eiilYiin(l-T\vbYMoiint!iiiis.YyyY /;���/::///;/;
Yy!;JIiiiYiigcr Oiiiidt', of/the: Payne'mine,
������/ Y\yiisy'ci-ugl;t.liy;nYtr;iin while-;- run ti big
p ony aYsi-ec-dcrYfroiiiYSaiidbn htst^ "-!\ve'c'.l--,.
./^ aiidYhiirrowly escaped b^
Y p, /A/Boston IJcti n soci it 1Y' \v i 11 yibeiheid;
Yiin the/Methodist/church oiii. Thtirsdiiyi
.-Yevcningy/Oety30thY%;Siipper   will y lie
,:Yserve(ifro;::()'to -;S;36^- i>Y?'-- ��� n'i'.-::( y'Yya d in i's-
.     ...   y.v' ���? ',���,���(���' ���,.,.-;." ���; -i::: y-   ,.   . pY .    ������;'    ���,;���'':_     ~'t ���-
,/';/;��� Tlic''-Royaj: G-iledpiiiiiiYCurliii^Glub
pOf���Scotlittid,js'-ieiiding live rinks;of;2()
y'cui-lci-r- tb,Gitnndn, to^iirrlviviitpITiiliNiYc:
y': J it ii Y ,l��tYpY]'evelstYike' /curlers /should
������'!^;'tryr|o''.'��tet.y*-6riic of-"t-lVc/yi's^itors'iiei-L'--'-/"''5-'"
/������'/'/.?;''. 'J;;: ^G/iiy :?;1Jji i-bcr ���" an d '���.;yC .'���: ITO1 to ii ���''/ gb t
,-i   some,   big-  trout tit theiiiibutli'of //the'
Y/Ttinitiiin bii Snttirdity,, Y/Gne/tnketi-liy
/ ;M r. Barber .was��������� 20 'inches- long  and
Y;\veiglied iiiiie/ai-d oite-biiIf poulids, pY'
,.Y'' yHie I'ibe'nil Assbciiitioti is rcpresent-
,'. ing/:to /��� \Y. ��� A.Y Galliher/. i\I. //l\,::,tho
;���������' necessity of /tnkiiig s'tcps/to obtain iin'
���'-, .increased grant for the;improvements'
":' to be carried, out on/the /Upper Col inn-'
Ybitt river.ttiis full, ..; Y  Y y.  Y ..,'.Yy-
/   YFr��*il Fraser,Ygovernnicn agent, lield,
:' ri   sale oi lands1 for   unpiii'l   taxds ,oi):
'���"��� Sitturday. Y-'-W,ill*   'tbo   '''exception--of,
iibou'tpi-doV.e.n lots  "the list;was passed
in a nd/ u iisokl lots" wi 11 be a gn i n ofl'eip,
ed bn-SnturdiiV;.fortnight...'.- y.; ,; .,
Jle-rakl, are making that gveatYY'p.'iper
.almost, YitKlispensablc',,to Canadian
.liriiiicS, YIts weekly visit in tbis-ldcal-
ity ���������' is tci'eiitlyiipiiree.iatcd .��� by .almost
every family.' "li is tlie biggest dollar's
worth known iii tlicinews-iaper lincY .
The,Toronto cil;y...C(-ii"cil has.]*\tssed
a., resolution ���; .-iskiug .the Yj'ohiihioi),,
g ive/niiiietU to ex'i'ropria.te a ,- portion
ofJiiiid'Sj-'graiitt'i'l. by ..tlic.'government
of Nova.Scotia iUtlie. J/oniinion'., Coal
Go, for tho/beiielit of the iitiblicYy !\"y
oilier . re'sol tit ion' C;il Is ' (in;, both the
i'Jo'niir.io'n'.iiii'd / Oiitai-it)/, gciVeniiiients
to e.\iiiii,ine'Y]a',.idsY, still ' .hold, hy'- the
Growivit'o See ilYaiiy coal;iiiay;.bc/fotiiids
in.\ybiclii ease,the litnd'sliotild lie held/
iTor-;-the'bet;elit/'of'Ytlte./pt'b/1 ie.  p:i -'-y'
\\YYY:R.vpHt':irst, in :accepting, .the
(leii)oerati'- iioiniiiatioiip forY:congress,
itd vpca'tC(l pttblic owiiersii ip of/ eerta i n
:piiblic:yiiiilii.ies,Y railroads aiKiytele-
^riiplisYYYYJ-xisiing Ycoii'litioiis.iiejde-.
yiiiredy/iiiiideY/it/advisiible' ''���'���' iov '���' /the
Goveriiin'eiit Jopntke1-possession and
iiiiinage the.atitbi'iie'ite, coal: niinesfor
tbe I't-oilie's beiieiitY'.'���' /''.-������ :���':.'��� ''���:"-'������;/Y/yY'f-
:, At apiiieetiiigoythe;.city/ Licetisiivg
Cpinmissi(>iiei:s biiYl-'i'itlayy/'.liei'eY-were
pre��'(?'!-it ':'.������' ..'riie: Y^laybr, pV'd.Y^leLepd,
Jt./C,oi(loii.- /������:T.liciY ���iipi'il.ictitio'n Y of J.
Liiughtbn ior/aOieeiiSe'' fbr, ihe/C'iiioii
JIo!el/was cbii,!'iilei'0(l,;Y:-r'1'''rh(''rc.-.\vyrp''.i]0':
objections��� :tiv>'cotni.tor peli-iyi'-s and
the/i-jipl.ioatibiiYwiis/gi-iiiited.Y '���}..
"/[\)r.Yl'attei'soii, 9h%:ini'iipeg,',,lolls'/ a
storypof wester.nYl'iji'ckywhen /lie,Y/mir-
i-iiiesY :i//citseY:ofp;iri;i(iy:/wliq, lostiic/r
litis!-a ild; iiiid-ibe \?S(low ;a nd da lighter
iii iiieii's pattireY lire/sticcessfiilly cbn-
ductiiig the fiirni"and 'paving /oil' ���tlie-
sii ys lib i sin ot',' it Y,1/Jri I is b / s ii I ijee t -. ��� ait d;
iievei^wilbbe'oiH'YY ,tlf0 -."Sti.vs t'lieday-is
not fai/bl'/wbeh'Capo Colony'ji'iulp till
'Africa wilipnscYiii)Yiiiid/;,t',brow/,()il';;the;
liower of G rci.it liriliiiiiy""/Yy-:-:'-::::j::::J
... Tbciy'Siia'iVi'rocks.pdisg/vaeed.:'(^tster])
���sport ���vheli-tli'ey"diy'd:ti|)-.Viiybl'' iveai-yr
(if/Ne;v/\\'estiiiinisferY b5';VtiitiiigY;/'they
(would-throw the gamcYlb '.;?���'etfy AVcst-
.niiii.steryinlcss.'t'hey'gbt liii if ibb.Ygate/
'IliOliev./Y.   ^pYv'-Y'YYjYp-'p'pY-Y .  .���:-;}���;:.,.:��� :-pp-
Tie Best in tlie World.
y /   'Mail us'15YUoyal Crown-So,ap'-/;��� "������'���
.".-.���   'Wrappers, and in return-we'';,:,:
/'���/will niaila beautiful .Picture,
size 16x20 fir for 25 Wrappers    Yp
Y   your choice of over 100 bbqks.'-'y'y:;
YpJjrop  lis a  post card asking
::,' ������'" for a: catalogue of' preniiums '
YY'y to'be had  FKEE; for  Koyalty ;Y
pp Crown Soap Wrappers.  :/'/"/-���'Yp
;���'//',-Addressi- Y, ."Y-Y'-YpYpY': ',���':'���'.���.'��� Wy-Y/p;"-
.-;;,:!' I 'J i o ���-��� s toclf.; .o s cli Jii.'-g't'*'';. y lirci i k-.; v.o; f. :��� ��� last
.'week i;esui.te(iiiiGY\\Y'p|/e-visri:he iigeit
Y'^S/t.'\>~=.:V,0 i*[c' t ���rc.i k'e.r;- Y>vHV.v.l>.'JTil.Y: YY'i i"'11' P.'yji i i'cl.
iost fou'r ;:fq';tiViies,Y,b.n'iiiigYbiS: life iiy/
'snieiiluVp!.1,:'v-',,yyY'"yY". Y/yy-YYV-:'//'- Y--'Y/Y':p:-
y -yi'I te/pAVit tei-';;/ ii rid: /I ig lit/service ;\v il 1/
eiii'ii. for the. oi.ty aprb'nt (i,f/$2,5UO Yf0^
iijiilei- tlic,,iici\v praprietoryY; ;YjYy/: ���������'.-���:YY
'���:��� Tiie vahiiitibii bf'tbe cityyo'-- l^evel-
sU.lc'e is ,*j!.3l!7;.-:t2ff; for/i-ealtyytiid '.^3^3^
111 o'.Y \v ��� 1/ iy f re* I'nY'Yj i V i v'sr to ..������������i'!edO 1 i"i-e (is Y'';''-/Y/ Y, ���;,.-:-i;.'
v/pMr^YyA/'Y/iy 'Caiviei'bn,Y''a-/leaYiing
'..:o'ei.C't-y u-oaiartfof^/drtiiitoY'waYi-Y'kinptl/
l>ypjni'V|>^i-^ fro'i^;-i/Ystrcetycti!-./>.-Y;/,<';'YY
yYiJaillie. oiYTroitt/Lj-'-kcy/ hin-e/bcbn
*.! I' I 'P'' ������ l.ti< V'".*? '*���'' M'" '.^'S;-']-*-'1 li'l ioy":"'"':"/ _! ^ -Yy --'; ;-y"y,!A"*'
tiySi. years/[inpn-^
and Personal
Y^Ir,'and <MrsY Fred Taylorieft,today
for Eiighnid/Y..:''/"" '"'"'��� 'i.^'-i':?''^-/''^'/'-:'':
/ /Gco./Pt-oulx/w;is iii/ froiii' the/Cup
on \\'etlnes(iiiyY.Y '���'' "/.YY. -/.YY-ZYY/p';'-.:/��� ���
';���': D/Willis-is in1/the .'city. ��� froiiV/Y J^oar
Creek'fbr:!iyti.ineY,(,:., y/y'; Y./Y, Y'Y ;Y,Y;
-TheYCV)veriior-'Gc'ncriil.;is iitY^eiiatbr
Kircliiifjer's lb(lge, fbiY;(Kickpsbo(itiiig.;
'yYE,.]K.l.ewisii)oved.Y iiitb'Yhisp jiiii'id-'
���:s'oiiie, iifovYresidencei-diT JI'cKciiii'ic'^ Aye/
'onYJfHilay.-'/Y/Y./Y;'- ������������y ���'/'"���/��//. '''' ������'���;"',".'���' i
/ pTlioiippoinlmei't of G'.YD. Morris, of
Rogers/Pas's, lis-Justice; btYthe JVitCe;'
isigiizetted. Y;'p..y;,y;pI''Y-:'' YYiY" .;,'"   -'.jv
Y'-.;'y-,,(:Y c' 'f'~. '"'��� .'���;?.������'���'' :'P Y .-���';���   ���.'���';:������������"������;:: > .'.'Y.-fY.-.. '������;
'i,/,iy,rY:Youf)g/ai)d:.Crispi-i'/Siii'it'ji,-/' pf
Giilgiir.y; arrived 'from tlie'sout'.iY?Mon-
.(lay,/going;eiist Tuesday.,//Y; ":'������''':-:.-.y
-J i'is e.icey;'jytfis"Ysp J(j,i i'cl jci lyY- b:i uq liu/ttc-.l"; ;-'by ^
the:;I risli nien/of Q tiebecYY Y;p/yY y y ;.:'s /
//Aula v Morrisoi-y/YM. ;.py yiiiisY Ybccti
called toptta\y;iTa,iHl iiiay^ljc iippoint-;
ed'goyeriior.of the- Yukon; y;-; YY ,;;;//.���;./:
JiniYU'ardner/isY gcingY/'toYAVilinoi;;
briligi iig; ;i���'; bobiii ti nie. wi th; h iiii.-YY/-Y -Y
van;s i.iost';n.ibbe); boelsyfixt-d .at
Lp-ieliiiiders.;:��� ,���, ���.pY.;/;./.:;        .- -yy/"/:;
,;Scc'pCrcssiniin's cheviots, /overcoats
in tide to order jit ^l.SY ; Y/Y/Y- ^;;// ;
Y/li you waii tiho bestval tie for yotir
niimey plitQeybtii'oi'dei-s- for frtiitY;inet
ve^clables,'ti't ..I,;y\Ja!ey's stoi-ei'Y" "������//������ /
,/'ii".ivellei's: vistiiiig RevelstokeYwi!-]
li,nd,:/' t.lie, best, , aoeonnidation :ab ;t he
'Ce.iiti-iil l;I(ite!;y\bi-;ib;iiiisoii Ib'osY'iO
' ,1. A.'.I\Idler (fe/Go-Cdraw iitti'iition to,
their. line,:stoe:k' of/buiy,:.. W":iiieliJYti*'ey,
have under Order-arid .-ixp'cct dniiv.  ..-,;.
' 11? llYTrtieniaii wiiyoccuriythe 'Rev-,
elstpke'Sfudin, persOiiiill-",'.0.1.1 ���\\'e*ii,ies-'
day. t lie 22nd instY, f6i'Yf:woYw(;e/k*;.p /p.
P:W'beh you/ coivieYYtoKevelstokeiiyii
the Central Hotel'/bits' to take you to
li'itel,     , A braliaiivsr-ri"'   Ib'i.is
the purest; ot/dnigs :
.yerv.ji'ost.:,' ;';.- p-Y;..'':,'--
Y ;;A;, shocking iitVitir occured. at yPitts/
burg, 'on Friday, .when" C. Gawley, iiged"
.17, who hiid bi-con.H^...niei.i.t;tlly (ieriuig-p
ed : over- a 11 11 ii-i-b'i-iike ' inveil tio 11 ��� 11111 r',.;
dered' bis   iiibtlierYwith ith Yiixe/Yind jitYgoOi
fa tally injured four ���other- children,   Y
��� One' of thei/wbrst, ������:tr:igedies/iii/tlie
history .of./Western Ctmadii, occuroclYat
A it.otia ���';/��� .p"A / school' teacher, H, -.1.
Teows',' lnid some ,'diiliciilty with bis
trustees. /aiid.ineetiiigY theni "on.; the j,/
road, shot, A-; Heinble. ���!. Herbei:tyand j ,v
P. Keller:Y ,HeYiVetnrned to the school
and shot two,'of ��� K'ellrr's girls and out''
of Kemt-h'V./.Y He Y then turned the'revolver on, biiiiseif. itnd,will die./ y
y The boats '.necessary: for : theY-Y/.tip-
river,/iinproveiiients : were take'n '.out
last   wi.-Y'k to   llie scene of the 'woi'k,
lieen built-nt the/Fred. ,,'Pobin-} .Here are nai-gii
1.umber Cu's.mill yard., T'lie'- lirstj .vegetable. ;-t;pp]u
work id be dene is .tbereiiiovai of the ji!-*-.; l;Visii.j| -' *'
big. nick: itt the' Canyon, and for this <;���$;I jy-iylt'Oli,
piiiii't" 2,')0(l, Ibs.Y ofdynaniite .hiis],,-. ''|'i.,. WvAbrnbiiiii.-'iiii-
i...'(..."r/put .in the gi-buiid. ,'J'br. work!T,(Vll't }.;(i/'iysMii-ds. .''-iulv
���jiiuis.on' .Miiinliiy linder sup(T,visioii 01
lOereyiigu'rebeiulYiuid'ds /'kccpihgY/lihii-:
jsell* we.nYinfoniied/QiiYpublic''afl'iiii-s:y-: Y
;,;"D. ^ergYtsoiy-was/ihy'tltcY/city/fr^
Eriiiay tillTuesdayY"y Hoy reports/the;
Outlook good: at/tW:Tritiiicy/XettieYLv
a 11 cl; S iiy e?,Gii p/tii i n esiZ Y:Y YY/yp- Y'- i'i&iA
-,pp'p'ii,liir",/iis/yin ,the/YlitdicsY/pYcplleges
i-cross'tlhb;border,: pYyppYy.:y/p/pr/Yv���;,Y;Y
Y.:]):pJr/Rac/\yeiit tP/Gplde'n������'tliis-.week';.
prin tiiig/otlicebeiiig/establislied.br
���liyHoitr, iis inaiiftger/of Y/tlieYLaborers
-;'ii l'iii'y'.vY be,:.'-', 'a ji [ioi/ii'l'b'U/ Y:'nirt:ii'siger/Y--Yof ������' the:
Y:Y'Rey;./ )Vf" /jy ��� ���;'"-'^i?iii-i;',:-.v������,'..i:*resIiyteVmiiv
gpklYiitArrowheid^onY/^loiida-Y';/ night;,
i^/a/'token ol' .tl'e bsfcwniyinp\\diicliVf/he
districiYiirwbjcb'yiay- diis/Y.nvissioiiary;'
iyqi-k^yY yy.? ^ Y'5'-i"-ry-'-y ^^//-^y y^S;"y^ '���.'��� ;'"y yy v ^y
.'pA\Yiii;lo:it,:'t' iiiy;li^noi-vtb/?;l.ti~yeUtd.ke
:tOpilft'-'ye'VA.id;/'Pity 1 or seleeIb I''as1'onc.- 0f���
lie will bcabl'c/tbYgo/pwing^to lAisibess
engiigeiiientsYYp ^d.YTayioriiiisibeen;
air active playerior ���' 1(2 or 13 ;yeiii-i- aiid;
(111 ri tig li is', residence, ai- Viiiicciii vi* t-f wii's.
rec'kbned onoolthe .best- "phi vers pin
tl ia t-cityY;   / / f:y : '��� .YY:.'v;; Y ;.- ��� ';���'',' p-/y Y ;".
./nie.lirst dan.cc.giveii.on Wodn'ostltty':
of the Quiidrille^Ciub/wasvven atteiulY,
edatuk/Yproved Ya ^:success,'YY/: About,
fortyyy^ cotiiiles: '/Y^alteiKiedY/-' ''Y; The
musicy/wii,s:. itiriiishcd'; by/Y/fhe ��� 'jny
dependelit JJaiid::iuuier the -leaders'nip,
of :HY,,/.Kd wards,-Y On YYaccpunt/Yof.1 it
beingptlie/liiot diincebt.the soiisoii/the
merry crowd kept:  dancing   up . liii til
i.'-'o/clock'.'.-��� '��������� ll,   GoiolOii;Y'and  .1.' fiuy
Barber act ed as 11 opr ;iniiiagers:v: YThe
;nj;xt';(lrtiic'eAvilii.:bo:'piVe].'.l /ooYpOctbber
SU't'Yand aiierthiuY^-very -:econd ,,Friday. tint.il-it-he end of tJie"se:ison.y/
Re v. In v. X irbv, t lie' ,c v.-in sre| ist / Yvho
. P. Somes is't'akiiig a liolidiiy.**
InY the crash oil the eastern /stock
exc]in.nges'Y c. P.: E, stockiell' 14i
points,   y, / ���il":--: ':���'���''": -Y'-.Y/;.//'
'���'.���.'.;...Thci-.G. P. /Ri are���/ extending , their
yiii'd.facilities by Iiiyiug;'.Yy  hew/track
towards the:freight*shed.y,    .p^Y-Y;/;'/
'.' Tlie C. Pi It..winter'.schedule,',js/nb'n*-
in ';��� force.Y "]STo. 2 leaves Revel.stoke:" at;
8.2d'a..ni.,No.liit5.ilOYp. ni'.'.'ii'hd/the'
S6uthYt.raiii'''(jt.S'J0 iiYiii,; ' ���/. i.������'::':::::,.
Y:Tlie.:new'seetion:',bf line/at;Fieldv Yto,
iivbid .tlie'Ottertii'i hilhpwill ,:prpli!ib]y'
be/ttiriied.-over-'to������;.'��� theY-operating'- 'de-
l):irtiiienteiid/of tins bipntliY'/ / -,,.i:\':'i:i
:?-pAiv'/;.;6re^ pcar'ion/tlicYCY: -P./yH;;'liiieY
caused somoexcitement lit; Sandoti/by.
breaking loose -upon"a. .spur .aiid':/rite'-'
ing. down to the;swi tcb, where it'ra 11
otr'.// / ,/Yj/ Y/:y/v:���;('��� -//yy "���';��� ;p': Y;:,:". /'"
���pjTlic ;Grcat,,2sorthPrn Js not./siitislied
with the pass recently discovered; .by.
Its eugiheers-'Yacross 'Hope Mbhiitiiiiis'
but';ib sbarching fpriibother:pass���'.;;ffir'-'.
tlier'sbuth./'-Y'YY'Y- '"Y/.Yy:-.'���;,,,.,:; Y.'Y;Y.
yyilpnY/AYG. :j31:i.iiyy\liiiisterYpfy:J{iiil-
wbySj'say's tlie ,j)bniiiiioii /'governyient
willYproinp.te the ''Canadian/ /'.Northern/
riiilwiiyto'tliep Pucilic Coast l-y/every'
nieiins, jn its power. :/;:,';'/y  //"'// y:���
yThbYCp, p; 'ill?'/aiid, GhuvdYTrunk
linvc/;oil'ered to,carry/fuel tit third- off
i-ittes,/.tpy/tide'/pver theyfiiel/Yfiimine/
ployees with, cb-il/fit/abbtit cost..;/.//yyp//'
/Y;The/CYP; ItiYblijectcd/tb/tlie Caiia'dv:
:ian-iSTortberii,:;;cdniicctihg.witli the C:
&. E.titYICdinoiitoii.aiid raniiin/eiigincY
.Zens turned out; toY help tboGiniiidian.
Nprthern,;but theiNbrtliwest/Mptinted
pplice.:.proventeti pi 11 tbrferoncciii'I!6w//
/.Jtbferring   tO'tlioYiiiterViewpofYiiJib.
Grand /Forks delegation Iwith JIonY:;Av:
G? Bl.:i ir/therGitzctte/^t
'cc'ssfiiltiiissitiii bf tlie'/gentlbiiiei-\vlio;
decidedly: .brighter phase/onithep rail-
coin in iiii ity '.liiive'received; the/.' Ist-imu-/.
luyyof'neWpliopc:/in/aiiticipatiotvbf Yjt:
aiidpaiiyeiirly/rcsiiniptioii 'bf. .//I'iVil'rp'a'cI���
'/-Tlip site'oftlieiiewCv.iy/lvvSlibiisYit:
J J 0 n t rea 1' cp y pi-s ;3 20 -i 1 c res; /Tlie 'si 1 ops
7S//cngii?es-per yeitiy^y vp SOppfieight
cars; ;vdttyi: p/j/liodizes of.:theY/depiirt-
nien ts:'wi 11 be:-��� Freigl 11���: ;��� cai': si top, ��� TyUj)
byi/lOT feofc; -yi >]tin in- y iiii il 500 by' 1_27 /
:fcet;::cabinot;s,bopj:/200:by G2 ftYY-hjird--/
\vii re,y/stprage/ a inl /u ph'olsteri n'|Y: (tu-oi
,s,tbreys) /2ijb"by���62/;" f tY;Y;]_>jv'-4:fe'feiige'i\:|'ia*i if.tp
sbop,y ,b/72y by //100: rt^Yipassei^GbyYciti-'
shop,'432-by;82 fiii-jY.car -.iaciiiiie/sliopi
.hy-''yd30/ ;ft.;:/fp 11 iidi;y/'/3SQ:\>y/123'���:/ft.
iiiacliinc'' iind iocoinotive/sribir 90(Jy byY
wheel ;��� fouiidi'\-/Y;ilJO:,by Yllbyft/Yitdg/
slioi'iYy'25b;byYl00'fti:(lryini>!kiliii t^ob
bvdQd fti;:power jiouser 100 hvp^OdtY;
.0 verliea id iin an- up to c da te grocery
.���Store.//' ' \y. y" ���������.. \ '-��� .:,':'��� /:/-.,- -,,/. :���
.Grocery/Clerk: To Manager,���Here.
is aii order for one pound ofuncolored
japan Tea, whiit shall;wegive/ theih-
Y.Manager: (who does/not know YJa-
piiO /Teii from Bayieaves) Give/ theih
aYpound of.p'Nabpb,'' they; wont/kiio'V
thedifi'crenceiY v:/' :...[:'���'::���';":. /;-Y/.'Y.Y;Y.
//(Grocery '/Clerk ���: carried/ out .pin/ W
fiiiutiiigcondition.) / Y/YY    Y. ''.Y1'/;, ,'/Y.
";Thi- KdoTiixAyMAiiv aiid/monthly
iiiagazine;' Tlie  WestihinsterYY*l!3 ^er
year.:yY:,yYyY,r'y.Y;: *: Yy y .yY./YY/, \yy'
���:'��� Tine KoOTicxAYiMAii. and; the::pres-
byteriaii$3 jieryaarp":'- yY/YY ���������'��� ���;���"./;���:/:///'
,;'ThkpICootkxay MAiLy/ThepWeSt-
liiinster. The Presbyterian, all three '.fi
..per yeiiri -Y/Y -_ :-/;,;/.i:'/;-:,,;.--./ ������> "������ Y/-','���/'Y; //-,'
Y / The new serial story by Riilph/Cpii-
nor, ''Gleiigtirry'.Scliobl Days;,'',' is now
riniiiiiig iii TheYWestniinster.Y'/Y/Ypp;
/;/Address/;/.',y---y'/'i,y,y,/Y::p:Y,:./.:;  ,/:- ":'..
':"y:y\./,//������'" /1'liE' KpOTICNAY/; jrAILj- /   ,Y
Notice of-Sheriff's:Seizureand 'Sale.
KOTICE, is hereby: given , tliattindcr and
l*.v' virtue of a���'���warrunf of YKxccutioh
issued out of the Small Debts Court of Koss-
laiid. B. C, holdcn jitKossldnd, ai'.d directed to
the Sliorlir of North- Kootenay, -against the
goods of David Orr, I have this'day seized ana
Ulcen in Execution, all the interest of the said
David Orr in the Mineral Claims, the -'Cyclone"
and "Crcsciifj", situated on Great -.Western
Mountain; arid'Ythc; '���Cresent" and "Sirdar,"
situated on Goat Mountain, in the Lardeau
'Mining Division of West Kootenay. And I'give
notice tliat I.will on; ':���������... ,:   ./,  :
WEDESDAY OGTy22nd, 1902i;
at the hoiirof two o'clock iii the ''afternoon V at
the Court House, in the City of i 1-evelstoko,
oiler for sale publicly, all 'the.1 interest, of tlie
said David Orr, intliesiu'd Mineral Claims or'
such part:: thereof as; shall satisfy thoisaid
Kxecution.',/ p...-;-. .:/.v-;>v. p :..-.-. >,;.,���
���1 Dated this'23rd dav 6f Seiitenibcr, 1902.'' Y:
;/p.:-:--.;:-Y,.p-. ���/.-���::. p y.'JAMKS TA'YLOH.:'.
:, Deputy to the Sherill'of North ivootciiay.
Y/yy/Y; Walthiunand EIgin,r Haiiip-
:////: yiy/deii iind Hiiniil ton, 17 aiid" 21
YY,//Y.Y:jcwels,Y':;yVanguard;/ /YElgih
,Y YyYpp Veritas, CrescentYSti; Father.
:Yp/y'/:Y;:yThiio,/e.PpR.:S])ecia),: B.-AVi,
Y, :Y:. py/R'ayibbiid. .Appleton : Tracey,
;���;- Yy/yTSl yjpeciai/:/ Seiidforprices.
(\vil| be published iitonc ceii tpcrword'
per:issucY; /Cash;-\yith'i.pr(!prYYp;y/:/y.p'y:i:;
/ANTRDTO SEIdi-^VYYthi1'<l:;iny
pyy. /li-rc^t'in ii /Big Bend 111 k-ii clii iin
Price YY$500,/:v Appj-yp Kiiiiteiiiiy/Alail
A NTE.I>��� Hotel; / proprietbrsyY to
���VfOTlCE is Iierel-j*giv(!ii that :-(l'days after
^ r.?."^^1 J"tend applying to the Hon'onihle
the Chief Commissioner of tJ-ands ������and.1..Works   .
[or.the permission to fell and etirrv away timber from thefollo-viiiff'lands::.-.'.     ;,
'������f:--'y'p'y'./.' /���' ���;: ���. Np.:'i.^'v:\::::y//''.'p;i':.p; .���'.;������
:   Coiiimciiciiigat a Post.Yat so'iithwest corner.;'"
marked ,."W.' li." .planted about three cliains '.'.''
south ofHiH creel.', 'and about;dne-and-a-halfV;
miles northeast of Upper Arrow. lake, Galena "
Day, marked "W.B," thence east l��l chains;   '
thence north U) chaiiis; thence, west Id chains;
thence south to, chains to place of commence^
nient. ���'������ ������'.   ���������; /'.' ��������� ,; - ��� ,-������:��������� ���,, -. ,..-., -.-
:V:, ������������ y ,-,' -; V'   -''/,' ''.������"':-Y->WMYBEATy.Yiiii
Galena Bay, 13. c., Sept. 22nd, 1!)H2. >-���������'    ' v~pr
:::' If
:.<$*  ���
Y. '���/ YYY-'Y.Y'y p- :/Y-;/Noi-^2.'Y/'Y-: :'/.Y-',;'-:''y Y : '���'��� 'i"i''
Y'Commencingat a post planted ai) northwest YYY
corner, about three chains south/of Hii-.. creek��� .'������'.
ana about oiie;j(ii(l-biie-half niilesiiorthcist of ../''������
Oalena I'ay, Arrow, :]ake,��mni-kcd "W." ]J;"Y
thence.squtirin chains; thence east 100, chains;-YY
thence npr-h 10chaiits; thence west 1(50, chains ,
to place of comnierieciiient. Y   ' ;.:;, ,p   ���
Y:'YYy  ������-.:������//:/ .:.--.--/:��� PY/P   AVJiyin-ATVYp/Y:
���.-vi.; OulenaiBajv 11. Ci, Sept. 22nd, 1HI2. ; /,;,:,p ;p.
/;///; Y-vYYY;;-Yp/iY,Y|^|1rE-D/p>..;.,.p; .-���:��� .pp,-;;
��� Notice is hereby given that the a'bovo cbiii-
iiiiiiy:li-ansf('!i-i-c(l'.]'l,s; business: to the.Coi-pom-:
tion of the City of lievelstoke'as from October 1,
1002. ;.������-All aecoiintsaccriiing fronv that date arc
payable to theCouiicil; all proviottsto tliatdate
tq the,conipanyiv:Y:-%-,p,p;:rp,p:,/-.:;.Y :,/;;���/p/������:���'-���;/
. It is requested thai, all accounts owing to the
Obiiipiinyilic'piiidhy October Mi 10! 12; -,'..Pnytiieiit
may boiiindct.o������ tlio; lr.idtfrsigncd -at/tlicCity
('Jerk's omce/Firc Hall Noii2p; /���/./ Y:;y;/���;,/:
:pp;)p,YY:.p:P-^Yf.Y1Pp-'Y'p YH.YFrJOYD,/:fc,Y
-,',-������'���. '���''���'-. ��� ��� /:"���:/���:'Y ���:���;���-������ ;/ ;. ;;; :.' SccretaryY/
���'������ Revelstoke, Oct.;Sil!)02/p/;. ;',;*, :<///'.-/',}:/. :.��p
;' Notice ;df SiienfF's Seizurc'aiid - Sale;
V|*01 IClC is hereby given that under'- aiid by
X> r.viituc of a..wai'riinl. of execution issued
oittof"16 County Court of Kootenay, holdeii
at Golden and directed to the Sherill'of Northeast Kootenay, against the goods of .1. I1'.
Deacon, ot Golden./ I have this dny seized, and
takcn'in execution, all the interest of the said
J.'K Deacon in the iMinenil Claims,"Knierald"
situated on the Knst Fork of Potlnlch Creek, in
Dig Ilend.��������� "Ijiicky.Iaek'Y situated at head of
Kmlv���Creek,' iii the DigUlend.Y "l. :N. D.1;
sitiiated at.Hig'MoutliiCrcek, niiieinilcs' froni
tlieColitnibialtivor,���Siiiishinc" situated on
Itig Mouth OreekY live miles from Columbia
Uiver. All in the ltevclstokoMining Division
of Nortli Kootenay, And 1 give,notice thiit
I will on,;//.,-/;/:./p: '"&':���".���/''/./:;���"/ yy'pYY/YYyYYp.:
WEDiNIESDAY; OGTl22ridii^02
,iit the'hour of two o'clock iii'tiio afteriiooii, at
the 'Court, llouso, in the City, of Itovelstoke,
oiler for. sale/publicly, all the interests of the,,
saidJ.JC. Deacon,!h the said Mineral 'Claims
or such Part thereof as shall satisfy the /said*
Kxectitioiii'pY/i.-���.,.������.. Y// /v'-p.,;./.;;-:;/ -a.: ::���::
: Elated, this Sill dity bf October, 11)02. :��;p.p;,,,.,p.
,/;;:;, p;,:::ip::p;p:-.:/p-v';.:,'.:./;,,IAltl-STAYLOKi//:'
Y,,Y: Deinityto the Shci-iirpfNorth Kootenay:
/-'/���;.:,/ ':i: :y'//Yp'YlY:yNo.;3.Y/':'y:yY//,:Y/- -///'Yp'"'
Y (���ominciicingata postinai-ked "V./IY'iilaiifed
��(��� the south west corner of tiiiiber berth marked'
���v��.;U.f'iind.aboutono;iiiilo ��isl,;of-Arrow lake,
Galcnn, Bay, thence south ,J(i chains; I hence east
liOchains;'thciice north .10 chains; thence"west;
IU* chains to place of, commencement/.
'./Galena Day, 11. (J., Hept. 22nd, ltR)2'. -���������" ' " y;/���/���;,
;iAy:���,: ,,,.��� .���::..:���::���:���.vNo.-1 .������/-;���::;���/,/.,;:;���;���/,.���/,:y.;//-:,
::��� Coniincncing at ,a post inurkod "\V. 1." planted'
at. north west corner about ;V) chains east iir the,
southwest coiiiei-of 'J'iuiber liurth No. 2, hci-o-Y
:inbefpi-o  described,'.and about olie-nnd-thrtc-
fourths niiles enstof Arrow lake, Galena lliiv-
l.hencusouth.81)chains; thence east ill eliniiis!/
thence north iO ehiiins.-thencc west fc'O chains;
,to place of cominciiceineiit. '
���///pp ,-/;��� .pp;.. ��� ... ���cp;,p ���; ������ ��� WJiiviitWIX. /Y
/ Galena III.}*;,11?C���'Sept. 22nd, 11102/ //    "p i������:;; ������,
nf:*:���"������:.,.:>���,: ���������������..-���:���-������, ������;
:,.,.,... ,.y^^<p"'ir''r^:i'.{S-
.���VTOTicK is 'hereby; Ki'-cn'Y iiiut'"':j'(j/ days 'uf 1 or / :
J-\ ���dalepi intend applying to ihe '���Honorable -'-���'��� -
the Chief Coniiiiissioiier of Laiiilsajid Works for ";.'"���'
permission to fcllaiid,carry. 11 way:tiinber from   ' : ���
the tpllowing described lands: Coniniencin.' at::������:-.
a post planted, beside/IViri ft/It's southwest YY
cprner post and marked .������'Gi i\I/' onc'Vinnrte.i   :/.
mile west of Deep creek aii'd'abofit two and one-'
half niiles south I'roin.Ualciiii bity,: oii the'OiiiierY/:;.
Arrow ,.Inkerth'oncb'f north ������>-;0;cl'iiiins;r"llien'i!el'Y/1/
AVestSO:cliains;.l.henee south/SO chaiiis;.thence. -Y,
east bl) chains toplaceof coniiiience.iient.     ���-������V p ������'���:'���'���
:���/:-;���' '' YY":;. .GlCOIIGE.JIeCOKiMAClC.' Y;Y-
AiTowhead, IJ. ('., September ITtli, I!)02.  / ���.;'"Y'������. -:
p/;litprosectiting/itsYplaii. t6 biiiki inp
tjiCvltirgest'circuliitioii Yiii; the. Kobten-/
'ay, ;and incidentally^YinYobservance of
its ��� sevebth. /:anniycrsiiryY tiip yi'itAiiY
ck'bkk;'.,-newsy- is giving; to: Citchynctt/
siibscriherpiiYxvatch./ Itjs notyi/riill
jewelled -18 karat gold/vvat'ch, but is a
iiOiit::perfect/runbing tinic-piece.-Y It
is/Y gUiii-iintbeilpY/or one year niul/it//it
fails,t.b ke:op iicciitht'e time ditring,,tYYit
peribci',| it:,\\'il) bi*, bNch?*��� ged, for iv/n"e'w/
one^ The,/ giiiiriintee . is /that of/Ythe
largest watch coiiipiiny /in the:/United;
States/ /Tlie,siibs'eriptionpto'tlie^xicAv/s
isYji'2 per year,,bpoti;,:. receipt.p.f which
a. /-vatcliiwibVbe: forwarded,./ together/
.witbp.the yTrnirGreek;?Tew!5 /for//bne,
1 vear. ;' n;'sY a.good.������WATfcii fpr/nian; 'or
rec-ens ly vi^iiyd Kevci^toky, .��� u*as; ni'ken ���!. '.W--
iiiibthergWiduiite at'{Ji-JS peiv iiibtiilvYtd
'ebinhieiiceiy'/:/;Y/Y//;py:' 'YiiYp'YyY:::///;/':;';;;'
Yyfhis week:'a 'citj'Ybarristet'Y engaged,
ibiotlier griidiiiitu tit,$10 peiv month, p
;p'Bii/si'i'iess .taugh't by/business menYv.f
?.:'��!'sy :yyyyV:Y \< "��������-:'::;v^
(Yi-t  yoiirp']>!;esci'i;:tibi:i'/iii!c'l/AviVh'i'i^
; Y'r'/'���;���::;���' ���������:Y;;yY..;/'''/'Axi>Y/.//- ���;; i:':::. y ;'������������;;
Fainlly/ Herald and ^eekly^Siiap
Yppp./.,/v/\vill biYsi'tit l.i).new/;/ ///./;:
pp/subseribt-isror:���'..':���:: ;/,/'/?;;'.'//
With the Sti'ir, is given the two beautiful |)icfiiiiei.Y..;y^--Y/,',v.:YY.-'V;': ;/yY/.>YV:
y������:,;,"' Purity," by. 'An'toti Asti,*//'���'*��� pi
j ,y AiribNi':," by Fi-iiiik;Stei-ii berg.  Y"
.���'//;/''/// en elr22x2S inches.'/:.:! :'"'���';
/YAddi-e'ssiYY:; ;;';/Y.yy;/;/;;-i;v:,: ../,,; ;'-Pp'':
:yp ;///;/:;//���::../: kootenay mAir,
.'..i.:-/,.YYi,YY ���.;/���:���/...'/;/'-,;/  .'.',.,-: Re v.blstoke.'
: i'eases.for gi-azing purposes are.issued <for, a
tcrni of .twenty-one years, and the,rental is at,
the rate of two ceii ts ah acre', per, .annum,: pay-;
ablo lialf:yearlyin,,i\dvnnce.i-p/Y' Y/:Y/p :/."/;.
./-I.niids,'included-'in 'tirgnii'.ing/lease iiiay/be
withdrawn for h'oinostciidYdiitry, sale or rail-:
wa,v:piirposes, but no rental is charged 611 siioh
lands from tho ditto upoii'which they aro With-"
drawn1 from; the.lease/5'���:';>''-���::���::-������:: ���:';:;;;
'YA^eiseoof jj-raitiiiglandsisiiotchlitlcd t.o.tho';
liay^horoon, but he iiiiiy/iupoii aiiplication; to
the agent of; Dominion" Winds/obtain each year
tho'lli-stpei'init to: cut 'oii/liis /leasehold:..: what.-
e,ver';(|iiantit,yi of liay '>,!i(��'']iiayYrequiro-:for his
own use', free bf.dut-s.; I he deiiartm'eiit reserving
tho righ1.1,0:issue'.1 iei?mif,s io:other aiiplieiinls.������:.'.
'.iApplicationsi.foiv.jjraiiiiig/lenses. should:: ho
made to the:Secretary, Dciuu'tnient:of/tho'Iii'
y.:::y /yy: ":; Y- pp/;;'//: y/l'i ^ KKYKS/ //'/ /'
;;///. Y.'Secrcbu'-%/Dcpartiiieiit;oi':tiie,liiici-ioi'i'���/.
YfCI'P'l'itil-; iis; hereby;givenYtiiiJLt'':(0!i'iii.y.s'itf(.er :
1.^:   dittoIinleiidaliplyiiiK: to;,Ihc'Huliiiraljlc.
I he (Jiief ('niiiiiiissioner/of-..riiiiiils: niid.rWoi-ks '
for permission ;to, fell and carry away timber
from/the "following p described, laiidsi.ytldiii-::
of the crook.running through 'I'lioinpsoirs Land-:
ing on the Uppe'r.Ai-i'ow lake imd iiiai-lced ;"C'.y
M. '0iie-lialr,niile*cast/of������Arrow;litke/theiice
east Ki',1 ohtiiiis; fhenco south -III chains; tliciicd.
west hill chains; thence noi-lh'tO chains to place <
of comihenceiiieiit,,'p;: :.//; k:::;:v.-v.p..���,....;���;:._;::::.pi.
���-.'     . y ���<,-������ <���:-<:: ;-!���. a kor fji' i?" m iiGbi t m A c:'ic; * ~:
P:'v-/-Y/;;Ypp: Y,;/:/y;: .ppfpp-Arrowheail-'.Mills,/
���^yAri'o\yliciHl;-:i!.;ip..-'.Spp.tciVibc'r 17Lli.'-.,iO��'i,.-...'>..-.4i..A,
: '"':t I
��� the^'Cuiiii-lii. i('ohl it)/one'eye
bey keep \h<?'rthe'-rito'i'iit.-n'i'.si
''������ .;���". '/������ ������,, ...'������.".. ihas been -Sbi ba'i
wliilo coming   tlirptigii
a'n'di'-hc-. itiibJiniiiittipiv
t),iijt;ho: fia?Y, been'i'S'
'Yv ,<���-">' : '���'''"'���' -vr- r'   \    \  ���������'���'"   ,,;;. '/Oiose nrisr.inp:*;in ���
B. GtliiUHir.M/L. A., lias soM'tol^yy^ rv^i'rior
Veriioiy a   \\iit('!\nis bii^itie tb'snppiy ���j^.j/j,
tiie'ini'itive- pdivin- f()i'-ligliting;t !>iit eilyYf' "' "'
'/dark room Yiit the
���-Ije is (lfe;*ppoint-
liy ipk'Ct ricitv.
Tht---'rii-li i.ii';in.'.whii''t>iijbys.-' ^v:iri
.ild ���xp'..
thi' 'X-Ji ii
(Ji) tiie,i.iii\>)';,t;ii!
.'-���iv'e lor. ti io hastY Y Tins 'nieiins.
poor   cU
I irst-< ;!.'*-.
i-iiliVViit'v'd'ur-rall s'ti'it. -
icS -(loesii I
nsiia liy ��� enjoy
i'ljr "(it-'-' bisY'ihiti-si w'itji/itt!
Iriifsli <Yb!ciii!.'i:i town*?; ���������,'���- . ' ���   ;y: Y.:
'J-. M;i
J.   .M, Ki'llii- witI.1 (In.-
ibl'l-'lilillliPi. ' .   '���'. .   :
;   At    tiie henring bf the asf-iitilt
as ;
ilitlin'.i'-iiirn! t'ilbii-i' wii
ebii.-i! I'.i'.p i'ii"  privitle ',,]
j i'��-<Y-Yp  ;���������'.'     '���'���'-,.���'
a 1',. lit
to'(lib ���
rc-i-^iiiiiii ;
���i'-r Kioi
���\.:._       'i
/,/Yy: churches./;���;,������
Y  ���  r;ON'iiii.;o.\;j;.K}\>."/; oiiii-ji'ni:
Ib-/Y., Mi,./.i'V:(iwfjt.i;v'''Y'i.j)ir!'o,ii:
''-v;i'ii/i'.i'tl's-i'i',vii,-i's ;n the ('liici-ii
ill  M.ni'l
,W 1 III
��� e.'(.i (..,<]
(:���' 1
-iiudav i:\
C.cl.iliU.  lakili'i.fbi'.
ordering vour l-'ull.
.,   . .,, , ,       .  .,(     iMd you I'si-r try
on Hatfirday.l. M.   M^lt got iif.tei- Dr., Z*u ���,,.,;,.,,   ^,,,|.;; ,,-,,,   r.-ti-lv."'������ ��� Thr,o.
Cross with ihe ri'iiiiirk that, the tlnetor J u,,,(. ,,.,���-. u.y; it.,.,��������� ,),.,,,;, il;i, j'^ ���    (:
hadliitcly bei'ir making n rbi'mtiitatit-ii.  .,'li()1)t    ,|ii; ,;,,,,, |(| ,>,-,.), = ,..' ,��������� r-,:,.i, (inps-
f'if biii!S"!f.  The ddcliM-eiiiild be ' oh-j
.-en-id  tkeepiiig'���'si'��� ��'iiry. eye on
,-Y'oltp'witi.i Y-i  view 10   landing
where be landed   lnwver .Mclhjiiii
Xelson    ihc other day   to tbo   iiiiin.-i.'-
inieiit iif.the court, biit/.Mr. ���Hcot.t was
loo/intK'li alive to   givC'lbe docipr the
��� opportunity.'
,   There   'were some curiosities at   the
, tax sale on .Saturday,.' Kevelstokf: iind
Trout   l.tik'e iiniperty wiis in   deiiiiind.
. Nobody wotild, (oiich . Niikiisji lots iind
several��� "Ferguson lots . were 'passed in
without a bid. Among the properties'offered wiis the I'resbytei'iaii Church 'in
thiscity i(ir-$-l overdue taxes,but nobody
'������Witnte'd to buy 11, church, though (lie
:suggestion wasd'l'ered    that the buyer'
, could recoilp himself by talcing up .the
collection Sunday.      ...
"Alone" iit;d ''I'tn-ify" ai-e the titles
of the new pictui-es. given to subscribers of the Family -Herald'and Weekly
Stan,.01 .Montreal, this season. They
are considered fur ahead of any previously oU'ercd; iind, subscribers, are.
sure "to lie delighted with (hem. 'The
many   i liproveiiicnls   in the   Fiiinily
mini i'l.'i'iii. voiir'iiill
��� ,lh'(
ii: led a nil
J,!li'b(-|Y>| ji>
as iiraiiv
,\ 1 ���'.',��� .vine!���; oi ������*l''
Any -iy!/- oi i'l'/iinc
S|i,('lai'le,- I'lti'/'i at
,   -Tlie l'iii.011
oh iMou<l;iy,-.i
hiiving   the
.well f'jrtviird.    ���).   .',   I.yncb
Oi ��� I'llbl'lliX1,  lll)(|.'.l'.'(!l'gllsOTI,
ebiiig'i- of ,|he l.iiir.
' Ti:i.;..Ko('/i'i:.VAV Maw, an
,('.i[,oiii-:.' wijl be stii'ipli.'.d'lo I
l!)(W lo./ .-f2.;'i0, Ibo.-e ' piipbrs beiujf
siipi'died' free-for the biiliinei-.. of 'l!)'02.
Tlie 1'ireiniubi includes poi'trni:,-; (ifji.ll
Oiitiirhi g'l'veriHii'.s.. l!('iiiil. t'/ Koor-
k.vav .Maii. nfliee.
'   ��� '������.., ������     ��� s'l'i i"!;ti;i:s
.'  The, j'i'-elor li'-li'l ii'speeiiil :-<"-i-\ ic.<- pu-
v-biidivii on   ,y.!iii(|iiy : ipoi'iiiog.-Y ,, '|*jji-
choir has ii'-eii-itineli,,-sireiiv'tbi.-iM-il by
l i;e addiiiiiii of l''i'cii, Tny'lor.  ���..'.':
' The elnirch tvas   jiscl.t iI v   <li.;cnriil<'t
ivit'll gViiins :i nd vi'^i-l;!blips yvi'.^ti'i'dity.Y
The   IbcKor  ebi)i.lii,.(cii    i.liiifil-stj'iViiig \
olhcr/utv in'||���wf.!'vi?-f,stt'.i,-.i' ���'*V���mL' l^hp^  kyh",
' 'd;iy. ��� .. /     ��� ..;,        I
MK'ni('Jii'T,(.'   Y    ,������'���''!
Tbiiiiksgiviiigyservices.'wi-ri- / cviir- ;
diicb'd by lu'vi ('.'lYtidnervesterciiiv,'.'   i
Hiirvoj'', Jlinoraliciiiini. .situate in the l-ar-
denu Mining Ilivisionof AVest ICooteiiay District:' ��� '"..: ������:..������-/'''. ':-���,:-:���:;:���::.... / .   Y."p-;,, ���....;���:';//
���AVhcre located: On Pool creek, about- two
miles from itiouth- /     .���   '..,'//
..Take.notice that 1, Win..-'. Oeveretix, acting
aS't\({ont for Charles Harvey, Free Minor's Cer-
tiiicnte No. H (!7fcH2. intend, slxtyjlays I'roni llie
date hereof, to apply: lo llioiAlining Hecordor
for a Certilleate of Jiiiproveinents, foi- the purpose of obtaining a CrowiiHiraht of the above
claiiu.;...;;'��� ���''. "p. '���/������:'-��� ;���/������ ��� ,���-"-.������.
And further take notice Hint action, under
Section -lb iniisi. be commenced'boforcitlic issuance of such Certilleate of 'Improvements'. ���-
/Dated Uiis.2lt.li day of .Inly, 11)112.<��� - ���;' ...*-'������..
��� '.; AV'JI. k.-deVkiucux/p. L, S,
Tii tl'ii iiiiiUi'i'Ybpithb"C(ynipiiiiii'yy'A(-i;y":'
/ Y; 1502: tin: 1 ��0'?/y ji i i <: I / i ii (111 > Yi 1 ��� a. (t.i /--,(> 1/1J it t // //;
,;M:LiIl(i(ii(W,;Fi'iiM'i'Utivi'i-Y;itn(.lYYC;iriii(iiiY Yy
ppGoldT/'ii-lds, iLbiii^-dviiiiyiiqimliitiiuiy/y:::
YJ_Y'y0biii jiit bv: ;i ������<'} rt'b/ii i I'ed'vi- oivlbt'.;! u'-iYy;
bire tlib22iid/diYy::iii''O(:tbliciyy)!J02ytbY*/
't Ifti'i/piri'i ic;iil7i'r'-j$"'rti f"-:/iyi i^!*.rr':/<lVyiVi siiiiV-^i*'""!'! ��'��� m'-;;"'; ..-.���:.'-
vei-ili-'iiyind /1 hvy 11> V1 i V t>s:; > t; > H;!; i ;i (1 (.i 1 /< ��� s sY( vs //; Y/
bf ��� i ii-i'bYSbi icit bi si,/Yi iy/11 liV, / YiYTYiM y ':i,i :yy,
duly/appbiiited I5i?]iii(l!it()rs;blvllic s;iiilYy;y
Cbnipiuiyyybi-yiYy-J/p/ViY'A:i-iiisi i-iitigiY';-:Y
/coVit Mi- iui'i:l,,: fi lYfi* >\i *.//s/i .1 tl .;cl t*'l -��i"H'rp ive liii V"i 1 ��/irr'./;.^y��.'
siieiytuibyuYdiiilaee/Jis Ysh..'ilJ/lyMiiii'ihviit-:;iik
;ed;ni;sueli:'nbUee.Y<'i- iii/del'iiYili/tJii'i'ctityi Y
lbey,sli!i.irbe excluded I'l-tiibil Iii" lieiiclii,':)/-/
'of any distribtUbiniHiiadebel'oi'eysiieli/Y Y
tlel>Ls iti-t' j>!���(> voil .���'���?���'/'���:'.-'/��� ip Y/.pp .\^"/'?:::y? .pY.-y,:./p
:��� ���','���'- "y'/:Y'YY . YY:;,/.: It/CPWYATir,, Ypy'-p
;Pei-:theii-;Agent,p/y ..; y- :,: ::,/./;//,���_//''/.:
'-'������'.���y'.>e*>"LY"-":'---','-::"-":.'-^'../-'i/-:':.' '"-.-���/���j-.J ;-'l,\v-.ViAi'i''tiist rt'-ifVir/-'-".'-'."..'''
TWO Ucsidences onYlJlclCciiiile' A veiiiie,-: w-itli'
inbdern improvcinoiits, .52,,'UO 'each, on"easy'
:������/-   terillS.' /.,...:;:>,.;;,: :.p.:.:..;p,P:. :;Y::., ft ;..���;.p.: ���:..;,,
TWO Residences on ThirdYStreet eiist,very
//; coiivonient for, rnilwuy men, Sl.Mio each,'
: ���/���'.���ensj- tcrius.';;//. ������,.;//, \.Yppip- :'
ONK Hesiileneeion 'if'irs't .Street /east, ciish re-
'��'. nuircd ��300, siib.icct.to iiioi-tijagc.   : ���; t' ,.,������
Apply to ���-".'���;,/:<;..;/:' ;������'.,���  ;/:.:/:'Yy ,.
y .JtAityKy, i\ieqAitM/KR:&:/piNivirAjr,;
lintel will   proliaJdy���opi-'ji
. .I,iiiigli!(ii),/lh(; Iniidlonl,
lii-ei'Ssnry   nri'ii'iigemeiiis'
Will have
���Wi:ivi; (,'-,���
(Yeiul ..of
Tlii;-. iii'.inial11 liiink.-gi'.'ing'������ioli't'i-iug j
will li(> fiikcii 'tin Sunday braid of. (he!
ti'iVst fundi 'Special, iinfeie .will/ be '
provided liy the 'eiioir.',., [���'
i   :    ,    .S'i'iKSIlYTKKIAX.        ' .|
���.Ill-, Pa trick- of IVfjt 11 i t <>l��n Colli-f; '
-I'l'-.-iikis in tiie Church ���to-night.'
I'., VV,, Troup   hsspcompleted 'the
ii'i'igbting of i-upf)lies forJ.'Afc.Ma.hoirs
Our local eh-,���b:(, are gMLihg 0/,iibi I'^^'il^r.'c.imp,'fthoyt^  Death   Ibipids,
),-.   S(:l.i,en'e,-ytvl,oh!iyy|nfi,'';U"'11^1 to Iho city Moiidiiy.  ���   .-
a, repot ii tion.
been sjiendiiig. soiiie; lime al. : ('liir.-i
house, was so highly pl<;axe(| wiib
preparation ip"l, op hir hini by .1,
.Miller * Co. thn I, be lias 'ordered 1
linn fo send another supply lo I
boum-in' Philadelphia.
[Y   Mr.    McLenb  .lias bought ; throuc.h
: Sibh..Id ((���"Field  two .Jots.adjoining bis
resi'leiiee on 'First Street.  .    -'   ..
Co|, your Jolt Printing doiicnl. Iho
Maii. Ollice,
"Used in' MiIIions��� 6f Hpmcs.
40: Ycary, tlic ::Standard'.', y A
Pure Grcam of 'i'artar' Powder. ���S-u--pcri(5r..,.to/.''cv.Qry;'b.ther''-
known.y-��� Makcj;: finest, cakei
and pastry,; light, flaky bis-
cqit,' cl.dicioirs g''id,dib; cakes
���palatable and wholesome.
-.id linking'nowict
iluni,    They look like pure powders,
;;/'/Y y'..y,;:[KsTAi}i.'isiiiii)/istij''���-..y-i ,:/���''/,:
jVflO \vi.*ili't6 open aceoiints withKll bona lido
IV: '-'Cclonial bnyeis wlio are 'hot alreiid y on
om- books, midon receiving pi-ecise' 'details of
l.lieii- exncli i-eiiiiircnients. WC shall lie .pleased
to forward..'quotations for liiiy .Ktiropcnn or:
Ainoi'ieaii ffiiods.. Our refci-enee books contain
several ,111'llioii' iiames, and our extensive connection ���'< iiables ns to make .special tc'i-niswitli
tlie ino^t .--liitable wholesale iiiaiinfactiii-ei-.s of
each elassol'tjoods, so; that, even ��� nfl.br addiiiK
oui-shippiiiKeoiniiiission.of 1.1 to ii per cent (according to iniioiiill) our pi-ices still- compare fa-
voiiiiily With (hose of the manufacturers.
��� We supply (,'iiods made speelally to any si vie,
iliiiilltyor. nriee: and on receipt of iiidcHt, with
lull .-.inid��� wear instructions, and rcmillanec of
cash, or prodiicu to cover,'our knowledge of the
l.i'adii eniililes us to pliico Ihe order at once In.
the best bunds, and tlie tfoods arc promptly for-
warded.,, ������ :  ;,   '.   ���    a ���
.-" \\'o iniiKOUp fiiunplu cases of niostf,'oods from
.<i'i upwiii'ils; and, as we ulillso our long'- experi-
oikiu In olioosliii"; ���such kooiIk as arc most likely
to suit tlic iiiarl.-ct lor which tlioy uro intended,
we, cnnlldciilly rocoiiiiiieinl hiiyers to order
Lhi.'Hi! siiiiiphi (;as(,'K, for by doing so they will
oljliiln tlie liiiestaiid most Inking novelties. '������.
(ioiislgiiinents of produce' i-eceivc cnrel'iil nt-
Icnflon 11 nd wo give advances to any CNlent,.
I.'roniptaiid' piiliislaklnK al.teiil.lon to the In-
l.eresl,' of ooi-i-esiioiidenl's. tiiKclher with execcd-
liiKly iiiodci-aiechiu'Kes, and pliiln and straight
foi'wiird dealhigs. have enabled ns to niainialn
for the ��� lO'cnter purl, of a eentiii-y, a roiiiilutlon
which wo value too lunch to allow Itto he tarnished by fhiiiinwil.isl'iiel.oi'ycxccution of a single
l.i-ii.iisael.lon,   ,.    .Address;.
25/'Aii(,:in;i((;ir  Uanu,:- LONDON, E.V
CoerooponUenco Invlteil.
CA' li'n AG Wi. OA HillOTSy/ //i: iyy iy iy' i
/ '��� / /y/ii/pq^v/i^iE^yTiii uiNi'psyv^/
y;;  YiAlsoilli-slYiiiiality of well' cured .;������:/',
Il.oh't fail togiveiiioii. cluuieu to Illi"youroi'iloiv
I 'can supply you,\vii.li;fn.i-iii.'.priidn'uu.' of be'tler'
nutility,iu, lower,prices tlinn you niii iiroeuro
Ironi'iinyoiie else.   ',-' :/,'.': . ���'?���:./.���:,���.���>(<��� ..���',;;, ..-���./���������'���
:/y:':; Y/y ������"/���;/:/]i:...':-;':'"S/Di:CKowT,i-;,:iYy./
��� '���Y /''���/. YYY "���' :-''\...:: .:".-'. .Y.llfivelsWkc. Y'
.      ,\ ���* / I>ijii 1 ers, i ii /Ai 11/ K ii 11! t? (if Y pi    ' Y :
y;SALM.O^VARM;;/. B.fti;|
Can supply Y Ci.-i i i t. ;iis.'*fjil low's/hi Yaiiy:
qii'nnl t'ty; Apples,. 2ie pi'r'poiiiid,- t'l-'iiii,
Apji.h'H,.ajcpfi;. piiuiii',; Plt|ins, le ; pi'-i'
pound; l.-'b'ir.v./.'lU'Y. pen pyiind.,, Write;
roi-.p.i-iees oii ���y'l'geinblesi (-.'in .--iipply in'
iniyYtjuituiiiy inul siiye yoiiiiiein-y,./ .*���,'.'
��� ��������
Ko.yil.r'sl.-cliiss leather wi-liu;. '���:
Pnir-E Bakino
Powoi-.n CO.,-
Chicago. .
: pun
���iiui   may /raise  the   cake,   but  alum
is ;i poison |uid no one can cat'food'
mixed with il without injury to health.
y   E.W. B. Paget, Prop,
j'rompt delivery (if parcels, hugya.^'e,
otc, to aiiy part of the City.   '.
Any Kind of, Transferring
.       /Undertaken,     f
All orders left nt P.. ALSitiy (lie's
T'ubiicei' Store, or by Telephone, No: 7
will receive prompt iitttntion.    ..,'..
ThcJCoptcnrty .Mai) hndthc:.
Toronto Wcckl)/ Globe will, lx:
sent far lh^ balance of/igos'-Urr-
persons  reiniiting cjoc  to  the
office of the
Saniiary  Pluinbinjj, ildt
Water & Steam,Heating.
Seconid Street, Revelstoke:
MERCHANTS,    ���    ,
VVe'enii supply yotil;\viih ji lii'.sl. ehiss
hiose ledger system which is beltei'
tliim IhosO you send cnst I'm- ,-bid is
only a third ol', Hie pi-ice. ''Mnlroiii'/.e
home indiislry iiiui send us yoiii'iudi'i-s
fiii- liiost! leaf ledgers nnd i-eipii.-iles
Siii'iipl'cs and prices on .-ipplieiiiiini.
Tl 110 K'OO'l'IOis'A vM'AH,,
O :''���'���''���       Keyelstoke,


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