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Kootenay Mail Nov 21, 1896

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 -4;--   i     ^&.
s     **j*i#    ,      �����--*?���-
��� &1
/? MJ&
r -''ti
Vol. 3.��� No. 31
$2.00 a. Year.
-ING 0A&
The Horne-Payne Co close down at
Trout Lake���Silver Cup- will develop this winter���Winter work-
in the Big,Bend.
If it i-> fair lo give one cwtupany ;i
bonus it is fair to give it. to .-ill whoop-
orate, hut it ts icily to give it ro any
of them.' Ir I !u* scheme o! putt ing a
steam"!' on the river is worthy the
business, interest of ;��;rv of these people
i.lii'y should lie 'energetic onougn lo
take held without special pt ivilegi-s.
(Jive thein .ill a clear field and (Ik* first
one vvill gel bonus enough liy securing
alio trade. It will. ,111 al! (-vents b<3
time enough to talk of bonuses when
it is found thai of the concerns now
contemplating putting- oti a lioal, none
iiiiiy materialize, 'nil, the pros-pert s .1 ro
ih.-it, not. only will there bo ti steamer
on the river" next spring, but conipeti-
tion for the Ihimii"*-..'
A not iter tiling, no matter liovv many
boats lln." trail must not In- allowed to
close. Companies' very often combine
to keep tip rates an'd accidents often
happen to steamers, so thnt the liail
shonld not. be discarded when whistles'
and wheels at e heard on the river to
(he north. '   ',
���t '
Tim   UHXi).       '
The Last Chance peoplc"took in .$io
in two liottr-- when they -iir.-t got to
bed-rock ' last Friday?. Things' look
very favorable for good pay in the
future.-) '
The North Star has (jot, everything
i'i <j;ood shape for winter. Cabins are
i'ip and work will be pushed when Giis
Till nd r-et urns.
Tin* crew on the Oi ph.in 1-Jiiv are
stillsi nkin^ a shaft, and driving tunnel,
and a good ore shewing is made. All
will be ready foi a mill nest season.
The Smith Creek Co., with ',Proi.
N.-imiii superintending, havt* (iflccn
men at work sin king'(est shaft--, on the
channel ol'^Sinith C-reek to bed-rock.
They vvill prove, the ground thoroughly
this 'winter.
The niineis'in the lien:',   are   kicking
that though the mail  contract   expired
in October no attempt lias   been   made
to provide a mail service foi- thi* winter, j
There will be -i.i men   in   the'eanip  all j
whiter and they wish   the  department '
to rcooijtii '.e (heii claims, for  ;i ,once  a ,, , .    ,��� .,    . ,
, "     ., 1 nemmed in bv sun v on all <mt
niont h intnl. , .
-     ��� '   r     '    .    . tt
The ('.insolation pla-or is still in  pay
that    is(getting   heifer   all    the   time.
J!n:v inep are iroinr *i|   thi1-   wok .t'nd
:i''Xt.   and   work    ��ii!    be   pnstieti    til!
wilder. ' (lays.    The, next, day'i hey   went on   to
JMes-a-s.   Kib-l{<h   ic   I'"i-:-i',iso:i.   who ; JTi Mich (Jr- ek,.;uid on thi   I2l.li   started
i'! a..-.! U O D gi.mps { i,(
pntrit.g   on   ad.iygej t hv'l't*��� l.oi:i
nrniL'.  Thev intend- ' f? -.ichi;;
Unable to  Get   Them, Out,   Laforme
Kills His Whole Pack Train.
* For tin* second time'in' four years,
the Bi"- Bend trail has had enacted up.
on il.ii' wholesale and terrible slaughtei
of animals. ,On W-'dnesdiiy, George
L.iforine, finding -no way oul, for his
pack Irani of twenty-seven horses and
mules, adopted the only, if terrible,
-hooting   them   all
mean-- ol   i c
,'herc they stood shiverinu: a inl vve.n v,
To re->uiiie tile I'.'trrativt*' where left
olVl.-ot week Laforiue came nil wit.li
I iiv train at Gobi Si ream on the ltli.h,
lin-ie beiii:; then about six iuubes only
of snow   and   food   in'.-iiiht   for'three
seenred the Ole i!
tl'.i^ fall, intend,
ct evv 'of men ul*y :���
neVA.ir.i oi: tiii-n  t rip
lit 1.1 (
Si 111
lo   Hi'vcl.-in\e,'
or   no   H'lov,.
i*d puttinu' ill' esrbin.-, t.'-i-- winter
toli.-tve I'ver.vtbi-tg   in   readiro-s
the i;-'-i; g :uX of Tr.c -now. out. it i- :kh
' ���.-���'���lv roo kit" to  .!���'   *������*.     Iinvvi 'i
o  a- ' siuiv
il-lkC; i..i ;ot
VV IK'il
they vv
tb.ev sL.O t. .     ' -
A taryei'.itlsi.Minie'iti-.* the r.in. hilier."
tii-th.'; Fre-'iv-h C;:*(''< C ������np.iny's *>aw-
mili lias arrivt1'!. li is t m i-l're to yet
it up aa I'jint i.i place l-iiis wintpr, lint
it. vvill be in *. iinni:i^���.'ir !er ue.vt spnng
and lai--\  tint-*^   wit!    'n^;   :y.>\?\\   on   t!u;
with    't h.'lin'l deep lio\", ihe (l.litl
'���    S        -.        ,        .     '      .
- ' O.i the  I li.h' ibey   got ( to   I-.Mil
if- lieini
,     ,    '">t(VL"'L" L.AICK.
The    Horne-Payne   Company
slltil " (ltiwti   till    their    vvo'-k
di-ftiic'.   much   to   everveies
and di'-jru-t.    On the (i iten.i i'.vv   mat
d   to   cut,  iitsil
in     this
Do\vuie Creek t.l.at night ihe
i >nuf   I'lgnfeen   inches, .7,-i'itl,
v*. iii-re tc.Ki , wa-   to   be    had.
asul ".tei ������ a cli.*i:!v. wi-j i��-<p"i*i.-rived and
llie tr.'tib!" b.'g.m in "".���,truest. -.Ki\im
tliisdo.yn rain bad fallen 0:1 the deep
snow making a cruel crust on the
sin 1.ire strong enough lo carry a man's
weig'it and to tear the animal-" iegs to
pieces. Those in charge 0J' toe hor.-i s
now went In* fore wi! h axes and (-hupped
out a vvay.'b.t! il was slow and heavy
work and but two miles wen- made   iu
Water turned on and running well
with good pressure and large supply-���Next move wili be for electric
light plant, maybe a tramway.
1 ' '       '
A long felt want in lievelsloke'and
'i very neces-ary factor in aiding.' the
building of this town was supplied )a.-<t.
Saturday, when the new, waterworks
system of tin* Revelstoke' Waterworks and Power Co. was opened for
the fii.-l time. The next move of the
conipanv by which they will keep tip
Willi the increased activity expected
heie next season , will be tile introduction nf an electric light plant and
maybe,a tramway system.
Of the water sy-tetn about one and
three-tpiartei'miles of main piping are
now laid and already about thirty
connections have and nre beinn made.
Eveiythinir is running in good''shape,
the joints are all' good and tight, and
the hydrants"(>iK'ii de-pite the heavy
'frosts lately prevailing. Though 110
file test has yet been made a rough
trial gave a pressure of 7."> pound** to
the square yucli and the supply is
si'tilicient, for a town of, .V)00 people.
Tin-, i*ii-ui ��.���- ample lire pi-oteel i< 11 and
should in the irrigating season make
mis place blossom like a rose. It is
the company's intention lo extend the
system to t,he Station early in the
Spring. The joint- and conuectioiis
niade by A. "Williamson, who superintended Ibis- work, reflect inii-'h credit
on his workmanship.   A word of praise
c *
i-also due to C. Holi.-n and  T. Downs,
vvho nuperiuLeiiued 1 he work of installation, and to tile euterpi isiing pi o-
���jv'ctor-s of the system.
cbiiiery comiiif' iji'o ore again and will
but font
one mile 011 liie road bet ween Ferguson
and the waggon road. The work on
" the Broadview and Sunshine i- vtl-o
stopped. It i-not known upon . vvho-e
advice Un, ha.- heen done, bill ii would
appear'! o those who ha ve been in thi-
country for,any lime, and coiiipel.ent
to judge, that the company would have
done better lo work tlvir proper!ie.-
-,-ind open their roads now, it. beinj- so
lunch easii*.- to . hip out in vv inter than
at air other time. The opening (if the
mines iiml tile roads go together, the
road- are u-ele-s if there i- no ore
moving and the ore i- worthless if no
means exr-t to get. it out. There was
no sen-"'' in -tarting roads if not to
work the minefi ���and open up Iheii
claims. It may be said that,all this is
nobody1-, bu.sines- but the company1.-.
True in a -en-e, but their action- are
felt all over the camp anil if they hurl
, it.it becomes'the public1.- bu .inc.���, to
n-k foi an explanation and iritiriV.c
such action.- if not .*-.<tisf.-n lory.
The Silver Cup people vvill not now
do the .-'nipping they expected this
winter. The rawhide ti.iil litis heen
stopped and seven men will do development work during winter.
The people at- Ferguson intend to
cutout tile one mile of road left between
tliem and the waggon road, and the
���leaui.slers will probably keep it open
all wiirter.
Tin- Aran is not yet   frozen   but,
will if the colli s'n.-rp emit intn-.s.   '
a- 'ii-ii,y ciay-. 1 !>e pool airnii.ds weie
���'peri-lied and worn and six died on this
.-boil j.ic-e of the journey, and they
were still a long vvay.l'nnu home.
. L.-.foi-iiK*. seeing ihe utter impo-.-
sihility of ever gettinif out with the
i'oiceol nieii.wit.il him, started out
ahead for Liev e!-,!oke to gel extia men
and fo.'i 1. iii' got a- far a- the ""2'J-Mile
camp and 'taw that it- was u-ele��� to go
iiirl.her.''<is llie. ttail was filled with'
.snow from the side hill', and ,had a
vru-l about two or three im he- thick.
xN'o am.mill of labor could clear it out
and nothing could be packed over it;
I In* canyon loo was Iro/.cn over and
help could ilol,( ome ii\H-f I hi- rive;-.
Completely di^coiir.igcd, he rettu'iled
lo the I rain widen had made auoth"i-
mile iu his ab-.eiice (one day) .and was
ni>w one mile above Caine- C-i ���*!���!:, or
23 miics li'oin Kevcl.-ioke and ho ne.
j I is mind was fully made up now 'ib.tt
not I ling could -ave the tiaill and he
killed t hem every one. Poor brutes!
il was the u*.o-t nierciltil tiling that,
could now be done for them as I hey
would have died slowly and in pain
while wait ing for a road lo lie opened
to l.lieiu.    To tlriv e l.'lciii over- t he crust
aijain join the shipping list.
A controlling interest in the Spokane
i: Colinnbi, 1 Telephone and Telegraph
C(V? has been seemed by .1. F. Jk-
L.-itigliiin, of Toronto. Tin- company
vvill build at onceii'from Ho-slandi to
Nortllpoi tand neit spring vvill extend
their system all over 'South Kootenay
and Boundary Creek country.
The passenger train on tlu-0 0. it W.1
R. Jt. stuck last Thutsday between
Trail and 'Rossland with two passenger
coaches only and had to " double up."
A twenty thousand dollar dividend
i.-slioi-tly expecteit fiorn tin- Idaho in
t be Slocan. , '- .
Pyron Whit",, of tin* Slocan Star,
jjpeaksyerv highly of the Rainy River
mining camp.
A. dub has heen started   in   Rns.-liind'
with about 30 menibeis.' ,
'A club'house   has   been   opened   at.
K.-islo. -        , ,
,    N. Clarke  Wallace--w.is   banquctted
in Kossland last week.
G. 0. Buchanan's Kaslo sawmill is to,
bo doubled in capacity at, once.
Kaslo is to be connected with Rossland and Spokane by telephone.
The Kaslo watorwoiks vvill be 'opened about January l-t.
Tin* nc-vvy'sleariieiyon Kootenay Lake,
the intern, itional, inaugurated her
service on Monday with an excursion.
John Keen and thirty-three othei
citizens have "petitioned the city to
hold the .land on which the Church of
England building is in trust till the
differences amongst the congregation
a!������' adjusted.
Oapt. Troup, of the 0. & K. S. N. Goliad a narrow escape from death' while
riding a hand-car from Rob-on to Nelson. He fell through 11 broken tresile
oicrthi- river' but caught it before
going in.' , ��� .
Tin- new furnace of the II ill Mines
at Nelson is lo ni' so, constructed that
it. will be couvertaUe foi either lend or'
Happenings of 'Intorest, Amongst its   <-o;-.pei
Various- Camps-.
s  *
'    THALL'CICJiilf.
3   Tlie shaft on thi-Giant is oivlnp of  a
pay chute.    The shaft shews ,11 e assaying y~'2 in gold,   f?
Tli.* main tiumei on th(J T?eil Mountain
A coi 1 ipr.'��.���)(':��� |ilanl' vv ill
i- in ^JOi'eei.
be at wm k in
1 tew (lav-
The Highland and Union gioup- on
Rock Creek have been bonded by a
y^ew York coticet n.
C. J. ZvK'(J.(,tig, of .Mont real, has
bought the Big Trout claim i'or spot
The Red I'oint ha-been incoi jiorated.
It is on Lookout Mountain.
The south t rosscut on the C ��t K
opened up a g< od body of,solid on*.
The find on the St. Paul is now two
feet wide.
Ore on the Centre Star ore chute
goes $f!0 per toil in gold.
Tin-Lander claim   ha-*been   bonded
by Ottawa p.artie- lor S-jlU.OUO.
'   'J1 wo. feet of  good-looking   ore   have
been found on the Nev.ul.i.
Tin- Robert J. on Salmon River-, is
reported -old for $12,00!).
The Ne.-t i\gg Company i-doing considerable development work.
are   $12   in
A strong company, tin* London "&
-Bi-iti-h Columbia.Gold Fcids, is oper-
.1 tiiij' in tin- tjlu'.-uu.       * '. '���
The Nel-on Kl.-ct.-ic Light ,Co.' have
declared, a tliv idend of 12 per cent per
annum. ��
The output from West Kootenay so
far for 'CG, of bullion, matte and on* is
20,(Jt)!J ion-, value $2,877,00,").
You Should Attend this At-Home.
Now that there i-a good   witter sy-
tern   capable
afford hit
am pie   lire
Lily May   it-cent assays
gold and !~1 ill silver.
Moyiiihan iV. Campbell are ajipoinled
t o I he management of the Nov (''Ily.
(,'. J.   MeCuaig ha-  acquired   a   two-
thirds intcrc-l in t he'Cnxcy'nn   a   $il.V
Uiii) basi- I'or lhe wlitiie.    This properly
would have meant death to   them   too,    ;^ ,���...���. n���. Qiant and Nov city claims.
���si Ilill
They Must Not Get Special Privileges.
It is cnrient.ly ri'porled that a i-uiii-
pany which Jia- lately secured .-ome
��� iinportant claini-, in the llig Bend intends puting'a steamboat.on the O0I11111-
liia aliove Ili'Vi'l-lolte. as soon a ��� navigation upeti- next spring. It i- also
'riaid, but vvilh what authority is not
kuo*"'ti, t liatr t his company will 'ask I'm
a bonu- or .some oilier privileges for
put I im; a boat on this louie. Sucl', a
rcipie ( .-!i</i.'|tl be met with a dei ided
Il   is   now   piellv (cr'iain   that   next
s, a-oir vv ill see ni" |e-s   (hail    1 !'.i-e.' con- i
(���('I'll- willing    to   opi'i.'ite    li.ial-    on 'lie '
rivei,    aliil    1' Ilil     .mil     ( otupet il inn    i(   1
������vo'illl be  i>   iui ." lo   ;;i   :���   on"   1 > 1 ��� I f 11   1
iio'. ;   oi' -u1   i 1 v  lo   (!������   .vl.,.l  .������.- "v   .1
far a-can   be   a.ieitaiu   d. are  .in\ioii-.|
I o do iv il bout as-i-tarice ol I bi- nal m c. '
so shot they had to bo.
Those iii charge of Ihe train, V.
Levcsijiiiv, R. Green, ���. Carpeaid, P.
Dtifaul, J. Neilson and Geo. Lai'orme,
came down 'Thursday. They say the]
weather was most tearfully culd.<* 1 h ;t
co iiing liiroti^ii tin1 canyon near town
every step had to be cut out with an
axe to get a font -hold, and it 1 (.ok t iu-ni
one and a hah' hours to make one mile.
No animals could have trot through it,
and 110 iiii'iibei' of men lo he bad could
have relieved then, thei" say.
The loss to Geoi'ice Laforinc is ('-lima ted a I about '���iib'lil or Sl'-I'.K) he having some very good animal-: iu the
liain. .Much sympathy is fell foi liiui
in town.
All difficulties   in   the   set lleineiit   of
the   Nest    ISiig   propel ty   have      1 11
settled and it is now ittlly p.-iid I'm aud
ciown granted. l
The Gulden Chariot, i-ii;hl in Rossland1- town limit- has two feet of high
grade ore in -ight.
The shaft 011 the Palo Alto is down
71) feet and shews a good   body   of  ore.
The Kaiisa- City Smeller Company
has bought and is working a claini on
tlie Noith Fork of Salmon Hiver.
protection, tire Fire B'-ig.uii', desirous
of keeping pace vvilh tlie times, intend
pin chasing new apparat us. They require at)!! feel ot 2{. inch rubber-lined
cotton hose, costing about 70 cents per
foot, and a new reel, ladders and axes.
They also intend raising money to rent
six hydrants from the water works
company so that tin; town vvill have
everything ready aud ill good shape to
fight fii'i*.
Money is urgently required to enable
the ^Brigade lo make the neces-ary
ciiaugt's in its equipment. Iu'order"to
raise iiuich'of the requisite funds- the
members of Ihe Brigade will give an
nt.-hoine in Pel et son'- ll.ill Friday
evening next, when they will entertain
tbeir'l'rieiids with dancing and refreshments. Tne pi ice of a t icki't'i- only $2
arid they may hi- had from, follow ing
enniiniLiVi'iiieli : II. N. Coursier, "W.
M. Brown, J. I. Woodrow, Fred Ahlin
and Guy Baihei, or at, the post ofTice.
This is the fourth annual cntcrluiu-
nK-nt. under the auspices of the Brigade
and they have always been successful.
The firemen's annual at-honie is the
event of I he season, and all'di'siious of
an enjoyable evening should not fail lo
attend this one; tt.iftl is the hour of
coimncnccitif ut.
lie Rode on the Outside.
A perpendicular, three compart inent
shaft has been -tarted on the Currir.
The Lily B, in the dry   ore   belt,   has
been bonded by Dun McGillivray.
  ,     Men at work on the Argo,   at   Sand-
On Monday night, a man   giving  the    on. made a good shewing iccciiily.
name   Frank   Baei,ot   K.lmonton. was j     The Noble Five conipn iy  arc  wnrk-
scnt from here   to   ihe   Kamloops  ho.��� ; iiig.iboul KX1 men.
Ore shipu'i-nls Irom  the  Slocan   lliis
w in tor   ���'.'II be bigger-than  ever
Iio.��� j
pilal .*��� iili'criiig Willi   I'n,/en   feel.     Rai-r '
had taken an out-ide  1 i,lr 0:1 ,i lla! car '
laden   with   .-(. aie, ,t.ni   on   iii-   arrival |
here    ]<i oceeded      lo    liie    ii'Uiltl Imii-e
vv liet e he fiitui.'l lhal    both  hi-{eel had 1
been    l'10/.eu.     Cue   tool    wili   pinbably1
i.��| lii'e   .1 input.11 ion.     while    thine   is
a I .is-ibibl *   of    avn   '  ;'.' I'liui.     'i'in*
W11   di ;   i-tba.   the j oili   I   1'"**   vv.'-unt'
mice   -c'.i'ii-b     lie/."iii   a-   iiiii.e;  o*    ���
'I ' t   c I!     in       'till     vv   ��� 1    Mi'l-     1-    -i.i
v ailed    ior   ! he     l.isl    vv. ������!%    .nil- I
liei e���n a I ed 1 ei 1 ible i*\| .i-,n 1 .
.-im) I he 1.umber of .-hipping piopi-i I ies
ij;t .'.iter.
The F.ldon claim, in lb" Whitevv.-il er,
i' eVj.eclei! to lap Ihe vein al about
2'IOl'i-el   .!( j  111.
Tlie    Whitewater's   upper
They Have a Good Thing.
A. V. .McLaughlin, of Toronto, wlio
lately floated the Noitliern Belle prop-
ertvin liosslnnd has now seciii'ed a
controlling inteicst, in (lie S|'okanc k
Columbia Telephone and Telegraph Co.
for which a l>oiuinion charter was
obtained last, vv inter. The. company
will now in* reoigaiii/ed for !?1 2o,000
anrl lines vvill lie, fun over the following distances as soon as possible.
Spokane lo Marcus, 101 inilos; Marcus
to Northpor-t, 2S miles; Northporl to
Rossland, Ui mill's; Hossland to Trail.
7 miles; Marcus lo Grand Forks, 2S
miles; (Jraud Forks- to ' Volcanic
I Mountain, 12 miles; Grand Folks to
I Midway 2S mile:.; and Midway to
Camp AiuKiiiiujy, -'(2 miles. Then: is
a good lield for this organ ir. 11 ion and
it*-- pir.moicis a*(' in tlie.vvir, of making
a lot of money.
Outline of the terms ��� Local option
the basis--Sifton secures the Interior -office���Connty 'judge for
Kootenay���Gov. Moresby dead.
At. last!   The Manitoba School Question  is  disposed     of.    Tlie   outline   of
tin,-   set t lenient   is   -as    follows;      All'
schools are to   be  ua(ioiialcaud   midcr
pi ovincial cont 1 oiyand   the text books
iiims <to   be   unifoim    throughout.      A
half hour of" religious   instruction will
be   allowed   each   day   in   .-ill .schools
whet e parents   are   willing and the denominations desii e it.    In cases where
Ihe people decide not to have religious
inslt iif-lion School   work   will continue
to' (he   close   of   school    hours/    The
prinriple'of local  option   is recognized
throughout.      Where  ' there    an"   25
Roman Catholic:  child) en'iu a disti ict
I hey shall   he,entitled   lo  a teacher "of
their own   persuasion, qualified'under
the standard.    In  districts ,where   this
children speak French wholly they (into have a teaehcrspenking hot h French
find English, and   the   books  used will
be in both languages.,
It is said that these terms are satisfactory 'to all ,p;u ties concerned.
And both . D'Alton rMcCarthy and
the Orange' Sentinel have, expressed
their' acceptance of the agreement,
congratulating Laurier upon the fact
that it. lias been effeiled without recourse to coercive methods. ,
The portfblioof the Interior ha.- been
tilled by the appointment of ihe Hon.
OlitJ-'ord Sifton. who was sworn iu
last Tue.-day, and immediately took
chili go of his department. The new
ui'i'.risler is but 38 years of age,'hein<>-
horn ,ii",-ir London, Out.,'iu 1SG1. lie.
Wits gold mcdalbt of Victoria College,
Cohonrg, in '70, and was- called'to the
Bar-in'82. He entered the Manitoba
Legislature in LS.S.S as Liberal member
'on1 North Brandon, and on the construction ni the* Greeiiw.-iy ministty in
ly>91 he was appointed Attoruey-
Goneral, a portfolio 'ne has held during
tbeaub.-t trying period of Manitoba's
ii'stoi'y, and only resigning it to enter
the federal cabinet. Ib* has made a
n.-ime I'or himself a- a .speaker and de-
hater and carries great weight with
tin.* people of Manitoba. He-will contest Biii'ndon. and is now on his way
from Oltawji to open the campaign.
Polling takes place Dec. 1th.   .
Hon. J. D. Canieion will probably
succeed Sifton as Attorney-Genera! of
The ' T.ii'ifi' Commission���Mowut,
Cart wriglit, Fielding and Patterson���
conimeuceu business Tuesday.
J. A. Form, ol* Rossland, litis been
appointed County''Court Judge for
The report Xhat Barney Barnato was
buying ptoperties in Lake of the
Woods district, is denied.
Baii-young-ni.'in, the Blond Indian
iiiiirdet'er has been ca|.tured. lleiit-
teinpte.d suicide by opening a vein
with an aw 1.
(Jh.-iunce.y_ Depew is spoken of as
Bayard's sticces.-,or as U.sS. Ambassador lo liugland.
Hov.'Lyman Abbott repudiates the
��� o. ri cttiess of Genesis.
Seattle and Spokane are cut off from
eommunical ion with 'the outside bv
Hoods. 1
Francis Willard was re-elected president of the W.G.T.U". nt its Slid annual couventioii at St. Louis.
The next Congrc-s ' will appoint 11
boundary commission to settle the
dividing line between Minnesota
and  Manitoba.
It. is reported I hat Governor Moresby
of j'few Westminster penitentiary is
Iris first land grant, failed to get his
fimiuci.-il backing for the undei taking
of tire r(Miiaiii7ir^Y~anu~i'>   tills
attempt of his to get new concessions ?
The people of this province' will h.a.ve
t'i keep their eyes open for1'speculators
in char leis during the next few   years.
Many Miles of* the Main Line Buried
Under Snow, Mud and Rock.
' Out* of the worst blockades ever experienced   on   the    main   line   of   the
C.!'.]{,.  occtured   between North Bend
and Hope a week   ago   yesterday,   and
s(,i comple-e has been the tie-up on that
end of the division   that  not  even the
mails from tbe coast have succeeded iu
getting   thiough.    It  is  reported  that
2o miles of  road-bed   has-  been -buried
miller  slides, of snow   mud  and rock.
Since the occurrence the company lmve
been  doing everything ��� (hiTr^muneyr^
men and machinery could do to remove
the obstruction, but despite their best
efforts it  will  probably be the.  middle '
of next  week before  trains  cau  com��
through from the coast:    Over300 men
arc ' engaged    in' clearing   awny   the.
debris aud, it is said, three locomotives
have   already   been ��� disabled    at   the
work.    So'geeat   is the  block  that no;
attempt  has   been    made  to. transfer*
passengers, besides it is in a nasty and
awkward place,for such   work. \ Seven
trains are stalled at North  Bend and s
three ;it, Jvamloops, and   the  company
are catering  to   the  comfort   of some'
100 delayed  passengers at  or between
these points.   Since'the block occured
the   west'train   hits  been  made!  up at
Kamloops and    conies   through   as   a
1     - '
special. , "
  i��  ��� -      ��� r
Local and Personal Briefs. . - '
Messrs. Erhsluli and'Ferguson .were
in town this week. Mr. YErbsloh returned to 'London. 1 . ,1 .
Capt.   Grant   left   for   Scotland   on
Wednesday.    ���Something vvill soon   be,
heard about tire claims on the head   of
Dow-uiu Creek now. ,
' i 0
*' Uneasy lies the. head that wears' a
good,    chea
iiitress at lLovv.son'.s
Next Thursday will be Thanksgiving
Day���.1 public holiday. Do not forget the turkey and your friends.
' YHock in place. The .best place to
��� rock in this weather is tit home in one
uf llowson's choice rockers.        , *
Chinch of England services tomorrow at 11 a.m. and 7.!J0 p.m.
Hew F. Yolland will ofliciate.,,
0 Albert Stone lias ti good storm porch
up around the entrance to the "Stockholm House which makes it nice and
cosy inside.    ,
A local merchant bears testimony to
tlie good oi- ad vertising   in' the.  Mail
in 1:
f... :
.lll'S n IVl'.'l ll
' 1    .''I II'. ll -  ol
,v iirkiugH
nt  .a ���',   SO
ill il    V> I'll'
misunderstandings nr-
(.vvci ,, Icii'^taph oper.di.is uul olli'-liis
have 'iceii idpr-tod nn over' div isi 11
cKceji; litis (!'ici'i() one. It vvoi.lii
set ���'
lice   oul
t in-
Mail Service Demoralized.
No mails for this point have come
through from the coast foi- (he past
eight days, a delay which has caused
no end of incon venience andannoyance
part icularly to I he business coin in unity.
Isthe \'.0. Inspecloi aware of the break
in the service, and what attempt is be
making to straighten things out?
Theie is no excuse about alternal i\e
routes as t here isa good one via Seat tie,
Spokrne and the south. Tbe post ollice
depaitmeut   must   get  a   move  on.
about  S2<W j ei  car.
'J he l-u( I, v .Inn i-. w il
Is It Hcmze Again.
A notice appears' in the Trail Cieek
jS'hic.i asking for powers to build a railway fiom Sayw.ud through Trail and
Midway to l-Vutictou and also to
aci|iiiie I inds, privileges and bonuses
or aids from I lie Gov eminent of Can
ada and ihilish Ci luuibia. This is
pr.i"l it-ally the same si-Ik me as I hat of
t!ic Columbia k Western for which the'
l(-    I'i'VV   Jl in- 1 1
in   I   ie
I ('lll')V c.l.
line ami  v\ 1
I ,is soon a*-   ii 1 Guv eriuiie'.l    uave   a    eliarlt'i     aud    ,
] bunil! .       lias    Jlein/e,   ..loT   colL.liiij.
.-uul says it has helped him   greatly   in
his business. , . ,
H. Row-son ��t Co. aro going to keep
up with the times and have decided to
go into ii strictly cash business. Their
motto after Nov. 1st will be cash sales,
low prices and quick t ('turns. *
A WOR LD'S FA111���At Joe Joe's
parlor. For gents vvho want, a shaving,
shampooing or sea foam, hot and cold
biith, tobacco,'cigars and cigarettes > of
all kinds, fruit or confectionery,
stationery and so forth : next door to
lhe Columbia   Hotel.     J. A1. Mokoax.
The remains of Crist Miller, one of
the victims uf the explosion at Cariboo
CiO-ok last week, were buried heie on
Monday. The. other body, that, of
Chas. I'l-rger, has not yet beeu re7
covered, and it is thought that lie was
in the act, of running away when the
explosion occuritig killed him. Then
the snow came down-and covered him.
"We understand that the Wehling
Sisters are again to visit us. This
talented tlio has been induced by their
many friends in Revelstoke to give an
entertainment, early in December.
Those who witnessed their performance
last, year in this town will no doubt
turn out in force and with their
friends give the ladies a hearty welcome and a bumper house. *
Following ate the. officers installed
by Columbia Lodge No. 31 I. 0. 0. T.
iit last regular meeting: C. T., li. W.
Geddes; V. T., Miss Sweet; Sec, G.
Northe.y; A��st. Sec, Mjss Leo; F. S.,
.]'. Spurliirg: Treas., Miss Bailey; Chap.,
C. Wilson AM iirshal, S. Needham; D.
Marshal, Miss Behieus; Guard, Miss
Toombs; Sentinel, E. Jackson; P.C. T.,
M O. Lewis.
A s.-ile of work and entertainment
iu aid of the Church of England will
be held next Tuesday week, Dec. 1st.
Sale of woik, tea, candy store, etc.,
will be open from i..'50 o'clock p.m.
A musical am] dramatic pet fot m.nice
will be given iu the evening. In connection with the entertainment two
pictuics. painted by a local attist,
which will be on view at Coursier's
store next week, will be drawn-for,
tickets 'J.Vfs each. Take- notice that,
each ^:"5ct ticket give; \ot: a double
chance, as   ...'1 picture will   be won by
a  (lliicll'.iii   Until.,cr, ll PA  \> v  iil1: KOOTENAY MAIL  XCbe "Kootenay fl&ai!  i*uku.shki> kvi-::iy sa:'L"i:hay  B3VEL3TOKE, V>.C,  ���������ny���������  ATKINS & SMITH.  I'lUii.isiiiiiis ami I'lior-iiuTOUs.  Subscription   Price.    $2.00   Per    Annum  Ja-' snocri.v i.\ aiiv vnci: '^fc  lieip  d to biinir on bv inciting   his  Id   wl  ion   it   me  t   th  ���������ll  ollror  one.  Sue!  First Sensations in Battle'.  Wh;it are the lirst se'nsiil ions  of  tin  uch is  the   story   of   the  Ycne/.uoian quest ion.  - W'iioii fiist this question   looined   up  seirti'itiv es of the t wo count rics  lie 1 eiices.  (1-  V  (I S.ilisl  nirv" anf  (led  up t  o eacli oilier  lh  1   Secretins   Olney)  I'lie lion lii.slr-  balllefieM?    Z(  Tolstoi and' Sleohen  Crane have im.-iirined, them,   and   com  batants have   vv  i-iit en' tin  t bin-/ wbiz/.ed pits] me like a  liia;   blue-  botlh  >n     the     win*.  *i!ei bei't" of   Plevn.-i  Lieut.  1(1   the  I curi (-nt. of air imusi  ���������d bv its r.ipid   p.-i  AnVStlTISIIfG S.ATJS3.  "ONTIIACT AJ)VI''.ltTISKJil':NTSiii',(-il(-(l.it  1 Ik-'imIo hi" ?.l..">'l ])(-i" I'liliuiiii iiiuli I't'i' Ulolllll.  "      I-"(ll--,)>HCCsllf si\-  (-(illllllll    IIK'lll'S    III'    M\(']'   .������1  'iiL'i- inch iil-i* nmiitli.  ri'AN'SII-'.VJ'   AJlVKllTISKllKNTS llie.    ���������>���������������������������������  line lir-Unsi'i-licii. ."*���������-. pt-r lino c.u-li  siiu-it-  (���������iitiii.   ln-ici'linn.      Till'" iiiiiiiI-'*1'    (if    lin"s*  ivckiiiicd liy -.'i.tci- occupied, \i line- to -llie  'iiii'li. ..        '     ,.  .  'liKAJllNd    N'OTICKS   li'c.  |nv line o.n-.i   m-  -.oili'in.   unl'-'si  ('iiiiti'arli'il   fur liy the  Itm  lines.     ,  .1011 I'lilNTIN'l! (ifevcr.vkniil.il rno-l  i-c.i--.iii-  iililr rule-nil.1 -.liurlcst untie'--.  A('('Oi;N"l'S for juli   piintii'ir  m*  mlvci'lisiiij,'  li.ivaliic nn Uie lli'sl dfuvi'i'}' innntii.  ('OI!l:KSI,,iN'!������KS('l'1 "ii  .ill  in.iltcv- of local  in-liulilic inli risl in vilcil anil c.u'i'l'nliv- cnii-  , MiU-rcd. All I'liiiuii.i'iii'.itlons In tin' Kdilnr  ' lilllsl lie iii-(-<ini|i.Uili'il   liv, Ul'-:   llillil''  ol   til''  VM-ili'i-, lint nccc-s.ii'ii.v Iiii'  pii!ili(.il ion,   lull  as .in i-v idi'in-i' of koo'I tail li.   ���������  Addi-.'ss  Tiik Kooticnav .Mail,  Kevelstoke, l.i.C.  orlits tail, and   the   eagle   Happed    its i ago   touch.-d    my   ear.     A not her���������an  wing.,, the lion   loirecl   ami    tl.e   eagle    other.    All at once 1 realized 1 bat I hos(  replied    with   a   scieam.      There    vvas  goto in both/tlieir   eyes   and    war' iu  every action.    Theii' backers (the'jingo    . _ _ j.  "Rubber Boots  and Shoes : :  wear like iron.  itrcyHI,STOKE, NOV. ,21, lfiOfi.'  Tins Toronto Globe,.which is' devoting a.good deal of space, to Bry.it.islr Columbia mailers, has, ^in a recent issue,  a long   lending   .article  on   the   Crows  * YNost Pass Railway in, which it says :  ���������"The question of public aid to such a  rail.vvay vvill probably sooircoine up for  consideration. We find oniselves face  to face with the fact that', having given  many millions of dollars and millions  of acres of public hind for the purpose,  of obtaining railway communication  ~. between British Columbia' and the  Eastern Provinces, the portion of  British Columbia in   wliich   the   most  .important development is taking place  is.to a largo extent isolated from the  rest of tiro .Dominion and .is becoming  ii "tributary to the. great river of American commerce."  * How true this is must, be apparent  to anyone who has ever spout much  time in Southern Kootenay How  'can this trade be letainecl at, home.  The- Globe says, and most people' agieo  press of both cmiiiti ies) looked on approvingly, shouting with delij-ht, " (lo'  it von links." This "roai ing and lire  ! scr e.lining ' vv out on again and the  backets continued inciting the princi-  nals. These ha vim,' walked around  each other, as it, weie, had now each  sized t! it* ot her up and (actuated by  l hilt common sense so often seen in  animals but seldom in men under  similar conditions) agreed hot ween'  themselves that it would be rut to  make a row over nothing .'it all  (Venezuela). Then having ' winked  the other eye. (private dispatches) they  hoiian roaring and sci causing. |lasliing  and Happing as loudly as ever (it, being  all the while understood that, such was  mere gallery work to act ,as salve lo  tho. jingoes on each side). ' Just as the  backers think' there's going to be a  fight and jingo-like look to get out of  the ,way, the, principals ��������� break loose!  The fight is oil' (referred to arbitration)  and those who helped to bi;ing'it. on,  secure in peace oifce moie, pat their  lepresei'itatives on the back, saving  "the. other fellow'gave way ! But, say!  wouldn't wc'liave walloped him if we  had fought."  , Lion and Magic, (aside),   You   fools !  we never meant to light at all.  Early Thanksgiving Days.  The first recorded Thanksgiving was  lhe Hebrew feast of the tabernacles.  There have been but two Knghsh  Thanksgivings iu this country. One  was oil Feb. 27, 1S72, for 'the recovery  of the Piince of Wales from illness  the oilier, June 21, 13S7, for the Queen's  Jubilee. ���������*  Thy New Knglar.d Thanksgiving  dale's i'rom 1US2, when the Alassachu-  setts 15 ty colony set apart a day for  thanksgiving.  The first national Thanksgiving pro-  clan iat ions were appointed by Oongr ess  during the Revolutionary war.  wore tbe oii'emy's bullets, and, hoi l iliik"  dicte, the dis-onvory broughl oil it  sudden Violent, attack of cholera-like  disposition'!11' The passage may be  compared with Zola's- description:  "The now constant hissing of the  bullets, with their sharp ping or bu/.x  whispering around, and sooie'liiues  into,us, g.-tyc me a sickening feeling  .-nidi) cold perspiration. I felt weak  around my knees. ;t .sort of faint noss  and lack of strength in I he .joints of  my logs, as if (hoy would sink from  under ine. Those syfnpioins did not,,  doorcase when several of my comrades  were bit." Says .Mr. Leo (ioss, a  former private in the Army of- th"  Fotoin.-ic: No' one quite knows how  he will behave. 'No iii'.in' ���������I arn quoting Wilkosou's stirring narrative--  ���������really enjoys ii battle.' One has to  string ii]) his nerves and take a firm  gi ip on himself morally, and bold himself in the battle-flames I'm; a lew  moments until u.-trine-} to'- passion.  The impulse is to run out of danger.'"  If the raw soldi.-r is there and then  led foi wind against the, enemy, the  trial to his nerves will bo loss severe  than if be li.-is* (o ,wait under -a heavy  shell nnd shrapnel fire (o which ho can  make no reply. In the one case he  will only have his dai,geir, to think  ahout. This was, perhaps, the reason  why, in the war of 1S70-7J,' the Gorman  soldiers rushed, impatiently against.  Ih'e French positions'. "The beat, of  the drum went before the thunder of  our guns, itnd out power was ^haltered  by the fire of tlio foes' unshaken infantry." He was anxious to end tho  period of tension, and to conie to hand-,  miiis with bis enoniy.' But be paid,  and paid very dearly, for his nn-  palionce.���������/<'i'W>iUjhliu h'ecicw. '���������  < A Remarkable, Clock.  ' Japan possossesji remarkable timepiece.' Jt is contained in a frame ,{oft.  wide.nnd ol'l. long, ropresontinga noonday landscape (if groat beauty. In the  foreground plum and cherry trees itnd  rich nhilits appear'in full bloom; in the  rear is seen a hill, gradual in ascent  from which np|'.-ireni,!y flow's a cascade,  adniii'iibly imitated iu ciyslal. From  this point .a threadlike" stream  meanders, eii'cir'cling rinks ami islands  in its winding,   ,-uki   finally   losing  it  The   lirsl    ureal.   American  giving Day was in 178! for Alio  declai- ! In ��������������� minial nre sky a golden  sun   liii-iii-  ttionof  peace.    There   vv.is   one   men.  national Thanksiriv ing in I7S').  anil   no ! a silver-oiig a? it, p  banks- sell'ui a f.-ir-oil' stretch of vv ood!aiid.u  In a tnini.it nre sky a golden sun turns  on a -ilvei wire, strikint; the hours  on  m,   , a silver ^oiig .is it, P'>sm's.     F.-tcb   hour  with it, by building the Ciuws Nest j ^'^"j;'^j, \'^"^^ p,.;.'^,",'.,,'," u'ncoln Js marked mi a frame by a creeping  Pass road.. But once, in Kootenay the ; j>M11.u ,, ,,ation;il prof lamation for it jiorloiso. which s-n'.s tbe ]>laco of a  Globe to follow its reasoning should ' diiv of ThanksgiviugY' Since that I iiiie ' hand. A bird of exquisile plumage  atlvocate the o.xlonsiou of such a mad = lh-'' piesidont has issued an annual | vvat bles Ytt the close ot! eacb hour, and  , , , i-ii n ! ������r..cl.������i,Mition.- St. Louis rosl-/)!*- ; as tho song i eases a mouse sallies 1011 b  north and south along lhe. nuicral bolt. , ���������"'^                                          ��������� ���������     ; f, ,������������������ ., neighboring grotto,   and   scam-  thus    oneiiiniir    UU    markets     to      the! ,  ^_ ,.,.,,-,,,. riv...T. ii���������.   hill "tn   the   <rnideu, is  \A/' 3. rvicKECHNIE,  VV  (J1.R. J1.U.C..M.I  PHYSICIAN and SUESEON,  RKVHLSTOKK  B.C.  OJ'i-'iC'i'" in It. .s'.iuisomV l!Oii-.i> (nu\l l-'i-c-liytt'i--.  i.ui Cliiu-(-ii). Calls Ijy Tdk'li'ioiK' or 'JVlc-  Ki-.i;ili lii'iiiaiJil.v.uteiiilcd to. Ollice hours:  !i.:in to 11 a.in., l:.'!(l to I and 7 lo S pan.  r^HAS. R. CARLYON, ���������    .  Bappisler-ai-Law,' SoIIciLor  :  and Notary Public,  ;i;;Oi''|."i('i'::   >1a;i ir.iilibi:},', liuvi'lstoko, 11. C.  J AS.'' McMAHON,    -  S3flep.il Blacksmith &'Woodworker  ���������-()���������     ���������  ,lie[iaii-.s to Wagons.    Tools Sharpened.  SlIOKINd    A    Sl-l'i'.'IAiyrV.  '     A. McNEIL,  BAil33It. SHOP AiIS BATH KOOM,  i Front. .Street, Hovol.stoke.  Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving  'Tickets for 01.00.  GUY   BARBER,,,  WATCKMAHES AND JIIV/SLIiEK  Repairing Neatly &. Promptly Executed.  REVELSTOKE, E. C.  ' JvR.HULL'&"G0. -  Wholesale    and    Retail  btjt,oh:bbs.'  l-'urvcyors of Miyh-class JMc;tts.  RBVSLSTOKB, B.C.  All orders in our lino will be  promptly  attended lo.  THE   REVELSTOKE   PHARMACY.  AUR FALL STOCK con-'  if A i sting- of Patent'u Medicines, .Drills, Qru<4"g"isl's  S unci rics 'and "foilet Articles  h;ts just been received and may  lie 'had at the lowest prices.  Full line of Stationery And  Cig\u:.s*'Li!way's on band.  the" Isvas^Z" umm.  n  'thus   opening   up    inarkots     to     t  Eiustern fanner :is   this   great   minorai ;  . i  belt becomes opened  up. i  .But two ways appear by which   tiiis |  Times Revenges.  Here i- ;in e\anipie of "Time's reveiir  Tvv o .lew- of B.c_'ii,id IliiVe i|ato-  pertnir nvci'.ilii-   bill ^Ui   the   gulden, is<  .-.ion lost to  view.  H  \FT  1-.  a>  r>"  'Wfelosale and Retail' \  ,; BUTCHER . . !  The Immensity of St. "Peter's.  road earr bo built, .by-  Government    or ; 0].0000'\0]',0 0010 '     Mr. .M.irimi Ci.,u lo, ,1. writ in- in tlio ; |)CTn]Q{0],0  Q$ ^X' 1\   fl'  by    C. P. R.    under   elleotive    public    .,���������,������������������,.,���������, ilabylon stu,,,!.    Th.-n   [{.-ibytori  ' (/, ���������/s,n/ ,d Si. I'.-tor's. a! Itoiiro, Mtys;   .   WJ-\ uHJutfiil/' OOfllitbltlj    i������.Ui  oontrol. '      '  As lon-f as tlie publie eontml  not imaginary, it is just as well built  bv tlio C. P. li. One vv.-yv .of "let.nn-  ini: the. trade   al.   home ,is    lo   seen"*  bv   who-.-   vvat.-l.-   the   Jew-   in    exile ������������������ li is all veiy bii,'.    The longest .-hip  leal.- Wfjir aiid pr.i.ved !������������������ now lii'-,, property thai i-i-������-y l he ocean could lie in the  of l ho-i* v\ ho. iu i i.'-iit ii---;i lir. h-tnired na\ e '������������������(-". vv i-i-n the dooi and lhe apse,  iA'ir hat]'- *,;ioti th*- ri'-i- t!*,u,,in' ;,,���������' |,ci- i"..i-t- would seaioely io|> the  rben-iii. All th.i*. )"i!.~.i:.s (,; [..d.-u-i��������� ,.,,,;,M,y of the hi'^h allin. which look-  ,aml "ii.inu'inu' ynd-'iis" in that city ���������,, s:;i;ill undei- .the -stipe! -possible  piopel fieiifht r ales and if tho L'lows un )',-i)ni. I .O'-oi-l .tild lii' d'n of \-(-i,i��������������� of'tl.e iniuli n-( dcni  Nest load will be put t'lioiiirli uitn <i \. "i- i d "lb  limit.ition on ti eight l ites ,i\h\ i mi ml  ed to the Kooton.n Xoilh and >oull  it will he the gieitest f.utoi t'd' pi"  , itititing hiitiio. tiarle ovet .iiitio(l.*1(-t-'(l.   ni ( h.-u ,��������� .-.in v i.cd .i.llt il.t .i.o < s .inyl i.i*. u../,a  ; this eounu-v: Y y Yy' Y   ������������������'.;yA'   yy /'.":/ AytVi{,hS')iA!'A!iW^  ���������''���������'������������������'��������� y.y//: y' ������������������ '"'���������'���������-. A' A :' -y '-'-���������' ���������   -'���������yA-"1' 'Ae:,tuigiitv  f>/ii*>'5������*>j;i'v   '.'^r?!'J''"''���������  ^ATnt;GiRll.^  ASSAXS.  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(*���������-,; ;-jy it /:i.i- ^yv;-s-;ii:y ,:,yy ���������   _   . .  ylbisi-bory ythn'-iiigh    Now    Denver  y-'Aiiaiid.  iii'*   i^'W i-i-s' Ywiio '.b'-.-aniiy iMlv-'.. .n\y,ty m U\ihi iiityyiri'y (.iH-ni'yryi bui,i; ?.s ;M,'i flfT I'M l^\lY '^"SiijiliM^'!'1"  ������������������'"���������-������������������������������������    -   ���������   ��������� '��������� ���������' ���������...-...���������     ^..^^..y..^^! ���������IIj.,,i,yr..ss,-,i'.s -hiiYvYo: r^ilyn If foiuiyln r?ui; ti:<r '.uiiyliiiu;  w-^;-!>!   i;"UI i, J?lXl U Jti X il jU^I.S. i Y i^o.*^:.! UiuJ.iood  ���������-'Yss'yria. .yai'd-    l!ab;.-!ytiy ,.jn;iit y. .1 !.!��������� >U-a ;'".! '��������� ���������'���������.���������,; is inany ii-   '��������� ���������<,.*."���������' il--1' I  .'���������!)(! Coi-iioi-.'l St., ii'tid/1"'-i\v<;II;  Y/V.ASAuyAI':iy,:',|.!.C,  Mines iiii'l 'Mlniii'  fVf>s;i(!itMiij*y Drills-  .Suivy Mill '.Miii'Iiiii'Ty   aii .'.   Su'iv.",, .     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Most people.- liav<i'; 'seeii^ two   dogs  quarrel over nothing; rget Y-tlioir   \in.cks  up iit.each other, (hi a lot-of-   growling  ���������   and '-snarling, an(\ tlie." depart on  their I Strot.si.ieii, fiAyoliiiLryn ,1 th iitYsrarrh ynT  .'��������� ��������� ���������'   ���������' .       ��������� ���������      1.       -. ' ���������'.- i cnlfl   ca.nio rVnott ii' saloon-.    Thev .blilv  respective ways having done- no   inore    K������.������" b -."I    '��������������������������� ',;       ���������*  ���������������������������..-������������������ ,    -. '.   ��������� ....     .. -       ,  ' I   liad.'.'saxpclice" liotween  (li'.-in, so li.ey  <lamage than occasion a slight rJisttii'b- | ()I..1(.n.(| ;,nA':'i.ip������' vvhiiskyy."  ar.ice'in   tYlie   surrounding   y.tlii'r.,   The .-j ���������   ly^.y ���������^���������,.vt. ��������� h.csi.tat ing.. who. sijonld  owners of.these growling. eaYniin-s  .Oiicli Auive ihe first, drink,   wln-ii   au   ';auld"  loudly  iiver.s thai   his   (log   would,'   il | iu^-tiaYiutanco, 'joined   fhein. , Pi'elcnd-  Miey l,:������I. fbirghf, iiiivegotY:i..vvay   with 'Jng (1...I they ;had ':just.,,b auk.   one  o"  ���������-.' .y.j .sp'aeeji'refj Hired -fo'r titt* htru;  "; si-lvcs. ������������������'.-.:  /y   y '���������'���������   '������������������'.'.  it.' Iiui.which it was tliat first, .do..  ��������� clinod'tlieY shock of ba.ff.le. is wistily  igiioiAJ iii'lor soiiie . slight. auyn.-Hfi.iin,  each owner having a, sneaking idea  that 'his dog   shirk'-''!. -- (.l.-,l.e!)i,a.lii,ii;-.ly  j  boWeveiVhe   pats    his   iiiiimal   ���������������'������������' '���������������������������������'��������� ]      ..Uy,.n;, ,.,,,��������� ,| ,1IMI?,.,|,   , >  back, calls it"gnod xlug"otc:, i.ut yet | s,(i,,-,)|),. ,��������� ���������1S j,.,| ��������� |-,,.rvyn r,l^.  in his heart he is ghtd fh.-it it   did   i.oiy     --'/w, ii. ,V'a-.." .-.aid too oiliyr.-soI'muii  j;jvo)ve hi iii   in tire   tjiiiirrel which   'he I )y; ������������������1,1,111. vyas a di-eadfii'i isk J" ,  th.i'iii hanrloil .'the new cOiuer: ��������� .the  whiskey, n'uiii-sit.ing hiin foyji.iin thcni  iil a1 drink;'   . ;- . '   .  '   He-drunk', ,-iiid,.;ifl.er u. 'few .niirr'iil.es  ol'-ptiiii'fu) and silent suyuensr, -aid: ������������������  "Now.   t.oy.-,   you'll   lia.e  n..c  .v'vilb.  ni"!-''    '  ���������>'���������  -A';;;������������������!,'i'.i.y^'v  By Thii  JVlaeArthiir-Forrest''���������',','.  tllii'.'Cl, t'yiiiiiii.'iUiiii.i   ',-'���������..-."������������������   y  ''.."; By'-The  MacArt An*-Yates ;''.'  '' .'.  '  (AJii.il'.'Ji;:i'itiii,'riui;l (.'yaiiiiinl inn.)  ���������'";"''���������   -'-A^O.Kyl.'AltTKg.'bAI.'SyY-'-.." '   Y ,.=  The Casse!-Ti.old, [-xtractmg Co."7  -..:    . ' '   tl.l-niteti.i '.���������-.��������� y    Y .-'; ��������� :  VVAPe!!(!wAlai'vey,.F.(;.S.,Supt.,'.    '.  ��������� ���������-.-      , ���������  .   . ' y ��������� " ��������� Vaticou'ver, B.YC  ,i":-/'A.''"*iiy.lii'i! Iii'ii-il .il'x lii'iiiKJliyK.'      Y      ���������    :i-2-(iin  r0p. dAscott,       .'".-'���������'��������� .y.  y .Mairi'monial Quota Uon-sY: Yy-'-Y;  .Yf.'-,-" s:ii'l tne';oj'! .''im-,1 ti   iu.idro-r.riig-i  h'.s yciu'tuj vi'.-.it'iry l:-f ;iin yi'r.yin'    uf ' 111 y :  yil'ls atifi  would'.''-i,ii-:o'   tuy': t'bf-ih cntn-i  fortiib!V't/iar'-i''-''. aud, :\~y I ylnixn'. mad'-i  (1  l'i,tl ie. uioiiey',. ttiey-v.-i'j! .iiof ".'-.<. lo t-ln-ir i  1111:bandy 'p'-Miiics^.        Th; m ''  2:> veYit-K ni(-l. .-Mi(i   :v   real  shall give 'I'-or-���������;:'"'.0U0 -.vlKTU-siii' mi-'.���������ri-.-'-t.  Tyion    (-'line-    f.'.'-r,m Iio    w'|iii',t  Hyai'iy iiri(| [.yi.:!!; L'iv.'Y'h,.V-Y:Y](i,0')0-y   (!.<'���������'M"";;^'  '���������"'"���������  -1-   i.!M"-'-*i'ir.'   r.r.ff  .-i.iid   1 Ikv,'l'n.-.iii   wlii,   1 ilk('-.-'.   lviyi,yw'h<  ���������is    i(),  vvill . im'ye   .*?! a,ODD'.' u.il ii    In-c.'  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Kcimloops Beer on- Draught  D I A -  ^Revelstoke, B. C���������  Largest Hotel 'in .Town,     , .  Centrally loeatefl,. Best Accommodation,  ,  _ . ������?m Bcs, Bates $1 pep day.  -   '     '       BROWN  & CLARK,  Proprietors.  Choice \\A"nes, Liquors find Cigars,, Draught Beer always on ^}Py  Inifrl MOT Q0Oiyp���������J   Upper Arrow Lake, B.C.  L������y^  UU LVlln^ho,        Under Aame Management,  A T T     'U^TT^Cnr3     (TIT   A CSn  -:o:���������:������������������:-  PORTER AND: STOUT  FINE    ALES  ;  O.K. ,-LAGER BEER  Draught   and,.'.Bottled.  ' ,       . . ' ���������:o:���������-:o:    '  Y "ES FSLSTOKS    . BREWERY. ���������' ;  ,j        . t     ' -    B^Bmrrawifam./.TYffT'~""n'MirayiT^  Rosenheim ....      ��������� '      ������������������       -      '���������-'���������.  Galena Bay  17  r,' ARENA,  Proi'kiktou.  Ev3Pythihfi First-Glass    '   . . i .       Rates $! add $2 a Day  The Outport of the  Trout Lake District  ���������JMumusaamaeweti  Stockholm' House  J.Al.Btiirr STONH, Piioi-iuici'OK.  Th9 Billing Room is fupnisked with the best the  Market aMs.  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  *���������'���������-*���������*" ''m  a 1 x tLyiJ's    *  Y-WHOLESALE DEALER INY;  !g;6^R:&  BB-VSIiSTOEB  3BiG.  AIMiA IIYAMSQN BltOS.yPitbi'ttiKTOHS;  First-class Table '������������������.   Good Beds .::':>---:.;;Fire-prqT6f Safeyy  Teleptione   .���������-.���������': 'Bus Meets all Trains.':    ^    1;;  ;.': '2R,E^~DSILS,I,p3S:3II:3'' ' y'--S-0_ v' '/y        V  THE:vdiJEEN^;:tf0T'������  ".   ..- '���������'..'������������������: ���������''"' w-.���������  .       y    ",.. - - ���������-..      -   '.-,.. . .. .,-'-. ..   .. ��������� yy,  ( .    -   AL!l!AYl!AMHOYN   .BROS.ylY'iiopKiKTOiiH.    ���������'/"���������'      Y  Everything new and First-class in ail Respects.  The HoiiSD is stocked with tlie Finest Wines and Cigars in the MsrSet  ATO^OXJT   LAEIB   CITT  LG.  ils^n^ >3
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' inoiosoJiciloii-Ait loa-l.   for the  lirst
year or so, of their wedded life.
'*   And wli.it. a 'clialiu'e came over Myra.
We could hardly helieve ili.it this rosy,
hlooiiiini,- voiinij; mat ion  could   he  the
Mime listless, sicklv   voting  woman   to
A horn a   single   hall   meant   a    inoiit'li
under-   tin;   dot tor's   care.     It    ahno-t
-,'oeniod   as   if   she    1m(1    < nvgUl     hi-
vitality; for the  luddy  hue of health
heyan'to hloom upon   her i heeks.  and
, her stop.'U-quiredfan ela-ticity 'that  ill
had never known hefoi e.
But. in accordance with human ^ pei'-
ver.sity���assise s^row uioi e adaple'd to
he his companion in out-door recreations, hoseemed'to (no of 1km*. Noi
that he -aid in so many words. But
her-womanly jnt uition told it to her.
' heforo -h" w.'A willing l<> ai kiKiwled-e
it menially.
They hail a.pretty little summer cot-
U-j<��on the ocean shore of .Mi'.".'X ^l>;.
inVhich l.heir i'.il-lio.it, the ^"Daplmo"
wasiiidorr.l.' In lliV that: happy summer, Travel's had luvn in the h.ihit of
taking Myra in J he hoat. which he
would uuide to an".'. .Vo aci oss   tlie   liny
 ,im] die joy of lovniijund lieim? loved
did Myra almost as much sjon-l   as  the
health laden, sail scented 'ueeze.
And so the years sped: and Myra w.is
left iiitn o and nn.!'' to'hoi soil". Sue
tried in every wav to concilial e hiin,
Inn it. was'in v.iin. As loii^'a- she required hi-, aid. lie w.is more than kind,
hut her returning health made l.'.m indifferent, lie-would prol.aiily never
ha-.e acknowledged it, e\ciyto himself.
Sin- never perrnitted-lier looks to .shou
it���piide forhade " i-oinpUiut,���and
Ti-avei'-s almost imagined her content.
For .scv-ral ���..iiii.iie.s ihoro had' heen.
inlonse ii\ahy .-urion- lie* cat-hoal
owners ol Mefox Bay. The "Daphne"
and the "rola" were very ev only inaU-li-
<>d, and their ownoi*. always anxious
to test one another's s.uliiijj- ahilities.
.Kinallva special match race was ai-
i anged, ai'd as this was to he t.he'e*. out
of the soa.son,  the   general   excitement
ran high.
The day was line and clear overhead,
and a light hroezo rippled the. siirf.ue
of the hav: lint the weather-heat en old
sailor ( ut at tho Lite S.i*. in-.Kuiion
predicted "a to'gai'n hree/.o" and the
wild hnds swept' through the air,
tttteiing plaintive ui'c.'iniiy sounds.
Travels was alioirt to cast loose from
the dock, when Myia���in dainty summer   iiiipery���came  b.iiinti'i ing   down
the path. 4'
"Let mo  go  willi you ^ Uoorgo," she
������Now. don't tease Myra, there's a
good gill. I'm going to race the 'lola.'
Tiesides, I'm only allowed one for crew,
.���uul Marty i.s coming."
" Well, let  uie go   to   the  start,   with
By this time the hoat was a good
fatlioiu'.s length Irom the dock, lint
with a siviil of -kil'ts, she landed on
I In- dock, and insisted plaintively upon
his acquiescence in her 1 isl iei|'.ies(.
Unwilling to hint hor feelings.
Travel's made hut. n mild protest; and
Lidding her In sit. quiet. Ire lilled away
for the start ing point.
The "IViphiio" and lt"i occupants
were loudly welcomed hy lhe cm mi,
gathered to sec the race, hut no Mart y-
Hainilton was visilile. and .Myra, in
some rm.iccount.ihle lit of perversity,
laughingly'refused to relinquish her
,, place to any one hut him. In vain
Travel's alternat.'ly pleaded, coaxed,
and finally commanded hor to allow
someone of  his  masculine   friends   to
sail with him. I" v"'w <>r s" m*lll>' lu'
could not. show the nioi't ilicalion that
he tell, and his protoslal ions had no
t-lTeel upon her. Time was passing,
the j'ldges exl'.n'ted hiin lo make
haste, and the "lola" had   1-ros.scd   and
,,.., i-.i .,-.1 the line ,i d i/.en li s, when
Ti.ni'is li.i.dlv hi ought the "Daphne"
inl o po.sil ion.
Proinpllv, on the liring of tin; gun.
(Hetwol.oY.lsc.-osseil the hue a l.r.Msl,
an,]  Mood   .iii.li   Hose   hauled   on   I he
Marl id l.'iol..     In I lie   cyilomelil   o
'  1,1,,. care, Tmve.-.s lorgol hi* wrath, and
Miiii.-rt  jiii-i-rniiy   .>i ,.M;,''���'.    ��\  l',,'
"Daphne" du-w ,ilie.nl or her rival, lie
li.ule hi-. wiTe sit well up l<> wind i a nl,
.,,,d thev sailed llie lii'st leg   almost   on
.1 11  e\ ell  k    el ... ...     i
*;,il , |., .\ 1'inl'i ll d 111" hi t hiio\.
(heWind hecaiiie   puify.  and   Myra   in
pletely lost his tempoi. and told hoi
that hy forcing hoi self in the hoat, she
had'lost Jiitn tho lace. That lie would
rather* drcythan lo~o it. That --he ought
to have known hotter than to-coine.
That���hut why need lo repeat tlio wild,
incohei out sayings ol a quiek-lempei-
o(l iii'an, who finds hiuiyi'll placed in a
galling position.
Like a whipped hound, 'Myi.i sat.
crouching at his foot, until stung lo
lhe depths ol her- innocent heart hy
his hitter lepioai-hos, , she sprang to
her feet'Agaz'edTir him for one In iei*
.second'with the undying lighl'of love
showing clear in her i'y("f--krssod her-
hand to him- and .jumped overheard.
Travels would Have i cached the
water- almost as soon as she did, hut. as
ho'leaped���the t illor'sw nog unlicdcd---
and the cruel homn swinging' iid-oard.
almost sti'otchod him um oiiscioiis. It
was hut a few' seconds liel'oro he rose
hall staggered, half leaped after her,
willi his senses riuriih Irom the droits
nl'the hlow. But in llui-e few s,.( onds
the. yDaphno-' had left Alio llo.iling
mass of white,a hundred yards deiiind.
"Myra���my wile���IJin corning���for'
God's sake keep ailo.it," the.strong man
.shouted, .is he tore thiough the waves.
Perhaps she heaid. his cry heforo s|u*
sank at any i.ite her i.icO wh w, oat lied
with a sweet, smile when we found hor.
1 had soon the. "Daphne" suddenly
lull" ui>, and saw Tr,i\er.s struck down
hy the hoom. Then Clime his leap���
anifilown to leeward was liie white
'reason. Never did hnat. coir.o alioid.���.is
the little "lola" did that day, as" she
flow to,the rescue' But the distance
was too gieat���the time too short ,\\u\
she went down for the last time lieh.ro
community   m
his i ai e coni
\ lev.
lie found
that   ri:am    women   loiisumed   over  a
���ponnil or ro
svrir'tonis (
free in tl'.i' week,    x
he chief
.f illn
which they siinwi
gi-c.it depies-ioii <it " spii'iis.
fioqueiit headaches, Miirl insomnia. !l
they had m>t siilistiiuied one e\< ess ]or
anothei', hiu had liken theii strong
dr'.nk in inorteiMti m. it would pro ha My
have done them no harm, if'in.t a< tiial
-Kamloops, B.C.���
-*Tiort Laser Beer in bottles and kegs.
All orders promptly
IA WrjikKRii'z .   .    I
.*> i>. s. HAir-V. rrest.
jos. -iionninc.soo.
' .	
1 liniKWil'IlKiu iii.i ho that I nilci.il si "St.".
1 (l,i\s i,(-niLl'i��il'Iil> fur tlio turi'Msi" or urn;
lam.liul anil sis.f. .��-ies iiimo o." Us-, i.i lain
sitiiat-il nt ('.ill :m 5I..V, \'. ei Ke >U'M )\ r|i~!nol.
II. (.'.. c\t('iiilliiss.iiuh f'H'U ili.uiis. l.'ii i.ist
I'm I villains, ll.cn ii'i'lli fu:t> i i.e."-, t"on ��.s.
f���:t'\'oliaai-., l.rtnj; li-lw-'" \S .illi"i',.lia*ii.im's
���il l""'Im i I til -s iiro-i'liijilimis, .ilouy tliu UM:
'���'��''���'���' l'i'l'*''-Ani.w '-'-Vl*. MAIM IIS.
AriMwin .ni, n c. th lulu"! ^���"iti. i*>'.'.;.      -ii 11.
1:IH.     ,
A   n  n-'.i1  oiv  m.iiKU.   "TfflT
Lir-co--.'.. wnil.siii ('i.)oi'.i.lo     y^ig
Mi'ilini niiils.ia   iii.ulin.- .
cm .'.I D.mu. i.l.i'in K]iiiius. ii!i'l]}Ui"i-:H.iwU.
0-r "old oa C3ift��esitiTS JiCs. \\ nl j loroiu
n'aiTiiu.' ImeK. A"Uli i -s St.it-2 Oro i,iiaipling
'Go   Usaver, Col.   U<-11 JJiillion IioukIiI.
10   AX I)   riKJM *'
     ,���,,,,������ ''All 'Fa��,t?rii P iats. ���
^oTics: is in:!!i:ui- <iivi:;x that iiii-ty ,    , A"'4-     , .
i\    iliV-   ill^r il.uc   1   will npiii".| i" llio lion. |_   .|"llI011.,i, j-ji-st (���l,i<VP:-'lcr-iiiii��r.ii^!ini] Jonrisi
���lu. f ("".Mim.-s.oiiii   ot   l-��:i ly'.,n,,..A '!'..���; ,,'.',V     ���.���Wi.nw Cos to M   p.ml, Moutio.i'.aml Toronto
C'iU' i v 'iiiiiji.""."'"���'   ���"    ���--; - <       ,i"
,!  S|l"".ll   111     llsUllll-lU     l.llllnl   (ill  l!l(" I��>H.|H1IIJ.
dis, nbcill.iiiil situated  <*n My-|i:il'>  ( lcc-i'ii
WOlt -lllodl    1-1M-1-  ll' I'11 "II    I   |I|H"I'   ai'd    l/owci-
Anow Lalio. Kooton.i>   Di-liul:
I'Miinisrii ii . .U a *.l"s'. Ul.llhl.l .iIfioil ililco.".
so'iUi-v. |.st..iinji'.ili(i'il mm' link's !i.ni ulid'c
.MVi-.Uiiti) I'rruh. I'liiliU'-s into i'i\ci, lUiiniiiiJ;
��0"t'i      li.'i   C'l.lllls.    t.,l,l,    ��l   I ll.lll.s. MIUlll    .-'.)
ih.uiis. wctt-i i-ii.his lo ����-**/lKliv:l.-.*.i*,I1i���'""*V-
'iii,']l).jacicsiiim'Ci.i'Iiss.   Al,i 11KI' i"-1'1-*, '**
S.ilais;., 0.'t.i)Hi, l.-Oo. ^-U
-\7 0TIC-IC IS HKIiKHY'OIVKN that tliirly
lS il.r.s allei" date 1 wl!.U>l>lJ. I" tlic,d��n.
Chief Coiiiiiiissiomi-iif l.m.ls .i.rn W oiKs roi- /.
siicin'liffiis" tuiiii L'liilioi on Pic ioU')\Mii���-
ilisullied l.uiil .-.luiileiteii Jlos(|iino C.cckon
Mi-st suloiif n\<". liutwvui U|)|ii.i" ami Lower
Arniw I"ii-'-'. 'Ci'oy-i'.iy 1 ).,l.-.j I :
Coiiiin. nun's' -it.i post iiui l:i'il tt i<fie(ly>i*-
bois Mu:lli-w<sl (.(.������ lie." .dionl M* nnlos li.ini
mlice Mosquito Civok eiii]nic*s iiiii; llieiixci*.
niniiiii-jeisl -Oi-liiiins. ooi-il. 1.0 I'h.mi's uo*-t Id
eli.uils. ri'.llli Ol ^luii'.'-. wi';j W) u i.in.s, se.iLli
,* i eliaiiis. ������.'���! I'I ol  ""��� -soi.lti  t'l irnliii! post.xl
:r,iiviisii. Out _:'tii. is <���>��� -6-y
Kllit  ( ll.'UH,'''
tv;-/-\ 7:T/sjci
we could roach hoc
Ti'.inci-s swam wildly hither and
(.hither���cidliiitf lu'i' name in hearl-
, eii.Iill", to.i��-A-he,so<'chi!ij< Heaven to
save hor���reviling hin.sell lor her
All in a iiKiinant we saw him look
wildly around and rais" hiboyes toward
Heaven. Instinctively di\ 'ruing iii-^ intent, the u-ry veins of my foieho.ul
swelled niicii to hnrsliny.
, <'
W.-ivmg his hand in a last, adi
follow ed his wife. And (he hand of
<l)i*. inity must have gui led him, lor wo
found iheui close toni'ther.
-MOTK'R IS  i;i:i!K. V   Civr," tlial t!nri>
I'lni'f ( (nam.ssunii'i- oi han Is in.d .'. ..riv". ior a
Miouo.l 1>" li'so '�� ' <-'��� lanl't-'i ��� >i til'-'toll .�� my
di""(i"ino(l l.ni'.lsi u t.o I on soulh 'side ol (..ili'n.i
C:.iiiii.iiiii"iiii?.i!-.i *i^k'- "i.o-kort '.".> sinilii
nn-.tli-w-cstii.inoi' alio-.n i . ol.... is l.-oia .le.i'l ot
o,Li-c.uiJ al.oi.t- -i\ ri.dos s-Mlli fio.i Anow
Iliad ���.���uiiniiiiria'-l IU) cnn*". south Hi.cuiiib.
wi-sr Itililiaiiis, mn ill O'J cli.mis to nuti.u posi,
u'liiamiii-' lo y aciis aiovcoi'lcs,   .-. s>. b,1,1. ( H
N.ik'n,'i,'0'-l, -!)t!��� 1 thi. & ��'
Coffee Drunkenness.
A new Lemperanie 'nioveni"i't has
heen commenced in the United States
against. (oit'eo di imkonne.ss. Away
then with coiToe [lalac.-s, which, ins-toad
of heing M'K.irdod a- institutions in
which I he highest form of 1 hrlanlhr opy
and moral teat iiing is illustrated, are
.lieiici f irlh to he lionounci d a'h hot hods
of disease and run series ol deadly
poison. A new York doctor, provesho-
yo'nd ipustiou lli.-^t c(iiVee-}.oisOiiiiig Nf
I'ornmon,-iiiul that the symptoms
i esern hie those which iii-ise   from   aleo-
"f.Dissolution of FariRBrsblp,
VTOTIOK.l.S liTAcTuiV IJJYKX lli.il the
IS ii:u"tnei's|i*|> lioivioto." i* .lslirnr b'tweoii
I    C    lh'Uiis ��.   of    tt^i ..stoi:i".    and   .'''ill'
iiiiijii'iso-i. oi vui-iiony inM ma* ',��.,V'1r,,,".'iA;.n
Keielsfilif nn.-ioi- the fu* ii i.is.oo "' loiUiison
li,'..,. w.^di-s..hod hy iii.K.iiI c>ns>m o..i.ic
.llid.iv of,N*(.M'i:ilioi. is ill 'Im- if".*;-ud l��'i*i-
n(s, will 'io e.i'i'ui'-.i'l !i> .1 I' oi>i-aisi..i ,oiy
,!.*.��i"-'o t*. M'-Oi- --cor .mid '' rliu li.in iiariico.^
IPHoliis'in ic .V-Urc^ir. A'l '^"'-.'""���'f, A
.[irtoliisoii ��i"is. tniisl no  ti.i.ri  to   IliU, III" n -s
.iLtiwi.i by whum ''-n  '^'^'V.Ar-'ri'lsvr'1
iMUtieiirn^t.ii. iWi.v'iiurcKMo:.
Ko\ol-lo!".i'. VoMimljorll, 1*S"'. -,'"IL
Atl.intio K\]i'"esJ ,uI lie-    H.l.i daily.
Pneilie. " " 1(':-'"'    "'     '
Aui'OvV IjOC:; 31i:\N'JII  Tiim.ns
Ariiio lo.!'). Tii'-li\s, Tlmi'sd.iys. S.uind.os
J,e.i\e   l'i'lD.   rinii(li>s,  Tni'sd.i;y,  Tluii'-d.i.i s.
Tr.i'iis on  Arrow L.e'c  lii.mcli connei't
Anow head with C.& IC. CoV K'l i'A.mi'.h N'\i:usi'
 To and Froni	
Rossland Art-ail Creek, Nelson,
Kaslo, Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,
Nakusp,  New   Denver,
Three Forks. Sandon
TO   BUY    OR    WORK   TH
Will ' undertake to handle Ilonds of Electric. Sieam or
Horse Car Railways, or Municipal Ponds, and Build Water
Works.     Address full particulars
Manhattan Investors and Sosurities Compsny, Ltd.,
iy and   19  Broadway,   New York Cit>r-       "���
F(*r'��i"ull i'll'iir-inatidir :is to r-ateS etc.,
applv to ...
I.  T.   iSi-i'Wsii'r,
Agent, lievelsloke.
D.sp'iii, I'n .,cin;i'i" Ai-onl, V.incouioi", H.C
AKSKTS    .' .
Incomh ...
in  Eokci*:
New Busini-ss Within 1895
��� $o.S03,270
��� i',52��s.o54
��� 34* 7 54-840'
��    8,866,688
J. ;E. CRANE, Manager for B.C.
PASTON,        'a  "    .      .
Agent for Revelstoke  and District
Xu  lit
'8lPliflB3��B40f  E3glstP3tlC3  o? a
FoFirlg-i, Gonipany.
Cniii;miiios au I'.ul IV and Ainuiidi":,' A-1--
United   Slates   and  British  Columbia
Mining Company (Foreign).
Uefjisteivil tlie :U-r il.iy of O.Uibor. liil.i
HKJiLMV CHtlTM-'V lli.it f li.nc lliw ;l.-.J
Z.Seo s All TraiaB at
���ARROW'HEAD��� ,
Go-ni Bil'ioc To '   *      ,
Lardeau and   'p
Thoinso'iis Landing'
Fish Greek and       , ,
'iVoiit Lake.
l"-oi"iii'.'tliei' inr,jiiii.iti<in  as to frciijlit rates,
clc, .iiinl> to ^..
M2WHIK2CK B3.0S., Lcrdcau City
(IJM1TK1).) , ' ' .
Capital, $1,500,000. Head Offices, Toronto, Ont.
Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,
Locomotives, Coal Cutters, liccipi'ocatir.g Drills,, lU.tu.-y Drills, Reduction and
RflA?AD^mS-' ^ *>"��.��. Cunent or Three ]W Tv,A Suitable
MO I UhvO    for any mukn of F.'ui, Pun.]), HoisfW Crusher.
�� Electrical Tiansinissor, of P.iwcr, ������>' ������'��� T1"-,>e Ph:ise S5rsle,n' ����ecessfull.v
operated up to 50 miles. XT/-,TT '^...-.r-rc
3ranviHe Street-VANCOUVER
Kootenay District���NELSON
West Kootenay Eisliir-t, Revsl-
stoke Division,
A *    VPPKAL. iniilc:- the A.ssess nt.
Act", iS-srf, .ind Anii'ii.liiienLs. will lie
lli'lil ill Lln* G.ivcl'llliieliL Oilli'i', Hevel-
stuUe. on S.it.ifvl.iy. 2'itli Novernlier.
\ D   lS'.KS.   (S��d.) N. FITZSTl. B13S,
.I'lpll?"*   <>f    C'dllll   Of   Ul'VlsllIll
';ili(l Aiipi'.il.
Hcvelslok.*. P..0., Ni.v. U>. loW.       :��-2b
l io^i-;c*i-jil lliu Un.l "l .Stoics iMiil lii.lisli
Columbia .AIiiuii!,' Cciiiiiir. (i*oi"mi,'ii) nii'lui' inc.
l',���,���.i,ius' Ac. IMil I��'.. I!��is:...i ion ol
|.'.ii"i"ii,'ii('i)iii|..i!iit��.iiiil A ny nn mi? Ail-.
. Tho Hs.ul oiti^C! ol l.iu s.i (1 ^"lii.i.un i-.s,i.lll,-
cdat tlie rny  uf  Kans.i, Cily in (liobr.iij ul
" Tncl|il!iei is "for win. li Uk* i'ini].:inyy o.l.i'o-
hisliod .u-c ��� To ( ny. r.ik.' liol.r. ���� n, ini!>;<" <-',
work, nibi'l-i.i^.' - -i or ol'.in "is. .lyiiiire i..*i(I.
dlsnosuol ic.ll L-sUL*, in.ll'-- iUl'l mililrl's'il'iii i-
()l 0,-CI'V klli'llUI'l llUllll*'s,lll.lt d in .ut\ nl till!
Sbi.iIes.'iiidTci'iitoins of t!u> (jiirjcil sules. 1.1
ISWtis'i Coi.,i..\.i.i. in l!iv Unitwl ICn.Kd mi ..nn
���iin ollioi iourit:> orsiibdiMsiiiiii Uiorool   .
'I'.,.  c.miii.lI siock ol L'.u -aid  Coi'ip.'.ny is U'i
tlioiis.iii(l   d .ll.irs   diM.li'd   into orio  liiiii.lrJd
-h.i.'osol tls-j ...u* \ .il*n- <'i   i.i'!  Ii'imli-uddnll.ii's
l> llll.
dotamlila &" Kootesay	
Steam NavigationCo.al
(iiion 1'iid 'i- invli.uid ami  sj... ...  .......
Vctoi   i,  I'-ovniL-o   ot   li.'il-ii C-il.ii.il.1.1,  Hiis
iliiiiv-tii:-td.iy oi  O.toboi". on-* t'.ioiis.ind 1-1-,'ln
linn u-cd nnd iiiiiyi\--IX.        -     ...r,n.|���,,,..v
,���.,. (Si_'ii.il|       h   ^.  \\ On I IhN.
[slIAl.l It0!-'l-t..ll- of .lollll -=lOCk C UIII|l.l'llOs.
.   D,ylr.;rn   Ri']   ?t!r,''i"',,Q
II:Y.lVJ   Dill   J4:jilou.
����� r<;Ticr. is ii:<:i:'-:hy c.wvs tn.u .i;-|iiu.i-
'S        1.011   SMll   -'0  .lll.ll'l.l     till'    J.l*!,'Js��l>lVl     ..s-
sji.il.h or His .'i .*..!.-" oi li.ih-l.y o.iin. .i.i .u.
.U in N-l -J- hi IM' nn -\n ����� oi-'o'l.oi.iU' a
.oiiioiiiv willi po'.M.. lo o.iisliii. t.ei'iili.",.*'!';
an. .uul mail.M.n-i -l.md.u-.l or ��*M "'"���:'.'-.A
..ailwayi.l-l ..liiw.i"..s|lii..lo i.iv ' "*.'' ; " ' J'1"
.1.,,,.,.,,., i ri--nt oi .���'.(', ii oiu soriiji'oin jni"in.
:,;';, A;..l.'u oi Tl'.i.nl. i'.ii i.n tl.o
U     c" \ tom  l..ik."in tin- Ii'stiicl-o) KniMMJ
Kim-, and iMt.li ,'ijiu'i lo iiinl.l a oi.i.u li niu*
��� ,,, . .,i .il . .. Hit iM.i-11 !.!.��� oi ;..-iil "���'���1��* >�����'
.,  , n',,,1 l   1.*. :n K"  rum  ii.il  n.i ln:..l'i
V!!l V.....JII ��-M.;ii<i ia-,-1- V'' �����'>,;:!:
U'.iniMiii ..ro 'ild lif.i'i.lil.ii.'st i. .'iciil.''."���'. '  |
.'���..iiri'.c n.irtii ��"<i --'"'' '"���;,!,11','A"'l,
1 in)   ,ii   lln. .-'..!��� a ( i-l.in .' <��i   I' ��  '*l Il * ""
.-Ti lirb... . i...in'1'i-' ����. !"'���"' V'A'AA-::!!'
, a point .ml!., mam l.l.v <>l-i ,1 i .."11". ..> <n'I .   i -
.i.-..iK.v..imM ,.r \vh i^i,n..v U-u:vl;:.^:n,r,n,ni-,v;:VH,v,'!;A,:;nd
nisir-i,'!. will he l.ii.l ovci'lioiu th-Lull    ' I"""1"   ���
Xovein'-iei', lS'Mi. I-. th.* 1 -t il:rv ot .luric
Hall's Landing.
Hot Springs,
Nakusp, Three Forks
Nelson, and Siocan Points,
Kootenay Lake Points;
Trail Creek,   Rossland,
North port ancl Spokane
--SHOUI.il take Tin-:���
l.o.i\.'s  Kolison  for Xal-ii-l'.  Ai'i'owlio.id   and
Can idi.-.n l'.uiMi. K.uln.iy lioinl-  d'-i-l. a'1"
mo-I).)H   fik-a.iys.  Thui-days nnd 0.1L111-
d.i\ - at, *>: >ii 11.111. . .,   ,,   0. i-
Cmiu L10.1 i-nindciil   Hoovm yw H (.. ,*s. v.
K'\ loi'Xi l-oi* and.ill lioint-011 !\.o  Un,i\   lnku
aVd   Alb   sii-iiiK-i'   "l.Mlon     lor  Ti.ul   and
NToi ll.l'i'i I.
RE  PREPARED to Sell, Float or arrange
Capital for Good Gold Mines.    Send two
reports, plan,   etc.      Responsible   Agents
West Kootenay District, Baval-
stokB Biv'son.
AN      nil Placer'('l.'tiiiisji'LC.illy lu'l'l   111
i'orlni.il tiincciirdol U.o (.'onipiinv's sliMiii-
oi's en Ko,'U"i,a\  l.ii'.{c apply lo  llio pniso-on
KFoi-Villi inNi-in.ili'in.w toti'l''*t'*. nilcs. ulc.
a;i]il.\ loT.-\ll.in.   Suuol.uy. Ntlsiin.   IU.
1.S.J7 .i.  I>. (! li.VilA.M,
(iold ('iiiin.ii-sio'iei'.
Ucvelslol;.-, IJ.i!., Nov. 10. 1��W.       ai-lt
.��^.5^-.t'**--.    ;-   ���'-���^LSX��*
JjS ;i sitting ol' Ui<* Cliiini! y Court- will
I... holden nl, Kevelstoke. H.C., on
W'-dii.'-s.l.'iV, I,iie2-.th day <>1 Nuvernhei'.
A. 1).   l.^Hi.Art,  10 o'clock   in   the  tore-
liooll. .....
Hrfji-ti'.ir County Court.
Revelstoke, No*..   11 �����. U'">. "M1
,,���,���, is HP.ttKi.v i;tvt n  ih.i   ��*ini;
N    fiil�� .!.%-*",a'|. p.i.u.. I infii l i...j,.|..y��. to.;
lloa. llie Clii.-I I'oniiiii-ioin'' ot 'J111 *i"'
Woiks lor lii'iini-ion to   |in.'< ,''*-1'   M] ���"���'*
lllll   1  .I.'S   ri.K'.l  .1- KlllllWs. I,,1.1,1    l',���l
Coiiini.-n.-nn.-ul   .1  V'-l   >�� "���,'*'���'    '   ',','���    ,-
\'���. I, mill..-I'ldt.!.!!.'.-" 1 i*->r ���'�����������' ',',,   ,,     ,
Sll-.MI.I   111.11.  Mll.MV   ll""" '",h, . ".V,       ',,.     I
th." C.!iii.rlii.i nicr. mil 'M ���' -V1"" '��� '' \\'\
in .1 no'.t,, v.-ImUiIiimS-.u! iM.i;��.s '... ��� ���
n, n-l.i.l No '. lln mi- ���!> �����*' . '^J1 ���'"," '",
|(l  .'l.a.ns  10  posl   1.1 .ik..I        ''   ��� A,     . "
-1 nli. 1.. .1" >'i'i"< I', A1-1".- ' ,A ,, ,      ,,f
N'.i   I. th.'iu'.'ln a M.-li-rh   dii.-li.'li l��l> l     "'
!,.  t.i.in,-.   .    111.11111:1:   Ki'    ���'   <���  -   """,'��� ,"'    "���"
il.,.' ..I' '   .   'n I   'a*  ���>'    ���"���'   "'   '    ,
nat.'i nil- iji:i..���'.*��� "��� -^'. ���;.' '..'.Ay i\.
.tl-'.lL ''        	
��;i"i|   j.'.u. r  to   I ike .'lid 11-"   loin   ll-f .J'i!|l' 1
,nir.ili(l.il)  M."  mil.'*,.r��iii  I''4;.'1.""1''"''.'!!1
links... Un- -.ud rlM'i' -.I'i'iili'il I 11 ��.ii' is
'..Pivot 11,   .im*.   ia   n< 1 cs-1"}   I"  oljla.iitli.r.-
. r,  tin. rli(.ii-,.iid  lioi-,-;.ou.'i' In; tin' 1'iir-
N'."l!rt.i.'..t.'�� d.'...!...'.. and iu ."ii-
>tri"'l nnd ci.i'ni.nn l)rii!diin,'s. uu'il.oi.s.
0 .111-, imicimi.- or o!;i-'r  Mill".**  "i  loniy.tioij
1 iL'icuiiii fo/iinpioMiu' or.n "������'���-���';pr| ;<��� ;���;;
w. iter ni mil Ko.i. .uul toi in-liwu and 111.1 11 um
all iii.'.'.'s-1-v ivo-k:. li.nl.l.'i,'- p I'.s, pons,
w.iis .,i".ii.,.imii."fs .111.1 i-aiivuli. ne*. ��� tm''s*""J
or prolyl- lor I .'if ..'yi.-i-.H'is' oi olo. fa H.\ o.
power uill.in.i ra.li.i- ot lily iinl.-s fi.,11 .- nd
U.ili 11.1  or  Thunil. H,iy.  ��"d t"  u.- ili^olui-
im.tvy. ii-Lili'd  !)>'  "!"���' u.ii.iMiiy.is -"'-'
p.,v..,i-l.,i'lni--iid Lrani .!i.,soi- or'.or  "/''A,',
l.u U11111HI..V. 01 to-,r,ipl.\ lo-ci.ii-iriiK.r-tor .'">
inuposoioo."  for  ivl.ich  clci;t.ii!il%   (.re. u.  >;-
tnrlli.T pouor to b-.ild, i-iurp. 011. ml' <i"'
niaiiit-iiiil'-l'i,''-.!!.:. .inl i.'lHi'.on,; em- i*;iu"-
11 , jk.ii -...i'i Un * '-'1 '���''/��� '."s " ���'���'���'"VV'1"
er. ci' tin 10. ������."'.���! t<> I" "id ���.*. ..in \ - an I 1 ) l>- '��
cmiu'. ti. 11 -..i'i f'..' -a drii'w.i' " ��i I ���''���' , >^
:..-, 11.  1 uuh 1'.-j   ,�����������.ti" 10 i\piop.\..l'   "i    ���*
for tin- |>i  ;������'- -  '��� I  i;nn... y.t I" " :'���''
Ian I-. Ii'iiin- -'. pu*..'^r - 01 "Hi" ���*-' ' 11f''"
.111,-1,11. iiiii, ni, ni im. ip.'i.*. o, ot ai 1 - '���'-
,,, Wlii , , o,p ."..L... .111'. t. in., c l..''l�� ���""'
oilcr-.i ran : 01 in- .vitn lailwny. si- ineioal 01
���i���.'i*. M.in.ini'-: .lad w.l'il'i.- inil'ii'i I""''''
lol-nili -.\.i,"ni 1."lis to 11 ,w-ii oil'. <"'*
.! -a   lien ii'f-ii.'��� i-->'!>- 11     ' ���   I'.''",1' i\    \'"/ '."
nli .mi   '(ifOi 1.1   '-I''1 I '1 "��� *��� <"'���' ' "'" ' '
f"o:n.fli...*ln" .i-"> f 'f' ''I '��� ' i"/"'I l".'";;,f-
,.wr i"*\ m" s'l.'i  r ,i.l-  Iniili   lii   t'i   "���''.''"V
��!.. ni. -1* i.'t ''.-fi"..* or u'i-I t'��' tiyyy ;A .,
\  1 lii -1 Iii ..'.,>''< d for. an',   tin  .1'. >)!'.'    "" ���'
���,. .   ,i.-\" ,..     in     '.  nl.'.l    n--..|s.    :">'��'���   ���'".,'
,-n 1', ir'- m m n !i ���   i" "      "���   "   lli-"! '" l! ".'
,, ��� li,    \e   lo  I'i.*    all .   1111   1!     of   I.U'   .<'.<'��'���
, 1. nn   -  '    .1     " .'I'm. .   ..   ,,,���.
in. ,1 1', -.:ilid.   '."I,-, .'. ���.  \ I". '*���: ,,,.
u.. iiii.:.!.* . ".'I... 1 .' **  ���   '   :A "'
.-, -   ,1., ,1 a- p.'  I' ���    >.'!'   '   " '
CHEAPEST .-oulc to Alio OLD C0UNTK.V.
A 1.1.AN   l.lNh.
i'.\n|siAX, from .Moiilrci.
V \Nc.n'-.". 11. from .Mointvn!
HKA'.'K I   1.1 NIC.
(Komi Mont 11 all
(.Mil!  ()N"i  Mild     ' ��� ���      '
I.\i<i: -ii ei.limit.
Tallin -fl .mil njiw.ii'ds.    Intt'i'iiudinli: *?:��).
St.'.'ia real Iov.est rules.
I*..ss������ii;,'crs line. l"d' tliroiiKli 10 n"  I';)'-^ "f
(li.at lliili.il*..in I li'.MiiH.an.l .it spi.inll.\ lo��
rati's iniili parts ol lln- Knroiioiin I'oiiliiii'iil.
A].|,h t(iiii.,ii.i.stst.,iiiislilpoi.|.iiI"iiy.'is'''"l"1"
I. T. B7t3 Ws��Tir-:. A ,;oa!;, }Tcvolstolic,
Or   to    Wn.i.riM    Si'lir.   (luiicial     Akl-i *..
Ail|,-. I
AiiK' I')
.Aill*;. N
.Ant,'. !.">
A ni.'. til
rcial Frill
���Rootcna^ ADaH - - - "Kcvclstohe, S5.C.
Cut   Thin   Out.
MAIN   MS'.. TilMN".
Kast ronnd (No.'-') ni lives dail !:'-:!Vm
West     "       (No. I)       " ���      .I:-''!'.'"
Allltnw  1-lK-i:  UllAXl'll  TltM.N1.
.\rrh ,-Tni's.! iys.Tli.us lav- Sat m-diOs.. .      -   '
Hcnui't ��i.iuUjs, Tnesdiivs.'Ili'ii��d.i>s   I..����� l>-i"���
iii'\'i'i.sroi;i: i*.o.
cwforri.c-^s;  ...      . .        j|��|��;���;;:
sni.lli. Sun.. Tin-., rinn.   :j:.��i'I'-''
|."i v  Station       s.'Im in.. .l:.i  l'-''
soul!    T.ic. Tliiii's.rtit   .V.I.} p."'
Ucv. Station     .   Id n.m., ,.:1.�� pm
ll'.M i."'io':r. STATION   I'.O.
(���:,,-, f,..;n���.���si ���       1 ^ ;;;;;���
Antl.  Tic. TI111.-.. Sal   .!I.Ht' "���'"
������    i;.-,,.istoke       in""" ���[��' j;-;;;
.>:"-r.��.��iti.- 'yi ���    ���;���l,.lj',.;;;
A, Vih   W- 1.. I'"ii. M"��      "'""���'"
ii.i.Vsiok." .       ���.'.'I'l.i.n.., I.t'-l'.'"
Established 1877.
CAPITAL, $500,000.
Incorporated 1893.
MAIN HOUSE: 200-212 First Ave. North. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.
HELENA. WONT.       I      mc!m,^l\ ^VIc'tORIA, B. C.     I ���^'B��V PA'OK \.  iiii', At)() i hjA A 1   }tiA 2 L.  ^ Kootenay Lodg-e  ~~ *  No. 15A.F. & A.M.  /jy/ *    *   The i-i'fiiiLir inivliiiK  ^/Z^iy/y/y**       are'"'Id in the JI.is-  ofe-i    Al*A\   A~\       onioT.'iiipli'.lIoiiriii,'-  ^=^dM%AJ^>=:iIo..,'.,iy    in    eai'l,  ?%X *v���������'ir, inoiil i   at   t.   p.   in.  ^'.^.Vjjr-"   Vis.f.ifj;   brothren  ^���������^"m���������-=^ cordiall.i' i\uK-oiii((l.  If. B. -S.-llYTUIC, Seciu:taiiy.  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 23.  ���������^SS^^S-  U'j^iil.i.-niLietinirs aro held  i-i Ollfollow.s' ll.ill cicrj-  S^T?j^>7&a>XkS ''' Ollfolloiv.s' U.ill I'lcry  ^VV^Ji^^^k^. Thiir-.l.iv nifflit, .-it ui-hl  *Sg%tt/^W&i, "'thick.   VisitiiiK hrolhers  VC~.- i.t-7".- .-C5>^ cordially ivck'Oincd.  K. MKSLEY, X.G.    ���������    W. II. SAItCANT. Si:o.  Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1C58.  Uegular nifi'liii'js arc hold in  tin: Odd Kollow.-' ll.ill on the  second an.I foni'lli \������7<.'.]iH'-.il.i.\ 's  of i-ii'li iiionlh at 7:.'-S''l p. in.  A'isit inu;.l)i'ulhi'L'ii are eonlially  V/.M-     imileil. '        "  ������2?    v. .stkki). j. i. woontfow,  w.':.t. liee. Sui-y.  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  third Annual AJAlome   .. ;  .of the Revelstoke Fire Brigade   WILL BE HELD IN   Peterson's Hall, Friday ��������� Evening, November 27th.  Tickets, $2 .' . .       ,  ������  ' A ' 4  n fe S ^s*!v B a������Ja   a  0  <3  ���������&JAtgHi  r���������  sa.,- .-   '.-....,������������������.���������  Is it .cold uiiouuli for you 1    .  Pule walker- t'xpeots to %u ,Kisl,   again  tin's winter.  Swim Aiuli'rsoii, of lilccillow'iiet, \v;ts  in town Monday.  John SI" oestrum, of Albert Canyon,  came, in Monday^ ' ,  Freri Mountain rRlurnerl from YMont-  rp.'il, Monday.'  Sandy MuRae arrived in   from   llle-  ' cillewaet cm, Friday.  Gus   Lund   mti  down   Wednctidiiy  fi'oni' tlio North Star.  'Torn Home's rboats were  hauled   up  for- tlm w.iiuor, Tuesday.  R. L. Patterson, tepresenting Miller  ife liicli.'ird, of Toronto, is in town:  Extension babies aro .still b'Uered   at  low prices by R. Hbwson it Co. '/  F. ,T. I\e.r lias   bought,   out   Charles  Dlulfin's hotel business at   Arrowhead.  C. B. McLean ,is building a   cott.igc  ..residence on tin* corner nc.ii- Com tier's.  The Government,   Anynt   is   ^Vilinij  the waterworks into the oiiiee.  Mrs. T. Stood aird.cliiid left on  "Wednosday i'or Trail to join Mr. Steed.  The Church of lingland .dram,uie  piilerlainnu'nt will be held on Dee. 1st.  Good skating is now1 to be had on  tlie river between tho Central and  Victoria Hotels.  The thermometer registered four-  arid live degrees below zero several  nights this week. .  ,    Rev. Father- Peytavin will  celebrate  mass in the'Catholic church    at   10:30  '  a.in. to-moriow. < , ��������� /  Arrowhead is crowded: all the hands  employed by the Horn'e-Payne ' Co.  being-tliere to get paid oil'.  Presbyterian church : 'Service tomorrow evening at 7:oU ; Air. Geddes.  ]���������}. A., missionary.  No need to got shaved this weather.  All that is needed is to stand out in  the wind on Front Sticet.  Services at usual hours, morning and  evening, in the  Methodist   church   tomorrow.    Rev. .1. A. "Wood, prist or.  Mrs.    Cour.sier    has    piesented   tl  A.-N  .jith  ^  AKERY AND'CONFECTIONERY:  Good Hrcad Our Specialty.     A   Clfoicc   Assortnicnt   of, Fresh  Cakes Kept in Stock.     Mail orders promptlv attended'to.    ���������  P.O: BOX IS * REVELSTOKE STATION  0  ���������   i.   3   e L=jz,g  4tf S   $i ��������������� *i Ws W#" ������   \^-   tf h^  OKING ' STOVE&'AND RANGES.  WHITER ENAMELLEB WABS9 SRANITS WABB' AND TINWARE.  B^������a  y   Ki JL JZ������~ ���������������- J  , Mining Engineer and Metallurgist  --REVELSTOKE AND GOLDEN B.O.-  Assays on Bold and Silver.  , Analysis, of 111 Metals made at lowest' rates.:  .Prompt   and   Oom*ut   Kosults   Gu.'ir.iiiti'cd.     Rcptirt.s inado on properties,  etc. -   Gi\(* ine a call. - ,  NEW STOCK !  BARGAINS FOR CASH!!  "LI  Lr'   ������ tr% fivffi 7 sy o ^" ��������� /w������  &\  Q  HOUSE AlsID   OFFICE" FU.RNITUR  5-n  a  Iaii������  a ������  icivmnon, ������������������ ifeaea  ,  ���������    611 IiG3ii:!gs St., YanoGavop, B.C. ���������  MINING  'BROKERS'   ANDf AGENTS.  ' diile Address :  '-C.i-te.s," Vancouver, Jl.C. '       P.O. I3ox No. 1,0 L  LtUOiba D^ih/.o ailli   L'JliISb hi IjhbhK ������ p P  M  .- *������,'liyti4ii0  xi&i&iiig dim  h���������{md    11 ltl Si,  Agents for Manufacturers' Life, Union .Fire Insurance Company, Provincic-d"  Building and Loan Association.'     ' ��������� '  m\m COFiiPAKIES OtiSAltsZEQ "AKD FLOATED.    ,'  Diinnanfioc!  P^nfln-'l   ens'!   P^tT-.nf'-*���������;���������-;  rp .fr:ti tPi"{)<���������?'tt*  r������n T-".hq!   CT"r?'"fi^/*c  11 upsi ttdo iiwiiitud aim iiofJoi tut; iiii It>i ruiu.yjj U  K'.^tii tAyiiU^'iilbb.  H.-iving- .bcicn rciiiclenl.s' of the p'-o\ ince for the p.-.st twenty-  six years, wefare  therefore in  a  post tion  to  ft,': nish  the  most  reliable   information   to   be   obtained .respecting'   the   valuable  mineral resources of the province?'   Correspondence solicited.  .Office of tho "Golden Cache Mines' Co.,-Ltd.," of Liliooct.'B.C.  ,\.   \V.   CAMPION, .SWrnlarif-Trnasut or.      " '' J. A.   AI AGKAILLAN ]'), .Ifmuu/nr:  13. !o. TElOJSr. ^aTOIRJS/B' GO'. JL/JJlDy  3* -.---.   -A  Y.iTA-'~.^ir.';k J��������� (4<_1T  ^ .   NOTARY   PUPiLIC'-   -, RI>YELSTOIAE;'jB.C. ���������  Mining and Real Estate. Broker and General Oom-  niissioii As-ent.  FIRE,  LIFE AND ACCIDENT.INSURANCE.  Representative of the Kootenay Smelting1 &.Trading- Syndicate.  AOKNT VOW TItOL'T LAk'K CITY" KVAXSPOHT. KASLO .t NAKUSP  airs.    U()i:r.-.ier    Das    picscniotl   tlie     fT^th f^ "Br "W   T O ���������������!  Eri'di.slr    Chuieli    witlr    two   of     her J   ".J?      " ^. ��������� A /A / t3 I C7. ^"fe '^  exquisite   pictures.       Tluyv     will     1..* J |\9    \33     'Vf   Ilpl|lle  THE LEADING- TAILOR  "j;?   vr^ft   fifcif";r'":'-!'*  ���������V.V: t\'ni.L, Izfoiiftnith i  Genera]    fonnders,  engineers, boiler-  niakers and manufacturers of all classes  of machinery.  ?.-������������������?  ������^i^A7:TA.^-#^ 1TKKP IN STOCK  s-."'-"i:ir"=^fe^-^r-=v..%y.r-������V^;-^ 's?%     -a   full   supply of  i*^*-^V���������...^>-.--..^*j^-=,^;.'"ii^-'^   ., eiH������-ineers   , and  J   mill supplies,   p,ipe   and  j   liui-iys,    brass",   goods,  Corscp of'Aloxande? St. gad W^iMsfcr Atg, Fa^ouv:?, PI  P.O. Drawer^7 >j.  Cable address "Cove.'  ���������T" g 5 cr*     <n*. F% S^, ?��������� 1 Pi S> B     |-.^> O. S "'     .'fs if^ 3   r-"% ,     ^ il 1 "\ 3 ".i' S *"l       ^. a^ Ti 0 I'i r; i1 ; ?, f       R   E " f n "C��������� ������=* fn '  ������������������.Hib'OrfphAN'buif mu! Mmmi mmml, UMfM  sncorporateJ under the Lav/s of the Provsjute oi Brlliah CQlutiiblct.  i.rallied for on tlio 1st.  Jack Sands is always prepared to do i  1<4.Lining ami liaulin^ of all kinds at. I  sluirte-st notice.    See. lii in   about   }'<>������i j 1T_,I7   Oin^V    Timl     A ^^'-r*^  -intorwood. *_  1NBW O108K dliSt ArPived  , The nioieinent. for a   lu-ass   lurid   is  making .^ioat headw'a.v and iniisic   will '  soori    l)������    lieai-n   on   tho   .street.     The ,'  instruments are or-di red. .    '  Have    you    noticed ��������� the     fam.i-.tic ���������    _ 0 ^     ^  .shapes   the   snow   has   laker,   on    the.JUgl;    %?%&'������&    fO f  sstumps. 0   lire wind and run lia\e   put  i\ conical,.hood on every stump. v  Householder's     making-,   conirectioir  with   the   water   mains  should   un.tid '  Call Early end Avoid Bosh.  CHAS. J. AMAN  E. Jf.   IVEDEKINDyPresident, */.   WyH0SK'/NS, Vfcc-Prcsidcnl andyJa.nagci;  Iy C.  WJ-IITNI/Y,  Secretary-Treasurer. iL C. BELL/NGUK, Director.   ������  a-ainst, frost in the pipes as h 0 \ z3 &'jDSJllQSS ^"OOClS,   Useful and Ornamental.  c.i>ions muc-l) trouble and ex peine. j      * /ps ^]; a   i      ,    ' i       j ��������� -������ j_i        -i  a turkey..-.me win he held .a the- l/2uaUA������S,   A large selection ot������ the best.  <?..Icl'lLill Hotel on   Wednesday   even-] ^j.      ^      -,      *��������� . y '4-,   ���������_    ' ' '���������     '  ing    next.      Get   your   TIiatik-,'i\ ing    Oil L> llldj ullig   JLJi. Ul dji. }j  turkev now !    See I-'raiik \T;.:rdall.      n ! Tn   t--j r%"7Tr ���������ynnviino'  Babv   is   getting    heaw     vor,    sav : !      ��������� , , IS   ilO W TUafllB.g.  ^���������(.lk iiet runner, for    y.a.r   Imby. car- j JjJ^   LIBRARY STORE Q??mK THE STATION  Huge  or   ii   liiiiid-sleign    and    you    i-,ui I  '."'"" "*���������'  U'ike li"r'aiiywli.'ie with en������e.   llowsorr  Ji.-ls horli :   ' +  Application for Liquor License,  A  ���������X-OTH'K [.-��������� HKI4KHV (IIVKS" lli.it .". i .l.u -  _1> nftei-'t.iO' I will .i|.|.|y In rne "-Mil. ui|i.i.-j  M.i^'iili-.tli-' fur M'i'-t Kuriii ri.ty r'ei- a ln'< n-i- tn  .-i-ii lii|uur- aL my liot.i'1 ���������tlij.j'������.-.I ,it An-i)'.*.li<'.ir|,  j'iti.riut ur" \\'i'it iCinit.-ii,tv, n.c.  K. .1.  KKIill.  Arnnili',1.1. H.C. N'oi.^'iili. 1,-1'ii .l!-ll  Certinoats of Improvements.  Ndlli <���������.    N.LbrlU Mini't.il f'tnini, ii' nutul in lln-  Illiv'iII.'W.i.'t,    Mining     liiM^n.ii    nf    \\'i"-i  Ki.i>l..|i'i> Dl-lrii't.  \S*!kti' Id. ..I'-.l; 0).|Mi^it.' lo   Miiici��������� Tmini'l  nn  lllr lim:  of ! !n:  ('.lm.i.Iia:)   l',n;illi-   I'm! w.i*.  aliniri    Hi:.'.:   aii tut    im.I.   uf  rili*i-ill(.������.ii.|  .-jliuion.  rilAK'l-;  SD'VICK   lij.it   I, N". I'   '-iiiowili'ii. :irt  J      iii-^ .u. .i',rciil fur  lh.'   I..ui.'i k  ('ni)-ol:il.i|i.i|  ZStinau'..ml  .-^I'li'lnii;,'  ''dimji ir.*. I.iinil' (I. Kiev  ^linui-K I'crLiili .De N"fi. .Is.'lii. i.-ji. ri'I. -i.\0 n.ij-  fi-oiii   I Ik;  (I.i I u   lit-n-of,   tu  h.[.;i'j In Hie  Miinii,;  Ituconli-r for fi (.i-rlllliMtc  of iiii,n-oi run nt -. rni  Mm l.nriHWf of otjlJiimiii/ a ("nm-n  Kr.ml of I lie  H..JOV.J i j.iini.  Anil  fiutlii'i- Uilrf  iml!.-(.���������  Ilis-.l  .tcli.ii), ph.It i-  M'.;tifin .'(7, riia t  lie  ' '.linn ;i|." fl   In Inri- ; Ik.   i  mi.iii.'' or*-niTi f",. Hi. .ill-of inif.i.... r:o  it   .  Ii.it.'.l tin- IIIJi il.iy iiffti-ii!   ml,.-.-. l-!������'.  ii.-U. , X. I1. SS'0\\ l>KV.  ���������.���������������������������   ^^  -V'fVrifK IS UKUKHY f;iVi:.V ti.nl A \.  J.N .-s.il'lh in" CcM'I'.l.ol.f, li.f',. \- l,n Ihik;i.|  ciiini". I "! \'.'Hi I ne .'inn ol ''. .".. Hui.ii-i'v I'o  ������lo ii.-' n'.-itii'-i- i" ^.'i.fr.il in' r li.ij.f-. -i! 'if\(l  .-lo,..' .ni1 'I'.-n'il iyi!-:.'. H ('.  'I'lii' jii-iiif-f* "'i I." . '.nl n n (I iiii.I'i tin'-i.iiii''  a.1.1 ii- i y C ' . II nn - .mil ' .i.i ��������� I". I., n I in. 11 h.  *, .,li).i    .'.Hit   I.1--  .i,i;ic  I'.  Iik   s.i'l   J11* i. i  and  ..II   in'.-ni    .ii.l<">; .!  lo lb.1  -ullliiii.i c  iv .i'i    '.���������(! .    |iij     i ���������!.-  !.. ll.'-  -.ml ' . I'., fl in.  nnd < 'li.i-1  I''- '.iri'lrn ���������������������������!..  I'll.,   .li.l i'. il. Until"  mill  ("In-. I'\ l.linliii.ii I.  t; \.v : r. 'ir 'I   I'mil   Hi"  li ike y li'i-iiJii'-. ni 11 11  fn v liirrird on l>)  I in- -i'il   II. in. .. Inili    ,.!ll  conl iir.ii ,1 l>;  I In--iti I A   W -'inl'i.  i; it ed al '!i I'.-l-l 'I: '. Ml'. I'm-. :':t' 'I it.i} nl  O  Id'n .���������. I. I.i. ('HAS.   J'.i'A   .l.ill'i,  .-joii.'iloi fyl- <'. II. H'lrnc i iml I'll.i,. I''. I,in.hum I  ifi-l:  STRP A t J) Ry pv a qp  ���������y>llJijrLxj������J   iyi)    JT jui'iOJYl!  Wl GOT IN A USEFUL LOT CF     -  o  Sen's Underwear,  Rubbers, Mitts, Etc.  Ontario Apples in Barrel;  -C5i  To buy, develop, equip and operHk������.  The  Orphan tt.-iy Mineral Claini as .situated  about five miles from Gold Stream up 'IVlcCulloch   Creek on the West Fork, or cojn-  monly.known as, Uarrett Creek, and   about   65   miles north, from Revelstoke, J>.C, in  the country, known  as  the   Bi^ T>end   of the' Columbia River.;  with power to do all  0   things usually within the scope of mining' companies.. .    ��������� ��������� -  c Capital Stock seven hundred thousand (700,000) .shares," par  value of one dollar '  ($i)each, fully pa.id and'non-assessable.  Treasury Stock, two hundred thousand (200,000) shares, to be sold to pay Ibr  developmcnt purposes only. * ������ ��������� *   '���������>  This Co'mpnny wiil do a thorough, strictly legitimate mining business, and will  push development of the Orphan Hoy with all possible dispatch.  The Orphan Hoy being a Free Milling and Cyanide property it does away with  all expense of shipping- ore. to be treated or smelted outside. 'The surface showing's  now present, being" of such a high grade, guarantee excellent results and steadily  increasing stock values as development progresses.  Three assays from surface returns weve respectively $6'.'50, $10.00 and $140.00.  A mill test recently'made shows $39. 20.  A limited number of Treasury Shares will be disposed of at 1,5 cents per share  lor first ca.-.h requirements, subject to advance without notice.  F. O. WHITNEY  or   J. W. RASKINS,  BEVELSTOKE, E.G.  "i; ^"Fros;x-cius and  Fngineer's Report sf::it on  application  to Secretary-Treasurer or Manager  Ai  *a  All Kinds of Vegetables, i ' I \J ���������   Hi   \J\J ���������  4SZVa<i. ;i  ^i^KSCfe.  HIGH IN' QUALITY  LOW IN PRICE  USLOiL!.:JJ   iJ:<0   .it    \h/i'.<\\ .yA i, wvn  I ,1. a . ! .  ������ti.,y, j : 1 facfcuror.-; of  TTT������*,'VT      ���������r"' '���������'">   ?*  ~T'y. ���������'  $ust oiptxievL witt-si, i&.rg'e assortment ������i  CAPS AND FURS  1  "TT' e"-*i  li^cI g^f steek Gi  11 ��������� * 'Oa;.  J: ijii;mi inn   I'.iti'iii      "|j      ;!i,   |;.kcf,   Hl,,.riLf  ! '��������� i i    i      . tVl  'It.... ���������' 1 11.1 nt ��������� I- I . ��������� 11  ,\! Mill  iii 1    \(.    I     I I,ml   '.\ li- , I  lid  i   1.if' 1 nut v nl <i' 1 inl ,  ( ' iiui.mi 'I  i - '   ���������.. 11 I '1  'ii    ir.'ii'it.'i I in " I in ( '.in.id.i  M. xJcDODTALD,  ,\^'.'.ii i'i 11 1 l.c .1 ii'.ini^i Yei 1 iii ii .r , .i,l )'., 11,-,'1 <'. .'u in' .11,  Adilicss'  I'O. I; .<   ',', (' tl^.H ���������,, .'.. || 1  .SOU) AT ItKVKiy.TOK,.; UV  IICTCIM.SON  IJi.'OS  MiijLiiJi-.*i.Lv,i������  J������}/-iD iJixiabiJ GOODS.  fy?,   '   :.   rt"-JO. T^jif-y'-.'P. ^       ������������������   ; V'".',"*" ,-". S <-(^:   '- ,-v  D/mE3 iTBIMMIM/m     AED    SMITCY   GOODS.  j-y  m  .���������;]--1:i;L������jJ ti.'A.j*: e>" 0*..",f;;.-] ^ ;-t;j; v/L iil.   -v^.  l -^ m -.   j c  or       .'  "  i  CJncff-O  HI  f'-J  ki���������������ati_c 3>  ^,--���������5     ...      O  Ci       ** '''       i>   t'      b      Et-,sy   ^.:->y    o      t,:.!]'-    ki-..**  y Jy]' Jy & 3   l -'0. **>   .   N" !-'? ^j ������-������=������  ������������������i:...<'     v--jS-'       V.'itf'    Ci-iB ���������<> iv^' c,^iii:E.'i^^_; e-iiii ii?  HSraBBBSSBSKB^^


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