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Kootenay Mail Nov 28, 1903

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 ' 'il
&&'    w
Vf       1
T   '    !
.  ����>         '
<4       '
��f��*       1
il *���?*���
*   '. ���'!
" t&   '"i   ,
s'4 '<    J
o *����             ���
*s�� -  ��
���#     i
*�����    ' ii
�����.    ���
I    (
Leading Dry Goods
House of Revelstoke
;, 'Stocks'in all departments'are now
��� "''"- complete for. the Fall and Winter
��� Season. ���"> '���'���<��� ��� ..-
���."Ouf Stoe'kJnlhis department is- the-, f -.
;_��� Best,*,in;tlie;. Kootenay.., "Blouses,":
'""���Jackets, "'Skirts "andUWrappers,,all .,:
" the latest" styles-atiioclerate .prices." ,J.
, - ^ - r        .       ��<��� -      ,        ,        *       V
'      "*       Sl^' ... 1 . . -
.-       .-      "        ;'     - ;       '      *
- We;pay particular attention io Mail Orders.   -
..,Samples sent to jiny address..        '���-   -        -
TAYL01i.,HL0t>l\, MuKliN/jIK AVI*;., UHVIiiLSTOIvM.
ii -.
- "- .-yfr>
|""'��{j. bourne/""'
'$ Boots; -Shoes,' Men's "Furnishings, '    '-L'_
! r'  . v Clothing,"Hats, Caps;-'etc!,'etc/%
���^ CarssVFamous fflackinaws, German Socks, Mitts; etc.    ' '���  *
; -/���  - Canadian Rubber Company's Rubbers and Overshoes.'-i
Bargains in' Boy's Winter Suits and Overcoats. ��V
REVELSTOKE STATION, B. c!   .' - jfj
' For
While not posing as-being absolutely perfect in every
department, we think those who know us will agree that
we try to keep abreast of the season's wants.
Dry Goods Department.
Always,   smii-Mliing  new   I" ��1kiw,
llBIVelly,   IH'WIll's*-,   l-l*-gllili-
Ladies F.incv Sinck Cwilais, Silk
.ind Muslin Handkerchiefs, Japanese hnnd-knil Silk shaw Is, Tiiinc-
lilrV L.ici', Li.ittpnbiiig-*, Spdt Swiss
Muslin, the newest Diess ui.itPii.il-,,
Novelties in Gloves and Hosiery.
20-incli Silk fur fancy u i it.  2">c
I3.il)y Ribbon, per (lu,:en, 'JOe
ing. ,
I'l-oni Our Own Correspondent. .     '
I3iirlly, Crilley, .nssist.mt   manager
Ophir-J.nde Syndicate, is in town.
���' "Srr.McLcm, scaler  for  the Ilfubdr
Go's, logging*'camp, was  in 'town yesterday.* u
1-tev. II. S. Solly conducted liis usual
scivice in the McDowell liall on Sunday evening.     >
The Cnnibor'n'c Water Supply Co.
will soon be in a position to turn on
Life water ' in their mains. House-
holders situated on thc upper tqrrncc
iiill linil this a great boon, whilst I hose
on tho lower Hat and nearer the cieck
will be glad to get it inlo'tlieir houses.,
The, Xoithwestern Development
Syndicate, Ltd., of Goldli'olds, me milling tho rocL left over when the shutdown occuried, reported to be200 tons.
Fiom specimens of the "ore shown
about camp  the   clean-up   should be
good.    ,   " r     _       v       (    ,
���   Mr. J'etcis, of Kosslnnd, stockholder
in Hie S'ud.ir group of  claims situated
on Gp.il niouiit.iin,  is   here  on a visit
loy the property. , Consiileiab'le  money
has1'aheady' been   spent  putting in a
tinil and building camp  soHh.it work'
c-in'bc cariied on  through,the winter.
Supplies aie tnken-in   and  everything
in.ie.idincss for  a  \\ intei's campaign.'
Specimens'of   the * ore   on exhibition
heie gi\e ,high-values 'in  silver with
heavy percentage,of. Ic.ul.-.. '' - .
"'In the   Oystei-Ciitcrion' ni'inc  very
sutisf.ictoiy*   results     are   met'with.
Iii ciylhing points to continuous work
both in   thc.niiiie  nnd mill.    Yesterday, the' 2-ith inst.,-water  was  turned
on for the first time in the Oyster mill,
.ind tlie machinery set in  motion with
tho   most   satisfactory- results.    The.
mill went into commission  this moin-
""g- '   ,' "      .
The Eva is woiking about 40 iienin
tho  nunc  and   outside, erecting  new
bunk houses etc.    The mine  is  opening out equal to expectation and those
inteicsted   seem, pleased  with results.*
Owing   to   tlie   cold^ weather   which
'recently passed  over' the district, thc
mill was closed down   for  a Jew days.
Willi'the  lctiini   of   softer  weather,
work was   again ,resinned  on   the old
lines.    The shut-down   was  more pnr-
licul.uly cursed by tho  freezing of'tlic
flume which, is   open.,, This   will  be
oy'cicomc 'in   the   near   future   as   J
understand a contract  is   let   to complete the Hume throughout.  ^  ' '
'  Theie aie two lumber camps opened
for w inter wOrk, one  on   either side of
Pish "ri verra bon rtwo'm ilcs* from" Cain"-
boine, and   which  employs from 90 to
100 men.    These camps'are  of'gieat
assistance  to that  part  of  the popu-
l.i I ion who aie .not  mineisand ninny
olheis coming in'from   outside points.
Tho camps aie large -and comfoi table,
and seem to give  general satisfaction.
Taking'the  piesent employment roll
in and about Camborne theie must be
fully 200 people employed in the mines
and  "lumber- camps    which   in   this
season   of   the   year   is   good.     The
general outlook- theiefore of  the camp
for the winter is as   bright as one can
Camborne, Nov. 25th
creek,* by, the Canadian
-PacificKaihvay Company. This menus
that n pint of the large number of
tourists who annually come to I'ritish
Col u ni bin will be diveited
beautiful ICbotenay valley.". .'    .
��� Gen. Supt..Marpole, Mcssis. Cambie
and Cartwiight. engineeis/and 'Supt.
Kilpntrick made a trip of. insiiecliom
of thciiiountaiii division this wee
The C. P. 1\. havc'l.iid off a liumber
of men engaged on timber and sn-*w-
shed work at JtogcrA Pass, but Cam.
Frnscrand his uang liavc a lot of woik
to do there yet.*   ,
What the Liberal Party Has Done
?For Canada.
'J he \cnrs picceding the general
election of 1S0G were clink ones.
AJen high in jjuljJic life were driven
out of it and foi cod into rctiremenl,
some "into pris-on. Disgincefu'l
qurCirels, cc'iivnNcd" the ministry.
'im.-   rovenuo**   were   going   down.
Is   want   a 'provincial
nt   Ihe coast on Feb.
Skeciin libern
convention held
Kelson Conservntivo' Ass'oointion
icfused to pass a motion 'oniloi'aing
the MoBrido govern men t.   '   t
Miin'ager Walker, ,ot tho Dunk of
Conimcicc, repudiates theAiMcUridc
versioirof his opinion of the piovinciai,
government.   , '  '  '
At n meeting of the Libci.il Association Thursday it; w-as A decided to
hold a geneial meeting .of nieinbeis
on the second Tuesday of the   month.
Judge Foi-in had tb again, iiiljoiiriu
the Fcrnic iccount''as the- McBride
govcinment nio' determined to. defy
justice n"nd i s'.e.il - that .seat, despite
the voice of,thc m.ijonty of the electors/',' . ,
, Some giavc scandals in conhe.\ction
with expenditure on woiks in Revelstoke Hiding during the recent election are coming to light,, and J. "A
McDonald, ll.e libeial leader, will
probably demand on thc llpor ol" thc
house a full investigation.   ���   '"
The Toi ontoTelegrnni (coiisci valiie)
says the pictencc that ' John Jlouston'
M. L.'A. was excluded fioir. the British
Columbia government by icqiinst
of Lieutenant Goienor Sir Jlonii Joly
dc IJotbinicie'"'miist be oiie Of the
devices of n hai-d-piessed; pieinici-
If* Hon. Itichiud Mcliiidc <��� wanted
Mr. Jlouston as a colleague, the pid-
logativeo" the_ Lieutcnant-Go\ei noi
could not. he^ used to tli'wai't the
people's will.,, _
John Houston is pretty riougli on
the flnniicial position of'tlio' Mclliide
govern men t. The Tribune says ���
"A Govcrnmen that* is not allowed
to issue a'check' to pay for ifny public
work w itho*ut its fust being,-'initialed"
by a  bank    mn linger -sure'lyj-Ciin'not
while the expenditines were .steadily
on   the  iiicic.-is-e'    Tho.sc   were'the
day.sof l-ig deficits niitl ninny loans,
Trade was Atick,  immigriition was
at n st'indslill   and  allogetlier  the
statu of affair.-- was  discouraging in
the'exirc-me at the time llio liberals
siiccec-ili-d in wiTbting-llio direction
of public luisincss out of  tlie'liands
of llio conservatives.   ,
,   "Fiom that "day   to  this the dominion has  flourished, the  dcl'ieils
have'ceased.clo  exist and, there'is
now'an   enormous   surplus which
ft'cma- to "be' growing larger every
\ear.    Thc   posfoflicc. department
has been   placed   upon   a  self-supporting J-.-isi.s.    The.public, debt'is,
hcing   itcliicetl   by  large' amounts'
annually.   Population is increasing
as   it   never   did   before,   tens, of
thousands   of   bellcr. class   imrni-
giants   coming   into <.ihe   country
from   the   old    countiv   and   the
United   .States. ,   There"   is   everywhere the busy, hum   of   industry
and piosperity is  enjoyed on every
hand.    Ucpresentation  .in " parliament has been ncl justed with regard
to   consideration   of' the   country'a
requirements and   fair distribution
of seats.    Due regard li.A boon paid
to Uic-cause  of   labor  and its production1 by "the   form?, tion   of*' the
bureau of labor  and the important
question   of  Chinese  immigration,
neglected by the conservative paity.
has beeii * finally   settled ' and Ye-
moved fioin   the  sphere  of  public
issues'and politics."���News.   '    ."-
are opening* up the finest lot of
ft     ' . ,>
that has been seen in town.
Our* Slock of '      ' . '   '
* *,    -.
Stoves, Cooking Utensils.
-   and General
is very complete,
Headquarters''"for-f Groceries;.-'-- -;' ^A'A,;5^.*' :*./:' -1'{
-      of Guaranteed Quality.'^ >"" ��� ^l'''-'"'-''^
undertake to aid in tlie'^conslruction
of thousands.iOf 'miles of. l.ulway
Premier McBridc-of British Columbia,
is nt the head of a "government'', that
cannot constiuct -:i- 'mil-i-* oi~- wngon*
road in a mining camp without Inst
getting permission from the manager
of the Cannclain Bank of -"Commerce in Toionto, yet ho talks glibly
of what his "govornnient" intends to do
in the way ol" aiding railway constination in the Province''
J. 'c/.   Porter's
, dence.
Boot and Shoe Dapartiiicnt.
IIi-i-i' you will find I lie finest wc ran
pi-nc-uie in l.ulirs .-.Inn's. We an*
.-.liowing ,J. it T, Dell's in tlio ni-w
liU'iK-lii'i-, Enaincli-d l\iil<, \'icis, in
Iiu* Slipper.-; mid Oxfoids, and sdine
lowly (H'.Hiniis in the High Cm
Gpooopy Department.
A'eivncs"-, fleshlier ,-ind abniid-
.uifi' lli.u.itteii/." Ibis dep.u tineiit.
We ate -pi'ciriliMls- on F.uity (Jin-
ceiies.ind t.ilile (lehc.i-��ii'e, Candied
Peels, Diied Fruits Shelled Nuts-,
Chocolate--, Boii-Iioii5-, F.mev Fresh
Fiuits, Canned and Bottled Delic-as-
ies, Fancy Biscuits-, iiidiidliicr Cm--se
and Blackwell's Famous Engli--li
Biscuits. No older ton huge or too
small to in ei it our best a I leu lion.
Crockery and Glassware
Kov.il lliiiigiiri.iii  China,  Tiffany
\r( Glassware, American Sparkling
Crystal Gla-~swiii-e, Cut Glass.  Liui
ogis China Toilet Sel--,  L,imp Goods
Men's Furnishing Department
New- goods ,-ilway-. ai i ivim*;. Jn-I
now we ,ne paying pai ticul.ii alien-
lion lo ivaim lindei wear nnd are
showinu' some splendid goods in
JCnglisb Unslii inkn die Ca*-hiiiei e, et(
New Ties.-iud (Jnll.u-..
Hardware Department.
Se.isuiiiible goods���Snow Shovels,
Sleighs, Doer Clieiks, Wire Dooi
Mais, r.nnip Ciood--, Lanlei-ns, Fancy
Iliiulware, Cutlery, eli.
Millinery Department.
This depai tinciil has been ,i pui-
iiiiiiiitcd suicess nil thiougli the
season.    The sto(k is-   still   season-
le and Ilie woik loom open for
your oidi-r.
At the Massachusetts elections the
socialistsote dropped from 33,692, lust
year to ""5,000 this year showing a
falling of over 33 per cent
The motion in favoi of socialism was
defeated nt the Ainciican Fedeiation of
Lnhcr eon-ontion .it Ooston by"lJ,282
\oles ngain-b 2,L8S in favoi of socialism
Adilicasiug the Socialists President
.Gompci sniii. "T am at variance with
yom philosophy. You aie unsound,
socially you aie w rongrnnd industrially
you nio -an impossibility. I h.ne
faith in the trades unionist movement
because it is the piotector of labor today, and if emancipation comes some
time it must be thiougli trade union
nio\ cincnts. *-
Thespcenl session opened al Victoria Thursday. ,   v
C. E. Pooley was elected sneaked
The govcinoi's speech stated the
session was called to considei the
financial position 61 'the pio\ nice,
relief of which would take the foi in of
tieasury wanants extending o^ci a
number of years, re-pay,iblc by instalments, and the amendment of assessment, land and school nets to iclieic
the revenue
Jt was icsohcd to piocced with
seiciity against poisons guilt-, of
bi ibciy in the election.
An riliinn of lire wa-, rung Wednesday, morning the'-outbieak being
at -J. J..l'orlcr'o 'residence on "Me"
" Kcn/."c"*av'enue. 'I'lic^bTigj'cleTiTTned
out promptly and extinguialied the
fi to, which had broken out in Ihe-
waiiiBColliiig of the wall behind
the kitchen.stove. iMr. Poitcr' had
gone out at five o'clock .and hud
left the kitchen fire burning. A
quantity of clothing in llio"rooiii
over the kitchen was destroyed.
The damage is estimated at $300,
and Lewis Bro=., Ihe agents who
held Ihi' .iist'innce polio, look
prompt steps to settle the loss. Mr.
Porter lendeis his lhanka to the
hiig.ido and public who assisted
The properly was insmed for SfSOO
in the London and Lancashire.
.Seasonable Goods at Special Prices ^
���>*��. ^-j-~<
Dress   Goods
cent discount.
this   season's   newest^ effects, 20 pc'Ai
ling at less than making-:
Sizes'.-"4, 56, 3S. .\'\;'
Ladies made-up .costumes scli
^prices.     No" two costumes alike.     "31z.es 34, 0
Ladies Mantles'and Coats���Regular $S.bo now'.$4;']
regular $10 now $6; regular $15 now $g.     '   .'- I \\*~. "[
Children's Coats���A fc\v only left to clean 'at. less
-than half regular prices. $*;. $6 and $7'now votif choice
for $3.00,      ,    . , - .       ,   -  ,
.     o       ,        "      - ,   '     , *     .      " -   1 -���.-;'. b ' -     -.
Maples atireduced prices. , '    _*���_- ,���   \~
4j.-i �� . *"���'���*''' l"*l      -
"\"   J31ahkets, Comforters.'sheetings, "Flannelette Blank-*
Table-Linen, i\*apkins,*-Gtc.-A-^ ;%~_i?^' ^=^\,-<^J
Special Discount- for Quantities."
"i rf
i.  --yjf*
Ladies call and consult our
department gets too busy to'lake your order.
Vishorj; .ylltvays 'Glfelcoma.
before  thc
Wholesale and Retail General Merchants.
T. Dow nic wil! be promoted to succeed C. F. Hi-teen as trainmaster at
Kei elstoke.
The C P. Jt. has secured a contract
for 300,000 ions a venr of Biitish
freight hitheito sent by Xiw Yoiknnil
Aiiiciic.in railwnjs.
The Colden Star says. "Jtoporls indicate that a cha'et will be erected on
Moose cieck nc.\t summer, and ihe
piesent load   extended  from  Ice river
Messrs. Fioiney nnd. Wilson .'.me
completed nil but a day's woi Iron then-
contract for the biickwoik and inns'
0111 y of the _ Iiiipeiial Hank's new
Excellent piogiess has been made
with the Piesbytci i.i 11 manse, winch
will soon be ready foi occupation. The
mn lingers of the chinch intend to gi-,e
n splendid house-wanning when it is
if.uly for occupation.
R. Giiiui���Your
ncjjt issue.
letter   will   appeal
The Gi.inl.iy Cnnsolnl ital
cl.iied ils 'ii'st d-.iidened of
Lend lias 1 (-ceded to fiTJels.
TboCenii.iASi.il    e.u'ned   w2(57,000
foi the past \ e.u.
The C.iiiil'O.ine ."Miner '.13s Sid Ci.-ih-
.1111 will have sim inc.-. at woi k all winter on the  M..11110II1.
Ag-ents for "Ladies Empress'Shoes and Butterick's Patterns.
' <ysrLdsi
Ady/U^cis ,
At Poplar woik in
going on apace The
Lucky Jack is in over
the Swede gioup, also
the   mines   is
tiiiincl   on ihe
10!)   ieet     'At
owned by    the
C1e.1t Nin litem "Mines, Limited a
ciosscut liinnel is being diiien to
t.iji what is known as thegalonn lcdgu
Wheic opened on siuface llic oie
111c11su.es a width of fn in fuiii- nnd a
half to liie feet. Intel mixe.l with the
galena is eoiisideiable fiee gold. This
shoot pi onuses a 1 ich fiiluie fur Ihe
mine, and sacking ol the oie has been
in 1 log less for some ilny*..
cure It^U/ Sus/uor<Jy fj?iL6r&AcO
M. A. SMITH & CO., Agents, Bevelstoke, B. C.
New lines are being opened
every day.
A visit to mil- store will readily
convince Ibe public lh.it we are
handling ,1 -.iipetioi class of goods.
Quality U 0111 inolto.
Druggist and Stationer,
Xe\t  Hume  ninck.
ll.nl O.ilois llirohi-  1J iui]l Alluitiin,
To Be Given in   Selkirk
St. Andrews Night.
Thc ScotlMi concert on
evening next, St. Andrew's
1 in 1
, ui. ;wi>.in.,., o- Day, in
ChoriiE���My Am Counlric       .. 	
Jnstrumenta] Duct���Blue Bells 0' Scotland.      li
Song���J^och r,omond  ...
Itccitation���Birnio's Cuddle Doon	
Song���Blue J3onncts	
Club Swinging to Scottish miis-ic	
Trio���Comin' Thro the Kyo Gerlic Lawson, Mar
Song���Annie Laurie	
Song���Afton Water
under the au-pices of
the Willing Worker--of St. A nil rows'
church pioniigc-i to he riuito an
event. The programme piinted below speak-- for itself and offers a
veiy pleasant evening's cntcitain-
inuil. In conjunction wnli (hi.-,
.will be the bazaar in the nfieinoon
Instrumental Trio���Maistly Scotch
Duet���Crooked JBawbee	
Song���Will Ye Na Come Back Again .
Reading���From a Window in Thrums.
Song���March of thc Cameron Men   .   .
J^iano Solo���Scottish Selection        ....
Sword Dance	
Song���JI und red I'ipers and A'   .   .
Tableau���The Conun' o' Ihe Ifaggis  .
Clod Save Llio
concluded by the Ladies Ciuild:
  .       .Junior Choii
nbt. and Ala Aini'-trong
... .   Miss Lennox
.   : ..   .   .   lidna Bruce
 Mr. nal!
.   .     Miss F. Palmer
^ic Carter, Mm ioi I'orler
A ..Mis. Creelninn
 Mr. Cooke
W'c have received another
llios-c cjoods. We are y'*
consignment of.
ing'  very yood
We arc doing* thc business in this line.
Call and see our stock of Fine Shoes that
we have jiiht received for the Xmas trade.
Mosi-is  Humphreys, Connie, Bayley
.   Bessie J-aiwson and J[. Ifobbs
         Mrs. Bews
.   Mrs. John Lawson
 Mr. Humphreys
  Mi***. Kenner
.   ..   . '     Mr. J. Allen
.Mr. F. Bourk
The 1'ipi r and  Jitnioi Choir
Just a few words about the Grocery Business.
Wc have unloaded another car of Hungarian Flour
and Rolled Oats. We also might state we have a
large stock of Wheat Chop, Bran and Shorts.
FIRST ST. AND COXNAUGHT AVE, THE KOOTJfiNAYfMAtL;  .In' '  PUHL131TK.I) SATURDAY  ��������� -AT-       ,  REVELSTOKE. B.C..  Subscription] .Prico., S2.00   Per    Annum  \DVEriTISING    'KATl.S     on      iipplimLipii  *     Changes in-"^-:'li--''Vu,nt^'V"'Am,.,ll()iKl  5 n m.T liur-dm* ofe.ich week to -<-c.nio goon  . iTi-plav.   Cn-aiul   adveul-nig   will    He    it  ceived"ii-Tlo 10n m on ti.il.iiil.iy.  J Oil rill^TINU promptly cMUiltil at ica-on  '    " nble rale-.  U*COU"STS~f6r   printing   and    ''d-."'"'!'''"';  >- -.    im-able on llrst, of month ,   sub.c.iplions  - '     p,ivable in advance-       ,, .T  "cOItKKS-PONDKXCB  inv Util   on n.auc. j o  ._ ,    public  mu-rest.. Coiiiuiuiucal on-"',.  '    tor   -hum;   be  accompanied    bv 1(-. ������  '"��������� '     -Aritcr, not neco^iiily Ioi I*'* . ,  {.*    as evidence ot good fail!>-   UlA'f ������ "oH ce  >,-,    sliould.be bnct .mil must, itucli the ointt  i,   ,    bv Wednc-da-  evening.    ;,  A ' j Address      A?".. ,������,$   *  >~  Tins K&Stenay Mail,  ','"Phnn'i' No. I'L  Revelstoke, R-G.  >'"We peauest our numerous readers to  -<, favor us with tholr'asslstancc,ln  '-S maklnffthe KOOTENAY MAIL Uio  A I most, valuable advertising- mccll-  ;*-i um in the Kootonays by eiving-  * ,' the preference, when making- pur-  '.". .'chases to, those fl"*"8,*"}?-^  'A*' " regular advertises In tho Koui-  ft   'I,''  ENAY MAIL..  CITY AGIO."''-".  '���������'I: Copies o'f THE aiill. may ljool.l.il...������! fom  7tlie followms'cit.y nguiiti���������~f I ,     --  '-    *   *��������� 'J. \V   Ul.--sNI.l-l. ,,  ' .-      ' ,. .'.   ....   Ili.nr:  X-.  llllOIC  CO.  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' [  ' *   iio'-Mii.Vso wr.V-\JVvn  i^BVRKThlSe/Hlfc-rtJlN I" -    ,  ���������^H^^I^OilK'-^NOKN'r,,  I'-^'CANADIAN   HUfalNKSS*  A   Sl'LUALT^  . ***-"&  *'t"'  .***.  i-ABVISV, McCAI^'^i  /r0pViVf vv'^'PlNKHA^  " r itAiuusTHiis, soi.ici'1 ou's, i: i c  ,OKKrcKs::Mo.W������A-."..oc,C   Hi-m-i.  | SiC.HStou,.ic,^,iswi,i<a.  f|(lr:6"S McOai'itkk, *|   >       .Vskm-y  ^���������ji,i:^^nu^-Vo^c  -i ,1       .J  ; ( The Cl^.R^CQinmeiciiil telegraph"  'ollice in Revelstoke does a large  ,'ancl proRtnbl^busiriess but is most  inconveniently 'situated so far as  the public aie concerned. The  ollice should be moved to the centre  of the business portion of the city.  The business ,-variant*- it. The  public convenience demands it.  lion. F. J. Fulton, who dining  the election vehemently denounced  the riiuiner government foi firing  conservatives and appointing  libeials in their stead, has not been  lbng.in demonstrating himself an  n'po&tleof humbug'and inconsistency for he has h;ad Dr. Wade dis-  charged a������ineclieal dllicer to Kamloops gaol/ henlth ollicer, and coroner, and l)r l'roclcr appointed in  his stead'. ,'  '   TIIE  LARDJCAU  RAILVVAY.'.  Theie has been, much, dissalis-  faclion in thc.Jiarcleau"over the announcement that the Lai-dean railway would be closed during winter,  anil as a result of 'the indignation  crossed the C. P. 15. lia\o modi-,  lied their' position hy saying they  will ni" to 1'oplar 'if tradio warrants. Tins' means that Trout  riakb and Ferguson' will be to a  large extent shut "ofMrom trarig-  portation diiringjlii"- winter. , This  is grossly unfair tic.ilment of Uie  public mleiest by a company which  h.ii iceci\_eircnqiiiit)iis concessions  in order that il may gi\e the public  some letuin and the people have a  right to, expect .and demand fair  tieatmcnt"' If Clio   Victoria'cannot  POLITICAL  ! VANCOUVER  J ,        ;   J  Regarded  With   Contempt 'In  the  Interior.  CAMBORNE GROUP,  <i    ' Koi l Steele  II 0-  E MAISTHE,& SCOTT.  ]i BARKlST-EU'sASOMClTOilS,   NolAIUEb  i[ r      Funiac, E'ic.  '-TFu,I SI. eel- ReM'MoUe.   It U  ^E  DWAltD A- ll'AGGKN,'  iMini.no  I-:.ngim-:i"u.'  /'Mem.  AiiierAui  lii-UUile "MininK Kii-;im".'-)  *",          (Mem  C.ui.i!liiiiMinii'b'I|1,-tl'l,'-c;1        c  ~ri             i.lti:'vi:i.sioun. 13. C.  ' >*i*cauii!..itioi. of and lepoil-, pi. Mu.ti.il I'm  ;l puilicsaSiiLuult)   4l~r    PJ3R11Y LEA K K,  '4,1.1'.   film.UK 1 nt'ineu and Mctiillnib'.st  ���������Jj- i   * =i-i ci 'i in s i  j?i:-iami-iiitioii-  anclllepoils on  Mhiiiil'   I'ioi-  ������������ , i ert.c-s. "  ir^pceification and Coiisiyiction of Jtiniii-* Ma  7-rtoWn"uIc of Oics and ConcLi.u.ilinnfoi C'liloi-  '"      me fnd 0\nnidcTie.iln.eiit  '-njd.anl.c.I'Janl- '  ^^ ^^ Co(,u  SOME CONSOLATION  r.n tho^e deprived ot Ibe hiisbaml m  f.illiPi-tn know that Ins 1 oi el lion-li I  has iiroMded a sum fm >heii futine  ��������� uppoit     They, will   not beol'iectsol  l1-".!.Llife--;INSURAnge  -ln-iuld be c.urii'd by P"'' >' nian-tlie  in ui of ftiiinlv. 'in older t-������ piovicb- Im  bi-sloyed-one's^-lhe single '"'"J-.10 I"  % ide l-nHiis n������ n^old ���������'!='''��������� Tlu' ,<''u "',  be begins lo pay pi einiiiiiis i'1'' '"'^  cost to him.  THE EQUITABLE LIFE  i= thi'sLitngi-t liii.inti.il company i������  the woi Id, and the one we would like  lo place voiii".insui.inc-e vmiIi.  '���������LEWIS BROS".  Financial, Real Estate, Insurance Agents  Ki:vi-:r..sToi<K, h. c  XCbe1f\00tena\>^ail  <*imio-iT *.   /������������������ r: >  sat f it day, no-. i;\iiu:i! -i.\ moa  be op.eralcd   onrTrout   lake during  wi'nier, then'jet, the line be extended l'6'Tfbut'L'nlto  City, so that this  excuse for t\ing up the country for  so,largo ii lmrX'of.Hne^vcar.shall no  longer obtain.    Thi"   1 ail way   has  been opeiated' as   a, fiaud   on the  public, from the day ihccliaitei was  (irst obtained." The mad was to be  built as a continuation .of   the At-  lowhead branel.   to   gi\e  access to  Comaplix, Beaton, Camborne, Tiou't  r.ake, Feigusoii|and  other J,aideau  points. - It was'not begun for years  aflci the charter   was obtained, but  was used as   a  scheme on which to  get injunctions   and   pi event   the  Gieat   Noithoin   coming   into  the  Lardcau.   -When   it  was   lcsumecl  the woikmen weie'defrauded out of  their wage1- and. the  business men  out of the'u supplies until Mi. Galliher, M. I'-,  an.ingcd   with the dominion government to   piotect the  public   and   stop   the  amounts involved  fiom .'.he   giant     Thc  line  was-"hut clown   dining   thc   vvintei  month'-, consliuction   was  stopped  at Geraid, and   the   length   of 42  miles    between     Arrowhead1 "and  Geiaul left untouched   to this day  This i<- a   glaiing  instance  of  the  justification the people   have in demanding   the   railway   companies  shall   live   up   to   thciragreements  or hand ovei   the   read to the government   on   a   fan   basis of. valuation and compensation  POLITICAL,  ' \\ A. MacDonnld, M L- A. liom  Uossland .ui'l leader of the Libeial  pa.tv in Untish Columbia.won golden  opinii.ns in the bncf campaign in  V.iiicouvei  Citi ���������Mmci.  O. McCormick. who was fornicilj  mti'iosted in the Ai row-head r.umbor  Comp..ny and is Jf 1'. for Mus-kok.i,  b.is deteiiiuneil to inn Ioi Noitli On-  t n io at next dominion election.  In ,\\i interview with the World .1  \1 k'tllie s.ud 'Yc>. I intend to  cany out the pioU'or, I am not duing  llii- to unburn-- the government  but I buli'-ie I have good grouinU,  i di-tinollv j-nud groii'iils to ink for the  i-l. i linn in my coii-titueiii-y Audi  am ,1-iih'I that, lh.it I'l-ing doiu', I  will  --el   iiiv    -eat    in   the    legi-l.itiiie  Jivcn the conservative picss condemns the action of Vancouver in  Micrificing all -principlo^ ,for graft  in'the by-election. The ' Tribune  lemarks-���������  "Vancouver seems to be the headquarters of political thimble-riggers. Twenty-five percent of the  professed liberals,of Vancouver can  be depended on to vote against  their party on occasion for the following alleged reasons: (1.) Graft  from Ottawa, controlled by "Hob"  Kelly; {'!���������) Graft from Victoria in  the shape of lancWgrants for railways; (3.) Fear,'that Joe Martin  may, gain political ascendency;  (4.) Fear that Victoria may regain  control of the government.  " The liberal faction, however,  who Vole libeial-conservative, now  that Vancouver has"the government, is l.i.ge. They arc Ihe men  who say: "The interests, of the  Mainland have been suboidinatcd  to the Island long cnojjgh." They  i'miiL'inc Vancouver is the Mainland, however. These men aie  nanow-minded and hellish, and  ,-vliethci they be professed libeials  oi liberal-consciyati'vcs' can always be depended on to- keep all  four feet in the feeding trough,/s  long as the feeding trough is i.n  Vancouver,"    _         '    .  SHAKESPEARE  ;      SOCIETY.  New Company to be t a  At a joint iiiccling'or the*' Dncctois  of thc Noithwostein Development  Syndicate, the TrusteeSceiuit.es Co,  and Mcssis MacKcn/ie & Roseubeigei,  held at'life ollice of.!.' U' 'Ciuta-. Hast  evening, it was unanimously resulvcil:  That a new company be oig.uiUcd,  and known as the Cold ,Finch ^Mining Company to lake oyei the -'iop-  crtiesbl tlicNotlivvostoin Development  Syndicate.  That A. E. Jtosejibeiger be.ippoii,tcd  General   Manager  for   the new , con'i-  A Successful Organization.  At the meeting of the com mi lice  of tlieSbakespeaie Club on Tuesday  the following chaiacters were allotted for the study of "Macbeth :  Macbeth, J.CT. Wilson; Lady Macbeth, Miss Hall;' Lady Macduil,  Mrs. Ilolten; Hecate, Mrs. Bews;  Thiee vv itches,'" Mesdames Jessop,  Sibbald and' Haggen; Banquo.'A. Jt,  Ua-r-rcr; .Duncan, II. N- Coursiei,  Mafc-olm, A. E. Millci; Donalbam,  C. Ai. IMacclonald, Macduff, J  ifumphrcys; Lennox, C. J. Anian,  Jioss and Sexton, Kcv. C. A. 1 io-  cunier; Monteilh," A. B. Jessop  An'-His, J. Lumb; Caithness, U  Jones; Son of Banquo, Miss .Grant;  Siward, Mts,..Go.urs_ier-, Young Si;  ward, Mis.'Lavv'fencc; Jioy, Mrs  Piocunier; .An linghsh doctor, a  Scotch doctor, Dr Sutherland  The thanks of thc club arc due  to Kcv. C. A. and Mrs. Procuniei  foi the trouble to which thev have  gone in ai ranging for the meetings  of the club at the rectory, but thev  must be gratified with the success  achieved aa the membership grows  steadily.   A Timely Suggestion.  Tins A Ibe season of Ihe year when  tin- m iidHiit and e.u eful housew ife rep-  lenislii'-- her -upply of Ch.unbei l.uiiis  Couitb Remedy. U is i-eiUinlo he  neeiFed liefoie ihe winter is mn, .nut  i exults aie much mure piompt ami sal-  is-f,iclorv when itiskepL.it hand and  "���������hvn .A" -uOiAis lhe. cold is cmiliacled  and before it has bi'toine seLlb-d in the  S-.SUMH. I" almost every uibt.inc  ,i%evere cold may he warded olt by t.ik-  in*- thi-- reinecK* freely .i������ *���������'������" -������*> lhe  fiiet indication of Hi-' cob] *'PPf''';-  There i- no danger in givine it to ( ���������������������������'-  reti for it contains no h.iimfiilsiibslance.  p.iny.  - ,   .     ,      * - '  That the Mini's- Kxchange, Ltd.  be appointed olhcial Ihokeis for the  conipanivaiKl that all stock "plnccd  on   the   m'niket-be handleil   by   the  exchange. 4     < - '*"'* *  Agiecmentsiue to    bo'ihawn   and  signed   at ,oncc. TThc .NoitliweMcin  Devclopinep't Synilicate,, people   have  suiiendcioil,''   and   nic -now   ivill-ng  to accept a 11   the* conditions   named  by thc prmoteis of the new- company  Calumet,  Mich , Nov. 14  Tin:  aoiii:i:vii'">'I'.  We have been shown a copy  of   the  ngicenient'-.ibove lefened to   This,provides for the oigani/.atioii ol a new company to be k..own as tlicGoidlinch Mining Co".    .1.13   M.icKen/ie nnd Angus  jr.icKay coTivcy to the. new   cjinpiny  their intcicsts in the "Morning Stai,''  ���������'Centie St.u," "Kvening   StniV'.'-Ked,  Fo.\," "Kidge" ' Wdlius,^ "Sea Lion,''  "and "I3onnn/.i   claim's  together *with  the light foi 500 inches of*   watei    foi.  power pulpites on Mcnhinnick   cieck  in consideration of   M, 500 sh'.ues   oi  $28,750 cash at  oiition new .company  A. F/Roscnbeiger conveys  his   interests for 13,000 shines, and thc -Noitli-.  ivest  Development  sjn'dsc.itc   convey  their inteicsts for'JOO.OOO'sh.ii'c-, vv hicli  will allow one shaic in tlie . new company being given fo'i eveiy tw'o, 'sn.iics  issued liy.tlic Noi tiniest Dcvclopnient'  Syndicato      _, *        ��������� ' -'( ''n  A. il^. , ltosenbeigei i- nppoinlcd  o'lieiarbrokei to'T lho"nowA.company  wlueli will immediately , lesume woik'  o.i the C.unboine gioup* '     ,    '^'' ,l  The Gold Finch mining cobipanj  was oig'ahiscd .with thc following  o.'Iiceis,  '��������� ��������� ���������   ���������>, i ^  i  Pie,idcnt���������Edwaid Ulseth  -. Vice   rrosidont���������7J0-.CI1I1 iferniann.'  Tieasuici���������I  W. Fiimodig.-      *  ,'Societaly���������W  Flunk .Tan'ics.  . ^Directors���������-W   S ��������� Cleaves, -Willian  Condon',   'A.   F.   ltoscnbeige*-,     Ficd  lioebni \nA Jojcpb Vert 111 "     C *'  ' ������������������ ^  U 1  R-O'ILERS 1 MACHINIST vAND'GUNSMITII,  rT-'\f      ATn"'.' - ' 'I Opposllo Central Hotel, llovclstoke.   -|-  '^U'.^iKirO ll JAtheand   General Machine Work  FNH   NES. 'A .               Piomplly   fi-ct't-iitt'd.           if  ENGINES.  Saw Mill Machinery -'   '  -  Wood Workin-f Machinery  Machinery for all purposes  All of very best 'makes.,  Tb-MEILSOH & C0,-,|/  *! '*'  ''J 602 Main St.,'Wlnnlpog,' -   ,=  ,i   -r A rf_ 11   11   ..     ��������� *��������� ' jp>  H. B. STONEXr*  SAMSON ;& PAULSON,  PaintePS,PapepIiangePS,SignwpitePS  KALSOM1NING DONE. -   ' ;  Ordeis receive prompt attention.  Setdnd* street,  i,  HBVBLSTOICiS  fl        I'  THE-OWL;r^!^!!  -   - ,1 r  Knst o������ Alolsoiis Hunk -  Itcvulsloke.  By siving 98 pel cent <of the vnlucs  in the -Wnteiloo oie, 1 unmng about  $85, ,the new ' Hendij*; pioccss of  cyan id ing has/ leached the highest  achievement of its biilliant cueci  The test's by the Jleniliv'N piocei-s  weie concluded nl ' Spokane by C. M.  FasscH, at whose oie-tc-sting woiks'thc  lllcndivN ������.jstein has been installed.  Of tin", test' Mi Fasselt s.ivs "The  oiei.m 3 00 ounces in gold mid'I.'l  ounces m'sihei ' We iceoveied 98 polecat or the gold and  piaclic-.illy all of  . *,   i>     11     - "     ''        ' '  thesihei. t        { ^   ,  ���������  T.inghc.'vvho 'was  sentenced   tu si\  months , foi.Vobstr noting   the. J'ucky  Jack at 1'oplar  by   woi king  a   pl.icoi  'cl.um, has been 'lelcased 'cm '*500'bail^  pending   hciu ing ,' o\ , application   to  quash the conviction'  '" ',' 'J. - ''curling. ��������� '':,-- ''<���������  Synopsis of Kogulatlons for Disposal of  Minerals on Dominion, Lands in Manl-  toDa.-tho Northwost Wrritor'los and  tho Yukon Torrltopy.  '       -.. '���������.''������  Al*" 13 Lewis, the'new socret.ny of the  culling club, is tin oh ing gie.it, cncigy(  iiUo the woik. 'Assisted by*Ml*'IS  Comsier and ollicis 35i now' members  have been" em oiled.* foi 'lire coming  scas.011 a,.V, .|.o'n'iiinbci_ vvill leach,  noaily 50 '" ' " "' ���������--���������������������������  .'Anot'hiii thing Mi. Lewis has lio.ut-  ily 'Liken up' is the''oig.uns.ition  or.i giand bontpiel 111 the city - this  "������������������ii.lc.'"to '.which _ nil 'cmljng  'clubs-in'hiitisli' Columbia , and ,C.U-  .'aij can ber united to 'take* p.nt  and evei) cftoit" made* ".to give -the  MSitois'.l good' tunc With .Ulns  could be'*'associated -a' good pio-  giammc of wintci'spoils, thus mnk-  iii<-' Kcvelstoke a', l'ccognised con tie  for such nttiactions as well as Sandon  .mil -'Kofesl.incl, whidi have .ilnllicito  held the palm       -  '/    ' ' ^  ���������        *  Cliaiiibi riain'- gieat scheme for  unification of the empire i- catching on. Canada inaugurated ll.e  scheme two yen- ago. and now it  is endor-eil by South Allien, Australia rind New Zealand, tin- latter  colonv having increa'-ed the duty  on non-Iiriti'-li good- by '20 per  cent.  'J he   progrc-sivo     chaiacter    of  Engli-h =tate-miinsliip i- -hovvn hy  the fact   thal# .Jo-eph Ch.nnbi 1I.1111  is advocating   the   iifen nduin.    If  tliat--v.-teni 1- dc-iriiblu in Kiiglnnd.  how much mon'  di-irable is it in a  :i new count j \   like   Can id 1   wlieie  .ill -m:-   of  -clieme-   aie   a font by  cliaiti 1 nioiigei-     lo     de-poiI    the  ���������.public;    e.slale.     The     referenclum  would   be  an  effectual   stopper to  'repetition of the land grant, 1 ail way  and charter sfiindals' of the past.  .*   .*c.f     -'    '    '   -f "  The stamp in.ill is 1 unmng ntCliciiy  cicek mine        * _...,..  The O10 Denor.i claims to be mining  at a cost of 40c. a ton.  A contiact has been let .for 100 ft.  drift on the Home Itun at Fopl.ir  A stnke of ".flOO-cic' is' lepoi'tcd lo  have been made in No. 7 tunnel of the  Eva *  The   Gieat    Noithcin    Mines   has    made thc final   pavnient on the Swede   pum.lO'NO'i ICK is������i\  I       I.iimliLi* {'oniniiiu    I  'group.  The Topic says  that '' Bnflalo   Im  Coal-Coal lands may lio'pmtlia'cil at  HOnioi  .11.10 foi boll coal mill. Wl lor.an-  11.   ilIo.    Nol'muio   limn   tai'.icics  can  in.    iciiiiiicil   Iiy  ore   iiiaivlilu.il   01   coni-  i   an ojallv al U.e  ...le of ten c������nw  pel   ton nC 2,000 pounds shall Ho tollec'iil  1 on llio uioss oiilput ,  I   Q.i.i.U-J'c.-sons of cmiitoen voa.s ....������  ���������oiLr iiiul   loli.t" slock  uinip.inles  I10I1I111B  "ifieo miner's coi tillc.ites may obtain entiy  ifoi .t'mininu location    j -.  -A 1100 minei's coitlllcnte Is gi.in led, foi  one 01 moio soais,*nol cxd'eUlnisillvi', np-  ,011 payment ini'.idvanco  of ?7 50 PO'.'l":  -niuni'loi-'.in  in.llvulu.il,  anil  fiom *"i0   to  .flOO pei .iniumi 101 .1 coinimnv, ntooiuiiifc  l������ACf/"o ml.101 li.iv.ne discoveroil mine.al  :ln place, m.iyilocate a '='-llm,''-1>0'J"'-r'0u1"''V  .bv ni.iiking- out Hie snrne with two lega  iposls, heai me location , notices, one .it  llich end on the li..e,o������,l"o If"0 orivc 11.  4 The (l.i.in bhall Ijodocouled within 11C-  'leen d.ivs lt located within ten miles, ot .1  'mMiing* icco.de. *.' olUco,,ono^a((litton.i  ,il.iv allowed.foi ev01 y additional ten  im.'lcs 0. f.uctlon���������Tlie lee 101 iccoidlng  I.l claim is -"J . il fi: ." ��������� l,'V''iA!,,,,)  J At leasl MOO musl be e\i>ondcd on the  ���������claim each ye.u 01 paid to lhe in nlng 10-  ico de. in lieu thc.eof. When ������00 Has boon  !o\i)ondeil 01 paid, the locator may, upon  having a. suivoy made, and upon complv-  3ms witli otl.ei leduiiements, laucliase  Ithe land at fl 00 an acie.*- '; ������������������ , .,-. -,1 . -  ! Pei mission may be g.anted'by*lhe Mb -  'istei of the lute.lor to locate claims  ���������containing 11011 and mica, also coppei, in  "the Yukon. Tciiltoiy.'of an nica-not ex-  'ceedinK" HO-'ncics ',. ,,,  ; The patent foi a mining location shall'  pi ovule foi the pajment ol loyalty on the  isxilob not eNeecdiiig live pc. cent  " ri.icci Mining, Manitoba, and the N W.  IT, excepting the , Yukon , lei 1.to. y-  ,l-|.icei mining cl.umb geneially an- 110  ���������feet- sou.iio,' entiy vtee^-?..,- rene-v.ible  'AeailyA" On' the-, North, Saskatohewan  ,Rlvei'clfiimsi foi qllhpr bai 01 bench, ,tlic  "loimei being 100 feet long.and oxteniliiK  'bc-lween high and low yvatei  muilc     J He  For your meals. . Open day and flight'.  (Meids. 2oc and upw.ml. jSpecial weeklj"  rati's'.    Good.se.rvicb gunrant^ed.'*'    ������.;  ���������'/ ;  YO DO' FUJ11," Pi opl if tor.       ���������*  EYENINQ.CLASSES^   .  I - 1      4_'.'inJ1 ^ '��������� a-  '-      ������  SHORTHAND f  ' '���������    1. * ���������'-^- |:*  ���������' Wnlti'i- Miitn-o. (if this city, is now  on-iini/ang- an 'evening- (Ins-s* lor 11  thoioiigli and coiujili'te study ol lhe  above subjecl. \ltyou"would liecoiii**  an cxpeit in tlie piol'i'-.s'ion of fSleiij  ogiii|)hy ei.ioll now. ,  * \ _  For   lurtbci-   p.iitii-ulnis   apply   hy   <���������  lcltei.'       ' - 1}  WALTER MUNRO,  ',,    ;       , iiti'vi'iUokcj n.o.l \  Kootenay. Lodge  ,No. 15A.F. & A.M.'  t- *v  ..  1    <    ,.  'The 1 cgular meetinga  arc held in the Mas.  oiiic Temple, Odd  I'ellows Ilnll.-oii-llic  thud Monday in  each inoiilh nt hp.ni.  Visidng biolliron  cor.li.ill} welcomed,  'll. GORDON"   Siciti.iAKY.  ' b������-ltedging iri-llio- iiTCi������ -orMnniftob'*  and the N. VV. T, ^o<!I-l,I,t'-,t1ll,01.1-:u'f,<{"-  Teiiitoiy���������A fiee miner may obtain, only  l\\o leases ol live miles each lor .-'teirn  of twenty.ve.us, 1 enowablc-m-Hie disci0-  t.on ot lhe Minister ot the Interior  -The lessee's light Is conilncd to the Mil)  mcigc-d beds 01  ba.s ot the 1 li pi   uelovv  111   lhe  crossing, the   .iinount   being  neighborhood of -1*50,000.  Thc Alpha gioup, on G10.it Noi them  mountain, lias been purchased fiom  the Fra*er Rn-ei, Lillooet and Canboo  Gold Fields Co. by "Mr. Schcustei. of  London, ling.  ith n.ru cm !..,.., ���������  ,  . -,     Win- n 111 the cast , J   D. Sibb.ild,   as  Jt   i������   pleasant   to   t..k|��������� >-J|h   -diif- ei for *R0vel*-toke   and    McCul-  andc-bildic,   l.ki'  il-    BiijiUiJ--   .^ Creck     irydiaulic     Company  pUni.IO'NOl ICE isgi\en lh.it. the' Hitr Hotiil  1 bun.l.cr Compiin} Limited h.uc adopted  the below nienlioiuil timlji-i in.uks for logs lie  longing lo I hem, .mil all   nersoiis   me   w.lined  j. nt. .������t...y  ^.-j -    -     - ��������� .igain-jt dealing  will. 01 Keeping 111 po-si-sion  made .1 deal for his piopeity atSecond   ���������������������> low ���������-*���������.������������ nan* of-ii-l ni.uU  gt-t the   best.    It   ahvay-   cur  salt- by all c.iuggist--.  ' LUMBERING.  The   Ukanagan      Linribci'  F.ii-  beld a meeting with the On'uth capita  i=ts ln'eiested in   the compay.   They  .expressed,..themselves    well   satisliccl  I with the outlook, and with   xMr    Sib-  Co.   nt :biild'= management of the   cntcipitsc  'and gave him full   at  11111111111    meeting  ilie    ijK.iiiaunn      *���������""���������"      -  . .   ,, ,      ���������  Enlcrby,   with   which   J.   A.  T.iyloi.   and g..v3 linn full   autbonty   to   .ep-  forn.crly of Anowhead,   is  eoi'iicc.ed    resent  them at the    ���������'  is largely iiici-j.i*-nig its plant  of the compiny to   be held at   Jtevcl-  'I In. 'I illume indicates tiouble bc-  li-ieii I'lCinli i Mcliiidc -unI Hon. C  \\ iI-dii by iiiiblifbinic the fnllottiiig  s-tati'iiiciit b> .Mr U iLon "f have  bi( n placul at tin: hc.'d of tin- con-  ji native p.u ly vvilli all the icspon-  ,ilnliti(i tint arc inioliul in that  position- " " * "���������"��������� '"' ' "im"  11 iiilcr thai pnsition to .inotln 1 sclcel-  ul not bv llic ni.ijoiily of tin pnity,  but by tin- ,iutiteii.ii.t goveinoi'"  Tin' I'm line (t-on-'eivative) r-gaidi  Mclbidc govLininciil'-i ictieiicbment  policy as n laicc and say-)' ' Theie  ���������nil be no mis pension of public works  01 abolition of needless olliccs in Vnn-  umihi 01 New Westminster, but  Victor 1 l will "gel it ni the neck," for  i\A not "viuon.i put om-of Ihe mein-  bcrs of the "ebuiii" govcriiinciil in Ins  political u'l.ivc The jnc-r-i.t govem-  nicnt is no moie in earnest lo bring  abonl icti-ncbiiieiit than were any of  H-, picdecessois. Fncliv irl tin I J>", when  mcinbeis of lhe last legislature, the}  thanked ihe .L1111-.1..1111 govoriimciil  for making them ������������������liboral" itppropri-  iitions at Oil2 session and deiiouueed it  at the next session for cutting (lown  their appropriations."  The Cin.i'li.n M.inufactiii.'i- Ai- j stoke fbortly  -ociati(.-ib..st.ikcni.ptb(..1ucst'r,uof! The d.icc.ois of the Xo-thw(St  .udin** the lumber industry by the Development riyu lieitc base is-ued .1  munition of a tnritf on A mc, lean forcibl- r , ly to .1 1101 nl letter fiom  roii-.h lumb..,- .0 im to -ce.,,-e tl.i.JI. V. Uruck, the late manager.  .Vorlhw-'-l n.a.ket fm llio lumber in- | Anion*: other thing- they quote H.^k  du-t.v of this piov nice ,������������������->   rccommc.ulii.g   them   to   ptircl.a.e  llo'-h   Il.oiMi   ha-   taken a.���������niinad! the   Lva   .'or  *2A),000,   and   a.-.,u ring  foi .renin" out-iO.OOO I* etoftnnbcr.it   them be could   pay   for   it   :n 11 y������ni  ,    r ^ He bad   al-o   -taint   there   was half a  Till, li"'I' I- have decided tort-e.ve million dollar, worth in sight on the  then tin.bei limits foi ten y .,��������� cv-' Kva. They add; "Noi until Curtis  i,,,^,,,* gicat .nere.u-c in value of, iw nt to Bi iti-l. Coli.mbi.i in .hu....uy  1    '.,'' ' were ve av.*,ire that lhe  (ornjlany paid  L"u'"' for tin  building of   tbf hotel and Hon-  ' :,t (;oidri(ld-.'    A -tnke of livefif-t  of  01' curbing  Rowland I5i ittnin, pitent .itlo. n/'V,, biyh v,.',i...s has b.en made 0.1 th.  Vnncoiivci, rf ports the lollr.wmg Hwc le group ar 1'oplar Afc the v-fOnd  pntenU   is*-ned   d'limg    past   week to ..... r. ...1   ii���������iii,���������������,i���������������������������.���������,,.  NEW PATENTS.  British   Columbia inventor-'  Joseph C. Boniienti, Vancouver,!,'.  S Patent on his impioved Sterrctipe  Matni Frame  John Kiiiciiid, Va-icoiivcr, a Biilisli  patent on roller bi'iiiiiKc*1  INDUSTRIAL NOTES.  An iiiipdilinit addidon I" the 111-  iliistnes of the city is propowd by  a faoloiy to be hmlt of In ic-k and stone  11 ud located on .First street.  J{. C. Travis of St. John N.B. intends  ���������erecting,machine foundry and blacksmiths shops at Nelson.  ciossing Roy nnd M*itth**\i have tin  covend a six-foot kdgc of high-guide  milling ore. On the Budc come  pnilics have opciit'l an iron sulphide  lend cai-iying gold On the north side  of the river within half 11 mile of the  HC-coiid cross,ng, Itobcits and his  pin tncis biive a cliiini on which there  is ,1 quiiil/; ledj-c, winch 11 fnnii 15 to  20 feet wid(, nnd gold cmi be [lanned  fiom most any of the i|ii.111/. iMonag-  h1111.1V Co, who own jn open tiescm I he  south side iiciir second crossing, begin  ground 'sluicing for uncovering the  veins. '  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12. I. O. O. F.  Meets'every Tuesilaj  1 evening " in Selkirk  Hall - at 8 o'clock.  lYisitiiift biethron cordially invited to at-  ,   . . tend.        ,     . -h*  T.BATs, N. G. , .      J  MATIIIE. Sl.f  NOTICE.  LEABN, TELEGRAPHY  **-, 1' nt   ��������� 'i'-.   '"'^        . ,    t-'  , < ' i  , 'i'Weihave ijust   limiU'l nri.uiKi'-'    \1''  '     - ments to have a'Ti-lcgiapb De-"    ^ .  ,   ( paitment vvliicli,ivvill, be undi'i    ,'>  :-"'-tlie'peis(iii!irsiipei-vi.-.ion (;t *an -  J<  '���������  expci t who li.isib.id expel icnci'     {$ "  ���������   * iii all kinds ot'ti'legi.ipbinganil     ^  telepboning work, j  Jt will pay' you to w-iite for terms, s?  Vancouver Business College, 'Ltd.|  '���������Biix oI-l.i'-A'A'j/cOUVER, B~. C. |-.  iNconponATED TORONTO Si**������".* boyo���������  1086.  .^������Hi-���������       ,   ', PnCSIDENT,-  ilotmei bonis 1W loot ���������o-iff-.u-u UA-U-I--...I-      --,_���������        /"     ��������� " ,     ,  y  ibc-lween high and low yvatei mink     Jic   DR>EDWARD FISheK, Musical Director  -lallci includes bai  diggings, but extendi-          * .  'back to lhe base of me hill 01 bank, but ���������   ..    ,..   n     , i .....-?'*  ,not exceeding'1,000 Ieet ; Wheic -.sieam   The    Eest    Equipment   and  ^Facilities  power is used, claims ^00 feet yv.de may        ^ stron       t -r^uity in Canada.-"  '���������* t.':  j *      ,    ���������"  - -  A thoroughly ai t.stie and fiiiislic-il.  '"'     MUSICAL; EDUCATION. "-    > if  1       Loe-nl Center Hs-nininiitions liclil  even   nini-j,  -,   nicr 111 Miinitobii,iNToillivvcst.ToiTit.orlcir.iiiid  mcgc-iAbeds 01 b^,������[>,^e/'\?110'I,)1^   School 'of 'Literature land   Exp  low- yvatei maik, and subject,10 1110 iifeius   j        , )   ,  oL all poisons who have, 0. yvlio may ie-       .    Mlt  j,ltv Nicholson Cullci. 1'iii.c  cc'i.ve.'enl.ics  foi   bai   diggings  oi   bene 1 K<lcll||y.   All bian'clios t.u.Blil.  claims,   excepl   0.1     the     Sa=lt.iteliow.in i ,, u    ', 1   .  . Kiv ei,"'w heie  the' lessee" may '(Hedge, to' * 1  i*     "ji^Ki     ..hi 'n;i.  * B; B.l. Co. KL  "W  Dated .11 Aiiovvhead, Aug JS, I'lill  TIIK I3IG HEN"U I.UiMUKK CO   I/I'D '  Tlll.O     I.LDOVII.   I'lCSIllellt  NOTICE.  To Kinnk IlicKet 01 .nij pi-ison 01 pcisonslo  vvlioni he iii.ij have ..hMirneil In-, inlc.o-t in  Llie"I.nipiess' 1n.nu1.il el 11.11, situate mi Um  west side of Uppei Allow LiiUc. west fink nl  l'mgalon c.ccK, li.ild Aluniitiiin. ui Uppei  Anow I, iku Mining Division, VVe-sl [toiilen.ij  Dislnct, llntiuli Ciiliiinln.i  You iiiu hoielij- nolilied  that I,  lhe undo.  signed, have eypemlud foi sou 'he--   "'   "?-''  in Inl or and iiiipiuvi'mcnls upon the-ind I'.m-  pieni .Mmci nl Claim, nuclei I iiu piov ision-. of  Ihe Mini ml AcL, and if within ninolv ilnj-  from tne dale of this nonce j011 fail 01 lefiisc  in coin liliule tlie-iifoics,ii(l -.inn, tngethei Willi  nil cosls nf ndvc-iUsing, jo... mleiest m the  -aid inineiiil claim will iieiome the piiipcilj of  tin- 11111I1 isigneil iindi r feu linn I nf lhe Ae-I en-  lilldl" "An Act to Aiiicnil the iMuieinl Acl,  HO"  lint id nl ir.ilcjnn [Inl bin lugs  Till- l-til.ij ofhe-plLinlici, I'll)!.  A. M. SYJIOXb  THIS IS NOT EGOTISM.  Wc believe wr   know   11111   bus ������s.  Om biisinc-s 1, In-help you do youi  hiisinc-s. Wc supply iip-ln-ibilc busi-  iic.s mi'iiiif nnd methods.���������inoncy-  -iiving (lev ices and bow lo use them.  Ti-Mfvvn.r, i.oosiM.i-Ar m:ixii;ii.  1 Likhc-l.i'iif 1'iles nnd Lcdgi'is wilh  (lling**, ipcii.illy nilid, printed, peifoi-  11 led and piuiilicd to siiitnny*sl)lc ol  liindcl  ,, '! I-.X(.I V\ 1,1,1. '1II A.V.-P1"II  Vi I.V.  Kootemiy Mail Publishing Co. Limited," ,?������vh:m  .'ItJflVJi'LSTO Ai, D. O.     ���������  claims,    exceiii.   un      ...-     ----* ,      ������.  Rivei,"whoie  the' lessee" may'diedge.to'  high vvalei m.uk on" each alteinale-l'-ase-  'I't'iio'iossco sh'all h.ne a d.cdgo in'o-oi-,  atioii-yvKhin one se-ason'liom n (. u*u- ol;  the lease Ioi cich live mile--, ci.. wlieie  a* poison 01 company has obtained moie  than one lease one (hedge Ioi each llt-  teen riniles 01 liactwn is biillieient  Hental, "UOipeiiantuim for each mlle.ot  ii\er lciised 'Roially at'the late 01 two.  and a hall pei cent collected on the.output alter, it exceeds $10,000 !,,    '  'Uiedging in the Yukon 'J euiloi v ���������Six  -leases.oC live miles cacii may be gianteil  to .1 l.ee mine, lor a mm ol twenty  j-cais, also loncw.iblc- -   l "' ' -  *  The lessees light is conlined to the  Siiibmciged bedui bais in the. ilyei below low yvatei maik, that bound.ny to  be h\cd bv Us position on Ihe 1st Uaj Ol  Augui.1 in the -car of-the (late ol-llie  lease ,     ,  .The leasee shall have one diedgo 111.op-  ci.ilioii within two jeais liom Hie dale  ot Ihe lease, and one .(hedge toi each  live miles within. si>- yca.s.liom .such  dale Kent.il, noO pc-i mile. Ioi the in St.  veil, and flO pel mile Coi each hiibse-  (liicnl yeai   Koj ally,-same as-placci mu*--  "rlacei .Mining inAli'o'"Yul-on'rTeii!toi v.  -Cieck, livti .gulch and lull claims slial  noi e\cecd ^50 loot m length, me.isuied  un the base line ot genet.il d.ieetion ol  the cieek 01 gulch, tne width being Horn  1,000 to .i.OOU ieet 'All othci placei claims  shall be .iOO Ieet si'iiaie        -  Claims aie niaikcd b> two legal, posts,  one .11 each-cud, beating notices-, iaitrv  musl be obtained within leu d.ijs, IL tne  claim is within ton miles of mining >o-  coidei s ollice One extia day, allowed  ioi each aildilionat ten miles oi li action  .. The poison 01 company slaking a claim  must hold a tiee mliiet s cc.'incite  The discovciei ol .1 new mine Is entitled  to a claim of 1,000 feet lu length, and it  lhe paitv consists OL two, 1,")00 loot alto-  gclhci, on the output ot which no royalty  shall be dinged, the iesl 01 lhe 11.11 ly  0tcl111.11 -.  claims only   ' .  iMiliy lee, 5>I0 lio.vull-, at the i.ito ol  two mil one-lull pei cent on the value  ol lhe gold shipped liom the Vukon Ter-  illuiv to ho paid to  me Comptioiler.  Nu tiee minei shall leeeivc 11 giant ol  moie than one nulling claim on each .sep-  erale llvei, cicek 01 gulch, but the -..line  mine, may l.nlil an) numbei of claims  bv pin chase, ,md Hoc Illinois, may woik  tiieii iliun-- In pui inei ship by lillng  noilce .tiM pn>lng lee oL ^ A claim in.i-  be alandoned, and .inotliei oblulned on  the -ame ciec-K, gulch 01 ilv-ei, by giving  notice and   paving ti  lee  Woik musl be done on a claim each  vein lo the value ol at least M0.  " a ce'illlleate Ui.it woik has been done  musl In- obtained eucli .ve.n; il nut, the  claim shall ho deemed lo lie abandoned,  und op.-n In occupation nnd entiy by u  tree minei.  The bouiid.11 Ies of .1 claim ma- he (io-  llncd nbsnlulely hy having a sitivey  made ind publishing notice- In the Yukon  Official Cln/.olle    JJviliiiulic Mining, "vukon Tenllorv ���������  Locations suitable 101 hj-liaulic ininlnG,  having a lionlage ot Horn one to live  inllea, and 11 depth ol one mile 01 mo'C-,  may be leustd Ioi Ivvenlv jeais, piovlded  tho giound has been piospecu-d by the  applicant 01 his agi nl, is lound lo bo unsuitable 101 iil.icci miii'iig, and does not  Include within Ils bounda.ies an> mining  claims aliculv gi anted A icntal oL fl������i  tor each mile 01 Homage, and loy.Utv at  the 1 itc ol lwo and on.-nalL pc'i cent mi  lhe value of the gold shipped fiom the  'lenlt'.iv .111) chaigca upeiatlons musl  be commenced wiliiin one junr liom tlie  date ol the base, and not less than ?',WJ  must be expended annually, the lease-  excludes all base metals, iiu.tiU and coal,  and piovldes foi the withdrawal of uiiop-  cidlcd land foi ag.lctiltu.al or building  nuiposei-. ,  fetioleiiin ���������All unappiop.ailed Dom.n  Ion  Lands  In   Manitoba,   the  iN'oilh-vvest  , .. . ......       -.,.,.,..       I  I..       V- ..irr.n      .|-,,P, I.  toly  t.i'^  yj" "   ."  I-. v .1--.-----C.  -~-   .- ��������� ---  cum il   the rninl-ti'i   may  ic'seive   lor  an Individual (11 cnnpnn.v having ma-  t-hlneiv im the laud to be piii-pected,  an an-.i or 010 acie's. Should the pros-  pic-tm dlb'ovu oil In pas ing nu,unities,  and s.UIsf.n-tonly establish such dlscov-  c-i>, 1111 an 1. JioL exceeding CIO acids, Including the oil well and such other lard  as in.iv b* deteimined, will be -old to  the dlscmUlii .il the late of <l i������J an  acie, subject lo io.valtj at such late as  may be specilkd by- order-ln-councll.  Depaitnient   of   the   Interior,   Ottawa,  "JAMES A." SMART  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.  i'l ; 1 '-) j'('|     ���������     11 1    1 i '   1 M ������ ,  iWcALHN'DAUS -AND" SYLLABUS -KKI-.K,,-  -", jiAVIien'wnt'.ig please nienlion The Mail.   ',".;  111^.1      11.     .........wtt,* .  Urilish Columbia. '  i*  s,t- ������ '  -.ressiph^  ncipal. (,s.  *"       a "**���������  i 1 -'i ft '  '  i''.SM0KEa'!   ,  KtJRTZ & CO'S CIGABS  ;'*���������.'    ir      , |,������ !      siJ   ,*-'.'l.*-"*r   *.*^"i  The Best on th9 Market.       1  . K.URTZ'S O.WN-,   -,  .   .  -*   -   "  '.KURTZ'S PIONKICR  KURTZ'S S1J AN Us 11 I3LOSSOM.   '  aie JJi.iiiiIm tint i.in'L be lie.iLcii.    '���������;'  .MADIS IjyiUNION'LAnOIi:''    ;{���������  ' COAL!   COAL!;!  J. O. llutibi-on Ii.im .iii.uiKi'd for a  laigf Mipply nt G.iulL O0.11.   1 A  Oldeis lef.t nt,\y.,.M ^LnjV I Mite'--. 0*1']  R.;M.t',Smj theV-vvilljIfayi1' pioinpt nt-r  tciilion.   1   -*-  '- *      *i ' "  WOOD YARD  1 have stalled a pei iii.incnt Wood!  'Y.iid on'Tliiid stieet. .-Wilb'mv pasfj*  expeiieiici'1 hope In be in 11 poMLion,  to satisfy nil rvqiiiienienls ol cusloiii.-  eis. Mill and coidivood supplied in  any lengths at 1 educed piicesioi c.ish-  R. SAMSON.  Halcyon Hot Springs,  ^fanitariurh.  ritllK MISDICAL WATERS of lf������l-_  X. (yon aie llii������ must (111111 ive in Ibe  wm Id.' -A pcrletl, inituial remedy tor  nil Neivous nnd Mii--cul.ii' (liseiihe-,  liivei, Kidnev and Slonnieli ailmeiils  and Metallic' Poisoning. A sure cure  fm " Thill Turd Fei'ling." Special  rates on all boats and taains. Two  mails in 1 ive and depnit every day.  Telegraph coininiinicalion wilh all  pints ot the woi Id. An i-xpeiiencvd  massangcr.  Halcyon Hot Springs  Arroto Lake. 3, C.  Revelstoke Grows Fast  Wc umiv fa-lei, bavinij lidded'  In mil Jiakel V and Coiil'i-i-luilii 1 y  business full lines of  mioses.  fetiulo-i-n ���������All  uiiappiopi.uleil  Dom.n-  MA \o^iulTh^^:n^nt Groceries and Camp 'Supplies  iy aie  open  to inospcctlng Ioi   petiol-  AKents for   I Im OleblMted  MONSOON .TISAK.  M.A.-SMiIH&m  Vittoiiii Ko?d, Keii'JstoJse.  " hi  1 il '"i  tflfcft EOftTENAY; MAIL  I  HALCYON.  From Our Own Correspondent."   t   ,  * The C. P. R.' has nearly completed  the permanent telegraph hire between  Arrowhead ard Cape North, ribrtli of  Nakusp. The whole line 'around  Galena buy and south to Cape North  has been strung on two wires with  posts and sounders, and Liiicinini  Stevenson . lias made an exceeding  good job' of <the reconstruction. He  has been working'all summer with a  camp of about a. dozen men.      \   ,  ARROWHEAD.  Chamberlain's  'Remedies. ,  r ������������������       _ _    ^ /���������  Chamberlain's Cougfi Remedy,  I/or Coughs, Colds', Croup and Whoop  ing Cough.   Pricey cents;"large size 50c.  Chamberlain's  Colic. Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy.  Tor Bowel Complaints.    Price 35 cents.  5 THE BIG BEND:;  c:  y    ' -> , ��������� ,  Progress in Lumbering, Placer 'and  Vt Lpde\Minihg, and Ranching. *-/������  ' (Continued I ' '  A' ������    ^1 - ni vK&pou'r.vi ion": ��������� ���������''"���������' *".  "   The Intej/l). Hojd- estimated (that  to piovide tiansportalion   past Death  ���������find Piicst Lipids, 3i'miles of  tiani 01^  lletween five'niiiUsi*! miles-Jofi'Vngon'  'loud would'bc icquiied, the'vvbik-hav-i  fng (������������������ be canied  above  "^-"nlc nine.  U;'    '   .The only'obstacle  to   navigation   bc-  * 'tween these lapids'and' Canoe livei is  -   * iitAioidon   1 lipids,  eight  miles -aboic-  \'[3ii)itli eVcck ���������-The obstacle cot"sists~pf  Gig   bouldeis' biouglit' 'down'Goidon,  iivci, but \\ Incli, can, be-rcnioi ed(..l)y  blasting-    Thencev to" C.inbo,Jiive'i "is,  _  "good water, and-' Canoe  livei is n.ivig-  Sblc-in'iiiiilsiimn'ici,  but-will  have to  b"j cle.ucd out. r Wood'river  is  nnvig-  'ablc foi foin 111 lies -"        *"'    '  * ~ri *���������"  i* Willi the  opening   upVof ,tbo.-Dig  Bend theie is thus available a splendid,,  ' field   foi-'tiaiispoitation'''-"en'terorise,"  which would,inviiKojllic constuiclion  of." 11 anfvvay, past .J)eatli _nnd --Pi lest^  Lipids a'tfd the ,placingsof a steamei  between   the 'upper -terminal of  the  ���������s   '*   . .      . '0-    l    '      '        '   . *��������� '  'Then there 111 c I he features of permanent settlement to be considcicd.  There is room for hundreds of families  ,to settle in tlic'lJond. There'111c ex-,  'tensive nleas ofnexcellent', land along  tlio. Columbia, and Canoe * rivers,  DowniCjCieek and,other points, much  of it excellent for fiuit-grovving. other  aio'is adapted to geneial' fanning, and  many * thousands'of acies could be  made into,e\cellent cattle ranches,    l!  I     /J., lip, < ,!j .1"       '. - '    ,   . *  Mining, j-.lunibenng" and branching  therefore "make'the  fiitine of'the Big  Bend and its tiibut.ny countiy one of  t j 1       - - ,    *.   **  assured  active development'and,'im-'  poit.incc 'limply jv.uianting the'expend itiuc necess.if.v_ 1 to? piovide f<icil������  ities for tianspoi tation. .,   ���������   i]  1K To be Continued. '_  BtATON.  11  ti.1111 and Canoe river.  Whit   aie    the  J Si.  lesouicea  of the  coirntry*   winch"���������'���������������;11   justify   such., a  uelicmc?   Those who   have   leadi 9111-  niticles ou i-fltef minei.il _ jesourc'csl"of  th'e IJcncL \vill'JliivexscciiftJwt\ftom  v I>foi nic_,c k\:~-s.o-.1G"n'be~i ivei-'t'iieie"  lcsoui'cesaic'very c.xteiisivc.JL.ifoime,'  Ciu hys.'^ive-Mile'-' R'ejst'o'no,' Dew 11 ie;  Camp, McCull'ougb, FienclAind Smithy  ,cieeks all lie ��������� d. 111   kiiovvTi.'and prov e.I_  'mmei'al belts, with extei.sive'tields'iof  auiifeious placer .ivvaiting exploration.  Gukl.'copppi, silvci and lead aie found  iiiulei   piomisiutr eonditiwis, and the  mica fields of   thc   Beiid/and Canoe  nvcr'.ne amongst the most pioiiii->.ng  thc w01 Id over.    J..ngc bodies of liist-'  class   mica  have, been   proved  up in  these fields, both  111   thc.aica south of  Canoe livei and at 'Tetc Jam 0 Cache  * < - ���������* *  whence seven] shipments shave   been  made ly pack hoises"to.thc railway at  IC.unloops, and biought huge returns  The ea-jtcin owners of that pioperty  nio anxious to operate it, thus assuring extensive shipment's of supplies 111  nnd of mica but But'it is jn luinbci-  mg that a tians:-oi tation system to  the Bend will find immediate business  The Columbia nvei noith'of Revel-'  stoke tap's, with the main '1 net a nil  ti'lbiit.iiics, about'OOO ji'nlcs of eseel-  leiit tnnbei countiv, in which will be  opciatcd 11 scoie of logging camps  which will be big consumeis of supplies and consequently good custonieis  ot a ti.insp.ntation compnny It ."������  the want of tianspoi tation at piesent  that is keep'iig back this section of  ,country    ,   k^.  ,    - . '      .'.  ,    "r  *"   "'"''   From ourovvii Ciirrospondont" ".  ' Andy Cnig has removed to Tiout  Like.f    < . j-   ������i   ^  j*       '- .        ��������� ,  (jThc Mlhige'is fulf'of^people, and the  hotel and stables" nfe^doiug a tinning  business ' f  'Messis 'Dickinson it- JBiantfoid are  eiectiiig.ii'new bttnkhouse and gi.niniy  in connection with their stable.c'  ,   .*  U -i     - ~ 1 * * 1  ��������� Thc load between/heie and Camborne is veiy jbugh, 'as' there is not  snovv.enoughr jbt-lo mako.sleiglnng  - M. Bea'ton,*"who wast away fpr_a  nionth visiting'his hi other in Alberta,  ���������lias*ietiiMied-l)iingiiig'sin a newiteiim  vvith-hini.  * s ^_       r   . -L_ _, ij"  It-is-i'orJoi ted Geo-Goklsmith sold a  "paitof.his iiiteiest in thc'Big Showing  'forr.f8,500Aind will soon'-leave"'foi  Engliind'/-;/'^ ,',,^ , " '-' \ Z / .  '^George Goldsmith, who was ch.ngcd  with,blowing5 elf powder, knovving.it  to be st'-lcn,'appealed,, last Saturday  before",Fied" Fiaser^S. M., and, J.'.WT  Thomson, J.'P.-'A nunibei/of witnesses  weie^ examined but none admitted  knowing anything about the powder,  so tho case had'to be" dismissed for  want of evidence. Goldsmitlrwas the  "styhshest" defendant'1 who ever ap-  peare'd befoic a justice in the Lin dean)  He woie a black chess suit, a plug hat,  and in his flaming red tie sparkled a  .$300 diamond. He looked, at the  justices through a pair of gold-rimmed  spectacles, nnd when he niised his  Iin ml lo addicss the couit his diamond  ling sp.ukle I   like  miiii.ituie  electric  ������������!���������**��������� '     "v -        ;      ^ .        ;   ,  , , RAIL,AND,STEAMER.  The C. P. R have laid off font ti.'iin  ciews, two each luninng west and  casti,  A ii ,igi cpmen t i������ .icjioitctl to have  beenanived .it'botwoen tho C P. R  anil the .committee' of enginei'is and  llicmcn,"  " Tiaiiinias'er Eistcen goes ''to  Vancouver, beginniiig of the mouth  ancl will nni thc p.issengei ti.iii fioin  Vancouver to JC.1111 loops'  Foui C P. R- tclegiapheis weieiHs-  cbniged .it Winnipeg' the .othci day  .un\ the whole start stiuck. .The men  weie le-instated in'short oidei and the  difficulty settled ���������  'LterfinerGrai  (i-Mfvw. * ti ,   rr.'f771^7^.^r,.  HIS MASTERS VOO-.'..^  w  From Our Own Correspondent.  ��������� Congratulations'to* Mr. and   Mrs.  Newman on the arrival of  a baby girl.  Mr. Livingston's business is increas-  ' ''  ing so rapidly, that   lie   has engaged  I'ercy Boyd to assist in his store.     s  Mis.'Barker'left hurriedly lust week  for Vancouver owing 'to  the sudden  dcatli,of a sister. a        ^. ,  The Anovvliead   Lumber  Co.  have  shut down  their   sawmill' acioss the  lake owing to the ice.       i * t ,'   ���������  ,   James Ludgntc returned- to Arrovv-  * *- *i>  head last weeki,after a long trip by  water from Beaver to Eevelstoke. He  was accompanied by Neil McEachcrn  , Thcslceping accommodation of.both  hotels in Anovvliead is taxed to'the  utmost, beds being made up in' the  sitting rooms or anywhere that a mattress can be laid. * -   *-.     ' -  On Tuesday week Jbl)n""BulI "wiis  summoned to appear * before" F. Fraser  on the charge of selling clothing with-  out- having) first,, taken out a pedlars  license. A fine of $50 and costs was  imposed and the case appealed by the  defendant. 1  At his last eerv ice, here Rev. Mr,  Glassford said that' he would,like to  sec an.'oigan, placed in -the school  room for use at divine service and an-  nouneed that subscriptions would le  asked .for the purpose of purchasirg  one tli.it could lie-obtained at a low  price'in* Toronto." On Monday Miss  Barlee and Miss .'Pitblado, in a few  hours'secured the necessary amount  but still require a little more for the  purpjsc of paying thc height on the  instrument.'* ,    '  Members of thc.Cliurcli of England  are wondering how it is that, there is  no service of their cluircli. held here.  Though all denomina'tisns attend the  **- -.j   -* ' - -  -*     -* .- ��������� ^ .  Services held by Mr. Glassford, and are  glad to'have an opportunity  of doing  so) yet'  he "only   comes   every- other  Sunday. "Therefore there is one Sun-  day'vvc have nn^ssrvice at all, and it is  certain^that,should .a  minister,of the  Churcli:of.Eng].ind:hold: a;.service_on  the Sunday;that-,Mr..Gla8sford*is not  here he would have a good attendance.  "    -   - '   - .  "    "      " -  A.Generous "Gift.     ���������  Nevei before has any newspaper in the  world offered so much for so little money  as^ the Family Herald''and. Weekly  Star of Montreal this season. -Their two  pictures���������' Heart Broken" nnd '"Hard  to Chi ose"���������-'are most "delightful subjects and their mapjof Canada with  special map of this province, is alone  worth.tlie money Tisked for the year's  subsciiption "with the two pictures  and maps thrown,in. Their "generous  offer is meeting deserved success; few  homes 111 Cinncl.i vvill be without The  Family Ileiald ancl Weekly-Star when  such ' ii'ue is   offered .for one  dollar.  Chamberlain's Pain Balm.  "���������An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.    Price 25 cents; large size 50 cents.  HENRI'S. JDBSERIES  3000 Wcslminsli'i   Ito.'id.  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhododendrons, [Roses,  Holland, French ."DTTT'TDCf  and Japan      J> U Ij-Ptb  FOR FALL PLANTING.  Chamberlain's' Stomach and  * Liver Tablets'.' ,   ,      "*  For  Disorders' of the Stomach, Liver  and Boyycls.    Price 25 cents.     j.  '' Every one of these preparations  is guarante'edand if not fully sat*  isfactory to the , purchaser " (he  money will he refunded  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL.  ~L * .     .,1  I , ������������������  ' Mr. and Mis. J. D. Graham have  gone on to Victoiia. .  E. Baillic, of Poplar, 'has been up-  pointed justice of the pence.        *      *  Mr. and Mis, J. B.'llobs/in have ic-  turned to,Victoiia fiom 'Bullion for  winter.  Mr. and Mis. II. M. Caitei of l^eigu-  son have gone to , spend thc wintei in  Portland, Or.,      '��������� , ,, .  Mr, and Mis. C. I).s Mori is of  Rogers 1-nss spent two 01 tincb clays in  the city tins .week.'    n      , '  ',Mr. Doimnn. postbllice mspectoi  and Mr. Clute, customs inspector,  were in the city this week.i A ,  The fi iends of T., Lew is, senior, will  glad to le.nn that he is "lecoveiing  from, his recent attack of rheumatism.  Thomas Meiedith, who is intciested  in the'Airowhoad Lumber'Co ,' came  in from thc east Friday and left lie.xt  morning for Airowhead.    ,.   1 M  Before Percy* Bojd returned to "Eevelstoke last week .1 dance was given'in  his honor at Ferguson. The Eagle  says: "Peicy^was a general' favoiite 111  Ferguson, and we hope tose'eiiim back  in the spring." ' '"*..  Engineci Colbecktof.stcamei Revelstoke, * i etui ned Satuiday fiom-. the  coast wheic ,liis wife 'has "undergone  two serious opei.itions but 'is now* pio-  gressing favoiably. (���������Mr. Collieck goes  to take a position at Nelson, v ' *��������� ' J  ":At the All^Ameiican Conference1''of  Bishops recently held at Washington,  D. C , Bishop PinkhanijOf Calgaiy, lead  an excel lent'pa p'er on tlie'-'Methbds of  the Church's Work, in Eyangeli/ing  the sev^ial races of Alen'in; Aihericri "  , A. McMillan of"Westbourne, Man.,  and w-lio is jheavily interested m the  Arrowhead Lumbei Co., has,been staying at St.;Leon hotel some -weeks,1'for  the benefit Jof 'his'health, as he has  been suffering sev.eiely fiom rheumatism. His friends will'be glad To learn  that liCjis stondily ���������iinnro\ing*Lnnd_is  now 'better^ than at nny"time since.Jie  went to the eprings." "*"  .   ... 1  Garden, Field and Flower'Seeds  " ALWAYS"lN "STOCK.  CUT FLOWEBSu,^���������!^  l,"'l  Bee 'Hives and Supplies  ,   'fertilizers. ���������   -  M, J. HENRY, (,  '       Vancoijviik, J3. C. '  S S.   "Archer"  TABLE  "or S. S.   " Lardcau.  Itiinnini; lictvvccn Ariovvliciul, Thomson s  I.nndiiiK anil Coninplix, coinnicnchiK Oct. Illli,  HMIl   will sail as follows (weather poinultiiiK)-  l.eave Anovvlicnd for 'Thomson's UhiiIIiik  anil Conuipli-; tvv ico dmly nt 10k. mill lok.  ''Leave Comapllx nnd Thomson's IjiiidniK for  Aiiovvliuiiil tvv ico dull- ut 7.1 jk. nnd 12.1,3k.  Making close- connections with all C. V. Ii,  trams nnd boats.     .   -        a       j ,  'llic owners reserve tho light to chan e tiinei-  of sailings vv ltliont notice,      t  TIIK KltKI) UOI1INSON LUMliKllCO. LTD  ,.     Vi ItOHINSON,  ,' "    MnnnKinpr Dneclor,  if.  FURNISHING! HOMES  IS'OUR BUSINESS      -  and Has Beai for Over 40 Years  ,/  Our new oualogue just completed contains ��������� 1568   illubtrauons,'all   priced,   and  more information than could be yained in  a week's shopping. , AVrite   for acopy-^it ,;  is free to you.      .  ' '    ' ,  WEIL ER BROS;1  -'    VICTORIA, ,B:'- ol' * ^ ��������� ���������' **>< -,  E; B. EDDY'S  No  so HiimBle"  that it need  be 'without  The Berliner Gram-o-phone  $i.od brings you one. We make it easy for you to  o*v:i a Grain-o-plione. Even an ordinary piano or organ  costs a l'Jt of inoiley���������there are lessons to pay for and  v,-;ary hours of practice���������and then a piano is only a piano.  The "Berliner Gram-o-phone " gives yon more, than  2000 selections to choose from.���������" A child cau operate it."  You c 111 nliv it 111 five minutes. The work of the nio=t famous iiis'.riimental-  ,.,, 11,- %������������������������, of lhe Brainiest vocnlHts lire produced for you. lt sings and  11 , ml iv note .iiiil lone is true to life Yov have in jour home mi  1 I'liiiiiLnt tint >s, nt >our pleasure, either mi orchestra or a flule-a s������>Ser  .. iniiL "oiirs or ,. splech n'.aLer-ill nt prices not one twentieth the cost of  .1 1 ouliiiiiiy piano and ou terms bo easy that anyone can aCTonl it.  Prices of Gram-o-phones <fc1*^  i^fc   H&A,%  complete with 3 Records ������P*>J   lV   ������P*T-'  Ciinmitccd for liveyeirs    "It is made In Can ul-i "  Sold   on  oasy monthly payments  if dosired.     V/rlto  Cjt particulars, Cotalo^aa and list of Records.  Mnmifacttneil by  E. BERLINER, 23f6 St. Catherlno Street, Montreal.  FOFI  SALE CY  CANADA DRUG & BOOK GO.  kkvkLstokk, n. c.  LOCAL"AND GENERAL.  "* i        i ^  ���������Tiont. L.ikc nnd Ferguson 'will oi-  g.mi-e n coiling nnd hockpy club.  * ! i  A, RtisM.in jnining ;Oii}-ineer lins  found .i wonderful rcnieily foi cbnsum-  ption. <  ..Andy Cniig pioposes building n'  skii ting .mil curling rink nt. Trout  L-ikc.      J s    ^      s  Tlicic is .i building boom .it' Golden  sc-.ei.il buildings being  removed tbere  from Don.ild. , **  ���������. *\ L -  J. I). Oi.ili.iin spe.tks in , high terms  of the conduct'of the dominion inimi-'  grntion oflice in London, nnd snys it is  doing splendid work,  An iiccoiint.int is being sent out by  tho dominion government to take up  llic Cmlbon ifc Porter claims for'lubor  on tlie L.irilenii rnilwiiy ns the lesults  of Mr. Gnllilivr's reprcsent.itions to  the government th.it they should see  these claims settled. This includes  both tin e checks and bank checks  issued by tlnit firm.  cllURCHES.  PKEIUYTKIIIAN.  Iiev W. C. Culder will deli\er a  serinon'specially appropriate to the  occasion of the anniversary of Scotland'-! p.ition Saint, St. Andrew, on  Sunday week   ������  - Spent Oyer $2,000 Doctoring.  Mr. Joseph Pominville,of Stillwater,  Minn., after h.uing 6pent over ?2,000  with thc best doctors for stomach  trouble, without relief, was advised to  try a bo.\ of ChambeiIain's Stomach  find Li\cr Tablets. He did so, and is  a well man   today.    For sale   by  all  druggists.   ^������ ���������  GRIP AND PASSWORD.  I,  O. I..  A special meeting of L. O. L. No.  1658, will be held in the Oddfellows  hall, on Tuesday, Dec. 1st. Lodge  will be opened in the Royal Arch  Pin pie Degiee. All members arc urge,  nelly requested to attend. Lodge will  be opened at 8 p. in. sharp.  POULTRY.  )' t,  , '     _   ���������       .'    J  l      -- "       '   -"     1   ;  Choice. Pure-Died Poulliy��������� Singlt-  Coinb, Brown���������L('ijhoin-������., ,,Bfi-<iii'*e of  luclc of room for winter quai ters, I \\ ill  sell at \ery low pjijee*" .i niiinher of my  pullets, hens and rotkiTPlh." For prices  etc., iiddress.  A. E. A. LOWES.  , '    < *-   Vernon, B. C."  -OOBAN- STEAMSHIPS,  ,.,     . -       Royal Mall Linos., -        . .   '  ' ~ Cheapest Route to tho Old Country.  ALLAN lJNE-rroiiiMonlio.il.     __   ,  Tnman . ' * Nov  7  Tunisian Nov. II  Pftusi'iu. " Nov  21  *     'DOMINION LINK-Fiom Montical.  Sou'Jivvaik .Nov. 7  CAN. PAC ATLANTIC S. S-FioiiAmoiiLic-iI  Like'Maniloba        -     *   ..*'.' Nov. 12  Mount Temple _'""'_      ��������� Nov.'20  ' AME1HCAN LINK-Kiom Now YoikT, ~  St Loins .'      '   ..            '   / Nov. II  Now York      "               '       ' Nov. 18  Philadelphia.                                     ' Nov. 25  ,   WIIU'E STAIt LINE-Kiom New-York.'  Mnicsfic .''.    "                               Nov*. 11  Cellio -    -           "              .             .Nov   IS  Oceanic ��������� Nov. 18  Cymric .   Nov 20  Teutonic *                  '                  Nov. 2b  '     CUNATID LINE-Kiom New York.  Etiunii -' ^   .   Nov.'7  I'nmpani.i Nov. II  Uinbu.i      ' " Nov. 21  Lucnniv ' Nov. 28  Pnsscnpcis ticketed lliroiiKh to all parts o  Great Ui ltiiin and Ireland, and at specially low  rates to all parts of the European* continent  Applj.to nearest railway or steamship agent or.  to t -i     . " ,. L " '  T. >W. BRADSHAW.  Agont.  Rovelstoko.'  W. P. F  CUMMINGS.'paclflc Agent-  "KING  EDWARD" 1000^, ,  "HEADLIGHT," ."iOOs.  "EaOLE," lOC'iiniiaOO-."^  " vi orbn i a," ' ,  "LITrr.E OO.MET."   "  I   '  FOR   SALE   EVERYWHERE.  I - *���������",  ������2.  fr   ���������!  l  t  ���������*���������������"  Are the, best that' can be Jaought.  Don't experiment .with otlier and inferior brands.  ���������' f'  ���������'_,?;  r i ,  - ja. Jb. v^. ������' ^irr ������<���������   ,t,\o   uu '.--,- f *-- -t\v -*(���������.,  _REVE"LST,OKEr Bi iQ." ; ,fC5'4S  < J ���������.._,* . -^jTnjT.r-ij-i        * V K i  ���������"'"i  ">  C       i"    ���������*    '^  FIREWOOD  Having taken over the.fire-  wood supf-ly, -of the-.Harbor  Lumber Cc.'s'mill.'orders left  at the mill, at VV. M: Lawrence  or,by,,ringing 0up phone No. 8  will have prompt^attention.   ������������������  WV FLEMING.  OUB$(Q  MSEs���������   Mnnso  '  -.     !     '      *     ,.-,    ' v i      ' H  ������ -      Now In lis JStn Year igg  Tho leadlnc mlnlnp periodical of tho JjJ  "RJ i world, with tho strongest editorial staff gjj!  Jfijj "of anytedinlcal publication. ' * -.-7! ~"������H  JfiS; *Subscrlptlon"$S 00 a year (Including *,- Ja  [S; . V. S., Canadian, Mexican postaRe ) ' * ', BS  SH"if') The l Journal and Pacific "Coast .S  t9    Mm-tR. together, $6 00. *��������� - il,  Ij!       Sample copies, free.   Send for Boo":    ���������<"���������  ���������g    Catalogue. -    affl  Thb Enoinbbkivo and Miming Journal   ,bBJ  '   I 261 Broadway, New York    ���������< 'J"|  Jas. I; Woodrd^v,  ..-'BUTCHER.'-"'*  t ut    t -���������'   -/ r.   -^  ,RctaiLDealer In.*���������^fffffrm^ai* "  .^������   ..A >  .     .   ,   ^'BBEP,  "PORK,  / ' '   .   MUTTON,' Etc.  i . ��������� < ���������   .      * /  . ,  -Fish and'Game in Season.  ������������������ All ordeis promptlj* filled..  DCt/TI OTfiVC     D    -0 *���������   Corner    DoiTbIiii-  ntVtLolU^t,   D.   U.,   find King strei I.-  RE*ri5TrRlD  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop. "  (Prompt delivery of piucels, liaggiige,'  etc., to any purt of the City. ,j  Any Kind of Transferring ,'!  Undertaken.  All oi (lets left nt It. M*. Sinyihe's  Tobacco Store, or by Telephone, No. 7  will rccei\e prompt attention. ' {  To Trappers  Raw Furs Bought  Cash Prices Paid  Exporter of Purs.  Union   OvdPdlJs,  t������ Shirt*  ISl. etc  V K  SlmN,  Ovouills,  IIliiiiii 1'llllN,  Tvvccd I'm Is  I olton.uk' l'u 11I-,  Jninri'is  Blouses  li'iiBincii-.' .IiuKlI-  Wiulcrs'.liukils  H.n Lets'J.n.kills  OliiKlmin .InckcLs  Ml-sion KIhiiiilI Un  dci vvciu,  JMA^UKAC'JU^E  Cooks'    Ajhoils   mil  j       ������-���������*"���������:>">.  fiiilionleis'Apions,  A\ niters' Apionii,  I'limlcis'nnd I'lnstcr  cis' Oveuills  "tlnul,in.ivv ConU,  jllllLkllinVV  I'll nl-,        i  'l.irpiiulins  UnniiriKO I nt,���������,  IIoisC   ItlllllkLl-,    '  TuiiIh.  l"lc, elo., do.  ABRAHAMSONIBROS,    PROPRIETORS.,, -     , ^"J   -    -!    j**--tl7w4i|  Newly   built.   '"Firpt^cl.issjn e\ciy iespect.jl',i\irmodern cpIlvenidlce6,.    ���������>yj.A.-A'tiV* |  --   r  , .      Laige Sample'Rooms. A ,( -d," ' *{',;"<-/  ".  -A A" Rates $1 50 per Day^       ���������',     ' Special Weekly Rates. j  Queen's Hotel; Trout  Lake, under. samesmanagement,  4 A    f  -li^  ���������r,"  - "��������� ft  ���������A-"*  .'-w  .t.  ***  '.&-  HO  f&(m(farfa(&<fa(&(fafa<fot&?������pi  (fa  ($������>  ($)  *$>  (fo  ft?  f$>  ^?;  A  ^nrfo(fo(forfo(toffo(^(fo'tfriffn(torfo^(^^^\iai>' -   ' \ % -A-1I  ��������� ' ' ��������� V ,'������������������:....- * *$>- .,-' 'y^yy\  COMAPLIX  ���������?>���������  ".T.^'  A-.-  i, Good Tabfe^ito-.pZi'^yJ4^y.-,\  -"  -i    i" ''-'I"'-' '"'^vA'^'l  it in Stock:<J*������< ^y������>y*&*k\  The" Best Louse in Town.*   -   ^Well Furnished  '��������� - 'Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kepi'in 'StockS^  V::\; W.---HAMILTON, Propriety :^*''-*^^^PV-r;W;  ^f$}(^<^(^<^r't?"^''to"^^''^ ~y "A7'.'?'^'T-l  ������  -  -1-  -  -I-'-.-���������  - .-.."������������������* ���������*��������� ---'-  -  -  -  *  :.-";s i-r*.-*' "i,^ -- -iv"^"^''/'!!  t,l -i  i I  ORlENTALAHO^Efc  '   ���������    ^    ably Furnished with  the choicest 'the market "     " *  affords. (   'Best 'Wines,   Liquors, & Cigars. ' ^ \  , Rates $ I a day.  . Monthly rate.'    -        rt .. ��������� ���������-  Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.  &  ',-S.T,-   est j*  ..  "-  ^1*1  J  ���������I  : " i"i|  H0T.KL  Kslnlillslieil 1W*I    Incoipoi.ilcil llKji.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.  LiMirrciv    **  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS,  Wait.lioiiM'1 Wlmif Stieet.  Kiiotoi', 1 li.islion bliLol,  vrciOKiA, n. c.  Rooms in Suites with Baths and   Toilets attached, flowing" Hot  aiid Cold iVoter, Inside Toilets' on each floor, Gas Lighted'nnd  Steam Heated Throughout. '    '  J.-C. GREENE, Proprietor,   ^ -    r  GOLDEN, B.Cc.��������� .     ,  tTEENS HOTEL  COMAPLIX  CHIEF YOUNa;     -       -'',���������-     Proprietor.  * .Best brandb of Wines, Liquors <iikI Cigai.s "  Travellers  to   Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation  at this Hotel. ^ "  Tin- In-1   DnIl.it .i D.iy  III   I 111'   low 11.  DA V I'"  I Inns.-  Oltlt,  l'i i-|)i ifli.i-.  ' D.-L  .mils nf Willi'-, .Sp irits  ���������mil Ci-*."--"-  IBIiii:  Standard remedy for Gloet,  Gonorrhroa and Runnings  fuirvVl  IN 48 HOURS.   Cures Kid- l"lul J  ney and Bladder Troublus.  HATCMTC        Trademarks  I���������*t\   I   LIN   I   O    and CopynghU  ��������� obtained in nil countries.  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent Attorney  Mechanical Allot ne-  and I'ngincer.  Itooin'I, I'nlilleld Illock, (JranvilleHt. nc.ir I'.O  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A   pnt,(eniil  will seen I e an I'venini" appoint  incut, foi tlipsc vv lio eiinnot call during tlie dnj  Wholesale and Retail  .   .   .    Meat Merchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  ���������"-"���������^^Es-^'Calgary, Alberta  Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese  and Japanese goods.  The best assortment ever  landed in Revelstoke of  useful     and     ornamental  articles:  Ton sei v ices  l"llltl'S  Hnskol.s  Cane Chans  Handkerchiefs  Klovver I'ots  Unibri.il i St,unl-  l.nncli li,i.-ket.s  binokni-,' Jackets  bilk GochK.  GOLD  FISH  1'incst stock of c-.indic- and fruit in town.  Front Street, Revelstoke  WRAPPING   PAPER   AND  PAPER BAGS.  Tlie Kootenay "W.iil lins been  nppoiiiteil agent for one of  tbe I.irgeit Caiiiuli.in Pnper  Mills  Wrapping papers in rolls or  flat, and paper bags of .ill  vveiglils aiiil fei/,cs supplied to  order punted or imprinted.  Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke. raWkSSSSaW""** 6is-*^!^ja4S4!��i!,-��,jj.--jji ^-r
j r
i 1 !
' lAVhen   there  arc
"etc.;, it is yeiy often
, ,poor' strings.*'' Now
large s'upply of all _
owing  to
wc keep a
/-; \ Musical^Instruments/ '
-;V Strings and' 'Fittings,,
A1- ���' Music Folios,;etc, ate,
r f
l<   ' <l
i   *'    ,        1  '       *
���     1   'W ii        -     , I , f
��| . if you live out offtq\yn just
?*drop a postJ card  and   wc   will
.A ���      ���        ' - *
"fgivc it prompt atteiuion.
^     1 O  J I   r
1 Wi,!
* I.-11
j "JT" 'Vj
,   r '"MARRIED.    ��
"j'OAMmtos-GiiAXT���At ll.e losidcneoof
> <i A"      Hugh I3io\\ii,*-J{ovel,itoke, ,cm   the
, V"      ""-llli inst., by thi' Kcv. VV. C. C.ildoi.
^   -^ t  Ewii-./A. CnnieiOii, of Snndon, 15 0 ,
<'���**'    to, Jennie   Giant,   of  ,Glcngiiii v,
Its    <    '        , ,0111.1110.        r* V-1   ^ ,
-T -*���( Macoo.nmi.d-McKixxo.n*���Atft tiiiitluiu
;'~-r ;r���cn- Tuesday,  Nov. '2Itli,"by   Kcv
sAA    -"��� Fathei   'Jeannette,    John   ('coign
J        Macdonald, of  tit's city, lo Minnie.
M     ^-^elclebt'dauglitcrof  Mis  I"  McKni-
VI I    .^ U. f   O  '        1 "-     |>      /I -        r
-^j, S -  /1'iion, of Snndon, 13  C.,_, ���*    ,,, <   Jn
-j    ' McPHniisov-McBotJO u.i.��� Al   Ilcvcl-
A -      ""-stokVon "Wednesday, Nov. 2.1th, hy
"Uev^Fathei '/riiavei", Jtodcnck Me-
���    A
,. ^l��~,i.
;-' x
7    " (   J.lCl.jl.Ulllll.1     rJlIIII\l,l,      JUHIUI  IW*.     *'!"���
v-'$*r'3,liersqi*1,'"<-o��'Niikii-.|-, to  M.ii��aie
-*������ *   \Mcpbug.*.l],"bf Antigoiush, N. ri.'
���Jefj"StHam:y������"At_ UevclaCokd,   on
VThuisdiiy���Nov  20th; by Kei   G A
v'v J  ���   ' Prociinier,"lOhiiilcs Jeff-., of Nelson,
' ���"   J" ���*, tof.Miss   r.ili,int>" Maud, -'Uo.iti ice
A"' 'd\ f-HaneyAof,Pans,' Out
W. $;*&-��� 'fn' *" 	
sA' A* A <���
"���v.   ""-������<   '
I'1 '"��� 'j��t,<l i
""�� .Wili.iajison-���At Revelstoke, on
V,;-"Ula"y,'""\Tov. 22nd, Emma, the beloved
.^"���Mvife of, William1* Williamson, aged
, ,*��!**��� 59 yeius.    '    **", '      , ,
r��� - jyv : i
. ~*. ,' �� ^ ��fJ   s*-
'jf**^-^-1^ "f-veaed for Monda> *al tlie city hall
.^"tjVirn-T" .      -   >    sr    -IR> -T* s V - "
Ii-v^A-V3""**���*"< **' "'v Tbomns-Tolleise-i,'
old tinici
^-���^a-~��---;-~f��-��1-.-ps--jrr,nlHn-iv'i*Wi:"''"r "T.inv"   b is   boon   an.
-""A*"A~& J>ssy ^AA ^'ooiKted in his, stead, j  a   .
"'l1'"'  ^',";C** r *      ^ * ;3e'r%iceof tlicijetilion agiuiiot letiun
'��� '   " ' "* ������"of T. Tayloi for Kevelsiokc wasetlectcd
,'^on G-. T.-iNevvinan, letmning ollicti ,'.it
* iirowhead on Tlimsd.iv    i    *     *
The MineAs.ns     ' Tho'Be.iton po-t-
* niastei   i= lepoited   to   have  become
��� ? we.irj "of hio   bueious  dune"   and to
have taken fiencli lease"
r"lThe business  of   the Dominion E\-
press.Conip<iny,li.is so hugely nioieased
'   in   Revolstoke that the  company   has
put,on'its own dc!i\ei\ ng
Joseph .Mditin baa' entfeied -nit Idi
ciiniinal libel  against   Field Johtiaon,
of Vancomei, foi an anotijnious letlci
r   wntteh to the Vancouver Ledgoi
, * - Kamloops is to have the pnvilege ol
liateningto the famous J'nglibh cluigv-
man,   lies.;,Mark" On*.   1-e.iise, in the
A Methodist cbuicb on   Gluistuiaa csen-
-   ing���Sentinel. '
~ "   Chief Bain1" has-discos eicd the pei-
"petratois of'.the damage at thc cm ling
link, -and aiso,the boss ssho base been
'damaging'theAliill hal[ and =teps \sill
betaken io make an example of them
*   A. business men's oigani/ation to be
s   knosvnasthePoplai   lrades (Jommit-
tee has been'oiganised.at  1'opl.u .sub
NV. McGui, of Vancoiisei. 'he popul.u
1 iepresentatis-e of  the"Kurt/ Gigu Co
as president.
A meeting of  the committee oi the
���  ,l*rc\mcial   Mining,, Association^ ssas
s held Satuiday to confer ssith the local
delegate, W. M. Biovsn, -pnoi   to  his
attending the meeting oi the executive
consened this week at ICiinloops.
-   *" In repls   to  a   telegram   fiom V   13
x Less,is. secreiars to the I<ibci.il  V-^oci-
atiou. tliC'postiiiaster-geiiCK-l ptOmplls
svirtd instruction**   to   have  a   special
mail   dispaichtil   to   the     Uend   on
'J'hursd.iy   on   the  rc-prtsfntatioiib  oi
Ihoncc to tho cpmctciy, Hov, W. C,
Uiildi'i coiidiicling tho but iai doivii'os.
The fiini'iiil was fmgoly nttcndi*d. Tho
H'aicis' ^voio  Aid. J. Mobeod and
\V   IJnin,   U. ("lordon, 1). II.
\\r. K   Huul and J. 11. llobin*
Mi'sus '
Me I.eiii)
son    ', l
At the assessment court foi Ihe rid
i'i'iit on Sa(uid!iy W. ,).i Pickcy, judge,
nl kissed nppiviK* of Kevolotoko nnd We-
Oiilloii^h Cicuk llyduuilic, Keid &
Younu'i II JI. Sin) I ho nnd W. liows
fouit(liiftinii of block valuation, Jtev-
elstoke lainihci Co foi, conection of
nonage but ieduction of valuation win
lefiised (I S. "McCaitci's iippoal on
iiifoiiig'tns wan allowed. Unuii Cigai
Go's objection ssn-i, lcfencd to Victoiia     '   t ~(        ���
'ihe CMOiitivd of tlie I'losmual
Mining Asboci.ition held a lliicedms
session il ICiiinldop-) th).. vscek, \V. M
IliO'vn u p-jspiiting llesulbtoko. It
was -.tnlul $1,700 uas necebb.uv to
lifpnd.ito liiibililies and an abb,t'ssiiient
will lio iinido on lociil-.. Resolutions
woip pnsicd pxpiessing dis'-iilisfaction
with lliu bine.iii 'of  nlinob iniil .system
uf In SH 11011. (r i ,      '
Tho i cw ns-ccsiiient toll foi Revol-
,il..ki- tiding shows llio loiiniikablo m-
eiciitiO uf "j-iOO.OpO foi tho<)i'iit, rThe
viihmtion of llevulstoku tiding is Real
pidpi'ity JpOSO-S'lS, wild land $218,121/
pi'isopul    piupc'itv   .1i:l0.r),0t)U, 'income
HvriKi.ooo 0 '    , * '   "
11.'A Hi own nnd VA A. Kouti', *oi)
liL'hnlf of tho Cm ling Chili, collected
���MOOyt-slouliiy nnd got .%'1()0 wi'ith of
jui/.ub fur'n botispiol in Kevelbtoko.iind
one will be hold, t(1
rTlio idea of i(>ignni/,ing a cliiiin' cr of
O'jiiiniC'ic'o.foa' life city is being hunt lily
taken up. '
The Best in tlie World.
, Mail lib 15 itoyal Crown Soup
Wrnppois, and in leturn svo
will mail a bPiuiliful Piotuio
si/c 10x20 ; or for 25 Wuippon.
your choice of over 100 books.
DiOP ��b a  post on id asking
, foi a catalogue of pieiniums
to be hud' FMZE  foi   Royal*
down Soap Winppeib    v
Addicbs '
The Royal Soap Co.,
Vancouver! B.C. Limited.
Social and Personal
Wakefuf Children. '
lt'oi'irionB'tiinc, Hie Iwofyi-aiy old
child or Mi'/P. b. "Mi'Pheison, .ill N.
Ti'iilli S(��� lliii'isbuiB*. Pib. would
slei'iibul two m- thi-ce h()Uf-. in tliC
cni ly part of ll.e night, whii.li nmdo
it ' very hind lor"" l��'i' '< p.u out-. Ils'i'
niolhi'ii concluded that the eli'ld had
-.loiiinclitionbl.', and giive hei hull ul
one ol Cliaiiilii i Iain's .Sluinnth nnd
l.iver Tablets., which, (piii'ti'd her.
*.t(ininch nnd she ble|it llic ss;liob* night
through. Tvso l)OM*s ol these Tnl-lels
hnve I'lTeeti'd n |iei inaiiciit emu,nnd
she is now well nnd sliong.lt Koi sM|e
by nil diuggists.
 r ^ ,,    * i
____m i
-  i   . .m.-"*-' ;
1 liciohy (endei my thanks to the
Flic Jhigndc and public, who - so
piomptlyVsistcd in e.\tinguisliii)*'lhe
lucent my house on Wedncbday mom-;
n lliu mult��n>r I'linrlus ICilglian n, ilncciKCil
l'U0,l\lllHI. '
NolllU   Is   Jklllll)-   KlVOn   Illl    llOltlOII-l   llllV'|ll|,'
(lalnisii^nliisi CliuloK ICilKliiiiiin,"lalnor Hovr
tlslotiC, II. I). li'icO/Mluwi, ilncunsoil, mo io-
i|iinsl(.rl t�� M'lirt llio winiu, ilnly voilllnil, lo Hid
iiikIoisIkiioiI, on ot Imloio Urn 1st duyof Dcunn-
Inn. A. I), I'llll.nni" nil ])ijisonH Inilolik'il tollio
'i-nlil'ili'tulihiil mo Kdiiusli-d tnii-nilt lliuiiinnnnl
ofHiilil IndutilLiliii*-)- lo Un) nniUiiMKncd foilli
Dnti'il nt  ltuioUol.c I'iIh ,iOtli ditj ofOUobci,
A  11., 11)11., '      ' "
'*       ' MI 151) H'KASER.
tinli' ('iiininlhnlgniii,
lltli..!   i      * <i      *    ���        llinulrttoliu, 11. 0
Mis Phipps has gone on n \U>il,to
Nelson. ii
,[!'M. ICellic ictiu-ned fiom Vicloiiii(
Siliiiday.  '    , i
A di.nunt')Q nociety is to booigiuiib'etl
in G.iinb irnC' v    -i
Pobtm.istor MoKne letuined Monday
fioin Vaiicouser. , '       <
Sit' Wilftid laitiiici was (J2 year-, of
age on Kiidny, Nov. 201 h. ,    ' '
"Mesilnmcs l.oMaislie anil Spin lint;
leave for Kngliind'on Tuesday. ��
iO. Osborne, *of Regit).., hits joined
thc stall'of W.,,1. George's btoic.   ^
J. 13. Cresbinaii Hindu a biibinesb'tiip
lo Tiout l<nke,iind Ferguson this week.
f The Ladies J Hos.pil.il,Guild4 expect
to clear $200  ti om   the, ball  held last
rweek. > i   i   '    4       i
1   Mib (lull, diiuglitei of'Mi. and Mis
S Siiiifli, tutiii'iieil  Monday   to   Van-
'      ) i
oyuvei -   , ~ ,   -        l
, Mis W. IT. Piatt, wife of lluAncw
milliliter of' MoUona Jjimk, aiiiscd
Weilncbdav.       "** ,
'TlicbadiesGuil'l sent to theh8bpit.il
Uic supply ro( good UungS'-dcft osci
f'ioiii,the,b.ril.       ' y    '" 'P ' ,
��� V-V W. Foster, of, the biipoiintund-
cnt's ollice, letuined Wednesday fiom
a tup to V.incouscr i   -*.1.-
B Kr Cainpbell has leased 1' Agicn's
hoiibc tfn^Mclven/ie avenue occupied
by VV. do V. IcMaistio ��-       "","""
Ed. Oouiing ���lctiuned Wednesday
fiom an extended (visit to Noitli C.uo-
lin.i'and eastern pointb f"'
Mi "Piatt has been ' appointed pci-
m.inent 'manager oloJMolbon's Bank
and cntcted on-liis duties ; ' this
\scck    A i t % ^      v-   L ,.        >
With' hci" usunA'thouglitfiilness foi
tho)Oiing bilks of ,the city Mis .)
Pahiiei gave a f.ucwell ,pai ty 'to T
Hamilton on Tucsd..y.   ' ' -     -A!
-A, special ,meeting of-, the J<adteb
Hospital Guild   in'the   city' h.ilAon
' t x   Better than "a^pldster.    .   ���
��'   -    ' ������
A piece ol flnim*-! il.uii|<i'iietl with
Ch.unbei Iain's Pain JJ.ilin and hound
to the'all'etted pails is bupeiiur to_.iny
plaster.*' When'i troubled svilh l.une
back, or/ pains in the side 'ot, chest,
gist* iM tii.il and- you .no ceitiuli- lo
he fnoieithairplciised^svilh pioinptie-
hi't which it atloidb.(   Foi  sale   by^all
dfllgglSts. >ld ��r ,_
' .       ^a      '"     ,, ' '     '       .
* Jt is stated Mastct Mechanic Temple
will bo ti.insU.-ncd fiom -KoveJstoke
shoi tly    -      _ j-, i*      �� ^ ^��
T   Moie  will  piobably ^succeed/I'
Dow'iiio as chief desjpatchei
bloke      ,     ���*   t.
at  Revel
Thuib'd.iy nest, Dec :3id,""a\ 3 p nix,
will close up biibincsb 'of A1"" hospital
ball' r -'- y , *'] ] '
z Mi "Wind, Manager ~ ot Molboi),'-
B.tnk vscill It'ivcs.'.'arti'yjonji ,holiday'
trip, at thc close of which he w ill join
onc.of "the eastein'. blanches ol jthc
bank   -        --*,''., ** ,
-Knginoci Willib'Aniistiong leceived,
n'ews today of the death _of, his sistct's
luibir.inclj ���LiL.'cnginccr"j2nAthcj2ntei-
coloni.il, uAa >����-iI"*** <)' ,-icciilent and
will leave foi the east toinonow
^ The l.idies���of'bt Petcis Talent
Society pie=ciitcd -Mis Spin ling yes-
tcid.'i) with an addiess and a handsome biooch m.nle of Big Bend ni'g-
gets on the occasion ot bei leasing foi
Ii:. gin nil
* .--1
G  F. Ristcen, who   has lesigucd his
position as ti.untii.istei, did so in oulei
to move  his  famils   to  Vancouver so
that the cluldien may base the benefit
ofrthc educational lacilitics theie     Mi
Risteon leaves foi theie"nc.st sscek and
^tis  Ristcen   and  children* isill.mose
I theie in about two weeks. c
\     At    Mrs     Hyland's    on   Thuisd.iy
nislif the L.idie.- Aid of the Methodist
Chinch   held .*.   stieca-sful   social,   at
which about oO ssere piesent.     A nice
musical programme svas rendered   the
piano    selections   played   by   Misses
Kenncr and Lennov' being   a   special
feattne   of   it       Refreshments   * were
j served bs   the   ladies.   Thc   proceeds
! ssere to defray   thc'cc=t   pi  putting j
Is the lime Ioi
I'l I.ive youi siu'ings, iuiw\it l}fK.>)��'
l    ir Ovei lhe1 Koritenay Mail.<��  '    *
I L 0        *
*'Fu\-!i peiiniit'ci.sp tally at Hows' r
AOideiooui   h.ud/cbal   fiom1'11  N.
CllllSlCI fa. '      v
Anolhci l.uv c lh co is' to bo opened
in' the ci.ly '   '"���'    , '   A _.
\lmonil and cocoanut tally, .'31c. lb,
at l.cws'dijigsloic   '" A' 'A
R.r.R. Lane   has  opened*'a bulchcis
.shop at Camborne _       *      .  '
'f> Di" W 'T  ""CunsCiesident -"dentist,
Longhead block     *- '<
Sibbald & Field base oflice ipoms-in
thc T.iyloi block to let i "'
A situation ,1s1 wanted >foi dining
100111 gttl 01 ch.unbei maid      . ���* "*"
Nina's ends and c ilcnclaib 111 gieat
vaiiety.it Bcws' ding stoic *>        t> , ,
J   13 Cicsbiiinn msiles  os.inun.ition
Of (na stock foi suits and oseicoals'
1 Sit loss foi soui photosat^Tiueman's
studio and base them.foi Chiistmns.
Beautifully llound'books The sefy
newest at Canada Ding andaljOok *Co
See the handsome stocks ot Chiist-
m.ib goods just ope: ed at It "ifaniTing's
\\ hy cat stale cn-idics when you can
get  thcnrficshlv   made  at1 11 r Manning's" .      ' ^      ]'       t   \,"
L']'hcSt,  Leon Hot. Spnngs iias   been
openul 'nnd*is  nosvAcady to nccomo-
*d,ltc'slSlt01S.   �����*- 'jr^' I    ���- ' y1 r
1 .Xma^Caids-^ThbusaiHls of tbe.scis
pi oil test jo_oho6se fionrat.the C.rnada
Ding and Book stoie
Foi 3 lie one 111 ino (flu int/ni.in(
fcww).iu tight(stovu3 111 good condition'
a"p'iI) to7M,is Spin ling
MissW Lennov is now le.uly to
icccisg pupils on the piano Cijlat
Mis  M.ioKiu)'s foi teinis
MclCmnon ind oiitlicihmd hue
bought lots at Tiout Lake with
the object ol opening a stoic tbeiC.      r
Tusclleis visiting Revelstoke will
find the best accomodation \it the
Ccnti.il Hotel   Abiahaiiuon Bios    o  5
Wlicn,voii',coiue   to Pcselstokf.h.'il
thc Contial Hotel   bus  to take sou to *
a   good   hotel       Abiahan-si'ii     Bros
P 13 Wills has j'ust lcccivcd a consignment of snowsbocs made to bis
~pcci.il design. Thin aie among-t ,the
best we have seen
Indies iv.anicuie sets, toilet -ets,
unihicll.is. i.incs coik scievv-* the like
ot which base ncvci been seen m Revelstoke at J  Gil)  Baibet's
1 lesh cut English beincd boll), en ' elcctnc light in par-oi-age.
Iloweis and mistletoe .for   holiday dec ]"   On Tuesday   the  wedding svas cele
oiation     Oulei  eatly     HenLs's N"ut- ��� ">Uxt���tl .it   H  A. BroT,v n's residence  o:'i 	
set ios.�� ancl   Gicenhouses-;   Vancouver, S ]-; ,\. C imcron. a inominent citi/.cn Of [   - * ���   ,. *        .
13 c ��� ��� ,;s,i.:do..;   to   -Miss   Jennie^ Grant, I Electric Lamps, Door bells and
Don't foi get  when   sou  want   toss i daughter   of   P It ,*"> rant,   of   soiifl, .
suit can ire As our choice j"i 0111  one  of j Branch, Gleng-iii.s,  Out     -Rev  "A �� C [
the L'lgest selections in   Kootenay, all   Caldcr     pcrforined     the     ceremony.;
tbu newc-t  at Can.iii.1   Hi ng and Book , Donald Grant,   biother ,of  thc bride
(,-��� " |s\ns   gioomoman,   and   aiiss   McRac. j
VuH.iuiic.iiid P. 1.10   For  ^.lc-B) .bridesmaid A     dainty,    wcfddiiig
ownei,   who   1-   leaving   the   city   ,11 luncheon was =ervcd by Airs
���pi.uititv   uf   hoiibihold   li.initnre  in       Tile, l'rtoslaiid   Minei   -.)'
*.'Ofd   condition     Appfv   to   W  dp V ( Pool, popul.u ly known as 'the King of
It* M.li-tie. j the Laidi-au,'is 111   the  citj *-n a laid:
M.-.-   Maulonalil A- irontuitli dia-v i busine- v !s,t    Mr, Pool 1- n bus>_m..i��'
att.i.ti.iii toil-',, new -.i���cks of t, unks , tl.o-e il.ijs, 'i.*l his l-u-inw-s continu.*
gilp>.ll)il s.lli-e1, bunt-, .-hois
and iiibbcis  n* vv ..'ii.eei ie-, ani
,    ', ; churches:   < l* f
% of- j  * 1 t A
o    f ir. 1'iTi i;i:s, /
, The Bishop will bo heie on Sunday
week mid will hold eoiifiiiniition
pcivicc."'1, '   -   *   ''/
u. t i'iti:hi)Y'ii:i!iA.v.        '  '"
t On Stindny ovenin-j. Rev. 'W.iO.
Galder vvill tako i|s his subject "Soot-
lane as 11 piutieoi in the' civili/.ation of
the woilil."      ' * '   -    A. ,
������ ' A- HAROLD,NELSON.i, ..�����
At tli'q school yeblei'day JLuold'^ol-
bon gave an int'iies'iing^ addif&s to fho
Shakespenie's'ociety     '     " ^   -'
To a good house liibt^night the, company appcucd in "Jlicliolieu, ' 111 which
Mi  Nelson made a splundid success.
This nltei noon tho company held a
matinee and tonight tlie*"Taniing of
thc-Sliiew" will,Uc piesonlcd    /
H:1 rW: f* EDWARDS^
Deer *" Heads, "~, Birds!
I, Mounted.11'
I,.       ) s
Revelstoke,  , I ~ '- ~ B." C
fli3 Eevelstdke Business College
Diiy and E". ening Classes in tl e j,.
' Library Building.       '  i   ,
Practical     m-li lU-tion     is     given    m
Book-keeping, Comr*ie*-cial Arithmetic
"Penmanship",   Correspondence,
'    Shorthand, Typewriting-
t     'and English.
and nl her subjects can be aiiangr-d fur
Moscrop: Bros./_,,_
Sanitary Plumbing, -H6^
Water & Steam Heating
Pipe Valvel Fittings,', ''
Blow ii
* Annunciators, < -
Electric Fixtures ?fn'3" Put In- ;
I        j:  1������ ' 'l:
! Second Street, Revelstoke
Illinois'to giois at' -uch   a   talc   that it keeps
insitc1 him bii-tling lo liuidlc it -liccrs-fully
'That he dois handle  il   -uccc���-Uill> is
���>sid(iuc''il \>\   the ii"'  with which he
those who urged the come���ion^
At thc police  com t   on   Moiida*- 'I   j     Rov Mmli'iiild   )ia-   taken osoi the t (i,.,)0kr>>  uiAui)   dilhctiltu-s that cro*
Skinuor was chaiircd   on   intorriiation | hub i b.i-iii"-- Idi met Iv earned on bj jt    '   ^-j,,.   i;,,,;^' the LaUleau'is one
of A. Ci.ui.it and   wife wilh a��� Hiking ; W   r.sim- in tin' Agirn block and h is ! f), t|](1 MP|K.>t mr.t) ,��� ami tin in British
them.    Th*: dispute  aio-c   oscr   -onn* t taken s.* p- to   put   lhe   bnsitii's-- un n | ^0i,|���,i��� ,. ,uul Llio e^tmiato is reckon-1
umber on plain nil's land     1)( fend nit f fu-t c 'a-- ic��>t in-.' ' ed m   a i'i-b   bisi-,   if.   bovvescr, hi
was  lined   f.'JO   and   f-osts   "*-II.    '1 lit-       \\    Bi v- is in.ikin
hearing   of   the    can     atloidi'd   lh<
greatest .uiiiiscnieiit   to  the oulookcis
heard n. cotut for a lung tune
Qn Sunday moniini*   tlu   dc uli or-
cturcJ  at  her   home on .second St of
\TOTICI" isliiimliv-Klvimlliiitlli ils iiiUhiiiioi
IN ilulo 1 hilunil to iiiipl.v In,llio(iliiorCinn-
nilssmiiiii nl IjIiihIs und Woi Iih Ioi ii*<|ii)(-ml
licdii-ii) tocnl mni tuny iivvnv liiii'ioi iiimi Hi"
rollosvin-irli.se.Ilii'il.liiiuls mi tliO/\'liuiis uvoi,
Lillonut (lisdml: /     A r    i ' ,,,,.,,
Nn 1    ('tiiiimi)ii-'liiKiit a iiost iimikucl   11  l>
Islll Ulll'h 'llOll ll Olisl/r (-III 1101," pllllltbll on (lio
vvo-t linnl* i)C Ailiiins uvoi, ulmiil loin imlos
"mni Tiiiii-Tuiii lake, llionr-o wnilli 80 cliiinis,
liioiici) vvi-sl Ml iliniii-i, Uidiii o miitli bllcliiuiis,
(liiiiico oiisl  M) oIiiiiiis In, pi,ico of cm.iii.oi.co-
.llll.'l . * .       i  ...r   it
No i CiiniinOiiiliiK ula post miuki'd "II 11
Sndoii's-soiilli-vvost uiiiiiii," plniiliiil on Hie
vmjsI linnl. ol AiIiiiiis ilvci, iiliout V�� iiiiIih rioin
Tiiiii-'l'iiin lukii, IIiiiihii imil 8(1 diiiiiih, lliuncu
IHirlllbUclllllllh, IIihiiuc vvotl M) cliiinis, llionco
south SOi-liuiiis lo plat (Mil coinniDiiciniiuiil
* jjuiuii iiio ntiiiiiiv oritopicniiioi, W,.,T*0N,
'   "   Pur six years" we hii've'mi.di' a study of ."Liiiiipplogy" wiUi'tlie/plnisAT
' urable result (hat sve are now ..gents lor tho best and fanciest dcconitcc^ *f
.-g*' *
4'*. Liimi).s on the maikc't tndiiy.        f      ,* , . , , ���
4*  /'nVmi will ivcogni/e that lhe key to svealthus i.gl)l,.huyinK.
-trOTK'J' it lioii-by kIsdh UiiiI ll.htv ilnvsnrim
1\ iliiln I Inlciiil to npplv to tho rinol I'oiii-
iiiissioiii'i- ol IjIiiiIs mni Wiul.-. Im ii spi-t i.u
liu-ii.so ton-ill mid nun nvvav tiiiilioi fioin tho
fnltiivvliiKilu-riiliuil liunls.on Ilia Adiinw ilvci,
in Llllooot illslilol ��� , r , ,,,,,,
No I, Coin limn in/: nl n piisl iniukuil \. A
Noi ill's noitli-vvcsl i-oiiici, plniiliiil on Ihiiwi-xt
lmnl(*ol,Allium ilvoi, nlinul Imn iinlin limn
Tiiiii-Tuiii IiiI.ii, tinmen mnijh "III i-hnlii'., Ihoimi)
i'11-.t Hid chains, tliijiiuu notlli 10 uliiuns, (lienco
vvn-l 11(1 cliaiu-i io plnuool uiiniiiuiiLUiiiuiil
' No 'J. Cniiitniiiii'ini* nln \>""l. iiiiiikiid ' I. A.
Noliin's 6iiiitli-i|list i.oini)i.'' pliinii-il on llio vvi;st
linnl. ol Ailntni ilvui, alMiiit finii, mllos riinn
'I'liin-'l'iiil. I like, Ihiiiico imilli htl i hiiiiil, I iniii'o
-vi-sl NIcJiiiIih, llninc-i) sonlli 81) cliiuns. lliuncu
(msl8'lcliiiiiil lo iilni'ool c-nmnuiit < ml
,., Dutml tlio l"ith (I iv ol 'soiitoiiiliui, IWH
* a L  A   Mlljiiv
\*TOi'i('i"ishi'ii'l.v Kisi-niiuit (iiniv ii.ivsiirici
'JN' (lull) ' iiilcnd lo npnlv (o(h')OliliirCoin-
iinsslonci of IjUihIs noil Winks ioi n spocinl
liroiiso'lu inliioil ciiii.v nvviiv (iinlx i fiointlio
followHiKdosciihijil hinds on Ulo Adnnis uvoi n.
L.ll tdifitiicl   '   . i,"     A, in  t, '
No I Ciiiiininiicii.Kiit n post nunliuil "J Al.
Nolan's soiil|j-vvusl ciunoi, pliinlnd on llio vvijst
iliiink or Adams nvci iiliont ,1'. nnlos lion. Tuin-
'I'iiiii lnko, llionci) iliiilli 10 chains, llu-ncu oast
llKlclmtiib, lliunuu sonlli III olniin-, Ihoncc vvr-st
KiOchiiins lo place of coninioiiruincnt
No -' - OinnnciiciiiKiit n post nun ked ",T JI
Trillin's iioith*vvosl cipnci," pliinled on (ho west
l'fink or Adnnis nvci iiliont H'^iiuIi's liom Tinn-
Tiim lnko, Ihonco sonlli 1(1 claims, Ihonco oast
Hill chums, Iiu wo imilli 1(1 chains, Ihence wosl
JWIchiuns lo pi icoot ciMnmonii-monl. , <
"i Unlod lhol"ilhdnv oliSoiili-mliii   t'K'l
fi J ;JI   NOLAN '*-
(1^ ' notice:, :!'%;*::
"\TOTKJI3 is heicbj mven thai Iliul} dajs
IN nfloi dale I inlond (nnpi Iv-elo Ihc-Cluut
Loininiss onei of Lindsiiml Woil.sfoi nspecial
licoiHOtocul nnd ciiiij ivvviij liniliei liom the
CoIIovvIiikiIi i i'i d lniiiNon llio Ailanw Unci
in UiHiioct liisliiul      ' t ,    '     , ,     ,
I t L'oiiiiiiencni',' at a imst on tlio westlianki
ol tho ���Adnnis Unci about. I'll? miles above
Adnnis.Liiil o miiikcd") II iMAcDonnld's N. 1"
coinci iiost," llienci- south>bi) chums, thence
west Ml cliiinis, tlicnco noilli SOcliiiins, llicncc
ca-t Ml chains toponiLa loiinjionccniciit ( *>*
���'2 floiiiiiiciiciii-!nta.posl"on'lhe 'west bunk
of the AdnnistKivci. riliniil .Tl} nidi's nbov C
AdaiiiVriiikc'iiiiiil ed ".I If JlacDoiiiild's S. IC
coinei mio^L, J.Uicncc noilluSO cliuins, Ihciico
west bUclniins, llicnco sonlli bO cliiinis, thenco
east Michidas to point of coiiitii'iiicoiiionl. r      .
JJnlcd llu-'lilht daj of Aii-tnsl, 1'IOi
,,.,,,.,,, ;,  NOTICE:/-', -
N0*17(1 n is lieioby,Ki,ven",lhnl tluilj dajs
5 nflci dull' I'-i'.'ij-inrl (o appl.v Ll) lhe Chief
t'i'.OTiIi-Mlonci oCaLnii(Uii-iJ l\'gik-��loi as|)ccial
illcon.1-- ta en' f""! C-Vl' v nvvnv IInT..ffi lion, tho
Eolipv- ftifr dcsci ibcd lands on llic Adams .".'." v VI,
l.lllooct Uistiicl    v '        "
"s'Oi'lU.'l online.li'injf nl a post on llio west
bank of jSclanis Hlvii iihont IS} milts above
Adams Jjiitlt-,-ill nkcrl-'-J' II Ackcio K \\" coi
post," tbencc soticli 1(1 cliuiii^, llit'iicc-cnst Hill
cli.lllfs, thonco noilh Id eliiuns, thenci svcstll/J
chains lo poiiilof'coiniiunceinont'    J.  , i,
Jtrot'2 C'oninieiicin-,' at a post on llio vvesl
hank oi tlicA(IiiiiisHisci','iihi)iit IS)nillcs'iibovc
Adams Lnko, iniukcd "V 1,1. Actois'S ,\\r coi
po-.t,"ill.cnce lnoi111 10 chains;'lliomo rust 11.0
chains, thence sonlli III chains, ".hence, svent IdO
i Imiiis lo po'int of coniinencc-nienl       < '
, Dated Aiife'lisl-'l-t, llIU * i -*
^ ��� ��� r ir, agici'US.
NOl'IOl" Js heicbv given  thai  tluilj   dajs
nfloi, dale  I   intend to npplj 'o llio Clnil
ConuniM-lfonei ofUjands and Woi Ks foi n-,iioctiil
eict/s given
I   intend to
.���   .."Lands and S   _.   .	
I(coijso to cnlaml canyiUias timber fiom the
following iiesciiucd.J,n).dson the Adnnis Rivoi,
Llllooot"Hi-su iet "���' /
1 CJnmnicuciii-rut a post planted on tho west
hunk, oC Ad.inis liivei,   ihnut .1% miles above
' Ulttms Lake, maikeel "\Y Cieenc's NT.%W coi
po-t ' thence sonlli  JO chains,  thenco e.isl 100
chains thence nnith JO clinins, Llience west Kill
chains lo poilit of coiiiineneeincnt
2 ("oiiinUiiciiif-fit a post phinlcd on lhe west
bink ot Adtini'. His ci. about >')) miles above
Adams Like, maikcd '\\r f.iecne's fe W coi
post," llicnco noilli 10 chain-, llicnco cast 1MI
chains, ihence south 10 cliuins I hence vv c-sl JOO
iji.uiis (o point of cointiiuiccmcnt,
JlAUd Angnst 21-1   lll'l'l
���VfOTlCi: lb heicbv fjivonthafctlinlv d.ijsafti r
1"\ date J inlond Jo inplv In the t luof ( inn
misSionci ot Lands and Works foi i -pi cial
license to cn( and c,in- ivvnv tiniboi fiom the
folios* niirdo-ciihril lands on the Vilanis liivoi,
Lill(ioct,l-iistiict  ~<
No 1 Coinnieiicii.K \t ,. ,io=t in liked "C H
Vol.n-'s soiith-vvcstcorner"|)l intcd on Ihe west
hank oi Sd ims risoi, about two nulls horn
Tipii-Tiini lake, tliciicfe-e.i"t'!iO ch mis, tin nci-
north M) chains theiicc-iivvoslhs*) chains, llieneo
south feO cii uns to place of coiiiinencenicnt
No 2 ('oinineiiLin,; at a nosl in.irked P. II
Nolan s -onlli i a-t cornet " planli tl^inl thc west
bank- ol Adam s ri,vei nlinnt (wo mile- Tirim
Turn Turn lake, llicnco we-t 80 eh litis, Uioiici-
north 80 rhnine llicnco e ist SO ch uns ihence
-oiithMehaiiis lo place ol roniincnciinent '
Dated the 11th dnj ol Si-pti inliei   l'XU
li""    I     '    -          , j;   ii   NOLW
,- +i Ljjy j iu.'_"ll_ J .
king   a   -plendid  di-   , ivt.iltb is cunpllti'd   liom   thesaliii'
il.li-     iirisiltlis        III- i |,|j nilini)-" liiti'ie-t
e    it       . I    . ^1..     I      .   .       . . I      r .'
Mis. Williniifcoii, foiincrls    ot
and liogera Pn'ss     'J'hc   c.iu-e   ssa-  an * ( qui 11 ui   {.I.*�� IHJO   by   (���
interiinl complaint     The funeial took | ,l( nng (>u In h ill ot   M< --rs
Don ild l Aiiowhi id li i- |�� en im o|poi,iUd vvilli j Jrmnorte joined   m
Macdon ild and Miss
who pir
place   on   Tues(hi>,    the   bods    I
taken to the Pit-sl'j tei l in   church a'.id | | (,|t_v
lu-t .iirisii
Mr \hllan,
hutrl   fiiiin   J    ,1
J.  A.  line Mi.un.
the above *Urne, i-
clas- stock nf
having   i((|iiiicd
putting m'a fu-t
A. fine assoi tinent ol  liulhs
fm =ale at a bargain
Xevv stocks oi del ed to an ive.
X-iu;*)Cisii'iiox'>OAUi:rbi.L". I'iikpajidd
pi ij    ut    -i i��i)iiil.|c    nosiltiis        Hi-j hi- niiiiin'.* uiti-ie-js,  he   maj   ir'.ison_
jiiusciini   v.ith |ui tuns of Ui v(l-lok*(, i ,h|y ho  cl ic-tt!   in   the   tmnt   lank of
u.d tin  main   pitblii    buildings ol Ihr    ttf ^mn mine million un-- "
citv, ire c-*" ei..II>   ittiactivt |     The Ledue i.i>s     "To   the  Catholic
"lhe   Likes lew   Modi   ("onipn'iy   rif   f |u,rf |1( Tuesday morning, lies  Kathir
marriige J Oto *
\nnie Mr k iniioii,,
popular joung people ot -sindon The
Ctir irluny was vvitnessr* I by a number ,
.I lnctxls- J'loril (Ucorationa svrre
limited to the altar, and weie very
pretty Mr and Mrs Macdonald took
tho K. it S train for Knslrt, and will
snend the hunej sci-'on /at Spokane"
The hridegiooni is pmtnci in the firm
of M.icdoi.ald iv Monleith, ot Kevcl
stoke and his many fi iCnds heie will
join with in in wishing Mi nnd Mrs
M-irdnnnld a long nnd happy wedded
life jMi and Mri Macdonald it used
in I!( vi l-tokc Thuisday
wii-.tci stock* of
b'o (s mid boi-e blankets including
Ihefimniis liuilingtoii May-on P.l.iiik-
il- di t our (pint ilions, brfnie pur-
r li ismg i I-i w Ik k l'i i< (s i ight
I)  ('   Air L in n, K.unloop-.
Sale oi hoii'-t hold Fm nitnic and
hooks will In hrId at Mi- Sjnuling's
hou-e on I hud ' tieet (r lose to Cow in
IJioik) on '1 luitsd i>, Nosemhu '2-"itli
(omiiiciiciug at 10 n m shup Cowl-J
ou siew illusions day fiom I p in
'lln Mnsti i Midiiuiii k I'.iu Tin Simula iN
and softi ns tin shin, vv lull pioiniillv cii nlisniK
il of giinse. i il in-l, il' liiv.iln ihli foi in*
thiuiii s, fiiiini I-, -poil-inin I'n i siiinpl' mi
iiecipl ol _'i foi jio-ltif*i Alliut linlil Simp
( o, ni.iiiufiictuici-. Aluiitit.il.
"VpOTK I" is hcionv i'ive.1 th.ittlurlv daj-. 'flcr
JN dnto 1 intend (o ipplv In llio Olm'l Coin-
��nu���.ioikt .of Lands and Winks |fo. a ipcoinl
Iiri-nm-di cut ind cans away limber [loin thc
followinH"*les< nlioil lands bn llio Vilnius nvci,
Lillnoi't ill-fuel I
Seel f'ottiincncin-* at n Iio-t m u l,cd 'T A.
riliilni'- noitli vvi-t r(iiin i ' iiI.iiiikI on the
vv-i-tb-ink of Uhins 11,01, i.brn.l "l'i mile- from
'J'imt 'I'nin J iki tlienre sonlli 80 chain-, thence
ins* Mlcli.un-, tin use noitli M) ch mis to place-
of cdinn (licr rni lit I
No 2 Cuininili ii"iK dt i prill niniki-il ' T, A
1'illihin'- norjlh oa-t corner." plmitcil on I he
wn t bink of \d mi- nvci, iibonl ">'. nnlijs fiom
TiiinTnm fik(, (in-iico vvi-t so i hmns, iIicikc
sonlh SO i,hniii-, tin in i iii-I SO ilnniH tin nee
nortli s(l ( hum- to plnee of eominenccmciil
I) itnl the I ah (I.u of SopliMiilmi, I'iiII
T   A   I VLLlllLi:
lenli-/..! this Inct, and since svo have liven in biisinesH our highest aim is
&   to please our ciistomeis m ii'giu-d to pi ice and quality.    ,,    ��� ��
T >��     Ai costs you nothing to -��������<��� our slock of Lumps and you aro sun to ������*��
"f*   bcAsatislied, as sve liiivtMhcuraii priceiangibg -r      ^       ,, ,   ,'      *f>
4       (  ' ,    '''  .FROM 40c TO' $12.00.',' ��� -    '    <".   ''%     ,
ft > ' I rl     '*���  ,% I
���%* **      See onn Wiitui day night display in our north, window.        uj ,    *����      l
1        in    Arv /i        i   A'\AAOirM/^��nr -fou iiaudwahi*: .  ���   J.
t a, ' W. :hM.   LAWRENCh. , wAllh.kW.^ a.T >,
^���000,0*00 <x>o c^o-o-^oo-6 ���q:<^<><H>'0-o-o-b
rV      -c *" j . _.  [_ i     _   "' * r'     '" y '���. ' '  > ��� O
),\r'uiiiiiatioivJof suits and ���overcoats in our slock,���
's'iilways��(plcases\is-p-aiKl rarely fails to  please the
other, man.'     FashionalMe' goods"  properly, cut,
properly   tailored, properly   priced���these   things
we guarantee  you, ]     Don't'  order .your   clothes
'',     untii you ha\*c'examined our stock. _     i ,j
Ladies Tailored Suits to Order. ', t     'A'   ;,'' :
AT. IBAGKZBSSizn^ilSFj,, ���
<>-o^*o4><><K>b;Oi>aP-o<><K>70^ ,J
���    i   -       - ��� t. ��    '    * jt1 ' ���      ' *2    ' ��� ' 'i '���>
.fFor the
How so
^Undei-raker-s and Embalmcrs.'-' _,' , A ^-Picture Eianiint"*)
��� - ��� j* *���       fn *    ������ ��� -        -     * r ���   ���     t ������ ,
It has become generally known that Wilsonc. leads1, in-line
'ailorin". Our New York trainiiiQ gives'tis the kno'w-h'dw'ol
oina lhe woik.       '���     '   '��� *���*    ' * ���>    l   '  ';       .   \  ^^.^ l    , '- '"
iy   env.   >vvji in. ;, '��� ��     j       v i        j        -   i I c
See lour display of TrouberiiiQs-for the trousers'!seasoif.   P*5
/-v*   A- -     '   <     - ���   i ���   <.- - -��    --
ir lrall stock of ��>oods has.arrived.r
*=*v , s      ,      <���?,
H Tailor.
r  'tl
*,?/ ' '-MolCKNZIB A$myET��:>'*d^^^^ ; J j
VTOTICI' is.lioiobs   (,'ivei)   tliiif'tlilityf"!1'--*
iM*  nfloi dale I inland to ii|iplv Irnllio (Jlnef
I'oniinissiiniei of Lands and Woi kn foi a special
license to cut and can--' away tiniboi  fiom  tho
followinjr(lcseiibcil liindion the Adams Ituci,
billooet Ilisli icl        '"    * ���"-" -*.��   h-V *��� it
_i\u l.   CoiniiiCnclnt'iit a post pliu'tcd ni_lhe
vvesl bunk ol Adams i iv ei at the fo* I  "Ml urn
'Inni   lake  andt'inaikcil *',Kathcii. e   Nolan's,
sontlivvc-sLeoinci post,   Ihence noilli SO clia'iis,
Ihence east 10 chum-, thenco sonlh SO chaiii-.,'1
Lhenee wcstSO chiuns to place ot eoiiinie-nee-
nient ^ oi      v , i      '
Mo. 2. C'oiniiicncinK alii post planted on llio
west bank of Tiim-'liiin hike at tho haul of
Adams l iv ci and maikcd "Kalhciino Nolans
boiilhciist coi noi 'llioncenoi th Wlcliains.thcnce
vvcstbO cliuins, thence, son lh bOchmiis, llianco
east &ti cliuins to place ot eoni.nencenicnt.      -^,
Daled the 1 ttli day of Septenihei' 100.1
' <- i    kA'l'JIBllINIO NOLA*^. '
"VrOI'IO.*, is heicbj given thnl1 tlility dn}s
iM aflci date 1 iiilcnd lo npplv lo llio Chief
Uoinm.ss.oiioi ol 1 mills nnd \\ oiks (oi nspoeinl
license lo cut and can} away tnnbei fiom the
following ilcsciibed lnndo on the Adnnis IfIvci
in Ijilloool IHsti ict ' *
No I Commencing at a pool, inni ked "1 W.
I.illihees soulliciisl coinei," plnntcd on the
west bink of Adams livoi/abonL seven miles
fi om '1 inn Turn lake, tlienee went 100 eliains,
llience noitli 10 chains, thence cast 100chains,
lhenee south 10 cluuns lo pi ice of commence
nienl    l *
No 2 Commencing at a post iniukcd I W
Ji'allihees noithwcst coinei,' planted on the
west bank ol Arhiins . ivot 'about seven miles
liom 'luin'Iniii hike, thence casl 100 chains,
llience south 10 chains, thence west 100 chains,
thence noitli 10 chains to place of coiiiinoueo-
nient t
Haled thc loth daj of September. 1*101
"VTOl'K I! is hciebj given thai llinij dnjs
J_> aftct date I iiilcnd to applj to tlio Chief
iJonimihs.onci of Lu nils and Woi ks foi n special
license lo eiiland canj awaj tnnbei fiom thc
following ilc-ci ibe-il lands on the Adnnis user,
Lillooctdistiict .
No I.. Commencing atn post iniukcd, I'.l ('
Nolans noilli west coinei," plantul on the
bunk of Vilnius nvei, about two miles down
liom Tuiii 'linn lake, tlienee cast Ml chains,
lhenee sontli bO chains, lhenee west SO elmiiiH,
llience noitli bO chains lo place of com.nonce
No _' Commencing ut a post mai ked "Ji G.
Noi ins noitli east coinei.' planted on I lie west
li ink ol Vd.i.ns i noi, -about two niilcsilovvii
fiom "I'um 'linn lake, thenco west bO elmiiiH.
thence south Ml chains, Ihence east bO eliiins,
thence noitli bO chains to place of commence
Hated the Iotli duj oE Septcinbci, 11101
For Sale.
7,"i() shaie-i  in   fli'iiliite  mine.    Will
-.(II wliul" in  pill.    Koi  pat Ik i,Iai s ap
ply iitoHlce of Ko')ii'NAy AIail.
icnorKN'A v   <maii.
j I'liiiling Ilcp.iitrri'-nl is ifpnppid
vvilli the latest ami h(-t m if lunci v,
and o huge .'"--oi Imr lit cl hi-luniialili-
Ijpefaifs WcmiIhiI iiiihis for all
kinds ol piinluig- no I'd. In mg loo
huge and none Ino small ('.ti'elnl al-
tc-iiLion is given nil is oik, and iiiIihIiii-
lion giiiiriiiiteed. j\ 11 ml oidct will
idiiviiuc -on thai il p.tv to have youi
priiilmg diiiic nl Hie Kooleuny iM.ul
oll'iie, Revelstoke,
cotiiptvlt line
of the
Rogers Bros."
Knives, Forks',
SpoOiii, etc.
i vm mrcftillv e-\iiii..neil mill
pr.��| c.'v fille 1 to -.lie Usl i;nde
of ijlnisi s
I kep.ilililK.
VTOI'ICI. Is hciebj given lh.it Ihlity dn>n
J> nfli i da to I intend to npplv lo the Chief
CoiniuisMonci ol Liitidsiiud VAuiksfoi aspecial
licinse to cut and eany awaj timber fi om lhe
lollovving dcsei ihcil lauds on the Ailiuns ilvei,
Lillooctrllstiii I
No. I. Crjniiucncing nt a post mm Led ' L (-.
Nolnn'h north-west coinei," planlid on the west
hank of 'I'uiii'I'lim liiti- and ul the head of
Adnnis livei, thence east SO elinius, thence
south bOi hiiiiis, lhenee vvi st bi) ehnli s, llience
urn lb bO chains In plnee of commencement.    ���
No.'-', loinnicnciugiil a post iuiiikc(l"L U
Nolan s- noi th cast eoiuci, piiinlcd ou the vvei.1
hank of 'I inn'I inn lalre, aud nl llio liend of
AiIiiuih ilvi i, llience snitlli bO chains, thence
west bO chains lhenee noitli bO ehnins, thenco
ciist Ml ehiiin- lo place ol coiiiineucement.
Hated lids I llh dnj of Seplenibci, l'KH
L.  C   NOLAN.
j.lOlt SALIC- (Jockeie-ls, Ino-, pens,
1} in 15 Leghorns W. Legnoins,
Jlulf Oipiiigton". B. lto(kb, hest laying
sliains nnd good hit d-, cheap; eggs m
season. Aunui blevs.ul, Ml. I'lilinic
P. O., Victoiia, B. U.'
JTlOUND���A vnluahlc lurglove at   C.
'     P.  il.  -.latum.   Jiirjmtc ot   Baggage aJiisti i
WANTKU���A.   position   as dining-
looiii gul in (li.iuibei maid. Ad-
die���s A IJ, cue of Kootenay "Mail:
ANTED  TO  RRNT-Tsso  ficnt
1^\I0 ti-i-l, smtithle tor
to.Sibbalil & Field.
WOTICE is hoioby gi\ on that tlin ty days after ^  ���
^dnto I'intond to apply to the Chief Coinn>ls-'>     i
sionei ol Lands and Works for a opceiiil lic0llH0,' J J ���
to cutiiiid eiu-ij "away Umber fiom tho follow- ���* "* '
ingdosciibed lands, vl/  ��' * *-   t; -^ *��� nr  , vT V>
i"*iSro  I.N-Coinindiciiig ill a pospplnntcd outlio^--   ��*'\|
light bank of llio .Columbia lis or about half u_^j^ _-d|J
mile  above-Sin pi ise  inpids  and .iniukcd ' H
Kllls's lioilhvvest.coinoi  post," tlienee South 10��� ,
cluuns, thenco east IdO cluiiti-.,*"l Iionco noi Mi 40 -
cluuns, llicnco west 100 chains lo point of (Oiiir.     i
incnccmcnl ' ' ' '
No ,2.-   Coiiiineiicinif^iit   a* post  plnntcd   10   -
chains cast of 11   Klliss noilhwest coinei  post   -
and nun Iced "H. Icllis's southeast^eornei  post,''. \
thence noilli fO chains, thence wist SO ehnins,
llience soul n bO chains, tlienee cast SO chains .lo
place ot commencement   ,     ~ r
i"  A D.ELLIS.
Nov.*i:th,-l!W..      , .   t
NOTIC 15 is heicbv given thai Miiitjrdavsnftoi
dillo I intend to npplvjo the Chief ( ouiuiid
sionei of Lands nnd Woil.s foi a spccnil llccnso .*
to cutand ciu-ij awny timber fiom the follow
Ing dc-sciibed lands vl/   '
No. 1    Oomiuonciiignl a post   planted about   ���
tvv elvo chains east fiom I.cud of siumisc lapnlri
on Columbia uici mni ked ".lies  ICIIis's noitli-  i.
west coinei post,' llience cast IO chain*!, theiicu
south bO chains', thence  west to chains, thence
noilli bO chains to plnee ot commencement   '
N7>.   li;li    I'KU      ,     ' <A     -     ''
"VTOTICI" is hoieby given that Unity dajs
1_\ after date 1 inlond lo npply lo the Chief
Commissioner ot kinds and Woiks foi a
special license lo out and cany awayUabcr
fiom llio follovvingdeseiihcd lands, vi/        -   -
No. I. ('oinmeneing nt ^a post plnnlcd on
Poitngc tinil ovoi Suipiise lapuls'-aboiit one - -
fnuith mile fiom tlio oouth end of it and maikcd
'Adam Hall's noithwcst coi noi post," thenco v
south 10 chains, thence east 100 cliuins, thenco
noitli 10 ehuins, thenco west 100 chains lo placo
of (ominonce.nent. q ,
No 2 - Commencing nt n post planted on the
left bunk of tlio'Columbia nvci- bchide .Iiuiic-.^
Gilniour's noi thcnsl comer po-l about ten miles
below Sin pi ise i lipids and mm Led "Adam
Hall's southeast coiiu-i po-l," tlienee west bO
chains, * thence ' noilli bO ehnins, " thence
cast bll ch mis, Ihencebouth t.0 clinins'to placo
of commencement, >'
Nov  lith, 100,1
"VTOTICK is heiob.v gnon.th.it tluilj dnjs
L\ - aftei date I inlond to npply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Walks- for a
special license to cut and cany avviij timber
fiom the followlilgdo-jciibcd lands \i/ '
No 1 ( ominenciiigi.t i post plnnlcd ou tlio
loft bunk of llic Columbia livei about 12 mile*
below Sin pi Ise i lipids mid nun Lc I '0. A ,.loi-
dan s noillivvost coimim post," tlieneesoulh 10
cl.a'ns llicuro cast 11X1 cluuns. Iliumeninth 10
chains, Lhenee west 10J chains lo place of commencement.
No 2 s Commencing nl a post pi intcd on the
left bmiL of the Columbia i Iv ei iihont IJ mills
below Surpilso Lipids and miiiLtd'CI A .Ioi���
dan's southeast cm nci post,' llience noitli 10
ehnins, thence west 100 ehnins, thenco south 10
ehnins. thenco east 100 cluuns lo place of eom-
C. A. .lOltDVN.
Nov   13lh.li),-,). '
NOTICE is hen by given that llililj dajs
aftei dale I inlend to npplv to Ilie Chief
Cominissionci of Lands and Wot I." foi n
special license to cut unit ciiiij away umbel
fiom llio follow ing de-sciibed hinds, vi/,-
No 1 C'oiniiicncingal a post | hinted about
10 chains west of Olivia Itolnnson's noilhc.est
eeinei post on Ciiuoo nvci, about 2} miles fiom
wlieie it emplns into the Columbia nvei and
maikcd ' .las Hu\ton ssouthwcst roinei po-t,"
lhenee cast bO chains, lhenee noitli Ul-chuiiis,
thonce west bo chin is, Ihence south 50 chains,
to point of eomiiiencemeiit
No 2 Commencing a! a post planted on (ho
west bink of tin Columbia met at Ilie moiilli
of Jilnloiicj cieck and iniukcd 'Mas Huston's
uoithcasl coiner post,' thenco west 10chains,
thence houlli 10) chains, thencoeist 10 chains,
thence not th 10J chains to plneo of (omtiicneo-
Nov ISth, 1001.
"\"[OTI('E is hoi obs fill on Hint tluil} (lii**.tif(or
X\ date T inlend to npplv lo tho I luof Coin-
inissioiior of Lindo and Works for a special
license to cut mid earn nvvuv timber from tho
follow nig (loscribad lands on tho Ad.iiiu> ruor,
Llllooot district I
No 1. Commencing at a post nuuked ".1 I.
r.illihco's south west col-uci post." planted on
thovvost bank of Adnnis river, about 7 miloa
froic Turn Turn lake, thenco oast 100 chains,
thenco north 10 chains, Hiencc west 100 cbnms,
thenco south 10 chains to plnee of commencement
No 2 Commencing nl a post miiikcd "J.I
rallihoo's north oast corner," planted on the
���nest bank of Adams river, about 7 miles from
Tuni-Tiim lake, thenco west 100 chains, thenco
south 10 chains, tinnco 0ii=t 100 chums, Ihonco
north 10 chains lo place of eo niiiencenient
Dated the 10th d,i> of September. 1"HU


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