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Kootenay Mail Nov 27, 1897

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: i
VoL" 4.--No. 32.
P1i,\r^TQ!ri',Airi'1     "lv;7C'rn   irA/ \TTAT I A7'     T"> H      TV i?A \"" T7 \ c P I? I~> ^7    TOO 7
$2.00 a Year,
The Herald Somersaults once more���
Under a party cry it will support
the Turner Government ��� Its
Argument���Its true measure.
Once moie tlio   J lei ale}   lias   somer
saulted !    Again,   under   orders,    anil
from, political necessity, it takes ;i new
stand-���JJominiou     p.it ty    polities    in
piovinciai a.i'.iirs?    Wli.ij. justifies tin'-!
pew   position,   ceitainly   not   its  past
attitude.*.-, Tlio publication of the Pro
vincialpLiberal As-.oci.ilion's   philfeini,
ts made   {hepiete.xl,   and   it   declines
that   the   Libeials   (lavij    detei iinnofl
that it shall  liC'bo.i    With ,1 clegice of
falsity .sojdoni equalled , it  (listens the
Contents of the platfoipi  and ihe position   adopted   by   li. 0. Liberals,   and
4,vi111    lnischierous   pjis}aiejiioiit.s(   ind
ponleippp'ble 'suhtoifuge  lays a foundation for its new attitude.
'    There is not (and we me   not afiaid
1        , /
to pi int. it and let the ] oople 1 earl'it
foi theihselyes'1 111 tlie pl.itfemi men
tioned, a single allusion, dnector in-
0 direct to Doininion politics It icpio-
seips .so'j'lv the conviction of a conven-
fion which icpudiitcd iutioductiun in-
}o piovinciai idr'aiisof I "opinion patty
polities, and it stands for jii.-*. what it
reads���piovineial wfoiiii It haste
t-eived    the    i ndci-jtion    of    journals
As Others See Mr. Turner.
The Toronto M.iil-Kmppe, the h-ad-
inir Ocwi-ei v.il ive p.i])i-i-ol the Dotni*.-
ion, say-:
''Kiiflli-.il pmiiiiils aie crilici/.ing se-
vcii'Iy t lie appeal.nice ot the names ol'
Bi-ili-h Columbia ministeis on the
directorates ot mining; companies. This
i- .1 cist^whei 0 cv en t ho appeal .nice ol
evil should lie avoided. When ;i man
hlis t hc��pow cr jo dii eel legislation, or
knows hci'diehanil the nal in e ol" exoe u-
(ive acts, he has an unfair advantage
ov'er ev.'i-y hu-iness competitor. What
f4iiiii.iiitei' is there that ho will not pio-
lit unfaiily by his .ulv atilage ? Tin-re
is.ilu, iy. the 111.lien.il foi ���>-( anilnl, and
(.he gov et-iiiiiL-nl of a co:i:ili-y nni-t he
kepi above sc.1nd.1I. Some United
.States -i-onloi - spceul.itc in -took vv hi'.e
they ai (-'ji.i--.inf; t.n ill" hill- ,-inil Kin.',
wealthy, and men like Ciokei anil Phut
use their puwi I- ov el- gov el ning bodie.-
to (ill llieir (MS il C-oll'el,-. If \\e t'ob-lale
m i nisi oi -, as mining dn i rloi - ho v. iuny,
In foi c we tok-i.ite gambling soiiulo.b
and bosses.'"        '
, .-, , , lhc.Glc.tl j-ioilliein. is [1H.   eonliii \\v.\-'
whose   <_ 01, -ei v, '.ii-in   is .hovona   ours-,      ������,,,��� -      ,        -.      ,
'       , "--iiii 11*11! the iiian.igeiiienl  ol   JNniiheiii
Jim Hill'on Top.
On .Sunday last a (licit Xoilhoin
railway I lain ,111 iv ed in Spokae--, i on -
i'l'fi'Diii M mi (ana ov ei the 11 ol.- ui the
Noi tilioi n P.uilie i.idvay, Ihe' Croat
Noi thoi 11 track-- being blm ked by landslide-.     ���      . '
Among i.iilmad men ailet ided Lt-iisi-
tion wa- ca'ii-ed by ( h" ev "ill. Foi ,111
oppo-iiion hue, p.oalli-ling its rival, io
allow* that. 1 ival lo 11:11 (lain* ovei ils
11 .u-ks is ,t I'heiipnieu.iJ at I a in in I he hi--
lo.-y el 1 a ill o.uliiig in ihe United .State-.
11 nidii.il es lo the mind ol taihoaders
one ol I wo Ihiiigs.   that   the. Noi I hei 11
P.H liic ll.i.s  (lev elope.1   ,t   sltcik    (if    I e-
m.11 kal'b- phil.ipthiopv oi-lh,it  th.e   k
pulls ill, il   Pi c.-ideiil .3,noes   ].    I J. ill, o
tion. It has In en accepted by Con-et
' y dives who have, fought tho Tinner
government , npd its pie drees-ors for
ninny" yo.us. au,d it wiil ineive the
loyal.tu.d coifh',.! si'ppoit (if Consoi values all over this pmvinco.     Upon its
* �� ,
planks Conserviilivesiiud Libeials'inay
figh.t sjil" by side agamst tie- j,,-es(>iit
niono|iolistic iniuisti v, nod side b\ side
(ili��\ vvill sit, after next election, on
Mr. Spp.-tker's right. ,
The Herald's attitude is not justified
���its reasons ate ins.illLie.it aid ,tb-
Siud. Its wish is father to .its
thought. Its ciy for p.u rv politics is
tl e pioniised smoke which we weio invited to watch. Undei cover of it
it would ask intelligent vote.j to sup-
poib a T111 tu-r pandidate, and by raising the cry " ponserv ative" i*dly
support Uj his side which otherwise he
could never get. It is a cowaidly i-x-
jiedient .nid iloouiud to iguoininioiis
fililuie. TJ;e Tin iiei ites aie afiaid to
facr the fight as such ; thev must Ii.lve
o a ruse dn t/uorre���a deception, a
''smoke" to fight uii'ler. They cannot
fight in the open, thev must take to
ambush. They would pose as Consei
yatives: a n.iipe they aie unwoithy
The Herald's smoke is   loo   thin   to
cover its iusincei ity,  ,un\ Ijke ighostly
yisitants its former condepinations of
the Turner government will come back-
to convict it.    Its    soiiieisault   is5 too
awkwaid    to  win   applause  fiom   the
public, vvhiij but too well remember its,
1   attitude vylif'if if. ii|st.Lskt'd t'neii favor
lt can lie too easily seen thioiigh   that
it is indeed clutching .-it any stiaw, to
find excuse for alteiing its sentiments, I vv.th him.
to enable it to serve   its   inasleis���the
Turner   govet nnient.     How   leadilvit
aditpts itself to theii   evnsivo   and tin
woi thy tactics.  There is but one grain
of com foi t in  the   Herald's .11 tide:  it
jb possible now to take its iiieariute, and
P.u ihe ..1 ������ 11 ne.
'L'ue , oLicionstih el opiiiioii is in, lav or
of the laliei pi (.] 0-1I1011. Wlnle les-
st 1 iking ev ii lei*. 1-s oi 1 ne inn! nal teiilci -
.standing hi-Mii-ip the ly.p suppo��ii-d
1 ival lii.e.- bav e hi en. .ipp.u enl  in   I lie
hist lew    1, tlis,   1,0-; uih   diiett  ,uul
ini'.v lilting pi oot a- tin- has been  t.;ul.
' . A Kick oii'lTuHici
Kmroit KoiVir,y..v -��Lv;i.:
Sir, ��� 11, I- pulij v.iil knoviii that
'the H'pi i-seiila(tiv e.-, ol I'he ttii"ri*. cut
di-tiiilsoi H, (J. have be en filing ihe
1 oinul- ol t lieii const, il (lent-: tint vvheic
is our tn.-uibei- or what is he doing
with lelereiiie lo I <-i!isli I'oution next
ses-ion. Toe .idea is ab-tud of his
leaving his consi iLue-iu-y till the 11th
ho.n lieloie he v isii5 it, ,ind to a time
when it is inij'ossiule to g"t "o a g.eal
many pat ts ol it: Ihe, pails, too, that
need most looking'after next veai.
It seeuj's a- if he was living to hi od-
wiak the I ate-p.i v, ei -, as l.i-jt season he
was ,ti i/aiiii e.uli be I'o I e tile s-ii.iuii
advoealing redi-l i ihtit.on. This venue has gone I o a not bet i ount i y looking
ioi a pkitioim oi new scheme io come
<tt this late bom liefotc the ]!i-o]iIe
.Mo-t people know' all about the
l'eci-ul'coull.t t ol opinion lii-tween t he
gov ei nnient agent .ind ihe iiieinl i-r
about the com I house site. J only
iiieiiliion Ibis lo letnind .Mi. Iv-lite ot
some oi his speeihe- in last election
canvass. ! ie I hen dec iai ed he did not
mlerli'i e vvilli ol!i( iaks in flisthai gc i.f
their (Lit y and I !:ev knew best v. heie
money should be -penl. ���
ltm;i> In- -iekne-s iha! is de.'aving
il.-. Kelhe, M. j'. P.. in getting I at i. to
Koolenuy: ii so it wa- a- lilile as he
could do lo di ('[i a uide to our p.ipoi-
.ind (lieu I lie t ato:|>,iyors would have
some sympathy lor him. Such i.o'
having been lUf.io w ho can --yiiip.il hi-e
T. .1. (!i!.\n w.
For Yale-Cariboo���Our Views Endorsed
by an Influential Journal.
The oudor-ation of I he .Mail's .u tide
on 'Additional Fedeial Hepi e.-enl.-Uiou"
by the Vic-tori.iTime-. Senalor'J'eiiiple-
iiiiin'- jj.ipei, i-' veiy 'gtal dying, and
-���hews dearly thai iiii- di-lrie t, (d"-pili-
the V.ii'Ciiuvei- Woi Id's pei-oiial wail)
w ill l.avi'a" warm iriend in I lie new
s-iiatoi-. Thc-r" are some other points
in coiine'i I ion with the matter nuclei
ili-cu���ion which the .Mail expect- lo
add to vv hat'il ha-, .-dieady said and it
1 hope- "Mr. Ten i pi en i. m w ill take tip I he
mallei when h.e gne- to Ottawa. ' Follow tug is the Time i editoi iai:
The Koolenay "vi.vii. adv..cites t he
divi-ioii of I In- coot niou- eleei*'.ial fli--
11 i< t ot Ydle-i'uriboo into ( wo di-trict-.
w ith a l ('present.dive in the commons
los-eac-b. All. JJo-ioc k's dist i ic-t is ."JO
miles fi oni oast to w ( st, and (iOjfioiu
south to ninth, and i(.)i':iin- about ""25,-
O!)0 stpl.lt e miles. Aiea, i'lleiC-ls ,iiui
fill in " iiossibilil ies make it iln-gi eato-t,
electoral cli-tiie'i. n: ('.innd.i. IIy viitue
of popnlal ion. a No, it. i- even now, we
t h'hk'.'cnt it led to an addition,il lepie-
s-iilativ e. and so rapid is | he giovvt li of
lvooten.iv , Vale and Canboo that the
di -.li ii I vv ill lyi v piobalily be'in a [5o-i-
i ion, when the in-xl ceiistt- i- taken, to
demand thru* n-p; e-eutalive-. ijul
even though the population bbould ncl
now lullv waiiaiil a division ol ihedi--
t.���"cf, its indu.-ti ie-are so v.'i-ied, and
llieir (lev el-IPiee.it of sum v nal itnpor-
tance to t be v.'hole louiil t y ihel additional rep! est i,t lt'on coiiid 'ne ju-l died
on th..i gi oui'il alone     We ai e i c.u t.ily
in   s', mp.ithv  -;%!Lh   tiie   view-  of   (he
o -
.M.UU   .Hid   hive   >io   c.oul t.    thai   the
Doininion govei'r.iin-nl   will   tecogi.ize
the "ustit e ol t he ilaiiii at   the   (-allies1,
p��s-liile ii'Oii'ei'l.
Co&s to Trent Lake City.
Til*-Rev. .Mi. Robiii"-- w ho li.is li'-en
c 'ildiii I i'lg-ei vices al- oli.i.i i 0 ly f ir
the pa-1 few nioiilhs h i.- been'.is-ic;ii( il
So tin-p.-floiale ai TioutuLake Ciiv.
! If left on Tuesday for hi- new home.
He was well liked in Sloe an City and
vv-.i- piosa-iUj-d vv ill anat'di esi <-u k-av-
Loncion Flotations.
The r.'o--l,uuI ."-Iiie'i's Uoi-dcm i oi iv -
pondent, =ay-: The Tantrie: mile, an
nfl'-prinn ol the goldliclds of, L' C.
(G'l.iiit-f-Tiiv an's cotepanv) has been
piivalelv -ub-ci lix-d lor already, lo the
extent of .'&2C'>,i)f)0.o
Kamloops Seeking1 Provincial Aid for
its Yukon Route Scheme."" ""
Kaiuloop-   is   amliifious  lo   j|.u-'<-   a
loutelollie   Vukon, and   a-  a   starter
wants pi..-inciiil   aid   lo  open   a   road
li om th"le to J Ji idge Creek on  the   old
Cili 11 ion i o,ul.    Thisliom a   Kamloops
standpoint is very well, but it is mil so
pi opei   when looked   at,  fiom   nnolhei
point ol* view,  public expendiiin e  i-nr-
sisteul with economy. Kr.nn Kandooj s
lolhidge   Creek   if:  ."V7   mile-,   at,   -ay,
ijjJtKK) per mile, this piiceol mad would
eo't .Si57,0(,0.    There is ;cm-oii in asking
foi   Ibis  expendiiin e   if   it    is  ill   public
intcii"-!, bid il is easy ot (b-inoilstialioi)
thai eveiy public purpose set veil by   il
isaheudy iichieved.     l'"iom   Ashcioft,
on Ihe C.P.\i. main line, a load already
runs 11u huiidi ed-3 of miles noi I hwai d-.
On thiil load coii..i('eial.le   money   has
bei'ii ah ead\ spent and a j e.u ly .'.ppro-
jination is given   it   in   the  public  ac'
counts,     ii   run-  pasL   Hi idge  Ciiel,
\v here   the   proposed    Mamloops   iu.ul
< oine-i ut, and .insvveis eveiy pur]ioii'e
th.it I hi'iKainlrop- road would.     Jt   is
likely how ev ei (hat Kamloops \\ ill get
tlie giant.    Vvnen a mihi.-li r   wants  a
-eal seem ed,   il   doesn't   iniuli   matter
about a w.isteiul grant.     Unless people
pi ole-t agiiin.-t, --lie h e\t i av accam e   the
s.i])will  be tnioy.-n   lb   JCimloops  and
the i i edit of the exploit he given to it-,
i epicsPiiiaf ive. Ifou. G.Jj,   "Wat tin.   ���
'   j'i ople iiii:-,! p,iole-l ng uii-t sncli exploiting of public moneys.    Theie is no
need   for  i.   I o,ul. to   Ml idge   Ci eel.   to
pie.-.-,''Kamloops siippoi Iers ol iTon. C.
B. ."������] u i in. and if in- 'nakes-a man;   for
il. it can beset (low u as a   bid' lor  i e-
clec lion, that and iiotliii.g oi.-t-e.
The Kaslo-Lardeau Railway.
T.ie surv ey has been cotuplcled for
il." f-Ia-lo iK; Lai ih au-Ihmcan i.-ulway,
ioi which'a ch.iitei was gi.'.nted last
wuitei by 'he provmchil govei niiii-n'.
Pu-sidenl D��.J. "Mmm.'of the K,i'-lo ."c
Sloe an i ail-.v.'v , is al-o pi e-i'lenl, oi thi-
(ompiiiv. The loul v\ hen Inii'L will
-l.u I at Atgeuia, at Ihe noitheast, end
ol iv'ooteiiay i ;ke, follovy tip the e.isl
side of l.(iv-."( i Diiittci'i l iv ci. pa- s a; omul
the east side of iio > -ei lake a.ld tollovv
the L'ppei Dtiiican in I he- month ol
Hall Ci eel;. A In audi line i- lo tn.ss
t he Duncan nvei l-eiov, Diiniali .("it v
and lolhiv. up the Laid",ui liver (o
Ti out Lake.   '
the public ni.iy safely set it down as a
Turneiite and a turncoat, a traitor and
it toady.
As be.iriii" oi) the IIei.di|'s decl.ua-'
fion it might be well to heie reprint
an extract from a reiont issue of our
ponteinp'ii.iiy��� the Tiout J^ake Topic:
'���Considei able has been vviitten and
Bpoken in f.-t1,oi"- of conducting tho
fill ui o afiuiis, of the pi ov nice on pail}
lines but it h;is not been nia<Je cl'-.u
what paitictilar benefils will ,it*.l>le
from -uch an alteiatjop in the iin-lhods
of condin t uiLr the   next  campaign   *   7
A Court at Arrowhead.*-
0'i Tlnu sday la-t at A r: .iwhe.ith lh o.
J. II. K.ileo.iei, D.S.C K.. e-tabli-lu-d a
ciuiit of Hie I udepeiidei'i Older of
Foi cs!(."\s vvilli '.-il meinbeis. Onis of
the bieihien of the row c-omt has
oi'deied the 1 ii n 11 ie i* to orec t a fine lodge
* ii'i'ii and will have iL finished in two
week or so. A mo-t enjoy.ihl)' spiead
w as given after t'.<-in-l il ul ion of (be
((.nil. 'Ihe fo!'..v ing ol'theis weie
eleeleil and installed: .1 .MtCmiy, {'
I) S 0 ),��: "1. Ho^ei-s, () H; Mm. Forbes,
P C li.:.!. S. ll-u-kley. V (' H: V. Andei-
As a suh-ci ilx-r to   the  .Vorlh   |\oui-i -on. H S; .7. Mi oce, Tii-i.s.: I,'.  L. John-
en.iy   iiiineial   e\lubil   I iind���-n-i ei, li v i son. I- .-.; (i. T Tm w n:.iti, ('haplain: Mi o.
rai-ed to .send an exhibit to  Spokane
vvillvm   kindly   let   me   know   il   l ii
Wants a Statement.
(".lini'i. Supt. .1 C; i):-.  Spaukie, lJhv's.
0. C. iv .Id. S W:  Mio.   Connoi. ,1   \\':    |
i oilimil I pe of in.piiig'-uienl h iv e   ii,.ub   i   d-   Iv'ellell.   Is   M;   Iho.   Tut
,  .J   M:
Tiu-lec-.    Mios.    ("apt.   Williams and
Capl. (.'i.i-i-.
The ?\aku-p I-'oi e-tei s <r,n ,.   f1   (iiaml
ball ( n   I'lldav  l.i-l.   anil   12 e oiiple -al
any t e j nil I  of I he 1 e-ldl- oj  theexhli il.
Ha-   any    iin.ii.rial    s|,ttement     been
I'ciidei ed    -li'iwitig   halame    due     the
I'oiniiiit tee    liom    ihe    pi -n-ilet-:     oi
bal.ime ol cash   if  any  on   hand   fi (.*n i -iow n to suppei,
the amount ah e.tdv donated. ��� T     ~^^~
This is the ii.uci ddeg.iti.ui. to m\ | ''    W Heque&t.
know h-dcte.  sent   fiom   iievil-ioke   I'm , ,
,. ,     . ,, -v in >-l id. i-,ii)l   -o( i.il   eviiii'g   vvat-
divei.-   piupo-c-s   ami    imauri illv    -u,i- i     . ,       ' ,. ,  , .     "
.    ,,      ,, , ", ! Ulv * u bv  ,\] i -. 11,j,g al lic-i  lesuleiii e on
poit 'd hv the peiiiilc. and up loii.it".-o    .,. ,       , , ,
r ,* ' ' , limi-d.iv  la-t. w neii ,i   (h.n iiiinir  pin-
lat as I lsnow.no   -ralennn!    h,i-   li.en * ,
,        , , ,    , , <''.. inure    ul    in ii -u-.il    seleiii.iii-    v-ii-ie
leiideied bv auv of (hem.     fin   one   oi ,       , .      ,, ,,,       ,, ,.
., " ,     , i. ;i*i -i( il l.v .Mi. a.id .\Ii s. He ii n,   An -.
Ilie-e ,.(, t-nni- it wa--���_,.-( ,1   ||\it   , |M. ���
,    , , ,   , , , Uai*   and   .Mis-   Jiiown.   .\<\(]    Mes-i-.
ol Ihe di 1- g.ite- ai I ioi i i il* d lh" lot il     ,,        ,       ., ,   , , ���.
, , i>!ain!oii-?,J ",iin i -     ind   Smvtlie.      ! lie
pi oi i eds    io    | .iv imr   1 i-   p* i ���( i,,il   c x-
pell si-s ai
I ei'h Ill-Ill.i
III-     W .lililli
c-bie. I ot I le   j ,t ln-i im.' >v ,,s lo   foi m   a
. The Emmre and Union Jack Grours.
T*ie jollow i'.g ac i ount   of  the  ii'oove
jtouj s v,,,s nreivei1. Iroiu   0.*-l>. Ho.u;r-
v ho has just i e: ui nod froi i Trout La lief
and w l-.o *s l.-i ei es'c-i, in this very  val-
' ii.ib|e  pi opel I V.
The 'Lifpiie nloup con-i-ls (if Ihe
O-ceola. Cie-t-d Matte. Riliimtu e and
Vr<ishmt;to'! iiiiiier.il claim-. ,\i,<\ i-
mI uated at. oi near I he head v...let- of
'Oaiiboo i i eek on the Dun* an i.ver.
"tin- AV.-igm r uioup is "i tea ted on1 the,
-out h side dr tliN ui ih.p and :1,(> MI.k I;
' P; im 0,011 ( he noi l h side of it. These
cliimsaie foipul ill ;i conlacl d nine
and g-.iy sd-.ist Thevnn is c^po-rd
m-ai ly the i utile length of ll-a; gioup,
is fi om five to t'-n h'l't wide, and -hows
miiiei.il on Ihe mai'i vein almesL all
the leagl h. Iteally spo.is.mg. I hei e ai e
three dislinc t and web defiiu d -.(ins
on Ihis property . T"nectvv o-.li.allei-bnes
avci.iging aboiit two tc-et wide ai-d
shew ing mincivl w hen-vet- i In- capping
(which is ol iion)  has. been n moved.
The main vein on Ihe Washington is
about 7 feet wide: the pay stu-ak is
I reiiii Jfi to 21 inches w ido and is exposed
for fullv "(licet.      ���
The Midi imore claim joins the Washington on the noitli "end, and the assessment woik for il and the Washington has been done '��� h\, pel mission "
upon this claim, lis v ein is li om 4 to 0
feel   wide.,
The Osieola joins Ihe ]>.iltimoi e on
the noitli and .-lu-ivs i,p irpiallv as
well. The Ciested Mutle'lies lo Ihe
noi I h of the Osc cola and shews minci.-il
ne.tily all its length. Tin- nuiiin is but
1 hi ee iii'le-fioin the lii-miniis of (he
pmposi'd K. <!c L. ]>. Ifv. and the ,ore
w ill av ei,me about .y.H.'O to the ton.
Speaking el I lie .Union .l.itk, .Mr.
Mo.ii says they have (he i .imp and
buildings up ,u\i\ a'l the supplies in.
They in e now di il I ing on a vein and
Ii.i v e si\ ieet oi .-olid tt.delta Io slat 1 on.
Their dinnp i-only 1,")()() Ieet liom Ihe
wanon load and lhcyoxpc(! lo do sonic
shipping fiom the Union .Jack gioup
uisid" of (i'l day-. Tin- w-.uk of llio
group is being done on the Florence.
Behind the Screen.
As pi ese.ii oil by ihe Four Leaf Comedy,Co., <il Peterson's npoia house, ],ts|
night, wa-a decided sueies- fioin .-in
ailistic siand point. The | lay is a
-act I'.iice i-iniaiiy. when specinl-
I ies ,-irc ml i odneed in I lie mo-1 nal 'irnl
manner. Tin- -peeiall ies (oitsi-lid of
hiinioi oils \ oi al -i lei lions, cniluai ing
I he lap's I pat ody and topical bil - ol I he
day, and lh" ino-l aili-tu dam uigever
Wl(ues-ed in l.'evd-toke.
To-n,-i.i .Mi. Hand and .Mi,s Wallace
will present for I he lb-I time heie, Ihe
gi ea t eas| ei n sia ce-s '-.\ Happy Pail."
.Mi. .Mi Call, t In-I imniesi ol liisli i oiu-
edi.tiis, will i.ui'iidute nciv s(i,i,^- and
dam *-s assisted by jMi-s Killv f'-iug.
ImmIovv Im; I hi - .M I I laud w ill ihi i oil in e
hi- w o'ulei i ni i h.n .*> (ei im pi I -on al ions
making cighi ( b,iii',( ��� w il lunil lea< ing
I he -la;;*-. ">,',. I l.iud opeiil v ( hallem^e ���
ai v iui] i i -oi a I el >.: Ml tl .-ll Columbia
ot   the linil ( (1 Stales   I o   i i;e il   liim   ie
Will    the   Turner    goveinn,.-,,.,    even    �� ���'. S....iI..m:..i ii.-i.t-.    .N   ��    ,   ( ,,li,n ' < i�� > <,f a !,l. i ,���-, . ,.,t.-,c���Li���d ci,, e ,u i,   ,
were party names adopted, be defeal-d     ,,.,��� ,,.,., ��� ,���,,  , lt_i,a��.���. ���, u ,,,   ,w.llLl.    ], '^';t; [^  '�����'" ^'^ *";',,",', ,'.',7;'', '.'.. Vv'Vs" i 'hi- da- ol w, ,k.    The , :.(,,! , ,,!
or   sustained   snnplv     because   it    wis I ��� ��� ������ - ���- ....'   ''���'...        I       .. .    . .... ..
named  Libeialor   < 'onset \ al ive /     Nil
ill   nil.        Il   will    be    uplieM    if    ilif-ll  ��� ,tll.|j(   ,,|
inaiiiigeinenl   of   publii    all.ui',    ha- in i . ,,;,]
the (')i's ol ihe people i.- ull.-d in the j
giealc-sl [losstble good to the pluviiiie1
in the past, ,-tnd the priiiciples they |
,pro|ii,ise to work by, ii| accord vvilli'
the. forward march of   I lie   proviiii-e.'m
I o I Ik in-* Iv   -, n- w i II (;- ii
I ihe  ( o ii 1111 III"   * n' ur I ��� I    In   i i y  ,i   -1    !, ���
ibe   *   . j i   a,  I "; i  -    ��� i-iiiii-    III
K .
1 -   I1-   ���.!: ; '
">i  I       (    I -II,'!
Ill   'I.
In Id
���' jibe.'.l'u.I'ui;;:,
Do yiiii know.The .M'J.'.!<Ave|!-Ail;in--
' Watson'.Co. Ltd.' is on,.-, .if''(he u!.i'---l
.'ind   m*isl.    11��� 1 i���-1!"i11-  'di.-.--j;   lii'-m-i ' in, the
pi'iivince. ��� ',. ,; ' ,'.
( I'll' 1 I .' I wl na ��� I "in. \,
' l I'." i.."(. .oi I L !. l na . in.: ji.I.i '. ,
L.r.-e.bi-i' ������Jnd, at, H .(.'dork. ��� Liidie:;
;i 1.1 Lfen"lr uii-n \v ho 'desire in become
i r s i-: 111 ii ���;-.- io.-iv ' il>! o i :'i. firrlhcr parlicii-
lais   l'i\>::i   Al r. ' Craa'.'* . the   . lioniirai-v
( i_;iil  dl si UK I   eli ii ges  -v 11 iioi.it    le iv lilt;
I he singe o
'i'l e Vi Mi, v. i-hi*i.  all   ils  pitions   I"
v ''o'r'ln'e ! !'*'-''i v d -e.u . a,e on -,,h- al    ibe   po-l     l.olelli.U   ll    0M11 o i-  now    m    the    (il
Ioi ,i ��� d mi w ni   ii.Mi    L'.-.iiu    mil   .Mi-, i will   londiide    <v ith   Ihi    fCmu   Si-lei
Ml.l'i-.   .Hid    Mi.   I.I'.   !.    'I'avl.l    anil I "i\ni\ aiiil.hi-ii-"   hi   llieii    idebialec
���i:-- ii.ow u v    i     i im i a l-i -I i ve.    .Mr. i.,,,,1.1',   ,     n.,,.r
1j, ,    i       -1      .   , ,    ,    , n 1 a 111 1 u1    111111;
! ������ 1...1 , .    ! ��� ..i..i, \. (, , ;,...|   ,i pi
1   1. ; 11
I one   'I.'IK I'.
Local and Personal Briefs-.
Wieieis Kellie, "M. P. V.I ,
W. V. Ciage got back Tuesday.
County cum I sits Dee. loth, -see
A full tango, of sk.-ii ing outfits ill.
Coinsie.r's, o
\V. J I. Vickeis left foi Tioul Like
Thmsday aflhi noon.
See, ifaiol too s;l|(,|t sighied, Ainan's
s 'pectaclo ad. ihis jssiie.
The Four Leaf Comedy Co. id
Peterson's J Ldl to night. o
.Mis. l^iaukljn, of" Kamloops, is he-ie
for a week visiting .Miss. |"l\a!'s.
Cleat in;; out sale of ladies coats,
sailor and walking hats at Coursier's.
Mr. Oiindly, of the cold storage
building', expects to be east  by Ximis.
.1. (Jrant anfl J. J >. Ui.ili.un went up
to A'lheit C'an^op Thin sday. inorniiig.
A petition is in circulation favoring
W. JI.  Vickeis for gold  eominissioiiei.
A. J5. Fono-.i, train master nt Jiev-
elntoke, wasa visitor to V.uicouvei this
1 > '
wee!;.      , , ,
Goto Couisier's and gef u bargain
in ladies' coats, walking hats and
S.tllol s.     =*���   ,   '��� ,0
J3lock's fatuous biid hic.id find biid
seed at The ^IcDowell-Atkiiis-Vv.itsoii
Go's stoie. 0   ,    (
. Lion. iJ \Y. Itiggins, s['ieal;er of the
House, ciincdii "Monday nioriung and
went south.
.Mr. and Mrs. Saunders have settled
(low n in I he lesidenco fu. niorl) occupied
by Mr. .uu] Mis. .Sinythe.
Cont-.iei has the proper kinds of
Mackinaw-,, Alaska soci.s, nibbois and
ov ei shoes at 1 iglit, pi iv.es.    , o
Just notice that those air-light heiit
e:s at Coiuisier's give thegte.dest heat
with the. Ic'iisi, v,ood :uid tiouble.     o   .
This is (lie weather I" enjoy (he
c.'iiiiioi t in those -oft, warm eidei
down ci.uifoi teis ill Cuiiisiei's. o
Aithur JJ)iuk is confined to his room
at tlie Ciown Point hotel, Trail, witli
an attack of tvphoid fevei.
There, were two votes for a Kool-
e'nav iiishop, ;it the Chut eh of lOng-
litnd (i!iov.ese of Westminster) synod
meeting. 1 (
Mr. \>. U. McNeil,  foi ennui   cif   the
'.Silver Cup mine, has been in  town  all
week.      lie    says    everything   at  the
mine is goi'ig on nicely.
'J'lie 'Coiieer >Slins' cntci liiiiitncnl in
the Methodist'church was very enjoyable and was pauonized by a veiy
large house.
Don't miss hc.n ing "McCall sing some
of the latest pan.dies to-night at
Peteison's J-I.ill Seals on side, at post
office. ���        o
C,i])t. i)i idgem.-.n, ��� of Vancouver,
came im Wednesflaj mid went down
iivet; 1 le is lo have ch.u ge of one of
the boats on the lakes
Hon. T. May iv- Daly c.iiuo ,in on
^^^o. 2 Tliuisd.iN morning The little
moths weie flutteiing mound tho
gi eater hgliL soon 11ft 01   .111 ival'
It is our constant, aim to fully meet
eveiy picipei request of 011 customers.
���The .[McDowell Atkins-Yv'alson Co.
Ltd. o
This diiecUiis of the Rovolstoko
W.ilei. Light & Power Co., had a
'spiead' 111 their new power house on
Tlnu sday. Speeches were made etc.,
The Victim.1 ilolel 'bus will inn bel
ween CPU. Hotel an'd Peleisou's
ilnll for the ttoe accoin'aiodaliou of
those who desire to attend the show.
Seats on sale at. post olliee. o
II. Tapping has put up shed inofs at
the lumber yard cap ible of covenng
200,000 feet of lumber. Customers
can be sine of getting dry |uti|ber all
w inter.
Miss Wallace, who to->k tin part of
���'Aunt Pi udonio1' last night in '-I'ehind
the Sen-en," will appear to-night, as
"Mis. Ilotievton" in the "JI.ipp;.*
Pan." ' o     .,
A store al  Hevelstok-e st.it ion, w Inch
should dci a I.it go .1 nc| glowing  tride is
til d of F.  Ahlin,   .t   Co       They   will
111 d.e .1 spec ialt_\   of   imputed   Se.indi
nav iau g-iods.
The King sisteis (K itty and Josie)
ol the I'iiiii Leaf Comedy C*i. will lull oduce I heir wonderful double skip-
jiing 1 ope, dance to-night at Peterson's
IL.ll. o
A   itevelstoke col ir-spoi'deiil   wtin-s!
that  oil tho  I7lh tneie   was   I o feel    of |
simw I heie. and il   was   still   filling        !
Xutoii.i    Cole 111  (     -What,    a    laggid'
'      ^      1
'|.ig' I hat eon espoudeiit  unr-l h t\ e had. |
1 ie !s piobablv   still  f llllllg. 1
M'    I1,1110 h,ii no supeiiois   ,111 1  hut
few  c'([tt i!s  as   an     linp'-i soiiat 01       To   '
n'g'it al   I'l li 1 -,'i|i s  I I ill    lie, -.\ ill m ike 1
He will be manager for the Waverley
Mine Ltd.���His career and knowledge ol' local affairs fits' him for,
the,post.    *
On Sal urday last, word was receivec]
of the re-igif,i(ioii of-.Mr. .7. I J. (iiahaiii,
(iold Cominis-ioiier for Xorlh Kood-ii;
av. Tin: news, il need hardly h'e stated,
was icc-eived in Kevelstok*- ("Mr.
(i 1 aham's heacUpiai lei -) and surround;
ing milling divi^ii,!)... over which be
hail Jtiri-diction, vvilli genuine regret,
as in every re-pect .Mr. Giahain was a
most i (impotent, obliging and at ten-
live iillici.il who hud by long a���ociar
tion endeaied himself to ihe people.
While stem enough in discipline and
i.duiiui-lration he tempered it- will)
Mich (Ominon sense leniency and
broadness of vic;vv Uio.1 it drew, save
from the few who never can he safis- <
lied, expressions of eo.ifidence in his
judginenl,. I*>y"""\rr. Graham's resigna-
(ion'Noi-tJi Koolenay loci-v's an otTicial
*'of undoubted merit and one vvljo, livid- long and honoiable career at lioniie
and abi oad, w,-is pre-eininenlly fitted1
for the post li<  held..
Coming  lo   Ihe  province  in 1SS7 ho
enieied   Ihe    government   service   in
Apiil,   1S02,  in   the"lowii   of   N>Non.
From there he was tl iin-fei 1 ed lei KasT
lo, I lion  ciowded   with  all   kinds iind
condilioiis of men   and   a  inpst|ryjng
.field lo adniinister  law  and  oider  in.  ,
Willi wli.il tact, good si'iisc and judge;
inetiljie iilled the, place, is be,st shown
by  the  fact'thai, on  hi*  removal, he*
was .piesenled    with   ;i   tno-l   compli;
menial v ad dress and a iiur-e of monev
by  the citizens'as a  mark   of public
esteem.'     Fiom   'Kaslo,  Mr.   ,Giah.in}
wcnl again to Xel--on, hulw.is'not long
tliere (ill hi-s'sei vices  wi^rc  icc-ogni/.cd
by (he'iroverninent and  in  April,'01?
he was piotnoted to the important post
of Govei nnient'Agent at Revelstoke,
'andlatertoth.it of ("old Commissioner, as- position in.   has since filled with '
credit'p;   himself and   benefit to  the
disiiiel.    A man of  varied  experience
befoi e i oiuing lo  this counti y, having
served his Queen 'for 20  years  in   the
Royal Engineers-dm ing which he visit; '
ed Mautitius,   Gibraltar, South Africa,
Mi r niida nnd   Halifax,    he has added
to his army ttaining.i Ihoiongh know:
ledge of local aIfaii-s. h '
These arc the qualities responsible
for hi- t esignation, loo, as the Wa verify "Mine Ltd.. of London, operating at
Albert ("anyon, eaily lecognized them
and by the inducement of a veiy large
sal.-u y ptovniled upon him to assume
Ihe management of llieir piopmi,y.
They have a good man, and one whose
practical knowledge should go fai to
making the company's operations :\
success. In this li.-insfei of positions;
the fine Italian hand of Mr. .lohn,
Grant, herelofoie managing -the.
Waveiley and allied companies, "s
visible, and he deseives credit from
his company for his diplomacy and
peispic.icily in alluring Mr. Grahanj
fiom his oilicial position. Al (he same
time il might also K> ..aid that Mr,
Giahaui, by making the change,
demonstrates his- confidence in ' the
piopeiiv which lie vvill supervise anc)
tl ii or (.
Mi. Gi'iibam took over the duties of
his new po-ition on Wednesday, hu|-
will al-u hold the coiiimisM(in*.'rship(l
by reipie-l, (ill .January 1-t. As to his
.sttico���o'-, there are ",-iv Kichmonds"'
in ihe field to-dty. and much specula-:
t ion exists as to who he will be.
..'in e ,.m! l!i.- '���,'���'1 Km ,1   hou-i    b|is   will I loom on ihe   'Mound   Hour ol   III-    new
C.'iifl.i] hotel.. Theie. w'lth eveiy ton.,
venience it is 'liejt.ief. abie, than ever, j
lo s'tijiply .the pmblic with ;i!l "kiiids of J
coiiiinercial printing etc.; etc. ,'. (..'opie 1
in iinil .see'iis ! '''. v , .'���
l 11 ii   11. I iv v - v. ��� j 1    I 1 ..���    v   .    .i   .     1,,,    h..,ti-|    , I 1111
I'el.ersoii's'opci',-^ 1 uuisc'hcfni-r'nuil.a f I.or
��� the pi'VI'i'iriii.-ii'ice \\>\' (he free n'reornmur
dal.ion .of ���the .���'residents of' Ihe upp.er
iliovvii.  .  '   '. ,. j  t
Another Sop Given Away.
, -,������
Membei s of I he Revel-loke Beiiird of
'lYridi' will 1 eiiieuib.-r that at the recent
inlervieu- with Pretilier Tinner, they
tool; fiom hi- reui.-u k- the idea that
legi-l.iliou would be hi ought in next
-e���ion, gi. ing control ot local educational -wc-in-io iiiunu ip.ilities This
di dm 11011 fi om his- teniaiks was perfectly natiu ..I and g-neial with Ihoso.
pi 1���enl.
II i- s| i.-irge i ie 11 in 1 he f.u e of this
(o read ih.it, tii. 11 ���_ 11 the legi-l.it 111��.
*li I"1'l! ' s I<->1 only -S !.(>(>,) fm cducatioii-.
a' 11. 1 * -��� - 111 i-io--l.il il. jl.at -1:111 ha-
hi 1 1 , r '-' 11 by the executive to
J-'il. '���'. I-. ,.|.n.hi.ir to this grant the
V,- - j-.i-f- iL 11. Mi. Tuiiu'i for
k.    1       . hi- 1 b (' .c-s.
"< .- ."i-". 1- .��� t pint.-lu-.g thai Ho-.���
!.'���( .-,(f..:g nicie than jeihaps it
1 < ipui i - ti >! -1 a ol j. 11: jiM-i -, nor 1- it
ali'iiiat-d ' v 11 .|.i.M'. X*.| at all; Hut
win, il !. 1. .' l .1 1- Io be lot 1 i-ilui ed
in a lev 11 i - !!,- ! . . .a'.(��� niiiiiicipalil ie-
l��<i; '"��� * . n -, 1 i 1 .|eu-i���. does
I in ��� - . i.v - ,11, * .-,. ; y -T.ft-p [be
an , ! \(ld ini- l;*--l.t-id 'i\ the
!���/���; 1-1 i'        . : v    1 ' !������ 1    (. u-! 1 ue-
M.iu.s be put. .,,. till.- (Il.ilil lllv priiit of
view l.-ikeii) I'lian rl";at. it is an ai\lc-bcU
li: III prior    'to     election ���gift. ������', 'Will
'Ros-lniidijrs -he duped by such ex|iloi-.-
Ki'Jons pi'!(|''(ice, such significant sops. i<AGE 2.
*]��L"I��.lSnKI> KVKKV S.VTUltDAV'
���a r���       *
Pl-m.ISUKUS  AND  I'ltOI'ltllTI-OH*?.   -
Subscription   Price,   S2.03   Per    Annum
t-aT bTKicri.Y ix .vie, axc<: "OvJ;     "*-
the rule of {si.."ill per column melc-per inontli.
For.sp.ice- of six column inclk"" or over 5-1
tier iiicli iier month.
line lir-t in-ei-tioii, .V. per line eac-li .-uli-e-
(jncut. in-ci-lioii. The luiiiiher of linc-
rcckoncd liy space ocuwpieil, I- lines to the
inuii. " '
KEAIMN'G NOTICES lde. per hue e.u-li m-
serlicin, unlc.-s c-onlr.icteil for by the MO
JOH I'lil.N'TINCi of every kind ul most n-.i-on-
abl*-raicis ami sliorlc-l iintiic,
ACX'OL'XT.S  for .noli   print ink* ur  inlvc-iliMii',-
'   , paviitile on the liv.-t nf every inniuli. ,
.I'OltifKKI'OXDKXCK On nil iiiulK-rrt of local
'ir public iiiK nst invited .mil lai-efullv ciiii-
riiU-reil. All eiiiiiiiniiiiciitioii-io tin; Hilil'n-
must he ncciMiii'iiniiil hy llic name v)f Ihe
sMilur, iini in et-s.-iirlly l'u" publication, bill
usiin eviileiici; of K"i'<l faith,
" ' Tin-: Kootknav "Mam.,
' UevelSloke, MX'.
h.-is come {(iv ;i change and thai   is i:n\
the opinion of the Mail only.
RFVFLSTOKK,,XOV. 27,  1S!)7.
-    Bi'KAKiXfJ of news;iiiper.s  opposed to
..the Tiii-iier  goveriniieiit,"the  Jlosslaii'l
Elinor says of   them:    Tlio.se   chumps
who rail  at Turner   and   lleinze   and
imagine they-arc. raising hell, etc., etc.
* "... i
.. ,This  kind   of   coarse  criticism   and
-vituperative    vulgarity     requires     no
.answer,     lb   is   the   last.' resort   of   ;r
\weak man   with a poor cause  to   turn
Oui!'contemporary is of, the'opinion
thill the time has come lo form a, Conservative   association    in   Revelstoke.
��� This  idea  woiild  have'no   opposition
fiom the M.Vli. if  it,  were the Herald's
.'own, but. il emanates from  its patrons
,'���the pea-nut politicians���who think,
perhaps,'I ho time has come to serve
senile .purpose of I hens, and are anxious to get an edge on their axes.
-'Coming at a time too, when men an'
Striving to  discuss  provincial   politics
..without regard   to  party this  sugges-
' lion  from1 the'Herald  wire-pullers   is
.very significant. ., It is not   very  long
���   .ago sincethe Herald op'po-edany inen-
"tion of party linens in provincial affairs,,
can it he now sun eptitiously   itdvi'-cat-
ing il, ,,���"-.'*-
Tim Trout Lake Topic is  doing   excellent service in tlie public's behalf in
drawing at tent icui   to   the speculative
policy of holding public rights such  as
.'placer leases   and' timber  limits.      Tl
, alas ! tells us nothing thai is   news,   it
adds   but    anol.hei    wail   against   the
.monopolistic policy of the present government. , Placer   leases   ine   held   in
many districts of the province by mere
speculators who look for value to ensue
' bv the labors of hatd  woi king   iniiier-
on claims   adjacent.      Tag   companies'
on tho coast have, frozen out  the hand
logger and--inilling companies hold acre '
after acre of splendid   timber   wailim: '
*-'      , ""  .
till rhe-v areoready to cut it thein-elve.-. '
."The whole bed of the Fraser for many
miles is covered with dredging loa-e-
becau'se there, was thought to be money
in it and one or two dredgers weie at
.yvork. lt would be a piofitable ' 'spec'
if the dredgers turned out i*oid and ihe
leases could be sold to men with money.
The land laws are on much ihe' same
plan and the speculative piineiph- is
everywhere fostered rather than, that
i>f solid settlement and individual opportunity,
LXn this is.-ue will be found the, platform of the Pn viueial Liberal A<si,ei
ntiou. It is iidapted -olely lo provincial polities and eschews any icr'oi'cmvo
whatever to Jloniininii allairs. 'Ihe
perceptive C'oloi'ii.-t.   the   chief Toin*-i
Tin-: Mail, at. ihe risk even of being
.called liiesome, thinks it should again
call attention to the necessity of working up a ease to make demands on
federal attention for the improvement
of the Coluinbia liver above llevel-
stoke. h is an all-impoi taut matter
to this,town to have, the gieat  mineral
belt to the north of it opened up to
development. 'Much of Kevelstoke's
future lies in this development northwards, and if should be taken hold of
early. ,
Many of the pioneers, property
owners and investors'of Pig lSend are
now in town and can' be interviewed.
Their knowledge would be very useful
and, .no doubt, be icadily imparted.
Then there are also engineers' reports
extant dealing with the' cost of improvement. All these details could bo
collected by a small commit lee and a
leporl made which could be put in our
members hands ' An estimate of
vvhitl the scheme, would 'cost could be
given him and a reqresl made, for the
intreduction of a special' act. > ���A
delegation could, also be-cut to Ottawa
duiiiig the se-sion to press'the matter
on the responsible "Minister.
There is no time to be lost. Similar
'requests are going in from other places
and the session al Ottawa is not far off.
The matter should.teceive public attention and that urgently. We trust the
Board of Trade will take hold of it. '
W  fi ,
Barrister-air Law, Solicitor
and Notary Public.
iSTOKKICK:   I tool 11 2, Pool Hloek, UevelstoHc.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.   ,
Notary Public. ���
Oliicu ill Smith Mock, I'aciiio Avenue,   *     ,'    r
i. , ,    o ,.
Book-keeper,  Accountant and
Commission Agent,
Real Estate and Mining Broker
'319 Cordova St.,  ' .,
Mining stocks ami properties bought
and sold on commission. Correspondence solicited.     '
Mining Brokers,
i^^stokc_- Hospital,
Maternity ward in connection. .
Vaeeine kept on lianil ....
Drs. McXecImie and Jeffs,   -   Attendants.
Mines/and Mining Stocks.
,  . The London Fire.
Willi the exception of the great fire
of ]("('(", the roc-en I London conflagration was the most . ditti-aste-it*- ever
known.in the histoiy of tlie great metropolis. 0   ,
The  fire of 2""jl   years ago   was  the
lei initiation of a series of calamities in
London, the like of which it has seldom
if ever, been the ill fortune of a oily to
experience.    Fiom 10GI to 1CC7 the good
people, of London passed   through  the
direst   misei y-w';ir   plague    and    fire,.
Dryden noi inaptly called the year IGiifi
the A innis Mirabilis or Year of Won-
^   McNEIL,
Front Street, fievelstoke.
Haircut, 25c;  Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets'for S1.O0.    ���
IvKyKLSTOKi-: Station, B.C.
Haircut and shave 50c.  j>.'*nn��~~-.
���������-j^s.j^^y Comfortable Parlors.
Opposite Drug Store.
rr\ homas bros. & grant, ���'
Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.
(A.���ociatc of'ltoyal School of Mines
-"   , Jjoinlun, Kngliinil.)
Milling   Engineer,    Analytical    Chemist
and  Assaycr.
I'ropei-lie.-eviniiiiiuil Hint reiKirled on.
,YV  .      (.McinU. N'. linif. ln-t., "M. & M.K.)
)~[hii)i<i J'Jiu/iiiccr find.Afwttycr.
Vaxcouvkh,' IJ. C.    ,  '
n    Checking Smelter Pulp a Specialty.
.A-X^-jrim:  cloo-Ks.
Now that the dark mornings are approaching you  need something to wake you up early.
We have just received a-supply of new alarm clock's of all kinds
and prices.    Call and see them at
Revelstoke Station, B.C.
Hy iiiTiiiiKoiiuiils with Kui-oiic-im .smelter*/.,
iiilviuiccs vvill lie liniile nil c(nisi|*;nmeiils nf
ores anil unities, up to any value.
Caiuulian Afjent:   Tlie Ca-sel OoM  Kxtructinj*
Co.,    Ltd.,    Glasgow,    AlncArlliiir-KoiTesl
tJy.uiiUo; I'rocess.
NT. IS.���Competent men employed.   "No impiis.
Steamers for Klondike'Trade.
A despnlc-h to the New', York Woi Id
from Limdon. says: London (Capitalists ��=; em lo be resolved to share in the
bhr pri'lits ant ic.ipated fi om a i ush to
the Klondike next, spring. The Vancouver vV" Northern Khippifif ifc Tiaditig
tlonipany. working in e-onncction vvilli
tlie Canadian Pacific Railway, with a
capital of $7.*)(),000, privntdy suiiscrilied
hy six shareholders-, to-chly purchased
two old ('un.-u'deis. the Bothnia and
the Scythi.i, and two Cape mail .steamer-, a- i lie nucleus of ;i fieri to run fi om
com- j
.Suits from $12,  Pants from $'*.
Sample and  niea-uirrinent forms sent
cm application. <
,      92 Government St.,
Whita labor only. VICTORIA,   B. C.
FRED. M. WELLS, Mine Examiner.'
Analytical Chemist and Assaycr,
NELSON,   B.' C.
Asmivh of every variety of mineral.
Analj-.-is  of. miik,   water, or other materials
used for food.'
Prompt Results. ' Prompt Cash.
Plans and specifications prepared
in India Ink or. Blue-print '.
Drawing's. '-,'
'If you desire an  artistic 'home with all modern  conveniences
,   call and see Maclean who can design you one in,any
style:  Queen Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or any other style
,' you prefer. ' - ���   '   ��� ��� ,  ( 9
Interiors and interior decorations arc "his specialties. Store
Decorations, Bank Fixtures, Hotel Fixtures ; Hall
shewing; pannelled dadoes, frescoes, etc.; Artistic
Screens, Verandahs,, Stairways, etc. can be'got out to
suit the market.' -   '      '
_i_1 days frcim date we vvill apply t.o the
Stipendiary MiiffNlnUc for the Noitli KidiiiK of
\v'��l Kootciiay lor purinis-ion to transfer our
liciiioi- liccn-e lo Jle���r*. Williams &, 1!ieliai'ds.
(Signed) FIELD & I30UHKK.
Kc-veL-toke. Nov. 1_. ISm. . 30-tt
CeptiScatB of Improvements.
Silu.ito(l  in  lliu  Uu-doau   llniiii;: Division of
-,- .       r-i    . i i i        Wc-i   Kootoiiav Di.-lric-t.'  Where loc.Ued :
I ^ onciaiv-er    to   Klondike   port-,   con:-,       o-,  Cpper Arrow kiike, ,U)ouu_heven miles
,' mencinir on .March  li)lh. ' I ���, I'l^'i1;.^":,"--J|-<;-T   .,���
���      ,.     ,     , . , ,   .        .    .   ,        ri'AlCK NO ril.'l-. thiitl.   loin  ('. Gray, ngent
j      IJot.n ships,lie chin tered  ror   freiirhl j ���!     f���r Tha  Itnu-li   tv.lmnbin  SmeltiiiK and
! |,.-l|,.  I ;,,i,,n   the iiolli'iieiii-e nr-nv i-:i.M ! I'cIi��i"S C'oi'.ip.iii.v of Trail H.f'., Kroo iliner's
I l>.. .Mi. lap! on. tti(  iiiilil.ni.iiic piov l. .on     !���<,,., l(ll.iltc  s<,.2..U>\. inlend, .-ixty days iroin
, merehjiiit, for the  vova_.*-   nut. and. 'ne    tlieil.ito hereof, lo apply io the "\Iiiiini; Kecorcl-
, ,    "    ' .      .     ., ,. .      cr for :i cc-i-litieiie of lmproveinenl-. for the
is -Mid toh.-iv-e.i sfheiiie tor lmilitins-   a, J  ()Ur!1,Vt. ,,f   oblainiii!,'   a   ih-mvn  gnint   of  the
' new town to  he   c;'.ll*-d    I.iptonia.   near ' -'''(ne c! liui.            ���          .....            ,
.   ' .                          ; 'And iiirtlicr take, nonce ihat action, under
' Sfc;ii_;w,iv .    This -uterpt i-e i-s;i ul to 1 (������ ; -irt'ion 37. mu-t be (.oniiiu-iued  before  the is-
.i-i,    ...  ..'w   ,t     .;  :. i,%'-:<- .....  ..-    .; ��� u     i -nano.- of -u* li * urcifluife of iinproveinents
I-the result ot a mmi lo .^si-wav   ot  die I i,:vl. fi Uiis t.Vvh day of Sepiombor, 1S97.    -21-01
, Hon,   .I.iui'-s    Bui-k^-   R.H-h.-.   vvlio  h.is'j ���'��� ; ; :	
ju.-t letunied hei e.
^  H. HEAPS & CO.'
Machinery Brokers,
.")()6 Cordova SI i-'eit,'1
FOF? SALE���A quantity of lii-ht. .-eeond liand
Steel Kail-.
Iiost $2.00 a day House in Ihe City.
This hotel has been re-built and greatly enlarged.     It is newly
furnished throughout   and  affords' every convenience
l|      ' 'td guests.     Ii"'is   beauLifully situated cover- '
looking U[ipcr 7\rrow Lake, and is
located most conveniently to railway depot and steamer landing
���-^-^Rates. $1 to S2 per day r-
B. C.
What Thev Will Do.
\ er\
ei-!*iin, jioke-d iidieule at il on (hi
account. ' Iferem is ils -tieiiii". I
-lands onK for what, is on ihe i',iirt -ii
it --ref(>nn. It Ins ii'i at'tei tl.nii_iiii
of Doininion politic*1 or hili.-ral ,i-cend-
enev, ho avvkwaid ly iii-iiiii.-iie-d hy n-
oppuiients in their aiti-mpt , to (li--
credit it. Tl ilechin-s -iinplv its opposition to ihe pieseiit 'ruiiicr i,"im'i iiiii'-ii'
and .states cleai ly vv hy it eloes so. !;
is iin hoiu-sl, endeavor to put hii vv,.ud a
"���v for (he liet ler .idiiiiiiist i.it inn  *'f
A t the haiejuet to'.L>p.iil"-e (,'im-ul
No������-. hi-r v.eck, i;i "\'.i:n iiiivei, C'd.
B.-iker-. vv h" i"l n-.-'-nied the .rie.i'i'i-
ii'i'iit. .liiiiviiifi'i-ed ih.fiJ .i _:<-���. erruie-nt
ntreiil wmild lit' ;i|.f e-ir.i-d at Lake
Memi'-'tt to look* aft'-r 'FJrili-h ('* liimhia
mtei *---|s. Tlie crov i-i nnii-i't inlenii-'d
lo ".etid ,* |i,uly at tl..-e:-d ot   tl-e  y.-ai
lol.lVn'ilt  il   I'l.Ill   ll.'Ill    i"'-|. i^la |.ll   * I .-I k
to T---!in in tie- *-.nly -pi in_r io oui-
pi'iutioti '.viih tie- D'liiiu-inii L'li-.'-tii-
lie-Ill l'l-ivnle '-I.1--I pi '*-" "o'llo p.>s-
-llilv lie- ,K���i-ted hy lh'- lw-i govern-
iiieufs. \\ ho <v i mid liii'ld .t i.iilvv ay i iirl".
I|.'\r vein.
(  of.   U.lk.
i , Gspiincate of Improvements.
1 ireujE -\FixEitAi_-ei.Aur,
' .-liiuiiii-d ill tlie Lanloau niiiiing division of
1 V\*_-t K'o'iti-n.'iy di-tricr. Where located:
! On ITpiM-r Aitov. Lake, about seven miles
j        .iboi'i; Xak.i-p. 15.C.
""P'vKi: N'en'ICl, that I. Tom 0. Gray, ap-cnt
, j for Tlie Unu-h t'oluiubia SineltiiiK and
L*fnniie- c'l.aip.my of Tim:!, !!.("., J-'rc-e -lliuei-'.s
f. rii:io.i!i- N'n. M.;;i-(iA. inte-mi, si\-t,y, days from
lh. itrtii- 'i*:'. ���.*", n< .ippb to the Mining llceorcl-
er for a i Vi.'iil.-.iti- ���>" l.-opj-oveiii'-llls. for the
purpfi-i; or n'lLi.tiin;*; a ( -'own Grant of the
,vl,��ve 'heni ,
And f'lr::.. r take  nili.,o that aclion, under
-���-.tsnii IT, im.-i li.- eomijictii-cd b-forc the issu-
<iiu'-(���'-u !��� ( "i-lviii-.ilc nf Iinpriivenient--.
!)..;. il rh.- l*>iii d.ij n" >'cplcinhur. l-s!)7,     '_'l-!)t
Cigars,       Tobaccos,       Books,
Photographs at
i Near Kailway Depot,.
ioid- Mil
FRANK VANUALL, Proprietor.
��� i   i i
-^Revelstoke, B.O.-^
est Table in Town, Well Furnished , Rooms,
���  Clioieest Wines, Liquors - and- Cigars,-
Everything Strietly First-Class. ��� >
Terms $2 per day.
Kamloops Beer on Draught
Bread and'Confectionery.
Free Delivery Every Day. .
���  Private Bill Notice.
\'(iTI('K IS  I'KliEIsV LIVEN  lli.a .111  .-i|i-
i^l      ;.ln-.ll|l.ll wi,Ii ',1   ll.nlj'   10   tin-   l.c^i-lllivi.'
,i 1-
1 liIKilll,! I il ,1 ^.'1 1'.I I
(ll-l III i'l \ lit ' "��� '- '_*'. ill 111 ' III. I lie. , I . lh
h.n! jll-I |(-i 1 li. ed .del lei I'l inn .1 ir-'lll I--
111,111   t llei e  -.iVill-f he    il id     fi.Ill.li     .-llni-
.v--- n i��!\
1! ll - III- . I
. *i|II|iii|.,V
mi ni-iV i ie ll   tl ee  ^-o!*l    i.
l'*i|- ;i mill- ,\\A ;��� ijii.ii i>-i.
I r.ieealil.
Ill I'('
--.1 11 .'.
ll. ..i'.v
.i'i-'ii *! in.1.1 a
,-,v 1^. 1 i.l -*.l. 'I-' .'..
;���.-,< li -it li* v , e,-i'-.i-
' '1    Ktim     :    ;i* .1 t    ���*
- i"i|i . 1 -;i ��� l'. f * om
Ji���-  ' !,'i    * .r,,111111 .1    ^
.l.e-i,   (   .   ' .
.1,,, t. Lb.   ��� ��� i-
li.u.i.1. '.   -li   '.
"/diiiirs and it. is- cheerin;* to   nole   t_lj.il
Private liil! Notice.
\' (i'l I' I".   I-    II! ���: i.f: V   oi \"!' s". -in-
_. I plli .\\ \i \\ \' ,!! '11 III.-. 1' Oj |ni I.. "I 1.
A���1 niblv of tin-I'.-'iv !sii u' l.i.n-.i 1 . bin
.11   it-  i).-.\;  -1��� mi  n'l- .1   !' iv.iti*.   !:li  ���'.
1 (ii |n>I..t.   ,1 ( u-iiliill.   in 'i 1  !.!   M,n 1      11,,1.1
,iii(l *.;*( .-.it*��� ,i bin   *ii"  I'll*-- *��'.   .-' ! ' .1 -    t ���*-
liiniit .11 oi< m ,n  Alb* i-i (' no mi   linn*.    -l'i
if the   le.idni";   Ciiii-ervativc
have    t.iviiialilv
f.ers in   the;   piov m*.e
re-e.-eivee] ;nid '-ndoisf-d it,     It is .1 pint
feii-in   liavin*_"   miicli    in   c-diiiiiiihi    wit!
that ed' the.   fur-se-iil   (i]i]iiisitiuu   jj.ii l v
and shoiild gather on it every  nne   of*
nt  i in
Ci it ie- '
It is
and pn
10 ihe
illcy of I in'-Nor'b i'"ori-
I,iv ( i- In tin !'. ni iii.i.!
C i-,-i k. 1'ie 1'' vb. v I. ''.. ���
(**-. ik 'nt be 11.i-i lion ul -.
t''ili'iiil)i.i liiv * >-, v ill, :
* 1111-11 in t, n1,mi! ii" i. 11.1
or unit* -. ncl ill ii. > * -a ;
,l,,ll !"��� I    I' -.   ,1*1*1    In   '. 1.'d,   "i.l '
1  ", li.e - .      ,111.1  din 1;      p 1 nun.
! aiiil v, il h i'o.v r 1*1 bin It1, '1 v 0. '
I.Illl   ���Il-.'lll   .-nil   'il.il* 1     vi --. ! *
, ope - iti- t In- -,nii'- *m -in v ii 1
1 v\ itbin Hi. I'm' nic <: .ii.'l -.��� it'i |
, (quip,   op"i,it"   ,i;id    iiiilii! im   1
I    III',   l.'./li-     1"|( ���*     III     ' <i'l,ll '     I'll!
1 1.ne.. 1 , .'inil l.i.it.  ,.. - <.i'l I".'���'.
foi -1" pl^   1 ,* la.' li1    b' 1'    "i
sVsli-iu    <>l    "'ivr-rn    '   vv 1! li pfi .1 1 in  * spiii, ,.    1 niil
* ""��� 1   liii-i-nf   tin    ('*.iii)i,iiiv,   ,1"!   In
1   li'iin.'' -, ;.',-, 1I1 , r    m i.| ie    .1.1'- '
, ,,. 1(1 niii'-ni,     aiiitii   :p il     i * 1 pn' 111.
I ll.lt I he intelligent      |iri-i.i. .111 ln.'lii -    1 "I In 1   ',   .nil   < ell
., fioin   .'.ipu*     -,    - .1./  .1   lull    '.l   II''   it
-on e-i 11 in 1;nl    (>i     1 1 O'i.     iii|< in ��� r.-n , hi -11  b r   <   -. :.i !   ..    . ���  ,
' ii e \ 1 - an 3    '       -    i.l,, 1   ,.   I'
pli v.
jnesC'ill   '-i nhincl ol nirdlci
I lieil
���>       I' 1  Mil.
!l"    I '. v 1,1.
1 well |���,
10 ',n,p,
, 1. .    ti   -1-
!   n-   e.l.i n
''   ���!������ .  Ill
i.'l  nun. 1
���1. ,���!-.   .vll'l
:,i..   w in 1,
r ','* bin!'!,
Ji.ipb ,iii(|
n i.e - tid
* |. I.I..I;
in - ( 1. im!
i   '  1'    pie
nf Ui it:-li ("i.linnbi,-
���r  ."   ,i. I  1*.  11,. ni p'li-nti-  ,-i
1 .'    ' ���    - '... 1, ii  t.    1 quip,
-. ,t -; ei.< ed tir ,4 u.u-rm- j
-  a.,  p. 1 hi   ii   ni- hi in- [)n
\V i-.t   Kii'iii-n.e.   lM-iri<:l. |
���'������     ' I*- ' '"biii.bi.i   l;i 1 it, 1
!!> ., l-'n'-.. , ll.i-iici.   fullovv-
.1   I   ' .inn.    !(.'.'���-   Id  Ten;
1' '    H>   '   l>   Ili'i-'   I- -Is. liic lolllc   .
ii'i f -ir-aip I.-.-, .-r- 1.. *_b<- 'Jj
i- r:i*- inn-i pr.ic ti- .tbl.- nnd
ii.��- l.ii 1 .'.;- . 1 !>..'. ���*��� l.ai��. . 1 in ie 1 iiy tb*-
1.1, -1 pn', 1 1 ii -ttir* in 'K-iiii I^i,;.I-' op tin-
Nniil.i-ii r.i.l.ml.'i v nf .ii* ."..i\.!;.,i (j.- frnjn
tin' l'e-ii> III.- r -ii lb' .*>. p.iiliil ie. Llic
inn-l     ,r i> 1 .    v,     ,tii     fi-.l-'.-ili      ;ii<l'.i-   ip'   tin-
""'li-.u'. i:>. lo.l.ir.. <.,"'���!)��� iJi .-.ui'.'-ai a point j
m :in  I . ,i.   j;i-,. r 1
vi-1 ��� I:   .1.  b I.'.*- ':������:.1 'I*;.   .I,eun- ('.icni. I
iii 01    j;.!-'. r'i   Iini,lid u:<   of  rb-   ISunif   bv 1
.-.  .,   nf I'  1    "li bow   ifl.l*!   I'.f- I
.Vi-t, ' Ib.ii.'b l.j'.' i.-npi i'- v. i-t..*.', or >
.. ��� ��-.;'.,. ( !...,;ii".,ci I:i ,(!���--, ,:!ivv. -ti Ov from I
1.. ��� ��� i-i..-.'. ..* A-i.nvv lsl.< , tl.'ii * ,'n"'lm*it "'
h.i-.   ���_,'.* i.< ��� to'!.*   ii^ad   "...'11-  .if  K'x iMi.vy
d. R. HULL & 00.
Wholesale    and   R,etail
Purveyors of High-class Meats.
All orders in our line will he  promptly
attended to.
.1. ALHEKT STONE, Piiopkiktor.
a id
.rl   .
in :
Ii'-Ul' J,
��� (1   .Ii-l  le>    '..a .1
inn  il,* rc-v an,
J-V (1.     ' ',   . 'II'I      In
,   -,' I-     I' .     '1' ,1- -
111    "1      (l I-. .J. "ll'
111   < 'I
I'.fi- m 1 ��� ,.- 1! .' ,1 b
o 11 ��� ,r< ,1 i.'l iii'iin' 110
��� 111 '.ni.it' ' t .no
pn ���' r
* I't'i-i;
ii   11,.
it.1(11 ..,!}-,     Ill    '
'    "-'I  ' Oll3tY.il   t.     '
i.ii' -   ,vii*l   all j
'I f'^ir.c-    .ifi'l j
' '1  ui'l  'ln< I >
.'li  ,,',ait   ������'>
I-       I' .Uil     -Ili'J
1 <���;,. ,,u |l,i
- --itlnn II.I-
'.'.ii'i     iijiiip.
'.'I    I* 1' pli'illl    1
11 ' iy and
J., Hutchison & Co,,
(Opposile ('(ivernuient OITice,)
(Groceries, I-'eed, Fruit, always
fresh and full stock.
Short   AcooiintK.
The Dining Boom is ��� Burnished with the best the
���       Market,, affords.   ���
We 1}<iVc ��i
(}oofl S<i{>i>ly of
Ar.IIAIlA.MSON MHOS., Phoi'kii-tohs.
First-class Table   -�����   Good Beds   ���  Fix'e-proof Safe
Telephone   >   'Bus Meets all Trains.
' I-
!   I'll!
I   1.1--
11V   IV    .
' mil
'pi2 <~;^i>:f! BUILDING MATBEIAL
��� nr
,ii ni
T.llliei    may    iidupt   "nne    of   1 ' e: |i m,,  ui'l 1, i'i pn -.- 1 in 111,1] *   h
,  "   ,       , . -r       ,, I  il. I.lli'.ri lill III - v. - ;l iV 11,. -1     'It
stii_rnest ions i-iiiImi* lieel 111   I hi-   plalio,in,    , ,,,,,, 1   ,uni r,,,-.ill 1 l'u .   11.   -,i,\   n- in 1
"                           .                     ii,- ' i|. 11I11I   ntcul-,   pnvviM  ,tii(l   iniv'ii'.jf      .1.   tli.il
llul.s iilteinp; ln,*4 td 1 i*l* It  (.....Its   I'lice. 1 heiliii.li:
;'.,���    .          ,.   .    ',  '��� ,      ���     ���           1       1 r'.i   ' I      Hilled ul. Viinciiuvi r..I!. ('..   Illi^*   IVI.Ii   (bi.v nf
p.J heir political plagiarism, should   they Xnvcmbci-, ISII7.
. (Jo so. will  avail   Ihein  little, the   tune . :t|.fitr        ,            solicit*.r-i fm-ibe A iipiii-nnu
Iioir.i-'-. pi 1 v ill ,c ��� o: nl ni 1 ,111I- Ci'tiii,  in',-  ^nv
. 1 n.'iif'n!.     inliiii'ipil     ( ei. p-i, in mil,    01     nihir-
pe 1 -n'l 1 or Ii'i'Ik ���. .ind lo ii * v ,111 I   ".||(, \   toll 1
In.'11  el 11.11' I* ��� ii-in-.    .1 n'l "11   ,ill   l|ii-;li|   p,n
ni-" <i\ 1 1 .110 of - in 11 io.nl , i-iiliv 1 V-. 11 HIIVMI-/S,
f' 11 it"--*, '.. h.L, VI     .Mill  vi -.( I-built   h-,    | In}   ( (Illl
-p.iiiy. .ui'l vv it I' po-.vi- to in ilc   li.illii   in   ol her j
.irr.i iii^i ml-,   vv"|li    lie-   r.iiluin,   -,ti ,iimIk ul    nr I
��� il In i-' 'ii-np hi 1      -n'l I'm .ill ni I i-r in e ��� s-i.ny or I
iiif-nli'iiltil n/ il ,   pi..Mi-ni   |ii 1. il.'-;,-i   in   ili,i|.
���MJltAIIA-MSOX   J'.JtOS., Phoimjietoks.
Mil,. I ,.|   \' id m ,ii. Hi ill -ii ( >i|iiniiii.i, thin llil.li
ttiiy.nf >.ov i-hiVt.
10.: Ai'liilllKIlTSON.
H Hiistioii S(|iiiir'c,
Viiti.i-iii, I'. ('.
.-"1.1 it-it 1 n- for (hi. Applii iml.H,
Cut Rales for Spot Cash.
Call and see us, We can fix you.
I Everything new and First=c!ass in all Respects.
Tlie House is.stocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market
Rovotstpko   St-vtlon,   B.C.
TZR-OTX-T* iliAEB.-GITT   OB.C THE KOOTENAY MAIL,  PAGE 3.  THE  LIBERAL-'PLATFORM.  Adopted by the British Columbia Liberal Association.  ei '  "At the British Colunihia Liberal Con-  ' vention, held at New Westminster on  Oct. 8t.h and Otli, the'followingplatform  was adopted:  We denounce the Tin ner administration, ' which li;is������justly forfeited the  confidence of the people of this province  by the reckless squandering of the public revenue; its alienation of the public  lands hy grants to railway piomoters  and private speculators (notably, the  grant to the'Cassiar Central Railway  Company:) it's system of class taxation;  ils encouragement of monopolies; its  ' open support of Oriental labor; and its  presistent ���������it.lenipl.-s lo encourage sectional jealousies between the Island  and .MainlaniL foi political purposes.  ,And we denounce the practice -of  "Minister*; of the Crown'makine: use of  their ollicial posit ions to promote their  private interests by associating* their  , names with 'mining and other speculative companies.  We advocate���������  1.-KA1LWAVS 'AND LAND.  (1.) The adoption of a policy directed''  towards   ultimate,   ownership   of railways hy tin* Government.  (2) That public lands be reserved foi  actual settlement^and chat such legislation he enacted as vvill prevent the  holding of large tracts by speculators  .and company promoters.  (3.) That, when   a grant of  land  is"  made in aid of railways and other' pub-  ,   lie uiKlertakings.thi'Governmentretain  an eiiuiviilent interest   in   such   under-  '   x     I  takings hy way  of control  of freight  rates or otherwise.  (t.) That the status of existing grants  of   land   be   thoroughly   investigated,  with a view-to compelling the opening  un of the same to settlement where the  "   conditions   upon    which   such   grants  have been made, have not been complied  ' with. .       , ', '  (5.)-That the.'system of transfer' and  regis!ration of land he'simplified  and  lie made less expensive, while, securing  absolute validity of .title.  ���������- ?.IL- REDISTRIBUTION. '"  (1.) A fair readjustment of the  pies-  . enl representation, on the basis of population,   always  allowing   to  sparsdy  populatc-d   districts  a  propor I innately  - larger representation than to-populous  districts and cities. ''  (2.) The abolition Of the, :ji200 deposit  reqiiired from candidate's. -  '  '     . III.-TAXATIONi  (1.) Tlie repeal nf the.mortgage tax.  l   (2.) The repeal of miuei's licenses for*  those'working for' wages m mines.  (3.) That coal iniiie;s he placed on the  ' .same footing as other  mines with   relied to taxation.   '  ���������'   iv.���������timber:-      ���������  "'  ��������� '  (1.) The disposal of Limber limits by  open competition, and in such quantities only as will meet the i-eiiu'iieinciits  of the trade.  .(2.) The enact inc-nl of an .-Tccurate.  system of government scaling of logs,  and its l igid enforcement.  (3.) The introduction of a system of  forestry, for the purpose of conserving  and reproducing out-forests.  V.���������CHINESE."     .���������  (1.) The discouragement by all constitutional methods of the immigiation  and employment of Oriental laborers,  and | he "amendment, in accordance  therewith, of the Coal .Mines Regulation Act. , , , '"  .'.   ���������           VJ.���������ROAD MONEY.  (1.) The abolition of the present, corrupt practice of administering Ihe public road money ,in the interests of  Government supporters. (-  VII.���������HONESTY AND  PROGRESS.  (I.) The honest management of Pro-  ' viueial a-sets in the interest of the  t public.  (2.) The taking of active, nieasuies for  the systematic exploration of, the Province, and the adoption ol* a vigorous  policy of constructing trails, roads and  bridges, and the encouragement of  other public works in such a manner  as vvill assist in the speedy development of   the  resources  of  the  whole  province. '  ���������  Double Daily Mails.  Mr. Fletcher, mail inspector, an  nounces that on Monday next a double  . daily mail service will go into effect  between heie and Nelson. One mail  vvill leave Rossland at noon over the  Red Mountain and Nelson '& Fori  Sheppard railway.-, via. Northporl.  The nther vvill go via. the Columbia. &  Western, leaving Ro.s.sland at, Op. in.,  and arriving at Nelson at 10:30 p. m.  Ret urniiig from Nelson' the afternoon  mail vvill arrive here over the- Red  Mountain ."it 2:.";0 p. m. The evening  mail will I.-.-tvc Nelson at. (3:30 p. in.,and  arrive in Rossland at 11 p. m. Under  Ihe new lime schedule <>n the C. P. 11.  main linea saving of time of 13 hours  will be made in mails from the west.  New C.P.R. Time Schedule.  I'oiiimcncing Sunday List a change  in the eiiiiie system of Ihe ('. P. R. in  O West Koolenny   went   into   i-IVect, the  object being lo give a heller .service  and do away with delays and .stop  overs. The new system .shoilcn.s l.he  I ime ail along lh.- line.  On the Itii.-slaiiddivision trains vv-ill  lcavc'Ndson at ii:"0 p..'m. and arrive al  Rossjand al 11 p. ui. daily.    They   will,  leave Rossland atO p. m. and arrive in  Nelson at 10:30 p. m. Coluiiihia 'ivi'i-  'steamer's vvill leave Arrowhead at 10a.  in., Nakusp .-it 1 p. ni. and arrive in  ilobson at S:o0 p. m., making connections with the trains that arrive in  Nelfcon -it 10:30 p'. in. and Itossland at  11 p. in. People leaving Vancouver at  2 p. m. on any day may arrive in Nelson at 10:30 p. m. of the second day.  The lay-over at Revelstoke from 0:13 ;i.  in. to 1:30 p. in. vvill be avoided. Close  connections will lie made at Nakusp  and Hie train leaving there at 1-30 p.in.  will arrive at Saiulon at'4:35 p. in. The,  train will leave Sandon at 7:45 a. in.,  connecting at Roseberry with st earners  for Slocan lake points and Slocan City,  where ' connections will be inade fur  Nelson as soon as the new lake branch  road is in operation. The train from'"'  Sandon will arrive in, Nakusp at 11:15  a: m., connecting with the boats which  leave for the north al 11:30 a.,in.  . December l' the new Slocan lake  branch will,be in operation and trains  will leave Nelson every day, except.  Sunday, at 9 a. in., connecting nt  Slocan City with the steamer Siocan"  for Roseberry, where connections will  lie made with the train from Sandon. '  The C. P. It. have advertised for. lenders to build into Rossland via Murphy  creek and expects to go to work on������ it  before spring.  -    More   Condemnations. '  -    Following   far-t   the   publication    of,  the .Liberal   platform  comes  now  the.  condemnation   of  the Turner, government,by the Trades and Labor council  of    Vancouver.       President,,   Bartley  spoke'   strongly  against giving  away  the lands as 1 onuses..    The matter is to  be fully discussed at next meeting.   Il  is known however that a   majority .of  the members of the  council  condemn  the provincial governmentsac tions and ,  favor government   ownership of  i-ail-  vvavs. ' .    ,  Back From Washington.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir Louis  Da vies are back from Washington. Sir  Wilfrid made the following statement:  '���������I took advantage of my visit to Washington to di.-c-uss with President Mc-  Kinlt-y and his ministers, in addition to  the sealing question, many iii ternational  questions which have given rise to  trouble and irritation between the  United States and Canada. Prominent  among the.-e were the alien labor law,  the Atlantic Jisheries, the fisheries ,of  the irn-at lakes, and the United ,States  tariff affecting Canadian interests. It  is plain to us that the sealing question,  cannot be. settled bv itself, lt can only  be. SKtllt'-l'in connection with irritating  and important- questions. You may  sav very emphatically thai there is no  intention whatever of negotiating any  reciprocitv treaty'which would interfere with "or affect Canada's existing  British preferential 'tariffs. This is  well known to American statesmen.  What, has been discussed, however, is  the reciprocal abolition of tin; duties  on coal, lumber and fish, bay, potatoes,  ba tit-v, eggs and other similar' ai'tielcs.  I am in hopes that our informal negotiations will tie followed hy more formal  ones."  NOTICE.  -\TOTrCE THAT (i'l days frnm date I vvill  J_> apply to tlio Chief Coiiiiiii.ssioiiei-cif l.nni1-'  and Works for pc-iiiiission lo purchase 320 acres  of land situated on UuMstrcun near McCidlooh  Creek in Uifj Mend, West Kootenay District,  boKinniiigut a pu-t marked Gus Lund N. K.  comer, thenee ruiiiiin"* north 40 chains, thence  wei-L SO chains, thc-ncc south 10 chains, thence  eli������t 80 chains to place of commencement.  , Located October 10, 1807. ���������  29-Ot G US LUND.  NOTICE.  -VTOTIOE IS 1TEHHHY GIVEN' that CO days  _1"N after dale 1 the undersigned do intend to  apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works for permission to purchase thofollovviiis  liind buin-* situated on Giiynor Creek near the  mouth of Uunkei-hill Creek in the Trout Lake  District, West Koolenay, commencing at a post,  marked E. W. south-west corner, thence run-  niiiK north 80 chain.--, thence 10 chains cast,  thence hO chains south, thence 10 chains west  to the place of commencement, being 320 acres  more or less. '    '       ,  ERNEST WIIITAKER.     ���������  '   per JAMES DIXON.  Trout Lake, Oct. 2C, 1897. * ��������� SMIt  ON: bbos;  i -a sitsy  Wholesale   Druggists,  * (Established 185S.)        ^        '*,.,'  v������������������a-D-"*"^-*- Victoria   and*  Vancouver,  ^^  b: c.  We cai ry the largest stock of Chemicals, Drugs, Pa lent Medicines, Toilet  'Articles, Etc., in British Columbia. '  Purties in. or contemplating eu ning in business, will find it lo their advantage to place their orders witvh u-\ ������ ��������� ,     .   ,  The   present, centre   and. future  headquarters for ��������� . .������  MINING^' OPERATIONS IN BRITISH .COLUMBIA.  L.  It is the centre of the Lar-  deau mining district.  It will have railways to  the north and south.  Its climate is superb.  It has plenty of building  timber and. a sawmill  in operation providing  lumber at reasonable  prices on the spot.  Its lake affords exceptionally good trout  fishing.  It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely  clear title.  SPROUT LAKE CITY  is reached by rail from  Revelstoke lo Arrow-  ��������� head, 28 miles ; thence  by steamer, 10 miles, lo'Thom-  soii's Landing; and a short  stage of 12 miles;, the entire  journey occupying only 6 hours  throup-h mao-niiicent mountain  O O 1  and lake scenery.  Well-known mining promoters and capitalists already  have their representatives on  the ground, and it is no  boomer's dream to say that before another six months Trout  Lake City will be a bustling-  centre of business and the principal town in this treasure-laden  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction for , the best mining  enterpnse, skill and capital  which British Columbia has  magnetized within her borders.  The climate and soil of the  district are all that could be  desired by therancher, gardener  or fruit grower for 'whose  products a profitable and rapidly increasing market exists ;  whilst to the sportsmen the  neighborhood affords game in  plenty. .  The accommodation includes'  good hotels, stores, post office,  recording office, butcher shop  and many private residences.  Building operations arc in  full progress, and the establishment of the sawmill will tend  still more to enhance the immediate growth of this rising-  town.  PBIOES   OJT   LOTS.  Inside, $100; payable $33.33 down, $33.33 in 3 months, $33.33  in 6 months.  Corners, $150: payable $50 down, $50 in 3 months,   $50  in   6  months. 1  (These prices are for a short time only.)  T. L. HAIG, Rkvkl.stokk, General Agent.  HUGH McPHERSON. Trout Lakh Crrv, Resident Agent.  *rx*-JML-rm**J*x3rrz  ALL" KINDS OF  LIMITED LIABILITY.  .COMAPLIX, B.C.  ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER.  ^FQatuM  At the Company's Store'is carried a Full Stock of .General -  Merchandise :    Miners' Supplies and Outfits at close rates.  P.O. Ahiiowhead:  TEUiGIlAI'II TO CoifAI'LIX.  The Company's S.S. " LARDEAU" connects with all C.P.R. trains and steamers, and makes daily  trips between Arrowhead and Comaplix and Thomson's Landing. Communication is thus established with  iill points in the Lardeau, Trout Lake and Pish Creek disti icts.  The Company's tug "ARCHER" is ready to enler into lowing and freighting contracts.  '    The Townsite -of COMAPLIX is now on the. market, and lots are selling rapidly.    Comaplix is the.out- '  fitting point and headquarters for the Laideau and Pish Creek districts now being opened up.    It occupies a  splendid situation, high and diy, on the N. K. arm or Upper Arrow Lake, eight miles from Arrowhead,-and  has deep watei for vessels all the year round,    ll has good Hotel ncconiinodal ion, telegraph, and  telephone  connections, and daily mails. ' ,  R. TAPPING,, Agent for Revelstoke. '  ~  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  KAMLOOPS, B.C.  Best of everything going.  RUSSELL   &   HEROD,   Prop's.  JL'PICARD,  Contractor  and Builder.  Plans and. Specifications  prepared  on  , short notice.  '  REVELSTOKE, B.C.'  : Wholesale and Retail; -  I ;:. 'BUTCIiEPl- .. I  DEALER IN  Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,  Driving and Draught  Horses,   ���������  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  TlIK  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  ' FROM REVELSTOKE"  To all Points East and West.  THROUGH TICKETS TO,  Vancouver, Winnipeg, St. Paul, "Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, New'York.  First-class dining and sleeping-  cars on all trains.  Through Tourist cars to St. Paul daily, and to  Toronto every Monday, and Montreal and  , Ho-ston every Thursday.  Purchase ticket*- to your (Instillation  and have  your bii-jKiiire checked ihroutfli.  Koi- full inforiiiiilion a* to nil en, time, etc., apply to una rest (J.P.1I. A--e.nl. to  , T. \V. HHAPS1IAW, Aui'iil. Ilcvelstokc.  "��������� Or to   K. .). COYU''.  District Passenger A Kent. Vancouver.  Tlie - Canadian - Paeifle  Steamship Co.'s  0 -STEAMERS���������  (NAKUSP   and   KOOTENAY  cave  Arrowhead every day, except Sunday  for    all    poinN     in    ICooteniiy,'     iniikiiiK  con neel ion    ul,    Nakusp    for    all    poinl-  on Nakusp and Klocan Hy. anil Slocan Lake.  Close connection al, Hull-ion  for Nel-ein,  Kaslo,  IJ.ilfour, Pilot Hay.  Cl-.-se connect ion at Trail for  llns-dimd,  North-  port and iill points south.  For full information, tickets,  maps, etc., call  on or address  T. W. BRADSHAW,  AKcnt. UevelstoUc.  Or to  IT. MacGISKGOH, I'. .1. (,'OYLK,.  Tniv. Pn-.-.. A;anl. Dist. Pas-. Ai;cii(,  Net-on. B.C. Vancouver. ]!.('.  Columbia & Western Ry.  Tunc- Talilc- No. (i.  To take oll'eel .Inly -'".  ISH7.  Daily lictwci.il Trad .-ind INis-ilancI.  No. I! pa���������( nucr leaves lleihsl.iiid    ���������, -   '''''I a-"1-  (,'iiiinecls wilh hlcainei'at Tuiil.  No. ,'t pa���������i-iiKci- le.-ivcs Ti.iil    -   -   -   ���������<';1"' a-m-  Connects will] Keel Moiiiil.iin for Spokane.  No   " pilSsC-IIK''1' ICilVI'-  lillssland     -     -        11    ft..III.  (���������imin-i-ts vvilli I'.I'.I!. -Iciiiiers for noitli.  No 1 passi-nf;ei-leaves Trail     -     -    - l-:'*11 P-"1-  Connects with (".P.U. .sli-.inicr.s from norlh.  No  I ini-iseiiKcr haves rossland    -   -   3!.'Hl 11.111.  ('onnccls with lied Mountain for Spokane.  No. ."i passeiiKei- leaves Trail     -   -   - ,;";:''"'.,l,-m-  Connects wilirsUaiiil-i- l.ytton at. I rail.  Oi-nci-a! OIIIih-h:' . -      P. P. O UTKhl CS.  '  '! rail,  P, <!. '.'������������������.' ("eiieral .-mi  -A.   SPBCIAXTy  lkootena-2 flDail = = =- IRevelstdhe, *f6.G.  Smelting  &: Trading-Ge: Ltd  5  A iium"ber of lots centrally located  u t t * . I1' '     '  '      in their Townsite /  The central pointof  ���������"      ( h ,  KOOTENAY.  "tt; a r-v TEm^vcs.  IS  HEREBY GIVEN that all parties'indebted'  igwiiw_ to The Kootenay British Columbia Smelting and^  Tradfng,s7ndicatc m respect of .the purchase  of, lands   in' the.  Town of Revelstoke are required, forthwith to make payment to'  me'or to the Imperial 13an>j at Revelstoke of'all moneys due in  respect of said lands when "deeds will be'issued.  Dated at Ainsworth this Stli day of November, '1897. _   .-_    j  . ;t. j. lendrum,.       ,        ���������.  . '   ' 'Ao-ent and Attorney in fact for the Koot  enay, B. C. Smelting* and Trading Syndicate and assigns.  T. L HAIG,  Resident Agent,  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  T. J. LENDRUM,  Attorney in fact,  ' AINSWORTH, B.C.  it:e?,iu:e  ABSOLUTELY FREE ! !  GIVEN AWAY MONTHLY  As ii -ireiuiiiiii l<i usees of our  _^,-^  SOAPS.  Ret urn I lie ( (lupous ill the i'ud of   cue  mouth mid st.mil .1 chain e  uf   vviiiiiin-.  this lii-.-iulifiil ui.iihiiie.  Each   25c.  Bar   entitles  you to one coupon.  Any of Ojiir varir-us brands count  in ihii comjK tition.  No belter SCAf on the market.  EINDLEY' &. CO.,   STANDARD   SOAP' WORKS,  :    '", v, 1-iasumjs St., VANCOUVER, B.C;' "ypA&W*
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!,:FREiG'HT!'N:e' 'ANbv'^EAMI��:G7'-;:'^';.:^'^-^:';!V^
'���!(j, ate. prices^
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County Court;,;NpUe.*B.-���
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:    ,. A.D.   lSW.'yit   1(1  o'clock   iii   the   I'lil-c- i,  .
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���   '.'.  \. ,.  JOS. 1): GRAHAM,:     "-. ] .^ '
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,      Reyelstoke. No'v*. "'tiili, ftfijT/ ';���''���    ''.'���!-���'.
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;.':���"    '   ��� fi'
������i -'l-.- -l/'-.'-
-I ROBT, GORB ON, Beyei'etoko Station, -B. 0?
C:::i J"ij_"ri.j. ./'..'.L'-fc^i-'-iLi'- ' L_5""...3i~.J.i_^^_
yprlvate Bill ;Nolle
a  ��� a- ��� ���"  t;   i<   ii;"   !��� *'\i   ��� ���s'* ��� ���'    ���-'    ������<������'.��� a ,-������!   t*--.-   c   rf "i     -: , ; i^t   -   ���' ,' j x .''/J
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' H. 3'.r! >���"//LAN ���".;,��� :'r.i::7ij
������Capital <p.i.l.T up),i3>^GOO:00O.
-f'fy r>.v" vmto --:
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freilii li pouil ' til, or. iiciir. An'Oivlicjld. Arrow
Like. KiWiicn:-.}- Il'^tricl. Ii!-ilis!i':|/''<ili:,-nlr,i., ,|
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via Tr.-."i l.'ii.l-:c, toiinuc poinl al. i In: .i.ii'lli (i'l ;
Of Kn'.l . -.n.-iy f.:;l;<: 'in -llic: .s.ii.l <I is' ei;:!,: v.illi
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!'.'" ���'.riRiT T,  Vice ��� P>;(;:,:rifc:r't.
%)\     iv i" 'i . * i'\,'   . ' -t; i��>;    ui     i ii v.-     -' * " ���    ���"��� ' -,* ��� ���    ** o "   :      .t ���    > , - �����
"JKiVVCI-- ('' Cdlisl, i-i!-:.', i:.|! lip. Ilinl, ' p'-r;i' ':" li::;i'.' li  j   ; \    g::iii'-:" 'J   I ).'' !| H I '".'.-'   I
iiii'i.'i'..'(iii.l air ii(.-i:.:s..-ii-y roii'l.-.  lii-'iil-.-cw.  -.-.ays, I ���'"������ ...    ,  ,      ,    .     ,";
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|iro:irii.*1ciiiiid-. fur't'l.-e pur;."���;..- m' I.'h- '��� ���*<!:-���-.-���)-.v: .
anil for all  ol'iei-  i:.-* in! and   ii.'i'.-:-ar,v   t'l^iil.-:. |
pnvci'.- or privileges. , j ��� ;    ��� ';.'
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J-.'17 ..M.vl'T'.V -V. I,A "*'" i-i.A . |
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ili'i ;  * i-   llie; '.vVeirle
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Vi':!':;.')'!.!)!".'!'!1",,'       ! Hli'P:.-:.[      a!i'>iV'c:*l     ';il'
r;!!':.'��� 'ii'   i'7! *'.;.
A, i;': B. !'![r.A|^M, tVi ii':,;i-'cr;Rc;vel:;loico Branch,
  .���.Y/Iiglsssle- DeafeFs'in:^^;:''' '���/:
. '.'.������. '.   ' .      ��� 77   .,;     ': "' V ���'���' ..     '. ."  ',.'.'.. ���.'!.' :���������.-���    ���      .��?������������ ���'-. ��� ���-
���   i , *    ' ' _.. ' ii        ; "-..,'������ * "      ���     .
��� '."/'.'. t * ' t. .���..'���  .
.' (I    '   '     ,-jtt, -T---,---.-rT--':T-r"i'-r-   Q'rp/-:";v"^"Tni    *H2'   "TH"! '


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