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Kootenay Mail Oct 21, 1899

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Zbe IRootena^
15. It. (.'AMI'HKLl,.
Subscription   Price.   $2.00   Per    Annum
"the nitc of ��1..~>0 per column inch iter mtinili.
Kor niiaci"* of .six column inclic-! or over !*1
per iiieli per month. &
line first insert ion, .">c. per line each mUisc-
qucut inscnion. The .nuniher of line*
reckoned, by sp-ice occupied, 12 lines to ilio,
incli.'    ,
READING NOTICES 10c. per lino each insertion, unless conducted for by the 100
lines. o
JOB PRINTING of every kind ;it most reasonable Kites and shortcut notice.
ACCOUNTS for job printing or iulverU*ing
payable on the first of every month.
COURESPONnENCE on all'matter; of local
or public interest invited and carefully considered. All communication-,-to the Editor
nm-t be accompanied by the iinmi' of the
writer, not iiocc��*arily lor publication, but
as an evidence of good faith.
Address '
Kovelstoke, B.C.
ItHVKLSTOKE,, OCT. 2S,"lS:)i).
The Gambler's Farewell.
Tin1 piemi*e< ivcenily occupied by
tin- Oivl ira milling parlor.*: on IIsi^tinj<-=
stri'i-t, Vancom ci', have been taken liy
a linn ol li.iiri&li'i.-. WhiMi tin' men
went to wot k to (itup the chambers
for tin' lawyer.-.' leci-ption they found
th.it bi'l'mv d"p.u tin�� one of the gam*
hadwiiUen the following in :i, con-
.spieitons place on the, wall: '
No lon^i r here the ivor.. ball m.ij spin.
And by its drop a fair decision render,
Tw i .t ]ilaj er and llie dialer v\ho ��ill win
By t urn making borrow er t he lender.
In future here will weightier games be played:
Heads gieat with learning  here   will  work
their jaw,
And force the isvio <iuie)s, oi   perhaps delayed,
'   While poudciing o'er the mighty  points of
law.      "
Now here  v. ill tome the heavy villain    who
Will   waul   the   law s   assistance   to    his
The humble client priur hi- (ale of woe,
And purse relieved.  Iiim.s.'lf relieved will
Ah. reader! the change is but in name, ,
Tiie sucker will get  .skinned here jiiil  the
Klllll'. o
A si'LKNDin sample of the. wav some
tory papers sneak out of  their' insinuations of   ]'>eiu-li-C.in.idi.ui��'ciisloyally
is this from the Herald:
Oct.. It:     '-It is very   haul   for   in-
'stance for us out hete  In   teaii/.e   lliat
there, can bo any section  of   people   in
that province (Quebec)   to   whom   llie
'��� kind  'of   garbage;   appeals    which    is
dished up in ihe cutting headed   '-Our
Warriors" , from   L.i�� Pre**;   and  ' ic-
printed in anotlier column.    And   3'ttL'
Mr. T.irle knows what, he. is about,
��� and unless there, was soine.considerai.!"
sentiment existing in some poi lions' of,
Quebec against) the. "dispatch of a
Canadian contingent to South Africa
one can be ijuitc t>ute it would never
have'been printed."
,Oct. 21:     "Jiut it would   be   a   mis'- j
take    to   suppose    that    the   J'Yench- ]
Canadians of Quebec sympathise   with
Tarte's anti-imperialistic  piedilcctions.
Tliab province will   funii.sh its shate, of
French-Canadians to   the'  South    African    contingent,    both    olliccis ��� and
men, who . may    be trusted to give as
"nod an account, of   themselves .as the
drafts from any other piovinco.     *
*     \\Te must not lump for   a   moment
loyal fellow citizens off,Quebec province
with   Tarln   and    his    little    gang    of
feather-headed traitors.'"
What a sudden change is lleie
'Front "considerable, srnliinc'iii'' to
"Tarte iind'liis little g.iug of fcalhci-
headed traitors." ,Fium an insulting
inference of French-Canadian 'disloyalty  to   Mich ca   statement,    a*,    "it
would be a tni.stalce to suppose t lial. j i ji'i.m* c.i:i attain that ri'Mill, hy
the French-Canadians ��� of 'Quelu-c I ti.i ling upon, eiii-oura<_'ing, and fo*U'i-
with    Tai'te't.   unli imn.'ii-! '��'���<   ''>'   nii.si epi e.s.-n tal ion,'  pi ejiulices,
La liner's Services to Canada and the
In how  adtuiiabli'  a   light does  Sir
Wilfiid LiiirierV course ' appear  when
c.ni! rusted v. illi   the  recent  tactics  of
the  i oiiM'i-valive   press!   The   poorest
M.'ivice.niiy piihlic man   can   render  to
(\iu..d.i   id  to  introduce   into   politics
rac'ial diviMoiis.    To trade upon a   rare
cry. In arouse in the  English-speaking
provinces   a    prejudice     against'    Sir
Willi id   and  iUiv   T/lfte,    dependent
upon (he  I'.tcl/ ill.tt" they,, Ufa   French
U.in.-idinu*-, U i\  com at'  tending  inevi.-
I;ilily 'In  uv-ite   iiiitliuil   (Ih-liiist   a'r.d
antagonism    lict'.\een    Canailhitis     cf
"'Aiiglii.iSii.xon"' descent and   I hose "of
I'VeiiCii   de-scent.'   Tjial   is   the   sort  of
.tction   in'vvhiih   conservidiry   leaders
are iiuyv engaged.    And they are iloitift
it in the iimuki .of loyalty,to the enipiri'.
They could haidly  d�� ,;;iylliing  more
effeelively disloyal.    Without a united
Canada   theie   cannot    be    a     united
'empire oi  which   Canada   is   [Wit,    Tp
.snatch advantage for an ''oilice-seekiug
faction. Lognj(i,,j Jit lie ground in  their
biruggli- I'm   place,,   tlniy  aie   injuring
tip. inlci ests ot   the' tountry,   mid   jol-
lowing n eoiir.iu that teiuls to  disunite
this pari of l he I'lnpil i>,    Jl i,s a  matter
l\>r I Tie keenest i egret thai oiln or   | V p
Quebec lihi'ivil in nil rauiontau'c   papers
aicdi inn', in their province,   what   the
coiis.'iwative.s ui'.'epgageil in   doing   in
othei    province--.    It   In   In   be   hoped
that these enemies of the   public  goi fj
will tjvi'rywheie  receive <thc  condein-
n.it ion thi'V  lb mtvc. ��� <
Mow can we ever expect good government'in our affairs il men aie' to
lie upheld in ollii e, or  tinned  out.   not
before of a. burgalry at the Cariboo
mine near Ouesnelle forks. The first
icports were eiideutly much exaggerated as they stated that the burglars
got away with S"20,000 in bullion and
about a-, much mote in seciuilies. Jt
is now reported that the big ^afe in
the company's office was blown open on
Saturday night and one pail of amalgam "woith about ��5,000, taken to-
getlier with collateral.' of unknown
value at this writing. The work was
evidently done by professionals. Inspector Bain, of Quesuelle Fotks, is
using e\ery effort to catch the per
petr.itors of the crime and it is believed
here from reports that he has a good
chance of affecting thc;r   capture.
''Anlninl I'siVtisersli.'iin.
Of late years naturalists have lice, nif
acquainted with numerous examplei; ot
animal partnerships. In one of the Chicken Islands, off the Xew Zealand coast,
a curious lizard known as the tuntara ion)
certain species of petrels were found in
habiting the s.imo burrows, appaienn."
on the best of tortus. As a rule the lizard
is the excavator.
The lizaid feeds paitly on worms anrt
partly on the loinnants of liblies lmiinrht
to the common tabic hy the petiels, Imt'j
niiimals being thus hencliteil liy the par* ���
A feeble fish called the icniora owes iff
isuccess iu life to the powerful alliances
it forms, One of its (i||s has been trans-
formed into a pucker placet) rjjdit ni| llnr
top of its head, by means of which it at
t.'tches itself (iinily to any passing shark,
whale op even a ship. , By these it is
transported without n'iiy exertiutt oil ifs
own'part over great distances.' Several,
small fishes have been found also to habitually lodge in the mouth cavity of a
B'razilinn catfish, sharing such food as
the latter succeeds ip cnpturins.���Cincinnati Enquirer. '' ___ '
,  :   <���*
AttacUm on <Iic�� Polilinf? lied.
PoMing heels me always made to look
|iko jvhaf f.hey are not, which is a fraud
and deception fo .sujc'f op and reminds
. ojip pf n pian'jWhp' wears paste (jiaitjoiid
shirt ftiuda nil'l !? plug lia't with a sack
coat. It is fraudulent all (1)�� jvny
'through. How fooli.sh''"'a fellow feels to
enter a room and have the landlord pull
ifovii flip j?'de of a 'mantel or n bookcase
and liiviro'you id 3|fT}} "" il or in it, lie-
cause you are lucky lr you uva noj i|) ij.>
licfore morning. And n fellow never feci*
sijjifr than when hivgets-up in the morn '
jug and piifs; pj) his necktie, lookiiig) into
fiie 'iniVror ou the b,nffi)m of the hud,
which makes if prctensp of being a pooj^r
case. , ' ,
���V^OTICK I.S JIKliKHY (JIVKX thai f.erlj
j<\ rl.ij-s from iliite I niteiiil to apply Pi llie
Hon. Chief ('oniiiiissiiiiicr m Lands ami Woi]:-
turn license to cut and carry. n\.u tnnhir iimn
the following dencrilieil lands, siii,aiul ncir
Tiout Lake Ciiy. m Troul Lal-e IJistru-t, West
Commencing at a post at tlic noith-east ( or-
uer of Ceor^e Uleson'.s ]ircciii|<t ion uearTruiit
Lake, thence smitli 2il ( hains. iheuee < :i-l (i'l
chains, thence nurth CI (.inuiis, iliem-e we-1 (i'l
chains, thence south "JU cli.nns, Iheuee wi st (i'l
chain.s, thence .south ai chains, ihente cist (i'l
chains to initial pusl, coiiUiinhig JmI acres mure
or less. ' i
Also coniincneiiiK at a post on the C'-rat
Xtirtlierr trail aliout oiiO~7iil~iip from J'rout
Lake wagon load, thence 'noitli ii clinns,
thence ea-t M chains, thence .south J'l chains,
thence west ,i(l cli.u'ns, thence north UO chains
to initial post, eonniiningailj aoics more or k-s-.
AKo commencing at. :i jiost on L,mleau (''ail
on Laideau Creek near 2-inile pu-t, tlunte ue'-t
i I Chan's, t hence north 70 chains, thence tnsi
4(1 chains more or less to Lardeau Creek, thence
following creek south 7(1 chains to initial pest,
containing !&!) ai-] i"i more or less. Jn all UtiO
JtcvcMuke, U. C, Octohcr l(Jth, 1MW.
-VfOTICK Is'lIKItniiY firVKN' that Ihiity
j_> days after dale ] intend to applj to the
Hon. Chief Cominissioner ot LaiuNand Works
for a special license to cut and earn it way limber from the following described" lands, sit-
uiiuil on TrbuL Lake, in  Trout   Lake   itisin'ei.
Commencing ii*.n post at the north-east corner of Trout Lake City tuwimilc at the northwest corner of Trout Lake, running north
31 chains, thence eiisl 10 chains, thence south L'O
eluiiiif-, thence east 40 chains, thence, south'JO
cliiiins more or less to lake .shore, thenee west
along lake shore, 80 chains, to initial post, containing 100 acres more or \t<a. '
Also connuxiicing at. a post on the south shore
of 'J'rout'Lakc alinut one mile east of what is
known as, rfix-^lilo I'oint. thence south 40
chain-!, thepce west SO chain'*1, thence north-J0
chains, thence wesf HO chains, theme noiih 10
eliaips piorc or leas |o lake .shore, lliincuea*t
aloi|g hjkcishore to i||itii)l pos|, eontniniiig^ .'i(J0
Hcrea ii)Oi-o on less.
Also coinmeiiciiig at, a post on soul h hhore of
Trout. Lake at.a point culled Kigh(.-i!ile l'oinl.
thence running in ��n easterly direction along
the shore of Trout Lake SO chains, thence south
20 chains, thence west b0 chains (hence north
���20 chains, more or less to initial post, containing ItiO acres more or ]es��. In nil SS0 acres
ItciX'isipko. 13. p.. Dcfpljer lClh, lty.'��, ���   '
fa 'J '5 1 IT J
m 'u-'M
'piy t;f mimical goods in Revd.stoke,
suih a-, Viu!i:i,,   IJanj.'js,   Chiilar.s,   Mandolinsi   Alando-
Jincltcs, . itiloiiarp-;.,
string*! for above, at
i1 lutes etc.,  also every ' variety of   4��i
]'i'.'\elsliiku' Station,   JJ. C.
lii ivlii. I liei  I u 'V ai'i
able, anil di'vuted tn   tiiii   public
but    according < In    tinj    *ucce.*s
which \)\ cjiidice. can !>.���  iriiu*i'd.
i^uiid men ti) lie  ijrlr.it"d   nr   bail   men
upheld    w Ikmii-s "i    tinsel upulnus   poli-
tut.   anil imjieit-    '"-   ">   ��"������'���'-|'i ������.s.-ML.ii i.
di\ isini;*,  .tud   csi i .in^c
alistic predictions."
Oct. 2~x     ���'���    ���������
and  stormy   meeting   in   the   cabinet, \ ,,f t heir  lountiy,   niid'thi-   wi'lt'.ire  of
Tarte and hi* clique of lip-ln\ ali*is .mil   .1 h-'ir icllou-: mint rymen '?
In no was'   h;is  irnr   \\'i!t'iid   Liuriei
tni'iil lietween
incli w ho niiylit li) .*!jinil siilc by side'
in actinj,'a*,eil i/.i li*-,   lor   the   inl crests
done mm i
tu   desei \ i-
���tei'iii cf e\ c; y jirm iuce   than   ii
���i i ice* to t'riiiadi.in unilv iuid   to   thr>
real traitors   wer-i   turneil   down   ami i
Laurier was forced  to   risk   tIn*'  eli'i ct
on the ,Quebec vote and authorize   the
despatch of the Canadian  contingent.'' j enipiie,   'Wlu-i c w
Another   sudden    change:    another i whatever  h^aiei*   h
insult toe\ery Fiench-Caiiadian   \oter
in Quebec,  iuferrini,'1 a*   it,   doe*   that
liberal voteis of that i ace, will not *up
port the action of   the   govci nnient   in
sending troo] s t) the Tiansvaa1      One
can well cry .shame at .stiih  an   iu>iiii:
iition.,    We trtts'fc    tliose   J'tench C'an-
adiaui  in   our   midst,    and    we    haw
many   wuithy   citizens   of    tii.it    i.ue;
will not notice   the   J Let-ilti ���-   Iwckin-'
On.tlie WroiiK Tnclt.'
"Here," said Mr. Hayricks, as he drew
his tmiii]  away from, the'fortune  teller,
"you said in yoiu' a^lvertihcineiit that you
guaranteed satisfaction, liiiln'f yp}]T'
���"Yes," the seventh  daughter of.'a spy-
entti d:i|igjifpj- ((lioiii with a veil) replied.
"Well, if'j-Qii think j-'ou'rp givin'me sat-'
���isfaction liy settin thero niifl eiiyii) fhnf
my   wife's   a-goin   to   ferglve  nnd   coma
back to live with me you're dtirn  badly
pji&takcu.''���Cliicago Times-Herald.
.^V *    ,    '    _^ i
AI��T"!'3 t'je First Article to Dc I'lctlff; ,
|..f) |if Distress. ,
''Most' people hiippc-e," gnii] a .(\Pwxi
town pawnliroker the other evening ''thiij
when a man 'goes, broke', the'tirst thing
he'thinks of pawning is his dress'suit,
hut Ih.nt's not so. "While there might be
some that ito t!.ii,S they are few and far
between. By long oiiii.*, ��)je gretit majority of those in .distress first ipuf tij)'
|heir watches. In a big city like this,
wltli clocks on every hand, a watch is
almost nn uiiijocessary luxury on the
street, and so this is the lirst article pa ft" fled. Watches arc, so to speak, a drug iu
the pawnshop. We fret so many of them,,
th.it we often wonder where they come
"You miidif (Jdiik that wc never would
have occasion to Icpil money on wedding
rings, but you would bo wrong, for wf
have several of them. now.     A woman
Kootenay Lodge
No. 15A.F. & A.M.
Y"^ The regular meeting
7^%^ arc hel,1 in the I\l(is-
Ilall, on the third
Monday in each
mouth at S p. in.
Visiting brethren
cordially welcomed.
U. ti. RUNDil.', Si:i,r;!:j'.ij;Y.
A   neat,  tasteful   calendar
"is about the best possible
' advertisement,,     and      is
���i-ood    for   a   whole   year.
'   1 ake a look  through our
samples- - none      prettier
"    iire   on ' the ' market���and
place your .order early.   ':
i f
^ss-s&rt.^s ,'     Ifcgnlar meetings are held
^^^^^'"'."'V1'1^   "'S'"  r'l'  eight
^^^~��Ct*^S^' A clQek.   V isiting hrot her.s
TjissiX* ySv>#>'    (.qrilnilly weleopied.   .
P. MOOIUC, N. G.        A. el.TllUMl'sJOS'. Sr.c.
^^__^     , Jlcets every 'i'uisday
^v^f^^^lgSvi^^      evenii ginCJddfelloWh'
"   vL    3J~ ^\ "il"    ,l1,    s    o'clock.
^^^rr^'Cjsw      >\V|sil.'l'R hri'lhren eor-
rr^.     -        ^-^sj-^/ilially  jiMitfil   to  lit-
'    li'H'":        '
'.I, HU'I'IIIK. Skc.
I. O. F, No. 3161.
Meets jp thgOil'ill'ellow
Hall oii  ilie ijecopil an 1
lourth I\Iond(iys of each
nioiiLli.   Visiting brethren   invited   to  attend.
K. D. J. V.. .1011XS0N.
It. S.
ABB��WSMB,' 3. (j.1 '
'   '' '
"Dry Clouds Groceries, I lartlwarc. Tinwfirc, l'owder, Fuse,"Etc,
Miners'and 1'rospcctors' Outfits a-Specialty.
C, 11.
,,. .    must lie in distress to pledge her wedding
,V   "'* i ri;;;;, and yet it is often done.   We have
, augaseiiieia rifjffs. too, but not so ninny
,i.*   gune,   to [ in ntiniber as wedding rii:g;.    Rometimes
.  >')i'i:en,   he' men pawn eugngement rings.   Wo slmpfy
C��    jT=^
iu L��. a 1
'...'...  E3TABLISHED,I332 ,
pold Banso Lodge,
,  �� K/of'TP.', No. 26,
j\1eet* e.crv V.rednes-
chiy in O.'.d   l.'ellnw-'
J bill       lit      S      o'clock.
Visiting  Knights In-
' JAS. GILh.
C. C.
V-. .MtiKUAV,
li. or U. & S.
* i y *
fy ''"enders; I'"ire sets. And irons, et��.
!-'^- iJra.'s and  Wrought' Iron Finish.
Latest designs in 1J.' ^ 11. Rc-
c.'ptiun: H,tn(]iii't, J'i.nio nt.d
Hauling 1, mips.
Wi'.i' fra   Ijliisli,iiioiis,,r Coiii]il^ii,
I Iiins.i lnirnlshihg-i.    !! ' Oi   h. ml-iela
-, - ^-..-j -'-1 ti^?i*.-*a ���.vxeaa
i n >. u   b   u
and tilling between iu*ult aiuJ ll.ittei;.
but will test ic'ntnit, with the fcno*\
led^; th.it Queb-c ��iil !.<���!. le f-ui.d
wiititiiiirui the front, .ind th.it .*liiuiiffi ������
to shoulder wiili the Kn^ils'i, hi*::
uirJ iSc'jtcli-C.iiniiJi.n.s i'wIki .til hi\"
fond iiieiiim ies <>f thcii- n.-itiw h.id*)
tliey will win honor t'ur our uitilii.i!
and beloved C'.in.id i.
Tub Phoenix Ncw^, in (li*cii*.*'n^ i!>c
New Wp^tiiiinsti r pl.itfoi in to'iciufli"
"Ash whok-', fmni the ���xI.iikIj.hiimi c.
tlie party politician of tu,.;i'y \iu .,
ago, the pint form would he a s.iii ���
factory one, but of late
working trnin h.-i.s iieiiuireil
nble habit of th'nking,
"catch on."
W'.lts      lllf
,1    flls.igl (���( -
<i id     ui'i'.
has preach d I h'1 s.init'. huiiiil. l),i t.-iotit
dicti'ini' of Can ids,inis:ii: "We an
all C.Hi(tdia|.*. -i!i lomrad v*. ai! f-l!.nv-
v.iuiiti y.::i,u.,it!d fi-llii'v.i il izeii* if t hi
eM.;>:'i. L��-t. fis !,���' t'nii 1,,-fni.. il;
11.in_r-. [j . tu-r ii-'-ti* li" divi'b-d liy
tiai-v.'v ; > .������lei1..-.-. jj.-r ii- vvni n.
(o^ithit in irti.ty .f ���=,:;)'.t." Tihtr i,s
wis,i' ,.- n.i- -..id i.i Q*!'-:-!-. ,>;,<l in
.Miitit'/h.i 'i:.. .'i i" ^;.'.",; a n.i f,uiiii m
! iii' ti Hi f \ i.f t". ��� \\ ho: ��� ;/o;j'il it ii.ii' of
thl- i I'tiiti ,.. -i: i i: ��� !<>;,��� d-'. ct i,m< ��.i
('���'in ul.i a1 d hi ii t. liy !o t ii.- cinj.,';--.
ii.i- >-M-ii the c.'.i���, vo:k. h<; h.is M<t
iii'tnl i' hiiu.
Th>- '-,  '. iiitr>f   i   ! I'.'fl    ;>;'-lf ��� ���,;((���   to
Cii-'it    (ji.iaii   '���.'���   l!..-   In-l   iui;.('i i.-il
ll'Jl*l..!:   ���'!   IU   .llll    lll'i'DiMl'.   -���'...I    |',lss,.[|
h.\    a    f   i'i id. in    |'il jj iiiji'.'i! " .M il,r'
n.in.in,; \    i,    *t,iie*.i> i,i*|iip, '    jhiik.-
|. il*   ii*,    ",*    i.ol    -id.loin    th"    I i'i!!���;-(
���v i-'i ' ti.    A   .-i     t   ,"n.; :   ���   a ,d    !n 11 ���
ii'iiid- irii id   i   -.'''!���;"    (t   ..���.. ;   I iji'je
1 w ,i - a i on: ia*i In"',v.>  ii f in' v, i* j-i.-ii' o|
"I.'1 I>'*iij 1'iilki'   tui'j   a ��� i.ijif ��.    ,i ,d    i||i.
ii..i i ii'.v lilir'd' i * . of 1 ^ 11-  inuid*.   it   i>
r i I. ���   I'.i'iild   i i    'h ���   i o-i' ��� i*|    li.'itw.'H
; t In-    Ih il i*!:    ; i "lr; n <-c   |.< 1 i ���,   .,;'   I li"
;'iiW'lii il".  I, ai   ! I ii- i i il i -in -  of   J ho-r
. win. n  ,. .1 Hi   i   ,:   ���!, .,,! I   I,..  ���_;, ..|i,.,|
: onl;,  a   t"i   11.< _rv.li l"ir l"i  a <) n I [)|.i  i| in,
I  I h"  ,i   opt ,   I     liv   (11 " il     IJi il.ll'i    o|    .1
i nn'-1 .'.,: r   in'il h"l    oi   ii"i-   i-iti-r. *t
1 take that.ns a siKH that they have br.iken
; au Gtiirnarcn.enr. but when a woman
' coinc". to us svjtli one Pf them, we Uuo\.
) s-he n< ed> the nio.icy.
"I've "made  quite  a   study  of    i.-awn-
i, ' "-Imps!," eontiniied the hrokor, "and I find
.Ji^t in the majority of case., the dress of
the nci-sii., iiskini; fur a loan on some ar-
title ha.s a preat ii.-al J.o do with the
ani'iuut lecciveil. If the pawnbroker spe^
h ri-i'U ilri^scd pt'ison in"frnnt of l.iin, !,o
will tifiruiidly ftrjrne that he or ��he i.s a
little ��.hoit for the ti.iie liei')*, In t will
re.i:'-!i and take the at tide out of I't'-diro
in a f.'V. days-. If, on the contrary, the
(.i-r,..!i asking for a loan be pnoi ly dressed .here is little rfiance that lie nr she
w"li ;ri't a fair aiiKntnt on it. In llie lat-
tei p-im> the pawnliroUor u.*ually nlTen*
only iOi.it lie think* the nttielc will biinat
at p.lvnii- or ptthlie c-n!e,w'th t|i" .���ininmtt
of liLs ' inteie.st .deiiuctl"J."-Billtii110|'e
N." n s.
Ornci:sj :    jroi.snx*.   Bask   Iii.uck,   Hi.m i.-
,   s'io'.i:, I!, t".
Jloiiey (n lij.iii.
Ollleu-: IteveUtoke, II. 0.; l-'url, Kleole. I). ('.
Geo. y. AtoCviiTKH, .1. A. ll.vuvi.v.
Itevel.stoke, II. C. i-'ort. ijluele. 15. ('.
'      '       WHOLESALE
a Mil    paf)'"
Ani) Ht
5G0 Hastings Street, Vancouver,  B. C.
Branch Store: Nelson, Q.C. J
Hi*  I'nrt  Tu  If.    '
A.i n well kno'.v!! r.iind'iii riei'^yinnii
we* ii'ii'itlv ris-i.|,.|ii,^ t! ' step* jo his
(h.ncli i.ii'iild I'uJi I'f'iiii'^ti'fl In* help.
\\ "li  In* lls'ial oiiiiilly  i,'! o l." i��e tr.iv c lii>'
old   i\i.|ii:iii   In-,   ill Hi.     On   o-.'ii'iiiiiK   till) j
inp *:ep *he lialti'J brentlib'ssly and ask- J
eil i,.m '������ bo v, a-, fit pwfi< h. [
"The Key. Mr.  ," he i"pln'd, ^ivin�� ,
li:��.'.i ii name. .      . I
"Oh.  d'-.it." "V'l'iini-���'���  II.f-  l."il),  'M|f.||) i
ni" down aMiii."    I'd  ,'.-.rlnr li-t��ii to tin. ,
eliillis* ^'i i!i'i,li-_' of a  wuiiliuilL    lli'lp nn.' j
d'i-i a a^a.n      I'll le.t z<> li). ' j
'I'llr' niMii*li'I   smili-.J  ;.;,d ^(-Illlj  ,'i*��is-(i.(l )
OKI.'KJIilt.   .
Olllee: Taylor Hloek, Jf.ickenzie Avenue.
u. iroujiuii
.\y.vi,VTir.\i, ciiI'Jjiist
Iloy.il School of .Mine.*, London.
rtuvu' years nf Mrirln Work*, .*s\\:ui*e:i
SuMii'cen jeiirs Ulijcf ('henii.sl to Wiy.u
Coal mid Iron Co., Kii|,r.
I.ilu Chi'inlhl and ,\s*.ijer, II.ill .Mine*, Mil.
K\"ry da*erlpt!oii ot li.ssiiy ami ,in:ilj i:e,i.
Hoik iindci'S'iUeii.
Cliiini* < \aiiiini d .mil report(<1 iipnn.
UKVKI.STOKK, H. ('. 1:
MeLennan,- leFaely &' Company/ Limited,
and   Tiling        nl A.I KSTI (' .SXI-T']!, _ li A Mi I<].S   I'm-   Hotel   and    K.niily    Use
Miners' and'Mill Supplies. '
Vancouver, ,, British Cpliimbia.
I>i-anclics ,-i|'|) uvson  (.'.it v, A t lin and li"nni'l I,
Myilo ,M:i( I'';ii 1,-nic i^ Co.)
V A NCOUVE R,    B.  G,
Lip loyalty is vety nnich in ev Kcncr
with our t "jr>-   fi iei
id*   just   nou.
"usual it is niore lip than lovaliy.
���������  -�����.��� ������.
Fire Bug Gels Six Yenrs.
After a trial la*linc; Imi day.* ('hat If J I
Mullen was. found not, guilty of ihe !
e.har��f of ar*on in fonnccl ion n ith |||, I
fire al tlv (,'oluinbiu hotel, ('oluinln,! |
Unhurt Cameion, who M'a* 11 inl oi.rl i
convicted on a similar char^i, ��,i, ,
Hfiitcncpd to*ix vears penal mm i ihirli .
Mr. 12. P. D.nis Q. C, V'.i.iicfitivei, di
fended Mullen.
t'\ IMI   (Hir* I
I in. IT- ii-al ' li
anil ii  ��!������-��: i'
, on    a      t. i  hi'
I d"*< n i 'il ,is ���
I nope,'  'I    po!
! fiiun I Ii.ii i" :
1   111"     (Oil   ,'! i , I
. Trillin.e
l"id   (���!'   li."   p,.|tv   ,\:.t]
'<  a'li'i    M)   il'i.iil i|, ,||,|,.
' o' j"( r. w " �� i'i ���   ^'.| ..j
<!'���< a-imi,        \\ ,'       h M ,
�������� < ������'   f   i   .a   il     !i p   in
\V,' .'     i     ,| ������ ,. .1
' Hi" *'   I i ������   lit   !  i   I I   *   ol
Dominion and Provincial
Land Surveyors,
her ilnyi ti.  iciiriikiiii;  a:* 1." [>.ui<'il   with   .
Ii"r, "I  ivonlilii't fe'o in either if J  weren't   i .-lin m joi- of Mini", Mineral Clalnihand Crown
ili.' |>iesi'li��'f."
,\\ ini.ipi ir
Ifcr JrnJjriticn t *>i>��ln Incil.
la a d'vu'rc e,'i*c uiici'- tlid-" i',,'W evidence mat the '.'��� Ife ' ailed lie.- Ini-baiii]
"an Id f"of' tin- 'unit m::.'j, "The rec-
O'd  .'i;*tni,'is ;!i" wife's j'i'l/'il'-af,"
A,id (/ii another ooint nis'i h'-i' coacltl-
.inti was aliirtiird S'ic fold iiini '���lie
would have hci-n fo'i.'i-li to lia-f i:i,iiiici|
a rin;i 'if 11i���-> :i^>- ��)id Ir.'d no ni'iii'".', and
tliccmit fiiyi, ".U'nin '.:'��� Iiiini, \\<-r jiid^'-
ni"tit vva ���> f oi i'(-cr."���<"''!*" a ad CniMii'Mit.
I-' if
W" ai c Manul'.K I iiiim-.* ami
Halaiici's, Kiii'iiiicc*, i''i: r t'la v i
I'lat ilium Uoii;U:Ai'id-,C
diri'i'l,   I uipoi't "j"
N, S -iiMilillc iiud Pr.iclir
d   e irry a   lai'^i'   s(nck   of
liiitiiim.iiiilsrAeid-.Chi'MiiiaNdndlilliilherAssiivi'r'.s.-iiid Minei'.* rcipiinMiicnl h
Sole A-i'tils li,|. Milium Ci-ncilili'  t'onipanl, 'BaltiTSi'ii,   lii-ckcr .Soils' IjhI-
ani-i's-, i'lc.
(.'atalo'fui'anil full p li-| ieulars s,mi( on applicat ion.
U       V3    L
. A-.!���( inii,   I:
W .IS    III |,||^||I    flu-
a i
111 r! 11
i\    the
fi i-vf! n'"l-  on   ti,"    C.li'iuo    s'a^r,.    ,,,,.|
liruiing lii" iii'tiior.*'���li(.;i|'(i 1( (J���y ,_,-,. j,vv���
UnrMi'ifink*" TrnirM. ,
The foinxe  wlndi  a,i  (,n l lii|iinl c  uias  ; |
i-<   usually    M'i'.    ,.'i|in!       The   riiiiililini;  ,
c.'iith sound iiinNiir  the i .il" 'if about  ! v
10.000 lo 1I,0';0 feet |i"r wfiiiid   mid the
enit.li   wav(i",ii  mi average-about  1,20,0
Cf'vt' iH tlio.ori'mc Kimee of i'mvS,
Gold,   Silver.  Lead,  and
Copper Ores
k a - , i;i..
,\ ,, (IMI  r , ,in,l  .Mi't.illms'i( d \\"Oil.'.. j
v ',sv(H","i;ii, ii. c.
.*'.i'ii|,li('.; '.Vorl.s, VI7-7l!l I'cniii i' .s'in'i. t.
|i|i|.,il,rl    I'i    [i in liii-e     lln'     ,|lio\c     '1,1-^isi
of   ui'i *  1'i.r    I.     follow Iiik'   Ka^ii*h   liini-e- |
��� hum I," i. .   ('-"'ill J. i )/���. ��� ;
V.i'nn \'   J-��� '.  (*��nnirii.   Klliotl*   Mi nil  Co.
I.t'l .   I'. .*n |,'.. I.   Mil.Hi    W ,il(-.   rinieUiis,
Itldi.l V,  I)e~ln ellA:l'.��,. Ailililifauttllfclr.
Gh^ol'ing   ��:noltor   puli)�� 'n'. spoolalty
Largest ancLBcst
Kijuippi'd I [old on (he (,'oa.*t,
l']vi'iy| hjuy new and U|>:
I  Co L       Popular Prices. Free Bus.
BRITISH COLUMBIA    Stephen Jones, Prop.
W.  E.  iToaAW,  Pi-opriotor.
Xev, .ml I'.i'iiU'in and .Sliidly Kir.st Cl,is---Good Saniplu Uoctns ���
li.it (���* S-' and $2.00 per JJ.iy.
Corner Hastings and Cambie Streets, Vancouver, B. 0.
:5RETT\ win
Cl'llliitiK ure tluing,;
���on    ti   crowded    slreel ��� wouldn'
CM-ili'a tlthi'of lh" Inteiesl ninnnjf
WILSON i�� (jimtiiig-mi I{"adj--made
.I ���.V';..''';'.i , ;W.I-| EN ;Wi;G:ROVV:OLO.': .;;:,���'//:;:;:,
V."r.o;i '-,vc. ;-rrr.v ol-.l. di'^r' love, and frointny eyes.
:.,. Tim li'-.,!,l iimi iirijliiiiit'c of. iiiy iiul youllr'ilits,-: ���
,  //.ml :.'ll  1,1,,.' fajnjct'^ you: a'-- pr:ii.-iii,^ iicav ,    ' ,-.' ,
'".ifIs lii'tt' i.ls '.vniil!, o'er lip aiiii'.'clieek and brow.,
'   VVIiile; i,:iL'l.,y/oiic- our goldeii'.'Visidiis- lle'e���,.--
,.:' I ask yo'.'i���will y.t'm. love ine fail.iifu'ily ..'���;,- -,''���:
,'. i'WV ''���'   ������-':., Vijioii'f viV pw oW?!," '',���: ���'���'.'������ ���',..���"; j,.'.;;
;;.... V.'licii ���.���iliiiii-.s'lnlbiu!-.::!!,,^:- sunny'Jocks'1o gray, ;
v. I-Voni; iny,M'iiii.fcni'Vail Ix-auly tai;t' aivay,,'.. -V-;'...
���:' *iVln..|'i iv-t'iiciV ;i,luJ,eiisf..a tut eliV;inw a'rfc".g'o'nC(,','' ,:"\.' ;���'
4nil iiho^-ij'ii,:iT3.]<-['t JoVc's:ftres lb. tcei] iipcu; ; ':'V
J.Voy,'..jvlioiiivl, ciijisc inv'���"Uiiigf^a'iiiorig. all'men;''���'.;''.;���'.
. /Elill yiJiii; liw:r.l?s .Vjuee11.sim]3;'i'bo, rei'jjuiiijf then���,
:���'���''..~.':"' Or ;: ii" vyiiu'ii. wv'.gi'o'iv.''bI/J ?',."���!. .';;,;'���,.; i..;'x^. .  ���:'.���;.
v ('fl'l 'liccp'.y'nii ;cver' hnppy by  my skIc! V,;.,.,..: .;-.-';.'.
��'/Jio>i^li\;ij:t' ii'i:iyi"ls't('in tfiis ..fcvcreil psj.ksionVtiilej-���';. "'
'���VVIh/ii:' wonr arj.l weary; :db\vii;,;(i(L''s;-:v:ilc'./:tt;e.:stra'yI,.'-.":
i'.liu.my; tnic',lo've.:.th;it,sli:il;L tl,V gIosit cliiiSZ""' :'V ;:���'-.
Tlirijiiyi Jilli  (in', ^'li.'i,',^ i-uniin- ;yi':irs ini:y;bi'ins; :
���;, 0'Ui;,.faii'iii' iij >liol<i-�����-oi!ii!V:-11; :*3 :��iiir l:i!-;l i:i^ ^ }^;t3'^> .';;.y:.' ',������
TJiill  iiy'���j>o;]']\y  thai   hVvi/.Viirdini'tiVeil/'reniain ^^:    ;���'.
A-i''M~������''���'.''������'Vv-;^'i,"litlii'Mvc.:'j;r!'>v.'.<iIil! .���'���','";. ''i:V,; ���'���';��� '.V'VV--'
.���'���''V$:���Annie:G;v(lVti;iUiiis; hi  rall.tiliill^'Masa^inb.V"''-
; <��^4^<>^C^^O^^^<>^^<>^<>4y:
������ o,
'fA Story Shovv-i;iffThaVlu't'ellectuai;'v$*;
:;vi;Peoi>to':^rriv:bnt::! Ordihary;
-,;,;; }* .;;,iiiortala:Whca;Hak-:V'y
-.,;>"; ;,;; V;.;,"';.,.:;';. ing.:Xo,v;e^;.-;;'j.' v.,V,'..j
- o<><><>':^'i&.e>��%;^^
.:;V;;"11vcoblijli't haypil;i'eiV"\vorse.p; Ifft.Ieh-;
'f'/',idc,.'\v;.Si*;,lii''ri,."i7;'v' -V.Vi .;':i:iV;];:-i''':;''>'''iv;''VvVV''VV
���.t^'!":i'^ ;:'"_* -V ?.��ii ..-'"jti i.f?.lr t'- ti l JJ J-r;��'*'"--l .1 to'.-j.* J *> V<t*I I > a ��s^ r'ci'r.V^ i i*-V
r:;Ayo|tln'iigt;.:nV;;;i',nt; nyithV^lis;>;JA||i:biirton'
'������'l.'fd'leil^'vy'^^ Uilo\y:j;:J;,f|''.v;.
���-..;���'!���, ;"I)oii'f;  Nmiujo. ;;;,vl t'sj. :'tbb':. serious'; for,
<WUtii\��"'<^-:9^j y'lb^-ybtbb'ybyf^yy/yr
\f'K"lVeKi.'-',''.ij'-ealize;.'it; ) V.ou'eriukl;^see:;yjiii'r.'.'
t;,i>vyajvv.vy.iih . biib,:/si:;ii'riiii: | n^'riibn^; ^Two������,
;;- 't iliy \,: is: ��� nI i,i^i;I lis;rV:.^3in"t-i:u-nt ���/>!m),;V AI iss;-
'^'Ashbtirtii.fi ���is^Ov'���^JJ'j^/^-^^^vjV;^
.��;���_''^"_;,^I..|s"-�� ^r-jK'^t-j^V^.jXvsiVvtMl;^ 'fiv'.-" ii >\ ijij V.Vsiai'-y "i f--Ij'sla o ^.
.':':; CiHi'lilyilbt'i'diXMjltVsut/jc'ct   ju^ticivf/;'/;^;-?^ :l
^V-'v'.'fij-l-"---^* '-���? !*'^,J*^-' ^^���*,,'' .;'-ir��.'1 i y'fr i;tO>>��'fti<�� r'.- ^'k i1*?'T?: ''���** v t*��". ���*. Ji*
L::S-;i'-ir.O':-'?'Xi ��� -V-'il*:Vl.'.^y.ie'V'iS.lSli e-rivvpi'i Iii,J iiVi!v.v r
'."���.>. i~VS s< >"iy si?'' i'i >_l ijsr'Vj i'jt.i't i ^ I'it/i'M 'litt'j*i';;'iV;?; :--i'=rf "v,tv;:. -;'-.-'l?: ".���"���^;*,.-,.):'/f-r'
-S '��v ''N a ii 'i'i iiv. K ri vgs i?fi I s '.t h:i T; ;U! "yMii-liiiVi\V;V
iJIivil .1Ji.i!,ti^iw>yiV^i^
'������;i f' I: i'd ia;d' t "iv'xv'iv.t'lff 11 i��i'('! vv^i;;''^ "~A "':;:���: f,''fi;;;-;!:\
^^jp 111 ft * i- i o i'-Wj i>t^*i'iiii '^ft i. Vr ij ^; j ri"* i -::'"s'i""Hs*'i ��� t i| .^". t c>"-:" t�� i i" t ��>' i:=^
-.v-':'^.".-";:" *."\"^~_.l; **?��J;-"'^5->\J"';'VT*V? *'-V V-^- :*.?V�� * Vv^-.'f *ii"^isjli i'i iJ��J;��vi-':"'ij(_i>"'i-V:
;;; li a ps^yo'u ��� eah -!gi ve' iiH-iyiauyatti'iitibiiVSlt;
to   porfcctleh.;'1 Notfiirt ov,er?-lir^di'.;that
'tould.-.'Stij-pass. that/',-;,,..-'-:;;"\--. ,.'.���'.' .���;  '������'���."'',������'���
:>J*])euisevdo you think"���,,',;':',;   ,      ;
'.''':'.'."Where :ire;your.eyes, Nannie?;'''���'���'���'.]���',���.;.
,   "But -.tlicy;, li.ever really diad 'hu"'piipor-.
'tunity to; say-,-, ten vvbrdsnntil; last n'ight���
and'tlien they vvpre very ..indifferent."     .'... ,
,:;;j"TIie .^t'eatCySt,, battles ha ve;heen"';plan-:
.wed in ,a iiiftht.": ,,"i:'-p;,'.,..;v���..;. .:;f ''���':���.;>'...������ .���;>'
'���v.^'Biit such stiperipr .people"���-;'���'^'���';���'': ''"������'
:' '"Yes,;;I: admit; r^am^shrprisei];^ 'ilbwq'v^'-
er,; I: shall.'uev-br say, ahytliin^rMiss 'Ash-:
.diiirtoii  eoii.teiiiplates'. niay i.iiot ;Contaiu,.a'
.dozen; stfrprises/after this; hiqi-niii^.";y       -
are;iiot_vyea"i:ie(i;\vitlj' the effort of: pleas-;
^iii^''i:a'(;li;o,tJier"��� ;.,.;:;;:''''���;;;;: :'";> ^u;.;.. ;���;:,;!;'.;���',
^���"Thereareuo signs of ���v'veariiios��;6ii llie
'"nisifie' seat, ai-etlierci,?'',. i\-;,CH. ���������' v4?,;-b;r--;'-;: ���.'���:
';;;;;'��� Wrhyi''^ns^_. Kress���,laiicjii?d,i.''pbsit.iveV
:ly; hods.; nii'tfnj;;;,her fan 'as^frrawfully' a'sV
,any;oilieivniaii;could dii it:..vPeiiiseH\Vhy, ���.
'.���.that'' wasi-jiist 'iik'e'-si��� a���-a','���:: ^������������i-- '���--'��� " ���
' .������Biittpriiyypf:.'f;iSin^ii.y.;.;*^;;;,:;;;?:;t:^:';;;;.':;;:.
/''ni'iiise, could *.he ha viV planned it "alb
dietiireliiindV?   ;n '.AI ;:';:>'���;'-.:, ',^':'':'y '^:'-''^fi
;:������'; "Nannie',;;;vras;; ifc'v'Ailam 'or Eve?;;; Tnist';
tlie'Ainaib'io;;possibss-;Konie';brai:is.;' What
surprises;,, me;���there! j ^npsitivoly ���'.'; she .Vis '.
J; ���.'.*.Weij.dibdboks' pbsitivply sill>-., I never-
saw trdoye'r. lbokiii��:v,silIier,;,Dei]isc.' is; it;'
liossijdo^slie'knevv;; ire',.\vas'.;'fa.6'innij;?'!;,rJ?li:it;:
>iii<>vpijuiiio,<i >':iii.;;;thi!3"y",.;;;;.{?':: ;;���
i';;;VM^.i!eaiv;yif;;'ypii'll  reiid.'her. note,;ypu
...vvi.li;;'see'v that., she;' did '-hot-.expect;;to:;=bo:
foreseen   lib;Awould"; he.;',.������ Iiei'ie^'vvliy''i''::i;,:.v*j'ii'>
rend 'yiairseif;i thatj,liel laid "set',; ont^for;;
lla vershain's."���.;;;','��� -C ���������' ���&b:^j]j.-r^:-^j'y--k >,���; J
-.���.'.vi;..*: I.I.<?>yi-!-!;.c*>til/l';;''I��o'-V;V;; ji 9.-!.V>yAs'*j;.ntJ.vcr' -" long'/;
"eii*ni^li; uijybiie';; place"' to;' lieaf;'the;. ncvvs'J;::
;, VS^liy^ tn';:ilid,;nbt; know ;pa:'atid :;nia, had
^yoi"ftYttV',iht��'.ihl<c'^;.-'^pli.r-I '���>yn'l','nca'ii'j't..'thoiri^
;:;';''i{bally, ^eeingdiowVfii'st;^
'..iiijjA<iii,';,I?sbe!;iio ;iiecessify,itor prearraiigV;
:iia{?ran'.y't 1 i'iii��.'T?.,,;.;.fV_V--_>'.-v,;':?';���;'���. .���^���^';.v;;.;;-4''"'V-'^'fa;<t^
;;p "XaniiieliflVne'Ver; heard yon'spcakVso .
^1 ;iin: Htirb; I'v^ h^ni-d; t
' f oJ^cieiibe.V'piie, Hii rt'fiirdsf fiI h(l|Cah t wcdlsV
tbh'i ^iib;lieV\vaS;'neyer;;ihdticedito: play- or;;
d ijj i,ce---j iis t;;vvedged'; hi insel f i \li;���' a jc'or her '������[
;;,|" I'I i linp I j,!j';:,: '/'b:^.;}^ iji:��^^:'i,;i^i :v^,;^yV
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��� ' .2\"est season Kose Coghlan iuav star id'
;. "The,;.White Ileallu-i-.". ;:':;,";/V;-     :; -.^ '",';
'.' -Otis;, Skinner ;ls to star;:iri'"Haiilet,"
and .so; is'Lewi^'Morrisob.;      '���'������;���"' ,;.. .. u.'v.J,
���:.:The; lipx kite"iias' already been 'utilized;
' for thbatrieah.advei-tisingjiurposes.; -���';'���' 'V';
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'������ Allifii's- sii'lipoi't- in .������'rhe/Ohi-iistian": next
/���season. :.���;���;;���"������;'..';���.��� ';'���;'.'  ..::'-,'���.���?��� ������:��� by',-}''���'������::-:'������':'':);'?
vv~ ;Odell;; Willia'ms,:vvill   be'; starred.^,';next'.
seasbn, it issYiid. m'':'a':'i>as'tor:fl lilay under'
the iri;n!ageinf;ut;bf������''���'���:Wl1;'iA'::';-' Brady.-;;'-;;;-';
' ��� ,V:,.TIf e;,'.'f iitiireiv.,of ,v Cp'q u'elin,-'1.' tli e." Pa i-isia h;
jactor, ^yas^a'bakor.'anddns higliest'/suiibi-;
.-, ti'ori ''vya's;-it'o, see his^soii>;a;tradesiiiaii0 like:
.;liimsel'f;!'���;. ;.'.,������'���''���.'���'';:���';:.'.'������,;,::;���'.;;:''J.-' '"������������ .'-..'yyi���,':..;.; i-^r,,';."'.;','
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.nextseiisoir with-Liiuis.lanies and, Kiftlfr/:
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; ;':lhix; rcibbertbtp;: the1 ETigiish;. novelist,
nii'i'I; '''The;;,G;ardehi'of,'S\ybr(ls.'',   Addis'bir/
Bright i s*; a.srfs t i n g' i n t lie d ra hi at i z:i (ions.
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irtilijs .coiuitry. lias undcrtaken;the'ii'ii'hii-'.
���'"'iigeniq'n't: of I-Inrry;-. Corson Clarke's 'star-:
^riug toAir next 'seasoriiS;!  ;,.. ���;���:..::';%'';:.,/'-.;���;.,:,.���
'������; A; new-; yaudevJiIle,'rih:;vVliicli a pi'bnii-;
' neiitactress.is.tp,; appear,, Aviiubl seein' to.,
''show;;t!ie vvonderfub liiarriage^'iiiissiliiji-';
���ties,fit.tins, country, in ,'a; title \vhicli nuis';
;^A;,,Wjdpw:.'at;'T:l'.;'':-;';- f:b'bp"\ -:'-V,;;';?:i'f��� ;:^;
;Jae6;h:datt,; ,has. chaiiged;;the .name^'pf;-'
;; Ed wiii :���' Ardeu's^'oniantic'r play;; that'die;.
i;vviil- prodiice,-/nex't-r season; ��� froih���!'.��� I'l'I'lie'''
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,eli;ifnge.li'a.ii,lieeii liiade.'in order that .tliere
. maySbe1 ho^eon'fusibii vvitlft-v'Tlie;Childreir
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X H ..E; J R AS r-UO JS yRL %j��-$d$
i< '.:���,''':','. :'���.'   Opposite. llie-Btaiiou;
"Navy Cut" is tbe'hest'Eno"lisK,
,���.'','-.'...'.    ���.���';���.';''���'���   ���'"������;.,���/��� ������'���..':"' .' > '������?���'���'."' '.".���;.���''���'"'.
'Pbbacco  tliat ���: can ' be;? bouglife
���^'113;- tinT-'40:;'-G'entS'.:'':-:-'v'
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���/'Jilt A1>U,i.. _
^:^.;:j- > Hewl3r;;;Ope3i^d;:;;;;;;;;S
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';,;;;,;;;���.=?';"j** I.I c1.",1s i^'.^S\v,i*= c>\-1��� 1-j-.i i"r.i 1 >jg;, 1 Vi-!t!it.'?-.0s 1 i'1 ^ 11 rK I'X**J-j";
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?> ;^,; ������. ;.C',i- yV^O" t" >* f' >.' * ss .���."��. i.i fi.-/.J ?f ���r'X''l^i* .-^i1.' i"J'-��-l,- J v' 1^." 'i'S5 ���'" ��� > ."i "��� riVvyr";-'.
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%b).b:::. i{i|ii!��,. I > t^r -ij * j .i;i*H&;^ lfioAJif5ri.il *' 1 fc < i i iV-> I ir-ii:-. '���'' i*�� ��r'^
.^;'.."-VJ;.'. .(tif-VV ii ii,.:.. 111 is i;"i:.y * -i !_>.'; Iiivriv.'^i n y tts-rr:'t;i_:ii s i ;y"-?i 1�� isk'>.
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t'/""'^^'-'-'^^'';! "* i > ^v?. ^l*1'^* M *! ,^"'-^v--*.V!-X'''i:! "i!^;*vv,* -'^Vii, i:<-* i^ .Mlit'-iyAy.*1. s':
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;;^; B>i.'ojh ei;s I'jnV y ^r^
V-S-:.:;-;; .i^'�� i.i i��! p'?'' 'p;:V.x ��ii ���f-'i.Sy i 1.1 J on 11? i';t'a'iV!'->^i |v'-:" \\*.o i;tb'--:
;...;��� ���;.,;,:;-'������ Voh-;gmix(v;;:;v I ,Ie'(');i;ratliei;;;seeV;ybnvs:t;^
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;;��� f.p;;u<ts'iiK blio. vyiJrhl -V;'( lisi itdn^i r' T'rorivss^r \
i v: V-jfSj*v-.;i.-fl';"s^-ti:-?>'!:ii;k;;;t>V;r;,|v^sis^^iiV-''^yMiif^Kiv/oy.;
; :v;;,;rr!ih'Ks:b:''i;MyKjh's'li'fi'rii'i'd'V t;vlk,-;abi)iit;
^v^lee^rfijj'f^tft/^V'^:- yib'by'"^:};:^^^^--'?.
/vv'^.i 'Mfe!-'.''!'!A".'!f;'!'.?'il jiiis!!li?evto;|)i'riiiii him.;
��� v ,. ;f<>;rojnhiii ;v\-itis ��� i;i;t> loiig;?vHe; will'bevoir1;
; v 'forgive y-;\l; fofy.iuipiisiiig'npbii liiniMhe,.;
b. rK'S^^'/.S-eablfc;.; ���"( :t skvvVf ���;- en I ert ai nitig;;;' uio..':
;,.i::;;;vylii'!,i'vi!V': #n'<h!.ld;.'re;i;-i'i\,;i'!'��� ;^:;v,::, ,-:<:.; -,;;*.;.
V-'il. "Kiddles!i(;ks!v;H -I"-'ilibyfl]'���=��� iti'v,piv;*'uoar.'>
''>:V' fiddles'! iVhsM vi I {.'; ^iij'iri'ot .vbiv vVt'O1,: l(ih^.;
;  But"' I Tea li'tVaffii!;il';:bH offenil Viiissi^'sliv',;
'���i.;:'- f>'n'i;'t^*i'i i-t^i'iit!:-';"^ i/i .1^-,,-V-""1^'* ii 'X^t"*?'"*^'' f�� p rj��"Y"> v|i i ,|.i-
;; ���'.forgive''Vivo.; ���';Ki/W.:-ii';>iiu vviilvolilige' niivs.
,.;.;, 'JSauiiii'; ;al! d^ask yuii to'ihiii. t'o:sit:'iieitr v
'."���. :;;(!ie;;iUKii;;;i(H:'SJ.aiid'i.;nbaiv ii'Vur'thi'-lavviiv
.���^''���y.l\':"\'l:i;; -.y'*iV:^i:-1!^H'^y^:i{Vd ; iiVVr'1':^;''���^IU^':
Ivv   w!iiVir;i.yoii:^y^ llie;;ehilp-well;;,:
?   iii'i'jivliiiii^just'iten .liuiiutcsiNii; s:i.;;; Aiiil,;
wi H; ,i|a y eiii |Va i i's; ordered
:jt.\^\ v,.:; ���-
iloniiilyr v,-i
,nio ni-;;
;-;h.y--lh-U! ;!!!���
;. ''.���'!I)i".:i;V(': Til'nri'bsen'ii'iatisi'd;
'��� ;|ixed!jv;it' jst.i'.'M.V ''b.iert op' llie
,;"I.M;l y.iiiisi'c ti,i''r.(���oiue; dbwii
'���'���;���;��� Siiss^-K'ress s!)(i()k''J;ei';beadi.s
���M: -''WJivi-i\.:ii:il:vshivvgS-\tli:iJ Jii'v
.:'.''"DiiIVyiiii ever st'o..ahytliin,'.' as lovely?''
;Cp<.''issi:'>ii''..;!}j ���>'iji|;.'; ^jj^iyiiiiiit; vjiipriiiiig/'^iii-in
'. 'niiihiiigli.f-i'. )"ddii'i '.I.'!ti'l!;'y'<'.uiis.li'e. siirprls^'d,
-  tisii i.iui-.il. ;vv'r,;Mii;nei|.vgri'e!i V. -;.'l''i!t,,..\tl:erbj'
Be, ;i arAfnl jbr'iin.gh. the ..window.; '..'.���Y.oii
:;caii si'e'hi in; plain !yvnovv.''<;.; ;���;;;, ,,,>.. ; v j;.,
.''';'."'I'!��.ip -ai scii'iitilie .iiian.; hev-is,���\vi'|l.v he
���.pays a -ari'.-i t. di'a I of at tent bin to dress."
.,; "i,'.i'!,ei_.iiii'i|-"-' ;��� '; '.'���' ,'���';.���.';'.;.';.;, ;Vv: ,,;-;.:.:,.
.;'. \Viiat',. it ;was M iss .Murclison. failed to'
. niuioj:iier is lost tii.the, wiirld- .At���'tliii't'
' precise  ui'iiineiir   NiiSsii; Aslibiii'li'ii ��g;ized
, iipyvaid.; |ii;:ssjl>ly. ,a:tj llie dii'ii;:i:i>. ��� 11"V1111���
licet ((!��'clouds'.'; A| tairi'Vi'lilS.' hl'l- lintlliel;
'  touchier a 'bush;  she .fell .a. gcntlii  pal.l.
'.Uic'ti, ;'r'i.'a,lr/.ii'ii! .ilie -tuiiure of .the, tiiucii.
; 'paused. .',��� She' bad lier l,iah,d'.ii|V.'';ii'a!-li:iig;
It ;'l>tickvy:|rd; wlieti' .Mr,, i\Vorili:iigtbii!s,
.'. viiiicJVII on lii'ive'ar.. .Tlie/ribbon was'ile: -
tiiclfed- skillfully, ,'1'lie; haikers on noted
, llie graceful inclination as'the gi'iitleniaii
.nd van (''oil anil' ivalked bi'sii.je her.   ,'"
���   ."I I'liiildn'l  do lliat- if iny lifcwere at
etake.",said .\Iiss Kress, with a sigh.;
''"V..ei'yfeVv. women.could   She can' teach,
lis, all. N'aiinie " ,'....' , ���;
���'.'���'.".-'.'.I'f lliadti';! seen it"���;,.': ���..;,'���: -
"Talk- alniiiii plays!: .Weil
���Rill   what   are ,I bey.'lining V :'
they, are, wn.lki'ug down! the
Elnti'iilll'in the elm!";'   ''.. -, "    '
'���;��� -;.':"l'liei'el"- ..",- ���    '���''���      '';  '���'���' ������     '. v < >���    ,"..'
-,"l see-I vyotild nut. miss it���for ari.V-
,thing.   Fur two-such superior people they
Eccn'i In get nn very well so far." ������.    ,    '.
...  "I iiV you.ii.'ink sin- is inveighing against
the. slaughter ni' birds af this uioinenl ���?":������
'. "Nn  iinire   thrin' she   is' rehearsing   lier
treatment  .of ��� Ininieless  eats."
,"l'os,iiivelyslii',has given him back one
of the  Ibiwci's  lie, gathered  lor her.   See
'lii.i.w she' Jiangs' bor head."' ���'
��� '���'. '.'Wlin'i  sin -prises me is her .familiarity
witli the pa.; 1:    *he. has. surveyed it  from
lier.' uiiiibnv     I. binuv- it-.shi'  is' inn'ving
(lir'ei/liy  In' the  nisi ic seat.    Now!'-    M.jss
.Mini hsiiii tiinii'd ipiiekly, to her cinnpau ':
jgoi .'"'IV!'! ine "lie did uotimtuayC' tli^t
yifteil'dip'Fpyes.".;J Denisii.^Iiirclisoti stared
vntVtlie^eptipie' on, iflto" rustic;:ii,eii'ch;;;^;Sliel
��� llililiffbrgb'tteii her;frieiiii;aii(l'giii^st.v;,','"'j"'y
S^'Gulyytp";'11.). i.i.i l��v 11 vi 11A1 i b^v _i ^;:'st rii ii? 1 i t=l1 f ribriJ:;
;Vlfe;;Nile;.!ind\s|i'p; ji'ivsijnst,Cfl'uih;'from ,'CaI-;;
^jrvO'rOsiH^iiP'lii'ni'brbiVth'oyi niro^Jlliol'tlj;it.":".V-v-'.;.--T
,;ed;a;>vvprld;pf; eiiire itrpni;iny.-slH)U.ldt.rsy-;-:'.i-;;,
i;V\-a's;;aii ;bbiu'iiti'yiiig'.it,p^:ge,t;i.tc)' 'sleepViast";
���':'ti ijiri I't'������ j ij st ::;,oi'ir'.'i l|qi r.'^ivbooii'ii t;; IJ'.fia il :.��� si iiV i.diyo^j
ii'���yon ;���'���' kiib.wu. ho w;jL\vof'rtl<3 SJ^pl/L'iU'pag^i h'nti'ii
lioy; ?.\yoiil(|;;: b.gv'ql iii65t'jay^i:?fi>;:tQv.!^flr^l v
;;gpnvpt iiiies.*jiThq\6iib^J;I;;; ;whiit;bd,,;t'b;;11kpV
"���Tlioyi positi ye!y;.d^
vjiiistisbecaicse ^tlieyi;Caiue;;v^^
];ai:e���.;away);-d ^roaHyS
.'���'pj-}e^':|<d|ii;'gqlf ;;,flie?si\eli ���eli.nrgesiiiiibu't
; (aijdttg;:f()^iiip;';'abou^
'^ftTlieydicliltlieii;;breath,  i'riiei'cbupie 6v
.', th'evrusiii' benelv,"wereji'ii?'; leastvlOO;;yards;
.i'lti'^ii th li'ss '"at t������it"uUo;������v^t,^'ii-���'���.iSP,fil*'i!'* rfti*JS'^ .atrtoil
���lii.1- ���'.--;;���:.. ���...\.;.oi.i.'. ,;ii,':���V,V"-"   '--
',;;;i;.v,iie .
ijstifilj;:; 51 iss'^Ayhliiu'tpiVi'WOS; ffi'ljusting- a;
l|U(.]-.i|-! n bitttoidiiiie::; iMiey,'coiildt,>;ee��him
lookingvdbwn sidevyisp,' at.;������ lier',.--.could see;
lieraviu'tingjliervfiice'a^trille;;;'-* V'7v Vb.;J^
,;"W(dl,!;if tiu'y:v\:o're^i'ehearsing';��bry:Iby;;
crs;.o;n".,th4sfage''---V';;'::'': vvVViy,;.!v. b*���;-���:��� ;y:-v;
!    "T'.10,y: Cpiil<i\i^t  do,dtVlie(ter,'^';Dehise
; !>Iut'c'ti'son, sa'i'd shortly. ;':'.>Tlien'; slie laugle .'
;;cd 'iiiei'nly .:i;;"To jtlj i n k I; have [ li ad; a 11 hiyi,
troil(ile;;for, nothing. ,;,:As;surp,rts;'^ou. iiiVp;
slit in I j tig , h^vp! N (^ p,r\ip. '��� i l?0. t is ,��t irnsjo, of .
i.'l.iiveiVl'.'.Vi}:.lit."--;-i;:!':':.;''(.'..''���"���'.-vv��v:'-ii '-i''.!-;^''  :'';
'i;; |BiifV^Naniiie-j.;pursed;. ' horV ^iirrtty;.
dttit I t iioiighbisucli stiperibf.iieople"-^:.;:.';
,v?;'"Ybin'.;graiiiiy',s needle,,;;Nniiine!v".I iiear;
;tlic;;weildiiig. march ;ai;:-e:u]yV,;;d f '��� jlifijf- aVy];;
nnj 'nitil'i'irjVitish'Ipj-pi'i(ivp^ niibblhs���befpre,;
"lip giirg-'to 'i'hi^liirt.ii.'.agiiln���1'llVgi.yiri yori;a;
'diiicen pairs- ofv.glo.yesV;. See; tlieyvaiVfre--���-.
'tiiViiiiig!:;lStandVoiy this ;si,|e;:'; ivjoiy,'itollv.
vjiip"' tlpiy ;n.re.;iibtx;a^'priirKof.; lovers;;'tIiis:'.
hiitii'ite^aiiil'iili'insid^eioffli) hours!".   ;-,.;;'
;;''Wellivvvlipir'any ;bne' talks'to iiieiabout;;;
.superior people; a'fter, this"���''���������:���;���'p..-lj^[ i,
>: .".I ust. tell tiiehi'tliat, vvheii fatciordains,;
,it v superior -people are .iust;(ikp ppmnio'ii
''ejf|^.";; ;';;-;'.;-v,-V',;'.VV';Vv;;,'';';^;''���;���'';'.i;':''.;;.,.:i'- V.."'i.
; V.'a? i I'; to icon firm;; tli Is;; wise...say iiig-.ytli.aj
;;,lovers;Jookeii; iip, aiid,': seeing; two pretty,;
faces ..heiiiiiibg ;down ; upon : tliein',, nodded
gayly in return.--Chh-ago'NewsiV ,;.,    :i;
4'h e. :��� fireii t;; spipitis't; % -^.as; staled ingviir.
after that!
I. do believe
long  pilth ���
."���;-  ;*'.' '.A,  l.lllllt; OfJfllpIlCD.  '
:  There is a little'hotelvjiear one of the.
i-ii ii road ;"sfa t ions in' \yasliiiigtbn.' It is a ti
old riisliioned place, to .which;an'..oie.v'iii'd'r..'
,is" uii k liovvi), a nd;, t lie Iia li .hoy; on dn t y , at.
night  is a little old tiegronylio has tray-
oli'dup iuiil'rdo\vn';,tlie stifirs-'with.jsiilcbeis
fnr iiipro liniii, pS::yenrsV 'All, the pajrhns
oftlie-huiise kiiow old'Ivph well.    As lie.,
\vas toiling ahead of one' who iiad conic
���.lip at imidnight liis. patieiit. betit. old.'lpiik,
riiflier toitciied a synipaihetjc coriisohie-
.where In the ti'iiyeler, vy,lif>..saidr-,,-'
' "ICph.' if, you   hail  I$1   for every  time
you've cpuie up -'these,.stairs you'd .-lie' 0
���rjeli ,iniin, ���^votililii'l.y.o'uV. '���
Tliis >vas too niuch foriICph's'imagina-
liiin Intake in. He drcppeil the satchels
on the Moor; and stood stiil in atniiV.e'J
cbptemplation.      ...   ���';','..
"Hoss," lie said, "ef I had acent���ef I
only had a cent fur evvy time,"- and he
picked up tlieisatcliel and trudged along,.
lost, in a vision of what a bloated bond:
holder he would have,'been on a cent a
trip.���New York Sun.,; ,, ' ���,
,V;The zouave arid hdkadp jackets are^inb-;
sti I'd ly;v; short V and ;;'i rounded V at V- a 11; Vthei
edg'esV-v':';:;;v;'Vv;V;'::.V;;' V.'i'7;:V;MV'i;'V''.i-fi;'v:v5;;
,V Some bl!; the';princess;(li'esses; of;the; season ;are;niade:'vvitli:;ai^tiiiii|ib,:pf'rich hro-:;
���icade^r.rigiireddlberty^satiii.;,;, ^iVS;:v;i;iV
iVvTliejsiik^uet .gpwiis;JwornVtliis^siihimer���
:;dijpssos;;pf :lape;;and.greii;i(liii'ei;V^
*wclf;a;s':fou|ai-d;;si!ks ah(rui-o;cados:j''--'t^; V:
;.;bloncliiigs;;arpV;,i|isvvbeautifu 1} n's;:Vhoise;:of,.;
^foi-nipd^pf; ptiVe'-snoW:;; white;;fabrics��� ?'n-r
ijdiai'uiiill,; Fre;nclV;la;\yn^;batiste, et'e^dec-:"
^fa'sliioiiablevdintsvai-e 'Used^forVtlio'vloiigv
���;-di-iyifig";or dlist elpiilt'sj'of i'i,light: taffotii" or '
7 s'u rali?;yvbrn a it '.y'i.j I a geearts^iidVunaboutS:7
.'v;;; <Very;; com foitable;';aity^
:iV.9>ys>'o|''.silk;.coveft'd;;wlre orffeatlierborie'
BtrlpVof;faille'or; taffetiv.silk;���New-York'���
iare;'ihp; bests b^b^Syb'^k 'bjbbibb^-bbMb
i oi he r; kii id; o fj f a riif ii iw \:' V i b b^-'^b'bbbb-:b:\':J:
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;:v:-V:.-"�� ���l��Jsrs7 ",P��'t * ��"����� Sst^'i ?i y^- bol-f ? | y'-.-��� I i ti-;'--1'i V * f il 6b tl. -"..��� iiiy^..
. to keep;- tlienv as;quiet ;as.ipossib|e,;;s; 77. V
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":;ble.'vati(i'food ,thpin;to the laysiis' lieiia^^iV i'i
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��� milk-,into: whjch;soine ciirilk ahi|; a littio',
; jibne'dusV bavq' beeu stirred vvhilo :eook--
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;;.wliaf;tlipy;ycqtiii-e tbkeep.tliiii vital: forces.'-
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' TH EfJ E WE'lI'. -GASK ET.'
V-;.,; AJ':,irej\V;;cl|a,ih'::,fqr-.;''n-;'-Ia.ily'V
seihhlosaidouble' vesf^cliain-attached; to ;i
, a handsome hvvochy-^bry-,. y'::b'byy. yb ��� 'y
��� V;Cq:iib|na(i(iiy:;'efi;rdcases  a'nd-'purses���' in ,',���
'pigskiii',ivVitl!Vilanieleil initial letter-upoii'-
;6ne;,coruer. a re' pretty andvVerv|ceabii!V;; b.
;; ;'A striking:, riugvtor ;a;"'man'; shows ; fV
sf|uari;;;sei:tiiig ,()f;one iiarge:'(ira,nge. (Iia-;:
llionil..in llie; Venter ���surrpnnded' \villl 12.-*
shiallei-whitu stciijef;'. .-*���; b^bb '_.;':; '-,;��� '"- V;
!���'.���_ pome; of;;,, the ������.''smartest-, little ; wajelV
Ciiains.'to lie seen, and' vO'fy. effective tin;
tjie-(liiiii.ty all wliitii; sjiiinner, cost ii uies,.-,
.termibate;ui sinalli'-beautiftilly I'lninieh^lv
'or;,jewel siiidiliMj bails.;V .���. ry -"-"���"��� ._���������>���;
v.Q'.iitfiiV npt'ii'worthy increase iii sl^e lsL
UianilVai'y; iii-'^biiie'.  linifs ��� of ' 'Juiiblsiihii!'
.hroiiches .vvhiclvafe much liirger. than tlm
prevailing, nverage round bronchi -Those
���ai-e In U'vistsauii'coils of gold or. eiianiel
with a jewel iu the center.���Jewelers'
Girctila'r; ������!.- ���'.������".���.''���.'���'������"' - .:. V
���W- ivAND^nsoy, ���'
v ' ���l;Triiv..Pas,s;.Agonf, V
Xelsoiu 1V0.'
Koijtenay lailw^y; &
;^: v-'?':; ^- ;^>.; v;'-v J; i'^a viga tiori JConipany;
, n'perating Kaslo '&vSlbcaii JJailvvay, ,.-���..
V';; .In toriiationiil Kavi;-aUoii &;'J'ra'.l,intf v
:\..-?"':j.;'.VQpiiip��>-,*yi:;---"-";:''-'V' :.-V.V''     ""=:���"-"-;';."-"'���.:*!.'���������".-,'"'; ���'���'���';
Schcduio of .Tlinc���Pacifio Siandstrd Timc.:
i'V;; "-.\:V'i;v ';I?!l'e,cyiye'.Jiulc,-,10,;'n!).';,V:i;,���
/.;..;;.-;���;;..V-'-Kaelo-fe SlocajQ.;Railway.'������
Passenger train' fbr('-SiViid('iii''iu'iii'vViiy.st:itirin's'
leaves.Kaslo at. 8 livia.:'* daily. 1 or.irriiing, leaves
Siindon lit, 1.15 p.ni., arriving at Jviisiu .:).p5 ,p.ni.
���':,..     'JTou Sliould; Smolcp.V   ,        .
'���Wheri yon enter.oil a discussion which
; inay   lead   to ..vehement   remarks."   said
fJistnarck,, "yoti should snioko.'   With ;regard to the tiiental eonditipn'it does;not
deprive' lis; of our  ititellectua!  capacity,
'but-it produces a state.of kindly repose.
f'J'he eye is.occupicd, the band is engaged,
! the ..organ  of smell   is   gratified���'one   is
h.'ipiiy.    In this stateione is,very disposed
to  make  concessions,  and  our business,
that   of   diplomatists;- continually    consists  in  the  making of  mutual conces-
Kiiitis."-,'Uisuiiirck's Table Talk,"'by 0.
V :^REED,':.:';-:;;-,;.   ,;;'���:
The IJon.Tlioinas.n. Recil s'eeiii's to be
lost, somewhere in darkest I'hiropi).���Oili-,
cagb'i'im.es-IIer'ald.,:., ;V     ! ���
. 'J'liiiiiias,' H.'.Itecii .seeins'to have entered
fully' into Hit:.'spirit ;of hocoming a |irivate
citizen. > lie has ilisapiieareih froin piiblic
viovv' eatirely.T^Kaiisas City .lourniil.'
It is extremely diuihtful if (he Hon.
Thomas I!.-diced will dare to come, home
fi'unr,Kit rope until the shirt 'waisti question, has', been delinitely setllbih���St.;
Liittis GloherlJembcrat.. .';;,'   .,k===
'i'he iliiii. Toip  Ijped seoms to he lost
in   the   European   jungles.:    If, die  went
alifoad  tii get'��������� q.iit  of ���tliedb.iie  light   m
puhli'cily, lie has succeedi'd^admirably.-   ;
.Indianapolis Sent incli ���-. ,"���������'���'
i   White .knitted good
.washing in dry II(it:r. .��� ��� ��� .
S'lireiliasons'   sawdust
soaji for cii'imiiig  lliinrs.
���  'i'ii keep :i way '��� roaches  lake,
cumber p.-iirings and strew'.-l':i
can be cleaned by
Is   better  than
'lie kitchen talil
cs :ii;i| crvbn.'lli!
.'���eeii  cull around,
and seu
Low quickly the- roavltcss 'will disapjU'ttr.
:  Intoma'tionar Navigation nincl Trading
���;,;'.���:���. -'���.,:.-,'--���.;;;;:;;,.    - Company,, ',;.   V ������;.''.
���.Oiiorating on Kool.enay .l^iUeaiidltivpr.7    "
';; .S.S.'I.f.TuiiNATioNAi; lea.vcs Iviislo for Nulsrni,
iiL(! a.ni.-dail.v cxcoiit Sunday; returning; leiivcs.
tKclson at, l.:{0 ;p.in.i c:ill!iig,a.'t'; Hall'oin,,'�� i Hot,;
; I'lt.V; Ainswortli, end'all.vviiy poiiu.s;1 eon n acts
-.with 'steauier '��� ��� AI bc'rtn. , lo.-.iiud , I'rbni   lioiinor.'s
i'ib'rry. Idaho; .ul.Jo.vvitii !?. K. &N.'train to and--
froni,.Sp(i|.:ii.ne, ahlVive jUilo Ifolnl,..'.V,; .
,i Si. 'S.; Ai.'!!Kin;.v��� leaves "Nelson for Honiuir's
I'Vrry, Tuesdays and -Saturdays at 7 a.iii., nieet.-
ing.steamer liitc'rnni.ibnal.fro.ni, Kaslu at. I'ilot
Hay; returning, leaves Honner's, Kerryat 7 a.ni.
Wednesdays, Kridiiys ainhSiiiKlays/'cniiiicbtiiig
Willi' sl.eiiiiier; Interiiatienal. iiiiil ...;l'or -Kaslu,
bardo, iiiiif'Argunfa. '  Olrcet.-connections iiiad'j
ati'diincr's K'ei-ry with Great Northern Hallway
fur all points east, and west.;.   ...   .-.-...:'���, ���-,.,���
i' y V-; Lar<io-3unsan''IJiv:s:o:i.:;
'���Stcniner.Inforniitiofi.'U-leaves ICn'slo for bardo
iind   Argciila  iiti'-'8.-l;V'.p.'in.,' Wednesdays  and
Fridays.; .--.: s;.-     ;.-.���:���.'-���.���:���������,* , ��� ���'.,-. .'-.-������
.Sl.eauier A lliei'tn leaves Iviislo for l.urdo and
, Arge.uta at 8 ii.in..:.-iiiiiila.vs.   -  ,;-,;.'  ,.       v'
Steiuiiers call at 'principal 'landings; in  liiitii
direotloiiH, and at, other points, vylian signailed.'
'I'lckets sold to all points hi Caanda ilnd the
United Stnl.es.- ..
--. 'I'd ascertain rates., and . full Inforiiiiitioiii
address:     ' ���'���'-.���':      v"-. '    -:".- - '���' .
���    i:o.m';in"iirviN'G. ,
S, tr ,. ������'    ,:''"���      .'-'' ' "��� ���' , >laniiger..,ICa.slo, H. C.
'.  Royal Mail Lincb.. ���:
'   Choapcsi Routo to tiio Old Country.
HKAVKU. blNIO-i'Vom J!oiifreal.
I,ak(; Superior '-. . - . . ;.;'.'i. - ��� . '- :. - Oct. I
JjiikOjll.nron - .-;. - ,T ,-���-,,,. It'
I/iUo'Onl.ai'iO .-.,���' - -l .;--'.��� - . .- ��� '" IS
1/ako Superior. "������ ,r '-  -;, -     ,-��� Nov.   8
bake Ilnroii       -,'    V '    - '���   - :    -.   '"-���"   ���" ; 15
Lake Ontario .   -   ;, -   '   S    '"-      I      - '��� .', AVi 'li
DOMINION IdNK-Ifrppi Montreal.';' i
Vancouver- ,-,.   ;:      ;. '  -,     ���      -, Sept.'7:
Dniiiinion    -��� -   ���,-.-,'���-;    ,-    v-      ,,     Hi
Cambroman. ���' ' ���-������ ��� -v   ��� V -      ���'���' ',,- .'��i
Pentsnian   '- -." ������-'.   -'���   '-���-������'   -  :   ������  ,'.,;., DO
Vancouver - -      -   . -, . --,'i,-':'. .-.'   Oct.  7.
Ahi.AN. ijNK��� Kroiii Montreal. ,.
1'ai'isiiin .-;.-,'. -...��� - . - ' ' - ' - Aiug. ,'JI
I'avarian -/.- '-��� '��� ������'- ��������� ��� Sept. 7.
C'aliroi'iiian '-/ - - '-��� - , ,-' ' ���: .. ,. "
Tiiiiini - . ��������� - '--,' - - .'��� ,, ; S21
Parisian .-..���,,��� ;-.'.. -'.,. >���, : '���'��� . ��� ., "��� 'J-t.
Havarian -..-'.-' - , - . ��� - v- Oct.. 5
Passengers ticketed through id i.ill parts'of-
(ircat, Hi'ilain and frclan I. and ��t speeially low,
riil.es to'iill purls of. the Ktirbjicnii continent.
Apply to nearest railway or steamship agent, or
to  ���' ..'.'���   '-.
T, W, ERADSHA'W, Agont, RovolBtolto,
���Furniture; and
firing and Upholstering Jone. 'U'-��ying and delivering a spcchiuv.
Teams always   iculv   at   shortest
notice.        Contracts    for   jobbi'ii"
Warehouse in 'connection for storage ]
of family and otherfiirnitiirc. trunks, I
"��� -etc., at niontlily or other ii'itcs. '
Agents for Raymond Sewing Machines.. I
... ; Revelstoke Station. B.C..}
taken.     A-"..'    for   J). C. Oil Co.
rt Samson.
mmmmmsmm ;; the eootenaS siaiiv  wilson's mm  ���������������������������> ^ Big;%acmg;;frqiiic. ���������; :  ,.; i; ���������'������������������ v Kis nob.'Oiiiy iiiliyvenicfe, ��������� ��������� hut, also,  ''Vp'ne;-.^  i 5i v the; diiiy i for Viii:ioini;ji  dyspepsia, 'ner-  ������������������ydusnes^los^,^  iintl all;iiiseasies:'rcqiiiring^a:inihl:U  ;���������-.'. 'or st.ihiulent. ���������'���������/������������������','.���������     ';?��������� V; VV-'Vv,. .-i'.i  r"'vvViV:v;Hea^^  v.;;;dates and vcandies. y^I^reshii^upplvVvOf  ii-VLovvney'^ :iiHl:othe^  '���������VvVj'usfci'i'CceiyeclI^i Vi'^viVVv-^;,.;;,. V;V V';;:;,'-'i''v';;.i  ���������EO^^'Fv'GlJRTI^^^  .:;;, -;.t>.^THE;. DRUGGIST"';;  '������������������'���������Joy.; ���������'  V;V;TV":.';; Successor;to tlie.McD. A.. VV.,Co.(  ,;, Reiveistoke Station,, B.C. ;,' V .  ;  #W.  ^borNv  l V^Pi^Aiu^i-Vti'1 ^velsitolcefbik Ci, iThurs  '(Vv'TVvda^  -is,,,; v;'ivVof'Ed.''.picai;<i;;ofviivirlrVug'l>t.'o'i-iVi���������'������������������'i;"...-|"r.  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