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Kootenay Mail Oct 2, 1897

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.y&AS K
-g%- -^Tlt"
#y ^ Af^ >%^
Vol. 4.
$2.00 a Year.
The Minister of Interior Says He Will
Stop here on his Return" and see
about Railway Belt Lands--His
Yukon trip and its purpose.
The jinn. Clifford Sil'ton. .Minuter of
the Inlei-inr: .Major W:iMi and p.-irly,
.-u-rived on tb-liivei'l Nn. 1 Haiti Thuis-
d.-iy evening, unci a Mail interviewer
at once liti.-irdi'il the privuSeoar.-nid gi.1
.-in interview with the ai inkier. ,!lon.
i\lr. Siflnn S-.i'ul he would
Dyea with .Major W.tl-ii
those who are at, all familiar with the
(���<~ioni.il ptiliev ol 'such radical pape'-s
as Lloyd's to .-<*<' it ondeavoi ing now lo
���jive the <jre.it. IL P. sumo knowledge
of its greatest olfspring ��� Canada. It
would not be impinper to attribute
(hi*- zeal to lliu recent visit of Sir Wilfrid Laurier to London al the .Inliile;;
Ccli-briil inn. j '
The Premier's Tour.
Hon. .1. 11, Turner, Premier of British Columbia, buys.i,Vii-l01 i;i dosp.itc-b',
left there Tut'ntl.iy morning una trip
to the Inlei-ioi-,\\ liit-h wil! occupy several weeks. How wily ! Sporlsinen 140
shooting ,-uitl fishing at, ih'e appropriate
si'11-.iius, hut ! he " open " season lor lhe
nslul e politician ir. seemingly the I-*��� * 11
Fair *���<��� tsuir. , It i-a good lime to lour.
. in, lar as 1 you know ;'it give.-, ynu Inispf 1'iec.id-
������11 ty tt> get  j vei-tising and tin opportunity In bo seen
cU'liiiileinl'.irm.itjon t'eg.udiin-flbep.'t'"-'-j.,,,- all men. ', ,
V.s anil the uuiles lo the ""1 ukon. lie J ' At Chilli wh.iok the Pi emiei is to ul-
expooied also to make fin (hei arriinge- 1 u.li(] ;, ������(",-( 1 mor's dinner." Whul 11,11 opulent s in the matter ol ..dmiiiistration, I poi-l unily !n speak about the mintage
antl lhe preserving nf I Ih- trade of Ibe j liix.    A '-'miner's  diii!i,ci" has   not.  yel,
meet. Mr. Ogilvio in   Victoria
expected    lo
ni id get
district lo   Canada.
meet. Mr. 0
much useful in formal ion.
Th<'Minister was then ,-uked about
the disputed,lands in the ntilway bell,
-i-irtirnhirly in referent-e lo'Revelstoke.
lie was told I hut (.���ori-e.sptnitleuce bud
been opened with a view of getting his
commissioner--, Messrs. Rot h well & .Mc-
Kenna, to coino here, but that .Mr. Bos-
been In;ill ti til", !i"f, it would give u
chance of be..ling (In ��� li'in-.u.iiile .ge.n-
lli-iu.--.il ile.-tl .with the uiiiu-i's li(.i>ii-*c
ntitl other questions thai l-io p*-aple
"up count.ry" '.vtuild lie pleased 1,, know
aboul. ������ '      '
While at Rev elsloke (lie Honourable
"Mr. Turner should be iulci viewed by
the Board of Trade and Iiuorpor.-ition
Committee, and* quest ion   him   closely
took   had   said   the   Minister  himself   about Hie river h/ink protection work
lit come.
* '"Yes," said Hop. Mr. Siflon, " I. too,
have had 'miiih* eorrespontlenco about
tbis'inatter, antl I will promise you to
stop olf on my rt-Uiin journey .-mil
bring Mr. .McKonua with me."
'��� When do you expect to be buck,
"Mr. Si ft on r"
"1 ciniint 'say dellniU'lv,' of ct'nrso,
but if everything goes well in, say' four
o   live wi'l'';-.1'
������Anil you will I hen make it convenient   to   a I lend   to   this'   land   mailer
lit'! I'?''
"YiH I will,'and 1   can \assurc you
t bat when 1 hav*
iked into it .-iti.1 re-
tuuieil east." that the mailer will bo set-
lied.", , "    ,
Thuliking the .Mini-let. theititet-\ iew-
i*i- sought Major Walsh, but be was   mi
.".siirroiiiitie.l wilh'frien'df and admirers
1 Inst, he could not he leached, Pei-soii-
.-illv, be isji splendid looking man of
iniddie age and look.-, like "a first class
iigbiing man."        '
The, p.u ty consisted <>r llmi. JirJ .Sil'ton, Major W.tlsb.Jildgi-Muguirc, Regis! rar Wade, A. P. Collier, Set relary
to the Minister, A. J. M.-igurn, Secret.1-
��� ry to "Major W.il-h ; Mes-is. ;>lt (���" regor
ami Noi wood, mine 1 rispeclors : Capl.
13iis>, iiicounl.iiit : Mr.' P.iiullo, a su-n-
ogrnpher; and Dr. U.-irriilhers. of lid-
iibmgh; W. F. King. Hi" colebr.-ili-d
noiinduiv Commissioner. The p.-nly i-s
a veiy jolly one and make light, of the
hardships before them this wintei;. The
"Mail acknowledges lliectnu t'esy of the
two Secret aril's, Messrs. Collier and
His Preliminary Hearing. -���
Yesterday, Henry- "Murphv bad his
preliinary hearing on the charges of
assault and' escaping from lawful ur-
re:.l*l li-foi-e F. Fruser, J. P. He (Murphy) uns 1 einamletl in both cases to tbe
n-'N't competent ymrt, of jnrisilici ion,
wl-.ich \yili be tounly court, .1 udge Form's court on October (ilh.
On the charge of escaping from lawful arrest, Constable Page deposed that
b'e called on the pri-uner to stop several,times before, he filed, and then ���did
so more with tbe intention of .scaring
than bit tin r. him.
Near North    Bend   on   Thursday-���A
Brakeir.iin Killed.
.Accidents never come alone and following the one ,-n, Xotih Hill comes
'another at. North Bend, whichoccurred
on Thursday. Advices- 1 eeeived ' slate
thai Hie boiler of engine No. 35!, hauling  a   special   freight,  exploded   from
some unknown cause. Brakeiii.iti Geo.
...    ���    ti , - ,      ,
i-ji'-oii   was  tnrow.i  over  the  oiiiiank-
meiil and received mh h 'injuries that
he died sluntlv ni'terw.uds. The
engiiieei and fil email \\ .''re M-ttlded. nnd
the locomotive was badly wrecked.
Flsoti i- a son of old \V111. Ftson recently of Enderbv but now nf Vernon. '
Do You Warn, a'Loan?.'
The Bit klieei" fn'veslmeul. .Security
and Savings , Company ha.-- fin.-ill v os-
tablisheil itself in Ifevelstoke. 'It bus
long been anxious to get a footing bete
but, the condition 01 Lilies rendered it.
useless 10 try, .Now, however, that the
registration of bind lilies i.s pi-oceediiig
so s.iti.sf.ivtoi iiy the company have, by
its agent. I). Todd Lees formed a local
directorate and .wo open foiv business.
The following is t he' list of local officers : Chairman, ,T. D. C'raliitui; Vice
Chairman, Huriy Bourne; Directors-,
"Messrs. Downie tind Coursier; Secret.-t-
ry and Trea-Mirer, T.'L. iluig. Mr. Huig
will be'glad to furnish all parfiimlai-s
of the company's loaning system , lo
any one desiring information'.
News 'of  Week from Big" Bend and
���     '      Trout Lake Districts.
i          ,
' Word has been 1 cn-lyed this week
frniii Oiotintl   Hog   B.isiu,   Big   Beiul,
that is very,cheering indeed.   It is thai
t * �� 1
(jus Lund, who is dirccf ing lhe work of
the London and Ii. C Alliance Syndicate, has the shafi down 55 feet on lh<>
Oie J3ull lead, and that tiie vein looks
well wil li gold plenty lo be seen in
.some pieces." The tjiiartz taken oul all
looks well and should givegood'rol urns.
This will give ("round Hog Basin a
new stnri, anil very likely lead to 'the
installal ion of a stamp'inill aw I wo antl
a great ileal more tlevelnpiiielil work.
Theie is no be! iei caiiip (hii.ii a free
gold 01 e while it. la.sts tuitl if tilings
work out this local camp will make a.1
name for itsoif. All work and discoveries in Big Bend this year have been
very , satisfactory, and it is a general,
oninion that next year will see) considerable uc-t ivily there.       ,   '
Ma.-on -Si Tromtily have opened up
the "Urinnnotb, "Magne!,1 Se.itlle and
Little Tube claims in ("round Hog ami
say they are very well .satisfied with
the showings.   ,
The Application Refused.,
The recent application, ii-l. threiMHolies of waler from each of tbe,springs of
Hie St. Leon Hot Springs by Win. M.'
Brown, and which' was contested hy
Mike Grady, lhe owner of the' pretni-1
ses, has been rettiv-d by J. D.' Graham,"
Water Commissioner. The evidence
was all heard by "Mr. Graham, in tbe
first place, feu warded'to Victoria, and
was returned by lhe department heie.
Mr. Grab.mi 'says that, after ;i .careful
rending of.clause 2. oi the Water Cl.tu-
se- Consolidation' Act, !S'J7,   tint   p.-ii.-i-
ITem-y Mm phy deposed Unit, on tbe i graph dealing with water gives no mention of spiings whatever, and* be t has
conie to the conclusion   that, for   want.
way down to the lock-up. Page was
causing bis luck* ill iiiis-ing, (betiaiii
ant! diil il.sti repealeilly anil veheiuent-
lv llii'i lie (.Murphy) said "vou need not
miss 11, on uiv account antl r,ui aw.iv,
Ibiukiiig Iliat.,Page's remarks w.-re *in-
Ic'iidt'd .is bints foi him to run. -His
sloi-y of the shooting iliU'yivd from lhe
const.-ibie'- in lli.il he s.-tid Page shot,
bei'oie he calletl him to slop.* o ,
Distinguished Travellers.
Sir ('buries 'Topper, Sir M.-ickeii'/.ie
Howell, antl Mr. Ashwfit I), a diieeloi
of one of t be companies in which Sir
(Iharles is interested, arrived in Revels-toko Wednesday iifleinoon ami pro-
, <-eetle<l stlulb to visit the mining properties in which tboy^ ,-u-e interestetl.
Sir ("Inn Ies Topper says it was purelv
by accident that lie arid Sir Mackenzie
met on tbe train, thai his trip was 1'nr
lhe purpose of visit ing mining properties. He .said be was amused at lhe report. I bill he was about to icsigii the
leadership of the Conservative party
and,-it iLs being given to Hon. Mr. .McDonald. He would not but feel flat tercel, however, ut the evident, anxiety uf
opponents to get him nw.-iy from bis
connection with   the   gn.-it    parly   of
which be was leader.
Sir Mackenzie Bow ell s.tjd )n's dip
bad no pulilitnl significance .ind'ilul
not na i.-di to (lb-cuss politics.' lie was
out west on pot -on.-il Iiu-iiu-;s.
Have Made a Start.
Messr-i. Reighley ami Fi-isbv have
left Htliiionton with liiiiteen pack and
.saddle noises hound fo1- J be Yukon by
the Laii d river route. They wiil piuk
ten horses with 150 pounds each and
expect to reach Peace ri\ci this fell.
They will wiutt r in roine good bunting
disi 1 ict as lar on as t he .si-itsiui will allow tliein lo push and will go on in lhe
spring. Thev arc hunter-, tr.-ipp.'is
aud pi nspec! oi-s of many yeais' experience in the u-eKt, and coini*. from Revelstoke.��� A'/vv,' l'rc:;.i. e
Couldn't Satisfy Him.
George: Washington w.-is.-i very truthful niiin .-it-cording to .'lecepted tradition, so is Arthur Dick who has returned lo Trail fiom thc 1'ig Bend country,
where lu: h.is, been for .some lime.
.While there, so be (oils die Ti.-iil Xrii:*,
he i 1 avoih'il over I hut whole country,
ami prospected it pretty thoroughly,hut
found nothing which he thought would
pay lo stake oil'.
of jurisdiction in thu-'m.iltor, In* ln'tist
decline to gi-nil W. M\ Bi own's ,-t[ipli-
eation. . ��� ,
, W. M. Brow.1 -has, of- coui-so--,- th'-*
right of appeal i'loni "Mr. Grnhain't- decision, under set-lion (i, ol llic Water
Clauses Consolidation Act.
Escape and Re-Capture.
a crested
hoy wlio w as
lIoLel .Rev.-Isloke  I'm
, Another Precinct Heard -From.
It is staled that Vite Pres'l- Sli.nigh-
IK's~y litis de.'ilii! e!v  dei-iiletl    the    ltuig
iliscti-m>(l tjut s| inn of t be (.'.P.P.. sjn,ps
and round bouse:., .-mil lb.it l'ul-.'ii'rv   is
C. Nicely, the
lecently ill tlie
ste.-ilmg money and was sei.t to Kamloops. escaped from ihe jail there last
week. He jump' d fioin a second
^���loi-ey window unci took away with
him a s-,iit of l,be jailei's clollu-t,. A
dt-st-ripliii!) of tbe boy haying 1 eon
sent e,",si and west it led 10 lu's c.-ipLnre
al North Bend this week, and he will
now lni\e to iinswer to the charge of
jail-breaking. '.Speaking of- bis esc.-ipi
the b't'iifiiicl says it is no wonder. .Just,
now there .-ire HI prisoner in the jail,
which is di-gr.-.oefiii. Thc provincial
health ant lieu itics shoultl indicl Kaui-
loo'is jail as a, public nuisance and ,1
menace to lhe health of the commuiiity.
, 'From Trout Lake City.
James Dixon returned from Revelstoke Tuesday,** but is not fooling well
by any nic-ans.
\V: H. Vickers wtis in tnw'n/ruescbiy
on his way to Revols-toko. , Mr. Vick-
ers, it is understood, will be our now
Recorder and Constable.,, Tlie appointment will be very satisfactory to. the
people of Trout Lake anr! Ferguson.
Buildings arc still-going up in every
pai I of the town, The principal ones
iiie S. Wood's piiwite lesidencoon Kel-
"ik"'Si,., lhe now printing oflice also on
Kellio St., iind ALoy,'s drug stoic -011
Victoria St. and Mr. Clink's building
on Luke Avenue.   '
Trout,'Lak'vib to liuvo a school and a
good,,one! ,d*i. McPlieison, who has
boon ctiriesponding with the .Superintendent-of Education, was notified by
lust mail thai ihp application'had(been
granted.' A niee.t ing was bold Tuesday
nnd A. Mclvenzie, S" Woods and IT.
AlcPliersou woieeiectod as -Trustees,
iviiiikc-'.s new building on Kellie St.
will bo used its ;t school for the pi (,*���,<* 11 f.
l.er: ]>.-i\,cnpoil,, a iiiiiiiiig-ui.ui from
Trail,,is hero looking up piiiperly" Tic
\isitoil 'lie Titici Fisstue, St. Elmo and-
Norlhei n "J'ticsiiiiy. If satisfactory'
tonus can bo made, be. will handle one
of those claims. He will also \ isit the
Wagner,, Abbott antl other mines 011
ibo. lime, dyke.        ' '       " ,
They are not of Revelstoke.
The Mail has a ..-nan-el with its Ka 111-
loops- coiileinpor.u ies. ' Every tough,
vag. rounder oi" olber prisoner sent
l'i mn lie 10 by t lie police in their eli'orl
in keeping tbe peace istlesc: ibed by I lie
Kalmoop.s papers as "of lieyelsloke.'"
A1 tiii.s point, where ib'-rt'is such immense travel und itisb of business,
number.- of people   11 n
lo be in.-ule the beailipiarier~ of 1
for Unit disi rict, nl, .-in o.uly ilalt
l/crln Trilmiit:
��� Co. 1
-.1/- ,
A Genuine Joiin:;'list.
The Mail was favored this week by
ti visit I'mui illicit iu'i- i-i-presenial ive
from .-i great journal, but unlike the
agent of tbe "Figaro"' lasl week, this
one was perfectly genuine .'ind a tno.il
representative journalist. His liiinie
is Roger Pocock, anil he is eonli Hinting
fil'l eon arl iclos to Lloyd's Weekly��� the
great Radical paper of London. Mr.
Pocock is an old tinier in this country;
be lost ,-t fool in the N. W. Rebellion,
followed const ruction, and was till
through Kootenay in LSDO. Deis a man
of cull ure and literary nh'liLy, and has
been "disoovoicd"' by ('hinnber's .Journal, which is in itself siillicieiit praise.
Mr. Pocock asked many ijtieslions and
look numerous notes ,-n otiud low 11 a nil
left lor (be west ou Tuesday. His ,n tides should be vol y w ell w in t It 1 e.tiling.
11,   is   interesting   as  a  result of Sir
Will 1 iJ  Lu unci's
il   to   Loudon   :il
I be'.lltlii|ee;c'i..|'c"llloi)ies it * see   I lie   /.i-iil
wilh which such..-!, well known. Kntlieul
paper as I rloyd's is enile.-ivorilig lo give
llio British Public some ';know!eilge of
one of 'ils'colonics.    It. is iii'lere-sliilg to
daily   toiiiing
nnd 'going, .'iin! -iiiue  of couisi* are  uf
Ibe '��� liolio"  oiib'i'.    Tlu-y  ure  trying,
snitie of t!|i-lli to go ibiwn (lie   liver   to
H'ls-ltunl. ami otlu-rs   who   have   been
tbeie, .-Hid ai'.' wi-'-r.  are trying to   gel
luck   to  tin-   main line; eniiseijiiei:t,ly,
! Ibi�� I..WH ll.ls t.i < Lli'l lain .1 lot   of  uii-
1 hid.!. 11 giicsi-..     \S'i)eii Jliey bn ak _  lhe
. I.iw- ' be>   "!*���   pioniplly   i-(i;inili''i    Up
1 lieu-   1 nil -eiit on lo K.llllloop-, ami (be
'   in-- of t!i"    Inl.-.i.il   c-ipil.il   '.-i.'.'s "tif
(e\ el-liii.e."      11   i s itlljie I  ii IH I   iilll.illll,
s-eetillil     week,     :s!'~> 511 :     Ihiiti ' anil lAilliloops p.'pel-s'v.iiulil do   i;--"'-l-
I sink,, justice il they ceased to llllilie
tbe general public fielieve that Revelstoke was such a very bad place by 110I-
inir lb<- .11 rival ol so many jail t';lsl,'s
from I heie. Tbey ai e "li on) Ibeic" in
lln* inteiesl ut (he peace ol Ibe coun-
ti v but not "of there."
Ore .Shipments via Revelstoke. "
Tho following  are the shipmc-uts'of
ore, via Hevelsloke, for  ibe month of
September: .
"Mine.    '"     Pounds.- Value.
Lanark     ' .   10,000 $ -1.0SO 00
Idaho 5SS,(K)0 "-"0.70(5 00
Roct- 210,11(10 '10.7S0 (K)
EiiLerprise      1-2!),000 5.117 00
Slot-ail Star '-"fiO.OOO 1-1.211 00
Meteor     .SO.COU 7.515 00
This is a spit*
I.-I2S,01K) $��2.772 (50
*ndi'l showing and will
well bear contrast" wit.b any'01 <> shipping point. It l-ept '"-cuts 71-! tons tit a
value of $120 pt ;��� ton.
Sepi'.'mbir Duiie-i.
��� I   lis
The duly collecti'd al lf-*c eAiol,
llillls (illleo in .\'.gi.-l    W.-|s    iir-i
week,  .si-iOiJ.IKJ:  fourth   we.-k,   Ij-'l K'().5i'.
Total, .-iil7'.!l.."M.
l<"nr Septeiiibi'i. the, figures   ueri
week,   :*iSiJ7,'>2; 2nd   week,   ('1*57.51:
week,  $1182.10;  HI)  week. :*i Hi.Ofl.
ml Js2/7.S7.02.
Mil   pel
���w 1 leu \ or
A Big Lumber Order.
.1. A. Mugoe. the manager of the
Kooleuay Lumber Co., Com.iplix, was
in Revelstoke this week. He ligurod on
ii 1 id secured for bis firm tbe lumber
contiuct of tbe Revelstoke Water Light
and Power Co., in all about ."-OO.OOO
feet. He lias the mill working in splendid shape, and a gootl supply of tine
t in 1 1km- to hand. Ii*' -\ ill be a hie lo put
in t be tpi.ilii ;> ol lumber for which his
company is In coming fuiium- as <iuiok-
iy as ii is wanted. The lumber w ill be
used in 'building*, diiii'is, llumes antl
ol her.piirpo.se.s-. atidWill i-i-ipiiro   m.-riiy
ililTei-eill-siy.es and i.-iH .-<-.
A '.i-iiiiiice 'iiiiuget 'li'.-.-' be.-n 1,-ikcii
I'l-oin. bVirt v-Niiie (.'i.-eek"iic:..r '.N"i -��.,-' 1 * -
Liberal Convention at Westminster.
Tbe follow ing circular has been re-
cci* ed by the Mail with a reipicst for
publication. The local Liberal association will, no doubt, lake notice of its
Will beheld in Ilie
Cm.am tic-ini? tli
KiMUAY. OC"i'OU:-:i{, .S'l'li, 1WI7.
Al HlO'Cltiik A.M.
Kur   Hit- pur-Ki-c of   ibuitiu-jlilj   or-?iiiii/.iii|j
|.| 11; Ltlier.-il ri'.rT.y.lliroiitdiotii, tin: Prtiviiii:u .Unl
tliriciissiiii; any  i-.inttei-s  utrecliiit,'   Liljonil   111-
l.t-rosl-s. ��� "'���     '      ���.'������' .   ���  .   '  '
KaclcLiliGi-al Assiii-i.-itioti  in Hit:  ri-ovincu Is
Local and Personal Briefs.
J'tof. N.iscin went   oas|, Thursday..
J. I"). Sibbald ,leaves to-cbty for
Spnkuno. , s
V\'. P.. Pease, leau-s tn-day for 11
shoi t Asil to Victoiia.
Look ill those piottv ouiufurtitblo. lit-
dv,s Jiickcls ;it  Coursid's.       , o
j'. Goiiiielle, of j\'..i!-iis|), was in town
Monday. .
W. "M. Brown left Monday for a
11 ip in Victoria.
Ten toil,', of   ci I dingo,
for Oct nl mm only.     See 11,
llobl. .I. Kb k wood of
went up to -Fish J!i*cr
win i* I be A Im,1.
W. II. Vicl*eis, the new lleooider
at Tiout, L.'ike Cily, li'i'l for Ids place
of duly ou .Monday.
.1. A. .Muni was liens Tuesday aud
speaks -civ highly of tlio Abboil
Croup strike.
Ke-.oi.il of lln- luuids employed on
llio Ii'iim'icIi Cicek Con pair's work
ciiiue down Tuesday.
That Lady in (be stylish | erfect fitting costiinie niiicli: her selection at
Coursier's. <>
Fred Fi.iser, -J.P., bus been ga/etted
clerk and ruining icicoidor in ibe ollice
of tb<* --overiinieiit agent ul I!o.\ elsloke.
C. 15. McLean iiuned bis efl'ecls
from bis old lo bis "rw icsideiice
Thursday.      -
A four foot seam of con I bus been
struck at   Kamloops.
.]. |>. I'.oyl and T. W. I lain returned
from Fi.sli I",her lust Satuid.-iy. .1. J).
stuick out foi tlio HtMid Tuesday, and
Tom is'in town carpentering.     .;
Two- geiilleiiieii, ollieors   of   tlie Oth
f.llt;!!- Lll.1Gi-.a1   A SSIl'.-I.IHOIl    111   UK:   |-ru> im;u li)  I ���'  ���  "     rs . .     ,' ���,;���������
i-<|i|..-:ti.-tl to fiend' (lolegiitc-ji us .previously nr-     t],-)}'<rtu,l\  ' I'lliil'ds    illici   . Jll-Sl
iiiiU'i'il    tor.'  ,  i.ibe.V-ii^ '   l(.-illl.llt  ' ill   liil-.lllll.lOH      .,      '""     I I
>\ li.-.r
. iJiuAc-."'iiij>'s.
L-.lenu   A.,:sii.;i.i!.;..iis-.|(i  unl. ,i.;xi��!.. uru ! iSee.llln'l<'rilliu<l, '.Tlid'iil,   iWOIC-     in
yitoiii-'t ���:, .-.|tti:.'-.ji.iiiiil tiii.e 1,111-1 iii llic; j 'J-j,(lrMlu v, looking   for   placer   proposi-
1 I'l Hi I-
lions.    They    visit ed    the     hydraulic
works of llio. Revelstoke Co. -
Swiin Anderson was in town yes-
teidity.   '
Judge Foi in caine 111 from tbe west
jvstoiduy iiioriiiiig.
Manager' Buchanan, of the Nelson
branch of the Bank of Moiitieal, was
in town Thursday.
Mrs. Couisier left lust Saturday
with Miss Net-lands for a'short holiday
slay at Nelson,
' 81.���!."*��� will buy a nice pair of Ladies
Kid I'niton Boots at Coursier's.      o
John Skogslrom,'the gonial proprietor of the, f-*'priugs' Hotel, Albert
Cuivon, was in town Wednesday.
Mr. Diiisino.e, book keeper and clerk
for Bai r-y it lioss, paid this ollice a
pleasant call Friday evening.
Jim Dixon who has been under the
doctor's Cine for a .while past witli
pneumonia, lolurned to Tioul Lake
Monday.     ,u    ���
'" Monday was the ] lebrew Ne>v Yeai 's
l)av and consequently all the. Jewish
places of business in RevelMoke closed
tlnu. d iv. ��� -
'Tli.-il ' prescription, no matter, how,
diflictilt, will be 'accurately filled by
The McDowell-Atkins-Watsoii Co., The
Druggists.    , ��� ''**
J. E. llallon left for Kamloops Mon-
day. J lis painting is now on view al
the Cold Hill J Lot el where i I is attracting considerable* attention.   '
E.*L. Kiiiinan agtoeably surprised
bis friend's Thursday by pulling in an
appearance down town.. He had just
got'out. of hospital.
A. It. B. Heart! is.visiling the lower
country 011 business, iind "W. Phipps,
cashier, has returned from his Vancouver t rip. ��� ', '
" W. B. Mcrnnis, M.P. for Vancouver
Island, popularly known as "The Boy
Or.itor," piis'sed through Thursday
morning going to Ottawa.
' What beautiful designs and splendid heaters those stoves are at, Cour-
siei's. ' *
Mi's. TL Chapman, wife of lhe lute,
engineei; of the Kokiince who went
with C. Wright to the.'.Klondyke, is in
the hospital at Spokane sufleiing with
t phoid fe\pr.���Nelsmi,Miner.
,lnspect.(ir Z'icli. Wo ids  and ��� six.   or
seven jikmi   of   tb'c    N.W.M.P.   went
-tlii-ougli   Wediiesday en   route   to   the
Yukon.    They go to Cbilcool Pass.'    '
W. Bauer,   the,   surveyor,   ciunci   up
from Sandou Wednesday,     lie goes to
('round l]pg Basin lo survey The Lon-
iirid B.C. Alliance Syndicate's properly.
You save   wood    .-ind    trouble wilh
those, healing stoves at Couisiei-'s. ,   *
Charles Carlson, morchuiil, of Albert
Cunvc n, leoeivetl bis appointment a*,
postmaster .it that place on Thursday.
He came into town tbe same day to be
,swoi 11 in.
A. R. Clark, a C.P.R. "brakemun,
siisL-incnl some slight injuries by falling oil llio work train at Albeit Canyon Thursday. Ho was remowd to
bis home .-it Donald.
T. 10. L. Taylor, who1 is the. largest
individual shareholder in Rovekstoko
W-i.-tor, Light and Power Co., returned
yesterday from Vancouver,���'where ho
has been securing the fillings for bis
bungalow. .1
The. "kids" had holidays purl of the
week on account of' liotli touchers
being in allondauce'" at tlie- inland
Uiiiciiors' coineiilioii. School resumed
Tlmisduy.    ���   ..
Quite a few people visited the
Vernon fair this week. Miss Evans,
Miss Hazel and Mr. McTiiggurt went
Monday, F.-Jucksoii and R. Hod gins
went Tuesday, and John Hutchison on
I!uv Ieus of your grocer, silk of the.
drv gnod.s iiiuii, and hardware else-,
wlieie, lint, buy drugs fiom Tlie Mo-
Dnwcll-Alkiiis-Watson Co., The Ditig-
gisls, - *
Kngineer Ceo, Mrowii is reeovoring
nicelv fioin the ellects of bis iiijtu ies
icceived in the Notch Hill crash. lie
can gel uroinid fairly well, lie had a
narrow stpieuk llioitgl:, and on bis
f'u st 11111, ton.
A ".poiiiul train jiussed through
Moiitbty having ou lioanl M..I. lluney,
supi-riiitciiilent of Cmw's Nosl road,
Colling-* nod Sclueilier, deputy minister
of rail was s, ,-intl W. II. Armstrong,
one of lhe piincipul contractors on the
Tin: iii-viii.ktokkcitv DiiiKcvroitY and
Map of Townsite is now in the pi inters' bunds mid will be out shortly.
If you have not already taken advertising space communicate, with 11.
Pat in Petti piece, Herald ollice.        v*
Citpt. Estubtooks, of the steamer
W. Hiinter was in town Tuesday. He
says tiie old boat holds ils own, and
thai New I "on*.or bus so gtown that it
would not be recoguiyed \>j those who
Iiiiao not soon it for s e time.
Haillctt litos. puck Hum of 20
animals'arrived from Sandou and w.ent
up'the. T'.e-nd Monday- it basMiei-n
.hired hy 0<l'o, Atkins to puck his by-
drauiic'plu'nt fi'op.i DuPorte to l''i<!noli
(Jre.eii. A   '
Inspector Woolley Selects a Site���The
Location Chosen is Unsuitable and
, t
Open to Many Objections���-Citizens
'    Should Protest.
The town of Revelstoke bus had  an-,'
other visit from tin* Sanitary  aiithnri-"
ties;   this   time   it 'is   dive   Philipps
Woolley's turn,   and,  it   results   in   a
change froiii-Di. Duncan's' regulations
as regards the location of the dumping
ground. \)r. Duncan I bought the dumping ground should I)*-   belo.w   tbe old
smeller;' Mr.   Woolley   has bleated   it
above lhe "cemetery on the   Big   Bend  ���
This bitter location is not a good one.
T.ie prevailing wind is norlheily ur.d
westerly and will, unless, great precautions ure taken, blow all tlie stench'
over tbe town. Then, too, the .whole'
of this refuse will have lo be carted
through every foot of the town ,lo
roach il s desl illation, and ils .presence
will not give the exact sensation said
to'* be experienced .by. tiuveller's olf
Ceylon's Isle. ' ,      " A
, Cannot (bis dumping ground he changed to some more suitable, location?
Will these refuse carts be -il!owe<l lo
carry their filthy loads from one end of
the town all through it to the other;
and this excrx day? When , will, the
people of Revelstoke rebel against such
oflicial lionsenoe. .   *
, The Colonist letpiests llio public to
look nt the enicient manner in which ,
the administration of alf airs is carried
out by department ofliciuls. For an example of (bis efficiency, of tbe excellent judgment displayed, by,what the
Colonist moans, the people, of- this
town can look uL the Health Boaftl '
nnd ils cifYieers ��� in its dealings with
Interviewed by' Board of Trade  on
River Front Protection.
' .Tho Hon. Mr. Turner arrived this
morning-mil al 11.30 a," 111. met the.
Board of Trade about the, river bank.
Coiisiilei-.-ile discussion was indulged in
and finally tbe Premier said, "1 soothe,
very gie.-it importance of Ibis work,
and sec: that we should, have definile
informal ion on il first, so as to make
no mistake ; and get 'iin exhaustive report with a view to co-operating with
the Dominion." Asked if the work
was ;i mailer of Sol',000 or so, would be -
be inclined,,lo co-operate, hesaiil,' "Yes,
be w'ould."
Farwell 'Agreements.
The position taken by the Mail last
-week re Farwell agreements, would,
in view of the information to hand this
week, seem to be correct. 'Word has
been received by u 'citizen holding
property under one of the agreements
in question that, according to the
settlement agreed oil by the two0
governments, lhe holders, of disputed
binds ch riviriif their .titles through
original 'grantees from the provinci.nl
government can obtain a Dominion
patent on executing surrenders and
delivering up Llieir deeds,, for that
put pose. *=
The proceed 11 re in this case would
appaionlly be to first apply to the
Rogistrai-Coneral who would forward
a surrender for execution. That instrument should be forwarded to
lOltuwa ,und in return a Dominion
patent wruld be issued which .vould be
registered on application.
About Redistribution.
The Colonist snys it isiiiitliorized by
the Hon. M;. Turner to deny in the
most posiiiso tonus th.it be over in ucy
sproeh delivered in the legislature or
elsewliete stiitl it was the intention of
the government to defer redistribution
until tbe I.isl moment tiefore the election of IS'N. iiiltliat atlV teport of
his remarks .-hi.-h mikes biiu appear
10 have sii state I A i.ienrieot.
This woii'd -n ik iis if tile Hon. Mr.
Turner oimteiiipl.it'-d making no new
led.s-ri'-ulinu, at :A' ; but would let
t'ntigs ���_'.* its they aie, which gives him
couti il and iiositioii      This   view    bus
bi'i'ii i.ikeu l*\" ot her journals
w *ti!d scorn to 1)0 not U li'-cly.
il is a in ,-,( iiionst roils injustice to the
Pro- iuee. ,-uid will rcsiili .seiiouslv to
the coiiimy. Indeed it is so iniquitous an iile.itb.it it can baldly be imagined the i'leinier would countenance.
it.      ]|i-  i: ���(   be so uttei k  l'.st   to nil
sense..)' lig'.ii .ki<] tcpulatioii for hon-
0111 .is t . ihsfr.utcl.'sc ibis Imciini for
tlii' ske I.;'  ,1 litlle paltry powei.
H**ii. M'. Tu-i.e. siioti'd come out.
honest i;. .unl liix-lrili- tl.eie will be 1 e-
distribut ion' and ;a just, measure too,
Thiil would put Him in a better light,
wilh'tlio. -people, ������and evei., if he. i was
bc.'iiciMHi it, 'with posterity 11 l.so, - p,\<m-; ���������������  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  UDe iKooiena\>if!ftau  PUHLls-IlEI) KVKI.-y SATURDAY  i ,  ��������� \r-  KEVELSTOKE, B.C.,  ��������� HY���������  ATKIX.S A: JOHTli,  ' I'ClU.ISitUItn AND I'JtOl'lIIII'lOIIS.  Subscription    "Price,    $2.00    Per    Annum  iter STJilCTl-Y IN* aovaxci: ",1'S  The Ames Holden Co.'s special  "Columbia," "Vancouver,"Kootenay" should; be worn hy everybody who wants a" flrst-c.  mountain boot.  j."u( .-ifl ci- all lhe name oi Klondike  will,liei ome ,is syuoiiyiiioiis with famine, sulVci-ing ,-mtl ib-.-ttb ,is the most,  sanguine prospectors ever hoped it  would be wilh goblen foil une.  The Present   Representation Measure.  Tiie follow jug table cives 1 lie dili'er-  ent coiislii uncies in this province, the  number nl voters credited to each and  the i eprosontal ion accoi (led each in lhe  provincial legislature by tbe Redistribution Bill of 1S01:  Consl iluency.    Members.   Voters  iN  U   il  jj /-*=^^>  rfvi*:lstokf, cctobfr a, mn.  Tun citizens of ��������� Ro\cl.stoke should  haw: ;i public meeting at once to' express themselves on the neglect of thc-  ,ri*er baulc. This matter should be  taken up'immediately. The erosion  complained of is disfiguring the town,  damaging ils future and destroying  valuable property. Will it he allowed  to go on without a popular protest.,  Victoria City  Vancouver City. .  Wesl minster City  N.inaiiuo City ....  I-]-ipiimaIt    Noi tb Victoria   South  'P.\|{lia.mi*xt, should lake Lo heart  j\lr. Chamberlain's remarks on the Chinese question.' If they .-ire immoral,  unclean or undesirable immigrants they  are fit ..subjects for legislation. .The  Mongolian ministry of Britjsh Columbia however are their piotectors. See  ]iow the whole .cabinet went into lhe.  lobby for them.  Tin: Sentinel says, speaking of the  NotchiHill railway smash up, "if the  coast dailies' hud been enterprising  ''enough to Aisle in the' proper, quarters'  for" particulars of the accident,, they  would have been . cheerfully supplied,"  'The Inland Sentinel seems to be on very familiar terms with "the company,"  and it would oblige by' informing us  where the "proper quarters" are for official information on railway accidents.  ,  ��������� , ^  . Our esteemed and highly moral con-  itoinp'oi;ufy has trimmed its sails to 'a  now.biec'-e, has got a now- idol. It was  .the,"Horno-Payno Outfit," but.since it  has closed down it i.s the "Gold Fields,  of Uriiish Columbia, Ltd, the biggest  -. jliibor employing concern of North Kootenay." Lay item thick,'lest Mr. John  Grunt, who "refuses to be interviewed"  Vine] "lias no use for newspapers" should  overlook' the endeavor to please.  , Spokani: has also' got the idea of iin  * * - t  overland rem to to llio Yukon.   It it no  ���������wild   notion, however, but,   ono  which  the people of  that city   should   assist.  , The (liieot. rutin:'to  the,  Yukon   is up  the Columbia   valley   via   Revelstoke.  Such a road would he 'in   the   iniueial  ;ill tho. way.  We can udd no more to what we  h'iiM: several times said, that, Revelstoke is just the place for the coming  Opposition convention, and the town'  will no doubt welcome it.  Att'y-Cexekai". MpKivXN.v's opinion  iin clause twenty two of the Dingley  hill is very satisfactory, but will it be  allowed to remain? Diplomacy bad  no doubt something to do' with tho  opinion as well as   law, but   some pe<*-  I 1,037  :-* *i7')<"  i l.K-n  1 !'71  ,2      ..       451  , 1 :*.������)  1        ,     f>!"7<-  XorLli Nanaimo  1        '     702  South        "           1 ' '2!'l  Cowicliiiii-Alheriii  2 Aolti  Ci>mo>c..'  1 522  Wesl minster DistricL--  .Cbilliwiick Riding...... ]   , SOI  Dewdnov Riding  I 7!J5  Delia Riding   A.  1 ],i:"()  Richmond Riding  I !"51,  ,Ynle Distiict���������  '".-ist Riding "... 1     *       1,022  North  Riding  1 ffl.i  ^We'st Ritling.'.  1        ,      n00  Kotileiiitv District���������  'Bast Riding..   ..:,  1    ' <'25  ��������� .Southwest Riding _ 1 025  Northwest Ritling  1    ; 550  Lilloool District��������� '  Kasl Riding  1       '       1P0  West Riding '.. 1 12.)  Cariboo  2 -15(5  G.iss'ar  **  1 2(J<)  The iiveiage elector will not have  much diflic-ully in making up bis mind  whether this was a gerrymander  measure in a redistribution bill, says  tbe Nelson Tt'ibit.iH'. It, was the, work  of the Davie-Turner combination, and  was tbe fairest-measure of representation which they could give the people  of Ibis province without risking their  political lives. By this means a bare  majority of the elector" (hiougbout  the province were enabled to secure  over- two-thirds of the seats in the legislature. Is it any wonder that the  people demand a new redisliibulion  bill?     "   A      ' '     '     '  ��������� ������������������������������������-��������� !���������   ������CT������.   ...��������� ���������     ���������   ��������� ���������-  , Ke Speaks for Gold.  Lord Pui'rer wrote,in the Tunes on  bimettalisin and the Indian mints. He  says :' " In my opinion lhe ultimate solution of, the question will be the atlop-"  lion of the gold standard in India."  Lord lA-u-rar then proceeds to discuss  ���������the proposals of the United Slates  commissioners ami Lhe l'Yeach ginc-i-u-  in"i)l in which connection he says:���������  '���������There has beenno ofTicini M.iic-inciil  of Senator Wolcoll's pi nposals, but we  may form a shrewd gue.-.s li-oin an ';u-  ticle which appeared in Lhe National  Review for A'YugusI, Pi-nin this we  gather thai lutlia'is invited to* open-  hoi mints ill a ratio of loS to'1, which  in all probability is lln.* only i.ilio thai  would satisfy France and lhe United  Stales. This'ratio would 'mean that  the present gold value of .silver would  ha\e to be increase by 125 tier cent."  After pointing out thai various temporary panics would probably ensue  from carrying out, the proposals, I.oul  F.ii far sketches i he position of t urren-  cy in llio United States and France,  l'i nin which he concludes that iheie is  every reason in beiitn e iti tbe piesciit-  t ircuinstaiu e.s that m-it'iiei- t lit! Uin'eii  Stales mn Fiance, uo'r both united,  could possibly, by opening lie* minis,  cte.tle ,-i demand b*r silve: --iii-Ii ,it  would raise or maintain its gold v.ihe  at life i.i tin ol loiJ-oJ^-.^ii^-Juu-iin-.  t niit inue.s : --As lo 1 ndni. ' e.s.pel icfi.-c  b.-ts shown etnpbati'-aily thai llii-opou-  ing of. iu- minis would nut ere.,re t be  in,-*!, e.ss.u-y (,tlern.in<l. linb-ed. cii cimi-  st-inoe.s wt'ittld be l-'ss r',t\ tir.ible lin-te:  ioi-1 be opening of I he l-'i <-:h h ;uui tile  AmeriL.ui mints- would < t er.te a ,-..:i.petition which.'possiiil*.. i-.-peci.i'ly if.ihe  Iiub.in mutts wen- npeii in cold*, wi-ii'i'.  tint only pri'"."t*l -i! ve;-t"r otn ilnu in_- toj   lllillil.btil  woilltl ;,!s,i,-tUi.-ti ( sijv-r fi-iitn ���������     r\  India,,-.-.illjit-.^  ,tn   excoi I   ir.   "���������"iii-opc. j /"*\.  With the bargains we arcpffering" in all kinds of  Stationery and Office .Supplies; Writing" Inks, Copying  Inks, Mucilage and Blank Books. The latest , newspapers always in stock.     Also  A'complete line of Pure Drugs, Chemicals, and  Potographers' Supplies. Bring along your prescriptions  and have them accurately compounded. ~^~  CANADA DRUG & BOOK 00. Ltd.  CHAS. R. 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"   \  Tlie Pioneer Hotel of the Pioneer  camp of West Kootenay."   ,  Good rooms, newly furnished.'  '*-      -    '- ' ^Bcst table in town  Choicest Liquors and Cigars'. t   Commercial Room.  *aT*s w ,o S2.        t J; RICHARDSON, Prop '',  FOR SALE���������A (in.iiitilj- nl" hidil. -joon.l li.uitl  ���������    Steul It.iiK  d.R.HULL&CO.  Wholesale    arid   Retail  Purveyors of Hio*h-classlvMtts.  t  REVELSTOKE, E.G.  All orders in our line *vill be- promptly  '  all cutlet I to.  n*������f rcosvs Tflswfl-tf  J. J. foley; b  Proprietor  -ARROWHEAD, B.G.-  ,This hotel has been re-built  and'^reatly enlarged.     It is newly  furnished ihroughout 'and 'affords   every convenience  to guests.    Jt   is   beautifully situated   over-,  ,    \      locking* Upper Arrow Lake, and; is *-*���������,.,  located most conveniently fo r-iilway dc]50t and steamer landing"   R.-iles. S-1 lo ������*2 per day   ^  ifo-"  ' III  FRANK VANDALL, Proi-riltor.  ^Revelstoke, B.G.���������  McNEIL  There is ai'ul.ii".-  i *.-h:. it, i-,   u.iriijv im.  probable tlial any <Jip|.iiiu-iit- or i>-iri-<- j  liiiive ,t.r-|-iiiiL:i'li:-*i * - i-oiud lever-***- Lhe j  tencient y ot ; in- -a i.i id f.,;- ; It.- |,,i-i.i,tn ,  buutb'-il \c.i-* ti> make l- *!���������! lb" -i.-titl-;  iirdtif v.'tlne. 'rhci'bi-.'bs|, -icntib' id'ipl-'  ed it in spite oi" ih- L'o*"t-im--!il. J' ���������- Haircut, 25c: Br.tb, S0c; Six" Shaving  inucb moie 1-kciy tiui'il..- An.ir.'.ui! ' Tickets for Si.00.  ���������aukei-and ue'ichatil- \<i!i  iir.iniie in !   . . _         , BAHBER SHOP /J^D 3ATH XiOOM.  Front Sireei, Uevelstoki;:  ,       ... ,, ,.   , , . make their dealiii-j-on ,j j-ojt! h.i-:-..u.| i ,       , _ ,  pie will not  allow   cliplom.iey to stand j Uiu.-evad.-^be I..u  wlmii   i,-!*..-   -i!,-i i p     L. JOHNSON,  "fir  in the wav cjf sollish inteiests.   11 docs i a" :"'i,il-,f;i1 '-f'''"l m'Iii*-.    Ii    i-   .timo-! j  i-i-i-i.im thai lino  \\:!i i.<,-iu   >ii  .,i-.e  nf ]  not liintti-f to -"uiiifl inlei-estetl    rail-*- ,iy    ijir ���������-������������������ "si.������tit������ii.iI <le,i1i(i*i- ; nnd ii   i-    -, t i y  inag.iate.s in the   Stales   whether   ���������-���������������������- | ^h^n^rnVK-lVM?'!./" UM '���������*'-'" ������l-l,,,,������-; Walrcutanrl -.ha������"GOc. Lttia,:-   oliiuhc it* *'iif(ir-<:-'"!   would   h.-ne cieat- ti j   . j  ^-^ Com for;, iblc. Parlors.  I rouble and trieiion with tr.idi.*   i.o'nh- | Hriti^h Cdlllliibia nnd  Olii.'ili*  Luis, llii-v iiiiinI hii'.e tb*- dollar  I  Rf.v ).r,\iiii%i, S'i.\ti'.?.-. I'.'J.  Oj*i--j*i:������!' Hri)-< Kron,.  J. :Mnioliisen k G&,  (Opposite.Government Offit-c,)  Groceries, Feed, Fruit, always  fresh rind full stock.  Best Table in Town, Well ��������� Ftrasliefi -Roeiiis-  Ihoioest Wines, - Liquors and' -Cigars,  ���������Everything Strictly Pirst-Class;  Terms $2' per day.  Kamloops Peer on Draught  MEW STORE.     ,  Short   Accounts  ���������ntw STn,w  It May 13e Nectssnry.  I 'I'l.I'  'I l>l nil,.I   fl 'ill/I    -11     I    I ,-,-l-|,l   ,||  I ||   |l<  I  illl  till    IIjIIIIIil-1 >!���������-'. i  Inplll.'lll .,|   lie' Ul     ',  I  pl.tlll-- n'l!   Ih.lt   lln-     pit.ij.icl   nt    IJliltdi  A'j.'JAYKK.y,  FLEMING & HAMILTON  L  LIVERY, EXPRESS  AND DRAYING.  A K lnud iki- fm ii iiu- l'u ml   u ill (iioliii- i f'iiluiui *,i foi- I-''7 pi i.iiii-,-*- i ������������������ I,.-.;,, .1,!  I.Iy be i.in* ui'  l In- epi-ntli--. nt' tbi-  w i:,. i tb.i' ol'   '.������;, in -[-:t.   <,|   l',..  w ,i I 1,,.|,|  ti o\\  M.'U  WA. -'I  J  I ,.,,,,., ,.f i-  o  HID  Mm Mouse, will  J. ALmfiKT STOTilR, Puoi'imktoh.  lining' Room js flirriisheil witli tho best the  Market "affords.'  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS. ''   k .  "���������:\rrur[y ,���������"vsi^,;��������� ;l!'",'i'l:H;Ao^i,^::ri^,-:I!r;;;l;':^,,,:;:,,,!, ;���������:: ������������.��������������������������������� Bn������:,���������c.':'*������.;-;���������������;;' ������i*���������������Ht.Headfjuariora top stove wood   i... . -.,       ....    i     1 ....:....    , i...         . . ',,    , ,      '.        -    I ' I  cm-, llic ^'iM-   of   bow    h.n nuviii^   tlii'jii   -.ly*,   tie-   ��������� ul put    ���������-,)[    l.c   i| ../l.iii,'., i  plliitot,'l;tp'bic    l-epl-i---elil.it ion-    nl"    llifl J'i'.h'Iv,     Our ml ii.-i ,t i   i--,|i.,t'-   w i!i    !������������������  1 I be .iliin/.i-iiieiil   nl" [ ii"  u i i III    i ' ,-i i   I.,' j  lln- e,uil i .1'  I hi - i i-iil tii-i , '  hiilVei iliK- nf  I In' ^i.ld-.i-1-lsi-i--, il  will   he.  in v.-dn to try lnifi-l. b|i'-.ul    mid   li u-on  J*  ' >l   ( Illl.i I in,   I le- (i lolie  -,i 1 -.    |l    |>t ,   in,  up (be Yukon.     \o iii.itMer bow ilium- ! i-c-to he ,i hi.i u\ il ,,f |{,i'i| .|| ( ,,1,,,., ���������*, \ -     |������i!f.),I,'U   ! I \ f! V l;\. I- '   ���������  ibint   our   pro^pm ils , wc   cniiioi   -"ii/l I ''lu .o- ,i   ^'ultl   di'i-iIik *-i,   .n,*l  ,i[l li,,*,., i, , 1, \   ,.     .-,-.,   ,  ���������.      ,_, /,   . ,  ,i   ...    n  Ibe   Ibou.-iiiitl-   ol'   Ions   ol    proNi-io.c.    ];'���������[ \\', "\'};xrU"!> "A;. '"V':'."1."i,!'  '  \: . W-.n ������������������, I ..,,, ,���������������,,,��������� I   I  K(  \ c  -uoK'c St.ilinn, 1'i.Cl.  i   t!    H k������������  1  ���������jann  Ul  .Ibid m,ij- lie   i)i-"fli-.l over I be   Cliib ool  IJ,i--i   in    I'Vlu iiiit-v      Tin ou^boul    lln-  i������.yr  ���������i n if i,  '."I-   I'be   Hull i.i.i,    i-'iile,.    Mil ,e|,,    ���������[,il j  S,uv fill! ,ill |.),,, A ii ,i  .; I Im ii ,i,   yolil   it  !  i  ^  sumnici-  minei--  cvpci iem ecl   in  tln*-.e    t.be r.iie ol  sl-'K d j,,-,   ,|i\ :  i\ hei * ,i-.. ,, I I  A t el ie rcglon^/ufil Ibe (loveriuiieul il-  helf b.ive wm u'eil Ibe ><obl ht-cker-. ol'  I be pei il������ ibey iiiciiri ed in I��������� -1 v 11������j_c for  N'oi-I hern Abisk;:. I hi-, -'-le-o'ii. Iiiil, Ibe  e. ,-ii-iiiii*^-, biiv'f bel-ii .sen) ti'-tl, mid ,il-  reiidy lhe l,itliil<^>- be^jin lo lencll il<. ol  I l)(iu*-.iii<l-( of men without pi ovinioii-,  or uuiiicy lo buy Ibem if I bey wi-n- lo  be li.-ul, who liiilT clolbetl iind sbi-llct--  les-- will ill il few (l.iys be^ili lo expeil-  eilce I be fir.-l lidi-i oi-> ol nu A 11 I it- wi li-  l<-r. The New York Tribiiiicju-tlv rs.iy-*  Ib.-il ���������.eltltiiii biivti llio in ili-i-nil-, fit  ���������viiiilesiile l;ivif*-cily be<;u iiiore .siit-e|y.  ���������<nl beri'tl niitl (lisposetl lo deadlier ,-id-  vii.nliijie l.biin t.bisycii. ou iJiiviipjier  Y11 kill I.     All lllill   ('ill I   be (lone ilil|'e-,c||e  t'be  lie^iiiiim'.f -il   lb*' pi    -,e,i(   \-   ,|.    tie-,  ���������S.lll'.in.i   \v.i--   in,   iit.lv  |ii,if|t|, ,,,.,*���������   I,,Ilie.  ,      i- ,-   ,      i i     t       ,.-���������    -i     ,i ,.       -"d ibiii, I hi.- will b-.-i.d lo iii'i.ii'ii.ioii.mni  ���������Iiii". relief .sliinibl. of .conr.-ic,   lit?, (lone.    ,|i-,| urb;i nee.  Anlifipcit**;', thu Wort.  Mi. Jub11 Dillon, M. P. .il.tl oil,, i le  i^li membi'i-. of Ibe lion-" ol ( oeei.oti-.  b.tve'i'iii ,-i men,'ii-i,il lo Mr. Ai-lbui  1 { 11 foil i. |-*-i|-i*-| int,*- ! li il |> I i-l in in cut 11"  siiiiimoih.fi In meet inuii.'ili il. !-. Ioi I in-  |llll flow. ,,|' s ,,| \)l,r, I',,|,,| |,,| | ,,,. (,.|i(.|  of li'll-llll-, ii, I|'i.|,iiii|, tvln in I lie Hi".  Mji it l.ili -I -. ,illc-;i. iii" I In e,ileii"t| \>, || h  fun i iue ,im| niin im.ii^' lo I le- t.iilm .. (,|  I be polii lo ci o;i, w i ,i I iiei- . |ini|. il u-i.i ju,  .ilifl ^ein-l.il ,1^1 i nl I. in .i i oe, i e. -|,,|i,  The llieiiie.i'iiil ;,s.,.|-|s liini,. I'd., gieiil  III ijoi-il y of the l.e'iiiiiil.-i'iii fi-e|,-iin| will  horililietl.il' I .liev'ure 'colli pel let I lo p.i.V  lilll   'I I'll.l-.    dlll'illC*-    Illl-    CO'lll il;"A-. ilil 'ei',  Oi -c>in;; *:!*  -1 ,;i;- -ti* ii  !    ",-     ������������������!.,  -let ii  ,--,.  t' I   SV'o .  I , ,   )-. ,  'P-'   '   /  III-  *'!/  ' ���������,      I ill      A i   ",      i ..}.,'���������,���������' -,  C;,ii,i,!..   !���������,'.(-.  ,*.   Ii.      C.l" I, 1.1 If III   |, it n I lilli'.itj. ll.  inV-  ASSiYSE*  '%&     di  \      Or -7  \%?oi'.^'w  ���������Ctii'iiiiiiiiMiiii-tl!!  ���������FRED.-M, WELLS, Mini: I-:>:amini;i-.  r. ivicbapiy  Wholesale ami Retail  .. BUTCHER...  ' in: \ i.i.i: in  ��������� Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,  j Driving and Draught  1        Horses.  Rovelstoke Station, B.C.  11' you w,'i.tit ,-t ������,'nod piiino y.t.o.. !l. N".  I I,'.iiu '.sier -.'i^ent-'for ibe rii-ini/.in.'iii.    II-,  AI'.UAilA.MKON  III{.OS., Vkoi'iiihtoiis.  First-class Table   ���������   Good Beds   ���������  Fire-proof Safe  Telephone.   +   'Bus Meets all Trains.  THE  ifpcasi   w  AI.UAIIA.M,-.OX    BitOS.,  ]'i:oi'I<ii;tohs.  nvcrytliing new and [:irst=c!asg in 'Ml Respects.  ���������f lie..House is slocked with "tlie FinestWines land Cigars iii the Market  TROUT   LAES ' CIT"Y",   2B.C.' THE KOOTENAY Ai  J\  T"T  PAGE 3-  An Important Decision.  A decision   of much 'importance   is  th.-tl of Mr. Justice  Di-iike  nt  Nelson  bAtWeek.    The tic-lion was bronchi by  K. T. n.iniel lo set. .-icicle ;i .conveyance  by the diieclo'-s of the Gold Hill   Min-  ]'!)<-��������� Co. lo K. J. Doneen,   n   In-other of  one of Ibe director.--.   The li-.in.-fer w.-if  imide in Wiishingtnn undet    iiutborily  Kiven lo directors under tlic-Mnt ulcsol'  thiil -*Iiile.   The company Wiis register-  eel in   British   Columbia as   n  foiei.u-n  ctnup.-iny, and by Ibe law's of this   province it, requires i general .special meeting  of   -itockholtleo,' i-epresenling   al  Icistijd-" in value of I be paid-up capital  stock of tbecoi-por.-itioii. In this case th-j  ,   lhe properly sold for "|; 1,230   in    Washington, tuid testimony introduced went  Lo show t hat the actu.-il   market   value  of Lliu properly,was about, $3,000.    "Mr.  Justice Di-iike siiid thill Hit:   price  pai.I  was so inadequate as lo'shcm' collu.sive  .iri-angeinC'iit between tbe tli roc tors ami  Doneen.   The case hinged largely upon  whether property owned byforeign (*os.  in British Columbia, was con trolledunder the laws of the - counti y   iii   which  ' the company was tn-g;iui/.etl or the l.-i ws  of British Columbia. This decision  would indie-ill' that .operations of all  foreign companies nm.-t be governed by  1 li. C. Statutes.       "       , .,   ������  '"HI  :\ THAT YOUR NAME  Occupation,    residence   and  advertisement appears in the  City Directory and  Map  of Townsite ....  now being" compiled by R. P.  PiiTTiPiKCK. This will be tlie  , first complete,, directory of  Revelstoke ever, published.  It will contain the. names of  all the male residents, of age,  their occupation and place of  residence, a,write-up of the  town���������its'location, resources,  business houses, commercial  importance. " '"  Issued    annually,;     1,000  copies,    ist   edition   on    or,  about   October    ist.      Subscription price      50     cents  Address : , .  City Directory,' Revelstoke, ,B.C.  We I?aVe a   '  Good Supply of . . .  building material  ��������� and: lumber.  Cut Rates for Spot Cash.  _  Call and see us, We can fix you.  . - -������������������  REVELSTOKE   SAWMILL,  Revelstoke   Station,   B.C.  PI CARD,'  Contractor   aud Builder.  LIMITED LIABILITY.  ..taraC*  Plans ancl  Specifications prepared on  short notice.  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  An'Authority Speaks.  The calculations of, the- Hungarian  "Minister of Agriculture a** to tbe wheal  ci op of tbe world are made with great  on re and tire looked forwaid Lo every  year as tin aulboriLativij contribution  Lo tbe cjuestion a* to >vbat the price  of wheat is likely lo be. This year's estimate describes tbe worbPs wheal  crop us being "extraordinarily light."'  There will be a "shortage" of SO.SO'J,-  (XX) hundred weights of wheat in the  world's biirvest as compared 'with lhe  world's demand.  Big" Bridges.  COMMEEOIAL HOTEL  , - Corner of Hastings and Cambie Streets,  '   ' ' VANCOUVER,  B. C.  ������������i-������������iiiTn*Wi  ALL KINDS OF.  COMAPLIX, B.C.;  ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER.  At the Company's Store is carried a Full Stock of General  Merchandise :'   Miner;' Supplies and Outfits aldose rates.  P.O.i/ArtliciwiIliAD.  TKI.KCiKAPII TO COMAPLIX.  The Company's S.S. *'LARDEAU " connects with nil O.P.H. trains ami sleainois, and makes daily  (rips between Arrowhead and Comaplix iind'Thomson's Landing. , Communication is thus t-^tiil'ilisbed will)  .-ill points in the Larde;ui, Trout'Luke and Fish Creek distiicls.  The Company's tug "ARCHER!' is ready lo enter into Lowing'iind freighting cont raets.  The Townsite of COMAPLIX i.s being surveyed and will .shortly be placed on the market. Comaplix  is (he outfitting p'oinl itiitl headquarter-- for lhe Lai-dean and Fish Crook distriots now being opened up. Il  occupies a beautiful sitiintion, high and diy, on the N*.It!, arm of Upper Arrow Lake, eight miles from Arrowhead.    Deep water for vessels all tbe year round.    Good hotel accommodation.  ���������    *     ���������       '   r    R. TAPPING, Agent for RevelstokeJ  Equipped   wi(b���������J-*levatoi-,   Electric Bells,  modern   improvements.  Rates $2 per day.  Ilea tod   with   hot' water,  and .-ill  ,G; THOMAS, Puopkiktor.  FOR  LARDEAU AND TROUT LAKE.  'O  Tbe longest bridge in the world is  that ovet'-tbe Tay, in Scotland, which is,  9,GD0 feet long; and tbe next longest is  Adso in Greal Biilain, that over tbe  Eirtb of Forth,"which is 5,552 foot in  length. The following t.i.ile gives the  lengths of tin- principal bridges in various countries i-T.iy, Great .Britiiin,  !),G!K) feet ; F.-rib, lire.it Britain,- 5,552  feet: iMot-rdycl;, Holland, -1.S20 feet;  Volga,- Russia, 1,715 feet; Weicbsel,  Germany, 1,340 feet : Tboen, Germany,  ���������1,172 feet; Grandez! Jilhe. States. 3,5Su  iei-i-;''��������� Brooklyn, Gulled Stales, ��������� 1,001  feet: The  g:-i*aiesl' -single  spun of the  1 Forth bridge is iSi") loot; ol. Ibe Elbe  bridge, 1,378,feel: iind oi tbci East River bridge.' 1,001 t'e.el between the tower.-.      ' '      ��������� i. i   ...  Ol  ���������    ,'    England's Butter .Supply.  England imports about 570,000,000  worth of butter annually. A good  deal of this is .idullor.ilocl. Tbe Board  of CnsLoms has recently been lest ing  the purity of the butter <>��������� tainc-d from  different countries. Of tbe samples  tesl.ed Holland showed an atlultei-alit.il  of -12 pei cent.*: Germany uf SO percent.;  Belgium of -0 per cent.; Denmark til  111 percent. The .samples from Canada,  United ytates, Australia, New Zealand,.  Argentina, France Sweden and ' Norway were'all pure, ll is pi oposed Lo  instil ilie an examination of imported  butter al the port obeiilry.  DAILY STAGE LINE: Thomson's Landing to Trout  ,   Lake City and Ferguson.  Stage loaves Thomson's,every morning, at/7 o'clock, for Trout   Lake   City   and  Ferguson; returning, leaves those places at 2 p.m.  , FREIGHTING AND TEAMING.  Good freight' warehouses and quick dispatch.    For all information about tians-  portntion or hauling in Lardeuu and Trout Lake write  CRAIG & HILLMAN,  ��������� ��������� '���������     *        Thomson's Landing, B.C.  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  <-i  KAMLOOPS, B.C.      ���������  Best of everything going.-  RUSSELL   &.   HEROD,   Prop's.  IMPERIAL   BANK  OF  CANADA.  Capital Authorized,' !   S2,000,000  Capital Paid-up, -   -- -      1,963,600 .  Rest, ----'---       1,156,800  IP.   LEAKE,   IMIIEL;  ' Mining Engineer and Metallurgist ���������-.  -REVELSTOKE AND GOLDEN B.C.���������  Assays on Hold and Silver.  Analysis of All Metals made at lowest pates.  Prompt  ancl   Correct' Results   Guaranteed.1    Reports made orir properties,  etc.    Give mo a call.  j.ji<Tj.g?WL.'tuiuji^?ai  iwgjumaampgi.vj's  *n'<t"ii'"Ly i"*" I  cDIRECTORS:-, .,  H. S. ROWLAND,     - ��������� ", -       President.  T. R. MERRITT,    -    -   . Vice-President.  William Ramsay. Hugh Ryan. Robert ���������  Jaffray.   T. Sutherland Stayncr.  Head Office,.   -    -    TORONTO.  D. R.WILKIE; General Manager.'  BRANCHES IN ONTARIO :  Essex, Fergus, Gait, IiiRCrsoll, Ni.ipara Falls,  Port Culboi-iie. Hat. Porta-je. St. t'iitliarincs,.  Smill Ste. Marie, St. Thomas, Wulland,.  "Woodstock. ' -  fOor. "Wellington St. and Lender Lune  TonosTO-j Yon-jo and yucen Sts. Ilrant-li.  \.Yomje and Moor St.s.'Branch. 1  BRANCHES IN NORTH-WEST:  p*e  La   Prairie.   Miiii.  Prince   Albert, > Sask.  The   present   centre, and future  headquarters for  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.,  ThcHazleton Shooting.  Tbe Cc'ronci's. jut y whieli invcbti-  gitleil tbe dentil of tbe sli-iLing miners  .-it Luttinier, b.-tve i-entlt-red the t'ollow-  iiiLr vcM-diet: "Tbal fioin lb*! circumstances of tin'' case, and tbe-evidence  (���������llierc'd, tbe i-.-iicl (."lenient "Plalocl-* unci  dtb.t'i-s (������������������line to llieir di-alb by yuiisboL  wound-sAm Sept. lOlb, at Ibe bands of-  yiu'i'iil' .las. iMiirtin .-unl ,liih tlep'olies,  .���������md in ibis we, I b'e jury, do .-ill ague,-  'iind we tin luttber miv "Ib.-it lln; .said  (Jlciiicnl Pliitoi-l-", will) others, uns  iii.-irc-liiiig peiic'ciibly itml niitit-nied on  public liiyliwny, unci tbittlbc-y were in-  ti'i-eepLi'il by tbe sititt Sberill iMiirtin  .-incl hi-* deputies ;uid nii'i-c-ilessly sbol  In di'iilb ; .-ind ������'t- dn' lnrlber find ibitl  the killing w.-ts .itineci'ss.-ii y.'.-ind t-niild  biive lii-ei) iivoidi'cl witboul , serious  injury to cither pel sun nr properly;  ,-iiitl we Iind linitlly-tbitt the killing w.-ts  wiiiiloii .iintl iiiijn-.lin.ible." The jury  siiiod Liiii- I'oi iind two tigniiist lhe  vertlit L.  Believers in Omens.  M. Zulu, ibegi'e.tl Kri'iich novelist, is  eiiib.-ii-r.issi'tl in tlle'l rivi.-il detnils til' bis  tlnily lil'c" by ;i bo-tl ol' supei-.-titions  I't'.-irs ii ml ii bi'liel' in (pitid ,-nitl evil  (iiiiens. Thc niiitibi-r 17, I'or instanc e,  su-^nesl.- to the disciple nl' re.-ilisni nil  sorts of evil. While iiin-,1 people i e-  Karcl I'.i ji-5 uiiluckv, In, M. Zulu, 17, or  ,-uiy combination ol' lijrures llial fools  up Llial iiiniiiint is lillctl with dire portent. When he was inn over by a P.-t-  lisi.iu c.-ib i-eeenlly, be was not surprised to lt-.irn thiil its iiiiinber wns eif^bly-  nine. liigblitiiil nine inalce sc-vi'iilcen.  lie will uiidei-l.iike no all'iiir ol' iiiipor-  tiiiiceoii the JVlli of I be inoiilh.  IOUT  CITY  Whoat is Rushing.  (Jiiinpliiiiits .'ire 'iHiiiit'i'iiiis il. Ibe IN.  W. T. nnd jM.-iiiilobii on lhe slitnlnj-e  of curs lo I l'itli-.poi-l, Ilie u'hciil f l up.  Thc (!. I'. 1*. ������������������-���������.��������� iy Ibcy mi1 iloin-< everything lo reiiiove Llic iji (--.siii-i! .-md as  they dill :io! .'illl icip.il (' Mich cliui iiiotis  .slii|iuii-iiis ->o c.-ii ly iii ibe yenr tiii'V  b.ive caused sonic ilit oli\ enieticc. All  Ibe c.iis I b.-il t-.-in .ire bi'in*^ pushed I'or-  Wiiltl. Aliinil, twice tin* aint'iii.t ol  wbcitl, sbippi-il in '..'(i is now'liciii-; I'or-  Wiii-tb-il. I'l-iccs cont iime I.e.j improve,,  ill I il   the   liliiubci-   of bli.-hcls   sl'ol-i-'.l    is  '(���������I'lOI'IIIIIII.S.   '   "   .       ','���������"..  It is the centre of the La,r-  i i  deau mining district.  It will have railways to  the north and south.  Its climate is superb.  -    i  It has plenty of building  timber and a sawmill  in operation providing  lumber at reasonable  prices on the spot.  Its    lake    aftprds    exceptionally good trout  ��������� fishing.  It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely  clear title.  ROUT LAKE CITY  is reached by rail 'from'  Revelstoke lo Arrowhead, 2S miles ; ihence  by steamer, icmiles, to'Thomson's Landing; and a short  stage of 12 miles ; the entire  journey occupying" only 6 hours  throuoh" magnificent mountain  and lake scenery.  Well-known     mining     promoters and  capitalists  already  have their   representatives   on'  the   ground,   and   it <- is     no  boomer's'dream to say that before another six months Trout  La'ck Citv will  be a bustling-  centre of-bnsiness and the principal town in this treasure-1 ad en  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction    for   thc   best .'mining  enterprise,    skill,. and    capital  which   British    Columbia-   has  magnetized within her borders.  -The climate and'soil of the  district are all   that   could   be  ; desired by tlie rancher, gardener  |or   fruit    grower    for    whose  J products a profitable and rapid-  |ly  increasing   market   exists;  I whilst  to   the   sportsmen    the  neighborhood affords game in  plenty.  The accommodation includes  good hotels, stores, post'office,  recording office, butcher shop  and many private residences.  Building operations are in  full progress1, and the establishment of the .sawmill will tend  still more  to enhance  the   im-  Hraiidon,   Man.  ���������   Portai  Cal-jnry, "Allierla,  .Kdiiionion, Altn.   Winiiiiie-j. Man.  '      BRITISH COLUMBIA:  Vancouver.      ....        llovelstoko.  The Kootenay Smelting  J ' i     i        ��������� i ' ^  & Trading Co. Ltd.  AGENTSV'  London, Exc... Lloyd's Hank, Ltd.  Hank of Montreal.  N"i:w Yohk,  A general banking business transacted.  Bonds and debentures bought and sold.  A. R. B. HEARN, Manager, Revelstoke.  A number of lots centrally located  in their Townsite  The central point of  TIIE  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  . FROM REVELSTOKE ������-���������"  To all'Points East and West.  mediate growth  town.  of this  rising  PSICES   OIT   LOTS.  Inside, $100; payable $33.33 down, $33.33 in "��������� months, $33.33  /        ' in 6 months.  Corners, $150; payable $50 down, $50 in 3 months,   $50   in   6  months.  (These prices are for a short time only.)  11Al-Ci, 'Ri-;Vi-;i.si'OKT,..-General /Agent. .������������������.-''.'  11 M.TI1!' RSOX. Trokt Lak'-k.City.'  re  ���������^i'iiderit Age.nl.-  THROUGH TICKETS'TO  V.-i.iit-iiiiver, \*Vinni|)c*;, SI. Pnul, (11.ic-  iiKii, Montre.-il, Toronto, iVl-w York.  First-class dining-and sleeping-  cars ou all trains. _  Tliroiif-li Tdiirihl fives tti St..'1 'miI dltily, iiikI'Io  Tiii-iinlti iivtiry Mniid.'iy, and Montreal and  Hoslini every'I'llnn-itlay.  riii-(-lm-.ull-'l~cl������ l.t) your destination  and  have  your Iiukkii---; elit;eki-il i.Iii-iiiikIi,  J*'or full infoi-iiiiitliin its to riili-s, time, do., ap-  lilv lo nciii-c'.l, I', I'.It. AkciiI. Io.  T. \V. DliADSII.WV, ,\-,'t'ii(. lii-vi'lsloki;,  Oi-ln    I-:. .1. COYIJ'",  Ilisli-lol.l'.eisi'iiKi-r Audit, Vinirolivor.  The - Canadian - Paoifie  Steamship Co.'s  - STEAMERS  NAKUSr-   and   KOOTENAY  Leave  Ai-riiwin-nil uvoi-y  ilny. cxi-ciil Kniiilny  for    all   -inliil-.    in    Iviii'ilcii.-iy,     iimkliiK  ooiinui'lloil    nt,    Nul:iih|i    for    all    point.-),  on NiiIciin|i ami Hliii-.m Iiy. nnd SIol-iiii Lake.  ("Iom: cuinn.'elIon at. Ilolmtin  for Nelson,  ICitslo,  Unlfoiir, I'ilot Cay.  Close u miiuelliiii ut. 'I'i-iiII for  Itossliuiil, Norili-  piii-t and all piilnls sonlli.  l*'or full informiilioii, liekcifs,  inuiw. etc., call  on or itildi-os-t  T. W. BRADS HAW,  AkciiI, Itcvelhlokt;.  Orlo  ir. jMAcfiituddir,       io.,i. coy i.i*:,,  '1'ni.v, I'list. Akc-iiI. I'M. I'll*--". AkciiiI.  NiiNiiii, H.(!. Viiuoinivor, I I.U.  TH  KOOTENAY.  B^.-S"3T   TE]S,3VCS.  T. L. HAIG,     "  Resident Agent,  ;       RKVELSTOKK  B.C.  t: j. lendrum,   ,.  Trustee,  ���������     AINSWORTH. B.C  Owing to the erosion of the river bank the company find it  necessary to dispose of their smelting buildings, furnaces,  90 h.p. engine and boiler, and 30 h.p. boiler.*1 The .whole  will be sold in part or,en bloc.     Inquire of above.  Columbia & Western Ry.  Time T.ililo No. (i.  To lake oll'ci l ,1 illy .",  1M>7.  Uitily Ik'lAvecii Triiil nnd lti)--.luii(l.  Xo. (J i if-scni'iT leaves Itcs'.l.iutl   -   ���������   7:*it) a.m.  ('(iiiih.cIk v. illi sit inner nl- Tinil.  Nn. I! pii-v-iiKt-i'  It lives Tiu'l    -   -   -   1:1.1 n.in.  Conni-i.ls wild ltd] -\IoiiiiKiiii fur Spiikane.  No. 2 pnssi'ii-;i:r leaves IJii-sl.-ind    -   ���������     II   ii.m.  Coiilieets with C.l'.lt. sl*-ain*'i-. fur noitli.  Nu. I piisseiincr leaves Trull    -    -    ��������� IJ:*') p.m.  ("oinioi'ts willi U.J'.li. htcitiueis fioin norili.  No. I pnsseiiKer leaves 1,'iissliiuil    -   ���������   Il'.OO p.m.  ('tiniiei.'ls with I'cd Moniitain for .Simkiine.  No. .1 I'las-icii-tor li lives -Trail.    -   -,-   .ii-lii p.m.'  C'oiiiiee.ls v.'llli sleuiiii.M' l.yllcn lit Trull,  (icnerii'l Oliiees: )���������'. 1'. V. (."TKIIUS.  Tinil. jt, (,',  . (it.'iii-.rii.l Supt.  ABSOLUTELY FREE ! !  CJVEN-AWAY MONTHLY  As ii preniiiini (ti users,nf our  . ^^. SOAPE1.  Ri-liirn tin-( oii|ioiis-til the oi nl (if e.-icl  inont b .-md stiinil-ii c-biiiicc ol' v. iiiiAn..  I.bis lic'iulilnl iii.-icbiiii'.  Each   25c.  Ear   entitles  you to one coupon.  Any of our various brands count  in this competition.  No bcllci" GCAP on the market.  FIND-LEY ;& CO.   STANDARD   SOAP....WORKS,  !,st��������� vaacguvkr, b.c; .- :  0 0  lasting  im PA'.'.K a  r\'lUi KOOTENAY .MAiL.  t������> +.        Kootenay Lcrig-e  #^    ,-s.    *-/&'*   No.l5A.F.d*A.f-:.  *    *   The rcKiil.ir i'i< ctiiitf  ..���������----_-���������'"""""'       are held tn the M.A |  __, ^Ai^-_-TA^\       onn Ti'iii]>li-.l!oinr.iA-  ������������5������Srf$0W&^U^\   on   the   lli.-o  ������������������fS^Mmt.d&^A "M o n cl a j    in    e.u I,  ~-53>^ \~S* uici".' -i   at   8   p.   in  XL~~i;rV<^-    YisiHiig    hrel Ill-en  ������i=^=��������� iiu-di.illy welt on.id.  IJ. I-:. S.MYTJIK. !5i:cui T.\v.\\  RSVELSTORE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  ^V/vr He-ctil.ti-nicctintrs are In Id  Ssj&J-vg    in Oil.lfellows- H.ill eit-i-j  _    "IFjJjjk "''liiii"stl.i>"  ni;,'hl   at   eiKhl  ������j"~S"vj^fe!������A������^;"������? o'clock.   Visiling In ol lu t-s  Ptr-^j^OvA^-y'^} ordially w-fleometl.  _J. A. STONK. NAG. T. .1. GIcAlIAM. Si.o.  . __   Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1G5S.  Kcfi'ilar met titles ave held in  the Odd Fellows" H.tll mi tin-  sceoiid mid fourth W'cdni.sil.ii, V,  nf t.i-;li inoiilh at 7::"'i 11.111.  Visiting lirelhren are i-ordi.tll*,  riZZrW">    .i".V.\i������Allt.   , T. .1. UltAIIAM,  W.JI.     '     llcc'Scey.  U WASH^^_ '  Your face every  morning  'and should use pure  soap  if you .would have a clear  complexion    and    smooth  ���������'skin.  We have in stock pure  white Castile in large bars  .at 50c. each.  In tablets we have a  full line,'includin'g Pears',  Colgate's,' Cashmere, Bou-  quet,, Rotter & Gallets  and Lubin's���������assorted  odors���������-Baby's Own,  "' Packer's Tar, Calvert's  Carbolic���������In fact, all thc  best soaps of the best  makers.  frDOWELL-ATkll?:WATS0N CO.  (Limited) '  ���������t���������TLhc    WVUCiQlStS   WcCarty'3    BloeJc/  Revelstoke    Station.  Gi:o.  'I'   "M M.i.r.nv,   "Mirr.  - i->vr.\ULiM:ii-:ij is.a -  .WEILER BROS.,  VICTORIA, B.C.,       -  Complete Houss Furnisliings  Largest   stock   west   of Toronto.  Write to   us   for  Prices   and   Illustrations.  T.  L.  UAH*, Notary Pum.ic*.    ��������� ' - W.  F. CKAGE.  ���������' '. .   HAIG ���������& GRAGE, - :    "  REVELSTOKE,  B. C,  <\Iinin<>" and   Real ,1-Astate   Brokers   and   general * Commission  o t -1?       '  Agents.       Fire,*   Life   and' Accident' Insiu'ance.  liepresent.tti\es of tlx? Koutenay rinielliii" iind Traclin*: Svii'licitlc.  Agents for Kevektuke and Tumi   Lake (Jit r lownsites.  For' Miners, ��������� Contractors,'  Carpenters   and 'Agri-  ciiltiirists.  .. THOS. DUNN .&��������� CO;"  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in'  Miners',   Contractors^,   blacksmith   and '    0  ' ' Ship Chaisdlsry Supplies.   Also a coinplele line of   Shelf    and     Heavy     HARDWARE./,       . -.    %'  t *��������� i , ���������      **  * . s^7zz-si5^> Carpenters'    Tools,    &c.  Jessop's Steels,  Ore Cars,  Ore Sacks,   Etc.  Picks, shovels,  spades,   forks,   hoes,   axes,   wedges,   crowbars;   hammers  and  tools   of  every  description. ' ���������  Drill steel; round, flat, band and Norway iron; saws." files, rasps, etc.  Dynamite caps, fuse. , ���������   * '  Doors, windows, building paper, paints and varnishes.  Double oven French ranges for hotels, cobkiug* and heating* stoves, granite and tinware.,  ���������' . '   ���������'      . BOURNE.-BROS,,;  0   . , Hardware Merchants,  ',,    ������ '- Revelstoke Station, B.C.,  McLennan, -McFeely &, Co  r*  1"  ���������   f   ...1.. \yiiolks.\li'"'_- -, *  Iron, Steel, Miners', Mill and Blacksmith Supplies.  "^���������cs^Ssa;  PLA'rV: GLASS A SfKClALTY.  ���������    BORN."  ' ,      -  Cakson.���������i"Vt llevelstoke, Sept. 21, the  wife of .J. Cnr.son, of a rl.-iui,'litei.  Caylki'.���������Al Revelstoke, Wept. 27, llic  wife of .John C.iylcy', of n .son.  Writo for Information,  VANCOUVER,-B.G  hOVvoUN cm I'U,  Furniture Dealers & Undertakers.  Upholstering.'and Picture Framing a Specialty.,���������,  *?        ,     - ���������'-'-        ,   -  Agents for Ravinum-] Sowinir .Macliine, .M.-i'iiiu'.icliii oi-s Life Insurance Society.  Union Fiie Insurance1; Co., PuiviiK-ial '~>nililiii<f and Loan Asssoeiatioii.  Oi-n.\-s���������-> iind Pianos.  *"St~-:������Srtfig^ ' *  '-  Hardware   -   - .Stoves  122 CORDOVA STREET,   -   -   - ��������� -  Enamel "Ware.  -   -   VANCOUVER, B. G.  .1. IO. W. JlACl-'AIIIiANK. Ucnenil *XI.iiiii*;cr.  JOHN 0. NOMIOIM,  K.JI., Hnpl. Jliniii*; Ilupt.  .1. W. (JAMl'lON, SuereUry-Troiisiiror  THE.B, C.IRON WORKS-GOMPANYLtp.  1   1 i i '  ���������-GoiiofpI , Fonnfe, Engineers,. BoUsnoakers and ���������'  .MARRIED.  "Mc:Li-:.\n���������Duncan.���������Ai    Ue\elsloke,  Sept.   l'7,'  by Kev.   F. Foul, Miss  'Frances   Dniicaii   of   T-it-hiiil   to  Jas. McLean of lluveistoke.  jLOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  r ", *'  -    I'rec] Koliinstin is in town a^-iin.  ,    'Mrs. F. McCaity niifl ni-mc-he   have  rea'died Vit-l01 i.i safely.  J. M. Kellie, M.V.P., is  expected to  -���������etiirii from the, e.isl next week.  .). Wilson,-su'pei iiiteiideut of C.P.li.  leleqi-aphs, was in tuivn Thuisd.iy.  Slater llnots dn not ciiconra������e Coin's  .;���������at Coni-hi r's.       f/li  Foresters ure requested tout tend the  -.Special nieclin-- to-iii,i*lit. -        '   -r  ,  fid.'  Jackson   nntl   R. Hodsjins   j-oL  luick 'his mni "in."-  A Court of l.O.F.hns been e-jtablish-  <" ^;d-iu Nitkusp.  The'Mail asked'tho coi oner ;t que----  , jLion lust week* Lo which it has not   \et.  leceived an aiibwer.  NOTICE.        .  ���������VTOTICK IS llkuKltV UIVKN Lli.it findrt}-  X> from (Lite the uiiiloi'-,iKtio(t. A. M. licnti-c  Hamui'-.loy' intend-, to m.iko tipplieiiliiiii lo llic  Clituf eoimiii-sloiiLT of IjimiIi. and Woik.������. for  liortni���������-ion to iJiii-uli.iMU "V-'il iicTOM of l.ind  fcitll.ltll.lU' Otl (i.t.MlOf CfiH-k, iR-iir tlio tm-k-of  "Htinkoihill Ci-eok, in the Trout, Litki I)iii������nm  f>i\\'ti-l Ivootun.iy I>i-tfiot,-l.u-tiiiK ut a po--r  iniii-kuil .). I).. nboiit'-'liO fi'oL smith or J'.unkt-r-  liill (.'I'C-ok, runiiiii-; noi-tli SH cli.iin-.. tiii.ni c e-i-t  HI flmin.-. Llivnuo -outh n'l cliiuii-, iIilik-l- ������k  -ID chain- to liliuto of coiiiiiiiiiici'inent  ' A.*-r. G. IIAMICUS1.ICY.  Sc-])t. 11, 14jD7. ���������i.'I-Ul      *   I'cf.lAMi:-. DlX'i.N-.  m WM. HAMILTON MANPACf lifilNe 03,/M  "MANLiFAii'J'UHKRS OF  THE " RELIANCE" MI8ING. MiUJHS AHO S^ELTI^IG MAQIHMEfiY.  ������ '"    FOR THE DGrfflSiQN OF CANADA  (Under License rrom THE E. P. ALUS CO., Milwaukee, Wis.)  0 *  r"���������.V       A*��������� " ~-"-.A 7!! ���������  ���������"ru-dici.-., HolN.   .rit;-.   {'ti!iceiiir.-lttii,!-.   Si-i ecu*-,   Sl.imji.s,   Pninps.   CJoinpressoi"*,  lloi-.l-,. Unilers, l''iigi;ic;. W.-'lt-r Win-el-, lOt'c.  Sole Agents for B.C. for JOHN BERTRAM &. SONS Machinists' Tools.  VANCOUVER. B.C. i  iji  111 2 \. J >x /'!"t.\> d yjii,   \J A   { . .  ��������� UAKAUiAw utriatML tLtuMiiu-ou.  (.LLMITKO.)  Capital, Si,500,000. _     Head Offices, Toronto, Ont  Manufacturers of'Electric Mining Apparatus, ���������  Moists. Pump-'. Mowcis. Fan-.  1 Ua-t 1)1*4 App.-ir.ilus. T)\ 11,11110- fm   Liidilin;- and  Power, Motm- foi -til I'urpn-e-.  F.lcctricnl u-'in.snii<sion uf power succcsr-fully upc:raicd up to  50  jMan-i;"aotursi~3 of���������-  , Marine, S'iv/iniij,  Cannery and Mvdra-  ulic Machinery, River  ancl H arbor .Dredges,;  I)iiching *M acliincry,  W.-Aer Wheels.  Kccpcin slock a full  sujipiy of Kngineors'  and Mill Supplies:  Pipe ancl ���������* FiLiings,  Grass Goods, Steam  FittinOfs. Vac.  "   __^rx~y-*. Mn-niiiaet-.u'or-c oJ���������   : Ti f-=:=:^S>y ��������� \  ^-^r-rifj-ozy.-yH,>i--v^^ar^*::^^|i'j5gK-> ^/T        All classes of machinc-  '^^^^^^^^^^^^^fJU^^^^tsS^rrm rv:   . M i n i n<r.   ' M i 11 i 11 g,  ���������"���������*"*-=���������*������j"������'i3';_-=:S^ l loistinci- and   PuniDine  ^],   Machinery, Stamp Gat-  <j   tcries,   ,Ore     Crushers,  ~V,"���������F-       A       "~������V���������3-* ^"-^ v^~Nv ���������5���������--{.���������������������������;.--���������- .....   -.-���������^ r~y ' if    'H        Cable Acldi-eis: "C  '.O. Drawer, 754      , \J    ,^_ JXJ , (jj Qj    {J        \/ ���������> _������& Jr^j      _������3 ��������� O ���������        A.H.U. eo.lo ���������,,  Cove"  tl.  \ AI  miles by our THREE PHASE TRANSiVIISSIO^ SYSTEM. ' ,'.  County Court Notice.  ."OTI('K IS fl'i-'KKI'Y ('IS'FX. thai  NELSON  i'tv.iii h uiri" - in Hut.-'i ("uiiitnin.i.  VANCOUVER  ������������������W. Ii. VICKER.  *w>,  Real Estate and Mining Broker.}:--." ".-.." .    .,... .     _ Agent for Ferguson Townsite.  FERGUSON,.B.O.      ^  '  ���������V  hi  1  1  Hardware  Tinware  mp!  1111812111311111^,  $~v  G-Iass.  Stoves  Paints _ -   Oils  Special attention given mail orders.  REVELSTOKE STATIQN, B. G.  cm   *-cr*ri_--Trw:r������.w*������KT,-r--*-<-^-*T-^������'_-xwii*^^^  JQICTI  \jt  ���������*a  UN  \llHn,  Wholesale Boots ancl Shoes,  13 & 15 Cordova St., VANCOUVER, B.C.  All kinds of ixmi^xu sheet Bietal w������3?L      -    t  etops and Travellers   Lsi! an 11 ads ���������  - ��������� ��������� -���������   ^      ������*...-. ~-*-.  ytiTlt'l-; is iii*;ki*;k-   un r,>. mat (  1>       llf.il.Lill!< Ol' till- f'otlllt >   Colli t  ujll .  ii������ hnldi'ii at    H.-v-i-Ntok*'.     M.''..   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'  Certificate of Improvements.  LAKH VIKW .MINKKAI, f'l.AI.M.  Bilu.itcri   '"  t'"-  IJirtltuii   .Miiiiu-c  I)i\ision of  Wosl,  l<ti(itmi.'i>   Dnliiit.    Wln-ri" lot n It tl :  -On   I'rip'T Arrnw Ijiki-, ulionl  sijt f n  milts  uliini- .S'.iUmii. !'.,('.  rflAitK NU'I'ICK Ih.-tl I. Ttmi  ('. ���������'Iiii',. iiKi'iil  1     for Tin-  Hi-ilish   Cntniiilil.i   Suit lliu-,' .mil  K������ll'iiiiKCri.ti|i,i:i}-  of   1-nll   li.C. I I- i   Mniu   .  t'l.-rt'lli.il ���������  No. '.'������������������'��������� ''A. ml -ml. -r.l .  *l.*.\     iifii  t lio tl.ilc Iiiti of. In .i,'i|ilj  Io 11 i- Mining I.'i i (ml  fi'liu   ,i   i-i-i I II. .iii- of  imp ou on nt -.   Im   lln-  |iiii|insi-  of   iilit.iniiiiK  n   Ciin'.ii   Ci.uil   ol   Hi*  ji'iii-. i- t-I.iiiii.  '   Anl  fiulh.T l.ilti-  nut iii-  Mini   ,n I ,on, mni-i  .si-" IIOII .'17,  III llsl   111-   I 'lllllll'-ll. I'll    li-lnn-    I   ll     I-I  i.n   iiuij nl -*n h '-'-I'ilii i.'i oi  iinino.'in* nl ���������  IiilU.1 I 'lis. I.'ilh il--i\ "I M |i'.-tiiii*.,-. I-'.iT      .''')l  Well   assorted   stock   of JVEiners:  Supplies,   Provisions,  'h'ur-       ;  nishinars Sec. :  Full Line  of Boots  and Shoes  always  on  hand.  rnirTTi  ARROWHEAD, B. Gi |  S CO,  The CROWN POINT HOTEL  ��������� TKAII..  II. C. ���������  Wholesale Dealers in  Li''lilc<l lh it 1'iL'iKiiil  '.villi cl'  li" iii.     1 '>'���������{ ii ,, .ncl .ill .n'i'li i ii  i.i-., nu fini-iu ,  p:;t������K3---.n unov,.,  I'llO.'    - I 'ti 0  1*11   .1    r*   .I",'",    III     f-  ^.   I y     If.   ',|t'   f  (  **u-i|il*   i fiinii',   I'-i   Gotniii' i f i il  "i-i,  E,;HJ ^EAiBTOKiii, _B.O..  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^i^a^^iSj^^^^^mf^^^^^^^^^^ii^^^


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