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Kootenay Mail Oct 11, 1900

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1 ��� ��� ���  "
Vo?.7.���No. 28
$2.00 Per Tear.
The Municipal Council.
Tin- city council mot. as usual on Friday evening, there being present acting
Mayor Abrahamson, Aid. P.-itrick, Kil-
patrick,- Newman, 'Gotdon and Mc-
Malihn. '
,  The minutes of tho last meeting were
road and confirmed.'
'      A plethora of conininnications from'
IL Tapping  were   road.    One   re   the
.position of the Opera House on certain
, lots; allot her offering the iise of Opera
House ii'-a polling  booth  for the sum
of $10;  and a third asking payment of
an .-ic-coiiiiL of  $44.17,   for  building a
culvert, fm Campbell avenue.    The first
was referred   to  the city solicitor, the
second-filed, and the account  oidored
to he paid.
','   A conr.iiunicaiion was also read ftorii
a   representative of   the. largest  pipe
factory in Montreal,'United States and
Scotland, wishing to furnish the piping
for the.  proposed   improved water sup-
,     ply .which Ihe city intend pulling in in
the   event   of   I heir .taking   over the
Water, Light and Power Co.'a proper-
.     ty.'   Filed.
L. A. Fielz -wrote asking that Boyle
������.venue  from  Victoria I?oad  In First
street, lie opened up."   -
��� A petition - from   the owners of the
sidewalk  between   Victoria Road and
First, asking I hat as Ihe council intended   to ��� build nn 8 foot walk between
Victoria J\oad and First street, that the
old   sidewalk   be   moved oti  to   First
- street as  a  continuation of   the walk
���    which "at  present   ends   at F. , Lewis-
office. <��� Keferred     to   Public   Works
Committee. ' * ,<
A'petition was presented asking uirit
the. lane between Rbkeby avenue and
���' Boyle avenue he-opened- up,'and also
that Tlokeby-avenue from First street
to Government road be opened up for
the convenience of the residents in this
locality. Referred to Public Works
Com mi I toe.    '
The special  Water and  Light committee reported as follows :
To ihe'Mayo,r and Council
,. of tlie City of Revelstoke.
Gentlemen',- Your committee his
examined the jropo.-ed route of the
pipe line from 1(J6.") Bridge creek and
have made an apiroximate estimate of
the cost of tin- proposed extensions
.'required to "give ll.e city sufficient
water for a good ;,ys!em cf fire protection and estimate the cost of the'pro-
pnsed work at $'30,000, made tip as
follows : '
Fiom dam lo reservoii oSCOft.
cedar box 12 inches by 18
inches, inside measurement
at "35 cents per foot  $ 2,051.00
Ditching   for   covering   box
" oSOUft. al 80c. per foot       J.758.C0
From ro'ei'vnir  tocotne.r of
WaleMUid Third street via     ���
"Second sti eel, !)o2;l  foot 12-
inch pipe 11 yuageal $1.10     .
per foot i '���
Distributing, laying, ditching
etc., f)r}20l'ectat 23c   	
8-inch ma in from corner of
Wales street and Third st.
via Douglas to Victoria rd.
and from c wner of Second
stieet and McKon/Je aye.
to Victoria toad, and fiom
1 conii-r of Second si. ai.d
McKenzie ave. to Sixth st.
3711 feet a I foe. per foot...
Distributing, laying, ditching
etc., 20c. per foot	
Reservoii 50P,0(.0 gallons.,..
Engineering,    valves,     hydrants, etc .:	
regard to the road and street improvements which are being made. The
discussion, showed that the appropriation for these wr.rks had nearly all
been eaten up and that by the time the
sidewalks were completed there would
be little or nothing left uf the. $750
which had been appropriated for ballasting the streets. In view of this it
was resolved that the money appropriated'for ballasting be not spent until
the Public Works Committee report on
the moiij-y tille-idy spent.      '
It was resolved that Clause 7, Bylaw No.'II, he amended to allow the
building of chimneys 80 inches below
the top celling of a building.
The bylaw amendment extending the
time for the lower rate of taxation until Oct. 'Slut was finally passed. "
���I. 0. 0. F. Grand Master Entertained.
��� ii '     i '
The I. O. 0. F. lodges of Revelstoke,
viz., Selkiik lodge, No. 12, and Revelstoke lodge, No. 23, entertained Grand
Master Bro. YV\ A. Jonnslon, of Van-
couver, at the Central hotel Tuesday
evening.     Previous to the dinner the
brethren of both  lodges assembled in
the.lodge room  where a short meeting
was held   and an opportunity  had hy
the   brethren   of   meeting   the Grand
Master and,Bio. A. H. Blackeby, Supt.
of Agencies of Oddfellows Relief Association of Canadaifrom Kingston, Out.,
who is  accompanying  Grand   Master
Johnston  nnhis visit,to the diffeient
lodges   in   the   province.    The dinner
was   set ved   in    Host    'Abrahamson'-s
usual -sumptuous style' and  was in all
respects a complete success.   The usual
toast  list   wtis    gone,' through    and
speeches   were   made   by   the   Grand
Master and Bro. Blackeby, as weli as
hy several, local orators.     The -visitors
were   greatly   pleased   at   finding the
lodges in a flout ishing condition and at'
the   hearty < recepl ion" accorded them.
They proceeded south yesterday morning   on a  tour  through   the lodges in
So.ithern Kootmay.
The Chinese Situation.
The Hongkong Daily Press gives the
following summary of the Chinese wat
now going on as compared with that of
It is sometimes instructive as well'as
interesting to look back'in the pagi-.s of
hiptorv   and   find   what  under-    ver-'v
similar.circumstance*- has been done in
pievious times. The Marquis- do/
M'oge.s's account of the war in China in
1S5" 5S i- tin instance of how two great
nations wilh common wrongs io i-e-
di ess'can. by a lit tie yielding1 on each
side, conduct to a successful issue a
question comprising so many different
interests as',, a war'in China'. Both
France and , England" had in 18.36
wrongs to redi ess in many respects not
unlike those agitating the two nations
today. '���Between Great Britain and
'' the Celestial Empire there had long
"been differences and disputes,,,which,
"increasing in importance from day' to
A pretty wedding took place in the
Catholic Church yesterday morning,
Rev. 'iFather Thayer (officiating, when
two of Revelstoke.'s well known a.id
popular young people were made one.
The principals were Mr. Alex Hobsmi
ahd Miss Edith Lewis. The bride
was supporter*' by Miss Blanche Mc-
Carty while Mr. J. Doyle performed a
like sen ice for the groom. Tlie happy-
couple left this morning on their
honeymoon trip to Spokane. The
Mail joins t heir many friends in hearty
The Labor Platform.
.  Total   .""M), 000.00
Chaii man, '
The location suggested by the committee for the reseryoir and pipe lint-
is on C." 1'. U- property and Aid. Kil-
palrick pointed out the necessity of obtaining a lease of sites before going
any further into the question. The
report was then laid over for a week
and the cleric was instructed to consult
with the city solicitor and apply at
once to the C P. R. lpr alease of proposed reservoir site and pipe line.
A k-i'tfluy discussion took place wilh
The follow Ing is I he  pla'tfoi m adopt
ed'by the Labor Convention al Nelson,
last week l
1.   l'Yet\coii)|inl-ory education.
2    Legal working day of eight bouts.
3.   Goyci niiient inspection of all industries. , *
���I.   Abolition  of contract system on
all public work--.
5.   Public   ownership  of    all   franchises.
0,    Prohibition  of   Asiatic ininiigra-
i lion and the icgulalion of all immigration bj'an educational test, as to immigrant's fitness, and the abolition of all
special  inducements' and  privileges to
foreign iuiuiigiants to settle in the D.i-
| minion.
j 7. Abolition of child labor under 1 f.
I. 8. ��� Abolition'of Ihe $130 depo-it re-
i quired of all candidates for the Domm-
' ion house.
!).    Compulsory    arbil ration   nf    ,-i!l
i labor disputes.    -
10. Piohibition   of   pi i.sou   I ibm , in
competition wilh free labor.
11. All   election   days  to  In
public holidays.
12. Abolition of Dominion senatt
"""day, at last terminated  in   a sudden
"rupture.    .   .    .   The French   could
'.'not remain,inactive  while' events of
"such magnitude were taking p!ace"in
".he far East. It was proper and neces-
"sary that Ih^y should take  a.   part
" bo.th in tlie diplomatic and   military
"proceedings.   They  had  be "ides,   on
" (heir own account, insults to avenge
"and   just   causes   of   complaint    for
" which   to   demand   redress."   Theie
Was here as good a ground foi quarrels
and jealousies as in th? present tumble
but the way in Which France  then set
about' her   task   was   very   different.
Both nations determined to ur.dertak'-
the work  of ..adjustment in  common,
and th.-ew I heir' influence'and  power
into''a   common   channel. .   The  two
nations   that   had   found    themselves
fighting side by side   in   the   Crini'-a
again   decided   that   they   should , in
China afford one another mutual supper!; and as  a consequence  the' work
��� which both had in hand was accomplished, to  their 'mutual   satisfaction,
and at a much less cost to either than
if they had been all the while indulging
in mutual recriminations and jealousies.
But then France, had not determined
to dissociate herself fiom the "common
opinion of Europe; and this  little  fact-
made all the difference.  Fm a moment,
mtilual jealoiisies'were  forgollen,  and
as time  went oh  each   bit   more and
niH-i-^how ��� much   more   they   had   i'o
common rather than   how, much   11 ey
ditt'eied in detail.    Yet in ISO!), we are
not, as we were  forty-four years ago,
fignling with China as a nation.   Then
the,troubles  of both , were   with   the
Empire, while, to-day  we have to redress wiongs committed, not by China
us a   whole,   but'by a  eomparativt ly
insignificant faction who have dared to
set, a.-ddo the legitimate government, of
the Empire, and substitute, in ils place
the rule uf eho faciionof disorder.    I:i
fact the trouble we have to face is  not.
now a Chine-se one: the Chinese people
as a whole has pretty well ascertained
the nature of the   patriotism   of   the
Boxers, and their  protectois at headquarters,   and   is   well   content    that
matters   should  settle down  and  the
emperor    re-assume   his   throne.   For
what has been  done iu  Hi" rescue ol
the   niiiiisteis   limy   bear   no   grudge
against  the  foreign   tioops 'but   limy
ask. What  is   lo  be  the  resid'?   Proceedings such as those of  the Russians
at.   Newrhwang,   anil    lh-'     unseemly
jangling-of   llie French   al   Shanghai.'
air- not calcinated lo in-pin- eonlideia-
last about lo lake place, a small Keel ini
of irreconcileabl.'.-- look on I he.n-i lv.-
to suppress |!ie government, an.
formed a plot lo extei inmate evei.
foreigner it: the land without regui
lo nationality. A very exteii-ive set ie?
of inassicres, involving fully a hundred
innocent   victims,   has ali-eady  taken'
place,  and   attempts   to    murder,the
.' I., -I
regularly accredited representatives o!
foieign powers, whose persons   by  tin
immemorial   practice   of   mil ions   including   China    herself,    are  .'sacred,
necessitated ! he employment   of  force
to relieve i hem.    The'legitimate <;ov-
ernnient had, in fa'el, appli-d lo ns  'Vi
moral sujij)i,;-(, in ii.s di--( ress,   l.u',  hki
the Pharisee  ol].. old,   we  had-i rcssed
over the road and left   il.  wellei ing  in
its own blood.   No.wwhat  is  I here  in
all this to provoke the   verv  unseemly
display of snarling and   tooth-showing,
to-which   we.  have  li.-eti  'introduced'*,
We are all,' by our, professions al. lea?I,
actuated by the  best  of, motives,  and
do not, desire to sully  our aims   by   a
i       " i
suspicion"of plunder; yet wo  act   as  if
each thought his neighbor little  b.,-lter
than a  highway   jobber. 'There   i.s   a
case, as Shakespeare reminds us, whore
"eoascience makes cowaids of  us all,"
and surely did we not feel  the  itching
strong upon ourselves,, we should   not
bi-'sd ready to  find  it, in  others..   Unfortunately   in   those   few     in-.lances-,
whore, nations  have .had  recourse  lo
the new-fangled theory  of arbil ral ion
the result has in even   fewer  instances
been such as restore harmony; and  in
this    Peking    outrage    where   .every
nationality   stands   as   a ' prosecutor,
there is not one left to   try  the.  issue,'
and we  can  only  appeal   lo   the  finei
instincts of Europe.    In   the   cas"   of
Crete two years-ago  an   inlei-nalional
occupation was found  possible.    It is
of comse not di-snajile   too  frequently
to, repeat-a condition which   needs   Ihe
very highest teinper.-md slal'esnsanship
to bring   lo   a   successful   completion
without,, involving    an    intern itional
win',    But iu both   I his   case   and   the
eailier example of   the  Anglo-French
occupation   in   1S59-6I.   theie   are   instances   to   show    that    the  . present
'condition need not of il.s-df lead to   unfriendly acts.'
Parliament Dissolved..
Ottawa,    (Jet.
������ A    pi'ne!aiu::liim
will    be   issued   this   aflei noon   iu an
extra of the Canada duel to dissolving'
the eighth parliament ot" the Dominion
of Canada.
An order-in-council to this effect
was passed' at yesterday's cabinet
meeting and approved.
Nominations will take place. <"n Oct.
'���1st, ami   elections on November 7th.
The writs (>-, election are made're-
tuniablu on December otli.
The' campaign   will   be  one of 'the
-hortest iu ihe history of  the countiy. ,
Sir   Wilfrid   Laurier   left last'in'idil
to open the  campaign   iu Quebec, and'
stui t   next   week, in Ontario.'   At
ie. Ii-routo   meeting   he   will i
The Chinese Commission.    .
The first meeting of ""tho Royal coin-
mission to investigate and report upon
certain statements and representatives'
telating to Chinese  and Japanese    im-,
migration   into   Ca wi.l.i   took  place at
Oitaw.i List, Fri lav.    There, were pre:-
et.t     U    C.   Chile"   QC,   and    D     J.
Miinn.    Uoorge Simps-Hi, bf   llieHui
son I stall',   was   appointed  stenograph
<>r to the commissi! n.     -Arrangements
were made to make a  full and exhaustive   enquiry   ii.Lo   the. ( whole subject.
The   commission -then    adjourned   to
hold its next  meeting on   the  Pacific
W'ith such' men as Messrs. Chile,
Sinilh and Muun, (lie '.vork'. will be
thorough and iliereforea remedy must
follow.' iMr. Chile,'* work-in connection with the Crow's Nest. Pass :.nd
(lie great inining strike ol llutind.-iry
creek district, in, which latter case ho
was assisted by Mr. Ilalpli Smith, is a
guarantee that nothing will be left un
(lone lo place the grievances iu regard
lo Chinese and Japanese immigration
anion'' those burning questions already  set i led   bv   the Laurier go-ei n-
eply to -
Sir   Charles   Topper's   charge   that he
(L-iuriei) was too British-for liim. ���
Integrity, Justice and Manliness.    '
Mr.    Ciihcrt   Parlc'i-r   the Canadian,
novelist who has   been   elected a nieiu-V
'her of   the Uritish House of .Commons
in,the recent  elections, in   the course
of a letter to a New" York paper refers
to   Lord   Salisbury   as "a man whom ���
the,    whole,   world   honors as a states-
min of   integrity,   justice   and manliness."      Would   it be possible to more.'1
accurately   describe, _ in   as" few  words
the charicter of Canada's premier, and
tie po-ition  ho    holds   today   iu   the'
ex'liniation of   th'o empire-  and of   tho
world ?    Le.'u'ing out of tho question a
handful ofirreconuilable CVmservati-es
who would pick holes in   the character ������
of'the Arch in go I Gabriel himself if 'he '
would show,any leanings  towards Lib- ���
eralisni.      Sir   Wilfrid  Laurier is held
iu   universal   and ' unqualified este< m .
throughout the   civilized   world.   'They
integrity with which he has held in all
niallcrs  to a policy of   national devol-   .
opmp.nt aud.impprinl unity, the justice
with which lie has cl-'alt equitably;with
the. many ������oiiiendim." interests involved,
in the government of the country, and
tho    manliness    with    which    he   has
'resisted   each   and    e'ery     attempt,,
whether   from   within   or  without, to ���
arouse or. create sectional   or sectarian   '
strife, have   placed' him   in a position
among   the   statesmen of   ,i!i.' empiie
which   has, never.been .'ipproaeiii-d by
any   coloui.d,.aml   seldoin   equalled by
an'imperiiil  leader,       To   fighi under
such ;i ch.iof is to  start with'the. battle
more than half   won, and   for   Canada
,to   tofuso' a   rpii'ewal'of   confidence at
the present, time to Sir'-Wilfrid Lauiier   .
would be as inexplicable to llie empire ���
as the.   defeat of f/ird Salisbury would    ^
be  inexplicable to  the world at large
is    wit Inn . the ���
iiienl.---Pro\ ince
The  Illinois  am
Ilos.-dand   di.-l I ict'" (
<i;iiM-.-i!ive :- tin c ill I hill oil V
olliei' union men ol
ni e   opening a   co-
(.'rocei ics
ect    bri'^hleni'd   whei
There will be a general meeting of
the Revtdstoke Li lie ral Association
Ibis evening. ;it S o'clock sharp, in Mr.
A. McUie's olli.-e, Cowan iJloi-K. All
members'.-and intending members-are
urgently leqtieMed to be ' present .'is
importiint business will be dit-cussed.
W e
!' .riiiul
We   .���������<���
We    ,!,
I Ml il       l>
Nor i- Ihe
fioni loe.-tl imlie.-il :<��� <s
���Miiopi-. a.id -ve hear
.-: lnpiiiiLr I iu1 mIio.'U'ov
,-uni in*, bi-i lirolh'-r." v\">' a'e imi ,i.
war with China; imi- do we .!. sir.- i.
act a-, if we were, and lh" danger lie-
in the piTM-tance wilh which our con-
thiontal neighbors tire .-eekiug lo ��-���-
snme lha! " ease of wai exi.-ls, in
which, ;is interested parl.ios, lln-y feel
called upon lo fake a hand. Piininrily
the government of China is a thing for
the Chinese, and \\<' have n oi e con-
rei-n wilti it than to see our Ireali.--
faithfully',oi)seried, .and our national
protected: when Ibis de.-drabk- cbnsi'uu-
iii.iiiou iifter a long struggle .seemed at
Illi!   pi o\ IMOIIS    W l!
ill-'a ill ill:
'.��t <��� i on.
iMll'-l-     t!
'.jiei a: i ��� c
���|i-:tl!.,-lN    ii,i\-.-
jei \   a|.i|    ��nine
i-i i i. il   in   :i-."> -liiii of
ire nl
I   lie   h.tiidl.-d iu I In
e and oi her lines will lie added
The concern w iii do business
e lame oT i iii' llos-I.uid C^-
S.'.ci.-ty. Limited. Ahoii! \l\)
'ready j A\u-i\ the mi-
J- l.(iji) nave lieen iiih-
"i he p: ollioler-'
U a;;e i a rile! s. Thl'l '������ {< lio limit,
iixi'd for ihi--coiuiiaiiy's cnpit.'tl, iitit no
indiiidual can bold more than HKJ
Glares in his own inline. JCight per
cent Utho limit, on dividends on sab's
and iulciept on.-tock. The sociely will
do a purely ca-h hu-mess, bul .--lock
ho!d"i> will lie siiv.-ii I'dd.iyV .-n-d'l li)-
I he amoii.'il of 75 per ee-il. of I iieii
-lock.-. Tin- sociely: Uid s.'-ll to- ili--
gonefiii public'as well- as loilso;vn
member* and at the same pi ices.
r-iuge ol conceivable possi ml Hies.
 o .	
Keeping His Seat Wjarm.
11'any polilical Didynius continues lo
have doubts as lo   Hugh John Macdon-
ald's actual positl.ion in Federal politics
just now, Ihe situation should be made
clear by Ihe action of his colleagues m
the   Manitoba   cabinet.     The   re-construction of  llie cabinet consequent on
the retirement   of   Hugh  John is only
tentative, and  h  lo continue iu effect
iiulilllie  first of January and   no longer.      Mi:   Kohliu,   the  new   Piemier,
holds no poll folio though as  President
nf ihe Council  he  i.s enlilled to draw a
s.ilaiy.     Should   be   draw l hat salary
however, he   would   lia\e   lo resign his
seat and seek re-election.    He does not
propose lo do mi it seems, but will allow
(hat   little  matter'of pay  to Maud in
abeyance   until   the  first   of  tin; ye.-jr
though his  government  will doubtless
see he-lobes nothing.,   By lliat lime the
Federal elections will  be over, and the,
most   prejudiced    Tory    sympathiser
must see--though  whether he admits
it or not is another thing���that Hugh
John expects defeat and  will then return   to   Ins   provincial    premiership.
Hugh  John   is   "a man of his word.'*
ii.- Ins promised to set. things right in
Manitoba, and he is not going to be so
foolish as to break his promise and lose
his official salary as well,     Not much.
���� tswm  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  Zbe Ifcootena? flDatl  PU'BLJSHEO EVERY TIIUiSDAY.  ��������� AT���������  RSVELSTOEB, B.C.,  ��������� HY���������  15. it. (JAMPJJEU;,  l'diLISli;:!'  AND I'jtOl'iUlCTOK.  Subscription -?2-ice,   $2.00, Per   Annum  AJiVKiiTIijlNU   KATES   <iuot  cation.  on   appli-  JOJJ PRfNTlXi; of every kind at'iaost reason  iiblo rato.s ami shortest notice.  ACCOUNTS for job printiiiK or advertising  payable on tlie lirst of every month.  COUKKSPOXI'KXCE on all 111:1 tiers of local  or public inleiTst, invited and carefully considered. All eomiiiiuiieatioiis to the Editor  inu-t be .'ifi:oinpiinicd by the name of llie  writer, not. noces.siii-ily for publication, but  as an evidence of good faith.  Address  Tun Kootenay, Mail,  ���������  Revelstoke, B.C.,  TUUUSDAY, OCTOiJKU 11, 1000.  Till-: -London,���������England, Financial-  News, in discussing the conditions of  trade and business generally in Cana-  da, .recently said: "The prosperity  of the Dominion'of Canada, thanks to  her Government, which, wilh Sir Wil-  friJ Laurier at' its head, has reached  as near the ideal of a self-govern ing  British colony as is possible in this  imperfect world, has been extraordinary, and vet it has had few of those  ephemeral features which will 'Lend to  the. belief that it is short-lived."  Tun eighth parliament of Canada  was dissolved on Tuesday afternoon.  The date for the nominations Iris been  fixed for Wednesday, October ."31st,  and polling day November 7th. On  account of  the   remoteness of some'of  ("���������  tli'-- polling stations in' Jmrrard, Yale-  Cariboo Kootcnny, Saskatchewan, and  one or two other '-constituencies, it is  probable the- polling dale will be  named one or two weeks later in those  districts, so that the 'electors therein  may be given every opportunity for  the exercise of their franchise.'   ,  As A result, of the Labor Con vc n  tion at Nelson last week the political  fight in Yale-Cdiiboo-Kooteiiay is destined to be ii three-cornered our.  The appearance of a third candidate  in the field makes the situation somewhat complicated and will necessitate  harder work on the pai'i of the friends l'1'" ,'(-;  of candidate.-, C-dlilier and .McNeill.  Chris   Foley,  tl  Sir John Macdonald their chances 0  carrying the country with such a policy  were blue as an Italian sky. So at the  eleventh hour a brand new policy, of  which iot a hint, had been previously  given, is.sprung upon the country, and  we  are   seriouslv   told that the seven-  ��������� **  column manifesto in which ib is elaborated is ,tbo most import-ant political,  document issued by the party since Sir  John Macdonald's national policy pronouncement in 1.S7S. Four fifths of  this extraordinary production is about  evenly divided between a tirade  against the government, and ail alleged  review of the history of the cold-storage movement, of more than'questionable accuracy, while the balance outlines, in a delightfully general and  indefinite manner, a policy which so  far as it is practicable and amounts to  anything at all ' offers nothing more  than the present government has been  steadily deyeloping during the past  four yea is.  The necessity' of a cold-storage and  fast Atlantic transportation system as  complete and perfect as it is possible  to make'it, is not greater today than  it was during the eighteen years that  the Tories had every opportunity of  establishing it prior to 1896. The  only difference in the situation, and it  is admittedly a most important difference, is that during the' past four  years the intelligent handling of the  agricultural interests of the country  has brought home to the people a realization of the immense possibilities  which exist; iu other words one, result  of the progressive work accomplished  by the Laurier administration lias been  to demonstrate tlie possibilities of tlie  Dominion as the food provider for the  Old Country, and .having created the  neccTssiiy they are  showing themselves  ��������� 1  fully able to meet the supply'for which  they have created the demand. The  ���������country is content to leave the'matlcr  in the hands of the men who have  achieved such excellent results in four  short years and'is not likely to entrust  ii continuance of the work to the tender mercies of those who did practically nothing during a period nearly  five times as Ion 2.  ' Young Corn wall is West is old enough  to know Ij;s own mind, and if he isn't it  won't hurt liim to'have a guardian.���������Chicago Inter Ocean.  It was very kind cf the Prince ol  Wales, to give his consent to the marriage of Lady Randolph Churchill and  Lieutenant Corn wall is, yet we had supposed that the lady was of age and didu't  need it.   ,  Kootenay Lodge  ),{&��������� *' No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  *   *   The regular meetings  are held in the ^las-  LIGHTED  floated by  c bells an ���������  light in every room.   Free bus meets al  trains. .        .  REASONABLE ��������� RATES.      ,  Night Grill Hooin in connection for the  convenience, of gue.-ts arriving and dc-  liarting by night trains. Hourly street  ear between hotel and .station.  JOHM V, PERKS PROPRIETOR   ���������" REVELSTOKE, B. C  onic Temple. Hoiirno  on  the   third  in   ouch  ���������iia^lllOlltll   iit    S   p.   in.  *-=-   Visiting   brethren  cordially welcomed.  II. J. I'll ATT Secj-etaky.  REVELSTOK3 LODGE, I. O. 0. F., No. 25.  Regular meetings are held  in Oddfellows' flail every  __ Thursday night nt, eight  tyrJ-^^^^S^ o'clock.  Visiting brothers  ^vt^^^C?^   cordially welcomed.  X. ,T. EDWARDS. X.G.       J. A. STONE, Sice.  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.  Sleets every Tucsday  *,-T-=4s^    evening in Oddfellows  JST^VHuH    at   8    o'clock.  -=^-Ss^     J| Visiting brethren eor-  -s'dially' invited to at-  t end.  P. IIOOLEY, NT. G. AV. MATHIE, SEC.  i I -L=  Eooa  ABRAHAM BROS.  PROP'S..  u  Under same mannpreinpiil:  QUEEN'S HOTEL,  .TROUT LAKE CITY  13. It. ATKINS,  . U. It.  COURT MT. BEGBIE  I. 0. F, No. 3161.  Meets in the Oddfellows  Hall on the second and  fourth Mondays of each  month. Visiting brethren   invited to attend.  C. W. MITCHELL,  It. S.  *O0-0 0H><><><K><><>{>-O-O<W  $1 PEE, DAY_^*^l  Newly Buiit.  Lighted by Electricity  Throughout.  999  CITY HOTEL  'A.  II. HOLDICIE  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST AND     ,  ASSAYED.     '  Roval Schoolof Mines. London.'  Seven years al Morfa Works, Swansea.  Seventeen years Chief Chemist to Wigan  Coal and Iron Co., Eng. ', ,,.  Late Chemist and As.-ayer, luul Mines, Ltd.  Every 'description of assay mid analytical  work undertaken. .' ���������    .  Claims exiuniiifd and reported upon.  REVELSTOKE, U. C. 1'  J.  W. CROSS, M. D.  ijiiuur,   nominee,    is  looked upon as the stronire  the Labor people could po>sildv -it-cure.  A iiLilieealilo   fact   in   con;;  '..'ion with  On Sunday night next the chiinge in  P. ,I{.   lime  table   comes into  effect whereby  the  trains' go back to  their old lime  of 1 unning, No. 1 nrriv-  caiuiid.ite ! ''" 'u'1"'-> :lt 'JdO o'clock in the iil'teinnon  N.u. 'J ;tl    S  a.m., and   the south train  linking   conned inns   with   No.   I and  leaving ii.   the  morning   ten   niinutes  the nominal ion   uf   candidate Fol������-y id ! ;i f{ t.,. tnc arrival of No .2.  Lhiit that ������*enlH;!nan   .-it 1 on������tv opposed ���������   the   labor   candidate    ir.ovi-merit from ,  the first.      So aK> did Jame- \\"i!ics of ;  Nelson, the   recogni/.ed   leader of   the '  SURGEON TO THIS C. V. 11., CITY HEALTH  OFFICER.  Office: Taylor Block, Mackenzie Avenue.  ���������   ���������  <     AAA  est Brands of  Wines, Liquors and  Cigars.        '  R. CALEY, PROP'R,  ^<><K><K>-O<KH><KK>-0^  P .J  a a  WHOLESALE  H  AllVEY & McOAItTJSR  BARHISTirKS, SOUC'TOI'S, KTC.  Okkices :   ^LoLHONi;  Ramc  Bloc;:,   Ubvki.-'  aTOick, U. C.  Jfoney to loan.    _ _ ���������_.  OtHecs-:" Revcl-itolicf'nfC;rI,"oi,i; Steele, B. C.  Geo. S. McOaktkk. J. A. Hakvkv,  Revelstoke, R. C.     '     fort Steele, li. C.  J)U I VATlfi' NURSING.  A   lady with experience is open lo receive m  giigemcnts as a private nnr.-e.  Addre'sM-A. li. care of the Mail ollice.  Established 1883.  Incorporated 1895.  McLennan, Merely & Company, Limited,  Dawson, Y. T. ,    Vancouver, B, C.  ' IM PORTERS AND JORRERS OF  JZj  rr  Black ( uiJVc.  At  ti-o avora^'c  family  inhlo  black  or  afrr-r  diaiii'r c>fi'< c   is  simply   the- brenk-  r   , .     ���������    ,1     t- t-(        -;l-~f   onffee ' .-ervi'i]   in   small   cup1;   ami  L-ibor   party m the ko.Aeniys.      ll.e    handoi, uronh(J wlMlfJ1It cm,m>    Tho oI).  . i.  opinions of these gentlemen were ovpr 1  Ject of a .sip of clear coffee fallowing a  !  hoany meal is to provide a slight stiinu-  ���������'"���������" '  l.int to tue syotc-m   and for this purpose  ruled   and   it -remains    to   be  whether the   action   wa<- il'1-advi-.-ed or] an infusion of the berry is better than a  I decoction.    Tho French understand tbis,  Your Pocket-book  may bo low hut nobody sacs it, but  if your clothes are shabby that  ' settles it, nobody wants to know you.  Ladies or Gents Tailor Made Clothes  repaired and cleaned in good style.  ��������� Call or send post card.  Samuel   Neeclham, Douglas. St.  E-itnbii.-licd 13 years.  0 Strictly Union Labor Ship.  Iron,'   Steel,   Class. ' Paints,    Oils.,,   Metals,   Stoves,   Tinware,   Guns, etc., e'e  ,WK MAKJK A SPECIALTY   OF SUPPLIES for Mines, Mills, J-Jlucksmiihs'  Railroads, Contractors, Luuibernicn, etc.    Agents for : ~  Giant Powder Co.      Fairbanks Scales.'     Hennott's English Fuse.      JMiije.'-tie  Spooncr's Cojiperine.  not. i.  ��������� Tim; eoM-stora'-e- mauit'e-it'- peniied  hy Sir Cliai!"-' "J'l1 pp':i- and "-uppliefl  siniultatieijiivSv tn ,-. inimo"r of th'1  leading 'i'm-v p,|r,^ in 'infaiio and  Ouohoe, i-' a reuia1 k.i'.i!'1 diifiinii-lit in  more wa\,i tirm one. Sii C'inrle-. luiri  just Completed an  extended   *-i uuipin*_'  ���������h ii  nve.y ilil.'l'.'lUiilile -lUiijc't llnr   '.*,';i^  posed'1 if- he of  and iu the simplest French home black  coffee is perftctly made and offered after  every dinner. The point to be insisted  upon is that the writer sli.iil be hoiiinj,'  tJioroii'iIily at thc'.nm} it is poured over  tlie r-nfl'i-e.  iil.'if-k cfiffi'e, u,n, mn-t he made in a  Freii'ti cof'1'i-f-pot, or, nt least, tin) principle of tin's utensil iimsL be prefer->.-d  .'md a I'i'er .pj-o\ ided Mirongli which ihe  w.-Hor may, pvi-colalo over the ground  coffi-o.    It is not in'ci-.ssnry, as often as-  tour ciu. in-r whirl) in  Irul I .il.-ed ahotit ' "?u'?< ',,"t ������" P'^J''^ the pwfoct cup at  I   bl.v k   colter;   idf.   berry   shrill   be   finely  ���������up- I  '.'round;   ordinary   grinding   will   suflicf,  hut boiling water i'i a f-'iiie f]iiri noil.    Ai-  low a (nblespooiiful of ground coffee to a  try or   of   interci'. to   i he. e|cei <������-*%. Lul '  cti|i nnd  a   pint of water to every  four  if anv reference to the (iu^I ion of cold  !  j/^ W^'iis.     Make  it not  more  than  1 ,  nve niinutes before it is to be served.���������  storage w.is   marie   i.t ,il: it wa-; in the] New York Post. i  most, casual w-iv po���������.ihle, and as if the- ��������� , ; I  1 Hk Hiitcii  Coleridge.  A curious cri'-f- of lili-r.-iiy v.-iiid-ilisin i*  j  such   vil.ilj  recorded   among   the   curio'-ifics   of   tin- I  , ,        ,, ��������� ���������   i ,-   . ���������     .  Rriti.'-li r;ius"iim rciding room.    Tlic pro-  Belts! Belts  ies  Guy  AT- -  n  'vfl 5  /:.::  .THfi "JEWELLER'S  C.P.R, V/alch Inspector.  illip'OI tani-i-  to I lie. Coilll-  THf:  Badminton Hotel  VANCOUVER.  If voli will u'ive us ;i list of everyihimy  ���������f O > J o  'C(]Liircd (Stoves excepted) in the House  Furnishing line and the amount you  wish to expend on same we will be  pleased lo send you illustrations or full  descriptions of our goods.  We Can .Furnish Your Home Complete.  38 Years Experience. \fi  .!,  sui' et-L   v- on:   m; 11 ee| v wnilii eonsulei-.  in-,'   iu    eomn.-ii ison   with  issues as   the   till i.-i-J U \< i di ju'oclix ii i'-<  'of   Sir, Wilfrid    L itirier or  the ro.-:em  hi an co of llti-^h John Macdonald to hi������  lairieritefl falher. ''  Jfiivin^ comjiletf-d the. Lour tin; lead-  ei'-S hulfl ;i .solemn conchivc in Toruulo,  and in the seelm-ion of the Red P,itlor  ;it tho Qucfii's llolfl confessed -to one.  another tho niter f.iiltno of I heir campaign with its salient feature:! of r;icial  strife, trade di.sturbiince and opposition  toiBritish,preference.      J*]v.en with the  RATES   S-2.S0    PEU    DA'r.  HTlAD Ol-TICI'  M  Incorporati'd liy .act of Parliament 18o."5.  MONTREAL  tngonist vas n iiiuii who ii;ite,-I Coleridge,  in tlic library is a coileetion of books  Hint once belonged to Coleridge. Tiiey  contnined nn iininensc cj u n n 111 y of  pencil not.es in Mio [><ii>t's Imnd. It was  the self iniposcf task of tliifi piii'ticul.'ir  reader to go through enr-h day a few of  thes-c hook? nnd nib out the note-'.  Could any revenge on society hi; more  rompl'-te in its -.imple n*,v? Wo a e\er  1 lie work of varid.nli.siii carried out after a  more O.iiieti'.iic fashion 7 .W.v, if any  one lias occa.sion to go into this inner  library to consult a honk he will he  watclied, wry niioslciilalioiisly, In.', effectively.' Tlic mini who dealt��������� with the  Coleridge   notes, was   the.niiiiitciifioiuil  Hssistttiico of a  iilastci'-of piiriy 'bust of ; *M ,M������������ ot lh,9 ^a.mmi,ay(>.  j The Fred Robinson  Lnmber Co, Limited.  imxsaaiSSESi  On nnd .iflcr this rl.tle our  jirieeN for  cut firewood will !>������������������ a--follow h :  $1 por cord at Mill  $2       u      delivered.  Prices Cut for Cash.  ��������� ���������';:'. C333EBSESSS  Fred Robinson .Managing Director  - Wm. ilolron MAwmsirsriN, Pi-es.      S. II. Awing, Vice-Pros.  .Ia.mks Klijo'J", General JMiinager  PAID U'P'CAIMTAL - - $2,'i70,000  HJ'J3I':RVR - - "  ,l       - -        1,850,000'  k'etior.i! baiikiiiK btisinco-i Inuisactcl.   Interest allowed on deposits at current rates.  J. D. MOLSON, Manager.  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  There comes a lime now and then when every ^eiilleniiin   fee].-, the u->  exceptionally slyli--!i and weII-puL-l.o������(elIu'r suit, of clothes. The occasion  may In* ;i weddiny. a reception, a "journey1 or some other iinportant  fiinclion. That is llie time to avoid a chance fit. Th.it is I lie'time  above all olhi-t'.'-yt.o ���������'ive Ihe order lo me.      ���������. .     ,        v   .<  ,. RyS.;WSLSOR  *w.  mm THE KOOTENAY MAIL  u  "'Who Killed Paul Kruger?"  Wls'o killed Paul Krugerr  ,  *���������],''>aid Liiill.-r, "wilh niy little puller,  I killed Paul Km ,'"i'."'  Who saw iii in die  "J,*' said White, "with 1115* sea i eh light,  I saw him die."  Who'caii-rlil hi-- bl< o 1 ?  '���������I," s.iid Fre ich, "in   my little, trench,  ,   J c;i!i;,di!.'hi,s blood."  ,  Who will loll 13n- li II ? .  "J," said John Bull, 'for I can pull,  J will toll the'bell."  Yi'ho will die: his cjcave?  "J,"saiii JJiidi-n-l-Wcll, -'with inv little  "���������        I will dig bis grave." (trowel,  /f       <  Vvho will sing the hymn?    ' ,  "I,", said Methiien, "furl know;- tune,  f will sing the hymn."  Who will he chief mourner ?  '������������������IY" said Steyn.   " for it gives me pain,  1 will liu chief mourner."  .��������� Cli.irns��������� ' ,'  The Doers.in state fell  Weeping one and all,  When I hey heard of the death  Of poo:' Oiun Paul.      ���������'���������  ���������The Fri-wid, nioemforifeio.  poet  What is believed to be a vikiu.-; corpse  has been dii",' up, iu a peat bos nt D-ini-'ii-  dorf,-in,Sle.swick, and placed in t!-e Kid  museum. It was well jiropurvcd and had  red hair; it was clothed in coarse woolen j  material, with sandals on the feet. Kiel '  , experts think it was buried l,i30U years  ago.  THE VERDICT/  ' Vo rfi'  *$.  ���������_5  ���������i   .'���������   :  m   Y^^t* fix    v3  '*?;������ '���������7'?   v^ K&?K?*S  ������*������  3  ^MLM^%^������^���������J^Jk   P^#  rwur.KT^i'  ,  ,      The Dominion House.  Members of the house of commons  In Lbe ei-.li h parliaiuenL of t lieDomin-  ion ot Camilla (just dissolved by procl.i-  mat ion) ��������� wen-, c'-lected on June 2-Ji-tI,  1S06", the composition 'of the house  being:  Liberals -118  Only half a century a?o Japan was  opened to the world, and now it is takinj*  a hand in teachinsciviliiatioii to China.  ���������St. Louis Glolie-Uein'ocrat.  Tho superintendent of West'' Point deserves umpialitied coininendiilion for (lie  linn stand he has taken n^iinst liaziii}*  and com-rat illation for his , iii<i.-,ten<-e  against it to the point of abolition.���������Mai- i J.^  timore American. '  The secretary of (lie navy has selected  as names for the six new submarine boats0  the following: Grampus, "Shark,' I'ike.  Porpoise, Adder and Moccasin. These  are worse h'sh iu the s" than ever were  entiplit.  : Chicago -must feed tlie world's armies  in all future conllicts. Germany and  Great Britain may furnish the lug guns,  but Chicago must 'supply tho food, without which'the jrinis and munition's will,  be useless.-'' '   ' ,  The first wuin.ui cwiuner nas just been  appointed in Kansas., Woman succeeds  as an inquirer. This Kansas I'eiiiinine  coroner will know how (0 put her ipies-  tions. She will have more freedom than  can lie allowed in (lie investig.ition of ordinary 'neighborhood matters.���������St. Louis  Post-Dispatch.   "  ''   ���������> *r"  ���������4* rt.'  4 rr  *#������^  'i   rf   ������'  eSif-'i1 .Y.  ���������^s ^  ���������4.-* !\'<y^>  if:r  Tr  you liav  your Calendars  time to do it.  <~. A  21013 already oreier&a  for, 1901 now is. "the  have on Hand  a  ������, -������������������ <  y  f-e  Conservatives  Indi'pendi'nls  Patrons ,/.    ..  Vaciint seats..   ������ SO  ,. '  '  2    3    3  ,     ' Total..   -:..   ..    ���������..'���������. ..'   213  * * 1       - *  The first division in the new parliament, SeptciiibiT P, 1S)0, was. by province's, as follows:  Gov. Opp.  Ontario IS    , 48 ���������  Quebec            .    -If) 10  Nova Scoti.i     10 10'  1-  Ne\v Brunswick ..    .. 3 9  Prince Edward  If-Innil, 2 ii  Manitoba       ....    .. 2 .-- I, '  British Columbia      .. A 2  !The Territories   .'.    .. 2 1  WHENCE  THEY COME.'  ������  -i- ^Sr  *?**.*5{.',i*  " fit  *^  f/' -'. fib  large' assortment .of'samples in hand'  some designs, - Gail aiid see tliem.  ���������'j ii- -;  4-5 ������.*$?  ^*0f  5'  !������   r  Gutta  percliii,-is (ho milky sap of (he     JL ���������-- -���������  Isonandra gutta trees of the East Indies.  Cinnamon is the inner rind of llie cinnamon tree. The "bark of the young  shoot is the best.  Neatsfoot is the fat produced in the?  preparation of the feet and intestines of  O.Y011 for the market.     *    '  Linseed is the seed ,of flux. They are  smooth, shining, brown, oblong and have  a whitish, sweetish kernel.  ' Irancry is the fine particles of a mineral  (emery) and is <prepare<l-by heating to a  high degree and cooling suddenly with  water and (hen crushing..  Cream of tartar is "the refined crust or  sediment formed in  the inti-rior of wine  vats and wine bottles, existing primarily 1 Jk������ h ,������.  in the juice of the grape.  Madder is the root of a lierblibc  growth. It is about the she of a lead  pencil and much longer. It is cleansed,  dried and ground.    It is a dyes tuff.  ��������� -   ������������������'  4������������.*4  6 tf:v������-  Total 122  Government, majority, .'il.  SS'  EXPECTANCY.  Colville Reservation Settlement.  > t  Gi eat interest is being taken in the  opening of the Colville Indian Reservation which llie U. S. government has  announced will take place shortly. The  country is satd lo he of extreme.  fertility, and n rush .sunibir to that  which look place when Okloho'nia was  'thrown open do settlement is being  looked for. The reset vatioir is in the  northern .part of Washington State,  and close up to the Canadian boundary.  Tim principal places in the neighborhood are Molson, Chesaw and Bolster  ���������which are within a few miles of the  boundary line.-and they are most  easily reached by,the. Canadian Pacific  Railway's, new Boundary Creek  extension lo Midway, the. distance  ftoin that point being only 19 miles to  Bolster, 20^ to Chesaw- aim 2.'3.\ to  Molson by a good wagon road. In Unpaid, difficulty has been experienced in  getting freight shipments to tho������e  parts owing to back of customs, facilities, but this will now be completely  overcome as the doled Slates government has just assigned a customs  oflicer to Midway to facilitate the  ���������transfer of American freight to those  points. . ,    .  GLEANINGS.  Some day, some,day 'twill all como right.  , The tangled skein will nil unwind,  And vre will grasp I lie colors briyhi,  . Anil leave tlicEonilicr threads behind.  The sun is slow, and rest is sweet.  Yet fears draw round us when it sets,  And sorrow conies v. illi winded feet,  And joy but heralds now-regrets.  E'm while we taste, sweet drafts will turn  To bitterness that hurts us sore;  We learn to love and,'loving, learn  To feel (lis loved one's loss tlic more,  And yet, when "rrason's" light -jrows pale  'flierj shines (hr6u-,rIi darkness still a ray  ,0f faith untaught which cannot fail  .,    And leads us onward lo seme day.  ������1*  4* ?)���������>#>  .>'.**"  4*  REVELSTOKE  von  *** First  Class  ��������� Wnnk  ���������o-  A cricket ball has been hit 30 yards  farther than it has ever been thrown.  The life insurance in force in the entire world is estimated at ?J),50l>.0U(������.O00.  About one-third of India is governed  by rajahs, each of whom has an independent army '^i|d all of whom have  about 300.000 troops.  British noblemen are the only ones iu'  Europe who ever wear coronets on their-,  heads, and the aole occasion when they  do so is at the coronation of the sovereign.  "Cyclisle"  and   "cyelisine"  hare  been,  nccoptcd   as   dictionary   words   by   the  French  academy after n  hard  stru-rjrle.  Recording   to   the   Loudon   Daily   Tile-  graph.  The Turkish woman is innrrlnf-eable at  the age of 0 years, nnd by Turkish law.  if married, sheis -'compelled, to manage  lier owuyproperly and dispone of two-  thirds of her I'drtune.   "���������      ',' :, .'  Otic of the houses in which Danlo is as-  uci'led ty' have writtcutUs "Iuferuo" Uan  gr GIVE US ATRIAL  F.   BUKBR,   Proprietor.  ,     , ,Phone   43.  Get that Water Pipe Fixed.  tor you,  ?  '*. -V  5������   ���������<&  <&*���������:-- Hr*  4* M ''if  eft* & nr  A* -^ <*P  4*1  We are- prepared- ,to do,all Mnds of  job printing*'at��������� reasonable prices." :We  carry- a' complete stpcli: of . paper lot  m r       * 1 ���������  all classes of commercial work,   , Gh?ie  'us a trial.  \T  H^ ���������  4'4*^ ���������  4>i^������f������  4������J������g������ ������������������  ������������������At  A  X$l?  REVELST  "R  ���������v!* J! if?  *-$.&  wsn  (I  .FAMOUS  IMPERIAL  LIMITED."  Fast Dally Servics Between At-  n lanlio and Pacific,  K3)tenay Railway &,  Navigiitioi] Company  Ijimitud.'  Opm-iitiin,- K.-islo fc Slocan Flnilway,  Intcriiiitionnl NavijiraLioii & 'I'racling  Company.  Schodulo of Timo-PacJflc Standard Time  Kll'cclivo l-\'l>. Iftl, l!W(i.  '     Kaslo & Slocaa. Kailway  Hoyal r^ail Lines.  Cheapest lioate to tlic Old Ccur-fry.  ALi.AX IJXK-L-Vom ^rcnlrr."!  Pariiiiin    - ���������            An-r. 2.3  Siuiiian    - ' -             ..... tjyj^ j  Tunisian  ���������   "7  X'.iiiiidiini -             ....         ������������������    i.j  Corint'iinii ������      -      -     ".      .                   ������������������   ���������_������������������.������  DOMINION LlNtf-l-Yoni Monlieal.  Ilniniiiio.'i  Caiiibroiii in  \',II)CCJU vcr -  Asi-rY-2,*  Ken".   I  . "    lo  -. PiisseiiKor train for Snnil011 and way statioiw   ,- ,.e q., ���������',.|0  leaves Ka^Io ut 8 n.iii.: daily, icUii'imi-fJeavcs   j'|0���������lf���������1.ti    .  Siindon al, 1.15 p.m., iimvinjfat K.a������!o..i..-w p.m. ��������� |_(lku a.llm���������;n{.  - JtliAVK't.LLNE-yroin -Alentmil.  I.nke Superior        ....        i Aug. ������"J  I   MiKU i.iwillljij.: ill  ' J.like Mi'Kanl ic  ;ep. 1  ]���������.'  lit  I'ii's' diih- ������������������Icc-jiriiioii all friiiii-.. I'/'Ui''-"! '"."''���������  ,,a���������-|!<-v(K!(.Ue dally fur Si. Paul, l-'r days for  Slf,!i!"i.-.il an.! l'.L',.tmi. Suiidn.v'ic W ciIiu'mIii}s  for'I'iiron11.1. - ,  lni|i:-oved ccnnoc'liiitfxcr' ice to and fnini  KOOTENAY COUNTRY  DAILY  TJtAINS   ' VVost  gInternational Navigation rind Trading  Company  Oporalii'lf on Kootiiiiay Lake anil liivur.  S.S, IxriCli.VA'riDNAl- lean:-. Ka-lo fur N'''---.on  nl liu.in.dnilve.xc.i-pt Siiiidn.\; n-'liinijii-r. Iciivt^  Ni'.U-oii nl. I.Hll'i'.in.. nillln1,' "I- l.'nlliinr, I dot  ,l!nv. Alnswoi'lli. end all way points; romn'rls  wll'li S. \<\ & N. train lo and from .Spul'iiiic, at  l-'ivu.Milo I'olnl'. ,  Lardo-Duncan Division  ASIKIl   ALI'KJITA.  SidiiiniM' Alln-'i'ta leum'm KilsIo for  Ar-jt-nla al.8:;'() p.m. W't'dni-Mlays.  ii-du and  I-.-.i-l  I.Jilnrr.  I.ljlv.  ItovelM-okc  Jlcvclstoke  avii.21.2n  lv.-M.'W  Drayi 111?   and   delivering  11  specialty.  Teams til ways   ready   at   shortest  nnticp.       Ci.111 tracts   for  jobbing  7 tal^n.    Aj-Giityfor : B. C. Ojl Co.  Robert Samson.  To and fiom Kootenay PoiiiU  ,-,.C0lv.     . I'cvcWoko nit. 21.01)  Koriait-. ticki-H. and fuiJ iiifoi'inalion apply  lo AL-ont. Jtcvuintokc. or  E. J. COYLE, V7. F. ANDERSON.  ,"���������  A^G.P. A.,' ���������-������������������        ���������    TYP. A.,   '..;���������  Vancouver, B'C,; Nelson, B, O.  1 Slciiincrsciill at, principal Inndiii^ .in I10I 1  ilii-i'ctiiiii.'-. and at, ollii-i- point-, when !,ii,-n.illi;(l.  Tii-lii'ls sold l.o all points in t'anada anil tin:  United Slutcs. ,���������,,., ,��������� .  To ascertain  rates   and   full   .information,  iUl,h'������SS:  - Ko'llKltT IHVJXO,  8 tf  .Manager, ICaslo, 13. 0.  I'a.^en-ri.'i-.s lii-lrOiul throu^li to all parts of  Ort-iiL Ilrilain and Ireland. in������t 111 .-decialiy low  nile-" to nil p.aiis- <;f (|K. Kiirijpuiii.eoiiiiiii-nl.  Apjily to iiciiN."-.!, railway or clt'nin.-liipiiL'tiit or  T.   \V. EltADSIIAV/,  Ascnt.   Itcvclstckc.  S. S." Lardeau."  Canadian Pacifio Navigation Co. Vi  ALASKA   ROUTE.  .Steamers for Wi-.-iii'ri'l. .Juneau and Skagway  leave Victoria  Every V/cdnesday at 8 p. m.  andVaiieouvi'i'  Every.- Thursday afc 2 p. m.  Hleanicrsfor Northern  nritish Columbia port.--  leave Victoria and Vancouver weekly.  Cuius, etc., 011 npplicf.l.ion to  '        ���������'0/S..HAXT.EIV  ,.-Ocncral Passenger. Agent,  .Vivtyriaj 13, C,  . J.'unicii'," hi-l ww 11 Ari'iiwJiuid ar.d Tlicin-'-n -  LnndiiiK ( oini/'cia-iii',' .Imik; Jn, lj,,-n. i-.lll ���������. t * J a->  follows (wi.-nhtr pcniiittiii'*):  '  Liavc  Ai':'i/'.v"li( ml   for  'l'lioiii-(,ii'.������   Liindiiif;,,  and Ci.-iii.ijili:; at 7k. d.sil).  l.i-.-n-c I'licio-.oiiY Inn liii^iniil Ci iiii.i.Jiv fur  Aitii'm In ad al lik. daiii. i-iiiint-ijii!,^ Yiilli.-dl  ''. P. I.'. 1 rain ���������> aiid im.-iK.  The 1������v% ii"]-- (-'.-.--ci \ i- Hie ri-J.t to i-l!.-ir.-:i- tin-,, j  of ���������11 ili*tfj--. ������������������ ii iiniil imtii c.  Till-; KI.'J'I- i'Oi'LV^'ON I.U.MiiK!; CO. l'tp:  ]���������*. ItOJilNSdN,  MrtiinaiiiK DiiTctor.  BAUER & ASHCEOFT,  Dominion and Provineial  a,..  onpveyops,  MINING SNGINEERS.  Surveyors of Mines Mineral Claims and Crow n  Lainl!-.  VAX CO UV fill,   1.5. C,  1 THE KOOTENAY MAIL  9, $  I DO NOT FORGET i  9  ������<���������'  S������  -'(���������  A*.  ���������v-  I TOILET  .9  if-  3������  #  that if  you want to get u f.  first class assortment of      .-)';  '     '" I  PERFUMES!  ��������� if  'J  ?���������  BRUSHES OF  ���������>ji  %  I  WATERS I  I  ALL KINDS ���������   |  -   9  and .'ill toilet articles. $  You can got the very best /f:  at tlic J;  9  I"  f  I CanadaBpug&BookCol  remarks   on   the matter he has little  hope of winning.  E. Waterson returned this week from  Nelson.  T.  I).  Pick'ard lcl't laut evening for  Vancouver. '  "Win. Lefts, of Feiguson, registered  at the Central Hotel this week."  o  ' J. V: Terkf, returned this morning  from a bhooting expedition in the  Okanagan.  Mrs. .J. J. Foley came up from Arrowhead Tuesday evening returning  this mooning.  J. If. Ashdown, wholesale hardware  merchant of Winnipeg, was a visitor  in the city this week.  9  I  M. Downie, Dominion Express messenger limning hetween Nelson and  Medicine Hat, formerly of Revelstoke,  came up from the south last night.  Revelstoke   Station  9.  !9 9  '    ,'       MARRIED.      ���������     , '  Mousox-Lewis���������At Revelstoke, B. (..,  on Wednesday! Oct. 10th. Rev.  Father'Thayer ofliciating, Mr. A.  llohson to Miss Edith Lewis.-.     ���������'  LOCAL AND PESSIMAL E8IEFS  Sam Hill is iii (own this week.  At the EpworthL'-agueof the Metho-'  dist Church, on  Monday evening, ad-'  dresses were given  on cigarette smoking and Sunday desecration by Mrs. S.  J. Thompson and Miss McJntyre.  II.  G.  Parson's liquor headquarters  is being removed from Front Street to  the A. MacDonakl warehouse,recently  purchased   for the use of the wholesale j  house. 1  '1  IfSI  SP if  1  S7W  fig ffjV  DING   ST  M?������iHsaaM*fcA''Jiawjj)U!-������-nK^  I  ������^SSlIBSSiiSi^:eeiK!SS^AattS^r^^Sia  Bvli<  ffiJl  I  i  .   .   CLOTHING   .   .  Men's All Wool Tweed Suits,,Regular Price $8,'$io) $r6 ;,Cut Price, $4, $6, $8.  y .   PANTS   .   .  , r ( '  Men's All Wool, Serge, & Tweed" Pants, Regular Prices^, 3, $4 ; Cut to 1. 1:50, $2.  .   NECK  WEAR   '.  P|    Men's Beautiful Silk Ties, Regular Prices, 56c, 600,^750, $1 ; Cut to 20c. each.  ^TT^H  ��������� A. F. Rosenberger, of Nelson, was in  town Sunday.  J.   A.   Miige.e,   of   Comaplix,   spent  Tuesday in town.  Frank Ion  came  up from Comaplix  Tuesday evening.    .  W. Leidy came in from Rogers Pass  on Tuesday to attend the I. 0. 0. F.  dinner.   ��������� ���������  Mr. and Mrs. S. Johnson and family,  of Arrowhead, were at the Outial  Sunday.'  a  . E. Ohcsjey, conductor on the C. and  'W.-road, regblen-d at the RevelsloKe  on Saturdiiv.  Wi J. Coepel, government auditor,  came up from ihe south last evening  and remained over. ,  The Brolhernood of liailroad Train-  men'and Ladies' Auxiliary purpose  giving a ball on New War's live!  Mr. and Mri. J. T. Campheil and  family left l.i-"t evening fur Salmon  Ann where they will remain foi-some  time.  Lady wants a position as housekeeper ���������  to   gentlemen.     Good    cook,   highest  .references.   Apply to '' C" Iyootenay  Mail Office. '      - 0  Don't forget the Thanksgiving Sup-1  per in the Opera House on Thursday !  evening next. Admission 50 cent.*, |  children 2,3 cents. I  1EIU FOR ILLUSTRATED PROSPECTUS.  ' * J      1  ' ' <    " ���������'''',������  ��������� A. Commercial' -Education  ��������� ���������  For a Boy  [ ���������  is indispensible whether  he is intended for office  work or not, No mechanic, no professional, no  farmer can 'be successful  if i-jnorant of business.  Why  do   so   many   of  them fail?   Because ignor-  ' aiit   of   the  customs  and  methods  of  ihe   business  world.  W you want us. to place  iiim 111 an ofhee let us  know.  The demand is larger  than the supply for irain-  ��������� ed bovs.  . P. 0. BOX 347.  <��������� ,-,-<-, ,  a ' .    &  A Commercial' Education  For a Girl .  will'give her a firm  grasp  on life ;  she-' need no t fear  adversity she  has a ready  trade to fall back on.  The  crowned   heads of  -  Europe all   have  a trade.'*  and the'people of Europe  follow'their leaders.-    No  oirl is   without   a   trade if  the  parents  can afford it:  Do you not think   it ��������� wise  ���������    to' follow   their   example ?  We have plaeed 2 ^o yonno- '  ii-     ��������� ��������� ���������        ���������     ������  ladies into positions   in 30  monthsat fair salaries. Two  or 'three  months' salaries  will   repay the  cost of a  ccmnercial-  ourse.  Mr. and Mis'. W. B. Willcox'. of |  Phoenix, were in town Sunday (In !  their honeymoon tour. Mr. Willcox ii '  editor of ihe'I-hoi'iiix Pioneer. j  A special train with liKI sailors-  direct from Liverpool on buard, pas-.cd  tlnough the city .Monday morning en  route for Iw-uimalr.  Win. Kirkup eiiterhiiiied a, munh'-r  of his friends at a lish dinner which  was served on the beach across the  Columbia Sundav afternoon.  l! wmi,A\ 11  ijiw:-*/] ��������� 11  kV '   ! i 11  ��������� \i ���������    -v      'TP    ������������������ ���������:��������������� '���������'   ���������'������������������' -     V />,"''/'/���������' -���������''������������������  Ha  .;���������'���������.!   : i!' '>-Ji!"-'?. v^I^ba'' ;l i ,i  ���������    .. ���������  . :  A number of Scottish miners passed  through the citv on .Monday's delayed  express cn mule lor N'.-inainio to \voi k  in Premier Dunsniuii V inine������.  I).  ,f.  .MacfJoiiiihl, of   Kiinilonps. has,  been  appointed   r"l urning 'olflcer   for  > Viile-Ciiiiboo  electoi-iil   district  in the  approaching Dominion election.  Edison Standard  Mr. T. M ilhi'1, fonnerlv of Revelstoke, came up from Trail Friday  night and prureed'-d on No. 1 to Vancouver lo take ;i position on the Empress of I nd in ii-- cngincr.  , . . Phonograph  'Mayor" Garden of -''Vancouver 'has  'accepted the L'niiser-valive nomination  fui'IJiiiTHrd, but jtidgiiig from his own  wilh .ill Hi'' l.il'"-t lni|)i'()V'-iiii nt* will  take mid ivpn-'liK-f rcf-orrl-t. emu plot c  liKjIiidinw, K'-crii-ili-r. I.'uprodiiror. Jlr.f-i  Hnni, Siiji-iliin1 SIiuvIhk ICnit''-. i''.:r  Tiilx-, Ciiriicl-i IFiilr Hnihfi. Oil ','fin. ril-:o  Ono-liiilf (lu/nn Itccordrf mid Uodk.s or  instruction.  PRICE    $25.00 .  ,.,CHAS d. AlVIAN...  2\' otice of Dissolution.  AYOTI''!-'  h   ii'.n-l)-    K'i''H  tli.-il the liiirlncr-  ^ 1     111 ivlilp lirrutulDri' -lll;-i"tili"f litt wccn ll>,  tin  iiii'l'-:sij;iii'l, lis iii.niiifiictiirrii 111 llit!''ii.v  i '.f   licM I .lnk<\ In.' h"ciilliis ������ln >" di'isi/h t-d by  j mill mil   (.on-'i-nt.     All   dobts dh-Imic td tlic siiid |  1 |.nriiiu--,hiii iii-f  (fi In: pijid In It. If. S.iu ycr nl 1  lsc\ ( l-iliil;c, .ilori'-Tiid,  ,iiid   all  r-iiiilMJ  li-iuinsL j  j tlic-ijil p.-i; tuct'-l.-ip ,-u-i:  to  be pi'i'-cnlcd t-illn- i  I ������������������nidi:. II, H.r1. ���������.���������ci' bv  v.'h'Mii  the muiic v. ill bu I  ! settled. ' i  i     Dated   n'   1,'ovi Islokc   llii-'.'Jlid   :-iepr,'-nilit-r, J  1 A. I). III'KI.  .        : I!, II, .SAWVKIt. .'���������       . 'j  ir.'i'.::.Y sawykh. . ���������: I  i-   ���������    ' W". t-'AWYKIt.   '.   "    '    '  r.V, MAN^IXt'i    ���������  CKItTJI-'ICATi-; OK   mi-JtOVKlIJiNTS.  xotici-:.  ���������m utile   .Alineral   ( iai.'ii,   sittade in tiiu ItuwI-  slokc .Mining liivi-ion of Wcsi, Kootenay.  Where local ed, on Downie Creek.  Take notice thut I. .1. M. K'-iiie, free miner's  ccrti'lcaic No. H. l.j:iii7. intend'ti'i days from the.  (biti- lierc'if loapjily tn Hit- iMining i.'ecOi-dor for  a CerL'lleate of Iniprovciiitut for the ])iirpo--c of  obtaining a ciov. 11 (rraiit ol t he ubiivc cleiui.  And further take   notice  lint  fiction under  -n������'ti(in .'IT.iiiiist be eoaimer.C'jd  before the issuance of such eei'tiflato.of improvements.  Dated this 21'nd dav of -August,' I'JfR. '  J, tf,KMturt.,:  CERTIFICATE OF I3IPROVKMFXTS.  Nona:.  irardpaii Min-jral Claim, situaloin the Revel.-  Moko Mining Division of West Ivootc.imv.  A\ here lociittd, on Carucs Crock.  T'l3c noLiud that I. J.3I. Kellie, free ininer'fi  oerDficate No. 13. lo'597, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Alining Recorder lor a.certificate of improvements, for the  purpo.se of..obtaining a Crown grant of the  'above claim,  'And further take notice that action, under  section '61,  must be  commenced before the  issuance, of-such certificate of .improvements.  -Dated tins 28tlrdJiy of Julv, 19C0.    - ' ��������� ���������     ���������  Ji U, ;Kfc������iifliy


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