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Kootenay Mail Oct 4, 1901

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Full Text

, ,IIM  /
scial Library   J��n��W
Vol. 8.���No. 26.
KE\'ELSTOKR B. G, OCTOBER. 4,���l90i.
$2.00 Per Year.
1 �� PI N    ^3  ^-f-i il o Rr**
i ^^ ii     d*" Xiiv-ii. &sgs   "xS?
��� laying of the
docs   not   necessarily   mwii    that   Taylor   <!y,       - (.       , ,/r   ,
GkoU'*k .'ire short in'tiny of their excellent lines ' Ceremony cracefully Terform.d hy
j      ' LadyJ/lintOj ,	
of foot wear, clothing*, or house furnibhing-j.
If you   feel  blue  come and  buy o'ne of our
white shins, it wiil cheer us all,up,
c  will delight the ladies early, next month
beautiful   display of Dress Goods, Rib
bons. '1J and kerchiefs,
redly imported from
in Scotland,
Laces,   etc.,  for   Fall, di-
the'' best wholesale houset-
.    Come  and
Shoes, Hosiery
linen  of   Bouts
>      ci
Eoady   for   Business  with
ancl Good  Stock.
Fair- Prices
' ���'..
j Tiio fir-it train attached' to the
royal progress, and known as the
vice-regal train, was met on Sunday
:11 the station l,iy Capt. Taylor,
Me.-.-:rs. McCnrler aiid Atkins, as
��� representing the hospital commit tee,
;md hy ''Mesdames Cat ruth en-,
president oi the Ladies Auxiliary,
Mr:. Wilb, vicc-pre.-ident, "Mrs. B.
A, Lawson, fcocroiary', Tho-c ladies
and gentlemen welcomed Her Excellency Lady Minto,, on, helm if of.
the hospital committee. Sir Wilfrid Laurier took charge of thc
geutlemcn,"whoin he requested to,
accompany him, and Her Excellency invited thc ladies to join'her.
Un, the train arriving ut the Hospital
grounds, the vice-regal party
alighted on thc platform built for
tho occasion, to tho music of thc
National Anthem hy tho band,
Sir Wilfrid  Laurier here.' reeog-
iu.-ed"Mcs*-rs. McRao, F. Friux-r.Dr,
i McLean, II. A. Brown, .'.and  other-
\'h ft h 9\ \     \\    &'     1    3' W ! wll0m hc had nict wllen llc address*
M'V/  V \\%l    -'[     r  t% #;, the people oi Revelstoke in Bourne's
*r/   V7     U   ll     W       H       H 3      fil   .n.. i  rr..n ..���  ..: _i    ...
11 &SJ/S
\&?i a,
&)'$ | Ii'i 11 some six years ago,  and  re
Sd : called to memory incidents of  that
, W i escorted by Mr. B. R. Atkins, secre-
^jp ' lory to thc hospital, then proceeded
0 ! by the walk which  had been  laid
to the'site of, thc. cerenionw Mcs-
timc to the astonishment of  those
who   mot   him,    Her   Excellency,
tffa   tina.illy well lighted, mi   lint
See -i*nr   new. ,-iiui   caivi'ullv  scircled   stuck   of  F,ill and-White   vvr ,
Cluihin-.', just''opened  in" our "new  pu-iiiiM-*-.    Th'-ws "uuila ine rii^lit ^ j fl��mes   Carruthers.   Lawson   ;and
hdth as to quality and price This is prij\ed J>y" I'lie rapid increase in )"'*;' j '^ "L^V were escorted by Major
our business .since iiin-'ii-Aint-rniii- new Mere. I tie at fractions of 'in is ^"' Mifu'do, private secretary, to liic
.store, are -An-lfa.-- act in lie leMslr-d hy any alert shopper.     'It isYxcrp-, ^ } governor-general.   i\\)d    by, ' Capt.
cii.siiui.er.i  !ia\e. the hc--t (jppuri'unity uf "vij*;,! Cell.        .'llic   ' Rocky      Mountain
Cl   - " -   .dL ; Rangcrs.untlor Capt. Taylor acted
)%, I a j ;r guard of honor. ���
K'l!< t    li ci- Excellency took, her place
^ | on   the    ] rettiiy    carpeted     and
New Furs'and Jackets, Now Drees Goods and # ��� ^^h^ *-hiis 'provided for the
tfty ] occasion  and   shuok   hands   witli
W ' l-iidics Auxiliurv attendnnt there.
*,l\o select lug '.heir piiu.-liii-jii-'. ' c,    ���
/ilfo   ^-�� i        i re*   ���    j     ��� 1    TT       -l 1   ���    J /-Ni   ������!     V\"// , u-.i.i'.-iuii    .mil      snuuiv     iiiiijuc     lit
W Ready-tO-Wear   Sinrts   ancl   JnderstoiS, Oilll- ��\ Mesdamcs Lawrence and Brundrc
'ik dren's Hoods and Fancy Headwear, Fancy and S< -! '^> were ihe members of   t
IVY ��� "' , "   ' Vii,",' .   i ...i;���.    *. :i: i j.._  i j   ,i   ....
'$��� All New Goods.
nishings, Trunks ancl Valises.
ole Agents for P. D. Corsets, f
,   /        -    '   ^
 ^f=a   S .8     H
a #A-J>
S   11 L^.H d
the Rev'clsuike Hospital Society  J
am delegated to request you to lay
thc foundation stone of thc Queen
Victoria   Cottage   Hnspitnl'   here.
,'fhc aim and  object  of tiiis institution is well known, namely the
alleviation,of the sick and' the suffering.   1 now hand you  tiiis  box
i(i , of relics and records 'to bo tk'positfu
^jiii the, recejitaclo ti!-o  the  trowel
^ i with which to  iicrform  tlio   core-
$,., !    The Rov. yclitlenjaii thell liaudod
ilor I'Lxoellt'iicv  tlio silver trowel.
also for the substantial' aid which
you have been the means of contributing towards its erection.
Misses Blanche McCarty and
Francis Lawson then stepped forward and each presented Her Excellency with a handsome boquot,
and Lady Minto kissed each in
Mr. Atk ns then escorted Her
Kxccllouoy, followed by other'
members of the party, back to the
train, whore farewells were said
tink thc t ni in pulled out amid, thc
strains of tho ''Maple. Loaf" by the
Her K.xcollency ,is already a
great favorite with tho people of
Kevelstoko for whoso hospital c-he
has done so much, when, as, presi-
dent'of thc Queen Victoria Cottage
Hospital Fundi she was tho means
of having a substantial grant con*
tributed lo, tho funds of thc institution-. Any disappointment at
tho failure of thc Duke of York
to "perform tho ceremony as
arranged was forgotten in thc appreciation of Her Kxcclk-noy's
kindness.     <���    ,      , >
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, premier of
Canada, was one of the most prominent and most admired figures in
the ceremonial,
At thc platform' was erected a
hent arch, with the word ''Welcome"
emblazoned in electric light, and
on the other thc words "' With Rev-
elstuko's thanks," Arc lamps also
lighted up tho kcouo of thc ceremonial,        ' '   -
Her -Excellency repeatedly expressed-to tho committee her great
delight at tho completeness of the
arrangements) which reflected the
highest credit oil thc various committees, Bho remarked ho.w prettily the decorations looked oncl had
n,o idea��� it could have been done in
such a short time.
. Thc, silver trowel used for the
occasion had been engraved to the
J"Jukc of York in anticipation of
His Rpy'nl Highness pcrfo'rniing
the ceremony, but was altered* and
forwarded to Her Excellency today. Tho trowel nn,d engraving
were the work of K. >". Doylo of
Guy Barber's' establishment. The
Ladies Auxiliary intend sending
Her Excellency in commemoration
of the event a gold brttcclut laid
with Big Bend nugget*?.
The committee wore pretty
badges made by Miss Dunn, 'of
Taylor tt George's establishment,
and printed at the Kuotk.n.w Mail
.   '   '    dcki" noxAi'i-'s $"250,
His Royal Highness ill -a letter
to Lady Mi nio expressed regret 'ut
his inability to arrangoto .lay the
comer- stone of lhe Reu-lstokc
hospital and enclosed a cheque for
,-toU as a donation to llic hospital.
Inspector Wilson
Mounts Guard
Is Sent About His Business by the
School Trustees.
On Saturday Inspector Wilson
put in an appearance and informed
Mr. Howson, who was thc only one
of the'trustees in the city, that ho,
had been sent by Supt. Robinson
to take charge of tho school anil to
prevent Mr. Wilson, thc newly up-
pointed teacher, from entering, on
his duties'. Tho inspector, was not
long'in mixing the school up-so
that the pupils did not know where
they were, as he distributed thc
children who were formerly in Mr.
Sullivan's classes over tho whole
Trustees Lindmark and Graham
having returned to the city a meet-,
ing was held on Wednesday' morning and the trustees determined to
put a slop to thc rhuotic -"talc of
things sough tlo be established by
Inspector' Wilson. They accord'*
jngly appointed Miss Smith acting
principal, promoted Miss Edgar to
Miss Smith's room, and Miss Grant
to'.lake charge of Miss Edgar's
pupils, thus manning the school
with n complete staff of certificated
teachers to whom neither the inspector nor the superintendent
could toko any exception.       ,  ;
When Inspector Wilson arrived
there was blood in his eye, but
realising his' position hc admitted
tho trustees had acted within their
rights. He, however, still stands
guard to keep Mr. Wilson out of
the fort and ench-avor to hold it for
some of Supt. Robinson's favorites.
The'discreditable stand taken up
by thc superintendent, however,
wont be tolerated,
tile-train moved out the Duke and
Duchess took, their stand on the
rear ' platform of their car and
howed to the people amid cheer.-" of
the crowd.
Foreman Temple, of the C. P. II.
sheps, deserves great credit for tin-
excellent manner in which " the
plant was turned out. "he engines
and equipment having been newly
painted and decorated, and to'Suj-t.
Kilpatrick and Road master Newman are, due full credit for the excellent decorations at the* station.
Sandy McDonnell also had the
Hotel Revelstoke prettily decorated.
' Through the town flags floated '
gaily on the breeze, A. X. Smith's
block was splendidly adorned and
a feature of great attraction.
, Tho royal trains returned' this.
morning, having completed their
western tour.
Revelstoke was 'represented at
Vancouver by Mayor Brown, and
an arch on which wore displayed
mineral specimens and heads.of big
Th*: train crews were tho itime
on tho return this m'onning except
that Engine 737, in charge of L,
Patrick, left Revelstoke with tho
vice-regal train, and engine 683, in
charge of A. McNab; took the royal
train. General Supt. Marpole,
Supt, Kilpatrick, Trainmaster Ris *
teen, Road master Newman nnd
Muster Mechanic Hall accompanied
the train over.this division,
' G. S. McC-irU'i- wil'-*-*  Mr. Hows- n
ab we go to press ;,
��� "Victtaia, Oct. 1.���Have seen mill-
ister. Full ������endemic certificate grhntid
lo Wilson to-di-'v."   '
The Extension on Fire.-���Seventeen Lives Lost. "
.���"^���'-^���^���-^���^���^'^���^���^���^���^������'^���-^���^ : ;i i.n box containing copies  of' the
���z :: d: ���   '       -. ���!_: .' '." , n=rr=r= j KooT""N'AY M.\rr.
Rovolstoko Herald
'  , ���        OPEN IN
j f'.Nti-fniely
! unveil ie-.-i
,  MilllI'lV
'I lar:*"
elite,'    (.'ne of  I lie ehnicfM
was    a   -ilie.-isuit,  hat
with   hi-ic"
. Show of -Fall Goods
i.t   ino
il'ick   in ul
leading ,cum
an*    carter    ,-
i 'i
��� illllUlllls;   j;,   I | in,
'I'l    lilliWIl,   iil.K'l-
Mih-es Sl.rpnid ��nd Jicll ni'iw'il In
their new pn ini-.fs in��i >. A. Lu'i* ,��,nii ,���>
liuildiii--. MeK-iiii-ie Avenue, ihis week
iind cehihrn'ii'l I lie ncciiiioti hy l'ie
-ijii'iiiiii; "f llieir fall inilliiii vv.
��� All thoM' w lin^v i.-iteil lhe Miidivin
l\irl(irs \���"���.ii'iiLiy weie delighted vvilli
the'lii'uiiiiful deciiiai inn.-- urn! the nnig
and    wiule, iii.-tek    and   ierl. uvn 11i--f-
| j;re\s, etc.     I'.iliiie viv.eis ,-un! liili'.-ti-i
j r^ilks aie \c,y  iiuii-b in i-v iileii'-e,     Tin-
| childien -i   vv '
j I racll'v e.       The    \im-\-   l-ilot ,'n,.| h
.IOI! 11' Cli shin || I tip-:. Mnniped |i|;( |;S.  (Me ,
weie tint im-"-ni ten l,y lln* �� .ii ' v i .iim s.
! All' llial ni,i< ctiiilti wish I'm-iii.f.'iiu-\
I Ll* ii ii A, funi'iK, cii; , can he f ui .-ii.i.s*-tj
! al I !;e .Miidi.-, m i'.u inn.
and' charter of tho ,hospit;il, also
mini- i sp.ecimens of Can.idian,'coins;
���;,)S ,',.) I i Her 'Excellency -.'aid;, It gives
me much pleasure to be here today
to lav the foundation stone of the
Queen Victoria Co-tago Hospital.
'I he "-cheine is
mt.ch at hi'iirt
hospital will be a  very succcssfu
u:io  wliioh   1   havo
i, -and   I   liopo   this
demised tlcqui. tfd Amid Cheers*
The liPiuing nf   iht;   charge   nguinst
K. II. Lewis  in   eiitiiieetion   with , the
inniiey   missing   at    Tr.iil    fioin    ll.e
Duko and Duchess  of Cornwall
Pass Through.
registered  mail,   touk .place   at*
institution. I much regret that
Hi- Royal Highness tho Duke of
York wa--  unable .'to perform   (ho
(���eromony hut lie
for want of tin'ic.
could  not
Hc take-
i gre.it
trilivetti   di-'iilay  <*l"  lni'.i.   ti <(ii('.-��, lui ���
l.aiis,    etc,       Auinii",'    lhe   tn i fuel im.I*
���tnin it hit'tlfJ lilacli pii'tuii* liaL uf pinnt'
M'Ki't and lall'elia siijs-, Iihtck li)*.-, and
lu-pliijiit! i*rl-*e. AiTyther eiH.iiinii nf
fvvo t titles nl' -,'rey v f-jVpt und -iiic wilh
1'Ojig t^flifls vvas very "pie.tly.    A inlo-tr*,-*'
' ha'Pnl'.while lai'ii'itit -ilk and hlui" fell.
wilh quill.s was very si i il.iiii,'. The
decidcii Hit ('licet in 'triniiiiing vv,ia
M'l'V iinlii-e.tliii'. A lltiliati, "The
Mine and tla1 Gii'.v,"' made nl' hlite ve!-
;\ el and '^iev
' quill, Hindi'   a      !
A Inipie.   uiiieli   iiduiiii'd   w.ii a lutr.v n j n:"iil-<
Mjsiim of Flame Qo:nm:;i)},
ordinary   meetm:*"  ot   I lif cily
called for Fiid.-iv   uiidit l.qi��cil
for vtiint nf   a. i|tim i-in, hut a  incen'u^
vv I
tlie (hiiiiif--*
ch   Aid.   1
i'iiii ii.i: i i,e
Fii'tieh. .silk, MTifrMiiii",'
Inuid.-niiiie. etiiiiliin.-i.' imi.
kin--, on
Cntlil ileii
a sk". I   iliit
I'1'  i.i'-v
clienini; crown, 11 nnined
��� !,
with tips in match and ii--'iKi-i'iiiie or
Iriiiienl al .side. A misses liil nf cis
Ii'i    fi'li, triinn.'ed- with   paums  v e'vet
I V"-^
and   A ii-"nf'.i   ne! in ei-
silk, linishi'd vv iih li.iud
I t M ([il
ionic i/ui!l
i i 11. i ��� ',-.-., i i
.-ttone nf ihe !i isp,;
lee 11'-ii! v e,i if* ri
The ci' v cic i: vv
\ ise i!
v. 11 (
v ;t-, :ii-i.:. ,ti
���in ne.   McL'-iiif
.iU"ii'l-.l.       Mr. A I
ot    Ine   liospii.ij  ctiiu-
I lie   iny nhniild
���d-" ill"    i imn���_���''���
���::..'i   it'   :\,o. iny.,!
��� i~   tla- i"!i'in -.: |. in
.   .no i ,;������   i iiii.*t.,t
l Ili|'i'l|i|   I l!"
iii'.ore-1 in the institution -and has
already i:iven us a \ory *-iili-=l.-intiaI
���, donation toward it. 'ibis fund'hus*
'I A-iiroady.been the means of cstab-
&�� _ lishiug four hospitals in thc west,
��� iiii-l 1 hope thai i-oino. day I may
h.\:o an opj.'ot.'unity of returning
i.nd'-,iriting this ho:-pital after its
��� ".Annpletioni
i'ler   Exc.'lit'hey   tiioli  dopositod
thi' box of records and spreading
the mortar dHared ll.e stone well
and truly laid.
I'on-ild Pain, (be mason in
cbarec the work, placed tho stone
for Her. Excellency,
Rev, Father'1 buyer stepped for*
land on Monday and Tuesday. The
evidence.' adduced failed '.<") ennnect
accused wilh the rohhpiy in any .way,
and ill" lien.ch sa.id tlml nfter liearinj,'
the si ini--|itl'iirwiird sintemeiit of ac
cii'ied they had conclttded to di^cliarge
The decision was tv.e-'ived with
cheers, tin; Miner .staling 'that* the
scene, war, almost tlratnuie,
General s it it-fuel inn was expressed
in the city on the result heing known,
while there wn.s considerahle indi^
untinii ut llic action (if the aiitlioiiiics
in causing I lie ni rest, nf a man against
wlioiii they Aid not u particle of evi-
dence. The nJluir is loolceil upon as a
���^rus.s idiuso '.if justice,
Sunday, Sept. UAtli, will long bo
remembered as the date on which
the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall
made thoir tour of royal progress
through this section of Canada on
tho most gorgeous train pervicc that
has ever booh equipped on a rail*
run tl i The day was gloriously fine!
Tho royal patty, bad put in, the
night (it Banff in order to have a
daylight journey through the
mountains and'witness the grand
scenery through which passes tho
Canadian Pacific Railway.
General Supt.' Marpole, Supt.
Kilpatrick, Trainmaster Ristcen.
Master Mechanic Grant' Hall,
and Roadmastcr Newman joined
the royal train at Laggan. nnd
brought the train into Revelstoke
on time, Short stops were made
nt Piilliscr and Beaver,
Golden was prettily  decorated.
At Glacier  ti  nal'ty  consistii><r  of
Lady Minto, Mis*  G.i'enfoH, Major
and,Mrs,  Maude, Capt,  Graham,!
Mid Sydney. Hall made thc run  to i
On Monday the fourth disastt r
which has occurred this year took
place at the Extension mine, at
Ladysmith. A curtain caught fire
andseventeen men went down to extinguish the 'iiatnes but never returned.
' .-\ second ptirty went down and
thc leader was 'taken out unconscious*. .
It is, feared ibe mine, which is
tho largest on Vancouver Island,
will be destroyed.
C'lmk Wiiiiace is ditiiRi'j-ou.-.ly ill,
t). Ferguson was in to.vn on Mum
Any, .        '   , '
Aid. Net lie-' came in from Gulden ol!
Sunilay.   " " ' ���
Constahle Up|)er left fill- I'tisshiiit] nil-
���Siitiilay as a. witness in Lhe Lewis c.-tsi'i
The Duke of Cornwall will he. cieati d
Prince nf Wales on his leturn to Kti��-
' A. ,L. Ste.'.varl, fonneriy of Illecilh"-
waet, lists lak>r:) up his residence at
Fred Friiser left yesterday forTrotlt
Lake disirict lu make his ti'nnual
J. Il'il-slrcui) came up fioin Arrow,
head l.i.-t. week for un-dieiil '.'Uti'iidaiice
hy Dr. Mclii-iiii.
Mrs." C. II. Tenip!i; has ������one In Victoria tm ii yi.-it. MissT""inph'. iviurned
h ini" I Iii.s moniiii-;,
Willi-, J. Ai-i\i��tiniig, of Huge)-, l'.i.-s,
v, a
f. :V
��� i -
-; t
I in .ni
ne m i *
id ��� A'\ s.iid: 1 thank your ox-
imcy o:i behalf of the -hospital
:;;ni".tec audjiooplo of this town
the distinguished honor you
���v d'.notU-'in eoniing to lay the
n"r -:<'ne of tiie insritution, and
ti:t interest you have shown in
ir,::i*M-.iu"-, frim \\-\z b.^in^in^;
Gi'i M'outhiy night the postal
equipment was transferred under
"Inspector Dorman's supenlsioli
from Ronnie Bros', establishment
lo the now ollice to be conducted
by A, MoRao at tlio Oddfellows
Hall. The change was effected
without any delay in thc arrangement of the mails, which were
available in tho boxes as usual on
Tuesday morning. Tho new office
is being fitted up,in good shape for
the requirement.-* of the f-orvico.
W. C. Calhoun, formerly with
Bourne"   Vd'o.-.,   is   "."''���js'tn'j't   P0?'-'
Vti-v-du . ,:....
Illccillewaot se.'itcd on the front of
(ho   engine   and   accompanied    hy ;i the well-known  rn-,'inc-tlriver is Ka*vt-
Trainmaster Ristcen,' " | i-''1 il jn-iice ui' the P.-ace. ^
Both trains arrived at Revelstoke I    -Ml'' ""ll yu'J- J- A- iil'nu' '"fi. fm- h :
"on time.   The first train went out! d-u-tnii. tsundny to mkein ih�� Wrat.
ito   the   ribitfonn   ercttud   at   the ��� i-'in-ii-r r.iitHi.'-l iin- ro* .d ceh-br.i;:ia),
j hospital gtcunds-"-vhers tho lining'    G. 3. Mit.ariei l.-fi f..r tht rr.a.st ni:
i of thc corner stohe took place,  ,   " j Tue.sci.-y.    While ii^iv h�� ��in endt-.i.
Thc   dtcorations   reflected   high ' vni-tn >co the .Miui>t"i(,f JCiiucnioii
credit oii'^the riiiiway authorities, j with n view tn a-M^tinff iht Ti-n.-ifi-?
who had a magnificent display of; in rireeiin** a -i-ttlemciit of tin-, sclun.*!
flags and evergreens.   At thy. 'cast 1 difficulty here.
end of tlie Station was all arch Mir- i ��� A hatn .-���amluieli, rnlTfe and rake
mounted by a crown. Kluga flu.itcd : su-h-i ��m in* Kiven atihu .sMlv,aio;i
hearing the words "Minto'1 and Army n.iri-.n-ks on S.-itunhiy cu-niii*.-,
"Rossland," and near thc arch
were the words "A country'-; blessing."
Tho station was crowded but
police kept a vacant sj tiee near the
royal car. Tho Rocky Mountain
Rangers under Capt. Taylor turned
out to give a royal salute and the
hand under Bandmaster Sijwyer
tf;Mtd t)rs Fn-ifojpil AlS'lWW' .'*^-
Oct.   dthi  in  honor t.f  iji>ii>r  M.iKH'e
Lewis, who farewells Stindny evenii g,
Oct. (Jill.     L'.erhody cordially inviu J, ���
Aduii.ssitin'Jo.-,  ,
Mr. and Mr". A. K. KincaiJaiiiv.il
from lhe t-.-isl on Siindiiy tnornii-g,
-���flfi- ;iii eMenaiv.' ea?tern tour in ihe
COlllSl' nf v'hich they visited the P.lll.
AiU'Ticiiij ej-liiliiiiun. 'fb''y intei.tj
mrmmm^miMW!)&s.kXimmmmmxi&Mm!lBGmim %
'Tf"i%,i. '"'> < V- .-�����- '��������-%.*, *i���f$T\<^{( k'lo the -whole "proyiii'co!.   There have,
\l'  dt    lt\vQ.i.C':lUlV:"i'SUall'l ,7": " ���   1   ���   A7   A:-, .   ^   '-'.77'AA..
.'.���.-���. ������!.l"eon.compla*.".i��.,'iii-out tr.ni;-,, e.-e.,
'" but'these'daiist^: of  complaint' arc
liLISUKI) K.V.i:'.5;.Y.:iV.lU.vY.'
.'��� ,;.���     A--vr~ ���   -, ���
-V-v.t���-r   <s -r.>s �� .r,'     7>   /.
utjisripti-m   Pri*:;. , $2.03 .;?or- Annum j
duo   to-  the ��� local    government
oflicials.,' rather Ahair to  the' chief
 commissioner's pfi'coA:.������. a
���AiDVKimsiSG dXl'lAS  .quoted-.-on':' api-Ii; .;'/_  RKVKi.s-roxi^OWeSAi'tleLt'of lii-aii-'
Cii i IOI I.. - '.",'.���' .   i.  . . " ,.-''      "'���*-" A. 'A
;- abioratesaha^tos^houcc;*.  ���  ;��������� ��� ������a} t'^'hospihi'l committee, for ihe ad-
ACCOUNTS for job. printing or ��� atlvortisiin!":' '���-., A ���' , , '-:r ��������� ::..:<���. y. , , 7 .,, "'L'A .������ '
,.: jwyillil-j'ni) the.lirst 'nf oyci-y inoiitli ; ..sub-' j. nil rill do wa\A,in. 'Wlllt'Jl lie " :Ji:VS A'P.l'O-;
A;   'scriiiii'uiis payable- .slrictlv in advaiieo.    ���' ; ,    ,     ',  ��v.    ,  '"..'���',        '-Ai  '   .- . ���'.'���A-'
������.,r'i,,-<'i,i-vm-"..','V    ���',, - A.'   'inotedibo, interests  oi  the : msti-A
,COnilK*-rONI)!-.>.CK' invited, mi iiir-iniiHcr.-:.',: ;,       .   ���".'".".���
.'fined ur liiiiiiii- iiiti-tx-si.  A.i!...i-iiiniiii;iiicii-7i tuti'o'i.i.'' To him also i*s nianilv due
":'   . li'ins  to lln:  Kilit'iit- m'li.st.J'iu'.iii-.r'niiijianiBtl, I .. : i  7- '���,,    ,    .':   A "7
���'";. . l'"**,he i.iiiin i i-f 'lliu -A-ritt'1% not li'i'i-osSi'ii-ilj- ���' tllO*.  Credit'   of 7'  Ro'velstokc  ..UCn'g
i ir'���> pii,iili,:.iti.iii...,hnl, ..is ! .-in   .M-iil.,,,,-.....,! ;    ���'"���..>���    '.���'-���������,,-   '.-'���'���!��������� <���'     77    'A."-. ��� A.A..A;-7
;-.-*,ni fiiif.ii.,7:t:iii-i-bs|iotiiii:i-.i:tMiiiist i-,-acii t!i--A fa.vortd with -t'he grand ,autl impos -"
. ��� titlicc! iiy-Ttii'stiiiy i-vi.-iiiiijj.iii oriicr to"tliul a'-'-'..' ������.���---,���.���",:������ .,;. ������������_,   '���...���    .-���.���'���:-,������������ A-\ -.-
A..:.'place in lliu iirel i.,=uu of the Mill alter j' injI-CC'rOin'on v/witll. which I lie CO'l'llt'l"
.  i't,1""]���<)(    -,'-' '���     ,''   -   - "-'��� '���' ���,:���'������'.. .......   A,���     .   a   '    "       :'.     ���'���'������.��� *;>-.' .-���'���-'.' ",'���;������' ���������..'������������-���
"''���''   Astoiie of :tlvo hospital wtiS'Lid'this
.'���"'AA-'Atlurc'S'i.A- ��� 'A '���'���'���' -A"-.,-.'- ���' ���������''A ���    '���*'���' A-'
..,���:: .'���   'A: Tiii-A Kootenay JLvij., A . A
A .A, "'A a A ."' ..'"a    ���'''. Revelstoke, B.C.  ;
.J*, O.'HokTil, lievclstokc Slau'tji, A    .ddr,
���Teie'plione S"6. St". 7 ,'A7:   7 'AAV '��� ���',';'-' 'A ':A, A
Wo i-Ot'uosi our aurabpous ���rcadero to
week ' by/Her Excellency-   Lady
.offer 7 no   dif}icul:y,' to ^successful   pai-('ment,'is. simply An -insult to-tlie.
dreogiiig, ])i"ovi(];:U the.gokl is therelA people cif this cily and if tlie matter
���When crude-'placer   nrethodsl'liaye  is -nbt: .'immediately.;'rcctiiiiid   it  is
been made to -pay  there ;is- every
reason A to','believe" that 'dredging
could be ;matio, a profitable .pursiiiL
and it migbf not-be'limited.'.' to ���'���the''
Columbia; but migbt..be7 bxteiided
along some of'the tributariesi a:\Vo
suggest'this opening for the employ-
proposed=~io���hold an indignation',
��� iii'eetiiig.Afo', protest''against "Alio,,
na rr'6w-min'.ded ,,bi gbted,. a,nd, pa rli al
,policy.of''adniii'iistration- \vhich. it
is:sougbtdo:;foist on this vCity...7 W'c;
look to -Hon.; J;. C. Brown,a who is
acting as minisfer.oi: education,  to
nienA"o'f-"capitiil;; to .'���in.vc?tor.B',^.-'aricii*!7rectify't'he^w
'their Aepresenfativcsj-.feeling;'^5
tha Ait is "well w-ortb(7inybstiga,tionV:" | PesidesAthevit^will  shortly ���liave
ddk 7 ''r-:-^-���j_A��� ;,";' ,._������ -.-��� i'AA'_;.   ,;'JAf.q;take oXcr'ti 1 ie'������"'c'dueation, system
a7-I^^^15: IR: ^0NrS^N?r^
���'*'���       a A,,..   ���   . :t, ~~.-;;,.- ���. a   ,.;-:.'. ,-��� A.. <���* ''L:to*iutlgc"v.'h'at-ls''bo:-t.'for their,  own
A ThoDunsmuir  govern men t': lias      " *
SAlIPiCK  ROOMS.'.'-, Heated l,*r
����� hot��� a-Ir and ..electric  boll* Ann,
light in every roomA Free- bus meets all.
trains.   ,,: ,' . ���     '..[ A ..'"        '   -itAy'',:
Xiglit Grill Kobm in connection'for the
convenience'of''nue.(ts."arriving ��n<i de- -
parlin-; by ni-flit train---.    Hourly street
car between hotel and station.   <
been, oiieof the best that eyer held
good.    Thev, should '.not- be ranii rod
;l,6wards:/tlic;;:suecossful 7establish-'
.ment;9fvtlie Qv.c'cii":Victoi-|;i-.'..Cbttiige*
... . .   .,.. ;, -.������      .,   Ao submit to '.the-,di'ctalion  ofAan
AMintoAwho: has   tloiio^soA*iuuch:ro(liee;^
and. offectively'diaye   tnesgovejm-.i;gf-'Sj'^taki'np--'iiiat'-br^Vxie*?.vie?v'.-"bf
Big- Rend road-, .the; 1 .r.fji orook: road:,   ��� ������ ��� ���     ��� ���-       ������*��� ��������������� ,,,.,,
lliOAgi-aiVA'df ^SOpOAfor'AhO'' now
schbbi.;tlie. river 'bi'uilA;protection
works A the sulfeidyfo .uh'07>le.'iU'.ner.-
.   ...   ,   .      ��� ,, ^  ,-. , Hospital in7.Revelstoke.7 ���.���':'A:.. ���'  ':'
, myoj-;us with their.asslstar.ee in ) .   "A :������������. ���.���:������:_���:��� ��������������� .���-   ������. ..;,'���
making-, the KOOTENAY MAIL the j. ' A,*   ��� ""   A. A ~7r'Arr~ld'!" '"'��� ' 'd'' r <."������
moiAvak-ablo 'aavc*-tisins medi-,J   a J Hi- ,!l^/on,-��f theADomtmon.gpV-
um in tho: KootanaysAby g-iving- \. ernioe'nt -'in   enforcing'Athe7: alien,
the pi-ofei-onoo, when rhakina'pUi'- 1-, A     - ,        ' ' ,-'.v:-���'���' ,      ���,.-    .A  A    -
dhasosjto   thosa  firms who "npR !-liii.>P'r- ljLKi3jdig��g|a^l^
���.'rb-Sulap. advertiser's initho KOOT-   'lriOiltled, but WO should like;t0;kfi0W
ENAY-MAIEA       A-'^yA.-y   LA"'""'   "      .'.-���*��� 	
;| .vvlfy tho'livwA'was^npt'jilsp''���; cirfiqrced'.
i'iigainst.the Cv;P,;:UA iiLeonhection;
' wi'iii''iisA'w.liQh"salo,'-:'imp6rta{ibn.';of.
.:alifns'7during.. theA'late.Araokmen's
'.7',7-:';CIT^,AUI"'XT3.7.';,;.','. A;-:
7��� 'Copies"of TlIK MAn/inny bo obtniii-jtl fi'tnii i
: tlie I'oll'O-.v'inguily iiyc-uis: ' A ..������ .���       A A,1,
Ad:.'���''a:' ���:"Ai';.i.'y\-.-l)icxNArr.7 7A"7:' 7A" A.''tV   ;.,,     ���.,���., >-.... ,.���.;.-.���������-   -,. ���- --* - -. *
������ -7 ���. Canada dhcg -.���&��� ..obu'CoA     *; a',;a. jA'str.ke.   Av odont = see7 whv. an ex-
L A-.- .'A-'';:v .A    J''   li, Wuli,-'.:':, ,;:: . ,;!,  .  ':��� -,    -     '    ' ������ .. '     \  ......;'���  . .'A,   '���'���   7
���_av   ������   7: "������';.   i.A.;,' 7 , ���; a; ���.', ���"������,��� -a a cop tvoii. slipuld 'IjGi made m'7f he case
di h of tlie 'C; R^'K. lb the a gross;' ������."wrong
A':     J.0XD0K, KXG., AGKXCY;   AA AA .'-���
������ .Tito',; IinperliilType Foiintli-y Co.,, LiiiilteilA
Atlvci'tisin-j Agents,;A Hi-jli -jt.rect,MJrunUorcl,.
��� Luiidoii'Nv'.^l'Jii-jliiiiiI,'.;:'"'-.,���. .; 7 "��� .       ,
.7 Kiii'b;i&ui (tad Colonial Advcrtising AKcncy,
,l-Jl.l''loet St.,������-���������'���;��� ���-'.><.',.'" ��� A7A A: A ��� :    7:     ;-(,���;;,
t '(!.'.'M::tclK'll':'&''.Co.'/l itiid"-! Snbvv Uill, London,
.K..C,7':7:^-A.-v, A" AA,.: AL'yA'y .    ... .-.'* AL'AA A'
A777.77.���;������'.'''..ATOnQNTO AGKXC"iA'7''A';-777;;bA7
Cciit'ca! l'i-css Agency, Ciiiiatlirn'i Advcrti-iiiiK
rAgeney, AgClltS. jA'A    .--;-j.r ���.;.'- .,"'':;;���-^
_,A. "\IcKiin'&'Co;. A'-jents.,- '���...-���'���   L'
AAA,������",���;. ,"'���"" St'OIC.ANJ'AAGKXCYAAA Aa:-.,,;,
7,  Alcxaiitlei' &������ 'Cii.,."Advertis'lii*;- Atfc-nK 5--'l
.���j''i.i-sl,'Ave. ���'." :...-, ..A, ��� ���        ��������� .. ;-,:��� ."���,:,������;  j
AJ.v-.'A-A-'^A^KirAXClSCp Ai.IKXCy.A7A '7
7K."(,!.,:.l ItiIce, Ail -lind'.-tii "Uei-ei'ii'i'ii'l's Kxcnang;'',
A-jeiit.s.v.7; ,,:���.-,:���':,;. -, .,..' ��� ��� ������"
Kciiiiti-jloiid'ros., lilli Urbiulvv'vy. ���:
aAA'Aa;��� ';"; A: '^Jl'-Cji-hyyTIOX,���������.A'V-:-- '"7':;7A
.'i'H'i-A, -tCiibri'iX.Vv Al.vii.7'linsii  lii-st-elii^iai-
c; 11,-i't Ion ". iirtliu "��� ('in'- of I .'ii'vclsi oki; iind snr-
r imiilinjr'; tlisifici, ini't  i'tl.-jo  al   t'lie 1'ollovviii-"
;.'l'.accs :,..'���'���; '���'l.ALL"' ���' ;,':' A'*" ' ���' ''������-A.'' ��� '���'��� A;":,.,- AlA'. ���
7;A; Alb-it-f Ciinyou '''������ ;.HlccillcvvaA.7':'7Av -A
���; .":,1(;|iit-ii-r ,;..' ; ��� .A A ���:���'; I ie^.'rs I'tisri , A, -
Ly:.: .(.i.oldcii AA.i*',7 7 A.-'.'v.-.Siiliiio'n'.'Ai i'i'i-7. ;'���':��� ,���. ,'. -
7'..-,'.,'.'.'A,iu:iivvli��iiil':'.1 777. -., ..Tlio'insiiijV Jj'iiidin-j 7
,;,A A(i'0iniiiilixA7,A i.'v0.'-'V-'-A'Ciiinb'dniO':.'-'.'.'v-.'.7-7,^.'-:''-'s:
;iv:Ai Ti-oiii:.!.iike:.Cit.j:..-.A: J-'ei'-jiison -..- -.-.',,--
,71 tn Icy 0,11 11 tit .Sin'iiijj's X'nk ti'sp .'*������ ������- , .-���'���-������   A:
'.''���   J.lin-ioii'City A j;.'   ���������li'h-e Vnilcy. 777-
the grant. ..towards ALuiltling; .niiel-
':mitihteiiance;pf;tbe lK)?pitalAAbli;i,t;
;is, ji-Arecord" of ���which ''the  disiriet
;��� hi a y. wel I' be��� p r 0 ud';'.a n d ��������� :.'d u0���������'��� credit
should'bo gTyenAb'thoAgpyer'nivient:
,'t li at'-.';lias ,'Adpn.p":':'t h ti��0 ������A.tlii.'n'gs. 'i'J'. A l-.-'.
. w.li i ch'-'is 'Aliis'-:'';cl ue.:"'--i n. .-.���'���'tLA,*'' ;-'f.^ �� ���!:-'?.1'{-Vs,';
given-thc;(vei77best;attention'*to tiie,:
wo .regroLt o;7le^^
erhmeiitrwhich'has. sojiablv^esiste'd,
iiiiii iiKoi-cioi-; toTollowaR;.'MoBrldeA
Alyd. Ttiy 10r'tw'tv< ;';returnetl Aasd: a;
Hfraight-eonservativc'at.last; election
������������'':"������,      P>V        '      A' ���'������'..���     ���   ii,   Lt,' ���      .yi.-.    ���-������.'���'    .' .
nil'la si; s lie h.; of ;oourse,A\yo,''should
kupw/wiiere, !to;.'.fj'ndii'iiintAj'iiiA.tl-o
tbO'losSon. which is That until/like  ;denc'e.
iho othoriprovincosAif; X\\du l:)omin-
ioii.it ge!s'"its.:iipliti;ok; ���cstabiishcd
11 pipiV':tlig;; regulai-'Apiir^
;wll.rnot:got.^titbl.e'-governinenl*; but ;ed
;a eonfinuation; of shifting-ebmbin-
; t "i iiu it v ,6 f '1 > P1 i'tvv .* A A.'; AA AAAAA'a'vA,/;^;.
welfare particularly pLthe child fen
atlendifig. school77"%.,��� V.1 a--.:'' :a,a    ".   '������'���'
of its lesrular emploveesAand7to:the
'ii'ijury;bLthe;public'safet\"'.by flood-;
'���American! cities^i'^^AA^v; A::iA,:.yd'd'':-.
��� a; .;������ Ti i.K.7 Free 'j;RressJ;./t h us; ��� oxpi'esseS;
���' 0 iitsi clcr.''pp.i 11 ioil. A-.-b ii- ---vt lia .A-.pol i tit?a;I ���
situatio.uA iii^bis';7provinC'i;,':; yA
/cbuvipcipg'; jesspii' oivtho 'yaluOAajKl;;
���' t li c;; i 1 ec;p-ss i'(y- *: 0 f. ;;^t 1 ic'" ;'ii") a i-1 ,y-; -- .-���"*? y s.'t e hi .;
'of:ji.oiities is writ::-largoA-icrOsSAthti;
record .ofAtboi,past.;fe\vAyears7 iii:'
British; 7 Co.lumbiii;A:7:TheA.'���. recent;
c 1111 ol i c d oyo 1 bum on ts:. i n f th 0. po 1 i t i < K
bimrncler'find j^uti'l i-cpiifiition in i-neli'stulu
(one in lliis'c-ouiny.reqiiirutl) li> repi-i;-<et)t nnd
lidvui-tisu old .i-ritiiblislii-d- AvvuiillbyA bnsiiii>s.
Iitiuso of soanU iiiiai'ieiiil,.��. ni'n'iinjuf.-". Salary $lb
���veiil'ly. wiflr.cxiK-iisbs 'ndtliiiu'iii.il,.iill-'AimyiiOlt-'
in    Cllt-llA,i-;,'ch    "*.V'|;d*|i;s(luy  "(lil-vl.1:  I'fOIll, lll'llll
iiiik-i-s. ��� IIui'Si;, mill: ctirrin-rt! I'liriii.-lieiU : \vlie-11..
I'lcei'S.-iti-y..,'���' Kefo'.i'iiiic'is.-'.iiKii'i-lv'.'si! is-i'.-lf-ail-Iru-ssi'tl
stitinpi'il :'cnv'i'lop-|,7:7 "Miinns'ei','-73;8'.. Ciixton
I'liildiii-;, Ohjen--o,77 ----Aj .���'���",?������'
' W he iVaAaR 0 b i n so 11 ���wits ;.���; appb: n' '���:
,su['bnnteiic!eiit A,;of7^educatipiii;
under -A he - Ma r tin- go y er tii m On t7 i t;
\\*,a S70 pen j yAs fca-1 e d: tl i ii ��� | a I h s .Aq u al i -a
, fic'alibifeAcph.^
I bci f^g;lv' i-iibiel ^Ni|fi't i 111 ttj Ilia If ��� i ii J liis^
'iabilitvAA TlieArutlAbfAdh^
Retail,, Dealer,.Jn.->=��aaG2"'^>A;:
A'FishAand iGarrie ln7cSeasbn. 7;
'������'''',IajAA All^ordcr^prdniptlyfiliod.A!;;,"���..[: A'?
'   :';A.".;.v-A">,A'':.i i'A . ;;;:.;A.;.]'fb.'.'4.k.-'Vl-.-C.-:*2I.6cK. NELSON;!"B; C;   7"A.'7'A:/:'A'AAA/'V ���:
.   GolilASilvcv-Lead'ari'il, Copper alines .vvimted altlib.IiXCIlAXGK. A-- A'-,, -",V"
Kit ft K jMIhljlXG.GOOI.' pt-operiie.s vyaijteiiat once lor.Eiii-tcrn investors. "'���������;'; '���* 7 7 ���"���'   , ,       - ,
1'arties litivin-; mining propuriy for sale iir-jj/rcqucslctt; to send samples of their oro to the
1CXCIIA XGK for exhibition.       ���'-.'���'. ;;        ������������"��� A '.'���������'���  ,,>':;��� ���'! ���'"'.; ��� A. ;���:,������ ,  ';   ���,-.
������..'." All*sainii!e^s!iOiili'I'be sent by express. PUEfAU).,.      ,.';,,   A    :'A :A,,: ;;   ���  .',lLA::A:-ll
���������������';. ��� Correspoiidenee solicited,   Address ail, couiinuniciilioiis to' A .*A':-7A7.'. :'77 ' ��� .777 '��� A;* :'''.���; A
vToleplione'^p. lOiA; I'.O; Hox TOO.     ddd.'. ''7 ���AN"6"REW,'"C\,R,OSENE""^
Newly built.; -AFhfit-clasil
'7 hi: every   respectA^;'All-
;,iiiocJerii c<��i: venif-iic'esi' 7 7
���Large sain pie, rooms. Fire
A proof 'sjifeAA ]'>c'e'-.''buB".
i ineelsiiH trains.'-.;'������        ;7
'Under .-"iinie nnin-igeniPiit j
���TJie ��� Kootenay^Mail
vvill-bu'St-til.; ,l,b ;iiiiyAnddi-c-;s: ^fmvAbnlaiicc; ,iif
present ycai'iiiid tlie .wlibloofilDO'!'   7:7:-7 . 7f;7
l^ciVerai ������c^pre^ioir AofAt.pinj
.scliobl 0 nd7ifflh.e; public;;- service, ��is;
','   3\r6ii'cy to.luaii'." ;������-':'���-*'''   ��� ' A " :-   7     7;.:,,,.
, Ollii-e-*: ltov'elstol:c,.D.'p.; Fort Steele,;!?;.C: ���
Cev, S. ���\IcC:auti':h,    A   J. A. TIakvkv. 7   ;i
���Itevelstoke, li. C ".,,   Ai'ort Steele, B.C.
:A -7:. 7- ���A . .a; .'.. - ,A;'7"';:;7 :favor of-the^sugeiestiori'AvhiclA we	
;.;,; ':uAmus"n.-HS, S0LICIT0IIS7, ktc:.aa   ; :���;   ; a -A      .y   ;Vniol v w (leif AhAi to be*characterised,by.such7.uarrow>
Oi-nci-s:  Molsoxs- ii.\xi<  ii].oc[c.;i"i-vKL- M'-,u1n.tl.\   niatio.;  namely ; .mat Anc ,,.,,,_.,.,:,. :. .���;������;.*���������; -���;  . .a^-aa
,.;���::A.s'ro.cE,Aj;q, " ,7,     : 7:  .���'���:i.:'cbui,'ei.K:1��lV6ulcl.A.iife
obtaining a wcOtin-ZAWeeklvmeet-iA^
^-'AaA A.     7A'';AA,AA:,:.A,AAih^
Jb.VltltJ-3ll-,I{-. ���,   bOLICitOK,     A,-JTAK\      A,= .,     ,, .,      , ..'���:..."   , -^ -. ���  A      ,  ���   ,-��� ���   . ���_���    -^ ���   y-''   ,r   ,,.,   -  1.,    elsnnl.-lnvA
7   A      ..U'L-uuc.-UTe. :; ' a ' a- a -.Awitlv 7aAAc6od; committee Asvstem.;^iiK]l   wa,', head': and:;-shoiildei-,
Rev-eistAke E 'u'' would ���aSimistet:tlictitV../b��HntW'!^^
'^^^^^���pci'^eiiv'well:,''^fb^ideifveou^ii-lbfs-T^1 ls^>,?ff-^1^^?^- ^t^^v
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:lATeekl^ 7 Freei Press
tv-liblo of! lOdl! A   '
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';��(lv'iiiU'igu:bf,l.lii^bflbr vvill bo; liroseiitedivKll't
���������&.������: coiiibincd -'I'bei'iiioniL'ter:- niidt Hiiroinuiciv
vvotiktct'i-f.-it ldtist ��1,:, but',tlio,,KOOTEN'A.Y.'
-MAIL'i.s able to oiler, both instrument,.-- 'itbsn-
lutely fr'ao.tti every .s'lilis-orllie'i' ,.t o THE KOOT-
Ihion. receipt, of your.���5til.is:.--.i-.iptioiv1tlii! com-
biiirri; Thui'inoiiibtcr, iind narbnu'.tci"7\vill be,
tiutilutl posltiyu prupiiid.", Tlio.' ma'-t'r'i of thc��o
insti'iinicntr' hii.ve tigi-esd' to deliver;by Sept.
20th. tlio : liiniibut',ordered. .7 ���Tliiit-.'-iiiiinbor in
.limited, vtiiid- tbose ;ideHirtHis,(H' - secnrlii-f tlie
iii.sti-'uiiients slibuklAjeiirl in their brdOrs ut etnic
to'A ���..,"  '." A' 'AA-A:.. ������' ������77 '���'���- ':':'' :.-���:,;    '.���'<;
���dddy''������;;':r'R"EVEUS.TbKE..iA';'-"' ' .V'-.v
^'���i;'".^::-'^''-'^.^ 7:��:M r .A'" i 11 u s t ra t ed A^-'cat iai, log'u.^i:-'":;'\y i 11 a ���* jji \"^ ��� 7;^ 611"
AaAa :Avcek:of;;sh^
:i 7;:;;a]inbst7cvery
, t.vstniwj.mMmv^fttxzxiiZiTiuaa^ '
is the 'hVost'ilia'nclsbin'elv^fi'iihshHl^
''���-A-   A- -   ."-'-'I      - .    .:'-.",      7i ���..;:;     [���'-.':��� y   d;y"      -'���',* i .,'   "-"   -- -���     ''���    . '     '     .    A *J .!    ��� ' ', ', .'   ���''. A 'A   !    -A-"""        ���       '_,���        '        ���      -       ' .'-J,.   ,1     'A      .",-" '-'���   ,'    '-.''-   .-'./'
'costs-nbihorc than; the ordiiiaryAeveHd
'A'.'-;   -<"   .-  C. .'.'-'   '.���',-"..;'.  ":.  ':���'   ' -,', 7-  .',,-. ���      ..-A'd' '.''','���'���  '*"'���       Mi   ' -"'- '"A ���.     .   -;.���.���'���/..'���.-.'.���  ������.���:.-      - ^ ������ .: V A  -*"'���'-" ... ...    ;������-;_       -A    .,'.'.        .,- "A  i ,      ���-  .A ' ,.',.��� ./. ,   A's
consult a;;porn;'cl6,qtpi:,but;!^
'ailcK.Sold ;byA'AAA^:',a ;7;,;;7A;,,,;-1A7;;-^ '��� ��� ''A*'- "7.:���.���-':-.������������:���:.������ ;.*:..-, ,i,.y.y... ������������ -.yyiyy,,-. '-;i ���-.,,::;
A\a7 WHlB-^.A
\yho'are.alsto;dealers,in Grdcci'fes^ Hard
Gpocls; Crockery,,;G']ass\v
;''';;,;;-;;;'���''���;';; ;fi:Pronfc
Mclvetizie. Ave
""IvI'DWA'RD A.7['J;AGQEN.' "77',
������JLh-d'A���:���"���-d:- .-W;.;;a:..':va..aa-;
���.:, -. .;;-���, Alixixu'-'ExGixKi-:!",..;; .,;:.:..',���:._
("Mein. .Viiiei-ic-ui,,Tnstltutc ,'.\fifil'iiir/kii-jtiider.-'i
.'. (Mi'inAC'aiiadiiin.Jliiiiiilr Iit's't.i'liit'.eli  7
���i���',,������      ,:7  '.liICVli.LS.TOKK-.  IJ. CA7.
Kxatniiui!ion. of ami reports ..on  Al:iii;rai.l:').u-.;
:    .'A:        ' ���'pri,ties''ii',.Speeiii!ty..' .      7 7'.'   .���"".'
WdMootmd?. ���i&aif
';.���'       ���J-'iOTAvyAgtrA:-!,''.in'a- .-
."'- 'T.m* 7:Liilooe.t 7Pro^poc,ior -.ciarnis,'
���'.'���that''.", the  oniy-eoni'-*'', .w.!ib;h. :*>yifi.:
':.. over'tend.,. lowardA ."Jio' Tiett.oru'K-i'it,;
���  uf .the depk)i'-.i!.'.ie'nta-te.-of.. ar'f:.iir*,i-
guycrimi.eiit i.��y viri*..;   |hir;y: liisb--..
. 1A.-7. bv two i,'!u,u*lv  divided   p'iTlk.-A
,>uch a*? il bora lA;'iid; coiiKe I'YiAive-A   :
wou'idv ADunctuaiiv 'Aiittenci:. :,i!-''e*e I���������v^
a , ;alr;\VAiiA^'iiiryAi;A!;Ki,lka: ;a
���,., 3'hi\yr>ii;of.-^i.r'',>yilfrid' ,:Li;Aii:ie'r
to tiiA weAt 'tliiH Ari;--;kAi.ivect;s:forcibio
attention' ;to.: "the ,��� ablest A Ut to*" in an ���.
CAAiiA!;-Vliii'-s ;!-:jV;'ivvv)''siitce. AbA'-di'v^;
of :d\y ...Tbhri''---. A.;.M(:].>'.nA;,t:.!-|, ������..'.���.l.'prigbt'..-
i'y-hi-' goyernibg ha.ii'd.' Ibyui.ifV' In A
-lcrtniiiistra'tioivtif il.it;'o.ffa-i r.-AQ-f;'' :t'be
gretytest'':���:'������';��� liri'tiii'ti''-- Akpi^nAkneieA
'go-u'orf.'U.' ^townrds, ...hi-: A')]'!i,JOiicnl.v.
i.n,--'p"i'r',:!,i'".' Iii-- p^i-.ty/.'-ivitli   lore'. ;ind'
t.-i.UiiU'~ii.iis.niASi:,r W'ilfiAi; jAiuri<ji:  k
today olio ot .tip; forc)iiO."-t. AtiUcsmci*,
i-t:th'e wi*i;id'.   :.H(A.;ln.ir" Sod.'jhe '��� -v,-n-y
in ������'tl.u.'AaiiiliC'iUioi'i. ot  the' 'cmVii-ro'.-
happened t,P-'h'ai 1 i-irorii - Qti-t-a rib'.A:Sb'l;,-t
;iar'ii-f ;ve0havo,'i)ceiy :iib'lc'vtb Jearn.j���,...
.fepn":o.'.0'f;U'ho'.;l'jes.t ;men" a ii'i������.;.wpmcn
invii'iiAwoAtiiaii fyAn"i(I|,n;tiirio,l:)U,t7it
lakes ilio-lirniteU vi^ion'ofan'ofiicer
bi .3[r,,,r,dbuv-i,,nT^;thbro to':'''ge7iiriy;
good. ea::i of .���ibe;;f';ockyMduhtiiih^.
TnAead.'ok; .'cc.apcrati'ng,,: }yit;lV .'tlie
BaWaJ3, Paget, Prop.A
"knihipt, delivpry;(.if.p;ireels;''b'.nggu'gp/
Hie., to"iiny-.p.-'ir-iAot ilie-CiiyAA .774:^7
A All .brder-i:7 left'ytl/ItAASlA.Sinyl.lie's
T��d;ucciv 8iuro,' or ijy 'iyii'|.ijitih(",7 Ni)A7
w iPrecinve.pri.iiiipL "*-0( niioi)A,7A ���;��� ' ',
Rubber Stamps;;-
tru-t'ee-Ao .Iiavij iho-choolin 'first"'
���eja'i's lutjx.;^; Jka rc.M.i.'-e^ti'ie.n.-ieesi-iat-y;
���.t.:ierrrj'i't 'to.;Mr.AVil^iAAiiid putH' up[t
��Atid. -.friO'iid 'of '-h'i-".," Own .'at; Now:|
���7' ' '���-������'    ,   A        - ,,.' i|>'- ���' I,
\Vt-->t;m:n';MCV to .-laivrai an irregubifi
;U)pJi(;;!tA'n -''f'or tli':v ���K(.-b'0<jh'7''The''.j
lrieii'k.put-r.jn-i--1 OATAii'n'iy-iiot. Tfiitiii.;.
;A kAi'ir;pr*'-H' !.!.e,'l A:*-tet.'> or any-!,
vbodv e'i'o'vi':t,ii..-l.ii.'-'" lkn>;-7-;' .-for' the,!
' Order.--, frsv. Ittibbyr .Slumps- sent in   to (he.
OHii-i-  nf  'In;  KeOTKN.W'VLvt!., Itevelstoke, 11.,
���C-��� vvill bo llllcd/vvi.t'ii dos'pitieli.    yy-:,- , ������-'   , "'���
i:ay.-/ tho Glule: - "Ti:o 'i.'X-|.''��.*ri;.
ji ioi) t of;, lion-i'ai't'y  gov-eriuiien'tAJii
iJritkh Co,iurnbia.Uoo-:iiotAxeem   to
have -happy. r'e^uU:'. ���' l/arty warfare
'J.;;!---it'-' evil,-, l.iuf l'hey:-u'lV', siiiiply
' lA'il*;..rc-iuitii'ig from the failii.ig.-"'- of
.'���liiin'ian'' l.iiiture,  -i-i-elli.-h', ���-) nibitioi),
intriKUt'... (pUiirrel.-A    Vv'i	
. exist, ���where ' ��� bo !'(..���'.���.'nr *.:
bo it or '���!' i-ui'd,i.ink'i!t'.'-t','
.Ho . h'a.S". reiuiered"; pU';U.e'��� soryico.*"/m).i'uoi.,  i.nit ''Ti:u:i>e,d
'.vmi'li :tne veiire'Vanuot ottace,
.'���wliieh-'Wiii  lii'igbten 'the
hktoi'v fornll' time". /., ...
;i nd
: -'.Ol'
s,Uj;'orii;'to:Ki,'.'';."L- in... cvi'doiit);
hoA'Ain.'fii'.'ti'te tAi'to'- lo the
ai.'iil tiie . k'Aipic. d ��� Uii-. oi
A, tiiinkri
' *r * .,;
,-'"    ino. i
'';"   Should i:e in Every Home,    (,,;
,vWai7/in "-'South, Africa and the Dark
' jlC . Continent from 'Sav'igor.y/ io'-Civiliza-*:
(.Athi) DRkDOIXtA' a
.(.���'���iOe.iU'f.'ii ,'kp,n<'n''.nt can 'make upA
tion.-':$trarige Story of a Weird World;
| --bxpioralion./ '".and , Discoveries--Set*
/tlefflent;)i)(l Developihent'���Pfjoples and
Gover'nrn-ents--Resoureus and Procluelti'.
are two of the. .world's best
���makes./?/ The SU'NSET' :isd
At /heavy., wooden /'w-ririKer,^
���with; two i2-inclvSblid;RubA*
"'���'l*qr;Rolls.;/'���;  ���.d'^'d ���;,;;7 A
���������:/k'rhe;:BR:I ZE; !:ls C griK:an.;71
/,:!zed7sleelA,fra'in-A' wringer,1,.*.
'/wiirritiiteti: not/to -rust and
/ 7 has two: ib-inqh. Solid -Rub-''.'/
.' ..:boi"; Rolls: /;   :'!'7. d'-d A" a A dl'.
a^ :;���.������'.��� ,,They';fire/ money /makei-'s"
|f". for-'both: Retailer and Cpn-::
��� siimcr,/',:/' */;,'"',.''A a'/.,a7A...,���;'������''
* McLeiinain ^McPeeiy
' a,-^:*''-kill 2/Cordova ^
, //,/      ;ably, furnished'Avitb the choicest thein*u*ket.'".'./k -
;���/:/;'. /    -affords'..     Best'Wiiies,  LiquorSi/& Cigars.,.,: /
, , ,'    '   "Rates $i /a day., Monthly rate.   , ���;���;'".* A /
tiiiit ReyeJAoke d.'Aud
he'   .SUCiOHrtUl
:Il-aiiV   A-Jtld'H
goili'g to !'': AilS'A
rolddredgikgViiiAjKj Xortb'Tliotpp-/,/v;iy.." If dot the  i.kfhe'At  import:.
Ill I'.���'(; tiiiit the ;'-t.:i-iooV',..-"i'OU)d'.. h'l ;jll
ri-enf..-' |ni:--.i.biirti>>" /jiu.t ' lio *;.1A-��i.��r-:",.Oi"-. h'a.ri'i'-.oi. iiyiid-doAiAu.,   dijA
liiiH'of-p'ia'eC'i "rniuing hi .; tkA. J'iSbiVi.s'o'ik. ?drs;>; d'  ;" Imp-Atant*
:i.l'wiiy,-j' i H
iiiiteei'' of * ^"il viver;.. i;'   good  evidenee
li.'A   fnl'ldit
^ d'.,. i/'tiiii
iVJ*. v.lri	
ti-oi' i;A moA, ;a:;a;iVic rninirtor in
the fn/n^iriuir ��� r-:iliinet. (>.rl;ii\ii]y
't'beri' hi.i:",ne-v,er',be*,ii*:t /ohief \:drd
nii.-'.-ioiier in oliitc before who' bus
(l.oueV'i.niKtii 'for lb:,-' dist'ri.ei. '.and
/vcb;l;AVi;!Jte, -Hfijc   tjiip"/' in-Aw
pr.;. ."inC'-v .''Oh'the  Ookm'i.bia  riyc-j'/positions ^kh a* id
i.  i.i.   .-'-oi.-. j i-Alitk   d s.xiTf.rlx 'HapidA   ;^A:.,r 'go' to ��� pwincbk
Vid fi-'lnkt- i Ei',r.i,.r:i'.'fi.riilat.*-f-ver;7.rpi*iint? bUweAii
'F'.i.c-, I'end,'nnd   R(-ve.kl.oke, 7good
c-olil ha'*������ been foil I id oikt'ho'biir."   of
the. Colunibia'.'.'in   year.''   gone   1 > v.,
and /while  thefe'/if*   mueb   of   ,|he
river ih'at ciaiinot be. bandied owing
iii |je;)\'y bouJder-A tjjcrt; b;i,rkAvouj-;'
Supt., Kolvin-on' .pro'virled   eapable;
inei'i it/wo'tikl bo, i'.i,''d.iffei'e!'i't   tii at for ]'
liut.be ddo.H liot'doAo.   , It'evebitoke';
in not going to be'.made .a.   -talking j Addrrv*;'��� '
l'ior.-e for the fa.vori.teri of thv-'stipoi'-'
i'ntetident.- of  education,    in  view
o{ I.})'! j"��cta 'th�� fjCtlo*,} 0}  tl'-g A|v-
v-Wars-aricl Coiupiebk aTIic Boor War-���
! Thrilling' !kinauv{of Battles --by -'. /
V\rj]jjaor fl'ardiilj,
th'c'.'iiolo.'J v.'i/t-r and'farno'JS ,
"/ .'���...   / AfiA'Ain li-cAelltn-,   '.,"
.'��� ...Sii'hsc'rihci,'.'' . tn ihe, KOOTENAY
MATI, will,I.e. ."���.applied' with llio pii per
fi.r (ine'/ye.ir, iil.��,,' , I (iii nhov-; vidu,'d>le
IiOn'k, 'in reii'ittling.
;Wholesale and Betail   ;
o   Meat Merchants.
.-'.'���./���. Rl'.VELSTQp,.: C ���.
Head Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage :���
���.;." 'dy ;". ���i'"1 <5^21:j^0alfary/
Kootenay Lodge
No. 13A.F. 6cA.Hl.
"   s. s.
'���"nil '
arc hold in tho Mas- !
nnic Temple. J.ourr.e
��� Jl.ill, oh tlio third
isMonday in each
Sjiiiniitti   al    b  p.   in.
- Visiiinr   brethren
cordirillj* wclcoa'cd.
S. McOAUTKIl.' Skckktarv'.
starting June  loth  "-".ill  make the
run from coast to coast "in   '
'        tt '
100 Hours.
.Cheap rates now in effect to the '
Yor n(Wi tickets, and full information a-i*��Iy
rJcirul'irnicctii-'--" arc held
n Oddfellows' Hull c-.-cry
Tii'ir-ul.iv nii-lit  at   I'islit
����**���*%���� oV.I'iiifc.   Vihitinir br-itln-rs
������s'!-:*s^-5-- COr��lially welconn-il.
II. ti. WILSON". N.O. J. A. STONE. I'.S.
K. "���VATETtSON. It.S
SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12. I. 0. O. 2".
"lit-t'ls every TupHtlnv
.{--va*. avenir.-r in .-"clkii-k
) ^^. I full nt b o'clock.
^w S) VNitin*,' In-ctlii'i-n oor-
N^&jS'tliiill>- invited to attend.
i K. AJUlIt. y. G. J, MATIIIE, Si:c.
Iluiiiiiii.-" Ij'.t worn Arro-.vhcnd antl Tlioiiistui >
Lmditi^ l-oni'iit!iii.-i!ip- .lime l'i. l!i,iti, will sail .is
fullo~A.s (v. luli.t-:- pern nt tint.'):
Leave AtTowlie.id lor Thomson's l.ruidiii--
aml Coni.ipliv al 7k. daily.
Leave Tliom-o'i's, L-ii-ilinjr and Cunvtpliv i*or
Arrowhead **t 17k. d'lily. muwj'yir.s witli all |
('. I'. It. trains .ind liri.tts.
TI.e owners ri-serv o the rijhl to t-ii.-ingu t^iiK-s
of j.iiliiif-s n-iiljouL imiiL-o.
.. Mttii.i^iii-: Dirictor.
C^ ��  A '
Baker, Crinfeetioner,"
n\\ Etc.
! &
ORANGE    LODGE   HO.    1C53.
Kcsr.lar nicotiiisf-J "lie held in
tho Oddfellow"'' Hull on tin;
Third Friday of each month, nt,
8 p. in. sharp. Vinitinf--' hn-'li-
rcn cordijilly invited.
thos. steed. w.:,i.
\v, n.^muvKV. ""Vi-. ?i-c.
Choice  Groceries.
Graham Bread,  *'
TT;        1    1" /I      1 /"" '      "\ 1 '   ,V'iU  �� ill 1101 IIIIVO 10 Willi
Wedding Cake.a Specialty j ];&^^yV^
,    '   ALM-t,
A. Q. P. A.,",
Royal Mall Lines.
Cheapest ltout-> to th�� Old Country.
Garth.Castle A'iff. oftth
W-imrii ���      ���      ���      .Sept. 17th
Pan li Cast In     ���     *     ���   , ���     ���   ��    Oct.'.'ini
ALLAN LINE- From .Monti enl.
"���'uri-iliiti    ���
Amr. .'"'ith
.���""niit. 7th
". lltll
���   " 2l��t
" VSih
M.til tii-ni-is  |iinii!|!iiy nnj
t-nii'fii'i! v ill I Miuli'il In.
525,000 OUR GRAND $25,000
Ornithological Contest.
.-'onn thiii-r enlm-ly now ami iiili-iT-tin*^.
I,'i,-,id what you ure tu .In. Von ni.iv trot .'l.iuiii.
Our i-oiili-st islni-ei-, uhncii'i m.ikc lln-lai^t-st
lisi ol n,nut's (or kinds) of liird.slroin lh ��� following list o!" leu ci > :
vjdooocckq'j l ' a p r t a r: i d g
E S P N l E L V- E B R D I M W A D O H T L
Wo will re. (iL'tiise ;;s ,-i ljird in*. Iliint; hi-loii^-
! hiij to lln- fi al hiTi-d it-iiie. vv liel her il is <i Hen,
1 (.'rmv. .SH1-J.-I'or in.v rllu-i- kind. ,Vnn i-.m iisu
i ,my k iter ns tii.iny tinn-s in ni.ik'.' a n..ini> n- it
j .ipjif,ii,s in llii> lis-, ol leiLeis-.ilioM-: for in-1 ine"
i WuiidciiL*.,  lJli>v ci-. isiiow l.inl.  Hi.    To anj
l.c!sons \\ ho t-.in in.ike a  list nl   "ii nr inni-c dit   ;
��� Icri-nl  iiiinie-t ol  bird*--, ��t ivtil .five .-tlis.iliiit-Iv  j
KI'EEn'���-���n-itifnl i'rii-j \.ili:e ?l,(H)i)orl. s,.    '  j
When ynn have ni.uli- ottl >ourlit,*, iill out lhe
liiu on iin- hnitoin ot  this advi. and ��� cml lo in.
, Willi a *-'. -mipfrl .\ddi-e-sed' uivi'Io'iu. sl.nnpof
[ yo:ir ciuiiilry v.illd.i. ti'cn if yo'i .ire awauled
a p.-ixe .von can il  you desire ���-���������I ino priiio b*i
hecoming    a    subscriber  ^0  "j'jij;    Wojiax's,
j U'oiil.li.   \\'o rsli.i 11 iiwiird it prize to every per-
1 son who Bfiidsi the iiame of 2o Ilitds-, ;inil our
1 yift- vvill be as follow*:   For the best li.st, re-
' ceivctl ���.���nth day, a Gold Watch ; ,'or the second
be.-!   solution   cat-h  d.ty a bc.iuliftil Importi'tl
Tea -ret ; fur the mjv en ne\t bent soliitiuiis cueli i
i (In*., ti Konrali .Sukih l)i"inond and ilnliy Iiilie-;
' for the next l*i"-t i*<-lution,.i Gold I'iece: and foi
I .ill  oilier cornet  solmioiis,   I'ri-jen  of   (ioo,l
| V,title.    TlicH!! i'limis will hc liirw.irili'il d.iil-.
" not have to win I, ,t Ioiik Umejn iineur-
he ie-tilt.   Tin re n-'no
pi,iii, il iiinki - imdii-
fi i-.-neo'wiit-tlii'i' wis i-vt  y.ijtr -"oliilitni l.ile in
, c.h'Iy in llic dn,V.    All  yun necL it. In pu-i iln's
iiiivi. to  tin, i-iii! i.n tiii; d.-v 'IT re.n in-, lis. il
, yoiir  lift is I Iin besl, yon bh..ll l-.-ws lh= Go'd
I W.-t-_h ni-il" pecuud 'ii-st  the bi-nniil'ii! Tea Sa
nnd so nil.    Wr Kiiai'.iiitct! tlmt \vc will iuwihi
|    .-] ',11%. Ill    KJl     i.s     u
Ferquson ib-vfil(!,;��r= Th
j    T      ! una  bhannon
A Country BusVing   WiF)   Towns   fork   -v:i;_-o'n iv-ul.   A tnnnol
Ranchei and Mines.
The L'ircl<.:iu Hotel,   kept   hy   J.
Luughtoii. formerly of   Revelstoke.
i? iinother goocNiou^-'e of  17 room.-".
ii ml completes* the lis-i of  Fergmon , .. , .
lioick���*i list which would do credit ! l'1=t.n(-'t
to ix much'lart'er town.
; erty of 1A   Mfirgan ��� and   J.   Clrant.
- A jiccijliiii-ii v'nf the ore- lien- i-- that
cnrliliiial'-.- predoininatf. witli   iiigh
��� silver value.-"���ahout $2Q() a ton.
/mi-: koi/j-i:nav-.
j     Another  jiroperty  tlmt   i.-    ""vt-jl
.sjKikcn of is tlie Kouttnays,  owned
omjison. - Kirkp-itrick..
on. 'Thi.-*   j-.roperty   .'.-'
only two  and   a   half   mile?  from
i Fertruson. north-east   of  ihe  souih
���   a
Citizens of Revelstoke:    ,
Do you know that $/o,ooo oi'
'   DOMINION LINE-1'i-om ronlaml. '
V-tticnnvcr .-'i-iit. "tu    lt .        , ���
umKan   \   ���"   ' ���' .'      "V.lJ{  ^,000 a year has bctn going
^a"couvor 0L't"'1'-'th  into Chinese coffers for Latin*
work   every year in. I kit
No-t Kn��l��iid      .      .      .      .      .    Bupt, ijj.il ;   .   ' ,... .A       ,  .    .      c.
Com nonwealth "   '.'Ct:i i lOlVll, J tie ' KedCtSlOMC dtcaitt
DOMINION LINE-l-Voin(I*o.*toii.
tV.ii iionvvrallh Aug. 2flli | (l'J
j town,
5JEAVER LINE-From Montreal. \ Laundry   Co.-CH'C   tryhlg iO"(H
i The Kootenay Mail
IThe Montreal
'-    Daily Herald
and a splendid-picture of
King Edward VII.
Lake Suporior
LitUo nimcue .,
Lake Ontario
l^ke Ch.iinplain
Luke Mcgnntie
A "iff. 30lh '.,,,. ���    .       ,;        ;
sept, eth  vert.tins money  into tlie cnan-
ra-menccr-i tloUotcd throtiffh to nil parts of
GriiatJIriUin and Ireland, and at itpccl.tlly low
r.tto-* to all pirt* of tho Euroin-nn continent.
Apply to nonrotit railway or Htc.imshlp agent or
to . I
T. W. BXIADSHAW, Afitont. Rovolntolto.
"nets of trade. Will you not
help by sending usydnr laundry,
I. U.  U'JiX   Ui,   iH.V-.LU I'J(\L, U.O. j | i.-ticceplinn oiiniii- p.-.M-wu eiiiiiinliiil'.iid n.
Wc   want,  lo -*ot  1 ,(J,iO.0,).l well  ���..Uislled sitb
Milibei'-i. and for that reason wu, don't v\,mt jmi
In sand any money  until  ynn know txttcLly
wh-ii pii/.eyoti li.ive gained  by .-in.-*v,-erin^ lhe
puzi{!e.    As s.(i.*;n tiller I imii. each day as p-is-
i<il)ly. i lie cMliiiinei-.s wilt ,ind|-'' iiu ii -ls to ihe
bc-t of llimi' -ibilltv. nnd will dc-i'-nnle ihe
pri"*"-!.   "Wc tvill.'.vriic In .von at once notifyint"
ynn whnl pri/.'i li.to been tuvai-du I you, llien v
you ure sittii-ilcd, yon can sand yimr.siibseri|j
tinn to Tiin Woman's' Woiii.u mid your pi-iii.
will no  l.y rolilili ol  pnil uarrliigu pnitl.   To a
peirioii of nart'ow ideas it a 'ems iiiipo-i.sibli',thnt
��� wis t*honld  bo n'olo to in ike sik-li it gl-jain.1.
I uli'er, but wo linvo tho in *ney, brains an-i reim
! tiUi.iti. wo  know exactly  what wu arc duliif;.
, and If we can lu-fltiinatoly j.'.iin ;i inillioti sub-
I scrihors hy this grand idea wc know ilinL ibis
��� 'million of will pldvi'd sub-cribor-- uxn Ik.* in-
I diioul to rccoinniend Tin* Woman's Woiu.p lo
I all friends, tiiercby hnil.lin-f tip our circulation
' ntill fni'lher.   We .ire willing to sp. nd Si.5,(iU0
i,in this content in httilditiff tip a big Mihsjiiiiiion
list, and when i liis��� tnuiin-y ii spent we ruaurve
tho right lo puliliali a nnii.'li aiion that tho enn-
I tci-t has been cllacuiitiiiuod. ' Don't, delay until
: it, is loo l.ite.   Thc contest  vvill continue until
J.nullify ltd, 10-1"".
\Yu n-ivu A lionus rrt'o of S2j1 intlepeiid. nt
of all tilhoiv to tlie person who sends, in the Iim
Rotten up jn lhe ut'M. and hnndsonu'at. inaiinur
! Om- t'oinniitieo will decide nn I avvit'-d pi'Uei-
'dailv-, hill the -tpi't'itil SiiOiiriiit! will be n winded
is) "Nlui'ci), lOOv!. Any birds ii.mio found in Ilie
dlelion.'U'ie.-| nccopted, .
Tin: Woman'-" Va'ohld is a I'nroiiglilyrei;.
able concern, wc arc knti.vn tn do exactly as we
advertise. As io our rcliabiliiy we iv'or lo any
Adveitiaini; A-jcnl or business umii I.i London.
Name   ,-      '	
Tills is tlio grontc-l oiiibiimlloli oiler over
made by any (A-iliadiiin jouriia!. mid wu.-'.i'u
fnrt ii unl u in ft-!cui-iii"rtl*i)exijlii-��ivcprlvili'",'(i fni'
thisdistricl, The D.tMy Itcrnld i-< onn of Cur
nda's-jrcrft miners. - Established in IjO.^ it line
lniiff bean tlieleidin-f Liberal p.ipei'of I*. i��torll
Cmindii. tt is now a urci.t, f.lnlily nuvVsp iper,
r.-u-li fitly yi>tiifj full news of the world, anil
.-i'so deviitiii-; much "ii.iceln nin'tersof pcculini"
interest to the family.' Im commercial intcll:4
ci'iific is ciininkte'nli'l --cliilble.
THE icing's PoirritA rr is tim f*c-t, cvci1
publi.'-hrd  in Ciinadit, nlid  will make a hand'
some addition to the wnlN of any library.   It. i"
piolnt'i-d by a new process, and is not olio of j
the flashy colored port rails.so common.,
As thc ri'-fiiiiir.pi'lfo of th** Herald 'k ?.'" 0,1 a
yt-nr, the liberality of our ofl'or is �� 'lf-cvitUnt.
, Address all orders to
The Kootenay Mail,
lil'-LVl-;.-,-: I'lltMS.
Alee C'uiiimins is uic of the mo-t
en el-prising mcrchiuit.-* of the Lar-
i.leau. IU% -starlfd hu--iiie--s in Fer-
^tif'.on'in. liiiJt', and ' ha- also a
brandi storo at Ten Mile, Owiinto iiieri'iising riquirements, he i'X-
tended. the accommodation of his
Fergus on store this- reason hv an
addition of 2-1x3-1 feet, Mr. Cummins is also agent for the telephone
G. Jjiitho conduct*; a .general
store, and also has charge of the
post oflice which he conducts with
much satisfaction to thc puhhe.
Missr'-*. McKinnon it Sutherland
have a well-stocked general store.
P. L. Cummins, C. E.,-I\ L. S..
formerly gold commissioner for East
JCooicnay, has made Ferguson Lis
Craig & Hilltiian have good
livery stables here.
"W, Schncll, of Trout-Lake, has a
barbers shop in thc town.
Thc Great Western and Double
Eagle Company havo built imposing o Hi cos, portion of which is occupied by A. XL Holdieh. the well-
pvrite?. with values  of
' "��� '-���,''* '-1  ! iso
to $V2 introld.
i hc-i-n run lor 70 feet, and there i;
I nice rhowing of ore. rv.-emhlii'g
j chanicter that of thc Nettie Id
THE C(i.MsTiK.K.
The C'omstock i~' reported to
have been --bowing up well under
development.' The ore is different
fiom that usually found in , the
consistini; of copper
about $10
cV.��, aiui ;>0 to -JO ozs,
silver per ton. Mc-srs. Welch and
West lake, of London, Om'.. and Mr,
Hichari!"-, of -Cleveland, ju-csident
of the'eoii,i]iany, vL-ited the ]iro] *
erty and were much pleased wilh
the prospect--.
WILT.: V Al "!lt>K (*( M1'.\NV,
Another company which stfti'kil'
operations in the Lardeau this
season wits thc White Warrior
Mining Company. The capital Mas
fixed at $150,000. The promoters
were Prof. P. A. Cowgill. superintendent of public'instruction, of
Michigan city, I). G. Kolland,
jeweller,'of Lapeer',' Mich.,' and h:
A. Loekwood of the same place.
They took up thc White Warrior
property on Gainer, creek. Thc
work this season was carried ofr
under direction of S. Shannon, who
shut it clown as thc/results were
not satisfactory. Tlie company
had< also two prospector-; out but
we havo not heard with what
results., ,    ,
'A property that has attracied a
good   deal   of   attention    i;    the
kno.vn asstiyei',whois also secretary j Mountain   Lion.     This _ property
Street ,
, Counlry.,
N. R���1!p cirefnl and prepay your letter .3c. its
wc do not receive underpaid loiters. Address:
Th'e   "Woman's  World,"   Brentford,
'   London, W., England.
: <n:' >
;  a
. ^
H   ,
��� ii
lA,!!"i""!l''|"    Stiffs
A 'H'm*'
i -
I Si'
to tho Great Western.
S. Shannon also conducts an
ass iy oflice anil represents quite a
numbeAof eastern investors in the
camp. Among others he has been
managing the White Warrior1 and
the Comstock, above Circle City.
J). Ferguson has established a
sawmill' which has been run for
some months by K, Davis, now of
thc Revelstoke ,Lumber Company.
P., P. Pettipiece and the Eagle j province, and has a capitalisation
are an integral pari of. thc tov ii of $1,500,000 of which ?500.000 is
and district. , _ j in the treasury." The company has
! a strong directorate,  consisting of
consists of three claims, the Mountain Lion, the Rlack Scott and
Black Scott Xo. 2. It is situated
on McDonald creek, a tributary of
the Duncan, and was recently taken
over by M. C. Miller, of 'Minneapolis, on behalf'of a company
which he had formed in that city
known as the Mountain Lion Min-'
ing Company. The company ��� is
registered under  the  laws  of  this
~i   ., "���.-*
I-... --, i
"."���, h. * -f--
ii 2^
a uicii sj"i:cimi:n.
Ferguson is surrounded  by  r.'ch j
mineral discoveries,   On the llciiic f
Pa vne creek, in the townsite.  ,1,'C,
Dr. Eugene May, of Washington,
president: L. C'Flournoy, treasurer
of the Flour City Logging r.nd
Lumber Company, .vice-president;
,r.',      . .  i ���    . . i-i' I'Uiiiijuj'   v>uiii jinn , ,\ ice- uesiuenr,
Kirknn nek,goU specimen   wh.eh   G E.Maxwell, forme lvcashie
vumU'^0 gold  with  tmall eilvcrjuf ���-   Klowcr ci.y  Xational ^
Na ue'*' ' . ; L'nion Xational Banks,  treasurer;
li.vt'i:it GOLD,
There is gold in the Lardeau
river and tributaries but of course
tho diflictilty is to extract it.
Still, occasionallv rich  strikes are
Incorporated under thc laws of British^olumbkii
i ���
Capital Sl,ooo,ooo h\ l,ooo,ooo Shapes, Par Yaldc $loo ��aci
i made.
made   a   good
.).. Grier. jirincipal .of the ,centr.-'l
high school of Minneapolis. Dr. 1-A
W. Gifford, manager cf the Grc.-.t
Republic mine, and E. J. Lee. ��� nf
Valley City, ami one of the di-
rectois of-the Chevennc  Xafional
strike this season on Ten Mile, at a ) Bank,., Capt. Davcy i.^cngiiKer for
point six miles above the junction'! tbe coin*.any,
All Treasury Stock.
No Promoter's and Ho Preferred Stock.
(J? l'i! si
with the south fork, 'and took out
quite a bit of gold, in coar. c nuggets, running up to as high ns -i-'oO
each in value. Tlie strike paid him
about $12 a day while it lasted.
The gold \ytix talien out by ground
'(.Jamie   is an
Cambourne Group, 9 Claims;
Oyster Group, 6 Claims.
Located in thc Free Gold Fish River Camp, Lardeau Mining Division, British CoKitVibki.
sitr.i'ing,   (..ague   is an old-timer, j can talk mining
1 Jiaviiig liech liei't" since   180*.   He i	
thinks there is much  guod  ground
for' placer  mining  in  the  district
though it is liol a K.loli
means, but  con
a j ioni;i:k.
Entering Ferguson, the pretty
home of J. C. Kirkpatrick. one a"
the best-known prospectors in tl c
Lardeau, is the first priv-iie refi-*
denee met with. Mrs. Kirk pat rick'
s well ai her
H'.sband. and knows-v\hat it is to
cale the mountain in search of
lidden   treasure,     Anions,-    uthcr
a Klondike hy any ��� properties in which Mr'.' Kirkjntrii k
biders that jKirties ! js interested. is the Little Robeil
providing simple capital in careful j jrr0���p nt the" head of the north fork,
hands could reap good returns. I and adjoinimr the Horn propertv.
Jt is stated that H'.'JOOO of placer! The width oAhe vein on this prop-
ken out 01 thc "Lardeau ' u,.-y j? two feet and it carries a pa\-
���ag'o, and  Walter  Jen-*i ,lrcilk"0f six,inches,   Several open
>old was tak
home vea
ningri and Alex, Biggar arc
lo h.avc taken out $000 two
Ml.Vj:i!AI, Wi'ALTJI,
cuts and a tunnel have been run,
A ton and a half of ore has been,
taken out. The ore is of the class
which bus made tiie Lurdeau
Few towns have aich promisincr n\")ous carrying high silver valued
mine.- in close' proximitv, Th'e I WI!h ,011u1' '*ok] a,!1(l Q^\nY' lllU
Nettie L. (he Silver Cup', the Triune.! ���]u.'1 !illvc run.uboul ?-(!�� il lfJl1.
are properties which have -made
considerable   .���������hipnionl.-
ore.   and   there   are   many
neighboring properties which   lcok
���K ! <>rado
'    m'"!
r.,''. ���-���
���   --. i
.-^ ��� i ii ^.
���_- ��� ii   -"
z :l ��� ��� �� '
H'; ,'N
\Zd si
i? 'yP
200,000 Shares Now Oifered at 50 Gents per Share.
��� F,
.In view ol' the splendid showing's of both-high and low grade ore and the unrivalled facilities for the
economical  developing and .working' of the properties, it  is confidently expected that, not only will the present
issue of slock be sold quickly, but that no more will be offered at less than par,
' Address all inquiries for information, or applications for slock to
as if  thoy  were  within   reach   of
adding to the shipping list.
'1 he ores of the country Mirrnuiid-
illg Ferguson have thc advantage
that they are very high grade, a no'
while the ore-hot lies may not Livery largo, their exceptionally high
average value make them  jossildi'
values have run about WOO a  ton,
iijit     ,01 which the gold rim.-"  ahout  .I'll
"iif   "hi'-h ��� ""���'"' ^'v l'"Pl"-'1''"" ^)W���'^bout 2 pi r
cent.   The formation  is  gr.'ij��hit!c
schist and lime dykes,
The JJl.ifk Diamond was anotlur
iii P. O. Box 700, Nelson, B. O.
'A:.1^*il!'>v* ' ���.���.'<*' ^-V      ���������..-.     . ' * ,
i.i.ii'i:'.. /���-.. I > '
ecrecary. ��
a,"'.-'|i,i!p.''.i'.'..',.SI '. "���' )\3.L
M^kiwMi.ia^A^Av.rsi' ���:
e#.".i...**-|,l*'?   :���      ���   7? '      : ' ^T '    ���.J'',
';^a; ;;! f*,!;' a! ^i^;*^i-ii***sa:^ i ;-!'��in'|i.t*i
^.,Jlli, gj   I,'
Tl      '
' *4p u<
' 5-1 "'
'fv>' W"
��� ��fi "tsj ���'������"Vtiv-1' '! V��'i'"''-
Jf v.- '-
producers of great wealth. A re
markablc feature nf the silver-lead
laimi'iH ores of this sectioii is their j cT"
sistent gold values, while the development, work done on the .Nettie
L tiyd Silver Cup have proved
their ore-bodies to increase
volume   and   value   with ,  dcpLh.
j What has   been   proved   in   these
H I propertie* may reasonably  be  cx-
' peeled  to  [irovc  the .rule   of   the
'i'lli: CHoMWCI.l..
Another promi.-ing property is
the Cromwell, locally known as the
'" !."ky-'c^'iJ''V)',"(    1-l-jjf. j;   'JjV   j.joj,,
iii Mr, Kir!; pa trick's properties In i
ha-1 been disposed ot to the Silva1
Tip Mining Company, of Sj.ukanc
���J()0 feet oi tunnel Las Leen run in
this pi'tij.cr.y. hut Mr. Kirkpatrick
estimate.-- the work has not troi-.c
far enougb to cut the lead. Eight
assays gave an average of $20-1.
nil! 111*3
Dea'nea;, Noi;��s *-i tn H-id, &.C,
pnsitivi'ly Viu-ptl by IIARLEV'S EAR
LOTION. ��� Thi-s ik-w lU*uu>dy goes
i-igiil lo the aetii.il si'iii of tin- ili<-.',-isi',
i.T j ami li.-i-v t'll't'clHtl Mich ----in-ii-k-itil-* cuns
that Uif groatesl hope ia hcKl out. to all
-*uii'i-l'i.1 is, no in.iiii r how hml ot ion-,-,
al.'iiiiling the case nmy In-, One bottle
will cure ,any oidinarv casi-, iand will
be trill hi'curely paekt'il and ptibl'paid,
wilh full dircelinns anil it-.-tiniuniH!-'
upon iccript of Si.OU Older diici-t
from James E. Uxulky, 23 .Stoc-kdalc
Hoad, .Soula Liim't'-.'-.h. ^umjojj, K.vo-
\tMUs THE KOOTE.NAY MAIL  Donl  Ov  T ������S, r*\ fif\L.  Ir  IS  &  i within   tht' service.     It is under'-Lood  however   t.h.-it-   thr   {"ov-Tumi-nt.   will  lii-ikn nti ,-i;i|iiiiiil nii'iit iiirneiliafelv.  Ail   iIh.m"   inti r.-sicil   in  ft,rmiiig ;i  , i|'ii-'tli illy rlidi iin*  ii tjii'-'sU,il,lto .-itti'iit!  lii.it, piirptisi'  in "N'n. 2  ! Iin: hall, mi  Saturday evening lhe Oth  ' inst., at 8:0!) o'clock.  On Satni-tlay Drs. McL'-iin and Cross  adiniiiNlei-ed chloroform lo "N'uise  Peachey and set the frac-t tinjd hones  of tin.- It.md injured in her fall off the  i.iilw iy p'.-itftiiin.  Our'pli'iiiigr.-ii Iiii: blndio vvill remain  open pi'i'iiiiim ntly mi nnd after Oct.  Sih. A competent iiiiin w ill hi*.placed  in i-haigi' antl all work vvill lit* gti.tran  teed fii-:,t ul-i'-s.-��������� K. II. Tiiit'inan k Co.  Ii. W. E tvvartls, vv |,o returned lhi>  in lining ft nin i lie c.ia.sl, mi vs. the Kcv  A PUh2 CRAPS C1C4U  Or TAfnA".   F0W3CH  I Discovery, which gavf quick relief and  j permanently   cured   it.     We   alvv.-iys  i keep   it  in   the  hmi-tc  to  jii-dlet-t our  '��������� i-hildien   from   Croup  and Whooping  : Cough.    It rut I'd me of a chronic bronchial   trouble  that  no   othei remedy  would relieve.''   Infallible for Coughs,  Colli-", Throal .and Lung liouble.   50c.  and   $1.00.     Trial   bottles   free at thc  Canada Drug A: Book Stoic.  You can get Cameras  & Kodaks | ei-.tt>k������> meh w.-k.-i idum i-i-ediiabli; ex-  ���������;.: from us at the Eastern prices.    Wc  V ki2p  a  large  supply   and  all  Cold  Medal, Midwinter Vclr  Avnlil   I'-ilciu;; IV-vrttTi*   ftir.t:ni;hi*jr  lilum.   T'.icy ::"0 Ji _'-i:-i:>u-l to lii-::Itb  hiliit though lhe pK's.stnok Ml tie notice  , .if it.   The lnayor is mil yet bick,  "!t- '     M. J.  Henry,  mii'M'i'yii-.-in, of Van- ,  Fittings  and  Chemicals  for you to ; couver, oifei-. -pn-ial inducements to .  . lovers nf llowei-.s for making tjieir sij-! ,    , lections   f.U'   111-- coming season.   See  cither to g<it one'j his ndyerti-ement in iniothei' ctiiuiiin. i Northwest Development Syndicate  ,  l"                            '     Win.   Hogg,   of   ViiiK'niiver, (Jriinil ,���������.                           ,-, .  '      'Master,   1.0. O.K.   vvill be in town on '        '                  ror/TlSCl.  Tuesday and a   lecrplinu   vvill be lield |,    in Selkirk Hall by KevelMoke and S"l- ' .   ., , .  , . ,   ,   , ..  . '     . i--,-.     i     At a meetinj"   ot   the   provisioua  kirc   lodges.    .Sn.10 lining and vhitiug (  brcthei-n inviieil,  WE COLUMBIA WINS.  I ������m_������  The ii'siili, of the yacht races is that  the Columbia won ibe'Iii-ft eventon  .Monday by '.V.) -.--concls, and llicM-cond  event ye.sierday by .'j uiins. 20 sees-. The  first, event was the'most exciting fur  vears.  The third event came off lo-day, lhe  Shaiiuock coming in Hist, but Cnluin-  iiia v\ns declared winner on time allowance'.    ,  HARDWARE  STOVES TINWARE  PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES AND BRUSHES*  Miners Octagon Steel, only Jessop's best kept.    Picks,  Shovels,   Barrows  Single, and Double Bitted Axes, Cross Cut Saws.  Builders' Supplies���������Mails, Building Paper,'Locks and-Uinges.  HARDWARE DULY, W. 1. Lawmes, Revelstoke  EURNITURE.  Carpets; Linoleums, Floor' t  . Cloths Blinds, Wall Pa-icr.&c  ���������.  .Second     Hand    Fundi in h  complete pictures.  This is the v  ���������   don't dekiv.  LABOR'S CALL.  Revelstoke B. 0.  BORN,  HWKiiNKY-Al'  llevi'lstokc,    on   S pt.  .''(lib, m-iUr,  ai.d  X.V-. T. Sweeney  , a son. '  MARRIED.  l'El-:i,-Nt-:'.'iNS-At, the'innnse, Bevel-  .stoke. IJ, (.'., ou the 2nd inst., by  ({������������������v. W. V. ('alder. Iiob.ut En est i  I'.'cl, of Alamo, Ii. C, Lo'.Aiablu  i\Jay Nevins, of ltosi'dale, Chilli-  -    <v,-i'ck.  'J'he Mip* j-in'eiidi-. I ul l.'ie Provincial  Ho'.lie v\ ishc.s t*> I hank ill ��������� u ember.- of  lh" K"Vi'|stoke Iiidept'iid'.'iit Band for  liii'ii' Undue.---, in | laving nuuicrous  jeleel ions for the I'llli'ltiiitlllient of till'  pioneeis thin liioi-ning.-.Si'ntiticl.  Mi. Pi'i'titl, vvhti b.'1-..sl ii ted a photographic; bu.siiipss in tbe city, has shown  us a M't'ie-. of nice views, of snow  and cloud eltVct.i of .lui-d.iii Pass and,  Mt, Begbii*, obtained Iiy inraus of a  long dis-tance lens aflei'lhe-.now s'.onn  ol last, week.  ., At  lh-"   im-cting  of    the   Epworth  League on  Monday  night, J. L. John ,  -.ton   wiiii  elect ed  | le.-iilent. ilisis pec  ' t li it cl  vice-presidi'Dl; A. Saston, Ire;.-*  surer.     An inlen-sling tliMuisbion took  Mr. Frechville, who is .1 director  of the Le ltoi company, refuses to  accept the demands of the miners'  union.  ' '  A Hglit'(icruiTi'd  at   San Fraiwi-ito  bt-t.vveen  .-strikers and  special police, a  pany recently organizeiI in ,Nelson,   si ��������� policeman   being shut  in  tin; eye ai.d  bund vvas taken on the. C-nnbortie. mid .. two strikers wounded.  hoard of diieetorsof Tlio Northwestern  Development-. Syndicate, Lid.,   a  com-  i Oyster fren-inilling gold   prupprlies   in  1 the Pish river camp.  LaiuVau.    Tln-se  j projierlies have   been   under  develop-  I ment by lhe, Uosenliprger  Prospecting  I syntlica'ttt with, it, is said,   most  gratifying   roults,    While   no   work   has  been done at depth, all win? have seen  tho  proper!ies   are  agreed   that   the  surface .showings are, most'reninrkable,  lSoth as to tho size of'ore  bodies  and  .valuci, ���������     '    ���������    .  CAM-JOHNli (illOVV.  TI13 Caniiiotne group eon'iprises nine  claims and co* o.rs. umre than a mile  of  a large auiifurous   lor)e,   which   is  ex-  ' The Dominion Governiiieiit ha.s sent  an officer to Itos.slatid to take action  concerning the breach of the alien  lahor law, there and it is believed 'tlie  impoiled aliens will be drported.  The scab labor which the L" I?< i  company has impoi ted fioin lhe Stales  h is already crealed Irouhleand a ntiin.  bi'i- of the new-comers assaulted tin*  shift boss underground lhe oilier dav.  WANTED  Bought and Sold.   Warehouse for Storage of Furniture at monthly rates.  ������gr.( for Pianos, Organs, and ������wit g Machin s.-    ���������  jEi. iio"wsoiisr.  MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING  is not in our line but we have now in stock- the finest line of  Serges and Worsteds ever show;n. You'should always keep  a good black suit by you, sec us before ordering.  ayers-  9  bachelor   I iff,   the'   subject ' pn.'ed in different places on each claim,  place   mi  being inltoduced by J. L. Juhn.s'on.'  Aid. Nellie ������������������epm-t.-Plhat wlipn le  left Golden on Saluril iy there' was  gieat I'M'ileinent there tiveradi.-coveiy  nf-lin Icei, tf roppcri r,������ .11 I'alliser,  'J'ar oie   is  of   excellent   tjiiai'ty.    He  and al every point of exposure carries  go'd  values, some  places  being   very  ealer, .- p-  sa vs ll'.-il cieat inten->l, is taken theie  ll.e  rid  in tht Big Bend mica d.*po>its.  Hotel I    T0 TI1K UKAF.-A rich  lady,  I of her Deafness and NoiM-'s in the Head  bv Dr. Nicholson's Ailit-ial Ear Drums,  gave  $-5,CGt) to  his Instjlute, so thai  'Lead li,t> dropped "51! tent  ���������r  , For Sale���������One   !ir-.|��������� tlass  - ply fo G. M. C'i.iAe.  7*    I-'. ' Fuiliiii r   has "opened  %. Ander-on at, Ttviu l"a!l.. ,   ���������  'J'lie Stiiithcona llt.i'.-eitien are granted honoraty rank i 1  the Bi'iti.sh army.  'J'he Imperial  Bink   liav������: opc-ned a  A bl'aiicli at Bi)>l.hei':i, Saskatchewan.^     j ^ g9]  Tl)lJ  -s-i(.|u,ii,0n Institute,' 7SU  John Ktiski, a Hr&t-class coat niaki r, j Eighth Aveniie, New Vmk.  ;:-hris taken a position wilh R. S. Wilson, j     The    Deaf Hear.���������Nn.  4:jj of   "The  '     In   Ihe   Nova   Scotia    elections    on ' Health World" of 7S0, liighih Avenue,  At'.ie>day lh    r"' ' '-' yi  f' !  7A'y M-ats,  average"- ^10.00 gold per ton, and''another 10 feet wide, aveiages $l'S per  loo. .    ���������  Tiie. main vein shows in places a  width of 100 feet. On the Gold  finch, the uppermost claim, are''four,  parallel veins of s-olid quart;*, which  have been opened up at many dill'erent  po'iula and are shown lo cont iin gold  values throughout     A tunnel  stalled  The difference between rent paying and the Birbeckplan of Rent Purchase.  Reiit Plan  Pay $10 or, 815 per month for the  use of somebody- else's house for 10  years.   At  the end of that time the  landlord owns the house and money, !  the 'rentpaycr  has   a   package  of \ y������ur  ho")c   and   *lV(i 1������01ieJ' ever  receipts. ���������  ' \ after. ���������   .-  Birbeck. Plan,.  Pay from $10 to $15 pei.-:'li'jon-th for  the "use" of *.a home, for 't'eft years.  At the end of that time you own  Adverlisements under this heading  will'be published at one cent per word  per issue. '"   '  WANTJUD ��������� A young woman for domestic dul ies in pii vale fainiiv.  Good home. Apply to ''A. B.''  Kontenav Mai'l.  deaf people unable  lo procure ,lhe Kar , .a   U)���������   u.UWllf,   ]cvoI,  on   tIl(,   IlJwp|.  n,u.n> may have them tiee.     Address   ^-^ ���������,���������, d|.iyen a dialmca ���������f   4)000  feet on thc lode would tap the upper  ���������-huwiugs at a depth of 1,800 feet. . _  ���������   OVblKC,  (.IKOfl'.  '     .       i?  r  r ,      , .   , ...     .   ,- 1 %.      ... ,   . ,       .  ,.       ..1     Tlio ��������� Oyster   group   cdinpriseij   six  Libera s cm led o   out 01 ��������� .\,nv \ni'k, conlains  a rie.-criiilioii ot a ;   .   .    ���������    - ���������-* 1.1 ��������� r  i A , -,      ���������., .      ...    .! *   A,claims   cut  by    two   large   vp.ing   of  1 Rental kali e   Gmv   for  Dea ness   and 1        ...  ' ". ,       '���������   ,  ���������   .'      > , .   ,      . 1 auriterous ouarU and   a  gulena  cross  :.���������'���������    Fillipinos   wiped   out   I'nit.-d Stales 1 Head .Noises which may lie carried out ; ^   car,.v;,IV,   ���������ood '  .-Ctimpany   C, Ninth   li'if.iutry, only i!l j at   Hie   pali'Mit'-.   home, and   which is  U'scaping. I Miid'to In-a certain cure.   Tiii    '    ""'  ''''  vein  carrying   good .values   in   gold,  silver, and lead.    On one. of the large  M.i.l'lc. he a certain c.uv.   Tiii.s number . ^^ ,m we sh()oL i>V(Jr 200 feet ,      ���������  will   be   sent,   f. ee  to any deaf purs-.m ' hnd fr(>m   f(jU|. t()   [7   fpet   wk|(,   w;th  sending I heir address tn the Ld.tor.       , ave|..,se va|u"eg of fron, ^Q to -347 (jq  The   Senlinel   says   tlie   Revelstoke * o^ld per ion i> opened up,  fool hail  tiMin  did not win the Martin !      UtJlh these   propeities  are   covered  iited  thi'. la>l wei k ot j Challenge Cup,     The pa-ne insulted in 1 -.v i t h   a' heavy' growth   of   excellent  A    Wauled-Good   brush   baud   iunne-  V'-'iliati'ly.,    Apply   10   W.   G.   Birney,  7 paint* r.  c  Czolguj/., the assa-s.sin of  McICinlev.  ���������i- to  la:, cleclivic  U.'iobel.    ,  Plant your adv *i li.-.ing   M'.'iA-  .the Kootk.n'AY Mail and you will have  u good ciop of bu-ine:���������-.-.  1      J,   Siiiiisj.-i  i--* converting the uppir  ,  flat of the building next J, F. McLeod'?  A'fiMit sloic into a lcibov hall.  The siihject for Sunday  evening at  the     I'l-c-sh'yieriuii    Ctinrch"  will   be,  .!'.-" i{tjjliLeiMis"in->* I'xalt.eih a nation.''  A   'U.   S.   Needliam   had'a leniiii'Kubie  .,cio|i of plums Iliin  re.ioon, .'i blue plum  '   Ir.'e yielding'(.tjlbe. weight ot fiuil.  :-A.   Tiit-   Victoria  Time--  gut  out one oti  the   u.tisi  rredilalile   .souvenir editions  i'.iat has been, published in Canada.  , Rev.   "j'.   J.   Greeii   will coutluct lhe  ���������-.'M-rvice.s   al   ihe  M.-tleuli-it Church on  ��������� '.s.uul.tv.   Rev.   C.   Liidner    going   to  .'Ti out L ike.  The ins-clii]-,' (ailed al'lialcyoii "s.ini-  ��������� Uuiiiiii   lor   Monday   1.1*1   io   bum  a  j.iuniali-Gc institute fell thiougli, only  .,''thr-.'.' al tending.  ���������A    I1,  i.s  ml   geji.'i.dly kn.ovn th u.llie  l,ti-.'"sl I.i ar in lln- uri-cim .it ^"k 'oria  ,. I-   , i-f iited   t,'   Revlstok".     It.   was  killed nt IJ", ill'-u.ic"  in I-*1-'.'.  .Ml*,  Hi,,'.*,:! Il.is.snlil    ;,!���������;   in!  ou  I'"lf-t  'Stre-'i   to   Mr-.   Willi niisi'H   of B -ar  Cick. for   X'Mi'K Mr-,    Bio������vi-   intends  ]civ ing i'i i lhe 1 oa-t,  "I   l.riiL".'.'  in ,-uhetlising.'-ay-'Sir  ;��������� 'I'lioni.i-  .'.   I,:plon.      " It   i.-   the   lifi  .- blood of  mod-, ni trade.      G''t -yoni ad-  ' AcuiseiiiiTil-in lhe K'.MTIiXA v M.\U,.  (' npt-t. .<-.)!���������.'  fur month fif Gclober at  i.'.   How-on  k  Co'-, fiom   10 to 21 pe?  ������������������Lc.it dis-ffinuL 011   lingii  'pcotiy, Bin.--el-, and Vi  ..��������� A.  P.  lio-i'  tnn.e.     Ihe cup . liiTiuiary steps taken, to iecurc  cioivn  view in R-ivel.stoke Ihro'ugh    ���������/i-aut.-i.  Andrew P, Uosenherder  i.-)  inanag  a,draw,   one.   goal   carli, aiid   it  waa \ timber and ihere-ii a   splendid   water  ...   I uuiMi.-illy decided )ieiw-*eii lhe players I power appurlf-nant lo each.  of bull) teams thai the g.ini.'in-1 nlaved !     Surveyi have been   made  and   pre-  o!):'next year at Rev e'l.slnke.     Tb  i-i now on  the routtr-sy   vi   tiie .secretary of   the  Kamloops Fooilall C'lul), ing diieet.or of the new company.  The' wagon   road   between  the city       >"ul-nn Miner remarks:    One. of the  and  Eight M;le  1- in  Ind-.hnpt-wi.h   I .i**.*i miniiiR   companies   projeetpt!   is:  ��������� m-.d -.Ild---.'    This difii.-uity w-i-. tu lie   the,Norih we.-.tern De������-elopm.������iit Sytidi. '  ���������jitn, LiutitRi). 1 his concein was or-!  gitii^ed for lhe purpose, of taking over i  and   op-'raiin*!    the   Ctiiiboi'iie ���������  n\u\ 1  *"  Ov-ter  fien   mill in **-;   gioups   in   Fi-li \  ri-. ir   c.-iiiip   in    lhe    Jjirdea't.    'The!  Gambol i.e   gi'uiip   consists    of     nine'  ciaiins and   tiie   led-_'PS   are   wide   and  ass.i\s. run from "-'10.00 to .-5"28 in   gold  pf'r tMi.    The. Oy-'ter' group   consists  WANTKD���������By young man, board and  room, at moderate late, in (juiet  liniiie. Applv in willing to "B,"  Koolenav Mail office.    '    <.  '"WAN'TKU - SKVERAL 'I'KRSONS OK  chnnictiT antl -joorl ropiiliition in i-nuli->tntc  (oni) ill lliii* i-oiiiii,vi-pc|tiii-t:d) to roprc-cnt anil  mlvortiiso oltl ofliililislictl wtinltlty lmsinphs  Iiou������p of sound tliiiiiiuiiil s niiiliii-;. Siilin-}'818  vv-uukl" vvltli expenses Hclilitioiiai, nil piiyiiblu  in -.-asjli imcIi Wi'dnesdny direct from linnl  oflieus. llorsi' and i-an-ia-jo fitniiHhed, when  iicees*.ary. l.'efciviici's". Knclnso -.clf-adHruhsril  (.liinipcd cnveliipe. "Malinger', 316 Citxtou  nuilditiR, Cliiciijfo.  Henry's Nurseries ���������  Apiary and Greenhouses  3009 Westt-rnstet- Road.  Tliottsinds of no-ci., l.iilius, Utililitm, cle.,  now in bloom, all vvinnarn of lirst. pri-jus tit imr  Into,(lower .iliow. Now i.s (,ho time to tiiaku  your selections for fall or spi-in**- pliuitinir.  Now importation?,of Hulbs now iiiMoukfor  fall plniuin*?, l.OjOoriitiiiit-iiL-il iroti-, anil -"lirubs  to uhooDC from, Ten aerun ot' fruit ti-eo.'iind  jjliint-*.   All ^l������������������os nnd prion--.  An exlni elioice stn<ik uf "Muiintiiin At.li,  K ir-o Cl tittnit, and other nhndo iree-i for lawn  o" botiltivni-d plant in*,'. . - ,  L'twn -".mss an | nt.ljei' scud,-, fij-rUli-jew, bee  BiU-plics.  CaUlo-fHw- free.  VANCOUVER,   B.  0.  For further information apply to ,  LEWIS BROS., General Agents, or to G. S. McCARTER, Solicitor  l-lioneJltKI  V. 0. llox 3."0.  Pacific Coast  L  Private Detective Agency,  VANCOUVBa.  Collection.-* made. ���������    KiM ������-li"i>n nsfcrenco's.  '  OKKICE HOUEtS:  S to I0;30 n.in. t'UOto f P.m.  Uooni :', Kuder Dlock. Oppiihitel'. U  NOTICE TO, CONTRACTORS.  Sctilotl Tenders will' be received by the nn-  dci-siuncd up to iin-in on Thuruday. Oct. lflt.li,  for the eoiistniutioneninplote of the Revelstoke  Hospital, fi-! per pl.in- and t-peeifleittiont. on  view at Cu-ion-h Ollloo, Kovel������tuke. Lowe-st  or ai)}- tender not nccerearlly accepted.  B. U. ATKIN6,  *   '   lion. hJcc-Trcas.  Hcvulhtukc, Sc\iL 'Jltli, lUOt.  8   0  esj'ipfled in any new.win k, lust in the  ci?'' n; * lie l'.nil in (jiie.-tion il is  sneciidlv \>'<d owing In th-1 f^rl that  the funds iv,iii,:lii.' vvrmld not allow of  a proper hatti-r Iieieg put on ibe fit-  Lings. The trove) nm"nliitliivr.s -Jioiild  tak" .steps to have th- rom! cleaned out  as .soon a? j or-ril-h" a* in it* pi-'-sent  condition even pack tr-iDlc i- h!o'ke.l.  When it. Gilniom, *M.P.P��������� vv.i- in  lite t-ify I his iit'i'k In: madi* ertiefoi  inquirA-. into li'.-' -*.-hi-ii| U'.'ibli'^aml  i-Npie-M'd lhe opinion lint th*-' liti>ll'i.j-  aie'in the lighlin the tniu ���������<���������.��������� they hav-  taken. "On 'ni.s r-i*,ii 11 tn the (Ji-asf lie  vv'i'l s(>p t|.e govei'iinii-iil iv iiii a view !o  having -,h ��������� 1 iv.-<-lil..difficult;. 1 -o edi* d,  Mr. T.iyior, M. I'. 1'.. was asked by the  tl 11-i.ei-s Jo make I epreVlllalKill- to I I t*  uo\ i'I 1111,enl bni refu.si'd 1111 I ie* urtun.d  Trademarks  and Cop/rights  obtained in all countrl-"--.  thiil, a-  lie  w.i- now in npi risit.iiiii,  .-el  ire-ii'i lalions vv i-i*!tl in* of no  li Wilton, Til-  vet Pile.     "  BUSINESS  MOTES.  T i\ lor inn! (.it'oi -.'f* li.tvp. npi n.-rl uji  1 full ran iff nf J- D. Kitit,'- Imois and  -line-, for Dn-:*, women nnd fhil-hi'ii,  1 lhuir fall stuck ot iJiy -foods, in  per.i llaiinoieltes. opera ll-in-  and .sat illl.  ' "? six claim- and the !e 1^-vs aie from  four lo li f*-t-t in width mid lhe. on;  tss.avs [iu!i; ���������-! fiO 10 ���������':I7 GO in ffold to  the tun,,  "Tiip oil i>f)fiies an; CHlaiuly lar^'e.  pivi'j-jIi aii'l of -urKci'Mit!y hi*-li ^rade  to j'ist'ifv lh" '-xp'-c! ition th n,   it'  the  , plan-, of lhe company are carried out,  ip-'V vvillb* .-.uci essfu!, aiidiis the man-  ���������il'emr'iit, i-- in liiu Irni'.1- of .ibli; and  CsjU'i n'hf i-i 11,en. ".t-!i kn-ivvn in this  '���������t-iiiinijliii V, liien; .sh'itild bi: no fear  on ' 'i il ������coi.'.  "j-'n-c itil'iiiC |,i *i[.'is|(if.|j. v\lie|-.;  tii'-ti.'i-. .iii'.pii; -v-iOt' p'ivvf-i Pjr 'ii'1  *U.ri.oion of si.--.up ii,.!'- ami   ii;   com-  'ATENTS  '    obtained in all e  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Regiotored Patent Attorney  Met-liitniciil    KiiKinei-r    und-    Driuiyhtsiiivin,  linn!-  of II. N. A. J;iiil<liti-"-i, Ilustin-js Street,  VANCOUVER,   B    C.  ,\  piKt.uril will sooni'o an nvciiin*: iipinihit-  incut for ihn-it) who etmiiot. cull ouriny tho day.  For Sale.  A .-''���������ton .silvor-lcuil binelter, in yoo.l locality  for operation.  For price tuul jiurlicular-i npply to  E. A. HAGGEK.  Mluitis Knginccr.  Hcvclctokc, P. C.  No Home Complete Without It.  ������������������-(.'AH. ON ���������  GUY BARBER,  and get one that will  keep time.  Enterprise  Cigar Company  f ,  Revelstoke, B- 0,  Wriglit porritt, Lca^in8���������Jf*Id������  PHOTOGRAPHER. ENTERPRISE"  U-;vrIopinetit. of plat'i-i .'ind filn^foi;.  '��������� " <1FI KIRK "  "limiteur-i iiiHlei'tal-en.    TertiH 01101 pW,, ULUMim-,  nllealioii.     Dark   room   (teuipoi'tirily)  Canada Drug and Book Co.  ���������ydhv/ir  Jlemember Our  GRAND FALL  MILLINERY  is now beiii); shown  In our ne.w store,  Lawson1-" old-slaud.  Millinery, Stamped Linen, Cushion Tops,  Barnard & Armstrong's' Silks.  MISSES SHEPARD AND BELL,  Mc.Ken/ai! Avenue.  (ilias, J. Titian,   A, V. Stewart,  PROPRIETORS.  COAL.  Persons rcquiringcAiithracire coal'  for.the coniinu' winter will ohhgc hy  advising  ine of their probable re-  quiriements bo  that provision may  be made for the same..  I'. Mccarty.  j,l ,'ss, 1 ,  aii'i  vi ;ii'- of or*' -i  ,1 f 1 iri  umo'i.  til'.  mo:'  l->t,  "re  ;.i-il  dAj  ;.ie    v, jile  ."���������'.Hie   are  tO! 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F, CArlis lia", iiiuuli improvpfl tlie  ip|'t-..;'rt.ri."c' 'ii  Iii-   sh.-ip Iiy laying :h-  ,j u   ���������' :a!i   iiiiai'J !ii.oirtuir, of  PJn^Iiib  r  ,*," 1 n wm  ��������� it .- w-cor!  What's Your Face Worth?  "-iDllii-l ill)"- Tl lul'llllie, Irni, Ili'Vi'l', ll  lvea -nllo'.V i'oiiipl(':'iii;i. a j nin  luiik,Hio 1.11, patclie-i:'unl lilntcb.'S  on the skin,, ,; all ������iL-ns nf I.ivi'r Trouble.  Hut I)i. . 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To b������ sold by Oct. 20th.  I IN'TiJKlIOL'NTV CO L'I IT OF KOOTENAY,  "JOLl"���������������>"' AT, RKVIiL^lOKE,  ���������'    Between  Jas. f'tiill-illo, uf.Sic.iuioui-, V, C, buU'l-kuc-ier,  lilniiil'lf, ,-      "    -    ,     ..."  ainl  (Jburleo Holbam, of. Ilovcl.itol-e, 1). C, dofoiid-  tint.  ToC'harlca IlollaiU), llic .abovu nuiiicd defend-  ';"'������''.���������  .     ���������   .  , TAKK N'OTICK tlml .Imiio--. ("tiillclto, of  Siciunou.-1, II. C. Inus (;oiiitii(!li-,-ctl nil r.ctinn  n-Jilinst yoti ill tin: ii Iin vi; conrl byrflllliliintis  tinted tin- lilli d.iy of .July, It) 11. lo rfflov-oi' llio  *uniyof Sl.'i.O'i for liniirt! funii-iliL'il vol) by Mm in  .Tiinii.iry tuul '���������Vbi'imry. 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