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Kootenay Mail Nov 22, 1900

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Array 1.. *>-***��������� 1  PUBLISHED   EVERY  THTJBSDAT  Vol. 7.-No. 34  REVELSTOKE. B. C, iSTOVEMBEJl 22, 1900.  $2.00 Per Year.  WEoai'Association.  In  aecoidanc i*  will)   I in* deci-do*.;' arrived a 1. liy the  Executive of tli'.' Provincial Giuid He-ids  Association at the  lime of, the holding of  tin1 Good Roads  -.    Convention  in Kamloops last, Septom-  ber, ri general  meeting of  the Associa-  ���������   lion will beheld in Victoria during Ihe  annual session of the Farmers' Central  Institute, which' ha*? ,heen   set  for Ihe  17th of", December  next..      Steps   have  already ' heen   taken   to   organize the  .whole- piovince' thiough   the several  ' Vice-Prei-iik'nts, so  that  there may he  a thoroughly  representative gathering  at this  inooliugpf the  British Coium-  bit?-. Good  Re-ids'Association. i Mi, F.  J. Dean'e. the  President of   the Association, lias   eau^ed   to  be  ciiculated a  letter   to   all   Vice-President? "urging  ' upimylhe.in   l!i"   necessity of  at once  taking t\\t l'h*i' mat t'-r'of local organization. _ willi a  view  to  seeing  the right  kind of a-gathering at Victoria next  month.       '  [n this connection 'Mr. Deane has-  heen in , correspondence with Mi;. A.  W.' Campbell, M. Can. Sue 0. E., Ontario's Engineer of Highways and Colonization Road-, and tlie following  suggestions from Mr. Campbell will-In*  found-very useful by those intoreslhu,'  themselves   iu     11hj     "Good   Road.*."  movement. ���������������  "I am   very  glad   indeed  t.b   kni'ff  that your steps "of   organi/.alion have  been so successful, and  from the interest which in 'various ways has, I find,'  been, ai iiiiscd in  your Province, f am  sure. that,  much   good   will result from  the agitation you have commenced. As  ,to how you "can   best get at lhe. people  throughout your  Province,   it id difficult to say.without a,full k'no'wl.idge of  your conditions and requirements.    In  Ontario, "wc formed  no local associations, but  once  the Provincial organization  was created,, an   arrangement,  was   made   T.ilh   the   Department  cf  Apiculture to have the subject placed  on   the  programme, of Partners Institutes and  the  more, active onesin the'  road  organization   were  placed on the  government delegations, these' largely  covering ihe  Province  at* tlie Govern ���������  nient   expense.      1 inuiediatnly   it was  'discoveied   that  Ilu* agitation was appreciated the Good  Road-' As-noiat'ou  urged   the  Goves nuient   to   cieat.e the  Department of  Roads, of  which" [. am  now the official   head.    My tii st duly  on taking oiViee   was  to get' into'communication a:ld enlist, as faras possible  the  sympathy  and support of Municipal Councils,  Boards of Trad", Dairy  and all other Agricultural assoi iations,  and at'the n quest   of  municipal councils'at once  commenced  a   tour for an  inspection   p.ilh   them   of the i;oiuls in  theit   iliimicipalii v, the  system   under  which tiiey  were  working, and, untl**r  the auspices  of  the councils addressed  inreiiiig') of tin' ratepayers.    This then  made lln- quer-liou 'distinctly local, and  and create, a general interest, in the  question, and a sympathy in favor ������f  improvement as rapidly' as possible,  cousident. wi',h o| her con*iil^iMl.io:i<'.  " In order to do tin--, ir. would lie well  for you to  make use of, all the associations   in   the   Province.     You should'  lmve no diffeully in enlisting the active  support of every organized body, commercial,' industrial   and   agricultural.  Your' present. Depai tinenb of Govern-  rn 'lit in chat go of roads should be used  not only to assist you   in  carrying  on'  this wot k of education but should  follow  up the  practical'end   by   giving,  Kxhihiiions in the different parts of the  province   in   practical  "road    making.  Short sections of a slreetjn towns and  vilhigesj and short sections of.roads  in  the inoi r populous communities should  be made and due  ,iolice. of  this  work  hr given in order that the  people  may  be collected to see the. woi k performed:  ami hear tho different steps explained  by the person  in charge.' These  will  serve a.v valuable; object/lessons   and  will do more than will speeches to  influence the people in doing'their part,  for good'roads. .,  " In reaching your present organizations it will be necessary to enlist,  some of the more active meinbers of  y.mi* association who nre qualified to  1 iy flu: matter before them'. I have no  d wbt these bodies would pay the'expenses of such delegates: if not ,the  government should. The head of your  present Provincial Roads Depai t.ment.  should .ilso be'in a position to address  a number of .these meetings.  ".Outside, of this, you will' have to  rely upon local organizations, composed  of men sufficiently'interested in tli<*  advancement of their locality to  volunteer a lit tie time for that purpose.  One good live, active man, popular in  the community, should  be selected  as  '     THE CHAMBER .OF'MINES.  Il has iigun Aclvertisingrand has Issued  ,   a Circular Letter.  The Chamber of Mines has begun its  active career by inserting advertisements, asking for correspondents, and  by advertising for a secretary, who. e  salary shall he $1,500 a* year. The ' following circular letter has been printed'  and is being sent out all over the mining section of Southern British Columbia :  RossUnd, B.C., Nov. l.'i, 1000.  The mining ihdu-lry  in  the various  mining   districts   of   Southern Br ithd)  Columbia has ..assumed such large proportions that it Ivh Ive-i felt, by many  of those interested, that sum ; concerted effort should be made to.bring'the.se  various   districts   and   their   development   to   tlit notice of  th * principal  financial centres of Great Britain, Continental   Europe,, the    United   States  and Canada, with a view of interesting,  capital   in   their   developm >nt.     The,  great need of  all  mining districts  is  the employment of  capital'in   a largo  way.   and   this   is   especially   true, in  Southern  British  Columbia, where  to  properly develop the mines large capital is absolutely essential..   To. induce  capitalist*   to   invest   in   iniii"S,  their  attention   must  be  directed  to  them,  and  correct and. reliable  information  must b.������ put, before them  from time lo  tiui ���������, in   regard 'to   tho''- development  ed will) them   iu   lh.; f.rr.n i-l.r ir o' ill's  Chamber   of  Mines  ���������i:v   very. ,an\ion ���������  ���������i i ��������� '  to enlist I lie,co-opt- i-.rl io:i of all mining  transportation,   smelling   an'l    miiliu<.  companies and   lh>*ir   representatives,  also all   Boards, of Tiadein Southern  British   Cilumbi.i,   and   individual-; in  aiding   them  to  the  utmost   of   their  powei   in'carrying  out.  the objects of  this Chamber of Mines.    We o'lriu-.-fly  ink you, therefore, lo give the Chamber  of Minos yo'.u   hearty and active support in the carrying out of  its objects.  There will be no paid-officials of  this  chamber  except  the sei-ivl.iry", and all  moneys secured   w-!l be d"voteii lolhe  Micc.-sfiil carrying out of its objects.   ���������  ,BURRARD:S LIBERAL- CANDIDATE.  i r. r *. "1  George R. Maxell Speaks .at th:rVan-  -.    souver Rally.    ������������������  on 'in  the   mines���������-the. tonnage  uhil  lie Migge.<iioiis were drawn,  largely fro.:; a geiier.-.l plan, yet Chey  .appeared to In-dealing wit h tliat particular municipality, and suggestions  made for I I.o change of system and  methods, appealed so pertinent and  reasonable that, in a very short time a  few lty-liiws ��������� to bring about these  changes wer- introduced and carried.  These i-.cre the:' 'used I o good ad van-  tag': in ui g'n'ig others to follow, so that  yon can icnoily appiecinle how comparatively easy it was, in (hi:-, way, to  reach l hi' people and bring ahout tho  changes I am inclined to,t hink, "however, 1 hat with y.i u progress will be  somewhat slower, on account of your  not having so many orga-r'z itioiis  through which to work : am! possibly  it maybe some little time before youi  Government will led justified in creating   n   Departruent  for    this   special  work.  "If appeal's (o me' that your chief  object should be to educate lb- people  in how loads bhould.hu mad* and i ho  economy of do'n ? work ������o far as possible in, a .manner, consistent with tl.e  requirements' of ���������..travel;; what kind of  implements should bo employed in  doing' the wiii-k easily, cheaply and i uttnesl to spiv.u  >Yolli liuw tliwo' sjiiMild be/operated-'"' JLvoads,"  organizer. He should call a local meeting, draw up a few of the faithful and  elect, officers. "Their* business should  be to receivp. and study carefully all  literature on the subject and wherever  an opporlunity presents have a word  to say iii favor of better roads, and  thus pi epare th* ground for the seeds  thnt may be sown laK'r on". They  should arrange for a'-public meeting  once a year in Iho locality, to b-> addressed by some, authority on roads.  They should collect the people' to  wiiness the building of sample pieces  of road; organ'i/," Ihe community for  special appropriations and voluntary  subscriptions of labor or money for improving roads in. the locality, and  ���������renei'.'iilv to receive from and transmit  to the central body, 'all information  that,may advance the cause. Your  vice-pre-ideiits should organize these  meetings, he will no doubt become the  president, and with him should he a  v'ire-president, secretaiy-trea.surer, and  as largo a  commit tee of  management  as   can   be   inlei-e.-ted,    in    order    lo  .identify as many of the. leading men as  possible vvilh the cause.  "The by-laws of lliese associations  should be'largi'ly identical with those,  of tho parent body from whom lirey  should receive a li'bi:ral supply of the  light kind of literature.  ��������������� I would be glad to let yoir li.i ve any  literature which would be interesting  lo you.  Yours truly. ���������  A. \V. CAMi'jiisr.L,.,  Provincial Highway Commissioner.-'  Everyone concerned in the Good  Roads mowmefir. should lake up this  mat ter of local organization hear lily al  once. Any person can ln-come a  member of i he Brit ish Columbia Good  Roads As-ocial i"U up-m a optical ion In  the secretary,. Mr. K. T. W. P.-ar-e. nf  Kamloops,' vviilnnit fee of any kind.  No belter lime for holding a general  meeting could well be lixed ih.in during the session of the Farmers' Cciitial  Institute, coming as it docs wiihin a  few weeks al iim-l of the se<-iou of the  Provincial L������gi.-.lat ure.  It i-; lo be hiqled the matter will In-  laken up vigorou-ly all over the prov-  ince..' Certainly the discussion of the  road'roquireuients of this |>rovince al  a representative nallier ing of those  concerned just, before the meeting ot  the legi.-l.iture cannot fail to be productive of good.  The good roads movement is a  popular one; it. has the endorsement of  all cl.i*-ses of the community, and it is  bound lo effect many needed reform-;.  All that is required L for all interested  lo enter heartily into the movement,  each  in   his   own /locality   doing   hi -  1 the gospel  of  "Good  produced, shipped and treated, the  smellers erected "oi" in course of erection, and generally-such information  as will induce men owning or control-'  ling/capital Id make investigation into  the matters laid before theni.  To' this end au .Association - to-be.  knoivii as "The Chamber of Mine's of  So'.ithern'Bi'itishColumhi " (Kootenays  and Yale) hasalieady been formed.  The undersigned have, been appoint-;  ed to formulate thei objects of the  Chamber of Mines and to'invite the  active and eariirtst co-operation of all  transportation, mining and smelting  companies and individual* interested  and operating in the districts known  as, East and West Kootenay and Yale,  to more effectively carry out its objects  and purposes.  The object* of this* Clumber of  Mines vyill be :  1. To obtain accurate and reliable  information of the development woi k  and the installation of machinery in  each of the mines or claims in*all  camps in Southern Biitish Columbia  and to put it in an alti'activo, form  before mining investor* in these large,  financial centre*.  2. To obtain weekly the shipments  of ore froiA each mine in tliode camps ;  the estimited vilu*'. the smelter to  which th'.* K.-ime has been shipped,  whether in Canada, or the. United  States or elsewhere ; the tonnage that  may be milled or concentlated, nnd  values: the touii'itfo of concentrates  shipped and "vabi", also the tonnage  treated by', the cyanide, or other pro-  cesse--, and valiu".  '.i. This information will be tabulated by the. officers of the Chamber ot  Mines and cabled through, the press  agencies to. London, Berlin and"Paris,  and by A-'S >eiated and Cinadian press  dispatches to tlie daily papers of the  United States and Canada.  4. To piih'.i-ih such inlorm ilinu by a  series of letters fio.nits a vr.-t try to  the leading lin uici ilaud mini i^ p iper.-,  in the vario.ij ce.it re.i of Great Britain,  Europe, United Slate.- and Canada.    ''  5. To bring to the. notice of mining  investors any new camps which in iy  be di-covered, and also to aid in directing the al tent ion of the public to camps,  already established, but which hive  been neglected.  G. To piesent to the transportation  companies operating in the district the  information thus obtained.  7. To promote tariff and other legislation which will lie of advantage to  the mining and smelting industries of  the Province and to aid the Dominion  and Provincial governments in their  efforts to promote these interests.,  The uiidoi'sigiH'd and those, associat-  At thft Li I lend rally   in   Vancouver  Siturday  evening  Coo.   I.L "Maxwell  was greeted vvitli cheers  on   rising  to  speak.   'Iif; was   pleased   lo   see   that  tlie   brass   band     had    not alt meted  all    the    people   to    the   cold .stom',^.  rooms.      (Laughter'.)    Ho   had heard  that llie   man   who   was tto knock the-  jolly out of' him   had arrived.    Tt was.  a great   compliment   ;fo"   him and the  .Liberal labor party tliat the Conservative parly had secured their ablest, but  badly defea'e'i), man   to   help   them in  the   fight.      The .mcient man is foxe.y,  (Gi'Pfit laughter)      lie 'had been-raising   the   rvce   cry tonight, and had a  'great, faculty of  jumbling  up and mis  .stating facts.   ..Hence' thoold fox had  to    he -watched.'     lie  did -nut kuow  what* lin   said   '-Kir did he  mean all he  said.      The,- worst' traitor to our 'country ' was   the   ona   who1' attempted  to  raise'"'up   stiif'-;   among   die diflcrout  races of a country.    (Cheers) '  When,  Sir'Chailys   -Tupper,  or any one else,-  got    up   and   attempted   lu   make the  people. ,.of   this   Province believo that0  they were unpatriotic, he or they were  simply traitors nnd demagogues. ^L'liere  were hundreds .of ��������� thousands of 'hearts  in   Canada   who   were   lOO'OOO.times  more   loyal   than vvas Sir Charles Tup-  pcr, or ���������dio'se   who  endorsed his vie. .vs  (in the racial question.     Tu a few days  lie said he would   give I hem the whole  record'of what the Liberal Government  had done for this country.       H<-'-   challenged F." .Ctrler-Coltou   to publish in'  his    paper    the i ccord of   both parties  and then would   Ik; seen which government, had done lhe miKl for Vancouver,  nnd Barr.ird.       Mr. .Maxwell said  th������  importalioii of   lhe Japanese quest ion  was a plot lo ca-t   ridicule on lhe government of ihis   country.      He   asked  what inter est Mr. Col ton had in asking  that the .Japs should \oie.      That gentleman   had   lepeiietlly   opposed    it.  Who were  defending tlie J .^panose today? asked Mr. .M.ixwHI.    Harris an  Bui  Th? linloipa! (Joans!  The cily cinuicil Miel on ]*'r!d.iy evening will) Mayor Smith, Aldermen Kil-  p.itrick, McMahan and Abra.'i.-iiuson  p'resenl.    , '   '      '     ,  Chief Bain reported having made inquiries into impounding of Mr. Bilker's1  horse being shown locality at which  animal-was found by, boys on Thiid  street. Decided that council in view  of boy's statement cannot refund the  money. ,  , In another coinmunicalio:i Mr. Bain  reportofVfalse firm alarms iu both halls  on the l'")ti) .and lflth inst. Kefeired lo  lire, water and light, conmii!.tee.  The fire commissioner reported having located all hydrants and street  lighls in city, finding 21 hydrants,and  o3 lights.    A list showing locations has '  and  there   is   a  [���������hiiii   shop   nomcwheri!.  laiiL;liler.)   .  When    the  Jap-'   in   xole   c.'iiiii:  "' upper  lo   \nl<  Sir   tJharlos  an'l' ol her  li'iidin^  present,   bui.   nut  c  lilll!  (I^om rs of  bill to allow  iu lhe House  ������l.    Prior and  Coiisei v,at iv es were  one of lhem had  opened his mouth. Mr. Cotton may  be it \fry cute, and tricky politician,  but'wheii Carter CoVlon was put beside Sir W'iifrid Luii ior. well, there is  no coinp-uisoii. (Croat lam,dil< r.) Mr.  Max we.ri sail lie won!.I deal with lliis  quest ion later. He olnM'.l with a wind  nf vv irniiig to ihu elci-lois, lh it > no  -,'i'e.r |i*r niistake cosil-l I a* ulitde. than  fur Vancouver '.o e!ei:l. an oppnMl ionist  tu the Liurie.r gov e.iriumiil. He in^ed  ili���������in to rise aud siy .tliss must, not be.  ft should and would be Liberalism,  progress, goo.I   and   prosperous   lime*;,  been handed to city clerk.  F.  J.   Deane,  secretary  lo the commission, requested for use of the Royal  Commission lo ennuireinto the subject  of Chines *. and ,Japanese  immigration  into  British  Columbia, information as  follows:   The number' of, Chinese and  Japanes_e now  resident.within the city  limits.     Increase, if  any, within   the  past   twelve  months  of" Ibis,, class  of  residents.   , Revenue   obtained  by lhe  city from Chinese arid Japaneso.sources  of said revenue, ������nd;unoiu.t then of up  to September oOlh nil/ Occupation:; of  Chinese and Japanese  resident within  the city  limits.     Special  reports from  .the cily medical henlth 'officer aud city  "saiiitaiy inspector regarding conditions  of   Chinese .,and   Japanese'within.the  city limits., Such other information us ,  in the opinion of the city council   may  he of service to tlie Roval'Commission.  Ceo.. S.    McCarter,   city    solicitor,  wrote as  follows:     With reference to  the  letter of Mr. R.JS.unson, refer red,  tome  for opinion   by lhe city council  .at the last meeting.     I beg to say that  as the court has held that the sheep in  question were illegally impounded and  the * fees   collected'from Bi'itus'&Co.,  without   any   color, of   right, it is hut  proper   that   the   amount received hy  the cily, vi/.., $t'J.ot)should be refunded  to'Mr. Samson.     Mr. Samson has been  ' < , , ���������.  held   to   have   exceeded   his power as  pound   keeper   in    impounding   these "  sheep and   therefore he has no niorl or  legal   claim   upon,  the  citv   to   be recouped foi' the costs which he has been  called upon to pay for his Lack of judgment and   inability   to properly   con-  si rue lhe. meaning of a by-law which is .  quite clear1 in its requirenienls and free  from niubigiiily.     Any money appio-  p'riated by  the city for any such, pur; ,  pose  would   be illegally spent-and the  members of lhe council voting for such  an   expenditure   would   render themselves personally liable to refund such  ] I money,to lhe oily.     As  lo lhe costs of  n, |!,(. I an appeal   f do not think  the council  need   bother   lheir- heads   .about thnt  iinittei its Mr. Suinson  has already ������ol<  lied the claini and  cOi.ts with Burns L  (Jo. and J.- between then, the mailer is  alaiiciid.     The   by-jaw in question i.������  quite in accord   with I he powers of the  council   as   defined   by   the Municipal  Clauses   Act and  is lhe same as other    ���������  pound   by-laws   in   British  Columbia,  and as stilted by   (he judge at the trial  of   this   case, fill   that  is  required is a  little wrn>c   to  be  exircised in the ad.*  niiiiNlralioii   of  il and it will he found  lo be. no burden ou anv one.  Fire   Brigade   No. 2 Mihmill.id aie-  oiii'st for a   hut  vvaii'i" lank iu fireball  1 i  t,o have water for washing hose, floor,  ��������� lo. in uiuli'i" season. Al-o a sleigh,  "which we must have id once" for  hauling the-hose  in winter, as Ihe old  l/iirrier. M ixwell and the. mint all  I ho. ' one given bv   Bomr.e   IJro������\ has practi-  11111".  (J re it   checiiiiig   followed   Mr.  Maxwell iis In icsuiiio.ii his seat.  Thor." will be ii meeting of lh" supporters of Mr. W. A. (liillihei, Iho  liberal candidate, in Iho coininitlee  rooms, Taylor block. Macken/.io avc.,  on Manday evening next al S o'clock.  .1. II.. Ilawlhornwaile vvill contest  Nana.imi.) riding l'.-r th-* prov iucial  b'gi-ilalur'c   iir I'!)-������������������'"bye-ole'cl ifin  to  fill  lhe 'vacancy caused., by die resignation'  of ll.ilph Smith, as a labor c,ain>idato.  rally fallen lo pieces.    To look into (he  j matters   of   ladders   for - I he ' brigade,  jUefi't'ii'd  to   lire, Witter and light coininitlee.  Moved and seconded by Aid. Kilpuf  rick and Abrahamson lhat the city  assessor's lime I'or returning the assessment roll of Ihe cily of Revelstoke to  I his council bv. extended two weeks.  Carried.'  A by-law lo ���������.,;riu������-nd ..by-law No'. II, of,  file city of  Revelstoke, eiililjod" Fire  By-law   No.   11, .1SW," received three  readings (ind was passed.    . THE K<3Qf BNAY MAIL.  y&  'i  i  PUBLISHED ;liv'lfipY.Tii^KSPA)f  y.y'yTtBYEisTO^, B.0yyy  ��������� -���������������������������yyy-^IJy:^  ���������://' PubLish's;: dxp PnpeiUK'i'oi'Y,���������./.  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SEASONABLE"KATES.y/':;y-y  Kiyilit Grill I'tconi'Jii connection for the  conveiiiericeof giie^ts: arriving and departing by'iiiglit, trains--, y Hourly,street  ���������car between hotel iiiiriytution.       ,   ��������� i,:-- :  ������ssMitiMEl^i  Established 1836  ricorp6ratecly1895y  ���������:;:;::;Y':Daw|oii^Y':,^.'yTd^  ''  ":T"'  IJtPORTKRiS dNDdoiWrcKS 'OF  Xi  -,'������������������.- ���������.������������������'  -,���������".;.,.  .~~ry.~y~.y^ : y...... ��������� ������������������ -..;... }���������'���������������������������'���������,���������������������������..      .���������.-���������-.: ���������.   -,-...-.-:.,'..  ���������y.v.yy,-,..,.���������-.���������������������������.��������� ���������,-';..;-',',;:������������������'.'..        ���������:.,,'-������������������  ueniai, niiiiience or.uie  ii'iuv m ui-uu,. .=.������������������ ;,Li'bn,   .Stt'e.l,oUli^^aiiVts-:"Oi'l^y?M������ '^'"^iin-i-y^"^-.?^^;'^?^  ���������ovWtu-poffcYin-s'dh.^  nbuthynndliin'gs; till yvhli w:itoi', jalyl he    tl?Vi!rOiujsiv Cnfri I'ac  iillkS.'i ���������..,..-        ���������,,, ��������� ���������,.���������':.'.:���������".*:������������������.',   .. ./-..������������������   , .y-:���������:?.-. r,:-; ^'',s,.;....:;.,,,yr.���������;;i���������^ :,.-  ,i>���������,,,,-rf'.,: iriv.vi;c.l. l^.icn: Y- . 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'.lAj'ircs ld.i,to*r;'(Jen'oral iMiinagei*       v ,   \ ��������� -    ,'     y.  vAibyyWc'AW'V-Ak'yyyyy;���������:���������:���������'. :  ��������� y   ;;; ,$2,170,000,  RESatRVK : ���������: -,.'��������� '-d-yy-y .:-���������:���������- ,-y\'. .,:'d   ;      . y-'.'yy ''.,1,850,000,  1   , {j'jiicrul.liiuikinK linsiness Ininsidlo.i;   rnfercstnllowcil on dcpositsnl;���������ciirro.iit-.i'iitw.'.  J; Dd MOLSON,-Mana^r,  3YELSTDRB,v;B. 0.  w and ;Tfie!ic  ,,,,,,,'d,, i:.,.,    V'*; -red ilu-ii when every <renllon),iin  fe-ls J,l)������������n--  i.xrei.lhini-llvdlvlidi i.n.l vvd|.|^ul-l.o-el her suit ol ������������������(���������lot Ik*.   1 he oocaHoii  :-,.',���������'v  lie  a   we������l.'!ii������UMt ro(;<'jit ion,   a  journey s or some ^ot her_ iinj.orlant  !',������������������,linn. ' 'i'},,.,,  js  |'],,..��������� timi* .to.iiv'oid, ;i chai'ice.fit. *  "nlMiveall. others, lii -ive I he order to ine.  That is the time  WI LSONdTlie Tailor.  & the kootenaydmah;  ^.c.-3>.e.^'D.J,.������Kg>^.������.^.t^>...<$>.,.<J>...^>.,.<{>  <������*������������������<������  t a TEST  I OF FRIENDSHIP  *>  Story of tho Slatabclc  ilibiiiS In South Africa.  ' V By Colonel P���������. S. Baden-Powell,  <j> tlio Hero of Hafekingr.  ������.0.ft,.9.'.  ^���������'���������^���������" *-"-v^  O'C^.C . .������  4>  '  a  t  4  ,$. ,-$"6.(������;...^>9.^>.o������S>...<5..������.|>  Vv'e had boon out on a two day-<' reeon-  noi^-.'iiico, G**6r-.,o Giirbett and I, and  were 'unik'nijr the he.Bt of'our vny to rejoin lhe Fori Salii-bury column, which we  oaioulatod to iin-1 at llio upper drift of  the little Iu.Viili river. u ,1-int our horses  w.-ie jii'i'ily' well done and wo were not  iihle (-) lii.dco tlio protfr'Gh.s wc had hoped.  Evening was ah'ead.v drawing on when  wi* found oui'M-lvyes .still somo 1- or ]5  mihs from our p;iint. And on thai open,  rolliii.ii veldi, v.iih nothiii.ic but the slight  (r.'ii'k lo-r ;riii'ilo one, we bad agreed that  llie *-:ii"osl vv.i.v wars not, lo iry and push  niionil in tho dark' so", twilight being but  fi short entr'acte hero in Africa. George .  and -1 were already beginning to look for  a .s:iii,)!)!e spot lo make our bivouac for  the uidit.   '  Slid leiily ho -exelainiccl:���������"Heavens!  Tliore' tl'.e.v are."    ,  1 s'iw nnihing," but lie had eyes like a  hawk, and I always trusted him "to see  tilings, w|>;!e 1 received his reports with  a:i inv fii-iiible eahnnoss, which, I-li.ittorod  myself, couuloi'lialanced bis usual iin-  ir-lnou-. eager haste.  So (,h lliis occasion I merely rciiiiirUpil,  s   r.i Mm*   ;i   ease   for   'hurrah'- than  !" lie. reiilicd.    "It's not the  I see; it's a lot of niggers,  "I  '1-cnvii;*-.' I ihink."  "V.iu idiot,  'column i!;.;l  lung th.-iu! Right in our pall), loo, vv;iit-  i:ig for r.s. ili'i'e, wo had heller got out  of'i his."'  And a--; wo whcrli-cl our horses sharply  r.'iiuiil sovei.;)I "'.lalabelo bonds popped up  .���������nii-iiur' tin- s!;i������s aud bowlders of llio  lough giound over which wc wore I lieu,  traveling���������much nearer to us than lhe  fi.st Ih:il lie had seen. .Wc could oven  r e gif-o ilr:* iinf.uv of their headdresses,  cif vvliitli ihere were two or ilirci: varieties, i.nil hence we gloiiuc'd that several  regir.u ni.s lay close hy.  < And ro wo caiiterod off with the idea of]  nirikiiig a wide detour, to work ''round'  their (lank a;:d*lorregiiin our road, if possible, l-eymil ihoiii. '  n it in llio iiii'iuitiiKO we meant to ascor-  tain iill wo coul.l'about llieir srronglh and  p-ob.-Jdc iiKentious.  TlK-re is soniell.ii.'g of delight in lhe  shock of shiprise in coming suddenly  i.p sin.'iu < iieii.'.v. -It is iitf its way not unlike ;i | I'.uige ir.io cofd water and its'in-  v'go:n;ii'Lr rii'ier eli'octs. Fur a -moment  llr> li art liiflilrn-i,'and then from -Vlirod,  drag'-ding crra'iuv you are suddenly  tiarivf./r.ncd'ir.io a. mail endowed  vvilh a  I  many Minutes later we wore well beyond  pursuit.  For aa hour or more I steadily nips?"(l  along, keeping n stnvdit coi:r-e nvi.iy  'j'om the cjiejny, nnd '.hop, tinning iu lire  direction of tho ooutheni Crors v-.-hyh  now was hcfiir.ing bright at!)wait i'".o  sky. once more 1 headed toward llio probable lino uf our main force.  All this time poor George L.t.1 n-'neii-  cnlly lcinninod v.nconsiious. Now ar.d  again he would rouse him.soif rind then,  with a qu-'vorint- cry, fall back into lidip  in.-ensii;iiiiy. i  I had reined into a v.r.lk and ��������� had got  him more comfoitabiy rosio'll in iny aims  when coiisciousiie.-ts nt Ir-iigth reiiii'jie-'i to  him. but his anguish was evidently .*;:i  bearable. His t'oimer sick in-en-ibiiily  was boiler far than thi-. later liain of  torture, .spasms mixed willi deep groaned  cui.'-os. At fJrsM'C held, out maufuily,  ,aud. gnawing the end of my wallet snap  between Lis ieelh, ho faced llie pain: '.eii  n.".(iire could not s!ai:d it long, and thirdly lie-begged me ju.-.t to dinn iiim who; v.*  wo wore. ���������   .  Al first 'I refused lo di.-mount and  pointed out lo him the danger that our  foes niighl still bo bunting on our track,  , and hiipjiily ouco more ho swooned away.  I>nt it did not last long. Once more ho  woke to consciousness anil pain, and this  time ho ordered mo so or.inesliy 'lo lay  him down thai, coining to a rocky donga  in which a small spruit gurgled invitingly, I halted (bore .-iiid,,dismounting, lowered him as gently as I could upon tho  ground. 1 gave him a sup of whisky  iiiid wider from my llask. and after knee  haltering Toulon lit ti small (ire in tho  hollow of the rocks and put tho' billy on,  to boil somo soup.  And then I turned on George to try  to dross his hurl. I'obi* chap! His oyes  wore open, but evidently without 'intelligence, and Quick drawn sobs showed''  how I lie pain was'-rackmi,' hiin. Ripping  up bis blood soaked broec-bos, 1 saw by  tho feeble glint of (iiolight enough'of  tlio mangled thigh lo show how boneless  ^  i-'i  tu,     .-"--^   ��������� - -  h-j  &~\:\ ������������������  _, ���������-tovi     h--1  i&^yf\  i -    i-1  i \  ������ *  k  /Si/P-y  <x.\  ������������������.T-i; ?a  J,  't.  \-k M m ii\ , u      tc^s?  ."*,T  ���������-���������-i^V  ^���������v:d-i.v  s.y-fr,.-, ,\\\-..'������������������-..\  i\  A  Y-.?  :/- '���������  ���������':'������������������ rr  *W3Wji  *!?���������..>Jr  J*-a ������- *;  Y:\--^  <&*&  *$$y&  ^ 'I rV*  rt       ' r  '<  '���������'/-.' -J  *.'������������������? & i-.'is  ^.ji.       y-j \s tX     ii-flii v \.j  your Calendars,  ILUu  <.a =i 'ipC\ Q  C-j������.������>.'- -   -  y^yy -\.JX  tv *>  t, ���������' A ;',  r  t    5l  E ; i  nme "go aar ir-.     Wg  assortment  I--,  ��������� r,  ��������� VvW V   v./  rr  p'jp^*5,r*i  d.-~j  a  :*,  >  ������$������v  *B  l o Ti-'r^oi  v^.L  V *t  V* 'J- f^  '--i'--c:,/v  ^Mvi  v^if'A  "!?]���������  '. u  i-     -r-i;'  1  -4  ���������iv^.x-;  .11(1 111  fn*.-h llow.'.f life am! keenness,  iioliin; i.'.en ag.ii:i>l men, lliore h> sin ox-  ' cireii'.rni s;kIi as iran^conds anything one  f.el- w!:i'*i '< oii'endiug with a more wild  animal. I'or hgniiisl you you 'have allied  all lhe cruelly and cunning o.' -ho boil's I,  coujiled vvilh iiio human intel!i..'onco nnd  :*.n :tpl!tiiih' for iigliling ;is grof: as if not  greaii-r ilian yoiir own. ,     -  So it  was with George ami ;ae.    I"|ut  on our meltlo, our fatigues wc.-j forgotten, and we proceeded with a^i alacrily  to, investi-mle   more   nearly   ill*   enemy's  disposition.     I'm   in   doing  su    vo  soon  ' saw enough lo make us consult our own  p:es-ent  safety.    Al one point il deed we  nearly ran into a parly of them, ivho had  crept  rapidly down a donga wh'i the intention of ending us off. but just in ti:i:c"  we   viewed   tbeni,   and   as   wc   wheeled,  nb'uit  and galloped ,o('l" wo wore sainted,  hy a shower of assagais.   Luckily for us,  wo  were  just   beyond   their  range,   but  (he ringing sra'to and clutter as (hey fell  ii'moug   ihe  sioi.es   had   an   ugly   sound,  more so oven (Iran the banging of the few'  rille   sliols   whose   builds   whistled   high  ni.il   harmless   overhead.   .And,   dodging  in ar.d out among the stones, wo cauler-  cd off, laughing at our escape while still  the same dropping shots were fired as in  Bululc.  I wns riding slightly iu advance when  suddenly 1 hoard a crash behind me and,  turning, saw poor George's horso pitch  hoavjly forward on its head, half rolling  ovoron its rider. Tho final parting shot  had struck it.. Through tho twilight 1  could sec the agony in poor George's face  'nnd oyes, and as the horse, in its convulsion, rolled back off, him ho tried to raise  himself upon his hands, but dropped  down lint, insensible.  I turned bade to him, slid from the saddle, aiid. Ilin-ing the reins over old Toulon's head, in a moment I was on my  knees beside hiin, Ho was evidently in  n bad plijdii ��������� his horse dead,shot through  the neck ji^ il had turned to pass an ant  heap, and poor George himself injured (o  nn extent which I only discovered when,  on passing my arm bolvvoen his logs to ���������  raise him on to my shoulders, I found  him blooding from a crushed and broken  thigh.  As I approached my horso with my  burden (ho old brute (ossod up his head  nnd, not liking my appearance, begun,  for (he first time in his life, to work anxiously away from mo. For a moment it  .looked as if he would break into a trot  and (hen into a wild, senseless en liter,  nnd my hoiirt sank within mo, but luckily (ho drugging reins caught under his  foot and jerked hiin back to reason and  obedience. Shouldering my poor friend  on lo tho pommel of the saddle so that  ho lay face down across tho wallets, I  mounted and headed away into the friendly darkness which was now gathering  over the veldt. In spile'of the horror of.  the situation I could not help for Iho'mo-  nienl comparing it all to (he fun known  ns (ho "Zei'ebii nice" Gymkhana sports.  A l\>w shots wore lircd us wo cinloiod  laboriously away, and within a minute I  could boar the bloodthirsty "chutrgir' cry  ;f the Miilnbele as (hoy weul lo work on  (be (load horse willi (heir slabbing assagais. ThN, like a carcass thrown to  wolves, most luckily delayed tlioni'iiinl  ffiivo nje ju;t the fcturt I wanted, ijud not  jagged ends of bono could never be so  bound as to stand tho move'and jolting  of the horse. Wo could not rest hero  long away from food and friends and  close b'osido the,, enemy. His ghastly  pain put such a'thought into my head as  made -my bolter mind recoil in horror,  and yet-  Just then he .spoke, but iu a voice .1  . hardly knew for his..  ','Il's no good. James." Lc said. "I'm  done for (bis time, eld chap! And I  couldn't have dreaded moyo pain-about it  than I'm id'Hing now. 1 want,.you, old  boy, lo���������to be my good old pal lo tho  hist���������nnd���������help mo out."      ',   ���������  I shuddered that ho had, almost read  my thought, and ho gripped my hand.  "I've  not  had, a  gaudy  time  in- lliis  world, and I don't suppose I should over  have improved on it'much.    I suppose it  was partly my own I'aidt.    I  feel nn desire to carry it on.    My people oxpocled  and  wauled  mo  lo do greai   things.    I  preferred the veldi.   Thai is my only re-  grot���������not   iho   veldt,   no:   Ihere   I    have  boon   happy., but   my   selfishness���������that's  what hurts mo now,    1 .wish  i had done  a bit more for other chaps in my time.  Only,see now, when it is'loo Ian*, what  a useless lump  I've  been.    Hut  ii's too  late (o cry over spilt milk now.   Only ia i  end  (his  as  soon  as   I   can.     Now,  old  friend, just get your revolver.    I'm longing Coy it:    Oh,   for God's sake"- ,  lie  groaned and again ihoppeil in;o a swoon.  Ah, the miserable tension of my indecision!   Though he had prayed me I'.'.r it,  I could not bring myself lo do the iliiiui  he wauled.'   I relhcied how, even if'he  wero  found   by   fiiends   wiihin   ihe  next  few hours, which vvas moie than improbable, it would not noces-aiily mean  tlie  saving ol\his life, and meantimo ho would  have to, drag on  in  this awful'ngnny,  And oven as I pondered his pain wrilli-  ing had given a sickening twist tp  lhe  - limb.    I waited no more.  I kicked upo lhe lire for a belter light,  I, put the muzzle lo his .temple, steeled  my heart, ami iu a moment his'pains  wore ended by thodhand that would have  given itself tb save hiin.  Happily no time was given me for reflection,, for my horso, standing on (he  donga bank, nt lliis moment gave n snort  of alarm���������not at the pistol shol: ho was  'too old a campaigner to notice lhat���������and  he   stood   siiho'.:ett-d   against   ihe   stars  fire. Theie was a feeKng rai-n-r ihan a  sound of rnvimi*::! on the'veldi beyond  In a few rci" ::.!.-��������� 1 was beside him. and  while I loused hi:> hue" bailer ami tightened his giiliis I c;. hi I.ear ihu rallh-  as of the wooden uocldo's and (be gnu re'  powder rdsks of aimed i.:r:i miming. A  moment more ami 1 was on his back  nnd dying for i.:y life, Tl'.e .Malabela  had either followed c!<. ely on our nark;  or ;i new pniiy h:id.bii-:i minuted by um  lire.���������Loudon Mail.'  ^5*$V~i*  fit  (:  6.,v-  *->< \\ r~  k  :"'. v  "    A* * r/  y &V-  ,    w-vd,<^// !'i\VC"- ;^A  ^*  are*.'prepared tb cio alF'kinds  job��������� printing1 at reasonable prices,,  .carry a complete 'stock-of paper  all classes - of "commercial work,   ' -Give  us a tnai,  "F  l      ^k.*-4 ).-  ���������; ,y  -  ���������������������-f if- -2^  .       *?*  t?t  tjl lit  ^dy^*^K*mmk ^������#  ������ fit  .tit  - ^-'fd#>  ������*'  ���������   *#*'&  H*  # *.������*������*  &i*'  t'H  'f|*  4'i *  ������'*  IOT  f-W|0fl''fl|  .    ���������.      .     REVELSTOKE,  iy   .-^   S   t).   ->   .3.   o.   .-;.   .)'.   ?,.   i^     jj.   ^;   jjT ii   .A   3: ,^r   j.   5-   ������.   ?,.   d.   ^-.   .*);   ;,:   Si.   -;.   rs-   v-   -:���������   ���������$���������   -������   -)���������   -J    -j-   ���������"*���������   ������      ���������*���������   ���������>���������   -a-   '������ a.   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PIssIo & Slocan Rcilv/ay  1 (i  PiissoiiDfor train for Snn.loii unil way staUons  leaves Kaslo nt, 8 run.; daily.) nt urning. lenves  Saiidoii at, 1.1.3 p.in,, arriving-at, Kaslo 3���������5j p.m.'  .OOBAN ^STEAMSHIPS  Ecyal alall Lines.  Ciicapcst Eoutc to tlio OJd Cour.liy.  .     ALLAN I.INJi-J'rcm ilentrcal  j N'*imi(iMii         -             -      -      -      -       O: f.CO  1 CorinLlii.ii*.    ;---,..    I'iirNinn  - -      -      -    ' -  Tunisian   I  HOMIXION LINK-Ficrn JTonlrcftl.  Viiri'-nuvcr -  Doiiiiiiioo  L'aiiibrom-i'.)  JJKAVER LJXK-From ilontrcnl  > ov  :f  10  al.  Oct  ���������20  Nov  :i  iu  1.  .Oct.  '-"0  Xov.  ���������>  **  9  **  1G  **  >/���������>  THE  CHOP!STin3,  Tlicro'o a lit'!-.' Iraivl of ������in.^!3  Kv -iv  c-.c.ri',' i.'j::.cm ri'i.l ln*.'_'rr*  Niitli di' v. la.ii.v. ct i:.y rui;.!!,'1 ia tho trees,  Air.I v.i.li i!.,i-!i ihey r.ii--? tlrtir voices,  Wlnlo ilu ^uii'i-via;; iri ;iii r^'joiciB.  Aa'.l tlit- li-.ivos j'jia in llio tlionii with die brje-zc.  Tina ih.* iv. -.a'.viin^ s:ars come out  To ciijiiy lliv inei'iy rout,  Aiid tl'v* .=-jiii',-uN ia;r.������e tli:m,'elves upon a log,  An.l tin* Ineiiifs f.iini-h li~l;t.  Ti.ai ilicy i.-.*.J llieir' notes nrisht���������  The l.i'.tulicl, tin? cricket aaJ the fio-?.  All llie night I h.enr them sin-ing;  T!irou;li r.i;. land tl.cir uines ar.-* linjrins���������  Sirni:!"  -;r iiiusic* ftraiilrt  from  Mother Nature's  li-.irt;  Ni'vv ilu l.-ityi!i'l ant! or'ck-.-t  Kiom liie ci( i [i of .voiiflci- tl irhft.  Then lln.* Cio,-il;in.' ire-,; ott vnn.lci c'ronco his part.  Ily and !���������.��������� the mcon appear =,  A- tin* miiii'.i-'lit ii.iv near--,  Ami li i siiiiloj di-i'i'l the lo.vv'ririfr mist :nd ioz:  "i il 11 t!'|- irr'.l!. ii .it iu luisln.  Anil i!i..i  i! a sr, n.c- r.i *: i���������  llie liJl.ulidi ilie ciiekct nnd the frotf.  -���������Ati'iaU C'CDStitUtioil,  l-'ir.-l.class sluup<.T.*i on all (ruin-,  Tourist Cars  l\i^-- novel-tola* IM ily for SI, Pun I.  l-'r iila,v< for Montreal iui'1 I'o-lon.  Sniiilriys and \\'efliie������:lri.vs fm'T.ii'onto.  Iii*]".'ovc'fl ei nneelin;,'  l   lj i t : i   J.  '.TV  iee loriiid from  COUNTRY.  ���������sintcrnatiorial ir.ivir;.?.4I^n r.iid Trncljns  Cossyany  Opoi'.ilini; on Kc.r Icnny l.alie anil Uiver.  8.S. rxTiinvATioNAi. Iciivcs K;i-.!n'for NcImiii  al (! run. (lailv cxr-i-ni Kiniilay: rel i.i'niii'.*, leaves  NeNon at, l.Iid p.in.. i-allin^ ill ralfonr, I Hot  Knv. AiiHWOi'lli. end all vv.iy poinis: (���������'.���������iiirucl.-  willr S. V. & N.'l.r-.iin Lo and from Spokane, at  Kivo Jlilo I'olnL  Jjni'dc-^nnar.ri Bi vision  A.Mi'.i'!.   Al.ilKilTA.  PlciimiT APie-.'l.-i, leave-' aii-Io for l.ardo and  Ari-enliiiil S'-'M p.in. Vv'cdne-da.v s-.  ) Lake Mo-ran tic   J uku Superior -,     -  I.al-.o Ontiii-io ��������� .   -  JIontfoi'L     -      -'     -      -  Lake C!*an.plain    -      ���������    . -  ' Passeiicrors tickelcd thioti^-li lo all parLs cf  fli'Ciit r.riiain anil Ireland, and at specially low  rali*-, to all pari* of  the European  cont'riern.  Apply to nearo-t, r.iihvnv or sUanr.-hip agtnt or-  lo  T.  X.V.  'ZllATiZ'SlAV/.   AKcnr.   Rcvrlstckc.  I   p-'in-ijiii! l,ui-lin-.>   in   lrolli  , iitlier i.oiirls v\ P.cii .-iunallod.  S'li'iimers e.ill al  ilii'ei.'iiuiK. and al. ntl'i-r 1- .  TioUel-xold l'n all lioii.l^ in   ('.���������inadrr and L.ie  United Stales. .  To   ad'erla'.'i   iv.Idh   an-.!   frill    nifoniinlioii.  address  1) -n.v T'JAT.S  I'cvo'hl iko  ].t\ oVioi^o  ���������. I'M :  i:on!:i;T ikvino,  .Manager, Kn-do, I!. <^-  Toaii'l fi'':.". -"ol 'ii.iy I'jinl-!.  ileveKloko       , rr.T. 1!J.K  i"i'  ole-. tlelcel*  ;-,  1-1 fl  11  infnv  Million apply  .'.f;i  ::!. UcVi.-Nio  \,C.  or  J.  CGYLE.  \v.  V  . AN  DSRSON.  /.  . a. P. A.,  T  P. A.,  V.v  .:otivci-, D  C,  Ne  loon, B.C.  I I '1 ��������������������� />*'  ili-inrsoiilsKnvipiiOii'Co. L'd  A".A  Meo'lic  (T- f<  WiMiarel, .Ji'.'.iea-.i and Hkaf,rvvay  1 -iivd Vicloiia  r-yory V/oiinsscifl*/ at 0 p. ir..  aivl A'nneon vcr  r-vory rt:7vi:'pAa:r at 2 p. m.<  PleaiiKTs for N'orlliei'n  Mriii-li  Coirmiliia, port.-,  l('*a-,e Vidni'ii- and Vancouver weekly.  Kale.-', etc., ou ap*-lienlion In  (',. S. ]!.\XT 'P.  fii'iiRi'iil Pa^st'iiyei- Agent,  Victoria, B, C.  UUiiuL  bi'  Iw&il'hiiliLtll.  In  llio  K.-l-ile of   llie. Kiioleiial\,I.':;ii!)-.-,* Ci.ii-  p;iny. I.imitid l.iabiliiv.  .I  Piir.-'iiriiil lo tlio ".('nditur'- Trn-i li'uN.-n  and Amending Afts" nut ic-x \< i;i,-, n i i-���������t i i i-  Kooleliay laiinliei- 0,iinp,uiy. I,irn::ov! l.i.i'.:': l; .  vvlio-e plai-o-i of bii-ini-.^ai'i'a: I Iio i-'fy i.t \ n-  I oriii and al (''iinapliv. !'.('.. (i.i- !-y .i.i .'I .':. ii il  ."i-ii da j of O.-l'iii.'T. .IWi, ii -^t.<-i',-.i ;i i J :h(-i'- ������������������������' ���������  sulia! e.-lale. cn-dil- and 1c*(!".,< I- vvhi.li ltr-vii;  -ei/ii d itnd '-.ild niiile ���������< *:i'!-;ii-'<'n. ;,':,: m': I | ; ;,'  ri ill eslale lo .Ii.lin l-'ii. lii-rn- lit ii,'.-',���������!( ! i.'c  cily of \'.'iii"-iii:v er-. II. ('..���������!��������� i Miii..;ii t-i i i-t  for I l-c fir ni-iiii licni-ili of lh-'���������(���������;������������������<! ii.--, * ! -. ],  deed vvn j cm ciiIi <1 liy 11*,:-, -a. ! !.'���������-. 11 i..i.\ l.'-m-  lifi* ('oiu) any, l.iirriicl .'.i.il.i'.i- ��������� ���������- i!.'.-i!;;.:  day of <),'i"in',-. ni,'i.-fd .!. :,i. '{ ^. <y. ;k-;:,;;.  well on ill': '.'���������: Ii (la;, of <', i >!,lt, I'.l n.  Cl'i-dilo"-.e I ir: l'v..r ti'i,,i;,   I :.-ie,'-.'-- ''��������� !:������������������ ;.r:; ,  Liniiied   Ij'.iihiiiiy  iv-e  :���������:--:;-.ii < d   to   :��������� .    i"���������.-���������.  clailn.- V.il !i I 'r' l r isl( .-,   p".',.(|   ;:.,    >i '��������� ' .  llie Ael. si itin'j; l!i" --. i"i-- ti--.- i.cld !���������; i: i :���������.. ��������� ���������.  Ol'bofo''e I In- (la." of lin-i'i i, i; o1' <���������;���������;-,'.;';.) - v ������ .  i-lroix-'i.v calU-d for I's-'-l iv' !.-,, it;.,' . .-.' - \- ��������� .  ciiihcr. iil.i'i. a: 'J "'.) r.'i lot 1.- ii ia :. * . ��������� :-'. ���������  fill'said .John Fi '.ic;; ��������� !iei i.-.-p. .V .' . ?':��������� .  li in.",-Si i ed. Vim." i-.vi r, 1'. V.  Al'l; 1* Uie ii,.'e oi ! l.r --||.| inci i::'.;_- 1 Ji-- *���������-������������������---  wiil j l-( t: eii I.i iK-i in,a.'.- ! I'i- a.s i .    -j1.   :   ,.;  O'l.ile null n." iho   en !;t--:\- -niit; -!   i -  m'.i...  1,living rc'Miii  railv '.n li.i-c'.i'ai-< - -    -  -   .."  (hen ha-n..l ie.-. ;,nd   !i \V. i, ���������: "i ���������':: ,' ;   ,.i   ���������-'..  *.aid   date   !'-):���������   i'i,-  pivc i 1- it" i'.-   --,'*���������   :  e*-l.'ife oi'.-iMy i> ir I  l!ii.-;'"if ��������� ��������� ('r-l* :'���������       '���������     ���������   ���������  t'lvdrlor  of   vili-i-e   olai'ii  !.-'.. 1    ���������    ''..,!  llie iini'-oi i h-Cdi'-li il);,;ii n ;!., ,-,-. r.  Ditlcd Kith ,',-n ..f <��������� :   !,..���������. ,\   ir, !." .  IIOWAitD .1. !<L':-'CAS\  .*>''ii ifa-i iii ;-i-'t: i.-( L. Va:i,'(i;;vor.  d-'iiell')!, for tlit Ti-i-t.'t;  %1 THE KOOTMAY MAIL  9  ^-^���������^^tt^tt-^tf--^^.*^  $ DO NOT FORGET  9  lhal if  you want Lo get a -^  first class, assortment of      Jj  .9  - tf  .9.  | TOILET  9  il-  9  I  9  '������<���������'  .9.  ������<���������'  9.  '  tf  9.  ������<���������'  ���������������.  /(<������������������  9  9.  I  PERFUMES J  WATERS  BRUSHES OF  ALL KINDS  I  .9  i  9  r  9  it  and   all    toilet'- articles, g  Yon can got tlie very best (|  9.  I  at the  I Canada Drug & Book Co  Revelstoke   Station  ' &h&&K^&&P)&&&&^K'&*>&*>Ur*  LOCAL AID PERSONAL BRIEFS  Skate   sl'ra'ps,   all  Dnitf & Bonk Co's. ,  si7A*s,   at' Oiinadii  o  G.   (J:   Know! ton,  of   dblileii,  is in  town.  '    Mrs.  \V. J.  Law caine in from Ve;;  non Sunday.  Harry Watkins has taken a positii n  in the Elite harbcr shop.  ,  U?\i. Manuel-, of Donald, was in town  the i'arly'part of the week.  Miss Anthony, of Golden, is visiting  in Revelstoke this week.  commissioning of local officers, will  take place. Coffee and cake will be  served.    Tickets for admissiwi 25c.  G. H. Brock, wife and family, arrived  from Golden Monday evening. Mr.  Brock has secured a position -with  Messrs.   Taylor  and George of "The  Leading Store.  Syrup of white pine and tar for  severe , colds is only twenty-live  cents at the Canada Drug & Book Co.'s  Don't forget the name, Syrup, of white  pine and tar. o   ,       o,  The Labor party have decided to gel  the bulletin! on the night of election  at the City, hotel, R. Caley having  kindly donated the use of his sitting  room for a committee room on that  occasion. ,  C. M. Field made a business trip to  Golden last week. He says the residents of that town sire anxiously inquiring as to the dates for Revelstoke's  bonspiel that they may have an opportunity of competing in the events.        ,  J2d. Hillman came up from Thomson's  Landing Tuesday evening in search of  hides for the moving of ore from the  Nettie L.-mine., ��������� He reports the Trout  Lake road , in splendid condition for  "sleighing and says that the first load  of ore arrived at the,, Landing Monday  evening.  Arrangements Have been- made by  the Labor party'to have YRiilph'Smith  and Arthur Pnttee speak'' in this district in a few days. Both gentlemen  have signified their desire to come.  Mr*. Smith will work east and Mr. Puttee west. The itinerary has not yet  been prepared.  Morley   Petliepiece . cnine   up  .from  Trout. Lake'Tuesday evening.  ]<\G   Ri liquid' made a flying visit to  Arrowhead on Tuesday. ,  A.' MacG-regor. bridge foreman, cann  in from Gold'en last evening.  M.   Carlin   of   the.   Columbia   River-  Lumber Co'., was in town hist evening;  T.   y.   Downing    returned   Sunday  from' a visit lo the Okanngan  district.  Hockey slicks, shin guards and  hockey gloves, etc.. at Canada Drug  and Book Co's. , o  The new rink' was opened la=t evening and a large number of skaters enjoyed their first skate of the season.  A meeting nf tho-e interested in  curling is,, called for this evening at  BrownV tobacco  store, S o'clock sharp.  When we stop to reflect how every  letter on a printed page.'as well < as  every object on the street or' in our  houses that we-become cognizant, of  by tiie sense of sight requires a perfect  adjustment of the complicated ^muscular apparatus, that so regulates the  ejes as to enable us to see with both  and yet perceive buta single image  and tbe total aggregate of such visional perceptions, during the sixteen  hours of each day that we use the eyes  is enormous, and means a proportionate number of accurately performed  adjustments of the two eyes upon a  single object, performed with marvellous rapidity, and involving a complete  change of combinations in the, eye  muscles that are successively brought  into play. It is an easy matter to'un-  derstand why defects of vision cause  such painful headaches and a loss of  nerve force of the entire system, Prof.  W.J. Harvey, F. O. M. C. I., is giving  a free consultation to any person suffering from defects of vision at J. Guy  Barber's until Saturday, Dec. Sth.   o  majority that elected him in Nanaimo,  Captain Woi ley, the Conservative candidate, carrying the country districts.  In'Westminster, Aulay Morrison had  235 majority in Westminster City, but  only carried the riding by 145. The  country villages and districts voted for  Dewdney, the Conservative candidate.  Yale-Cariboo is a large district, and  has no less than 140 polling places,  exclusive of the 10 incorporated cities.  The 10 incorporated cities will p������oll not  less than 5000.' Will .these places follow the lead of the country polling  places in Victoria, Westminster. ...and.  NanaimodistricLs? If they do, John  McKane,.the Conservative candidate  will come to th-i cities-with a -majority  that W. A. Galliher may' nob bo able  to overcome. Sandon will j������ivc candidate Foley a majority, and McKane  will get more votes than1 Galliher,  Kaslo will give Galliher a majority.  Nelson will probably do'the same, as  it is Galliher's, home town. ��������� Rossland  will break even between McKane and  Foley. ' .Grand Forks will give Galli  her a majority; so will Gi eon wood.  Phoenix will give Foley a majority,  and split, even on. Galliher 'and McKane. Vernon vvill give McKane a  majority. Kamloops- will give Galliher a small majority, as will also Revelstoke. McKane .������vill poll 2000 votes  in the country and 1350 in the cities,'  or a total of 3350 votes., Galliher will  get 1S00 votes in the country and  1500 in the cities, or a total of 3300.  Foley will get, 1200 voles in- the  country and 1150 in the cities, or a  total of 2350. With the .prestige of  party success, can the Liberals win  over enough independents to- elect  their candidate 1���������Nelson Tribune.  "THE   LEADING   STORE."  GREAT   BARGAX  CLOTHING-Men's All Wool Tweek  Suits, Regular Price $S, $10, $10;  Cut Price, $-1, $U,-.$8. ,-  ' PANTS--Men's All Wool, Serge, and Tweed Pants, Regular Prices, $2, ,$3,  $4; Cut lo $!,-$].50, and $2.  ,' *  NECK WEAR���������Men's Beautiful Silk  Ties, Regular Pi ices, 50e., G0c, Toe, ���������  and $1; Cut tii 20c. each. " ,    ���������  HATS���������Regular Prices $1.50, .$2. $2.50, $B, $3.75, $}; Cut to $1, $1.50, $2,  $2.50, $3, $3.25. _     ,  / i    *   , '  We are also giving a Cash Discount of,20 per cent, on all our Boots As Shoes.  (Late James Grill & Oo.)  arvey  BE������' BUZZES.  While Prof. Harvey is at J. Guy  Barbei V you can have spectacles fitted  that nve nli.-Mutely correct and sold'  under a pp:-itive guarantee.      ~ o  Rev. E.hvyn S. W. P.mtre.ill), D. D..  Archd-'iic-in '-f ' Columbia, instituted  Rev. <\ A. Procunier. M. A., into St.  Pet'jr'.: oari-sh In -I evening.  A court  tin- A--"������������������������  i  i*f .u'v'isiim .'uul .-ippcal .rrndi'i-  mi'-nt Act will ire In-hl in the  cmii't   h mi-i-*,   Ki-vel*.'!('!'i'  Ihe 10th I)--.  Mondn v  Ir'vrni win,! liw iihi-t r.-ih'd ntrnbeis  of the Xin-i- paper, 'oave your orders  nt lh'* Can.-id.-i Drug fi Book Co. They  will   lie  ben ul ifu'   thi*-  year  and'only  :7) C'elllS e It'll.      ��������� o  M-.  M'Uer,  el'   V  anr-ouver.   collecloi  |lr:' i-.Ii C'lilniiihia.  i. "  Hie  lector of  eiiv thi  I{. M.  |)'|)'*s on  prize in  nieticiiig  days.  Sriiyihc Ii;i-j a c,'i>e ol' three  v i.-u, which vvill be given ;is ;l  ;i spooling competition com-  to-morrow and   lasting   two  Revelstoke Hockey Club.  The hockeyists met. last evening in  Xt). 2 fire hall and re-organized for the  season under the name of Revelstoke  Hockey Club. C. R. McDonald was  voted to tlie chair and election of officers proceeded with, resulting as follows : *  President���������J. M. Scott.  Vice-President ���������W. Cowan.  Manager���������B. R. Campbell,  Secretary���������E. Edwards.  Captain���������W. Sawyer,.  Management Committee���������K. D.J. C.  Johnson, \Y. McDonald arid W. Hanlt  to act togeth������-r wiih officers.  Tne. officers then ' asMimed their  duties and genera! business uaspro-  ieeded'with, ft was decided lo place  (he ini'iiibci'sliip fee lit $1.00." After  coii-id"i'.ihle di-ciH^ion on t he (jueslion  of making, arrangenieiiLs with l.h'������iink  management ;h lo use of rin'< (it pinc-  ticesand matcbes lhe committee was  given full power Ir compb-lc nrrnng'*-  liienU iit, a meeting to be held this  afternoon.  During ihe winter matches wiil be  arranged wit'b sever al outside hockey  t.cams to hike place iu Revelstokje, the  tir-t of which will prol-ably he. played  a I iin early dale.  To obtain llie greatest amount of honey  swarming must be controlled.  All danger of bees absconding'may be  prevented by clipping the queen's wings.  .Desirable results in honey production  cannot be obtained by allowing loo much  increase.  Dividing may be continued safely'as  long as the honey (low lasts,'and if afterward more increase is-desircd it may be  secured by feeding.  Much success is obtained , ,in <- securing straight 'combs by tlie use of  foundations, either by using full sheets  or oven slai'ters of the same. ���������   <���������  The first thing necessary afler hiving  a swarm of bees in/a frame bivo is lo adjust the frames to their, proper places.  One nnd a half inches is the proper distance. ���������  Combs in which bees have died .should  be put in a hive of bees as they'are, and  the bees will clean them up readily and  thoroughly in a short time. 'Empty  combs are too valuable u to be thrown^  away.  The wiring of frames and the imbedding of the foundation undoubtedly'make  the most substantial job. The wire running through the base of the comb docs  it no perceptible injury, while such  frames will stand shipment better than  otherwise.���������St. Louis Republic.  Professor of Ophthalmalogy,  Doctor of Optics and Scientific,Optician,  is giving a free consultation to all people suffering from visional  defects, at" J. GUY BARBER'S'until Dec. Sth. Hours���������  9 to. ������2 a. m. and 2-to 5 p. m., evenings-by appointment. "   ' .  Kootenay Lodge  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  The regular meetings  arc held in" I he Masonic Temple, Bourne   Hall,  on  the    third  sMoinlay in each  month at 8 p.- 111.  Visiting brethren  cordially welcomed.  PRATT Secketahy.  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  Regular meetings are held  in Oddfellows' Hall every  Thursday night at, eight  o'clock. Visiting brothors  cordially welcomed.  N. T. KD WARDS. N.G.''.    J. A*. STONE, Sec.  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. P."  Meets every Tuesday  evening in Oddfellows'  W>) "*%.Trall    ab   8' o'clock.  yS) Visiting brethren cor-  "'diallje invited to attend.  . W. MATI1TE. Sec  The Fred Minson  Lumber Co. Limited.  I 1    n  ���������On nnd afler this cbde 0111* prices for  cut firewood will be us follows:  $1 per cord at Mill  $2      "      delivered.:  Prices Cut for Cash.  Fred Robinson,Managing Director  REVELSTOKE  THE WRITERS.  Tbe late R. ,D. Blaclcmore, author of  "Lorna   Doone,"   was  a   famous   chess  'player, nnd his name appeared in the list  of champions in many a match. "'  Frank L. Stanton, the newspaper poet,  began earning bis living when most boys  begin going to school by serving as ofiice  boy for Joel Chandler Harris ou the Savannah News.  .William Dean Jlowclis, the novelist,  does all his own writing. ' Ho has little  faith in the typewriter at first hand, but  all his manuscript" is'carefully copied out  by one of these machines before' it goes  to the publisher. ' The original manuscript Mr. Iiowclls keeps himself. t  The late Stephen Crane was never remarkable for his attention to textbooks  and lectures at Lafayette college. On  the contrary, the Center sun a re of Eas-  toii was his favorite post. Ho would stand  there for hours alone and idle except for  the continuous .smoking of cigarettes.  ATKINS,  C. It,    ���������  COURT MT.BEGBIE  I. O. F, No. 3461.  Meets in the Oddfclow  Hall on the second aiifl  fourth Mondays of cacl-  month. Visiting brethren   invited  to, attend'  ' C,W. MITCHELL  ' , R. S.  R. H. TRUEMAN & CO.'S  Photographic Studio  will he open from now until Jan. 1st.  Call Early  for   Xmas Photos.  Ladies  Watches.  Ladies of taste  admire our stock  of ' watches. We  have some delicate  attractive cases  that .contain reliable works. These  watches arc not  only beautiful they  arc perfect ��������� timekeepers too. They are .made for good service,  and wc sell them ata small price. y We believe  wo have the one you want, .-  J. GUY BARBER-  von  First  Work  ���������o-  GIVE US ATRIAL  F.   BUKER,   Proprietor.  -'   '   '   Phone   43.     '   "  Get that Water Pipe Fixed.  He'll do! it for you.  A.  II. LIOLDIOH'  POPULAR SCIENCE.  A Guess as> to the Result.  The. election returns fiom  Winter suspends the activity of certain  microbes, but. docs not.destroy tliein-life.  All material substances have weight.  Jv.'en hydrogen, the lightest known gas,  has weight.  The number of waves ipr-uiroil to produce the sensation of rod iii they break  upon the cyo must ho ,'!!J,00U in an inch  and *bn,000,000,000ibij0 in a second.  If th������ whole envelope of air were the  same in chfii.'ict<-r, it would reach only  about five miW-above the'earth; but, as  it becomes rarefied as we ascend, it probably extends to a Jiei-.-lit of 80 or 90 miles.  ANALYTICAL CllL'MiBT ASD  A89AY13H.  li'oyal School of Alines, London.  i-jovon year's at Mnrl'a, Works, Swansea.  Seventeen voars Chief Chemist to \\ igan  L'niil ai'irl Iron Co., Kng. ,r ��������� ,,.        , , , ���������  bate Chemist and As-ayer, Hall Mines, Ltd.  lOvci-y description of assay and analytical  work undertaken.  Claims examined and reported upon.  IlKViaSTOICK, B. C. , 1  J  W. CROSS, M. D.  SUIKJKON TO Til IC ('. I*. It., CITY JIKALTH  UJ.'-FlCHR.  oni'ee: Taylor I'.loek, Mackenzie Avenue.  !J:  AltVKY & McCARTER  A niiiKie Innli'rn :-ci-vic(> will be Riven  by Riir-ign  Snlviil ion   A rin v  KiiiiRcr, of .Spokane, in the  I'.iri'iifks   this even  ing   entitled;.:'.'���������'.Jessi.c'n'ri   lvirst Pniye'r..  Acliiii.^^ifiii l-*ii'. A special meeting  .will "bi; held on Sal ui'du'y tlie 2H,hiii.st.  ���������>v'hen .'in  enrollment' of.   recruits  and  ince, so tir, show  tliat   the   cities  in  prov-  ne  Liberal and the country   villa-^f-s   anrl  districts Conservative.   Victoria, whiln  it pave Colonel Prior, who in personally  popular,    79    votes    more    than     Mr,  Drury, one, of  the Liberal   candidates,  Drury had three votes more than   Mr  EaVlfy���������'t!;lvo second Conservative   candi  date.    Tn the 'uouiiLrv.   tlift   Consei'v;i  tive.candirjatfta had majorities in. every  polling place.   yOalpli  Smitli  got'llie;  RKVKLriTOKK UIDIN'C OK WK.-5T KOOTK-  NAV  DISTKICT,  ������ (.'Ol'f.'l' <V IirOVISfON AND AIM'KAL  J\ tiin\i:r lire " Aikoi-im-i nt Act," will hu held  at"the Conn; 1"raise, itc-vnlstoke;mi Monday,  the loth'day'r.M)ee(.-m')Oi'Jt)C)0. a' 10:30a.in.  Daterf-nt'Kevelstoke, B. C��������� ^ove'mbcr.2l8t,  woo.-..'.-..;..    !, ���������...���������'���������:  ���������     WM. U. 1IICKET.  yfiHlgoof th'u Court.of Jtevlsion iiinlAppOid,  IlAltlflS'l'I'MlH. SOLICITOUS, ETC.  ui'i'icKH :   Moi.soxr.   Bank'   Hr.ocrc,   Kicvia-  stoic ic, li. ('.  Money lo loan. ���������     ,    ���������   .,  Oilier:-: KcveWokc, B.C.; I'ort- bteele, H. C.  Oi:o. S. McC.mitkk. .1. A. ILwtvr.v,  lievelsloke, H. C.  l-'ort Steele, li. C.  Your Pocket-book  iiirv be low but nobody sees it, but  if vonr olotlK> arc Miabby that  .sclihsil, nobody wonts loknow you.  Ladies or Gent������ Tailor- Made Clothes  repaired and cleaned in good style.  Call or-send post card.   '  Samuel  Needham, Douglas St.  -' -.. Ks'tablished 13'years.        .''/'���������'  Strictly Union Labor Shop.     .  .    S. S." Lardeau."  ' Ktinniiig between Arrowhead and Thomson's  Landing commencing .Line 10,11)00, will sail as  follows (wealher permitting):  Leave -Arrowhead   I'or  Thomson's   Landing  and Coniaplix: at 7k. daily.  - Leave Thomson's Landing ami Coniaplix for  Arrowhead at 17k. daily, connecting with all  C. P. -11. trains and boats.  The owners reserve the right to change times  of sailings without notice.  THE FltKD ItOiilXSON LUMBER CO. LTD.  .  V. KOII1NSON,  Managing Director,  Tenders for a License to Cut Timber  on Dominion Lands in the Province of British Columbia.  SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned and marked on the envelope "Tender for Timber Berth 2.")3," to be opened on tlio  LSIh dav of December next, will be received at  this Department until noon on Tuesday, the  18th of December, 1900, for a license to cut timber on Berth No. &>H. comprising Sections 1.  2, 3, I. a, 0, 7, 8, I he South half of Section !), the  South half of Section 1(1. Sections 11 and 14, the  North East quarter and Legal Sub-divisions li,  !1 iindl of Section 1(3, Sections I", 18, li), 21,30,  31. 32, 33. 31, 35 and 30. Township 2o.Ilaiige.2S,  West of the oth Meridian, in the above Province, containing an area of 22j square miles,  more'or less. ,  The regit ations nuclei' which a license will bv  issued mav be obtained at this Department or  at the ofllce of the Crown Timber Agent at New  Westminster. ...  Each, tender must be accompanied by an  accepted cheque on a chartered Bank in favor  of the Deputv of the Minister of the Interior,  for the amount of the bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for.-i license. .  Xo tender by telegraph will be entertained.  '-,.';     ���������.   ���������y ���������'���������' .' PERLEY Gl KEYES,    Y;    .  Sccoctary.  Department'of the'Intorior.  y,    .Ottawa, 22n(t October, 1000, ���������.-'���������".',.  '<  M  it


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